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' 1 E la. 2 4 v I Q . ev- F-.. it' 1. v, 2' E, E' 5 2 ' if .J 5- E1 Rf , -A ff Y'-. If A P1 x ii .w V f w-. web Q '-f f. .17 Q .. '+- . if A - ' , A l - , 1 F ' 'VZ - 4, - ' ' 1-., 1 ... JZA' ,-1 f -- J 3 f ,. Q Z - ,- 7 Jr .f ,- 4 ' I , K Y. - Q Q ,,.,- '- , - ,- fd- x.. , 1 K ' 7' 4' , .9 l V' A , ., 9 93 4 , y fx Q- -4 -., - f R- F ,I E 41 f, g. in 5 , 5 . .-nu -1 . . ZF! N f ' I Q5 .ul ,fr .,f'l1' L i1,3...:fTi W , I f zf y- , .,, ,J -A , 'Q-1' -. , J Y '71 5339123 'I uf- ' ., 1' .K .Q 3 6 if , ,,, +1 ' 1 ' ia..-,..L ' , lid A 7 Y ,.Qv-I ?.t+Ahq:.1,', ' tm. ...-..,- 1,3 ,,. .---.W ' , ,, - 4 ,,, -.., ,, -f , ,- ' . I ' -4. ' .- F ',, ... 'J 'hf-f ' V .-2-7 xx Our Superintendent -v-...J Mr. Kenneth King 2 I 4-ff f ' 1 gs, ,' J- J 4 ,,,---1 Annual Staff First Rowzq Lisbeth Douglas, Earl Gonyaw, Barbara Stark, Fred Genaw, Sue Ann Deibler, Gerrie Starek, Elizabeth Avers. Second Row: Dick Hartung, Ronnie Holder, Lorraine Cunningham, Agnes Korpak, Marion McKean, Charlene Busuttil, Barbara Heyza, Ann Kane. Third Row: Sue Roe, Miss Slepicka, Sydney Schaffer. Now that we are so near to stepping into the world we realize that many, many happy hours have been spent during our school days and although we are loath to leave, we feel that new adventure awaits us. Tb help us remember and cherish our High School days, we have prepared this 1951 AIGONQUIN. we hope it will help you to bring back some past happiness and remembrances as it will for us. We extend to you, one and all, our best wishes for your good luck and happiness in any undertaking that you may venture. Sincerely, lhe Senior Class of 1951 11 On December H9039 3911001 840 Students Enrolled In Public School PP late Member of Secondary College WHS RECORD ENROLLMENT ac High School opened a record enrollment of 840 467 students are in the six grades, while 373 are in the 'six grades. This year for the time students from Harsen's .id and Pointe Tremble 8th being taught in Algo- Cay Cartwright, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Shirley Dahl, Central Michigan, Mt. Pleasant. Judy Duncan, Antioch, Yellow- springs, Ohio. Charles Eckfield, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Charles Gilbert, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Merritt Goetz, Port Huron Jun- lved from ,om added to the ior College, Port Huron. Ent of it possible to put PhllllS Hilgendorf, D!-!fI'0lt gonac High fu11 day schedules Comptometer School, Detroit. oved as a member of the the eoopera- Roland Johnson, University of m Secondary T1-emble Board of Michigan, Ann Arbor. . ,I-eement, Under this attending A1- Barbara Lang, Detroit Comp- mt any graduate of a Haven are able tometer School, Detroit.. wol will be buses to Algo- Karen Gobeille, Detroit Comp- uege without te depend trometer School, Detroit, ti0nS-p,.oViding the Richard Molinaro, Central the student is high enough to TWO buses :eive a recommendation from fo gh school officials. nhl? cg' Qualification for membershiplfmture 6 N the Agreement is judged by aH8S 11015 Shipment 1' ite committee and based upon the P1'0m1Sed E7 Q 2 extent to which a high schoolweek- 2 l rries on constructive and effi-le new F .J Q ,' -nt activities in the followinglc, fl dy Q-4 aas: 1 15 ' a. A well organized system Students and , follow up of former studs-nts.34'Z, ENTER COLLEGE ' , so doing, the high school iS'Zi of the 1950 graduating class le to improve by taking into continue their education this nsideration the experience oil A1gonac's record for col- aduates and drop outs, who attendance is far above the ve gone on to college or intoage of the high schools of ne occupation. state, We are doubly proud 2. An orientation program foiihe fact that nearly 100'Zv of new students entering thepupils who enter colleges or iool' each year. ial schools satisfactorily com- :. A continuing curriculume the courses which they start. ldy.program, under which theembers of last years graduat- irses of instruction are con-class and other students to en ntly being reviewed for im-college for the first time are: Jvement of addition thereto. nb Baker, University of Mich l. A counseling and guidance., Ann Arbor, 'vice. Stuents in Algona I gh School are fortunate in hav? S h I g three qualified counselors ty u c iom they are free to go fo aistance with any of their pr0blT0 ns. The counselors are Mr. :k G t ' , M' E1 .uns1Z.?e'1fn3mM..?A11..ia2,i2iTues.Sept. 5 rt. Teaching Staff Complete For Coming Year lootball practice will begin on nday August 28. Uniforms will' handed out by Coach Pippel 9:00 A. M. Saturday August Algonac opens the season on d-ay September 15 with Cros- - -and Tuesday August 28 and Algonac Public Schools WJAAH new students are urged opens its 1950 at Croswell Fri- 8:00 p. m. when strong Cros- Croswell-Lex in pre-season by other They have a veteran from last year which e gunning to stop winning streak. girls who go half day last year. S Jf Mount the new section Dther new Florence Smith, fifth William Sampson of Zity, fourth grade and athletic: ind Mr. Glen Potter of Chesaning Shop and- Jr. High. Registration of new will take place daily for 9:00- l2:0O and 1:00-3:00 on Michigan College, Mt. Plea Dick Rex, Staunton Mil Academy, Staunton, Virgini Delphine Rzeppa, Ce Michigan College, Mt. Pleas: Beverley Smith, Micl State College, East Lansing Ellen Smith, Central Micl College, Mt. Pleasant, William Soboleski, Unive of Detroit, Detroit, Wilfred Stephenson, Ur sity of Detroit, Detroit. I MEMORIAL DONATED The Algonac High School presented with an unusual useful gift by Mrs. Allan D. Nichol. The complete sl drawing instruments and ei ment used by the late Alla McNichol, Marine architect engineer was a gift to the School Drafting Students Memorial and to be used deserving student intereste engineering or agricuI This set of instruments wi known at school as the MCN Memorial. The student sel ,each year will be known az McNichol student, He wil selected by his over all perl ance and special aptitudes ii field of drafting. This year l ard Hartung, son of Mr. and Norman Hartung of Algonac be known as the McNichol dent. The school administration teachers join in their thanl McNichol for this pres tion. These gifts are alway preciated by them and the dents as well as serving to petuate the memory of a fine citizen of Algonac and ff worker. teef H Algonac igh oll ending Nov All A's Beal. Sally Hemer Hurt, Barbara Rou Stark, Geraldine Sta Woods. Elizabeth ' tember ' - ' - ' , F' ,Oven OH Tuesday Sep :ome during this registration ilslgfgglsagn ?1fgSZ,v5g.s scgsduge at 8:25. The new addition is nea period so that they will have A's and' in Class B . Physical Ex- ly c0mP19ted and' will be readplenty Of time to Plan thellganglf Saleen inations for all football boys for the opening of school. Thschedule for this Year and futufestareki ' 1 be iven on Saturday Aug- gives every child the advantagfvears. 26 Et 9:00. Every boy out of good modern lighting, Tl The student council will OperRi?laarf3V91'H8e CE football should be present for whole building has been thorouglate the book stor this year thistreety nhvsicallat this time ly cleaned. A number of tl, as in the east The storesmith, Iveryone in chorus seems to be rooms have been painted in passaigebe O en Ilhe- stage fron mth Y'haPPy because of the new el colors to make a more cheerf 'YI .0 P gn 1,00 3,00 dau Lnuige sic that Mr.Appelman brought. ,atmosphere for study. 9.00-ll. 0 ag - - .t 28 thr? Am and Es ntry Stylel, is the name of the V starting Mon ay Auglls Marion Moody ju d hen it is finished and NS and B'St Arlene Denzler,5ePfembe1'1- . ee an W - ned out like Duncan, Barbara Herschel- B Average: Jeanine Busi of the bad parts are rp - - ian. All students. are urged '50 se David Colling, Elane, Gu . n to wonder Board of Education S 12 if Mr. Roy T. Gilbert Secretary A e 1: ,wg iw V 1 Dr. Clark Harson President Mrs. C. IeRoy Clark Treasurer mf. Leigh Merrill Dr. Walter H. Bvughner Trustee 'I'I'l1S13B6 George Appelman High School Music Director Ferne Clark Secretary to the Superintendent Wilde Bradley Library and English 7f,LJ,aJ Nellie David Fourth Grade Doroth Balagna Kindergarten Helen Cole R.N. School Nurse Carrie Chapman First Grade Julia Folkerts Third Grade Howard Gerrish Industrial and Vocational Education Virginia Higgs Jack Greenstein Coach Home Economics Nina Ihrig Carol Edwards Secretary to Principal Second Grade Eleanor Jablinski Carl Hagberg Sixth Grade Science and Mathematics Helen Knuusi Second Grade Doroth Pippel Commercial Lillian Neimela Fourth Grade X 'V 1 firms!! ff' gf 17d L- Trueman Pippel , c h 'Q fi 08.0 W ,ru 44 Florence Nugent Junior Hignc ff .J fm l Je 4-1 I., I' 6.1 5 1 Virg1nia Porter Sixth Grade Rachel Pekuri Girlfs Ph sical Education 'f fig LW ,Q I Glenn Potter Junior High and Industrial Arts IIE' 'Lf- 511'-if 1 William Sampson Fourth Grade Mary Steen Second Grade Carolyn Slepicka Grade Music and English Allene Stewart History and English Florence Smith Fifth Grade Stanley Thompson Social Studies and Driver Training 152+ A-R Madeleine Stark Third Grade Thera Wolf First Grade QlF'X ilgonac High Wins uiz ' , p Nan Kaunitz resident o f llalllllg Class Algonac Hlgh School' of J HOP To a. iglz 'School Chatter iThm'S -lan'13 Q One of the biggest events ilwhole school year is a1mos1 The J-Hop, January 18, vw pressions on their faces. Probablyign the High School gymnasi lass, was uiz By Allene Highstreet 'ith ' bl , ' 1 , S5001 In A gm? Well, here we are again, back 'Miss in the old swing of school, J r the most dward ard was as won by John :sembly was sponsored by :udent Council of which leanore Jablinski is -ver-pq'-gqf,N-oi.3,.-v., 4-51--.. enior Carnival ere was an all-high dance last in the school gymnasium. all reports, it seems as everyone had a swell time. was pleasantly surpris- see Nancy Pekuri upon the playing with Mr. Apple- fine band, coming Friday is Algonac s first football game. We ' ' n'n ist. Presented a musical program i The former date set for 1 , . had a continuous win 1 .ommlttees for time years. The hoping our ire Chosen On November 17 at 7:30 in Y: - . e . . . faces roaming alls, 'enmg there is going to bf-21A H. Jnderful Carnival sponsored fth'at came e Senior Class. and other There are many, ' many cothem are lttees to make this a succe..-,,. d keep you entertained with e 22 wonderful booths. The co-chairmans are Lisbeth yuglas and ChllCk Whltf0rd. .rl Gonyaw is the advertising airman and Barbara d Carol Miller have Telegrarns.,5C1-1001 pupils' n DeBoyer. has charge of Ring: The Varied programs in a special for Tuesday in Algonac High School Auditorium at a student assem-. y. . .Mn Sjobrian played light das- for the same night. New sical and popular music and E1 . ysipoke informally on both types. ame either 3 dab' ahead of e o wondering what room they go tol Thll year the -T-HOP, P'-If next for their arithmetic class. hhe Class of '52, W111 be th Last Sunday was the last ofm yeafrs- All of we dlf the boat races. There was 3 large, Committees are Working on crowd of people to see the drivers lobs. S0 that lf wlll be 3 V97 speedinng theiir boats around the l'-W able GVEUUXBL f'-li' eVefY0 course. NOW We have something! The decoration comrmtte to look forward to next summei-:Deen ,doing 3 splenfild 3 Many more high school. studenisglflglgfmffe ,iecogtlogfitg are planning on building their fheme .Harbor Lights., shop class this year. More The entertainment comi N boats in ion and kidito yell for ,mas a floor show ready con: PERFORMS AC HIGH Grederic Sjobiarn, concert pian- evening a very outstanding bf local talent and out of talent so as to make the Hop was January 19 but was a basketball game sche ore would not agree to haw so we had to change the da ll- our J-Hop. It will be Jax 218 in the high school gymna A S The tickets are 31.00 st1 hand any junior is sellin lg C You will spend a wondergul By Aneniours dancing to the music c Seorge Applemans dance W8S by George a Glothesping. Barbara Heyza, Th k ' ' hymns' Glee e Dart Throwg Lorraine Cun- igham. Over 12 Wins! SUSHI1 zewski. Cotton Candy and anda Beal the Novelty Booth. izabeth Avers is Refreshment airmang Ed. Rzeppa the Basket- ll Throwg Alice Bradshaw the tching Penniesg Joe Malinskik 2 Baseball Throwg Pat Lucal the, ,eck Roomg Bob Hurt the Mar-. ge Booth, and Charlene Bu- ztill the Fortune Teller. Bil rry has charge of Boxing ne Herschelman, Picturesg :kie LaForge the Cake Walk: 2 Spook House, Gerry Starekg nvies, Wes Bilandg Fish Pond, irion McKoang Popcorn, Ed. mpbell and the Talent Show, etchen Bell. Phe. main announcer is our, esident, Fred Genaw and fo a dance after the Carnival, Ed, 4' ul' ' ..1 fu.: - -5.31-' 'Mr' ligh School lnn.nn.lfi.ol.l .......... nior Carnival. November 1 s decided upon in the Senio SS home room a few weekst 1- ' Anyone interested in per-g ming for the Carnival is asked' vet in touch with either Lu :v Cllej Jn or Gretchen Bell, lid you notice all of the Senior as 'in their Sunday suits and if an sgiving Club arrangements, a barbershop quartet, George Appelman was chairman. Later, contributions ,to ther-Starrn Com- nlvvvnn.-.url High School Boat Building Last week the high schoolPat boys participating in annuai b0atlBHfbafa building classes in the School Shop received a very welcome and much appreciated gift from no the Boydell Paint Company ofable sports editor, Detroit. Through the courtesy ofA101, of C1-edit Should their local dealer, the Gunnissart editors too. They Hardware Store, the boys were Ames and Earl Gonya, given twenty-five gallons Ofwheell' feditorj is white undercoat, finish white, and her assistants hull green and Ted bottom paint-'AnnPock1iiigtonand and watching the floor time n you attend the J -Hop, Kerr, Sapary 18, from 8 to 12 o'cloc virgin jf ia. Lsefvigfqmal - delle S 4 1595 54? Burr, , Forge Cronce, J eannii :eived from B111 Creamer- 1 Genaw BL111950 Ford Tudor to be used ir the course in I and Training 1 Malwas started last year. year 66 p this pro student N an During the The program for high s consists of 40 I discussion and 9 I behind the wheel instru road work is divided ov All of which will be used to corn- street. This is the area- pletely finish in first class man-lwjth the ner the eighteen tilit b t U y 03 S and-and they are doing a h-ydroplaneslnow under construe-5 The dance after Algoiiacs viwork has 751011 iu their Sh0P- Gifts SUCh'torious game was a huge succefsince the as these and many others haveThe band Setup was very Clevfbne 6w made th? 10021 Shop PPOSFHIU an'Mr. Appelman, Gene Mancpeople so Outstanding SUCCQSS- ReC0gI1iti0I1 Larry Schram, and Mr. Amried on in a for achlevement In Shop W01'k inilooked very comfortable arou1vEach Algouac has been given bythe ariificiai fire place. The coiiof schools from states all over the lc Qreally came in handy for oncewhich a courtry Almost diail 1 tt are received askin e eel Were you at the St. Stephenstials Of g ques 1ons and tl permission. to WSH- Qlioznai: football game during tlas se UP t ll t th As the gift paint was sent to the ai you Weren ' you rea A e time an School Shop Mr Gurmis Wah missed something, Harold Stagegroup is in the process of fc . . S ' . . - tion. The fee is S10. If i behind such a program and any.9Uf DfuHxMHJ01gPut Qffffwolide - any other special article oflithing further he Could do to hP,P.m....-..............,.i......fmm.......a.f..........ested, call the Supermtenr hing? Last Tuesday and4IWOLlld be done for the askinghx, I, pl g 7 t zomfcfice, at the hlgh School' S11'1S In their party dresses Semors Ellzabeth Avers Millard Avers 'What9H NI don't know Y Teens Band Honor Soclety Track Wanda Beal Thomas Belndlt Hlndy George 'I don't know ' NI don't know ' Sec Student Councll Shop Wesley Biland Tennessee NThatls right Football Shop Charlene Busuttll Jellyroll lloh Crum. ll Y-Teens Yearbook Staff Staff Semors Edward Campbell Slim UAW! You're nuts.n Football Student Council Pres. Junior Glass Hans Christians en Sonny HDo you mean it?n Track Chorus library Science Club Lorraine Cunningham James DeBoyer Inu HAfter a11.N Y-Teens Yearbook Staff Cheerleader Sue Ann Deibler Butch WSon of a gun.U Athletics Vice-Pres. Jr. Class Iisbeth Douglas Slewfoot Chickie Uwell, la te da.N WDon't be naive.W Honor Society Yearbook Staff Y-Teens Paper Staff Yearbook Staff Y-Teens Fred Genaw Virginia Gontarek Moose Gin 00h well, that's lifeNNJust don't know, da Football ya?n Baseball Y-Teens Pres. Sr. Class Paper staff DCIIIOTS Earl Gonyaw Bing WHO ho, that's rich.W Paper Staff Yearbook Staff Athletics Richard Hemenger Murk WBe gone.H Pres. Honor Society Band Track Eugene Herschelman Beaver UOh, m goshlu Track Roland Highstreet Rolly nOh, you're nuts.W Track Geraldine Hastings Gerry NOh! My word.U Student Council Sec. Y-Teens Honor Society Sally Hemenger Sal noh gees in Honor Society Y-Teens Barbara Heyza Skee WWho.n Y-Teens Yearbook Staff Chorus Thomas Highstreet Tom UHo1y moly.H Band Chorus Pres. 8th Grade Semors Ronald Holder Ronnie HSay boylln Yearbook Staff King 7th-llth Grades Susan Jezewski Susie lloh, no fl Cheerleader Majorette Y-Teens Eunice Kerr Mi n HCh, Johnny!U Majorette Y-Teens Paper Staff Jacqueline LaForge Jackie HGees, I don't knUw.N Y-Teens Paper Staff Robert Hurt Casanova UOh, for Peteis sake.H Honor Society Football Band Ann Kane Pieface NGood God Gertrude.W Y-Teens Yearbook Staff Chorus Agnes Korpak AS UGeorge.n Y-Teens Paper Staff Chorus Ralph LaParl Ralphawnso HJust a second.n Football Basketball Baseball '64 Seniors Patricia Lucas Pat WGeorge.n Monitor Assistant Librarian Joseph Malinski Joe Joe, the Dog Face Boy WShut up.n Shop Constance McCrum Connie HOh, heckin Chorus Bernadine McLane Bernie NOh, you're crazy.N Chorus Arthur lnpenski Archie NGee whiz, man.U Athletics Carol Miller Fish UOh beans.u Cheerleader Student Council G.I.A. Marion McKoan Mare HThat's a dud.N Yearbook Staff Y-Teens Lucille Noon Lu Chorus GI ID Al GY UI didn't do it.n S Seniors Frances Paquette Pook UGeorge.U Chorus G.I.A. Robert Peters Bob B nI'11 never te11.n Athletics Treas. 10th Grade Honor Society Yvonne Persyn E. WGood gravy.W Chorus Glee Club Donald Pioch Doanie I! O,,m 31.2-lo . ll Athletics Pres. Band Vice-Pres. 10th Grade Donald Rondeau Dinkee Basketball Baseball Barbara Rounds B. J. NAWJ You're crazy.W Y-Teens Honor Society Yearbook Staff Edward Rzeppa Ed WI don't know.U Pres. Student Council Athletics Betty Sears Betty UHo1y cow.U Y-Teens Chorus Seniors Sydney Schaffer Hamilton Smith Sinful Sand HDrop deadn NHow can you tell Football Basketball Track Baseball Football Richard Smith Ricardo ll Joyn Barbara Stark Barb NOh, Mrs..PippelH Editor Paper Staff Editor Yearbook Honor Society Joan Stringer Joanie UThat's truen Paper Staff Cheerleader Y-Teens Geraldine Starek Gerrie nGo1ly Mosesn Sec. Senior Class Honor Society Paper Staff Marnie Strachan Marnie HWouldn't that rock you?N Junior Play Pres. Latin Club William Terry Bill WS1ow down kid.n Track AIL f Senlors Inara Upite HUPY IIGOJ-13-11 Chorus Glee Club Girl Scouts Charles Whitford Charcoal UTurn blue.U Student Council Vice-Pres. Sr. Class Football Ann Vandenhemel Pigeon nI'll be darned.n Chorus Glee Club Library Science Club Bernard Woods Brownie NJust for kicks.H Student Council Pres. Junior Class Honor Society Remember Us Ronnie Holder, leave nw ability to get along with the teachers to David Vigliotti. Gretchen Bell, leave ny abiliiy to get along with Mr. Appelman to Pat Morrison. Agnes Korpak, leave nw patience in typing to Jack Moody. Sally Hemenger, leave the craziest schemes I used to think up with Joan Stringer to the innocent Freshmen. Tom I-Iighstreet, leave my ability to look busy to Bob Ames. Joan Stringer, leave my natural curly hair to Beverly Drouillard. Yvonne Persyn, leave nw seat in all of Mr. 'lhompsonis classes to Louise Sampier. Marnie Strachan, leave nv ability to get my shorthand done on time to JoAnn Kirby. Charlene Busuttil, leave ny ability to get along with people to Jim Martin. Sydney Schaffer, leave my ability to get along with Miss Jablinski to next year's Geometry class. Alice Bradshaw Iutz, leave my ability to get married quickly to the other girls. Sue Ann Deibler, leave my knowledge of Solid Geometry to Hippy High- street. Wanda Beal, leave ny extra honor points to Gen'y Beatty. Barbara Stark, leave nw quiet giggle to Nan Kaunitz. Jim DeBoyer, leave nw ability to play football to Corky Korpak. Don Pioch, leave my humor to Ellen Boughner. Ralph LaParl, leave ny way with the girls to my brother Bud. Bernard Woods, leave some of my hair to Mr. Greenstein. Barbara Heyza., leave my place in Goverment to Nancy Pekuri. Eugene Herschelman, leave nw chartreuse bow tie to Mr. Greenstein. Geraldine Hastings, leave Mrs. Pippel peace and tranquillity. Elizabeth Avers, leave nv quietness to Evelyn Humes. Gerrie Starek, leave my shorthand and typing ability to Doris Mulder. Virginia Gontarek, leave ny fuchsia socks to Will Rogers. Joe Malinski, leave my place in Government to Bob Dandron. Ann Vandenhemel, leave my straight hair to Teddy Meldrum. Bernadine McLane, leave nw natural red hair to Donna Whitesell. Connie McCrum, leave nw nickname of Pinky to Mr. Pippel. Roland Highstreet, leave my speed in track to Phil Sullivan. Carol Miller, leave my ability to make up excuses to get out of class to Gretel Weber. Pat Lucas, leave ny art ability to Gail Rogers. Edward Campbell, leave my skill in Biology to 'Irueman Pippel. Dick Hemenger, leave nv rocket speed to Tom Zinmmer. Eunice Kerr, leave my big brown eyes to Corky Korpak. Bob Peters, leave nw height to Wally peanut Haydet. Inara Upite, leave nv ability to play the piano to all those who wish to learn. Bob Hurt, leave my singing voice to Harold Stager. Marion McKean, leave my ability to be quiet to Merril Cronce. Lorraine Cunningham, leave ny ability to talk one solid hour without stopping to Dick Hartung. Ann Kane, leave nw place in Comptometer to the next lucky person. Don Rondeau, leave nw tremendous weight to Fred Marsden. Richard Smith, leave ny ability to loaf to Mr. 'Jhompson, 20 I, Bill Terry, leave Timmy Sharrow to all the girls. I, Thomas Beindit, leave m mechanical genius to Fuzzy Fournier. Hans Christianson, leave m regular attendance to Lorraine Starek. Betty Sears, leave my ability to give speeches to Ronnie Stager. I, Ed Rzeppa, leave my ability to play basketball to my brother Jerry. I, Jackie LaForge, leave my ability to sleep in Study Hall to Blynn Dudley Frances Paquette, leave my yearning for learning to Mary Ann Tindall. Susan Jezewski, leave my ability to get to school on time to Jay Ann Basneyo I, Sand H.C. Smith, Jr., leave my big blue eyes to Janice Graham. I, Lucille Noon, leave my ability to stud Physics to Joyce Driskell. Fred Genaw, leave my menagerie of hats to Miss Nugent. Barbara Rounds, leave m seat in Honor Society to Dennis Denzler. I, Millard Avers, leave m complete ability to build boats to Puttsy Nugent. I, Wesley Biland, leave my handsome curls to Normunds Upite. I, Archie Iupenski, leave my ability to build h dro-planes to the next shop class. I, Charles Whitford, leave m lab. citizenship to Ray Noon. I, Lisbeth Douglas, leave m ability to get my wo k done to Mickey Gilbert I, Earl Con an, leave m long hair to Hubert White. In In I. In In I9 We, the class of 1951, leave our place in school and our ability to put out a yearbook to the future Seniors of 1952. Class History l9h7 Freshmen Class Officers: President Sally Hemenger Vice-President Ed Rzeppa Secretary Sylva Smith Treasurer Dick Hemenger Student Council Members: J. DeBoyer S. Hemenge Activities: E. Campbell Rural Play Day Pencil Sale Carnival King-Ed Rzeppa Carnival Queen-Barbara Heyza l9h8 Sophomores Class Officers: President Vice-President Don Pioch Fred Genaw Secretary Gerrie Starek Treasurer Bob Peters Student Council Members: J. DeBoyer Enrollment 67 G. Hastings Activities: W. Beal Bake Sale Algonac H.S. Pins , Third Prize Homecoming Float Class Rings Ordered 19U9 Juniors CIESS Officers: President Vice-President Jim DeBoyer Ed Campbell Secretary Gerrie Starek Treasurer Iisbeth Douglas Student Council C. Miller W. Beal Activities: J. DeBoyer Raffle of Clock-Radio-J-Hop Curtis Magazine Sales School Daze Booklets Jr-Sr. Banquet at Kenwick 1950 Mi ht Seniors Class Ogficers: President Fred Genaw Vice-President Chuck Whitford Secretary Gerrie Starek Treasurer L. Cunningham Student Council C. Miller E. Rzeppa Enrollment 60 C. Whitford Activities: 'W. Beal Carnival and Breakfast Senior Pictures by Spellman Senior Play-Lunatics at Large Senior Trip-M8 22 June 10-lh Baccalaureate,Graduatio uniors Y' .. 731' fi.. 'g S' x 1 E W 5 'fe' '1' , X . -J , Y 74 'T'A 5 p jf ,fag- f f. ' First Row: D. Barr, G. Beatty, T. Bradd, I. Campbell, R. Dandron, Denzler, Second Row: J. Driskell, B. Endelman, H. Glied, R. Haggber D. Hartung, T. Hemenger. Third Row: A. Highstreet, J. Humes, S. Kersten, Y. King, J. Kinnally, J. Kirby. Fourth Row: J. Kuriluk, F. McGeathy D Majors, P. Malinski, F. Marsden, D. Mensen. President. . . . . O I Vice-President . . , , I 0 0 Q 0 l Treasurer. . . . . . Motto: nSink or Swim, Do or D Colors: Blue and White Flower: Gardenia 22 .Dick Hartung . Sally Smith Donna May Barr Joann Kuriluk ie.N Juniors 4, If , 5 Agg ggwf First Row: J. Moody, D. Mulder, R. Noon, H. Nugent, M. Ouderkirk, N. Pekuri. Second Row: S. Roe, W. Rogers, L. Sampier, T. Sharrow, S. Smith, R. Stager. Third Row: L. Starek, M. A. Tindall, T. Zimmer. No Pictures: B. Ames, R. Cronce, L. McGeathy, A. McLane, J. Martin, A. Peterson, C. Recor, H. Stager. 1 III Q - ' V 1 ' L N X 'vvf , , Sophomores f ,?1v'.g gi 2-' r,gsr ? 32 - + Xi? . C , F . A., ,. ,, ,MS 1 5 b args y O 3 :ff -f-P1 V R1 ,V I S ff 1 'T' .J 8 sry glkfi H1 -'H if xt .eg P' f First Row: G. Avers, R. Avers, C. Bannister, J, Basnqy, F, Baxter, J Biland. Second Row: C. Boughner, J. Busuttil, L. Christy, D, Cglling, D Corbett, M. Cronce. Third Row: E. Drzewiecki, H. Fisher, J, Foczmaniak R. Fournier, J. Graham, W. Genaw. Fourth Row: M. Gilbert, E. Gruca, H Highstreet, B. Howell, S. Hudson, T. Krause, President ..... . . David Vigliotti Vice-President . . . . Joan Thompson Secretary. . ............... ,Gail Smith Treasurer ...... . ....... . .Shirley Haydet Motto: nihe Higher we Climb, the Broader Our View.U Colors: Green and Gray Flower: Yellow Rose 2h Sophomores A Nm- '52, 3 32 . . . S if Wx ' . ,Q . g,1 Koi 9 F 'fa Q 9 . - 1... - V F ' i K ' 3b3Qgf. ,nf .3175 53,Zci'::-lf' if r J 5: J It f - ' Q .59 gi F . if Y J .,., j?'.1?Jjg fQQH.' i,fh5 QQg First Row: J. McKoan, G. Marcero, N. Makay, M. Marter, M. Moody Morrison. Second Row: G. Nugent, M. A. Peterson, D. Pless, A. Pockling J. Pocklington, P. Pomeroy. Third Row: J. Schwikert, A. Sharrow Sherman, W. Simons, G. Smith, J. Smith. Fourth Row: M. L. Smith, Smith, S. Soney, B. Stambough, J. Taylor, J. Thompson. Fifth Row: Vigliotti, V. Walters, G. Werner, D. Whitesell, T. Yax. No Pictures: Dudley, R. Gulette, L. Havens, S. Haydet, G. LaPar1, G. McGeathy, Meldrum, R. Recor, C. Michie. 25 , P. ton, F S D B T Freshmen A..-ms !K 'f ' 5' A: 4? X I ,Sf 'Q-'M 1 V2 ,-N F- A :Lv .35-51 Mui A 4 , -. 1 L' A f -'Q I .f 1?11 'J . L ' Helly ll i I-ff... 5 '79 I f ig? I ,I if Q , , ,qu , t V F Y .vl . E 1 I fit' 6 ,gmt .5 e 1 Y , 6 aj. - ,f ,J K, .Y iv mf g 4,4 'fr , I 1 I .H 5d -' 2- 3 V ' W ' aft X aa Q ' .'.. '5wQEFf :., L J 14 .IIIEEIIIIIW FWfy3 zfff gggggixxik President. . . . . . . .Nan Kaunitz or Vi-ce'PreSident o o o 0 .Mike F01keI'tS 'Za .57 Secretary ............ .Gerald Bradshaw 31, , Treasurer. . .... . ...... . Gene Sampier 'am Vf Motto: Where Ther-e's a Will, There's a Way. Flower: Carnation Q Colors: Green and Gold A 1 First Row: J. Ames, A. Avers, B. Avers, M. L. Barr, T. Bates, P. Beatty Second Row: E. Boughner, D. Bradd, G. Bradshaw, L. Brady, B. Combs, K Deibler. Third Row: A. Denzler, B. Drouillard, M. Duncan, B. Durand, L Durand, N. Farver. Fourth Row: M. Folkerts, J. Fournier, L. Fusinslci, D Glied, S. Gibson, L. Green. Fifth Row: W. Haydet, B. Herschelman. 26 Freshmen i f if? 7 A .1 u . P if 2 1 QRS? wi? Hour. iw sv, 6 X Q 4 Rx Sw T . V ! ff, .ff,h. F U or , F A '- hhh 3 ' -x, Q, ig. H ' :lf 5- f A 1 v or 'G g '1 X. ,s x X Graaff' N.. f fr wi K A .-- 4 49 is , 1 as - L' 1 -,I , j 'X I 4 G .J fy.-ul' IQ? ,, ? fl. First Row: R. Hostetter, E. Humes, B. Hurt, D. Ishmael, N. Kaunitz, C. Kasprowicz. Second Row: A. Korpak, A. Krause, M. Krause, J. Lozen, A. Marsden, R. Mulder. Third Row: A. Murph , J. North, D. Parker, C. Plonkey, Ro Rhey, E0 Ritter. ROW: Mo Da Rosso, My D. Schalk, P. Schultz, G. Soulliere. Fifth Row: L. Sturmsn, E. Sullivan, P. Sullivan, N. Upite, G. Weber. No Pictures: B. Dobbin, S. Kidd, G. Peterson, G. Sampier. 27 F2106 1gntn 1Dx-w 1 Qlllllllir fb fi J Q . :Fw .J -nil.. N. ,V 4-f 'W pi ffm t R . ., 1 glivf . i-W I A- 17124 xt' , . 'Xt -. , t .f x fl x .51 it 'SKF no ,Q . l1?hu Q,3E 4g6gj H, ' ye R: - W. Q 4, , l ., g 'K n fgl N Q . 5 1. X L.. 6 N if .,x I In , xx M.. . 4 ' Q 11 V 'L , V I X IF: ,-B. ' NF? xx 6',. pT'Nv' 4? 5 , ig3gQ.3 ' K if '1IX ,,1Q.4, Q fwfQi,f f 'Sf T.. G , r-fm' ,J I , 4. vw it A :Y 5 . 2' 'Q , ,f V Q! 4?-ww Q! ' -5355 A 'iilf . YA , , 74 I n . . ,WA ,.q.,,Kx up 4: .WWwW Q Mi. cr ' H . . o . 7 , 'K 4.f?r 4 1. ii., ., if' 'Sn' 'Q . ,A xv' Il F if M ' 28 Q' -3 fr.. R' if-Q fr , ,. L g. 'ft g-'Fi' mers, , N. chal On , H. Cuthbertson, J. Cuthberts CG Cron wright, G. Cart M. 3 ge Brid R. Second Row: Buckley. II: Us t l 5-4 S3 C5 dy T311 ,a.Du rd Drouilla Delonnay, K. W: D. Ro Third Davis. 1, E. Currier, B. r-4 CU 'U C CU 5-1 D O W ,E O 'TJ CI GD E CD CE r-4 'r'l 5 Q F14 Us Cl O U2 L25 A F-4 0.3 P O o :r: .-5 E m .CS -P E O P14 o 5-4 CD bil Q 0-1 A 5-C CD M .C O U1 mi I 15 A C 3 SI-1 I ml n 'U CI D r-I C O s-. an Q5 Ui r: E o O cs C r-4 S --. :i tin, D. Mem, Mar Mann, D. , GI Lepart G. Q fo I-4 o CL o 24 ci Q .-4 L. at Q1 21 N seanqogd o W 1 TEI qoue M 'IHOSIHOH 'W 'PIE '91-II 'M 'UUTS' 'S 'uaaqg E UD E O' S O C-' O D' so ?' 4 CD 5 CD G I-' CD I3 No ?' 4 0 '11 'J 5.1. CD '1 u L I 4 5.1. UQ CD S 0 '11 E CF 'D' 5 11 IP 'L' CD sn UD . 5 O D- u Kb . ij -hu l 5 U1 O I3 UQ u '11 o P4 5 0 T sog CD 0 'uwrms 'S T H puooag 9 5.4. d' D' o fossog 'Q :Mo FB D 1.1. '1 Q-1 za 2 Q 'uvmuna 'O 'IISSSHH 'P E3 5 1.1. Cf' v UJ I 'P 'Harms feddazg Q UI C+' DJ UQ CD '1 v 'moneqg 'Q F' U09 'M 5 'U D CD 'J U1 O I3 Nl 'elartt iu ? PTU3 me U! VCD E! 5.1. 4+ C-123' 'U bf 3 '1 u 3 Q4 u F13 O C0 0 wp '11 1.1. 1 U1 d' 'PU ? F z 0 9 'T S CD 44 u fn 2 0 F 5 CD u CD 0 EZ O C O D' v 5:4 gs O Ib O O 'U o 3' UQ UQ v CJ I 'U I-' rn m cn B F' 3 3 CD lj 0 3 0 11 1 if Q31'M1 1 11 ggi ' -913- R' 4, 5353 CDOOCD m SCDUi 5m3'E .5 gm d'CD CD5 0 f UJC7' wool-I-o Q1 -0 n go '4cur5- - :+- F-'05 Ol-lg!-ooo o gow 91510 0 HU! 000014-000 O .9 sooo six.. I-J 99 I-'OPS' O03 Ebac n EE-'glee u o m 3 - on ai? CDC-D' .oo Cf' Qao o 3000 o 20.00 o maagg :CDD-'CTO' HO N SHOW .l- f9J' mgm gwws 5352 D'l-'GJD' Ai 5 X5 Q f 1 K 3 QQIFQEJ, Nidwglb 5 wax ' M,iw 1 4 .M2 L?f'vz ,a -, . x 'koi 5 8 .fw3 Q . B .f-1 X .f1....- - ' .1 I 1 1 k f X wlqgialh '41, 1 '- , F-A1 - t v Ag -..,, l 1 y 1. 5,g. fw1-,1 5g?wggfj1 wa 55 A ?i2g??Qw, Q 0 1 ,R 1 ,189 1 ,yiyffu 1 1 42 5,. f 'Y A .Q 1 K izsww N-31'-xr. ' ' HK I, i fam 's., , ax., . 29 Seventh Grade .fy .if Q. 'w-I ,k'7, xx ' , F -as 1, . A, -f-.10 fl-' x '4 1 First Row: Second Row: M. Dawson. Elliott, A. Hoover, A. Littlefield . Sf E . -A V S 'E 1 7 ' 'M .L. -, ' k ' 5 f lb S if f .i a J , f fi 1 H' M f eeo it L o,o ' ' K Li? J f , L. vt-1 5 ,al I Q., .A N, L , A , , ,f, 4 X V Q i f N , ' i J L L, ,L , I 'I-all 3' S 'rv C. Arneil, J. Barker, E. Beal, B. Bell, D. Brackett, W. Brady, M. L. Bradshaw, R. Bradshaw, F. Britton, D. Clark, W. Colwell, Third Row: J. Day, J. Driskell, B. Iurand, H. Elliott, L. Folkerts. Fourth Row: M. Hall, D. Hagedon, K. Hartung, R. Jacobs, M. J. Jacobs. Fifth Row: D. Johnson, J. Kirby, L. , S. Littler, B. liskey, J, Lozen. President ....... . . . . John Schmid Vice-President . . . . Jim Kirby Secretary ................. Gail Rogers .Treasurer ...... . . . . ....... . Bill Bell Motto: learn to Live, Then Live to Learn. 30 nw. 'N X' .- - W? Lg. ' v if I' 1 O First Row: 5 V I . :xii I . , 1 ,f1'fr.4v' S . 4 X ,S c ww A 1 A w-.3 R g:A . 1 . V A 5 g ,.. ' ,.i1,-- 1 ,-5.1.2 A' I x QW- M - , A vi i' mhb . J M I - or rf. .fi Q I .iflif 'fflq tx , aj 5. ft' F , it 14 'wi' f av, ' 1 1. '. P r ,-1 . J. ,Q .5 ,A . ,jg 223 3 F . WWE ,, . , , x .. ,fn . .. S . ' J . . A ', 1 we Z sf. , M .W s K , , I .J ' - :,fV 5 ' . .- I. if .. . . .-.iw yy ' yi.. K wo? - -my 4 R.: 5 'is' -f-'fa1.fafv.f ' ' ' f 3'x , . -' ax . : mlm we - -. -'W . 5- .tQv .9', ,F .. '. - - J 55.5 ' f fsvzgs i' is 55.-' , -. via wax.--' f 2' '11, , . , I 4 f'Qii5'f .r 'F ,.'-I ' . I ' I Q N. E M... , ' ' A - 'fr F J. Makay, L. Mazan, L. Moody, R. Morrison, N. Nugent, D. Second Row: G. Peterson, J. Pocklington, J. Pocklington, A, Roeder, G. Rogers. Third Row: C. Richardson, D. Rohn, M. Rollins, J. Schmid, D. Schram, J. Simons. Fourth Row: C. Smith, G. Smith, R. Smith, R. Stephenson, S. Tiffin, L. Van Alstine. Fifth Row: D. Vermeulen, J. Vigliotti, W. Warner, R. Watson, J. Wood. No Pictures: M. Baker, J. Frantz, P. Grosser, D. Johnson, D. Jolly. Peters on. Poole, V. 31 ,-., 1 Maintenance Our yearbook would not be complete without a word of thanks to the two splendid men who make every effort to keep our school in the best possible pmfsical condition, who assist us at every turn, and are never too busy to be cheerfully and consistently helpful. Thank you Mr. Copp and Mr. Kane. 32 l'ltird 'treat 1250 Foot Ball Team Wir: Homecoming Game ool Algonac High Sch rl it's Homecoming, er 13. Festivities began . m. with the coronation ueen, Arlene Peterson nued throughout the rest ay and far, far into the iiss Peterson was crowned Queen r Edward T. Katie, U. s. District gfjres stat ttorney, at a very nice ceremony . ', :ld in the auditorium of the Woman S hool. gas Stine s The parade acting as the open- lpllpils g gun for the festivities, start-1ti0D in the l at 5 p. m. A large crowd was ler1tS are Ml'- i hand tg see the many decora- lerlger, 623 Sf re floats. The winners in the, .rade contest were: 12th grade, iArlgne P -st placeg 8th grade, second place I amen's Island, third place. fBe H Crowds were on hand to enjoy ery event and more than 1250' ueen, ns witnessed the contest be-l Arlene 'een Algonac High School and Of NIP- and .Mrs.' . Clair and were entertained 142 St- Clan' Rlvef - the music of the band before been chosen the Queen e game and between halvesfugonac Hlgh School ie of the particular highlights me Oct- 13- , . the entertainment took place' M135 Peterson' a Junior ien Harold' Stager led the band.cheer1eadeIf for Algonac a square dance across the fieldia Commercial malor She ring the half. ,student body . Now that the Algonac High, Members of her court are Susie Dick Hemenger Wins State Debate Award A gold award key has bee Dick from 42 Michiga counties with his story .about e chosen in an election held by hoo1'has put this. project downiJezewski and Lorraine Cunning- history the Senior Class, underham, seniorsg Joan Thompson and 3 Chairmanship of Lisbethbawiji.Ctorbett,.sophornores. iuglas and Chuck Whitfordf' C' H 'T' ' mg with the committees areilpaper Algonac rd at work on the Senior Car-I. , ral which is scheduled to takr,iH1gh Sghggl NOW ice N0vemberH17. V -Q Iigh School lpeech Class 'resents Play The speech Class of the Algo 'In Eighth Year Giving pupils training in jour' nalism and publicizing schoo' events in story form are twr basic aims of the Algonquin, stu dent newspaper of Algonac Higl School, now in its eighth year awarded to Dick Hemenger. sec ond place winner in a State pub contest sponsored by Tuberculosis Asso as Jim wh- wag in a sanatonumj was entitled I- fout the Five Students In onor Society From Algonac Five new members were tapp- ed by the National Honor Sociei ty at a ceremony Tuesday in Al against abou gonac Highmschool. Parade nd Dal Algonac High School Selectep' Were Sue Roe, Clara 01-ing its third aymua ,Louisq,.-' wer, Ray Noon, - ., , , poming under the directic ixggfk flfgritugi Ftudent Council on Fri: 9 f - ber 13. A full a adv.. W 'iq of the socie- io . - and evening have bei 3'1is'2,,'. 8' we ,member hed. ,Arlene Peterso b. ' Q reign as queen and her cc Besgudegb f wwgggginclude Susie Jezewski, Q Ge?r3,WHgg terf urmingham, Dawn Corl to the 122221 Qliiiefgggenfgt, al QQ 'UrgL0?2s3i33i'25s03Qii1 begin twin si ter, one of 1' Rounds. oyn these., 14 f '....fE Tlllecgglsiiipblgfeggnfa merl emblem' . gg 090 0 . 1je school pep meeting pan Sue Ann Deiber ., Q -, He . t the Z -.5-1t'3 p. m. followed .m' Stark assisted a G -9 '-tion ceremoniesunt DFIVG Kenneth King, superinffg Z., uh in be r Schools, spoke on the ts, 'bo C 5 'QW C owne Tothe society to the High E, ' 4 XX e Q X Miss Wilda Bradley, class ad'9. traced the history of the Algoi, QP will begirl chapter, which originated in 19-its, f' 4-145' Twe and George Johnsonfk 96 lgamzatl' was program chair Algonac High School direction of George sang several selec- to strive for betteris? 'Xi the J the its approaches is '- Stu sends fe. ,,return A11 faculty si-nool board Rot Lions. Clubs, bands, schoc - ,Wl.l? . ' - -io Stfea J,-er Drive tc C Elizabeth Avers. Band Michigan will brilliant musical State Fair 10, according to gard, musical director largest number of losing remarks were the ceremony, a held for members in the home making scouts, police, firemen, ag ers will take part, in ad-d the guests of honor for th the football team Of 1926. gI'eam of Yesteryear This team of twenty-fiv ago and their wives will be ed through the homei This 1926 team includes Smith, Wilfred Bell, Fran Carthy, Harold McCarthy, Smith, Charles McKoan-, Harold Pocklingto Winslow Morrow, Kallas Cole, + and Kenneth Atkins The big event of the d football game between I 7 30 unc will be pi ic High School is presenting il The' Algonquin, records show? ay, named Mayor For A Day'iwas first published Sept. 20, 19432 will be in the school gym orthrough the help of facult advisl - -iday, January 12th at 1245 P- niors Miss Allene Stewgrt and rggnflilg Ainzgli Igle All parents and townsmen areMrs. Truman Pippel. ' igand Al onaCgMichi ai rdially invited. The cast IS as It was a printed issue then, no ed b Ggor e'J A ilnian llows: Tom Adams-Bob Hurtmimeographed as now, and it Sixt y embir blmdprlvill at ay Kurtis-Lou Cunninghamczo-editors were Betty Yahn and hylfr? rt i th PM i .an Alden Eunice Kerr,FlossieCi-aig Wilson The -first ' la a 'mul' Come D e use . mim i t jetchen Bell, Mrs, Meek- Anrcographed copy was published Shell on September 3, 1950. 'luce he . . d 'nde'g'em,'il'M12g10fSFud'g' D0'f0V-d1 - 1943- adfivfrpage issufliiflhcllreljflxhcijiiiq llflyuglhe 2:11 och, uns me - ara emen-ype on one si e. I - - - r, Ken Kurtis-Dick Hemenger -The first Christmas issue, 213,23 lgleemubeegg gi g1een'Zig?x1Gi1tL02i Zfggsriarof 'urpuss Suckqioe Malinskllolpage paper was pubushechla es 53 F iel nd the Fa?r'sVIuir and mual J. Smugg-Tom HighstreetDeC. '22, 1943. A 23-page Christ-9B md f' Mrn is t n fgvri gt are rs. Fitz Jones-Virginia Gontamr1Sf1mO Publication was issuecluflarmlg- arfg, Ha Wa y O .-.S 1 V 1-I i I-I 'D ' 1' D ' ' selected- from the applications received each ceremc Schoc of Mr. 1 and the St. Clai under the dire: ggers. Algonac St. Clair willl begin E court. Student Council Front Row: Ed Rzeppa, Jim Ames, Advisor-Miss Jablinski, Arlene Denzler, Luanne Green, Carol Miller, Bob Ames, Wanda Beal, Chuck Whitford.Back Rows Bob Durand, Gerald Rzeppa, Gail Avers, Arlene Peterson, Harold Stager, Jim Martin, Pat Morrison, Joe McKoan. The Student Council of Algonac High School consists of sixteen members representing the eighth through the twelfth grades. This group sponsors all of the All-Hi parties through the year. It is also their job to assign the concessions and pep meetings to the various classes. Along with this, they supervise the spring elections. This is the governing body of the High School with one faculty advisor who sits in on all meetings. The Principal has the last say for an thing that is done, for he has the veto power. 314 Algonquin Staff l ' 5 1, , i , First Row: Jim Ames, Earl Gonyaw, Sue Roe, Editor-Barbara Stark, Allene Highstreet, Gail Smith, Nancy Pekuri, Sally Hemenger. Second Row: Jeanine Genaw, Barbara Hurt, Patsy Beatty, Nan Kaunitz, Charlene Busuttil, Agnes Korpak, Jackie LaForge,-Sally Smith, lisbeth Douglas, Bonnie Stambough, Dennis Denzler. Third Row: Mary Lou Barr, Eunice Kerr, Gerrie Starek, Virginia Gontarek, Clara Boughner, Joan Fournier, Pat Pomeroy, Ph llia Schultz, Rollin Cronce. Fourth Row: Advisors-Miss S1epicka,Mrs. Pippel, Miss Stewart, Ann Pocklington, Jan Pocklington. Editor' Barbara Stark 2 Allene Highstreet Ann Pocklington Jan Pocklington Assistant Editors Circulation Editor: Art Editors: E23i1Gi2 Z: Secretary-Treasurer: JEESAESZ 35 The National Honor Society I L...f First Row: Wanda Beal, Geraldine Hastings, Sally Hemenger, Advisor-Miss Bradley, Bob Peters, Barbara Rounds, Elizabeth Avers. Second Row: Superin- tendent-Mr. King, Sue Ann Deibler, Barbara Stark, Yvonne King, Geraldine Starek, Bernard Woods, Richard Hemenger, Jack Humes, Joann Kuriluk, Nancy Pekuri, Donna Mae Mensen, Principal-Mr. Johnson. The Algonac Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in the spring of l9hO with thirteen charter members. The group new has over 100 members, alumni and active. Tb be elected one must have a 1.7 CB-D average in all scholastic work and be rated high in character, service and leadership by the high school faculty and the active members. The main project for the past six or seven years has been to raise money for the scholarship fund. So far, three students have been assisted in gaining higher education by grants of S100 each, The outstanding events of the year are the induction assembly in November and the banquet in May. Also planned for this year are a party for the Marysville chapter, a spring tea, and a picnic for all students with a B average. 36 roj ectionists First Row: Edward Currier, Gustave Mann, Advisor-Miss Nugent, Richard Hoover, John Schmid, Bill Bell. Second Rowe Dale Mehl, James Russell, Don Rosso, leon Viger, Robert Gronlund, Jack Stager, Ronald Avers, Kenneth Avers. W, ibrary Club Front Row: Gary Sakowski, Donna May Barr, Arlene Denzler, Barbara Hurt. Back Row: Hans Christiansen, Jan Pocklington, Joan Thompson, Bonnie Stambough, Miss Bradley. 37 Y-Teens First Row: A. Korpak, Treasurer-B. Rounds, Secretary--G. Hastings, Presi- dent-L. Cunningham, E. Kerr, Vice-President--C. Miller, C. Busuttil, S, Smith. Second Row: Advisor--Miss Stewart, J. Stringer, S, Jezewski, Marion McKo8n, I. Upite, S. Roe, E. Avers, A. Kane, V. Gontarek, G. Starek, G. Bell, Advisor-Mrs. Pippel. Third Row: M. Ouderkirk, B. Stark, B, Endelman, G. Beatty, J. LaForge, S. Hemenger, J. Kirby, S, Deibler, B, Heyza, B. Sears. First Raw: A. Pocklington, President--B. Howell, Vice-President-G. Avers, Treasurer-D. Pless. Second Row: Advisor-Mrs. Van Volkenburg, F. Sherman, N. Makay, S. Soney, J. Foczmaniak, M. Moody, J. Graham, B. Stambough, M.E. Montney, Secretary-J. Pocklington, Assistant Advisor-S. Hemenger. Third Row: M.L. Smith, S. mith, S. Hudson, D. Whitesell, M.A. Peterson, C. Boughner, G. Smith, H. Fisher, J. Busuttil, D. Corbett. 38 Y-Teens First Row: M. L. Barr, President--L. Green, Secretary-J. Fournier, B. Hurt, K. Deibler. Second Row: 'Dr-easurer-D. Parker, P. Schultz, E. Boughner, S. Gibson, A. Denzler, E, Humes, Advisor-Mrs. Kaunitz. Third Row: N. Kaunitz, L, Durand, B. Avers, A. Murphy, Vice-President-B. Drouillard, E. Sullivan, M. Rudolph. First Roms B. Howell, A. Pocklington, M. Rudolph, H. Fisher, J. Fournier, E. Boughner, D. Whitesell, B. Avers, N. Pekuri, C. Miller. Second Row: J. Pocklington, M.L. Smith, D. Corbett, E. Sullivan, N. Kaunitz, N. Makay, G. Avers, J. Foczmaniak,.M. L. Barr, P. Pomeroy, A. Denzler. Third Row: Instructor-Mrs. Pekuri, C. Busuttil, L. Starek, G. Star-ek, C. Boughner,A. Highstreet, J. Kirby, M. Ouderkirk, M. Peterson. Fourth Row: L. Green, P. Beatty, B. Sears, E. Humes, J. Driskell, B. Stambough, G. Smith, B. Hurt. 39 211161 DCHIOI' 'S 31 :J .2 ri E 0 Ui O G1 A Stokes Patsy dqy Bates, , Yvonne King, Te Ch Pio Don First Row:Donna Mae Mensen, GJ E n 5 5' X2 GJ 53 41 y, Gail Avers, M .M Q :E E5 5 O DG 'U C O U 0 C0 I M G UD C ID 5 U3 T5 3 JI O -H 03 n UI 5 D2 ld 8 'D ouillard, Dr Kay 5 ne Green, Luan ff, Driskell, Ibm Highstree Joyce es Smith, Jam tz, Ka ' smith, Nan 3 ar Pocklington, Barb 'ang M GJ CL 21221, sea G C ng n 15:-442 'az-ff: psi aa .sig 0.2 an .djs egg Q -U CD Srgg 'N asa bD M +9 -H w449 0 age tw seg Bm 5204 53.2 NO.. 1: W M Egg' w 5 E33 2 E E3 E in '12 21:0 A can UJCUCD E?Z3KD G .CD 'QS 5503 E cs fi C -.05 isa as 'Q u gg 552 ld -H 32.2 'Q 'D E3 2 3 a 55.5 O M Sem .25 5,25 ass UD CJ 23 8 13 ID .M 63 Q s.. G on S U3 'rs 13 Q rx: R .-4 G N E F4 CI O 421 Q 5 cr lg GJ 4: 43 O .-I s. M .cz CJ Q 5 1: 13 KD C 'r'1 3 R r-: O H H E3 U1 .E :Sf J iSOH TT Mo Pat 3 McKean as 'nz Jia 0 DD 5. 1d ja .gg 52 a Q go: as wa 5.2 up Q .25 'sg 2:0 55 JD G as MU! O +9 me ofa go as CD G9 UUE ga me H Di O 0.5 355 Us E. .aaa G1 na ma are ELI .em ee: mi gg SE as gi. 'Q aa sl ax: 'E' 63 n .S 49 'H -E r4 'ri N CD :Q 'E 'H bi fi O 'D Q 'H J! E 3 'D C N 3 U3 n 49 L S DI and Junior 5 -5 O 3 .Qi nd Q Ss -5 '1 J E2 53 FD -5 '1 5 -P -f-4 E P: 8 cd Z Q 5 3 m 53 'E m an R u 'r-I 43 n CU IE EE' +2 O A :S E az +2 FD .M di A C O QR Q 2 Es E2 We 4533250 .Bm 2 O- ELIID mga a'-ago as .2 ga -r-1:-1 gems SCJ 5:3 nw :NMS SEQ ani.. as-f' TES M:-2:1 sw 0-4CD0'J 225 KU NCI OGG was ,E .. se: me 'sm OCIUD o --f-4 CDG? 'Dee A555 :QS . r-ISP-P O -P CDO m.g.,.4 Q05 .MQ 5 .. HKU 'QQJ-I-5 r-fb-+3 CUOQJ .sarah 3 og . me myg N sms QQ CCG 888, we .Hoag 030.82 Qfi! r-i ri 5.52 DWP: 4355 r-i as Q 5 d, on 1 bert Morrison, Lillian Duran Robert Gronlund, Ronald Sm 0 n DG:-I -f-I 'ND QE -fd 8 Sm .S .SI 0 22,-za 553' L1 vu 52 31: 52 is FBS I-12 Q ID .D he CD16 r'I'1 13' E1 fs. 555 +7 154: ID 'Pct E. :S r-IQ! 'RFE Us CCD QQ m8 E .cz 43 ai F-1 sn :f .3 S' rs :Q 'E 'H bd W 3 'T Girls' Glee Club First Row: A. Vandenhemel, A. Korpak, J. Kirby, E, Hume-3, J, Fournier, M. L. Smith, Director-Mr. George Appefhnan, M, Krause, B.HerSche1man, G. Bell, B. Stambough, D. Pless, B. McLane, A. Lutz. Second Row: M. Rudolph, G. Beatty: B' Endel-'flafls D-Ritzert. A- Murphy, D. Parker, L. Noon, A. Denzler, Y' Persyfla I- UPITISQ F. Paquette, D. Whitesell, G. LaPar1. 'lhird Row: H, Nugent, P- Schultz, A. Highstreet, S. Roe, J. Genaw. Chorus '1 -f, cr A Q9 First Row:M. Rudolph, A.Vandenheme1, J. Kirby, J. Fournier, B.Hersche1ma.n, A. Lutz, Director-Mr. Appelman, D. Pless, G.Be1l,, Y. Persyn, B. Stambough, E. Humes, M.I.. Smith. Second Row: A. Highstreet, D. Ritzert, H. Nugent, P. Schultz, A. Denzler, D. Pioch, B. Hurt, B. McLane, F. Paquette, M. Krause, A. Murphy, I. Upite. Third Row: G. Beatty, A. Korpak, D. Parker, R. Stager, T. Highstreet, S.Roe, J. Genaw, L.Noor1, D. Whitesell, G.LaPa.r1. L12 Maj orettes A- Harold Stager, Gail Smith, Eaeice Kerr, Benerig-igeniiignazufgwnhEgrgziz, Cheerleaders Carol Mi11er,Jbann Kuri1uk,Barbara Howe11,Jan Pock1ington,Ann Pocklington, Lorraine Cunningham, Jeanine Busuttil, Arlene Peterson. M3 -,,EL'i3R W I7 57 ff 'gf- TZLQQUWE' VAL iuslcrats beat 5 larine Wildcats 9-7 Friday I Phe Algonac Algonac ............,...,....,.......... ... ........ ....,... Iliglr drool ' 0 Football cliedule ide its third str league 'd ' ht h f t d irfnlggig,-X e ea e I riday September 15 A trick pass play - J in the first quarter, Friday September 22 Jch, but a line ash for riday September 29 t ' t f 'l I-Te plccigringfs Friday, October 6 a three punt o1Fr- 0 t b :ir 20 yard line and went all the 'day C 0 er 13 iy to tie the score 6-6. Eddif Wednesday October 18 :den made the last few yard: - the goal and kicked the extra int. At the half the score stooc urine Cit 7 A1 onac 6 Y , S - Algonac tried the rsame pas: ' c my used in the first quarter an ' d Croswell-Lex. 8:00 St. Stephen 7:30 New Baltimore-7:30 Marine City 7:30 St. Clair 7:30 Marysville 7:30 Holy Cross 7:30 Richmond 7:30 Yale 7:30 ide another TD in the thir per Tealn o l, Ames to Pioch again. W Alg0naC Tles :k was blocked. ug atel' Phe Muskrats were in com For League md in theyfinal period and De 1 e . - yer ended the march by h t h ChaInPlOnShlP er from the five yard line- Hi .Merl fm re c ampl Richmond bowled over ss was good'and the Algona f the White Div 1' ' Blu ,L h f f th im stacked up seven morgwater League Onags' opes, or a our intsl The final Score stood 19- - ecutive undisputed St. gonac ,,,,......... . 6 0 6 7-19 They qiefe t- ,Cl ' County league football cham, iring City ...... 0 7 0 0- 'Sunday H1 Stfalght lship Friday night by ups. llgagd fought 2 gn Mye llthe Muskrats, 7-6, at Aigoi nice ' -. lgonac Downs QTCKS Zham xt fo blunixlispllirigegd lflarrtiplloncsllipan ' - ' . . 1 k' li d th b farysvllle 33-7 , ggfsa0:..:.1.11....s.:.izifa LaPar1 made A1gonac's firsunder way this !DeBoyer, who sat the gam. ich down after ten short plays Y . 1011 the bench with :IIS P1321 Start the Muskrats on their Vic- Algonac 5 win Sunday was a cast. He rac ured i by Leo Vernier, he hit a - over Marysville 38-7. Marys ' - le failed to make any yardagirun' double and single' d Algonac took the ball on theii Pete Roggeman pitched yard line and went for theiigogd ball and collected 2 hits :ond TD Spirited by passes frorrsideg, nes, Korpack and De-Boyer, Bob George almost wentyto irpack made the TD runninsfor robbinng st. Clair of ,m the twelve yard line. Al-sure hits in center field. mac failed to make both conver- Manager Jim Cartwright DS. all the boys have played good In the Second quarter Algfmafall season and deserved to fred twice. DeBoyer and La-champs, rl made the'TDS. Ames kicked They hope to knock off Cross waste tix lgonac downs oted thi a stiff A bo picked it 0. good blo- west side booted the ihmadedolgeufixtila glglgtb SC0ffCards.Q.r Jedd0- . for the Macomb e en o e a - . - A1 b k gate in the third- quarter Algona. Algonac Grldders quariglllaiocaxsre aim a scored on a quarterback sneak: o f C k Km-pak Ames to raise the score to 31-0. Season Ziiisyrsflglo cgflgit the ban ies converted making the ex- point. Most of the Muskrats' is saw action in the third quar- , Coach Pippel substituting 9 ly. I A.lgonac's TD in the fourth arter was made by a long pass! ni Korpack to Meldrum. Kor- :k kicked but failed. to make 1 extra point. Late in the fourth arter Marysville made their y TD of the game on a quarter- rk sneak by Griffis. Griffis ked and made the extra point. Varren of the Marysville team s carried from the field in the rd quarter and taken to ttei' :pital with he ies. League Title Coach Truman Pippel, has jucould have tied up the ended another successful seascnot-too-far wide to the at Algonac High School as hthe goal posts Richmond 25 and for the TD. Ames' kick, .team shared the St.. Clair Coun1 Bgth teams ,played stella leargliie Dgtlec with Richmond, . .fensive ball and both wer? . e us ra 5 ran up 204 pomaed inside the five-yard li, against their opponents' 79 ani S erate drives. won seven games and lost tw e P ' 1 over th 1950 se , The loss was Algonacs s . e ason campalgthis season. They had 11012 Then' losses .were to powelflstopped since their openinl Cr0sweu'Lexmgl'on and Rlcho Croswell-Lexington a mtglgch Pi el a.d th tjeague opponent. lfticl Standing garage piaged iv ollhavas tied twice and defeated Musk,-ats was against Maringy non-leaguer, Romeu funn '-,Ln-A A --U LJJ- A - . frfl-insyinfnv-1. nys: curoof Fr-1' X 0 ---------4 .1 mmol.: .l. 1951-I.5 Complete For Lions' Field ' The Wednesday night n bf the Algonac Lions Clu vened at Sid-'s Restaurant, Thengf Algonac. President William Mun Here :omed guests Sid Barkei Hexrialgonac, guest of Lion J ami 911, and- William Flore, If TherQf the Mount Clemens, lions, Club. Here At the business meetinl Thereater at the Lion'g Club on Washington Street, Pre Thei-dVIuir called on visiting R01 Ernest Grunlund and Eai ques. The visiting R01 arought news of their fort ng outdoor barbecue. The 1 'llub is sponosoring the din Here Here E nopes of raising sufficient g Eepigggreaaiddgionalsfacilitz o cou ' W' Field Commitlleeman I E ocklington told the Club H ers that plans for the tra gp :ie Lions Athletic Field U lst shaping up and reporte siting track and field au E bs lgtave hearty approval 1 yo . ,S Pres. Muir announced th: iub's meal planner. Mrs. R Fell. was ill in her homq V hearing ihii ther entire Int forward best wishes iq reedy recovery and returx Algonac and 2 co 2 U5 DD 71' . Q ':'. Richmond Wu E First Game Eg Algonac and Richmond in first game victoriesl Nr night in the St. Clair: O0 league. Algonac defeate 4-p City Holy Cross, 54-23 Q Richmond notched a 571 -'gfw Nnvuz i Claii Straight Wg Play Richmom Mr, Gerrish is in his Since the sidewalk was pu tween the main building been on his look back from - Cb the Miss gg will also 0 '95 'S uhm nh Q I-ll E ?- agroup of 4 k o an o ' v-4 v-4 CU 4-J O 'sity E11 004-3 m Egg! Q -352. Q M S4 352 H M m'1 E 3 -' -H,C W U32 5585 if Kg HEP, 7' H QUQU-L1 QL- A-GQ U M W T139 355 O:3'g gee: RD.-D 55 - M 2.52, H O .9 BVS 'A m C Q4 . SWE p'o Q o .,-QQQ li 13' -S .SEQ 'E'n '3 SET Y O.: U M Q -H m SU? QE-1 Q35 -432 E943 9 G Q32 A?C Q nt. EWEU5 230: ZIU 'ixi C B35 Q'1 H 5 :End Ern F i i'a3 W Or4 H O M -H m m h4mfL Pippel. an Sm H' Coach--h Parl, la ph Hal 9 OD y No Ra ons, Sim consecutive victo- Algonac had a very eventful season winning seven and losing two. The team's This year game of the st e la th in ond, E O 'I-I I O -P H D X M Q M 'in -P M LU CD L M lost ODAC Alg SMSS, UO nty-five twe at lted ha WGTG ries 0 D4 E C O - .C LJ S' S O LJ M 'H M rl LJ 0 +3 UD E P ond for hm Ric with 'O CD -r-I +7 CD 5- r,- 0 NO O +9 lx 94 O 0 M O 0 UJ the by HSOD S9 SCORES LL A FOOTB TY VARSI 7 6 7 12 11e oss d arysvi Cr on sim .,.f.f.:s 2511! F GOCIBNOT-fX f'Tf 'k 01 O U O O N G N N C C C C O O O O DOODNO U0 rirlrifi 414 414 UNF-CD U-CD FN E UD C '92 2 3525? l.Q-H-r-If-4 I4 DvPlD-H H 0:4 M m-P w wr4 3 Mlm SCJ Q o3.Q 0 H-P w -P LDUJZIEEUJ WNUNGDONGI r10JOJr1ri 00000 m M Q M M Q C C G C O O O O O hDh0hOhJJh0 ririririri 414 4ZQ14 2 LOSt 7 Won sw uoM Z 1901 Z PSFL I 'FTZDU -v My xx 'I L riff .kr ,NX YPFPIPUPID I-'I-'I-'F-'I- UQUQUQUQUQ OOOOO 55353 93039351353 00000 I-' ONNOOONQ d .3'WC+f33 IJ-Jul-3.5: 05:05- l-' CD 256521 ic-'P:': SH' pw 'Sf IL' 5.1. UQ 'J' IU NINIONION F110 OO I-'I-' ?Tl- CDH- H3 CHN Uiu V CD tj: 0 sv? OUQ CDCD U33 Od' EY 343: lo 95 p. c+'d STI- vm '1 Chu O 5:29 Bw 825 '10 OCA uv CDL. UO WCG HH- 35' C023 3? S. 1 O C3 O E 'U 5.1. CD H E H S EL I v n :nog 45115 'V aAV 'P 'SJ 5 CD UI u E1 O 0 D-3 3 'O F' fo CD C+ CD H C0 o 5 B n, P4 H S13 C on KD 50 'ZD3 op. UQ 'IIS' UJUI 211+ '1 CDCD '10 Wd' O Cu S 053 .'J'l-'- I 5 l.fL E P-1 I-' 5-on fi? 2 5' me Z cn-95 Od' F303 1 La G Z o '1 c+- IJ' 0 Cn CD o O Z3 D- 'JU o S no L ' 0 III 93 4 CD C3 rn Db EU oo 4 ns CIT Q ff ro C O f'T cr 9-7 F-14 P11 Varsity asketball E2 .,- '-.'.'f. 2 W ani m! V . S f J E' Front Row: Jim DeBoyer, Joe McKean, Ed Rzeppa, Don Rondeau, Bob Ames, Bob Peters. Back Row: Coach-Jack Greenstein, Ray Noon, Sandy Smith, Jim Martin, Ted Meldrum, Don Pioch. vARsIIY BASKETBALL scoams 50 Algonac Holy Cross 2? Algonac 36 St. Stephens 38 Algonac 37 Marysville 26 Algonac h9 Yale 33 Algonac no Richmond 30 Algonac M9 Marine City 36 Algonac 68 New Baltimore 33 Algonac 2h St. Clair 25 Algonac 62 Holy Cross 25 Algonac 39 St. Stephens 25 Algonac h8 Marysville 37 Algonac 58 Richmond M2 Algonac M7 Marine City 35 Aigonac 3h st. Clair 32 Algonac 75 New Baltimore 33 h8 Reserve Basketball First Row: George Peterson, Gene Sampier, Jerry Bradsnaw, Norman F rver Ted Bates, Jim Ames. Second Row: Phil Sullivan, Mike Folcerts, Jim Iorth Corky Korpak, David Vigliotti. Third Row: Larry Brady, rort Sampler, alt Simons, Lansing Sturman, Coach-Irueman Pippel. RESERVE Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Algonac Seasons BPSKETBALL SCORES 36 Holy Cross lb 31 St. Stephen 30 36 Marysville 35 L6 Richmond 36 38 Marine City 26 28 St. Clair 39 M6 New Baltimore 20 31 Yale 27 56 Holy Cross 25 28 St. Stephen M7 37 Marysville 26 37 Richmond h3 hl Marine City 31 35 st. Clair L19 63 New Baltimore 32 Results Won ll Lost h h9 Baseball 1 ii Front Row: Don Rondeau, Jim DeBoyer, Ronnie Stager, Ralph LaPar1, Archie Iupenski. Back Row: Bob Ames, Jack Peters, Ed Rzeppa, Will Rogers, Jack Kinnally, Chuck Whitford. In 1950, the baseball team won three and lost six. The Algonac Muskrats are looking forward to a more successful season in 1951 with veterans coming back in most of the positions. Promising newcomers are ready to step into any gaps that may develop and we are sure of a more successful season this year. 1950 BASEBALL SEASON Algonac Port Huron 7 Algonac Marine City 2 Algonac St. Clair 7 Algonac Marysville 3 Algonac Holy Cross 3 Algonac New Baltimore 2 Algonac St. Stephens 8 Algonac Ric mond 2 Algonac Birch Run 13 'ET Won 3 Lost 6 so Track L .. L First Row: Harold Stager, Floyd McGeathy, Don Rondeau, Don Pioch, Pat Morrison, Corlqy Korpak, Gene Herschelman, Norman Farver. Second Row: Phil Sullivan, Jim Martin, Bill Terry, Ted Meldrum, Earl Gonyaw, Bob Ames, Tom Highstreet, Jim DeBoyer. Third Row: Coach--Jack Greenstein, Ray Noon, Sand Smith, Sydney Schaffer, Mickey Gilbert, Dick Hartung, Joe McKoan, Walt Simons. The Algonac High School track team competes against both league and non-league members. Some of the non-league meets are the Central Relays, River Rouge Relay, State Regional Track Meet, and State Championship Meet, A St. Clair County meet decides the county championship. This year it is to be held on the new track at Algonac High School. A point system is devised whereby every high school boy has a fair chance to earn his letter in track. Sl tl Si ,mr ..1,k jf? , J, ,if 9' v' ' QQ , P' n i 415 1- iw N,,,v h,' k W Wim 2 Q., Mg 1-MH 2 . .L 2 , , . J x.x A tw A h I. I I5 A - I T nv My Y' A fs P . 1 -5 A-SJ ,, 5 K ETP fx, i xg. -YK .M 'nw ,W Ig-Q. , 1 :1 . . 'ig n I 1 'af 3 1 :ref H Ire ' Q Q. , .f . 5 asv ,Q rd N . hm L 1,554 N. .. K., xf' lm, I , fr Vw .fi ? 31 ,-f' 'L-. y-, Q 'Q adds! 655' I ,ailing X.. , fx IINN. ,Sf N P ' L fi ,Z f fufJf f, aff' kb w-.2 , .1 X , .M 5 ., . 1 1.x f L, If ,f fb Qggfw W MW Wi' QP J9 A,f'f M. ,2 ' ???J f X X Q41 . 7 'u1AZ,4.,1 'RY' V, , H ,Af ,45- sf ll ' . -. 4 ,gf k-. , ., .. .r A' Af. 1 F, 1 :- .v- L in 5-K is... 15.-., -:w95 Qf Nigg- .x,gg.,r-1 ,Av - .-.z -, wg' 'jf' , A w- ati. A. , f-., n- 3. M. 4 I .z. -1 Q, .1 as Q kr, 4- 15 . - -3- f - ,,,,- .. 4-' ' 4. If U ' gg., x v 1 4- .1141-' ,TH PQ -.1 i 9 X. .Q ' 'w.- ' 1 -x 5535 V K 1 Q Q Q3 - - ' i o Q x ' f '4 reg: v , . I L . ' . Y 1 1 1 . 4 if . 9 6 i 1 r 4 W' Q js dai- .ua a-0 'QI' . F5 ii ,Pi .. Q' . I 'll 3 1 . 'Y , . W lf-. JJ! 11 ' t .4 S W ,Q , v I laik 4,,b Jaw, U-. -- Jr ,. . -I -' 'Y' ,, far, , ,,, Q1 ' - 1 . 1. ' A- z X Q ' ,Q-has, ., ' R 44-f -u . , X m , ,fu - 1- lg .. I . 4 , rxw-1 ,.Q,, -'Q 9 9 .Y sq' in A, 4 jf gig' f 1' ' A 4,19

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