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.nge e r ,iendsto ploy records and discuss old times? 'want you to ioin in the chorus ond swing nagination we've worked Day ln, Day 0ut l As Time Goes By. -l- So get ln the Mood 1-X Xe .U Q!!-JJ!! f ,,A W fyfzpy WiM W ff jf bi . Rf? 0' BjZ4, L 1Q?MMU V,fw if MW L VwQf1765 ff! X . !L,0f U U, , ugh i!, ' fm ff 'MI ul A' v Mfjfw -mg X W M953 wfmpvakww XQYPJ W M 0 , 49' WA swf gif-XM A ' my ' M Jfffi3gfM MW xi iii- 1P0f?w pD9 WM ww f535i2f2 WMM - ,,Ps?fws?5!Wf15fE?2v, megagmsggggsffuggiggggggww, my V 5 A V ,,f,V,?w 4, b ,AQ ,gt 1 flzam ran 19.1, 5 -,gY!!lCZ47'LAI'CZ, Gab! J. Mm V W W W ,Sv f' ' W M' -HN Bw pf W5 W YW W .Q A5 . '- 'Tf ' Tv lb 1 ,E my E hgh Y-gf! V5 2 EBM., Qt the ec jp tlz Gfaicken X? I ea v y ' I 4 4 4' I 1 f A 1'- S Q4 X . 5 4 v -N me F A N 1, fnkge- , - Z5 ,. ,. 1-gp 'nfs-ww. f Numa-- , .,., . , ., -xx. 'llrwgg-1:51 1' 24-. - - xlllllw Ngemh ,. . 'W' is--' 'ul' aa'-zz . lmvunuu. 'mnnl - W x-QW i. 'f ' . 11 15' ,gf.:.'2mvnlll'fs'.' - - 5 V QW! if '- .lfgsf fill nr 11 -ug 'rt V ' '.:' e' e--4-..-.. 1 . 1 ' ,:' ' - ,'-Ph' :KW '5 ,Eu-.' . . 512:'z:5EEi5:?Mg2?-2i:53E1g?Yg:32QE533X1 1 2 :5551g:.f. - ,2i1'i.1 aff- if Cs' fi . Z qi,,wsfsmmi-zumf-fa2f::ef-:fig.e-4 'T w x 1 J f KKIXI -ut X umm- ':: - 'fllfll'--' x Q I 1: -ug! ,Inn u 'W ,. Xanhu- 1 av' ' Q' fr Lxaw ,i ' g, ig, 'Q A K --5' eiisb . - 25. 'E' 5. 5, - Ziff!! ?1 I '- ' .' . 1 '3 giifvpik 142 5,1-1, I ' ' .4 1 ,N M1913 15'-l:1Ef5f1Df1....fA. f V-:riff XT.: 'U-. . ' QCII' U.S't.C Spring Festival .... girls in tormals .... boys with hair meticulously combed .... the program one of the most delightful vve've ever heard .... a big success .... A grand music assembly .... orchestra sounding very professional .... Band concert .... gaudy colors .... five school bands .... close cooperation .... C-leeclubs .... Christmascarols .... strik- ing robes .... Lite in the Music Department .... glean- ing fun from music .... giving pleasure to all. 1 ow eep is the Qcean ln the day of technical knowledge, navigation, and mechanics, the Science- Math department has an important job to do. With over half of each gradu- ating class going into the armed forces, there is a greater need tor the subjects taught in this department. The boys must be well drilled in trig and physics for such jobs as navigator, radioman, bombardier, etc. With girls the trend has been toward physiology and chemistry to prepare for nurses' training after graduation. E71 ,.-4 IPQ Attention! Right dress! Left face! Right face! About face! No, the army hasn't taken over, but the Boys' Physical Education depart- ment has gone all out for the war effort. A special course includes tumbling and work on the ropes, rings, and parallel bars. The gym teachers seem deter- mined to make us physically fit or bust, but sometimes we wonder whether it is meant to build us up or break us down. l is is ortfz iglz ting or 'You've C-of to Ac-cen-tuate the Pos-'ture',, sing girls' gym teachers. . . . we've seen how our gals have straighfewed up .... Gym means anything from tennis to natural dancing, outdoor games, 'rap dancing, corrective, rest .... But 'rhere's one thing all the classes have in common .... , and before you notice it, brush up on your hieroglyphics .... , then you'll be able to decipher the names embroidered on those soxl A I 9 0 ou lfe one y anal kg one y The war has been brought very close to us by an extensive Social Science program. Current events, movies, and lectures have made us realize how very vital this subject it. We owe it to our country to know all we can about our government, our history, and also the backgrounds of other nations, because today no country is more than sixty hours away from us. Only a well-informed public can insure a peaceful world. , -2424 ' . . , V - Jn ,, A. , ,. S 4 - an . ,WJ .iw - .A nv, g 1 Q... V - ' f, lffi, I I-' ,- k XTX 1 . . ,i ' - ,' ' , f i f X, ' 1' 5 f ' 1 l 5 . V ' Typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, mechanical .gJ-i!Q , ly, calculation, and various other courses prepare the ' ' 1 student who wishes to become an efficient office -- Jia .1 worker for a desirable position. , g , Alhambra is fortunate in having a comprehen- -1 .ft 2.7, 'lvl sive office training system. On Business Day the g. , students revealed what an excellent job of instruc- l v tion is being done and why Alhambra boys and girls ' 9 enjoy such a fine reputation for skill. s , . Xi ' - 4 'X ' QI, ,' , R. y , Mx l' ' . ,t - ,A I 6' A x X g . l X . itfen 'on tlze eggs 4 . , .1 -2, i 5' 4 I I fx W3 x. v N , L111 'Nc . ook at e now The work ot the Speech department has gone along this year with its usual proficiency. Plays, programs, debates, orations, and tournaments have kept up their usual high standards, which were established many years ago. ln time of war, when we are engaged in so many war activities, the Speech department is called upon to till in many places. They have done this willingly and well. The whole school is proud of them. E21 Many of us don't realize how closely art is related to other subjects such as drama, history, literature, and chemistry. The department is trying to build in us creative thinking in art which brings us closer to all other fields. Nor should your concep- tion of art be too closely restricted. Soon, it is hoped, a course will be offered in the cutting of stones which should prove very interesting. Cypitlz cz wist o if tlze ms lt? GUVSQ O C141 C long ln a world where the tempo of lite is quickened, the English department P99dS-P9955 UO S!S9l-1ClUU9 -l!9l-il PSDBICI in reading. Special classes were offered in which students learned to read rapidly and with better understanding. THE SILVER PEN, a department-sponsored publication, reveals the creative ability of these aspiring scribblers. Besides the usual grammar and spelling, a better knowledge of the world in which we live is given through study of American and English literature. IHI eczrt The Home Economics department has been busy this year. Not only are there future housewives learning how to cook, but many girls realize that there is a wide-open field in dietetics. Of course food isn't the only thing our girls learn about. Sewing is popular, and judging from the good looking cotton dresses we've seen around the campus, they certainly know their styles. The girls have also been serving for the Red Cross. tC8 UQ OWN E151 E151 A , es cz ofcztin rom anlzattan We have all been aware of the increasing trend toward understanding our foreign allies, particularly those south of the Rio Grande and the heroic Free French. The Language department has promoted this interest by means of movies, lectures, and academic language clubs. The department is also aware that in the postwar world many representatives will be needed abroad, and it is preparing our students for that task. Industrial arts and drafting compose the dual Mechanics Arts department. The first year of drafting includes blue-print reading and learning the funda- mentals, tollowed by geometric construction and exploratory work. The last two years consist of advanced work. Home mechanics, elementary electricity and radio, general metals, welding, and machine and auto shop are the subjects taught in the industrial arts section. Ot all the departments, the boys' gym included, this is the only one that doesn't hold much interest tor the girls. gf you cz Qetter ousetrap ? 17 ll!! ROY KEACH POTTER Eecfica tion A banker is usually asked to give credit, but we would like to reverse the procedurelto see that our A. H. S. financier gets credit. Checking the school's finances for everything from football ticket sales to collections for club pins is no small job. For all the hard work, so patiently and efficiently done, we are proud to dedicate this l945 ALHAMBRAN to the man behind the scenes in the Student Body Store, ROY KEACH POTTER. IISI I 20,1 fl QTVLOI' 1.0471 They say, We leave you our deaths, Give them their meaning, Give them an end to the war and a true peace, Give them a victory that ends the war and a peace afterwards, Give them their meaning. The Young Dead Soldiers- Archibald MacLeish Moors Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice i r ,, ' X Af 1 .. . f, ,f . f A! .I 1 X f' J f 1 ' J J' f I ,U f 44 , X x , PX . J' Q J I I I ,J ' I 'Z I 5 W , U X' If I Y I A .A 1 'X I fi NIR X N , ,ff 'J .5 ,J I 1 -I. JN? I, 4 Y4 .a , I' . - Va . , 1 qx ' ' Y f vi V 4 4 1 I I f sv L1 rf ai X i .V C. X KXN C X , r' KX -g .,,-J , 1 S ,ss YOURE T Sllflq Failinq 'Q' f Q xx , ,h J mmzstmtzon K L , . 1 'A 4-4 , . 'I - ,j X Ju- ,fi W U r 56' f x B r A ul Q ' 5 f!9. I ,. Q at f GAA? 7 I-IE TOPS bq 'lhe Four W :: ..- ...- llliilllmwr XXXM ' L.. I f fl I l I Ida, W Q7 3 Q- XJ: ,Ji L T .1 ' VY My , u 45-j4fa,j I -5 -lvl ,,.4k C F .wx 'kx BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mrs. Frances Burton, Mrs. Mary A. Cornelius, Mr. George L. Yelland, Mrs. Elsa Pattison lSec.l, Mr. R. Leslie Sparks lPres.l, Mr. George E. Bettinger, Mr. Aubry Miller, Dr. Samuel Broadwell, Mr. Maurice Stokesbary. e ust QQ lgifant Of the million and one headaches of the Board ot Education, we at Alhambra High School are twenty-two hundred of their larger pains. Like the director of a play who sits back stage and never gets any glory, the members of the Board work hard to make our school year the best possible for us, but they get very little credit. Holding semi-monthly meetings, passing upon the budget items, being respon- sible for the raising of funds to properly operate the schools, determining the policies under which the schools in the district shall be operated, electing teachers recommended by the superintendent of schools, passing upon petitions from citizens, providing facilities-all these are just a few of the matters which must be considered by the Board of Education. lI24J i l MR. GEORGE E, BETTINCER ,,,................ City Superintendent of Schools MR. lVlAURlCE R. STOKESBARY ............. Asst. Superintendent of Schools tg mont Wanta WML lflztfiout ou The chief executive officer of this group is the friend of all the students-Mr. Bettinger, the Superintendent of Schools. Besides his school worries his outside activities really keep him hopping-serving as chairman of Community Service for the Ration Board and a director of Red Cross for Alhambra. His very able assistant, Mr. Stokesbary, is always as busy as Mr. Bettinger himself. Two of his most important activities are head of the Alhambra Red Cross and Director of Curriculum for the schools. I251 E261 no ,Q Miss Mildred Crosswhite, Girls' Vice-Principalg Mr, A, Ewing Konold, Boys' Vice Principalg Mr. Norman B. Scharer, Principal. - ecwe Us ace gt It was Marching Along Together that Mr. Scharer made his theme this yearf The fine teamwork among the vice-principals, faculty, and students was brought about by Mr. Scharer's effortsg we think he has done an excellent job. He can rightly say, Alhambra has reached and maintained its high scholastic rating because of cooperation among its well- trained faculty. Keeping our girls in tow was the big job capable and popular Mrs. Crosswhite took over this semester. Already she has been commended on her fine work. Aside from her regular duties, Mrs. Crosswhite is faculty adviser to the Girls' League. Mr. Konold is the boys' special property, but many girls have a claim on him too. As added duties he is faculty adviser to the Boys' Federation, coordinator of our large club pro- gram, and faculty adviser to the commission. A.H.S. was proud when Mr. Konold received the National Distinguished Service Award as Man of the Year. omeone to watch Qver I e This September a new improvement was made in our counseling system. In place of having two counselors, we now have four with Mr. Stoddard as Director of Guidance, Mrs. l-lood, Miss Turnbull, and Miss Strickland. Many a frightened freshman finds a guardian angel in his counselor, who follows him all four years, and that's some job. lt usually takes more than one counselor to keep our upper classmen in hand. D. R. Stoddard, Mrs. l-l. Hood, Miss K. Strickland, Miss R. Turnbull. E271 Miss Della Leonard, Director of Child Welfare, Mrs. Muriel White, visiting teacher. kg gfnow Q71 fiat ou now When a high school student goes out to get a job, he finds one of the things he is required to have is a work permit, and the Director of Child Welfare, Miss Leonard, is the one he must see. She is also in charge of making attendance calls. As a friend indeed, she assists students in making adjustments in school. E291 Jake gt gusty Miss Blount to Leave A.H.S. Girls' Vice- Principal Position. Behind those few type- written words in THE MOOR is a story of thirty-five years of service and loyalty to Al- hambra High School. Coming to a framework building in 1909 as an English teacher, she little dreamed that by i944 she would be leading a group of llOO girls. Everyone felt as though a part of A.H.S. was lost when Miss Blount handed in her resignation last November. After doing the customary stint at S.C., Mrs. Edgecomb, who taught in Kansas before com- ing to California, became a member of our faculty in the Home Economics department. After eighteen years she is leaving us. Miss Effine P. Blount Mrs. Farmer, who was Miss Merrill the first year she came here in l923, has been one of the bright features of the east wing. Always ready with a smile when the door opens to E25, she has made Latin a pleasure and has added much to the Latin Club spirit in the last seven years as adviser. ' Coming here in l9ZO as the twenty-ninth teacher in the secondary schools, Miss Park- hurst taught in the Mathematics department. She received her training at Kansas State Agricultural College and U.S.C. She is leaving the school in May for probably the most important appointment of her career-she is to be married. l Mrs. Louise M. Edgecomb Mrs. Mildred M. Farmer Miss Pauline Parkhurst I 29 1 kg ever Cgpail you ART, SPEECH, AND MUSIC DE- PARTMENT: Row l :Wynne lSl, Mayor lSl. Row 2: Walker lSl Smith lAl. Row 3: Lewis lMl, Rogers lMl Cavanaugh lAl, Crumrine lAl, Fry lAl Boone lAl, Kemper lSl, McCormac lMl,Trumbull lSl. ef Ml fl . A OT HOME ECONOMICS AND MECHANIC ARTS DEPARTMENTS: Row l: Starr lHl, Edgecomb lHl, Ranker lMlT, Row 2: Thayer lMl, Parkhurst lHl Alexander lMl. Row 3: Williams lMl, Smith lMl, Healton lMl, Kreinbring lMl. I 30 1 :Head of Department. e C9703 ay ou ve ot f Us J 5 Q1 A X 9 .A 3-:Um , ,yr X -.I F J a,.. .-:li COMMERCIAL DEPART- MENT: Row 1: Heron KCF, Graham QCP, Cothard CCD, Cox ICJ. Row 2: Wade TSP. Row 3: Butts KCJ Potter KCI. J, ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Row It Edmondson KET, Lombard QED, Hannay TED, Brown CED Row 2: Luttrell CEI, Dutcher KET, Lord IEP, Stromberger TED, Smith IEP. Row 3: Powers KET, Ratkowski KET, Paulfrey KET, Liesveld TED. 4 ll! 4 'Z v l Cgyie lse Cgwfs ,X c E l gm 0 x C2 ' X X 4' WW QQ - , mls , r AQ wi' A WM !-:QM PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: Row l : Taylor lPEl, Richards CPED, Bergman lPEl , Elsey lPEl, Hess lPEl Crosswhite lPEl. Row 2: Thornton lPEl ik, Wilson lPEl. Row 3: Hobbs, Kemp, Sowers. ,f - N 4 LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Row 11 Murphy 41.1, 'H gf Peterson lLl, Row 2: Stewart lLl Farmer lLl, Nelgner lSSl, Stahlke I lSSl, Canavan lSSl, Wilbur lSSl, Shipman lSSl Row 3: Olson lLl, , SI su ,Q .--Hedeen-lLl, Moyse lLJ, Elsey lSSl, Wood lSSl. X Ax Vik Vu A - . t , i, L: , A . Q 1 QA 1, .ll T ,K il AV. .. . N 1, 7 ' l','i X rp v, V, 'V 'tm . 1 U A -11 , N. ,. '. Q K J 1 avi, f e .1 Ac 1XA . '3- 1 V ul -I, 7Zo6ocfy nows the rouble ve een SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT: Row I: Latham TSP. Erwine TSI, Hood TSI. Row 2: Perkins QSP, Arnett KST, Beeman KSJ. Row 3: Thomas TSI, Davis CST, Green TSW, Cosand iSJ, Hooper CSI. Row 4: Miller KST, Marshall ISD, Betts QSJ, Hastings KSJ. ,V - , 0 0 iff. . M ' - C if cxf , H iq cf ', - I ' !f JV. , A Sojir 9 'Q j 0 '77 . V' ., L . A .V ,, , 6, X I , ' J! I fl A6!,f 'u T T fy . 1 l U 0 1, ki, If fr M A IJ ' 1 5 - I S M, ', I VF, .1 , A 10117 - A L on V A X WAR mr THE PACIFIC E331 la. LIBRARIAN: Cosbey Gilstrap A l Though spectacular performances are not expected from school libraries, Miss Cosbey C-ilstrap, our librarian, has been able to add many splendid war l books during this school year. As adviser to the Library Club, she has stimulated interest in modern literature through colorful displays and book reviews. SECRETARIES: lseatedl : Chance, Von Helms. lstandingl : Anderson, Perkins, Stuhr, Holmes, McCollum, Stotts, Shea. E341 Dr. A. N. Sloan and School Nurse H. Ruel examine a student. . Why moral ou Q0 Lmiglzt ? INA MCCOLLUM MR, WHALEN Attendance Office Bookroorn E351 mo otfring you ear rom l351 Alhambra High has always been proud of the part students take in the management of school affairs. ln the commission are concentrated the powers of the student body. This year both commissions worked for the participation of more students in student body activities. An advisory council was organ- ized early in the year and instituted in the second semester. This council consists of all the class presidentsg A, B, and C club representativesg and the following appointive members: rally chairman, social chairman, and historian. Posted minutes of commission meetings kept the student body informed of what was being done for them. Football rallies. . .a water wagon. . .a luncheon for the Mark Keppel com- mission. . .letters, MOORS, programs to service men. . . Military Serenade . . . Hix Mix . . . Spring Fling. These were a few of the activities which kept the commission busy this past year. Not only did they carry out local projects, but they held exchange assem- blies and attended student conferences to discuss problems with student body officers of other schools. MR. KONOLD WESLEY SHYER BUD CHAMBERLAIN DELLA MEEK Adviser Commissioner General Commissioner General Commissioner of Finance DARROW CURRIE SALLY SPARKS STUART SPENCER Q IOE IOHNSON Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Literature Commissioner of Clubs Commissioner of Clubs SHARON SIEBERG Commissioner of Girls IVAN IOHNSON Commissioner of Boys ROY LANGLEY Commissioner of Boys Asst. MARY ROSS Commissioner of Forensics ROLLAND UPTON Commissioner of Forensics BILL SANDERS Commissioner of Athletics BOB SMITH Commissioner of Athletics IULIA WHITAKER Commissioner of Literature LOIS PAGE Asst. Commissioner of Finance BARBARA WALSH Commission Secretary MARTHA REDDING Commission Secretary I371 ,,,, , L , ,,, .. E391 GIRLS' LEAGUE: Row l 1 Reed, Rogers, Sieberg:i.Collig,p3Crosswhite lAdv.l , Tague, Kimball. Row 2: Ripple, McAllister, LynEh,f Belt, Launer, Butler, Fricker, Beauverd, Radden, Mattox. AMX ey, , Qooal - 960044.41 9 f 37' 4 .7 , . I - l ' f ' KFQQ L ' K' gl f ' -'iw . , - I f, V , I, ,A ' r Following the resignation of Miss Blount, Mrs. Crosswhite took over as supervisor of the Girls' League. Once again the B9 girls were made to feel that they belonged at the party given for them. Those afghans that the girls knitted for the Red Cross were beauties. The enthusiastic work of the League was felt even by the refugee children of Europe, but it does seem unfair that those well-intended gifts were SCHOOL SUPPLIES! BOYS' FEDERATION: Langley, Miller, Nichols, Konold lAdv.l, Uhler, Greene, Albo. Uive cz cattle lfwfzistle School opened this year, followed by a football season that was wide open. joe Moor reigned supreme with iam-packed, after-game dances. Before the El Monte game there was the annual Father and Son Banquet, and at the game the fathers were allowed to sit on the bench. Those snappy slogan throw cards were a common sight around school every Friday before the game. These and many other ideas were carried out by the Boys' Federation under Mr, Konold's guidance. lI391 G!Cl.S'.S'Q.S' HTJABH .TCISG Q0 AN APPLE FOR Pea Joe PGI' I Pye . 7 me mousse urinq Eapoi: Vxlornj f -uni! f'f x ,M N.. wks? 5 Exe fx- nw if-X gi cgigfdjll ill i iv Winter class of '45 SENIOR COUNCIL: Einum, john iV.P.l, Miner Gila' iPres.l , Tisdale lSec.J, Unbedacht iTreas.i, Fuqua, C-oldie, Miller iAdv.i. E441 ig melnem QI' OU Probably you've never seen graduation exercises at which there were easily twelve boys in uniform, but in spite of this, as in all war classes, the boys were definitely in a minority. Bob Miner's speech ior lament l, A War Time Class, was one of the best ever given by a class president, the chief wail being the inability of the class to get sweaters. Can you picture a quiet, successful, combined luncheon with A.H.S. and Mark Keppel? Strange as it seems, this nearly happened. We had both been given the Y.M.C.A. for Wednesday, so we gave the hall to our brethren across the tracks. Mr. Paulfrey was the guest speaker, and Bob Miner intro- duced each faculty member. And then there lwasl Mrs. Thornton. lt hardly seemed possible that from a class of one hundred sixty-one there were no failures. This certainly wasn't that kind of class. I wonder if the hard-hearted moguls of Alhambra are going soft? ef ADAMS, JUNE College Prep. Masquers Latin Library Fadeouts Senior Prom. BEAUSOLEIL, ANTOINETTE Commercial Pres.-G.A.A. Campus Club ASHWORTH, CHARLES ATCHLEY, TED AUSTIN, JACK BAIRD, JAMES BARRETT, FRANCIS College Prep. College Prep. Spanish Club Football C Basketball B Track Comm. BELLERT, DOROTHY BEMILLER, BERNICE JEANNE ALMEDA College Prep. Sr. Play Cast Crescent Tri-Y Spanish Club Sec.8. Treas.4Library V.P.-Light and Shadow Club Masquers Club Art Club Red Cross Club General B9 Class Treasurer Annual Photo Staff Camera Club College Prep. Senior Hi-Y Science Club Director of Student Personnel Chemistry Team Scholarship Society 3V2 yr. graduate College Prep. Scholarship Society Jr. 0ptimist,,Club BENSON, DON BERTOGLIO, ALLEN BISHOP, HARLAN CHARLES B9 Pres. of Class College Prep. College Prep. 'V Tennis Band B Football Sec.--Usher Club Longfellow Pres.-Two-Twenty Spanish Los Alcaldes Scholarship Society BLACK, BILL BOROWITZ, FRANK BRADY, DON BURWELL, LEONARD CALDERWOOD, DON CAcl?HOUN, JACK Service General General LE ROY College Prep. ollege Prep. Drafting Sports Club V.P.-Camera Club College Prep. Ticket Manager B Baseball Art Club A9 Class Pres. J.V. Baseball V Football 3V2 Year Graduate B Basketball B Basketball 3V2 Year Graduate Chief Head Usher Spanish Club Optimist Club CARLSON, PAUL CHAMLEE, ZANE CHUBBIC, BETTY CLANTON, BYRON CLARK, TEDDIS COLE, NANCY College Prep. General LA VERNE Servlce General Commercial 3 Year Graduate V Football General College Prep. Camera Club Scholarship Society Sec. 8. Treas.- Sr. Orchestra BW Year Graduate G.A.A. Usher Club Camera Club Art Club A-B-C Basketball Science Club A-B Football Latin Club B Club Spanish Club lf,-151 COLTON, PHYLLIS Commercial Commercial Club Sec.-Crescent Tri-Y DAVIS, BILL College Prep. Sports Editor of Moor Quill and Scroll Sports Club COOK. BOB CORNELIUS, CHARLES COTTON, College Prep. College Prep. WALTER W. Spanish Club BVZ Year Graduate College Prep. Los Alcaldes Band Scholarship Society 11th Year Council DENNISON, DORIS DILL, JOHN DOWNS, BOB Home Economics College Prep. Service Art Club A-B-C Football V Football B-C Track C Football Soph. Class V.P. Latin Club B Club Sr. Play 3V2 Year Graduate Varsity Club Jr. Exchange CRAWFORD, CROSBEY, ROBERT L BARBARA Col lege Prep. College Prep. Las Sonadoras Commission Secretary A12 League Rep. Latin Club Scientia Club Science Club Jr. Optimist Club DRINKWARD, CECIL EINUM, LEONA WILLIAM College Prep. Usher Club Spanish Club General Sec.-Pequenitas Sec.-Sports Club V.P.-G.A.A. Senior Council Student Director Sr. Play Majorette ELLIS, HORACE College Prep. Spanish Club FUQUA, BILL College Prep. A Football A Track Y Sr. Council Treas.-Los Alcaldes Latin Club CAedili7 Two Twenty Club Jr. Class V.P. K EVANS, LA VONNE FISHER, BETTY FORBUSH, BOB College Prep. Commercial College Prep. Pequenitas Treas.-Secretarial Lon gfellows Light and Shadow Club Science Treas.-Sports Club Senior Hi-Y Spanish Club Senior Play Sigma Tri-Y FURMAN, WALTER GALYEN, EDITH GEDDIS. GLORIA General Commercial General A Track Moor Staff C Football Sec. 8. Treas.- Hi Hatters Art Club G.A.A. FOX, MARJORIE FRASER, MILDRED General Commercial Art Club Commercial Club Latin Club 3V2 Year Graduate GILDAY, GILLETTE, LOIS FAYE GERALDlNE General Commercial Sr. Play Cast Crescent Tri-Y Commercial Club Sec. Hi Hatters Art Club Girls League Red Cross Club E451 GOLDIE, ROBERT L. GOTTIER, ROBERT L. GRAHAM, JOE G College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Senior Council Broadcasters Club Spanish Two-Twenty Club Latin Club ' Spanish Club Science Club Moor Optimist Club HALFACRE, DOROTHY College Prep. Scholarship Society Spanish Club Sigma Tri-Y Scientia Club Art Clu,b Writers Guild HAMILTON, SUE HANLEY, FRANK College Prep. College Prep. Moor Managing Editor Cadet Corp Captain Las Sonadoras Sec. Quill and Scroll C.S.F. Senior Play RAVELY, MARION College Prep. Jr. Tri-Y Spanish Club Senior Glee Club Scientia Club HANSEN, SHIRLEY College Prep. Piano Club Scientia Club Latin Club 3V2 yr. graduate l l l . GREIF, VIVIAN GRIFFITH, MARGARET Commercial HARRISON, PEARL College Prep. Crescent Tri-Y Spanish Club G.A.A. Sports Club College Prep. Treas. Campus Club Sec. Sports Club Senior Play Senior Sweater Com Sec. Sclentia Club Forensic Club HEARD, MARY JO College Prep. Pequenitas Spanish Club Sports Club HELDERLE, DON HENRY, MARY College Prep. General Spanish Club ' JOHN, HELEN JOHNSON, DOROTHY College Prep. General Senior Council-V.P. T Club Pequenitas-Pres. Jr. Tri-Y Senior Play Forensic Club Songleader Camera Club Girls League Rep. Light and Shadow- Pres. IRWIN, SHIRLEY IVES. BURDETT JERGENSON, COLLEEN JESSUP, DOROTHY College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Scholarship Sec. Latin Club Science Club Moor Staff College Prep. Latin Club Sigma Tri-Y Jr. Optimist Club Scientia Club JOHNSON.SHlRLEY JO General College Prep. Masquers Boys Federation- Art Club Pres. Sr. Play-costumes Commissioner of Boys Pep Squad Jr. Exchange-Sec. B-C Football B-C Track HNSTON, IVAN KELLY, BOB College Prep. Spanish Club Forensic Club KENNA, BRUCE College Prep. Sports Club-Pres. Musicians Club Spanish Club Band IQ47 KENNY, SHIRLEY KRIEL, MARSHALL Commercial Commercial Club Camera Club General Longfellows Varsity Club A Basketball Stage Crew LUCAS, BETTY McCUTCHEON, College Prep. JEANNE Art Club College Prep. Piano Club Miss Harris' School for Spanish Club Girls, Chicago LAMB, BARBARA College Prep. French Club Scientia Club McGACHAN, IRENE College Prep. Pequenitas Light and Shadow Two-twenty-Club- Football Queen Soph. Class Sec. Senior Play Sec LAPHAM, BETTY College Prep. Crescent Tri-Y- Pres. G. Treas. Latin Club Library Club Sports Club Jr.-Sr. Prom Com. McMANUS, MARION Commercial Girls Letter Club-Sec. G.A.A. LEHMAN, HELEN Crescent Tri-Y Spanish Club Sports Club Moor Copy Editor Sr. Play reporter MALMGREEN, VIRGINIA College Prep. Pequenitas Sports Club Light and Shadow Sr. Play Scientia Club LINDBERG, RAMON College Prep. 3 year graduate Science Club B-C Basketball MALONE, HELEN General Scholarship Society 3V2 yr. graduate I i MATRANGA, JOE MATTHEWS, JACK MEGGERS, JOYCE MINER, BOB MOHRBACKER, MORDEN, JANET College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. General DELORES College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y A-B-C Track 3V2 yr. graduate Senior Hi-Y Pres. Commercial Sports Club Spanish Club A Basketball Red Cross Club Senior Council Pres. ISM yr. graduate French Club Scientia Usher Club Spanish Club Moor Staff Camera Club Sr. Play Sr. Play Yell Leader G.A.A. Sr. Play MORENA, ROSITA MUSE, BETTY NICKERSON, JIM NOLAN, JACQUELINE OFFENHAUSER, BOB ORD, BARBARA General Commercial General General College Prep. Art Sports Club Las Sonadoras Camera Club Spanish Club Washington High, L.A. Spanish Club Light and Shadow-- Art Club Thespian Treas. Dance Club Sports Club-V.P. Art Honor Sr. Play Forensic Club Dimouts i481 PATTERSON, JACK PEBLEY, ROBERT PERKINS, JAMES POWERS, MARVIN E. RADIN, JANICE Service Service LESLIE College Prep. General A College Prep Jr. Exchange General Cadet Corp Scholarship French Club Scientia Club REHBEIN, DONALD College Prep. Latin Club Latin Club Scientia Club Band A-B Football B-C Basketball REN FRO, HOWARD Service Sigma Tri-Y Pres. Forensic Club Library Club N.F.L. ROWE, RUTH SALAZAR, SARA SANDERS, Bill Commercial Commercial Secretarial Club Pres. College Prep. A-B Football Commissioner of Athletics Jr. Exchange Pres. Varsity Club B Club War Activities Comm. ROWE, GENE General SCHULER, PAT College Prep. Scientia Club French Club Sigma Tri-Y SCHAKLES, MARY SHYER, WESLEY SOUTHWELL. JOHN SPENCER, STUART STOGSDILL, BILL TAYLOR, DICK Commercial College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. General Sports Club Commissioner General Longfellows Pres. A Football Varsity Debate Senior Sweater Comm. Moor News Editor Art Club B-C Basketball Forensic Club Pres. Scholarship Society Varsity Debate Commissioner of Sr. Hi-Y Registration Comm. Forensic Club Clubs Usher Club Sec. Boys Federation Two-Twenty Club Jr. Exchange Moor Staff Two-Twenty Club THOST, ARDELLA TINKLE, JUNE TINLEY, GLORIA TISDALE, GRACE TRYK, DANA UNBEDACHT, JOAN General College Prep. ANITA College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Camera Club Spanish Club Art Las Sonadores . Baseball Songleader G.A.A. Hi Hatter: Sr. Council Treas. Pequenitas Sec. BV2 yr. graduate Art Club Jr. Class Sec. Senior Council-Treas. Scholarship Society Spanish Art Club-V.P. Scholarship Scholarship Society Annual Staff IQQI tsol UNBEDACHT, . RONALD Varsity Club Pres. Jr. Exchange V.P. A-B Football B Track WEST, EUGENE College Prep. Sports Club Longfellows Club WILLIS, REID College Prep. Broadcasters Writers Guild Science Club Masquers Club Whefe AMELUXEN, JERRY Service BARR, RUSSELL Service CLARK, BETTY JEAN College Prep. Trl-Y-V.P. Compton J.C. CRIST, DAVE Service GRAYBEAL,,CHARLES HEIN, DARRELL College Prep. LeVAN, ROBERT Service A Tennis Jr. Exchange Boys Federation B Football LOTTMAN, BARBARA LYSTER, CLAUDINE General Art Club Sports Club McCOWAN, WILLIAM General VAN NOY, RAMONA General Piano Club Scholarship Society WESTBROOK, ALICE Sr. Orchestra- Pres. 84 Treas. Musicians Club Sec. Camera Club Scholarship Society WOODWARD, PAUL General B-C Football USU. McQUEEN, GORDON Service MAGOFFIN, BONNIE General Glee Club MENZEL, ROY Service MORSE, DORIS College Prep. Red Cross Club Calumet High, Chicago PAIGE, MIKE PARKER, CLAYTON PRIBBLE, DONALD Service ROBERTSON. JEAN ROSS, FRANCES College Prep. TRIBBLE, ROBERT Service TSCHANZ, VANCE Service WILKES, BOB Servlce YOUNG, BOB Service VAUGHAN, DICK VINSON, VIRGINIA WELCH, CONSTANCE WENEGREEN, MANR College Prep. College Prep. Genera Commercial Scholarship Society Sr. Girls Glee Club Optimist Club Spanish Club Spanish Club Crescent Tri-Y B-C Track WHEELER, LEO WHITE, VIRGINIA WICHSER, CAROL WILLIAMS, MARION General College Prep. Commercial Commercial N Pequenitas Scholarship Society Spanish Club Sports Club Alpha Tri-Y Pequenitas Forensic Club Sports Club Treas. Sr. Play Student Director We should like to pay tribute to all those former A.H.S. students who have gone into the service of their country, but obviously space will not permit it. These boys were enrolled in Alhambra High School for the school year I944-45. They left to enter the service during the school year. Aldridge, Robert Ameluxen, jerry Apodaca, Art Barr, Russell Basaker, Don Benesh, Bob Black, Bill Borcher, Kenny Brown, Edwin Burnett, Calvin Carlson, jack Clanton, Byron Crabtree, Robert Crist, Dave Derr, Larry Downs, Bob Dunlap, Bob Edgley, Richard Fiddament, jack Fields, james French, Kenny Gemme, Arthur Gilday, jerry Gores, Emil Graybeal, Charles Hall, Dick Hall, jim Hansen, Bill Hansen, jack Harris, George Hodges, Raymond Holsinger, Harve Horner, john Irwin, George Ising, john jackson, Howard Renfro johnson, Donald johnson, Oliver johnston, lvan judson, Don Kauffman, Robert Keeper, jack Killian, Hill Kreil, Marshall Kunkle, john Larmore, Bob Laws, johnnie LeVan, Bob Little, Richard Luth, Bob McGreaham, Bill McQueen, Gordon Marshall, George Menzel, Roy Moore, jim Mount, Ben joe Nelson, j. O. Nicholson, Ralph Overton, Robert Parker, Clayton Patterson, jack Pebley, Bob Pixley, Bernard Pribble, Don Pruitt, Roy Pulver, Burdette Putman, Don Rhodes, Eugene Robison, Chuck Rodriguez, Raoul Rogers, Don S. Rountree, Clarenc Sadler, Ronald 6 Sanders, Wm. Eugene lSandyl Schwartz, joe Severs, Bob Schenetield, Charles Shenetield, Clyde Steele, Larry Stephenson, Don Tribble, Bob Troxler, Bob Tschanz, Vance Unbedacht, Ronald Vaughan, Bob Vieth, Richard Wall, Bob White, George Wilcox, joe Wilke, Gerald Wilkes, Bob Wintrode, Paul Young, Bob I-511 i521 M1 P91 Summer class of '45 SENlOR COUNCIL: Launer, Beeman iAdv.l, cf!! 'if U75 Sinclair, Lott iPres.l, Sparks, Murphy lV.P.l, do 'P Anderson, iTreas.l,4Qjane iSec.l, 9 sly Jake gt and Qit Sweaters! Sweaters! Who got their senior sweaters? Why, the summer class of '45 did, and they may well go down as the last wartime class of A.H.S. to procure them. The senior party reflected the Christmas season. Entertainment varied from dancing and eating to carol singing and, loosely speaking, a play of the Wild West, presented by the drama class. Dependable Betty Blum furnished the musical background. Miss Blount was honored with a gift and flowers for her years of service. This class has also taken on the service of selling war bonds and stamps, the greatest service any class could possibly perform in wartime. 1 GW. 1-'it 'KJ ?'NvB if U i N .. .n ALLEN, EMMA MARIE ANDERSON, DOLORES ANDERSON, DON ANDERSON, FRED College Prep. General College Prep. General Hi Hatters V.P. Annual Art Editor Usher Club Treas. French Club Senior Play Forensic Club Camera Club Light and Shadow Science Club Treas. Masquers Art Club ASH, ALAN AVAKIAN, BAKER, OWEN BARNES, BARBARA College Prep. MARGARET General General Optimist Club V.P. Commercial Camera Club Spanish Club Commercial Club Art Club G.A.A. ANDERSON, NORMAN ANTALOCY, EVELYN College Prep. Moor Editor Senior Council Treas. Los Alcaldes Two-Twenty Club Boys' State Treas. Quill and Scroll V.P. BARNES, CLAYTON General General BARRETT, BEVERLY JEAN College Prep. Scientia Club Latin Club . fiat BAUGHMAN, BEAUVERD, EDWARD BARBARA College Prep. College Prep. B Football Las Sonadores- B Basketball Corres. Sec. Jr. Exchange Art Club Spanish Club Girls League B Letterman Fire Chief Dimouts BENSH, BOB BERGMAN. JOHN General College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y Optimist Club V.P. Latin Club Scientia Club Treas. Science Club BECK, JANE Commercial Pequenitas BERRY, SHIRLEY General Scholarship Society Forensic Club Library Club Jr. Tri-Y N.F.L. BEHLING, PEGGY College Prep. Scientia Club Spanish Club BLANC, ROSE College Prep. Moor Staff Las Moras French Club Quill and Scroll Art Club wi? BECKER, CAROLYN B College Prep. Las Sonadores Spanish Club Jr.-Sr. Prom. Comm. BLUM, BETTY General Musicians Club Sr. Glee Club Crescent Tri-Y ELT, JEANNE College Prep. Moor Staff Quill and Scroll Girls League Reporter Pequinitas Spanish Club Art Club BRETT. HAROLD College Prep. Broadcasters Club Pres. Los Alcaldes Stage Crew Jr. Class Council A Basketball IS3 I BROWN, EDWIN BROWN, RUTH BROWN, SALLY BRUNS, BETTY BRUSEL, BARBARA College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Commercial College Prep. Football Spanish Club Las Sonadores Sec. Art Library Club Pres. Spanish Club Broadcasters V.P. League Fire Squad Red Cross Club Treas. Art Club Oxnard High Science Club Broadcasters Club Latin Club Spanish Club Sec. Broadcasters Club Light and Shadow Sports Sec. BUFKIN, HERBERT BURKHART, BILL BURWELL, LOIS BYERS, MADALYN CAMPBELL, LOUISE College Prep. Art Course College Prep. General Commercial Longfellows Club Masquers Pres. Covina High Latin Club Light and Shadow Scientia Club Historian A Track Writers Guild Spanish Club Scientia Club BRUSHER, BETTY General Piano Club Masquers Club Treas Wardrobe Manager B12 Semester Play Senior Play CAREY, BOB College Prep. Los Alcaldes Spanish Club Annual Staff CARPENTER, NANCY CHAMBERLAIN, CHAMBERS, SHIRLEY CHENEY, VIRGINIA CHILDS, BEN CLANTON, MELBA General HAROLD ANN College Prep General General Academic General General Spanish Club Usher Club Commissioner Crescent Tri-Y Band General Spanish Club Scholarship Society Drum Major, Band Two-Twenty Club Musicians Club Sr. Hi-Y Senior Play CLARK, JOY CLAY, ERNEST CLAY, MARY JANE CLEMENS, CECELIA COBLE, BETTY Secretarial HAROLD College Prep. General Commercial Scholarship Society College Prep. Spanish Club Art Club Spanish Commercial Club Baseball SV2 Year Graduate Science Club Commercial Pequenitas Commercial Club Sec. Secretarial Club Treas. COMINOS, EVELYN BETTY Commercial Commercial Club 541 CONFORTI, HELEN C Commercial Piano Club Treas. ORDANO, FRANCES CORNWELL, MARIE General Spanish Club Crescent Tri-Y Pres. Commercial Club Camera Club DALBY, BETTIE MAE DALEN, DOROTHY General Broadcasters Spanish Mascluers General Light and shadow Moor Staff JUANITA General Science Club Home Economics Crescent Tri-Y DAVIS, RICHARD Drafting CRABTREE, ROBERT CULP, BARBARA CURRIE, DARROW General College Prep. General Boys Sr. Glee Club Forensic Club Treas. Commissioner of Sports Club Quill and Scroll Finance Longfellows Club Moor Staff Senior Hi-Y J.V. Baseball Varsity Debate Two-Twenty DERFI, LARRY College Prep Yell Leader Sr. Hi-Y Jr. Council Pres. Two-Twenty Latin Club Writers Guild Spanish Club Piano Club V. Pres. Senior Play DIXON, DAWN DRAIN, GERALDINE Commercial College Prep 3V2 Year Graduate Crescent Tri-Y Scientia Club Spanish Club DREESSEN, GRACE DRISH, JERRY ELAINE Commercial Camera Club G.A.A. V. Pres. Girls Letter Club Pres. Scholarship Society Annual Photographer EDGLEY, RICHARD General B Track B Football College Prep. B Baseball C Football A Baseball Varsity Club ELKINS, BERT General DUMBLETON, JANE DUNLAP, BOB College Prep. Science Club General Poly High, Riverside ELLISON, RICHARD ESPINOSA, VIOLET College Prep. Piano Club Commercial Commercial Club Spanish Club Musicians Club Lang. Dept. Sec. DUTTON, MARY ECKERT, ANNA General Red Cross Club FAIRCHILD, ELLEN College Prep. Latin Club Library Club Jr. Tri-Y College Prep Election Committee Chairman Spanish Club Science Club Pequenitas Girls League Fire Squad FARRAR, BILL College Prep. A Football Los Alcaldes..Pres. Freshman Class Pres. Two-Twenty Club Latin Club Forensic Club E551 FELDMANN, EILEEN FISH, MARION FITZPATRICK, FOSTER, MARK FOX, BOB FRANZ, CAROL General College Prep. MARYLE College Prep. General College Prep Library Club Crsecent Tri-Y General Camera Club A-B-C Track Spanish Club Spanish Club Spanish Club Commercial Club A-B Football Latin Club Scientia Club Sr. Glee Club Varsity Club Science Club FREDRICK, MARY GARDNER, ELVA LOU GAULDIN. CLARENCE GIBBS, JULIE GLASS, VERNA GLICK, NANCY General Commercial College Prep. General General College Prep. 9th Year Girls Commercial Club Spanish Club Camera Club 3V2 Year Graduate League Rep. V.P. Campus Club Las Moras Art Club Pres. Art Club Jr. Council Camera Club GLUSKER, SYLVIA GONZALES, CONNIE GOODRICH, OPAL GOUGH, SHIRLEY GRAFFIS, BETTY College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Science Club Latin Club Hi Hatters Pres. Spanish Club Waukesha High, Wis. Science Club Sec. Q V.P. Senior Play Library Club French Club Dimouts Scholarship Society GRAY, ELENORE GREEN, ELEANER GREIVE, JOAN GRIFFIN, VIRGINIA GRIFFITHS, BARBARA College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Commercial College Prep. Piano Club Spanish Club Annual Staff Crescent Tri-Y Writers' Guild Pres. Art Club Crescent Tri-Y Las Sonadores 8. Sec. Spanish Club Spanish Club Pres. Art Club Annual Staff Library Club Sec. Scholarship Society Scholarship Society Leathercraft 3V2 Year Graduate Scholarship Forensic Club GRAHAM, FRED Annapolis Prep. BV2 Year Graduate Scholarship Society- C.S.F. Usher Club Spanish Club GRITTON, BETTY ANN General E551 HACKETT, BEVERLY HAGEN, BUSTER College Prep. College Prep. Latin Club Jr. Exchange Science Club B Club Library Club A-B Basketball Scholarship Society HANSEN, DON HARROD, SHIRLE General General Quill and Scroll Broadcasters Latin Club Moor Staff Annual StaR Y HAMBLETON, JERROLD W. College Prep. Usher Club French Club HAWKES, JEROME General HAMILTON, SHANNON F. College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y Sr. Hi-Y Sec. Scientia Club Camera Club Spanish Club HERRlLL,DALE College Prep. Optimist Club Science Club HANSEN, BILL HANSEN, JACK College Prep. Sports Service College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y Annual Staff Art Club Pres. Sports Club HERZBERGER, DEAN HIMES, HELEN Franklin High, Cedar Rapids, la. Los Alcaldes College Prep Scientia Science Scholarship Society Latin Club ., 'Mis ggb sg ' Q HIRSCH, RUTH HOFMEISTER, LEO HOLLINGSHEAD, General General SHIRLEY Forensic Club Art N.F.L. Peouenitas 3V2 Year Graduate Art Club Treas. Campus Club HOOPER, BOB HOOT, BETTY JANE HOPPER, CHERYL College Prep. Commercial General Broadcasters Club Freshman Class V.P. Broadcasters Club Spanish Club Treas. Jr. Class V.P. Scientia Club Scholarship Society Campus Club Forensic Club Commercial Club Moor Business Mgr. Two-Twenty Club ,- HOLMES, JIM College Prep. Science Club Camera Club HOPPER, DELORES General HOLSINGER, HARVE General Science Club A Track B Football HOOVER, JlM General Stage Crew H H OLT, PHYLLIS College Prep. Masquers V.P. Light and Shadow Broadcasters Make-up Crew Senior-Play- Student Director OUWINK, JOHN College Prep. Varsity Debate National Forensic League Clark Trophy Forensic Club Pres. Latin Club I57 HUDSON, Boa HUSEBY, por ILER, moms JAMES, JANET J HIRLEY General College Prep. General A Football Las Sonadores Red Cross Club A Track Girls Letter Club Sr. Hi-Y Pres. Science Club College Prep. Scholarship Society Sr. Orchestra French Club Election Board en Song Leader Las Moras Pres. Sr. Council Sec. Jr. Council Sec. Spanish Club Tw,-,.Twenty JONES, NORMAN JORDAN, BARBARA JOSEPHSON, DORIS JUDSON, DON JUNG, VIRGINIA College Prep. General General General General Sr. Orchestra Girls Glee Club Sr. A-B Football Aff Club Broadcasters Club Spurtg Club Spanish Club JOHNSON, OLIVEH General Stage Crew KELLY, PHYLLIS College Prep. Sr. Glee Club faccomp.J Spanish Club Musicians Club KELLEY, SHIRLEY ANN Moor Staff Art Club Quill and Scroll Camera Club KLIMENT, RUTH Commercial Art Club KERMODE, ROB ERTA General Commercial Club Pres. Secretarial Club V.P. Annual Staff CAsst. Bus. Mgr.J KOWAL, NETTIE General Crescent Tri-Y Camera Club KERSH, LORRAINE KIMBALL, DERITH KISS, SHIRLEY KLEINKNECHT, Commercial ANN Commercial CAROLYN Moor Reporter College Prep. Commercial Club Commercial Broadcasters Treas. Los Laureados Treas. Commercial Club Pres. 8. Treas. Secretarial Club Masquers Club KVAMMEN, JO ANN General Light and Shadow Tri-Y Senior Play Girls League Treas. Las Sonadores Pres. Writers' Guild Pres. Scholarship Society Secretarial Club Red Cross Club LACY. BARBARA LANE, MARGARET LAUNER, PAT College Prep. Sports Club Art Club Pequenitas College Prep. Spanish Club Girls Sr. Glee Club College Prep. Two-Twenty Club Las Sonadores Girls League Historian Sr. Sweater Comm Football uQeen Candidate E531 -L.. I LEIVA, LaVERNE LEVISEE, ROBERT LITCH, EUGENE LONERGAN, MARY LORENZ, FLORENCE LOTT, HARRY General College Prep. College Prep. ELLEN General College Prep. Band Sr. Hi-Y Usher Club College Prep. Art Club Sr. Class Council Tri-Y Science Club A-B Baseball Forensic Club Treas. Pres. Varsity Club Sports Club Hi-Y V.P. Pequenitas B Track Senior Debate C Football Latin Club BCIub LUNDIN, MARY LUTH, BOB LYNCH, KATHLEEN McCLAIN, McCELVEY, MARILYN McCREARY, BETTY HELEN College Prep. College Prep. MARGUERITE College Prep. General General Spanish Club Song Leader Music Spanish Club Hi Hatters Stage Crew Las Moras Crescent Tri-Y Letter Club Sec. Spanish Club B Football Manager Managers Club Girls League Welfare Jr. Class Council Piano Club V.P. Sr. Glee Club Musicians Club Camera Club MGGREAHAM, BILL McWHORTER, JOYCE MacARTHUR, DAVID MacDONALD, MacFARLANE, JOHN MARKLEY, General General JAMES MARILYN College Prep. CATHERINE A-B-C Football Pequenitas Pres. College Prep College Prep Scholarship Society General B Baseball 84 V.P. Usher Club BVZ Year Graduate Spanish Club Jr. Exchange Light and Shadow Scholarship Society Optimist Club Sec. B Club Make Up Crew Spanish Club 81 Treas. Chairman - B12 Semester Play Election Board MARSHALL, MAXFIELD, MAYHOOD, VERNA MEADOR. MARY MEEHAN, MEEK, DELLA BARBARA MARILYN College Prep. LOU CATHERINE C. General College Prep. College Prep. Spanish Club Commercial Commercial Director of Student Writers Guild Spanish Club Science Club Commercial Club Personnel Spanish Club Art Club Secretarial Club Commissioner of 3V2 Year Graduate Red Cross Club Sigma Tri-Y Finance Piano Club Moor Staff Pecluenitas Writers Guild Scholarship Society- l 59 I MENZEL, ROY Service MOUNT. JOE General B-C Football A-C Basketball B Club Jr. Exchange MICHELS, FRED Annual Staff Hi-Y Spanish Club College Prep Senior Play MULA, ROSE MARIE General Masouers Light and Shadow Pres. Sports Club 3V2 Year Graduate Senior Play Scholarship Society MILLER, DORIS General Spanish Club MURPHY, BERT College Prep. Sr. Class V.P. Sr. Council Sr. Hi-Y Sec, Treas, Pres. Spanish Club MILLER, MABYN MORRISON, ALLEN MORRISEY, MARILYN College Prep College Prep Commercial Campus Club Los Alcaldes Masquers 3V2 Year Graduate Science Club Secretarial Social G.A.A. Senior Play Chairman Latin Club Commercial Sec. Jr. Tri-Y NEWBERRY, LYNN NILSON, RICHARD NINI, MARIE General General Commercial Sr. Orchestra Science Club Bank Camera Club NOLL, CHARLES General PERKINS, DON College Prep. Longfellows Pres. Science Club Sr. Sweater Com. Senior Play NORRIS, VIRGINIA OLDENDORPH, General VERNA LEE Pequenitas General Light and Shadow B12 Semester Play Art Club Senior Play PERRY, JOYCE PIERCE, SUSANNE Commercial College Prep. Red Cross Club Art Club Commercial Club G.A.A. Secretarial Club Sec. San Mateo High Washington Hi, Washington Las Moras 8. OSWALD, DON General PIXLEY, RUTH General Los Moras V.P. Light and Shadow Make UD Crew OLSON, KENNETH PAASWELL, College Prep BV2 Year Graduate Forensic Club Broadcasters Pres. Latin Club N.F.L. PODMORE. RICHARD A. College Prep. A Baseball B Football Los Alcaldes Varsity Club Annual Staff ARTHUR E. College Prep. Latin Club Science Club Scientia Club Musicians Senior Play POE, JOAN College Prep. Las Sonadores-Pres. Science Club Pres. Los Laureados Scholarship Society Sec. Program Committee Chairman E501 POLLARD, MARTHA PORTER, SIDNEY POWELL, SYLVIA BARBARA POWERS PRADER, JOAN QUIRMBACK, College Prep. General General General General CHARLES Spanish Club Jr. Hi-Y Art Club Art Club College Prep. Art Club Sr. Hi-Y Scholarship Society Managers Club Optimist Club B Football Manager Scientia Science Latin RAHLFS, PAT RAY, BEA REDDEN, DORINE REDDING, MARTHA REED, JOYCE REESE, JAYNE Commercial General Commercial College Prep. College Prep. General Art Club Jr. Tri-Y Las Sonadores Sec. Song Leader Pequenitas Masquers Two-Twenty Treas. Girls League Rep. Art Club Jr. Class Council Soph. Class Council Alpha Tri-Y Scholarship Society Pres. Rally Committee Chairman Jr. Class Council Sr. Class Sweater Committee Make Up Crew X 3 REID, MARY JANE RIDDELL, DONNA RHODES, EUGENE RINGLE, LOIS REILLY, BILL RENSINK, General College Prep. College Prep Commercial College Prep. KATHERINE Las Sonadoras Treas. C Football 3V2 Year Graduate College Prep Junior Council C Baseball Forensic Club Spanish Club Latin Club B Football Varsity Debate SV2 Year Graduate Band N.F.L. Senior Play ROBERTS, ERIS RODRIGUEZ, RAOUL ROGERS, JEAN ROHLFlNG, MARILYN ROHRBACH, ROSINO, BETTY Cvlleile Prep General College Prep. College Prep LORRAINE Commercial Latln Club Las Sonadores French Club V.P. Secretarial Crescent Trl-Y Scholarship Society Girls League V.P. Spanish Club Art Club Tennis Team Library Club Scholarship Society E511 STARK. GORDON STEELE, LARRY I ROSS, MARY ROUSSEVE, Commercial CLIFFORD Commissioner of College Prep. Forensics Chemistry Team Pequenitas Commercial Club Two-Twenty Club Make Up Crew Majorette SCHERREI, WILLIAMS SCHNICK, MARY General College Prep. Band Spanish Club RUSSELL, LOLLIE SALISBURY, ANN College Prep. Las Sonadores V.P. Broadcasters Club Soph. Class Sec. General Mascluers Spanish Club Library Club Jr.-Sr. Prom Latin Club Committee Art Club Dimouts SCHOLFIELD, GWEN SCHUMAN, BARBARA General General Crescent Tri-Y Commercial Club G.A.A. Pres.8. Sec. 81 Treas. Athletic Rep. Girls League Pequenitas Camera Club Girls Letter Club SAMPSON, DIANE SANDERS, SANDY General SIDNER, JACK General College Prep. Spanish Club V.P. Broadcasters Pres. 81 V.P. Sr. Hi-Y Sr. Council Rally Committee SIEBERG, SHARON College Prep. Commissioner of Girl Girls League Pres. Social Chairman Las Sonadores Broadcasters Club Dimoul.s SINCLAIR, BRUCE SKRABO, JEAN General College Prep. Sr. Council Boys Sr. Glee Club Longfellows SNOW, BEVERLY SPARKS, SALLY General College Prep. Commissioner of Literature Jr. 8. Sr. Class Councils Song Leader Girls League Rep. Las Moras Two-Twenty SLEMMON, JEANNE SMITH, BONNIE General General STANFORD, CLYDE STANLEY, BILL General College Prep. Latin Club Consul Writers Guild V.P. Band SMITH, ESTHER General Annual Staff College Prep. SMUTZ, DON College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y Mike Crew Latin Club College Prep. 521 STEINBAUGH, JOAN STEPHENSON, D. E. STEVENS, SAMUEL STEWART, DARLENE STODDARD, BETH STOLTZ, MARJORIE General General General General Commercial Commercial Art Club Spanish Club Commercial Club Commercial Club I Jr, Tri-Y TAGUE, MARGARET TASSOP, ERNIE THOMAS, JEAN THOMAS, JIM THOMPSON, ALLEN THOMSON, BARBARA College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep General College Prep. Song Leader B 81. A Football Varsity Debate Spanish Club Latin Club Las Moras Pres. A 81 J.V. Baseball Forensic Club Sec. Varsity Football Spanish Club G Treas. Jr. Exchange 81 V.P. Varsity Club Library Club V.P. Freshman Class Sec. Varsity Club Crescent Tri-Y B Track Sr. Sweater Two-Twenty Club B. Club Scholarship Society Committee French Club Girls League Sec. THORNBURGH, ELIZABETH General VIRTUE, BLAIR General Camera Club THORNBURG. MARILYN College Prev. Spanish Club VON KLARGAARD, PATRlClA General TUBBS, RICHARD UPTON, HOLLAND VAN DANIKER, KAY VATCHER, College Prep. Spanish Club Longfellows V.P. Senior Play WALSH, BARBARA Commission Secy. Pequenitas Treas. Spanish Club Science Club Scholarship Society C.S.F. College Prep. Commercial GERALDYNE Commissioner of Tri-Y General Forensics Light and Shadow Ccrescent Tri-Y Forensic Club V.P. G.A.A. Secretarial Varsity Debate Campus Club N.F.L. WARD, ROSEMARY WARD, SHIRLEY WEBER, MILTON S. General General College Prep. French Club Sr. Girls Glee Club Sec. Jr. Trl-Y Llght and Shadow Campus Club Campus Club Science Club Spanish Club Sclentia Club i531 College Prep. General Art Club Boys Glee Club Pres. Las Sonadores Art Club Pres. Scholarship Society Sr. Hi-Y Secretarial V.P. Jr. Hi-Y Art Club Senior Play WILCOX, JOE WILEY. THOMAS WILLARD, BARBARA Service General College Prep. College Prep. Stage Crew Library Club Art Club Spanish Club Scholarship Society Spanish Club Quill and Scroll Moor Staff Camera Club WELLIVER, EDITH WELLS, ROY WESTBERG, PHYLLIS WHITE, ANNA MAY WHITESIDE, WIDMAN, ORIN General General BEVERLY General College Prep. Light and Shadow Masquers Jr. Tri-Y G.A.A. Spanish Campus Club WILLIAMS, MARYLEN WILSON, JEANNE College Prep. Sports Club Spanish Club Debate Tri-Y WILSON, JOYCE Art Course Las Sonadores Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Art Club WIMBERLEY, CHARLES College Prep Jr. Hi-Y Sr. Hi-Y Spanish Club Scientia Club Dimouts I' 541 WINKLER, RAE DEAN WINTRODE, PAUL WOLCOTT, DORIS WOERNER, DERICE WOLFE, LOWELL College Prep College Prep. Commercial General General Spanish Club Writers Guild Masquers Sr. Girls Glee Club Sr. Girls Glee Club French Club Forensic Club Scholarship Society Art Club 3V2 Year Graduate Forensic Club Senior Play WOODS, JACK WORTHING, LILLIAN PURDY, GLORIA General College Prep General Longfellows French Club Sec. Sr. Glee Club Moor Staff Spanish Club BVZ Year Graduate Annual Staff C.S.F. Sr. Orchestra Musiclans Club Cyplwl? ALSTOT, NORMAN General APODACA, ART General BAKER, BILL General BARTH, JIMMIE College Prep. Moor Staff BURLEM, BILL College Prep. Usher Club BV2 Year Graduate BURNS, ROBERT College Prep 3 yr. Graduate Spanish Club COOK. LOIS General Bloomfield High, Nebraska Band COREY, INA MAY General Crescent Trl-Y Latin Scientia DEAR, GILBERT General ELMORE, JOHN College Prep. Annual Staff Moor Staff Camera Club Pres. Sr. Hl-Y Senior Play War Activities Com. Photographer FARNSWORTH, LEE General GRAY, DOROTHY General HASE, AL General HENDERSON, CARLE General Jr. Exchange Sec. Stage Crew A-B Basketball Varsity Club HOON, TOM General Jr. Exchange Stage Crew A-B Basketball Varsity Club HORNER, JOHN General A-B Football B Club Varsity Club HOSTERMAN. JERRY College Prep. JOHNSON, DON General KILLIAN, HILL General KLASGES, MARY College Prep LITTLE, JEAN General Orchestra LITTLE, RICHARD General MITCHELL. DOROTHY RAE General MOORE. JIM General NICHOLSON, RALPH General OFFUTT, HARRIET General Commercial Club OLSON, VIRGINIA MAE College Prep. Sr. Glee Club Band Masuuers Sec. OVERTON, ROBERT General PHY, BILL General PIERSON, BOB College Prep. Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Usher Club Sr. Boys Glee Club PROCKE, CHARLES College Prep. Varsity Track Latin Club Consul x as. PULVER, BURDETTE General REISER, DON General Stage Crew RITTER, DIXIE General ROMERO, HELEN General SALTER, DICK General SEITZ, JANE General SEVERS, BOB General TAlTT, EARL College Prep. Scientia Club Spanish Club TALLEY, FERRIN College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y Forensic Club Writers Guild Debate TAYLOR, ROWAN General Musicians Club THORSON, RALPH General C Football Sports Club Stage Crew A Basketball UHLER. GEORGE College Prep. B Club Pres. Boys Federation B-C Football Los Alcaldes VIETH, RICHARD General Light and Shadow Two-Twenty Los Alcaldes WALDRON, FRANK General B Track Varsity Football WALLEN, BETTY Commercial WIGHTMAN, JAMES General IGS! SENIOR COUNCIL: Row I: Althouse, Slater, Thies, Thomas. Row 2: Nichols, Morrill, Sapulding, Miller lAdv.I. gtg' Q sfovely may omorrow Say, look at this flashy ring, will ya? Darn it, I surely wish I'd bought one, only l was positive we'd get sweat- ers. Now no one knows I'm a seniorg in fact, this morning some scrub had the nerve to ask me if I was a sophomore. Imagine! You went to the senior party last night, didn't you? Wasn't it perfect?- 'specially the food. . This might be a typical gab-session between two seniors. Can't you tell by just hearing it that A.H.S. seniors are a happy bunch-and who wouldn't be happy with an AIZ semester coming up? Left to Right Row 1: Dorroh, Gebhart, Stellmacher, M. Ware, N. Ware, Jones, Lummis. Row 2: Jones, Wilkinson, Iverson, Reid, Vinson, Freberg, Hanson. E561 Left to Right. Row 1: Olson, Althouse, Brummett, Reilly, Cederquist, Fehr, Wilson, Maxwell. Row 2: Blake, Adams, Greive, Peckham, Booth, Martin, Bastear, Fricker, Brickell, Reid. Row 3: Crandall Reilly, Craven, Gano, Claro, Kauffman, Stewart. Row 4: Purcell, Kueny, Headrich, Mulick, Burlem, Gentry McMahon. Row 5: lrwin, Culvyhouse, Granath, Hewitt, VanCleve, Keeper, Lunt, Olson, Matloff. Left to Right. Row 1: Josephson, Halstrum, McKnight, Kincheloe, Page, Wilkins, Morales, MacDonald Row 2: Arciero, Johnston, Martin, Toland, Danish, Brooks, Rensink, Marshall, Coble. Row 3: Tily Clow Thomas Theis, Schrader, Fortner, McCelvey, Ortega. Row 4: Gilday, Halbert, Prockl, Amerine, Henry Matthews, Keller, Laterza, Putman. Row 5: Morrill, Miller, Lembke, Zivelonghi, Costamagna, Thomas, S. Greene, H. Greene. E671 E531 Summer Class of '46 IUNIOR COUNClL: Row l: l-lofferbert, Murphy lSec.l, Terry, Gillette lTreas.l, johnson. Row 2: Elsey lAdv.l, Hook lV.P.l, Gallagher lPres.l, Stephens. w cattle gfnow Yes, this class is definitely the most talented l've ever worked with, and wonderfully cooperative . . .The junior class can be very proud of those words, for they come from a most highly-esteemed lady who insists on staying anonymous. No wonder she said that. . .The first activity of the season, the St. Pat- rick's Day party, went off with one of the biggest bangs we have ever heard . . .Entertainment galore. . .with boogie-Woogie piano. . .barber shop quar- . ters. . .lots of fun. . .besides plenty of eats. . . But we'll always remember the class most for the out-of-this-vvorld prom Winter Class of '47 they dreamed up. . .Dancers whirled under dozens ot exquisite parasols sus- pended from the ceiling, while the whole festival was watched over by Buddha, meditating under bamboo trees. . .We'll never forget Lowell May- field's ten-foot dragon mural. . .and we still say that the spirit of Salvador Dali must have been hovering over the kids who planned the decor. . . Orchids, or shall it be jasmine, to a class that really put over a year of fun. . .another reason why A.H.S. is the school of schools. IUNIOR COUNCIL: Row l : Bailey, Rowe. Row 2: Calkins, Mattox lSec.l, Walker. Row 3: iccasso lPres.l, Healton lAdv.l, Stone lTreas.l, Patton lV.P.l. D, ISSJ Left to Right. Row 1: Bell, Payne, McCann, Palmquist, Leonard, Lamont, Goodrich, Lynch, Sayre Row 2: Fix, Dimmitt, Todd, MoGarry, Maynard, Keesee, Johnson, Donahue, Hodges, Ward. Row 3 Stavang, Bays, Persinger, McLemore, Jury, Jenkinson, Ellis, Holland, Hoot. Row 4: Law, Gallagher, Ritcha Leonard. Safarik, Rhoads, Morgan, Burns, Johnson. Row 5: Goss, Nelson, Anderson, Wolff, Fischer, Hall, Lucas Sweinhart, Hackett, Forbes. AI 'I Left to Right. Row 1: De La Fuente, Montana, Gierke, Monte, Goss, Doss, Holmes, McKenzie, Gilbert Flow 2: Calloway, Carter, Fischer, Espinosa, Kennedy, Jameson, Mielke, Morris, Shaw, Boyd. Row 3 Ferguson, Ripling, Borowitz, McKenna, Stocker, Shorey, Wheeler, Lee. Row 4: Livermore, 0'Minkoff, Curry Wilson, Moore, Sherar, Stroner, Albo, Steele. Row 5: Clifton, Pfeil, Martinolich, Oliver, Herzberger, Ogg Toland, Ising, Safe. 70 Left to Right. Row 1' Cattermole, Mitchell, Barnt, Gross, Keef, White, Morales, Pessa. Row 2: Mac- Gregor Sleek Woodman Young, Watson, Knotts, Cammack, Simpson, Williams, Dwyer. Row 3. Petty, Packard,yWyland, Timmons, Collins, Kimball, Bernt, Gilmore, Berryman. Row 4: Myers, Cleavinger Flanigan, Kirby, Calderwood, Terry, Ford, Steinbaugh, Phillips. Row 5: Bacon, Gray, Large, Jennings, Blanchard Hall, Todd, Wiesner. Left to Right. Row 1: Kless, Pettus, Gavaller, Coffman, Terrell, Tressel, Holland, Woods. Row 2 Cook, Tutino, Harger, Garrett, Harger, Devean, Rubalcaba, Stransky, Monson, Prine. Row 3: Hoffman Steiger, DeCamn, Dinger, Ollson, Nichols, Lancaster, Miller, Price, Qarpenter. Row 4: Hill, Bower, Graham Foulkes, Morris, Grund, Walsh, Bellert. Row 5: Lloyd, Mayer, Christopher, Carnahan, Carter, Knlss, Smith, Armstrong, Johnson. l7lfl I74l Bl 'I Left to Right. Row 1: Mendenhall, Foell, Stogsdill, Tassop, Tschanz, Hoglund, Scoville, Perez, Nieto Row 2: Johsen, Wright, Burcham, McAlister, Cornell, Cook, Meade, DuBois, McNeilly, Mires. Row 3: Johansen, Coburn, Neil, Schworer, Sanders, Hinman, Davis, Ozenghar. Row 4: Ives, Deal, Mann, Hollywood Barney, Porush, Field, Leisee. Row 5: Coniglio, Dial, Collister, Dragna, Gnagy, McCune, Emicks, Foulkes, Wool- sey, Yeargain. B1 'I Left to Right. Row 1: Hartzig, Thomas, Smalley, Shull, Park, Britton, Fisher, Fultz. Row 2: Colletta Foster, Bailey, Walker, Wright, Mosso, Britt, Cochran, Vansickle, Thomas. Row 3: Lane, Reuille Horsman, Andrews, Shanks, Morgan, Rush, Davis, Hoar, Young. Row 4: Longnecker, Neverman, Oertel, Nicassio, Rutledge, Lichtenberger, Monaghan, Rolfe. Row 5: Macomber, Fuqua, Stroschein, Hughes, Ford, Growell, John son, Stefek. Left to Righi. Row 1: Shepnhird, Hughes, Bratcher, Ashenbrenner, Barber, Siucher, Woods, Williams, Bl I Motlo. Row 2: Kiss, Arneiif Charles, Henrickson, Malone, Berry, Cann, Neiger, Calkins, Wetzel, Xedes Row 3: Williams, Davis, Cooney, Morling, Lindstrom, Hayes, Freeman, Jessup, Wride, Mattox. Row 4: Wetzel Bierkle, Berion, Wiker, Stone, Teague, Slilley, Melson, Schanaker. Row 5: Morabito, Yerby, Filker, Waldron Nichols, Spicher, Concealdi, Evans, Bonberger. 1 I 1 l l a i751 E751 BIO CLASS OFFICERS: Row l: Collier lSec.l, Wormhoudt lPres.l , Fasnaugh lV.P.l, Smith lAdv.l , Menzel lTreas.l AlO CLASS OFFICERS: Row l: Bridston lTreas.lQ Willit lSec.l, Seals lPreS.l, lVlCC-ill lV.P.l, POWer lAdv.l. Csjccz tterbrain A9 CLASS OFFICERS: Sfahlke CAdv.l, Thompson fTreas.J, Drinkward iPres.J, Bollman fV.P.7, jones fSec.J. B9 CLASS OFFICERS: Row 1: Smith fAdv.5, Avery 1CirIs League Rep.J Row 2: Farrar iSec.?, Rambeau IPres.J. Row 3: Bolman KV.P.J,Ger1dron iTreas.J. ma!! 0723, E791 W? T54 , oe flff Cc,-EQ' M sf, Q4 +aJ,,afd 42fw1fv.,1,f,, ,Q,.vr 72 L61--ru , 11,0 CJVVTLWW5 'if ' ovlfsafjiao-iff -if WMM ' ji ' l ear mf gk ffftsglfslfni .aff n activities T ere ' -tff4lH4l'le?2-have e ' 't' li ' . h 5n9Qys n if'EQeeF leader tryout, movie, a talent show lwith everything from Maria to a boogie- ie version of Shortnin' Bread l, and parties, parties, parties! ,V ,Y' K ,,, Christmas danceithe MC. almost had to revert to lndian smoke signals. The mike gave out, remember? Then, the freshman party, February lo--75?-IUST think of itl But the thrill of having the first frosh night party made up for it-almost. . .By the way, one thing we wondered about was those hobby horses prancing around the floor. Well, freshmen will be freshmen! Now the sophomores-maybe it's the strain of all the fun of last year. Anyway, they are taking a rest from activities. They had their assemblies, talent show, and party land there were thousands of people therel. But wait till they're juniors. 'Left to Right. Row 1: Quinn, Goodhue, Kelly, LeRoy, Herrera, Escarcega. Row 2: Madson, Nesbitt B Wasson, Tunney, Shenefield, Ranabargar, Bahn. Row 3: Hayford, Wilson, Langley, Kvammen, Jacobsen ean. Left to Right. Row 1: Rothasz, Graham, Border, Hogue, Seltzer, Mills, Warner, Gardiner. Row 2: Wilhite, Lawrence, Quisenberry, Dawkins, Lugenbeel, Sommers, Ruster, Mata, Nelson. Row 3: Chase, Parsons, Christie, Del Mar, Cody, Kester, Elliot, Amberg, Ireland. Row 4: Higbee, Farnsworth, Gertzen, Darden, Howarth, 0'SulIivan, Secrest, Glass. Row 5: Shyer, Smith, Buttam, Wood, Batchelder, Crowell, Redmond, Dick- ensheet, Van Cleve. Left to Right. Row 1: Brown, Fry, Hood, Newberry, Gillespie, O'Keefe, Vander Meulen, Mullenix. Row 2: Hoffman, Rodkohr, Robe, Miller, Fowler, Lee, Cameron, Hornbeck, Thomas, Tegler, Phillians. Row 3: Lampkin, Weigel, Madsen, Ellis, Alexander, Hatfield, Payne, Makosky, Critchfield, Gullicksen. Row 4: Ridenour, Lloyd, Carpenter, Axelson, Wiley, Hunt, Haley, Mueller. Row 5: Clapp, Cooper, Talbot, Largent, Hunter, Blackshaw, Lindberg, Higbie. L ff' 4 an f Nw. M Left to Right. Row 1: Miller, Milner, Remington, Steinfield, Bent, McCanlies, Millins, Speece, Hall Row 2: Herrmann, Nlack, Mailman, Plank, Carlson, Berglund, Jury, Mclntyre, Frownfelter, Peterson Row 3: Louden, Pepplng, Retz, Makosky, Remiey, Rampton, Franke, Nicolls, Winans. Row 4: Schleicher, Bens miller, Payne, Goff, Pace, Zimmerman, Roach, Tuiino. Row 5: Torcasso, Wagner, Robinson, Amende, Weigand Levering, Overturff, Iliff, Wiley. Left to Right. Row 1: Lamb, Downer, Corden, Mehring, Jones, Feinstein, Lenti, Dutton. Row 2 Lapham, Mclntyre, Dressor, Daugherty, Cordell, Chatern, Corfield, McPherson, Berwick, Haymond Row 3: Hill, Palmer, McKibben, Slinder, Talley, Wright, Giron, Miller, Shelton. Row 4: Rampton, Albertson Daniel, Scott, Barcher, Chaney, Marangi, Williams, McGinnis. Row 5: Mclntosh, Rosskop, Saucerman, Farquhar Shaw, Scott, Caldwell, Knox. fa Left to Right. Row 1: McConnell, Pierce, Britain, Hopwood, Montgomery, Ingram, Butler, Taylor Nelson. Row 2: Rhoads, Petyus, Mull, Blue, Whiteley, Langley, MacDonald, Fiber, Barthel, Johnson Row 3: Schoenpner, Reynosa, Sager, Payne, Odenkirclure, Adams, Seals, Brown, Bird, Bridston. Row 4: Banando Johnsen, Karma, Landorf, Minogue, Miller, Merritt, Guion. Row 5: Stilley, McClivey, Tunney, Wasson, Kimbrough Stolz, Lee, Maughan, Dochterman. Left to Right. Row 1: Morris, Cloer, Patterson, Buoneristiani, Clarke, Fisher, James, Spencer, Salie Row 2: Moyer, Davit, Murney, Edwards, Morrow, Weis, Roberts, Gray, Willett, Whitaker. Row 3: Key Danielson, Mild, Spooner, Baltimore, Alumbough, Davis, Hinson, Zieser. Row 4: Heglin, Hillmer, Bryant, Simmons Jenks, Gorham, Wedertz, King, Harmon. Row 5: Compton, Lynch, Leavitt, Ducan, Gilbert, McGill, Maguire Doolittle, Morgan, Culver, Phillips. v v Left to Right. Row 1: Dressor, Richards, Adams, Coughlin, Brown, Soderberg, Manley, Galbreath Baines. Row 2: Leivin, Lutz, Macklies, Bates, Montgomery, Howard, Shleman, Bowers, Drexel, Bartholo mew. Row 3: Aydelott, Eckert, Bodie, Budrow, Hoytel, Kugler, Rough, Swartz. Row 4: Bowen, Crawford, Brooks Howard, Persona, Tryon, Cleveland, Speth. Row 5: Jones, Eyraud, Hobbs, De Boef, Lomer, Glusker, Zimmernon Rosenberger, St. Pierre. i r f x 1 ,, ,fr 'xi , '.'l,',1. I V f??, ,A ,Lf .fn 1 'M if ,I ,,v I fs fr QA 6 XO ' 1 Bw ---L, ,2i7,, I f l .,. ...lrifza l 'QQ f .Q . -- U' of I , x y ' awww I- I r 1 QW440 af? Lwxk df? .A - r 1 1 .wi- E321 r. ,',. Left to Right. Row 1: lngels, lVlcCutcheon, Thompson, Powell, Hunt, Wightman, Woodward, Johnson Row 2: Reimer, Lorenson, Munson, Wernegreen, Moe, Kenna, Robare, Holderman, Thompson, Donhost. Row 3: Cook, Klug, Jalk, Tomaseck, Cock, Dudley, Hoffmann, Butler, Maize. Row 4: Collins, Branson, lvener Ardrews, McElrath, Scarlet, Graham, Henry, Bastear. Row 5: Lehmer, Holmes, Barton, Cook, McMillan, Wetmore Adams, Davis, Peauford. Left to Right Row 1 Johnson Warren Tarpley Chase Hackett Bornhauser Roman Row 2'Mac 1-F - 5 v v y 1 v v - - 10 Pherson, Bodle, Hinman, Parker, Chandler, Johnson, Josephson, Bond. Row 3: Bunning, Viel, Gonzales, Ashbury. Klein, Storey, Perkins. Row 4: Brown, Chaffee, Bentine, Fitzgerald, Olson, Matthews. .4 ' Bal I . , l i, I' ,V JM . J . 1 V -1 V u sf ' 5 . A .R if I 1 if f . V 6' ' 5, . . , Ja , i! , i . 7' W Y E931 i E841 , ,,Y 4. ,. , , w. 3 Q ' s, viidrvq RK.. X if Left to right. Row 1: Michero, Heglin, Dondanville, Gray, Mordan, Blust, Campbell, Dupuy. Row 2 Warren, Be nett, Eosnaugh, Menzel, Baskette, Ruark, Benson, Collier, Morgan, Robey, Martin. Row 3 Fultz, Beck, Fftensink,lSlayyte'F, Knudsen, Turney, Weymouth, Boaden. Row 4: K1 Kozlow, Kimball, Montaya Young, Schworer, Lane, Garrould, Steed. Row 5: Clark. Rubalcaba, Thompson, Wilson, Quon, Ripley, Besse, Ash worth, Polo. Left to Right. Row 1: Linke, Sanderson, Schwender, Colvin, Maloof, Barrett, Taylor, Glavin. Row 2: James, Dawson, Banando, Wasson, Robbins, Gaunt, Britton, Brown, Foster, Hoon. Row 3: Hills, Graves, Haldman, Potter, Twin, West, Cartledge, Torres, Hayden. Row 4: Kirk, Hubbert, Whitney, Davis, Fisher, Clam- pitt, Piolatto, Anderson, King. Row 5: Hartman, Johnston, Johnson, Ratkovich, Harrison, Wormhoudt, Golletta Beebe, Bunch. s A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Tschanz, Duty, Blankenbaker, Kurtz, Fitz-Randolph, Reyes, Montana, Ware. Row 2: Brown, Carpenter, Upton, Bonser, Matticks, Doss, Devean, Holcomb, Moreno, Wifcut. Row 3: Bauer, Kleinknecht, Williams, Livermore, Reed, Pessa, King, Capestro. Row 4: Sullivan, Huges, Conde, Payaseva, Tilus, Smith, Weldon, Gibbs. Row 5: Van Duyne, Pasley, Hallman, Boyd, Bollman, De Laney, Ebaugh, De Pry, Casler. A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Osborne, McGillis, Buttrey, Rough, Grabiner, Racho, Slykhuis, Seitz, Woodruff. Row 2: Weis, Weideman, Schenck, Elliot, Pollard, Reed, Simons, Manning, Sheetz, Lindstrom, Powell. Row 3: Cosgrove, Floyd, Smith, Paulson, Young, Vatcher, Schnick, Rehbein, Churchill, Hambirck. Row 4: Purcupile, Conway, Schlerf, De Lude, Kammerman, Kunkel, Somers, Smith. Row 5: Holcomb, Abraham, Cope, Thomas, Drinkward, Manle, Burns, Gallegos, Welliver. E951 A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Dybeck, Rogers, Curtis, Lulbering, Lucas, Taylor, McClure. Row 2: Evans, Fannin Minton, Cogar, Romero, Alaniz, White, Gotierrez, Esoamillo. Row 3: Oldham, Cokeley, Roberts, Wlch man, Katerman, Wynn, Buss, Black. Row 4: Raggio, Morris, D'Apice, 0'Keefe, Moore, Thomson, Hazelton, Amos Kaufman. Row 5: Raridon, Orsi, Avery, Horr, Spittler, Geatta, Chesnut, Gallegos, Beedy. A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Wurst, Retz, Vaught, Fields, Carthage, Jalland, Thies, Yovan, Quinn. Row 2 Lee, Jones, Jackson, Mings, Bennett, Winburn, Oir, Havilla, Sieck. Row 3: Wiker, Christenson, Pontrelli Petri, Walters, Ford, Kindrick, Tunstall, Hamilton. Row 4: Perez, Schiegat, Daly, McClellan, Linsley, Gettinger Claro, Molligan, Potter. Row 5: MoLendon, Floren, Kevelin, Bufkin, Holeman, Jacobson, Haskell, Balian. 1 Left to Right Row 1' Grant, Coscarelli, Schuman, Thompson, Fields, Culver, A'dcr:on. Ellis, Rannels. A9 Row 2' Kirk'Lowell 'McCloud M. Calverley, S. Calverley, McCoskey, Johnson, Cryan, Mann, Summers Row 3: Harris, -Foute: Tate, hlewton, Konzelman, Ashley, Haldernan, Dollinger, Smith. Row 4: Nittel, Rodekohr, Roberts, Edmiston, Bracy, Rodriguez, Aikinson, Nelson. Row 5: Ward, Brown, Espinosa, McGregor, Goodrich, Caca, Connelly, Smith, Jensen, Woolley. D hl S arbrick Daws Oberlies Vitale Larkcom Hall Ha'teman Kace A9 Left to Right. Row 1: en om, w , e, , , , , . . - - D M Donald, Ledbetter, Elmore, wlcz, Gonzales. Row 2: Borcherding, Kermode, Smith, Chase, owner, ac Smith. Row 3: Blunt, Bertune, Lewis, Deack, Swarbrick, Petty, Seymour, Beck, Ashton, Perez. Row 4: Stanley Devalon, Allan, Stevens, Burwick, Oliver, Hough, Aguilar, Morales. Row 5: Terrel, Doyle, Kinsey, White. Glidden Sievert, Henry, Doolittle, Burroughs, Layne. I J' K . ,I l -'Aa i371 E891 A9 Left to Row 2 Whallon, Mann, Guardia, Atkins, A9 Left to Nichols. Right. Row 1: Clifford, Andrews, Davis. LaBoube. Paratou, 0'Gara, Ellis, Farrar, Hopwood Dettman, Falk, Wade, Jones, Vercoe, Buroham, McCain, Beebe, Comfort. Row 3: Stanley Raddon, Chadwick, Younger, Fiobison, Hefpner, Durgin. Row 4: Hunter, lrey, Gunn, Bivens Voll, Yerby. Row 5: Eagan, Rihn, Ewry, Lawerence, Gaunlee, Lambert, Glaser, Bonney. Right. Row 1: McWilliams, Van Deusen, Berfelz, McGleason, Worden, Blevins, Harris, Franz Row 2: Terry, Leslie, Damron, Clark, Cain, Rutherford, Shelley, Tubbs, Nelson. Row 3: Wood ruff, Rucker, Anderson, Monson, Baker, Hyde, Jung, Reck. Row 4: Teasley, Cranston, Griffiths, Williams, Young Chamberlain, James, Dunham, White, Sweeny. Row 5: Brown, Gresback, Walden, Kless, Gavaller, Williamson Koski, Pulver. A9 Left to Right. Row 1: Haas, Hewig, Caward, Jones, Pritchard, Garheart, D'Arancette, Holland. Row 2 Sahlfrank, Cruzen, Herme, Bishop, La Bau, Adams, Cruzen, Mendoza, Retherford, Johnson. Row 3 Carver, Brock, Thompson, Melton, Swinger, Holt, Waddle, Pryor. Row 4: Rusk, Molina, Stewart, Poland, Garrett, Merrill, Cline, Butt. Row 5: Schaer, Cooney, Gough, Bray, Johnson, Rawson, Meatzie, Pease. E991 gl! 3 1 HMI., HNLTHE X Plaqed A Bunch of 'From ihe I f x Q g 7 GANGS All HER bu Uxe Boqs , Back Room ..-I P .f X, 1 ii as ,cl to 621- ui il? v . , n . ,, iyipl it V. :Wi i X n Y, I V' I I 1 all K ' V, l , 1' X ' m V Al l ' V ,tj . if l' if 1 ,QC x I l , ' U' ' L' 7 4U .ff , 1 i I i A ,If ' Lil A f gf'-1' , 1 will 25' NT I f Fi lf 'xr , ' IAJI - Zllll ' Ty 1, ri ,glflll X ' is its f t ti I 1 . l 1 In X C ' , . ,Hr jf' lf! 'll' 'il . fl Lf ' F X FA! a if Our Smarty Pants received a lot of razzing about burhing the midnight , oil and being teachers' pets, but when it comes right down to it, A.H.S. has E941 every reason to be proud of its brains , They are the students who have kept up our very high scholastic reputation. With Miss Liesveld, their able adviser, the society was off to the hills, instead of the usual tomato patch, for a well-deserved half-holiday. At Christmas time the group busily packed overseas bundles for our servicemen. As we go to press the little masses of gray matter are unde- cided whether they will bask in the sun or expose themselves to the poison ivy. A I1 . ,ra cumu- Does your house need painting? just mention it to a member of a girls' A club, and your home will be swamped with girls in levi's and their fathers' h' mester as the shirts. The campu aint craze swept the service clubs. P h e fallen arches? That's exactly what some of the members were Do you av . worried about the day after they delivered all those Sixth War Loan pam- ' b phlets from door to door. T large or small. Those shrieks the day of the award assembly were not because of a murder ouse but because the Pequinitas won the trophy. The Senior I-li-Y, or a m , a little quieter, but just as proud, won the boys' A club trophy. s took on a new blue and gold gleam t is se he service clubs may be called on for any jo , t 'n to read a joke in a Readers' Digest printed Imagine ryl g in Spanish! Newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets give lan- guage students who belong to B clubs a new perspective on foreign countries. Other B clubs give students a chance to apply their knowl- ' alism, d and learn more about art, music, business, journ Q sill v- 5 X i L- :QQ G .147 gf ,- 6 4 'T -- if I961 e e orgforensics. Lectures, movies, and exhibits are brought to these groups. Service to the school is not overlooked by these large clubs. Their support of the P.T.A. drive proved this. The B club trophy was awarded to the Spanish Club for its achievements. Whether it's digging in the patio, speaking, cutting a rug , writing poems, taking dictation, shelving books, or hanging from roofs for angle shots, you can find a lot of other people as odd as you are in one of the hobby clubs. The C clubs promote special interests and help students find ways to spend their leisure time. In these clubs members receive guidance and have a chance to work with equipment Not to be outdone by the A or B clubs, C clubs also do services for their school. Th C era Club took pictures, the Writers' Guild wrote poems, the e am Scientia Club beautified the campus, while the Two-Twenty danced way with the C club trophy. -k - S 4 E - r . A -as---q,,,,. s S X Z, S . ,,,.,M.a-wa-40 1 Wwgww-www, S www :mf x L ft t R' ht. 1: D' ' k, G'II tt, All ,M G'll'. R 2: R 'd, GI' k, Ffickeg, Sister, Blfmes. RoJvmf3n:mMaxvLeli, ?.ewis,enCed:rq:1isi, Bggiiswortli Rowlilz Toland, Fehr, Dimmitt, Sayre. Row 5: La Fehr, Hoot, Ward, Miller. Eeading up and down. R ' ' L ers Lanham, Cordano, K ow 1. VICEHQ, Davis, Fish, Lehman, Rosino, Cham- , Colton, Drain, McCorey. Row 2: Thomas, Bellert, Scholfield, Blum, owall. Row 3: Clark, Turnbull fadv.J, Kennedy, Johnson, Green, Griffin. E971 Reading. Up. Row 1: Higgins, Tague, Weickert,.,Lynch, 'Leaf, Calkins, Blanc, Drake, Reed, Plxley. Row 2. McGarry, Relnke, Todd, Jane, Frederlcks, Sparks, Wasson. Row 3 Richards Qadv.J, Nerison, Ingalls, Fix, Brummett, Maynard, Kcesee, Terry. Left to Righi. Row 1: Paulfrey CAdv.J, McGraham, Ortega, Tassop Nichols, Bartolio, Spenser. Row 2: Sanders, Hoon, Miller, Wolfe Mount, Axelson, Hook. Row 3: Nicassio, Coniglio, Hagen, Henderson, Johnson, Hahesy. 1 y ,ag-JF9 l99l , v J is 1 y . A ,. . W- ! ' , - ,f 1 X. We . Y . ,ol I1001 , ,x --J -.r r OJUJ4 . O fo YD' . o 3 I ' 5 M, . . , v 1' 1 y X-Hx' , is A , , 4 0 I 'lx Left to Right. Row 1: Rogers, Launer, Poe, Westberg, Wetzel. Row 2 Kimball, Riddell, Murphy, Johnson. Row 3: Wilson, Redding, Crawford Row 4: Neiger, Ripplef Haig. Row 5: Thomas, McCarthy, Brown, Larison. Row 6: Butler, Althouse, Greive Wilkins. Row 7: Beauvard, Blake, Adams, Michels, Hamilton. Row 8: Baker, Sieberg, Peckham, Russell, Tisdale Muse. Left to Right. Row 1: Davis Utdvj, Martinolich, Perkins, Padlen, Hewett Woods. Row 2. Uhrlg, Brown, Smith. Row 3. Duvall, Ford, Safarick. Row 4 Crabtree, Sinclair, Moyer, Tubbs, West, Van Anda, Clevenger, Hughes, Kimbrough. 4 V, ar Row 1: Cornelius, Halbert, Carey, Spaulding, Morgan, Uhler, Farrar, Podmore. Row 2: Stoddard fAdv.b, Dell, Morrison, Todd, Anderson, Veilh, Falkenstein Hall, Stewar . Row 1: Johnson, Bemiller, Anderson, Dalby, Danish, Wilon, Radin, Trumbull 1Adv.J Row 2: Woods, Morrisey, Brusher, Kersh, Burwell, Ralnhs. Row 3: Salisbury, Whiteside Holt, Gleason, Walcott, Ellis, Reid, Mula, Freberg, Vinson, Adams. Row 4: Sirain, Hlrd, Mann, Dolbin, Johnson Hofmeister, Willis, Crawford, Kampschmidi, Levering. 4 ax' l - :Ai .-U, .Ma ws, -ws ...Q W-z , W., , , Y, N l . ,lr 5 v .-I .V .gk A U Illlll ll021 Y Left to Righl. Row 1: Levisee, Wimberly, Murphy, Florin, Miner, Chamberlain, For ' bush. Slanford, Edmondson fAdv.l. Row 2: Wells, Porter, Pedrini, Baird, Parker Carnahan, Christopher. Row 3: Sanders, Miller, Farnsworth, Crcokewii, Hudson, Hansen, Pikroff, Smuiz. Row 4 Barney, Mulick, Tilley, Talley, Slogsdill, Michels, Hamilton. Left io Righf. Row 1: Hamilton, Bacon, Burwell, Mann, Russell, Bellert. Row 2: Pierson, McArthur. Bowen, Qurlsen, Glass, Anderson, Large. Row 3: Riley, 0'Sullivan, Farnsworth, Childs, Speth. Row 4: Brrlem. Blank, Bryant, Carlson, Jennings. Row 5: Porush, Emick, Tunney, Collins, Toland, Sorenson, Wilbur 1Adv.J halt , iii? i 1 Il041i ART CLUB Lenti, Wheeler. Row 3: ART CLUB Row 1. Left to right: Johnson, Richards, Mires, Simpson, Walker, Baily, Soderberg Tarpley, Chase, Fuitz. Row 2: Kenna, Davis, Taylor, Adams, Dutton, Feinstein, Jones McQuiston, Rahlfs, NIcGarry, Rippie,'Adams, Barne, Doss, Davis. Left to Right:,Vawter, Fultz, Roulle, Rohe, Langley, Whitley, Cameron, Nucklies, Xedes Row 2: Schviiinder Lorenson, Robbins, Weliver, Garrett, McKnight, Barberr, Colvin Row 3: McCann, Chamber, Hoar, Lee at r, Gebhart, Stollar, Glow. w 4: Shepnhird, Lewis, White, Bentine Sehy, Hollingshead, Slater, Mull., 1 A .. 'N ,U 1- tp- .ru Jirrlf-V., L' , t ,ni V 4, 9,1 ., .X of! f, Why x9 :X ',2- 'gif MJUQA 1-in 2. 5 se .2 We 5, D ' - ,IS 1 4 4365 ' 1' t U, Z j Di , gm, o . 7 G 1 , V Q . my 1- Wy 2.211 X I I 1 PT e ' muon 3, X i Y I1061 Left to Right. Row 1: Howarth, Haward, Eckert, lves, Cleveland, Hollywood, Ross- koff, Rice, Safarick. Row 2: Farmer 1Adv.J, Monson, Adams, Harger, Donahue, Johnson, Lynch, Dauner, Rodekohr, Reid. Row 3: lsacson, Barrett, Kimball, Redding, Johnson, Murphey, Bettis- worth, Brummett, Thies, 0'Sullivan. Left to Right. Row 1: Meade, Barber, Pierce, Adams, Lapham, Park, Thomas, Shull, Rouline, Weis. Row 2: Fairchild, Roberts, Seals, Hall, Bartholomew, Bird, Salie, Payne. Row 3: Wetzel, Archenbrenner, Whitaker, Rhodes, Aciero, Haymond, Berwick, Daugherty, Bates, Cady. Row 4: Stanley, Procke, Mudra, Sunt, Van Cleve, Blackshaw, Deal, McGill, Loudon, Landorf. Left to Right Row 1 Stogsdill Johnson Radin Hirsch Berry Miller Smalley Lawrence. Row 2: Dimmlick, Thornas, Upton, Lonergaln, Houyvink, Srnith, Montgomery, Kesteyr, McGillis Row 3: Mayer fAdv.J, Deack, Wolcott, Glusker, Calderwood, Dikinsheet, Schworer, Emick, McCune. Shyer. Row 4: Mann, Karma, Lamont, Cattermole, Mitchell, Braun, Drexel, Fortner. Row 5: Talley, Hird, Stogsdill Caughan, Reilly, Anderson, Brown, Shyer, Olson, Leonard, Batchelder. Left to Righi. Row 1: Wynne CAdv.J, Evnns, Whileside, Delen Holi, Muse, Mula. McGachan, Anderson, Verih Row 2 Bemlller: Malmgreen, John. Row 3: Gleason, Pixley, Burwell. Row 4: Norris, Bruns, Anderson. nom Il03l Left to Right. Row 1: Davis, Blanc, Morgan, Gorsuch, Hamilton. I Row 2: Anderson, Waison, Beltisworkh. Row 3: Coffman, Belt, Wil- hams. Row 4: Sayre, Kelly, Sheffy. Row 4: Miner, Luttrell 1Adv.J Left to Right. Seated: Lewis fAdv.l, Milke, Hodges, Fowler, Mehring. Standing: Commack, James, Black, Osenger, Ellison, Hiqbie. Hackelt, Gluskers. Row 2: Bergman, Derr, Morrison, Cusand CAdv.J, Goodrick, Himes, Left to Right. Row 1: Poe, Reinke, Ingalls, Miller, Fix, McKenzie, Echert, Cornwell Dumbleton, Seraba, Carlson, Oswald. Row 3: Quinnchalk, Herrill, Craven, Levisee, Wicker, Gottier, Lendberg: Blanchard. Row 4: Carter, Pasewell, Safarik, Perkins, Willis, Anderson, Maioff, Mulich. Row 1: Reed, Bernt, Wilbur, Sneece, McCanlies, Franz, Fricker, Pettus. Row 2 Bell, McKosky, Critchfield, Willard, Behling, Beattie, Bates, Roberts, Hoglund, Ellis. Row 3: Shorey, Stogsdill, Graham, Cook, Michels, Sampson, Olson, Schrader. Row 4: Mild, Saucerman, Barney, Maccomber, Bomberger, Sanders, Besse. Row 5: Wagner, Dasris, Field, Barney, Carnahan, Merritt, Robinson. I1091 X 11101 Row 1: MacPherson Watson, Payne, Calmouist, Calkins, Vllelzel, Espinosa Row 2. Sshelman, Becker, Prckham, Althouse, Todd, Phillips, Brickell, WEICKCTQ, McCarthy, Nelson. Row 3: Murphy 4Adv.J, Dride, Norling, Mattox, Greive, Mato, Green, Cordano. Row 4' Morgan, Rubalcaba, Jameson, Jenkinson, Woodman, MacGregor, Mata, Nelson, Andrews. Row 5: Schworer Steffek, Burns, Bemlller, Widman, Russell, Romibea, Hooper, Ogg. Row 1: Hoffman, Nieio, Perez, Hunierbgweson, Graffis, Brown, Gray. Row 2 Clayion, Fisher, Freeman, Harzi , Ytiung, Shepphird, Larison, Ingram, Dimmitl. Havlicek. Row 3: Hedeen CAdv.J, Linke,- enson, Menzel, Thomson, Worlhing, Espinosa, Fetterman, Carroll Gorsuch. Row 4: Escarcego, Tutino, Collins, Corwin, Duncan, Williams, McCelvey. Row 5: Oakley, Knox Sfilley, Floren, Adams, Graves, Pittroff, Cook, Graham. 1 2 Left to Right Row 1 Hagen Hook Row 2' Sowers fAdvJ McGraham, Dill Quick Miller B Johnson. Row'3: Clanton, Axelson, Lott, Hofmeister, Green., llllorahito. Row 42 Henryy, Uhler, Guion, Carpenter, Smith, Lloyd, Pierson, Nickels. Left to Right. Row 1: Brown, McGillis, Bruns, Holt, Del Mar, Cook. Row 2 Kemper QAdv.D, Wyland, Tegler, Mehring, Moyer, Jones. Row 3: Ward, Dolby Markley, Goodhue, Manley, Franke. Row 4: Crumb, Sanders, Sarge, Nichols, Hooper. Row 5: Crawford, Leonard Gottier, Olson, Levering. lll 'vi A' 1' In Eiw ' f Left to Right. Row 1: Whitaker, Brickell, Fredericks, Lynleolm, Johnson, Nelson. Row 2: Beckley, Offuit, Kowal, Barnes, 0'Mahoney.,, Westbrook. Row 3: Hamilton, Eagen, Mayfield, Pifroff, Nelson, Ford, Hahesy, Tailti, Ausiin. GIRLS I-El IER CLUB E23 EZ'HS?J5y50NKNlQnM?'?Xaf?3!,''biillil' !32'lfe'MIEZl5Z,fA , 'wi 3' fm: e- so Q 112 1 Left to Right. Row 1: Dorroh, Griffiths, Bellert, Grieve, Thomson. Row 2: Cedarquist, Payne, Murphy, Redding, Harger, Rolling, Brusel. Row 3: Adams, Lapham, Donahue, Willard, Fairchild, Feldmann, Roberts, Radin, Berry, Gilstrap fAdv.J Left to Right. Row 1: Hood, Newberry, Hodges, Johnston, Corfield, Lynch, Shepphird, Bates, Kody. Row 2: Elleit, Gorsuch, Fisher, Harsiz, Wilson, Quinb, Spencher, Ruster, Haymond. Row 3: Cromwell, Willet, Brown, Park, Brown, Seals, Somers, Erwin fAdv.b Row 4: Baltimore, Ecquet, Rutledge, Fry, Fronfelfar, Downer, Howarth. Row 5: Jessep, Bryant, Woolsey, Emick, Llchtenberger, Redman, Dickensheet, Blackshaw, Smith, Persans, Litch. Row 6: Hunter, Hinman, Hunter, Lunt, Miller, Zivelonghi, Beacon, Bellert, Foulkes. lll3l Left to Right. Row 1: Kermode, Sarasalzar, Westberg. Row 2: Perry Clanton, Vatcher, Fisher, Morrissey, Rowe, Cox fAdv.J Left to Right. Row 1: Muse, Wilkser, Lonergan, Heard, Mula, Larison, Thomas Lehman. Row 2: Morden, Tisdale, Malmgreen, Evans, Unbedacht, Graham, Einum Ratkowski 1Adv.J Row 3: Stone, Lane, Todd, White, Schakles, Vinson, La Fehr, Wilson, Moore, Donges, Ciaro, Parker, Mulick, Eisenberg. Row 5: Borowitz, Foster, ,gg Herson. Row 4: Crabtree Black, Hansen. Left to Right. Row 1: Kemp CAdv.j, Apodaca, Langley, Downs, Tassop, Unbe- dacht. Row 2: Wilkes, Horner, Fox, Hoon, Henderson. Row 3: Kimkle, Litoh, Dresh, Coniglio. Row 4: Florin, Palmer. Left to Right. Row 1: Dutcher CAdv.J, Meek, Marshall, Stanley. Row 2: Kimball, Halfacre, Wintrode, Griffiths, Hamilton. Row 3: Terrell, Mires, Timmons, Willis. Row 4: Culp, Talley. Ifl151 Left to Right. Row 1: Whitaker, Dimmick, Nerison, Launer, Redding, John, McGachan, Tague, Reed. Row 2: Wright, Butler, Terry, Higgins, Ingalls, Jana?- Drake, Rowe, Hoot. Row 3: Fuqua, Crockewitt, Stewart, Derr, Miner, Stogsdill, Spaulding, Bertoglio, Lee fAdv.j Row 4: Stephens, Farnsworth, Anderson, Goldie, Johnson, Patton, Veith. , ,l R , l of .f ,g? f i X '64 if 'if 5' if A -1 L ,, i , K f J V fd. ,ff sf ' W , . I f AV rg , ff fr A70 fifffeff- Ui A fJ..,,A. , -4, , -, fl ,.x,,'1 'fi' ,Q ! , fr 1.-'ff 1 ',,! s l A , , , I I FII. fgyly A 'f 3,41 if '51 ' ,lf Q' . J UQWAL' an .iffffv I VY, L, x. G' ' .- ki, . ' fig-f Q . 1 : g if 1 116 1 , , ,,4, ., R f 1' ii . c' 'i Semester I, left to right. Row 1: Hamilton, Westbrook, Lapham, Thornton fadvj, Radin, John. Unbedacht. Row 2: Southwell, Burwell, Bertogli,, Baird. Semester ll, left to right. Row 1: Poe. Walsh, Meek, Ross, White. Griffiths. Row 2: Raddirg, Brus.l, Tague, Kimball, Greive, Thcrnton Cadv.j. Row 3: Harnbleton, Anderson, Farrar, Quirmback, Olson. e Ccjfzlngs you ,re For a long time A.H.S. has felt the need of a way to honor students who are the schooI's best scholars, leaders, and citizens. Los Laureados lThe Laurel Winnersl was the name chosen by this club., U The club's Directors of Student Personnel were jim Baird lfirst semesterl and Della Week lsecond sernesterl. Mrs. Thornton acts as faculty adviser. l i l I1111 .ZCtz'vz'tz'e5 B FOOL Q ' 9 RUSH IN SALLY SPARKS I 120 I Y GEN E FORD Photography Co-editor DELORES ANDERSON Art Editor A ELAINE DRESSEN Photography Co-editor SHIRLEY HARROD Business Manager List cz eczryln' or ou Looking from your class room window, you might have noticed a man, with bowed head, counting slowly, l, 2, 3. No, he wasn't in mourning. lt was Mr. Betts taking some of the pictures for the annual. Evidently the bulletin notices overemphasized the fact that students should be present for the pictures, as too many faces appeared too often. Please, Mrs. Boone, can't we have a few more pages for ads this year, was Miss Heron's plea as it was her job to make ends meet financially. The annual sales were taken care of by Miss Heron and her staff. No sales skits or stunts were needed this year to make the limited supply sell rapidly. Do we dare put this in? Oh, please, Mr. Edmondson, he won't care. Why can't I use dashes? I never know where commas go anyway. These were typical of the words which flew into Mr. Edmondson's ears at literary staff meetings. His job was correcting and making readable the writeups turned in by the staff, and that was some jobl Keep it out of the gutter! This was Mrs. Boone's constant admonition to the art staff. lShe meant that the figures couldn't be in the center of the page where they would be hidden by the foId.l The art staff spent their time painting on cardboard and then carefully scratching it off. After seeing those handsome scratch board cartoons, we decided they weren't crazy after alll LITERARY STAFF: Left to right: Kimball, Worthing, Carey, Grieve, Sparks, Edmondson lAdv.l, Beauverd, Harrod, Herron lBusiness Adv.l. 21 Could gt Il22l QQ ou? PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Austin, Forbes, Betts fAdv.J, Mine ART STAFF: Smith, Boone iAdv.J, Anderson, Cebhart, Hanson. caLuOOAlQ, OO iQ, OO iQ PRIZE SNAP SHOT: virginia white. ' 0 f fl 'iam ,g , t ., 1 4 -,Af If Gallagher. Q,-X. wW:m ' Q . , 'K M 4 Y 5-,Eng H' .I K. X XM 1 ,Q,, A' 5 O- x iii-fifw' LALR CJ:,fvw-f -?'X2' Tlx X.fx...,2-'ary ' mf' ' M . 4 - .f-M C h . W ' ,Q , x , . L, xw.ffmM' 'n' f l 'X ' gi U -CQ, ..Lx,.f 5 V3 Mukhi X wc' X A!, 4 I N., W4,J ll231 NORMAN ANDERSON Editor-in-chief Q00 QWS . ln spite of paper shortages and print shop difficulties THE MOOR staff bravely sallied through this year, producing a better-than-ever paper. They are pretty proud of the fact that they really cover the news from A to Z, and we congratulate editor Norman Anderson for being the second MOOR editor who has held that job for a, whole year. They've worked hard to assist the Social Science department in making our student body elections really click. They are proud of the way the service clubs have bought MOOR subscriptions for our servicemen. THE MOOR went flashy on us last Novem- ber before the Mark Keppel game. The front page sported two colors, and cuts of the play- ers adorned the top. Who says we don't have one of the best high school papers in Southern California? 1 MRS. LUTTRELL Adviser Il241 ,-4 v , MOOR STAFF: lst Semester Row l: Hoot, Anderson, Hamilton, Lehman. Row 2: McClain, Shyer, Dalkes, Davis, Miner, C-eddis, Stogsdill. MOOR STAFF: 2d Semester Row l: Woods, Belt, Rowe, Anderson, Sayre. Row 2: Williams, Watson, Sheffey, Morgan, Coffman, Bettisworth, C-orsuh Blanc. H251 -v - Y . ..?-.w..,,. Y , Ofetls Cgvlng alike C9712 Qircfies 1 Row 1: Cameron, Giron, Brown, Montgomery, Rhoads, McPerson, Thornburgh, Arnett, Reynolds, Marvin, Mat- hews. Row 2: Mata, De Camp, Lee, Calkins, Manley, Reilly, Troxel, Mills, Toland. Row 3: Rogers 1Adv.J, Ellis, Johnson, Walker, Hall, Millins, Hendrickson, Seiffert, Hartzig, Reynosa. Row 4: Britt, Sandall, Jordan, Talley, Stocker, Lane, Collins, Ward, Blum. f 126 1 9 Row 1: Kelly Caccompanistj, Speih, Royle, Retz, Kamp schmidt, Chaffey. Harrison, West, McCormac CAdvs.J Row 2: Sorensen, Toland, Heglin, Eagan, Claro, Burns, Orsi, Sievert, Murray. Row 3: Pittroff, Donges, Dudley Price, Smith, Collins, Bone, Hunter. Row 4: Kniss, Mann, Wells, Hird, McKelvey, Parker, Sinclair, Pierson Hughes, Rice. ingf Qgwingf Sing. Jim usic Qgytoppe Circle 1: Little, Westbrook, Persinger, Flensink, West, Field, Callaway, Fischer. Circle 2: Brown, Wasson, Worthing, Walden, Brinkworth, Haldeman, Kirk, Gleason, Rodekohr, Claro, Kozlow, Pettroff, Steed. Circle 3: Wilbur, Devean, Cochran, Chubbic, Bonser, Newberry, Backer, Tubbs, Smith, Warren, Johnson, Glusker, Reilly. Circle 4: Clampitt, Nittel, Hood, Carver, Hunter, Mergens, Mata, Holmes, Hauert, Stewart, Ganett, Sears. Back Row: Levering, Minogue, James, Jepson, Gierke, Taylor, Halstrum, James, Kirbey, Frederick, Stanley, Farquhar, Batchelder, Sheffey. 'Q Alhambra High School Band in Action UStC O85 OLM7, CHIC! JTOUH 11211 gnu CQOA! what ou Qspaial RADIO CREW Fred Van Cleve, Don Smutz. STAGE CREW: lseatedl Hoon, Reiser. lStandingl Row l: Langley, Lehman, Steele, Lyman, Thomas, Brett, Henderson, Chisam. Row 2: Monaghan, Thorson, Wiley, Bogush. ou wept me y Cyeet MAKE-UP CREW: Left to right: Holt, McWhorter, Pixley, Ross. arming ofzttfe Qaker 1? 4 I Q 'YXV2 ' 2 S- e Ach'-v.', ,., 6 - . --- - x ' 95. ,,,,, . , , :ii 'Y r:-H Q I 129 l130fl IVIAYER iCoachl CULP DIMMICK HIRD gt gin? Tlecessamlgj E .P Q ' 1 This year was better than ever before. This was Mr. lVlayer's comment as he looked back on the year's events. Of the four Alhambra entered, the team won first place in the University of Southern California and Southern x Debate League tournaments, and second in the district National Forensic League and Alhambra lnvitational tournaments. Speeches given by students were very popular with the luncheon clubs. Two or three students were presented each week, and they discussed current and postwar problems. The first semester award for the best all 'round speaker was given to john Houwink, a veteran of the debate team. HOUWI NK TALLEY THOMAS UPTON al Q J gk PC' 4 V .gf 115 ALI f ina cf y' ,,3.153,.' PJ li bf. Cf av v Aawfif f. V fuqiqn 7U.3gns'uvg Q Jarff Ifilou.: 3 Q 'XJJU yup, Lufll 45 if fl bdf fijay- Niks will bei f r- 6 Tw 'snow thai. UMVBFAP lDPf.fPY Hfx r :emmie IEANNIE THOMAS Clark Trophy Winner ' eannle the oazglzt Qrown air fl311 ll flu.. if ,,f, in, t, si t,fI , V L . 5 X , I 'fri n ' ennlg erena e .. slay- ' . I . .Nj lvfrl, Ji STUDENT STORE: Row l Left to right: Marvin, Ashenbrener, Meek, Barbor, Reilley, Potter lAdv.l. Row 2: Olson, Darroh, Mclntyre, McAllister, Halde- man, Butler, Fowler. .v STUDENT BANK: Left to right Row l : Meek, Cordano, Espinosa, Morrisey, Hollingshead, Bruns, Reiley, Wilkins, Butler, Page. Row 2: Potter lAdv.l. tg Haven! Cgzme 0 QQ CZ Tnilfionaire ,, , V gt Happened .gn Csyzalfe mourn Cqolze Stars Hey, Irene, are my eyelashes on straight? Does my dress look O.K.? How's my hair? Oh, gosh, why did I ever go in for this? l've never been so scared in my life! 'Where's that sofa cushion? Golly, l've forgotten my lines! Quit fooling around-gimme back my shoe. . . CURTAIN GOING UP-all's quiet. . The orchestra finishes the final strains of Overture to Carmen, and the scene unfolds in the living room of a perfectly normal beach house. . .but no, it's not as normal as it looks, The air is tense with Pat's IHelen lohnl expectation of meeting her new stepmother lBernice Bemillerl-ironically enough, her former geometry teacher. How would you feel if your geometry teacher were to marry your father? lWe decided that for us it wouldn't work-what would you think of Mr. Hooper as a stepmother?l Pat just can't swallow the idea, and friction results. The whole situation is made more difficult by the coming of Gloria llrene McGachanl, beloved child star, who is Pat's sister. As the play goes on, events keep popping up to complicate the situation-as when dear Aunt Victoria IBonnie Evansl is found to be married to Murphy Ijack Matthewsl, her chauffeur, who is also Gloria's bodyguard. Finally comes the good old happy end. Gloria finds a cute boy friend and is allowedto live at the seaside for a while, Freddie IBob Minerl lets Pat call him her boy friend , and Pat begins to get along with her stepmother. The cast and Mrs. Wynne really did a good job this year, and the hand they all got the night of the play still stands. I1341 SENIOR PLAY CAST: ISeatedl Miner, john, Muse, McGachan. IStandingl Whichser, Gillette, johnson, Einum, Dill, Malmgreen, Griffith, Mathews, Evans, Hanley, Bemiller. 4-Ja 1 'f 15 551 ! x i 1 l 4 7 f l 35 gtk cgaooflsfz, Qui gun We wait, nonchalantly chomping our peanuts, tossing the shells over our left shoulder for luck-right into our civics teacher's lap. Yipel not such good luck, was it?-we'll try the right shoulder next time. . . When the play starts, we look twice to make sure we aren't dreaming-are those kittens-real live kittens--being used for paperweights? ls that a skull there?-and full of candy at that? And, ye gods-snakes! Gee, maybe l'm coming down with mumps or some- thing-l'm seeing things. But l guess it's real after all. As the play goes on, we see that everything fits perfectly into the Vanderhof scheme of life-even the snakes. Have you ever been in a house where the iceman came one day to deliver his ice and stayed eight years? Where fireworks are con- cocted in the cellar and go off without warning? And where a Russian grand duchess bakes cheese blintzes? Tonight you see all of this and then some. You Can't Take lt With You is the most hilarious bit of nonsense we've ever seen at A.l-l.S., and those kids really put their all into it to make it good. There's not much we can say, but our piercing screams of laughter ought to be enough to let the whole cast, the faculty director lMary Kay Trumbulll, and the student director know we loved it. l l 11361 SENIOR PLAY CAST Row l 1 Brusher, Anderson. Row 2: Elmore, Morrison, Paaswell, Walcott, Kvammen, Currie. Row 3: lvlula, Lott, Reilly, Creive, Perkins. Row 4: Michels, Chamberlain, Tubbs, Wofle. k, C fx l cz Q Y 42. fs 1 1,4-'W'-A X Q ff ' lvvvqu 7 s V . ' v 1 -1 .. wx ' ' K ,'- , j W W?mi7'i f M' f Q 4 will I+ Y- if M 'H --- l ' , ,W x 5 'v is J .Q 14 xg 3 ximu, X YHA OI' OU Ever since the war started, Alhambra l-ligh School has done its best to keep in touch with its men, and to do what it could for them. Last year we raised S1106 and turned it over to the Red Cross. At Christmas 5l3 wounded servicemen were delighted to get gaily-wrapped baskets from us, and 204 men overseas saw the holidays rosily after receiving unexpected gifts. Our hats are off to the War Activities Committee, composed of students and faculty, which so capably planned and supervised these efforts. This year, during the A.H.S. Red Cross Week, we set our goal at one hun- dred dollars for each of our twenty-one war prisoners. This goal was easily sur- passed lS2940.70 was the final figurel, and the money was turned over to the Red Cross to reimburse them in part for these prisoners' care. ALHAMBRA HlC-l-l SCHOOL TAKES CARE OF ITS OWN. l II391 Snkiiffz J. :QM B? yr W? ,,,,M , 'vhiiiifl 3 f . ,W W. lg 'Y . ..., X 4 3 Q CME? QQS EE W1 if 'Xi . -A. , '38 3 mf 43 ff Z, 43:33- 04,1044 f fdffrrvff acQ,A0-fob ,,Zvd.,094frv 0644 -7'f-uffvffv-v1v 'f' -,gQ44g,d'-4!ff.l ,adaa 1,0-o-ocfffaff 6 U, ,afo-rwf-H ' 51 7127 ,wr-2 ,Liar-cf Vdfwfzwff . ,W 2fQ,A?AAQh-Mf-9 . - W funk .-o5frJ5'-f. ,Ma-7 .gwyufgw CSpQffS Q0 3 smur HEA Freddq 'T 4' Q ' 7 IZTED MEN M1 bw Fl exo Lff! ' fi 1R,,, T,ml f'1.J I QJSJAAF' ' B MHJA FW ., r M . lu W Af, AMRM - M 5 we 65 lzeer we J Glzeer SONGLEADERS Top to bottom : john Heard Unbedacht Tague MAjORETTES Left to right: Haley Ross Einum SONGLEADERS Top to bottom: Reed A Lynch I jane' Whitaker YELL LEADERS Left to right: Knox Derr Caldwell Miner Baltimore 47 Qglzey Gan? gage Cglaat away Qgiom m ! '1 '1' if V ' -l-., g Cgdgflow mQ Q j 98ecret Heart Il50l Apodaca Black Crockowit Dear Hall Horner Kunkle Langley Clanton Coniglio Compton Downs Fuqua Farrar A .Oftam As we look back on the nineteen forty-five foot- ball season, we have the feeling that our varsity was a team of which we might well be proud. We opened the season against Pasadena, and when the gun went off ending the fourth quarter, the score read in our favor to the tune of 'l9-O. We were defeated l4-l2 by 'Long Beach Wilson in a game that kept the audience on the edge of their seats constantly. Next week Alhambra popped back into the win columnand stayed there beating El Monte, running roughshod over Long Beach Poly, and pulverizing the dynamiters of Glendale-only to be knocked off on that eventful Thanksgiving Day by our arch rival from across the tracks, I4-I3. As the season ended the Alhambra scoreboard read: Won five-Lost two. We lost nothing and we gained the admiration of all our opponents. johnson Tassop Lara more Spencer Langley, R. Sanders an 3 rec .S The Bee and Cee teams were both powerful, but neither finished with a clean slate. The Bees lost only once, and then to Whittier in a game that was decided in the closing seconds of play. Also losing but one game were Coach Wilson's Cees. They went all season undefeated, only to lose their final game to Keppel to whose record they had previously pin- ned a humiliating 33-O defeat. The large crowds again affirmed the fact that football was still Al- hambra's favorite sport. Morgan Roundtree Thomas Unbedacht Wilkes Wolfe Collins lMgr. l Hudson ll5l.l v B Left to right: Row 1: Prine, Hook, Teagur, Bartolo, Morabito, Parker, Hunt, Midle statt, Langdorf, Kelly. Row 2: Allan, Murray, Montoya, Stephens, Conde, G. Greene Dial, Nichols, Tomeseck, Pedrini, Stilley. Row 3: H. Greene, Fiddament, Adams, Wilson, Ripley, Wetmore Weegans, Wellington, Rhodes, Guion, Bunch, Kemp Ccoachj. Row 4: Soulanille, Ortega, Albo, Patton, Johnston Miller, Uhler, Bomberger, Leavitt, Rubalcaba. Row 5: Johnson, Hidalgo, Steele, Quick, Gilday, Johnson, Ggther- idge, Cosbey, Putman. C Left to right. Row 1: Ratkowvitch, Riley, A. Williams, Colletta, M. Thompson Harrison, Wormhoudt. Otegen. Row 2: Ashworth, J. Thompson, Johnson, Wilson Ives, Brock, Quon, Gorham, Wilson, Bandano. Row 3: Ebaugh fMgr.J, Baltimore, Pasley, Hatfield, Young Green, Burrows. Thungstill, Jenks, Wilso Ccoachb. Row 4: Hartman, Konzelman, Swinger, Baliam, Johansen Brown, Kline, Avery, Eagan. K N l i M KY' if-if '. L ' x 'I 152 1 qtngbk' P V , Ji' - K Q- , fa v 1 kQlW,4fLCUf95 Il54J Ash Bergman Fox Hagen Halbert Hashey Henderson Henry Hoon Killian McKlune Miller .-1 1 f I , H - z A .J f If f l L YY ki i I The Alhambra hoopmen got off to a slow start, and the swishes of the net were few. ln the first round Alhambra managed to dunk more hoops than their opponents in only one of their seven contests. We lost our first four by ridic- ulously low scores, and then lost the sixth on technical fouls called against the audience. As the season progressed, and Coach Kemp got a smoothly-working com- bination together, the outlook changed. ln the second round we won four tussles, beating Keppel, along with Monrovia, Covina, and Excelsior. This made a play-off between Keppel and Alhambra necessary. lt was a happy lot land there were a lotlof Alhambra students that left the gym that evening- but why so happy? We had come out on the tail end of the score. Could it have been that the next day was George Washington's birthday and there was no school? Bob Pierson, a converted guard and very much-improved ball player, drew the best player award, while Norm Miller was elected honorary captain. C A cgfsket, casket Pierson Thorson Wetmore Rugen CMgr.l Il55l CS3!QI7,C!Q4Q QZHJQI' and mmm, -.zmf,,. , ., ,. 11581 B Greene, Ritledge, Gorham, Ortega, Nichols, Quick, Sidner, Stephens, Kinsey Boyd, Dial, Tunney, Johnson, Soulaneil, Clevenger, Hinson, Costamagna, Scott Hunter. f C Ives, Beedy, Quon, Wiley, Hofferbert, Wilson, Wormhoudt, Otgen, Sowers Lcoachj Petri, Conway, Johannsen Ratgowvitch Tutino Sorenson Ashworth Kammer man, Eagen, Voil, Perez, Davis, Avery, lvener, Johnson, Wedertz, Storey. y y ' v -vw. Abraham, Bollman, Butler, Clark, Garrould, Pulver, Terrell, Sowers fcoachj, Siewart, Konzelman, Young, Quintrell, Jensen, Ward, Hamilton. ere! fgbafs cgoogetlzer U 1 , 9 U i g W5 3 E9Q5-ww ' 'mf 1 I N 3? 4 ' Q 0 1 ' ly ff J ll f 4 S' ll' 52 Fu-sl Period Gqm s. sul-mm-1' Il58l l ll601 VA I N Igsghltidngigtlhtizhfgfllirgaglgaingteusglashy , Leonard, Boyd, Lombardo, Hahesy, wing ow The outlook for a successful season for the tennis team this year is good. Coach Kemp, serving his initial year as the tennis team's head, has five of last year's lettermen returning. We are unable to give you the results of the Fresh- man Cup Tournament, since the annual must be at the printshop at an earlier date than that of the tournament, but we do know that we have in it a six foot A9 as one of the leading contestants. Singles and doubles championships will also be run off later in the year. At this stage of the season the outcome is unpredictable. Alhambra lost the opener to Whittier in a close contest 5-4. Since that, however, we have pinned crushing defeats on Monrovia and Montebello. Five of our first nine men have one or more years of competition left. So, as we did in the last, and shall again do in this, we look forward with high hopes to next year. A 1 S L1s11 I 162 fl : , ' , , , ' . 2 A VARSITY TENNIS E2Xp1fAE3T?f SZSIZESILT 5'3l'fL'lZZ'A, 5'2i'iEL'2l, 'A'iLlZii. S851 3 c une. mcggin ' VARSITY BEE CEE Alhambra I9 Pasadena 0 Alhambra 6 Pasadena O Alhambra 7 El Monte 0 Alhambra I2 L. B. Wilson I4 Alhambra Wilson 7 Alhambra 34 Whittier 0 Alhambra 6 El Monte 0 Alhambra El Monte 0 Alhambra 33 Mark Keppel O Alhambra 28 L. B. Poly 6 Alhambra L. B. Poly 7 Alhambra 34 Excelsior 0 Alhambra 23 Whittier I3 Alhambra Whittier I3 Alhambra 39 Whittier O Alhambra 46 Glendale I2 Alhambra Glendale I3 Alhambra I3 Mark Keppel I4 Alhambra I3 Mark Keppel I4 Alhambra Mark Keppel 0 VARSITY BEE CEE DEE Alhambra Opponent Alhambra Opponent Alhambra Opponent Alhambra Opponery 38 Whittier 54 3I Whittier 33 22 Whittier I0 26 Whittier 29 26 Monrovia 29 2I Monrovia 23 I 0 Monrovia 2I 23 Monrovia I6 23 Montebello 25 22 Montebello I2 9 Montebello I7 I3 Excelsior 2I 4I Covina 24 34 Covina 22 20 Excelsior 25 I8 Mark Keppel I5 35 Excelsior 28 29 Excelsior 27 IO Mark Keppel I5 I6 El Monte I2 23 El Monte 34 24 Mark Keppel 30 23 El Monte 8 27 Whittier 3 26 Whittier 48 24 El Monte 33 24 Whittier 33 I3 Monrovia I l 36 Monrovia 29 20 Whittier 25 I I Monrovia I0 40 Excelsior 28 2I Montebello 35 2I Monrovia 29 30 Montebello I3 I8 Mark Keppel I 3 33 Covina I9 2I Montebello 29 35 Excelsior 24 I6 El Monte 25 39 Excelsior 3I 4I Covina I5 I I7 Mark Keppel I9 32 Mark Keppel 27 20 Excelsior II I8 El Monte 24 40 El Monte 47 I7 Mark Keppel 37 26 Mark Keppel 29 27 El Monte 37 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE TRACK SCHEDULE March I3 Alhambra 3 Whittier I March 9 El Monte Relays March I6 Alhambra 6 Monrovia I6 March I6 Excelsior Relays March 20 Alhambra 8 Montebello I March 22 Whittier March 23 Alhambra 5 Covina 4 April 5 Monrovia April 6 Alhambra 0 Excelsior I April 9 Montebello April I0 Alhambra 3 El Monte 6 April I2 Covina April I3 Alhambra 0 Mark Keppel IO April I9 Excelsior April I7 Alhambra 2 Whittier 3 April 26 El Monte April 20 Alhambra 2 Monrovia I May 4 Mark Keppel April 24 Alhambra 7 Montebello 5 May 8 League Preliminaries April 27 Alhambra 6 Covina 3 May II League Finals May l Alhambra 4 Excelsior 3 May 4 Alhambra 4 El Monte 0 May 9 Alhambra 2 Mark Keppel 5 VARSITY TENNIS SCHEDULE March I3 Alhambra 4 Whittier 5 March I6 Alhambra 6 Monrovia 3 March 20 Alhambra 8 Montebello I March 23 Alhambra 5 Covina 4 April 6 Alhambra 7 Excelsior 2 April IO Alhambra 5 El Monte 4 April I3 Alhambra 6 Mark Keppel 3 April I7 Alhambra 6 Whittier 3 April 20 Alhambra 9 Monrovia 0 April 24 Alhambra 6 Montebello 3 April 27 Alhambra 8 Covina I May I Alhambra 5 Excelsior 4 May 4 Alhambra 4 El Monte 5 May 9 Alhambra 6 Mark Keppel 3 LEAGUE C0-CHAMPIONS 11631 IIMI Iifgdxinvrilgllmgrftogv avglgrzegt,clgflmshsbogoush, Donovan. Row 2: Rugen, B. un GQa664'i5, man The varsity track squad's hopes for a successful season are not running too high because of the small squad which represents A.H.S. Coach Sowers has about twenty boys out. lPerhaps he should see the War Manpower Commis- sion.l Although we have a few top-flight performers in the field events, we are hampered by lack of outstanding men in the sprints and dashes. All we can do at the present is hope that with time the team will improve. Dark horses have come through before. The Bees show promise of being one of the sparkling teams in Southern California. In the El Monte relays they were second only to the powerful Glendale combine. Coach Wilson has built his team around his returning Bee Ietterman and other boys who have come up from the Cees. Coach Miller, of the Cees, has no dull outlook on his little speed merchants since they have looked fairly good thus far in the season. K Left to right Row 1 Corwin Brown Thompson Parker Colletta Bentine Lynch Hil! B Richmond. Row 2: Bunch, Dialv, Patton, McLenden1 Culver: Quon, Horman, Russell, tfonrad: Left to right Row 1 Burrows Wormhoudt Kemp Quon Ives Johnston Karing Anderson C Row 2: Dooliiile, ' 'Brock, WiHiomson,YThomoson,,AIum,bz-mah, Rough, Young: De Lude, Ram beau. l1651 Il56l Left to right. Row 1: R. Langley Podmore Condie Litch, Molinar Drish. Row 2: Hobbs lcoachj, Collins, Slrolshein, Vlfolff, J. Langley: Hoover, Porter fmgr.j. gale e Qui C70 Cgolze Qaf! game Hopes for a successful baseball team were high this year. Mentor George Hobbs centered the squad around his five returning lettermen, and filled in the vacant positions with players up from last year's j.V. With an airtight infield and a hustling outfield, very few miscues were anticipated by the Moor nine. Alertness and team play were the keynotes as the horsehiders showed great promise in their early games. They opened the season with a 3-l victory over Whittier. All the conceit was knocked out of the Moors in the next tilt, however, when an underrated Monrovia nine outslugged Alhambra at bat, and outplayed them in the field, to the tune of l6-6. As we go to press the Moors are well on the road to recovery with an 8-l victory over Montebello under their belts. Bad weather has been a contributing factor to their slow start. The call for junior Varsity baseball came just a short time before the printer's deadline, and though not much is known about the quality of the prospects, we do know that there ARE prospects, and in great numbers. No schedule has been arranged, according to Coach Hess, but games are being planned for a full season. Again junior Varsity baseball will act as farm for the Varsity. ll681 ...Guam if G A A fSeatedJ Crisman fAdv.J, Nelson. fStandingJ Mata, Mattox, Kimball, Dreessen ' ' 0 Lewis, Mclniyre. Qll, B9 Q00 Come on, you kids, we aren't going to let Keppel beat us in this game. Those words were spoken by the girls when the G.A.A. played Mark Keppel. Nor were these girls stopped with going to a few play days. All school year there were spirited, fast games of basketball, badminton, and speedball. Again the boys weren't the only ones to receive letters for their activity in sports. The girls got their share. After working all year to keep their figures trim, the girls gained pounds when the G.A.A. spread and the end-of-the-year banquet were held. McCelney, Kirk, Mata, Crisman, Dressen, Mclnlyre, Shull. Row G A A Left to Right. 0 ' ' Donald, Reed, Williams, Livermore, Mattox, Nelson. Row 3: Hoffman, Liskie, Fowler, Weis, Lewis, Holdeman. rr , mm iiflii gif?-gl li apnea ll591 cfvertzsemen ts Q 1 Y 4 NE GOT Bu'f,ch X Feat AQ X SIXPENCE uri nq Nickels PenniQS :J oure oo Qooc! Cgdor e INDEX Alhambran Staff ...... ...... l 20 Orchestra .....,..7v..,... Band .......,..........,,,.. ,..... l 27 Senior Play, winter.. Bank .............,....,.. ...... l 32. Senior Play, summer Boys' C-lee Club ..... ...... l 26 Seniors ............,....... Classes ..s....,,....... ...... 6 6 Song Leaders .,...,.... Clubs ....,.....,,....,. ...... 9 6 Sports, Boys' .... Debate .......,..,........ ...... l 30 Sports, Girls' .... Girls' Clee Club ..... v..... l 26 Stage Crew .,,... Make-up Crew ......, ...... l 29 Yell Leaders ....., Moor Staff .,......,. .,...a... l 25 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The staff of the l945 ALHAMBRAN wishes to thank the following in dividuals for their cooperation and help: Mr. john F. Cannicott of the Los Angeles Art and Engraving Co. Mr. Wood Glover of the Phillips Printing Co. h LARGEstiftsToQKs e LARGEST stem ! EASIE,,,STT ,ERMS A S I-I it J R N i li whlf 5 . A a FURNI RE c o. ' , ' V' , - f ' i , - ,Y If - 5 I I, , ff Main sim 420 E. Main sf, Alhambra f I J if X' 1 ' ff ' f' J , , 1 . If If V' f' 1' 5 ' X Q J , i .f Il 1, I '- i ,' , ,' ,- F V V X If , j 1 THE LEADING , h CONiiPLE'TE HOME FufiNisHEri yi g v, . i ,W ' FOR ' i ' x I f 4,f 'f I ALHAMBRA Cordialiy invite Alhambra High School Students and Graduates from B9's to Ai2's-to visit our store ll731 Listen, you students, and you shall hear The ringing of laughter, a charm-bracelet's tingle The fizz of a coke and a frosted root-beer, The shuffling of feet, and a pocket's gay jingle, The slurp of a soda, the crunch of a cone, Mix these together on all school days, The promising sound of the malt-mixer's drone, And you'II find we're describing a scene at- SAVE YOUR RUBBER-USE YOUR FEET M KAYS 'S C THE STREET 'r of? it er ,QU i'i ki'ti'i'i'i k'kt'A'i'kk'k'k'k'kflri ki k'k'ki k'k'ki'i'ki'i' , ' OA un n urger d 'ki k'ki kk'k'ki A ki k'k'ki k'A ki'i kii'i A k'k'ki'i'-k'A ki' l A S o' A I s ,gf X ioo EAST MAIN N KARL KRUEGER ALHAMBRA I1741 your solution remember . see what Shirley, Mary, Sally, Martha, and julia say about Rikki's sportswear RIKKI'S are tops with us be- cause their clothes are young looking, easy to wear, and so serviceable. W' e practically Iiue in sports clothes and you know, as well as we do, that RIKKI'S have the choicest sport clothes in town. Casual Clothes for the High School and Career Girl for smart sportswear Kleils 'Tor distinctive Sports-wear Kt'eet'zs '7'or distinctive Sportswear ll6 W. Main Street All12l11bl'8 11751 make the most of playtime Play to keep nf BEST WISH ES TO for THOSE PERFECT P H O TO S 1945 GRADUATES S TA N AL D E N SPORTING GOODS CO. New location: 135 North Garfield 129 W. Main St. Alhambra AT 2'5l83 1Congratu1aTions Class of 1945 5 H. E. WELLMAN Quality Jewelry and Watches 1 1 Q AT. 2-6801 28 E. Main Street Established 1913 1:1761 S ur-,W ffwayxwymffnfffv 0444! 0 xlpaivjaff-1-Qyssfofi-G If S, ' ' J945 MFOCJ. 51.4990 lfa ' CO L 4vpvcfvif , TO THE CLA OF 'zfoa f4Q2 5 FINE APPAREL H EM H I I- I- S sfonenian a-nd Main 5 ' 27 E M Alh b CQNGRATULATIQNS CLASS CDFV15 94 ,K . . . . for that certam somethmg zn portraztsn Reithner Studios 23 N G feld Ave. Alhambra C If 'A Best Wishes... V. ' 5 ,-fini jg' N' ct' my to The class 4 Q 9 K N J x jx my X 'kj of ss i XXL . AIhambra s Leading Department Store 36 W, rystczlfis' 5 .6 . s ' Q A ' . , f ' .3 I ul I I 0 . . :W ,X J1W,,,mfeffffiffjj 31, . , R E ll wlsl-les ur 110 U 5 mlm' kills 5 ww W . 5 I Y Il - ' ' ' Willa:v 'l '? QQg, 3 - 1 ,,1fn111:ff W!4f'i , WMM . from s lu ., ' f ' ,mfruzffrfffwll Z QW - ufff1ffv1'f'fH'LJ-WX ye - ' wunxxxmxxxullllllqgg s ss s..4 .1 lf X ffl! W , f - -.,- , ' . ,f I . fzf-.-SFT!-KK ' .Qf A n li ,Mew X N s G+. - WOODY f3'f.L,,y vi Q3 ' '6 s, ' ff wzf , f M 28 West Main Best ot Success and Congratulations s,Eff'i ' , tfkfgpifff To lass ot X45 'C yfaksm W B R A G C3 s 30 West Main AT 10762 URCHIDS lo the CLASS of '45 .. ? 311 West Main S Alhambr CONGRATULATIONS to the SENICDRICLASS ol i945 Y IF YOU IT AT I6 E. MAIN ST . - IN ALHAMBRA AT. 2-8448 SINCE 1926 ITS ALWAYS GOOD I l is :Ast MAIN smssi' Tom and Bill extend their most sincere congratula- tions to the class of l94'5, also their appreciation for the wonderful patronage extended to them. May we both be of service to you in the future. TOM aiu. I 0 E. Main IISUI Compliments TQMSAQWEAEQS of .JL E if BERRY at GHASSMUEBK W 3, My h Music STORE gratula ins I gf' ,Q A O - RECORDS MX E' 'In fi J .yy ' 1jZf,Gf0f5f0feS jd INSTRUMENTS tiff, ff9 l HEET Mu I as , S , Sc TQBY l-lEEB'S ' 5 oRT'NG GOODS 227 E. Main Alhambra no w. Main sneer ATIantic 15314 AT- l'l5ll The Newspaper . . . There is no force which can re- motely approach the newspaper's influence in its own city. As the mirror reflecting every facet of the daily life-the births and the deaths, the marriages and the divorces, the promotions and the bankruptcies-the newspaper is the plastic which holds a com- munity together. Campaigning for charity funds, for better government, for war bonds, Red Cross. and for various other programs-these are the accepted activities of the news- paper. A L H A MBR A PCDST-ADVCDCATE G I F T gfQlQ4'1,Q 99644 5 H 0 p 250 East Main Street AT. 4-l98O Gifts That Are Different A -A' ir Delightful cards for every occasion i' 'A' i' Gifts Books Greeting Cards Circulating Library 111111 CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '45 to the 1945 graduate ' I GrISwoId S Corset Shop I l02 W. Main Alhambra AT. 2-5382 GIFTS OF IEWELRY ARE EVERLASTI NC l The store that confidence built I-I A R T'S JEWELERS RADIOS-REFRIGERATORS AT l'o325 I WASI-IERS-IRONERS MARTIN ELECTRIC THE ELECTRICAL STORE 120 W. Main Street Alhambra, California CORSAGES - SPRAYS FLOWER MART ,I ,.. AT. 2-3868 40 E' Mai' A 'a 'b'a 240-244 E. Main Alhambra Compliments fa of t W, ' 12, S IS PED R I ISI I'S IWW. LgaMffI-'e':IvM, 227 w. Main AT. 2-1486 Ofh?,.gfaF7'U?I:'2SIJ H5112 RECORDS - SHEET MUSIC - RADIOS gilgfj ,f 4? ,ff , I R, If ,IJ 'Ulf fQfIfW Wil all 'Q I - I Congratulations to the EIL? I .4 JU' Class of '45 Cf' A 2,.,fgfff.fff I' I I o N E S Cy' gy , DO-NUT SHOP less-W' 325 w. Main ' q R - I CAMP ,TOC S Sincere and Best Wz'shes L' NI ,II I I to the Classes of ' 9 E 'ii' : I . alll 1945 Alhambra HELIIIBLE PIIINT CII. l00 E. Main I 182 1 gQWQl9f WATCHESSCLOCKS l23 North Garfield Alhambra Ng , Congratulations and Best Wishes, Class of 1945 Yours for friendly service in a Friendly City AT. 4-l57l C R K T. C I-I E N E Y sY. z-1141 V' v . nullwm sS:::N:fe,12P2f::z::a ' Spend less than you make-insure adequately 9 V ' F New York Life Insurance Co. Attend the New Alhambra Business College lThe Approved School for Returned Veterans? 242 West Main Street Alhambra, California CHARLOTTE L. CLARK, Director 9 Phone ATIantic 2-1445 Best Wz'shes to the Class of 1945 Quintin 89' Westberg Architects , 308 S. Garfield Alhambra, Calif. THE ALHAMBRA FURRIERS A FRANK M. HEBBLETHWAITE ....... QUE ....... l 329 WEST MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA, CALIf0RNIA ATIantic 2-5409 UGHRTS gewelfy extend congratulations RINGS to WATCHES I 945 graduates DIAMONDS 39 West Main I1831 ma.a5.zfLa T if and E CONGRATULATIONS menls wean Class Ol V15 . 32 E. Main A Alhambra CONGRATULATIONS TO BEST WISHES CLASS OF ,45 CLASS 19145 - 0' ENNEY'S S,......D. esse . H3 E. Main 26 W. Main Street Alhambra Congratulations to Class Of l945 . L NER T TURNCERASTEVENS and TUR l Main Stl7AIm'ar1sor A A CCCI A S A Alhambra RUSSELL W. DAVIS CAMERA SHOP Vgest Street Tel.anATrai-6SS5omIa AXh3Illb1'ElQfl:iCCSllpp1y TER PHOTO SUPPLY 'Nw Skdwnvuf SM' . FOR BET ' FOR BETTER PHOTO FINISHING OK 'I'l2 W. Main Street Alhambra 9 FOR THE BETTER BO Q Qualify L. C. ANDERSON and Service P Proprietor S H A K E S M A L T S ICE CREAM AND SHERBETS ATV2058 SODAS - SUNDAES A Q . Congratulations TO THE CLASSES OF 1945 Casual Clohes . I RE VILLES SPORTSWEAR ll5 W. Main Street Alhambra, Calif. -Lf f' fl . . . Q. , ffm, 54 in R N 2 .. , .,, SRE , .2-lt 43' fl x jig, . 2 pa fu, I. ., .R 14. V. . .E A we S., 2 i T .ff 'X ,f 5. 1 , ii gg. 4. av ' T 'e .K 4. h.i, R,.L fm r1a41 . l 1 5? A R , 'fhfllfgaii 3. ., ,V f - ffJr?9wL D57 fAMA5ZZLW qwff2 f Mm W X ! MQPM ,QW ' fggZM,5,f?'g3K'fW -mf' Wcfwj My . A'1. . ' ' fi MffGvV'gMM ,i. 5 '?v '3M,',g.Uff y'?T5 , .1 A -Q fI5V?5 fs 'i'i QL, ' .,-- wL!VL!Jf4L1DjVY!4 i . - . MW ,wfi' , J V, A ,M,, M, VV15W,,,,, WML 731 M1 y Y .,Iv 4 112565 mi faLi S dgq ' ,A , +33 '97-E Q91

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Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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