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— The 1968—69 Algonquin Staff invites you to come follow us through Muskrat Country. MUSKRAT COUNTRY . . . wet, wild, and wary. A place where the Seniors were educated and the Freshmen enlightened. Juniors and Sophomores learning, but still following the trail of MUSKRAT COUNTRY. Come with us now. and explore the country known so well by the Muskrats from Algonac See their many victories and few defeats. Experience the thrills of being A MUSKRAT IN MUSKRAT COUNTRY. TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS 5 SPORTS 27 ADMINISTRATION 39 ACTIVITI ES 49 UNDERCLASSMEN 69 Special Recognition For the past twenty-three years Mr. King has provided our school system with excel- lent service, serving one year as principal and twenty-two years as superintendent. Prior to his move to Algonac in 1947, he served at Capac for five years and Marysville for ten years. After graduating from Marysville High School, Mr. King received his Bachelor Degree in Business Education from Eastern Michigan University, and went on to receive his Master’s Degree in School Administration from Wayne State. Mr. King is presently a member of the Michigan and American Association of School Administrators, while serving on the legislative committee for the Michigan Association of School Administrators for the last several years. For all of these, and many other fine attributes. Mr. King surely deserves this Special Recognition. The Seniors have proved to be Delores Bourlier the best ever . . . Linda Broedell Jill A. Brown 7 Tom J. Broyles William L. Burgett Lesly D. Cahill " Aren ' t I grtatT John W. Cartwright Glenn R. Champine Mike Childs Originality, creativeness, and hard work 8 Gary Chlebnik I Karen Christy Marsha Christy were evident in every project . . . Linda Franke Lois J f r 3nce Working together, they funded their own Mary Beth Guyor Peggy A. Halverson Tom Hampe Senior Trip . . . Cheryl L. Hopajnych Joel Hopkins They manned successful teams . . . Sharon Johnson Bud Jolicoeur Denise M. Jones They were the leaders of clubs, squads, W. W. Lowes Patrick Malloy Joseph John Masar and organizations • • • Kathy L. Misney Carl Montney James Moore The Senior Play was praised by the critics • • • 17 Beverley Phillips Elizabeth Purchis They won all the 18 Roberta Richardson Linda Rittenhouse Beatrice Rietzler John Rolewic; The only T.A. who worked all year! awards at the Spring Assembly . . . Karen Sharrow Mike Sharrow Gail A. Smith They set an example that will be hard James E. Stringer Larry Studley Mike Sutton Robert Tamulewicz Julie Tapert Connie Tesch Thomas J. Thompson Rick Tringali for underclassmen to live up to Sandra L. Veselovsky John J. Vigneron As they leave A.H.S., they can be satisfied John Whittemore G. A Wilson James Witherspoon Albert " Skip” Wilson Linda J. Woodie Mary Worden that they will be remembered as... Doris Zavitz Peggy Zelenock Mary Zieldorf In Memoriam Harry L. Hurd the leaders of ' 69. Couldn ' t be all that interesting! Laying down on the job: Corres. Sec Wendy Pocklington Our guardian angels Advisors Mr Wes and Mr Godfrey HIBK ' Enjoying her prestige Vice Pres Mary Ann Morrison Always Alert Pres. Rick Johnson MOTTO: " What is done today creates tomorrow. " COLORS: Loden Green and Gold Flower; tea Rose • " Valedictorian " Salutatorian •Honor Students ii [ i Watching our money dram Treas Denise Ready to fight for us Student Council Reps Bob Tamulewicz and Sue Kil- 25 Jones gore Seniors have First Mock Election SPORTSMANSHIP: Rick Johnson t| i INTELLIGENCE Jim Moore CREATIVE ABILITY: Rick Tnngali FRIENDLINESS Sue Kilgore HUMOR Joe Rockwood A Muskrat path they ' ve followed VARSITY FOOTBALL Front row Bud Jolicoeur. Bill Lowes. Mike Schroerlucke, Roy Wilson. Ray Meldrum (Co-Captain), Rick Johnson (Co Captain). Tom Thompson. Ken Morris. Dennis Little. Joe Rockwood. Bob Owen Second row Wayne Brusate. Bruce Grugen. Bruce Frantz. Mike Childs. Bill Burgett. Joe Per ritt. Chuck Wiese. John Newlm. Craig Nienhaus. Glenn Plieness. Dave Prud- homme. Bob Tamulewicz Back row Robbie Highstreet. Jim Fritz. Bill Delange, Tony Meldrum. Mike Sutton. John Kenzie. Bert Michelbacher. Ed Kuta, Mike OuVernay. John Vigneron 28 The Muskrats earned the reputation of a bone-crunching, grind- it-out defensive team. Throughout the season the Muskrats were the favored team, but through a series of mental obsticals they did not reach their goal They fell to third place in the St. Clair Area League Despite the 1968-69 season we are proud of our men for the fine effort and good sportsmanship they put forth. Coaches Dick Garrett and Rod Greenwood surely deserve our thanks and congratulations. The Muskrats made a fine showing in the selection of the All League Teams. The following boys were choices for the first team: Mike Schroerlucke (Def. End). Larry Furtah (Off. Tackle). Ray Meld- rum (Off Back and Def. Linebacker), Rick Johnson (Def Line- backer), Mike Sutton (Def. Half Back), and Tony Meldrum (Def. Guard). Ken Morris received honorable mention for Center. The entire student body would like to congratulate the Muskrats for an exciting season. Asst ' Coach Rod Greenwood and Head Coach Dick Garrett Hey. boys, come and help me tackle him! Tip toeing to a touchdown What followed was even funnier! Football Scores Algonac 32 Harper Woods 0 Algonac 20 Luthern West 0 Algonac 33 Cros-Lex 0 Algonac 25 Marine City 12 Algonac 7 PHC 7 Algonac 19 Marysville 20 Algonac 19 St. Clair 19 Algonac 32 Bay City 13 Algonac 25 Anchor Bay 6 A quick conference between the coach and his quarterback 30 The mighty Muskrats marched VARSITY BASKETBALL Rick Johnson. Vic Borowiec. Mike Schroerlucke. Jud Cuthbertson, Bob Owen. Bert Michelbacher. John Kenzie, Aaron DeMeyere, Gilbert. Fritz. Striet. Mike Sutton. Craig Roggeman, Coach Greenwood. Brian Dave Prudhomme. Manager. Doug Gabler The basketball team was off to a good start this year, putting up a fight to the last minutes of every game. They battled their way into second place in the St. Clair League. With the forming of the Pep Club and the Honor Rats the spirit of A.H.S. soared. The tournaments began and the Rats had the feeling of victory. They beat Richmond and Pt. Huron Catholic only to lose to Marys- ville and end up second. The Muskrats fought their way through the season under Coach Rod Greenwood. Congratulations for a good season Fellas! miraculously to victory! Mike makes everything look easy Basketball Scores Algonac 54 New Haven Algonac 66 Anchor Bay Algonac 57 Harper Woods Algonac 73 Cranbrook Algonac 67 Cros-lex Algonac 72 Marine City Algonac 90 P.H.C. Algonac 57 Marysville Algonac 67 St. Clair Algonac 53 Country Day Algonac 39 Cros-lex Algonac 62 Marine City Algonac 70 P.H.C. Algonac 67 Harper Woods Algonac 52 Marysville Algonac 75 St. Clair Algonac 81 Richmond Algonac 81 P.H.C. Algonac 49 Marysville " Gosh, I didn ' t mean to hit him! " " Those Muskrats are so good they can shoot one handed ' Great teams coming up JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Front row Coach Avers. Terry Schade. Tony Ogn|an. Chuck Ames. Ed Yax. Greg Merritt Second row Randy Forton. Mike Brown. Jerry Supal. Howard Grosser. Dan Reid. Bruce Sodders Back row: Coach Wight. Rick Ingram. Dennis Shaible. Jim Ligan. Kirk Hamlin. Oon Wise man. Tom Stephens FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Front row Greg Zelenock. Jim Herbst. Steve High- street. Brian Carroll. Leigh Merrill. Pete Moran Second row Charley Byerly. Nate Larabell. Royal Mousseau. Jim Peters. Mike Vandenbossche. Mike Graus. Paul Fernande; Back row Dean Furtah. Dan Owen. Russ Cedar. Will Yax. Ken Shorkey. Charles Hines. Coach Jackson Junior Varsity Football Won Lost 1 - 5 Freshmen Football Won Lost 0-6 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front row Wayne Solgot (Manager). Mike Brown. Ed Yax. Danny Reid. Mr Meyers (Coach) Second row: Bruce Sodders. Charles Ames. Terry Schade. Jim Ligan. Dennis Schaible Back row Jamie Cooney. Jon Bogosian. Don Wiseman. Mark Wakefield NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL Front row Paul Fernandez. Leigh Merrill, Rick Blanton (Manager) Second row Nate Larabell. Jim Herbst. Mike Vandenbosche. Dan Owen Back row Pete Moran. Ted Horeftis. Steve Highstreet. Dean Furtah. Jon Whited Junior Varsity Basketball Ninth Grade Basketball Won 4 Lost 12 Won 6 Lost 6 Strong arms and fast feet BASEBALL. Front row: Rick Johnson. Kevin Labuhn. Bill Lowes. Bud lucke, Ray Meldrum, Mike Sutton, Bob Owen. Ken Morris. Jolicoeur. John Vigneron B ack row: Mr Garrett (Coach). Mike Schroer- TRACK Front row Mr Avers (Coach), Bruce Sodders, Chuck Wiese, John Newlin, Danny Owen. Mr Wight (Coach). Back row: Paul Minmch. Ted Horeftis. Steve Mike Colladay, Steve Wetter, John Misney, Joe Perrit Second row Lee Arnold, Highstreet. Ken Meldrum. Larry Furtah, Mike Brown. Joe Eizak. Wayne Brusate. Dean Furtah. Howard Grosser. Tony Ognjan. Kirk Hamlin. Oave Wetter. Will Yax. The Spring gang GOLF. Front row Louie Shawbitz. Allen Mackie. Mike Davis. Tom Jamie Cooney. Don Wiseman. Aaron OeMeyere King. Back row Mr Brown (Coach). Jim Hillock. Jay Jackson. TENNIS. Front row Leigh Mernl. Mark Phillips. Bob Tamulewicz. Ken Shorkey. Mike Vandenbossche. Gary Champagne. Second row: Mike Lowery. Skip Wil- son. Henry Habitzruther. Bob Keeler. Dave Phillips. Terry Schade. Bob Shovan. Bob Seifert. Back row Mr Pippel (Coach). Wally Skula. Robbie Highstreet, Jerry Wilson. Fritz Streit. Mike Duvernay. Jim Ligan. Tony Kypers. Chuck Ames. Mark Daniels Wrestling Joins A.H.S WRESTLING. Front row: Mr Wight (Coach). Mike Diot. Paul Phillips (Co-cap- tam). Terry Tatro (Captain). Bob Shovan. Angie Mantim Second row Dave Cartwright. Dave Wetter. Rick Prudhomme. Glenn Plieness. Keith Robinson. Mike Mauk. Bob Colman. Chuck Byerley Third row Mike Colladay. Wayne Brusate. Joe Eizak. Ron Vigneron, Brownie Blanton. Jerry Fritz. Steve Wetter. Bob Tamulewicz. Oave Fournier Back row: Dennis Short. Roy Wilson. Jim Hil- lock. Gene Oliver. Bill DeLange. Dennis Jones. Howard Grosser. Russell Evans In their first season of actual competition the Algonac Mat-men managed to come up with three wins out of eight matches under the coaching of Mr. Wight. Paul Phillips, in the 120 lb. class had an outstand- ing record of 11 wins out of 13. Terry Tatro. 154 lb. class finished with a 7 out of 10 and Mike Mauk, 103 lb. class finished with a 6 out of 10 record. In all the 24 Mat-men helped make the first year of wrestling a productive one. " Why don’t ya get off my back! " Our Rat pack excels VARSITY CLUB. Front row Mr Garrett (Advisor). Rick Johnson (Sergeant at Arms). Mike Schroerlucke (Treasurer). Bud Jolicoeur (Vice-President). Joe Rockwood (Secretary). Mr Greenwood (Advisor). Second row: Bob Tamulewicz, Roy Wilson. Wally Skula. Tom Thompson. Ken Morris. Mark Daniels. John Vigneron. Bill Lowes Back row: Mike Childs. Larry Furtah. Jim Hillock. Fritz Streit. Mike Sutton. Bob Owen. Aaron OeMeyere. Tony Meldrum Not pictured Ray Meldrum (President). Dennis Little. The Varsity Club consists of the boys who have lettered in a varsity sport and passed initiation. Besides promoting good sportmanship in all competitive athletics, the club raises money to buy new equipment for the Athletic Department. This year the club purchased a scale for the locker room and paid part of the cost for two of their member ' s stay at basketball camp. In November the Varsity Club hosted the Harlem Diplomats vs. Fac- ulty basketball game, and this spring they sold windbreakers. In March the following boys were initiated: Louie Shawbitz, Kevin LaBuhn, Brownie Blanton. Rick Prudhomme. Gary Varndell, Chuck Wiese, Mike Sharrow, Bruce Grugen, John Kenzie, Ed Kuta, Mike DuVernay, Craig Nienhaus, Ken Meldrum, Terry Tatro. Glenn Plieness. Bill DeLange, Joe Eizak, Dave Prudhomme, Bert Michelbacher, Doug Gabler. Wayne Brusate, Joe Perritt, Paul Phillips, Don Wiseman. Jamie Cooney, Terry Schade, Mike Mauk, Mike Colladay. and Angie Mantini. Bert dressed up for initiations! " We ' ve got spirit.” VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Front row: Marie Waterhouse. Teri Isaacs. Back row Vicki Butler. Carol Hayward. Sue Kilgore. Wendy Loring. Peg Halverson JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front row Paula Oavis. Dar lene Napier, Heidi Nordbeck Back row Wendy Campbell. Jackie Wiseman. Anne Christy. Not pictured: Mary Grosser ACADEMICS We are losing . . . MISS STEWART has taught High School for the past 42 years. She obtained her M.A. degree at the University of Michigan She has taught a wide range of classes ranging from English and Economics to U.S. Government. World and American History. For the past few years she has been a full time counselor. She is cur- rently one of the Paper Staff advisors. In the past she has been a class and Y-Teen advisor. Besides these school activities she is active in Civic affairs of the Community. She is a member of the Music Study Club, the organist for her church, and she plays the piano for Rotary Club. MR. PIPPEL will be remembered for many things beside his famous " Lo and behold " jokes, one of which will be his great coaching career. Throughout his twenty-six teaching years in Algonac, he has coached second team basketball, baseball, tennis, 40 and football. He received many awards, the greatest being the Michigan High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame award in 1963. Coach Pippel puts everything he has into his Biology and Physi- ology classes, not " just to get our money s worth " but because he enjoys it. His outside hobbies include being active in the Lions Club and an Investment Club. The 1968-69 Yearbook Staff on behalf of the Administration, Faculty, and Student Body extend to you. Miss Stewart, and to you Mr. Pippel. our sincere wishes for happiness in the years to come. Our School Board Gerald Mallon President Alfred Wilcox Vice-President Judson Gilbert Treasurer Bernard Nugent Secretary William Erdmann Trustee Ralph LaParl Trustee School Board taking time out for a picture Mrs. Marjorie Thomas was appointed to the Board in Decem- ber. and her picture was not available. Our Guides Over the Years Mr. Kenneth King School Supervisor Algonac High School is fortunate in having so prominent a group of leaders. Headed by Superintendent Kenneth King, and supported by Mr George Johnson. Mr. Robert Hollway, and Mr. Robert Ford, Algonac is certainly not lacking in the leadership necessary to meet the challenges of the future. 42 Mr. Robert Hollway Curriculum Director With the growth of our state-supported school, we needed a qualified man to fill the new post of Assistant Principal, Mr. Ford fills this position. Their doors are always open to A.H.S. students whenever they have a problem or question. Mr. Robert Ford Assistant Principal Faculty leads the way . . Charles Blanck Jane Eglenton Jill Buck Eleanor Jablinski Carol Jeffries Ann Johnson Grace King Lois Kingsbury Earl Meyers James Musson Florence Nugent Dorot hy Pippel Truman Pippel Glenn Potter Michael Pritchard Patricia Riley Allene Stewart Ester Streit Mary Taylor Lawrence Treppa Ronald Trumble Don ' t get smart with me! to higher education. Donald Weitzel James Wesoloski Donald Wight Everyone loves Don Juan! So I said to this kid Those behind the scenes Marian Jackson Secretary to Mr. Johnson Ellen Hartman Bookkeeper Cristina Pruss Secretary to Mr. Hollway Helen Paquette Secretary Now where ' d I put that. Helen Cole School Nurse We thank Mrs. Stringer and her capable staff for devoting so much time into our daily meals and sp ecial dinners throughout the year. The adjacent picture shows the staff getting into the swing for the holidays. Left to right: Mrs. Sharrow. Mrs. Tindall. Mrs. Wichmann. Mrs. Stringer. Mrs. Kettel, Mrs Greer They take pride in serving us BUS DRIVERS Front row: Henry Lake Second row Evelyne Zelenock. Mary Todd. Irvin LaParl. Clifford Rounds. George Schuchard. Evans Szymanski Not pictured Doris Long. Ruth Heraty Third row Fay Ward. Evelyn Kilgore. Liz Bell. Back row Delons Wright. James Barker. Ben Fante, Wilma Fredericks. Bernard Wolschon CUSTODIANS Bob Cole. ’Pete " Stager. Alvin Copp A.H.S. salutes Coach Pippel at Front row Debbie Kless. Gail Richardson. Rita Schutz. Julie Kilets Back row: Charleen Ericksen. Chris Hutcheson. Kim Kenny. Amy McDonald Spirit week a success . Mini floats, posters, and wall signs outstanding Mini parade arouses spirit . . Miss " T " does a tremendous job of judging Seniors win the Spirit Jug . Tension and suspense apparent at voting time . . . Friday, color day Everyone wears maize and blue with mums and pep ribbons . Whipped cream and pie filling dominates Friday s assembly . . Band marches into formation at halftime ... Mr Pippel honored . Representatives appear on the field . . Julie Kilets crowned Queen . . . Homecoming dance enjoyed by all. SENioR ' s ) Time l WILL tell Who5 The BeiT. Time told Seniors deserved to win the spirit |ug. Homecoming. Freshmen are amazed at the spirit " Bull in a China Shop.” " Bull in China Shop” presented by the Class of ' 69 . . . di- rected by Miss Lois Kingsbury . . . presented on March 14 and 15 . . . tremendous turnouts . . . fabulous scenery . . . excellent humor portrayed by the cast . . . suave and debonair detective . . . sarcastic assistant detective . . . strange old spinsters . . . . agressive finger print taker . . . steadfast stretcher bearers . . . revolting reporter . . . uncanny deaths . . . fire at 909 Sycamore. ' But O ' Finn, you are so good looking! " " Right now I ' m in the crackpot division! " " Harem would be a good word, wouldn ' t it? " CAST Dennis O ' Finn Miss Hildegarde Miss Birdie Miss Amantha Miss Lucy Miss Nettie Miss Elizabeth Kramer 1st Stretcher Bearer 2nd Stretcher Bearer Jane Rodgers Johnson Student Director Ken Morris Wendy Pocklington Judy Jo Jones Connie Kane Angie Wilson Kathy Weiden Sylvia Reul Joe Rockwood Chuck Wiese Bill LaParl Beverly Phillips Tom Thompson Mary Lee Christy 53 54 Seniors Crush Faculty Seniors crush Faculty 52-49 . Mr. McLeod was a gorgeous bathing beauty . . . coordinated cheerleaders led the school spirit . . unfair referees. . . fantabulous uniforms . . . faculty in superb shape . . most popular cheer, " Cover up Mr. Wes. cover up " . . $140 collected for the school flower fund. ’ I dreamt I scored the winning point!” " Hey, you guys. I wanna play too. " And " Twinkle Toes " Wes gets ready to shoot. " San Francisco Night” Happily sitting this one out! One of the rare moments! Two Seniors enjoying " San Francisco Night " the J-Hop of 1969 . . . Presented on February 1st . . Denise Jurkiewicz chairman. Shelly Cartwright co-chairman . . . Decoration committee headed by Kathy Galetti and Pam Newman . Hippy Hall was most successful . . . Park, Fisherman ' s Warf, Air Port Terminal and The Golden Gate Bridge successfully made Committees should be commended Contempory Jazz Quintet was most enjoyable . . . Fortune cookies had some surprising fortunes . . . Refreshment committee headed by Pat Thompson . . Tickets in the form of a passport enabling the girls to keep for fond memories ... Pat Allen chairman of ticket -advertising committee . . Coat-room chairman Ann Smith . . . The atmosphere of San Francisco was clearly visible February 1. 1969. 56 N.H.S. is largest ever . . . HONOR SOCIETY. Front row: Mrs. Johnson. (Advisor). Cheryl Hopajnych. Barb Badovmac. (Recording Secretary), Jim Moore, (President), Bud Jolicoeur. (Vice- President). Karen Sharrow, (Treasurer), Lois France. (Corresponding Secretary), Gail Richardson. Miss Higgs. (Advisor) Second row: Shelly Cartwright. Julie Kilets, Denise Jurkiewicz. Peggy Halverson. Linda Schade. Carol Sawyer. Connie Tesch. Linda France. Cathy Morrison. Sally Tesch. Lesly Cahill, Terry Isaacs Third row Li Fountain. Carol Hayward. Darlene Pijanowski. Pam Gillis. Renee Thueme. Pat Thompson. Nancy Fritz. Colleen Brege. Barb Bieke. Sydney Trewhella, Donna Cran- dall. Debbie Fritz. Nina Evely. Fourth row: Judy Jo Jones. Wendy Pocklington. Karen Langell. Mark Daniels. Heidi Pocklington. Carolyn Shorkey. Kathy Galletti. Laura Tucker. Sue Kilgore. Mary Ann Morrison. Denise Jones. Melanie Robinson. Linda Krieg Back row Leonard Lazoen, Ken Morris. Cindy Ligan. John Kenzie. Bert Michelbacher. Fritz Streit. Brian Cuthbertson, Mike Sutton. Ron Kane. Aaron DeMayere. Rick Johnson. Larry Furtah. Louie Shawbitz The Honor Society in Aigonac High was greatly bolstered this year by an addition of thirty-two members of the Junior class. They were inducted into the National Honor Society on December 12. Students are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Under the leadership of President Jim Moore, and advisors Miss Higgs and Mrs. Johnson, a trip to Wayne State University to see ‘Major Barbara " at the Hillberry Classic Theatre was arranged. Members who participated thoroughly enjoyed it. Each year. Honor Society becomes bigger and better, and all members contribute to the success of the organization. Aigonac High should be proud to house so many outstanding students. Waiting for the meeting to start The S.F.B. becomes active STUDENT FACULTY BOARD Front row Mary Nugent. Mr Johnson. John Kenzie (Chairman). Mr Godfrey Second row Maureen Sauber. Amy McDonald. Mark Daniels, Mr Meyers. Ann Franzen Third row: Miss Jeffries. Miss Nugent. Miss Riley. Chuck Gullette. Back row Robert Tamulewicz. Sue Kilgore. Mr Wesoloski. Rick Johnson. Larry Studley Not pictured Kim Kenny (Secretary). Rosco DeMars " How should I know. I ' m just the chairman! " The Student Faculty Board is a new organization at Algonac High, made up of both students and faculty members. The students are elected by their classes, the teachers are volunteers. The pur- pose of the Board is to give both students and teachers a chance to get together and discuss mutual problems. Based on these discussions they make policy recommendations to both the student body and the Administration. Organized during the winter of 1968, the Board has discussed and made recommendations on several issues. The major issue last year was the dress code from which evolved the present code This year with John Kenzie as chairman and Kim Kenny as secre- tary. major issues have been subsidizing the yearbook and the increase of credit for the band and girls ' physical education classes. S.C. has what it takes STUDENT COUNCIL. Front row: Sue Kilgore (Treasurer). Chuck Gulette (President). Miss Nugent (Advisor). Larry Studley (Vice-President). Peggy Halverson (Secretary). Second row: Anne DeMars. Linda Cedar. Sharon Moehrmg. Sue McDonald. Aleath Gibson. Kathy Gillert. Pat Allen. Cheryl Hopinych. Third row: J. Mark Daniels. Ellen Koch. Ann Franzen. Randy Thueme. Roberta Slater. Wendy Campbell. Marueen Sauber, Charleen Ericksen. Fourth row: Connie Mackensen. Mary Nugent. Howard Grosser. Bill DeLange. Tom Rollins. John Kenzie Jr.. John Trix. Laurie Lewis. Amy McDonald Back row: Renee Thueme. Robert Tamulewicz. Joe Rockwood. Rick Johnson. Steve Earnshaw. Kevin Labuhn. Roy Wilson. Sheldon Stravlow. Roscoe DeMars Under the expert leadership of Chuck Gulette this year Student Council proved to be very effective. After organizing a superb Homecoming the Council split into two groups; Student Activities and Community Rela- tions. The Student Activity group organized many new clubs and a successful intermural night for all high school students. The Community Relations group or- ganized the Mom and Dad ' s Night for Varsity Foot- ball Players. Now here is an energetic group! to improve foreign relations. Good morning world! Liebe Mutti Our exchange student this year is Sylvia Reul. She is from Kaiserslautern; a city of 100,000 inhabitants which is situated in the middle of the Palatine Forest. Her German family consists of her parents. Walter and Carla, and a married sister. Claudia Krempl. Sylvia came to the United States on August 24. She was welcomed by her new family, the Anton Lewan- dowskis, and she took up residence at 1706 St. Clair River Drive. In Germany. Sylvia teaches English, and she enjoys tennis, swimming, skiing and dancing. She is quite inter- ested in politics and joined the Europa-Union. an organization which tries to help in uniting Europe. Not to be outdone by her German friends, we have kept Sylvia busy during her year with us. Besides her regular classes, she is a member of Student Council and Future Teachers. She taught an eight week German course for the Adult Education Program, and she played the part of Miss Elizabeth in the Senior Play. She also is a N.H.S. member. Everyone in Algonac has enjoyed having Sylvia stay with us, and we wish her well when she leaves. 59 Sylvia and Michelle . sisterly love. Girls can be rats too! GAA Front row Kathy Rose. Kathy Stapley. Anne Christy. (Press Agent). Donna Crandall (Secretary). Nancy Gillert (President). Kathy Galletti (Vice-President), Terry Isaacs (Treasurer). Maggie Des Jardins. Deb Mauk. Mrs. Eglinton (Advisor). Second row: Donna Baker. Karen Kendall. Barb Clerc. Linda Cedar. Denmse Bertrand. Debby McCartney. Theresa Meldrum. Paula Davis. Cindy Gray. Aleath Gibson. Debbie Chapman. Mary Kiss Third row Pam Newman. Diane Jolly. Wendy Loring. Chris Hutchison. Jan Cupit. Rose Bommarito. Linda Broedell. Marylou Olowmuk, Denise Jurkiewicz. Linda Burch. Debra Burch. Toni Mantini. Fourth row: Darlene Blanton. Peggy Halverson, Joyce Moore. Marlene Steer, Carrie Harrington. Pat Hampe. Lori Broedell. Ann Marie Smith. Gloria Kronmch. Marie Waterhouse. Sharon Sammons. Gail Ocklmgton. Back row Nadine Trmgali. Cindy Rose. Cheryl Trudeau. Donna Greer. Laurie Lewis. Donna Lago. Vivian Robinson. Denise Newlin. Chen Krieg. Karen Eglinton. Maureen Sauber. Debbie Boyd. Roberta Slater The Girls Athletic Association is a club for sophomore, junior, and senior girls interested in various sports activities. Throughout the year, we participate with other area schools in 60 sports such as basketball, volleyball, softball, and field hockey. This year a modern dance unit has been started for the creative girls. In addition to these activities, awards are presented at a banquet followed by a pajama party held in the gym to conclude a busy year. A.H.S. students serve us in many ways. LIBRARY CLUB Front row Mrs King. Pat Thompson (President). Linda Schade anne Rodman. Gail Turner. May Englehart. Marie Decker Back row Tern (Secretary-Treasurer). Sharon Atherton, (Library Assistant) Second row: Roz- Sodders. Micki Wood. Debbie Wilson. Linda Hodge Not pictured Marylss Abel QUANTITY FOOD SERVICE Mrs Stringer. Rick Poffenbarger, Sharon Suess. Dave Kulman. Pat Newbeck. Kathy Richter. Harry Kane, Steve Earnshaw (President). Epiuribus unum. LATIN CLUB. Front row: Mrs. Johnson (Advisor). Margaret OesJardens (Secretary III). Marcy Beer (President III). Carol Sawyer (President III). Chris Hutcheson (Vice- President). Sheila Carrier (Treasurer III). Second row: Kirk Hamlin (Representative). Kathy Rockwood (Secretary). Terry Isaacs (Treasurer). Mark Phillips (President). Deb Mauk (Vice-President). Nancy Short (Representative). Mike Brown. Jim Lan- vers. Third row: Oebi Moran. Mark Smith. Pam Gillis. Randy Thueme. John Trix. Chen Kneg. Jan Cupit. Caryn Jeffery. David Phillips. Fourth row Barbara Ruthard. Cindy Ligan. Kathy Jozefczyk. Jeame Harper. Craig Nemhaus. Bruce Grugen. Susan Ring. Melanie Robinson Back row Russell Evans. Jim Ligan. Nancy Fritz. Sue Yata. Denise Carrier. Dan Reid 62 This year, if you were a member of Latin Club you enjoyed a very active year. Advisor Mrs. Johnson went out of her way to make the annual trip to Stratford, to view Romeo and Juliet, enjoyable. The Latin Night was very successful. The club also went to Wayne State University to see the play Julius Caesar In class, her presentation of mythology made Dido and Aneas come alive. " Is it amo or amas? " The Future Medics and Teachers FUTURE MEDICS. Front row: Renee Thueme. (Vice-president); Sharon Johnson. (President); Micki Lewandowski. (Secretary- Treasurer) Second row Carol Hayward. Vickie Butler, Pat Allen. Li Fountain. Mona Griffith. Shelly Cartwright. May Engelhardt. Pam Allen. Pam Newman Third row: Barb Bieke. Ann Marie Smith, Caryn Jeffery, Marcy Beer. Pat Thompson. Pam Gillis. Sydney Trewhella. Darlene Blanton. Anita Johnson Back row: Nina Evely. Debbie Kless. Jill Brown. Mary Christy. Ken Kreusel. Karen Langell. Marsha Christy. Ellen Koch. Colleen Brege, John Trix Not pictured: Mrs Cole and Mrs Streit. Advisors. FUTURE TEACHERS Front row Miss Jablinski. Advisor; Denise Jones, (Secretary); Julie Kilets. (Vice-president). Beverley Phillips. (Treasurer) Second row Cheryl Hopajn- ych. Karen Christy. Linda Burch. Joyce Moore. Denise Jurkiewicz. Linda Quandt. Terry Isaacs. Third row: Judy Jo Jones. Jan Cupit. Ann Franzen. Karen Sharrow. Darlene Pijanowski. Linda Schade. Wendy Lormg. Connie Kane Back row Kathy Galletti. Laura Tucker. Dorothy Oicker son. Julie Taped. Carolyn Shorkey. Barb Badovinac Not pictured: Kim Kenney. (President). Read All About It FIRST HOUR STAFF Front row Sue Kilgore. Duplicating; Cheryl Hopainych. Editor. Connie Kane. Typist Rack row Barb Badovmac. Typist; Linda Wood ie. Typist. Rick Trmgali. Art EDITORS AND ADVISORS. Front row Cheryl Hopainych. Editor-in-Chief; Connie Kane. Society; Sue Kilgore. Duplicating Second row Miss Stewart. Advisor. Cathy Morrison, Society; Wendy Pocklmgton, Feature. Mary Ann Morrison. Feature Back row; Rick Tringali. Art; Mrs. Pippel. Advisor. Bob Tamulewicz. Sports Not pictured; Sharon Johnson. Circulation. CIRCULATION Front row: Debbie Kless. Denise Jones. Karen Sharrow. Carolyn Kettel. Sharon Johnson. Second row Louis Shawbitz. Judy Jones. Carol Witherspoon. Linda Cedar. Kathy Weiden Back row: Bonnie Sodders. Maureen Sauber. Kathy Rockwood Not pictured: Mary Christy. Mary Kilets. Laurie Lewis. Debbie Lowes. Darlene Pijanowski. Sally Tesch This year ' s Algonquin was headed by Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Hopajnych. Last summer. Cheryl went to a Journalism Work- shop at U of M. When school started and the paper came out. it was clear that Cheryl had put her knowledge to work. The 1968-69 Algonquin was the best yet. New and original ideas have helped, as have the guidance of advisors Mrs. Pippel and Miss Stewart. The entire school appre- ciates the time and effort put in by the paper staff. REPORTERS. Front row Carol Witherspoon. Debbie Lowes. Laurie Lewis. Linda Cedar Second row Mary Christy. Kathy Weiden. Karen Eglinton. Darlene Pijanowski Back row; Kathy Rock wood. Julie Tapert. Laura Tucker. Heidi Pocklington. Not Pictured Denise Jurkiewicz. May Engel hardt Our finest memory. Kathy. Mary Ann. and Wendy acting innocent The 1969 Yearbook is the product of Editor Mary Nugent and her staff; Seniors Wendy Pocklington, Mary Ann Morrison, and Kathy Weiden; Junior Renee Thueme, and photographer Mark Daniels. Rick Tringali designed our cover. This summer Mary spent a week at the Northwood Publications Workshop in Midland, Michigan. Newly- acquired ideas, hundreds of roles of film, long hours after school, and our 6th hour class were all combined to make this memory book. Miss Patricia Riley acted as both critic and supervisor. Renee and Mark counting cavaties Just one big happy family! CD CD SENIOR BAND Front row ' Wendy Pocklingion. Caryn Jeffery. ' Carol Sawyer. Ellen Koch. Heidi Pocklington, Katy Ognjan (Librarian). Jeanne Harper. Sharon Farver. Linda Long. Sally Jackson. Ann Watson. ' Denise Jurkiewicz Second row: ' Karen Sharrow (Secretary-Treasurer). Melanie Robinson. Mark Daniels (Librarian). Ron Kane, Fritz Streit. ' Connie Tesch, Colleen Brege. Wally Skula. ' Marty Barnes. Herb Blackstock. Randy Thueme. Pam Allen. Mike Hewitt. ' Tom King. Ron Justin. Gail Jolly. Sherry Varndell. Annette Halkias. Third row: Martha Beer. Nancy Fritz. Tony Ognjan. Debby McCartney. Marti Miller. Chris Kitner, Jay Jackson, Allan Mackie. Shelly Ford. Jim Leacock. ' Jim Ligan. Paula Davis. Gary Mackenson. Sally Miller. Chuck Harrington. Gene Nowicki, ' Shelly Cartwright. Karen Kendall. Pat Allen. Debby Folkerts. Nate Larabell. Rose Vandenbossche. Fourth row Marta Barnes. Delores Boulier. Sandy Frantz, Willy Gray. Jackie Wiseman. Kathy Haag. Cindy Rose. Aleath Gibson. John Whited. Al Stephenson. Mike Vandenbossche. Roy Wilson. ' Mike Davis. Tom Briskey. Rick Johnson (Vice president), Herb Wiseman. Jim Lynn. Maurice DeMeyere. Lisa Johnson. Glenn Plemess. Bob Bryson. Debbie Boyd. Kevin Labuhn (President). ' Cathy Morrison. Fifth row Dale Baxter. ' Aaron DeMeyere (Drum Major). John Trix. Dick Baker. Kirk Hamlin. Renee Sachs. Mr Appelman (Director). Gary LaParl Back row: Charlene Erickson. Debbie Lowes. Karen Christy. Julie Kilets. Mary Kilets. Renee Thueme. Mary Ann Morrison (Captain). Karen Langell. Kathy Weiden, Darlene Pi|anowski. Sally Tesch. Gail Richardson. Pam Neuman CD Q O ' First Chair as they come on MAJORETTES Front row Mary Ann Morrison (Captain). Wendy Pocklington (Co- captain) Second row: Charleen Erickson. Debbie Lowes. Karen Christy, Julie Kilets. Mary Kilets. Renee Thueme, Karen Langell. Aaron DeMeyere (Drum Major), Heidi Pocklington. Kathy Weiden. Darlene Pijanowski. Sally Tesch. Gail Richardson. Sherry Varndell. Pam Newman PRECISIONETTES. Front row Meredith Merrill. Debt Kless. Judy Jones. Mary Chris- ty. Sharon Johnson. Denise Jones. Carolyn Kettel. Cheryl Hopainych Back row: Nancy Morrison. Cheryl Arpan. Kathy Gillert. Sharon Moehring. Ann Franzen. Linda Burch. Linda Schade. Nancy Gillert (Captain). Marsha Christy (Co-captain), Cathy Morrison. Carol Oroulard. Pam Thomas. Kim Champine. Gail Jones. Pam Martin. Eileen Misney. Not pictured Kim Kenny Music, a fine art. STRING ENSEMBLE. Front row: Cathy Weaver. Annetta Halkias, Virginia Ward. Back row Mr Appelman (Director). Bob Kowalski. Anne Christy, Aaron DeMeyere. Maurice DeMeyere. Kathy Haag. Karen Eglinton. Bonnie Harper. Wendy Campbell Cathy Yata. Caryn Jeffery. Marlene Steer STAGE BAND Front row Mr Appelman (Director). Mike Hewitt. Pam Allen. Karen Jim Ligan. Kevin Labuhn. Cathy Morrison. Rick Johnson. Debbie Boyd Back row: Sharrow. Herb Blackstock. Randy Thueme. Martin Barnes Second row: Anne Chris- John Trix. Aaron DeMeyere. Roy Wilson. Mike Davis tv, Sallie Miller. Gene Nowicki. Chuck Harrington, Gary Mackensen. Paula Davis. Juniors gave it all they ' ve got Marlyss Abel Peggy Ahearn Pamela Allen Patricia Allen Sharon Andrews Lee Arnold Marlin Barnes Dale Baxter Tom Becker Martha Beer Nancy Bell Barbara Bieke Darlene Blanton Denmse Bertrand Eddie Bowen Colleen Brege Daniel Briggs Wayne Brusate Robert Bryson Vicki Butler Nancy Castle Shelly Cartwright Sheila Carrier Bill Casper Bob Chapman Darlene Church Donna Crandall Charles Creech - ▼ r. • } W 7 £a Janice Cupit Bill Currie Mark Oamels Tom Davey Mike Dee Bill DeLange Aaron DeMeyere Margaret DesJardins Mike Diot Carol Oroulard Mike OuVernay Joe Eizak May Englehardt Bob Erickson M. r Nina Evely Clifford Falls Jim Farver Li Fountain Ann Franzen Debbie Fritz Jim Fritz m Nancy Fritz Doug Gabler Kathleen Galletti Bob Gilbert Jud Gilbert Dennis Good Mona Griffith 70 U f c ■ 1 J ' tlSsb j h m Bruce Grugen Henry Habitzruther Gary Hadden Charles Harrington Carol Hayward Mike Hewitt Robbie Highstreet Linda Hodge Chris Hutcheson Terri Issacs Russell Jean Anita Johnson Diane Jolly Denise Jurkewicz Pat Kane Ron Kane Kathy Karner Linda Kazor Bob Keeler Karen Kendall Kim Kenny John Kenzie Sharon Kilgore Chris Kittner Ellen Koch Mike Kollmorgan Ken Kreusel Linda Krieg Gloria Kronnich Ed Kuta Tony Kuypers Donna Lago Don Lamoreau Karen Langell Gary LaParl Bill LaParl Bill Lawrentz David LaValla Leonard Lazoen Linda Lee Shannon Lewis Chris Lord Wendy Loring Gary Mackensen 71 They ' ve shown us who has spirit . 72 Audrey Mangas Lynda Mangas Tom Mantim Sandy Mayea Sue McDonald Kenneth Meldrum Bert Michelbacher Al Miller Marti Miller Eileen Misany Gary Mitti Sharon Moehrmg Joyce Moore Cindy Moran Debra Moran Nancy Morrison Cathy Morrison Ken Newbeck John Newlin Pam Newman Craig Nienhaus Joe Perritt Thomas Persyn Paul Phillips Debbie Pilarowski Darlene Pi|anowski Glenn Plieness Heidi Pocklmgton Dave Prudhomme Bob Pruss Linda Quandt Kathy Jo Richter Gerald Richards John Riley Melanie Robinson Ken Ritzert Dennis Robinson Bill Ring Craig Roggeman Chris Ruttan Carol Sawyer Linda Schade Dale Sears Mary Senftleben H « % i Carolyn Shorkey Dennis Short Joe Sikor ski Thomas Smith Terri Sodders Chen Stock Tim Stokes Sharon Suess Ricky Strong Sharon Szambelan Patricia Suppon Bob Taylor Terry Tatro Sally Tesch ft ft ft ft y - Jk Dale Thompson Pat Thompson Renee Thueme Terry Tillotson Sydney Trewhella Carl Trombley Laura Tucker Gail Turner Roger VanHeck Jacqueline Voorhees Bob Wagner Henry Walters Michael Weaver Steve Wetter Debbie Wilson Judy Wisdom Robin Wisdom Catherine Yata Jan Zelenock Micheal Ahearn Linda Bealle Mark Bommarito Linda Burch Edward Campbell Michael Davis Rosemary Easterly Phillip Evans Bruce Frantz Ella Glover Sandy Graus Leslie Hankey CAMERA SHY Ann Henderson Matthew Henmgg Martin Henry David Jones Sandra Jones Bill Long Dana Lugosky Idalu Mamor Eugene Nowicki Fred Quandt Glenda Rummel Gerald Schroeder Walter Skula Ann Marie Smith Fritz Striet Mark Thompson Mary Voakes Arthur Wanket George Williams Michael Wisswell Michele Wood Chris Yax 73 Here ' s the group that led them on Upper Left: President. Mark Daniels: Upper Center Student Council. Kim Kenny, Meganck. Mr Blanck Lower Left: Corres Secretary. Heidi Pocklmgton; Lower Cen- Ann Fran en. Upper Left: Vice President, Sue McDonald. Center Advisors. Mr ter: Treasurer. Laura Tucker; Lower Right Rec Secretary. Kathy Galetti. 74 MOTTO: " He who makes no mistakes does nothing. " COLORS: Gold and White FLOWER: Mum Tell us about it! A. H. S. wouldn ' t be fun § ■ W Jaletta Alcorn Oamel Ameel Charles Ames Cheryl Arpan Oonna Baker Richard Baker Beckey Basney Barbara Becker Ann Beemer Deborah Beres Jon Bogosian Rose Bommarito Lenore Bourlier Deborah Boyd Marcia Brege Jospeh Britton Lori Brodell Mikel Brown Debra Burch Donald Caiger Wendy Campbell Denise Carrier Donald Casper Susanne Castle Linda Cedar Gary Champagne Kim Champme Deborah Chapman Dennis Chapman Ann Christy Chester Cobb Michael Colladay Dale Coon Deborah Coon Dale Colman Glenn Coomer Jamie Cooney LeRoy Crosena Richard Culling Paula Davis Louise DuBons Carol Decker Marianne DeWitte Janice Dodge Karen Eglinton Phil Evans Russell Evans Sharon Farver Thomas Fett Carolyn Fields Randy Forton Janie Foucher Gerald Frit; Richard Furtah Jenny George Mary Agnes Gibbard Without the class of ' 71 Jack Glover Cindy Gray William Gray Donna Greer Robert Greer Howard Grosser Jacqueline Gulette Kirk Hamlin Lou Hamlin Patricia Hampe Jeanne Harper Daniel Hardman Came Harrington Lee Hartman Rebecca Haynes Robert Haynes Duane Heinz Gale Henry Leigh Hoover Richard Ingram Kathleen Jeffery Dennis Jones Katherine Josefczyk Ronald Justin Michele Karner Oonald Kicknosway Mary Kilets Thomas King Hart Kinzer Mary Kiss Dale Klena Cheryl Krieg Collen Lamb Malcomb Lamoreau James Lanvers Laurie Lewis Cynthia Love Deborah Lowes Mike Lowry Sandra MacDormott Amy McDonald John McKenzie Pamela Martin Mark Malloy Debra Mauk Robert Meldrum Theresa Meldrum Gregory Merritt Thaylia Moore Deborah McCartney Carol Nafrady Denise Newlin Kathleen Nichter Candace Matwyuk Oavid Nowicki Heidi Nordbeck Cynthia Osieczonek Gail Ocklmgton Corrine Odom Anthony Ognian Catherine Ognjan Mary Lou Olowmuk Jo Anne Owmgs Mike Peffers Keith Perrin Louise Persyn Frank Petrone Robin Petrone David Phillips Mark Phillips Loren Polczynskt James Polly Lou Ann Pray Wynette Purchis Daniel Reid Deborah Richards Donald Riley Susan Ring Stephen Rittenhouse Kathleen Rockwood Vivian Robinson Oenms Roggeman Cynthia Rose Kathleen Rose Barbara Ruthard Sharon Sammons Christopher Satterly Maureen Sauber Terry Schade Paula Schroerlucke Barbara Schwartz Nancy Short Roberta Slater Dennis Schaible Mark Smith Marilyn Smith Meef the members of aA V ' David Smith Patricia Smith Paul Snitchler Bonnie Sodders Bruce Sodders Jody Solgot Kathleen Stapley Marlene Steer Thomas Stringer Jerome Supal David Tabor Susan Talluto Sally Thompson Karen Thompson Randy Thueme Nadine Tringali John Trix Cheryl Trudeau Michele Turnbull William VanBuskirk Kathy Vermeulen jm s. Paul Vernior Frank Veselovsky Ronald Vigneron Douglas Villwock Margaret Voorhees Christine Wagner Kristin Wagenhals Theodore Waslovicz Dennis Wilson Barbara Wingeier Paul Wise Donald Wiseman Carol Witherspoon Gary Worthy Patrick Yacques Susan Yata Edward Yaz Phyllis Zavitz Emil Schulke Barbara Borowiec Harold Bourlier Bill Burr Barbara Clerec Allen Eifert David Fournier Ray Genaw Aleath Gibson CAMERA SHY James Ligan Christine McClure Kathleen Moss Victoria Schild Charles Smith Wayne Solgot Thomas Stephens Earl Suppon Ronald Tilly Paul Vermeulen Bill Tubert Mark Wakefield Mark Wesch David West Elizabeth Witting their staff. Upper left Advisors. Miss Kingsbury and Mr Potter Upper center Treasurer. Barb Becker; Upper right: Student Council Representatives. Laurie Lewis and Linda Cedar; Lower left; President. Maureen Sauber; Center; Recording Secretary. Aleath Gibson; Lower right Vice-president. Mary Kilets; Lower center Corresponding secretary. Nancy Short. The Freshmen have potential Andy Alef Andrew Atherton Dora Bales Jacqueline Bayly Charles Bayly James Bertram Thomas Birney Herbert Blackstock James Blanton Joseph Blanton Debra Bogosian Arbm Bowen Buddy Briggs James Briskey Elaine Broyles Gary Brusate Donna Brubel Robert Burroughs Dean Busquardt Charles Byerly Brian Caiger Brian Carroll Ann Cartwright William Cartwright Dorothy Castle Russell Ceder Bert Centala Mary Charron Janet Christy Marilyn Clarke Robert Colman Kathleen Colman Deanne Cooney John Crandall Pamela Crandall Robert Crandall Robert Creech Roberta Davies Alan Dano John Davey Mildred Davis Anne OeMars Louis DeMars Maurice DeMeyere Linda Fields Patricia Frank Victoria Grantz Kathy Engelhardt Charleen Ericksen Mary Evans Marcia Ferdig Paul Fernandez Deborah Folkerts Shelly Ford Sandra Frantz Kathy Frantz Susanne Froh Dean Furtah Luanne Garbe Brian Genaw Sue Gillis Sharon Goet? Micheal Graus Teresa Greer Mary Grosser Kathleen Haag Anetta Halkias Beverly Harrington Janet Harrington James Herbst Freshmen love to learn! Noreene Hoover Steven Highstreet Barbara Hilton Charles Hines Kathy Gillert Matt Hojna Theodore Horeftis S 4 Jay Jackson Sally Jackson Mark Jeakle Lisa Johnson Gail Jolly Gail Jones Mary Jo Kane 81 Which is essential Margaret Keefe Jan Kenney Claudia Ketchum Linda Kilgore Gail Koch Robert Kowalski Luanne Labatzky Victoria Lafrimere Wanda Lamoreau Cindy LaParl James Leacock Gretchen Kreusel Edward Lamb Kathleen Lambertson Nathan Larabell Linda Long Victoria Lord Cheryl Love Deborah Lozen James Lynn Deborah Lyons Connie Mackensen it Alan Mackie Mary Jo Malmski Paul Malinski Angelo Mantim Michael Mauk Donald Meldrum Joan Meldrum Pamela Meldrum Leigh Merrill Sallie Miller Georgia Mizer Peter Moran Kathleen Morris Joseph Morrison 151 i. Royal Mousseau Carlene Napier Wyatt Neal Catherine Neuman Janet Neuner Jean Neuner John Newbeck Sandra Nugent James Nunneley Mark O’Conner Craig Olivares Rex Oliver Kathy Lee O ' Phee Daniel Owen Donald Paquette Debbie Perry James Peters Robert Pickering Oiane Pray LeeAnn Rees Ronda Regan Lou Ann Repass Oiana Riley Keith Robinson Sharon Ruckert Joanne Rolewicz Terry Ruttan Renee Sachs Edward Sampson Jeanne Sauer Deborah Schaible Walter Schram Judy Sears Kim Shambleau Carol Sharrow ' Thomas Short Kenneth Shorkey Robert Shovan Robert Siefert Cheryl Slove Mary Smith Steven Smith Paula Sommerville Michael Stapley Glenn Stelzel Allen Stephenson Richard Stokes Mike Stoneburner Sheldon Strablow Arthur Tesch Robert Thomas Delene Thomas Pamela Thomas Douglas Tilly Thomas Trombley Cindy Turner 83 Feast your eyes on their leaders. Mike Vandenbossche Rose Vandenbossche Joseph Vanderdonck Barbara Vanderhagen Dawn VanHeck Sherry Varndell Dana Wagenhals Patricia Wagner Jacqueline Waller Virginia Ward Jeanne Warner Kenneth Waslowicz Ann Watson Catherine Weaver Katherine Weaver James Wentz David Wetter Jonathan Whited James Wiese William Wiese Harry Williams Jacqueline Wiseman Mike Witting Pamela Wright Karen Yax Wilfred Yax Cindy Young Joanne Zech Gregory Zelenock Ronald Villwock CAMERA SHY Charles Bird Robert Bourlier Mary Campbell Gary Chesney Robert Dickerson Richard Egeland Teresa Heraty Paul Hintzman Michael Masar Paul Minnich Richard Paquette John Perris Larry Ouandt Michael Riley Janet Sharrow Donald Smith Patricia Tabor Deborah Thompson Steve Thompson Jeffrey Vernier 84 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS. Upper left Mary Ellen Smith and Kathy Gillert. Gillis. Corresponding Secretary; Lower left: Mrs. Streit and Mr Gremmer. Advi Student Council Representatives. Upper right: Rosco DeMars. President; Center sors. Lower right: Angie Mantmi. Treasurer left: Jackie Wiseman. Recording Secretary; Jim Herbst. Vice President. Sue MOTTO: If we cannot find a way we will make one COLORS: Blue and White. FLOWER: Daisy. Who says school isn ' t fun . . . Honor Rats on their way to Marysville. try. try again " Fun in the sun! As we say farewell . . . The Seniors of 1969 will depart forever from Algonac High in June Graduation night, the grand finale, marks the end of four years of trials and experiences Above all, we remember . Mr. Greenwood ' s plays . . . Mr. Copp and general science Mr. Bailey and his movies Mr. Manuel Mr. Cameron ' s science class . Miss Nugent and algebra . Miss Higg ' s sewing instructions . . . typing I and swinging music Miss Jablinski and geometry . drafting class . . chemistry with the Robinsons . . Mr Treppa’s hard guy stories Dwight Merlin Snodgrass Mr. Johnson ' s kindness . American Lit. with Mr Ford . Miss T ' s spelling tests, worksheets, and indentifies Mrs. King and the library. The band trips to New York and Chicago the annual Band Festival in Port Huron candy sales half- time shows . . Tiger Stadium dropping batons, pom-poms, and coats through the bleachers challenging Fighting for a Senior Trip revising the Dress Code . . changing the Senior graduating ceremony. Bus rides to the games Saturday night dances . being goalie in field hockey pin fights in the halls report-card fights . . . G.A.A. pajama party . . . explaining why the bathroom door fell off . popping test tube corks . worms in the library . . the Advant-Guarde modern dance in gym perfume in the heater . . tapping shoulders . . skipping class . . . hiding from Mr Ford . locker clean-ups . . Miss T ' s red nail pol- ish . . Morrow Road . . running out the " in ' door . . . crickets Senior pictures. J.V. football championship ... the party afterwards ... the 1967 co-championship in football . . winning the baseball championship . football practice in the sun . . football games . . . Homecoming . after-game dances . Henry ' s after the game . . basketball games . . track practice; running around " the block. " Latin Club . . . Latin trips to Stratford . . . Latin Banquets . candy bars as prizes . . Language Night French Club hay-ride. Biology notebooks .the magazine sale dissecting pigs . . . drivers ed . our J-Hop . Honor Society Inductions and the " my sister " routine .the Junior-Senior Banquet . good food from the cafeteria . . pep assemblies . being frisked at the " out " door . . . intramurals night . . Ski Club . . . Christmas designs painted on windows Honor Rats debut dribbling to Marysville .the Senior Play. Meeting new friends . . being totally lost on the first day of school . . having older boys to look at and dream about . . . learning to put up with plastic people made from the same mold . . taking on responsibility for the first time the advantage of a small town Norbert and Sylvia And we shall fondly remember our government teacher Only Mr Wes can take so much kidding, keep a class so well entertained, and always have time to be everyone ' s friend. We will miss you. Mr. Wes! Whether happy or tragic, memories of these past four years are indelibly penned in our minds To the administration, our teachers, counselors, and advisors; we thank you for all your patience and guidance. It is you who have helped us meet life ' s challenge. Acknowledgments Mr Frank Storer of Storer-Spellman Studios— Photography Port Huron Times Herald— Photography Richmond Review— Photography Miss Patricia Riley— Advisor Administration and Faculty Lithographed in U.S.A. by EDWARDS BROTHERS INCORPORATE o 2600 SOUTH STATE STREET . ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN 4B10« —

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