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Our yearbook has a nautical -theme this year, it is a log of the Senior Cruise. Our cover design is the good ship Algonquin -which has carried us on our voyage of ' 52. We invite " All Aboard " from the mighty Seniors through the tiny kindergarten folks. The school board, administration and various organizations directed us " On Course. " With their co-operation and that of the classes and other activities, we achieved our " Happy Landing " as well as our »5l Baseball and Track champions, our Football championship and runner up in the State Basketball finals of ' 52. Senior Pictures and Group Photographs by courtesy of Storer of Spellman Studios Art Work Jim Ames Jack Kinnally Jim Martin — our friend and classmate Student Council is to have a new honor known as the James Martin Memorial Award in the form of a plaque on which will be inscribed the names of the Student Council presidents. This plaque and the pins given to the pres- ident ?rill contain the Algonac High School crest which Jimmy worked for so diligently. This is planned to re- mind us all of the fine work Jimmy did as a member of the Council and as a representative for four years and for this fifth year to which he was elected but did not live to serve. Sett Lais Robert Ames " Much could be said on both sides. " Student Council Pres. Athletics Band Rollin Crone e " Liberty of thoughts is the life of the soul. " Donna May Barr " The variety of all things forms a pleasure . " Sr. Class Treas. Honor Society Robert Dandron " Every man is a vol- ume if you know how to read him. " Geraldine Beatty " Better late than never. " Sr. Y-Teens Library Club Dennis Denzler " One cannot always be a hero but one can be a man. " Paper Staff Yearbook Staff Irving Campbell " As good as he pleased, when he pleased to be good. " EeverTy Endelman " Speech is great, but silence is greater. " Sr. Y-Teens Yearbook Staff G. I. A. 4 Joyce Driskell " Her joys are as deep as the ocean, her troubles as light as the foam. " Band Sr. Y-Teens Thomas Hemenger " Men are used as they use others. " Track Football Shop Herbert Glied " So much is a man ' s worth as he esteems himself. " • Allene Highstreet " Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy. " Sr. Y- Teens Editor Paper Staff Yearbook Staff Roy Haggberg " The human heart has human treasures. " Baseball Football John Humes " It is good to live and learn. " Football Pres, Honor Society Student Council Richard Hartung " In his tongue is the law of kind- ness. " Track Pres. Sr. Class Honor Society Sally Ann Kersten " If at first you don ' t succeed, try try again. " Sr. Y-Teens Yearbook Staff Yvonne King " Her father ' s pride, her mother ' s joy.” Honor Society Band Anton Lewandoski " Secrecy of success constancy of pur- pose.” Shop John Kinnally " They who are not v ith him are against him. " Athletics Patricia Lux " Seldom seen, seldom heard. " Chorus Jo Ann Kirby " A blush is beautiful but seme- times inconvenient. " Majorette Chorus Sr. I- Teens Donald Majors " It is well for one to know more than he says. " Chorus Shop Joann Kuriluk " Happy am I; from care I ' m free] Why aren ' t they all contented like me? " Sr. Class Sec. Sec. Honor Society Cheerleader Frederick Marsden " Live today, 6 tomorrow is not. " Football Floyd McGeathy " Reason is nothing but analysis is belief. " Wesley Moody " If you are wise, laugh. " Football Track Shop Lloyd McGee thy " Silence ne ' er did make a mistake. " Shop Doris Mulder " Silence is golden. Andre? Me Lane " Here you will find a friend. " Shop Raymond Noon " There is nothing ne.v except what is forgotten. " Football Basketball Vice-Ires. Honor Society L’onna Mae Lien sen " Her virtues are many, her faults are few. " Sec. Student Council honor Society Helen Nugent " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Chorus Sr. Y-Teens Marion OucterldLrk " Is not life a hundred tines too short for us to bore ourselves? " 3r. Y-Teens G. I. A. William Rogers " My kingdom for a girl . " Football Basketball Library Assistant Nancy Pekuri " Love is a proud and gentle thing. " Honor Society Band G. I. A. Anita Rood " Remember this — that very little is needed to make a happy life. " Aplene Peterson " A he only Sure thing about luck is that it will change. " Louise Sampier " Better a little well kept than a great deal for- gotten. " Sr. Y-Teens G. I. A. Sue Roe " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. " Honor Society Pres. Sr. Y-Teens Sec . Paper Staff Timothy Sharrow " He favors the wiles of maidens smiles. " 8 James L. Smith " Nothing is imposs- ible to a willing heart . " Honor Society Shop Lorriane Starek " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. " Honor Society G. I. A. Chorus Sally Smith " Life is not life at all without delight. " Sr. Y- Teens Honor Society Paper Staff Mary Ann Tindall " A cheerful look makes a dish a feast. " Band Harold Stager " Smile and the world smiles with you. " Drum Major Vice-Pres. Student Council Vice-Pres. Sr. Class Thomas Zimmer " Would that men were measured by their size. " Football Ronald Stager " He has a comfort- able humor that tickles without scratching. " Pres. Chorus Library Club Football Motto To Be, Not To Seem Colors: Blue end White Flower : Sardinia Jua Ufrs 1 : G. Avers, R. Avers, C. Bannister, J, A. Easney, F. Baxter, C. Bayly. 2: J. Eerryman, J. Eiland, C. Boughner, J. Busuttil, L. Christy, D. Colling. 3 j D. Corbett, If. Cronce, E. Drzerdecki, T. Ewing, H. Fisher, W. Genaw. U: M. Gilbert, E. Gruca, R. Gulette, L. Havens, H. Highstreet, B. Howell, 5: S. Hudson, T. Krause, G. LaParl, N. Makay, M. Marter, J. McKoan. President — C. Boughner Vice-President — J. Pocklington Secretary — E. Gruca Treasurer — L. Havens Mr. Potter JunUns 6: T. Meldrum, C. Michie, M. E. Montney, M. Moocty, P. Morrison, L« Nahdee. 7: G. Nugent, S. Owen, M. A, Peterson, A, Pocklington, J. Pocklington, P, Pomeroy. 8: A. Sharrow, S. Sherman, W. Simons, G. Smith, J. Smith, M. L. Smith. 9: S. Soney, E. Stambaugh, J. Taylor, D. Vigliotti, G. Werner, H. White. 10: T. Yax. No pictures: T. Bradd, G. Mc- Geathy, B. Norman. Motto " The Higher We Climb the Broader Our View " Color: Green and Gray Flower : Yellow Rose 13 Sapkattunes Is J. Ames, A. Avers, B. Avers, M.L. Barr, T. Bates, P. Beattie, E. Boughner. 2; J. Bowerson, G. Bradshaw, L. Brady, B. Combs, K. Deibler, A. Denzler, B. Drouillard. 3: B. Duchene, B. Dudley , B. Durand, L. Durand, N. Farver, M. Folkerts, J. Fournier. hi L. Fusinski, S. Gibson, D. Glied, L. Green, W. Haydet, B. Herschel- raan, E. Humes. Motto Where There ' s a Will, There ' s a Way President-B. Herschelman Secretary-J. Ames Vice-President-M. Krause TTeasurer-M.L. Barr Colors: Green and Gold Flower : Carna tion 14 Sopkonunes Si B. Hurt, C. Kasprowicz, D. IshmaeL, N. Kaunitz, S. Kidd, T. Korneffel, A. Krause. 6: M. Krause, E. Lewandoski, J. Lee en, A. Marsden, A. Murphy, R. Mulder, J. North. 7: G. Peterson,D. Rossq M. Rudolph, R. Sands, R. Schultz, G. Soulliere , L. Stunnan. 8j E. Sullivan, P. Sullivan, G. Weber, D. Walters. No pictures: G. Sampier, M. Sanpier, D. Bradd, J. Green, R. Hos- tetter, A. Korpak, C. Plonkey. Miss Stewart Mr. ' Thompson ' freshmen fytslimw Buckley, M. Cartwright, N. Chalmers, J. Crandall, G. A. Cronce, E. Currier, H. Cuthbertson.U J. Cuthbertson, B. Davis, D. Delonnay, C. Drouillard, B. Durand, B. Evon, R. Gill. 5; B. Gronlund, J. Haley, A. Haschker, P. Hemenger, L. Hoover, B. Irie, R. Johnson. 6: T. Kpyzewski, F. LaParl, G. Leo- pold, G. Mann, D. Martin, R. McCartney, S. McLane. 7: D. Mehl, N. Meldrum, S. Mouch, H. Mueller, P. Pegg, R. Fomeroy, J. Racette.8: D. Reno, M. Rose, F. Rose, M. J. Rose, C. Rosso, J. Russell, C. Ruttan. 9: G. Rzeppa, B. Sharrow, S. Sinn, B. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith, N. Smith. 10; B. Smith, N. Solgot, J. Stager, V. Steohen— son, P. Stokes, E. Vemeulen, L. Vigor. 11; S. Wood, A. M. Tty-song, F. Yax, R. Zeigler. No pictures; J. DuJardin, D. Earl, J. VanSlambrouck, R. Vernier. Motto Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve Colors; Maroon and Gold Flower; Yellow Tea Rose President-F. LaParl Vice-President-R. Avers Secretary- -J. Smith Treasurer-G. Smith Mr. Appelman Miss Nugent 17 ftiqlitk $UuU Is C. Arneil, B. Aspenleiter, N. Avers, J. Barker, B. Bell, P. Billings, R.Boniecki. 2 s B. Bouchard, B. Bradshaw, M. L. Bradshaw, E. Brady, G. Campbell, G. Chaney, D. Clark. 3$ B. Colwell, M. Dawson, J. Day, D. Dodge, J. Driskell, B. Drzewicki, J. Dufendach Us B. Durand, H. Elliott, L. Elliott, A. Folkerts, B. Foltting,J. Frantz, T. Gibson. 5s B. Goodwin, P. Grosser, D. Hagedon, M. Hall, K. Hartung, J. Herring, R. Ishmael. 6s A. Jacobs, M. J. Jacobs, J. Janis, D. Jolly, K. Kelly, J. Kirby, A. Kuriluk. 7s M. Larabell,M. Lefebvre, B. Liskey, L. Littlefield, S. Littler, J. Lozen, J. Ma- kay. 8s L. Mazan, R. McGrath, M. McLane, 0. McLane, L. Moody, R. Paquette, G. Peterson. 9s A. Poole, J. Pocklington, J. Pocklingtor D. Rohn, J. Schmid, D. Schroeder, G. Seibert. 10s J. Simons, G. A. Smith, C. Smith, R. Smith, R. Smith, D. Stephenson. 11s S. Tiffin, D. Vermeulen, R. Vernier, W. War- ner, R. Watson, G. Wenchovski, G. Walters . No pictures s R. Harmon Motto Learn to live. Then Live to Learn Colors s Royal Blue and Gold Flowers Sweet Pea Pres.-J. Schmid Vi ce-Pres.-G. Smith ... „ ,, Sec.-K. Hartung Treas.-M.Hall Miss Bradley cs 19 SawtilU §kade 1: G. Baker, A. Boughner, D. Brackett, J. Brackett, R. Brody, J. Chaffee, L. Christian, G. Cole. 2: H. Cuthbertson, J. Davis, J. Dick- son, B. Donahue, W. Fisher, H. Evon, G. Genaw, L. Gill. 3: S. Glidden, J. Goetz, D. Green, G. Hagedon, N. Hamilton, E. Henen- ger, E. Hogan, R. Hoover. hi K. King, J. Marter, M. McGeathy, T. North, R. Parker, S. Pegg, N. Raymond, H. Recor. 5: l. Richardson, R. Sharrow, H. Townsend, A Vermeulen, D. Watson, J. Watts, S. Yax, S. Yonis. No pictures: M. Broc y. w 0 Motto Miss Slepicka Mr. Sampson Don ' t Make Excuses, Make Good S, President — T. North Secretary — S. Yonis Vice-President-— J, Dickson Treasurer— D. Green Colors: Green and White Flower: Yellow Tea Rose 20 Sixth fikade 1: R. Atkinson, C. Baker, S. Barker, A. B$rly, J. Bell, D. Blanchard, D. Brady. 2; L. Carroll, B. Cartwright, K. Chamberlain, M. Cole, D. Cronce, D. David, A. Davis. 3: D. Delonnay, T. Fisher, L. Folkerts, J. Frank, C. Gammon, 0. Hoover, M. Kaunitz. Us J. Kcrneffel, J. Kurtz, S. Littlefield, D. Markham, B. Mitchell, M. Mulligan, B. Newkirk. 5: S. Ouellette, J. Reccr , B. Richardson, W. Schneider, J. Smith, J. Poole, S. Ward. No pictures: B. Rock. Mrs. Porter 21 frith and Sixth fiiade 6th Grade 1: T. Bayly, C. Bell, J. Billings, K. Brackett, T. Brady, H. Cartwright, D. Eifert. 2j F. Farver, W. Hagedon, S. J. Hamilton, L. M. Harvey, C. Herring, L. Hoover, H. Isaacs. 3: G. Jolly, K. Limberger, H. Marter, R. Mitchell, C. Rohn, W. Smith, W. Solgot. b: R. Stager, C. Tackewitz, J. VanAlstine — 5th Grade — R. Aud, W. Arneil, L. Frank, I. Loson. 5: C. Rose, J. Strieff, W. Yax. No pictures: J. Norman. lllk fikade 1:K. Arneil, D. Aud, D. Erennan, C. Champagne, C. Elliot, A. Fisher. 2:M. Fournier, K. Franklin, C. Garska, R. Genaw, J. Gilbert, P. Green. 3sJ. Hartung, B. Hudson, G. Kersten, R. Limberger, C. Menkle, R. Paine. U:L. Parker, L. Pegg, R. Rock, G. Sabin, R. Shar- row, R. Smith. 5:J. Streiff, B. Townsend, S. Vermeulen, L. Vern- ier, B. Watson, H. Yax. Mrs. David 23 an tlt and lltlt ffkade Mrs. Smith £th Grade It A. M. Brannis, A. Erown, L. Chaffee, C. Cuthbertson, T. Gammon, A. Glidden, B. Goodman. 2 s D. Grove, M. Hoover, J. Jolly, L. McGahey, J. Montney, I. Parker, V. Rohn. 3s H. Sharrow, A. Schook, W. Tonis— Uth Grade— L. Avers, P. Billings, R. Carroway, S. Cartwright. Us A. Davis, D. Davis, G. Denne, A. Durand, W. H. Fournier, S. Greens tein, L. Harsen. “jsN. Kelly, N. Lowrie, W. Rose, J. A. Schmeichel, D. Sharrow, B. Werner, K. A. Vernier. 24 ' iawlh fitade 1: K. Arneil, K. Arneil, R. A. Bayly, K. Bischoff, J. Chamberlain, J. Day, T. Eymond. 2 s C. Faulman, R. Folkerts, E. Frank, L. Gilbert, R. Hoover, D. Hoskin, C. Hurt. 3 s J. Johnson, T. Liniberger, R. Mackinson, J, Mason, R. Mazan, V. Mulligan, R. Paquette. ii: R. Richardson, J. Rose, J. Rush, W. Sabin, H. Stokes, S. Varvel, C. Worden. 5s M. J. Warner, W. Warner, R. Werner, J. Williams, J. Zoelling. 6s J. Krohn, J. Krohn. 25 thitol fikade Mrs. Stark 1: R. Alridge, D. Arneil, D. Atkinson, V. Billings, B. Campbell, D. Car raw ay, C. Cartwright. 2: C. Chaffee, B. Dawson, J. Denner, B. Fournier, D. Gillis, M. Haydamacker, D. Hoover. 3 i A. Jacobs, R. Johnson, C. Jolly, R. Lade, A. Lange, J. McGeathy, S. Maksy. U: M. A. Meyers, L. Miskokomon, G. Schultz, D. Smith, S. A. Smith, W. Smiley, R. A. Stokes. 5: J. Treganawan, C. Viger, E. Whiteye, J. Warden, K. York, B. Koltz. No pictures: L. Cline, D. Varvel, 26 tUlbd fikade 1: C. Appleton, D. Campbell, F. Carroll, B. Carveth, J. Cunningham, L. David, I. Day. 2: J. L. Denzler, N. Frank, C. Glidden, G. Hoskins, A. Johns, M. Ireland, P. Kaunitz. 3: B. Kneeshaw, R. Lade, K. Ludwig, J. McKenzie, T. Menkel, B. Miller, L. Moocfy. U: J. Pocklington, M. Poole, P. Rittenhouse, B. Robbins, A. Shook, M. Townsend, L. Treppa. 5: J. Vernier, J. Warner. No pictures: M. Arneil, C. Christy, M. Morton, J. Smith, L. Stephenson. Mrs. Folkerts 27 Second §kade 1:M. Baker, R. Basney, B. Brannas, C. Cartwright, A. Chaffee, L. Davis. 2:M, Eifert, C. Faulman, F. Garzia, M. Gillis, R. Gradowski, E. Hayden. 3:J. Herring, J. Jean, G. Johnson Jr., B. Kinnally, D. Kurtz, G. LaPonsa. li:S. Lindsay, T. Michie, J. Phipps, G. Smith, T. Smith, A. Stager. 5:M. Streitz, D. Wilcox, D. Woodington, W. Tax, P. Yonis. No pictures: F. Goerke, J. Solgot. Mrs. Ihrig fykst and Secand fikade 2nd Grade 1; L. Campbell, M. Cuthbertson, L. Fournier, C. Hutson, J. Limber ger, R. Meyer, P. Misany. 2: M. Ryalls , F. Shurbette— 1st Grade— V. Arnott, W. Baker, C. Day, M. Garska, T. Hamet. 3: R. Issac, P. Jacobs, J. Jolly, A. King, R. Marble, P. Menkel, A. Mitchell. lij R. Ouellette, E. Pray, D. Rittenhouse, P. Smith, J. Thompson, F. Tomaswaske, G. Wallace. M. Watson. 29 ' ifosl fitade i « 1: J. Brady, D. Christy, G. Cohrs, G. Denzler, J. Driskell, B. Dunn. 2: F. Fink, J. Greens tein, M. Hamilton, D. Herring, G. Hoover, B. Johnson. 3: J. King, R. Klicfy, H. Larabell, C. Limberger, R. Majors, J. Markham. li: D. Marter, S. McKenzie, C. Nickel, J. Pocklington, K. Robbins, J. Sabin. S: G. Vermeulen, P. Warner, B. Wiseman, B. Yax. No pictures: D. Davis, S. Glldden, M. Goerke, B. Martin. Mrs . Chapman Kuidetyatien 1: H. Jackson, M. Gradowski, j. Schmid, A. Cullon, R Pocquette, F. Day, R. Martin. 2: D. Treganowan, A. DeYoung, D. Bischoff, C. Carveth, G. Hoskin, D Waterhouse, p Montgomeiy 3: J. Fournier, L. Koch, B. Iyman, R. Lowrie, J. Corbett, G. Schmeichel, W. Mallon, R. Ryalls. R. Ross, W. Rohn, V. Campbell, j. Chaffee, N. Marble, L. Davis, J. Fisher. No pictures: P. Jansen, S. LLmberger, M. Merrill, 1: F. Provino, R. Vossen, C. Gillis , M. L. Tomaszewski, W. W. Menefee, A. Stager, J. Aldridge. 2: J. Sachs, C. Faulman, J. Jean, K. Tayler, A. Lange, L. Pocquette. 3i R. LaPonsa, R. Trese, P. Smith, W. Stephenson, G. Mantor C. Smiley, H. Johns, S. Johns. No pictures: D. Ware, M. St. John, K. Stark, J. Cartwright. Mrs. Balagna 31 The Yearbook Staff, on behalf of the Faculty, Sen- ior Class, and student body of Algonac High School, wishes to take -this opportunity to express its apprec- iation to Mr. Roy T. Gilbert for his forty-seven years of active service on the Algonac Board of Education, Thank you, Mr. Gilbert. ON COURSC $aakd at Sducatian , Clark Harsen President Mrs. C. LeRoy Clark Treasurer Mr. R. T. Gilbert Secretary Dr. Walter H. Boughner Trustee Mr. Leigh Merrill Trus tee Mr. Kenneth King Mr. George Johnson Superintendent Principal Almanac Miqk Sckaal Maintenance Sc (ted Uuise Student CauncU 1:D. Clark; J. Poclclingtonj D. Mensen, Secretary. 2;G. Smith;B. Howell, Treasurer; B. Ames, President. 3:B. Durand; G. Rzeppa; B. Smith; L. A. Green; G. Yfeber; G. Avers. 1 : J. Humes; J. McKoan; H. Stager, Vice-Pres; J. Ames; Miss Jablinski, Advisor. Miss Jablinski The Student Council, composed of sixteen representatives from grades eight through twelve has as its chief aim that of helping the various homerooms to make their senior trip become real- ities. To achieve this goal the council stocks refreshments to be sold by the classes at their concessions which are assigned to them by the Student Council. In addition to this work, the council spon- sors All-Hi Dances, assigns pep meetings, locker clean— outs and has charge of all Homecoming plans. 36 1: J. Kuriluk, J. Humes, R. Gulette, Mss Bradl r -adviser , D. Collins, R. Noon, C. Bcuginer. 2 i S. Roe, D. Hartung, L. Starek, J. Smith, N. Pekuri. 3s D. Mensen, S. Smith, D. Barr, Y. King, J. Pocklington. No pictures B. Howell The Algonac Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in I 9 I 4 .O with 13 members. The present membership, active and alumni, numbers 129 Each year an inpressive induction ceremony is given as an assembly program, usually in November. At this time nen members are tapped. To be chosen one must have a point average of 1.7 (B-) in scholarship, and rate high in character, leadership and service. Higfr school teachers and active members do the grading. The spring banquet is a high spot in the year ' s activities. Many of the alumni return for this festive occasion. The principal activity through the years has been raising money for a scholarship fund. So far five people have been aided toward higher education ty gifts of $100 each. 37 Al mqain Stall 1 : A. Stewart, Advisorj Mrs. T. Pippel, Advisor; D. CoILins, T. Krause, S. Kidd, S. Smith, J. Brackett, E. Sullivan, S. Mouch,P. Beat- ty, J. Pocklington. 2:M. Moody, G. Smith; N. Chalmers; N. Makay; G. Smith; E. Lewandowski; B. Eaumann; E. Humes; J. Fournier; P. Pomeroy; A. Pocklington, Assis- tant Editor. 3: C. Eoughner; J. Ames; A. Highstreet, Editor-in-chief; S. Roe, J. Pocklington, Assistant Editor. The Algonquin is a weekly publication of the current school and outside activities in which the students and alumni participate. The very first issue was published in 1927 and in the following years the paper appeared now and then. The first year that the pjper was put out regularly, every week, was in 19 lt 3 . The sale of the football programs and small margin made on our weekly sales is being accumulated to help toward the purchase of our new electric mimeograph. tibkaty CluA Is Miss Bradley, J. Thompson, W. Rogers, B. Stambough, D. Barr. 2j J. Busuttil, V. Stevenson, C. Hartung, S, Soney, flbaiecUatiist R. Stager, D. Reno, P. Morrison L. Hoover, Is J. Makay, Miss Nugent, P. Avers, R. Avers, T. Komeffel, R. Avers D. Rosso, D. Mehl, J. Russell, L. Vigor, G. Mann,J. Stager 2: J. Schmid, J. Barker, E. Currier, B. Gronlund. Salety j)ahal 1: H. Marter, B. Mitchell, C. Rohn, A. Bayly, B. Richardson, C. Bell. T. Bayly. 2: D. Delonnay, D. Blanchard, J. Smith, Capt., L. Hoover, Lieut., W. Schneider, R. Markham. 3i T. Fisher, R. Cartwright, R.Rock Service SqiioU 1: D. Brady, J. Recor, J. Kurtz, S. Oullette, L. Harvey, F. Farver, C. Tackwitz, S. Hamilton. 2: S. Littlefield, S. Barker, D. David, H. Cartwright, J. Norman. 3: B. Newkirk, K. Brackett, M. ' Cole, S. Ward, K. Chamberlain. HAPPY LAMDWG oaMall Vakslty VARSITY FOOTBALL Algonac lit Croswell 12 27 Holy Cross 0 21 Richmond 22 St. Stephens 6 32 New Baltimore 7 13 Marine City 12 29 St. Clair 2 111 Marysville 0 17 ? US 1: J. Kirby, G. Sampler, F. McC-eathy, R. Fournier, P. Morri- son, J. Nugent, F. LaParl, R. Haggberg, A. Korpak, D. Hagedon. 2: J. Ames, D. Vigliotti, T. Meldrum, G. Bradshaw, P. Sulli- van, B. Ames, T. Zimmer, M. Cronce, J. Kinnally, W. Simons , J. Humes . 3s Coach Greenstein, L. Viger, J. Moody, M. Gilbert, L. Christy, W. Rogers, R. Noon, R. Stager, T. Hemenger, J. McKoan, R. Marsden, Coach Pippel. aelLdl (Htsttvt CO RESERVE FOOTBALL Algonac 0 Marine City 7 0 Marine City 25 0 St. Clair 6 22 New Baltimore 6 6 St. Clair 7 12 New Baltimore 13 7TT Chippewa 0 5H 1: R. Gill, R. Avers, F. Durand, R. Avers, J. North, L. Havens, F. Yax, M. Folkerts. 2: L. Sturman, N. Meldrum, K. Avers, D. Ishmael, A. Krause, L. Brady, G. Rzeppa, B. Smith. 3: G. Soulliere, B. Irie, B. Durand, E. Ritter, J. Russel, F. Rose, J. Stager, D. Earl, R. Pomeroy, L. Baumann, W. Sampson. No pictures: T. Bradd, R. Ziegler, N. Farver, B. Davis. State ' finalists Is W. Simons, L. Christy, J. Kinnally, G. Bradshaw, Coach Jack Greenstein. 2: W. Rogers, J. McKoan, B. Ames, T. Meldrum, J. Berryman. 3 G« Sampier, P. Morrison, G. Peterson, J. North. The Varsity basketball team set a new high in the already fabulous alhletic annals of Algonac High School by fighting its way into the State Basketball, finals before bowing to a strong St. Louis team in front of 10,000 fans at Jenison Field House, East Lansing. Overlooked by even the home town early in the season, the Muskrats powered over league competition for a 12-1 record, losing only at St. Clair. In ex- hibition games th r defeated Port Huron reserves and lost to a good Yale team. It wasn ' t until tournament time, however, that the team really hit its stride, which did not felter until the finals in East IansLng. The school, the coach, the town, yes, the whole Blue Water District was proud of its basketball team in 1951-52. 1951-52 Basketball Record Algonac 63 Holy Cross 29 ff ! 0 Yale 55 tf 1 5 Marysville 27 it 53 St. Stephens 35 it 53 Richmond 35 tt 60 Marine City 31 tr 1 6 Part Huron 23 it 58 New Baltimore 1 1 Regional Tournament ( B ir mi ngham- Tr oy ) Algonac 1 7 Lakeshore 37 tt 1 3 St. Paul 38 it 1 2 St. Gregory ia 44 Algonac 31 St. Clair 39 ft 30 Holy Cross 28 tr 61 Marysville 22 tr 1 2 St. Stephens 36 tt 60 Richmond 33 tt 55 Marine City 31 tt 71 New Baltimore 22 it 60 St. Clair 1 8 Quarter Finals i (Pontiac) gonac 39 Ortonville 31 Semi-finals (Lansing) Algonac U2 Vtyandotte Mt. Carmel 39 Finals (East Lansing) Algonac 3l St. Louis 53 dUstioc tram BaskelUU 1: G. Mann, J. Russell, B. Durand, J. Ames, R. Pomeroy. 2nd N “ el ?™ n L Vi S or E. Vermullen, P. Avers Coach S of R a. 3 N FarTCr ’ P ‘ SUlllvan L - I uniatifo flas keUiall 1: Coach Bill Sampson, J. Day, E. Hogen, H. Recor, J. Dufendach, A. Vermuellen, D. Green, D. IVatson. 2nd: J. Goetz, D. Dodge, J. Makay, R. Watson, S. Warner, R. Smith, B. Durand, T. North, D. Hoover. 3rd. J. Kirby, R. Stephenson, D. Hagedon, B. Brady, J. Schmid, L. Mazan, B. Bradshaw, B. Bell, 0. McLane. 45 Basdall Clid Row 1: L. Brady, R. Haggberg, L. Sturman, T. Meldrum, R. LaParl, J. BeBoyer, D. Fioch, D. Rondeau. Row 2: T. Pippel, ooach, F. Sullivan, D. Schalk, J. Kinnally, E. Rzeppa, D. Vigliotti, D. Colling, R. Stager, J. Biland, manager. 1951 Baseball Schedule and Results Algonac 6 St. Stephens 1 Algonac 6 Marine City 0 Algonac 10 St. Clair 1 Algonac 8 Holy Cross 1 Algonac h New Baltimore 2 Algonac 5 Marysville 3 Algonac 5 Richmond 10 Algonac 8 Port Huron 5 52 " 23“ In 1951 the baseball team shared the county championship with St. Stephens. This is the third time since 191 6, when baseball was reestablished, that Algonac has had a champ ionship squad. Ihe highlight of the season was the defeat of Port Huron 8 to 5 with Bob Ames pitching. There were many Seniors in this group thus mak- ing it necessary to field practically a whole aggregation for 1952. Algonac will be in there fighting to make a good showing and a determined bid for the crown. Vatslty hack Is Coach Greenstein, Ray Noon, Sancfy Staith, Sid Schaeffer, Micky Gilbert, Dick Hartung, Joe McKoan, Walt Simons. 2: Phil Sullivan, Jim Martin, Bill Terry, Ted Meldrum, Earl Gonyaw, Bob, Ames, Tom Highstreet, Jim DeBoyer. 3: Harold Stager, Floyd McGeathy, Don Rondeau, Don Fioch, Pat Morrison, Corky Korpak, Gene Herchelman, Norman Farver. In 1951 the Algonac High School Track team enjoyed its best season since 1933 bed by Captain Jim DeBoyer, the team won all of its meets with the exception of the state meet at East Lansing where the Muskrats took runner-up honors. Besides winning the County Track title and the re- gional meet, the team listed as its victims Port Huron High School, Marys- ville, Marine City, St. Clair, St. Stephens and Detroit University School. Letter winners were: Jim DeBoyer, Don Pioch, Jim Martin, Sid Schaeffer, Dick Hartung, Jack Kinnally, Mid Avers, Joe McKoan, Conrad Kasprowicz, Roland Highstreet, Tom Highstreet, Earl Gonyaw, Pat Morrison, Ted Meldrum, Dick Heraenger, Tom Hemenger, Bob Ames, Jim Smith, Corky Kar- pak, Don Rondeau, Ray Noon, and Bob Hurt. Point winners in the State finals were Jim DeBoyer and Jack Kinnally Jim took 2nd places in the 100 yard dash, 220 dash, and broad jump and also anchored the relay team to a 2nd place spot. Jack Kinnally surpris- ed everyone by winning 2nd place in the 880 yard run. SenUn Mattel 1:Y. King, B. Smith, G. Rzeppa, J. Pocklington, R. McCartney, P. Stokes, M. Dawson, E. Currier, T. Krause, D. Clark. 2rL. Viger, A. Korpak, N. Chalmers, J. North, E. Boughner, J. Ames, L. Green, J. Smith, J. Driskell, J. Stager, D. Vermeulen, A. VJysong, J. Driskell, M. Cartwright, J. Bowerson, C. Boughner. 3:P. Beatty, G. Smith, G. Smith, M. Hall, K. Avers, J. Pocklington, C. Bannister, H. Mueller, A. Boughner, R. Smith, J. Kirby, R. Durand, M. Marter, P. Hemenger, M. Folkerts, B. Ames, P. Pegg, J. Bayly. U: S. Mouch, K. Drouillard, D. Corbett, J. Smith, B. Drouillard, M. Barr, F. Rose, D. Ishmael, D. Ishmael, B. Bell, J. Crandall, B. Smith, J. McKoan, H. Stager, Mr. Appelman, D. Delonnay, R. Recor, B. Hurt, J. Kirby, G. Smith, E. Sullivan, E. Humes, M. Boniecki. J uniat Gland 1:J. Frantz, K. King, N. Raymond, B. Donahue, B. Goodwin, N. Hamilton, G. Peterson, D. Jolly, E. Hemenger 2:M. McLane, J. Watts, G. Goetz, D. Ishmael, D. Earl, E. Hogan, A. Vermeulen, G. Genaw, D. Hoover, J. Ma- Kay , J. Lozon, C. Smith, J. Brackett, J. Day, D. Green, L. Elliott, M. Bradshaw 3 :S. Pegg, T. Gibson, H. Townsend, J, Davis, J. Jacobs, D. Brackett, R. Sharrow, G. Cole, Mr. G. Appelmar B. Johnson, G. Baker, 0. McLane, D. Hagadon, R. Smith •u CD CheeUauUts J,, G. Avers, B. Howell, J. Kuriluk, A. Pocklington, A. Pock lington, N. McKay, N. Kaunitz, JUaiauttes Back row:E. Sullivan, J. Smith, J. Kirby, B. Hurt, H. Stager, M. Barr, G. Smith, B. Drouillard, D. Corbett. Front Row:K. Drouillard, E.Humes, S. Mouch, M. Boniecki. filUs §Ue tint l:Mr. Appelman, J. Pocklington, J. Kirby, M. Blanchard, J. Racette, E. Sullivan, D. Reno, N. Solgot, M. Smith, M. Krause, A. Murphy, J. Buck- ley. 2:L. Barney, G. Smith, J. Fournier, P. Lux, B. Sharrow, D. Ver- meulen, J. Pocklington, B. DuChene, D. Corvette. N. Smith, C. Hartung. 3:-J. Driskell, S. Owens, N. McKay, A. Pocklington, S. Schultz, P. Pom- eroy, M. Moody, L. Hoover. UUxecl Clunus Is Mr. Appelman, J. Pocklington, J. Kirby, M. Blanchard, J. Racette, E. Sullivan, D. Reno, N. Solgot, M. Smith, M. Kra.use, A. Murphy, J. buck- ley. 2 :L. Barney, G. Smith, J. Fournier, P. Lux, B. Sharrow, D. Ver- meulen, J. Pocklington, B. DuChene, D. Corbett, N» Smith, C. Haitung. 3:J. Driskell, S. Owen, N. MaKay, A. Pocklington, J. Stager, R. Stager, J. Kirby, S. Schultz, P. Pomeroy, M. Moody, L. Hoover. y -teens ljJ. Busuttil, A. Pocklington, S. Kersten, G. Beatty, G. Avers, M. Smith. 2. B. Howell, S. Smith, L. Sampler, B. Endelman, D. Corbett, J. Kirby, S. Hudson, S. Roe, Mrs. Pippel. 3 jC. Boughner, C. Michie, A. Highstreet, M. Ouderkirk, N. McKay, J. Pocklington, M. Peterson, Mss Stewart, No pic- tures: J. Driskell, A. Peterson, J. Basney, B. Stambaugh, S. Owen. S.3.A. 1:J. Pocklington, H. Fisher, M. Smith, P. Pomeroy, M. Peterson, J. Four- nier, E. Boughner, P. Beatty. 2:Mrs. Pekuri, R. McCartney, N. Solgot, M. Blanchard, J. Buckley, J. Racette, V. Stephenson. 3 :M. Cartwright, M.Bon- iecki, G. Cronce, D. Reno, D. Martin, J. Bayiy, G. Leopold, C. Ruttan. IirA. Pocklington, N. McKay. 52 1 Mr Gerrish Boat Number 1U of the 195 2 fleet is readied for the finish by Jitterbug sander. Girls prove that they can be regular " Handy ifen " in their shop course. Mr. Potter Experience in gas and arc welding is provided for interested boys.. Boys are given an opportunity to try their hand at the art of cooking. Stall AufaqtapliS — '

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