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The Algonquin Algonac High School Algonac, Michigan Special Recognition The 1967-68 Yearbook Staff, on behalf of the Administration, Faculty, and Student Body, would like to present as a small token of gratitude this " Special Recognition " to our dean of American History, Miss Lucy-Jean Titsworth. Miss " T " has devoted her past fourteen years in service to Algonac High School. During this time, she has been class advisor for three of the graduating classes. Miss " T " is one of the most qualified members of our faculty. She has majored in American History and minored in English. She has also been experienced in special education. Miss T ' plans to retire at the end of this year. We will all miss her approving gestures and competent advice. We extend to you. Miss " T " , our sincere wishes for happiness in the years to come. 2 In 1964 Algonac High School students found themselves leaving the halls and classrooms of the building constructed in 1922 to attend the contemporary school building in Pte. Tremble. This long-awaited exodus was not as delightful as hoped. The " old school " meant much more to the faculty and students than just academic learning It was where the Sen- iors spent hours toiling for their play and the Juniors prepared for their prom. It was where laughter flourished and smiles were abundant It was where many young romances began and were terminated. So, naming the school was meaningful. As a dedication to the late Roy T. Gilbert, our " old school " was named Gilbert Junior High School. For 53 years, Mr Gilbert served on the Board of Education, 42 years of which he held the Office of Secretary. His aims were directed toward the education of the community children. His work extended not only locally, but also statewide. Besides having held the Office of President of both the Rotary Club and the Community Chest, he was elected to the State Legislature. This dedication cannot thoroughly express our appreciation to Mr Gilbert Table of Contents SENIORS SPORTS ACADEMICS ACTIVITIES PAGE 5 PAGE 19 PAGE 29 PAGE 37 UNDERCLASSMEN PAGE 55 — The learning of today solves the problems of tomorrow. ' So words the motto of the class of 1968 After commence ment ceremonies in June, 145 graduates will leave a mem orable institution and four unforgettable years. First there was our Freshman year during which Sopho- mores, Juniors, and Seniors took delight in buying a slave for a day Our Sophomore year was filled with preparations for dances and magazine sales. Then there was our Junior year when committees for the J-Hop needs filling and the Junior-Senior Banquet came all too soon Finally, came our Senior year when the time passed by before we began to realize its true value Our final year found us preparing for a play, a Senior Trip and graduation ceremonies Honor Students Joan Morrison George Kandler Valedictorian Salu tatorian Marlis Hintzman Diane Brockmiller Patricia Moran Jeffrey Johnson Linda Fritz Denyse Tosch Paula Goltz Seniors Robert Broyles David Badovinac Shirley Blanton David Bryson John Cartwright Michael Cartwright Seniors 8 Leanne Davey Evanthia Davidson Robert Davis Jo Ann Decker Leo DeMars Rosemary DeMeyere Randal Dennis Hazel Draper Penny Good Craig Gooden Carol Greer Sharon Graebert Seniors Delores Kiss Bernard Kundrick Gregory Kuypers Ralph Lanvers Lynn Loucks Richard Majors Paula Mangas Norma Martin Kenneth Moody Daniel Moran John Morrison Kathleen Morrison Seniors Gregory Phillips Charles Purchas Gary Sears Brian Roggeman William Siegel Jeffrey Smith James Smith Harry Solomon Pamela Somerville Deborah Steffes Norbert Sturm Seniors Larry Toussaint Frederick Tumara Larry Thueme Gary Tweedle Patricia Vannoy Barbara Vermeulen Janet Verm eulen Patricia Vernier James Wagner Carol Warner Charles Watson Ronald Weeks Wendy Werner In Memoriam 15 Richard VanHeck Seniors Marlis Hintzman. Treasurer; Mary Kane. Recording Secretary; Mrs Streit. Advisor; pat Moran. Student Council; Jan Sauber. Corresponding Secretary; Linda Nickel. Mr Ford, Advisor; Dave Beauvais. President; Beth O ' Donnell. Vice-President. Student Council Class Motto: " The learning of today solves the prob lems of tomorrow. " Class Colors: Green and White. Class Flower: Tulip. Santa visits the Seniors during Government class Sophisticated Seniors . and than there ' s that short, fat English teacher! ' Senior-Faculty Game “Let ' s see now. . . if I throw it at a 45° 3 ' angle it should make it! " " How ' s the weather. Mike? " “I get ' em! " The Student Council annually presents the Senior-Faculty Game. Students contributed a quarter to watch the Seniors match the faculty The proceeds replenish the Flower Fund. This year ' s game was highlighted by the presence of one scene-stealing counselor. Mr. McLeod Another attraction was the debut of Mr Treppa on the basketball court. The faculty won the game with the score of 43 to 37. " Up. up. and away . . . " Varsity Football First row: Dave Badovinac. Lynn Cooney. Leo DeMars. Larry Thueme. Fred Farver. Ray Meldrum. Bill Lowes Third row: Mike Childs. Bud Jolicoeur. Zelenock (co-captain). Jeff Johnson (co-captain). Bill Siegel. Jim Nugent. Larry Furtah. Oennis Little. Bob Owen. Tony Medlrum. Mike Sutton. Harry Ken Smith. Al Sutton Second row: Tom Thompson. Joe Rockwood. Mark Hurd. Ken Morris Manning. Roy Wilson. Bill Burgett. Rick Johnson. Mike Schroerlucke. Don Scores Algonac 21 Harper Woods 0 Algonac 12 Clintondale 13 Algonac 20 PHC 20 Algonac 12 Cros-Lex 7 Algonac 12 Marine City 0 Algonac 34 Yale 7 Algonac 14 Marysville 7 Algonac 14 St. Clair 0 The Algonac Muskrats, coached by Dick Garrett and Rod Greenwood, ended their 1967-68 season by defeating St. Clair and sharing the S.C.A.A.L. Championship with PHC. By winning six and tying two, the Muskrats remained undefeated, a record unmatched by any of the nineteen class B schools in the area. The Muskrats were favored in the selection of the All League teams. The choices for the League team were: Jeff Johnson (off ). Bill Siegel (def.), Fred Zelenock (def), and Ray Meldrum (off., def ). Choices for the second team were: Fred Zelenock (off.), and Larry Thueme (off ). Honorable Mention was given to Leo DeMars. Dave Badovinac, Tony Meldrum, Rick Johnson, and Larry Furtah. The school congratulates the entire team for a great season. Coach Dick Garrett and Assistant Coach Rod Greenwood There ' s always some action on the sideline Junior Varsity Football First row: 0 Wight (Coach). W Brusate. B. Oelange. J. Pcrritt. B Grugen. C. Nienhaus. 0 Prudhomme. R Avers (Coach). Second row: P Phillips. R. Pearson. G. Pleiness. R Strong. J. Eizak, J. Farver. B Frantz Third row K. Meldrum. J Sikorski. J Kenzie. B Michelbacher. E Kuta. J Gritz. E Bowen. T Tatro Ninth Grade Football First row: J. Gremmer (Coach), D Fournier. R Furtah, H. Kinzer. H. Grosser. J. P. Yacques. W Solgot. Third row: T. Schade. F. Veselovsky. J. Cooney. M Lowry. Polly. T Stephens. D. Casper. A Meganck (Coach) Second row: C. Roggeman B Poorman. M Wakefield. J. Ligan, 0. Wiseman. T Ognjan. C Ames (assit ), T Stringer. M Phillips. M Brown. E. Yax. G. Merritt. R Forton. T King. Varsity Basketball First row Loo Ametl. Jeff Johnson. John Wichman (Captain). Fred Zele- Bob Owen. Mike Sutton. Brian Cuthbertson. Third row: Joe Rockwood. nock. Mike Morrison. Ed Richie Second row: Ray Meldrum. Rick Johnson. Mike Childs. Mr Greenwood (Coach) 22 The Muskrats were out to win this year. With spirit and ten- sion high, they came sailing through our opening game with New Haven, with a 21 point lead. With a slight set back of losing to Yale, the Muskrats came back to full swing and took third place in the St. Clair League. Algonac 60 New Haven 39 Algonac 44 Yale 50 Algonac 58 Clintondale (30T) 57 Algonac 51 Marysville 39 Algonac 49 St. Clair 46 Algonac 60 Port Huron Catholic 74 Algonac 68 Cros-Lex 59 Algonac 69 Clintondale 82 Algonac 61 Marine City 54 Algonac 84 Yale 68 Algonac 63 Detroit Country Day 58 Algonac 59 Marysville 52 Algonac 54 Cranbrook 65 Algonac 58 St. Clair 67 Algonac 52 Port Huron Catholic 48 Algonac 65 Cros-Lex 85 Algonac 55 Marine City 74 Junior Varsity Basketball First Row Wally Skula. Dave Prudhomme. Aaron De- Meyer. Robbie Pearson. Mike DuVerney Second row: Roy Wilson (Mgr ). Bill Long. Jud Gilbert. Mr Meyers (Coach) Third row: Robbie Highstreet. Tom Kenzie.Fritz Streit. Bert Michelbacher. Craig Roggeman Ninth Grade Basketball First row: Dennis Roggeman. Ed Yax. Jim Ligan. Mr Wight (Coach) Second row: Greg Merritt. Gary Cham pagne. Tom Fett. Mike Petfers. Glen Commers. Dan Reid. Mike frown. Third row: Dave Fournier. Tony Ognjan. Chuck Ames. Jamie Cooney. Terry Schade. Howard Grosser. Kirk Hamlin Cheerleaders Sponsor, Miss Goodman giving a helping hand to her varsity squad. First row: Rita Schutz Second row: Shirley Blanton. Pat Moran. Third row: Sue Kilgore. Mary Worden Fourth row: Kathy Kicknosway. Marie Waterhouse. Peg Halverson 24 During the summer of 1967, the eight varsity cheerleaders along with Mrs. Eglinton and Miss Way attended a five-day clinic at Vincennes, Indiana. For their performance in competi- tion cheering, they received an Honorable Mention. This fall, the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders received a new addition. Miss Nancy Goodman, a graduate of the Univer- sity of Missouri, took on the role of sponsor and has devoted much of her time to both squads. First row Wendy Campbell. Vicki Schild. Jan Cupit. Second row: Kathy Staply. Pam Allen. Maureen Sauber V-A-R-S-l-T-Y. Varsity. GO! Varsity Baseball First row: Jim Nugent. Al Sutton, Ray Meldrum. Mike Schroerlucke. Dan Jolly. John Vigneron (Manager) Second row: Mike Sutton. Jeff Johnson. Dave Badovmac. Rick Johnson. Bob Owens. Bud Jolicoeur Not pictured Mr Garrett Golf First row Dan Doust. Aaron Demeyer. Dale Baxter Second row Bill DeLange. Mike Davis. Jim Hillock Not Pictured Mr Brown. Coach. Track First row: Howie Grosser. Ed Bower. Lynn Cooney. Mike Morrison. Mike Kundrick. Ray Meldrum. John Wichmann. Larry Furtah, Oave Bryson. Mark Miller. Oave Fournier. Mike Brown. Coach Wight Second row Coach Avers. Bob Owen. Dennis Little, Lee Arnold. Joe Perritt, Chris Satterly. Wayne Brusate. Kirk Hamlin. Oan Reid. Joe Eizak, Randy Thueme. Mike Childs. Mike Sharrow. Norbert Sturm. Tony Ognian. Chuck Ames Tennis First row: Bob Keeler. Doug Gabler. Wally Skula, Bob Tam ulewicz. Gary Champagne Second row: Mark Daniels. Mike DeVerney. Skip Wilson. Fritz Streit. John Wyzykowski. Teri Schade. Leo DeMars. Mr Pippel. (Coach.) Varsity Club First row: Mr Garrett (Advisor), Dave Badovinac (Secretary). Fred Zelenock (pres- Little. Tom Thompson. Mike Childs. Fourth row: Tony Meldrum. Mike Kundrick. ident). Jeff Johnson (Vice-President). Larry Thueme (treasurer). John Wichmann Mike Sutton. Bob Owen. Al Sutton. Fritz Strert. Harry Hurd. Larry Furtah Fifth (Sergeant at Arms). Mr Greenwood (Advisor). Second row: John Vigneron. row: Jim Nugent. Joe Rockwood, Aaron OeMeyere. Mike Morrison. Ray Meldrum. Lynn Cooney. Mark Daniels. Mike Schroerlucke. Jim Hillock. Leo DeMars. Dave Ken Morris. Wally Skula Not pictured Bill Lowes. Ed Richie. Bob Tamulewicz Bryson Third row: Roy Wilson. Bud Jolicoeur. Rick Johnson. Bill Siegel. Dennis Mighty Muskrats Sock it to ' em! All the way down the field! ACADEMICS During the past four and one-half decades, the faculty of Algonac High School has increased from a mere five to the present thirty-six. Back in 1922 when the school began one of the five included the superintendent who was also the science teacher. The Board of Education has also grown until today there are seven mem- bers of the district serving the schools of Algonac. Board of Education Samuel Martin President Alfred Wilcox Vice President Gerald Mallon Secretary Judson Gilbert Treasurer Our Board of Education consists of the district ' s most qualified residents. These conscientious public servants have been elected to operate our school system. Under their com- petent management, we are assured the opportunity of a good education. We are indebted to the Board for its work in providing an efficient school system. 30 What ' s next. Old Business? Administration Kenneth King Superintendent George Johnson Principal Robert Hollway Curriculum Director . . small pizza with pepperoni Our school system is operated by the Administration. Its function is implementing the policies of the Board of Education. It is responsible not only for putting the policies and decisions into effect, but also for the procedures by which it does so. We are most grateful to Mr. King, Mr. Hollway, and Mr Johnson for their dedicated work and generous service. " Aw. gee " 31 Faculty George Appelman Music BA - Albion Roger Avers Social Studies BS - WMU Charles Blanck Industria Arts BA-NMU Robert Ford Communications MA - WSU Richard Garrett Coach, Physical Education BA - Alma Gregory Godfrey Social Studies MA - MSU 32 John Gremmer Science BS-NMU Virginia Higgs Homemaking MA - WSU Eleanore Jablinski Mathematics MA - U of M Jane Eglinton Physical Education BS - WSU Rodney Greenwood Communications BS-NMU Carol Jefferies Art BA - CMU Ann Johnson Latin AB - Wilson Grace King Librarian MA - WSU Lois Kingsbury Communications CMU Allan McLeod Counselor MA - WSU Arthur Meganck Social Studies BS- MSU Earl Meyers Mathematics MBA - U of M James Musson Industrial Arts BS - WMU Florence Nugent Mathematics MA MSU Susan Parcheta French BA - Alma Dorothy Pippel Business Education BA - WMU Trueman Pippel Biology BS - WMU Glenn Potter Industrial Arts MA - WSU 33 Faculty Patricia Riley Business Education BBE - EMU Allene Stewart Counselor MA - U of M Esther Streit Communications, Counselor MA - EMU Lawrence Treppa Communications BA - MSU Ronald Trumble Donald Weitzel Communications Spanish MA - MSU BA - MSU 34 Donald Wight Mathematics BS - MSU Marion Robinson James Robinson Chemistry. Physiology Chemistry, Physics WSU BS - WSU Lucy-Jean Titsworth American History BS - EMU James Wesoloski Government BA - WMU Jill Buck Study Hall Supervisor Office Staff Marian Jackson Secretary to Mr. Johnson Ellen Hartman Bookkeeper Susan DeLange Secretary to Mr. King Christian Pruss Secretary to Mr. Hollway School Nurse Kitchen Staff Helen Cole. R.N. Students and faculty join us in complimenting Mrs. Stringer and her staff for the fine lunches served this year. Not only did they serve superior daily lunches, but they also prepared many special dinners and teas for the administration, faculty, and various organizations. Shown in the adjacent picture are: Mrs. Stringer. Mrs Wich- mann, Mrs. Greer, and Mrs. Sharrow. 36 Frustrated Faculty Tve already heard that one. " “And what do you want?” " I ' m wonderful!” “Line up for this year — iri. tii Ifi ACTIVITIES Since the beginning of the Algonac Community Schools, various student organizations have been successful in conducting extracurricular activities. In the early 1900 ' s such clubs as Hi Y. Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts were organized and affiliated with the school. Since that time, more clubs were established for specialized fields. Among these are Latin Club, Library Club. Future Medics, Future Teachers. Varsity Club, Glee Club. Girls ' Athletic Association, and Honor Society. r- Student Council A popular figure at Algonac High this year is our foreign- exchange student, Norbert Sturm. Born and raised near Kiel. Germany, a large seaport on the Balt ic Sea, he lives with his parents, his brother, Gernot. and his grandparents. While attending school here, he is staying with the Stuart Morrison family in Algonac. Besides studying (?), Norbert enjoys basketball, baseball, and strawberry sundaes at the Dairy Queen. As a member of our track team, he runs the two-mile. Upon returning to his home town in Germany. Norbert will have to spend a year and a half in the German Army. He has two more years of high school and five years of college. After graduation, he would like to go into journalism or be a lawyer. Someday, Norbert would like to return to the United States and, hopefully, to Algonac. President Larry Thueme and Norbert First row Norbert Sturm. Pat Moran (Secretary). Larry Thueme (President). Jeff Lewis (Vice President). Miss Nugent (Advisor). Peg Halverson (Trea- surer). Second row: Donna Baker. Cindy Moran. Steff McDonald. Mary Kilets. Maureen Sauber. Joan Morrison. Michele Karner. Sue McDonald. Third row: Sharon Moehring. Aleth Gibson. Jan Sauber. Mary Kane. Chuck Gulette. Larry Studley. Pat Thompson. Ed Yax, Charlie Harrington. Fourth row: Randy Thueme. Sharon Johnson. Mark Daniels. Chris Lawrence. Sue Kilgore. Mark Miller. Dale Baxter. Sharon Graebert. Linda Nickel. Fifth row: Mike Morrison. Dave Beauvais. Karin Cooper. Bert Mickelbacher. Jim Nugent. John Wichman. Gary Tweddle, Karen Sharrow. Not pictured: Rosemary DeMeyere. Leo Ameel. Steve Earnshaw. Ann Franzen. Julie Kilets. Dan Reid. Wally Skula. Amy McOonald. Student Council " Should we or shouldn ' t we? M Once again Student Council took the lead role in conducting student life in A. H. S. Under the guidance of Mr. Johnson and Miss Nugent, Student Council was successful in conducting open- ing day assemblies, locker clean-up. dances and other activities. This year. Student Council strived for effectiveness not only in conducting activities, but also in solving faculty and student differences. Larry Thueme served as a very efficient President this year. Other officers were: Jeff Lewis. Vice President; Pat Moran, Sec- retary, and Peg Halverson, Treasurer. One of our seasonal projects. " Now that we re alone Library Club Left to right: Pat Teubwt. Linda Schade. Bonnie Kendall. De- Nickel. Gail Turner. Terry Isaacs. May Endelhart. Center: Linda lores Kiss. Pat Thompson. Kathy Foguth, Oebby Wilson. Linda Fernandez. Not pictured: Mrs. King (Advisor). Quantity Food Service Class First row: Mrs Stringer (Advisor). Linda Jones. Pat Nugent. Tom Talluto Second row: Pat Newbeck. John Riley. Steve Earnshaw. Harry Dolomon Future Medics First row: Sharon Johnson (Treasurer). Beth O ' Donnel (Pres- ident), Lynn Gillis (Secretary). Second row: Pam Newman, Sandi Long. Michelle Lewandoski. Li Fountain, Sandy Clear- wood. Cheryl Hopajnych. Third row: Cheryl Becht. Linda Nichel, Ann Marie Smith. Wendy Werner. Pat Vannoy, Jo Decker, Darlene Blanton. Fourth row: Mona Griffith. Karean Smith. Carol Hayward. Mary Christy. Marcy Beer. Jill Brown, Carolyn Kettel. Linda Fritz. Kathy Weiden. Fifth row: Caryn Jeffery. Pat Thompson. Barb Bieke. Ellen Koch. Heidi Pock lington. Karen Langell. Renee Thueme. Melanie Robinson. Nina Evely. Not pictured: Bea Reitzfer. Peg Zelenock. Marsha Christy. Glenda Rummel. Sandy Henry. Mrs Streit, and Mrs Cole. R. N. (Advisors). Future Teachers First row: Miss Jablinski (Advisor). Mary Kane (Sec- retary). Janette Sauber (President). Sharon Graebert (Vice-President). Hazel Draper (Treasurer) Second row Cheryl Hopajnych. Joan Morrison. Paula Goltz. Marlis Hintzman. Third row: Pam Goltz. Karen Tesch. Mary Ann Morrison. Pat Moran. Karen Sharrow Fourth row Judy Jones. Kathy Weiden. Dorothy Dickerson. Julie Tapert. Denise Jones. Diane Brock miller Honor Society members sign the scroll. Congratulations from Mr Johnson The National Honor Society inducted twenty-three members on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. The clubs activities were attending a play, selling cook books, and holding a Phantom Tea to raise money for their Scholarship Fund. First row: Paula Goltz (Corresponding Secretary), Janette Sauber (Recording Sec retary), George Kandler (President). Mike Morrison (Vice President). Pat Moran (Treasurer). Miss Higgs (Advisor). Second row: Carol Greer. Lois France. Peggy Halverson. Joan Morrison. Marlis Hintzman. Gail Richardson Third row: Sharon Atherton. Karen Sharrow. Mary Kane. Kathy Arnold. Margaret Trent. Connie Tesch, Linda France Fourth row Gwen Som erville. Judy Jo Jones. Wendy Pock lington. Barbara Badovinac. Karen Tesch. Mary Ann Morrison. Pam Gillis, Linda Fritz. Fifth row: Diane Brockmiller. Penny Good. Denise Tosch. Cindy Ligan. Dave Beauvais. Chuck Gulette. Sue Kilgore Sixth row: Larry Furtah, Jeff Johnson. Bud Jolicoeur. Mike Sutton. Brian Cuthbertson. John Neddermeyer. Norbert Sturm. Larry Thueme Paper Staff ASSISTANT EDITORS First row: Kathy Gailetti. Art; John Wich mann. Sports: Beth O ' Donnell. Circulation. Second row: Diane Heinz. Assembly. Denyse Tosch, Feature; Cathy Morrison. Janette Sauber. Society Co-editors. The 1967-68 Algonquin Staff was headed by Editor-in-Chief. Mary Kane, under the guidance of Mrs. Pippel and Miss Stewart. They kept the students, faculty, and administration of A. H. S. in- formed of current events in the school through their weekly newspaper, the Algonquin. REPORTERS AND CIRCULATION first row: Linda Nickel, Cheryl Hopajnych, Debbie Lowes. Judy Wisdom. Second row: Wendy Werner. Pat Vannoy. Karen Eglinton. Cam Huffman. Third row: Pam Newman. Pat Kane, Beverly Phillips. Li Fountain. Pat Thompson Fourth row: Wendy Pocklington. Mary Ann Morrison. Connie Kane. Sharon Johnson Fifth row Jo Decker. John Wich- mann. Sandi Long " Whoops, forgot the ink! " THIRD HOUR STAFF First row: Lynn Gillis. Marlis Hintz- man. Typists: John Morrison. Art; Mary Kane. Editor-in- chief Second row: Diane Brockmiller. Typist; Sue Kilgore. Duplicating. Miss Stewart. Mrs Pippel. Advisors Not pictured SteH McDonald. Chief Typist " If you wish! " 43 Girls ' Athletic Association Advanced G. A. A. First row: Eileen Misany. Karen Tesch (Treasurer). Nancy Gillert (Vice-President). Hazel Draper (President). Chris Hutcheson (Secretary). Kathy Galletti (Press Agent). Mrs. Eglinton (Advisor). Second row: Pat Allen. Chris Yax. Li Fountain. Denise Jurkiewicz. Lynda Mangus. Karen Kendall. Terry Isaacs. Margaret DesJardins. Third row: Audrey Mangus. Marie Waterhouse. Shirley Blanton. Kathy Karner. Rozanne Rudman, Darlene Blanton. Kathy Mor rison. Bev Phillips. Oale Sears Fourth row: Gloria Kronnich, Jan Zelenock. Diane Jolly. Rosemary Easterly. Linda Krieg, Joyce Moore. Delores Kiss. Linda Burch. Donna Crandall. Peggy Halverson Fifth row: Jan Cupit, Pat Thompson. Barbara Bieke. Colleen Brege. Mary Worden. Robin Wisdom. Sheila Carrier. Sue Kilgore. Karean Smith Freshman G.A.A. First row: Susan Talluto. Donna Baker. Debbie Lowes. Becky Basney. Katht Rose. Janie Foucher. Ann Beemer. Mary Kiss. Second row: Mary Gibbard. Toni Mantini. Cam Huffman. Kim Champine. Cindy Gray Deborah Chapman, Robin Petrone. Theresa Meldrum. Debbie Beres. Third row: Paula Davis. Joanne Owings, Wynette Purchis. Lee Hartman, Sharon Sammons. Lenore Bourlier. Vicky Schild. Debbie McCartney. Mrs Eglinton. (Advisor). Fourth row: Nadine Tringali. Carrie Harring- ton. Gail Ockington, Wendy Campbell. Vivian Robinson. Karen Eglinton. Peggy Voorhees. Thaylia Moore. Ann Smith. Fifth row: Carol Witherspoon. Gale Henry. Paula Sclioerlucke. Chris Wagner. Marylou Olownick, Kathy Jeffery. Pat Hampe. Lois Hohimer Sixth row: Donna Lago. Roberta Slater. Donna Greer. Kathy Nichter. Katie Ognjan, Kathy Rockwood, Marcia Biege. Denise Carrier. Cheri Krieg. Debbie Boyd Latin Club First row Dave Prudhomme (Treasurer). Shirley Blanton (President). Ellen Koch (Vice-President). Sue McDonald (Secretary) Second row: Nancy Morrison. Judy Wisdom. Darlene Blanton. Sally Tesch. Carol Greer. Jan Zelenock, Connie Tesch. Ann Marie Smith. Cathy Morrison. Cindy Moran. Sharon Moehring. Li Fountain. Second row: Margaret DesJardens, Pat Kane. Pam Gillis. Glen Pleiness. Dar lene Pijanowski, Debi Fritz. Jill Brown. Carol Hayward. Ann Franzen. Mona Latin Club, a very active organization, has been af- filiated with the school for eight years. Through their advisor, Mrs. Johnson, members are exposed to class- ic customs and ideas, many of which are relived at the annual Latin Banquet (pictured at the right) and the Olympics. The club is made up of Latin II and prerequisite students. Griffith. Marcy Beer. Carol Sawyer Third row Sharon Atherton. Pat Thompson. Karen Tesch. Mark Daniels. Renee Thueme. Robin Wisdom. Kathy Galletti. Sheila Carrier. Penny Good. Nina Evely, Caryn Jeffery, Marlyss Abel Fourth row: Judy Jo Jones. Bill DeLange. Lee Arnold. Ken Morris. Tom Thompson. Mike Dee. Brian Cuthbertson. Dennis Little. Mike Sharrow, Jud Gilbert. Mike DuVerney. Chris Hutcheson. Oonna Crandall Not pictured Mrs Johnson (Advisor). ' Please, not while I ' m eating! " First row: Gwen Somerville. Linda Fritz, Sharon Moehring, Caryn Jeffery. Carol Sawyer. Ellen Koch. Karen langell. Heidi Pocklington, Cathy Ognjan, Jeanne Harper. Sharon Farver. Wendy Pocklington. Second row: Norma Martin. Pam Goltz (Librarian). Jim Hewitt. Karen Sharrow, Dave Bryson, Linda Nickel. Wally Skula. Kathy Foguth, Ron Justin. Tom King. Mike Hewitt. Ed Campbell. Pam Allen. Chris Halkias, Randy Thueme. Mike Wise. Marty Barnes. Denise Jurkiewicz. Third row: Cheryl Hopajnych, Melanie Robinson. Mark Daniels. Ron Kane, Fritz Streit. Nancy Fritz. Connie Tesch. Martha Beer. Chuck Harrington. Paula Davis. Gary Mackensen. Jim Ligan, Ken Moody. Kathy Misany, Larry Thueme. Mary Nugent. Paula Goltz (Secretary-Treasurer). Pat Vernier. Shelly Cartwright. Karen Kendall. Sandy Clearwood. Pat Allen Fourth row: Tony Ognjan. Marta Barnes. Debby McCartney. Marti Miller. Chris Kittner. Colleen Brege. Jerry Wilson. Chris Lawrentz. Tom Briskey. Jeff Johnson (President). Bob Bryson. Glen Pleiness. Jim Hillock, Brownie Blanton. Debbie Boyd. Kevin Labuhn. Cathie Morrison. Rick John- son. Fifth row: Bernie Becker. Mike Kundrick, Aaron DeMeyere (Drum Major). John Trix. Dale Baxter. Dick Baker. Al Eifert, Leonard Briskey. Roy Wilson, Mike Davis, Dave Schneider. Bill Siegel (Vice-President), Gary Tweddle. George Appelman (Director). Last row: Mary Ann Morrison. Kathy Weiden. Mary Kiets. Renee Thueme. Peggy Meldrum, Janette Sauber (Cp-Captain), Pat Vannoy (Captain). Wendy Werner. Jo Ann Decker. Pam Chesney. Gail Richardson. Karen Christy. Not pictured: Gene Nowicki. Rosemary DeMeyere (Librarian). Delores Bourlier. Rick Irwin. Julie Kilets Band Majorettes First row: Jan Sauber (Co-Captain). Peggy Meldrum. Jo Decker. Wendy Werner. Pam Chesney. Pat Vannoy (Captain). Second row: Gail Richardson. Karen Christy. Karen Langell. Heidi Pocklington, Renee Thueme. Aaron DeMeyer (Drum Major). " Back to the starting point, on the double! " Kathy Weiden. Wendy Pocklington. Mary Ann Morrison. Mary Kilets Not pictured: Julie Kilets. Among the outstanding organizations at Algonac High School is the Senior High Band under the direction of Mr George Appelman During the past school year the marching band provided several entertaining half-time shows at the football games. In May the concert band participated in the County Band Festival at Port Huron. In December, they gave a Christmas Concert which both faculty and students enjoyed The band closed their busy year with a spring concert and parades Also they sponsored the Annual Donation Dinner Everybody say cheese! Precisionettes First row: Pate Kane. Gail Rummel (Captain). Pam Martin. Nancy Gillert (Co-Captain). Debbie Lowes Second row Eileen Misany. Sharon Moehrmg. Kim Champine. Carol Droulard. Cathy Morrison. Sally Tesch. Nancy Morrison. Cheryl Arpan. Pam Newman. Cheryl Hopainych Third row: Linda Schade. Denise Jones. Sharon Johnson. Carolyn Kettle. Meredith Merrill. Marsha Christy. Cathie Kundrick. Kim Kenney. Ann Franzen, Mary Christy. Judy Jones. Darlene Pijanowski. Carol Hayward Stage Band First row: Marty Barnes. Ed Campbell. Mike Hewitt. Tom King. Mr. Appel man (Advisor). Norma Martin. Mike Wise. Jim Hewitt. Karen Sharrow. Pam Goltz. Second row: Kathy Arnold. Larry Thueme. Mary Nugent. Paula Goltz. Jeff Johnson. Brownie Blanton. Kevin Labuhn, Cathie Mor- rison. Rick Johnson. Third row: Aaron OeMeyere. Mike Kundrick. Gary Twaddle. Orchestra First row: Norma Martin. Linda Fritz. Wendy Campbell. Bonnie Harper. Karen Jurkiewicz. Wendy Pocklington. Shelly Cartwright. Pat Vernier. Jeff Johnson. Eglington. Judy Wisdom. Paula Davis. Caryn Jeffery Second row Kathy Foguth. Paula Goltz. Third row Marlene Steer. John Trix. Aaron DeMeyere. Gary Tweddle, Jim Hewitt. Pam Goltz. Ed Campbell. Gwen Somerville. Sharon Moehrmg. Denise Dale Baxter. Mr Appleman. Berme Becker. Mike Kundrick. Glee Club 49 First row Michele Nowicki. Patti Belles Second row: Marylss. Miss Way (Director). Ann Marie Smith. Third row: Linda Fritz. Donna Lage. Linda Kreig. Joe Perritt. Not pictured are: Delores Bourlier. Kathy Kicknosway. and Dave Bubel Homecoming First row: Paula Goltz. Beth O’Donnell. Steff McDonald. Second row: Rita Schutz. Julie Kilets. Ann Franzen. Barb Becker On Wednesday of Spirit Week. Student Council organized a very successful Spirit Assembly. Each class presented a skit pertaining to Homecoming or football. Thursday, the student body wore maize and blue ribbons. Firday, October 20, was the big day, Color Oay. School colors were worn by the both fac- ulty and students. Mums were sold by the Sophomores. During the last hour, the pep band led an original mini-parade through our halls to the pep assembly in the gymnasium. Clirit - Classic + Spirit Throughout the week, posters had been displayed in the cafetorium. At the assembly, judges announced Eileen Misany as first place winner of the poster contest. For their participa- tion throughout the whole week, the Seniors won the Spirit Jug. Friday night, with excitement high in the air, Mr. Johnson crowned Paula Goltz our 1967 Homecoming Queen. Mr William Goltz, President of Rotary Club, presented his daughter with the cape and folowers. i A resounding resemblance Three seniors getting ready for the mini-parade Mr Johnson gets the honor of crowning our queen Pres of Rotary Club gladly puts the cape on his daughter 51 Queen Paula. J-Hop The Algonac High School Cafetorium took on a new atmos- phere the night of January 26, 1968 The annual J-Hop was presented by the Class of ' 69 and the theme was " Latin Quarter. " Mike Sutton and Sue Kilgore were the Co-chairmen. The credit for Can-Can girls, murals, the Eiffel tower, and fountain goes to the decoration committee headed by Rick Tringali. Other chairmen were: Band. Karen Christy; Refreshments, Nancy Giilert; Tickets-Advertising, Peg Halverson. Mothers helped, too. Two couples sit this one out. 52 They could have danced all night “ It ' s fun after, too! Senior Play The Class of ' 68 presented the mystery-comedy. " If A Body Meet A Body. " Miss Lois Kingsbury directed the play, and the cast consisted of: Sue Ann Kendall Priscilla Jones Cam Crawford Mr. Hatcher Owen Barnes Mrs. Reilly Sonia Henry Reilly Lieutenant OeVille Officer Connelly Delivery Man Stage Directors Cam, Prissy, and Sue Ann await interrogation by It OeVille Pam Chesney Wendy Werner Pat Vannoy Norbert Sturm John Wichmann Sharon Graebert Paula Goltz Jim Nugent Mike Morrison Harry Solomon Bill Siegel Pam Goltz. Gary Tweddle Yearbook Staff ' Smile. Karen! " " No. absolutely not! " The 1968 Yearbook has been the result of a group of four Seniors and one Junior working many hours to compose a memory book. Our Editor-in-Chief this year was Paula Goltz. with Karen Cooper. Assistant Editor; Sandi Long. Organizations Editor; Pat Moran. Copy Editor; and Mary Nugent. Sports Editor. Miss Patricia Riley was our new advisor. A selection of cover designs was presented to the Senior class and voted upon. They chose John Cartwright ' s design. Yes. we were the ones who caught you off guard in a picture. 54 " You ' ve got to be kidding!” " What a burden! " “I want this yellow . . . " UNDERCLASSMEN Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors— without them there would be no Seniors, for there would be no school Although a yearbook places emphasis on Seniors, we cannot forget those who will follow— the future Seniors Underclassmen play an important role in the school too. Each class has a definite part to perform in the development of the school academically and socially, individually and as a group C First there ' s the Juniors who are anxiously pushing toward their Senior year It is to this class that the whole school, and seniors in particular, say. " thank you " for the J-Hop and Junior- Senior Banquet Next come the Sophomores. They have their magazine sale and after-game concessions and dances to build up their treasury. During this year they have conferences with counselors and parents to help plan their classes for the next two years. Last but not least we have the Freshmen. They spend a lot of time just getting used to high school and their new routine They, too. have after-game concessions and dances to prepare them for their remaining years in high school. Yes. the underclassmen form an important nucleus in our school. To you, the Seniors say best of luck in your remaining years at Algonac High School Barb Badovmac. Marta Barnes. Don Baumann. Pat Belles. Brownie Blanton. Delores Bourlier. Tom Briskey. Linda Brodell Jill Brown. Tom Broyles. Bill Burgett. Leslie Cahill. John Cartwright. Glenn Champine. Mike Childs. Gary Chiebnik Marsha Christy. Karen Christy. Mary Christy. Bob Cupit. Brian Cuthbertson. Randy Cuthbertson. Marie Decker. Dorothy Dickerson Dan Doust. Steve Earnshaw. Don Farver. Mona Fazen- baker. Jim Fernandez. Kathy Foguth. Linda France. Lob France Rachelle Froh. Larry Furtah Chuck Gullette. Denns Garrison. Nancy GMIert. Pam Gdlis. Ella Glover. Gloria Grants. Sandy Graus. Mary Beth Guyer. Diana Habitzruther. Peggy Halverson Bonnie Harper. Tom Hampe. Jim Harrington. Diane Heinz. Jim HHIock. Dennis Hojna. Mary Hoover. Cheryl Hopajnych Joel Hopkins. Harry Hurd. John Hurlburt, Caryn Jeffery. Sharon Johnson. Rick Johnson. Bud Jolcoeur. Dave Jones. Dense Jones. Judy Jones. Andy Jozefczyk. Connie Kane. Donna Karner. Carolyn Kettel. Julie Kdets. Sue Kilgore Debbw Kless, Kathy Kundrick, Kavin Labuhn, Bill Latour. Nancy Lee. Michelle Lewandowski. Cindy Ligaa Dennis Little Bill Lowes. Pat Malloy. Mark Manning, Joe Masar. Mark McDougall. Meredith Merrill. Linda Metcalfe. Kathy Misany Carl Montney, Jim Moore. Karen Moore. Mary Ann Morrison. Bob Murley. Chuck New. Anita Newell. Pat Newbeck Gene Nowicki, Ed Nugent. Mary Nugent. Pat Nugent. Gene Oliver. Bob Owen, Beverley Phillips. Diana Pinch. Wendee Pocklington. Rick Prudhomma Beth Purchis. Tim Raymond Jim Rees. Gail Richardson. Bea Reitder. John Riley. Linda Rittenhouse. Linda Robinson. Joe Rockwood, Tom Rogers. Tom Rollins. Rozanne Rudman, Wally Sampson. Ray Saur. Roger SchHd. Mike Schroerlucke. Rita Schutz. Karen Sharrow. Mike Sharrow. Louis Shawbitz. Gail Smith, Karean Smith. Diane Springsted. Bonnie Stark. Jim Stringer. Larry Studley Mike Sutton, Bob Tamulewicz, Julie Tapert. Bob Taylor, Connie Tesch, Tom Thompson. Peggy Trent. Rick Tringali. Gary Tumara. Gary Varndell. Sandy Veselovsky. John Vigneron. Marie Waterhouse. Paul Watson. Kathy Weiden. John Whittemore Chuck Wiese. Skip Wilson, Angela Wilson. Gerry Wilson. Roy Wilson. Mike Wise. Jim Witherspoon. Linda Woodie Mary Worden. Lorriane Wuestenberg. John Wyzykowski, Peggy Zelenock. Mary Zieldorff Camera Shy Tom Atherton Lews Bourlier Ed Campbell Lana Kimball Tony Meldrum Ray Meldrum Bob Vermeulen Lorriane Minken Kathy Yax Ken Morris Doc is Zavitz Vickie Pdarowski Oave Schram 58 - Juniors First row: Mr Wesoloski, Advisor. Mane Waterhouse. Vice-President: Chuck Gulette. President: Mr Godfrey. Advisor Second row: Sue Kilgore. Student Coun- cil: Peggy Trent. Treasurer; Wendy Pocklmgton. Corresponding Secretary. Kathy Weiden. Recording Secretary: Karen Sharrow. Student Council. Class Motto: " What is done today creates tomorrow. " Class Colors: Loden Green and Gold. Class Flower: Tea Rose. Juniors decorate for after-game dance. Marlyss Abel. Pam Alien. Pat Allen. Sharon Andrews. Lee Arnold. Martin Barnes. Dale Baxter. Cheryl Beckt Martha Beer. Barbara Bieke. Darlene Blanton. Mark Bommarito. Ed Bowen. Colleen Brege. Dan Briggs Wayne Brusate Bob Bryson. Unda Burch. Vickie Butler. Ed Cain. Shelia Carrier. Shelley Cartwright. Bill Casper. Bob Chapman. Sophomores A td 1 dA Darlene Church. Donna Crandall. Chuck Creech. Jan Cupit. Bill Currie. Mark Daniels. Tom Davey. Mike Davis. Mike Dee. Bill DeLange Aaron DeMeyere. Margaret DesJardmes Mike Diot. Carol Droulard. Mike Duverney. Joe Eizak. Dennis Endelman. May Engelhardt. Nina Evely. Cliff Falls. Jim Farver. Li Fountain. Bruce Frantz. Ann Franzen. Debbie Fritz. Jim Fritz. Nancy Fritz. Douglas Gabler Kathy Galetti. Mike Gettings. Jud Gilbert. Bob Gilbert. Dennis Good. Mona Griffith. Bruce Grugen. Henry Habit zruther Gary Hadden. Leslie Hanke. Chuck Harrington. Carol Hayward. Matt Hennig, Marlin Henry. Mike Hewitt. Robbie Highstreet. Linda Hodge. Joyce Horneffer. Chris Hutcheson. Terry Isaacs. Russ Jean. Joyce Johns. Anita Johnson. Diane Jolly Sangy Jones. Denise Jurkiewcz. Pat Kane. Ron Kane. Kathy Karner. Linda Kazor, Bob Keeler. Karen Kendall Kim Kenny. John Kenzie. Sharon Kilgore. Chris Kittner. Ellen Koch. Linda Krieg. Gloria Kronnick. Ed Kuta Tony Kuypers. Donna Lago. Karen Langell. Gary LaParl. Tony Mantini, Bill LaParl. Bill Lawrentz. Leonard Lazoen. Linda Lee. Shannon Lewis Bill Long. Chris Lord Dana Lugosky. Gary Mackertsen. Audry Mangas. Dave Manning. Sandy Mayea. Sue McDonald, Ken Meldrum Bert Michelbacher. AJ Miller. Marti Miler. Eileen Mtsany. John Misany. Gary Mrtti. Sharon Moehring. Joyce Moore Cindy Moran. Oebi Moran. Dave Morris. Cathie Morrison. Nancy Morrison. Ken Newbeck. John Newlin, Pam Newman. Craig Nienhaus. Robbie Pearson. Joe Perritt. Tom Persyn. Paul Phillips. Darlene Pijunowski. Debbie Pilarowski, Glenn Pleiness. Camera Shy Tom Becker Joel Bill bury John Bourlier Sieve Crandall Bob Ericksen Phil Evans Sandy Henry Mike Kollmorgan Heidi Pocklington. Dave Prudhomme. Bob Pruss. Fred Quandt. Linda Quandt. Debbie Richards Gerry Richards. Jerry Richie Kathy Richter. Ken Ritzert. Dennis Robinson. Melanie Robinson. Craig Roggeman. Glenda Rummel. Chris Ruttan, Carol Sawyer Linda Schade. Jerry Schroeder, Dale Sears. Carolyn Shorkey. Dennis Short. Joe Sikorski. Wally Skula. Tom Smith Terri Sodders. Cheri Stock. Tim Slakes. Vicki Slone. Fritz Streit. Rickey Strong. Sharon Suess. Pat Suppon. Terry Tatro. Sally Tesch. Dale Thompson. Pat Thompson. Renee Thueme. Sydney Trewhella. Carl Trombley. Laura Tucker. Gail Turner. Roger Van Heck. Mary Jane Voakes. Jackie Voorhees Bob Wagner. Tom Walker. Henry Walters. Art Wanket, Mike Weaver. Jack Wesch. Sieve Wetter. Debbie Wilson Judy Wisdom. Robin Wisdom. Mike Wisswell. Michele Wood. Chris Yax. Jan Zelenock. Ken Kreusel Dave LaValla Ann Marie Smith Saline Waslowcz George Williams Sophomores First row: Pam Newman. Recording Secretary: Heidi Pocklington. Corresponding Secretary; Renee Thueme. Treasurer: Cindy Moran. Student Council; Ann Franzen, Student Council. Second row: Aaron DeMeyers. Vice-President. Mark Daniels. President; Mr Meganck. Advisor: Mr Blanck. Advisor. Class Motto: " He who makes no mistakes does nothing. " Class Colors: Gold and White. Class Flower: Mum. Sophomores say. " Ho. Ho. Ho! " Lori Broedell. Mike Brown. Debbie Burch. Edith Cain. Don Caiger. Wendy Campbell. Denise Carrier. Don Casper Linda Ceder. Gary Champagne. Kin Cham pine, Ann Chapman. Dennis Chapman. Barb Qere. Chester Cobb. Mike Colladay Glen Coomer. Jamie Cooney Leroy Crosina. Richard Culling. Paula Davis. Marianne Dewitte. Karen Eglinton. Allen Eifert, Russell Evans. Sharon Farver. Tomm Fett. Randy Fort on Janie Foucher. Dave Fournier. Jerry Fritz. Ricky Furtah. Tim Gaard. Mary Gibbard. Mary Gibson. Ray Genaw Jenny George. Ann GMlis. Will Gray. Bob Greer. Donna Greer. Howard Groser. Jackie Gulette. Kirk Hamlin. Leigh Hoover. Dick Ingram. Kathy Jeffery. Denns Jones. Kathy Jozefczyk. Ron Justin. Michele Karner. Don Kicknosway Mary Kilets. Tom King, Hart Kinzer, Mary Kiss. Dale Klena. Cheryl Krieg. Colleen Lamb. Jim Lanvers Richard Large. Laurie Lewis. Jim Ugan. Debbie Lowes. Bob Lowry. Sandy McDormatt. Mark Malloy. Pam Martin Debbie Mauk. Debbie McCartney. Amy McDonald. Bob Meldrum. Theresa Meldrum. Greg Merritt, Thaylia Moore. Denise Newlin. Kathy Nichter. Carol Nafrady Dave Nowicki. Gail Ocklington Corrine Odom. Tony Ognjan. Cathy Ognjan. Marylou Otawniuk. Jance O ' phea. Jo Ann Owings. Keith Perrin. Robin Petrone 1971 Dave Phillips. Mark Phillips. Loren Polczynski. Jim Polly. Blake Poorman. Lou Ann Pray. Waynette Purchis. Dan Reid Gary Repass. Karen Richie. Don Riley. Steve Rittenhouse. Vivian Robinson. Kathy Rockwood. Dennis Roggeman. Cindy Rose Kathy Rose. Barb Ruthard. Sharon Sammons. Chris Satterly. Maureen Sauber, Terry Schade. Dennis Schaible. Victoria Schid Dave Schneider. Paula Schroerlucke. Emil Schilke. Barb Schwarz. Nancy Short. Roberta Slater. Dave Smith. Patti Smith Bonnie Sodders. Bruce Sodders. Jody Solgot. Wayne Solgot. Kathy Stapely. Marlene Steer. Tom Stephens. Tom Stringer Earl Suppon, Dave Tabor. Susan Talluto. Bill Teubert, Randy Theume, Ron Tilly. Karen Thompson. Sally Thompson Nadine Tringali. John Trix. Michele Turnbull. Bill VanBuskak. Kathy Vermeulen. Paul Vermeulen. Rank Veselovsky. Peggy Voorhees Freshmen Kris Wagenhals. Chris Wagner Mark Wakefield. Ted Waslowicz. Linda Wilhelm. Dennis Wilson. Paul Wise. Don Wiseman. Carol Witherspoon. Gary Worthy. Pat Yacques. Ed Yax Phyllis Zavitz. Ron Vigne ron. Lou Hamlin. Louise DeBons Tom Allen Richard Kaufman Dave Sampier Dale Coleman John Lane Charles Smith Gary Courerier John McGuire Paul Vernier Carol Decker Mike Peffers Mark Wesch Richard Egeland Frank Petrone Dave West Cindy Gray Cam Huffman Jimmy Richie Beth Witting Freshmen First row: Laurie Lewis. Vic e-President; Randy Thueme, President: Maureen Sauber. Student Council: Mary Kilets. Student Council: Cam Huffman, Secretary-Treasurer Second row: Mr. Potter, Advisor; Miss Kingsbury. Advisor Class Motto: " Today ' s dreams; tomorrow ' s reality. " Class Colors: Burgundy and Pink. Class Flower: Rose. Miss Kingsbiry hands out report cardi . . 381. 382. and hold! " " Water skiing in this weather? No thanks! " Spring cleaning comes in January at Algonac High INTELLIGENCE is knowing the solar system. FULFILLMENT is having your picture taken 71 FRUSTRATION is having a late bus. When I found that I was to be editor of the 1968 Algonquin. I had no idea of what I was getting into. Many times during the year, the staff and I never thought we would make it. Now, after meeting deadlines, taking hundreds of pictures, composing a lot of copy, having many moments of frustration, hours of work, and a lot of fun, we have seventy-two completed pages. Iwould like to thank all of our amateur photographers who are responsible for candid pictures. I also am grateful to the members of the faculty for their patience and cooperation during the year. The staff and I hope you will enjoy this book and that it will remind you in the future of the great school year of 1967-68 Sincerely, Paula Goltz Editor Acknowledgments Mr. Frank Storer of Storer-Spellman Studios— Photography Port Huron Times Herald— Photography Richmond Review— Photography Miss Patricia Riley— Advisor Administration and Faculty — L X a

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