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Xmx 4 4210-tv! .Ewa 4 f V U?"" - if W We ' XTQEQER HIGH scuoon. wo I THE EAGLE PRESENTED ev 9 F I I A323 cuss or If HL STA F ' if WALTER E. SPANGLBI We, the Seniors and annual staff members of 1950. wish to dedicate "The Alger Eagle Annual" to Mr. Walter E. Spangler for his wonderful guid- ance during the last three years. We are especially grateful to him lor the help he gave us on the 1950 Annual. Hi XI L BOARD OF EDUCATION L. to R.: lay Zeigler, Presiclentg Fred L. Ankerman, Ir., Clerkg G. Lesier Moore, Glenn Cramer, Hurry R. Scoti, Vice Presidentg Icxmes Neubert. I X 5 in Y 7' ADMINISTRATION ' B. W. Cotterman. Superintendent Evan E. Socxsh, Principal: Helen Hopkins, Secretary x, Q L e '.TC'fr ,en SSI F0 Q 5 9 H- -12 A ' Day Qh4 'SQ W M Q '13 s is PR 'Zo i 5' 94M W 42' ENGX' oar Qwu g M L9 52 1 0 41,5 UNQQS N T s +C' .fzf 0Nhi..E5 0 lf' Q -, 'Q Q0 'sg 6' fb LAN' ff Nw' KE wx'-"'57' 55 5553-.. 6' 5 ,L ,A1, ,Q R-Us Q3-457 4, Q "3P,,l ,,i3' V? . We 'V' , 5 'Wrs0?' , I S. gg 9 ' f 5 A fe 'O ako '9lffN W EAGLE STAFF ISSO ! F515 ulfy :sw 5 A4 in f ,ll ls" . , GEORGE E. MCCOY HELEN D. SHERBURN ROBERT M. ELEY Industrial Arts English - Civics Vocal and Instrumental Mathematics Public Speaking Music , 1 . 7 EVAN E. SOASH B. W. COTTERMAN Principal Superintendent Coach -- Science Commercial Biology SHIRLEY P. WISSINGER WALTER E. SPANGLER RUTH SPANGLER Government - English Mathematics -- Chemistry VOCGUOIIGI Home History Salesmcmship EC0I10miC! K, x xx xl ,J P E , , .V SARAH L. FALLS BETTY RAY scoT'r B1-ANCHE CUMMINGS First Grade First and Second second Grade A 25' X Om, 7 F. E. McGLAUGHLIN RUTH SPE!-I-MAN Principal Fifth Grade Sixth Grade X i PAY BROWN Fourth Grade nel lllunhllod CLEO SHAW H5352 225525 'rmra and Fourth I ,X, .5-,. S nl- Y " ' X .- .f -, 401 Q :N me 1 V.. . s '40 , r ,- I X f. 6 I 3: .se 1 I ?f,1': l .- . X I V Qi , 7 ! I, X f ,ff X, X ff' fax JENHJRS QW ,f 4 .E E53 -is fg' 56 . re N e Q QI' et l ,Q 'iii ' 5 WQQQQF' Gig' Q qi D ' ef? QQ , tum The EQ13-195. Qf 1950 Half-way between the centuries 1 Ah, me, how time does fly! Six years ago these boys and girls were new to Alger High, Eleven young Americans, And none just like the rest, Exceptlng that they all love life And fun, fair play, and tests. They never, never, whisper Or talk out in study hall, And labor on, both dey and night Models for younger students, ell. They always are so desolate If business calls them elsewhere, And they are forced to miss e class While they play base-ball, or attend e fair. f-A - - The Eollies of 1950 CON'T But let's consider the individuals- Each boy and girl by turn- Brilliant scholars, angels ali, Eager to see and hear and le 1'! Take them one by one, and ayl ii all An exceedingly hard-working gangj A difficult task to coax tier no stoo When the class bell finally lang, The girls love our old mimeograph, They'll turn the crank for hoursg And every Friday afternoon They sing of love and flowers. Kathleen's a shy, sweet, charming lass who hides behind her glasses. The longer we know her, the better we like her, And enjoy her in our classes. Ruby's a girl to rely on, Ever cheerful and gay- A good dependable character T6 work, or put on a play. No matter how many lines she has, She learns them with gust and vim, She andfifadleilin HIt's a Deten- Ruby's distinctly in the swim. A friend who does not shrink from work And lets her voice ring out, Is Ginny Lawrence, a true straight shooter, Never known to pout. The shortest gal in the class this year Is little Marcine, bless her heart 2 Dreamy eyes, and charming ways, CMajor always takes her part.D Now these four girls, They seem to think the world of one another, Always presenting a solid front, Each for all and 'tother. You're familiar with Buster Nichols and his pack of gum or more? Just ask him how the highway man Rode up to the old inn door I We're glad that Norman stuck it out, Long time he kept the teachers dizzyf Off again, on again, gone again- Finnegan Cramer's technique is a tizzy. Qhe Follies of l95Q CON'T With us for the past five years Has been Faurot, the business man, Treasurer of this and that, The magazine drive he ran. And then, besides, time after time, He went out and brought in ads. His system of getting slips always white Is the envy of all other lads. Lloyd Lawrence has a specialty- His pose as the strong silent typeg But stick arou d, and the mischief you'll see Dance in his eye, when the time is ripe. In every class, there always is A boy like Ralphie Dyer- Fond of taking the other side, And stirring the teacher's ire And yet, you have to like him, For he's proved a friend in needg More than once, he's helped us out And shown a fine spirit, indeed. The president of this senior class Is Gerald, with his tuneful harpg The brown-eyed guy, with the wistful smile Can play it flat or sharp. Pretty good in theatricals, too, Remember Runaway Jim? And Andrew's Uncle in the Junior play? We can't get along without him. Good gracious me 1 I almost forgot That golden-hatred blonde, Paul Wischmeyer, He used to write his.memory work And blush like a four-alarm fire. Now, Paul, we've always liked youg We are soothed by your quiet nays. It's been fun to have you with us Don't get red at this well-earned praise. I've called this the Hfollies of fiftyn A verse for my girls and boys,- nNot at the top, but climbingu- Here's wishing success and all joys. HNot at the top, but climbing,N A pretty good motto, it seems, Always look up and not backward, Keep your eye on the star and its gleams, t Mrs. Helen D. Sherburn .JHl. a X SENIOR DICTIONLRY CCON'TD Howard Faurot Gerald Johns Lloyd Lawrence Nickname f Nickname Nickname Dixie Peter Oatmeal Characteristic Characteristic Characteristic Teasing Clowning in class Shyness L.l-5:22 Likes All Girls Louise Nan Amb it ion' Amb it ion Amb it ion Farmer Artist Farmer Wherever there is At End of Ada Road Lima Roller Rink a girl wb 1 ' Buster Nichols Paul Wischmeyer Nickname Nicgggge Banjo Bashful Characteristic Characteristic Telling whoppers Q Shyness sleeping in class Ruby Lawrence Norma Jean Ambition Ambition Undecided Farmer Kellcy's Domino Grill .Q 5 'r I Name Virginia Lawrence Nickname Ginny Cherrcteristic Dependable LLEQE The Boys Ambition Waf i Where Found Around Name Mcrcinc Underwood Nickneqe Ciner Chnrfcterlstic Alweys Busy LLEQQ ' Major Ambition Housewife H5222 EQEEQ At Home 'I , :Z-15' 4 we an - SENIOR DICTIONARY N229 Ruby Presion Nickname Footbfll Characteristic Almrys Lrughing Elisa Bradley Ambition Farmers Wife Where Found In r Cream Chevy 5222 Norman Cramer Nickname Spot Characteristic Agreerble k LASER Barbara Ambition Farmer H2222 EQEQQ Harrod N me .. ml 1211 Jule en Moore 1-I icltnsmg Rrte Chfrecteristic Quietness 22592 To Skate Ambition Stenogrepher H2222 EQBEQ Roller Rink Name Ralph Dyer Nickname Sleepy Cheggctegggtgg Tardiness k Sleeping in class Likes AlfL51rls Ambition To Be Happy Where Found Q.-Qilbgg-un-ln With A Gang lifffa r . XX I Ne're Going ' x fe' X." 2' eff , ' Q X e e ' if t 4, 1, These last four years have been ff,f a task So now this year it is at last We've had our fun, which is all in the past. So now, I think 'Ve're Goingu at last, ssnroa ACTIVIT rss Ruby Preston-Salutetorien Jr. Play Sr. Play Public Speaking Play Band Boosters Play Mixed Chorus 9,ll.l2 Ensemble 1lgl2' ' Glee Club 9,lO,ll,l2 Sec. Q Trees. of Class 1O President of Class ll Vice Pr Sec. L Member Member Editor Typist Senior Cheerle Honor U esident of Class 12 1 Trees. of F.H.A. 12 of F.H.A. llg12' of Y-Teen lO,ll,l2 of Annuel C for Lnnuel Scholarship Test eder 11,12 ociety Librarian 9,10 Mercine Underwood-Valedictorian Jro Sr. Play Public Speaking Play' Mixed Chorus 9.lO,1l,l2 Ensemble l1gl2' ' Glce Club 9,1O,ll,l2 Rhepsodiers 9 Cless Reporter 10 Class Sec. a Trees. 12 Y-Teen Sec. k-Trees. ll President of Y-Teens 12 President of F:H.A. 12 Librarian 9,lO,1l,l2 Cheerleader 9 ' ' Member of Y-Teen 103ll,l2 Membfr of F.H.A. 11,12 senior Scnolarship Test Honor Society Class Prophecy Q Activities Gerald Johns Jr. Play SI' o Public Speaking Play Glee Ulub 9,1Ogl2' Mixed Cnours O,lO,12 Quartet 12 Art Editor of Annual Cksswul Howard Faurot Norman Cramer Stage Manager ll Jr. Play sr. Play Sr. Play Class Sec. k Trees. ll Bend Boosters Play Class Reporter 12 Class President 9 n Vice Pres of Hi-Y'l2' , Quartet 11,12 ' ' ' Member of Hi-Y lO,11,12 Adv. Editor of Annual .Librarian 9 Mixed Chorus 93lOgll,l2 Glee Club 9,lO,l1312' Member of Hi-Y 10 ll Sec. e Trees. Hivi ll Sports Editor of Annual Rnepsodiers 9 '5- ,, ff' x Rf ff Q E 1 ,X sf' RUBY PRESTON MARCINE UNDERWOOD Vice President Secretary and Treasurer Q 1' 1 F C r 1 GERALD IOHNS President HOWARD FAUROT NORMAN CRAMER Reporter N Mum DYER LLOYD LAWRENCE Q Ji? JA VIRGINIA LAWRENCE KATHLEEN MOORE an BUSTER NICHOLS PAUL WISCHMEYER .J SENIOR ACTIVITIES Ralph pyep Lloyd.Lawrence Jr. Play Sr. Play ' Public Speaking Play -Hlxed Chorus 9, 10, ll Glec Club 9, lO, 11, Rhnpsodiers Member of H1-Y 10, ll, 12 Manager 9 ' Baseball lO, ll, 12 Basketball lO, ll Class Pres. lO Cless Vice Pres, 9 . Librarian lO, ll Virginia Lawrence Jr. Play Sr. Play . Public Speaking Play Mixed Chorus 9,lOQ11,l2 1 Glee Club 9,lO,ll,l2 Ensemble 11,12 Cless Reporter 9 Class Vice President 10 Asst. Editor of Annual Typist for Annual Mixed Chorus Sec. Q Trans Librnrirn 9,1O,1l Senior Scholrrship Test Member of Y-Teen 1O,1l,l2 Cheerlerder 11,12 Jr. Play , Sr. Play Basketball lO, ll, 12 Baseball 10, ll, Librarian ll, 12 M ember of H1-Y lO,1l,l2 Adv. Editor of Annual Reporter of H1-Y ll 9 I Knthleen Moore Jr, Play SP. Plny Public Speaking Play 4-H 9,lO,1l,l2 4-H Reporter 9,10 4-H Sec.k Trees. 11,12 Mixed Chorus 9,lO,l2 Glee Club 9,1O,l1,12 Ensemble 12 I Art. Editor of Annunl 12 Typist for Annual Class History Y-Teens lO,11,12 Reporter ll Buster Nichols Pvul Wischmeyer Jr. Plny Sr. Plny f Stage Manager of Public A Spenking Plny Member of H11Y lO,l1,12 Glee Club 10 Clnsses for Annual Jr. Play xr. Plny ember of H1-Y 1O,11,12 yice President of H1-Y 11 Jqye Editor of Annunl ,,1 ale- Club 10 fab 1 if I . vw1.l.,,?. r I D 519 hmmm KV' f WwmciL'i3'fi,f 50 X47 1150 O Jia? xfo I I gf ff- OM 2, if f fam, 5 67 Lf? 5 1 'F ' hw QW? f ofyffsi ' -'fo ' V' Tl ,yo,fx6f50 hx I t Adv 7,0 fULy'Yf'lw'V0fM61!0fw'J7J 131, PM f ED I .4 ,. JUNIOR DICTICNARY E229 N222 IEE? Dorothy Cramer Louise England Sue Haney Nickname Nicknagg Nickname Pressie Nessie Nanny-Boon Llgii LLEQQ LLEQE Ned Gerald The Boys Favorite Song Favorite Song Favorite Song nJealous Heartu UDreamers Hollidayn nThere's No Tomorrown Ambition Ambition Qgbitign Ball Player Secretary School Teacher Haas Nell? .IYEJBQ Norma Jean Linn Jeanne McCreary Audrey Vermillion Nickname Nickname Nickname Butch Jeanie Duff LLEEE LQESE 21222 The Boys Don Plott Flash Favorite Song Favorite gong Favorite Song 0Slipping Aroundn ULoves1ck Bluesn WDreamers Hollidayn Ambition Ambition Ambition Marry A Rich Man Housewife Housewife N299 Nancy Brown Nickname Nan Likes TQ Sing, f M Favorite.Q9ng Q UDear Hearts and Gentle Peoplet Ambition Doctor or Singer Name Nickn ne Foot L kes The Girls Jimmy Johnson 1 --.--.--5 Favorite Son Wwild Goosef Ambition To Be n Cadet JUNIOR DICTIONARY CON'T Neue Gilbert Campbell Niggname Squirt tinge To Tease Favorite Song WHangnan's Boogien Ambition Farmer Name Charles Shawm Nickname Sky Jack Likes Girls , , I Favorite Song HChettanooge Shoe ' Shine Boyu Ambition Farmer 3229 La Verne Nickname Cowboy Likes Hughes To Pester The Teachers Favorite Song'- WMule Trainn.u' Ambition Mechanic H222 Mary Ann Nickname Zeek Likes Dutch - Q Zimmerman Fevorite'Song UBibidy - Bobidy - Boon 5HbitiCn School Teacher 'ga 'U c xg, ' ,. '.4.' . ' A in fu ' 73. ... ,.,. . A lm . hu V ., ,-Q . ' of f In i -.J "NA-x .' ,. .f i . fl f I . .. " ,rf IM. ' f 'W ff! . F uf' ,fl 44' lf 1' 'W If V- ff r , I! il, 3 1 I ,' gc -QA: , If ,fl I as I 1 QL' 'Vf' ' ' ll u"' I ' rf Y " 1 -' Q. - " a A Q cf' 'QV 1 'gutzwz' if 'hgh' . A .L I, . :iff . 1 ws. P'-.V I .d - l A is V A "Qs --V-.-.....-:Q--'...---n-spew H--as--...I L 'u L1 , It Y . 'i Y, . E ly, . fm' ' af ' ,f A. ' , 1- 52 " + ' O- 5 E 5 " nj ' Z ,J . on . X ' 1 1 i t , , f """""""-- 'il'-"""' ' l. -A WIN. mfg :ji . . f"'2f1:"'.x'4zzv 1 ,,f!m.,-. 'fllit' . I . 4, Q 5 L . , -i .v I ' ,V . .l. .V .. wk. .V Q.- .s H - 5, U ,.. 'm?v'H!-f .X ' , ,4 1 ., , -Dlx- JUNIORS Top Row-- Mr. Soash, Sponsorg Dorothy Cramer, Gilbert Campbell, Jimmy Johnson, Charles Shaw,LaVerne Hughes,Norma Jean Linn. Front Row-- Jeanne McCreary, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Louise England, Audrey Vermillion, Nancy Brown, Sue Haney. orricras : l President--Dorothy Cramer Vice-President--Sue Haney Seo.mTreas.--Louise England Reporter--Nancy Brown . JUNIOR CLASS PLAY: The Junior Glass presented their Junior Class Play, nLeave It To Us,U on October 26, 1949, with great success, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Sherburn. The cast was as follows: Johnny Reynolds Jimmy Johnson President of Promotions Limited Charlie Smith Gilbert Campbell Vice President of Promotions Limited Margaret Procter - Mary Ann Zimmerman Johnny!s Sweetheart , Harriet Jones Sue Haney . I Secretary of Promotions Limited J. August Peabody Charles Shaw A mousy inventor Roberta Hemple Louise England A spinster Ruby Wilson Dorothy Cramer Charwoman of Promotions Limited Lars Larson LaVerne Hughes Janitor of Promotions Limited Mrs. Henry Clark Norma Jean Linn A wealthy socialite Blossom Clark Jeanne McCreary Her daughter 5... ---MN- I,s-.rr,rW--l.....lmlrllal.-,u-ml .n,,.,,.. .D ..1 U , I ,frx C--V -an V. ff ,Z J .,A.ll,LJR MUD O 3 roman ROAD R.R.f'f 6 Linux, OHIO 'FIRST QUALITY PICTURWS FOR LESS PORTRAITS COMMTRCIAL WEDDING,PICTURES n 1 L! if I 5 ' 1 - .-,Y"" -QW Jw 4 A Af,...r.f v .P -.- 4 N 1 D .Jw U soPHoMoREs Top Row--Eyelyn Symonds, Irene Heney,Gordon Holbrook,E1mer Webb Robert Shaw, Marion Lewrence, Don Fensler, Marjorie Perker, Sue Brown. ' ' Second RouPQLoudse Clepp, Jerry Underwood, Merlene Mushew, John Stratton, Charles Brown, Christine Martin, Janet . Remsdell, Betty Hlrsh, Mr. McCoy,Sponsor1 Front Row-QDonne Hersh, Verne Stanley, Delles Sullivan, Dennis ,f Hughes, Joe Hicks, Eugene Shaw, Richard Kindle, Richard Sneery. A ' Y' n OFFICERS: President Gordon Holbrook Sec.aTrees. Merion Lawrence Vice Pres. John Stratton Reporter Richard Sneery FRESHMAN Top Row--Heber Conley, Tom Rice, Kash Allen, Paul McGleughlin, Leslie Griff1n,Ted Moore,Petsy Orders,Jerelon Parker. Second Row-4Betty G1vens,Irene Englend,Gene Beard, Gerald Mc- Deniels, Ruby Dyer,Ned Hell,Eleine Lawrence, Scott Spencer, . Front Row--Mrs. W1ssinger5Sponsor, Barbara Allen, Mamie Collins Gail Moore,Glen Moore,Neil Hell, Phyllis Zimmerman, Shirley Hughes, Absent: Don Prater. 'orrrcensz A President Kash Allen Sec.eTrees. Gerald McDcn1els Vice Pres. Gene Beard Reporter Berber: Allen EIGHTH Top'Row--Junior Minix, James Campbell, Dana Green, ,Shirley Collins, Camille Ewing, Myrtle, Annabelle Hall, Paul Puckett. Third Row--Hilda DeLong, 'Sandra Ramsdell, Danny Preston, Marlene Crawford, Maggie Webb, ShLrleyxKindle, Jeraldine Stone, Opal Clemons, Roger Bailey. Second Row:-La Verne Zeigler, Mary Lou Spencer, Golda Keith, Patty Thompson, Ernest Risner, Jimmy Cramer, Marie Rowe, Geraldine Rambo, Dennis Haney, Mrs. Sherburn. Front Row--Clara Worthington, Geraldine Bailey, Jean Spencer, Jimmy Spencer, Don Cooper, Kenneth Vermillion, Ottis' Newland, Don Whitaker. OFFICERS: President Myrtle Cramer Sec.aTreas. Marlene Crawford Vice Pres. La Verne Zeigler Reporter Jimmy Cramer SEVENTH Top Row--Beatrice Tackett, Katherine King, Marilyn Newland, Charles Rowe, Elmer Nichols, Walter Newland, Don f Snyder, Grace Cole, Marie Austin, Anna Lause, Linda Hanson, Joyce Newland, Cleo Parrigan. Third Row--Charles Bradley,Cloyce Hattery,Wilbur Shaw,Jimmy Marsh, David Brown, Melvin Beiderman, Mary Smith, Carolyn Newman, Kenny Hattery, Delano McGinnis, Phillip Conley, Roy Lee Athea. Second Row--Garnet Donnal,Evelyn Smith,Wayne Prater,Russell,. Klingler,Ronnie Risner,Betty Gross, Jeannie Haney,, Beatrice Cornwell, Phyllis Prater, Norita Kaiser. OFFICERS: President D0Y15V0T1'H'UghG5 Seoretary . Delano McGinnis Vice Pres. Helen Compton Treasurer Billy Newland Reporter David Brown 5 9 V . K xi I ' r X . r V SIXTH W Top Row--Faye Rowe, Laura Clemons, Maxine Neeleys James Puckett., Columbus Perkins,Delmar Lawrence, Jimmy Brown,Margaret C Nichols, Carolyn Keith. ' ' Third Row--Bobby Pitts, Robert England, Marshall Carman, Billy Everhardt, Donna Miller, Pearl Conley, Mable Perkins, Myrtle Cole, Karen Ann Calvert, Loretta Campbell. Second Row--Roger Uorthington,Shirley Prater,Alice Faye Bailey, Larry Nichols, Pat Brown, Don King, Raymond Cramer, Betty Lou Dale, Gracie Smith, Betty Kennedy, Mr. Mc- ' Glaughlin, ' Front Row--Walter Spencer, Phillip Gossard, Bailey Worthington, Ueldon Risner, Charles Lawrence, Larry Patton,Marolyn Jo Lawrence, Virginia Hughes,Louise Rowe,Erma Stanley. FIFTH Top Row-eJames Haney, Jack Whitaker, Jaclyn Jo Daniels,Shirley Carmean, Clara Castle, Ovey Gibson, Jesse Franco,M1lly Bailey, Mable Lawrence, Jim Perez, Forest Hall. Third Row--Patty Newland, Marilyn Lenhart, Glenda Marshall,Ray Dyer, Angeline Clemons, Janice Krouskop,Phyllis Rambo, Mildred Castle, Irwin Puckett, Harold Gibson, Second Row--Mrs, Spellman, John Wireman, Barbara Miller, Loretta ' Bradley,Laura K1rts,Carolyn Lee EwinSvRichard Ramsdell, Judge Hollon, Joyce Mae Scott, Lily Mae Haney,Marlene Hicks, Donald Brown, Front Row--Clarence Athea, Morris Lawrence, Alden Bailey, Betty Stone, Carolyn Sue Dale, Kay Johnson, Carol Underwood, Colleen Dunson,-Marcia Newman, Martha Myers, Ronald Whitaker, . J W C OF f , mwfm JEWlEl-EF23 if MMM FLOUR ' CUQK 'TQZQJQA .. le WYE, it MQ.-- , C l .sounws I Top Row--Virgil Rowe, Olga Cermenns,Loren Cramer, Billy Hollon, John Taulbee, Joan Robbins, John Murphy, FMeym1e Webb, Norman Newfer. Third How--Herless Conley, Phyllfis Orders, Ruth Dyer, Alfred Lawrence, Rex Klinger, demos Everherdt, Burl Hilton, Dwight Lawrence, Eldon Prnter. Second Row--Mrs.Broyo,W1lliem Brown, Harold Compton,W1lma Haney Frenkie Derositt, Piohnrd Collins, Charles Morris, Ted Spredlin, Howard Tfokett. V . Front Row--Nancy P etton,Desnne Pnrrlgen, Sylvie Hughes, Donna Q Campbell, Mary Neymen, Geneve Spencer, Donald Hensley, Titus Vorthgngton. - THIRD and FOURTH Top Row--Grover G1bson,B1lly Puckett,Betty K1ng,Kethleen Cole, Leroy Collins, Joen May, J.D,Clenons, Donald Neylenq - Ray Clemons, Lupe Garza. ' , . Third Row--Franklin H1lton,Jeenette Perk1ns,Kenneth Hell, John ' MoDeniels, Faye Clemons, Gerald Holbrook, Herbert De . Long, Seward Stone. Second Roy-- Miss Shaw, Sue Cnrgeen, Jimmy P1tts,Cnrol Orders, Barbers NeWlsnd,Mery K,nnedy, Jerry Lawrence, Garnet Rowe. ' Front Roy--Fsirlie Neeley, Junior Gross, Chnrles Gibson, Janet Newland, O,C,Neeley, Derold Brown, Shirley Lenhart, W?i snr, ' Y 511, -- -,LLL ,L 4 L 3.,,.,..,--1- ","' --V., V , '-- -v-:I ,- ' - w'- - g '- --.Y',, Qissgiumxfdla FURNIT URE i , f AND 1 I V I QUALITY FURNITURE FOR LESS 'PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE 910 w. Lima su. KENTON, OHIO L,..s?b9Qs.9lE5 .lv,.rro rl, ICOREN.asAMuTQ.sBM.asn..unn11.1ofmL A ' -1-1 .lx THIRD ' Top Row--Gary Neeley, Judy Lendis, Trumen Fry, Stella Gibson, Orville Morrison, Homer Ruiz, Robert Rsmsdell, Devid .L Cole, Jerry Parker. Third Row--Saundre Hirsh, Rite Risner, Jean Spurlock,Msrgaret Bartlett, Treve Sondermcn, Marilyn Kaiser, Darrell Guyton, Barbers Pucxett. Second Row--Miss Dittus,Linde Bettery,Violet Everhardt,GlenQg Scott, Carolyn Rose, Jerry Whitaker, Nina Newfer, Lou.Ann Neubert, Douglas Buriis. Front Row--Harvey Stanley, Donald Newlrnd, Le Roy Watkins, Jimmy Lyle, Leonerd Perkins, Wave Wiremen, Phyllis Risner, Nancy Spencer. i . ' o C Z sscicmn Top Row-- Mrs. Cummins, Jerry Streets, Robert King, Josephine Rowe, Shirley Cornwell, Violet Compton, Glenda 'Bsl1, Jean Ann Ellis, Joyce Ann Rose, Marilyn Ohler. Second Row-- Phyllip Bredley, Richard Gibson, Wilmer Prater, Delores Brown, Sheron Lee Rose, Alma Menns, Ethel 1 Gibson, Tommy Hettery, Carrie Clemons, Joe Rolston, Janet Bailey, Ernest Collins. 1 Front Row-- Noble Jay Zimmerman, Dickie Clerk, Joennc Hilton, Abrehen Perkins, Snrron Herrod, Betty Brown, Carol Sue Arms, Richard Wctxins, David Newmen, Eugene Pitts, Juanita England, Redennr Gossmrd. ,-, 111, ' , mgg H f , ,, ,y-Q11 H L + , QoMPLn,as1,:Ts P -J or we ADA DMRY 4 PASTEURIZED MILK AND DLIRY PRODUCTS ADA, OHIO .-L 1 mf' H ' fa- ee- 5. - Y-U1 ,l....l 1 g FIRST 6 SECOND Top Row--Mrs. Scott, Sheila Lawrence, Lee Anna Ross,Lee Pfoff, ' John Cole, Earsie Brown, Karen Longbrake,Donald Haney, Donald Nichols, KaypRita Cotterman. Second Row--Sue Smith, Sharon Rankin, Jerry Cramer, Joe Rose, Rella Bailey, Shirley Fraley, Lenora Myers, Charles Campbell, Leonard Donnal, Genevieve Conley. Front Row--Carol Hughes, Bettie Newland, Karen Burris, Audrey Lenhart, Patricia Rose, Pricilla Rose, Patty Fensler, Delores Rambo, Herbert Hensley, Delmar Zeigler. f FIRST GRADE Top Row--Charol Kennedy, Jackie Everhardt, Irvin Whitaker,Jose Franco, Roger Guyton, Victoria Franco, Floyd Cole, Robert Cook, Charles Hollon. Second Row--Robert Spencer, Anite Wireman, Larry Neeley,Doneld Puckett, Margaret Morris, Clifford Kindle, Raymon Franco, La'Veda Patton, Barbara Ncwfer, Philip Puckett Front Row--William Lawrence, Sandra Brown, Sue Brown, Sharon Underwood, Michael Lawrence, William Decker, Lois Prater, Keren Smith, Richard Scott, Jean Gross, Joan Gross, J. B. Hilton, Miss Fall. 1 SUCCESS TO GRADUATES HARRY J. SOUSLEY WSURANCE SERVICE Home zoo R ADA., QHIO 9 6- I s C . 1 1 MRSLINN MRS. QUSHWA W CUSTODIANS COOKS USTIN EARL LAWRENC Q: , ,, , A , -. . ' - 'fx ' -..'.1 ,N- , . -,. . , - - ,, - ' , , - w, -.1 A wa. .. sn- ..,,- , L, E 1'." 1. - ' 5 K ", ', 'F'-V. .ii +m' :-' ' A 1 'R ' , ' , . . -' - ,. ,' '- 5121 " wfn" ' ,,. ' A - " A ,f. ' 4- ',f?',f.5--.' ."4I,. .-V . ',- ' 3 .v U' '. 'L V - K -I 17 . r .A , , ., . 2- -.. r- f -'. ' ' 0' L to R: Bill Linn, George Cunningham, Reed Ramsdell, Bascom Dotson, F. E. McGlaughlin CAWEIAMEARSQAVINGS BANK I A LGER, OHIO I MEMBER- FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORE I TRANSPORTATION X Q N S ,N l 1 ' 'x s, .., x. . .4 ink V 1 .6 s: z 1. 0 , 1 lvxx 71, 1 14 , 1 9 S tx .lixx , f 3- -l' A VEQJUSINQ H --E77 pair' 'ul,g,gg i 3 it in " 1 1 Hi ' TRIANGLE NESSLQNI PLUMBING - HEATING . IELEOTRIO WIRING 'OIL BUHNERS I P PHONE eos -Pe MILES WEST OF KENTON ON sos? WQLA' M f'9HIO UEALS AT ALL HOURS 1 Q P X CHICKEN IN BASKET ROBERT "BOB" STEVENSON PROP. ' OLIVER, CLE I an -V IDEA . FARM EQUIPMENT PHONE KENTON41795 SALES It ,SSBVECE 33 PHONE E592 I ADA, NHIO , ' V - I V 'Il 15' 'Y " CONGR ATULAUONS TO T!-IE GRADUATING CLASS ,GF X ilu 5. PRESTON i ALGER, OHIO K, Y - , -. , V L., I u GIFTS Of: QUALITY LOAN CGM DA NY I CL17-E N . ELIZABETH sau -'x X' 1 I I I ' L 11195 S. DETROIT sw. I KIJNTON, OHIO IJPWELER 140 WEST HIGH I ' LIIIEA, OHIO sf-:OP AT 0 SCHOOL OLOTHING FOHS BOYS 8a GIRLS OF ALL AG-ES AT LOW POPUL,"R PRICES 1 O. P NNEY g NC 5352331 I ELIERBIQHLSBI 1BcONGR?gOmgrONSL SL CLASS '50 A5515 If1DfwI1I+3fO gII,,m.ON nCOI!IPLIIll?ZNTS 9 f QF COLE FORLFINLE L FOOD AND 2 AND I RELAXAUON .-.1 , DQ' t STQP AT F I WMWQDWWQGWJ ADA, OHIO .11 1 '--' ---M - - -. 1- , ..--.-.A , V :.-.-. , ,., , V Y V V ff, Y vw , if fa, , f . A CHE V ' VST S ,, .NSURXXNM EQUIPMENT AGENCY CO, JOHN DEERE F:5ffiJI'EQUIP1iIENT M 2 s5x,QgC'w?nc PHONE 73' AD 1OH'O PM Bb?KEin5Di?'OH10 + f - L E R ELE XQWUL FEED -- GQ!-UN --- SEED PHONE QQ: ALGER, me .V db A' z, ' ' A1' 'Q 'that' li , N, ' --fYY,W,Y. igns SHEET MUSIC COIIPIIMENIS IMUSIQALIINSIRUMENTS ro TI-IE PIANOS RADIOS ,CLASS OF '50 TELEVISION FROM' 1 . S QQ Q E 2 A Rm. PLAC1 TO THIQE 154 IPHONI5 5' I ALGER, 01410 - yqn 7 , A , f .,, --Vi , .-.- 7M---.,f f f1,,', ,+ I N EWI AN D0 S I , Q V I SERVICE STATIUN If G.C'NGp'kTU1A'CIC'IiS TC THE I - gg cuss OF 'so I I STINCEREST Ti-,NK3 AND Q W6 lil I LBEST 113133 g ottis Nick .Im I., -I Awfza, C110 I ' S I "3FUHN1TURf2 CLGT.iII13'G 5 :ELECTRICAL APf'Lwsc'fs . USED CARS I I 'Usa con BUDGET PLAN I E.'lf1IN 'P' I-'G -STRFWTS LI ', O..IO PHONE SOI' OR 353 v "-f f. . , wr, .L,,,,v-- , 4'lq cowamsmfms f Y O F 1 l DEPMTMENT STORE I COMPLETEONE-STOP-SHOP , P 1 wi PEEDTHE FAMILY I wacwmfmfz Fmwrw PHONE 501 HLCER,OHlO . 1 I I 'A . ' , X 1-471 ' as .PJ -M Your Roses Eek! .- Sndxie 1 1 V ' , 'O!'zi1i.' :nu I, fixup - , H11 S 1 ,fi ' M- Q bb , X - W W -6!k.,W f ' ii' , 65,3 it? Bi ,1.. , - w.:.'i "iW' i 5 .1 7 -, . iKZf,53ffi'fg: -1 Q - .-,jx 2 + 1 4 . - .sf NAf"?X , 5' M ! , if, A 15-141 .. Seeing double 1 ... I! , ,, Huv ing f-Jn? QY 5 1 '15 ' 5 f Q Y A gm Iss: ,lx 1 grrr s Q if 2 . .,.,W'V"1'Z5Qw:Z: ,, X J igs., HL. wzfivwb M' FW wi Wt -. . .M . T Norm' 11 :md Dorothy! View . HA, Sl A if x X 1. -ci " 'f W Alger High School E A ' Hfwimg zz vvrmrlA:'ful tifrm uf , vw: xml . Ill W 358 lil Ill aiihru .L nwrk Filn , S-I K I M: V , Li "A F a..w . O: -- I- .. , Q + 1, ,E , as gl if :. 1, ..h,. ' ' w ' 1 ' ,W if P- ,S I fi. F' In 5 f ii: I A At . ,. ef ,.' F." V ' f . ' ' x l! 'yu 4 .I .J A i ,F V .. 1 , I 0. Lx,-'ri efzlca . r H we- f' 'mm i 1, Public Speaking Play Cast S X gi M5412 r-lux f,..1ii -1056 ,, , . Sue Hina? 4-H swam Rx ch rm 5 J " Q En: I 71 4 K 5 g Q wx I' .mf N:-uE...eie+.3: lx K VA M in Eh f 3 -1.4 if ,AL wi r ff i M 2-f K ug, " . M is '- 9:32 31 fi! 1 f V 'A , 5 '53 1 -- Mx - V -f H' - ..M:M- f fmwwu-wxwz -- x . , i'gwdLM-W,,,,J.l- W I BA. . A. --15 Qgffg fa? M' R . ' 1 ,P . . +'fn2mH.4. HUB E FWS HRST MIIEDERAL I 1 QT QE SAVHXGI ANoLOf3xM Egtgmxscg S ASSOCIATION Tr-IE PLACE wHERE,fffLEBi,mImmm-wifi? PRICE AND QUALQTY COIVHILIMENTS ' I MEETS OF 'Z' HOW ' 13-T MTXIIONAL ADA, OHIO, BANK I O ,pHONE?OA.D5,1QH.f9, ' comm. Mews 1 I ,O , QF .... I ,J FOSHLR SIVWH . ' r-uffxrfasjnxwf-AFQIQ HARDWARE, FIRM, AND BUILDING SUPPBIES HOUSEHO LD, AND ELECTRICAL GOODS WE HAVE EVERYTHING ......WELL.ALMOST ' OUR AIN .................... TO PLEASE PH cms 271 ALGER, 0+-no ,A I, I , T W V , --- - 1,:f..Y- ,Y - -- V V-- " 1 -F 'i O' C MMS HARDIN CO, ceo. OOFRANKL1NSTO!?E AUTO -pwdgfqg sd F ,1Od ff 31.00 up . RHODE GARAGE TOUR PATRON:Ts1z .TPPRTOIATTD STEWART AUTO SALES S ,STORES IN ADA AND DUNKIRK CLOTHES FIT AND SATISFY BITKER' S COLLISION GARAG ALDRICH MOTOR SALES HAR-KTBN CHEVROLET B-HS: S SALES SHICK AUTO SALES KENNEDY A.C. ETIENTZ INC. SHORT MOTOR OO. OSKENTUN, OHIO H N N T ALGER, OHIO Q , ' , , L Y , . YY , -1. I x n '-x. il ' x Y 1 ' . "'---uv T- N ,.,.... . L JU f Q-JN lc W ff Q . A. hu ..,,.q,.:fl .1 6 A N0 P.CPUBx.aCMv Ta-at 44.E":TQJf3 PkEPuBLaCArNfCO,,Pu6l.lSHERS ' 'wa 0, P T FDGEUr:13.'Mqv. ED 77 .J U L X k - KEQQ9-'iC'N. QHQO Al P if ' l KEtTH'S V-f:1'OMP3,FrmENTs lmumeazvc Appmfwces CHALVI N GARAGE , KENTQN, OHIO ow :www PHONE QQ53 IZODETROITSI Mcgulppgy pH0NEJg97 Aydua DATRGNAGE 1:3 CGMPLIMENTS 'fl-MLVVAYS APPRECJATED ' 'GF . ' BOSTON KRAUS Dwi Q'foRE JEWELBY KENTQN, STUFU1 E 4HoE?H I 0 T ON? T 1mxDY-To."m.-Ln O I O Koa TH? YZNTIRE F.'.1f11L1r 1,1 ',,- ' ' , ,, ,ucv vf' f H -v -' fvi- ff , , t, .W 1 5 COMPXQFXENTS .JOHN I. BIPPUS S SON R24 N. DETROIT ST. JKETNON, OHIO QLINOLEUM I KWINDOW SHADES ',wALLPAPEa -' PAINT AND DRAPERY if ,, -.r ff-' f THE CNY LOAN AND SAVINGS CO. 5 NORTH DETROIT ST. ,PHONE 5120 ,KENTON, OHIO N N. PFEFFERLE IJEWELERY, GIFTS NND MUSIC SHOP KGRIDUATE OPTOIIIETRIST V MNTOTLCOHIOOC CC , ,.. v N 71-17711 ., J' C OMPLIMEN TS " :OF BFu1DLEY'S JEWFJLUIRY .AND O?TICAL KENTON, OHIO COIIIPLIIIIENT S N12 If NNQSIIIINEENNNN ' I ,PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS , - NX I QUTTEH ICE CRTNN ,MILK QHCNE nvzvv LSQQ S. MAI ST. ,ADA, OHIO 4 KENTON, OHIO COMPLIMENTS BRCDSEKE RGBINSON I I KENJ ONIQWO f"l CDF CONGRATUL.A'ftON S To "CLAssor 'So' GRE ENAWAL I S Q FURNISHINGS FUR SAUEE F1311 313-if F1...ZLLY MEN 2.143 'SOYS F' LED BY X-RAY - 204 N.MAlYN' ST ADA, OHIO COMIZLE-IMENTS C QAM EQQ LUMBU? CGMPANY ' BUILDING SUBELQTQS -PAINTS SHOE, Huw A M3E,Qq Omg JFPHONE 77 ADA,OI-IIQ4 f COM PL Q ME N T5 m ! JLRRULDS HNE 1- URNITUFPE 14N.MAnN sr. AND ADPL,m1x1 Q E KE NTON'O,,!Q-I Q O u R T E s Y IS N. MAIN ST O F PHONE '71 '72 KEN TON-DAILY KENTOW, DE MOC RAT , f?""O' , mayToN ,QQ-no -ina ....-.. ...N---1...-qv.-..,Q...-.-,,nv...0.-.n.....- .. f:, ,..-.,- Y W Y H compumawrg ' or 1 HWS Ag3fxRAQE sfavxca awuow F0333 i 1 Dmwsowns Q CENTRAL WWHE5 MARKET Y ggQg, L,gNg T, THE moosxw Bowman ons ii snves ru-we 8 Noni-f Q ROOT E MODERN APPUANCE Qxs co. C 414 E. FRANK!-QU' st , Kam'0N,0m0 f A u jr: 290824518 M 4.'fEI"7"'ff'?'0, i""'Tf Tm , I 0 .,' Qsslllma 1 0: ' s " ' N. '2"v"s 3' Q, Y, 3 .' - F " Q 3, ,I 5 AC SVYJLYES I.. Ant-W1-11' 13 .Lf :.f - i3.,.f1q. ,gf J ..-. - J Top Row--Paul Uischmeyer,Buster Nichols,Jim Johnson,Robert Shaw, Charles Shaw, Gilbert Campbell, Ralph Dyer. Front Row--Joe Hicks, Lloyd Lawrence, Gordon Holbrook, John Stratton, Richardehindle, Jerry Underwood, LaVerne H ghes, Mr. McCoy. President Charles Shaw Sec.aTreas. Gilbert Campbell Vice Pres. Howard Faurot Reporter Jim Johnson Y-Teen Top Row--Marjorie Parker, Evelyn Symonds, Marlene Mushaw, Norma I Jean Linn, Dorothy Cramer, Kathleen Moore. Second Row--Virginia Lawrence, Ruby Preston, Janet Ramsdell, Christina Martin, Audrey Vermillion, Louise Clapp. Front Row--Mrs. Kissinger, Marcine Underwood, Donna Harsh, Jean McCreary, Verna Stanley, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Sue Haney. President Marcine Underwood Sec.m Treas. Norma Jean Linn Vice Pres. Audrey Vermillion Reporter Mary Zimmerman Program Chairman--Dorothy Cramer it cowfmmemsa 1 C F ADA' KENYON FARM SERVICE 1.-. L ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,N,,,-my -U O M--M. W, ,KZ 1 2 I 1 1 O ff '-2 Mixed Chorus Top Row--Denny Hughes, Richard Sneary, Eldon Rutledge, Heber Conley, Gene Beard, Tom Rice, Jim Johnson, Paul Mc- Glaughlin, Don Prater, Leslie Griffin, Kash Allen, Gilbert Campbell, Jerry Underwood, Gerald Johns. Third Row--Scott Spencer, Gayle Moore, Irene England, Sue Brown, Patsy Orders, Nan Brown, Janet Ramsdell, Kathleen Moore, Marjorie Parker, Ruby Preston, Virginia Lawrence, Norma Jean Linn, Marlene Mushaw. Second Row--Marcine Underwood, Betty Harsh, Irene Haney, Christina Martin, Louise England, Evelyn Symonds, Jeralon Parker, Audrey Vermillion, Dorothy Cramer, Betty Givens, Lucy Dyer. Front Row--Jeanne McCreary, Phyllis Zimmerman, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Sue Haney, Elaine Lawrence, Verna Stanley, Mamie Collins, Barbara Allen, Donna Harsh, Shirley Hughes, Mr, Eley-Instructor. Jr. k Sr. Ensemble Back Row--Ruby Preston, Virginia Lawrence, Norma Jean Linn, Dorothy Cramer., Front Row-qJeenne McCreary, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Louise . England, Sue Haney, Marcine Underwood. so1f,f1PLnzrr'11s or f .. - 1 A l v -W BOYS QUARTET Jimmy Johnson, Gsm Bar.:-G, Gerald Johns, Paul McGl:1ughl1n. FRESENANIESOPHOMORIB ENSEYTBLE Back Row--Christina. Martin, Marlene Mushaw, Suc Brown, Evelyn Symonds. Front Row--Phyllis Zimmerman, Janet Ramsddll, Donna Harsh. WHICH ONAS WILL HAVE MQNEY SAVED IN 10 YAALQQS? START NOW . . . S21 OPENS AN ACCOUNT SAVE AND BE SAFE THE UTY LOAN AND SAVINGS COMPANY LM' OHIO 9 u ' 1 4-H Boys Top Row--Jerry Underwood, Gene Beard, Robert Shaw, Jim Johnson' Ted Moore, Leslie Griffin, Charles Shaw, Loren Guyton: Neil Hell. Middle Row--Ed,Wilson. Advisorg Glen Moore, Richard Sneary Ned Hall, Danny Preston, Scott Spencer, Ernest Risner,51mmy Spencer. Front Row--welter Spencer, Weldon Risner, Raymond Cramer Jimmy Cramer, Ottis Newland, Cloyce Hettery, Russell Mlingler Billy Newland. 4-H Girls Top Row--Mabel Lawrence,Betty Gross, Gail Moore, Patsy Orders Kethleen Moore, Dorothy Cramer, Le Verne Zeig1er,Jcen Spencer. Middle Row--Donna Moore, Advisor, CerolynwKeith, Lure Cramer, Myrtle Cramer, Marlene Crawford, Uolde Keith,Mery Lou Spencer, Mrs. Clerk, Advisor. Front Row-w Leure Klrts, Helen Compton, Keren Calvert, Carolyn Newman, Phyllis Zimmerman, Clare Worthington Carole Underwood. - , F.H.A. Top Powi- Mrs. Spangler, Advisor, Marjorie Parker, Evelyn Symonds, w Marlene'Mushaw, Norma Jean Linn, Dorothy Cramer, Louise Clappga. Audrey Vermillion. 4 1 4 A Third Row--Betty Hersh, Patsy Orders, Irene England, England,Irene Haney, Jeralon Parker, Christina Martin, Betty Givens. Second Row--Ruby Preston, nLuey Dyer, Jean.McCreary, Dallasv ' Sullivan, Elaine Leirenee, Janet Ramsdell,Mamie Collins, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Sue Haney. Front Row--Donna Harsh, Barbara Allen, Verne Stanley, Gail Moore, Phyllis Zimmerman, Mercine Underwood, Shirley Hughes. OFFICERS President--Mareine Underwood See.--Marjorie Parker V. President--Audrey Vermillion Trees.--Ruby Preston Program Chairmen--Norma Jean Linn LIBB1-.RIAN S Top Row--Lloyd Lawrence, Charles Shaw, Ralph Dyer, Gordon Holbrook, Charles Brorn, Mr. Spangler,Supervisor. Front Row--Mareine Underwood, Mary Ann'Zimmerman, Norma Jean Linn, Christine Martin, irene drney, Anne Leuse, Linda Hanson. 1-an-ui, ,, I r W ,, V Y v V V LIKE CHEVROLET MAY YOU ALWAYS UE IN FIRST PLACE IN THIS EVER CIANGING WORLD LIBERTYCHEVROLET SALES M A DA, OHIO , lu ,L -Lrgfwlrf n,f,- J-,,ii i 1' W 5 WW 1 PRINCE OF PEACE CONTESTANTS Left to Right--Nan Brown, Sue Brown, Marlene Mushnw. There were thre: contestants that entered in the local Prinee of'Pecce contest this year. These wcrcg Nan Brown Sue Brown, and Marlene Mushaw. The titles of their speeches were respectively as follows: UThe Persuit of Happinessin "what Manner of Men Arc Wag" rnd "Persu1t of H:1pp1ness.' This contest was held in the First Methodist Church in Nov. Sue won, then went to Kenton in December where she competed against seven other contestants. HONOR SOCIETY Top Row--Ruby Preston, Louise Clrpp, Jimmy Johnson, Marlene Mushaw. Front Row--Marcine Underwood, Sue Haney, Richrrd Sneery, Mr. Spangler. ALGER HIGH SCHCCL BAND The band is shown in their new uniforms. These were purchased this year through the efforts of the Band Fioosters Club, The band is shown at some rehearsals: Center Picture--Back Bow-- Ton Rice, Raymand Cramer, Scott Spencer, Gene Beard, Jimmy Cramer, Philip Gossard, Don Ring. Front Bow-- Mary Lou Spencer, Dorothy Cramer, Bailey Jorthington. Left Picture--Standing-- Louise Clapp, Gayle Moore, Christina Martin, Walter Spencer, Billy Everhardt, Glen Moore, Don Whitaker. Seated--Back Row-- Clara Worthington, Phyllis Zimmerman A Middle Row-- Jimmy Spencer, Leslie Griffin Front Row-- Danny Preston, Billy Newland. Bight Picture--Seated--Back Row-- Ernest Eisner, Linda Lee Hanson, Donna Sue Miller. Second Row-- La Verne Zeigler, Lura Cramer, Betty Lou Gross Third Bow-- Jenny Hughes, Colds Keith, Myrtle Cramer. Front Row-- Marlene Crawford, Camille Twing. Standing-- Mr. Eley, Paul McGlaughlin, Marlene Mushaw, Jerry Underwood, Carolyn Keith. OPEHETTL CAST Top Row-- Donald Hensley, Harlas Conley, Donald Newland, Leroy Watkins, Ju ior Gross. Third Row- Weldon Eisner, Richard Ramsdell, Donald King, Loren A Cramer, Rex Klingler. Second Bow-- Carole Underwood, Martha Myers, Marcia Newman, Karen LongbraKe,.Carolyn Keith. Front Row-- Geneva Spencer, Jean Spurlock, Shirley Cornwell, Carol Sue.trms, Sylvia Hughes, Absent: Donald Newland. L..,.,..4 ul 5, fig-if Awhf? lla ll 'Fld Y P K 'fi Q Q Classw H EN :cm GsQumblER C H T Y S ENIOR FROPHECY if -' , 1 fi 1 CCT?-fgv ' CF. EHS L' '6 I f "QQ I3 1.3 R' ,A Q CLASS WILL we, the Seniors of 49 and 50, being of sound minds and bodies do hereby will the following: I, Virginia Lawrence, will my ability to talk to Charles in English Class to Norma Jean Linn. I, Kathleen Moore, will my perfect attendance to Dallas Sulli- van and my height to Clara Worthington. I, Ruby Preston, will my laugh to Nan Brown and my pleasant disposition to Anna Lause and Linda Lee Hanson. I, Marcine Underwood, will my shortness to Dana Greene. my ability to sleep in class to John I, Norman Cramer, will Stratton. . small feet to Jim Johnson and my ability Gilbert Campbell, I, Ralph Dyer, will my to get out of class to my ability to get white excuses to all I, Howard Faurot, will the guys that go to get advertising in the future. I, Gerald Johns, will my winking at girls in classes to Charles Brown. I, Lloyd Lawrence, will my ability to play basketball to La Verne Hughes. ' I, Buster Nichols, will my curly hair to Melvin Beiderman. I. Paul Wlschmeyer, will my bashfulness to Tom Rice and Norma Jean Linn to Charles Shaw. ' QanPY - SENIOR GRUMBLER Boy were we glad this was the last semester of this school year. We no more than got over our midterm exams than we started on other tests. Don't you think we ever got tired of studying? It seemed that everything went hay-wire for us Seniors. At first we couldn't decide upon a studio to go to have our pict- ures taken. Our motto could have easily been Wwe agree to dis- agreen. After about two weeks of debating we decided upon the Failor Studio, and we are glad we chose them as we were all very well pleased with our pictures. ' Then our class began to dwindle. Our classmatt Shirley Kirts moved to Florida. Later one of the Senior boys cou1dn't make up his mind as to whether he wanted to finish school or not. We are glad you decided to graduate with us, Norman. After years of agony, they fixed the auditorium seats. Thanks to Mr. McCoy and the Industrial Arts boys we can now .sit comfortably. For the benefit of the High School students, they should have put either a stoo-light or a sign reading, 'Beware of' the 7th graders. Travel at your own risk.W I believe they are putting Jet-propulsion on them now-days. Honestly, the way they tore through the halls.' It was hardly safe to go from one class to another. What is this younger generation coming to? We had sev- eral cases of puppy love this year. Especially the case Myrtle and Ernie had on each other. Gosh, they were insep- arable. SENIOR GRUMBLER CON'T They shortened our noon periods to fourty minutes. Why we d1dn't have time to chew our food. But we did get home twenty minutes earlier. No wonder we didn't win very many of our besketball games last year. Some of our better players were checked most of the time. How did you expect us to get our lessons and play good basketball et the same time? There was one course in school that seemed to have been open for only the Junior and Senior boys. nS19GD1hg!n What would have happened if the girls of' both classes did the same thing? Why d1dn't you boys try going to bed earlier for a change?, Why did We have to study that hard English Literature, Mrs. Sherburn? Hardly any of us ever reed it and we d1dn't understand it when we did read it. What were you trying to do to us, Mr. Soesh? Those exers- cises we took at the beginning of the gymn classes didn't develop muscles for ue girlst It only made us stiff. By the way, Earl, did you ever try heating the gymn? Oh! now I know why we took all thoses exercises Mr. Soash, to get warmed up. ' In spite of all the grumbling we've done, we did really enjoy our senior yeer in dearnO1d Alger High' and we will miss it very much come next fallt The Senior Girls. 1 -r v s CLASS HISTORY There were approximately fiftyefour of us enrolled in the two first grades in the ran of 19:57, out of cms large number there have been only four to finish out the full twelve years.They Pre Virginia Lawrence, Ruby Preston, Marcine Underwood, and myself. .Ruby was in Miss Hallfs room, fndtvirginrn, Heroine, and I-heres 1, I . . , .... . -, . in Miss Scott's room. In the second grade we were all together ' in Mrs. Standf1eld's room. Ralph Dyer Joined our class in the Third Gradeg Norman Cramer and Buster nichols in the Fifth Gradeg Lloyd Lawrence in the Sixth Grade: Howard Faurot in the Seventh Gradegand Paul Wisch- meyer and rald Johns in the Eighth Grade. The greatest event of our Grade School life was our Sixth Grade Commencement. We received our d1ploma's and then were ready to enter the ner building. Some of our former classmates thvt have left us since we enter ed High School are: Nancy Keith, who moved to Florida in her Freshman yeorg Chnlmer Holliday left us and Joined the Army at the beginning of his Junior yearg Lloyd Hopkins moved to Michi- gan st the end of his Junior year: and Shirley Klrts moved to Floridr st the beginning of her Senior yesr.There are now elev- en of us left to graduate, ' In the Sophomore yenr, Morcine Underwood and Shirley Kirts were chosen for the Honor Societygbut when Shirley moved, Ruby was chosen as the new member. Ralph Dyer played basketball and baseball in his Sophomore, and Junior years. Lloyd Lawrence played basketball and baseball in his Sophomore,Jun1or, and Senior years. CLASS HISTORY CON'T Marcine was a cheerleadcr'in her Freshman year and Virginia and Ruby were cheerleaders in their Junior and Senior years. we all took part in our Junior Class Play. The name of it was WThe Antics of Andrewn. Most of us were in the Public Speaking Play which ing on being We had our Everyone was We all had was UHuckleberry Finnn and we are all plann in the Senior Play. Senior pictures taken at Failors Studio in Lima, very well pleased with their pictures. a very good time at our Junior Prom, which was held in the Rainbow Room at the Barr Hotel in Lina, and also enjoyed ourselves very much at our Senior Prom. B Our teachers for the full twelve years were in the following order: Mary Scott and Elouise Hallg Mollie Stanfieldg Marie Rockholdg Anna McElroyg Ruby Cernang F. E. McGlaughling Floyd Hurleyg Helen D. Sherburng Dale Riehenbaughg Mary Dickersong Virginia St.Louisg Walter Spanglerg Ruth Spanglerg Evan E. Soashg Mr. B. W. Cottermang Shirley Wissingerg Robert Eleyg Donald T. Mayorg and Margaret Bozarth. I As we are nearing the close of our High School days, we hope that the on-coming Seniors will be able to say that they have had as auch fun as we, UThe Seniors of '5O' have had. we, the Seniors of '5O', wish to say that after twelve years of hard study, we are UNOT AT THE TOP, BUT CLIMBINGU. ' Class Historian, Kathleen Moore. , SENIOR PROPHECY Having spring fever a little early this year, I decided I would beging my spring cleaning and since the attic had became pretty cluttered up in the last few months, I thought there would be a good place to start. J 1 As I began moving boxes and trunks around I ran across a 1 large box marked USehoo1 M1scellaneous.N The memories of my school days came back to ne. I thought it would be fun to stop- a few minutes and look through the box to see what was there. On top of the box was lying my grade cards from my first to the twelfth grades. I can still remember how excited I was on grade card day. Among the other things I found in the box was ny sixth grade diploma, certificate from the eighth grade tests, favors and memory books from the Honor Society Banqu ts and the Junior and Senior Proms, play books, my Senior diploma and other articles that brought back memories. The article that interested me most was our '5O' Annual. I hastily turned to the Senior page As I sat there looking at the pictures of my classmates I thought how far we Seniors had cone since we graduated. There at the top-of the page is Ruby Preston-Campbell now. She and Bradley were married two years after she graduated.' They have a large farm and two children. . I understand that Virginia Lawrence has recently been pro- moted to a Lieutenant in the N.A.F,'s. She Joined the WAF's a , few months after she graduated. She had a military wedding last spring. Both she and her husband are members of the Air Foreex , The other girl in the senior class was Kathleen Moore. She was a stenographer for three years to a good looking lawyer. They are now married and have twin girls. ,l ,Q 0 fl' P'w1wj'-qqgg '- L . win . H' x . pg e 1 sEN1oR PROPHEGYA cbmfr ,f . l . Norn n Crancr is happily married to Barbara Snlth. They live on a large farm near Harrods Norman also owns a garage. F Paul Uisehneycr has purchased e large plot of land and has built many fine homes upon it. I wonder if he is still so bash- ful. ,L . Gerald Johns is employed as an artist in a studio in Hellf- wood., He and Louise often have their names in the society B-1 columns in magazines and papers. ' How well I TGHGHbC? Howard Faurot I Ha'1s a very successful farmer too. Being the cassahova he was in his senior year, he is still unsttqcnad. ' ' 1 "H ft at " ' I Ivve heard that Buster Nichols'has recently purchased the New ,York Coal Companyy He rried Ruby Laurence and they have three red-headed girls. ' A 1 'Q Nj Q Fw E :Vt I Ralph, Dyer non ozvns'i'Q': 'lsrgefrollerl skatinguhlrinki betneen . Alger anikenton. He-'lsn't ner-rici either, inever coulj deQ- cide upon onQ.gir1g pa ,-" '. 1 "4' VV ' I - We have another farmer from our clessQ This one is Lloydrw lawrence. Nan makes 5 very gooi farmers wife. Q I' V J And :aes-I -spcnt4 coupletofuyeers 'traveling ebout States with my husband the'Arny, but ue settled here in Alger..15aith'our 'two'sonsai ' V I QV I Goodness LJwhpre has this afternoon gone 1 l didn't get the attic cleaned aniil heveQ'tesuppcr.l'NEBor and the boys will u derstand when I explain that I nas reminiscing with the class of 7501. ' Your Classnate, Mhrcine Underwood 1 y JOKES Teacher: HThis makes the fifth time I have punished you this week. What have you to say?U Cloyce: HI'm sure glad it's Friday.H 'Mvis Wkfmk 1. as Don Prater was going to the fair with his sweetheart when they passed a booth where fresh pop- corn was for sale. Why, Don !Ain't that nice?H said Janet. HAin't what nice?:asked Don. Uvhy, the popcorn. It smells so awfully good.H replied Janet UIt does smell kind of goodn drawled Don. HI'll just drive a little closer so you can get a better smell.U 1HC"k'K 'n"bi'm'K":C"3i' Mr. Soash: Hhow many bones have you in your body?H Marjorie P.: WNine hundred.n Mr. Soash: HThat's a good many more than I have.U Marjorie P.: UYeah, but I had sardines for dinner.H '5i"N'il"R'5S'ZQ"iQ'i. 'Fis- Marcine drove into a service station to complain that her car was using up too much gas. The attendant pointed to the choke lever which protruded from the dashboard. HDo you know what this is for?H HOh,-that,N said Marcine airly, HI never use it, so I keep it pulled out to hang my handbag on. Q ' Iwkwwwwfiww ', Prison Warden: HI've had charge of this prison for ten years. we're going to celebrate. what kind of party do you suggest?u Prisoners: UOpen House In Lis wiv as 3C7hs'3?n'k Ex-G.I.e I'd like to own one of those walkie talkias, wouQdn't ll Mr. McCoy: U1've got one. I'm married.U wnnheukwfw p Mrs. J. Johnson: were all men as stupid as you ?H J. Johnson: UNO dear, look at all the bachelors there are.u EHS-2.--3?-ii-ik-lc-it-32-it HJell,N said the young husband as he bit into his brides pastry, UI must say these are fine bis- cuits.W Later the brides mother stopped him in the hall, and asked in a whisper, HGoodness John, how could you say that those were fine biscuits?H A it-it 52-ii'-WSH? HNow tell me, Donnie,W said the lady sweetly, Hwhat will you do M when youire as big as Dennie?H NGO on a dietd, said Donnie, 73 ,vw-'I"5-. .li T4"a."I'i'3i' HHey youP.r the policeman shout- ed. Hlcu :an't stand there in the street like that.H t H0h but I , . sisted the Crunk proud 'Q worry yourself 'bout W stahdinf here 'nHour a fain. tif yet. H '31'1v:Q"SHE'3s'k1s'R"3' " " 3 Mrsl wissinger Clookin can, Cffisher,U in- ly.HDon't e. Been nd I ain't g over the classls NI hope you all know your lesson today. Gilbert, have you studied?U how far Gilbert: HJust as far as the pages are torn out.U aeeaeeaaaae ,B l 1 ...I JOKES ' 1 , -. .,!. The students frowned at the new school teacher. UMr.,H they said, Hie're afraid you're ignoring our efficient-school system.H Nmaybe I am, Kids,H admitted the teacher. Hbut somebody has to get the work done.n i.5l'R'Fi1v'l-c'k" ' 'SHHG' UJimmyU, the mother scolded her Small son, Hare you teaching that parrot to use slang?H HOh no, mamma,J answered Jimmy innocently, JI'm just-telling it what it shouldn't say?H iv Av.-.L--BHG-BQ1? Twelve years ago little doward was back home after his first day in school. Niall, sonu, asked mother, Uwhat happened in school?U 00h nothin' much,N replied Howard nonchalantly, Ha woman wanted to know how to spell dog, and I told her.n imawwwwwww HIt is very important for people to have idealsu, insisted a you g lady. HYes, I once had an ideal,n con- fessed the elderly woman. NAnd what happened to it?Uqueried the other. HI married him In was the bitter Mr. Soash: HNOW let us talk about the grizzly bear. Do we get fur from himin Charles S.: HI'd get as fur from him as possible myself,U l'. i,.'-'..X',' .'..' NE. n . rv fs 55 as T. vm fb: Mom: Wihy are you ru ning so fast Philipin Philip C.: UI'm trying to stop two fellows from fight- D' inc. Hom: nTho are they?U Philip: HJerry btanley and me. di 'BQ ic 2: .riS'51'-ii'5i"2i' Neighbor:HThey tell me your son is on the collebe foot- ball team. Do you Know what position he plays?H Proud Mother: UI'm not sure but I think he is one of the drawbacks.H '3Q'74'4k7b'ir'fQ'.k'2v'3v1" ' ' Mrs. Sherburn:HRalph, can you give us a sentence using not- withstanding?H Ralphznl Wore out the seat of my pants but notwithstanding.' .. ,. .,, . 'waivlf-r'n'pnC 2.'3s"3.' Mr. Spangler: "'Christine, can you give us a definition ofla vo1cano?H Christine: H A volcano is a mountain with the hiccups.U reply. fre H A I. was ..'or5nrwIf'X'n .. UThis is the fifth time this A week I've had to punish you Melvin! said the teacher wearily. NDon't J you wonder why?U NHeck no,n replied Melvin, UI - Just figured.that you've got the F habit of it. 'w'le',f'k",b"ii"76"lf',a',i' I SHAW RESTAURANT FISH 5 CHICKEN IN THE BASKET QOME EARLY a STAY LATE LEE a MUTT SHAW PHONE , 501 DOL4, oH1o l, ir:-rg YJ, AW- f 1 xx "I' ,W M 395,- ! . fi, " Q: Plagi- R1:f'1i!l?'T. ' L, R'-'W-1 Z H 1 W Q' 1:41, - ?'f, FS' wb 1. '.'..,,i5: I. . FL, fl I, 'L -111,1 332 ' 'J - F' ' .1 Q . aff? 55" Twig? v, mp?" ' T! paw A. r Q 1 - su ' ij- a.1,, su 15.41 , ' Efvfi? Yiuf rj '1: -f - ' rn-'J 'ff fl.-' , . V? 'S Q4 "a I,-W3 , n'.. g '..m -'v... 1 'J'.- " v 'lf I Q ,.,v- .iv 1 .." 1 'A x". ' .WA ,Cf ,ff-w " 4 - g Q- 1-m A .1 - x 1 -.,- .vim 'x,."":g" . .W -. 1" 1' " ' . 5 4 Q jgffzl s llgl bf X f, R .Sf 2 1... ' X.5,,f5-- W Q ' .1 sf fl ', fn, ' ' F: EH? ' 1' f , ,f .f F, v J V i' ' ,K 1 , , 1 Y , . n ' ' , 1 Q. ., I 1 N. ax -nf,-QQ , . r-- A- ' . ' 5 , V . .J , 4, ' 1 1, L., - A ,, " 1 . r "A ' , ,, ma-N , .tfzie-1 ve :1Z - A Mx: I h A,-r,.u LJ, an ' ' ' ' " '-1, ' V ' U . , X . I, If .,,, . ' ,, ' -J., '- f ",,.'3,-15" W MM .I , Mg' UL N, . V A NAME Gilbert Campbell MmNxsSmm Leverne Hughes Lloyd lawrence Janes Johnson Paul McGlaughlin Kash Allen VhR5ITY POSITION ulgCI"' ------ - - h1gcr-------ze-- Alger ----- --56 ----- - hlger- ------ 42--- 42 lslgcr """' NUMBER Guard ll Center 55 Guard 77 Forward 55 Center QQ Forward 22 Guard , 44 VARSITY RCCOHD ---Uaynesfield ------- 54 Here ---Cridersville ----- - 5 -- ---- LaFayette -- ----- Dole Alger- ------ 59-- ---- - ---- McGuffey Alger------- ---- ----Gozer 46 58 Alger ------- - - - Alger ------- 45-- arolgcr """' 4..lgCI"' """ hlger ---- ---45---- - Llger ------- 40-- 57 :Olga r ""'.- " " hlger ------- 58 Allgcr' """' ---Ridgeway - - -Aluuim i -----Harrod ---- ----McGuffey ---Dole -- ---- Roundhead -- - ----Gomer ---- ----Mt.v1ctory ---- ---- Mn.cory Alger ------- 56 ---- ---- Forest 40 Axslger' " ""' ---- ----Dunkirk hlger- ------ 54 ---- ---- Botkihs Alger-- ----- 47---- - 48 hlger ----- --57 Alger """' 57" plger ------- 42--- ---Hidgewry -Q -Q- -as-. -- --A- --1--- Here There ' There Here Here Here 54 58 52 --- 50 There 56 61 58 5 -.--n-.9-n 2 Here ------ 45 Here 45 51 V Here Here --- -- F5 There nc-van ----qu-o -----Q -----on J --..- Q There There There v There 29 51 46 69 There 70 66 .---n TOURNQL "1 TT ,. vJ,.h-. at 'ng r'rT Gvrr JA A ,q.4-,4,' an-sua-4.-nun ..,. . 'A Rouhdhead There ---Ridgetny ---- -- 1 Boundher Dunkira una- as Nov Nov DJ QV Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jen Jan Jan Jan Jen Feb Feb Feb POINTS 151 151 65 46 117 159 64 18 22 29 2 9 15 16 ?2 5 15 17 20 24 27 28 51 5 7 10 40 Feb.l6 49 Feb.l8 56 Feb.22 F4 Feb.25 GCAMPBELL C. S HAW Ill-7 JIJGHNSON I LLAWERENCE x , I 1 V . LIN ' ' RESERVE 'TOP ROW--Neil Hall, Charles Brown Heber Conlev Richard Sneary, Denny Hughes,Manager. I' FRONT ROW--Eldon Rutledge,ManagergGene Benrd,K ash Allen, Don Preter,Leslie Griffin, Gordon Holbrook, Jerry Underwood, Mr. Sonsh,Coech. RESERVE Q VARSITY SQUAD TOP ROW:-Neil Hall,R1cherd Snenry, Gene Beard, Kash Allen, Don Prater Leslie Griffi , , n, Gordon Holbrook, Charles Brown, Jerry Underwood, Dennis Hughes,Manager. FRONT ROW--Eldon R t u ledge, Manager: Lloyd Lawrence, Charles Shaw,J1mmy Johnson, Paul McGlnughl1n, Heber Conley, Gilbert Campbell LnVerne Hx h , lg es, Mr. Sonsh, Coach. Jr. High Basketball ' Top Row--Ottis Newland, Uilber Shaw, Roger bailey, Elmer Nichols, Walter Newland, Danny Preston, Paul Puckett, Ernest Risrer, Jimmy Cramer, Mr. Soash. h Second Row--Dennis HughesgManager, Jonavan Hughes, Russell Kling- ler, Rornie Riener, Jimmy Spencer, Roy Lee Athea, Delano McLi14is, Jherles Bradley, don Whitaker, Eldon Rutledge, I'-""V'3O .' -.l. ,.A..,-:,.., . V Front Rowe-Earhart Miscnmeyer, Jerry Stanley, Junior Hicks, Rifiy Us lend, Billy Jo Parrigan. BASEBALL Top Row--John Stratton, Gilbert Campbell, Robert Shaw, Mr. Boash. Second Row--Leslie Griffin, Ralph Dyer, Kash Allen, Gene Beard, Richard Sneary. Front Row--Paul McGlaugh1in, Gordon dolbrook, Charles Brown, La Verne Hughes. Absent: Heber Conley. I nano' Ulla 1 NVQ we 4-hui -wan , .' ' I N ' xh 1 fm M r' . . fy. NL ,Q M 3 ,.,,,. ww.. ,W A ,awp af. . . LQQU3' J .s,.fk, X1ff?g.,. Y... Vx, ., gum? -IL, 'f'i'-,3.,'s,a md 1,55 nuff ' 'Q' ' 4 A f M ' WW- X wwf- .1 Pres t cm La 31 110: 51:1 LLEAXU fm: 4 ,1 Mlnmalfg , .2 2. CHEER LEADERS W? PLAYERS QUIPS LLOYD LAWRENCE--The oatmeal kid who always had to get the first basket before CHARLES SHAW--Who has the officials GILBERT CAMPBELL--The . mail from the the team could get rolling. the heavest backing in the stands and gave a bad time at Mt.Cory. fan mail kid. It's not everyone who gets eighth grade. JIMMY JOHNSON--The casanova of Alger High whose immitations of Como were quite exasperating. LRVERNE HUGHES--The cowboy of the squad who always forgets his saddle and rides his man bare back. GORDON HOLBHOOK--The hair-pin kid who always has such a kind word for his friends. RICHARD SNEARY--The kid who always gives it NThat Old Tryn. JERRY UNDERWOOD--The baseball player at the basketball tourney, CHARLES BROWN--The boy who always walks up the hill to see if Sneery is home. KASH ALLEN--The Toni twin of the year. PAUL McGLAUGHLIHw1The weather profit of the squad who is always being asked, NHOW is the weather up there?H ' HEBER CONLEY--The boy with the red headed tcmpbr in the balconys DON PRATER--The boy who's car always rambles up to the Ramsdells. LESLIE GRIFFIN--The windicst guy on the squad. GENE BELRD--The triple threat man of the squad, Trip, Stu blcs, and falls NEIL HELL--Killer Hall who Weighs in at 95 pounds soaking wet. ELDON RUTLEDGE--The four eyed monster who loves to be left all night in Lima. 1 DENNY HUGHES-fPrcachcr Hughes who delivers winning sermons, and also loves to kiss the bride. Sept Sept Sept Sept 9. 15, .2O, 25, 1949 1949 1949 1949 BASEBALL SCORES Alger Alger Alger Alger April 17, 1950 49 - 50 Fall Games -- 5 ....... - -- 5 ....... - --13 ....... - -McGuffey --5 --Harrod ----- 5 --Dola ------- 7 -9 5 -------- --Harrod ----- 7 Spring Games Alger -4 -------- ---Roundhead--l April zo, 1950 April 24, 1950 April 27, 1950 Tournament Alger--7 ----------- Ridgeway--il Alger--5-- ---- ---- McGuffey---5 Alger--7 -------- ---Roundhead--6 By defeating Ridgewav, McGuffey, and Roundhead Alger became the Hardin County Baseball champions Fbrttheir'hard'playingrand fine teamwork the Alger High School Y-Teens and Hi-Y clubs presented the boys with a trophy for winning the tournament. PLAYERS NAME BATTING AVERAGE POSITION GRADE Gilbert Campbell .400 Shortstop DOH Prater .155 Left Field Charles Brown .500 Center Field Ralph Dyer .558 Second Base Kash Allen .565 Pitcher LaVerne Hughes .565 Right Field Paul McGlaughl1n .090 First Base Heber Conley .166 Third Base Gordon Holbfopk .555 Catcher John Stratton .000 Second Base Richard Sneary O 'gooo Right Field BACCALAUREATE Central Methodist Church Sunday May 21, 1950 8 P.M. Rev. P8111 BI"0W1'1 ' M1I'11StGI' Processional ------------------------------ -- HGod of Our Fathersn - W8 I'I'G1'1 Jnvocat1on--- , ------- --- Chorus ------------------------------------- - nmay Now Thy Spiritn - Treharn Scripture and Prayer ---- -- ------------- High School chorus ----Rev. John Myers -------High School ----Rev. Myers Vocal So1o-- ----------- ----------- -------- --------- James Johnson uLet the Rest of the'Nor1d Go By suaanu poo . nThe Greatest Thingu Chorus ------- - --------------- -- ------------- nEvening Songu - Narvik Benediction ------------ - ------- - ------- --- Recessionel --------- -------- --------------- - - Ball -----Rev. Brown ---High School ----------Rev. Brown ----Marlene Mushaw PROGRAM Forty-first Annual Commencement Alger High School May 24, 1950 Processional ----- ----------- ----------------------------- Band Invocation ---------- ----- ----------------- Rev. JohnaMyers Salutatory --------------------------- - -------------- Ruby Preston America Tomorrow-- H. 1. Prentis, Jr, Vocal Solo ---------------------- ------------------ Gerald Johns Memories-- G. Kahn Read1ng------ ------------ - ----------- --- ---------Kathleen Moore Linco1n-- Edwin Markham Mixed Ensemble ---- - --------- - ------ ------- ------ ---Seniors The Lord's Prayer-- A. H. Malottef Reading ------------ - --------------------------- Virginia Lawrence If-- Rudyard Kipling Vocal lnscmble--- ---- + ------- --- ----Senior Girls The Mil1-- Jensen Address--------- ------------ --- ------------------ ----R. M. Eyman Assistant Supt.ePublic Instruction Vocal Solo ------ - ---------------------------------- Norman Cramer Cathedral In The Pines-- Kenny Valedictory --------- - -------------------------- Marcine Underwood Arise, Let Us Go Hence-- George Cutten Presentation of Class for Diplomas ------ - ---- Evan E. Soash,Prin. Presentation of Diplomas ------------- ---------------- Jay Zeigler Pres. of Board of Education Special Awards and Honors ---- ----- -B, W, Cotterman,Supt. F8reWe11-- ----- ----- - ---------- ------------ Gerald Johns Class President 30ng----------- ------ - ---- ------------ ------ --------Senior Class Faith In The Future-- Lord BenediCtiO1'1 "'-" -' '-'-"--- -' --'-' -' --"- --nl---QUORGV, Paul B1'10Wn -'-1-1. .-rf' ' ... ...- Y, 1 f-.I---S-, .f -f'--V ff If - f N P 0 CTOMIPLIMENTS ILGIN HAMILTON W ,QF CLARA i n ,AND BENRUS WATCHES N Q E OONO S I 55143 5 OH5'IHES- is 5 PHONE ELLECENTER S516 .--,, II.-T. U I 3, V Y I 'QwH5EH5if?f5wE5EmHIJ 'igl' QOMPLIMENTS If W W S DIAMONDS QILVERWARE I ' Q + K-' N 1329 N. MAIN ST. IBIMA, OHIO - -- I I . I I .McGUFF'EIY, OHIO WHEN You THINK ,I HQIIIE QF . OF FINER DIAMONDS .BETTER WATCHES .J KEEP SAKE DIAMONDS - Spf'-M .gawk . '3 ,.."..v.,- z :,- I Nurs? . . .-. . ,. SILVERWAHE , W. . .,.,. 3 JEWEIRY ' I EF IOS N MHISH ST. PIMA, OHIO you THINK OF I ' I 'I " I GOI-.IPLIIHINTS Tm ! -1,... 1 ,..- N " X .-:E-fEi::.v K .. ima ,. .J 4. .,4.'g.s53 A - 22 NORTH I-IAIN' T. PHONE BELLI-:CENTER 5191 li ' ' ,.-- 'M " Q,-g.p15:g:G " 1 ":' W N I H Z' '-'- 1 '-1-, mn-" Y - i V i 'A V v V k J- rv i i fr ' H' wg s , 5 C , .,. .,,...-... A ,.......-. --........,.1..........-V....-..- - A ---1 - ---W-1-1 --- - A --- : 1 Q 1 W I W11r1f1111Y 1111 111.1 1 I I 1 111f111 1 ,1111111111111 I ,v Q X .1 1 13 1 1 1 1 l1i11,.2U1j1l1kj1J'1Ai1H ML11. . I . I ' ' 2 1 K , . - 1... . I 1 1 . ..., . ' MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE sysfmn 1 1 I 11 5 g Inman FEDERAL mposxw 1 ,I 1 51 1 ' " '- f 'N' 1 1 1 ' - ' T 1 ' 1 INSURANCE coRPoRAT1nN 1 1 1 1 1 'R .51 Q Xvly t 1 , I ... I . 0 ..- f 1 1 I 1 9 1 1 f-N ,.. . i A 1 n l . Q 1 J ! Q fx, E E. I A-.- X FT, ,- F..- 4 ' xqll' ll ' 'E 1"-xt A .R ' 1 5, 1-1 WIZL- 1 L 1 1 1 2 I ------M .f- -- --- W- .- .. -', ..... ft?" .JA 1- .':::- ! 1"1 1,....1 ..11 -"' an 11:1 -- f 1 .1 K . f H u , SK .,.. ..,.1r .,. ' . , .X - .1 1 1 nf' 11 1 1 J 1 1 WN by 11 1,1 IV? 1 Rm I 1, 1 1, 111J11W11 1 1'1pf1 I Z , . .... . . . ... .A.............-,.-....-......1.. .... ...,..- -. 1 -.,...::........... -,, ,...........- if-1 :..........-...........-.. ...... ,...-.. ...-........... .1 ... . .. I HN 111' Lr, 21. W ,,m,- v' nr ' V. ,, gh, 53- L X , , ,gif ai: ' :ii I lIA."lj-W z- ' . E ' P- , l . H. I3 -' W ' , W .i. ' - F1 ,. P I.: rv GEHL, --4 . 4, ' vt' 3? -F1 . M . : "'f . .Ll ' J, ,' ' i, 1' V Q gf :Vg 0'-1 .af- 1,-4 F' Y , V. U leg nm 4 I ! ' J 4 v L ' n at I . 1 in" I K- I F E I s :ff " - "" S-f:1,g.,1,.? - f 4.-.M :,, , Q , 1

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