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HAPPINESS IS . . . The 1973-1974 Algonquin A Igonac High School Algonac, Michigan Introduction 4 Seniors 16 Activities 42 Sports 68 Faculty 96 Underclassmen 106 funny faces daydreaming • • • being a ham Seniors 17 Seniors Class Colors: Burgundy and Pink Class Flower: Carnation Brian Eglington (V.P.) Mrs. Eglington (Advisor) Becky Centala (Treas.) (S.C. Rep.) Kiri Osterland (Pres.) Gail Jacobs (S.C. Rep.) 18 Thomas B. Ames David M. Atherton Mike Awe Kathleen M. Balduck MarkJ. Bamowski Michele Bailey Brenda L Bates 19 Kathryn Anne Batuk Michael T. Baxter Linda Ann Bayly Robert M. Best Roy E. Bertram Carrie D. Bcres Leslie Brocdcll Tim D. Brown Gregory A. Carnahan Colleen Carrier Rebecca L. Centala Andrew Challenger 20 Raymond H. Chapman Cynthia A. Chojnacki William J. Coughlin Ronald Currier Susan D. Daniels Barb Davis Mark DeConinck Bonnie L Dickson Cynthia K. Day Daniel F. Dunn Nick C. Drouillard Beverly K. Dixon 21 Jerry Free Suzanne I. Fritz Jack A. Meadows Mary E. Morris Margie Miller Ken Moss Crystal Minken John C. Moran Mary Jo Navetta 28 Jan Orczykowski Karl A. Ostcrland Lori L. Pioch Barbara J. Privaloff Martha L. Pruncr Connie L Radin 29 Candy Scifcrlcin Mary Thompson Gary Treppa 34 Terri Tucker Margaret J. Twells Gary VanBuskirk John J. Vandcrhagen Lynn A. Vandicrdonck Fred Vandric William M. VanNorstrand Elizabeth A. Vernier 35 Patricia A. Vigncron Michelle Voorhees William J. Walter Teresa L. Warner Patricia L Waters Sandra K. Warner Theresa L Weaver Maureen Welch 4 Kent B. Wesch Joseph A. White Rhonda Welchko Bill M. Wilcox Cheryl Wisswcll Donald Wonsowicz Linda J. Zelazny David Zelenock B. F. Zimmerman 37 Honor Students GAYLE WISE JAN ORCZYKOWSKI SUE HILLER 39 Mock Elections Class Couple: Deb Martin and Dan Prior Funniest and Class Clown: Don Molnar The other winners of this year’s elections were: Most Patient Person — Deb Santavy Most Likely to Succeed — Gary Ambrose, Greg Carnahan, Karl Osterland, Gayle Wise, and Gary Treppa Most Reliable — Karl Osterland and Gayle Wise Always Late — Tim Brown Class Brains — Margie Miller and Karl Osterland Most Mischievous — Jack Meadows Most Energetic — Greg Rappa Happiest People — Greg Rappa, Gary McLeod, Tom Ames, Becky Cental a Hardest Worker and Most Helpful — Gayle Wise Best Built Girl — Karen Krispin Best Built Guy — John Geer Best Personality — Gail Jacobs Best Dressed: Tom Lozen and Linda Potter 40 J imSmith Shyest- Cheryl Wisswell GaryTreppa Class Flirts — Cindy New and Ron Appelman 41 Activities FRONT ROW: Gayle Wise, Geri Finley, Jeannie Knight, Beth Welch, Kyle Appelman, Diane Langcll, Kim Westbrook, Kay Hollway, Mary Lowes, Kris Vamdell. SECOND ROW: Sue Daniels, Pat Waters, Bonnie Dickson, Lynn Newbeck, Gary Van Buskirk, Lori Colman, Rick Baker, Dave Dodge, Daryl Richardson, Ellen Leacock, Karl Osterland, Dave Streit, Bob Senkmajcr, Wendy Hilton, Diane Butler. THIRD ROW: Jackie Fclenchak, Shari Kerszykowski, Kendall Wingrove, Cindy Guillot, Tammy Yax, Dennis Wise, Paul Osgood, Kathy Twcddlc, Gary Tesch, Bruce Hilton, John Merritt, Alan Hich, Dawn Johnson, Keith Molnar, Mark Bowerson, Phil Batuk, Linda Vandenbossche, Lori Sass, Lisa Daniels, Glenn Evans. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Santavy, Neal Vandenbossche, Susan Richez, Amy Erdmann, Rodger Peterson, Terrie Owen, Roxann Hudson, Jack Scovoronski, Dennis Weisel, Larry Myny, Dan Wilcox, Frank Sass, Tim Brown, Keith Kreusel, Wayne Harrington, Cindy Newman, Jim Garrett, Rob Clearwood, Patti Borowiec, Ken The Band this year, besides playing very well at halftime in the football games, took a trip to Miami to play for the Lions International Con- vention. They played fine music down there, besides having a good time. President John Geer made sure they didn’t step too far out of line. In their Christmas concert they teamed up with the chorus, to perform the best Christmas program ever. Wood, Jim Bimcy, James MacDonald, Marty Buck, Karl Richardson, Ronda Hatfield, Dave Weisel. FIFTH ROW: Bill Morrison, Fred Klientjes, Bill Englchardt, Dan LaParl, Sue Carroll, Pat Fisher, Ron Appelman, Dan Hartman, Greg Carnahan, Kyle Houston, Mike Baxter, Gail Jacobs, Merilee Trese, Paul Witherspoon, John Lynch, Bob Vandenbossche, Andrew Challenger, Bruce Zimmerman, Kirk Jcakle, Bill Wilcox, Kin Robinson, Don Brycons, Chuck Miller, Kathy Jaras, Bill Richards, Steve Storey, Lou Jezdimir, John Geer. BACK ROW: Bonnie Cooney, Cindy Prior, Yvette Blackstock, Beth Yata, Ranee Craig, Sandy Karncr, Jan Orczykowski, Leslie Broedcll, Cindi New, Linda Pioch, Kathy Meldrum, Kim Finley, Yvonne Blackstock,Linda Potter, Julie Pioch. FRONT ROW: Jan Orczykowski (Captain), Leslie Broedcll (Captain). SECOND ROW: Linda Potter, Linda Pioch, Sandy Karncr, Kathy Meldrum, Beth Yata, Cindie New, Cindy Prior. BACK ROW : Bonnie Cooney, Yvette Blackstock, Ranee Craig, Tim Brown, Kim Finley, Yvonne Blackstock, Julie Pioch. 45 PRECISIONETTES: FRONT ROW: Heidi Birgbauer, Kris Brown, Mary Beth Lozen, Candy Seif erlein, Joyce Kicknosway, Connie Robinson, Vickie Seaman, Finola Fetterly, Mary Moran, Laurie Bischoff, Julie Gebauer. SECOND ROW: Kandy Brandt, Laura Avers, Jan Ziegcnfus, Tammy Coppola, Sue Pilath, Nancy Kuiscll, Virginia Rose, Debbie Nosakowski, Cyndec Allen. BACK ROW: Laurie Pioch, (Captain), Sharon Boghian, Diana Jessup, Pattie Bates, Joan Milner, Sue McLeod, Sheila Jones, Carrie Craig, Gwen Marrison, Laurie Faber (Captain). 46 Up, Up, and Away Look, this is how it’s done. TOP ROW: Doug Marten, Dennis Miller, Dan Wilcox, Karl Osterland, Ed Wilson, Scott Yacques, Jay Robinson, Gary VanBuskirk, Gayle Wise, Ellen Leacock, Lynn Vandierdonck, Anna Pruss, Kathy Mason, Cathy Yerrick, Jackie Wonsowicz, Laurie Faber. SECOND ROW: Terri Mayer, Susan Richez, Becky Owen, Col- leen Koster, Debbie Hamlin, Bev Sears, Eileen Kaminski, Kris Igel, Linda Zelazny, Terri Igel, Rhonda Fritz, Cyndie Wisdom, Fran Shorkey, Teddy Carpenter, Terrie Owen, Debbie Momingstar. THIRD ROW: Marge Szymanski, Theresa Davis, Eileen Sharrow, Lori Pioch, Linda Potter, Meg Twells, Joyce Kicknosway, Two little angels. The newly formed Algonac High School Choir had a very successful beginning this year. Despite the year’s first snow storm, a large and apprecia- tive audience turned out for the Christ- mas concert to hear the choir display its talent. Added effect was given by the use of special lighting including candles. Fund raising projects enabled the choir to purchase risers by January. They provided a movable stage when the choir presented their elementary, junior high, and high school assem- blies later in the year. Drums and guitars were added to the piano accompaniment for many of the popular songs sung by the choir at their assemblies and spring concert. 48 Candy Seiferlein, Sue Lauer, Sandy Stular, Betsy Vernier, Kristi Harper, Jackie Felenchak, Lynda Moreland, Kathy Harper. BOTTOM ROW: Barb Davis, Mary Rappa, Donna Martin, Dee Dee Wood, Debbie Schuman, Evelyn Harper, Tammy Yax, Cindy Guyor, Annette Bertrand, Peggy Somerville, Val Moreland, Sue Carlson, Mickey Cony, Theresa Corry, Rose Talluto, Mr. McMaken. 49 Spirit Week and Homecoming By Friday of Spirit Week the Fresh- men were officially initiated into Algo- nac High School. Despite the few near drownings and locker suffications, they survived, and also learned how to take care of next year’s freshmen. All during the week they had to wear large bow ties to show that they were freshmen. If they didn’t, the wrath of the upper class members came down upon them. Goofy Gary! Sweet as sugar. The " Bang- Bang” Babies. 51 The fire was lit. During the week the Seniors dressec up according to different decades for their theme, " You’ve Come A Long Way Baby.” The Junior’s theme was " Fantasy Land,” and their hall was dec- orated with many storybook characters On Thursday they came dressed as their characters. The Sophomore’s theme was " The Five Days of Spirit Week.” The Freshmen’s theme was of a graveyard. When you got it, flaunt it! Where are your mittens? 53 On Wednesday, the Varsity Club held its slave sale. They collected a total of $187 and Mark Bowerson brought in the highest amount of $12. Thursday night was the rally and bonfire. Rob Harrington was crowned King of the Rally, and the parade was a beautiful show. After, the bon- fire was lit and everyone gathered around with cider and doughnuts. And finally came Homecoming night. Karl Osterland accepted the Spirit Jug in behalf of the Senior Class. Cyndi Day was crowned Queen of the Homecoming, while her escort, Pat Smith, kept her standing. And the Homecoming Queen is . HOMECOMING COURT: Joe Meldrum, Georgie Pollock, John Sauber, Gail Jacobs, Roy Bertram, Karen Krispin, Pat Smith, Queen Gndi Day, Ken Tatro, Pat Vig- ncron, Mike Isaacs, Linda Potter, Scott Yacques, Linda Pioch, Joe Dion, Linda Peters. 55 Student Council During the 1973-74 school year. Stu- dent Council has been busy with such events as planning a very successful Homecoming dinner-dance, attending St. Clair Area League meetings, and sponsoring an assembly featuring the musical group, " Life.” One of the highlights of the year was an activities day in which the handicapped children from the inter- mediate school district participated. It was fun for all. Gail Jacobs (Treasurer), Gayle Wise (President) Ron Appclman (Vice-President) Becky Centala (Secretary) 56 ■nrc- p r r t r r p Stage Band Rob Harrington (S. of A.) FRONT ROW : Bill Erdmann, Dort Rictzler, Tom Lozen, Gail Jacobs, John Geer, Wendy Hilton, Lou Jezdimir, Frank Sass, Larry Myny. SECOND ROW: Rob Harrington, Pat Waters, Mark Bowcrson, Wendell Karr-Akc, Rich Arpan, David Rice, Jim Garrett, Mark Fournier. THIRD ROW: Mr. Jackson, Greg Carnahan, Gayle Wise, David Stielcr, Gary McLeod, Larry Kmetz, Pat Morrison, Lee Syzmanski, Tommy Ncuner. BACK ROW: Mike Giamportone, Ed Wilson, Bill Stieler, Joe Hoffman, Rusty Chatfield, Tom Cassady, Rick LaParl, Dave DuVemay, Alan Hick. Hands on the table! This year the Varsity Club opened its doors to letter-winners on the girls basketball team. Being the most active of all the groups in A.H.S., the club bought an expensive weight machine last spring. The mac hine has been a tremendous asset to our athletes. The club is also known for its enjoy- ment. The Christmas Party and the Millionaire’s Party were just two of the more memorable occasions that this year’s members participated in. Plans are being made for money-making pro- jects in the future. 58 The Speech and Drama Club, under the supervision of Mr. Ronald Trum- ble, have performed for over 5000 per- sons per year. They’ve performed at the Pickeral Tournament stage show, at assembly programs for the Algonac, Fair Haven, Pte. Tremble, and Harsens Island Elementary Schools, High School assemblies, Senior Citizens Ban- quets, and evening shows for parents and children. Among their many per- formances, they’ve done speeches, pan- tomimes, monologues, speech activity demonstrations, skits, and plays. 61 FRONT ROW : Ellen Leacock, Helen Lessenthien, Karl Osterland, Gary Treppa, Mr. Dennis Kelly. SEC- OND ROW: Cindy Besaw, Sue Fecteau, Lynn Newbeck, Maureen Welch, Cindy Smith, Jim Smith. BACK ROW: Kyle Houston, Walk-on, Jerry Smith, Jim Way. The Paper Staff, along with their advisor Mr. Dennis Kelly, has worked on producing this year’s Algonquin. The editor is Helen Lessenthien, assist- ant editor is Maureen Welch, and the managing editor is Kendall Wingrove. Last summer two students were sent to Northwood Institute for a journalism class, and this summer they’ll be attending Ohio State University. In Child Development class, stu- dents learn about the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of younger children. By planning a Chil- dren’s Day at Pointe Tremble Elemen- tary, the high school students are given a chance to apply this knowledge. And this is a doggie . . . Kk LI MmNnO Qq Rr And now, kiddies . Boy, the toys here are great! Watch Cyndi and you shall learn. 63 G.A.A.: FRONT ROW: Mickey Voorhees, Gail Jacobs, Pat Waters, Dort Rietzler, Nancy Grosser, Wendy Hilton, Sue Sharrow, Mrs. Eglinton. SECOND ROW: Pat Kaufman, Jan Hartman, Shirley Hill, Kelly O’Phee, Liz Gerber, Kim Hartman, JoAnn Clearwood, Diana Jessup, Julie Pioch, Chris Cassady, Cindy Weiland. THIRD ROW: Gale Ames, Shirley Frazho, Linda Peters, Linda Pioch, Dawn Vigliotti, Vickie Seaman, Lori Mayer, Cindy Hubbarth, Lynn Harrington, Ann Hill, Pat Nelson. BACK ROW: Doreen Grote, Kerri Venhuizen, Cindy Guillot, Michelle Kelly, Barb Koch, Pat Komeffel, Sue Lane, Kathy Sauber, Fran Shorkey, Jodi Milner, Gail Baumann, Debbie Nosakowski. The Girls Athletic Association had three teams for field hockey this year by adding freshmen to the club. There was also a good turnout for volleyball, with more matches played than any other year. The G.A.A. Pajama Party is always something great to look forward to — especially the talent show and Mrs. Stringer’s feast! The Annual Swim and Activities Day at Marysville is attended by all schools in the league. It’s a nice opportunity to get to know the girls from the other schools. The Latin Club enjoys studying about the marvels of ancient Rome, " the flaming pageant of the rise of Rome from a crossroads born to world mastery” . . . (Durant) . . . This is the content of the studies of the Latin classes. A group of ten were privileged in April to see this ancient city for them- selves. 64 Come on, I dare you! The bench? Again? LATIN CLUB: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Johnson, Lori Crampton (Treas ), Yvonne Blackstock (Pres ), Yvette Blackstock (Pres ), Diane Butler (V.P.), Vicki Van- slambrouck (Sec ). MIDDLE ROW: Susan Bchm, Debbie Kuhn, Patti Borowiec, Mary Mitti, Tim Meldrum, Beth Welch. BACK ROW: Greg Majors, Karen Kuhfeldt, Daniel Osieczonek, Tanya Ward, Kris Varndell, Kendall Wingrove. 65 Co-op Co-op (Cooperative Occupational Training) is a program in the high school in which the student does supervised work as a learning experience that is recognized by the school. Carol Abair Linda Ruthard Andy Challenger Jim Sammons Ray Chapman Shelly Seneski Rit Craven Steve Sharrow Kathy Devine Marianne Short Nick Drouillard Charles Stabile Dave DuVernay Frank Stockwell Denise Dysarzyk Paulette Tumara Brian Eglinton John Vanderhagen Mike Horcftis Fred Vandric Kristy Igel Sandy Warner Kraig Kuberry Mike Wagner Lori Mayer Frank Quant John Moran Dave Zelenock Bill Rampp Don Molnar Debbie Hamlin 68 Sports Varsity Football FRONT ROW: Frank Balduck (manager), Brian Meldrum, Greg Carnahan, John Moran, John Geer, Rick Arpan, Tom Lozon, Jerry Free. SECOND ROW: Jim Garrett, Mike Giamportone, Mike Schuman, Darcy Diot, Rick Cra- ven, Mark Bower son, Lee Szymanski, Jeff Ducett. THIRD ROW: Coach Garrett, Rick La Pari, Larry Kmctz, Greg Poole, John Highstreet, Tom Cassady, Mike Horcftis, John Wonsowitz, Rick Gougcon, Coach Jackson. The Football Team finished their season with a 3-6 record. The Muskrats played inconsistently throughout the season although playing well at times. The team finished strong, outscoring their opponents in the last 4 games 65- 17. John Geer and John Moran (co- captains), led the defense while Lee Sysmanski gained over 200 yards in each of the last two games. John Geer also was named to SCAL all-league team as a linebacker. ON 2! Surveying the situation. 826 Power on 2 sM 4 •-j You’re sure Namath started this way? Varsity Basketball Tom Lozcn Bill Pitzcr and Rick Gougen — Managers This year’s basketball team made a vast improvement from the previous year tripling their win total. Led by Seniors Will Coughlin, Tom Lozen, and John Sauber the Muskrats fright- ened many teams with their height and sometimes deadly shooting. Although inconsistent throughout the year, the Muskrats played a major roll in the standing of the S.C.A.L. Mr. Duva — Coach 74 Gary Shew Jim Garret 75 Rob Harrington Rusty Chatf icld John Saubcr John Highstrcct 76 Junior Varsity TOP ROW: Debbie LaParl, Dawn Johnson, Debbie Kuhn. MIDDLE ROW: Regina Green, Diane Lan gell, Beth Welch. BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Ragland, Patti Borowiec. The J.V. football and basketball teams had contrasting seasons this year. The J.V. football composed mostly of freshmen had a rugged time. But their record could have been completely dif- ferent if they hadn’t made a few key mistakes. The basketball team did well this year with a well balanced offensive and defensive attack. They were probably the best team in the J.V. league. TOP ROW: Bob Good, Mark Farr, Chris Mauk, Tom Neuncr, Steve Foucher. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Halverson, Rich Farver, Joe Dion, Ray Walson. BOTTOM ROW: Dave Dodge, Dave Fernandez, Jeff Duceatt, Carl Weeden. NOT PICTURED: Coach Greenwood. 78 TOP ROW: An Bryson, Dave Dodge, Steve Foucher, John Davis, Ken Dandron, Scott Alex, Tom Szymanski, Joe Sauber. MIDDLE ROW: Walt Kenzie, Ray Wilson, Demetrius Green, Ken Hutheson, David Pietras, John Zelenock, Warren Schnoor, Jim Arpan, Bob Good. BOTTOM ROW: Frank Cona (manager), Paul Witherspoon, Dave Fernandez, Karl Richardson, Gary Fcctcau, Bob Sinkmajor, Tom Bates, Jerome Williams, Don Wight. Coaches Basinski, and Wight. TOP TO BOTTOM: Gail Jacobs, Dorothy Rictzlcr, Sue Stuart, Bev Galletti, Gayle Wise, Wendy Hilton, Dawn Vigliotti, Cindy Hubbarth. Varsity Cheerleading Wrestling I’d hate to be from Capac! The Wrestlers completed a fine sea- son this year taking second in the S.C.A.L., Goodrich, and St. Clair Shores tournaments. The Muskrats were led by Senior Co-Captains John Geer and Rick Arpan. Geer set records for most career pins — 28 and most pins in a season — 22, while being S.C.A.L. champ. Arpan also was the league heavy weight champion while collecting 24 wins. Steve Goerlich became the first sophomore to win more than 30 matches in his first two seasons. FRONT ROW : Tom Bates, Sam Allen, Mike Giamportone, Bill Kelly, John Geer, Rick Arpan, Demetrius Green, Theresa Corry. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wight (Cxachj, Gary Gecteau, Jim Arpan, Ron Giamportone, Joe Domanski, Steve Goerlich, Cal Dunn, Craig Humes, Bob Cohrs, Mr. Chaffee (Asst. Coach). BACK ROW David Rice, Mark Bowerson, Mike Porter, John Lynch, Lou Jezdimir, Larry Kmetz, Jim Way, Mike Arakelian. 82 You’re Beautiful! Doesn’t anybody else want to play leap-frog with us? Freshmen TOP ROW: Shirley Hill, Lolly Sager, Marie Jorgenson. BOTTOM ROW: JuJie Uhl, Donna Bogosian, Nancy Potter, Kelly O’Phee. NOT PICTURED: Shari Beauregard, Robbie Dickerson. TOP ROW: Robert Cartwright, John King, Marty Buck, Joe Sauber. MIDDLE ROW: Dave Weisel, Mike Pitzer, Kevin Thomson. BOTTOM ROW. Jerry Gordon, Don Stieler, Kevin Balduck, Tom Gordon. 85 Girls ’ Basketball Yvette Blackstock This year Algonac added a touch of sugar and spice to A.H.S. in the form of the first girls’ interscholastic basket- ball teams. The Varsity and J.V. teams began practice during the summer months, making it pay off later in the season. The J.V. ended 7-7, and the Varsity with an 11-3 record, and win- ning the District Championship in the state tournaments. Although the teams are still young, they prove to be the ones to beat in the years to come. Tammy Yax Lori Crampton rT Gina Roekwood Sue Bchm Liz Gerber Good Going, Kerri! Wendy Hilton Diane Jezdimir Coach Greenwood Cross Country FRONT ROW: Howard Lindbcrg, Pat Fisher, Brian Sullivan, Jim Greene. SECOND ROW: Karen Kuhfeldt (manager). Bob Vandenbosschc, Pat Morrison, Larry Myny, Tom Neuncr, Coach Avers. The Cross Country team finished its dual meet season 5-7 overall and 2-4 in the league. The team finished 6th in the league meet, with Pat Fisher finish- ing a strong 18th. Bob Vandenbossche and Pat Morrison were voted co-cap- tains for the year, and Bob Vanden- bossche was named the most valuable runner. The Algonac Track Team finished with a 2 win-5 loss record in SCAL meets. Ron Currier led the track sprint- ers while leading the Muskrats in the 100, 220, and 440 yard dashes. It was the first year the Muskrats had three shot-putters that threw over 40 feet. The J.V. Track Team won the SCAL title, led by Lee Szymanski and Greg Poole. Track FRONT ROW: Steve Sharrow, Paul Fage, Ric Craven, Lee Szymanski, John Wonsowicz, Lee Bourgois, Mike Schuman. SECOND ROW: Mark Bowerson, Greg Poole, Ron Currier, Pat Morrison, Rich Arpan, Mike Halverson, Larry Kmetz, Kris Brown (assistant manager). THIRD ROW: Coach Chaffee, Bob Vanden- bossche, Larry Myny, Tom Neuner, Bob Felster, Bob Bourgois, Dave Meeker, Barb Bates (manager), Coach Avers. 91 Tennis The Tennis team had a fine season with a 10-7 won-lost record (five of the seven losses were by one point), and finished off the year by capturing the SCAL Tournament Championship. Algonac had both the singles and dou- bles champions — Jorge Isaac defeated Marysville’s No. 1 6-0, 6-4, and Gary Prudhomme and John Sauber defeated Marine City’s No. 1 in doubles. This tennis team also produced Algonac’s first female varsity letter- winner, Dor- othy Rietzler. FRONT ROW: A1 Hick, Joe Lewandowski, Dan Hartman, Frank Cona, Matt Cuomo. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Rietzler, Dave Rice, Dave DuVemay, Rob Harrington, Lou Jezdimir, Frank Sass, Kendall Win- grove. The Golf team, under coach Mr. Duva, achieved a 2 win-5 loss league record, and obtained 4th place in the league meet, setting a new school record of 168 for 9 holes. Mike Halverson carried the highest average of 43.6 for 9 holes. Mike Isaacs came in second highest with an average of 44.4 and earned himself all-league honors. FRONT ROW: Harry Yax, Steve Haggberg, Bill Stieler, Bill Erdmann, Don Sticlcr. SECOND ROW: Coach Duva, Mike Isaacs, Dan Hartman, A1 Hick, Mike Halverson, Dave Streit. Varsity and J. V. Baseball FRONT ROW: Rusty Chatfield, Jim Garrett. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Cassady, Dan Kendall, Joe Hoff- man, Don Wonsowicz, Rick LaParl. BACK ROW : Coach Garrett, Tom Lozen. FRONT ROW: Steve Fauchcr, Steve Storey, Bill Engelhardt, Mike Durow. MIDDLE ROW: Liz Gerber (Manager), Carl Weedcn, Harry Yax, Bob Good, Bill Pitzer, Terry Wonsowicz, Ed Charron. BACK ROW: Mick Meldrum, Pat Fisher, John Davis, Rick LaParl, Keith Mikalwski, Bob Kiss, Rick Gougeon, Coach Stringer. The Varsity team completed with a fine 11-3 record to become Co-Champs of the SCAL. Led by strong fielding and heavy hitting by Tom Lozen and Don Wonsowicz, (both of whom made All-League), the Muskrats over- came some lack of experience and small participation to have their best season in 3 years. The J.V. baseball players gave moral support through the whole season. The pro in action. Swinging Jim. 95 A dministration FRONT ROW: Eleanore G. Trix (Treas.), Bernard J. Nugent (Pres.), Marjorie A. Thomas (Sec.). BACK ROW: Otto K. Rose (Trustee) James A. Brown, Jr. (V.P.), Thomas E. Bessemer (Trustee), James F. St. Amond (Trustee). Counseling us with honesty. MRS. JACKSON Secretary KATHY FORD Secretary MRS. STIELER Secretary MRS. MAGEAU Librarian MRS. AVERS Assistant Librarian " Mm . . . did you get his license?” Faculty 100 MR. GEORGE APPELMAN Music MR ROGER AVERS Social Studies MRS. SANDRA BADE English MR. DENNIS BASINSKI Business Education MR. CHARLES BLANCK Industrial Arts MRS. JILL BUCK English MR. DAVID BURNS Science MRS. MARSY BURNS English MR. EDMUND CHAFFEE Mathematics MR. THOMAS CVENGROS Counselor Mr. Duva, construing . . . MRS. SHERYL DANKE Art MR. GREGORY DUVA Social Studies MRS. JANE EGUNTON Physical Education MR RICHARD GARRETT Physical Education MR. GREGORY GODFREY Social Studies MR RODNEY GREENWOOD Social Studies MR. JAMES HOLMES English MRS. PATRICIA HUSTON Business Education " Nobody talks to me like that.” Catching 40 winks. MISS ELEANOR JABUNSKI Mathematics MR. HUGH JACKSON Science MRS. ANN JOHNSON Foreign Language MISS ELAINE JONES Mathematics MISS MARY JONES Business Education MR. DENNIS KELLY English MR NORMAN KOEHN Industrial Arts MR. DENNIS KROLL Social Studies 101 I’m ready, where’s the bell? 102 MR ALLAN McLEOD Counselor MR. DENNIS McMAKEN Vocal Music MR ARTHUR MEGANCK Social Studies The boss is out! MR. JAMES MUSSON Industrial Arts MR GLEN POTTER Industrial Arts MR. MICHAEL PRITCHARD Science MRS. MARY ROBERTSON Mathematics MRS. CAROL ST. MARY Home Economics MRS. ESTER STREIT Counselor MR. LAWRENCE TREPPA English 103 MR JAMES WESOLOSKI Government MR. DONALD WIGHT Mathematics I didn’t do it! 104 Foreign Language MR. DONALD WEITZEL The Polish answer to Paul Newman. Two big wheels. This year Miss Eleanore Jablinski will retire after completing 36 years of teaching mathematics and science. Miss Jablinski was raised in Toledo, Ohio and received her bachelor’s degree from Toledo University. From there, she went for her master’s degree at the University of Michigan in Secondary Education and mathematics. She has also attended Purdue University on a Mathematics Fellowship, and the University of Detroit. She is cur- rently a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, a National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity. Before coming to Algonac High School, Miss Jablinski taught in a school in Cale- donia, outside of Grand Rapids, for 5 years. Besides teaching all mathematics courses, she has also taught General Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Miss Jablinski was advisor for the Student Council for 10 years, and has been the advisor for the National Honor Society. She has been a very special part of Algonac High School, and will long be remem- bered, and missed. U nder classmen J Juniors Class Colors: Purple and White Marty Koss (Treas.) Class Flower: Purple Iris Mrs. Buck (Advisor) John Highstrcet (V.P.) Gina Rockwood (S.C. Rep.) Don Smith (Pres.) ($.C. Rep.) Mr. Lenore (Advisor) Liz Gerber (Rec. Sec.) 108 Kathy Abdella Marty Awe Frank Balduck Paul Bamowski Barb Bates Gail Baumann Dave Bertram Annette Bertrand Heidi Birgbaucr Laurie Bischoff Mark Bowerson Julie Brady Debbie Breck Kris Brown Joel Buckenmeyer Lynn Burkell Tom Cassady Spencer Chatfield Bob Clearwood Bob Cohrs An Coomer Terry Corry Matt Cuomo Ric Craven Theresa Davis John Devine Mike Durow Belva Draper Vic Dysarczyk Terri Egbert Bill Englehardt Bill Erdmann Rick Erdmann Darlene Endres Carmel Falzon Donna Farver Myron Farver Karol Fecteau Jackie Felenchak Juniors Jim Garrett Julie Gebauer Mike Geml Bonnie Genaw Liz Gerber Mike Giamportone Cathy Gibbard Doug Gillespie Greg Gillis Mary Good Rick Gougeon Dennis Grocsbeck Cindy Guillot Cindy Guyor Steve Haggberg Kim Hartman Marcy Haseldon Gary Head Jill Hcrbst John Highstreet Ann Hill Marv Hintzman Kim Hollway Patti Hollway Mike Horeftis David Hubbard Cindy Hubbarth Craig Humes Terri Igel Efrain Isaacs Ann Jackson Kirk Jeaklc Linda Jessup Lou Jezdimur Matt Kaimala Sandy Karner Bob Keller Mickey Kelly Dan Kendall Shari Kerszykowski Bob Kiss Larry Kmetz Jeannie Knight Pam Knox Barb Koch Allen Koonter Pat Komcffel Marty Koss Kathy Kresuel Walter Kronnich Kraig Kuberry Walt Lane Sue Lane Mike Lange 110 Dan LaParl John Lee Helen Lessenthien Chris Logan Mary Beth Lozen Greg Majors Cheryl Malinski Mike Mangas Lori Mayer Sharon Markigian Chuck Mielke Maria Mini George Molesworth Mary Moran Bill Morrison Pat Morrison Gil Mousscau Larry Myny Cheryl Neumann Gndy Newman Becky Owen Vicki Page Debbie Patterson Nancy Pearson Mike Pellcrito Linda Pioch Bill Pitzer , Michalenc Powers Rob Powers Steve Pray Gndy Prior Debbie Puro Tim Regan Dave Rice Gndy Rivard Connie Robinson Gina Rockwood Sandy Rogers Judic Rolewicz 111 Juniors Lori Rose Duane Sager Frank Sass Cathy Sauber Leslie Schenkus Mike Scott Vickie Seaman Steve Sharrow Gary Shew Fran Shorkey Don Smith Peggy Snodderly Art Soda Mark Solomon Peggy Somerville Dan Spears Dan Stapley James Skupney Ed Stockwell Linda Stewart Mike Thomas Men lee Trese Nancy Turner Kerri Venhuizen Tom Vervaccke Dawn Vigliotti Jill Wagenhals Karen Waite Doug Walsh Tim Warner Maureen Weaver Tom Weaver Phil Wetter Dan Wilcox Audrey Williams Janet Wilson Kendall Wingrove Dorothy Wood Gndy Workman Scott Yacques Beth Yata Harry Yax 112 Bob Austin Sue Axtell Ken Beals Bob Bourgois Joe Cartwright Jeff Coleman Lori Col man Sandy Dawson Victor Dodge Russ Funk Jim Furtah Doug Marquardt Bruce Middel Fat Nelson Ted Neumer Sue Newbeck Rick Olivares Kerry Olowniuk Bill Owings Ray Patterson Chuck Pearcy Greg Pool Norbert Pruss Frank Quandt George Radin Gerard Redman Debbie Scharm Chris Schroder Bill Smith Sue Sruan Linda Stular Sharon Szykatis Faye Thiel Vance Thomas Brian Trudeau Paulette Tumara Bob Vandenbossche Linda Vandenbossche Dave Vandenhemcl John Waite Bill Whitis Debbie Weeden 113 Sophomores Class Colors: Navy Blue and Burgundy Class Flower: Carnation BpN MS Teddy Carpenter (V.P.) Mr. Godfrey (Advisor) Donna Rivard (Cor. See.) Patti Sepanek (Treas.) Debbie Laparl (Rec. Sec.) 114 Mike Araheliam Cyndee Allen Gale Ames Jim Angers Kyle Appel man Carol Astemborski Laura Avers Rena Bailey Adelc Bamowski Lisa Baxter Scott Baxter Debbie Beauchamp Bob Beaulieu Chris Becker Susan Bchm Cindy Besaw Sue Bird Yvonne Blackstock Yvette Blackstock Patti Borowiec Kandy Brandt Dave Bryeans Diane Butler Sue Carroll Debi Caudill Jennifer Centala Mike Chapman Edward Charron Joanne Clearwood Frank Cona Tammy Coppola Renee Craig Lori Crampton Mary Crosena Bryan Currier Ken Dandron Lisa Daniels Jon Davis 115 Sophomores Dave Debowskc Lorraine Dickerson Joseph Dion Darcy Diot Dave Dodge Jeff Duceatt Karen Dulac Calvin Dunn Glenn Evans Paul Fage Jane Falls Mark Farr Steve Faucher Sue Fecteau Bob Felson Dave Fernandez Patrick Fisher Jan Fournier Shirley Frazho John Garshott Nancy Geml Terri Getz Ron Giamportone Clyde Gibbons Barb Gillis Chris Gitre Steve Goerlich Bob Good Kamie Goodwin Demetrius Green 116 What is it? I know!!! Regina Green Richard Griffith Ellen Guillot Lois Hagedon Michael Halverson Wendy Han if an Linda Harper Joe Haynes Jerry Hentschel Alan Hick Judy Hoover Roberta Hopkins Ken Hutcheson Linda Jacobs Dawn Johnson Donald Jones Pat Kaufman Bill Kelly Jeff Kondogan Walt Kenzic Joe Kicknosway Bruce Kmetz Deborah Knox Karen Komar Pam Komeffel Colleen Koster Karen Kuhfeldt Deborah Kuhn Nancy Kuissell Diane Lange 11 Debbie LaParl Jim LaParl Rick LaParl Sue Lauer Howard Lindberg Cheryl Long 117 Sophomores John Lynch Mike McAllister Joyce McCoy Jim McClure Bob McNiff Pam McNiff Joe Malinski Mark Mallia Toni Mardigian Greg Martin Chris Mauk Janet Mayea David Meeker Kathy Meldrum Mick Meldrum Paul Meldrum Tim Meldrum Sandy Miller Cindy Minken Lori Minnich Mary Mitti Colleen Molnar Valerie Moreland Debbie Momingstar Wendy Myers Keith Myny Becky Nason Tom Neuner Debbie Nosakowski Paul Osgood Daniel Osieczonek Rich Pearson Linda Peters Sue Pi lath Mike Porter Tony Privaloff 118 Do I feel rain? That kid is weird. Ellen Probst Janenc Prudhomme Anna Pruss Adam Prybylski Gndy Ragland Mary Rappa Amanda Richards Bill Richards Daryl Richardson Donna Rivard Debbie Robinson Cathy Roehrig George Rose Virginia Rose Robert Sadlowski Sandy Santavy Lori Sass Susan Sauber Angela Schenk Joseph Schulz Michael Schuman Patti Sepanek Jeffrey Shelton Larry Shew Allenc Smith Walter Souilliere Donna Sprague Herman Staff horst Robert Stone Stephen Storey David Streit Debbie Sutherland Lee Szymanski Karyn Thoma Kathy Twcddle Sharon Uhl 119 Sophomores Neal Vandenbossche Vicki Vanslambrouck Kris Varndell Cheryl Vercammen Keith Vistesen Dave Walsh Tanya Ward Wanda Waterhouse Carl Weeden Beth Welch Brenda Wesch Debbie Williams Kim Williams Mike Williams Steve Williams Cyndie Wisdom Dennis Wise John Wonsowicz Perry Wonsowicz Perry Yacques Tammy Yax Pam Young John Zelenock 120 Scott Alex Lynn Aud Deborah Bailey Phil Batuk Theresa Bonenberger Lee Bourgois Leonard Bourlier Cheryl Braun Theodora Carpenter Glenn Cleary Ann Devine Duane Dobbin Neil Donncly Jay Downing Patricia Drouillard Richard Emerich Richard Farver Rhonda Fritz Eva Gunnells Jerry Haynes Terry Helle Doug Henry Steve Heyza Joe Hill Neil Hintze Deztcr Knowlton Peter Kreider Bob LaPalme Joe Lewandowski Sami Mannina Joe Moehlman Chris Oliver Brian Powers Hilary Phillips Cal Richards Sue Richez Sheryl Sosin Earl Stewart Mike Struhar Guy Thomas Patrick Wagner Steve Waszkiewicz Ruth Watson Dan White Brenda Whitis Raymond Wilson Dennis Wuestenbcrg Jan Ziegenfus 121 Freshmen 122 Woody Alef Pat Angers Vicki Ameil Brian Arnold Teri Aud Nancy Austin Linda Avers Lance Axtell Dave Baclawski Rick Baker Kevin Balduck Patti Bates Tom Bates Nancy Bayly Shari Beauregard Gloria Bertrand Carolyn Bevins Thelma Bevins Bette Birgbauer Lori Blair Sharon Boghian Donna Bogosian Tom Bradd Don Briskey Dan Bryeans Artie Bryson Marty Buck Pat Caiger Susan Carlson Chris Carriler Cathy Cartwright Robert Cartwright Chris Cassady Deb Chlebnik Ruthann Christy Cheryle Qarke Teresa Gofer Carl Col man Bonnie Cooney Michele Corry Carrie Craig Bob Cuomo Christi Dawson Yvonne Desilets Mike Devine 123 Freshmen Robbie Dickerson Tammy Dickson Vivian Dixon Doreen Dodge Joe Domanski Kim Domurat Joe Dulac Cherie Dusky Dan Du row Deann Dryer Bill Endicott Amy Erdmann Sue Evans John Falhiewiz Gary Fecteau Kim Ferdig Kim Finley Cindy Fisher Hazel Flynn Pat Fournier Ron French Pennie Fritz Chris Garshott Margaret Gibbard Dick Gill Ellen Gillis Tony Gitrc Todd Goodwin Jerry Gorden Tom Gordon Kathy Gorczyca Rita Grantz Ray Graebert Jim Greene Doreen Grote Heidi Haag 124 La inocente. Freshman Intellectual. Karyn Hagedon Anne Hampe Lynn Harrington Eve Harper Jan Hartman Paul Hastings Ronda Hatfield Michele Hayes Shirley Hill Gndy Hiller Bruce Hilton Mary Hintze Greg Hogcrt Brian Hoffman Kay Hollway Janice Hudgens Roxann Hudson Kathy Jaros Diane Jessup Diane Jezdimir Jeff Johnson Debbie Jones Sheila Jones Marie Jorgensen Wanda Keller Matt Kensora Rick Kilgore Sandy Kimberlry Mike Kiss Deb Kollmorgan Linda Komeffel Leslie Kowalski Cheri Lafrinicre Lola Lind Barb Long Mary Lowes 125 Freshmen The joke is on me. Here sits a mean man. Susan McLeod Brian Mackcnsen Cheryl Majors Mike Mallia Sarnie Mannina Doug Manen Tammy Martin Ken Mason Terri Mayer Murle Mayle Don Measel Cheryl Meldrum John Merritt Sheryl Meyers Jennie Militcllo Chuck Miller Janis Miller Joan Milner Roseann Mini Jack Moran Dave Momingstar Kathy Morris Gwen Morrison George Napier Terry Nelson Tom Neumann Ed Nichter Tom Nienhaus Terry Opalcwski Kelly O’Phee 126 Terri Owen Ralph Owens Deb Pearcy Garnet Peebles Joe Petras Rodger Peterson Dave Phillips Dave Piethas Julie Pioch Mike Pitzer Deanna Polczynski Georgie Pollock Nancy Potter Ken Powers Brian Quandt Randy Randolph Geri Rausch Julie Richards Will Rivard Diane Romzek Kirt Robinson Rose Rzeppa Joanne Saubcr Joe Saubcr Bob Sauer Jim Scheiblc Claudia Schenk Stacy Schcnkus Karla Schlottman Warren Schnoor Debbie Schuman Carol Schuster Jack Scovoronski Brian Sears Bob Senkmajer Gordon Sharf FREEZE! 127 Freshmen Terri Shew Timothy Siefert James Singleton Gerald Smith Mary Smith Rhonda Smith Becky Solgot Cun Solgot Alex Somerville James Soring Cheryl Spitzer John Stabile Sandy Stapley Joel Stewart Donald Stieler Denise Storey Mclodie Struhar Sandra Stular Brian Sullivan Rose Talluto Joan Tamulewicz Doreen Tazzioli Michael Trcmonti Mary Tucker Vanessa VanBuskirk Sandy Van Heck Brenda Venhuizen Jane Vermeulen Leo Vernier Harold Ward 128 Gotcha! Wandering eyes. Mrs. E’s " dry hair” formula. Peggy Warner Sharon Watson Jim Way Camille Weaver Dave Wcisel Gndy Weiland 129 Exchange Students Jorge Isaac, one of our exchange stu- dents from Barranquilla, Colombia, came to A.H.S. in January of 1973. He has been staying with the Appelman family of Algonac. Jorge has been the top player on our tennis team, and has pulled A.H.S. through many games and tournaments with flying colors. His excellent ability and sportsmanship in tennis won him League Championship, and led him to win the Regionals. He plans on graduating at Algonac High School with the class of 74. Efrain Isaac, Jorge ' s brother, also from Barranquilla, Colom- bia, began attending A.H.S. in September of 1973. He is cur- rently staying with the Angers family of Algonac. He plans on returning to Colombia in June of 1974. His curriculum includes Spanish, Physiology, Algebra, Geometry, and American His- tory. 130 “Pete” Alfred " Pete” Stager died unexpectedly on the morning of January 9, 1974 while plowing snow from the school parking lot. He was a former village councilman and village president, Cay Township police officer, president of the Lions’ Club, and parade marshal for the Pickeral Tournament. He has been working for the school since 1962, and was a good friend of many of the students. He was always at the top of things, and we know he has made his way to the top once again. Yearbook Sue Hiller and Karen Fecteau, Senior Editors The 1973-74 Yearbook Staff, along with our advisor, Mr. Weitzel, started the new school year with vigor and vitality. We worked hard every day doing layouts, developing, printing, typing, and editing. As each deadline approached, we could always count on Vicki Page for some added excitement (in one way or another). We would like to thank Liz Gerber, Frank Balduck, and Roger Peterson for taking pictures and working in the darkroom. Mr. Weitzel, Advisor; Rusty Chatficld, Junior Editor 132 Vickie Page and Bev Galletti, Typists Joel Buckenmcyer, Photographer Joe White, Photographer Kathy Balduck, Darkroom and Photography 133 Business Patrons A Sc W Root Beer Achatz’s Adair Auto Supply Algonac Cabinet Center Algonax Cast Products Algonac Dairy Queen Algonac Decorating Center Algonac Floral Algonac Meat Market Algonac Savings Bank A1 Klix Ford Attorneys Thomas M. Clemons, Jr., and John C. Kane Auto Craft Tool Die Baxter Agency Bob’s Tavern Bob’s Plumbing Service Jim Bowerson’s Clate Service Buff’s Bar Capri Restaurant Charlie’s Barber Shop Colony Marine Sales Cowboy Restaurant Bakery D R T.V. Service Deanna Lee Hair Styling Decker’s Dorothy’s Beauty Salon Dudley Electronics Fair Haven Gift Shop Foss Drug Store George’s Bait Shop Groesbeck Marine Dr. Robert L. Haag Sara Ippolito’s Insurance Agency J L Party Store Dr. John Kenzie Johnnie Lega’s Bar Leo’s Market Little Beverage Store Lucas Lawn Mower Mayea Boat Works McKoan McKoan Neuman’s Dance Studio Pearl Beach Motel Pete’s Sunoco Phillips Homes Point Tremble Marina Poole’s North-End Market Prior Plumbing Sc Heating Raymond Realty Ray’s Bait Rene’s Port Lounge Inn Ken Robinsons Mobile Homes, Algonac Ron’s Hair Styling Schefge’s Hardware Schnoor Real Estate Sheila’s Do or Dye Beauty Salon Smith Sabin Florist State Farm Insurance Co. Bruce M. Kreuger Tip’s Place Vernier’s Marina 134 Personal Patrons Mr. and Mrs. William Ambrose Albert Balletti Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brown, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gerber Mr. and Mrs. G. Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. R. Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. John C. Humes Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ippolito Mrs. Marion Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kimberly Mr. and Mrs. Bud LaParl Mr. and Mrs. R. Quandt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Seneski Carl and Evie Stieler Chester A. Thompson, Standard Bill and Rose Van Norstrand Karl and Sue Vercammen Mr. and Mrs. Weslowski Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Yax Happiness Is Being a Part of A Igonac High School ' J- qaXjijOuv £, dLcfce - ' jjap auCL i ty ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1973-74 Yearbook Staff Mr. Donald Weitzel — Advisor Mr. Frank Storer of Storer Spellman Studios Mr. Sam Slis — Taylor Representative 136

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