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V 1,431-. U Q M l mffi' qw!! 'Q t 1 .AF- Pv 2 J,F':"" ' f ' 4 . , . ' ' . r ns' .Lk r G Q 2. ag- x .ta bf. 4,L .mp v. ' C1 '. fa A . Q37 L' 3, 1 ,nj Q! cy ,, l-,',p1"4Q'. 21, s4f..x,Y'-'K 5 A! fn,- . 5- 'sa M' ' . - 1 f. "A f 45 . ' 1 pw ay, . -44' if df V . 5 . 35' KL- I',' , ,Q ., " 'sis"q,'A-. -' fin " r Y , ff.-' " ' v . 'Z .-.A,, -4 ,I , f A,. 'V L , . A .tif 1' nf F ,pm . t .ifvsv J, ,. 1 2 fx? r. 1 , . .,f,Y, , , - 4 sf Mr, ' A' , 'if . , . f . L, X ,J-. x , . '4, . ' 1 - 4 1 ' ,F " I , L -1 ifi - gh' ' "'n'v'wl ,Vg-,.."f .' .".,, . . , , .. , a , 4'l ' 'CK ' , 459: , ' 1- pf' ",.' " f -ltpq if" X I - 'fr "":""'. it 8 r . - ' '. ,Q i ,,, 6 V .--my mf n 'i-4,491 I I . pa , ,F 4 , f., , V ,l . Q, . I' BIK , 'u F7 I av . - I " ' . A. y ' ' f"",", -.-1' P ' . 't w " ' 5.25 .l' "Q, . I Ag ,. ff . rf' , Ev" 1 . ' ' .' ' , 'A .5 . A , L I ' -" V 'f -gg if-0 ,ny z , W 'df'-:Q 2,2 - 'w.-,sr .f,,'1' A 'u --- i ,Mx J -- w, if ig -V - .. Nj. , 4 -.-gin, " 'pug' ,3 I, 1 ' . f f -K v '1 't N 1' ' " 4' .4' 5 5 ' 4 Tk . , N r ' V f ' .r - 'c f 'I .Y 'W -41 l 4 1, I, ,4 . figv' H --'Fl . It I xv , 1 . 1' , . 1.-J' ' ' W. I ' V-. K . , - fr. Y' ' .i ' 1... 5 - .b Q ' ' N gf - a , ,. f '-f' ,W - 1 I' ,, yn, 4, 'cal 5,- 5-. .:, ,.- L' 5' 'Av 1. n- 'SN ' ' Q 1 wi! . if-0 ,vw- . 'K '1' - pw- ,. x 1.-3,1 X., 4 -WH'- .m .mnxsuf-f , -W iw,-J' t 3. L - Y 1 Z, , f I X, '11 1 I I its 1962 "Scroll of the Wolves" Presented by the Senior Class Algoma High School Algoma Wisconsin 4 ,A f 22 ,P ,g 4 f.',.g.k D 1'1""' ' .H x2.1'.f'L1?l'' 'ZW'-'Y' 1- -,-. - 4 "' 2 ANNUAL STAFF OFFICERS--TOP ROW: Miss Higgins, David Younk, Darlene Girard, Mary Wiesner, Margaret Busch, Robert Appel CBusiness Managerj. SEATED: Jane Empey fEditorj, Louise Rutz. FGREWORD TABLE OF This has been a year of self-evaluation at Al- goma High School. Higher sights have been set in keeping with desirable goals and achievements in the educational program. Hence, IDEALS toward which we are working is the theme of the 1962 annual. The ideal teacher is well prepared, sincere, considerate, patient, efficient, and dedicated. The ideal classes are enlightening, absorbing, and challenging. The ideal student is co- operative, diligent, capable, loyal, and enthusiastic about school and its opportunities. In words and pictures, the annual staff has attempted to bring to you the story of how this com- munity is working toward IDEALS in educating its youth for the future. Alumni, Class of 1961 Introduction Administration Faculty Service Staff Seniors Underclassmen Activities Sports School Life 733555.'i'.:ii? iibi:1.5Zi' W'f: LXil'llv Immwww '-'N CONTENTS 1-2 3-5 6-9 10 11-23 24-30 31-44 45-52 53-60 SUPERI TE DENT'S MESSAGE Throughout history mankind has grown wiser because he has set for himself higher standards and ideals to achieve. "Wisdom is the principal thingg therefore get wisdom: and with thy getting, get understanding."--Proverbs "Shall I tell you the secret of the true scholar? It is this: Every man he meets is his master in some point, and in that he learns of him."--Ralph Waldo Emerson "The central purpose of education should be to develop the ability to think."--James Russell Lowell "1 desire 'to see the time when education, and by its means. morality, sobriety, enterprise and industry, shall become much more general than at present."--Abraham Lincoln "Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. Our requirements for world leadership, our hopes for economic growth, and the demands of citizenship itself in an era such as this all require the maximum development of every yotmg American's capacity."--John F, Kennedy So, too, you and I must continue to strive toward higher ideals and attempt to develop in ourselves wholesome attitudes of conduct and behavior that we may help others also to live richer, and nobler and fuller lives through our contacts with them. I SUPERINTENDENT HARVEY H. CORNELL Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point, B.E. University of Wisconsin, M.A, Senior Class Adviser Student Council Hobbies--Hunting, Fishing, Fixing things. OFFICE SCENE--Mr. Thielke, Miss Rivers, Mr. Cornell. u- E ' K -pi - 3 YZ F' ., , Herbert Stephenson Marvin Krause Mrs. C. A. Ackerman -AK.. ,. nfs- BOARD OF EDUCATION--Leo E, O'Konski, Marvin Krause, William Mielke, Herbert Stephenson, Mrs. C. A. Ackerman. DEDICATIO We, the Class of 1962, in order to show appreciation to the members of the Board of Education for their contributions in guiding our high school, dedicate this edition of the "Scroll of the Wolves" to them. We have often felt their influence on our life here in Algoma High School in providing modern facilities to further our education and in demanding high standards in scholarship and conduct of the student body. Through this dedication we would like to extend our thanks to each member of the Board of Education for the time he has spent on matters concerning our preparation for the future. William Mielke Leo E. O'Konski - AX! - Q - '96 'F "E, . 5 'Jn Q-r f Nw ,. A .- --' .Xf- P I if S.. . ,gy 'ff' STUDENT COUNCIL--TOP ROW: W. Brusky', R. Wenz, E. Wiesner, M. Wautlet, L, Schmilirlg. J. Serrahn, R, Heuer, Mr. Cornell. SEATED: D. Heuer, G. Kostichka, B. Wolter, B. Tlachac, Mr. Berns. STUDENTS AND STAFF TACKLE SCHOOL PROBLEMS GERTRUDE RIVERS Badger Business College Secretary Hobbies -- Golf, Reading, Sewing. JAMES W. JOHNSON Michigan State University, B.S., M.S. Physics, Advanced Mathe- matics. Algebra I fAfter Oct. 30, 19613 Hobbies--Medical Science, Golf, Physical Education. GERALD F. TI-IIELKE St. Norbert College, B.C. Purdue University University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Assistant Principal, until Oct. 13, Physics, Advanced Mathematics, C a m e r a Club. Hobby- -National Guard. DONALD J. BERNS St. Norbert Co1lege,B.S. University of Wisconsin, M.S. Guidance., Socia1Prob- lems, S enio r Class Ad- viser. Hobbies-- Swimming, Ten- nis, Photography. 5 LYNN C. LAWRENZ. GERALD BARDOUCHE University of Wisconsin Extension and Madison Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point, B.S. Wisconsin State College, Superior General Science, Chemistry, Freshman Class Adviser, Science Club. Hobbies--Hunting, Fishing KEITH E. HINDES Northland College, Ph. B, Geometry, General Math, Junior Class Adviser, Football Coach, Assistant Basketball C o a c h, Baseball Coach. Hobbies--F is hi n g, Hunting, Sports. Wisconsin State College, River Falls Stout State College, B.S. Industrial Arts, Homecoming Co- Chairman, Prom Committee. Hobby- -Woodworking. 6 RICHARD GROH Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee, B.S. University of Wisconsin, M.S. Art, School Daze. Hobbies--Hunting, S mithing, Canoeing. ROBERT KLIMKO Wisconsin State College Oshkosh, B.S. General Music, English, Choir, Operetta, Teen Tones, Uncalled Four, Madrigals, Sweet Six- teen. Hobbies - -Baseball, Music WAYNE DUVEL Lakeland College, B.A. Wisconsin State College, Superior World- History, Freshman Eng- lish, Forensics, One-Act Plays, ALICE HIGGINS Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point, B.E. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Madison History, Junior Class Adviser, Annual, Student Forum. Hobbies--Reading, Needlework. ROY R. KOSS Wisconsin State College River Falls, B.S. University of Wisconsin Vocational Agriculture, Sopho- more Class Adviser, F.F,A., Homecoming Chairman. Hobbies--Hunting, Farming. ,aw Debate Freshman Class Ad viser, Freshman Football Coach Hobbies Hunting Art STANLEY C HONKOMP St. Louis University B S Latin, Sophomore English Latin Club, Drama Club Hobbies Reading about and listening to classical music especially Mozart , f X W A r H , , r ,- ,, - ELLEN MC KENNA Wisconsin State College, La Crosse, B.S. Physical Education, Health, G.A. A., Pep Club. Cheerleaders. Hobbies--Sports, Sewing, MABEL WATERSTREET GRACE POPP Wisconsin State College. Oshkosh, B.S. ,Tunior and Senior English, Senior Class Adviser, Forensics, One- Act Plays, School Daze. Hobby- -Reading. Nav LEROY SRODA Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point, B.S. Biology, D r iv e r Education, Sophomore Class Adviser, Science Club, Camera Club, Head Basketball Coach. Hobbies - - Hunting, Photography. Wisconsin State College, Whitewater, B. Ed. University of Wisconsin Northwestern University Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Senior Class Adviser, School Prom Committee. Hobbies - -Reading. Knitting. LAWRENCE R. SCHMITZ Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh, B.S. Algebra, A d v an c ed Algebra, Sophomore Class Adviser. Hobby--Coin Collecting. la THOMAS VAN EGEREN University of Wisconsin, B.S. Physical Education, Health, As- sistant Football Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach. Hobbies--Fishing, Golfing, Hunt- ing. Daze, BARBARA SONDALLE Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh, B.S. English, Library, .Tunior Class Adviser, Library Club, One-Act Plays. Hobby- -T ennis. RICHARD K. RADTKE Lawrence College, B.M, Northwestern University, M.M. Instrumental Music, Band, Pep Band. MARY LOU SRODA Wisconsin State College, ELIZABETH K. WACEK Marquette U., Ph. B. Social Problems, Civics, Fresh- men Class Adviser, SchoolDaze. Hobbies--Mosaics. Needlepoint, Reading. Stevens Point B S Home Economics Freshmen Class Adviser, F H A Hobby Sewing 13 wt'-if ...fdf WILLIAM WILBERT Wisconsin State College, Whitewater, B. E. Typing, Office Practice, Junior Class Adviser, Assistant Foot- ball Coach, School Daze. Hobbies - -Bas eball, F ootball. 7 SCIENCE--G. Bardouche, L. Sroda, G. Thielke. SOCIAL STUDIES--E. Wacek, D, Berns, A. Higgins COMMERCIAL--W. Wilbert, M. Waterstreet. MATHEMATICS--L. Schmitz, K. Hiudes. ENGLISH--W. Duvel, G. POPD, S. HOHROYUP. B- 5011412111142- .H S - S l 1? 'H 'M Ji" - - ,I ff. 5 X X- .y I V ' kJ 1 ' ffm .5 ful- A I . .I -L INDUSTRIAL ARTS--L. Lawrenz AGRICULTURE--R. Koss 6 ni' I I P 'ii' MUSIC--R. K1i1T1k0, R. Radtke PHYSICAL EDUCATION--T. Van Egeren, E. Mc Kenna HOME ECONOMICS--M. L. Sroda ART DEPARTMENT--R. Groh A 5Ll'J -ITD?-Hail' ,NGK : 1- -'V CAFETERIA STAFF--Mrs. Molle, Mrs. Kohlbeck, Mrs. Rye, Mrs. Wulf. CUSTODIANS Harold Schnudt Carl Nell BUS DRIVERS--M, Holclorf, S. Jakubovsky, E. Dart, R. Scherer, C, Yanda F" SQA Q. 9 if 5 4'3" . vw if? , ' ' 130' T1 X V033 ,rf u 'H Jw" s ini P' 2.,4.' -i in Lf' I '4 'V 4' I ,. urs v W , AA, , ..., N 1, 'rx ,,. vi -M run. -g.. if riilfefi- .W . .,. . . .-.1 ,- , lv , K' ,-in ' -j 4 V, 1 " 1, '71 'af-Q' " V' 1-1Jp!.i 1,5-'-'V M F! 1 'Mr' 2 f wx 1 ' 1 ' E x 4. V , , 4 1 L, , e ' . ,, . xr'- ,,q-: . F, if H 1 V f, '4 l'N+ I U l 1 L X .4 , 14. 'X 'N ' X. , 'jp f 4 x f A-5 '- x fa" 'f 1' . '.L Ks, "' M .,z, bf. , ifiiis , xiii' 1 -V A ,, MARY AHRNDT "A little sober, a little shy, But there?s mischief in her eye." Annual Staff 4: F.H.A. l,2,3g G.A.A. lg Homecoming Com- mittee 4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 43 Journalism 4. .TOHN ANDERSON "No smart man wastes his time on girls." Annual Staff 4g Homecoming Committees 1,4g Prom Com- mittee 3g Spotlights 3,4g Student Forum 3,4g Journalism 4g Astronomy Club l. SUSAN ANTONNEAU "Susie" "Deep in my heart, I'm a good little girl." Annual Staff 4g Camera Club 1,23 Chorus 2,3,4g Chorus Tourna- ment 2,3,4g Solo Ensemble Tournament 2,3,4g Class Play 45 Debate 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3g Forensics 1,2,4g Homecoming Com- mittees 1,2,3,4g Library Club 2g One-act Play 3g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,4g Student Forum 3,4g Journalism 1,2,3,4g Science Club 19 Operetta 3,4. ROBERT APPEL "Apple" "The more I see of women the more I like cats." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Chorus Tournament 1,2,3,4g Solo Ensemble Tournament 1,2,3,4g Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,4g One-act Play 4: Prom Committee 35 Student Forum 45 Journalism 1,2,3,4g Operetta 3,4. THOMAS BATR "Tom" "Why must we have a faculty to spoil our fun?" Annual Staff 4g Camera Club 3,4g Chorus 1: Homecoming Committee 2,3,4g Letterman's Club 2,3,4g Prom Committee 33 Prom Court 35 Astronomy Club lg Basketball Manager 1,2,3,4. DAVID BATHKE , "E1fagO" "Knowledge is dangerous, but Pm in no great peril." Baseball 3,45 Class Play 3,4g Football 1,4g Homecoming Com- mittee 1,3,4g Letterman's Club 4g Prom Committee 3. THOMAS BAUDHUIN "Baudy" "I want to be bashful, but the girls won't let me." Annual Staff 1,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g Homecoming Committee 1,2g Letterman's Club 3,4g Science Club 1. ERNEST BELLIN "Ernie" "Work? What's work? Where have I heard that word before?" Ag. Judging Contest 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,4g Homecoming Com- mittee 1,2,3,4g Student Forum 3. JOI-IN BENESH "Bender" "I cannot love: I'm too young." Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Homecoming Committee lg Letterman's Club 3,4. ANDREW BLAHA "Andy" "Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit." F .F .A. 3,4. 'I2 EVELYN BLAHNIK "We know shi is here5 I heard her laugh." Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Tournament 1,2,3,45 Solo Ensemble Tournament 45 Debate 15 F.H.A. 1,2,35 Forensics 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 35 Pep Club 1.2, 45 Spotlights 2,3,45 Student Forum 1,2,35Journalism 45 Operetta 3,45 Cherry Pie Contest 2. LARRY BLAHNIK "Well, I graduated, didn't I?" F.F.A. 1,2,3. PAUL BLAHNIK "Eddie" "Sleep in class rather than waste a good night." Basketball 1,25 Football 15 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 3,45 Science Club 1,25 Class Play 3,4. JANICE BRANS "Shorty" "Silence is one great art of conversation." Chorus 1,2,3,45 F,H,A. 1,2,35 Library Club 45 Pep Club 45 Prom Committee 3. DONALD BUCHOLTZ "Don" "Stop the roll call, St. Peter, he's got another question. lx I '4-15 V? 4 Ag. Judging Contest 15 Chorus 3,45 Chorus Tournament 35 Class Play 35 F.F.A. 1,3,45 Football 15 Forensics 1,2,3,45 t Homecoming Committee 15 One-act Play 45 Prom Committee Q 35 State Forensics 35 Student Forum 35 Operetta 3,45 Ag. X ,Q , , Speaking Contest 1,35 Choir Staff 4. x , ' r 'A JAMES BURMEISTER "Les" Qi iii S 1-iv rw "Listen to everyone's advice5 then do as you please." Ag. Judging Contest 1,25 F.F.A. 1,2,35 HomecomingCommittee . 5 1. 2: Prom Committee 3. IMAX MARGARET BUSCH "Peggy" .lA "Love 'em all5 you might miss a good one." Annual Staff 1,2,3,45 Music Clinic 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Tournament 1,2,3,45 Solo Ensemble Tournament 1,2,3,45 Class Play 45 Debate 2,35 Forensics 25 Homecoming Committee 35 Library Club 1,2,3,45 One-act Play 1,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 1,2,35 Student Forum 3,45 Journalism 1,2,3,45 Operetta 3,45 Choir staff 45 Science Club 1. BRUCE CHARLES "Charlie" "Easy to look at .... hard to get!" Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Home- coming Committee 1,25 Prom Court 35 Lettermen's Club 3,4. DAVID COISMAN "Dave" "Women just don't appreciate men" Camera Club 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 25 Homecoming Committee 3. MARIANNE CORNETTE "Mac" "A star? She could be5 she's always out at night." Annual Staff 3,45 Band 1,25 Camera Club 2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Chorus Tournament 2,3,45 Solo Ensemble Tournament 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 15 F,H,A, 1,2,35 Forensics 2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 One-act Play 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court 35 Spotlights 2,3,45 Journalism 1,2,3,45 Operetta 3,4. SHARON DART "Snookums" "Being good is a lonesome job." P.S. I'm not so lonesome. Chorus 3,45 Chorus Tournament 3,45 Solo Ensemble Tourna- ment 3,45 F,H,A. 1,25 G.A.A. 15 Pep Club 1,25 Prom Com- mittee 35 Spotlights 45 Operetta 3,4. GARY DENAMUR "Digger" "Good guys come in economy sizes, too." Annual Staff 45 Camera Club 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Debate 15 Homecoming Committee 35 Prom Committee 3. JAMES DIONNE "Chike" "Flattery will get you somewhere5 start talkin!" Annual Staff 45 Class Officer 45 Homecoming Committee 1,2, 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Science Club 1,25 Astronomy Club 1. JANE EMPEY "I always try to get my edge in wordwise.', Annual Staff 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Tournament 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 State Music Tournament 2,3,45 Solo En- semble Tournament 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Debate 1,2,35 Forensics 25 G.A.A. 15 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 One-act Play 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 2,3,45 Journalism 45 Band Council 4. LAURABELL ERDMANN "Quiet appearing, disclosing no clue Of a merry nature known to so few." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 Journalism 4. BARBARA FLAVION "Barb" "She's an upright, downright, all right girl." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 F.H.A. 1,2,35 Forensics 25 G. A.A. 15 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Library Club 2,35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Journalism 4. ROBERT GARDNER "Skip" "It's better to limp to heaven, than not to get there at all." F ,F.A. 25 Football 15 Homecoming Committee 15 Prom Com- mittee 35 Student Forum 45 Science Club 15 Astronomy Club 15 Class Play 3,4. RALPH GARTZKE "Dea1'1y" "As for me, it is thinking about the load that makes me tired." Chorus 1. DARLENE GLRARD "Dart" "Sometimes quiet, sometimes shy5 But the rest of the time, oh my!" Annual Staff 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Tournament 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 State Music Tournament 2,3,45 Solo En- semble Tournament 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Spotlights 2,3,45 Student Forum 2,3,45 Band Council 45 Journalism 3,4. GORDON GUNNLAUGSSON "Peter Gunn" "I'm the thinkingest thinker that ever thunk." Annual Staff 45 Badger State 35 Band 15 Band Tournament 15 Solo Ensemble Tournament 15 Debate 15 Forensics 2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Student 3,45 Journalism 15 Astronomy Club 51. Blessed are the hard workers for they shall inherit Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 GAA 3 4 Prom Committee MICHAEL HACKETT Mlke ' All great men went down in history and I almost flunked Ag Judging Contest 1 2 3 Ag State Contest 3 Ag Speaking Contest 1 2 F F A 1 2 3 Homecoming Committee 1 2 3 4g BEVERLY HAEGELE Wiggles ' Its love that makes the world go round Gosh! F H,A 1 2 Homecoming Committee 4 Library Club 4 Pep JERRY HALVERSON Cluco ' Annual Staff 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 23 4 Home- coming Committee 1 2 Lettermen s Club 3 4 Prom Com- ARTHUR HARMANN Dunker ' It s so hard not to flirt when all the girls are so crazy Annual staff 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 Football 4 Homecoming Committee 13 4 Letterrnen s . PAT HERLACHE YOQI ' She s out of circulation with a ring for consolation ' Chorus 4 F H A 1 2 3 Homecoming Committee 1 3 Library t-F' THOMAS HOLUB "Rolly" "You ca.n't be arrested for killing time." Ag. Judging Contest 23 Camera Club 2,4g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Homecoming Committee 2,4g Ag. Speaking Contest 1,2,4. JEAN HUCEK "She's the shy type--you must whistle twice." Annual Staff 4: Badger State 35 Class Officer 35 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Prom Committee 3: Spotlights 3,45 Journalism 4. JOSEPH HUCEK "Joe" "Figures fascinate me--I can sit and watch them walk by for hours." Chorus lg Homecoming Committee 35 Homecoming Court 2. KAREN IWEN "You ca.n't see the mischief in her, but it's there." Annual Staff 4g Camera Club 2,45 Chorus lg Chorus Tourna- ment lg F .H.A. 1,2,3g G.A.A. 1: Homecoming Committee 1, 2,3,4g Library Club 2,35 Pep Club 1,2,4p Spotlights 4g Journal- ism 4. 15 GD Band 1 2 Band Tournament 1 2 Pep Band 1 2 Solo Ensemble Tournament 1 2 F H.A 1 G A A 1 2 Homecoming Com- mittee 1 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Prom Committee 3 Spotlights Annual Staff 4 Camera Club 4 F F A 12 3 Homecoming Annual Staff 124 Cheerleader 1234 Class Officer 25 Class Play 3 GAA 1 Homecoming Committee 1 2,3 45 -WP' Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Piom Committee and Court 3 Spotlights 3 4 Jouinalism 1 2 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Band Tournament 1 2 3 45 Solo and Ensemble Touinament 1 2 3 4 State Music Tourna- ment 1 3 4 Music Clinic 3 Pep Band 1 Band Council 14. .TUDITH JERAEEK "Judy" "Quiet people often do great things." Band 3,45 Band Tournament 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Journalism 4. SHARLENE JUNIO "Shar" "We can manufacture blondes, but readheads come naturally. ' ' Annual staff 45 Chorus 15 F,H.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,45 Home- coming Committee 2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court 35 Spotlights 3,45 Journalism 4. KAREN KERSCHER "Quiet, sincere, and sweet, charming always to meet." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1: F.H.A. 15 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,45 Prom Committee 3. STEPHEN KOCH "All great men are dead, and I'm not feeling well." Football 3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Prom Court 35 Science Club 1,25 Astronomy Club 1. JANICE KOEBERL "Jan" "Never let studies interfere with your education." Annual Staff 45 Camera Club 35 Chorus 1,3,4g Chorus Tourna- ment 1,3,45 G.A.A. lg Homecoming Committee 2,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Student Forum 45 Journalism 45 Operetta 3. CAROL KOHLBECK "Crusher" "Her life is a series of adventures with a different hero in each one." Chorus 1,2,35 Chorus Tournament 2,35 Solo Ensemble Tourna- ment 35 F.H.A. 1,2,35 Homecoming Committee 1,2,35 Library Club L2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35Journalis1'n 3,45 Operetta 3: G.A.A. 1,2. 9 9 a KAY KOSS "Notice, boys, she's good in Home Economics." Band, Pep Band, Solo Ensemble Tournament, Band Tournament 1,2,3,4g State Music Tournament 3,45 Class Play 35 Debate 1,2,35 F.l-LA. 1,2,35 G.A,A. 1,2,35 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 One-act Play 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 45 Journalism 4. GARY KOSTICHKA "Doc" "Now that you mention it, I am rather handsome." Annual Staff 1,45 Class Play 35 Class Officer 2,45 Homecoming Committee 1,2,35 Homecoming Court 35 Latin Club 3,45 One- act Play 45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 3,45 Stage Crew 3,4. BRENDA KRAUSE "I've got a mind of my own5 It takes more than a teacher to change it." Annual Staff 3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Chorus Tournament 2,3,45 Solo Ensemble Tournament 45 Class Play 35 F.l-LA. 1,25 Homecoming Committee 1,2,35 Latin Club 2,35 Pep Club 1,2,45 Spotlights 2,3,45 Student Forum 2,3,45 Journalism 45 Operetta 3,4. PATRICIA LA CROSSE "Pat" "A girl both serious and gay, a friend to all who come her way." Camera Club 45 Chorus 15 F.H.A, 1,25 HomecomingCommittee 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,35 Journalism 4. CAROLE LARSON "Pm here, but don't tell anybody." Annual Staff 45 Camera Club 2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 3,45 Library Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 3. LARRY LIENAU "A man who believes in Life, Liberty, and the Happiness of Pursuit!" Basketball Manager 1,25 Class Officer 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee l,2,35 Homecoming Court 15 Letter- men's Club 2,3,45 One-act Play 15 Prom Committee 35 Spot- lights 15 Student Council 1. n- . Q 61 JOYCE MASSART "Joy', "It's so nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Annual Staff 45 Band 3,45 Band Tournament 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Camera Club 2,3,45 Solo EnsembleTournament 3,45 Home- coming Committee 3,45 Library Club 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Journalism 4. DANIEL MATUSZAK "Dan" "So what, Napoleon was a small guy." Annual Staff 45 F,F.A. 2,3,45 Journalism 4, JANETTE MEVERDEN "Mevy" "I never worry, I never fret, what I can't rememberl just forget." Annual Staff 45 Chorus and Chorus Solo Ensemble Tourna- ments 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 35 Debate 1,25 F.H.A. 1.2,35 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 25 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Student FOFLIITI 3,45 Journalism 2,3,45 Operetta 3,45 Choir Council 4. CAROLE MEYERS "Her mind is here, but her heart is elsewhere." Camera Club 45 Chorus 15 F,H,A, 1,2,35 G,A,A. 15 Home- coming Committee 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4. -I7 EUGENE PARKOS "Spark" "I know a lot--but l just can't think of it !" Entered from Kewaunee High School. Baseball 25 Homecoming Committee 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3. JUDY PATZLAFF ' "Patsy" "Shy--we wonder???" F.H.A. 1,2,35 Homecoming Committee 25 Pep Club 1,2. JOHN PETERS "Pete" "I'm the master of my mind. I think--or do I?" Ag. Judging Contest 25 Annual Staff 45 Basketball 15 F.F,A. 1,2,3,45 Football 2,3,4. DIANNE POMMIER "She's and 'A' in every way. In looks, in study, and in play." Annual Staff 3,45 Chorus 15 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Com- mittee 2,45 Library Club 25 Pep Club 25 Prom Committee 35 Student Forum 35 Journalism 1,2,3,4. 'I8 LEE MICHALETZ "Hook" "In the locker my books do lie. They are at rest, and so am I." Chorus 15 Homecoming Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 Science Club 1. DIANNE MRAZ "Early to bed and early to rise and you never meet any popular guys." Chorus 45 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Court 35 Pep Club 1,2,45 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court 35 Spot- lights 3,4. .TOANNE NEUBAUER "The best way to lengthen the day is to steal a few wee hours from the night." Annual Staff 3,45 Cheerleader 1,3,45 Class Play 35 Forensics 15 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 One-act Play 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 2,3,45 Student Council 2. SHARON NOVAK "They say silence is golden, so I make like Fort Knox." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 Debate 15 F,H,A, 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,25 Latin Club 2,3,45 Library Club 1,35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Student Forum 3. ' MARION OLSON "Mo" "If laughing is good for one's heart, she'll live forever." Annual Staff 2,3,45 Camera Club 35 Chorus 15 Chorus Tourna- ment 15 Class Play 35 Class Officer 25 F,H.A. 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Spotlights 35 Student Forum 3,45 Journalism 3,4. DAVID PAGEL "Moose" "I felt fine this morning--until I woke up!" Annual Staff 45 Baseball 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,25 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3. MICHAEL PRIEBE "Mike" "If there isn't anything to do, let me do it." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Homecoming Committee 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3. JACQUELINE PROKASH "Jackie" "When fun and duty clash--let duty go to smash." Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Tournament l,2,3,45 F.H,A, 1,2,35 Prom Committee 35 Operetta 3,4. EDITH RABAS "Edie" "One can't predict what she'll do next, but she'll get there late as usual." Annual Staff 1,45 Badger State 35 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Tourna- ment 1,2,3,45 Music Clinic 3,45 State Music Tournament 2,3,45 Solo Ensemble Tournament 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 35 Debate 15 Forensics 45 G.A.A. 1, 3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 2,3,45 Student Forum 3,45 Journalism 2,3,45 Band Staff 3,45 Band Council 2,35 Pep Band 1. ffffff, Nwktse . ' v ' :- DALE RAETHER "Myron" "Life is serious--I like to be different !" Chorus 15 Class Play 35 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court 35 155: 5-4-say Student Forum 3. DONALD RAETHER "Chuck" "l've found the way out of trouble is never as simple as the way in." Basketball 15 Football 15 Forensics 25 Homecoming Com- fd, X mittee 1,2,35 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 2,3,45 Science Club 15 Astronomy Club 1. ALLAN REINHART "Mousie" "You can tell him by the noise he doesn't make." Chorus 15 Science Club 1,3,45 Astronomy Club 1. .-,. - xy iv 5 .TUDITH RODRIAN "Shortie" "The best woman is the least talked about." Chorus 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 15 Library Club 15 Prom Committee 3. BETTE RUSSELL " 'Tis love that makes the world go 'round5 gosh, how fast it's going!" Annual Staff 45 Chorus 45 F.H.A. 1,3,45 Homecoming Corn- mittee 2,3,45 Library Club 45 Pep Club 1,45 Prom Committee 35 Journalism 4. LOUISE RUTZ "When questions get a little tough, just try a little bluff." Annual Staff 45 Chorus l,3,45 Chorus Tournament 1,3,45 Solo Ensemble Tournament 45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 15 Debate 1.2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,3: G.A.A. 1,25 HomecomingCommittee 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 3,45 Journalism 1,45 Operetta 3,45 Choir Staff 4, ROBERT SCHMELZER "Mugger" "Haste makes waste, so why hurry." Chorus 15 Prom Committee 35 Science Club 1. 19 MARSHA SCHMIDT "Marcy" "She's an appendix girl--the kind that gets taken out." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 Debate 1,2,35 Homecoming Committees 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Journalism 4, JOANN SCHMILING "Jo" "Love is the only game not called off because of darkness." Annual Staff 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Tournament 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 State Music Tournament 2,3,45 Solo Ensemble Tournament 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 15 Class Play 35 F.H.A. 1,2,35 G.A.A. 15 Homecoming Committees 2,3,45 One-Act Play 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court 35 Spot- lights 3,45 Student Council 15 Journalism 4. LINDA SCHMILING "A faithful student you can't deny, but look at the twinkle in her eye." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 F,H.A. 1,25 Homecoming Court 25 Library Club 15 Pep Club 1,2,45 Prom Committee 35 Journalism 4, NANCY SCHMILING "At first you think she's quiet, but later she's a riot." Annual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Class Officer 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A. A. 15 Library Club 15 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Spotlights 3,45 Student Forum 35 Journalism 4, JAMES SEILER "Rosy', "I major in business--monkey business." Camera Club 2,45 F,F,A, 1,2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 15 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Ag. Speaking Contest 1,2. JANET SELL "Selzie" "What would I tell my grandchildren if all I did was study? Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Tournament 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Homecoming Committees 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,25 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court35 Operetta 3,4. KAREN SERRAHN "Many are called but few get up." Annual Staff 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Tournament 1,2,35 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 State Music Tournament 2,35 Solo Ensemble Tourna- ment 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,35 G.A,A, 15 Latin Club 25 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Spotlights 35 Journalism 4. MICHAEL SIBILSKY "Pace" "A genial disposition is the very foundation of success." Annual Staff 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 1,25 Football l,2,45 Homecoming Committees 1,45 Letter- men's Club 3,45 Student Forum 2,3,45 Journalism 2,3,45 Science Club 2,35 Astronomy Club 1. JOI-IN STACI-I "J.D." "I know the answer5 I just can't think of it." Ag. Judging Contest 2,35 F,F.A. 1,2,35 HomecomingCommittee 1. SANDRA STAY "Sandy" "How to win friends is not important5 It's how to be one that matters." - Camera Club 2,3,45 Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 F,H.A. 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 Prom Committee 3. SANDRA SWOBODA "Sandie" "I've got a funny bone that's always getting bumped." Annual Staff 45 Camera Club 3,45 Chorus 1,2,35 Chorus Tournament 1,2,35 Solo Ensemble Tournament 2,35 F,H.A. 1,35 Forensics 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committees 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 One-act Play 1,2,3,45 Spotlights 1,2,3,45 Operetta 35 Class Play 4. RONALD TASSOUL "Ron" "Beware! I may yet do something sensational." F,F.A. l,2,3,45 Ag. Speaking Contest 1. A ROGER TESKE "Rog" "Nothing improves your driving like having a police car following close behind." Band 15 Class Play 3,45 Homecoming Committee 45 One-act Play 45 Student Forum 3. STEPHEN THOMAS "Steve" "Boy! Will I give Einstein a hard time!" Annual Staff 15 Camera Club 1,2,3,45 Chorus 15 Homecoming Committees'1,2,35 Prom Committee 35 Student Forum 35 Science Club 1: Astronomy Club 1. MARILYN TLACHAC "A girl both serious and gay. A friend to all throughout the day." Annual Staff 3,45 Camera Club 3,45 Homecoming Committee 35 Latin Club 2,35 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Journalism 4. RUTH VANDEVELD "Laughing and talking. full of fun5 known and liked by every- one," Camera Club 45 Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 F,H.A. 1,2,3 G.A.A. 15 Homecoming Committee 15 Library Club 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,25 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 3,45 Journalism 4. 1... x 9' nf" f qzrf' Ni 1 , 3 19 W e .3 'Q if S xii? KAREN VAN PRICE "Van" "At all sports she's a whiz. . .and well liked by all the kids." Band 1,2,3.45 Band Tournament 2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 State Music Tournament 3,45 Chorus 35 Solo Ensemble Tournament 1,2,35 Class Play 45 F.H.A. 15 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Homecoming Committees 1,25 One-act Play 35 Pep Club 35 Spotlights 2,35 Operetta 3. WILLIAM WALTER "Bill" "This lad is so very meek, even his shoes refuse to squeak." Annual Staff 45 Camera Club 45 Homecoming Committee 1. DAVID WENZ "Dave" "All the average man wants is a little peach and quiet." Chorus 35 Football 4. Entered from Northwestern Academy. JOSEPH WIESE "Heinie" "I was a boy scout, until I was old enough to beagirl scout." Debate 15 Football 15 Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 35 Astronomy' Club 1. 21 aal""' KEITH WORACHEK "The greatest underdeveloped territory in the world lies under your hat," Homecoming Committee 1. MARION WORTISKA "Mary" "Quiet as an angel and ever so nice." Chorus 1. DAVID YOUNK "Monk0" "School will do when duck hunting is through." Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1,25 Camera Club 2,3,45 Debate 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Forensics 15 Homecoming Committees 1,2, 3,45 Letter-men's Club 2,45 Prom Committee 35 StateForensics 15 Student Forum 2,35 Journalism 3,45 Science Club 15 Astronomy Club 1. GLORIA JEAN ZASTROW "Skeeter" "Life is shortl so make it snappy." Chorus 15 Chorus Tournament 15 F.H,A. 15 Forensics 3,45 G.A.A. 15 Homecoming Committee 45 Prom Committee 35 State Forensics 35 Journalism 1,2,3,4. 22 EUGENE WIESNER "Gene" "There's one thing to be said about the opposite sex: Can they be opposite!" Annual staff '45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Camera Club 25 Football 1,2,35 Homecoming Committees 1,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court 35 Student Council 35 Journa- lism 3,45 Astronomy Club 1. MARY WIESNER "She appears quiet, but we wonder sometimes." Annual Staff 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Band Tournament 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 State Music Tournament 3,45 Camera Club 3,45 Class Play 35 G.A.A. 15 F.l-LA. 15 Homecoming Committees l,2,3,45- Homecoming Court 15 Latin Club 25 Library Club 15 Prom Committee 35 Spotlights 35 Journalism 4. LYNN WILKE "There should be a lot of hard work in him for little of it ever comes out." Camera Club 15 Chorus 15 F.F.A. 3. WINSTON WILKE "Wendell" "I always like school, at least the vacation part." Chorus 15 F.F.A. 25 Astronomy Club 1. DIANNE WOLSKE "Luck smiles and so do I." Annual Staff 45. Library Club 45 Prom Committee35 Journalism 4. BRYAN WOLTER "A few winks are good for any man, especially if she winks back." Annual Staff 2,3,45 Badger State35 CarneraClub 2,35 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 25 F.F.A. 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 15 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Prom Court 35 Student Council 2,35 Student Forum 3,45 Journalism 4. jwkffp M we A 5 , ., 'Qg wirflaffiezxevigg5,S?m"f,ffwgig5,LQ55QxiiQ53ff'Sin-tamE?51feQf55w35g55efarf5Pga5 .:5zs's2,-:5,5,gQ55a1555541551'SW-fill-543' 'if "ii '57i :?655i5eiivll'i::EL- zsiiiiiaflafiw , 1 '- QIIIMTQE j" . ' .' 5 ? .V55 in ,A :ja ,.-5 K aflixl 2 ff ' Q- N. Afwi-' lf' ' 'I rl.: 51. 'Nt le -' .v' 32 fa TIMOTHY ZETTEL "Tim" "I'd rather hug a basketball than anyone I know--almost." Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Camera Club 3,45 Class Officer 1,4g Football 1,45 Homecoming Committees 1,2,3g Latin Club 2g Lettermen's Club 2,3,4g Prom Committee 35 Student Forum 35 Journalism 4g Astronomy Club 1. LARRY ZIRBEL "Zip" "You wouldn't believe it, but I can work ifl want to." Homecoming Committees l,2,3,4g Prom Committee 35 Science Club 2. JANE GOETZ "She appears quiet, but--" Band 2,45 Pep Band 2,45 Band Tournament 2,45 State Music Tournament 25 Solo Ensemble Tournament 1,2,4g G.A.A. lg Latin Club 4g Spotlights 1: F.H.A. 1,2. Entered from Holy Family Academy. V 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Tim Zettel, Treasurer Nancy Schmiling, Secretary Gary Kostichka, President I im Dionne, Vice-President L 31 '.L.E.AVX n fy Qs Q S . ,. Qs' '2I:- 5.3535 - .,. ,. I I 2 . K 2 . .1 K 1. Af K ' . WW3'5M5'M3f' "' 'iam-.n.f75miEg.5EsZ:::. " M ez... 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Fulp IORS ACHIEVE COMPETENCE . . . .... I P 5.25, W , r I K. Gartzke .-h' D. GGIIZ R T- Haack P 'V ' .,.n f D. Heidmann .Q DD. R L s S 4 J. Heldmann x . ' 1. 10 J. Herbner in S , ,I Is' L. Herlache sa z -1 + ,-111:21-K ' .. ' S 5 5' '-'E ik,-Q55 . -"i..f':,'.Z . . .Lss ....1 . G- Heuer r , L .DD ' R- Heuer M? 1, K W LLSS ,5 Q . r S D- HOff1T121HH ' ' S sssn .s.s .R ssin .f r snss .ssns 1 'S 2 if SSLL S A L K- HOPPS V Lew' 'EJ gg 1.:f in f 1 . D . Hucek L S G, Jacobogky R D ' K - R W. Jandrin L. Jeanquart 'D G. Jenerj ohn I T . Junio 5 . Q 'QW ... 1. hr.: 9 ,gr i.. ..1 D. Kambach T. Koeberl SD Q B . Kohlbeck A D D . Kostichka 1 I . Kostichka ' fi b R. Kostichka V A 1 A bk ' V 1 R' Kostka 5., .,,,. ,H ' . . 'SV Q -2. - T. Kramer K S s - e ,- Q i ' J ,. -f lg' S ,ski n il R. Krause . Q l? , ,, ?5 R. Krueger 'fzzi 1 we D. LaCrosse LeCloux LeDocq Leist Lelvlense Luedtke Lukes Maedke Mallien Matuszak Matzke Mura Na ze Nelson Olmstead Olson Paplham Patzlaff Paul Pa vlat Peot Perry Peters Pflugoeft Piette Rankin Reinhart Ropson Rye v w. X Yi X 'xr if L N ,gg x ,LF .'n. 1, 1 . f , sv 'V X 1- K, N 1 N--.1 E331 . X 1 EFX' -' ' .', r-' Q.. leg- .X .,,. nt- L.. A sq x' 1 V Ng.. K 'iy A f ' I' W: X - I 5 ? I 1 f ,N Q u -. bi w X YZF' I gs '21 ly 1:5 f 4 4 A 'N - -r A :ESQ ia A 1 A 'ir ' fi, ' 1 Zttftwrzm . CO-OPERATION AND CHARACTER Schabow Schley Schlise Schlise Schmeling Schmiling Schneider Seidl Shaw Stangel Stay Struck Tlachac Urban Vandeveld Vogel Walter Wautlet Wendricks Werner Willems Williams Wolfert Younk Zimmer 1 s. w-V-f -S.-Q w- J , I ,f re fa? 2 4' A A 'Q ' 1-X QQ . I " 1, +24 M a 'L -, ' af X ' 1 ' ' 1 gif X f -br N 1 : V' , ' X I i- -umm' . ' fa-"Gigi A .L rms -Z X QCA A 3 W :M . E' " A f S A 1 X I7 , ' W X Q 0- -0- . .im k -' , "Erma gl x I . 4.4- SOPHGMORE DEVELOP DEXTERITY 1, Anderson S . Bair K . Ballestad C . Baumann B. Becker B. Bellin M. Bero M . I . Blaha T . Blahnik D. Brandt I . Buege J. Cesar C . Charles J. Charles E. Columb G . Delfosse L. Detj en F. Dier --vf M f ...Wa .aysxffrz-r f"r",! V B rere ' 1 f 1 , TCE N- E- . we .. 2 iw 1 Elf L ifgfi , 2-1 , V- wa - QS. . i .I . .ss . 1 if X. .,, , A .. mq , S K ' ,Q 1, . as L ' B. ' . My .,., fling ' 'A I ' ' " iii, A f Q "5" . 5 X K 1 -' 'Mfg an vw f Ffifz, U Vi- . Q? spa- f.'fQ.,.-gli: ,:2"1f,ye1. ' I. Heidmann P . Hein K . Herlache D . Heuer C . Hoagland A . Hoffmann I. Hoffmann T . Hoffmann I . Holub A . Hucek I . Hucek I . Hunsader I . Jerabek C . Jorgenson K . Koss L. Kostichka M. Kostichka R. Kulhanek .yfffw . 5 . fa U Q ls. .J A x in ,, W -' ifrfgfilirz "his-e,.. 63 liiy' . A-Su' , ,1 -, ii . V 1 .arf J ,wean gf .1 r ff 1. - ff sv . Hs.. K . .. K. 43 2 x,X in VVkk,.. :sis ,.:k , aaa ' J 2 2 . h is 5' I IV ff- . "' f ' L r 2, M' K - " M N' . I 1 L zz ..", :E L ' 2 f. L is mqgqlf' L. Wald? -was ws as ,sf ,3 Ma ,num .-,- .X swan 5 VVUK 44.2477 ffL,i3:.ifQi . .f'.,.,. 1 .1 '51-I?:i?r55r.J ' ' A: ' . : ' . f i 21.5, . rf ww ,, . Yilfiefwi f Q sz..:.::2riif- si V: K I 5 get in '.,,?.'-.X in PM if ',,a 5 .324 f'y4'f .... h Viv.,., L,,kV: G. Dufek T. Dupont R. Ellison J. Feld L. Fett N. Gates K. Gigstacl D. Girard B. Granius L. Guth N. Haack J. Hall V A iirkg ,M 'Q M., -gy "ff 5 2 , f at .a ..-- ..,, . . . f.:wgwfr .., . .. rm..-,fa .ff .egg ' .-, :li --:ai !5?vvv5y 27 ' :5'i??55:fQQ?' , ..,, QE . ' fs is r . , M a r B DEVOTION AND DIVERSITY A 3 L . ig .z.f.,-mlsnr L K M if X' 7 1 N A A. A9 QL ' A' L L ff. 'fr P Efi H J. Rogers R' P. Rye ' ,, nf- ' ' N. Schabow .5-5 'S Q. 1 L. Schiesser N , Lila Schley Lyle Schley 3 G ' W. Schley I. Schliso " -5 5 'X ' L. Schlorf I , ' " J. Schuch "U" I 'TP' CQ- -Q21 M. Seidl N-X D. Soucek I X 1 . ff-.L Q flip' - f: 11' -Ib ' KA' , L. lf' X .. R S6 32 xl Y xr " 1 .. ' ' 1 F. I L V4 v f I 4. 1 x.. 1 Q I J. Lauder J. LeC1oux C. Lienau P. McCosky C. Maedke G. Marquardt M. Mehlin S. Mraz E. Nilsen M. Novak A . Olson I . Pavlick S . Pa vlik M. Peot R. Peterson M . Prust W . Raether M . Reinert X n 1 Xi Q J. Steiner P. Stiehl P. Stika P. Timble I. Tlachac J. Toppe J. Verhyen R. Villers D. Viste R. Wech R. Wenz R. Werner D. Wessel R. Wierichs E. Wiesner N. Wiesner I. Wolske 2 L. Zirbel A mf F 3 li 3e- X 5 1 5 M ,K fl G, ji E zV.,, V ,. , .,L.., fl Vlrrm is gig V, ' R 'fx ' Q' -X I 5552? is x A192555 5' Y . .. Qils B :arf . A- r ' 5' B-B' A 1.21 Q5 ff? B E W 5 Qt r fic' .., .N ,w.4"'f1s f so ,N K-,. , r 5'-2 ., Q4 'v 1 "' . 4 . ..,,, , ,, Anderegg Antonneau Bair Bauers Baum Berger Berger Bero Bero Bero Bisely Blahnik Bohman Bosdeck Bosdeck Boucher Breitlow Busch Busch Charles Clark Cmeyla Dandois DeMeuse FRESHME HAVE THEIR TRIALS DeNamur Deprez Dier Dix Entringer Feld Fellows Fett Girard Glander Goetz Graf Gunulaugssou Haack Haack Hafeman Halverson Hannon Heidmanu Heller Hoffmann Holdorf Jandrin Jener j ohn B 'W-f' if Y 2, k rfsff'y r,Um'f , . wk-ws 1. v-om, wgg-mmm 1 --ff- -Q-1,3 ggi ffzfrufga-15, f , , , ,, .Q 2 an km Y ' N.2wz:v:a:'fm .l-,: :ws :fssrezilssuf ' mv- ,-1,1 gy Zlgrzrgyrfwa ,. - . - 4 '5.ii":" ffiwfk 1' : ,Q Q2 vw, 3 'Q , 5,4 , Nl?" .li , 5 N ' . "'1-fi 1f1's,'i1"Vf- I ' iiiii ' V r M Q g Q 472 4, JA S521 H sg, , Q, 3? 'eff fs, if L + 1 r - W ' if FS f 5 2 X lx 3 wr., L ,, 3' r a K r-1 X in ' Q -.-"EF Han' ,A - , Iirtle Kaus Koch Kofler Kohlbeck Konkel Kostka Krueger Langer Larson Lauder Laurent La wrence Maedke Magle Matzke Meyer Molle Mraz Neuzil Novak Parins Perlewitz Pflugoeft fvgirl vi? C7 2 S-9 . . ,x , . 1 'K ,s ' Z f S33 41 , " L - JX l 'f ' Nr P- 3 ' I F33ii12Ei'L .1 rv Ill tp U ,W 'gm-1. -li if gn ,J . Lit 1 , 'rf .qxg '. " 1 3 by if ': :Z 'H , -. - F x . 1 V .va . I . .flfp . 'X X l xr :' -5 Y . - f"f, jx 1 , '. . . f . : , -- , L f ' h1i??."fz,.i TRIUM PHS AND TRADITIONS . 'J J. Phillips K D T. 1 S. Riggs t - . " s A J J. Rush .. , f -X.. - Y-I . D . Rye G . Schmeling L. Schmiling f S. Schmiling X H W. Schmiling "if W .I F I . Serrahn X-'lf f 1 X' YT ' C. Shaw gg SE . 15 S X f " 7 B sh' ld Q K I, S1b11Sky . 1, H "". 5 K. Stay .. i A . S J. Stephenson 1 -ug f ' I' M. Teske xi sr . t D, 5, V5 L D. Ullman , N .. h P. Vandeveld L- . f'iir-:g k L. vantanen M . . M he J-2 uf P. VanPrice M.A. Varga G Q H R. Walter M . Wautlet M . Wessel J . Zirbel L'b20'C5:0,- aka' .L 1' X , JUNIOR CLASS OF F ICERS Roland Krause, Secretary Ronald Heuer, President Sharon Dix, Vice-President Dann Ropson, Treasurer A., , as . W, . ,T , ..., . .- FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Thomas DeMeuse, Vice-P resident Janet Mraz, Secretary-Treasurer Mark Wautlet, President SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Dorothy Heuer, President John Charles, Secretary James Anderson, Vice-President Clifford Lienau, Treasurer S --ax FS" x gfi' ,Q 'Mn' sir X L,,,.. R ,k., I .,v,,, L. --ffmwwp vvik X ' V M :-., Q ' 1 57", s Q V , Q ' ' sq I i l b - P i ' . 1 Lk .K.k h ,-,- ig., - :.1u, - t ' 'K A :fk L LIBRARY MONTAGE--Student librarian, Sharon Buschg Librarian Miss Son- I' I 'IE dalleg Students using new library facilities. 31 ANNUAL STAFF--TOP ROW: E. Rabas, S. Dart, E. Blahnik, M. Sibilsky, J. Dionne, R. Gardner, L, Lienau, B. Charles, A. Harmann, E. Wiesner, T. Baudhuin, S, Koch, T. Zettel, B. Wolter, D, Wenz. FOURTH ROW: C. Kohlbeck, N. Schmiling, K. lwen, B. Korth, K, Serrahn, I. Massart, K. Koss, M. Schmidt, M. Olson, S. Junio, I. Neubauer, M, Perry, I. Schmiling, T. Bair. THJRD ROW: D. Girard, E. Columb, J. Hucek, S. Antonneau, M. Cornette,K. R. Kohlbeck, B. Flavion, M. Ahrndt, L. Erdrnann, S. Swoboda, R. Vandeveld, P. Busch. SECOND ROW: Miss Higgins, C. Larson, D. Wolske, B. Russell, B. Krause, D. Feld, D. Pommier, M. Tlachac, J. Schlise, J. Koeberl, S. Olmstead, B. Tlachac, J. Meverden, K. A. Kohlbeck. FIRST ROW: D. Younk, M. Busch, D, Girard, J. Empey, M. Wiesner, L. Rutz, R. Appel. STEP BY STEP...DAY BY DAY Hurry, we have a deadline to meet! To give students and the community the story ofthe activities at Algoma High months of planning and work went into the publication of the 1962 "Scroll." That this memory book may bea treasured record of achievement and progress toward ideals was the hope of the Annual Staff, The 70 staff members were guided by J. Empey, editor: M. Wiesner, D. Girard, L. Rutz, assistant editors: B. Appel, business manager: and Miss Higgins, faculty adviser. ARRANGE...ATTACK...ANALYZE Resolved: That the Federal Government should equal- ize educational opportunities by means of grants to public, elementary and secondary education. The ninemembers of the debate club have elected M.Reinert, president:J. Wol- ske, vice-president: and M. Perry, secretary-treasurer. Under the direction of Mr. Duvel, the Debate Club participated in debates at Green Bay West, Appleton, and Kaukauna. The Debate Club took part in the District and Conference Debates. an lids. TOP ROW: J. Wolske, M. Perry, M. Boh- man, D. Heidmann, D. Bucholtz. FIRST ROW: Mr. Duvel, M. Prust, R. Kofler, R. Iirtle, M. Reinert. l 2 r 1 e ' . 121: , - A, , I V' A' gl, . ' D y ' 'l ,T X- - V . it 4 X 5 ,M 1 . 1- . . T ' . ' .1 K I -i Tf, -dw .11 xii V 'I 1 SCHOOL DAZE--TOP ROW: S. Pavlik, P. Hein, E. Rabas, J. Empey, K. Serrahn, J. Koeberl, M. Sibilsky, B. Wolter, A. Harmann, E. Wiesner, D. Younk, N. Gates, B. Granius, J. Schrniling, J. Massart, S, Dart, C. Kohlbeck. FOURTH ROW: C. Halverson, K. Iwen, S. Junio, E. Blahnik, N. Schmiling, Kay Koss, B. Korth, P. Rye, Judy Jerabek, P. LaCrosse, J. Anderson, L. Schmiling, S, Bucholtz, S. Schlise, M. Perry, K. Schlise. THIRD ROW: P. Busch, R. Vandeveld, S. Swoboda, Sandra Dix, P. Naze, M. Mura, D. Andre, K. Kohlbeck, J, Hall, B. Krause, L. Rutz, M. Ahrndt, G. Zastrow, J. Hoffmann, I. Haack. SECOND ROW: B. Russell, L. Schmiling, M. Bohman, M. Busch, M. Cornette, B. Tlachac, B. Flavion, S. Antonneau, M. Schmidt, L. Buechner, M. Wiesner, M. Tlachac, D. Wolske, J. Wolske, B. Kohlbeck, J. Heidrnann. FIRST ROW: Mr. Wilbert, Miss Popp, Darlene Girard, T. Zettel, D. Pommier, M. Olson, J. Meverden, B, Appel, L. Erdmann, Mrs. Waterstreet, ROVING REPORTERS The aim of the School Daze Staff is to record the news, features, and sports events of the school year. It had about sixty-five reporters under the direction of the co-editors, Marion Olson and Dianne Pommier. The other editors included: Robert Appel, art: Susan Antonneau, features: Darlene Girard, news: and Tim Zettel, sports. The advisers who helped to prepare this fine paper were Mr. Groh, art: Miss Popp, news: Mrs. Wacek, features: and Mrs. McKenna and Mr. Van Egeren, sports. The production and distribution were SCHOOL DAZE OF FICERS STANDING: Mrs. Waterstreet, T, Zettel, J. Meverden, Darlene Girard, L. Erdrnann, R. Appel, Mr. Wilbert. SEATED: M. Olson and D. Pommier. managed by Mrs. Waterstreet and Mr. Wilbert. 2 "Il -6 'X' J at -Qgx . lash i IHS I1 A 1 9' M - A M 'L H 'W"..,- in A ' fi. . -U, Q ' I' J' f X I fm, R 1 I y N "3 "" j - ' D .-Q 1 ei ' Lf 211 ', wlff' 4 Ya , -gf Q ws K. A459 fy, 4 M n A R 27. a, , V J, 33 P' . W ,E I VH ' A .. S35 5 . 5,1 A 4. A N .- l,W 4 Q +"f??5 X A 'xx T 1 ' Q X N a 1 " 'N' ' W , 3 .."' fm M' 3- T! 1 W , YQMN 1-A 1 I , A . an 5, . mx. M GW . ' Q RQ V ff c 5 7 .X 4. J oz . A ' X f X as SQ , I , M ' if Q J ' ' ' - ' 0 " I ' ' , E . ' . . 9 " ' s v 4 ' . S Q X' ' ,Eg ' ' are ll 6 5 o K . 5 5,9 4 2. 7 f """ -2-: ' NE: X Q lf- FQ !B QQ ,S uf na WR ww 'iii KKK If P 1 rn, CHORUS--TOP ROW: K, Gigstad, M. Busch, G. Schmeling, R, Ellison, G. Magle, R. Kostichka, L. VanLa.nen, E. Blahnik, J. Rogers, B. Bellin, M, Reinert, B. Tlachac, D. Luedtke. THIRD ROW: S. Reinhart, R. Heuer, R. Appel, J. Feld, D. Krueger, D. Bucholtz, S. Dix, J. Sell, S. Antonneau, L, Guth, G, Entringer, L. LeDocq. SECOND ROW: B. Krause, L. Rutz, D. Girard, C. Lukes, S. Cesar, J. Koeberl, P. Timble, S. Pavlik, S. Dart, T. Hoffmann, B. Kohlbeck. FIRST ROW: Mr. Klimko, C. Maedke, L. Bauers, M. Cornette, D. Viste, J. Prokash, M, Mehlin, B. Nilsen, S. Bucholtz, N. Wiesner, .T. Meverden. THERE'S A SONG IN OUR HEARTS The band, composed of fortyhseven members, has one main goal--to develop an appreciation for the art of music. It is under the direction of Mr. Radtke. The following officers were elected: .lane Empey, president, Betty Korth, vice-president, and Becky Granius, secretary-treasurer. After hours of practice and preparation, the band successfully presented its Christmas and Spring Concerts. It participated in the District MusicFestiva1 and the State Contest. Thirty-five of its members attended the State Contest in 1961. CHOIR COUNCIL--R, Heuer, S. Antonneau, G. The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr. Klimko, had forty-eight members. This year the Choirsters have been added to the Choral Department to take part in activities such as the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and the Music Festival. Other new groups are the Sweet Sixteen, the Uncalled Four, and the Teen Tones. The Madrigal group again made its appearance, also a choir staff and council were added to the department. The special project of the year was the operetta which was received with enthusiastic response. Entringer. SEATED: T. Hoffmann, L. L9C1OCC1. J. CHOIR STAFF--L. Rutz, M. Busch, R. Kostichka, Meverden, B. Tlachac. M. Cornette, C. Maedke, D. Bucholtz. 35 36 '33, W' ' VZIA A ,F ,. " -2 Ji' Ltl- V 51' ,, '::f gi JY, ' Y i ' K it 6 R I . . N , g 4 , , iQ I. .. S 5 W 3 I K PEP CLUB--TOP ROW: S. Dandois, S. Junio, S. Blahnik, C. Kohlbeck, S. Pavlik, Jean Jerabek, M. P. McCosky, Kay Koss, K. Iwen. FIFTH ROW: Bero, N. Fellows, C, Halverson, J. Schmiling, J. M. Olson, C. Meyers, J. Heidmann, J. Hoffmann, L. Riggs, M, Blahnik, P. Rye, P. Herlache, J, Koeberl, E. Mehlin, J. Massart, Judy Jerabek, N. Wiesner, L. Fett, J. LeCloux, P, Berger, J. Hunsader, C. Jorgenson, M. Empey, K. Serrahn, N. Schmiling, S. Stay, M. Schmidt, Detjen, B. Krause, J. Meverden, D. Mraz, C. Baumann. FOURTH ROW: B. Haegele, J. Brans, J. DeMeuse, R. Vandeveld, S. Swoboda, M. Stay, L. Burmeister, B. Becker, Sandy Dix, J, Toppe, M. Lauder, L. LeDocq, C. Maedke, L. Guth, Karen Koss, M. Baum, Kathy Kohlbeck, J, Feld, J. Jenerjohn, P. Vandeveld, D. Coppersmith, P. Busch. THIRD ROW: Mrs. McKenna, D. Boucher, J. Hucek, S. Zimmer, L. Bauers, J. Shaw, D. Deprey, E. Wiesner, E. Columb, J. Lauder, M. Novak, D. Viste, G. Delfosse, A. Hoffmann, S. Bisely, J. Phillips, M. Bero, C. Clark, M. Bohman, S. Novak, M. Cornette. SECOND ROW: J. Massart, C. Larson, M. Ahrndt, B. Flavion, K. Kohlbeck, E. Rabas, B. Korth, S. Antonneau, L. Schmiling, K. Kerscher, B. Russell, L. Rutz. FIRST ROW: J. Cmeyla, S. Sibi- lsky, P. Hein, Sharon Dix, J. Neubauer, B. Kohlbeck, T. Hoffmann, J. Mraz, V. Langer. HEP ! HEP ! SHOW YOUR PEP ! This year the Pep Club was in full force under the direction of Mrs. McKenna. The addition of boys to the club, and the sale of sweat shirts and basket- ball schedule pencils were the new projects of the year, Emblems, membership pins, and letters were given out according to the number of points the members had earned. Heading the 100 members of Pep Club were: Edie Rabas, president: Kary Kohlbeck, vice-president: Sue Antonneau, secretary: Betty Korth, treasurer: and Kay Koss, Loretta Fett, Sue Zimmer, Kathy Kohlbeck, point chairmen. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Q Y 4 cv z .l rr ., J X al , 1 . m , ,. .. N K Q '. 1 ,Q r lf LT G. A. A. --TOP ROW: C. Halverson, K. Schabow, G. Heuer, S. Dix, N. Fellows, N. Gates, P. McCosky, S. Junio, C. Jorgenson. THIRD ROW: N. Haack, J. Haack, J. Phillips, K. Koss, E. Wiesner, P. Stiehl, G. Delfosse, A. Hof- fmann, J, Wolske. SECOND ROW: Mrs. McKenna, V. Langer, B. Becker, S. Bauers, J. Feld, J. Cmeyla, J, Mraz, S. Sibilsky, D. Coppersmith. FIRST ROW: E. Rabas, M. Olson, S. Novak, M Novak, L. Detjen. J. LeCloux. FUN AND PHYSICAL FITNESS This year 36 members oftheGir1s' Athletic Associa- tion met under the supervision of Mrs. McKenna. One big project of the G.A,A, and Pep Club was selling of "A1goma Wolves" sweatshirts. This year the members participated in such activities as bowling, swimming, at theYMCA, and skating. A picnic was the last highlight of the year. The officers of the club were: Sharon Novak, presi- dent: Edie Rabas, vice-president:LornaDetjen,treasurerg Marion Olson, secretary, and Marilyn Novak, point chair- man. STIMULATING SPIRITED SPORTSMEN The Lettermen's Club, devised for boys who partici- pate in sports, began its season with initiation of members. The club elected Bryan Wolter, president and Tim Zettel, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Hindes and Mr. Sroda are ad- visers. The main social event of the year was the annual Lettermen's Banquet at which each athletereceived aletter award. At the end of the year, the club awarded two of the outstanding athletes in football and basketball a trophy for outstanding work in sports. LETTERMENS CLUBU1-QP ROW: M, Peot, D. LeCloux, D. Younk, J. Peters, T. Bair. THIRD ROW: J. Seiler, T 1-Iaack, T. Kramer, T. Wendricks, S. Koch, D. Wenz, E. Wiesner. SECOND ROW: D. Kambach, J. Pavlick, M, Sibilsky, G. Mal-qua,-dt, J. Cesar, B, Wolter, J. Halverson, T. Baudhuin. FIRST ROW: D. Pagel, A. Harmann, L. Lienau, T. Zettel, B. Charles, D. Younk, J. Benesh. D. Bafhke- La' FJ V, Q -X T E is N J 1 Q 'rs 5 . 'itil 1' 4-ul' ,gk l 'HHH' -' reporter, D, Kostichka, Sentinel, and Mr. Roy R. to Twin Cities. Koss, adviser. and State Fair exhibitions, Northeastern livestock show, officer training school, the Green Lake con- vention, Junior Dairymen's Association State Conven- tion, leadership meeting, and the F.F.A. Speaking Contest. Joe Steiner. F, F. A,--TOP ROW: R. Peterson, D, Rye, J. Schuch, R, Matzke, L. Jeanquart, P. Pflughoeft, G, Dopke, R. Tassoul, T. Kramer, L. Wilke, J. Seiler, G. Kolrnorgen. FOURTH ROW: B. Bellin, R. Ellison, G. Maedke, D. Dionne, T. Holub, W. Raether, D. Bucholtz, A. Olson, D. Krueger, G. Schmeling. R. Lawrence, K. Maedke, W. Schmiling. THIRD ROW: S. Perlewitz, W. Deprez, C. Shaw. R. Jirtle, R. Krueger, S. Gunnlaugsson, R. Pavlat, T. DeLarwelle, R. Wierichs, R. Neuzil, D. Bosdeck, M. Teske. SECOND ROW: L. Schiesser, R. Glander, J. Hucek, G. Jacobosky, J. Steiner, T. Blahnik, D. Wessel, J. Feld, K. Herlache, L. Schmiling, J. Buege. FIRST ROW: D. Matuszak, A. Blaha, E. Bellin. J. Peters, T. Junio, D. Kostichka, Mr. Koss. ONWARD, F .F .A. LEADERS The Algoma Chapter, composed of 60 members, Son Banquet on November 9, a rat and mouse campaign elected I. Peters, president: E. Bellin,'vice-presidentg calendar sales, certified seed sales, and 4000 re D Matuszak, secretary, T.Junio,treasurergA. Blaha, forestation trees were planted. The F.F.A. trip was Principal projects were the 28th annual Parent- VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT EXHIBIT .ff 7' - I .. Special achievements and awards were the Leadership events of the F.F.A. were: County nomination of two WisconsinFarmer Degrees, National F.F.A. Chapter Award program, rated superior inthe nation, and having the best cattle and hog showmen in the county for the 6th consecutive year. The second highest rating in the state for corn was received by it any f V Sfi 5' I I ' ily , A 1 L- J , ' ' JA ' ,. 2 . . ,L f ."T 5- , ,T e- h A -I - , ,A L A .1 ' 9 0 . - .' " 'C L1 e " ' . ., "H -1 -, ' ' fl, . L X .J 1 1' 1- ' I ,vft g, , . , , I 4 A , . - ,. t . , V , .. Q ,X ts t . 5 ' Q l B ga 5 .f 1" 'ff I N -. ,- 1, uv V 4- l , I :1 ' - K V v I 'F nl - K Y ' fu I , 1 K2 lv' - f ' U: L 4-. lb -,1 . .fm U I rg fr Viis 1 YW' F,I-LA,--TOP ROW: C. Charles, J. Schlise, T. Hoffmann, E. Blahnik, S. Riggs, S. Pavlik, M. Kostichka, C. DeNamur, C. Pilughoeft, B. Nilsen, M. Mehlin, P. Tirr1ble,.T. Wolfert, M. Blahnik, P. McCosky, L. Fett, Sharon Dix, G, Heuer, B. Heller. FOURTH ROW: B. Russell, D, Heuer, M. Bero, C. Jorgensen, J. Hunsader, J. Breitlow, J. Phillips, J. Feld, J. Cmeyla, M. Baum, M, Varga, C, Clark, M. Bero, D. Deprez, B. Shields, S. Bisely, M. Wessel, D. Brandt, S. Schmiling. THIRD ROW: V. Langer, P. Vandeveld, L. Burneister, J. LeCloux, L. Guth, C. Maedke, Karen Koss, D, Boucher, B. Becker, M, Stay, D. Seidl, J. Holub, Sandra Dix,'S. Mallien, C. Werner, S. Sibilsky, P. Berger, D. Stay, C. Matuzak. M Molle, P. Busch. SECOND ROW: S. Bair, G. Dufek, L. Schley, F, Dier, L. Detjen, Donna Girard, J. Tlachac, M. Seidl, S, J unio, C. Halverson, D. Soucek, N. Fellows, J. Kostichka, A. Peters, D. Viste, J. Jenerjohn. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Sroda, I. Kostka, S. Schlise, N. Schmiling. D. Pommier, B. Tlachac, E. Wiesner, J. I-Ieidmann, E. Columb. Judy Massart, J. Jandrin. BUILDING BETTER HOMES The Algoma Chapter of Future Homemakers of viser Was MPS- 51' Oda- America consisted of 83 members. Officers elected 5PSCia1D1'0l9CIS f0F the Year F0 h61DI'3iSSm0U6Y were: Barbara Tlachac, presidentg Dianne Pommier, for The 2-HHUH1 U'iP i1'lC1l1deC1 C3-UCIY arid ba-ke Sa16S. vice-president, NancySchmiling, secrenarygismy wie- and Selling Christmas Candy and nuts. Community sner, treasurergSueSchlise, historiangElaineColumb, Pfoiecfs Carried OUT Were the UNICEF drive and song leaderg and Joan Heidmann' repo,-ter. The ad- donating food to a needy family in the area. OFFICERS--STANDING: Mrs. Sroda, B, Tlachac, S. Schlise, N. Schmiling, E. Columb. SEATED: J. Heidmann,D. Pommier, E, Wiesner. I Y7 lie . st.. -aff 14 . :SL , 39 CAMERA CLUB--TOP ROW: L. Larson, C. Larson, S. Stay, K. Iwen, K. Gartzke, C. Meyers, D. Piette, B. Fett, P. Rye. SECOND ROW: Mr. Thielke, J. Massart, M. Cornette, D. Mraz, R. Vandeveld, S, Swoboda, D, Feld, K, Kohlbeck, M. Tlachac, T, Bair. FIRST ROW: P. LaCrosse, J. Patzlaff, S. Reinhart, T. Zettel, M. Wiesner, D. Coisman, A. Wautlet, J. Zirbel. SHUTTER SNAPPERS The Camera Club was organized for the purpose of promoting an interest in photography among its members. Practice was given in developing films, enlarging pictures, and making prints. A 35 milli- meter camera and oil paints were also made available for use by the members. The club had a membership of about twenty-five and was directed by Mr. Sroda. Dave Coisman was re-elected President: Tim Zettel was elected Vice- President: and Mary Wiesner, Secretary-Treasurer. CLASSICAL CULTURE CLUB The .Tuvenes Romani fLatin Clubp, under the direction of Mr. Honkomp, included thirty members, most of them being first year Latin students. The purpose of the club is to enhance the study of Latin and Roman culture. The officers were: Clifford Lie- nau, Pontifex Maximus CPresidentJ: Jamie Hall, Tri- bune fVice-Presidentjg Becky Granius, Censor CSecre- taryjg and Terrie Hoffmann, Questor CTreasurerJ. The highlight of the year was the annual Roman Banquet. LATIN CLUB--TOP ROW: J. Heidmann, J. Anderson, J. Cesar, G. Marquardt, J. J erabek, D. I-Ieidmann, D. Kamba- ch, J. Charles. THIRD ROW: S. Schlise, J. Wolske, M. Novak, K. Schlise, E. Wiesner, S. Dix, N. Gates, J. Pavlick. SECOND ROW: J . Lauder, C. Baumann, E. Columb, L. Guth, K. Kohlbeck, J. Kostichka, L. Larson, M. Bohman, B, Tlachac, J. LeCloux. FIRST ROW: D. LeCloux, B. Granius, J. Hall, C. Lienau, T. Hoffmann, P. Hein, Mr. Honkomp. ssc, - 1' if an 1 G. is 1 , + f - 2 if ,f fi' I fiwf' 40 I Exams . l nr -' - - 31: V 5 -xl ii . J ' 5 . .ff'q 1' ' K A' .f- , x . , , JL .. N K i NI f A'-ll. 1 . 4 g gp, , -. f in 0 - 1 i 1 ,,. , . H- , Ht-Q-. I 1 - i x. X YJ' .. .Qi y g, .L N 4 i" 5 1 . 1 I ..... STUDENT FORUM--TOP ROW: M. Sibilsky, M. Perry, B. Fett, B. Appel, D. Heidmann, D. LeClouz, G. Kolmorgen, D. Younk, J. Fellows, Sandra Dix, J. Empey, J. Koeberl. FOURTH ROW: V. J. Brann, K. Schlise, E. Rabas, Kay Koss, P. Dufek, J. Kostichka, K. Gartzke, G. Kostichka, D. Kambach, G. Eggert, J. Anderson, M. Novak, J. LeClouz, D. Raether. THIRD ROW: J. Urban, J. Hall, L, Guth, C. Maedke, Karen Koss, J. Toppe, P. Naze, P. Hein, T, Hoffmann, L, Burmeister, M. Busch, Darlene Girard. SECOND ROW: Miss Higgins, NL Ahrndt, B. Krause, J. Hoffmann, C, Jorgenson, M, Olson, D. Feld, J. Meverden, B. Tlachac, M. Mura, B. Kohlbeck, J. Heidmann, K. Hoppe. FIRST ROW: C. Lukes. S. Antonneau, B. Wolter, S. Schlise, J. Schlise, L. Rutz, E. Blahnik, M, Mehlin, WIDENING HORIZONS SHH....WE'RE 0N I The 61 members oftheStudentForum, guided by Miss The 3P0I1ights, under the direction of Mr. Higgins, met to discuss current topics of studait interest. HOI1k0fI'1P. SDe1'1f1T1OSf0fifSYi1T1eD1'eP31'iUgfel'The FWO The officers for the year were S. Schlise, president: J. class PHYS during the Year- Schlise, vice-president, L. Rutz, secretary, andB.Wolter, The Officers e1eCFCC1 fOr the '61-'62 year in- treasurer. cluded: Gary Kostichka, presidentg Kary Kohlbeck, Activities of the Forum included panel discussions on ViC6-P1'eSiCi6DI: and Jean Hucek, secretarY'f1'e3SU1'e1'- topics ofworld andnational affairs, teenageproblemg, and a Under their direction, the Drama Club fulfilled its travel talk by a guest who recently returned from Berlin. PUFDOSS IO promote dramatics at A. H.S. DRAMA CLUB--TOP ROW: Donna Girard, G. Heuer, S. Dart, S. Bucholtz, J. Neubauer, J. Schmiling. C. Kohlbeck, B. Granius, M. Mehlin, P. Timble, N. Gates, E. Blahnik, B. Nilsen, B. Wolter, B. Appel, J. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: S. Schlise, S. Dix, K. Iwen, J, Koeberl, J. Empey, E. Rabas, D. Piette, K. Gartzke, E. Fett, M. Perry, J. Cesar, G. Kostichka, M. Schmidt, B. Korth, K. Koss. THIRD ROW: R. Vandeveld, S. Swoboda, J. LeCloux, J. Toppe, D. Luedke, C. Maedke, M. Mura, D. Andre, Darlene Girard. B. Flavion, B. Kohlbeck, B. Tlachac, M. Cornette, B. Krause, L. Rutz, M. Ahrndt. SECOND ROW: Mr. Honkomp, K. A. Kohlbeck, C. Baumann, L. Schley, F. Dier, G. Dufek, D. Pommier, N. Schmiling, J. Kostichka, S. Junio, M, Olson, S. Antonneau, J. Hucek, J. Mererden. FIRST ROW: M. Tlachac, C. Meyers, L. Guth, J. Schlise, T. Hoffmann, J. Struck, J. Verhyen, K. Kohlbeck, D. Mraz. Eg I l zf 1 N' is - -4. Q fe. 1 ,, Q gf' :I 7 X , .. ' 1 I 1 , A ' ,, . X 1 9 ' . . . '9 0 Q 'G' " ' ' S 4 X 1 ,K-,-Q 1 ., ALTA. 7241 l--...av .1 Q 4 YA YO , LIBRARY CLUB--TOP ROW: L. Larson, S. Olmstead, I. Hoffmann, L. Buechner,A. Peters, J. Massart, P, Herla- che, J, Schneider, E. Schmeling. SECOND ROW: B. Haegele, J. Brans, R. Vandeveld, D, Wolske, S. Busch, C, Larson, M. Tlachac, M. Busch. FIRST ROW: Miss Sondalle, B. Russell, J. Wolfert, C. Werner, P. Schmiling, I. Holub. HELPING YOU HELP YOURSE The Library Club of22 members was advised by Miss Sondalle. The main aims areto stimulate und erstanding and interest in the use of books and the library service in the school. Student librarians are responsiblefor many opera- tions such as thebulletin boards, the shelves, circulation of books, the fines the repair of books, and the general appearance of the library. The club meets for social engagements as well as for business meetings. An annual trip to theLibrarians' Work- shop in Oshkosh was taken by some senior members. Awards were received in .Tune according to the ntunber of points earned for duties performed. PURSUING SCIENCE The Science Club, directed by Mr. Sroda and Mr. Bar- douche, aimed to promote scientific thinking among the students. Regular meetings were held twice a month on Thursday evenings. Members were encouraged to work on class or individual projects. A trip toGreenBay municipal plant was planned. The annual Science Fair provided a chance to exhibit projects for the community. The twenty members ofScience Club were led by Bob Kulhanek, presidentg Steve Thomas, vice-presidentg John Heidmann, reporter, and .Ioan Hunsader, secretary- treasurer. SCIENCE CLUB--TOP ROW: R. Rye, M. Peot, .T. Hucek, A, Reinhart, T. Dupont, Mr. Bardouche. SECOND ROW: C. Lienau, I. Tlachac, C. Maedke, R. Kofler, N, Wiesner, D. Heuer, J. LeCloux, Mr. Sroda. SEATED: R. Kulhanek. J. Hunsader, S, Thomas, .T. Heidmann. 94' . ,.,.., 'law mv-K Mgr WWW ONE-ACT PLAY--"Shoemaker's Wife", Miss PODD. Miss Sondalle, G. Olson, V. J. Brann. J. Empey. CONTEST PLAYS PRESENTED OPERETTA SCORES HIT Three one-act plays were presented in connection with the state play contest. The winning play, "The Shoemaker's Wife" was directed by Miss Popp and Miss Sondalle. "The Death of the Hired Man" was directed by Mr, Duvel, while Mr, Honkomp directed "The Ring of General Macias." After placing first in the school competition, the cast of the winning play traveled to Kewaunee for the district competition. Participants agreed that it was a rewarding experience. On February 17 and 20, the A Cappella choir presented Gilbert and Sullivan's "Sweethearts," an operetta of Dutch background, It portrayed the days of the long-lost Princess Sylvia and was a humorous, touching love story. There were several leading roles supported by members of the junior chorus and the forty-eight members of the A Cappella choir. The musical was directed by Robert Klimko, with the assistance of Margaret Perry. OPERETTA--TOP ROW: R. Appel, M, Reinert, J. Feld, R. Kostichka, R. Koch, R. Ellison, D. Bucholtz, B. Bellin, R, Heuer, G. Entringer, SECOND ROW: J. Sell, S, Antonneau, B. Krause, J. Koeberl, S, Dart, M. Cornette. FIRST ROW: M. Busch, J, Meverden, K, Gigstad, 'CU Lb' SENIOR CLASS PLAY- -TOP ROW: I. Neubauer, D, Bucholtz, M. Ahrndt, B, Flaviorl, J. Meverden, B, Korth, R, Teske, D, Raether, T. Bair, FIRST ROW: M. Cornette, G. Kostichka, E, Rabas, S. Swoboda, I. Empey, B, Wolter, D. Girard, M. Busch, K. Koss. "THE BOARDING HOUSE "AH! MEN!" REACH" The seniors, for their final production, chose the three-act comedy, "Ah! Men!". Under the direction of Mr. Honkomp and student director, LouiseRutz, the play was presented on January 5 for the student body and also on January 7 for the public. The cast, including twelve girls and six boys did an able job in portraying the characters in this play by Dana Thomas. "The Boarding House Reach," a three-act comedy by Donald Payton, was presented by the,T unior Class in early April. The antics of the sixteen characters, when an unforgettable situation arose, made this play delightful. Mr. Honkomp guided the production ofthe play with the aid of a student director and production manager, JUNIOR CAST AND PRODUCTION STAFF--TOP ROW: C. Lukes, G. Heuer, S. Cesar, A. Wautlet, S. Dix, K. Schabow, T. Haack, G. Olson, D. Deprez, L. Buechner, S. Bucholtz, M. Peot, S. Bero, D, Lelviense, J, Struck, D. Kambach, D. Ropson, D, LeCloux, D, Dionne,J. Wolfert, E, Schmiling, D, Coppersmith. FIRST ROW: J. Heidmann, S. Olmstead, S, Zimmer, B, Kohlbeck, P, Naze, B, Tlachac, D, Andre, S. Schlise, L, Dedocq, G. Jacobosky, G. Dopke, K, Schlise, M, Perry, D. Piette, B. Fett, D, Feld, C, Werner, S 2. ..-, gg 5 3,Q??:g:va-v2f'f4"S Ng! 21' ix . 9 3- NX N I S I..f.Qf Ms, I' 2, a ' f' .fm-J V ,ij "in'5"4---fn' .. O Q., . I gg? Wfak il' is aff A 'ff , . E - 'pf X 1 A l-si . 3 Kc A I ' V ' x E... SPORTS MONTAGE--BASKETBALL: T. Zettel. J. Halverson. FOOTBALL- STANDING: Coach Hlndes, J. Pavhck, FIRST ROW: K. Kambach, M. Peot, S, Koch. BASEBALL: Umpire, K. Hindesg Catcher, A. I-Iarmarm. 45 VARSITY FOOTBALL PLAYERS--TOP ROW: M. Peot, L. Schlorf, D, Parins, J. Serrahn, P. Van Price, D. Wenz, T. I-Iaack, D. Younk, T, Junio, D. Kambach, Dave Wenz. SECOND ROW: D. Bathke, M, Sibilsky, A. Harmann, J. Peters, C, Lieuau,.T. Pavlick,.T. Cesar, M. Wautlet, Mark Peot, D. LeCloux, T, Wendricks Coach Lawrenz. FIRST ROW: Coach Hindes, B. Charles, T. Baudhuin, S, Koch, L, Lienau, D. Pagel, I Benesh, J. Seiler, J. Halverson, B. Wolter, T. Zettel, Coach Wilbert. GRIDIRO TRAINING BUILDS MEN FOOTBALL GAMES, 1961 Algoma Algoma Algoma Algoma Algoma Algoma Algoma Algoma East De Pere West De Pere Sturgeon Bay Seymour Pulaski Preble Oconto Falls Oconto Sturgeon Bay East De Pere Preble Pulaski Oconto Oconto Falls Algoma Kewaunee West De Pere Seymour E. W. CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L T P 7 1 0 201 7 1 0 175 7 1 0 180 4 3 1 126 4 4 0 57 4 4 0 66 3 4 1 64 2 6 o 64 1 7 o 47 0 8 o 22 OP 49 61 46 111 102 80 113 143 154 143 16 in ,Terry Halverson M1ke S1b11SkY t J,,4.- VE: -an Tom Baudhuin Lf M h fi . 'ffl Q H554 ew ,1 h . , ,Q M 5 f "wwf 1 ,gf .. .. Mg, -W mf , .Q A WM, ,2 L .fm K 9 F , r L '.Qgi1,.,., : 453: LVL. W, .X Xa 1 j :N ff' f '6 1 I 11, K. G J v -we , V W - .. :fe f-ur. 1 '- " ., i ,. Q . .W . J' R R A. rf iff 4 1 ,X gb! X- L, Q 19: ,-,,,...x K 'X t' , 'K 1 STH A, RQ' ' 5 ,O ' uf X Z 'af '1 W if W V '7 ' 3752. mer-rms' K., .f . M ' 'L vw? VTFMSQSA . 'L-,K 'f 'T Y . ffiw 5 X Ku ,. .W Aa Y .W L ng x if if f - as iw lm a , 1, A 5 ' QKQ I' ' . ,. 1f 41. f .- hi, f W L A if f ' ,. Q . f ' ' 'lik J--jkxiw' . -"3 JPYQ' lf fi' 2? W . ' I ,.4-'?'11,y-5w2Q,v.,'fggQ 'M'-"'5,'f" xffli: ,"....x 7?-iff'-J ,.p,,,f.-A..,,v. ,.x in 67-'y"" . Qi 4, J r ,1'M:1ff5-'ry -' :W "W f-"ff4LfW2Y1-fi-ew Sa- Khigff-f2f,'SiS"' ' r ,. , 52-,'1.:xTi S :RY 113. 5 2biF1531'!at?ifeH.iiLe3r:-:lsifggsi SENIOR PLAYERS--TOP ROW: L, Lienau, T. Zettel, J. Peters, J. Benesh. SECOND ROW: J, Seiler, D. 47 Pagel, S. Koch, B. Wolter. FIRST ROW: D. Wenz, D. Bathke, B, Charles. 1 U52-.m I-ug gi W. FOOTBALL "B" TEAM--TOP ROW: C. Lienau, N. Schabow, L. Schlorf, Mike Peot, R. Neuzil, T. Bero, L. Busch, S. Perlewitz, D. Younk, T. Junio. SECOND ROW: D. Wenz,.T. Cesar, J. Pavlick, S. Bero, R. Graf, R. Koch, J, Heidmann, D. Rye, D. Bair, D. Charles, G. Heiclmann, T. Wendricks, D. Karnitz. FIRST ROW: Coach Lawrenz, D. LeC1oux, M. Peot, T, De Meuse, R. Antonneau, P. Van Price, J. Serrahn, D. Parins, M. Wautlet, L. Schmiling, J. Dier, T. Haack, D. Kambach, Coach Wilbert. "YEA, GOLD ! YEA, BLACK !" FRESHMAN FOOTBALL--TOP ROW: N. SChab0w,R, NeuZi1, T. Bero, L. Busch, S, Perlewitz, L, Schmiling, SECOND ROW: Coach Duvel, R, Bero, R, Graf, R. Koch, I. Heidmann, Dave Rye, D. Bair, R, Charles, Coach Van Egeren. FIRST ROW: T. De Meuse, R. Antonneau, P, Van Price, J. Serrahn, D. Parins, G. Heidmann, J. Dier, M. Wautlet. li Z'.lHi.. il' W' xi If? 'li iii VARSITY BASEKTBALL--TOP ROW: M, Wautlet, T. Baudhuin, CoachSroda,B. Charles, T, Zettel. FIRST ROW: M. Peot, J. Pavlick, G. Eggert, J. Halverson, M. Sibilsky, J. Benesh. SPEED, SPIRIT, SPORTSMANSHIP "B" TEAM BASKETBALL--TOP ROW: R. Wierichs, J. Charles, J. Anderson, W,Raether, M. Peot, L. Vanl.anen, M, Wautlet, T. DeMeuse, R. Wenz, R. Antonneau, J. Fett, L. Schmiling, Coach, Van Egeren. FIRST ROW: J. Ser rahn, D. Parins, R. Bero, R. Graf, L. Busch, D. Charles, P. VanPrice, L, Schlorf, X, 40 5425113 q ' X fl -4 f R. QQ? liilflil T223 KN ,g A? , ,lx ETX Phi IM" 'll l A T K if PS OP BASKETBALL SEASON, 1961- '62 Casco Abbot Pennings West De Pere East De Pere Sturgeon Bay Kewaunee Preble Oconto Pulaski Oconto Falls Luxemburg Seymour Brussels West De Pere East De Pere Sturgeon Bay Kewaunee Preble NORTHEASTERN WISCONSIN CONFERENCE QFINALD Nov. Algoma Nov Algoma Dec Algoma Dec. Algoma Dec Algoma Dec. Algoma Jan. Algoma Jan. Algoma Ian. Algoma I an. Algorna Ian. Algoma I an. Algoma Ian. Algoma Feb. Algoma Feb . Algoma Feb. Algoma Feb. Algoma Feb. Algoma 'Non-Conference W Kewaunee 14 Pulaski 11 Algoma 10 Preble 10 Oconto 7 West De Pere 6 East De Pere 5 Sturgeon Bay 4 Seymour 2 Oconto Falls 1 N. E. W. CONFERENCE Tim Zettel 335 Bruce Charles 256 Jim Pavlick 97 Mark Wautlet 78 Tom Baudhuin 66 Jerry Halverson 45 Art Harmann 29 896 856 928 871 760 804 811 761 10 12 752 13 728 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Gary Eggert Mike Sibilsky Jack Benesh John Serrahn Gene Wiesner Tony Wendricks 56 44 52 52 67 74 67 48 72 45 66 60 67 57 67 54 53 76 628 790 844 705 731 836 886 805 919 1023 8 5 2 2 2 1 BASKETBALL LETTERMEN: Mark Wautlet,TomBaud- huin, Jerry Halverson, Bruce Charles, Tim Zettel, Mike Sibilsky, J im Pavlick, Jack Benesh, Gary Marquardt. SUB-REGIONAL TOURNAMENT AT LUXEMBURG ALGOMA BEATS KEWAUNEE IN TRIPLE OVERTIME March 1 Algoma 71 Kewaunee March 2 Algoma 65 Luxemburg REGIONAL TOURNAMENT, GREEN BAY March 3 Algoma 55 Green Bay West 69 63 65 TOP ROW: M. Sibilsky, .T. Benesh. SECOND ROW! -I. Halverson, T. Zettel. THIRD ROW: B. Charles, T. Baudhuin. g , S I- . It Q i Q lGk'5'L'AwS-Saw'-'-'17 -- . .., , ,, ...... ,Q X 2. .. .. f-.waia-'P.'.j' 5 . J N, 1961 BASEBALL TEAM--TOP ROW: T. Zettel, M. Sibilsky, T. Baudhuin, J. Pavlick, R. Baumann, T Wendricks, D. Batbke, T, Kramer. FIRST ROW: Coach Hindes, A. I-larmann, T. Laurent D Dart, M. Haack, D. Fett, D. Pagel, Coach McKenna. Sturgeon Bay BASEBALL N. E. W. CONFERENCE 4 Algoma 0 Algoma 4 Kewaunee 3 Preble 6 Algoma 5 Algoma 8 Sturgeon Bay 2 Algoma 4 Kewaunee 2 Algoma 8 Preble 1 Preble 2 Algoma 1 NON-CONFERENCE Algoma 5 Two Rivers 4 Neenah 2 Algoma 0 Algoma 1 Neenah 0 De Pere 4 Algoma 2 TOURNAMENT Gibraltar 9 Algoma 2 SEASONS RECORD fAlgoma won 6--lost 63 . 500 season BASEBALL LETTERMEN, 1961 D. Dart, T. Laurent, M. I-iaack, A. Harmann, T. Zettel, T. Baudhuin, D. Bathke, M. Sibilsky, J. Pavlick. Zettel Haack Laurent Harmann Dart Zettel PITCHING RECORD LEADING HITTERS W L 4 3 11 1 0 11 . 333 .327 . 312 HITS Dart 12 I-larmann 13 Zettel 10 Laurent 8 Baudhuin 6 DOUBLES Laurent 3 Harmann 3 Dart 2 TRIPLES Laurent 2 Harmann 1 Kramer 1 HOMERUNS Zettel 2 Baudhuin 1 WALKS Pavlick 11 Haack 5 Dart 4 Bathke 4 RU NS SC ORED Dart '7 I-Iarmann 7 Zettel 6 Baudhu in 5 Haack 4 Sibilsky 3 M fl ,, .wi ff 5 ,W Wm rv' -1 V ,, , Q 'I J! - X f 3 A Q19 " 7 A ., , W N. HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES--TOP ROW: Bandwagon, Seniors' Winner, THIRD ROW: F,F,A. Entry, Junior 54 Float, SECOND ROW: Sophomore Float, Band. FIRST ROW: Cheerleaders, Float Award. rig' 'Ya 3 1 1 HOMECOMING "HEXED THE HOR ETSU F HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES--TOP ROW: Snake Dance, Pep Band. SECOND ROW: Seniors Skit, Cheer- leaders, FIRST ROW: P. Stiehl, G, Marquardt, T, Wendricks, D, Andre, W, Schmiling, P. Busch, J. Benesh, N, Schmiling. 55 "THREE COINS IN A FOU TAIN . X' r 7 ,, ' D. Raether and I. Sell T. Bair and D. Mraz 56 5 L 'Lf , Q M Q J. ' y l 'H V 6 1960 Queen Sharon Dhuey, "Queen" Marianne Cornette, "King" Bruce Charles 1961 PROM S. Koch and S. .Tunio B. Wolter and B. Korth I. Schmiling and E. Wiesner , , 1 MEMORIES OF A.l-l.S., 1961-'62 Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. J an. Feb, Mar. Apr, May June 4 11 26 3 13 19 26 9 22 28 11 17 22 7 15 21 23 3 12 1'7 1-2 1 9 1 5 24 28 '7 18 29 5 11 14 19 31 5 School started with 96 freshmen, 96 sopho- mores, 114 Juniors, and 114 seniors. Juniors chose class rings. Ozzie the Clown spoke at Assembly. Merrill Nelson entertained with his many instruments. Patty Stiehl and Gary Marquardt reigned at Homecoming. One-act play contest took place. District one-act play contest was entered at Kewaunee. F.F..-X. banquet drew large crowd. Thanksgiving vacation began. Nathan Fedha spoke at the lyceum, Career Day was held at Algoma. Band and Chorus presented COl'1C6l't. Christmas vacation started. Seniors presented play, "Ah! Men!" Semester exams began. Algoma Youth Club presented the 15th Annual Variety Show. Jane Empey received D.A,R, Award. Debate convention was held at Kewaunee, Trained sea-lions performed in gym, Chorus presented "Sweethearts". Basketball tournaments were held at Luxem- burg. League forensic contest took place. Regional Basketball tournament was atGreen Bay. Forensic Conference was at A. H. S. District forensic contest was attended. George Toporcer presented lyceum. Solo-Ensemble Tournament was held at Ke- waunee. Bucknell Marionettes entertained at As- sembly. Band and Chorus gave Spring Concert. Concert Tournament was held at Kewaunee. Junior Prom scored social hit, New Frontiers was lyceum topic. State Music Festival was held at Madison. Final exams started. Commencement for Class of 1962. SENIOR SCHOLASTIC HONORS VALEDICTORIAN - -Jane Empey SALUTATORIAN--Dianne Pommier SCHOLARSHIP KEYS Jane Empey Dianne Pomrnier Gordon Gunnlaugsson Brenda Krause Marilyn Tlachac Linda Schmiling E h f 41 -I y N-CL . TOP ROW: Band Council, D. Girard, E. Wiesner, J. Mraz, SEATED: B. Korth, J. Empey, B. Granius. THIRD ROW: Band Staff, E. Rabas, T. Dupont, M, Bero, SECOND ROW: Cafeteria. FIRST ROW: Coaches, Van Egeren, Lawrenz, Wilbert, Duvel, Hindes. ff? -W ,,K S 5 'Q J , , ,fa ,ff W A Q .IEQV E, 'm: ' W 1 E, Q--8. S ' x w V' Wfi- ',:. Q 3 A1 ,,' f ' Q: , ,,,' . -zg.'f1-Iw lfier? , . 1 , px A 1. ,ff N' ,Ii i if V F V fi Q 'S img '15 QA i mg: I f if . 'S '5' 1,: 5- 0-.,,-1,5 515 ,G 1135 N M , , ,K ,Q ' if 320 ' ? L ,L , .. , , , Q , ,ff K, H s H 1" L., , gg ,L M I 14.4, .g ,. ,1 gg I , 3-i -MM 2 r, .L - -, ' I A f' z v ef '5 ,..f0i, : .. " W , MM 2 H , W. : --, W-My - z . ,,,. 'A 5 , E .S ' W S K f 9 Jn. - 'f i ' ' - f A f , wgfsfflgz, --.' ' wfff if v ' - .,.. K, M V: jew Q NWN, JAM, 9 just 3 it K - f ,-, gg.:-fi Q . S '17 f W K ?, kE1,gggg , , - , ,- ui ' f if .L: K". Q f E f Q , 5 ..., H , , ,Q M Y. ik, R . ' 1 ' ' W' " , P. 4 . , . , .za Q ,, ,,,, 4 - TINY TOTS--TOP ROW: J. Koeberl, P, Blahnik, L, Erdmarm, M, Ahrndt J Wlese FOURTH ROW N Schm111ng S D1x A. Schley, G, Schmeling, D, Wenz, K. R. Kohlbeck. THIRD ROW: R. M. Vandeveld K Kerscher S Antonneau E Rabas B. Korth, K, Kohlbeck, L, Erdmann, SECOND ROW: D. Bathke, I, Meverden I Sell K Iwen S Olmstead B Korth FIRST ROW: L. Schmiling, C. Kohlbeck, G. Zastrow, R. Appel, B. Haegele, T. Zettel M WIBSHSF M Schmldt J Haack R11 Tags: A4-'N 35. gif T, dy 60.0 S .af " liz SCHOOL LIFE--TOP ROW: "The Death of the Hired Man," "Ah! Men!". THIRD ROW: State Music Contestants, Senior Class Play, SECOND ROW: Winter Semi-Formal Court, "The Ring ofGeneral Maciasf' FIRST ROW: Winter Semi- Forma1Crowning, "Sweethearts" Operetta, 59 f Q -1, 11 X Pt' 5 , J X2 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City - Winnipeg Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements USA s 5 2 h i E P lum....1-i ,,, , l i I I l 4 ! 1 A I . 'll r

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