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Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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1316 P,,Pfw pw. Af- HQQJ g , I V ' WJ HW n 1 w I 4 X X-5 11 4.1! jk " I 1 1 fK N' ,, J JL! 1 N Ain f " L In .1 6 .J , J W' H A CV X 3 ,., 1 v ,f , X f A 5 tw, -NK N i 1 xx L ,-4 ,,, . -A . X W fm N A NW .T -5, .. 69 W Of Qi' N' K ,X I ,Q M QNX A Rx wflfo Y f a C, I ,.,- fe V, ,.'T' 1 I 3 I 1 I ,wa wsliigi, , , ,, 1: , wg ' Qt H435 -4, 1 f If ' '- fun ' U1 , W QQ5f'.J ' I, Lf gf. A i .. ,fz:',:L . 1 ' ' - ' if '- 1, X. 5 ,iwfwufqpgn H 5 1 1 an 'N' "M W X 'E Q3 ,. ., 5 Ya, A ' 1'5.E'-:S- W., , , A , ,-Q ,. -W4 , 2- fm -X ,Q , , nl-. .. ,ggAf.3' , 'IH - , ,Q ' -i ,s'9'W If H: 9:4 ' H i . il:,,.1v,,,j., Af','f,ts, . I Ulf, , , 'Vx -nifjinv ggi, RIP, 'V 4 ' VVJQQP' QL ' -s Q M. W I'-.ef 115- '- .- ' L fx -- 4' '19, ff! id 1 - vw 24: '3- A - ' , , F4 "pn, .W A -.,?m.5li,7, ,:,f5.L.gvMWE . M 3 . , .., . 5 '- 14,14 1 l.:. -. ,k, H, ,' 3 lm, ' 4213- w?':.' fy gi ."w43M' Qf! , .p , zmhffy., .M gfi' , '1c.Q1:",fg! . LH, 41 af: ,, 4 . yi-ehxi .f H- " ,g, " ,- E f f!'K,., 5' 1 jfs' 'li' N -K1-, , ,iv-,tk ' ,M '12 AF. Y,-14, af, ,Q I-Q ,,f,L:1f- Q, 'W if 21 . ,xx , fi' fit , A" ' .Hx 1 fy ' ,5Z'Q,x. .514 ,,. ,W . , ':" M. H Ami. 11.4 I ,.,. gl f QV fi '1 If .3 :- s .A-N , ligvggl-A 4 f f , 4,53 ., ,, .g .,, , .1 .V - I . u I- NL , j iff' :A , Fm' - 1. A. ,diwbr , ,v Lu mm 9 , , ' Ayr' ' ', - 1 1 , 4- . .I, 'ln .," lf-.'?g'L .. " '02, 3- 1 '1,., , Y .,1.,- ei M' QW .N .- 'fy A Jang' gg' ffkjyg AL, wa Q ' .,. .L 14. - r- ,r , , ww -F 144 1 .. g,lw.+, N V, - , A v -' 1:1 3p"b"" J . Y Ir.. 1, . a .gf F pf 1. fm .. H.. uri' LA . -'e R, A Av. s,,,x1 v, 3- 5- G 'I U V' 6 R '4 I Y new if W. aw t , NJ: .., . nm. rtgxiik, ll ,L A ,H-5 1. ,. MFE, ,jf--I 5 ff " eww fY'1,7:,, ,VJ-QQ ,V V , V Uh, li .fd fr .L KL S 41 . e 1 45 . MJ .K . ff af .w+?,,,a.VV V 4' -2 fr' f . ff ,:- V' V 5" , V. "1A'l' f4f'v .-'A V-Snr ' , , ,, ' v 'V " 'V ' ' r ' way ' ,- W ' 4 - WL '..z-VV:h'i ,,1s-- , 9 ,A ' N rj -xx, . ,rl -:., ,V , W A. V- ""' fl. In ..! I w 4 , v uv vi , 4. npr: 4 1'-'G,J:i2:f, . .. .glad if w if . AU' ' , x 4 ff. ,Y .QV 2 1 V. '. . 4 , f V V IL ' " W M.,-ff G Q 1. . . 1 , 1 - . f' w ,I Yu J Q 1521553 ' A - ,-,fl-.vyagwl , M, ., LM ' ,- - -F 2 - Z1 V -9-l3,X.1.,4jy37X -I , V ,. if i ' ' A ,R S -1 V .W A V-waj fx,-5 . V -, .V ' ' , ,"-V A H , J wg, . id. J 4 V, ., , ww, '1- " ' 4. 1, A , VfVfV-2 'MIB qi Q Y - ,.:igfg:?VQ 'I ' . . ,V Wif i , ,, ip' w L A .,, , , f fefwfig 5,1 - 1- . - ,.,. "Y f:?'1V1. MV ' V . L , ,V PV: 1 21 V., ' K 11? V fi g , ,Q ,LL 1 , L ' . pm, fs I y'-4:5 'v I.4LQ1VZ.'1,1,i .fig . V - ,H ,431 -44.5. fi , . . . L . ,M A SAF! F?-53,41 wi N HWS . 1, wfzfv gm if V V- , V5 ' . VV ' ' n. V ' -' -TW.: Q' Q Q K V - 16 V ' M al W ff , ,wgzy g:,V . ' 'W X ' gfff-MLP? , -wi -, . L -'K if -- ' ,.."4 -I -V ,E V451 M 2 : A ui-V L 1 f 'f 4 TI Us . -Jg ' ,z -iv , 'V a, r ' 4. , - ff wb 4. ,lf an C ' 75:-3g:'M.j5 , fs- A ,, Maggy I ,- .: 'A' J, 'iq JR fn 'Q 1f'fm:x:1V ,ff 212525 f f' V , - '-7-1,-rm-2: . -jV--ff V L ' Q Af" f -1liV-f'gj':T9pV"2,"' V ' , f ,,, em -H-V 1' I ' W . ' L 2 'f1",lu'5A,,24.f, N - V- 2' ,4 Vue ..5f'5'3 I .,,' Q' F' .Ak ' :V :ffl " , , V. A I X V V. fi A .1 A3 SQ , x, ,. fl 1 4 HQ' ' ., V Q. Alf -V . ' , ' 'ix x. fm - ' I ' W ,V-1 , iq.-My -':H535swi"K'- - fig M522 ,1 Q gf 4, 1 WAV V'-Q f., " X J ,' 1 ,Ti W ,. Q V f- ,.f ,f WMM!!! I Q1 .4 5 fi X 3 S i ,, ..,,...,,.xM mm-m:..mum -Liwkxwlb The 1942 14llsa'm61-an BERNADINE HATC , , JANE BUTLER . . . ROBERT NEWTON H - . Edifor in Chie' . . Assis+an+ Edi'roz - . Assis+an+ Edi'ro ,f ffff rim Idflldmbfd, Cali of-nia CAROLYN WOLFE . . . Ar+ Edifor TED HARPER . . . Phoiography Edi+or RALPH RATHBUN . . . Business Manager HOWARD BOYRNGTON . . Cover Design VV. , f 1 f . Q, ff 1 . 14 4-1 5' f ,,. Cy , ffm f, ' , f mf ' Q. , , , f l9,w.,, I , 'M ff . , M,f.- , -q4,, 57 ,Vi , M- w?f2fXz V, f " ,, L, m P'fp2'+05f1'X1 . ., ,mgv,,' 25129 , fl fr f.y'9ft'9f?'q QM .:4.-,if 7 1' X' 13. - .:.ff" , ,,- . ,f ' V ag 1411 .1 ffizfigff ' ' ,cuff '-:-.4f5F1'i:.'f if X x X , 1 I NX ' -NZ . X . X. wiv X, T X x xl A X -if N13-.3 x....feQ-,X . X A X A ,. X OUT wig? .X W"- f OF THE GATES BY TWOs. 'Q 4 n ff! Z j, Y .-QYRYXX E R AND IN THE CORRAL AND BY ckowns I n Ill e m 0 1- i af m ALUMNI To +hose from Alhambra High School whose lives have been given in Jrhe service of +heir America. Student if Jean Hemlney if Summer WS MR. CHARLES L. BETTS be dicativn For fhree years of consis+en'rly fine feaching, and for 'rhe excelling qualify wi+h which he and his phofography sfaff have disfinguished +his and recen+ annuals, 'rhe I942 ALHAMBRAN is grafefully inscribed fo Mr. Charles L. Be'r'rs. Ranch wnem Very imporlanl To any large enrerprise are Jrhe members of ils direcling body: so ro our exlensive Alhambr Ranch, rhe Board of Educalion is an imporlanl iaclor. I+ is Jrhe governing body of Alhambra's large school syslerr The lacl Jrhal Alhambra l-ligh ranlcs well among Soulhern California schools is in greal' measure due +o Jrhe lrireles eiforl ol lhe Board. Qi course, The Board members don'+ have Jrhe occasion 'ro know many of lhe s+uden+s, bu even so, 'rhey are conslranlly working in Jrhe sludenls' behalf. This spring, allrer seven years of fairhlul service as presidenjr, vice-president and member of +he Board, Mr! l-l. C. Baldwin resigned. Mrs. Frances Burlon has been appoinied her successor. Members of Jrhe school board are Dr. Samuel J. Broadwell, presidenr of Jrhe Board, Mr. Aubrey Miller, vice president Mr. R. Leslie Sparlrs, Mrs. Hazel Poslel, and Mrs. Burron, who succeeded Mrs. Baldwin. Mr. Georgel. Yelland is Jrhe Board's able secrelary and business manager. 3. , .,..,, ,.,, Q ' , .,1 -L ,..,,. V MW., -Wy? me ii' " , f,-' Q George Yelland, R. Leslie Sparks, rs. Hazel Posile, Maurice Sfolcesbary, Dr. Samuel J. Broadwell Aubry Miller Mrs. Frances Burien, George Beffinger Mr. George E. Behringer 14AAiA tant Superintendent The personable fellow Jrhal is now our Assislanlr Superinlendenl is Mr. Maurice R. Srokesbary. l-le has held Jrhis posilion since I94O. Previous 'ro I9-40 he was Direclor of Research and Guidance, and ihis year he supervised The organizalion of lhe "Aims of Educalionn wilh suggeslions from Jreachers and srudenls from bo+h grammar school and high school. Kig 504.6 Well-known and well-lilced is Jrhe friendly "big boss" of our Alhambra ranch, Mr. George Ballinger. l-le has served as Super- inlendemk ol Alhambra schools for eighlr years. Allhough his iob is difficult wilh many imporfanl rouline dulies, he is oilen seen al school iusl making sure Thai every- lhing is all righl, and everyone is glad +o see his smiling lace. Since fhe war slarled Mr. Ballinger has been lcepl busy as Co- chairman of The imporlanl Civilian Prolec- lion Commiilee. Mr. Maurice R. Sfolcesbary ' l i i l Il Q llil ij' j E if We 'fl li ,fi f V' V Mr, Norman B. Scharer, Principal Our popular friend and principal, Mr. Norman B, Scharer, is our "l-lead Foreman," and under his di,-Scion our ranch runs srnoolhly. l-le remarked on our lherne. "The rancho, during Jrhe Mexican period, worked oul mosl of Hs own problems, and planned praclically all of ils aclivilies ilsell, under 'rhe general direclion of The ranchero. "Alhambra l-ligh School is a large rancho. We love Els campus, ils cuslorns, ils 'rradilions and ils self-rule, These characlerislics will always be relained for we fully realize lhal' lo mainlain These benelils we rnusl co l' , n inue To recognize our school obligalionsf' I Straw 5044424 lf's a busy life as Girls' Vice- Principal in a school as large as Alhambra l-ligh, buf our "s+raw- boss," Miss Effine P. Blounf, always has fime fo give a cheery smile. Even ferrified "scrubs" forgef fheir fear and find a new friend. Office dufies were forgoffen for a while, when she wenf fo San Francisco for fhe convenfion of fhe Nafional Associafion of Deans of Women. She also affended fhe rneefing of Girls' Advisers and Vice-Principals of Soufhern California and Arizona in Glen- dale. The hardesf man fo see af Alhambra l-ligh is our ofher "sfraw-boss", Mr. A. Ewing Konold. Besides fhe many roufine dufies of his office, he is adviser of fhe Boys' lzederafion and fhe Com- mission. l-le was made vice-princi- pal fwo years ago. Popular wifh fhe feachers, fhe boys, and fhe girls, he is always ready fo lend a helping hand. Af fhe Founder's Day meefing of fhe P.-T. A. Mr, Konold was bofh honored and surprised when he was pre-senfed wifh a Life Membership in fhe P.-T. A. ll Miss Effine P. Bloun Mr A. Ewing Konold I . Mrs. Helen V. Hood, Counselor K1-an def-A Mr. Dale R. S+ocldard, Regisrrar gfff The purpose of The branders is guiding sludenls while in high school and aiding fi ' in Jrhe prepararion lor Jrheir acliviries allrer gradualion. Allhough rheir worl4 is dilier- i i enl, Regisrrar "Joe" Sroddard, a ounselor Mrs. Helen V. Hood work rogerher. .' 1 ln rheir Jrwo-fold purpose, Mrs. H d h ndles rhe educarional, while Mr. Sloddard has l i A rhe vocarional parr of Jrheir wo Qne ol "Joe's" many he complering of program cards: Mrs. Hood advises incoming freshmen, and aids rhe lower division in selecre ing rheir supiecrs. Their parl in rhe ranch is very imporranr, lor Jrhey Corral rhe unruly herds, and have Jrhem all brandedl SECRETARIES-Chance, Anderson, Murrell, Selly, Whilalcer, Middlefon, Gillis. Mr. E J Cas Diredor of A++endance mingle M, The "AWranglers" always Catr 'ne Ffa ug ea++le, for IFS +ne?r job +5 Hain 5, Jr Hwose who gelr awaf when We Levee re broken down. Mr. E. T. Casef Is Tn Hrecjor of Afrendanee. He is aol! assbne jf Mr. Ivan Tagerf. MESS Ina FXCCQULY 1 charge of lne A++endance Office na ew eniarged quarfers In The baseman? Q we Wes? VVing. These oeeele nele 'naf' ain a nigh average dai!! anenoance If xlnarnbra, an Irnpomtanf parf in Jrne S+a+e lan for financial aid +0 our dIs+rE':+. Q f fi K""v A 4?-,4 , HZV ,I kv Ili! mi 5. , i 1 , 424 T . Q3 5 5 L I , 4 v Y N Mr. E. Konold, Adviser-A "busy morning" in The Commission room. Cow Punclcem Those hard hiTTing "Cow Punchersf' The Commission, have cerTainly done Their share in Talcinq care oT The ranch This vear. Led by able Tom PuTman, TirsT semesTer: and Eileen Eaughman, Alhambrals Third girl Commis- sioner-General, second semesTer, The Commission has had a successTul year. lvlr. Ewing Konold has been The adviser oT The commission in Their many acTiviTies. AlThough The war cancelled several niqhT aTTairs, The commission Took on exTra war worlc, such as The paper drive Tor The Red Cross, leTTers To service men, and The com leTion oT serv' Tl. , d b h l-l deparTmenT. p ice ag ma e vT e ome Economics The "cow punchersu also sponsored The "Baby Bawlf' The Backward Dance, The SporTs Dance, and The VicTory Boolf Campaign. The Clean-Up campaign, The STudenT CourT, and The CourT oT The Moors were oTher proiecTs which received much supporT. Pl-TNF-'-4 EAL.GH'.'f-N -3-., .5,. . SLN:-PTZ HAPBEPT Q-+L"Cr-4 OLSGR r-vf-'.'.f- Cr-MCM JOHNETO' fOL,'.G ,AV . ','Il.I.IGf-'- HLGEP 17? , Tw--.-3 . ,, FLOPES Va LL I- ':'7v'7Tr7v,f.vff ' WV' ff:-4? ,' I r Tp- if :J r fgs 'Q f - L Q' 7 X Q32 if C' ,.. f 4 I MISS EFFINE P. BLOUNT Adviser Girls' League it GIRLS' LEAGUE ADVISORY BOARD FRONT ROW, left to right: Terrell, Watters, Brooks, Hugenott, Kimbrough. ROW ll: Kendall, Wallace, Neiger, Hayward, Bastear, Peckham, Simpson, Leavitt, Fredericks, Morrow. Ranclierettetf I The "Rancherettes" at Alhambra have had a tough, but successtul, year. Service highlighted the year, as the girls tilled Christmas boxes, worlced on the Court ot the Ivloors, sponsored soldier boxes at Christ- mas, tilled Red Cross bags tor soldiers in Alaslca, sold ticlcets tor the P. T. A. Football Circus, and sponsored the "Knute RocIcne" tilm. Something new was added when the League, tor the tirst time, assigned "Big Sisters" to all the treshman girls, with the idea ot guiding the "dogies" through not only their tirst hard day, but their whole tirst semester. Important social attairs were the B9 Welcome Parties, and the annual "Jolly Up" at the Pasadena Playhouse. Cn April 30, capable president ot the League, Rosemary Johnston, and her otticers attended the Spring Regional Conterence in South Pasadena. lvliss Blount, girls' vice-principal, served as able guide tor the many activities and war worlc carried on by the League. IR BOYS' FEDERATION Kelly, Casey, Young, Konold rAdv.l. Farrar. Wheeler. Wheeler. Ranch Hdhdd The orher group ol "ranch hands" ar Alhambra l-ligh is The Boys' lzederalion. This all inclusive group is headed bf Thai small, lou' dynamic Bobby Young, wirh Jim Wheeler, viceeoreeidenr- Tom Cazefr secrelaryt and Joe l-liggins, Treasurer. Gordon Farrar, Gordon Spring and Bill Wheeler held orher offices. Mr, Vonold has aclfed as adviser for 'rhe boys' group. The "ranch hands" played hosl 'ro incoming MUUOESH on rhe Tirsl day ol lhe sernesler, sponsored 'rhe Falher and Son Eanguel before The Tire? foolball game, sponsored an afler school dance, dislripuled lagS lor loolball games, and worked hard in lhe Clean-Up Campaign. Working wilrh 'lhe Girls' League, lhe Federarion sponsored lhe Knule Roclne film, and provided Chrislrnas boxes lor lhe needy. The nerr proiecl oi lheir ioinr program was a sei oi hulle+in cases placed in iron? of 'rhe school. Srrafing off rhe home range, 'rhe looys Traveled To Sanla Monica lor The Federalion Convenlion, held in Gclober. MR. A. EWING KONOLD Advisor Boys' Federation Big Sisfers , ET1Zfi63iT',Z',LfQiv Lf ihfzi: VY f ' Sanfa Claus comes fo 1'own." Moor Wino Ser e The old ranch is iusrlgf proud oT i+s worlhy sons who are in The diTTeren'r branches ol service in The Torces OT The Unired Slrales. Over Two hundred alernni, srudenrs, and Tacullf are oerlorrning valianlly Tor Uncle Sam, Trorn The l-lalls oT lvlonleznrna To The shores oT Tripoli. Corporal Arlhur Dalran, in The air coros al Geiger Field, Vlfashinglon' Lieol, J. J. l-logan, sralloned al Eorl MacfXr+hur' and Lie-ur. L. W. Srillion in The inTanrry a+ The oTTicer Training school al Eorr Benning, Georgia, are our Tacull-,f reoresenrafives. Their piclures in uniTornn are al The 'Foo oT This oage. Grand aren'+ They? The slag wishes 'C Than? The SJ'LJjQfl'3 who broaghlr Us The olrher snaos of Tornner Moors aooearing on +his sage. Ca...- .7 1 W T X .. x ff '4 T ,'D'N,y, 1 ff f X f i ' ,.., 1 f X X 4, iffy ff. f 5 , fn' Zfffijr ff J WW' A . X L :Z Firsi' Row-Corp. Ar+hur Dakan L+. J. J. Hogan L+. L. W. S+illion Second Row-Sgf. John Anderson, Ed. Bogh, Roe M. Powell, Ed. Brand+, Ar+hur Ward, Don Early Third Row-John Bowman, Sgf. Robert E. Gray, Jerry Belmonf, Jim CuHing, Eugene Tiriloclc, Howard Durnell like , ,W 9 I if fi R it l Y l wwf , l l 3 A Fi .,1,,,m,,Rw. V . "W'e'bw if ,. , , . .f ,.., Wi' 5 32, .ffl Vu ',Q.,'f -. M15 T.. J , . 1 , . 'ffl f 2.1" fr f ,Q-wil -K 1 V :ww "Ref, we f IV Us rf . X' V "-?f, s . ,g W' ' Q "',2':'fY " 7:-, op. ' , .4 1 M 'x"""" rw N" N- ' G ,,.. ., A - , y xx f' " R "J, 'Wifi :-7f'f'."-,,:Q j,I ' f V 3 xwx Uh' , , A we ' " ,V , Q 2 W. ram, . , . K ,, 1 AY' W ' M ' - :"'f:5' R A V 'f X iw, ggi W W ,.,5qV, .'::w7.qe M.,M ,j V ,xref f V r 1, ' P I ,. 1 1- fmsqihff ' -f - + PA rf" m mf f w .1 wg Q , P ,p 4 W A ROW I-Dean Lei'fcl'1, Douglas Bogh, Harold Bogh, Jack We-isenberg, Theodore DeGroff, Maurice A. DeJonel:l1eere. ROW 2- Paf Fox, Lawrence Cl'1ris+ensen, Kenne+l1 Mounl, Charles Hulchinson, Tom Kidwell. ROW 3-Bob Leirclw, Dean Leilch, Don Early, Richard O. Ellery, Don Frans, Evereli' Malone. ROW 4-Frances Maxey, George Morrison. Ben Parker, Sgr. J. Rodrigues, Pvl. Jolwn 6. Sfel. ROW 5-Pvt Bob Hanna, Pvf. Wm. Powell, Ernesl A. Sfevens, Sfaff Sgr. Eugene A. Salifrinlc, L+. Robe-rf J. Salifrinll, Eugene Triflofr. 27 ? V E 2 Z f Q f banceA me cfcrf ref 2' 'fx ,eefa eerie deaf. was -re 'fore . A , 4 , r 'eb 2' Ire 6. Over cefiez were 'fe gf Q-f--dz, eecffferc ' I' cefce 're rece: Fc: 'fe Bez, Ee,-f A A "e ffar fans r'f rf J Z ,IQ 0' I ay 4, ,Z , , ff Torn Pu+man awards 'prize' 'ro bes+ dressed couple a+ fhe Hobo Hop ? r 4 . ' 1 V5 sf J , V Q, Q . 3. f A Q W" :ff . N: f ,. -,4 - . -V . ,V f 4 1- 5 - f r 4 Yi? " li, C Z ' 'H-, '1' 9 .' f I X 'ini V, ' -T - x fQ ' 'oi- - ' ' 1 LX 5 51 ,Z L? U -' - . -'W"fR A'y,'vl51,J'g1'u. 'L ILLUSTRATION BOB BELL f V - 'f,, 1.8. 1', '. 'VU J-.u v r 4 Jw Q, w .' .W , I 'V fb K My Q L, .Qty I S U, 1 J , "ugh i 1 , 2 K' f',':,:, 'hw-4 -uf " 'H ...Q ' "v ,' -V us: ' 9,1 f xl Q? L!-1 , ,, . 1r ' p 'ss, 1 :r-.1 r K, p i X ' -" ' W 9039 0.0.4 111 rs E E. 7' ff- 5 wi is UQ if Z '- if - W IR F 3:-1 6 if-f A fi if 1 .E 5 4 " f Q' E' Q 1 f' F PERSONALITIES OF WINTER '42 fall Round- up Herd 0 Ilhnter 42 I Like The caTTle ThaT wore a deep mark on The wesTern land wiTh The Chisholm Trail, The Senior Class oT W'42 blazoned a Trail across The hisTory oT Alhambra l-ligh +ha+ will long be remembered. The TavoriTe acTiviTy oT The class seemed The breaking oT prece- denTs. They were The TirsT To order class jewelry in The A-I I year, The TirsT To graduaTe in The aTTernoon, The TirsT To graduaTe during World War ll, wiTh many members in The service. Led by Their Senior Council wiTh Bob Macllie as presidenT and Lois l-larvey as secreTary-Treasurer, and Their adviser, Mr. Miller, The l-lerd oT W'42 chose Cherry-red sweaTers. lT was These sweaTers, incidenTally, which gave many Alhambra moTorisTs cause To believe ThaT new TraTTic signals had been insTalled all over Town. Their Mid-WinTer Carnival, which was To have been one oT The big Things OT The year, was cancelled as a resulT oT air-raid precauTions. The ouTsTanding achievemenT oT The class was Their successTul produc- Tion oT "The NighT oT January SixTeenTh." Co-sTarring Ted King and ,. Edi+h Rockwell in a dynamic courTroom play, The epic TeaTured audience A loarTicipaTion. The l-lerd rushed Trom The old corral on DiTch Day, Janu- ary 27, To The mounTains and beaches. January 28 TeaTured The Class ' Zy, A Day luncheon and dance. The l-lerd oT S'42 gave whiTe carnaTions To ., The boys and gardenias To The girls. On January 29, W'42 TerminaTed iTs soiourn on The ranges oT A. l-l. S. wiTh an aTTernoon graduaTion. f r T' A A T i f s '.' ii i.i Mr. Miller, Adv. Ted King Tom PuTman Joe Swarh Bob Macfie, Pres. Lois Harvey, Sec.-Treas. Dan Greene Edi+h Rockwell HN, - - W' ' ,I f H ' , I ' ffgzf, 4 f ' 2' i. UI , .. ,fx ' f I Q , . I I W 1 " fe Q 9 A I ,na 12' w. i I s , If M 74-ff ,-,,,, if 5:45- . j . , I ,JW IL ,F 2'f4fJ2.',, k,,,"+ , -fy ' I WWE' Z W av 7 I Q54 . 'SI , I 1 5, I W I e A .Y 1-.f . ,x 3' ' 9, R ' 14A ' I I I 1 1 7 f f cr I f ,r f , W -Q' ' 7 af Z K My x ff y Z lj f 5 f 7 , f Mn' G. 'Q 1 if gg, , FBI qw . 1, " ff, lf V Iv. , 4 2, , 9 I ff! 1 X 27' at V114 5 ' 5 1 If f 7 , 1 f , ,IMA 'ish I f -H uf. ,A AI f ffm J, f ff, Aziz 7, Ju v! , ,,1'f f ,Af f 10 ALDERSON, AILEEN ANDERSON, HARRY ARROYO, HORTENSE BARROW, ELIZABETH BAUER, RUTH BEDWELL, FRANK BERRYMAN, BETTY BINDER, JACK BISHOP, BETTY BISHOP, RAE BOCIGNON, IRIS BOSSERT, ALICE BRANDT, BILL BRETT, MARJORIE BRIDSTON, MARGARET BROWN, LURLINE BROWN, WINIFRED BURTON, CHAFFEE CARPENTER, DARLEEN CHAPPELL, JANE CHRISTY, BILL CLARK, JAUNITA COLLINS, KENNETH CONAWAY, JOYCE CONDIT, JEANNE COOPER, ADOREE COVERT, MARGUERITTA CUCCIA, MARY CUNNINGHAM, D. DAVIDSON, DAVID DAVIS, JACK DAVIS, LILLIAN DAVIS, LLOYD DAVIS, MARJORIE DeLANEY, ANNE DeLOLLlS, EVELYN DuPUY, FRANK DRAIN, DORIS DURST, KATHLEEN ELDER, A. LEE fall Round-11,2 ydfd of Winter '42 EVANS, HERBERT FELTCH, BERYL FLORES, WALLACE GENCO, GLORIA GILLESPIE, SAM GOETZ, VIRGINIA GOLDTHWAITE, MARY GOUDGE. BOB GREEN, DANIEL GROSS, LORRAINE HALL, JOSEPHINE HALL, LOUISE HALL, WAYNE HARPER, SYLVIA HARVEY, LOIS HASSENPLUG, VERDA HAY, JOHN HILLS, JAY HILPERT, AL HOFFMAN, ROY HORNER, VIRGINIA HYNE, JEAN JENKINS, JEREUL JENNINGS, NORALIE KING, TED AJ" 5 f MJ ' ZA 41 If mfjzi-."f . , ,WW ,, ,,,, f ' !,.1afLf'::f fl I LL, , ,, , ff ,IAW3 ,, f V I 4 ff . , , ,, 'I , 'Q f,::'Z?:f , 4. Q5,f4N:,,, v Q zffaflf, ' ' I qlf x I Z! " .fiv M -'-C If ?4 4-C at A S, 1. We nf. .IA ' Q 1 , 11 L, , . , I 7, ' VA V231 S -m i U 9 .. HH 2-8 4 ' F I 1 Qs I Qi ,J H. LN, . '17 34:1 1 A,. I YY I 4 -VM 5Sij' A ' - 1 0,19 UQ F 24 'K 12,252 fr LQ' 54? , wx ' if f if 5- 4K X a . ,f V, 1 124 KH ,,f, y, .v I n 2' Anim it I tl -I x8 I A I .Y J, . ,A vw' fi 'R A A ', 1.1 Z' I ,Q f - K- . A 1 Ia. IA' . I 1 Q. V ' 'w I f 5, G'-WA Y , , , A , , 1' -,WWA Ki NGSTON, KATHRYN KNOWLES FRANK LARSON MARGARET LEHMER NORMA LIVINGSTON GAIL LOVELESS LYLE McCORMACK, JIM MQMEHON JACK MQMILLAN JANIE MACEIE BOB MAY MARY JEAN MAYF'ELD MELVIN MELLOR, GEORGE MEYERS GLORIA MEYERS. PAT MILLER HARRY MINASSIAN GRACE MOONEY BETTIE H. MOSELY ELIZABETH NINI FLORINE NIXON RALPH PAGE BETTIE FATTON VIRGINIA PETERSON CARROLL POLAND ALICE PRICE, ALBERTA PUTNAM, TOM RAACHE DORIS RANKER, ROBERT REINKE, BETTY REYNOLDS ELMER RICHTER ROBERT RIOS EVELYN ROBINSON, JOET ROCKWELL EDITH ROGERS LOIS ROLOSON, LAVINA ROSS GORDON ROBALCABA JESSE RUETH DORIS 9,111 eW.4-u,, Hel-4 0 Winter '42 RUSSELL, JEAN RYBICKI, CHESTER SACKETT, JUNE SALERNO, NICK f 5 5 WZ' SANGER, WERNER SCHOFIELD, DON SCHWENDEN, STANLEY SETTLES, CAROL WELTS SINCLAIR, WILLIAM SMITH, BEVERLY SMITH, YVONNE SOTO, RACHEAL SPRING, GORDON STEED, JEANNE STEWART, JEANNE SWANSTON, HELEN JANE SWARTZ, BARBARA SWARTZ, JOE TENNYSON, JIM THORSON, ROY TITUS, CHARLES TOTTEN, ALBERT TUCKER, LOUISE TURNBULL, JOHN UHRIG, MARGARET . W : -' A '1 -XTSMQJQ fifwvfr fu 9 f at I f 2 Em I .,. 'ui' Aa. if tif ifI 33k.?3g5 ,M :ff T 1 Pi p I I 1" I - I 'I 'R .5 47 35 iii? mul. 5, I 9 if bfi' , G! ,, 5, , zgfy " , .QV I4, I. xx 'W fffv! , if g I, Ipww A - ' , 4, w -ff Ni I ' ry. I 'U' gif? 7 ' 02" , - L, SENIORS WHO'S PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR DeGARINlORE, MARY LUNDY, BURGESS HANSEN, JACK BALIVIA, GEORGE VAN ANDA, RICHARD VAWTER, ERNEST VOGG, VIRGINIA WARD, EARL WELLMAN, ALICE WESTON, LEOTA WHEELER, HELEN WHEELER, KEVIN WHITE, BETTY WHITE, ROY ALLEN WHITELAW, ROBERT WILFRETH, EDWIN WILKINS, HELEN WILSON, DOLORES WILSON, PHYLLIS WIMBERLY, DAVID WOODWARD, LOIS WRISTON, BETTY WYCHE, FRANK BROWN, HELEN A large enII'1usiasIIc audience affended AII1ambra's firsf war+Ime affernoon graduafion. 31 Senior lctiofitiea - ' AILEEN ALDERSON-General. HARRY ANDERSON-General, Varsily Foolball, Pres. Varsily Club, Vice-Pres. Sr. I-Ii-Y, Varsily Track, B Fool- ball, B Track. I-IORTENSE ARROYO-General, Camera Club, Spanisli Club, G.A.A., Minor A, GEORGE BALMA-General, B Baskelball, C Track, B Track, C Foolball, B Foolball, B Club. ELIZABETH ARROW-Secrelarial, Secrelarial Club, Mas- quers Club, Liqhr Xi Shadow, Senior Play, Wardrobe, RUTI-I BAUER-College Prep., Life Member C.S.F., Moor Edilor, Annual Slafi, Jr. Prom Queen, Quill And Scroll, Algia. FRANK BEDWELL-College Prep., Sr. I-Ii-Y, Varsily Foolball, Arr Club, Spanish Club, Jr. I-Ii-Y. BETTY BERRYMAN-General, Sec. Masquers, Pres. G. A. A., Algia, Broadcaslers, BIO Secrelary, Sr. Tri-Y. JACK BINDERAColIege Prep., Lalin Club, I-Ii-Y. BETTY BISI-IOP-College Prep., Chairman Make-up Crew, Pep Squad, Posl Graduaie. RAE BISI-IOP-Secrelarial, Saddle Club, Archery Club, Sigma Tri-Y, Arr Club, Tennis Club, Mark Keppel. IRIS BOCIGNON-College Prep., Moor Slahl, French Club, Wardrobe, Quill Bi Scroll. ALICE BOSSERT-General. BILL BRANDTH-General, Usher Club, Science Club, Commercial Club. MARJORIE BRETT-College Prep., Lighl 81 Shadow. Scholarship, Sludenl Direclor ol Senior Play, Spanish Club, Tri-Y, Broadcaslers. MARGARET BRIDSTON-General, Senior Play, Lighr Xi Shadow, Masguers, Wardrobe. I-IELEN BROWN-General. LURLENE BROWN-College Prep., Moor Slaili, Mas- quers, Scholarship Sociely, Quill Bi Scroll, Lalin Club, 3If2 year graduale. WINIFRED BROWN-College Prep., Life Member C.S.F., Secrelary Musicians Club, Senior Orchesira. BURTON CI-IAFFEE-General, B Track. DARLENE CARPENTER 3 General, Commercial Club, G.A.A., Sigma Tri-Y, Balboa I-I.S. JANE Cl-lAPPELLfGeneral, EI Monie I-I.S. BILL CI-IRISTY-Drailing, Laiin Club, Tennis, Annapolis I-I.S., Annapolis, Maryland. JUANITA CLARK-General, Commercial Club. KENNETH COLLINS-Ari, Ari Club, Annual Ari Slalzi. Carroonisl for Moor. JOYCE CONWAY-College Prep., Science Club, Sporls Club, Spanish Club, Euodia Club, EI Monle I-I.S. JEANNE CONDIT--General. ADOREE COOPER-Secrelarial, Pres. Secrelarial Club, Song Leader Los Sonadoras, Sr. Tri-Y, Welfare Chairman Girls League, Mark Keppel I-I.S. MARGUERITE COVERT-College Prep., Science Club, Spanish Club, Tennis Club. MARY CUCCIA-General, Senior Prom Commillee, 3If2 year graduale. DOLORES CUNNINGI-IAM-General, Commercial Club. DAVID DAVIDSON-College Prep., Varsily Baskeiball. Varsily Club, Scholarship Sociely, Pres. Longiellows Club, Chemislry Club. JACK DAVIS-General, B Foolball, Varsily Foolball, Varsily Club, B Club, Jr. Exchange. LILLIAN BARBARA DAVIS-General. Thela Tri-Y. EVELYN DE LOLLIS--General, Woodrow Wilson I-I,S.. VVoodrow Wilson Jr. I-I.S. DORIS DRAIN-General, Prom Commillee, Lalin Club, Sporls Club, fllfg year graduale. FRANK DUPUY4CoIlege Prep., Laiin Club, French Club, Science Club, Senior I-Ii-Y. KATI-ILEEN DURST4ArI, Ari Club, Sporls Club, Span- ish Club, Commercial Club, 3lfQ year graduale. MARJORIE DAVIS+CoIIege Prep., Pres. Gamma Chi Tri-Y, Treas., Campus Club, Tennis Club, Laiin Club, Science Club, 3 year graduale, MARY DE GARIMORE-General, Fremonl I-I.S, ANNE DELANEYfCommercial, Spanish Club, 3If2 year graduaie. A. LEE ELDER-Manual Aris, B9-A9 Class Treas. I-IERBERT EVANS-Business, Varsily Baskelball, B Basker- ball, Varsily Club. BERYL FELTCI-I-General, Sr. Tri-Y, Alpha Omega Served al Senior Luncheon. WALLACE FLORES-General, Commissioner of Finance Sr. I-Ii-Y Award, Pres. Commercial Club, Usher Club, Jr. I-Ii-Y, Alhambra I-Iigh School Alumni Commissioners Assoc. GLORIA GENCO-Secrelarial, Secrelarial Club. Mas- quers Club, Lighl and Shadow, There Tri-Y, Ward- robe, Norlh I-Iollywood I-I.S. SAM GILLISPIEYEngineering, Spanish Club, Scholarship Sociery, Science Club, Lincoln I-I.S., Buenos Aires, Argenlina. VIRGINIA GOETY-College Prep., Make-up Crew, Sen- ior Glee Club, French Club, Moor Slali, Prom Com- miiree. MARY GOLDTI-IWAITE-College Prep., Vice Pres. Sen- ior Glee Club, French Club, Alpha Tri-Y, Aichernisl Club. BOB GOUDGEhGeneraI, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play, Senior I-Ii-Y, Science Club, Spanish Club, Arr Club. DANIEL GREEN-College Prep., Spanish Club, Senior I-Ii-Y, Pres. and Treas. Science Club, Chemistry Club, Inrra-mural Baskelball, Senior Council. LORRAINE GROSS-General, Queen of I-Iearrs in Slory Book Parade, Masquer's Club, Sporrs Club, Ari Club. JOVSEPI-IINE I-IALL-General, Senior Glee Club, There ri-Y. LOUISE I"IALL-College Prep., Scholarship Socieiy, Spanish Club, Library Club, Corr. Sec. Alpha Tri-Y, Science Club, Pep Squad. WAYNE I-IALL-College Prep., Varsiry Foolball, Var- sily Tennis, Varsily Club, Junior Varsify Tennis, Junior Exchange. JACK I-IANSEN-General, Commercial Club. SYLVIA I-IARPER-General, Senior Play, Treas. Mas- guers, Secl. Lighl and Shadow, Broadcasrers Club. LOIS FIARVEY-Coilege Prep., Secrelary Senior Class. Vice-pres, Junior Class, Secrerary B9 Class, Senior Play, Songleader, Masquers. VERDA I-IASSENPLUG-General, T Club, 3lf2 year Grad- uale. JOI-IN I-IAY-Commercial, Varsily Baskelball, Sludenl Srore Clerk, Bank Clerk, Scour Club, Pres. Corn- mercial Club, Manual Arls I-l.S. JAY I-IILLS-Commercial, Varsily Baskelball, B, Basker- ball, B Club, Junior I-Ii-Y, Senior I-li-Y, B Foofball. AL I-IILPERT-Manual Arls, Junior Exchange, B Foolball, B Club, Junior Varsily Baseball, B Baskelball Man- ager, Varsiiy Fooiball. ROY I-IOFFMAN-Marhemalics and Science, Science Club, French Club, Arl Club. VIRGINIA I-IORNER-College Prep., Spanish Club, Broadcasrers Club, Girls League Represenlalive, 3If2 year Graduale. JEAN I-IYNE-College Prep., Spanish Club, Arr Club, Junior Prom Queen Arrendanr, Girls League Repre- senlalive, Senior Luncheon Commiiiee. JERUEL JENKINS-Arl, Varsiiy Foolball, Senior I-Ii-Y, Varsily Baskerball, Varsily Track, B Club, Varsiry Club. NORALIE JENNINGS-General. TED KING-College Prep., Varsily Foolball, Pres. Senior I-Ii-Y, Senior Play, Senior Council, Lighl' and Shadow, B Foolball. KATI-IRYN KINGSTON-General, Senior Glee Club, Junior Prom Queen Arlendanl, Senior Luncheon Com- millee, 3If3 year Graduale. FRANK KNOWLES-General, Senior I-Ii-Y. MARGARET LARSON-College Prep., Junior Prom Comrniliee, Senior Play, Masguers, Spanish Club, Vice- pres. Alpha Tri-Y, Science Club, 3lf9 year Graduale. NORMA LEI-IMER-Secrelarial, Arl Club, Tri-Y, Treas. Secrelarial Club. GAIL LIVINGSTON-General, Varsiiy Baskelball, Los Alcaldes, Varsiiy Club, B Baskelball. LYLE LOVELESS-College Prep., Varsily Club, Varsily Foolball, I-Ii-Y, Senior Play, Lighl and Shadow, B Foolball. BURGESS LUNDY-College Prep., Spanish Club, Inlra- mural Baskelball. JIM McCORMACK-College Prep., Sporls Club. JACK McMAl-ION-General, Varsily Foolball, Varsily Track. JANIE McMlLLAN-College Prep., Commercial Club, Science Club, Pres. There Tri-Y, Lafin Club, Band. BOB MACFIE - College Prep., Pres. Senior Class, B Foolball, Los Alcaldes, Senior Play, Spanish Club, Junior Hi-Y. BOB MARTIN-College Prep., Varsily Baslceiball. MARY JEAN MAY-General. MIETVLN MAYFIELD-General, Senior Glee Club, Ari iu . GEORGE MELLOR-College Prep., Senior Hi-Y, Schol- arship Socieiy, Varsily Traclc, Science Club, Vice- Pres. Chernisrry Club, Chemisrry Lab Assislanl. GLORIA MEYERS-General. PATRICK MEYERS-General, Varsily Foolball, Varsily Club,'Ar'l Club. HARRY MILLER-College Prep. GRACE MINASSIAN-Music, Senior Glee Club Ac- companisi, Scholarship Scciery, Senior Orcheslra, Mu- sicians Club, French Club. BETTIE MOON EY-General. ELIZABETH MOSLEY-General, Wichiia H.S., Easl' Wichila, Kansas. FLORINE NINI-General, Masquers, French Club, Broad- casiers Club, Junior Prom Comrnilmee, 3lf2 year Graduare. RALPH NIXON-College Prep., Senior Play, Varsiry Foolball, Varsiiy Traclr, Senior Hi-Y, Pres. Junior Hi-Y, Vice-Pres. and Secreiary Varsiry Club. BET-TIE PAGE-General, Piano Club. VIRGINIA PAT-TON-College Prep., Wilson Jr. H.S., Pasadena J. C., Alpha Tri-Y. ELINORA PETERSON-General, Piano Club, Scholar- ship Sociery, Commercial H.S., Allanra, Georgia. CARROLL PETERSON-General, Longiellows Club, Los Alcaldes, Varsily Club, Varsiry Baseball, Varsily Fool- ball. ALICE MAE POLAND-Secrerarial, Arr Club, Scribe Secreiarial Club, Senior Play Ticlcel Sales, Announce- menl and Card Salesman. ALBERTA PRICE--College Prep., Moor Srail, Girls League Represeniaiive, Ouill and Scroll. TOM PUTMAN-College Prep., Commissioner General, Commissioner of Alhielics, Varsily Fooiball, Varsily Traclc, Senior Council, Senior Hi-Y. DORIS RAACKE-College Prep., Science Club, Thela Tri-Y, Spanish Club. ROBERT RANKER-College Prep., Los Alcaldes, Scoul Club, B Traclr, B Fooiball, Varsiiy Traci, Varsiiy Foorball. BETTY REINKE-College Prep., Lalin Club, Sigma Tri- Y, Scholarship Sociely. ELMER REYNOLDS - General, Vice-Presidenl' Camera Club, Pholography S'l'a'Fi of The Annual, Cornpron. J. C. BOB RICHTER-General, Junior Erchange, Varsily Foo'lball. EV ELYN RIOS-General. JOET-ROBINSON-College Prep., Lalin Club, Piano Club, Thera Tri-Y, Dance Club, 3lf2 year Graduare. EDITH ROCKWELL-College Prep., Treasurer oi Junior Class, Song Leader, Senior Play, Senior Council, Mas- quers, Lighl and Shadow. LOIS ROGERS-College Prep., Spanish Club, Vice- pres. Library Club, Scholarship Sociely, Science Club. Secrelary Alpha Tri-Y. LAVINA ROLOSON-College Prep., Lalin Club, Schol- arship Socieiy, Life Member of C.S.F., Senior Or- chesira, Musician's Club, Forensic Club. GORDON ROSS-College Prep., French Club, Long- Iiellows Club, Senior Glee Club. JESS RUBALCABA-College Prep., Hyde Parlr H.S.. Chicago, Illinois. DORIS RUETH-General, Maiorelie, Girls League Fire Squad, Junior Prom Commiilee, G.A.A., Ari' Club. JEAN RUSSELL-General, Senior Play, Social Chair- man ol: Lighl and Shadow, Masquers, Ari Club, Senior Tri-Y, Vice-pres. Broadcasiers. CHESTER RYBICKI-College Prep., Senior Boys Glee Club, Science Club, Varsily Baskelball, B Baslceiball, D Baslcelball, B Traclc. JUNE SACKETT-General. NICK SALERNO-College Prep., Varsily Baseball, Var- sily Foolball, Pres. Junior Exchangle B Baslrelball Fremonl H.S. WERNER J. SANGER-Malhemalics and Science, Pres. Chemisiry Club, Lalin Club, Junior Hi-Y, B Traclc, B Fooiball. DON SCHOFIELD-General, C Traclc, B Traclc, B Club. STANLEY SCHWENDEN-General. CAROL WELTS SETTLES-General, Senior Play, Nighf- ingale J. H. S. WILLIAM SINCLAIR-College Prep., Pres. Boys Senior Glee Club, Scoul Club. BEVERLY E. SMITH-College Prep, Maiorelle, John Marshall J.H.S. YVONNE SMITH-College Prep., Varsily Debaie, Girls League, Scholarship Sociely, Forensic Club, Science Club, 3lf2 years Graduaie. RACHEL SOTO-General, Spanish Club, G.A.A. GORDON SPRING - College Prep., Boys Fecleraiion Officer, Varsify Foorball, B Fooiball, C Traclc, Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y. JEANNE STED-College Prep., Senior Tri-Y, Secrelary Junior Class, Junior Prom Cornmiliee, Spanish Club, Masquers, Wardrobe. JEANNIE STEWART-General, Sporis Club, Lighl and Senior Girls Glee Club. Shadow, Broadcasiers Club, Shakespeare Fesiival, HELEN SWANSON-General. BARBARA SVVARTZ-General, Girls Sporls Edilor ol: rhe Moor, Sporrs Club, Long Beach Poly. JOE SWARTZ-College Prep., Commissioner ol: Clubs, Senior Hi-Y, Senior Council, B Fooiball, Senior Play, Varsily Traclr. JIM TENNYSON-Science and Marhemalics, Senior Play, Chernislry Team, Senior Hi-Y, Science Club, Chemisiry Club. ROY THORSON--General, Senior I-li-Y, Science Club, Pafriclr Henry H.S., Minneapolis, Minn. CHARLES TITUS-Manuel Aris, Los Alcaldes. AL TOTTEN-College Prep., Senior Play, Hi-Y, Long- ielows, Junior Prom Commirree, Varsily Baslcelball, Spanish Club. LOUISE NADINE TUCKER-General, Treasurer Girls League, Wardrobe, Assisiani Manager Maize-up Crew, Ar'l Club, Senior Tri-Y. JOHN TURNBULL-General, Varsily Fooiball, Senior Play. MARGARET UHRIG-College Prep., 3lf2 year Grad- uale, Spanish Club, Library Club, Junior Prom Com- mi+'ree. RICHARD VAN ANDA-College Prep., Varsily Tennis Lalin Club, Longlellows Club, Junior Varsily Tennis Varsily Club, Jr. Classical League. ERNEST VAWTER-College Prep., Junior Exchange, Treas. Senior Hi-Y. VIRGINIA VOGG-General, Make-up Crew, Senio- Glee Club, French Club, Scholarship Sociely. EARL WARD-Manual Arrs. ALICE WELLMAN-College Prep., Secrelary Girls League, Treas. Scholarship Socieiy, Pres. Lighl' and Shadow, Vice-Pres. French Club, Senior Play, Mas- quers. LEOTA WESTON-General, Girls Sporls Edilor oi lhe Moor, Sporis Club, Franlclin H.S. HELEN WHEELER-General, Sporls Club, Arl' Club. KEVIN WHEELER-College Prep., Varsily Fooiball, B Foofball, C Traclr, Senior Play, Vice-Pres. Junior Ex- change, Eleciion Manager. BETTY WHITE-General. Soulh Gale H.S. ROBERT G. WHITELAW-Drafiing. EDWIN WILFRETH-College Prep., Musicians Club, Scholarship Sociely, Band, Senior Orcheslra, Flag Raising, Longlellows Club. HELEN WILKINS-Secrelarial, Secrelarial Club, Li- brary Club, Scholarship Sociery, Alpha Tri-Y, G,A,A, DOLORES VVILSON-College Prep., Spanish Club, Pres. Library Club, G.A.A., Alpha Tri-Y, Scholarship Sociely. PHYLLIS WILSON-General, Senior Tri-Y, Makeup Crew. ' DAVID WIMBERELY-College Prep., Scoui Club, EI Monle H.S. LOIS WOODWARD-College Prep., Scholarship SO. ciely, Tri-Y, Laiin Club. BETTY WRISTEN-Commercial, Secrelarial Club, San Pedro H.S., Woodrow Wilson Jr. H.S. FRANK WYCHE-College Prep., Junior Varsily Tennis, Varsiiy Tennis, Senior Hi-Y, Ari' Club, Varsiiy Club Spanish Club. ' 1 Senior Play C + -yi ll Even beTTer Than a rodeo was The courT room drama, "The lNlighT oT January air een fl, given by The W'42 graduaTing class. Edierh Roclcwell as Karen Andre, The deTendenT in a Trial Tor murder, gave a superior perTOrm- ance. Ted King excellenTly porTrayed The male lead oT The disTricT aTTorney. The deTense aTTorney was characTerized by Lyle Loveless, while The genTlemen gangsTer was played by Joe SwarTz. Tom PuTnam presided over The courT as The iudge, and Lois l-lavey was ouTsTanding as The Tough nighT club dancer. Alice Wellman convincingly played The role oT The innocenT wiTe. DialecT roles were de- picTed by AI 'l'oTTen, lvlargareT BridsTon, and MargareT Larson. Members oT The iury were chosen Trom The audience. Mrs. BerTha Wylie Mfynne was assisTed in her excellenT direcTion oT The play by The sTudenT direcTor, lvlar- iorie BreTT. CrediT Tor The eTTecTive cour'T room scenery is due To Mrs. Boone and her sTage classes. JusTice was adminisTered by an imparTial iury. NIGHT OF JANUARY SIXTEENTH ROW I, left to right: Settles, Harper, King, Macfie, Wellman, Wheeler, Brldston, Totten, Rockwell, Loveless, Turnbull Nixon, Brett. Wynne ldirectorl. ROW ll: Goudge, Barrow, Swartz, Putman, Gross, Harvey, Russel. Larson. ailty .7 Wet guilty 7 V"'E N25 Cf-" PA .1 1 1 1 Pr Ccwc":ee 11 f1 1 f +L" 7"1,2" 'fun fy-5: F, -,- . - - , F , , - 1 A ': :CC C' ": ..Jx:9":CC'CL1QW E'CCE. 1 , , e Wes F5Jf'e' cecaxe fe Veof ' A ' - kk 1 111 'cfs Q if ' fm: +ha'r 'sfo 11, LA ,,,.,gD', L E-,i, ' 1 Jf,.1 1: 1 ,1,f-U13y1' ef. Q- '- ', -- ,-, -41 1 1, 1 ' : +526-'1Q 'G -721: 311 C"L5f'E'J Cfef '13 9,-55, 1 1 1 , - , m 221-13 "EVE F3661 f3'f3'ff5"5g ngg fguwfer 1,93 1 1 . ,11 :Lim far fc.:.C P, - fn-141 1 J-- - -,- Q cw 123 . .1 1 1 f . 1 1 I arm facade Q' V"','C3'E'1'Cf 31511 ?a1JFmQrg 535, 0, W vs -V 6 A Q , -' 1 , " ., all , S W V W .1 3 u .4 Vi , K, x V. ei, Q . Xi' x , xx . 2 5. M --,, fan ,,,, 1 1 1 Q95 .fH H 4 ,Z ,-ef W 8 '42 . ie s YJ? 5 ,, M I A W W f' '9 .,,-,ww , " - h '16, r ., H ' Q 1 M' ,,f , iv ' -fi" fax , H fl afix jl f- - eff' T' gig- ' "" ' 'lf f ha" h ' W, ' 9 1 'f 'Egg' - I I I V ,.., j , . ' 'UA ' , A ,, QM. 3 M 11 .U V. - gg- a g in g I 'ffm . wk XX f. .. L Zhi. . 'NNNQ WJ 22 , .f " X 24 M 4 , ' , gg .V 9 '3 51231 .f ' xx 9 wif: - . ...fig 3 , flfz, , X- V Q " I 1 " K 2 S 4 , W lr' rig . 39 N X' 5. i 3 X 'X A PERSONALITIES OF SUMMER '42 2, 'QM 1, 4' ...Q .. .- 9 ' . x if g 1 x i -N A "W ,xy , ' M . Zack 2 git: Adviser Q ' 'A ' , Q Presidenl 'G f vi 533 : xg r ' 5,5939 ,3s,::5.-N-,-:- agp Lonela Hair, K I ' o 91 . I' N X 1 H43 Y Vice'Presiden'r Louise Ash, 'V i . Secrelary-Treas ' -x. Mollie Mcclellar 3 Spring Hound-21 ami of summer '42 Carol Terrel -,..0, Like a band ol wild slallions lhal glorieo in lheir lreedom as lhey drummed over lhe weslern plains, lhe l-lerd ol S42 galloped lhrough a linal lriumphanl year, a year lhal will remain lamous because ol whal lhey did. l-leld in reckless check, lrom which al limes lhey seemed almosl lo escape lheir adviser, Mr. VValler Zick, lhe lirsl move ol 942 when lhey relurned in lhe lall was lo choose a senior council ol lwelve lo govern and guide lhe class aclivilies. This council chose Lonela l-lair as presidenl, Louise Ashe as secrelary, and l-larry lzrandsen as lreasurer. Aller much discussion and debale, loresl-green was picked by lhe l-lerd as ils swealer color. Aller lhe swealers arrived in January, lhe class play nexl caplured lhe allenlion ol lhe l-lerd. Miss Reynolds chose The American Way as lhe only play worlhy ol so greal a class, and aller many lryouls casl Frank l-lanna and Doris Bade in lhe leading roles. Presenled by special permission ol lhe aulhors, The American Way was a dynamic success, selling a record ol live perlormances. When all lhe applause had died away, lhe l-lerd ol S'42 sleadied down lor lhe lasl desperale dash and lhe linal examinalions. Swirling lhrough lhe lasl lew weeks lhey were guesls al lhe Junior Prom, dined and danced al lheir Class Luncheon on June I6, and slreamed lorlh on June I7 lo lhe mounlains and beaches. Finally on June I8, lhey liled pasl lhe speakers' sland in cap and gowns, lo receive lheir diplomas and say goodbye lo A. l-l. S. fl , 1 . Harr Frandsen w 1 3 Q 5. ff X y , 5 ,, ,fi Q fl' ,af J E. it , - . Q55 4? ,i I Q , i i r . ii iiii Margarel Maiben Dick Hinds Roberl Ouinlon Spring Round-71,2 Herd of Sumner '42 ALEXANDER, PATSY ALLAN, STANLEY ALLEN, REINETTE ALMVI6, JEAN ALVEY, BETTY AMELUXEN, JACK ANDERSON, CHARLES ARMSTRONG, BETTY Asn-TE, LOUISE BACON, HELEN BADE, DORIS BAME, MILDRED BARNES, MARY BASKETTE, BETTY BASTEAR, SYBIL BAUGHAM, EILEEN BEAL, DOROTHY BEEBE, PHYLLIS BELDEN, NORMA BELKNAP, BETTY LEE BENNETT, BETTY BERNT, PATRICIA BERRY, AUDREY BERRY, EMMA LOU BESSE, JEAN ,,,, , f , ., I , , 5-.91 - f ' - :f .M IR ,?. I I 4 K N x by wg 5 'N R R" I .I I I R2 ,X L . V A Q.. iam, PMA n - N- far -55. E 'u 5- QSJ JY- , ' ' ' A N , , ,L '31 Q Q gf F- I 13-xty YJ . 5- v il? Lf f 3 3 BIS! A ' , , 1,4 I' 'V N as Aa ex L. 3' 6' 3 5 tif'- , A ,QD ' E N' I I ,f IIN IP 1' 'T'-I., T Y Lg' 4 ' 1 'I ' IH' I I ..V I 'I ' "'Af PA Y -." Q? A' IIQQQ ' J , A W I ik: ' , . is I ' , AA-A I, iflf 41 , 'I ' .,,. .1 K 3 we " 1 I I A ff, My f T' 'P W ' I D U ' er I. W Lg Xx BIRKINSHAW, JACK BLACK, JACOUELIN BLAIR, RUTH BLANKENBAKER, HELEN BOAL, NAIALIE BOND, ANITA BORDEN, ANNABELLE BORNHAUSER, FRANCES BOWLER, BILL BRACE, GILBERT BRADLEY, RITA MARIE BRADY, RUTH BROCKUS, RAY BROOKS, JUNE BROOKS, PRISCILLA BROWN, LORRAINE BROWN, RUTH BUCHANAN, RAY BUCKALEW, MITCHELL BURGESS, BARBARA BURLEAND, MARIANNE BUTLER, BETTY BUTLER, JANE BUZZARD, PHYLLIS CALDEN, TOMMY CALDERWOOD, PATSY CALL, JANE CAMPBELL, STEWART CARPENTER, MARJORIE CARTER, WILLIAM CASE, ELEANOR CASEY, THOMAS CATTERMOLE, CAROL CAULFIELD, JOHN CHALLONER, BILL CHAMPION, Boa CHAPMAN, JEANNIE CHAPMAN, JIM CHEW, DICK CHICK, JACK CLARK, DARMA I CLINKSCALES, KYLE I COBB, NORMAN I - 'I ' COMFORT, BARBARA If f COOK, PEGGY ' ' 1. I . I COOKE, JUANITA CORUM, FREDERICKA COSBEY, JACK CRABTREE, RUTH CRAWFORD, GRANT CRITCHLOU, CAMILLA CUDLIPP, RUSSELL I CURRY, JAMES DAMRON, DOROTHY '1- DAUGHERTY, PAT I , 4, ,,f',,x f5I"' '- P' ' 'av- 41,"Q"vff I , 1 ,R 'Eg J. .0' ,,m,,,j1 M- f ,J I 3'7" gg 7Y , f Elway: ,. If yeh' 'A , I DAVIS, ELIZABETH DE GROFF, AUDREY DE MAR, RICHARD DE SANTI, MARIA DEVALON, JOAN DIXON, EMILIE DONAHUE, DOUG DONDANVILLE, D. DUVAS, PETE ECKHARDT, JACK . ,, Q' . V- A N ix I 4' fi EKDOM, BETTIE ELLISON, RACHAEL K ERIOKSON, HARRIET A I EVANS, YVONNE V EVERITT, DON , , I Q fl Rx X 'A I ' ,, , " I A., ' Q Q EVERIU BILL I .,,. L - FARRAR, GORDON N gm' ,A af S Q 'R' FARRAR, VIRGINIA A ,531 FAZENDA, FELIX - ' 1- I FERGUSON, CHARLES , I S I I Sm L Bm . I ,.,.., . V I N5 FERRIS, FRANK I ,R I , A Q I Q. , A 1, ,, I I . Y, 2-'L FERRY, BARBARA 'FA ' h y FINLEY, MEREDEE , ,,,, I fp ' FOLTZ, PATTE 555 V.,, , I , FOX. CLAIRE A 5, :., fpf - thl ,"' f x Q -L A if '76 -' -wx BI 'N 5 S Agn. Q ,L 2- - Tk 'aI ,IS is 1 4.5! ! , Y an 7- ,5 K ff ' ' x A I A, 5,4 ,L A u N ?2, 'rn . , 1, A A V 'SVI A A A 1 I I . 51 Ii 3-5-21" A 3' -mi s' 5' -Vu 3 .- ' . I , NX lf f ' X I + 1 W , dh .5 T.: L V. V. 7 ,. I Www , , M., 5 ar 'H 1 X f EV 0- L3 I' a f: T54 , ,LA ' fr , 'A as 1 1 I w I Lip A A, , 'f A B I I M A, 'ff 1 f .ffl K, , , ff' f A I f 5 A I ' ' A, 2 I I A A3 A V 4 I ' "-.1 I f ' I . I I 5- A' ,-A Q 752 , I 5, I 1' 1' ' A ' f y P'?"Qf A ff ,M f ,mf 4, , , If ,Q Dfw I . , ,Z I ,, , 7, .QA ,A A W ff 1 3 uw I Z A FOX, JEANNE FRANDSEN, HARRY FREEBORN, BOB FRENCH, EUGENE FROST, JACK GAIR, BERYL GARDNER, BOB GARNER, JUNE GARST, HAZEL GEORGE, JACK GILBERT, JOHN GINTER, PATRICIA GIRON, ANITA GLASSCO, BARBARA GLASS, ALLENE GOMOND, FRANCES GOODE, STANLEY GORDON, MARTIN GOUGH, SUE GREGORY, JIM GRIFFIN, BILL GRIFFIN, CARLETON HACKETT, BARBARA HAGER, ART HAIR, LONETA HALL, CHANNING HALLBERG, CHARLES HAMPTON, EVELYN HANCOCK, JOHN HANNA, FRANK HANSCOM, MARCELYN HARBERT, SUE HARPER, TED HATCH, BERNADINE HAUER, JEAN HAUERT, AMY LOIS HAWKES, VICTORIA HEISLER, ANNE HENDERSON, BETTIE HILL, KENNETH Spring Round-11,2 Nerd vf Summer '42 HILLIER, MERLE HINDS, DICK HOBSON, THEODORE HOCUM, PATRICIA HODGE, ANNETTE HORN, DOROTHY HORN, MARY HOWE, RUTH HUBNER, NANCY HUGENOTT, JOLEEN HUGHES, RICHARD HUNTER, BERNIECE HYDE, AMY INDERLAND, JACK INGRAM, JOY JANCAR, JOHN JEFFERY, ROBERTA JENSEN, RUTH JEPSON, MARY JOHNSEN, MILAN JOHNSON, GILBERT JOHNSTON, ROSEMARY JUHL, ARTHUR KEARNS, KATHARINE KEEBLE, VIRGINIA X gg sf' kk ,FQ , . . N, I I IX I Q Sw E A I , ,X I X I D X . , .,.. . , . Q I I ix I ww x I , N x N 5- wg. QM X I I I I . I I I I In 1, 5-, Q 5-Y X i 3 X X x rf x Q x Q x -,X , Q ' f A V X g : V , S. S by I b 5,61 N A 1 ,Ax. " A ff" . - I " . - 'I A- f ' , ' , 1 GQ . .Q ,. .. ' 'f'NC,.,: " X - A W MC , 0, A: ' 5 . sg i. . if X 3 E 5 , .X A . N V ,,... , NK, iq, E , o K ' Q I 11 , , '- . A A ZN , fg- fi jg' , ' 5 ' Tai M' liikie .- sift ' v 6 -,W-4,-,I -. Wg, I. 4 swf xi ,.,,.,, SN ,x l 21412-3. ' ,Q N . -J uf ' ' 2 1:2 . K ' K 1 fi . X X ., , , .L my -xx uw 4, any . Nw 42 I.. R I wp. . : X- N if MM' 'I A ,r' 'Xu LXR WSW L 1 rv 5 S 'MA V f KELL, FLORENCE KELLY, MIKE KELLY, sEvERINE KEMP, ROBERTA KEMPP, vIvIAN KENDALL, BOB KENDALL, VIRGINIA KENNY, CALVIN KIMBALL, HOWARD KIMBROUGH, D. KING, MARILYN KISS, EDNA KLESS, JENNIE KNOX, JACK KOVER, SYLVIA ,Md la Vvw wff.','ff' "ity f , " ' ,, ,' , 2 , f M g " ,yi "" A " Y 4' I, , , 3 , KRESLIE, ARNOLD lf, 14' '1 f - 1' U NE W gg, , Q. ' ,l KRONEBERGER, JA 4 V f -H , 'YA if KYLE, LEONORA O' ' A, W 4 if I LAvARs, GEORGE , , LAW, JOYCE , A I-4 'N I :I 'C-I 1' I V Y, Q LAWRENCE, INEZ 'I' 7 io ,f 'I ,, ,D , LE COMPTE, O. H. , 'ggi , 'tx LITCH, DEAN , f , f LESLIE, GEORGE ,ff LE vAN, JACK f I Lili. 7 'X f f Z , ,-, ff, I A- 'QR Wd 1 -A 4 'I LINDBERG, FLOYVILLA LITCH, RUSSELL LONERGAN, JOE LONG, MARILYN LONG, RALPH LOVIK, DOUGLAS I LOWERY, ELEANOR LUCAS, RICHARD LIJEBKEMAN, DONALD LYNCH, JIM LYNN, BILL MCCARTNEY, AMELIA MCCAULLEY, CONNIE MCCLELLAN, MOLLIE MCCUNE, BARBARA Z! ,XM ff McGEE, LOIS McKEEVER, STANLEY MCMANUS, BERNICE MEWILLIAMS, EVELYN MAASS, MARYLYN MacGREGOR, CHARLEEN MAIBEN, MARGARET MAKOSKY, BOB MANG, MARILYN MARR, MARILYN MARTIN, VEOLA MASSINGILL, JULANNE MATHEWS, ALBERT MAYO, WILMA MENEIN, BARBARA MENKEN, JEAN MILLS, MARY MINGS, RACILE MORIARTY, MARY MUNINGER, IRENE MURILLO, PETRA NACCO, ALLEN NEBO. JIM NEIGER, BETTY NELSON, PATRICIA NESBITT, LYLA NEWELL, GLORIA NEWTON, ROBERT NICHOLS, RICHARD NICHOLSON, MARY NOBLE, HELEN NOLL, ROBERT O'CONNOR, MARY OLSON, GEORGE OLSON, PHYLLIS OLSON, WILFRED ORDWAY, STAN PASLEY, WILLIAM PASSAGE, JOYCE PATTERSON, DORIS A I f, 4 f , f t V I: 'y'7"!, H f ,f I V ,f TW f M I A I I ks ,MQ 7 qs' ,, QT I, VL ' .,5'-'D I 'Q W' , Q 'f?:,"' , I If 'I'7i,2'I I Wu.. ,IRQ .gf-we 4, If QR 4, X 7 N" , ,, s . . I gf I XM, df H - L ' I, IQ" , X , Mi- I ag ii , f Qs, , IW ar -fx . W-'Q V f , f f QJAAYQI . ., . I . ,,,, K "S,, Q Q , 4 if Q1 I I X A fL! ,,!, rl , f ' A Ba IfI, I . V i?z:, f f, I ff .3 gf X Q15 gr -"re-, -44' 2 IW. I J . V C, , ,. 9 W- 155 fm, f f fm' .. A 4 ,f VI 5 ff' 2 V, Lg, 344 3 Gs X If f Iwdifni 4 x A M ,W I. fn fx ,I I I L. I 5' IL ,f W 'E Y. fi ' a .,,.,. -74" fI f 4 1 Q 'Y av 23? I , .1 f' 'I ' S' R4 L .L . I Sn- A , 3 .. HT' .gi fs X I ,, b ,va ,N :I I f ' xx B n I' lf .N I .,,. , U ,... , ' g lf M 6. 'I .P 'S-IB if? I ' ' 5 X . A ' I 1 , R, -' L. I 'r ,ES '15 v I mag ,s'1f,g....,. , , E, , 2 ,, -mf 5 xg! S X N' " SYN ' Q X , I rg X 'I ar' .II . A I ie li 2 HL -I if v - , '5- YQ G. . g J - ,Sf ' Hi -E' X X! ffm- 1 ' 2 ' 0 I 'I MI. I'vfA.LL,,,, - 13' . 4 ' TR - ' ' - - 5. x-.15 E S - I I , 'Y I ff 1 'e,v,2.h,z3 -4 1 if 4 4 1 ii Vk.,4 vc- , f 1' A I, 5.1 " A i ",'T.7' f ' f 14' , , "Q, , K' ' 4-' f 19- V 1 7 , Ia K. if .f 3+ E' 4. AIT .Ziff , L V, L. n I 6 X T f ut., J , ,Q fr f Q' X lm.. , . E4 'N ' 'Q 1 1' 6- , , ,, AJ, yy ,, 5 K. Q41 L , , ff fo ff . 'in' 4 'Q Z' M az, , ,ff FATTERSON, GEORGE PAUL, THEODORE PEBLEY, HARLAN PETERS, BETH PETRI, WANDA PETROVICH, AGNES PETTIS, MILDRED PETTIT, JIM PETTUS, BARBARA PHILLIPS, MARILYN PONTRELLI, SAMMY PORTER, JANICE POSTLE, NOVA POWERS, VIRGINIA PRIOR, FLORENCE OUINTIN, ROBERT RACHO, JOAN RANTS, JIM RATHBUN, RALPH RAUH, BETYLEE REDLIN, MARY LOU REED, RAE JEAN REYNOSA, HELEN RICE, ROBERT S. ROBINS, BILL ROBERTS, DON ROLFE, ROBERT RUEGEN, ANNETTE SAMPLE, BETTY SAUCERMAN, FRANCES SCHILL, DARLENE SCHLERF, JOHN SCHUREMAN, BARBARA SEAMAN, MARGARET SHJARBACK, PATRICIA SHOREY, BILL SINCLAIR, VERLA SIPES, EDITH SLEEPER, BETTY SMITH, HENRI ETTA Spring Round- 11,2 Herd vf Summer '42 SMITH, KATHERINE SMITH, OLIVER SMITH, RUTH SMITH, VARDEAN SNEED, JOHN STANFORD, WAYNE STEVENS, MARGERET STEVENS, WALTER STEWART, COLLEEN STILLWAGON, SHIRLEY STOCKING, HARRIETT STRAIN, ALAN STUART, BARBARA SUTTON, KATHLEEN TAG-UE, NANCY ROSE TENNYSON, ALFRED TERRELL, CAROL THOMAS, PHIL THOMAS, RAYMOND THOMPSON, BEVERLY THOMPSON, DARLENE THORNTON, GRACIA THREADGOLD, JOYCE TROTH, BETTY TRUITT, FRANCES 1 in ,, I 2, 'I me 'L 4' W ' X4 f f I ' i ii , I he RA - -, . 'lf I , , , I 'I A f I S I I i I f J J 'Q , I"' 3 N W A 5 N gl x f I Q f f ' -Q, I aw , , ,., - ji A. If - gg' ' W- I fs. , X IRI X I 5 , .,.- L ' , i A V Q ,iv 1 .I-sky "'-A A QZLFKQ .a 'J 6- ' 'S 6- f -1 ,J f 2 I L W L ' af' f ,lv ' 115 - . - . 13-,, '-fi. , , ,H .1 I , 4. Y - , , ' .f 5. :f -1-A -- x -,: 2 , Q- ., E f F 3 X , 41- . ' ' 5471" , 'vga 'T -, 'IF 'A 3 I 3 fs ' Z ,JY in -4- I G' I " fn Lf' F Q-xt , Vex, Yi I Fx. L -t V , 1 w If I lhmgg '2 aa -f A Us L :I M ' ar EG E- Q0 I 1 Q V WJ? QED, 47 TRUITT, LUCILLE VAN ANDA, ROLLAND VAN BROCKLIN, ORISSA VAN HEUKELON, BETTY VAN NAY, JUANITA WLAKER, DON WALLACE, KATHERINE WALLICK, NANCY WALLING, LEONARD WALTON, BOB WANNAMAKER, HARVEY WARMACK, BRYAN WASHBURN, JOHN WEEKS BETTY WELLS, DOROTHY MAE WELSH. PAT , I if s I " Q, 1-B wesrseae- ROBERT of WHEELER, BILL WHITELEY. REBA WHITNEY. HERBERT WICHSER, NORMA WILLIAMS. JACK WILLIAMS, MIRIAM WILLIAMS, STAN WILSON, BETTY J. WINKLER, LORRAINE B, WOLFE CAROLYN WOLFORD, GRACE WOLLESEN, DORIS WOODBURY, BOB WRIGHT, RANDOLPH WYCHE, GEORGE YOUNG. BOBBY P. 14ctivitieA, S. CIMA '42 PATSY ALEXANDER --Secrelarial, Secrelarial Club. STANLEY ALLAN-General, Senior Glee Club, Senior Play, Wrilers' Guild, Spring Feslival, Easl Barnei Grammar School, Norlh London, England. REINET-TE ALLEN--College Prep., Treas. Campus Club, Spanish Club, Junior Prom Comrniilee, Arl Club, Minor A, Senior Tri-Y, 3If2 year Graduale. JEAN ALMVIG-General, Vice-Pres. Spanish Club, Ari Club, Commercial Club, Senior Play. BETTY ALVEY-College Prep., Treas. T. Club, Spanish Club, Scholarship Sociely. JACK AMELUXEN-College Prep., Junior Exchange, Foolball, Baseball, Scoul Club. CHARLES ANDERSON-College Prep., Band, Senio Orcheslra. BETTY ARMSTRONG--College Prep., Library Club, German Club, Sigma Tri-Y. LOUISE ASHE-College Prep., Science Club, Spanish Club, Senior Tri Y, Secl. Senior Class. HELEN BACON-General. Treas. Las Sonadoras, Span- ish Club, Masquers, Senior Play, Aeonia Tri Y. DORIS BADE-College Prep., Senior Play, Lighl and Shadow, Las Sonadoras, Scholarship Socieiy, Science Club, Tennis Club. MILDRED BAME-College Prep., Campus Club, Ouill and Scroll, Adverlising Manage-r ol Moor, Wrilers' Guild, Tennis Club, French Club. MARY BARNES-General, Ramona Convenl. BETTY BASKETTE-College Prep., Scholarship Sociely, Chemislry Team, Science Club, Lalin Club, Lilo Member C. S. F., Library Club, 3If2 year gradualei. SYBIL BASTEAR-College Prep., Campus Club Scholar- ship Sociery, Pres. G. A. A., Pres. Tennis Club, Science Club, Spanish Club. EILEEN BAUGHMAN-College Prep., Commissioner General, Varsiry Debale, Pres. Campus Club, Algia, Secl, Scholarship Sociely, Secl. Wrilers' Guild. DOROTHY BEAL-Secrelarial, Senior Play, Senior Glee Club, Spanish Club, Gamma Chi Tri Y, 3If2 year Graduale. PHYLLIS BEEBE-General, Alpha Mu Tri Y, lola Chi, Senior Play, Junior Prom Commillee, Sporls Club. NORMA BELDEN-General. BETTY LEE BELKNAP-General. Senior Play, Pep Squad, Library Club, Camera Club, Junior Glee Club, Gamma Chi Tri Y. BETTY BENNETT-General. Lalin Club, Class Presidenl, Tri-Y, Senior Play, Ari Club, 3If2 year Graduale. PATRICIA BERNT--College Prep., Campus Club, Span- ish Club. AUDREY BERRY--General Course, G. A. A., Minor A. French Club. EMMA LOU BERRY-Business, Jr. Prom, Sporls Club, Senior Play. JEAN BEESE--College Preep., Pequenilas, Annual Ari Slall, Adv. Mgr. ol Senior Play, Spanish Club Arl Club, Life Member C. F. S. JACK BIRKINSHAW-General, Moor Slall, Quill 8: Scroll, Camera Club. JACKIE BLACK-College Prep., Arr Club, Las Sona- doras, Lighl 81 Shadow, Senior Play, Senior Tri-Y Girls' League, RUTH BLAIR-General, Arl Club. HELEN BLANKENBAKER-College Prep., Campus Club, Pres. Commercial Club, Scholarship Sociely, Spanish Club, Thela Tri-Y. NATALIE BOAL-College Prep., Campus Club, Lalin Club, G. A. A., Annual Salesman, Prom Commillee. ANITA BOND-College Prep., Library Club, Spanish Club. PATRICIA BORDA-College Prep., Spanish Club, ANNABELLE BORDEN-College Prep., Lalin Club. Science Club, Thela TrifY. FRANCES BORNHAUSER-General. BILL BOWLER-College Prep., Bee Baslcelball, Bee Club, Lalin Club. Moor Slall. GILBERT BRACEfGeneral. RITA MARIE BRADLEY-College Prep., Senior Play, Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas. Chess Club, Woodrow Wil- son High, RUTH BRADY-Secrelarial, Spanish Club, Cornrnercia Club, Secrelarial Club, Senior Play. RAY BROCKUS-Business, Bee Foorball, Bee Traclf I Spanish Club, Treas. B-IO Class, W'43 Swearer Com- millee, 3If2 Year Graduale. . JUNE BROOKS-General, Redondo Union High School, Senior Play, Berendo Jr. High School. PRISCILLA BROOKS-College Prep.. A-I2 Represenla- live Girls' League, Senior Play, French Club, Spanish Club, Sec. Masquers Club. LORRAINE BROWN-General, Girls' League, Annual Ari Slall, Ari Club, Pequenilas. RUTH BROWN4ColIege Prep., Lalin Club, Manual Training High School, Colorado, RAY BUCHANAN-Scholarship, Spanish Club, Paso Robles Union High. MITCHELL BUCKALEW-General, Senior Play, Poly High, Texas. BARBARA BURGESS-College Prep., Las Sonadoras, Aeonia Tri-Y, Science Club. Spanish, Library. MARIANNE BURLEAUD-General, Senior Play. San Diego Herberr Hoover H. S. BETTY BUTLER-General, Arl Club, Franklin H. S. JANE BUTLERfGeneraI, Vice-pres, Las Sonadores. Scholarship Sociely, Science Club, Annual Slallf, Jr. Prom. Comm., Girls League. PHYLLIS BUZZARD-Secrelarial, Thera Tri-Y. Commer- cial Club, Secrelarial Club. TOMMY ALDEN-General, Varsily Baseball. B Base- ball, Varsiry Club, Manager Varsily Foolball. PATZY CALDERWOOD-College Prep., Gamma Chi Tri-Y, Spanish Club, Girls Tennis Team. JANE CALL-College Prep,, Senior Play, Vice-pres. Masquers, Scholarship Sociely, Lighi and Shadow. Algia, Lalin Club. STEWART CAMPBELL-General, Covina H. S. MARJORIE CARPENTER-aCoIlege Prep.. Las Sonadores Spanish Club. WILLIAM CARTER-College Prep., Hi-Y, Senior Play, Camera Club, Spanish Club. ELEANOR CASE-General, Scholarship Sociery, Las Sonadores, Lighl and Shadow, Senior Play. TOM CASEY-College Prep., Secl. Boys Federalion, Sludenl Slore, Vice-pres., Spanish Club, Treas. Los Alcaldes, B Foolball, Senior Play. CAROL CATTERMOLE-College Prep., Science Club, Scholarship Sociely, Girls Senior Glee Club, SecI.- Treas, Algia, Senior Play, Alpha Tri-Y. JOHN CAULFIELD-General, Spor+s Club. BOB CHAMPION-General, Senior Hi-Y, B Foolball. B Baslcelball, Senior Play, Slage Crew. JEANNIE CHAPMAN-Arl, Ari Club. JIM CHAPMAN-College Prep.. Pres. Arr Club, Span- ish Club, Secl. Senior Hi-Y, Senior Play, Sludenl Courl. DICK CHEW-College Prep., Annual Slall, B Club, B Traclc, C Track, Jr. Exchange, Spanish Club. JACK CHICK-General, Commissioner ol: Forensics, Lighl and Shadow, Masquers, Senior Play. DARMA CLARK-General, Sporls Edilor of Moor, Ouill and Scroll, Spanish Club, Sporls Club, G, A. A. KYLE CLINKSCALES-College Prep., Senior Play. Camera Club, Lighl and Shadow, Masquers, So. Pasadena H. S. NORMAN COBB-College Prep., Varsily Tennis, J. V. Tennis, Varsily Club, Senior Hi-Y, Senior Council, Annual Slall. BARBARA COMFORT-College Prep., Spanish Club, Campus Club, Gamma Chi Tri-Y. PEGGY L. COOK-Secrelarial, Chi-Rho Club. JUANITA COOKE-General, Lighl and Shadow, Hi Hallers, Pres., Tri-Y, Senior Play. FREDRIKA CORUM-College Prep., Gamma Chi Tri-Y, Senior Orcheslra, Spanish Club, 3If2 year Graduale. JACK COSBY-General, Slage Crew. RUTH CRABTREE-Ari, French Club, Sec. Tennis Club, Campus Club, Gamma Chi Tri-Y, Vice-pres. Algia, Minor A. GRANT CRAWFORD-College Prep., Senior Hi-Y, Senior Prom Commillee. CAMILLA MOORHEAD CRITCHLOW-General, Arr Club, Ramona Convenl. 46' h ARTHUR CROPPER-CcIIece Pres. RUSSELL CUDLIRR-Cc'IegTe Rrec.. Lzrqiewcms Cuz Scurbfesrern M. A. JAMES CURRY-Genera' Lire?-ec.--S Ccrrrrerca CMC. S DOROTHY DAMRON-Gereral Masquers Ar+ CuC HT Haders Pres, Seder Pdf, RAT DAUGHERTY-CoIIege Pres. Carrsus Cut French CIuL: T CIuC. ELIZABETH DAVIES-Gerer . AUDREY DEGROFI:-Gerera Rare C'uC Musk CUC. RICHARD DEMAR-CelIege Rreo. Snarlsr CuD Serb HI-Y, C I:z:ICaII E, I5Cc'CaII E Trac! MARIO DESANTI-G-ereral S'5'Je Crew Arr CfuE, JOAN DEVALOIXI-Cdege RreC. Scrcarario SCCYe', Terwre CIuI: VAC-e-Rrez. A:?a Seier Ray G, A. A. Soafsr Cluc 3If2 ,ear Grac:ua'e. EMILLIE DIXON-SeCre'ar'aI Serfr Ray SCcr'S CUC. DOUG DONAHUE-CC ege Prez. Meer SETI Vee- Rres. Ser7:r P611 WrT'ers Glu CCY ard Sire Ariauai Sfag Trees. La"r CSC. DOROTHY DONDAI-IVILLE-Gerera. GEORGE DUTRO-C: ege Rrec. Ssarfr CLC Q. a Urler H. S. PETE ISUVAS-Gerera SCcr'5 Edt' Meer H'-Y Arr CIuC. JACK ECKHAPT-Gerera. MILTON EDGLEY-Gerera. BETTIE EKDOM-G-ereraI Ar' CCC La"r CSC Srgrra Tr'-Y Eeferwy His H, S. RACHAEL ELLISCN-Ge'-era Fe: SC acl Scar, CUC. HARRIET ERICKSGII-C: ege Fren, Lee Mcrae C.C Library Cut Free. Arr C.C Rrercr CuC Seri' Ray Sdeace Cub.. ALAN EUR-Gerera. Rcvca. YVONNE EVANS-Gerera' Mascuers. DON EVEREITT-CcI'ege Rrez. La'r CLC Swear. C Sodefy EuCrT?eI H. S. AVC' O. BILL EVERIT-T-Gerera Mcrer' H. S. Mercrf Urar. GORDON FARRAR-Cdege Prez. Serbr Ray Var- sily Track Les Aeanes La"r CuC Eefs Feoerafcr. VIRGINIA FARRAR-Cciege Rr-es. Sire ar:rTC ScC'e', Spamsr. Cut Sec. LICrar,' Cuz Aura Trl-Y. FELIX RAZENDA-GereraI. GRACE FENNELLY-Cc eg Rr C. S er r Cub Acaderry of Hof Ilarres. PERRY FENTOII-Gerere rs H. S. SC? Wa5V?ngTgr, CHARLIE FERGUSON-Gerere BARBARA FERRY-Cemege Rrez. OJ ard Sera Sparisr CuC Meer Srag Carrera CCC. FRANK FERRIS-Ccege Pres. S- 'Cr H'-f Le"r CWC Lcrgfermffs Sccur CCC Sierce CuC. MEPEDEE FINLEY-Gerera Seri' Ra, Serbr Trlf Icie Cr? Cfub G'rI5 League Xffefere Ccrrnr ee Shalfespeare F-es+IfaI. RATTE FOLTZ-Ccuege Rreo. I:ea'ure EfJ"5r Mez' Senior Rlay Spanisr Czun Ar' Cub Gull: ard Sera CLAIRE FOX-Secrefrarla. Sec. Las Scraocree Licrerf CIUC GIrIs League Serier Ra! Aecria Trl-Y Omega, Rres. JEANNE FOX-Gen-eraI Las Scradcrez L?brary CIuC Senicr Rief, Aegnla Tr?-Y Frerer Cwub Trees. GWIS League. HARRY FRANDSEN-CoIIege Prep. Pres. ard Treas. Senior Hi-Y, B FooIbaII. SerTcr RIay. Treas. Serif Ccurz' L':r' arc S E C .C. ECE FREEEO-RN-Cerege 'reC. La"r C,C C Bae Ce Meregers Cub 5 RCTC 2 C-: CuC. EUGENE FRENCH-Gerera Ser':r JACI-' FROST-C: ege Rrez. L'gr' S Serlcr Ref. EERYL GAIR-Gerera Serfr Ra.. BOE GARDNER-C5 ege Rres, C Ea:fe'Ce Serf' Raw. JUNE GARIXIERACC eqe Rres, Serfcr Gee C.L Ssarfer CCC Aora Tr7Y AC"3"'v3' CvC4 HAZEL GARSTeGerere' Tre'a Tri-Y SeC'e'ar'a CuC. JACK GEORGIf4Cc ege Rrec. Terr! Sefir H'-If Spefgr C..C Screarsrb Size ,. JOHN GILBERT-C: ege R'eC. Seri' Ra.. PATRICIA GIFITER-Cc eye Rrez SCer r C-C ACG Tr'-Y 37 ,ear Gracu AI-lITA G'RONfGerere' Serb' Ra, Cr, Rri Cui. ALYENE GLASS-CC ege R C. Les Mares C-: Ssarfsr Cuz Sefcr Re La'r C,C Scrzarzr Sec'-ey Mcrrcfe H. S. BARBARA GLASSCO-Ceeqe Rrez. EWQ .ear Graz- .ere La"r C.C H'-Ha"-er: Ar' C-C Sz'-er CuC Ser':r Raw. FRANCES GOMMCIIf,fGerer STANLEY GOODE-Gerera MARTIN GGRDOIJ-C: eg F'eC. Rrez. L25 Ate L'gr' arc Sraccf. Vere", C,C E C.C 'fare' F::'I:a E RCe'Ca'. SUE GOUGHYCC ege RreC. Sec, GV2 Leag. Vers", DeCa'e SerTC' Gee C-: Lei Mira? C.C Frerir Cuz Rzrerslc CuC. JIM GREGORY-Coege Free. rres. Scare' C.C Rres. SCa'A5r Cuz A. C. S. Crerr's'r. Tearr Rrez. Arcrerf Cut: WrICere GQG Lfe MerrCer C. S. R BILL GRIFFIN-G-ereraI Ser'cr P.a,. CARLETOIII GRIFFIN-Czfege Prez. M.a': rs Cu: Gerrrar Cuz Sercarsrfc. BARBARA HECKETT-Gerera Ccrrrr rea. C JC Secre'ar?a' Cub. ART HAGER-Cdege Free. E F::'Ca .. V. Eazene Snark' Cac Sevier H'-Y Red-ara: H. S, LOIIETA HAIR-Gerera Ser'Cr Case Rreider' S ,3- erf Dlretfcr Ser7Cr Ce, L':jrT arc Sraozf- Ser"' Tr7-Y. CHAIJNIIJG HALL-Gerera C r':' Ra, CHARLSE HALLEERG-Gerera Ar' C,C Seri' Raw. EVELYIJ HAMPTON-Cerrrre ge BIXZ .ear Grailuare Meer SGI? Cu, arc SU: Mais re Mus':'ar Serbr Re, TrlY. .ICJI-III HAIICOCIffC:'ege Rrec. V':efCre5. Serie'- 5r'C V72eACref, Sterfe Cu: OIL arc Sire' L35 Zwzaoee Meer A5s'S'ar' So5Cr'2 E:1":r S'uoer' FRANK I-IAIJNA-Gerera Ccrrrr'2S':re' C5 Rcrers: Se'fcr Ray Rreefcev CT Ligr' 81 Sreczf. Decare. PAARCELYII I-IANSCOl'vIeG'eVe'aI. SUE HAREERT-Ccrrrrerea Ccrrrrlsemrer of Curgg Treasurer :T GIr,5 Leargue Treasurer C? J,rIgr C555 Treazurer CT Scchcrrzre CIa:2 Las Scradcree Deba e. TED HARPER-CCIIeQe R'eL3. Rr'CICQr,55r,f Edifgf CT Am-uaI Rresldenr QI Scierce Cue Rresldenf gf Carrera Cub Uzrer CIuI3, Senbr Ref, RONALD I'1AxIDT-'CCIISQG Prep. Ar+ Cub Meer cafccnief Carkedr-eI HIQP, 4-' abr 171, 5. I' 'v gilt-Alf. BERNADINE HATCH-Secrelarial, Commissioner of Lireralure, Vice-Pres. BIO-AIO Class, Pres. Jr. Tri-Y, Las Sonadoras, Secrelarial Club, Represenlalive 'ro Girls' Slale, JEAN HAUER-General, Arl Club, Spanish Club. AMY LOIS HAUERT-General, Sr. Glee Club, Sr. Orcheslra, Sporls Club, Pres. Bible Club. VICTORIA HAWKES-College Prep., Science Club. ANNE HEISLER-College Prep., Senior Play, Science Club, French Club, G. A. A., Scholarship Sociely. BETTEJANE HANDERSON-General, Senior Play, Holmesville High, Dorsey High, Soulh Gale High. KENNETH HILL-General, Los Alcaldes, Eagle Scoul. MERLE HILLIER-College Prep., Spanish Club. RICHARD HINDS-General, Senior Council, D Baskel- ball, B Baskelball, C Baskelball. THEODORE HOBSON-College Prep., Pres. Usher Club, French Club, Science Club, Varsily Track, Senior Play. PATRICIA HOCUM-Secrelarial, Secrelarial Club, Commercial Club, Business Slafl ol Annual, Sr. Glee, May Fesliyal. ANNETTE HODGE-College Prep., Senior Play. DOROTHY HORN-Secrelarial, Ari Club, Thela Tri-Y, Commercial Club, Secrelarial Club. MARY HORN-Secrelarial, Mark Keppel High. RUTH HOWE-Secrelarial, Mark Keppel High. lee, Commercial Club, Las Sonadoras, Tri-Y, Girls' League. NANCY HUBNER-General, Pres. Piano Club, Sporls Club, Pep Squad, Spanish Club, 3lf2 year Graduale. MARY JOLEENE HUGENOTT-General, Senior Play, Ouill 81 Schroll, Moor Slall, Girls' League, Arl Club, Tucson Senior High, Tucson, Ariz. RICHARD HUGHES-College Prep., Senior Play, Per- lecl Meril Score. BERNICE HUNTER-College Prep., Las Moras, Annual Slalli, Arl Club, Alpha Tri-Y. AMY HYDE-General, Moor Slall, Girls' League, Span- ish Club. JACK INDRELAND-College Prep., Baskelball, Fairfax High, Los Angeles High. JOY INGRAM-General. JOHN JANCAR-General, Senior Hi-Y, Arl Club, Yell Leader. ROBERTA JEFFEREY-General, Alpha Tri-Y, Vice-Pres. T. Club, Lalin Club, Sporls Club, Senior Play. RUTH JENSEN--College Prep., Pres. Campus Club, Spanish Club, Annual Slali, Hunlinglon Park High School. MARY JEPSON4SecrelariaI, Secrelarial Club, Come mercial Club, Piano. MILAN JOHNSEN-College Prep., Sr. Hi-Y. GILBERT JOHNSON-College Prep., Lalin Club, Sr. Hi-Y, Jr. Varsily Tennis, Varsily Tennis, B Club. ROSEMARY JOHNSTONfGeneral, Commissioner ol: Girls, Secrelary Junior Class Pres. BIO-AIO Class, Las Sonadoras, Sr. Tri-Y. ARTHUR JUHL4CoIlege Prep., German Club, Senior Play. KATHERINE KEARNS-College Prep., G, A. A., Las Sonadoras, Lalin Club. VIRGINIA KEEBLE4General, Scholarship Sociely, Secre- larial Club, G. A. A., Thela Tri-Y, Norman High School, Oklahoma, Salem H. S., Texas. FLORENCE KELL-College Prep., French, Spanish Club, Alpha Tri-Y, Scholarship, Secrelarial Club. MIKE KELLY-College Prep., Senior Play, Pres. Laliri Club, Forensic Club, Longliellows Club, Boys Federa- lion, Lighr 81 Shadow, Sr. Anrhonys Seminary Sanra Barbara. SEVERINE KELLY-College Prep., French Club Alpha Tri-Y, Science Club, Scienlia Club. ROBERTA KEMP-College Prep.. French Club, San Marino Hall School lor Girls. VIVIAN KEMPP-General, Fremonl High School Secre- rarial Club, Commercial Club. BOB KENDALL-Science 8: Malh., Bee Club, Jr. Ex- change, C Baskelball, B Baskelball. VIRGINIA KENDALL-College Prep., Girls' League Las Sonadoras, Moor Srafl, Scholarship Musician Club, Wriler's Guild. CALVIN KENNY-General, Senior Play, Track. HOWARD KIMBALL-College Prep.. French Club. DOROTHY KIMBROUGH-Colege Prep., Girls League Las Sonadoras, Arl Club, Spanish Club, Scholarship Sociely, Science Club. MARILYN KING-Secrelarial, Drum Maioreve Rai, Cornmillee. EDNA KISS-College Prep., Spanish Club Alona Tri-Y Scholarship Sociely. JENNIE KLESS4Business, Secrealrial Club Hi Haners. JACK KNOX4CoIlege Prep., Varsiry Debale Lie Member C. S. F., Pres. Wrilersl Guild, Spanish Club Los Alcaldes, Senior Play. SYLVIA KOVAR-College Prep., Spanish Cluc S'. Gee Club, 3lf7 year Graduare. ARNOLD KRESLIE-Business. JANE KRONEBERGER-College Pres. Pegueni'as Washinglon High School, San Francisco. LEONORA KYLE-College Prep., Science Club Schoi arship Sociely, Senior Play, German Club. GEORGE LAVARS-General, B Foolball B Track. JOYCE LAW-College Prep., French Club Masguers Club, Senior Play, Vice-Pres. Girls Glee Club. G. A. A. INEZ LAWRENCE-Secre larial, Secrecaria Club Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, Pasadena. O. H. LE COM-PTE-College Prep., Larin Club, Senio Play. DEAN LEITCH-College Prep., Sr. Hi-Y, B Club Navy. GEORGE LESLIE-College Prep., Assislanl' Yell Leader Spanish Club, Senior Play, So. Pasadena High School. JACK LE VAN-College Prep., Senior Glee Club. FLAYVILLA LINDBERG4College Prep.. Lalin Club. Alpha Tri-Y. RUSSELL LITCH-College Prep., Sr. Hi-Y, Lalin Club, Spanish Club. JOE LONERGAN-General, Los Alcaldes, Spanish Club. MARILYN LONG4Gene-ral, Maiorelle, Arl Club. RALPH LONG-College Prep., Sr. Hi-Y, Spanish Club Sr. Swealer Commillee. BETTY LOTTMAN-General, Arl Club. DOUGLAS LOVIK-College Prep., Lalin Club, C Baskelball, Varsily, Baskelball, Senior Play, B Baskelball. ELEANOR LOWERY-General, Brc-adcaslers Club 3ls year Graduale. P RICHARD LUCAS-College Prep., Moor Slali, Lalin Club, Ouill 81 Scroll, Scoul Club, Camera Club, Senior Play. VERN LUCE---General. DON LUEBKEMAN-College Prep., Varsily Track, Musi- cians Club, Senior Orcheslra, Band, JIM LYNCH-College Prep., Usher Club, Los Alcaldes, Spanish Club, Forensic, Track. Science Club. I R 'iN 1 BILL LYNN-General, Los Alcaldes, B Foolball, Annual Salesman, Senior Glee Club, Annual Adver- lisemenls. AMELIA McCARTNEY-General, Senior Play, Ari Club, 3If2 year Graduaie. CONNIE LEE McCAULEY-General, Secrelarial Club, Algia, Minor A, G. A. A. MOLLIE McCLELLAN-College Prep., Las Sonadoras, Spanish Club, Senior Council, Senior Luncheon Som- milree, Senior Play. BARBARA ANN MCCUNE-General. LOIS MCGEE-College Prep., G. A. A., Algia, Alpha Tri-Y, French Club. ROY MCGINNIS-General. JACK McGOWAN-General, B. Foolball, C, Foolballi Lalin Club, Sr. Hi-Y, Senior Play. STANLEY MCKEEVER-Draiiing, Longliellows Club. BERNICE McMANUS--General, Commercial Club, Algia, Alpha Tri-Y, G. A. A., Pres. Tennis Club, Senior Play. EVALYN McWILLIAMS-General, Senior Play, Tri-Y. MARYLN MAASS-General, Senior Play. CHARLEEN MacGREGOR-College Prep.. Scholarship Sociely, Sporrs Club, Masquers, Alpha Tri-Y, Senior Play, San Bernardino High School. MARGARET MAIBEN-General. Las Sonadoras, Com- mercial Club, Library Club, Senior Play, Senior Council, Girls' League. ROBERT MAKOSKY-College Prep., Scholarship Socieiy, Spanish Club, Science Club, Senior Play. Camera Club. MARILYN MANG-College Prep.. French Club, Spanish Club, Alpha Tri-Y. MARILYN MARR-College Prep., Senior Tri-Y, Girls' League, Musicians Club, French Club, Arr Club. VEOLA MARTIN-College Prep., Sec. Las Moras, Malce-Up Crew, Sec. Commercial Club, Scribe Secref larial Club, Spanish Club, G. A. A. JULANNE MASSINGIL-General, Sec. Hi Haiiers, Ari Club, Senior Play, Commercial Club. ALBERT MATTHEWS-College Prep., B Foolball. Scoui Club. WILMA MAYO-General, Tri-Y, Broadcaslers. BARBARA MENIEN-General, Spanish Club. JEAN MENKEN-College Prep., Spanish Club, Pequenilas Club. MARY MILLS-College Prep.. Tennis Club, Laiin Club. Scholarship Socieiy, Pres. Library Club, Senior Play. RACILE MINGS-College Prep., Laiin Club. MYRLE MOORE-General. MARY MORIARTY-General, Naiional Forensics League, Sec. Camera Club, San Gabriel Valley Debale League, Ari' Club, Annual Salesman. IRENE MIJNIGER-General, Ari Club, Broadcasrers Club, French Club, Pres. Masquers Club. PETRA MURILLO-General, Spanish Club, Camera Club. ALLEN NACCO-General, Varsily Foolball, Pres. Varsily Club, Jr. Exchange. JIM NEBO-College Prep,, Traclc, Foolball, B Club, Spanish Club. BETTY NEIGER-College Prep., Pres. T Club, Girls League Welfare Chairman, Annual Siafi, Las Sonadoras, Jr. Prom Comrniiree, Arr Club. PAT NELSON-College Prep., Las Sonadoras, Ouill Bi Scroll, Sec. Wrilers' Guild, Senior Play, Girls League, Copy Edilor of Moor. LYLA NESBITT-College Prep., Las Sonadoras, French Club, BIO-AIO Class Secre+ary. ARNOLD NEUBAUER-General, GLORIA NEWELL-General, Ari' Club. ROBERT NEWTON-College Prep., Annual Srail, Wriiers' Guild, Chess Club, Scholarship Sociely. RICHARD NICHOLS-College Prep., Freshman Class Presidenl, Lalin Club, Lighl Bi Shadow, Senior Play, Senior Orchesfra, Jr. Hi-Y, 3lf2 Year Graduale. MARY NICHOLSON-College Prep., Science Club, Scholarship Sociery, French Club. HELEN NOBLE-College Prep,, Vice-Pres, Girls' League. Sec, Spanish Club, Las Sonadoras, Jr, Prom Commilr- lee, Science Club, Sludenl Couri. ROBERT NOLL-Liberal Ari, Ari Club, Siage Crew. Senior Play. MARY O'CONNER-College Prep., Jr. Prom Commii- lee, Sigma TrieY, Scholarship Socieiy, Science Club. GEORGE OLSON-General, Senior Orchesira, Senior Play, School Swing Orcheslra. PHYLLIS OLSON-General, Wilson High School. WILFRED OLSON-College Prep., Commissioner ol Aihlelics, Varsily Baskelball, Sr. Hi-Y, Varsily Club, Senior Play, Usher Culb. STAN ORDWAY-General, Band, C Track, Yell Leader. WILLIAM PASLEY-Drailing, Science Club, Senior Play. JOYCE PASSAGE-College Prep., Spanish Club. Scienlia Club, Broadcaslers Club, Alpha Tri-Y, 3-year Graduale. DORIS PATTERSON-General. Gamma Chi Tri-Y. GEORGE PATTERSON-General. THEODORE PAUL-College Prep., Senior Play. HARLAN PEBLEY-Mechanical Arls. Bee Club, Jr. Exchange, C Baslceiball, B Baslceiball. BETH PETERS-General, Ari Club, French Club, Treas Alpha Tri-Y, Science Club. WANDA PETRI-Secrelarial, Pres, Las Moras, ViceAPres. Secrelarial Club, Commercial Club, Maile-Up Crew, Algia, Minor A. AGNES PETROVICH-General, Ari Club, Pres. Hi Halrers, G. A. A., Tri-Y. MILDRED PETTIS-College Prep., Treas. Spanish Club, Sr, Swealer Commillee, Lighl and Shadow Senior Play, Wriiers' Guild. JIM PETTIS-Engineering Sooris Club. Science Club. BARBARA PETTUS-Secrelarial, Secrelarial Club, Pres. Senior Play. MARILYN PHILLIPS-General, Campus Club, Senior Play. SAMMY PONTRELLI-Science 31 Marh., Varsily Base- ball. Jr. Exchange. JANICE PORTER-College Prep., Alpha Tri-Y Vice- Presideni. NOVA POSTLE-College Prep., Spanish Club, Sigma Tri-Y, Tennis Club, Piano Club, Saddle Club, VIRGINIA HOWARD POWERS-General, Moor Slafli, Lalin Club, Ouill 81 Scroll, Forensic Club, Senior Play. FLORENCE PRIOR-College Prep., French Club, German Club, Science Club, Croilon House, Canada. ROBERT OUINTIN-College Prep., Sr. Hi-Y, Senior Play, Senior Council, Jr. Prom Comrnillee. JOAN RACHO4General, Sr. Play. Jim RANTS-Manual MS, spam .Club. RALPH RATHBUN-Commercial, Commercial Club, Sr, Play, Business Mgr, Annual. BETYLEE RAUH-General, John Marshal High School, French, 'ZZ , , 'Wu M '55 E' MW MARY LOU REDLIN-General, Hi Haliers, Sr. Play Arl Club. RAE JEAN REED--General, Science Club, Los Angeles High. HELEN REYNOSA-Secrelarial, French Club, Secrelarial Club, Pres. French Club. ROBERT RICE-College Prep., Vice-Pres. Sporls Club. Treas. Science, Red Oalc Cily High, Senior Play. BILL ROBBINS-College Prep., Spanish Club, Treas. Lalin Club, Scholarship Sociely, Life Member C. S. F., Annual Slaili, Science Club. ANNETTE RUGEN-College Prep., Laiin Club, Sr. Orchesrra. BETTY SAMPLE-College Prep., Lalin Club, Science Club, Arl Culb, G. A. A., 3If2-year Graduaie. FRANCES SAUCERMAN-General, Las Sonadoras, Tennis Club, G. A. A. DARLENE SCHILL-Secrelarial, Commercial Club, Secrelarial Club, French Club, Senior Play. JOHN SCHLERF-General, B Lellerman, Spanish Club. BARBARA SCHUREMAN-General, Lighi 81 Shadow, Senior Play, Algia, Sr. Glee Club. MARGARET SEAMAN-General, Annual Slaili, Jr. Prom Commillee, Vice-Pres. Arl Club. PATRICIA SHJARBACK-General Course, Hi Hallers, French Club, Commercial Club, Senior Play, Thela Tri-Y, Science Club. BILL SHOREY-General. VERLA SINCLAIR--General Son Leader Sr. Pla , Q , y, Lighlr 84 Shadow, Pres. Masquers Club, Jr. Prom Commiiiee, Broadcasiers Club. EDITH SIPES-Secrelarial, Commercial Club, Camera Club, Annual Salesman, Senior Play, Wilson High, 3If2 year Graduale. BETTY SLEEPER-College Prep., Moor Represenlaiive on Commission, Managing Edilor Moor, Ouill 84 Scroll. Pequenilas, Senior Play, French Club. HENRI ETTA SMITH-Secrelarial, Algia, Alpha Tri-Y, Commercial Club, Secrelarial Club. KATHERINE SMITH-College Prep., French Club, Arl Club, Sr. Glee Club, Pres. Las Sonadoras, Sr. Play. OLIVER SMITH-College Prep., Pres. Musician Club, Hi-Y, Melodious Moors. RUTH SMITH-3If2-Year Graduaie, Thela Tri-Y, Sr. Glee Club, French Club. VARDEAN SMITH-College Prep., 3lf2-Year Graduaie, Copy Edilor of Moor, Pres. Pequenilas, Ouill 81 Scroll, Laiin Club, Wrilers' Guild, Scholarship Sociely. JOHN SNEED--General, Moor Slali, Treas. Lighl 8 Shadow, Sr. Play, Ouill 81 Scroll, Sludenl Courr, Sludenl Srore. WAYNE STANFORD-College Prep., Science Club, Spanish Club. HELEN STASSI-College Prep., Spanish Club, Tennis Club Senior Play 3If2-Year Gracluale. MARGARET STEVENS-General, Arl Club, Sr. Play. WALTER STEVENS-General. COLLEEN STEWART-Secreiarial, Secrelarial Club, Hi Haliers, Vice-Pres. Commercial Club. SHIRLEY STILLWAGON-General, Commercial Club, Piano Club, Sr. Tri-Y, Alpha Tri-Y, Algia. HARRIETT STOCKING-General. KENNETH STOLTZ-General. ALAN SRAIN-Debale, Usher Club, Lalin Club, Forensic Club, Wriiers' Guild, Scholarship Sociely, Senior Play. BARBARA STUART-Collegge Prep., Spanish Club, Sec. Li hr Shadow Las Sonadoras S Pla Si ma Tri-Y. Q - I F- Y- Sl KATHLEEN SUTTON-General, Arl Club. NANCY ROSE TAGUE-General, Glee Club, Sr. Play. AL TENNYSON-College Prep., Las Alcaldes. Jr. Hi'Y, Science Club, Lalin Club, Varsiiy Baseball, Varsily Club. CAROL TERRELL-College Prep., French Club. Las Sonadoras, Piano Club, Musicians, Girls' League, Senior Council. PHIL THOMAS-Collage Prep., Varsily Debale, Forensic Club, Lalin Club, Senior Play, Swealer Commillee. RAYMOND THOMAS-General, B Foolball, Senior I-li-Y, Bee Club. BEVERLY THOMPSON-General, G. A. A., Minor A, Algia, Commercial Club. DON ROBERTS-General, Forensic Club, Lighl' 21 Shadow, Pres. Scoul Club, Senior Play, Na+ional Forensic League. ROBERT ROLFE-College Prep., Spanish Club, Lighf B1 Shadow, Los Alcaldes. DARLENE THOMPSON-General, G. A. A. Minor A Scienria Club, Algia, Spanish Club. GRACIA THORNTON4College Prep., T Club. JOYCE THREADGOLD-General, Sr. Tri-Y, Arr Club. BETTY TROTH-General, Commercial Club. Trees. Secrelarial Club, Business Slalili ol: Annual. FRANCES TRUITT-College Prep., Sr. Play. Lighi' 3: Shadow, Wrilers' Guild, Arl Club, Spanish Club. Sr. Tri-Y. LUCILLE TRUITT-College Prep., Sr. Play, Arl' Club. Lighl Xi Shadow, Wrilers' Guild, Sr. Tri-Y, Spanish Club. ROLLAND VAN ANDA-College Prep.. Los Alcaldes. ORRISSA VAN BROCKLIN-General, Vice-Pres. Algia Minor A, G. A. A., Vice-Pres. Tennis Club, Alpha TrifY. BETTY YOU VAN HEUKELON-Secreiarial, Secrelarial Club, Broadcaslers Club. JUANITA VAN NOY-General, Sr. Play, 3If2-Year Graduale. DON WALKER-College Prep., Forensics Club, Larin Club, C Foolball. KATHERINE WALLACE-General, Moor Slaii, Girls' League, Sr. Tri-Y, Sr. Play, Ouill 81 Scroll. NANCY WALLICH-College Prep.. Songleader, Vice- Pres. Jr. Class, Las Sonadoras, Spanish Club, Campus Club, G. A. A. LEONARD WALLING-General, Sr. Hi-Y, Sporls Club. BOB WALTON-General, Navy. HARVEY WANNAMAKER-College Prep., Pres. Larin Club, Life Member C. S.l F., Usher Club, Science Club, Scoul' Club, Chemislry Club, 3If2'Year Graduale. JOHN WASHBURN-College Prep., Jr. Varsiry Tennis, Varsify Club, Spanish Club, Lalin Club. Annual Ojai Tennis Tournament Sr. Swealer Commiflee. BETTY WEEKS--General, Masquers Club, Sr. Play. DOROTHY MAE WELLS-College Prep., Sr. Glee Club, Moor Siaif, French Club, T Club, Alpha Tri-Y. ROBERT WESTBERG-Arl, Annual Slafl, Sr. Play, Los Alcaldes, Arr Club. BILL WHEELER-College Prep., Varsily Debale, Senior Play, Boys' Federalion, Wriiers' Guild, French Club, Scholarship Sociely. REBA WHITELEY-College Prep., Science Club, Laiin Club. Las Sonadoras. HERBERT WHITNEY-General, Annual Slaff, Commer- cial Club, Camera Club, Moor Slalii. NORMA WICHSER-General, Sr. Glee Club, Sr, Tri-Y, Sr. Play. JACK WILLIAMS-General. MIRIAM WILLIAMS-College Prep., Ari Club. Spanish Club, Wriiers' Guild, Pres. Las Sonadoras. STAN WILLIAMS--Business, Commissioner of Finance Pres. Junior Class, B Baslceiball, Sr. Hi-Y, Treas. Commercial Club. B Club. BETTY WILSON--General, Mark Keppel, Sr. Play, Sporls Club, Lalin Club. LORRAINE WINKLER-General, Arl Club. CAROLYN WOLFE-College Prep., Edilor of Moor, Arl Edilor of Annual, Pres. Ouill Xi Scroll, Vice-Pres. Pequeniras, Sec. Arl Club, Wrilers' Guild. GRACE WOLFORD-General, Commercial Club, Sr. Glee Club, Pequinilas, Business Slaflf oi Annual, Sr. Play, May Feslival. DORIS WOLLESEN-College Prep., Sr. Play, Lighl 84 Shadow, Varsily Debale, Jr. Prom Commillee, Algia, Forensic Club. ROBERT WOODBURY-College Prep., Longiellows Club, Spanish Club. RANDOLPH WRIGHT-College Prep., Ari Club. GEORGE WYCHE-General, Varsiiy Tennis Caplain, Sr. Hi-Y, Varsily Club, Spanish Club, Senior Council. BOBBY YOUNG-Ari, Commissioner oi Boys, Pres. Boys' Federalion Mascol' and Walerboy 'lor Varsily, Pres. Freshman Class, Varsily Club, Sr. Play. Senior Play Sam m er '42 " .... and I say we are Americans." 'flue 14m Zfiddh Way Cowhandsi cowgirlsi 6'U everfone who witnessed one ol ine live oerlormances of "The American lvVai,7: declared if lo be Jrhe mosr successful and remarlable bla! ever oresenled bi, Alhambra l-ligh sruoenrs, Frank l-lanna enchanled his audience wirh his oorlraffal ol Marlin Gunlher, a German immigran+ and Moigel American lalher. Doris Bade gave delighrlul and lalenfed inrercrerarion ol fhe amiable lrma Gunlher, Exceplionally good characlerizarions were given b i,,' Verla Sinclair as lhe headslrong sullraqelre and Blll Wheeler as Jrhe banker. Jack Cnicla was ourslanding in his oorlraffal ol Karl Gunlher. Doris Wollesen wig irigeej line as l-lelen, Karl Gunlhens wile. Karl Jr., lheir son, was oorlraved by Alan Slrain, who lurned in a superior performance. Eleanor Case was excellenlr as Rulh Karl Jrfs girl lriend. Jaclfie Black as Lisa, daughrer ol rhe Gunlhers, and Jaclc lzrosl as Alex l-lewilrlr, Lisa's husband, gave admirable oerlormances as did lhe enrlre suooorl- ing casr of Jrwo hundred. Miss l-lazel Reynolds was lhe lacully direclor, assisleo by l.onela l-lair, class presidenl and srudenl direclor, lvluch of Jrhe success ol lhe presenlralion was made possible bv Jrhe worlc and cooperalion ol Mr. Richard Wilson and lhe orcheslra. The classes ol Jrhe Social Science debarlmenr made up The mob scenes which added life and color lo Jrhe play. The Two-acl' play required lrhe unusual number ol lilileen complele sla e sels, which ll bv lvlrs. Boone and her sfage classes. Q were exce enlfly Creafd 50 Lonefa Hair, Miss Reynolds, John Sneed "The Boys Come Home." "On 'the Old Fron'r Porch Fried chicken, ora+ory, sclnool board awards, make up a glorious Fourllul Marlin Gunllwer pleads for +l1e American way. Bill Tschanz Treasurer DoroThy Bu Dick BurTon Roman robes Nadine Fisher LaTin group Advisor A , I xg. 0-X1 Pep Pearson- PresidenT Q X Mr. Miller- X .Wy 1 A 8 TLS- Dicli Pearson- Vice-PresidenT Jean Anne Wafers- SecreTary Herd of Win ter '43 Lilce pioneers ThaT hoarded all Their sTrengTh Tor The Tinal dash across The deserT, The Class oT W'43 bided Their Time awaiTing Their chance To show The school iusT whaT They could do as mighTy A-I2's. Led by Their Senior Council OT seven, and advised by Mr. Miller, Pep Pearson was chosen president Dick Pearson, vice-presidenT, Jean Ann WaTTers, secreTary, and Bill Tschanz, Treasurer. Since They had purchased Their class jewelry in The A-I I, The TirsT Thing ThaT came To Their aTTenTion was The purchase oi sweaTers. Copper brown was chosen, and aTTer careiully hoarded nickels and dimes were senT away, The new shade sTarTled The world in May. The one hundred TiTTy members oT The l-lerd oT W'43 were guesTs aT The Junior Prom on June 6. Many oT The girls served as hosTesses and waiTresses aT The S'-42 lun- cheon. A social Touch was added To The doings oT The council by Their meeTing aT one anoTher's homes, Thus combining business and pleasure. Arnold, Lawrence Barrett. Jack , ' 12 , ' I I Ayers. Mabel Beaty. Albert .K " 'X Babbitt. Eunice Becker. Hubert A A -ix Q f , Bagley. Bettye Beeby. Joyce X- .V f 2' 4 f Bemiller. Ted S "Lf, uf , X - A L 1 j 3 - ll 1 412 Boone. Bob Browning. G. ' .P ' 'Bourne. Natalie Bunt. Betty ,fi , - J' Bowerman. B. Burton, Dick 'L fi Q ' 5 , Bowers. Gene Bushey. Dorothy - f i. ,, Caldwell. Marian 7 , ,'.,, ' . , l E ' il G5 . .fu W4 Carnot. Jerry Conn. Ralph Q Casper. Betty Conner. Virginia ,G ' .. ' "' ' . f ,- - Cayot. Dean Cook. Vera f Q V5 ' , ', Collins. Robert Cooper. Galen ' 35", ' ' 1, .I i Cowie. Rod Ki- .N fx,x. 'N ,:fQf"-X, fl. , f. - ELL. Len.. if - - - a iiflli2l..pi:liw Crawford. Dale Dickensheet. D. 9 :.- 9 , - Cypert. Bette Dickey. Ruth , ' af .1 - . , Dalen. Lawrence Downs. Lois g N: fy Day. John Edgerton. Lynn t- . f - A ' ,, TQ N Elder. Margaret ' ' ' ,, .5-r 'fre' , V ,1- -. . .kix , 1 Q Y Ferraro. Tony Fletcher. John 4 1, I Fetten. Betty Fowlie. Benny 'l"f q"'." 5 if Fields. Bill Freeborn. Bob 1' ,V Fischer, Nadine Gardner. Frank W , ' f , Gillies. Dave t1"i fi ' Gilmore. Lois Gray. Howard ', Glaviano. Charles Grensted. Tom Q " 7 ' 5, L' Goebels. G. Grosso. Jim ' ' 1' "' Goodknight. Bob Hager. Charlotte I if , L Halfacre. Suzanne fy' s , X Hansen. A. Hunt. Bill 6 if t, 5. Q, Heath, Jack Jensen. Mavis wi ' ' xi-,i Heidrlch. Richard Johnsen. Jack , I 9,9 Heuston. Craig Johnson. Virginia 5' ,J-X -x. 351-ggj Johnson. Walter - LL Johnston, V. King. Dorothy S 'svn nal V-. Karp. Bill Kirby. Regina 1, Qhe' tc, f'-.L Keene. Bill Kirkpatrick. J. . tg- 5, ' Keith, Fred Kishi. Roy ' l Kitabjian. James I '- fs Kniss. Robert Lineback. Bob I :. Q Lantz. Betty London. Ruth vu L9 -fg- Lathrop, Bob Lynch. June A Lee. Gilbert L h Lowery. Helen ,XV 13 - nc Jean ' -' 1 . N y l V ' , 2.33 KK McDonald, H. Marchbank. B. Q 5 . ., McKenzie. Glen Miller. Helen S 4 ,. . :- McKinney, M. Miller. Zan Z' ' . -M I 6 Merveilley. D. Mitchell. Bonnie xi 1 . A t F . Y Moore. Lillian ' ,V A g if ' I I feL,i.2o.. i. is ,, 'N . Morgan, Earle Pearson, Pep 4 Q as A gal ..-Z . Mudnicn. K. Pearson. Dick -, " iff .4 'e ' 1 big Nelson, Walt Perry, Don L 3' - bi FC, , Pace. Bill Peters. Betty 1 ' . ' X A ,X hm Petre. Roy A ' "x f i. S- I X Pneipi, glildred geisnig Rose i , z . ' 1 ' X - - C121 Powel, arey 9yI'lO s. Bill yi Q 49. l 53' 1 40' .Q ' Preston, Zelda Richardson, M, g i f it 1 fx T, 'V iw Prichard, K. Robinson, Ted Nligfxi , ii, X , , A A PV N Shaw, Walter ' t , ' i i P A X . K '. Simington, W. Snell. Lois SR ' L" 4. pf.. ,P Simpson, Elaine Solomon, M, 5 .TQ 'iw 'Xa' 15, , Sims, Margaret Speer, Pat We if ,,i I " X -R E Smith, G. Sperry, Donald ' N '- gwrfiii, rdllwlhl , X , 4 f,. ,l"fjkLA ,Q Spicher, Wesley In N E595 do if- 'Ml1iiimml'iIi',l'5L1 . I- i Q A , , .N t , , Q Stalker, Dotty Todd, Walter we xl X' l -A h, Q Y' ,ag ,M Q ' ' I, " Strong, Jerry Toland, Wayne ff ' i J , L, I Sugarman, M. Tompkins, B. T new . X, 1 .WN . I l I Tirtlot, Eugene Torkelson, Don Q, .5 A A ij I I I--' ,N Y' ff! Tschanz, Bill ilnj are ?i fha i at,.te tfwwwa FKLM T A I .5 - M Vick, Claudine Watters, Jean , :fp I ,MJ Q if 41 ' 1 Vinton, Warren Wells. Charliece 1 ,.-iw X wr N G-I "3 ' 3: 'av Wall Ted Welte Robert -, ii, x E e af -V '- Q auf- Q L' , I I 7 bggi, 4 G X-'ea RS? ' "' Watkins, Jane Westbrook, E. '- Q X X K NGN I is Wetzel. Elaine wweei so xb'l ' i -i Q5 Xi Aw? Whitney, George Wood. Margaret 2 ,ji , , ,,.4, my 1 f ,CRF ,. QQ ,vm E Wilkins, Leroy Wormald, Betty i b f , 5 I5-9 -' 'E' . Williams, Robert Wyant, Norma 'V ' It i I M ' "' I Wisman, Elwood Younger. Betty , ,F - N X - i Younger, Betty BARTH, DON FRANZ, NANCY MYERS. HENRY BRECHT, INGEBORG BURWELL, DAVID CARTER, WILLIANI CHALLONER, BILL COFFEY, GEORGE CULVER, MARY DENNIS, DICK GETTLER, DONALD HOLMES, DON HOON, BETTY HUNTER, MARJORIE LITTLE, DAVID IVIANNING, RICHARD MAYNARD, J. B. wk! Ov ,I 'Q so , 4 v-uk , gy, 3 igfli kr is Y., f , , 1 fQ5e , if ix NEWBERRY, RACHEL NIETO, MARY PARKS, PEGGY PRICE, JACK RITTER, SELMA RUBALCABA, CHARLES 5 f r n .iI .X l Herd Of Summer '43 I N Ml" ,fi S if r 4 J, F, Wemp, Adviser Lenna Vee England, Caroline Tague, Pres. Vice-Presiden+ Rae Pruqh, Pal Ericlrson, Secre+ary Treasurer Lilre serrlers plcodrc alzrc " 'Ver co-ferec wagcrs wirr riweir effee sei or some cifsramr goal, rlrie Class cr 943 moved Qu7e'lV, alcfg 'ffcag' "ef Ei6'!6'4" .eat Guided by +lie'r cer'al acfser Ccacr lfeffz "e Clase cf 943 erase Cafolire Taque as cresidemr Lemma Vee ngland as vice-oresioenf Pa, Fluor as E-2C'e'6', BMJ 55' EFCYSCF ei 'reasuren Following +h5 Qugich' rem, EE"f:Cl-E"EC a' Alrarrcra Har Scrccl We S'-43 Qwclwasecl +l1eir senior jewelry fn Jrl1eir AI l year. The qrearesr acrwievemef' waz 'rie zaccezzfi cfesea'a'ce ir cccserarbr with rhe Class of W'44 of rlwe Junior Prom held June 6. The Lrefre :Hosea waz an ascrccriafe me-"Tros?cal Nigl'i+." Much credil' for llie successful dance mugr be given +9 we Claes ccfr,rfiTr'ee: am oar-Ce corrwmirrees. X U Q9 wWi'l"Q sfilzlll 'I flfpln' ' E . f H-B 7 1 v A, .AJ . , A 4? .- 2 , a, . 5. .' . 5 ' ' ii . ' fi ' ' V tj V V 351114, ggi? i XM ' i"W'1 47 f fzii f ' g ff - f ' ,k isisy, 4' . V-E' ' V4-, ,7 ,fl .1 i Z,-if 4 I2 'INV' "N V. . N I W ' K if mi M " l ' a ' ' " 1 -fffei.: 1 I V-Q ' f V , ' 1 My if A Q. l , - ' 65 . 3 4 hai 15:5 its as A ' Y' ,. A i i , . f an C I 2 3: .1 ' K 1 5 ts V! lik ' im "R . 3 X 'H' N QI bln Q: rf r -- . , ' Y... f 7' 471' V , , , as V 6 ae, ia , 4 Q ,f ff' L. f' Q u 7.753274 'ff "1 a . 'f X- 5 F f F ' A ' ii' V! rw " " 'V K ,f " , ' ' is f jjf fe f, A 1 J e - . 1-. E - ,dj rs? A . . ,, . 1 'AA ff f f , , ,Q ,VD ., VV t ,-QQ if ff-, a , A Q M3 f Q . ,, loaf., Y 5 Q f 1: 1 - ' - " h 4, 'K A N A up in 'U' S' , fu W ' A stiff? NS ine' ae Wi'-,J is wg.. 9 va: 1 '- T ,gg 'gg'-L' v tl.. .X ii fi 'WZ' QQ" '. ' ., W Kg? v ',, la: 6-?'. is ,K X - 1 . . N .lr f' To 1 xi AX' Lf-.-.s:si.iiJ , la V f , V - , , " , 3, iv Xi' ,435 ,, 1 , 1 , , 1 v - v if it u .G Q Q A , 1,-5, , , if t. ,K ,SC ei M .i it . at . bil Y' D Abbott, Frank Aldrich, Betty L. Anderson, Betty Anderson, Ray Anderson, Scott Andrews, John Anning, Robert Arroyo, Lucy Aschenbrenner, John Aultrnan, Merna Avery, Bob Bachman, L. Balian, Marseille Beck, Beckman, LaRue B ennett, Clyde Blessing, Gloria Brown. Bulka, Elaine Bunch, Bill Bruner, Doret Burkhart, Mary Bares, Barbara Barnt, Virginia Bartruff. Tom Beard. Darline Alford Boe. Gloria Bonner. Mariana Brown. Bill Brown. Irene Louise Burns, Margaret Butler. Bob Byrnes, Gloria Caldwell, Jim Call. Richard Cardos. C. Carter, Theron Chaffee. Glenn Clinkscales. V. Coleman. Colvin, Melba Coniglio, Don Cook. Berkeley Cooper, Bettv Coull. Coulter. Janet Coyle, Jack Cropper, Marvin Curran, Estelle DeLacy, John Cochran. June Cock. Tom Cogswell. Don Coleman. James Joy Cooper, Marian Cooper. J. Cooper. Jim Cornelius. Robert Harry Danskin. Pat Davies. Don Davis. Howard Davis. Lois DeBolt. Virginia Douglas. Jean Douglas. M. Dillman, Max Dodd. Joyce Donaldson. Bud Dreiser. Betty Dutton. Daniel Dye. Virginia Dykes. Betty Edgley, Lorraine Edwards, Arley Eich. Jim Erwin. Etnyre, Robert Fallon. M. Fernandez. E. Fisher, Marion Elk. Dick England. Lenna Epperson. E. Erikson, Pat Annie Laurie Fitzgerald. Helen Floren. Gene Foley. Wanda Rrench. Russell Gallagher. Pat Gardei, Irma Garrett, Dorothy G'eason, Mavdel George. Gordon Gnagy, Gomez, Martha Gordon. Donald Gorrill. Ernest Goto. Arthur Gervais. C. Gessner, Renee Gibson. Bobby Glavin. Shirley Richard Gough. Bill Graham, Eileen Graves. Dick Greene. Margaret Greenlee. Carol Gribayedoff. R. Griffith. Ted Haas, John Hackett, Warren Halverson. Robt. Hamm, Dak Harmon. Jim Hassenplug. D. Hayward. Sheila Heffner, Fern Hershey, Melvin Hills. Marjorie Hinckley, C'aire Hodapp, Pat Hofschroer. C. Holderman. P. Holderman, R. Holt, Bob Hood. Dorothy Hope. Eileen Hope. lnez Hunter. Harvey Jones. Jordan, Shirlee Jung. Darrell Juninger. Shirley Kanaga. Bill King. King. June Kingston. Conrad Klingele. Beverly Knox. Frances lngalls. Hugh Jamison. B. Jane. Sybil Jones. Bill Doug Kelly. Jean Kenny. Charlotte Kimball. Jean Kindrick. Arthur Janet Koenig. Pierre Koepf. Monte Kortright. B. Leavitt. Donna Lightner. Suzanne Lochard. Keith Logan. Patricia Lovik. Ralph Luce. Elinor Lynch. Torn McAlister. Jean McCarthy, Pat McCausland. B. McClellan. John McCord. Winnona McCue. Robert McGill. Jay Mclhany. W. Marsh Martin. Helen Martin. Helen L. Meehan. Helen Metten. Sherri Macias. Dick Maedel. Don Maggiora. E. Mailman. B. all. Chuck Miller. Patty Milligan. Mabel Millin. Jack Moore. Charlotte Moore. Edgar Moran. Mary Morden, Charles Morgan. Richard Moultrup. Jim Mount. Wayne Moyer. Ronald Mulick. Bob Neill. Bob Nelson. Jim Nichols. Bud Hickelson. Carl O'Brien. Betty Ocheltree. M. Oertel. Ku rt Oliphant. Wilma Osborne. Adrienne Noble. Bill Notterman, Doris O'Sullivan. B. Palmini. Bob Parker. Mary Passage. Joyce Patterson. F. Payne. Francine Pelsue. Garvin Pettersen. Anna Peterson. Miles Petre. Helen PiQQ. Thomas Plank. Virginia Pohl, Beverly Powell. James Prichard. E. Prugh. Rae Quintrell, Clara Radcliffe. June Reaney. Jean Redding. Norman Reeder, Bernice Reeves. Doris Rice. Richards, B. Rogers, Dale Rogers. Torn Rose, Betsy Ryer, Saks. Sheldon Schlerf. June Schrader. Wm, Reid. Gordon Reilly, Patsy Reithner. Don Rhodes. Robert Marion Roush. Buddy Ruiz. Betty Lou Russell, Mary Ryan. Mary Anne Joan Schwartz. D. Schwitzer, Alice Scott. Norman Seals. Mary Ella Seymour, Beverly Schumacher. F. Shomaker. Earle Shupe. Bill Slater. lrving Slernmon. Jim Smith Smiley. Peggy Smith. Bob L. Smith. Bob B. Smith, Calvin . Carole L Us ,Y , av JN QQ. 'rf' 321 f " ls A - . .Qf a lg' 1. 5 5 ,J i 8? ' ' A ' lf F 1' . 5.5 , E "7" , 5,4 W, :ati 2 f , 1 fe gg 6 0 9 : 1- A 4 . K i , 5 4? A 4, .' aa' - 3 1 .H Eg 1' . Q . 5,-J, . I Q A Q 1 -'. ' Q 6 A at ' I Q X .eh O C x, W Q' 5 ' " R , Q ' s..ze mx se 1 L K fs' M ' Y - ' . ,K '1' f-' J . 1 'i' 5 ' f ' ' 'bfi . V' V Vfxyyfg e ,s .6 Mg A i, ' 5 - ,J ,. il- . at A ' ' 1 i kl,Q'x , . l - sf J - xt F t L J 1 A i , i 1 Q X a . . 4 . U HWPL iii -if A L J 1 TA1 R f A! f l W -bv 'r ri -N - fi he P ,s. as vi' If as .. Q., , A Q 9 1 U ,' L J 1. A ' Q 5 s L L, is e ' il ' h K ' I Q 'N ills V , sf 2- 6 Vi., :C , . My 1 F sh A! , i t L-A 14. F Q - . - 1- -I 4, L T af 6 I K - ' V lf,,, A if 'il " uf. '."f J 2 i t ' 5 fr A it . A--t 74 ,Y H LY I r ,, ,, - i ' ' 4 1- cl 1-,abc , , 3 9 l vBmiw El .-.. ' rf .E sv I , I if . Y F it 1 ,rr W A W V 1 Q, . I g hx . . 1 A B Fe 61 E. I , t I R - v . Smith, Glenn Somers, Ric!-lar, f v ' Q., ' . 'i' , ' Smith, Merrill Somerville, 5, H 1 - ' - Smith, Neal Spradlin, L, y .Q A' ,,,, Snyder, Don Sprague, Bill I I ETF, if! lj hi' X I Q Stanley, Mercedese ,B C Stephens, Joan Stroschein, Bill is ' i ll"' Stevens, L. Sturgeon, M, I W' - I Stewart, Chas. Sutliff, Vern 'I ' ,., I I 4 I Stewart, David Swafford, Don ' X WX Q, j Q I :ily Sweetland, Betty I 'S at 4 "- Tague, Carolynne Thomas, Caroly i n , 'g ' 'g ,N ' F E 9 Talley, Aurora Thompson, M. V5 A S, 4 , I Taylor. Barbara Thompson. Sara ,Y . , ' NIIIKAQ' Teague, Winston Tiffany, Bert - ' X hi. 1 il L Timmons, Jane ,N 1 -ft RE ov :fl be Uhler, Richard Veit. Richard S Q. 1. l Van Anda, M. Wadley. Marion ,,,. -I A I Q L ,I Van Daniker, J. Walden, Betty ' k, ff-SCM A A ,IX I ,L ,, van Lohn, Wm. Wallace. Mildret .. - 1- I gg g , ' f, 1 - in Wann, Florence , - "f 'LW ff' ' "Y, Weber, Winifred Welser, George - ., , .- " ' ' -' if Weldon, Marge Wheeler, Barbar ,A , ,S ., h j Wells, Dorothy Whipple, -G. .xv ,, . .,,51."- ,gpm Wells. Floe A White, Dick I. N.. ..., - gg .1 1 . A Wleland' Roy AQ' L T ' 5 I: I s. , , , Q3 E g , - - ,, Williams, Betty Wit. Angela ' . , Q - ' E - ' Williams, Helen Wolf. 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PHIL KROELL, TWYLA KUHLE. STANLEY LaBOUFF, TOM LARSON, STEPHEN LYNCH, ED MCBRIDE, BETTY MCGINNIS. ELOISE IVIacDONALD, ARTHUR MEICKINNON, DOUGLAS MaCLENNON, GEORGE MARTIN, WILLIAM MERRILL, DOROTHY MOREAU. WARREN MULLIN, BETTE NASH, ZAYNE PARTRIDGE. FRED. JR. PETERSEN. VINCINT QUINN, CHUCK QUINN. JIM RAMIREZ, VIRGINIA RAPELJE, WARREN RAPP, DOROTHY ROE. SHIRLEY ROLLER, ILENE SILVA, HENRY SMITH, BETTY SMYTHE. MICKIE SOTO, TONY SPEED. HESTER TLASEK, WILBUR VOORHIS. ALLEN WARE. TRIXIE WINTERS. WALTER VVOOD, CHESTER 1 Jum Mnweeler res n+ Harrue+ Hodge Jean Whde Jean Swar+z if Lf if QNJ ' f gfv f eve rvwfwg 10 mzv areao GPO rr f- ,- n. H ,. .Je- J mi- e,e 1: 5 +ve Umor J ,U I a n 9 e I , 'V 'K .I O f Q I ,I f nl Q! .A X I X it if Anderson, Alida Apodaca, Y. Aspinwall, Bill Avila, Henry Bailey, Lois Batchelder, Rom. Bayer, Pati Bettisworth. M, ' Blackstock. Barbara Bobo, Lon Bonds. Adelle Bowlan. Ruth Boyington. H. Brown. Luster. Marion Bruno. Joseph Butkovich, Mary Carr. Gerry Brandon. Bob Brazelton. Katie Britton, Bill Brooks. Isabelle Joyce Catland. Alfred Chick. Doris Collins, Conner. arbara Cook. Lola Cook. Virginia Cope. Barbara Cross. Bob Crump, Marjory Dalen, Raymond Dawson. Fred Deleisseguess, J. Diedericksen. S. Disbrow. Audrey Dobson. Emery Dowden. Tom Dunwoody. W. Duvas, Mary Fawver. Fields. Jack Fisher, Nancy, Edrington. Betty Ellis. Don Ellison. La Verne Eminger, Jane Gerald Frederick. Dick Fritz. Erma Mae Fitzgerald. Jim Gallagher. C. Franceschi. D. Gingrich. Don Gould. Richard 'N- bn! aham, M. Gross, John Hahn, Maxine Haley. Keith Haley. Sam Haltom, Paul Halverson. Don Hatchman. M. Heckman. Katherine Heisler, Blaine Hodge, Harriet Hoffman. Harry Holland. Dan Hunt. Pat Ingram. Bill Jannoch. Alex Just. Hella Kemper. Virginia Kennedy, B. Kiss. Eugene Kesler. Josephine Knowles. C. Kidwell. Bruce Kirby. Kathleen Knox. Don Kohn. John Konzelman, J. Krause. Raymond Krause, Warren Kristovich. Ruth Kubly, Bobbyann Lindber Bruneau. Audrey McCabe. Virginia McCoy. Barbara McCutchen. G. Lamoreaux. J. Lane. Kenneth Leigh. Shirley Lemon. Dick g, Harold Mclntyre, Georg Maher, Ed Malone. E. Maxfield. Billy Meadows, Jack Mertes, Bill Miller, Opal Miner, Elizabeth Mires. Lorella Morgan, Moriarty. J. Navarro. A. Nelsen. Lucille Nerison, Jim Ogg. Olson. Bill Osborne. Shirley Padarl. Joanne Parker. June Potter. Powers, Glen Putman. Bob Quesinberry, D. Reed. Raymond Mires. Ruth Mittelstadt. Karl Monahan. Betty Moore, Maxine Vetta Newell. Lois Nicolas. Bill Nielsen. Betty Oberlies. Bob Zach Parker. Linda Pettus. Jo Anne Peterson, Burke Phillips. Lorene Glenore Rios. Abel Romberger, A. Sanborn. Helen Scholfield. Allen 11,0 ll1c71u' j A fs -e ., , , "A . 1? . V A +- A' Q ff . 3 1.5 l lr- kt . may 5 K . r v . E W . te Y s l 4.1 X.. W , K K 6 . .X A x D Q ... I .SQ - LY in , .XJ ' . We "' A - li ij .JW -3... .- ... .., if fi.: A ' A We K ' "3 X I V -. -. . 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I bkv e l - x K K Q5 X' Ek X M.-i -sf . . t f-L. - 1, ' ' N. s if A A rl J . rf I lx V K SX 'A xx is . l . A gp t. 4. ' x... X li yifwmwm I , , X" A fe X. ' AQXI3 ,.. I . X .r , ' x ins R. 'gee K ' ' X A. .. -g , A b T.. t.. i 1 as i M '-iii. or i . X X s Qi " 5-11g3"A"'.3'a:'.'5-.1 A 'fy 3 i M 6 L.. U v L ...--,,.- ' f A .. .... Ls. W-.. .. ' A X f-ysf i if 5 ...i . A sf' Q ,X . 1 A . yt H -5. H. fl:-sw - - ... .,......,,....... ik. . ki . isis 5' , rf B an es- Y -5 A X . S if X g . .t Ski-eff 9 5' si N A A it its Q J, . est s .V - A S X F "' A 'eq Xi KNOB be ...--..... 1 i ' ,.... at . se .l t r f - 5' F ts.. ,J ' 1 ist., . ...S ZL J ei . A sz Q fr- Q 355 Qs sse' !,1.- " I . .Q , ky! g X, ' .. -9 ' ij . X EQ .NW A in . A xi .... . Q be "f ' T2 ' 'Q "FJ X ff is ' .1 Ni br ef' A lf :A ix . x A X X s E X Q f Q . s W . ,X t . x N x Q 5- K .W - i l .. A 'N Seymore, Herbert rfbl-W' .ff 'WIA Aff-QB Q . I si V. Sharp. Betty f A ' v - Sheldon. Allan ' it 5 Shepphird. G. 3 ' X A , I Shinmoto. Mary A' 'h " " , 52353. "'X. M2?TI'1fz'! -. J X 5 I I 0 A I , , 1 " Supp. George ' I B 2: T ' 5 Swartz. Jeanne ' i , ' " Tassop. Nick - x 'W Tennyson. M. fx I iam fx 'I " ,1, 4!i Valenti I L' A - . , -. y'.':41. L Y-lit '-J 1 Q , - Yi gif!! ' A , ', Van Brooklin. A. .' 1 - . git: Van Mourik. F. A X Vertrees. L. 1. A v U' S ' ' V6 ' Ward. Don . , 'X' - Y 'B '- 'fl 2. f HE-vEi -n f i. f -: I ' vvheeier. Jam 'f e ' I,-' -- T? white. Jeanne I- ', P 4 " , white. Riley ' . Whitham. Balf X " .T -" T Zivelon B ll WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR ALCORN. PATRICIA ALDERON. MANLY APODACS. JUSTO APODACA. LOUIS ARCIERO. ALICE BEAVER. PAUL BESUZZI. JAMES BOLAS. NORMAN BROWN. MARYBELLE BUTLER. GEORGE CALLOWAY. BETTY COWAN. BILL CRISTLER. MARJORIE DAVIS. JACK EVANS. WADE FEENAN. JOHN GOTTLEIB. MILTON GREENFIELD. HOWARD HALL. NIABEL HAM. DICK HASTINGS. RUSSELL ISAACASON. MARSHALL KELLEY. ELWYN KING. JIM LARGE. ROBERT LEIGH. ELINOR MCDOWELL. JUNE MCMANUS. LORRAINE MARSHALL. JOHN NEBO. BOB PARKS. JACK PRUHS. BETTY SCHEMEL. GEORGE SCHMIDT. VVILMA SPENCER. BONNIE STEWART. DAN SUNDQUIST. LORRAINE VERDUZO. ALEX WOODS. THEL Shuey. Ben Simpson. M. Sta eland. Ar -sYEifiLf5aeHer?'i5TL Sullivan, Gertrude Thompson. S. Tily, Torn Tinley. Gloria T le LI :I y r.. cy no. Ozzie Warren. Olive Watson. Donald Weicl-cert. Paul Welch. Jean Well. Barbara Willson. Don Wilson. Dewayne Wood. Virginia Wright. Darwin ghi. Josephine J ' ' lv ix jlfal C 'IJ' W 1. in Q. ff TIM 1. . K C .1 - W gd: M 'I . I' fvf . i I ,Q M , C-.A . L 4 l ' IA M 11. I f Q I I I 1 Q IM , I A I ' we IQ I A J' I I -' JPIHRRIVFB' NIHG w'Xt -, A' ' Q ' ' 1, 'I .1 ,A gf I X A . I 1 F I . . if ' J' f Q ' ' . l'fIr-.QI f. if Qu VL A If 47,1 . L , ,W .CA asa. ui af X, ' sur , ' . 4 I r if A A fX JI . 4 ,Dj I .. ' I nl RY X63 J nmruof AI ig Sf QPQ .. I 7 - RI I ' 4. 5 IP-120.5 Rumen fa j J df lffP7 0 -501' C , ' . ra' flprfngi .12 X.. -Tl ,A , Y N , Bourvcso PNA - QRNGW SL, Y 'J"1M Y . I . ?fWf.af2.1 . at A Wiz, r WW Stamp your grand Here ,- R I f Q5 lv' - ' l ILLUSTRATION Qs JEAN BESSE X 1- I , i?ff,g'k.f' Q 5' ., A ' , I "F, K . , - ., M af. - , W . N Y ' f k 5 .,,, Q, If-A K V j ,X , 1 , . L "-" M A . if .11 1 5 W ', - 131 V, N , A , , W , ' qi N '. I ' 4 N , A t X , n ,U , , - , ' " ' ' s ' , X V, ,. W: fb V V 'gn O , ' K , lf 4.7 ' , Q . ,qu .., 1 ' - ,, ,K h Hn. ,X I, Ji: hi , PV' 1' syn" , fini 4! -1 J 1 X1 f 1 A I A 1 1i"'i'1A- . , -f , fr ', - ' ' ,, - A H h ' ' ' A I i M Q ' Q 1 . , w ' J . .fy ' N , RQ I, lk Q Z rl xx: K- 2 , , 4. A I K-v 1 . J I ' t V X . K . , 4 . ., , r ' Q , ' fffftQS'.' A A 1 . , . 1 2.43 , , I f. .X I 1'-2, wi' .1 L. 1 M wx. 3 ,wlklxw 5. 4, , , 1. , ,Ju V .HL 1' .' .- xr .Ji-. J 1 . x..! . jf' A5 an vi ' 5 , 5 , A lg. F.: , . A P . ,., . 1 ,A , ,. .X 4- 34 1. -wil' X OOTT 4 e Q L.N. . .K QMS...-an "A 4. ,7,,.f6, f,,, T l W f, ,. ,g I ,4i'v'w.,f'M s N X ,, ., 1 4 A X 1 , as ' " 'f 'xg T ,M My - 1 nv' . 3- MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR MODERN YOUTH ..... X 'CZ K1-and Miguel-A Q :ig Q The bowl Takes on lusfer. Cn The able shoulders oT The fNrT deparTmenT, headed by lvlrs. Marie SmiTh, Tall many oT The resoonsibiliTieS OT The Ranch. Some oT These are l4eeping The cases Tilled wiTh Timely and inTeresTing exhibiTs, making pesTers Tor school evenTs, arranging Tlowers Tor Mr. l4onold's and Scharer's oTTices, and rnaling seTs Tor ranch oroducTions. This year The f5xrT deparTrnenT in collaboraTion wiTh The ciTy n1erchanTs, planned To oresen+ a Fashbn and GITT Show, December 9, I94I. The day preceding The presenTaTion, The evenT was cancelled as an air-raid pre- cauTion. The show would have been a crediT boTh To The school and To The ciT5. M91 Alhambra received The addiTional honor This year oT being one oT TourTeen schools To exhibiT aT The Scripps College annual high school exhibiT. STudenTs were also ouTsTanding in naTional con1peTiTion. 2 -NF XX 4. . t I we QQ X jg nf . :X X.. X X: .six iw- x .s N cx Mrs. M. Smith Mrs. R. Boone Mrs. L. Cavanaugh Mrs. L. Grube Miss I MCL-eqn Dept. Head ' ' GS 141-t C1116 3 -, 'X .' , T"5 Lf: C l."E4 'J'?2 5: f- fl! ,.L,-. -, ',, 1 r - , 4 ' He- - 1 e',' ' 5"-:'f-- L,, green' ,- fe ra: Ccfe NJC, -3 3 ee. - if- 1 ,-,L A, A , ' ' " 3 "H ' ' 1 4 1 7. ' :" f- --L .1g,,, fc. f 1--f .- .- . , , A - T - -ul . 1 :Z ,:r: 3 3' L ' f '- 1,5 ,, A 1 4 -4 . - J -fL -f f-.Ln-, I In ,'- - J- - - - ftnl, C, ,f 1: : 7 "',Ei" QI ,1, Q , ,v ,- fi A 'f N fi , Lf 1 4, Fla sf 4- ROW I, left to right: Turnbull, Nlayfleld, Bassler. Jones, Vlek. Munlnger. Fenr. Taylor. Plxley. NlcNlllIan. ROW Il: Bennett .j1. APT CLUB Hlllerby YPVESJ, Shomaker. Petersen. Kenny. Wann. Slappey. Tague, Davls. Mrs. Grube fAdviserl. Flow lll: Westberg Edwards, Ronzoni, Horn, Sharp. Moore. Bruns. Lawrence, Heldrlch, Ekdorrl. FIOW IV: Bristol. Kllment. Brooks M. Brooks I ROGVIQUCZ, HBYISEY1, Erickson lPres.l ROW l. left to right: Jensen, Butler, Reed, Morgan, COOlKEf,N1lll5.:Y. Franelsenle. Gradlrls.l-levdrlck.Glln1ore. ROW ll: Gross Cooper, Black, Katee, Westberg, Berry, Van Nof, Carter, Ward, Glllette. Parkes. ROW lll: Stevens, Bernlller, Belt. Rogers Mme" Hallbefg, Edgerton, Damron. Newell. Sutton. 69 PM we ' 1 ke f P i x-e-1 X ,wx ., : ww X ai. 1255Qfg2v.XlxQ1j QQ -M .X X A .. xx "-we xx x .X PoH'er and clay endure- "Pain+ and play-The American Way 70 -.,, Mr. G. H. Butts Dept, Head KaAineAA Hand The business hands, undef +he oi George M. Butls, have fomhered th siuclenls who wish to become seo keepers, or salesmeh. Mfss Pc lo R the young secretaries, ano each s secretaries ro each oepaftmerr of worlc for the teachers. Ea: hoa, LV' direction. a bulletin is rraoe 42' 'he Mr. T. J. Beal orgaffzeo lhis year. Membership was o had 'ren Commercial credits for the school was the :poo dinner. The proceeds were Alhambra meri in service. tfr F i 6 rf.:-. V.. ' 15 ,-,.-,.L rw -f .4.-.f gs. 1 New Mr. T. J. Beal reotioa of M r. Miss M. Graham e edooasioa oi retaries, ooolf- CCI sucer-fses emesser sends ou school to der Miss Cofs Followfrg da remercial Cleo o aqore who aoofhg service a clue cor LC? era armals to Miss F. R. Cox Mr. R. D. Millican Miss W. Little Mrs. L. B. Gothard Mr, R. K. Potter Miss N. C. Wade C? 1 COMMERCIAL CLUB -5. ROW I, left to right: Hatch, Horn, Flores fpres.J, Martin fSec.J. Williams rTreas.J, Hay CPres.J, Graham, Rath- bun. Becker, Brady. ROW II: Durst, Buzzard, Hackett, Troth, Stewart, Petri, McManus. Blankenbaker iPres.J. Schill, Kempp, Curry. ROW III: Maiben, Howe, Sipes, Wood, Wolford, Hocum. Hager. McKinney, Sweetland, Ritter. smith. T1 NO LOITEDIN6 "EB, 5,9 SY Q 'A U.. I ff' no- ' STUDENT STORE ROW I, left to right: Wenner, Pearson, Butler. Schumacher. Casey. Dalen. Potter tadvisert, Wiliiams BANK ROW I, left to right: Schill, Martin, Koo, Petri, Hocum, Potter, Vvlllmms, l.nwrer1ce. McKinney. Hager. Becker. Rathbun. Student Store and Kanlz Between Classes ot the ranctto ttme business ptafie on the Cameos is the Student Store. The nerds ot students stampede ttteir way to the Candy counter and :tass stippties. The store is ably handled by ing student nfwanader, Lawrence Dalen. T I Due norttw ot the store is ttte bank under the direction ot Mr. R. tx. Potter and Stan WilliamSi Commissioner' ot Finance, and Charlotte Hager, Assistant Contnwissioner ot Finance. All money tronw student activities is ttandled tttrouqtt this de' pertinent. A-.., on-' rw' .. as ff . of gk all ., LP T' wx We ' .1 by '52 26 " " f - . 1. -ii .L "4 M . Ev "4 ' A ,I W as V g cv V" 7 -as Q ' F' 'Qs ,v W C' '? T ROW I. left to right: Pettus. Pres. Zncs Sern.: Genes: Barrow V. Pres.: Czx. Adviser: Cooper. Pres.: Lenmer. Treas.: Poland Scribe: Wristen. Sec.: Wilkins. POW li: Jesszn. Horn. Buzzerd. Johnston. Fox. Perri. V. Pres.. Marmn. Hatch. Smith, Trotn Treas. ROW III: Schm. Keir. Alexander. D xzn. Stewart. Hitum. Garst. Van Huexelcn. Brady. ROW IV: Kempp. Bougnan Keebie. McCauIIey. Reynosa. Lawrence. Ha:-rett. Secretarial C1116 fe ee:'e'e'e fx 'zer' 2 A " re -' 22:1 f-'3 "e freeze" if-:ree I,-,-,-L, - - .5-0,11-if LY,-. :g,,g-L le- L- -ff-:-Lf 'ff 1-:Z :J air 3' -5 1:-'jg-1:4 ing v-.,.,- ., J,, -. . - -e ,- n ',. , .,,-'- -,-' ' ' f-- ,.f,:f-if -fff. :.f"- ' :"'f"f'-fn' Lt' :Af-at efrdV:CE.. - - - H r- .,.-- ., .,, .J - .:...,'-. .f.-,,,. ra' Fufure secrefaries learn wlfh modern equipment -0 l'J 2' ml , f 3 "w-R '. ' u fir 2 . ff Aw, W, ,,,. is 'Wahl T T ,ian From The PasT inTo The FuTure .... Word Wranglemf The Old WesTerners, who OTTen could nOT read or wriTe, suTTered Trorn a Oauci+, OT l'TefaTufe, ano Their only Tales and songs were whaT They Themselves invenTed. Such a condiTiOn can never OverTaTe The WesT OT Todav because OT our greaT educaTiOnal svsTem, and, in This insTance, The work cT A. T-l. Sf progressive and indusTriOus English deparTrnenT. Their Task is To show TO modern j,OuTh The l7Terarj,' heriTage nOT only OT The WesT, buT OT The enTire English-speaking world OT Our Own and pasT Tirnes. Under The leadership OT Miss lvlargareif J. E. Brown The deparTrnenT conducTed, besides iTs regular duTies, The TOrmulaTing OT a new course OT sTudv Tor iuniorevear sTudenTs, The sending OT Miss Nellie Mae Lombard TO a naTiOnal cOnvenTion in ATlanTa, and OTher acTiviTies which made The year inTeresTing and prOTiTable. The deparTn'ienT also sponsors a liTerarv page in The Alhambra POST AdvOcaTe each sen'iesTer, and The sTudenT anThOlOgy, The Silver Pen. A .- I ff v .ss -T 3 ik A F4 r.i:Vs FIRST ROW: Miss M. F. E. Brown, Dept. Head. Mrs. NI. J. D t h M- ' bard. Miss W. O. Lord. Mrs. E. O Luttrell SEOOND Row- OuT2erMcA'i2'anE Hgnnigy' Mm N' M' Lom Smith. F. R. Spellicy, Miss K. Stnickland. and Miss T. C. STronTber:ge1'. ' ' ' aulfrey' Miss A' M' l . QLJILL ci SCROLL ROW I. left to right: Bame. Hampton. Powers, Wallace. Wolfe, l-lugenott. Ferry. ROW ll: Donahue. Petri. Sneed. Blrkinshaw. Hancock. Maher. Sleeper. Smlth, L ucas. Luttrell ladvisorl. Writer-A guild The XNV"'46'E! QQ: 'S zrgafzec L: C'C"CLE CWEEQVE stdenl wrf+'rg, Irs Qrealesl wed: was llwe eo7"'g :5 The Silver Pen. 5 5-,cena 5" 3 jg.. We C-Z"""-"EE l-Wir 355 c'a'e3 ccrncfseo MES lxfar- gare+ J. E. Er:.'.f' 'f'f3. '.'i'g5'e' D,':nef Vrqna Keroall Jack Knc- ana R:Oer+ Newfon. WRITERS GUILD ROW I. left to right: Dutcher ri-dvlsern. Ml:-es +R.l. Baughman. Snlltn. Petrus. Nelson. Nlfres ll..l. ROW Il: Hendryx sry. Knox lGuildrnasterl. Wheeler llst l-lencnmanl, Allan. Newton lfkpprenrlce Masterl. Gaugh. 'C' 41 7 -n 75 G reg- F r -- 4 LITERARY STAFF ' ""' . ROW I. left to right: Milli H unter. ROW II: Tang, Neiger. Seaman, Ng -N Chew, Donahue. , R. FKATH BRU N Business Editor T. HARPER Photography Editor C. WOLFE Art Editor ,anmz Staff B. HATCH Editor Southern Calitornia, with its traditions ot haciendas, round-ups, and tiestas, has contributed the Hranctii' theme to the i942 Alhambran. Cowboys, dogies, and cayuses remind the Alhambra student body that this is still the West-the great wide workground and playground. Joshua trees, cactus, tall mountains and rolling valleys are the backgrounds. We bring you old traditions in a modern world. Whatever changes, these remain- ihey somehow symbolize the Alhambra spirit. V At the beginning ot the semester, Mr. Charles Eetts was chosen to be chairman ot teachers' committee, Gfifl much ot the work has tallen into his hands. The actual work ot making yearbook has been in the hands ot a capable student statt, under the direction Ol Bernadine t-latch, Commissioner ot Literature. The art statt, under the direction ot Mrs. Ruth Boone, headed bt' Carolyn Wolte, should be given credit tor the excellent layout. Mr. Charles Betts, Ted l-larper, and the ambitiouS photography statt spent hours in the darkroom developing pictures and blending many tine montages. Mr. Theo. dore Beal. 55 5lW5Y5r was the Capable lUUSiV1G3S adviser. helping Ralph Rathbun, the business mana er. Mant thanks are due Mr. Fred Spellicy tor his correcting copy and advising the literary statt. Q 76 1 gan. Jensen, Butler, Hgqc 1 115:21 -:af EQSINESS STAFF ART STAFF nel. Fiatnsun. '3":tr. Derwrw s. Jensen. E-ea. Adx... :Z:.-. 'z ef: t: fgfvt: B':n-.n. G'een1e-3 f":CL:""', W:-' . we ROW 'l: B::ne Adxn. Besse. Westburg SHOTOGPADV-mf STAFF Le't wt: Ke t'. Cafzt. Sf" tw Eetzs It-cx., . G wes. Hatch, Hafpef. Pu-.e' f f , X f ,4 'fi f' 3, if f ga H 'gg' I ,i 4, -E :L Q 'V r - P 5 I x -I gf N ew? XfAyQ , , . X ,K , f Rf . ,A ,R .- f Q XX x L5 'nrllkfr A' HQ 3. 52" W K Y ,am X gg., Rulh Bauer Moor Staff Mrs. Elizabelh Lullrell Carolyn Wolfe ?irAt Semu ter Frorn lhe rnomenl lhe lirsl rough drall was drawn on lhe dumnwx sheel Mondax unlil lhe llral "30" was branded on a polished edilion ready lor publicalion Wednesdax, lhe Moor Slall, lead bg Edilor Rulh Bauer, could be lound rushing around herding logelher malerial lor Fridays paper. Rulh, and Mrs. Elizabelh Lullrell, who loolc over Miss Pelleler's iob ol adviser in Seplember, were ably assisled by Belly Sleeper, managing edilory Virginia Kendall, news edilor' Carolyn Mfolle, copy edilory and Pele Duyas, slraw boss ol lhe sporls deparlnnenl. Second Siemu ter Carolyn VJolle slepped inlo Rulh Bauer's shoes and wilh lhe aid ol a highly ellicienl slall, upheld Rulh's high slandards ol publicalion. Carol n's 'cowhands' in lhe second sernesler were Vir inia Powers Y Q - news edilor, and Vardean Srnilh and John hlandcocl, copy edilors. ll 1 Pele Duvas was loreman ol lhe sporls corral, assisled by Doug 2:5 Donahue. L 1 Ill f Mrs. Lullrell was back lor her second semesler as adviser. Because ol war dillicullies lhe subscriplion price was advanced len cenls, and lhe paper appeared on Tuesday lhroughoul lhe second I ' JG xfg- iefa eernesler , H 8 TS I C7 1""' - '4 ROW I. left to right: Duvas. Hampton. Kendall. Wolfe. Powers. ROW II: Hancock. Mayer, Wallace. Lucas. Petra. Clark. Hyde. Donahue. and deadline an hour away "5 6 . fxfg 'Vx 9-60 ls- .X - N ROW I, left to right: Prugh. Tompkins. Downs. Whitaker, Van Lohn. Cerini. Livingston. Hayward. Maggoria. England, Un- bedacht. ROW II: Wilcox, Fitzgerald. Jewett. Glavin, Douglas. Edwards, Overton. John. Wallen. White. Shackles. Evans. ROW Ill: Speece, Wasson, Brown, Edrington. Cook. Cornelius, Pearson R.. Pearson A.. Wannarnaker. Wilcox. ROW IV: Bar- rett, Cornelius, Knox, Wheeler, Haltom. Baird. Kitabjian. Bertoglio, Anderson. Sclcolamliip Society ?irAt Semuter Second Semuter "Their aim is lrue, lheir goal high." The Scholar, During lhe second senwesler all aclivilies were Shilo Socie-ly, The lulure leaders ol lhe counlry, is headed bl l9"95ld9fWl. Harvex Wanamakerp vice- . fi N 'NA ' Q ' n ll' comPOsed oi more sludenls lhan any olher clulo in preddefll- -'sho Hemccl, -ecrelarl, Eileen Baug HI Hgh School nnanj and lreasurer, Vardean Snwiih. e I . . . . E.-hg il Lol. A l' 'hldlfl Under lhe direclion oi Miss Kalhleen Slriclcland, M Xemex er 3 reqmml Lomven lon IS e l A I Sonlhern Calilornia, lhe second semes'rer's lseinq lhe adviserq Allan Slrain, presidenl: John l-lancoclc, llelkl al lille Ckwmplon Junior College. Alhambra vice-presidenlq Eileen Bauqhnnan, secrelary, and all-ended wlllq Ollle, Schools rep,-esenlecl from Alice Wellman, Jrreasurer: lhe group held ils ban- SOUlh9i'n Calilornia. duels, conlerences, and hall-holiday. A banquel was held wilh Marl Keppel on Mall During lhe semesler Virginia Lee Voqg, Edwin Sevemklli and llle llillrlwllddy WGS held al lhe beach Wellirlh, Lovina Roloson, Violel Kaulinnan, Riilh Virginia Kendall' Jean Bessel Bill Robblnsl Harvel B',AI' Wll ,V"'C5l dW'1 - acer ice e man irginia oe Z. an ini Vyammalell Jim Greqoml and Jack Knm were lred Brown received Liie Memberships. mgde Llle. Members' R0 51 on x23 fl., " , .A NJ s- T' , x., 75,- v i 4 N... Q .4 - .4 4 hiv 47's W .4 1 9 'V SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY TOP-ROW I. letf to right: Adams. Stilley. Thorpe, Richardson. Nlires. Nlires. l-lalfacre. Fetten. Richardson. Padan. ROW ll: Keeble, Nicholggn, Biankenbaker, Miner, Ci-lick, Van rvlourik, K0r1Zelman,Wylarld,Williams. ROW lll: Gardner, Keeble, YOCOYYM Morrow. Hamilton. Strain. Reithner, Nlakosky. Kniss. HSUSi0l'l- ' son. Chaffee. Casler, Friedrichs. Oberlies. Merrihew. ROW lv: Summerl, Griffin. Gregory. Pettit. Ander- ROW I, left to right: Neiger, Martin, Sci-iueler, Johnson. lVIilIs.Catt6r'r'r1Ole. Devalon. Kimball. Williams. Farrar. ROW Il: Kyle. ' - ' Ch . R d' Sanborn, Smith. Kendall. Jamison. Besse. Case. Butler. Poe. Kimball. ROW Ill. Himes. Ramsdell. Walsh. eney a in, Berry, Cooper, Rose, Romberger. Cook. Baskette. ROW IV: Boyington. Robbins. Ogg. Batchelder. Watson. Bobo. Collins. Hastings, Bastear. Sl I, Miss Cosby L. Gils+rap, Librarian. - Moors al Sludy. Kool: Cori-fa ln lhe Easl Wing ol our school is lhe school library, operaled by sludenl librarians under lhe caoaole super- vision ol Miss Cosby L. Gilslrap. The library, conlaining a wide variely ol boolcs, is mainraineo esoressl, lor The needs of lhe sludenls. The sludenl librarians have formed a club ol Their own, During lhe second semesler The officers ol rhe Librarian Club were: Mary Mills, Elizabelh Maggiora, Virginia Farrar, and Marianna Richardson. In Alhambra l-ligh lhere is anolher room ol boolcs, lhe 'lexl Boolc Room. Mr. Paul VVhalen, head oi The 300li Room, adiusls book charges, classilies and arranges new lexls, issues and rebinds old lexls. as - i m , 54 'VN rw' L ' ka. wily 1 ' xlib' ' . ROW l. left to right: Nlires Finley Fox Fwrrir lSecJ Mill ' ' V P 1. - ' . Y ' .C ' ' ' S lpf'?S-l- GIISYPHD, lAdv.l, R'chf -d T- J. Ma9QI0"a l ' rvllilsegf gc?iTaIzlialgernmsl?r?airiV lll5eil5g1ltti3?Lt"96Ss, Dye, Hl'1CklEY'ChlCk. Sleeper. Erickson. Bl-adv, Sl'E2glgln4llieaSFlOW Ill: LOQHU' Bond, Hallf i-lolderman, lglodapp. V e nap' Sanborn' R0""f"9E"- lVl0r'Qan. ROW lv: Baskette, Brown. Mccutcheorl. Osborne. I ' ' J A xi.-f5 i 5 , .fm-e . . ,B WS' ,rf 119' 1 5' ifibia i Prize winning snapshcfr by Gary Powell S3 V I Miss P. Parkhurst Mrs. L. Edgecomb l Dept. Head Miss O. Combs MISS M- R- SIRVI' Chuck Wagon Crew Lilce all ranches lhere are persons who see 'rhal lhe cowhands al Alhambra receive lhe righl number ol calories, serve The meals in slyle, and sew bulrons on shirfs xxhen needed. Miss Pauline Parl4hurs'r and her slall help give The background lor lhese necessarx indoor dung, This year, under The direclion ol Miss Parlhursl, The sewing classes made lx hand The beaulilul Service Flag ol which we are all proud, These girls have had a busx xear doing rlwgf DOH in We ranches work for nalional defense, Red Cross svvealers, dresses, slcirls and ifrkqlsx lmefs have been made, and rhe werl ol all lhc- girls on lhe service flag made a delinile can Tl.-rug.. im we Swdenif body. The girls have served lor P.-T. A, and have lalqen a variely of honors X glare Fair S4 QQ X -Ti ll' SN -:Laffy . .4 if? ffng, If Dinner delivery-second coursp --S . , I . UQGV n Spnce.' Muffin Manglers 85 X Mrs. E. G. STeward, Dept Head Miss l.. A. Anderson ' Mrs. M. M. Farmer i Mr.C.O. Hedeen Mr. E. Oleson i V 9 . "T MissE.L.Pe-Terson Teaching Toreign "Lingos" To "Gringos", ThaT's The aim of 're Foreig' Language deparTmenT, and one in which They admirably succeed. Under The able direcTion oT Mrs, STeward, deparTmenT head, The grea'eST achieve- menT oT The deparTmenT was The successTul presenTaTion in coooerarion wirh The Social Science deparTmenT oT PanfAmerican Day on April I4, WTTTCVT TeaTureo Soanish songs and dances, a speech, and a moving picTure, Americans All. The celebraTion was regarded as a TiTTing TribuTe To our SouThern Neighbors. ln order To combine business wiTh pleasure and To acguainT The puols and club members wiTh The cusToms oT The people whose language The, Tug, The LaTi'1 Club and The Spanish Club boTh had bangueTs and picnics. The French Club held a angueT aT The Normandie CaTe. Since The war, sTudenTs are realizing The need Tor being acle TC ccmm.,nicaTe wiTl'i Toreign neighbors. Consegue-nTly, enrollmenT in The deparTmenT has increased, espe- cially in The Spanish classes. rilw, ' -riwimz, kk 5,h.s 6 D. ROW l-'ebefgr Jane' ROW IV' Dririkward THcif'fman VaniLohn 'MuiilIo T 0 ' a'1pente"i Hillier. Besse. Hills. Kovar. Game" . , ' i I i , ' , Anderson, B k . - DFSS-T. ROW V. Summerl, Lemon, Shepphird, Seymour, Grosso, Corliglio, Boying:T3c?n,siHeTjtTg:TTeTIiAitisicigriigiyilrrgiltiyelngi Knox W,f l x-U-f 1, xi. I -,V ' l V JP . f R f I f Q Xen ' X I -1 - ,z Ag xv 'F ll -5 H V, I' L , . 1 ' " 5 N' 1- ff X Q 4 l l ',,.-- i l4"'1r W SPANISH CLUB ROW I. left to right: Lowry, Elder. Pettis lTreas.l, Woodbury. Schlerf. Brown. McCutcnen, Phillips. ROW ll: Sl-nnmoto. M M tn. Walden. Byrnes ROW llli Cook Richardson Spoon, Wilcox Blackstock. Bond, Brady, Delelssegues. Kemp. ang, ar: . . , . , 4 Overton, Noble lSSC.J. Kiss. Mcrieilley, Teague. Ryan. ROW IV: Fitzgerald. Sanborn, Cope, Edrington. Van Mourlk. Kniss. Shomaker, Van Lol-in. Hunter. ROW V: Kohn. Peterson, Mayer. Cross. Bobo. Watson, Powers. Noble. Cnalloner. SPANISH CLU B-Bottom Picture ROW l. left to right: Moore. Cameron. Alvey. Bruner. Menlcen. Farrar. Kell. Halfacre Dovwns. Fetten. ROW Il: l-ledeen iAd- viser, O'Brien, Gessner, Moore. Miner. Radcliffe, Dalen. Gregory, Georqe. Caldwell. ROW Ill: Johnson. Gunter. Chick. Sulli- van, Torkelscn, Knox. Tyler. ST 1 4 1 ,A bg. hz s irsvg FRENCH CLUB ROW l, left to right: Bunt, Beeby, MacGregor, Reynosa, Williams. Miller. Smiley. Wyant. ROW ll: Callaway. Lamb. Bourne. Brooks, Fisher, Gallagher, Burlem, Hunt, Vinton, Rauh. ROWIII: Gough, Sleeper. Osborne, Smith. Garrett. Ballan. Glavin, Reilley. Douglas. Shjarback, Bonner. ROW IV: Houwink, Kilbourn, Kemp, Smith. Plior. Fox mV, Pres.l. Nlaggiora. England. Robbins. Peterson. ROW V: Wells, Douglas, Kelly, Peters, Moyer, Patterson, Burwell, P-leuston. Needham. f . E R o rn a n ro b e s tl l Eg iw E K+ . l 2? . .- 2 is X '5 ' - 'tr l y, 9. We .wr .woes-.l. E A-,A I AA' X K' 'QW ' 6 P be E V ki ,rg W S, f X P Lalln rou 9 P , .. V 'R Q fx .f 'W : R ,1 ' ' Ji? Q 1 lt x xx ,- 'lx W. El Zim,-11 -. .R -5 ,na i C, xl I 2- ' 4, 5. 'Q a ' X V, - -s 'V v ,.. 91 sn ,1 'C' -1 ,ff- 1 A...A- LATIN CL ROW I. left to right: McMillan. Richardson iSec.l. Cerin, I-lone" ROW II: Jewett. Nlings. Cardos. VJolfe. Smith. Conner, Rider. RC gltghgll. Bennett. Speece. Wasson. Condie. Britton. Newell. Yilcu hristian. Strain. Wilkinson. Bullock. Fitzpatrick. -FFOW I. left to right: Fox. Brusel. Cook. Arnold. Lonsdale. Niccllls f10"De. Mills, Keeble. Lonergan. Thomson, Edgar, ROW Ill: Hin Blffell. Poe. Kimball. Reeder. Schwartz. Mrs. Farmer -Advw. F20 r-louwink. Scanlan. Farrar. Hutchings. Cornelius, Bannister. Ing Anderson. Ogg. Supp. Robbins. Wannarnaker. 'Presm Holmes. Ill? 'K 1.4 fr . - 5 V 1 .5 5 . 7 , Y J ' R'xX..Xrx . fa 'A-I S- CB . Blong. Cooper. Stacy. 'vires iR.m, Nireg lI..l.YOUr1QCIUISt nwberger. Morgan. Cook. Lindberg. ROW III: Ramsell. Nloir. rn. Irwin. ROW IV: Webb. Smalley, Nichols. Fortner . Gould. ROW ll: Nlorroxx, Malmgreen. Erwin. Adams es. Tennyson. Diederichsen. Elliote. Smith. Keller. Whitaker W IV: Shaw. Maxx-.eIl, Ashe-nbremer. Friedrichs. Oberlies ails. ROW V: Tennis. Lrigir. McCarthy. Barrett. Kelly 1 J. E. Ranker Dept. Head R. J. Armstrong C. B. Healton M. C. Kreinbring J. B. Marshall G. S. Smith D. T. Williams K. Wilson W. Zick Klaclmmitlm The "Blaclcsmilh" shop ol lhe Alhambra ranch is probably beller known as lhe lnduslrial Arrs deparlmenl. Wilh Mr. Ranlqer as lhe head ol lhis deparlmenl, lhe lvlanual Arls classes leach sludenls io be lulure drallsmen, mechanics, and machinisls. This is one ol lhe mosl imporlanl deparlmenls on lhe ranch in lhese crucial limes: lor, like all olher mechanical induslries, lhis de-parlmenl' has gone all-oul lor Nalional Defense, doing nolhing bul governmenl worlc. As soon as lhe war slarled, lhe dralling classes slarled drawing up plans lor model airplanes ro be made by lhe wood shop sludenls. They also made lhe plan lor lhe Service Flag oi our school. Besides lhe l5O model airplanes made by lhe wood shop sludenls, lhey also made a number oi nighl sliclcs lor Air Raid Wardens and Policemen. "Give us lhe lools. . . ,' 90 'av . 447' Q 5 -, .yr I ,DI , ,,..,, ,, 1. ' f - . ff-rv, , K f !,4+f'Y,f-,i ,rj , - , . ' ,, ':" -4 .1 ' - Q- 15:2 ' -f"',j' ,,--" o O ' A 'f " ' ' ,ff , .- 4 .Q 1, , ' rf 5-1: ,ff 'g'Q,y1'i,,""'f ' - '-h -' Q' V X ,. i' ..n.ip,T 7 ,1 Q f-I . ' - an an v W? s , V , 5' ,Ja .43 , 5-,, 3 f ,:f'.r.., T1 ff-if 2 nf A 1, e1.i,f1.m-ef4m Half lhe enioymenl of a good loolball game or rally is lhe band music: and ils presence is due lo whai is wilhoui doubl one of lhe mosl aclive deparlmenls in lhe school-The Music deparlmenl. Organizaiions in which lhis deparlmenl iuslly lalces pride are iis Senior Orcheslra, Band, and ils excellenl Glee Clubs. The deparlmenl, under The leadership of Miss Georgia M. Shrop- shire, noi only conducls ils regular classes in vocal and inslrumerilal music, bul also assisls in numerous olher programs, such as lhe P.-T. A. and American Legion performances. Exlra aclivilies inside Jrhe school program include furnishing music for special assemblies--such as Jrhose al Chrislmas and lhe semesler music programs: Jrhe presenlalion of a yearly Music Feslival celeloral- ing our American herilage of song: and lhe many olher special occa- sions which 'ralce place lhroughoul lhe school year. Miss G. E. Mrs. P. Bahrman Shropshire Dept. Head Mr. R. E. Wilson Mrs. A. Clements ORCHESTRA ROW I, left to right: Van Lohn, Maher, May, Westbrook, Marr, Nebo, Evans, Brown, Parker. Gillaspy Bunt Chubbic Rit ei, Van Nay. POW II: Hauert, Stewart, Batchelder, Hurwitz, Wyland, White. Luibheman. Shaw. Wefer Seivert Krauise C0 ling, Wilfrith. ROW Ill: Youngqulst, Youngquist, Olson, Nichols, Grosso, Wilson lAdv.j. Y 92 ffl .L an " ' 4' " ill' 9+ ,ami ,jay if.. I Y pi in QW kewl rl ul' ,- x l ll as ,. wld y,,.- ll -- 6 Q, ca fa Am :I ., 'xgikl f 3 ' 4 . v ' f l lf, 5 ,A. ' lg 3 -A-... , , Y q 4 M M ,AMW .A. A - . - 'A' J " -.- 9 3 W L- Q Q I x . ' .L wp- .f GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ROW l, left to right: King. Cattermole, Foree. Gobles, Fuerhardt. Blum, Meyers. Rice, Kovar, Ameluxen. ROW ll: Cle- ments tlnstructorj, Smith. Smith. l-lower, Uhler. Bunt, Mayo, COIVIVI. WICVWSCV- GOUQN. ROW 'Ili Kelly- Wadly. Fallen, CWPEF, Cl-Irfan. Ryan, Smiley. Stewart. Ocheltree. Connor. Hocum, POW lV: Irwm. Deleisseques. Karp, Erwin. Swartz. Sharp, Allen, Winkler. Nelson. Speed. Wolford. BOYS' GLEE CLUB ROW l, left to right: Bascorn, Klug. Paaswell. Bevan, Gottleib. Heck. Apodaca. Bronger. Goode. Bahrman llnstructorj. ROW ll: Kitabjian. Slernmon, Maxfield, Perry, Wllllams, Pyle. Allen, Mayfield. Brown. ROW lllz Talley. Steed. Shanager, Perry, Hancock, Nelson, Kltabjian, Bowers. Moyer 92 5.1 Uh, 5, MUSICIAN ROW l, left to ri-ght: Brown, Marr Kendall, Westbrook, Ham ton. B fn W ff? JJ , I., AMX , p ui s, estbrook. Rogers. ROW ll: Smith. Smith. Wil- ferth, May, Wilson iAdv.b, Batchelder, Luebkernan, Griffin, De-G:-off. PIANO ROW I, left to right: Bahrman 4Adv.5, H b u ner, DeGroff, Wasson. Allan, Conforti, Gardei, Bassler. Nielsen. Swartz. ROW Il: Hansen, Cosgrove, Gray, Logan, Hill, Lowe, Van Noy, Romero, Lynch, Bruaher. Bennett, Bevan, Currie. 91 ROW Ill: Barber. Keith. Maher, Butler, an I HB g . V . ,.... ,View , 4 iq 1 .' i iff 5121 ' x Y, """"""' XX u f Dick Wilson and 'his boys.' Harmony. 95 qunins- 1 f 1n- ,Q , X ,HMI 'MW V5 WV v,AA A f . - ' -'f 4-:S - 4: ' 72 M .fr - f . 3 I . '.-,K1:f4"V2f ' ' f"+"" I f1"?'3l f 4 . v ff ' 573215 Z , , l Mauler Milligan 5 l :Mfg ,N . ,jf X me 5 ' '- J 5 'I . 5 X w ww l V. Az- 'hw -- A' -R QQ? WSKQ Q -'G agfvlr N' M: A HX M 96 IWMWMM6, AM ,L of 3 -4f" V 5 1 v Wa+cl1 'rlve bircliel ig ..,..x, , .. Baslcei' Belles Mrs. Crosswhite hx Dept, Head Mr:. K. Babson Miss M. Canavan S'ide-Saddlemf Eeorw ::er7og of 're ge. 'oe 'errou-1 werlss of Baie, Avenue rum Aff.f+Y ore foors+eos oi one o'r1s gorg 'overs 'fe ofrr SQA' Moose, Al+FosgH 475 fs o'F, f 1 a rerroorerg. roggrg :of o'e sefoc 'fe g7rNz ewjo, We sLrewo,s games of volley bar! task-e'caU C'iEEC5'! foofe, cecmrfoo egg rerris vhon go of. These geroes are deem oo 're vfge ooerr creErIe rreki leer me sow? of V4 Hue bunk boose. To? '3e:ef"'e" ol 're reror 'S eo', fJ'reo+eg 5, Mrs. Mffznfeg Crosswrfe arwc wer fue oo leegwes. Toe ggi ere provhwg Na+ Jrhef are as gocg W arhleres In oHe7r we, es 'fe so " Q Y " Beslges The Fevofe QEWE-S "ease: 'f eoo'eN dog, ras and neural danoiwg give an opoorwrov, 'o gr: "'e'e3'e3 'f 'Je'C'fg. Tie grris or We neural dancirmg class e-+'er1ge': 'fro 'EC-'EIS ofrg 're fear emo round rrvem ro be an Insplrarion. The big evere of 'fe ,ear ffes "e ore when We +ermIs desses were hosresses To a fee heb e5'ef 'fe 'e"': ef'io"'orr srerflrg Mrs. Hefem WeHs Roarlc, Jaolr Kramer, Lge Deke Lo-Aze Efoegr George R?oPwaro4s, and Arr Mn. L. L. Em, MacDonald. gf 5 In 45' 'mx' ALGIA AND MINOR A . I . : , M OW " B"Sf0'f Parker, Hilperf Thompson Gagllce, Taywfr Stephens' Curran' vgfllesevan Raqtxkhln, Cggimiye csughmanr Milligan, Cook, Devalgn, Thompsgn, McManus, Bonner. ROW IIQI: Cra ree, ec' 4 Trees-J, Van Brooklin rv.-Prem, Nlaggiorar Basie af fpfes-P' Hammon' 97 'r , l 4 Oil, fi i H 1 .ax - , X H551 s ' . X W - 0' 'Nw-ti A ' Q' "nw-Q HLA , 'M of , E' ' 4 :sgw 4 A - Z 5 ' No s X xisa. X N., A xx Q Qi I k .U N- I N, ,X I -bfi-" , 1... , X gs-rv Us 1 X , -4 A W '- . A ' . 'N m.-,...,s. A ' - ' .. f ' is ,, - ' ' ---- ff- -MN, -rg X- . -'n-ffvvin f:s"s1?"iQA""1 XM. O 'Wo' 1 4 ' ' ga ' f 7-3-sitrff L NQKQ5 W' ..--Q' ' ' - Z o,X gif - Q - W M. ff"1wh'1lkr-.......r:s, ' 4-If " '31 , , X, an 'wwf' NATURAL DANCING CLASS ROW I-l.ef+ +o rigl1+: Ryan, Howe, Campbell, Farrar, Wollesen, Vick, Babbil, Walliclri, Bradley, Raulm, Broolxs. ROW 2'- Wl1i+e, King, Einum, Gough, Waferhouse, Colby. ROW 3-Burleaud, Edgely, Wyanl, Will, Dugan, Nesbiif. Cameron G. A. A. ROW I-Lefl' fo righlz Poe, Hamillon, Taylor, Gaglia, Jennings, Tlwompson, Hilperl, Van Brolnlin, Brislol. ROW 2-BarneS. Harmon, Keller, Elliof, Lynclw, Van Brolrlin, Thompson, McManus, Devalon, ROW 3-Morrisson, Fuerlwardl, Brummell. Bas+ear, Smi+l1, Slwiffilea, Weber. ROW 4-Thompson, Irwin, Kimball, Pehi, Morden, McKeIvey, McGee. 98 w.. v "" NZ' ' A.. 1 .9 .S fQ .r eq, , 'F r 6 , r ' 4- . fo 'V I f ,mn-4 -, A Xe i ,.. l...1 we B , . B Q. Q ' A ' ' ' x , 4- - , Qf- K i Q Y ki ' 4 f -SIL K ' I x , . , fx 3 E ive 5 5' ' H-- Yi 5.- TENNIS 'DU 1. -AX iipq EEOW I- left to right: Graha',Ba5tea'.'!5'1'anU5 Prey.. Cetterrrrore. Devalon. Cardoe. Prugh. Tague. BOW II: Vfeber. Ftephens' 3'6'3D'?"- CHN. Errvson. Van Brock! n ff. Presm. Prvlros Brretor. Sooner. BOW III: Dowdell. Morrow. Van Brock. 'n' Burkhart. Douglas. ffitzgerard. Crahtree Sec. and Trees-. SPORTS CLLE FiOWI"'3ft1C' NQM: Evar1s.Van l.ohr1.!1rn:id. Durst. Kqrtrrgnt. Dram. DeGrofJ. MacGregor. Jefferf. Osborne. Pohl. BOW D' CZVUOS fV. Preso. Iwin. Studef. Vlhrzgvef, Kegref, E11 att. Cese. Phrrrrps. Lowe. Crurrze. Herbert. Beebe. Prugh rPre5,r, -OW Ill: Bee:1er.Wo1f. Boe. Dfves, Balran. Frgzggfgmd. -f-f:.r'err. 'f':K rmef Herorrch. Ward, Daren. Steed, Davus. Hociapp re firm' Erwrn. Englrmd. Whrte. Coleman. Rrce. Davzan YT'jea3'J' ROW 'VS Spoon. Bradley. Rrglflarrjggn. Exams. E'r1ufo. lJV1u.GT- .. ' ' f X. V-fawrng. Caulfield. Morden. Rogers. Charloner. Walb. a3V'5'3'P' POW !: Luster. Welch. Meehan. Drxm. Buttre ,I ,nl , - "Q, 'is' Q, if QS C? :sf RWE VARSITY CLUB ROW I, Ieff +o rigI11: Pufman, Ponfrelli, Ferraro, Jenkins, Kirkpairiclr, Gordon, Young, Peferson, RicI1+er. ROW II: Davidson, Hall, Bemiller Nacco, Pe-Ire, Boone, Vinion, Wyche, Anderson, Kemp, Coach. ROW III: Slafer, Hills, Gibbs, Calden, Cobb, SI'evens, Tennyson, Olson. ROW IV: King, Evans, Loveless, Wheeler, Pufman, Nixon, Salerno, McDonald, Wyche. I fff ? MANAGERS' CLUB ROW I, Ief+ Io rigI1I: Caldwell, Yaeclr, Pofer, Young, Farnsworih, HamiI'Ion Heinninger ROW II: Neill, MiHesIacI1+, Whife, Weisenberg, SmiII1, Hoffman Proberf, 100 We Q27 Q' lx Hope wil-ler gn ' Sggk M if Mr. K. Grumbles Mr. G. Hobbs Mr. J. Kemp Mr. R. Wheeler Way down a+ rhe soikhern boroer ol A. l-l. S. slands a wealher be-alen building wilh which all rhe boys are larniliar. l" ollicfall, houses +he oeoarlrnenl ol physical educalion lor boys bul is oooularly lrnown as lhe Boys' Gym. l-lere lhe fellows are alloweo +o oar+icioa+e in many sporls. Baseball, loolball, lennis, volley- ball, and gymnasrics are all ineleoeo in +he corricolum. Also lhere is a CO"V"?:C'iVE class meer lhe suoervision ol Mr. l-less. which is nol cornoulsory, boi' is suggesled lo indiviouals who have ooor ooswre or orher physical deficiencies. Coach l-less, who heaos ehe C6Ci"LVl'l'E'Fl+, has i+ so well organized lhal all rhe fellows are able lo do whal lhey lilce To oo besi Seasonal soofls are ccacneo ol. rrefnbers of -rhls oeoarfrnenr. Foolball, baskelball, lraclc, baseball, lennis, and golf are ihe soofs in wfch Alhambra successfully cornpeles. , u"' -N.. . as-. QC I Os' ,, Gm, It lv, ,, . .., ,f- -5 ,cfm N'-fr' BEE CLUB . ' t . Conde. Frandsen. ROW ll: Moyer. ROW l: left to right: Morgan, Donaldson, Knox, Wzeeleergldengfcer. Axelsonl Rogers' Swartz' Macfiey Bell, Hughes, Gillies, Mount, Barnes. ROW Ill: Fi zg 101 .,.-V--Y'-"' '1 Edison and Sfeinmefz, '42 edi+ion Miracle lllalzem Unlilce The Plains Indians, who soughT To explain naTure by myThs and legends, The Science DeparTmenT seeks To explain The phenomena oi The world in scienTiTic TacT. Under The capable leadership oT Miss JeaneTTe Greene, The de- parTmenT This year broughT iTs acTiviTies beTore The eyes oT The ranch. They accomplished This in various ways. An assembly TeaTuring many Triclcs oT science was presenTed by sTudenTs under The direcTions oT Mr. R. E. Davis. Cn February 3, a mysTiTying presenTaTion was made oT The General ElecTric "l-louse oT Magic." T-lere, many TeaTs oT "magic" were accomplished Through The medium oT modern science. During The second semesTer Gpen l-louse was held. Many aTTracv Tions in all branches oT scienTiTic sTudies carried on aT A, l-l. S. were presenTed To a large TurnouT crowd. 102 Miss J. Green, Dept. Head Miss J. Beennan Mr. O. T. Cosand Miss F. Erwine Mr. N. L. Miller H. B. Thomas Nlrs. R. D. Armen Mr. C. J. Beits Mr, Fl. E. Davis Mr. H. D. Hooper Miss A. S. Perkins Miss Fi. Turnbull ,fl ,J I A KM . . U f 1 -. Q. . . .'. -L :ii 1. QL. - ... iq ,. - s-' ,JR 6 MJ? '-' T 5 'XJ . S ffxlzf 5 " Jai! 5-. I, left to right: Whitely. Bade. Butler. Davis. Tompkins. l-lalfacre. Baskette. Kelly. Heisler. Elder. ROW ll: K e ole. Bastear. Smith. Dye, Klmball, Mellor iv. Pres. Gre +P - ' l. en res.l. Cosand rA:1v.l. ROW Ill. Powell. Speer. Erlkson !Sec.J, Krofka. Hobson. Fieithner. Teague. Gough, Makosky, Harper lTreas.l, ROW IV: Stanford. Sanger. Gillespie. Ri e Powell, Saks, Call. Morden. Fitch. Casler. cience 61416 Lfcef 'fe gd. pe Q ., , H". C. '. Czzefc efd 'fe sreedefdes 3? Dafel Greer arc Te: -efsef "e f:'e':e C -5 ::'r: re: 5 ze"e2'ef 35 f5s:"e"'g reseirzo we lffelc 455 'S e f, .ee - C'e'f'Ci 9e':e'3 V3 'oe L32 Aodeqes Weave' Bureau. 103 x if asa, EW: . Q, it .....,. g ..,. Y 53. .- i3,,3, T.. L Q LLL . W .za - g af f .Q Q K . ,X fxx " '5 .1 if Nu-if I Xi: ROW I, left to right: Dreesen, Sipes. Sims, Moriarty, lSec..Treas.b, Bagley. Moriarty. Belknap. Betts. ROW ll: Wannama ker, Trickett, Keith, Clinkscales, Ferris, Ferry, Nlurillo. ROWlll: CayOf. G'llleS. Smith. lVice-Pres.t. Harper fPFeS-Ji RODCI' ts. Pattison. CAMERA CLUB-"l-leads high, chin up, now watch the birdie." Many ot the ranch students were Yooped during the year with these words. The Camera Club is composed ot students trom the photoqraohi. class under the advisership ot lvlr. C. L. Betts. SCIENTIA CLUB-Scientia has as its obiect the advancement ot biological study in Alhambra l-ligh, and under the advisership ot Miss Florence Erwine and the presidency ot Peg Bristol, completed an active and instructive semester. ROVV I, left to right: Thorpe, Adams, Passage, Uhler. Bristol, Allan, Kilbourn. Thompson. Fisher. Miner. ROW ll: Reilly, Stewart, Schwartz. McCooey. Wells, Mcl.eary, Harrison, Lacy, Cooper. King, Erwin iAdviserl. ROW Ill: McCarthy. Bonner, Kimball, Britton, Alviens, Healy, Kelly, Strain, Pattison. ROW IV: Bannister. Webb. Peterson. Coleman. Twomey. Fortner, Cock. Gould. Call, Fitzpatrick. R 4 'iii 104 why! E if iff' Thi it I 5 ff',. SCIENCE IN MODERN LIFE- Some+hing 'ro be added. Neon in Hwe rough. ,fs " gf- Scien'ria's exl1ibi+. Weed Show Vfinner. 'A F14"'?4" 'H' W5 1 A se 1' iffiisbg . s, , ,LLL T , ' Y Mr. J. L. Mills Miss G. Nelgner Mr. C, L. Scanlon Miss L. A, Stahlke Mr. E. E. Shipman Major G. C. Elsey Dept. Head Mr. M. J. Wilbur Miss C, M. Willits Social Science bepartment The Social Science deparfmenf, under direcfion of Mr. Elmore E. Shicman has sceilaliieo 'hs year in acfivifies confribufing fo fhe war efforf. 'iheg cooperafed wifh fhe Bos' F-eoera 'n youfh enlisfmenf for Civilian Defense, Cn February 22, an iriferesfing assemoi, crese .he deparfmenf when fhey secured Lf. Col. Roy Gillis from England fc fall on "Grey Brca 3 'he War." A week lafer fhey buf on an exhibifion in fhe halls. More fhan fwo hanoreo rneoals Jes. and flags from all fhe American wars were shown. Pan American Day was given a big recognifion fhrough fhe coccerafion of me Social Science office and Foreign Language deparfmenf. They also cooperafed wifh The Drama oeoarrmenf in neloing fhe senior play, "The American Waiy," fo be a big success. The school elecfion procedures were reorganized fhis wear. Qur school elecfions were cor-ducfed like nafional ones. Preregisfrafion was required for sfudenfs fo be eligible fo casf vofes af reoulafion polls on elecfion days. Mr. Elmore Shipman, Belly BenneH', and Kalie Smifh welcome Lieul.-Col. W. Roy Gillis and Caplain Gordon Eplelf. 106 Social sludies s'ruclen+s cooperafively solve problems. Our Democralic Way. Pan American Day Celebrahon. 53,2 2 5"' I gayv ,JA-' l 7 xf :"ezf.,a,., . L Q! I - Y , , .ll na 'f 'im f 9 YEAR PRECINQT D gif, Slang 5114 tem All sTudenTs oT Alhambra come under The in- Tluence oT The ranch speech deparTmenT. The ease wiTh which They appear and express Themf selves in public is a reTlecTion oT Their excellenT Training. The ranch speech deparTmenT conducTed by Miss Veda Walker, has been parTicularly acTive in Trying To keep in Touch wirh Al-l.S. service men, boTh aT ChrisTmas Time, when sTudenTs packed and senT 78 boxes and aT Their birThdays. Two senior plays, "The NighT OT January Six- TeenTh" given by The winTer class, and "The American Way" The dramaTic oTTering oT The spring class, are plays oT which The school may be iusTly proud. The debaTe work has been spread over a large squad and The broadcasTing work has been mosT inTeresTing. The sTage crew has worked unusually hard and well To give all producTions Their proper background. The special programs, especially The service Tlag dedicaTion, will be long remembered. MARJORIE STOLTZ An A9 Fundamental Speech Sfuclenf T -we vs' . 1 YQ- I J.. . X I M gifs- -A gi X A, . 1 'lk .x. MissD!l5tIi!.HV2!aaCLker Miss H. E. Kemper Mr. J. E. Mayer Mr. E. Rarnay Miss H. Reynolds Mrs. B. W, Wynne 'EY +- LIGHT AND SHADOW ROW I. left to mght: Haw. ShUfEVW?I'1. Stewart, Hanna. Swrnonson. Tmmpwns. Snnclaw. Snead. CQQKQ, Ygung, RQW ll: Black. Cait. Pettus. Baie, Pcbefts. Cisnkscales. Muller, Truitt. Truitt. Wynne fadvnsory. ROW Ill: Moran, Kmg, Preston. Vwolleson. Vvetzel. Ncncls. Lantz. Frost, ROW IV: Vvelis, Case. England. Kelly, Gordon. Hughes. Ziylct-Slnadow , ,- . .. , . ,- - . X nf- ,zffw X-,nf-f .f if-'LTL'-' -'L f-f,:'f,:-f f-Lv-:'f:. -L17 " fi ':.f-f-ffz. r-'r.,- .4-,ff 4- 3 f f- f:.: r-L 1- ia .4 .4 .4 .4.4.f" --.4 4-4 4 - .4 .4 .4 - -4- .J A -. 4 .4 .4 .4 ' J 4- J-4. ' v .fav .44 g4.4 ,,,,',-', W f , f '-',, 4-1, Q, 'f nl v.. M' 41" asf- -.L-- 1: 1 ,: f- -,zf f-L-' .1 z f-v -1 'f - - Q 'f-:H - f af: : .L -fr. - -J 4.-- .4 - ,-. -'- ,, . - - -. .,,, f, . -l.. -- .,,, J - - - 5 JE- . O. .J .. -- 4 f ff 445 ,-'f f f fff44-,- 1 - ,A 4. Lvl-'f Lfaf-f f - ff ,- -,L gff,, '45, f-, f 4 'f gfha' ff- A 344. '- . -. . --.. -..,- -, . - - , - - - - ,.- . .-- - .-. - .- .,-. , - O..- . , .4.,. --- - .4 ff-Lf ff-ff :ff-fn ,,. A-L . -f ' f0L, 4 La,-Lf '- 'L f f -f-nv :JL -f .f .- --2 fl, 4-,L -.':- -- E.-- - ., ,. .. . . - , . -., .. - - -H - .- f --. Eg,-f 55,445.3-Lf 4,114 44Lf-f,:f- .ff--2 - ,. f-fir 3 X' H' f-Jf3.:f': 2. L 'era' If f- - f- - fr. -C-: H-:.'f:L I , , , , ., . .,. . ,. .. -, , - - - -4 4- - Ll, -, 4- - ,Y fl, 44:-Yffgfr ...Lf -4. f--Ln -.1 L :M-Q ff-gf Z ff- . 1 QC 53,3 Lg3,, ,- H6 . 1- -4 . O-. ..-Q ,,.-,. w --,- , . -, -I - -,-L ff, ,- fgff- 44'-'ff ,-'f-- L- -fi -'af-L C - -H -- - , - - 5. Stage Crew V 51:5 L 50525 'J -2 4 .4- J- C 1. ffefrefcn: 'eau ffe ffef fc 2' "E1'lE'? ' - 4 . I ' T 4- 4, -, L . x Cr The American Way. ,efe Le: :ax . 4- , , f ':-f f 4 re ee? Pac L2 se ccf:'f,c'e3 V2 ECW? K 3 "f"" ' -f. nf., ty: 'VX- 5- -riff Here ,fi-,re C -- CJ - -464 Cdr Cfeffl 'VJ My Vg.: 4: . , . . . 4 -fw. K lwave ever everfcfic Tre f 1.2:-ez: ffez e - r-ra:-L rrr4-f" if-4 44 +fL f" " ff: :-' . ' wx - .j,-, --.:..C-...,.A .J .., ,cf cp l-- 4- x A f. - Q -1 P .. Q muff CT fnew 7 rg 55 My The dage crew cofxffrz 05 acer 5+"'ZEU+3 E6'6'J'Ed 'gffff ffif 'rc,5'C'ff5 gf' tkl.,r,arc V .TM +Lf':f1ig.f jg Mi: STAGE CREW -1 - N. L NJ-. . 1- o,v.L,.Q.w O -. W. ROW I: Eich' Nelson' Cosby' 7.-effaro, Perry. ROW ll: Carnot. Par Ruifn Beane. dee, champion. Lee. Non. 109 lIlaAque1-A Taking The place oT The old Wardrobe Crew, The lvlasguers enjoyed Themselves in a hecTic semesTer oT providing cosTumes Tor boTh senior plays and many orher school perTormances. lvlasguers adviser was Miss l-lazel Reynolds. ,vw-in ',,,.,2 ,,.,., f, fpv- as we MASQUERS ROW l, ieft to right: MacGregor, Harper, Sinclair, Genco, Pettis, Barrow, Russell, Harvey, Call, O'Connor. ROW ll: Wellman, Weeks, Steed, Rockwell, Hahn, Bridston, Sneed. Simminigton, Evans. ROW III: Walden, OSDOFDS- Damron, Chick, Hanna, Larson, Simonson, Gross. Maize-ilp Crew The Make-up Crew, Tormerly a school club, was reorganized during The TirsT semesTer oT This year. Mrs. Bei-Tha Wynne served as head direcTor oT The crew wiTh her assisTanTs BeTTy Bishop, Frank l-lanna and Allen Voris. The crew was enlarged To ThirTy members The second semesTer. To This sTaTT Tell The Taslc oT provid- ing guiclc and eTTicienT make-up Tor The enormous casT oT "The American Way." The eTTecTiveness wiTh which They made up The "mobs" and aged The leading players was The besT TribuTe ThaT could have been paid To Their slcill. MAKE UP CREW ROW I, left to right: King. Tompkins, Conner, Sinclair, Bishop, Hahn Wetzel. Sims. ROW ll: itlghhte, Brazelton, Petri, Martin, Speer, Phelps. ROW lll: Hanna, Preston, Watters, Westbrook, Miller. Miller, ir y, Kroell. Lantz, gs, 'v-f..-- A We rs wg . s. is fi' A , . RADIO REW Y Sfewarl Renfro. '71 nj V iv' P fb" 1' 'Aft r A I' K A j f, . .vb '1 nk f if ' 1 I 1 7 . I f 'iv if f 'VAX In bf L f ' I f . I rf' - v' v ' ' , 4 I I 1 ,f. 4 ,rf 5 14 ' if' ' Iiivk' ' I ' g .1 ,J j 1 'f. f f , s W 1 Radio ihree seconds! Qoieal X-Nara an +59 avi" Thiigge have oeen ine woros ine radio claases have heard ofien T715 OBS? ' ,'9f3V. 55 wwf have used 4h-air new eqijgmeni ro advan+age. A sound roorn was given +C the oeoar+rneni by lhe rancho heads, and rnany orograrns have been enjoyed. The broadcasiing svsiern will noi only olay recordings, out rnake voice and soono records. The new radio siaiion in Pasadena, KPAS, also gave an oooorionifff io lrhose s+oden+s inieresied in radio w-forlf. Three orogranfis were arranged by Miss i-ielen Kefnoer and her classes? siudenis Jralring par+ were from +he enrire siodeni body. OW I, left to right: Bettisworth. Sigwortlmtg cholfiel-rL1Pres.l. Fritz IV.-Pres.l. Ruiz rSec.J. Haley lTreasJ, Blong. Cerini, ibbs, Turnbull. ROW ll: Arnold. Edrington. Ciinkscales. Sturgeon, Leavitt, Livingston, Speer, Johnston, Moriarty. Bagley, Iemper fAdv.J ROW Ill: Warren, Preston. Kovar. Cook, Richardson, Lowery, Kristovich, Jones. ROW IV: Kehler, Barr, lillis, Wood. Heustan, Buriem. Loewer. Rubalcaba, Ewing, Kirby. ISJX A15 I' .l!,f ll I ..-V' ff' 'V' ' ,..Z- , Y ,."'f fr 1 -1' Y 'f,' I I ,' ' I 111 .ff - 1' I 1 1 J. Edmund Mayer Baughman Erwin Knox Reifhner Smifh Sfrain Wheeler be6ate Sfarfing ouf a very succcessful year, Alhambra enfered several feams of "Slang Busfersm in fhe Soufhern California Open Tournamenf. Jack Knox and Bill Wheeler won fhe frophy for second place and fhird rank in The Soufhern California as a debafe feam. In The U. S. C. Tournamenf, Bill and Jack represenfed Alhambra in exfempor- aneous speaking and in debafe. Nexf came fhe l.. A. C. C. Tournamenf. Jack Knox reached fhe finals in imprompfu speaking, and Jack and Bill were fhe only debafe feam from Alhambra fo reach fhe finals. Affer fhree vicfories, being closely defeafed by l-lollywood, fhey fook second place. The fournamenf of fhe year was held af Redlands in April. All of our orafors reached fhe finals. Alhambra won all awards in fhe San Gabriel Valley League fhis year. Mr. Edwin Mayer, fhe debafinq coach, deserves much credif for fhe skill and spirif he has developed in his squad. They credifably carry on old speech fradi- fions of Alhambra. ROW 9 ,. if 5, f If K 1 a " f f jf? ' .f' I 71 FJ yy' J vuff ffl ' 7" , f ' f J g 1' f .ff ,4 1 xfi' 4 1 J' IL" 71 I Drip, f f7'A"f if A v Lg ffff uf ...g.. - -. a- ,I I J ,. i I I' 5 ,v f f I Health bepartment On every big weslern callle ranch, a crop ol brolen bones and olher a lfrerfs . lile The spring Thaw, and This ranch is no e-cceplic vn. Under The direchon ol Dr. Ciafer r Miss Lela Sewell. Recqislered Nurse, and her able assiffranl, Miss Eslher Seah, ff f anlles are cared lor guiclly and ellicienlly. ln addilion To an unusual run ol colds, a severe epidemic ol measles and mumps swepl over lhe range and lorced r -'mi .. ,,f,.,5., w-Ax, ' . rv 113,55 ,- -wan many members ol The herd lo slay 'hifi' r '-KF 1 , 5, r home. As always, Monday aller Easler weelc saw almosl sixly members milling around lhe l-ieallh Cllice lo be checled rhrough, Miss Sew-,V and lhe iommillee o ygiene l le P.-T. A. underloo lo 3 nee y slrudenls. Their worl is greal y , apprecialed. lvliss Sewell who has rr i all . r Y, 5 l'W V O ll , lg gg N N bk s . Zjgp X' . . c- L Y broyide glasses and denlal care lor ig Cl + I . sx Q N g ' s r J X .c always been so willing lo help us is reliring lhis year. She will be missed by lhe enlire slrudenlr body, Heal+h, Wealfh, and Happiness. Affending tender ,rendons 11-I A-weighing we shall go 4' B f i M94 14414. l-45,5 ' A '- ,AAA-., ag,-v .l ' 'S-.,-A Q :A-,'.-.'Qf.,'v I J F- f"" ---.1-'::"':J- ' ' af: - ,--A 1--it ,,,,,.,,'--. ,Q-v ...- . 'W' J, -A wd'L"J'- A -sf Qfk-Ai ,A -Jw M A ILLUSTRATION ff! 'f fi: , R x ' 'kv .Q 'X v 14 V J Eff '33 w '4 i QC E . X Y 1 1 f . it 7 fx , L , a . fin 'fl 'Q las' .Ljf ew, 9 'M " L n ' 1 L, 4, fi .1 AAN?- v.. A X av 1 ,N . 4 .' I X MT: 1 A ,ul 0-if ' .Sf 5 J, ,K X ,tx I U 'nv Z im 1 Ii. .isa ' 9- Yearlings and Dogies around 'rhe Corral. ,Qi SQ 'fx --, .... .... 'Ts 1' .1 X., ,W Mr. Heallon, Arviserg Salley Harmon, Secreiaryj Sue Gibbs, Treasurerg Leslie Barnes, President ea:-ling of Summer '44 "Drilling along like a fumbling, Tumble weed" and parlicipaling in llwe aclivilies ol flue scliool, ine herd of S'4-4 made llwis year, wlwile noi one crammed wiin aciivilies, slill one To be looked back on wilrlw pleasani memories. The biggesi aclivily was The collecling oi money for ilfie bags lo be senl io Allwambra Alumni in The service. Tlwey were wrangled by llweir adviser, lvlr. Clyde B. l-leallon, and lwerded by presi- den+, Leslie Barnes: viceepresidenl, Fred Beving secreiary, Sally l-larmong and lreasurer, Sue Gibbs. A big class sucn as Jrlwis one calls for big fixings in ine way ol aclivilies and ilmese aciive, lun loving class is looking forward lo big linings in llweir junior and senior years. is I I '65 ' ' fy! 'PI 116 Adams. Barbara Ahrens. Marie Alexander. T. Allan. Jean Amos. Mary Anderson. Alvin Anderson. M. Andres. Wilma Arnold. Jacqueline Arnold, Jean Axelson. Fl0b9l'Y Barber. Ralph Barnes. Bill Bates. Bevan. Fred Black, Jimmie Blong, Barbara Blythe, Virginia Barnes. Leslie Barshaw. Fred Bascom. M. Bassler. Thera Arthur Bonzoni. Teda Bonta. Lucille Bowers. Sidney Bond. Orville Bradley. Marilyn Brennan, Bette Bridston. Taylor Bristol. Peggy Britton. Margie Bunt. Buttrey. Anna Buttrey, James Caldwell, Tommy Callaway, Betty Case. Cerini. Joanne Chappelle. Betty Christian. Elza Christianson. K. Bronger. Jack Brown. Burk Buckley. Jack Bullock. Kenneth Barbara Jane Cameron. Keith Cambell. Elaine Carpenter. Morris Carter. Barbara Jean Ciarelli. Art Coleman. Jim Comfort. Martha Como. Dorothy Compton. Charles Conde. Vic Condie, Afton Cook, Barbara Cooper, Dorothy Cooper, Marilyn Cosgrove. B. Crasper. B. Crist. Dave Cruice. Jane Curran, Jim Davis, Dean DeMoss, Martha Drake, Lee Durnil. Howard Dutton. Betty Edwards. Alan Elliott. Virginia Evans. Doris Fear. Lorraine Fehr. Janice Feltch. Cliff Fernald, Kathryn Frebe Friedricks. Bob Fryer, Bill Gaglia, Vivian Fuerhardt, M. Glynn Gorham, Jack Goudge, George Grabir, Allen Gradias, Irene Harm Harrison, Marie Hastings, Pat Hayes, Jim Headrick, Zena Filane. Jack Fluhart. Dallas Fortner. Dick Foster. Lois rg. Stanley Gardei. Rose Gibbs. Maurice Gibbs. Sue Gillaspy. Gwen e, Laurence Grif-fin. Janice Gustafson. L. Halbert. Thelma Hanna. Sally on, Sally Healy, Ardith Heck. Ben Heidrich. Gloria Heiriinger, Tom Henry, Don Herbert, Sally Hill. Marilyn Hillerby, Bob Hllvert. Dorothea Hull, Humason, Harry llllgfam. Barbara lrigoyen. Elissa ll'VIf1. Susie Horne, Charles Howard. Joan Hower, Sally h Huffman. Bernice Colleen lseley. Ann Jenkins. Lavine Jennings. Plalvll Joanning, Harold Johnsen, Wanda J0l"'lS0l1. Dwight Johnson. Gerard Johnson, Jim Johnson, Pat Karp, Johnson, Russell Johnston, Wm. Jones, Bill Jones. Pat Margaret . rr, -J. .-Q- A .. M' - , Q G in C f i? T - 1 NE- 4. 5 tg 3 - 'X X A, ' XE 21 " ' . H Q U-.4 - .fair . f -. ' at Bef.-" ii G- ee. - A' Q' il F511 i -- , gf.: "1" l,J. --' f. ,Q ' -f - f sr- -V -- :, X- W es V 1 V -as of , ' all 4 ' ' J - ,X - f if 9 A ,s V Vt , lr 1 3 u . 1: g , N' '1 - Q -- 2 lf, "' f r K - A se is 'J ' ' f -' v V 4 Q A Y , N . A E- Q l 23- if V Jes f . X i V' a -P ,aaa :lit G' -X 7 1 , ' ' C4 ., 4 'V L L aa. la' -.1 s ii ff' C .1 s v -V .ix-if-by j I , ' .ag 'A " ,, " -if im ' - L. Y.. ,1 A " -. 35. 4 .2 4 3- - ' 'L' G : s. .. 1 j ' ' J le- A . ., i A ,L M ' , ' . t . ' 4 ' Fl' J i 2 , J T Q A .. . ti . is H H - , Egls K G . ' ' A t " - 1. - : t 5 " V 5. - J f P ' ln ' , ' I 9 , . ,.s ok: asv ave 'V -Va Q K .... " 'ga C' , A: G ' e -S 9 1 v VV ALI..." . :J i, 'S Lf .L A ... V ish ' Us ,.. F Q .. s - - t r he ' P gf 6 1 9, me ' L Q ,L 5 'C ' 4 V 'ex'-ii 'Z 4 r N' . M L i Leaf 133 " 4, ' V V V ,sb 39 c 4. 1 ia f Mfg . 'ALA ' 3' 52'-r an-l ,E W ll? K! , ':-1 r M14 L r Q . J L -rr Pi ' -6 1 V, 'wi i Q k 1 -W V' . is ll' A V f i, , il 'U n " ' W Q ' - ' " 1 VU :A ' Q L ' ,M E 7' 'f' fr qw ' A 15 ' o , n-i ' ' gi-:Al 1 Li. J as 1 6 as V224 . 'J f- fr if if gg-' ' ? av , . ' V "rf rg: .-. - J.. il, V -,W f -f " Q43 -f-fs' . A . 4 ai.. g P 1 L..-if i A R ,?"Q," -' x .Q 'ff EES .- an , . Q 4 X Zi' l 5 is y A .. , , it' " i . Q' H 1 E il , 3.-J. J .. . .., . M.. Q 5. X rl Q - 454. Q ' 5 .9 ,. St" -F, L 6: 41,9 "' 'U if fe.. l. . f my " l . 1 J .f X s 4 -v. 41 an have J F 1 . xv . .l ' ' F91 f Liu V-naw x' 'he' -aes. Qu. ,bl iv X iv 1 - . " 1 0 ' W' We 1' 5 " . 5 M. I, , , - it S? . v X - le will l ., - - H. ..-v xx i P I EL x is iz X1 xi , 1 - 25' -V X .sa 3 - z. -. 0. 1 ,L .. . rf " ' it 2 Q . f A wir .vs E. "W A , 1 . J V . . . , 2 ,NM -,, r V , , l 1 . N " . if it Q - 1 NSA flu N . ei 12-A .5 s' 'gk it 1- -f 'Y' " ' S ' ty, . , N. rw, i ., .-- ,ks 1 -Ns at , .. .,.,, .iff a A - . it ...D l. W X ,F ft .. V' I V l 31. "Q 'P ef- ,Q sie- Gr af X Z .2 'N ' . :L g Q e , it -. - B J ' is of Q of .a. , 'Ast ,X by ,N X-4 ' . l , . as A. sg A Xu.. K N ,N -,M . J Q 'P G -i S 1- ti t' ' -f. ' Q W . 1 -c +-' as Q- iz.. t W . Q La . . fx. A 'Y H 3 h 1 1 v g V x. 7 . 1 X .,,.rX .,. 5 l,.".7W1... t li: af? -.. . B "" f ' la is -- X :vi , F" f " W ' -W ' X 3 ir -. - N: 'wie tg., S ' if "i f" -qi my -.,.. . B , ' . Q. QQ fb' X ' 357 FY? , ' IE: T c 3 I t f X . ff Si? . -1 . H V V Nw me .'M' .jf -.. ' 'sf - 5 ' ',- M A x rxs get Q Ms-, X U .. , my X .. ,,,....3s,, K J' h S+ : 'vl 'Q "' 4: 5 f"','f .ef l wmv Q fe- XJ' rl . ,.,,L F a. V J i J , . - ,lx . i - is .. .. g V E , , m I xxx! F, .5 S k S xx l .,. X Y y X . tx. I 0 Q I . e - l Q 4 ' 1 'T Q: "' f' Q J 'F . HQ 'X . -V .- .L . i X ' X " X- l K zlgxw ' . -X ' K 3, Q E' ,Q e . 4..- .if .G ' 1 i I1 'fe-6' A ' :L Q," -' X' gf- . . ze . . get ' , , Z X x gg we f t . f 'cf -1 N- V Q - ll., .Q 1. . ' t ...s i . A' ,. K 1 xv flilwef . f- xi . ,' - . -A Q A iili'5'?T..?lli1' 215.12 75 i .5 s eek' ' ' 1- ,3g.:S.-term A . Yi vb -34 V H. Q A 1' :Ei is rw Q Q ' , 1 A 4 may-, x , 1-2. X ji f . .. .ax " -4- i BX ,fi 4 .. X A - A f, . r . F fk 'il ee . -s e . so an f-:Z , gg- ry W . in vw s,,. at Y x Q gl ,.. S- K ., . .- s ag" X . ' f Y- at 'es se lx ly A f W d. 'B , T 'W .... ..: -... as s 3 " " its .5 ' . - .. ' ' - wr - r , ', , i .L t. -1? fr' if J A, i t , X.: ..-I 1 . K.. W 3 R. mf? B t Q X Katz, Bob Katz, Howard Keene, Ted Kehfer, Laurence Keith, Dick Keller, Suzene Kendall, Don Kilbourn, Nancy Kingston, Richard Klug, LeRoy Knesel. Kenneth Know es, Gloria Koo, Frances Lantz, Leavitt, Verna Lieberg, Marilyn Livezey, Doris Livingston, P. Kortright, H Kowell, Pausnqeld Lacy, Patti Lane, Anna Pat Lodes, Don Lonsdale, Dick Lowe, Billie Lugo, Elaine Lund, Jerry Lynch, Eileen McCarthy, T. McCooey, Marie McKinney, B. McLeary, Pat McMillan. Janyce McNeill, Norma Mack, Beverly Macomber, Phyllis May, Marc Taylor, Beverly Mayfield, L. Mayne. Dick Miller, Miller, George Miller, Marilynn Miller. Martin Miller, Phyllis Moore. Moose. Mary Mudnich. Jennie Munro. Libbeth Myers, Marietta Oppenh Overton. Barbara Pace. Gerrie Page. Mae Page. Robert Meador. Bob Merrihew, Dick Medina. Irvin Meyers. M. Bob Mitsdarfer. S. Moir, Nancy Monte, Robert Montgomery, J, Charles O'Brien, Wanda Offenhauser, F. Ogino. Lillie Olson. Glenn eimer, Dorothy Parker, Margaret Partridge. Bill Partridge, Ed Pattison, Jack Patty. Pat Perry. Dale Peterson. Gloria Pogue. Gloria Powers. Charles Purington, D. Pyle, Eric Rabalite. June Phillips, Frances Phillips, John Raddon. Miriam Raines. Frances Ramsell, Jean Ramsey, John Reagan, Gene Rehbein, Norman Rice. Bertha Richardson. A. Richardson, Marjorie Rider. Barbara Robbins, Victor Robinson. Ronald Rodriguez, H. Sambra Sawyer. J. Scanlon. Jim Schanaker, Roy Schiffilea. Doris Shimad Shook, Maurice Sidner, Patricia Sieg, Ellen Sigworth, M. Smith, Smith, Emil Sneed, Harold Southard, Jackie Speece. Norma Steed, Stephens. Mary Stevens. Mary Stewart, Beverly Stewart, Marian Rowe. David Rowe, Bill Rubalcaba, C. Ruckle, Marjorie no, Michael Schilling, M. Schuman, Jean Sedler, Carl Seivert, Raymond a, Nobuko Slappey, Fannie Smalley, Eugene Smith, Allen R. Smith, Barbara Dick Spoon, Donna Stacy, Ruth Stark, Shirley Stavang, Art Barton Stilley, June Stover, Jack Strain, Bob I Stransky, Elinor Studer, Jean I , ' . - D 4 il- if" S ,vi ,if 4 - Summerl. R. Teschler, D. -.-r " ' F ' A af ' Q, Swanson. D, Thornpson. Bob 3 ,R x 5 . 'Q Q -A Q L5 if-if Dr-flayer. Bill Thompson. Ralph : f R , is X, Q, y, K v ennis. Bill I Thorpe. Donna I Q' ,XX N I 4 - - Tily. Barbara fi' -l",' f I as Tisdale. Jack Uhler. Bett Ann 'P' -W A ff. T5 "' NT' iff P' Turnbull. Audrey Unger. Kagi "' L ' -E I. sw Twomey, Bill Umm. Stan "T N' -U ' I A X -I Ugartechea. M. Van Lohn. Doris f - 1 - Van Noy. Reota n I , - iq . Iv, t- - ,is I K, at --L 53 Vinton, Elizabeth Walton. Paul E vt 5 - 5 -1 - Wackerman. R. Wannamaker. C. Q. ii, 5 Wade. Dorothy ward. Sylvia ,Ti n ' I' I Waldron. Donald Wasson. Lois jus! Q H If K - A J. ' Webb. Bob ,,- ew 'a Weisenberg. E. Williams. Charles 1 ' A - P' G fn 4' Q'-' Whitaker. Mary Wilson. Carol N- . . E ' 1 IE- ' White. Kenneth Wilson. Glen i x 1 I " White. Marion Winston. M. 1 IN ', 'T ' Woldneck. Bob Y. .ass . S: v 9' , . G' ati, . Wolf. Seldon Youngquist. B. ,yr F Wurst. Leroy Youngquist. Lee I, S W - ng Yaeck. Oscar Zaske. Walter .1 1 'R ' - E 'f I. Zuccaro. Bob In 4 I ig' ASKIN. JOHN AUTH. VIRGINIA BANNISTER, BILL BOCKSTALL. RAYMOND BOPP, GEORGE BROWN. CAROLE BROWN, HARRIS BURWELL. PATI CHAMBERLAIN. BOB CHRESTENSEN. BUD CLIFFORD. ROBERT COLLINS. DONALD COPHER. HELEN COYLE. RITA DAVIS. BETTY MAE DAVIS. MAXINE DAWSON. BEVERLY DIAL, PATRICIA DIAS. CATRINO DUFFY. CHARLES DUGAN. ELAINE EMERY. PAUL ETNYRE. KEITH EVE. BETTY EWING. KATHERINE FARNSWORTH. HALL FELIX. VIOLA FISCHER. AMAND FITZPATRICK. PAT FORD. HELEN FORMANACK. LOUISE FREEMAN. ROBERT FURMAN. WALTER GAIR. DONNA GIBSON. ALBERT GIOVANNOLI. LOUIS GONZALEZ. TONY GRAUTING. ROBERT GRIBAYEDOFF. PAUL HANN. JEAN HARRIGAN. DICK HOUWINK. IVIILDRED HURWITZ. ED JACOBSON. GERALDINE JONES. BRUCE KILLION. RICHARD KING. CLINTON KIRBY. WALLACE KNOLL. MONA MARIE LANDUE. GEORGETTE MCDERMOTT. HAROLD MCEVOY. BETTY JANE MASON. ROBERT MILLIRON. TOMMIE MONTGOMERY. PATRICI OLDENDORPH. ROBERT OLDS HUGH A A-IO's WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR PINAIRE. IRENE POTTER. DON PRIBBLE. DONALD RONZONI, TECLA SACKETT. DALE SCHAFFER. PATRICIA SCHILLING. HARRY SCHWENDEN. HOWARD SHAW. JANE SILD. SIDNEY SMITH. STANLEY SOLOMON. GEORGE SWANSON. PAUL TALLEY. ADAS TAYLOR. RICHARD THRASHER. FRANK TROPP. JERRY TRYON. BARBARA VANCE. FRANK VAUGHN. CI-IAUNCEY VEST. RICHARD VOGAN. MARILYN WHITNEY. LOIS WIDENER. WALTER WILLIAMS. EDITH WINGO. BILL WRIGHT. BILL YOCOM. STEPHEN If j s I f'i . ' ,, ' .43 'gi' .i K 1 :A ig? . of 1 1 0'NE'v""' LA MARR Fred Kei+I'1's Prize Winning Snapshoi. PENNINGTON. CHUCK PETRY. DONALD N9 571' 1 TW J' fl ,L A ik w, f ' .l- li A I 1. Shelia Marrow, President, Mr. Paulfrey, Adviser Irene McGacl'ian, Secrelaryg Helen John, Treasurer, Sandy Kemp, Vice President. 0 0 1 earlzng of Wm ter 4 The winTer Class OT '45, in Their second year aT The big ranch A. l-l. S.. sTarTed The new year by having a round-up and roping Tor Tour prize oTTicers. PuTTing up a good TighT Tor The oTTiCers were Tour boys and Tour girls. The girls won and were eleCTed as Tollows: Sheila Morrow, presidenTt Sandy Kemp, vice-presidenT7 Irene lvicGachan, sec:reTary: l-lelen John, Treasurer: Mr. "Wild Bill" Paullrey iS Toreman OT The gang. Doing Their biT Tor delense, They sold war sTamps Tor a STamp Dance. AT This aTTair They were hosTs and sold reTreshmenTs. LasT semesTer when They were slill going by The name ol Treshmen, They were also very acTive. They held Their meeTings once a weelc ioinTly wiTh The 3475. Turns were Taken beTween The Two classes in conducTing meeTings. AT These meeTings, diTTerenT school Clubs oresenTed programs. They WGVG led by Their adviser, Miss STallce, and oTTicers Leonard Burwell, pre Sheila Morrow, secreTaryq and Sandy Kemp, Treasurer. fx rw Q -vi' V. 9 T X 'i . buff' A 5 .. "W ' U X EE: . l l ll "' ' u, ,A 'ea ' 'W T3-'fir' i if." SF' if-ii , s L ig., l ix K Q, W ..L. Nmxkrg L' ' ' 'l'T'hWx ' , I A x. F E F : ,:.:. . "' xr . j - - M -1 sidenT: Jael Jones, Adams. June Adler. Shirley Amos. Bob Ashworth. C. B Bemiller, Bernice Benson. Don Bertoglio, Allen Bierkle. Orville Brady. Burford, Ann Burlem. Patricia Burwell. Leonard Butkovich. Tom SI-lUS0l vice-presidenT7 Atchley. Ted Austin, Jack Baker. Josezndhine Bean. Dona eil. Antoinette Bishop. Hal'l21l'1 Blust, Harry Boaz. Betty Brace. Elsie Don Chamlee, Zane Chubbic, BettY Clanton, Bill Clark, TeddiS ff Cole. Nancy! Colton. PUYHSS cotton. Bill Crawford. B. Crosby. B05 Dreesse Drinkward. Cecil Einum. Leona Ellis. Horace Ellison. Betty , Geddis. Gilday. Geraldine Gillette. Lois Gilmore. Betty Glassman. Harry Griffith. Gross. Lucille Haffling. Arthur Halfacre. D. Hamilton. Sue Heard. Hein. Darrell Helderle. Don Hughes. Harry Hutchings. Jack Johnso Johnson. S. J. Jones. Jack Josephson Glen Keesee. Patricia Lehma LeVan Robert Livingston. E. Lottman, B. McGachan. Irene Matthe Maxwell. Peggy Menzel, Roy Mohrbacker. B.A. Morhbacker. B.L. Muse. Needham. Gale Nerison. Bob Nickerson. Jim Nielsen. Norma Dills. Kendell Doan. Cortland Dolkas. Veronica Downs. Bob n, Elaine Evans. LaVonne Fisher. Betty French. Marvin Fuqua, Bill Gloria Goldie. Robert Graham. Joe Graveley. Marion Greif. Vivian Margaret Hanley. Frank Harrison. Pearl Hastings. Harold Hayes. Arthur Mary Jo Ives. Burdett Jessup. Dorothy John. Helen Johnson. Dorothy ri. Gordon Kemp. Sandy Kenny. Shirley Lamb, Barbara Lapham. Betty n. Helen McManus. Marion McQueen. Gordon Malmgreen. V. Matranga. Joey ws. Jack Monahan. Billy Morden. Janet Moreno. Rosita Morrow. Sheila Betty Offenhauser. B. Nolan. Jacqueline Parker. Clayton Parker. Evelyn Patterson. Jack Pebley. Bobby Pettit, Bob Powers. Marvin Probert. George Salazar. Sanders. Bill Schueler. Patty Shackles. Mary Slappey. Dorothy Taylor. Thost, Ardella Tisdale. Grace Tryk. Dana Unbedacht. Joan Reed. Beverly Reed. Mitzi Regan. Kenneth Rowe. Ruth Sara Spencer. Stuart Steig. Bonnie Stephens. M. H. Stogsdill. W. Bob Unbedacht. R. Urtasun. F. Van Noy. R. Varnado. Jim Vaughan, Dick Vega. Edward Verdugo, E, Vinson. Virginia Wallen. Goloria White. White. virginia Wlchser. Carol Wilcox. Eve Wilden. June Woodw Y0Cum. Emma Young. Philip Wenner. Donald Wernegreen. M. West. Eugene Westbrook. Alice George Wilkes. Bob I Williams. Marlon Willis. Reid Wood. Allen ard. Paul rf ' hh- . -is 'Z' st! ah, 5 Y,c-, -fr- Ein X 5 , Al ,cis A' E ' Q . 1 of Q i i' i ' .Eg cf ' a A 'r . I . l',: N ' ' -Q f - ,, .QF 'A' s 'i E P lr b ,. . :3- r . 5 v. , -:yrs 4' ,Lag fy 1 I f-"'- to sq .. ls .--' is lsf' '::' g if -G -, i if Fi ii- ef ' . 7' E v . 4 4, i 1, N Y I gf '-. li. 1 - Tvs i im Q. L .fig 5 W ' I J -Q f 4 a . I , -is L .1 I Q' ,-' f' if us. 'IG - .A-. I- gg - N- mx P" V li DLL .1 f P - - El Q A . 1 .v 4 1 ' ' f' . J' , . Q '., L -.. vi-.q-Z - 4 L6 -B i. i' i 'i - fi - R A 4 E' ' fi api?-'4 A 1.17.5 -. Q L' N. L M. P45 i1.""'g! ' Q ' Q' T 1 - -A Q," , '- 95 .gvgzg ' . ' , 4 , .. A I ' 2 q WAN fi'1ib'f - ' I N6 , - 'dy ' -V A- Lgx. - ' 3 , N' A I V I 6 L gli I Fifi .I A. ki' 'B -. .as 8 Digg" ,vii . 'T' his , 4 ,:- " 2 'U ., Q' ls" - .... u 1 ... D i .. . W .3 . A Y : 9 S ,l auf Q5 .SQ 4 if y ., . in ' ' 9 J l W 4 . Q - L ,T fee-f 15 ' . lg' i' J' 7' V .J he y E. 'f' . - -. at ,.. . -i fi L dim' W glfx! W, , .L f L ,J . 1 1 iff Q Q .. g., 4 " .Ir r V-. R 1 . 1 Q J -Q -. .--J l P S -3 ' . G , , - - - f' 4 i -, J Q. .f ie- ' .4 , J ' ',X X I - -, 711. .-s-L R - -Lx., H 4 Q: I 9 A A T 622' JAVA: ' A Y 2 Jn I x DF M Miss Sfahlke, Adviser: Alan Nichol, Treasurer: BeTTy Hoof, Vice-President Bill Farrar, Presidenh Margarel- Tague, SecreTary. bvgie nf Summer ' 5 Roping The school spiriT by The horns, The Summer class oT '45 came inTo The round-up wiTh much enThusiasm. Class acTiviTies Tor The year consisTed oT a sTyle show, a C. R. "Penny Dance," and concluded wiTh a meeTing held by The school commissioners. ChrisTmas boxes Tor The soldiers were handled Tor The class Through The orienTaTion classes. JoinT meeTings were held wiTh The B9's, The oTTicers oT one class presiding everv oTher Time. A consTiTuTion was drawn up providing Tor The class oTTicers To hold oTTice Tor Their whole ninTh year. The herders Tor These yearlings were Bill Farrar, presidenTg BeTTy l-looT, vice-presidenTg lvlargareT Tague, secreTary: and Allan Nicol, Treasurer. Class song-leaders, coached by The school song-leaders. were Mary Rose, Joyce Reid, Shirley Jane, and KaThleen Lynch. Adviser Tor The TirsT semesTer was Miss SmiTh, wiTh lvliss Slahlke Talcing over Tor The second semesTer. r Q 71 A sl ' 1 , X :Qu as Anderson. Jerry Anderson, Harold if g, 'Rig if gif' Q " 1 .QL i Anderson, D. Anderson, N. Q. W gy, , 5 QS' X Anderson. Don Apodaca, Arthur 4 f f 5 is .ff s. www .. - .. -K Anderson, Fred Ash, Alan ' Li' r iq, -N-V ,is 4 T' 'X N N - Baird, James gf, L." pm . guna- Jlm? R, X as as N Barnes, Barbara Baughman, Ed eg' ix :L A , jst: ' A A Q A W Barnes, Clayton Beauverd, B. sf Q WZ Q. N as jg? Bartolo, Louie Beck, Jane - Af 4. "' li Q ' ii -- - - A BHSHKBFT Don Becker, Carolyn T Benning, PGQQY Belt, Jean Bergmanu John Berry, Sh""CY ' h Pat Bw op' Brett, Brown, Marjorie Brown, Ruth Ann Brown, Sally Bruns, Betty' Black, Billy Blake, Willa D. Blanc, Rose Blum, Betty Harold Brusel, Barbara Brusher, Betty L, Bufkin. Herbert Burgan. Barbara Burkhart. William Burnett, Calvin Calverley. L. Burr, Patty Carpenter. J, Calderwood, D. Chambers, S. Calderley, Evelyn Chaney. Larry Cheney, Virginia Childs. Ben Cole. Betty Clanton, Byron Clanton, Melba Colby, Jacquelyn Cominos. Evelyn Cordano, Frances Corey, lna Mae Cornelius, Charles Coulter, Stan Dalen, Dorothy Creahan, James Davis. Kenny Currie, Darrow Davis. Norma Dalby, Bettie M. Davis. Richard Dear, Gilbert Derr, Larry Dutton, Mary Dickensheet, N. Edgley, Richard Dill, John Edwards, Tom Drish, Jerry Eliker. Edgar Ellison, Richard Emery, Harold Everitt, James Fairchild, Ellen Fallon, Patty Fishba Fitzpatrick, M.L. Fox, Bob Fox, Marjorie Frederick, Mary Gibbs, Glass, Verna Gleason, Bob Gottier, Robert Gough, Shirley Farnsworth. Lee Farrar, Bill Feldrnann. Eileen Fish. Marion ck, Lee French. Kenneth Gardner. Elaine Gardner, Elva L, Gauldin. Clarence Juliann Granger. K. Gray, Elenore Griffin, Virginia Griffiths. B. Hackett. Colleen Hagen, Buster Hager, Roger Haig, Barbara Haizlip, Roger Hansen, Shirley Hale. Russell Hambleton. Jerry Hamilton. S. Hansen, Bill Hansen, Jack Henderson, B. Hendrixson, R. Harrod, Shirley Hartnett, Daniel Hershey, Jean Hofme Holmes, Jim Holmquist, D. Holsinger, Harve Hooper, Bob Hoster Houland, Clayton Hudson, Robert Husband, Reed Jacobi, Don Jones, Jordan, Barbara Judson, Don Kelley, Shirley Kelly, Phyllis Hillier, Bob Himes, Helen ister, Leo Hoot, Betty Hoover, Janette Hopper, Delores Horner, John man, Jerry Jacobs, Betty J. James, Helen Jane, Shirley Johnston, Ivan Norman Kermode, R. I Kersh, Lorraine Kimball, Derith Kinne, John Kirkendall, Joyce Kiss, Shirley Kurnmer, Pete Kifabjian, J. Kvammen, J- Klement, Ruth Lacy, Barbara Kovar. Lillian Lane. Margaret Launer, Pat Y if , Q +L Q.- f 1, Q .S . ,, .. - 4 be . , rr U in ,Lf My A, ..,-1 Q4 Q .mtg E gg, 2,3 .. M I i N - .t L' 'W 'ii f, 3: Q . . . ra. ,N ,t ' F ' ' im A' -ii 7. . 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ROBERT ALEXOFF. GEORGE ALLEN. EMMA MARIE ANDERSON. GRACE ARELKANES. VIRGINIA ARNOLD. REUBEN BARRETT. FRANCIS BECERRA. JOHN BENESH. BOB BOCKSTALL. ROBERT BOROWITZ. FRANK BOWERMAN. PRISCILLA BUSHEY.RL1SSELL BURWELL. LOIS JEAN CHAMBERS. JUNE CHAMBERS. MARGLIERITE CONFORTI. HELEN COOK. BOB CROOCKEWIT. ALEX CUNIMINGS, WILLIAM DENNY. BETTY DICKSON. BOBBY ECKERT. ANNA ELKIN. BOB ELMORE. JOHN EWING. PAULA FERNANDEZ. DOLORES FITZ-RANDOLPH. ELIZ. FORMANACK. ANDREW FORD. BETTY FRANKLIN. BEAULAH GRAFFIS. BETTY GRANADOS. ERNEST GRAY. DOTTY GREEN. ROBERT W, GREENFIELD. NORMAN GUENTHART. BILL HAIR. BURTON HALL. DICK HAWKES.JEROME HOFFMAN. BOB HOOT. TOM HOLT, PHYLLIS HOOVER. JIM HOUWINK.JOHN JOHNSON. OLIVER JUNG. VIRGINIA KEEBLE. ELLEN KILLIAN, BILL LANCASTER. MARION LANDES. ROSALIE LANDUE. LITA LITTLE. JEAN MCCLAIN. MARGUERITE MCCORD. DONNA MCFARLANE. CURTIS MCINTYRE. THENA MCKEMAN. LOUIS MANNING. ARCHIE MEDINA. IRVIN MONTANO. PETER MOORE. ROBERT MOSS. CLIFFORD MOYER. BARBARA MURPHY. VIRGINIA NEAL. ZAYNE NAVARRO. CONNIE NICHOLSON. RALPH NINI, MARIE NORGARD, ROBERT O'FALLON. TOM OVERTON. ROBERT PINAIRE. TED POLLARD, MARTHA PROCTOR, BILL RENFRO. HOWARD RITTER. DIXIE ROBINSON. GALE RODRIGUEZ. PAUL ROMMEL. JIM SANDLIN,CLINT SCHUMAN. BARBARA SHAW. LESTER SMITH. BONNIE SNYDER.JOAN SOLOMON. MARY STEIGER. KATHERINE STEPHENSON. DONALD STONER. GILBERT SUMMERS. TED TAYLOR. ROWAN THORSON. RALPH TSCHANZ. VANCE UHLER. GEORGE UPTON, ROLLAND VIRTUE. BLAIR WALDRON. FRANK WARD. ROSEMARY WELCH. BILL WELSH. DONALD WHITNEY, EUNICE WIGHTMAN,JAMES WILKINSON. WALTER WILLIAMS. ERNEST WYLAND. ALVIN W C If I shi 125 JL Miss Smifln, Aclvisorg Kasson Lunf, Presiden-lg Marcia Jones, Secrefaryg Ramona Marfin, Treasurer: Bonnif Wilson, Vice-Presidenf. begin of Winter '46 Galloping ahead in acfivifies, fhe yearlings of W'46 lassoed fhe school spirif wifh one fhrow, The firsf dance held was The "Copper l-lop", fhe proceeds going fo fhe class freasury. lvleefings were held regularlf. wifh fhe ACTS, fhe presidenfs of each class falcing charge. A consfifufion was adopfed, providing for fhe class officers fo hold office for a year. School clubs prepared skifs or senf spealcers fo fell of fhe purposes and acfivifies of The clubs. A new idea of having fheir own song-leaders was infroduced fo fhe class. The girls were fo be coached by fhe school song-leaders and fhen presenfed before fhe class The f l ' . earn cwosen was Mary Jane Reid, Joyce lvlc- Whorfer, and Doris Wolcoff, wifh Jo Ann Broolcs as class pianisf. Foremen for fhis herd of xiearlings consisfed of Kasson Lunf, presidenfp Bonnie Wilson, vicefpresidenfy lvl' ' J - I A GFOG 0099 secrefary Ramona Marfin. freasurer. , U S T1 . ",:Zi'::.:i.:L.',. . .1 ' digg- r. 11: '-21?-'J,f: ...-.:..--5-2-121 -214' 15.3 'Z' 'i 1ff.3E53fef'i 531 ' "fl .?-I-'--' 1 ' 1331 QQ '-'zfjf' A :-- YM. QQ ff 12 ...-4 ra., .-,a f " . HB 126 t - J, I X I mQ1,'xlL A A .I I :J -. --. ' as. A a .. af.. . finq 1 - l ax ,. , , , JD ' 6 Q t ff Air' X' 'i 1 S E-3 gg ARR! I Q Ln. SBI I ?reAlimen Wlime Fic ture.: AMERINE. BOB ARCIERO, NORENE AUTREY. MARGARET BARRETT. JEAN BASTEAR. CAROL BECK. JIMMIE BECK. PHYLLIS BEVAN, YVONNE BLAKE. BARBARA BLASDALE. JEAN BOLLMAN. HENRY BOOTH, DOLORES BOWLES. RICHARD BROOKS, JOANN BROWN, CHARLES BROWN, PEGGY JEAN BRUMMETT. PATRICIA BURLEM, WILLIAM BUSHEY, KENNETH CABE, MARIE BILLIE CARLSON, PAUL CATHCART, CECIL CLARK, PHYLLIS COBLE. BETTY CORNELL, LORETTA CRANDALL, JAMES CULYHOUSE, ROBERT DIAS, ALFRED ROBSON, EDWARD DUNLAP, ROBERT FIDDAMENT, JACK FRICKER, PAT GANO, ROBERT GAW. BETTY GEBHART, PATSY GILDAY, JERRY GILMORE, FRED cUcK.NANcv GoNzALEs.JuLiAN caANATH,cooFRev GREENE,GORDON HALaeRT.evELvN HATTABAucH,cAnL HEADWCK,EDWARD HENav.noeeRT HEseLToN.eoeav HEWITT. ROBERT iawiw GEORGE ivEasoN.MuaieL JAcoesoN.MARv JoHNsoN.ooNALo JoHNsoN.JosEPH JoHNsToN.JeAN Jones MAaJome JOSEPHSON.DORB KEEPEn.JAcK KELLen,RoeenT LePEHn.JoAN LANoLEv.Rov LAnMoRE,NELsoN LEMeKE.LEnoY MemLvEY,MAmLvN MeELRATH.PATRicK McKEE.GonooN McMAHoN.LAwnENcE MAcooNALD,MAmLYN MARsHALL.BAnBARA MARwN.RAMoNA MATLoFF.vmTon MATTHEws,JERRv MAxwELL.eARBARA MiLLER,elLL WLLER WARREN 127 be flat Abbott. Caryol Althouse. Marilyn Avakian. M. Berry JoAnn Brickall, Ann E, Butcher. Elwin Cederquist. N. Conner. P. C. Costamagna. Costanzo Crabtree. Robert Craven. Douglas Danish. Edith Davis, Noel DeYoung. Norma Drain. G. R. Ellis. Ruth Esplin. Eugene Everett. Dean Falk. Bob A. Fehr, Frances J. Gendry. Ralph L. Graham, Fred Hirsch. Hudson. Richard Hunter, Lloyd ller. Doris Mai Johnson. Betty Lindber Lunt, Kasson McKnight. Peggy McWhorter. Joy Nlarkley, Cathrin Mulick. Nichols. Dick Olson. Kathleen Page. Lois Peckham. Janyce Greene, Hartley Grieve, Joan I-Iarnmer. Allen Hanson. Jane Ruth Jones. Kay M. Kauffman. R. Kubly. Ray Larison, Joanne g, Ramon Martin. Ramona Miller, Dale Miller. Maibyn Miller. Norman Jirri Pedrini, Robert Pelsue. Barton Pulver, Manford Putnam. Don Lee Reid. Mary Jane Sadler. Ronald Schrader, L. E. Sigworth. B. J. SIate.r Anne Smith. Roy Spaulding. W. Taitt. Earl Taitt. James Thomas. Roy Toland. Edith Vinson. Barbara Wasserman. A. Wilkins. Roberta Wilson. Bonnie Walcott. Doris Workman. B. J. Hppear MOLINAR, BOB MULA. ROSE MARIE NEBO. MARY OLSON, KENNETH ORTEGA. GILBERT O'SULLIVAN. PATSY PETERSON, SHIRLIE PURCELL. BEN PURDY, GLORIA QUICK. DON REID, VIRGINIA MARLYN REILLY. BILL REILLY. BETTY RENSINK, KATHERINE RHODES, EUGENE ROBBINS. GERALD ROBERTS. DOROTHY ROHRBACH, LORRAINE ROM, ALICE ROUNTREE. CLARENCE ROUSE. BOB SMITH. BONNIE STELLMACHER. MAUDE N STEWART. JACK TERRELL, DEAN THIES. VIRGINIA THOMAS. TED TILY. ROBERT VAUGHN. ROBERT VIAL. GRACE WALKER. TOMMY WARD. DOROTHY WARE. MARGARET WOLFE, ROBERT WULK. HOWARD YOUND, LADEAN ZIVELONGHI, VINCENT -0 f'n fi? 1' Nl ' 1 QQ- f:e:fr4e.iv X N - T3 H Szgnaturu ,,0..Q,,g 5 w Q , vr j M z L' YA' Q 1, QJQLQ 'Q J , K I" f - 'f . -4 '- if A H J .Zvi ' ""f1-Q., ki A U ff' M L f?P4JL.f!il'.. M224 fx.-1.1 zw L74 -f MQ' W4 44.,,'4uQ:-J. f R' 'K ' f f - VA ' Q . K! 2.f5fii"1-EQ!-:'ll W . Lgglx .Nh A ti E "A-fx Hs LA-K-QL, A-J 41,0C.Lhr ML X, I s QP AV'-vtx' M QWL4.-Y1:',:1'. . Q X ,Y K rf ' '-7f"'v.f 2: 61,141 gb . C L '11 44-K. my K W '-4-'N-os.2 'A 'Fi' ' , , J ' I ' in M-, ff' 1 fxfrfv LL A.-2-if r -,-4.-,if-f ., . .. . . V. ,A-.-., , ,. ul.. V W, 1. '-.M., Q 5... r- h -- .- .v,.,. , ,R WV , , ..,,..,-,.- Q, -.-.. , , '1 w . .- - -,M ,1,,.,.1-, . . , .1,.-1. . L., 1, .. .fu-1, ,', 1 " 'r ,.,. 1-. .. . ,I .. ., -ri. , J 'f -4. f,f.,.Q,. llmq..-, .-.',, .."'x'-., ,- -. ., -. J, -, -I af. 'L ."f ,. ' fl"-1'lLf:1'--V'-1-fi' .-,., ' .-V ,:-. in-,: 133.3 h- , ,,. . V1 A ggly.-3.4. .- .".-:'-- - . ', u , J 3-1 , . xg 11,-,.-,.. '-j, .4.:.::,'f3H'-L. f. 3, , rl 4" 1-2-. . fy.,-ffl -' .f . -I af. .-1...-P " .f -f.. Q ff I t lg I gfg y :CG ,- 4' A 'Q F QP P 4-Q 5 ..., 1' , 1 ' Q. .,..,,., K , "'if.g. . -1 1.1 .-C ,lf ."L. '-'.' .a- L-ffd ' . flu! .Inq 1 L... 4 H lf, 24 -l 3 g 1 1---.,A,.'.,, -.5111 .,. J , , . ,.,',,g::,-f'rd -1 ,.., 1 .I .., ,,:.,I..L f .', . , ,.. 1ffl'-.itlvtg-.-.-515. . . ' 4,125 .lj ':f.1r ,v.,,,vf ., .,, I.. , snr, - . 1.-I "11fz"1'C'?. .J t 4. :. . 1'.1-.'.s,l-haf' I ' . ' -f'-I-. Z2 .',A. 'M-. .l,-. ,'-,',f.' . f.,x , '-rzgzg f. D . .. I-, 1, , ,.r,-f,.',-g.fry-.-. I, 3 Lx LJ:-. .- .L V- L -F -'rff 1,15 W.-. - .. -Lg . - . -' f,L,...,-4 - -.., '. . .t-,',.x,-h ' 2-QQ'-' -un'- ...XT ,altzyzli 1.2: 'cn W1 f..l,r7 , W, g. A ' I. 1-I., l 5 .. . I, .,-.k.'-- X--'..'f, , . xv, 4 21, '1 4-f.:'f'?1:wi2.-I 3 N-f 9 n'.'-1, v'-n xA',.Lf.-4 . ,5.,, .4 . '- ,, ' - ."".,5 4,' .f,. ,Q-,..,'L,f-' - f,:,.,,,, , ,,. ...J L,-it fu., I, fu I I, I., 4- rv1l.,7Tv.Q,: ,Q ,- 'f.:,",,'i1 ., 21711. ,QL ff lfff, , ,Ii 1:-F , J Q-3: --.', .,. . j- f-,,',,..-1 -.- ,. 'g " "- . 4 .. Y,fw.A f 'f'--.g- 1' '..'. -1 ,."" -'t'l H 1. fr- - .. h. .- 5. ,. .-jf-,l ,,,,1,w -.ff-,,, 'gf 1-"...n.",-ff-" '.'-4...4 f 1 ,--' . U'-,'.,,.,.., .--'. '- x.,...-.,,.'- Hp:-1,'.-,--, -1' . . in,-. f ,-V, - -,':-.,.,.5,y,,f ' .,- V.. 'H L L -. -,rd 1.3, ,A f'-,,- , g.u.4.4 'V ...LU- ILLUSTRATION HOWARD BOYINGTO , .., .. rgpgr 4-,..5v., ,.',,, 451--7 ".'J.:.vf ,,o-:'n,-.r" .I-.f,"f:"'f,.ff . 1 1 .., 4' 1', I-4-1.11 - ' :1 Ip,-,?:L:. r N W WM Sygjjf SA 5599 pf' ....-! ll!! Z 4 fa , ,,. if I Q , " A-uf in ke, nuuuupn 44 Q 494: ,WW ,nw -'iw M, ,fy -UA Age, mf? ' su Mfqg. . 5 ,qw ig E 1 1 UP AN' OVER! UA MAN'S REACH 3-"P" v .JI 'ff ,. , MEET THE MISSES MOOR." - "ON ALH ..4 AMBRA MOORS! cr' en T ' "I J Ol l x0 L C x -3 -. .4 U U. ,, f,'1,g-L,- .--A " -'-.4441 .,.1 .A f-3 A H r- A!- - L ff-1' Q" f, -,- .fs 5,-. , Z' 'Iv .1.4.... . ' :..,..., -- - ,,- L A:-V-Lg f---3-ff. ::. .... " - J., -- ..,-.f. .J i OUR PEP QUEENS 133 f- ',::."-Lf: J- . .1 f, :,,f- f- -:. ff. - .4 ., -.. ., f- "L I -I v I . 94 - N ' ' A Q Q I 1 F ' ' .. , 4 ' g 'Q if x A 'Q " Q , K. '4 s A K H Q I. tk F' vt .v 1 -x 'an S NN x , W SLE- ll X Jenkins Anderson Boone Davis Dennis Farrar Ferraro Gibbs Gordon Hall King Kirkpalriclx Loveless Nacco Nixon Peire Tom Pufman Ricl'1+er Salerno Siai-er Sfevens Vinfon Wheeler Calden' Manager 134 1 l lla:-Aitq ?oot6aIl Handicapped by a very lighT sguad, Coach George Hobbs developed The mighTy Moor Squad inTo one oT The speediesT Teams in The league. The Team averaged less Than I65 pounds per man, and The baclcTield less Than T60 pounds. They Thus very easily lived up To Their name oT "The pony baclcTield." WhaT The Alhambra Team lacked in weighT They made up in speed and power. The Moor Team sTarTed rolling by branding The El MonTe Lions wiTh a 27-6 deTeaT. Harry Anderson was The sTar oT This game, which showed The onlookers ThaT The mighTy Moors were no push-over Tor any Team. This was Tur-Ther proved when Tom PuTman and Company senT San Diego l-loover baclc home wiTh a I2-I3 loss. The nexT game proved To be one oT Those oTT days, and The Moors dropped a hard ToughT game To Glendale Hoover, 6-O. WiTh some oT The high spiriT Talfen ouT oT Them by Their de-TeaT, The Moors Traveled To lnglewood To Try To rope The league leaders. Playing in a dense Tog all nighT, The Moors squeezed ouT anoTher 3-I2 win lso They Tell us, Tor no one saw iTj. Lawrence STevens, ,nTer, was The main drive oT This game wiTh his Tine inTercepTions. The hearT brealcer oT The season came when Woodroxv NNilson downed Alhambra, 20-I4. The h?ghlighT oT This game was The lasT Wilson Touchdown, which came in The lasT Tive seconds oT The garre. A breaTher came nexT wiTh VVhiTTier, who Tell beTore our Team, 24-7. This game was sparlced by 'Wayne Hall. The rival game wiTh Marlf Kepole on Thanlfsgifing Day was one oT The besT games oT The season, Tor The whole Moor Team worlced TogeTher as ore man and seT The AZTecs back wiTh a I4-O loss. Ralph Nixon, John Kirlf- paTriclc, Allen Nacco, and Bob RichTer were The sTars oT This game. The lasT game OT The year was wiTh Glendale Broadway which Alhambra losT, 7-O. AlThough we losT Three games, we were in The race Tor The championship wiTh a chance To be in The playoTTs unTil The lasT, Tor every Team in The league losT aT leasT Two games. OTher valuable members oT This year's Team were Bob Boone. Tony Ferraro, Mar'Tin Gordon, and Lyle Loveless. 135 E L I COACH HOBBS COACH WHEELER BOBBY Cosmic crunch K Slripes ace stars VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW I: Arneluxen, Yocum, Gorell, Petre, Hall, Kirkpatrick, Vinton, Anderson, Davis, Ferraro. ROW ll: Hilper. Wenner Marshell, Richter, Slater, Gordon, Gibbs, Jenkins, Boone, Ranker. ROVV Ill: King. Farrar. Cayot, Loveless, Nag Conde, Nelson, Putman, Wheeler, Nixon, Anderson. ROW IV: Garber, Bedwell. Cogswell. ' ' Beaty, Stevens. co. Koeff. Williams. Lockh ' ' art. Dennis ? , f .n .M if A if W-,hx . , all 1 f - - - g ' 14 ",.'?'?5'?"' Q , if Eg xv, -27 2, L 0 Q . M i Q K ?ovt6all fliwi. i Bowers Coniglio Gallagher Ge+Ier DQMM Donamson Frandsen Fryer Hughes Ingram Giovenoli Gillies Holmes Horner Oberlles Pulman Knox Lava,-5 Macfie Maedel Warmaclx Wheeler Rogers SCOH Sfewarl Unbedachf Fi-pzgerald Weiser 138 R C' ?oo Mall Coacl'1Sef+on E "" Pm J Gi ' " ' 1 . 3. 1 19 ' ,, Barnes Bar+olo Black Fernandez Furman Hassenplug Chris+ensen Dalen Downs Johnson Lodes McCue Harmon Jacobi Jung Somers Tlworsen Tigdale Norgard Olds Peferson Whi+e Zaske Probe,-f Uhier VeE+ Wal+on 139 Kee and Cee ?oot6all Besides many reTurning Bee leTTermen, Coach Jim Kemp was greeTed by many oT lasT year's Cee Team. The Kempmen sTarTed The season by deTeaTing EI lvlonTe, 6-O, and P. J. C., I3-O. BoTh oT These games were pracTioe encounTers. When The Bees sTarTed in Their own league They looked even sTronger. The whole Team worked as one uniT, and iT looked as iT They were headed Tor The championship by deTeaTing Glendale T-loover, l4fO, and Glendale Broadway, I2-O. The Team Thus Tar remained unscored upon, buT iniuries To Bob PuTman, Bob Maciie, Charles STewarT, and oTher TirsT-sTring men, caused Them To lose To Woodrow Wilson, 6-I3, Tie WhiTTier, 6-6, and lose To lvlark Keppel, 2-6. Dave Gillies was elecTed capTain Tor The season. The Cees, under a new coach, WalT SeTTon, won Tor The TirsT Time The l:ooThill League championship by going Through Their league schedule undeTeaTed. They deTeaTed EI WlonTe, I4-O. ln Their own league They downed Glendale l-loover, I4-O: Glendale Broadway, I9-Og Woodrow Wilson, I4-O3 WhiTTier, 27-7, and clinched The TiTle by rolling over Mark Keppel, 7-O. The ouTsTanding perTormers Tor The Cees were Burke PeTerson and Leslie Barnes. Barnes won The Adohr "Kick oT The Week" Trophy Tor his Tine conversions. x ' R ,. ,'-' ess S.,- . gl . .5 GJ, f s x ,. ,.,.. A T 'T Wi' sfXe"T- 1 BEE FOOTBALL ROW I: Wheeler, Stewart, Putman, Horner, Scott, Gillies, Donaldson, Knox, Rogers, Ingram. ROW ll Fitzgerald War- mack, Hughes, Fryer, Frandsen, Lavars, Oberlies, Bowers, Holmes, Nebo. ROW Ill, Giovannoli, Weiser Unbedacht 'Black Farrar. Filance, Vance, Thomas, Delvlar. ROW IV: Harniton qlVIgr.j, Sanders. LaVan T Y . Coniglio, Tyler, Nlaedale, Dowden, Wallester flvlgixl. CEE FOOTBALL ROW I: Downs, Mount. Jung, Black, Christiansen, McQue, Walton, Johnson. Lott, Zaskey, pemandez Summers ROW H. Dalen. Barnes. Jacobi, Anneluxen, Olds, Ohler, Peterson, Catland, Furmen, Johnson, Bangla, QOWTIII. Hageh Harmon. Richards. Lotus, Tisdale, White, Perkins, Vest, Hassenplug, Norgard, IVIcGrarn, Probart. I I T 140 'C 1. 'll ,-fs! w nfl' Q 161' 2 E Rs' l Q . ei' n ' A 1 'I if . "1 1 I 5 fp inf!-4 .1155 .lvl lOf"3' :"' LE? 1 'Q-ifdviii' l-A "'-xl 'Ar .. 'S " ff , Q i J6- Wf 4 n S i -Lino -J-eww-, V A 7 -X be 'Qi A - . . 24 ee- Peferson goes around end. Wheeler s+ar+s his print Levers behind good blocking. Come on Alhambra : J 1241-.sity KaAleet6all A veleran ouhcii answered Coach Jim Kemp's call-iofarms Tor The inilial drill in preparaiion Tor The l94l-42 baskelball wars. Dave Davidson, sharp-shooiing forward, along wilrh Gail Livingslon and l-lerb Evans formed che nucleus of The squad. Such experienced men as Joe Beard, Bob Boone, "Ole" Qlson, Ted Bemiller, Glen Smilh, and Bob Marlin always gave slerling performances lhroughoul The season. The remaining members oi +ne squad were Jay l-lills, John l-lay, Lawrence Sfevens, and carrol-lopped Doug Lovilc. Davidson, af The end of Jrhe season, was unanimously chosen by his Jreammaies lo receive Jrhe covered "MOST Valuable Player" Trophy. Livingsron, oulslranding offensive guard, was elecled lo acl as Jream caplain. The moslr surprising player of Jrhe season was Bob Marlin, whom Coach Kemp developed inlo a Task evasive Tricky ball player. Bob, ailer gradualion in February, enrolled in U. S. C., where he played a good game Tor The Trobabes. lvloorville's cagers were nosed oul of rhe Foolhill League by a Jrhrilling game wi+h Glendale l-loover wi+h a score of 29-25. The Kempmen, however, ran rings around our soulhern neighbors from Keppel To oeliver rhern a defeal. The annual Varsilry-Facullry laugh ifesl' ended in a score of 43e2l, in favor of The Varsiry. "CARD" GUARD STRUGGLES HARD .... K' 112 Hay Hills Kirkpahiclc Lovick Marlin Olson Smlflw Talley Vlnfon ' ll.l -L A 1 . ko A LLL. L Bemiller Boone 9' V MIB: f if p A Davidson Evans H Jinx! V , My X 3 m 1. E. J :ff .o llxnf' o n -J . Son, 2 io G, x .. Ak! 1 Q41 lx - l Q D an Qj, V ,, '- . A I V, " f N--a 143 quo mah -4 V AQ , 'Q' Kee T KaAlzet6a!l Coach Bill Hess' Bee Team, TerminaTing an excellenT season, came in second place behind Glendale Hoover in The l:ooThill League. Top honors oT The Bee squad wenT To STan Williams, whose sTerling play always lcepT him The leading scorer. He played good, consisTenT lnall and came Through when poinTs were needed. CheerTul Bob Kendall also did his share oT The playing. He played a mighTy Tine iob oT cenier. Time aTTer Time his sharp eye neTTed The poinTs which lcepT The Moorbabes on Top when The going was rough. Individual playing, however, isn'T all ThaT counTs. The Team, To win, had To have perTecT, precisioned Teamworlc, and Those boys who Tried To make iT iusT This deserve applause: IT is Team- worlc ThaT counTs, and The Hessmen spenT long hours oT pracTice perTecTing This. The TirsT-sTring squad consisTed oT STan Williams and Dick Pearson as Torwardsy Bob Kendall aT cenTer3 and Harlan Peloley and Pep Pearson as guards. The resT oT The squad was comprised oT Bob ETnyre, Ralph Lovilc, John lndreland, Bill Fryer, and Bill Bowler. BEE BASKETBALL ROW I, left to right: Etnyre, Pebley, Pearson, Williams, Bowler. ROW ll: Goto Burwell Weisenberg Hoon Lovik Y T Y Y 1 Fryer. 144 BLACK i CLANTON DAVIS FELCH . , 5 be K , l - FOX JUNG SPENCER STEED WHITE, R. WHITE, 6. MANAGER C'ee KaAlzet6all Deserving more glory Than They geT, The Cees are one oT The largesT TacTors in making successTul varsiTy and Bee Teams. This is a general TacT +haT all coaches know, and ThereTore much aTTenTion is given To The Cees in order To make Them sure-Tire ball-players. The season has been an excellenT one. fNlThough The squad did noT come ouT on Top OT The league, They made a good accounTing oT Themselves. They won Trom Mark Keppel by a score oT 22-I7, buT were deTeaTed by WhiTTier and Wilson 22-26 and I5-20, respeCTively. There will be several Cee leTTermen moving up To play Tor The Bees nexT season, a condiTion which will help To build a good Bee squad. The rosTer Tor The season was Gardiner, Torward: David, Torwarcl: Sedler, cenTer7 WhiTe, guard: and Spencer, guard. Also Jung, Fredrick, FelTch, and Black were members OT The squad. The Team's success is due To The Tine coaching oT Coach Grumbles. 145 ati?- ,Ji f XA- 2 ,.,,, v I 1 T 'Z 1-A COACH GRUMBLES 4 1 I Ua Aitq Tenni 5 -. 152 . ,,,A '5f: 5 l A Eff-3 ' 353' ' 5 1,222 '53 3' . "fee '5'x"'g 5"eff"5' 'f-5, '53 5 '5'f3, sffesszf 565352 Ve. oe'e5'-53 f'f""'5' E'3 F'f'JC'!"5' 'n CC'?l f3f:z 3: 335' '3 ffvsc' 35155 533 465359 Coach Mills Ar-f MacDonald '- -52 f'f-- 5:73 Af' ?f53D3'5 3 '35 'f':3's 535 '533.e""5' '55 H33 '3J '3-f'5'3e"z 331-3 'Q 'ne Duma, C33 wnhgn 's We S3:35f' Ci1':Z"'i C'5"3'3's"3 5'3 "5 C55 v'5i'ep T3x'5'n53' wncn 's 'ne C51"3rnZa 4 ' ',--,-.' "'- I--- ,-- , ff ,-- - I - - X, ' Sfave Cnefnc 3 2 3. 4 5 5 5' 55 33' 233' ff- 3, 5' Aw'5"3f:' 5 351906. M53D335 3 'e5"e: --f" '13 '3 C333 'EXC 33'ff' '35 'VS' 33.3153 533' 53:1 fren' 'MCJQF 'We sffascn 33355-251: C333 '5fL3 5 M572 331' 'n '35 C75 T3-f35"C" .-We fe 331' "5 553311 seedec :'f5,e' '3 35" "5 553'-"'51: ff'-efe '5 ,155 "'55I 35'-55353. Cie' CCE-"'.2'E 3' 'fe 'er' -'fE"'E 35353 3, 39796 Vfcne 'nfe-5-,f55f 35"-5f'n5n 5' 'VJ S5916-S. BIH As3f,,ff5U 5' 553333 533 5: 5'3'5f3 ?.f'3fc5' 5' "Va Engiez D33 KH355? 'wc EJSC 'ECV9S9'L9d Mocnflle 'f '35 CY5' 'f3-'3e' 53.3 53355 5' '3,f" E.'QEE 533 G93-ef' J'lW'SC' 5' ""3 5"g3es. Tne f-n rv- f-1:1 tff' ,f:.: far -fc. ':.f.:f- f-f-L f-I r- Jafr fqcff-jf: -'nh D Fw V'-llflnfxc SSCQNU .4.M..,,,- 3.3- 1..- - . ' - .. .. -Cl ., .1 -3. ,3 kj-- ., 'J J .J...JN 3 Jw-. f -R --iTlL-l A big crowd a++ended 'rl-me Championship Tennis game. 117 Top-Nichols, Kendall, Aspinwall, Morgan, George. Bo+'rom-Johnson, MacDonald, Wyche, Cobb, Heinningar 143 anior 1 gal Uwe' TGV, L. M iii ' CEE' 1'-. "c, fii' FZOVV L f -- I. left to rwght: Gardner. Jennings, Pyle. l.eVan, Todd, Tchanz. Moyer. Collnns Hoggman M r -fe-H " JW' -" J 1 ' f' GOLF TE ' ' 'KW' epphir EEE':S2 3 .,. if "WWE " .T i if T . X., f ,il , 1, , , i 3 5 gre. Coaiiheicifliiele' Nilfliff Biiiiilf . ra, vdlwlflf Trac fri- , AlThough Alhambra's varsiTy Track Team did noT have Too much success, many oT iTs members should be given crediT Tor Their Tine individual perTormances. MosT oT The Team's poinTs came Trom Jim Nebo and Jim Lynch. Jim Nebo, The main poinT-geTTer, was The winner oT The PosT-Advoc:aTe's Iron Man Trophy. Nebo hiT his l3esT sTride againsT Mark Keppel wiTh a win in The 220, l00, and The loroad iump. T-lis Time Tor The hundred was 9.9 seconds. Runner-up Tor Top honors was Jim Lynch, capTain oT The I942 Team. Jim was always good Tor poinTs in The 440 and The pole vaulT. AnoTher sure poinT man was O. l-l. Le CompTe, alThough he did noT come ouT Till The mid-season mark, he was Third man Tor The lron Man Trophy. OTher varsiTy men ThaT could be counTed on Tor poinTs were Bob Bell and Ja McGill in The high jump and The hurdles, and Ted l-'lobson in The I00 and relay. Alvin Ande son and Luebkeman were The leaTher-lunged poinT men in The mile Tor Alhambra This yea ui E xi 'as As The varsiTy was shorT oT maTerial This year, many oT The Bees came up To run Tor The Wheelermen and accounTed Tor many oT The varsiTy poinTs. Those Bees running varsiTy were ,I Dick Macias and Sid Bowers in The 880, Jim FiTzgerald in The loroad and hop-skip-jump. Mark KGF9IO9l was The onlY Team To Tall beTore The Moors, wiTh all oTher Teams holding lopsided vicTories againsT ' ' Z Alhamlora. vm 9' . r "' P 150 Ig, A W. -...N T , W TQ X ,tT,l.3A A ,X 2 .fv V Q, 3 , V G 2, Q1 '7 -. Q I Lk ',"A PJ 9 ml ' 'ff ' A A AA, f ,,,,V U ' ' 40 J , al 4 UNBEDACHT GOES UP AND OVER. DIEZ JUMPS HIGH. BURTON ANCHORS THE RELAY. CROPPER AND WHEELER IN THE BEE RELAY. EFFFQ 1 .ff 8 E BEE TRACK ROW I: Farnsworth 1NIgr.J, Chew, Blust, Partridge, Farrar Fitzgerald Lan 1 agent, vale,-mana Rehbin White Tho w na . R W' ' '- ggy' ROW "2 C.a'defW0Od- Unbe- Burton, Wheeler., Y i mas' a ren O H" CFOOPGH Wlltsle- Huges. Lewis. Miller. Lavars. CEE TRACK ROW I: Lunt, Furman, Putman, Johnson, Matranga, Dill. Nlolinar, Tiny Smalley ROW H, Nichol V h ' r - - s. aug n. Catland, Tennis, Shook, Bushey, Lott, NlcNIiIIian, Keen. Barnes. This year's Bee track team had prospects ot being one ot the best in a long time, but these prospects did not materialize, and the mighty lvloor Babes won only one meet, that against Whittier. The Bees gave all on-comers a hard tight, but were weakened by their gitts to the varsity, and all the points that the team did receive were won by a tew men. It the team had had all its strength, there would have been more checks in the win column. The old taithtuls ot the team were Dick Burton and Jim Wheeler in the IOO and broad iump, Jack Matthews in the high iump, Dick Chew in the hurdles, Marvin Cropper and Gerald Wilkie in the 220, and l-larry Blust in the l32O. The leading Cees were Peterson, Barnes, Quick, Diaz, Fox, l'lase, Ortega, Putman, Shook, Proctor, and Black. These tellows led the lvloors to tour wins against two losses. ROW III: Peterson. Black, Hagen, Quick' Diez Steed Kee dvd Cee Track g X ,,,, Xxx X S f T ss X x I Q t X Q T , , 5 ., S ix .Q .Q ,,s, 2 f.,i A J iii, Xgfiigs f5I..FLsf. M " ' -' Ti. 4'-t'- f X 2,2 't , l s f 'x x t 51. ' . ' , u,.f'fQ 1- ' ' ' f-fififi 2 CCAC H KEMP COACH GRUMBLES 'C' isa c 1 Coach Hobbs Uamity KaAe6all Alhambra's baseball leam, under loreman George l-lobbs, mel wilh only lair success in lheir allempl lo lame lhe lhundering herds ol Foolhill League. The Moor horsehiders linished lhe season wilh a none loo impressive record ol lour wins againsl six losses. Tom Calden, lanky cowhand on lirsl base, lead lhe hillers ol lhe aggregalion wilh a lusly .400 balling average. l-lenchman Hobbs and his boys did manage lo pull one surprise oul ol lhe old saddle-bag when lhey backed Chuck Cornplon's lour-hil pilching lo upsel lhe would-be champions, Glendale l-loover, and SO scramble lhe league slalus lhal Wilson beal lhe Purples oul ol lhe lille. The highvwaler poinl ol lhe Moor season was lhe ballle lor lhe cily lille in which lhey chased lhe invading Mark Keppel Azlecs righl oll lhe Alhambra ranch and back down lo lhe consoling walk ol lheir reservalion, by a lhrilling 3 lo 2 viclory in lhe deciding game. 4 4, , law Af 4, ,, , ,, V, ., W ,. f, -of' - 9 4 1 4 ff, ,v ny ,A,, WM., 4 of ,H fm, ,,f , Wf 1, aff, f , , zdmfs fn. fry, 'l 344 4 1' 0 ' ,, f,fL'4f" f, , , may , LM I' Wa, 5 1 f, f 2, ,M , W ,f 1 , V , ,M ?bZ1'V'!,,7f?, rv X ,M f ,,,,, 3 I H an .4 Mfg? Q Firsl Base Run FlYl"'9 .Hl9l"' Cafch S-'l'-I'-I-k-6 NSR V ee Q. E. :ESR i N N5-X S. Ameluxin Calden Cogswell Compfon Conde Dillman Graber Kirkpafrick Pon+relli Pufman Smifln Snyder Sfewarl' Tennyson Warmack Q 59 -JO LLUS 157 fy, rf KW xx TRWON CAROL GREENLEE 14, A n J., t In -Q1 Y J tv' 11 1 .-, 41595. sie,-21 , givasf, w 3 ' Quay,-V w1',jk..Lg A . .Y -if viz?--3' , Qs,-:K f 12 ' hz... N, la' ., ' j .mg- Q riff, ,N ' .,., xi f"' rp . 'I' ' w 'ey W.. mf " 1 .01 2' YZ -"Rf, ' ,".'L. .Q :,'-Jug-.if---w ' 'i' ,Z,.n-, ,,-- Q ,V U,.k,:N.,,.. N. .T .wxwf--",'f'Q. , 'f gvgg., ,-A J- x",jfl ,-my ,z c' V 1 ,W ,Er 'f .ML 1- f, rf, ,, X . L , N, ,. A '..,:,x , X 1 V, Wg. ,V I J, Service C'lu6A Girls' and boys' Service Clubs. organized for service lo Jrlle scllool and lo 'rlwe communilv, are under l-lie direcrion of llie Commissioner of Clubs. Firsl semesler Joe Swarlz lweld lrlwis office, and Sue l-lurberr fool: over llie dufies 'rifle SFECOITO semesier. All club preside-nfs mel lo discuss soecial camous aclivilies in wlwicli llneir clubs could parlicibale. The clubs made a record sales of Parenr- 'leaclner fkssociafrion mernberslwios, gallwered greal quanrilies ol old newspapers lor llwe Red Cross, adooled families a+ Clwrisfmas lime and supolied many boxes of food and loys, lweloed willl Alhambra! parr in lreecing in loucli wirn our alumni in llwe service, suobcrled llne Courl of llle Moors Bond Drive, rlle old snees drive and me rubber and melal love drive, and oerlormed many, orlner imoorlanl and valuable scbcol acsivisies. l+ sounds imoressive doesnur i+7 Tbese clubs do a real service. been .ear 'ne mos' valuable service club 's +o be selecled by an imoarlial jury lor a soecial award. ROW l, left to right: Keith. Bennett. Ekins. Fitzgerald. Wannamaker. Burwell, Goto. Heiuninger. Pyle. Butler. Simpson.. Wil- bur fAdv.j ROW ll: Dalen. Casler. Stogsdlll. Glassman, Knox, Strain. Drake, Rogers, Frlanc, Harper. ROW Ill: Wilkins, Kanaga, Partridge. Cogswell. Mathews. Olson, Farrar. Lynch, Williams, Gallagher. 40 -3 if wg 'E 1 'fx rv- -5 ' 9. W fx T5 I N W Q x If ' . . 4- ,"",l'f- i ' 7' 1-si ' r -za' , w , N-lAqfv' J . x 1 ',f'x5"" Eg --qs ,fax i 'dl ,ff 155 .LA M .13-QL: -' . "4" .. 431, . ij, ,f W 1 W iff ' N, gg . ts. .1 Q sa-rea of f. I' K 8 . , , Ji all -N. I, QQ N A . Q ' if! is on 9 Q- l v .. K QL so Q- " -x . X, X "' jk O9 Z, . -+L eww! txwk-v 5 -Nl U. ft.-55-Q5 X ?t'T'x M T 0- 1-ft.-'N N Free AW .f T K X L, X ii ,mlm 33' wp --vi 1 xxx E' LOS ALCALDES ROW l, left to right: Leslie, Wilkins, Reagan. ROW ll: Hancock, Burton, Gorrill, Smith. Putman Jwnnoch Dowden Fei' nandez, Tyler. ROW Ill: Lee, Van Anda, Westberg, Powell, Morden, Graves. Stoltz, lvloultpup' casey H-Fees, ROW IV. Dalen, Goto, Teague, Donaldson, Stroschein, Gough. Knox, Stoddard. ROW V: Hill, Rolfe. Lynch Knox Lynn' k:qI.,.,u. Heu, ston, Tennyson, Tily. HI-Y ROW I, left to right: Olson, Tassop,Chapn1ain lSec.J, Frandsen lPl'es.l, Williams. George 4-I-Veasj Donahue tv presw Spel- licy rAdviserl. ROW ll: Litch. Cowie, Johnson. Walling. Duvas. Holmes. Etnyre, Crawford. Chqmpion ROW HI' Qumtin Elmirett, Smith. McGill, Mount, Wyche. Carter, Ferris. Long iSgt. at Arnisb. i ' 156 4 -4. .E ' seq- - Q ff i vi. 5 , xl Vi an 5 F1 rv 'O ,,- "". 1 5 ' cv N' -' if IK fa s 1 .f 4: .sf fs so ic X f,..,- ' '- A L . l L VA? JFI. HI-Y ROW I, left to right: Phillips fSec.l. Hillerby. Miller rv. Presl, Horne. Curran cPres.l, Probert. Bannister. ROW Il: Lund, Johnston 1Treasj, Christinnson. Partridge. Black. May. lvlatranga, Buckley. EXCHANGE ROW I, left to right: Pebley, Pearson, Anderson. Rogers. Conde. Hall. Vinton, Kirkpatrick. ROW Il: Hilpert, Sutlif-f, Chew, Grosso, Ameluxen, Wheeler, Stevens, Ferraro. ROW Ill: Salerno. Nichols, Gillies, Pontrelli, Nelson, Paulfrey cAdv.7, Richter, Nacco, Goodnight, Scott, Davis, 157 fa .cm ur ,ff xv ,- Q 5 X x s 3, S all ww. 9, ,A 5 Liv i Ls lnuwadnqpyy vw rf"5l CAMPUS CLUB ROW l, left to right: Wyant, Wetzel, Allen, Jensen lPres.b, Bernt, Vick, Solomon. ROW Il: DJWS 1-1-rensjl Beeby Bushev lSec.J, Fischer, Watters. Bourne, Boal, Bastear. ROW Ill: Comfort. Bowernmn, Speer. Erwin. Snell, Blankenbaker Crab.- tree. CRESCENT TRI-V FIOW l, left to right: Colvin, Fitzgerald. Schwartz, Kenny, Glnvin, Burns, Snnleyv Beard. DAVIS' Hill. ROW H. Weber. Pohl Dykes, Balian. Garrett, Smith, Wheeler, Bare-S. Williams. ROW III: Jewett. Callaway, D,feiSt,,.' Beckmqm Fqllon -Hope, Petersen, Thomas, O'SuIIivan, Coleman, Wood. ' Y 138 . , x., 'f i - vu el ' , -fx fx 4 .5 '9 N.. .W ' -11 l Xxx! .- W TG' ' 1 "gf x f 'f r V 0 'G , f? 5- 2- 5"-f 'W V . eu 4 I Y , , 4' . 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ROW ll: lVlcLenry, treasg Harrison Pwtwn R lin Massmgill LAS IVIORAS ROW I. left to right: Merrill, Smith fB.b, Erikson 1V. Pres. lst se-nri. Petri qPi-es. 1st senri N em n 1 s Ln sein Hayward QV. Pres. 2nd sern.b, Cerini 1Sec.7. Cameron lSec. lst semi, Babson lAdv:serl. ROW ll owe ll :gan Hi tin, Nlaggiora. Jane, Moore, Tngue. Curran. ROVV Ill: Harmon. Bayer. Erickson. Conner. Glass Gough Hunter Gibbs in skin. Hill , 1 'Hhs 'uf Q 'Q Q .N-.lf T. CLUB ROW I. left to right: Johnson. Reeder. Marchbank. Beeman 1AdvuserJ, Cooper cpre-s.l I-Iodapp. Brown, Elder, Haddon, Thornton lSec.p. Nllner. 'QQ f,3.f:v ll -.. W' TRIPLE O GIVES CAMILLA TO SCHOOL 'WHILE THE COMMISSION LOOKS ON ROW I: left to right: Baughman, Young, Hager. JOHNSTON' WIIIIHVUS-V Sam' yama, Harbert, Milligan, Scharer, SI'lir1f'r1010, OISOFM Gow, Chick, Smmada- 161 ca. Vwr X 12 24. i . EE1l"1ZZ?i2:'.'iiL Kisler. ROW II: Unbedacht Z' ,- ? OIHIJZLFYIOII tif BHBCQCH CCDVER CCDMPHDY ZLL of Cimfma Aclivilies, Graduales Summer '42 Aclivilies, Graduales Winler '42 Algia Club ,, ,, ,,,, , , , , Alhambran Slaff Ari Club ,,,,,,,, , Arr Deparlmenl Bancl ,,,,....,,,,,,,,, , Bank ...,,,,... Bee Club ..... , , , Boys' Glee Club ,, Broadcaslers , Camera Club ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Commercial Deparlmenl ,,,,, English Deparlmenl .,,.,,.. Forensic Club , ,, French Club , ,,,, .,,,.,,,, . Freshman Class, Summer ,, Freshman Class, Winler ,.,, Girls' Alhlelic Associalion ,, Girls' Glee Club Heallh Deparlmenl , , ,...,.,..,,,,,,, ,, ., Home Economics Deparlmenl Junior Class, Summer ,,,,,,,,,,,, Junior Class, Winler Language Deparlmenl , Lalin Club ,,,, Library . .,,, Library Club .,,, Lighl and Shadow Maiorelles ,,,, , , Make-up Crew Manager's Club Club .,,,, , Masquers' Club , , -V -fff-Y-. fl I0 Mechanical Arls Deparlmenl 90 Moor Slaff ,,,,, , 78 Music Deparlmenl' , , .V . 92 Musicians' Club A-'--- 94 Orchesfra , .. . 92 Pep Squad , , ,V ..I33 Piano Club , -A.-- 94 Quill 81 Scroll , , - -- 75 Scholarship Sociely , , 7-H 80 Science Club ,,,, , -.-,,- ffl03 Science Deparlmenl , ,,,,.,,,, l02 Scienlia Club ,,,, , Y, N--lO4 Secrelarial Club , H Us. 7l Seniors Summer '42 .,., , 37 Seniors Winier '42 ,,,,, 26 Seniors Winler '43 56 Senior Play, Summer . ,, ,, 53 Senior Play, Winler ,,,,, .,... 3 4 Service Clubs .,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, . , I55 Social Science Deparlmenl ,,,,,.,,, IO6 Song Leaders , ,, ., , ,, l3l Sophomore Class, Summer , l2O Sophomore Class, Winler . ,, ,,,,ll7 Spanish Club , , 86 Speech Deparfmenl IOS Sporls l29 Sporfs Club , 99 Slage Crew IO? Tennis Club 98 Varsily Club , IOO Wriler's Guild , 75 Yell Leaders l3l 0111196111 Qll Ilj PRQIUIGR PRIDTIHG CCDIHPHHY QQXXQQ xU. S X X xslxs, xii 14d11ertiA emen M P' ,ff 'M ffdifwff' .ff"jw" LM Vw vu- M2 - me sninsff , , ., ..,, , 4.,,. ' r N T . g ' X N ...V , ,, 4 W Mg Eg F ! 5 1 E EMITEEUS H? "ALHAMBRA'S FAVORITE SPORT SHOP You will find the very new- est in smart and distinctive Sportswear. This summer be sure to buy your Beach Togs at the Shop where the students Hock. i--of MCKAY'S Where Everybody Go Yes. I'll remember the girl I met over a soda: how could I forget that lovely hair. and those big blue eyes? Lookin at me . . . Oh. what a prize And over here. on the battle waste. I remember the sodas I used to taste: I'll never forget my High School days, and the fun I had at McKAY'S. -by Ea' Malier IHS Best Wzkhes T0 UQS 1942 Graduates and UIQ WORK Make the Most of Playtime Everytlliizg in Sports FRANK M. HEBBLETHWAITE Alhambra Furriers S P O R T1 N G G O 0 D S C O - 329 WEST MAIN STREET, ALHAMBRA. CALIF. 129 W. MAIN ST. ' ALI-IAMBRA Opposite the High School Graduation Diamonds Watches Silverware DAN ERBES GEO. I. LITTLE VALLEY VAN AND STORAGE CO. Packing-Shipping-Storage-Removals ATlantic zzzss 102 SOUTH GAIII-'IEI.D AVE. Day of Night ALI-IAMBIIA. CALIFORNIA 1 l l l I I Best of Luck to Congratulations Class of '42 O ffieuglass ,DCQOLUT SHOP uleavc-:R Jncuson J 01-15 gems TIQE STREET FROM BEAFS3f.52E?IivLESI3ENTSNQZLTSSZWS I THEHI-SCHOOL 321 MAIN ST.. ALHAMBRA lb-l ' PASADENA ygf- T7 I 1' .r fv - N' ' on 9' 'o 0' "9 fn- Q 5 Q if La' I ,I ni e t I' 112' """.i" e R 455 NASLSNS X S o 'ff I - lv 4 N 6- 1' '- 'Ge 'Vo x 1 - r ov I' "Q 0 9 d ..'0lIl' A- X la go Q' A x 'N CII 'EJAE 6 Iwi, xxx J 2 Throw Q' ' . , il GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1942 FROM...l- T. LYELL PUCKETT 201 E. MAIN STREET Home of the Ford Family FORD 6-8 MERCURY 8 LINCGLN V-12 SERVICE AND REPAIRS TIRE REBUILDING PICKAUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Come IIITLER BENITO or IIIRDI-IITO Americans still hold the naive conviction that a newspaper function is to report the news. Without a press that gives facts-all the facts-an in- formed national opinion is im- possible. For that reason newspapers are basic in our national defense. v AL13Tkiy1T3'RA 3 Phone Ar. 2-1125 Ara-eil. Best Wzslzes to the Ciass of ,42 QUINTIN WESTBERG Best Wi5ll65 to .ARCHITECTS 308 SOUTH GARFIELD ALHAMBRA, CALIF THQ HLHHHIBRH camezna SHOP , E 127 W. MAIN 55,55 Alhambra Higlfs Photographic i s: -ILI if 1 Headquarters Best Wishes to the 1942 Graduates Class of '42 PATTEN-BLINN LUMBER CO SAM, THE SHOE DOCTOR 25 W. MAIN ST. 2126 w. MAIN sr. PHONES: Ar. 21594 M-HAMBRA cu. 31013 f lu 7"-hung 5 Q gf! I K ,gjveciall paferi 0l'l .S7fll6!QI'lf57 p!l0f0gI'al9A:5 af Me AUSTII1 STUDIOS 167 Dorothy, Hi cousin, whatls huzzin'? Where you been? Juanita, At Re Ville's, the gangs there getting the lat- est low down on sportswear. Carolyn, The niftiest togs! And plenty within my scanty budget too. Dorothy: Me for Re Ville's. Meet me there in an hour. I need a sweater for this frame tonight! RE ILLE,S For Sportswear "ALWAYS THE FIRST WITH THE LATEST" llfz Blocks from High School 115 W. Nlain St. Every girl likes an orchid! At l'N'Iiller's fright across from the High Schoolj is one of the finest assortments of orchids in any flower shop. Boys: Give your girl "An orchid to rcmemlvcr you hy." 168 v i N -I K f 'iWwU1W Um ixwjia-.49L'g-12 4 .4 ,+.gF.,f Q ,1,,,4..lf fmfl 1 -I -. . - mix tw 1 ' , X' A E i iiilu3l1nmi,.a, wxxx ,ii-11 'X " 'W' ' sf, t S T, if ' A S- , Q, I, -1, 395 -S g f 7 S 0 if - , PM 'LB I 2' , '11 F' : -I ,.,,f,tf:w4"f"" ill' . ' - 5 A ' 1 -. -'JET -- 1 ,, f,f.. HSCW' '?' is-' ,I . 1 - . ' "' - m,,:F7!f:j1:c7f" -s i. A. f ,,- 4731 VIIJI' il' - 'Z' 1 . ,szvffiittxitw M 1 . S' t 1 gf V ' i r ff i Al I W - S fi X' 0 0 sf- i , i r - ' s 2 ' rl ' v.'lg.,x.- M- ' i , LW,-7 ff , 1,5 " ' U . A ' .,,. XDML5 28 WEST MAIN STREET f-11-1'-W AJ ' - a ,-.ff 1 . S . ff , - 1 2--1'f'j1'f," 7 ' I - Comes Congratulations and gif n m. gif I B651 Wfshes - . - .A 5-526 ,fgimff ,wi f 4. iii, 1-:tg ' , R , ' '- SS ffl f T . . Vkkf Riffs 1,4 l q Qlifgaff 1 .AA - 3 f 2 if . H J, -i Z'-9 '- '?fl i77'rA 7' 't 5 , vpf , 1 1 - , - jf 1,4 fr, 3 9,94 ,ffff ' . W ' ' - ,aw f", f 1j f,jfy ,I , if f V ' - 'QU 1 '15 ,f1,z,?'f'fcZz'?'Cf X! ' Z - - e f ,-gff6.f , fs 3, N ff ffiiff 2v:y2"'y '6Catalina', Swim Suits for both Girls and Boys. The ofhcial Miss Amer- ica Suit. 4'You,ll be the hit of the beach With a suit within your reach? A Tlantic 2-3256 I 169 i I 7 I I Congratulations from I-teens to Class 0 extends ' ' ' Q, ' 'Congratu latzons Now more than ever we need shoes T0 that protect our feet. but there is no need to sacrifice beauty: so, for Graduates summer footwear in the very latest styles and colors- it's I-Iemphill's. i In ' D . - 4 igmllhflll 'LK li I t t the s t,t I 95 ITQTLS-A33 I E TOBY HEEB'S L 'ss I- I, , ,A.s . .,.. .I .. , ' Sporting Goods 27 EAST MAIN 851 W. Valley Blvd. ATlCIntiC 15314 ALHANIBRA Congratulations to 7 Class of '42 102 WEST IVIAIN ST., ALHAMBRA, CALIF. 'm' 0 D G H D H Y TELEPHONE: ATlctntic 2-5382 SITICITT Dresses Fozmdations and Brassieres 26 W. MAIN STREET ALHAMBIIA Lingerie ' Assessories QUALITY , L. c. ANDERSON AND SERVICE Pmpriem MALTS SHAKES AT 1-2058 ICE CREAM AND SHERBETS S O D A S ' S U N D A E S V- H I1 , S J- G w- 6 L R Y Congratulations to the Class of '42 Graduates of '42 DEPARTMENT STORE 39 WEST MAIN STREET ,IZWUMMN ST- Congratulates 170 The 1942 RAD UAT E S Look Forward To New Responsibilities And yours is a mighty task . . . a war to be , won . . a nation to be maintained . . . a just peace I gl to be gained . . . a home to be established . . . Yes . . . a mighty responsibility, but a great privilege. Success To You . . . and Happiness , r nr YOU:1 mir , g ' " " if 1 t 1 . I THAIN T 2 its ALwArs noon Co11gratulcztz'on 1942 Class Seniors receiving courtesy gift of cr LANE TREASURE CHEST, being presented by WESLEY VVINCHESTER, IR. Member of the . . . HOME FURNITURE CO., AN ANNUAL CUSTOM We hope your happiness surpasses any- thing you could possibly have expected. : . Q o May we also include the Mothers and Fathers many who are our friends and CL1St01'I16I'S. HOIDEI FURIIITURG CO. AGENTS FOR LANE CEDAR CHESTS, ALHAMBRA 171 ESTABLISHED IN ALHAMBRA 20 YEARS .- - 1 . l 1 l 1 7 Mal 5 in ct came . HAIVIILTOII, ELGIN AND WALTHAM WATCHES ENGAGEMENT ond VIleddir1g Didmond Rings LUCIEII LELOIIG PEREUMES LUIXIT STERLING SILVER MASOIIIC RINGS ARTISTIC IEWELRY NEWEST COSTUME IEVJELRY JEWELRY REPAIRING ENGRAVIIIG WATCH REPAIRIIHIG EASTERN STAR EMBLEMS LEATHER BILLFOLDS ELECTRIC SETH THOMAS CLOCKS ROCK SHARPE CRYSTAL WATCH, CLOCK AND IEWELRY REPAIRING We hove our own work shop in which we sei dr:- mormds-repoir, remodel cmd manufacture jewelry. Vie are truly proud of our Ime workmanship ir. this pir- IicuIor held. IHL IEC. WVTEILILNIAN WTA If If IRI If THAI ID II A IW In 1:1 S JEWELER ESTABLISHED 1913 Congratulations To The Class of 1942 IVlEN'S YVEAII 32 E. MAIN ST. ALHAMBRA Best Wishes to the Class of 1942 PORTI1GR'S Millinery Shop 11 W. MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA Congratulation To Class 0 I 942 Tunnlan, s'rEvENs und 'runulan FUNERAL DIRECTORS MAIN AT ALMANSOR 0 PHONE AT. 22145 72 I-'ur heGRADlIIlTE - e .,. . ? B 'j is - s- Z' 302 'Q f . w w - V51-, ' r , filsfr , ' W e Wi' sl' CD-O Y.: 0 U Vt. il 1 -- lr .. . 4 . ' -Q - X R005 -fag ' . CEDAR CHEST r .6 7 Z , 053 ,,..,.,. Genuine Q33 . .JJ , . A -QUE ' eg, . , L Q f - I! Jil i x ' w f .. Uu gql . av L, 4 .K 0 4- Wi Lf., This Gift from SHBUBN . --A - . -1 Sify , - ,,,,, . - ,,,, - ,- .,, 7 ,,,,,,3, .'i:1:1:1g51g2:22 -Qvf -TJ . ,,,,,, Y,Y, . 7 ' .---, 1 L, 1 - f- f'fv ff-W"-rlifrlnif.-1229111-"2-'..-V-'-'Is-2.-ff-'-: . - . . :4-.4 . -',-,- "" .,f.-"PW "' .. - . ,,.,,, ga ! ! H 1'- ' M ,,,,,,H,A-5,1,155:ggigg5525235535255225223122225255555222525iz2eE22a221i5E122i2?s1' ' Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiziff 11.- 5 355 , 29 V 'l ' ' ' F .1 " 1, hz ' V .. - ' ',Q5535gg355 3?3Q'-55-gg3:3g2j.'.,., . 1 --1.-11.'.Q:E-gr:-Q.'. , if ' Q.. 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N4-Uflx-X ,f-lg, VT Open H J 1 IOB TH S B R Every FURIIITUREI-COHIPI-11'1Y Evening ALHAMBRA EL MONTE 12 Modem Free Parking Air Conditioned F 0l11'1f0fi1'1 Alleys Ll1I'1Ch HLHQIAIAIBRQ Bowling Center 30 West Valley Blvd. OPEN 24 HOURS Phone 14422 Rod and Walt Wellnan, Owners 7 un n urgefz I5 fsjf 1000 EAST MAIN , ar XI'll0g0I' ALHAMBRA. CALIF. 1 1 Barbara: Hey. kids let's come down and get more practice. Sally: O.K.. and we'll get Bud to help us with our game. Charliece: Swell. I'll be here tomorrow night, HLHHIIIBRH RECRGHTIOI1 FOUNTAIN GRILL 611 West Main Street ONE BLOCK FROM THE HIGH SCHOOL N- il., A You'll see a lot of these Carole Q King afternoon dresses this summer. They're just the kind that make you look cool when everyone else is corn- plaining of the heat. Worn with a cool white hat they're A just the thing for a clay in L X l town. Q 3, ' ' Atlantic I-0762 1.5, ll ... I ll 1 L ' Qt, igilfjf wifg .gajgiolw in I Q ii jgaf ogljfiy--,Q'0l1l . . wi" 175 IHS HNEHIS INHHHVINE EUMPHNY 0 ' C,TIlgI'Cll'GI'S of pjfllll' fQJ2 fgfvffldlllfllllll .!4CLl'l0ll!!8gl'l'lellf5 The stott of the l942 "Alhombron" expresses its sincere oppreciotion to the following individ- uols ond firms tor their help in completing this yedr's record ot the old ronch . . . MR. ond MRS. E, R. DU BOIS ond FRANK ROSHNELL of AUSTIN STUDIOS IOI-IN F. CANNICOTT ot the L. A. ART ond ENGRAVING COMPANY RICHARD I-I. WENTWORTH ot PREMIER PRINTING COMPANY MR. SAM BABCOCK ot BABCOCK COVER COMPANY 1 176 DEAR, DIVA' , I3 V 15 lvAf 5' 'I ' A a Dfkf- fffllfif- 5' 'N 0 L2 A9 5 ffAfVlm-NIGQ ya up A y "'4'N'? Qenfwwrikf yw NEXT JH? Q, SWNDV kfgavtp 3 4 v 1 1 w ,w 4 F 5, L I 0 Ili lllill jg ' 1 iz 0 1 fn XI? ORUKJ r fa , I f ,Z N El!!! iII,,.f'f,i:i . tkggvf . D 325 , A J? A W f' ly' f KQ I Nt KX . xx , fl lf vu mxuER

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