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THE ALGONQUIN Algonac, Michigan 1972 Our Year in the Age of Aquarius Contents Introduction 2 Seniors 7 Activities 29 Organizations 39 Athletics 61 Administration 75 Juniors 83 Sophomores 89 Freshmen 95 Closing 104 peace will guide the planets love will rule the stars Harmony and understanding sympathy and trust abounding 4 1311 - No more false- hoods or derision Golden living dreams of visions Mystic crystal revelations and the minds true liberation. Honor Students Deb Moreland Charleen Erickson Valedictorian Salutatorian Mary Evans and Kathy Haag 9 NOT PICTURED: Rita Rochrig Senior Class Officers 10 Debbie Folkerts (Cor. Sec.), Deanne Cooney (S.C. Rep.), Cheryl Love (S.C. Rep.), Sheldon Strablow (Pres.), Linda Long (Treasurer), An- netta Halkias (Vice-Pres.), Debbie Lozen (Rec. Sec.). CLASS COLORS Blue And White CLASS FLOWER Daisy CLASS MOTTO If we cannot find a way, we will make one. ADVISORS: Mr. Wes and Mrs. Streit. Mary Charron JoAnne Cuthbertson Paul Fernandez Vickie Grantz Capricorn Ifi December 22 to January 20 Your emotions are powerful and you suffer. You go down more than three times and when it appears you have drowned, you bob up again, this time to walk away and shake off the side effects. You are capable of plodding to victory and suffering to attain your goal. Teresa Greer Matt Hojna Alan D. Mackie Judy Sears Ken Shorkey Not Pictured: Joe Vandierdonck Aquarius January 21 to February 19 You are progress, you are the occult, the practical and the fantastic. You are the truth seeker. You take chances but only if they can open new doors to you. Though usually surrounded by people, you refuse to “follow the crowd.” You expect to be treated as an individual. Kalvin Anglcwicz Bert Centala Marcia F. Ferdig James Herbst Theodore J. Horeftis Sally Karr Jackson Connie L. Mackenson Loren Polczynski 12 Rose Vandenbossche Ann L. Watson Pisces February 20 to March 20 Some say that you are sympathetic and willing to give up quickly in case of an argu- ment, but you do not want to become involved with people who cannot appreciate your special talents and unique knowledge. You prefer symbols to facts, gestures to actions, and the raising of an eyebrow to an outright comment. You feel the drama and the tragedy of life. You alone sense its importance. 13 Duane Heinz Teresa A. Heraty Debbie K. Lozen Paul Minnich Thomas Short Ken Waslowicz Aries March 21 to April 20 You are energetic, enthusiastic, and impulsive. You seem happiest as the leader, but you are a faithful follower. You may act on impulse, but rely on the confidence of friends and their encouragement. Fantasy plays a very real part in your life. You are daring and take the initiative. Jim Bertram Thomas M. Birney Gary Brusate Bryan D. Carroll Taurus April 21 to May 21 You have a great love for beauty and lux- ury. You want the world to stand still and problems to walk away while you sit still and watch. You must look to the future and plan ahead. You are optimistic in that you expect good fortune to last always. You are at your best when you have a challenge to overcome. Not Pictured: Dale Klena John Perrin Robert P. Kowalski Debbie Moreland Wyatt Neal Sandra K. Nugent Lou-Ann Repass Rita G. Roehrig Robert Siefert Michael Stapley Sheldon C. Strablow Barb Vanderhagen James Wentz Jr. Gemini May 22 to June 21 You are restless and versatile, often trying to do too much at one time. You are a non-conformist. You may debate on the side of unpopular causes in which you believe, and still respect your opponent’s right to feel different- ly. People see you in different ways, according to the occasion and the situation. Lindia ' Fields Jan M. Harrington Dennis K. Hartsuff Gail Ann Jones 17 Cancer You are loyal and patriotic. Your family means much to you. You make firm friendships. You are intuitive-your intuition tells you what is right and wrong for you. You are sentimental and accept responsibility. Linda K. Long James Nunnely Rex Oliver Dianne Pray Edward Sampson Robert Shovan Danny Smith Art Tesch Not Pictured: Gloria Henry, Don Riley 19 Dawn Vanheck Dana Wagenhals Jim Wiese Karen M. Yax You are the showman of the zodiac. You require praise, appreciation, and a “pat on the back.” You have a sincere appreciation of the arts and have an abundance of natural talent. You want to lead the way and be where the excitement is. You are lavish and willing to spend to make a favorable impression. You can be extravagant in order to receive recognition. You gamble and speculate if there are high rewards. Debbie Folkerts Deanne Cooney Bob Dickerson Dana Harris Edward J. Lamb, Jr. Cindy Laparl 20 David Wetter Bambi Wilson WillYax Not Pictured: Paul Heintzman Virgo August 24 to September 23 You are the natural critic, but most of your criticism results from a desire to be of service. You have tendency to seek perfection, and thus you are constantly striving to reach your goal. You are the natural investigator and detective— the person who brings order to Chaos. Life has been a challenge for you because you can perceive sense, and evaluate. You are connected with the times, yet separated. One of your greatest needs is to be useful. Mary Grosser Kathy Lynne Haag Steven Highstreet Vickie Jones Not Pictured: Dan Grouse Jan Kenney Linda Kilgore Gregory Knox Jim Leacock 23 Sept 24. to Oct. 23 You can be a favorite in the public eye one minute and considered notorious the next. There is nothing halfway about you or your activities. Your desire is for beauty, and your aim is for justice. You are attracted to law, order, and the arts. You involve yourself in justice and civil liberties. William C. Cartwright Robert Crandell Leigh Jae Hoover Lisa Johnson Claudia Ketchum Cheryl A. Love 24 Not Pictured: Roxanne Alex and Earl Suppon Don Mcldrum Kathleen Morris Janet M. Neuner Jean A. Neuner Larry Quandt Paula Sommerville Scorpio October 23 to November 21 Delene Thomas Tom Trombley John Crandall Dean Furtah Your sign is the most intriguing. You are dynamic, loyal, energetic, a fierce competitor. You cry for justice. Trust your intuition-it is powerful. You possess a high degree of self-respect. You are capable of ruling, of becoming a leader. Nate J . Larabell Victoria J. Lord Not Pictured: Tracy Kennedy Renee Sachs Steve Smith Doug Tilly Sherry L. Varndell Steven M. Voorhees Cathy M. Weaver Kathy L. Weaver Jackie Wiseman Qagittarius November 23 to December 21 You are expensive in that your principals are too high to allow you to settle for any- thing but the best in travel, and the best in sportsmanship. Your intuition and extra-sensory perception are remarkable. You seem to be able to look at a situation and size up the basic factors. You are able to be in the right place at the right time. Kathy Frantz John Hill Mark Jeakle Mary Jo Kane 26 Pete Vernier Jeanne Warner Cynthia Young Not Pictured: Joseph Morrison, Greg Zelenock 27 ACTIVITIES Homecoming 1972 HOMECOMING COURT and ESCORTS: Fresh. -Judy Rolewicz, Bill Bates; Junior-Nan Johnson, Nate Larabell; Seniors-Cheryl Love, Greg Zelenock; Mary Charron, Tom Birney; Jackie Wiseman, Danny Smith; Junior-Lynda Lange, Gary Chamberlain, Soph. -Candy Cohrs, Rob Harrington. The Rat’s will get ya! Beware! Algonac’s 1971 homecoming be- gan with making posters during spirit week. The enthusiasm grew, and at the last assembly, the Se- niors won the Spirit Jug. As the night progressed, Mary Charron was named queen and reigned over the victorious Muskrats. 31 Spirit Week The Seniors proved they had spirit this year by winning the Spirit Jug. Ronda Regan, our Student Council President, was the overall Chairman in planning Spirit Week. 32 Mock Elections NICEST SMILES: Jim Peters, Mary Charron. MOST MISCHIEVOUS: Jan Kenney, Putt Malinski. Every year, Mock Elections are held by the senior class. The seniors vote on who best fits into each cate- gory. This year, there were four categories that were voted on, but not pictured in the yearbook. They are: Hardest Workers: Sheldon Strablow. Wildest Kids: Danny Smith, Claudia Ketchum. Best Story Tellers: Jim Leacock, Bob Kickerson, Claudia Ketchum. Most Modest: Jay Jackson and Sally Jackson. CLASS BRAINS: Mary Jo Kane, Mike Vandenbossche. 36 Henry studying a cape(r)? Power to the people. v. Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL. FRONT ROW: Deanne Cooney (treasurer), Robert Kowalski (vice-Pres.), Mr. Ford (advisor), Miss Nugent (advis- or), Ronda Regan (pres.), Cindy LaParl (sec.), SECOND ROW: Art Coomer, Liz Gerber, Ann Jackson, Jill Wagenhals, Cindy Hubbarth, Judie Rolewicz. Cathy Gottler, Ron Appelman. THIRD ROW: Vance Thomas, Debbie Bosman, Bill Stieler, Jan Neuner. Joe Bertrand, Sandy Moran, Kathy Tamulewicz. FOURTH ROW: Lori Mayer, Cheryl Love, Sherry Sepanek, Sheryl Schwendemann, Wendy Phillips, Lynn Vernier, Peggy Kenzie. Gary Chamberlain, Sheldon Strablow. BACK ROW: Karen Jones, Phil Beavers, Paula Somerville, Steve Wiese, Robin Chatfield, Debbie Rietzler, Brian Eglinton, Bruce Zimmerman. Student Faculty STUDENT FACULTY BOARD. FRONT ROW: Mr. Treppa, Miss Nugent, Mrs. Burns. SECOND ROW: Steve Weise, Deanne Cooney, Joe Betram, Judy Rolewicz, Sheldon Strablow, Ron Appelman, Mr. Godfrey, Ronda Regan. BACK ROW: Mr. Wes, Becky Owen, Phil Beavers, Bob Kowalski, Bruce Zimmerman, Gary Chamberlain, Brian Eglinton, Robin Chatfield, Dean Furtah. Honor Society HONOR SOCIETY. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ford (advisor), Mike Vandenbossche, Rhonda Regan, Charleen Ericksen, Miss Jablinski (ad- visor). SECOND ROW: Jay Jackson, Sherry Varndell, Sheryl Schwendemann, Sherry Sepanek, Mary Evans, Cindy LaParl. BACK ROW: Wyatt Neal, Deanne Cooney, Mary Jo Kane, Kathy Haag, Bert Centala. The members of the National Honor Society must have at least a three point average and dis- play citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and service. The membership increases every year; and new members from the Senior and Junior class should be tapped, followed by a formal induc- tion into the Honor Society. Speech and Drama Club SPEECH AND DRAMA CLUB. FRONT ROW: Ellen Leacock, Bruce Ishamal, Robert Dickerson, Bill Lanvers, Colleen Carrier, Mr. Trumble. SECOND ROW: Chuck Phelan, Ron Appelman, Debbie Wright, Jackie Wonsowicz, Pat Waters. Gail Jacobs, Wendell Karr-Ake, Greg Rappa. THIRD ROW: Karl Osterland, Candy Alex, Cyndi Day, Kim Lupinski, Tina Rees, Bob Kowalski, Janet Ingram. FOURTH ROW: Cindie New, Greg Carnahan, Leslie Broedell, Sue Daniels, Gayle Wise, Bill Wilcox. Entertaining the elementary kids. and the big black bear . . . £ BAND. FRONT ROW: Linda Long, Sally Jackson, Ann Watson, Joan Davis, Gayle Wise, Loma MacDonald, Cyndi Day, Theresa Weaver, Geri Finley. SECOND ROW: Joanne Zech, Jackie Wise- man, John Davey, Sue Daniels, Nellie Larabell, Ellen Leacock, Dan Patterson, Kathy Trent, Karl Osterland, Sheila L. MacDonald, Shirley Fredericks, Sandy Frantz, Debby Moreland. THIRD ROW: Wendy Hilton, Jackie Rolewicz, Tina Rees, Pat Waters, Gary VanBuskirk, Bonnie Dickson, Wendy Thiel, Lynn Newbeck, Bonnie Cuthberthson, Shari Kerszykowski, Bill Dey, Cheryl Slove, Annetta Halkias, Sherry Varndell, Debbie Folkerts, Nate Larabell, Rose Vandenbossche, Ron Kaye. FOURTH ROW: Lori Colman, Jacquelyn Felenchak, Kendall Wingrove, Theresa Davis, Sue Ax tell, Dan Wilcox, Jim Garrett, Cindy Newman, Wayne Harrington, Tim Brown, Paul Fernandez, Kathy Weaver, Ron Kaminski, Tim VerVaecke, Keith Kreusel, Frank Sass, Rob Clearwood, Larry Myny, Dennis Weisel, Jeff Johnson, Joan Halkias. FIFTH ROW: Helen Lessenthien, Greg Carnahan, Ron Appelman, Dave Wetter, Keith Robinson, Dan LaParl, Bill Morrison, Jay Robinson, Gail Jacobs. BACK ROW: Jackie Grosser, Sandy Kamer, Sheree Thueme, Leslie Broedell, Mary Charron, Charleen Ericksen, Bill Owings, Larry Kmetz, Bruce Zimmerman, Leon Zech, Tim Schad, Deanne Cooney, Cheryl Love, Jan Orczykowski, Cindie New, Ann Soboleski, Debra Garrett, Linda Potter, Mr. Appelman (director), Gary Shellabarger, Kirk Jeakle, Bill Wilcox, Nan Johnson, Tony Smith, Lou Feydimis, John Geer, Brendan Smith, Art Tesch, Pete Moran. Band and Orchestra ORCHESTRA. FRONT ROW: Sandra Rogers, Larry Myny, Lorna MacDonald, Karl Osterland, Sheila MacDonald, Kathy Stieler. SEC- OND ROW: Ron Appelman, Bob Kowalski, Theresa Davis, Joan Davis, Nan Johnson. BACK ROW: Helen Lessenthien, Shari Ker- syzkowski. ( first chair) and a one, and a two . . . 45 Majorettes MAJORETTES. Linda Long, Mary Charron, Sherry Thueme, Jackie Grosser, Leslie Broedell, Sandy Karner, Dave Wetter (drum major), Linda Potter, Cindie New, Jan Orczkowski, Deb Garrett, Ann Soboleski, Deanne Cooney, Cheryl Love. Captains: Charlene Erickson, Sherry Varndell. Not Pictured: Pam Thomas. Precisionettes PRECISIONETTES. FRONT ROW: Connie Mackensen (captain), Barb Bischoff, Jackie Chapman, Kathy Englehardt, Deb Schaible, Debbie Folkerts, Goergia Mizer, Jan Kenney, Janee McLeod, Joan Davis, Tina Robinson, Debbie Lozen (captain). SECOND ROW: Cheryl Bailey, Colleen Carrier, Kim Lupenski, Laurie Faber, Lynn Vernier, Kathy Tamulewicz, Miriam Fetterly, Joyce Kicknosway, Cheryl Knight, Lori Pioch. BACK ROW: Beth Yata, Linda Pioch, Kris Brown, Cindy Prior, Julie Gebauer, Mary Moran, Laurie Bischoff. Not Pictured: Pat Thomas. Varsity Cheerleaders VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. FIRST ROW: Sue Venhuizen, Sheryl Schwendemann. SECOND ROW: Peg Kenzie, Mrs. St. Mary (advisor), Sandy Moran. BACK ROW: Sharon Goetz, Jan Harrington, Rosalyn Kelly. J. V. Cheerleaders J.V. CHEERLEADERS. FRONT ROW: Debbie Yates, Janet Ingram. SECOND ROW: Sue Sharrow, Wendy Hilton, Dorothy Rietzler, Gayle Wise, Wendy Phillips. Freshman Cheerleaders FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS. FRONT ROW: Kathy Birney, Cindy Hubbarth. SECOND ROW: Annette Bertrand, Fran Shorkey, Sandy Dawson. BACK ROW: Robin Butler, Miss Lake (advisor), Bev Galletti. 49 Varsity Club VARSITY CLUB. FRONT ROW: Jim Peters, Phil Beavers, Ed Wilson, Steve Bishop. SECOND ROW: Steve Mangas, Matt Hojna, Roy Rose, Gary Chamberlain, Mr. Jackson (advisor). BACK ROW: Dave Borowiec, Tom LaValla, Dan Patterson, Phil Perkowski, Pete Vernier, Dean Furtah. The Rat’s Big Cheese. The Dirty Rats. Spanish Club This summer, the Spanish Club traveled to Mexico. They raised money for two years by holding raffles, dances, painting spiles, and other activities. After all their sav- ing, they finally made the long- awaited trip. Led by their guide and advisor, Senor Weitzel, they visited the cities and towns of Mexico. By the time they were back to Algonac, the tanned members of the Spanish Club decided to start saving for another trip on their own. I ' d walk a mile for a taco! SPANISH CLUB. FRONT ROW: Jeff Johnson, Ron Appelman, Sherry Sepanek, Robert Dickerson, Brad Forsythe, Rosalyn Kelly. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Garshott, Sheryl Schwendlmann, Becky Centala, Mr. Weitzel (advisor), Mike Driver, Gary Treppa, Sue Venhuizen. BACK ROW: Debbie Reitzler, Carolyn Centala, Chuck Phelan, Karen Recteau, Phil Beavers, Dorothy Rietzler, Mary Jo Nayette. 51 6AA in Action Mrs. “E”. shows the correct style. GAA. FRONT ROW: Sadie DeBons (Treasurer), Sharon Quantz (Press Agent), Diana Riley (Pres.), Pamie Yacques (Vice Pres.), Sharon Goetz (Secretary). SECOND ROW: Peg Kenzie, Sandy Moran, Cheryl Raymond, Cinda Bailey, Sue Sharrow, Diana Weiland, Jackie Rolewicz. THIRD ROW: Margie Szymanski, Mary Lou Garshott, Kathy Warner. Carla Meldrum, Betty Jean Solgot, Margaret Twells, Nellie Larabell, Gail Jacobs. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Vernier, Joanna Karr-ake, Dorothy Rietzler, Wendy Hilton, Candy Cohrs, Cindie New, Leslie Brodell, Mary Jo Fernandez. FIFTH ROW: Debra Bates Mariann Riley, Jan Harrington, Jackie Chapman, Debbie Waters, Carol Privaloff, Norma Mahoney, Joyce Kicknowsway. BACK ROW: Nan Johnson, Debbie Rietzler, Vickie Rossow, Vickie Lord, Barb Privaloff, Linda Ruthard, Nancy Grosser, Janet Ingram, Colleen Carrier, and Michele Bailey. 52 Paper Staff PAPER STAFF. FIRST ROW: Pam Yacques (society editor), Sherry Sepanek (editor-in-chieD, Robin Chatfield (artist), Ellen Leacock (artist), Wendy Phillips (astrology editor), Mr. Holmes (advisor). SECOND ROW: Gina Rockwood, Sandy Moran, Jan Neuner, Pam Meldrum, Gail Jacobs, Pat Waters. BACK ROW: Maureen Welch, Sue Moran, Karl Osterland, Kendall Wingrove, Jim Hill. 55 Co-op Like the Occupational Education pro- gram, Co-op provides students with the opportunity to learn an occupation. But in this program the students receives pay while learning. Cooperative education makes use of the businesses in the com- munity by providing many possible learn- ing opportunities for interested students. The businesses as well as the school help educate the student for his place in the working force. Joe Charron-Charron’s Plymouth Tracy Kennedy-Gilbert Junior High Library 56 Kitchen Staff ' r,, KITCHEN STAFF. Russ Ceder (co-op), Mrs. Phyliss Sharrow, Mrs. Dulcie Greer, Mrs. Thelma Stringer. Not Pic- tured: Mrs. Millie Kettel. Quantity Foods QUANTITY FOODS. Joanne Cuthbertson, Bill Marianchuck, Gary Chamberllain, Phil Wentz, Jim Briske, Diann Riley, Bob Brearly, Mrs. Stringer. Melvin Szymender and Pete Stager Custodians Bob Cole and Charlie Martin Bus Drivers Due to our schedule the bus drivers could not have their pictures taken. They are: Henry Lake Ben Fante Sandra Coomer Adeline Dickson Richard Sauer Delores Wright James Barker Marge Wisdom Barbara Wood Joan Brown Beverly Sullivan Phyllis Knox Delores Long Shirley Furtah Fred Bishop Erv LaParl Evelyn Kilgore Ruth Heraty Joyce Desilets Mary Todd Carol Alkins Bus drivers do like to have their pictures taken. 59 Latin Club LATIN CLUB. FRONT ROW: Lynn Newbeck (treasurer), Brian Eglinton (pres.), Debby Moreland (vice-pres.). Sue Fritz (sec.), Mrs. Johnson (advisor). SECOND ROW: Jan Orczykowski, Cindy Smith, Wendy Thiel, Sue Sharrow, Robert Dickerson. THIRD ROW: Debbie Waters, Lorna MacDonald, Nancy Grosser, Lori Pioch, Karen Jones, Marianne Short. BACK ROW: John Moran, Dan Prior, Roberta Roehrig, Karen Shankin, Dan Patterson, Edward Lamb. 60 “Latin is not a dead lan- guage,” quoted Mrs. Johnson, Latin Club advisor. This club not only says this, they prove it true every day. The members of Latin Club translate, read, and learn about the myths and people who spoke this language. They also take trips to Strat- ford to see plays and visit other interesting places. ATHLETICS VARSITY FOOTBALL. FRONT ROW: Alan Buckenmeyer, Dave Borowiec, Brad Forsythe, Joe Orczkowski, Joe Bertrand, John Yax, Dean Furtah. SECOND ROW: Pete Vernier, (co-capt.), Dave Dandron, Bob LaParl, Pete Moran, Brian Nienhaus, Bill Keeler, Steve Beau- champ. THIRD ROW: Mark Sharrow, John Geer, Ken Shorkey (co-capt.), Jim Peters, Gary Prudhomme, Doug Schroerlucke, Paul Fer- nandez, Dan Owen. BACK ROW: Coach Stringer, Bill Stieler (manager). Coac h Garrett. 0 1971-72 FOOTBALL SCORES WE THEY Harper Woods 47 8 Marysville 7 27 St. Clair 26 22 Anchor Bay 21 18 Port Huron Central 49 18 Cros-Lex 33 0 Marine City 36 0 Chippewa Valley 34 14 Dean did a lot of kicking this season. 63 Varsity Basketball VARSITY BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Sheldon Strablow (manager), Phil Beavers, John Sauber, Jim Peters, Joe Orzy- kowski. SECOND ROW: Gary Prudhomme, Paul Fernandez, Bob LaParl, Ed Streit, Rick Starek, Coach Greenwood. BACK ROW: Steve Highstreet, Jim Herbst, Leigh Merrill, Tom Birney, Jim Trudeau. 1971-72 BASKETBALL SCORES Harper Woods Anchor Bay Port Huron Central Cros-Lex Marine City Chippewa Valley Marysville St. Clair Anchor Bay Harper Woods Port Huron Central Cros-Lex Marine City Chippewa Valley Marysville St. Clair WE THEY 42 50 57 44 70 41 63 69 59 46 59 55 42 62 62 48 67 33 45 55 63 43 66 42 63 50 42 47 56 61 49 54 65 J. V. and Freshmen Football J.V. FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW: Tom Lozon, Don Wonsowicz, Mike Smith, Ray Chapman, Tim Brown, John Moran. SECOND ROW: Bob Droulard, Rob Harrington, Richard Arpan, Ed Wilson, Keith Molnar, Kent Wesch, Dave Atherton, Jim Garrett. BACK ROW: Coach Avers, Ron Currier, Davd Duvemay, Tom Zeidell, Tom Ames, Bill Coughlin, Greg Carnahan, John Sauber, Roy Bertram, Bill Lanvers, Dick Morland. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW: Matt Karmala, Rusty Chatfield, Tom Cassady, Dave Vandenhemel, Rick Gougeon, Mark Bowerson, Jim Alcorn, Brian Trudeau. SECOND ROW: Dennis Kelly, Dennis Weisel, Mike Farver, Jack Buckemeyer, Randy Page, Norbert Pruss, George Moksworth, John Highstreet, Scott Yacques, Steve Sharrow, Richard Wade. BACK ROW: Coach Kelly, Kerry Olownuik, Steve Pray, Amos Hartou, Greg Poole, Marv Hintzman, Mike Horeftis, Frank Balduck, Ted Nuener, Coach Wight. Not Pictured: Rick Craven. J. V. and Freshman Basketball J.V. BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Jack Meadows (manager), Mike Issacs, Tom Lozen, John Moran, Dan Prior (manager). SECOND ROW: Brian Eglington, Tom Stoneburner, Gary McLeod, Kent Wesch, John Geer, Greg Carnahan. BACK ROW: Coach Jackson, William Coughlin, Rob Harrington. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Russ Funk, Rusty Chatfield, Mike Horeftis, Jim Garrett, Greg Poole. SECOND ROW: Bill Pitzer, Brian Trudeau, Dennis Wisel, David Rice, John Highstreet, Tom Cassady. BACK ROW: Rob Powers, John Lee, Kim Hollway, Tim Regan, Vance Thomas. Not Pictured: Coach Stringer. 67 Track TRACK. FRONT ROW: Richard Allen, Earl Suppon, Joe Bertrand, Dean Furtah, Jim Batuk, Ron Currier. BACK ROW: Steve Bishop, Nate Larabell, Dan Owen, Roy Bertram, Tim VerVaeche, Phil Perowski, Kevin Highstreet, Roy Rose, Coach Avers. Dean Furtah shot-put record holder. Roy Rose two-mile record holder. Baseball VARSITY BASEBALL. FRONT ROW: Paul Fernandez, Phil Beavers, Harry Williams, Brian Nienhaus. SECOND ROW: Doug Schroerlucke, John Yax, Jim Peters, Rick Starek, Pete Vernier, Coach Garrett. J.V. BASEBALL. FRONT ROW: Don Wonsowicz, Mike Karner, Mike Smith, Wayne Zieldorff, Jon Jones. SECOND ROW: Tom Lozen, Joe Little, John Geer, Joe Orzykowski, Scott Kollmorgan, Keith Kreusel, Coach Holmes. 69 Wrestling WRESTLING. FRONT ROW: Dan Patterson, Steve Mangas, Robert Shovan, Charlie Byerly, Ken Tatro, Mike Mangas, Cliff Helle, Bob Colman. SECOND ROW: Pete Moran, Thomas Short, John Monte, Dean Furtah, Earl Suppon, Nate Larabell, Roy Rose. THIRD ROW: Cal Waller, Jeff Helle, Mike Vandenbossche, Ray Patterson, Ray Chapman, Bob Budzear, Dan Stapley, Dave Borowiec. BACK ROW Robert Roulo, Bill Stieler, Mike Smith, Tim Schad, Mike Farver, Coach Wight. k Say uncle, come on, say it! Tennis FRONT ROW: Brad Forsyth, Ed Streit, Leigh Merril, Mike Vandenbossche, Bill Mariachuk, Ken Shorkey. BACK ROW: Jeff Johnson, Roger Birney, Rob Harrington, Robert Kowalski, Randy Moran, Craig Neuman. Not Pictured: Coach Jackson. J With the beginning of Spring, the Algonac netters brought out their rackets and prepared for another season. They practiced long and hard. The sun-worshipers and their fearless leader, Mr. Jackson, waited for their first match eagerly. They played their hardest to keep up the Rat’s reputation of a great tennis team. Ed takes a break. Cross Country FRONT ROW: Mike Mangas, Phil Beavers. Roy Rose, Wendell Karr-ake. MIDDLE ROW: Coach -Mr. Green- wood, Ed Streit, Steve Mangas, Steve Bishop. BACK ROW: Leigh Merrill, Nate Larabell, Jim Herbst, Edward Lamb. Fall Golf FRONT ROW: Bill Engelhardt, Steve Haggberg, Bill Erdmann, David Stieler. BACK ROW: Mike Baxter, Gary McLeod, Bruce Zimmer- man, Gary Chamberlain, Coach-Mr. Brown, Mike Isaacs. Spring Golf This year, golf had two seasons to play the fair- ways — fall and spring. The golfing rats walk down to Mickey Walker’s Little Country Club every day during the golfing seasons. They fight bent clubs, lost balls, wind, rain, and their opponents, hopefully to win. Mr. Brown, the coach, is good enough to come down from the Junior High to sponsor the teams. I know it ' s there somewhere, but . . . SPRING GOLF. FRONT ROW: John Moran, Gary McLeod, Bill Stieler, David Stieler, Fred Klientjes. BACK ROW: Mike Isaacs, Mike Baxter, Gary Chamberlain, Coach Brown, Steve Weeden, Bruce Zimmerman, Brian Eglinton. 73 ADMINISTRATION Faculty Mrs. Sheryl Danke Art Mr. Dennis Basinski Business Education Mrs. Patricia Huston Business Education Miss Mary Jones Business Education Mrs. Jill Buck English Mrs. Marsy Bums English Mr. James Holmes English Mr. Dennis Kelly English Mr. Lawrence Treppa English Mr. Ronald Trumble English Miss Sandy Pearsall English History Miss Connie Lake Home Economics Mrs. Carol St. Mary Home Economics Mr. Charles Blanck Industrial Arts Mr. Norman Koehn Industrial Arts Mr. James Lenore Industrial Arts Mr. James Musson Industrial Arts Mrs. Ann Johnson Foreign Language Mr. Donald Weitzel Foreign Language Miss Eleanor Jablinski Mathematics Miss Florence Nugent Mathematics Mrs. Leanne Roberts Mathematics Mr. Donald Wight Mathematics Mr. George Appelman Music 77 78 Faculty Mrs. Jane Eglinton Physical Education Mr. Richard Garrett Physical Education Mr. Milton Stringer Physical Education Mr. David Bums Science Mr. Hugh Jackson Science Mr. Michael Prichard Science Mr. Roger Avers Social Studies Mr. Gregory Godfrey Social Studies Mr. Rodney Greenwood Social Studies Mr. David Labuhn Social Studies Mr. Arthur Meganck Social Studies Mr. James Wesoloski Social Studies NOT PICTURED: Mr. Robert Joyner Mrs. Madeline Baxter Mrs. Mary Robertson Mrs. Susan Mackie Mr. Glenn Pott er Co-op Coordinator Mr. Allan Mcleod Counselor Mrs. Ester Streit Counselor Mr. Lee Driefert Librarian Mrs. Sharon Thompson Assistant Librarian Mrs. Ellen Hartman Accounting Supervisor Mrs. Marion Jackson Office Manager Mrs. Lisetta LaLonde Purchasing 79 Administration Mr. George Johnson Superintendent Mr. Robert Hollway Ass’t. Superintendent Mr. Robert I ' ord Principal Mr. Patrick Welch Ass’t. Principal Truman Pipel Marjorie Thomas Bernard Nugent President Vice President Secretary Qchool Board Judson Gilbert James Brown William Morrison Treasurer Trustee Trustee Not Pictured: Elenore Trix Trustee Retiring • • • Miss Florence Nugent has been a source of guidance to the students of the Algonac School System since 1932. In Algonac High School, she served as Yearbook advisor for 18 years. She has also been advisor of the Student Coun- cil, and associated with the girl’s athletic club, and the Student-Faculty Board. Miss Nugent taught fourth grade and sixth grade in the Algonac Elementary School. She also helped in the Summer Recreation Program for the city of Algonac for many years. Miss Nugent has lived in Algonac all of her life. She graduated from Algonac High School. From there, she went on to Michigan State University to receive her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and science. In 1938, she received her master’s degree in Education from the University of Michigan. Miss Nugent’s guidance will be missed greatly by all the students of Algonac High School. JUNIORS Class Officers CLASS MOTTO “Learn to live, then live to learn.” CLASS FLOWER Yellow Tea Rose CLASS COLORS Yellow and Brown ABOVE: Mr. Labuhn, Mr. Koehn, (Advisors) RIGHT: Phil Beavers (Pres.), Sandy Moran (Vice-Pres.), Jackie Chatman, (Treasurer), Jackie Grosser (Rec. Sec.), Sue Venhuizen (Cor. Sec.), Deb Rietzler, (Rep.), Robin Chatfield (Rep.) Juniors Richard Allen Bill Aud Pat Baclawski Bob Badovinac Cheryl Bailey Howard Baker Katrina Baroni James Batuk Marie Bayer Lois Bayly Mike Beals Steve Beauchamp Don Beauvais Phil Beavers Larry Becker Joe Bertrand Roger Birney Barb Bischoff Steve Bishop Chris Bogosian Dave Borowiec Debbie Burch Dale Burgett Lori Campbell Chuck Casper Caroline Centala Gary Chamberlain Jackie Chapman Mark Colman Debbie Crawford Judith Crawford Debbie Creech Paula Creed Bonnie Cuthbertson Dave Dandron Joan Davis Sadie SeBons David Dettloff Judy Dodge Leslie Downing Paula Englehardt Denise Felenchal Wes Ferdig Theresa Fields Shirley Fredricks Brad Forsythe Deb Garrett Mary Lou Garshott Karen Getz John Gilbert Mike Green Jackie Grosser Joan Halkias Marie Hanifan 85 Juniors Kristi Harper Kurt Hartman Paul Henry Gloria Henry Karen Hewelt Rick Hewitt Jim Hill Judy Jackson Nan Johnson Jon Jones Ron Kaminski Joanna Karr-Ake Ron Kaye Bill Keeler Rosalyn Kelly Joan Kicknosway Rose Kilgore Cheryl Knight Lynda Lange Linda LaPalme Nell Larabell Randy L’Heureux Joseph Little Tim Lavalla Ken Maes Sheila MacDonald Deborah Mallia Steven Mangas John Mantyk Bill Marianchuk Mary Lynn Martin Don Mayea Janee McLeod Debbie Meldrum Deborah Meldrum Randy Moran Sandy Moran Susan Moran Brian Niehaus Gary Neumann Keith Nowak Joe Nowicki 86 Juniors Daniel Ocklington Joe Orczykowski Eugene Osieczonek Debbie Owens Lee Parish Dan Patterson Steve Phillips Wendy Phillips Nancy Polcynski Gary Prudhomme Sharon Quantz Mark Rappa Jan Revard Gary Richardson Connie Richez Debbie Rietzler Jay Robinson Tina Robinson Jackie Rolewicz Roy Rose Vickie Rossow Dave Rymer Bonnie Sadlowski Tim Schad Doug Schoerlucke Mike Shaft Cathy Short Denise Sikorski Brendon Smith Tweet Smith Ann Soboleski Tina Solgot Richard Sterek Kathleen Stieler Edward Striet Kathy Tamulewicz Cindy Tatro Patricia Thomas Sheree Theume Kathy Trent James Trudeau Gark Turner 87 Juniors Donald VanBuskirk Sue Venhuizen Lynn Vernier Tim Vervaeke Scott Vistisen Mark Wagenhals Darleen Waite Kathy Warner George Warner Debbie Waters Steve Weeden Donald White Norma Willard Sandy Workman John Yax Pat Zelenock Wayne Zieldorff A % NOT PICTURED: Debbie Bates William Bates Larry Besaw Vincent Boghian Harold Bourlier Patricia Bourlier Robert Bourlier Robert Brearly Alan Buckenmeyer Albert Carrier Glen Champagne Robin Chatfield Terry Clark Marilyn Clarke Debbie Clearwood Joseph Dandron Marty Drake Dennis Funke David Gillespie Charles Haynes Gloria Henry Kevin Highstreet Todd Ingram Bruce Ishmael Thomas Kaufman Peggy Kenzie Gerald Kiss Robert Long Daniel Malinski Janet McDonald Carla Meldrum Andrew Nichter Phillip Perkowski Sue Ann Phillips Cheryl Raymond LeRoy Richards Sandy Schade Ben S harrow Janet Sharrow Mark Sharrow Gwen Smith Kerry Sutton James Szymanski Chris Vercommen Phil Wentz Ken Williams Ed Wizinski Pamela Yacques Debbie Yates Sandy Yax Class Officers CLASS COLORS Burgundy and Pink CLASS FLOWER Carnation CLASS MOTTO Not for self, but for all. FRONT ROW: Laurie Faber (Rec. Sec.), Ron Applemen (Pres.), Greg Carnahan (Vice Pres.). BACK ROW: Becky Centala (Treasurer), Brian Eglinton (S.C. Rep.). NOT PICTURED: Deb Santavv (Cor. Sec.) 90 Sophomores Rick Adams Candy Alex Gary Ambrose Thomas Ames Ron Appleman Richard Arpan Florence Atherholt Dave Atherton Mike Awe Kathy Balduck Brenda Bates Kathy Batuk Linda Bayly Roy Bertram Rick Blanton Leslie Brodell Tim Brown Greg Carnahan Colleen Carrier Dennis Casper Becky Centala Raymond Chapman Joe Charron Candy Cohrs William Cougllis Ronald Currier A1 Dano Sue Daniels Barb Davis Cyndi Day Bob Desilets Kathy Devine Bonnie Dickson Berverly Dixon Donna Dodge Mike Driver Bob Droullard Brian Eglinton Amy Endelman Laurie Faber Karen Fecteau Miriam Fetterly Martha Fountain Brian Frantz Suzanne Fritz John Geer Ralph Gibbons Bill Gleason Dennis Gorczyca Kathy Got tier Danni Haag Steve Hankey Kathy Harper Rob Harrington 91 Sophomores Wayne Harrington Cliff Helle Jeff Helle Pete Helwig Ken Hendrick Kathy Heyza Lila Gayle Hill Sue Hiller Wendy Hilton Joe Hubbarth Kris Igel Janet Ingram Mike laaacs Bruce Ishmael Gail Jacobs Jeff Johnson Kathy Jolly Karen Jones Wendell Karr-Ake Micheal Karner Sue Kendall Fred Kleintjes Robert Klena Keith Kreusel Sandy Krieg Karen Krispin Sandra Lane Bill Lanvers Bob LaParl Ellen Leacock Steve Lee Jerome Lewandowski Tom Lozen Kim Lupenski Lorna MacDonald Norma Mahoney Debbie Martin Jane McCallum Deano McCartney Jim McGure Paul McGeactly Daniel McKenzie Gary McLeod Debbie McMullen Jack Meadows Mark Meldrum Paula Metcalfe Dennis Miller Margie Miller Sandy Miller Crystal Minkin Keith Molnar John Moran Ken Moss 92 Qophomopes Mary Jo Navetta Craig Newmann Cindy New Lynn Newbeck Sue Nordbeck Mike O ' Connor Rick Olivares Jan Orczykowski Mary Osieczonek Karl Osterland Chuck Phelan Lori Pioch Linda Potter Dan Prior Barb Privaloff Connie Radin Bill Rampp Greg Rappa Dorthy Rietzler Mariann Riley Jerry Rivard Roberta Roehrig Bill Rose Linda Ruthard Daniel Sager Charles Sakawski Jim Sammons Debbie Santavy John Sauber Sally Schuholz Shelly Seneski Karen Shankin Eileen Sharrow Sue Sharrow Marianne Short Donna Sirrk Pam Skidmore Cynthia Smith Jack Smith Jim Smith Michele Smith Mike Smith Pat Smith Betty Solgot Bill Stieler Dave Stieler Sue Stokes Tom Stonebumer Wendy Thiel Patti Shellabarger Dennise Sues Ken Tatro Gary Tesch Les Thomas 93 Sophomores Mari Thompson Gary Treppa Gary VanBuskirk Lynn Vanderdonck John Vanderhagen Fred Vandric Bill VanNorstrand Debbie Vermeulen Betsy Vernier Pat Vigneron Heidi Virgona Michele Voorhees Chuck Waishkey Cal WaUer Dave Waller Bill Walter Sandy Warner Terri Warner Pat Waters Theresa Weaver Diana Weiland Joe White Bill Wilcox Linda Wilson Noah Wilson Gayle Wise Cheryl Wisswell Donald Wonsowicz Jackie Wonsowicz Pam Wright Debbie Wright Tom Zeidell Gail Wise Dave Zelenock Bruce Zimmerman Jan Ziolkowski NOT PICTURED: Christopher Achutz Paul Arpan Michele Bailey Michele Barber Mike Baxter Carrie Beres Cyndy Day Nick Droulard Dan Dunn Mary Jo Fernandez Shari Foriska Thomas Frantz Nancy Grosser Nancy Gricius Gary Jurkiewicz Joyce Kicknosway Debbie Loerch Brian Meldrum Richard Moreland Debbie Motylinski Randy Orchard Donna Pacquette Mark Schnoor Beverly Sears Wendy Thiel Richard Williams Ed Wilson Cathy Yerrick Class Officers CLASS COLORS Purple and White CLASS FLOWER Purple Iris CLASS MOTTO You make a living by what you get you make a life by what you give. FRONT ROW: Marty Koss (treasurer). Bill Morrison (vice pres.), Jill Wagenhals (S.C. rep.). BACK ROW: Linda Pioch (rec. sec.), Ann Jackson (S.C. rep.), Vickie Page (corr. sec.). NOT PICTURED: Becky Owen (pres.) “I can’t Find marshmallow trees in the book, Mr. Pritchard!” ADVISORS: Mrs. Buck and Mr. Lenore 96 Freshmen Kathy Abdella Frances Alcorn Jimmie Alcorn Dale Austin Marty Awe Sue Axtell Frank Balduck Vicky Basney Barb Bates Gail Baumann Ken Beals Corinne Bedard Don Beindit David Bertram Annette Bertrand Cheryl Bevins Heidi Birgbauer Kathy Birney Laurie Bischoff Gail Bishop Debbie Bosman Bob Bourgois Randy Bourlier Mark Bowerson Julie Brady Kris Brown Joel Buckenmeyer Bob Budzeak Brenda Birch Lynn Burkell Robin Butler Terry Carroll Joe Cartwright Tom Cassady Linda Castle Andrew Challenger Rusty Chatfield Bob Clearwood Robert Cohrs Lori Colman Art Coomer Terry Corry Ric Craven Theresa Craven Matthew Cuamo Terry Dandron Theresa Davis Sandy Dawson Dianne DeBoyer Bill Dey Russ Dobbs Victor Dodge Belva Draper Pam Drouillard 97 Freshmen Mike Duraw Dave DuVernay Terri Egbert Bill Englehardt Bill Erdmann Rick Erdmann Channel Falzon Jackie Felenchak Donna Farver Mike Farver Karol Fecteau Harold Fields Geri Finley Mark Fournier Nancy France Russell Funk Jim Furtah Beverly Galletti Jim Garrett Julie Gebaurer Bonnie Genaw Liz Gerber Cathy Gibbard Doug Gillespie Greg Gillis Jim Gillis Lora Goerlich Mary Good Rick Gougan Dennis Groesbeck Cindy Guillat Karen Gulette Cindy Guyar Steve Haggberg Debbie Hamlin Cheryl Hampe Kim Hartman Cheryl Hayes Gary Head Jill Herbst John Highstreet Ann Hill Mary Ann Hiller Marvin Hintzmann Terry Hogert Kim Hollway Jim Hoover Mike Horeftis Amos Hortan Cindy Hubbarth Craig Humes Terri Igel Ann Jackson Kirk Jeakle 98 Freshmen Lynda Jessup Lou Jerzdimir Matt Kaimala John Karner Sandy Karner Robert Keller Michelle Kelly Dan Kendall Shari Kerszykowski Roxann Keyes Robert Kiss Larry Kmetz Jean Knight Pam Knox Barb Koch Allen Koonter Marty Koss Pat Korneffel Kathy Kreusel Walter Kronnich Sue Lane Walt Lane Mike Large Dan LaParl John Lee Helen Lessenthien Chris Logan Mary Beth Lozen Greg Majors Cheryl Malinski Mike Mangas Doug Marquardt Lori Mayer Ric Mayle Teri McAllister Bob McNiff Bruce Middel Paul Miller Tammy Miller Maria Mini Chuck Mitti George Molesworth Mary Moran Bill Morrison Gil Mouesseau Patti Nelson Ted Neuner Susan Newbeck Cindy Newman Cheryl Newmann Larry Myny Mitchell O’Connor Kerry Olowniuk Becky Owen 99 Freshmen Bill Owings Randy Page Vickie Page Ray Patterson Kathryn Pawlowski Nancy Pearson Mike Pellerito Linda Pioch Jerry Polly John Polly Greg Poole Rob Power Steve Pray Cindy Prior Norbert Pruss Debbie Puro Frank Quandt Aaron Quantz George Radin Gerald Redman Tim Regan Mike Rhadigan David Rice Cindy Revard Connie Robinson Gina Rockwood Sandy Rodgers Judy Rolewicz Lori Rose Duane Sager Tim Sakowski Chuck Salva Sandy Sampier Frank Sass Kathy Sauber Debra Schade Leslie Schenkus Debbie Schram Vickie Seaman Carol Sharf Steve Sharrow Fran Shorkey Bill Smith Don Smith Karen Smith Sharon Smith Tony Smith Art Socia Billie Sodders Carl Solgot Rena Solgot Mark Solomon Peggy Sommerville Dan Spears 100 Freshmen Dan Stapley Bob Starr Ed Stockwcll Sue Stuart Linda Stular Sharon Szukaitis Faye Thiel Michael Thomas Vance Thomas Brian Trudeau Paulette Tumara Bob Vandenbossche Linda Vandenbossche Dave Vandenhemel Kerri Vanhuizen Tom VerVaecki Dawn Vigliotti Richard Wade Jill Wagenhals John Waite Karen Waite Doug Walsh Tim Warner Maureen Weaver Tom Weaver Debbie Weeden Dennis Weisel Maureen Welch Bill Whitis Steve Wiese Dan Wilcox Audrey Williams Mark Wilton Kendall Wingrove Tim Witting Dee Dee Wood Cindy Workman Scott Yacques Beth Yata Harry Yax Mike Yax NOT PICTURED: Mickey Baker Jeffery Colman Steven Colman Ronald Defoe John Devine Brenda Endicott Laverne Kazor John King Anthony Lewandoski James Lugosky Robert Napier Richard Olivares Bill Pitzer Candy Schieler Christopher Schroeder Gary Shellabarger Janet Sigmund John Tabor Nancy Turner Phillip Wetter Christy Whitis 101 Patrons It was the best of times, It was the worst of times, It was the age of wisdom, and it was the age of foolishness. Deanne Cooney Editor ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The 1971-72 Yearbook Staff Mrs. Patricia Huston- Advisor The Faculty And Adminsitration Mr. Frank Storer of Storer Spellmen Studios Mr. Sam Slis — Taylor representative The Port Huron Times Herald-Sports Shots The Review— Sports Shots

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