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Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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5 ,f ,.A ,gg ff K ry? W ,bf - Iv X. v W ' ,. I K Vw' Y' . ,J "E I 1 2 A A , -L? h l I X 1 I if Vg I' 4 x -. , , ki A ' F ' r- ' ,s i F 1-'L-' . JP, VI' I ' , sf'e-, ,: pk x t 4,371 4 '. 3 , Jf 1 'Ay ,Q ' ' X, A,- '1 QM J K 4 W. N' ' 1. V M I 'gl' Aj? ' lip! - . - F -ffl iff r 1 ' 'L I , 4 J. -'fy - ri ff gr 'ff 1 3 I K ' ' , It X? ,Al Jeff A , if ,J :Z , I a ' s.. .I 2 A Q V iff ' F 2 A, ' ' W , 'r . A, J, r,L:' iff-.5 I I 76 ix , W ff'2f7 ' K f . A' Al 9 W I c V c 1, ' I KA' I ' . Jnys . . . ' if 'Z fi' ' ff! - if K 7 L, L - 64 , I 1 , if xvlnl , 1' f V1,1ff'V A 1' fc 1, X , 1 . Cf N X ,. i K 4 ,- v .5 - nw, ,..... i -i s .f,,.-- Q ll Q X - , -Mariel All PM .2 ,v- .f- x 1, Mp ' .- Ill fl 1 1 ,W T M 'BQ rw W f F I n I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I i I . a I I I i I i I . . f 4 'f Q P . ' 1 A + , , , f f' ygfbxw ffl!! , Myfygfggfffa- 25523K QA W A t Q "QQlQffcfJJf'ffcA:5fl:+-f'ys"i',hi f UW WW ' 7 Wffffww' W ,f4fff?2fWf WWMWW A M? iffy 'RNS W is Aggie? M iiifsiiig 3 YE! L V, age axial ya' M ffm QD 1 6 Awtof W rlargarejt Kesfff ' ' ENQCEMOY Jackie Harrw' ' .A5:Zllc. Ecwcor Julganrpiey. . , . . . EAWOY Col Ar J. .pkotiirgiess EA-,kin Joan Spencer. - - ' ' Lover D650 Peggy Jarlana.. - - ' Jim Jlhamlmn, 1947 ALHAMBRA, CALIF. Hmnllr. ,, LIBEBT LMS, INC. RKO STUDIO 4 78gGOWER STREET HOLLYW CALIFORNIA ,X . ff :,1TT 9 April 1947 Miss Margaret Kester 22 Jorth Hidalgo Avenue Alhambra, California Dear Miss Kester: It is gratifying to me to learn that as the theme for your 1947 annual you have chosen the same central idea as presented in nIt's a Wonderful Lifeng that this is a wonderful life, indeed. And when Clarence, George Bailey's guardian angel tells him how important George is to others - nStrange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives and when he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?n my feeling is that he's telling all of us a truth we should never forget as long as we live. Think of your own life and how many other lives it has touched and Clarence's statement will never qrow dim in your mind. There are times in our lives, perhaps, that we may feel we are no more important than a digit in a census report. If and when that time comes, harken to Clarence's words. Give freely of yourself to your friends and to the community in which you may live, and I am sure that, like these years you have spent at Alhambra City High School, you will always be able to say to yourself at all times: IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE! Sincerely yours, Dwaifw FRANK CAPRA w. 'U x. 5 K X., MRS. MILDRED CROSSWHITE Girls' Vice-Principal It must have been difficult for you to adapt yourself to your new, quiet surroundings. And we heard from good authority that for the first few days when the bell rang, you raced madly from your office, your roll book in hand, Calling, "Crosswhite's rolll Snap it up!" We appreciate your interest in our wel- fare, your enthusiasm and helpful- ness, and your desire to make these school years pleasant ones. MR. ROBERT GRAY Boys' Vice-Principal When we heard that you were coming to us from a school at the other end of town, we had many misgivings about your liking us. And we know, for instance, that you were torn between two loves-at Moor Field, Nov. 23, I947, that is. But after two years of proper puri- fication, or endoctrination, you have shown that your chief concern lies here at Alhambra. By your friendly manner and your willingness to do more than your share you reveal that you are a Moor at heart, after all. Cbecfzcatzon MRS. MILDRED CROSSWHITE and MR. ROBERT F. GRAY because we regard you highly, respect you, and are grateful, we are pleased to dedicate the 1947 ALHAMBRAN to you. I'G'I LOUISE TSCHANZ n, ynemoriczm With rue my heart is laden For golden friends I had, For many a rose-Iipt maiden And many a Iightfoot lad. By brooks too broad for leaping - The Iightfool' boys are laid: The rose-Iipt girls are sleeping In fields where roses fade. A. E. Housmn, A Shropshire Lad AI2 ALVIN ASHLEY BII 3 5 Q ,N , :wif 10 wnvfqttl .an1r1Q1lF' 'FWHM cc rwndei UMW Q55 W SX epartmen ts Yes, you even enjoyed your classes . . .You took considerable pride in the art exhibit sponsored by the Art de- partment, and most of you agreed that the purchase of Brownell McGrew's painting, "Head of an Old Man," was a wise one. . .You gals were thrilled over the Home EC department's fashion show with the snazzy clothes from Bragg's and the cute models from our own clothing classes. . . And then there was that memorable Spring Music Festival with the glee clubs in their handsome new robes. . . aft CARRYING A ToRcH 13 14 OI7lll'lQl'CQ ...BROWN Eox CAME TO THE AID OF THEIR PARTY gflgll.SlL CANT WE TALK IT OVER? ome conomics YOU HAD A FEW FRIENDS IN And you didn't have any trouble find- ing your way to the Science building, particularly when the chemistry classes had been making with the 'perfume'g but the Science-Math department ex- cursions were great fun. . .You were somewhat surprised when you learned that all those parts came out of one car: better than that, they could all be put back. . .And you felt a new sense of importance when you participated in that radio broadcast, sponsored and conducted by the Speech department, from KXLA. . . You learned to "parlez vous" and say "si si"-at least enough to trans- late those letters that you received from the foreign correspondents. . . And you nearly dropped dead when one of your English teachers explained that you didn't read rapidly enoughg but it was all right when you saw that brain child in this year's edition of the Silver Pen. . . 15 WW f WM! x ,CllClflt.C arts THE cr-HSELERS E151 QIZQUCZQQ WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE, YOUNG MAN! .OIT UStC BUT NOTHING EVER COMES OF IT 17 ,...,, . . WHY CANT YOU BE A LADY? ygirls Qtmlzysical gcfucatio li Wy' , :if V x Y, 1, I , H5 ,V A You responded nobly to the Physical A j AWN Ed department's request that you have fag X-rays made of your chest, and you 'PQ l saw the value in the movies presented by the U.S. Health department. . . After the novelty wore off, you settled down to the new course in the Social Science department concerned with educating drivers. . . Certainly you Seniors felt that the world was yours when you were offered that special typing course in the Com- mercial department. . .Yes, you'll have to admit that all the departments in the school TRIED to teach you some- thing. 181 I I 3 . oy .wfpfygiqaf gfgcfucatzon JI x M1 ,, . . - , V . r - , , 5 , , ,i 5 f f U X J 4 4 f WHAT MUSCULS X 1 I ! WHAT BICEPS! 19 20 CSjCt.9fl,CQ WHO INVITED MR, BONES? wgJagnliloR TA r: CgOCt'Cll CS3Ct'8I'LC9 IM AGIN IT peeffll LITTLE 1oE AT THE MIKE 21 ation 7,...,, ,,.Yw . f V. I M1 6 5 Q.Q.1 ' 1- ,-'z: .4- : QQ Elf 1" lifj, I Q .'Q ,A mm,mm,4, A,,WV,,,,,,.,..FrancesHa BERRY BAILEY CONCIALDI lVES Treasurer Secretary Vice-President President rg Shots W 27 eniors Seniors! The long-awaited day finally arrived when you could look down on all the other classes and say with great dignity and pride, "I am a SENIOR!" The teachers, however, didn't seem to be very much impressed, they went right on assigning homework. In fact, several suggested that they expected more of you because you were seniors. How naive. The audience joined in to make the senior play, "The Streets of New York", a success. All hissed and booed the villain, cheered the hero, and sighed over the passionate love scenes as the old-fashioned "mellerdrammer" un- folded before them. You were the first class, this year, to finish the twelve long years' stretch. To some of you this will be the endg to others, this is only the beginning. Re- gardless of the road you may take, good luck to you. But don't forget old A.H.S. -'12 , '. ' Ginnie Hsu HEALTON lAdv.l ROWE HOGLUND PARK ig . 3:23 BOMBEFIGER. TOM BRATCHER, ELAINE BROUN. BETTY ANDERSON, ROBT. C. General Senior Hi-Y BADE, MILTON General Los Alcaldes Stage Crew BARNEY, CLIVE W. College Prep. Junior Hi-Y Spanish Club B Football BERGLUND, MURIEL Liqht and Shadow Library Club Senior Prom. Com Spanish Club Masduers ARNETT, VIVIAN General Art Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club BAEHR, DARLENE General 3V2 yr. graduate Las Sonadoras BARTH, MARJORIE General BERRY. LOVAIN General Majorette Peouinitas Commercial Club Senior Class Sec. Make-uo Crew Senior Play iexiraj ASCHENBRENNER PAT College Prep. Campus V.-Pres. Latin Club Sr. Sweater Comm Student Store BAILEY, PHYLLIS Art Senior Class Tr. Junior Council Student Director Sr. Play Make-up Crew Pequenitas Tr. Art Club Sec. BENAVIDEZ, JEAN Commercial G.A.A. ABBOTT, JOHN College Prep. Senior Hi-Y Junior Optimist J.V. Tennis 2 yrs. Varsity Tennis College Prep. B K C Football Senior Hi-Y Spanish Club Junior Optimist BROWN. GLORIA Geaeral Camera Club Sr. Glee Club Sr. Play CALKINS, MARTHA College Prep. Las Moras- Sec. 6. V.P. Songleader Prom Princess Soph. Class-Treas. Jr. Class Council Spanish Club General Light 8. Shadow Library Club B9 Song Leader Commercial Club Radio Work Shop Senior Play BROWN. MIRIAM General CAMPBELL. JEANNE Ge'eraI Light L Shadow Camera Club Commercial Club Make-un Crew Senior Play Ticket Managers CARLISLE. RICHARD COBURN. JOHN College Prep. COIICQB PFBD- Track iMark Keppelj B Football B Track E241 College Prep. Freshman Treas. Scientia Club Campus Club 3V2 yr. graduate BURCHAM, NORMA General Las Cadenitas Senior Play Make-un Crew- Chairman CANN, EARLA College Prep. Pequinitas-Sec. G. V.P. Commercial Club Girls' League COCHRAN, BETTY General Scholarship Society Orchestra-V.-P. Aeolian-Pres. Make-up Crew Senior Play JLLINS. DONALD College Prep. Vlrslty Football 3 yrs. Senior Play Science Club Camera Club Varsity Track 3 yrs. DNIGLIO, LES College Prep. Varsity Football 4 yrs. Jr. E. Club Varsity Club Varsity Track IITCHFIELD. VIRGINIA College Prep. Scholarship Soc. anish Club 3V2 yr. graduate AL. DONALD College Prep. V Sr. Hi-Y Latin Club B Football 1 X .. K Q W J , I '- -,t: It COLLISTER, ROBERT General Los Alcaldes Two-Twenty COOK, VIVIAN General Broadcasters' Club Band Make-up Crew Sr. Sweater Comm. Sr. Glee Club DAVENPORT. GEORGE College Prep. DIAL, WAYNE CONCIALDI, PAUL General Los Alcaldes V. Football Senior Council COONEY, BYRYA College Prep. Las Moras-Hist. Art Club-Pres. Los Laurados- Sec.-Treas. Sr. Sweater Comm. Science Club DAVIS, JEANNINE College Prep. Las Cadenitas-Hist. Spanish Club Sr. Sweater Comm. Art Club-V.P 8. P. Los Laureados pm-- ,Ni DRAGNA. MATHCW College Prep. General A. B. C Football B. C Track B Basketball Comm. of Ath. Los Alcaldes Jr. Exchange N, A . ,ff if 1 H DREXEL. MARY JANE College Prep. '1.,, ."' Campus Club -'--- . - Forensic Club-Treas. Q9 t sy' Writers' Guild Varsity Debate 3V2 yr. graduate EMICK, WILLIAM College Prep. Science Club Scientia Club Usher Club Los Laureados Senior Play FISHER. NANCY College Prep. Senior Play Spanish Club e'l..,..Zls Scientia Club FOULKES, JOHN General Senior Play M-.,, zzt .. s qs is it EDWARDS, DIANE College Prep. BVQ yr. graduate Las Moras FIELD, PHILIP College Prep. Band Sr. Orchestra Aeolian Club-Treas. Spanish Club Jr. Hi-Y Club Jr. Optimist Club FOELL, SHIRLEY College Prep. Spanish Club Maiorette FREEMAN. SHIRLEY College Prep. Spanish Club Science Club La: Cadenltas Sr. Sweater Comm. Scholarship Soc. ELLIOTT, LORILEE College Prep. Scientia Club Spanish Club Photography Club Home Econ. Club 3V2 yr. graduate FILKER. DONALD General Los Alcaldes C Track A. B Football Stage Crew FORD, GENE General Camera Club Photography Editor Annual Staff-3 yrs FULTZ, VIVIAN General Art Club rzs JOHNSENI EVELYN LOUISE General Art Club-Pres. Library Club Sr. Play Cos. Comm. Red Cross-P. L Tr. KEMMLING. WILLIAM Technical KING, BEVERLY General LANGLEY, LOIS General Hi Hatters-Treas. Scientia Club Art Club E251 JOHNSEN, EDWARD General B Football B Basketball KEN NY, MARY LOU General KISS. DOROTHY General Art Club Camera Club Commercial Club- Sec. LEVISEE. DONALD College Prep. J.V. Tennis Rally Committee Spanish Club Science Club Los Laureados Scholarship Society GOLTZ. STEWART College Prep. Science Club Senior Play HEGLIN. GERALD General Varsity Basketball HUGHES. BETTIE General Art Club Commercial Club Camera Club JENNINGS, ROBERT College Prep. Sr. Play Sr. Boys' Glee-Pres. HAMMER, ALLEN General Veteran HOGLUND. ANNA College Prep. Sr. Council Campus Club Science Club MAY Scholarship Soc.-Sec. Spanish Club ISING, HERMAN General JESSUP, ESTHER College Prep. Spanish Club Science Club Election Comm.-Sec. C.S.F.--Life Member Band HARTZIG, MARJORIE College Prep. Spanish Club Scientia Club Sr. Girls' Glee HOLLYWOOD. HARRISON College Prep. Latin Club Scholarship Soc. IVES, RICHARD College Prep. Senior Council Fresh. Class-V.P. Comm. of Clubs Los Alcaldes A, B, C Football 2420 Club-Pres. JOHANNSEN, ROBT College Prep. Fresh. Class-P. Scholarship Society B, C Football J.V. 'Tennis Jr. Hi-Y-V.-P. Science Club KEEF. THELMA GERALDINE General Make-up Crew Camera Club Sr. Play-Extra KEY, FLOYD General Camera Club Stage Crew B Football KUBLY, HARRY College Prep. LINDSTROM. JEAN Commercial Las Cadenitas Commercial Club cALlSTER. BARBARA Commercial Campus CIub4Treas. Commercial Club- V.P. Girls' League Sr. Sweater Com. JPHERSON. JUNE DIANE Sr. Girls' Glee Jr. Red Cross 3Vp yr. graduate EADE, MARY College Prep. Latin Club German Club JNTANA. MARGARET General G.A.A. MCCUNE.ALBERT McEVOY.MARY ELLEN General General Art Club MALONE, BEVERLEE MANN. GLENN General College Prep. Pequenitas Tr. Gr. 5D3f1lSh Club Historian Science Club Commercial Club Sr. Play Cos. Comm. MEHRING, SHIRLEY Commercial Red Cross Club Piano Club Broadcasters Sr. Play MORABITO. TONY General V., B Football Los Alcaldes Two-Twenty Scimitars Usher Club Band Rally Csmm. MONAGHAN. DANIEL General Light Gt Shadow-Pr Sr. Boys' Glee Sr. P.ay Footlight Follies Stage Crew Masquers MORRIS, JUANITA Home Economics Library Club Les Nouvelles MOSSO. CAROLE General Pequinitas Commercial Club V.-P. Prom Princess NEIL. DONALD General Camera Club HORLING. BARBARA College Prep. Las Cadenitas Spanish Club Los Laureados Scholarship Soc. Crescent Tri-Y. National Forensic League PACE, VANCE General I . f 5 JU. MOTTO. VIRGINIA MAE NEIGER. GERALLYN General College Prep. Song Leader Las Sonadoras-V.-P Las Moras Liflht 8. Shadow Commercial Club Camera Club NEVERMAN, DUANE College Prep. Science Club-Pr. Los Laureados Scholarship Soc. Sr. Play Chemistry Team Usher Club-V.-P. OERTEL. DON General C Football PARK, BARBARA College Prep. Comm. General Senior Council Los Laureados Scholarship Soc. Sophomore V.-P. Junior Council Girls' League Prom 6. Victory Princess NICASSIO. SAM College Prep. V. Baseball C Football Los Alcaldes Boys' Federation Student Council-Pr Jr. Class-Pr. OLLSON. BARBARA General Scientia Club Camera Club PATTON, BRUCE College Prep. C. BSIV Football C, BLV Basketball C, B Track Comm of Boys-V.-P Jr. Council-V.-P. Los Alcaldes-Pr. i271 SCOTT. LINDA General Sr. Photo. SMALLEY. EVELYN College Prep. Las Cadenitas Forensic Club Science Club Scholarship Soc. N.F.L. Election Comm. STEFEK. KARL College Prep. Spanish Club Longfellows Band SCHWORER, WILLIAM College Prep. Sclmitars Jr. Hi-Y Forensic Club Science Club Sr. Play Bond Comm. SODERBERG, ROBERTA General Peuuenitas Art Club-Treas. BV2 yr. graduate STILLEY. ALLAN College Prep. V. Football B L. C Track SDanish Club-B Club Varsity Club Scimitars STONE, ROBERT STROSCHEIN, BRECK General General Jr. Council-Treas. Football-2 yrs. Sports Club Baseball-2 yrs. Jr. Hi-Y Jr. Exchange 2e1 PHILLIPS. LYLA FRANCIS College Prep. Comm. Sec. Pequenitas- Pr. L V.-P. Los Laureados Scholarship Soc. Spanish Club Prom Princess RICHARDS. AUDREY College Prep. RULIEN, JANETTE College Prep. Scholarship Soo. Sr. Play Latin Club Spanish Club Moor Staff SCHANAKER, JOY Art Club General Camera Club SHEPPHIRD. FLORENCE General Light L. Shadow Camera Club Art Club Spanish Club Scientia Club Sr. Play SPEECE, SHIRLEY College Prep. Las Scnadoras Jr. Council-Pres. Girls' Leaqve-Treas. Scholarship Society Spanish Club 3V2 yr. graduate STOGSDILL, NANCY College Prem Campus Club Pres. Sr. Sweater Comm. Los Laureados-Pres Prom Princess N.F.L. Forensic Club TASSOP, LOLA General Las Cadenftas Commercial Spanish Club Scholarship Soc. PORUSH. THEODORE College Prep. Science Club Usher Club Rally Comm. V. Track Scholarship Soc. ROBBINS. LORENE College Prep. Latin Club Art Club Scientia Club RUTLEDGE, ROLAND College Prep. Scientia Club Writers' Guild Spanish Club Senior Hi-Y. C. B LV Basketball C, B Football SCHLINGER, ALBERT College Prep. Sr. Play REED. RAYMOND General Veteran ROWE, PATRICIA General Comm. Historian Football 8. Prom Princess Fresh. Class. Treas. Jr. 8. Sr. Council Peduenltas SANDERS. HAYDN College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y Jr. Optimists Science Club Los Laureados Election Comm. Sr. Play SCHWARTZ. JERRY General Annual Staff I'EAGUE. CLYDE College Prep. Jr. Oplimisls Spanish Club VODD. JACK College Prep. B L J.V. Football C Track B Baskelball Lo: Alcaldes 2-20 Club 'ANSlCKLE. JANE College Prep. IETZEL. DRUSILLA College Prep. Las Sonadoras-Treas. Spanlsh Club Los Lauraados Student Personnel Direclpr THOMAS, MADELINE College Prep. General Campus Club Art Club Latin CIu,bAec. Hi-Hatlers Quill L Scroll Scholarship Soc. Moor-Edllor Los Laureados TSCHANZ. MAXINE VANCE, JACK Commercial General Las Cadenilas Commercial Club VIRTUE. JOHN College Prep. WHITAKER. PEGGY College Prep. Pequenilas V. Football 2-20 Club Jr. Optimist Sonpleader Sports Club Jr. Council Spanish Club l THOMAS, MYNNETTE WELLINGTON, CLIFF College Prep. Los Alcaldes B 8. V Football 2-20 Club B Club WIKER. BRUCE College Prep. V. Track Comm.-Soc. Chmn. Q WILLIAMS, PATSY WILSON, DON WOOLSEY. ROBERT WRIDE. BARBARA Genrral General College Prep. College Prep. Art Club Rifle Club-Pres. Science Club Las Cadenitas-Pres. Sludent Store Spanish Club Science Club Annual Staff Scienlia Club Spanish Club Cadet Corps Rifle Club Los Laureados Sr. Play Crescent Tri-Y WRIGHT. ELIZABETH XEDES. MARIAN YERBY. AL ZARO,JOSEPHINE General General College Prep. General Campus Club Red Cross Los Alcaldes Ari Club Art Club Boys' Fed. Sungleader Camera Club V. Football Sr. Play Slage Crew 25 30 amera-Qsvlzy Csveniors BARBER, BETTY ANN College Prep. Student Store Student Bank Latin Club CRANDALL. JAMES General J.V. Basketball Veteran GOODMAN. HOWARD General HOWARTH. HARRY College Prep. Scientia Club Latin Club Ticket Managers Scholarship Soc. KLOPFENSTINE, EARL General Usher Club Basketball Sr. Play MCINTOSH, RALPH General Sr. Hi-Y Jr. Hi-Y Camera Club BV2 yr. graduate MENDENHALL. VELMA College Prep. Spanish Club MINKOFF, DON General NELSON, BETTY JEAN General J V fqff xx PHILLIANS, PAT General Art Club French Club Jr. Tri-Y Light L Shadow ROLFE, RICHARD General SARULLO. JAMES College Prep. SATO. HIROSHI General SMITH, CLINTON General Debate Sr. Play Forensic Club STRANGE, LELAND General WALDRON. WILLIAM General WILLIAMS, JACKIE General Spanish Club Las Mora: Red Cross Club WOODS. DOROTHY General Red Cross Club Hi-Hatters Broadcasters Moor Staff Qswzgnatures . aw 9.....f ,..,,4',f,, fm 5-'4'Z,T7., 'fn MMM?- V '1'f"'!7 Dtivv JQSQ. A 160. is-od This jean-. YTA-3 31-asa -Y-V-QM TXX4 -baug-MBNA Rggw Qvvs ILC-No Axis Swstxk x. 9.8 TVN! bbggf no SL L-vgk GLW J Quoin! lliysb 3 V s H kosxg, l I I . . M? 4' " W MFG of 'yi Q ff Qf 2'5555f?'fff ,,QP'L My ,,-fg.f,r,f,f,,, 4 Wffq if J ff" jffffyf ff' Xffffffffeiz fwffff2ff w3gQQ iwifkfiaw 32 X E 11,7 enior .Sway if S S 5 5 lt 5 H . -Q "THE STREETS OF NEW YORK" Wasn't it fun to hiss and boo at "The Streets of New York?" What a stinker the villain was, and to think his characterization was so realistic that at graduation he received the same "ovation" he got when he first stepped on the stage in this oldfashioned "mellerdrammer", the first of its kind ever to be presented at A.H.S. As you recall, the play took place in the dead of winter. Do you think you had a chilly feeling as you watched the heroine emote? What about the poor cast that had to rehearse in an auditorium which was so cold that it was necessary to sit in the footlights to keep warm? Rehearsal was held on that memorable day we beat Keppel. lt was over before the game, so you can imagine the streak that was made in the mud on the way to Moor Field. You have no idea what rejoicing there was when the feminine members of the cast found that they could wear "backporches" lbustles to youl. The cry from that day forward was "Where's my bustle- my bustleg l can't find it?" Knitting was a problem. Every girl in the group took up this timely occu- pation, so when the cast wasn't stubbing their toes on Mr. Puffy's potato wagon, they were falling off the stage, hopelessly entangled in pink angora sweaters. Although everyone in the cast thought he would pass out when one of the girls appeared in the second act with the costume she should have had on in the first act, it was unanimously agreed that "The Streets of New York" was really wonderful. 530, l' M 33 'WF Ss if Q 34 - . X ima? ig! SIMMONS MILNER CULVER HOBBS Treasurer Secretary Vice-President President . . i1,7 eniors Every time the teacher read the morning bulletin, there was always at least one item in it for seniors. Senior play tryouts, class meetings, "Senior Sack Day", Los Laureados notices, announcements, cards, signing "Memoirs", "Senior Ditch Day", "Senior Luncheon", baccalaureate, and graduation- these were but a few of your activities as seniors. No wonder you were so busy that you didn't have any time to studyl But that fear always hung over your head about a failure in your senior year. You got cold chills when you remembered how far behind you were in typing, and you wondered how much longer you could put off that makeup work in physics. Almost all of you managed to graduate all right, but some of you made it by the skin of your teeth. Most of you guys will be compelled to buy your own clothes instead of having them provided by the U.S. Army. You gals are going to find that all the hullabaloo about having women in industry is gone too. But the world isn't going to be too black for any of you. Let us hope that you may have picked up an idea here and a thought there in your school years which will help you when you begin to depend upon yourselves. ,MWXMI .3 Ziff BEEMAN lAdv,l AMENDE CUION HUNT 35 BARRETT, DOROTHY Art Art Club 3V2 yr. graduate BATCHELDER, RICHARD College Prep. Scholarship Soc.-- Pr. Forensic-Pr. Rally Comm. Chair. V. Debate C.S.F. Los Laureados BEATTIE, FRANCES College Prep. Hi-Hatters--V.-P. Spanish Club Scholarship Soc. Sr. Play Comm. BENNETT, PEGGY General l35l BARTHOLOMEW, ALTHEA College Prep. Latin Club German Club BATES, BARBARA College Prep. Las Cadenitas C.S.F. Scientia Club Latin Club Los Laureados Sr. Play BECKNER. BILL College Prep. V. Football V. Track Student Rep. BENT. CELESTE College Prep. Girls' League Pequenitas French Club BARTOLO, ELO General A,B,C Football A,B,C Track Jr. Exchange BEAN, JAMES General BEHNKE. WILNARE Business Tlcket Managers School Bank Student Store BERWICK. VIRGINIA College Prep. Pequenitas Science Club Latin Club Writers Club-P Sr. Play ADAMS. JESSIE General ALLEN, DOUGLAS College Prep. B Football Spanish Club ASHER, JUNE College Prep. D LOTT ROGER AY E , College Prep. Band I'. ADAMS, JOAN General Spanish Club Art Club AMENDE. ED College Prep. Sr. Council AVOURIS. JEAN College Prep. BALTIMORE. JACK College Prep. V. Yell Leader Jr. Exchange Comm. of Clubs Two-Twenty Club Student Rep. Freshman Class- V.-P. ALEXANDER, EVELYl Commercial Commercial Club ARNOLD, COLLEEN College Prep. Hi-Hatters-Tre Annual Staff Photo. Editor ES Scholarship Soc. AXELSON. DON College Prep. Comm. of Boys V. Football Los Alcaldes Los Laureados Jr. Council Jr. Exchange BANANDO, JOE College Prep. B G C Football LLS, TERRY College Prep. J. V. Baseball ACKWOOD. CHARLOTTE College Prep. Light 8- Shadow IRDER. DOLORES College Prep. Hi-Hatters Home Economics IITTAIN. JIMMY College Prep. Scholarship Soc. Spanish Club BIRD. SARAH College Prep. Las Moras-Pr. Songleader Girls' League-V P Jr. Council Two-Twenty Los Laureados BLUE. MARY LOU General Art Club Broadcasters-Sec. BRANSON, RONALD College Prep. Scholarship Soc. Scientia Club Spanish Club T'ckrt Managers BRITTON, MARY College Prep. C.S.F.-Life Membe Latin Club Science Club 3'Q yr. graduate Y' BLACKSHAW, BOB College Prep. Usher Club-Pr. Science Club Light and Shadow Sr. Play BOARDMAN, PAT General BRITAIN, GLENDA College Prep. Sr. Glee Club Piano Club Make-up Crew BROWN. SHIRLEY College Prep. Campus Club Spanish Club Science Club V. Co La V. BRUNO, DAN College Prep. Football BUONCRISTIANL FLORENCE mmercial s Sonadoras ' CALDWELL, RICHARD College Prep. Comm. General Comm. Forensics Yell Leader C 8. B Football Light 8. Shadow- V.-P. Jr. Optimiit CARPENTER, DOUG. '53 General I R 2 ys' Ff"i.-V.-P. ., ,, Cwmera C'ub ' Jr. Council Los A'rw1'd's A 8. B Track ll .sir BRYANT. BILL BUDROW, BILL College Prep. College Prep. Scientia Club-V.P. Sr. Orchestra Usher Club Tickets Managers- V.P.: Treas. Aeolian Club-Treas Science Club- Treas. BUTLER. BETTY CADY, MARY ALICE General College Prep. Las Sonadoras- V.-P. and Pres. Two-Twenty Girls' League Song Leader- Coord. 9th yr. Pres. Assembly Comm. CAMERON, PAT Science Club-V.P Scholarship Soc.- Pres. Jr. Statesmen Latin Club Las Cadenitas Los Laureados CARLSON, MlLDRED G'neral General Sr. Glefe Club Red Cross Club l igl1t8. Shadow Masquers A.t Club 'fwntlight Follies Sr. Play CARROLL. SHIRLEY CENICEROS. CARLO College Prep. College Prep Hi-Hatters Spanish C'ub T371 COUGHLIN, MARION General G.A.A.-Sec. Gt Treas. DAUGHERTY, DIXIE College Prep. Latin Club-Sec. Camera Club Science Club-Pr. L Sec. Light L Shadow Sr. Play Los Laureados DOCHTERMAN, ALLYN College Prep. DYE. TOM General i391 CRAWFORD, CURTIS Algia Club College Prep. Science Club DAVIES, DIANA College Prep. Las Swnndoras French Club Football Princess DOWNER, ALICE College Prep. Scientia Club Latin Club Campus-Pr. 8. Sec. ECKERT, BILL College Prep. French Club Latin Club Scientia-Treas. Writers' Guild-V.-P. CHATEM, PAT General CLEVELAND, BOB College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y Latin Club-Pr. Sr. Boys' Glee COLLINS, BRUCE College Prep. C.S.F. V. Basketball V. Tennis Boys Fed.-Sec. Los Lau reados COOPER, TOM College Prep. CLARK. BUD College Prep. V. 8. J.V. Baseball B 8. C Basketball C Football Jr. Council Sr. Hi-Y Jr. Exchange CLARKE, MARGARET College Prep. Jr. Council Sr. Sweater Comm. Football Queen Pequenitas Camera Club Comm. Social Chair. COLVIN, VIRGINIA General Art Club Art Staff BVZ yr. graduate CORDELL, LAVONNE General Library Club- Treas. Home Makers CULVER, BOB College Prep A, B, 8. C Track A 8. C Football B Club Sr. Hi-Y Sr. V.-P. Scimitars DEL MAR, MARILYN College Prep. Masquers Writers' Guild- , Sec. 8. Treas. Broadcasters Scholarship Soc. Sr. Play DUTTON, JUNE General ELLIS, JUNE Commercial Commercial Club Business Staff of Annual E 2 CLAPP, DAN College Prep. Jr. V. Tennis Varsity Tennis CLOER, MARY College Prep. Jr. Council Two-Twenty-Treae Las Moras CONRAD, KEITH College Prep. V. Basketball CORFIELD. JOAN College Prep. Sr. Sweater Comm Science ClubAec Los Laureados Comm. Historian Jr. Statesman Annual Staff '--1 SHLEMAN, JACQUELINE College Prep. C.S.F. Hi-Hatters Svanish Club Science Club N.F.L. lRQUHAR, JOHN College Prep. Band Drum Major Sr. Orchestra Jr. Optimist Aeolian-V.-P. Science Club SHER. CORALIE General Art Club Sr. Play Comm. lAGGlOSA. JOSEPH General Ticket Managers EVANS. JOHN College Prep. V. Debate Sr. Orchestra Band Forensic Club Golf Team Aeolian Club FARRIMOND. BETTY Commercial Commercial Club FOSTER, MARY ANN General FRANKE, JACK College Prep. Spanish Club Broadcasters Sr. Play FARNSWORTH. LOWELL General Stage Crew FEINSTEIN, FLORINE AFQLFSQQ Commercial Art Club FOWLER, GWYNETH Commercial Piano Club-Pres. Los Laureados Student Store-Mgr. Annual Staff G.A.A.-Sec. 81. Trees. Scholarship Soc. FROWNFELTER, THELMA College Prep. French Club Scientia Club Photo. C.ub FRY, DEL College Prep. Scientia Club-Sec. Campus Club Latin Club Moor Staff Quill L Scroll GHENT, MARION College Prep. Les Novelles f .fiif GOODHUE, VIRGINIA College Prep. Spanish Club Las Sonadoras Writers' Guild-Sfc Broadcasters-V.P. Science Club Sr. Play Comm. GUION, WYCH General V. Gt B Track V. Football Sr. Hi-Y Sr. Council B Football GERMAIN, DlCK College Prep. V. Basketball V. Track V. Baseball C Football B Track GILLESPI E, DOROTHY General Art Club GRAHAM, LYNN General Spanish Club GULLICKSEN. BEVERLY College Prep. Library Club- Spanish Club Pres. Scholarship Soc. Los Laureados GERTZEN, JOE General GLASS. LEO General Usher Club Jr. Optimist GRAY, BETTY College Prep. Pequenitas Spanish ClubSec. Science Club HALEY, JOAN College Prep. Maiorette Trl-Y I, I 39 Student Store fs.: HALL. JUNE College Prep. Jr. Council Las Moras Latin Club Scholarship Soc. Los Laureados Sr. Girls' Glee- V.P. HERRERA, BETTE Commercial HlGBIE,JIM HOPF, KARI College Prep. Spanish Club Scientia Club V. Track HUNT, BILL Coll'-ge Prep. B, C Football B, V. Basketball Sr. Council Jr. Exchange Sr. Hi-Y Los Laureados HUNTER. TOM College Prep. V. Track Usher Club Ticket Mrr.-V. P. Sr. Orchestra Aeolian IRVIN, EDDIE College Prep. Broadcasters-P Light 8. Shadow Sr. Play Los Laureados Key Club BVZ yr. graduate 40 1 General Plano Club HOBBS, JERRY College Prep. Los Alcaldes Sr. Council--Pres. HORNADAY, BOB HOWARD, BETTY College Prep. HUBBERT, BOB College Prep. Moor Staff Band Quill 8. Scroll College Prev. Hi-Hatters French Club Science Club Scholarship Soc. Scientia Student Rep. HUNTER, RICHARD College Prep. Usher Club Science Club Scientia Club Band A ,olian INGRAM, SHIRLEE College Prep. Las Sonadoras Spanish Club Science Club ILIFF, LOYAL College Prep. X L. Esc YES. JENKS. JAY JOHNSON. D'MAE College Prep. C Football College Prep. Sr. Glee Club V. Debate Hi-Hatters Camera Club-Sec Light 81. Shadow Sr. Play HAMES, LORRAENE General Camera Club Latin Club Scientia Club HERRMANN, GRETA College Prep. Sr. Girls' Glee Club HIGH, LEO College Prep. C Football HOBDAY, BRUCE General Boys' Glee Club Sr. Play HAYMOND, DOFIOTH College Prep. Campus Club Latin Club Light L Shadow Writers' Guild Sr. Play HESS, VIRGINIA General Masquers-V.-P. 81. Treas. Light St Shadow Sr. Play Cos. HINSON.JlM General Sr. Hi-Y Jr. Exchange V. 84 B Basketball V. L J.V. Baseball HOFFMAN. FRANCE College Prep. Algia Club-Pres. Science Club Band Footlight Follies Los Laureados JHNSEN, DON College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y-Pres. Jr. Optimist-Sec. JNES, PEGGY General Art Club iNNA, MARGARET General Hi-Hatters-Pres. Library Club Scholarship Soc. Art Club Sr. Play Comm. Los Laureados DP, MIKE General JONES. BEVERLY lf General Campus llub Art Club Broadcasters ARMA, ART College Prep. V., B, C Track B, C Football N.F.L. Jr. Optimist-Prts. Forensic Los Laureados MISTER, MARGARET lil College Prep. Commissioner of Literature Ju' ior Statesmen- Pres. C.S.F.-Life Member Los Laureados 'orensic Club-Sec. C rmnus Club RK, JILL College Prep. G.A.A. Aeolian Club Sr. Orchestra Spanish Club 3 yr. graduate lflFNE. GREG JONES, CHUCK General J.V. Basketball KELLY. BARBARA College Prep. C.S.F. Science C'ub Scientia Club Sr. Play Comm. College Prep. KNIGHT. HUMPHREY LAMB, MARION General Art Club LARGENT. BILL College Prep. Writers' Guild V. Track LEAVITT, TED College Prep. "' C Footbal J: Exchange Sclmitar PWS' Fed.-Tec. Snanish Club Stage Crcw Xi KNOX, BOB College Prep. Y ll Leader-V. Y.ll Leader-Fresh. Los Alcaldes-Sec. Spanish Club Comm. of Forensics LANDORF. DICK College Prep. Jr. Optimist Latin Club LAWRENCE. EDWINA College Prep. Fr 'ch Clilb?S Iflflgtteril W - LEE. HERBERT College Prep. KUGLER. ROGER General LAPHAM, ELINOR Collzg' Prep. Spanish Club Science Club Home Economics- V.-P. LEAF, ROSEMARY College Prep. Latin Club Girls' League Las Moras-Pres. 81 Vice-Pres. LEE, PEGGY Light and Shadow Sr. Girls' lee N i Masqu rs Broadcastr rs Sr. Play ..F. lf4 McGlLL, PAT College Prep. B Fooiball 10lh Grade V.-P. Latin Club MGKIBBEN, BETTY LOU General Sr. Glee Club MAKOSKY, DONALD Accounting Spanish Club Scholarship Soc. MARANGI. MICHAEL College Prep. Jr. Optimist E421 McINTYRE, JOAN College Prep. Hi-Hatters-Pres. G.A.A.-Pres. AlgiaAec. 8. Tr. Latin Club Los Laureados Girls League MACK, CLARICE General Pequenltas 9!h grade-Song Leader- Historian of Girls' League MALLMAN. DOROTHY College Prep. Commercial Club Las Sonadoras MATA. IRENE College Prep. Scholarship Soc.- Pres. Spanish Club-Pres. Algia-Pres. Science Club Jr. Statesmen Los Laureados LENTI, PAT General Art Club Phoio. Club LEVERING, LEE College Prep. V. Fooiball LOUDON. CHARLES College Prep. Band Aeolian LYNCH, MICHAEL College Prep. A 8. C Track Sr. Hi-Y-Treas. LEROY, MARILYN General Home Economics LEWIN. LADON General LOVERS, LENETTE General Sr. Glee Club Campus Club Maioretle NICCELVEY. JACK College Prep. C Football Jr. Opiimisi LESCH, JACK College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y LOCKMAN. L0lS College Prep. LUTZ, RUTH General Art Club Spanish Club McINTYRE. PATRICIA General Red Cross Club MAKOSKY. ANN College Prep. Spanish Club G.A.A. MANLEY, RUTH Commercial Commercial Club Sr. Glee Club MECKEL, EDITH General Quill 81. Scroll Moor Slaff IEHAN, RAY MEMORY, PAT General -D, DON Iollege Prep. Sr. Hi-Y-Sec. lr. Hi-Y Spanish C'ub -LlNS, NORMA Iollege Prep. 'equenitas Spanish Club ir. Glee Club-Sec., V.-P. Eirls'League-Soc. College Prep. Spanish Club Aeolian Las Cadenitas Scholarship Sec. Sr. Orchestra BVZ yr. graduate ILLER, MARGERY College Prep. Comm. of Girls Quill 6. Scroll-Pres. Scholarship Soc. C.S.F. N.F.L. Los Laureados LLS. JACQUELINE College Prep. Pequenitas Sr. Glee C'ub French Club-V.-P. Chair. 'TELSTADT, JACK MONTGOMERY, ieneral MITZI r. Exchange .V. Basketball V. Football itage Crew College Prep. Spanish Club Camera Club Home Economics- Sec. Forensic Club N.F.L. Sr. Play Ccmm. MERRITT, JIM College Prep. Science Club Spanish Club J.V. Tennis Varsity Tennis MILLER, MARILYN General Sr. Glee Club MILNER, ANNA BELLE College Prep. Sr. Council-Sec. Pequenitas-Treas. Library Club-Pres. Svanish Club Son leader 9 - 9th grade MONTGOMERY, PRISCILLA College Prep. Song Leader Las Moras Sr. Sweater Comm. Spanish Club Sr. G'ee Club Pres. Lo: Lau reados v l l l l MORROW, MARILYN General Light A Shadows- Sec. Sr. Play Comm. Broadcasters NELSON. JEANNE LEE College Prep. Band Aeolian Club G.A.A. Sec. Algia-Sec. Spanish Club Scholarship Club O'KEEFE DOROTHY General PATTERSON, JOANN' General MOYER, RITA General Sr. Glee Club Broadcasters-Vw Make-up Crew Sr. Play Publicity NICOLLS. BOB Jr. College Broadcasters Cgdct Corps OVERTURF. DAVE Collage Prep. C 8. V Football Sports Ed. of Moor Quill 6. Scroll PAYNE, NORBERTA Collrge Prep. Scholarship Soc. Latin Club French Club Library Club Sr. Glee Club P. MURNEY, PEGGY College Prep. NUCKLIES. DOLORES General Art Club PALMER. PAT College Prep. PETERSON, DONNA College Prep. Hi-Hatters-Sec. Science Club Girls' League Rep. Latin Club-Pres. Scientia Club l43 .RETZ. RICHARD College Prep. Sr. Glee Club Aeolian VROACH, DON College Prep. lFlOBlNSON, ARTELL College Prep. Sr. Boys' Glee Light 81 Shadow Pequenitas UROSENBERGER. RALPH General B Football V. Track Stage Crew Jr. Exchange 'I 441 RENOLDS, JOAN College Prep. Spanish Club Sr. Glee Club JVZ yr. graduate ROBERTS, GINNIE General Latin Club Art Club Soientia Club RODEKOHR. VICTORIA College Prep. Scholarship Soc. Hi-Hatters Latin Club Art Club Sr. Play Comm. ROSSKOPF, GERALD College Prep. Latin Club PLANK, IRIS General Red Cross Club- Treas. Commercial Club- Pres. QUINN, LAURA LEE College Prep. Hi-Hatters Sr. Glee Club Masquers Red Cross Club Footlight Follies Sr. Play RAMPTON, DICK College Prep. Comm. of Finance Scholarship Soc. Spanish Club Ticket Managers Los Laureados REMlNGTON, EVELYN , College Prep. l Spanish Club E Science Club Sr. Play Comm. RHOADS, PEGGY LOU College Prep. Sr. Glee Club Pequenitas Latin Club Writers' Guild ROBINSON, PAUL College Prep. J.V. Tennis V. Football Spanish Club ROHE, BETTY College Prep. Cheer Leader Pequenitas Annual Staff-Photo. Moor Staff Quill Gt Scroll Art Club-Sec. ROTH. DONNA College Prep. Spanish Club POTTER, MARK Jr. College 3V2 yr. graduate QUISENBERRY, BETTY Collrge Prep. Library Club Scholarship Soc. Hi-Hatters French Club Scientia Club RAMPTON. MARGIE Business Sr. Play Comm. REM LEY, ED College Prep. Jr. Statesmen PRANTE, LOIS RALPH, GORDON College Prep. Latin Club Science Club REIFER, YVONNE Jr. College Home Economics Campus Club Sr. Play Comm. EENSINK, RUTH Pfep. Latin Club Hi-Hatters-V.P Scholarship Soc. Sr. Orchestra 3V2 yr. graduate Science Club OTHASZ, ADELE Commercial Hi-Hatters Commercial Club EALS. FRANCES College Prep. Jr. Council Los Laureados Pequenitas Science Club Latin Club Scientia Club -IAW, ROLLAND General B Football-Mgr. 'lORT, BEVERLY College Prep. Hi-Hatters Science Club Music Club Commercial Club ROWDEN. HAROLD General Sr. Glee Club Band Sr. Orchestra J.V. Baseball Aeolian SEEDS. GEORGE College Prep. SHELTON. JEANNETTE College Prep, Sr. Play Comm. SIMMONS. BILL College Prep. V. 8. B Basketball Sr. Hi-Y-Treas. Sr. Council-Treas. Jr. Exchange-Sec. St Treas. Spanish Club-V.-P. SALIE, JOAN Latin Club Scientia Club Science Club Sr. Play Student Director SELTZER, BARBARA Jr. College Song Leader-9th yr. Sr. Glee Club Pequenitas-Pres. SHANKS. JEAN College Prep. Forensic Spanish Club SLINKER, LUCILLE I College Prep. I SMITH, SAM College Prep. Scientia Club Science Club Latin Club College Prep. Las Sonadoras Song Leader Jr. Council-V.-P Two-Twenty Club Latin Club STEINFIELD. LUBA College Prep. Spanish Club Scholarship Soc. Sr. Play Comm. TARPLEY, JULIA College Prep. 3V2 yr. graduate SPENCER. JOAN M. Girls' League Rep: SOMERS, MARY KAY College Prep. Las Moras French Club-Sec. Los Laureados Jr. Statesman Scholarship Soc. Comm. Sec. SPETH, HERBERT College Prep. Rifle Culb Usher Club-Sec. Sr. Glee Club-Trees. SUTCH. RINDA LOU College Prep. TEGLER, MARY LEE General ArtCIub Sr.Glee Club Election Comm. Broadcasters Annual Staff-Art Ed. SPENCER. JOAN E College Prep. Annual Staff- Bus. Mgr. Hi-Hatters Science ClubTreas Spanish Club Scientia Club Los Laureados SPOONER. MEL General TALBOT. GEORGE College Prep. Sports Club Jr. Hi-Y THOMPSON, PAT College Prep. Pequenitas-Hist Art Club Scholarship Soc. 3' 2 yr. graduate I45 WHITFORD. ROSEMARY Business Scientia Club Art Club Ticket Managers Sr. Play WILHITE. CARMELITA General Light 8. Shadow WILSON. FRANK College Prep. C Football Rifle Club A 4 N S. YOUNG, CARL College Prep. Latin Club J.V. Football Scholarship Soc. H51 WHITLEY. CHARLENE College Prep. Los Sonadoras French Club-Pres. Camera Club Art Club Los Laureados WILLETT, ANN College Prep. Sec. of 10th yr. Jr. Council Treas. PequenitasV.P. Science Club Footlight Follies Malorette WOOD. DON College Prep. ZV2 yr. graduate ZIESER. DEANE General C Track Cross Country Jr. Optimists TSCHANZ, LOUISE College Prep. Writers' Guild German Club Sr. Glee Club 3 yr. graduate TUTINO, PAUL College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y Sr. Hi-Y Spanish Club WALACE, DOROTHY College Prep. Latin Club-Sec. WEIGAND, GEORGE General Sports Club WILEY, KENNETH College Prep. B L C Football C Basketball B Club WILLIAMS. FRANK College Prep. Spanish Club WOOTAN, WOLFORD College Prep. C.S.F. Chemistry Team Usher Club Science Club Scientia Club Spanish Club TUNNEY, JIM College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y B Sr V Basketball J.V. 8. V. Baseball Los Laureados VOGEL. VERNA General WARN ER, ANN College Prep. Spanish Club-Sec. Campus Club Home Economics Sr. Glee Club WEIGEL, PHYLLIS College Prep. Hi-Hatt-Hrs Spanish Cfub TUCCEY, ELEANOR Commercial WALDO, JULIAN General WASSON, DEAN College Prep. 2 yrs. J.V. Tennis 1 yr. V. Tennis WEIS, HELEN College Prep. Campus Club Latin Club Sr. Play Student Store Student Rep. ALUMBAUGH.DICK General Sr. Hi-Y B Track ANTLE. GUY College Prep. V. Basketball V. Baseball J.V. Football BAHN, RAY BEEBE. JACK General BELL, GENE General Scimitars Sr. Hi-Y B Football Stage Crew COMPTON, STU General V. Football Boys' Fed.-Treas Jr. Exchange Two-Twenty Scimitars CORDON, DARLENE General Red Cross-Sec. G.A.A. DAVIS, MALCOLM College Prep. DOVIDIO. GERALD College Prep. DUNCAN. BOB College Prep. Spanish Club Scholarship Soc. Clfl'lQI'Cl" EAGEN, DON General V. Football Sports Club ,--g. FLINNT PATTY ' FULLERTON, PHILIP College Prep. Moor Staff Quill L Scroll GOFF, DAN General GRAHAM, BRUCE College Prep. 3V2 yr. graduate B, C Football Ticket Managers HALEY, DICK General Broadcasters HARMON, WILLARD General C Football C 8.D Basketball C Track Stage Crew Sr. Hi-Y Jr. Optomists HILLIER, ROBERT General HOGUE, CECILE General Pequenitas French Club HOPWOOD, LARAY General HOWARD, ROBERT College Prep. SERVICEMEN Shy Cgenlors ITEM. MARGARET General KLEIN. DALE College Prep. Usher Club KUSHNEROV. OLGA Commercial McKELVEY, BILL College Prep. MAGIE, VIRGINA General Song Leader-9th MEYER, ALAN MILLER, HELENE General Art Club MILLER. WILFRED General MOCSI. WILLIAM General Masquers MORGAN, BOB General B Football 0'SULLlVAN, PAUL College Prep. Moor Staff PERKINS, DON PETYUS. GEORGIA General Las Sonadoras PHILLIPS, ED General Harper, Harold David Lanning, Ralph McNabb, Charlie Leslie Shaw, Romayne Richard Strain, Floyd Burt RONABARGER, CLYDE General REDMOND, PHILLIP College Prep. REYNOSA, NORMA General Sr. Glee Club ROUGH. JACK SALAZAR. MAX General Stage Crew C Track SAUCERMAN. CLYDE College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y Jr. Hi-Y SAUNDERS. MARJORIE General SCHLEICHER, DICK SHAUGHNESSY, JERRY SPICHER, RONALD ST. PIERRE, LOUIS TALLEY, ELANE General Sr. Glee Club Art Club Make-up Crew-Chm. Sr. Play Costumes Comm. THOMPSON, LEO TORCASSO, RICHARD WAGNER, RICHARD Jr. College Spanish Club WERNERGREEN, PETER Commercial Commercial Club Scientia Club 3V2 Yr. Graduate WINANS, DON College Prep Spanish Club WOIDA, ED 47 :Q7 enior Sway 48 Left to Righl. Row 1: Blachshaw, Daugherty, Salie. Bates, Del Mar. Row 2: Whitford. Franke. lrrin. Lee, Willel, Karma. Row 3: Weis, Johnson, Berwick, Hobday, Hammond, R. Wilcox lDir.j Clgfie Cglgfrting Clittles H You thought "The Fighting Littles" was the funniest thing you had ever seen. Remember the torrid scene between Daddy Little and the cute Southern belle, Henriette. l-lenriette was really quite a gal. With that down-South charm of hers, all she had to do was say one "you-all", and conceited Norman Peel was wrapped around her finger. When Mr. Little went into one of his fits of temper, it seemed as though the walls would collapse. He did try to recall when he was a lad, but somehow he couldn't remember the days when he acted as crazy as Goody and Filmer. Although the family did fight among themselves, they certainly banded together when an outsider made remarks about Mr. Little's being "dead wood". At the most crucial and exciting moments two little characters kept popping in to add more confusion. Cuckoo and Screwball ithey were per- fectly namedi kept the already hilarious audience rolling in the aisles. When the auditorium was built it is doubtful that humanity was blessed with electricity because all the plugs seemed to be in the most inaccessible places, A cord, approximately a mile long, was necessary to connect the phonograph with the plug. lt took almost an entire rehearsal to get the cord arranged so the actors lone uses the term looselyi woud not fall over it. instead of shouting for the director, it was much easier for the cast to follow the cord to find him. Very rarely did he fail to be on the other end. The cast of "The Fighting l.ittles" had the time of their lives working on the play, and there wasn't a soul in the audience who didn't go away feeling that it was wonderful to be a part of a school that had so much talent, WH WQS, K 6- 1 lu Q.. I 49 U as cc 'WY' X , III 1 ' stratuon .,., .,...,...,,..,.,... A..,.,... A,.. .. .A. A,.,., A ,,. 4.... A. . . A,,, . ,., 4. .,.,,. .,,....,,.,.... I a c k I e H EK f ,r 51 if Left to Right. Row 1: Mr. George L. Yelland, Mrs. Elsie Pattison tSec.j, Dr. Samuel Broadwell fPres.J, Mr. Aubry Miller KV-PJ. Row 2: Mr. Maurice Stokesbary, Mrs. Mary R. Cornelius, Mr. Roscoe G. Neiqer, Mrs. Frances Burton, Mr. George E. Beltinger. oar o gcfucation You wondered if it would ever get past the idea stage, and now you think it would be wonderful if the City of Alhambra could purchase our present school site and use it as a civic center? Where could a new A.H.S. be built? At Moor Field. Where could we get the money to do this? From the City of Alhambra in payment for the present site. You must have heard something of this idea which grew up at our Board of Education meetings. No one is more keenly aware of your problems than this group of unselfsh persons who meet at least twice a month, without com- pensation, with the sole hope of making life just a little more wonderful for us here at A.H.S. You know that they plan to authorize the building of the East bleachers at Moor Field, now that material and labor are available. They realize also that your victorious basketball teams have made it necessary to have a greater seating capacity in your gym. They would be happy too, if it were possible. to give you that swimming pool about which you have always dreamed. I511 52 MR. GEORGE BETTI NC-ER City Superintendent of Schools MR. MAURICE R. STOKESBARY Assistant Superintendent of Schools iz ,X MR. NORMAN B. SCHARER .... Principal Undoubtedly you saw a tall, gray-haired man around the campus. That was Mr. George E. Bettinger, City Superintendent of Schools. Perhaps it was Mr. Maurice Stokesbary, his assistant, who stepped into your classroom. You may not know it, but you have every right to appreciate the interest that they show in A.H.S. Your contact with the Board, the Superintendent, and his assistant is through your principal, Mr. Norman B. Scharer. He informs them of your needs and is striving, as they are, to make Alhambra more pleasant for you. lt was Mr. Scharer who tried to acquaint your parents with the school's activities through a program which would let them know what you do land don't dol at school. lt was his idea to have them visit your classes that night during Education Week. 53 F541 J..- COUNSELORS: D. R. Stoddard, Miss R. Turnbull. Miss K. Strickland, Mrs. H. Hood. As you became better acquainted with your counselor and the new coun- selling system inaugurated about three years ago, you grew to like the idea of having someone to whom you could talk about your problems. Perhaps you had trouble getting to that first period class on time. You found your "guardian angel" ready to listen to reason, ready to make the adjustment so that you could have the class at another period of the day. You found, too, that those old wheezes of excuses about absences had to be overhauled, and you thought twice ibut not more than thatl about cutting. You appreciated the interest your counselor had in your future educational plans, and you felt a little sorry for yourself when you discovered that you should have managed a better grade in geometry. lt's just barely possible that your counselor got to know you too well. Could be. And weren't you rather amazed to know that you could get that work permit at Christmas from the Welfare Office without too much trouble? Actually they were very accommodating. But you didn't think too well of the several phone calls and inquiries when you were absent too often. Yes, you Seem to have slipped up there. 4 Q ll ..:.J CHILD WELFARE DEPARTMENT Left 'ro right: L. Davis, E. Hansen, V. Fin- ley. D. Leonard. rf A ,. Xvofv ,MJ ZULMQLV , W . Q yr 1 . ' W J! 1422! I K I 55 561 MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Row l: Marshall, Miller Davis, Mills. Row 2: Betts, Hood, Beeman, Kemp. Row 3: Quinn, Erwine Perkins, Turnbull, Arnett, Creenfl: Row 4: Hooper, Thomas, Cosand. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Row l: Powers, Huck. Row 2: Seavers, Arnett Lord, Luttrell, Lombard, Hannay. Row 3: Edmondson, Liesveld, Brownf Paulfrey, Smith. if I I 5231 ii A T 1 14 1 -ef K ' 9 'N I qv , . I 'vi X . gf I ... ' Q.-I , , . 5 .I A .sf . ' A, ,E 51? f 1 . f . , E I' ' I I mx, 5 2 Z. ..,, Sin' I -x .- f ff PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Row I: Miller, Imes, Hobbs, Mag- giora, Kemp, Hess. Row 2: Elsey, Morrison, Busby, Thornfonjk Sowers, Richards. SOCIAL SCIENCE AND COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENTS Row I: Shipman? ISSJ, Cox ICJ, Nelgner ISSJ, Stahlke ISSJ, Elsey ISSJ, Hogan ICJ. Row 2: Mills ISSJ, Cothard ICJ, Wade ICJ. Row 3: Ensz ISSJ, Butts? ICJ, Potter ICJ, Canavan ISSJ. Row 4: Scanlon ISSJ, Wilbur ISSJ. Sllli lffwx in J A-'-ff' Imac gas-f I IH.-S. .Fx 57 611 Gu- 1 'S 58 ART AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS Row I 1 Peterson KLI , Stewart? KLI, Strickland KLI, Murphy KLJ, Cooper KAI. Row 2: Moyse KLI, Olsen KLI, Boone KAI, Brown' KAI t Fry? KAI, Cavanaugh KAI. MECHANIC ARTS AND HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS Row I: Starr KHEI, Fisherii KHEI, Healton KMAI, Smith KMAJ. Row 2: Krafts KHEI, Wilson KMAI, Rankerii KMAI. Row 3: Alexander KMAI, Kreinbring KMAI, Simons KMAI, Williams KMAI. MUSIC AND SPEECH DEPARTMENTS Row 1: Hallock KML Kemper I VVaIkera lSJ, Rogersi KNAJ. Rovv 2: hdayer fSP, Shlhon KNAJ, VVHson I Wynne fSJ. , I . En ,Muff-J j - f f i E .fyyzlf of V! 1 U! ' V ' L, 'E ' ff dz L, ,W ,, M , ff J'ZJ4""' ! X -W" f -151177 w 1 V N 1 1 'I 1 SJ, Sl, l59l X D N. A? 2, Aff' ' fffl 601 MISS C. CILSTRAP ,... Librarian 'Kw- SECRETARIES. Left to right. Sitting: Major, Chew. Standing: Finley, Perkins Von Helms, Edis, Holms. Wealth DR. A. SLOAN M ISS H. RUEL-Nurse E1 62 , gba T Lgttenafance Cqfkce Mass Mc I . - I BOOLIOOITL STUDENTS ASSIST MR. wr-TALEN IN BOOKROOM Lefg i0.Righi.'F10vfr 1: Hawley, Campbell. Dill, Lynam, Parry. Row 2: Hershaw, Schuappu, Martin, Cole. Bybee, French. 8 .41 W 1 UPU, W iv - - i f Y ' ' ft WL-5 ,, ' ' w 94 . W 9 1' iipf, ' 'ww Lang E 5 . A -wr Rn 4 in x , M X -Msg . fm J g W va f Q3 f ,gn ' V ea' V ,E ,,g.,.7m . A Z- , - A . A v vw 3. ,M ff xJP"'f I W n 7 -1, 13 5 . ig -3- , . 7 H K' 9 'K ' I ' V .N .ff Xi K-37 X ' " fm-in " 'hm Wa ,,.'-QW CAF ETERIA WORKERS iiGef?s.,'2Tg'Eff3.fZY ?2,flfaSe.f"'5J3,i5.'1z,I'"25,11ff.SEZfJ2?24,S?Qli'21 Row 3: Hagen, Howard. Mundy, Trolh, Risher, McMahon. 631 FM N My ,. :VP , ommission rf' IS4 MR. GRAY BARBARA PARK DICK CALDWELL Adviser Commissioner General Commissioner General "We didn't do as much as we'd planned, but we certainly had fun doing it!" That's what any member of the l946-I9-47 Commission might have said if he had been asked what he and his colleagues had been doing all year in the little room across the hall from Mr. Gray's office. In between bites of those little round things with holes in the center from you-know-where, the Com- missioners staged several school dances, were hosts to the San Gabriel Valley Student Conference, and made plans for A.H.S.'s participation in the Cali- fornia Association of Student Councils, a new organization which may some day include representatives from every public high school in the state. Early in the year, you Commission members put your collective heads together and came up with the Council of Student Representatives, designed to make A.H.S. student government more representative. This gave everyone the feeling that his own private gripes and pet peeves could be brought to your attention through his second period representative. Some of the ideas were good, and some merely proved that not all crackpots got that way after finish- ing high school. As a fitting conclusion to a successful year, you Commissioners voted unanimously to present your adviser with an award of a gold cup for a record of perfect attendance at all Commission meetings. . . DICK RAMPTON IUNE MacPHERSON RICHARD IVES IACK BALTIMORE Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Clubs Commissioner of Clubs MARGARET KESTER Commissioner of Literature MARGERY MILLER Commissioner of Girls DON AXELSON Commissioner of Boys BOB KNOX Commissioner of Forensics TONY MORABITO Commissioner of Athletics SCOTT ADAMS Commissioner of Athletics IACKIE HARRIS Commissioner of Literature NANCY lowes As.t. Commissioner of Finance ,,.--1-1' "' LYLA PHILLIPS Secretary MARY KAY SOMERS Secretary PAT ROWE Historian IOAN CORFIELD Historian 71 Y 01 t-Y' 'Silh- PEGGY WHITAKER MARGARET CLARKE BILL EMICK DICK BATCHELDER Social Chairman Social Chairman Rally Committee Chairman Rally Committee Chairman 85 66 we! 'QP N, Left to Right Row 1 sitting H II Miller Bird Speece Row 2 Millins Miles Kallal, Munson, Miller. Roiu an Fields: Crosswhite .fAdv.b,: Lee, Cannon Mack, Bent, Peterson, Thompson. gmojlggij gaorvgestesitting: Axelson, Gray CAdv.3, Leavitt, Stand- QCZQUQ "What's buzzin', cousin?" You looked at the C-irls' League bulletin boards and you soon found out. This year's League board went artistic on us and came up with a redecorated League room. We liked those big mirrors, and we'd better say we liked the new linoleum, after all the trouble it caused by not arriving on timel Did you notice that girl checking her hem to see if it was straight? She probably had just caught sight of one of the posters emphasizing neatness in dress. Maybe the better dress campaign was one of the ideas the League officers got at the conference they put on this spring. ge eration You officers of the Boys' Federation have just completed another exhaust- ing year of activities. After exerting your manly strength to defeat the C-irls' League in the ticket selling contest for the P.T.A. movie, you still had enough left to cosponsor the League-Federation dance, the "Spring Swing". However, you won't soon forget that assembly at which you met Ralph Kiner of the Pittsburgh Pirates lMr. Crosby please copyl. lt was good to hear directly from a player in the "Big Time". And that Coast Guard Academy picture was well worth that other trip to the auditorium. That branch of the service seemed most attractive. 18, I' LHR 1 L ' 'lf' f-in 1 Q LY, -lik.: I 4 U "NX l J tif! m L 9 2 T T 'H :ml S ,Q 1511 ii. ., ff Q' Y 'I I . f ---, -. . f :nal F67 U91 ,nr Row 1: Tarpley. Martin, Sianley, Jessup. Row 2: Allan, Sanders ELECTION COMMITTEE Wm MM ,,,.4mw-Q ww if Im ffwi fys 'ff ' My M Q . Z7 'li I V' an -'A 1 vi ' 4 5' , o A t hh 3 E ,K 4, wi 1 W 4 Q 7 Q f ,, f, igw., wxfx: gf... if l X f C E is Y, 'E "jg, is I f ,. A A.,,,., ,--2 3 ' , ,A:. S., 5 A -1. ' ga' 70 1-4- 117 ,G ,ld X f 'Q RUM ,- I fi. 2' 'bxtmvuvwmgv 1 - Illustration ....,,, ,.A7A..,. D ick Douthett 'thigh-U ,""""-w 121 B12 SENIOR COUNCIL G11lZ?i',h'c'Z?JS32iiC?6?Zg.f'i1L'.?,' S735 't'ELZ.'9,' 5251.2 V. I 'lu Opeflil IN You selected what seemed to be the best ot your talented people as mem- bers of your council, and you hoped that they would perform miracles-some- thing that might make your senior class distinctive. You realized that you were asking them to put in lots of work. They must have realized it too because they got very busy on that beach party, held on April 20, at which they entertained themselves. And whether the idea grew up with them, no one knows, but there was some talk of purchasing special pins for each council member. You decided that you wanted a green senior sack, so you selected carefully from the samples shown. You discussed graduation, realizing full well that you had a summer and h matter became a reality. Well-a happy summer a whole S to you! emester before t e B12 Left io Right. Row 1: Fosnaugh, Warren. Rurney, Munson. Martin, Hendricks, Chase, Parker. Row Robare. James, Wasson, Weymouth, Holderman. Barrett, Rockwell, Thompson, Baskette, Hunter. Row BI ' usl. Ounuy. Bennett. Campbell. Collier. Morgan, Macariney. Knudsen, Benson Menzel Row 4' Haldem Graves, Kozlow. Schworer. Kirk. Young, Floren, Johnson, Crawford. Row 5: Steed, Kolles, Lehrner, Perk McCabe. Hayden, Hills, Bunning. B12 Lefi to Right. Row 1: Dawson, Gray, Banando, Warden, Michero, Dondanville, Boaden, Chandler. Row Glavin, HlLTj3D, Haifield, Warren, Samuels. Donhost, Wheat'ev. Brown, McCuicheon. lngels. Row Lambert, Linke. Sanderson, Ruark, Johnson, Thatcher. Moe, Lorensen, Reimer. Row 4: Ashworth, Cook, Da Andrews. Bastear. Mehaffey, Healy, Klein. Row 5: Lane, Piolatlo, Anderson, Viel, Willis, Bartholomew. Ma Wilson. 2 3 an ins 2: Q: VIS lin v 74 Left to Right. Row 1: Vawter, Johnson, Josephson, Hunt. Wightman, Evans, Hatfield, Schwendea Row 2: Volk Tomaseck, Thompson, McPherson, Bornhauser, Woodward, Johngon, Fultz, Beck, Mclntyfe Row 3: Ripley, 0Ison,,Matthews, Cook, Turner, Cock, Hoffman, Duflley. Row 4: Davis, Chaffee. Everett, Tobin ' ' ' h B b 'on Wornhoudt, Rubalcaba, Wilson Maize, Ivener, Johnston, Henry. Row 5. Garrould, Butler, Ratkovlc , ee e, Q.: , Colletta, Hartman. U O x LJ O O Q O f -1 O 2 5 1 H' ,W W J, Q .,,f!,3 sys My ' . ,.1 ia' ,wiv 039 AM W K L . U -1 , , M W j My f f M M M23 fifwfa W ws WmMrff.1 MWfg f3 w WW' ,v'1LV ,Wwfjif' ,DL 3? MQW QM ' 6W ' VWJQPWW My MWMW ,M fffklfii 1595 ffif 5 ' 1. S 4 l3?g:fdsl:I-qfrzjmgnv SLA dvd, Oesyliigisglicgoudgrutf, Borcherding, O'F!illey. Row 2: 1 ' - JJ yy J l rw iffy x ,. ot tug K X gf CSD It was a wonderful lite being a junior! As upper classmen, you had the chance to take part in all ot the school activities, but you still had another whole year to go before you had to worry about graduation. You elected your junior council, chose class jewelry, picked the color for your senior sacks, and even turned in English notebooks. You staged the Prom on that night of june 7, and some of us still shiver when we think of the icebergs, polar bears, penguins and Northern Lights. We Bob Mohr's music and enjoyed the party. lLet's shoot all juniors. They sub- merged and changede the theme.J ' h and vim. More power to you l751 You busy juniors gave the school its punc W If A 'I RQ: 1: Creed, Miller. Davies, Mosso, Arderson. Creed. Row 2: Lopez. Kreinbring 4 v. . to . V ' 0 6 .1 , 'V lx i v , ' I X e U m 771 AI 'I Lef! to Righl. Row 1: Rehbein, Smith, Triggs, Koth, Young, Clifford. Row 2: Larkcom, Swanson, Daley. Cons, Ulrich, James, Downer, Koeller. Row 3: Yeandle, Simons, Grabiner, Reed, Carnot, Niltel, Seeds. Toombs. Row 4: Doulhetl, Lambert, Kinsey, Black, Retherford, Staffa, Wilson, Dowle. Row 5: Hamilton, Frost, Guardia, Clark, Aikinson, Atkins, Bruno, Kunkel, Devalon. Left to flight. Row 1: Sweeny, Nichols, Vatcher, Capeslro, Brkicn, Harris, qweis. Dmris. Row 2: COSCHFBIII. 0llver, Dybeck, Klemknechk, Churchill, Hendricks, Herwlg, Nouguler, Slanley Row 3: Floyd, Racho, , ergel, Williams, Bagley, Blevins, Worden, Mater. Row 4: Swinger, Gough, Cruzen Snorl, Haskell, Brown, Ashley, Faridon. Flow 5: Fraizo, Cohen, Brown, Petiy. Jenkens, Helmle, Cokeley, Wichman Biswell. 79 B0 AI 'I Left to Right. Row 1: Gutierrez, Escamilla. Perez, Taylor, Holcomb, Burcham, Shelley. Row 2: Bretz. Marandon, Mclntosh, Kuhle, Young, Ware, Wurst, Anderson, lnglese, Schwarm. Row 3: Stevens. Lind- strum. Schenck. Ellis, Weidemann. Cochran, Calverley, Calverley. Van Deusen. Row 4: Jensen, Glasser, Casler Brock. Bollman. Storey, Thomason. Row 5: Shiflet, Morris, Raggio, Ising. 0'Keefe, Thomson, Moore, Stewart. AI 'I Left to Right. Row 1: Fraggiosa, 0'Connor. Johnson. McCoskey, Lee, Doty. Leslie. Blankenbaker. Row 2: Carey, Falk. Lowell, Harnbrick. Carthage, Dickens. Powell, Mings, Jackson. Row 3: Retz. Deack. Reed. Pollard. Morales. Baker. Anderson, Perricone. Runnels. Row 4: Bishop, Mehaffey. Spittler. Gavaller, Cesca, DeLaney, Thomas, Kammerman. Row 5: Hume, Ghio, Chesnut. Gaunce, Petri, Ewry. Rihn. Voll. Kounzelman, Eagan. s- Lef! to Right. Row 1: Lewis, Fields, Quinn, LaBoube. Baddeley, Raddon, Seymour, Fannin, Garver Moore. Row 2: Ede, Ellioli, Kushnerov, McCloud, Rough, Harris, Tubbs, Whallon, Cononr, Eyraud Row 3: Smith, Berione, Woodruff, Borcherding, Swarbriok, Oberlies, Pelty, Denholm, Lubbering, Ledbetter. Row 4 Franz, Krammen, Schnick, Bonser, Devean, Swarbrick, Rogers, Matticks, MacDonald. Row 5: Gallegos, Burns, Connelly, Hargrave, Delude, Gallegos, Griesbach, Schlerf. Lefl to Righl. Row 1: Quirk, Brusher, Andrews, Cotton, Minion, Anderson, Romero, Conroy. Row 2: Dickerman, Comfork, Rush, Jung, Curiis, Roberts, 'Mann, Slykhuis. Row 3: 0'Reilly, Ward, Ebough Funke, Hunler, Poland, Pelerson, Teasley, Gunn. Row 4: Frosfmllman, Avery, Nelson, Boyd, Milligan, Perez Relherford, Hamilton. Row 5: Mayle, McGregor, Bonney, Somers, Kevelin, Linsley, Hargrave, Dollinger, Welliver :QM , . E911 xv, HI 19' E E 2 VS. T241 Vw Wi vm-V "- K ,M qi- L. F331 84 BI 'I Left to Right. Row 1: Henderson, Burger, Richardson, Clarke, Miller, Nass, White, Carpenter. Row 2 Martin, Hoff, Tennant, Moore, Norberry, Mild, Needham, Tompkins, Brooks, Taylor. Row 3: Ford, Kline Whiteside, Fox, Ambler, Nie, Farrar, Rowley Bean. Row 4: Blean Ludehens, Boulware, Macfarlane, Cade, Kemp Reinsch, Klein. Row 5: Walden, Williams, Petersen, Northrup, Trion, Valenta, Williams, Carruthers. Bl I Left lo Right. Row 1: Schroder, Martin, McGill, Haas, Blower, Salvato, Sewell, Fielder. Row 2: Schapler Sorhondo, Dorselt, Barrett, Massa, Came, Wilson, Kessler, Moran. Row 3: Lehman, Morabito Creed Hawkins. Row 5: Mohr, Rambeau, Dllls, Hays, Foran, Sale, Bartholomew, Shull, Temple, Sedler. Lugo, Faller, Creed, Mayo, Bivens, Hanrea. Flow 4: Logan, Johnston, Schiro, Mudnich, Anderson. Healy, Mason, Left lo Righl Row 1' Ghiokio Bruno Vilander, Elder, Reisner, Scoll, Hymer, Miller, Mail. Rovf 2: Hinman. Looe Bl I Anderson, Ishnm, Porrfni, Davie's, Tryon, Holderman, lnge!s. Lynch. Row 3: Cazares. Bruneaux, Mmer, z. Row 4: Tschanz. Osborn. Genco, Simmons. Comfori. Renfrew. Rubensiein. 1' . Je IQ 'Vw' 'X "KT, KQVQ 1-MK1 X , " F, A L'Lfl.j Wm. ' 'Q ' ' Q if m 5 , if ' V3 O N -Q V X' f , X ,' L , -, 51 Q L , -I If f' J,-'B 85 B6 l3gemg!gl:1!,l1a3zZe,.1Adv.J, Scanlon, Platis. Row 2: Harvey 1Vice-Pres.J, Raw 1 seated: Wolfe fVice-Pres.7, Brickey 1Hist.J. Lowe CTreas.j. Pow 2 standing: Miller, Graffis, Hamon CSec.J, PhilIi:s lPres.J. Marshall 1Adv.J. WM Yes, you were sure life was more wonderful for you than for anyone else. You had reached that state of sophistication which only a sophomore attains. Your first year had kept you so busy that you never bothered to study. During your second year such things as study took on an added unimportance. As sophomores you didn't do much, your school activities were of little conse- quence, but it was enough that you were just sophomores. Left to Right. Row 1: Gerrner, Schreiner, Anderson. Hatfield. Del Fra'oia, Stagno, Hinds, Anderson, Ho . Row 2: Remington, Xedes, Civello, Hopwood, Hostetler, Wonacott, McGreaham, E'lis, Jason. Row D d R ' B tillos Ramirez Ludd Row 4' McCann Stafford, 3: Augustine, Skipton, Whaley, Finch, Guenthar , amirez, us . . . . , ' ' ' - B ' M h Schumacher, Hedlund, Cowie, Guiou, Munson, Quinn, Steele, Hower. Row 5. Stewart, Ragland, onzonl, urn y, Short, Douglas, Palmini, Cuxsler, Poet. Left to Right. Row 1: Coffman, Waldo. Dietrich," Kahn, Maston, Perryman, Nygard, Gable. Row 2: Viall. Brown, Shy, Lathrop, Holms, Toombs, Asher, Clampitt, Knight. Row 3: Jones, Kushnerov, Debransky, Perkins, Baker, Hansen, Weary. Row 4: Petrovich. Ortega. Barghigiani. Keaton. Butera, Guzzetta, Rohe. 87 QQ Eg Y is X ak X A 51 N. Mi: zz gg .mu ffsjfg K 3' Sw gi 4 9 iw' A N if ,IW L fig? vm' W' . .Q , 1.1.51 ..,, 1 . ii gig:-, il ., .1 .. M is gm gm f K sf , Y , v mg Q, .T Rb 5 - 1 i uvqluuu I 'wg 555 5. fy-Q w . . ,.:5'::X1523 ""' ' Me' . 9+ . h? f K 'N N vf "MF X L 5-SATS V H A z gf- A QS x -fi , 1 5255 h Q is 'Q ww? .2 .. W. 3' xi if gg L WT .. Xi S ,525 ,S A 1 1 YE, AY: 2? 'i fL,,i.q C' S .,,:.f -H? Q, 22 Q 3 'fi - v i QR wing Qi uw - 4 4 gf vp! "V an il-'K 14 ""' Www if 3. M r by is F 1 J K ' as is M E:'-:' 5- 'f.- ..:. 1 It K X 5, , 1 I ,. ' 13 54535 wifi "!f2QfQ1::.'fQ,:f'.g1 Si' 5' zgzfa'-:f'51p..: .j'1,. Q ' 4 "': A 1 "" f ' v f 56 5512? f Q '- 'M 5, , Q YL Us . 5 E , A 2 I . A X E " " A , ' ' ff S is ' , 1 2 w fi? 2553- 'lf 7 - EJ: ' 'Qs , 2 I 0, QF ,QQ wp? 3 A' fiai'. 1:7 3 I ,q , . ., 'ii W Q Wg '31 Q, sz A R 1 'S' gh 4 - .. 'Ma :fl V .7 ' is f 54? W' if "ig if 92 ' M QQ? Q Q Z A A"' "'i ' W W'-Q wx is gf ggi 5 ff M elf-f if Q ti QQ 2? v Q M ' QL ww' 4:13, - iv 5 M 60 ' , I N fi G ,kk 5 :V 1 f. 9 'Q ,1 W' ww 1? 92 Left to Right. Row 1: Olson, Adams, Bowerman, Link, Sievert, Clark, Woidneck, Valli. Plank, Branson Row 2: Dennison Peters Trinkaus Trinkaus Breedlove Shainoff Ha ward R 3 F' Id B , , , , , , y . ow : ie , ath, Lock, Atkinsog, Kiss, Newell, Wanting, Bristow, Thorkelson. Row 4: Kaiser, Spieth, MacDonald, Livingston, Carrington Crans, vans, Shay, Minkoff. jj? .I Y1 v- ii U L, ' k .F 4 1 I 1 ' W lm 'AJ j x s x V , xy ' I ' ' A W , y A ,lt V I 7 f .3 V . J I X X - I tl, 5 N - f ,wr . , N . - 5 1-v xv l 3 ' M xx V V ' g B .J ' , ' ' ' hnfkg X , Q 0 .J .Q xfv 5 A 'WJ N' X J L 3 A A ra x L , 'I 1 X xy 'S 3 1 0 ug 1 If , , M qs fW"f"'f"7. A J " F2 Q f '10 ' sa' ff l f- , V' . 'J . - -I I 1 , , - , f -A , vs, I I , I V A ' ' -A 1' V ' V- . J f M 'I I l f x . 'ff 4'-1 I ' . ' ' sf - ei! Y l M fi if .sw VW g 5 4"-S ? ,iii 0-al-'K has--f as-.W li I Q js Q i 5' Q K , i N j I' E941 ....--'-""""' S ywm .KVI A9 CLASS OFFICERS 52221NiZ?f'li'2S.,fAs'1Z.'Ji'l.Z"i'!f,1'S5.'T'eaS"' Fm" fsem' RW 2: B9 Row 1 gealed: Bob Davidson fVice-Pres.J, Sa.m Qamperi CPres.J. Bow Moody CSec.7. 2 standing. Smith fAdv.J, Dolores Bowre fGlflS League Rep.7, Duane J,-f 'nf wr fb X up Su... ewilalered It was a wonderful life for you freshmen the first day you made your appearance on the old stamping ground. The lipstick tattoos, the tickets for the West-wing elevator, and the bewildered look of your fellow "frosh" made your first day unforgettable. But after a few weeks you mighty midgets got right into the swing of campus life. You stood in line for locker keys, got transfers to first period gym, forgot to take pencils to English, and were late to class at least twice. The football season was glorious for you new comers. At last you were really a part of A.H.S., and you wanted everyone to know it. The girls came to the games decked out in yellow sweaters. blue skirts, "A" beanies, and blue and gold crepe paper flowers. The boys, if they were lucky, decorated their cars, while the less fortunate ones plastered their note books with "Moor" stickers. Then came class elections. Even though you had never seen any of the candidates before in your life, you were supposed to vote "intelligently and wisely". lA pretty girl or a boy with curly hair always got electedl. Then came the freshman talent show and later the frosh party with its dancing, music, noise, and warm cokes. lt was a large evening. N . l PRIZE SNAPL .,................. ....,..........................,............ B etty Benson 951 i951 A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Marella, Reynolds, Hansen, Smail, Boynton, Delgada. Claudes, Campbell. Row 2 Mevadith, Conrad, Reading, Anderson, Latham, Mendenhall, Winebrenner, Kailai, Hooper. Row 3 Smith, Finch, Guion, Perez, Swinger, Tolerton, Montgomery, Higbie. Row 4: McMahon, Earle, Wilson, Woodman Blackshear, Jamison, Chamberlin, Riley. Fleury. Row 5: Kaili, Salamane, Alfano, Barrington. Lester, Dragna Hill, Bateman, Gibson, Magro. A9 Left to Right: Row 1: Southwich, West, Lowther, Johnson, Bulls, Thompson, Loeff, Brummal. Row 2 Chaney, Thomas, Hunt, Miller, Hunter, Wallihan, Patkins, Griffiths, Weaver, Vurpillat. Row 3: Weigel Stowe, Eggett, Vosseler, Garver, N. Garver, Keith, Braden, Beck. Row 4: Fryer, Anderson. Baber. Nass, Sloan Barr, Barnett. Row 5: Givens, Mulligan, Tamber, Nebls, Padee, Riffe, Oertel. in v . '01, -Jig fi .4 ... ,E i l l x ff, 1 um A Jos, .R rt .I , . , , fx l- in fl qi., Y ' - K A . X.. , , .., X Q raft N 3 1 .L K5 A S ' , 53 j .ffl t was K or F A9 Lcft to Rigit. Row 1: Lonergan, l-lowell. Hughes. Heian. Bellcrt. Watson, Thompson, Watts. , fief 5 i l X .J Shelley, Kissinger, Bell, Rubalcaba. Perry, Dugan, Fisher. Mannina. Smith. Row 3: Bone, Hutchinson, Haskill, Scoville. Jacobsen, Dickson. Fitzpatrick. Row 4: Shields. Edwards, Guardia, Howarth, Poe, Clark, Ford, Bird. Row 5: Contreras, Landis, Rambeau, Smith, Hunt, Meek, Stcyer. King, Gurney. A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Davenport, Roundy, Frerch, Schmidt, Mucks. Marshall, Charlton, Gaffers. Williams. Lochard, Meek, Hazeltine, Baddeley, Stewart, Barrett. Rensink. Greenlee, Nye. Row 3 Bettis, Heylmun. Haley. Branson, Hammack, Bateman, Oliver. Row 4: Cabb, Pickard, Moore. Bible, Anderson. Butt. Dobrenen. Salazar, James. Flow 5: Sessler, Collister, Kuns, Cooper. Nash, Make, Fulton Lusvardi. Row 2: Franke, Malone, Wright, 97 A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Bade. Fix, Mazy, Dees, Pickering, Hall, Heiniseh, Brar. Row 2: Tunstall Mc- Auliffe, Cammack Camnbell, Wiley, House, Mueller, Wollverton, Abramo. Myers, Mililo. Row 3: Ca'zares Wattell, Mueller, Northup, Little, Prouse, Fox, Stine. Row 4: Wood, Walthart, Ligen, Vreeland, Woodward Barndt, Perkins, Hollywood, Darby. Row 5: Jacobs, Calhoun. Myers, Wurst, Seaman, Watson, Petrie, Grenoway Rodgers, Dillon, Goodhue, Thompson, Smith, McDaniel, Jones Roylance Gavalles 'Elder Row 3 Simons, Mohn, Collelta, Cooke, Fields, Dollinger, Irby, Jones. Row 4: Everson, Shavj, Dandanvyille Smith York. LaBau, Mantel, Patten, Coughran. Row 5: Hornbrook, Creason, Flanerty, Udell, White, Kuntz, Schuetz, Soackler A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Moe, Stewart, Williams, Grisoland, Williams, C. Williams, Watson Crook. Row 2: ,v f A-arf ,x A9 Lefl ln Righi. Row 1: Hanson, Johnson, Slill, Suhm, Cross, Lusa. Meglnniss, Hobbs, Glidden. Hedike. Row 2: Soyder, Johnson. Soulanille, Smith, Morgan, Barnt, Young, Garcia. Row 3: Lopez, Hall, John- son. Mencuni, Davis, Hainsworth, Lague, Schuer, Thirblrch, Walker. Row 4: Gloae, Toove, Laird, Slucey. Howard, Ur-ger, B:rden. Herst. Baker. Gregory, Malone. . 991 IIDOI B9 Lefi to Right. Row 1: Stewart. Moody, Fox, Riggs, DeGrazia, Avakian. Green, Hamii. Row 2: Talley Urwin, Basmajiao, Nixan. Kuimme, Carbin. Cooper, Worden. Row 3: Byers. Lyon. Stewari. Davidson Perez. Simpson. Gorham. Row 4: Grossman, Nucklies, Friess, Maiore, Williams. Quisenberry. Mclntosh. Karma Row S: Maize, Poliizer. Neiis. Carihage, Flores. Hooper, Matranga, Bacon, Johnson. B9 Lefi io Right. Row 1: Miksen. Rusnak, McCann, Tully, Proctor, Gertzen, Thomas. Row 2: Tompkins King, Simpson. Broowek. Ciriili, Middleton, Bixby. Row 3: Bushey. Bishop, Evans, Fox, Davidson Waliz, Bevilacqua, Concialdi, Cederuuist. B9 Left io Right. Raw 1: Addevaton, Stephenson, Dybeck. Druchman. McCartney, Warner, Nurris. I gli' A f 'Nz' 1 H 'F " ' vlvzy X .1 4' K, 4 lm I. 73 ll011 6,5 G H ,1-, ? ,M V g., h fgyfff ' V 1,0 M :iff- f ' 'Wes V I ,:,A 'X 4,5 V M We . 0 5 , 3 . .I Auf? Q.of"v Q, - 4905 1 ,A .4-111 -ff-1? "fling, .5 .So gnu CXL51. lf- lllusfrationn, ,H , , , ,, ,, .,v.A ,,,.,, ,,,,. , . , V 7,, Y.,, H ,nujoann Chase IULIA TARPLEY . COLLEEN ARNOLD Art Editor Photography Editor IOAN SPENCER MARGARET KESTER DON WILSON Business Editor Editor Asst. Photography Editor Life wasn't always a bed of roses when working on the annual. We had our moments, but we often wondered if we should ever meet deadline. Whewl we just did make it. The theme was the big headache. One little genius conceived the idea of Alhambra High School's being discovered by some men from Mars about a thousand years from the present time. Another brain added his bit by suggest- ing that Mt, Wilson had erupted and covered the adjacent communities. This theme offered infinite possibilities until some intellect came forth with the idea-"lt's a Wonderful Life". Why in the world didn't he say so in the first place? lfl031 CZITI, l'CZfl Then there was the little matter of club pictures. You thought you were somebody when word got about that individual pictures would be made of all club members. As we go to press, Mr. Betts starts sorting imaginary pictures, picks tape from his fingers, and falls in a dead faint whenever club pictures are mentioned. Mrs. Boone poiltely leaves. She can't stand to see Mr. Betts fall so often. lf you happen to notice some unusual captions in the ad section, such as "Lovely New Spring Layout at Turner, Stevens and Turner. Get Yours Early", you can be sure that one of Miss Heron's little business gals became slightly confused. But don't think anyone of them is going soft when you try to get that lost receipt replaced. You'll pay, brother, and howl That haggard look on Mr. Edmondson's face came from reading the reams and reams of material we wrote. "Too much slang, jackie, too disconnected, Frank, too far from the theme, Bobg too dull, Dick, too long, Shirley, too bad, Margaret: and too short, Corky". Then the whole business would start over again. But it is only now that we dare reveal the truth. Certain members of the Art Staff have harbored lfor yearsl the yen to write verse. A year or two ago one broke out in a rash, but none has come forth lately. Mrs. Boone did find Dick's, Margaret's, and Audrey's illustrations, two days after deadline, under the stuff on her desk. No one has any idea what happened to the cover designs that Ed, jackie, Peggy and Rhea made. We do remember that Tom DuvalI's losephus Agamemnon Moor was unanimously chosen to grace the cover. But we seem to have forgotten what the doggone thing is going to look like, at this stage of the game. Ifl041 1 955' ART STAFF Left to Flighi. Row 1: Sieck, Tarpley. Brown, Jackson, Harris. Row 2: Boone 1Adv.y Casler, Irvin. Illia Q 7 rig 1' si? S 1 'I 44 rx.. ss ff , Q!-eww. Qu. .N 5 ' -MMC'-V ,WM M, ,N ""' , 1-.,e ,..Q- , 5.-J, , g giglnoivoEl?1E2:dSi3w4ggvizirglkclgjigsii Corfield, Morgan. Row 2: Schneider, fxosl PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Lefi to Right. Betts lAdv.b, Montgomery. Arnofd, Bourne, Rohe. Benson, Brooks. Lefi lo Righi. Spencer, Fowler, Heron fAdv.J, Ellis. r msl X w OOI' MADELINE THOMAS LaDENE COOK MRS. E. LUTTRELL MOOR Editor IVIOOR Editor lAdv.l lst Semester 2nd Semester lliAliefcfkel , llslliilllegiLelysiilelgaviyllllilloogguaiikientli-ami lfizooxiikjzilrlroori-iliieifi, Pl-Tligbefti Harrison, Overturf, Fullerton, O'SuIIi f You looked forward to each publication of the MOOR, wondering always about the latest gossip on the campusg but you didn't realize that the staff was smaller this year than in past years, that a conscientious few continued to labor for your pleasure. Nor did you know that this paper was beset with the most trying of post-war problems-trying to retain a printer who would keep his charges within reason. One report had it that at least three different printers were involved in the production of the paper within the year's time, and the last of these lifted his prices about double. However, you enjoyed the paper, particularly the Keppel game issue with its team pictures. ll071 If 3' Qx F' i 5 N. .33 . e x S. 9 Left to Right. Row 1: Britain, Butler, Cain, Cameron, Carnot, Cochran Cook, Dawes, Gray, Hall. Row 2: Hartzig, Hendricks, Hyde, Jackson Johnson, Jones, Lehman, Lovers, McCoskey, Mclntyre. Row 3: McKi'iben, Miller, Miller, Millins, Mills, Mont gomery, Moore, Mayer, Needham. Row 4: Quinn, Reed, Reynolds, Rhoads, Rogers, Stanley, Tschanz, Taylor Unitt, Upxon. R.w 5: Younger. Xu. We ek- ? 5 i '1 "!"f'i -' ,,. X M .5 , fs ' , 21. ll081 1 Left to Right. Row 1: Robison, Andrews, Cleveland, Devalon, Ford, Har- rison. Higbie, Hobday, Hunter. Row 2: Klein, Klopfenstine, Kolm, Kunkel, McPherrin, Merrill, Retz, Rowden, Smith, Valinto, Williams. ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL BAND 4 yn . R V K 1 - . ' f gn Ni .LQ ,. Y . , - 4 k A 1 MW-, 44.1 4 ,,,,A':1.r'm.. V: ff K 4 V , V W , V I D 1 N, ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ll09I Ill01 kgltngo Evans, Crawfard. McClellan, Mayer fAdv.J, Batcheld Cbebate "And so, honorable judge, we can only conclude that the United States should adopt a plan of medical care!" That might be one of this year's A.H.S. debaters winding up his affirmative speech. Highlight of the year in debate was the capture of the Southern Cali- fornia Debate League trophy which has been in circulation since l94O. Having won it in l943, and again in l945, Alhambra is the three-time winner and is now entitled to keep it as a permanent possession. Adding variety to the regular debate schedule were the radio programs. junior Town Meetings of the Air kept you up on some of the most con- troversial subjects of the day, and you really became quite well ac- quainted with Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare through "Interviews with the Past." The debaters still haven't decided whether the United States should adopt a plan of free medical care, but they all agree that. through debate, they gained some of the most valuable experience that high school has to offer, and they had a good time doing it, too. L'fl In Rinht. Row 1: Corder, PhiIIi:s, McGill, Wi'Is'w". Row 2: McCann, I SI ffxri, Finch, Hanwfod, Jorden. Row 3: Anderson, Decker, Bull, Moran, Rue. Cummi gs, Mayor 1Adv.J. Raw 4: Beadie, Maiin, Harvey, AydeIo'.I. NOVICE NOVICE DEBATE TOURNAMENT Second NOVICE INDIVIDUAL EVENTS TOURNAMENT Fi rst-Extemporaneous Speaking VARSITY SPEECH FESTIVAL Second-Extemporaneous Speaking HUNTINGTON PARK TOURNAMENT Third-Original Declamation Third-Oratorical Declamation Third--Debate UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOURNAMENT Second-Debate SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DEBATE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT First NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE TOURNAMENT First--Extemporaneous Speaking I Second-Extemporaneous Speaking Second--Debate ART KARM SCOTT ADAMS Sweepstakes Winner Clark Debate Trophy Winner Illlj Ill21 g.Sgm,:?rdBighi: Hamer. Berry, Cook, Keef, Tallely, Campbell, Burcham Lefi io Right. Royv 1: Filker, Bade. Morabiio. Row 2: Bell, Salazar, Mittlestadt, Rosenberger, Leavlti, Harmon. Row 3. YeYrb,' Cook, G-aIia. an Q gf wi CWA vga YW wi Zz Enix R 'Ts' Y if ' i E , ..,. ,fig 'F 1. xl fx ' aff ,L , ig' hw fam M Jil Maki WLM.. Q? ii?" 650 5 cmces anc! Cblcfoes You and you and you-all of you made it a joyous year for Alhambra. The assemblies were magnificent. What with "Rhapsody in Blue". "A Song to Remember", and "Spanish Main" you enjoyed a fine lot of movies-at any rate you WERE dismissed from classes. That assembly on fencing gave you some new ideas about what could be done with a sword, and one of the debates explained to you what is meant by government control of medicine. You marveled at our glee clubs when they appeared in one of our best Christ- mas assemblies in their new robes, and you vowed that the orchestra and band performed like professionals. lt did give you a degree of pride when you realized that several of our musicians were to travel about the country to continue to spread the fine reputation of Al-l.S. You decided the dances were fun and turned out in great force. Some of you fellows even looked up the word "manners" in your dictionaries and profited greatly by the move. You did everything you could to make the year a happy one, but you haven't changed one bit! You still send your "hot rods" careening around corners. You Chew gum in class, miss the waste backet, sail paper airplanes, run to the windows when a plane flies over or a fire truck goes down the streetg and you still throw your half-eaten sandwiches, your papers, and apple cores around the campus. Your principal's hair is slowly, but surely, turning gray. But you saw to it that life went on pretty much as it always had at A.H S. 11161 Q D 8' QQ? u J, , 7? X 1 X 2 M , FM ,Wm im K N ? Q vw I F , eg? WQQQ 5 feng? J. kk 5 f 'X Ypwrg SPA ' -J' Q.. EQ 5' ff bi E sig . it E33 B AN 4 aff' ffl A 112 , X 3 6' ffm fi Q Q: H 3 F A 3 '--A2 K ' fx e w w Wk R M395 gg 4 9 .qgqjmli 546-'?.w L max if in ' 'I 3? .5 E Qxixqf fs- gg , N, Q u . . ps if 1 1 w 'bun-.N it I vki 15' eb at Q55 5 A fav K vw, ,v if N.: 1 X I :- Q" a , ? s ,Q A - ggggf 4 fs' ? it Za-2 K 4 3 KA ,V ff:-, a 1 ' '35 E? if Q M . , 49. 1 V KY A 'Qi . i I If f V ..' n,, I1221 Ieeitlto Fggtht. DRow 1: Angrewm Batsahelder, Bates. Blankhenbaker, Boudrias. Cody 0 ins, a y, avenpoik e ar. ow 2: Downer, Es elman, Floyd, Hoglund, Howard, Hughes, Jesiup, Kenna, Kelley, Kesler. Row : Ledueiter, Lewis, Li k. Iillakosky. Mala, Maule, Miller Needham, Norli c, Park. Row 4: Payne, Porash, Probert, Rcdekohr, Sandersun, Shcwzfler, Stanley, Tassop, Weis West. Row 5: Weotan, Wurst. ou ere cz 06015 It was a wonderful life-and what a life we would have led at Alhambra High without clubs. Most of the school activities function around them. For a while, not so long ago in the dark past, you wondered if the clubs were to exist at alll The whole svstern seemed to be falling apart. l-lowever, the dust of the commotion settled,-and once more peace and quiet reigned over your A.H.S. clubs. There have been, though. a few slight changes effected. The former "A" clubs are no longer under that title but have been changed to community service clubs. The adviser of each club was chosen from the respective Alhambra service club that is sponsoring the individual group. The former "B" and or scholastic and hobby, groups of clubs are now departmental clubs. Because of their great numbers they are divided into Groups l and ll. Roughly, Group l contains Art, GAA, Music, Science, Letter- man's, Social Science, and Library clubs. Group ll contains the Language, Commercial, Speech, Industrial, Home Economics and English clubs. Three service clubs that are needed for the welfare of the school and have been kept intact as service clubs are the Usher Club, Ticket Managers, and Les Novelles. You were sorry to see the club trophies disbanded but were glad to find the girls' service club trophy kept. The trophies weren't taken away-honestly! The clubs voted and decided to abandon them. You seemed to like this revision because it has pepped up the club system and has created more outside interest in the clubs, and these clubs are becom- ing more interested in Alhambra High. Play Night! You certainly had fun the night of May i7 at the A.H.S. Club Play Night in the Patio and on Bailey Avenue. Booths, dancing, a talent show, entertainment, and plenty of food-all in a night's workl Los Alcaldes furnished the movies, while the other clubs provided their own booths. Many tired, happy souls agreed that night "never again, but wasn't it fun?" ' ' , f- fil l ., ' ' ' fe , ' 5 f. V Y . ' f. ew . , I . . wa ,y ' .f ,X K W , '-ue: ' ,..' R ' .K 'z f R 9 1 "1 f ' 1 S' 1 . ' :AA Kg, ef, 0 A, E QF ggyl Xi gg- Y' 'f JP- D ag .gf f "" ' ' ' :Z of Y ll" X 2 lim, 'M ' 5 Q' A . w i N s ',,.., ' . is i f ' - , ' :Q , 3 'E '5 H. . ! KZ . gn - I V A K Y I W b we Y 2-l r V as so . as in 'i 5 E' ' f" W-'T-f 9 'N V 4 , 'H-" ' .R 3 x v W5 1, md, W ei, , i ws Q fy ,ww 4, ,fl , 4 A, ,Q aw W . ff 9 , A ,avi , F, . . my , f .. tx . s Y : Q 5 if i ' "J . Q I L . ,, .Iii ff ' , , 'N Q . V , A N 'Q . 6 . 5. ,' -Ti, A ' ,.. -, , v-1 -K , se 5'-F .L M ef. f fw- . i , I 50,4 . . 1 . . J w 5 ya, Y ik if -Q on , ay V Q9 fi J , ,af - if ' e lm: s ..... . 'E ' ' X is . ,es M , W f P -A in Y 2 1 f 'A " ' foals , -. In .. 491-H f ' X - as. ,- ff '50 nf' ' - f 1' 'lx'- " ' ' M. I! ' ii. 5 . l Q1 gr, . - ss r s gg' , i X .N A Q. W.. I V? .. . ig fi . L' ' 1 ' ' -of-p Left to Right. Row 1: Ambler. Baker, Beebe, Bull, Cryan. Dayley, Denchfield, Davenport. Evans. Farrar. Row 2: Fargular, Field, Funke, Harris, Hoffman. Hunter. Hunter, Hide, Kozlow, Kottles. Row 3: Lohman. Loudon, Manle, Memory. Nelson, Steed, Smith, Short, Tronpsa'-. Ulrich. Raw 4: Viotti, Willi. Williams, Wurst. Warren, Walden, Willis, Budrow. ' 1 Q K f b ' Ji? . A 'W 'H ,A I " if li' " U , X, f , af: 4 5. X, -. . i , f so - rf' ,. -Q: 1 -. fr Ly I, xr' K tax: ff ""' ' y . V' 2, , K, E, si 1 ,k,V A :V img, W ., . , is 1 i r' : 1 1 . --33,4 ' 'isiff I ' "lf, A , Q 5 f ji 'I , I i MVT' f i Mx. . . 4 . ., f. 3- Q 2 BF ff ' ,. .si vl , 1 Q. dh I f .gl an A A .Z . l - 9 . " ff' ,QA i -' , - Left to Right. Row 1: Asher, Davis, Hoff. Jepson, Johnson, Jones, Kahn, McCoskcy. Miller, Moore. Row 2: Pemberton, Powell, Rcwnlree, Tennant, Tompkins, Weideman. V flgf-. 7 'Y . 1253? " I " ...,. Q. .. , Q 1 ,, ' 'X 1 - .gil , FE:-ARS: 45,352-z. 5 X 'ii 6 V i Q- f. r N. el ?2:: :,-:... A I 'I - ' ' 14112 Left to Right. Row 1: Coughlin, Fowler, Hoffman, Mata. Mclntyre, Rutherford, Schwarm, Strandberg, Wilson. If1231 EQSOAQQASTERS CLUB hif?.,'3.5.Li?'a.53?Z,,i2M'Z2-2222:.'?"i3ia.-.?.'i5:fSid?.?Z:.23322321 SI eman. ea . Left to Right. Raw 1: Carnct, Donhost, Grabiner. Isham,, Lirksirom, Mailman, Manley, Martin, McAIister, McC3skey. Row 2: P.ank, Rothas, R:e:i, Sauderscn, Williams, Lirdsircm. 11241 Left to Right. Row 1: Adams, Anderson, Backes, Batchelder, Bull, Cooney, Corder, Craw ford, Decker, Evans. Row 2: Finch, Giotto, Hanson, Harris, Harrison, Hopwood, Jacobson Jennings, Karma, Kester. Row 3: Maule, McClelland, McCann, Miller, Moran, Powell, Probert, Ruarck, Stafford Stanley. Row 4: Smith, Wiley. 1:-fx f Gi k.........nJ.A Left to Riqhi. Row 1: Arrington, Benl, Corlield. Corwin, Cascarelli, Decker, Devcan, Dollinger, Elliot, Finch. Row 2: Floyd, Frownfelter, Funke. Halfield, Higbie, Howard, Humebaugh, Jones, Laurence. Row 3: Lewis, Mazy, McCarthy, Mills, Milolo. Morgan, Nie, Norberry, Payne, Pemberton. Row 4: Perryman, Quisenberry, Rynhard. Rutledge, Schwarm, Sklpifrn, Smith, Siewart, Somers, Tombs. Row 5: Whileley, Whursi. s ' A l KFUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERlCAh"' 'O 'j"""' 'T-"",,1i EET- Hyde'- , . . , I- gomery, Reifer, Shelton, Schmidl. Row 2: Trongale, Tily, Van Sickle, W:?n:, Valli? Co:x?elTrnCur:isfJyRob:r':s, Graham, Peiyus. ll251 GERMAN CLUB hiiiiili if'i?Sgk'f'EY'S?.Lk'??!l'i?i'S'g,3E2'32f"' Lam" Mm' 'MS' Joh.. G A A Left to Right. Row 1: Barreras, Brwks. Coughlin, Fowier, Gilmore, Guior. Hefiwrr, Hoffman, ' ' ' Hwwell, Kirk. Row 2: Lee, Lo"erg1". Mclntyre., Meredith. M. Montana, B. Monta, a, Moralics, Palmquisk. Rutherford, Schwarm. Raw 3: Smith. Strandburg, Thompson. Wilscn. ' Xifjlf Q Q Af? EL i7 Z . 551371 K ' ' Q5 :fig U ,ZA A , I. . jf.. I . -V ,gh K:-' S X I 'K , i ...L " J "ff A .- .f"'V" "M" iris, ,... . V 1 -, -3 -2: - - . ' " A ' ' . ' ' , ' . " Q 'ii 1 ' . ,- W i . ... V7 VL .5 L .I x As .J - U A E 1.5 Q, i. 5 Y - 7 gh - ...- - . , A 'Q , -7 p .S X 4 f t r N 1' . K . K M- m ' '55 . My H shui' rw S ,I U as 1 . - - , V-1,-.151 , 1, A . - . i i far, :,'- '- ' ' :2.f ,:r y': HQ .K i h .V i . " : x 1 rl T . 'Qi K. 725 t ..,. . 5 . 3 . A Il261 IR- STATESMEN higiliiawhhoiog:1F'aEfiff1dr5'f'ffi'i5ft2'l'3flfl,'5v1'il'.'c0'fie'd' HM' Kem" Mm' Left to Right. Row 1: Bacon, Baskeiie, Blankenbaker. Bfardman, Bruns, Dahlen, Davis. Dehn, Dickson, Jenks. Row 2: B. Jones, J. Jones, Kxnlz, Krishnerov, Lester. Lonergan, Malone, Mansfield, Miller, Nyberg. Row 3: 0'Rielly, Poe. Prober, Probert, Ralph, Saunders, Schmidt, Shy, Soderhurg, Sullwiah, Upton. Row 4: Wallace, Wiley, Wilson, Young. Skaffard. Franz. Left to Righi. Row.1: Baies, Bennett, Berry. Dlankenbaker, Bratcher, ABrown, Downer, Daty, Gulllcksen, Kenna. Row 2. Klelnknecht, LaBoube, Marhn, Mc Cloud, Milner, Morris, Murney, Nouguier, Payne. -Q as ' 3 . -ur M:,.a. M . W I h atv new i"7" v' nies.. JL... Ama N 'N 5445 lg::2ttl:nvRilg?li::I.ialiinosx:v gaixrrington, Hansen, McDermott, Nie, Norihrup, Perkins, : ' 3 , , , , i , d. ' ' , D ' . N M 6-ltggierri lR?o:2h3:BE'lIi'Ege1ri?E:iii1rTr1?n, Saggexgcnri Sciilhleiiiteri. Schuman, Simmons, White. if i ii X! ' as iii? ll271 Left to Right. Row 1: Allen, Bailey, Blackwood, Braicher, Cald- well, Cameron, Campbell, Clarke, Harrison, Hess. Row 2. Irvin James, Johnson. Lee, Monaghan, Morrow, Newton, Peterson, Poland. Row 3: Pollard, Robison, Sheppherd Tomerlin, Wilhile. Lefirlo Flight. Row 1: Boudrics, Brown, Ellis, Fowler, Lee, Needham, Higbee. Ramirez, Waldo. 5. L Lefi to Righi. Row -1: Blackshaw, Blankenbaker, Budrow, Cady, Corfield, Coscor- elln, Crawford, Collins, Daugherty. Eshelman. Row 2. Freeman, Floyd, Hoffman, Howard, Hunier, Hunier, Jessup, Kelly, Kirk, Lanham. Row 3: Lindsey, Mings, Monson, Mann, Mala, Neverman, Peterson, Porush, Park, Ralph. Row 4: Smalley, Salle, Short, Spencer, Wride, Weis. I 1281 Vw L Left to Right Flow 1 Cook Davis Fry Fullerton Harrison Hunt, QU I L Knudsen, Tessley, Lewis, Mechel. Flow'2: Nliller, Rohe: Thomas, llllarren Left to Right. Row 1: Andrews, Abraham, Axtell, Bonser, Bonney, Brown, Barney Bates, Borcherding, Bennett. Row 2: Chavira, Cook, Conde, Connelly, Chamberlin Churohhill, Davis, DelMar, Denholm, Davenport. Row 3: Durgan, Daly, Daws, Downer, Fannin, Fisher, Garvis, Holland, Herwig, Hughes. Row 4: Harris, llgen, James, Jacobson, Kelley, Lowe, Ledbetter, Leslie, Livermore, MacDonald. Row 5: Memory, McDonell, Makosky, Mann, Mata, Mata, Merget, A. Mendoza, D. Mendoza, Mont gomery. Row 6: Naugriers, Newton, Paratore, Reynolds, Rampton, Raddoh, Rigney, Rutledge, Simmons, Spivey Ll291 Left to Right: Row 1: Stanley, Smith, Tassop, Thatcher, Tubbs, Ulrich, Weigel Warner, White, Williamson. Row 2: Whallon, Welliner Jr., Wilson, Wiker Ward, Yhana, Younger. lisgetayRgglrthlgowpokirgerwsliilgdgruno, Coscarelli, Cook, Echert, Goodhue 51301 Left to Right. Row 1: Aschenbrenner, Boddely, Brown, Davis, Downer, Drexel, Fraggiosa, Fry, Harris, Haymond. Row 2: Hoagland, Jallond, Johnson, Jones, Jones, Kacewicz, Kester, Lewis, Lovers, Martin. How 3: McAIiater, McGilIis, Miller, Osbourne, Quinn, Seitz Stanley, Stogsdlll, Thais, Thomas. Row 4: Warner. Weis, Weis. " Tk 0 u--....:.-.. 9 I 22' c - we 3, -Q ks s L. msn : Left to Right. Row 1: Bates, Bivins, Cady, Davis, Ellis, Freeman, Ford. Henderson, Linstrom, Linstrom. Row 2: Livermore, Memory, Morabito. Nor- ling, Reynolds. Florgh, Rowley, Schapler, Schwenden, Smalley. Row 3: Tassop, Tschanz. , , , , , WN, .Sm , 3, -. ff f- F? 2155 V? f ee. " 'T' , -f " 1 gf l "Q ' g ' W i Q 3f K ' k jig ,, + gg. ' K ,i 5 " 4 4 du ,, r W , . V 5 Jai , ,,, M t , v, , , : 2 ns ev '- Q ! , A. ., ,jx Q M ,. A . K A ,Y .,.. ' ' a n ""' A ',., 1 ' ' ' lx ,g -iz Sn , ' "" " N Q., -1 - , '. Q 6 6 3 A M - 13, 1 I Y, I . -A i .S ti, : M V WL nz E ' 0 "' 'jg' Y., , if J, ' K." if . ' 6 s M ,, as 'S X- ag . , wi , , W . - ,. . F ,. bl, .. i , by I H Q Vx , f .,o. M was X ,, , - 2 - ' M E' f A 4 ' ' t vi Q wks IQ ' , , , 'TG 11 l A ' W' J fe I 1 av Left to Right. Row 1: Bashett, Bennett, Bird, Booth, Barber. Calkens, Clarke, Cooney. Corbitt. Row 2: Dinholm, Fosnaugh, Fox, Guion. Hall, Hunter, Iverson, Johnson, Johnson. Row 3: Knudson, Leaf, Major, Menzel, Menett, Montgomery, Motto, Rutledge, Summers, Warrex. Row 4: Whiteside, Williams, Walford, Woodruff. Left to Right. Row 1: Butz, Bun, Bruxher, Dickens, Driggins, Hendricks, Kelly, Kuchinsky, Kyhle, Marandon. Flow 2: Mnrnndon, Morris, Qulrk, Rus. Il3l1 w s ,gi as 33:5 46. ' iw ,a vc.: of-1 - "M -' 'Ez ,f my ,iv 1 wx X Q, . . , s H I-HATTERS V7 Left to Right. Row 1: Arnold, Backes, E. Beattie, F. Beattie, Bennett, Border, Car roll, Chamberlin, Eshelman, Howard. Row 2: James, Johnson, Kenna, Lawrence Leslie, Mclntyre, Park, Peterson, Petty, Quisenberry. Row 3: Rensink, V. Rodekohr, J. Rodekohr, Rothasz, Sieck Short, Slykhui encer, Stafford, Strandberg. Row 4: Thatcher, Tubbs, Weigl. S2343 E : gn - '61 A , , ,R Left to Right..Row 1: Batchelder, Boyd, Bultler, Collins, Henson, Hunt, Liveston Lone, Quon, Simmons Row 2 Simmons, Williams, Wormhout. H321 IR Left -to Right. Row 1: Adams, Caldwell, Everett, Farnuhar, Glass, J-ohnson, Karma, Koskl, Landorf, Pulver Row 2 Rutledge, Shone, Teasley, Wlker, Williamson Left to Righi. Row 1: Bailey, Berry, Bent, Blust, Bollman, Bonser, Cann, Clark, Cowie, Devean. Row 2: Gray, Johnson, Mack, Malone, McCann, Millins, Mills, Milner, Mosso. Oberlies. Row 3: Petty, Phillips, Roades, Rohe, Seals, Selizer, Seymour, Solderburg, Sleel, Swarbrick. Row 4: Swarbrick, Thompson, Whitaker, Willet. Left to Right. Row 1: Baehr, Benson, Borcherdlng, Butler, Campbell, ' Chase, D. Davies, S. Davies, Duuuy, Fannin. Row 2: Goodhue, Hower. Ingram, LaBoube, Mailman, Matiicks, MeCarQhy, Morgan, B. Munson, D. Munson. Row 3: Meiqer, Peiyus, Rogers. Raddon, Speece, Spencer, Thompson, Turney, Welzel, Whitely. - .. aa 0 11 l133I Y Left to Riqhl. Row 1: Abboii, Bell, Bomberger, Builer, Clark, Cleveland, Culver ' Deal, Douthett, Guion. Row 2: Harmon, Hinson, Lane, Leish, Lynch, McCune, Mc- Intosh, Mild, Nicassio, Pepping. Row 3: Pryor, Rosenberger, Rutledge, W. Simmons, R. Simmons, Tunney, Tuiino Il341 Left io Right. Row 1: Allan, Baetz, Behnke, Budrow, Campbell, Fraqgiosa, Goss, Hunter, Halderman, Kirk. Row 2: Linsley, Neiger Newcomb, Schworer, Whitford. ER Left to Right. Row 1: Andrews, Blackshaw, Collins, Cline, Devalon, Gattls, Jepson, Kinsey, Kenkel, Mann. Row 2: Nevermann, Poet, Rudolph, Wootan, West. Left lo Right. Row 1: Everett, Kinsely, Harrison. Row 2: Kirk, Irvin, Crawford. Row 3: McKosky. I 1951 ' . un . Y , 9595 WM W fa wwf Q Qigaw 9 iiiyygig 73fQ gfgQ fgk Q35 Qi ,xalvn Qi 'S' Z XXX ! ustraflon ., A,,, 7 w...v. .w.. ..w.7...,....A,.......w...w... ......A........A..,,.,...............w..,.....,, M a r y Asher I x w-'Af MAIORETT YELL LEADERS Bali I 1381 ES Lovers. Berry, Fell, Willei, Miller , Moore. imore, Knudsen, Bennet, Rohe, Bourne. i rf. .I W qt 3fti'5 'F encer, Moiio, Oberleis. Calkins, Montgomery, Bird, Sp L 1391 11401 Q.. y k 5 S gf' Q 'J ., Q 'Q . ? X Z 2' I' A 0 B :QS 5-Z" - L BARTOLO ' B 3 A in ECKNER X . B'-ACK BRUNO Y H 3, E ':A'? b . ' w COLLINS B COMPTON CONDE A comlcuo ...X K f AXELSON ASHWORTH CONCIALDI CULVER DIAL f ' Sava -ll.-E '?"V L Q9 ,. ' L L 1' L L S 4..k K Y . in I JN L x FILKER Q. Q11 OVERTURF MORABITO . l-- iz ,,,, 33,:,. PATTON OUION . QUON 1. i ,H HATTABAUGH Q, f I 43 11. :ini ' 3 STILLEY h- X 9 STROSCHIEN NES , I '. . , THOMPSON ' .:I!":'5:' . LANGLEY 5 TOMESECK LEVERING - 1 Nl WELLINGTON MITTLESTAOT O Ovf W'KER 1 is . ri . lc' xi gafim 11411 51421 X H, V COACH HOBBS COACH KEMP 4, 'W ii gv Manx-lp ,Z - M., ., ,if 3-.1 .. 3,,llzx . 4 Eivfi ig f- i fi ,ff .f 5. 32 .W Q 123 ,,xe,Z, f1441 GILCZHIPS The summer was over and back to school you trooped. lNot on your own accord though! ! ll The football team had beaten you to the punch a few weeks before and were soon hard at work lhaving their pictures "took" by Look- magazinel. Little did you realize that your "pinup boys" would turn into one of the greatest Southland elevens ever to handle a pigskin. Santa Monica, first to feel our m'ht, found themselves the losers by a l3-O count lat least that's the way it read on your new scoreboardl. Getting over our stage fright, we ran roughshod over Glendale Hoover and john Muir. lScoreboard again-couldn't see any of the game-view barred by the large turnoutsl lnto league play, and then came the downing of Excelsior, also Long Beach Wilson, by very high scores. The following week came Long Beach Poly. They went, but not until they'd left a remembranceg namely, a few more gray hairs and many bitten finger nails. Enraged by Poly's stubbornness, our team trampled Whittier. El Monte and Mark Keppel were quick to follow though the latter made a vain effort to upset its crosstown rival in the mud. lWe were told to put in a good word for Keppel, but we still maintain that the only reason the score wasn't very much higher was the MUD.l The Bay League champs, Long Beach jordan, were the first to meet our mighty Moors in the C.l.F. playoffs. jordan could not hold us Pacific Leaguers, and we found ourselves in the semi-finals. We met an old rival, undefeated South Pasadena lthe home of the saddle shoel. They were determined not to make it their ninth straight defeat by a Hobbs-coached eleven. Chalk up the tenth straight for Alhambra this season! Yes, not even South Pasadena's determination could stop us. There was one more game to go, this time a hard nut to crack-Loyola. The whistle blew! The ball was kicked! The game was on!! For the first time things looked bad for us. By the end of the third quarter the score read Loyola 6-Alhambra O. lt was now or never! Our Moor powerhouse, answer- ing the call, drove forward and did not stop until the score read 7-6 in our favor. ALHAMBRA, THE l946 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA C.l.F. FOOTBALL CHAMPS!! l l H451 ,R Left to Flight. Row 1: Humphrey, Kericmann, Briggs, Thompson, ' Delude, DeLisio. Johnson. Flow 2: Kiss, Henry. Anderson, Ziegler, Turner, Bane, Ratovich. Row 3: Balian, Klohr, Ghio, Geraghty, Ryan, Ising, Dates, Warai, Wiker, Everett, Bone. Row 4: Harvey, Young. Wilson, Crosby, Langley, Dochterman, Young, Doy, Edmiston. Row 5: LaBouff, Meek, Sholes, Williams, Todd, Thompson, Cook, Koiles, Hughes, Gealia, Ripley, McLendcn, Avery. gay 17228, 228 , Clfl 6228 The layvees, under Coach lmes, started off in great fashion and brought home the jV Championship, losing but once in six starts, and that to Keppel. The team put on a great show, so we can hope for some pretty good varsity material from their ranks. Unlike their bigger brothers, Coach Sowers' Bees didn't do so well, as was first hoped, taking only three games in eight starts. Slow to start, they lost their first four, then they woke up to take the next three, only to lose the last. Under Coach Miller's direction the Cees ran from a T formation for the first time. They won two contests, tied one, and lost two. Left to Right. Row 1: Dutton, Simmons, Mohr, Berry, Ftambeau, Baltimore Caldwell, Williams, Stewart, Raugh, Rowden, Pinney, Butler. Row 2: Spivey Bennett, Brinkworth, Titino, Walson, Rosenbager, Bomberger. Row 3: McGill, Moore, Briggs, Renish, Tontsil Hartman, Gonzales, Karma, Peasley, Hierz, Johannsen, Todd, Allen. Row 4: Buernsey, Wormhout, Cook, Capastru Santill, Kolm, Everest, Barnsey, Simmons, Shaw, Schafer, Cazarous, Hidalgo, Waldon, Stransky, Johnson, Douthett Shultz, Poet Shaw, Sowers, Verrerte, Borroughs. Row 5: Rough, Whiting, Hazelmah, Carruthers, Filker, Peden Petrovich, Math, Apodaca, Colburn, Jenkel, Pankos, Pantrelli. Left to Right. Row 1: Graybeal, Smith, Greene, Solvanville, . ,. ,. .. , Shut: Gregory, Phillips, Golman, Newell, Lester, Minkof, Goldberg. Row 2: Frank Salazar, Bishop, Molland, Lopez, Keaton, Harman, Brinkworth, Hunt, Butera, Rambeau, Jessup, Lockhart. Row 3 White, Dutton, Gumm, Dragna, Colleta, Bath, Germain, Davis. Cosand. Row 4: Standing, Williams, Lucas, Rowe Brown, Molone, Alfano. Guhm, Genron, Yurxa, Miner, Bristow, Wimp, Lamb, Prober, Sigler, Dobreman, Colledge: Pickard, Barghigani. Rohe, Livingston. Row 5: Standing, Ripple, Crochetts, Plover, Hays, Waldrow, Shaw, Peters, Barnt, Hannick, Genron, Rodriguez, Ortega, Olds. f H471 ...QQ E i 114:11 i"""'T The surprise of the season lno surprise to uslll came when our cagers defeated highly-regarded Mark Keppel to take the league lead at the end of the first round. lt looked as if we were headed for our first basketball champ- ionship in many a year, but-we met our "Waterloo" at the hands of much- improved Whittier. And in our closing game of the season, a vengeful Keppel five handed us our second defeat. As the smoke cleared, we found ourselves tied with Whittier for league honors. The Cardinals took the playoff game, thus putting us in second place with a league record of ten wins and three losses. Coach Miller, starting with an almost entirely green team, deserves much credit for a fine job. Perhaps Boyd's hesitation step was responsible for the steady improvement which the team showed in each game. Certainly you won't forget that little talk Mr. Miller gave us in the assembly. Turnouts for the next games took a decided upswing. Maybe you were listening after all. Co-champions of the Cee loop last year, the Bees promised great things this season, but they fell victims to a league system which shoved all sports into one comparatively short season after football. The Bee team was left practically coachless before the end of their season and finished with about an equal number of wins and losses. Our Cees hit a snag and were able to win but one game in ten starts. The Dees lhow far can these letters go?l won six and lost four in their ten game series. WOO6 r wif", 1 . if 'f if ,igf 5 ,, ' 4.1 4 Q LJ vw. -f , W 5. 4 Q4 af W' Q i Y wg dv W A f 1 zydif 35 L Q' Y' bin M? f. 5 W' V29 xy KW n.'-' " LG' 4 su an ' ,QV 7 K Af" , W ,ww ig 4' 3 . IISOI N ll51j 4 N X 11521 Left io Right. Row 1: Collins, Fiuiledge, Boyd, Tunney, Huni iCJ. Quon. Row 2. Kmsy, Pryor, McCune, Pease. Hlnson, Hoffman. Left io Righi. Row 1: Wardle, F-'ul!on.'WormhoudQ, Doyihell, Clark, Jami- son. Row 2. Douglas fMgr.J, Rubensienn, Bruneaux, Simmons, Pedluw, James. Row 3: Swinger, Nielson, McConnell, Logan, Bulior, Konzelman. wr Q In-ns, f-ts -1 ' 9 MKJ., . , " A 521- CEE BASKETBALL 3225Z1F33213i'5?.i:cFL','i?3."s52'1'12'f3'l'fllifT41f.hlY,'?.'.fZ24,'h1ik.?3I,'l2: non. Flaw 3: Golman, Johnson, Minor, Greene, Oriega, Sigler, Smith. DEE BASKETBALL 'a?,'i5'ZSl22'1JL'ZY3.1i,.ff?,"3'.?5E':.2Z"C1'.?L',S'2'2LZ'L"1J'T"8112.,'Qf"EJZ3,'?5 Blunt, Fryer, Vreeland, McGregor, Noland. H531 -gf TRAcKLeft to Right. Row 1: Colegas6kGoc1zaliIz, Bourroughs, Conway, Williams Ash- worth, Kemp. Row 2: Hanco , ang ey, -,Quion, Adams, McLendon lgloren 3-HorbokH yL'sIeyPey hCleQ S C xxx a,mm y J .JNZ i' ' New wwf illfgcsixy, .Q t iii y X y L J . .ii ,Ili if if sw' is Qllyli licsbpzlgesteilsggllliikljgaljfgsliq' ik LJ UN? Nigfbe Il541 BOOM' That was the starting gun tor the i947 track season. Monrovia heard it but was too slow, so we won easily 79-25. But apparently when we met El Monte, only the Lions and the day were hot. Score 60-44. iExcuse- hottest March day on record.l As we go to press, Coach Sowers still holds some hope for a fairly pros- perous season, but his speedsters will need more practice before they reach their peak. His cindermen show strength in the quarter, halt, and mileg promise in the sprints and hurdling departmentsg and experience in the high jump and pole vault. Perhaps some other point getters will enable the spike squad to capture the Cinderella quality which the cagers seemed to possess. The Bees showed some strength, but two early losses, by rather heavy scores, indicated a need for more work. Coaching troubles beset the Cees, but Coach Crumbles took overg and after losing two earlier meets, they may yet show their big brothers how to run. A 6 V0 QQ' BEE TRACK Jamison, Johnson, Rough, CEE TRACK Olds, Barr, Brisiol, Schon, Left io Righk. Row 1: Pontrelli, Joung, Porkupili, Thornburgh, Germane, Mandoza, Fiaheriy. Row 2: Soivv. Heely, Waldon, Dodd, Scheider, Mauro, Gealia. Row 3 Spivey, Moore, Bennet, Math, Vetterli, Ensz KCJ. Left io Righi. Row 1: Lamb. Wood, Johnson, Darby, Greene, Rambeau, Sheetz. Row 2 Whiity, Williams, Gibbson, Waldon, Brown, Rambeau, Conghram, Ringo. Row 3: Ripple, Colleta, Dragna, Salazar, Ridriguez, Lucas, Ortega, Bishop, Rohe. 11551 ax J Q J' s X , N. 1, A 'Li ,,.-gf. View .1 KJ.-'Q 11561 "'-vw.. Nw Q .,,,,, Qu 'tif-'5"-Vin-'.,., V YN '- Q ,,, ' 'Wu , T6 . ,vu -5 --Hausa., ' YI Swrii-2Mf:??1i'??1M 3k..,..,..m .13 w -f -Mum .. ,,,,, . ' -fm ni f ' MQW' ,um A Anu,,..m.,.,,.,,4., Q. -4 if ,--,NYJ w A . 5, ' nn, W . witvuig W A "wa-1 ahah .W- . . ..4 Amp ,, as-ul Niifdil nag, Mr. 11511 11581 got gt well man., The boys who put on short pants and run like-anything all over the countryside had not more than three meets this year. Apparently a kind of A.H.S. indifference settled over the whole sport, and nothing can be more deadly than that. oivice Ping-pong's big brother, tennis, got off to a bad start. At first strength was centered in the singles, and Coach Kemp found it difficult to pull games out of the fire. Creenness has been replaced with some experience in the doubles, and it is hoped that we can win a few matches. Three returning Iettermen bolster the team, but their best efforts have not been enough, at this date, to win more than one match. lCould it be holes in the rackets?l 11591 Il601 Lefifo Righg. Row ll: Lynch. Ybarra, Tschanz, Livingsion, Wasson. Row 2 Collnns, Perkins, Merrlii. Clapp, Renfrew. V Lefi to Riqhi. Row 1: Ward, Goldberg, Mohr, Huddlesion, Mahre. Row 2: McSeveney I. n Marhn, Tschanz, Carrukhers, Smilh. Lopez, Renfrew. FOOTBALL VARSITY IV BEE CEE Alh. A A Alh 13 Santa Monica 0 21 Excelslor 0 0 Santa Monica 18 0 Excelsior 13 26 Glendale Hoover 0 25 Long Beach Wilson 6 0 Glendale Hoover 9 0 Excelsior 0 40 John Muir 0 20 Long Beach Poly 6 7 Excelsior 12 7 Whlttler 0 47 Exoelslor 0 6 Whlttler 0 6 Long Beach Wllson 25 6 Whittier 0 52 Long Beach Wilson 6 6 El Monte 0 14 Long Beach Poly 7 6 Mark Keppel 18 12 Long Beach Poly 7 6 Mark Kennel 12 14 Whlttler 0 53 Whlttler 14 Pacific League 6 EI Monte 0 26 El Monte 13 Champs 0 Mark Keppel 19 20 Mark Keppel 13 21 Long Beach Jordan 6 C.l.F. Les Coniglio 1113 Jim Langley 115: Breck Stroschein 111: 26 South Pasadena 6 Stu Compton 121: Tony Morabito C21 7 Loyola 6 All-American Prep. Les Conlgllo 123 VARSITY IV BEE CEE Alh. A 22 John Muir 26 Alh. I 44 John Muir 26 23 Mark Keppel 21 27 Santa Monica 23 15 Excelsior 34 30 Burbank 25 32 Mark Keppel 52 41 Montebello 17 19 Long Beach Wilson 10 38 South Pasadena 26 24 Mark Keppel 52 24 'Glendale Hoover 23 16 Whltilel' 33 19 Glendale Hoover 33 16 El Monte 18 30 Excelsior 28 19 El Monte 21 34 Monrovia 27 25 Whittier 33 28 Long Beach Wilson 33 14 Mlfk KGDDGI 15 24 Glendale 31 22 South Psadena 42 18 Long Beach Pdly 30 14 EXGOIIIOY ' 24 41 Riverside 30 16 Whittier 12 31 Whittier 12 14 Lon9 265071 WIISOYI 18 47 Santa Monica 24 29 El Monte 27 17 whl1fl0f 20 40 Montebello 23 32 Mark Keppel 33 16 El MOM' 17 42 Glendale Hoover 45 32 Excelsior 35 14 Mlfk K0DD9l 28 44 Excelsior 35 27 Long Beach Wilson 31 25 Long Beach Wllson 18 31 Lono Beach Poly 29 DEE 44 Long Beach Poly 29 35 Whittier 19 Alh 43 Whlttler 30 29 EI Monte 37 19 Excelsior 18 25 El Monte 24 43 Mark Keppel 40 21 Long Bggch Wilson 15 32 Mark Keppel 23 26 Whiatier 42 24 Long Beach Jordan 13 El Monte 22 46 Excelsior 24 Mark Keppel 10 27 Long Beach Wilson 24 18 Excelsior 20 29 Long Beach Poly 27 19 Long Beach Wilson 10 30 Whittier 41 10 Whittier 24 27 EI Monte 13 Alh. 20 El Monte 11 37 Mark Keppel 57 18 GlendaIeiBroadway 40 31 Mark Kgppel 19 29 Whittier 43 29 Excelsior 26 C.I.F. Bob Boyd 125 27 Leno Beach Wison 28 , VARSITY BEE css Feb. 28 Monrovia Alh. opp. Alh. opp, Alh. Opp. Mar. 14 El Monte 79 25 29 55 19V2 59V Apr. 11 Excelsior 44 so ss 34 44 2 Apr. 15 Long Beach Poly 32 72 21 74 31-V2 39V Apr. 25 Whittier 49 55 48 46 52 25 2 Apr. 29 Long Beach Wilson 33y3 7026 5825 35y3 51V2 25V May 2 Mark Keppel 28 15 2gy2 Ggyz 57 20 2 May 6 League Preliminaries May 9 League Finals May 17 So. Calif. Dlvisionals May 21 So. Calif. Flnals May 31 State Meet VARSITY IV VARSITY IV Alh- A Alh. Alh, 8 Glendale 10 0 Long Beach Wilson 11 8 Cathedral 1 1 S'u!h Pasadena B 6 Monrovia S 4 South Pasadena 11 2 South Pasadena 7 5 Mark Keppel 4 4 Glendale 2 5 Mark Keppel 10 3 Whittier 6 5 Whlttler 4 0 Monrovia 6 10 South Pasadena 7 5 El Monte 4 5 Mark Keppel 4 S South Pasadena 12 11 Mark Kennel 10 .5 l 'no Beach Wilson G 7 El Monte 2 South Pasadena 2 South Pasadena 16 5 Mark Keppel 4 4 Whittier 5 Montebello 2 Lincoln 4 3 Long Beach Pcly 6 7 EI Monte 2 1 Whlttler 3 2 Excelsion 17 8 Excelsior 1 1 El Monte 2 10 Excelsior 11 8 Excelsior 1 0 Hoover 4 5 Lono Beech Wilson 8 6 Long Beach Wilson 3 6 Long Beach Wilson 1 6 Mark Keppel 3 4 Lorvo Beach Poly 5 3 Mark Keppel 1 G Mark Keppel 4 4 Whittier 5 Alh. 5 Hoover 9 4 Linco'n 2 3 El Monte 6 19 Glendale Hoover 17 1 Long Beach Poly 4 3 El Monte 4 2 Mark Keppel 7 13 Glendale Hoover 23 3 Pasadena 4 5' Scuth Pasadena 4 1 John Muir 4 6 El Monte 5 0 Lincoln 2 6 John Muir 0 5 Excelsior 2 0 Long Beach Wilson 11 2 Lincoln 3 2 Loco Beach Poly 4 1 Whittier 5 5 Li'coln 4 1 El Monte 4 1 Pasadena 8 6 Lincoln 2 S Mark Keppel 1 2 Excelsior 0 Il6l1 Il621 Left to Right Row 1 Carthage Kanow Hunt Clark Hinson Graybeal. Row 2: Ferguson, Bulkin, Simsons, Roviiden, 'l:unney,' Pryor, boyd. Row 3: Thompson, Rubenstein, Casca, Condi, Logan, Whilingson, Storey. OI'S9llt.C!8l'S Our Alhambra sluggers finally connected when they met their third foe. Long Beach Wilson. Previously they had lost to Whittier and El Monte in league play, but they had looked pretty sour in the many practice games early in the season. lt seemed for a while as if the bat-and-ball boys wouldn't wind up on the plus side. That was before Coach Hess' nine followed up the Wilson win by waxing Keppel, A Keppel win is prophetic of good times, so what started to be a dismal season is now steadily growing brighter. , V Lcfi to Right. Row 1: Pelrovich, Bobrenen, Bevaloqua, Williams, Bishop, Minkoff. ' ' Flnw 2: Csleqos. Apply, Fullon, Smith, Stransky, Hall, Evans, Oriel, Rowe. Row J: Fleury, Liebert, Butera, Trick, Kenelin, Williams, Briggs, Guhm, Limey, Miller KCI. Row 4: Alfano. Sigler, Lor- sum. McConnell Cme, Behnke, Hammack, Enett, Bracy. As in the past few seasons' we again are unable to forecast what the jayvees will do. Close to a hundred boys llooks like half the school thoughll have answered Coach lvliller's call, and from them he ought to be able to field a well-rounded squad. Rumor has it that the coach is going to do the pitching, if he doesn't dig up a hurler soon. QC!!! Pasture pool, after a five year spell, is trying to regain a foothold at A.H.S. Even though we have always regarded it as a game for the idle rich, or just a good reason for a long walk, lvlr. Miller, the coach, has had an enthusiastic turnout. Competitive scores at this point have a very favorable aspect. Ifl631 z gt! G.A.A. hex' to Right. Row 1: Schwar M gg J W R K guy' QQQ' gl Xlts-Sv-X Xlxuuvs "' Glgno j 002.5 54153 year. J Sramtmvn n Sk O l N A Hlllit .fe ae , ,guy uf 4 A Q - H661 o4'ls'x.-v9"5"""'y' 04'-'lc ' S-gg gxgvu- XNLQY-X Lyris You gals didn t play football t you Robin Hood Playday sponsored y A H S some thing to remember with more than five hundred fifty M X QW girls taking part in games You encountered the Robin Hood theme at every turn so much that you could almost feel the prick of an arrow in your back How ever, the big playday wasn t all for you found that your new activities were a big success Why you didn t even mind being kidded by the fellows about earning your sweater playing varsity ping pong And you did feel proud when you came home from Palm Springs with the Vice-Presidency of the National CAA tucked under your arm Yes you GAA s worked hard this Q72-Q-I a.. 14N 14.5 J ly Qise+'o III 0+ U ill. nc Y 0 L. Dogie M0 L1s11 . 2, I me X 9331 Q35 ! ll Zz!! 11691 s i . :iw gi x RC' 1- 'ff S fl? ,4 fm E ,, si I 5 mgwm -, .4 V .si Nm 1,-. 5' Q 5 jf aff if . I I YJ ' till! vgnaiures X - V I A-,Wa ll 4 ',' l, JU ll VV I rl! , ' I UI' Dfgbw nib' 5 ilfif' -fi vii, V' F n 'Q rv! l ll Us V ilu- V A xl' A i 'Q limi V 'q "k'V Y X Pl, IHQ1 ,4 lg, gl -3 F ff' wiv , I , a Lg. ' -Vg, ll Gy' '. . if J I ' ' E X , 'V .V ,r I 1 . , if A f ll R Y Q, cg- , . X , . . , ,VP A Q Q ,ill g Ar " we rf' li ll! ' VA l fr I l ,A S l l l l L ,pf - i Q i N i lp it ul LL ' Pill" il i-fi ' ,f WH.: Sid, ., alll! QF .V L 5 - ,ff :Y E 'Y l is 'Q-" -Elf? ll ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The staff of the l947 ALHAMBRAN wish to thank the following indi- viduals for their cooperation and help: Mr. john F. Cannicott of the Los Angeles Art and Engraving Co. Mr. Wood Clover of the Phillips Printing Co. l lf17l1 INDEX Administration .... , .. ....... 5 l Alhambran Staff ...... ....... l O3 Band .....7 ....,.A,,..., A. ...... l O8 Boys' Clee Club ,..... ..,.... l O8 Classes .... D ssA.s.s. ....... 7 2 Clubs .....,.,s.s.... ....... l Zi Commission ...A. .... 6 4 Department .oo., .o7A... l 3 Debate ,oe....,.,...e,. ....... l lO Girls' Cilee Club ,...,.. ,....u, l O8 Make-up Crew ..Au... ..,.,.. l i2 Moor Staff ...oo,..,. ....... l O7 Orchestra .u..u...u,,,v.. ...,u,, l O9 Senior Play winter ,.a...... 32 Senior play summer, ,,.,, 48 Seniors ....A...,s.........,.. 23 Song Leaders ....,. ....,.. l 39 Sports, Boys' ..,.. ,..... l 37 Sports, Girls' ....., . l66 Stage Crew ....... ..,.... l 12 Yell Leaders . .t,. ,,,,,. l 38 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class of '47 from the MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BLOUSE SHOP Blouses styled and manufactured 218 W. Main in our own factory. Alhambra 11721 L A N E CEDAR CHEST SPECIAL CONSIDERATION G I V E N T O A L L A.H.S. STUDENTS A BUY YOUR Cedar Chest AT ASI-IBURN'S FURNITURE STORE 5"IQf7!I9 K3 lu! , f f r'4 ,A cf .IJ 5 mf I HM XI JV' IIIMIIUY , fff' .' , , , 'I I 1' I ., K, ASI-IBURN FURNITURE CO. Main Store 420 E. Main Street Alhambra ff If J XZ AMW MI ff "by Q VX o f I V9 I Il731 It's the height of diplomacy to select that special graduation gift from Stedmans jewelers . . . destined to delight as much as that well-earned diploma! Congratulations and Best Wl'Sh9S to the 1947 Graduating Class of Alhambra High School . f X 1 If 1 1 100 E. Main CREDIT TERMS Jewelers Alhambra AT. 4-0484 THELMA EDMUNDS A Corset and Apparel Shop All standard brands-scientific fittings NELLY DON DRESSES Sl So. Garfield Fine pastry and good things to eat Cookies Coffee and Pastry Shop opposite Alhambra Library Alhambra AT 4-436l 433 W. MAIN AT. 2-1240 CONGRATULATIONS RQSE LEAH SHQPPE Class of '47 Coats, suits and dresses wishing you luck in the future . . . to fit your EJOUF "figure and purse" HIGH SCHOOL CLEANERS I6 So. Garfield 403 W. Main Alhambra AT 4-0462 "If it's Frozen-we have it" Dresses Suits COMS Lingerie Furs FRUITS VEGETABLES . SPECIALTIES KT Q ! Itag Pre-Cooked Items Ice Cream Cones-Sand - S- Novelties FROZEN FOOD SHOPPE 433 w. MAIN ALHAMBRA I9 South Garfield Avenue Alhambra, California ATlantic 4-5364 Open Evenings by Appointment BRIDAL - ENSEMBLES - AND - FCRMALS I1741 ouR VERY BEST WISHES I To THE CLASS OF . . vp Bl?-U05 3 n FOR MEN AND BUYS Phone ATIantic 4-9442 210 East Main Street - Alhambra Congratulations to the Class of i947 Pets of all kinds, foods and supplies, seeds, garden tools and suppli tropical fish, aquariums and accessories 529 W. Main 313 W. Valley Alhambra San Gabriel DISTINCYYVE PICTURE FRAMES made to your specifications WM. GERTZEN At Newton's Atlantic 2nd and Main Glass Company AT. 4-9264 Alhambra For a tasty refreshing drink try our unique juice combinations also MALTS - - SODAS - - SUNDAES NEW - - MODERN - - SANITARY HEALTH COUNTER and JUICE BAR XEDUQUS raw xo the C1355 Of, 'A7 rg15tdqSii , Leadlng Amambfa S as W Depart Mail! Best Wz'shes from "WOODY 28 W. Main ALHAMBRA Las Tunas TEMPLE CITY I 176 ffl? YJ M5 . n . CLASS of '47 -Loi, SP LIEBERG'S 421 E. MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA PASADENA TEMPLE CITY Tom and Bill extend 5 ' TOM and BILL CI f 47 I0 E. MAIN Congratulations Class ol 1947 I-1. E. WELLMAN' Engagement-Wedd1'ngs Rings as Quality Jewelry and Watches AT. 2-6801 28 E. Main Sfreef Established 1913 CQNCSRATUl.ATlCDlNlS to The Class ol '47 from ELMER' s MEN's STORE 119 WEST MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA Congratulations 55 3 Class of Q f 1947 M WW " , ' 1 -' u nfl 2 ,V 5 5 J' 5 V . , X " X fu? 5 ' ,, gf QHUB-NUB s X HEMPHILLS N J gg U N nk iw "K 1 273 ,X f Alkiwv ux r ,fan M a5:s23:2z1. Q C ' ,, ... -QQN.GB.'iT9PAf'9'Y5 CLASS CDF19117 2? for that certain something in portraits Reifher Siudios if 111244 l'r's really not far to walk For a wonderful place to meetg To have a coke, to read, or talk Try M C K A Y S across thewglgrleet ' Q 0. 2 I 6 I 1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa A un n Larger all O 100 EAST MAIN KARL KRUEGER ALHAMBRA 180 LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY 4? Engravers of your 1947 ALHAMBRAN The daily Paper that Best Serves Your Needs . ' " "'V i 5 'Q'Q' ig AX xx X wx Post-Advocate is a Good Investment Only through your hometown daily paper can you find out what is hap- pening in this area. Such features as the comics, society news, school news, sports, local and world wide events, makes the Post-Advocate a good in- vestment. ALHAMBRA POST - ADVOCATE Subscribe Today! Phone ATlantic 2-4l2l "Congratulations Class of '47" THE PEOPLES FINANCE AND THRIFT COMPANY OF ALHAMBRA 30 No. Garfield MARKUS Distinctive Fashions COATS SUITS DRESSES MILLINERY ACCESSORIES Corner Main and Stoneman, Alhambra Invisible Soling Volish, Laces AM'S Arch Supports NAP? HOE ERVICE W' F' 'M Quick SAM'S SNAPPY SHOE SERVICE 224 W. Main AT 4-4098 A Alhambra's Leading Sporting Goods Store . . extends Congratulations to 194 7 Graduates TOBY HEEB'S SPORTING GOODS CO. 'IIO W. Main Street AT I-5314 Congratulations to the 1947 graduate GIFTS OF IEWELRY ARE EVERLASTING I The store that confidence built I-IART'S JEWELERS Sroclacjnk for THOSE PERFECT PHOTOS 135 North Garfield AT 2-5133 F. M. STERN M. NAUMANN j. REST The Alhambra Camera Shop I27 W. Main Street, Alhambra Photo Center Inc. I94O Las Tunas Drive, Temple City THE LEADING CAMERA SHOPS in the VALLEY DAWSON'S 5 and I0 527 West Main, Alhambra Under new management as CAULLER and COMPANY Congratulations to the RUSSELL W. DAVIS C"mf'47 ALHAMBRA OFFICE SUPPLY 'I O N E S The STATIONERY Shop D O - N U T S I-I O P 325 W. Main IIZ W. Main Street Alhambra Quality f L. C. ANDERSON and Service L E Q S Proprietor MALTS ICE CREAM and SHERBETS AT I-2058 SODAS - SUNDAES SHAKES Congratulations to Class of 1947 STURNER, STEVENS 81 TURNER Main at Almansor Little stone church CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS 1947 CLASS OF '47 Griswold! Corset Shop P E N N I S l02 W. Main Alhambra AT 2-5382 113 E. MAIN CONGRATULATIONS M wa to the merls wean Class Of '47 32 5- MAIN ALHAMBRA GOOD LUCK BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '47 CLASS OF '47 I M Q D E Q D A Y I SMART SSSSSSS Joe S Shoe S509 l02 E. Main Street Alhambra 409 W. Main Alhambra Van S' gQWQlf extend Cy congratulations RINGS to WATCHES 19 4 7 d DIAMONDS gm 'mes 328 W. Valley 39 W. Main 2 Stores El Monte IQ l K S clislinelive spovlsweov lI6 W. Main Street Alhambra 183 B fS dC '1 O CLASS? B RAG G'S 30 WEST MAIN AT 0762 CRCHIDS T to The CLASS of '47 E 3 WEST MA ST EET L AMBRA TWO NAMES YCDU KNOW AND TRUST ?wzmZm Lane Cedar Hope Chest THE STORE THAT OUTFITS THE HOME X Rt fix, W 'TX ' ,ff E "lla ' X VT f f ff ',f fi ,,yt, ,,i-My -N -- , , F ,7'fi1f T 1" T 5 I WZ' To M . XIIIIIIL jyyfilxl,frg:'T'!Kxl0':,Dliflfnziazyg , MX X A ik in Ti-M ,mlll ' M T5 - ' l glvt T X V Tuiiflmin I, Lil' 'lv Tlfmll Only the besl qualify bears these TWO names--ours and LANE, We know LANE upholds the hnest quality in ma- terials. craftsmanship and styling in cedar chests. Exhaustive study of the market convinced us. LANE ix fhe only fesled aroma-tight cedar cbesf in the world-factory-tested under air pressure to assure absolute moth protection. New, waterproof Lane-welded veneers will not peel or crack. Besides, you get a free moth in- surance policy with your Lane. Give a Lane Chest . . . The gift that pledges Sweethearts' love . . . Gift that starts your home. You'll Be Glad You Insisted on a LANE Come In and Order Yours Nowfor Earliest Delivery HOME FURNITURE COMPANY 43-45 E. MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA S FOUNTAH4 A 'F ,U . I' . f l I 31. 4 'T gi ray g Corner Main and Garfield Alhambra, Icalifornia THE ALHAMBRA FURRIERS FRANK M. HEBBLETHWAITE IUHQMBIWETQTTHETTENH 329 W. Main Street ATIantic 2-5409 WATCHES DIAMONDS W. D. JO H N S O N Watchmaker and jeweler I32 West Main Alhambra DRAFTING MATERIAL ARTISTS' SUPPLIES 7 South Second Street AT. 2-2238 Alhambra, California 0. D. SMITH Photographer Specializing in Portraits of High School Students I23 North Garfield Bus. At I-3722 ALHAMBRA Res. AT 4-2565 S, 14. ...mi -me 228-230 West Main St. ATIantic 4-3293 Alhambra, Calif. 2 ...M M M-8' A,44.,v' IM 91 , f Bd4r7'm.,.s. M, . f Q juf fval Qjrfifvvv - Cya ,A I-' X .J Y AAA,-c,,N. nt-ou, 61-bvvvvrv-'A' ' ' ,Q L ,-we were W- J""'f'fV'A'8 'X . 4 - Ani-0 ya., ffvvvl-' JV' ' ' u A s I A A mFlLTf ' HFIITTBURGERI ' ICE CREHITI A1116 the izdraf the 170015 PAP um s. snn Gxriuzg :nl u Uncle jack says "Hi Neighbor" 7 7 506 E. LAS TUNAS SAN GABRIEL just phone AT 2-5616 or AT 4-8088 mowers for all occasions 187 Compliments to the We Invlfe y Class of '47 Newlolfs Allanlic Glass Eu. to of find see our Fine Selection 145 W. MAIN AT 2-5551 of items from the Smallest Gift to the J i . , Complete Furnishings for I- 3 COSMETICS the home.' courtesy demonstration bysappointment including ' ' AT 2-5147 128 W. MAIN STREET -0- Best Wishes From A. W. 8 CO. "Distinctive Home Furnishings" HOMEMADE CANDY MAIN AT FIFTH AT 1-4515 231 W. MAIN ALHAMBRA Across from Public Library F. D. TITUS 8m SON Prescriptions - Drugs - Surgical Supplies AT 4-3221 CU 3-2776 38 So. Garfield Ave. Alhambra ASH LEY'S of ALHAMBRA jewelers 520 W. Main Next to Ralphs DIAMONDS IEWELRY WATCHES TROPHIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Jewelry and trophy engraving done in our own shop BICYCLES . . . MODELS . . . ENGINES . . . HAND TCOLS MODEL SUPPLIES Alhambra Wheel ancl Hobby Shop 14 SO. Third Street ALHAMBRA AT 4-7475 ' , ?ff0,04ff' 4, ' 1294 , M 'QZMU' ?7jjjjW, Mag , 7 W ' ' ffyfi Q ,,fK . ,ii y-"7""-Q . 1' k A He, ,A,A .Q mb MN Qfcgjifffww N A 1 V X K . ' X F K' J. , S f ' X vi sk 1 ar ! 'Y . .K -. A f X , ,mx x, ,Q C 1 y N X ' X ,. ' gl" g.---iv: g-'1'-in - - llh, 0 x I S ,,,,,,-g,cu H-,JQQ-q-svn: ID f .M-1: Y Pt a N 'ff ax V1 ,wg fx: 14 K Q M! i ' S., 2, r ' 6 5, 'X :- -I l e W IO' C, lv' ' If CHSLHI

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