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The Diary of Freddie Freshman TA F F Mabel Milligan Editor in Chiefii joan Stephens . Assistant Editor Howard Boyington . . Art Editor Henry Silva . Photography Editor Betty lo Young Business Editor Ed Brookins . Cover Design 1943 ALHAMBRAN Alhambra City High School Alhambra, California EAS I was strolling along the front hall on my way to an Annual Staff meeting, wondering fearfully how we would ever make our deadline, for it was only three days away, my thoughts were rudely interrupted by a little boy dashing along, bumping into everyone in his awful hurry. As he passed me a medium-sized, leather- bound book bounced to the floor. l snatched it up and streaked down the hall in pursuit, but he was already out of sight. How those scrubs D0 get around! I took the book along to the Annual meeting where we were working desperately. We read it and liked it so much that we immediately tossed aside all our other plans. We have cut and edited Freddie's diary and we hope that you will like it too. At least we will pass it on for what it is worth. ,,,,,, , 1l.L- f W 41 9471-Of l.Cl4'I'l alumni in tfze Qgervice These were honored in their generations, and were the glory of the times. 92 Ecclesiasticus XLIV 7. A i 2 vi 4, f , . L 4 2 3 ' g 'if W- -'-P',,.: ...WM L, W-. , Student ofon 90190 Uyinter l1,4 1 F i 1 Mr. Norman B. Scharer DEDICATICN To an understanding principal, a man, a tireless leader in school and civic life, the Staff takes particular pride in dedicating this, the 1943 ALHAMBRAN. :mf W,J,qvW,,,y,MMWM,gfMA,7M,,.1cwc 5lf7,fc,cm,z:,.,!arffUcZ, f3cf AW, cn. ca. If A Q QNML AMW- LM' f71,Q4,a,-U.-4 xldffe ,Q I 1 Administration Dear Diary: My Dad got very civic-minded and went up to the school board meeting last night. He says that the men run the meetings very well and really do everything they can think of to help us get the best education we can, and have fun at the same time, even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. They discussed at this meeting the two defense plant possibilities, of the boys' working a month and going to school a month, or having a split day. BOARD OF EDUCATION: Left to Right: Mrs. Frances Burton, Mrs. Hazel Postle lVice-Pres.l , Mr. Geo. L. Yelland lSec.l, Mrs. Elsa Pattison fAsst. to Sec.l, Mr. Aubry Miller lPres.l, Mr. Geo. E. Bettingcr lSupt. of Schoolsl, Mr. Maurice R. Stokesbary fAsst. Supt. of Schoolsl , Mr. R. Leslie Sparks, Dr. Samuel I. Broadwell. Mr. George E. Bettinger .... City Superintendent of Schools Mr. Maurice R. Stokesbary . . Assistant Superintendent of Schools . . . Well, well, l saw Mr. Bettinger at the football game this afternoon, and I never saw anybody enjoy a game more. He gets a bigger kick out of it than most of the kids. But then he always seems to be interested in what we are doing . . . Mr. Stokesbury comes up to school every once in a while and visits our Orientation class. l don't see how he can stand to sit through an hour of that! E91 .Aff- 1 MR. A. EWING KONOLD Boys' Vice Princi al P MISS EFFINE P. BLOUNT Girls' Vice Principal MRS. ,,..n HELEN V. HOOD Counselor A...1 1- MR. DALE R. STODDARD Counselor-Registrar ,R M1 nn.xoNoLu ,T ' 9 I 0 1 A MX I ,MIIHIIIII Dear Diary: Today I met a woman who I think is pretty nice. She is Miss Blount. She was walking up the stairs on crutches, so I thought I would help her. She was very grateful and she told me she had broken her ankle. She certainly is brave to walk down these halls with all these wild Indians. All the girls I know say she is very kind and understanding. lShe must be marvelous if she can understand womeng they're my biggest probIem.? . . . It didn't take me long to find out that Mr. Konold is a regular guy. To- day I was late to fifth period because I got mixed up about C.R. Mr. Kon- old only laughed and said it happens to everyone ONCE. He said, however, that it wasn't a good excuse the second time. Mr. Konold is certainly a busy man as he is adviser of the Boys' Feder- ation and the Commission. Even with all this responsibility he is always willing to give poor scrubs like me a little of his time. . . . When I was still in grammar school Mrs. Hood, the counselor, came to talk to us about the subjects we should take. She made everything real clear to me, and I had my program all ready. But sure enough, today they put me in an A9 Algebra class instead of B9. I was scared enough anyway on my first day of school without something like this happening. Everything is all straightened out now though because my teacher sent me to see Mr. Stoddard, the registrar, to get it fixed up. He is the same fellow who helped Bud fix his transcript lcheck that word? for the Army Air Corps. He arranges all the pro- grams for the kids in school, and Sis says it is quite a job to keep their credits straight. SECRETARIES Left to right: Middleton, Anderson, Murrell, Sehy, Holmes, Gillis 5 s 1 'N MISS P. CHANCE MISS INA McCOLLUM Attendance Clerk MR. EDMOND T. CASEY Director of Child Welfare and Attendance MR. H. EARL DIFFENDERFER Attendance Officer z.: ew- , -if' i?P4-4 AZ' N It seems today was a bad day. Sis and I both had trouble at school. First, I was late for one of my classes, so I had to get a tardy slip. Miss McCollum, who is in charge of attendance, explained to me about our tardy system and her secretary helped me to make out my slip. I promise never to be tardy again because I want to keep a good merit score. My Sis went to see Mr. Casey for a work permit for Christmas work, but Mr. Diffenderfer, his assistant, said she needed a birth certificate before she could get the permit. We spent all afternoon looking for it . . . . Mr. Schultz, the speech correction teacher, has been helping Thuzie with her speech after school. She has trouble pronouncing her words clearly. Miss Leonard has been helping her keep up her work in her classes, 'cause Suzie's speech trouble kind of handicaps her. MISS DELLA LEONARD Visiting Teacher MR. DONALD A. SCHULTZ Visiting Teacher I l Z i I Z g . .. ...xl , N m '1T : i !1Hgt 11,1,'T'19 171?3Vgfa:i1:: 1'Lf 2-'FE ,. fs, 5 , 1 '- , jf-5, 4' ' , f '3::'- - fi' YEQT, : 'F ' REV . VV 11 ,V V, I-Q. VV UVLVV?ZVi,AVVV1!,V1V? 3? , Q . 111 V, . .1 : V V- 1. 1,11 .1 V V ' ig - 1- 1 ,, V w .L 1 1 gi 1 1 1 14. 1 4 1 1 3-5 gig 'VA ' 1 ' 11 11 11 V,VV11g1Vi5jV15.1 VVV1 V VV V 11 ' 11' 1'11 '1ff'??f3i'v5 !, , ' 1, ' , 561' 111 11' ' '11 1 1QfiE:TZ'Q'Tf.'.f11 1 1 1 ' iii. 1 1 1 5 ,V , V 5' ' 11' 1' 11 '11L1 f!1?5,11921 1'211' I111' '19 ' ' 1 ' 5 1 11 11 1 '1 ,11 11:f1211f 11 1 112.1 -41 3 : Vw ' ',11111 1 , ' 1 'ui' 122 3?- 1 V gr V 1 :V 1 1 V . 11 in ' -1 - ' 1 ' ,1f ec . QV - QV ' VV f Q. fi' 1 1 . 1 k nifxg , 5 'QA Q I P 1. 1wf 5'-1+ F 1 11 I ' , 1 1 . 1 1 N :: 14l'? A '1 1 1'111V '11 ' -1111-Wg , -12 114 11-55 :Q 1. , V 'VV 1 1 ' ' H1151 , '111f',1,,' 11 . 4 11, .1 ,1 V 11-111 1. 1 '11 1 11 1 4- sg ,, V- 1 V -1-1 1 'LV,,,VV'1f, M1111 1V ' 1, K V 1 V 3, 1 1 L1I'1 , ,gb VVVVV L V ' - D 'V :L Y i Q ji, 4 L Y' 1 ' ' ' V 1 , VV if 1. -ff' 111f111 111. '1 ' ' 1V V31 V 1 1V V 511 1 1' J.. ,'V 1 '1 Q- ' V . ' 1 -' V- ' , f 1- V 1 3,1-1' 1- . V, .1 , 6-,, .. E 1' K . - .1 1 1 V 1- , 1' 11 J' ' -if' 1, f ??H.'1 .1 . ' , ff ' . 1 W'5'1 11 :' ' TAF1t4 1 i 1 11 .., -. . 1, -r'1 1 V GxV5x.11 1112 V , 111- . y'1'VlK1. ' 12 'Viv ' 35-.f1 1. time .H Mg, ,., 1' 1111. wi , 5' .1715 1 - ' ,bf -11, .1.ff 1'j f.i2'i11?1f' 1. ., 1 1' ff - ,. fi v-.J.1' ',-1 V4 1.f'f:,21L1:' if '1f 1 ,1953 5 ,- f. . 1-.1 'H-gu:.g ,. .1111 .V1. 71, 1. 1 ,, v' . J V .'. ga 1.g4-Vcg-Vm,11g 111V V,,.,v11g?V1gVs 1 1 , , -V ' 'mg -1W1f'.' ' 13111111111 'Phi-WFf', '- .w: J ' ---wifi ' 1 ' E 1 2 ,,!.,g.-11,11 f11,1XV,. .11.,,,V,1L 1,511 MW, ' , Q 121. H 1 . 1 1512114 . . - '-'1,'1n 11 1 1 '. ' if ' 1 1 -, , 1 1 1, 711 - 1 11. 1 1 ' 11111. 11 1 1,'I ' f 1 , ' U' 111 1 - '11 i 111 ? .Q 2 uw '21 ' 111x 11'1' 11's..l' ' ' . 1 2- li rf: , ' ' 1 ' W' '31 'T11 - 'WSE' ' 7f:52,Vfi5'iLf4 4 ' 'If' '-': 1 ' N215 ig? 1155 1 1 J 1' .gm 1 . 4. '.'1' A 1- f M111 11-111 Q 1 ' -1 V5 -1 V ,. V -1 1' 1 ' V -13 qj.-Q- 5.1. 1311.51.21 Lf, 11 Y , 1 -- - - ... ,Q I 1 . .-1 11,111 15, 1 f- ff W 'fin V, , - . - VV g 1 ,. f V. 1, 1,-fm f- 'v V, ' -, ' 1- 1- V 1- V . 1 - v 1-1-11 , 332- 1'-I ' -1 ,WV 1. . .eu 'lk' 1- -1 ' A , 5' , ' . I P 4 , ' .u 1 ' ' 4 1 '- V da. .fi-5 V-'fy ,- . -3' V 3. 1- jV 'L I 'J 1 1 5- . ' 4. ,. .VV,V.V V,f.V.1 VV 11VV., VV , ' ff LW 12' ' ' V' ' 'A V '1V Vs V V Q A ' ,115 V VV .1TVVVV-1V-.Wi V V .Ve ,V1V V' V. Vg., V -VV,-V lf.. ' V :Y Q . 1, ,VV , VV 11 1, V. ,V - S ! --l'5 ?f21 111 711. 1 .1-11 1.1' . ' 1 .1 vi ML 1' ?' 1 '1' WW11? 1121 11 - 111111 1 , 1 J 111111111111 1 111,11 11 211-,11'1 11 1'1 R '1111 111111 1!111'11111. ' ' 1 1',,r1f' 1.1 1 ' VV. 41 gV111VVVVV V1 A ,-1 QV V- 1,EV?V?., . I .V VV: V V VV1111VV 1 V , f f ' 1.743 ',1'1'f 1 , ' .' 1 1 J . V 5 1 , 1 V V V , 1 ..1 -511 11 , 5 1 ' Q I ' . V ' , 11 -QQVVV , V 1 ' V 9 V V V 1 'V F A Q 1 ' 1 - 4 . 1 ' 5' 'f .. f. 2 4 ' ,1 1 1, A W 1 ' 1 1 11 ,. V Qfzl ,V-'HV1'1V 11. . Q Q I 1.1 ,111: 1F'1VV11VV..11V1 1 n,Vf1gf3fgWf'g 1V1 ' '1 bf '31 , 1 V 1.11 . Q, f11, ' ' 'X' 54,-11 ' 1' 1 -Wkf-f.. ' ' V 1 11 Q -. , 1 1, Y 1- ., 4 I Vg! ' 1 . iss: iVV,gVuf' .,. ' V 1 ' V V . V V . V V :V N ' ' , . ' 1 V1 1 1 1 I 1, .J 1 . ' 'W' ' ' I I fx ' 11 i 1 fu- 1 ' ' I 1 .VVVVVVV V 1 V 1 PM ' . 1 1 11 , 1 1 , 11V11 , ' 1 .' 41,5 V 1.11 V V 'V 1111,.m , '-2. ' r 'Ln ' I ---, - . Q E Q .,.., Nyfqui .,... I BILL TSCHANZ DON REITHNER A. EWING KONOLD mmissioner-General Commissioner-General Commission Adviser ' The Commission Well, Diary: Today we received the final ballots for Commission offices. I certainly like AIhambra's system of student government and democratic student elec- tions. Why I had just as much say in electing the Commissioner General as the seniors did. The Commission has certainly led the students in many worthwhile ser- vices. They have promoted the sale of stamps and bonds here at school. They have continued the student court, established a code of ethics for the stu- dents, sponsored a talent show fSuzie was a wowll to raise money for some school improvements, helped to sponsor a drive for books for our servicemen, and sent our football team to Phoenix for their first out-of-state game. They sponsored some keen dances, too, including the Mid-Winter Prom, the Rodeo Romp, and the Backward Dance. They also helped to support the Alhambra Civic Dances. There is just one thing I don't understand about the Commission, and that is how do all those people get in that little room in Mr. KonoId's office? I hope when I am, a Senior I will be lucky enough to be a Commissioner. I can't think of anything I would rather bel E141 This'll kill them' CHARLOTTE HAGER FRED SCHUMACHER BOB ETNYRE PAT DANSKIN Finance Finance Clubs Clubs IOHN KIRKPATRICK IRVING SLATER MABEL MILLIGAN ANNIE LAURIE ERWIN Athletics Athletics Literature Forensics SHEILA Hayward BUD DONALDSON SUE HAMILTON NICK TASSOP Girls Boys Asst. Literature Asst. Finance f , A 1 V naiei a e Q M g W A , J Q, .Q . ,. K A AW QD X 0x A h 1 T-- ' MII KE: XXI , . .,,:,: 9 , GIRLS' LEAGUE: Left to Right, Standing: Van Brock- Iin, Whitaker, Swartz, Tague, Martin, Stephens, Kemp, Graham, Elrikson, Moore, Hayward, Curran. Sitting: Freeman, Bruner, lane, Leavitt, Blount. On Floor: Tague, Crump, Cooper OFFICERS: Left to Right: Erikson iSec.I, Moore KV- Pres.I , Blount iAdv.I , Hayward iPres.I , Curran iTreas.I The Girls' eague . . . Today as I was walking in the basement of the West Wing I passed the Girls' League office. I heard gales of laughter and silly girlish giggles from inside. I told Sis at dinner tonight that I didn't think girls ever did anything but gossip and giggle, and she was so mad we almost had a family feud. This is what she told me about the girls when she finally cooled down enough to talk to me. f Of course the Girls' League does things worth while. We have collected candles, keys, shoe polisher materials, and lots of other things for the Red Cross. With the Boys' Federation we have sponsored a rubber drive, bought a ping-pong table for the U.S.O., and taken candy and cards to the soldiers at Moor Field. We have taken out subscriptions to the Red Cross and the War Chest. Why you can hardly name a thing the Girls' League hasn't done in the ways of school, civic, war, or social activities. Well, Diary, I guess I now stand corrected. I guess these girls aren't as silly as they seem to be! 'N W BOYS' FEDERATION-Left to Right: Putman lCl1. Community Ser.l, Welser lCh. School Ser.l, Wheeler lTreas.l , Konold lAdv.l, Kandall CV.-Pres.l, Black lSec.l, Donaldson lPres.7, Fryer lCh. Personal Ser.l Boys' Federation Gosh! Alhambra High is sure a scrambled place. Today, my first day at high school, I got lost first thing. l hunted high and low for a room but couldn't find it even though Sis had told me all about the school. lMy sis, she's a junior, is some dishll Finally some big handsome guy, who said he was a Boys' Federation host, came and took me under his wing. On the way to my next class he told me that he knew my big senior bro- ther. Also he fed me a line about what the Federation was planning to do during this year. They are planning to sponsor shows, print placards for football games, act as hosts for us scrubs, help the U.S.0. and the Christmas Relief program, and generally boost school activities. When l got home tonight my big brother told me l had been talking to the president of the Federation. . . . I heard the boys sure liked the dinner the girls bought them because they won the ticket sales contest of the League-Federation Show. E171 In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye ha done it unto me. U81 h Christmas Dear Diary: Gee, it's almost Christmas and I haven't gotten anything for Sis. Good- ness knows Christmas has been on my mind long enough with all the things we've been doing at school, but I just can't decide what to get her. leepers!! It was clear back in October when we donated all our nickles and packed those 406 boxes for the service men! And it sure looked funny to see Merry Christmas in the special Service men's edition ot the Moor. Miss Walker and Miss Wade and Mr. Smith sure have a big job on their hands with that War Activities Committee, and they've had a lot of brainstorms-and made 'em work too. Last Friday we saw a super Christmas pageant. It kind of made you feel all wiggly inside. Sis said it was the best Christmas program she'd seen in a long time. They had a whole lot of scenes in pantomime with costumes and special lighting and music and just everything! Well, Diary, I guess l'd better go get that present for Sis now . . . I wish I could think of something besides handkerchiefs . . . Christmas over seas. I rvic en . . . I was looking around the auditorium during one of those speeches the other day and began studying the service flag on the west wall, and it IS fine looking. Later I noticed a scroll on the foya il wonder if that is spelled right?J with the faculty men in the service. We have an even dozenfi :1iSince Freddie Freshman omitted the names of the service men, we have added them for your information. Lorion Stillion, Theodore Beal, Iohn Hogan, Kenneth Grumbles, Arthur Dakan, Richard Wilson, Keith Wilson, Ivan Tagert, Elmer Ensz, Roy Wheeler, Harold Heyl, Charles Scanlon. Row I: C. L. Casner, W. W. Armstrong, W. E. Calderwood, D. Livermore, I. Dundee, I. K. . Clinkscales Ir. Row 2: S'. Concialdi Ir., R. L. Hendrickson, W. R. Kelly, C. L. Kenny, I. Cosbey, K. Stoltz, C. B. Fowlie, F. A. Graham, G. F. Coleman. Row 3: R. E. Iones, I. Forrest, I. R. Bechtel, I. M. Kelly, R. Cowie, B. P. Brown. lURow 4: L. Malone, E. Malone, P. Manning, M. Patterson, I. H. Milligan, A. Petrie. Row 5: I. C. Kelly, R. A. Plank, I. Schlerf, G. Schlerf, G. Iacobs, R. Olson. Row Row Row Row Row 71 '1 1 1.1! . Q11 1: Nw EV M ,fm , .1.: ' 1 11 1 1:5:1.:'a1. 11 1 111 1 1 11m11N1' E r .1'r V. X' . .1 111 , I 'y1,1 1 1 W ' 11 H 1' TEM? I -4 W 1 4. 1 16 1, 1 if 17' 4 1 1 1 1, 1 1-1 - bi v. it Yx 1?g'?7f f ' 1 1' :ig v l 1 A ' ' WE15' -,X 12 S xx SQXQLLE Au Jifff I W7 r' '- fi '.Q1F ' :mx ifgggifiyh' U 1' . Q 5115 5, K7 ,, 2- . ,g,3..1 A I' 1 'v E?QF5,'fQf Q Ma A ' i:VE3- 'T 5 ...QA X A i 1 ' q5Wi1FTfN, . Nl H uf A 1 1 N 1 1 .5251 . 1 4? 5 1 iff! 5 'lf li? 1. -Q , . 1 .F . 1 WIP W 3 4 . f S 'wht' Q? ww - lx i 1 4' ' 155, 1'-ff - 55 , g' 1 ' 4' 1.. 5 71' vt ' 1,,, 1 . ' H, 1 ., as : .r- 1 ',!1i x I s. M, 9 qiufv: I 4 1EQ, 1 QQ D' gg. if Q? E15 2.11 ig awk 1! 5 .A 1' 1111 KW Aifx a 3 Rggmkzdggi ',,, 'kiggf .g 1' 1. il ,ig ,W L ' 1 1 1 - I :fEI:: ' ii .. 'fa . Q , 'Y iim 3 Q Y .553 1? Y L ,.. Q 23252 ' 1 1 ' Jwgk f f1 H . -1' 5'-'J 13 I. 'ff-affix is Q 12, I 1 - lr w'H1 I! , Y. fy! if 5. 'E , ' X 'F 'fsi ,wfmiii . Y 1 1 f , 1 - 1 1, -11 2111122 1 Q 1 P 3 ' 1 1132, 1 1 M 1 11 1-1 W . 111 1 1 .f 1 7 'Q'.'f F 1 1 1 1, W - ' 522 M 'f , J 11N M M11 ig-I? HL X V it A 1 1 - 11-111W 1 !i:1111J 1...JH A 1111 fw11l1f dw' 11 1 1 .1g 1 - 11w'1 1 1111'1fLa4 14 .1 ,, ,.11,, , ..1h . 11 :A 1 11 1 11 . 11 , A ,. lm Y111 :E 1 1.1 , 19551. M5 . .1 1,11 . 11'11 V11 '11 1 1'11 11 1 1 TT' '?l1i1 11 1111 1-1r 1 21' 1111 'nfwf' ' 11 1 1 1. 115 11 11 1111 ' 1'3I?sQ'1 111, 1 . Y !?1Z11iHLV '1 ' W .w '111H 11,123 , 1 1 ,- ' ,1 1 11 1 '1 W11111 .1 11111 5 231.1151-'B :5f3k ,g-:Q am' 1 we 1 11! sw-1,1-1 11 1111 W 1 H, -W 11 1 .gan 'f - abd. 1mw1 Q 1 , . lf. 1111 1 1.1111 WL, 11W 1' , Wl. 1 33 ,, if :J11 X .31 1 eil Ei +1 V11 . '55 11' 1 1' 1 W 'fu M2152 fm 84 4' 11,11 'N ggi' ,.1, .431 , 1- if -,fa -1. . 1 +3 fm . ggi I . N 14 'fx i fffEf'5T - ' 1 N ' A' 5 '71, A 5 1 ' ' N R 1.11 1 ,1 ,Aw . , -. 1 Q, 1 - 1 . , .1 N ..,, V . my A. A ,,5,,,.,4 ,- .. H A .1 F 1 .Z .,11, 11,,, 1 ,,1... . H1 .. . ., 5 Mu-E! wx M I W I , 5 A ,J W 5 it V F I V , N.-:A EE I1 1 1 fx, -w1i Q 9 if ' 2,14 . ' V , 1 . wa.. -1,1,11.:g:g:, ., 1, .. 1- ,- . r ie! ,: 5 f5, .- J- A: 1' . 13 -. Dim- K J 1411 17 '. '.'1 17' - 6-, . ? fl T Q1 1 4 bf 55,41 L W' 1 4 uf 1- T '-N-1, 'fs is 1 M ,4 if 4 Af L Q ,l :WV ,fn 1: -- . L ,f 1,11 '5 . fa -. Af '17 'FT'?- Ti. Q Qmsrxmiw 453- iw' NWN -W, ML M Q ,,- X N fi ,, N 5 55' fm gQ, s-. -' 5'w1'HfQ'g,- 610- , w 3 .Ji- -sa. , ,L WF 3 ,I V 8 af .1 ails. X.,,.:,, V -X ev. 5 2'n-'if 2 , 4 V w '- .. V. A I E, A, km 'X wx tix ' XKTTA . Q, Q AEM MF fl' W W ,. M Q,f5q s1 ' M 1, L.- ? Q, .71 V 3 w Qmlw i 5- 3 jf, . ,,, , - fg P 5' ,W-,, - ' 1 J P , I Ei ' ' wx F nm . , ,kg L JI U' 52' 'f , 1,4 MISS CLARA M. WILLITS After more than twenty-eight years of faithful and inspired work, Miss C. M. Willits retires from active service in the Social Science department of the Alhambra High School. With her go the best wishes of her many admirers and friends. E251 M, .. ,.m Y .,,,,...,.. gg 4' ' Aff!! , ij! ' '1,d'.J4.t'13 1 1, q v k 5. I-.1 R g, 1 I 1: if I . b 571.5 .fa . Q., -of SSPi2i'2E3'7Lf5EsiSfs'i.v, , , , ...:gwf1qg,fsmL, w w w w.m,fWs:w1 1 S 5. F! J ,-'nur ' . : . v.- .,P. P - QQFTITTEB wstENcg0,RTg0uNcIL 2:3:a,212?'B5:1:n?ME1.efe1z:az.,f. Marg, I5 el' FEBS. , 8 EFS BC. , SC alll. Winter Class of 1943 Dear Diary: I guess it's going to look kinda funny without all those cinnamon colored sacks running around here at Alhambra. I can hardly wait 'til I'm old enough to get a sack. Spike jones and his City Slickers played for the Midwinter Prom. I sure wish I could have gone and taken Suzie, but I'm only a scrub and I couldn't get tickets, 'cause I waited until the last minute. just about all the Seniors went to the snow when they had their Ditch Day. Sis had a date to go to the Cocoanut Grove after graduation, so she told me all about it. She said everyone was there. Lots of the boys went into the Army before graduation. Out of all those guys only one could get leave to graduate, and that was Don Winters. fi Sb J im? 7 45 4 T Qc h zsff f ii' i I 1- 'il . . :nest 42,1 Ar m . . lps - N Q Q . . . color . . . mud! fx IIIIIIIIIW' im I I- Q Q! - E NX L 3 CASPER, BETTY ARNOLD. LAWRENCE General BABBITT, EUNICE General Sr. Play Sr. Glee Club BECKER, HUBERT Business Comm. Ticket Mgr Commercial Club- Treas Spanish Club BOURN E, NATALI E College Prep ' Campus Club Tri-Y French Club Art Club B9 Girls League Comm. AULTMAN, MERNA General Commercial Club Gamml Chi Tri-Y BAGLEY, BETTYE College Prep Campus Club Moor Staff Camera Club Broadcasters Club Spanish Club BEEBY, JOYCE College Prep Jr. Class Sec. Glrls League Sr. Play Campus Club Camera Club BOWERMAN, BARBARA College Prep Campus Club AYERS, MABEL Secretarial BARRETT, JACK College Prep Sr. Hl-Y Latln Club Sr. P'1y BEMILLER, TED College Prep Varsity Club Longfellows--Pres. Science Club-V.P. B Basketball V Basketball BOWERS, GENE General Boys Glee Club BROWN, LOUISE General Art Club 3g year Graduate BUSH EY, DOROTHY General Jr. Class-V.P. Sr. Council Sr. Play Girls League Campus Club--Pres. cAYoT, DEAN College Prep V Football Camera Club Annual Photographer Sr. Play CONNER, VIRGINIA College Prep Forensic Club-V.P. Scholarship Society Sr. Glee Club. Latin Club Las Moras BUNT. BETTY College Prep Campus Club Camera Club CALDWELL, MARIAN College Prep G.A.A. Spanish Club Broadcasters Club Alpha Trl-Y-Pres. COLLINS, ROBERT College Prep Band Sr. Orchestra Sr. Play B Tennis C.S.F. COOK, VERA College Prep Latin Club Quill and Scroll- V.P. Moor Mgr. Ed. BURTON, DICK General C-B Track C-B Football B Club V Football Los Alcaldes General Cam pus C I u b CONN. RALPH College Prep Spanish Club Science Club Light 6. Shadow Masquers Sr. Play COOPER, GALEN General Sr. Play FIELDS, BILL General Art Art Club Scout Club Sr. Hi-Y FRANZ, NANCY College Prep GLAVIANO, CHARLES General HANSEN, ANNABELLE General Art Club Campus Club French Club FISCHER, NADINE General Cam Dus Club Sr. Cnuncil Treas. GILLIES. DAVE College Prep Jr. Exchange-Pres. C Football B Football-Captain Annual Photographer Camera Club GROSSO, JIM Jr. Exchange Band Spanish Club Dance Orchestra Sr. Orchestra HEIDRICH, RICHARD Drafting Longfellows Club V Track COOPER, JACQUELI NE General DALEN, LAWRENCE College Prep Student Store Mgr. Los Alcaldes Sr. Play Usher Club Jr. Class Pres. DOUGLAS. MARGARET French Club Tennls Club EKI NS. KENNETH General Usher Club Spanish Club 35 year Graduate Annual Salesman FLETCHER. JOHN College Prep Longfellows-Pres. Science Club Sr. Play GILMORE, KAY General Art Club Jr. Red Cross Club HALFACRE SUZANNE College Prep Spanish Club Art Club ' Science Club Pequenitas C.S.F. HEUSTON, CRAIG College Prep. Scholarsh lp-Treas. Broadcasters-Pres. French Club Los Alcaldes Sr. Play COWIE, ROD College Prep Sr. Hf-Y Track DENNIS. DlCK B Football A Football Los Alcaldes Jr. Exchange Annual Salesman DOWNS, LOIS MARIE College Prep Spanish Club Art Club Scholarship Jr. Prom Comm. ELDER, MARGARET College Prep Spanish Club Science Club T Club-Pres. Sr. Play Band CRAWFORD, DALE College Prep DICKEY. RUTH College Prep Sr. Glee Club Spanish Club Theta Trl-Y EDGERTON, LYNN College Hi Hatters Art Club Sports Club FETTEN, BETTY JANE College Prep Scholarship Society Library Club Spanlsh Club Jr. Prom Comm. Tri-Y HOON, BETTE General -V it I JAMlsoN, BRITOMART College Prep. Scholarship Society Science Club Art Club Spanish Club Luloa Tri-Y JOHNSON, WALTER General KEITH, FRED College Prep. Camera Club-Seof Treas. Annual Photographer HUNT, BILL College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y Sr. Play French Club Science Club Sophomore Class Treas. JENSEN, MAVIS General Hi-Hatters Club G.A.A. Art Club JOHNSTON, VIRGINIA General Broadcasters KING, DOROTHY General Sr. Glee Club Light and Shadow Alpha Tri-Y Sr. Play HUNTER, MARJORIE General JOHNSON, VIRGINIA College Prep. Spanish Club KEENE, BILL College Prep. Sr. Play Llght and Shadow Club Sr. Hl-Y Latin Club KIRBY, REGINA ANN Secretarial Moor Staff Camera Club Make-up Crew Sr. Play KITABJIAN, JAMES College Prep. Scholarship Society Latin Club Glee Club I 1 I LEE, GILBERT , I College Prep. V Track V Basketball Los Alcaldes Spanish Club Stage Crew ,5 LOCHARD, KEITH I College Prep. Longfellow Latin Club Sports Club Science Club C 8. A Football McKINNEY, MARILYNN Commercial Commercial Club- Pres. Library Club . Bank Secretarial Club KN ISS, ROBERT College Prep. Scholarship Society Sr. Play Jr. Hi-Y Spanish Club Band LEWIS, BETTY General LOWRY, HELEN College Prep. Moor Coby Writer Girls League Rep. Post Ad. Liter. Comm. Spanish Club Qulll and Scroll McNElLLEY, DUANE College Prep. Spanish Club Art Club LANTZ, BETTY MAE General Light and Shadow Make-up Crew Sigma Tri-Y Sophomore Class-V P LINEBACK, BOB College Prep. Sr. Hi-Y McDONALD, HOWARD General MARCHBANK, BARBARA General T Club MARTIN, HELEN M. ' General Spanish Club I Broadcasters Club Sports Club Camera Club MILLER, ZAN General Light and Shadow Camera Club Sr. Play Stage Crew Jr. Exchange MORDEN, CHARLES College Prep. Sr. Play Los Alcaldes Science Club I PEARSON, ANDRALL Senlor Class Pres. Moor Sports Ed. B Bt C Basketball Scholarship Society B Club-Pres. Jr. Exchange-Pres. PETERS. BETTY MAE General Hi Hatters RICHARDSON, MARIANA College Prep. Library Club-Treas. Latin Club-Sec. Pequenltas Scholarship Society Writers Gulld SHAW, WALTER General Sr. Orchestra Band Jr. Exchange School Projectlonlst PEARSON, RICHARD Editor of Moor V.P. Senior Class B and C Basketball Scholarshi Soclet D Y Quill and Scroll-Pres. Jr. Exchange-Sec. PHELPS, MILDRED General Secretarial Club Masquers Llght and Shadow Make-up Crew Sr. Prom Committee RITTER, SELMA SI Sec. Bus. Ed. Office Commercial Club-VHP. Alpha Mr. Tri-Y- Pres. MINGTON. WALTER Drafting Tennis Masquers--Treas. Light and Shadow- V.P. Rally Commlttee NELSON, WALT General Jr. Exchange Camera Club V Basketball MAYNARD, J. B. General MITCHELL, BONNIE College Prep. Latin Club MUDNICH, KAIHEFIINE College Prep. French Club Jr. Red Cross Club NEWBERRY, RACHEL General Moor Ed. Feature Sr. Glee Club MILLER, HELEN MAE General Moor Staff Camera Club Make-up Crew Sr. Play MOORE, LILLIAN General Sr. Play Latin Club Campus Club Make-up Crew Light and Shadow MYERS, HENRY College Prep. Sr. Play Latin Club Scholarship Los Alcaldes PACE. BILL General Commercial Club Sports Club Stage Crew PERRY, DON Drafting Sr. Boys Glee Club Stage Crew Sr. Play POWELL, GAREY College Prep. Annual Photographer Camera Club-Pres. Science Club Latin Club ROBINSON, TED College Prep. Scholarship Society Science Club Spanish Club SIMPSON, ELAINE Commercial Bus. Mgr. Moor Commercial Club Sports Club G.A.A. If , SIMS, MARGARET General Sr. Play Prod. Staff Commercial Club Camera Club G.A.A. Make-up Crew SPEER, PAT General Sr. Play Campus Club-Pres. Sophomore Class-V.P. Camera Club Science Club TIMMONS, JANE General Crescent Trl-Y Theta Trl-Y TORKELSON. DON College Prep. Jr. Exchange-V.P. Spanish Club l SMITH, GEORGEANN General Las Moras Camera Club SPICHER, WESLEY College Prep. TODD, WALTER College Prep. Jr. Varsity Tennis Spanish Club TSCHANZ, BILL General Comm. General Sr. Ceuncll Sr. Hi-Y Sr. Play Jr. Varsity Tennis SNELL, LOIS JEAN General Campus Club-Pres. Pep Squad Leader Sr. Glee Club Minor A. Science Club SWEETLAND, BETTY General Commercial Club-Seo. Bank Clerk TOMPKINS, BARBARA LEE College Prep. Llghl: and Shadow- Pres. Sr. Play Pequenltas Spanish Club VICK. CLAUDINE College Prep. Art Club Campus Club-V.P. Theta Tri-Y WATTERS, JEAN ANNE College Prep. Sr. Play Sophomore Class-Sec. Sr. CouncllAec. Campus Club Prom Queen Attendant WESTBROOK. ELEANOR General French Club-Sec. Musicians Club-Pres. Sr. Play Camera Club WILLIAMS, ROBERT E. College Prep. Usher Club-Chief Head Usher Science Club Scout Club V Football V Basketball WOODARD, JANET College Prep. Spanish Club Sports Club Commercial Club 312 year Graduate WELLS, CHARLIECE General Sr. Play Light and Shadow Girls League Rep. Annual Staff-1942 Prom Queen Attendant WETZEL, ELAINE College Prep. Campus Club-Sec. Sr. Play Light and Shadow- Sec. Sr. Tri-Y Sr. Glee Club WISSMANN. ELWOOD College Prep. Latin Club Science Club WORMALD, BETTY JEAN College Prep. Science Club WELTE, ROBERT College Prep. Chemistry Team Scholarship Society C.S.F. WILKINS, LEROY General Student Store Usher Club Los Alcaldes WOOD. MARGARET Sec. Bus. Ed. Office Secretarial Commercial ClubAec Secretarial Club-Sec. WYANT, NORMA JEAN College Prep. Campus Club French Club Song Leader Sr. Play Jr. Class Treas. CAMERA-SHY SENIORS BARTH, DON General BOONE, BOB College Prep. V Football V Club V Basketball Art Club B Basketball BRECHT, INGEBORG Home Economics Crescent Tri-Y BURWELL. DAVID College Prep. Spanish Club French Club Latln Club CALHOUN. LORRAINE General CARNOT, JERRY General Stage Crew B Basketball DAY, JOHN General DUNLAP, BURKE College Prep. Debate 35 year Graduate FERRARO, TONY General V Football V Basketball V Club Jr. Exchange B Football FOWLIE, CHARLES B. General GOEBELS. GERALDINE General Sr. Glee Club GOODKNIGHT, BOB College Prep. V Football V Basketball V Club Jr. Exchange Art Club GRITZMAKER, LOIS Bookkeeping Christmas Play Drama Club Assoclatlon of A.A.A. San Marlno Hall G.A.A. HOLMES. DON General Hi-Y KARP, BILL College Prep. Spanish Club KIRKPATRICK, JOHN College Prep. V Football V Basketball V Baseball Comm. of Athletics Varsity Club LITTLE, DAVID J. General MCGOWANn JOHN General MORGAN, EARLE College Prep. Sclence Club Chemlstry Team ORDWAY. ARNOLD Draftlng PETRE, ROY College Prep. B Football B Club V Football V Club V Basketball REISNER. ROSE MARI General STRONG, JERRY Treas. Boys Federat TOLAND, WAYNE College Prep. Spanish Club Scout Club VINTON, WARREN College Prep. V Football V Basketball V Club Art Club B Football WATKINS. JANE College Prep. French Club Quill and Scroll Moor Staff Alpha Trl-Y Spanish Club E lon WATSON. CHARLOTTE General Commercial Club Comm. of Finance Bank WINTER, DON General LEAGUE ROOM YOUNGER. BETTY College Prep. Alpha Mu Trl-Y- Pres. Sr. Glrls Glee Club Spanlsh Club Z f l Z f bw' Ks' uh' swf Move. You ve been there , sf? for fifteen minutes . J' 5 Q G I xo pg - - ff to .IQ ! O fl' ' I A lill e ll' .1 CAST: Lett to right standing: Pearson, Morden, Elder, Dalen, Cooper, Wells, Meyers, Atchley, 4 j A ,ui 1 Q' :- Barrett, Watters, Keene, Kniss. Seated: Hueston, J , , if ' ' V ' ' Westbrook. I' ' Senior Play THE MAN WHO CAME T0 DINNER Dear Diary: Suzie and l went to the matinee of The Man Who Came to Dinner, produced by the Winter Class of l943. The story was about the bearded Sheridan Whiteside lCraig Heustonl and his un- expected stay at the Stanley home in Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley lLaw- rence Dalen and Dorothy King? V were stuck with Mr. White- side after he had broken his hip on their doorstep. Maggie Cutler llean Anne Waters? who was sup- posed to be Whiteside's secretary, never did any work, except romancing with Bert jefferson iBill Keene? and putting Sherry in his place. I thought l'd die when Harriet Stanley lMargaret Elderi, a hatchet murderess, flitted down the stairs. Suzie screamed when Banjo lBill Tschanzl pushed Lor- raine Sheldon lLillian Moorel into an Egyptian mummy case. lt was too bad that they had to substitute a duck for Petunia, a real live skunk, in the evening performance. This certainly was an exciting comedy! Suzie and l went backstage after the play and saw Hazel Reynolds ifaculty directorl and Barbaralee Tompkins fstudent director? along with all the members of the cast. The set, up close, was nothing but wood, canvas, and paint, but was super from the audience. This was the Stanley front room made by Mrs. Boone and the stage crew. Standing: Moore, Collins, Miller, Cayot, Hunt, Burton, Fletcher, Bushey. Seated: Tschanz, Wyant, Spear, Conn. wx N' -' ' , M1 ,311 1 315151551111 1i1131.111'.31'- ,11 11 . . 111 -411:11-:-llspmfi -f 1,e-1fE.11.2-z1J' - 1 re-1 1 H if wa ?'1 f'1i f ' .1 1X XXX 1955? D X .11 ,ig 11X-rg , X ,.5EEEiEX,.XE5w:E , X 'J 'L X EQ 11 J' - Q-':1. i m.x . F' , ,gg . I 1 -5:15511 -l.,,'sg- ,EFVE 3'-. t A' - 4:12. 5 :.L 1 - - F. -T ' Z' ' vs .. Q . 1 ' A ig?-S12 X. ., , 14 .f ' 4 '2.4.J'-1 ' 5 '4 Lizigl . PL- Ml'-if, 'L 1 F3 Q' x ., Ll. 'ri - 'f- 3 'P ' -2: -1 1 'F-'a1i'aa.111 .-.: , J -- - A ' 5 1 4 iff? 15 . ' , W X' f X X 11 A151 - 111, - 1 2 A, .114 Q- 1'- , ' 1 , ff 12751 I ' .11-w,43q. 1-1 . -f rfwfy? ' X ,ri ' .X ' 5 1 ,, rv , 1 ,577 w. ls.! , ., fn N fLf wvT? x'li' 1 :'44g',f'3L,f3f9si' 1 t .X ,r , H X ff-1, 'ug-J: f if .. sq K 1 1' '11 15 1 1 ' Q in , Ii gm, 1 1 1. A.. 1 1X 3 QM! X 11,1 .1 mn .L Q0 5.123 L 15 '--5? X? gf W' f X Q A1 HX 1. :11'fH 'ffs 11 A 1 X X X I x . J V' X 9 an . . Q 111,11 1 1 1 1XX X +741- .-11. 317 jj, . :L 5A!..N X Q1 4 1 A 4 Xk . 1 XX I. A . -- -1-U, 1 '11 . 'rm 1-4359- X Xllnggq 'Pegs X11 . ..,x,.11. , +- HWY W Me fffgkgl' , 1 4 ?UMlY1ERj gshlgllgny couNclL szfs,.1zzfzaz:.,F0m0.,fg mas.,,fssz-zmazzznasg UWIITIEFS FEES. , IC O S YES. . Summer Class of 1943 Boy, am I glad I have an older brother and sister! They let me in on every- thing that happens. But again they take advantage of me, and Bud thinks he's so good with his blue sack. He says they were darned lucky to get them, even if the other classes are getting them. I wish l could have gone to the Blue Sack Brawl they had at the Masonic Hall on February ll. Bud said everybody nearly split when a bunch of boys did the can-can, and that George Haag was a good magician. Like all parties some of the Blue Sack Babes got up and yodeled. just cause l'm a scrub I couldn't go to the Prom. Bud told me what the theme was, but l forgot. Oh well. As usual in the last week of school the seniors got to take it easy. On june l5 some of them went to the beach and mountains-wonder where they got the gas? On june 16 they had their luncheon and dance at the Shakespeare Club. Finally on june l7, Bud and all the rest put on those snarky blue gowns, a golden tassel over one eye, and dashed down to Moor Field to get their diplomas. , is Basil T P i' K .1 ofggl 5330 it NASUNH2 +I-will-I+ .,..1,. f S I M i0 BEARD. DARLINE General Secretarial Club Crescent Tri-Y BECK, ALFORD General Band BERNSTEIN, WALTER General Spanish Club BONNER, MARIANA College Prep Science Club G.A.A. Algia ABBOTT, FRANK College Prep Hi-Y Spanish Club Science Club V Track ANDERSON, BETTY JEAN General Pequenitas Spanish Club Crescent Trl-Y ANNING, ROBERT Sports Club Science Club BEAVER, PAUL College Prep BELL, BOB College Prep Moor Sports Ed. Art Club-V.P. V Track Jr. Exchange B Club BLACKSTOCK, BARBARA BOE, GLORIA College Prep Spanish Club BOYINGTON, HOWARD College Prep Annual Art Ed. Jr. Exchange Spanish Club Scholarship Society 35 year Graduate ALDRICH. BETTY LEE College Prep Moor Staff Quill and Scroll, V.P. Spanish Club Art Club Alpha Trl-Y ANDERSON, SCOTT College Prep Scholarship Soelety Science Club-Pres. Latln Club Sclentla Club-V.P. ARROYO, LUCY College Prep General N.F.L. Spanish Club Debate Team Service BALIAN, MARSEILLE BARES, BARBARA College Prep General Art Club Moor Staff French Clu,b Qulll and Scroll Cresent Tri-Y-Treas. Crescent Tri-Y ATKINSON, ROBER Commercial Commercial Club Annual Salesman .35 year Graduate ANDREWS, JOHN General Spanish Club BACHMAN. LORRAINE Secretarial Spanish Club Secretarial Club G.A.A. BARNT, VIRGINIA Secretarial Spanish Club Secretarial Club G.A.A. BECERRA, MARY General Spanish Club Broadcasters Club BENNETT, CLYDE College Prep , Art Club Masquers Club Usher Club Make-up Crew Annual Staff College Prep Spanish Club Sports Club Science Club Art Club BROWN, BETTE General Moor Staff TA BROWN, IRENE B ROWN, JOYCE General College Prep Band Library Club Camera Club Spanish Club Art Club T Club Scholarship Society BRUNHOFER, BENNIE BRUSHER, GEORGE General General Sr. HI-Y Llght and Shadow Compton J.C. BUNCH, BILL BURKHART, MARY LOU Senior Council General Service Sports Club BUTLER, BOB BYRNES, GLORIA General ColIeU0 PWD Plano Club-Pres. Spanish Club Masquers Club Sr. Sweater Comm. Student Body Play Broadcasters Club Sr. Play BRUNER, DORET General Scholarship Society Sports Club Alpha Trl-Y Sclentla Club Girls League Board BULKA, ELAINE General BURNS, MARGARET Muslc Course Musicians Club- Sec.-Treas. French Club Quill and Scroll Sr. Orchestra Moor Staff CALDWELL, JAMES College Prep Track LY. - . . . .--..-.,. , , , I .,:,, A T. ,s f-,'.h,,s CAL St C S L, RICHARD General udent Store Annual Staff Camera CIub-Sec.- Treas. Science Club Sclentia Club CARTER, THERON ommercial Spanish Club COCHRAN. JUNE Secretarial ecretarial Club Latin Club-Adile COGSWELL, DON College Prep Usher Club Baseball V Football Varsity Club CALLAWAY, BETTY College Prep 35 year Graduate French Club Campus Club Crescent Tri-Y CHAFFEE. GLENN College Prep Sr. Play Writers Gulld Latin Club Scholarship Society Science Club COCK, THCMAS College Prep Light and Shadow Science Club-Pres. Scholarship Society Forensic Club Victory Corps COLEMAN, JAMES Service CARDOS, CHRISTENA College Prep Sports Club-Pres. Latin Club-Adlle Light and Shadow llllasquers Victory Corps CLINKSCALES, VALERIE College Prep Masquers Club Broadcasters Club French Club COFFEY, BILL General COLEMAN, JOY General Crescent Trl-Y Broadcasters Club G.A.A. OD rkgkl r wi ill Elo Gif 2 F bv COLLINS, JEAN College Prep Spanish Club Sports Club G.A.A. Glee Club Jr. Red Cross Club DALEN. RAYMOND College Prep Spanish Club Jr. Exchange Student Store 35 year Graduate DIEDERICHSEN, SHIRLEY College Prep Latin Club DONALDSON. BUD College Prep Comm. of Boys .J DANSKIN, PAT College Prep Comm. of Clubs Sr. Council Las Moras Light and Shadow Sr. Play DILLMAN, MAX General Varsity Club V Baseball Masquers Club Student Body Play DOUGLAS. JEAN College Prep Pequenltas Club-Sec. Boys Federation Pres. French Club Los Alcaldes-Pres. Library Club-Treas. B Football Jr. Prom Comm. B Basketball DOWDEN, TOM College Prep V Basketball Varsity Club Los Alcaldes-Treas. Spanish Club 35 year Graduate DREISER, BETTY Crescent Trl-Y-Sec. General CONNER, BARBARA General Masquers Club Make-up Crew Art Club Light and Shadow Sr. Play COOPER, MARIAN College Prep Latin Club Sports Club Science Club Scholarship Society Pequenitas COULTER, JANET General Art Club Camera Club COLVIN, MELBA General Campus Club Sr. Glee Club CONIGLIO, DON College Prep Spanish Club Jr. Exchange Art Club B Football Crescent Tri-Y C Football Jr. Red Cross Club V Football COOK, LOLA COOPER, JIM College Prep General Spanish Club Service Annual Staff Algia Scholarship Society 35 year Graduate CORNELIUS, ROBERT COULL, HARRY College Prep General Writers Guild Science Club Forensic Club-Pres. Moor Reporter Varsity Debate N.F.L. CULVER, MARGARET CURRAN, ESTELLE Spanish Club College Prep College Prep Las Moras Girls League Treas. Sec. Sophomore Class Llght and Shadow Spanish Club DAVIS, LOIS General Crescent Tri-Y Sports Club Art Club DODD, JOYCE General Plano Club DOWDELL. DOROTHY General Art Club Tennis DRESSOR, LAURENE College Prep Scholarship Society Orchestra Chem. Lab. Asst. Tennls Club l DUTTON, DANIEL College Prep EDGLEY, LORRAINE Secretarial Songleader Campus Club Piano Club ENGLAND, LENNA VEE College Prep Sr. Council Sec. Pequenltas-Pres. Library Club-Pres. Scholarship Soclety Sr. Play ETNYRE, BOB General Comm. of Clubs Sr. Hl-Y--V.P. B Basketball Campaign Mgr. Writers Guild DYE, VIRGINIA College Prep Science Club , Library Club C.S.F. EDMISTEN, JERRY College Prep Radio Club-Pres ERIKSON, PAT College Prep Las Nloras-V.P. Girls League Sec. Jr. Class Treas. Science Club Sr. Sweater Comm. DYKES, BETTY JEAN College Prep Art Club Spanish Club Science Club Crescent Tri-Y Sports Club ELK, DICK College Prep Los Alcaldes B Basketball C Basketball ERWIN, ANNIE LAURIE General Varsity Debate Scholarship Society Comm. of Forensics Campus Club Senior Play FERNANDEZ, EDWARD FISHER, NANCY General B A C Football B Baseball Los Alcaldes B Club College Prep 35 year Graduate French Club-V.P. Scientia Club Gamma Chl Trl-Y G.A.A. FITCH. STEPHEN College Prep Science Club Scientia Club Spanish Club Alchemist Club Scholarship Society FOREE, ELIZABETH General Sr. Glee Club GALAVAN, BETTY JANE General GERVAIS, CATHERINE General Art Club FITZGERALD, HELEN Secretarial Crescent Trl-Y Commercial Club Secretarial Club FRANCESCHI, DIANA Secretarial Art Club Secretarial Club BL year Graduate GALLAGHER. PAT General Service GESSNER, RENEE College Prep Campus Club Sports Club Spanish Club Science Club Sr. Play Stu. Dir. FLOREN, GENE College Prep Longfellows--V.P. Science Club-V.P. Latin Club FRITZ, ERMA MAE General Broadcasters Club--V.P GARRETT, DORCTHY ANN College Prep Sclentia Club Crescent Tri-Y French Club Art Club GETTLER. DON General Sports Club B Football B Baseball V Golf-Captain HACKETT, WARREN General HASSENPLUG, DELMER General HENDERSON, BETTE General Alpha Mu Trl-Y Hi Hatters HILLS. MARILYN College Prep Spanish Club Masquers Club Broadcasters Club HARMON, BILL General HAYWARD, SHEILA College Prep Girls League Pres. Comm. of Girls Las Moras-V.P. Scholarship Society Writers Guild HERSH EY, MELVIN General Usher Club HINCKLEY, CLAIRE General Library Club Glee Clu,b Scholarship Society GIBSON, BOB College Prep Latin Club Science Club Sports Club Senior HI-Y-V.P. GNAGY, RICHARD College Prep Science Club Scientia Club Spanish Club GRAHAM. EILEN General Girls League Board Mesquers Club Gamma Chl Tri-Y- Pres. Sr. Sweater Comm. GRIDLEY, JOHN College Prep B Club Los Alcaldes Latin Club B S. C Basketball V.P. Sophomore Class GILL, DON General V Football Sr. Hl-Y Service GORRILL, ERNEST College Prep V Football B Football Los Alcaldes J. V. Baseball GLAVIN. SHIRLEY College Prep French Club HI Hatter: Scholarship Society Crescent Trl-Y Art Club GOUGH, WILLIAM College Prep Science Club Los Alcaldes Wrlters Gulld Sophomore Debate Varsity Club N.F.L. GREENE, MARGARET GREENLEE, CAROL College Prep General Spanish Club Annual Staff Writers Gulld-Sec- Senlor Orch. Trees. Band Silver Pen Comm. Art Club GRIFFITH, TED HAAG, GEORGE General College Prep Stage Crew Sr. Hi-Y-Pres. Baseball Sr. Party M.C. HARMON, JAMES College Prep Jr. Exchange B Football Service HEFFNER. FERN College Prep HILL, MARJORIE College Prep Crescen ti Tri-Y-P res. Alpha Trl-Y French Club N.F.L. Science Club HODAPP, PAT General Library Club T Club Sports Club Alpha Tri-Y HOFFERBERT, BOB General Basketball Track Baseball Longfellows Club Varslty Club HOLDERMAN, ROSEMARY General Pequenltae-V.P. Art Club--V.P. Library Club Spanish Club HOPE, EILEEN Commercial Crescent Trl-Y Spanish Club G.A.A. HURWITZ, BOB General HOFSG-HROIER, CHARLES HOLDERMAN, PAT General General Pequenitas-V.P. Sr. Council I I HOOD, DOROTHY College Prep French Club HOOVER, RUST LADD College Prep Piano Club HUNTER, HARVEY HUNT, PATRICIA General College Prep Las Sonadores French Club INGALLS, HUGH College Prep Sr. Hi-Y-Pres. Science Club-Sec. Scholarship Society Sports Club Victory Corps IRWIN, PHYLLIS General JAMES, ANSON J 'rr 11 , ANE, SYBIL rx College Prep College Prep Band Las Moras Glrls League Board Welfare Chairman Art Club Spanish Club JENSEN, LOIS JEWETTJ JUNE General College Prep Art Club Crescent Tri-Y Latln Club Library Club Scholarship Society C.S.F. JUNG, DONA JUNG, DARRELL General Cllllege Prep Los Alcaldes C Football B Basketball B Football Yell Leader ..-,F KANAGA, BILL KELLY, JEAN College Prep Latin Club Usher Club Crescent Tri-Y JANNOCH, ALEX Service JUNIGER, SHIRLEY Commercial Art Club Sports Club JORDAN, SHIRLEE General Art Club Crescent Trl-Y Red Cross Club KELLY, PATRICIA General Musicians Club Sports Club Sr. Orchestra B.H.S., Omaha . L 1 -N5 KEMPTON. JOANNE College Prep Art Club Spanish Club Scholarship Society Hi Hatters KIMBALL, JEAN College Prep C.S.F. Science Club Algia Scientia Club Latin Club KING. JANET College Prep Spanish Club Sports Club Soientia Club Musicians Club-Treas. ' Band KONZELMAN, JEANNE College Prep Scholarship Society Spanish Club Art Club Hi Hatters Club 35 year Graduate KRISTOVICH, RUTH General 35 year Graduate Broadcasters Club-Sec. G.A.A. Gamma Chi Tri-Y LAMOREAUX, JEANNE General Sr. Glee Club Light and Shadow French Club Campus Club Forensic Club LIVERMORE, JEANNE General Spanish Club Camera Club Jr. Class Sec. Jr. Prom Comm. 35 year Graduate l.1. KORTRIGHT. BARBARA JEAN General Sports Clubp Majorette Pep Squad Art Club KROELL, TWYLA General Student Store Make-up Crew LEAVITT. DONNA College Prep Las Moras-Treas. Moor Staff Quill and Scroll League Reporter Football Queen Attendant LOGAN, PATRICIA College Prep Library Club Art Club Latin Club Piano Club Crescent Tri-Y General Art Club KRAMER, ROMONA General French Club Broadcasters Club KUHLE, STANLEY General LIGHTNER, SUZANNE General Alpha Mu Tri-Y LUCE. ELINOR General Masquers Sports Club Christmas Program Library Club French Club KENNY. CHARLOTTE General Crescent Trl-Y Art Club . ..-4..- KINCHELOE, DOROTHY College Prep R.H.S., Fresno Girls Sports Comm. Girls League Comm. Rally Comm. Chairman Jr. Class Sec. KIRBY, KATHLEEN Secretarial Broadcasters Club Secretarial Club 35 year Graduate KNOX, FRANCES KOENIG, PIERRE General KESLER, JOSEPHINE General Musicians T Club Band 35 year Graduate KING. BETTY General Glee Club Moor Staff Jr. Nurses Club Jr. Nurses Club Play W.W.H.S., Los Angeles KLINGELE, BEVERLY General Art Club Sports Club KOEPF, MONTE College Prep Los Alcaldes Football Scholarship Society Science Club Forensic Club LYNCH, TOM College Prep Jr. Exchange McCAUSLAND, BARBARA College Prep Chico Hl Tennls Team-Captaln Newsette Staff Sports Club-Pres. Jr. Play MclLHANY, WALLACE General MAGGIORA. ELIZABETH College Prep Comm. Sec. Las Mcras-Pres. Scholarship Society Library Club-V.P. Victory Club McALlSTER, JEAN General Hl-Hatters Spanish Club Art Club McCUE, ROBERT College Prep C Football B Football B Track B Club Sr. Hi-Y MACIAS, RICHARD General Varsity Track Band Commercial Club- Treas. Sr. Glee Club MAHER, ED College Prep Scholarship Societ 35 year Graduate Moor Staff Wrlters Guild Quill and Scroll Y McCARTHY, PAT College Prep Freshman Class Treas. Los Alcaldes Latin Club Scientia Club-V.P. Llght and Shadow McCUTCHEN, GEORGANN College Prep 35 year Graduate Spanish Club Library Club Q MacLAUGHLlN, BARBARA College Prep Public Speaking Dramatlcs Glee Club Bi Lingual G.A.A. .4- MALLMAN, BARBARA College Prep G.A.A. Spanish Club Broadcasters Club Secretarial Club Tennis Club .-4' MARSHALL, CHARLES General MERRILL, DOROTHY General Las Moras G.A.A. Art Club MILLIGAN. MABEL Secretarial Comm. of Literature Songleader Las Moras Treas. Sophomore Class Light and Shadow MOORE, EDGAR General Spanish Club J MEADOWS. JACK College Prep METTEN, SHARI General Art Club-Treas. French Club Sports Club Pequenitas Sr. Sweater Comm. MINER, ELIZABETH College Prep C.S.F. 35 year Graduate Science Club T Club Sclentla Spanish Club MOORE, MAXINE General Art Club 35 year Graduate MEEHAN, HELEN College Prep Latln Sports Club MILLER, PATTY College Prep Llbrary Club French Club MOORE, CHARLOTTE General Las Moras Scholarship Society Sr. Glee Club Girls League V.P. Sr. Class V.P. Ad. Mgr. Sr. Play MORAN, MARYANN College Prep Light and Shadow- Pres. Pequenltas French Club B12 Play Senior Play OCHELTREE, MAXI NE General French Club Sr. Glee Club Make Up Crew Senior Play OGG, ZACH O College Prep Science Club Lailn Club Forensic Club Scholarship Society 35 year Graduale 'SULLlVAN, BONNIE Secretarial Crescent Trl-Y-V.P. Secretarlal Club Sr. Sweater Comm. F Ire Squad PARKER, JUNE Commercial Scholarship OEDEKERK, MARTIN General OLIPHANT, WILMA Secretarial Secretarial Club Scholarship Soclety PALMINI, ROBERT General Track Servlce PARKS, EDWARD College Prep Latin Club-Consul OERTEL, KURT General OSBORNE, ADRIENNE College Prep Frenuh Club Pep Squad Sports Club-V.P. Masquers Alpha Trl-Y PARDEE, GEORGE General Track Service Stage Crew PAYNE, FRANCINE General MORGAN, DICK General B Club Spanish Club Varsity Club Tennis NEILL, BOB General Longfellow: Stage Crew NEWELL, L0lS College Prep Latin Club NOBLE, BILL College Prep Spanish Club Art Club Managers Club Mgr. C Team MOUNT, WAYNE College Prep J.V. Baseball Sr. HI-Y Spanish Club B Club NELSON, JIM General Sr Glee Club Longfel lows-V.P. B Football C Football V Football NICHOLS, BUD College Prep Pres Senlor Class Jr. Exchange J. V. Tennls V Tennis V Basketball NOTTERMAN, DORIS General MULICK, BOB General Lalln Club Spanish Club Longfellows Art Club NELSEN, LUCILLE General Spanish Club Camera Club NICHOLS, EUNICE General Camera Club 0'BRlEN, BETTY ANN College Prep Spanish Club Science Club Cam pus Club-Sec Sports Club U.A., Utlca, N.Y. l ll l PERKINS. BILL General Drama Football Basketball Baseball Boxing PETERSON, MILES General Spanish Club Sclentla Club PHILLIPS, LORENE College Prep Spanish Club 32, year Graduate Tennls Club PETERSEN, ANNA BETH General Crescent Tri-Y Commercial Club Secretarial Club PETRE, HELEN College Prep Pequenltas Moor Editor ulll and Scroll-Pres. Q Tennis Club Flre Squad PLANK, VIRGINIA College Prep Science Club Crescent Trl-Y Tennls Club Spanish Club Pep Squad PRICHARD, KENNETH PRUGH, RAE General General Commercial Club 4 Scholarship Society Light and Shadow Secretarial Club Jr. Class Officer Sports Club-Pres. PETERSON, BURKE College Prep Los Alcaldes B Football C Football C Track 35 year Graduate PHILLIPS, DOIN College Prep Football POHL, BEVERLY JEAN College Prep Spanish Club Sports Club Crescent Trl-Y-Sec. G.A.A. QUINN. CHUCK College Prep QUINTRELL, CLARA .College Prep Spanish Club G.A.A. Sports Club Sclentla Club REANEY, JEANNE' H College Prep 1' Sr. Play ' Mas uers Club Q ,, Llght and Shadow-Sec. Broadcasters ' REILLY, PATRICIA! College Prep Art Club French Club Sclentla Club Alpha Tri-Y-Treas. ROGERS. TOM College Prep Spanish Club Usher Club-Pres. RADCLIFFE, JUNE General Spanish Club REEDER, BERNICE College Prep Moor Staff Sports Club-Sec. T Club-V.P. Latin Club Alpha Trl-Y-Pres. REITHNER, DON College Prep Comm. General Comm. of Forensics Sr. Play Varsity Debate Sr. HI-Y ROLLER, ILENE General G.A.A. RAPELJE, WARREN College Prep Vletory Corps REEVES. DORIS General ROGERS. DALE General Jr. Exchange Varsity Club B Football V Basketball C Basketball Service ROSE, BETSY College Prep Masauers-Pres. Sr. Play Scholarship Society Algla-Minor A 49 A-A-I Y SLATER, IRVING College Prep Comm of Athletics Varslty Club-Pres. Jr Exchan e-Pres. - D V Football Annual Staff SHARP. BETTY General Art Club-Pres. Masquers Sr. Glee Club SMITH, CAROLE General V Basketball V Football V Baseball Los Alcaldes-Pres. Varslty Club SMITH, LORENE General NJ... SC SHOMAKER, EARLE College Prep Spanish Club Art Club Annual Staff SLEMMON, JIM General Service SMITH, GLENN General V Basketball V Football V Baseball Los Alcaldes- Varslty Club SMITH, NEAL College Prep Pres. SC SHEPPHIRD, GEORG College Prep V Golf Camera Club Science Club Sports Club C.S.F. SMILEY, PEGGY College Prep Las Sonadoras French Club Jr. Prom Comm. Sr. Glee Club SMITH, JAMES MERRILL College Prep Varsity Debate Forensic Club-Pres. Writers Guild . Scholarship Society N.F.L.-Pres. SNYDER, DON General J.V. Baseball V. Baseball Scout Club-Pres. Moor Optimist Club Pres. Varsity Club RUIZ, BETTY LOU General Broadcasters Club-Sec. Sr. Glee Club Pequenitas G.A.A. Make-up Crew l RYER, JO ANN College Prep Pequenitas Club Spanish Club Science Club Jr. Prom Com. L.A. High School HUMACHER, FRED College Prep Comm. of Finance Commercial Club Sr. Hi-Y B Football Victory Corps OTT, NORMAN College Prep Jr. Exchange Spanish Club C Track C Football B Football V Football RUSSELL, MARY Secretarial Secretarial Club-Pres. SAKS, SHELDON College Prep Spanish Club Science Club Scholarship Society SCHRAEDER, WILLIAM General Service SEALS, MARY ELLA Secretarial Secretarial Club Hi Hatters Spanish Club Tri-Y RYAN, MARY ANN College Prep Science Club-Sec. Las Sonadores Light and Shadow Jr. Prom Comm. Sr. Glee Club SCHLERF. JUNE Secretarial Jr. Red Cross Club Secretarial Club G.A.A. SCHWEITZER, ALYCE College Prep French Club Pequenitas Club SEYMOUR. BEVERLY College Prep Spanish Club Sports Club Fire Squad E SOMERS, RICHARD College Prep Senlor Class Treas. Los Alcaldes C Football Captain Chairman Sr.Sweater Comm. Bus. Mgr. Sr. Play STFIANGELAND, ARTHUR College Prep B Traok B Football C Traok C Football 35 year Graduate STEVENS. LAURENCE General V Football V Basketball Varsity Club Sophomore Class Pres. SUPP. GEORGE College Prep 32 year Graduate Science Club Latin Club SOMERVILLE, SUSANNE College Prep 31- year Graduate Sigma trl-Y Latin Club G.A.A. Annual Bus. Staff STANLEY, MERCEDESE General Commercial Club-V.P. Red Cross Club STEWART, CHARLES General Service SUGARMAN, MIRIAM General SPRAGUE, BILL General Broadcasters STEPHENS, JOAN College Prep Asst. Editor Annual Las Moras-Pres. Girls League Board Light and Shadow Algia-Minor A STEWART, DAVID College Prep Spanish Club STROSCHEIN, BILL College Prep Los Alcaldes Forensic Club Varsity Debate -I VGolf Sr. Play G' SUTLIFF, VERN College Prep Jr. Exchange-Pres. TALLEY, AURORA College Prep Llfht and Shadow Masquers Scholarship Society Art Club TENNYSON, MARILYN College Prep Comm. Reporter Moor News Ed. Quill and Scroll Latin Club Camera Club THORNBURG, VIRGINIA College Prep French Club SWAFFORD, DON General TEAGUE, WINSTON College Prep Los Alcaldes Light and Shadow- V.P. Spanish Club Science Clu,b Alchemists Club THOMAS, CAROLYN General Football Queen Crescent Tri-Y Moor Staff TIFFANY, BERT College Prep Spanish Club Quill and Scroll Moor Staff TAGUE, CAROLYNNE General Freshman Class Sec. Jr. Class Pres. Sr. Play Las Moras-Sec. Girls League Fire Chief TEDFORD, GLADYS College Prep Art Club G.A.A. E.M.H.S. THOMPSON, MARION General Crescent Tri-Y Red Cross Club Art Club TYLER, LLOYD College Prep B Football Baseball Los Alcaldes B Club 35 year Graduate WEBER, WINIFRED College Prep Pequenitas Club Latin Club Spanish Club Tennis Club Crescent Tri-Y WELLS, DOROTHY General Student Body Store Scientia Club Slgma Tri-Y WHITE, DICK College Prep V Football Varsity Club Jr. Exchange Basketball Baseball WILLIAMS. BEVERLY College Prep W.L.H.S., Arllngton Va. N.H.S.-V.P. Annual Staff Jr. Play Inter American Club WELDON, MARJORIE College Prep Latin Club Jr. Classical League Forensic League N.F.L. Scientla Club WELSER. GEORGE General B Football C Football Los Alcaldes Boys Federation WI ELA N D, ROY General Broadcasters-Pres Masuu ers WILLIAMS. HELEN College Prep Alpha Tri-Y Spanish Club Scholarship Society UHLER, RICHARD General Sclentia-V.P. VEIT. RICHARD College Prep WELL, BARBARA College Prep Spanish Club WH EELER, BARBARA General Crescent Trl-Y WILLIAMS, BETTY JO College Prep French Club-Pres. Pequenltas Minor A Ssholarshlp Alpha Trl-Y WILLIAMS, ROBERT LEE General Art Club Camera Club VAN DANIKER, JANE General Moor Staff Theta Trl-Y-Sec. Crescent Trl-Y Art Club VERTUES. LEONARD B Baseball College Prev B F0011-,all J. V. Tennis Sr. Hi-Y Jr. Hi-Y B Club WADLEY, MARIAN WALDEN, BETTY College Prep College PWD Sr. Girls Glee Club Masquers-Pres. Moor staff Quill and Scroll Sports Club Jr. Prom Comm. WARD, DON WARE, TRIXIE General General Red Cross Club VAN LOHN. WILLIAM College Prop Musician: Club Sports Club B Track VIRDEN, EVALYN General C.S.H.S. Jr. Cholr Operetta . Sr. A Cappella Choir Class Officer WALLACE, MILDRED General WATERHOUSEBARBARA College Prep Las Sonadoras Spanish Club Jr. Prom Comm. Victory Corps R.'H.S., Honolulu WINCHELL, BARBARA General WOLF, ELIZABETH ANN College Prep Sr. Play Sports Club Masquers-V.P. Make-up Crew G.A.A. YOUNG, BETTY JO General Annual Bus. Mgr. Commercial Club Spanish Club ACKERMAN, DON Service BELMONT, FRANK Service BREUNLE, BILL Servlce BUCHANAN, ROBERT General BURRIS, JOHN General CASLER, EARLE College Prep A Football Scholarship Society Science Club Usher Club Forensic Club CROPPER, MARVIN College Prep B Football V Track B Club Jr. Exchange DAVIES, DON General DAVIS. HOWARD General DEBOLT, VIRGINIA General ELKINS, DORTHEA General ERRO, ROBERT General GEORGE. GORDON General WINTERS, WALTER College Prep Sophomore Debate N.F.L. Latin Clug Forensic Club WIT, ANGELA Commercial Hi Hatlers-Pres. Sr. Sweater Comm. Commercial Club Victory Corps Art Club WYLAND, ALICE YBARRA, JUNE College Prep General Sr. Orch. Piano Club Muscians Club Crescent Trl-Y C.S.F. Latin Club-Consul Writers Guild ZEIGLER, JACK GOTTLIEB, MILTON Drafting College Prep B Football V Track Sr. Hi-Y Latin Club CAMERA-SHY SEN IORS GLEASON. MAYDEL College Prep Piano Club Spanish Club Bible Club GORDON, DONALD General Los Aloaldes GRAVES, DICK General Los Alcaldes GREENFIELD HOWARD General Longfellows GROSS, JOHN Manual Arts HALVERSON, ROBER General T HAWTHORNE, MARY General JONES, BILL THOMAS General KATHERMAN, STAN College Prep J.V. Baseball B Football KIMBALL, PHIL College Prep Spanish Club Scholarship KINDRICK, ARTHUR General Camera Club I51 LARSON. STEPHEN College Prep Camera Club MAEDEL, DON College Prep Service NIAC LENNAN, GEORGE General MOULTRUP, JIM College Prep Los Alcaldes B Tennis NICKERSON, CARL General PIGG. TOM General POWELL, JIM General Basketball Football Los Alcaldes Camera Culb Sclence Club REDDING. NORMAN General Service REID. GORDON, General Jr.Exchange Track ROUSH, ARLAN General Sr. Play Assembly Play SHUPE, BILL General Camera Club SILVA, HENRY General Camera Club Art Club Annual Staff SMITH, BOB General SMITH, CALVIN Drafting SOT0, TONY General SPEED, HESTER College Prep Sigma Tri-Y Sr. Glee Club Scientia Club STEELE, JULIA LEE Commercial STRINGHAM, DON General VAN ANDA, MARJORIE General Theta Tri-Y Jr. Classical League Latin Club VOORHIS, ALLEN Genereal Make-up Crew Masquers C Track C Football ZASKE, CARL General Service l 1 l Senior Play '43 After weeks of planning to go to the S'43 Senior Play, Suzie broke out with the measles, and so I went with my folks to see Letters to Lucerne. lt was a sad, emotional tragedy about a girl school in Switzerland during World War ll. lrna, a German girl lBarbara Conner? and her brother lGlen Chaffeel, in love with Olga, a Polish girl lAurora Talleyl were the chief characters. Mom liked the lady who ran the school iAnnie Laurie Erwinl, but dad liked the old gardner lDon Reithnerl. Me . . . well I liked all the girls, and were there lots of 'eml Boy, were the scenes good! First it was the boarding school, and then it was the girls' bedroom. With these good sets and such good direction by Mrs. Wynne and Renee Gessner, and super acting, it was a great success. The snooty reporter on the Moor said, The play was a splendid product of co- operation between cast, directors, and production staff which combined to give topflight entertainment. Fig? f? l w 4 x 9.57.7 Q. X ' iff' 'iila C , i There's Ma in the second row! lifi elf 1171 il .-iw? ,Ax FE' :dis-.:.., X -asf Q -M ' -, 34 egg od- fv L' xl ff ' ' 's 'lu 1 wn ANA EV .1 st .9 W wf x H M w 4 w W , 1? 51 --.W if fax wfffl-15:11 , Mqiafikl, 541-g'5hee-'uma fm V -mggz nf , Q., wgyw- - Sui: Q L-V V JL' .71 - ..,, 5, ' V55 Magi Q 11 sv zyilgvtl f Q5 We 'HQ JJ. Q 51-. '- , Tk - 11 , J 11 u ,X -. 'y Q H ESF 5 2 : ,hw-.1-A 1, 55: ,132 25 J- ,W--, We 1.7 , . ia- Q ,,, '4-'I Q . WT? . K , ' i - K '. iw -, If - . Lciyf' f M214 435' A . ' -. JI wi, I . UE: , -- f iJ,j a K, H- . . , A :Sgr A 3 I ,..- -' A - - .-,.,y.W,,,1. .L,,.,, , hwjr f J .. , 'i3?2fz5 L grflwffff-,-2-'f,4 fz.fb-1g,+:1 N U qfg3J.?Q7!j7 .Q'E'fJQTE. X w ww! tj' Mu J, 3:5 zgrglgm 1 -mm f' M H , -, Sham. A M H A ,,M..w my Rafah: ,, -N Q-iw , Q M, MN, ' 2 ' ' mf: is ' x ,H in iw m..,..V, It ,U if Cr' 'ff H 'x f :w-m V,.4 L. gk r f K zrfvf' I A ' 1 ff 'A' , ' Q72 iff' - ?.cL'2 TN '. -..,- 4 , EE29u,11w ?f1 32- wg ,W 'agieii ' . f' iw ig 2 3 5 -352' -ii inf' . ,' A7 ,---x ,. . 1 - : .--af ff' iw Q A .,,: . Y- ,Q '+-N, Eh. X, A gg wi 1 U - f. ' nf'-'J ' 3 f .v:A,3,.:L1- .K . .1 ' ll Jfgpiii ,4.v.,, 3 4, S 1 +. :'15'2x1ag J , .fl fu -J v V N in an lf 1 mL.A M J K, ,lr-N .- Q 2- gz:'i3QZ'g-f ir' -' gag' ,W A .1 ix w 'i M, .A ?'X I 'ns H, , Q. K WMF , 1 ,ymw nad: -JEZL.. V ': -1 1. .- ,- A 1 , A 5 ,' y -T, 'Hg-e, . -0-Q i 1 v-,:f-.-i::-- --- .,y, - . . ,, V r Row l' Mr Miller lAdv.l, Wheeler KV. Pres.l, Anderson iSec.l, Swartz CT eas Row Tily, Batchelder, Fitzgerald fPres.l, Butler W '44 B12 . . . l have finally found out how to tell a Senior from anyone else in school. Seniors spend the last two weeks of each semester making up work due the first two weeks. They turn in often-used book reports. They are always polishing the apple, because they don't take time to study. They cut classes. The boys are having their last fling before going into the service, while the girls discuss the junior boys and their possibilities. The boys go around with their chests thrown out sporting their flashy green sacks. Yet, according to the school bulletin, they seem to be planning a lot of social and school activities. I wonder if l'll ever be a Senior. lt sure sounds like fun! 1' uf Wk ll l lllvliwulrllllnlwn U, A if 1 ,--,-- . .f v gm- 1 ,ef , -.,l .. In - , L L A 2. 1 Q ' y 1 f' 'fag ' f f lf , . 9 ,. 1 .- 1 lf J .1 L M, , 3' V: - I 3 I ' 21 .. . -z ' ggi,-, 54 'L .I .Q.A.,' ' t l : :. ff! ,m fg 1,31 ' N ' K A51 2. ,- - . N l , - r -wx V- - . 1 J 5 iv l . J, A I, :A Y-V ua 'A E :-A A 4' ' l ' A 1 - , ' .LE 1 fs, .- 3 .Q , A4 1-' X N ' - fl 64 . L l e B 22 1 A A A 1 4 aa, l l few' ' gy, on A V -J, ' tiff. A Aj- Z ' '41 Q' ' - ' l ,-2 ' X ' ' , 4,5 1 if 1 A 1 A A ., A gi, ii 1.. i . 'E:A v' 'l L+ I dr I X L A S ' J Y' 4x , A ga, E 2 1 F d -. W l ,F ow 1 - fy s ' 7 .6 A '. 'J Q,-.,, W 12, x ' hw I ' 5' I I X, , A ig, or -11+ 5-Q' fa.. ,wr 151 A ., if sl- - ' wily' N at x -'iii' ' 5, N X. Z is -A l '14 X , ..-- A X X in 7 l of h EA, I . ., ., 'J ., 4.1 , , 1 L5 N Q, - 4 , . .313 ZA ' 'X 6 52' ' XV' fl ' kk! 4114 4 A Ii '- - 5 S- ..-.LLM ,L L ' ef -e . I E 'A X FF f-'I V , l p 9 Alderson, Manly Anderson, Allda Apodaca, Yolanda Bailey, Lols Batchelder, Robert Bayer, Pattl Boyington, Howard Brandon, Bob Brooks, Isabelle Cope, Barbara Lee Cross, Bob Dawson, Fred Ellis, Don Elllson, LaVerne Eminger, Jane Graham, Marlorle Haley, Kelth Haley. Sam Hoffman, Harry Just, Hella Kldwall, Bruce Lane, Kenneth Large, Robert Leroy, Arthur Maxheld, Bllly Nlcolls, Bill Nielsen, Betty Ann Pettus, Jo Anne Potter, Glenore Pruhs, Betty Seymour, Herbert Scholfleld, Allen Swartz, Jeanne Van Brocklln, Alleno Welckert, Paul Woods, T Arclero, Allce Asplnwall, Blll Avila, Henry Bettlsworth, Margaret Bolas, Norman Bowlan, Ruth Marla Butler, George Catland, Alfred Chlck, Dorls Delelssegues, Joan Duvas, Mary Edrington, Betty Jean Fitzgerald, Jlm Frederick, Dlck Gallagher, Charlotte Haltom, Paul Heisler, Blalne Hodge, Harriet Kipp, Mary Ann Kohn, John Kubly, Bobbyann Leman,D lck Luster, Marlon Malone, Ellzabeth Oberlles, Bob Osborne, Shlrley Parker, Llnda Jeanne Putman, Bob Reed, Raymond Rom berger, Ardena Tassop, Nicholas Thompson, Sylvia Tlly, Tom Welch, Jean Wheeler, Jlm helma Anderson, Alvin Aschenbrenner, John Bartruff, Tom Blyth, Virginia Bonds, Adelle Brazelton, Katie Brown, Marybelle Carr, Geraldine Child, Marion Christianson, Helen Cook,Virginia Crump, Marjory Disbrow, Audrey Doucette, Alberta Duncan, Eloise Eidson, Aileen Evans, Wade Fields, Jack Fischer, Albert Foster, Thomas Gottlieb, Milton Gould, Richard Hahn, Maxine Hall, Mabel B12 CAMERA SHY SENIORS Hatchman, Marcella Hackman, Katherine Higgins, Joe Kelley, Elwyn Kennedy, Bernard Krause, Raymond Krause, Warren Leigh, Shirley Lindberg, Harold McClellan, John McCoy, Barbara McGill, Jay McManus, Lorralne Martin, Bill Mayne, Dick Mires, Lorella Mlres, Ruth Mittelstadt, Karl Nebo, Bob Partridge, Fred Pogue, Gloria Powers, Glen Ramsey, John Rios, Abel Sanborn, Helen Schiffilea, Doris Schanaker, Roy Schmidt, Wllma Seivert, Ray Simpson, Margaret Spencer, Bonnie Stavang, Art Thompson, Sara Uhler, Betty Ann Van Mourik, Frances Vollaire, Yvonne Warren, Olive Ann Watson, Donald White, Riley Whitham, Bob Willis, George Wilson, Dewayne Wood, Virginia Wright, Darwin Wylde, June Zivelonghi, Josephine E571 Wish I had one I t l ht: Wade fAdv.J, Herbert fTreas.J, Lowe CSec.7, Rowe fPres.J. S' 44 All Well, Diary, just 'cause Sis is a junior and they plan the Prom, she's pretty sure she knows all the answers. The other day she and Bud were having a fight as to what the theme of the Prom should be. They sure think of some silly, frilly things. If l had some say, l'd have it in an African jungle, 'cause it will probably be awfully hot that night anyway. They ordered their jewelry just in time, even though it will be later than usual in coming. But Sis has also been raving because her class probably won't get their Senior sweaters. One day they say they will, and the next, they haven't a chance. What she wants with another sweater is more than I know. lt Q 9 Q o 0 ul 1.0 .-:.,, -21 Q, 1 ., 1. -.. - L I The rams came dag, T - Q lu i L- IT -x - to ' g e 91 if --as Lb M I . Q F 1 4 , ' 'y' 1 r W! my I , I 7 A U Qmwf ' bf - of NATM E581 All Allan, Joan Anderson, Marjorie Andrea, Wilma Arnold, Jacqueline Arnold, Jean Axelson, Robert Barber, Ralph Barnes, Leslie Barshaw, Fred Bassler, Thera Bates, Arthur Beard, Harold Bevan, Fred Bradley, Brlstol, Peggy Britton, Margery Brooklns, Ed Brown, Burk Carnente Carter, Barbara Cerlnl, Joanne Comfort, Martha Como, Dorothy Blong, Barbara Blunt, Ernestlne Blythe, Vlrglnla Bodle, John Marilyn Bullock, Kenneth Buttrey, James Caldwell, Tommy Cameron, Keith r, Morrls Compton, Charles Conde, Vlc Condle, Afton Connell, Ed Cook, Barbara Cooper, Marilyn Crapser, Barbara Crulce, Jane DeMoss, Martha Drake, Lee Dugan, Elaine Dutton, Betty Edwards, Alan Etnyre, Kelth Farnsworth, Hall Fear, Lorralne Fehr, Janlce Fernald, Kathryn Gaglia, Gardel, Rose Gibbs. Sue Glllaspy, Gwen Gustafson, Luclle Helnlng Henry, Donald Herbert, Sally Hlllerby, Bob Houwlnk, Mildred Ingram, lrlgoyen, Elissa lrvln, Marcia Jenklns, Lavlne Jessick, Eugene Keller, Sue Kendall, Don Kingston, Richard Knesel, Kenneth Lieberg, Llvezey, Doris Livingston, Phyllis Lonsdale, Dick Lodes, Don Filanc, Jack Ford, Helen Fortner, Dick Freberg, Stanley Vlvian Hanna, Sally Harmon, Sally Hayes, Jlm ' Heldrlch, Gloria er, Tom Howard, Joan Hower, Sally Hull, Colleen Humason, Harry Barbara Johnson, Gerard Johnson, Pat Johnston, Willlam Jones Bill T. 1 Y Karp, Margaret Knowles, Gloria Kortrlght, Harold Lacy, Patti Lantz, Pat Marllyn Lowe, Billie Lugo, Elaine McCarthy, Therese McCooey, Marie McKinney, Barbara Lee McMillan, Janyce Macomber, Phyllis Martin, Bob Mayer, Bill Miller, Mltsdarfer, Shirley Moffatt, Loretta Molr, Nancy Montgomeyr, Patricia Parker, Partridge, Edward Partridge, Bill Pattison, Jack Porco, Mary Flice, B Robinson, Ronald Rodriguez, Hortensla Ronzonl, Tecla Rowe. Blll Mayfield, Laurance Merrlhew, Dlck Miller, Bob Miller, George Martln Mudnlch, Jennle Olson, Glenn Overton, Barbara Page, Mae Margaret Pyle, Erlc Rabalite, June Raddon, Miriam Raines, Frances ertha Rubees, Joada Schaffer, Patricia Schanaker, Roy Sohltfllea, Doris Shaw, Jane Shook, Maurice J. Haas, ,' w,::a:2f:., , W' s . ..,,, 1 9 ,,f1f'pff in .: 5 , .. , 'c Q 1, - .. V . gr rr, , 5 ,QR , , ' , 3' l l 3 1 , gg .1 Q ,. ,R ' ll ,, F V 4- 4 , -, ,K K ,, -,X l , , , 1 , ,, ,,iEn ,l,, ga I lr ,vw 6? X 'I , 4. ' :' 'H l 1. Q ' . - A f - r QQ ' E' 51 T, Ei ' gn' J g. fa. xp f-F I ff ,P ' V i 'TU' l., N, Q 1 , l A A 1 J limit nf' r -- .av Q ai f ,,c. '- A ,- Q !-A -6. P2 or B w la 33 fir: KA L l r, cz H A f i .al I A' -asa Q 1 gg e. f'ar,- xl-ji: ' .M -Q g R: j-,ii Y , ., - , ,, , . ,fn- .,-: ,, - , , i . 5 ,- ' J . , ml , ' j .Q 5 N Eh ' ' - - .5 e '-5 fkdf- ' -1.-.4 '- 3 '- Q ' .V ' '-A ,:yf'l - ga, Q? ,+,Q .i,f,.,?i .ffnf , 'keaas.A, v ala., I . ., ' . - 5 ' A f - lugs' . f ,- ' , A - F in . U fa ., J ,' I ie., 'la n' aa -4 1 'P A 43-j-i,4A,. .,,. '-'l I W I L4 w a s ' 1 4. Wa V ' X ' v' ' N ' - masse-L X I I -, fr- f K-M ,-, i , :H i,,4v .v M l ig l nfl .a J ' , X V --E, L. , ' 'Q Y -.X :fx tw 5 , 'I-'CPI' ' - , v ,' , I 'ij 1 A H 'il 4 U 1 tg. rv. V V 4. 7. 1 A axe aayoni lEg,,g,,-uecfnaerf - r - f 1'-U .V . A. if L , ' , E .gif - I ' 1 - - . 4 ' . - lac, 35 'EN' gQ,if ,gggif if safe hype 1 V I tyhh r ... I, 1- ,lj 4 w e V, I.. , P ,' l L: J B l 1.221 Adams, Barbara Ahrens, Marie Alexander, Tommy Amos. Mary Anderson, Naomi Apodaca, Louis Askin, John Atchley, Ted Bascom, Margaret Bedell, Patricia Black, Jimmie Bockstall, Raymond Bogh, Bill Bowers, Sidney Brennan, Bette Bridston, Taylor Brown, Lloyd Harris Bryan, Norma Bunt, Barbara June Burwell, Patti Campbell, Elaine Campbell, Jane Capasso, Eleanor Carlson. Annette Carpenter, Selma Chamberlain, Bob Chrestensen, Bud Christensen, Helen Christiansen, Keith Clifford, Robert Collins, Donald Cooper, Dorothy Cosgrove, Barbara Crist, Dave Crist, Virginia Crumb, Eulema Davis, Betty Mae Davis, Dean Davis, Maxine Dawson, Beverly Dial, Patricia Duffy, Charles Elliott, Virginia Emens, Mary Eue, Betty Jane Felix, Viola Feltch, Cliff Fitzpatrick, Pat Formanack, Louis Fortner, Gloria Foster, Lois Freeman, Robert ng CAMERA sl-:Y ju Friedrichs, Bob Fryer, Bill Fuerhardt, Mildred Furman, Walter Gaffney, Annette Gair, Donna Gibbs, Maurice Gibson, Al Gigler, Patricia Glovannoli, Louie Glynn. Laurence Goudge, George Graber, Allen Gradias, Irene Grauting, Robert Gregg, Henry Griffin, Janice Hann, Jean Harrigan, Dick Harrison, Marie Headrick, Zena Lea Healy, Ardith Heaverin, Perrln Heck, Ben Hlll, Marilyn Horne, Charles Hurwitz, Ed Jennings, Ralph Joanning, Harold Johnson, Dwight Johnson, Jim Johnson, Russell Katz, Bob Katz, Howard Keene, Ted Kehler. Laurence Keith, Dick Kelley, Margaret Ketron, Curtis Kilbourn, Nancy Killion, Richard King, Clinton King, Mildred Kirby, Wallace Klug, Leroy Knoll, Mona Marie Kowell, Pauline Landue, Georgette Lane, Anne Lawrence, Edith Leavitt, Verna Levisee, Suzanne NIORS Lewis, James Litsey, Evelyn McCIinton, James McDermott, Harold McDonough, Verna McEvoy, Betty Jane McLeary, Patty Mack, Beverly Marroquin, Catherine Marshall, John May, Marc Meador, Bob Meyers, Marietta Miller, Marllynn Miller, Phyllis Monte, Robert Morrison, Jack Meyers, Marthella Nelson, Leone Nesbitt, Diana 0'Brlen, Wanda Oldendorph, Robert Olds, Hugh Pace, Gerrie Page, Bob Patton, Betty Patty, Pat Pennington, Charles Persinger, Dona Peterson, Gloria Petry. Don Phillips, Frances Phillips, John Piercey. Betty Potter, Don Powers, Charles Pribble, Don Purlngton, Dorothy Reagan, Gene Reed, Ruth Rennie, Albert Richardson, Anita Richardson, Marjorie Riggs, Jacqueline Ritchie, Gordon Roberts, Genevieve Rohe, Lois Sackett, Dale Schilling, Marjorie Schuman, Julia Schwenden, Howard Scott, Wanda E501 Sidner, Patricia Slappey, Fannie Smalley, Eugene Smith, Barbara Smith, Dick Smith, Emil J. Stephens, Mary Stewart, Beverly Stransky, Ellnor Studer, Jean Summerl, Richard Swanson, Barbara Swanson, Doreen Taylor, Beverly Tennis, Bill Tily, Barbara Turnbull, Audrey Twomey, Blll Van Lohn, Doris Irene Van Noy, Reota Waldron, Donald Walton, Paul Wannamaker, Clayton Ward, Sylvla Wasson, Lois Webb, Bob Whitaker, Mary White, Kenneth Wilson, Glenn Yeack, Oscar Seage, Eleanor Sedler, Carl Shuey, Ben Sieg, Ellen Simpson, Marguerite Slaton, Norma Smith, Allen R. Smith, Stanley Snead, Harold R. Southard, Jacqueline Spoon, Donna Stacy, Ruth Stark, Shirley Stark, Therese Steadman, Winifred Steed, Barton Stelnbaugh, Claire Stevens, Mary T. Stiles, Marquita Stilley, June Strain, Bob Taylor, Dick Teschler, Dorothy Thompson, Bob Tlsdale, Jack Tryon, Barbara Uhler, Betty Ann Unger, Karl Unltt, Stanley Vance, Frank Vest, Richard Vinton, Elizabeth Vogan, Marilyn Wackerman, Ralph Wade, Dorothy Wade, Wanda Ware, Glenn Weisenberg, Gene Wheeler, Leo Widener, Walter Williams, Charles Willlams, Edith Wilson, Carol Woidneck, Bob Wolf, Seldon Wright, Bill Wurst, Leroy Zaske, Walter Zuccaro, Bob - .Sag 'ig . ul, Q7 s. f 5' 4 1 -X - V A X L H' nl I R f S ! - Vf - Left to Right. Row 1: LeVan fPres.J, Tlsdale fTreas.J. Row 2: F q CV P B Smith fAdv.J, Atchley CSec.J. W'45 B11 Seems Sis talks about every other class in the school. Wonder why she never talks about her own? Maybe I shouldn't have said that, because just as I wrote that, she came in ranting about a dance she had just come from, and there were more chaperones than dancers. What a dance! Also she has been working hard on the Prom and is afraid she won't get any credit. All that she wants is credit. I I think Sis just likes to worry, because she has begun to worry about sweaters and jewelry already and whether they will be able to get metal and wool. If you ask me, they should buy some sheep and raise their own wool. E611 gh s l Adams, June Ashworth, Charles Atchley, Ted Bean, Donald Boaz, Betty Burwell, Leonard Butkovich, Tom Chamlee, Zane B11 Bellert, Dorothy Bemiller, Bernice Benson, Don Belrkle, Orville Blust, Harry Chubblc, Bette Cotton, Bill Crosby, Robert Dllls, Kendell Drlnkward, Cecil Elnum, Leona Ellis. Horace Evans, LaVonne Fisher, Betty Graham, Joe Greif, Vivian Griffith, Margaret Grimaud, Roger Hutchings, Jack Ives, Burdett Jessup, Dorothy John, Helen French, Marvln Fuqua, Bill Gillette, Lois Glassman, Harry Goldie, Robert Gross, Lucille Hamilton, Sue Harrison, Pearl Hastings, Harold Helderle, Don Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Shirley Jean Jones, Jack Kemp, Sandy Andrea Lapham, Betty Lehamn, Helyn LeVan, Robert Malmgreen, Virglnla Matran ga, Joe Livingston, Eunice Maxwell, Peggy McGachan, Irene Moreno, Rosita Muse, Betty Needham, Gale Nickerson, Jim Menzel, Roy Morden, Janet Nlelsen, Norma Patterson, Jack Pebley, Bobby Pettit, Bob Probert, George Reed, Beverly Rowe, Ruth Salazar, Sara Sanders, Bill Schuler, Patty Shackles, Mary Slappey, Dorothy Spencer, Stuart ' , 4- I T , ,., , :.. , ,EI ' if , Q :sg T ., T Q.. -' fav ,s f ,1 jg! ,,:! , Q, . ?Y2: li-fi' - ' W B v T' 7 rr -if K 'il l I fi. -T if H91 ' - Q ' ' i I , 'I Y i -. AEE? fiEs4f 13'X- -A. V., -Ya-X - 1 It il .if - . 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N ' l V-if f5 B11 CAMERA SHY Amos, Bob Geddis, Gloria Lottman, Barbara Arnold, Bette Austin, Jack Baker, Billy Barr, Russell Beauscleil, Antoinette Bertoglio, Allen Bishop, Harlan Brady, Don Burch, Vlctor Burd, Elsie Louise BurIem,',Pat Clanton, Bill Clark, Teddis Cole, Nancy Colton, Phyllls Crawford. Barbara Cristler, Fred Davis, Bill Doan, Cortland Dolkas, Veronica Downs, Robert Dressen, Elaine Fraser, Mildred Gllday, Geraldine Gilmore, Betty Gonzalis, Tony Graveley, Marion Halfaore, Dorothy Hanly, Frank Heard, Mary Jo Hein, Darrell Henry, Mary Lou Hodges, Kathleen Hudson, Charles Irwin, Shirley Jergensen, Colleen Johnson, Gordon Josephson, Glen Keesee, Patricia Kelly, Bob Kenny, Shlrley Kreil, Marshall Lamb, Barbara Lambert, Agnes Lawrence, Don Loewer, Alvera Lyster, Claudine McLaughlin, Helen McManus, Marion McQueen, Gordon Matthews, Jack Mayer, Miles Miner, Bob Monahan, Billy Moore, Tom Morrow, Sheila Nerison, Bob Newberry, Lynn Nolan, Jacqueline Offenhauser, Bob Parker, Clayton Parker, Evelyn Pendleton, Bud Powers, Marvin Regan, Kenneth Rehbein, Donald Seaman, Anna Mae Southwell, John Stelg, Bonnie Stogsdlll, William Tisdale, Grace Wallen, Gloria Unbedacht, Joan Wernegreen, Mary Unbedacht, Ronald Westbrook, Allce Vaughan, Dick White, George Yocum, Emma Stewart, Ernie Taylor, Bob Thost, Ardella Tinley, Gloria Unbedacht, Joan Urtasun, Florence Urtasun, James Van Noy, Ramona Varnado, Jim Vega, Edward Verdugo, Emanuel Vinson, Vlrglnia Walters, Jean Wenner, Donald West, Eugene Wllcox, Genevieve Wilkes, Bob Williams, Marlon Willis, George Willis, Reld Wood, Paul Woodward, Paul Young, Phllllp . Q ' I ,. W M I F Q f Q CDE? 4? 5 1 ' Ogg Qs An extra half-hour on fifth period. Some of our lesser brethren Left. to gRight: Nichols fPres.J, Reed fTreas.D, Hoover lAdv.J, Russell CSec.D, Dlll CV.-Pres. . S'45 A10 I don't know so much about the AIO's because there aren't many AIO's that would associate with me, only an A9. Even Chuck sometimes acts superior and HE'S only a BIO. But the Summer Class of '45 fl figured it all out yesterday-when every- one will graduate, I mean? sponsored a dance, The luke Box jig fwhat a namell and I went. Boy, was Suzie burned up when she saw me and that blonde, who sits in front of me in assembly, at the luke Box jig. But honestly I wasn't to blame, 'cause before I knew it SHE had me dated up. Then I heard yesterday that the only reason she took me was because her boy friend has joined the Navy. Golly, hope Suzie doesn't find out about that. Woe is me! T - 5 2,53 -ffl My Where's my - 3 N locker? T : f 5 rs... I A3 Aldridge, Robert Allen, Emma Marie Ameluxem, Jerry Anderson, Dolores B8l'hB8. Baughman, Edward Becerra, John Behling, Peggy Bolt, Jeanne Al0 Anderson, Don Anderson, Norman Ash, Alan Barnes, Barbara Clayton Bergman, John Berry, Gene Black, Billy Blanc, Rose Bockstall, Bob Borowltz, Frank Brown, Sally Bruns, Betty Brusel, Barbara Burkhart, William Calderwood, Donald Childs, Ben Clanton, Byron Clanton, Melba Clark, Joy Cornelius, Charles Creahan, James Culp, Barbara Currle, Darrow Dalby, Bettie Mae Davis, Kenneth Dear, Gilbert Dutton, Mary Emens, Marion Farrar, Bill Feldmann, Eileen Fisher, Florence Fitz-Randolph, Elizabeth Fox, Marjorie Gauldin, Clarence Gemmen, Arthur Gottler, Robert Gough, Shirley Gray, Elenore Hale, Russel Hall, Dick I-limes, Helen Hoffman, Bob I-lofmelster, Len Holslnger, Harve Hamilton, Shannon Hansen, Bill Hansen, Jack Hansen Shlrle . Y Harrod, Shirley Holt, Phyllls Hoover, Janette Hollner, Cheryl Horner, John Hudson, Bob Husband, Reed Jacobi, Don Jones, Norman Jordan, Barbara Judson, Don Kersh, Lorraine Kimball, Derith Klss, Shirley Kitabjian, Johnny Kovar, Lillian Lacy, Barbara Lane, Margaret Launer, Patsy Lynch, Matcovich, Joan Maxheld, Marilyn Michels, Frederick Miller, Doris Lawrence, Gloria Lieva, La Verne Lewls, John Lott, Harry Kathleen Morrissey, Marilyn Mount, Joe Moyer, Barbara Murphy, Bert Norgard, Bob Paaswell, Arthur Perkins, Donovan Perry, Joyce Plank, Anita Ruth Poe, Joan Prader, Joan Radin, Janice Rahlfs, Patricia Redden, Dorine Redding, Martha Reed, Bill Reed, Joyce Reese, Jane Schofield Smutz, Donald Smith, Esther Sparks, Sally Stanley, Bill Riddell, Donna Rogers, Jean Ruehle, Paul Sanders, Sandy , Gwendolyn Steele, Larry Stoddard, Beth Stoltz, Marjorie Lou Talley, Ferrln Thomas, Jean : 4 i Pe? . if x I 1 I af I iii ,1 3? if ? y ' a If gf l U N, a 9 Ego 1,,' 1'--,:!-'wiki a 45,335 I 1. A ' 1 ., , , W A - ' , 5, :A , '2-' ' -as K -4. . lifN A J :W if l t it Yi, 1 E' ',-- :'2 - 1 ' J Q., A W ll 'Q .Jihad .r . i-i n Hi , It Q! W5 - se :V X -f. sal- ' , .1 - '-' 4. I , 1 ' Y ' - ' ei, q, V , B. H ggi . , . 'P V - ir ,J 1- L K .Q , ' it l .EYE , L .. ,.,V : Et.. li N NSY' A ' if ,f lp ' hifglil, .L 5 is : ' 'ff ' -rv ' -,s I il J 1 ' 'sei 2 fl p,,, E651 '11 Clif C it 9355 f l -. il eel ' , , 7, ff -f' Q - G li f:.: :,' ,- if I kg Eyelid ees, ,- ' l e ef 34 ,il -. 1? -,r -. r.-r-it H' ii-z, o i l Y , 'C ' Q V, P: ' ,., ,, ,, L e--a1 is or r L ' l , ,- B T' J 4 lf' , ' Ei i l' .3 452 M Bri ' i V li -ZEN -A ,'. ' e i 'fill U V M 'i T f'sLQsu. l 5421 : ii Fl 'A L ' '5 D ' T fi, V l - .-eff . 4 , A, -3 f ,A li L -m - . f i . . i f., 151' we . is , L 1 Q 1 In W gilt ' 7-it VII: 1 it , ,.. g, E: .,., Alexoff, George Alstot, Norman Anderson, Fred Anderson, Grace Anderson, Harold Apodaca, Arthur Barrett, Francis Bartolo, Louie Barton, Bette Basaker, Don Beauverd, Barbara Beck, Jane Becker, Carolyn Benell, Margaret Benesh, Bob Berry, Shirley Bishop, Pat Black, Gerald Blum, Betty Brett, Harold Brown, Marjorie Brown, Ruth Ann Brusher, Betty Lou Bufkin, Herbert Burgan, Barbara Burnett, Calvin Burwell, Louis Jean Carpenter, Jenness Carpenter, Nancy Cassle, Lonnie Chambers, Shirley Chamberlain, Harold Chany, Larry R. Cheney, Virginia Clase, Glenn Colby, Jackie Leslie Cominos, Evelyn Commons, Mary Cook, Bob Conforti, Helen Cordano, Frances Corey, lna Mae Coulter, Stanley Crofut, Betty Croockewit, Alex Cruz, Paullne Cummings, William Curran, Jim Dalen, Dorothy Davis, Norma Davis, Richard Dickensheet, Norma Dill, John Drish, Jerry Eckert, Anna Edgley, Richard Eliker, J. E. Elkins, Bert Ellison, Rlchard Elmore, John Espinoza, Violet Fairchild, Ellen Farnsworth, Lee Fernandez, Dolores Fish, Marion Fishback, Lee Fitzpatrick, Mary Lee Thompson, Allen Thomson, Barbara Thornburg, Elizabeth Tubbs, Richard Ulher, George Van Daniker, Kay Veith, Robert Vieth, Richard Walsh, Barbara Watkins, Judy Welliver, Edith Westberg, Phyllis White, Anne May Wllcox, Joe Wilkie, Gerald Willard, Barbara Williams, Marylen Wilson, Jean Wilson, Joyce Wimberley, Charles Wolfe, Lowell Young, Bob AIO CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES Wollaston, James Worthing, Llllian Wyland, Alvln Ford, Betty Formanack, Andrew Fox, Bob Foy, Gloria Frederick, Mary French, Kenneth Gardner, Elva Lou Garland, Joegene Gibbs, Juliann Glass, Verna Glenn, Dale Goodrich, Opal Graffls, Betty Granados, Ernest Granger, Kathryn Gray, Dorothy Green, Robert Greenfield, Norman Griffin, Virginia Griffiths, Barbara Hackett, Beverly Hagen, Buster Haig, Barbara Haizlip, Roger Ham,bleton, Jerry Hargrove, Jeanne Harris, George Hart, Julia Hartnett, Daniel Hase. Alfred Hawkes, Jerome Henderson, Beverly Henderson, Carle Hendrexson, Robert Herrill, Dale Hill, Russell Hillier, Bob Hollingshead, Shlrley Holmes, Jlm Holmouist, Dolores Hoon, Tom Hooper, Bob Hoot, Betty Hoover, Jim Hopper, Delores Hosterman, Jerry Houwink, John Howes, Len Howland, Clayton Huseby, Dorothea Jacobs, Betty Jane James, Janet Jane, Shlrley Johnson, Oliver Johnston, Ivan Jung, Virginia Kelly, Phyllis Kelley, Shirley Kermode, Roberta Keys, Patricia Killian. Hill Kliment, Ruth Kovar, Lillian Kuhn, Charles Kummer, Pete Kvammen,- Joanne Lampkin, Larry i651 Landue, Lita Laws, Johnnie Levisee, Bob Litch, Eugene Little, Jean Lonergan, Mary Ellen Lucas, Betty Luth, Robert McCaIley, Donald McClain, Marguerite McCord, Donna McGowan, Bill McCuistion, David McFarlane, Curtis McGreaham, Billy Mclntyre, Thena Mae' McMilIlan, King McNeill, Mary Ruth MacArthur, Davld MacFarlane, John Malone, Helene Manning, Archie Martin, Joan Massingill, Charles Meeham, Catherine Mayhood, Verna Meadar, Mary Lou Meek, Della Mae Meggers, Joyce Mohrbaoker, Delcris Middleton, James Montano, Peter Mooreser, Allan Moore, Jlm Navarro, Connie Lena Nelson, Lorraine Nilson, Richard Nicholson, Ralph Nicol, Alan Ninl, Marie Noll, Charles Norrls, Vlrglnia 0'Brien, Ellen Offutt, Harriet Oldendorph, Verna Le Overton, Robert Patton, Mary Pafford, Joan Perkins, James Pierson, Robert Pixley, Bernard Pixley, Ruth Pollard, Martha Porter, Sidney Powers, Barbara Quirmbach, Charles Raines, Randle Ramirex, Gloria Renfro, Howard Ringle, Lols Ellen Ritter, Dlxie Roberts, Eris Roberts, Helen Robinson, Blll Rodrequez, Arthur Rodriguez, Raoul Rogers, Don B Rohlting, Marilyn Romero, Helen Rommel, Jim Ross, Mary Rousseve, Clifford Ruhl, Gloria Russell, Lollie Salomone, Lawrence Schaefer, Margery Scherrei, William Sohnick, Mary Schuman, Barbara Severs, Bob Seltz, Jane Severs, Bob Sheilds, Gordon Sldner, Jack Sleberg, Sharon Sinclair, Bruce Slemmon, Jean Smith, Bonnie J. Snow, Beverly Solomon, Mary Stanford, Clyde Stark, Gordon Steinbaugh, Joan Stephenson, Donald Tague, Margaret Tanner, Blll Tassop, Ernest Taylor, Rowan Tegler, Mildred Tetzlaff, Georgette Thomas, Jim Thompson, Allen Thompson, Jean Thompson, Ralph Thorson, Ralph Tonkle, Jlm Travis, Pauline Tschanz, Vance Upton, Rolland Van Cleve, Fred Verdugo, Gloria Virtue, Blalr Waldron, Frank Ward, Rosemary Ward, Shirley Watson, Dale Weber, Milton Welch, Bill Wells, Roy Welsh, Don Whiteside, Beverly Whitney, Eunice Widman, Orrln Wlghtman, James Wiley, Tom Wllliams, Ernest Winkler, Rae Dean Wlntrode, Paul Woerner, Derice Woods, Jack Zimmerman, Helen Paulfrey lAdv.J, Nicolls iTreas.J, Peckham lSec.I, lohnson IV. Pres.l, Martin lPres W'46 B10 Chuck, he's my pal, is a Sophomore. I wonder why they call the kids in the tenth grade Sophomores? Suzie says that in Kansas ishe went to school there? they divided the grades into high and low, so l guess that wouldtmake Chuck a low Sophomore, but he would probably be insulted if I told him so. Anyway I sure felt sorry for him last week. He was running for a class office and he had a super campaign speech, 'cause l helped him write it, but he didn't make it. Gosh, we spent hours painting posters and hanging them around the buildings and in the Patio. And that slogan- Don't be a cluck, vote for Chuck should have gotten him plenty of votes. I guess it'll just have to be one of Iife's little disappointments. if 60 Q ,ffl 1 .. i f iii 2 SQ: ! I IX fax yy 5, i M Y' Monkey see, monkey do. 'J XJ ci. Q :fn View Amerlne, Bobby Anderson, Ruth Arclero, Lols Autrey, Margaret Avakian, Margaret Beck, Jimmie Beck, Phylise Berry, Jo Ann Bevan, Yvonne Bowless, Richard Brown, Dick Brown, Peggy Burlem, William Butcher, Elwin Cabe, Billie Calverley, Evelyn Cederqulst, Nannette Clark, Phylls Claro, Arthur Coble, Betty Conner, Palmer Cornell, Loretta Costamagna, Castanza Crandall, Jim Culvyhouse, Bob Darroh, Dorothy Davis, Noel Dickensheet, Norma Everett, Dean Falk, Bob Fiddament, Jack Forsyth, Don Gano, Robert Gaw, Betty Gebhart. Patsy Gendry, Ralph Glick, Nancy Granath, Godfrey Greene, Gordon Hackett, Ray Halbert, De Lawrence Hammer, Allen Headriok, Edward CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES Hewitt, Robert Hudson, Richard lrwln, George lverson, Muriel Jacobsen, Mary Johnson, Betty Johnson, Donald Johnson, Joe Jones, Marjorie Josenhson. Doris Kauffmann, Robert Keeper, Jack Keller, Robert Klncheloc, Shirley Klrkendall, Joyce Kubly, Raymond La Fehr, Joan Langley, Roy Larison, Joanne Larmore, Robert Lembke, LeRoy Lindberg, Ramon Lummls, Wenagene McEIrath, Daniel McKnight, Peggy McMahon, Lawrence Pulver, Burdette Purcell, Ben Purdy, Gloria Putman, Don Quick, Don Reid, Marlyn Reid, Mary Jane Rensink, Katherine Rhodes, Eugene Rivadeneyra., -Lupe Roberts, Dorothy Rohrbach, Lorraine Rom, Alice Romano, Anthony Rountree, Clarence Rouse, Bob Sadler, Ronald Schrader, Luellyn Smith, Bonnie E. Smith, Roy Smith, Shirley Spaulding, Wesley Bastear, Carol Carlson, Paul Danish, Edith Fricker, Patty Gilday, Jerry Graham, Fred Iler, Doris Jones, Marcia Miller, Warren Molinar, Bob Mulick, James Nichols, Dick Thies, Virginia Tily, Robert Stellmacher, Nanon Stewart, Jack Taitt, Earl Taitt, James Thomas, Roy E. Thomas, Ted Tolard. Edith Vaughn, Robert Vial, Grace Vinson, Barbara Walcott, Doris Walker, Tommy Ware, Margaret Wasserman, Arthur Wilkins, Roberta Wilkinson, Marilyn Wllson, Bonnie A. Wolfe, Robert Wartey, Ruby Wulk, Howard Young, La Dean Blake, Barbara Crabtree, Robert Craven, Douglas Greene, Hartley Kasson, Clifford Althouse, Marilyn BIO Bollman, Henry Barrett, Jean Booth, Dolores Borcher, Kenneth Brickell, Elizabeth Brummett. Patricia Louise . DeYoiung, Nodma Ueanne Drain, Geraldine Dunlap, Robert Ellis, Ruth Feh r, Frances Grieve, Joan Hanson, Jane Elain Henry, Herbert Hirsch, Ruth Hunter, Lloyd Johnston, Dorothy McCeslvey, Marilyn Martin, Ramona Matloff, Victor Matthew, Jerry Miner, Bill Page, Lols Pedrini, Robert Reilly, Betty Reilly, Blll Slater, Anne Ware, Nancy Zivelonghl, Vincent McWhorter, Joyce Maenunala. Marilyn 2, Q e Markley, caihrin JR : Marshall, Barbara i 3 Maxwell, Barbara ' -Z-A-f Miller, Dale Mi Ier, Mabyn P ggi l'i'i e1,,NJ n 'n K - - 'I Orrl . ack Mula, Rose Marie sg YQ ? Nebo Mary R . - - ' .fu Q5 o'su in ivan, Patsy U ? 1 i Olson, Kathleen E- 90 s m lm S Olson, Kenneth ' ,H i ii ' , omega, Gilbert N' Peckham, Janyce ,N 'Q - S Petersen, Shirlie - ' ' E ir gk- ,,a,--N.. ' ,.-,,. - K M4321 I591 just jay walking. Stahlke lAdv.l, Gillette lV.P.l, Higgins lSe I Levering lPres.l, Nerison lTreas.l S'46 A9 Chuck keeps talking about the Bl0's. l don't see why, but I have a hunch there is a heart interest somewhere. That class had their meetings with us last semester and acted so darned superior, like seniors or something! I wonder if we act that way now? Our officers take turns with the B9's being in charge of meetings, and they both do a swell job of it. We had a pretty good meeting yesterday, even if the B9's were in charge. The president called the meeting to order, and that's some job, believe me! There the fun began! We had try- outs for song and yell leaders, and some of those kids are really good. Later we are going to have a dance and a talent show. Guess l'll make Chuck eat his words about never doing any- thing. l691 -M '-, L., .il levy: Alix in it 9 If la Y V V I ' qs, - we1ckerf,Pniliippa ' Ll Whitaker, Julia I .N Wheeler, Elsie I 'I e Wilson, Jack N NJ' Wyland, Martha Please - thirty-five , at least. i701 Adams, Kathleen Allen, Charline Bacon, Robert Bays, Donald A9 Bernt, Nancy Berryman, Barbara Butler, Jane Callaway, Beverly t Carnahan, Billy . . Carter, James Gilbert Crawford, Charles Challoner, Carolyn Dell, Paul Roger Collins, Betty Devean, Barbara Jean Cook, Shirley June Dimmick, Kathryn Donahue, Dolores Donges, Dick Gilbert, Beverly Drake, Cynthia Gillette, Carol Edls, Shirley Gleason, Margaret E Fischer, Bill Hackett, William Harmon, Bob Havllcek, Anne Herd, Betty Higgins, Mary Louise Hill, Harry Hodges, Patricia Hook, Robert Hower, James Jenklnson, Dorothy Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Shirley Jones, Robert Keesee, Geralda Kehlet, Dlcy Jane Kelley, Bill Kimball, Barbara Kimzey, Mary Ann Kniss, James Lamont, Barbara Large, Keith Lewis, Mary Livermore, Tom Lodes, Joe Lyman, William Lynch, Helen MacGregor, Ritacoleen Marvin, June Mathews, Jane Day McCarthy, Nancy McCann, Mary Louise McGarry, Joanne McKnight, Robert Morgan Morgan, Norman Murphey, Virginia Nerison, Barbara Nichols, Jaceulyn Ripple, Ritcha, Hal Rush. Sarah Kay Safarlk, Jerome Soharf, Walter Ja McQuiston, Nancy Mehring, Vernon Miller, Lois Moore, Richard , George Pessa, Paulette Pettus, Nancy Lee Petty, Marjorie Reinke, Charlene nice Dorine Seifert, Catherine Shorey, Phyliss Sieck, Annemarie Smith, Robert Sorelamille, Andrew Stelnbaugh, Howard Stooker, Dorothy Stollar, Dorothy J. Stransky, Lois Jean Sweinhart, Robert Terrell, Genevieve Timmons, Marlin Todd, Catherine Toland, Daniel .., N93 .,- I1 N.- --I I u . r, I X u? 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Douvos, Johnny Dwyer, Mercedes Eggert, Robert Everett, June Ellis, Emma Elizabeth Epple, Mary Lou Espinosa, John Falkerstein, Robert Fasching, George Ferguson, Jacquelyn Espinosa, Mary Elias Fields, James Fischer, Barbara Fitz-Randolph, Jackson Fix, Betty Jo Flanigan, Donald Fletcher, Jimmy Floren, Jack Forbes, Dick Fortner, Phyllss Foulkes, William Gallagher, Duke Gardiner, lone Garrett, Dorris Ann Camera Gavaller, Gozilla Gilmore, Eugene Gemme, Barbara Glidden, Bruce Goodrich, Betty Gorsuch, Evelyn Goss, Dorothy Gottachlick, Edwin Grah, Louise Graham, Jim Gross, Elsie Gross, Gerald Gross, Shirley Grossl, Pete Groes, Howard Guidero, Diana Gulal, Lucien Hahesy, John Hair, Burton Hall, Durand Hall, Jim Hall, fWmJ Sherman Hames, Lorraine Hanscom, Lewis Harper, Harold Harger, Marcelyn Harger, Marilyn Harris, Peggy Hartey, Robyn Hauert, Robert Hester, Robert Hewitt, Leslie Hidalgo, Eddie Hinckley, Gayl Holland, Patricia Lee Hofferbert. James Hoffman, Betty Ingalls, Roberta lsaacson, Sally Jackson, Hazel Jameson, Darlene Jarvis, Rita Jennings, Alan Jepson, Howard John, Rolland Johnson, Demple Johnson, Donovan Johnson, Keith Johnson, Verry Jones, LeRoy Junglnger, Doris Jury, Dorothey Kampschmidt, Hugh Kell, Lloyd Kemper, Forrest Lee Klrby, Keith Klagues, Joe Kless, Lilly Mary Knotts, Barbara Kreykes, Eleanor Kreykes, Robert Kroell, Burdette Lancaster, Louise Larkin, Margaret Lawrence, Marilyn Lee, Audrey Leonard, Alyce Leonard, Robert Levering, David Lehman, Jack Lightner, Ruth Lloyd, Richard Looft, Hank Lowe, Dale Long, Verna Lucas, Cedric Lumsden, Roberta Luth, Jimmie Lynch, Edward A. MacDonald, Patricia Marshall, George Martinolich, Edward D. Martindale, John W. Mata, Vilma Mather, Dorothy M. Mayer, Raymond Mayfield, Lowell Maynard, Audrey McDaniel, Charles McGillis, Patricia McKenna, Joan McKenzie, Janet McLendon, Diana Shy Freshmen E711 Meehan, Georgia Lee Meoill, Raymond Melton, Barbara Mergens, Peter Michals, Marifrances Mielke, Ina Lous Miller, Martha Minkoff, Don Mitchell, Jeanne Monson, Julie Montana, Margaret Monte, Mary Morgan, Diane Morgan, Joyce Moss, Betty Moyer, Robert Murda, Phillips Murphy, Sheila Myers, Donald Nelson, James A. Nelson, Douglas Nickerl, Bob Nieto, Socorro Oakley, David Oliver, Kenneth Ollsom, Barbara Olson, Jeralee 0'Mahony, Brendon 0'Mahony, Barbara Osborne, Mary Jane Packard, Barbara Palmquist, Patricia Parker, Earl Payne, Barbara May Peden, Mary Jean Pendleton, Jane Persinger, Jodon Pfeil, Melvin Phillips, Dick Pitre, John Pollard, Margaret Price, Barbara Jean Prine, Leattrice Prlne, Mathan Pruhs, Jacques Pruitt, Ray Purington, Joe Putman, William Quigley, Francis Racho, Gordon Rambeau, Pedro Raggio, Carl Ranabarger, Lloyd Rauch, Shirley Rhoads, Alden Rice, Burt Rice, Myron Rice, Oliver Rios, Harold Robert, Patricia Roberts, Charllne Robertson, Barbara Rodriquez, Marguerite Wilson, Shirley Wilson, Don Wolff, Robert Wood, Dorothy Woodman, Imogene Workman, Roy Wormald, Robert Wright, George Young, Betty Rogers, Roberts Rowland, Jean Roycroft, Lawrence Rubalacba, Ester Rugen, Otto Mlcholas Russell, Leonard Sager, William Sanders, Bob Santschi, Lillian Sarris, Patricia Sayre, Ann Sehy, Helen Schwartz, Joe Shannon, Don Shaw, Richard Sherar, William Simpson, Evaleen Smith, Marion Snow, Arvel Soto, Jennie Spurlick, Don Stavang, Roy Steele, Edward Steiger, Mildred Stevens, Betty Stewart, Mary Stoll, Virginia Strain, Floyd Sullivan, Audrey Taylor, Jack Terry, Audrey Thomas, Marylen Thompson, Andrew Todd, Willlam Troxler, Bob Troxler, Eldean Tuttle, Lawrence Ugartechea, Tony Uhrlg, Bill Van Anda, Bobby Vance, Jack Varnado, Billie Walker, Don Wall, Bob Ware, Patricia Wasson, Diane Watson, Arlieth Wesh, Herbert West, Alan Wetmore. Ernest White, Nancy Widman, Robert Wiesner. Robert Wilber, Shirley Jean Williams, Mary Agnes Williams, Shirley Williams, Vincent Wilson, Shirley Wilson, Don Wolff, Robert Wood, Dorothy Woodman, lmogene Workman, Roy Wormald, Robert Wright, George Young, Betty It must be the little man! U xx ,, .. w e W A Xe! . , 'l r gf Q of - 4 ,fm s s-craig, s or '51 ' ,!'i V 5 5 ' -f ' L - cl I - , Sf -mnmtlttiff-iq? '5 F' 1935!-'WMA' Q ' 'f X .-'--vqmfig,-aVnX - :fvir---'H -V-T X X e w . . . .V A 4 V JV , iii, '. i' . . f f .Q ' 5 r- J, ,rf , - -fy .. T X ' ,Q X, . Q, T' fm- i' .Y P A A V-A ' I ' 'iz , ,LQ . T-fl f-1:5 -- 4 'N Vg . VR-l ,V 'fl VT I 1, ' 1' C C' V 9:2 lf kwin' lt. saw mill - . -5 ' ' X sri...-f'.ir.., .ll I . X X. . ' ' fl, A fit-,LTQJXX X .X .A ' f l 'P N ' N , at-' gui fl - I, ' il' EV , .rf 3,65 : ' 1 N' Q 1 it C V ' 2' 71, --x 53 Us Y C M 4-.,,..Jt'l T27 l,:eEL.Zl,-fl, f l .ol X. 3 ' KI,-Aga arse , .F .eva .ill . , ,S 'll 'fl ' -f : .V V V. ,Vw V, v. 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MHYY Berry- Lovaun Bevan, Dorice Bierkle, Eleanor Britton, Anna Bromberger, Tom Brown, Gloria Bykerk, Stella Calkins, Martha Campbell, Jeanne Cann, Earla Carter, Barbara Clark, Jim Coburn, John Cochran, Betty Colletta, Eleanora Collins, Don Collistor, Bob Conciaede, Paul Coniglio, Les Cooney, Byra Cook, Vivian Conti, Salvatori Davis, Marian Deal, Don Dial, Wayne Dragna, Mathew Du Bois, Barbara Evans, Clifford Evans, Johnn Filker, Don Freeman, Shirley Fultz, Vivian Fuqua, John Hayes, Hendreckson, Darlene Davis, Jeannine Hoar, Pat Hoglund, Anna May Ives, Jessup, Esther Johannsen, Bob Kemp, Susan Kina, Bill Cornel Macomber, Harold Malone, Beverly Morabito, Tony Norling, Barbara Y Field, Evans, Tommy Faiman, Bob Felix, Josephine Field, Phil Louise Graham, Carol Gnagy, Merle Green. Flora Habert, Lee Vivian Hughes, Bette Hughes, Bob Hurtzig, Anita Hartzig, Alladene Dick Kiss, Dot Lee, Audrey Lewis, Joan Llndustrom, Jean I, Vanita Mattox, Jean McAIister, Barbara Mlres, Marian Mendenhall, Velma Morgan, Lois Motto, Virginla Nicassio, Sam Neiger, Gerry Nell, Don Park, Patton, Bruce Perry, Bob Phillips, Lyla Rowe, Pat Nelson, Betty Norman, Ralph Ogle, Peggy Ogg, Wilson Barbara Rowley, Betty Rutledge, Roland Sohlinger, Albert Schworer, Bill Shepphird, Florence Shull, Rosemary Smith, Bill Smith, Beverly Smith, Cllnton Stefed, Stroscheim, Brock Tassop, Lola Thomas, Madeline Thomas, Mynnette Walto Wallace, Norma Walker, Rachel Wertl, Marilyn Wetzel, Drusilla Woods, Woolsey, Bob Wride, Barbara Wright, Joy Xedes, Marion Zaro, J Smith, Donald Smallay, Evelyn Solcher, Ronald Stogsdill, Nancy Karl Thomason, Virginia Tschanz, Maxine Vansickle, Jane Verdugo, Billy n, John Whitaker, Norman Wlker, Bruce Williams, Jacquelin Wolfe, Richard Dorothy Yeargain, Frank Yer,by, Allan Young, Patsy Laramore, Don osephine 6 Left to Right: Johannsen fPres.J, Rowe CTreas.J, Smith CAdv.J, Kemp 1Sec.J, Ives QV.-Pres.J W'47 B9 When I first came to high I never expected to become a part of it, but all that has changed now. I don't think anyone would ever have known that I was just a scrub, Even so . . . when I saw a cinnamon brown sweater coming last term, I stepped behind the nearest door. Last semester I believed anything anybody told me. just think, I spent ten minutes looking for the elevator to the second floor in the main building one day. But now l've wised up, and I don't believe such tales. I left my algebra book in my locker yesterday, so I had to come up here at five o'clock for it. Do you know what I saw? The yell leaders were still practicing in the patio, and football season is six months away! 15' Qgx sz S Look out! The bell rang. ' I zz' X X . X, IQ N X ,sw ,I f I5 E731 Alexander, Nancy Anderson, Bobby Anderson, David Autrey, Jean Bade, Milton Barth, Marjorie Bornhauser, Donald Bratcher, Elaine Brown, Paul Cameron, Aura Carpenter, James Chamlee, Carol Coburn. John Cornell, Vanita Duvall, Thomas Perez, Hortense Jeff M V 1 s I Q' -'v f ff ll Q- CAMERA SHY FRESHMEN Emick, Bill Fischer, Nancy Ford, Gene Foulkes. John Foster, Charlene Gliddes, Anne Hall, Barbara Hart, George Hertel, Marilyn Hinman, Rouse Holzapfil, John Jenkins, Laverne Larmore, Don Levisee, Don Longnecker, Don Waldron, William Sign mine in ink! E741 Virtue, John Vukanovich, Bob Lopez, Alfred McEvoy, Ellen McCime, Albert McNeilly, Hazel Mann, Glenn Monaghan, Don Moriarty, Peggy Mosso, Carole Naxon, Madonna Nlcasslo, Sam Nurling, Barbara Oertel, Don Parker, Helen Pennington, Shir ley Ann Pettus, Arleen Porush, Theadore Rants, Richard Robinson, Charles Rolfe, Richard Rouille, Joan Rulien, Janette Sanders, Hayden Smalley Stange, Leland Stone, Robert Teague, Clyde Todd, Jack Virtue, John Vukanovlch, Bob Waldron, William ff' f 52:-H .9 'Q I Q 2!?!T 'viii av Illustration Bob Putman HEY! THAT ONE'S SAVED!! 'P A ! 11552555 im F lm !!!!! 31 W1 fi ff M vf4yi:J,1 ' AJP 3 if 5,4 I Jug LU FBI'-. . 51. 'JP' ,XL ,, my M lf '1 ,ri ' :X ,.Vg. v, ' WJ Q- f W ,V ,. I - Y 'cf ' , Qs -.iw-Q 1- 5' V 1 1 , SX 'Sw 1 x B as 1, Y, 1 J Wvziglg is 5' W x 'H u 1 Q.. M . M. Smith lDept. Headl, Mrs. R. Boone, Mrs. L. Cavanaugh, Mrs. I. Fry, Mrs. L. Grube Art Department Ever since Sis has been taking Costume Design she has done nothing but design for herself, Boy, was she thrilled when they displayed her suit in the windows on the front porch. Sis says that the Art department has also been doing things for the war effort. This I know to be true because the other day Chuck and l were backstage, and there were kids all over the stage floor coloring charts for the Army. They even say they are making pans in pottery classes to keep from using vital metals which are needed in war plants. Another play, another poster U. .g.Q 3if3i9 ,, ,, , f ,.l ,. , 1 N i 3' Hx .1'ys5- ', fx . , , N , Q 41223 Sr . g.-- . LK., ':v 533 -4. -51-.-:5a,!f?.z'.:v3f f , L 1 if 35,1 --.-Q., .by ,K .R+ t X. .1-f. IQ, 1 1. -4 -' :5QW1q?TNE45izL H'?HAmgf' flaws . wi - '?i!,'i'lH 1.129-w,5t.. .-ff ggillx W 'wiYWq,q 4 H' :v,,,:1: , u-x fg: 1: ,H if ri:-'pg 211. 1. - ,A - . 1 -'-fjdfv '..'w',m , 'ag .-, ',-6 'Lrlrg in .Q--..y,' ri. , -1+ Jw .,','!y,,v .,-U.. V f 'El V big: .l 1:'f, ' gg., -uf ua- X , L f ' Fe rg ,-If . . 4 V.-9 r Hail' HQ: 1' A 7? ' 2 if -11? Jag V , ,,,, X., ,1 1,17 1 -.14 Q .,.. 1 . 51,4 L xii? 1' fiilm ' Q H 4 ,fi . 1-113 :Eff 3552 Ei, -p y 1' 1. v SA ' ?.fg313 J x ff R: fa 1 1' 1 vs ,Q xv 'Y 5.3 ,gfvilff 1: ,P fff- . , rr 4 R 11 f' 1. .Jul w.x,,.' 5 by- '7S 'f'l 'I,+' v Pj: 23.1 ff K Az.. Lf WW ' ge gg Wfiiissxsss-f 5 1 i ' U Q, 1 ' f. X , 'P xx N L i?'fL.G': , 'A e- ' if 3' - ' . 5, ,,, - W h -, YL , 1 J141 3 wi , ,nag fa. ,...-,. , . J '. . Mrs. L. Cothard, Miss M. Graham, Miss L. Heron Mr. G. Butts iDept. Headl, Miss F. Cox, Miss C. Fraide Mr. R. Millican, Mr. R. Potter, Miss N. Wade Commercial Department Imagine it! The kids in the typing classes type to the music of The Stars and Stripes Forever. How do they do it? Suzie takes typing, so she tried to explain how they did it, and l still don't know. All the kids who take commercial subjects are studying to be secretaries, bookkeepers, and salesmen. This year the Commercial Club sponsored a contest, and it T sure took them a long time to convince Suzie she didn't win a prize. lt looked hopeless for a while, but they finally convinced her. l've always wondered who printed the bulletin they read in second period, so l asked my Orientation teacher today. She said that a class practicing office work printed it. Now l've cleared up just one more of A.H.S.'s mysteries. Uh, Uh, don't look at your hands. ,gd .Nz x al F05 f Y . .Q r , Vkvblly y Y y f :Mug M Friday's Budget! .4 x .f 4' 'ff ' ef' , 1 lk: .Q 3 ,vw-....., L U N.. Y ,, 7 qw., K ...,,,,-.b M V , . tx .73 A Y . Y-P- ?Q,,, ,K 7 ,J ,Ak rf-S,-.. 1 J ,,fI,g. H 1 fC' ,N 4, , - - -.-- , 3 - .MTW -- ,5 -. '-f F - - XFN ' Q fi- N N sg 4 st- -Lx ..-J! Y l 3 Lvl- ' ' ' L,-.ddi E 4 . .al 5 A. 1 J T-.K ,wg X 'M x. fx -'Q 1 -. V- . .H Xb . Ju i FF' if . in L' f fig i f gmt .UA H ES 5 5, Y ,Z Eh 5 . 3' ': L ,- L, 2 -,,, F f - , X w W - SE E 2 '1' r 1 -, , ,fx f- ' 1 5' ,N 5 3 3 ' S jf- , , ff 'T 1 : ' ri 30 1-lRj-.MV 'YZF W 'A 2 ff' U ' i S , ,Wig , , -up wx- .. 'L' - XE , V .-V .1 4,....N-, -Eu-Q.: L MQL., ? 5 Q, , mkqf-Lai ' 1 Z'-.V F V Z V W gig :mga , . AFQQ gf E M 5 in ' igg e t V ran ' :V 53 m V ,QB N Q rr: ' Y I I+ ,594-if AZ .1 . ' H ' - - Q33 ' iw., M ' Y fag? 1 E 44 ., f , .. -V EQ Ii' M 4, - -v v . , ,Z W .53 My 3 -gf :V M -If ' .Tl N' . N :QV , W . fa - -'-' ,: ,... .mfg ' f , , .Qx'.,f-'um ' ff-1 3'1 11' '-11 YL, ,yifzifu ' Q ,,4.Pg3,.'v+ 9 I 5 - gig . KLEF ' H, r. E. Edmondson, Mrs. F. Hannay, Miss N. Lombard, Miss W. Lord Mr. D. McAlpine, Mr. W. Paulfrey, Miss H. Power, Miss A. Smith, Miss K. Srticklend English Department Well, Diary, our class didn't win the dinner in China Town, qi,Ag,,: i4'2'l.n but we sure bought a bunch of stamps. l bought a whole bond M E. Luffrell during the contest. Our class made a super notebook, but it M T- 5 f'Se' wasn't as good as the one made by the winning class. During Book Week Mr. Howard Pease spoke to the school about his adventure books of the sea. He told us all about his experiences, and he sure was swell. The English department had a super display of new books in the front show cases. They had books about America, famous men and women, and the war. On February ll, we went to a Lincoln program. A new idea in programs was presented. They had a very large white sheet stretched across the front of the stage. Behind this a shadow play was presented. It was sure thrilling when Lincoln walked toward the audience, and his figure grew bigger and bigger. Even us squirmy freshmen sat still and watched . . . Gee, Diary, the SIL- VER PEN came out today, and is it elegant! Only wish they had printed some- thing of mine. English AlN'T difficult. E QM i E is ,JSE E5 w vm ,, w 1 Mswifswfgig Auf ,,,,, , M i:2fs:?ismi. , n1s:51s:iP:21'f,:g?A,1gs A ,. 2353: 1 V Wigggasiisifeszsssggssisw 211.2-gf - - , Elf' 5 'f Y :K-P Q, 'A ,, A., ' IE ss K m E My K f M, uw 12 Has .. fwfr ..f. w. ., r ,Us , L, J ,Nl H- Q- 5 A , -f L. -!'.L..1. , 3295 'V -rt -,EEL-.x ff -3 -V ' mfewff- :few Av 1253 Q ' El,'i f 3211-iff -saga w S rim-glizbi' -W yn ,.. W':' 1, ,T q, i 2. ig,-iw. , W H 1 ' - Wg. .3 My rm Av - fy im ,::i:,. .A,:, M W , -' ' Y wx wx I 11 I ll X ,lwxi , NAL ' ' X X W , 4 , , N N .U ' Gu -g,,A:V-gigs Y 4 ,-im, , af j FEW J l K J-iv - gif? 4? ' www . 5 x f 'Tia x A fx-.1 . 5 ' BX : . ' 4 12. xi, a ',. , 1-4- 1, V -mnlggf., , , ,.,f7'5 1. , .,A: , ' X. A fi, ' I-. F 1, H 5 'gi ' fx Lf I X V-'q r , 1 f V , N Q 5 is 2 ' HAEQQQV '0f': ' fm .3EQA'?f!1i lfwf M lv-Q . ' -,,,,,,.,.: 1 ww ' 5, , -- 7 qi . x sg Z X V ju M' M if FL U 5 1 .Qs ,...:, gf' gs'-5 Q, I w . 4 r fx , .U 1 .. -21 2' f J. ' I 4 JV E 1 , '- 4 5 , af ,,.., .411 M 1' ' A V 'TJ' xwxxgm 'ini 1' 1 1 W -1. Y X . ' gag . X I-Lfg ,X ' ' V , Y 7 1, V- , ,- V- Vx A-A b V . ' , 'X' Q mg 4 NH W . gi-:,f ,VW I A M LL,,, f 2 S i r - V ' 6 is 4 . :nz 1 yu tx 2 5 Y l B N LM ..,.,. ... .' QW , ----- - ,- , . , Z- T? , v 4, ,u w Clk , w' .v-. .A I.. 9 f-1 Nrgfvf aff? -' .vs 1.5 ,4 21 . . -up ,,. ,X as ..: 5 ,W . h ww Us .' H ' M ' flFE14!31'h? - -' 7 . X -mx U ,Nm ' Qi' H W-fl' ,Qi -- .., f 14 1X: 1aulfm.N, g ' 'V-wry, 4 , , -. iiimglw- f. , 1 . -' , A , , .,,,,R4.,M . Wg , 4ggg:,j5?',gQB., 315- 3 I 5 Miss P. Parkhurst iDept. Headl, Mrs. 0. Co M Ed b rs. L. gecom , Miss M. Starr Home Economics Department Dear Diary: Can you imagine! The boys who take Foods gave a chicken dinned for the Administration. They slaved over it for hours, and were they jittery before the dinner was over. All the Food classes learn to cook and plan meals under point rationing. I wonder if it is as big a headache to them as it is to Ma. Suzie takes Sewing and the first thing she made was lAheml a slip. She says they are also making things for convalescent service men for the Red Cross. ' .ffif M 'N o-sQ B P ' 79 , . ' l-inf' R 7 X na. ffg zg A ' A-iff .A.' Domestic? i931 27 -w aka' S VX r r ' I , i 5 'ii I' QI 3 LQ C OJ LQ CD U CD 'U DJ Q -I- 3 CD 3 -I- Doggo-doggere-pupsi-bitus Dear Diary: My Orientation teacher told us that it would be a good idea to start think- ing right now about what language we were going to take instead of waiting 'til the last minute, so, for once in my life, I've been trying to plan ahead of timel For quite a while I thought I'd take Spanish, 'cause on April I4, Pan- American Day, we saw such a good movie on Latin-America, and also it would be so much fun to drown out all the other classes in the building with the singing, but then I heard about the other swell movies they show in the French classes, 'specially about the Fighting French. Then Chuck started boasting about the Latin Club banquets, and to top it all oft they announced that you could take German next semester! Now I ask you, Diary, how's a fella 'sposed to decide with such an assort- ment to choose from? I guess I'II probably end up waiting 'til the last minute to decide in spite of everything my teachers can do! Mrs. E. Steward CDept. Headl , Miss L. Anderson, Mrs. M. Farmer, Mr. C. Hedeen, Mr. E. Oleson, Miss E. Peterson 1.1 E Q. th. .W-r, we S' f Wy W yfdzg, 1 i f ?-LL ,g V v 122: ,L v, 4 , uw -52 ESQ? fa? jp c ,, L, I , 'x L Wx .10 'mf 1- H :- fa an m --ms x f2,-miwn ,If we ww 2 ' Lf Kiwi: ,S K M J.f4,,wwf-fgmq.f'w .f ' 'wffmzgwvzlx : Q4 ' :Z ,f'52...'75 si' n if w . K ' If I ,..-V.. mf. ,... :Ha ... -L W Q. , F I . 'fl 57, L .sf EE ,,-. '-'24 I WI HQ, E' f V alt. w.q ,'5X :.A3 'J gem 4 f A . Q .mx -n if I W ,fx r : T L I Lf'- Y L fuiiw, 5 ::f,f,. Q 0 !,' f .fiffie ' JL 5. Q X . -up .. Li? ysci' Jv Li 41 kgs: il' 4.-eunlu Y lr QQ, ,f f -'tu ff? J-' V' ' Z., Ao,-f'1 H Af-1 ---.9 77' 'iq ' .ff .Ai-T 2 . - Q fi i l 1 B 'X i'a'7f ' X K? HVZIQI U KX N 'T JD f Q-476,-. QL, L ,4-L ggi For a lady in waiting. echanic Arts Department I was down in the Mechanic Arts building today, and lieuten- ants kept coming in to get model airplanes and some blueprints. I know that's what they were getting, 'cause I asked Chuck, and he should know because he works in the tool room. He said that the Mechanics Arts Department is doing many things for the Army. Why we're even teaching the girls mechanical drafting. They're also training girls for essential industries such as welding and metal jobs. What'll they do next? Chuck had to stay after the passing bell rang yesterday, be- cause some boys didn't return their tools on time. Lots of things happen down at that building, for instance, the other day some kids took the jacks out from under a car that was jacked up, and the car fell on its brake drums. Boy, did it make a lot ot noise! Y- - 63 OH, r. M. Kreinbring, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. C. Snyder Mr. I. Ranker lbept. Headl, Mr. R. Armstrong Miss M. Thayer, Mr. D. Williams Miss G. Shropshire lDept. Head? , Mrs. A. Clements, Miss K. Hanks, Mr. H. McCormac Music Department Dear Diary: I have a class in the West Wing and a great deal of the time all l can hear is the glee clubs-and even though it sounds good, I wish they'd sing the same song once in a while. Yesterday the Music department presented a program of music for our English class. We heard records of Scottish tunes and songs. We also learned about the background of Scotland's music. Suzie and l went to the Music Festival given by the two glee clubs and the Senior Orchestra. She liked the music from the world's best literature, but l liked the songs of the allied nations. The band played at several assemblies and at all the football games, and it sure was grand the way they maneuvered around the field between halves. They formed A's, tanks, and lots of other things. Now, this number is one . . . . . Make your tones pear-shaped. Beat it out! Q7 ,aj .4 1 mi X E891 A -4- A --A--H 'LAM' W H 1Dept. Headl, Mr. G. Hobbs, Mr. I. Kemp, Mr. E. Sowers, Mr. R. Wheeler, Mr. B. Wilson Boys' Gym . . . Boy, am I tired? Gym is sure wearing me down. Suzie says she really dies laughing when she sees us do this commando training . The other day it stopped raining long enough for us to go outside, but it's always that way. When its cold we go OUT for exercises, and when it's hot, we go into the gym. All the girls over at their gym stand and watch us poor fellows, but we certainly get the last laugh when they have to throw back a football to the boys. Your life isn't worth a dime down here, once the dressing bell rings. You're first pushed through the door by a mob of big lugs, then you're showered with flying tennis shoes. This might be called inside commando training. Then what a run to grab one of the 25 showers, and then another run between getting flipped with a towel and beating the bell, getting dressed. The other day my big brother finally got his first aid card for taking the course from one of the coaches. Boy, does this make me happy because I will not be a patient any more! At-tenshun! . 5 N W N' -. ..., 'QP 'J--3 . - - f. - . k' .f -v I ' W ' ' , WK' ,, - V , .-na 4 e x. 14, , NWN ' , 'F , I- ' V, Y, W 2 '. -A 1 xi . a' Y I A wx . 3 , I. mugs, V ,G 1 ,.-K 433'-T 4' .1- K i vi , V .ww R ' - IU 'X . ' ' ' V H u Q. , ,Ti .3 ,Q Y I . , A I i L ,L .- , . ,fs 1 -4:--su,-, Ag, 5, , 1 , N? Q 3.2.7 ,ug ,W -J, A ,,..,ff- T, 5, - , K ..- .4 ..u. .,' A - I,-,Q , ly' - ' . fp V ' f' f if v ' , ,. ' - ' 'QL . G. V., , 4 I ,J-f T 7 .- A-HQ, ' f- 1 I KF 1 1 Qin 4..- nf. v -'Liv ,. V 1 ,,-.y , , , -fr . A H yuh AG443 k 'ni if -Ewae 1 . 5-QW , 2 -' v. 3 H 5 , . f W, .J V 2:25232 L ' wg X: A ,' is , H xzivfggizlw X Nfmzfiifl. N- E, 1 I 1 S ,gy 3 1: , S 1 ff - E N ' L.,, , 4 i X ff' F p J' 9- , 3 ' F ,L P, 1 I ' A ' 73' his 3 y , v::'In Eu 'I fi-' ' ff 5 up . , f Look at my new toenail polish. Look out for the curves 4 ,42 55 ,gt . 45 .431 M' S-Q-U-E-A-K! I 92 J Mrs. M. Crosswhite lDept. Headl, Miss M. Canavan, Mrs. L. Elsey, Miss H. Richards, Mrs. M. Thor to Girls' Gym Dear Diary: This school sure is odd. I wonder if all of them are? Suzie gave me an- other wild story today. She said that rats hold court at night in the girls' shower rooms to decide which one, and how many, towels to chew onl Can you beat it? And if that's not bad enough, they are fed on Cheez-its, pop- corn, and peanuts the girls smuggle in. What must go on in that place! 'Course I musn't give you too bad an impression of the girls' gym classes because they do play games in their spare time. Also, there are dancing classes of all types, especially natural dancing. Suzie watched them for a while and then signed up for next term. I want to watch that, 'specially Suzie, 'cause I hear they stretch them all out of shape. I got a squint at Sis the other day playing tennis, and I still think she looks awkward! One, two, three, SWING. Sis is lucky if she hits the ball on any number. Takin' it easy. .gf .. ,.:::::1g:. -34,44 .- was :- ' ' 2--' 'Fil Q Q-...1 lx Miss I. Greene lDept. Head? M F E Miss R. Turnbuil 1 M I5 M P I rs. R. Arnett, Miss I. Beeman, Mr. C. Betts, Mr. 0. Cosand, Mr. R. Davis r. H. Hoo er, Mr. . Marshall, Mr. N. Miller, Miss A. Perkins, Mr. H. Thomas Science ancl Math Department Dear Diary: Ours is a family of scientists, or at least we are trying to be. Sis is beginning Physiology this term, and she has been bringing home such gruesome tales of cut-up frogs and preserved hands that l wonder what the world's comin' to. Bud is finishing Physics, and to hear HIM tell it, he can explain anything. But gee, did he meet his equal in the static machine? And last, l am taking General Science, but the more l learn the less I know. lt's very befuddling! The Chemistry class next door must have been trying to clear the building 'cause they made a horrible odor llike rotten eggsl. Whew! But when it comes to math, l'm not so hot. And it doesn't help any to have the teacher change his mind every day. Yester- day he distinctly said X was nine and then today, just as decid- edly, X equaled five. What a life! Life in E2. - K A www ., ,di ff- 1 W Wwly HF MF. ,E-. .E u 1 'X ew- H' ' if Y qf A L F4519 Q Q aff' 4, h T X I 95. ,h X .----. 'ff' A . eff 8- wk 'V ny? , Q-may if Maj. Elsey, Miss G. Nclgner, Miss L. Stahlke, Mr. M. Wilbur Mr. E. Shipman, Mrs. F. Andorka IDept. Headl, Miss C. Willits, Mr. 0. Wood Social Science Department Diary- Bud, who takes Civics, and Sis, who takes U.S. History, sure study hard for them. Next year Sis wants to take a new subject, War in the Pacific, but since I don't understand all that lap stuff, I think I'Il take Latin-American history. It's new too, having been putinto the Social Science course recently. Bud joined the Victory Corps when it started, I'm going to too because it is leading A.H.S. in its war effort. They show all kinds of movies and do every- thing possible to help Uncle Sam. People of Latin America certainly have a different way of living from ours. The picture which was put on by the Social Science department on the 50th Anniversary of Pan American Day proved this. On September sixteenth this department put on a Constitution assembly. Gosh, some of those kids missed some easy questions. Even I could have an- swered them. Stuffing the ballot box. v w l l w . ...A- 1 I r V 1 Y' 9: in mmm MW' 599 i gpm EQ , ,ZV WM V5 QE-5 25 1 5 S MQ A T Illustration VOTE FOR ME, WILL YA? .H J V ig ,ef,.-..- QX3:-E H ww za sm., SW 5 rwg -- wg? ' H24 ie R Dick Frederick Victory Corps signs new members. On to Tokio I 97 I V. ,. . , -V Miss V. Walker lDept. Headl, Miss H. Kemper, Mr. I. Mayer, Mr. E. Ramay, Miss H. Reynolds, Mrs. B. Wynne Oral Speech Department The wind one morning sprang up from sleep-, this is what I've been learning for Fundamental Speech, and darn it all, I can't remember it after l put it away for a few minutes. We've done lots of other things though. At Christmas time the school packed 405 boxes and sent them to the A.H.S. boys in the Armed Forces. Our Fundamental Speech class sent one to a boy somewhere in the Pacific. We heard the Radio Speech class over the Standard School of the Air the other day. I wish they would get on more often so we could get out of some more work! Every Wednesday the Drama classes give plays during noon time: gee, they are good actors! The Speech department gave a program on Washington's Birthday, and it certainly was impressive. Swift's Premium . . . i981 ease , i r' ,W w ' .ww-1. W, I 5 ,L-. I ,WY 'Y 1-N N NNW M 1 l A lik X six H' N uw ' --w P Y- QL...-. Q .1 ' , 1 1 W ' W2 My 'y', '5 ' ,:.:,: .. , ,, ,f , ii .,-,,:f:f1f6-,!:x W: , ,M Yu an M wx wsu 4 ' H ' gi . 2. s .V--5 ': 'il ' 7S fl -31 'Q 'L' xv uf' fl IK r 9 ff ' ,, 4 1 in ' r -f A , ' , ' 5 Y . .2 , A 1 8, ' M Af fa . -f' V f .e 'Q Ex , ,, -+ , , 2. . Q IS! , - , ' f A a I. f ,-: . .J ,A ' V Q Q f -' ig -32 n 21 ,VT I K,-, ' . Q, I f 'JT J N. ,V rl XX X, A . , P' in Q, '- V 4 1 f rf Ja v 1 t r .six , Q. ., 1-Nwxkw N . -11,117-. . - ' , That'll be a nickel. Library Dear Diary: I went into the library today for the first time since the day my Orientation class went last term. When we were there Miss Gilstrap, the librarian, told us all about it-how to use the card index, find books, and all that stuff. Now l'm taking Funda- mental Speech and we're going to give a debate, so l went looking for books and l'm going back more often 'cause there is lots of information and some super-books. I bet it takes a lot of work to keep that place ticking! IIUUI ealth Department S, H, Rue' Bud came home muttering to himself tonight, something NUM about a medical exam. That got me curious, so I asked him what 11011 out Read the chart so we can tell if you're blind or not, I was told: and who could have read it? I never saw such words in my life! it was all about. Oh, just a medical exam, and that's all I could get out of him. I remember mine, all the mouth-opening and tongue-sticking- in my exam. Whewl But what got me was the eye test. When I was just about through, the door flew open and they carried in one of those junior commandos who had tainted dead away. Guess he just isn't the rugged type. Anyway in the Health department there is never a dull moment. L ..., I. f ww 1 1 ww y . v We're having a heat wave. ' x ii 2 D L N 1- P 'r E H i I . - Left to Right: Row 1. Green, Sie Solomon, Hamler. Row 2: Ungles. Wase, Root, Millig n. Row 3: Brady, Perdue, Ki g Cafeteria . . . For a spot where nothing is supposed to happen, more doggone things take place in the cafeteria, particularly at some tables! just in front of me is a table of senior girls, and really some of the things they do. They fall over tables, break chairs, pile up dishes, comb their hair, make up, and whistle at the boys. l never got so much food for so little money and heard so much gossip for nothing in all my life. . . This morning, Diary, almost every- one was wearing at least one tag with Bill Maschek Day printed on it in big letters. After trying nearly all day, I finally got one for myself, and l dis- covered that on the back it said Mr. Maschek had been Head Custodian of the school for twenty years. Gosh, what a guy he must be to be able to stand having to pick up after us kids for that many years. Wenzel Maschek If 102 1 L1031 Bull session at the Ritz. But Mr. Whalen SIGNATURES Il041 5. fb' Q1 V ab. Mabel Milligan Editor Annual Staff Gosh, they're always wanting money around here, why last week one of those salesmen put the buzzer on me for 51.50 for an ALHAMBRAN. I wasn't going to get one, except that Bud and Sis said that they weren't going to let me see theirs. Well, Diary, yesterday afternoon I was passing under Mrs. Boone's window, and I never heard so much noise in my life. It sounded like everybody was talking at the same time I-they were!! . Well, I soon found out it was only the Art and Literary staffs working on the Annual. They kept hollering about a dummy and deadline, I wonder what they mean? And when I was on my way into the patio, I heard some gal yell, Don't take it yet, my hair isn't combed. From the sound of things, it ought to be a pretty good Annual. I wish I knew what the color was, in fact, I'll bet there isn't one person up here who wouldn't like to know the theme. IIUSI Howard Boyington Art Editor Henry Silva Photography Edito Betty lo Young Business Editor ,,.....4 ' H , ,,,.n- f ee W , we ., ' ','2wfW xi 1 X' ?Qif.v:..'SfL..'.LL1,,'..i. ..:-1?'21ss1gf2f5g-2-'f-'f1ff'l Left to Right. Row 1: Milligan CEditor-in-chiefj, Stephens fAss't. Editor! Houwink. Row 2: Sparks, Hamilton. Row 3: Whitaker, Miner, Edrington Row 4: Bennett, Edmondson CAdv.J, Henry. Left to Right. Row 1: Uhler, Cooper, Greenlee. Row 2: Boone CAdv.j, Frederick Boyington fEdIt0YJ. Row 3. Shomaker. Ifl061. O fbi 1. .. r, 3 .g.. w ... ,.: 4 A in pf-wg ' ' ' ' F' ' 5 21, , Wy' l fs , A um 2 S I x. 5 , lf I ll 5 1 W 2 !' 1 .,g ' L 3 ., .. ' 3 2 lzf ' E 2 Y , ,mn . I A , ' ?4fLli'ff1?4-21 1 Q A if Q 5.3. uwivlftvgfxf : X 'Sin' W . j.. u2',f'Q?Wff5f25ff?5f ' V x f 'if A , fini J 'rs:5'5h?if, I x ic ar earson e en e re M L tt II R In d P H I P t Ad First Semester Editor Second Semester Editor Dear Diary: First they step on my feet, push me around, and shout in my ears when I go to the Moor office to get my Moor, and then I get outdoors with it and someone asks, Can I see your Moor for a second? When I finally get to look at the Moor, the bell rings and I have to go to class and wait until after school to read my paper. Ours is one of the best papers of the high schools, as it won second place in the Crombie Allen Award contest held at U.S.C. in March. The papers are judged for the greatest improvement over last year. My sister was sure burned up when an article came out about her in the Alhambra Moo, or razz edition. But boy, I sure got a kick out of it. S E XX if S W 5-Z' A 7 S655 , fiif, Z f 1 pv- But there s a deadline' XXX 553 . Wow 7 E 4 W 'W xx O 0 5 X0 f ' .1-. 1 - A f -f 1 ':::: is Qs Ca Fm Q f-Q 1 .5 , , W , l I II 'ia f WUI? Q f- . Af, 'HQ' . 3 ,a L me 1 'G-TE ffm. md -wdgiplm 1-2: ann-WL' Q 32' H' -of R. N. ir:-r 1ST SEMESTER: TOP-Bagley, P. Pearson, Newberry, Tennyson, Cook, Hall. Seated: D. Pearson, Edntor. 2ND SEMESTER. Row 1: Bares, Thomas, Tague, Ford, Leaviti, Petre, Ed. Reeder. Row 2: Luttrell, KAdv.J, Bumes, VanDaniker, Tennyson. Walden. Row 3: Coull, Edwards, Bell, Miner. Row 4: Hahn, Ward, Fitzgerald, F oster. l1U91 Some Day Sure, there's a war on. We know it- Why shouldn't we? lt's us young Americans Who do the fighting, Who shed the blood, and the sweat, And the tears, who sacrifice everything For a some da Y You should see us at Alhambra. You should SEE us! Sacrifice . . . ? Do you think that the youth of today Knows nothing of sacrifice? Doesn't it take courage to see Your dad, or your brother, Or your sweetheart goes off to war? Doesn't it take strength to wait? Courage to hope? But we young Americans are willing to do it . . . for Some day . . . Giving our time to the Victory Corps, Giving our money to the government, And to the Red Cross, and the Greeks, And the Chinese, and the Dutch, and the Poles, And many more, And giving boys to fight to war. Giving? We don't mind giving our money, And our time, And our talent. There was a time when we would have ob- jected: And the old folks would have excused . . . Forgiven. They're young . . . some day they'll under- stand. lt is for some day that we are willing to give, Glad to give-for Some day . . . 51101 But still, we laugh and sing. You should SEE usl Watch us smile-who in the world today Smiles as we smile? Listen to our moron jokesg watch us danceg See that we are trying to forget there's a war on, As if we could. Smile? Why not? We are young With a lifetime ahead Full of better things. We all want them . . . Expect them. lt is easy to smile about things like that . . . Smile, because Some day . . . Algebra, Latin, Historyg Modern Science, Electronics, Geopolitics- Courses of yesteryear, courses of the future: We base our world of tomorrow on the past. lt's a hard world. We play hard, work hard, study hard. Some day we'll be glad we did it. Blood . . . Sweat . . . Tears . . . Strength . . . Courage . . . Nerve . . . We've got 'em all ln the youth of America, of Alhambra. Maybe you don't envy us. The job ahead . . . Maybe you think we can't do it. But we can. We're doing it, every day. Bit by bit. We're doing it not tor the glory. Or the medals. We're doing it tor Some day. BY PATTI BURWELL, S'44, and ED MAHER, S'43 I1111 STUDENT STORE: Keene, Butler, Heck Pearson, Heininger, K d ll D I MIII Potter, CAdv.J, Wil- STUDENT BANK: Standing Left tc Right: Haley, Potter lAdv.b, Roundt . G , B k , Calderwood, Rhodes, Schumacher. Seated: Van Anda, Sweetland, McKinney, Hager. Student Body Store and Bank Dear Diary: When the student store opens, I go in and try to buy some candy, but that's impossible, so I settle for either popcorn or a stick of gum. Gee! but if you go in there between periods to get something, you take your life in your hands. The other day I went into the bank to see if my fountain pen had been turned in, and I saw how busy the financial adviser was, paying bills for clubs, receiving deposits, and selling tickets for a school dance. M: ,Ag,?!: .,,Z g . WN .,, W v ' 1, mf-53? . , A lv Q Wy ls 'L - so It 1 'vip WM .I - givin? '.i'rQ3-Eff '- f .risk ,, ,,,k WJ , 52 .-,,,,,.l.3 ,- , Z ' 2 ,, , :H ' 'T Rf 2 , b Mi.. 1 i . '-1' ,. '- Y ' k . . H 4 -3- Ja, 'N Left to Right. Row 1: Luce. Byrnes, Walden fPres. lst Sem.J. Talley, Graham, Rose fPres. 2nd Sem.5. Row 2: Edrington. Sanborn. Hahn, Phelps, Swartz. Sharp. Row 3: Conn. Butler, Wolf, Osborne. Wood. Haley, Reynolds fAdv.l. Left to Right. Row 1: Weber, Douglas. Holderman, England fPres.J, John, McGachan, Wallen. Row 2: Hull, Wasson, Lacy, Romberger, Tompkins, Richardson, Wilcox. Row 3: Andres, Holderman, Evans, Einum, Jones, Jenkins, Williams. Row 4: Sidner, Flyer, Anderson, Halfacre, Mellen, Petre, Wilson lAdv.J. IQ1281 fiT hf l -:, K 11 'QW 1' - l If Q xvx I, in ffx '31 Q- Left to Right. Row 1: Haley, Fletcher Kllfres. lst Sem.J, Nelson fPres. 2nd Sem.J, Ensz CAdv.J. Row 2. Nelll, French, Bemlller, Mullck, Lochard, Greenfield. Left to Right. Row 1: Rowe, Katz, Teague, Jung, Jannoch, Smith lPres. lsl. Sem.J, Stoddard CAdv.J, Higgins, Morden, McCarthy. Row 2: Weisenberg, Katz, Powell, Dowden, Putman, Somers, Tily, Welser, Koepf, Reagan fPres. 2nd Sem.J. Row 3: Donaldson, Burton, Stroscheln, Seivert. Elk. Gough. Lee. Myers. L 127 1 Left to Right. Row 1: Macomber, Merrill, Smith, Reed, Tague, Harmon, Steinbaugh, Jane, Glbbs. Row 2: Bristol, Taylor, Erikson. Soarks, Lantz, Comfort, Bayer, Milligan. Row 3: Tague, Curran, Danskin, Maggiora. iPres. 2nd Sem.J, Hayward, Steinbaugh, Smith, Cerlni, Hower. Row 4: Hill, Lowe, Herbert, Stephens, Cameron 1Pres. 1st Sem.J, Moore, Jane, Leavitt, Richards lAdv.J. Left lo Right. Row 1: Westberg, Klmball, Hamilton, Poe, Crawford, Cooper, Lynch, Hunt. Row 2: Russell, Waterhouse, Riddell, Leavitt, Livingston KPres.J, Kemp, Cook, Blong. Row 3: Haig, Redding, Beauverd, Anderson, Gustafson, Ryan, Smiley. Row 4: Sieberg, Morrow, Brown, Tisdale, Muse, Dugan, Launer. Rogers, Stromberger fAdv.j. Sf, 1-ss. - nk,-. 1 1 iii K 1 23 Q1 v,f?Qg 5 -Fm - , .1 ,lf N 5 N, 1 fag -ia M, ,M Z i M5 MES' . ' . 353 N ' ik f' 3, 'Ss keg 7 35 ' Q HH tw, sang:-:g H if .gigs if K , sv L ..L,, A j -,,.,A -v , .1 ' . , - 'sd!aN'L. j 1 ' ,,. ' Les? gf ,f ma- .fkfgq f 5:4 , '5 P -r. gh- .Nj jg S . 'Y' -r 'M 4 , Q, WEEIQZ' M Q ,. Y : X MA -ig -- FA 25 . Y ' i 1 5 , , ,, uh. 355, W . 'Q Fig S X A , . . L 3 U A A Q. 4 .r f ., i - ' '1.:. ,, X L Q,eZiI',iJ V LV f J. aegwvk 2' , A 5 fa-rvrzff'-,',-,ful ' Q 2 S55 an -,-,my T125 Nam i HW! ., ,. , ms.wV.,L, o., QT , Y, ..4 ,M L. A A E .,- - -'f1.1r.,-2-2--1-. ,- L-' - 1 1'-' ' ,M ,Q Wig .. ' H W' - 3 '- -- if 2.11: A fm- ' W - ff '-N ', 'P 541.7 , 511' P' 1 ' H fail , J., , .,.. W.. .- ,W ,,3:f,'ifif .- -M ,.,'3l-EI?:'f' 5 ' 3' iz 'N ,mf 4 , J Mgr, . 1- ,J .:.E:5.:.:.: :Q W H -,- .. fmffa Q: N 'Q ' - - , My J 'T:jT:5f,- A A w -.- . ' 1 1 ' V ,uf 1 . ,lg ix , ,. f' ,, Q -N' Jr - x '. -1, ' -' 4.79, 1 3 .. W , - M . . .ff-. - 1 - ' H- W, ,, 1 N , h T,-1. A: .U FQ ,H Y Q -.4 ' ,, i Wig ' T ' 1 1' 2 ,. . , ., ' 2 B W, azz, X ,M X W :L cbs , f -1321 'A .I if 'hw L - z 'Qi ? 'i5s1v' f 4 , .-'fry ,N Y ., .., L R .,f . .5. VV W N V, '9 -Qi? ' ' W: 1 b Ag ?i2,i'i i f WrQ'1'f.1. ev? Y 1 , . ?e '.1T W H . ' W I X- HTS! i' 1 LT 5' f? wi 7 - X-ir, 3 w a , Q f Q55 Y: . YQ- v f - 3 ' z., af 'Q Lk , . 3, ,222 fflfzlz fe f z , , W 1 E295 ,w 'X-X 1 EV- . .-.e .,Q .sz-fxllqzix . 35 A 1: .K .LJ Y , ' 1 'xl f 2 S ee 1355 'H 221522544 J- Exim, J, mica. 51 ,N .5 .. ,N ,,,h xxiimkly gg, K .E .1 ' ' . 4 l l , 1 1 , l 1 A l l Y Lefi to Right. Row 1: Bares, Wheeler, Thomas, Kenny, Dreiser, Burns, Hill, CPres.J, Wood. Row 2: Turnbull 1Adv.j, Pohl, Lapham, Fitzgerald, Amos, Malone, Balian, Dykes. Row 3: Timmons, Van Daniker, Glavin, Ybarra. E. Hope, 0'Sullivan, Jordan. Row 3: Padan, Welch, Jensen, Schilling, Stewart, Tily, Seals. HI Left to Right. Row 1: Fry fAdv.5. Gigler, Harrison fPres.5, McLeary. Wit, Geddis, Bowlan. Row 2: Peterson, Gaugh, Konzelman, Just, Deleissegues, Brooks, Edgerton. N241 H H Clubs Dear Diary: Gee, do l envy Sis belonging to one of those A Clubs. l hear they are the service clubs. They do all kinds of services for the school and for the war effort. They send Annuals, Moors, Christmas boxes and letters to soldiers. Boy, does that sound like fun. They even sell you a ticket to almost everything. Why some of those super sales- men tried to sell me a ticket to my first assembly. Suzie was invited to a tea the other day by a certain club, but l'm glad men's', clubs don't serve such things as tea at their meetings. Can you picture Bud or Chuck sipping tea? Next semester when l'm a Soph, l'll certainly make sure l join one so I can do something for my school. Left to Right. Row 1: Fischer, Watters, Wyant, Speer fPres. 1st Sem.J, Wetzel, Snell, Buwerman. Row 2: Bushey, Beeby, Callaway, Bunt, Anderson CPres. 2nd Sem.J, Graham, Vlck. Row 3: 0'Brlen, Casper, Chick, Hansen, Colvin, Lamoreaux, Edgley, Bagley, Strickland tAdv.J , ins ,R. Left to Right. Rover R. M:ires, L.'Mires, .Pa:1an, 'Lewrence, Bruns, ,Lun1mis, Beverly, Gross lPresD Row 2 Bassler Houwlnk White Maxwell, Kless Hirsch, Gaw, Bevan, Fisher, Mudnich, Einum. Row 3: Bowlan, Chambers, Pendleton, Osborne, Kiss, Perry, Bemiller, Rohrbach, Avakian, Parkhurst CAdv.D. Row 4: Cordano, Burgan, Rohlfs, Collins, Sloddard, Williams, Burford, Tinkle, Smith, Glass. Row 5: Ellis, Beck, Nichols, Horn, Dawson, Wyland, Davis, Dutton, ller, Ellis. I 122 1 , , f I T- We we ' E 'lnpfl -x Left to Right. Row 1: Smalley, Lonsdale, Anderson, Cornelius, Graham, Mulick, Dunlap, Henry. Row 2. Padan, Douglas, Glavln, Prugh, Talley, England, Jenkins Rose, Cook. Flow 3: Tisdale, Williams, Wyland, Williams, Haryward, Maggiora, Fladin, Berry. Row 4: Merrihew KPres.D, Himes, Clark, Paaswell, Marshall, Chick, Edrington, R. Mires, Miner. Row 5: McCulistion, Myers, Heuston, Wason, Anderson, Anderson, Wasson, Cook. Left to Flight. Row 1: Jamison, Richardson, Adams, Quirmbach, Bertoglio, Johns- ton, Bullock, Ellison, Thies. Row 2: Halfacre, Thornburgh, Stilley, Hamilton, Griffiths, Kimball, Poe, Pettie, Hutchings, Wilcox. Row 3: Slater, Althouse, Willard, White, Shackles, John, Carlson, Kitabjian, Barrett. Flow 4: Dye, Reaney, Kimball, Colllns, Chaffee, Haltom, Batchelder, Halfacre. Conner. f1211 -f -1 ' - l .1 Scholarship Society Boy, was Sis swelled up when she made the Scholarship So- ciety for the first time in the AIO. Right away she began talking about their half-holidayg and then you know what they did? They went and picked tomatoes. However, I must say that it was patriotic, for they turned over the proceeds, ten dollars and fifteen cents lthat may not sound like much, but it-'s a lot of tomatoes? to Miss Walker to send Moors to men in the service. I guess those kids aren't so bad after all, even if they are smart! A g, , io' g J X: Gi in X , x 'fgirgif ii 'S-f s. 51 Gi if S f Xi r12o1 ,, xi,.Y N g4 Ta,QAi'Hy4gfA if'-fir-41 fwwf q ' fwfr: 1 riff' ,,fkt,. fair: iktiif kiifif ffffx afxff wfafff fiffff wfffw wifi' wfffffuriwif fffwffiffi wfrwrfwfif wfffvfff wfivifit rwfrfi fwrrav -A'-k-ki wifi ifiikii' f wi 5 x ,ff , H. . - V , .P , 'Q QF 5 . 1'L. 5 M17 PE L w 1,-QM . f 4 w 1 ef. .-f 'M 1 -WAR Q 1 fi V. U m wr-- R r ' Q . ,M , :fi e -'W---, V W My 3 ' 25-V A ,KL - -K ,l H, ' Q 0 H , ' . I .ff g ' 642' - 5. W I,-1 if I ' m '. . 1,2 I , ,252 ,. L .. K, 3 ' ,. . I xl vi - f.,fRK N av 1 r 1 ' I , 1 1 , 1 .ui , 1 J , ,M ,w Hy. , :Q fx L gi f H Q, K Q1 I -,, Y T ' ' 'xg ,Nw wf Jw .L Q 1 .. 'ma L JBKE l 91 v fi r 1?- '0 1 W . ,f W 3 1' s u TN , 'fa ij! j A ,ag Q 'Wg ,.v'-.,. ff . frpflp, x ' ! ' P. .af ,F 'ff L JZ Eg., H iff.. Q ,ff '5 5' rag W, 51-L -'W - Ni? Y 1 'W' la. 1 ii i 5 T' f- ' .4 Qlhffg wfwgw K fi 2.555 V+-,.-:H '1 ff nv f V. - K W 3-Q90-.Q H 7, uu- k L, Ni. 1- --',,f- 1- 4 Z2'3:Yf' W 1 -gf -gd' . - -Qu, ., 1 . i f 1 .V s A - ' 1 1 gun Y f fa- -E ew' ,, img I, , , .M , ' Hf,,,,-A NF' '15 ,iff 'A H1 ,- 3 ' zg+,g'n2N :Q 14.5, A., , 1 -, Q.. , gp 1, A: SF'-mr - , ff, if-Q , LQVQJ, , '11 ' ' 'L , Walla V. ,ff-.f ' .,, W-3-' ' u 1 lf, , 1-'H H K- 's -,fzi - is : 2:-s. , , A ,:,f,-Z-?1, - -' ' ' + .. qt., -'ii I , 564 ,V 1 .17 ,A.. , K gi.:,- ,xv- ,, :f5:f 1:,pg 'N , ,vii 'P Q' T ,W 1- ., .A . 1fe3', Q ' RW? 'zu 2 X ' ,, 1 ,. ' ag .X Q Q ,gs IM X r I V N z 7 I iff, W ,M I YE fl. ,,.! ,X ,Q 2 X' X ' X Q nk Mg... ' , b as -kg-. ' , w ,YJ f 2 A 351- 1 'R K , I ,, 7 - - - ' , 1 X Q Q '79 ' I , J -H' ,. I pf Q ' . i 1-W Qi f V, 'J 'Q 5 uf ' 'ilf??? . '4 ' L ,, , ' as , ' xmgem. nb - , 1' N ni',gmi,gLf if W L I f.- V W , V ' 3 'U' K ' ' 51 , ' , L W, j. V , Q A Q L K . , xg V- EN ' - ' .5 ,E u, YA .L 'if' I Q. 1.65 W ,,, . , Fifi: ,- 1, . X ' EW ' ,119 jji' ' ' . , Q Xii' U -, L fY'vQ?lg5- 1 :ii its-A X gi' M! fggky' . ' QF? '. X I Presenting Mr. Bobby Breen james M. Smith won the much-cherished Wm. I. Clark Debate Trophy awarded to the outstanding debater of the year. Left to Right. Row 1: McCuistion, Radin, Berry, Wllson, White, Dill, Houwink. Row 2: Taylor, Lonergan, Hopper, Griffith, Anderson, Upton, Cornelius, Wintrode. Row 3: Keene, Erwin, Poe, Smith, Stogsdlll, Farrar. Row 4: Cornelius, Reithner, Massingill, Stroshein, Freberg, Ogg. R. Cornelius T. Keene B. Stogsdill 'Sf y-J A. L. Erwin S. Freberg B. Heck D. Reithner I. M. Smith Debate . . . I don't know how I happened to rate, but my Fundamental Speech teacher picked on me to be one of the timekeepers at the N.F.L. Debate Tournament here at school! Naturally I agreed 'cause it looked like a good chance to get a Rec. I found out that we won the Southern California Debate Championship and then we got third at the one I went to. Then to continue the good work, we placed in all but one of the finals at the tourna- ment at Beverly Hills High School and won a first. The teams are still looking forward to the State Tournament at Redlands. Gee, I wish I was old enough and good enough to go along, but I guess that'll have to wait. BUT-my worthy opponent- Q N lift? Wiring., ,..,..., X i 7 III Kg 2 - A: II A 25251:-. 'Ss v '- I I CTI A 4 ' nn 555 N-A 1 I 0 WlW lH lWIWMl00WWO X010 5 bl 5' X X X - .l--4 VX Ylmrg K - f f I his RN gif A M , I Z ' ' - in 'A - fl A P9 I1161 X'-13' BOYS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB- Left to Right. Row 1: Hanks Klnsiruciorj, Burneii, Heck, Kitabjian, Mayne, Bas com fPianistD. Row 2: Gallagher. Parker, Williams, Kamschmidt, Crabtree, Wint rod. Row 3: Fidament, Van Anda, Pyle, Sinclair, Miller, Maxfield GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB- Left to Righi. Row 1: Gravely, Rice, Meyers. Himes, Howard, Tague, Vinson Gross, Thornburgh, Fuerhardt. Row 2: Clements flnstructorb, Burt, Blum, San born, Kelly, Wadley, Berry, Woerner, Steig, Winkler. Row 3: For ee, Mellen, Deleissegues, Smith, Calvin, Jordan, Lane, Ward, Karp Stelnbaugh. I1151 M., Adu '11 V wg.. ,....L . , I . . W d . , E I d MAKE-UP CREW iii. 323223, 3vch'EiJEZ?, MFL, S1232 Jv'?.J.,3s. '19 an 'ugvsphyfmsonerocernsnr H-.W-u AN, ,A .A, HT? mMM,H AW 1 , , Qi.. 2' l'- Y Sf' 'K lr - vi S , 1 iw i L fi' E . 4. X , --, , , Y mi, - , ' 2 are - ,gf ,amy-N X -V , X . 1 .yy-,, 1:, ,: 2 H gf 5 , 'w 'H Q22 A ' 11- 52: 1 in-,'.-- ' 4,, . ' pf..-V, N - C gif. I-7' ' , . . -sq . V U I 1 QR. QJQY' 1 .W F 1. MF. isa. , H wx ' , -LY 4 A V: 1 -1 -- 1 A ,eg , V ,.,,f ! Lwiiklf W' L gg 1 'X Q ,1y 1.Hw w '-4 m '-W1 1 YH f 1- -Q , p, ., , if ' -- In -lx --' M. UF ' Pigf' , 7'7 ff , n 'X J P ' 1 x 3 , -F 'J Q ,x 1 Xp i M. wmv., ' f-- ' I ir, -Q, Q QQ f M - ,I -Y . X -' 4 . .fx x,.,,, , -1. :X , . 'if Q v ' ' uf N -I 0. H .-4 11 wwf x TU? Q5-fl 1 xiii. ill ,ef H. ml g , . F X 1 ' 3 H! Rwxisr A iv 1 'X b pf ' 2 Left to Right. Row 1: Brunhofer, Etnyre, Tsohanz, Reithner, Feltch, Milllcan iAdv.D. Row 2. Henry. Tassop. Ingalls KPres. 2nd Sem.J, Barrett, Llneback. Row 3. Haag fPres. lst Semi. McGlII. Schanaker, Ritchey, Cowie. Abbott. Left tc Right. Row 1: Bennett, Butler, Helnlnger, Mayer, Wllbur CAdv.7, Simpson CSec.J, Wllllams, Keith, Ekins. Row 2: McCulstlon, Nicol, Matihews, Hambleton, Drake, Glassman, Kirby, MacArthur. Row 3: Smalley, Drinkward, Stogsdlll, Partridge, Hershey, Keene, Ander- son, Strain. A L 129 1 iw. E less-:rr fm Lx: mm ' , w 55 . I, , ,E .WI Q! -wg. I , he elf U' 5 's', 'Q ww 1 , .J 45 ' .., J , 4-M' -Left to Right. Raw 1: Gough, Wilson, Jones, Grube1Adv.J, Maxfield. Row 2: Slappey, McL Headrick, Lucas, Welliver. Row 3: Pennington, Deleissegues, Fernald, Miller, Bruns. H H Clubs l'm just a lonely little scrub, and it seems just like everyone l know is in a B or an academic club. l really don't know very much about the thousands of different B clubs, but Chuck says that they are worthwhile, else there wouldn't be so many. I understand that by taking certain subjects you become eligible for B clubs, and l sure hope l'll get to join one. The clubs always seem to be doing something exciting, like enjoying original programs or having an important person talk to them. I heard the other day that one B club even had its mem- bers fingerprinted and mugged. In the award assembly, the B club trophy was given to the Art Club, and second place was won by the Science Club. 11311 3 X. A fL:'3f-at 'QNJ-n ART Left to Right. Row 1: Parker, Vick, Osborne, Arnold, Frederick, Beauverd, Montgomery, Thompson, Sharp fPres.J. Row 2: Williams, Karp, Norris, Belt, Blanc, Gillette, Bemiller, Van Noy, Caster. Row 3: Jordan, Kenny, Taylor, Prader, Edgerton, De Moss, Gross. Row 4: Patty, Heidrich, Lawrence, Noble. Etnyre. Large. Left to Right..Row 1: Carr, ,.Nlelsen, Bayer, Swartz, Fitzgerald, Stan- ley, Bailey, Duvas. Row 2: Fralde fAdv.J, Sweetland, McKlnney lPres. lst Sem.D, Watson, Aultman, Woodard, Harrison, Andres. Row 3: Ritter, Simpson, Schumacher, Becker, Haley fPres. 2nd Sem.J, Wlt. fmzj 7 K Left io Right. Row 1: Miller, Williams fPres.J, Callaway, James, Schuier, Morden. Fisher, Hunt. Row 2. Douglas, Roberts, Cook, Hamilton, Wyant, Smiley, Peterson fAdv.J. Row 3: Maqgiora. Hastings. Moyer, Wood. Patterson. Wylde, Burlem. Left to Righi. Row 1: Probert, Thomas, Griffiths, Mayer CAdv.j, Whiie, Paden, Berry Lonergan. Row 2: Hutchings, McCuistion Burnett Poe Muse John Jessup, Mceachan, Griffith. Row 3: Hdmbleron, Stcgsdill, Smith fPres. and Sem.J,, Cornelius 1Pres. 1st'Sem.D: Erwin, Conner, Wichser. fs, K. ,wfxa-Q, -I' 5 A N .fi 9 l ,,. s. 'Fw' Left to Right. Row 1: Quirmbach, Merrihew, Twomey, Bullock, Thomson, Maxwell, Cochran, Adams, Keesee, Kelley. Row 2: Blythe, Lapham. Whitaker, Wasson, Rom- berger, Britton, Wallen, Stacy, Goodrich, Hackett. Row 3: Paaswell, Doucette, Roberts, Harrod, Thornburgh, gtrusfl, Himes, Fox. McGowan. Row 4: Kitzbiian, Cornelius. Gottlier. Burwell. Fortner, McCarthy, Lampkin, an ey. 6 PICTURE 2-Left to Right. Row 1: Myers, Cardos, Reeder, Adams, Smith, Fairchild, Christian, Rehbein. Flow 2: Parks, Healy, Yocom, Condie, Probert, Fuqua, Farmer CAdv.J. Row 3: Wyland, Morrow, Malmgreen, Livings- ton, Fisher, Redding, Riddell, Kimball, Dllls. Row 4: Ives, Holmes, Fitzpatrick, Crosby, Hutchings, Wyland, Johnson, Wilcox. Croockewlt. If1341 Left to Right. Row 1: Tschanz, Lamoreaux, Wetzel, Lantz, Moran 1Pres. lst Sem.y, Keene, Danskin, Conn. Row 2: Watters, Wynne CAdv.J, Reynolds CAdv.J, King, Tompkins, Blunt, Reaney. Row 3: Prugh, Hill, Doucetle, Hahn, Phelps, Miller, Simlngton, Wells, Rowe. Row 4: England, Teague, Dalen, Williams, Butler QPres. 2nd Sem.J, Smith. blFS2Ec,tnRgg::: Row 1: A. Westbrook Van Lohn Bums Smith, E. West- Row 2: Kesler, Drause, May, Seivert fPres.J, Pattison, King. Bascom, McCormac lAdv.D. lHE MAN WMU CAME to ummm Q,-, LL lst Row Bares Aldrick Van Daniker Petere Leavitt. Ward. 2nd Rovlr: Mrs. VLul:trelI..Hahn. Tennyslzn. Burns, Ford. 3rd Row: Fitzgerald, Edwards, Miner, Reeder, Walden. PIA No Left to Right. Row 1: Hansen, Van Noy, Hanks CAdv.J, Conforti, Brusher, Allan fPres. 2nd Sem.J. Row 2: Lynch, Curris, Bennett, McQueen, Butler QPres. lsi Sem.J, Garder. IQ1361 Left to Right. Row 1: Greene, Ward, Hull, Mitsdarfer, Lowe, McLeary, Arroyo. Row 2: Hedeen CAdv.J, Frederick, Wolf, Herbert, Macomber, Jenkins, Kohn. Row 3: Henry, Collins, Boylngton, Glassman, Axelson, Jones. Flow 4: Coniglio, Wimberley, Freeman, Wilson, Seymour, Strain. BOTTOM PICTURE-Left to Right. Row 1: Lynch. Well Phillios, Walden. Anderson, Byrnes, Halfacre, Elder, White, Felix. Row 2: Wilcox, Lacy, Woodard, Padan, Pohl, Harmon, Wilson Heisler, Haley. Row 3: Tily, Richardson, Lieberg. Tlnkle, Stilley, Parker, Sidner, Brown, Ryer, 0'Brien. Row 4: Keith, Van Lohns, Peterson, Shomaker, Kniss, Moore, Miller Dalen, Shipphird. 1 SPANISH CLUB, Contd.-Left to Right. Row 1: Livingston, Gibbs, Spoon, Deleisaegues, Cook, Ellison, Mlres, R. Mlres, Fetten, Leavitt. Row 2: Cope, Belbert, Schnick, Moffatt, King, Bruner, Jane, Brown, Kemp, Cameron. Row 3: Holt, Raddon, Anderson, Hayward, Moore, Talley, Bertoglio, Tassop, Wright. Row 4: Whitham, Part- ridge fPres.J, Torkelson, Jessick, Powers, Mayer, Miller, Drake, Woidneck. Left to Right. Row 1: Sullivan, Bonner, Plank, Jamison, Chick, Edrington, Halfacre, Elder, Ryan. Row 2: Abbot, Lochard, Cooper, Miner, Dykes, Balian, Boe, Gessner. Row 3: Cock, Floren, Dye, Kimball, Erikson, Rose, Coull, Kirby. Row 4: Gibson, Chaffee, Ander- son fPres.J, Gnaqy. SuDD. Ong. Gough, Hunt, Cosand fAdv.J. II H lubs I took my lunch yesterday and ate in the Court of Moors. They have some pretty good programs, war news and music. I heard that they are sponsored by a C club, the Broadcasters. But then there are a great many C clubs, one for almost every hobby. The Scientia Club takes care of the school gardens, and they sure work hard, in fact they got the club trophy last time. It you think you can write or are interested in books, there is a club for each of these. I wish sometimes they would let a fellow join two or three C clubs, because I have so many hobbies, but I sure want to keep up my camera work. B Left to Right. Row 1: Wheeler, Donaldson, Sanders, LeVan, Wilke, Alxelson, Clanton. Row 2 Sowers fAdv.J, P. Pearson, D. Pearson, Fryer, Henderson, Sedler, Black. Row 3: Marsha Hughes, Tassop, Crapper, Fernandez, Mnlinar, Steed. Row 4: Barnes, Fox, Frederick, Uhler, Kendall, Davis, Jung ' ZX , 'fx Left to Right. Row 1: Moriarty, Bagley, Unger, Cook, Kemper fAdv.J, May, Wieland lPres. lst Sem.J, Ruiz, Blong. Row 2: Betlisworth, Myers, Kramer, Arnold, Turnbull, Kristovich, Kirby, Livingston. Row 3: Reaney, Jacobs, Sleberg, Russell, Bruns, Lawrence, Granger, Gibbs. Row 4: Robinson, Brett fPres. 2nd Sem.J, Scholfleld, Hooper, Gottier, Jones, Eliker. Left to Right, Row 1: Coulter, Smith, Powell, Keith, Bunt. Row 2: Dreessen, Speer, Nelson, Waiters, Miller, Sims, Smith. Row 3: Brown, Westbrook, Miller, Kindrick, Wannamaker, Bierkle, Smith, Sackelt. Row 4: Silva, Lewis, Larson, Chrestensen, Mayer, Elmore fPres.J, Betts fAdv.J. . it I Q vu In A-' Wu: I-P. Nik., Left to Right. Row 1: McLeary, Knox, Douglas, England fPres.J, Gilstrap fAdv.7, Fetten, Richardson, Maggiora. Row 2: Holderman. Griffin, Evans, Miller, Mires, Osborne, Romberger. Wasson, Hower, Cerini. Row 3: Brown. McCutchen. Dye, Logan, Jewett. Hodaon. LftiR'ht.R Ml-iff .Cldll.C . : H?Jfmegter,mGranat21tv Ham:iltLon',nglouse? Vzlngfson iirgmgiiligjna Row 2 Probert, LfttR'ht.R 1:W ,M ll,Lh ,E , Raw 261 Hgdriehfryster, Ewgzti, alzcgilaar, Elenunrhitn Geszggs. Welch, Kelly, Katz, Lane, Cardos, 1Pres.J, Ramay CAdv.J. SECOND PICTURE-Left to Right. Row 1: Reeder, Wallen, Prugh, Bruner, Moreno Pohl, Morden, White, Wichser, Shackles, Bishop. Row 3: Dawson, Phillips, Harmon Row 4: Ingalls. Gibson. Haltom, Lochard. Pace, Brown, NL' - . 41. Unbedacht, Luce. Boe Row 3: Ballan, Dykes Yocom, Gross. Row 2 Collins, Gaglia, Gregg Left to Right Row 1 Kirkpatrick White Smith Vinton, Petre, Boone, Gor- I rlll. Row 2: -Gibbs, Nlarshall, Bemiller, Forraro, hampton, Goodknight, Kemp CAdv.J. gow 3: Anderson, Burton, Conde, Slater CPres. lst Sem.5, Nichols, Stevens fPres. 2nd Sem.J, Putman, raber. Left to Right. Row 1: Etnyre. R. Mires, L. Mires. Wilcox, Wlllis. Row 2: Greene, Wyland, Edringion CPres. 2nd Sem.J, Hamilton, lrvin, Phillips 1Pres. lst Sem.7. Row 3: Caffee. Batchelder, Smith, Cornelius. Gough. Dutcher fAdv.J. fx ZX Left,tn Right. Row 1: Fisher. Behling, Himes, Thomas, Fish. Livingsilon Griffith, Malmgreen, Graveley, Hansen. Row 2. Hoot, Fored, McCooey, Kim ball fPres.J, Kimball, Dolkas, Snow, Keesee, Erwine CAdv.D. Row 3: Quirmbach, Wilcox, Wimberley, Moore Kitabjlan, Halfacre, Schuler. Row 4: Matrange, Fitzpatrick, Hutchings, Glassman, Etnyre, Creahan, Crosby, lves Left to Righl. Row 1: Beard, Fitz-gerald fPres. lst Sem.J, Peterson, Prugh, Bayer, Swartz. Flow 2. Lucler, Mailman, Seals, Cochran, Nlel sen, Cox KAdv.J. Row 3, Barni, Schlerf, Russell fPres. 2nd Sem.J, Oliphant, O'Sullivan, Bailey, Milligan. 11441 Q ' X 1 w ' 5 Y ww 'QL m .U ' vw W .V X, F 4' xl .fu .an l if .fp Y .1 N . :L ' .1 if 17 J fs 1 4 , X js. ' 411 'LP ' SQ ,lm 5, Y w 5 . . ., E . .. H...1g5,7 i lv 15 VA, f H5231 1 3- Q w Wm mu., 357: v . H5 'I 1 V-1 5 :,. Zfq. 35?-ww' 1' f .4 ,. v.-,L 1., V3-:E .. .PN W .ff ' fx -J Mi' 'Y Q . , ' w 'Q 1 -1 1 Q .u , Us gs ww: , . . . .W ' ff' 2: my ' T. 1X V V V t - SG -A.. 1 sf S., -,ff L , I . E . ii, ,f'jZ1lf.:.f.Q, 1 f x. l , , ' ' g ' ?f'v'.'l .f'.'!g', fx . 1 . ' . , . ' ' '-i-'-241442441-I-1-I-T'PT- - . - ' A l- ...U . QE... .W.l...' V .'. a . .4 . , .-,- - : .','1.'-' 'vrfm w fl' wk. 4 .K -5-' 1 ',.'. Y ' Y 2. -. x V. .Vx -f, ,.'- ' 1 .1 .V , AA- ', - . .. -V-71, . 7-ig., 3 1-1-' -V--fppii.3.gfgx,.'m'. 1 - W. , , . .- .5 - uf- ' 1.5,jqfL.f.f, ', .- .j,.- Y j.j.'.3..-.j.,. ,, 5,.j:je,, ..... .,..1,-1' -- , 'w-- , 'r rg-' :-1-Lf:-5-1-:f , A ,, . - .-1,-1-efigqfs .'.'.'-g ' .-,.g- .-X ' N . . - .f -. .',f,v',,1:,y Y .--1 .'v.'.'v .. . ' .. f , ' - A ' ' ,- v F2.l W B 49.5 I gg. Q W' 3.1.5 4 ' ' O, : 0 ' -'I '- - . - ' '-1:-.rf . .Q 1 1-'1 51 ' ' - , 1 . . . , . . . f. . ., Z' 2 0 - 'X . . VK? V fx i'f'ff3 . ,f f' . A. - MNT.-...f I H ' r 1 I if X .uns- M 4 Jef J .yd .f-1 -1 div- ' '- ,.a .. urs., -' , --fix 'E 5. ,,,44 Really hit it! I146j In the city of Alham bra ii ,Z-' v u 4 Aw .m v. F EV- ' A .W X ,V r 'wx' 5 XX ' , K S ff w ,, nf' 'S 1 . ' -Lv 'iw-fi W' 3 fi f -f. f K fwfr 4.55 fi fir ? Ffa- W 2 'f' ' 5 H., ' Q z. ' , , , 1 H' Q. - ' V -f -ff N R ., ' i , ' , . .. 5' , ,, F f I ' 2555! I , -' 'N J fy, , ' f Q - -' '1 . ' iv E f, ..,,, ff , , , 5 5 M -'W M if 1, , 5 ' 1- 'f ' , , w X' , 4, .4 ,. , f g ' 77' , f 'A XM , Xu X Nr- 4 ., 1 i, KA . X :T ixlf X S X ' Q XX 9 ,Q 1--F ' .V Q. SX X.X, ,X XX , X f- X! XXX A I V X! 6 In X .XP X A . NX, S . XX 4 5,5 1' X fn 'Va Q., 4 gm' xx X ' ., fr ,f' . L S 64. V fu 5 X l--'t ..4' ' Q A. ...- ' Jiri' 'QL' ' fh' I X476 X , ' K Q , 'fr' ffl QQ , - I K -Y J 1 , . C! . e - - - '4 2' 6 ,, .5 3 fr' ' f'vg' ,. v .5 5, . rf ' I N , I X . xii X .- K , ,L Rf - ,Q . p .. :.:, ' . 11 S A ,,,,4,-, -..p J A ,' S 1s .. , 4, .X X 5, , I X Y .I 'I 9' C X A f ,XX , ,,,A,-. A X, 5 , M 3 1, .. ,S 1 . 'ir x t -4 Q3 ,Y I. ' 2 J J Z 'r I E 'gs EH VX ff ,X , 4 , Irv' .wg xr I H V E. x 5 QL XX i is fa- X 4 - . ' w M v - . :J 'Q' L :Xl Z, uma -1 WH -A 8 ' J qxlxx Wh t' w1 ' . I l ' 1 wr . X X ,X XX X XL: I E, , Q' XXX , X X, X X ,, by r ., WQ gjffff w . ' gg 'lf w ,N w.' M ,P ' X -?XX.I,, U,,2 rg . 'MX ,W ,X Q., .X., , X if .' P' ' Y ' '5 ?,s111', W W, E 5 - 1 ,A ' ' i f, ' - it M ,. . if XX - , XXjgXX ,XX X avi fx 3,19 X 2 X XX Ek ja , - Q-43,4 , wax .XX , L, ,X - f ,Xp E' ' 1 T ' , F 4 X f - . ,, X' 1 ,. ,,, - ,L xl N4 2- f W 1 ' K N- 1--, W' f - fi ' y a A lv X C XXVMX ' X 'F X ' If L, Wm ,J ' 3 f , ffj ,, inf , 1 X ,-: X M' ga N' I- T 4 , A i 'M -- ' mf gm X sq, 1 K IX. . X X X13 f-,K XX ' X E X W ' its 'Y A ga m,,. r ,XX XX WX, f 'fr rf, , HM A I N - ,. 'W I f-1 X - 4 . I ,, V' what 'fv ' 6 E ,W ' P. x 3 , -f' . ' ..-uf , A g l Vkik , , ,:f xm A X , Y' F Il- y ,Xp ,- X, .' 1, V 5 Aw, 9:1-Sf,-1, 11' ,- ., ' 1 -' ,' x Vi ' T X'-:'P'f1'--'lirw'-.-', x:.'X , y ' , 1 ' '15, had ,1il',,'iH1Pif5z4JLg4..,4f.S..':.'4:,ff 1L.,,'.'L- --, 4 , . L , ' .5 It is up and at them when the Varsity is in action I 148 I 1 , . ua-1 ' 1'1 -- ..., ......... ' . J ' ,11 11 ' .rl , 1 .111'Q. -1 ,515 4- . .-,114--. 1, 11 ','1,.,,., 1 .1 . 11s ' -1 ' Q, ' . 13: ' i J I' -. 552 ,' 151.-'J ki' 'V 12' .Ev 11 Eigjf fn , ,cf 11 '-1.3 ' J: 11 1 111y111w , , . . 1 . 1 Nz. ,Lf 1. ,,- f HF! L 'Magi '- ff., .1 f I Y A ia: ., 4 1 ,W -M B hp' .mn ll. 1.1,+2g,3.5i'w H II' , p4 HN M 111111111111 11 111-1 1 11,1 f M 1 5, , Y J, 111L:.i 1,',,f' L., 1 .1-IqgEEE,..EE,..:Ei..55x 1 r I ,1 Q 1'111Q- 1,-yd' ' ,W ,Lv n., . ' rl 1' 1. .2 'i:1fLE41 5wQL' .v',jifffY7iSLl!:.-Q''1'1Ff.gffQEgf'i 1 31: A V 5 -1 f ., 1 ' '-J '.. 1,11 1' ,. . 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',,5, Au -1 1 1, fix 'wa 1+ 1, -r 1 , 411 2.51 Q13 ,fin , 1 11111, X 1 H T W S M A lr f. 1 'ifffig 11,31 5 S - 11 1 111, .fy 11 11 s I w K3 rf 1 -v- .J-.wr i- 'P 1 ,., 111m1-11 x,. , 1 J11 JL X 72:5 '-iff i 'elw K' ESLIN E- 31' -,'.4f, :E 11 ff:-.Led I 111-QL 11 L1 3 lx: 1 f -me ' 5351 sax wh. L3 ...M P 'MMM-1 ' 1, 'i-56-F1 I wx. if 1 ' 4 rw ...,, .5 7 Q 5513 .A,A 1 5 f -45 T Q? I 'W liF?1 'f an Gd 4' 1,1 Q25 Ai as 1f ?3 ' v 1. +1 111- - j A 17- Q. .Gm 'r A . 'vi 21 Jigga- .xv-.1,::.11 ,. N L-. 'g1' ..51 7 . JI ' 5 Q13 2 5:5 , 1:E:..E:5,.?,Z,,::0 , . .- 1:35, 0: :K 31135 5 1' 5 'J1,1': ',':- -X 'gQ51ifE5Z'.i-' 1 - ,H 1 is ' -1- 2 lL.Q -N - 'ieI5'1:r.1 , 'J-Z n '-fiat? fQc.1'r , if s-Q 1 - .1 -f':,gf'5 v 1 g 2?r1, 5 Ru . 'w,1e 55351 , 1 1 ' iii 1:65 11 . '1':Ff1x,1f'Iwf':2:E fwykrhy, 1 :' 1 .1 -all T' Anderson Cassler Bunch Cogswell Ferraro Boone Compton Gill Graber I1 50 -:gg Burton Gayot Cross Conde Goodnight Gorrell Horner Kirkpatrick Q FN. I Koepf Langley Marshall Nebo Petre Scott Slater Smith Stevens Umbedacht Vinton White Caldwell IMgr.I Football Boy, do I feel good? l'm out tor Cee Football. Everything is swell except that my suit doesn't fit. I would wear suspenders with my pants, but some- body would Iaugh. And I never realized that there was so much under those jerseys. I always thought it was REAL. Only hope I don't fall on my face on account of that heavy helmet. But the best thing about it is that I get to see Varsity practice. . . . . . Boy, we il mean the varsity? sure clipped P.j.C and Hoover, but we may not get to play Phoenix because of transportation. . . . Maybe we shouIdn't have played Phoenix, but Inglewood, Wilson, and Whittier were duck soup. f151fl Fitzgerald Fernandez Harmon lacobi Molinar McCue Tassop Tisdale Barnes Black Christiansen Cropper Filance Fox Fryer Giovanoli johnson ludson Marshall LeVan McGreaham Oberlies Peterson Sanders Tyler Uhler Vest Viet Wheeler White Wilkie Porter lMgr.7 . . . We have at last recovered after that Glendale headache by pasting those guys from Keppel. Who's next? . . . Boy! lt's on to Redondo after taking Samohi into camp. . . . Game's called off. We can't play 'em . . . Yes, we can, and lm going with the gang on a truck . . . Now I know how sardines must feel-after that truck. And that gal next to me blubbered all the way home just because Redondo won. If there is one thing I can't stand-it's to see a woman cry! . . . 51521 Bee's in action. B Left to Right. Row 1: Fernandez, Wilke, Cronner, Johnson, Marshall, Fitzgerald Sanders, Harmon, Tisdale, Barnes, Peterson. Flow 2: LeVan, Tyler, Uhler, Floren Oberlies, Johnson, McCue, Crabtree, Molinar, Fryer, Porter. Row 3: Giovannoli, White, Christianson, Wheeler Fox, Hall, Judson, McGreaham, Jacobi. Raw 4: Johnson, Barr, Ritcha, Kniss, Rugen, Talley, Black, Sanders Tubbs. I1531 Cee's in action against Keppel. . . . But then, the Bee's and Cee's almost won their championships. And, gee! just think! l almost got to play the other day. Well, at least the coach looked at me and acted as if he was going to send me in. Finally he chose that OTHER good quarterback. Wish l could have made that last touch- down. Pop would have let me use the car this week. Il54fI U .b.A 'f. ,x VI 5331 rx OS 5 , 4-. , Blodgetf Costamagna Dill Fischer Gilday Green Hackett Hayes Hook lohnston johnson jones Lampkin Lott Lunl' Keller McKnight Miller Mount Norgard Orfega Putman Putman Quigley Sedler Shook Wolff Walper C Left to Right. Row 1: Shook, Nichols, Calderwoud, Johnston, Putman, Hackett, Lunt, Dill. Row 2: Hayes, Walper, Greene, Norgard, Ortega, Miller, Gilday, Quigley. Row 3: Keller, Miller, Drish, Fischer. McKnight, Sadler, Mount. Lott. Sowers. Row 4: Keeper, Salomone, Webb, Jones, Stephens, Wolff, Putman, Blodgett, Costamagna. Flow 5: Rhodes, Culvyhouse, Kelley, Wetmore, Uhrig, Pattison, Barney. Ives. 9 V Y' l ' -xf l l I l l Su rr' I i l l 1 I Marshall Nelson N ic kols Putman Smith Stevens Vinton Etnyre lMgr.l -,,.,f- Scores szr ff be , -1 F Q N 7,4 vb'- .lee FOOTBALL VARSITY BEE Alhambra 6 El Monte Alhambra I2 El Monte 6 Alhambra 26 P.l.C. Alhambra 32 Hoover 7 Alhambra 2I Hoover Alhambra I2 Cathedral I3 Alhambra 0 Phoenix Alhambra I3 Inglewood I9 Alhambra 38 Inglewood Alhambra 20 Wilson I3 Alhambra I9 Wilson Alhambra 26 Whittier 0 Alhambra I9 Whittier Alhambra I3 Glendale I4 Alhambra 0 Glendale Alhambra I9 Keppel 7 Alhambra I8 M.K. Alhambra 20 Samohi Alhambra I4 Redondo BASKETBALL VARSITY BEE Alhambra 32 Monrovia Alhambra 28 Monrovia, 27 Alhambra I9 St. Anthony Alhambra 39 El Monte 25 Alhambra 39 Pasa. l.C. Alhambra 24 Glendale ZI Alhambra 23 Glend. Bwy. Alhambra 25 Pasadena 34 Alhambra 3I Army Alhambra ZI Hoover 3l Alhambra I8 GI-Hoover Alhambra 33 Wilson 25 Alhambra 43 L.B, Wilson Alhambra 41 Whittier 36 Alhambra 4-I Whittier Alhambra 27 M.K. I9 Alhambra 2I M'k Keppel TRACK C.l.F. FINALS Alhambra 35 39 Wilkie winner in I00 and 220 50- Pasadena 67 55 New school mark set for 220 Alhambra 5I V2 55 22.3 Pasadena 6I V2 44 Fitzgerald winner in broad-I H Alhambra 45V2 I8 lump. . . . 21 6 Hoover 65y2 71 Barnes winner in high jump II'6 Qlliltrra 'i:LeRoy winner in varsity mile 5.I:3 Alhfnlbfa 84 37 Cropper second in 650 Whlfflef 19 54 Relay team second Alhambra 55 55Vz :iOnly varsity man-rest are Keppel 58 39Vz Bees BASEBALL Alhambra Wilson I O Alhambra Glendale 3 Alhambra Mark Keppel 7 Alhambra Hoover 3 Alhambra Whittier I Alhambra Wilson 3 Alhambra Glendale 3 Alhambra Whittier I I Alhambra Mark Keppel I Alhambra Mark Keppel 3 51571 CEE Alhambra 0 Whittier 9 Alhambra 0 Hoover 0 Alhambra 0 Keppel I2 Alhambra 6 Wilson 6 CEE Alhambra 20 M.K. 23 Alhambra 30 M.K. I8 Alhambra 22 Cathedral I3 Alhambra 24 South Pas. 22 Alhambra 24 Cathedral 25 Alhambra 27 M.K. 32 TENNIS Alhambra 5 El Monte 4 Alhambra 5 S. Pasadena 4 Alhambra 5 L. B. Wilson 4 Alhambra I Glendale 8 Alhambra 8 Whittier I Alhambra 6 W. Wilson 3 Alhambra 7 Whittier 2 X ,a YH Q A J V W V I eb' IF Ortega Green Henry Hofferbert Lindberg Miller Pebley Putman Quick Stanford C Basketball I simply can't understand why anyone in his right mind would run up and down the floor throwing a ball through a hoop, but Suzie wanted to go so l took her. And WAS I surprised? That game isn't sissy at all, in fact it is quite rugged. lt is very exciting to watch, and l'm going more often. . . . Why can't our team win any more? They have lost all those games l have been to. l must be a jinx. I better stay away for a while. . . . What do you know! We finally won again. We beat Whittier to the tune of 4-l-22. I think l'll go to the Keppel game. . . . Woe is me, l've been stung again! We lost to Keppel and it was a riot. . . . Golly, l'm sorry basketball is over, I got to like it about as well as football. Good bye, diary! . . . Say, that Bee squad was hotter'n a pistol. They won their first five games, but then something happened. Anyway, they finished second on the heels of the Champs. . . . The Cee's weren't quite up to their big brothers, but give 'em another B Basketball Clanton Davis Fredericks Fox Fryer Kendall Wheeler Woodin Dear Diary: year. Aldridge, Mgr. Kill it! a ' 5 ,M - 'H' A H 1 I , -1 ri V ,r 1. ,wi -it E Q' 1 E I w 125, 2 0l'l8, A nice Morgan U :Q 'N ,,, sf? Eu SQ.-: ' ' T 5291 4 fry. -F ir w l L f 'rf ww A mul! I f I: , . 'T-it-G---,. P, ., LY:-V, ,, :.. ..,.g,.y,' . W qs I . ,,, 1 ll U ll l l l l 1 l Left to Right: Woods, Jones, Schofield, Stewart, Jennings. PICTURE 2-Left to Right: Hoffman, LeVan, Kendall, Nichols, Aspinwall. PICTURE 3-Left to Right: Hofmeister, Strain, Drake, Welch, Bertoglio, Spaulding, Wood, Verties, Bergman Goulanllle, Ameluxen. Varsily Tennis Whatcha sellin'? Tennis Guess all the luck isn't against me after all. I promised Mom that I would come home and mow the lawn for sure tonight, but I had a real good excuse 'cause I missed the first bus. So I got to go watch Chuck play a tennis match, and golly, he won! Then I became so interested in watching that I missed the second bus. Tennis has its good points, and I wish I could play it. Our teams have given a good account of themselves this term and Chuck has swelled up past recognition, he's so proud. I thought Dad would be home as it was so late, so I called home and maybe I shouldn't have. Boy! was he mad at me 'cause he was in the midst of mowing the lawn and told me in no un- certain terms that I could just take the bus home, and then hung up. I didn't dare tell him I was broke, so I hiked home. Anyway, I saw the tennis match. , Left to Right: Hofsmeister, Strain, Drake, Welch. Beroglio, Wood fAdv.J, Spaulding. Vertues ' man, Soulanille, Ameluxen. i V W 'i '9'1 'F--'f3 - Hfnflvslfhm- 'M-1 Lrr- 4? .4 -sw v .A'fH.1u.i l- T --f ,MF-f?hAgilQ1 A.'Q2 53,s!+L':iEl.?i. L-:CUE--' 2 I y 1. ,, y W X., A l W ll I , ' I - Miller ff , 1 ' 4. A ,, 1 . .V X F Al . 'Z r . ll 'll ' Q .n 4, ,,,. l ., if 'X X: A it ' - t -- 'V i ' 1,43 ' it T ' . - ,... -,A.,,Q. .c.e..,...s i. Blust Barnes Coniglio Cropper Gottlieb Hughes I-my Langley Macias Wilke Wheeler Wood VARSITY rack Dear Diary: Well here l am out for Cee track. That coach puts us through the awful- est exercises-l thought the coaches were supposed to help you run faster, I can hardly walk my legs are so stiff. l put my spikes on for the first time the other day and thought I wouldn't be able to pull them out of the ground once I got them in, but it wasn't hard. - W . . . Several weeks have passed, and l'm not stiff anymore-or just can't feel it, one or the ohter. The Varsity has won only two of its six meets, the same for the Bees. Our Cee team is showing the big boys how to run. We have won all the meets that we have run. just think I am now on a League Championship team. The Bees did swell in the C.I.F. finals. Well, so long, Diary. Cee, just think, l am a Champ. .A I. scoop yn ,W Y l I gf- F 5' df mill ff , - V lll ., L 162 1 J . Fitzgerald V- ..- a s f..-M W- . ,,,-, ng-, ,. U' l A I I n - s E g I , , Q .l A X Z H V .rw- f L A 'n 0 lp Ashworth Barshaw Fox Hill Smalley Lott Duvas Evans Hofferbert jones D. Putman Quick ...I 4 if , j X A' ,r Alton Hase Talley CCB!! KCC!! Filker McKnight Quigley ! . is by 0' Coniglio Keene Vaughn Cilday V Ortega Stanford Nil I 1 .,.. .. . . , X l if.. 4 lf: E A va -'4 Florin Morabito Van Lohn Greene B. Putman Webb Lv P- M -W.. ,. N V ., 415 , , .igirivq 'L 7 I ' -x c , gi., f-U ,, 1Q'527.,-H,- Low Timber f1ss1 H fe :lf ,g...M M' ' '--:,,.,:y315 ' ' ur-' QF ' JT 11-, QQ I done it again, Ma l-S Baseball Thought Bud was half-killed the way he came home this afternoon. He was spiked, that's all, as he slid into second. Bud swears that big guy did it on purpose, but he was only mad because he was called out. I razz him all the time about that boner he pulled in.gthe outfield the other day against Kep- pel. Boy, does he look foolish in that butch haircut he got on account of it. . . . Suzie simply swoons when she sees him in action, and here I am prac- tically a member of the Cee Championship track team, and she's hardly look at me. I know now why she is so interested in baseball. Actually she is so dumb, she thinks when a player steals a base, he takes it home with him. . . . Bud was sure mad today. We lost to Keppel 3 to I in the City Champ- ionship, but we still ended up second in the League. Q1 M . Cogswell Compton Conde Dillman F Evans Graber Catherman Lynch McClelland Olds Snyder Steed 'Ji L- L s. I V I Tassop Q, Horse-hiders . 71 1 .,f.,...,, ,ii .lr. Varsity Baseball Gee, Diary, the junior Varsity won the City Championship. They beat Mark Keppel. They beat them two games out of three. Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra I 7 2 8 3 ll 6 Keppel 2 eKeppel 2 Keppel 0 South Pas. 5 South Pas. 5 Wilson 2 Glendale l WD ll Row l: Collins, Robinson, Crabtree, Drish, Wolff, Tryk, Evans Row 2: Dragna lManagerJ, Holisinger, Aldridge, Ash, Kanaga, Pierson, Baughman, Schilling X, 1 Q 1 i H 11 F111 11 1 1 1 11 1 1-f. 1 52 111 X 11 E mf , -1 W, 1.11, me . If' ' T wr 11 fi! 13131 , ff! I ' - 1 1. 1. 1411111 1 ,W 1 ' .r X Q i W af' was . .wifi 11 riifii S91 1 xr H f 1- - 55 . :rg f' - NT- ,J 1 A 1 1 --1, sgifsgf ',. www 1 V ,gig 1-21, 1 ...fsisffi 1 ' gr f ,aff ff 1 f 1 ' ' 'Ji '1 5121, 1-H1 M 51511: fisiziiiii' M 1Q11gi 11 V gnu fam- ju- 'Y , 1 1 1 111114. 1 M1411 , -K 1,11 W f ' A FW' ,, ya ,, V,Q: KL., . I ' ' :i1i:S,11,, 15152125 M H1 11.-1, az A 5- A 1 -,.-711 .. WJ. , if ,- 1 'A ' ' k 'Y . 1 V ' 17? '- ' . - -mv: - 11 mia' 111111351 1 11 11 11 f -M ,m . ., 1 1 - 1 11 r - , N 522' A , , 1 -1, 12-11, 215: 1- 'f111' 1 --1 gf' fi, sw' 111: gi- H i 1 Q 11 f, !' H . 1, L, . . 11 111 wg 11 1 1 5552111 1 11 1'11 1121 1 ' 1 1 1 r 1 . V ' :LL V 'QW 2 V 1 z 11 511 1 '1 ,Q 1' 11 1 1,11 2,,.- 1 : 1 Ze. f 11 1 1 gf H . 11111 1 ,gg 1' '11:5E22:gg-is '-Tuff 5? 'T:'1T'f 2 ':'f'IIT I Girls Sports My girl Suzle is a member of the Girls Athletic Association She says that they have a keen time playing after school. Their season includes all the sports. l have seen some of them playing badminton and paddle tennis. You CAN'T help seeing the girls they are always watching us tellers I think Suzie would rather go to that G A A than walk home with mel She can hardly wait 'til Monday night so she can play She must really like those sports because she even went down to Mark Keppel for a playday and SAID she had a good time-even if it was a madhouse. But that has its good points 'cause it keeps the girls in the pink. Woo! Wool Before the annual game between the Algla-Mlnor A and Var- sity Clubs Suzie talked me into going to it. It was a riot, and everybody had a swell time! NNIS CLUB Elin' Eli? R Rddll Ph y Utd '- X. W W ff, . W X ,. ,zz Q0 ffl I , qv W X l ll Wil J . . . . , . . . 9 1 - I 1 I l . . . . . TE e o . ow 1: lrwin, P Kemp, Crawford, Sp k S' b g 'Illp ra ey, ourn. Row 2: Jamiso T'ly, i e , Reed, Ph'II'p L R Q Richardson. Row 3: Plank, Ryer, Tague, Whitaker, Kimball, Reaney, Stephens. Row 4: Johnson, Morrow, Brown, Stevens, Van Brocklln, Bristol, Petre. Graham. Else v.J. -- -'-' : , ... ---.- .4 ,:. Hey, that's my shin. I lose more arrows this way I 170 :I -af is .1 E 1 E A Left to Right. Flow. 1:..Bonner, .Scl1lffilea, Van Brocklln, Bristol, Williams. Row 2: Rose, Taylor, Hamilton, Kimball, Stephens, Milligan, Elsey CAdv.J. G A A Left to Right. Row 1: Bonner, Van Brooklin CPres.J, Taylor, Brisiol, Petty, Abelsen, ' ' ' Whiiaker, Ellison. Row 2: Wyland, Brummetf, Keesee, Dreessen, McLaughlin, Mc- Manus, Milligan, Stephens. Flow 3: Cook, Poe, McMillan, lrigoyen, Pofford, Hodges, Johnson, J. Kimball, B. Kimball. Row 4: Wasson, Terry, Maynard, Keesee, Ford, McCooey, Donahue, Lynch, Hamilton, Elsey CAdv.J. i . Q4 . Why, you . . . XM i I0 I1711 'I 9' 2. No sluggin' now. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The staff of the 1943 ALHAMBRAN wishes to thank the following individuals for their cooperation and help: 1Ml', I0hl'l F, C3l'll1iC0l I'l of the Los Angeles Art and Engraving Co. iMr. Wood Glover? of the Phillips Printing co. A Clubs ,............ Alhambran Staff .... Art Department .... B Clubs ............... Band ................,.. Bank ............................ Boys' Glee Club ............. C Clubs ............................ Commercial Department .... Debate .............,............. English Department ......... Freshman Class, Summer .... Freshman Class Winter ..... Girls' Glee Club ,................. Health Department .....,.,...... Home Economics Department Iunior Class, Summer ,........... junior Class, Winter ............ Language Department ..... Library .....,......,..,........ INDEX 123 105 76 131 147 112 115 139 78 116 80 71 69 115 101 82 61 58 84 100 Make .up Crew ........................... .... Mechanical Arts Department Moor Staff .............................. .... Physical Education, Boys' ....... .... Physical Education, Girls' .... Music Department ........... Orchestra .................... Science Department ...... Seniors, Summer '43 .......... Seniors, Winter '43 .........,... .... Seniors, Winter '44 .................. .... Social Science Department ...... ,... Song Leaders .......................,. .... Sophomore Class, Summer ..... .... Sophomore Class, Winter ....... .... Speech Department ............ Sports, Boys' ................... Sports, Girls' ........... Stage Crew ....... Yell Leaders ..... fl721 114 86 108 90 92 88 114 94 37 28 55 96 146 67 64 98 145 169 113 146 LARGEST STOCKS - LARGEST STORE - EASIEST TERMS Alhambra High School Students and Graduates Welcome S a' as V0 0 Pam IW Off' 0 C 'Y S fnlllll' ,APXQ S W 2' D39 . side W Leading Complete Home F u1'ni.rhers for ALIJAZWBRA We cordially invite each and everyone-from B9's to Al2's to visit our large new store. Come in and browse around. lfl731 I I Qc, Ying? I Ii , M.. 'I I A R I FIRST . ' : WITH FASHIONS ,TI-IAT LAST S995 LPQS 30 West Main Street Begwqgxxwi COP A3 AT I-0162 CJ CONGRATULATIONS S 649 TO THE Q S CRAOLIATINO CLASS N S SS O O Y, Of C, gb Q58 1943 W ANL B cflyx Z A ALI-IAMBRA FURRIER FlNE APPAREL 329 W. Main Street CORNER STONEIVIAN AND MAIN across from the High School Alhambra' California I1741' !X Salute to the YouWiofToday Youth is assuming its responsibilities, as never before, in shaping the world of the future. Youth is waging the fight for freedom of all peoples . . on land, on the sea, in the air. Youth is giving its strength of mind and body to producing the weapons of war. Youth is being trained in classrooms to cherish and to preserve forever that hard won freedom which is the American heritage. Youth is preparing to take its place in the mighty achievements of the best years which are to come. Youth will be ready for the crucial years ahead. ALHAMBRA WD9'ADVOCATE For Those Pe rfect PHOTOS STOCKTONS 10 S. Garfield AT 2-5183 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '43 Established 1913 from H. E. WELLMAN 1EvvELER OO-9 Engagement and Wedding Rings Quality jewelry, Watches G59 28 E. Main A At. 26801 Il751 CCDNGRATULATIGNS 36 W. Main To The Class of '43 from AIhambra's Leading Department Store f N. REVILLES SPORTSWEAR ll5 W. Main Street Alhambra, California l Block West of Garfield Three pair zz year will he enough you get them here? Congratulations C I a s s oi 1943 25 HEMPHILL 27 E. Main Street 76 Your porzfrfzii by AUSTIN is one of thaw things Tim! 710 one cfm mefzmre the plefmzre it bringx. AUSTIN STUDICDS 733 W. Main Street Phone: ATlam'ic I-0271 ALHAIVIBRA 911 Loew's State Bldg. Phone: TRini'ry 21 ll Los ANGELES ff r A . 2 yu -3 , 1 vw . we-' . V : , I 177 1 '21 1 iff--1' -9 - ff ongratufatlons CLASS ol '43 for that cermivz mmezfhifzg -in j10r1f1'aiti ' Reiihner Siudios 23 No. Garfield Ave. Alhambra, California we N To a Coke I think that I Shall never see A poem lovely As a cokeg lt Sizzles spray Right up your nose It makes you look Like one big joke. There's not much ice, The straw's too smallg There's really not Much coke at all! But cokes are sipped By guys like me Cause gosh! Who wants To sip a tree? save your rubber-use your feet IS just 3CI'0SS MCKAYS we If 378 -Ed Maher. RAPELIE ELECTRIC SANDY'S BEAUTY SHOP ELECTRIC CONTRACTOR MIRIAM UNDERWOOD, owner Phgngg LIGHTING FIXTURES K , , D 22139 LAMPS AND SHADES Exim! HW Sfylmg ' G'FT5 TOYS GAMES AT 2-4857 945 Valley Blvd. 426 W. Las Tunas Dr. Alhambra San Gabriel Q The INULAIH PRINTING EUMPANY S FORTY NORTH CARFIELD AVE. ALHAIVIBRA, CALIFORNIA Atlantic 2-3123 CONGRATULATIONS GRlSWOLD'S CORSET SHOP CLASS OF '43 102 W. Main - - Alhambra T0 H E E B FOUNDATIONS AT 2-5382 BRASSIERES SPORTING GOODS LINGERIE ROBES 851 W. Valley Blvd. AT l-5314 PURSES COSTUME IEWEI-RY Not happiness but service is the true object of life H h It is in this spirit we extend congratulations to the 941 W. Valley Boulevard CLASS OF '43 Alh b am ra We M1455 All Serfue T0 TWH DELITE Best Wixfzes BEAUTY SHOP 1943 50 d If - e 128 N. Garfield M 'M I Alhambra ATIantic 2-5747 st The demand for trained help exceeds the supply many times COURSES OFFERED: SECRETARTAL-GREGG SHORTHAND-BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTING-TYPING-PBX-COMP'1'OMETRY FREE l'I1ACEMEN'1' SERVICE-COURSES FINANCED-N0 EXTRA COST- DAY OR EVENING mz SPEEDY sl-tom-HAND LEARNED IN FEW WEEKS. T1-my LIKE rr. Alhambra Secretarial School L1791 Y URCHI to me cuss of '43 I 311 W. Main Street Alhamb gsm fl Burger KARL KRUEGER 100 East Main Alhambra I 1 ,..I.umIiiiii 1T1rro,Irmu iw'w x' '- M-'TMITTT-T 2 , ? . - Q . I . ' ITQIII. TI I .A Il I ' I S ' ' ,. mail . W l I Ah III A ,- :wm2HHf,:gg5fm . . . '. II' I , P , ,,,,uai'5is fiiiillIIlL.. x 4' -' .....,.Iwefffwiiiuilunilf - -I ,I ..,..,,.IInewaaez222f1 ffaIiiliili'MF I Q.-I ,.5:2:5: .,Inz:wiiiI:I!!gIiIliIlIIlIlIII . - .A3..,:,: gzmnufai. 5 N1 H I ii'iiilIiIIIL+ll .. - II! - T1 N- .. .-I ' I 'R ' ' A ' ' - IIIIIIT 3 MWIIIIIIIII 1 III M7 III 1 ,,IImnarnf W'I ff FROM IIIIulnumrwwlml PKC? . 28 Wes' jp! 1 -. . I 1 I . ' il ,' 11' - . . PM-IIIII I 1 1 V, IIA . It ... -. - pmnllllle W 1 ,Q 4 IIJIIIII. 5 ' I : '. . - I , ff - I-4 4 Q ', K , Rawls I I . I X :Simi IIITI-IWISIII ,I,, ,Wu JI x 1 n',I,wE f! ' QQ5 -ff' m -,N up ' ,z af f' mm fl XWTW I 1 I L ETH : .N f X F I Main sf I I I f'I'lnunuannnn I - ' - ' 'I ' I girl I FHM ' , I X V . 4 629 I comes 33.556, X 5 CPO ' congratulations and IIEIIALLNIIUII g l. 1 X best wishes . . . , fa! U A IM ,, H f I.I.. M, ,Orgy WOODY .-4, .1K I I IIIINS JEWELRY RI NGS covzgmzfulfztiom WATCHES DIAMONDS 10 SILVERWARE 1943 grfzduzzzfes 39 W. Main Street Sincere and Best Wishes to Classes of '43 RELIABLE PAINT CO. I00 E. Main St. . RADIOS - REFRIOERATORS ATIa f'C I'0325IwAsHERs - IRONERS MARTIN ELECTRIC TH E ELECTRICAL STORE 120 W. MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA, CALIF. THE ALHAMBRA CAMERA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '43 I20 W. Main Street Alhambra, cam. , W AT-2-6365 I 1Q-L57 SAM, THE SHOE DOCTOR OFOR BETTER PHOTO SUPPLY 25 W. Main UFOR BETTER PHOTO FINISHING I:18l1 ..:,, , Ill V. X. . Tm .1 ,. I lvl MW, ' 4. 4 BEST WISHES TO CONGRATULATIONS 1943 GRADUATES CLASS make the most of OF playtime '43 EVERYTHING IN SPORTS STAN ALDEN SPORTING coops co. 129 W. Main St. Alhambra HOME FURNITURE CO 43-45 E. Main Alhambra, California IEWELRY oiAMoNns G 'T5 OF WATCHES ALL TYPES Congratulations to Weaver Jackson Gm of ,43 BEAUTY SALON Mom o' DAY SMART nnsssss 321 W. Main St. Telephone Alhambra AT 2-3467 26 W. Main St. Alhambra Alhambra City Taxi Good Luck and Best Wishes DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE ALHAMBRA OFFICE SUPPLY We drifve to please 447716 Stmfionery Sfvwpv 36 N. Garfield AT 2-4141 Alhambra 112 W. Mail! Sf L 182 1 - ' , jg -a t I ' M gsiyhir .Y-. . Z! THERE IS PLENTY TO DO IN l943 C-od gives us men . . . the time demands. Yes, the demands of the time are such as only befall a generation given the responsibility of carrying our nation thru a great crisis. i CLASS OF l9-43 Yours is not the privilege at this moment of enjoying the advantages of our nation that are rightfully yours . . . . . yours is the high calling of service . . . . . true hearts and willing hands. ' LIEBERCS 16 E. Main Alhambra QUALITY , L. c. ANDERSON AND sERvicE Proprietor MAI-T5 SHAKES ICE CREAM AND SHERBETS SODAS '- SUNDAES At l-2058 1729 W. Main St. i Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '43 menk wean 32 E Main - Alhambra EMIL B. GARY jEWELER Watches and Clocks 'l23 North Garfield Alhambra at L183j CONGRATULATIONS TO THE A CLASS OF 1943 4 Km? I Tw EH? TURNER A QQ STEVENS IZ d TURNER I I , ' an Z WEDDING CHAPEL Main and Almansor AT 2-4131 Alhambra Civic: EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Dance Z0 the best band: THE HDLISE UF SERVICE 'gw HIIJLTPS ' RATHE PRINTINGTCOMPANY DATALCIGLIES, B0 B LDS ANGELES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LOS ANGELES CLASS OF '43 I IONES EN G I N G DEPARTMENT STORE 'I42W. Main St. IZ COIVIPLIIVIENTS Evzgrfwers 0 f Your OF 1943 PEDRINl'S Aymmbnm 227 w. Main AT 2-1486 RECORDS ' SHEET MUSIC ' RADIOS I1841 . , ix! .- U .15 1,5 N . ,w :Q ru fl , 11' 1 1 4 w A I' U H Q . Y , , , lx! 'W . U V15 .3 M 1 : 1 43 F. l' I gi I,-.1 '-1. -if W N -if .Aw , I I 4 f 1 4 A Q 1 93 fd ,lj Zi li A 1 X1 42: ii if .1 fn ,M ,, iQ S i I . -'--. 1 -1- ,- --- -A A 'J' L. 'Lffilvilfift -lifilgilija ' '..i.i-..v j g. 339'-Q L',.L15'1:L.3.-..l4: :i...:x-.n.J.,:Jax:-as.:1:A.4.g.44':'5'-slx..::' 1'1'- .:..,.....s.n.4.J...L:'.-..m--Y:.:4.4..-......s.a.......-..,....' :gli

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