Algona High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Algona, IA)

 - Class of 1954

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Algona High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Algona, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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"iff Q 1 J -f ,-' Nl: ' -W , '. .- . Vqgq, 3'f' 'Y -4 4- -T .V .,x . in VA ,'.f,-,ff - - - V :wg LL A- 1: AML' 755-e'Lv,, XF v ,,. V V H , . , 5-55'tS,..,,Y. , ff - P -. - - A- ! 'ff2F:" I J -1 Q: 1 . ,-., w , .. . - xv. ,- , .f 1 I , -, i i, 35 3:14 , ,- - .,:- J -- .5 ,pi L, J, 1 gl wp' , X ' 1 -. W Saw VL . . ,, ,, . . Y 5 , 5, L Jyswx 1 " , - Y w 'C r 4. ,-w X, " , x A ' , -gf-. ffij If f1:ryw,,f,1:- g ii'f'a l 7,g.,...4eA , -..,1!,3,1J T5 kk- .1 , - . PA .. , f x " -at-' ' ' ,- 1 Y' -- 1 'X X A 4 . L -iff -: 5 v - , W' ,TN J X if .J A ., ,t , Lal, I :x W 1 M, X ' 'E,,'f.iY.' ' LQ im: "wJ , an ' W..,, ig- , ' 1 .n , fi v 4. 5:12-,A-:'. fir " 1" - :'.,Q',-,-lik. I H00 - .gf 1 ., ' rfA,:"? 4,65 Fi' . J i-Q1 ' ', A +. A ' nit.. w, 1 , ., if ., , .4L,,:.w,d .l4,,,,,H V , ,wx ,, . V Y V - - L, .h ,.A-1,-,WV , .FM 4 -,- A may , g,'-nf-:-'..- 1 A ' . wr - my -. -. . ""1-rw , 3 ' - ' 1.31" ' ' "W J .1 ., 54' ' ' 41 '. ' ru: ' f V ' f , - 5 1 :N . - V air .- l i 3 wi, ' HAY 55 'ML f ,gf 1- " fl' . , V. .- b, R '4 M. ,, F FH . .15 .-, V , 3 - N H -,g,.':4K ji 'y rf-14 , -,A , I , . 4, x ,-?yf,fi14.- J X 'F . W" , ,g A f 1 , .Ax .E I5 :iff AT uf. I , , ,.m, , 1 -, 15 V ,. ' vis -us, ff. Q-vi A 1221- ,ff I 'C if . - ,. 1 . ' ff :-,ev ' X ' 1,3-in 1,31 . . ,L,1,,,V, W 1 , , fgr- .1...H . . 11 .N J qv .3 , 'Q f KW! , .N 11 46:1 1 v .AW ni, I Q 3 8 W .+ -nf ,,, , -wax. M ,. . ,ak N ,Ng ' 1 Dfw' 1- - -' , ' ,Q ri , 4, .fm-,.fAj-' I , .::vv,.gii,Hy::f431i1e .fn 5455 , Ztz15,..ii. 1-.,5:9.i 'jk I, Z.. If-,Af-fl. i'fi?,"9'f Fl 'x7"'1F":N Affllf' 1 "Mitt.'wailEV'-"'f'3'f9?f'?iW, "'f','.""V "ffm -+3 'vw J E25 affmf " :Lf :,f . 73: , .4 ' " W1 wflliif f . Qs" ' jf K J Qi.-, Figs: .. H -.,... .i ,, Q, ,l ?i2ffM5 -. fi f,2,,f- ','1.f::f'u.4- ' .w....w, ,. ,,.,, . mph. . -4..- ,.1,:,-1, .f,.q,3 1. H .'s:'1?f?'4W ' r -zfizrf 'Z'5'3",. ' L .X.,., -' yi. , ' .2 iii? , ' RJ: A - ,MW , .f i QM . T' ,1r"'- . if 7 N' v H ,,,Hxf.. Wil. 'H' ' bi. ,f- fff AV V 7- N , ini' r . 41? Z' "LST Vw-.1 X S - p ,Q ,A , , 5' , 3 ,,.m,f . g-av, ' JPX , fgifffl 2:1 f ' ff - Q' , 'LZ-ifilxif L Q, '1.EA'.f,,+' .V X.. . : ' 1 s -T, fafilif' . .1 . :Y ..-w,.,..,fx . 5, '. XA' "Sis ' 2 A ' A V14 I G N, W . hr, -if ,, , , ,rf . -If-i.. , : H. .- V5 .1 1 X 111f,51fig.' Mfiy' 'milk ' 'tile 1 w ' fx K I Z E, S E 5 rs 41 gg Q H ? K wsmm4 4.4 -1 '- SENIORS 1954 "QS QF NK STV' , r J - 5 fi Eff, gf 'fax f NX 'lnhjc V, J X L . QM dministratic X' x fi x X ., I 17 1 X 1 2 i F2 S I . . Y. x,,. i 1 6 1, , if Mr. l.x-glvlg Svnior High P1'in1-ipul It is tha-so pc-oplv who an- ilu- vogs that km-p tha- mlm-ls of our srhool Tllflllillgl smoothly and lhal km-vp us. lhv sl11ch'11ls. Iivking ill lima' to our Illlllly zlvlivilivs. Thm-y arm' tha- 0111-8 whosc' hm-1141s avhv whvn uc- fail lo rlo our parl. or lhrough pun- l1I'l'ill1'Ill things hgo YN'Ih0IlQI.u fjlll' thanks go to 1111-Sv pvopla- wlumsm- long huurs of lllilllllillgl Co-ordinalc our 111a11y school avtivilics. ll ffice Staff ' M A ,Ioan Fain, 0111111 1 ,ha J . F193 Bz11'l1z11'z1 lTPa1'l'hs. Ofiicf- IN Yvolfv, I30:11'1l51-1'1'c't1lrS M l .1 V 1,34-14'-ff ' I ,h,s111f ' 9 vzwajig. . L:1z.1.g,l.w.5-'lla . f' ff 5, 15'- ,.a" ' ,s ki' 1-if ,1 1 sv - 'sf I wr", .5 ita SIIIIUIIN, OH11-Q is x. .., in k 3 W f Mi. , -Mt '- -., Q -- , 253.-f iifiiif Seated left to right: Dr. F. C. Scanlang Veda Murtagh, Judge Stillman: Standing left to right: D. S. Hutchison, Perry M. Collins, president. These education minded citizens of our community, the members of the school board, help to plan the policies of our school system. They bring the opinions of the community into the picture of our education, and are constantly striving for the betterment of our school life. To these sincere workers, we give our thanks. 5 1 all . ,f 'X if ii ' ' rm' "" :Ev f if 4 ., 4, , Y, i Ti 5 war, . 'J 'W ,Fw f-HQ? f l--1 I wif? P 'Sir' f1Tf'.I'X,, -P ' Jwkffff' Q "JAM . . , X ' 7!?:?'lV:'1- ' W N K if fl , . I fry- , my . , Q ,Aw v 'ww-24 i, ,. Y if -sm, yy ww' ngff 1,1 f-Q4 YWX r , ,., ,M 1, , if . X32-'ff Mr, Ile Mouth Amr-rim-an Lin-rature Pf1'r1nomim's Ural-uv, il. A. Mr. Ciiiquf-t l"rf'm'il Junior High ElIgliiHil I.S.T.l1., H. A. English 1- Miss Torkelson English, Library St. Olaf, B. A. y s i i ff,-f . V if! W. 1 - r i 4 N s X , o ,J f 1 ,...u ik X0 Miss Almen Miss Sorensen Finglisli lfriglish uatuxiis Miolplius. B. A. I. S. T- C., B- A. Colo. Stale College, M. A. ni i 3 Qi Fi Miss Zumuvh Junior High English Rrading 1.5. '12 cz.. ILA. 4, I Y . Mr. Mi-Howell " Dramatics Simpson, B. A. ' Yi ,fi .sf R K 23, 13 Sf gf f I ff-, 2 . .1 1' ' .-J S. . W s , V , . l3t1l6lllHtlCS L S Iumm' llnglx xIlU'll'lHilfl4'5 -JM .nw f- X, f f. ' .fp . E, 5. P f 1 '1'?',,n - .4 i I ',f"x'1f.ii .x. . i h .V N X. Miss Nlillm-r Miss Quimby Hath Math I 5. 'lf lf., B. A. I. S. T. ff., B. A Nr., ,favhy-nr MIM ,Iohnsun l'ppr-r Irma. N, JK. Fx Miss Comfort 7 I,llIl1'll Room Nlunugvr. Math I.S.t1., U. .-X. i - 8 I Vocations and Commerclal ff-tw -1. .fflfl- if?-. 5 w-sw: .,,.LLL 3 ft f. S, 5 W . . I G '9'E2j-SW V W? .. Miss Marston MF- Sefril Commercial Vocational Agrivulture I. S. T. C., B. A. I. S. C., B. S. Mr. Martin Wrestling, Industrial Arts I. S. T. C., B. A. K Z' t, if Miss Melcher Homc-making I. S. C., B. S. 9 L L S Sclence 1 se.. is Q Mr. Stephenson Mr. Deines Gen. Science, Physics, Chemistry Drivers Training I. S. T. C., B. A I. S. T. C., B. A. Mr. King Biology, Baseball and Basketball Coach S. U. I., B. S. 10 Health and Physical Education Miss Jansen Mr. Cuzowski Girls Physical Education Football Coach, I. S. T. C., B. A. Physical Education S. U. I., B. A. lsll ,X 9 . Miss Bonnstotter Nurse St. Mary's, Roc-hests-r 13 --..-. sm' 'T' 'Z' 3 ?"'sV i"! LWY 31 lf, - 4'-xkx Sfgi' K K' ' V' w , VX .X R 1 A - 1 ' 'S H ' Biilfqmllnn Imitvs the :lust A A Q Z M ,, Q H:- W 'Fi E Li p 3 K L gli s f 1,65 L . 4 , ikkx 1' ' Q. QQ 3 6 -'I' 53. 4' ' Q. fi f wy . J 'Qiw5f 'ABNF X' uxw-' 'S '- . W L ,gy Q vfg,,,u S 1 X ..g..- 1 f ' 5 bl . x -,, ,WW gf What say, Sir lsszlvf 3' a ,gk A I ' ,X ,L gf W ..kk Q., Q 5 Q ' ff, ...Q-ii ith Til-? --'Q Classroom K naps 'flu-ll pour thv solution W IIIVUIIQLII il small funn:-I. M 'W 4 " H 4 1 is wvA! 'll ,YQQW W First ye-zu' l"I'1'lll'll stumlvnts tak:- Illvir vows. 09" ' Q fzyvk 5 L CO nn W CLA S585 in 0 EN-A 1, sow. ff Hleusu BETTLQ llowaxfms wvdrk SSL 1. r .ffi' 8 D 1 pr 1 3 X .I J . HERB ADAMS Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Intramural Cap- tain 3,4: Football 1,23 Wrestling 1,2,3Q Baseball 1,23 Projector Oper- ator 4. Seniors JANICE BJUSTROM Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 233,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Frosh-Soph. Play Crew 1,23 Annual Staff 43 Junior Class Play Crew 33 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Madrigal 2g Modernaires 3. JOAN ALEXANDER Intramurals 1,2,3,43 G. A. A. 1,23 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Annual Staff 4g Junior Class Play Crew 33 Senior Class Play Crew 43 F. H. A. 43 F. B. L. A. 3,43 L'Allegro 3,43 Fresh-Soph. Play Crew 1,2. CHUCK BJUSTROM Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Football 4g Track 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Wres- tling 3,43 F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 F.F.A. Oflicer 3,4. JULIA BOURNE Intramurals 1,2,3,43 G.A, A. 1,23 Marching Band l,2,3,43 Concert Band l,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Freshman- Sophomore Play 1,21 Annual Staff 43 Junior Class Play 33 Accompan- ist 2,3,43 Conference Play Crew 33 Madrigals 2: Modernaires 2,31 Girls Sextet 33 L'Allegro l,2,3,43 Soloist 43 Pep Band 43 Debate 3. 17 -si. TRIEVA BOWMAN Intramurals 2,3,43 G.A.A. 3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Freshman-Sophm more Play Crew 1,21 Annual Staff 43 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Li- brarian 1,2,3,43 F. H. A. 4. .IAMES BUNKOFSKE Marching Band 2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 43 Annual Staff 43 Camera Club 43 French Club 33 Wrestling 1,43 Boys Chorus ,4-Q., . -135 3 i , at . ' WENDELL CHRISTENSEN r f ' I Titonka 13 Football 2,43 'Track 2,3,43 F. F. A. 2,3,43 F. F. A. Oflicer JANE DEARCHS Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Intramural Cap- tain 2,33 C. A. A. 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club I,2,3,4Q Freshman-Sophomore Play Crew 2g Student Council 2,43 An- nual Stafl 43 Junior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 43 One-Act Play 33 F. H. A. 43 F. B. L. A. 3,43 Mod- ernaires 33 Cheerleading 1,2,3,43 Homecoming Queen 4g G. A. A. Oflicer 3,43 F. B. L. A. Ofiicer 4. Q E AMAND DANCELSEII Art Club 2,3,43 French Club 3,43 F. F. A. 1,2,3,43 Projector Operator 2,3,4. 18 sw? as' 'P' ts ZOE CLEGG Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Intramural Cap- tain 1,33 C. A. A. 1,2,3,43 Play Crew 13 Girls Clee Club 1,23 Annual Stall 43 F. B. L. A. 3,43 Fresh-Soph. Crew 13 Cheerleading 1,23 Home- coming Queen Candidate 43 F.B.L.A. Ollicer 3. Seniors MARVIN DEARCHS Wrestling 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Boys Chorus 3,41 Golf and Tennis 33 F. F. A. 2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. anna?- Nae . 13 I DAVID DEVINE Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Student Council 43 Student Council Oflicer 43 Annual Staff 43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 1,2,3,4. 1954 RONALD ELBERT Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball l,2,33 Track 13 Annual Staff 43 Art Club 43 Golf 3g Tennis 3. WILLIAM DEWEL Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,42 Annual Staff 4g Senior Class Play Crew 43 Boys Chorus 2,3,43 Home Room Officer 2,33 Fresh- Soph. Play Crew 23 Speech Festival 23 Extemporaneous Speaking 23 Golf 43 Tennis 4g Debate 2,3,43 Class Oflicer 4. JERROLD FUNK Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Play Crew 13 Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Wrestling 1,2,3,4Q Boys Chorus 1. 19 DONALD ELBERT Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Basketball 13 Football 4g Track 1,23 Student Council 23 An- nual Staff 43 Junior Class Play 33 Wrestling 33 Boys Chorus 2,33 Home Room Officer 1,2,33 Class Officer 4. , :E:,::,,.'- F t fgiu' 15 ,Q ..,: 5 3 ARDIS GARDNER Intramurals 33 G. A. A. l,2,33 Girls Glee Club lg Junior Class Play Crew 33 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Librarian 4g F. H. A. 43 F. H. A. Officer 4. RON CERBER Intramurals l,2,3,4g Intramural Cap- tain 3: Football l,2,3: Track l.2,3,4g Wrestling I,2,3,4g F. F. A. 1,2,3,4. DUANI-I HANSON Intramurals l,2,3,4: Football 2,3,4: Travk l,2,3,4: Wrestling l,2,3,4. DOROTHY HAGG Intramurals 3g Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 43 Librarian 2,3,4g F. H. A. 4g F. H. A. OHicer 4g Librarian Officer 3,41 Modernaires 3. RONALD HARLAN Intramurals 1,2.3,4g Play Crew 4: Football 1,2,3,4g Trac-k 1,34 Annual Staff 43 Senior Class Play Crew 4: F. F. A. l,2,3,4: F. F. A. Oflicer 4g Projector Operator 2,3,4. 3,3 4 V QL wx 20 TED HANSEN Intramurals I,3,4: Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Basketball lg Annual Staff 4: Art Club l,2g Boys Chorus 2,3: Home Room Ofhrer 2: Modernaires 33 Class Ofhcer 35 Boy's Quartet 3. eniors KIRK HAYES Marching Band 1,2.3,4: Concert Band 1.2.3,-Ig Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4: Student Counvil 1,2,3.4: Annual Stall' 4: Junior Class Play Crew 3: Torvh and Gavel 2g Frenvh Club 3: Boys Chorus l,2,3,4: Madrigals 2: Modernaires 2,3: Soloist 3.4: Swing Band 3,43 Pep Band I,2,4: Jubilee Singers I,2,3: Fresh-Soph. Play Crew I: Class Ofhc-er 1,3g Cheer- leader 3: Boys Quartet 4. 3'm ?iimg , s,r up s l A G :.q ,:,,.... it . 1" A -A A fi, bn R, if Vega ffl f .. - ,,E:E:a3::: 5' ,KL- vii my ELDON HELMERS Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 1954 SANDRA HUDSON Intramurals 1,2,3,4g G. A. A. 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 1,2,3g Annual Staff 4g Senior Class Play Crew 4g Li- brarian 3. GWEN HENDRICKSON Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 1,23 Play Crew 2g Annual Staff 4g Librarian 4g F. B. L. A. 3,4. ALLEN HUMPHREY Intramurals 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus lg Freshman-Sophomore Play lg Track 1,2,3g Wrestling 1,2g F. F. A. 2,3,4. 21 SHIRLEY HOLDREN Intramurals l,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 1,2,3g Annual Stall 45 Junior Class Play Crew 33 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Librarian 4g F. H. A. 4-g F. B. L. A. 3,4-. .Anwar BARBARA HURN Intramurals 1,2,4g Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Play Crew 2g Annual Staff 43 Junior Class Play Crew 33 Sen- ior Class Play Crew 4g Librarian 4. .IOY HUTZELL Intramurals l,2,3,4g G. A. A. l,2,3g Marching Band l,2,3,4g Concert Iland l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club I,2,3,4g Annual Stall' 4g Junior Class Play Crew 34 Junior Class Play 3g Senior Class Play 43 Torch and Gavel 2.3,-44 One-Act Play 33 Fresh-Soph. Play Crew 2: Woodwind Ensemble 3: l"lute Quartet 43 Interpretative Reading 2,33 Radio Speaking 4. 'J' iv .IANICE KLOOSTER Intramurals l,2,3,4g G. A. A. 1,2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4: Concert Band 12.3.43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3g One-Act Play Crew 3: Annual Staff 43 Junior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 4: Torch and Gavel 3,43 Home Room Olliver 3: One-Act Play 4-g Librarian I.2,3: Pep Band 43 Fresh- Soph Play Crew 23 Debate 4: In- terpretative Reading 1.3. ,EN '-rf LARRY JOHNSON Intramurals I,2,3,4g Annual Staff 43 Junior Class Play 3. DICK KUECKER Intramurals 1,2,3g Annual Staff 4g Senior Class Play 45 Conference Play 4: One-Act Play 43 F. F. A. l,2,3,4: Speech Festival 4: F. F. A. Officer 35 Extemporaneous Speaking 4. .IANICE KICKBUSH Belmonrl High School 1,2,3g Annual Staff 43 Intramurals 4g F. H. A. Officer 4g Homecoming Queen Can- didate 4g F. B. L.A. Oilicer 4. Seniors BOB LAMPRIGHT Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Intramural Cap- tain 3g Mixed Chorus 1,23 Football I,2,3,4: Student Council lg AnnuaI Staff 4: Wrestling 1,2,3,4g Boys Cho- 1,2: Baseball 1,2. 'f 22 PAULINE LENZ Intramurals 1,2,3,43 G. A. A. I,2,3Q Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert I,2,3,4Q Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Annual Staff 43 Junior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 4g Accompanist 3g Madrigals 2g F. H. A. Officer 43 F. B. L. A. 3,4Q Modernaires 2,33 L'Allegro 2,3,43 Pep Band 1,2,3,4Q Class Oiii- cer 43 Homecoming Queen Candi- date 4. 194 LILLIAN McADAMS Intramurals 1,22 Intramural Captain 13 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Home Room Officer 13 Madrigals 3. JANE LEWIS Intramurals I,2,3,4Q G. A. A. 1,2,33 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Freshman- Sophomore Play Crew 13 Annual Staff 4g Senior Class Play 43 Mad- rigals 13 Modernaires 1,2,33 Girls Sextet 23 L'Allegro 2,3,43 Soloist 2,3,43 Girls Quartet 33 Pep Band 1,2,3,4. TERRY McGUIRE Intramurals 1,2,33 Intramural Cap- tain l3 Mixed Chorus 43 Football 1,2,3,43 Wrestling 33 Boys Chorus 43 Golf 43 Tennis 43 Basketball Manager 2. 23 SHIRLEY MAXWELL Intramurals 2,33 G.A.A. 1,22 March- ing Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club I,2,3,4j Freshman-Sophm more Play 23 Annual Staff 43 ,lun- ior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Conference Play 33 Accom- panist 3,43 One-Act Play 3g Madri- gals 23 Modernaires 2,32 L'Allegro 2,3,43 Pep Band 3,41 Cheerleading 23 Debate 33 Interpretative Reading 2,3,4. JOYCE MILLER Intramurals l,2,3,43 G. A. A. l,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club 3g Annual Staff 43 Junior Class Play Crew 43 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Home Room Oflicer 23 F. H. A. 43 F. H. A. Officer 43 F. B. L. A. 43 Freshman-Sopho- more Play Crew I,2Q F. B. L. A. Officer 3,43 Sports Queen Candidate 4. Null' lnl lll lx l'llII.lI' NlIl.I.lili 1-gmmml-4 3.-1: Mixe-ll fflmrus 4- ive-tlmll l.12: Footlrzxll l: Travli l llrws f.ll0 l llvlrnle' fl. T'-, 'WT A .X . 'fffx 17 . rus -1: Coll' 3.1: Tvnnis i Al.llIlC PATTON rnmurul:-Q l,22.I3.-l: lnlramurul Cap tun f2..l.,l: ff. A. A. 2.3.-1: C1I'lS Cylve 4 Iluln 2.-5: lla ll: lf, ll. A. 1: l'. B. l.. A. 3.-1 l ll. l.. A. 0 "y Crm-w 1: Annual mm-r 3.-l. Weil aQ4???ffsf1255P?: kxgisg ., . ,. N V A 1 00" Q, N g V '- .T N X Q .YE EA ROBERT PAIXNIER Sumnvr l: Saint lfe'r'c'liz1 Ararlcnmy JERRY PA RKINS 2.3: Intramurals 4. tain 3: Baslwtlvnll l: Tran-k 2 Wm-stling 12.3.'1: Coll' 3: Trnnis 3 Seniors DONNA RAMUS KENNETH POTTER Intramurals 1.2.3.-1: CUNA. 2.3.41 lntramuruls Trark 1.3.-1: Play Crew 1: F. B. L. A. 4: Annual XXllgPSIllIlf!, 2.3.-1: F. l7.A. l.f.7.3.'l. Slilfll -1. .,. . . . , A Q lln: 24 lntrarnurals l.12.3.'l: lllIl'1lHlllI'ill lfup LORRAINE RICH G. A. A. 23 Mixed Chorus 13 Girls Glee Club 2g Junior Class Play 33 Home Room Officer 2. 1954 SHARON RINGSDORF Titonka High School 1,23 Intramur- als 3,43 G. A. A. 43 Girls Glee Club 3: Play Crew 33 Senior Class Play Crew 43 F. B. L. A. 4g Tennis 3,43 Sports Queen 4. 'fx I ROSE ANN RICH Mixed Chorus 33 Girls Glee Club 1,23 Annual Staff 43 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Librarian 3,43 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Modernaires 3. ION RISING Football 2,43 Wrestling 43 Track 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Boys Chorus 1,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Cam- era Club 1,23 Golf and Tennis 43 Intramurals 1,2,3. .W-n, .a ,. main xx We ,Ag 1 . I lliiif ki 3 ' I 1 ,kkk it 1. fz'3ffVgs33jgggfii253 Eyre, . If 3 to 1 i 2, 4.2 -- .if ' i 2' 25 LOIS RIEBHOFF Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Annual Staif 43 Senior Class Play 4g Home Room Officer 3,43 Pep Band 3.4. MARILYN ROEDER St. Benedict 13 Girls Glee Club 2,33 F. B. L. A. 3,4. JOHN SCOBBA Intramurals l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Freshman-Sophomore Play 23 Football 1,33 Student Council 2,3,43 Annual Staff 43 Student Council Olhcer 43 Junior Class Play 33 Con- ference Play 33 Wrestling 13 Boys Chorus 2,32 One-Act Play 33 Base- ball 1,23 Jubilee Singers 33 Class Ofiiver I,2,3. 'J' V2 DAROLD SIMMONS Intramurals 132,33 Intramural Cap- tain I3 Basketball I,2,3,41 Football l,2,33 Annual Staff 43 Baseball l,2,3,4. fi, .IANET SCUFFHAM Intramurals I,2,33 F. H. A. 4 F. B. L. A. 3. . JUDY SIMMONS Intramurals 1,2,33 Intramural Cap- tain 2,33 G. A. A. 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,42 Student Council 23 Annual Stafi 43 Junior Class Play Crew 33 Senior Class Play Crew 43 Librarian 1,2,33 Modernaires 2,33 L'Allegro 2,3,43 Conference Play Crew 33 Fresh-Soph Play Crew 1,23 G. A. A. Officer 43 Sports Queen Candidate 4. ei is 26 DARLENE SEILER Intramurals 1,2,3,42 Girls Glee Club l,2,3,43 Annual Staff 4g F. H. A. 4g F. B. L. A. 3. Seniors PATRICIA SIMONS St. Benedict 13 Intramurals 3,43 Girls Glee Club 2,33 Annual Staff 43 F. B. L. A. 3,43 F. B. L. A. Oiiicer 4. ELIZABETH SLOTER R ELEANORE SPARKS Intramurals 1,2,3,43 G. A. A. 1,23 Intramurals 23 G.A.A. 2,33 Girls CHARLES STEIL Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Intramural Cap- tain 1,2,43 Annual Staff 43 ,lunior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 43 Wrestling 3,43 Golf 3g Tennis 3. 1954 NAOMI STRAYER Intramurals 3,43 Girls Glee Club 133,43 F. H. A. 4. So' ,kt 'll 3553 Q ' Fifv ,le Q 'WLS-v '41 WQ: f' '? A n Y g-Tx.T".QZ G.: Glee Club 1,2,3,4. SHERIDAN STRAYER Intramurals l,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,33 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Freshman-Sopho- more Play 1,23 Basketball 13 Foot- ball 43 Track 3,43 Student Council 33 Annual Staff 43 Camera Club 13 Junior Class Play 33 Senior Class Play 43 Boys Chorus 1,2,3,43 Swing Band 1,2,3,43 Modernaires 2,33 Pep Band 1,2,3,43 Jubilee Singers 2. 27 MICHAEL STREIT Academy 1,23 Intramurals 3,43 In- tramural Captain 33 Football 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Senior Class Play 4. KENNETH TEETER W r e s tl in g l,2,3,4: Intramurals l,2,3.4: Track 2.3: Football 2: F. F. A. l,2,3,4. I -Q :av an-.' . ITRX THEODORE TRUNELLE LuVerne 1,23 Marching Band 3,4: Concert Band 3,4: Mixed Chorus 3: Junior Class Play 3: Boys Chorus 3: Swing Band 4: Pep Band 4. Seniors DAVE YEOMAN Intramurals I,2,3,4: Marching Band 1, M CALVIN TSCHETTER Intramurals l,2.3,4: Concert Band l,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4: Fresh- man-Sophomore Play l,2: Football 1,2,3,4: Track 1,21 Camera Club l,2,3,4: Junior Class Play 3: Senior Class Play 4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Boys Chorus l,2,3.4: Modernaires 2,3: Baseball 3: Pep Band l,2,3,4: Ex- temporaneous Speaking 4: Projector Operator 1,2,3,4: Debate 4: Boys Quartet 4. BARB ZWEIFEL JACKI VANDERWAAL Intramurals l,2,3,4: G. A. A. 1,2,3,4: Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Band l,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4: Girls Glee Club l,2,3,4: Freshman- Sophomore Play 1,2: Student Coun- cil 1,2,3,4: Student Council Officer 3,4: Annual Staff 4: Junior Class Play 3: Senior Class Play 4: Moder- naires 2,3: L'Allegro 2,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,3,4: Debate 4: Homecom- ing Queen Candidate 3: Band Queen 4. l,2,3,4: Concert Band l,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4: Play Crew l,2: Track 3,43 Annual Staff 4: Camera Club l,3,4: Junior Class Play Crew 3: Senior Class Play 4: Boys Chorus l,2,3,4: Conference Play Crew 1,2,3: Modernaires 2,3: Swing Band l,2,3,4: Pep Band l,2,3,4: Jubilee Singers l,2: Trumpet Trio 4: Pro- jector Operator l,2,3,4: Boys Quar- tet 1,2. Ubi 28 Intramurals l,2,3,4: Intramural Cap- tain 3,4: C.A.A. l,2.3,4: Mixed Chorus l,2.3,4: Girls Glee Club l,2,3,4: Freshman-Sophomore Play 2: Annual Stafl' 4: Junior Class Play 3: Senior Class Play 4: Con- ference Play Crew 4: Home Room Officer 2: One-Act Play 3.4: F. B. L. A. 3: Modernaires 3: Cheer- leading 2: C.A.A. Board Member 4: Sports Queen Candidate 4. orking Together Pictured above are Jackie Vanderwall, Paulline Lenz, Kirk Hayes and Bill Dewel who discuss with Mr. Laing some of the complicated aspects of school reorganization. School reorganization has finally become a reality. It has taken countless hours of planning and has thrown a considerable i'extra" burden on Superintendent Laing. But the hours of hard work for the many people involved have paid rich dividends. It is another advance in the long historical march to make education truly demo- cratic and provide equal opportunity for all. 29 Color photo work courtesy of Nels Isaacson and Reproarts Engraving Company of Fort Dodge. I.1-tt to Right: Vice President, Wltliw llQ'l'l!l2llld1 Secretary, Donna llowers: 'llI't'llSlllA0l'. lion Cook: l'r1-sinlent .loc illlltllllllllll. The Class of '55 is present in lull force, so letis take a look-msec for outstanding members. First oil, class ollicers: Joe Troutmant, Nidas Dermand. Don Cook, and Donna Powers. 'l'his hrings to mind the lact that Joe is president of hoth local and state student council. The cheerleaders are fewer in number with Kay Brayton, Karen Downey and suhstitute Carol 'l'hompson. 'llhs-y're plenty peppy and hack our numerous memhers out for sports. Among the memhers out for sports are Larry Christensen, Nidas Dermand. llon Cook. Jim llalhraith. Hill lfain. and Jack Amon. Sports talk reminds us of footlmall season and our year to run the refreshment stand. We will all rememher the work. hut also that it was well worth the effort. A class project under Mr. DelVlouth,s guidance was a paper called 4'Bulldog Tales," editors Pete Langmack and Nidas Dermand. A glance at the front page shows that Betty Peirce won the local "I Speak for Democracyu contest. Flipping the pages we find Adel Herlmst. Cleone Crawford. Kay Brayton, Shirley Lowman, and Carol Thornpson are planning to do a pantomime at the Speech Festival. Volleyhall champs again- 'the 11-2's. and tennis pros HCookie" and Jackie. Bev Hovey is the archery enthusiast. Wlifi likes to heckle the teachers by finding their mistakes? None other than Larry Uhrecht. We arc well represented in all activities, but especially in the music field. Music- ians are liuthie Shierk. Jean Capesius. Paula Schmidt. Evelyn McKim, Phil Anderson. AI Christiansen. Chuck Taylor. and Darrell Steven. After our quick look around and with plans for next year we will the sophomore class a Prom for '55. a key to the concession stand, and a worn out popcorn machine. 30 iv .46 -. J 04 rw- F NS -sr is " ' Y if re gy. ,.. 7, - I Far an D' 'xi M zv. .S X d Qt -- as QE So sw, 3 x 3? 4. 1 N 4 . K, H., . TTS? s -f 1 N, .- 'DK 'tri vu W nr.. ap. Q .r.,,. .S ,an h VQ' 'PQ -g Yi W ,, Q' wr , ,.Ly lfllii C ' lf Ci "': R as fo so we C so C K is so U a N. M 13 f'f"' r ax 4. ' .-1l QQ ' f- -e B ,K gr if B, L K , 3 M... is 'wr qfvq . is li . rsssr F: A 'f ,W X y K . Y - is fflis. me B .- - . 7 is 4-1'igfz.:w . ffl if-2i7.f2fs5i2' il' , --.- -K shave? . -4 , N fi sg if 3 552:55 A' f . llfiir af K A we t ig f Q K it - 152556 01 ir F' nv ou 3 ,1 , if-1 :gm ,E N kg: we f . S N H' fs Q, Y l : 'ami W6 f 492' Mn z, N. r gi:-V-sq... Q a Y Q 'E M gm X Sm . X ge l ' 'M 'X i- "-w, 1? A' : ra IU' Q if at -ac: u ' ' K 5 P r K li me at 'K X , I' - we Q ,Q 3 3 'W 5? , x A R, 3 B wr-9 41, 1.x r rr J l1lli0lfS Phil Anderson Joanne Baldwin Ardis Beitz Arlen Bensehotter Ronald Bilyeu Harold Bosworth Lorraine Braun Kay Brayton Edward Broesder David Bunting Jeanne Capesius Jean Champion Larry Christensen Alvin Christiansen Donald Cook Cleone Crawford Rose Dangelser Dick Davis Maynard Dearvhs Nidas Dermand Karen Downey Gwen Egel Deanne Eisenbarth Fred Erivkson Pat Etherington Bill Fain Myrna Fries Dorothy Gade Marlene Gade Jim Galbraith Beverly Gerber Sharon Gregory Gerald Hagan Perry Hagg Stanley Hansen Gerald Hanson Charles Harmon Adel Herhst Beverly Hovey Pa 2 3 .INV l V :J ' f lf xr. , . -. :.,.g,, ,.-. - s. ,. .nf 1- 4 ,Q 1, . K Q. fr' v 'sf 455' .-fx M vi. .X f? ., xv! ,W Q , ms I x,!'q, ,rig C30 I . q 1 Q' 5 ... . ,rw V l M, - My V' 1 it 1 lla! ali 9 dh t 'Q s " 1- - Q. f' - Ail x N ,. "" vw ng!! -N ,fl ff' is in-vt Q, 0- ,,,.. pm . XXL! 4 Juniors Kathryn llntvhins Marilyn .lasperson Marilyn Kearney James Klemm Karen Kuchenrenther lavkie Laing Pete Langmack Shirley Lowman Janice l,undh Betsy McConnell Evelyn Mcliim Marjorie Mittag .lark Norman Larry Uhreclit Dennis Olson Drusilla Opheim Charles Palmer Betty Peirve Donna Powers Ailvnv Quaday Jane Reid Betty Ringsdorf Ronald Roc-hleau David Rouzc Lynette Rutledge Beverly St. John lion Scliaap Paula Schmidt Phillip Schneider Eulan Schuller Ruth Shierk Rivhard Shipler Judy Sorenson Shirley Sorenson Darrell Steven Charles Taylor Carol Thompson Harley Troutman ,loe 'lfroutman Graduate Herb Adams Joan Alexander Gwen Baker Chuck Bjustrom Janice Bjustrom Julia Bourne Trieva Bowman Jim Bunkofske Wendell Christensen Zoe Clegg Amand Dangelser Jane Dearchs Marvin Dearchs Dave Devine Bill Dewel Don Elbert Ron Elbert Joe Funk Ardis Gardner Ronald Gerber Dorothy Hagg Ted Hansen Duane Hanson Ronald Harlan Kirk Hayes Eldon Helmers Shirley Holdren Sandra Hudson Allen Humphrey Barbara Hum Joy Hutzell Larry Johnson Janice Kickbush Janice Kickbush Dick Kuecker Marilyn Kuhn Bob Lampright Pauline Lenz Jane Lewis Shirley Maxwell Lillian McAdams Terry McGuire Joyce Miller Phillip Miller Bob Palmer Jerry Parkins Alice Patton Kenneth Potter Donna Ramus Lorraine Rich Rose Ann Rich Lois Riebhoff Sharon Ringsdorf .lon Rising Marilyn Roeder John Scobba Janet Scuffham Darlene Seiler Darold Simmons Judy Simmons Pat Simons Betty Sloter Eleanore Sparks Chuck Steil Naomi Strayer Sheridan Strayer Mike Streit Kenneth Teeter Ted Trunnell Calvin Tschetter ' Jackie VanderWaal David Yeoman Barb Zweifel Class Will Leaves Algona to go to West Bend Her vibrant personality to Shag Cook School to join her husband His bulging biceps to Morris Harbour Her friendly disposition to future classes Her talented fingers to Phalanges Hutchins School to get married His subtle humor to R. L. Stevenson His chest to Vern Risner Her accent to "you all" His shyness to Joe "Vinka', Downey Her crown to future gracious sovereigns His glasses to weak eyes McGoo His backslappin' ability to Nidas Dermand His white bucks to a coal miner His philosophical saying to "Red" Davis His artistic ability to those who doodle in class His wrestling practice to go fishing Her homemaking ability to Ma Perkins His vaulting ability to the inmates of Sing Sing Her wardrobe to Queen Elizabeth His nickname to the camera club Acres of movie film to a carrier pigeon His driving antics to Jimmy Lynch His vocal range to Yma Sumac His hair-do to Chuck Taylor Her stature to Janice Meine Her share of Hudson motors to the Queen of Holland School to go with F. B. Adams Her placid expression to King Tut All Democrats to the salt mines of Siberia School to those who wish to learn Her energetic Charleston to Dr. Scanlan's patients Harley as a chaperon for brother Joe His smile to Liberace Her earrings to Carmen Miranda His hearse to a funeral home Her "Inner Willy" scratch to anyone with fieaa Her High C to a Jews Harp Tuner School to play her organ Her commercial ability to Gregg and Rand His field strategy to Gen. Ridgeway Algona to go to Burt His steady, serene driving to future debate teams School to buy some more cigars His wrestling shoes to Argentine Roca Her dimple to a baby The room to scrape his shoes Her face to Mona Lisa School to pop popcorn Her last name to the Iowa State Bank The darkroom to go to class Her athletic ability to Doug Meyers School at last Government to the Republicans His stories to the Legion of Decency Her tolerant attitude to the underclassmen School to her Joy Alice to Freckles Her good sportsmanship to Donna Powers The Plantation to go to Little Africa Her flashlight to Otto Her last name to Wheaties The space he occupies to Pete Langmack Her red hair to Rhonda Fleming His lie detector to Earl Legler His blinding speed to Stan Hansen At noon to do his chores His nickname to a wrestler His debating ability to a parrot To post no bills His Hash bulbs to Dave Phillips A. H. S. one Old Brect The class of 1954- as a whole leaves the faculty giving a sigh of relief. We leave such dramatic presentations which are ever to be remembreed, as "Inner Willy" to future Thespians, our floats we leave to the Pasadena Float Parade. ,cw 4s.-' yt, 1 tw: lf" ,, p W l M ill sill lllll 1 Hi il' lllll I 'ie Lx ,llxx NNQ7 I X4 X o ., . -...,,A A lkxxgx .,.--. ! t 501111 ff x .fx X . :SN vs' ,V N------W, at-we t qh h P 1 QTf.m,.,...t,. ,iz....,.:,.'tt.:',L.,,..gW A- 1-7 - -, rf-asf ,,.l!'Vf,Sw Q xf:s-E k Oflicers, Left to Right: Secretary and Treasurer, Doug Meyerg President, Cheryl VanderWaal: Vice President, Bill Nloxley. In the Sophomore Class, we find such athletes as Bill Moxley and Bill Champion representing us on the gridiron, basketballers Don Hutchins, Doug Meyer, and Rodney Kickbushg "grunt and groan men" Don Hansen and Marvin Simpson, and Loren Nelson, "C-eniusv Helmers, and Bob Harms our "barons of the basepathsf' Backing the boys are peppy cheerleaders Barb Bourne on the Varsity and Marilyn Meyer, Sandra Hutchins, and Marcia Cowan on the MB-Squad." Musicians Carl Mc-Bride. Bob Harms. Karen Shirley, ,lim Etherington, and many others represent this class in vocal and instrumental groups. Don't overlook Eugene Durant, boy prophet, our successor to Old Man Mose and his apprentice Drew Pearson. , Debators Dave Phillips and Dick Vipond and thespians Perry St. John and Bob .lensen are the Sophomore representatives in those activities. Instead of the liliis, our class has the 3V's, straight A students VanderWaal, Vipond, and Voigt. Finally coming into their glory the Sophs won the Spirit Cup this year, as class President Cheryl VanderWaal tripped gaily onto the stage to receive the coveted' cup. fp 2552 fax Mg W: fs Sw-f as ak. Q' A a r Q . .. if Q Rag its dl , :Fa x HN 'Qin'-' L , izqk . , . Qs.. , --x-- .QW ww.-agzzsamgwfziasafesee- awe emw'Msaw amass, 1-2 ':.aa::ef: f - My '- mx N6 Q2 K . 3 EW 4 N 5, as QE 3 B55 v a si Q X' s xl is 'XL 'Qi sl 1 wQ"TT-,2S M mg I U if f if Q l l l' S9253 Q an 5, . a-If z is k.Vg,w'-Flfx gii sir gras A Q: ll U' Q if , ff 5: as f 3, X K QD' X A gg if i Q' X Q s TX ll l' r l "J W oil X i 5 X l sir ' 'Eggs 4 ,Q 'S lim e Qi 5 -1 Q an N- 1.3 .. lr.: Sophomores ,lane Adams Lois Adams Luanna Alt Jack Amon Nancy Amon Shirley Benson Harold Bjustrom Barbara Bourne Elaine Branson Gordon Braun Vernon Christoffers Terry Cook Marcia Cowan Jody Cutler Ronald Ditsworth Richard Dornbier Carolyn Drone Jim Etherington Avis Finley ,lerry Ferstl Jae Givens Carol Godfredson Donna Mae Hansen Donald Hansen Morris Harbour Kay Hardgrove Robert Harms Eugene Helmers Harlan Helmers Don Hutchins Sandra Hutchins Myrna Jennings Robert .lohnson Robert Jensen Nancy Kain Frank Kern Rodney Kickbush , if Q ki if . X , . at ,J Q L 5 , A - - 1-we , Hs .,- "' 1 ' 'Pyq' " ' 2 9 1' ""' " rw ' t ' " w--. kg. -M ' - - v v , A r . H ,- V ,L wa V, 2 af.. -Q ' A ' .1 X 2 ,ig , J 2 it -1. ,g Y V li ' J " r 5' 4. U 4 -A H521 "G ' -4 A z 'Q' I K ' ,Fi ' . ' M , - ' 'M' 'lin -Q 1'-'. 'Z ' Q A v V 3 R an TA: Fixx., N -' , pf .-... W. 'A WV 5 . ., '55'5'5?5111, LL ann! S.. 4 'S ,Rf . J ' fi ii' ' -111' ,,,gr,4W' -a "M li av 'K' 5,9 t we S X bfi '3 3 X 'ir 4?-,' . film' I H r SAA? , f-1 Ei if My , 4 .. , Q3 1. Q 4 , J , . - K ' "" ' f' X RK A fn' ' 5- '1-yv ' V ,,,. Nur . ,M L- . -,Q X1 ,J .V req , ' - . A J i abr 9- ,I , ,MN rw' XT fab' :Fai 'N K , v ! ., ,K ,f ' . , 1 5 J rf i ...V -.Q , ,R ,v .ce I E 2- bi M W Q' Q 1 X - if ""' ' 1. f mf , . -, . . . - R - ia x Q I' 4 I i in 1 ' WV' J. H ' , is ,Al in . ,--1 2 K , A 'H , 'vw ik ' 79 Q l it 1 f J -ig, . IQ? ' 'f A Q '2 gs uf' fo- fv- kv no I 5444 ., wi .M , D L - + ilu'-"X flf li ,AIA . i . rl D .n NN' g. 'lu-.ff Sophomore Larry Kueck Ida Mae Kutschara Eugene Lieb Janive Markla Carl McBride Janice Meine Douglas Meyer Janice Meyer Marilyn Meyer Phyllis Montgomery Bill Moxley Loren Nelson Irene Opheim James Ostrum Maryola Palmer David Phillips Darlene Ramus Janive Rovlileau Claudette See-ly David Seller Marilyn Seller Karen Shirley Sandra Shumway Virginia Simons Marvin Simpson Martin Smith Sue Sprague Perry St. John Sharon Strayer Joan Urvli Cheryl Vanderwaal Dirk Vipond Jeri Kae Voight Jo Ann Warmbeir Cary Webb Richard Yeoman Tom Zweifel axvwwmuu' 4 'gm :R 1Jl"""- K-,Mwgs X Uv' PQ ,ali Hey! Hey! Come to the Fair. Two smart girls. Fresh-Soph For buttered corn, sophomore vendors. Prithee why so pensive? '-:Sgr Ni marins-1 ww a7l'. mdxmuwnu:f.- I N- H Q , I 5 .Swv , ,wb X..., -f' 'T Q A -f' as x I A 45: Q11 we Mlilbel K Jerry sparkling array 6f per- rhe freshmen alas these shmmg OD outlook for the Carney, Jerry Powers, and even we didn t because Kathy Derm d -7111 find and Darlene Skogstxiom DeCamp, Pat F e foi' ibn cless jilhy, are Shawnvykewqrwexpmvhess Wlth 3. Darlene James and o Cade, Sandra the artgsts who we drank. of .M ,,,,,,...M,e 1n Generglecigienee. e X 4. -A Kathy e Q 'Wh 5. Our, 5 And now we put the pictgre gviayj g of 3,El,,5lf5i,iun- 9 , f e -e e e i e W e .xg VV A 'im .. . - LY - 51'-X ' ' K 1 . Q .- - 45. ,. ie . ef ee 'vawf' Mm ,Saw ee X . ' L, W' x ff ,M-.mane-0""'N"""' N535 N A .r....mdmuceqn1' . xr? ev ,zgazf L bv' uw- it P N if SW-. i 4 be Freshmen Carl Brown Kenneth Bunkofske Edward Carney Edith Christiansen Judy Cowan Judy Dahlahauser Darrel Davis Harriett De Camp Melha De Camp Sharon Decker Kathy Dermand Joseph Dorweiler Jerry Downey Marilyn Dressman Delores Fisenbarth Sandra Elwood Dave Erickson Pat Ferris Tom Finley Darrell Fisher Eunice Cade Norma Catton Lyle Gould Adabell Gronhach Lee Haase Marvel Hansen Roger Hansen Robert Hardy Carol Hayes Karen Helmers Beverly James Kenneth Johnson Larry Johnson Shirley Johnson Marihel Kain Kay Kern David Kohl Joe Kruckenberg Duane Kueck Jean Kuecker ft, ff hw J- QW, A ' '15 ? wtzfzwii -lamp.. wi -1- W-, 4 MM' pe 'mi ii wg 1 J, C: 1 . W W. , LL i5,'rA'4 fA,,,,N . 4 W5512gi? ' ' I 'C M fy, A , M1 4,1 fn SPO RTS Football Front row, left to right: Donn Hutchins, Bill Moxley, Doug Meyer, Sheridan Strayer, Darrel Steven, Dave Devine, Bob Lampright, Don Cook, Jerry Parking, Ron Gerber, Bill Fain, Don Elbert, Joe Funk, Coach Guzowski. Back row: Champ Martin, Ron Zittritsch, Bob Jensen, Frank Kern, Terry McGuire, Wayne Meyer, Calvin Tschetter, Duane Hanson, Wendell Christiansen, Harley Troutman, Charles Bjustrom, Larry Obrecht, Jack Amon, Mike Streit. THE RECORD Algona 6 .......... Emmetsburg 0 Algona 7 ........ Webster City 20 Algona 24- .......... Eagle Grove 7 Algona 33 ..... ..... H umboldt 0 Algona 44- ............ Clear Lake 14- Algona 13 ..... .......... C larion 6 Algona 0 ............ Iowa Falls 18 Algona 25 ..... ...... H umboldt 0 Coach Tony Guzowski pulled a few surprises this year as his triumphant band of Bulldogs rolled up a snappy 7-2 record which even the most optimistic observer would have been relcutant to concede as the season opened. But the irrepressible club shone like a diamond in the rough as they notched a firm second in conference play. But for unfortunate injuries the club would have nicked hulking Iowa Falls but the fates were not as kind as they might have been. 42 Lay that pigskin down, boy. , K'A- ma-Q :www Football Action After a quick snag, two arms and a quick snag. After a fast start, flve yards. 1 Algona 6 Emmetsburg 1 , kb.: , A K uf: 77 vn: :Q 2 fl? Q k s S is Y 51 b fwggvg, W I XJ ' i Wlhen alumni en masse Can he seen in the stands. tissue is seen swaying in the wind. and bright convertibles carry- ing pretty girls are seen searing dust from the racetrack. you know a football queen is to be crowned on this home- coming night. Except for the juniors, unsold cof- fee. everything went fine on this clear Uetolser night. from the crowning of the queen to the victorious football game. Jane llc-arehs. Algonais pretty queen reeeiwd her eorsage with a kiss from Chuek Bjustrom in the middle of a tempers-tossed gridiron victory over Clarion, 13-6. The class of '54, as usual, took first place in the float contest. aided by their float-winning idea man and the whole eo-operative Class. 0 m e c 0 m i 11 Queen Candidates-A-Zoe Clegg ,lane Dearvhs, .lanive Kivklvllsll Pauline Lenz. A 4 915011 f 91.50118 91-50 4 a J' to fl tau paula fe l . :il i l 4 Q 5 K me c l if 3 5 lxlv. 1 f c occ I'ronl row: .lim Cullrraith, Doug Meyer. Larry Christensen, Pete Langmack, .lack Amon. Donn Hutchins. Back row: Bob King, lluu- lla-xinc. llurrolml Simmons, Don Cook, Nidas Dermand, Bill Fain, Coach Cuzowski. Basketball F Q, Algonais potent sophomore crew gave promise of being the Titans of North Iowa. Although the rangy. sharpshooting youngsters could ill afford the loss of nifty Dave Devine from their midst. they never the less gave promise of being a sky rocket outfit. Pictured here are some of next year's squad members and Coach King as they visit with the University of Iowa's successful young coach, Bucky 0,Connor. Qin 41 -no Shag After a long btreu h, a hammer lolk Jim Dave Hutch Under the hoop, having a hall Doug Chris Sadler-Wells . c ' 1 5 ,lv :: -::ri Ile-nlcfr of attravtion Algona A lgonu Algona A lgonu A lgona A lgonu A lgona Algona A lgona Algona Algollu Algona Algmna A lgona Algonu A lgruna Alglllllil A lguna 50 51 52 119 57 55 T15 45 49 5-1 56 Tl 31 54 64 5-1 59 55 RECORD Boone Clarion Emmvtslmurg . ills-ar Lake , Eagle Crow- . Fort Dodge llampton llumlmolclt Swfra City Iowa 1"a11s Emmetslmurg Webster City Humboldt Clarion . Eagle Grove- . Clvar Lulu? Wvlxstf'r City Hampton Mr. King works as players rest 49 41 60 46 47 58 42 -12 48 47 60 51 50 55 56 46 56 30 ? ,ii W A lmlow as Lynx go A blow to the kisser, then a swisher Two birds with one groan ,, tg I First row: Roger Hansen, Marvin Simpson, Maynard Dearsch, Bob Lampright, Jerry Parkins, Charles Bjustrom, Harley Troutman, Duane Hansen, Wendell Christiansen, Joe Funk. Second row: Maurice Harbour, Don Schaap, Harold Bjustrom, Jim Etherington, Terry Cook, Joe Troutman, Cal Tschetter, Ken Potter, Russ Hansen. Third row: Gordon Braun, Larry Johnson, ,lim Ostrum, Davis, ,lohn Moxley, Ed Carney, Larry Kueck, Henry Seiler. Back row: Coach Martin, Gary Webb, Duane Kueck, Bill Rich, ,lack Norman, Phil Schneider, Rochleau. Wrestling RECORD Algona 14 ...................... Mason City Algona 18 .................................. Britt Algona 10 ....... ................ C larion Algona 26 ........ Blue Earth Algona 19 ....... .............. 0 sage Algona 31 ....... ........ H artley Algona 29 ....... .... H ampton Algona 27 ....... ...... I owa Falls Algona 26 ....... ........ F ort Dodge Algona 31 ....... ........ E agle Grove Algona 28 .....,. ........ C a'rroll This year, as usual, Coach Martin sent to the mat a formidable array of scrappers which thrilled crowds with their mat antics and copped an impressive array of victories. Five of the lads went to the state tournament and made excellent showings. Many of the boys will be back next year to harry any brave foes that may come along. 49 Vie At State At the stzitv wrt-stling tonrnnmvnt in Mason City this yvar. Algzona was again rvprvsvnted by a f0I'lTtitil1iTit' array of riiggt-ci voritvmivrs. From lt-ft to right. first row: It-rry Parkins. Bott Lanipright. Charlvs Hjustrorn: svmnd row: Cozivh Martin. Joi' Funk. Kvn Pottvr. Hula l,zunprigl1t gin-s fm' thx- trartitional working ow-r. K 1 MTX, 157' wi .I . . ll eh niusm-lt-s rxpplr-tl. ll ,S1l'lI1tllt't'. at Snaps Along the line, a Clarion call. xx - 3 x fig g 'Yi Tschetter and under study. Behind-but not far. After the warm up, the main event. For ailing knees, tons of tape. iw? . naz-g:.. .mv1smun L r fe 3 5 1 I fl Front row: Bill Fain, Dave Devine, Loren Nelson, Larry Christensen, Don Cook, Doug Meyer, Jim Galbraith, Darrold Simmons, Donn Hutchins, Bob Harms. Second row: Coach King, Rorhleau, Olsen, Christoflers. Dave Kohl, Bob Jensen, Eulan Sehuller, Ted Finley, Bob Slobe, Kueck, Eugene Helmers. Baseball Algona 15 .............. Humboldt 3 Algona 5 Eagle Grove 1 Algona 8 .................. Clarion 4 Algona 11 ...................... Burt 2 Algona 13 .............. Swea City 1 Algona 2 ................ Rodman 0 Algona 0 .............. Humboldt 8 Algona 8 ....... ........ B ritt 6 Algona 0 ....... .... C larion 3 Sectional: Algona 4 ....... ...... B ancroft 19 Coach Bob King again sent to the field another of his perennial baseball powers which smashed ten straight opponents before they fell before Humboldt. Larry Christensen and Bill Fain were the front line pitchers and the receiving chores fell to Doug Meyer and Donn Hutchins. With a decent break the Bulldogs could have gone a long way but the warm weather pitching stall ran into trouble on a cold and blustery day at Bancroft. Jim Galbraith, Dave Devine, Bob Harms and Loren Nelson rounded out the infield. Don Cook, Darrold Simmons and Cf-ne Helms-rs worked in the outfield. Simmons and Devine were the only seniors lost from a fancy club that would become even more stylish next year. 52 wggggk K 1 ll l ,Al E f' ff Wm In the Bulldog dugout, eyes left. On a close play, safe at home. On the third swing, a well-hit ball. iw 5 B1 ng, K K A , f 'U' 1 - -S Q' J 'R gy M 49 E' . L d if A Q' . 1 is " was! df , .lm Front row: Jim Ostrum, Jerry Downey, Darrel Steven, Harley Troutman, Ronnie Ditswortll. Second row: Ronnie Zittritsvh, Davis. Hoclileau, Robert llardy, Dick Sliipler, Don Moore, Bill Rich, Maurice Harbour. Third row: Coach Martin, llarold Bjustrom. Ron Gerber, Sheridan Strayer, Larry fJlbl't'l'llI, Rod Kicklrush, Joe lfunk, ,lae Givens, Fred Strahorn, Dave Yeoman. Track In the Hrst quadrangular meet of the season it was Eagle Grove 51, Algona 50, Humboldt 48, Webster City 47. Algona Hnished ninth in the Pocahontas Relays. In the Clarion triangular, Algona finished just behind Clarion. ln the Forest City triangular, it was Algona scoring 57 points behind Forest City's 64. At the Cherokee lim-lays. one of the top meets in the state, Algona finished second. In the district meet, Algona hnishvd fifth and qualihed four men for state berths. In the state meet, paced by the great work of Gerber and Funk, the Bulldogs netted a total of seven points, placing in both the pole vault and broad jump. 54 There goes that discus again YT: 'lv1f."T" "w"""J Cross over the bar High in the sky Tennis The tennis team, organized under Coach Tony Cuzowski's super- vision, participated in four meets this season, winning half of their efforts. Chuck Steil, Cal Tschetter, Bill Dewel, and Don Elbert composed the team that smashed Clear Lake twice, 4-0 and 4-0 but fell before Spencer 3-1 and 4-2. Golf And Tennis Golf The golf team had a successful season winning four meets, losing one, and tying one. They also copped a third place in the district meet at Fort Dodge and Mason City. Nidas Dermand, Alvin Christiansen, Pete Langmack, Flip Miller, and Dave Bunting were the leading golfers that turned back such fine foes as Spencer, Clear Lake, and Humboldt. 56 The Conquering heroes, the 123's. Left to right: Sheridan Strayer, Mike Striet, Bob Palmer, Chuck Steil, Jack Scobba, and Cal Tschetter. The intramural season was climaxed this year with the traditional faculty-senior basketball game. The high- flying seniors, after storming through to the champion- ship, defeated the stubborn band of puffy pedagogs 31-26. Fight to the finish! Boys' Intramurals Hold it, John! Bill Dewel and John 57 Rising Easy does it as the champs score again. I03's are our talented champs this year. Left to Right: Sandra Shumway, Marilyn Seiler, Sue Sprague, ,Io Ann Warmhier, Joan Urch, and Sharon Strayer. Second row: Mr. Ross, Cheryl VanderWaal, Virginia Simons, Darlene Ramus, Mary Teeter, and Karen Shirley. fm Girls' Intramurals The Amon angle: two points. im:.:uf.wsi, . :mfnf-zrsiwuerireewswrafaee-sem- Wi Cheerleaders Left to right: Barb, Karon, Jane, Kay. Our 1954 'SAW squad cheerleaders were Barb Bourne, a sophomoreg Kay Brayton, a juniorg Jane Dearchs, a senior, and the only new member, Karen Downey, a junior. Carol Thompson filled in as alternate. These girls had plenty of pep and enthusiasm. They kept the crowd behind the team by keeping spirits high in defeat as well as vietory. With the Bulldogs hopes built high, the teams roared on to many victories. Along with the line of NAU squad there were the HBN band of Cheerleaders made up of six girls. Sandra Hutchins, Marcia Cowan, Marilyn Meyer, Maribel Kain, Sharon Powers, Darlene Skogstrom, put their whole hearts out for the "Bw team. Sandra, Marcia, Marilyn. Maribel, Sharon, Darlene. .s 1 A i. LQ x .3 Xa' six X. S-. v ' f ff? 2' M ,U , F 9 , ash M6910 Left to Right, First Row: Eunice Cade, Karen Shirley, Edith Christiansen, Barbara Bourne. Second Row: Kay Brayton, Alvin Christiansen, Mimi Wright, Shirley Maxwell, Jim Bunkofske, Connie Priebe, Janice Klooster. Third Row: Pauline Lenz, Nick Clark, Jackie VanderWaal, Sheridan Strayer, David Bunting, Sandra Shumway, La 'ry Hutzell, Bolmby Richardson. Fourth Row: Wendell Steven, Helen Kulhman, Marilyn Palmer, Phyllis Metzen, Bonnie Lou Elliot, Carl McBride, Elaine Montgomery. Fifth Row: Don Schaap, Vernon Reisner, Kirk Hayes, Calvin Tschetter. Concert Band The 1954- concert band of Algona High School completed an unusually successful season. After losing most of its first chair players they still very capably presented an outstanding winter concert which included several difficult numbers. Everyone enjoyed the spring concert commemorating Algona's Centennial which brought back memories of another generation. They played music beginning with the very earliest songs of America down through the modern "pop" tunes. 62 Left to Right, First Row: Cheryl VanderWaa1, Ailene Quaday, Joy Hutzell, Julie Bourne. Second Row: Beverly James, David Hutchins, Marilyn Richardson, Howard Funk, Alan Selichnow, Junior Cook. Third Row: Ted Trunnelle, Carole Ann Hayes, Darlene Skogstrom, Lois Riebhoff, Phil Ander- son. Fourth Row: Larry Wicks, Jim Etherington, David Yeoman, Loren Thompson, Jim Cowan, Janie Lewis, David Richardson, Charles Taylor. Fifth Row: Elaine Branson, Sandra Hutchins, Ka- ren Kuchenreuther, Karen Downey, Betsy McConnell, Cleone Crawford, Kathy Dermand, Mr. Custer. Concert Band ln addition to attending the conference band festival at Clear Lake the band journeyed to Humboldt to play a short concert for the Humboldt student body. ln the spring the band enjoyed the Annual Band Banquet sponsored by the American Legion. The concert band season ended at Commencement, where they played the tradi- tional uPomp and Cireumstancev and a few other numbers. 63 In ' Qn!.,..:, s i '3 Ni ,K ff' wr Alvin lilll'lSll2HlS8Il, Cllvryl Yami:-rwunl. Julie- llmirm-. Sc-voml rms: Mimi W'riglit, lionniv l.:-fl to lligllt. first rms: Kay llrziyton, . l'ria'lw, .lim llllIllUIl.SlU', Sliirlvy Nluxwvll. .lan Klrmstvr, Bc-vc-rly ,lzum-S. 'llliirml rms: ,luvlxiv Yumle-i'Waul. SllPI'lllLlll Slrziyvr, llaive ' n vrsmi. lfoiirtli row: Carl lNl4'BrillP. Elaine' lluntingg. Szimlrzi Sliuinwuy, 'llc-xl 'llllHlllf'llQ'. Carol llayes, Lois Ric-lvlmfl. lliil :K ml N. 'zulinf' lm-nz, llave' YPOITIZIH. ,lim Cmvun. ,lauiv lmwis. llziw Rll'llill'll!i0Il. Cliuvk Taylor. Stumling: I l irry xxllflx l i llon Svlizizip, Kirk llayf-s. ffulvin ,liSl'lll'tlfC'l', Betsy Mvfionnell, Karvn KllI'llPIlI'f'llIlll'l', Clvmic' Crawford. xllblllllfllllt' v, PBd P lflutv Qilurh-t. lflwryl Vanclerwlaal. .Nile-in Quziclay. ,luy llum-ll. ,luliv Buurnv. llrurn lfnse-inlulv. lx-ft to Right: Kam-n K1i4'livrii'e'11ll1f'r. Samlra l'llll.C'lllll9. Knrvn llownvy, llvtsy Mvfforine-ll, lllvonc- ffrawfnrfl. Elaine- Branson. Kathy llermanrl. xi 1 l l -1--, hi.: Band Snaps Come on, Cal, we all want to know. 1, ,W 1 Strike up the band! Ready to strut, girls? Can't you find it, Bunny? 1. 65 , v - fn-vw f A . X, uf ,Q -ww wr , w .. iz. -f wwf: f--. w 4. lv s i ', J : A .ei X x4'l'fYlIllllilllINl Mlvl llvrhst. lf'lI to right: lfirst row: lxlilTl'lllfl0N1lIl, ,laiiiw Nl1'y'L'r, Kutliryn llutr'hins. Sliaron Struyvr. liurrii nh-3. llurlvmf 5lui,1sll'1ull, Sliirh-y Nluuwll. Mary Short-, llurlraru Bourne-, Sillllllill lfluood. Sm-oml row: ,loan 'Xlzfxumlz'r. .lulin llourm-. Aluriui- lliuslioin. lfliriin-v llzulv. l'ut Simons. Lois liivllhoflx Dorothy Ilugg, lim-lmm fiwifvl. Donna l'oxwrs. Kathy IM-rniaunl. ,luwltiv Xuiulvr Wiul lhlrfl rom: ,lZlIlH' l,e-wis, Marilyn lllcyf-r. Llwryl Nzuulvr Vvzull. Nuulru llutrhins, l,t'0llL1I'll ll1lllSt'll, 7 lohn Xloxlv-x. Nlzuxin llmin-lis Vilxin 'lst-lit-ttvr, 'lorry lllc-Cilirv, Womlc-ll Stowri. ilurl fXl4'lli'i1l1'. Fourth Row: l.urry Ulm-4-lit. Iii-mlaivi Ninn-i, lhm- Hvonmn. Bill Nloxlvy, Hill ll:-wi-I, lflip lllillor. ,lurk Muon. ,lim llunkofslw, liolwrt llzuwly. Umm' l'hillips. 1 I1-nu Stun:-i'. Ml:-l ll:-rhst, .Mworiiiviziiiist Mixed Chorus Wore you vw-r in tha' high svhool ahout l2:11-0? If so. you would have- svvn the- mixvd vhorus kids dashing to prartic-0 as thc-y finished thvir lunvh. hoping to got through the door before Mr. Carvvr lockvd it. lfvvn though it took a lot of cflfort to got the-rv on time-. thv kids we-rv still onthusiastim' ahout practiving, cspc-cially' whvn it II1l'Z1Ill a few minutes out of their next vlass. Our thru' K'0IlI'l'I'lS. as in other yoars, wvrv a hig SIICFCSS this yf-ar, with suc-h songs as 'Youth Pacifvf' HI Bclivcf' g'No Man is an lslandf' and "Tl1c D4-sort Song. W0 also voopc-rats-fl in an vxvliaiigi- c-onu-rt with Humboldt. and our usual music fn-stivul. ht-ld ut W'c-hslvr City this yi-ur. As in othvr yours. wc- ws-rv invited to sing at tht- Charity Ball. 66 t --2 i . 3-K gy 5 Left to Right, First row: Jane Dearchs, Connie Priebe, Ruth Shierk, Paula Schmidt, Karen Kuchenreuther, Karen Downey, Pat Etherington. Second row: Pauline Lenz, Joy Hutzell, Lillian McAdams, Jerry Kae Voight, Judy Simmons. Third row: Bob Jensen, Evelyn McKim, Beverly Hovey, Pat Farris, Gwen Egle, Nancy Amon, Jeanie Capesius. Fourth row: Jim Etherington, Alan Selichnow, Darrell Steven, Ted Hansen, Kirk Hayes, Truman Shackelford, Eugene Lieh. Mixed Chorus Our thanks go to Mr. Carver, our new and capable director, who kept control of his temper, even when Pauline came in late. Good luck, Mr. Carver and the chorus of 1954-555 we know you'll have a success- ful season! Waiting for curtain time. vw' x ni? 75 Left to right: Front row: Julia Bourne, Drusilla Opheim, Marcia Cowan, Lynette Rutledge, Glen-Dora Patton, Delores Eisenbarth, Betty Peirce, Jane Reid, Kathy Dermand, Sharon Powers, Marilyn Palmer, Janice Meine, Marvel Hansen, Donna llansen, Judy Cowan, Adel Herbst, Mary Shore, Karen Downey, Pat Estherington. Second row: Kathryn Hutchins, Janice Meyer, Myrna Jennings, Judy Reiken, Delores Thompson, Sharon Strayer, Lois Riebhoff, Dorothy Hagg, Karen Shirley, Darlene Skogstrom, Barbara Bourne, Maribel Kain, Ruth Shierk, Carol Godfredson, Joy Hutzell, Jane Dearchs, Paula Schmidt, Karen Kruchenreuther. Third row: Eunice Gade, Janice Bjustrom, Joan Alexander, Shirley Sorenson, Joan Urch, Jo Ann Warmbier, Beverly Gerber, Donna Eisenbarth, Nancy Kain, Patricia Van Allen, Connie Priebe, Marilyn Dreesman, Claudette Seely, Eleanore Sparks, Judy Simmons, Jeanne Capesius. Fourth row: Shirley Lowman, Irene Opheim, Jane Lewis, Marilyn Meyer, Carolyn Drone, Cheryl Vander Waal, Sandra Hutchins, Sue Sprague, Virginia Simons, Pauline Lenz. Jackie Vander Waal, Evelyn McKim, Cleone Crawford, Patricia Ferris, Beverly Hovey, Gwen Egel, Beverly James. Jeri Kae Voigt, Darlene Seiler, Nancy Amon. Girls' Glee Clubs elf .g v x, The Mixed Chorus is off to the vocal festival. Boy's Chorus Left to right: First row: Don Hansen, Marvin Dearchs, John Moxley, Bill Dewel, Calvin Tschetter, Wendell Steven, Glen Strayer, ,lim Etherington, Bob Jensen, Darrell Steven, Carl McBride, Truman Shackelford, Eugene Lieb. Second row: Larry Obrect, Sheridan Strayer, David Yeoman, Philip Miller, Bill Moxley, Jack Amon, Jim Bunkofske, Terry McGuire, Robert Hardy, Dave Phillips, Alvin Selichnow, Ted Hansen, Kirk Hayes. 9 Boy S uartet Kirk Hayes, Calvin Tschelter, Carl McBride, Larry Obrecht, Julia Bourne, accompianist. AC" Darlene Skogstrom, Accompianist. Left to right: Adel Herbst, Shirley Maxwell, Mary Shore, Barbara Bourne, Julie Bourne, Joan Alexander, Jane Lewis, Sandra Hutchins, Ruth Shierk, Evelyn McKim, Pauline Lenz, Jackie Vander Waal, Nancy Amon, Judy Simmons, Jeanne Capesius, Jeri Kae Voigt. L'Allegro Julie Bourne and Kirk Hayes have now become well known for their duets. Julie's clear soprano tone blends well with Kirk's rich tenor voice. With Shirley Maxwell accompaining them, they have sung such songs as "Will You Remember" and "The Desert Song." The entire community has been charmed by their singing, and will miss them next year. Soloists A newcomer this year is contralto Nancy Amon. Although she is only a sophomore, her voice shows unusual talent. "Still Vie Die Nacht" was her selection for the Spring concert. The seniors were honored to have Nancy sing "My Heart Sings" at the Senior Banquet. vw--rf-A 'X Janie Lewis, a senior and a third year soloist, again proved that she could go far with her music. Her lovely soprano voice was heard in several selections this year, in- cluding "Lullay my Jesu," and 'The Lord's Prayer." Senior Kirk Hayes, a tenor, has touched the hearts of the people with his wonderful voice. This is his second year as a soloist and he sang such songs as "0 Holy Night," and "The Desert Song." Kirk also sang in duets and was first tenor in the Boy's Quartet. First tenor Darold Stevens has honored us with "You'll Never Walk Alone," and "Comfort Ye My People." He has done solo work for two years, and will be hack to help us out next year. 71 N X x x W X N ' X 1rwwMSwwgNwwmw X ii Vocal Snaps D Q EMERGENCY Hey, wait until I vomh my hair! ' A ,A r' . " W s X 1 It's been a hard day, has it? Oh, Barbara! X H li K . -kii Kkb .X On our way to Wvhstvr. The Allegro Club at Webster City. XFN Y T' . R.. 7, K 4 K 4' x L . G -f t 1 x", 096' AN ff 'rx , x d X wwf 1 ' 1 FM? Xl ' """"'1wunn-i- Y ',, 9, Ja A w- ff' f M My ' 1' ,i 'fs n , 4 I3 -sz Q- wx I dl 4 fl! W :'f I 4 l ,lirugg ' 'x N 1' "lx 1 xi ,ffl 'sig " In ffm ' W LZ? ffl! X ' X ,L ,X f Q 5 f H M ,W , w? sf.. I V, . n Student Council Left to Right, First Row: Connie Drone, Jane Dearchs, Adel Herbst, Don Cook. Second Row: Kay Brayton, Donna Powers, Darlene Skogstrom, Jackie Vander Waal, Cheryl Vander Waal, Marilyn Seiler. Third Row: Nancy Kain, Marilyn Dreesman, ,lean Kuecker, Kirk Hayes, Dave Devine, Jack Scohha, jerry Downey, .loe Troutman. Fourth Row: Mr. Ross, Bill Moxley, Nidas Dermand. We made- Chirstmas merry for others: Left to Right, ,lane Deurchs, Donna Powers, Adel Herhst. We are your servants, high school classes of 1953-54. We strive to keep our student body bub- bling with activity. We initiated the yearis activities with the annual homecoming celebration. With your help, we supported one of the uadoptedn families at Christmas time, and gave to the muscular dystrophy drive. Proudly we boost of prexy Joe, state student council president. Mr. Ross, our advisor, does well at keeping his nose out of council business when heis not needed, and keeping us on the legal path when he is needed. Although it sometimes takes Jackie a while to find her materials, we hail her as an efhcient secretary-and sister Cheryl is her capable assistant. Perhaps by this time you will have heard the Algona High School victory bell peal forth to the townspeople our athletic victories. This bell is the gift from our council to our beloved Algona High School. Left to Right, Front Row: Dave Phillips, Phillips, Philip Miller, Bill Dewel, Calvin Tschetter, Jackie Vander Waal, Janice Klooster. Back Row: Joy Hutzell, Mr. Palmer, Karen Shirley, Dick Vipond. Speech and Debate The A squad debators plan an attack. Left to Right, Bill Dewel, Mr. Palmer The h'5h School debate team' Jackie Vander Waal. Jan Klooster, Calvin Tschetter. riddled by inexperience, came through with another fine season as a result oi the fine coaching of Mr. Palmer. The team consisted of Jan Klooster, first affirmativeg Jackie Vander Waal, second affirmativeg Bill Dewel, first negativeg and Calvin Tschetter, second negative. They gained experience in an early meet at Estherville and then went on to establish fine records at such rugged tournaments as Custafus Adolphus and Coe. In February they barely missed qualifying for the State Tourney. Shirley Maxwell, an interprative reader, re- ceived ar: excellent rating at the Coe Contest and Karen Shirley received a Superior at Buena Vista as a sophomore. Also participating in forensic activ- ities were Flip Miller, Dave Phillips, Dick Vipond, Cheryl Vander Waal and Sandra Shumway Left to right: First row: Judy Cowan, Glen-Dora Patton, Marilyn Seiler, Judy Reiken, Sandra Elwood, Miss Jansen, Dorothy Cade, Judy Sorenson, Betty Ringsdorf, Jane Dearchs, Marilyn Jasperson. Second row: Edith Christiansen, Maribel Kain, Delores Eisenbarth, Marcia Cowan, Marilyn Palmer, Kathy Dermand, Darlene Skogstrom, Kathryn Hutchins, Betty Peirce, Karen Kuchenreuther, Paula Schmidt, Shirley Lowman. Third row: Judy Dahlhauser, Virginia Simons, Nancy Kain, Joan Urch, Connie Drone, Pat Ferris, Pat Van Allen, Bev James, Bev Hovey, Sue Sprague, Cheryl Vander Waal, Sandra Hutchins, Karen Shirley. Fourth row: Nancy Amon, Barb Bourne, Janice Klooster, Sharon Ringsdorf, Judy Simmons, Barb Zweifel, Alice Patton, Donna Ramus, Joyce Miller, Shirley Sorenson, Marlene Cade. .A.A. C. A. A. is the largest girls' organizaiton in the school. Interest in athletics and sportsmanship is the main striving point of G.A.A. The first activity on the agenda for the year was the initiation of the Freshmen and their new sponsor, Miss Jansen. Some of the other projects which were under- taken were: sending four girls to state G. A. A. camp, sponsorship of Girls Intramurals, and the annual spring picnic. G. A. A. is sponsored by Miss Jansen who was a wonderful help to the President, Jane Dearchsg Vice President, Karen Kuchenreutherg Secretary, Judy Simmons and Treasurer, Betty Peirce. The G. A.A. had avery successful year and they wish next year's G. A. A. the best of luck. 76 F. F. A. 3 . .... .L 1 i Left to right, Front row: Don Schaap, Ron Harlan, Ed Breosder, Fred Erickson, Allen Humphrey, Ronald Rochleau, Harley Troutman, Dennis Olson. Second row: Wendell Christensen, Dick Kuecker, Kenneth Potter, Ronald Gerber, Larry Kueck, Eulan Schuller, Gerald Hagan. Third row: Larry Wyatt, Marvin Dearchs, Chuck Bjustrom, James Klemm, Joe Dorweiler, Cordon Braun, Duane Kueck, Larry Hudson. Fourth row. Richard Rocleau, Jerry Ferstl, Arlen Benschotter, Harold Bosworth, Carol Brown, David Erickson, Richard Yowman, Richard Schmidt, Mr. Defrit. F. F. A. is the largest boy's organizaiton in the school. Its program trains boys of today to he tomorrowis agriculture leaders. The training for this leadership is done through the freshman creed, public speaking and ex- temporaneous speaking contests. Another phase of this training is through the knowledge of parliamentary procedure. This year's freshman creed speaker was Richard Schmidt, the public speaker was Larry Kueck, and the extemporaneous speaker was Dick Kuecker. The parliamentary procedure team was made up of five boys- Chuck Bjustrom, Ron Harlan, Ron Gerber, Joe Troutman, Harold Bosworth. This is the first time in the history of our Chapter when all the participants won first in their contest. The third annual F. F. A. Banquet was the main event on this yearis calendar. We are advised by the hand of Mr. Sefrit, with the officers, President, Chuck Bjustromg Vice-President, Joe Troutmang Secretary, Harold Bosworthg Treasurer, Ron Harlan, Reporter, Wendell Christenseng Sergeant-at Arms, Harley Troutman. Prexy Chuck was Master of Ceremonies at the F. F. A. A demonstration of parliamentary procedure at a Banquet. school assembly. Left to Right. Front Row: Kathryn Hutchins, Dorothy Cade, Marlene Cade, David Yeoman, Calvin Tschetter. Second Row: Shirley Lowman, Judy Dalhauser, Sue Sprague, Edward Carney, Vernon Christolfers, David Phillips. Camera Club I1 d Audio Visual 78 Left to Right, Front Row: Robert Harms, Eugene Helmers, Calvin Tschetter, Donald Hansen. Second Row: David Phillips, Edward Carney, Jay Givens, Tom Zweifel, Jim Ostrum, David Yeoman. Left to right, Front row: Donna Mae Hansen, Sandra Elwood, Luanna Alt, Paula Schmidt, Donna Powers, Dorothy Hagg, Sharon Decker. Second Row: Miss Torkelson, Edith Christiansen, Rose Ann Rieh, Judy Dahlhauser, Shirley Holdren, Sue' Sprague, Janice Markla, Avis Finnley, Marjorie Mittag. This yearls library staff was composed of a group of 15 very capable and efficient girls under the leadership of Miss Torkelsen, lt is all in a day,s work for these girls to keep more than 3,000 books in there rightful plaees and in good repair. lt is not uncommon in any study hall period to see girls digging down in a pile of old National Ceographics or balancing themselves precariously atop a stack of encyclopedias to find materials we students need. But to this faitful crew we can do nothing but pay our fines and our tribute to the librarians. Miss Torkelson. 1 la, Pictured from front to lmavkz First row: Sue Sprague, Carol Godfreson, Rose Dangelser, Joanne Ure-h. Sem-ond row: Karen Shirley, Bev James, Darlene Skogstrum, ,lanive Meine, Cheryl Vander Waal, Vernon Christoffers. Third row: Marilyn Dreesman, Connie Priebe, David Phillips, Perry St. John. Fourth row: Mr. Chiquet, Barb Bourne, Dick Vipond. Pres. Cheryl Vander Waal, Vice Pres. Dave Phillips, Parliamentarian Dick Vipond, Sec,-Treas. Karen Shirley. French lub 5 4................u,...,..s.. W. 'L 9 " L Messieur Chiquet, le lecleur et amies. C'est ci bon, n'est ce pas? Q3 3 0 fi ' i . ei '-rpm' x :ini li 11 , , . Q. ,K li fi " ' usd ' im 9' 1 T .. Arg' f I 56.22 .5 F.B.L. . Left to right: First row: Pauline Lenz. Janice Kickbush, Kathryn Hutchins, Alice Patton, Jane Dearchs, Pat Simons. Second row: Marilyn Jasperson, Rose Ann Rich, Beverly St. John, Lynette Rutledge, Shirley Sorenson, Jane Reid, Dorothy Cade, Shirley Holdren. Third row: Betty Peirce, Joyce Miller, Donna Ramus, Joan Alexander, Zoe Clegg, Sharon Ringsdorf, Marilyn Kuhn, Janet Scuffham, Marilyn Roeder, Miss Marston. The Future Business Leaders of America really became recognized as one of the best organized clubs in school this year, although they had a club last year. Among their numerous activities they sponsored a candy and bake sale to earn money for their treasury, and sent representatives to the state F. B. L. A. convention. Under the capable directorship of Miss Marston, this organization has a wonderful start. five. F. B. L. A. Officers. Left to right: Janice Kickbush, Alice Patton, Kathryn Hutchins, Marilyn Jasperson, Pat Simons, Jane Dearchs, Joyce Miller, Pauline Lenz. 81 I.:-It In light: First mu: linris Ruth. Dlillllil llunwn. Shawn Nlillvr. llyrillu Fvhmirit. Nlildrwl SlHlH4'I', Mlulwlle- f1!'UIllYlU'h. Sl'!'0llli row: jlllll' lb1'Jll'l"l'-. ll:l!'le'm- Svilvr, ,lzmvt Svlllfllzllll. ,loam X11-xunfln-r, -Xlirv l'u!lnn. Marilyn Kuhn, Xliw xIl'll'lll'V. 'fhirxl run: SIlil'll'V U1-ll-011. Ulu Huy Kutsrluurzn, ,loam l'I'4'Il, Sllllflill Pmwrs. .Iluly '55 fllhkilll. Kullly llvrmuml. Ifflllflh mw: Jnym- Xlillvr, xlill'Il'll4' llzulv, I..-fr In right: lfirgt mu: 4ll'llIl fjllllllwiiwll. Iluruthy Hzxgg. ,lzmin-v Ki4'kllllNll, l'z1ulinf- l.e'n7. -Xrmlis fL1ll'4llll'l', Alzlrxiw' Nlurklal. Svvnlmsl rms: flll'll-UNIX! Illllltllh YI2lI'Xl'I Hzmwn. 'MV l"iIIIl'Y. Sharon Struyq-13 tjI1lll4ll'lIl' S4-e-Ivy. U5 Vllil .'l'!l!liIlQIS. l,numm Ut. I"mlrth rms: llurnllly flzulv. Kathryn HllU'llillN. 0 av CTIVITIE I mf' Miss Brooks ...... Cast Adel Herbst Miss Finch ........... ....... . Donna Powers Hugo Longacre Mr. Wadsworth Miss Audubon Elsie .................. Elaine ...... Jane ...... Sylvia ...... Doris ....... Marge ...... . Faith ........ .. Rhonda ....... Ted .......... Stanley ....... Martin ..... Joe .............. Mrs. Allen ..... Phil Anderson David Bunting Drusilla Ophiem Lynette Rutledge Deanna Eisenbarth Ailene Ouaday Carol Thompson Karen Downey Betty Pierce Karen Kuchenreuther Jackie Laing Larry Obrecht David Rouze Charles Taylor Bill Fain Kay Brayton Left to 'ight : Dave B Ulllin 8, Adel Herbsf, phil A Ildez-so ll. Junior Class Pla Our Miss Brooks, the drama production of this year's Junior Class relates the trials and triumphs of a high school English teacher as she strives to bring a polished performance of a class play out of a caotic situation. Anxious moments are in store for Miss Brooks as play rehearsals conflict with the basketball practices of athletic coach Hugo Longacres, who has caused Miss Brooks to be struck fatally by Cupid's arrowsg an important mem- ber of the play cast has an acute attack of appendicitis the night of the final performance and a valuable and irreplaceable vase, belonging to a snobbish lady f Mrs. Allenj is smashed to smithereens. All of these problems plus the way in which everything miraculously works out smoothly before the curtain falls on the final scene equals a hilariously enjoyable play. Our Miss Brooks, acted by an excellent cast under Mr. McDowell's competent direction, was received by the entire audience as a first rate production. Left to right: Lynette Rutledge, Deanna Eisenbarth, Karen Left to right: Deanna Eisenbarth, Chuck Taylor, Kuchenreuther, Karen Downey, Adel Herbst, David Rouze, Dave Rouze, Karen Downey, Betty Pierce, Karen Carol Thompson, Chuck Taylor, David Bunting, Kay Kuchenreuther, Carol Thompson. Brayton. a mf -f niwuur-- rs nm: Freshman and Sophomore Play A sparkling play of youth with its heartaches and happiness, State Fair brought to our stage a splendid evening's performance. The talented freshmen and sophomores of the cast and crew combined with Mr. McDowell's directing made State Fair a delightfully charming play, with a freshness and realistic touch of youth which will long be remembered by its enthusiastic audience. The Frake family is portrayed as it goes all out for the State Fair, with Margy fDarlene Skogstroml falling in love with a young newspaper columnist who she meets on the roller coaster, Wayne tPerry St. ,Iohnj imagining himself about to elope with the attractive daughter of a hoopla stand operator, and Mr. and Mrs. Frake's prize-winning pickles and champion hog Blue Boy gaining wide fame. All in all, State Fair was a big success. "They'll find you out in the end" Larry Wicks. Cast la L Margy Frake ............................ A X Pat, a newspaper columnist ..... so - if iiit Wayne Frake ....................... if I ' titi fig Emily, from the hoopla stand .... Eleanor, Wayneis girl friend ....... Harry Ware, Margyis fiance .... Mrs. F rake ......................... Mr. Frake ........................... ....... Mrs. Rallins ......................................... Storekeeper and local philosopher ....... Hoopla stand operator .................... Fair visitors ..................... Love at first sight. Bob Jensen and Darlene it S: Cheryl and her prize-winning pickles. Darlene Skogstrom Bob Jensen Perry St. John Karen Shirley Sharon Powers John Moxley Cheryl VanderWaal David Kohl Beverly James Larry Wicks Richard Schmidt Kathy Dermand Loren Thompson Bill Moxley Sandra Shumway Jim Ostrum Marilyn Dreesman Skogstrom. Which way will he go? Sharon Powers, Perry St. John, Karen Shirley. E! if f. ,lackie Var11lerWaal. Cast Willoughby Adams ...... Calvin Tschetter Aunt Hester ................ Barbara Zweifel Aunt Louise .................. Janice Klooster Aunt Olga .............. Jackie VanderWaal Inner Willy ..... .............. D lck Kuecker Stanley Clark .................... Phillip Miller Mike ............................ Sheridan Strayer Marybelle Turner .............. Pauline Lenz Trudy Marshall ........ ..... J ane Dearchs Janet Marshall ...... ........... J oy Hutzell lreft to right: Barbara Zweifel, ,lunice Klooster, Dick Kuecker, Calvin Tschetter, Carol Martin Lois Seniors Class Play A comedy in three acts, The Inner Willy was presented by the senior class of '54-. It involves a senior high school boy lWillyl who has been pampered by his three old maid aunts throughout his lifetime, and his "Inner man" who "Came in on a Burp," arriving just in time to teach Willy to "Assert himself" and declare his inde- ps-ndence from codliver oil, turnips, and Harvard, Princeton and Yale-and his aunt's future plans for him. The sympathetic remarks made by the three aunts provide a humorous background, and Willy's frustration as he finds himself with three dates for the Senior Dance adds to the general confusion. Fate brings about a happy fairytale ending, with everybody happy. v Skillyfully stearing the cast through the usual play rehearsal and pre-performance catastrophes, Director Mr. McDowell, assisted by a capable crew, made The Inner Willy a praiseworthy production. lift l0 fillhtf Dirk Inner Willy and Willy: Dick Kuecker Left to right: Janice Klooster, Calvin Tschetter, Kuefkef- Pauline Lenz, and Calvin Tschetter, Barbara Zweifel. Barbara Zweifel, Sheridan Strayer. V, W r 7 .. lt is-if K -1 fiwfi Bar' QSSTQEWA 5 19555 W 1 Si A x Q65 its wi 1 .E 45 g ' v I .wiiwfi 5 5? jus? . W. Q 5 asv km Q 4 es. is L w, ww Sf! X U' mg, 'fl Wi. i ,.., :Q WAA . .- wif' 3 Q rn 'ss-:1Lb"4. ' f 2 by rw Q . ii X MW i,"""' ff i R Xt! ' A it, w 1, .uaj EV .R ,r .13 .E at U o if. fit, .t ga' -W f f f Q + E . fi? M W... L S . as aa' fi k :li W , Q . V K ,I .tt h' Y ' p ' IYLQ- wi F335 i' 4 f - - A "lt if M-' Q n 0 ,, a i . v!?'f'Z'f 'A jaw . i zff ' .4 , 4 W. Q X The Svnior Class boarded the latvst mode of transporta- tion for a hounving hour and a hall trip to Career Day at lfaglv Grove. Choosing from a varivty of voursos offered, they learnvd all about intvresting occupations from exports in the hold, With this, and also the fun of mcoting new friends and hghting for a booth in a res- taurant, thffy had a day which will long he remembered. Aftvr tire-d feet, wvlvmne grass. Career Day Still poppy on tht' way llo 92 ........ -X V. f 7-..-I ,, ,.-,.-,...,..,.,,,, Prophecy Algona, the old home town, looked good to us as we drove slowly around looking for familiar faces and places. "Be it ever so humble there's no place like home," kept singing its melody in our hearts. The years had slipped by so quickly and we were startled to see how changed everything was. Were those parking meters in front of the State Bank, and is that Ken Potter, dignified and every inch a banker? Oh, isn't the new court house beautifull A real addition to our town. Will this ever be a good place to check the progress of members of our illustrious class of 1954? It is a warm day along in May and so we decided that before we go any farther we will drop in the drug store for a coke and a good chat. We've heard that Mike Streit is a soda jerk here. He tells us that Betty Sloter, Donna Ramus, Lorraine Rich, and Sandra Hudson are home from the service. He also tells us that Jim Bunkofske and Ted Hansen are in partnership on rocket research. While Dave Devine is now a professor of Chemical Engi- neering at Ames. While we are sipping our cokes in come Pauline Lenz, Zoe Clegg, Lillian McAdams, Rose Ann Rich and Marilyn Roeder from their secretarial jobs for another "coffee break." Also among the group we recognize Joyce Miller, bookkeeper, Sharon Ringsdorf, Naomi Strayer, Joan Alexander, and Marilyn Kuhn, all telephone operators. We find Kirk Hayes and his wife, the former Julia Bourne, have set themselves up in the insurance business while Julie teaches piano lessons on the side. Also in our music world we find Shirley Maxwell playing the organ at the skating rink. Speaking of careers, Jack Scobba and Chuck Steil decided that the Navy wasn't so bad after all and are making it their life's work. Darrel Simmons has returned to marry Alice Patton. Jerry Parkins is now owner of what used to be Sorenson Buick renaming it "Perk's Parts Shop." While Terry McGuire has taken over management of "Dig 'Em Construction Company." Joy Hutzell is winning the hearts of her patients while working in our local hospital. Barb Hurn, we hear by way of grapevine, is at Rochester working with polio patients. As we drop by the high school we find Jackie VanderWaal, who is now teaching English in our local system. She conducts us on a tour of the building and as we pass the vocal music room, we see Janie Lewis struggling manfully tor discipline during a boys' chorus practice. Passing the auditorium door, we hear quite a bit of racket. Jackie informs us that it is only Sheridan Strayer, the dramatics teacher, trying to have Jr. High play practice. Who's that we see in shorts? Why it's Barb Zweifel, the gym teacher. She also is building up a good girls' basketball team, we are told, in Sexton. Going to the Annex we see Ted Trunnelle, Vocational Agricultural instructor, telling his boys the benefits of contour plowing. M'mmmm-that wonderful smell of onions coming from the cafeteria. The cook, I wish I knew her married name. is now Trieva Bowman. They say she really dishes out the concoctions. Gwen Hendrickson was helping but left to join her husband, who is in the Navy. Asking some of the high school teachers, we find that Jan Klooster, Dorothy Hagg, Lois Riebhoff-now Mrs. Cal Tschetter-are all miraculously pounding information into the heads of elementary youngsters, especially in kindergarten. lt seems a few of our former classmates have children in that class. Let's see who they are. Why, Janice Kickbush, now Mrs. Joe Funk, seems to be quite active in P. T. A. work. inquiring of an old classmate, we hear that Larry Johnson is now running "Bowling, Beverages and Billiards," formerly Barry's. Don Elbert still loiters around that familiar spot on Main Street dropping philo- sophical remarks to passers-by. Sauntering down Main Street we find a boy standing on the street corner yelling "Extra, Extrafi This arouses our attention and we discover that one of Algona newspapers is just off the press. Its editor is Bill Dewel. And here is "The Dizzy Crack" and we read that the Mayor of Algona is now Judy Simmons and the Chief of Police, Ken Teeter, spends his time standing on the corner blowing his whistle at the juvenile delinquents. Janet Scuffham, the owner of "ScufIie's Saddle Sage" is doing a thriving business turning Shirley Holdren, Pat Simons, and Darlene Seiler and many others into leading horse women. She also had some of her famous horses win in the Kentucky Derby-adding to her fame and her bank account. In the professional entertainment world we find Ron Harlan, now traveling with Jimmy Lynch's Dare Devils. He will be at the Kossuth County Fair this year, Bob Palmer, prominent cigar manufacturer told us. We read also in the paper that Flip Miller is beating Ben Hogan and will soon hold the championship. Also in the professional world we find Duane Hansen, the mighty wrestler. He now holds the championship in the middle weight class. The paper said something about a Farm Bureau meeting. Letis check into that. Well . . . Dick Kuecker is president and Chuck Bjustrom vice president. Must be really prospering with two such well-to-do farmers. Leaving the building we meet Wendell Christensen and Marvin Dearchs, late-comers to the meeting. It seems that Wendell now owns half the county and is fabulously rich. Our class also has a serious side. We find Jane Dearchs is now doing social welfare work. Also Eleanore Sparks is president of the "Wigs for Bald Eagles Clubv still holds the interest of her members with her lengthy speeches. Wasn't there an article in the paper that went something like this: 4'Button Sewing Club to meet at the home of Ardis Gardner."? I wonder if she is still teaching people how to sew on buttons the correct way. lsn't that a service station over there? And look who works there-Amand Dangelser. Maybe while he puts some gas in the car, we can catch up on some of the latest. He tells us that Jan Bjustrom has taken over manage- ment of Grahamsg Ron Gerber is making money hand-over fist in the Implement Business, Herb Adams delivers milk for the Algona Creamery and Jon Rising stands on street corners blowing up balloons for children-a trying occupation. Dave Yeoman, the local KSMN man, is almost ready to come on the air with his 12 o'clock edition of the news of the Associated Press. Bon Elbert, we heard over the air, giving a lecture in Carnegie Hall on UHOW to Paint Water Colors." Bob Lampright, the mortician, has run all others out of town and is doing a flourishing business. His establishment-"Lampie's Limpiesf, We must gol. Farewell, Algona . . . farewell classmates of 1954. May Fortune be kind to all of us . . . 93 lift to right: lfirst row: Miki- Strvit, llon Ellwrt, lion Elliert, flllllt'li Bjusiroin. Sf"l'0lHl row: l,oiN 19110 un Clit 1 luliv llourm-, ,lny llulzc-ll. llzirliara llurn, Ronnie' Harlan. Third row: ,lanive Ki1'lilbllSll. Alice- l mon l.1u ine I luiis. fm' filing. Wvliile-ll IIlii'isti-iisvii. Ron Ge-rlwr. Fuurtli row: Darla-ne Sc-il:-r, Cweii Bakr- l'it 'Ninn N lu-ry ,lllllllS0ll. lloli lairipriglll. llarolrl Simmons. lfifth row: ,loan Alf'XllllCl4'I', ,loyvv Milli-if 5huu lhll'AlllllHS. 'l'1'il llzinsvu. lluu' Yvonizin. Sixth rrm: Kirk lluyes, ,lim llunkofskv. .lolin Upliviui 'lllll' key stall memhers discuss plans for the yearbook. Left to right: Ron Elbert Pauline Lenz, Joyce Miller, Bill llewel, ,lavkie Vanderwaal, Julie Bourne Kirk Hayes. Q v Annual Staff 94 l Mr. Laing Program Highlighting the Commencement Exer- cises of '54 was the speaker, Dr. K. C. Wu, who spoke on "The Re- sponsibilities of Ameri- can Youth." He em- phasized our responsi- bilities to our Heritage, to our Maker and to other of the Commencement world. Dr. Wu has been Governor of For- mosa, Mayor of Shang- hi, and attended Grin- nell college and Prince- ton University. Processionalz "Pomp and Circumstancen -- --- Elgar Colonel Bogey-March --- Finale--New World Symphony .......... High School Band ---- Alford --- Dvorak Russell Guster, Director The Desert Song ................... Arranged by MacLean High School Mixed Chorus Del Carver, Director Adel Herbst, Accompanist Address .................................... Dr. K. C. Wu A "The Responsibilities of American Youth" Honors Announcements .... --- Mr. E. R. Legler Presentation of Class 1954 --- --- Mr. 0. B. Laing Presentation of Diplomas --- .... Mr. Perry Collins Benediction .......................... Rev. Luther Loesch Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church 95 1953 Graduation Awards P.E.O. Four year English .... Jackie Vanderwaal D. A. Three year Social Sciene ........ Kirk Hayes Wa Tan Ye Commercial ............ Marilyn Roeder Delphian 9th Grade English .... Darlene Skogstrom Eighth Grade History ..,..... Karen Hutchins Scholarships I. S. T. C. ....... ............ ,I anice Klooster X Lois Riebhoif Jackie VanderWaal Sheridan Strayer Iowa State College ....... ......... D ave Devine Drake ......................... ........... K irk Hayes Cornell ....... ....... S hirley Maxwell Joy Hutzell Bar Association Honorary Award ..... Dave Devine Left to right: First row: Alice Patton, Lorraine Rich, Donna Ramus, Sharon Ringsdorf, Sandra Hudson, Joan Alexander, Janice Bjustrom, Trieva Bowman, Julia Bourne. Second row: Gwen Hendricksen, Joy Hutzell, Bill Dewel, Dave Devine, Bob Palmer, John Scobba, Terry McGuire, Marvin Dearchs, Judy Simmons. Third row: Rose Ann Rich, Barbara Zweifel, Janice Klooster, Kirk Hayes, Dick Kuecker, Chuck Steil, Eldon Helmets, Wendell Christensen, Duane Hansen. Fourth row: Darlene Seiler, Janet Scuflham, Janice Kickbush, Calvin Tschetter, Ted Trunnelle, Dave Yeoman, Sheridan Strayer, Kenneth Teeter, Jon Rising, Larry Johnson, Mike Streit. 96 Left to right: First row: Jane Dearchs, Shirley Maxwell, Barbara Hurn, Dorothy Hagg, Ardis Gardner, Marilyn Roeder, Lillian McAdams, Naomi Strayer. Second row: Pat Simons, Zoe Clegg, Jackie Vander Waal, Janie Lewis, Pauline Lenz, Shirley Holdren, Joyce Miller, Lois Riebhoff, Eleanore Sparks. Third row: Allen Humphrey, Betty Sloter, Chuck Bjustrom, Jim Bunkofske, Ron Gerber, Ron Harlan, Darold Simmons, Jerry Parkins. Fourth row: Kenneth Potter, Don Elbert, Philip Miller, Herb Adams, Bob Lampright, Ted Hansen, Amand Dangelser, Joe Funk, Ron Elbert. 97 Sponsors Peggy's Cafe Schultz Brothers Percivals Algona Flour 81 Feed 7up Distributing Kossuth Oil Co. Paul A. James Hutchison Hutchison 81 Carroll Swartz Hardware Kohlhaas Hardware United Variety Shilts Shoe Store Chrischilles Store J . C. Penney Farm Loan Ass. F owlers Plum Creek Elevator Griffin Lumber Co. Algona Implement William 81 Taylor Imp. Dr. N. F. Chapman Algona Osteophathic Clinic Vans Cafe Clover Leaf Hatchery Chrome Cafe Finns Bakery Harrisons Gambles Dr. M. G. Bourne Dr. Schutter Sorenson's Grocery Elva 81 Jessies F oster's Furniture Ben Franklins Richardson's Furniture Co. John N. Kenefick, M.D. Davis Paint Store Norton Machine Works Advance Publishing Co. Barry's Recreation Chucks Food Market Funk 81 Deim Hawkeye Lanes Kossuth Radio Electric Deans Watches 81 Watch Repairs Cowan Buildings Supply Sawyer Skelgas Zenders Hall-Strahorn Hardware Shumway, Kelly 81 Fristedt Thuentes North Iowa Directory Service Gene F urst L. S. Bohannon Daniel L. Bray, M.D. Algona Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners Wiltgens Jewelry Credit Bureau Paxon Insurance Co. Bunkofske Barber Shop Algona Barber Shop Blossom Insurance McMahon 81 Cassel State Farm Insurance Hoods Super Value F areway Algona Theatre Algona Drive-in Goeck Locker Linnan 81 Lynch Lawyers Laing 81 Muckey Christiansens Clayton 81 Rusk Ray's Jack Sprat Market Rovns Variety Store Algona Smoke Shop Tigges Self Serve Drugs Grottes Cafe Lyles Shoe Store C. H. Ostwinkle Genrich Radio 81 T.V. Vivian's Flowers 81 Gift Shop Dr. Robert R. Horton, M.D. Upper Des Moines Publishing Co. Bjustroms Furniture Co. Buchanan Abstract Dr. Sawyer O.K. Rubber Welders The Druggist Mutual Dr. Kelly Dr. Janse Security State Bank Russ 81 Ky's North Iowa Sewing Machine Company Consumer's Super Market Hopkins Super Service Algona All-Gas Dairy Queen Modern Dry Cleaners 81 Tailors Ted 81 Joel Herbst Insurance MILLER STEEL BUILDINGS W RISING'S MILL 81 ELEVATOR HUTZELUS CITIES SERVICE ' 10 WESTERN BUYERS al C3 ,E N CENTRAL MOTORS 104 N. Jones Phone 391 www Mi . M-RNNNNQMML A I 'lf i. - , " ' ' ' - a 5- 2 4 Q :- lx WX ' Ya I I 2 nu- 115 FUI L 60101. EUIL DIIVG S UPPZ I 5 S PHONE 24 9 ig, 52 M PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. At intersection of Highways 18 Sz 169 Phone 95 4' ff-"""'-C Mi .r-"',u.'u.'-an 'fn my KOSSUTI-I OTOR CO. Southwest Courthouse Square Phone 200 .7-muon LEUTHIQQWILLIAMS L! ' ALOONA, IOWA RADIO AND REFRIGERATION SERVICE sl REPAIRS We Repair Any Type-Any Model Radio or Refrigerator Call Us to Fix 'em Algona Refrigeration Phone 306 HUTZELL'S S I A S SCHOOL SUPPLIES 110 E. State Phone 4-38 ALGONA MACHINE SHOP Special and General Machine Work And Welding Cylinder Reboring Valve Seat Grinding Phone 915W Algona, Iowa BRADLEY BROS. NEW IDEA - MASSEY-HARRIS - ALLIS-CHALMERS - OLIVER - DE LAVAL - GMC - FIRESTONE PHONE 714 S. HOTEL ALGONA YXXXXQ A R pfllfff X 9-jsxwtlllfffifyjgg S 81 L STORES 17 E. State Phone 14-0 Registered Jeweler-American Gem Society ALGONA, IOWA W iw Y Eagan: Emp' as -IN' ig A E S.- Fw I V I 4' , gy QISYI COOK'S WELDER'S SUPPLY "Everyihing for fhe Welder" - DISTRIBUTOR FOR - BALBACH OXYGEN - ACETYLENE - WELDING ROD VICTOR CUTTING APPARATUS - LINCOLN and MILLER ARC WELDERS S. Phillips St. Algona, Iowa Phone 657 ..--7' J. Q9 L. MOTORS "THE FINEST OF AMERICA'S FIRST FAMILY OF CARS" THE I954 CHRYSLER ALGONA, IOWA JOIITI Lallde, Mgr. TELEPHONE: 595 rowlz 75 Sfugio Nels and Kay Isaacson 124 North Moore - Algono, Iowa A . V ' 52 . 1"l 'wi ,fiffff i I 4 4'-I ww -rj' mp-s.g,.2 ' 'Q ' Ai-L. '14-hi! fait! , l,':,,?:jg .. - ww . ........, , . . . ,, ..... . ,.,,, .,.,,,,,: ,,.,. I .:.,....,,.-., ..,,A 3? ,.,.,,,,.,..,,, . 'sf ' --.,,, . --.:f.'- ...1.:e.w:. """'A"' ' ' I t .. . i I i , ",' .',, I :':':': "": "'A' i 1 'A'1 '... '-2'1 'Qi ' it 'AA2 ' i I, I yi I -it , 2 ':.111,.:Q, . . " 'Y171 " " '55 9 '1,. lf' "'., '75 '1,A is - ., 7' ' '15 14- .13 I . a a 19 is 21 21. 19 t :22 23 21, 1 is A '. qvqq I ' in 1 ' I w ifi Nscu ,I 4 . ' .35 ' .' Y Il A , 3 H --,, I 27 29 ks ' 27 , 26 l r as fist I 31 az 'ss ' as ij is an i as 36 I 13 9-6151? 3l2T1r 1 11. q"1, 19 ff I9, A ' R "8 10' 11 in if ,I ,V ,1?i'16 15- M J3 13 A"A 111 f . Wi: .399 2395521 1.225 .1551 293' 19 29 1. L 22 23 fs 19 u p M A in bbqb ,,q . ..,.1. pg . p. if , 4.. . . u .Q'i:, .25 '-so eg, i:Qw2Q,:p-,'fp??' 'M 1,25 so ,'.' ,,A' ga, ' as ,. '.uLA, "' 32 'vii 38. .5936 ,I Si 3 3 . if-.1 .'.,': ' l l ': '.:. : ",., If A ' ' ' , A ' ' ,'A' ' I . 5 ' A - I VV.'. " I '- ' swf . .. . 'ggi ,gf .15 '12 E ,j .1-1 " , .,.. at ss . .. .Q Q . . ' . -f f I A t H..-:e..:::v-,-:X.:':1's":as2-err-gs 55. .L -:' . V , s 1 ' -' i . ,- . .:55.5-:..:,g,5.:. 'f --fgigi 1: . ef-I-':Lj , I. . . ,,,, . . , ., --f. . .- . 1- .Q . .: Postscript from the Administration THE ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT The map on the opposite page is the new Algona Community School District which becomes a legal school district under the laws of Iowa on July 1, 1954. At that time the old Algona Independent School District ceases to be. This is a result of a school election held on April 26, 1954. This article attempts to give a brief story of: why this reorganization came aboutg how it came aboutg what changes in our school are occurring as a result of the reorganization. Why was the school district reorganized? Basically the movement for reorganization began about two years ago when the board of education of the Independent district realized that the present facilities for elementary school pupils were not sufficient to care for the non-resident elementary pupils in the years immediately ahead. How did this reorganization come about? Briefly, a series of public meetings of interested school patrons was held in the respective rural school districts and in Algona to discuss the above problems. Eventually these meetings resulted in the drawing up of territorial limits in the surrounding rural districts so that the majority of those people wishing to be included were contained within the boundaries of the proposed new district. After the various hearings required by law before the county board of education, an election was called to determine the will of the people. In the second election for this purpose which was held April 26, 1954, the proposition was carried by a majority vote in each of the school districts involved. Accordingly, plans were made to institute the new district on July 1, 1954. 107 What are some of the changes involved in the setting up of this new Algona Community School District? 1. The area of the original Algona Independent was 14 sections including the town of Algonag the area of the new district is approximately 146 sections. 2. The valuation of taxable property on which school taxes are to be paid in this district is about 14 million dollars, whereas the valuation under the original Algona Independent was about 7 million dollars. 3. The entire school enrollment Kg-12 grade inclusive next September in this new district will be approxi- mately 1450 pupils, of which none will be "tuition or non-resident" pupils. That is, the district will no longer be collecting tuition from the surrounding rural districts since the entire bill will be met by the general tax levy for the whole district. The above enrollment includes about 300 pupils who were formerly classed as tuition or non-resident pupils. 4. We will still operate school buses as before. Next year we are planning eleven bus routes to transport approximately 450 pupils.' We hope to make these routes compact enough that no pupil will need to get into a bus before 7:45 A.M. 5. One uniform school tax levy will be made over the entire area. It is estimated the school tax next year will be not in excess of 30 mills. 6. The present school curriculum will be maintained with some additions. One addition is that of distribu- tive education in the high school vocational field -this essentially is a training program for those students who will start upon graduation from high school at making a living in occupations that involve selling goods or services. 7. The teaching staff will be increased next year by eight members, 7 of which are in the elementary grades to take care of the added elementary enrollment. The capstone or apex of any school district in Iowa is the Board of Education. In accordance with law, the board of the Algona Independent district and the rural boards automatically end their terms on July 1, 1954. In May 1954 a new board for the reorganized district was elected to serve as follows: One year term-Mrs. Veda Murtagh, Robert Black frural membersl Two year term-C. W. Stillman, Paul Hurn Crural membersj Three year term-Perry M. Collins 108 s -iii 1 5, gg-H 'r -. ,gh . 25 -rv f LLM. , f..,, P1- 53, w " .1 .S X V, V -. I ' K rj wig.-,k.j I ,. 1 T--'-F4' ,Q . 1 1 - gay- Sjugm- , . A.4'+fA-V.' siizi' '- bfi . ' 1 415 ' 2 'vga ' , ' -4' ' 5 - ' ' ' 1-' A ' f-1-,' V. :- .. 1 x +A ' ,,. A, F, 4.,,g.-,qw ,552- Q ' YPA f Q xi 5 ' S , , Q , '5 X , ,r A 'f. -5 if I ,, P' 1- 3: Y. W Sz- f if 95 1 L ' fr-Jim ' 'a' ' .,. . . 3-, ., ,,., ' :ii 1-if,-'- Aw' F' if ,-1.,L,,s. F... V.. AY,,m.2gf ,1 r. W ga ie:fg..,. -.- 5,-.a,. :U 1.1 f LL? g,-123, ' 2, T 'Lv' , f:1.53ggpQf - if? L .Ulf 'iff-Eve? 1-4 1 'Dx A.- :fx z '50 EP 5.24 .xr wx' -i' Q' v Q -515,- .ffr . . ff- - ' ii ?51fgE":1if" 4. .,j,El,j:,5n.1, ,, . A f J" . iii. , Him " 3 ,M . iv P7 ,, . ' -nf . -, , . f ' . 5113" , I A ,, I f I-1.31 . E, 'F - Y .,, ,E -j, , x-Ea? g g. , Q 1- vig'- 1-A ' ' -f f 1.13-Q. - r 11 g , ., , in Tj F' .Lum V o ' ' ..5,,g-' lbw' - A' fu--11, wif? 1 ' f: ' is '-ggi , 25,-4 'iii fi? 1, f .f2',,. ff'-f"f3:7?f J 1'-f'1?7' 4.2 S fi fi-"L 'i .- ,Q N ' 1' fiiiii .. I 2 'sief'-' 'Y H, ., . .A ,. :fi YT5'? L M ' ' ...,4, ' ' ' ' ' ' I F X- .1 ,Q

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