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People Freshmen is Sophomores 30 Juniors 42 Cooks And Janitors 53 Faculty And Adminsitration 54 Yearbook mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi 52 Seniors 54 Exchange Students 37 Activities Student Council mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 77 Baseball 27 Trac c mimmmmmmimmmmmmmhmmh 28 Tennis 29 Softball mmmmmmmmmmmmim mmmm» 89 Band mmimmmmmmmmmmmimmmmm 40 Trip to Mexico hmmmmmhmmmmmmmm) 51 Choir mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiimmm 52 }9dMS jdujujns v JO saoyog xog Djsni i aq± uo siean aq± a3 ?7 pueH iooj aoeg leajQ Jdiy6ne-j puv S JI 1 ;o sAeg U IAI sjuapisdjg ap± y mmimmmmmmmmmm i ldAej± mm ‘layfooy dA H mmhmmmhmmhmmm sasog puy au;M lO sAbq mmmmmhmmmmmmm sieuoissaiojd aq± immiiiimimimhiimiiiiimm 6 ubq 6undujn(j a dd aq± mimmmmmmmmmmm Sjd6u }SOUJI f IMMMMMMMMMMMHMM MMM suoiieiDddxg ieajo mmmmmimmmmmmmmmm s ue s ag }Lj6n i Aaq± tit Chosen Survivors All The King’s Men The Trouble With Angels 7 Monkey Business Psycho And Now For Something Completely Different American Madness The Candidates Everyone needs change! W Stand for what you believe. Be truthful, Be proud. AoAma. mi MW IIIINU During this presidential election year Ms. Shagena ' s two government classes held elections of their own. Its purpose was to familiarize the students with campaigning and to increase their interests in the political process. They worked for approximately four weeks. Much outside work was done along with in-class activity. Banners, bands, and slogans were used to raise candidates chances for election. They even held bake sales and other fund raisings to help run their campaigns. All in all it was an exciting month and no one was truly a loser! A woman’s place is not just in the kitchen! Butterflies Are Free Spook Spectaculars Snow Ball Reign of smiles Rock and Roll ! All The President’s Men STUDENT COUNCIL: LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Cindy Solgot, Shelly Heim, Colleen Sicken, Sandy Lopresii, Debbie Ames, Chris Cross, Andrea Wingrove, Karen Reynolds, Ann Rose, Rose Wight. SECOND ROW: Kim Knight. Sharron Fougnie, Celeste Hill, Sue Kreu- ger, Tracy Raymond, Dennis Astemborski, Lori Grote, Jeanne Witherspoon, Gail Fernandez, Teresa Moran. THIRD ROW: Diane Sharrow, Sue Warner, Karen Senkmajer, Barb Rochon, Larry Dodge, Brian Newman, Greg Cronce, Joe Tucker. Linda Rzeppa, Rachelle Welchko, Debbie Nienhaus, Cheryl Beaulieu. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Weiland, Gwen Morrison, (Secretary), Shirley Hill, Joan Tamulewicz, Doreen Tazzioli, Tom Nienhaus (Treasurer), Ron Trumble (Advisor), Dan Newman. John Knee (President), Carol Kruger (Vice President). Jan Hartman, Diane Romzek. Kim Domurat. As the year began it seemed that everything was lost , but thankfully Student Council was restored by many considerate people. Through much deliberation the students of A.H.S. were allowed to shine this year. Although not everyone at school was physically involved , their opinions were voiced through elected representives. All members worked hard and brought about several functions which took place at the high school . For Halloween the students were allowed to dress in costumes during the school day and a dance followed that evening. Prizes were given for the best dressed persons and refreshments were served. It was a time of good goblins and masqueraders. During winter we held a Christmas Snow Ball for all the student body. Everyone dressed semi-formally , the food was great thanks to Mrs. Knight and her assistants and the band played fluently. Jugs were carried by seniors which symbolized ballot boxes and coins were dropped in as votes. From the tallies a King and Queen were chosen and they received gift certificates. All monies collected in voting was donated to the Goodfellows Christmas Fund. Other assemblies, fund raisings, and group activities took place throughout the year. It is especially important to extend thanks to all the people who supported us throughout this year and to wish future councils the best of luck. 17 Class Representatives Sandy Lopresti Colleen Sicken Shelly Heim Anne Rose Jackie Huff 20 They Might Be Giants Debbie Ames Steve Arman Dan Ameil Roberta Arpan Tom Arpan Steve Basney Kevin Batchelder Ken Beauchamp Linda Behm Dave Besemer Debbie Boque Laura Braun Paula Braun Robin Breck Liesa Brown Edward Cofer Eric Connors David Corry Karen Corry Kelly Corry Steven Demars Brian Dettloff Mark Dettloff Jeff Dowen Randy Drawer Cindy Biland Patti Biland Daniel Bitter Maria Blommer Jane Bonenberger Freshmen Lyne Durow Gllben Dysarczyk Cindy Falkiewicz Deanna Farmer Joan Fecteau Randy French Beatrice Garshott Chari Genaw Kim Gerace Laura Gerber Randy Gohl Don Grace Ron Graebert David Green Shannon Green Steve Groesbeck Tracy Guillot Carolyn Haag Jeff Hagedon Sara Hale Gail Hamlin Kelly Hammang Dave Hammond Patrick Hart Michelle Heath Tracy Hurst Mike Hussey Tim Ingles Virginia Jacks Rod Jessup 21 They Might Be Giants Rick Jondron Kim Kaatz Jim Keibler Dodie Kerszykowski Karrie Kessler Mike Lozen Debbie Laubenihal Kathleen Mackey Jane Mallia Sherry Manr Laurie Olowniuk James Osleczonek Beth Patana Glen Pearcy Barb Pearson Greg Knight Jeff Knight Lynn Koss Dolores Kruger Joe Lafriniere Richard Latosky Barb La Valla Gary Lindberg Joe Loomis Sandra Lopresti Kimberly Marble Phil McCune Lori McDonald Jon McLane Shelly McMasters Bill Mueller Kent Myers Fred Nason Ken Nason Cindy Olivares 22 Freshmen Pat Rivard Tammy Robinson Dan Romzek Anne Rose John Russell Dave Schroeder Lisa Schulte Laurie Scovoronski Mike Sharrow Jeff Shellabarger Brian Peterson Walter Phillips Cheryl Piper Dave Poe Mary Poole Douglas Redmond Karen Reynolds Sandy Richards Jay Richez Kathy Rivard Michael Ryan Gerald Rymar Glenn Sadlowski Glenda Sampier Debra Sampson Janet Shelton Rick Sherman Colleen Sicken Kim Slomsky Mari-Gale Smith Dwayne Stockwell Velentina Sultana Bill Tabor Jeff Tatro Cathy Taylor 24 They Might Be Giants Jill Taylor Mark Tews Kathy Thomas John Tucker LeAnn Turek Mike Vermeulen Wayne Wagner Jesse Walden Valerie Walker Linda Ward Karen Williams Ronald Williams Andrea Wingrove Russ Witherspoon Lisa Wood Diane Uhl Sara Vanalstine Alan Vandenbossche Mari Vanover Mike Vanslambrouck Edward Warner Mike Warner Arthur Wawrzyniak Mark Weaver Pam Weeden Christopher Yaney Debra Yax Ginger Yohnicki They Might Be Giants I know I ' m cute. 25 They Might Be Giants Days Of Thrills And Laughter Don ' t leave me now! WOW!?! ! The guys baseball team had a rather unsuccessful season with a 2 and 12 record in 1976. Their abil- ities were distributed quite well though they found it difficult to unite in play. The team consisted of ten members and was led by Mr. Garrett. LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: John Viglioui, bob Sauer, Jerry Wonsowicz, Paul Sands, Kevin Bal- duck, Dave Crawford, Kevin Kensora. BACK ROW: Mr. Garreti (coach), Brian Wilcox, Greg Hogen, Carl Weeden. 27 The Great Race LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Tom Neuner, Clyde Gibbons. Pat Fisher, Lee Szymanskl. John Won- sowicz, Dave Meeker, Phil Evans, Jan Ziegenfus. SECOND ROW: Chris Gelsavage. Kevin Williams, Bruce Hilton, Tim Wood, Kevin Morrison, Larry Taylor. Doug Fiorani, Mike Cuomo, Danny Bowen, Chris Morrison. THIRD ROW: Mr. Avers (coach). Mike North, Dick LaParl, Tim Johnson. Garrett The Algonac thinclads com- pleted another successful season in 1976, scoring 43 points in the S.C.A.L. league meet, finish- ing only behind Port Huron Cen- tral and Marysville. The trackmen ' s overall record was 10-4 with a league dual record of 4-3 . It was one of the most talented track teams we’ve had at Algo- nac. Lee Szymanski, Bob Sears, and Donnel Robinson qualified for State Class B Final Meet. We had two individual league champions, Senior Lee Szyman- ski won the pole vault (12 ' 6 ), and Bob Sears, the long jump (21 ' ¥ ). Geer, Ray Chalmers, Gary Fecteau, Peter Buzzelli, Mark Meeker, Art Bryson. BACK ROW: Donnell Robinson, Don Stieler, Bob Cuomo, Rick Hoover, Bob Sears, Rick Baker. Cool Hand Luke What goes up must come down. The 1976 Tennis team finished the dual meet season at 10-8 with a 4th place finish in the league standings. However, dur- ing the middle of the season, before injury to Dan Hartman, the team captured its second Regional title in the past few years and sent five players to the state finals in Kalamazoo. Steve Storey won his second league sin- gles championship and won the regional singles championship, and A1 Hick and Dan Hartman won the regional doubles cham- pionship with Jeff Kondogan and Walt Kenzie finishing second. Storey finished the year at 25-2 to become the first player to win over sixty matches in his career. That’ll teach him! Such poise . Look out Conners . I hit it that time ! LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Darcy Diot, Jeff Kondongan, Walt Kenzie. A1 Hick. Dan Hartman, Frank Cona. Steve Storey. MIDDLE ROW: Joe Dulac, Dan Newman. Gustavo Isaac, Brenda Venhuizen, Pat Angers, Tom Nienhaus, Scott Hewelt, Debbie Nosakowski. BACK ROW: Art ' Ring, Bob Pilath, Jill Poorman, Bill Lindberg. Greg Cronce. Peter Beauregard, Bob Haag, Bill Goodwin, Mr. Jackson (coach). NOT PIC- TURED: Greg Hubbarth. 29 CLASS COLORS: Powder Blue And Navy CLASS FLOWER: Forget-me-nots CLASS MOTTO: It ' s not how much we have , but how much we enjoy that counts. Class Representatives Lori Grote Sharron Fougnie Tracy Raymond Dennis Astemborski Great Expectations Julie Alef Dan Allen Donald Ames Ronald Ames Shari Angers Eric Barnowski Mike Bartell Diane Bates David Beaulieu Debbie Benke Karen Arneil Dennis Astemborski Jeff Avers Jeanine Balitzky Cheryle Banocy Lynn Beres Louis Bommarito Danny Bowen Cindy Bowerson William Brady Teresa Brown Philip Buckenmeyer Mark Buckley Alan Budzeak Stephen Burch Tom Cooney Mary Dandron Jim DeBoyer Diane Delonnay Darrell Donnelly 32 Sophomores Frank Falzon Alan Farmer David Farr Barb Farver Jeff Farver 1 William L. Foster Sharron Fougnie Joni Gabriel Chris Gelsavage Edward Genaw Bob Haag Mark Hadden Jane Harper George Harteker Robert Heath Rosie Grantz Lisa Greene Donald Grinde Lori Grote Donna Gryzenia Scott Hewelt Carolyn Hewitt Scott Highstreet Celeste Hill Debbie Holland Cheryl Hurd Becky Ingles Lori Jacobs Mark Johnson Richard Jordine 33 Great Expectations Cheryl Keibler Jim Keller Mark Kilgore Robin King Kim Knight Jay Kupla Diane M. Kuplirski Gerald Kuriluk Sally Ann Lane Richard LaPart Sharon Lozen Bill Lusk Terri Mackey Tim MacMillan Beth MacPheuerson Tina Mannina Toni Mannina Tammy Marquardt Scott Martin Bob Maten Laurel Matthews Joe May Betsy McDonald Colene McGregor Lorene McGregor Donald Meyers Tom Mihelich Walter Mikyska Terese Moran Donna Morningstar 34 Sophomores Kevin Morrison Skip Myers Tom Myers Denise Newman J. Allan Newman Mike North Corene Olivares Ronald Osieczonek Debbie Patterson Joe Pearson Donna Puro Eric Raschke Karen Ratliff Tracy Raymond lanet Rice Cindy Rogers Joseph Salatka Faith Sampler Brenda Scheible Penny Schroeder Martin Shorkey Margot Siefert Tom Smith Sheila Sneath Judy Soboleski Kathy Richards Art Ring Jeff Rivard Kim Roberts Ellen Robinson Jim Schudlich Barbara Schultz John Schuman Jackie Seibert Barbara Sherman Paul Socia Carla Solgot Marianne Somerville Jeff Soulliere Karl Staffhorst 35 Great Expectations Toni Stapley Teresa Stewart Sharon Stockwell Jeff Stoner Elizabeth Streit Frank Tringali Greg Trudeau Sharon Urban Daniel Vandenhemel Randy Vanslambrouck Joy Weeks Mary Wentz Douglas Westbrook Randy Williams Donovan Wilson Peggy Yurich Mark Zelazny Bob Bates Ralph Bayones Pat Cartwright Richard Fogarty Denis Gabriel Jeff Gerstner Don Glied Debby Gunnells Damon Connors Bill Coppola Todd Duceatt Cindy Dunn Tim Erdmann 36 Sophomores Robert Henkel Linda Henry Robert Hoffman John Humes Kathy Jones Frank Sicken Carl Stieler Gordon Taube Greg Taube Paul Way There’s one! ! Wishful thinker ! ! ? ! 37 Great Expectations I didn ' t know that! ' Call me the next time you ' re in town. Boy , that was rrreal cute ! ! ' ’ It won ' t get by again . ’ ' Girls at A.H.S. were finally permitted to run the bases as a team in 1976. They opened their first season under the direction of Ms. Anita Shagena with a total of 13 players. Though their record was not consistant, their efforts were not in vain. Together they learned much and opened a new field for the girls of A.H.S. Gigi Yax and Doreen Grote were named to the All-League Team for that year. Through strength, determina- tion, and talent, the idea of Girl ' s Softball will remain a strong topic at the High School . Super Sue Swinging low , hitting high . The Heat’s On LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Gigi Yax. Diane Jezdimir, JoAnn Clearwood. Faith Sam- pler . Deena Drake, Shari Shew. Diane Sharrow. BACK ROW: Barb Rochon (scorekeeper) . Sue McLeod, Carol Kruger, Gretchen Mueller, Kim Domurax, Lori Warner, Doreen Grote, Doreen Tazzioli (manager), Ms. Shagena (coach). The Music Box Laurie Isaacs, Cheryl Beaulieu, Patti Bates, Carrie Craig, Sheila Jones, Gwen Morrison (captain), Sue McLeod (captain), Bette Birg- bauer, Sharon Boghian, Jodi Milner, Joan Tamulewicz, Linda Rzeppa, Sue Cowper. BACK ROW: Gail Hamlin, Pam Erdmann, Sheila Sneath, Julie Alef, Beth MacPhetterson, Sandy Beaver, Caro- lyn Haag, Bill Sneath, Lisa Cole, Terri Maki, Jackie Prior, Barb Schultz, Jackie Avers, Debbie Benke, Teresa Brown. Donna Prior. SECOND ROW: Joni Ambrose, Bev Babcock, Julie Pioch, Patti Sullivan, Amy Erdmann. BACK ROW: Dawn Avers, Jeanne Witherspoon, Ginger Yohnicki, Debbie Patterson, Cheryle Banocy, Pam Weeden, Tracy Brandt, Michele Prudhomme. STAGE BAND: LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Troy Shagena , Brian Peterson, Mr. Appleman, Rick Baker, Sue Warner. SECOND ROW: Mark Shulte, Scott Logan, Dan Miller, Joe Tucker, Ann Nugent, Willie McDonald, Kathy Jaros, Dave Farr, Tom Milhelch. BACK ROW: Amy Erdmann, Bill Sneath, Gary Meldrum, Bill Brady. Guy Sampier, Ann Nugent, Joe Tucker, Scott Logan, Dan Miller, Brian Arnold, Karl Richardson, Cindy Bowerson, Julie Endelman, Gail Fema- dez, Garth Houston, Tom Braun, Jane Bonenberger, Laura Gerber, Pam Ragland, Mike Ryan. FIFTH ROW: Gary Meldrum, Terri Long, Todd Hick, Nadine Davis, Jeff Stoner, A1 Newman, Kevin Batchelder, Caro- lyn Hewitt, Pat Hart, Kelly Morris, Jane Harper, Jim Laubenthal, Lau- rie Scovoronski, Nancy Mann, Bill Sneath, Jim Arpan, Wendy West- brook, Andrea Wingrove, Dave Farr, Carl Kuhn, Brian Wilcox, Rita Farr, Kathy Jaros, Dan Bryeans. BACK ROW: Mich ele Prudhomme, Tracy Brandt, Amy Erdmann, Jeanne Witherspoon, Debbie Patterson, Patti Sullivan, Donna Prior, Kim Finley, Cheryle Banocy, Pam Wee- den, Ginger Yohnicki, Bev Babcock, Julie Pioch, Dawn Avers, Joni Ambrose . ■O c CQ BAND: LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Carol Kruger, Kim Westbrook, Kay Hollway, Mary Lowes, Theresa Klix, Sue Thomas, Beth Hudson, Janet Rolewicz, Becky Ingles, Denise Newman, Lori Krispin. SECOND ROW: Jack Scovoronski, Terrie Owen, Roxann Hudson, Cheryl Meld- rum, Rick Baker, Troy Shagena, Dave Polito, Dave Besemer, William MacDonald, Rodger Peterson, Larry Dodge, Jan Hartman, Brenda Bea- ver, Mary Coppola. THIRD ROW: Karen Senkmajer, Keith Wright, Annette Poole, Jackie Siebert, Ken Lipowski, Diane Delonnay, Carol Felenchak, Kevin Myny, Lorene McGregor, Shari Angers, Heather MacDonald, Sue Warner, Michelle Corry, Mark Schulte, Bunny Wilson, Donna Mangas, Kay Mackey, Patti Biland. FOURTH ROW: Mike Thomas, Sharron Fougnie, Margot Siefert, Rosie Grantz, Bea Garshott, Liesa Brown, Dolores Kruger, Tracy Hurst, Kelly Corry, Fred Smith, CLASS COLORS: Light Green and Dark Green CLASS FLOWER: Carnation CLASS MOTTO: Live today - for tomorrow is not. Class Representatives Brian Newman Almost Angels Sandy Abiaam Russ Achalz Kim Alex Joni Ambrose Sue Arman Cheryl Beaulieu Pete Beauregard Brenda Beaver Sue Bell Tom Besemer Dale Bryeans Ray Butler Chris Cartwright Carla Caudill Bob Chojnacki Linda Crampton Dave Crawford Greg Cronce Mike Cuomo Marie Currier Jeanine Desilets Jacqueline Dettloff Larry Dickson Joan Dettloff Larry Dodge Kathy Bishoff Cindy Bosman Jeff Brady Gerald Braun Jeff Broughton Marcia Clark Ann Clerc Gary Colman Mary Coppola Cindy Crampton 44 Juniors Donna Gebauer Bob Giamponone Rick Gill Cindy Gohl Bruce Golden Beth Double Deena Drake Dennis Dunn Diane Edwards Jeff Edwards Kevin Fournier Richard French Harry Frlske Tammy Furtah Andy Garshott Lorie Goodwin Roberta Guillot Kathy Haynes Eric Herfen Todd Hick Greg Hubbarth Beth Hudson Cindy Isaacs Laurie Isaacs Roque Isaac Brenda Keller Jeb Kenney Kevin Kensora Tim Kessler Jerry Kilgore Gail Isrow Jerry Jeakle Tim Johnson Pat Jordine Terry Kaczor Theresa Klix Steven Knight Cheryl Knowlton Donna Knox Randy Kowalski 45 Almost Angels Ronald Kreuger Ken Kronner Carl Kuhn Frank LaParl John Leatzau William MacDonald Michael Mackey Cindy Major Sue Malinski Donna Mangas Mark Meeker Gary Meldrum Kris Meldrum Jennifer Mensen Dan Miller Chris Morrison Gretchen Mueller Brian Newman Debbie Nienhaus Ann Nugent Mark Pilarowski Debbie Pitzer Sandy Poe Annette Poole Virginia Porter 46 Juniors Kathy Powers Tom Prior Michele Prudhomme Dale Puro Carrie Rausch Brenda Ross Charlotte Ruckert Linda Rzeppa Jeff Sadlowski Guy Sampler Robert Sears Karen Senkmajor Alesia Sessor Troy Shagena Marvin Shankin 47 Almost Angels Liz Tolley Debbie Treraonti Joseph Tucker Tom Vandenbossche Mark Vigneron David Watson Rachelle Welchko Robert Welchko Chick Weller Robert White Linda Arniel Kirk Austin Willie Barber Michael Beasley Toni Cartwright Sue Walker Jana Walter Bonnie Warner John Warner Sue Warner Brian Wilcox Bunny Wilson Keith Wright Laurie Yax Chris Zelenock Sandi Hemenger Dennis Henry Cheryl Hintze Roger Hoeninghausen Ken Jones James Martin Sue Maten Anthony Mini Charles Moehlman Kandy Moehlman Sue Cowper Matt Devine Sue Dillon Jenny Eldersen Bruce Golden Lee Koss Tom Kozel James Laubenthal Brian Lauer Kevin Mann 48 Almost Angels Mark Pray Randy Reed Duane Rieizler Gen Rivard Lisa Robinson Linnea Talkat Doug Warwick Ron Waters Laura Wesch Keith Wright Cindy Nason David Nos akowski David Osieczonek Laura Pellerito Jerry Phillips Jon Russel James Smith David Soboleski Dirk Sparenborg David Sprague 50 Almost Angels Hey big guy. Echoes Of A Summer r v Zm Sweet Charity ADVANCED CHORUS: LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Karen Corry, Sharon Thoma, Sharon Fougnie, Annette Poole, Jennie Elderson, Pam Erdmann. Bonnie Warner, Mari Anne Somerville. Debe Schuman, Lynn Beres. SECOND ROW: Shelly Heim, Pat Erdmann, Barb Long. Gloria Bertrand. Robin Breck, Ruthann Christy, Sue Kreuger, Sharon Eisenman, Gwen Morrison. THIRD ROW: Mr. McMaken, Cindy Schroeder, Sue Bell, Cindy Rogers. Vivian Dixon, Jennie Mensen, Sue McLeod, Julie Uhl. Mary Coppola, Jackie Avers. BACK ROW: Sharon Urban, Doug Marten, Bruce Konefe, Kurt Myers, Brian Mangas, John Tucker. Paul Fecteau. MIXED CHORUS: LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Janis Hudgens, Chris Flannery. Debbie Holland. Donna Morningstar, Kelly Wesoloski, Carla Caudill. Michelle Sampler. SECOND ROW: Mr. McMaken, Brenda Holland. Chris Cross. Kim Folkerts, Linda Behm, Sharon Eisenman. Jennie Elderson. THIRD ROW: Peggy Warner, Holly Wilson, Kris Baxter, Kim McAllister. Denise Mann, Carol Polly. Tammy Martin. BACK ROW: Doug Marten. Jeff Sadlowski. Brace Konefe, Kurt Myers, Brian Mangas, John Tucker, Paul Fecteau. The Apple Dumpling Gang COOKS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Treganowan, Par Lauzon, Joy Knight, Phillis Sharrow, Ruth Rice . Alice Richter Mr. Weeden Bud Hoover Charlie Martin Eugene and Wally 53 Administration ROBERT FORD Principal JOSEPH CAIMI Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD: LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Cowper (sec.). Dale Tucker (trustee), Donald Dodge (pres.), Thomas Bessemer (v.p.), Jack St. Amand (trustee), Eleanor Trix (treas.), Sam Martin (trustee). ROBERT HOLLWAY Asst. Superintendent STEVE TOBIAS Asst. Principal The Professionals LEE BATCHELDER Secretary MARIAN JACKSON Secretary You couldn ' t wait until my desk was clean, could you? LINDA HURST Secretary MARGE MAGEAU Librarian 56 MR. GEORGE APPELMAN Music V J k MRS. SANDRA BADE English ’’You’re kidding! Faculty MR. RODGER AVERS Social Studies MR. DENNIS BASINSKi Business Education The Professionals MR. DAVID BURNS Science MRS. MARSY BURNS English MR. THOMAS CVENGROS Co-op MR. GREGORY DUVA Social Studies 58 MRS. JANE EGLINTON Physical Education MRS. JOYCE FRANEY Home Economics MR. RICHARD GARRETT Physical Education MR. GREGORY GODFREY Social Studies Faculty MR. RODNEY GREENWOOD Social Siudies MR. JAMES HOLMES English MRS. PATRICIA HUSTON Business Education MR. HUGH JACKSON Science Pretty good ! ' ' Please , help me make it through another day ! MR. GREGORY JONES Art MISS MARY JONES Business Education MR. MICHAEL KENNY Industrial Arts MR. JAMES LENORE Industrial Arts 59 The Professionals MR. TERRANCE MAKI Mathematics MR. ALLEN McLEOD Counselor MR. DENNIS McMAKEN Vocal Music MR. AUTHUR MEGANCK Social Studies MR. JAMES MUSSON Industrial Arts MR. GLEN POTTER Industrial Arts MR. MICHAEL PRITCHARD Science MRS. MARY ROBERTSON Mathematics 60 MR. LOUIS ROCHON Mathematics MS. ANITA SHAGENA Social Studies MRS. ESTER STREIT English MR. LAWRENCE T REPP A English Faculty MR. RONALD TRUMBLE Speech and Drama MR. DONALD WEITZEL Foreign Language MR. JAMES WESOLOSKI Government MR. DONALD WIGHT Mathematics 61 Yearbook ADVISOR: Mr. Burns Although we thought it impossible, we were able to publish this yearbook. We wish to thank those who helped make it possible . As usual , the book was a challenge and we tried to revise it considerably. It’s been another exciting year for the staff. A special thank-you goes to Mr. Weitzel for all his work in the past, along with a special welcome to Mr. Burns, our new advisor. We wish him and his staffs much luck in the future. CO-EDITOR: Kim Domurat 62 Charades Special thanks to Debbie Nienhaus, Doreen Tazzioli. Roger Peterson, Sue Warner. NOT PICTURED: Kevin Batchelder, Joanne Sauber. PHOTOGRAPHER: Greg Hubbarth JUNIOR EDITOR: Rachelle Welchko 63 CLASS COLORS: Peach and Ivory CLASS FLOWER: Tea Rose Class CLASS MOTTO: Together, tomorrow we seek today’s dreams. Representatives Jan Hartman Diane Romzek Kim Domurai Joan Tamulewicz Cast l Doreen Tazzioli Cindy Wei land Shirley Hill r Gwen Morrison ■ Days Of Wine And Roses Woody Alef Brian A . Arnold Nancy Austin David A. Baclawski Patrick R. Angers Jim Arpan Linda M. Avers Rena Bailey r , Walter L. P. Apers Carol Astemborski Lance G. Axtell Rick Baker 66 Seniors Kevin F. Balduck Nancy Bayly Gloria J. Bertrand Darlene Borchman Patricia L. Bates Shari Beauregard Carlynn Bevins Michael C. Bourlier Thomas A . Bates Bette Ann Bergbauer Sharon Boghian Leonard J. Bourlier II 67 Days Of Wine And Roses Donald F. Briskey John Arthur Bryson Pat Caiger Robert Cartwright Clarence Brody Martin W. Buck Christopher J . Carrier Christine L. Cassady Dan E. Bryeans Victoria M. Burns Cathy M. Cartwright Margaret E. Charland 68 i V Debra Ann Chlebnik Carl Carl in an Ruthann R. Christy Bonnie L. Cooney Teresa Gene Cofer Michele L. Corry 69 Vivian Lee Dixon Kimberly Mary Domurat Daniel R. Durow Amy Beth Erdmann Doreen E. Dodge DeAnn L. Dryer Cherie Lynn Dusky Ed Erdmann Joseph Keith Domanski Joseph A . Dulac Sharon Marie Eisenman Sue Evans 70 Seniors John Falkiewicz Kim L. Ferdig Hazel M . Flynn Pennie A. Fritz Gary G. Fecteau Kim K. Finley Pat Fournier Patty A . Furtah David Fenner Cindy J. Fisher Ron A. French David Gallo 71 Days Of Wine And Roses Raymond Francis Graebert Carrie J . Gelsavage Ellen L. Gillis Tom Gordon Margaret A. Gibbard Anthony D. Gitre Judy A . Grace Rita Marie Grantz Dick Gill Jerry J . Gordon Richard M. Grafton James J. Greene 72 Seniors Ronda Renee Hatfield Shirley Lynn Hill Heidi Diana Haag Evelyn Harper Karyn Hagedon Anne M. Hampe Lynn Michelle Harrington Jan Elice Hartman Michelle Hayes Patrick Hemenger Cynthia C. Hiller Bruce A. Hilton 73 Days Of Wine And Roses Mary Ann Hintze GregA.Hogert Roxann Lyn Hudson Dan Isrow Carols. Hoey Kay Lynn Hollway Chrystal Hugdahl Kathryn M. Jaros Bryan J. Hoffman Janis Hudgens Gustavo Isaac Diana L. Jessup 74 Seniors Diane Jezdimir Jeff Johnson Deborah F. Jones Sheila Jones Marie Louise Jorgensen Kathleen J. Karl Wanda Keller Matthew John Paul Kensora Martin Kettlewell Sandy Kimberley Michael R. Kiss Linda Lee Korneffel 75 Days Of Wine And Roses Leslie Helen Kowalski Carol A . Kruger Lola D . Lind Diana Lynn Luotonen Albert John Krieg Cheri Lafriniere Barbara J. Long Brian L. Mackensen A Kathleen M. Kronner Max Landsberg Mary L. Lowes Chery D. Majors 76 Seniors Michael A. Mallia Brian F. Mangas Samie Lynne Mannina Douglas E. Marten Tammy L. Martin Steven B. Maten Terri Delores Mayer James Frank McDonald Susan Edith McLeod Becky K . McNiff Cheryl L. Meldrum Randy W. F. Metris 77 Days Of Wine And Roses Sheryl L. Meyers Jodi Milner Lynda Moreland Kurt D. Myers Jenny Militello Roseann Mini Dave Morningstar George Napier Janis M. Miller Jack Moran Gwen I . Morrison Thomas F. Neumann 78 Seniors Daniel G. Newman Kelly O ' Phee Thomas H . Pelletier Julie Beth Pioch Thomas A. Nienhaus TerrieS. Owen Rodger E. Peterson Michael D. Pitzer Terrance Michael Deborah Jean Pearcy Joseph G. Petras Dee Dee Polczynski Opalewski 79 Days Of Wine And Roses Georgeann Pollock Kenneth W . Powers Julia Norma Richards Rose Marie Rzeppa Carol L. Polly Donna Prior Karl W. Richardson Joanne Eileen Sauber Nancy Ellen Potter GeriM. Rausch Diane Marie Romzek Joseph E. Sauber 80 Seniors Bob Sauer 4 Jim Scheible C. F. Schenk Stacy L. Schenkus Karla C. Schlottman Norbert L. Schmidt Karl K. Schnoor Warren W. Schnoor Cindy Schroeder Deborah D. Schuman Carol Ann Schuster Jack E. Scovoronski J : ) f J 81 Days Of Wine And Roses Brian Sears Tim D. Siefert Gerald A. Smith Clarence C. Spurr III Robert M. Senkmajer James D. Singleton Mary Smith John Stabile Terri A. Shew Lena E. Sjostedt Rhonda Smith Joll Stewart 82 Seniors Donald W . Stieler Brian Sullivan Joan Tamulewicz Kevin R. Thompson Denise Storey Thomas H . Szymanski Doreen Tazzioli Mary A. Thompson Sandra A. Stular Rose Katherine Talluto Charlotte Thompson Mike N. Tremonti 83 Days Of Wine And Roses Mary Katherine Tucker Julie Elizabeth Uhl Vanessa VanBuskirk Jane A. Vermeulen JohnE. Vigliotti Harold L. Ward Peggy Jo Warner Darlene Theresa Warwick Sharon Watson Howard M. Weeks Cynthia S. Weiland Tim E. Weller 84 Seniors ■’You’ll have to excuse her. ” Wow , look at that fox ! Kim M. Westbrook Kevin Williams Holly A . Wilson Kimberly S. Witherspoon Paul Witherspoon Clifton Todd Yaney 85 Have Rocket, Will Travel The Youth For Understanding Organization has contributed much to the education of youths . By allowing students to attend schools in other countries they have increased their knowledge and added many dimensions to their life styles. This organization will continue to expand the learning process of students in the future. The students we have visiting us this year are Walter Apers from Belgium, staying with the Michael Mroz family, Gustavo Isaac from Columbia , staying with the Raymond Angers ' family, Norbert Schmidt from Germany, staying with the Albert H. Krieg family, Lena Sjostedt from Sweden, staying with the James Bowerson family, and Daisoke Yonemoto from Japan, staying with the Donald Dodge family. 87 HONOR STUDENTS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Leslie Kowalski, Gwen Morrison, Sandy Kimberley, Kim Domurat, Pat Angers, Kim Finley, Rhonda Hatfield, John Krieg, Roze Rzeppa, Nancy Potter, Joanne Sauber, Diane Romzek, Shirley Hill, Cindy Weiland. CENTER: LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Newman (Salutatorian), Doreen Tazzioli (Valedictorian). NOT PICTURED: Marty Buck, Booney Cooney, Amy Erdmann, Heidi Haag, Marie Jorgenson, Claudia Schenk. oo oo Senior Mock Elections Best Dressed - Mary Hintze and Pat Angers This year ' s winners are: Biggest Tempers - Alex Somerville and Gloria Bertrand Funniest People - John Vigliotti and Kim Witherspoon Best Storytellers - Jerry Gordon and Crystal Hugdahl Best Personalities - Georgie Pollock and Pat Angers Hardest Workers - John Krieg and Diane Romzek Most Helpful - John Krieg and Diane Romzek Happiest People - Artie Bryson and Doreen Tazzioli Most Energetic -Steve Maten and Kim Domurat Most Talkative - Jerry Gordon and Roxann Hudson Most Dramatic - Robbie Dickerson and Dave Gallo Nicest Smile - Kim Finley and Ray Graebert Class Brains - Heidi Haag and Dan Newman Class Clowns - Kim Witherspoon and John Vigliotti Shyest - Debbie Chlebnik and Howard Weeks Most Forgetful - Kathy Kronner and Tom Szymanski Always Late - Sharon Eisenman and Rick Grafton Most Reliable - Diane Romzek and John Krieg Most Likely to Succeed - Joanne Sauber and Dan Newman Class Flirts - Kim Ferdig and Kevin Thompson Most Patient People - Cindy Weiland and John Krieg Senior ' s Favorite Teacher - Mr. Wesolowski Loudest Mouth - Roxann Hudson and Jeny Gordon Best Built Guy - Jim Greene Happiest Person - Doreen Tazzioli Cutest Couple - John Krieg and Diane Romzek Best Built Girl - Georgie Pollock C,2rr ' L £ a »3 f o 6 jL H. x t ' J Sc SEuiW ° Strt6U, 2 ?. ; 2uJL rfrrnjldtottytodfo r • y-, , V-X i£uJU K jjjy 1S oo qya ri W-fX ' M k ao I f H ' .pp Tkoa ' 5 . f X A -V ' -s cr c y? ■ r H-eto f k S a? d uy Xly ' ; k 1 1 07 0 £fi7 ajsUi J C The 1976-1977 school year was full of surprizes both good and bad. Good because wonderful peo- ple changed to new routines or found extra time for themselves, bad because we will miss them very much. We dedicate this page to them. Mrs. Marian Jackson retired this year after ten years of patient service to our school. As Mr. Ford ' s secretary she not only assisted him, but helped everyone else in the building as well. Mrs. Helen Cole Morrow retired this winter as the Algonac Community School ' s nurse. After 30 years of service, she has greatly earned the right to rest and good health. Mr. Donald Weitzel has renounced his position as yearbook advisor after three successful years. We thank him sincerely for all he has taught us. We wish all three success in everything they may wish to challenge ! Respectfully., Algonac High School PATRONS Action Automatic Parts, Algonac Albert A. Balletti, D.O. Algonac Arco Algonac Clark Algonac Dairy Queen Algonac Decorating Center Algonac Drug Store Algonac Meat Company Algonac Savings Bank Anchor Bay Collision Anchor Bay Plastics Art ' s Arctic Cat The Baxter Agency, Inc. Beacon Hardware Beauty Cove Bell Harbor Marina Capri Restaurant Carmels Discount Channel Marker Chris Craft Citizens Federal Savings and Loan Assoc . date ' s Service Colony Bowl Colony Inn Colony Marine Sales and Service Cordy ' s Bait and Bottle D R Radio- TV Sales Service David C. Tyler, D.D.S. Deanna Lee Hair Styling Decker ' s Landing Dee Dee ' s Restaurant Delitique Prescription Center Dickie Dee Marina Dr. T. J. Birney E. M. Bourlier Agency, Inc. Ed Minnich’s Bait Shop Ed’s Cadillaqua Fair Haven Food Market FredJ. Raymond, Realtor George Highstreet, Algonac Realty George Schudlich, Realty Great Lakes Auto Marine , Algonac and Marysville Groesbeck Marine Harmony Motel Henry ' s Restaurant Hick’s Village Pharmacy Hood ' s Village Tavern Iona Bar I.G.A. John R. Rickard, Company Johnnie Lega ' s Bar Kay ' s Family Style Restaurant, Algonac Kelly Minnick Ford Landscape Service Company Lang ' s Dairy Leo ' s Market Lucas Lawn Mower Sales and Service Lumber Jack Building Centers, Inc. Lydia Manner’s Beauty Salon Lyle ' s Marina Marty ' s Par-t-Pak Mayea Boat Works Meldrum Company, Realtor Monnier Bros. , Inc. Mr. Ray ' s Tap Room Optimist Club of Clinton River P.C.I. Productions Pier ' s Dining, Cocktail Lounge and Marina Poole ' s Market Prim Cleaners Prior Plumbing and Heating Production Stamping Pte. Tremble Market The Raft, Fine Sandwiches and Liquor Ray ' s Bait and Tackle Real Estate One of Blue Water Country Riverside Ceramics Ron’s Hair Styling Save Our Schools, Inc. Save-U Gas Station Schnoor Real Estate Sears Roebuck Company Sharrow ' s Service Smitty ' s Party Store Spray- Away Car Wash Standard, Chester A. Thompson Sunoco Service Center Tae Hong Chung, M. D. Tip ' s Bait and Tackle Thompson- Phelan Inc. Tom Phillip Homes, Inc. Tom’s Beverage Store Tom ' s Service Velma ' s Beauty Shop Vera Fuller Realtor Verniers Fair Haven PERSONAL Mr. and Mrs. Philip Alef Paul and Julie Avers Mr. and Mrs. David Burns Gill Cooney Jim Hable Dr. Robert Haag and Dr. John Kenzie Robert and Dorothy Kimberley Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Meldrum Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Peterson Carl and Evie Stieler Compliments of A1 and Thelma Tucker Let The Good Times Roll Fun And Fancy Free PRODUCED fmjo OIRECTED BY: ' ■ 1 °[ Cxjl-ToJL 96

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