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1 979 KANAKADEA The Alfred University Yearbook N ads . . 282-288 faculty . . 10- 33 fall section . . . 34- 83 fall events . . 36- 61 fall sports . . .64- 83 table of contents greeks . . 166-181 organizations . . 148-163 sr. section . . 184-278 directory . 278-282 spring section . 112-147 Special thanks to the Staff and the people who contributed to the making of the 1979 Kanakadea. -The Editor Credits are as follows: Cover Design ....... . . .Tom Biebel Photographs on pagefsi: 1, 34, 35, 42, 43, 58, 59 ......... R.S.W. 44, 45 ................ Jo Schneider 68, 69, 70, 71 ............. Tom Olsen Monique Pennings 126, 127 ................. Rick Earl 84, 85, 90, 91, 100, 101, 122, 123 . .Tom Biebel 6, 7, 182 ................ M. Scavullo 152 ................. Steve Eilenberg 185 .... .... B rian Oglesbee spring events . . 118-137 spring sports . . 138-147 winter section . . .86-109 winter events . . .92-101 winter sports . 102-109 Photographs with U9 on page: 22 M' h I D n 3 ...,............ ic ea awso 213 ................. Diane Roberts 210 .............i.... Rhonda Brow 80 ................... Skip Mason All other photographs by the Staff. Special thanks to: Greg Smith, Pam Young, Roberta Nordheim, James Reisch, Lisa Dinoff, Diana Tomb, Janet Thompson, Sandy Parsekian and Sharon Barnes. Speech on page 133 submitted by: Nancy Laub This Book is financed by the Student Senate Q fi Av . ,if h.k-owl! 13 R ki QI nv-.D ' Y - . . . , Q Q if S X H LLLA' is - ' X- t gmt M . ii fish K 'K 7 SX? ,E 5 it tx A MAMMM.-.M.a.-w.M. 1 9 if 'Q 355 L,--' 2 r - ,. . .:. A sl: Q' . . . gt ' e ,K ., E i. A 3, ,i .L Q . Ark tt the kanakadea staff Editor- Maria Scavullo Asst. Editor- Thomas Biebei Layout Editor- Pat Bresette Sports Editor- Chrissa Lefes Graphics- Pat Dennison Secretary- Nancy Underwood Paper Work- Laurie Murray Gail Rannels Typists- Carol Williams Tom Biebei Staff Photographers Monique Pennings Chris Georges Francine Posener Tom Biebei Maria Scavullo Jed Bahouth f 1 kv Fusneg g,,f..,.1. t.43. SDDAIK SAFETY 1 . 1 i f 1 x 1 W In R? X We 1 'H-...J UW' n iw Wm? ing' guna: 5 1 Q5 Q 'K 5 ...L 'L '1l...Q...7Q H ,W I ' - : , - ! f , , ' 4 1 + V'A' A ---H rs MM 4 . 6 X in mf-w I 5 w I ff FILM STV NLM sub.: , , , . X, gn 1 s s E s M w", Az - , I 1' A Candid interview with President Rose. KANAKADEA - Did you graduate from a small college? PRESIDENT ROSE - Yes. I graduated from Slippery Rock State College in Pennsylvania, about this size, a little bit smaller, about 1500 students. The school since then has become a larger nameless faceless state institution. KANAKADEA - Do you like the country? ROSE - I run every morning and country ski from my back door, but more than the recreational aspects of being in Alfred is a sense of personal freedom, that I sense. You are not inhibited here. There is no concern for security. l've developed some lousy habits here. I don't lock my car. In fact, I leave my key in the ignition. And most of the time we don't lock our house. Probably you should, but we don't. There is no feeling that you have to worry about things. I think that creates the ideal atmosphere for learning. A girl the second year I was here, I was having lunch at the stu- dent center with some students and I was asking these kids, "What do you like most about Alfred?" And the girl characterized it best of anyone I talked to. She said she was from midtown Manhattan, "I came to Alfred and I hated it my first term and now I love it. I guess the reason I love it is I can get up at two in the morning and go for a walk if I want to." There are no inhibitions. KANAKADEA - Considering what cutbacks have been made is the school becoming more technical? ROSE - Any school offerings follow the pattern of stu- dents interest. lf one hundred people walk up to the registrar and say we want to take Spanish we would have five sections of Spanish very quickly. We've offered sec- tions of language which none has registered for, or two or three the size very small. People lament dropping these courses, but never for language courses. A good number of language courses are undersubscribed. Curriculum development is not as mysterious as it seems. It is a relatively simple matter. You are responding towards stu- dent interest. The swing across the country now is toward more vocational oriented programs. "lf I take a minor in computer science, what will that enable me to do?" That's the kind of question that is being asked. When I was a stu- dent we took various courses. In the back of our heads we were concerned with what we would do for a living. The job market was open and we weren't as sophisticated. We kind of left there with our credentials and hoped for the best. KANAKADEA - In the 1960's the curriculum was more structured. How do you feel about that? ROSE - I had aspirations of a far more structured curriculum. I like to see people required to take certain courses. I think you should be forced to take more com- munication courses ... speaking, writing, listening, probably a logical philosophy course. That's fine for me to think that. I hesitate to say that's what I think. I think any time a curriculum is built on one person's notion is not a very sound idea. I have a lot of faith in the traditional method of having a curriculum committee. I still favor and I think that the movement in the country is back towards more structure. KANAKADEA - What do you think Alfred has to offer that is good compared to other small colleges? ROSE - First of all, the quality of the faculty. Second, the location is ideal for certain people. I don't think every stu- dent should come to a place like Alfred, but to some peo- ple who enjoy freedom it is somewhat self-reliant. This is an ideal place, if you don't require a lot of social support. Some people like outdoors and some people don't. If you " F ' nf ll-sa-it ' .Ai fi like a neon jungle, don't come to Alfred. lt's a clear choice. We have more than adequate facilities. We don't have the research facilities of M.l.T., nor should we. The library is excellent for the size of the school. Strong computer and the best art facilities in the country. From a student point of view, the strongest asset is the faculty. Basically, you have people who like to teach. You have a fairly intimate relationship with faculty and staff. That's a form of informal learning that goes beyond the curricular structure. KANAKADEA - How do you feel about leaving? ROSE - As I mentioned, l'm very convinced now, that, looking at the quality of applicants that it is very gratifying in that regard. I really think that someone else could come in and move along much faster at this point. People feel that I don't like Liberal Arts, and I personally slashed Liberal Arts. But look at the enrollment. I think it is self- evident. Ultimately, I am responsible. I have to bear the responsibilities if they happen while l'm here. I think that's a logic behind it and a necessity. We don't have a large en- dowment. Just in the last couple of years the alumni really started to support this place. We still don't receive the kind of support a school this old and good should. I think the most encouraging thing is the most recent graduates are starting to support Alfred. This is a very healthy trend. . . .I think this campus here has a very bright future, We've raised our academic standards immeasurably at a time when, universally, academic standards went down. We've not only come back to where Alfred should be, but we've reversed the current trend. I don't know another institution that has done that. A lot of them didn't need to. Alfred, I think, needed to. I think it sets a character for Alfred that's appropriate. This isn't a school for everybody. lt's a rather unique place where students who really want a good education can get it. It requires a lot of effort and that's ap- propriate. eepexieuey N-is 1,-D. ,sm 2 N, wx A A ,MQ QYZCF N 235395 7 f N. 3 wg' X xx , . ,..3 N f Q A N, L k Q ,gg , 'iii I .x A 2' Ref' -. fel -2 -.ixiz-5-ex., 4+ Us lm 'ms X -R wi W W if ,E J fy wif 5f,gs1f4:?5X P L, EIJTYV' -375 Ji' - - ' i 1 - WW.. I fi , K it Q. 3 lt ,WWW To Robert Turner -our dedication Many of us know or will perhaps meet a few people in our lives who seem to touch and affect our innermost feelings. People who have impressed our hearts and minds and have somehow given encouragement and support to our own best qualities. i Robert Turner is that kind of person to generations of students and professional colleagues. Being in his presence makes us aware of his life-long dedication to integrity and of the virtues of honest and clear relationships. He has a reverence for life, an appreciation of beauty, and the creative ability to give significant expression to his own thoughts and feelings. His artistic career has gained world-wide recognition and continues in its full vitality. His teaching career is ending at Alfred, but for some who are here, and for some who have been here, he will leave a profound memory of his genuine compassion, and creativity, and high standards. To this very special person we dedicate this yearbook with our thanks and appreciation. Val Cushing February 1979 Bill Emrick aria Murgia .Aw 3. ifvwqm , ,, aw fe r i performing arts udith Archer v,AM :N I s-if L--. ks gi ' Q z - 'ww- 4 1 f 'EX A QE ij K f is 1' :hifi if ,H 4 six L sf' A x X 5 H, fl, f 5 ws. Lf R 3 Dr. Richard Velkey QPhiIosophyJ Dr. Garrett Droppers fHistoryJ 'R Gary Ostrower fHistoryJ i r K x.S' Dr. Gary Horowitz QHistoryJ 19 Dr. Dean Hoover, Dr. Robert Williams, Dr. George Ball, Dr. Rogar Douglass, Dr. Rogar Moritz, Dr. Robert Sloan, Mr. Robert Ehrlich Wil 'Vi i -- A5 ,- of-vww.-....f,b. . . N-Wsmemswix 954 I 4,9 if :.wx: .Gj,.' - ' Q, 'H o:,.,f,1s+g4Sr ' L Mggiggv . .wg-M-me ' R 'R ' K lil - , .x xx Xia, X W. M V .k. 1 . - -m g, X- .-..., " ' 'K Ez mathematics ceramic engineering he X www Q ""-1. Front row: Dr. Condrate, Dr. McMann, Mr. Borst, Dr. McMahon, Dr. Mueller, Dr. Tuttle, Dr. Snyder, Dr. Pye Back row: Dr. Monroe, Mr. West, Dr. Lawrence, Mr. Earl, Dr. Rossington, Dr. La Course english Mrs. Pat Sibley Ev 1 W7 fw cw Lb ...:.E ,. Dr. David O'Hara QM Dr. Paul Strong 25 english department continued Dr. Michael Lakin M Gifford Hopkins 1 4 I Dr. Carol Shilkett education w a . , A , W C gg? 1- 2 .asv 3 lcounter clockwise from abovel Dr. William Pulos Dr. James Curl Dr. Ernest Bodenstab Dr. Stuart Smith Dr. Katherine Weisendanger Top Row - M. Giles, C. Lamb, S. Trampage, L. Doerschug, K. Powers, L. Nail, E. Janosik Front Row - N. Youngblood, B. Jones, M. Koval, J. Van Stein, J. Rand, J. Schwartz, C. McCloskey, L. Fipps ' A , ax ' q 3 r fag I V - , W lv' i- the amazing psychology dept. '-Q. ,185 7 F :P .J. Shore . D. Meissner qwith ratj . L. Lichtman fwith brainj B. Lawson fseekingy vv. Engram fwith Freudp L, White A. Pane ion couchy From Left to Right - Dr. C. Shiveiy, Dr. J. Bausch, Dr. G. Bough, Dr. B. Bowden, Dr. P. Finlay Microscopic Specimen - Dr. B. Bock W, ' Prof. of Geology Dr. Kohler ,gf I X -4. ,I W. 44 ,V , W , A,,, va' x v y' ,,,z" , , ,J Jwwf, " f ' 2 Vik. W a 14,15 ,M Aw.. AW, My 5 1 f' S is Q f fi J f 2 7 1 0,5 'I f ff 'M , s W la K is K Dr. Fl. Sands, Dr. R. Rulon, Dr. W. Bentz Dr. T. Rasmussen 8. Dr. V. Rasmussen 31 xx . E. Castrovillo L. Obergfell 99 X 14+ I is N, ' .f Q K k Q SSN Sf? X SEX 'Z' vw .Q S. Sanders R. Frederes C. Dubrevil L D. Harrington 3 X. E Q. 53 N at 5. -1 V 'v . .L 44 U' ,f ra I rsf'E5'. 38213, . af L, 1V'i 1- V-was " 1 xi ' af-is last: Ryu! We! ? ' M 7 K "L, W V 54 if ff' ' .4 new F1 Q i' 5-A - aV C at sf 'Q' V'i-'Shiv Q -.-- - .fm A .W iz? rf X 9: s ' Y f 9, V ff 15 - - H 4' w"7'ff ff 0' f f 'fV'3'f,. ' X me 'v ,Af fi ' " "'5.g,'1f IWW' 4 ,159 V ., 1 ' . ' if ff' ,f 1 . N V I - p',,.,gq-5. 1 ' , f ' f ef 1- "' V .-1549" 5' Ln 'SV-, V VV:-92411 ' '7 1?-, Lf .,g.5.f59i -1 -Tax. 'H 25,32 , ' ,V rYVV ' ' af", ' V ,avg 9-'is its V.,-VniQ'2 ,iv .wQ. V, . V..,,.A: , mg. V V V V Ve, . 34 .,V, Ep ' If fs 'n',G'. .-V' , if J 1 tag? A ' 'z. 3. fv- , 'friigg if-it 'ag pw ' 1 ,SM 1. , ,,gA f' ,V , A 5 W f o 5 ' f ' 'f-,, , 4 V .f72A,- ' V S , -'M' X 'G i.'zw,,. 'V' ' .? -, 9 E. -.ffl sf ,, ' 2""':A m - jff ' 3, . "".iifVL1f ki' f'3".F ' ..,M T,,,,,2: . -,ff - fl., T. . J .V 45,1 sl... iv" V-1,5-ji , vm L in M f ' ,f,4gKjff 1f.,.,,V,'L3---T'V-- - ' ,-' V4 v7f':,H ,A f"Q"3A..A- 4' hi AA!Zl"V"V Y '. Q' " cm ' w. M ' V46 '?" -f2ff':Hxl,,f .Q V ' if ."w gg, H- 5 ,. , V K , K ' ' :M 'Sill -Q 'iid' M':"l""gQr:' H gg" A141512 JA L Q, M"'x'gI..'Q z W V, -V gfs, r":31'j,jQ, A,-r-wgfn .Vf-fue . gf W Mmm VV ' , ' V ci V "V "'7"Qi 4243 .Vfwli wa-A YV-MW , H71 3 1 , ,M-Vh'T"2" 1, V V' ' P , A Q Q ' ' W-W, far'-Q! 11mg--..,.., Ay- Nu. "V 0 ,ff 75, w., xl I ,ff V-'Q V. ' , V, - , , VV ' VV ,V - , W--VVA",'3'-IE..-' Q .V V- ,. JVV-V V K5 , , - '-4 ' ' A V. 11'- .4QA':'K V",?Zf"r.V'. WK' '-1-V,':,V1Q4',72 'V V, V A V " V2 V, ?'0idT'5v-Qi. av l - , V, Y-Vg y QV 2 LLL? 4 V. F 1 V.-gjnfgifayvfxz, 1. . V - . . , , 4 V ' 'V ,A , V , -- , -V ,-H, V, ,-,.,z. V VV , .Q Q my M 'W ,V A ' 51 ' Mia L s 'Nf3V1'i-'Y 42.25-if LZ: 'H - W A 54 H A L , ' yrrttf M ,V L' X 4Q37Q',L, N-V4 A Egan " Yilzsf ,.v. 5 Sm jf,-xxx, 4-.,,.gfef.:g ,g,4,f'4 ww V31 Q , "0 ' , V ' Q -, 1 ' 'fqfqgt 'J '1 5-,h ' ,":ffi3?' A "2VV"'7'5."23 R,?5':J"Y'33T?vfiV'4ifiTvT."'.V VY? "' " 'N vis P-541 .1 fx Q, Aff' IVE' 313 Q , 'af-U,VV'wfQf1+?PzV., 'J-A ",:+.V.1'fg ,,'-V,,,.x, X -ZJQAVV4-5 J"f""YV-QV, ' S fwv V ,uf 7 54 I - M af - 4. I M ls' -5635 ' ,,:gV.3'V V ygxssf 44-W M- ,bf .V 2, 'N 'A 1 M ,,, +15 V.: i .V V ff - ,' ' 1 -"-'K V' i5w-76-iff'-fV .V-2 "-?',:2,fzW'9.f, V?1'2v 94" ,V . ff ' Q4 ?7-- ' 'ig ' M' . 3,1 '9'-Ja - 1 3 fwfr .1 2 "J-143-ubqlf V '-Q fyka 92 WNW ' , 5 5 Q , , VV 3 ,V Qs .V Vhgfi . V 1939? 1WVf.m:.f, H- V, fig, 1- X fig- V -fW.V4'V:"--V 5, 'V V V V VV V V ,VV , as V V -W VV lo M-Qskw-V 4- V 5.x m 2- . . Q ,VVfV+2M ,-fb? VV -59 W 4. Z . mamq was V.fg,k1vf1f- an as .QA AM ,mx A . V.VAgV y Q .A V gimp. A Y A," 38 V 2 A X I ,Y I 1 hjhi ,4V QA'1L1'h5W:g' ,, ,MA I A. .M , Mai uf' 2'-di? .,,-V.a.f'f'T1- , 36 My first day in Alfred is a day that I look back on with increasing humor as time goes by. It is also one that I did not especially enjoy living through at the time. My mother and I got a late start and, as a result, had only one hour before registration ended when our car entered Alfred Station. We saw before us a two-mile stretch of construction and destruction separating us from my long-awaited goal: Alfred University. The separation was more devastating than I first suspected because the universal joint and gear shaft fell out of our car not more than a hundred yards past the Mobil Station. With great apprehension for the car, we turned it around and rolled it to the gas station. lt was obvious that it would not move again for several hours so I had to take matters into my own hands. I extracted my bicycle from the back seat and re- assembled it. Putting the bicycle in the back seat is a feat that I have not been able to repeat and it was made even more incredible by the fact that I had also packed a sewing machine, a sewing caddy, a full backpack, a crate of records, a clock radio, dress clothes on hangers, eight pairs of footwear and another half-ton of paraphenalia in the same back seat. It is no wonder that it had taken me more than three hours to pack the car. I headed toward campus with my registration information in my pocket and my heart in my throat. The incline leading to town was difficult, to say the least, since nine out of ten speeds on my bike were not working. My first stop brought me to the traffic light in front of Delta Sig. "Hey, baby! Come to our party tonightl" rang out from a dozen frat brothers perched atop the porch roof. I shuddered and prayed for a green light. My prayers were answered and I headed into town. I decided to go to my dorm and figure out what to do from there. I had visions of "The Brick" as being not unlike a convent since it was, at the time, the only all-female dorm on campus. Not knowing exactly where to go in order to find it, I wheeled my bicycle onto campus and asked the first person that I saw for directions. "The Brick? It's right over there," she said, "Are you a nurse too?" From her question, I was able to conclude one of two things. Either all nurses lived in the Brick or nurses were always lost. "No, I'm an English major," I replied. An upperclasswoman walked by stiffly and said with great assurance, "The English Department sucks." In light of everything that had already happened to me, I remained undaunted at her statement and turned to the Brick where I found directions for finding the place of registration, my room and my roommate. My college career had begun. D. L. T. This past summer the National Science Foundation sponsored a four- week institute at the University entitled "Observational Astronomy for School Teachers". One of the student, John K. Wakeman, a junior high teacher in the Orchard Park, N.Y. school system spent part of his observing time photographing the moon at a number of different phases, using the 14'A" f!6 Olson telescope. Thus, on Monday night, July 17, he took several exposures of the moon on Kodak S0115 Technical Pan Film. Like all good observers, he was careful to record the time, a fact that was later to prove crucial. Since there was still some film left in the camera, he left it in and also photographed the moon for the next two nights. On Thursday night, the last night of the institute, the sky was quite hazy, and so John quit early to develop the film. As he was hanging it up, I heard him say of the Monday night pictures . . . "Here's the best one fthe 1!250 sec. exposurei, but it's got an ugly scratch on it". l had loaded the film for him iJohn doesn't like our kind of film tank at allli, and I was puzzled, since I had no difficulty with it. To see what had gone wrong I took out the pocket magnifier I always carry and examined the negative close up. I need not say what excitement then erupted, since none of us, even John, had any inkling of what had happened. lWhen photographing the moon, one first points, then focuses the telescope, and then backs away from it, and waits for a few seconds to let any vibration die away before making the exposure, so during the second it took the airplane to cross the moon, nobody was watchingll. The next morning Roger Carr, the principal instructor at the institute, identified the airplane as a DC 10, and Marty Moore and Al Littell in the University Relations Office submitted the photograph to United Press In- ternational. Ultimately, UPI declined to release it, fearing that might be a hoax, and it was submitted to Associated Press. We then decided to at- tempt an identification of the individual airplane. Since ithanks to Johnl I knew that the photo had been taken at 9:35 PM EDT f0135GMTJ, I could look up the celestial coordinates of the moon and from these, the time and the longitude and latitude of the observatory calculate the altitude and azimuth angles of the airplane. To make further calculations, however, I needed to know its size, and I phoned Douglas Aircraft, the manufacturer, to find out. I was put in touch with Elayne Bendel, Senior Representative in the External Relations Division, who gave me the dimensions of the regular and long range versions of the DC 10. Now I was able to compare the relative sizes of the moon and airplane images, and to deduce that the plane was 13 miles south-southeast of the obser- vatory and flying at about 34,300 feet. Since both wingtips are showing, I could tell that the plane was pointed about 50 toward the telescope, and with the know azimuth angle that meant it was on a heading of 0620 1280 north of easti, possibly in a slight climb. Additionally the assumption that the plane was not banking allowed me to guess that it was the long range version since with a shorter wingspan, a short range DC 1014000 miles is short range?!I would have had to be banking about 20 away from the telescope. I communicated these numbers to Elayne at Douglas, who began what was to become a long and arduous search of the schedules of the 36 air- lines who use DC 10's to see who might have had one near Alfred at the right time. This search produced no close matches but by this time she was hooked and called the New York Air Traffic Control Center, which has charge of commercial aircraft in our area. They told her that had she called within a few days of the event they could easily have asked their computer, but that the volume of traffic necessitates discarding all but the immediate past "progress tapes" of individual aircraft flights. They did say, however, that the heading ruled out New York as a destination, that it could be a Boston or overseas flight, but that the altitude sounded higher for the former, especially if the airplane was still climbing. Scheduled airlines having been ruled out, Elayne turned as a last resort to the long list of charter airlines who fly DC 10's, and began phon- ing them one by one, a potentially endless task. But here she got lucky, because after only three calls Pat Miller, Coordinator of Advertising and Sales Promotion for Trans International Airlines, identified the flight as one chartered by Arthur's Travel Center of Philadelphia, which left Cin- cinnati at 8:45 PM EDT i0045GMTJ and landed in Shannon, Ireland at 0745 GMT. A subsequent call to Arthur's revealed that the plane was carrying several college alumni groups from Ohio and Kentucky. Meanwhile, A.P. had expressed skepticism about the photograph and wanted to see the negative, which we were reluctant to send through the mail. ilt gives one confidence in both AP and UPI dispatches to see the care they take in documenting their sourcesi. They agreed instead to ex- amine contact prints of the negative which would also show the negatives adjacent to it, and so we sent them these plus a number of other prints at various enlargements up to 28 times negative size and news of Elayne's detective work. Apparently satisfied, they released the picture, which has apparently been printed in several hundred newspapers here and abroad. Of course we can't take any credit for having taken this photograph. After all, we simply had a telescope pointed in the right direction at the right time, Lady Luck did the rest. Capping n 1 41 rural awareness photos: r.s.w. 'WCW , A ' f w , ' Q K " 5 ww Mifflin" 3 H 'Y I I-. In 4, Z xg. S- f-W g.m,..,,N. Sm swf," .N Ke .af 2. fri-3 , H 1 J m.-. W-1 N fn-H. vgnna-f 4 P 6 4 V ag halloween 'l l.fz1+1'f':ff31?ciZH:g'H I" 7 . Aff-Jia ,Q fy cw If toga party 1979 I N 1 1' . TlM.SETTlMl MIME special events K , I 0 David Mulzinger Flash in the Pan W N.. Sw Gus Solomon Comedy of Errors COHCEITS N.R.B.Q Sammy Hagar Boston X . I S., 3 rf if ' S f 539 ' Q -f 1 V 32 1 Aig. V ,zii ,,1A . 4 , Lv GJ 2 Q9 l Nm map-fanf' 1' . 14 , i -5.L Q it V androcles and the lion aw 5 Androcles and the Lion, by George Bernard Shaw, was produced by the Drama Dept. as its' fall production. A large cast and crew, including students of all majors, to the production, and gave Androclesa sell-out house for its final performance. The play dealt with the classical fables of Androcles, a humble Greek tailor and a Christian, who while fleeing the Roman persecutors with his shrewish wife, pulled the thorn from the paw of a wild lion. Androcles was arrested, and thrown into the Coliseum with the very lion who he had helped earlier. ln a manner typical to Shaw, the play explored the unjustness of inhumanity and bigotry, and the inevitable corruption of absolute power as personified by Caesar. This was counterpointed by the total innocence of Androcles, the idealism of Lavinia and Ferrovius, fellow Christians, as well as the Christian Spintho's hypocrisy. A light comedy, with deep implicationsg Androcles and the Lion went over well with the Alfred audience. Louise Block NX Photos by R. S. W. Most people are skeptical when you mention anything concerning the topic, hypnotism. But it's one of those freaky things that will draw a crowd especially when there's not much else to do in this forsaken place called Alfred. After some jokes, the usual show business stuff, Ken Weber, the hypnotist, caught the audience's attention with a few card tricks and some mental games. But he was wrong when he said that the picture I had just snapped wouIdn't come out. He read a few minds, that was O.K. - not much going on inside them anyway. He spoke about E.S.P. and scan- ned through the anxious crowd of volunteers in the audience finally picking ten or so. They ascended to the stage and after about five minutes of relaxing their leg muscles, back muscles, etc. they relaxed themselves into a trance. It was official, everyone in the audience witnessed it. We did some mighty hard laughing that evening. Ken Weber had them doing some pretty strange things up there. One girl was convinced that she was named "Shredded Wheat"! She looked a little shredded up there to say the least. He talked them into believing that they were hot and soon enough they were panting, fanning themselves, and loosening their garbs. But what really had us in stitches was when the hypnotist told them that they could smell a horrible and rancid odor. Worse yet, the odor that they smelled was coming from the person on their left. They were making faces and sniffing, they looked morose and disgusted. We laughed when one student thought that he was a martian and another student tran- slated everything he said. He even described the sex life of the average martian. Not much different from us humanoids. So never turn down a martian. Finally the climax of the evening's entertainment came when Weber suggested to the entranced female volunteers that the audience was naked. "Oh, this is disgusting es- pecially that guy in the audience who appeared to be playing with himself." In contrast, the males in the group enjoyed looking at the seemingly naked audience. They couldn't tear their eyes away - they loved it. It was a good performance. Truly genuine. If you were skeptical and curious before, you were less skeptical and even more curious after Weber's performance. 60 Kanakadea: What is your name? Loui Garcia Kanakadea: Were you ever hypnotized? Garcia: Not at all. Kanakadea: Were you skeptical? Garcia: Slightly. . .I had my doubts. . . I'm very open minded to new things and I really wanted to try it. I was really excited when I got up there. Kanakadea: Were you entirely hypnotized? Garcia: Yeah. Kanakadea: What does that mean? Garcia: You mean how does it feel? . . . Kanakadea: Sort of . . . What do you remember? Garcia: I remember about 3006 to 5006. lt's very similar to meditation. When you come out of it you are very relaxed. But it is in a sense more effective as far as relaxation is concerned. I felt as though I was in a deeper state of concentration, but yet I was very alert, which is the one phenomenon that I cannot describe or even explain. Because it was very unique from anything else. For example, like meditation which I have been do- ing for three years. The procedures are very similar. You usually have an association word. For example, counting from 1 to 10 or from 10 to 1. I felt for some reason after I came out I couIdn't understand why I was doing all these things. The moon, the martian Kanakadea: So you remember what happened? Garcia: Yeah . . . Part of it. I remember that and the horse race very much. Some parts when I came out, to me it was like you know when you have a dream and you cannot recall everything, that's how it felt. But the more exciting parts I remember more. For some reason when I am in a crowd and people are laughing hysterically, I cannot con- trol myself and I laugh. But one thing that I cannot explain was that I was not interested in what was going on out there, it was more like an inner focus . . . a focus within my own subconscious level. People were hysterical and I was serious plus I do believe hypnotism does exist and that one incident has made me believe in it more totally and my doubts are gone. Kanakadea: Are there different levels of hypnotism? Garcia: Yes, slight differences. At first I was more concentrating on my heartbeat. He was trying to describe how the muscles were getting tired, the back muscles, the leg muscles, the neck. After six minutes I was really in a trance and it remained until the end of the show. Kanakadea: Do you remember the part when Ken Weber suggested that the whole audience appeared naked? Garcia: Oh yes.. .O.K. .. . In a sense Icannot explain. lt's not like you're hallucinating or an illusion or make believe but I was up on the stage and for some reason I had to believe it. Ken Weber has said this and when I wake up l'm going to see it. It's not just because he said it, for some reason it's the way I felt toward his suggestion. His voice was the focus of everything. There was no one in the world that could convince me that he was not naked. The most ridiculous thing was to see Loui in front of all of those naked girls. It was ridiculous. Kanakadea: Did you have flashbacks? Garcia: No, not at all. What Ken Weber did . . . he taught us a few bits of how to do self- hypnosis. l've dropped meditation for a while and have been practicing and have found it most rewarding. I can sleep better. Kanakadea: ls it easy? Garcia: For some people it would be harder 'cause you have to hypnotize yourself. lf you make his voice the focus of everything and that's all you are interested in it will work. When you are doing it you have to act out what you're saying. You are tired and you must feel the muscles relax, and they do because your body acts according to your mind. If you want to concentrate on your arm muscles you must make an association that your arms feel like a rag doll, and feel it, it will work. Kanakadea: Did you feel tired afterwards? Garcia: I wouldn't say tired but relaxed - very relaxed. I felt so good. I didn't want to be disturbed. People were asking me things Did l remember the fake S5 bill in my pocket? . . .And I didn't want to even bother with them. l wasn't tired -just a beautiful sensation. It was an experience! s - r V, -"Y4+- xwzsgswgf 'I'-V-if,S1v'1"'N" .4 lapsiy F ,455 . , 'gf .. Q., . , A . ,Q .,, i ?X,M.S.'t57'E?., D if . -fs" f SW' '-l! Bottom row L to Fi - B. Kendrat, M. Henry, G. Eagan, C. Dziekan, J. Conway, D, Gallup, D. Thomas, D. Mikel, J. Bundy, M. Poley, B Durr, B. Maiu, Second row - G. Sueria, J. Kozel, W. Carnell, T. Webster, M. Best, A. Lasky, B. Magee, D. Nolan, J. Haitz, J. Benoit B. Schuster, F. Muraco, Third row - M. Shardlon, J. Maque, D. Brenneman, J. Heffernan, M. Roth, Bob Schuster, M. McMchutty, T Zapazynski, L. Teta, D. Chilton, Ft. Evans, M. Manceralla, Fourth row - B. Shepard, S. Terry, D. Davis, K. Coleman, K. Weitzman M. Overbye, D. Brandt, J. Callahan, D. Moran, B. Jacobson, D. Craft, D. Lester, Trainer Mike Garcia, Top row - L. Michin, D Dicksan, S. Kinney, M. Henrich, J. Martin, W. Can, F. Posle, T. Monna, A. Heter, J. Herbert, S. Patliff, Trainer T. Fraser. vw x id! . 'wk W af- NNW A. X xv N i 5 ,pw K 'f .kk if .,,, A -A 59' I A K. .. ww--v ' X-iifb:-3rA'g 55585 5-M.. .5 kk -1 Y-9:5 sis' " ' 3 'W - -v f - 4 - ' r 'it f Q ktgevvk .X ' . 1 k SY wwsifg way : -fm r w Q x 8 is wwf kk My M A111 1 - . . fx w . Q A ,K X Avlis V A x H ...S ...fu ,X ig Q - Nj"fL.-1-5.1, 94 Qffgffiii- , AAS' Q ',-555.5 ' s I u 1 Q 65 41 wasp, Q. . ,,,. .L ' V ' 5. 'av 2 Z BT SWS was saxons men's soccer , ,. ,M . ,. - -- ,,,,,,,,,,..,...wm- 95300 V O Ab S Y' 'S ' ' . -- :zi . ' Q, W .-f- X 5 1 C ir' qQ1b P 5 X,b.X f L-1. , . "" :?S' ' N19 68 f 7 Zli A f I D l OS Top row: Assistant Coach Bitch Rygiel, Jeff Farnsworth, Bill McNamara, Peter Bourne, Jeff Alexander, Ken Diehl, Dave Parkinson, G. Cutbay, Mike Kopcznski, John Davidson, Lori Spalding ilvlanagerl. Bottom row: Lisio Penninsi, Dennis Burton, Goce Tasevski, Stan Stamatel, Roy Husung, Floss Stern, Bill Liddick, John Kelso. Goalies: Jim Cullen, Pat Fasano, Havier. Coach: Len Obergfell, 69 70 71 women's soccer club R :Y Q f A it ii EV Bottom: Wendy Caldwell, L. to R. Beverly Fuss, Sue Michelski, Sandy Hofsmith, Betsy Liptak, Pat Guthrie, Mary Ackiey, Lori Higgins, Peggy Lindstrom fGoaIiei Amy Woodward, Barb O'ConneII, Trish Forti, Janet Thompson iCaptainJ, Colleen Shuler, Jennifer Beamis, Aren Dicker. Missing: Cathy King, Coach: Mark O'Meara .4 ., Us " ,H 11 h' M , ,,, T' L vl, Z , A ,A . v W ag, av vn l Q 9? , K X j ' 'j f A ', 1 ,-, , ,. 4, , ,L , 1 A 73 K women's tennis Bottom left: Susan Joyce, Jennifer Dean. Top left to right: Kathy Moleski, Jody Gibson, Jennifer Wilson, Katherine Lunt, Coach Virginia Rasmussen. Missing - Helen Stancs, Linda Seyfert, Marcella Murgese, Caron Lacher, An- toinette Dermody. w ' -A X 5 in .- K ' .i ii 'Q Q ii . -. -..- I ' - .. K 54. . 4:,- X? .N M RER, QSQQ- 598 KSN x fum R, .,,,f 'VN H womens volleyball WJHE Nlf' FH A mm ph f W iq, x,,, if 1' s.,,,.H I? Bottom row: Lynn Ocorr Linda Helwig Marie Brady. Middle: Coach Shirley Liddle Laurie Hampel Jeanette Grey Jean Ruthman. Top: Assistant Coach Rosanne Parker Wendy Domster Sue Boutillier Kathy Rivers, Sue Barth ,.... wish? -Q , 5 AL fill 'E , l 4 1 .Q if rl we , i gr! f t wean L .kvkk 1 . Y xx . X , ,Se M7 Le Q ' j, g 5' I ' Y 1 1 K ,, I ,, . , , fi Manager Robin Higgley, Trainer Gail Acomb. Vi if , ao,i,N,, 3 , : in , A .Q ,ag i ...uv if 043 2 0' c 1'5" C9 7: y.v V y f ww 'J . 2' 5 '52 Zi ' sz., ,-, f- P25 Q V , .X gl if mg bf V T .Ekrw 5 iw 1 A .1 mfr' www ,,,, I M I .,,, , by I W f 5 002,512 Q . If f f," t ? i1V,V ,, , , vw. 5' , ,: W awww , b , V ,ig wk w . 4 Z? My -V ,M ,f ,Q H ff f M f , ,L , . . , ,, VA, ,,,, ,W f rf Afmv, , AM, f, lf 4 Ah .C W 434' -. ' l , i,lqw ,'- 5 ,'-' 175 1 W f 2 W 8 ,Z , 3 V Q1 U 1' , 41 we ,f 2 Z fy, if , f f VLA' , f 41, , if wi ? 'lx w M.. ine W, V 79 Ode to a Track Coach Amidst the ciatter and patter of feet Stands a coach not too taii and not too sweet Torturing people where ever he goes, Quarters and halves jumping on toes. And in his spare time he thinks of these deeds So that we may die, cough and wheeze. To this we say, "Yuck, yuckf' "Pep, pep." All this ofcourse, "On your first step." D.C Cross Country 2 34 1 ' :V 5 f,, . aj, G', ,L , , , M 2 W I W,,,mM,,M,,, ,M fu, WWmz:WnA4,e1m,M,A.mWwW.,WMm., A my , , me fr ,Af 've?f711,g W " L la,-:W VMWZQ' ' MM V f f P ff? ' i i WW W , , .. ff W f,,H,,Q I , wfwzfefm,- ,fgwff vgfz ymf , ,W ' -"1w'fMf'w " ff f' A WW2,- f3?'6,ff"Z ,,??Zi :'3'I' I LV, W'M1f'1?,q,1'f,!?Y.ww4H 'Q I - ., , 4 ww . , H' ffffiwfi, 2, H1 , ,, M J 'f " 473,52 ec mimi' , K' H f Mu, f' ' Q ,MW ' "W V 'WM' - f'f!e,'le'vh','1M , V ',', ,zil ,VV ,, , K QWL X gf 023 , 42 , K, ,, , V, , f 5 .M iff ' 'Y 1 I f A , V, L V ' ' W fa- ' U ff, , , ff - 1 , V , ' ' ' ' i , , ,,.,,. .,,VZ. ,,, , ..., , , A ,, V Af' ,, .WY Swv-W ' w , gf' f Vwmmww , . ' , . f M mwgf ff 2 W Q '14 gf lf mfg ff f-MW it f 'W mf! ji? -A . H M 'Qi im LM Jiffy? 554 A . Z J i QQ! , H , '-" f I , , AL 82 +6 H"Y'W'111fs,.. ,A-nv winter kr W-,W f 'WW f """nnQ., uns-iwwf W f W, an-"""",K ,Q x , wwf QQ' if w sk -k F Y' X 15 if M KM 5 .XX Ne . , Q - 'fx ' JW, ' , ww n X NK? in www Q X X AW? ..:X, Ag. W S ii, y - - 'L .. X371 K . fx X 3 LSR? 'JI ' r 9 'V f ,M ""'u'wfa,,.,,IQ"' M. W f f ,fggwa,g' ' .. of l L, ww A W N X ' .2j73,, 'fe .- Y j V Tau W... . iq" as I ,Y-qgw 'f 1 , in-, f X 'f is -8 rv M W 11 ,-au ifww ,af 4' L+ ,L k W- we -- X 1 X A :SSA X . . 5 if ,J-IH ii'3'!Yr"l55Y'Rf4S Cf, A A Q ffmgfsgg-, f as . . .-L. N 'QA I . ,cfv Q X Q Q W X f le X X 1'9" X Egidlfi fx, f , J M 1 A. M . K X 5 if F K K ff?-wifi?-.Q - -V -:"ff X'v ??fF1f f UN. ff . . wx ..f ,:, -. W ' - gf. - -1 ff-M I 2: I' Q- 55 , if A mmfgmy, WM st. pat's day parade h 4. Mix? . ,vi gg 1' wb k -,X ' MU gg if f .W S .X 5, A 5 ' 55 33535 3 Am, X of X Q Da? Q vw MWJW 2 ...vw-M 3 Q gk F5 -,,,..X QWCX .f I .W ' ' . N Q A0r:,.g --:- - N Q., 6. Q ' Sw 5 I A :I 4 x .Vx p'-,.f"l,'xaJ ,K , A V K L 7,825 V7 gjgglgfi mmm vs X Q. .H-f W- ' 55 fr aj! r i . A. r , :Zu , A X3 , - . ig , , . I I ""' X 1 . J E .1 K Kg, 1 -ffff ' x Q, -.N L... ylv sf 1 iffsg.. - tk kg ,gl .. ff 1 ""' , 97 f zif " I III w .. J' Ak ,S di K k I , 'if 1 ,Q . 5 x k f 5 X . . I- R xl. -f ' " if .5 ' -, 5, . .N g ..,,.'- , I ! U I - ' i n 2 0- , K 5 , is Y ,f S I . Q ' V' , XR 'U v x P ??ff'QS,g , XA . N , Q X, X ' Q Asf lug a x 'Q ., J,- i Q A ff' i M v ' X . x x J MX Q, iw '3-ENN ze., - . gay? gawk? . . 3 532323 S' kms: 8. 5 5 Q J .1 Q 3 rod rogers d a H C S C O ! 5 . .tm -and-tilt Q! ,.d"l pt -S"i5Qi . X KD U i H second annual light exhibition S Even though not well publicized, the second annual Alfred light exhibition was a great success. All in all, there were six exhibitors participating and an estimated tive hundred spec- tators witnessed the event. The larger turnout was due partly to the new location fthe old amphitheater on Pine Hilll being within easy walking distance and due partly to the Alfred word- of-mouth-grapevine spreading the word about last year's show. Bob Dix had a piece that not only used gas to light it but also to lift it. He filled trash bags with helium to make a floating neon sculpture. Dave Ablon buried tubes of neon and argon to take advantage of the snow's light dif- fusing properties. Tracy Wall decided to build a six foot "fin" that had tubes in it using the struc- ' -, Aan, -em J XV ture to soften the harsh neon glow. Dan Buckingham displayed more of his "pods" only this time they had grown in size not unlike the pods in "invasion of the Body Snatchers" a movie re- take about pods from space. Bob Whitefield had some "symbolesque" pieces tracing back ideas from Biblical times with his "Tube in a Bush" piece and his tetrahedron. Tom Biebel plan- ted a "crop" of 25 neon tubes in rows taking advantage of the long winter.growing season in Alfred. These photographs are of the crop thriving in a blizzard the night after the show. Bob Whitefield is shown photographing his piece which also did well in the snow. Two Alfred volun- teer firefighters showed up to investigate the red glow in the Eastern sky. The neon glow. hightened by the blizzard, is not seen too much in these parts so it was no wonder that they mis- took it for a fire. They were very excited and they rushed home to get their cameras. One of the highlights of the show was when Bob Dix's balloon piece got away and went soaring off into the midnight sky. We wondered if anyone would report a U.F.O. The glass department purchased a portable generator this year so it looks like Alfred will continue to have its unique annual por- table light show in the future. 101 ki team Steve Suncecci, Tom Kirk, Tom Gilbert, Jay Saxton, Marguerite DeSaIvio, Dave Jones, George Egan, Jeff Farnsworth, Wayne Bunker, Jeff Lundenthal, Dean Genacci, Tom Ollsen, Mike Burr, Carl Herring, Coach Jeremovic. 1 , K af H K W, Nl A x + 4... -f -R Lf 'Si X NN- Q -K. . Lf. , K W X if fm 'Y . , , 7' X - nga- -, A H 4 . K I M, , Q ga , 1 L +A wif' ' x -. M sr- M x N' , .Q W 1 5- K 1 0 . ,tim ' k In V, X 4 X v 8 ms e k n e S b a Bottom row- L to R- Steve Houck, Jay Ewanich, Fiich Vinikoff, Dave Conklin, Fred Poole, John Woychak, Top row- L to R- Head Coach Ron Frederes, Dave Smith, Bob Carlson, Ray McKetch, Bob Bouie, John Russell, Wayne Cummings, Jim Martens, asst. coach Bob Morehouse, Absent- asst. coach Charlie Young. 104 'Bill YREA 'pr' Qhishnmgunn ! -....-A!" 4 sza:a1sa:nm1 s 5 Wifi! 31 K 'b J X 2.31 Ari? i M1 J L I 3- 711 I QXN f Top: Linda Moses, lAsslstant Coachl, Mary Ackley, Judy McKinnon, Jane Edel, Tammy Smolenskl, Diane Maisel, Kathy Lunt, Chris Whalley, Laura Pierce, Karen Sontag, Peggy Llndstrom, Judy VanKuren, Sue Wolter, Karen Herhold, Coach Shirley Liddle. womens basketball 'ru ,, , 'Sm 'W J ,I M. M93 Rv .I ,, ,rf 1 ,rx -1, ' QM eewzkwz W if gf if ' W H , I " 2- 57: ,ix I Vf ,., , 65+ 5 My Lgfififgi K HHKVIIQIUHUMCR- f i XX X 1 14 . Cbf' 1, . W " , :guy uf Q Katie Gaffney, affney, nG ti orp, Kris Th Paiti Ck wi Top row- Pat McVey, Leslie Fen Coach Schaeberie. ey, Tracy Connell, DS Dem 3 ,Mi Pauly l.OUiS6 TOW- BOUOFU omen's swim team gAl"JL,Lj,,5,,f. z.'m1a1v'b1iZQ f, , M gf. g 15 iiii i fz'i1:,gf'i V 3 fi? ",,V ' , , w wa., ,mam , ,, ww-an-y' 1, K... W 319 ,. .n,. , . M' ff' ' 4 W ,Q 3' ,, ., , ,. . ,... .. . ., ,-: - -, ' ,, x , ,V ., V M , . f , y y , V, W 3 , 4, 'di lm, if 4. M , 5 5 9 1 My an .KI if My ,wif ...kd -.SQ -'Y a-:af if R213 Qs. N X K " gf: Q. f Q W V - i 4. .N I 'fi .. '. f K ii ,w.'T"4 .. .. X S S. V. M-9' K R is -5 f VA. . .W 'xx .N Sr 'dll 'V' ' 5133. 04 Q , A ' kr, ,gt .. X wiv I 110 Lv , spring Y sr 4 ,fwgxlfr -'Sf n 'Hi is av 5 .K A A LX A K 5 xPQQsMifgi A ,,...im1ff-. ,N X 'nk Q"'S vi., .A KN . AF ' 5 "SY .-He by sp.. 113 1 114 115 3 X ' . i ,,?'31i is Sum' if Iii 1 . S5 -' I-I N i, i um 5' al, x ,ix V , 1 il i W f xe A 1 X ig 1 NM ,, Q N . f X ' , ' fu A . S' .rj . 5 N A , , ' ,E ' " 4 . XX Atjijff K f, f " x x 2 , - ,, Y, Yds if i:Sb, - fi Z' f Ei- .. v 1' - ..,,- -f....., .. . -'95 ....,.,.. M, ,.M,w , N , .Ji N - K - , yy 5, ,L-. '-N t yzfaqir' 1 A vw ' +-X . Q 'f , ' 49 -2,.9f?wv"i ' .. QS3 fii 1 Qt as ,Q align , ' x 'K , f '2i?'?'?!E ,Y Ii "Q gi '- I Q f was A' J' .M--,Q-gf,m, , Jim 's .,.,, , gh? NSEfN.2' ' qgvfk -.- 'L'A ' ii 'Y - W Wxigw? ... fix-X ikwygggg if an . ,M .iv ...,..4-W Q., -.4 ,WM .,,.,.,: n .gm .. .... , ,M Q f-9 gla- 4 QQ,--'M .1- W-.-www +. -MGH' 'ww A 9 1' li' 3'-f , A 1 -. , nm. 3 an-.X I I!" in ' - . ef-N. ., mi Q f ,vu x.--avr'-Q " .u ww .gp A- V 'N 9 -mum .. A -M V N1 ' IL . -. S ' ,pr 1 - - -" ,,....y+ N 5. ,W ,,, wh-.qw ,Mundy dl' f' Q. lQua.....W. X g n WP' 'L' .Q A X4 -x,. , --a ,-... nn.- -- is .' . 'Siu 1 I 4 .5 ' i? 42" ,Y we-17 gn. 93' " 5 'Q , ,M .nw Jil' 4,41- WW ffm? f' .. M GN x 1 o ' f -5 1 as A I, Q 'Zz' kuqf .M sl Q -5 ,pf-3 3 if igfi gi was W! W xi ws if if Lv' WW cfwmm? 4,1 5 wid 'ang 11 'NPN . . 35, ,ju x 5 ,Xt ,. X W - J X ,fi vas ,p Bn Q 3 -ui - z- is E ' N W QM i X M 553 A ' , QQ , ' Y . K i E -www. 1 NS-S wk Q . Ss W kg zg-MQ 5 Q amy 1 vw 1' Douglas performing in the suites. Q Coffee houses lucas samaris visiting artist ,lx sv, Q- 5 N Y I? it ll gg , 1 1. 'ZZ v 2 ' "ww fig " ,sq Z1 -' ,i ff it marvin bell visiting poet- alfred alumnae Y f A li 1 ia' I -5 A . . , 1 - I is . gg l t . f ff! X gf R lf. A A E oo K' Q' x X 5 .F Sw ' 'w':'Q+ -' ""' 1 "fw- , wr -J J, .Qu . - , A , "" l . VJ- u , . .-1,591 'Q-giffarzsf -, ,-sfw-KK 'Q ' 'L if.-- de. 'Y . H -.' -- , en' '1 6-' K' , H- "' -M- 5 gg? ' i1.3?'f f i - -" ' Ai if + - ',e:1i1g.Q, ' K+ gf, 1,. .. . if -- an-4 , W. Y 1- -w Q 1 . 0 , fer." . -mm fa n- A, H' - - f f - f , ff S gm ' - ,h , , A ' ' . ' . "' K '-- 1 ' " K Q -' A Q - X f n A . ,. ,K warn .- ' " Q K fgmxz 'A 12 K , K- is K 0, x ff Kg A fi 3 ,Q ,K . - 9.1 2 " X H J K At 'all is QW - ' ' ' .1-. ' K - . ' g : ' f, F gg . rn ' X-N , . - , iff g - . fr ESQ?-3 gi .. K .KKK Q4 a Q, 1 J .1-NL K1 : A X V' 5 ff r IK MKKKKKK K y .K-K. , 3 . K, K, I 1. K - rf SK, :Ka , K K! 4 V tkm vw-nn! . ,fab SNS K? Q A ' . K ,K TXJKKF., Qssyq K KK, KK qfmlm KK 'I' H., -gs 45, if K K Q , I sfj i ff I , ...e'n:' .K :Ns K1 K .K ,K , ' ig S qf9!X"f'L.-. .-1, ' f A : - f ' sf'-' Of ,t , - 3 , -'b R K :K 1. . 5 .4 rv, X 'J , , ,R . 'Q-gnsossf' K 14 k ..-" " LK , ' ' ' ,'f ..' f -g W 'J ,vig W 1- '-. -bf' b 5 Q QVIF 4' 11A P' ' '? X, KK K 4 -2 K K K Emu, K K A . X K 4, K z X - Y. -M A K' 'QKK-KKgv:f55!if, K X K K'l , ...I 'fi S K 3 .K Et. b it B-.,sa,.,w , x f f 7' . 3 xf i i ? ' . K K K K'5x',,,. QtK,5K,-, lx 'K L Q. Q b E ft, .41 K " M, :NK asf. X ' gf 1 wx j '--G -I - ,Q--an ... . 1-A S is pinning Way back in 1975, we had our first nursing orientation with Dean Barker. Her first words were "Look to your left and look to your right- only one of you will be here four years from now to graduate." Well, here we arel. Our first freshman class was Anatomy With Dr. Bowden. For the first week, we showed up promptly at 8:00 A.M. By the second week, we would show up while Dr. Bowden was showing slides so he wouIdn't notice our late entrance. By the third week, either we rarely showed up or we used the lights going down to help our eyelids go down for the extra hour of sleep. ln anatomy lab, we had to dissect our cats. Our roommates would never come home for fear of being presented with a brain, an eyeball, a heart, or the entire cat! And who said we weren't allowed to have pets in the dorm! The dorms wreaked of formaldehyde from the goods stolen from the lab so we could study for those practicals! Didn't you love follow- ing the numbered flags in every muscle of that feline? Sometimes it seemed that Dr. Bowden made up some of those muscles and bones - there were just so many! Remember looking into those clear jars of who knows what and then having to describe its function which was a feat in it- self considering that you didn't know what it was! Chemistry was a blast- literally. Dr. Rulon in his yellow shirts and Tom Gilbert right behind with his pants falling down and always drinking a Pepsi. To be pleased with a 4005 on a quiz was too much! We Were psy- ched! And ifyou did not have enough of Dr. Rulon in Chemistry, we got up again at 8:00 A.M. for Nutrition to learn about the Long Island Ducklings and the chemical composition of soap - both vital facts that will certainly aid us in our nursing careers! And who could forget - "Your point is well taken - Thank you Dr. Norod." And Lippincott - filling in the blanks from the Dukane tape machine for three long hours - we thought that was just so hard - if we only knew what was to come. Assess, Plan, implement, Evaluate. Assess, Plan, Implement, Evaluate. Assess, Plan, implement, Evaluate. After four years, you just can never, ever forget it. Hello Dr. Rausch and the overhead projector! What is happening to Bea Meuller as she writes on the board? And, what is Blood? Has anyone figured it out yet? And who could forget the incredible doctor from Ten- nessee - Hello, my name is Dr. Witherspoon. We will now apply pressure to my assistants carotid artery. How does that feel, Bob? I think l'm going to faint. l will now apply a bit more pressure - now Bob, how do you feel? Well, l'm going. Bye Bye!! We come back after a nice long summer thinking wow - if we made it through Freshman year, Sophomore year should be a breeze! We were never so wrong. Nursing 200, 202, and Microbiology proved this year harder than ever anticipated. lt was great to get up at 6:00 A.M. to be on the bus at 7:00 A.M. to finally be on the floor by 10:00 A.M. And those flattering, stylish, chic blue pin stripe uniforms with the white bib, and of course signing the chart A.U.S.N. with the name pin to prove it. The uniform was intense, but the cap made the outfit complete. The thrill of the cap was gone fast - it never stayed on long enough to be thrilling. You would draw the curtain around your client and with it came your cap into the client's lap - good sterile technique! Dr. Shively's smiling face was always there to greet us at 1:00 P.M. for Micro. However, that smilling face disappeared when it came time for 60 panicking nurses to figure out their UNKNOWN. For two weeks, we all piled into lab at the same time trying to make known, the UNKNOWN. Off it was to Rochester leaving Alfred unhappily, but never wanting to return. We went to St. John Fisher High School where the girls were dressed for Seventeen magazine and the guys were Psyched that all these Alfred nurses were there for the attack. lt was really not too difficult to find Basil and Kearney Halls since they were the only two buildings on campus! Wasn't it fun when we would take our psych patients out and people were not sure who was the patient! Seeing your first birth - we cried and were more excited than the mother! The mileage we put on our cars twhen they workedj driving down to Alfred for Wednesday and Friday night discos and getting back just in time for class the next morning. Didn't you love going to the hospital four times a week during Med- Surg? During the summer, there you would be on the beach on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon when you look at your watch and realize that you are late to pick up your client. Still wearing your bathing suit, you put on your lab coat and rush to the hospital. We just loved taking all of our finals and then as soon as you were finished, you had to take those long and tedious NLN's. All of the above, 2 of the above, A 8t B, A, B, 8t D, none of the above, enough ofthe above. . . With all of the objectives we had to meet in Rochester, the main objec- tive was to learn to type, and type quickly. Between nursing care plans, case studies, and research papers, we had our fingers tied to the keys. After four years we nurses had us one hell of a reputation. We resided at the Campus Center with all of the necessities of life - a Tab in one hand and a cigarette in the other! We were always in the Campus Center. Even our mail and Phone calls came there! No nurse would ever miss a disco at the Pub. Our injections may sting, but we sure can move on that dance floor! We had to end our nursing school career by relating our philosophy of nursing. After four years, we still couldn't exactly pinpoint what our philosophy was. But we all do have that leadership quality! There aren't enough days in a year to reminisce about the funny, and sometimes not so funny times that we have been through together. We leave Alfred with a great deal of knowledge concerning our profession as nurses as well as ourselves as individuals. We enter the health care profession as change agents able to provide an optimum level of health care. Equally important, we leave with everlasting friendships - grown and nurtured out of the support, encouragement, and love needed to get us to where we are today. Thanks for the memories. 133 Q r a d u 3 'E i 0 n 136 li 137 men's track team Top row L to Fi - D. Mikel, L. Teta, C. Kazin, D. King, D. DeCoursey, K. Ewsuk, D. Gallup P. Chayka, Second row - R. Lursa, asst. coach, Fi. Coyle, T. Schuster, E. Scalice, L Gubris, B. Barnes, M. Miller, T. Burke, P. Kunzinger, P. Craft, C. DuBreuiI, Head Coach First row - P. Tschorke, J. Myers, mgr.--L. DeCas, G. Stern, C. Wernick, M. Butowsky, E. McAndrew, C. Berti, J. Loewy, B. Sullivan. 5. nf wa HAM' ., X ,M , W ,, ri V. WWDZS, W ,, ,,, Y ' , ' 1 1, AM 'W btw 4 I an wif, 4, gd, L WM f i 'H M HW' W, , f 1 MM ,,,, , ,vw W,-74fffw2m,f' ,, , A 1 A f . H -M JW'ff'jr,, f . 5, ,WJ fy I I 1 , V f wi f 1 . ' ' .," 4 f YM ' L A ff--,fi fifty ' I jfii'?hi7 ' Y? Q, ' Q . : fm , f Y, ,. iau,1a?n ,, Q4 , wi"4fff,fl634m?.QJ,4.'?'ff,, ,L4p+?f1??Q?'i? 7 f W wr' i 140 Tina Cantelmi, Kim Waite, Melanie White, Kerry O'Shea, Kathy Tanchak, Chrissa Lefes, Karen Savage, Sue Boutillier, Debbie Bryce, Kathy Moleski, Gail Moritz, Coach Babcock womerfs track lacrosse Left to Right - Sixth Row: Coach Len Obergfell. Fifth Flow: Shawn, Scott Lange, Brent, Todd, John Lange. Fourth Row: Dave Hubbard, Harry Shortway, Mike Garcia iAsst. Coachi, Dana Dickson. Third Flow: Mard Davis, David Sauter, Rich Weinberg, Floger Ingram, Stu Gully. Second Row: John Conway, Mike Storie, Jeff Oliver, Peter Dewey, Barry Gold. First Row: Greg Sciera, Scott Vang, Stan Stamatel, Chris Westergard, David Box, Scott Booth, Steve Heine. xQJ,. Q' 1 2 f 'I r v' 1 -I f 'yay' . ' , r nf, 1, rl' I1 7. A sq, , 5 ez. , ,J ' "T a' 'LJ 3 1- .V 5 K svn S 4 I , J -eu. , ,,. funn, ia Top Flow: Grad. Asst. Coach Tim Giedlin, Dan Allen Bottom Row: Jim Cullen, Bob White, Steve Rubel, Coach Ron Frederes, Steve Brady men's tennis pr X - ...L dbx X 3 . -r. X - ' 40 ,,f WA ,I EEL i- X. X 'N R X X N X X NX' XX X? . X X X - N W 9 X fi 4 X sf X Q Q X 5 Q2 . X MX ' 1559 K X Concep committee in ,MK f -'Hi 'iv 'W A 3 A : fa, fm. " ,f X xg, Y: 55, M f Awww W, N, , 5 QW the people's Campaign slap In 3 ,, ,g A N, , W, , ZIV? I ' ,, 1 ,V ff 5 ? alfred recycling cenqqfqer w A , 3' Q, "f?""4' " bf 'A " M ,,AA,V Q ' f A wx 'M , , K I 5 ,',, 2 V... 7 Q ' ' GMM ,.,vV ' I ,V 7' V. fl fi 4 A' 4 Mm , cs f W 'fr 'f w fx iw Q ffhh WMP, ., Wi ' 2.3.2, V C.a.S.t the purple dragons 0 151 2 M44 J ff Y' L R. hw. biology club Y 1 f k,LSc4 Q - 4 F73 :L ,JF " A 1 -Q itz, .. 4 k , K ,Aw-g'i" 77' ' kffuff- . S- A - df ff ' K 'B-q-.Q Swv Q. , ffm m. A Four Day Trip To Assateaque Island kfxgcf forest people fiat lux ff f j C 7. , , , g M Q , 1 f vw 1 1 V I H ,- X Q :ga 'I U3 3 .W I , 5 "?' 2, Q 1 'X e s , 'N 'g ' ' N., ,Nm ' 'J' x ,G EN 'X . NN K X Walf vv"""""0M'- ,wig -. 5 hm U a'u...+- 'n,,"'- student senate 2 ,,, 3 1' +8 LJ! A kia' 'MQ' Iff at up st. pat's board - QB., S SwS,xN Q,,,.,-'X' NSR .fix 5 Q1 ps ,F xv-Q X 3 " x . S Q 4, 5. , . x fi , ge K .Q.1Q .x . - xi we X 5 ' I . .W www X x A X -X wi ,Q W Q ffkei' -Ms .. Q, 1 A x 1 , , " ifs . Y? 1' TQ E55 i Q K 'N X mga is K , X X N 1. X X-wws Ns E ,S HWS K 1 W Q- Nfqfa , ,sa Q Q SSW - MQ, 1 Qi F I A x the pacioli society , x, , """"'! ff wwf 'waffrjgktqrzz NN, 1, an CWM Hifi-'57i?I5:fggf'g Q Q m :1 :,ef fm, U, H SES!! Uf-Vt u'nm-....aL. A. 1 S w' HP 5 I-Vg 'M ' 7" ' A x Y ,, 'f 4 si gy, , , , ,Ak Q K g y H Q-U e f pew L f GQ?-nf5s?f-Qz12 A ,X was r 4 we 1 o.m.i oz hotline tour guides alpha phi omega K . -- -wxQ.:4f,k k WX x, 1 A m - g 1 K K K K ff-Azff-7 f, f E , . psi chi fb' .- RS- -4 44,9 N-QSUV f 4 35 X A IL1 -Q f K x 2. f 5 ,lv lftiu NN ! fm. if? F fi Lau' 4? rf' " 'YN sororities and fratematies 7 f55?if:,?fi .A - gg., gg f i fgfii'5?P?ig52 ff.' '1Jf'Q?' i Q!9'g2e43?r 'S 'Q 3' ff' """ is k x x- ,N 'Sf M. , - L4 'Z X. . i we b , ., xn x x I y I Q . e . . Q Q ? N? is , K A 'ww 1 .iz v k as f - N :A X ' 5 ' . .- 3, x. .V ca ,J- ' K 'X Y A 1."A.., X 'T "WW if -sf. 2 . i i.,!t iv K , , . Q n K. x. 4 4 , 'L Q ' ' .- is ' .. , M - -if '32 15 r .,.bwE55X wu- Q J 9 A r, x Q wi 1 A FQ ff? Q .,,X - a alpha kappa omicron 169 fi Q., 70 .J ,lf M, 453 lambda chi alpha delta sigma phi nun apo" 4 W2 5 .adfwifgfgy A sq. vffgminzwwvw jkwgg'ffqZWgg,w.w.54,,,yuzQ55,.- M,g Lu.Q,g'f '-'Maw 'wwrvfwifkfw B",g,.' ,mamma 172 m - Q quad kgwcwm i. Tl ll' ----.-W.. .... ..... .,,. .. Q-M-.-.-Q-.K kappa psi upsilon X K , fb . , .N-maui 7' yw My I . x, . f .,Wff,3,,A, t, .L It Ghelfze 65111 96 ecfigiv 19 Us if vs 1, tl 'gf . f'-' ' .A x ,' , ' QIETRIT ,A 2 - 'I-v evgx . 1 . '1 Alfrw rauawsam KI 1 411 M 41 . 9 . X Q -ug .Q Q ,au g-Q ,gm Mil, 71, L. . .Liv 1 "wr---n 1 1 M Bn A YIIALSIYYN lLL1S0Nv4F."lN-S,-' U. i Q V 4 theta theta chi Gigi RMT F H 'f 1 'M ff? in ' 'WW YOUNGEI JS .6 if Kg F .' T'Y" WCW Qsama ,Q-uv"'k ,i X X Q I x ,fa F ' 1 nf .'f fff Ai , J 44 ,nv- fe Ui . 'V .1 M, pm. 5 f we 1524 W M wiimfw ., ' ,, 131, V ww' ' " " V gi 21 X fi, ,Y ' - fn 1: f . f W 2 QW g X f ff? 1 gf 1 , fiegiwzws- ,, M , P , f V . vga ,.. M ,, x ,V ix , I V M 'W , My T , ff, I if M sa 7 is ,,,...4., .,.. ., , M- zeta beta tau x 5? 1 ' if , 5 ie, fl f if 1 gi. , ...,.A 2 , Y 93 1 . S6932 4 . ' 2 41 4 4 ., pi Q, iw, 9 ., W, K 4 RM. 2 A a ami. M13 A VK gm 3 42 if QP , V ,, ' 5 'K If 'J x ,es iw 'sw , K f 35 f , mf 4 'pdf R ,Q W 5, 1 Magik ,tif , 1 ,gr , , 5,5 f , x ,,,,, ,F iw' 4? 1 , f m ' ,,, :M fi' r 3 fs 1 ' I my , M22 J' gi W 4 Z an 5 H. s , 41 'wa J 3 if fi f I 5 , ,gm . 4 Qf'- ,N H j , 'Y Q 1 W , .-,:,. Chi 'M W, QQ Q 182 ' x rx , ,ww .1 X Y ' no mv' thanks for the memories My first roommate . . . Freshmen foundation . . . The distinct odor of Ade Hall . . . WALF iironically spelled backwards as FLAWJ . . . Allenterm . . . Winter survival . . . Annual snowball fight with the Tech . . . The social scenes at the football games . . . Mad parties in the library . . . No dates Grey skies Snow and still more snow Dance-a-Thon Marcus . . . Classical .. . Sunday brunches . . . Watching Winston jump, leap, run and dance. . . Alex's at one o'clock in the afternoon caressing a White Russian. . .Happy Hour. . .Rocky Horror Picture Show and it's im- plications .. . The Brick as all women . . . Slip-sliding spund in the mud Disco Fever Molly Lunch table gossip Meatloaf with meatloaf . . . A drunk night at Coslo's . . . The morning-after blues iand it ain't a love hangoverl . . . Popcorn . . . SAGA ispelled backwards as A G-ASJ . . . The start of women's basketball and soccer . . . Finally scoring . . . The new opening of the library extension . . .The all night study room inot always used for studying inl . . . T.F. ..."nithing" . . . midnight subs . . . Mark O'Meara . . . classes in South Hall . . . The Bells . . . Professor Sibley . . . Professor Bernstein . . . Doctor McGowen, doctor of what? . . . Tripping - over my rug freshman year. . . Piercing winds . . .Staying up all night talking to people . . . Observing others . . . Being observed . . . Nights on the couch . . .The nerd . . . My mistake - she's gone. . . Feel- ing safe and knowing faces as you walked at night. . .Student slum hous- ing . . . Landlords . . . All the ways and places that you can procrastinate . . . Campus Center steps on that rare sunny day. . .The beautiful people who make up the Alfred experience. . . Simon says at three o'clock in the morning The necessity of deadlines The bicycle man The David Bromberg and Aztec-Two Step concert in Davis Gym . . . The first snowfall of the season . . . The time when Willie Dixon and Brain Auger blew out all the power in the valley . . . Studying in the science center at two in the morning . . . The time Seth Rosenthal ran for Mayor and fell off his bicycle . . . Skiing ... 185 Ann Marie O'Gara Jerry Fitzgibbon Laurie Murray if 1 4, gf A ff 5 e 4 ,Q , as f v Q My 'f Q JM my film! Yuma! QCIockwise from abovej Michael Storie Jim Roggow Art Mustico ' ,WW 'V ,. MT , , fx V ' f , ,-10445, ' 'W W 5 .. , QW' f . N -I ' I wwf H' W ' 'f' " . K L ES' 5 xg . -X x N i S L : Q . -g, , 5 Sb Q p . Z Im., .L -,N . F Sherri Peters Lyn Riccardo Tom Biebel Pierre LaBonte Keith Mitchell Jim Mershon 190 Peter Becker x 2 i r 5 EX X if X We we 5 r m as QQ C5156 i 3 Q f?"'gs2'Q , .R x af i few' 111 kwa? -- Q -ww is 54- Q , ,wipe 'WN we g , E....M..,.35Z,i,'f..g'.21v ' 5, , 5 i ' 1 .,ii, L' " til? 5- ' ii iEQ????"SfFf X i l :PP 'fiel 4 fa? I i" A N -f S 5 W f i i :x .... V "--: K gig-,.. ,QQ . . Rick Solak Dawn Kenney gr: 155, QEQQX fs 'X Ewa- YE' RXQ-Xu i R Xxx Li. .mga:wan--2-wwwfyr-1:'Xs ,, My , X F I if S , ,.,, f f ' ' K, . V , X 4' f- , bf f W- , S+ ' f I ' 5 ",, , ,, www A ,Q 4 W W wwf '55 fifww f 22235 af f nf 41-W ff ' W4 ,Wy ,' , f V, L V ,,,, , ', 1 ,,,,, :zfvf-1 WWW? WL V, ,, ww L 'WR Rocky LaForge Terry Murphy 7 .W W' , , M ' iff 4 'fm , Marcy Clark mr Gary Esterow Linda Sma 192 Tilly Goossen Bonnie Cohen Deborah Orapallo 1 Jeff Carter we , W ,iw Q9 Amy Woodward f ,fmgw fffww- J l -' ,e9z:f ' , 2 Q A . J MKWWQY ..,,,.7i,,,2 W ,C , f A-" f 1 -f 'gram Kathleen La Rosa Randy Dittman and Steve ff if f 5 ' ff 4-H , Janet Thompson ? 3 -K 2 2 Z ,-,M"'fQ""' ,'- fy. gi 'fffwf n , ,, n ., ,V Susan Kreutter ' , , X J 195 gn Q L SD tif, wi is we f4 xx wr Q.. , an ,. SS' ,. fig Q fi Qi? S Mary Boyd M, ,, fw A Q, f W f V 1 P fr A Jack Green, Nick Leonardi, Sean Brady, Carl Dziekan K Q , 1 I 197 XR X- .. at S . : C f ,af K W-his FW?-, . , -' :-52: 2 1 -: -,I -N w QW -ik.. - fx , -W 21 . F215 if 1. Douglas DeCoursey 198 Jamie Tracy Ed McGIone III David Trautlein 3 X k . Q. mmmmmwfamm n i t 4 ."' it its , it Bob Morehouse Jon Rothstein, Robert Doolittle, Bruce Kamenstein St Nate Osborn 0 Peggy Brew Tom Olson Roberta Ariss X K Steven De Martino an-. Qu. Debra Andreades 'W Wu Gail A. Lange Michele Teiie, Linda Cirocco, Mary Ellen Cortese Qu. HoIIy,Manning Julie Hill 7 Geoffrey Hartman Michall Storch 202 www arty ww ' 4-.L:s Nadine Foster Q. Terry Zahn Diane Zwicky Kathleen Rosko Sandy Parseklan, Janet Thompson, Joanne Diestel A L E gi 'mf Jane Bender 204 Joy Hanken Melinda Atwood " fs ' ' ' ' i w m we f f .Qf2 : "' I I ' 2 ,:,, . E..f XJ ' ,,'1 2, ., ,, ' " J V jg! A Faye Munroe, Anita, Loren Scherbak VFW 555559, Q if X T192 9 nr ar? 1 X ??fiT'W W I' A Qliwkxxsa Aixx ,wma if " f we A , , Kathy Brunetto Debbie Misar 2 Joanne Mathews Lori Spalding Craig Wiikens - 'K VYSRS2, - , I L. wi .,., A. Q- Wili Ebersman Paul Klein Stephen Cowboy Brunson Karen M. Southworth Gail Fiannels X .. in K Christine Holbrook uouegow M1129 207 8 s i. l -1. f' - ' 5 l A 1 5 X NF' i l . f i -i .f--... .... . f ,- .X www ,imma Flick Alexander Sheila Flanagan azlhm Michael Dupra Howard Forer Nancy McCormick Adrienne Helfrich Shelley Thunberg 81 Jeanie Hoffman Mary DiMarsica 20 Jo Schnieder -19" Don nette Yeaton s .i"""" Gay Sadow Maria Scavullo .i Akio 2 X Kate Winn Vx ie 4 A49 ,ff 4 I 1 f 5 5 71,12 " 1 Amy Lefevre Les M9I'tZ "Wm M Wi W ' ,,,. ' I Kristin Mannion uiliancy Woods W i Daniel Buckingham Patti Milden , ' -X If ' N , r f: ...: ' , ' i Q3 1.2 i i 4 Jane Blumberg MQ: Louise Block Sid PGCKYTIBU 'bww 'Q Nancy Simpson I-. lei I kiwi ' lo Jill Barron Roberta E. Nordheim 81 Killer Richard Risio iw Lian Garofolo Carol Neilson X My J Chip Miller F1.S.W. Sandra Parsekian ,ff "M- H'1. Betty Sheetz 218 ' Cindy Merdack David Miller F i 5 Ann Wagner WQALQMZ Andrea Criscitello Kg, Joe Orifici x A.W ,Jw ,,, A 2 if 7' 0 vw f 12? 55 W ...AMW James Reisch 220 A ., 5 Babbette Holland Kathy Murray Mark Muscarello Leslie Rubin Steve Feren John Friedman x . X X Debbie Prattico Chrissa Lefes Debra Lipson Ivf' .gf .nk 3 , 9 , H. , .WH 24, , , ,ff ww Marcia 81 Joe Susan DiMiIia Faith Wieder, BO, 8 Bano 223 Bryan Samson S I I 224 Greg Smith ,f Z , K ir Nancy Easterbrook W Sharon Barnes Wendy Caldwell Y a Q ' r .. Bruce Barnes , if 151' ,W Z Paul Warren Greg Balanger 'Sf .5 'xx L it K 1 x M Glen Cushman , Iii David Levine Jon Attridge 228 Kathleen Ritter Patrick Flohrbacher Diana Tomb ' , Kathleen Hanley me . SS James Rude Mifiam Rosato 230 Sara Guido X 6 f 424 II? 534 Us Kerry O Shea ,. . . X we if . A N' , - .- -- Mew? - 1 --fie- . E. e ' i i is T l e W if Qrqgfltk er:- 5: 5 ,-46, - - V M f Y if , , ,,A,fAQ,frg,:H:,.. ue,-Q . K . .ea-Q-. . . :+cw,Ai.,.,.V 5 if si Gail Moritz Pattie Jo Stephens 'Mn 'MF - -x,. ..""A 'U' W.-"" QPMH Maria Ellen Pino mibwixiw Meredith Stern 81 Naomi Shiffman 231 Harry Johnson I Larry Scahill , 7 232 S fi Eva Ostolski Vain, r,,,,, , ,, ,f 5 ' ' WWW W? 'F 'l Jim La'Marre Jane Fitzgibbons Karen Ewald I W , , , Scott Hurley Jeff Stanger 234 A L ' MI WMMMMWWW. ,,,K,..,W .,. ,M,qh:,.,..ZWMmxmZ, ,.,,. Steve Curran NN fx, E W Amy Suggs I mmm 1 Frank Bunke Richard C. McCormick 2 Debra Todd Tami Runz 8. Mike Henery 236 Linda Galu Khq Kate Hamlin 'I , 'ff -.'g,l.'ix " Steven Soergel 7 Bfenda PBIBSSK ff 2 Rachael Gressel 81 Anne Scherberger 238 w Liz Schaeffer Peggy Lindstrom, Beverly Fuss Berthamae Fowler 2 Tami Runz, Julie Hill, Sharon Higgins 240 Michael Colamonico all-""" Janice Mettler Scott Sullivan 81 Dean Thomas Jennifer Chivers 'Q' '49 Sharon Higgins Babette Holland, Julie Lazar, Ann Madany, Ellen Weisberg, Nancy Laub lnnl of Ann Madany 81 Carolyn Chlquet Carol Aspros Wayne Cummings L60 Jacobs Allyson Rudy Cathy McGuiness -uwozm hgM A 24 Xi Sue Boyd X i 244 Jennifer Cummings Richard Sieraega Pam Mattson-McDonald 1 4vffW1mWu2fw 2 """" 1::1'f:wv.- : ' Peter Bourne Bill Earl, Mary Lukomski 24 Shelley Rosen Linda Bulias 246 Laurie Higgins . dv. 'Eff W sfI'fg F0n'Aay1es mis . 1 Kim Rumsey Earl Breese III Joanie HUHFI A "Nm, my Q, 247 248 W' Bruce Rundell Alysa Lloyd Karen Plummer Steve Eilenberg, John Hipp, 81 Kevin Karl ""'-q.,-NW.. ,A e we V i Qan- Barbara Marx, Anne Van Rossem, Colleen McManus, Peggy Young Denise Queffelec Sue Ruocco 24 i i if i i , .. S, S. . K5 Jean PeaI'SOn Dorothy Rush, Laura Gulvin 1! df, L r, , w 7-if +2 feiv W Bill Erskine Kevin P9226 xxx R sms' X Q X Carol Ebneth, Sharon Hinman ?, Carl Dziekan Lucky Zi Bodean 252 Esther Washburn 81 Friend fGraduating with honorsy Andrew Shaw Wlilwff 6 Jill Armstrong, Ellen Brackman, Theo Tilton, 81 Maureen Walsh I Alyse Gardner, Kathleen Mawhinney Marty Mullane George Taseveski 254 Mitchell Kossak Dan Allen Audrey Anderson npnnsv' ,wmmw Brian J. Molinaro Philip Hamling Laurie A. Kates Joanne Candela ,,,, ,,,, Wfwwhf ff. .. gi Aig' i gg-A we i X NX . X. . -1 QQ? Chris Vackala 256 Linda Coughenour, Jan Armer 'Ri -, ,,,,, , J Stephanie Diane Lazar Robert Wayne Bellish S if .1 i E Q , Pat O'Dowd Stanley, AI, Bodine, Barry Brogan 7 all ,.:k . :. k Joe Salitario Mark Parish, Mike Burr Barbara Ernisse Janice Martin,'Janet Wood em., M6 S' Colleen Harrington v An. Sue Koivisto Barbara O'ConneII 8K Tricia Forti 9 Amy Tuttle Nancy Underwood Barry Sullivan Warren Lederbefg Dawn Keenan, Becky Dunshee Linda D. Richardson Karen Ewald, Laurie Murray, Nancy Underwood, Gail Rannels, Dawn Kenney Norma Turnquest 262 Kevin Joesel U TUR Claudia Bush 263 David Kasner Mark O'NeiII 8. friends Gary Scholnick 81 friend Keith Venuti 264 Lisa Schimmel Pam Clark Nancy Cushing Carol M.F. Williams 7.4. ...M -W J., V Y .... ,,,,.W,A.,.,.. ,,,. 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Barry Lehrer ,MA--QQ., RE N s Gail Forthoffer Bill Kend rat 3 l - Q xlg - M . ,.. . lg fx, A, ' , - .. ! 2 Y L,,X iw 276 Phil Dam, Jerry Fitzgibbon, Chris Roach Julie Jackson Fl' Swim 4 Alan Scharman, Dave Cooling Patrick Patton 5: YQ V kv.. 3' .311 iz 92, Jim Villegas 277 Mike Novasel, Bob Durr, John Keller, Harry Shortway, Phil Dam, George Eagan Bob Ryder -sql - lgt , llxzg, xg,'r'l x ff r WM? " ,Z ! WM "H: it jf I nge I - . ,f Nw' , ,MM k,,v,,w I , if Wf""",4f 'W Mwwfwf MMNM' ..r,we'f me we f 1 If ,J i MM,-M 78 ff ' , Y ' .-ff 1 N , i W., E ,.,..... .,. 1 Andy Levine Ackley, Mary, 106 Belmont Cir., Syosset, NY 11791 Alexander, Ricky, Box 366, Keuka Pk., NY 14478 Allen, Craig, 20 Warman St., Montclair, NJ 07042 Allen, Daniel, 39 N. Mill Rd. RDlf 1, Cranbury, NJ 08512 Alpsteg, Elizabeth, 2320 Hamburg Tpk., Wayne, NJ 07470 Anderson, Audrey, 288 Park Ave., Yonkers, NY 10703 Anderson, Guy, 2318 Park Pl. 850, Sheboygan, Ml 53081 Anderson, William, 1204 Wall Rd., Webster, NY 14580 Ariss, Roberta, Trinity Pass, Pound Ridge, NY 10576 Armstrong, Jill, 9 Dorchester Rd., Summit, NJ 07901 Aspros, Carol, 98-56 Horace Harding Exp., Rego Park, NY 11374 Attridge, Jon, 22 Dogwood Dr., Stony Brook, NY 11790 Atwood, Melinda, 2220 Grampian Blvd., Williamsport, PA 17701 Avildsen, Ivy, 112 Church Rd., Winnetka, IL 60093 Barber, Patrick, 26 Hillview Ave., Fort Edward, NY 12828 Barnes, Bruce, 55 Cowdin Lane, Chappaqua, NY 10514 Barnes, Sharon, 243 Bedford Rd., Bedford Hls., NY 10507 Barron, Jillian, Box Q, Downsville, NY 13755 Baum, Louis, 1007 Parkway East, Utica, NY 13501 Becker, Peter, 111 S. Fifth Ave., llion, NY 13357 Belanger, Gregory, 8220 N. Rancho Catalina, Tucson, AZ 85704 Bellish, Robert, 1950 Hutchinson Rvr. Pky., Bronx, NY 10461 Bender, Jane, 45 Sunset W. Circle, Ithaca, NY 14850 Benesch, James, 84 Crosby St., Hornell, NY 14843 Berman, Marcus, 36 Belleclaire Pl., Montclair, NJ 07042 Berney, Ruth, 10442 Boca Can Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705 Berrington, Cindy, 98 Apple Creek Lane, Rochester, NY 14612 Biebel, Thomas, 338 Franklin St., Carlisle, PA 17013 Blaisdell, Susan, 256 Wyndale Rd., Rochester, NY 14617 Block, Louise, 324 E 8 St., Brooklyn, NY 11218 Blum, Andrea, 464 Barry Rd., Rochester, NY 14617 Blum, Karen, 59 Meadowbrook Rd., Rochester, NY 14620 Blumberg, Jane, 3 Lilac Dr., Syosset, NY 11791 Bouchard, Lee, Hoyt Rd., Found Ridge, NY 10576 Bourne, Peter, 499 Pinegrove Ave., Rochester, NY 14617 Boutillier, Susanne, 261 South Ave., Webster, NY 14580 Box, Beverly, 3555 Oxford Ave., New York, NY 10463 Boyd, Mary, RD41 Scotchtown Rd., Goshen, NY 10924 Boyd, Susan, 112 Prospect St., Leona, NJ 07605 Breese, Earl Ill, 23 Larkspur Lane, Fairport, NY 14450 Brennan, Micheala, 20 Sherman Pl., Clinton, NY 13323 Bretz, Brian, 140 Whitehill Ave., Jamestown, NY 14701 Brew, Margaret, 35 Croton Ave., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 Broda, Scott, 1507 Fox Trail, Mountainside, NJ 07092 Brogan, Barry, 35 Forest Ln., Swarthmore, PA 19081 Brown, Lisa, 16 Church St., Andover, NY 14806 Browning, Mark, 126 Southern Parkway, Rochester, NY 14618 Brundage, Bonnie, 376 South St., East Aurora, NY 14052 Buckingham, Daniel, 16 Stockton Road, Kendall Park, NJ 08824 Bulas, Linda, 44 Bolton Pl., Buffalo, NY 14210 Bullock, Patricia, Hopewell-Woodsville Rd., Hopewell, NJ 08525 Bundy, James, 800 E. Genesee St., Fayetteville, NY 13066 Burcyk, Barbara, Box 172, Alfred Sta., NY 14803 Burr, Michael, Rd 61, Cooperstown, NY 13326 Bush, Pamela, 40 Hemlock Hollow Rd., Woodbridge, CT 06525 Butler, Charles, 8 Terrace St., Alfred, NY 14802 Caldwell, Wendy, 80 Oakland Place, Buffalo, NY 14222 Cameron, Craig, 512 Manitou Bch. Rd., Hilton, NY 14468 Candela, Joanne, 6 Highland PI., Great Neck, NY 11020 Chase, Gerald, RD 31, Alfred Station, NY 14803 Cirocco, Linda, 35 Leopard St., Rochester, NY 14615 Chiquette, Carolyn, 22 Talcott Rd., Port Chester, NY 10573 Clancy, Michael, Rd 32, Arkport, NY 14807 Chivers, Jennifer, Vermont Academy, Saxtons Riv, VT 05154 Clark, Marcy, PO Box 261, Alfred Station, NY 14803 Clark, Pamela, 161 Margaret Street, Amherst, NY 14226 Cohen, Bonnie, 100 Vail Rd., Apt. 35, Parsippany, NY 07054 Colamonico, Micheal, 11 Mckay Rd., Huntington Sta., NY 11746 Cole, Jeffrey, 113 N. Main Alfred, Alfred, NY 14802 Competti, Virginia, 96 Division St., Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 Coolidge, Janet, Circle Drive, Waverly, NY 14892 Cooling, David, 35 Terrace Lane, Blauvelt, NY 10913 Copp, Richard, 25 Owen Street, Corning, NY 14830 Cortese, Mary Ellen, 1219 Albany, Utica, NY 13501 Coughenour, Linda, PO Box 881, Darlington, SC 29532 Courtney, Frederick, Jr., 7 Knolls Dr., Old Westbury, NY 11568 Coyle, Thomas, RD Box 189a, Bolivar, NY 14715 Criscitello, Andrea, 36 Grant St., Binghamton, NY 13904 Cummings, Jennifer, 5335 Dayan St., Lowville, NY 13367 Curran, Steven, 185 Muriel Ave., N. Plainfield, NJ 07060 Cushman, Glen, 27 Rochester St., Scottsville, NY 14546 D Agnillo, Alexander, 14516 Armsted Ct., Chesterfield, MO 63017 Dailey, Sharon, 55 Glen Ave., Hornell, NY 14843 Dam, Philip, 16 High St., Little Falls, NY 13365 Davies, Joshua, 75 Summit Ave., Bronxville, NY 10708 Davis, Jeffrey, 987 Chimney Ridge Dr., Springfield, NJ 07081 De Coursey, Douglas, 326 Aberdeen St., Rochester, NY 14619 De Gregorio, Maria, 67 Tarwood Dr., Rochester, NY 14606 De Marco, Diana, 930 Curtis Pl., N, Bruns, NJ 08902 De Martino, Steven 2823 Walker Dr., Yorktown Hts., NY 10598 De Rosa, John 553 Klem Rd., Webster, NY 14580 De Yoe, Diane, 112 S. Fifth St., Olean, NY 14760 Del Regno, Gary, 2051 Fairview E. 125th St., Cleveland, OH 44106 Demeri, Bette, 35 Homestead Av., Garden City, NY 11530 Di Gioia, Janice, 15 N. Main St., Mt. Morris, NY 14510 Di Marsico, Mary, 133 Harvington Dr., Rochester, NY 14617 Di Milia, Susan, 514 Kissam Rd., Peekskill, NY 10566 Diamond, Donald, Box 90 RD 1, Duansburg, NY 12056 Diestel, Joanne, 316 Ackerman Ave., Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423 Ditch, Stephen, 147 Forest Rd., Allendale, NJ 07401 Dittmann, Randy, 3699 Two Rod Rd., East Aurora, NY 14052 Dodge, Craig, RD 41, Alfred Sta., NY 14803 Doolittle, Robert, 84 April Dr., Glastonbury, CT 06033 Dorward, Kristin, 30 Edgerton St., 85, Rochester, NY 14607 Downes, Brian, 36 Courthouse Pl., Jersey City, NJ 07306 Dunn, Deltris, 124 Lodge Drive, Rochester, NY 14622 Dunning, Robert, Box 26, Tiona Rd., Maine, NY 13802 Dunshee, Rebecca, S. Edmeston, NY 13466 Dupra, Michael, 416 Garnsey Rd., Fairport, NY 14450 Durr, Robert, 700 Howard Rd., Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Dziekan, Carl, 29 Burrstone Rd., NY Mills, NY 13417 Eagan, George, 69 Godfrey Ln., Huntington, NY 11743 Earl, William, 1571 Waterwells Rd., Alfred Sta., NY 14803 Easterbrook, Nancy, 27 Irving Terr., Kenmore, NY 14223 279 Ebneth, Carol, 372 Van Dyke Ave., Haledon, NJ 07508 Eilenberg, Steven, 928 Alps Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470 Ellis, Patrick, 36 Regent St., Jamestown, NY 14701 Ernisse, Barbara, 125 Harvest Dr., Rochester, NY 14626 Erskine, William, Rd 112, Canisteo, NY 14823 Esterow, Gary, 56 45 190th St., Flushing, NY 11365 Evangelisti, Nancy, 7 Stever Dr., Binghamton, NY 13901 Everett, Michael, 160 Paul Revere Rd., Needham, MA 02194 Ewald, Karen, 299 Fox Meadow Rd., Rochester, NY 14626 Feinberg, Lisa, 35 Front Ave., Salamanca, NY 14779 Feren, Steven, 23308 Beachwood Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44122 Fine, Melinda, 623 Bonnie Brae Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 Finegan, Kerry, 37 White Village Dr., Rochester, NY 14625 Fitzgibbon, Jeremiah, 229 Princeton Ave. 32, Eggertsville, NY 14226 Fitzgibbons, Jane, Kansas Rd. Box 291, Bridgton, ME 04009 Flanagan, Sheila, 87 Willowgrove, Tonawanda NY 14150 Fleet, Nancy, 33 Maine St., Bath, NY 14810 Fogelman, Philip, Ethan Allan Ln., Stamford, CT 06903 Ford, John, RR 1 Box 39 Swanzey Ctr., Keene, NH 03431 Forer, Howard, 12 Godwin Ave., Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 Forthoffer, Gail, 10 Wilcox Ave., Middletown, NY 10940 Forti, Patricia, 77 Tamarack St., Buffalo, NY 14220 Foss, Catherine, 9430 Poinciana Pl., 8303, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33324 Foster, Nadine, 416 E. Benita Blvd., Vestal, NY 13850 Freundlich, Donald, 128 Montrose Ave., S. Orange, NJ 07079 Friedman, John, Box 416 Pearl St., Livgstn Mnr., NY 12758 Fuss, Beverly, 275 Timrod Rd., Manchester, CT 06040 Gallup, Donald, Apple Tree Meadow Roper Rd., Moosup, CT 06354 Galu, Linda, 20 Mearns Ave., Highland Fls., NY 10928 Gardner, Alyse, 163 Norwood Ave., New London, CT 06320 Garwol, Sharon, 112 Fredro St., Buffalo, NY 14206 Gerould, Helen, PO Box 47, Wayne, NY 14893 Giardini, Daniel, RD 31 Chipmonk Rd., Allegany, NY 14706 Gibbons, Virginia, 3261 Easterbrook Dr., Horseheads, NY 14845 Gibson, Barry, 116 Studley St., Brentwood, NY 11717 Giedlin, Timothy, PO Box 1197, Alfred, NY 14802 Giglio, Paul, 9700 S. Cass Bldg. 208 R202A, Argonne, IL 60439 Girasole, Arthur, 4287 Lower River Rd., Youngstown, NY 14174 Goldenm, Raymond, 2216 W. State St., PO Box 291, Olean, NY 14760 Goldstein, Janis, 24 Agnola St., Yonkers, NY 10707 Goossen, Maria, 223 MT Lucas Rd., Princeton, NJ 08540 Gordon, Derek, 9 Church La Rd. 41, Mackettstown, NY 07840 Gorman, Timothy, 427 Loder St., Waverly, NY 14892 Gottier, Nancy, 26 Elbridge St., Worcester, MA 10609 Gray, Val, 84 B Baldwin Dr., Dansville, NY 14437 Green, John, 9 Campbell Ave., NY Mills, NY 13417 Gressani, Steven, 6332 Danbury Dr., Jamesville, NY 13078 Gressel, Rachel, 50 Bridle Rd., Spring Valley, NY 10977 Guido, Sara, RD 31, Greenwood, NY 14839 Gullace, Michelle, 188 Church St., Victor, NY 14564 Gulvin, Laura, RD 112, Box 69, Stanley, NY 14561 Hamlin, Catherine, 32 Patroon PI., Londonville, NY 12211 Hamling, Philip, PO Box 464, Warwick, NY 10990 Hanken, Joy, 700 Burman Ave., Trotwood, Ohio 45426 Hanley, Kathleen, 18 Elderwood Lane, Melville, NY 11746 Harrigan, James, 820 W. 1st St., Elmira, NY 14905 Harrington, Colleen, 5 Kenilworth Dr., E. Northport, NY 11731 Harrington, Elaine, 219'A W. Second, Elmira, NY 14901 280 Harris, Elton, 56 Meadowbrook Dr., Corning, NY 14830 Hartman, Geoffrey, 97 N. Grove St., East Aurora, NY 14052 Hayles, Sheron, 69 Ontario View St., Rochester, NY 14617 Headley, Ronald, 71 Pine St., Hornell, NY 14843 Helfrich, Adrienne, 43 Stoneham Dr., Rochester, NY 14625 Henery, Michael, 17 Pinetop Dr., Ctl Islip, NY 11722 Henry, Sandra, 342 Valley View Dr., Endicott, NY 13760 Higgins, Laurie, Box 1258, Alfred, NY 14802 Higgins, Sharon, Box 1258, Alfred, NY 14802 Hill, Julia, 2774 Hickory St., Whitney Pt., NY 13862 Hillman, Arthur, Rd 2, Elmira, NY 14901 Hinman, Sharon, E River Rd., Greene, NY 13778 Hinman, Thomas 276 Main St., Randolph, NY 14772 Hipp, John, 7 Sq Lamartine, Paris, France Hodgkins, John, 56 E Glenwood Dr., Latham, NY 12110 Hoffman, Jean, 4 Clinton Ln., Highland Fls, NY 10928 Holbrook, Christine, 6 South Highland Ave., Wellsville, NY 14895 Holland, Babette, 21 Hazelton Rd., Yonkers, NY 10710 Hollander, Martin, 44 East Reid Pl., Verona, NJ 07044 Holloway, June, 497 East Lake Rd., Penn Yan, NY 14527 Hoover, Mark, Rd H1 Box 157A, Arkport, NY 14807 Hubbard, Joseph, 29 Pershing, Corning, NY 14830 Hughes, Woodleigh, 22 Dale Rd., Huntington, NY 11743 Hultzman, Lois, 31 Tall Meadow, Painted Post, NY 14870 Hunn, Joanie, 2624 York Rd., York, NY 14592 Hurley, Daniel, 177 Old Logging Rd., Stamford, CT 06903 lorizzo, Dolores, 134 W. Seneca St., Oswego, NY 13126 Iverson, Daniel, 45-'A Main, Almond, NY 14804 Jackson, Julie, 208 Oak St., Lakewood, NY 14750 Jacobs, Lee, 217 Edgemoor Rd., Rochester, NY 14618 Joesel, Kevin, 209 Court St., Litl Valley, NY 14755 Johnson, Harry, 74 Susan Dr., Closter, NJ 07624 Kaminstein, Bruce, 329 Franklin Pl., Paramus, NJ 07652 Kamm, Robert, 56 Stonybrook Dr., Rochester, NY 14618 Karl, Kevin, 264 South Ave., New Canaan, CT 06840 Kasner, David, 71 Rockledge Dr., Livingston, NJ 07039 Kates, Laurie, 50 Foxcroft Dr., Fayetteville, NY 13066 Keenan, Dawn, 203 Slosson Ln., Geneva, NY 14456 Keller, John, 49 S. Larry Rd., Selden, NY 11784 Kenney, Dawn, Box 112x RT 1, Lexington Pk., MD 20653 Klein, Mary, 55 Windemere Rd., Rochester, NY 14610 Klein, Paul, 816 N. Columbis St., Lancaster, OH 43130 Kleinman, Mitchell, 9 Meadow Ln., Rockville, Ct, NY 11570 Kline, Linda, 18 Hill Ln., Roslyn Hts, NY 11577 Knox, Philip, 105 Maple Ave., Sea Cliff, NY 11579 Kogan, Bradley, 926 Annette Dr., Wantagh, NY 11792 Koivisto, Susan, Duke Farms RT206, Somerville, NJ 08876 Kossak, Mitchell, 28 Balmoral Crescent, White Plains, NY 10607 Kovarik, Joseph, 4 Prague St., Binghamton, NY 13905 Kreutter, Susan, 9 Grove St., Perry, NY 14530 Krutulis, Ralph, Box 195, Kirkville, NY 13082 Kurkoski, Diane, 6 Leona Ave., Endwell, NY 13760 La Bonte, Pierre, PO Box 1244, Alfred, NY 14802 La Forge, Kevin, 3090 Trapping Brook Rd., Wellsville, NY 14895 La Giola, Karen, 11 Lackawanna Ave., Mt Morris, NY 14510 La Marre, James, 47 N Van Dien Ave., Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Lange, Gail, 3027 Monroe St., Two Rivers, WI 54241 Lapp, Mary, 15 Maplewood Ave., N. Hornell, NY 14843 Larosa, Kathleen, 67 Vanderlyn Dr., Manhasset, NY 11030 Laub, Nancy, 10 Ivy Ct., Plainview, NY 11803 Lazar, Julie, 740 Carroll Pl., Teaneck, NJ 07666 Lazar, Stephanie, 300 Central Pk. West, New York, NY 10024 Lederberg, Warren, 1036 N. Main St., Allentown, PA 18104 Lefes, Chrissa, 179 Concord Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530 Lehrer, Barry, 10 Atkinson Rd., Rockville Ct., NY 11570 Leo, Thomas, 170 Taft Ave., Rochester, NY 14609 Leonardi, Nicholas, 390 Cherokee Dr., Cheektowaga, NY 14225 Levine, Andrew, 115 Park St., Woodmere, NY 11598 Levine, David, 39 Ivy Way, Matawan, NY 07747 Lewandowski, Debra, 45 Marwood Rd. N., Pt. Wash, NY 11050 Lindstrom, Peggy, 2 Crandall Ave., Silver Creek, NY 14136 Lipson, Debra, 2282 78th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214 Lipson, Steven, 40 Sun Valley Dr., Worcester, MA 01609 Lloyd, Alysa, 2 Ashley Dr., Newtonville, NY 12128 Lockhart, Kirk, 4951 Old Cliffs Rd., San Diego, CA 92120 Lukomski, Mary, 90 Weimar St., Buffalo, NY 14206 Lynch, Rachel, 1117 W. Third St., Jamestown, NY 14701 Madany, Anne, Rd 32, Newtown, PA 18940 Manning, Holly, 197 Anchorage Dr., West lslip, NY 11795 Mannion, Kristin, 7664 Hunt Ln., Fayetteville, NY 13066 Markowski, Theresa, 111 Robin Rd., Apt. 242, Somerville, NJ 08876 Martin, Janice, 203 Nicholas Blvd., N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903 Marx, Barbara, 574 Oakridge Dr., Rochester, NY 14617 Mason, Elizabeth, 2 Sylvan St., Gilbertsvile, NY 13776 Matthews, Joanne, 90 Smugglers Ln., Rochester, NY 14617 Mattson, Todd, 4 Matti Ct., Alfred, NY 14802 Mattson-McDonald, 28 Daisey Ln., Chagrin Fall, OH 44022 Mawhinney, Kathleen, 131 Marion St., Sayville, NY 11782 McAnany, John 2014 State St., Hornell, NY 14843 McCanch, Caryn, Rd 4 Box 165, Valencia, PA 16059 McClain, Sandra, PO Box 1046, Jamestown, NY 14701 McCormick, Nancy, 80 Elberta Dr., E Northport, NY 11731 McCormick, Richard, 3963 Sheldon Rd., Orchard Pk., NY 14127 McElheny, Sheryl, 91 Shepard St., Rochester, NY 14620 McGlone, Edward, East Branch Rd., Patterson, NY 12563 McGuinness, Kathleen, 15 Stafford Ln., Stony Brook, NY 11790 McManus, Colleen, 22 Wendover Dr., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Mendenhall, Jennifer, 121 Litchfield, Ave., Babylon, NY 11702 Mennell, Barbara, 99 Commodore Pkwy., Rochester, NY 14625 Mershon, James, Rd H6 Box 459, Newton, NJ 07860 Mertz, Lester, 624 So. American Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Metatos, Joseph, Railroad Ave., Angelica, NY 14709 Mettler, Janice, 178 Prospect St., Hornell, NY 14843 Metzger, Deborah, 412 Wildwood Dr., Rochester, NY 14616 Michalske, Susan, 372 Htsvl HI., Alfred Sta., NY 14803 Mikel, Daniel, 202 Standish Rd., Rochester, NY 14626 Milden, Patricia, 22 Downer St., Baldwinsvill, NY 13027 Miller, David, 539 Daventry Rd., Berwyn, PA 19312 Miller, Linda, 112 Brooklyn St., Portville, NY 14770 Miller, Robert, 33 Grandview Ave., Lakewood, NY 14750 Miller, Robin, 767 Lowell St,, Peabody, MA 01960 Misar, Deborah, 7 Hampton Rd., Pt. Wash., NY 11051 Mitchell, Keith, 45 Trinity St., Newton, NJ 07860 Mitchell, Patricia, 373 Whipple Ln., Rochester, NY 14622 Molinaro, Brian, 18 Arthur St., Little Falls, NY 13365 Moon, John, 907 St. Davids Ln., Schenectady, NY 12309 Morehouse, Robert, Prospect Hill-Rd 2, Greenwich, NY 12834 Morganti, Philip, 1109 Newland Ave., Jamestown, NY 14701 Moritz, Gail, 27 Stockton Rd., Kendall Pk, NJ 08824 Mullane, Martha, 19 Morton Ave., Lockport, NY 14094 Munroe, Faye, RR 92, Belle Rvr Ont, CA NOR-1AO Murphy, Theresa, 4828 Candy Ln., Manlius, NY 13104 Murphy, Timothy, 111 Zoller Ave., Herkimer, NY 13350 Murray, Kathleen, 3 Highland Terr., Upper Montclair, NY 07043 Murray, Laurie, 195 Raff Ave., Mineola, NY 11501 Muscarello, Mark, 1313 Country Club Dr., Lancaster, PA 17601 Mustico, Arthur, 1051 Magee St., Elmira, NY 14901 Myrdek, Cynthia, 6 Barbara Ln., Camillus, NY 13031 Neilson, Carole, 1333 Pembroke Dr., West Chester, PA 19380 Nesbitt, Karen, 373 W Lake Rd., Branchport, NY 14418 Newman, Milton, 10 Vine St., Hammondsport, NY 14840 Nicholson, Steven, 48 Bristol Rd., Clinton, NY 13323 Nordheim, Roberta, 8353 Craine Dr., Manlius, NY 13104 Norfleet, Anita, 17 Wakehurst Rd., Rochester, NY 14623 O'Connell, Barbara, 104 Broadway, Rockvl Ctr., NY 11570 O'Dowd, Patricia, 31 Mathewson St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 O'Gara, Ann, 2 Meadow Terrace, Chappaqua, NY 10514 O'Neill, Mark, 37 Howard Ave., White Plains, NY 10606 O'Rourke, Dorothy, 592 Haven Ct., Webster, NY 14580 Olson, Thomas, Rd 83, Box 262, Christian Hill, Cooperstown, NY 13326 Orifici, Joseph, 22 Clarendon St., Dix Hills, NY 11746 Oropallo, Deborah, 486 Washington Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601 Orrico, Lillian, 245 Sunset St., Rochester, NY 14606 Osborn, Nathan, 1455 Corcoran St., NY Washington, DC 20009 Ostolski, Eva, Somerset Ln., Somers, CT 06071 Ottinger, Frank, 12 Park St., Alfred, NY 14802 Palasek, Brenda, 29 Slocum Ave., P Washington, NY 11050 Parish, Mark, 554 Fletcher St., Tonawanda NY 14150 Parsekian, Sandra, 276 Orchard Pl., Ridgewood NJ 07450 Patton, Patrick, 32 Covington Dr., Buffalo, NY 14220 Pearson, Jean, 23 Hadler Dr., Somerset, NJ 08873 Peckman, Sidney, 3 East Terr St., Paola, KS 66071 Perhamus, Robert, 3077 Main St., Caledonia, NY 14423 Petrover, Miriam, Baxtertown Rd., Fishkill, NY 12524 Pezze, Kevin, 360 Highland Dr., Schenectady, NY 12303 Pino, Maria, 61 Cheltenham Dr., Buffalo, NY 14216 Pipola, Margaret, 1187 Hillside Ave., 1B3, Schdy, NY 12309 Plummer, Karen, 70 Harmony Dr., Rochester, NY 14626 Popkin, Robert, 459 Links Dr. E, Oceanside, NY 11572 Prattico, Deborah, 36 Allandale Ave., Rochester, NY 14610 Pulos, Robert, Box 1166, Alfred, NY 14802 Queffelec, Denise, 733 Myrna Rd., Paramus, NJ 07652 Raimondi, Raymond, 21 Kennedy Cl,, Rochester, NY 14609 Rainier, Deborah, Rd fit, Fluvanna, Jamestown, NY 14701 Rannels, Gail, Rd ff1, Box 45A, Marietta, PA 17547 Reisch, James, 61 Woodside, Elma, NY 14059 Rhodes, Marijon, Belmont, NY 14813 Riccardo, Lyn, 122 Sandpiperkey Harmoncove, Secaucaus, NJ 07094 Rich, James, 40 East 88th St., New York, NY 10028 Richardson, Linda, Box 44, E Smethport, PA 16730 Risio, Richard, 33 S Plank Rd., Newburgh, NY 12550 Ritter, Kathleen, 41 Henry Dr., Elma, NY 14059 Roach, Christopher, 45 Woodcrest Blvd., Kenmore, NY 14223 Robbins, Stacey, Rd 1, Cameron, NY 14819 Roggow, James, 4680 E Camino Pim Alta, Tuscon, AZ 85718 Rohrbacher, Patrick, 142 Hightstown Rd., Princeton, NJ 08550 Rosato, Miriam, 11 Cedarbrook Crescent, Whitesboro, NY 13492 Rosen, Shelley, 46 Vallen Ln. West N. Woodmere, NY 11581 Rosko, Kathleen, 14 Old Trail Rd., Water Mill, NY 11976 Ross, Kathy, 188 Rauber St., Wellsville, NY 14895 Rothstein, Jonathan, 6636 Clearbrook Dr., Nashville, TN 37205 Rubin, Leslie, 5 Susan Pl., Katonah, NY 10536 Rude, James, 199 Colebrook Dr., Rochester, NY 14617 Rudy, Allyson, 11 Candlewood Dr., Andover, MA 01810 Rulon, John, 7 Hill St., Alfred, NY 14802 Rumsey, Kim, Rd 81, Friendship, NY 14739 Rundell, Bruce, 401 Country Club' Dr., Newark, DE 19711 Runz, Tami, 13 Peters Blvd., Ctl lslip, NY 11722 Ruocco, Susan, 92 Centre Ave., E. Rockaway, NY 11518 Rush, Dorothy, 236 South Wulff St., Cary, lL 60013 Rush, Roseann, 1733 Meadowbrook Dr., Winston-Salem. NC 27104 Russell, John, Arch Dr., East Hampton, CT 06424 Rutan, Peter, PO Box 1394, Alfred, NY 14802 Ryder, Robert, 1889 Meadow St., Brockway, PA 15824 Sadow, Gay, 244 Colonial Rd. N, New Canaan, CT 06840 Saeger, Jan, Bx 392, 878 Fairmount, Jamestown, NY 14701 Samson, Bryan, 5136 East Alberta Dr., Tuscon, AZ 85711 Saunders, Marcia, 3797 Eckhardt, Rd., Hamburg, NY 14075 Sauter, David, 4 Indian Field Rd., Clinton, NY 13323 Savage, Karen, 558 Main St., Oneonta, NY 13820 Scahill, Lawrence, 125 Cypress St., Rochester, NY 14620 Scalice, Edward, Rd 3, Little Falls, NY 13365 Scavullo, M. Inc., 108 So. Marion Ave., Ventnor, NJ 08406 Schaefer, Elizabeth, 17 Beckwith Terr., Rochester, NY 14610 Schafer, Frederick, 190 Bonnie Brae Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 Scharman, Alan, 28 Gleneida Ridge Rd., Carmel, NY 10512 Scherbak, Loren, 5106 Elsmere Ave., Bethesda, MD 20014 Scherberger, Anne, 76 Thorndyke Rd., Rochester, NY 14617 Schimmel, Lisa, 34 Radcliff Ave., P Washington, NY 11050 Schneider, Jo, 3300 Glenmore Ave., Baltimore, MD 21214 Schwarz, Paul, Reed 10, Reed Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470 Scott, Richard, Mtbrow Village 38, Corning, NY 14830 Segel, Deborah, 8 Floyd Dr., Rochester, NY 14623 Selby, Jonathan, Millbrook Rd., Bedford, NY 10506 Shaw, Andrew, Box 1067, Manchstr Ctr, VT 05255 Sheehan, Nancy, 10 Linda Pl., Emerson, NJ 07630 Sheetz, Betty, 5 Hansell Rd., Murray Hill, NJ 07974 Sherbinski, Linda, 15 Parkview Dr., Rochester, NY 14625 Shiffman, Naomi, 17 Court Knolle, New Hartford, NY 13413 Shortway, Harry, 218 Lakeview Dr., Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Sierzega, Richard, 20 Union St., Auburn, NY 13021 Simons, Lawrence, 195 N. Village Ave., Rockville Cr, NY 11570 Simpson, Nancy, 7 Jay St., Cantom, NY 13617 Skolnick, Gary, 47 Kendal Ave., Maplewood, NJ 07040 Smart, Linda, 107 Ridge Rd., Horseheads, NY 14845 Smith, Gregory, 6 Lawrence Ave., Potsdam, NY 13676 Smith, Rita, Box 164, 5362 Sandhill Rd., Verona, NY 13478 Smith, David Jr., 103 Old Indian Hill, Greenville, TN 37743 Soergel, Steven, RD 42 Box 1, Valencia, PA 16059 Solak, Richard Jr., 3432 Fortune Dr., Allegany, NY 14706 Solitario, Joseph, 2242 Sultana Dr., Yorktown Hgt., NY 10598 Southworth, Karen, 260 Pennsylvania, Buffalo, NY 14201 Spalding, Lorraine, 1422 Pinnacle Rd., Henrietta, NY 14467 Spivack, Richard, 2100 Linwood Ave. 36-S, Ft. Lee, NJ 07024 Stamatel, Stanley, 205 Peartree Dr., Camillus, NY 13031 Stanger, Jeffrey, 824 Sherry Dr., Vly Cottage, NY 10989 Stephens, Patricia, 242 Brunswick St., Rochester, NY 14607 Stern, Meredith, 11 Barbara Way, Wayne, NJ 07470 Stoll, James, 24 Ableman Ave., Albany, NY 12203 Storch, Micheal, 365 Valley View Ave., Paramus, NJ 07652 Suggs, Amy, 155 Roycroft Blvd., Snyder, NY 14226 Sullivan, Barry, 46 Oakmount Dr., Rochester, NY 14617 Sullivan, Scott, 1550 Taylor Ave ,Utica, NY 13501 Sweetman, William, 16 Linda Dr., Allendale, NJ 07401 Sykes, Jeffrey, 235 Garth Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583 Syversen, Judith, 70 Camberley Place, Penfield, NY 14526 Tarricone, Claire, 205 Beverly Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583 Tette, Michelle, 73 Revella St., Rochester, NY 14609 Thomas, Dean, RD 86 Rowland St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020 Thomas, Gregg, RD 86 Rowland St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020 Thompson, Janet, 9 Althea Ln., Larchmont, NY 10538 Thunberg, Shelley, 57 Pershing A., Jamestown, NY 14701 Todd, Debra, Route 3, Canton, NY 13617 Tomb, Diana, 4001 Bristol Valley Rd., Canandaigua, NY 14424 Totman, Deborah, 27 Curran Rd., Whitesboro, NY 13492 Tracy, Jamie, 20 White St., Vly Stream, NY 11580 Trautlein, David, RD 32, Belmont, NY 14813 Tremblay, Andre, 106 Chdesmollies1293bellevu, Geneva, Switzerland Tropiano, Joann, 1814 E. 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11223 Troxell, Karen, Box 291, Arkport, NY 14807 Tschorke, Philip, 78 Kaymar Dr., Rochester, NY 14616 Tuttle, Amy, RD 81, Randolph Rd., Alfred Sta., NY 14803 Underwood, Nancy, 16 Anderson Rd., Greenwich, CT 06830 Van Rossem, Ann, 306 E. 71 St., New York, NY 10021 Van Scott, David, 1138 Sewell Lane, Rydal, PA 19046 Ventura, Carol, 145V2 Main St., Alfred, NY 14802 Venuti, Keith, 25 Virginia Rd., Waltham, MA 02154 Wagner, Ann, 136 Clearfield Dr., Williamsville, NY 14221 Walsh, Maureen, 15 Riding Trail Land, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 Warren, Paul, 370 W. Monroe St., Little Falls, NY 13365 Washburn, Esther, RD 31 Box 61, Almond, NY 14804 Waxman, Janet, 736 Cottage Place, Teaneck, NJ 07666 Wegemann, Theresa, RD 32 Box 393, Cohocton, NY 14826 Weiller, Jeffrey, 210 Silver Hill Lane, Stamford, CT 06905 Weinberg, Richard, 2 Hazelton Lane, West Nyack, NY 10994 Weissberg, Ellen, Box 222, Alfred Station, NY 14803 Wellington, Diane, 325 Cleveland Ave., Hornell, NY 14843 Weston, Steven, 45 Wemsen Rd., Great Neck, NY 11024 Wheeler, Melissa, 1556 Miriam Ct., Elmont, NY 11003 Whitefield, Robert, 3150 Redlawn Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18017 Whitty, John, 55707 Walden Dr., Lakeview, NY 14085 Wieder, Faith, Box 996 Schlers Way, Setauket, NY 11733 Williams, Carol, 333 E. 181 St., Apt. 18M, Bronx, NY 10457 Williams, Catherine, 3 Brooklyn St., Rochester, NY 14613 Willkens, Craig, 1351 Tollgate Hill, Locke, NY 13092 Willsey, Jane, 128 East Ave., Hornell, NY 14843 Winn, Katherine, 22 Sheldon Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 Winter, Lu Anne, 1576 Perry Pavilion Rd., Pavilion, NY 14525 Wood, Janet, Collins Center, NY 14035 Woods, Andrea, 109 Sheffield, Fayetteville, NY 13066 Woods, Nancy, RD 84 Pullen Station, Quakertown, PA 18951 Woodward, Amy, 1650 Murray Rd., Victor, NY 14564 Wright, Cynthea, 40 High St., Alfred, NY 14802 Wykstra, Warren, Box 323, Hornell, NY 14843 Yeaton, Donnette, RD 32, Box 210, Sherburne, NY 13460 Young, Margaret, Box 723, Long Beach, NY 11561 Zahn, Therese, Box 145, Md. Grandville, NY 12848 Zwicky, Diane, 25 Montrose Ave., Fanwood, NJ 07023 Home of the Brick Oven Terracotta Bakeware located at the Alfred University Campus in the Seidlin Hall Annex. Phone: 607-871-2168 ini! Q53 SQ i , ,I 9 - J 10 'T' 11 is fi --J X . Sm. Bread Pan These pieces are on sale Fleg. Bread Pan Mon-Fri 8-5 Lg. Bread Pan . Allen Hall Roof Tile lCome and see how they're made-.J . Quiche Pan . Pie Pan Au Gratin Pan French Bread Pan Lasagna Pan Cake Pan . scuffle Dish 28 Compl me ts of the GIANT FCCD IVIAFIKET good luck and best W Of wishes in all Q0m'gC3E2Li2!?,ZWSigt.0n, your endeavors Remember the good times at Alex's Well l do! r M, 7 A94 fr V X ' Congratulatlons rr N5 to the class of '79 X Kei r rn E A 5 Located in Hornell the Super Saver .L ,, , 285 W YR? Y x A Ku dfmffz, ffffff'-Z , nf ,,, Szwzf K gzafifaaf ,ffz ' naw!! nf Collegiate Villiage Store best of luck to the class of '79 ful Congraduations to the Kanakadea 2nd Dlace your trivia! champions in the 1979 College Bowl... You may leave here but you don't forget ,, M f,w,,ffw 'Wi , , 41- 5? ' l'fW5v95f' .w " U , -- Y - ,rg-., M,,4,f , .. r X r r W fe e V gt " , ,A 9 K , V 'f f,.f 7 ' ,: f I V 1 W 1 . fr W ff! ,ff ,f ,1, 4 7' ,MV Congradulati Arfred Sub Shop , from, flas -mar ,ww W gf, M, ,, Q- IHC WW Hfjumlyf M., V V -"- 4 . 1, V. ,S f ,f aljif yh Q ass of '79 Wemade Lt-and y5 u ate it. V '- H6pe that yqu'lI mage it now! ...,, a - N15-5

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