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introduction 1-5 . . .fall 6-35 . . . winter 36-75 . . .people 76-133 . . ■ academic 134-151 . . . advertising 152-185 . . . index 186-190 We bring new friends, show friends how much we care Meeting new people, seeing old friends, homecoming, winter spirit week, classes, teachers, going to dances, getting together and just having a good time — special friends are always there when you need them. To capture all the memories of school year, 1981-1982, we bring you . . . 1982 Remembrance . . . Algonac High School 3200 Taft Rd. Algonac , MI 48001 Volume 60 1. George Burgess hams it up for the camera during spirit week. 2. Dr. Katie DeNavarre examines patient Jim Kirby as a former patient comforts him. 1 . to capture a memory 4. 3. Keeping the hungry crowd happy, Andrea Vandenberghe and Cheryl Modolo work a football concession stand. 4. Who are those punks behind the foster grants? 5. Mr. Ford congratulates Lydia Soboleski, freshman homecoming representative. 6. Karen Dodge and Debbie Granica are cool dudes on hat and tie day. 7. Mary Sygit and friends arrive for the BOEC Dog Show. 8. Eyes only on the finish, Ken Biland strives to better his time. Introduction 3 2 . 1. Algonac State Park ' s natural beauty takes Paula Sneath, Russ Strassburg, Donna Langell and Karl Neff away on a relaxing afternoon. 2. Breathtaking sunsets are daily experiences for Bay and River residents. 3. The wood park in downtown Algonac is a popular place for children and for high school students remembering those days. (Rich Billbury, Kelly Werner, Kelly Bandlow). 4. Rory Jacobs re-visits one of his childhood memories. 5. Seagulls are constant companions to the wildlife in the marsh. 6. Unsettled water before a storm captures the attention of Angie Rohrig and Dave Boyer. 7 8. Trees bordering the St. Clair River provide a place for Chris Brockmiller and Kelly McGregor to think. 5 . to capture a memory We find beauty all around us Living along the river, we often take this area and its beauty for granted. Living through fall, 1981, when Algonac nearly drowned in all the rain, we began to look back and appreciate the area in which we live. 5 Qall !9Xf W: ' V v w 1. Punk and macho, Eric Wilhelm and Alan White greet the lunch crowd. 2. John Foster, Dave Kensora and Jeff Moran capture the rah-rah spirit. 3. Blocking an Imlay City punt, Steve Cope helps prevent a offensive move. 4. Dancing to the tunes of " Youngblood, " Marilyn Brown and Richard Machesky enjoy the dance. 5. Jodi Johnson pushes to get that needed two points. 6. Enthusiastic but tired students begin the trip home at the beginning of the school year. 7. Cheerleaders impressed the students with their five high mount during the assembly. 6 . to capture a memory We make you smile, fill your world with memories . . . Days filled with many memories ... a victorious homecoming, Lynn as Queen, spirit week and an exciting evening pep assembly, a cross country runner qualifying and placing in the state meet, the JV team who rolled over their opponents, and the band returning from camp with tons of new ideas to excite the fans during halftime. Good friends always put the finishing touches on these memorable events. Fall Division 7 Academics provide impressive experiences Five hours each day, each student faces a variety of academic challenges and experiences. Combining student enthusiasm and teacher excellence, each student worked to achieve their potential. Tight schedules due to cutback s and dropped classes provided further challenges for students and teachers to keep the variety of academic experiences wide enough to meet the needs of each student. 2. Jim Cetnarowski demonstrates the proper use of the abrasive cutting saw. 3. The Rainbow Connection, in their second year, prepare another program. 4. Beth Meldrum, Ann Schewe, Ron Roland and Ellen Schmidt bring a part of France to Algonac. 5. Keeping the figures accurate, Stacy Lewis keeps the balance sheet. 6. Leslie Folkerts finds melting point during a Chemistry experiment. 7. Renee Mehl and Kim Rose search the card catalog for another source for their term paper. 8. Adding current totals, Sandy Fuchs works to keep her model office organized. 1. The sexiest Dallas Cowgirls came to visit AHS in the person of Shawn Gough and Matt Stein. 2. " Cowgirls have to keep up their grades, too! " (Dave Licari) 3. Right off the beach, Cathy Cross is ready for a fun day in Hawaii. 10 Wild week sparks spirit Fitting together all the crazy things that went on during Spirit Week is a challenge. Every hall abounded with new and crazy outfits and lots of funny memories. Hawaiian leis filled the halls as the juniors competed with Texas seniors for honors on dress up day. The sophomore and freshman themes of Saudi Arabia and Egypt provided a bit more of a challenge to those classes in the way of costumes. Student Council faced the challenge of organizing the entire spirit week this year. With the elimination of class advisors, it was up to the students and Mr. Craven to get all gym decorations made and up as well as build the floats for the pep rally. One of the high points of the week was the Wednesday night Pep Rally organized by the cheerleaders. " Everybody there was rowdy and fun but not out of hand. " (Shelley Neff) A good thing about spirit week is " everybody, including the teachers, lets loose just a little " (Gina Greene). 6. A bouquet of flowers on mum day makes Marsha Lefebvre ' s 1st hour brighter. 7. Ward Dryer relaxes Hawaiian style. 8. Brian Wrubel has a tough time keeping his gigantic tie out of his way while completing the daily assignment. Homecoming Spirit Week 11 Capturing many moments of student life 1. Straight from the desert, Saudi Arabian Sophs enter. 2. 1981 Queen — Lynn Bartolomucci and escort Mike Langan. 3. " Ice Castles " performance provides a chance for Karen Beals to perfect her skill. 4. Stacie Daniels, Scarf Arlene, Skipper, Mrs. Gregg, Shachi, Mrs. Hurst and Winnie await the judges ' decisions. 5. Band camp was an exciting experience for the marching band during August, 1981. 9. 6. Awaiting the announcement of the senior I homecoming court, the band, the football team and the seniors anticipate the results. 7. Freshmen mummies get all wrapped up in | Egypt- 8. Seniors lasso the spirit jug with their winning float. 9. Juniors say Aloha expressing Hawaii. Activities 13 14 Crazy days — Crazy days and tons of spirit work together to make a fun filled week. F all ' 81 was no exception as the school came alive. Spirit jug competition, dress up days, the annual mum sale all combined for an exciting five days. Monday was hat and tie day. Underclassmen i.d. pictures were also Monday leading to some humorous i.d. cards. Tuesday was t- shirt and jeans for everyone. Wednesday was theme day. Students were given points for every person who dressed to their theme — freshmen — Egypt, sophomore — Saudi Arabia, juniors — Hawaii and seniors — Texas. fun filled week! Wednesday night was the exciting pep rally organized by the cheerleaders. Judging on floats and gym decorations took place at this time. Thursday was suit coat and shades day and Friday saw spirited students in blue and gold. The culmination of the week was the game and halftime on Friday night. Lynn Bartolomucci began her reign as this year ' s queen and the spirit jug was awarded to the senior class. Final totals were: seniors — 347 points, juniors — 269 points, sophomores — 196.5 points and freshmen — 91.5 points. 1 . Always ready for a roving camera, Erik Glasius checks his hair. 2. Johnna Banocy and Mike Harper relax during a band break. 3. " And now, Mr. Reed, shall we lead the band . . (Mark Calcaterra). 4. John Turturice quenches his thirst at the Homecoming dance. 5. Senior Texan, Kevin Schulte, keeps ' em laughing. «• 6. " When you say Muskrats . . . you ' ve said it all advertises one of BOEC ' s nroierts fnr Mr Mali r t , . Lisa Yax BOEC ' s projects for Mr. Maki on suitcoat and shades day. 7. Don Ho, alias, Paul Fisher, arrives from Hawaii for junior week. 8. Seniors T.J. Fernandez, Shawn Gough and Kelly Morrison work to beat the gym decoration deadline. 9. Varsity and junior varsity players are shocked to discover that those lucious looking caramel apples are really caramel onions. Homecoming Spirit Week 15 Crowning concludes exciting week October 16 was a night to remember for everyone. Lynn Bartolomucci was crowned Queen and the football team won their game trouncing Imlay City. After the weeks of suspense, the results of student voting were announced. Lynn was shocked, surprised and in disbelief. " I really didn ' t think that I had won. It didn ' t hit for a few seconds. Mike started shaking my arm and my parents came up crying. They were so excited. " Spirit week competition was hot all week, but senior stamina and spirit finally triumphed with the class of ' 82 taking possession of the Spirit Jug. p. 16: Ann McDonald, Angie Astemborski, Jenny Petrovich, Karen Burgess, Lynn Bartolomucci, Lydia Soboleski, Gina Greene, Annette Gallo, p. 17: HOMECOMING COURT: Ed Bernard!, Gina Greene, Bob Kosnik, Jenny Petrovich, Dave Sauber, Annette Gallo, Mike Langan, Lynn Bartolomucci, Mike Prudhomme, Angie Astemborski, Mark Montgomery, Ann McDonald, Shawn Raymond, Karen Burgess, Bob Sudberry, Lydia Soboleski. 2. Mr. Tucker crowns a shocked Lynn Bartolomucci. 3. Student Council President Ann Kasperowicz presents the Spirit Jug to Arlene Koster, ' 82. Homecoming 17 Varsity moves ahead with late season surge 18 New coach Tom Witherspoon assisted by Bill Koltz worked vigorously with this year ' s team. Before a large Homecoming crowd, the Varsity defeated Imlay City. The last two home games provided exciting victories, particularly the last game against New Haven, 59 to 8. The game was played in the coldest weather of the season which drove the fans to blankets and the team to an outstanding victory. Ken Toth was selected as First Team All League along with Shawn Gough. Players receiving honorable mention were: Mike Winkler, Pete Daniels, Jeff Moran, Ron O ' Toole, Cliff Wierszewski, Rob Doan, and Steve Cope. 1. Rick Vernier passes to Ken Toth to gain extra yardage. 2. Steve Grosso kicks off against Imlay City. 3. Opponents quickly hit the ground. 4. Rick Vernier tries to break the line of defense. 5. Excitement runs through the team with their first touchdown. 6. Rushing for extra yards, Ken Toth heads toward the goal line. VARSITY FOOTBALL: First Row: K. Sessor, K. Reed, M. Winkler, T. J. Fernandez, S. Grosso, R. Vernier, J. Foster, J. Moran, E. Avers, D. Licari. Second Row: S. Allegoet, C. Wierszewski, S. Gough, S. Cope, R. O ' Toole, P. Biland, A. Sygit, L. Buhagiar, F. Foguth. Third Row: Coach B. Koltz, W. Dryer, J. Davidson, K. Toth, P. Daniels, T. Roth, R. Doane, M. Stein, G. Kreuger, Coach T. Witherspoon, P. Koltz. Scores: p. 171 Varsity Football 19 Record breaking season with four shut-out games JV Muskrats ran over their opponents with the best football record since 1973. The team won six games and only lost two. The best game was with Imlay City when the score was 47 to 0. " Part of what gave the team the advantage was having freshmen on the team which gave us depth and more talent. " (Coach Dan Shafer) It was a total team effort that produced the season. Linemen opened up holes for running backs and the defense was aggressive. Pat Huff and Devon Hinkle led the team in rushing with over 1,000 yards. Dan Doan was the leading tackier on defense. Other strong players who contributed to the season were: Tom Licari, Jay Wood, Gary Smith and the offensive line. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL: First Row: R. Jacobs, F. Krajenke, J. Meldrum, T. Licari, K. Licari, R. Bernabo, S. Vernier, E. Bernardi, J. Wood, R. Knapp. Second Row: R. Focht, R. Sampson, B. Force, C. J. Busuttil, M. Hoag, E. George, G. Smith, P. Huff, K. Taylor. Third Row: Coach Dan Shafer, S. Boyle, M. Tischbein, J. Powers, M. Lefebvre, D. Hinkle, D. Doan, C. Romps, M. Vernier, D. Meldrum, Coach George Richardson. Scores: p. 171 1. Tom Licari prepares to pass. 2. Lining up against St. Clair, the team prepares for another play. 3. Rich Sampson returns an interception at the goal line. 4. Pat Huff leads Gary Smith up the field. 5. Devon Hinkle follows Ed Bernardi around a set of St. Clair players. Junior Varsity Football 21 Fast moving team provides challenges An outstanding defensive unit sparked by senior co-captains, goalie Bev Kozel and fullback Sue Monte led the field hockey team to another successful season. Kris Foguth ' s swing play led the strong offense in the games. Fall ' 81 met with the worst rainy season in 55 years. This provided a challenge to the team as indoor practice is nearly impossible. Field hockey is a fast moving sport with the action keeping the entire team on guard all the time. Team awards went to the following: Captain ' s awards: Bev Kozel, Renee Mehl, Sue Monte; most improved: Donna Boyer; and most sportsmanlike: Sue Monte. 4 . FIELD HOCKEY: First Row: L. Loeffler, S. Monte, B. Kozel, R. Mehl, D. Boyer. Second Row: K. Maul, C. Knight, D. Hogg, E. Schmidt, L. Fuchs, R. Kasperowicz, J. Rolewicz. Third Row: S. Justice, K. Krause, K. Foguth, Mrs. Eglinton, S. Dagenais, R. Hill, L. Mongeau, A. Southard. 1. Sue Monte and Kris Foguth combine to thwart Maumee Valley ' s attack. 2. Renee Mehl eludes an opponent. 3. Donna Boyer displays her reverse stick technique. 4. Lesley Loeffler watches the forward line move the ball into the scoring position. 5. Cringing Kris Foguth is backed up by the powerful Muskrat defense. 6. Kris Foguth and Kim Maul battle for control. 7. Bev Kozel checks out Liggett ' s offensive power. Team record p. 171 Field Hockey 23 Cross country season produces excitement The Cross Country team had a good start, but injuries fell upon the team. However, the remaining members pulled together to place 3rd in the league. Records were broken by: Bobbie Sue Johnson in the 3 Mile (19:24) and 5,000 meter (19:48) and Otis Pate who broke the 10th grade boys ' record in the 3 mile with 16:41. Awards were given to Bobbie Sue Johnson, All Area 1st Team and 15th in State Meet; Otis Pate, 2nd Team, All Blue Water Area and 2nd Team, SCAL; and Steve Johnson, 2nd Team, SCAL. Coach Roger Avers says that Bobbie Sue making it to the State Meet made everything special and worthwhile. For Bobbie Sue: " It was a new experience for me. I felt it was exciting running against girls who I knew were good, but never ran against before. " " We ended up with a pretty good team, even with all the injuries. " (Kevin Schulte). Kevin Schulte, Brian Pearcy and Jim Cetnarowski all had injuries during the season. CROSS COUNTRY: First Row: K. Schulte, B. Johnson, M. Vermeulen, B. Pearcy. Second Row: Coach R. Avers, K. Biland, J. Cetnarowski, S. Johnson, B. Jones, and O. Pate. 24 Scores p. 171 8 . 1. Kevin Schulte and Otis Pate secure the lead. 2. Steve Johnson reaches for the finish line. 3. Brian Pearcy helps the team by showing great effort. 4. Bobbie Sue Johnson shows her determination reaching for the finish. 5. Concentrating Jim Cetnarowski ignores the camera while passing. 6. Bill Jones is ahead with Brian Pearcy following closely. 7. The team fights for an early lead. 8. Bill Hogsett adds extra speed to keep an opponent behind. Crosscountry 25 Golfers show strong finish at league meet A young and inexperienced Golf team hit the links this year. Inspite of this, the team had a very successful year. Practice was hampered by a wet Fall which prohibited the team from getting the time they needed as a group. The season results were good. The team won three matches and finished in tie for 4th place. At the league meet, they shot their best golf of the season, finishing only ten shots out of 3rd place. Geography presents a few problems for the Algonac golfers. There are very few courses that are open to the students for practice in the area. Next year presents a lot of promise with four out of five golfers returning. Pat Folkerts was the most consistent golfer and most valuable player. Eric Wilhelm, Gary Roberts and Brian Johns made up the starters for most matches. Jeff Allegoet was the most improved golfer. 1 . As Jeff Thomas finishes his swing, he judges the distance of his shot. 2. Brian Johns prepares to hit the ball for the winning shot. 3. Eric Wilhelm checks his shot one more time for accuracy. 4. Pat Folkerts takes one more practice swing before the big meet. 26 Scores: p. 171 Hustling varsity leaps to victory Competing in a tough SCAL league this year. Varsity Basketball met and triumphed over many challengers. The girls succeeded in soundly defeating rival Marine City 60-39 in their best game. " We had a strong team and pulled together; even if we had our ups and downs, we stuck together and that ' s what it ' s all about. " (Lori Beauregard) Coached by Steve Young, the varsity was one of his best teams. " I started coaching JV when the seniors were freshmen, so they are a special team to me. " Team awards went to: Kim Busuttil: Captain ' s Award, Special Mention All League, Assists Award; Adrienne Quennville, Team Player Award; Diane Lang: Most Rebounds, All League Special Mention; Lori Beauregard: All League First Team, Free Throw Award. 3 . 1. Debbie Manthey grabs the rebound and breaks free. 2. Diana Lang aims accurately to lead against Holy Cross. 3. Waiting for the rebound, Diana Lang keeps her eye on the ball. Scores p. 176 4. One of Algonac ' s top scorers, Lori Beauregard, goes up for another two. 5. Kim Busuttil struggles to free the ball and avoid a jump situation. VARSITY BASKETBALL: First Row: A. Quennville, D. Manthey, W. LaParl, L. Beauregard. Second Row: K. Busuttil, D. Lang, S. Kurrle, J. Kodet, C. Quennville, Coach S. Young. V. Basketball 29 J.V. team gains discipline, spirit, skill Attitude and reaction to pressure contributed to the success of the JV Basketball team. " They never gave up, which led them to win many of the games we would have lost last year. " (Coach Dave Dodge) Isolating the most valuable player on this team is difficult because the entire team constantly gave of themselves. Julie Petrovich was high scorer, Charlotte Kasperowicz — top rebounder, Bonnie Sygit — best defensive player, and the entire team — most valuable players. The team had a better attitude and didn ' t crumble under pressure. " The games we won we earned and the games we lost we knew what we did wrong and tried to correct it. " (Colleen Meldrum) " This year ' s team was better because of more self discipline. " (Cyn Petit) 30 Scores: p. 176 1. Colleen DeLange, Julie Petrovich, Jodi Johnson, Colleen Meldrum reach for the ball in the opening jump-off. 2. Aiming for another two, Charlotte Kasperowicz hits another basket. 3. Julie Petrovich outmaneuvers her opponent to dribble in for a layup. 4. Surrounded by opponents, Charlotte Kasperowicz looks for an open person. 5. Lori Stubbs sets up a left layup for another basket. 6. Karyn Doan quickly moves around opponents. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: First Row: L. Stubbs, B. Sygit, C. Petit, J. Biland, K. Hurst, J. Johnson. Second Row: Coach Dave Dodge, J. Petrovich, K. Doane, C. Kasperowicz, C. DeLange, C. Meldrum. Becky Muller and Apache Lady ' s Mitzi, Kaye Rammp and Jameel Sherif, Beth Sylvester and Lady Minnie Bar, Bob Lezell and Straw. Lynn Poosch and Fancy Four Soxs, Debbie Fisher and Champ Dark ' s Scottie, and Denise Fett and Redrock ' s Candy Bar. l. 2. 1. Becky Muller shows her horse around the ring at the meet at Sugarbush Farms in New Baltimore. 2. Bob Lezell keeps a watchful eye on the judge while fitting and showing. 3. Kaye Rampp prepares her horse for the show. 4. Becky Muller shows her horse at halter. 5. Kaye Rampp rides in a set pattern for competition. 32 Equestrian team captures second place in state championship In its first year, the Equestrian Team captured second place in the Class B State Championship on November 1st at Willow Run in Mason. Besides the Class B State Honors, Algonac also won the District Championship for Class B Schools. Seven enthusiastic riders make up this team. For 10 hours they compete for points in 15 events including Saddle Seat, Western, Hunt, Equitation over Fences, Bareback, Flag Race, Trail, Cloverleaf, Speed and Action, and Two Man Relay. Enthusiastic parents and team members motivated the success of this team. Working with the group at meets, one was struck by their dedication and commitment. " It ' s always a thrill to win any event for which one has trained hard for a long time, but for our riders to win the District Championship in the first year of competing is an impressive achievement. " (Coach Bernie Lezell) Many aspects of the season were outstanding, but perhaps the most impressive is the individual growth for each member. " The most rewarding part of competition is knowing that you ' ve done your best. " (Becky Muller) " The most difficult aspect is fitting and showing because you have to stand still with your horse. " (Denise Fett) " One of the remarkable things about this year is that we did so well in our first year. " (Debbie Fisher) Equestrian Team 33 34 Cheerleaders build AHS spirit Spirit, enthusiasm and smiles are only part of being a cheerleader. It all starts at tryouts where dozens of girls gather and learn different cheerleading techniques. At try-outs they are judged by faculty members on their performance and ability to work with others. The girls are then chosen and practice starts. At games the cheerleaders try to get the team and the crowd rowdy. During an exciting game you can feel the energy in the crowd. They add sparkle and enthusiasm all season. This year for football the advisor was Mrs. Robertson and the new basketball advisor was Mrs. Licari. 1. Cheerleader smiles never diminish . . . even in the cold. 2. Amy Sadlowski enthuses the crowd with her bright smile. 3. Pep assembly, planned by the cheerleaders, provided an equal opportunity for the guys to show off their skills. 4. A 1996 hopeful for the AHS cheerleading squad. 5. Varsity cheerleaders take over the time out to show their spirit. 6. Algonac ' s favorite cheerleader . . . Mr. Muskrat. 7. JV Basketball cheerleaders keep things alive during halftime. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS: First Row: J. Cuthbertson, A. Sadlowski, L. Tischbein, S. Neff, C. Davis, M. Olsen. Second Row: K. Sudberiy, D. Soulliere, K. Menkel, C. Langan, R. Sudberry, J. Moravcik. J.V. BASKETBALL: T. Albert, D. Shawen, K. Plettl, S. Neff, C. Langan, G. Greene, A. Sadlowski, M. Olsen. M: f VARSITY BASKETBALL: R. Sudberry, K. Sudberry, A. Astemborski, C. Lafriniere, C. Davis, J. Petrovich, J. Taylor, J. Cuthbertson. Cheerleaders 35 1. Michelle Ellis and Tom Durik add new ideas to a Pep Club meeting. 2. Mark Montgomery tries to pin his opponent. 3. Scott King, Brenda Jaster, Stacey Isles and Scott Freeman solemnly accept their honors. 4. Danielle enjoys the day with the Child Development class. 36 3. Learning about anatomy, Paula Modolo, Jorge Duran and Brad Zitak examine their cat. 6. Snow days became a welcome addition to January and February due to the twenty inches of snow that covered the ground. 7. Mr. Track, Erik Glasius, captures the audience’s eye. 6 . To capture a memory We find that friends make times special Winter ' 82 . . . days of ice, snow and extreme cold. The Midwest was battered and we found ourselves listening for school closings. Two serious storms in one week caused schools to be closed for most of the week. Activities kept us going. The basketball and wrestling teams were on top and spirited activities added to our days. BOEC was again successful at Regionals, Student Council sponsored a winter spirit week and the Band competed in festivals. In spite of feeling frozen, we had many fun days and many memories to keep. Winter Division 37 1 M.C. ' s Wendy Grote and Kelly Morrison keep the show moving. 2. Terri Swanson and Jeanette Cuthbertson struggle to salvage a few points and a few pies for the juniors. 3. Sophs try to get the latest fashions together for the clothing race. 4. Juniors give it their ail in the yelling contest. 5. Too much audience participation results in disqualification for the seniors in the final run off of the tug of war. 6. Gail Uhl misses one obstacle. 7. Nyn Wood attempts to beat the other classes and keep all the milk crates together. 4 . Second annual assembly entertains spirited crowd On Friday, November 13, students packed the gym to cheer on the teams, laugh at the antics and have a fun fifth hour at the Rat Review ' s Almost Anything Goes. Teams competed in many contests including the pie passing contest which quickly turned into a pie throwing contest with the pies on people and the floor. One of the most exciting matches was the annual tug of war with the sophomores exerting the most muscle. They quickly defeated all of the other classes and went on to soundly defeat the confident faculty. " It was great and it really held everyone ' s attention. " (Dave Kensora) Almost Anything Goes 39 1. Matt Stein steals the microphone and the show. 2. Tae-kwan-do has paid off for Ken Toth. 3. " Ready or not . . get your money ready for Dave Lieari. 4. Slaves give Mr. Wight an uplifting ride. 5. Mickey Mouse (Dave Lieari) tries to pick up a harem girl (Ken Toth). What would Minnie say? 6. " I didn ' t do it! " Shawn Gough reacts. 7. " Are you sure that my bonnet doesn ' t clash with the rest of the outfit? " (Phil Biland) 8. Jeff Moran explains how important good posture is to the slave sale assembly. 9. Anytime is slave time for Dave Sauber. 10. " I just washed my hair and I can ' t do a thine with it. " (Jeff Kodet) 6 2 . Winter wacky week wakes up weary days Feeling a need to break up the winter blahs. Student Council decided to bring some excitement to the middle of the school year. After a snow day on Monday, Winter Wacky Week began with sweatsuit day on Tuesday. Wednesday was the annual Varsity Club slave sale. Thursday was slave day and Friday the semi-annual blue and gold day with a pep assembly. French club added to the uproar with a sea of balloons all day. Slave sale and slave day are definitely the most exciting. Exceptional slaves stunned the school like Rick Vernier who wore a sexy tiger outfit complete with four inch heels, and a mink wrap with accessories. Dave Sauber went Hawaiian for the day with a bright flower suit, grass skirt and a long black wig. Kenny Toth portrayed the exotic art of belly dancing. Creative owners worked to make sure that their slave was the best dressed. Winter Wacky Week 41 Active Student Council keeps activities going in challenging year 1. Ann Kasperowicz and Mr. Craven help organize the Student Council activities for Winter Wacky Week. 2. Homecoming mums are a special part of the festivities. This year the Student Council sponsored the annual sale. Jackie Peters and Diane Lang pass out the mums. Cutbacks affected the Student Council seriously. Class advisors were eliminated, so that only essential activities went on for classes. Sole faculty responsibility fell on Mr. Craven, Student Council advisor. Student Council members pulled together as a strong group. Led by Ann Kasperowicz, the group organized Homecoming, Skating parties, Spirit Week, assemblies, Winter Wacky Week and the Prom. " Seniors really put the extra effort in. They helped the group be so successful.” (Mr. Craven) Throughout the year, criticisms surfaced against the Student Council. However, as a group they were one of the strongest in years. Something different once a month was a goal that S.C. worked t oward. 3. Dress up day involves a lot of preparation to accurately carry out your theme. Krista Sudberry helps Diane Schultz get ready. Adjusting to changing activities, fewer classes, fewer extra curricular happenings, Student Council tried to build morale and keep things busy. 2- 3. 4. Freshmen enjoy the evening at their first high school dance. 5. Chris Foguth and Donna Boyer enjoy the lunch hour during Spirit Week. 6. Brian Johns and Kevin Geltz enjoy the skating party at Skate Loft. Student Council and Sports Boosters sponsored many skating parties at the newly opened and popular Skate Loft. 7. Organization for voting for Queen is discussed at an October Student Council meeting. 8. Dan Doan and Paula Sneath wait to get into the Skate Loft. 4. 8 . STUDENT COUNCIL: First Row: J. Matthews, A. Koster, D. Allen, M. Stein, D. Sauber, P. Jaros, J. Petrovich, A. Kasperowicz, A. Gallo, J. Peters, T. Santavy, D. Lang. Second Row: M. Gallaher, K. Leegstra, P. Wenckovsky, M. Kanalos, J. Ferrara, K. Burgess, C. Cross, K. Keibler, R. Sudberry, S. Raymond, S. Isles. Third Row: K. Dodge, B. Hogsett, H. Pilath, A. Sadlowski, K. DeNavarre, G. Greene, S. Neff, J. Moravcik, L. Malik, D. Soulliere, D. Shawen. Fourth Row: K. Kanalos, L. Soboleski, S. Kuplerski, J. Rollins, T. Golembiewski, C. Kasperowicz, J. Osterland, R. Grosso, K. Stieler, K. Hurst, J. Biland, Mr. Craven. Student Council 43 NHS recognizes high achievers 44 On Monday, December 14, the National Honor Society officially initiated its new Junior and Senior members. The N.H.S. is composed of juniors (3.5) and seniors with a 3.2 grade point average or better and outstanding character, service and leadership qualities. Two of the functions throughout the year were the N.H.S. Induction Ceremony with Mr. Dodge as guest speaker and the Senior Breakfast in the spring. " I feel privileged and proud to be in the National Honor Society. I feel all the members worked hard and deserve to be at the top of their class. " (Elaine George) 3 . 1 . Stacey Isles receives her honor colors from Mrs. Westbrook. 2. Andy Sygit taps in Konnie Clark. 3. Paula Jaros expresses her views on service. 4. Speaking on character, John Foster presents his ideas. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: First Row: J. Foster, K. Malik, J. Westbrook, M. Stein, R. Strassburg, S. Freeman, C. Knight, J. Baker, K. Biland, C. Davis, R. Mehl. Second Row: E. George, S. Monte, K. Busuttil, K. Menkel, A. Koster, M. Sullivan, D. Allen, S. Daniels, L. Saph, S. Smith, K. Tillinger, P. Sneath. Third Row: D. Markowski, D. Yax, A. Astemborski, V. Kwasiborski, K. Rampp, J. Matthews, P. Jaros, J. Petrovich, A. Kasperowicz, L. Hollway, K. Manthey, L. Yax, B. Jaster. Fourth Row: Mrs. Gregg, M. Patana, K. Schuknecht, D. Christy, C. Stiltner, D. Sauber, P. Biland, J. Thomas, A. Sygit, S. King, V. Kloeffler, B. Kosnik, R. Doane, K. Schuknecht, M. Brown, K. Clark, S. Isles. 8. 5. Veronica Kloeffler puts her thoughts into words on scholarship. 6. Phil Biland stresses the importance of leadership. 7. The evening is of special importance for the class of ' 82. 8. Newly inducted members stand proud holding their honor candles. National Honor Society 45 Active BOEC members keep spirit alive and capture top honors at Regionals Algonac ranks as one of the strong chapters in the state. Cheers echoed at Baker Jr. College as Algonac is again recognized for a large number of winners in regionals. In May, 1981, the BOEC Scrapbook took 3rd in National Competition. Besides preparing for competitions, members were active in school activities. They sponsored Mr. Muskrat, sold luv-a-grams, and Santa grams, sponsored the Halloween Safety Poster contest. Teacher Appreciation Day, Parents ' Night, and activities for Woodland Center and Faith Medical. 2 . 3 . 1. Mr. Williams provides important information for BOEC members on job interviews. 2. Katie MacPhetterson, Kim Manthey, Mary Sygit, Chris Ruemenapp and Paula Sneath reminisce about Christmas around the fireplace. 3. Lisa Yax and BOEC mascot imitate their favorite teacher. 4. Tammy Santavy and dog await the decision of the judges. 5. Doreen Benke and Dawn Sadecki prepare stockings for teacher ' s mailboxes. 6. Stephanie Sullivan helps add a touch of Christmas to the office. 7. Margaret Jacks, Cathy Lazarz and Sandy Fuchs add Christmas magic. Placing at the Regional Competitions held on February 13 at Baker Junior College in Flint were: Diplomat Award: J. Taylor, C. Ruemenapp; Accounting I, D. Maniaci — 8, Accounting II, P. Sneath — 1; Business Math, P. Sneath — 8; Communications Specialist, K. Manthey — 2; Extemp. Verbal Communications I, J. Willaims — 3, S. Major — 5, M. Sygit — 7; Extemp. Verbal Communications II, L. Richards — 6; General Clerical I, M. Sullivan — 4; General Clerical II, D. Christy — 2, C. Ruemenapp — 5, D. Benke — 7; fob Interview I, L. Prior — 3; J. Williams — 5; Joe Interview II, K. Manthey — 4; Legal Occupation Clerk, K. MacPhetterson — 3; Prepared Verbal I, D. Sadecki — 3, N. Benoit — 6; Prepared Verbal II, L. Richards — 5; Receptionist, M. Patana — 1, K. Schuknecht — 7; Records Management Clerk, M. Jacks — 4; K. Schuknecht — 8; Steno I. J. Williams — 2; Steno II, K. MacPhetterson — 1, J. Lipowski — 2, Typing I (manual) B. Sygit — 5; Typing II (electric) C. Petit — 3, C. Roland — 4, D. Manthey — 5; Typing III, S. Daniels — 2, J. Taylor — 3, S. Fuchs — 8; Spelling Team — 7, P. Sneath, C. Ruemenapp, D. Sadecki BUSINESS OFFICE EDUCATION CLUB: First Row: K. Schuknecht, K. MacPhetterson, T. Santavy, M. Patana, C. Ruemenapp, D. Christy, L. Yax, Ms. Jones. Second Row: D. Yax, D. Maniaci, S. Daniels, J. Taylor, L. Richards, S. Fuchs, M. Jacks, L. Prior. Third Row: B. Sygit, K. Manthey, D. Manthey, C. Petit, J. Williams, P. Wenckovsky, G. Greene, C. DeLange, S. Sullivan. Fourth Row: D. Sadecki, N. Benoit, S. Major, C. Roland, D. Benke, J. Lipowski, M. Sullivan. B.O.E.C. 47 After completing Journalism I, students receive the chance to be promoted to the Rat Review staff. Daily they research stories, take pictures and try to keep updated on all school activities. Advised by Dan Shafer with Paula Jaros as editor. Rat Review members found a strong staff developing this year. " There are many different types of people on this year ' s staff. All have their own ideas and are very hard working. " (Julie Lauzon) " This group really seemed to be able to work together and they also enjoyed just being together and having a good time. " (Paula Jaros) The experience is valuable for each individual staff member. " I feel it has made me look at both sides of issues and I want to gain more experience in the field. " (Tom Durik) 3 . 4 . 1. Paula Jaros and Katy Menkel work together to make an article just right. 2. Katy Menkel, Julie Lauzon and Kelly Morrison prepare those luscious cream pies. 3. Ken Toth, Julie Lauzon, Tom Durik and Scott DeLong prepare the rope for the Tug of War. 4. Wendy Grote, Lori Beauregard, Kim Rose and Lori Moehlman try to keep warm while working a concession stand. 5. Ken Toth types his article to fit. 6. Laura Lauzon walks a thin rope making sure that it is even. 8 . 7. RAT REVIEW: First Row: L. Beauregard, K. Morrison, K. Menkel, L. Lauzon, K. Schultz, D. Yax, C. Lafriniere, J. Lauzon. Second Row: M. Winkler, T. Durik, K. Toth, S. Gough, D. Licari. Third Row: Mr. Shafer, D. Christy, J. Taylor, K. Busuttil, P. Jaros, L. Booker, J. Peters, S. Sherman. 8. Shelley Kaatz interviews Chris Davis. 9. First Row: L. Moehlman, W. Grote, S. Kurrle. Second Row: K. Chaney, L. Cassidy, K. Keibler, A. Atherholt, K. Gerstner. Third Row: J. Nagy, G. Vanderziel, B. Kozel, K. Burgess, M. Kenney. Fourth Row: J. Andresen, L. Rekar, K. Neff, P. Fett, W. Knight. Newspaper 49 50 Remembrance staff captures memories Beginning in September and continuing all year, students ask . . . when is the yearbook coming . . . and the traditional reply is . . . when we get it done! Getting it done is the big challenge. Staying hours after school, the staff begins the process by handling group pics, taking pics, selling ads and candy and books, missing classes, interviewing, concession stands, cleaning the field, doing layouts, putting layouts on quads, writing, rewriting, retaking, searching for ideas and trying to accomplish the final tasks with school closed for nearly a week due to snow. Staff membership involves dedication: “Looking back at the book when it is done, is knowing you have accomplished something big — all the work pays off. " (Karen Stager) ' 82 faced a few changes this year. With the largest number of returning staff members, an editorial board was organized to make major decisions. Aiming for the final February deadline, the staff faced many long nights. However, once February was past, the job was not done. Name stamping and inspecting remained before you received this book. “Being on the staff gives me a special sense of pride to know I helped preserve memories. " (Tammy Baker) 1. Paul Fisher and Stacy Baker search through old yearbooks for ideas. 2. Dawn Sadecki sorts the candy for the fund raising sales. 3. Andrea Vandenbergh serves the next customer at the concession stand. 4. Karen Stager and Jenny Williams act crazy spending the day at the Skill Center with the photographer. 5. Patty Leenknegt and Laura Lauzon search the files for needed information. 6. Gail Uhl and Kim Norman count their money from the second hour collection. 7. Christy Newberry and Shawn Raymond help to keep picture day running smoothly by sorting forms. 4. REMEMBRANCE ' 82 STAFF: First Row: L. Prior, A. Sadlowski, S. Neff, L. Lauzon, K. Stager, C. Newberry, J. Lewandowski. Second Row: D. Fehlman, P. Krispin, S. Baker, G. Uhl, J. Johnson, K. Doan, K. Norman, A. Vandenbergh. Third Row: Ms. Broeder, M. Steinmetz, C. Roland, C. Freel, K. Soney, T. Beattie, P. Leenknegt, J. Leenknegt. Fourth Row: M. Lane, D. Rramer, P. Fisher, P. Wenckovsky, S. Brown, J. Williams, D. Sadecki, J. Cuthbertson, J. Ferrara. Yearbook 51 Fundraisers: Supporting school activities Fundraisers play a key role in all clubs sports and organizations at AHS. Various sales, assemblies and other money makers give our organizations the finances to make our school an exciting place. Marching Band used the funds from the candy, cheese, and sausage sales to finance band camp and new majorette and precisionette uniforms. The French club stationery and bake and popcorn sales are helping to raise money for a trip to Quebec just to name a few events. Some students feel left out from after school activities, yet whenever they purchase a donut, bagel, candy bar, bag of popcorn they are supporting the organizations and helping to make them a success. 1. Tracey Prather and Cathy Cross support the Rainbow Connection through popcorn. 2. Tina Kujawa, Mike Boyer and Tammy Cofer collect donations from ferry riders for Special Olympics. 3. Jenny Petrovich, Terri Norman, Jeanette Cuthbertson, Terri Swanson, Kelly Robbins, Tim Hart, Telia Avers and Pat Humes enjoy the pie toss. 4. Christy Newberry totals her yearbook receipts. 52 Fund Raisers Varsity Club sponsors annual slave madness Varsity Club, advised by Mr. Wight, has put on a number of fund raisers this year. The club sold spirit ribbons, worked concession stands and sponsored the ever popular slave sale during Winter Wacky Week. The officers were: Ken Toth, President, Jeff Moran, Vice President, John Foster, Secretary, Rick Vernier, Treasurer. The club worked together this year to raise money for a possible year end trip and for equipment for next year. 1. While guarding his locker, slave Ken Reed poses for the camera. 2. President Ken Toth presents the agenda at the monthly meeting. 3. Complete with ribbons and high heels, Kevin Schulte keeps a playin ' in Senior Band. VARSITY CLUB: First Row: K. Sudberry, S. Isles, R. Sudberry, J. Cuthbertson, K. Schulte, M. Stein, M. Winkler, A. Montgomery. Second Row: J. Davidson, S. Gough, J. Moran, E. Bernardi, B. Pearcy, D. Soulliere, L. Tischbein, D. Licari. Third Row: D. Kensora, B. Kosnik, J. Foster, P. Biland, R. Vernier, D. Sauber, J. Moravcik, C. Davis. Fourth Row: J. Kodet, S. King, K. Toth, J. Thomas, A. Sygit, K. Busuttil, L. Beauregard, Mr. Wight. Varsity Club 53 MARCHING BAND: First Row: T. Baker, A. Schewe, R. Schewe, D. Browarski, K. Watson, C. Batuk, B. Muller, C. Stiltner, W. Siefert, C. Davis, S. Meldrum, P. Wenckovsky. Second Row: C. Harlow, M. Jacks, J. Wenckovsky, N. Geremsz, T. Avers, T. Santavy, B. Wilson, B. Adkins, I. Austerberrv, N. Benoit, V. Kwasiborski, P. Humes, T. Bouwkamp, L. Koltz, D. Allen, S. Garshott. Third Row: D. Fisher, K. Berger, L. Prior, D. Bender, D. Granica, B. Edgecomb, J. McElroy, R. Baker, D. Jones, D. Petit, E. Schmidt, J. Freeman, K. Schulte, K. Rampp, C. Vistisen, J. Biland, J. Baker. Fourth Row: B. Mangas, E. Norman, M. DeNavarre, J. Andresen, L. Rose, D. Kramer, J. Matthews, K. Malik, K. Beals, J. Ferrara, P. Fett, L. Malik, M. VanHout, R. Jacks, T. Bates, K. Stager, R. Tucker, J. Baker, R. Hill, D. Fehlman, S. Brown, R. Eggli, B. Johnson, D. Fett, K. Biland, R. Norman. Fifth Row: M. Calcaterra, E. Glasius, P. Dennis, D. Poole, S. Freeman, T. Kirby, C. Kasperowicz, E. Heim, L. Scovoronski, C. Lazarz, P. Fisher, J. Kirby, D. Langell, D. Hogg, T. Bayones, S. Baker, Mr. Reed. 54 Practice, precision leads to excellence Band groups have had an exciting and busy year. Participating in this group is an honor. The band in their matching t-shirts is a source of pride throughout the building. Band Camp, located at Twin Lakes, MI, was an important event for band members last August. The routines, discipline and creativity developed during that week were evident all year long. Sponsored by Detroit Edison, the band was one of the stars of the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade giving Santa a rousing welcome. Majorettes and Precisionettes add a special glow to the band. This year with bright new uniforms they added an extra special touch. Leading band groups this year are: Drum Major: Mark Calcaterra, Majorette Captains: Jori Taylor and Angie Astemborski, Precisionette Captains: Annette Gallo and Ann Kasperowicz. Band officers were: President — Karl Malik, Vice President — Tammy Santavy, Secretary-Treasurer — Janis Matthews, Librarians — Dan Kramer and Denise Allen . Active only begins to describe the talented Taft Road Jazz Society. Their skills are in demand for such events as the St. Clair Association Travel Series, National Honor Society Induction, Dinner Dances and Roast Beef Dinner. 5. 1. The sounds of Christmas fill the gym. 2. Mr. Reed introduces the Taft Road Jazz Society at the Honor Society Induction. 3. Julie Lauzon and Willie the clown laugh and giggle for the children of Detroit. 4. Bobbie Sue Johnson is the featured player with Kaye Rampp, Karen Beals, Julie Ferrara and Randy Baker adding to the Honor Society ceremony. 5. Shelley Neff and Kellie Plettl keep the smiles and batons in time with the music. Band 55 Band camp helps add polish to routines. PRECISIONETTES: CAPTAINS: A. Gallo, A. Kasperowicz. Second Row: J. Lauzon, L. Hollway, M. Kenny, P. Jaros, J Peters, C. Hinkle, D. Benke, J. Petrovich, K. Clark, A. McDonald. Third Row: A. Brooks, L. Soboleski, D. Schultz, H. Pilath, J. Lipowski, J. Petrovich, M. Whetstone, W. Knight, A. Sadlowski, M. Calcaterra, C. Meldrum, K. Dodge, J. Moravcik, C. Langan, J. Heyza, M. Kanalos, P. Modolo, K Robbins, P. Craig. STAGE BAND: First Row: D. Jones, K. Rampp, K. Schulte, R. Baker, E. Cuthbertson. Second Row: S. Brown, R. Eggli, B. Johnson. Third Row: L. Hollway, Mr. Reed, L. Malik, K. Beals, D. Kramer, J. Ferrara, T. J. Fernandez, D. Poole, M. Calcaterra, E. Glasius. 1. Denise Allen follows the formation. 2. Ray Jacks keeps in time during the half-time show. 3. Mark Calcaterra directs Julie Biland, Vicki Kwasiborski, Joe Baker and Corey Vistisen as they play a baritone solo. 4. Tubas enter with a flourish. 5. Thrilling the crowd, AHS welcomes Santa. 6. One of the highlights of the Christmas concert is the Precisionette performance. INTEMEDIATE BAND: First Row: K. Wagner, B. McDonald, E. G eorge, D. Jacks, T. McCarty, Second Row: A. Vandenbergh, A. Southard, T. Schultz, J. Miller, S. McMullen M. Whitmore, Mr. Reed. Band 57 RAINBOW CONNECTION: First Row: C. Newberry, L. Mongeau, D. Markowski, P. Modolo, J. Newman. Second Row: D. Eifert, J. Leenknegt, C. Cross, E. George, T. Prather, C. Grantz. Third Row: J. Waller, A. Baer, G. Robinson, D. Leon, R. Osieczonek. Not Pictured: C. Corry, B. McDonald. CHORUS: First Row: C. Hart, L. Cassidy, P. Davis, L. Stager, C. Secziewa, L. Stoll, K. Kanalos, S. Kuplerski, D. Markowski, S. Waldron, L. Bloink, J. Newman. Second Row: M. Lefebvre, A. Atherhold, D. Markowski, K. Stokes, B. Kaiser, K. Wagner, S. Karl, P. Gerace, T. Rix, L. Smith, L. Mongeau, D. Schultz, C. Dedmond. Third Row: T. Somers, D. Thomas, L. Phillips, T. Prather, L. DeVlaminck, C. Soulliere, T. Drew, V. Thompson, D. Kernohan, R. Osieczonek, D. Leon, G. Robinson, P. VanHeck, A. Baer, J. Waller, B. Sicken, J. Leenknegt, T. Kraase, D. Sprague, Mr. McMaken. Not Pictured: C. Corry, B. Morris. 1. Cheryl Modolo and Shelley Kuplerski entertain the crowd with a duet. 2. Tracey Prather thrills the audience with a song she composed. 3. Cathy Cross, Candy Corry and Elaine George sing in perfect three part harmony. 58 Chorus Musical sounds abound Playing to a full house, the choral groups again entertained the Algonac Community and put everyone in a special Christmas spirit. The addition of the new microphones, financed by the fruit sale, provided the extra touch of class to the performance. This year, due to cutbacks, the groups were limited to two hours in the high school with Mixed Chorus and Ensemble. B oth groups were under the direction of Dennis McMaken. This year both groups worked strongly with acapella singing and more solos. Ensemble, also known as " Rainbow Connection " is continuing to grow in popularity. The group enchants anyone who listens with their talent and their creative method of presenting the music. 4. Dawn Eifert captivates the audience. 5. Mixed Chorus wishes everyone a " Merry Christmas. " 6. Rainbow Connection ' s creative interpretation of the music was a high point of the evening. 7. Accompanied by Elaine George, Connie Grantz pours her heart into the music. 60 World travelers French club is an active part of AHS. Selling stationery, M M ' s, chocolate Easter Bunnies, balloons, Valentine flowers and many other things the group is trying to finance a trip to Quebec and Montreal. The group is composed of second, third and fourth year students who are interested in travel and learning more about French culture. 1. Lori Stubbs and Bob Soulliere inspect the M M ' s. 2. Shaun Davis, Cathy Donnelly and Bob Romps read on Quebec. 3. Matt Woods pays Chris Langan for stationery. 4. Kelly Erdmann buys a balloon from vendors Ellen Schmidt, Shari Stapley, Charlene Quenneville and Lori Stubbs. FRENCH CLUB: First Row: C. Quenneville, L. Stubbs, B. Meldrum, C. Langan. Second Row: T. Johnson, C. Donnelly, R. Schewe, E. Schmidt, S. Stapley, R. Roland. Third Row: R. Romps, S. Davis, M. Woods, B. Soulliere, C. Newberry, Mrs. Gregg. Not Pictured: Dave Mackey, Lisa Weaver. French Club Exchange students go American This year at Algonac we have four new exchange students: Erik Skoglund, Koulis Poulakis, Jorge Duran Frez and Andy Baer. The students like the school and say that back in their countries school is much different. " In Chile we have to take 12 subjects and only music and art are elected. " (Jorge) The school is harder in Sweden and the day is longer. We don ' t have exams, Saturday school and you don ' t need a pass to be in the halls. " (Erik) Algonac High is larger than my school and has more school spirit. (Koulis) There are a wide variety of cities that these students call home. Erik lives in Uppsala, Sweden, Koulis lives in Hamburg, West Germany, Jorge lives in Calama, Chile and Andy lives in Berlin, West Germany. Their American homes are Erik with the Fehlman ' s and the Peterson ' s, Koulis with the Schulte ' s, Jorge with the Brown ' s and Andy with the Corry ' s and the Peterson ' s. All are adjusting to their new land very well. Being so far away from home the students miss their friends, families, pets and girlfriends. However the experiences of the past year overshadow any loneliness. 1. Jorge Duran, Andy Baer and Koulis Poulakis enjoy some free time together. 2. Erik Skoglund works hard on an assignment. 3. Andy Baer gets into the swing of things ordering announcements from Jenny Petrovich. Foreign Exchange 61 1. Dana O ' Rourke works on the metal lathe. 2. Feeding information Mary Recor awaits the computer printout. 3. Setting up things accurately, Frank Felster works on the drill press. 4 . 4. Repairing surface rust, Mike Rzeppa bondos the van. 5. Eric Arpan adjusts the tire iron to replace the tire. 6. Tuning up the tractor, Ricky Fougnie tries to keep the motor running smoothly. 62 Occupational opportunities On the job training is a strong part of the Skill Center program. Located in Marysville, the area trades program services the St. Clair County Area. Daily students spend 40 minutes on a bus traveling to their practical training experience. Classes in auto mechanics, stenographic fields, medical fields, repair, welding and many others provide realistic training situations that is a valuable learning experience while in high school. Experiences in Accounting have been valuable for Sue Smith. " It has helped me learn more responsibility and to follow my own schedule. " Building construction provided practical trade experience for Steve Tuzinowski. " It ' s a good deal because they teach you a lot about your trade. " Cosmetology has been beneficial for Terri Draves. " I love it! " It gives me a chance to meet new people. I have to have a degree to take state boards and that is what they are preparing me for. " With the high school five hour day, morning skill center students find themselves in class an extra hour and then waiting for elementary and junior high buses to pick them up. Despite the problem the Skill Center is well worth the time of each student involved. 7. Adjusting the timing, Mike Garshott readies the motorcycle for the road. 8. Brian Furtah fits the metal parts back together with the soldering iron. 9. Preparing ingrv Skill lunch for the 1 Center crowd, Mike Boyer demonstrates his skill as a chef. Skill Center 63 Varsity dominates basketball court Strength, talent and commitment again made Algonac a powerful team in the SCAL. Facing a tough SCAL schedule, the team did very well. " A lack of experience on the bench and a lack of intensity at critical times caused us to lose some we should have won, but over all it has been a successful year. " (Coach Jackson) With the strong skill of Bob Kosnik, Jeff Kodet, John Davidson, Ken Toth, Devon Hinkle and Shawn Gough the team combined to be an awesome power to all opponents. Exciting games were common as AHS battled Marysville all season for the lead. Bob Kosnik also made history by placing on the Associated Press Class B All State Team. He is the first athlete from AHS to make a first team all state. 2 . 1. After driving through the defense, Bob Kosnik puts the ball up for two points. 2. Ken Toth and Devon Hinkle fight around the Anchor Bay defense in the Silverdome. 3. Devon Hinkle gets set to shoot. 4. Ken Toth drives past an opponent. 5. Jeff Kodet wins the tip off to begin another exciting game. 6. Shawn Gough and John Davidson hustle on defense. 64 VARSITY BASKETBALL: Coach H. Jackson, J. Davidson, S. King, R. Doane, B. Mosnik, K. Toth, M. Stein (Manager), J. Kodet, M. Craig, T. Blanck, D. Hinkle, S. Gough, J. Moran, R. Sachs, M. Hennard Varsity Basketball 65 J.V. squad exerts team effort High spirited describes JV Basketball ' 82. Coached by Bill Koltz, the team is a strong group. They had two returning players, Paul Wetter and Rob DeLange who helped the team considerably. Player experience was developing all season. Dave Tuzinowski and Tom Licari were chosen as Most Valuable Players. Ed Bernardi functioned as a key member of the team providing not only talent, but spirit. The Richmond game provided one of the most exciting games with the team providing many challenges to opponents. With the strong talent on the team, they are a great asset to the program of excellence. “Winning was the best part of the season. We started off the season slowly but we didn ' t let that get us down. " (Rob DeLange) 1. After receiving the pass, Dave Tuzinowski puts up a turn around jump shot for two. 2. Forcefully tearing down the rebound is Rob DeLange. 3. Dave Tuzinowski reaches to tip the ball to one of his teammates. 4. After drive into the key, Paul Wetter takes a shot over the defense. 5. Mike Vernier battles his opponent for a rebound. 6. Tom Licari looks for an open teammate. 66 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: First Row: E. Bernardi, R. Jacobs, K. Licari, B. Hogsett, R. Johnson, C. Busuttil, T. Licari. Second Row: Coach B. Koltz, P. Wetter, J. Wood, J. Brenner, R. DeLange, D. Tuzinowski, K. Gaida, M. Vernier, T. Hammang. Junior Varsity Basketball 67 Team effort ignites season Varsity Volleyball players have developed into a strong team. They worked together, learning to trust each other. They became a strong force in the league. Coach Jan Kelley moved up to Varsity with her players. The knowledge of each of the player ' s skills helped mold the team. Talent is evident in all players with Chris Knight being recognized for skill and Laurie Moehlman an important force in mot ivating team spirit and all around player. " With many new players to varsity, we had to work harder, however we ' ve played together in the past and know each other ' s abilities. This helps us play as a team. " (Sue Monte) 4 . 1. Bev Kozel moves to meet the ball. 2. Lynn Poosch receives the serve. 3. Sandy Dagenais spikes the ball during a warmup practice session. 4. Laurie Moehlman moves in to save the ball while Chris Knight and Donna Boyer prepare to assist. 5. Lynn Poosch sets up one of the serves. 6. Sue Monte aims another accurate serve. 3. 5. 7. Wendy Grote leads the attack with a strong spike. 8. Chris Knight keeps the action alive returning a volley. 6. 7. 8 . VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: First Row: S. Monte, W. Grote, B. Kozel. Second Row: L. Moehlman, C. Foguth, B. Jaster, S. Kurrle, D. Boyer, C. Knight. Third Row: Ms. Kelley, S. Dagenais, L. Poosch, A. Southard. Varsity Volleyball 69 Strong players and a strong season are a part of the JV Volleyball team. " They have a strong group spirit, work hard and want to learn more about the game. " (Coach Robin Sachs) Strong players include: Jean Rolewicz, Debbie Johns, Lesley Loeffler and Diane Soulliere. The entire team worked together to keep the enthusiasm and skills strong. With new coach Robin Sachs, they became one of the strong forces in the league. " Team work is a very important point. Robin Sachs has been very strong with us. She has helped us pull together as a team. " (Lesley Loeffler) 1,8 JV captures first place 1. Jean Rolewicz, one of JV ' s strong players bumps the ball to a teammate. 2. Robin Sachs provides a few pointers. 3. Beth Vogel passes the ball to the center. 4. Diane Soulliere returns a volley. 5. Ingrid Austerberry dives to save the ball. 6. Debbie Johns hustles to meet the ball. 7. Lesley Loeffler executes a bump. 8. Coach Robin Sachs keeps her eye on the action. 2 . 6 . JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: First Row: D. Johns, D. Soulliere, L. Loeffler, J. Rolewicz. Second Row: S. Justice, B. Vogel, S. McMullen, I. Austerberry, Ms. Sachs, D. Knowlton, D. Granioa, E. Schmidt, B. Johnson. Junior Varsity Volleyball 71 Muskrats clinch wrestling title Wrestlers are again the dominant force in the SCAL and ranked in the state in Class B. The league title was their sixth in the last eight years. " The team is well balanced. Our main strength is in the middle weights. We have good wrestlers in all weight classes. 1 1 of our 13 varsity members have winning records. " (Coach Wight) With an entire team strong, it is difficult to single out individuals. However, Gary Shorter set a record with the fastest pin (6 seconds). Phil Biland, Ken Biland, Andy Montgomery, Dave Boyer, Steve Allegoet, and Larry Buhagiar were recognized as strong players. " It has been a very good season — about as successful as any top rated team in the state. Everybody ' s individual efforts made it an important season. " (Mike Humes) 1. Coach Wight shows his enthusiasm during a match. 2. Dave Boyer secures his chicken wing and another match. 3. Phil Biland crushes his opponent. 4. Pat Humes shows his determination. 5. Larry Buhagiar receives last minute advice. 6. Mike Winkler keeps his man in bounds. 7. Joe Baker shows the importance of wrist control. 8. Mike Humes strikes it rich with another gold. 9. Steve Allegoet works hard for another victory. WRESTLING: First Row: M. Humes, P. Biland. Second Row: A. Montgomery, M. Winkler, D. Boyer, K. Biland, J. Baker. Third Row: Mr. Wight, A. Rohrig, G. Shorter, L. Buhagiar, S. Allegoet, E. Norman, M. Byerly. Fourth Row: J. Allegoet, R. Knapp, R. Tucker, J. May, D. Drummond. Fifth Row: B. Dieter, M. Hubbard, P. Humes, R. Eggli, B. Adams. Sixth Row: J. Powers, R. Bernabo, M. Winkler, R. Sullivan. Not Pictured: M. Montgomery. Wrestling 73 1 . e 1 . Parent ' s Night gives T. J. Fernandez and his mother a chance to be recognized by the home crowd. 2. Santa ' s escort . . . AHS Marching Band thrills the crowd on Thanksgiving Day in the Detroit Parade. 3. Alan White and Tammy Santavy take advantage of the Student Council party at the Skate Loft. 2 . 4. Lisa Saph tries desperately to win the relay race despite an abundance of " Preppy " outerwear. 5. " But . . . Mrs. Licari . . . we really do have a pass . . . " (Charlene Quennville and Heidi Pilath) 6. Sophomores shout their battle cry during Anything Goes. 7. Linda Fuchs completes her demonstration speech. 74 7. 6 To capture a memory We fill your days with dreams, bring all the memories alive . . . Friday night skating at Skate Loft, Second Annual “Almost Anything Goes " Assembly, Student Council Spirit Weeks and assemblies, BOEC activities, marching in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, friends, people to share bus rides to away games with, lunch hour . . . and many other memories . . . People Division 75 Senior year is: being in the class of ’82 — S. Daniels Cliff A. Achatz Denise R. Allen John R. Andresen Angie J. Astemborski REMEMBRANCES: SPECIAL THINGS ABOUT BEING A SENIOR: Last year of school, knowing that we are on top; a feeling of accomplishment; looking forward to a great future; we are getting out; Graduation; seniority; knowing that you finally made it; realizing that it is only the beginning; we will be on our own for the rest of our life; everyone looks up to you. Denise Allen, Paula Jaros, Annette Gallo, Jenny Petrovich, Janis Matthews, Arlene Koster, Diane Lang, Dave Sauber, Jackie Peters, Ann Kasperowicz, Matt Stein, Tammy Santavy Doreeti S. Bcnkc Holly A. Beres Seniors 77 Philip J. Biland Gordon J. Birgbauer • Jeanette M. Bischoff Frederick R. Blommer 1. Pete Daniels, Nyn Wood and Diane Lang pull to win the tug of war. 2. John Foster shows off some fashions at the assembly. Helen L. Bowers Michael R. Boyer Wayne Brockley Christopher M. Brown 78 RE MEMBRANCES . . GOOD DAYS, THE TIMES parties; racing on the back roads; goofing around in YOU REMEMBER: Spirit Week; dressing for class class; the day I passed my Government test; slave theme; going to REN CEN with BOEC; open campus; sale; when gas was cheap; when we couldn ' t wait to spending time with Laura Hart; assemblies; be seniors! basketball games; spending time with Bob Asunto; Steven R. Brown Stephen Burd George T. Burgess Cindy Burnette Kimberley L. Busuttil Michelle D. Carrier Linda Y. Cassidy William R. Cetnarowski Richard G. Chapman Christopher G. Charland Deborah L. Christy Robert A. Clark Seniors 79 REMEMBRANCES: HOMECOMING MEMORIES: Going to the dance; winning the game and Spirit Jug; craziness; wearing noses as freshmen; locking my keys in the car after the dance; decorating the gym; the onions . . . 1 v Janice M. Curry Annette M. Cuthbertson Eric Cuthbertson Pete M. Daniels Stacie S. Daniels John G. Davidson 1. Dan Doan and Paula Sneath work to keep their measurements accurate in Chemistry. 2. Kim Manthey keeps the fingers flying as she types from dictation. 3. Bob Soulliere looks enthused as he prepares a masterpiece. 4. American cooking is a new experience for Jorge Duran in Mrs. Merrick ' s class. Christine M. Davis Glenn E. Davis Pam J. Davis Scott G. Delong Patrick W. Dennis Lisa A. DeVlaminck Scott E. Dodge Robert D. Dougan Seniors 81 Senior year is seniority!! — C. Lafriniere Debbie L. Dunn Thomas M. Durik Richard D. Ellis Kelly ]. Erdmann 82 REMEMBRANCES: FAVORITE CAR: Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Z-28, Trans Am, Jeep, Ferrari, Mercedes, Sunbird, Porsche. , FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: McDonald ' s, River Crab, Surf North, Capri, ChiChi ' s, Harbor House, T.J. s. Burger King, Taco Bell. Kim A. Fournier Jorge D. Frez Sandra H. Fuchs Rozanne M. Gabridge Annette M. Gallo William J. George Elaine L. George Kelley C.Gerstner Seniors 83 Senior year is: accepting new responsibilities — T. Prather Wendy S. Grote Carron . Hinkle Cindy A. Holland Lana A. Hollway 84 Leigh Hunt Mark J. Hutcheson J. David Irvine Lisa A. Isaacs 1. Seniors relax and enjoy the Slave Sale assembly. 2. Dave Stokes stops in homeroom to pick up his report card. 3. Don Brown keeps up with the class notes. 4. Matt Stein enjoys the subs for lunch. 5. Richard Pauli awaits his turn before the photographer. 6. Donna Tucker takes a short break while working as a student aid for the photographer. Seniors 85 Senior year is: being the boss! — L. Bartolomucci Margaret A. Jacks Bill Jacks Paula A. Jaros Catherine D. Johnson Thomas S. Johnson Shelly L. Kaatz Ann M. Kasper owicz Jeffrey M. Keibler REMEMBRANCES: FAVORITE GROUP: Journey, AC-DC, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, The Who, Billy Squire, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bob Seger, Jefferson Starship, Moody Blues, Airborn, J. Geils, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon 3. 4. David P. Kensora JoJean Kirby Veronica L. Kloeffler Jeff A. Kodet Bob Kosnik Arlene M. Koster Beverly J. Kozel Dan A. Kramer Seniors 87 Senior year is: Knowing that we are on top. — S. Smith, C. Davis Diana Lang Mike Langan The wild west returns with Kathy Maul and Kim Busuttil. Donna . Langell Scott LangeH Julie M. Lauzon Laura A. Lauzon REMEMBRANCES: FAVORITE SOAP OPERAS: MASH, Magnum PI, Muppets, Mork and Mindy, General Hospital, Another World, Texas, All My Hart to Hart, Dallas, Hill Street Blues, Benny Hill Children, Benson, Soap. FAVORITE T.V. SHOWS: Fridays Catherine ]. Lazarz Dino A. Leon David L. Licari Lisa E. Loeffler Paying attention in Math is a challenge for Dave Kensora, Jeff Thomas, Rick Vernier, Jeff Moran and Erik Skoglund during Spirit Week Katie S. MacPhetterson Karl F. Malik Debbie A. Maniaci Nathan E. Mann Seniors 89 Kimberly A. Manthey Denise C. Markowski Janis L. Matthews Kathy A. Maul Donna A. May Cindy Mayle J. Renee Mehl Michelle 1. Meldrum l. 2. 1. Mike Roland, Brian Staffhorst and Mark Rose complete the forms for cap and gown orders. 2. Only a few more months and it ' ll be real Michelle Meldrum thinks. 90 REMEMBRANCES: THINGS THAT CAUSED YOU TO BE NERVOUS: Tests, talking in front of class, challenging in band, the Prom, first dates, smashing the car, BOEC state competition. Graduation, avoiding Mr. Ford when I skipped Skill Center, meeting someone new, getting in trouble, cheerleading tryouts. Katherine E. Menkel Joe G. Mitti Suzanne T. Monte Mark J. Montgomery Lisa M. Montreuil Dawn M. Moore Jeffery T. Moran William C. Moran Kelly M. Morrison Karl Neff 3. Award winning smiles are common for Ken Toth, Jim Wendt and Russ Strassburg. Seniors 91 Ronald O ' Toole Dan A. Parsell Michelle A. Pat ana Richard . Pauli Brian K. Pearcy Jackie L. Peters 1. Dave Irvine perfects his final sketch. 2. Annette Cuthbertson just loves to keep up with class notes. REMEMBRANCES: FUNNIEST THING THAT HAPPENED: Spirit Week when we were freshmen; me becoming a senior; all the seniors guys dressed up for pictures. Philip G. Petit Jennifer A. Petrovich David A. Ponke Koulis Poulakos Lisa A. Powers Tracey C. Prather 3. Challenging the guys led to a tire changing contest for Dawn Moore. 4. Kim Manthey ' s expression registers disbelief as she listens to the assignment. 5. The Metal Shop show case was a popular stopping point. Jeff Keibler and Matt Wesch add the latest projects. Seniors 93 Senior year is: Knowing you have made it to the end, but realizing it’s only the beginning. — L. Yax, K. MacPhetterson Michael D. Prudhomme Varsity seniors and parents greet the crowd. Kenneth C. Reed Robin L. Reed Lawrence L. Rekar Laura R. Richards 94 REMEMBRANCES: FAVORITE SCHOOL ACTIVITIY: Basketball; Lunch; Football; All sports; Wrestling; Pep Band; Homecoming; Going home; BOEC; Slave Sale; Cheerleading; Majorettes; Golf; Precisionettes; rushing for the door; parking lot Chorus; Journalism; Government; Skill Center; cruising the halls after school. Gary Roberts Michael G. Roland Kim Rose Mark L. Rose Lisa M. Saph Dave Sauber Phil Biland and parents enter the field on Parents ' Night. Seniors 95 Senior year is: Everyone looking up to you. — B. Wrubel Michael T. Schmidt Karl R. Schuknecht Kathie A. Schuknecht Kevin A. Schulte Katie ]. Schultz Theresa M. Schultz Kenneth W. Sessor Debbie L. Sherman Transforming the gym one last time keeps Janis Matthews, Paula Jaros and Arlene Koster busy. Pete A. Shpilia Erik R. Skoglund 96 REMEMBRANCES: BEST THING ABOUT BEING 18: Independence; considered to b e an adult; not having to ask to go anywhere; freedom; feel older; ready for college; able to get married. Paula Smith Susan K. Smith Karl Neff entertains his date at the Homecoming Dance. Brian K. Staffhorst Matthew . Stein Paula L. Sneath Gina Soper Scott Sparks Seniors 97 Senior year is: Getting closer with the rest of the class because it is our last year. — L. Bartolomucci, K. Busuttil Robert T. Stockwell David H. Stokes Russell W. Strassburg Jr. Melanie S. Sullivan REMEMBRANCES: FAVORITE PLACE TO CRUISE: Gratiot, Algonac, Marine City, Lakeside, school halls, back roads, the Point, Marysville, Grosse Pointe, idiot circle, Harsens Island while learning to drive a stick shift. 1. Hey . . . Seniors . . . are number one chants the class at the Anything Goes Assembly. 2. T. J. Fernandez and Paul Vandenbossche find it hard to concentrate while the camera clicks. Seniors 99 Senior year is: A feeling of accomplishment. K. Schultz, D. Benke, D. Allen James E. Wendt Alan A. White Cliff Wierszewski Randy L. Williams Michael T. Winkler Steven Witherspoon Virginia D. Wood Brian Wrubel Donna J. Yax Lisa A. Yax Beth Zelenock John F. Zens Laura Marie Hart, age 17, died unexpectedly on August 4, 1981. She was a truly kind person and a good friend to many. Laura was very active during her high school years. She was involved with Student Council as a representative during 9th and 11th grade. She was elected class secretary for her senior year. She was also cheerleading captain and on yearbook staff in her freshman year. Laura devoted a considerable amount of her time to class activities. Because of her commitment, the class of ' 82 has dedicated a Laura Hart Memorial Award. The graduating senior who shows the same qualities and devotion that made Laura stand out will earn this award. Laura has touched many of our lives in special ways. Everyone who knew her loved her and will forever miss her. We won ' t say good-bye, but we will say “until we meet again, in Eternity . . . " (Laura Lauzon and Kelly Morrison) In life’s brief course Lie all the varieties and realities of existence The bliss of growth The glory of action The splendor of beauty Look to this day! For yesterday is already a dream And tomorrow is only a vision But today well lived, Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Robert P. Asunto was fatally injured in a traffic accident on March 28, 1981. The shock of his death affected the student body tremendously. Bob was a fun loving person with a large number of friends. His loss among the class of ' 82 is deeply felt. Robert P. Asunto 101 Doug Acre Steve Allegoet Marvin Apigo Paul Arman Dale Arneil Joe Arpan Craig Avers Joe Baker Jim Balduck Johnna Banocy Laura Bates Heidi Bell Mike Bell Nancy Benoit Kim Berger Dan Berry Mike Berube Ken Biland Tina Biscorner Mike Bitten Jim Bonser Lorri Booker Dave Boyer Donna Boyer Lisa Briske Mollie Brown Cathy Cross, Patty Wenckovsky, Kim Leegstra, Julie Ferrara, Stacey Isles, Missy Gallaher, Michelle Kanalos, Karen Burgess, Robin Sudberry, Kathy Keibler, Shawn Raymond. 2. Colleen Stiltner, Bill Russell, Gary Shorter and B. J. Meldrum fork over the cash for their rings. 3. Barry Stonechipher pays the balance while Dave Mackey prepares his envelope. 4. Kaye Rampp, Angie Rohrig and Shelly Meldrum anxiously await the magic moment. 102 Larry Buhagiar Steve Bullis Karen Burgess Jerry Burns Margo Carr Mark Calcaterra Steve Cartwright Jim Cetnarowski Kim Chaney Dawn Chapman Stan Christy Konnie Clark Rings symbolize the next step Juniors 103 104 Rob Doane Darryl Drake Terri Draves Jeff Drexler John Drexler Ward Dryer Shelly Dunn Laura Eads Robert Earley Brenda Eckert Russ Eggli Frank Felster Julie Ferrara Pam Fett Debbie Fisher Paul Fisher Kris Foguth Leslie Folkerts 1. Kathy Maul and Kim Chaney prepare a silk screen in Art class. 2. Warren Piper presents his visual aid speech on Jimi Hendrix. 3. Konnie Clark invents a new super atomic rocket fuel while Kaye Rampp covers her ears. 4. Jim Kirby and Gary Shorter explain hydroplaning. Speech requirement changes attitudes Speech was a learning experience I learned how to write a good speech and present it correctly. Also, I learned how to overcome nervousness about talking to large groups. (Mary Sygit) We learned a variety of things from a little taste of public speaking to a little theater. (Joe Soboleski) v ° We learned about plays, speeches, being on t.v. and what to do in plays and acting. (Jerry Roland) I ' ve learned how to give interviews, say speeches, read a poem in front of the class and eye contact. (Brenda Jaster) Pat Folkerts Scott Freeman Linda Fuchs Brian Furtah Melissa Gallaher Stu Geer Kevin Geltz Pam Gerace Marcia Gregg Chris Harlow Connie Hart Mike Hennard Rene Hill Mike Holstine Laura Hoover Mike Hubbard Darlene Huber Stacey Isles Ray Jacks Brenda Jaster Dawn Jeakle Mary Jiles Brian Johns Steve Johnson Bill Jones Dale Jones Michelle Kanalos Rita Kazor Kathy Keibler Melanie Kenney $ Dan Kernohan Kevin King Scott King Jim Kirby Tony Kirby Tim Knapp Chris Knight Wendy Knight Ralph Koroleski Bob Korthals Ed Koska Doreen Kramer Dan Krause Dan Krispin Sue Kurrle Vicki Kwasiborski Ken LaForest Dan Langell Kim Leegstra John Levitt Stacey Lewis John Lindsay Janet Lipowski Steve Loomis ' 83 cheers participants 1. Dave Boyer, Missy Gallaher, and Dan Doan put their muscles into the task. 2. Mollie Brown has the race in the sack. 3. Scott King is not the ordinary milkman. 4. Jeanette Cuthbertson, Terry Swanson, Jenny Petrovich and Terri Norman bring the old comedy gag of pie in the face to AHS. 5. Junior Jolly Jumping Giant . . . Jolly Jim Kirby leaps to victory. 6. Kathy Keibler wonders who turned out the lights. 7. Kim Leegstra and Janet Lipowski try to pull their way against the frosh. Dave Mackey Sherry Major Kim Maul Grant McGeachy Kelly McGregor Bill Meldrum Marie Meldrum Shelly Meldrum Tony Menkel Gordon Mills Russ Mizer Laurie Moehlman Lisa Mongeau Pete Mongeau Andy Montgomery Shelley Montreuil John Nagy Rhonda Norman Ron Obeshaw Jim Parker Juniors 107 Warren Piper Kellie Plettl Sharon Prudhomme Darell Puro Mike Rager Kaye Rampp Shawn Raymond Mary Recor Wendy Redmond Ben Rios Ken Ripley Angie Rohrig Jerry Roland Bob Romps Rick Ruemenapp Bill Russell Monique Russell Dawn Sadecki Alan Schoenherr Dan Schumacher Tonya Schultz Lynn Scovoronski Mike Short Gary Shorter Ritchie Shwary Bryon Smith 108 Aloha . . . Jrs. on Dress Up Day 1 . Tonja Schultz and Karen Burgess announce the arrival of the Junior float. 2. " Wanna Hula? " Karen Burgess, Michelle Kanalos, Missy Gallaher, and Janet Lipowski ask. 3. Mary Devine gets the Hawaiian spirit with her grass skirt. 4. Jenny Williams, Jim Kirby, Karen Burgess and Tonja Schultz and Julie Ferrara celebrate Blue and Gold Day. 5., 6., 7. Visitors from Hawaii: Jenny Williams, Jeanette Cuthbertson, Shawn Raymond, Melanie Kenney and Pam Fett. Juniors 109 Eric Tews Joe Thomas Kim Tillinger Kim Treppa Pat Van Hecke Sheryl Vanover Mark Vermeulen Leon Viger Corey Vistisen Sonya Waldron Lisa Weaver Matt Wesch Bill Welser Patty Wenckovsky Jerry Westbrook Paul Wetter Eric Wilhelm Jenny Williams Pete Wilson Jeanne Woodford Stan Worswick Beth Yaney 2 . 1. Ron Cullimore and Shawn Raymond take advantage of a nice day to eat lunch in the courtyard. 2. Mary Devine, Michelle Kanalos and Tina Kujawa use the exchange to keep up to date. 3. Angie Rohrig, Kaye Rampp, Shelly Meldrum and BJ Meldrum check out their new rings. 1 . 3 . no Juniors keep active in the midst of busy days 4. Beth Yaney grabs a munchie at lunch. 5. Donna Boyer relaxes with her puppy who came to school for speech. 6. The slaves entertain the junior class. 7. Amy Stager catches up on the latest gossip at lunch. 8. Rob Doane, Kim Leegstra, and Janet Lipowski try for a strong finish. 7. 8 . Juniors 111 Sue Anderson Janet Arneil Ken Arneil Eric Arpan Ingrid Austerberry Yvonne Avers Dave Axtell April Babisz Cynthia Badger Randy Baker Tammy Baker Carole Batuk Dan Beals Karen Beals Mike Bernabo Roger Bernabo Ed Bernardi Steve Berry Tim Blanck Scott Boyle John Brenner Patty Brockley Chris Brockmiller Dawn Brown Ed Burck C. J. Busuttil Matt Byerly Chris Calcaterra Doug Campagna Pat Cates Charles Christy Tammy Cofer Carol Cox Peggy Craig 112 Jesting 6 fiat tenges Sopfis Gina Greene, Diane Soulliere, Bill Hogsett, Lisa Malik, Katie DeNavarre, Jodi Moravcik, Dawn Shawen, Karen Dodge, Shelley Neff, Amy Sadlowski, Heidi Pilath Michigan State Assessment test involves the concentration of Yvonne Avers and Mike Bernabo. Sophomores are involved in two major testing situations durin g the year. Cindy Currey Sandy Dagenais Connie Davey Shaun Davis Jon DeBoyer Michelle Dedmond Colleen DeLange Katie DeNavarre Gretchen Dennis Bob Desmarais Karen Dodge Cathie Donnelly Ron Doughty Karen Drotar Darin Drummond Kristi Dryer Norm Eckhout Dawn Eifert Dennis Fehlman Denise Fett Dale Flynn Ricky Fougnie Ginger Fredericks Jeff Freeman Ken Gaida Sue Garshott Mary Beth Genaw John George Kim Gerow Cathy Goulet Debbie Granica Gina Greene Sheila Groce Richard Gunnells Tom Hammang Brian Hart Sophomores 113 Varied activities involve Sophs 1 . Jodi Moravcik and Karen Beals aim to be stylish quickly in the dress relay. 2. Soundly defeating the faculty, the Soph team Tom Licari, Chris Langan, and Jodi Moravcik exert their strength. 3. Kelly Robbins eagerly awaits the next pie. 4. Anxiously awaiting the start of the test, Vince Tremonti double checks his notes. 5. John George reviews the drivers ed manual. Tim Hart Becky Henry Janae Heyza Devon Hinkle Mike Hoag Bill Hogsett Dawn Huber Pat Huff Gerald Hughes Tina Hurlburt Rory Jacobs Tom Jeakle 114 Debbie Johns Bobbie Sue Johnson Craig Johnson Larry Johnson Terri Johnson Gary Jolly Shari Justice Lori Kajfes Rachael Kasperowicz Jon Kemp Randy Knapp Debbie Knowlton John Koehlman Pete Kujawa Tina Kujawa Cheryl Lang Chris Langan Wendy LaParl Bob Latour John Leemhuis Julie Leenknegt Robert Lezell Tom Licari Lesley Loeffler Lisa Malik Debbie Manthey Sophomores 115 Dolores Markowski Dave Marten Dan Maslanka Joe May Donna Mayle Tracy McCarty Bucky McDonald Mark McGeachy Ben McGuire Marty McGrath Sandy McMullen Beth Meldrum Colleen Meldrum David Meldrum Mike Micallef Paula Modolo Jodi Moravcik Matt Mueller Rebecca Muller Anna Nagy Ken Neal Shelley Neff Christy Newberry Don Nichter Tammy Nielson Steve Norkus If we could capture time . . . We would keep the special moments, the friends, the memories with us forever. Thomas W. Raulerson 1965-1981 Tom was accidentally killed in a house fire on December 5. He will be greatly missed by all his friends. 116 Spunky Sophs enjoy Spirit Week 1. How ' s my new look? " Diane Schultz remarks on hat and tie day. 2. Transforming the gym into a desert, sophs work for points. 3. Visiting from Saudi Arabia for the day, Chris Brockmiller faces the ordinary tasks of school work. 4. Pam Tillman hams it up for the camera as Laury Prior observes. 5. A caravan from Saudi Arabia arrives directly for the Wednesday evening pep rally. Kelly Norman Elizabeth Nowlin Kevin O ' Brien Melody Olsen Pat O ' Toole Scott Patana Otis Pate Tim Patterson Rory Pearcy Laura Perry Cyndie Petit Julie Petrovich Kim Phillips Lisa Phillips Heidi Pilath Dick Poole Lynn Poosch Larry Porzondek Sophomores 117 David Raveschot Robert Rekar Laura Richardson Matt Rivard Bill Robb Kelly Robbins Gary Robinson Brian Rogus Mark Rohn Chris Roland Ron Roland Jean Rolewicz 118 Robert Romo Lisa Rose Dave Ruemenapp Chris Rzepka Ricky Sachs David Sacra Amy Sadlowski Kelly Sampier Richard Sampson Renee Schewe Ellen Schmidt Jeanine Schmidt Diane Schultz David Schultz Dawn Shawen Laura Smith Mark Speakman Joe Soboleski 6 . 1. Dave Sacra stays on top of current events in class. 2. Melodee Olsen and Michelle Whetsonte look enthused while enjoying school lunches. 3. Mike Hoag patiently awaits his turn in the lunch line. 4. Tim Blanck, Mike Vernier, Lori Stubbs, Adrienne Quenneville find out what Felix the Cat had for dinner. 5. Sophs show school spirit with gym directions for Wacky Winter Spirit Week. 6. Steve Berry creates a new invention. 7. Rick Karl packs a mold for Metal Shop. 7. Sophomores 119 George Somers Diane Soulliere Anita Southard Steve Sparenborg Ron Spears Karen Stager Lesha Stager Dennis Stapley Chris Steiner Marnie Steinmetz Donna Stepp Chris Stokes Lori Stubbs Krista Sudberry Stephanie Sullivan Kelly Suites Bonnie Sygit Ron Talkat Jeff Taylor Ken Taylor Jeff Thompons Valerie Thompson Leslie Tischbein Pam Tillman Dan Tolliver Tim Trumble Rob Tucker 120 days with fun 1. Roger Bernabo builds the arm muscles. 2. Spirit Week releases wild people as Katie DeNavarre and Julie Petrovich find out. 3. Adrienne Quennville and Karen Stager become punk rockers for the day. 4. " Why . . . you look great . . . " Stephanie Sullivan remarks to Debbie Knowlton. 5. Larry Wilson and Dave Schultz chow down. 5. Dave Tuzinowski Jim Vail Kim Van Heck Andy VanPaemel Elizabeth Vermeulen Mike Vernier Steve Vernier Renee Viger Scott Wagner Jeff Waller Mark Wanket Don Weaver Judy Wenckovsky Michelle Whetstone Gary White Michael Whitmore Dan Widmer Mary Williams Dave Wilson Larry Wilson Tom Wilson Jay Wood John Wood Matt Woods Chris Wozniak Lani Yax Linda Yax Tom Zielonka Brad Zitka Pete Zyrd Sophomores 121 Charlotte Acre Buddy Adkins Tracie Albert Jeff Allegoet Jill Ancona Erin Atkinson Telia Avers Bill Aures Nail Azar Amy Bagwell Jennifer Baker Stacy Baker Kelly Balitsky Kelly Bandlow Dean Bartolomucci Tom Bates Todd Beattie Mimi Bedell Don Benedict Peter Berube Leslie Bieke Julie Biland Paul Biland Richard Billbury Don Bird Roger Blanton Lynne Bloink Jenny Bonser Terrie Bouwkamp Katie Brockley Jim Brockmiller Ann Marie Brooks Donna Browarski Marilyn Brown Wendy Brown Leighann Burd John Brunette Pat Burns Andy Butterfield George Cani Ann Marie Castioglionne Karen Celani Ron Chapman Rob Chase Robert Crampton Carole Cross Kim Cross Jill Daniels Mike Daniels Cheri Davidson Jean Davi Tom Davis Diana D ' Eath Simone Decaussin Camille Dedmond Jennifer DeLange Dan DeLong Lori Devlaminck Joelle Dionne Pat Dippert Laura Diss Karyn Doan Joe Drexler Traci Drew Jim Duceatt Joe Duprey Harold Durrant Butch Edgecomb John Eidt Michelle Ellis Mary Emerick April Farley Frosh find AHS friendly Charlotte Kasperowicz, Lydia Soboleski, Kelly Hurst, Shelly Kuplerski, Kelly Kanalos, Julie Biland, Julie Osterland, Renee Grosso, Kim Stieler, Jenny Rollins. FRESHMAN SURVEY: CURRENT FADS: Knickers, Rubik Cubes, Punk Rock, Docksider s, Monogrammed Sweaters, Baggies, Cowboy Boots, Heels and Ballet Shoes. Michelle Vanover and Michelle Ellis show off their in-style knickers. Freshmen 123 124 Ross Focht Bernie Force Dante Fortin Mike Fournier Cary Freel Joe Gauthier Eddie George Nicole Geremesz Sheri Gerow Tina Glatz Jody Gilbert Tom Golembiewski Irene Gontarz Kim Gontarek Tom Greiner Renee Grosso Valerie Grubbs Sheri Gulette Margie Gunther Christine Hall Cheri Havens Debbie Heilman Eric Heim Greg Hennard Ed Hotchkiss Debbie Hogg Shelly Hoover Sherry Hoover Tammy Hoover Larry Hromek Kurt Hubbarth Pat Humes RaeAnn Hurlburt Kelly Hurst Dorothy Jacks Cathy Jeanette Jodi Johnson Roy Johnson Paul Jokiel Bridgette Kaiser Kelly Kanalos Charlotte Kasperowicz 1. Dan Terelicki and John Miller display their dissected masterpiece. 2. Shelly Kuplerski and Kim Stieler double check the finished fish for Mr. Jackson. Sue Karl Sandy Kicknosway Joe Kikos Greg Knight LeeAnn Koltz Windie Korneffel Pam Kraase Tina Kraase Kathy Krause Frank Krajenke Peggy Krispin Shelly Kuplerski A1 Kurrle Mike Labadie Tyson Labuhn Hank Lague Cindy Lamb Dan Lane Classes stimulate thinking 3. Sketching the fish, Frank Malik and Mark Lefebvre aim for accuracy. 4. Peter Berube contemplates the next step in dismantling his perch. Pat Lane Alicia Lazarz Richard Leatzau Michelle Lecour Patty Leenknegt Marsha Lefebvre Jackie Lewandowski Chuck Lewis Ken Licari Charles Liebold Bunsa Lin Faith Logan Kevin Lonergan Mike Lonergan Annette MacKinnon Frank Malik Barbara Mangas Vicki Marsden Freshmen 125 Exciting assembly enthuses frosh 1. Bob Sudberry, Roy Johnson, Jenny Bonser, Laurie Rose, Charlotte Kasperowicz, Matt Winkler, Ross Focht battle against the juniors. 2. Cheering the team, the frosh hope for victory. 3. Gail Uhl keeps her balance in the obstacle course. 4. Tom Greiner and Bob Sudberry try to beat the clock. 5. A calm pie passing contest becomes messy for Telia Avers. Pam Martin Cherie Mason Tony Mauk Jeff May Ken May Brian McDonald John McElroy Shawn McGlynn Curt McLane Kristen McQuade Dawn Medley John Miller Paul Miller Cheryl Modolo Barbara Morris Eric Mueller Scott Musson Judy Newton Eric Norman Kim Norman Dan Nowicki Terry Olsen Randy Osieczonek Julie Osterland Mike Paquette Mary Parsell Bob Pate Dave Petit Scott Pipes Gary Porzondek Marie Powers Robert Riefk Liz Rios Tracey Rix Fred Rohn Jennifer Rollins Chris Romps Laurie Rose Tina Sampier Ann Schewe Terese Schultz Lisa Scovoronski Cindy Secziwa John Shwary Brian Sicken Wendy Siefert Lisa Sikorski Gary Smith Wendy Sneath Lydia Soboleski Tania Somers Kevin Soney Diane Sprague Retha Stepp Kim Stieler Kim Stokes Lori Stoll Bob Sudberry Anthony Suggs Lisa Suegs Jim Sullivan Steve Thiem Dave Thomas Dawn Thomas Vickie Thomas Ken Timmons Freshmen 127 Marty Tischbein Vince Tremonti Gail Uhl Andrea Vandenbergh Michelle Vanhout Michelle Vanover Jill Vernier Noel Viger Joanne Vigliotti Beth Vogel Kim Waener Amy Wakely Sherri Walters Chuck Warwick Tom Waters Kathy Watson Ron Wiess Rick Welchko Brenda Werner Kelly Werner Sue Wesch Dan Wines Matt Winkler Jeff Zakrzewski New life becomes everyday routine 1. Pizza day is a hit for Roy Johnson and George Cani. 2. What do you mean, Sheri Gulette exclaims. 3. Lunch hour brings lots of laughs and smiles for Ann Marie Brooks. 128 1. BOEC Santa Grams make the morning of the 18th a little cheerier for 9th graders. 2. Ken Licari is magically transformed into Mr. Muskrat with the help of Scott Musson and Ms. Broeder. 3. Lunch is definitely the favorite break for Barb Morris, Jill Daniels, Cindy Lamb, and Karen Celani. 3. 4. Hey . . . Mr. Santa . . . Telia Avers, Karen Beals and Wendy Siefert enjoy the messages. 5. Microwaves are the order of the day for Kim Cross. Freshmen 129 1. Gym class provides a change of pace. 2. Terry Olsen and Dean Bartolomucci show off for the camera. 3. Freshmen show spirit during Wacky Winter Week. 4. Frank Malik, Dan Lane are caught unexpectedly during lunch. 5. Kely Kanalos accompanies the chorus. 6. Stacy Baker smiles for out of town viewers. 7. Sheri Gulette smiles as she receives a Santa Gram. 8. Nail Azar runs off at the mouth. 9. Ron Spears demonstrates proper machine skills to Don Bird, Bill Aures and Marty McGrath. 10. Jennifer Rollins adds to the Chorus Christmas spirit. 11. Lunch adds spice to the day for Jennifer Rollins, Nail Azar and Carol Cross. Freshmen 131 1 . cademic 4 1. Mr. Holmes keeps his class under control during the emotional Congress project. 2. BO EC DOG SHOW JUDGES: Mary Beth Lozen, Cindy Hornbaker, Mrs. Streit and Ms. Broeder patiently put up with the crazy things going on around them. 132 3. Mr. Rochon smiles before passing back the latest tests. 2 . 4 . 4. Scarf Arlene and Ms. Jones watch the dog show antics. 5. Mr. Cvengros hunts for the latest job information forms. 6. Mr. Meganck, Mr. Young, Mrs. Bade, Mr. Morse, Mr. Maki, Ms. Shagena, Ms. Broeder and Mr. Taylor pour on the power at the Anything Goes Assembly. 7. Mrs. Merrick supervises the " Battle of the Sexes " — tire changing, while Dawn Jeakle, Richard Chapman and Donna Tucker watch. To capture a memory We put ideas into words, meet new experiences, face new challenges . . . Juniors taking the now-required Speech class, sophs and the annual Congress project, Mrs. Merrick ' s " battle of the sexes, " mailable letters in Shorthand, mastering computer language, adding a metal shop project to the popular display, discovering your blood type . . . Academic Division 133 Administration faces economically tough year Throughout the year, the Administration and School Board tried to deal with the economic problems. Cutbacks in state aid and declining enrollment forced many changes in the school. With all the problems, the Administration tried to arrange the schedule so that the students could get the classes they wanted. (Mr. Ford) Student attitude throughout the year has been positive. Schedule change second semester ran smoothly. " Students seem to be friendly and have a genuine concern for fellow students. " (Mr. Tobias) Running the entire district falls on Mr. Caimi, Mr. Hollway and the members of the Board of Education. They faced the frustrating task of trying to deal with the ever changing financial picture. Another group that provides valuable input is the Parent Advisory Board, active in each school. They give information on parent concerns and their feelings on school policy. ALGONAC BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mrs. Sue Baxter, Secretary, Mr. Don Dodge, President, Mrs. Eleanore Trix, Treasurer. Second Row: Mr. A. Dale Tucker, Mr. Richard Cowper, Mr. Charles Yonaka, Mr. Robert Vervinck. 1. Mr. Vervinck reviews the budget proposal. 2. Mr. Caimi and Mr. Dodge listen intently to the presentation. 3. Mr. Yonaka takes notes on the latest presentation. 4. Mr. Dodge, Mrs. Baxter and Mrs. Trix confer on business prior to the meeting. 5. Mr. Cowper and Mr. Tucker update their notes on the budget. 6. Mr. Tobias and Mr. Ford greet the parents with a smile. 7. The BOEC dog show attracted many spectators, including Mr. Ford. 4. 6. MR. JOSEPH CAIMI Superintendent MR. ROBERT HOLLWAY Assistant Superintendent MR. ROBERT FORD Principal MR. STEPHEN TOBIAS Assistant Principal Administration 135 MRS . LEA BATCHELDER MRS. CORA FISHER MRS. LINDA HURST Keeping the school together is the job of the office staff. They provide valuable help with the millions of forms, tons of telephone calls and constant questions. In between all of this, they always manage to have a smile. 1. Mrs. Licari enjoys the conversation with students. (Jeff Moran) 2. Mrs. Batchelder types the latest drivers ed certificates. 3. Mrs. Fisher keeps attendance up to date. 4. Mrs. Hurst explains graduation requirements to Jeanette Cuthbertson. 136 MR. ROGER AVERS Social Studies MRS. SANDRA BADE English MR. ROSS BAKER History MR. DENNIS BAS1NSKI Business Education MR. CHARLES BLANCK Art MS. RUTH BROEDER Reading MRS. JILL BUCK English MR. TERRY CRAVEN Science 1. Mrs. Eglinton checks the Volleyball nets prior to class. 2. Mr. Warwick keeps up to date with scheduling paperwork. 3. Mrs. Franey provides help to Rob Prather. 4. Mr. Jackson checks the blood type of Rachael Kasperowicz. 4. Faculty 137 Courses provide needed experience l. 1. " Now, Mrs. Robertson, how would you solve this problem? ' ' (Russ Eggli) 2. Dawn Moore gets some expert advice from Mr. Blanck to complete her project. 3. Mr. Taylor helps Joe Rose complete a Math assignment. 4. " We wish you a Merry Christmas . . Mr. McMaken helps the Chorus prepare. 5. " But, Mr. Wes, I will get the assignment in! " (Mike Rzeppa) MR. TOM CVENGROS Counselor MRS. JANE EGLINTON Health , Physical Education MRS. NANCY FARRELL Resource Room MRS. JOYCE FRANEY Science MR. GREG GODFREY History MR. ROD GREENWOOD Psychology MRS. DENISE GREGG French , History MR. JAMES R. HOLMES English 138 MRS. PATRICIA HUSTON Business Education MR. HUGH JACKSON Science MS. MARY L. JONES Business Education MR. JIM LENORE Electronics, Plastics MRS. MARGARET MAGEAU Media Center MR. TERRY MAKI Mathematics MR. ALLAN McLEOD Counselor MR. DENNIS W. McMAKEN Chorus Faculty 139 MR. ARTHUR R. MEGANCK Social Studies MRS . MARILYN MERRICK Home Economics and Science MR. DENNIS MORSE Physical Education MR. KENNETH J. MUSSON Industrial Arts MR. MICHAEL PRITCHARD Science and Mathematics MR. GREGORY A. REED Band MRS. MARY ROBERTSON Mathematics MR. LOUIS ROCHON Mathematics 1. Mrs. Huston helps Rick Ellis find the proper spacing for his tab problem. 2. Mrs. Mageau always provides service with a smile. 3. Mr. Treppa explains the plot development in ' The Contender ' to his Comm. II class. 140 MRS. CINDY SHAFER Mathematics MR. DAN SHAFER English MRS. ESTHER STREIT Counselor MR. MICHAEL TAYLOR Resource Room MR. LARRY TREPPA English MR. RON TRUMBLE English MR. JOHN WARWICK Athletic Director MR. DONALD WE1TZEL Spanish and US Geography Lovable — Special — they are " teacher’s pets " Alvin and Daphne are Tabby cats owned by Mrs. Farrell. Both say yes and Alvin loves to weigh himself in the morning while Daphne likes to chase bugs. Mike, a Samoyed dog owned by Mr. Trumble, looks like a large teddybear. He is excellent with kids. The Samoyed is the ancestor of all dogs. Jeremiah is an American standard breed dog owned by Mr. Ford. He only knows one trick — to sit up and bee. Jeremiah likes to sleep on the bed and is a bit of a bully. Daisy and Jake are cats owned by Mr. Weitzel. Daisy doesn ' t really like people, would rather just sleep and eat. Jake is playful. Missy Sue is a red Doberman owned by Mrs. Eglinton. Missy Sue is smart, understanding many words. She gets along with everyone except squirrels. Missy Sue also loves to ride in the car with her favorite stop being McDonald ' s for french fries. Pepper, a Labrador Retriever, is owned by Mr. Lenore. Pepper is a good hunter who likes kids. He likes to stay by the stove. Shachi and Ladd are owned by Mrs. Gregg. Shachi is a Lhasa Apsos — a Chinese dog from Tibet. She will sit up for a bone and shake hands. She loves to sleep on the bed and will eat plants when she is mad. Ladd is part German Shepherd and part Collie. He is a watch dog. His favorite places are in the dining room on his blanket or under the house. He sits up, rolls over and shakes hands. Warren is a cat owned by Mr. Holmes. Warren has his own room with a bed, TV and a desk. Warren can be snobby and likes to eat dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. The favorite food is pizza. Scarf Arlene is a Shepherd and Lab mix dog owned by Ms. Jones. Scarf has her own house with a landscaped yard. She is an honors graduate of obedience school. Scarf likes to watch animal shows on TV. She likes to get Ms. Jones up so she can climb in bed. Nummer is a grey cockatiel owned by Ms. Jones. Nummer can whistle " Yankee Doodle , loves eggs and is the first to greet Ms. Jones when she comes home. Daffodil, a rare yellow parakeet, is the latest addition to the Jones family. She recently chewed the bar out of her cage to escape. Rover is a lovable, dainy female cat owned by Mr. Jackson. Rover has the distinct ion of breaking her leg twice. She loves to ride in the car and walks across the headboard of the bed when she wants out. Winnie is a cock-a-poo owned by Mrs. Hurst. She will sit and beg as long as you tell her. Winnie will also wait for her feet to be wiped before she comes in. She only eats people food. Giocoso is a Springer Spaniel owned by Mr. Reed. The name is a musical term meaning humorous and playful. Catherine and Alexandra are gerbils owned by Ms. Broeder. They will turn their food dish over when hungry and love to chew boxes. 141 MR. JAMES WESOLOSK1 Government , US History MR. DONALD WIGHT Mathematics MR. STEPHEN C. YOUNG English Not Pictured: MS. ANITA SHAGEN A Geography , Government , World Problems 142 Faculty members add special skills 1. Mr. Baker keeps American History classes fascinated with Civil War insights. 2. Mr. Morse checks Marty Tishbein ' s weight program. 3. Mark McGeachy welds under Mr. Musson ' s watchful eye. 5. Karl Neff points out a world trouble spot to Mr. Godfrey. 6. Mrs. Farrell and Jack Francis discuss a daily reading assignment. 7. Mr. Trumble carefully observes the student pantomines. 8. Mr. Shafer records quiz grades before presenting the next unit. Faculty 143 Teaching methods vary, all relate knowledge l. 1. Mr. Lenore and Chuck Christy double check their calculations. 2. Mr. Maki explains a method to understand fractions. 3. Explaining the gramtnar concept, Mr. Young helps Judy Newton complete her assignment. 4. Ready . . . Ms. Koerber prepares Typing I for a timing. 144 8 . 5. Brian Pearcy and Dan Beals have Mrs. Shafer check their computer program. 6. Mrs. Buck sets up the VTR for an English presentation. 7. Denise Allen and Renee Mehl seem to doubt Mr. Craven ' s conclusions about their experiment. 8. Mr. Reed keeps the Stage Band in tune. Faculty 145 1. Pat Humes gets the image in focus with help from Mr. Pritchard. 2. Debits and credits can be confusing as Mr. Basinksi answers questions. 3. Karen Stager receives last minute directions from Ms. Broeder before a photography session. 4. Bio-rhythms are only part of Mr. Greenwood ' s fascinating Psychology class. 5. Mr. Wight answers one of the many Basic Math questions. 146 Resourceful faculty provides insights 6. Mr. McLeod in blue and gold gives support to Steve Grosso, Pete Daniels, Ron O ' Toole, and Rick Vernier. 7. Parent Conferences give Ms. Shagena a chance to update parents on student progress. 8. Mr. Meganck helps Jennifer Rollins understand her township project. 9. Mr. Avers helps Elizabeth Nowlin find a current event. Faculty Faculty find time involved with hall and cafeteria duty r IV I " I » Throughout the year, we became used to seeing faculty spend time with us in the halls and at lunch. Each morning and each exchange, the halls were filled with teachers watching the happenings. Beginning in late September, faculty members also found themselves assigned to the cafeteria. Familiar faces that watched us fail 3rd hour tests, now watched us as we inhaled pizza and french fries. 2 . 3 . 1. Mrs. Bade and Mr. Young enjoy a light moment during cafeteria duty. 2. Mr. Weitzel and Ms. Shagena keep their end of the hall in line. 3. Mr. Jackson finds the wall a little support by the end of the day. 4. Mr. Wes spends part of the lunch hour f patrolling the front hall. 5. Mr. Holmes, Mr. Warwick and Mr. Tobias work the cafeteria during first break. 5 148 Support staff keeps things running 1. Mrs. Herz helps keep the cafeteria in order. 2. Mrs. Lauzon dishes up today ' s delicious special. 3. Mrs. Fournier ?r prepares the cheese for one of the cafeteria pizzas. 4. Mrs. Nichter joined the staff in the fall. 5. Mrs. Smith checks the dishwasher before adding the next batch. 6. Mrs. Freeman fills the shake machine, a new and popular addition. 7. Mr. Lamb and Mr. Martin keep the school running smoothly. 149 150 Advertising Advertisers are very special people. They provide support to keep the book together. To each advertiser, we extend our appreciation and encourage participation. Special messages Special messages remain a very important part of our book. Parents, friends, relatives and special people have messages for individual members of our AHS community . . . Best wishes to the class of ' 82! Congratulations, Angie — May your future be filled with as much joy and happiness as being our parents has brought us. Good luck in all you ope to achieve. We ' re so very proud of you. From the family who loves you . . . Mom, Dad, Den Congratulations, Eric Avers from those who love you . . . Mom, Dad and Lisa Jeanette — All Our Love — Forever Congratulations, John Davidson — Best wishes for the future. Leonard and Pat Astemborski Annette Gallo — Congratulations — Love — Happiness — Success — The Patrick Craig Family Sheri Gulette — You are the most precious gift God could have given me. Keep your heart open always and know that you are special. Love always. Mom. Sheri ' s Friends . . . Thank you for just being you. You are all very special to me. Keep safe in all the years to come. My heart goes with you always. Mrs. Gulette Good luck to Debbie and Mary Hogg . . . Grandma and Grandpa Congratulations, Carron Hinkle from the family down the street. God bless you always. The Sygits Michael S. Holstine . . . We always said . . . " You are the one we were blessed with. " and we still think you are. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Cathy, I am prouder of you than I can tell you and I love you very much. Mom Congratulations Dan — the Best of Luck — Mom, Dad, Sam, Vickie, Doreen, Tom, Steve, Derek and Angus!!! Cathy Lazarz — 18 years and now on your own. I love you. Mom Congratulations, Lynn — you ' re very special to us. Love, the Felsters Congratulations, Katie. May your future be as happy as you ' ve made us in the past. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Beth Kim and Leslie, We ' ve been through good and bad times together but we ' ve made it so far! Thanks for being two of the best friends I could ever have. Amy Kevin — Good luck and congratulations from those who love you. Keep running toward your higher goals. The Schulte Clan — Mom, Dad and Mark Koulis — To our foreign exchange son. We hope you ' ve enjoyed your year with us as much as we enjoyed having you. Best wishes and good luck in the future. Mom and Dad Schulte Congratulations, Debbie . . . you ' ve very special to us. You ' ve set three goals in life. First, to graduate with pride which you did by January, second, to go to college which you will be doing while you are in the Army and third to be a nurse when you get out. We sure are going to miss you for the three years you will be gone. All our love, Karen, Sharon, Jim, Melissa, Mom and Dad Maniaci Congratulations, Katy. We love you and we are very proud of you. Mom and Dad Mike — thanks for tolerating and being so understanding of this book. Terri — We are proud of you but most of all we love you. Mom, Dad, Kelly, Tracie, Jori. p.s. Now there is no hurry, but when you go can I have your electric blanket? Love, Jori Richard — you are our everything. Love, Mom and Dad Tracy Rix — Good luck in the future. Bozo. Love always. Mom and Dad. Congratulations, Binky — Way to go, Chickeee! Congratulations, Susan and the class of ' 82. Love ya! Mom, Dad and David Congratulations, Susan Smith. Love, Gram Paula, congratulations . . . we ' re proud of you. Love, your family. Congratulations, Lance. This is your day. We are extremely proud of you. Two things can neither change nor end — our love for you and our wish for success in all your future goals. Gramps and Grandma Topolski Congratulations, Lance. May you find all the happiness in life that you have given us. Good luck 308. We are very proud of you. Love always. Mom and Dad Andrew Sygit . . . Congratulations and God Bless you son. We are all very proud of you. Love, Dad, Mom, Mary, Bonnie, Cindy, Mike and Patty. Jori — love and best wishes — from Mom, Dad and family. Congratulations, Ken! We can ' t begin to tell you how speial you are to us. You have made your family very proud. Wishing you nothing but the best in the future. Congratulations, Rick Vernier . . . We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Steve, Jill and Jason Lisa — Congratulations. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad. MONNIER, INC. 2034 Fruit Algonac, Michigan 48001 (313) 794-4935 Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators lor the Conditioning of Compressed Air Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students of Algonac High School flL “ f From Algonac Community Schools Board of Education im Donald E. Dodge President Robert N. Yervinck Vice President t Sue Baxte Secreta Eleanor e Trix Treasurer Richard Cowper Trustee A. Dale Tucker Trustee Charles Yon aka Trustee (lon aiulaiioeid QlaU T2 President Lisa Yax Vice President Kathie Schuknecht Secretary Debbie Christy Treasurer Tammy Santavy Reporter Katie MacPhetterson Historian Michelle Patana Parliamentarian Chris Ruemenapp 152 ■Gjyom? (EOMMUAWTy 9GM00JL WMSJM3 ?T?2 7072 2 (i de ikGcuml (IcdeddkdLAkzu ji U(P2nd(lackdm QnaAamClcmd honey fledewien. ManUuz ICeddel ydci 0 aduudu flmd Jacmtm W dliam God i (JenAu Milled May the future glow like da 1 May the past be a source of And may you always live in ptrmpKc HiGffsCHfr Amy Sadjowski Katie De- Soul Her , Dawn K i; Golembiewski, Charlotte Biland, Mr. Terry Craven, imm ra, Xarert ren Dodi rrgelB, eatfl Btf 1 Hogset vtik, Lisa| -rskjrfjennjjl iim tieler. feidi Pilath, dik Wane i. Advertising 153 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students of Algonac High School COLONY CLINIC Dr. Leonard Kasperowicz, D.O. Dr. Arlene Mruk, D.O. Leonard Kasperowicz Ann Kasperowicz Rachael Kasperowicz Charlotte Kasperowicz Kimberly Kasperowicz David Kasperowicz 100K9HQ MGK - 100MHQ AMA% 1981-1982 was a year of change and upheaval. We lost good friends to tragedy, we saw our lives changed by the cutbacks in the school and the economy. Uncertainty is a key word to describe the aspects of the past year. The year began with the return of the hostages. Their ordeal became reality as we listened to the story of what actually happened. President Reagan began his term in office and the conservative trend continued. As the year progressed, budget cutbacks caused radical changes in the lives of the American people. Unemployment continued to grow and uncertainty about the future was a constant worry. Many of our friends left the area for Texas and Florida as the search for jobs continued. Labor faced a rough year worldwide. Chrysler workers faced concessions to keep the company afloat and in January 1982, G.M. workers provided a historical change in labor management negotiations. Lech Walesa came to represent a major struggle in Poland. As 1982 closed, dreams of freedom were stomped in Poland by martial law. Repercussions abound worldwide. Labor took a major setback with the firing of the air traffic controller T lard fought gains of the past decade seemed threatened. Again, the fear of an assassin ' s bullet struck. Attempts on President Reagan and Pope John Paul shocked the world. The shooting death of Anwar Sadat again brought the reality of today ' s society home. Sandra Day O ' Conner made the history books as the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court. America ' s national pastime . . . baseball . . . took part of the summer off with a national strike. Again, the Detroit area takes prominence as the Super Bowl came to the Silverdome on January 24, 1982. Michigan fans packed the Silverdome Nov. 31 and Dec. 1 to see the Rolling Stones on an American tour. Romance blossomed as America watched Prince Charles marry his Lady Diana on July 29 and soap opera fans watched Luke and Laura marry in November. On the lighter side, Rubik Cubes and eventually Rubik Cube Smashers abounded. The Preppy look remained with a side light of punk rock in current dress. 154 THE ALGONAC SAVINGS BANK Member FDIC M i I tin A FULL SERVICE BANK Main Office — Algonac Branches — Fair Haven, Pearl Beach 4 7 Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9:00 to 4:30 f j F riday: 9:00 to 6:00 Saturday: 9:00 to 12:00 Drive In Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m Saturday: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Here’s to a Healthy Class of 1982 DOWNRIVER COMMUNITY CENTER, INC. Downriver Medical Center THE BAXTER AGENCY, INC I Insurance 717 St. Clair River Dr. Algonac, Ml 48001 ■ ' V jar ' ww. - m 794-4907 Frank (Skip) Baxter SEAFARERS INTERNATIONAL UNION AGLIWD AFL-CIO Congratulations to the Class of 1982 Advertising 157 ■ LYLE’S MARINA Complete Marine Service ‘Outboards ‘Mercury Inboards ‘Inboard Outboards on Water 6207 M-29 near Algonac 794-4460 Gale Banks Turbo Chargers 794-9075 5547 Pte. Tremble (M-29) Algoncsc.Mi. Pleasing You Pleases Us Congratulations Graduates Fftl€NDLV ON€S " Count on us for high interest savings plans, mortgage and home improvement loans and friendly, hometown service. First Federal Savings of Oakland Main Office: 761 W. Huron Street Pontiac. Ml 46053 Phone: 333-7071 With offices serving Oakland Macomb. Lapeer. Sanilac and St. Clair Counties PHONE: 794-3172 PRIOR PLUMBING HEATING INC. Plumbing. Heating. Electrical Supplies Jack Prior Dan Prior Tom Prior 3470 PTE TREMBLE RO. ALGONAC. Ml 40001 1029 St. Clair River Dr. Algonac, Michigan 48001 794-9339 Hi Congratulations Class of ’82 GILBERT FUNERAL HOME Since 1904 Algonac, Ml 48001 ALGONAC DAIRY QUEEN 1307 St. Clair River Drive Algonac, Michigan 48001 794-7000 Congratulations to Class of ’82 Advertising 159 M R PHARMACY Four Locations to Serve You Store No. 1 35769 Green St. New Baltimore, Michigan Phone: 725-8434 Store No. 2 66901 Gratiot Street — Next to COOP Richmond, Michigan Phone: 727-7504 Store No. 3 33165 23 Mile Road next to Kroger’s Chesterfield Township, Michigan Phone: 725-4700 Store No. 4 1027 St. Clair River Drive Algonac, Michigan Phone: 794-4941 CHARLIES PLACE w HOURS Tum Fn 9 6 Sat 9 3 - CHARLIE - MEN • WOMEN • CHILDREN 794-4775 5 r a. X u. Dixie Hwy JOHNNY THE SHOP EARL KEIM REALTY FRED J. RAYMOND ASSOCIATES, INC. 4930 Pte. Tremble Algonac Ml 794-4227 Factory Outlet Apparel Gifts Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed., and Sat. 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thurs. and Fri. 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. EARL KEIM REALTY Offices Algonac New Baltimore Harsens Island 794-9191 725-8885 748-3511 160 » D D HAIR STUDIO Professional Styling for Men and Women 413 Michigan Phone In Algonac Plaza 794-7804 Compliments of H.4 CROCKER’S SPORT AND CYCLE 650 Pte. Tremble Road Algonac, Michigan 794-4393 HICK’S VILLAGE PHARMACY LOVE’S RESTAURANT a The Latest in Wilson Sporting Goods Equipment “The Place With a Heart” 430 Pte. Tremble Road Algonac, Michigan Curb Service — Dining Room Carry Out Discover BEN FRANKLIN Where Quality Is Right at Home Channel Side Fashions 421 Michigan Algonac, Ml 794-5700 Best Wishes to the Class of ’82 ROBERT L. HAAG, D.D.S. JOHN KENZIE, SR., D.D.S. JOHN KENZIE, JR. D.D.S. Advertising Compliments of ALGONAC OPTIMIST CLUB Promise Yourself To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something to them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best and expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievement the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. Optimist International Members: Joseph Caimi, Robert Christy Jr., Kenneth Flynn, Robert Ford, John Gibson, Robert Hollway, James Killius, Doug Reitzler, James Schudlich, Donald Schwendemann, A. Dale Tucker, Gerald Tuzinowski, John Warwick, Gerald Zambrowski ISAACS PHOTO LAB 794-4949 JULE ' S PRINTING Pickup and Delivery Film Developing Graphic Arts Enlarging (Any Size) Old Photos Restored New Negatives Made Copying Art Work Negative Retouching Double Printing Viewgraphs Gang Proofs Photoliths 8899 Folkert Rd., Algonac, Ml 48001 Member — Industrial Photographers Association of Michigan ‘6590 SWARTOUT ROAD ALGONAC, MICHIGAN Phone: 794-7864 Printers of . . . LETTERHEADS • ENVELOPES BUSINESS CARDS • OFFICE FORMS VISTISEN SOD FARM BROCHURES • MENUS POSTERS • PLACEMATS NUMBERING • PERFORATING Grading, Sodding, Seeding IMPRINTING • DIECUTTING Algonac 794-4119 PICKUP DELIVERY TOOL AND DIE CO., INC. 1800 Fruit St. Algonac, Michigan 794-4929 Advertising 163 C0IJ1PLMNTS OF... WORSWICK MOLD TOOL Prototypes and Plastic Injection Molds Prototype Tryouts and Production Runs c Stan Worswick 8784 Folkert Road 794-5600 Algonac, Michigan STILTNER PLUMBIN James E. Stiltn Licensed Master PI MARGARET JEAN’S RESTAURANT 4219 Pte. Tremble Algonac, Ml 48001 Daily Specials . . . Open 7 Days a Week 794-9062 Plagens Iftarine Construction Co . Phone: 725-0500 Free Estimates 35820 Schmid Drive New Baltimore, Ml 48047 Complete Marine Construction Dock Piling Wood and Steel Seawalls Foundation Piling Advertising 165 “The New” PEARL BEACH LIONS CLUB Bin 9° Hall for Rent Every Thursday Starting at 6:45 p.m. Call 794-9110 Congratulations Class of ’82 COLONY LIGHTHOUSE BAR 6211 Pte. Tremble Rd. Pearl Beach, Ml KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ALGONAC COUNCIL 7227 Your Hosts: Open 7 Days Bob and Linda 166 LITTLE CAESAR’S PIZZA TREAT ALGONAC MALL MARI UZ FOOD PRODUCTS. INC. 1757 HAML N ROAD. WEST ROCHESTER MICHIGAN 46063 TEL. (313) 6?2 -2116 VICE PRESIDENT LjI KANE, CLEMONS and JOACHIM Attorneys and Counselors at Law C- Mgonac, Ml " kllL Ronl Hstato OF BLUE WATER COUNTRY 7 Dyke Road (M-29). Algonac Michigan 4800 1 ice: 013) 794-9393 • Res: 794-30 AR RIER Advertising 167 LUMBER JACK BUILDING CENTERS ACE HARDWARE Algonac Marine City 168 Yankee Village 5055 Pte. Tremble Road (M-29) Algonac Phone: 313-794-4840 Monday through Saturday — 10-6 Closed Tuesday Sunday 12 to 6 Fun Shopping for: Handmade Crafts, Maps, Books, Dried and Silk Flowers, Antiques, Nautical Brass, Oak Furniture (313)794-7010 GHAZAL’S FLORIST Jack B. Ghazal Nancy J. Ghazal 5430 Pte. Tremble Rd. Algonac, Michigan FRED J. RAYMOND — ASSOCIATES INC. 35167 — 23 Mile Rd. New Baltimore 48047 Have you tried our Bakery and Deli? Advertising 169 J te (Blass of ‘22 is urrr-fecf ! I ' ffiarren Good Luck!! Alvin and Daphne DON ' T HUNT Sl peck. MAKE YOUR CAREER CHOICE WISELY. SCARF, NUMMER S. DAFFODIL Serving You and Your Community CASH IN TIMES 17115 Nine Mile Rd. East Detroit, Ml 48081 772-8370 Articles for Sale by Private Owners CANTEEN BLUE WATER VENDING Full Line Vending " FRANCIS R. WEST ' District Manager 951 • 24th Street Port Huron. Ml 48060(313) 982 8565 r FALL SPORTS SCORES VARSITY FOOTBALL: AHS 0 — Lapeer West 12 AHS 6 — Richmond 12 AHS 6 — Dearborn Heights 35 AHS 0 — Cros Lex 34 AHS 0 — Marine City 9 AHS 44 — Imlav City 6 AHS 0 — Marysville 49 AHS 13 — St. Clair 0 AHS 51 — New Haven 8 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL: AHS 18 — Lapeer West 8 AHS 26 — Richmond 0 AHS 58 — Holy Cross 0 AHS 26 — Cros Lex 6 AHS 26 — Marine City 0 AHS 47 — Imlay City 0 AHS 14 — Marysville 36 AHS 14 — St. Clair 22 CROSS COUNTRY: West Bloomfield Invitational: 19 out of 25 Shrine Invitational: 9th Metro Invitational: tied for 8th Marysville Invitational: 3rd State Regional. 17th Yale Invitational. 3rd SCAL Meet: 3rd AHS 31 — St. Clair 24 AHS 21 — L ' Anse Creuse 34 AHS 19 — Lutheran North 40 AHS 19 — Fraser 43 AHS 21 — - Capace 36 AHS 15 — Marine City 40 AHS 42 — Marysville 18 FIELD HOCKEY: 2 wins — 2 ties — 4 losses GOLF: AHS 204 — Richmond 184 AHS 210 — Cros Lex 223 AHS 188 — Marine City 206 AHS 210 — Marysville 171 AHS 204 — St. Clair 170 AHS 188 — Richmond 171 AHS 213 — Cros Lex 200 AHS 209 — Marysville 162 AHS 209 — Marine City 241 AHS 214 — St. Clair 163 Advertising 171 Thank you for the opportunity to serve Algonac High School and the ’82 Remembrance. ISLAND QUEEN ICE CREAM PARLOR Located in Downtown Sans Souci Fresh Baked Goods on Weekends Greeting Cards Candy Toys and Crafts 4 Carry Out Marcia and Willy Bradshaw 748-3035 PIZZA, CHICKEN, FISH, SHRIMP, BBQ RIBS 222 Williams Harsens Island, Ml 48028 LARRY HAVENS Marine Contractor 8307 Maybury Plaza 748-3355 Gifts Cards Candy T-shirts Sweatshirts Jeans and Much More Open Every Day . . . June Through August Open Weekends . . . April and May, September Through December 3061 South Channel Drive Harsens Island, Michigan 748-3623 Kay Van Hees Advertising 173 Congratulations Class of ’82 AL D’EATH MARINA INC. 5555 Green Dr., Harsens Island (313) 748-9943 Full Service Marina — 30 Ton Hoist Gas — Oil — Dockage and Storage — Boat and Engine Repairs 1784 North Channel Drive Harsens Island, Mich. 48028 Jim Doan 748-3082 Service Manager 748-9937 FRANK DuPAGE DELTA HARDWARE Paint — Glass and Screen Repair House Raising Seawall Spilling and Dock Work Phone: 7280 Goodrich Hwy. 748-9595 Harsens Island Plumbing — Electrical 6 Days a Week Closed Wednesdays Nick and Joan Sarzynski Congratulations Class of ’82 L , il AKER’ WOR Portable Arc Welding Porch and Step Rails Window Guards Door Gates Truck Ladder Racks 1-368-6288 748-3192 Harsens Island Detroit 9jf CHAMPION AUTO FERRY Service With Safety Congratulations Class of ’82 ' l olcuttee efrantfHCMt 174 Serving the Algonac Communities With an Expert, Prompt, Courteous Staff Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Farms PAT AND ASSOCIATES Complete Sales Assistance of Your Home (Professional Assistance in buying or Selling a Home Suited to Your Family’s Needs and Desires) Staff Members: Broker: M. Patricia Buhagiar Madeline Baxter Larry Buhagiar Winnie Drotar Bill Farrell Lois Sutton Ralph Gibbons Virginia Farrell Kay Howard Bernice Mueller Maria Paquette Lee Horvath A Member of the Multi-Listing Macomb County A Member of the St. Clair County Board of Realtors A Member of the Macomb County Board of Realtors Remember PAT AND ASSOCIATES REALTORS We Are Here to Serve You! Advertising 175 (313) 725-0043 Dickie Dee Aartna , Inc. FALL SPORTS SCORES VARSITY BASKETBALL: AHS 29 - Romeo 49 AHS 32 -Roseville 18 AHS 43 - Clintondale 37 AHS 60 - Marine City 39 AHS 34 - Imlay City 25 AHS 22 - Marysville 37 AHS 35 - Imlay City 28 AHS 26 - 33 AHS 42 - St Clair 37 AHS 46 - Richmond 56 AHS 56 - Cros Lex 49 AHS 32 - Romeo 45 AHS 31 - Richmond 41 AHS 48 - Cros Lex 63 AHS 54 - Manne City 28 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: AHS 10 - Romeo 55 AHS 32 - Roseville 18 AHS 20 - Clintondale 39 AHS 35 - Imlay City 28 AHS 22 - Marysville 38 AHS 36 - St. Clair 48 AHS 20 - Richmond 70 AHS 31 - Holy Cross 20 AHS 35 -Cros Lex 32 AHS 21 - Marine Citv 22 AHS 33 - Imlay City 22 AHS 15 - Marysville 28 AHS 19- Romeo 49 AHS 17 - Richmond 50 AHS 21 - Cros Lex 27 AHS 50 - Marine City 54 FAIR HAVEN PHARMACY Inside — Outside Summer — Winter Storage 8709 Dixie Hwy. Dick and Dee Zryd Fair Haven Phone: 725-1151 8875 Dixie Hwy Fair Haven, Ml Cosmetics, Gifts, Liquor Complete Family Prescription Record Service Ml 48023 • FRESH DONUTS •COFFEE • ICECREAM Z LATE’S PLACE COLD BEER • WINE • GROCERIES DELI • GIFTS 7750 Dixie Hwy. Fair Haven Zlate Oncevski 725-6500 WES KNECHTEL BUSINESS MACHINES Phone: 725-1101 7830 Dixie Fair Haven, Michigan FAIR HAVEN, MICH. 176 Sunday Bingos iraamvetJ I HALL POST 34 7218 Swan Creek Rd. Fair Haven 725-9903 Hall Rentals Bair g (ttnue | lll OntheBay Capacity 225 Beer — Wine — Liquor — Carry Out Downtown Fair Haven 8874 Dixie Highway Phone: 725-9300 u - -fjr ■ ' J ' ■X k ' rJ SCHULTES REAL ESTATE CO., INC. m 8089 Dixie Hwy. Fair Haven, Ml 48023 Hamburgers — Fries — Coney Dogs Tacos — Burritos — Subs — Ice Cream Specialties realtor Residential and Condominium Sales Representative Phone 573-3900 Res. 794-5430 «... J y Grunow MLS Million Dollar Club Member Phone 725-4464 Pete Drew Carol Drew 28111 Hoover Rd. Suite 7A Warren, Ml 48093 Congratulations Class of ’82 S.T.R.E.T.C.H. C.B.CLUB Algonac, Michigan 48001 Advertising 177 Fine Sandwiches and Drinks 725-9100 Your Host 7707 Dyke Road Howard Chartrand and Son Fair Haven, Michigan 178 m P [MEL ' 81Ah Ovt 30 rtS IN tHt VfSTAUtANt Bj- «N SS FOOD - SPIRITS SPECIALIZING IN SEAFOOD PERCH OUR SPECIALTY 725-6262 $KATE lOFT 51400 County Line New Baltimore Telephone: 725-2333 725-1888 PDQPRESS Personal Service Design Artwork Quality Printing Flyers — Business Cards Stationery — Forms Newsletters — Brochures, Etc. Full Service Print Shop Advertising 179 cfo t Spec taf qfcjpJT Mary Lang Sizes 12 52 Donna Ball Congratulations Class of ’82 DOROTHEA AND CHUCK O’CONNER Harsens Island, Michigan Mariner Plaza Marine City, Ml KILLMAR’S CLEANERS 9776 Dixie Hwy. Anchorville 725-0410 Hours: Mon. to Fri.: 6:30 to 6:30 Saturday: 9 to 4 SCISSORS EDGE 9774 Dixie Hwy. Anchorville 725-6736 Hours: Tuesday: 9-6, Wednesday: 9-7:30, Thursday: 9-7:30 Friday: 9-6, Saturday: 9-3 JAY COMPANY PHOTOGRAPHERS For the finest in: ‘Weddings ‘Student and Group Portraits ‘Albums and Frames 33940 23 Mile Road New Baltimore, Ml 48047 MERLIN L.TRUMBLE COLONIAL CHAPEL FUNERAL HOMES INC. St.Clair Marine City 329-4766 765-8000 James M. Biebuyck President 36257 Jefferson Mt. Clemens Ml 48045 (313) 465-2090 Advertising 181 C. Todd Yaney, Photographer Presents The Masterpiece Wedding and Classical Portraiture 749-3322 DINO’S PIZZA 35777 GREEN STREET (Harbor Plaza Shopping Center) 725-7543 Pizza — Submarines — Bar-B-Que Dinners J ' Sun. Thru Thurs. 4 P.M.-12 P.M. Fri. and Sat. 4 P.M.-2 A.M. 182 NEW BALTIMORE SALT RIVER RAQUET CLUB 23 Mile Road 725-3754 Deborah Eve Diana Kaufman m [chrysler| Ouilfjr ' flB ffll 68286 SOUTH MAIN STREET. RICHMOND. MICHIGAN 48062 The Home of the BLUE WATER’S Lowest Prices Best Service Friendliest Salesmen Now Featuring . . . Rentals and Leasing Mr. Wight and Ms. Broeder are new owners of K cars from Von Wormer Huvaere K Phone: 725-7111 nisex Hair Event MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS PHASE II Chesterfield Mall 15 Twenty TJ Mile Road New Baltimo Michiga 1 Complete Hair $ a Relaxed Atm Ww The annual Mr. Muskrat Assembly on February 18 was a huge success. Here Jeff Kodet poses in his representative costume while Jeff Moran impresses the crowd with his weight lifting ability. Advertising 183 Jenny Williams and Julie Ferrara visit Marquis Jewelers to check out the latest in rings. Absences and tardies could result in Saturday school as many students discovered throughout the year. 6th hour meant waiting for the elementary school buses, sometimes up to an extra 40 minutes for Skill Center students and t.a.’s. A. DALE TUCKER Special Agent ( 313 ) 725-8209 THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE NIKyll INSURANCE COMPANY • MILWAUKEE ItNIvlL 184 r a tbo t Coijju te " rTawtbj ai istyftng ' FOR HIM FOR HER Curly or straight hair thick or thin we have the expertise in styling your tresses the way you like Call today An Added Service . . EYEBROW WAXING Open Mon. 10 3 Tues. Wed. 9:30-5:30 Thurs. 9:30-6:00 Fri. 9:30-8:00 Sat. 8:30-4.00 Lakeview Plaza 51112 D.W. Seaton Dr. Alongside Chesterfield Mall 725-3817 ANCHOR COMMERCIAL AQUARIUM SET-UPS BAY AQUARIUM TROPICAL PISH • BIRDS • REPTILES SMALL ANIMALS • FEED SUPPLIES CASEY O ' HEARN (313) 725-1383 37017 Green Street New Baltimore Ml 48047 Patrons Congratulations — Class of ' 82 Mr. and Mrs. L. Astemborski Ada Astle Good Luck, Tammy ALGONAC MEAT MARKET 4652 Pte. Tremble Algonac, MI 48001 Jim Brant TAE HONG CHUNG, M.D., P.C. 2210 St. Clair River Dr. Algonac, MI 48001 Carl and Helen Grobsorean Residents of Harsens Island Good Luck Seniors! Mr. and Mrs. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Holstine MAYEA BOAT WORKS, INC. 8779 Dixie Fair Haven, MI SCHNEIDER MARINA 7116 McDonald Harsens Island, MI 48028 Congratulations Class of ' 82 Mrs. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Donald Newberry Mr. and Mrs. Olsen and Sons Class of ' 87 and ' 89 Congratulations . . . Seniors Mr. and Mrs. Edward Surdey Dolores Wright — Bus Driver 23 Index Staff Avers, Roger 24, 137, 147 Bade, Sandy 133, 137, 148 Baker, Ross 137, 142 Basinski, Dennis 137,146 Batchelder, Lea 136 Baxter, Sue 134, 135, 152 Blanck, Charles 137, 138 Broeder, Ruth 51, 146, 137, 181 Buck, Jill 137, 145 Caimi, Joseph 134, 135 Cowper, Dick 134, 135, 152 Craven, Terry 42, 43, 137, 153, 145 Cvengros, Tom 132, 138 Dodge, Dave 31 Dodge, Donald 134, 135, 152 Eglinton, Jane 23, 136, 138 Farrell, Nancy 138, 142, 168 Fisher, Cora 136 Franey, Joyce 136, 138 Ford, Robert 135 Godfrey, Greg 138, 142 Greenwood, Rod 138, 146 Gregg, Denise 45, 60, 138, 140 Hollway, Robert 135 Holmes, James 132, 138, 148 Hurst, Linda 136 Huston, Patricia 139, 140 Jackson, Hugh 136, 139, 148, 65 Jones, Mary 47, 132, 139, 168 Kelley, Jan 69 Koerber, Kitty 144 Koltz, Bill 19, 67 Lauzon, Pat 149 Lamb, Tom 149 Lenore, Jim 139, 144 Licari, Diane 136 Mageau, Marge 139, 140 Maki, Terry 15, 133, 139, 144 McLeod, Allan 139, 147 McMaken, Dennis 139 Meganck, Arthur 133, 140, 147 Merrick, Marilyn 133, 139, 140 Morse, Dennis 133, 140, 142 Musson, Ken 140, 142 Pritchard, Michael 140, 146 Reed, Gregory 54, 56, 57, 140, 145 Richardson, George 20 Robertson, Mary 138, 140 Rochon, Louis 132, 140 Sachs, Robin 70, 71 Shafer, Cindy 141, 145 Shafer, Dan 20, 141, 142 Shagena, Anita 133, 147, 148 Streit, Esther 132, 141 Taylor, Michael 133, 139, 141 Tobias, Stephen 135, 148 Treppa, Lawrence 140, 141 Trix, Eleanore 134, 135, 152 Trumble, Ron 141, 142 Tucker, A. Dale 17, 134, 135, 152 Vervinck, Robert 134, 135, 152 Warwick, John 136, 141, 148 Weitzel, Don 141, 148 Wesoloski, Jim 139, 142, 148 Wight, Don 84, 142, 146, 181 Witherspoon, Tom 19 Yonaka, Charles 134, 135, 152 Young, Steve 29, 133, 142, 148 Students Achatz, Cliff 76 Acre, Charlotte 122 Acre, Doug 102 Adams, William 73 Adkins, Bud 13, 54, 74, 122, 126 Albert, Trade 35, 40, 122 Allegoet, Jeff 43, 73, 122 Allegoet, Steve 19, 27, 73, 102 Allen, Denise 43, 44, 45, 54, 56, 74, 76, 77, 99, 145, 153 Ancona, Jill 122, 126 Andresen, John 49, 54, 74, 76 Anderson, Sue 1 12 Apigo, Marvin 102 Arman, Paul 102 Ameil, Dale 102 Arneil, Janet 112 Arneil, Ken 112 Arpan, Joe 102 Arpan, Eric 62, 112 Astemborski, Angela 16, 17, 35, 44, 45, 57, 76, 82, 99, 151 Atherholt, Annette 49, 58, 59, 76 Atkinson, Erin 122 Aures, William 122, 131 Austerberry, Ingrid 54, 74, 112, 71 Avers, Craig, 102 Avers, Dave 76 Avers, Eric 13, 19, 76 Avers, Telia 52, 54, 74, 122, 127, 129 Avers, Yvonne 112, 113 Axtell, David 112 Azar, Nail 122, 126, 130, 131, 184 Babisz, April 112 Badger, Cynthia 112 Bagwell, Amy 122 Baker, Joe 27, 45, 54, 57, 72, 73, 74 Baker, Randy 54, 55, 56, 74, 1 12 Baker, Tammy 54, 74, 112, 174 Baker, Stacy 50, 51, 54, 57, 74, 122, 174 Baker, Jennifer 54, 74, 102, 122 Balduck, Jim 102 Balitzky, Kelly 122 Banocy, Christine 77, 183 Banocy, Johnna 14, 39, 57, 102, 151, 183 Bandlow, Kelly 4, 122 Bartolomucci, Lynn 12, 16, 17, 76, 77, 82 Bartolomucci, Dean 122, 130 Baer, Andy 8, 58, 59, 61, 76, 155 Bates, Laura 102 Bates, Tom 54, 74, 122, 126 Batuk, Carole 54, 74, 75, 112 Bayones, Thomas 54, 57, 74, 77, 99 Beals, Dan 75,112,145 Beals, Karen 12, 13, 54, 55, 74, 75.112.114. 129 Beattie, Todd 51, 122 Beauregard, Lori 13, 29, 42, 48, 49, 77, 167 Bedell, Mimi 122 Bell, Heidi 57, 102, 151 Bell, Mike 102 Bell, Robert 77, 99, 155 Bender, Debby 13, 54, 74 Benke, Doreen 46, 47, 56, 57, 77 Benoit, Nancy 47, 54, 74, 102 Beres, Holly 77 Berger, Kim 54, 74, 102 Bernabo, Mike 112, 113 Bernabo, Roger 5, 20, 73, 75, 112,120 Bernardi, Edward 17, 20, 21, 34, 67,112 Berry, Dan 102 Berry, Steve 112, 119 Berube, Michael 102 Beaver, Brian 77, 99 Berube, Peter 122, 125 Bevins, Denise Bieke, Leslie 122 Biland, Ken 3, 24, 45, 54, 73, 44, 102. 129 Biland, Julie 31, 43, 54, 74, 122, 123, 153 Biland, Paul 122 Biland, Phil 13, 19, 34, 41, 45, 72, 73, 78, 87, 95, 99 Billbury, Richard 4, 122 Bird, Don 122, 131 Birgbauer, Gordon 78 Bischoff, Jeanette 78, 155, 84 Benedict, Don 122 Biscorner, Tina 102 Bitten, Mike 102 Blanck, Tim 65,112,119 Blanton, Roger 122 Bloink, Lynne 58, 59, 122 Blommer, Fred 78 Bonser, James 102 Bonser, Jenny 122, 126 Booker, Lorri 49, 102 Booth, Kevin 167 Booth, Scott Bouwkamp, Terri 54, 74, 122, 126 Bowers, Helen 78 Bowman, Matt Boyer, David 5, 72, 73, 102, 106 Boyer, Donna 23, 42, 102, 111, 68, 69 Boyer, Mike 52, 63, 78 Boyle, Scott 20, 75, 1 12 Brenner, John 67, 1 12 Brockley, Katie 122, 126 Brockley, Patricia 112 Brockley, Wayne 13, 78 Brockmiller, Chris 5, 112, 117 Brockmiller, Jim 122 Brody, Chuck Brooks, Ann Marie 13, 56, 57, 122, 126, 128 Browarski, Donna 54, 74, 122 Brown, Don 85 Brown, Chris 54, 74, 78 Briske, Lisa 102 Brown, Dawn 112 Brown, Marilyn 6, 43, 122 Brown, Mollie 39, 45, 57, 102, 106. 151 Brown, Steve 51, 56, 79 Brown, Terry Brown Wendy 122 Buhagiar, Larry 19, 72, 73, 103 Bullis, Steve 103 Burck, Ed 112 Burd, Leigh Ann 122 Burd, Stephen 79 Burgess, George 2, 79, 155 Burgess, Karen 16, 17, 43, 49, 82 Burnette, Cynthia 79 Burnette, Jonathon 122 Burns, Jerry 103 Burns, Pat 122 Busuttil, C. J. 20, 34, 67,112 Busuttil, Kim 13, 29, 44, 45, 49, 79, 155 Butterfield, Andy 122 Byerly, Matt 73, 112 Calca terra, Chris 112 Calcaterra, Mark 14, 54, 56, 57, 74. 103. 151 Campagna, Doug 112 Cani, George 122, 128 Carr, Margo 103 Carrier, Dean Carrier, Michelle 79, 167 Cartwright, Stacey Cartwright, Steve 103 Cassidy, Linda 49, 58, 59, 79, 99 Castiglione, Ann Marie 122 Cates, Pat 112 Celani, Karen 122, 126, 129 Cetnarowski, Jim 8, 24, 25, 103 Cetnarowski, William 79 Chaney, Kim 49, 103, 104 Chapman, Dawn 103 Chapman, Richard 133, 84 Chapman, Ron 79, 122 Charland, Chris 13, 79, 99 Chase, Robert 122 Christy, Charles 75, 112, 144 Christy, Debbie 44, 45, 47, 49, 79, 152 Christy, Stan 103 Clark, Konnie 13, 44, 45, 56, 57, 103, 105 Clark, Robert 79 Cofer, Tammy 52, 1 12 Collins, Dorothea Conklin Dan Coomer, Carey 103 Cope, Steve 6, 19, 103 Cony, Candy 8, 59, 103 Cox, Carol 112 Craig, Peggy 56, 57, 75, 112 Crampton, Robert 122 Cross, Carole 122, 131 Cross, Cathy 8, 10, 43, 52, 58, 59, 102, 103, 153 Cross, Kim 122, 129 Cullimore, Ron 103, 110 Curry, Janice 80 Currey, Cindy 113 Cuthbertson, Annette 13, 80, 92,99 Cuthbertson, Eric 56, 80 Cuthbertson, Jeanette 7, 35, 38, 51, 52, 103, 106, 109 Dagenais, Sandy 23, 113, 69 Daniels, Jill 122, 129 Daniels, Mike 122 Daniels, Stacie 12, 44, 45, 47, 80 Daniels, Tom 103 Daniels, Peter 19, 78, 80, 86, 99, 147 Davey, Connie 113 Davidson, Cheri 122 Davidson, John 19, 65, 80, 99 Davis, Christine 7, 35, 44, 45, 49, 54, 74,81 Davis, Glenn 81, 84 Davis, Tom 122 Davis, Jeanne 122 Davis, Pam 58, 59, 81, 84 Davis, Shaun 60, 113 Dedmond, Camille 58, 59, 123, 129 Dedmond, Michelle D ' Eath, Diana 122 DeBoyer, Jon 113 DeCaussin, Simone 122, 129 DeLange, Colleen 30, 31, 47, 113 DeLange, Jennifer 123 DeLange, Robert 66, 67, 103 DeLong, Dan 123 DeLong Scott 48, 81 DeNavarre, Kaite 2, 43, 75, 112, 113.120.153 DeNavarre, Marianne 54, 74, 103 Dennis, Gretchen 113 Dennis, Patrick 54, 74, 81, 99 DeRusha, Dan 103 Desmarais, Robert Devine, Mary 110 DeVlaminck, Lisa 58, 59, 155 DeVlaminck, Lori 81, 123, 126 v Dieter, Bill 73, 103 Dionne, Joelle 123 Dippert, Pat 123 Doan, Dan 20, 43, 80, 103, 106 Doan, Karyn 31, 51, 123 Doane, Robert 19, 45, 65, 104, 111 Dodge, Karen 3, 13, 43, 56, 57, Dodge, Scott 81 Donnelly, Catherine 60, 113 Dougan, Robert 13, 81 Doughty, Ron 113 Drake, Darryl 104 Draves, Terri 39, 104 Drew, Traci 58, 59, 123 Drexler, Jeff 104 Drexler, John 104 Drexler, Joe 43, 123 Diss, Laura 129, 123 Drotar, Karen 113 Drummond, Darin 73, 75, 113 Dryer, Kristi 113 Dryer, Ward 11, 19, 104 Duceatt, Jim 123 Dunn, Debbie 13, 82 Dunn, Greg Dunn, Shelley 104 Duprey, Joe 123 Durik, Tim 36, 48, 49, 82, 99 Durnil, Terry Durrant, Harold 123 Eads, Laura 104 Early, Robert 104 Eckhout, Norman 75, 113 Edgecomb, Charles 54, 74, 123 Eifert, Dawn 8, 58, 59, 1 13 Eggli, Russ 54, 56, 73, 74, 138 Ellis, Michelle 36, 104, 123 Ellis, Rick 13, 82, 99 Emerick, Mary 123 Emmons, Pat Emmons, Bill Ettinger, Kim Eckert, Brenda 104 Eidt, John 123 Erdmann, Kelly 60, 82 Farley, April 123 Fehlman, Dennis 51, 54, 74, 1 13 Felster, Frank 62, 104 Fenton, Kevin 13, 82 Fernandez, Tom 15, 19, 56, 74, 82,99 Ferrara, Julie 13, 39, 43, 51, 54, 55, 56, 74,102,104,109,153, 183, 191 Fett, Denise 32, 54, 74,113 Fett, Pam 49, 54, 74, 104, 109 Fisher, Debbie 13, 32, 54, 74, 104 Fisher, Paul 15, 50, 51, 54, 57, 104 Flynn, Dale 113 Flynn, Dawn Focht, Ross 20, 124, 126 Foguth, Frank V 19,82 Foguth, Kris 22, 23, 37, 42, 104, 69 Folkerts, Leslie 9, 104 Folkerts, Pat 27, 105 Force, Bernie 20, 124 Fortin, Dante 124 Foster, John 6, 19, 34, 44, 45, 78, 82,99 Fougnie, Richard 62, 113 Fournier, Kim 83 Fournier, Mike 124 Francis, Jack 142 Fredericks, Ginger 113 Freel, Cary 51, 124, 126 Freeman, Jeff 54, 74, 113 Freeman, Scott 36, 45, 54, 74, 105 Frez, Jorge Duran 13, 36, 61, 83 Fuchs, Linda 75, 105 Fuchs, Sandra 9, 47, 83, 84 Fuller, Brian 105 Furtah, Brian 63 Garza, Mike Gabridge, Rozanne 83 Gaida, Ken 67,113 Gallaher, Melissa 39, 43, 57, 102, 105, 106, 108, 131, 153 Gallo, Annette 16, 17, 43, 56, 57, 77, 82, 83, 153 Garshott, Mike 63 Garshott, Sue 13, 54, 74, 113 Gauthier, Joe 124 Geer, Stu 103 Geltz, Kevin 42, 105 Genaw, Joe Genaw, Mary Beth 113 George, Eddie 20, 57, 124 George, Elaine 8, 44, 45, 58, 59, 83 George, John 113, 115 George, William 83 Gerace, Pamela 58, 59, 105 Geremesz, Nicole 54, 74, 124 Gerow, Kim 13 Gerow, Sheri 124 Gerstner, Kelley 49, 83 Glatz, Tina 134 Glasius, Erik 14, 34, 54, 56, 74, 84,99 Golewbiewski, Tom 3, 43, 124 Gontarz, Irene 124, 153 Gontarek, Kim 43, 124 Gough, Shawn 10, 13, 15, 19, 40, 49, 65, 84 Goulet, Catby 99, 1 13 Granica, Debbie 3, 54, 74, 75, 113,71 Gilbert, Jody 124 Grantz, Connie 8, 58, 59, 84, 99, 155 Greene, Gina 16, 17, 35, 43, 47, 57, 75, 82,112,113,116,151, 153 Gregg, Marcia 105 Greiner, Tom 124, 127 Groce, Sheila 113 Grosso, Renee 43, 123, 124 Grosso, Steve 13, 18, 19, 84, 147, 153 Grote, Wendy 13, 38, 48, 49, 84, 68, 69 Grubbs, Val 124 Gulette, Sheri 124, 126, 128, 130 Gunnells, Richard 113 Gunnells, Bob Gunther, Margaret 124 Hall, Chris 124 Hammang, Tom 67, 113 Harlow, Chris 39, 54, 74, 105 Hart, Brian 113 Hart, Connie 58, 59, 105 Hart, Tim 52, 75,114 Havens, Chari 124 Heilman, Debbie 124 Heim, Eric 13, 54, 74, 124 Hemenger, Guy Hemenger, Richard Hennard, Greg 124 Hennard, Mike 65, 104, 114 Henry, Becky Heyza, Janae 13, 56, 57, 75, 1 14 Hill, Charles Hill, Rene 23, 54, 74, 105 Hinkle, Carron 56, 57, 84 Hinkle, Devon 20, 21, 64, 65, 114 Hoag, Mike 20,114,118 Hoeninghausen, Jeff Hofmann, Denise Hogg, Debbie 23, 54, 74, 124 Hogsett, Bill 25, 43, 67,112, 114, 153 Holland, Cindy 84, 99 Hollway, Lana 45, 56, 57, 84 Holstine, Mike 105 Hoover, Kelly 85 Hoover, Laura 105 187 Hoover, Lisa 9, 85 Hoover, Robert 85, 184 Hoover, Shelly 124 Hoover, Sherry Hoover, Tammy 124 Hopkins, Merrie Hopkins, Shirl Hotchkiss, Ed 124 Hromek, Larry 124 Hubbarth, Kurt 124 Huber, Dawn 114 Huber, Darlene 105 Hubbard, Mike 73,105 Huff, Pat 20,21,75, 114 Humes, Michael 73, 85 Humes, Pat 35, 52, 54, 73, 74, 126, 124, 146 Hunt, Leigh 85 Hurlburt, Raeann 124, 126 Hurlburt, Tina 114 Hurst, Kelly 31, 43, 123, 124, 153 Hutcheson, Mark 13, 85, 86 Ingles, Jeff Irvine, Dave 85, 92 Isaacs, Lisa 85, 99 Isles, Stacey 36, 43, 44, 45, 102, 105, 153 Jacks, Bill 86 Jacks, Dorothy 57, 124 Jacks, Margaret 47, 54, 74, 86, 84 Jacks, Ray 54,56, 74, 108 Jacobs, Rory 5, 20, 67, 1 14 Jaros, Paula 43, 44, 45, 48, 49, 56, 57, 77, 86, 96, 99, 153 Jaster, Brenda 10, 36, 37, 45, 105, 69 Jeakle, Dawn 105, 133 Jeakle, Tom 114 Jeannette, Catherine 124, 129 Jiles, Mary 105 John, Vincent Johns, Brian 26, 27, 42, 105 Johns, Dave Johns, Debbie 71, 115 Johnson, Bobbie Sue 24, 25, 54, 55,56, 74, 115,71 Johnson, Cathy 86 Johnson, Craig 115 Johnson, Dawn Johnson, Larry 115 Johnson, Jack Johnson, Jodi 6, 30, 31, 51, 124 Johnson, Roy 67, 124, 126, 128 Johnson, Steve 24, 105 Johnson, Terri 115 Johnson, Tom 13, 60, 86, 99 Jokiel, Paul 124 Jolly, Gary 115 Jones, Bill 24, 25, 105 Jones, Scarf Arlene 8, 132, 170 Jones, Dale 54, 56, 74, 105 Jones, Sandra 126 Jones, Tom Jordine, Dave 126 Justice, Shari 23, 115, 71 Kaatz, Shelly 49, 58, 86, 156 Kaiser, Bridgette 58, 59, 124 Kajfes, Lori 115 Kanalos, Kelley 43, 123, 124, 130, 153 Kanalos, Michele 56, 57, 58, 59, 102, 105, 108, 110 Karl, Rick 119 Karl, Sue 58, 59, 99,125,126 Kasperowicz, Ann 17, 42, 43, 45, 56, 57, 77, 86,153,154 Kasperowicz, Charlotte 30, 31, 43, 54, 74,123,124,126,153, 154 Kasperowicz, Rachael 23, 115, 154 Kazor, Rita 105 Keibler, Jeff 86, 93, 99 Keibler, Kathy 39, 43, 49, 102, 105, 107, 153 Kemp, Jon 115 Kendall, Ed Kenny, Melanie 49, 56, 57, 105, 109 Kensora, David 6, 13, 87, 89 Kernohan, Dan 58, 59, 106 Kicknosway, Carol Kicknosway, Donna Kicknosway, Sandy 125 Kikos, Joe 125, 126,129 King, Kevin King, Scott 36, 45, 65, 106 Kirby, Jim 2, 54, 74, 105, 106, 107, 109 Kirby, Jo Jean 87 Kirby, Tony 39, 54, 74, 106 Kloeffler, Veronica 44, 45, 57, 87, 99,151 Knapp, Randy 20, 73,115 Knapp, Tim 106 Knight, Chris 23, 45, 68, 69 Knight, Greg 126 Knight, Wendi 49, 56, 57, 106 Knowlton, Deborah 115, 121, 71 Koltz, Lee Ann 54, 74, 125 Korthal, Robert 106 Kodet, Jeff 29, 40, 41, 65, 83, 87 Koehlmann, John 115 Koroleski, Ralph 106 Korneffel, Windie 125 Kosciolek, Kevin Koska, Ed 106 Kosnik, Bob 17, 45, 64, 65, 87, 99, 168 Koster, Arlene 17, 43, 45, 77, 87, 96, 99, 153 Kozel, Bev 13, 23, 49, 87, 68, 69 Kozel, Tony Kraase, Pam 125 Kraase, Tina 58, 59, 125 Krajenke, Frank 3, 20, 125, 129 Kramer, Dan 51, 54, 56, 74, 87 Kramer, Doreen 57, 106, 151 Krause, Cathy 23, 125 Krause, Dan 106, 184 Kreuger, Greg 13, 19, 88 Krispin, Dan 106 Krispin, Peggy 51, 125 Kujawa, Peter 115 Kujawa, Tina 52,110,115 Kuplerski, Shelley 43, 58, 59, Kuriluk, Jim 88 Kurrle, Allan 125, 126, 156 Kurrle, Susan 29, 37, 49, 106, 69 Kwasiborski, Vickie 42, 45, 54, 57, 74, 106 Lane, Michael 13, 51, 88 Labadie, Mike 125 Labuhn, Tyson 125 Lafriniere, Cathy 35, 49, 57, 88, 99, 151, 155 Lamb, Cindy 125, 129 Lalewicz, Larry Landis, Mary Ann Lane, Pat 125 Lane, Dan 125, 131 Lang, Cheryl 115 Lang, Diana 13, 28, 29, 42, 43, 77, 78, 88,153,155,168,180 Langan, Chris 7, 35, 56, 57, 60, 75, 114, 115 Langan, Mike 12, 17, 76, 86, 88 Langell, Dan 54, 74, 106 Langell, Donna 4, 88 Langell, Scott 88 LaParl, Wendy 29,115,117 Laque, Hank 125 Lauzon, Julie 48, 49, 54, 56, 57, 155, 84 Lauzon, Laura 39, 49, 51, 88, 184 Lauzon, Paul 10, 88 LaForest, Ken 106 LaTour, Bob 115 Lavalla, Ron Lazarz, Alicia 125 Lazarz, Catherine 54, 58, 74, 89, 84 Leatzau, Richard 125, 129 Lecour, Michelle 125 Leegstra, Kim 39, 43, 102, 106, 107. 153 Leemhuis, John 115 Leenknegt, Julie 8, 51, 58, 59, 115 Leenknegt, Patty 51, 57, 125 Lefebvre, Mark 20, 125 Lefebvre, Marsha 11, 58, 59, 125, 129, 168, 180 188 Leon, Dino 8, 58, 59, 89, 99 Levitt, John 106 Lewis, Chuck 125 Lewis, Stacey 9, 106 Lewandowski, Jackie 51, 125, 126 Lezell, Robert 32, 115 Licari, Dave 10, 20, 34, 40, 49, 89 Licari, Tom 13, 19, 34, 67, 75, 114,115,156 Liebold, Charles 125 Licari, Ken 20, 67, 125 Lin, Boun Sa 125, 129 Lindsay, John 106 Lipowski 47, 56, 57, 106, 107, 108 Loeffler, Lesly 22, 1 15, 70, 71 Loeffler, Lisa 89, 184 Logan, Faith 125, 126 Loomis, Steve 106 Lonergan, Kevin 125 Lonergan, Michael 125 Lozen, Barb 89, 99 Mackey, Dave 103, 107 MacKinnon, Annette 125 MacKinnon, Stacy MacPhetterson, Katie 46, 47, 89, 152, 84 Major, Sherry 47, 107 Malik, Frank 3, 125, 126, 131 Malik, Karl 45, 54, 56, 74, 89 Malik, Lisa 13, 43, 54,56, 74, 112,115,153 Mangas, Barb 54, 74,125 Maniaci, Debbie 47, 89, 84 Mann, Nathan 89 Manthey, Debbie 28, 29, 47, 115 Manthey, Kim 13, 45, 46, 47, 80, 90, 93, 99 Markowski, Delores 58, 59, 1 16 Markowski, Denise 8, 45, 58, 59, 90, 84 Marsalese, Jerry Marsden, Vicki 125 Marten, Dave 116 Martin, John Maslanka, Dan 116 Mason, Cherie 126 Matthews, Janis 43, 45, 54, 74, 77, 90, 96, 153, 155 Mauk, Tony 126 Maul, Kathy 13, 90, 99 Maul, Kim 22, 23, 104, 107 May, Donna 90 May, Jeff 73, 126 May, Joe 116 May, Kenny 126 Mayle, Cindy 9, 90 Mayle, Donna 116 McBride, Otis McBride, Shelia McCarty, Tracy 57, 116 McDonald, Ann 16, 17, 56, 57, 82, 89 McDonald, Brian 8, 57, 126 McDonald, Bucky 116 Martin, Pam 126 McGeachy, Grant 107 McGeachy, Mark 116, 143 McGlynn, Shawn 57, 126 McGrath, Martin 116, 131 McGregor, Kelly 5, 39, 107 McElroy, John 8, 54, 74, 126 McGuire, Ben 116 McLane, Curt 126 McMullen, Sandy 57, 116, 71 McQuade, Kristen 126 Medley, Dawn 126 Mehl, Renee 9, 23, 45, 90, 145 Meldrum, Beth 8, 60, 116 Meldrum, Colleen 13, 30, 31, 56, 57,116 Meldrum, David 20, 116 Medlrum, Debbie Meldrum, Jim 20 Meldrum, Marie 107 Meldrum, Michelle 90, 91 Meldrum, Shelly 13, 39, 54, 74, 103,110 Menkel, Katy 7, 34, 35, 45, 48, 49.91 Menkel, Tony 107 Mikolowski, Harry Mikolowski, Michelle Miller, Dennis Miller, Paul 126 Mills, Gordon 107 Miller, John 57, 124, 126 Micallef, Mike 116 Micallef, Charles Mitti, Joe 91 Mizer, Russ 107 Modolo, Cheryl 3, 58,126 Modolo, Paula 8, 36, 56, 57, 58, 59,116 Moehlman, Laurie 37, 39, 48, 49, 107, 68, 69 Mongeau, Lisa 8, 23, 58, 59, 107 Mongeau, Pete 107 Monte, Suzanne 13, 22, 23, 45, 91,68, 69, 84 Montgomery, Andy 73, 107 Montgomery, Mark 13, 17, 36, 73, 90,91,99 Montreuil, Lisa 91 Montreuil, Shelley 107 Moore, Dawn 91, 92, 138 Moran, Jeff 6, 13, 19, 41, 65, 87, 89.91 Moran, William 91 Moravcik, Jodi 7, 34, 35, 43, 56, 57, 75,112,114,116,153 Morici, Tina Morris, Barb 59, 126, 129 Morris, Mary Morrison, Kelly 13, 15, 38, 48, 49,91 Mueller, Eric 3, 126 Mueller, Matt 40, 116 Muller, Rebecca 32, 33, 54, 74, 116 Musson, Scott 126, 129 Nagy, Anna 49, 107 Nagy, John 16 Neal, Ken 4, 49, 57, 82, 91, 97, 99, 142 Neff, Karl 7, 35, 43, 51, 55, 75, 112,116,151 Neff, Shelley Newberry, Christy 8, 50, 51, 52, 58, 59, 60,116,191 Newman, Jody 8, 58, 59, 92, 155 Newton, Judy 126, 144 Nichter, Don 116 Nielsen, Tammy 116 Norkus, Steve 116 Norman, Eric 54, 73, 74, 126 Norman, Kelly 50, 117 Norman, Kim 126, 151 Norman, Rhonda 54, 74, 107 Norman, Terri 52, 92, 106 Nowlin, Elizabeth 117, 147 Nowicki, Dan 126 Obeshaw, Ron 107 O ' Brien, Kevin 117 Olsen, Melodee 7, 34, 35, 1 17, 118 Olsen, Terry 126, 130 O ' Rourke, Dana 62 Osieczonek, Randy 58, 59, 126 Osterland, Julie 43, 123, 126, 153 O ' Toole, Pat 75,117 O ' Toole, Ron 13, 19, 92, 147 Paquette, Mike 126 Paquette, Robert 167 Parker, Jim 107 Parsell, Dan 92 Parsell, Mary 126 Patana, Michelle 45, 47, 92, 152 Patana, Scott 117 Pate, Bob 126 Pate, Otis 24,117 Patterson, Tim 48, 117 Pauli, Richard 92, 85 Pearcy, Brian 24, 25, 92, 117 Pearcy, Rory Perry, Laura 1 17 Peters, Jackie 13, 42, 43, 49, 57, 77, 92, 153 Petit, Cyndie 31, 47, 117 Petit, David 3, 54, 74, 126 Petit, Phil 93 Petrovich, Jenny 16, 17, 35, 43, 45, 52, 56, 57, 77, 82, 93, 99, 106, 153 Petrovich, Julie 30, 31, 56, 57, 116,117,120 Phillips, Lisa 58, 59,117 Phillips, Kim 117 Pipes, Scott 126 Pilath, Heidi 43, 56, 57, 74, 112, 117.153 Piper, Warren 104, 108 Plettl, Kellie 35, 55, 57, 108, 151 Pokomy, Pat Ponke, David 93 Poole, Rick 54, 56, 74, 117 Poosch, Lynn 32, 117, 68, 69 Porzondek, Gary 126 Porzondek, Larry 117 Powers, Lisa 13, 76, 93 Powers, Marie 127 Prather, Robert 118 Prather, Tracey 8, 52, 58, 59, 75, 93 Prior, Laury 46, 47, 51, 54, 74, 75, 93,161 Poulakos, Koulis 93, 161 Pritchard, Matt 118 Prudhomme, Mike 17, 94, 99 Prudhomme, Sharon 108 Puro, Darell 108 Quenneville, Adrienne 29, 118, 119,120 Quenneville, Charlene 29, 60, 74, 75,118 John Powers 20, 73, 75, 118 Rager, Mike 108 Rampp, Kaye 32, 45, 55, 56, 74, 103,105,108,110 Raveschot, David 118 Raymond, Shawn 17, 43, 50, Ratledge, Ron Recor, Mary 62, 108 Redmann, Tracey Redmond, Wendy Reed, Ken 13, 19, 87, 94 Reed, Robin 94 Rehner, Russ Rekar, Larry 13, 49, 94, 99 Rekar, Robert 118 Richards, Laura 47, 94, 84 Richardson, Alan 94 Richardson, Laura 118 Rieck, Dennis 94 Rieck, Robert 127 Rietzler, Darrel 94 Rios, Ben 108 Bios, Liz 126, 127 Ripley, Mike Ripley, Ken 108 Rivard, Donna Rivard, Kim Rivard, Matt 118 Rix, Tracy 58, 59, 127 Robb, Bill 118 Robb, Joe 94 Robbins, Kelly 52, 56, 57, 75, 114,116,118 Roberts, Gary 95 Robinson, Connie Robinson, Gary 8, 58, 59, 118 Rogus, Brian 118 Rohn, Fred 127 Rohn, Mark 118 Rohn, Ron Rohrig, Angie 5, 73, 103, 108, 110 Roland, Chris 47, 51,118 Roland, Jerry 108 Roland, Mike 90, 95 Roland, Ron 8, 60, 1 18 Rolewicz, Jean 23, 118, 70, 71 Rollins, Jennifer 43, 57, 123, 127, 131, 147, 151, 153 Romo, Robert 119 Romps, Chris 20, 127, 129 Romps, Bob 60, 108 Rose, Kim 9, 13, 48, 95, 99 Rose, Laurie 54, 74, 126, 127, 155 Rose, Lisa 119 Rose, Mark 76, 90, 95 Rose, Joe 139 Roth, Tod 13, 19, 95, 84 Ruemenapp, Chris 46, 47, 55, 95, 152 Ruemenapp, Rick 108 Ruemenapp, David 119 Russell, Bill 102, 108 Russell, Monique 108 Rzepka, Chris 119 Rzeppa, Mike 62, 95, 139 Sachs, Ricky 65,119 Sacra, David 118, 119 Sadecki, Dawn 47, 50, 51, 108, 191 Sadlowski, Amy 7, 34, 35, 43, 51,56, 57, 75,112,119,153, 177 Sampier, Kelly 119 Sampier, Tina 127 Sampson, Richard 20, 119 Santavy, Tammy 43, 46, 47, 54, 74, 77, 95, 153 Saph, Lisa 45, 57, 74, 86, 95, 151 Sauber, Dave 13, 17, 41, 43, 45, 87, 95, 153 Schewe, Ann 8, 54, 74, 1 19 Schewe, Renee 54, 60, 74, 127 Schmidt, Ellen 8, 23, 54, 60, 74, 119,71 Schmidt, Jeanine 75, 119 Schmidt, Michael 96 Schoenherr, Alan 108 Schuknecht, Karl 45, 96 Schuknecht, Kathie 45, 47, 96, 152, 84 Schulte, Kevin 14, 24, 54, 56, 74, 96 Schulte, Tom 189 Schultz, Dave 75, 119 Schultz, Diane 42, 56, 57, 58, 59,116,119, 121 Schultz, Harvey Schultz, Jay Schultz, Katie 49, 96 Schultz, Theresa 96 Schultz, Terese 57, 127 Schumacher, Dan 108 Scovoronski, Lisa 54, 74, 127 Scovoronski, Lynn 39, 108 Seczawa, Cindy 58, 59, 127 Sessor, Ken 19, 96, 84 Short, Mike 108 Shawen, Dawn 35, 43, 57, 75, 112,117,119,151,153 Sherman, Debbie 96 Sherman, Sonja 49 Shorter, Gary 73, 102, 105, 108 Shpilia, Pete 96 Shwary, John 127 Shwary, Ritchie 108 Sicken, Brian 58, 59, 127 Siefert, Wendy 13, 54, 74, 127, 129 Skiorski, Lisa 127 Smith, Bryon 108 Smith, David Smith, Gary 20,21,127 Smith, Laura 58, 59, 1 19 Smith, Maynard 109 Smith, Mike Smith, Paula 97 Smith, Susan 45, 97, 84 Sneath, Paula 1, 4, 13, 43, 45, 46, 80, 97, 127 Sneath, Wendy Soboleski, Joe 119 Soboleski, Lydia 3, 13, 16, 17, 43, 56, 57, 82, 123, 126, 127, 153 Solgot, Conrad Somers, George 120 Somers, Tania 58, 59, 127 Soney, Kevin 51, 127 Soper, Gina 97, 99 Soulliere, Cindy 58, 59, 109 Soulliere, Robert 60, 81, 97 Soulliere, Diane 70, 71, 7, 35, 43, 75, 77,112,120,153 Southard, Anita 23, 57, 120, 192, 69 Spears Ron 120, 131 Sparenborg, Steve 120 Sparks, Scott 97 Speakman, Mark 119 Spencer, Debbie 109 Sprague, Diane 58, 59, 126, 127, 129 Staffhorst, Brian 90, 97 Stager, Amy 109, 111 Stager, Karen 13, 51, 54, 74, 75, 116,120,146,191 Stager, Lesha 58, 59, 1 20 Skoglund, Erik 27, 61, 89, 96 Stepp, Retha 127 Stepp, Donna 120 Stapley, Dennis 120 Stapley, Shari 60 Stein, Matt 10, 13, 40, 43, 45, 77, 97, 153, 84 Steinmetz, Marnie 51, 120 Stieler, Kim 43, 123, 124, 127 Stiltner, Colleen 13, 45, 54, 74, 102, 109, 153, 165 Steiner, Chris 120 Stockwell, Robert 98 Stokes, Kim 58, 59, 126, 127 Stoll, Lori 58, 59, 127 Stonecipher, Barry 42, 103, 109 Strassburg, Russ 1, 4, 13, 45, 98, 167 Stubbs, Lori 30, 31, 60, 117, 119, 120 Stokes, Dave 98, 84 Stokes, Chris 120 Sudberry, Krista 7, 34, 35, 42, 75, 120 Sudberry, Robin 7, 34, 35, 43, 102, 109, 153 Sudberry, Robert 17, 126, 127 Suggs, Tony 127 Suggs, Lisa 127, 129 Sullivan, Richard 73, 109 Sullivan, Melanie 45, 47, 98 Suites, Kelly 120 Sumner, Steve 98 Surdey, Lance 13, 98 Swanson, Terri 38, 52, 106, 109 Swiger, Bonnie 109 Sygit, Andy 19, 44, 45, 98 Sygit, Bonnie 31, 47, 120 Sygit, Mary 3, 46, 109 Sylvester, Beth 13, 32, 98 Sullivan, Jim 127 Sullivan, Stephanie 47, 75, 120, 121 Talkat, Ron 120 Taylor, Jeff 120 Taylor, Jori 35, 47, 49, 57, 98, 99, 151 Taylor, Ken 20, 120 Taylor, Mike Terecki, Dan 124 Tews, Eric 110, 127 Thiem, Steve 127 Thomas, Dave 127 Thomas, Dawn 58, 59, 127 Thomas, Vickie 129 Thomas, Jeff 13, 26, 27, 45, 89, 98 Thomas, Joe 110 Thompson, Jeff 99, 120 Thompson, Vicky 59 Thompson, Valerie 58, 75, 98, 120 Tillinger, Kim 45, 57, 110, 157 Tillman, Pam 117, 120, 127 Timmons, Ken Tischbein, Leslie 7, 35, 120 Tishbein, Marty 20, 128, 142 Tolley, Barry Tolliver, Dan Toth, Ken 13, 18, 19, 48, 49, 64, 65, 98, 99 Treganowan, Tom Tremonti, Vince 115, 128 Treppa, Kim 39, 110 Trumble, Tim 120 Tucker, Donna 99, 133, 85 Tucker, Robert 54, 73, 74, 120 Tucker, Stan 99, 84 Tuzinowski, Dave 66, 67, 121 Tuzinowski, Steve 99 Uhl, Gail 38,50,51,127,128 Uhl, Steve 167 Vail, Jim 121 Vandenbergh, Andrea 3, 51, 57, 128 Vandenbossche, Paul 99 Van Heck, Pat 58, 59,110 Vanderziel, Gary 49, 99 VanHeck, Kim 121 Vanhout, Michele 54, 74, 128 Vanover, Michelle 123, 128 Vanover, Sheryl 110 VanPaemel, Andy 121 Vermeulen, Earl Vermeulen , Elizabeth 99, 121 Vermeulen, Mark 24, 110 Vernier, Jill 128 Vernier, Mike 20, 67, 119 Vernier, Rick 18, 19, 34, 89, 99 121, 147 Vernier, Steve 20 Viger, Leon 110 Viger, Noel 128 Viger, Renee 121 Vigliotti, JoAnn 128 Vistisen, Corey 54, 57, 74, 110 Vogel, Beth 126, 128, 70, 71 Waldron, Sonya 58, 59, 110 Wakely, Amy 128 Wagner, Kim 57, 58, 59, 126, 128 Wagner, Scott 121 Waller, Jeff 8, 58, 59,121,128 Walters, Sheri 129 Wanket, Mark 121 Ward, Andy Warwick, Chuck 128 Waters, Tom 128 Watson, Kathy 54, 74,128 Weaver, Dave 121 Weaver, Don 121 Weaver, Lisa 39, 110, 184 Weiss, Ron 128 Welchko, Rick 128 190 Welser, Bill 110 Wenckovsky, Patty 13, 39, 43, 47,51,54, 74,102,110,143, 153. 191 Wenckovsky, Judy 54, 74, 121 Wendt, James 100 Werner, Brenda 128 Werner, Kelly 4, 128 Wesch, Matt 93,110 Wesch, Sue 128 Westbrook, Jerry 45, 110 Whetstone, Michelle 56, 57, 75, 118,121 Wetter, Paul 67,110 White, Alan 6, 27, 74,100 White, Tom White, Gary 121 Whitmore, Mike 57, 121 Whittlesey, Ted Widmer, Dan 121 Wierszewski, Cliff 13, 19, 100 Wierszewski, Bob Williams, Mary 121 Wilhelm, Eric 6, 27, 110 Williams, Jenny 39, 47, 51, 109, Williams, Randy 99, 100 Wilson, Babette 13, 54, 74, 155 Wilson, Dave 121 Wilson, Larry 110, 121 Wilson, Pete Wilson, Tommy 121 Winkler, Matt 73, 126, 128 Winkler, Michael 19, 49, 72, 73, 100 Wines, Dan 128 Witherspoon, Steve 100 Wolkan, Dan Wood, Jay 20, 67, 75, 121 Wood, John 121 Wood, Virginia 39, 78, 99, 100 Woodford, Jeanne 110 Woods, Matt 60, 121 Worswick, Stan 110, 164 Wozniak, Chris 121 Wright, Tina Wrubel, Brian 11, 100 Yaney, Beth 46,110,111 Yax, Donna 45, 47, 99, 100, 155 Yax, Lani 100, 121 Yax, Linda 121 Yax, Lisa 13, 15, 45, 46, 47, 49, 152 Zakrzewski, Jeff 128 Zens, John 100 Zelenock, Beth 100 Zielonka, Tom 121 Ziolkowski, Mike Zitka, Brad 36, 121 Zitton, Sheila Zyrd, Pete 121 dlnotfier crazy year for year Boomers comes to an end Yearbook has been terrific. I ' ve learned a lot about all the work that goes into making a book and I loved it. I ' m glad the book is done. — Julie Leenknegt Being on the Remembrance staff has been quite an experience. I ' ve learned a lot of things about putting a book together. There were times when things were pretty hectic, but we all stuck it out until the end. I can ' t remember once staying after and not having fun and laughing a lot. I ' d like to thank all the people who helped me and made me laugh. I ' d also like to thank Ms. Broeder for putting up with all my questions and giving me rides home. We ' ve all had a lot of crazy times and I enjoyed it. — Laury Prior ' 82 Remembrance was really a neat experience. It was a lot of hard work and it wasn ' t easy but when you get that finished book back all the long nights and work pay off. I ' d like to thank everyone that worked so hard — thanks for helping me and being there when I needed you. You are all very special. Ms. Broeder is extra special — there would not be a book without her. I couldn ' t have done it without all her suggestions, support and rides home. I will never forget you crazy people and all the fun. — Karen Stager Yearbookers, For all those hours after school for all the lost " fish " in the pool. We had a lot of fun, crazy times It ' s hard to meet those darn deadlines. Fun, frustration, friends and frowns hard workers . . . also crazy clowns. I wouldn ' t have missed this memory ' cause you all mean so much to me. JetC ' 82 Staff: We ' ve really done some crazy stuff this year! Never forget the good times like: questionable staff buttons, life stories, new sections for the back of the yearbook, etc. Special thanks to those of you who have put so much of your spare time into this book. We ' ve really got something to be proud of here, guys! Can you believe it ' s finally done! One more thing. Bruiser, thanks for all the rides home. We all loved the tons of gossip. Good luck always, especially with you know who. — Jenny Williams To really say thank you is difficult ... In many ways it was a smooth year and in some ways difficult as we dealt with commitment meaning different things to many people and the weather complicating organized plans all year long. To each one of you . . . my thanks and a hope that the feeling connected with producing a book will remain with you always. A very special thanks to those of you who were always there and always giving . . . without you we wouldn ' t have the good memories. — Ms. Broeder ' 82 Staff: Well, what can I say? I can ' t believe this book is finally done, and it ' s really something to be very proud of. It took a lot of long hours and hard work, but we did it! I really enjoyed working with you guys — you ' re all very special to me, and I ' ll never forget some of the things we ' ve done! All those inside jokes and crazy instances are something to remember! Thank you, Ms. Broeder, for all of your patience, support, encouragement, putting up with all our craziness, for all the " food " , and especially for all the rides home. We never would ' ve made it without you! — Julie Ferrara SPECIAL RECOGNITION: — Tim Trumble for designing the cover and artwork in the book. — Bev Kozel for help with artwork. — Denise Allen for helping out as a photographer. — Sue Kurrle, Pam Fett, and Karen Burgess for helping us out with pictures when we were in a tight spot. — Mr. Ford and Mr. Tobias for always re-arranging things to help us get the book done. — Faculty members who understood the need for no counts. — Parents who accepted the many, many, many late nights. — The office staff for helping with the xerox and encouragement. — Kevin Batchelder for always helping out whenever we — all of the staff at Craine Williams, but especially Pam and Jan for listening to the millions of questions, requests, etc, our staff of photogs: Gene, Gary, Steve, Tim, Earl and Dave for capturing some of our memories on film, the super efficient darkroom for always keeping us in pictures, and Frank Ortman for providing instruction, encouragement and for pulling us out of tight spots by cutting red tape. — Sam Slis and the staff at Taylor for answering the million questions and keeping us going when things seemed to be getting rough. — and finally ... to all the students who enjoyed our candy all year, particularly the Reading Lab who kept our sales going. 1982 REMEMBRANCE EDITORIAL BOARD: Julie Ferrara, Julie Leenknegt, Christy Newberry, Laury Prior, Dawn Sadecki, Karen Stager, Patty Wenckovsky, Jenny Williams. Based on points earned during the year, two staff members were honored for the highest number of points: Julie Ferrara and Jenny Williams GENERAL STAFF (FALL AND WINTER): Tammy Baker, Steve Brown, Jeanette Cuthbertson, Karyn Doan, Dennis Fehlman, Cary Freel, Jodi Johnson, Dan Kramer, Peggy Krispin, Mike Lane, Jackie Lewandowski, Shelley Neff, Chris Roland, Amy Sadlowski, Andrea Vandenbergh and Editorial Board SENIORS: Laura Lauzon; JUNIORS: Stacy Baker, Paul Fisher, Dawn Sadecki; SOPHOMORES: Laury Prior, Chris Roland; FRESHMEN: Kim Norman, Andrea Vandenbergh FACULTY: Val Grubbs, Marnie Steinmetz ADVERTISING: Julie Leenknegt, Patty Leenknegt PHOTOGRAPHY: Todd Beattie, Julie Ferrara, Laury Prior, Dawn Sadecki, Karen Stager, Kevin Soney, Gail Uhl, Patty Wenckovsky, Jenny Williams ADVISER: Ms. Ruth Broeder CREDITS: Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas, Senior Photographs: Craine-Williams, Royal Oak, Underclassmen: National School Studios 191 V. ' ‘i •. •?.: . •- • T ' o Rapture a. memory . . . we ' fit the moments , f e special v- fifties, ‘the frustration and the learning- all together ' and . ‘ • - bring it to life. v 1 3 v ££ 192 ■v •

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