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In appreciation of the many years’ service to the children of Algonac, the Algonquin staff are happy to dedicate this 1950 Algonquin to Miss Anna Stewart. Board of Education Clark Harsen D,D«S. President Faculty Kenneth S. King Superintendent George Appelman High School I..usic Direc tor Wi Ida Eradley Library and English Feme Clark Secretary to the Superintendent Nellie David Fourth Grade George Johnson Principal Dorothy Balagna Kindergarten Carrie Chapman First Grade Helen Cole R.N. School Nurse Julia Folkerts Third Grade 5 Howard Gerrish Industrial and Vocational Education Carl Hagberg Sixth Grade Nina Ihrig Second Grade Helen Knuusi Second Grade Lillian Kiemela Fourth Grade Jack Greens tein Coach Virginia Higgs Horae Economics Eleanore Jablinski Science Mathematics Carol Messenger Secretary to Principal Florence Nugent Junior High Rachel Pekuri Girl’s Physical Education Trueman Pippel Coach Carolyn Slepicka Grade Music and English Allene Stewart History and English Stanley Thompson Social Studies and Driver Training Dorothy Pippel Commercial Virginia Porter Sixth Grade Madeleine Stark Third Grade Anna Stewart Fifth Grade Donald Ulrey Fifth Grade 7 Teachers Lounge The Board of Education provided generously in the fall of 1949 for the de- coration and furnishing of the teachers lounge in the west wing of the second f loon A committee composed of Mrs, Clark and Mr. Gilbert from the Board and Miss Jablinski , Miss Higgs, Miss Knuusi, Mrs. Ihrig and Miss Stewart from the Faculty, following the suggestions of an interior decorator, decided upon mauve-gray ceiling and walls, taupe carpeting and blond furniture. Color is introduced by a casement draw curtain in shades of mauve, coral, yellow and blue, and by the lamp shades in coral. The Faculty has made its first contribution to the fund. COUNSELING ROOM The counseling service was established last September. Its objective is to assist students with problems of vocational choice, educational achievement, and personality development. Kiss Jablinski, Kiss Stewart and Mr. Greenstein admin- ister tests in interest and aptitudes, and assist in making plans for high school, college and everyday living. In addition, they have individual conferences wi th the students on any problems for which they may request guidance. ?»!r. Johnson is chair- man of the department. DRIVER TRAINING This course was introduced this year to aid our teenagers to learn safe and sane driving habits. This is only a part in the state-wide orogram for improving highway safety. Ihis year forty-four students hove completed this highway safety course. As a supplement to this program twenty-five adult drivers completed a more concentrated version of this course. 9 It M 1 fl] 1 1 JM «n m ,- r • L «3r sH i -Mr Blif® J m m :. nr V haT u ou Id we d o W Thou?- Mrs. C ortf 7 Help wanted Disc u ss c n Hr. ft i n j On the Board H olh Or oo d tT oh e ? Seniors Evelyn Be tes G.I .A. Chorus Duane Dobbin Hi-Y Baseball Shirley Dahl Majorettes Paper Staff Y-Teens Thomas Ishmael Hi -Y Band Marilyn Densmore Majorettes Paper Staff Y-Teens Robert Baker Sophomore Pres. Honor Society Football Capt. Cay Cartwright Honor Society Y-Teens Band Charles Eckfield Pres. Honor Society Student Council Athletics Lydia Day Honor Society Cheerleading Y-Teens Charles Gilbert Student Council Honor Society Football 14 Seniors Judy Duncan Honor Society Sec. of Sr. Class William Kersten Student Council Basketball Hi-Y Phyllis Hilgendorf Honor Society Ray LaParl Hi-Y Ruth Krause Paper Staff Y- Tee ns Roland Johnson Honor Society Sea Scouts Hi-Y Karen Gobielle G.I .A. Richard Knyzewski Athletics Band Marella Hill Paper Staff Y-Teens Richard Lozon Basketball Football Hi-Y 15 Seniors Ruth Krebs Majorettes Y- Tee ns Frank Morrow Football Chorus Track Karyn Lozon Treas. of Sr Class Paper Staff Y-Teens Karl Peterson Football Track Fanny Poll to Treas of Y-Teens Paper Staff Stewart McDonald Band Barbara Lang Vice-Pres. G I A Jack Peters Baseball Nancy Murphy Cheerleading Y-Teens Chorus Larry Peterson Football Baseball 16 Seniors Rita Richie Pres • of Gel .A. Stanley Sharrow Track Band Hi-Y Loretta Sampler Honor Society Paper Staff Y-Teens Richard Rex Honor Society Stude nt Council Athletics Delphine Rzeppa Student Council Y-Teens Chorus Gilbert Soullier Band Dirk Sparenborg Moni tor Ellen Smi th Paper Staff Y- Teens Beverley Smith Honor Society Y- Teens Chorus Charles 7 amer Pres. Sr. Class Athletics Band 17 Remember Us SENIOR HISTORY September 1946 found the present Senior Class, fifty-four of us, enrolling in Algonac High School as Freshmen. Our homerooms were held in Study Hall. Hie officers were President, Richard Rex; Vice-President, William Kersten; Secretary, Charles Gilbert; Treasurer, Earbara Stager. The two Student Council members were Delphine Rzeppa and Charles Warner. Miss Eradley and Coach Greenstein have been our competent advisers throughout our high school years. From the beginning we proved to be an independent and aggressive class. We had previously chosen our class colors, motto, and flower. Our colors were kelly green and white, the motto, T, Up the Ladder Step by Step, and our flower, a white rose. We had a balance of $55. 51 in our treasury at the beginning of our Freshman year. We decided on $1.25 each for dues. In order to finance our future Senior trip, we found ourselves searching for money-making schemes. Hie idea of selling game-schedule pencils was suggested and accepted. Hiis venture was quite profitable, for we gained nearly $20. Karyn Lozon and Robert Baker represented our class as king and queen at the Senior Carnival. On September 3, 1947, with Robert Baker, as President; Richard Rex, as Vice- President; Judy Duncan, as Secretary; and Barbara Stager, as Treasurer, we entered our Sophomore year.Members of the Student Council were Delphine Rzeppa, Lydia Day, William Kersten and Charles Warner. We made $56.90 on the selling of baseball pennants and shields with ,, Algonac ,, on them. This raised our treasury from $188.29, to $245.19. For added profit we raised our dues to $3.00 per person. Earbara Stager and Tom Ishmael were our king and queen of the 1947 Senior Car- nival. When we entered our Junior year in 1948, our home room meetings were changed to the commercial room. Our officers were as follows :President, Charles Warner; Vice- President, Charles Gilbert; Secretary, Judy Duncan; Treasurer, Karyn Lozon. Our four Student Council members were William Kersten, Delphine Rzeppa, Richard Rex, and Lydia Day. Our first project of that year was a magazine selling contest between the boys and girls. Hie boys won and received a party as their reward. We then added 8 small amount of money to our treasury by selling maize and blue mechanical pencils. The next outstanding event for our class was the J-Hop held on January 21, 1949 Our theme was " Winter Wonderland " . Our profit on this dance was $90 — the largest any class had ever reported. At the J-Hop we raffled a small white Philco radio, and made $88.00 on this ven ture. On June 3, 1949, we gave the Seniors their banquet. We held it in Sarnia , Canada; at " Kenwick-on- the-Lake " . It was a very successful and memorable affair. Our Senior Carnival king and queen for this year were Charles Warner and Judy Duncan. So ended our most eventful Junior Year. Our final and most glorious year began September o, ±949. Our class officers for the year were: President, Charles Warner; Vice- Pr e si- dent, Richard Rex;Secretary, Judy Duncan; Treasurer, Karyn Lozon. Our representatives in Student Council were: V illlam Kersten (who was president), Charles Gilbert, Charles Eckfield, and Richard Rex. On November 11, we staged our Senior Carnival which was 8 huge success . Shirley Dahl and Richard Lozon were our class queen and king. Next, we undertook the selling of was not as successful as we had hoped but it did add a fairly large sum to our treasury. Our sale of Christmas cards during the latter part of November resulted in a large profit. Hie illustrious Seniors on February 21, 1950, successfully sponsored a donkey basketball game. April found us knee-deep in feverish preparation for our Senior play 11 Mumbo Jumbo " . Consisting of six boys and six girls, the cast performed superbly, making it one of the most enjoyable plays ever presented. In June, Kenwick-on- the-Lake was trie perfect setting for the Juni or- Senior Banquet. Baccalaureate on June 12 began our final week as Seniors. Then came that goal toward which the forty- two of us had been working — that night of nights — June 16, 1950 — the graduation exercises I 19 SENIOR V.ILL I Bob Baker — leave my desire to be a Doctor to Bo-Bo Brady Evelyn Bates--leave my willingness to help to Fred Genaw Cay Cartwright — leave my bottle of peroxide to Elizabeth Avers Shirley Dahl — leave my laugh to Tony Sampler. Duane Dobbin — leave my curly hair to Ann Vandenhemel. Judy Duncan — leave all my A ' s to Richard Recor Charles Eckf i eld--leave my height for basketball to Don Rondeau Chuck Gilbert--lea ve my good marks in Government to Ralph LaParl Karen Gobeille — leave my knowledge of French to Ronnie Holder. Marella Hill — leave my early engagement to Sally Hemenger. Phyllis Hilgendorf — leave my ability to get along with Miss Bradley to Casey Wishart. Tom Ishmael — leave my yo-yo to Jimmy Ames. Roland Johnson--lea ve my weight to Dewey Marsden. Richard Knyzewski — leave all my girls in Detroit to Shirley Haydett. Ruth Krebs — leave my ability to get along with boys to Chickie Douglas. Marilyn Densmore — leave my gift of gab to Lou Cunningham. Ruth Krause — leave my typing ability to Ed Campbell. Barbara Lang — leave my height to Donna Mae Mensen. Karyn Lozon — leave my walk to Virginia Gontarek. Richard Lozon — leave my Casanova ways to Ed Rzeppa. Nancy Murphy--leave my ability to get along with Mr. King to Gary Sakowski. Stewart MacDonald — leave my piano-playing ability to Sandy Smith. Skippy Morrow — leave my speed in track to David Vigliotti. Larry Pe terson--leave my ability to get along with teachers to Sue Ann Deibler. Karl Peterson--lea ve my seat in Economics to my brother George. Dick Rex — leave my good nature in basketball to Jack Kinnally. Bill Kersten — leave my ability to get along with people to Barbara Day. Rita Richie — leave my ability to play basketball to Clara Boughner. Delphine Rzeppa — leave my ambition to be a teacher to Herb Glied. Loretta Sampier — leave my shorthand ability to Betty Sears. Beverley Smith — leave my short hair to Joan Stringer. Ellen Smith — leave my naturally curly hair to Sally Smith. Barbara Stager — leave my seat in band to Roy Haggberg. Gilbert Soullier — leave my musical ability to Pat Lucas. Joan Warner — leave my ability to get along with Mr. Greens tein to the Eighth Grade History class. Chuck Warner--leave my Senior Class Presidency to Blynn Dudley. John Yax — leave my sense of humor to Ed Currier. Fanny Poll to — leave my ability to get credits to Joe Malinski. Lydia Day — leave my ability in cheer-leading to Susie Jezewski. Ray LaParl — leave my blonde hair to Nancy Pekuri. Jack Peters — leave my tardiness to Dick Hemenger. Dirk Sparenborg--leave my quietness to Tom Hemenger. Stanley Sharrow — leave my way with girls to Jack Humes. 20 Name Nickname Pet Peeve Ambi tion Fa vori te Expres sion Pas time Robert Eaker •Muscles Cay C in Chem. study medicine Oh rummy Reading Evelyn Bates •Aggie • My brother missionary work Oh, don’t be f unny l Sleeping Cay Cartwright •Ka te ’ dirty jokes nurse No kidding 1 Traveling Shirley Dahl •Shirt men teacher Holy tootl Kni tting Lydia Day •Pinky Tom’s brother secretary I ’ 11 never tell l Reading Ea ting Marilyn Densmore Lynn Sister art designer For crying out loud 1 Hanging out in the Grill Duane Dobbin Dewey » Women own a store I don t know l Working Judy Duncan •Judi th» Brother secretary Oh, stop it iReading Charles Eckfield ' Eckky ' Women chemical engineer I ’ll kill ya I Reading Ea ting Karen Gobeille 1 Da dy » Ri t Mel drum concert pianist Guess what happened last night Swimming Phyllis Hilgendorf •Flip’ people complaining teacher Sh-h-h-h Reading Marella Hill •Mari » Shorthand II housewife Sleeping Thomas Ishmael ’ Tommy redheads make a decent living Oh, goon l Playing my gui tar Roland Johnson ’ Rollo Dwyer Cooke Hrumoh-h Reading William Kersten •Billy’ my Model n A n hasn’t decided Wha t in the world are you doing? Driving a car Richard Knyzewski •Pole Brother business man You know what I did? Listening to music Ruth Krause •Pok’ Peggy Waves Holy cowl Ea ting Ruth Krebs •Jinx’ school Travel Isn’t he cute? Sleeping Barbara Lang •Spider . Men teacher Holy cow 1 Horse back riding Ray LaParl •Junior’ Mr, Thompson automobile dealer ship Aw No 1 Avoiding work Richard Lozen •Sky’ Speech class travel Where ’ s Nancy? Playing Pool Karyn Lozon Love successful in my endeavors My arm is killing me l Eating Stewart MacDonald •Stewie melted snow poli tician Wri ting mystery themes for Comp, class 21 Favor! te Name Nickname Pet Peeve Ambi ti on Expression Pastime Nancy Murphy •Murph ' my sister bookkeeper Where ' s Ri t? Eating Jack Peters ' Jack Barb to get out of school Guess who smashed our car this time Driving a car Karl Peterson ' Pete ' Stan Thompson to join army Drop dead 1 Fi shing Larry Peterson •Skunk ' little brother Denny to Join army Gee, that ' s racy 1 Racing Fanny Poll to ' Fanny ' being asked what my real name is secretary You kill me 1 Dancing Richard Rex •Dick ' track marine mechanical engineer Scratch my back 1 Eating ice cream Rita Richie ' Richie ' little brother to join service Oh, kiddo 1 Horseback riding Delphine Rzeppa ' Del ' sipping coffee teacher Holy Gertrude 1 listening to good music Loretta Sampler •Lettie ' my sister secretary Sleeping Stanley Sharrow •Stan ' Loretta study industrial electronics Go j ump in the lake 1 Walking Beverley Smith ' Bevie ' Doing dishes secre tary Terrific I Sailing Ellen Smith. ' Pi tty Pin ' Mrs. Pippel secretary I ' ve broken up wi th Arable again 1 Movies Gilbert Soullier f Gus Mr. McClaud Hunting Dirk Sparenborg ' Sparrow school mechanic useless I Fishing Barbara Stager ' Barb ' Jack stenographer I don ' t think you ' re funny one bit Swimming 1 Charles Warner •Chuck ' the way the cheerleaders cheer. manage the fac tory Oh Susie 1 Shooting Pool Joann Warner ' Jo ' Dick get married Dick I had a fight last night. Sleeping John Yax ' Johnny ' Thompson ' s 6 ' 4 " major league ball player Ya dummy 1 Seeing Eunice Merritt Goetz ' Sparks ' school lawyer I s ' pose Working 22 Juniors First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Elizabeth Avers, Millard Avers, Wanda Beal, Gretchen Bell, Wesley Bilend, Alice Bradshaw. Charlene Busuttil, Edward Campbell, Lorraine Cunningham, James DeBoyer, Lisbeth Douglas. Fred Genaw, Virginia Gontarek, Earl Gonyaw, Gerry Hastings, Richard Hemenger, Sara Hemenger. Barbara Heyza, Roland Highstreet, Ronald Holder, Robert Hurt, Susan Jezewski. Ann Kane, Eunice Kerr. President Ed Campbell Vice-President Jim DeBoyer Secretary Geraldine Starek Treasurer Lisabeth Douglas Motto- - - - n Not for Self, But for All.” Class Color ----- -Red and White Class Flower- - - - Whi te Rose 23 Juniors First How: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Agnes Korpak, Jackie LaForge, Ralph LaParl, Pat Lucas, Archie Lupenski, Joe Malinski. Marion McKoan, Bernadine McLane, Carol Miller, Frances Paquette, Yvonne Persyn, Robert Peters. Donald Pioch, Donna Ritzert, Barba rs Rounds, Edward Rzeppa, Rosemarie Sakowski, Sydney Schaffer. Betty Sears, Hamilton Smith, Geraldine Starek, Barbara Stark, Joan Stringer, William Terry. Ann Vandenhamel, Charles Whit ford, Inara Upite. No Pictures: Thomas Beindi t, Eugene Herschelman, Lucile Noon, Donald Rondeau, Richard Smith, Dale Tucker. First Row: Second Row: Ihird Row: Fourth Row: Sophomores Joan Allen, Robert Ames, Donna Barr, Charles Bayly, Gerry Beatty, Irving Campbell. Dennis Denzler, Joyce Driskell, Beverley Endelman, Jeanlne Genaw, Herb Glled, Roy Haggberg. Richard Hartung, Tom Ilemenger, Allene Highs treet. Jack Humes, Dean Kelly, Sally Kersten. Jack Klnnally, Yvonne King, Jo Ann Kirby, Joann Kuriluk, Don Majors, Paul Malinski. President. • • Vice-President Secretary. • • Treasurer. . . Joann Kuriluk Don Majors Donna Mae Barr Lorraine Starek Motto- - - - - " Sink or Swim, Do or Die.” Class Color- - - - - -Blue and White Class Flower ----- -Gardenia 25 Sophomores i First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: No Pictures: Fred Mars den, Jim Martin, Donna Mensen, Floyd McGeathy, Jack Moody, Doris Mulder, Helen Nugent, Marion Ouderkirk, Nancy Pekuri, Charles Recor, Sue Roe, Will Rogers. Gary Sakowski, Louise Sampler, Tim Sharrow, Jim Smith, Sally Smith, Lo rr a i ne S ta rek • Harold Stager, Ronnie Stager, Jackie Tesauro, Mary Ann Tindall, Casey Wi sha r t , Tom Z imm er • Tom Bradd, Bob Dandron, Andy McLane, Lloyd McGeathy, Ray Noon, Arlene Peterson, • 26 Freshmen First How: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Gail Avers, Ronald Avers, Chester Eannister, Jayann Easney, Frank Baxter, Joseph Biland. Clara Louise Boughner, Don Eradd, Henry Eruder, Patricia Buckley, Jeanine Busuttil, Lawrence Christy. Dwyer Cooke, David Colling, Allan Connell, Merrill Cronce, Barbara Day, Fred Dodge. Edward Drzewiecki, Elynn Dudley, Helen Fisher, Josephine Foczmaniak, Richard Fournier, 7 e s ley Genaw. Arthur Gilbert, Janice Graham, Rona Id Gillette, Lawrence Havens, Shirley Haydet, Harry Highs tree t. President. James Smith Vice-President Jan Pocklington Secretary Chester Bannister Treasurer Donna Whitesell Motto - " The Higher We Climb, the Erooder Our View " Class Color- - - - - -Green and Gray Class Flower - - - - Yellow Rose 27 Freshmen First How: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: No Pictures: Gloria LaParl, Nancy MaKay, Marvin Marter, Joseph McKoan, Teddy Meldrum, Marion Moody. Patrick Morrison, Gerald Nugent, Norman Oliver, Mary Ann Peterson, Ann Pocklington, Jan Pocklington. Patricia Pomeroy, Richard Recor, Andrew Sharrow, Fay Sherman, Gail Smith, Jim Smith, Sylvia Smith, Sylvia Soney, Bonnie Stambaugh, Arthur Stokes, Phillip Sullivan, John Taylor. Joan Thompson, David Vigliotti, Gene Werner, Donna Whitesell, Thomas Yax. Bob Hill, Barbara Howell, George Marcero, Grant McGeathy, Mary Lou Sm i th • First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Eighth Grade a James Ames, Mary Lou Barr, Teddy Bates, Patricia Beatty, Richard Biscorner, Ellen Boughner. Gerald Bradshaw, Larry Brady, Ruby Eridge, Nancy Cartwright, Kay Deibler, Arlene Denzler. Norman Farver, Michael Folk erts , Larry Fusinski, Joan Fournier, Luanne Green, Walter Haydet. Alice Hoover, Barbara Hurt, Nan Kaunltz, Albert Korpak, Albert Krause. Gerald Lozen. Alger Marsden, James North, Doris Parker, George Peterson, Edward Ritter, Don Rosso. Gene Sampler, Morton Sampler ,Phyllt s Schultz, Lansing Sturman, Leon Viger. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Arlene Peterson Nan Kaunitz George Peterson Walter Haydet Motto - " Where t here s a Villi, There s A Way. " Class Color- - - - - -Green and Gold Class Flower ----- Carnation 29 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Seventh Grade Paul Avers, Barbara Baumann, Larry Baumann, Loralie Barney, Jennie Lynn Bayly, Gloria Bell. Marilyn Blanchard, Lou Ann Biscorner, Richard Bruder, Joyce Buckley, Mary Cartwright, Nancy Chalmers. Cay Cronce, Edward Currier, Bob Davis, Dan Delonnay, Kay Drouillard, Robert Durand. Arthur Folkerts, Robert Gronlund, Patsy Stokes, Bob Hamilton, Pat Hemenger, Leah Hoover. President . .Gerald Rzeppa Vice-President Bob Smith Secretary. . . Ann Marie Wysong Treasurer. ••••••• Edward Currier Motto- - - -’’Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve.” Class Colors- - - - -Maroon and Gold Class Flower- - -Yellow Tea Rose 30 First Row Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Roy Johnson, Gus Mann, Dorothy Martin, Rosemary McCartney, Norman Wei drum, Sandra I. ' ouch. Patty Pegg, Richard Pomeroy, Franklin Rose, I. ' ary Jane Rose, Carol Rosso, Jim Russell, Cora Ruttan, Gerald Rzeppa, Betty Sharrow, Barbara Smith, Geraldine Smith, Nancy Smith, Sally Wood, Ann Marie Wysong, Patricia Grosser, No Pictures: Albert Rohn Annual Staff Our Gang Our Artists Jim Ames Earl Gonyaw A1 Connell Our Photographer Jack McLean Our Typist Loretta Sampler Mounting Pictures Lydia Day Gail Smith Ellen Smith Mary Lou Barr Checking Copy Ann and Jan Pocklington Clara Louise Boughner Nancy Pekuri Richard Rex Assemblying Barbara Stark Edi tor-in-chief First Row Miss Slepicka, K. Lozen, Mrs. Pippel, Miss Stewart. Second Row M. Densmore, J. Kirby, G. Smith, C. Boughner, S. Hemenger, J. String- er, S. Gonyaw, E. Kerr, A. Connell, D. Rzeppa, S. Roe, F. Polito, D. Hartung, A. Highs tree t, J. Saunders, L. Sampler, V. Gontarek, B. Smith, S. Kersten, G. Starek, H. Nugent, N.Pekuri, E. Smith. S. Dahl. Third Row W. Beal, J. Ames, L. Douglas, C. Busuttil, A. Korpak, G.Bell,M. Barr, Y. King, A. Pocklington, S. Mouch, J. Pocklington. Editor-in-chief — Karyn Lozon Assistant Editors — Barbara Stark Allene Highstreet Advisors — Mrs. Pippel Miss Slepicka Miss Stewart 35 Student Council First Row Advisor, Miss Jablinski; President, B. Kersten; Vice-President, D, Rex; Secretary, W, Eeal; Treasurer, C. Miller (absent) Second Row B, Saunders, H. Stager, A. Denzler, J. Martin, C. Eckfield, C.Gllbert, J. McKoan, The Student Council is composed of representatives of the student body from grades eight through twelve. These students meet each Monday to plan social events for the student body, delegate powers to classes, and assign duties to homerooms. They also work with the administration in solving problems concerning the entire student body. Important projects this year included selecting a school crest to appear on class rings, planning a gala Homecoming in the fall of the school year, purchasing a popcorn machine for use by the classes, and sponsoring all the All-Hi Dances, 36 The National Honor Society First Row C. Cartwright, Treasurer; J. Duncan, Secretary; C. Gilbert, President; Kiss Bradley, Advisor; L. Day, Corresponding Secretary; C. Eckfield, Vice-President. Second Row G. Hastings, S. Hemenger, D. Hemenger, D. Rex, R. Baker, R. Johnson, S. Diebler, P. Hilgendorf, W. Beal. The Algonac Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1940, and now has about 100 members, active and alumni, i. ' embership is based upon the four qualities of scholarship, leadership, service and character. The main project of the society has been a scholarship fund to help students obtain a higher education. Two gifts of §100 each were awarded in June, 1949, and, if possible, two more will be awarded each year. The society meets regularly every two weeks; and among its principal activities are an assembly program each fall when new members are tapped, and a banquet each spring for which many alumni return. Those tapped at this year ' s assembly in November were: L. Sampler, W. Kersten, E. Avers, B. Stark, B. Rounds, G. Starek, N. Pekuri, Y. King,J. Kuriluk, R. Peters, D. Mensen, and J. Humes. Karyn Lozen and Beverley Smith are the two new- est members. They were inducted in February. 37 Y-Teens First Row: Helen Nugent, Yvonne King Second Row: Allene Highstreet, Sue Roe Third Row: Ann Pocklington, Joan Thompson Fourth Row: Jeanine Busuttil, Gerry Beatty Fifth Row: Donna Mensen, Mary Lou Smith, Jan Pocklington Sixth Row: Nancy McKay, Gail Avers, Donna Whites ell, Sylvia Smith Seventh Row:Fay Sherman, Helen Fi sher, Ja ann Basney, Gloria LaParl, Beverly Endelman, Bonnie Stambaugh Eighth Row: Donna Mae Barr, Joan Kirby, Carol Messenger-advisor, Josephine Foczmaniak, Mary Ann Peterson Ninth Row: Sally Smith, Marion Moody, Barbara Howell, Clara Boughner Tenth Row: Sally Kersten, Joyce Driskell, Janice Graham, Jeanine Genaw. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: Eighth Row: Ninth Row: B. Stager, D. Rzeppa, L. Day F. Polito, L. Sampler B. Sears, R. Krebs B. Heyza,M.Densmore,N. Murphy D. Pippel, C .Busuttil, S. Dahl J. LaForge, C. Cartwright, A. Stewart. G. Bell, A. Korpak, E. Smith S. Hemenger, L. Cunningham, D. Sakowski J. S tringer, E.Kerr, S. Deibler, B. Rounds S. Jezewski, G. Starek,K .Lozeri B. Smith E. Avers, M. McKoan, A. Kane, V. Gontarek President Delphine Rzeppa Vice-President. • • .Loretta Sampler Secretary Lydia Day Treasurer Fanny Polito Program Chaiman. • .Barbara Stager Advisors. • • • • • .Allene Stewart Dorothy Pippel Muriel Gilbert 38 G I A First Row J. Pocklington, B. Stambaugh, J. Basney, K. Gobeille, B. Lang, R. Richie, J.Drlskell, J. Buauttil.G. Avers, A. Pocklington, D.V. ' hitesell. Second Row M. Smith, F. Paquette, N. KcKay, K. Fisher, G. Starek,C. Busuttil, J. Kirby, Y. King, C. Boughner, G. Smith, M. Ouderklrk. Third Row Mrs. Pekurl, M. Peterson, B. Howell, S. Kersten,N.Pekuri, J. Kuriluk, A. Highs treet, H. Nugent, B. Rounds, J. Fbczmanlak, L. Starek. 39 Band First Row Second Row Third Row D. Mensen, C. Cartwright, D. Pioch, S. Sharrow, F. Baxter, R. Knyzewsfci, B. Hurt, L. Day, D. Hemenger, J. Humes. M. Avers, Y. King, G. Avers, J. North, G. Soullier, T. Highstreet, C. Eckfield, J. Driskell, J. Smith, L. Greene, E. Boughner, J. Ames, G. Rzeppa, N. Pekuri, B. Stager. A. Korpak, M. Tindall, C. Eannlster, B. Howell, L. Viger, M.Folkerts, Vi. Marter, S. MacDonald, B. Ames, B. Baker, C. Boughner, C. Warner, C. Gilbert. Fourth Row G. Bell, J. McKoan, P. Morrison, T. Sharrow, D. Rex, J. Genaw, D. Majors, L. Christy, H. Highstreet, G. Appelman, Director; H. Stager, R. Recor, T. Ishmael, S. Jezewski, J. Kirby, G. Smith, S. Dahl, R. Krebs, M. Densmore. The Algonac Senior High School Band is an organization consisting of fifty-six members. During 1949 the b nd made several trips, one of which was to Briggs Stadium to play for the opening of Leader Dog Week. Saxaphones, clarinets, horns, baritones, drums, trombones, basses, bells, flute, and an oboe are used in the band. For the Spring Concert the organization rendered " Overture Argentina? " Festival Finale, " " Romantic Rhapsody, " " Carnival of Roses, " and " Bala ton . " On the popular side, the selections " Meadowland " and " Begin the Beguine " were given. March 24 marked the date of 1950 f s Band Hop. The theme was " Small Hotel " and music was furnished by Lowell Tyler’s and George Appelman’s bands. The marching band plays and marches at football games and parades;such as the Pickerel Tournament Parade, Marine City Mardi Gras, and the Port Huron Christmas Parade. 40 Majorettes Left to right-S. Jezewski, G. Smith, C. Cartwright, J. Kirby, S. Dahl, M. Densmore, R. Krebs. The majorettes this year consist of: Gail Smith, Susan Jezewski , Ru th Krebs, Cay Cartwright, Marilyn Densmore, Shirley Dahl, and Joan Kirby. They participate in many parades, football games, and band festivals, and at concerts and parades in other towns. This year they accompanied the High School Band to Briggs Stadium for the Lions-Bulldog football game. They also went to the state fair and participated along with the band, in the closing parade. Junior Band First Row B. Smith, P. Beatty, N. Chalmers, C. Rattan, G. Cronce, L. Iloover, M • Blanchard, B. Sharrow, M. Barr, C. Droulard. Second Row A. Wysong, G. Smith, W. Haydet, G. LaParl, N. Kaunitz, J. Stager, R. McCartney, R. Bruder, M. Cartwright, S. Mouch, G. Rzeppa. Third Row D. Martin, M. Rose, B. Baumann, P. Avers, B. Smith, D. Delonney, G. Appelmon, E. Currier, N. Meldrum, T. Bates, F. Rose, P. Hemenger, T. Yax, R. Gronlund, R. Durand, J. Eaily, P. Pegg. Junior Band is composed of seventh and eighth grade students or any beginning instrument student. As they acquire proficiency they are transferred to the Senior band. 41 Glee Club First Row Second Row Third Row Fourth Row George Appelman, Gail Smith, Betty Sears, J. Pocklington, S. Smith, J. Tesauro, B. Starek, A, Korpak, G. Bell, A. Bradshaw, S. Dahl, C. Bannister, D. Pioch. B. Heyza, J. Busuttil, G. Avers, D. Rzeppa, A. Pocklington, M . Dens- more, N. Murphy, D. Whitesell, B. McLane, B. Stambaugh, D. Cooke, S. Morrow, J. Smith. J. Beatty, J. Basney, H. Nugent, E. Howell, C. Busuttil, E. Bates, Y. Persyn, J. Thompson, E. Smith, P. Morrison, H. Christianson, J. Yax. J. Kuriluk, A. Highstreet, D. Ritzert, J. Foczmaniak, N. MaKay, L. Starek, S. Kersten, A. Kane, V. Gontarek, S. Roe, S. Sharrow, G. Sakowski, R. Stager. Chorus First Row Second Row Third Row E. Heyza, G. Smith, B. Sears, J. Pocklington, S. Smith, J. Tesauro, G. Starek, A. Korpak, G. Bell, A. Bradshaw, S. Dahl, G. Appelman. J. Basney, G. Beatty, J. Busuttil, G. Avers, H. Nugent, A. Pockling- ton, D. Rzeppa, E. Bates, M • Densmore, N. Murphy, D. Whitesell, B. McLane, B. Stambaugh. S. Kersten, J. Kuriluk, A. Highstreet, D. Ritzert, N. MaKay, J. Foczmaniak, L. Starek, E. Howell, C. Busuttil, A. Kane, Y. Persyn, V. Gontarek, J. Thompson, S. Roe, B. Smith. 42 Cheerleaders Barbara Stager Susie Jezewski Joan Stringer Nancy Murphy Joann Kuriluk Eunice Kerr Lydia Day Library Staff Back Row N. Pekuri, B, Peters, G. Beatty First Row J. Genaw, E. Avers, Miss Bradley, C. Cartwright, A. Vandenhemel. 43 EIGHTH GRADE GIRL SCOUTS First Row Joan Fou rnier, Nan Kaunitz, Barbara Hurt, Kay Diebler, Mary Lou Barr, Second Row Ruby Bridge, Patsy Beatty, Mrs, Highstreet — leader, Ellen Boughner, Arlene Denzler, Luanne Greene, First Row Second Row Third Row SEVENTH GRADE GIRL SCOUTS Cora Ruttan, Rose Mary McCartney, Katherine Smith, Ann Wysong, Doro thy Martin, Jenny Bayly, Carol Rosso, Loralie Barney, Mary Jane Rose, Mary Frances Cartwright, Nancy Smith, Loretta Elliot, Mrs. Martin — leader, Shirley Tiffin, Patty Pegg, Nancy Chalmers. 44 First Row: D. Molinaro, D. Vigliotti, F. Baxter, F. McGeathy, D. Bradd, B. Hurt, J. McKoan, R. Haggberg, C. Bayly, P. Vorriaon, R. Fournier. Second Row: A. Korpak, B. Baker, K. Peterson, A. Lupenski, R. Lozon, C. Gilbert, J. DeBoyer, R. Knyzewski, R. LaParl, B. Peters, B. Ames, C. Earner, D. Rex. Third Row: G. Johnson, Principal T. Pippel, Coach; E. Rzeppa, D. Pioch, C. Whitford, T. Hemenger, T.Zimmer, H. Smith, H.Stager, W. Biland, F. Warsden, J. Woody, T. Meldrum, L. Viger, E. Campbell, J. Greenstein, Coach; K. King, Superintendent; D. Colling, J. Nugent, P. Sullivan, R. Noon, N. Oliver, L. Christy, M. Gilbert, D. Hemenger, C. Wishart, B. Dudley, J. Kinnally, J. Biland. Football - 1949 It was an outstanding football team that defended the Blue and Gold pennant during the 1949 season. It not only won eight games, but extended the winning streak to twenty-five consecutive games. This football squad seemed to have every- thing--spiri t, speed, drive, power, brains, and deception, Algonac High School is as proud of its teams as the boys are proud t o represent this school and community. Cooperation and teamwork Is the lesson learned In the results obtained. Algonac 1949 Results 42 Memphis 14 26 Marine City 7 40 St, Clair 14 20 Marysville 0 32 Holy Cross 13 34 Richmond 0 46 St, Stephens 0 32 272 New Baltimore 6 5? 47 Varsity First Row Bill Kersten, Chuck Warner, Ri t Lozon, Jim Rondeau, Sandy Smith. DeBoyer, Bob Ames, Don Second Row Ed Campbell — manager, Charles Eckfield, Ed Baker, Bob Peters, Mr. Greens tein--Coach. Rzeppa, Dick Rex, Bob The Alconac High School Basketball team is divided in two sections, the Varsity squad which is composed of twelve eleventh and twelfth grade boys, and the Reserve squad which consists of about twenty ninth and tenth grade boys. Each boy must be scholastically eligible to compete in the sport and must have ability, perseverance, and aggressiveness in order to make the team. The season’s schedule starts the first week of December and contin - ues until the team is defeated in tournament play. The team plays each member of the St. Clair County Athletic Association twice during the year. For the seventh and ninth grades there is also a chance to play organized basketball. The Junior High Squad consists of fifteen boys who play other Junior High Schools in the league. These boys must also be scholastically eligible. Mr. Greens tein coaches the Varsity and Junior High Te«ms; Mr. Pippel is the coach of the Reserve Squad. 48 Basketball First Row R. Fournier, M. Sharrow, P. Sullivan, J. McKoan, T. Meldrum, J, Kinnally, R. Smith. Second Row D. Denzler, D . Pioch, B. Hurt, L. McGeathy, T. Hemenger, H. Stager j P. Morrison. Third Row T. Pippel , D. Majors, W. Rogers, J. Martin, L. Christy, C :. Recor, W, Biland — Manager. 1949-50 Basketball Scores First Team Second Team Opponent s Home Opponent s Home Date Opponent Score Score Score Score Dec. 2 Holy Cross 7 71 4 31 Dec. 9 St. Clair 32 41 23 37 Dec. 16 New Baltimore 35 81 25 46 Jan. 6 Marine City 29 50 21 41 Jan. 11 St. Stephens 18 38 21 36 Jan. 13 Marysville 26 34 23 36 Jan. 19 Richmond 31 63 23 39 Jan. 24 Holy Cross 31 61 12 32 Jan. 27 St. Clair 43 47 38 42 Jan. 31 Yale 31 39 28 42 Feb. 3 New Baltimore 17 60 19 45 Feb. 10 Marine City 42 40 20 32 Feb. 14 St. Stephens 54 64 17 47 Feb. 17 Marysville 34 35 27 32 Feb. 24 Richmond 33 36 31 54 49 Baseball Tentative Squad 1950 First Row: Don Eradd, Richard Fournier, Jack Kinnally, Norman Oliver, Dwyer Cooke, manager, Tom Yax, Henry Bruder, Joe Biland, George Marcero. Second Row: Jack Peters, Archie Lupenski, Ralph LaP.orl, David Colling, David Vigliotti, James Martin, Don Rondeau, Tom Bradd, John Yax Third Row: James DeBoyer, Sandy Smith, Gary Sakowski, Raymond Noon, Ronald Stager, Charles Whltford, Charles Bayly, Fred Genaw. After winning the undisputed baseball championship of the St. Clair County League in 1948, the 1949 Squad with many new faces in the line-up made a real bid to repeat for the honors, but had to settle for a tie with Marine City and Marys- ville for first place, although both were defeated by the local Timber Swingers. Baseball is proving to be a very popular sport since the league re- vived it in 1946 and the interest on the part of the boys has been spontaneous. 1949 Results Algonac 14 New Baltimore 4 it 7 Marysville 4 n 11 Holy Cross 4 it 3 New Baltimore 2 it 3 St. Stephens 6 it 13 Richmond 2 it 2 Port Huron 3 it 2 St. Clair 3 it 5 Memohis 9 tt 5 St. Clair 3 it 8 Marine City 7 TS T7 50 Track First Row D. Rex, J. DeBoyer, C. Warner, R. Baker, C. Eckfield, S. Sharrow, F. M o r ro w , R • Wi Ison. Second Row R. LaParl, F. McGeathy, J. Moody, E. Gonyaw, P. Morrison, R. Hemenger, G. Sakowski, P. Sullivan. Third Row L. Christy, R. Highstreet, T. Hemenger, G. McGeathy, H. Smith, R. Smith, II. Christianson. Fourth Row Mr. Greenstein, C. Y hitford, S. Schaeffer, J. Martin, H. Stager, L. McGeathy, R. Peters. The Algonac High School Track Squad competes against both league and non-league opponents. Some of the non-league track meets include the River Rouge Indoor Meet at Ann Arbor, the Central Relays at Mt. Pleasant, the Regional Meet and the State meet at Lansing. A St. Clair County Track Meet decides the league championship. Every boy In grades nine through eleven who is scholastically eligi - ble may come out for track. No one is ever drooped from the squad. Each boy is assigned to a list of events and he competes in them in all track meets. A point system is devised whereby every boy has a fair chance of earning a letter in track. Mr. Greenstein Is the track coach. 51 Two- Somes Two- Somes Calendar of Events September, 1949 6- School Opens — Happy Days. 9-All High " Get Acquainted Party " 12-Boys 7-12 on Fisher Body Model Car Contest. 14- Student Council Presidents Assembly. 15- Pep Meeting--Football Game. Memphis » . Algonac — Won, 21- Speech Assembly. 22- Senior Class magazine sales meeting. 25-Pep meeting — Football game — Marine City at Algonac — Won. 28-Speech Assembly. 30- Pep Meeting — Football — Algonac at St. Clair — Won. October, 1949 3- Teachers meeting. 4- Adult Education Registration 5- Senlor Pictures discussed. 7- Homecoming — Football game — Marysville at Algonac — Won. 10-Board of Education meeting. 14- Football game--Holy Cross at Algonac — Won. End of First Marking Period, Senior Pictures Taken--Oh, the poor camera, 18- Vocatlonal Assembly — Principals Meeting in St, Clair, 19- Football game — Algonac at Richmond- -Won — Report Cards I 20- 21-Teacher f s Institute in Detroit. 28- Pep meeting — Football game — Algonac at St. Stephens --Won. 31- Rotary Halloween Party — Hot dogs 1 1 November, 1949 1- Junior Y- Teens. 2- T. B. Assembly — Counseling Meeting at Michigan State. 3- Sixth and seventh grade party--Teacher 1 s meeting. 4- Pep meeting — Football game at New Baltimore — Won. 5- Rotary Cavalcade. 6- American Education Week 6-12. 9-Board of Education Lunch. 10- Football Banquet in Marysville. 11- Senior Carnival — Superintendents 1 Meeting in Yale. 12- Rotary Old Time Dance — Grab your Partner I 15- Hi-Y Meeting in Ann Arbor. 17- Shop Movie Assembly — Band marched in Sperry ' s Christmas Parade. 18- Group and Faculty pictures taken by Powell ' s for yearbook. 19 - Sophomore Bake Sale — Rotary Dance. 23- Honor Society Assembly--Thanksgiving All Hi Dance. 24- 27-Thanksgiving Vacation. 29- Paper Staff visited The Detroit News. 30- Principals Convention in East Lansing — Report Cards. December, 1949 1- 2-Principals ' Convention in Grand Rapids. 2- Pep meeting — Basketball Game--Holy Cross at Algonac--Won. 3- Rotary Dance. 4- Band marched for the Lions Game at Briggs Stadium. 6- School Board Meeting at Ann Arbor. 7 - Mrs. Rex spoke for Assembly. 9-P ep meeting--Baske tball Game- -A lgona c at St. Clair — Won. 14- Principals meeting in St. Clair. 15- Teachers ' Party. 16- Pep Meeting — Basketball Game--New Baltimore at Algonac — Won. 17- Rotary Dance. 21- Christmas Assembly--Chorus sang for W.S.C.S. 22- Christmas All-Hi Dance--Junior Raf fle--Chris tmas Parties. 23- January 2--Christmas Vacation. January, 1950 6- Pep ting--Baske tball Game--M.arine City at Algonac--Won. 11-Basketball Game — Algonac at St. Stephens--Won. 57 January, 1950 13-Pep Mee ting--Easketball Game--Marysvi lie at Algonac — Won. 17-18-Semester Exams — Woe Is us. 17-School Officials Meeting in Port Huron. 19- Basketball Game — Richmond at Algonac — Won. 20- J-Hop • 24- Basketball Game-- Algonac at Holy Cross--Won. 25- Puppet Show. 27- Pep Meeting — Basketball Game — St. Clair at Algonac — Won. 28- Rotary Dance. 30- Junior Magazine Sales Meeting. 31- Basketball Game — Algonac at Yale — Won. February, 1950 1-Marine City Junior High vs. Algonac Junior High at Marine City — Won. 3-Basketball Game--New Baltimore at Algonac — Won. 6- Basketball Game — St. Clair Girls at Algonac — Won. 7- Sophomore-Freshman Party — Principal Meeting in Marine City. 10- Basketball Game--Algonac at Marine City--Lostll Firemen’s Dance. 13- Hearing Tests. 14- Basketball Game — St. Stephens at Algonac--Won. Personality Movie. 16-Basketball Game — Algonac at Marysville — Won. 16- 17-Teachers f Institute at Port Huron. Gretchen Bell and Bob Ames entertained. 21- Donkey Basketball Game — District Tournament Drawings. 22- Assembly. 24- Basketball Game--Algonac at Richmond — Won — Took League Championship. 25- Rotary Dance. 27- Athletic Meeting in Marine City. March, 1950 1-Sterling Magician Show — Pep Meeting--Distric t Tournaments in Port Huron. 3- District Tournaments. 4- Tournament Finals — Algonac won — District Championship. 6-Sophomore Ring Selection Day. 8-Guy Hill speaks to Seniors on College. 10-Tum-about Dance. 17-Junior Dinner Party at School. 24-Eand Hop. 31-All High Dance. April, 1950 1- Sophomore Bake Sale-. 7-17-Easter Vacation. 17- Track Meet--Algonac vs. Marine City vs. Port Huron at Marine City. 22-Albion Band Played — Freshman Bake Sale. 24- Baseball Game — Algonac at Port Huron. 25- Chorus Festival in Port Huron. 28- Baseball Game — Marine City at Algonac--Senior Play. May, 1950 2- Baseball Game--Algonac at St. Clair. 3- Band Festival in Port Huron. 5-Baseball Game--Marysville at Algonac. 9-Baseball Game--Algonac at Holy Cross. 12- Baseball Game — Algonac at New Baltimore. 13- Honor Society Banquet. 15- 18-Senior Trip-- tf 0hl those lucky Seniors. ,f 16- Baseball Game--St. Stephens at Algonac. 19-Baseball Game--Algonac at Richmond. 31-Baseball Game--Port Huron at Algonac. June, 1950 11- Baccalaurea te 12- 13-Final Exams- -Judgment Days. 15- Commencement 1 1 Good bye Seniors. 16- Cards. 58 Autographs 59

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