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1 (foreword The Paper Staff proudly presents Algonac High School’s third yearbook in the hope that it will be as warmly treasured as are those compiled by the class- es of 22 and 31. Your school life holds for you rich memories that you will cherish through the years, memories that the Algonquin of 1948 will help you to keep ever fresh and bright. Group Photography Courtesy of GEORGE L. LEE Photographic Service Cllgonac 3Kigh School {, Board of Education 4 Dr. Clark Harsen . . . President Mr. Leigh Merrill .... Trustee Dr. Walter Boughner . . . Trustee Mrs. LeRoy Clark . . .Treasurer Mr. Kenneth King . Superintendent Mr. Roy Gilbert . . . .Secretary ELEANOR JABLINSKI jk 9 Mathematics and Science GEORGE APPELMAN High School Music Supervisor DOROTHY BALAGNA Kindergarten CARRIE CHAPMAN First Grade NELLIE DAVID Fourth Grade FLOSSIE EDMOND Fifth and Sixth Grade FACULTY The Algonquin Staff cannot pass this faculty- division of the yearbook without a special word of recognition for the teachers. No student can honestly say that our teachers have not extended a helping hand at one time or another. Our tea- chers have always shown an active interest in extracurricular activities as well as in class affairs. We do appreciate you, and so, in behalf of the student body--a salute to the teachers of Algonac High School. HJamtenaace (Department LAWRENCE KANE ALVIN COPP SAM GORE STANLEY GULFTTE MAINTENANCE BUS DRIVERS The operation of the school plant has an im- portant part in the health and happiness of all of us. Algonac High is very fortunate in having such fine custodians. Mr. Kane and Mr.Copp are to be thanked for the many services they do for the stu- dents and teachers. We appreciate your many kind- Those of us who ride the buses to school ai very happy to have such fine drivers as Mr. Gore and Mr. Gulette. We would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Gore for the many special trips that he has made during the year for the athletic teams and other school organizations. 7 of vents SEPTEMBER- 1947 2- -Faculty Meeting and picnic. 3- -Assembly; Preparation of schedules. 5- - " Get Acquainted Party. " 19-Pep Meeting, Football Game- -Memphis , here; All-High Dance. 24-Musical Assembly. 26-Football Game- -Algonac at Richmond. 29-Community Chest Assembly. OCTOBER- 1947 3--Pep Meeting, Football Game- -Algonac at St. Stephens; All-High Dance. 6- - ' Ja i 1 - on- Whee 1 s ” demonstration. 8- -Pep Meeting, Football Game - - A 1 gonac at New B a 1 1 i more . 9 , 10-Teacher s Institute. 17-Pep Meeting, Football Game- -Ma rine City, here; Rotary Cavalcade. 22- ' 0h» unhappy day! " --Report Cards. 23- Football Game (ni ght ) --A1 gonac at St. Clair. 24- Senior Carnival. 29- Assembly with State Health Representative. 30- Senior pictures taken--did those Seniors look wonderful ! 31- Pep Meeting, Football Game - - Ma r y s v i 1 1 e at Algonac; Rotary Halloween Party (Hot dogs!). NOVEMBER- 1947 1--District Teachers’ Meeting at Algonac. 7- -Pep Meeting, Football Game--Holy Cross at Algonac; All-High Dance. 12- Honor Society Assembly. 12,13-Parent Visitation Days. 14- Student council Party. 19-Y-Teen Party. 26-All-High Dance. 27, 28- Thanksgiving Vacation- -Turkey! DECEMBER- 1947 5- -Freshmen Class Party. 9- -Pep Meeting, Basketball Game- -Algonac at St. Stephens . 10- Football Banquet at Methodist Church. 13- Basketball Game- -A1 gonac at Port Huron. 15- Class pictures taken. 16- Pep Meeting, Basketball Game - -Ma r y s v i 1 1 e here. 19 -As sembl y- - Aladdi n and His Lamp; Basketball Game- -Richmond, here. 23- All-High Christmas Dance 2 4- Jan. 5- -Chr is tmas Vacation. JANUARY- 1948 6 - -Baske tba 1 1 Game--New Baltimore, here. 8- -Honor Society entertained by Marysville Honor Society . 9- -Pep Meeting, Basketball Game--Holy Cross, here. 13- Pep Meeting, Basketball Game--St. Clair, here. 14- Safety Driving Tests in Home Room. 17- Sophomore Bake Sale. 19,20-Days - f Reckoning- - Semester Exams! 22- Faculty Meeting with Representatives from Chris-Craft and Warner’s Foundry; Basketball Game- -Marine City, here. 23- Faculty Breakfast; J-Hop. 30-Pep Meeting, Basketball Game- -St . Stephens, there. FEBRUARY- 1948 3 .. Pep Meeting, Basketball Game - - A 1 g on ac at Marysville; Marionette show. 5,6,7--Lion’s Play. 6- -Baske tbal 1 Game- - A1 gonac at Richmond. 10-Assembly; Basketball Game -- A 1 gonac at Holy Cross. 13- Freshmen and Sophomore Party. 17 -Basketbal 1 Game - - A 1 go na c at St. Clair. 19 - A 11-High Dance. 20- Teachers Institute; Basketball Game --New Baltimore, here. 23- 29-Mr. King at Superintendents’ Meeting in Atlantic City. 24- Basketball Game- -Memphi s , here. 25- University of Michigan applicant tests. 27-Basketball Game--Algonac at Marine City. MARCH- 1948 2 - - Ei g ht h Grade Party. 4 - -Pep Meeting, Basketball G a me - - A 1 g o na c vs. Marine City in Pt . Huron District Tournaments. 5- -Pep Meeting, Basketball Game- A1 gonac vs. Richmond in Pt . Huron District Tournaments. 9 - - Int ramura 1 Tournaments. 10- Cou ty Basketball Bust at St. Clair Inn (Dick Rex received Lion’s Sportsmanship Trophy); Student Council Spotlight Assembly. 12- Band Hop. 15- Intra mural Play-offs. 16- Honor Society Scholarship Tests. 17- Open House in High School Shop; County Voice Festival at Pt . Huron. 19- Donkey Basketball Game. 26- Good Friday. 2 6- 30- Ea s ter Vacation. APRIL-1948 8 - - Count y M- E. A. Meeting. 10- Honor Society Banquet. 14- Assembly; Mixed Chorus Festival at Pt. Huron. 16- Senior Play. 17- River Rouge Track Meet. 20- Baseball Game--Port Huron, here. 22- Baseball Game--New Baltimore, here. 23- Three-way track meet with Marine City, Pt . Huron, and Algonac. 27- Baseball Game--St. Clair, here. 28- Puppet Show. 30-Baseball Game - -Al gonac at New Baltimore. MAY-1948 4--Baseball Game- St. Stephens, here. 5 - -Band Festival at Pt. Huron. 7- -Baseball Game- -Al gonac at Richmond. 8- -Central Relays at Mt . Pleasant. 11- Baseball Game--Marine City, here. 13- County Track Meet at Marine City. 14- Baseball Game -- Al gonac at St. Clair. 15- Baseball Game - - Ma r ys v i 1 1 e at Algonac. 21- Baseball Game -- A 1 gonac at Holy Cross. 2 2 - Reg i ona 1 Track Meet. 29- State Track Meet in East Lansing. 30- june 2--Heavenly Days, Senior Trip!! JUNE-1948 6- -Baccalaureate. 7,8-Final Exams . 1 0- Commencement - -Good -b ye , Seniors ! 1 1 -Report Cards. 11, September ?--Summer Vacation. 8 w w g—g CHARLEEN AUSTIN Y-Teens SALLY AVERS RICHARD BAKER Band Chorus Student Counc i 1 DO NALD CHARLEBOIS Cho r us Hi- Y CHARLES CLARK Hi-Y Varsity Baseball LOIS COLLING Honor Soc iet y Secretary, Sr. Class G. A. A. FRANK DAY Varsity Club Ba s eba 1 1 HAROLD DE BOYER All Sports Varsity Club President, Soph. Class BETTY FOURNIER Glee Club MARY BILAND G. A. A. Paper Staff Secretary, Jr. Class ROBERT COULTER Of f i ce CHARLES GONYAW Footba 1 1 Hi-Y 10 ROBERT HAGEDON Footba 1 1 Track VERNA HALSEY Glee Club Y-Teens PAUL HEMENGER Track M EILEEN HIGHSTREET Band Glee Club Y-Teens ALBERT KRIEG Band Varsity Club VIRGINIA HIGHSTREET Glee Club Y-Teens ROY LAURITSEN President, Sr. Class Hi- Y All Spo rts FRED HILL Foot ball Baske t ba 1 1 Varsity Club STANLEY LUPENSKI Varsity Club Sport s BRUCE HIGHSTREET Student Council Band Track BETTY KELLY Honor Society ELLEN MARTIN Sa luta tor ian Y-Teens Honor Society Treasurer, Jr. Class 11 GERRY MARTIN Band Y-Teens BARBARA MELCHERS President, G.A.A. Honor Society Chee r leade r DONALD MEYERS Ba s eba 1 1 Baske tba 1 1 Track JOAN MONTNEY Y-Teens ELVENE NORTON EDGAR OUIMET CHARLES POLITO Track Basketball Chorus JOAN RAYMOND Chorus Y-Teens Paper Staff Valedictorian Honor Society Chorus Y-Teens Honor Society Y-Teens Treasurer, Sr. Class Honor Society V. Pres . , Sr . Class 12 DELORES SEARS V-Teens ALFRED TREMBLAY Spor t s Varsity Club BEVERLY SEIBERT Glee Club JOAN SMITH Y-Teens G. A. A. Paper Staff MARY ANN SMITH Honor Society V-Teens Paper Staff HARRY WILDE Varsity Club Hi-Y Paper Staff GERRY WILLIAMS Student Council Pres. Honor Society Cheer leader JAMES WISEMAN Chorus Band Footba 1 1 In Memoriam Mabel Van Volkenburgh who died March 14, 1947, was one of our most outstanding classmates. Though she isn’t here to graduate with us, she has left a lasting mark by her spirit of friendli- ness, splendid leadership, and high scholastic standards. BERNARD ZAVITZ (beaior FRESHMAN YEAR Home Room- -Study Hall Class Officers: Pres ident- -Butch Rreig Vice President- -Fred Hill Secretary- -Vera Bunn T reas urer - -Bob Hagedon Student Council Members: Frank Day Chuck Gonyaw Advisors : Miss Cardew Mr. Piziali SOPHOMORE YEAR Class Officers : P res ident - -Ha rold DeBoyer Vice Pres ident - -Frank Day Seer et ary- -Loi s Colling Treasurer - -Barba ra Melchers Student Council Members: Get r y Will iams Fred Hill Chuck Gonyaw Adv i sor s : Miss Cardew Mr. Pisiali November 21st--Class par ty- -Scavenge r hunt and potluck. Everyone dressed up to resemble small kids. Proved to be a very gay party. Home Room Chemistry room. Picked out our class colors and flower from a number of suggestions. Our decision: Pearl gray 8a gold- -Flower- - ye 1 low tea rose Miss Cardew--Our class advisor from the 7th grade through our Sophomore year, left us to go to another school. We all missed her help in guiding our class. JUNIOR YEAR Home Room--305 Class Of f icers : Pres ident- -Harry Wilde Vice Pres ident - -Bruce Highstreet Secretary-Mary Biland Treasurer - -El len Martin Student Council Members: Gerry Wi 1 1 iams Dick Baker Mary Ann Smith Advisors : Mr. and Mrs. Piziali September 6--The first day of school we had $120 in the treasury which was increased to $787.28 by March 18, 1947. Junior dues for the year were $2.00. September 24--Sold magazines. Net profit was $165.53. We had a contest in the sale of magazines between the boys and girls. The girls won. October--We received notice in home room that our class rings were finally here. March 14, 1947--Our Junior-Senior Banquet was held on this date. The Senior Class of ' 47 presented us with a silver horseshoe with both class colors on it. This horse- shoe is to be handed down by each Senior class to the Junior class at the annual banquet. It symbolizes good luck. May 9- - 1947- -The J-Hop The gym was decorated to resemble a garden scene with both paper and real flowers. Semi-formal. The Queen of the J-Hop was Alice Rzeppa , King--Harold DeBoyer. May 29--At the annual awards assembly the fol- lowing Seniors received special awards: Poetry Award 1st place- -Russel 1 Rose--800 lines 2nd place--Joan Raymond--600 lines 3rd place--Charlene Austin--400 lines Spelling Contest Gerry Williams stood in second place At the end of our Junior year, Mr. Piziali, our class advisor from the eighth grade, and Mrs. Piziali, our advisor for one year, left us. Both of them were greatly missed. Junior boys won the intramural basketball championship. SENIOR YEAR Home Room- -Comme re i a 1 Room Class Officers: Pres ident- -Roy Lauritsen Vice Pres ident - -Norman Schultz Secretary- -Lois Colling Treasurer- -Ma r lene Rzeppa Student Council Members: Gerry Willi ams Dick Baker Bruce Highstreet Frank Day Adv i sor s : Mrs. Pippel Miss Jablinski Senior dues- -The news was gently broken that our Senior dues would amount to the sum of $10. October 8--Mabel Van Volkenburgh ' s Honor So- ciety pin, which is to be presented each year to a Senior member of the Honor Society, was awarded to Marlene Rzeppa. October 10 -Jack Biscorner, a member of our class until that date, left for the Army. Octobe r - - 24 - -Seni o r Carnival --Great success-- net profit- $566.64. Queen- Mary Biland. King- Tom Haggberg. November 19--Sold Christmas Cards. December 17--Senior pictures arrived, and were distributed in Home Room. Everyone seemed very pleased with the results. February 4--Russell Rose, Norman Schultz, and Ellen Martin were chosen to represent our school for the Pepsi-Cola Scholarship. Russell and Norman placed in the highest 10%, and Ellen in the middle 20% among both the State and National Contestants December 3 - -Trea s u r e r s report was $1489.24. January 24--Marlene Rzeppa was chosen to repre- sent our school in the D.A.R. contest. April 16--We presented our class play. It was a big success . May 24- -Junior- Sen i o r banquet took place at the Colonial Hotel, in Mount Clemens. May 30--June 2--Senior trip to Mackinac Island and Whitefish Bay. June 6--Baccalaureate June 10- -Commencement- -caps and gowns in class color s - -pea r 1 grey and gold. Class Motto: • Chart your course, and sail it true. M SPORTS HISTORY — class of ’48 Very seldom has one class been so fortunate as to have such a group of athletes as the class of 48. Almost every boy earned at least one letter, if not more, during his high school career. About every four or five years a class turns up with a group that are all athletes in one way or another. The class of 48 was one of those classes. Each excelled in some sport. Cooperation, sportsmanship and teamwork were a part of every member. In years to come the fellows will look back on their athletic careers at Algonac High School as one of the happiest times of their lives. During four years of high school, there were more letters awarded to the athletes of the class of 48 than to any other class in the history of Algonac High School. Members of the class of 48 who were letter winners: Charles Clark Frank Day Harold DeBoyer Charles Gonyaw Robert Hagedon Paul Hemenger Bruce Highstreet Fred Hill Albert Kreig Roy Lauritsen Stan Lupenski Donald Meyers Charles Polito Fred Tremblay Jim Wiseman Harry Wi lde ass We, the Senior Class of Algonac High School, in the year of our graduation, nineteen hundred and forty-eight, being of sound mind and body, and in the presence of reliable witnesses, do leave and bequeath our most prized possessions to our beloved high school, our beloved teacher, and the undergraduates. May we ever be remembered as almost the largest (if not the smartest) class that has ever thundered through the halls of Algonac High High School. It must be known here that we write the following under no pressure (or regret) whatso- ever. 1, Chuck Clark, leave my pitching arm to Jim DeBoyer. I, Stan Lupenski, leave my ability to sleep in Government to Berny Campbe 1 1 . I, Harold DeBoyer, leave all my love to all the girls of Algonac High School . I, Frank Day, leave my red hair to ” Rabbit” (Bobby Bauman). I, Marlene Rzeppa, leave my calm disposition to George Highstreet. I, Elvene Norton, leave my promptness in getting to class to Charles Van Slambrouch. I, Jim Wiseman, leave my love of football to Charles Eckfield. I, Dick Baker, leave my ability to play the sax to Jean Ann Sim- ons. I, Gerry Martin, leave my interest in school to Elaine Edwards. I, Mary Biland, leave my nickname, ' Gump”, to my brother Wesley. I, Alice Rzeppa, leave my basketball knowledge to my brother Ed. I, Lois Colling, leave my being the only girl with all those men in Trig and Solid Geometry, to some deserving girl. I, Bob Hagedon, leave my build to Tony Harvey. I, Russell Rose, leave All my ” A s ” to Dorothy Krebs. I, Doc Meyers, leave all of my 6 ’ 3 " to Donnie Rondeau. I, Charlie Polito. leave my wolfish technique to Rit Lozen. I, Norman Schultz, leave my " massive” intellect to be distributed equally among the 9th grade. I, Dolores Sears, leave my height to Bob Baker. I, Joan Smith, leave my ambition to be a nurse to Lois Johnson. I, Mary Ann Smith, leave my sense of humor to Pitty Pin (my sister) I, Gerry Williams, leave my big blue eyes to Jack Peters. I, Bernard Zavitz, leave my 44 limousine” to Chuck Gilbert. I, Ellen Martin, leave my curly hair to Evelyn Bates. I, Fred Tremblay, leave all my knowledge of Latin to Roland Johnson. I, Beverly Seibert, leave my ability to go steady to Ruth Krause. I, Barbara Melchers, leave my ambition to Don Overton. I, Virginia Highstreet, leave my knowledge of the effects of peroxide to Elaine Kerr. Will I, Joan Montney, leave my gift of gab to Betty Goetz. I, Sally Ann Avers, leave my natural golden hair to Barbara Deckard. I, Roy Lauritsen, leave my ability to laugh to Mickey Isaacs. I, Butch Kreig, leave my line of complaining to Willie Stephenson. I , Fred Hill, leave my curly locks to Coach Greenstein. I, Don Charlebois, leave my place in Government to any Junior. I, Bob Coulter, leave my unruly brush cut to Jim Edmond. I, Betty Fournier, leave my graduation picture to the halls of good old Algonac High School. I, Chuck Gonyaw, leave my upper bunk on the Noronic to anyone who wants it. I, Eileen Highstreet, leave a quiet and peaceful school to all the tea- chers from now on. I, Bruce Highstreet, leave my address book to Charles Eck f i e Id- -may he put it to good use. I, Harry Wilde, leave my Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio to Bob Baker and Sharon Smith, so they can talk, no matter where they are. I, Paul Hemenger, leave my fiddle case to anyone with an overabund- ance of hair like mine. I, Betty Kelly, leave to Leland Ritz, my unyielding yearning for learning, and my unceasing drool for school. I, Charlene Austin, leave my squeaky chair in Shorthand II to Emma Krause, so she can make all the noise she wants! I, Verna Halsey, leave my ambition to Frenchy (Alfred Berube) so that he can carry his own books to school next year. I, Edgar Ouimet, leave my beautiful pictures of the Varga girls to Jimmy Martin. I, Joan Raymond, leave my wonderful way of getting along with Mr. Johnson and Mr. King to David Vigliotti. As a class, we also leave to the Seniors of ” 49” a Senior Carnival that was as successful as ours. to the Seniors of ” 50” a detailed booklet on " How to make a success of a J-Hop” to the Seniors of “ 51” a copy of the famous book ” How to Win Friends and Influence Teachers.” to the Seniors of ” 52” a good example of what laziness did to us. Don’t let this happen to you! Lastly: We hereby nominate and appoint the readers of the Year Book (The Algonquin) as individual executors of this, our last will and testament. We have hereunto scrawled our John Henrys and set our seal (X) this tenth day of June, in the year of our graduation, one thousand, nine hundred, and forty eight. CLASS OF 48 15 Row 1: Henry Amama, Pauline Avers, Marjorie Bis- corner, Donna Bourget, Bernard Campbell, Diann Caruso, Phyllis Char tier. Row 2: Barbara Deckard , James Edmond, Yvonne Farver, Lola Fetter, James Gilbert, Joann Glied, Me rr itt Goe t z . Row 3: Mary Jane Gunniss, Constance Haggberg, Joyce Haggberg, Marjorie Herschelman, George Highstreet, Lois Johnson, Elaine Kerr. Row 4: Sallie Kersten, Sylvia King, Emma Krause, Dorothy Krebs, Carol Kuhn, Joan LaForge, Robert Lee . 16 Row 5: Mary MacKerer, Donald Molinaro, Richard Molinaro, Jane Pekuri, Albert Randolph, Floyd Robinson, Jean Ann Simons. Row 6: William Soboleski, Wi 1 f red Stephenson, Leo Vernier, Joan Vigliotti, Norman Witalac. No pictures: Alphonse Dandron, Elaine Edwards, Myron Isaacs, Donald Overton, Leland Ritz, Anne Weber . omores Row 1: Robert Baker, Joyce Basney, Evelyn Bates, Alfred Berube, Jane Copp, Shirley Dahl, Lydia Day. Row 2: Marilyn Densmore. Judy Duncan, Charles Eckfield, Charles Gilbert, Betty Goetz, Roman Gontarek, Wallace Harvey. Row 3: Phyllis Hilgendorf, Mare 1 la Hill, Thomas Ishmael, Roland Johnson, Billy Kelly, William Kersten, Ruth Krause. Row 4: Ruth Krebs. Barbara Lang, Ray LaParl, Richard Lozen, Stewart MacDonald, Frank Morrow, Nancy Murphy. Row 5 : Jack Peters, William Rees, Richard Rex, Rita Richie, De 1 - phine Rzeppa, Loretta Sampier, Stanley Sharrow. No pictures: Cay Cartwright, Richard Knyzewski, Karen Lozen, Karl Peterson, Fanny Polito, Gilbert Soullier. 17 Row 6: Beverly Smith, Ellen Smith, Sharon Smith, Dirk Sparenborg, Barbara Stager, Charles Warner, JoAnn Warner. Row 7: Kenneth Wilde, Richard Wilson, John Yax. men Row 1 : Elizabeth Avers, Millard Avers, Ned Bannister, V. a n d a Beal, Gretchen Bell, Wesley Biland, Alice Bradshaw. Row 2: Eleanor Bunn, Mary Alice Bunn, Edward C a nip be 1 1 , Norbert Carroway, Charles Chartier, Mans Christiansen, James DeBoyer. Row 3: Sue Ann Deibler, Valentine Drzewiecki, Gilbert Geer, Fred Genaw, Virginia Gontarek, Earl Gonyaw, Geraldine Hastings. Row 4: Richard Hemenger, Sara Hemenger, Eugene Herschelman, Barbara Ann Heyza, Thomas High- street, Ronald Holder. 18 R ow 1 : Susanne Jezewski, Ann Kane, Joan Kausler, Eunice Kerr, Jacqueline La Forge, Ralph LaParl, Patricia Lucas. Row 2: Arthur Lupenski, Joseph Malinski, Marion McKoan, Constance McKrum, Bernadine McLane, Frances Paquette, Yvonne Persyn. Row 3: Robert Peters, Richard Phillips, Donald Pioch, Gerry Poole, Beverly Ann Rose, Beverly Rose, Barbara Rounds. Row 4 : Edward Rzeppa, James Saunders, Sydney Schaffer, Betty Sears, Hamilton Smith, Richard Smith, Sylva Smith. Row 5 : Geraldine Starek, Barbara Stark, Joan Stringer, William Terry, Thelma Van Alstine, Ann Vandenhemel, Earl Werner, Charles Whi t f o rd . Row 6: Janice Worthy. No pictures: Lorraine Cunningham, Lizibeth Douglas, Roland High- street, Agnes Korpak, Donna Ritzert, Donald Rondeau, Stephen Sears. 19 Row 1: Joan Allan, Robert Ames, Geraldine Beatty, Don B r add , Pat Buckley, Lyle Campbell, Shiela Dahl . Row 2: Dennis Denzler, Joyce Driskell, 3everly Endleman, Jeannine Genaw, Roy Haggberg, Thomas Hemenger, Allene Highstreet. Row 3: Jack Humes, Joyce Jacobi, Virgil Jolly, Sally Ann Kersten, Yvonne King, Jo Ann Kirby, Dona Id Majors. Row 4: Paul Mai insky, Gene Marble, Fred Mars • den, James Martin, Ted Me Id rum, Donna Menson , Dona Id Majors. Row 5 : Marian Ouderkirk, Nancy Pekuri, Paul Pontius, Charles Recor, Sue Roe, Will Rogers, Tim Sha r row . R ow 6 : Harold Stager, Ronald Stager, Mitchell Yax. No pictures: Donna Barr, Helen Nugent. R ow 1 : There s a Arpan , Gai 1 Avers, Che ster Ban- Row 4 : Harry Highstree t , Barbari a Howe 1 1 , Julie nister , F r auk Baxter , , Char les Bayly, Rich a r d Johnsoi a, Mary Jolly, Marvin Mi arter, 3a rbara Biscorn er, Cl a r a Boughner. Me ldurm , Joseph McKoan. Row 2 ; Dona id Br add , Gera Id Brads ha w , Henry Row 5: Ma r y Ellen Mon tney, Mar i a n Mood y , Pat 3 r ud e r , Nancy Cartwr i gh t , Lawrence Christy, Morrison, Jerry Nugent, , Ellen Pa t che 1 , Mary Ann Merrill Cronce , Barbari a Day. Peterson, Ann Pocklingt on . Row 3: Helen F i s her , Dona Id FI anni gan , J os ephi ne Row 6 : Jan Pocklington, Patricia Pome roy , Richard Foczma n i a k , R ichard Fourn ier, Wesle y G e n a w , Recor , Dorothy Sampie r , George Sears , Andrew Albert Gi lbert , Arlene Gou 1 d Sharr ow , Milford Sharrow. Row 7: Donna Sharrow, James Smith, Marylu Smith, Sylvia Smith, Arthur Stokes, John Taylor, Gerald Thompson . Row 8: Ronald Turnbull, Charles Van Slambrook, David Vigliotti, Ella Ware, Gene Werner, Donna Whitsell. No Picture: Shirley Haydet, Charlotte Johns. CPaper Staff Left to right, seated: Dorothy Krebs, Circu- lation Editor; Elaine Edwards, Co-Editor; Miss Allene Stewart, advisor; Miss Carolyn Slepicka, advisor; Mrs. Trueman Pippel, advisor; Harry Wilde, Co -Editor; Carol Kuhn, Assistant Editor. Left to right, standing: Lydia Day, Sara Hem- enger, Julie Johnson, 3arbara Stark, James Ed- mond- Art Editor, Joan Vigliotti, Joan Smith, Lois Colling, Mary Gunniss, Mary diland, Shir- ley Dahl, Joan Raymond, Marlene Rzeppa, Mary Ann Smith, Barbara Melchers, Fanny Polito, Cay Cartwright, Gerry Williams, Wilfred Stephenson, Beverly Seibert, Jean Ann Simons. So pictures: Marella Hill, Lois Johnson, Ruth Krebs, Donna Mensen, Sally Rose, Delphine Rzeppa. THE ALGONQUIN (Student Weekly Newspaper) Algonac High School has sponsored a paper (although rather spasmodically, we confess) for several years. According to our records, the first issue appeared in the spring of 1929. This pro- ject was an activity of the class of 1931, but the number of issues is debatable. The history of the paper until 1939 is nebulous. There are faint re- collections of a group of school-spirited students (among them Don Clark) producing a bi-weekly edition. Henry Anderson was one of the first editors under the organized set-up. Then through the haze appears the face of Marjorie Van Volkenburgh, whose service as editor, I believe, embraced the year of 1942-43. Following Margie’s term came that of Betty Jane Y ahn and Craig Wilson. That was the year of our never-to-be forgotten print- ed editions. Craig worked at a printing establish- ment in New Baltimore and labored far into the night to produce the printed page. But with the termination of Mr. Wilson’s position at the news- paper office came the end of our “elegance ”, We reverted to the mimeograph. What a headache ! We just had to have a new machine ! Through the kindness of the Board of Education and the efforts of our staff we achieved our ambition. Production became easier.We were a growing concern. The editors for the ensuing years have in- cluded Lee Edwards, Joan Evans, Billie Mae Street, and Carol Messenger. This year Elaine Edwards and Harry Wilde hold this responsible position. We are proud of our efforts and happy to re- port that two of our workers ; Marjorie Van V olk- enburgh and Craig Wilson attained high honor sin college journalism. Margie was editor of the Albion Pleiad and Craig is working at present on the staff of the Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan. All hail, Algonquin! 24 St udent Council Left to right , first row ; Miss J ab 1 ins k i - ad v i sor , Willie Stephen- son-president-elect, Her ry W i 1 1 i ams - p r es i den t , Oelphine Rzepps - t rea surer . Second row: T. Me ldrum, B. Highstreet, R. Baker, R. Molinaro, D. Overton, L. Day, S. Hemenger, W. kersten, J. Martin, J. DeBoyer, E. Campbell, F. Day. The Student Council is the representative group of the student body from the eighth through the twelfth grades for student government purposes. Under the new constitution which was written and passed this year, the council is now composed of sixteen member s, a larger group than we have ever had before in our school council. This year this group planned the all-high dances, made purchases for the betterment of the school such as the balco- ny curtain in the gym. All pep meetings and sponsorship of games were assigned toclasses by the council. The monitor system was planned and organized and is an important group working for the good of the student body and school. 25 Bit onor V if If BIT 1! Vi WB I 1 Left to right , first row: B. Soboleski, R. Johnson, D. Krebs, P. Hilgen- dorf, L. Colling M. Rzeppa, E. Krause, B. Melchers, B. Kelly, E. Mart in. Second row; Miss Bradley, advisor, G. Williams, B, Campbell, R. Rose, N. Schultz, C. Gilbert, R. Baker, E. Edwards, L. Johnson, L. Fetter. The Algonac Chapter of the National Honor Society was organ- ized in 1940. Membership is based upon four qualities: scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Since its inception, the organ- ization has taken in a total of eighty members, and the active group this year consists of twenty members. The officers for the first semester were president, Marlene Rzeppa; vice-president, Ellen Martin; recording secretary, Mary Ann Smith; corresponding sec- retary, Gerry Williams; treasurer, Lois Colling. The two main events looked forward to each year are the in- duction ceremony in the fall when new members are tapped, and the banquet in the spring which serves as a reunion for all members. The group has participated in many projects, but the main one is the sponsoring of a loan fund, which now contains over $300. This fund is to aid deserving students who need help to pursue higher education. 26 y- Se eens JR. and SR. Y -TEENS Left to right , first row: L. Day, N. Murphy, E. Kerr, R. Krebs, E. Smith, J. Martin, M. Densmore, C. Cartwright, E. Highstreet, D. Krebs . Second row: V . Highstreet, Y. Farver, E. Martin, A. Rzeppa, J. Pekuri P. Chartier, J. Montney, D. Rzeppa, S. Dahl, E. Krause. SENIOR Y -TEENS The Senior Y-Teens, a branch of the Young Women’s Christian Association, have a three-fold program embracing Religion, Democracy, and World Brotherhood. We sponsor many worthy projects-r-food and clothing to needy families, boxes to veterans hospitals, and aid to Europe. Individual growth is stimulated through discussions on eti- quette, personal grooming, and, above all, character development. Lacnmonth we enjoy a social meeting in the home of one of the members. Officers for the year are Joan Raymond, president; Joan Montney, vice-president; Third row: J. Copp, V. Halsey, L. Sampler, B. Stager, J. Smith, B. Melchers, G. Williams, E. Edwards, C. Haggberg, Mrs. Pippe 1 - ad vi so r , Miss St e wa r t - ad vi so r . Fourth row: M. Rzeppa, M. Herschelman, L. Johnson, B. Smith, M. Gunnis, C. Kuhn, J. Warner, J. Haggberg, D. Caruso, D. Bourget. Joan Smith, secretary; Marlene Rzeppa, treasurer; and Mary Ann Smith, program chairman. Our adult advisor s are Mr s. True- man Pippel, Mrs. Roy T. Gilbert, and Miss Allene Stewart. JUNIOR Y-TEENS As we go to press, Junior Y-Teens is in the formative stage. Under the guidance of adult leaders Mrs. George Johnson and Mrs. Jack Greenstein and student advisor s Yvonne Farver, Virginia Highstreet, and Joan Mont- ney, the group promises to be one of our most active organizations. Officers are Al- lene Highstreet, president; Barbara Stark, vice-president; Donna Mae Mensen, secre- tary; and Elizabeth Avers, treasurer. 27 Mi-y Left to right , first row: W . Stephenson, C. Clark, F. Day, R. Lauri t s en. Second row: Mr. Greenstein- ad visor, L. Vernier, M. Isaac, D. Mo l - inaro, S. Sharrow, R. LaParl, R. Johnson, Mr. Johnson-advi sor. Third row: H. Wilde, K. Wilde, C. Gilbert, R. Baker, R. Molinaro, C. Gonyaw, D. Overton, R. Lee, D. Charlebois. The Algonac Hi-Y Club was organized in 1946 under the sponsor ship of the local Rotary and Lions Clubs, Prior to the opening of school that fall, the two clubs sent Robert Lee andWilford Stephenson to Hayo- Went-Ha, Hi-Y train- ing camp on beautiful Torch Lake in Northern Michigan. With the help which these two boys received at the camp, the Hi-Y Club, consisting of nine members, was officially initiated. Mr. Johnson was appointed faculty advisor. Now in its second year, the club has grown to a mem- bership of 20. The boys worked hard to raise money for the new backstop on the Athletic Field. This year Mr. Greenstein became co-advisor. To give a clearer picture of club activities, the purpose upon which the club i s founded is given below: “To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. 28 cS emor Left to right, let row: C. Kuhn, J. Haggberg, B. Melchers, J. Vigliotti. 2nd row: G. Martin, E. Kerr, J. Pekuri, S. Kersten, L. Colling, S. King, M. Biscorner. 3rd row : M . Mac Kerer, M. Gunniss, Mrs. Pekuri, advisor, L. Johnson, Y. Farver, J. Smith, M. Bi 1 and. Under the direction of Mrs. Pekuri the Sr. G. A. A. is going to play neighboring schools in basketball and baseball. In the previous years there has been an annual G. A. A. picnic and plans are in the makings for one this year. The aims of this organization are: good sportsmanship, clean living, and invigorating health. Jr. G. A. A. is separated from the Senior group and is governed by itself. The officers are: president, Lydia Day; vice-president, Sharon Smith; secretary, Judy Duncan; treasurer, Nancy Murphy. Mrs. Pekuri is faculty advisor. These girls compete with other school athletic girls’ groups for honors in kickball, basketball, and baseball . amor Left to right, 1st row: S. Smith. L. Day, N. Murphy, J. Duncan. 2nd row: R. Krebs, E. Smith, C. Cartwright, B. Smith, B. Rounds, E. Kerr, L. Cunningham, S. Smith, D. Rzeppa, E. Bates, J. LaForge, S. Diebler, S. Dahl, Mrs. Pekuri • advisor, B. Lang, B. Stager, M . Hill, G. Bell . 29 Qirl (Scouts Algcmac’s first troop of Senior Scouts was organized in Sep- tember 1947 with Mrs. James Van Volk enburg as leader. These girls have been Intermediate Girl Scouts for several years and are anxious to prove the value of Senior Scouting. Community service is one of the aims of Senior Scouting. Mrs. Joseph McKoan, Mrs. Clifford Rounds, Mrs Guy Hemenger Jr., and Mrs. Madeline Stark are the troop committee. JUNIOR GIRL SCOUTS D. Whitsell, Mrs. Mont- ney- - advi sor , A. Pock- lington, J. Soczman i a k , J. Po cklington, E. Pa t - chel, J. Johnson, C. Boughner, M. Moody, M. Jolly, B . How el 1 , P . Pomeroy, M. Montney, S. Smith, A. Gould, G. Avers, Mrs. Howell — advisor, H. Fisher. These girls became Girl Scouts on October 29, 1945 after the Investure Ceremony. The following months they worked on requirements for their second class badges. On May 16, 1946, on their anniversary, the follow- ing girlsbecame second class scouts: Gail Avers, Clara Louise Boughner , Helen Fisher, Barbara Howell, Mary Ellen Montney, Ann Pocklington, Janice Pocklington, and Sylvia Smith. During the following year they completed their Bird-Finder , Sculptor , and Hostess badges. Gail Avers completed the Housekeeper and the Paint- ing and Drawing badges. Barbara Howell completed the Housekeeper badge. They have sent clothing and garden seeds to foreign countries, worked on their citizenship badge by helping people in this community to make their days brighter. Each one lives up to her Girl Scout Promise. Left to right , first row: C. Cartwright, B. Seibert, A. Rzeppa, P. Avers, E. Highstreet, D. Krebs, L. Day, C. Kuhn, V. Highstreet, E. Kerr, L. Cunningham, C. Haggberg, S. Kersten, J. Haggberg, E. Kerr. Second row: E. Smith, S. Smith, B. Rounds, E. Avers, V. Halsey, P . Chartier, S. Hemenger, B. Stark, J. LaForge, S. Smith, S. Diebler, A. Bradshaw, B. Sears, F. Polito, Mr. Appe 1 man- d i r ec t o r . Third row: R. Baker, H. Wilde, J. Wiseman, C. Polito, B. High- street, D. Charlebois, N. Bannister, T. Highstreet. The Chorus is made up of the com- bined Boys Glee Club and Girls Glee Club. Each year the Chorus displays the fine vocal work accomplished under the direction of George J. Appelman. They present the annual Christmas assembly; they sing in a massed group at the Voice Festival in Port Huron; and sing for various other school and community ac- tivities. 31 DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES Left to right: Cay Cartwright, Marilyn Denamore, Richard Baker , Ruth Krebs, Gerry Willi ams , Shi r ley Dahl, Nancy Murphy. Our group this year is composed of eight majorettes and one drum major. The majorettes made their own uniforms last year, which were maize and blue. The band hopes it will be able to dress them in new uni- forms next spring. Our drum major, Richard Baker, and lead majorette, Gerry Williams, will graduate in June, this will leave seven majorettes in the group, five of which are in the a- bove picture. The majorettes have twirled with the marching band in town parades and with the oand at Briggs Stadium during the Detroit Lions football sea- son. 32 A H S MARCHING BAND ( Bcind • Vt C By Semi - ci rcl es ) 1st Row: Left to right ; C. Messenger, E. Highstreet, L. Day, H. Nugent, J. Humes, J. Haggberg, G. Williams, J. Gilbert, B. Highstreet, C. Eckfield. 2nd Row: D. Krebs, E. Martin, D. Caruso, S. Dahl, R. Knyzewski, C. Kuhn, C. Warner, C. Gilbert, J, Evans, B. Stager, D. Mensen, R. Lauritsen, J. MacLean. 3rd Row: y. King, E. Kerr, C. Cartwright, R. Rex, R. Lee, J. Kane, T. Mont ne y, M. Hill, J. Wiseman, A. Krieg, L« Fetter, E. Edwards, I . Stager, S. Smith, N» Bannister, R. Baker, B. Milliman, B. Deckard, J. Driskell. George Appelman-di rector. The band has participated in many activities. They have performed at Briggs Stadium, marched in theChirst- man Parade in Port Huron, and played for the Algonac Football Games. Annually they put on a gala dance in the winter to raise funds for uniforms and instruments. The proceeds from the 1948 Band Hop helped to buy a recording machine which will be of great h elp to all the classes as well as to the band. Over one hundred dollars was made this year from that dance. Each spring, the band presents a concert to the com- munity to show their accomplishments. The band officer s are as follows : Richard Baker , presi- dent; Carol Kuhn, vice president; Dorothy Krebs, secre- tary-treasurer; Lydia Day, Joyce Haggberg, librarians. 33 (Soy Scouts Left to right, standing: Rex Stern, Troop Master; T. Bradd, D. Bradd, F Morrow, R. Stager, W. Rogers, C. Bailey, Lee Edwards, Assistant Troop Master. Front row: D. Densler, D. Heraenger, R. Haggberg, M. Sampier, J. Smith, W Genaw. Sea Scouts Championship rJooth all cfeam The football season of 1947 will long be remembered by Algonac High as the year Algonac won the County Championship. Statistically, Algonac had the best high school team in the State. Algonac played eight games, and was undefeated in all but one game. The coaching and teamwork were something to be seen by all. Our hats are off to you fellows for a job well done. All the players were honored atthe annual Football Bust and the letter winners were presented with small gold footballs . WINNING SCORES Algonac 15 Memphis 0 Algonac 18 Richmond 0 Algonac 13 St. Stephens 0 Algonac 14 New Baltimore 0 Algonac 48 Marine City 0 Algonac 20 St. Clair 7 Algonac 6 Marysville 0 Algonac 34 168 Holy Cross 0 7 Top Row, Left to right: Mr. Greenstein, Roland Johnson, Sandy Smith, Kenneth Wilde, Tony Harvey, Mr. pippel , Mr. King, Mr. Johnson. Second Row: Earl Gonyaw, Wesley Biland, Joseph Malinski, Charles Chartier, Sidney Schaffer, Cha r 1 e s Whi t f o rd, Fred Genaw, Ned Bannister, Edward Campbell. Third Row: Frank Morrow, Karl Peterson, Ray Laparl, Floyd Robinson, John Yax, Robert Peters, Ralph Laparl, Donald Pioch, Richard Lozen, Arthur Lupenski. Fourth Row: James Wiseman, William Soboleski, Fred Hill. Donald Molinaro, Charles Gilbert, Harold DeBoyer, Myron Isaacs, James DeBoyer, Henry Amama, Richard Rex, Leo Vernier. Fifth Row: Richard Molinaro, Charles Gonyaw, Richard Baker, Wilfred Stephen- son, Stanley Lupenski, Albert Kreig, Robert Hagedon, George Highstreet, Harry Wilde, Ro y Lau ri t sen, Robert Lee, Robert Baker. 37 i Basketball ( FIRST TEAM ) Left to right: Edward Campbell, Robert Lee, Harry Wilde, Harold DeBoyer, Charles Polito, Frank Day, Fred Hill Donald Molinaro, Richard Rex, William Sobleski, Wilfred Stephenson, Stanley Lupenski, Mr. Greenstein, Dick Molinaro. Basketball Algonac High got off to a slow start, but picked up power as the season grew. Some of the best games in the county were played on the Muskrats home court. Coach Greenstein develops his players during the season, with a watchful eye on the Tour- naments. The games were more enjoyable this year because of the new electrical scoreboard which was given by the 1947 graduating class. 1948 BASKETBALL SCORES Algonac 29 St. Stephens 35 Algonac 37 Port Huron “B " 36 Algonac 27 Marysville 41 Algonac 38 Richmond 36 Algonac 27 Holy Cross 25 Algonac 39 St. Clair 34 Algonac 39 New Baltimore 17 Algonac 48 Marine City 34 Algonac 23 St. Stephens 22 Algonac 28 Marysville 53 Algonac 31 Richmond 36 Algonac 30 Holy Cross 27 Algonac 57 St. Clair 36 Algonac 48 New Baltimore 19 Algonac 49 Memphis 37 Algonac 36 Marine City 40 Dick Rex, Sophomore, receiving the coveted Lions Sportsmanship Award pre- sented by Harold Pockling- ton of Algonac, who is re- presenting the District Lions Club. The award is given to the player selected by the vote of the players and coaches of the district and is kept secret until the time of presentation. Con- gratulations. Dick! 38 i Basketball ( SECOND TEAM ) Top row: Wesley Biland, Edward Rzeppa, Cha r 1 es Gi 1 be r t , Robert Baker, Charles Eckfield, William Kersten, Kenneth Wilde, Mr. Pi ppel . Second row: Sandy Smith, Richard Knyzweski , Eugene Herschel- man, Richard Lozon, Charles Warner, James DeBoyer, Stanley Shar row, Arthur Lupenski. Third row: Donald Pioch, Jack Peters, Tony Harvey, Donald Rondeau, Richard Hemenger, Tom Highstreet, Ronald Holder. SECOND TEAM SCORES RESERVES St. Stephens We 32 They 18 (Storm Troopers) Marysville 42 - - - 31 Richmond 49 - - - 13 The reserves this year were an outstanding New Baltimore 41 - - - 17 group of ball players. The “ scrubs " are the future Holy Cross 54 - - - 6 Varsity teams, and here they are given the be- St. Clair 24 - - - 27 ginning of high school basketball. In almost every Marine City 46 - - - 33 game the reserves completely beat their rivals St. Stephens 48 - - - 39 by a large score. Coach Pippel gets all the co- Marysville 37 - - - 26 operation he needs for a winning team. The Richmond 65 - - - 27 “scrubs " are very quick and in a game you can Holy Cross 36 - - - 7 expect anything. St. Clair 21 - - - 26 New Baltimore 54 - - - 35 Memphis 44 - - - 23 Marine City 39 - - - 31 39 Top Row, left to right: Coach pippel, R. Rex, D Schenkus, H» Wilde, R. Lee, C. Gilbert, W. Kersten. 2nd Row: L. Vernier, C. Clark, S. Lupenski, D. Meyers, H. DeBoyer. 3rd Row: B. Highstreet, R. O’Malley, F. Tremblay, D Colman, F. Day, W. Sobol esk i . Three years ago baseball was brought back into the county athletic program and Algonac turned out in full force. Most members of the team have played together for three years, and this promises to be a good year for the Muskrats on the diamond. A. H. S. has one of the bestteams in the county, and each game will be packed full of thrills. 5 22 5 27 5 30 6 4 6 7 6 11 6 14 6 18 6 21 40 1948 BASEBALL SCHEDULE New Baltimore H St. Clair H New Baltimore T St. Stephens H Richmond T Marine City H St. Clair T Marysville H Holy Cross T 2nd Row: S. Sharrow, R. Phillips, F. Robinson, 4th Row: C. Eckfield, C. Poltio, G. Highstreet, A. Lupenski, R. Hetnenger, W. Soboleski, J. Yax, K. Wilde, R. Rex, E. Rzeppa. J. DeBoyer, B. Highstreet. Ch ee r JLeaders Standing, Left to right: Carol Kuhn, Gerry Williams, Susan Jesewski, Barbara NJelchers, Kneeling, Left to right: Joan Stringer, Jean Ann Simons, Nancy Murphy, Lydia Day. 41 43 % [Past Qraduating Classes CLASS OF 47 Ralph Adolph, Ted Barker, Walter Biland, Delores Caruso— Mrs. Keith Wright, Joyce Champion, Laura Clark— Mrs. Harry Yax, Dan Colman, Marilyn Cunningham, Bob Drouillard, Sally Dun- can, Joan Evans, Lorraine Farver, Bob Frye, Bernard Hill, John Kane, Shirley Kenison — Mrs. Jack Chapman, Peter LaCroix, William La Pari, Mary Lou Lindeman, Jack MacLean, Carol Mess- enger, Barbara Milliman, Thelma Montney, Harry Nugent, Richard O’Malley, Wanda Roscoe, Dorothy Sampier, Charles Saunders, Dale Schen- kus, Patrick Smith, Ray Soboleski, Bill Sodders, Glen Sweeney, Fred Thiel, Betty Wallace. CLASS OF 46 Gordon Anderson, Mary Lou Avers — Mrs. Rich- ard Minnich, Dorothy Beatty, Richard Becherer, Earlene Bourget, Russell Christy, Greta Cole — Mrs. Herbert Mallender, June Davis--Mrs. George Saunders, Phyllis Drouillard--Mrs. Alan Jones, Don Droulard, Gerry Gillert, Delores Harm, Donald King, Nellie Krause, Dorothea Krieg--Mrs. Osburn Toler, Doris Lindeman, Roma Mallendar, Marie Mann— Mrs. Tom King, Arthur Melchers, Louis Mensen, John Meyers, William Montney, Patricia Murphy , Harry Peter- son, Dick Plotts, Katherine Rex— Mrs. Russell Christy, Catherine Roberts— Mrs. James Beatty, Mary Roberts, Karl Schmidt, Melva Simons — Mrs. Christopher Smith, Joan Smith--Mr s. Will- iam Montney, Gloria Stern--Mrs. Charles Four- nier, Billie Street, Fvelyn Terry, Lloyd Thomp- son, Vern Trapold, Sally Viger--Mrs. George Appleman, William Wagenhals, Betty Lu Warner --Mrs. Keith Droulard, Alan Wilson. CLASS OF 45 Phyllis Ames— Mrs. Wm. Martin, Jack Allen, Mary Alice Barlow, Suzanne Beson, Alfred Bi- land, George Biscorner, Esther Burger—Mrs. George Wildern, Richard Campbell, Luella Char- , tier— Mrs. Clayton Harding, Francis Cooper — Mrs. Meyer Zieldorf, Anita deVera, Edward Deim, Donald Drouillard, Lee Edwards, Ardis Endelman, Virginia Ferguson, Bob Frye, Robert Graham, Betty Highstreet, Ruth King, Anna May Klein, Betty Lee, Dorothy Lorenz, Kenneth Matz, Dorothy McAuslan, Leona Per syn— Mr s. M. Wea- ver, Ida Polito— Mrs. Albert Rockwood, Bob Poole, Marizona Reno, Howard Rex, Margaret Socia, Barbara Soulliere— Mr s. Vern Genaw, William Stager, Francis Stringer — Mrs. Bruce Frantz, Lois Viger— Mrs. Robert Abbey, Pris- cilla Warner, Donald Westbrook, Craig Wilson, CLASS OF 44 Fred Adolph, Janet Avers— Mrs. Hugh Stringer, Johti Barger, Ruth Cole — Mrs. Eugene Manter, Doris Dennis, Carmen deVera, Kenneth Diem, Charles Hamlin, Marion Highstreet— Mr s. Gene Nichols, Robert Jondron, James Kane, Virginia King— Mrs. Ward Flemming, Donald Lester, Donna Lester, Ruth Ann Marks— Mrs. Kenneth Campbell, Betty Meyers, June Meyers, Francis Morrison, Joyce Morrow— Mrs. Kenneth Calla- han, Noreen O’Malley, Irene Peddemors, Mary Persyn, Harold Plass, Herbert Pocklington, Shir- ley Robbins— Mr s. Harry Gerow, Frank Stubbs, Betty Trella, Betty Jane Yahn— Mrs. Eugene Thomas. CLASS OF 43 Shirley Avers, Kenneth Campbell, Margaret Campbell— Mr s. Jack Flynn, Robert Colman, Betty Conley— Mrs. Herbert Wiseman, Geraldine Drouillard, Betty Elmer— Mrs. MikeGreen, Don- ald Highstreet, Lily Mae Hoover , Donald Kiesler, Rosemary Kuhn— Mrs. Stanley Barker, Darlene Leaverton— Mrs, Ed Highstreet, Glen Mallender, Jeanne Marentette— Mr s. Harry Temby, William O’Malley, Robert Pocklington, Sarah Polito— Mrs. Larry Ippolito, Helen Poole, Phyllis Poquette— Mr s. John Kirk, Albert Rockwood, Constance Simmons, Mary Schohl— Mrs. David Watson, Clarice Smith— Mrs. Tom Kronnick, Betty Lee Sweeney— Mrs. John Ongley, Jack Thompson, Marjorie Van Volkenburgh— Mr s. Angus Miller , Lyle Warner , Charles Wilter, Betty Wuestenberg— Mrs. Don Atherton. CLASS OF 42 Robert Abbey, Henry Anderson, Jack Baker, Lorna Baker— Mrs. Joe Carrier, Milton Barker, Jean Beatty— Mrs. Richard Verlinden, Roy Ber- tram, Francis Biland— Mrs. JoeZech, Catherine Brewer— Mrs. Willy Berger, Martha Christy— Mrs. HughKestle, James Colling, Frayna Colman --Mrs. Warner Du Lude, Mary Davis — Mrs. F rank Gillis, Dorothy Dunlap — Mrs. Robert Kimberly, Perry Endelman, ♦James Fournier , Viviam Ger- ow, Marie Gill— Mrs. Harvey Wetter, Frank Gillis, Mary Ellen Harrison, Eleanor Klein, Sarah Martin — Mrs. Howard Sears, Lillian Matz — 45 Mrs. John Ringwald, James McComb, Betty Moesta--Mrs. Arthur Hoorie, Elaine Montney-- Mrs. Silas Campbell, Lincoln Montney, Jack Ouimet, Joan Ouimet, --Mrs. Wm. Stringer, Jan Smits, Barton Smith, Jane Smith--Mrs. Paul Misney, Junior Smith, William Stringer, Dare Trella, Peggy Vandenhemel, Esther Warner — Mrs. Jim Colling, Joyce Warner— Mrs. Robt. McCauslan, Ruth Warner. CLASS OF 41 Robert Barlow, Arlene Beatty — Mrs. BenRoberts Jr., Yvette Beaulac--Mr s. Jim Sutton, Edward Biland, June Campbell--Mr s. Roy Bertram, May- nard Chartier, LaRene Drouillard — Mrs. Bob Clark, Raphael Drouillard, Grant Dunlop, Muriel Evon, Eleanor Genaw— Mrs. Berngen, Vern Genaw, Virginia Gilchrist--Mrs. Jack Travers, Chauncey Gillette, Willis Halverson, Edward Highstreet, Dorothy Highstreet--Mrs. Lawrence Balagna, Elizabeth Krieg--Mrs. Dale Westbrook, William Dronnick, Agnes Lozen— Mrs. James Patrick, Dorothy Okonoski--Mr s. Howard Cole, Mae Peddemors — Mrs. Charles Martin, Margaret Phillips , Donald Richardson, J ohn Ringwald, Paul- ine Sauber--Mr s. Curtis Drouillard, F red Schohl (Killed in action), Maxine Sharp, Hugh Stringer, James VonVolkenburgh, Patricia Wiseman— Mrs. Roaul Merritt. CLASS OF 40 Kenneth Arneil, Marjorie Bates--Mrs. Samuel Smith, Roland Basney, Frederick Baumann, Robert Beatty, Marjorie Chalmer s--Mrs. Byron Coleman, Katherine Christ, DonaldClark, James Clark, June Crocker, Jack Doriot (Killed in action), Curtiss Drouillard, Leo DuVernay, Leo Endelman, Fred Fernandez, Pearl Fishbein, Elizabeth Genaw— Mrs. Gilbert Yax, Lawrence Genaw, Dorothy Magnuson— Mr s. Donald Graul, Robert McAuslan, William Moran, Catherine Phillips, Betty Poole--Mrs. Jack Trese, Vera Polito--Mrs. Angelo Andino, Dorothy Randall-- Mrs. William Stevens, Barrett Rawnsley, Hugh Rawnsley, William Simms, Betty Smith--Mrs. Willis Richardson, Vernon Skryzchi, Betty Thompson--Mrs. Don Campbell, Jack Trese, Mary Viger--Mrs. Don Lewis.. George Yax. CLASS OF 39 Harry Bates, Wilford Belles, Betty Bertram-- Mrs. E. G. Pattenger, Leonard Biland, Jean Bou- tin, Blanche Bradley — Mrs. Nelson Krohn, Frances Chartier, Robert Christy, Doris Cook Jack Cuthbertson, Jack Davis, Bruce Day , Jack Drouillard, Virginia Forton--Mrs. Robert Camp- bell, Dorothy Fournier, Dolly Friske--Mrs. Sam Martin, H arry Friske, Gordon Fuller, Lynden Fuller--Mrs, Ted Magee, Leroy Green, Gerald Gulette, Wilbert Gullette, Ruth Halverson, Ger- aldine Harsen — Mrs. John Laetz, Doris Hoover, Elmer King, Thomas Koebel, Henry Lake, Colleen Leaverton--Mrs. Larry Schram, Ruth Locklin, Murray Longstreth, Fred Morrison, Betty Mc- Kay, Christobel Palmer— Mrs. Howard Knight, Leon Reed, Willis Richardson, Warner Simons, Samuel Smith, Edward Stevens, James Sutton, Arthur Vandenhemel, Clyde Wallace, ♦Spencer Waltz, Joseph Webb, Marjorie Weinberg--Mr s. McGill, Leland Whannel, Gertrude Worfolk — Mrs. Smith Merrill, Mary Zens. CLASS OF 38 Helen Bell--Mrs. George Graf, Flora Buchanan --Mrs. Harry Friske, Edythe Bucholz — Mrs. Jack McKay, Francis Chapman, Earl Chartier, Thomas Christy, Helen Class, Mary Cole — Mrs. Milton Rayoals, Florence Cooper — Mrs. Albert Meldrum, Arthur Cuthbertson, Doris Folkerts, Donald Genaw, Kathleen Goetz--Mrs. Harold Rose, Viola Gore--Mrs. Robert Beary, Graham Grant, June Hoover — Mrs. Clayton Garska, Thelma Kane— Mrs. Art Cook, Margaret Lerchen, Edward Lindeman, Milton Littlefield, Edward Mackinson, Carol Montney--Mr s. Bernard Nugent Barbara Ouimet — Mrs. Ralph Beemer, Phyllis Rollins--Mr s. Ross Morgan, Ruth Shell--Mrs. Emil Schulke, Dora Smith--Mrs. Kenneth Crum, Shirley Smith--Mrs. Einar Olson, Nelson String- er, Garfield Swanson, Ross Van Volkenburgh, Robert Warner, Joyce Williams--Mrs. Bob Morrison, Wilfred Yax, Gerry Youngs. CLASS OF 37 Jack Allen, Jack Aspenleiter, Hubert Baumann, ♦Rene Beaulac, William Brandimore, William Carr, Nelson Clark, Margaret Cuthbertson-- Mrs. James Mackie, Robert Ferguson, Virginia Funk--Mrs. Leroy Eddy, Eleanor Grossner — Mrs. John Trix, Wilfred Johnson, Grace Kron- nick--Mrs. Milton Smith, Helen Lerchen, Bess Maxwell- -Mr s. Robert Duval, Matilda McComb — Mrs. Earl Hoskins, Thompson McKay, Mary Jane Pollock, Donald Plonkey, Lois Poole- -Mrs. Emerson Shaffer, John Sampier, Norma Schram — Mrs. Alvin Huff mas ter , Lawrence Smith, Betty Stern--Mrs. Skip Hansen, Rex Stern, Harvey Wetter, Dorothy Williams--Mr s. J. Streitz, Jane Ann Williams--Mrs. Hubert Bauman, William Williams. CLASS OF 36 Ralph Beemer, Grace Bourleir, Donald Campbell, Joseph Collins, Melvin Conley, Louise David, 46 Carmen Davis— Mrs. George Martin, Mildred Diem— Mrs. Keith Sturdevant, Frank Gofrank, Harold Hudson, Edward Jankow, Dorothy Kane — Mrs. Joe Collins, Nelson Krohn, Roberta Long- streth--Mrs. McCutchen, Robert Miller, Shirley Newton--Mr s. Jack Persyn, Lyle Nical, Marion Osworth, Alta Robbins--Mr s. Wm. May, Dorothy Robbins --Mrs. Milton Littlefield, Eugene Sabin, JeanShaffer, Sherman Shari, Alice Simkins, Jean Smith — Mrs. Eugene Sabin, Rosemary Smith— Mrs. Robert Mitchell, Helen Stringer, Milton Stringer, Garfield Wood. CLASS OF 35 RuthBrowers— Mrs. Joseph Cullen, Joseph Clark, Burton Diem, Laurine Endelman— Mrs. Myron Lewis, Marjorie Endelman--Mr s. Fredrick Holland, Phyllis Endelman--Mr s. Francis Mc- Carthy, Doreen Ferguson, Fred Gilbert, Mary Gilbert--Mrs. James Nunnelly, Shirley Gilbert. Leah Kahn--Mrs. Wiese, Dan Kane , Virginia Lay - man— Mrs. FredNickaelson, Fred Lentz, Bernice Meldrum--Mr s. Henry LaCroix, Harriet Moody — Mrs. Edward Stephensen, Bill Muir, Eleanor Ouimet- -Mrs. Bill Muir, Jack Perry, Marshall Plonkey, Kenneth Pulfer, Donald Robbins, Bar- bara Rollins--Mr s. James Baker, Elizabeth Rus- sell— Mrs. A. McNichols, Shirley Sabin — Mrs. Harold McGregor, Lawrence Schram, Harry Schram, George Snyder, Bob Smith, Eunice Smith, RuthStager — Mrs. AlexEifert, Ben Stern, Sid Stover, Julia Warner--Mrs. Steward Avers. CLASS OF 34 Fred Bauman, Stanley Barker, Jay Basney,, Clarence Boulier, Frances Burton—Mrs. Carl Meldrum, Henry Castle, Charles Christy, Howard Cole, Andrew Cuthbertson, Jack Daniels, Evelyn Davenport, Fred Deretany, Beryl Endelman— Mrs. Roy Brannis, Virginia Endelman — Mrs. James Pocklington, Lawrence Genaw, Dorothy Haydet—Mrs. Kenneth Simmons, Howard Hebner, Viola Lanridge— Mrs. Ted Stern, Jean McCarthy --Mrs. Carl Coates, Roma Moran— Mrs. Lee LaVernge, Richard Murphy, Bernard Nugent, Jane Poole— Mrs. Michael Grossner, Charles Sauber, Marguerite Schram, Theodore Stern, Erma Taft --Mrs. Emiel Allegoet, Henry Van Dusen, Mar- garet Walker, Muriel Williams — Mrs. Scott Essner, Herbert Wiseman. CLASS OF 33 Newton Aspenleiter, Shirley Avers, Thomas Avers, Jack Beatty, Isabel Champion— Mr s. Joseph Dufendach, Edith Corbett, Herman Cole, Mary David, Cary Edwards, Harold Fournier, William Galton, Jane Gilbert— Mrs. Harold Four- nier, Betty Gunniss— Mrs. Glenn Ogden, Evelyn Haydet—Mrs. Ford Hebner, Ford Hebner, Alger Hoover, Mary Mar sden— Mr s. Richard Murphy, Juanita Mearkle— Mr s. Arnold Scharnweber, Reginald Michie, Leslie Miller, Scott Nugent, Edwin Rollins, Norman Smith, John Townsend, Emery Warner, Marian Yule—Mrs. Hugh Jack- son.. CLASS OF 32 James Barker, Charles Bell, Margaret Buchan- an — Mrs. Ervin Rowert, Bill Cullen, George Cuthbertson, Russell Davis, Magdelene Dulude, Janet Endelman— Mrs. Chris Johnson, Gretta Galton— Mrs. Elmer Cohrs, Betty Grant, William Gurchie, Carol Harsen— Mrs. Howard Hollis, Milford Jackson, Dana Koebel, Lucille Mearkle --Mrs. Edward Haapa, Earl Moody Kenneth Moran, Evelyn Neilson, Don Newkirk, James Pocklington, Florence Poole— Mr s. Elmo Rogers, Raymond Roberts, Dave Russell, Joe St. John, William St. John, William Sauber, Fred Seaton, ArthelShaw, George Smith, Alfred Stager , Walter Thomas, Leroy Whannel, Thelma Whyte— Mrs. Joseph Day, CLASS OF 31 Lawrence Avers, Evelyn Cullen— Mrs. Clyde Hasler, Emma Drouillard— Mr s. Fred Bauman, Marie Ferguson — Mrs. Clarence Nugent, Mary Gaylord — Mrs. George Cannon, Evelyn Gilbert — Mrs. Edmond Steuve, Gertrude Gilbert, Jack Green, Arthur LaCroix, Marion Merrill—Mrs. Robert Dawson, Jean Muir, Robert Newkirk, Gilson Pearsall, Margaret Pear soil— Mr s. J. Wangeman, John Plonkey, Lois Rollins—Mrs. Ed. Regan, Charlotte Smith— Mrs. Robert Mad- ison, Dariel Smith — Mrs. J. C. Smith, J. C. Smith, Irene Smith— Mrs. Jack Green, Irene Taft— Mrs. Carl Hohn, Luella Wiggle, Wilma Williams— Mrs. Manley Hall, Mensen Van Dusen, John Viergiver. ♦Deceased. 47

Suggestions in the Algonac High School - Algonquin Yearbook (Algonac, MI) collection:

Algonac High School - Algonquin Yearbook (Algonac, MI) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Algonac High School - Algonquin Yearbook (Algonac, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Algonac High School - Algonquin Yearbook (Algonac, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Algonac High School - Algonquin Yearbook (Algonac, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Algonac High School - Algonquin Yearbook (Algonac, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Algonac High School - Algonquin Yearbook (Algonac, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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