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I All the Umrlh s a Staye, Anfc all the men anti innnten merely players. Shakespeare, As You Like It Act II Scene 7 A Shakespearean quntation. hut far frmn nut nuthateh, as ymt IntU see. Cite 1970 Algmtqutn Algnnac Iftgh J rhool 3 In thy face I see the I am a lover and have map of honor, truth not found my thing to and loyalty. love! A world where nothing is had for nothing. Better make a weak man your enemy than your friend! Nature teaches beasts to know their friends. By the work one knows the workman. I drink to the general joy of the whole table. We boil at different degrees. Wit and wisdom are born with a man. Good words are worth much, and cost little. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Directors 6 The Supporting Actors 16 The Stars 30 The Action 52 The Student Directors 62 The Performance 78 TOP: Laura Tucker SECOND: Mark Daniels THIRD: Kathy Rockwood BOTTOM: Ellen Koch THE DIRECTORS, have led the way, guided, taught, set examples, and stayed with all of us throughout many unreasonable pressures. We hold in memory, the times they showed their spirit, gave us tests, homework and assigned term papers, chaperoned dances, came back to substitute, were our friends and enemies, bought all our ridicu- lous things for money making projects, made out re- port cards and presented awards throughout the 1969- 70 school year. ADMINISTRATION Mr. Johnson, and his secretary Mrs. LaLonde, and the bookkeeper Mrs. Hartman. GEORGE J. JOHNSON ROBERT W. HOLLWAY Superintendent Ass’t. Superintendent Mr. Hollway and his secretary, Mrs. Hopkins. Mr. Ford and his secretary, Mrs. Jackson. ROBERT L. FORD PATRICK L. WELCH Principal Ass’t. Principal Mr. Welch and secretaries, Miss Paquette and Mrs. Baxter. WILLIAM ERDMANN JUDSON GILBERT RALPH LaPARL GERALD MALLON Trustee Treasurer Vice President President BERNARD NUGENT TRUMAN PIPPEL MARJORIE THOMAS Secretary Trustee Trustee 10 MRS. MARSY BURNS English MR. GARY GARDNER English MR. JAMES HOLMES English MRS. MARY POLLACK English MR. LAWRENCE TREPPA English MR. RONALD TRUMBLE English II MISS ELEANOR JABLINSKI Mathematics MISS FLORENCE NUGENT Mathematics MR. DONALD WIGHT Mathematics MR. HUGH JACKSON Science MR. MICHAEL PRITCHARD Science Camera Shy MR. DAVID BURNS Science 12 MR. ROGER AVERS Social Studies MR. JAMES BYSTROM Social Studies Business Education MR. GREGORY GODFREY Social Studies MR. RODNEY GREENWOOD Social Studies MR. DAVID LABUHN Social Studies MR. ARTHUR MEGANCK Social Studies MR. JAMES WESOLOSKI Social Studies 13 MR. ALLAN McLEOD Counselor MRS. ESTHER STREIT Counselor MRS. IRENE FORD Business Education MRS. PATRICIA HUSTON Business Education MR. CHARLES BLANCK Drafting MR. NORMAN KOEHN Woodshop MR. JAMES LENORE Electronics MR. JAMES MUSSON Metalshop 14 MISS CAROL JEFFRIES Art MR. GEORGE APPELMAN Band MRS. ANN JOHNSON Foreign Language MR. DONALD WEITZEL Foreign Language MRS. JANE EGLINTON Physical Education MR. RICHARD GARRETT Physical Education MISS SHARON ATHERTON Assistant Librarian MRS. GRACE KING Librarian 15 MISS VIRGINIA HIGGS Home Economics MRS. HELEN COLE School Nurse MRS. ELLEN HARTMAN Bookkeeper MRS. CHRISTINA HOPKINS Secretary to Mr. Hollway MRS. MARIAN JACKSON Secretary to Mr. Ford MISS HELEN PAQUETTE Secretary MR. GLENN POTTER Co-op Co-ordinator Not pictured: MRS. LISETTA LaLONDE MRS. MADELINE BAXTER 16 BUS DRIVERS: FRONT ROW: Beverly Sullivan, Henry Lake, Barbara Wood. SECOND ROW: Shirley Furtah, Sandra Coomer. THIRD ROW: Gloria Bertrand, Evelyn Kilgore, Doris Long. FOURTH ROW: Evlyne Zelenock, Frances Heraty. FIFTH ROW: Irvin LaParl, Clifford Rounds, Evans Szymanski. CUSTODIANS: Alvin Copp, and Pete Stager. THE SUPPORTING ACTORS, are Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. They progress through three years of hard work towards the final goal of becoming a Sen- ior. In the process of completing these three years they come upon many new experiences. As Freshmen, learning the way around school is their first objective. Half of the first day of school is set aside for the Freshmen. They have the entire school to themselves, with the help of teachers and upperclassmen to guide them. They also meet upperclassmen, make new friends, sponsor dances, and look forward es- pecially to being an upperclassman. Being a Sophomore can be a welcome rest from the teasing and heckling which most Freshmen receive. They have one main project as a Sophomore, the magazine sale. They look forward to next year, a little nervously, since as a Junior they have many more responsibilities and projects. The Juniors have a large part in Student Coun- cil, since next year they will be the Seniors who will run it. The J-Hop and Junior-Senior Ban- quet keep the Junior class very busy. A great deal of preparation goes into these two events. When June arrives they are most eager to wel- come the next school year in as a Senior. CLASSES Art 3 Richard Allen, Paul Arpan, Bill Aud, Lois Baily, Pat Baclawski, Bob Badovinac, Katrina Baroni, Debbie Bates. Jim atuk, Marie Bayer, Mike Beals, Don Beauvais, Phil Beavers, Henry Becker, Larry Becker, Larry Besaw. Joe Bertrand, Roger Bimey, Barb Bischoff, Steve Bishop, David Borowiec, Pat Bourlier, Bob Brearley, Debbie Burch. Dale Burgett, Laura Campbell, Albert Carrier Chuck Casper, Carloyn Centala, Frankie Challenger, Gary Chamberlain, Glen Champagne. Jackie Chapman, Robin Chatfield, Sue Chesney, Terry Clark, Debbie Cl ear wood, Mike Costello, Judy Crawford, Debbie Creech. Paula Creed, Bonnie Cuthbertson, Dave Dandron, Joe Dandron, Joan Davis, Sadie De Bons, Diane Dobbin, Judy Dodge. Leslie Downing, Marty Drake, Janet Endicott, Paula Engelhardt, Don Evely, Denise Felenchak, Wes Ferdig, Theresa Fields. Shirley Fredericks, Brad Forsythe, Rick Frazho, Dennis Funke, Bonnie Garland, Debbie Garrett, Roberta Genaw, Karen Getz. John Gilbert, Dave Gillespie, Mike Green, Jackie Grosser, Joan Halkias, Rick Har meson, Kristi Harper, Kurt Hartman. Chuck Haynes, Gloria Henry, Paul Henry, Karen Hewelt Kevin Highstreet, Denise Hojnackif Todd Ingrani, Nan Johnson. 19 Jon Jones, Ron Kaminski, Joanne Karr-ake, Tom Kaufman, Ron Kaye, Bill Keeler, Rosalyn Kelly, Peggy Kenzie. Joan Kicknosway, Rose Kilgore, Gerald Kiss, Jill Kittner, Cheryl Knight, Scott Kollmorgan, Roger Lane, Linda Lange. Linda LaPalme, Nellie Larabell, Tom La Valla, Norbert Lenkiewicz, Doug Lewis, Joe Little, Janet McDonald, Sheila MacDonald. Dan Malinski, Steve Mangas, Bill Marianchuk, Mary Lynn Martin, Don Mayea, Jim McClure, Wayne McCreary, Janie McLeod. Cheryl Me Niff, Carla Meldrum, Debbie Meldrum, Randy Moran, Sandy Moran, Susan Moran, Debbie More- land, George Neumann. Andy Niechter, Brian Nienhaus, Dan Ocking- ton, Eric Odom, Chriss Olivares, Joe Orczykow- ski, Eugene Osieczonek, Owen. Debbie Owens, Phillip Perkowski, Stephen Phillips, Wendy Phillips, Betty Pickering, Nancy Polczynski, Karl Preston, Gary Prudhomme. Sharon Quants, Mark Rappa, Cheryl Ray- mond, Janalee Revord, Leroy Richards, Gary Richardson, Connie Richez, Debbie Rietzler. 9 Jay Robinson, Tina Robinson, Jackie Rolewicz, Ray Rose, Vickie Rosso w, Dave Rymar, Bonnie, Sad- lowski, Shirley Sampier. Tim Schad, Sandy Schade, Ken Scheiler, Doug Schroerlucke, Greg Schultz, Debbie Schy man- ski, Ben Sharrow, Mark Sharrow. 20 Cathy Short, Ron Shue, Sherry Sigmund, Fred Skowron, Gwen Smith, Brenda Smith, Ann Soboliski, Tina Solgot. Rick Starek, Kathy Stieler, Ed Streit, Barb Suppon, Kerry Sutton, Jim Szymanski, Cindy Tatro, Pat Thomas. Sheree Thueme, Jim Trudeau, Don Van Buskirk, Sue Venhuizen, Lynn Vernier, Tim Ver- vaecke, Scott Vistisen, Mark Wagenhals. Darlene Waite, George Warner, Debbie Waters, Steve Weeden, Phil Wentz, Don White, Norma Willard, Ed Wizinsky. Sandy Workman, Pam Yacques, Debbie Yates, Marc Yates, Sandy Yax, John Yax, Mary Pat Zelenock, Wayne Zieldorf. CAMERA SHY Veronica Achatz Cheryl Bailey Lois Bayly Gerald Beall George Christy Ronnie Egeland Joe Foguth Susann Garland Charles Haynes Richard Hewitt Joe Nowicki Danny Patterson Kevin Raszkowski Robin Raymonds Veronica Richardson Greg Schulz Connie Stein Robert Walker Earl Werner 21 FRONT ROW: Vice-Pres. Albert Carrier, Pres. Brian Neinhaus. SEC- OND ROW: Advisors Mr. Koehn, Mr. Labuhn. BACK ROW: Rec. Sec. Cindy Tatro, Treas. Carolyn Centala, Corr. Sec. Jackie Grosser. CLASS MOTTO: CLASS FLOWER. CLASS COLOR: “Learn to live, then live to learn.” Yellow Tea Rose Yellow and Brown Spheres of action! Art 33 Andy Alef, Kalvin Anglewicz, John Anthony, Dora Bales, Chuck Bayly, Jackie Bayley, Jim Bertram, Charles Bird. Tom Birney, Herb Blackstock, Joe Blanton, Rick Blanton, Deb Bogo- sian, Arbin Bowen, Bud Briggs, Jim Briskey. Elaine Broyles, Gary Brusate, Dean Busquart, Charles Byerly, Brian Caiger, Mary Jo Camp- bell, Brian Carroll, Ann Cartwright. Will Cartwright, Dorothy Castle, Russ Ceder, Mary Charron, Gary Chesney, Janet Christy, BerCCentala, Marilyn Clarke. Bob Coleman, Kathy Colman, Deanne Cooney, Bob Crandall, John Crandall, Bob Creech, A1 Dano, John Davey. Millie Davis, Maurice DeMeyere, Bob Dicker- son, Jim Dobbs, Sandy Dryer, Kathy Englehardt, Charleen Erickson, Mary Evans. Marcia Ferdig, Paul Fernandez, Linda Fields, Debbie Folkerts, Shelley Ford, Pat Frank, Kathy Frantz, Sandy Frantz. Sue Froh, Dean Furtah, Lou Anne Garbe, Ken Gebauer, Sue Gillis, Donna Goerlich, Mike Graus, Terri Greer. Mary Grosser, Kathy Haag, Annetta Halkias, Chris Hall, Bev Harrington, Dana Harris, Teresa Heraty, Jim Herbst. Steve Highstreet, Barbara Hilton, Chuck Hines, Paul Hintzmann, Matt Hojna, Noreen Hoover, Ted Horeftis, Jay Jackson. 23 Sally Jackson, Mark Jeakle, Lisa Johnson, Gail Jolly, Gail Jones, Mary Jo Kane, Margaret Keefe, Craig Kendall. Jan Kenney, Linda Kilgore, Greg Knox, Gretchen Kreusel, Cindy LaParl, LuAnne Labat- sky, Vicki Lafriniere, Ed Lamb. Nate Larabell, Jim Leacock, Linda Long, Vicki Lord, Cheryl Love, Debbie Lozon, Debby Lyons, Allen Mackie. Mary Jo Malinski, Paul Malinski, Angie Mantini, Larry LeMieux, Sally Miller, Paul Minnich, Georgia Mize , Don MeTdrum. Joan Meldrum, Pam Meldrum, Leigh Merrill, John Monte, Peter Moran, Kathy Morris, Ann Morri- son, Joe Morrison. Royal Mousseau, Carlene Napier, Wyatt Neal, Cathy Neumann, Jean Neuner, Jan Neuner, John New- beck, Sandy Nugent. Jim Nunneley, Craig Olivares, Rex Oliver, Kathy O ' Phee, Janice O’Phee, Dan Owen, Peter Paulus, Deb Perry. Jim Peters, Diane Pray, Lee Ann Rees, Rhonda Regan, Gary Repass, LouAnn Repass, Diane Riley, Keith Robinson. Rita Roehrig, Joanne Rolewicz, Sharon Ruckert, Jeanne Sauer, Deb Schaible, Walter Schram, Sheryl Schwendemann, Judy Sears. Sherry Sepanek, Carol Sharrow, Janet Sharrow, Ken Shorkey, Tom Short, Bob Shovan, Bob Siefert, Cheryl Slove. 24 Danny Smith, Mary Ellen Smith, Steve Smith, Mark Stapely, Glen Steizel, A1 Stephenson, Rick Stokes, Mike Stoneburner. Dave Storrs, Sheldon Strablow, Cindy Turner, Tom Trombley, Steve Thompson, Pam Thomas, Art Tesch, Mike Vanden- bossche. Rose Vandenbossche, Barb Vanderhagen, Dawn VanHeck, Joe Vanderdonck, Sherry Varndell, Steve Voor- hees, Dana Wagenhals, Pat Wagner. Jackie Waller, Bob Walker, Ann Watson, Cathy Weaver, Kathy Weaver, Jeannie Warner, Kathie Welch, Jim Wentz. Dave Wetter, Jonathan Whited, Ed Wilczek, Jackie Wiseman, Pam Wright, Karen Yax, Will Yax, Cindy Young. Joanne Zech, Greg Zelenock. CAMERA SHY Roxanne Alex Andy Atherton Herb Blackstock Bob Bourlier Harold Bourlier Pam Crandall Daniel Erdmann Sharon Goetz Vickie Grantz Janet Harrington v Dennis Hartsuff Robert Kowalski Connie Mackensen Mike Masar Mark O’Connor Dan Pacquette Rick Pacquette John Perrin Robert Pickering Jim Polly Barbara Pope Larry Quandt Renee Sacks Ed Sampson Paula Somerville Paul Snitchler Earl Suppon Patricia Tabor Delene Thomas Bob Thomas Doug Tilly Paul Vernier Ken Waslowicz Jim Wiese Bill Wiese Harry Williams Let’s carve him a dish fit for the gods. Art 313131 Tim Alex, Chuck Ames, Cheryl Arp an, Donna Baker, Dick Baker, Carol Bauer, Barb Becker, Jon Bogosian. Rose Bommarito, Barb Borowiec, Lendre Bourlier, Debbie Boyd, Marcia Brege, Joe Britton, Lori Brodell, Mike Brown. Paul Buckenmeyer, Debbie Burch, Don Caiger, Wendy Camp- bell, Denise Carrier, Don Casper, Sue Castle, Linda Cedar. Gary Champagne, Debbie Chapman, Dennis Chap- man, Chester Cobb, Mike Colladay, Glenn Coomer, Dale Coon, Leroy Crosena. Rick Culling, Paula Davis, Mary Ann DeWitte, Karen Eglington, Russell Evans, Sharon Farver, Randy Forton, Janie Foucher. Dave Fournier, Jerry Fritz, Rick Furtah, Jenny George, Mary Agnes Gibbard, Dennis Good, Cindy Gray, Willie Gray. Bob Greer, Donna Greer, Howard Grosser, Jackie Gullette, Kirk Hamlin, Pat Hampe, Jeanne Harper, Lee Hartman. Becky Haynes, Bob Haynes, Gale Henry, Rick Ingram, Kathy Jeffery, Kathy Jozefczyk, Dennis Jones, Ron Justin. Michelld Karner, Mary Kilets, Tom King, Mary Kiss, Dale Klena, Joanne Krapp, Cheryl Krieg , Colleen Lamb. Jim Lanvers, Sylvia Lenkiewicz, Laurie Lewis, Cindy Love, Debbie Lowes, Mike Lowry, Bob Maciasz, Jim Manns. 27 Idalu Mainor, Pam Martin, Candace Matwyuk, Amy McDonald, John McKenzie, Bob Meldrum, Theresa Meldrum, Greg Merritt. Thaylia Moore, Bill Morehouse, Rhonda Morgan, Kathy Moss, Carol Nafrady, Denise Newlin, Kathy Nichter, Heidi Nordbeck. Dave Nowicki, Gail Ockington, Corrine Odom, Tony Ognjan, Catie Ognjan, Mary Olow- niuk, Karen Olsen, Cindy Osieczonek. Joann Owings, Keith Perrin, Louise Persyn, Robin Petrone, Dave Phillips, Blake Poor- man, Alex Pope, Wynette Purchis. Dan Reid, Sue Ring, Vivian Robinson, Kathy Rockwood, Dennis Roggeman, Cathy Rose, Cindy Rose, Barbara Ruthar. Sharon Sammons, Chris Satterly, Maureen Sauber, Terry Schade, Dennis Schaible, Vicki Emil Schulke, Schroerlucke. Barb Schwarz, Nancy Short, Roberta Slater, Charlie Smith, David Smith, Marilyn Smith, Bonnie Sodders, Bruce Sodders. Wayne Solgot, Kathy Stapely, Marlene Steer, David Tabor, Susan Talluto, Bob Taylor, Sally Thompson, Randy Thueme. Ron Tilly, Nadine Trin- gali, John Trix, Cheryl Trudeau, Michelle Turn- bull, Kathy Vermeulen, Frank Vesolovsky, Ron Vigneron. Kris Wagenhals, Kris Wagner, Dennis Wilson, Don Wiseman, Carol Witherspooji Gary Worthy, Pat Yacques,J Sue Yata. Paul Wiese Student Council Representatives: Mary Gibson, Roberta Slater. Rec. Sec. Barb Becker, Treas. Sharon Farver, Coit. Sec. Mary Kilets. Vice-President, Linda Cedar, President, Mike Colladay. Ed Yax Phyllis Zavitz Rick Zyrd CAMERA SHY Becky Basney Debbie Beres Barb Clerc Jamie Cooney Chuck Creech Carol Decker Tom Fett Tim Gaard Ray Genaw Mary Gibson Lew Hamlin Carrie Harrington Diane Heintz Leigh Hoover Don Kicknosway Debbie McCartney Chris McClure Mark Malloy Sandy MacDormott Charles Patterson Mike Peffers Dan Pelz Mark Phillips Loren Polczynski Lou Ann Pray George Privaloff Donald Riley Steve Rittenhouse Patti Smith Tom Stringer Leslie Taylor Don Turkovich Bill VanBuskirk CLASS MOTTO: “Today s dreams, tomorrow s realities. CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose Advisors: Mr. Potter, Miss Jeffnes CLASS COLOR: Burgundy and Pink 29 Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou? I would live to study, and not study to live. 30 THE STARS, the Seniors, have gained many memories within these past four years, to cher- ish forever. As a result, we leave the play as better people. More experienced, and maybe a little wiser. As frantic Freshmen, Act I held great amounts of uncertainty and anticipation for us. As the curtain opened on Act II, we were able to dem- onstrate our talent by making the magazine sale a huge success. Our talents were proven further by bringing the beauty of San Francisco to our J-Hop in the midst of Act III. Now we approach Act IV, the last act. The final curtain is slowly drawing to a close. As we leave, we must remember that there are many stages in life and we have completed only one. Ha ■» SENIORS Marly ss C. Abel Art 3)H Michael Ahearn l Peggy Ahearn Arlene Allen Pamela L. Allen Patricia J. Allen Darlene Alex Sharon A. Andrews Ashley J. Arnold Dale D. Baxter 36 Robert Gilbert Jud Gilbert Patricia Grafton n 4 Anne L. Henderson Michael Hewitt Martin Henry Robbie Highstreet Linda Lee Hodge Christine A. Hutcheson Denise Jurkewicz Patricia B. Kane V Ronald J. Kane Linda Kazor Robert R. Keeler Karen Kendall Linda Krieg Gloria Kronnich Edward G. Kuta Tony Kuypers Donna Lago Karen L. Langell Kimberly Anne Kenney John Kenzie, Jr. Chris L. Kittner Ellen Koch ” Michael L. Kollmorgan Ken Kreusel 39 William LaParl 40 Gary D. LaParl William Latour David W. Lavalla Leonard J. Lazoen Linda Lee Mike W. Monte Joyce E. Moore Cynthia L. Moran Debra J. Moran Catherine J. Morrison Nancy Ann Morrison Kenny Newbeck John Newlin Pamela D. Newma Craig Nienhaus Gene J. Nowicki Joseph Perritt 42 Patricia C. Suppon Sharon Szambelan Terry Tatro Sally A. Tesch Dale R. Thompson Mark A. Thompson Patricia N. Thompson Renee C. Thueme Syndey E. Trewhella Carl Trombley Laura Anne Tucker 46 Albert Turkovich Gail Irene Turner Gary Tuma Vic V. Vanderhagen Roger E. VanHeck Mary Voakes Robert A. Wagner Henry H. Walters Steven H. Wetter Debbie Wilson 47 IN MEMORIAM CAROL L. SAWYER 1952 - 1969 48 49 LEFT TO RIGHT: Pres., Rob Highstreet; Vice-Pres., Laura Tucker; Advisors, Mr. Meganck and Mr. Blanck. LEFT TO RIGHT: Treas., Cindy Moran; Rec. Sec., Carol Hayward; Student Council Rep., Craig Nein- ,iaus. BELOW: Corr. Sec., Vickie Butler and Stu- dent Council Rep., Kim Kenney. CLASS COLORS: Gold and White CLASS FLOWER: Mum CLASS MOTTO: “He who makes no mistakes does nothing.” ijumor j tuhents 50 CAROL HAYWARD BERT MICHELBACHER DEBBIE FRITZ 51 SHARON MOEHRING. Valedictorian RON KANE KATHY GALLETTI KAREN LANGELL THE ACTION! The teams, the crowds, the excitement, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat ; all these factors constituting another “big year” for Rats of all shapes and sizes. For the first time, as a varsity sport, the long- winded Rats, under the leadership of their coach, Mr. Gardner, took their post on the cross-country course. With the dean of the SCAL coaches, Mr. Gar- rett, as their task master, the Rats of the grid- iron made themselves subject to long hours of grueling practice and fiery competition. With the first snowfall, the Rats took to the indoors. Coach Greenwood and his cagers made 1969-1970 one of the most successful seasons in a good while. As the ice cleared, Coach Garrett’s “nine,” Mr. Jackson’s “netters,” and Mr. Aver’s track stars took their respective positions at AHS once more. Also, Mr. Brown’s varsity men hit the links for nine holes of great golf to rep- resent AHS on the golf course. The action of 1969-70 was far from limited, as the Rats once more proved that THEY are tops in the SCAL. ATHLETICS 54 VARSITY FOOTBALL. FRONT ROW: John Kenzie, Rob Highstreet, Jim Fritz, Bruce Grugen, John Newlin, Dave Prudhomme, Craig - Nienhaus, Joe Perritt, Bert Michelbacher, Bill DeLange. SECOND ROW: Dick Garrett (Coach), Wayne Brusate, Bill Keeler, Rick Zyrd, Ed Yax, Bruce Frantz, Bill Morehouse, Mike Davis, Ken Meldrum, Howie Grosser, Mike Monte, Greg Merritt, Jim Bystrom (Coach). BACK ROW: Rick Furtah, Mike Lowry, Chuck Patterson, Ron Vigneron, Dean Furtah, Tony Ognjan, Chuck Ames, Jim Manns, Terry Schade, Dennis Schaible, Doug Gabler (Manager). 1969 FOOTBALL SCORES Harper Woods 14 Algonac 16 St. Clair 22 Algonac 18 Anchor Bay 12 Algonac 22 P.H. Catholic 36 Algonac 14 Cros-Lex 27 Algonac 8 Marine City 20 Algonac 35 Chip. Valley 30 Algonac 18 Marysville 35 Algonac 20 A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse. The grass stoops not; he treads on it so light. 55 VARSITY BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Mike Davis, (Manager), Ed Yax, Aaron DeMeyere, David Prudhomme, Jud Gilbert, Doug Gabler, (Manager). SECOND ROW: Coach Greenwood, Jamie Cooney, Robbie Highstreet, Dennis Shaible, John Kenzie. BACK ROW: Craig Roggeman, Fritz Striet, Bert Michelbacher, Dan Reid, Don Wiseman. BASKETBALL SCORES Algonac 64 Algonac 48 Algonac 58 Algonac 75 Algonac 48 Algonac 55 Algonac 47 Algonac 83 Algonac 56 Algonac 54 Algonac 78 Algonac 72 Algonac 74 Algonac 79 Algonac 70 Algonac 67 Algonac 77 Algonac 67 Harper Woods 59 Cros-Lex 57 Marine City 62 Chippewa Valley 69 Marysville 38 St. Clair 53 Harper Woods 50 Anchor Bay 52 P.H.C. 57 Cros-Lex 55 Marine City 89 Chippewa Valley 86 Marysville 73 St. Clair 7 2 Anchor Bay 61 Holy Cross 64 P.H.C. 81 Marine City 71 56 BASEBALL. FRONT ROW: Ed Yax, Craig Neinhaus, A1 Miller, Dave Prodhome, Bill Long. BACK ROW: Coach Garrett, Jud Gilbert, Ron Vigneron, Bert Michelbacher, Aaron DeMeyere, Frank Vesolovsky. 57 ' WRESTLING. FRONT ROW: Jerry Fritz, Pete Moran, Bill DeLange, Steven Mangas, Dan Patterson, Roy Rose. SECOND ROW: Dan Ockington, Mike Beals, Wayne Brusate, Keith Robinson, Bob Shovan, Russ Evans, Glenn Pleiness. BACK ROW: Dave Nowicki, (Manager), Ron Vigneron, David Fournier, Chuck Patterson, Dean Furtah, Terry Tatro, Joe Bertrand, Charlie Byerly, Paul Buckenmeyer, Coach Wight. TRACK. FRONT ROW: Dan Owen, Keith Robinson, Bruce Sodders, Coach Avers. SECOND ROW: Joe Eizak, Joe Perritt, Dave Wetter, Steve Wetter. BACK ROW: Dean Furtah, Paul Minnich, Lee Arnold. 58 TENNIS. Fritz Streit, Coach Jackson, Mark Daniels. When the ice finally breaks and the sun shines for the first time to melt away the snow, the first symptoms of spring fever hit our golfing rats. Eagerly they shine up their clubs, polish their woods, and make ready to do battle with their opponents, under the direction of Mr. Brown. Though plagued by wind and rain, bent clubs, lost balls, and that tricky fourth hole, our rats of the fairways persist in carrying on the old tradi- tion of A.H.S., never say die. The sun doesn’t only turn on the putters, but also the netters. As the nets go up, they immedi- ately start for the asphalt square with racket in hand and tennies on. Awaiting the first real vol- ley of a game, they practice hard. As head task master, Mr. Jackson makes them show their ability in closing a great season. GOLF. FRONT ROW: Jamie Cooney, Tom King. BACK ROW: Don Wiseman, Coach Brown. 59 VARSITY CLUB. FRONT ROW: Mr. Garrett, (Advisor), Terry Tatro, (Sergeant of Arms), Aaron DeMeyere, (Vice President), Wayne Brusate, (President), Bert Michelbacher, (Treasurer), Fritz Streit, (Secretary). SECOND ROW: Angie Mantini, Steve Wetter. Dan Owen, Randy Moran, Mike Brown, Tom LaValla, Dave Wetter, Glen Pleiness. THIRD ROW: Dean Furtah, Lee Arnold, Keith Robinson, Joe Eizak, Ken Meldrum, Howard Grosser, Craig Nienhaus, Mark Daniels, Dave Prudhomme. FOURTH ROW: Doug Gabler, Rick Furtah, Dennis Schaible, Mike DuVemay, Chuck Ames, Bruce Sodders, Ron Vigneron, Joe Perritt. FIFTH ROW: Tony Ognjan, Bill DeLange, Terry Schade, Wally Skula, Don Wise- man, Craig Roggeman, Jamie Cooney, John Kenzie, Kirk Hamlin. CROSS COUNTRY. FRONT ROW: Steve Bishop, Ron Kominski, Phil Beavers, John Jones, Ed Lamb, Joe Foguth. BACK ROW: Joe Orczykowski, Tom Lavalla, Randy Moran, Andy Nichter, Joe Eizak, Coach Gardner. 60 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL. FRONT ROW: Jim Wiese, Dana Wagenhals, Paul Fernandez, John Whited, Bob Bourlier, Leigh Merrill, Jim Herbst. SECOND ROW: ' Bob Chapman (Manager), Ken Gebauer, Ken Shorkey, Nate Larabell, Mike Vandenbosche, Dean VanBuskirk, Dan Owen, Sheldon Strablow, Don Meldrum. BACK ROW: Mr. Avers (Coach), Russ Ceder, Peter Moran, Brian Carroll, Will Yax, Chuck Hines, Greg Zelenock, Jim Peters, Charlie Byerly, John Monte, Gary Prudhomme, Mr. Wight (Coach). FRESHMAN FOOTBALL. FRONT ROW: A1 Buckenmeyer, Paul Arpan, Joe Bertrand, Dale Burgett, Brad Forsythe, Phil Perkowski, Roy Rose. SECOND ROW: Dave Boroweic, Bill Aud, Dave Dandron, Tim Schad, Brian Neinhaus, Kevin Highstreet, Doug Schroerlucke, John Yax, Joe Werner. BACK ROW: Mr. Koehn (Coach), Jim Szymanski, Gary Chamberlain, Mark Sharrow, Rich Hewitt, Tim Ver- vaeche, Kurt Hartman, A1 Carrier, Mr. Jackson (Coach). CAMERA SHY: Steve Weeden and Rick Starek. 61 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Matt Hogna. BACK ROW: Coach Jackson, John Monte, Dan Owen, Nate Larabell, Greg Zelenock, Steve Highstreet, Tom Bimey, Jim Herbst, Leigh Merrill, Paul Fernandez, Chuck Bayly, (Man- ager). NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Andy Nichter, Jon Jones, Steve Bishop, Phil Beavers, Dave Dandron, Dennis Funke. BACK ROW: Coach Brewington, John Yax, Roger Bimey, Mark Sharrow, Don Beauvais, Ed Streit, Kurt Hartman, Joe Orczykowski, George Neumann, Todd Ingram, Coach Gardner. 62 THE STUDENT DIRECTORS are essential to any successful production. Trying out their new roles as leaders, accepting responsibilities, they take a step closer to maturity. Leadership, participation; both these endeav- ors give students experience in working together and doing a job well. They offer a chance to do things outside the close supervision of a class- room sharing ideas with others. The sense of unity that comes from group activity, the personal satisfaction of contrib- uting to an organization, a sense of commit- ment; all these feeling and opportunities can be had by the STUDENT DIRECTORS. ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL. FRONT ROW: Miss Nugent, (Advisor), Mark Daniels, (Vice President), John Kenzie, (President), Ellen Koch, (Treasurer), Mr. Ford, (Advisor). SECOND ROW: Jim Leacock, Bob Dickerson, Charleen Ericksen, Lindia Long, Eileen Misany, Heidi Nordbeck, Aleath Gibson, Deb Garrett, Phil Beavers, Connie Mackensen. THIRD ROW: Sally Tesch, Cathy Mor- rison, Maureen Sauber, Mike Colladay, Brian Nienhaus, Laurie Lewis, Deanne Cooney, Sherre Thueme, Michele Karner, Barb Becker. FOURTH ROW: Paul Fernandez, Debby Moreland, Laura Tucker, Janie McLeod, Dave Prudhomme, Craig Nienhaus, Debbie Rietzler, Wendy Campbell, Kim Kenney, Roberta Slater, Renee Thueme. BACK ROW: Bill Morehouse, Robbie High- street, Bob Pruss, Ron Vigneron, Bert Michelbacher, Blake Poorman, Howard Grosser, Tim Vervaecke, Bob Siefert, Kathy Rockwood, Ronda Regan. Student Council has put in many busy years and the 1969-70 year was no exception. The first major project assumed was Home- coming. Many hours of planning led to one of the most exciting Homecoming’s A.H.S. has seen. Under the watchful eye of Miss Nugent and their officers: John Kenzie, Mark Dan- iels, Ellen Koch and Sue McDonald, the Student Council carried through with one of their most successful years. Hear them debate of commonwealth affairs. HONOR SOCIETY. FRONT ROW: Heidi Pockiington, (Recording Secretary), Karen Langell, (Treasurer), Bert Michel- bacher, (President), Aaron DeMeyere, (Vice-President), Laura Tucker, (Corresponding Secretary), Mrs. Johnson, (Advisor). SECOND ROW: Sally Tesch, Shelly Cartwright, Theresa Meldrum, Mary Agnes Gibbard, Sharon Farver, Terry Isaacs, Kathy Josefczyk, Cindy Moran, Sharon Moehring, Pat Kane. THIRD ROW: Cathy Morrison, Donna Crandall, Melanie Robinson, Linda Schade, Randy Thueme, Gary Worthy, Jeanie Harper, Karen Eglington, Debbie Fritz, Cheryl Trudeau, Pam Newman. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Moore, Darlene Pijanowski, Sydney Trewhella, Colleen Brege, Catie Ognjan, Trisha Thomp- son, Kathy Galletti, Nancy Fritz, Barbara Bieke, Linda Krieg, Mary Kilets. FIFTH ROW: Cheryl Krieg, Denyse Jurkiewiz, Kim Kenney, Renee Thueme, Tom King, Frank Veselovsky, Russ Evans, Leonard Lazoen, Craig Nienhaus, Mark Daniels, Carolyn Shorkey. BACK ROW: Barbara Ruthard, Kathy Rockwood, Howard Grosser, Terry Schade, Ron Vigneron, Don Wiseman, Fritz Streit, Dan Reid, Ron Kane, John Kenzie, Charles Ames, Doug Gabler. STUDENT FACULTY BOARD. FRONT ROW: Ron Vigneron, (Chairman), Aleath Gibson, (Secretary), Mr. Ford, (Ad- visor). SECOND ROW: Robert Dickerson, Maureen Sauber, Sheree Thueme, John Kenzie, Blake Poorman, Paul Fernandez. THIRD ROW: Phil Beavers, Brian Nienhaus, Miss Jeffries, Mike Colladay, Rob Highstreet, Bert Michelbacher. BACK ROW: Mark Daniels, Craig Nienhaus, Mr. Wesolski, Ellen Koch, Mr. Godfrey, Miss Nugent. 67 FIRST HOUR. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Ford, (Advisor), Cathy Morrison, (Editor in ChieO- BACK ROW: Eileen Misany, (Art), Cindy Moran, (Duplicator), Mary Kilets, (Typist), Marilyn Smith, (Typist). EDITORS. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Ford, Cathy Morrison, Heidi Pocklington. SECOND ROW: Laurie Lewis, Carol Witherspoon, Darlene Pijanowski, Maureen Sauber. BACK ROW: Eileen Misany, Cindy Moran, Pam Newman. REPORTERS. FRONT ROW: Carol Witherspoon, (Editor), Laurie Lewis, (Editor), Jackie Wiseman. SECOND ROW: Barb Clerc, Kathy Short, Linda Ceder, Pat Kane, Frankie Challenger, Pam Yacques. THIRD ROW: Cindy Young, Gail Jolly, Kathy Haag, Aleath Gibson, Debbie Lowes. BACK ROW: Darlene Pijanowski, Pam Thomas, Kathy Rockwood, Debbie Rietzler, Roberta Slater, Cris Wagner. The famous cry “read all about it” was heard echoing in the halls every Wednesday morning. The minute you walked in the school you were tackled by a circulator. We owe the success of the Algonquin to the editor-in-chief, Cathy Morrison who used her wit to write the editorials, to Mrs. Ford our new advisor, to John Trix and Heidi Pocklington for their fabulous funnies on the feature pages, to all the last minute reporters, and to the duplicators for staying till all hours of the night running off our paper. CIRCULATORS. FRONT ROW: Paula Englehardt, Darlene Pijanowski, Sharon Szambelan, Barb Clerc. SECOND ROW: Marlyss Abel, Terri Issacs, Pat Thomas, Debbie Lowes, Linda Ceder, May Engle- hardt. THIRD ROW: Mary Kilets, Pam Thomas, Maureen Sauber, Linda Krieg, Debbie Boyd, Aleath Gibson, Nancy Bell. BACK ROW: Bonnie Sodders, Laurie Lewis, Kathy Rockwood, Sheila Carrier, Chris Wagner, Carol Witherspoon. SPANISH CLUB. FRONT ROW: Mary Kilets, Gail Jones, Charleen Ericksen, Mr. Weitzel (Advisor). SECOND ROW: Carol Witherspoon, Maureen Sauber, Robert Dickerson, Catie Ognjan, Joan Meldrum, Theresa Meldrum. BACK ROW: Frank Veselovsky, Paul Fernandez, John Monte, Will Gray, Tom Bimey, Andy Alef, Tony Ognjan. LATIN CLUB. FRONT ROW: Sherry Vamdell, (Vice-President), Sheldon Strablow, (President), Dale Sears, (President), Sue GiUis, (Vice-President), Mrs. Johnson, (Advisor). SECOND ROW: Ronda Regan, (Representative), Carlene Napier, (Representative), Gary Worthy, (Representative), Wayne Solgot, (Representative), Ken Shorkey, (Treasurer), Aleath Gibson, (Secretary), Pam Thomas, ( Secretary), Cathy Neumann, (Treasurer), Cindy LaParl. THIRD ROW: Kathy Englehardt, Thaylia Moore, Kathy Morris, Lee Hartman, Debbie Burch, Jon Whited, Leigh Merrill, Arbin Bowen, Gloria Kronnich, Mary Evans. BACK ROW: Pam Meldrum, Elaine Broyles, Kathy Frantz, Rita Roehrig, Tom Short, Howard Grosser, Rick Stokes, Mary Jo Kane, Margaret Keefe. 69 » KITCHEN STAFF: Mrs. Kettel, Mrs. Sharrow, Mrs. Stringer, Mrs. Wichmann, Mrs. Greer, Mrs. Slater. QUANTITY FOODS. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Stringer, (Instructor), Marie Morris, Gale Henry, Sandra Mayea, Gail Charboneau, Sandra Graus, Trudy Swanson. BACK ROW: Don Riley, Kathy Richter, Deborah Wilson, Sharon Suess, Paul Rau, Chris Satterly, Betsy Kane, Tom Becker. FUTURE MEDICS. FRONT ROW: Renee Thueme, (President); Sydney TrewheUa, (Secretary-Treasurer). SECOND ROW: Paula Somerville, Shelly Cartwright, Mary Grosser, Cindy Osieczonek, Pat Allen, May Engelhardt. THIRD ROW: Cyndy Young, Mona Griffith, Kathy Haag, Gail Jones, Deb Folkerts, Deb Lyons, Pam Newman. FOURTH ROW: Pat Thompson, Marcy Beer, Rose Vandenbossche, Mary Charron, Jan Neuner, Jean Neuner, Pam Allen. BACK ROW: Ellen Koch, Karen Langell, Colleen Brege, Joe Eizak, Ronda Regan, Mary Jo Kane. Janet Christy. LIBRARY CLUB. FRONT ROW: Mrs. King, (Advisor); Marlyss Abel, (President); May Engelhardt, (Vice-President); Sharon Atherton. SECOND ROW: Deanne Cooney, Kathy Engelhardt, Colleen Lamb, Linda Hodge, Anita Johnson, Jackie Wiseman. THIRD ROW: Susan Ring, Sally Thompson, Jean Neuner, Gail Jolly, Dennise Bertrand, Peggy Aheam. BACK ROW: Marianne DeWitte, Mike Hewitt, Leonard Lazoen, Wayne Brusate, Ken Kreusel, Trisha Thompson. 71 VARSITY CHEER LEADING. FRONT ROW: Paula Davis, Debbie Fritz, Carol Hayward, Wendy Campbell. BACK ROW: Ann Franzen, Wendy Loring, Heidi Nordbeck. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADING. FRONT ROW: Sherry Sepanek, Peggy Kenzie, Debbie Folkerts, Sue Venhuizen. BACK ROW: Rosalyn Kelly, Nan Johnson, Karen Eglinton, Sandy Frantz. 72 BAND. FRONT ROW THIS PAGE: Ellen Koch, (Sec.Treas.), Heidi Pocklington, Catie Ognjan, Sharon Farver, Jeanne Harper. SECOND ROW: Mark Daniels (Libr.), Tony Ognjan, Fritz Streit (Pres.), Martha Beer, Cindy Rose, Chris Kittner, Marty Barnes. THIRD ROW: Kathy Haag, Jackie Wiseman, Aleath Gibson, Willie Gray, Sandy Frantz, Paula Sommerville, Debbie McCartney, LeeAnne Rees, Debbie Lozen, Annetta Halkias, Gail Jones. FOURTH ROW: Joanne Zech, John Davey, Bev Harrington, Shir- ley Fredricks, Kathy Steiler, Jill Kittner, Jay Jackson, Allen Mackie, Paul Fernandez, Shelly Ford, Larry Limieux, Louise Persyn. FIFTH ROW: Dale Baxter, Aaron DeMeyere (Drum Major), Kirk Ham- lin, Dave Wetter, Dick Baker, Keith Robinson, Rich Hewitt, John Whited, Tim Schad. BACK ROW: Charleen Erickson, Debbie Lowes, Pam Newman, Cheryl Arpan, Pam Thomas, Darlene Pijanowski. The school year began, and so did an exciting football season. This meant every third hour you could hear the shrill whistle of the drum major, the beat of the drums, and the clang of the cym- bols as the band practiced for their first halftime show of the year. At the first halftime appearance of the band, not only did they sound good, but they looked good as well. Their new uniforms, acquired only a short time before sparkled under the field lights. The audience proudly watched another excellent performance. Performing at football games is only one of many things the band did during the year. The band presented concerts, marched for parades, and raised money for the trip to the eastern sea- board, at Atlantic City, New Jersey, where they will march in the Lions International Convention Parade. A great deal of planning, practicing, and marching was involved in preparation for this trip. The 1969-70 year was a busy year for the band. They brought much enjoyment to the students and proud people of Algonac. 73 BAND. FRONT ROW THIS PAGE: Linda Long, Sally Jackson, Ann Watson, Janee McLeod, Joan Davis. SECOND ROW: Ted Horeftis, Randy Thueme, Herb Blackstock, Colleen Brege, Nancy Fritz, Paul Buckenmeyer, Debbie Moreland, Denise Jurke- wicz. THIRD ROW: Sherry Varndell, John Monte, Mike Hewitt, Pam Allen, Tom King, Shelly Cartwright (Libr.), Karen Ken- dall, Pat Allen, Nate Larabell. FOURTH ROW: Paula Davis, Gene Nowicki, Gary Mackenson, Chuck Harrington, Kathy Weaver, Paul Hintzmann, Don Evely, Joe Orczykowski, Kevin Highstreet, Debbie Folkerts, Rose Vandenbossche, Ron Kaye. FIFTH ROW: Mike Vandenbossche, Mike Davis (Vice-Pres.), Diane Dobbin, Ed Streit, Don Wiseman, Mr. Appelman, Glenn Pleiness, Linda Owens, Brendan Smith, John Yax, Pete Moran, Lisa Johnson, Debbie Boyd, Cathy Morrison. BACK ROW: Karen Lang- ell, Maureen Sauber, Mary Kilets, Renee Thueme, Sally Tesch, Sheree Thueme, Debbie Garrett. ORCHESTRA. FRONT ROW: Debbie Bates, Joan Halkias, Kathy Stieler, Sheila MacDonald, Karen Eglinton, Wendy Camp- bell. SECOND ROW: Bob Kowalski, Kristi Harper, Harold Boulier, Joan Davis, Heidi Pocklington, Catie Ognjan, Sharon Farver, Tony Ognjan, Fritz Streit, Tom King, Debby Moreland, Denise Jurkewicz. THIRD ROW: Cathy Morrison, Lisa Johnson, Paula Davis, Sallie Miller, Nate Larabell, Karen Kendall. BACK ROW: Nan Johnson, Marlene Steer, Aaron DeMeyere, Kirk Hamlin, Dale Baxter, Mr. Appelman. 74 MAJORETTES. FRONT ROW: Heidi Pocklington, (Co-captain), Charleen Ericksen, Debbie Garrett, Debbie Lowes, Pam Newman, Cheryl Arpan, Linda Long, Sherry Vamdell, Sheree Thueme, Karen Langell, (Co-captain). BACK ROW: Sally Tesch, Pam Thomas, Renee Thueme, Aaron OeMeyere, (Drum Major), Maureen Sauber, Darlene Pijanowski, Mary Kilets. PRECISIONETTES. FRONT ROW: Linda Burch, Nancy Morrison, Pat Kane, Darlene Blanton, Kim Kenney, Sharon Moehring. SECOND ROW: Pat Thomas, Joan Davis, Jackie Grosser, Deb Schaible. THIRD ROW: Gail Jones, Georgia Mizer, Eileen Misany (Co-captain), Cathy Morrison (Co-captain), Sue Gillis, Deanne Cooney. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Haag, Jackie Chapman, Tina Robinson, Karen Yax. FIFTH ROW: Debbie Lozen, Linda Ceder, Jan Kenney, Connie Mackensen. SIXTH ROW: Amy Mc- Donald, Janee McLeod. BACK ROW: Laurie Lewis, Cheryl Trudeau. 75 The Occupational Education Area Program has been in operation for approximately twenty-five years. It is a program for those students who usually do not plan on attending college. This program offers these stu- dents the opportunity to learn an occupation and to use this knowledge for a job after graduation. This program is not taught by a regular teacher. The teachers quali- fications for these positions are mostly experience and in some cases a college education. Whatever the case, they are all certified teachers. Each of the participating schools provides one program. G.A.A. FRONT ROW: Cheryl Trudeau, (Press Agent), Terry Isaacs, (Treasurer), Jan Cupit, (President), Debi Moran, (Vice- President), Sheila Carrier, (Secretary), Mrs. Eglinton, (Sponsor). SECOND ROW: Kathy Rose, Toni Mantini, Dennise Ber- trand, Theresa Meldrum, Kathy Stapley, Cindy Gray, Karen Kendall, Barb Clerc, Karen Eglinton, Catie Ognjan, Kathy Galletti, Cindy Rose, Roberta Slater, Paula Davis, Debbie Chapman. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Ruthard, Kathy Rookwood, Carol Nafrady, Colleen Brege, Wendy Campbell, Sharon Sammon, Carrie Harrington, Chris Hutchison. G.A.A. FRONT ROW: Terry Isaacs, (Treasurer), Jan Cupit, (President), Debi Moran, (Vice-President), Sheila Carrier, (Secretary), Mrs. Eglinton, (Sponsor). SECOND ROW: Janice O’Phee, Deb Lyon, Sheryl Schwendemann, Joan Meldrum, Cheryl Slove, Dora Bales, Jackie Wiseman, Sandy Frantz. THIRD ROW: Jan Harrington, Diana Riley, Vickie Grantz, Deb Folkerts, Linda Fields, Mary Malinski, Pam Meldrum, Sandy Dryer, Lisa Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Cyndy Young, Kathy O’Phee, Elaine Broyles, Ronda Regan, Kathy Frantz, Vickie Lord, Luanne Labat ky, Noreene Hoover. Straining harsh discords and unpleasing sounds. Nothing to look backward to with pride, and nothing to look forward to with hope. THE PERFORMANCE. We, as actors, have played a vital role in the most important stage of life which we call high school. We have contributed to making our stay at this theater a huge success. We have partici- pated in many activities and events which lead directly to the fulfillment of our high school obligations. Among these activities in which we have participated in are Homecoming, Senior-Fac- ulty Game, the Senior Play, and the annual J-Hop. These events have added tremendously to the excitement of the school year. 78 ACTIVITIES 80 FRONT ROW: Peggy Ahearn, Terry Isaacs, Cindy Moran. BACK ROW: Rosalyn Kelly, Mary Charron, Michele Karner, Debbie Lowes. Fight to the last gasp! 81 Old fashions please me best. I fear I am not in my perfect mind. Play out the play. HOMECOMING turned out as an amazing success this year. The spirit built all week with activities every day. The freshman hats, spirit ribbons, Rats buttons, plus the decorated halls added much color to the school. Assem- blies Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday brought many questions, mini floats, and games. As Friday night arrived. Peggy Aheam was crowned Algonac High School’s Homecoming Queen. Miss Nugent was the surprised honored guest as Student Council’s own queen. Even though the Rats did not rule, Peggy and her court did at the dance following the game. Queen Peggy! 3IWk (ftlectuine BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: Mike DuVemey. 83 BEST STORY TELLER: Bill De Lange. BEST BUILT MUSCLE MAN: Terry Tatro. BEST DRESSED and BEST PERSONALITY: Bert Michelbacher. BIGGEST BROWNIE: Sue McDonald. MOST TALKATIVE: Darlene Pijanowski. HARDEST WORKER and MOST HELPFUL: Doug Gabler. HAPPIEST PERSON and MOST ENER- GETIC: Carol Hayward. It is work which gives flavor to life. Laughter is never an end, it’s a by-product. FAIR HAVEN FLASH!!! And when we think we lead, we most are led. 86 Abel, Marlyss 32,67,70 Ahearn, Mike 32 Ahearn, Peggy 32,70,80,81 Alex, Darlene 32 Allen, Arlene 32 Allen, Pam 32,70,73 Allen, Pat 32,70,73 Andrews, Sharon 32 Arnold, Lee 32,57,59 Barnes, Marty 32,72 Baumann, Don 32 Baxter, Dale 32,72,73 Beall, Linda 33 Becker, Tom 33,69 Beer, Martha 33,70,72 Bell, Nancy 33,67 Bertrand, Dennise 33,70,76 Bieke, Barb 33,51,66 Blanton, Darlene 33,74 Boghian, Francine Bommarito, Mark. 33 Bowen, Ed 33 Brege, Colleen 33,66,70,73,76 Briggs, Dan 33 Brusate, Wayne 33,54,57,59,70 Bryson, Bob 34 Burch, Linda 34,74 Butler, Vickie 34,49 Carrier, Sheila 34,76 Cartwright, Shelly 34,70,73 Casper, Will 34 Castle, Nancy 34 Chapman, Bob 34 Crandall, Donna 34,66 Cupit, Jan 34,76 Currie, Bill 34 Daniels, Mark 6,34,58,59,64,66,72 Davey, Tom 35 Davis, Mike 35,54,55,73 Dee, Mike 35 De Lange, BUI 35,54,57,59,83 DeMeyere, Aaron 35,55,56,59,66,72,73,74,82 DesJardins, Margaret 35 Diot, Mike 35 Droulard, Carol 35 DuVernay, Mike 35,59,82 Easterly, Rosemary 35 Eizak, Joe 35,57,59,70 Engelhardt, May 35,67,70 Ericksen, Bob 36 Evans, PhU 36 Falls, Cliff 36 Farver, Jim 36 Frantz, Bruce 36,54 Franzen, Ann 36,71 Fritz, Debbie 36,50,66,71 Fritz, Jim 36,54 Fritz, Nancy 36,66,73 Gabler, Doug 36,54,55,59,66,83 Galletti, Kathy 36,51,66,76 Gettings, Mike 36 GUbert, Bob 37 GUbert, Jud 37,55,56 Grafton, Pat 37 Graus, Sandy 37,69 Griffith, Mona 37,70 Grugen, Bruce 37,54 Hadden, Gary 37 Harrington, Charlie 37,73 Hayward, Carol 37,49,50,71,83 Henderson, Ann 37 Henry, Martin 37 Hewitt, Mike 37,70,73 Highstreet, Robbie 38,49,54,55,64,66 Hodge, Linda 38,70 Hutcheson, Chris 38,76 Isaacs, Terry 38,50,66,67,76,80 Johnson, Anita 38,70 Jolly, Diane 38 Jurkewicz, Denyse 38,66,73 Kane, Pat 38,51,66,67,74 Kane, Ron 38,51,66 Kazor, Linda 38 Keeler, Bob 38,82 Kendall, Karen 38,73,76 Kenney, Kim 39,49,64,66,74 Kenzie, John 39,50,54,55,59,64,66 Kittner, Chris 39,72 Koch, Ellen 6,39,64,66,70,72 Kollmorgan, Mike 39 Kreusel, Ken 39 Krieg, Linda 39,66,67 Kronnich, Gloria 39 Kuta, Ed 39 Kuypers, Tony 39 Lago, Donna 39 Langell, Karen 39,51 ,66,70,73,74 LaParl, Bill 40 LaParl, Gary 40 Latour, Bill 40 LaVaUa, Dave 40 Lazoen, Leonard 40,66,70 Lee, Linda 40 Long, BUI 40,56 Lord, Chris 40 Loring, Wendy 40,71 Lugosky, Dana 40 Mackensen, Gary 40,73 Mangas, Audrey 40 Mangas, Lynda 41 Mantini, Toni 41,76 Mayea, Sandy 41,69 McDonald, Sue 4 1 ,64,83 Meldrum, Ken 41 ,54,59 Michelbacher, Bert 41,50,54,55,56,59,64,66,83 Middel, Dave 41 Miller, A1 41,56 Miller, Marti 41 Misany, Eileen 41 ,64,67,74 Mitti, Gary 41 Moehring, Sharon 41 ,51 ,66,74 Monte, Mike 42,54 Moore, Joyce 42,66 Moran, Cindy 42,49,66,67,80 Moran, Debi 42,76,82 Morrison, Cathy 42,64,66,67,73,74 Morrison, Nancy 6,42,74 Newbeck, Ken 42 Newlin, John 42,54 Newman, Pam 42,66,67,70,72,74 Nienhaus, Craig 42,49,51 ,54,56,59,64,66 Nowicki, Gene 42,73 Patterson, Chuck 54,57 Perritt, Joe 42,57,59 Persy n, Tom 43 Phillips, Paul 43 Pijanowski, Darlene 43,66,67,72,74,83 Pleiness, Glenn 43,57,59,73 Pocklington, Heidi 43,66,67,72,73,74 Prudhomme, Dave 43,54,55,56,59,64 Pruss, Bob 43,64,82 Quandt, Fred 43 Quandt, Linda 43 Richards, Gerry 43 Richter, Kathy 43,69 Riley, John 43 Ring, Bill 44 Ritzert, Ken 44 Robinson, Dennis 44 Robinson, Melanie 44,51,66 Roehrig, Jim 44 Roggeman, Craig 44,55,59 Rummel, Glenda 44 Sawyer, Carol 48 Schade, Linda 44,66 Schild, Roger Schroeder, Jerry 44 Sears, Dale 44 Senftleben, Mary Ann 44 Shorkey, Carolyn 44,66 Short, Dennis 45 Sikorski, Joe 45 Skula, Wally 45,59 Smith, Ann Marie 45 Smith, Tom 45 Sodders, Terri 45 Stark, Bonnie 45 Stock, Cherie 45 Stokes, Tim 45 Streit, Fritz 45,55,58,59,66,72,73 Strong, Rick 45 Suess, Sharon 45,69 Suppon, Pat 46 Szambelan, Sharon 46,67 Tatro, Terry 46,57,59,83 Tesch, Sally 46,64,66,73,74,82 Thompson, Dale 46 Thompson, Mark 46 Thompson, Pat 46,50,66,70 Thueme, Renee 6,46,64,66,70,73,74 Trewhella, Sydney 46,50,66,67 Trombley, Carl 46 Tucker, Laura 6,46,49,64,66 Tuma, Gary 47 Turkovich, A1 46 Turner, Gail 47 VanBuskirk, John Vanderhagen, Vic 47 VanHeck, Roger 47 Voakes, Mary 47 Wagner, Bob 47 Walters, Henry 47 Weaver, Mike Wetter, Steve 47,57,59 Wilson, Debbie 47,69 Wisdom, Judy 47 Wisdom, Robin 47 Wisswell, Mike 47 Wood, Michele 48 Yata, Cathy 48 Yax, Chris 48 Zelenock, Janice Zryd, Karen 48 88 The Seniors have now completed the last four acts of their high school education. These acts have represented many happy and heartbreaking experiences. The future holds more new and exciting ex- periences. The major acts of our lives are soon to come and will be of many different types. Our Senior year, the final act of high school has completed a phase of our lives. It is as Nathaniel Cotton once said, “Tis the last act which crowns the play.” The memories of these halls and classrooms are etched in our minds forever. We look for- ward to the future not only with great antici- pation, but with great determination. As editor of the 1970 ALGONQUIN I wish to thank everyone for their help and coopera- tion, especially to the staff who worked so hard to make this yearbook a success. After writing a great deal of copy, obtaining many pictures, drawing many layouts and ex- periencing great frustrations, the 1970 ALGON- QUIN is presented to you in hopes that you will enjoy it and remember the class of ’70. Renee C. Thueme Editor Acknowledgements Mr. Frank Storer of Storer-Spellman Studios Richmond Review - Photography Mrs. Patricia fluston - Advisor Faculty and Administration Mr. James Thompson tpc Representative Familiar Quotations by John Bartlet - Quotations The Home Book of Quotations by Burton Steven- son - Quotations

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