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College of Ceramic: Anniversary s 1 X sf g,ZAx:4 kv fy X LXZYJYXXS X El fl., X -Q' Z f -2, 2 xw' J! X Y ' N .3 fffpfg, X xxx fpnff. . LQXRQ4 Rx N--, X V1 x Lx",,5u, . , X xml P 1 X 2. 31' gl R Y xl 1 f 4 M 5 . L X Q ' N ' - mm S ,jug . K p K 'p X V ,H 1 1 'Q 1. ANA This is a chapter in the history of a university ever moving forward .... presented by the Senior Class of Alfred. John R. Bradley Editor yNancy L. Kelley Business Manager John J. Gilkes Art Editor W. Allan Hitchcock Associate Editor Copyright 1950 Z M. Ellis Drake, BA., MA.. Ph.D Prcsidcnt of Alfred Ullivcrsity 4 or --I -AW: 0 M T111 19511 IXYflIZIl15'f1f11YI 15 fllyflilifltlwfl 11'11'11 4Lf1'II111lll1C 10 KI 1111111 111110 11115 5111'1'1'11 .11fl'1'1'1 1111111 11111'g1'11y 101' 111'1'111y-110111 j'cYl1'.S'. Olll' 11111111 p1'1151111'111, D11 JI. E1115 D1'1IA'1', 11115 5171111 1111 l'1111'111'5113' grow. H151 11115 11'01'111'11 15151-11111111 1111 p111151'5 01 1l11iZ'111',Yi1LA' 11f1' 115 .Y1ll1111IZ1, p1'0f1'55111', 1111111, 111161 j111II11j' p111'1511111111. .4 11111431111 511711 Iflllfllx .Q11111111111 111 A111111 111 1925, D11 D1'llA't' 11111g111 1115101'y 111111p011'11'1'11151'11111111 11111.11 111111' 1115 tQ7'11f1ZlII110I1, 111115 1711111 01411111 101' 111'1'11'1'y1111115, D111111111' 01 1111' SZ117ZI711'1'151511001101 fZU1'1Z'l' j'1'llI'5, 111111 DKIIII 01 L11111111 ,-1115110111 1916 1111111 1111 1111111 1111 11111111111 IIl'1171tQ p1'1'51111'111. L001f111 11117 10 by 51'1Z01Ill'5 111111 111111111- 1015 1111151, Dr. D1'111f1' 11115 4Ql.Z'1'7I ll7If1l'111g 11111111 10 11111 b11111'1'11111111 of 11115 U11111111'5113'. AVOID, 115 p1'1'51111'111, 1111 1011111111115 10 1111111 Olll' 11111111115113' 101'- w111'11 111 115 g1'0111111 01111 1111111110p11111111. A5 II 11'f1I1l'7' 111 1111111111011111 1111115, 11 15 P1'l1.fif1L171f D1'111f1' 11111 111113' 111111111 for 10111p1'11'111 1111111- 11011 1011111111 11 bigger 111111 b1'11111' L171Z'Z11'7'51fj'. T0 P7'C51II,1'7If D1'111f1', 11111 511111 of thin 1950 IXY1l111l1fI1I11'YI 111111- 1111115 11115 170011. 59 S'AX11,rQ E1 E Z 5 6 15 111011155111 5 xx wr, X I 'gif 'uv X rfg- -Q 'Q ..,,.- M15 HEN we sat down some time last June to wonder how yearhooks happen. we had several problems on our hands. Who would he willing to spend the year operating typewriters and adding machines? What could we use for a theme? Wlly do annuals have to come out every year. anyhow? How much money would we have? Finding a theme was our most immediate worry. It wasn't until people began to predict darkly. "It will he a journalistic hook." that we thought of using the five Wns. For those not familiar with journalistic termin- ology the five Wits are just the first thing a newspapcrman learns. The who. what. when. where. and why of every story must lne incorporated in the first paragraph for a succinct synopsis of the event reported. Wie lrorrowed these five Was from the Fourth Estate lwcause we wanted this annual to he just as inclusive as possilrle. to cover every angle of campus life. And lrecause sometimes "How" is added to the lids. we have included that. too. nf' .nf I ' r ,K X 9 1 y.. s 9 'Q 'Q 9'-1 'Q rs .T -U sun uv. i 'w Y . E2-A Q v f' "1 'QQ' 145 inf-V' -11 fi'-'s ' .-9 an ' l, 61 -Pl 1 11' I A ' , 4-no-w,.i:. Y, pq - 1 ' . Al" .4 s. If - avg 'C ' ful!-4 .4 Q," " ,mx - 515 .'. Wll RE "Just get off an Erie train at Hornell anil take a lrus to Alfreel .... M Anil for aclflitional transportation to Alfred there are usually many willing taxi flrivers. lt's as simple as thatl A twenty-minute climlr from Hornell anil there it is. just the way we want it. Most of us were once given iletailetl instructions on the college grounds. hut the lecturer on those occasions never gave us a hint of how peaceful the campus can he on Saturalay afternoons. nor how frenzied it hecomes on Moving Up Day or during St. Patis Festival. 16 oca ion o a co eve conno es more lan mere Tl l t f ll D t tl geography for it includes all of the factors which comprise the setting for the four years of college. It may he that love is hlind. hut to us Alfred has heen the very hest place ill which to spend those very hest years. 1 ! 5 ,232 'if T he-vf : H '1 i-5,53 ,A hiv. '31 Q 9 xi 9 si? as 1- .1 -its ' A f 'Q ' K f 3' - Q ' 1 r 1 ,A 1 -1 x vu ff ,M K Egypt XX 'x K X 1,1- .fmu i 6 sv, has uv 8, f N x fy M. "v,f:X'w x V Nxxxx W X h x x -., ix ' ,1 xx X I, w wx f ff - 4 ' - x R X NM . A , V KN lux , , K 4 's . f X If mm MSX 'M ff WA' I f , MSX., X I, Q ,-.::'q 1 Q1..A'-- 1 ' VII N, . b LN .,,Q Q , A' N'-- X lqr, , . , D V , Q ' -, w ,A'L X N- . . .xx x:,,"' K 1 x .5 ""' . . if? .H 'V s:,..,P'! .ff ,. ,W ,Y , :.A A : , Q ,.x Y E xi yy A. - - ,' - ii " T , ,v!'3,--" ff Zij A 1 S - f"X I ! 5L J u 4 'Q 'X . A4 ,...-. ,X s. -- u'h ,ll 'I ii- E' ' .. B-M ug. N, 8 .h,aY' ...vt-h ' , H .1 lt, Q, gd,-N.. A.. M b M.- -'Q we hu. W, ' Q Q u ' . ,Si - "' '1"??AT , - k1,.., -. . N ws., 'SSYFWQ NW Ha-Q., 5 5 Q 5 S xx " 1 ..- .4 ,V , Vx L 1' If ,...-- - f ia'-, .. 0 . 0' , f it ..-Z Ji' - " ' KX , ff I .vin-Y, vu 2'.Q,:- "yy A Q ' X. f. .1 v. .1 - Y A, WZ? 1 .bk Aw- ,ew L' 5' Q, V w r x ,,iff5,"' ,gg ,,. ' N , V -' 1- -f '-" "' Q W, .-QS' ' A Jiwgryy 11,1 .,vjjyS35n55s,g,'Lb,l 1' -.,,,w..Q'5J -of-ww I V '-- A 1 ' 11 .5-.1-' " 1 A ,x A -,fn ,A Q rv-.f an i EWG- . . . . - A '. 1' A . - .a- .1 ' -1- "" -. " ' Q ' .,-, . , ms V 411, ., Av M ... .- f - -r , fa' - .W - K ' J, Av , - f ' ' A' Q : .V 1 1 3 -QL -Ql'w-'Vi 0 1 , Wh , , . ,x 'Q sf? Q . -,,f- f 4 va A 1"""- -bf ' ' ' 5' v. f 'f rf .pf -'Q -1 ' , 3 'n ' H Wk' 4- QA ,nf Bm .. , ... '11,-0. .f4"a"'g:-'42 ggi' Q. f . ,fx ,.,n, lu 4 2 , r ,gs P-LA A. -4 I .-. . Q t U 5 W i, If-+'.Qf.,f, AW," , 'y,2iwSf"l'f 1 , .Q X 4: f gui' -4 1 A -Q - bn!!! 'F 3 . 1 'img ,f:f 5V .5 ., W Y A 0. fab , W1 4 if W4 7, - . ' , l I ,N F 9-HW.. 5, .r ,,,,' .1 1 , . A h - tw ,, ,:4n:,4V,,P , -NX .1 , F' "n-gg'-' ' , ,5.:'j".qQ v ' 3 F W'-3-I . "" A nina' 1:43. 4 'v' Kfm -r , r 45:14 '-0...-ff ,f lv iv S A 'I 1 "" ww , M. --,A f ...s 4--N 1 I ve. 1, 4 1 fu , any in , L I' I . ,Al 1 X. v . ' ' 5 'Y 1 ,. -- . l 3' " , Q H r 1 A , i ,,, W ..,.4f- ef. . . A- 9 . K U 4 P " ' ' v 4- ' 1 H ..p"' ' " JA- -" 4. " ff . A . 'bah W- .9-"'g ' 'Q' ' ' 3 ---3A 1 ' ' 'J"': --'A "1 --V Dawn-mvqlfi' 3-V1 'T 'G' QM . AA '-Y A' H0 Modern lruildings. inviting lawns. and spreading shade trees as background for a "system" may make an institution. hut the right kind of people is needed to llllllit' a college. Alfred is an institution. hut it has a faculty and a student body that entitle it to rank also as the lnest of colleges. I The nineteen hundred and ten students enrolled are divided into inany different classes for purposes of study and graduation. hut they are not divided at all in feeling. Consciousness of a conunon devotion to a heloved Alina Mater and a genuine spirit of friendliness override all artificial lvarriers. The general sense of ease and inforinality is heightened lay the democratic. fair-minded attitude of our faculty. During class hours. our teachers impart new values. new perspectives. new ideals. it other times. they are never too lnusy to render some additional assistance and are always availahle for an informal chat. ln this pleasant inter-action lietween students and faculty. Alfred presents the opportunity for ideal collegiate life. .xx D698 ILAIQ r--WIC' A X A .T'3'wI . E" " s.. ' nf L -. vi. .. .17 E ff L . -X M - I 18' i., J. NELSON NORYVOOD MA.. Ph.D., L.L.D. ADMINISTRATION M. ELLIS DR.AKE, BA.. MA., Ph.D ......... President AHVA C. BOND, BA.. B.D., D.D ...... Dean of School of Theology HAROLD BRENNAN, BA.. MA.. SOD. . . Director of School for American Craftsmen HAROLD O. BURDICK, BA., MA.. SOD .... Acting Dean of College of Liberal Arts KENNETH H. BURDICK, M.D ....... University Physician ELIZABETH K. FOOTE, R.N.. BA.. MA. . Director of Nursing Division ELIZABETH CIEEN, B.A., MA., Ph.D ..... Dean of Women EDWARD L. HAWTHORNE, BA.. MA ....... Dean of Arlen RAYMOND O. HITCHCOCK, NLD ..... University Physician IYALTER C. HINKLE, B.S.. M.Ed ..... Assistant Director of Agricultural ancl Technical Institute PRESIDENT EMERITUS ,ff ex 7 N' .A 1.01 X gll. Lfffwv 16 GEORGE W. INOE, B.J ......... Director of Publicity and Public Relations EDWARD K. LEBOHNER, B.S.. Treasurer and Business lllanager JAMES A. MCLANE, B.P.E., M.A ..... Director of Athletics JOHN F. MOMAHON, B.S., P.E. . Dean of College of Ceramics CLARENCE M. MITCHELL, BA., M.A ........ Librarian WILLIAM J. O'CONNOR, B.A ...... Director of Admissions PAUL B. ORVIS, B.S ........ Director of Agricultural and Technical Institute CLIFFORD M. POTTER, B.S., M.S ........... Registrar W. H.-XROLD REID, B.S ........... Director of Finances JOSEPH SEIDLIN, B.S., M.A.. Ph.D. Dean of Graduate School MYRON K. SIBLEY, B.A., B.D ....... University Chaplain ALFRED E. YVHITFORD, BA., M.A.. SOD. Supervisor of Alfred University Extension at jarnestown, N.Y. 17 College of Liberal Arts Faculty Biology FRANKLIN C. DAIBER, B.A., M.S. . Assistant Professor HELEN DUELL, B.A., M.A ...... 4 ssistant Professor GORDON OGDEN, B.A.. M.S .....l 4 ssistant Professor EMILY NICHOLL, B.A .... . . Graduate Assistant Chemistry PAUL C. SAUNDERS, B.S., M.S., Ph.D ..... Professor SAMUEL R. SCHOLES, JR., B.S., Ph.D ..... Associate Professor CLARENCE KLINGENSBIITH, B.S., Ph.D .... Assistant Professor XVINFIELD L. FITZ RANDOLPH, B.A., M.S. . . Assistant Professor Economics and Business HENRY C. LANGER, Jr., B.A. M.A ....... Professor SALVATORE BELLA, B.S., M.A .... Assistant Professor JOSEPH M. KOCH, B.B.A., M.S ....... Instructor Education XVILLIAM PL7LOs, B.A., M.S ..... Assistant Professor English ELLSXVORTH BARNARD, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. . . Professor LELIA EVELYN TUPPER, B.A., M.A., Associate Professor BIELVIN BERNSTEIN, B.A., M.A ...L A ssistant Professor JOHN TAGLIABUE, B.A., M.A. . . ..... Instructor GrALXVAY KINNELL, B.A., M.A ........ Instructor HANNAH S. BURDICK, B.A ...... Special Instructor Fine Arts ELSIE BINNS . . . ..... Special Instructor in Art 18 History and Political Science WILLIS C. RUSSELL, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D ..... Alssoeiate Professor ROBERT STAPLETON, BA.. M.A. . . . . . Instruetor Industrial Mechanics GERALD F. BURDICK, B.S.. M.A ..., Llssisfant Professor Languages EVA L. FORD, B.A.. M.A ..... Professor of Romance Lan ffuaffes CH D lvl.-XRIE LOUISE CHEVAL, B.A., M.A ...... Associate Professor of Romanee Languages MANOLO RODRIGLTEZ-DIAZ, BA., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Rornanee Languages CHARLES D. BUCHANAN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of German JULLA S. SICKER, B.A. . . Speeial Instruetor of German G. STEWART NE.ASE, BA.. Mus.B.. MA.. Ph.D. . . . . Professor of Classical Languages Mathematics C. EVERETT RHODES, BA., Ph.D ....... Professor JOHN E. FREUND, B.A., MA ....I 4 ssoeiate Professor LESTER R. POLAN, B.S., M.S .... Associate Professor W. VARICK NEX'INS III, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor RALPH BEALS, B.A., Ed.M .......... Instructor Music YVILLIAM M. FIEDLER ........ Direetor of Alusic ADA B. SEIDLIN ...... . . . Professor of Zllusie RAY W. WINGATE, Mus. D. . . Professor of Zllusie and Carillonneur Nursing ELEONORA IALDRICH, R.N., B.S. . . Assistant Professor MINNIE C. WOLCOTT, R.N., B.S. . Assistant Professor 19 X : R v 4 3 yi, r I Ng: za? Y A. :. 'I -A f f wh...-gms mi l BIf.N4I.X3IIN R. CR.XFIlJ.XI.I,, B.PCcl.. M.A., D.Ped., .+- s""' if Physical Education 0 fue' ' . Q . M5 ALEX YUNEVIOH, B.P.E., M.S. . Associate Professor 6 E N Q LAVINIA E. CREIGHTON, B.S., MA. Assistant Professor C. JAY MOWILLIAMS, B.S., M.P.E. Assistant Professor NIE.-XRL GREENE, B.A., M.A ......... Instructor 0 Physics a JOHN G. NIOORHEAD, B.A., M.A., Ph.D .... Professor ' CII-IARLES A. DOlX'IENICAI.I, B.S., Ph.D ..... Associate S My Professor slris si' VV.-XLTER I. LANG, B.S ..... . . Assistant Professor Psychology STEPHEN C. CLARK, BA., M.A., Ph.D .... Assistant Professor EARL JANDRON, B.S., MA ...... Assistant Professor Religion BIYRON K. SIBLEY, BA., B.D .... Assistant Professor .. "' S Secretarial Studies K ' EMILY M. JONES, B.S ............. I nstrzzetor A is ' S001010ss XXX' ' ' ROLAND L. VVARREN, B.S.. Ph.D ....... Professor Y ..iA ' r xii I P Y. ' ALEXANDER KUMAN,Th.B., MA. . Assistant Professor y ki ..,z V. . S . D xi 'A -A Speech and Dramatlc PI'0dllCtl0ll C. DURYEA SMITH III, B.A.. MA ....... Professor RONALD BROWN, B.A., MA ..... Assistant Professor School of Theology Ph.D ........ Professor of Rural Sociology XXYAYNI-Q R. ROOD, B.S.. B.D.. M.R.E., Th.D.. Professor of Theology and Clzurelz History 20 New York State College Of Ceramics Faculty Ceramic Chemistry lVIURRAY J. RICE, B.S., M.S., Ph.D ....... Head of Departmmzt MARION Voss, B.S ........ Assistant Professor LOUIS A. VVEINLAND, B.S.. M.Sc. . Assistant Professor DANIEL RASE ............ Graduate Assisfanz' Ceramic Engineering ROBERT M. CAMPBELL, B.S.. P.E. Head of Dcpartrnvnt VAN DERCK FRECHETTE, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. . Professor CLARENCE W. MERRITT, B.S ....I 4 ssociatv Professor WILLARD SUTTON, B.S., Ph.D. . Associate Professor LEON B. BASSETT, B.S ............. Profvssor GEORGE A. IQIRKENDALE, B.A.Sc. . Assistant Professor ALEXANDER T. SHEHEEN, B.S ........ Inszfruftor HARRY S. PARKER, B.S ....... Graduatv Assistant 21 Industrial Ceramic Design CHARLES M. HARDER, B.S. I. . . Head 0fDcp111'tmcnt KURT-I. EKDAHL . . . . r-15s0fiatcPr0fcss0r XX Al.-XRION L. FOSDICK . . . . f1550ciaz'cP2'0f05s01' CLARA K. NELSON .........i 4 ss0ciafvP1'0fc550r DANIEL RHODES, lNfI.F.A., Ph.B .... 41 5sistanz'P1'0f0s50r LOYAL O. FRAZIER .... . . Insz'rz1c1'0r R.ANDOLPH XVEBB, B.S. . . ..... Instructor I PHILIP JOHNSON, BA. . . . . Gradzzatfx-lssistarzt ILSE ROTHMER . . . . . . . C:7'l1f1ll!lllf':l55i5llC17Zf Glass Technology SARIVIQI. R. SCHGLES, AB.. Ph.D., Hl'lIf10fIJf'f7fI7'ZL77lF71IL DONALD H. DREYER, BS ...... frfllflllflfl' ,issistani Q Graduate School Faculty The faculties of the College of Liberal Arts, the New York State College of Ceramics, and the School of The- ology participate in the programs of advanced instruc- tion and research leading to the graduate degrees. 22 New York State Agricultural and Technical lnstitute Faculty EDDY E. FOSTER, B.S ..... . . Hf'af10fDvpa1't1m'11f RALPH BEACH, BS.. MS .... ..... F I0rifulz'urI' ROBERT KESSLER, B.S ..... . . FI07'ifZlIfllI'4f' LOUIS LOUGHLIN, B.S., BI.Ed. . . . . :lQ7'iC'Zllfll7'U ERLE lX'lYERS,B.S ........ . . . Dairy I I NYESLEY PARISH, B.S. . . . . Agronorm' DENTON ScHL'LTz, B.S. . . . . .lgriczzlrzzrw JOSEPH SHERIXIAN, B.S. . . . . :l,Q7'l'l'llIflll'U VINCENT SMITH, BS., MA. . . . . F10rz'rulfzzrv VVILLIAINI YY. STOPPER, B.S ..... ....... P oulfry H. LEIGH XNOEHLING, B.S., M.S .... Ll7Zi7?1ll1Hll5bClI1ff7'j' LILY CARTER ....... IAMES FRICK, A.B.. Mild. ANDREW HRITZ, B.S., MS. GEORGE BIORGANFELD, B.S. 23 www li. II. BROXVN, A.B.. Mild. . GLENN LEATHERSICH, BS., W , '05 Pg. , ,ll ,,., . I 5, 1 Department Of Business . . . Hum' of Dwparfnzcnf S4'frI'fz1rir1l . . Bll5ilI4'55 :l!f77ZfIlf5fl'!1fl'07l . . . Bzzxirzcssllrzrzzzgfar'and Bzzxirzfxvs fldmirzistrafzon lVI.Ed ........ Busirzvxs :ld771i7li.XI'l'flfiOl7, . . Busimiss :ldl71illi5f7'CIfi07Z Department of General Education VVARREN BOUCK, A.B., M.Ed. . . . . . English BURDETTE CROFOOT, M.Ed .... . . . Economics B. DANIEL, B.S ....... ........ L ibrary WILLIAM HAVENS, B.P.E .... . . Physical Education MARTHA KOBY, B.A., M.Ed ............ English T. A. PARISH, B.A., M.A. . Economics and Dean of Men MILO VAN HALL, A.B., M.A ...... Student Personnel SHIRLEY WURZ, B.A .... English and Dean of Women Department Of Ind ustry GEORGE S. VVHITNEY, B.E.E., M.Ed ....... Head of Department MATTHEW BURZYCKI .... Radio and Communications CHARLES EDELMAN, B.M.E. . VVILBUR GETZ, B.A., M.Ed. . . CHARLES MAGWOOD ..... HAROLD OWEN .... HAROLD PANTER ...... WILLIANI L. PATCHEN, B.S. . . JOHN RENNER ...... EUGENE REYNOLDS, B.A. . . RODNEY SHERWOOD ...... HERIXIAN E. SICKER, B.S., M.Ed. . . PAUL J. SEIDER, B.E.E ...... OREN WORDEN, B.E.E. . . JAMES P. WILES, B.S ..... 24 . . . Refrigeration . . . . Drafting . . Refrigeration . Electrical Shop . . . . . Welding . . . Mathematics . . Electrical Power . . . Mathematics . . . . . . Heat . . Refrigeration . . . . . . Electricity Radio Department . . . . . Industrial Department Of Rural Engineerin WALTER G. HINKLE, B.S., M.Ed. . H HAROLD O. GROWELL, B.S., M.Ed. . . 8' ead of Department Assistant Head of Department CHARLES DUDLEY . . . ....... Rural Engineering SAMUEL HORNBEGK . . . . . ROBERT JONES, B.S ...... . . KENNETH KOLSTAD, B.S .... . . . DANIEL F. O,DONNELL, B.S ..... ROGER RAWE .......... Aleehanieal Engineering NIILFORD SE ' Rural Engineering Rural Engineering Rural Engineering . Diesel Technology AMAN . . . . . . Rural Engineering PHILIP SMITH, B.S. . . . . Rural Engineering Department Of Science GEORGE ROBINSON B A H , . I....... ead of Department GEORGE D. GREGORY, B.S ..... Laboratory Teelznology JOHN M. LAKE, B.S., M.S ........... Chemistry ERA SCOFIELD, B.S., M.S ..... Laboratory Technology JOSEPH PELLEGRINO, B.S.. M.Ecl ...... Frozen Foods Nl.-XTHAN PLATT, B.S ......... . . Bacteriology 25 The School for American Craftsmen Faculty FRANK E. BRACE, BA. . . T.-xGE FRID ....... LIV QQJELSVIK ........ FRED NIEYER, B.F.A.. M.F.A. . JOAN BIEYER, B.A. .... . LINN L. PHELAN, B.F.A. . . JOHN PRIP ........ CHARLES REESE ........ OLIN RLTSSLT1NI,.IR., BA., M.F.A. . . Woodworking Woodworking . . . Textiles . . Ar! . . Pottery . . . Pottery Woodworking Jlletalsmithing . . . . Pottery 26 .1 A -f gfkt-I-,I W, , DWIGHT R. BROWN STANTON R. GARR Prmiderzl Vire President University Senior Class Officers GEORGE M. HARRIS Secretary 27 NIAURICE SMITH Treasurer Q 5 Yagi.. SUI, 133199 5 1 . f-5 tgp- . I S I v 4 E Florence Paul R. Al Edmond IW. ANDERSON ANTOUN BAGNALL BAKER ,Ifllllhlljiff Jlfrzdvillv, Pa Sidney Corning NURSING CERAIXIIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS w-- -wr R -wwf: 11-S.-- , :S- i A 'f 1 fi Earle B. BARLOXV .Ynrtlz Abington, Alan. CERAINIIC DESIGN J--v Vs--A I nv fax , 1. 'Irv -QS' I 'Ln' 'I 455 ' f ..,....,.. A, 'Eli X I X . S. ,A Juliett w John BENTLEY Charles BELLIOTTI B,,1fM,A BARONE Hornell NURSING LCR05' LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS W"-fy 49-un. 'lb-nr Edison F. Hubert Joan John BEST BLISS BLOOR BOUSSER Corning Wellyville Nyack Hornell GLASS LIBERAL ARTS NURSING LIBERAL ARTS I ,.:, . if I 1w,,,,.gnQ'! N tx ., l am GI' R' 'sa 'W' FW 'fn' i Q 1111 -'--"' Joseph John R. Christian Robert BOWDEN BRADLEY BRAUNSCHWEIGER BRCOKS Pittsburglz, Pa. Horne!! Il'0ll5zfillf' .IIIIIIFXIUZUII DESIGN CERAINIIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING -4990- "'U"-l - NWA ii ,if 51" E44 4- in -3.:k2,. . I: 1 "--1-- A ix A A SN .. I I I I ,lx .3 I . -sill ' I Q: ,x'wL ,IE A I ' PI"-1 X' QA Dwight xff , , . . BROWN Joan Hatfield ix IValt011 BROXVN Charles Q I, I CEIDIHII CERAMIC ENGINEERING Patmogw BRI ANT BUDYOW LIBERAL ARTS Hlfdffm Auf ,I LIBERAL ARTS ' fm LIBERAL ARTS 'IW QS, A :W . ,am KJ - . U 'mm ' 3? 'lwmxif I I ,f- I,.5.f K? Am K I ,I I is Richard Donald Joseph A. Thomas BULLOCK BUSTEED CALA CANTWELL Norwich Hornell jamestown Hartxdale LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING ,Q r 13 99 W '. . 2. L! . ",, . " Nw S ' ' . "' 1 23.3. fb. ,I A xqqi . p X j - . .,- A- 4 X I: I 1 U Frederick Phyllis Tarbrake Richard M. W. George CARLSON CARLSON CARLSON CARLSON fanzvxtoznz Arcade jamestown Center Morichex LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING 6. 'E' Joseph Robert CHORNEY Charles R. CHENEY Auburn Shirley CHASE Bath LIBERAL ARTS CHA,xxIPLIN Homdl LIBERAL ARTS Aljcrfd LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS .,,,,,. Q, rm vs. fy 5.1, gt. -...ff Joan William James P. Laverne Jay CHRISTMAN COFFIN COLE CONKLIN I'VellsUiIle Bolivar Hamel! Avoca LIBERAL ARTS CERAINIIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS GLASS 30 Robert A. COTTON Canisteo CERAINIIC ENGINEERING '5' ME David CRUMP fllfrfd LIBERAL ARTS Charles CLRRAN Harnfll LIBERAL ARTS Harriet DANIELSON famcstozvn LIBERAL ARTS I S K V P . Neysa Jean DIXON Niagara Falls DESIGN Victor DCPROSSE A. Litchard HH.YfII1IQ.Y-1771'Hlldillll DICKINSON CERAMIC ENGINEERING 'fi-.1 '51 4, 'Q-o-' Donald DOSTER Hornell LIBERAL ARTS S Wellszfille LIBERAL ARTS f:".,,? .Q '75 ff' PX sg I ri . I William DOUGHERTY Andover LIBERAL ARTS 31 'fwfr Louis CUSIMANO fam rslnzwz LIBERAL ARTS . us gr.. -. " 1 .MS , Adam DKSENNARO Rm'l1U5!f'l' LIBERAL ARTS Joanne DLCEY Olean LIBERAL ARTS .. ' V -V.,-Q I ,1 , I V - I-A . - Terry G. George Floyd Jarvis DLRO EIWEN ENGLISH FARGO fI1n1I'stozr'1z Alfrvd Corning Ashzfille LIBERAL ARTS GLASS LIBERAL ARTS CERAIYIIC ENGINEERING wi .5 fx Q... A Daniel E. David FOSTER R I . Knowlton YV. FLAMlN'IER 'fa,,,f-Jfozm F W?Q1?IfiH F.-XRR II'f11.II'f11f LIBERAL ARTS A ' ' A ll 5'0"11'1S LIBERAL ARTS Franlrforf DESICY DESIGN A .V fr A 4 , I A i 1 . I lf x I 'tif Thomas BurClCttC C. JOIIH F. Donald FRANTZ FULLER GARDNER GARRISON Horne!! Belmont l1'z'llsville Addison CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING 32 Edward GEGNER Br0n.x'zfiIle' LIBERAL ARTS John GILKES Onfarzxidv DESIGN iz? .. 1' ' I If g i. f Jivlwq, -vu. I 1 'X 'A 1 145 Q 'W Il: "V 'lg' -. I - I..,, aft! ' :rx N ,S - m V-V-fy - U - Tliws'f'f-:ww Q'- 1. I-5 I 5-,A 43!Tf':" If E"'i " 'Nc -Qs-'It V , , S" f, X' , X 52: 13 g ig , g g Burton A. GREENBERG Fluxlzing LIBERAL ARTS Lawrence GRIFFITH Port Allfgally, P41 GLASS X., I Q: ii, . i I db. 'II V XI L.,- 3 LRRL If fn I J ' Q ,1 N, ,L A I A.,-.m.' 12?-2 - .- e Jack GOSS IIIIITZFKIULFII LIBERAL ARTS gm. " ,A RL .. L, Q Q r 'J MTN 4155 L ' Gifs James HALL Ncw York CH5 DE SIGN .- x, .,, .S iggihgf-. ,N H -v- 5 WT 1 ff viii? f A fy M -Z, - , -ffm Y, S -f:5Sf5:h ,L 'E R "35,'gS.',' "vs .5 fa gs 'f . Wig I' ' 'fm XA .inf 3 'I 'ik 5, aw? :MA 'HM , M ct. 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Joseph HURLEY D .1 Dmruld HOLIWSTROIXI famfxlaztvz KWH HOFFMAN Bn1.vorzz'iIlf', III. IIILDEBRQXND 'V .4 Y , , , , , LIBERAL ARTS H A I A5f'l1'1,U 1111113 , CERAMIC ENGINEERING ' fm LIBERAL ARTS CERABIIG ENGINEERING Q, Org' 5: 4 fn. N 'NN Whf' 1'-'Q IQ..-.1 Suu' 443' X . " Robert Alton E. Richard Irene A. IMMEDIATO JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON Yonkers famcstozlun Hornell Rye CERAINIIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING DESIGN 34 4 I It Juan JOVA Nczvbzz rglz CERABIIC ENGINEERING Q' Y . . -15,1 f. T"L'S3'i I 1. V , . E 7 Nancy L. KELLY Olfan DESIGN lfarie JOY.-X .x'L'ZL'I7llI'g'IZ LIBERAL ARTS PSX Patricia KENNEDY Cmzistco DE SIGN my K ,fax , . . x E X BIHCIIIII KI. K.-XPUR .4rnzif.rar, India CERABIIC ENGINEERING gf . I . ' Emalc. KATZ Anna LIBERAL ARTS 'EM . .., 1 .Q vu 3 Richard KENNEDY Canistco CERAHIIC ENGINEERING If -,,x .M , Robert KENNEDY Can ixtm LIBERAL ARTS JA 'ww Harold P. Paul F. Richard V. Jeannette KESPERT KIESOW, Jr. KLUSKY KLIMAJESKI Youngsville Bellmore Utica Riverhead LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS 1005 Senes Donald J. Chester E, William H LARSON LAWSON LEE LeFEBER fanzvstozwz Brocton Wrllxziillc Caledonia LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS :M .. if ii Gwendolyn C. LESTER ll'6ll,fz'illC LIBERAL ARTS ,r ' I - V VH 1 Q li' X 1 , . A- .-. 1 , , l V ' .Qil ., Q.-J kgu l - 1 ai: ., ,x ', -" 3 fwfg, I .Q fb Q . 4?'l .' .V vi. ' 7' Lf'.'f?5 ' ' X . ml L ,,.1 6. Saunclra B. LICHT Stamford, Conn LIBERAL ARTS , fa-A Q...-4 Claire John W. LIPP LINDENTHAL Flushing Freeport NURSING CERAMIC ENGINEERING X! 'nf ls QW? 5 Frank E. Robert K. Lucille Earl C. LOBAUGH, jr, LONGFRITZ LOSCH LOWE Plainfield, N. Alfred Niagara Falls Whitewater Wzxc LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CERAMIC ENGINEERING I I R I Margaret Z. LOWE Randolph LIBERAL ARTS W, inn Herbert L. MacDONELL Bolivar LIBERAL ARTS James LUNNEY Nou' York City LIBERAL ARTS .-., nl- I 3 3 X If " I Christopher Ii McALLISTER Azfoca CERAMIC ENGINEERING 3' X S 1 -U' Y xif, WIP . Gif 'Icromc lfndc-line O. LYONS MACAULEY Forvst Hillx Alfrvd DESIGN LIBERAL ARTS if ix 5, '-'3'2'4' I Q51 I 'A Jil ihmvivg, 'I KQI. ,Pew ' f5..?I?'v xr if I I A xx A , 'Q Jack A. McENROE lfiffiafd v Wfllszfille MHXINSTRI Arora LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS .Eg Richard William Darwin James MCNAMARA MALONEY MARSHALL MARTIN Bufalo Hornell Bujalo Nrwark CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS 37 v ,f SIN , Q In 4 in Ray Eleanor Eldon Irwin MEEK MEISSNER MILLER MILLER Cuba New York City Bujalo Brooklyn LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS "EP A if r A 3' M 6 Q' Fx ,Y 'UN 7 3' A ' "L . ":'A . A ' ' I r A V - ,.:.. -IIII ' ' M --I' . Li li 2 if 'fi-jgfiif A l.3,,g1Qr1, ? Marjorie G. - , - 2 Y . 'J 15557 Roland MOULD Tholnas IYICRIXITGOIXIERY Twmjqv N I 1011? P- MITCHELL H01-M11 Wggwc MITCHELL famcstozvn LIBERAL ARTS 1 A I Hornfll ,L LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS - 'Eff22517W:5ZXf5T?ifi?f'f3 ' I nv X 41 . I ' its. Frank Frederick C. Melvin Eugene L. MLSTICO MYERS NIDA NOBLES Amsterdam Saugerties Alfred Forestuille LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING THEOLOGY CERAMIC ENGINEERING 38 'ZI3' George L. Jeanne K. William C. Lavern CTGONNOR O'CONNOR OCONNOR OLSON IVell5z'ille Farmingdale Port ferzfix fanzestown LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS .-9 Margaret O'NEIL Richard . C . 7, O'NEIL LOUIS fl' mf Homes!! PALAMARA Theodore R. LIBERAL ARTS Batavia LIBERAL ARTS f,,,,m,0u,n CERAINIIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS -nfl August Joseph P. Sam C. Margaret PASQUALE PATERNITI PATERNITI PALTSEWANG Wellsville Iamestown famextown Huntington LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING 39 5,,. fd U KIL11'ic PERROTTA Elmim LIBERAL ARTS 3. K li Q 70 "- 'I' ,V If -fa ,S l 'I fivurgt' IV. IIIXLEY .Yvzr Hartfnrzi CERAMIC ENGINEERING F I I -"th ? I "":' f iff '.,- I 1 ' , William R. QL' I NCIY Nurzvifh LIBERAL ARTS , fm' em- mf. In ""f-2' - W Bi Jack Lucile Roger PETERSON PETERSON PETERSON fllflldlllf, Cal. Corning Falconer CERAINIIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS ska . -if S . 1' -1-TR New QQ! ,gif Robert E F kl. Rohm P- PROKOPEC I mn In PRIGGE Elmira POOLE ' . IIIUI E1zf'14'ZL'0ud. N. Nmgam Fans CERAMIC ENGINEERING D CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS If John M. Daniel E. Louemma QUIRK RASE REED Walkins Glcn Alfred Penn Yan CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING DESIGN 40 RQ Tj I X Clare john E. RICIHESON RIGGS .Allfrfd li'rll.v1'ilf1' LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS X Qi ' ' Nur' Lewis RQBORD5 Lawrence A. 4,-ffpm ROEHLER LIBERAL ARTS Ilkllxvillc LIBERAL ARTS 2. .Xlbrrt IV. RIGOL'LO'l' FI'l'ffll7I'I LIBERAL ARTS is bo- Richnrcl C. ROBINSON C1171 fyffn LIBERAL ARTS 'IP 'VK x Tlmmzw ROM.-XNU Plninjivlnf N. LIBERAL ARTS 'Q' H. Donn ROOT :INlIlIZ'IHf', IVA C. CERAHIIC ENGINEERING . i, 'gi iv um- fix Donald S. John W. Stephen B. William G. ROSSER SAUNDERS SALTNDERS SCI-IMIDT Brooklyn Andover Alfred Flushing LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS CERAINIIC ENGINEERING 41 pw ,wi ..- V ,,.,, ,,.. V-. l. .1 Frank Ignatius L. Donald E. Philip -I. SCHROEDER SCOTT SEAMAN SECREST Grfat Valley LeRoy Hornell Muncie, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS DESIGN "1 V ' I I 'A . I N Leslie N - - Georgew. SHERSHOFF Law C Z H0W21fd SHERIDAN Alfrgd r lice ' SHAPIR0 Hofnfll LIBERAL ARTS SELEIYACH Nm' York Citi' LIBERAL ARTS Elmlm LIBERAL ARTS GLASS Harvey Joseph Earl R. Robert L. SIEBERT SIEDEL SILER SIMMS Lancaster Baltimore, Md. IVate'rz'lif'f Hornell CERAIVIIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS 42 . .. Y-. X-2 ...ex Zi Norman Eugene D. M. Jerry Kenneth L, SKILLMAN SKIR SMITH SPRING Bemux Point Brooklyn Greene Spring Valley LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS GLASS 5 1 nvnmm UUIUUH - Gllggnwoad STERNIER Sfligisxl IVlliam C. LIBERAL ARTS C0'n"'3 Nw V Y kia! v STRANG LIBERAL ARTS Lu or I 5 Yoznzgxlown, Ohio NURSING I I CERAMIC ENGINEERING Robert Bruce Howard L. James E. STRONG TARQUINO TAYLOR THAYER Bufalo Lackawanna Westbury Brofton CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS 43 BgII'lJ:II'n THEIQRER 10,1 nxtozwz DE SIGN 44g 'R Ui as ,. I - RR A. .Q - " ..,. K . Ia H . I L J' John TOURNAUD .I1l'l71L'lIFSfL'I', Conn. CERAIXIIC ENGINEERING I 5 ,f my Qin Alan TRAX Hornell GLASS I ,igjiiif C ' il , f,,,If:g ,N ,Q + .,A Z,. 'ik I I ! A , I if 'X A 'ESR I' New -5 , 'ff- N X 1 is R !E - .,,x . , 1 I I f 2 .I ' wif' ' - we K . , N .IAQ Robert I, lx Stanley TURNER 'FHII' TRZASKOS Bell of TROST "1 ' Hom: -'1'715fFTdl1771 CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING ' ' CI "" . 3 , 'QTL' , il syfl Bernard TROMPETER Rachesivr CERAMIC ENGINEERING John F. UPHAM Canistro LIBERAL ARTS I-53 Sb 4!"'-"P ,av- Roy L. Robert Charles G. Teresa VAN ALSTEN VANDERHOVEN VAN WIGGEREN VENCKO Sherrill Palerson, N. Ilion Binghamton CERAINIIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS 44 , 4 V, ,,,.:Af4 . Q sl V . ' 52722 RN f , lg llsizig Zane Phyllis Davie YVAGNER IVETHERBY WETTER St. folznsville Forest Hills, Pa. fanzrstown LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS 'QQ A Donald WICKWIRE Tom C0"z"ng WIDGER xviifiiiiliexv LIBERAL ARTS Ellzfottvzllf ' ' A ' .llmolzd CERAMIC ENGINEERING LIBERAL ARTS Y N, I 1 YQ 5- . 'Q' 1 I I' 63 -gf- E 2 iff "if John R. WHITEFORD Buffalo LIBERAL ARTS Ruger IYIGIITON illinuzt Vvrnon CERAINIIC ENGINEERING Robert M. Lee C. Read YVILLIAMS WINSHIP WOODIVORTH Brooklyn Salamanca Delevan CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING CERAMIC ENGINEERING 45 Louis Z.-XNNIERI Hornvll LIBERAL ARTS 'harmo- N. M.. OFFICERS Thomas Blyers .... P rAf' xident Roger Jones . . . . .Vi 4'4' Pr f'.v ident Richard Nohle . . . . . .Si'crffa1'y Edward Giess . . . . . .Tzfmurcr Class of 19 1 b-ff Fin! Rou'-LaYan, Brion, Gardner, Swain, Harding, Schulmeister, Lockhardt. Second Row- Zneimer, Seligman, Kassel, Steilen, Nohle, Giess, Jones, Myers, Hurlburt, Bette, Arnold, VVort- man. Third Row-Husted, McMahon, Spaulding, Peterson, Hitchcock, Prusik, Evans, Clute, Clark, Distler, Berger, Valvo, Riess. Fourth Row-Pixley, Nerenstone, Golfer, Boessneck, Fischer, Waechter, Schaa, Anderson, Holly, Arnstein, Schuenzel, Hultquist, Monroe, George. Fifth Row-Peterson, Roach, Crouchley, Schoenfeld, Olenchuk, Warn, Harring, Church, Alliegro, Schaefer, Hessinger. 46 cam' Q Bardon Conroe Ruth Vail .... 24 Pgw 1 P Donald Boulton OFFICERS Marilyn Fleming' . . . , . . .Prf,sz'dr'nt V24 1' Pn'xz'flwzz' . .... .Shvrtary ...Tn'mzu'cr Class of 1952 First Row-Richmond, Zito, Folts, Ellis, Stearns, Baker, Nichols, DeProsse, Dobson, Gates, Fal- cone, Holmquist, Shackson, Leondar, McGraw. Second Row-Bard, VVorth, Newton, Armstrong, Moore, Ballrnan, Ogden, Vail, Fleming, Conroe, Boulton, Frank, Henion, Herrick, Bc-audoin. Third Row-Sauter, Koster, Ridgeway, Smith, Shippy, Kearney, Beale, Dick, Prior, Phillips, Cushing, Woodin, McClurg, Gunung, Amdur, Higgins, Riker. Fourth RowfHomer, Callahan, Disch, Litchfield, Bebarfald, Formont, Mendez, Schroder, Arnberg, Tibbot, Britting, Hamm, Sprague, Mangels, Small, Larisch. Fifth Row-Carson, Pedriek, Netzke, Byers, Mockus, Coch- rane, Baxter, Nies, Ferguson, Owens, Usehuld. Sixth RowAMcMahon, Bredell, Benzing, Pettengill, Pedersen, Schwartz. 47 First Row-Sachs, Neger, Peskin, Stutzman Am Osborn Havens Chapin, Glffen Holmes, Altenburg, Garman. Second Row Feldman Barashlck Cahon Miller Eisen berg, Mass, Patrizio, Tunkel, Dorf, Kiss Corson Thrrd Row Pechanlck Adler Strauss Donnenwirth, l'Ve-stheimer, Rosenblatt Pllnlt Sherwood Sleber Lobaugh Dans Saun ders, Traubitz, Metcalf, Holden, Fuller Kelsey, Tucker Fourth Row Swart Nesbitt Joseph, Conroe, Taft, Serling, Turner Sexfer Sonenshlne Stern Lelbowxtz Fzfth Row Astrachan, Reifberg, Katz, Rabiner, MaCFarland Szxth Row Fleiqel Copulsky, New man, Cummins Weber lass of 19 3 First Row-Johnson, Reed, Bennett, Robbins, Blankheit, Baker, Dunham, Valentine Hartpence, Oliver, Epstein, Second Row-Virtuoso, Vllhalen, Fish, Goss, Henkle, Stuart Perreault, Tuttle, Smith, Gittleman, Gibbin, Gentile. Third Row-Forrest, Pierotti, Ren- kert, Robbins, Baugh, Klein, Friedman, Dennison, McClelland, Smith, Jeffrey, Nisler Kalber, Mills, Hill, Harrison. Fourth R0u'fDlMlCCO, Johnson, lNilhelm, McMurtry Mackie, 'Woodward, Scallon, Burry, Kuehm, Kittel, Richard, VVilliams. Fifth Row-Peck Cushing, Jones, Finneran, Mass, Swart, Pappis, Hart, Turner, Gignac, Milne. ..- we WWW' First RowfConningham, Gowdy, Strong, Kleiner, Reynolds, Kirkland, Downing, Gluck, Brod- head, Kaiser. Serona' Rou'-Spear, Stanton, Finneran, Blatt, Mdllurg, Miller, Rubenstein Ruggles, Sailer, Maguire, Smith, Baker. Third Razz'-Hanna, Wasson, Swanson, Sherman, Frohm, Williams, Farman, Waugh, Webster, Dauble, Pearsall, Furman, Gelch, Asquith, Thomas McGee. Fourth Rou'vMott, Morabelte, Olympia, Funk, Hauser, U'Brien, Ostrom, Abrahams, Russo, Earsley, Oberfield, Fusaro, Grunow, Peterson, Grunwalcl, Lf-ninyzer, Smith, Lumbert, Gargel. Fifth Rau'-Peters, Montouri, Doane, Blonsky, Earl, McCormick. Class of 1953 OFFICERS loseph Blonsky .. ..... Prcdderzt Barry Bradford . . . . .Vive Previrlfrzf Dorothy Bennett . . . ..... S f't' rrtary Raymond Spear . . . .......... 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Herbert APPELT Roflzfxfcr GENERAL AGRICULTURE I 'N ...., ,gi r 1' j 1 X rjk- Gaylord BAILEY Lakewood REFRIGERATION 51 r V1 pkg? .V ..m4"'4u 4. A rw - -T 'Mn gf I. xi"- L-. ". ' X r ?w 33,1 Q x 'E I IX'I1lI'VIIl Clhzirlos L. ALLEN ANDOLSEK Bronx Cozumzzlrz POXVER RI'lFRIGERA'I'ION I M I 1-Q' an 5 x-"LV .iggq If A 1 , . Szmmcl M. ARRINGTON, LcRuy Jamcs ARTHUR JY- Corlmm RU RAI. ENGINEERING RURAL ENGINEERING rail QPU-- Donald C. Roger D. BAKER BALL Ifalworth Forcstoille RURAL ENGINEERING RURAL ENGINEERING Haag? , .,v,.,,,V W. ,fps 4 C John B. BARNES New York City AGRONORIY Q ,aww 7 Dx , 4.- L L, AJ 'F l I l Gerald BECKER Rochrxlvr RE FRIGE RATION 1, ' , Ah: arm, , M. I . 'f K rf 1 ' H 4f'3ll' .5 Steven BARTON H udson POWER Q 1 A' A Eugene BENJAMIN Illiddletown REFRIGERATION . IAQ' :::,' 'F 'VL 4 Orville BEACH Elmira FLORICUL TURE GX t x f' l 'lx '- E X f it ""'. itz' gl 'f X John BEAM Elmira AGRICULTURE . x l 1-4' Vernon BENJAMINSON Arnold Duluth, Alina. 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ANIIVIAL HUSBANDRY Si ll Lawrence John Tom HOEHN HOLLISTER HOPSON Rome Newark Westfield FLORICULTURE REFRIGERATION BUSINESS 58 L -Q' 5 Emma IVer1d6ll John I. Edwzwcl A, HORVATH HOIVDEN HUGGINS HYSON Tmzawarzda Fillmore Argyle Bmdlzrclm, Pa. LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY CONSTRUCTION SERVICE RURAL ENGINEERING POXNER . QQ , ' QQ." . Q: - .13 , X ,A ' Ii- . 5 2 5' M f I 'sf 'W' g If 5,1 . ...R . f A . -+- Qefal 1 432- . I 3 2' f +1 ' I . 1 . . A . 'A Q. I ig, f ' lv. R 5 wi .Ni l 5 sw, XA. . ......., . EXW . .5 . . ,ra ...A ,,-I - 1 I Raymond ., ,,:SiY I: .11 1 A as-A riffi' . . Eldon L. JOHNSTON Mlirraw, Robert JOHNSON L0II!1107I, Uniario, Canada JACOBS lik-Ilmllv REFRIGERATION , Il'0ff1'l 0 Pollglzkegpnc REFRIGERATION AGRONOMY REFRIGERATION X s YZTT' '37 Walter Koosoom John C. Ernest G. JORDAN KASAMESAN KE.-XCH KELLEY Blasdell Washington, D. C. Painted Post Pinf City REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATION POYNER BUSINESS 'lg ul .gl Rolvcrt I.. John N. Franklyn L. Allen A. KINNER KESTER KIRKMAN KNAPP Elmira Razwzrza. Ohio Litllc Neck Watertown BUSINESS ANIINIAL HUSBANDRY POWER ANIMAL HUSBANDRY ? Virginia KNOX Morton C. Elmira KRAFT LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY Sllildll-Vkj' RADIO 1"'f"'P lhomaw Xl. Rnymuncl Y. Kl'llN l..vXl'lR L.fFf7t'f .lfllllffllllll X, Crfllfllfl RURAL ENGINEERING RERAI. ENGINEERING .Q-an-sign A -...sf John YV. KREUTZIGER .llfrriflr ANIINIAI, PIUSBANDRY tt' fbi Qs. -' ill. mfg.. D X Frank LIEISTMAN Frrzrzklhz Square BU SINES S Thomas KRUGER Ham burg POYVER V? Anita LEM EN Danszfille LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY 1 " V 'Q . 44 U ,y -waz.. W S N fy 4 I in .lp R 4 W wifi- - ' ,121 R ,,., 2 b ,, I K :51 1: OA Bernard Mary Ann Hclcn Dale' LINGENFELTER LOCKILXRT LONERO LOOPE Niagara Falls Highlanrl Uiica Point Plrasazzt FLORICULTURE LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY BIEDICAL SI-ZCRETARIAL ANIINIAL HUSBANDRY wi ' E E I ,. NT" ' 5 1 555 K 1' '- 1. '- 2 ,,, . A fa -3751 f, ya- 7 'Q ilvmu nf '..: O - ,, 'W ' ' w ...K .-Q3 121 I .A Lx Q N .,u.',,RfE.f -f . 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MEISSNER MEYJES MICKIEWICZ MILLER Wellsville Calverton Rochester Rochester BUSINESS RURAL ENGINEERING REFRIGERATION RADIO Lcstcr H. Frank Lylc MILLER MONACHELLI MOORE Columbia Cr0.m'0adx, Pa. I'mzlfcr.v Cartlzzzgv REFRIGERATION DAIRY REFRIGHRATION llary K. NEU Wrllfzvillc INIEDICAL SECRETARIAL Prudence NIEMYER Canajoharie LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY , wha. , , . ' R I fc xv I as E fa 45 .1 . su Q, D 3 ,I Wrvl . is , ,.... gg. 1-AVQMVV: i V N I I s "ff-4Ir7.f?ii ik- ' ffiliix '1 X"'. 1. 'Q 195. 1 'ik Richard C. Richard F. ODELL O'GRADY Akron Rochester RURAL ENGINEERING REFRIGERATION PT" N Rodney L. NORTHCOTE Otixvillr BU SINES S I in 'Z it xxx... . 4 I , . 3 Z P ,U , Q- 4 -'-A vf -.fir f Qi .' JL 1 jack D. OLES Kcnmorc AGRONOMY ,Sf"ly.1 1- Q ' I 5 33' , ,gg - 'M ,Q .em ', ,Q an R"'i'12- I JL wg wg H+ ai 3' ,, c fx. is Nicholas ML'ZYK,-X Nun Ymulr City RADIO Frcd. IV. NORTON Il'e1I.vz'iIlv DIESEL xii I D", Clarence E. O'NEIL Vails Gate FLORICU LTURE 4+ 1 ,4 -.1 'af Ly' Y'-swf. 1 :Map w ' hav" , mm, 'I .Xlvf P. II11r1'y Alvin L. IInrry E. OR I NIIQNKU ORIIXIENKO USTERHOLDT OTTAIVAY Cuz-tlana' Curtlanrl 0115011111 Rijflcy RADIO RADIO CONSTRUCTION SERVICE AGRICULTURE PAXYNR JOIIH IX1. R b Dfznsrillv PEARSON owcrt, Frcd B. POYVFR Grlsfmrf PELCAIWR PETER RURAL ENGINEERING Ma"hamf Yonkrrs ANIIIAL PIIGSBANDRY AXHXIAL HL'SBANDRY A A.,-,,,,,,,-..,,. W-.. .,,,T,.,,,:.1,: ,,.,,. v,A.,,. , .I R V'-'www y . ' I L I 1 wer 3 ,fi 1 ft-4 I Carolyn B. Edward IMI. Barbara Hanford B. PETTILIRIZW PETZOLDT PHILLIPS PHILLIPS Elmira Beaver Fallv IVf'lI5z'iIlf' Hulberton LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY POWER MEDICAL SECRETARIAL AGRICULTURE 64 -T...-. , .,4. , --' AA .1 ',Q , I , . . In I - ' . ' . 'H' S 3 GSA. V Q 1 'gist' yu Y ' ' zu' I N567 I f 11 I - -':' . JSP' .f ' I , ".- ' i f " Q wife ' " iff . . S ' ",I 5 M3 LJ Newton M. Robert F. Leonard A. Yale PHILLIPS PLESSNER PLOETZ POTTER Wcllsville Kew Gardens Ellicoltville Rochester DAIRY BUSINESS AGRONOMY AGRICULTURE -if Roger Rogemqry E Wfilliam E. PUTZIG PONVELL PR.-XGEL Onczda Niagara Fam If fl3'land FLORICULTURIQ LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY FROZEN FOODS X.. James M. QLIIGLEX Rm'l1rxh'r POI' LTRY ,.gdV Lewis J. Donald E. James Bruce A. RADEFF RAUBER REITZ RENNER Lackawanna Ifayland Roclzester flfayuille AGRICULTURE BUSINESS REFRIGERATION RURAL ENGINEERING 65 ,Ti-XX: -if ,f .i .QQ S . as- lz 5 - , fn- V,?x-- Mu' XS. A? 67 Dwight Carl REYNOLDS REX Czzzzixtvo Hornfll FI,ORICL'I.Tl'RE BUSINESS It fi .fa dx. rf x ' J T4 Bfartin RIEMER .I1I!I'd1e'f1r1I'I' AGRICL'I.'I'L'RE ff 15 RP 'N r 1- . , K 'ew ... Wm . v - Q ' I xf. I Robert XV. ROGERS Darien CICYIIFV x .l Sam RIZZO ffIl71lI.Yf0ZL'IZ REFRIGERATION ,. ... i -AIN Q .0 r 4-vv is RICH Buffalo Alvin DAIRY Q IM' .x..f -we-run I Edward RICOTTA North Collinx RURAL ENGINEERING Frederick ROBINSON Neil J- Bufago RODDEN REFRIGERATION Sjzrizzgfcld Gardmzx REFRIGERATION i-4-J . I DONALD Jerome T. Raymond E. ROHRING ROSS-I RUHLMANN Wilson White Plains Lorlfport REFRIGERATION POULTRY ANIMAL HUSBANDRY BUSINESS 'hm-v Clarence A. Albert I. Orison D. RYCRAFT S.-XBBARESE SALISHURY Tully Syracuse I.oud0nz'illv BUSINESS FROZEN FOODS RADIO .vi-sq 'ass Nm-f 'ffiwv Fred K. Harold YV Dovnald SCHILLER ' SAX ILLE lfhitc Plzzinx SANFORD Offhafd Pflfk FROZEN rooms f"'nm0w'l RURAL ENGINEERING REFRIGERATION .grim-yf' 3 Q 3-1 Cliflord E. SALMI IYHIZEHCIZ BL' SINESS 2 Sm-Ev fa hw x .M -'R ..,,-V 1 Arthur SCHLOSSER Rnflzvxtcr RADIO 15 Leslie C. Ralph John M. George SCHNAUTZ SCHNECKENBURGER SCI-IXVAN SEDOTA .lllfrrd Station Warsaw Wesibury Frcdonia BUSINESS AGRICULTURE FLORICULTURE FROZEN FOODS 67 A Zak, fl: if ,...1 ..i wg? if 51. Harold E. SEYMOUR. jr, Castile REFRIGERATION -Q-apr ji Cllmrlcs IT. SIIXIEK .XYt'li'l?llI'gll FROZEN FOODS .f ,R , I, f x xrildfcd SNEIDER Pearl Riwr John E. SHELDON Hzzdxon RE FRIGERATION :Br .'X1'th11x' K. SIMPSON, jr. Buffalo RE FRIGE RATION Lewis IV. SILSBEE Colzocton FROZEN FOODS Sm, william E. SMITH, Jr. .IIO0I'f'Jf0LU7l, N. f DAIRY '32 John H. Robert T. Laroy SNYDER SOPER SPATEHOLTS Ear! .-Iurorn Elmira Hudson FLORICULTURE FLORICULTURE POWER POWER Jared C. VVayr1e Joseph Fred STABLER STANLEY STEVENS STOLL Cilrn Rork, Pa. Salamanfa Gl0z'z'r5z'il1c Port fl'I'Z'ZiX FLORICULTURE ANIMAL HUSBANDRY RADIO ANIBIAL HUSBANDRY Leslie STOTTLE Elmira AGRICULTURE 5 'A' If 2,1 .E - .f . K ik Daniel TEVELOWITZ Fallsburg FROZEN FOODS ,.,-fr S VVarren F. Mahlon TAYLOR Donald TAYLOR Czafmpflli- SUMMERHAYES Mf'W'm RURAL EYGIYEERIYG H0'H0'Ku51 N' I' REFRIGERATION DIESEL OY" O"O O' ,Q ' Q , Q i ' ,. se 'L 5 F i f, E 42' fi ':A-.1 -. w er A 'L :rg f 151 E 'F' f ' 5. 3 X i V 1 A Q 1 K x x ' ,. 'fe Roderick Jeanne Richard THOMAS TIERNEY TITUS Nfw York City Ballz Endwell BUSINESS MEDICAL SECRETARIAL BUSINESS 69 - wr, E"-1'.,"i. ., ,- - I Sr, ' .rr N1 V . 'A , ,Sr v .K ii 'F j. J..,3g it ff , ' ' fl I Daniel TOBIN Suutlz Fallxlrurg FROZEN FOODS 'is-9 lX'illia1n TQNDERXYOOD Litllr York ANIMAL HU S BANDRY wigzf, L George l'Villard TOMLJENOVICII TOWSLEY Lackawanna Woodhull REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATION 5 , gi'-7-QF .6 X .9 William W. UTT, Jr. Syracuxe REFRIGERATION V ' .. ' a Edmond TYMCZYSZYN Bu jfalo RE FRIGERATION Glenn VALENTINE Paul 5- Dglhi VANGELLOW Rochester RE FRIGE RATION REFRIGERATION gurl 'lv George D. Francis Clarence D. Gloria J. VAN WORNIER VIRION WAGNER NVALKER Srlzcneclady West Nyack Almond Elmira DAIRY FLORICULTURE RURAL ENGINEERING FLORICULTURE ,5,,.g' f. R "L , gf L I l also I 95' 'hiv it Kenneth W. Raymond J. William I. WALTERS WARING WATT Bath Darby Roclzvster BUSINESS POULTRY REFRIGIQRATION Ymwp. 3' as imp- Rm' .Z 1,5 X I ev 5, f . R., I ll lX'illir1m L. W.-XYTEN.-X Elm fra POYVER mf' N:-. ,Ig , fi Rm 5 'sz , ,, ! Nancy M. Vernon F. XX'HITE Corrine L. WELLS, jr. g1,lJ,I,11,, Morgan J- WELD Rizwlzcad SECRETARIAL EZUXEEEEM flfkfmff RURAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY POWER "' 1 16, vi' if NIWF' lNIOrris L. Robert A. YVillard Donald R. IVILCOX NVILCOX YVILCOX WILDITR Port flllrgany, Pa. Cohocton .llanlius .Yau York City BUSINESS BUSINESS RURAL ENGINEERING AGRONOBIY 71 f' l . S E.. JI 4 Roy WILEY A zz twf rp POVVER ,.+ -1 fs' fl Dean G. John E. Henry C. WILLIAMS WING WISE West Valley Batavia Elmira POULTRY REFRIGERATION DAIRY 4 F V ' 4 A - - "W""? pl, . ii, X James S. WITTER Clare D- Andawr WOOLSTON Gordon H. GoNsTRUGT1oN SERVICE Pfffffofd WRIGHT RURAL ENGINEERING Clflfkfw I A , AGRICULTURE A ew YM' CIW DIESEL 72 F1554 S First R0wfLight, Hutfhinson, Clark, Mead, lvlarx, Erirkson, Casal, Gauvrcau, lN'ires, Sefond Row-Westlake, Doolittle, Schmidt, Strauss, Friend, Lang, Horton, Rafzkivwicz, Phillips, Williams, White, Rogf-rs. Third Roar'-Crucndiko, Love-lvss, Cass, Grccn, LnCvm'1':', Scorsonf-. Ag-Tech Junior Class OFFICERS William Marx . . .... Pwridfvzf Carl lXfIead . . . . .l'1'u' PI't'jld4'Ilf Einard Erickson . . . .... St'l'7't'fd7J' Fiat! Rua'-Gray, Cassort, Free- land, Dore, Lyke, Adams, Elwood, Rothschild, Llanes, New- kerk. Second Rozv4Andc-rson, Aini, Fitzpatrick, Chard, Buckley, Burns, Kreymer, Henry, Y'Varns- huis Foster Volkstadt Dill Burdick, Siter. Third Row- Buntinq, Hise, Goldsmith, Plano, Steinbreeker, Dryer, Young, Ar- min, Mee, lN'heaton, Brown, Boldt, Del?azio, Thompson, Dru- ry, llasserloos, Mc'Daniels, Bar- ber, Duffy, Keeley. Fourth Ron'- Yosburqh, Richardson, Turdo, King, Bierce, Flagg, Tobigi, Glea- son, Green, Fowler, Aseherl, Dodge, Batty, lVright. Ififtlz Row -llrinberger, Yelzy, Bennett, Beaton, Miller, lVhite, Hood, Blair, Rathbun, Conte, Arnold. Sixth Row-Chalin, Lozier, Pal- miter, McConnell. First Roaefjones, Peck, Cope- land, Hall, Smith, Hall, Mee, Glover, Harman, Pettit, Serond Rau'-Bury, Goorian, Schuyler, Bell, Sanger, Lang, Kuester, MC- Lauqhlin, Fox, Shanks, Chappell. Thzrd Roze-Smith, Anderson, Miller, MeCafTery, Pearson, Klotzhaeh, Lynch, Ball, Fenzel, Graham, Gove, Burchfield, Young, Guthman, Cooper, West. Fourth Row-Iwlunyan, Hum- phrey, Paseente, Reynolds, Nfyers, Stewart, Puynter, Towner, Mae- Whorter, lVhite, Carlson, Fuller, Peters, XV:-eks, Stafford, Clark, Zeh, VanBr-usiehem. Fifth Row- Mead, Hess, Kindel, Weaver. xy Ag-Tech Freshman Class OFFICERS Wesley Tresch . . ..... Preszdent Peter Sutton ........ . . .Vire Preszdent Elizabeth Loveland . . . . . . . .Secretary it w "1 Y, 74 2 's First Row-Openhyrn, Long, Adams, Currin, Moore, Carl, Hubert. Second Rowflviorrison, MacIntosh, Guy, Polk, Schultz, Robbins, Cole, Schuster, XVallace, Davis, Str-wart. Third Rong VanSon, DePuy, Ellis, Conrad, Hoxie, Basso, Ayrrs, Stonv, Ladd, Duntz, Purdy, Corbit, Klotz- bach, Martino, Fraser. Fourth Row-Randazzo, Ochs, Baker, Kipp, Allen, Cost:-llo, Thompson, Ncwhard, Saville, lVilliams, Nr-ill, lVixson, Nfatllcr. -Tech Freshman lass First RowfNe-ilson, Berry, Meadows, Rosenberg, Sutton, Love-land, ffrosch, Stangrovc-r, Stagg Sander. Serond ROJ"G3I'dH?f, Herron, Hoffman, Trudr-au, Husson, Gardner, Ronnie, Mur- phy, Smith, Darbec, Third RUM'-FOX, Kemple, Miller, Dalrymplc, Ruff, Stanley, Montcvirm Kes-rs, McMullen, Shick, Coats. Fourth Row7She-rwood, McCarthy, Spring, Clare. , Wa fu! OFFICERS Peter Aitchison. . . . . . . . . .Prciidcnt XVard Rolfe. . . .... Vice' Prcxideizt June Svahn ...... . . .Srcm'tary James Gemmill .... .... Y 'r vaxu rcr The School for American raftsmen Within the School for American Craftsmen there are the 'Iourneyincn Club and the Craft Club. The Journey- inen Club is chartered hx the St . L l' ate of New York as a business organization. sending craft production to mar- ket. All students and faculty of the Craft School are automatically members of the journeyinen Club. The Craft Club was founded t f ' h o uit er the social and professional interests of the students who were learning to become craftsmen. Its activities were carried out this year under the leadershi vice president. YVilliam Greel hams. p of president. Virginia Dunn: yg secretary, Betty Abra- Firtt Row Kilton Be cr H . 1 , y , emans, Gernmill, Svahn, Aitchison, Rolfe, Hammond, Thomas, Budrewicz. Second Row-Clark, Knight, Meinhardt, Travis, VanDeusen, Lobensky, Hironimus, Feldman, Bosley, Wrintroh, Sam, Young, Sanford, DeMaria, Parker, Malcolm. Third Rau'- Halc, Ki-nt, Kaiser, Bayer, Ten Eyck, Fisher, Tockman, Goetze, Abrahams, Brodhead, Scott, Leininqvr, lfourtlz Roar-Fusaro, Rafiard, Pattison, Johnston, Gargel, Starkweather, Bates, Wolf, Manbeck. 76 .,, is an 'kill We-. al 5. . L :Sa .A Peter AITCHISON Ifirlzita, Kan. IVIETAL Virginia DUNN Wiflzita, Kan. METAL l AVC? Z K Charlotte PARKER Grosse Pomt, Mifh. POTTERY ,, VIZVW7 3 i' R ,,!'4.4Q?s 'If'-wx X w 2 Q 4' "' N f, Q,-Bi wt. 1 fu ' 1 ff if gi? na- " ' Q,-Q1 k - W' W! N " 1 T 3 Y I K 5 ii X i f J Henry Oliver David BAYER BEYER CILYMER Nfu' York City Bizjfalo Drvxivl Hill, Pa. VVOODCRAFT XYOODCRAFT BIETAL I . --:, -tw, K z., -.. ..-gi iii? 111 Q x 4. .-ig. : wif: ikkxvv I 1 'C - 1 Carol E FELDMAN James mmf Plains CEMMILI. Rf'Pfff T METAL Troy D -IOHINSTOIN NVOODCRAFT .Uzdlaml Pink, ,V. XVOODCRAFT ,',' f' V 4 af. ' XA ' 1 . " ! s .,,. A... ,. 'J A ' f -ag ii , - Q! K - ,Q ' . , ::Q, ' 'QWQ ' 'wwf T f - fff' , , ' if 5 iftxfrifxi' T 1 1 4. James Jenny Joseph lfatthew PATTISON SVAHN TOCKNIAN YVOLF Nmdhanz, Alan. Valley Colfagv De'nz'vr, Col. Ellcnville METAL TEXTILES YVOODCRAFT YVOODCRAFT 77 First Ron'-Foster, lN'heeler, Kearney, Prof. Voss. Serond Rau'-Lombard, Griflen, Nc- goro, Harnly, Parks, Root, VanNorman, Sirois, Luevanos, lN'eckn-1, lVhittakc-r. Third Row -Covert, Murthy, Indyk, Bra- dy, lYhitnvy, Clark. Cleaves, Conklin, Kirk, Scott, Croft, Dre-er, Lfandel, Bulloek. Fourth Rau--XVright, Gilbertson, Sf'- erest, Pitney, Mr. Kessler, Grif- fith, Teeter, Simms, Lobaugll, Karkhanavala, Heaslvy, Parikh, lN'orth. First Row-Dunfan, Carmady, Roach, Johnson, Harris, Lf'- Feher, Serond Row-Nfzlvhtley, Brooks, Vauthier, Nieholl, Har- ris, Bf-nning, Drake, McWil- liams, Bailey, Burdick, Lehoh- ner, Collins, Mann. Third Row -Prof. Pulos, Prof. Bernstein, Pasquale, English, Achufl, Rase, Gonzales, Romano, Williams, Barnard, Hughes, Parish, Del- mastro, Paterniti, R, Kane, Sharey, Dr. Russell. Fourth Row-Alverson, Prindle, Ti- wary, Dreyer, D. Kane, Padgett, J. Kane, Reed, Rose, Strassner, Ruger, Banks, Ferguson, Bras- ted, Brush, Bustin. ,un Um. -Q , v- WW X Q, , .M .,. 1 X mi wa N . Q ,N . QC: , -. .x 5. NX " 1 J, If if L ag M, , , 5 M 'f A A Wy u wx .X , .M 'iff-N 6 fm- x. Qqv,.,:.Q . .lv W, 2 - 'Qfrff 'N ' -F -wqwxuw Y. M ' ,' ,. N -N v N- 1. , 'X - N 1 J. W -.:. ,. V. .- M Q aw--tl v . - gh--5.fw...u,-.,....... . 99, 31 , - ' am , X, 1, -P ,N X- "Tlx: . 'f ' ' xum4 4 A-"1 -fa. f iw. mm ,M J- R-1+ vu- . "ti-M JA Q. , ,.,5,,, W, - www , ,A aw M411 um , v w ,N fx- ga., Q 1 .. ,,,, -,W ,N N V .. ., Mm . . - Q 1' . f . 4 :A A A A , W - X sw f W., M. x X 56:1 V . ,... Q A - fp , ,. X , , ,x -u at M - X vw, . 5 1 , cl 5 if :HT . QQ - x"Y.gv-- Q lx: , x-,.'. - 1-Qfffv ,. A,,'.v,,, , W-.W wxw- .... , ' W :Pant J ff x . X, mr illl f ll V I T"!f""i. ., . f -1 ..v, ,Nw . 1-X, X, J-1 3 'jffqwx Q, - , j , , L mv.. M, A , Y. riff" , ww .., N. 'gs w .N -X 1 .. Y ,Wh ,kfw-,.f"',s ,J -,mf 'f - ,8 1 1 .. ,K , A . sub? ..fNm,+-:"'2 iv, VA ' ,,-rw-" ., M .3 , . Q Sn' , 'A U g,,++:.ffz, f x F ' g s' vw- ' ' ,. 5,44 rm? W .. 5 ,Wy ,f NW 1 ul-si an WIIE . . when there were hut five students enrolled in the New York State School of Clay Wforking and Ceramics in 1900 .... when the enrollment included one hundred and sixty-nine students in 1931 . . . when the school was raised to rank of college and given its present name in 1932 .... when Merrill A Hall became part of the Alfred scene .... Wye could go on like this. contributing many instances of "when" until a fairly complete kaleidoscope of the 50 years of the Ceramic College was achieved. But. as inclusive of specific events as our panorama would he. it couldnit possillly present a complete story of the development of the New York State College of Ceramics. So it is that we present within this annual a few of the pictorial high-lights of a half-century of achievement and progress in o ceramic education. We are certain that the story will he continued: for each time graduates of the Ceramic College meet. the conversation turns to "remember when .... ?" K 2 X X .I Binns llall-- Thi- Ncw York Start- School of Clay-lVorl-Qin: and clQ'l'2.1IlIll'S I 'Q-mlm., 'S' "I scc thc school throngcd with busy workcrs. I fccl thc throb of thc cngincs and I hcar thc roar of thc kilns. I scc issuing from thcsc walls a succcssion of Studcnts who shall hc callcd to takc chargc of clay- working cstablishmcnts in all parts of the country." Standing upon a platform just north of Kanakaclca Hall on june 20. 1900. Charles Fcrgus Binns raiscd his .... - HEY ,J I S' The Mold Shop . . . . Cl'8fISI'l1EllliS hands and. with this prophesy, sketched the future of the New York State School of Clay Hbrking and Ceramics. Only a few months earlier, President Boothe Colwell Davis and John Rlerrill had guided a bill through the Albany political maze providing for New York's famous ceramic school. Director Binn's prophecy, bolstered by the foresighted encouragement of President Davis and the practical ad- vice of Mr. lNIerrill, was to come true only after 31 years of hard work .... P b ,ge my E I'x L.. Q The Laboratory for .Xdx inud kNO1lx Firing a Kiln The Nfodeling Room 85 l ' i f f. iv Q i . .,.. v -.I ' ' 2 t ' 5 , P 1 , k : A V I 1, t R gs, Qt.. , Q ,A . i "' K V: jj' mxyf .uv s 1 , l A' lf'-I , gi 'ar- 1, , 'ft . e 1 i -' 'lklix 5' as , ,. . . . Q as r . . Q -x ' y r. - 5 A - A-it 2 .t Q as Y H' ' seems. - X 1 y fiEi12.g.. .. f I P on Q25 n - .1 V 1 1 ' R ar. A x Q .jf-as-'.' 3. .4 ', 4 ' 42.-.. l .i2?R1xi1i?a'5 .lf me The Glaze Laboratory . . . . Under Director Binns, who was familiar- ly called "Daddy," the student came as a neo- phyte. Before the year was out, he knew that ceramics meant more than teacups and bricks and that he was being taught by the outstanding educators in the field. Industry wanted men to direct production and to answer problems of manufacture. By 1930, Daddy Binns and President Davis, finding they had a student body of 188. request- ed fBl75.000 from the legislature. Enforced by the advice of alumni, Dr. Davis again urged the unusualaa department of glass technology. A new building erected with this appropriation was named Merrill Hall in 19-I9 .... Top Left X Class in Drawing. Middle Ll'fIfTl1I'HlHQ the Forms. Lower Lift-The Dry Pan Mixer. Below-The Drafting Room. Dr. Major E. Holmes . . . . The next year. the silx't'r-hairetl Binns retired after having seen the Clay- working school evolve into the only College of Ceramics. Succeeding Director Binns was Dr. Major li. HolmeS, a scientist whose arrival on Campus was fateful, for the Ceramic industry was placing increasing emphasis upon science. The engineering and technology courses were "' l um Ki a broadened and strengthened, the design department was streamlined and the faculty became Specialists in their fields .... lNIvrrill Hall 4 5 85 Demonstration of Clay 'Working 86 2, Instrurtion in Design Theorx' . . . . Dean I-lolmes's un- timely death in 1946 left Dr. Samuel R. Seholes the task of putting into execution many ideas that Dean Holmes had planned, includ- ing an expanded research program. Projects now under College. industrial and gov- ernment sponsorship annual- ly reach more than 3150.000 in value. Into this tradition this year has stepped Dean John F. McMahon '23, a student of Binns and a Colleague of Holmes .... Enzunelinq Funnix: 'Tests Shipment of Isotopes 5' ,f " If -.. Hb- ,fb levy Az 5,5- VVhiteware Laboratory YVork Dr. Samuel R. Scholes Demonstrates Glass YVorking . . . . Today a maximum of 400 young men and women from Sherrill to Shanghai take courses in ceramic technology, ceramic engineering, industrial ceramic design and glass technology. In the olhng is a new classroom and laboratory building which will be built on the site of Binns Hall. lN'hen fully equipped the new building will cost over a million dollars .... Critique on Glaze Trials a-ggi' 5' Q .... K i im 1 ' if-"T t,,..J" l W -' ' 1 , . ' f A-A 'M-ft me., - . 1 ,, w "f"WM -W t. ' W 5 2 ,1 ' -- w ' iff- r.. , i ' ' -. Fifi ' 1 ,A A J t , A was Hxtgxfy A 1' T f ,pf ' P g ' e r 1 off 1 - 1-ff 5 ' .Eff S H 1 , ' '.,' .L , . 82 Dr-an John F. McMahon conducts visitor through kiln roor Mai 1' Plant Design and Layout Drafting Room . . . . If anyone is able to prophesy the future. it is Dean Me- Mahon, who is the synthesis of the Binns-Holmes tra- ditions. He says, c'Ceramics are products of lasting value, perform- ing services for which no substitutes can be foreseen. Evidence is being presented every day of areas such as metal ceramics which indi- cate an even wider field. Could there be a better futuref"' 4-mp:-rature Da-t1-rminntion with Optical Pyroinr,-ter? Inspection of Il Glass Pot 6" 1 Chemistry Laboratory 'bs 5? ttf! N-at " ,.,. K ' P , ' Nm . W4 5 A if 'Y'-.Lt '- iil' Middle Right-l'Vork at Chemical Balance Above-College of Ceramics Library it or C First Row-G. D. Phillips, G. S. Diamond, C. F. Tefft, R. H. Pass. Sefond Row-M. Ellis Drake, F. W'illiams, C. Hostetter, T. Littleton. The New York State College of Ceramics A Unit of the State University of New York Administered by Alfred University BOARD OF MANAGERS I fflppointed by the Trustees of Alfred Urziverfityj M. Ellis Drake. Clzairrrzarz Alfred. New York Nferrill ........ Alfred. New York D. Sherman Burdiek . . . Alfred. New York R. H. Pass . . . . Syraeuse, New York G. S. Diamond ...... Buflalo. New York G. D. Phillips . . . . Olean. New York C. Hostetter . . . . St. Louis. Missoulri C, F. Te-Ht ......... Columbus. Ohio L. Jova . . . . . Roseton. New York C. F.. Vfilliams ....... COlL1II1DL1S.Ohl0 . T. Littleton , . . . Corninff. New York F. . l'Villia1ns . Port lfVashinqton. New York - 5 I S- 1 QE. K. Lehoiner. eeretaryj T' . x ' i 'H' .- lr N . . -17? , 41 13, I . .QI '1 4 . E, ,. ,fs A3 my L .lyf ,,,gixg,t ' 3 df' .7 a-"'Kl"e ' 1 "- 'WI , ng u, 5-'K f J a s b E '1- . 5,3-,. .x g1+,: " ff. I Y iii? 31' l X' .., -, , . F r.. q w 5 :Q :ww ' AM W ' ' auf' i"",LviXf-.'1fQ,ji'? :gps -ami, L -' ,.., ,wah rY,,. Aj Anvs fl- AIQQ A H' lf R meats Q mfs rw .af Em: in H W Q L. X: 's-, 5 ,KW 'V Y V ' ul 2 lg .ia I t - .. - ' .4 'qvv 51-f etth be- - A ...fa-W f , .... .Q - . .... ' A --. N 5 R ,V fi ' A NSA 0 in-F lliffiilii-iii V . rm, - 'vt , F 'i' , 1 r i ,lxw Architeet's drawing of the new classroom and laboratory building 89 - 1 2 I J ' 1 --- . lip.. - - -.f,' 4. Wu 3- -A qw' ,, Q P-,A 0 w 125, kgs - L ,ark ,. fa . .s..4' 35 5, W ' 3. 5 Y -f K l V' 4 ,Q ' K ,. ...--G X .. W - x Q Z . ' , 5 ' 'Q ' f x '41 A-Ifif, N, ' I X ' ,f Y . .X """.c 1 -- A in ' I ' ' . , .0 3 .4 'jjlh . . A. - bv, - 'W PQ , iff A - ' X wif Q 1 . A m X 1' f Q' ' J 3 3 ,AJ xv, In 9 ' FFT-'fig .gf 1 ..t ' ii O, Ex L4 ?"'5 s 0 Q V Q ' ,- Qzi' ' , 1 'gml ' ry-1 3-ggfhc go 2 'inf .J 1 'A " 4 .1 ...H I 5. NW 5 , ,,. M -.. . an 4 .1 A ? . ix 3 M .sn 3 4 n ig WHA A great deal of lllt' students' lilllt? is devoted to Ill2ill6I'H that do lltbl I'0lllP within the fl'1Illl6XY0l'li of the college I'llI'l'll'llllllll. Wie would ahnost venture to predict that some college ill the 11ear future will offer a degree in extra-curricular activity. for certainly the amount of interest shown. eiiergy expended and benefits derived would Hlllllbal warrant it. Yet. if we were to weigh the Slllll total of all the henefits derived. it would more tha11 coinpensaie for the ti111e spe11t. Some of Alfredis cluhs and organizations provide opportunities to pursue individual talents lflllil interests and to develop qualities of leadership. Uther groups offer opportunities for enriched experiences in the social and natural sciences. languages and ceramics. Service fraternities a11d honorary societies offer further opportunities for 111ore active Slllflt'llt. These are the things that lllt-llit' a university what it is. These are the activities that contrihute to self-reliance. initiative and the ability to deal with people Zlllfl the affairs of any field of endeavor. These activities provide the answer to "Wl1at does a student do with his spare time?" tudent Senate Under the leadership of President Daniel E. Foster, the Student Senate has experienced a verv successful year. The machinery of legislation and appropriation ran smoothly due to the inauguration of a new and extremely Cl:F1CZlClOl1S constitution. A Senate Activities Com- mittee xvas formed and it is functioning as an effective liaison unit between the student or- ganizations and the main bodv of the Senate. Appropriations for student activities were high this year. totaling 51.605 as of December, 1949. A great many worth-while projects, such as bringing a D.P. student to Alfred's campus, have filled the Senate's agenda during the year. OFFICERS President ...... ....... D aniel E. Foster Vice President . . . . . A. Litchard Dickinson Secretary ..... ..... . Audrey M. Riess Treasurer . . . . .Lawrence Z. Selewach First RowfSieber, Church, Adsit, Smith, Brownson, Gargel. Second Row-Higgins, Blatt, Harding, Ricss, Dickinson, Foster, Sachs, Rockmore. Third RowfAbrahams, Luke, Valvo, Yan Wormer, Zneimer, Gallow, Sanford, Conroe, VVE-introb, Neville, Tresch. Fourth Row- Myers, Larisch, Marx, Maggs, Cole, Mead, Vanderhoven, Decker, MaDan, Finney, Melko, Brown. Xxf -... First Row-Brownson, Rohring, Funke, Dill, Helms, Corona, VVilder, Kirkman, Phillips, Loope, Adams, Burns Powell Serond Rou'AOles, Wlhite, Turdo, NVE-lls, Barley, Schultz, Tresch, Husson, VVyant, Bury, Marx, Cole, Titus, Sutton Lo711 Lynch. tudent Council The Student Council, an organization consisting of representatives from the various clubs and student residences of the Alfred State Tech. supervises the activities carried on within the school. To its meetings are brought problems and ideas to improve intercampus relationships and foster better feeling between the students of the schools on campus. This year under the leadership of Frank Kirkman, president: Don NVilder, vice president: Vina Corona. secretary: and Newton Phillips, treasurer. the council introduced magazines to the lounge. It has sponsored a weekly refreshment period where student greets student over a cup of cocoa. and the annual Christmas party. The Student Council. which supervised the Autumn Festival Dance featuring Vic Lombardo and his Orchestra, also initiated the elec- tion and Coronation of the First Autumn Festival Queen and her court. Women's Student Government The lNomen's Student Government is today one of the organizations on the Alfred campus functioning under the honor system. It was organized in 1913 in the belief that the ability to assume social responsibility is an essential aspect of any educational program. Thus. the opportunity for self-government has been granted to university women. This year the representatives to the NV.S.G. council initiated the Big-Little Sister program. revised the in- dex for maintaining closing hours to 1.0, and published a handbook. First Ro L'-Baugh, Cretekos, Losch, Reed, Greene, Goodrich. Second Row-Dt-Fazio, Weld, Boessneck, Netzkt Chase Shefkowitz, Ballman. 93 Student Affairs Committee The Student Affairs Committee functions as a liaison unit between the administration and the students. Since the committee has no legislative or executive power. it promotes concerted action by means of recommendations to the Administrative Council and appropriate campus organizations. The S.A.C. is instrumental in disclosing student opinions and resolving student problems. Each year a general conference is held at which all of the people holding key positions on the campus discuss matters pertinent to the welfare of Alfred University. Chairman is Daniel Fosterg secretary, 'Ieanette Klimajeski. Ifirst Row-Dean Hawthorne, Klimajeski, Foster, Prof. Kirkcndalc. Second Rozr'7Brown, Kirkman, Spangen- bt-rg. Dean Gr-en, Losch, Kelly, Titus, DiGennaro. Union Board The Alfred Campus Union was established. ac- cording to its constitution, to "provide a place where all Alfredians, irrespective of political. so- cial, or religious affiliations. may gather to share the mutual enrichment of social activity in its largest sensef, This year, under the guidance of President Shirley Champlin and Secretary Barbara Shackson. the Union Board continued its efforts to promote this policy by making the union the center of campus activity. A welcome for the class of ,53 started the year socially. Enthusiasm also greeted the second annual Christmas party, the dinners, and the Saturday night open houses. First Row-Rogers, Shackson, Champlin, Neville, Feld- man. Second RowfGarr, Dr. Scholes, Dr. Sutton. National Student Association The National Student Association is the first organization to represent all the students of the United States in one unified group. A relatively new organization. it came into existence at Madi- son. XN'isconsin. in 1947. Since then. an increasing number of United States colleges have been repre- sented at its three national conventions. Alfred has taken an active part in the organization since its founding. and the benefits of this participation have begun to show. Prominent among the bene- fits has been the Purchase Card System. which was brought to the Alfred campus this year. Mm-ck, Pixley, LaVan, Larisch F rosh Court Frosh Court is composed of the Senior members of Blue Key who try violators of the Freshman rules and sentence them to penalties commensu- rate with their "crimes" Open to all upper class- men. the court arouses much campus-wide interest. and the sessions are enlivened by frequent instances of "audience participation." As an old Alfred tradition. Frosh Court helps acquaint the students with further traditions and aspects of campus life. First Rozrijova, Prokoprc, Smith, Bryant, Harris, Wid- qer, Foster. Second Rua'-,Bowclt-n, Immediate, Holin- strom, Kiesow, Lobauzh, Brown, Garrison, Blarshzill, Kennedy. International Club The Alfred International Cluh is a relatively new organization on the campus. It came into op- eration in February. 1949, The main object of this club is to foster international relations and hetter understanding between the Americans and the people of different countries represented in and around Alfred. Through the cluhls hi-monthly meetings, this object is achieved hy speeches. talks. informal discussions. dances. and movies. Ofhcers for the year 194981950 were: Niranjan Parikh, president: Ferdinand Schaa. vice president: -lean YVilliams. secretary: and Marilyn Neville. treasurer. First Row-Yauthier, Lombard, XYrtherhv. Second Razr-- Nlhiting, Schaa, Parikh, Neville, Murthy. Third Rozrf Dellostrologo, Xfustico, Andresen, Bern, Dean Hawthorne, Kapur. Freshman Steerin ommittee The Steering Committee is an integral part of the Freshman Class government. A need existed for a hard-working body to serve as a sounding hoard for class opinions. as a means of direct communi- cation. of class husiness. and as an advisor. Class elections were held early. a class constitution was started. and other things accomplished. Under the leadership of its chairman. Ross Robhins. and sec- retary. Ardith Kuehm. the steering committee has done an admirable job. First Rau'-MCG:-ce, Ustrom, Craig, Kuehm, Robbins, Dean Hawthorne, YVeher, Ric-fberg. Second Ro:rfBen- nett, Spaulding, Kittel, Holden, Lobaugh, Yyestheinier Stromz, Gowdy, Clark, Knight, Sitomer. Thirri Razr- iThomas, Spear, Goss, Astrachan, Barashick. if Phi Psi mega Phi Psi Omega is a local honorary athletic fra- ternity. It recognizes men for their scholastic rec- ord, athletic ability. character, and loyalty to Al- fred. Only upperclassmen who have attained a cumulative index of at least 1.7 and have received a varsity award are eligible. It is hoped that through striving to gain membership in this organi- zation the high ideals of Alfred will be maintained. Rosser, Kiesow, Robinson, Saunders. lpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity composed of college men who are or have been affiliated with the Scouting movement. Its pur- pose is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and to promote service to Humanity. Alpha Phi Omega has served the community by ushering at football games and forum programs: promoting safety and hre preventiong distributing bulletins during the water shortageg and helping with area Scout programs. President for the 1949-1950 school year was Frank Potter. First Row-Tart, Muzyka, Kalber, Lang, Spaulding. Second Row-Bredell, Kuester, Harvey, Schaefer, Potter, Knapp, Spring. Third Rou'-Bradley, King, Blatt, Bol- ton, Schlosser, Cole, Barber, Flagg. Fourth Row-Hill, Ascherl, Sanger, Reynolds, VanBeusichem, Coleman, Mayer. x K Jas fs.. -- Pi Delta Epsilon The aim of Pi Delta Epsilon. national honorary journalism fraternity, is to create a consciousness of professional journalism standards on the part of college level journalism. The organization is made up of those persons who have served two years on a campus publication and have held a minor editorship. In addition to assisting and pro- moting campus publications in their work, the members of Pi Delt pool their eliorts to publish such public services as the Freshman Handbook and the Telephone Directory. First RowfTheurer. Second Row-Dixon, Spangenberg, Klimajesl-ii. Third Row-Rosser, Dellostrologo, Summer- hayes, Smith, Melko, LaVan. Pi Gamma Iu The motto of Pi Gamma Mu. the National So- cial Science Honor Society, is the epigram of the Nlaster Teacher, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Drs. Russell. Seidlin. and VVarren are the faculty members of the chap- ter functioning at Alfred University. Those eligible for membership are students of the junior and Senior Classes who have expressed an interest in the social studies. have maintained an index of 2,0 and have a minimum of thirty hours in the field of social science. First -Row--O'Connor, Peterson. Seronrf Row-Krepski, Mustico, Cusiniano, lN'etter. Third Rott'-Carlson, Crete- kos, Jones, Dr. Scidlin, Arnold, Larson, Dr. Russell. 8' Qu Alpha Tau Theta Alpha Tau Theta is an organization composed of those women on campus who have attained worthwhile achievements in athletic skills and leadership, and who are loyal to the ideals of true sportsmanship. The organization is limited to one- tenth of the women's student body. Any member of the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Class who has participated in two team sports. one individual sport, or has earned her Old English A. and main- tains an index of 1.0, is eligible for membership. New members are tapped twice a year. First Row-LaYan, Gottshall, Scligman, Carlson, Bette, Ballman, Amberg. Second Row-Recd, Goodrich, Schul- meister, Perrotta, Theurer, Stearns, Moore, Neville, Peterson. Phi Sigma Gamma Phi Sigma Gamma is Alfredls honorary frater- nity for outstanding women on campus. Founded in 1925. it elects to membership women who have rendered positive service to the university by their loyalty. service. scholarship, and personal character. Chziniplin, Carlson, lN'eths-rbv Qpresidentl, Thvurer, Klimajeski. i s l Q lf.. , 4 1 YanNorman, Kespert. Varsity 66 " The Varsity A Club was founded in 1923 in the inter- est of better and bigger athletics and the promotion of true fellowship among athletes. This club is composed of all men who have received a Varsity A in any sport because of their outstanding contribution to the prestige of Alfred in the field of major competitive sports. It is the aim of the club to foster and create, in every way possible. the ideals of real sportsmanship which are of major importance in the achievement of true manhood. Officers are Merle Green. honorary president, and Igna- tius Scott, president. .J Pi Delta Mu Pi Delta Mu is an honorary mathematics fraternity at Alfred. Its members are chosen by the president of the Zeno Club in concert with two faculty members. All candidates must be members of the Zeno Club and must be juniors. Seniors, or graduate students. To be eligibl ' juniors must have an index of 2.20, while Seniors and graduate students must have maintained an index of 2.00 in their major field. Blue Key Blue Key, a national honorary service fraternity, is composed of a limited number of Seniors and Juniors who are chosen for their qualities of leadership, charac- ter, scholarship, and spirit of service on campus. This year under the guidance of its president, Frank Lo- baugh, vice president, Juan Jovag secretary-treasurer, Darwin Marshall, and corresponding secretary, Charles V. Clute, Blue Key has continued promotion of its Al- fred record album. Blue Key also furnished ushering, registration and guide service for President M. Ellis Drake's inauguration, and conducted the very successful 1950 hiarch of Dimes campaign. H .. -I First Row-Tibbott, Argyros, De-Joie. Second Row-Berg, Myers, Rosser, Flurschutz, Robinson, Garrison, Flammer. Third Row-Mitchell, English, Saunders, Kiesow, DeProsse, Scott. First Row-Immediate, Clute, Jova, Lobaugh, Marshall, Harris. Second Row-Prokopec, Smith, Berger, Spangen- berg, Olenchuk, Jones, Giess, Brown. Third Raw-Dahoda, Mitchell, Kiesow, Garrison. Fourth Row-Foster, Holm- strom, Taylor, George, Schaa, Widget, Bryant, Hessinger. 98 , First Row-Prigge, Crouchley, Berger, Jova, Spangenherg, Monroe, Olenchuk, Sheets. Second Row-Carlson, Disch, Litchfeld, Schaa, Hr-ssingcr, Cantwell, Schovnfeld, Jones. Whallc-y, Mr- Mahon. Third Razr'-DeProsse, Prokop:-c, Spring, Gardner, Tarny, Eldrcd, Kassel, George, Prusik, Woodward, Nohle, Giess, Myers, Schuenzel, Brison, Schaefer, Parikh, Trzaskos, lfgol, Norton, Brown. Fourth Ron--Carl, Wheat, Nerenstone, Bradley, Harris, Pnlamara, Pixlvy, Taylor, Pixley, Shapiro, Harris, Zneiiner, Palmisano, Winship, Finney, American Ceramic oeiety The student branch of the American Ceramic Society consists of all students enrolled in the Departments of Engineering, Glass Technology, and Ceramic Tech- nology in the Ceramic College. The society strives to promote interest and a better understanding of the cer- amic and associated industries by sponsoring prominent speakers, showing films, and conducting plant trips. A speaking contest for Junior and Senior members is held each year. The winner of this contest represents the New York State College of Ceramics at the annual conven- tion of the American Ceramic Society, Ofhcers for the school year I9-lil-1950 were: Robert Hawkins. presi- dent: Robert Longfritz, vice president: Robert Cotton, secretary: Richard Kennedy, treasurer: john Lindenthal, corresponding secretary. Firrt RowfBusteed, Losch, Lindenthal, Kennedy, Cotton, Hawkins, Longfritz, Immediato, Pausewang, Peterson. Second Row+Marshall, Schmidt, Lowe, Hallberq, Quirk, Johnson, Eiwen, Holmstrom, Garrison, YanAlsten, Miller, Fargo, Johnson. Third Row-Root, YN'idger, Carr, Brooks, Conklin, Vanwiggen, Trompeter, Wlighton, McAllister, Tournaud, Trost, Kiesow Schulz, Turner. 1 4 Q i SYNX-Malik' i 3 Ifirit Razr'--Harris, Trompeter, Longfritz, Dr. Scholes, Miss Van Schoick, Eiwen, Winship, Prof. Kirkendale, Mr. Sheheen. Second RorufMarshall, Widger, Prokopec, Holmstrom. Kennedy, Busteed, VanAlsten, Conklin, Schaa, Taylor. Giess, Schulz, Tournaud, Brown, Immediato. Kiesow, Prof. Campbell, Fargo, Prof. Voss, Dr. Frechette. Tlzird Roar--Carlson, Brooks, Hallberg, Johnson, Miller, Prigge, Df-Prosse, Bradley, Crouchlcy, Carl, Eldred, Trzaskos, Lindenthal, Sheets. Keramos The original Keramos fraternity was organized at the University of Illinois in February. l915. as a professional fraternity for ceramic engineers. Membership is based on scholastic ability. interest in ceramic work. promise of attainment in that Held, and personal qualihcations. Its objective is the stimulation of interest in ceramic train- ing. During the past year, under the leadership of Robert Longfritz. presidentg Bernard Trompeter, vice president: Lee Winship, treasurerg George Eiwen, secre- tary: and George Harris. herald. the local chapter has sponsored the showing of numerous Elms related to the ceramic industry. First Row-Sly, Lebowitz, Tucker. Second Row-Plink, Baker, Mix, La-ondar, Dr. Nease. 'I'hz'rd Row-Quincy, Gignae, Cole, Scheb, English, Grunow, Fliegel, Spillane, Utter, Sachs, Krepski. lfourth RowAVVyant, Morley Macauley. V I I oclahtas Latma This year the Sodalitas Latina was headed by 1 the following: president, Erving Mix, vice presi- dent. Edmond Baker. and secretary-treasurer. 'Iudy Leondar. Sodalitas Latina has as its primary aim the perpetuation of an interest in our cultural her- itage. The group. embracing both community and university. holds monthly meetings which brine' the classics into a congenial. social atmosphere. First RowAKelsey. Lebowitz, Peehanick, R. Baker, Fuller. Sec- ond Row--Webster, Ballman, Shackson, Hill, Shindler, Prof. Ford, Dunham, Sachs. Second RowkStern, Dejoie, Barrus, Lobaugh, Cochrane, Vauthier, Mix, Spillane, Tucker, V. Baker, Peskin. French Club The purpose of the French Club is to promote an interest in France. her history, and her customs. The club holds French Week in March, dealing with some era of French history or some French province or city. The French banquet is the high- light of these events. Officers for the past year: Herbert R. Shindler, presidentg Gordon E. Hill, vice presidentg Barbara E. Shackson, secretary: Elaine L, Stermer, treasurer. 100 X-Qi K 7 'x f panish lub ljnder the leadership of President Anne Fuller. the Centre lheranierieano worked to promote a deeper un- derstanding ol' the Spanish people and their eontrihu- tions to modern Culture. The year's activities were eul- ininated with Spanish Week. featuring Spanish movies and a Spanish banquet. Other ofheers for the year were Isabelle Ellis. vice president, and Klart' L. Utter. seere- tary. I First Row-Kearney, Bradford. Shindler. Bolonsky. Sfrmzd Rott'-Gluek, Utter, Dr. RflC'll'lfTll!"Z'Dl1lZ, Fuller, Ellis. Golfer. Third Row-Larson, R. Smith, Goss. Sprague. Man- gels, Newman, Spaulding, Miller, Seheb, Berk, Ogden. First Row-Petteys, Meissner, Mr. Tagliabue. Sec- ond Row-Burdiek, Mix, Zywotow, Clark, Kinnel. erman Club The German Ciluh furthers interest in the Gerinan laneuaee. customs and culture. hy presentine' student. faculty and Quest speakers as the highlight ol' earh of its meetings. A yearly project of the club is to aid German L'nix'ersities hy ri donation to the Gerinanie Society of Anieriea. Oiheers are Chris Braunseliweiger. president. and -loanne lhieey. xiee president. Fin! RozrfFreundlirh. Adler. Sefmid Reis'---Dost:-1', Saehs, Durey. Braunsehweiqer. Tlzird Razr'-Katz. Bradley. Carlson, Seheb. O'Connor, Dr. Buehanan. Alfred Wor ishop Primarily the lN'orkshop exists to encourage the practice of ereative writing among Al- fred's students. It publishes the Allred Review which ineludes artieles. short stories. poetry. essays. and rex'iews. and a limited amount of art work and eartoons. David F, Pettys served as editer and XYilliain lirison served as husiness manager during the past year. u Q Aiwa ' Aff . 2 A .- ' ' S 4 . - -2' V: l . Y A 1' .l . f err.. 4 C 'l l 'ry fi I . a -N-K A D ..r - ,' bi y '. it 4 i A X 1--' lx'- . 'C' A . H . l 5 , it if , X . A ,, ' B .-1: .i ' 9' ' . i .nu . fl i'. an ' 'I ' 'eff .22 .1 ,: 6 If '11 if . 102 Zeno Club The Zeno Club is an organization for all those inter- ested in mathematics. The club meets twice a month. At each meeting, a member presents a paper of mathemati- cal interest. Papers have covered such topics as the Duo- Decimal System, Casualty Insurance Rate Making, Nomograms, Tri-section of an Angle, and Mathematical Fallacies and Cryptograms. In the past the Zeno Club has presented mathematics books to the University Li- brary and awards to outstanding mathematics students, and has conducted contests in mathematics. Other ac- tivities for the year have included speakers from ofl' campus, a banquet, and a picnic. First Row+Miller, Shershofl, Dr. Polan. Second RowfBrun- dage, Kespert, Hultquist, Peterson, Bette, Wightman, Fisher, Braunschweiger, Mr. Beals. Aviation lub The Alfred University Aviation Club was formed for the following purposes: to further interest in aviation, to provide an inexpensive means of flying for student pilots. and to put Alfred on the flying map. Under the leadership of its officers-Robert Friend, president, Lar- ry Garrett, vice president: Everett Damon, secretaryg and Harold Frazer, treasure1'4the club has enjoyed a most successful year. lVe are now working on a project to establish a flying fleld near Alfred which would be available to those who wish to fly. During the past year dinners, lectures, and get-together flights were held with nearby Aviation Clubs. Ifirxt Row-Fraser, Damon, Friend, Garrett, Dcpew. Second Row-Goldstein, Valentine, Cole. Technicon Club The Technicon Club, a group of Lab Technicians and Medical Secretaries, is designed to distribute practi- cal and useful information concerning the different fields of medical technology. This is accomplished through guest speakers and demonstrations. A club publication, "The Laboratori' provides information to alumni telling them of the activities of the group and also campus news. Omcers for the past year were: president, Mari- lyn Doty: vice president, Marie Planog secretary, Bar- bara Phillips: treasurer, Marian Cottrell. First Row-Chard, McMurtry, Gottshall, Prof. Scofield, Bent- ley, Plano, Phillips, Cottrell, Doty, Prof. Gregory, Dill, Burdick, Siter. Second Row--Thompson, Bunting, Corona, Tierney, Petticrew, Powell, NVQ-lcl, Curry, Lonero, Burr, Church, De- liazio, Adsitt, Schultz, Volkstadt, McDaniels, Drury. Third Row-Horvath, Neu, Fanton, Buckley, Burns, Mee, Armin, Lemen, Colley, Lockhart, Brown, Foster, Deliazio, Brownson. lfourlh Row-Fitzpatrick, Young, Wasscrloos, Btcinbrccher, Boldt, Niemyer, Dryer, Wfhcaton, Adsit. Commerce Club The purpose of the Commerce Club is to offer Busi- ness Administration and Secretarial students extra- curricular educational and social activities related to their courses. Speeial lectures by experts in the business world. Field trips, parties. a banquet and a spring picnic are among the many aetivities fostered hy this organiza- tion. Oflicers for the past year were: president. Joseph Grifho: viee president. Richard Titus: secretary. Elaine Gardner: treasurer, William Cordes. Iiirxl R0lL'iMOOl't1, Hall, Jones, Peck, Loveland, Carl, Curren. Srrona' Row-Bentley, Gardner, Cordes, Mr. Leatherwich, Mr. Morganfeld, Mr. Friek, Mr. Brown, Griffo, Titus, Weisner. Third Row-Harvey, Nliller, Derzanoviteh, Ellis, Anderson, Conrad, VanSon, Dr-Puy, McCaffrey, Bury, Pearson, Yelzv. Besch, McMullen, Monte-rosso, Hubert, Petrie, Goldsmith, Cohn. Goodrich. Fourth R0lL'fKlHHt'l', Northeote, XValters, Fuller, White, Schnautz, Hart, Markham, Davis, YVileox. lfiflh Rou'+Murphy', Peters, Nlurray, Carlson, Rauher, Gulden. Gril- fith. Sixth Role-Rennie, Kemple. Chemical Society The Chemistry Club provides its members with the following advantages: Interesting lectures by students and faculty pertaining to various phases of ehemistry not normally eovered in regular class lectures: plant trips to various industries in the region: the ability to become a student afliliate. and after graduation. a member of the Ameriean Chemical Society. Officers for the school year 19494950 were Kurt lVray. chairman. and Sam Paterniti. secretary-treasurer. First Ro:efDuro, Rosenthal. Serona' Rom'--Paterniti, Dr. Scholes, lYray, U'f'onnor, Third Rn1efDueey, Lee, Lariseh, Carlson, Parker, Cala, Riggs. Hortus lub ln 19239 the students of the Floriculture Department decided that a departmental club was much needed on campus. lts goal was to foster fellowship among the students and faculty of the Department of Floriculture. and to promote a practical interchange of florieulture knowledge. lVe realize the greatness of their foresight. for the eluh has grown in size. knowledge. and eloseness. Ofheers for the past year were: liernarzl Lingenlielter. president: James Leavens, vice president: Klareia Van Duzer. see- retary: and Donald Yeager. treasurer. First Row-Beach. Nlr. Kessler, Yeager, Lingenfelter, Yan- Duzer, Copeland, McMullen, Lewis. Srmnfl Rune-Home, Geihs, lvlostoller, Walker, Drain, Sehneider. Hall. Graner, llise, Seymour, Kreymer, Henry, Dexter. Third RnzefHoehn, Lewis, Durni, Putzig, Dirk, Reynolds, Emblidge, Golden, Jones, Wleicht, Stabler, Stalker. Fourth Rmef-Clark, Burpee, Hyland, Yirion, Beach, Brown, Barber, May. yx be. .. a-..,,., . . V. 4 . so I'y-57' I . fi -tr s 'J 317' A A A 155 llirtt Razr' 1 Armstrong, llise, lYorth. Sefmzrl Rosc- Tl K:'r'1's, Blakelock, Bvl-rs. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is one of the six college clubs in the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester. In February. the .-Xlfred chapter sponsored the semiannual conference of all diocesan Canterbury Clubs. This year. under the guidance of the olhcers. Marilyn Dotv, Robert Vander- hax en. and David Crump. the Alfred chapter sent cloth- ing to Europe and gave a large sum to the mission field. Newman Club The purpose of the Newman Club is to foster the spiritual and social life of Catholic students. To carry out this work the club sponsors socials and communion breakfasts. It also subscribes to Catholic periodicals which are available in the University library. The club's main project is the organ fund toward purchasing an organ for Kenyon Chapel. Officers: Joseph Paterniti, president: Louis Cusimano, vice president: Lucille De- Fazio. secretary: Lois YVaechter, treasurer. . -- .1 .. , gi ' J I' ..........- - V, t 1 1 .51 i kv ' 1.1 ' - A H-5 -if ' N K .,.,. L ,- s 'Q . , I l Smith, Crump, Doty. zirzl Rau' -- Bryant, First Row-Lonero, Dc-Fazio Tobin, Delmastro, Owen neck. First Rau'-Kennedy, DiGcnnaro, Schaa. Second Row-Rosenthal, DuBois, Ncrenstonc, Mustico, Rockmore, W'hitcford, jones, Plink, Marshall. Religious Fellowship of Alfred The Religious Fellowship of Alfred is an interfaith organization composed of representatives of the Catho- lic. Protestant. and jewish faiths. lts purpose is to pro- mote a better realization of purposeful living through a spirit of cooperation founded on common principles with a sincere appreciation of the convictions of others. The cabinet consists of 15 members who guide the ac- tivities designed to meet student desires. Sunday night forums. socials. bridge parties and a picnic are sponsored by the R.F.A. No admission is charged and everyone is always welcome. Officers for the past year were: Adam DiGennaro, presidentg Jack Whiteford, vice presidentg Pat Kennedy. secretary g Fred Schaa, treasurer. Vllaechter, Patcrniti, Cusi- mano, Ducey. Second Row- Carney, Rizzuto, Swart, Mus- tico, W. Zagorski, Zagor- ski, Scallon, DuBois, Boess- Alfred Student Refrigeration Engineers In 1945 thirteen students formed a social group known as the Refrigeration Club. In 19-16 a new constitution was drawn up forming the Alfred Stu- dent Refrigeration Engineers. Speakers from the re- frigeration, heating. and air conditioning fields are guests at the meetings and discuss the operation and manufacturing of their equipment. Olilicers for the year 19494950 were: Harold Seymour. president: Roger Meade. vice president: Kenneth Champagne, secretary: and Charles Andolsek. treasurer. Refrigeration Club Seniors 5, . t, , ,,,,59.i VX First Row-Tarr, Damon, Ross, Reynolds, Myers. Second Row-Yangellow, O'Gracly, Tym- czyszyn, Miller, Seymour, Andolsek, Becker, Rogers, Macauley. Third Rmt'-Meade, Johnston, Reitz, Hollister, Reitz, Taylor, 'l'omljr-novich, Abbott, Berghash, Wing, Howden, Oster- houdt, Barley. Fourth Row-Chanipagne, Mickiewicz, Backus, Jacobs, Moore, Brooker, Shiesley Benzoni, Bailey, Drew, Nlunyan. Fifth RowfValentine, Dolengo, Watson, Depew, Goldstein a a Marvin, Eastman, Humphrey, Stewart. Refrigeration Club Juniors S! First Row-Hoffman, Anderson, Fox, MacWhorter, Fontaine, Smith, Pascente, Lacenere, Love- less. Second Row-Fraser, Bostwick, West, Reed, Newkierk, Trudeau, Lynch, Rosenberg, Green. Third Row-Strauss, Friend, Mead, Lang. Marx, Erickson, White, Scorsone, Casal, Rogers, Gauvreau. First Roar-Phillips, Monachelli, Maggs, Rich, Myers, Ben- iaminson, Dykeman, W'isc, Perryman. Second Rozt'fBauer, Giardino, Tennies, Treiber, Nobis, Sutton, Yanderlip, Stewart, Andrews, Kilbury, Miles, Geuther, VanWormer. Dair Science Club The purpose of the Dairy Science Club is to promote and foster interest in scientific development and re- search in the field of dairy manufacturing. Outstanding speakers in the various dairy fields are inyited to the meetings and express their opinions and offer adyice as to employment opportunities. modern practices. marketing. and quality control. Also present are area producers and distributors bringing with them various problems and techniques. Klovies of dairy products and processes are shown during club meetings along with discussions of field trips which are held tliroiighout Vsiestern New York. Ofhcers for the past year were: president. Alvin Rich: yice president. Vernon Beniaminson: secretary. Henry lVise1 and treasurer. Frank Nlonachelli. Rural Engineers The Rural Engineers Club is made up of students of the Rural Engineering Department only. The club is mostly of a social nature. but it also does provide its members with yaluable business contacts by bringing the members into closer contact with the organizations and men in the field of rural engineering. To provide these contacts. actiyities such as guest speakers. special movies. and occasional field trips are sponsored. The social high- lights are the fall Senior-Freshman banquet and the spring banquet to which area dealers and company rep- resentatives are invited. Officers for the school year 19-l9-1950 were: James Arthur. president. ,Iere Shank, vice president: Lorne Horton. secretary: and Fritz Breit- beck. treasurer. 106 v l First Row-McConnell, Rathbun, Williams, Lamoreaux, Blair, Mr. Stopper, Rohring, Chalin. Second Row-VVilliams, Blake- lock, Emberg, Arthurton, Arnold. Poultry Club The Poultry Club was set up to promote the interest and education of the members in the Field of poultry husbandry. with special emphasis on the preparation and distribution among the membership of useful and practi- cal information concerning all phases of poultry hus- bandry: also to further the relations of students and faculty of all schools and colleges at Alfred University, and to create a spirit of friendship among the club's members. The students on the campus will remember the wingless chickens. the showing of the growth of a chick in its 21 days inside of the egg. as such was shown at the Fall Festival. The club's leaders are Clifford Lam- oreaux, president, and Timothy Blair, Fifi! RowXCassort, Macintosh, Graham, Baker, Elwood, Woolston, Lahr. YanBeusichem, Sanger. Second Row-Dc-Boover, Young, WH-lls, Raczkiewicz, Horton, Arthur, Mr. Crowell, Breitbeck, Light, Ricotta, Ren- ner. Third RozeXAscherl. Schmidt. Meyies, Cornwell, Dennington, Schuster, Stahl, Huggins, Kagels Carson, Odell Phillips Fowler, Hoke, tml-fbom, Davis. Pow-fir lea-f'iB0i-tit-, riutrhiiison, or-Swf-11, Freeland, Welch, Kuhn, Wagner, Ball, Nr-whard, Bobzien, Wilcox, Harvey, Arring- ton. Fifth Row-Pearson, Duntz, Goye, Guy, Clark, Gruendike, Hoag, YN'illiams, Crabtree. Sixth RowfHenry, Zeh, Vlires, Ball. First RowfPellegrino, Baker, Schultz, lVallace, Stewart, Robin- fon. Second Row-Soper, Silsbee, Castifflia, Blow, Berg. Comin- sky, Schiller, Costello, Davis, Robbins, Pragel. Sedota. Electronics Club The Electronics Club is a fairly new and last-growing organization. devoted to the interests ol' the Power and Radio student majors. The club's aims are: to present technical information through speakers from industry. movies and working projects: to promote an under- standing of the vocational held being entered after graduation: to promote contacts with industrial organi- zations and to ollier social activity. Present projects include supervised practical expe- rience in the laboratory and teams in the intramural league. In addition to the regular meetings. outings are held at frequent intervals. Ofhcers for the school year 1949-1950 were: president. Alfred Cicconi: vice presi- dent, Edward Petzoldt: secretary. Burt Stagg: treasurer. Arnold Bentley. First Row-Salisbury, lYtb.'-r, Bentley, Ciccoli, Fetzoldt, hir. Hiordcn, M1', Burzychi, Henderson. Second RoicfThompson, Dalrymple, Turdo, Stevens, Kraft, Miller, Muzyka, Orimen- ko, Orimenko, Cole, Milli r. Third Roni'-Kipp, Smith, Allen, Humphreys, Annexstcin, Wiley, Grillo, Schlosser, Martino, Ma- Dan. Fourth Razr'--Yveinbcrger, Taylor, Stagg, Sander, Evans, Steinberg, Ruff. 'Tia Frozen Food Association The Frozen Food Association is organized to advance the general welfare ol all the students enrolled in the Frozen Food Department. Its main objective is to impart to the students all scientific developments relative to the Frozen Food course. The organization strives to create interest in any particular field of the industry and tries to establish contacts that will prepare the student in his chosen Field of employment in the Froven Food Industry. The association has sent out much literature to the men in the field. They have visited several of the indus- tries. and have invited several of these men to meetings. Also all the social and athletic activities of the depart- ment are carried on through the association. Ufhcers for the year were: Emanuel NI. Ciominsky. president: George Sedota. treasurer: Albert Sabbarese. secretary. Diesel Club The Alfred Society of Diesel Technicians. a new addi- tion to campus groups. was foutided last Fall. The fol- lowing oflicers were elected: Russell lYyant. president: Fred Norton. vice president: 'lanies Coleman. secretary: Arno Marks. treasurer. Its primary objective is to fur- ther an extracurricular interest in design. development. sales. service. and maintenance in the Diesel field through lectures. films. held trips and similar media. The ASDT also endeavors to assist its members in es- tablishing themselves in the Diesel lield upon graduation. Ifirtt Roar'---Kolstad, U'Donnell, Norton, Wvant, Coleman, Marks, IVI1: Dudley, Suminerhaycs. Serond 13n:r'?Gillis, lYall-ter, Hesse, Barber, Berry, Kleadows, Pi-ck, YY:-river, Collingwood. Nagy, Reid, lYightman, Beaumont. 'lilzirzl' RozcfDoolittle, Babcock, Neilson, lNIiller, Billings. DcBalslii, Fenzel, Kin, ltestlake, Bement. 4. Xe Horn and Hoof Club The Horn and Hoof Club is for students interested in Animal Husbandry and related Iields of agriculture. In- terest is furthered bv bringing outstanding speakers on agriculture before the eroup. Each year the club pre- sents its anfiual Sliowmanship Day and judging Con- test at which time the members compete in Fitting and showing livestock. The judging teams of area high schools judge classes of livestock. A banquet is presented for the graduating Seniors at the end of the year. Offi- cers: George Stoltman. president: Philip Richardson, vice president: Seymour llurday. secretary: XVilliam Un- derwood. treasurer: Karl Keil. parliamentarian. lfizif Ron -Shapiro, Schultz, Loni, Burday, L'ndt-rwood, Stolt- man, Richardson, lieil, Burxreson, Prof. Xb'Ol'llllI1H. Serond Role -Radr-fl, Spatz, llerriiiuton, lvlelmrishlin, Purdy, Nfc- Knopp, Lissfrlt, Knapp, Cass, Stottle, Mitcher, Duffy, Kee- lfv, Clark, Tlzifrl Rare- King, Loope, Gleason, Gray, Tresch, Vfilliguns. lfox, Blackiur-r. lilziiff. Sprinu, Oli-s. Stone. Schuyler. lflfzntlz Roar- White, Sthnr-ckenburqer, Green, Phillips, Lyke, Arnold. N' I r Alfred Conservation Club The Alfred Conservation Club was organized in 1948 to create interest in soil, water, and wildlife. Member- ship is open to students and faculty of all schools and colleges at Alfred University. Throughout the year wc have had many interesting speakers, movies, and Held trips. One of the main projects of the year was the prep- aration of a display for the 1950 Fall Festival. An out- door picnic was held in the Fall and just before the sec- ond semester our annual banquet was held. Officers for the past year were: Fred T. Mott, president: George Goldman. vice president: Howard Gates, secretary: and Richard Gardner, treasurer. Ifirrf Row-Oles, Ottaway, Sherwood, Goldman, Gardner, To- bin, Cedruly. Second RowAB1y, Gardner, Herron, Martucio, liunke, Gerhart, XVildcr, Goetschius, Smalley, Gorbit, Klotz- bairh, Dejloie, Kenyon. Third Rowgmjenkel, Sefqlin, Finkelstein, Dobbins, Bennett, Devine, Ploetz. Husson, Zch, Poynter, Towner, XVilliams. amera Club The Camera Club on the campus is open to anyone wishing to join. Regular meetings are held throughout the year under the supervision of VV. C. Getz. At these meetings current topics on camera technique are dis- cussed. Demonstrations are also presented to those who are interested in learning more about photography and equipment used in the dark room. The club has for the use of its members an enlarger and a contact printer. Ofhcers are: Herman May, presidentg Janice Osborn, vice president, Peter Rothschild, secretary, George Schuster, treasurer. lfirst Row-Ross, Rothschild, Mr. Getz, Olson, Serling. Second Row-Kindel, Richardson, Bury, Beaton. 108 Intramural Athletic Association This association has the responsibility of setting up a wide program of intramural sports for the school year. The aims of the organization are to promote better health through the development of physical and organic efhciencyg to promote better feeling and sportsmanship on the campus: to provide for organized intramural competition: and to provide a program of varied activi- ties which will interest every man on the campus. Officers are: Merle Green, director: Wlilliam Havens. assistant director, Floyd English, Jr., president: YVilliam Brison, vice president: James Kearney, secretary-treas- urer. First Row-Newton, Green, English, Kearney, Monroe. Second Rozv+Trzaskos, Gulden, Olenchuk, Marks, Prusik, Brison, Auskern, Stermer. .AE 1 sv iii. J Roller Skating lub The Alfred Roller Skating Club has been organized with the express purpose of providing students an op- portunity to make more than a superhcial acquaintance with each other and to learn various dance-skating techniques. Along with the spirit of cooperativeness and exercise involved in this sport, members hope to possess, before the end of the year. a pair of "well-educated feet." The oflicers are Augie Pasquale, president, and Dick Wlood, vice president. First RuwfOsborn, Chapin, Pasquale, irVood, Mackie, Wleld. Second Rozc+Adler, Phillips, Spring, Nieyers, Pfister, Hallett, Behrenberg, Nichols. 109 A , -4-.1 - , Badminton Club Badminton has become one of the most popular sports here on the Alfred campus as evidenced by the increased enrollment in the club. Under the skillful guidance and coaching of Miss L. Creighton. who has given unselfish- ly of her time every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night, the success of the organization was assured. An exhibition by nationally known players was spon- sored hy the club. In addition. a club tournament and matches are arranged by the A.B.G. Officers are: Adam DiGennaro. president: Lucille Losch, vice president: Ruth Harding, secretary: Herb Shindler. treasurer. First Row-Richards, Scallon, lVilliams, Harding, Losch, Di- Gennaro, Shindler, Schulmeister, Stutzman, Second Row-Goss, Burry, YVC-tter, Mitchell, Earl, Blatt, English, Dauble, Perkins, Pauscwang, Ballman, Kirkland, Conley. Third Row-Andrews, Chapin, Robbins, Sherwood, Sie-ber, Saunders, Lobaugh, Per- reault, Roscnblatt, Plink. Fourtlz Row-Siebert, Humphreys, Strong, Goss. 1 I ' 2 ' s -. I' ,nv is 'P-Elf - 3 Rb, 'x 1 SR ms it X , WHY Most likely every one who lias lleen a part of tlie college could offer a different answer to "lilly Alfred." But niost prolralrly. too. tlle replies all would lie different expressions of tlie spirit llBl'L'. of the friendliness wl1icl1 never fails to impress newcomers to tlle campus. The friendly spirit. so characteristic of Alfred. is more than casual camaraderie. It lias its foundation in what is most fundamental to us. The realization of what we share has created a feeling that transcends the liniits of class or crowd. Life in tl1e dormitories. clulus. fraternities and sororities. as well as tlle nuinerous private and all-campus functions. provides the diversion so necessary for character and personality development. Thus it is that we find a second pliase of the formal education. non-curricular activity which fosters the social instincts. And so we know. "Wl1y Alfred?" . ,x 5 l 0 X o 0 an lfint Run--Mr. Shcht-en, Kelly, Bradley, Gilkes. Serond Rozr-Theurcr, Peterson, Ric-ss, Griffith, Perrotta, Siler, Stern, Quaek- enbush, Dixon. 1 NN X. SW Stull, Gignac THE 1950 KAN K DEA "Oh. the K.-XNAKADEAY One big splurge and it's out!" a party remarked blithely last Fall. "Some splurge, friend." we say today, looking back over eight extremely unleisurely months. Our troubles started last November with the Senior pictures and continued until we had tracked down the last organization correspondent. NVe found that we had a competent, enthusiastic staff guided by a real friend and adviser, Mr. Alexander Sheheen. Having definitely decided on the theme of our book, we divided the staff up by giving each editor a section of the book. All that remained was the actual machinery of putting the book together. This task we enjoyed a great deal for it is a pleasure to watch a dream become a reality. Wle were encouraged by the general interest in the KANAKADEA shared by the rest of the college, and we are convinced that if we had a dime for every time we heard, "How's the KANAKADEA coming?" we wouldn't have had to woriy about a budget. Later the inquiries became, "When's the KANAKADEA coming out?"-and Hnally, mls the KANAKADEA coming out?" L.'f'? THE 1950 NAK DE STAFF John R. Bradley .. Nancy L. Kelly .. .. john Gillies .... XV. Allan Hitchcock . Lucile E. Peterson . . Barbara Theurer . . . . . . . Mark GrifEth ...... .....hldii0I-ill-Cllliff ....B11viz1rv5 rllanagrr ... ......... Art Editor . . . .... .-lxsoviatr Editor .. ........ Senior Editor Photography Editor' ... ...... Ag-Tech Editor James E. Quackenhush .......... Spoztv Editor Audrey Riess .......... ..... Alexander Sheheen Neysa jean Dixon . Paul Gignac t john L. Stull Editorial Staff Jane Bette Barbara Hurlburt Jeanette Klimajeski Helen Miller Margaret T. O'Neil Marie Perrotta Orgizniuztiorzx Editor' ... ....... Farzilty Advisor . . . .......... Art Stag ....Photography Stag Leslie Schnautz Alice Schulmeister Earl R. Siler Maurice Smith Alice M. Stern Edwin Tobin Mary E. Van Norman so-5 First Row-Brodhead, Robbins, Sieber, Hartpencc, Dennison, Blankheit, Vail Bobson, Wetter. St'l'OHd Ron'-Cohn, Spratt, Feldman, G. Pixley, Svahn, F. Pixley, Lipp, Mitchell, Sachs, Myers, Homer, Adams, Berg. Third RowYSwart, Benzing, Carney, Tresch, Belling, Spaulding, Bell, Sneider, Smith, Shaefer, Jova, Bury, Yelzy, Nerenstone, Lyons, J. Katz, E. Katz, Beck, Wetherby, Leondar, Rizzuto, Wixson, W'illiarns, Mather, Kelley, Church, Alliegro, Holly. Fourth Row-Doolittle, Neilson, King, Berry, Gleason, Abrahams, Ostrom, Andresen, Arnstien, Gargell, Hall. Alfred Outing lub Under the able leadership of Francis Pixley, the Al- fred Outing Club carried out an energetic program to provide year-round recreation. During the autumn months, the more adventuresome students went on Saturday hikes with Frederick Myers and Herman Adams leading. Under Barton Spratt's guidance. the new rifle range was opened for the cam- pus marksrnen. Highlights of the fall season were the Fall Sports Dance. the ski hill cleanup and picnic. and .. A ,avg , A .pq , f in 'A ,,-.,..H 'w.,.e,- tfr Bwst -Q-" ' Qi., .., A the outing trip to Cornell. XV ith the coming of the winter season, George Pixley led the ski tow maintenance crew into action. The ski team followed through with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss. The lack of suitable ice kept the skaters inactive most of the winter. Spring brought improvements to the ski hill, picnics, barbecues, hikes, and fishing trips. 'Qaiffzs 'OX .A ' Whiter Carnival Plagued by the lack of snow, tht' third annual W'intPr Carnival took place despite tht- many last minute vhangfis in plans. Crownvd Friday Pvoning, following 21 lJFtl'l7l'l'l.1l' at FlI't'I1lFil1,S Hall, Chcric 'lovzl lvd a torch light parade' through thc strm-ets of Allre-d as th? 1950 Snow Quven. Saturday. in spitf' of tht' svarrity of snow. nine statues zxppm-a1'vd on tht- amnpus. Thx' Paul llunyzxn svulpturf' of Kappa Psi Lvpsilon won thc snow svulpturing trophy. Thr- raving and ligurv skating volnpvtition was Clini- inatcd hy tho unscasonahly warin wcatlitw. Thc "no snowl' XYCAllflll'l' li01'1'k'Z1St muiusrd thi' mrly Cl1I1i'l'llflllOIl of thc skiing' cw-rits. At tht- Snow Ball Snturclay. thc Esquirvs provided Illllfill' :ind 4'IItt'l'ILllllI1lE'I1l. Thi- snow r11'rix'c'cl Sunday 1-vciiiiig Il1l1l'l1 to t'a1'nix'.il l'l1Lll1'INLl11 Rirhurd Ho1nvr's disnxziy. lwltll A 3111- I ., IE! - 'QPPL il 3 F if 1 t. w, DSYCHE ,a s DQ ,fyM"""" First Row-Neville, Brion. Second Row-Doro, Falcone, Dellostrologo, Prof. Smith, Root, Whiting, Nerenstone. Third Row-Bard, Arnold, Licht Martz, Hollands, Gallow, Pixley, Wetherby, Boess- necla, Schulmeister, Bentley. 9 F ootlight lub The theatre season opened this year with the performance of Oscar Wilde's famous comedy. "The Importance of Being Ear- nest." This 3-act production brought many newcomers into con- tact with the club through both technical and dramatic roles. The show ran the customary two-night "season" and was very well received. As has been the annual tradition, the club gave a reading of "The Antigone ol' Sophocles" for the Freshman Civilization Class early in the Fall. The original performance of this tragedy was given in l9Jf8, employing the use of masks and central staging. Three student-directed one-act plays enjoyed good reviews pri- or to the Christmas vacation. hlliders to the Seaf, a tragedy by Synge. was directed by Byron Whiting: a comedy by Hivnor, "Too Many Thumbs," was given in a one-act version and direct- ed by Sergio Dellostrologo: and Michael Lax directed Soroyan's drama, "Hello Out 'I'he1'e.,' 118 The St. Pat's performance consisted of two musical shows this year and made up a varied and lively bill. lXIozart's comic opera. "Bastien and liastiennefl not only played twice in .-Xlfred. but also enjoyed two performances in nearby communities and a ra- dio performance. "Down in the Valley." by Kurt XYeill and Arnold Sundgaard. utilized the technique of having the sets moved by the actors and scenes changed by lighting. This mov- ing. American folk opera found excellent reception with Alfredl theatre audience. lioth shows were presented in conjunction with the Music Department and the L'nix'ersity Chorus. The season's final show. a more serious production. was Mar- lowe's Elizabethan tragedy, "Di: Faustusf' This production. with students. faculty and townspeople working together in cast. was marked by theatrical staging. the morality play type theme, and shift between comic and tragic theme. Presentation of such famous plays as "Di: Faustusu and the lesser known works ties in with the aims of the Footlight Club in furthering dramatic interest through participation. both by club membership and by audience. In an attempt to bring theatre to more people. the cluh has invited high school students to all of its productions. Response has been good. On each one of these occasions. a tour behind the scenes brought the students in contact with the many phases of play production. E ff' 'ff PS YC Hg The club collaborates during each Liniversity Forum and at assemblies with visiting artists. by providing crews to assist with lighting. staging and production. The future of the club looks good. with a large number of new students elected as members. 119 Chaplain Sibley, lwlrs. Srholes, Fin! Row-Shelton, Saunders, Sherwood, Foss, Henderson, Laurie, Cristman, Adsitt, Bunting, Goldsmith, McGraw, Stutzinan, Shackson, Ambf-rg, Trost, Krryimf, Hollands, Callahan, Second Rau'-Crandall, Kirkvndalv, Nvgoro, Blow, Phillips, Disch, Behrrnbcrg, Lohaugh, Conroe, Simpson, Frohm, Goss, Webster, Pc-drick, Dr. Scholvs, Conrov, NTL-issnvr, YanDc'us6n. Third Rou'fEkdahl, Bolton, Mflvlullvn, Swanson, Husted, Shindlc-r, Marshall. The University Church Choir hapel Choir First Huw- Foss, Bard, Brion, Mrs, Scholcs. Sefond Row-Bchrcnlnc-rg, VanNorman, Volts, Disfh. Third Il'UZL"fSflllI1flf'l'S, Aclsit. Ifnurllz R0a'fBalint, Callahan, Ambvrg. 120 ,un 'w...f Unzirerufl' Foster, , LoSCh, ' First Roblfflgcllircr. Second RS: Klimaifskl' The Us Lohan l Brow. .fl-lall, Lgfgfffg, Engllsh' Who's Who Wlhols lVho was brought from the na- tional to the local level this year. This was done after much consideration by SAC and the Senate. Lists of possible candi- dates for the honor were submitted by student committees to AQ-Tech and Uni- versity faculty committees. These com- mittees each selected members of their re- spective Senior classes for Who's Who on the basis of scholarship, leadership, char- acter and contribution to Alfred. ,J - . 5 Ag-Teflz Ifirxt Rorefllleld, Knox. Sefmzd Ron' Sunnnerhayes, Wlilder, Kirkmxm, McLauqh lin, Meade. Forum Forum brought to the campus five events in the performing arts L: . I as 1 vacklog to the Univcrsity's cultural activities. The varied season opened in October with Qlivier's "Hamlet": the British picture was shown through the courtesy of the Alfred Campus Thea- tre uhich throughout the year continued with a series of noted foreign films. Early in November, at the lXIen's Gymnasium, Leonard DePaul' and his "Infantry Chorus" of thirty presented a choral concert. During the same month, Iohn K played an all-Chopin recital can extra event open to the communityi, observing the centenary of the co1nposer's death. In February. Frances Magnes , .. violinist. presented an unstereotyped, balanced program, generous in range and response. In March. .lose Limon R Co.. assisted by Pauline Koner, gave a mag 'ii ni cent dance concert. Final n R-lay. was the Lyric Theatre's Do irkpatick event. i nizetti opera. "Don Pasquale." Extensive collaboration between visiting artists and students came through staging and managing the concertsg tl A l ' ' ' ' nougi class instruction given by some of the artists: and in a well-distributed sense of hospitality. Stress on ensembles, two-dav visits and an increasing interest in the arts were consid- ered by the faculty-student committee in planning the series. Forum Planning Committee First Roar'-Brion, Prof. Smith, Mr. Kirkendale. Second Row-Di-llostrologo, Schulmi-ister, Hall, Knox, Dr. Kling- ensmith. J Ns .tv 5 l -1 l ' . 'gl , ii l T he Castle First RowfMoore, Ballman, Perri-ault Cvirf' prcsidentj, Gates Cprcsidcntl, Andrews fsccre- taryj, Stearns. Second Row-Swinney, Dobson, McClelland, Nichols, Smith, lkincaulf-y, Tuttle, Kirkland, Fischer, Baker, Jordan. 123 L:"l'Nl:f lpha Kappa micron Nm,-f Q Ifinl Rona'-Drain, Grulwr, Nvwton, Yfiuhtnmn frorrc-sponding srrrc-taryH, Brown fvicc- presi- ch-nth, Losch fprvsidr-ntr, Pausvvvunq in-corcling scorn-tnryb, Zito, XVorth Qtrc-asurm-rp, Harding. Srfond Row- Fanton, Nr-u, Dryvr, Richlnoncl, Hunt, Frank, Ogden, Lockhart, Koster, Folts, Cottrcll, Colley. 124 ,, A A, W if YY . - . 'J -, ' "' Q :A -Q ab if k 5? sf' ' t Q if A -A Pi Alpha Pi First Row-Arnold, Lord, Bentley, Bette, VanNorman. Second Row-Livht, Goodrich fsccrc- taryj, Schulmcister Qprcsidenti, Hurlburt ftrmsurerj, Johnston fyicc prusiduntH, Miss Min-l. Third Row-Duccy, Sayer, WVortman, Basso, Litchfivld, Pc-tcrson, Mcissnrr, Mockus, Goodrich, Lockhardt. 125 Sigma Chi u I Q -Ng Z 2 ea .-7 ' .5 K . A .f .5-' f-- - .: M Q 'wt IM. , ' I First Rau'-McGraw, Balint, Byers, Jones, Peterson, Schnurle, Ellis, Feldman, Sly. Second Raw -Smith, Gottshall, Krepski, Klimajeski Qpresidentj, Perrotta fsccrctaryl, O'Neil, LaVan fvicc presiclentj, Kennedy Ctreasurerj, O'Connor, Mrs, Almy, Cretekos, Dixon. Third Row-Miller, Simpson, Sneidcr, MrMurtry, Falcone, Callahan, Carlson, Holmquist, Shackson, Kelly, Clute, Amberg, Anderson, Farnham, Riess, Seligman. 126 Q . . ,M l 1' W 1-.F-' X NR in Q x- C r 111' Y ol f Kiln, f N 1" .wx l sz' l . N. A, A K , Y,.,.A,Q QL Theta Theta hi Fin? Row-Armstrong, Gardner, Howath, Bard, Powell, Pc-tticrcw Frank. Second Row- Chrlstman, Champlin, Disch, Brion Ctreasurfrj, 'Ycvill ' 'd' , R d l 0 lprcsx nntl, ec- Cvice preside-ntl Bvbarfald Cscvwt 'J D P Q ' ' " ' H- " " ' ' ' us ary , c- rosa, Mrs. kelly, Swam. Third R04 Tummy, Xall, IN:-tzlw, Fullm-1 Schroder, Marshall, Gardnvr, Dobson, jova, Formont, Svahn, Lowe, Mould, WV0issnvr. 127 lntersororit Council The lntersorority Council, composed of its presi- dent and two representatives from each of the four Alfred sororities, has as its primary purposes the unification of the houses. the discussion of com- mon problems. and the supervision of the rushing season. Under the chairmanship of Jean Hunt, a successful lntersorority Ball cliinaxed the rushing season. Again this year the council supported two European war orphans. The oflicers are Nancy Kelly, president. and Theresa Basso, secretary- treasurer. .ge-fm. . Iiirst Row-Brion, Basso, Simpson, Wortman, kelly. Semnd Row-Swain, Hunt, Ogden. Interfraternity Council The council's priniziry function. the govern- ing board for the eight member fraternities. is to maintain an equal standard for all lIltGl'l4I'lllC1'X121l relationships. This year we initiated a program-by which every Freshman and transfer student was invited to each fraternity during the official rush- in2 season. The policy of issuing mid-semester in- dices of these men. to the scholarship committee of the individual fraternities, was also put into ellect. A point seven index becaune I1 general requirement for pledgeship. As L1 highlight of the social activities for the first semester the council sponsored its annual In- terfraternity Bull, the music being supplied by El- liot Lawrence and his orchestra. i S' rl I'o1'-AO'COI1- Ifirxi Rou'fDick, Lyons, Bngnall, Nohlv. t N011 x 1 ssal Clute. Brlson, Greenhnlgh, Fisclier, nor, Mead, Teznnos, Ka - , Henion. 1 129 Beta igma Psi 1 Firxl Row-Scott, Prof. Bernstein, Mabel fscCrctaryH, Horowitz fViCf' presidcntj, Tezanos fprvsidr-ntb, Carlson ftre-asurcrj, Dr. Barnard, Katz, Mc'Shanc. Semnd Row-Neilson, Ncren- stone, Cala, Lobrr, Harris, Gvraci, Newton, Bclliotti, Ippolito, Andvrson. Third Row-Baker, I Henderson, Berry, Grccnbc-rg, Potter, Gelch. 130 fd Y L M N, 2-X24 Delta i ma Phi in gwi ko, ,rv First Row-Rcuning, Carvalho, Fasano, llorrv T.ft. S ,, 1 frond Row-Chrnc-v, Botti, Schulz fsecrctaryl, Prof. Kirkcndalc, Maloney fvicc presidentl, Bagnall fprcsidentl, lN'Irs. Orcutt, Reid, Mr. Potter, Prof. Buchanan, Prof. Polan. Third Row-Lawson, Tllurnau, Adams, jones, Alsxan- dc-r, McMahon, Hyman, Valvo, Bliss, Schaa, Boulton, Kinsman, Mcfllurg, Gosch, Wally, Trzus- kos, R. Turner, Fourlh RowAHrssingc-r, C. Turner, Wighton, Longfritz, W4-st, Harrinq. Us- trom, Hanna W'll'. . S ' ' ' X ' ' , 1 mms, wanson, Qolcoid, Yan Alhtcn, Smith, Rugglcs, Sailcr, Melko. 131 if 4 il f 'Nw A x Gamma Theta Gamma , 3 lfivit Row Mnnqvfrida, Snvillf-, l'ndcrwood, Corclvs, Cornwrll, Rnmhc-rt fvicc- prcsiclc-ntl link:-r 4pri'sicli'ntJ Ricotta lsr-1'1'Cta1'yJ, Botti flI'1'2lSl1l'C1'l, Xv2lIlXrvOl'IIlC1', M1-zld, Hall. Second Hou' -Guldr-n, Light, Frnsr-r, Yalvntinv, Arthur, Titus, XVilcox, Dr-Balinski, Br-rg, Waytcna Anclrc-sr'n, Ni-wki-rk, Wilson, Martino, Strauss, Palamara, Huggins, Catall. Third Rowgljear son, Clark, Frivnd, Bakr-r, Sutphvn, Palczynski, Ruhlmann, Botti, Phillips, Ellis, Rc-nniv Woolston, Murphy, Schmidt, Sandvr, Plcssnvr, Markham, Raczkicwicz. 132 li n 'im 'ul llllj . Ill'- .ll W llr .I Q 57 i 1 N " , ' To A f f y xvzjkl W ' M I' . ., .. -A-w ww MW N YSTRE9-" A 5' -'J 'hp ' V Max Q f , -' - If , Egkw 1 Kappa u M J 3 245 iw, , - fi 5 ' First Row-Shapiro, YVra5', Dc-Join, Skir, Uqol, Korman, Lyons, Rosvnthnl, Lyons, Kassvl, Dc- Salvo. Second Row-Furman, Miller, Weber, Barashick, Rabinvr, Flin-gd, Ruhr-nstuin, Patrizio, Astrachan, Mass, Tunkcl, Kosofsky. Third Row-Printz, Burros, Ncwxnan, Rosen, Cummins, Reifburg, Soncnshinr, Stern, Sicfcrt, Eiscnbcr Z ' ' ' g, I'1C'lfI1C'l, MUSt1CO. 133 3 1 . :fagg fl, if . 3 , .N 4 gk WH: 1- ,ff WN Kappa Psi Upsilon -Q , , Q . 'mm . N 1 - 0 E xg P , 1 ni ll :F K . 5--, .-.5 Firyt Row-Corson, Polanski, Johnson, Rizzuto, Saunders, Rase, Dr. Bickford Franklin Sesond Row Brown D1 W'i t D - , '. nga 1-, r. Seholes, Strang, Lindenthal Ctreasurerj, X'Vinship Cvicc presi- df-nty, Higgins Csf-eretaryj, Sir-bert Cpresidentj, Dr. Whitford, Prof. Nevins, Dr. Simpson, Prof. Harrison. Third Row-Strong, Styhr, Hart, Fischer, Cole, Delmastro, DeProsse, Monroe, Evans, Hall, Kearney, Clark, MeKinstry, Paterniti, Cusimano, Prof. Voss. Fourth Rowiwhalen, Rob- bins jr, lNasson, St. Clair, Reed, Clute, Pedersen, Ericsson. Fifth Row-Harris, Church, Ben- zinz, Rc-nkf-rt, Woodworth, Woodward, Myers, Martin, Uschold, Griffith, Siler, Meissner, Fahm-rt, Miller, Humphrey, Powell, English, Pc-ttf-ngill. 134 'X. ex 1 q 1 , T 0-.4 '-ME Klan Alpine IK, l l'? First Row-George, McMurtry, Amclur, B. Conroe, Marshall, Selewach, Hawkins, Pedrick, S, Saunders. Second Row-Johnson, Dick, Claflin, Dr. Saunders, Prokopec Csecretaryl, O'Connor fvice presidentj, Peterson Qpresidentj, DiGennaro ftreasurerl, Meek, Trax, Barnes. Third Row-Lockhart, Sheehan, Taylor, Crouchley, Tournaud, Spangenberg, Dahoda, Gilkes, Lowe, Grewer, Pixley, Garr, Stoll, Wiclger, Gunung. Fourth Row-Carl, Jova, Gotzmer, Quackenbush, Berger, Pappis, Seeley, Wright, Magee, Palamara, Persick, Phelps, Hawkes, Britting. Fifth Row -Ewell, Fish, Joseph, P. Saunders, O'Brien, Henkes, Olympia, Nolan, Barresi, Thompson, Gentsch, B. Conroe, Stermer. 135 -4 1:., F ,Q 'Q Lambda hi Alpha ,J Q A f 1 wr Ifimt Hou'-Baxter, Swart, Kalhcr, Rikcr, Norton, Olenchuk, Schwartz, Husted, Schoenfeld, Skillman, iNIZ1I'IlI1, Smith. Sccond Rozt'-Stcilcn, Ynndcrhovcn, Eiwen, Bryant, Gicss, Bowen tvicv pu-sidcntj Cotton fprcsidentj, Lobautzh Csecretaryj, R. Kcnnedy ftrcasurerj, Mrs. Dvkv Prof Ycnsi- Hill Third Rowf'1'hax'cr, Brooks, Sprague, Priggc, Ridgeway, A. Hitchcock, Czintcvr-ll Rrusik iNohle Schucnzel, R. Kennedy, Bowden, Helmer, Henion, Spear, Beaudoin, 'Nfcsbitt iW'auQh, Fourth RowfDiMicco, Vllyndham Quinn, Foster, Elchenbergcr, Shippy, ROZf'1'S,yI'lOlIT'iSll:OITl, Pixlry, Dcckcr, johnson, Bradford, Johnson, McKenna. Fifth Row McFarland, Stubbs, Cochrane, Kit-sow, Peterson, Morrison, R. Hitchcock, Hallbcrg, Small, R. Johnson, Sutton, Virtuoso, VL-rncy, Gcyncr, Garrison, Mangcls. 136 t 4,4 'll 4? i1,,.4j f M-ffm H-. W, Vwffwulfg, ' Psi Delta mega X nf' A First Rozy-Snyder, HCl'1'lHQfOH, Stablf-r, Luke, lvlarks, Lcawns, Loopr, Byington, XVilder Howden, Emblidgc. Serond Row-Kirkman, Simvk, Yalvo, McGrosso, Sheldon lSPCl'l't1l1'f'l Pclchcr Qvice presidentj, Cole Cpu-sidrntj, Iviarx Ql.1'C'2'lSU1'l'l'l, Mr. Liaqwoocl, Roclclvn, Mzxgqs Grccnhalgh. Third Row-Ferguson, Golden, Nagle, Bt-sch, McLaughlin, Kit, Hopson, Lyons Kuhn, Martz, Rich, Smith, Ottaway, Spatvholts, McMullen, Lewis, 130111111 Roan'-Blunynn Constable, Becker, YanSon, Purdy, Hyson, Smith, Eastman, Mott, cll1Zlll1l7l'I'lIllI'1, Gates Erickson, Stangrowrz Lozzi, Kcstcr, Dolcnqo. 137 J Rosebush House Student Dormitories The Brick 0 Wlerriam House 4 5,15 kk, . . qi. fu is Q. , , 138 2741 '4 139 fi S I HQ . SJ, -1 ms. gt .Pm-'.17"Qc ...X ,H :few 5l3MA vi 1 77453 4 C' bf' Fjnt RazofCoHin, Hcssingcr, MC- Mahon Olr-nchuk S , '. econd Row-Cob ton V , an Alstcn, Kennedy, Hawkins G d - ' 2 ar ncr, Cantwell, Holmstrom, Monroe. Th. . zrd Row-Lmdcnthal, Longfritz, Winship, Kicsow, Brown, Garr Goo , . TSC, Wxdger, Gless, Prokopec, Harris. im! 29" 1 Under the war-ery of "'l'heylll never Hunk a senior!" the St. Pat's Board went all out to present Z1 memorahle week end in honor of Saint Patriek. Patron Saint of Ceramic Engineers. Lambda Chi Alpha won first prize in the parade of floats with its float Consisting of "60lll'l hand-made flowersf, Delta Signia Phi won honorable mention for the Irish wake. "The Night that Patty Blur- phy Died." For the first time. the Liheral Arts College Contributed to the Ceramic' College Open House ilihursday evening witl1 several demonstrations. Nlessieurs Schroeder and Jensen from the Corning Glass iVorks gave the Custom- ary fine demonstration of the art of glass blowing. As the Footlight Club's Contribution. two musieals. "Bastien and Bastienne" and i'Down in the Valley." were presented Friday afternoon. With Friday evening and the St. Pat's Ball. a rousing snow storm blew into town Causing traffic' jams. wet feet and a general nuisanee. Despite all this. some five hun- dred Couples enjoyed the musie of Tommy 'llueker and his orchestra. Climaxing the allair. auburn-haired Bar- bara Theurer was Crowned Queen by St. Pat himself. Robert Hawkins. Preeeding the mass knighting of the senior Ceramie engineers hy St. Pat. Dr. NI. Ellis Drake. Lou Reese of Seio. Ohio. and Leon Cofhn of the An- dover China Company were made honorary knights in the Order of St. Pat. at yy . I Q, 4 W aaa g 6 Q aw -3 at mm v 141 .Ac 9' ..,...... . i y Kg, is 3 Q X 5 9 ft -xrl '3 X' M N X i A.- . xv 4. I 5 is www A . NSS, N me-M '- ' 5 ....,--f ,n wg Wm x viz, rf! Wi P' 'LN ,X 4 , , X R v , X Sf '.1,E ' x 5 1 : X Eg : 'Nuff XQRM, wif: 5 . v9.,w:,..v- " Q h . My "' X S S x. X X XA 52. . -Y "Qs-..,.,,, 9 , ,AL f 'L x A A - 3313 .'-F354 x E- -'-v- - x ' Ki 'iii ' EF' F- 1 .S , .A 'Ri 1'-"'.3r. Y 'hir Q Q N In ":iu.' 'I Q 3, ffbivgf k -e91.'5fI if - ,, , i, QE? 4 2? If .,. LQ' , 3' i , Y- L M U H if' Q A :F i fx' .is K ' ll , - MM .i iff 'rv f K , - ' ' ' wk! xhr Aff, , 51 Ag, I f V ,, ' 35 4,-.X . N 5 Q Aga-WX: . 'f ZS' Ag mi 'ff Q - l A J ' :A M . ff Q- sa? ,, ,Ax.,xV . , i I ' me A K X . X. ,isis- E I J 4 f' 5 I .1 5 QW SVU? -,gag lf' 1 It AFA Q ww 1 , ? F 6.3. .-4 Il I A 1, A, ' . S . 'Wei' , S I' 'Z I "Q, ig. if fi 5 x if 'l 2 X ,Q SQ Q EW F , '?i, Q", ,""1s4'1 f- and l DW Wie have long heen intrigued hy the ease with which all who have reatl a hook of journalism Can recite who-what-when-where-why-anel-H1HY. But as l'll2lI'lIlt'll as we were hy the rapitl flow of Wvs. it was the AND HOW which lingered when the rest hail fzulecl into ohlixion. We fouml that the wortls hail a fascination whit-11 it was inipossihle to flispel. even had we tlesireil to. As a flireet result of our mulling over these words. we eaune to the last section of our annualvatliletiesf and found that we were fort-eel to inehule athletics untler the title of "and HOW'." Physical etlueation anfl competitive sports supply the neefl in the flevelopnient of health as well as the more intangible thing ealletl college spirit. So Alfred. too. looks out for a well-rounelecl l'llI'I'll'llllllll. turning to a proportionate amount of athletics. We give you here the reeortl of our last sports season to answer "and how tlifl we tlo in 'L9." Football The Alfred University Football team com- pleted a rather erratic hut fairly successful 1949 season, losing a H-6 contest to Hobart College on Nov. 12. This game was the climax of a 1101 too healthy season for the Purple and Gold. as tl1ey completed the game with hardly Ll first team 111311 ill tl1e line-up, and very few it'l'0l1Cl-SIl'lHQ 111c11. Injury-ridden. Coach Alex XvLlI1CYl4'l1,S charges and Coach Jay NIclVil- liams li11e111e11 were highly praised throughout the season. despite their four losses, hecause it was evident that Allredls defeats were hecause of their injuries rather than their physical in- ahilties whe11 they were in condition. The llo111eco111i11g game with the University of liullalo was one of the highlights of the season. as the out-111:11111ed Saxons played spirited ball throughout, only to fall to the superior num- bers of the Bulfalo squad, which used two dif- ferent teams on the offense and defense. Prob- ably tht' 111ost exciting and satisfying game of tl1e season was seen by the fewest people. lt was the Brooklyn College clash which was played on a field of snow in extremely cold 1ICIHlJEl'21llll'E'S during the First week end of Al- fredls now renowned water shortage At half- time, it didn't look as if the Saxons had a chance of eyer coming back, and many people were I'CIIl1IlClGfl of the disastrous defcat at the hands of Brooklyn in the Fall of '-18. However, tl1e Saxons came out for the second half look- ing like a new squad and managed to over- come their deficit and win by a 20-19 score. 1 x 1117o, Biro, Nlangt-fr:-Cla, Barnes, Rt-uning. Semnd Rau' -Buvak, liisclier, Barone, Lester, Thompson, Driscoll l IIQU ll ll Ilzizfl Rott'---Coarli NlcW'illiz1111s, Manager Eniish, Stanton, l'll1I1HT1. Plessner, Maguire, Stubbs, Tibbot, Ippolito II' id forth X1111rvic'11. 150111111 Ie0Zt"Lll1Ul'I1l'y, McWilliams, Hcrowitz, Cochrane, Royston, Poersch, Palczynski, Sipp, Zagarski ,vr - :sf sv Xxx' 2 X1 4 A .. - .li kj? 'TN ff? If I gl is M A ' ,- f 'H 1 1 fe as ss l l if ll .ss tram, . ,..., ,. 1 1 ' 9 I ' B 1 f l ",lw. 1 1 1 l twin. "A f 'N L' i"'1.45 W P113 Q 1 1 ' . , lb A -.f If 'RM , 'ww 1 at aa ani acl-911 .A Coach Alex Yunex'ieh's Charges. winning four and losinu the saint- nuniher. had some top-flight nien in their ranks. John Barnes. quar- terhaek. jim Royston. hallihaek. and sueh tried and tested linesnlen as Dale Thompson. Hill Hall. and Don Lester. kept the Saxons in there rnost of the tinie. However. near the end ol' the season. when these and other nien were injured so that they eouldn't participate. the squad found it extrenrely difficult to compete. john Barnes was easily the high inan on Alfredls toteni pole. as he passed and ran and called plays and through these continually outfoxed the Alfred opponents .Iini Royston was also a standout hack. as he did some ol' the most at eoinplished and tricky runninu' seen at Alfred in a lone tinie. Ol Course. Dale Tliornpson was the standout in the line. Those inf-n rt eeiving letters for Varsity Foothall are Arthur Areyros. ,lohn Barnes Daniel Biro. Carl liuzak. Arthur lYAx'anzo. Robert Fischer. YYilliznn Hall. Herhert Horowitz. Donald Lester. Anthony Maneelirida. 'Iaints Royston. Toni Sutphen. lNfIort lXIiller. Dale 'l'ho1npson. and Robert lihhott. ,Xlfred 26 liroekport 0 .-Xllired Hartwirk 14 .-Xllired 18 R.P.I. 1125 Alfred Brooklyn I9 Alfred 27 Clarkson fl Alfred Ithaca 6 Alfred 6 llullalo 132 Alfred Hobart ll I ' 1 xx Y .M x xW A N1 ,ip X. F Q. Vqgqgfi, fl vwzzji k X V. J 1 Q :CW ' -..N .....-'- L 4. s I M, ,X ,J V A ,,n 5 rw rfb ' pa' E' Q1 ""'f'fa" Y .1 4 'rn l Jn' 4 v..r 1 11-urns Freshman Football The Alfred L'nix'ersity Frosli Football team completed their season earlier than they had anticipated because of the Fall water shortage. Despite this. they managed to get in three Qaines. all ol which were close. Coach Mike Greenels students showed much promise for the future as they exhibited Such outstandinq gridiron nien as Vern Fitzgerald. John Fasano. Ralph DiIXIicco. Luca Fusaro and Albert Dianetti. The highlight of the season was the first game. which took place at Buflalo, with the L'nix'ersity of Buflalo Frosh. Fought neck and neck throughout, the Purple and Gold Frosli came on to win in the final quarter. lil-6. The Frosh who received numerals for Football are ,Iohn Auquktini. Ernest liasso. lien Iiurpee. hlolin C,f.ipper. 'fhoinas Clunnnines. Albert llianctti. Ralph lJiXIicco. George Dunn. ,lohn Fasano. Vernon Fitzgerald. Luca Fusaro. lN'illian1 Fuee. Vliltcr Gillis. Gerald Hanks, Robert Harris. xvlllllllll Keers. .Ioseph Krywariczyli. Andrew Klaquire. David Nlctlorniick. YYaIter Rajski. Charles Randazzo. Wvilliani Reid. Frank Santucci. Bert Serlinel James Stanton. Robert NYaininan. Karl Vil- helin. and .lohn S. lYiSniewski. Firpvt Row--Coach Greene, Niese, Mogee, Dianitti, Cusimano, Fasano, Wesniewski. Sef- ond Row-YVainrnan, Fitzgerald, Santucci, Maguire, Di Micco, jones. Third Row- Hoffman, Openhymn, Serling, McCormick, Harris, Rajsk. ,v' 'S 1, F A-N ,xi ,X N99 - X .Ik- f'i ' V' . i X f 4. 5 .iii , " A ,t Q AK' Basketball 'l'l11' .Xllired l'111x1'rs1t3' l'1L1Nlxt'Il'l'1'S 1'11111pl11t1'd one ol' the 1114151 1113-11I1Ll-ClUXX11 Ntklilllli 111 .'Xl1'1'1'd's ligiskethall l11st111'x'. 11.111113 1111111 t11 19114, 'l'h1' Saxon team, 11111 by 111114 Kl1'N.1111111'11. lzllflif' cyl,11I1I1l'll. 1111Cl .lohn Admins st.1rt1-d out losing 1111-11' first three eaines. then they XYOI1 tl11'1'11 l11'14111'e going' on to lose five 111 a row. 'llhen C11111-11 4l.11l1l'S Nlbxx-lllL11l1Sl boys 11111111 111 life. winning 11111 next live straight ggunes l7l'l-011' losing their l1I1l1l to 1311111110 State Vlll'L1Cl1l'l'S Clolleee. t11 1'o111plete the season witl1 a11 lxl2l1l-111110 1'e1'111'c1. 'l'l11- hig'111iel1t of the season was when 1l1C Suxons outplayed and totally upset Ithaca College, one of the hest teanis 111 the East. They were hehind i11 tl1is 1'o11test through the third period. a11d then C0111- pletely foxed the lllllifil 111911 into 11 defeat. 611-58. 'llhe iirst game with tl1e lfiiiversity ol' Rochester was the other high spot of the season, when they held the power- lul and t1'i1'l1y li11cl11-ster 1111111 to 1111 points, wl1ile they gathered toec-tl1er 48 points to win tl1e game. Dick lXIc- N1111lH1'Ll, playing his last season for the Saxons, was easi- ly the 1111tst1111cli11g star of the season, shooting well with either hand and playing superb Court ball. Bucky Olllonnell. Alfredls old reliable, played his usual steady game. lion Ga1'1'iso11 and Bill LeFebe1' also were impor- tant in the Purple and Gold set-up during the 1949-'50 season. Steve Saunders. an Allrecl letter rnan from past seasons, was quite valuable to Coach McWilliams. de- spite the fact that he wasnlt in uniform until the latter part of the season. The Basketball letter lnen are John Adams. Einard Erickson, Donald Garrison, William LeFebe1', Richard McNamara, john O'Donnell, and Stephen Saunders. 1 X., l 1 1 5 1 , Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alf red Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Schedule L'nix'ersity of Buffalo St. l,llXX'I'CI1L't' Lvuivers Clarkson College Hoha rt C lollege L'nix'ersity of Rochester Cortland State rlli'LlCllPIN Colgate L'nix'ersity liroekport State 'lleaeht 1 N L'nix'ersity of liullalo Universitv of Roeheste Hamilton College Hohart College University of Toronto Ithaca College Allegheny College Buffalo State Teachers liroek Jort State leaeh l ltx 9' ,tm- 'mf ,JRE 38 4- LFR6 QE N150 My W wrt if ,.t v to .-- RN -4., V. ,s, ' ss ze 1 1 - .4J'. A .- ,L , .Y z AN. Ifimt Row-XVasson, Fitzgerald, Golden, Virtuoso, Hauser, Robbins. Sermzrl Role--lylanagei' Kinsman, Di Nlieeo, No- vak, Nagle, McFarland, August, YYilliams, Basso, Manager Frank Nlorabito. Tlzirrl Ron'--Coach Greene, Matthexvs, Stahl, Duguid, Henry, Blair, Pullano. Freshman 5'5- Xllrr Xllilk Xllre Xllire Xllrt Xllrv Xllre Xllirc Xlllrc' Xllre Xllire Xll-ra Xllire 42 -18 78 61 49 lil -lft .Mu .Ll 641 71 .yr -17 252 Schedule l 'niversity ol llullalo lirocltport State 'lea ichers Genesee .lunior Ciolle-It llobart College lvniversity ol' Roel ltxSll'l' Ciortland State Teachers sf t itt It uliers llrocltportSt: ' ' . lvniversity ol' llullialo Lvniversity ol. Rochester Rolwerts lX'esleyan Cleneseo State 'lleaclieis Ilolmart CollCQe ltliaca College -19 66 511 -12 fill 61 51 50 613 51 46 49 53 154 Basketball The Alfred University Frosh Basketball squad com- pleted a not too bright season with a four-nine record. Coach lylike Greene's boys gained much of that need- ed experience, however, as they competed against such top-flight teams as the University of Rochester, the L'niversity of Bullalo, Cortland State Teachers Col- lege. and the Ithaca College team. Probably their best game of the season was against the University of Rochester Frosh, when, led by such outstanding court men as John Pullano and Vernon Fitzgerald, the Yearlings fought the Rochester squad evenly through- out the lirst three periods, only to lose the game in the last minute of play, 60433. However. except when they were playing such teams as Genesee Junior Col- lege, Roberts lVesleyan. and Geneseo State Teachers, they were usually outelassed. despite the fact that there were many high spots and moments of superi- ority in the games themselves. The Alfred Freshmen who received their class numerals for Basketball par- ticipation are john Castiglia. Ellsworth Duguid, Ver- non Fitzgerald, James McFarland, John Pullano, Edward Stahl, Richard lVasson. and G. Richard Wil- liams. Wrestling First Row-Quirk, manager, Jova, jones Franklin, D'.-Xvanzo, Kiesow, Thompson Alexander, Turner. Second Rozt'fStottle McConnell, Kuhn, lYils0n, Bailey, Am- dur, Gaming, Ottoway, Rizzo. Third RowiRaezkiewicz, McMahon, Clark, Spring, Bly, Plessner, Smith, Botti, w. Mclylahon. ' First Rozt'fGrf-enberfg, IH2'1Il2'iQt'I', Sander, Ferguson, Sailer, Zeb, Jones. Second Rott' -Keers, Clark, lN'ainman, Zielinski, An- derson, Cummings. Third R0w7Ruben- stein, Martino, Chalin, Kin, Reid. Varsity Alfred's matmen showed some of their pre wir s ' ' - L spirit this past Fall, as they won twice, lost three matches and niyersity of Buffalo. lVith such out- standing varsity competitors as Dale Thompson and Art D'Avanzo returning, and tied one with the U many other experienced men, Alfred,s wrestlers reached new heights, despite their ree- ord. The highlight of the season came when the Purple and Gold niatmen traveled to Canton. N.Y., to tangle with the St. Lawrence University team. The St. Law- rence wrestlers. who had beaten such notable teams :rs Columbia and Yale before meeting Alfred. and who had not lost a match to the Saxons since 1931. were beaten beyond doubt by the score of 21-ll. Earlier. on Ian, ll 1 Alfred tangled with lxochester Institute of TEC-llHOlO'T I 5 cY and, before a packed field house, won ll decisive victory. 21-22. The letter men are Art D'Ax'anzo Dale Thom J- . . I son, and Jack lVilson. exe M Fresllman Boasting such outstanding men as Clarence Anderson Richard Bliss, Robert C ' lorson. Robert Ferguson. lYilliam Reid. Robert lvlillllllllll. and Elmer Zeh. the Freshinan YYrestling squad had qi hard time digging up any com- petition. and found it almost impossible to uncover any tough opposition. l'lowex'e1'. much experience was gained. as well as techniques and holds from Coach Alex Yuneyich. The Purple and Cold Frosh were the best that Alfred has seen in fr long time. X ' F if Ji' i ,nv Alfred Cornell 19 Alfred R.P.I. 21 Alfred Buffalo 39 Alfred Niagara 38 Alfred Colgate 24 Alfred Cortland 50 1.1,-rf RUw!Mors2m: glfflerigf-gsseisirulfftlflfii Qecond Rowglfqlliieder, ljePross. Cross Country Varsity The Alfred Cross Country squad managed a .500 men as he copped ninth place, Nick Berg was right be- average for their intercollegiate competition this Fall, hind Morgan in the tenth spot. In the IC4-A meet, Al- and also particpated in the Middle Atlantic Collegiate fred placed 27th in the field of forty-five. The 1949 Cross Track and Field Association, and the IC4-A meet. In Country letter men are Nicolai Berg, Paul Flurschutz, the MACT K FA meet, on Nov. 11, Alfred placed sec- john Morgan, Thomas Myers, Martin Riemer, Donald ond behind St. josephis. john Morgan led the Alfred Rosser, Frank Schroeder, and Richard O'Neil. Freshman The Cross Country Yearlings had one of the most pated as Alfred,s Per Andresen led the field to take the completely successful seasons in their history last Fall, first spot. Alfred Frosh receiving their class numerals for when they won all four of their dual meets, won the their participation in Cross Country are Per Andresen, Middle Atlantic Track and Field Associations Fresh- Andrew Ayers, Robert Ferguson, Jack Frohm, John Mc- man meet. and placed lelth in the IC4--A Frosh meet on Mullen, Edward Matthews, Herman May, Robert Nov. 21. In the MACT 8: FA meet, five teams partici- Purdy, and William White. Filet! Rvzbgporqu 4 .- RUM'-Mr. om: SH' Andmfn, wma, s HRQTSQYS, McMullen, 15655: Alfred Cornell Alfred R.P.I. Alfred Niagara Alfred Roberts Wesleyan 156 Track Varsity Alfred University's Track squad led a fairly active life last Spring as they competed in three dual meets and four larger Track assemblages. Led by such outstanding men as Alfred,s Dick Robinson. the Purple and Gold com- pleted a dehnitely successful season. At the Penn Relays, in Philadelphia. the Saxons placed fourth in both the Mid- dle Atlantics mile and the University of Pennsylvania mile relay. At the Blid- dle Atlantic meet at Gettysburg. Pa.. Alfred placed tenth. Then. on May QI. at the R.P.I. meet at Troy. Alfred caught the third place seat behind R.P.I. and Union College. In dual meets. Coach James IXIcI,ane's track- men submerged Lehfoyne. 71-22. Itha- ca. 69-62. and then Cortland. 71390 to 5792. Fzmt Rnzv-Spring, Schroeder, Dickinson, Cordes, Rosser, Rob- I-'inf Row-Wliite, M1 4 1 f i x 1 inson Berg, Pixlcv. Sefunzl How-Assistant Nlanager Schulz, Sutton, Seforzfl Ron' wich f NItL1u hm LDIIOIU Hcndetson, Morgan, Norton, Prusik, Grewer, .-Xndreson, Mana- Illllllllllli. Swindells, Fizano M nnci 1 ,III I m ko. yvllfllf Host'-L'onroe. Small, Stubbs, Devine, lYhite. R11 Klullen, Copulskx Z h Rt bc its v rs I n Coach IwIcLanc. Freshman In 1949. the Purple and Gold Frosh competed in three dual meets and four large Track gatherings. and proved to he of a very high calibre. They defeated Le-Moyne, 66-16. and then barely lost to Colgate 69-62, before going on to completely dispose of Genesee Junior College by a whopping IIOIG to Qfllfi. In the IG4-A Cindoor ineetl. the Sax- ons placed second in the Freshman Medley Relay t88O. 440, 220. and milel. Manhattan was first. and Yale followed up with the third place posi- tion. At the Highlanders Meet at Harn- ilton. Canada. Per Andresen won the open mile. Hob White was second in the lflflfl yard run. .Iohn Nforgan was third in the mile. and liill Cordes competed on the Alfred Relay team which placed second. In the Kliddle Atlantics at Gettys- burg. Pa.. the Frosh Kledley Relay team placed fifth. and. at the R.P.I. Invita- tion Nleet they broke a record as they set the Freshman Kledley Relay mark at li:-ll.8. All in all. an extremely suc- cessful season. 157 65 Q Dt-joie, Flziininer, lxlitchcll, Coach MclVilli:uns. Tennis The .-Xllired l'11ix'e1'sity Tennis tezun Completed their most success- ful season in .-Xll'1't'd's Tennis history lust Spring with five wins and only one loss. Coached hy -lay lNICYYillia1ns. the Squad grained new stature an they completely hefudclled almost all ol' their opponents. llofisting such outstanding court men as Blike Hunienik. Dave Flnmnier, Hill Bezizell, :md Louis De-Ioie. they started out on April 30 and defeated the ljniversity of Buflalo by a 5-'Z count. Then they took on Itliaczi. and manaeed to slip hy them with a -P3 score. Taking' on liullnlo again. they fell apart for a moment and lost. 7-2. Finally. they took on Niaqura. and Sampson ltwice 1. and Caine out victorious gill three times to Complete their outstanding season. 158 Women's Athletics lVhat tht' watvr shortagm' vavatioii did to the rvst of thc school activities it did to womcn's sports-it vom- plvtcly confused scvcral seasons Hockvy was rut short and volloy-ball scason was forccd to share timo with baskctball and softball. Tho gym and its facilities and activities Continued to grow. Nino svts of golf clubs wvrt' added to the South Hall Cquipmvnt including sonic: lCft-l1RY1Cll'd clubs for south paws, Minor sports, rcspoxisc was c'x0c'lle-nt-tht hlodcrn Dance Club was very active: four smiior lilc- saving Ccrtihvatcs wvrc awarded to Alfrcd studonts. - A -A if, - X - rin, .M gf rg: , X. 4 ..A Xxx-,M ,, i A ,Q .. 'M-vm 'yi r lf W' " X i S' 4 K, 4 wiki , it ii ILA In Thi- WAGE Continuvd to participatc in play-days with othvr schools and a total of Fw? playdays were he-ld. In the individual sports seasons. Sigma Chi won thc vollcyball trophy in an undefcatcd scason for the third fonsccutive tiniv and also won th? basketball tro- phy. The intervlass haskvthall trophy was won by the Class of '51, 1.1 V I lfl r 1 p! Q , --Qfwa ' " vigil? ' , 1-"A if 2? pf' 1 160 161 Cheerleaders 'l'l1e big projeet for tl1e CllCL'I'lCllClCl'S this year wtis to rouse spirit at College sports eventsfthe txpr- of spirit that evokes eheering even when tl1e 2.11113 is going against us. New motions to old cheers. new ul1eers. und constant striving for i111- proxenient were evidence of this group pro-ieet. Mule el1eerle11ders were ntlded to the squad and sported l'II'LlI1Cl-IICXY p11rple satin l1I1ll4OI'IllS. During tl1e Football season. Litehard Dickinson was Cap- tain: l1e was forced to resign because of lack of time. 11nd David Benzinq was Captain during the llasketlmll season. At the end of :1 packed season. llt1rl1z11'a 'llllCL1l'Cl' and Neysa Jean Dixon were se- lected by the ICLIIII for the blazer award on the ba- sis of outstanding abiltiy, cooperation. sportsrnan- ship. and spirit. X -w - , Q '- Lazer,-wv it ni 2 ,qw -Q... ,Q fg Firit Row' gXIllDl'l'H, Thr-urer, Gottshall, Dixon, Clute. Second Row- Bzrxter, Mc-Grnw, Ynil, Benzingf, F:1rr1hn111, Bard, Forrnorit, Kearney. 2 few? 5 fi Women's Athletic Governing Board All girls' sports on campus are under the guidance of the Women's Athletic Govern- ing Board, which is made up of the mana- gers of each sport: Miss Creighton, athletic instructor: and Mrs. Greene, advisor. The sports program for the school year is planned by this group, including a meet- ing with Freshman girls during orientation week to acquaint them with intramural First Row-Nies, DeProsse, Quirk, Schulz, Henion, Finney, Britting. Serena' Ron'-English, Owens, Green, Prof. Mc- Hiilliams, Prof. Scholes, Prof. Yunevich, Prof. McLane. 'Q and intercollegiate contests and playdays with other nearby colleges. Alfred took part in playdays at Keuka, Cornell, and William Smith Colleges and entertained Cornell, William Smith, and Elmira at a Basketball playday here. The officers are: Alice Schulmeister. president: Barbara Theurer. vice president: Jean Hunt. sec- retary. Menls thletie Governin Board The Men's Athletic Governing Board has under its supervision all intercollegiate sports. This board approves all insignia and honors awarded in major sports, acts as an advisory board to the Director of Athletics, and is responsible for the elec- tion of managers and assistant managers for all sports. This board has as its objec- tive the promotion of good relationships with other universities and colleges. Mem- bers of the board are: coaches of all sports, managers of all sports. two faculty mem- bers. two alumni. and two students repre- senting the student body. Ofhcers for the past year were: Professor James A. Mc- Lane, chairman: Edwin Finney, vice chairman: Floyd English, Jr., secretary- treasurer. Pint Razr'-Thi-urer, Hunt Schulmclsttr Nlrs. Greene, Losch. Folts Ellis Slfcond Roar'-Dixon, DeProsse. Stearns L haugh, Shackson, LaYan Holmquist Callahan, Carlson, Ballmin Donmn wirth, Bette, Yaltntlne T DE T DIRECTORY UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1953 ABRAHAMS, ALAN A., Rego Park ADLER, HELEN E., New York ADLER, ILSE, New York . AIN, RUTH H., Brooklyn . ALTENBURG, EUNICE A., Allegany . ASTRACHAN, BORIS M., Bronx BAKER, RE ROGERS, Friendship BAKER, YELDA L., Hornell . . . BARASHICK, HARVEY R., Brooklyn BARRON, ROBERT L., Canisteo .. BATTAGLIA, DANIEL C., Geneseo . BAUGH, ELIZABETH A., San .Antonio, Texas BEALE, THOMAS .A., Buffalo . BELLING. THEODORE J., N. Tonawanda BENNETT, DOROTHY H., Hempstead BENNETT, LEL.AND R., Friendship BIRO. DANIEL J., Port Washington BLANKHEIT, C.AROLYN .A., Kenmore . BLISS, FR.ANK R., Ithaca BLONSKY, JOSEPH, Brooklyn . BOERNER, HERM.AN H., Huguenot BRADFORD, BARRY P., Jersey City, N.J. . BROWN, DIANA M., New York . . BRUNSWICK, DONALD M., Hornell BUCHANAN, LORN.A D., Peekskill BURGESS, WILLIAM H., Port Jervis BURRY, VIOLET J., Niagara Falls . BYCZKIEWICZ, VICTOR Center Moriches CARNEY ROBERT N., Montclair, N.J. CARVALHO, ANTONE V., New Bedford, Mass. CHAPIN, JANICE G., coming . .. . CHILDS, CLAYTON G., Bolivar . . COCHRANE, COLIN M., New Britain, Conn. COLCORD, JOHN E., Hempstead . COLE, HOW.ARD J., Dansville . CONLEY, GL.ADYS E., Hornell CONNINGHAM, JANE B., Seacliff .. CONROE, BRUCE .A., Altamont COPULSKY, SOL STANLEY, Brooklyn .. . CORSON, ROBERT M., Endicott . . . CR.AIG, DAVID L., Hawthorne, N.J. CUMMINS, ARTHUR S., Douglas Manor CURR.AN, MARTIN T., Moira . CUSHING, JOHN .A., Corning ..... .... . . DIAGOSTINO, JOSEPH J., Hornell DAVIS, PAMELA A., Plainfield, N.J. De-FOREST, RAYMOND A., White Plains DENERO, JOHN V., E. Syracuse DENNISON, JOYCE E., Perry . DIANETTI, .ALBERT R., E. Rochester DIMICCO, RALPH W., Mt. Kisco DIRKS, RICHARD H., Point Pleasant DIRLAM, HENRY A., Honesdale, Pa. . DOANE, BRUCE H., Seaclift' ,. . . DOBSON, EVELYN, Richfield Springs DONNENWIRTH, SALLY C., Niagara Falls . DORF, ARTHUR L., Brooklyn .. .... . . DORNFELD, P.AUL.A, Brooklyn DOUBLE, ROBERT C., Lakeview . DOWNING, VIRGINIA L., .Avon DOYLE, JOHN F., Buffalo DUNHAM, CAROL F., Brooklyn . .. EARL, WILLIAM A., Bolivar EDWARDS, DONALD W., Trenton, ..... . EGBERT, LEIGH B., Ithaca . . . . EISENBERG, MARVIN N., Brooklyn . Design Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Language Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Language Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Language Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Glass Language Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts . Engineering Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Language Language Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts EPSTEIN, SYLVIA, Brooklyn . .... ..... . ERSLEY, CH.AUNCEY J., Rexville . .. . EVVELL, ROBERT C., Saratoga Springs . FARMAN, LAVVRENCE J., Medina F.AS.ANO, JOHN N., Port Wfashington . FELDM.AN, G.AIL H., Hempstead .. FINNER.AN, DANIEL V., Pine Bush .. FISH, ELFORD T., Brooklyn .... .. FITZGERALD, VERNON R., E. Rochester FLEMING, MARILYN J., Canajoharie . . .. FLIEGEL, L. B.ARRY, Brooklyn FORMONT, JANIS A., New Hyde Park . FRANK, LOUISE .A., Salamanca . FREIT.AG, DOUGL.AS, Rochester FREUNDLICH, MONICA L., Brooklyn FRIEDMAN. ZEBBIA, New York . FROHM, JACK V., Pittsford FULLER, MARY S., Batavia . . .. FUNK, JAMES E., Buffalo FUR MAN, SAMUEL E., Jersey City . G.ARM.AN. JE.ANNETTE M., Canisteo GELCH, HOVYARD H., Brooklyn . .. . GENTILE, KAY M., Malverne ...... . GIBBIN, MARILYN J., E. Randolph ..... GIFFEN, LOIS A., Corning . . GIGN.AC, PAUL .A., Broadalbin . . GILLETTE, C.ARLETON L., Almond GILLULY. WILLIAM F., Port Allegany, Pa. I I I GING, JOHN L., Hornell . GITTLEM.AN. MIRIAM J., Newark, N.J. GLUCK, ALMA, Brooklyn . . GOSS, BRUCE R., VVeedsport . . .... .. GOVVDY, REENA R., Port W'ashington ........ GR.AINGER. DONALD A., New York . . GRUNW.ALD, HARRY H., Indian Lake HALL, JAMES K., Hornell . H.ALL, VVILLIAM J., Binghamton . . H.ANKS, GERALD A.. .Almond H.ANNA, RICHARD D., Hartford HARRIS, ROBERT W., Springville HARRISON, DAVID T., Valley Stream . HART. JOHN H., Hornell HARTPENCE, EDA C., Scotch Plains, . HAUSER, RICHARD ERNEST, Buffalo . HAVENS, BEVERLY J., Belfast . .. . HENKES, JOHN L., Loudonville . HERRICK, JAMES C., Coudersport, Pa. HILL, GORDON E., Port Washington HOFFMAN, KENNETH A., New York HOLDEN, JOYCE C., Pearl River . HOLMES, JOAN M., Kane, Pa. .. . . HORNOS, MARIBEL, Pittsford . HORTON, RONALD L., Greenwood HOUSE. ROBERT C., Hornell .... HUMPHREY, WILLARD R., Binghamton . ICHIKAW.A, YOSHIO, Wahiawa, Hawaii . INSLER. CLAIRE M., New York . J.AMISON, LIDON E., Canisteo . JEFFREY, MARILYN, Paterson, .. JOHQSON, ELE.ANOR, Tenafly, N.J. JOH. SON, JOHN L., Caledonia .. . JOHNSON, WILLIAM D., Canandaigua . JONES, ROX.ANNE, Park Ridge, Ill. . JORDAN, GLORIA V., Philadelphia, Pa. . JOSEPH. A. DAVID. Highland Park, N.J. KABNICK, MICHAEL D., New York KATSER, IVA J.ANE, Pittsford . KALBER. FREDERICK A., Rochester KATZ. ALVIN, New York . KELLICK. DONALD G., East Concord . KELSEY, NANCY J., Wellsville . . KESTER, STUART B., Boston .. KIRKLAND, W.ALDA R., New York . KISS, JAMES R., Woodhaven . KITTEL, REGINA K., Bel Air, Md. . . KLEIN, JUDITH B., Brooklyn . KLEINER, CAROL, Brooklyn . 164 Liberal .Arts Engineering Engineering Technology Liberal .Arts Glass Liberal .Arts Engineering Technology Design Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Language Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Language Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Engineering Liberal Arts .. Design Liberal .Arts Engineering Design Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Glass Lib'-ral .Arts Technology Liberal .Arts Language Technology Engineering . Design Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Language . Language Design Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Engineering . Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts .. Language Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal .Arts Engineering Liberal Arts .. . . Design . Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Liberal Arts KOHN, GEORGE M., Bronx . . . KUEHM, ARDITH C., Pompton Lakes, N.J. LAIDLAW, MARGARET E., Ellicottville . LEBOWITZ, JOAN E., Paterson, N.J. , LICHTMAN, HELEN, Brooklyn .. LISSFELT, ERIK, Pittsburgh, Pa. . , , LITCHFIELD, PATRICIA, Ellicottville ,, LOBAUGH, NANCY E., Plain6eld, N.J. , LOBER, ROBERT F., Woodmere ..,. , LUMBERT, BERNARD C., Greenwood LUSK, JOHN THOMAS, Arkport . LUTCHA, EDWARD J., Astoria . , , MCCLELLAND, JOYCE E., Springville MCCLURG, ROBERT L., Painted Post ..,, MCCORMICK, DAVID J., Johnstown, Pa. MCFARLAND, JAMES R., Niagara Falls , , MCGEE, JAMES N., Batavia . , . McMURTRY, CARL H., Wellsville , MACKIE, SYLVIA H., Bradford, Pa. .. MAGUIRE, ANDREW H., Trenton, N.J. . MAKIE, DONALD C., Spencer , . , MANGEFREDA, ANTHONY J., LeRoy MARKIDIS, THEODORE N., Rochester MARTIN, HOWARD D., Alfred . MARTIN, ORIN K., Needham, Mass. MASS, ROBERT, Newburgh METCALF, BARBARA A., Erie, Pa. MILLER, EDMUND H., New York MILLER, PHILIP J., New York , MONTOLIRI, FRANK A., Port Washington MORABITO, FRANK R., Buffalo ,,,,,, NEGER, LOIS H., New York ., , , ,.,. ,. NESBITT, WILLIAM L., Corning ,, , NEULON, ROBERT H., Binghamton ...... NEWMAN, BASIL I., New York ,. . , NICHOLS, CAROL, Otego , . NICHOLS, VIRGINIA M., Ifnadilla , OBERFIELD, RICHARD A., Brooklyn ,, .. O'BRIEN, NEIL H., Port INashington OLIVER, EMILY M., Rochester , , OLYMPIA, FREDERICK D., Newburgh OSBORN. JANICE L., Battle Creek, Mich. OSTRANDER, GEORGE K., .Angelica OSTROM, WILLIAM C., New Rochelle , PALMERI, CARMELLA M., Rochester PAPPIS, JAMES, Boston, Mass. PARKS, PHYLIS J., Canisteo ,,., PATRIZIO, LOUIS A., Utica PEARSALL, JOHN S., Shinglehouse, Pa. , PECHANICK, HELEN S., Passaic, N.J. , PECK, LORRAINE C., Chappaqua , . PECK, MART D., Susquehanna, Tenn. . . PERKINS, DAVID L., Conesus PERREAULT, NANCY C., Little Valley , PERSICK, WILLIAM T., Milwaukee, Wis. PESKIN, ROSALIE B., Princeton, N.J. , . ,, PETERSON, CARL V., Hornell . ..., PETERSON, JANE M., Bridgeport, Conn. ., PHILLIPS, DUDLEY BRUCE, Portville , , PIEROTTI, DANIEL L., Kane, Pa. .. PLINK, BETTY A., New York . POLLACK, MYRNA, Bay Shore . PRINTZ, HARVEY, Belle Harbor . .,,, . QUICK, DONALD A., Bolivar .... .... RABINER, CHARLES J., Brooklyn ............ REED, JAMES R., Rochester . . .... REISENAUER, WILLIAM A., Middle Village , , RENKERT, DONALD H., Canton, Ohio ,...,, ..., . . RESNICK, RITA, New York - - --a- ---a--- - - REYNOLDS, GLORIA A., Fleischmanns . . RICHARD, MARILYN R., Herkimer ...,,.... RIEFBERG, LEONARD, Bronx . .. . .... . . RISO, JOHN DAVID, Long Island City . .... ROBBINS, ELIZABETH L., Ithaca . ROBBINS, ROSS W., Lancaster , . ROCHESTER, AILEEN P., Hamburg . ROCKMORE, NANCY L., Freeport .,,, ,. ROSENBERG, SARAH H., Flushing ..,..... ,. ,, ROSENBLATT, HELENE, Mr. Vernon ...,.,,,. ..,.... ROSENCRANTZ, MARCIA E., Brooklyn ..... . .. ROYSTON, JAMES F., Canisteo .................. RUBENSTI-:1N, CHARLES H., Brooklyn . .. . . . Design Language Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . . Design ....... .,... . . Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Technology Liberal Arts ,. Language Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Design Liberal Arts , , . Design Language Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . .... Glass Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts ,Technology Liberal Arts Liberal Arts ,... Design Liberal Arts Engineering . ...Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts RUDNER, PHYLLIS, Brooklyn .....,,.. RUSSO, GABRIEL T., New York RYDER, ROBERT J., Olean . , SACHS, DOROTHY, New York SAILER, EDWARD, Bellmore SAUNDERS, ELIZABETH A., Charleston, W. X a. SAUNDERS, PHILIP C., Alfred ,, SCALLON, BARBARA, Oneida ,, SCHNEIDER, MORTON E., Brooklyn SCHNURLE, NANCY A., Canisteo SCHl.'LTZ, JAMES B., Akron , SEIFERT, LEONARD G., New York ,, SERLING, BERTRAM C., Seneca Falls .,,,, SHAW, DOROTHY A., Garden City , SHAY, CAROLE G., Delmar . .. SHEELEY, WILLIAM J., Hornell , , , SHELTON, MARTHA B., Fairfield, Conn. SHERIDAN, FRANCIS P., Avoca .. , . SHERMAN, JAMES R., Lima , , ,, SHERWOOD, ONA J., Hornell .. . . . . SIEBER, ROSE E., Dunellen, N.J. , , SINCLAIR, DANIEL, IV, Norristown, Pa. SINGLETON, ROBERT J., Hornell , , SITOMER, GERALD, Woodbourne ,,.. SIVER, JOHN D., Batavia SMITH, ROBERT K., Corning SMITH, ROLAND F., Millbrook SMITH, RUTH M., Bronx , , SMITH, THOMAS H., Friendship ,, SMITH, THOMAS J., LeRoy , SONENSHINE, LEWIS, New York SPALDING, BEVERLY S., Hornell , SPEAR, RAYMOND C., Corning , STANTON, JAMES E., Canisteo STERN, MARTIN S., Bronx STRAUSS, NADINE, New York STROHL, JAMES W., Easton, Pa. STRONG, ETHEL M., Rochester , ,. STUTZMAN, DOROTHY L., Lancaster . . SWANSON, RALPH A., Caledonia , . , SWART, ROBERT, East Aurora ,. SWINNEY, ELLEN M., Niantic, Conn. . TABB, ELEANOR L., Brooklyn . ,,., TAFT, GEORGE M., .Aquebogue .... ..... . ,, . THOMAS, JOHN, South Fallsburg , , ,, THURNAU, ROBERT c., Hillsdale, N.J. ............... . TIBBOTT, ROBERT E., Ebensburg, Pa. . , TRAUBITZ, JUDITH A., Brooklyn . TUCKER, MARY ELLEN, Scio . TUNKEL, BURTON, Brooklyn TURNER, GENE F., Eldred, Pa. TUTTLE, MARION L., Scio TYLER, CHARLES W., Caneadea . VAIL, RUTH A., Hamburg VALENTINE, ANN S., Millerton , VIOLA, NAZZARENO, Jr., Little Falls VIRTUOSO FRANCIS D. Katonah wAssoN, RICHARD N., Coudersport, Pai f . ' WAUGH, JOHN S., E. Patchogue . , WEBER, HERBERT N., Brooklyn WEBSTER, WILLIAM H., Piffard WENNER, HENRY C., Port Washington WESTHEIMER, SIGRID, New York INHALEN, THOMAS J., Rochester , WILHELM, KARL K., Somerset, Pa. , VVILLIAMS, GEORGE R., Rochester WILLIAMS, MARY R., Niagara Falls . WILSON, JOHN PERRY, Niagara Falls WOOD, RICHARD H., Rochester .,,,, , ,, , ZELIKOFSKY, BARBARA E., Saratoga Springs ZIMMERMAN, HAROLD J., VVayland CLASS OF 1952 ACHESON, ROBERT V., Floral Park . ADAMS, JOHN C., Great Neck , ,, AMBERG, ELIZABETH J., Kingston AMDUR, JOSEPH, Jersey City, N.J. , ARMSTRONG, ANDREE M., Rochester ASQUITH, DOUGLAS W., Scio , 165 Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . Design Liberal Arts Language Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Language Language Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Design Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts .. , Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts , Design Language Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Language Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts AUGUST, NEIL, New York AUSKERN. ALLAN, Brooklyn BAKER, ROSE MARY, Andover BALINT, NANCY B., Yonkers BALLMAN, PHYLLIS, Middletown . BARD, MARJORIE H., Port Washington . BARRESI, THOMAS J., Silver Creek BAXTER, ALLEN J., Naples BEAUDOIN, ARMAND J., Massena . BEHRENBERG, JOHN P., Pittsburgh, Pa. BENNETT, JEAN ROSE, Katonah . .....,.,.... . BENZING, DAVID HULL. Springville .. BERTRAND, BERNARD NEIL, Alfred Station BORD, MARILYN SEENR, Brooklyn . BOTTI, GEORGE J., Great Neck .. . BOULTON, DONALD A., Alplaus . . BREDELL, FRANK F, Lockport .... BRITTING, HARRIS A., IYilliamsville BURNS, ROBERT N., Jamestown BURROS, IRA D., Staten Island .. BYERS, ELEANOR L., Rochester CALLAHAN, BEVERLY A., Albany CARROLL, ORRIN T., Gainesville . CARSON, ALLISON R., Houlton, Maine CHODOS. MARTIN, New York . CHURCH, SANFORD L., Albion . . CLARK, ROBERT M., Hornell CLARKE, DONALD L., Rochester COHEN, HERBERT, New York . ....... . COLE, SANDFORD S., Metuchen, N.J., . CONROE, BARDEN A., Altamont CUSHING, VAL MURAT, Rochester .. DAVID, JACQUES S., Bay Shore .. . DECKEIR, EDWARD L., Hudson . .... ,. DeSALVO, VINCENT W., Spring Valley . . DICK, WILLIAM O., Oakfield .. .. . DISCH, JOAN A., Dolgeville . DREIY. DONALD R., Alfred . DURST, WILLIAM A., Mayville EARL, FRED C., Broadalbin . EICHENBERGER, FREDERICK, Elba . ELLIS, ISABELLE A., Alfred . .. ERICSSON, NORMAN J., Mt. Vernon . ETTLINGER, GERRY M., Jamaica FALCONE, LILLIAN, Forestville .. FERGUSON, ROY ZENO, Woodhull FISCHER, JOSEPH H., Hasbrouck Heights, N.J FISHER, JOHN KARL, Andover FITZSIMMONS. ROBERT F.. Oakfield FOLTS, ALICE M., Cohoeton FORRY, VVALTER J., Lancaster, Pa. FRANCISCO, ROGER B., Belmont FRANK. NANCY E., Rochester .. FRANKLIN, LEWIS H., Baldwin FULLER, ANNE, Caledonia . GANUNG, CARL G., Montour Falls GATES, HELEN R., Canaseriifla GOLDSTEIN, PETER S., Passaic, N.J. GOSCH, RICHARD H., Reading, Pa. GOTZMER, RICHARD C., Baldwin . GREIYER, PAUL D., Rochester GZOWSKI, EDWARD R., Oaklield HALLETT, RICHARD D.. Orchard Park HAMM, FRANK J., Cornini - HART, ROBERT L., Dumont, N.J. HASKELL, ROBERT C., Englewood, HAIYKES, JOHN H., Hempstead HELMS. JEAN MILDRED, Valley Stream HENION, WALLACE F., Brockport HERRICK, GEORGE IV., Emporium, Pa. HIGGINS, EDWIN S., Garden City HIGGINS, YVALLACE C., Kendall HOLLANDS, EVERETT B.. Elmira HOLMQUEST, ANN JOAN, Southampton HOMER, RICHARD VV., Bethlehem, Pa. HORNSBY, DUWADE E., Little Marsh, Pa. . HOROWITZ, HERBERT E., Brooklyn . .. . HORTON, THOMAS D., Newburgh . HOWVLAND, RAYMOND J., Port W'ashington HUNT, JEAN L., Genoa HYMAN, ARTHUR, Scotch Plains, IADELUCA, DIANE H., New York Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Glass . Design Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . Design Design Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Design Engineering Engineering Design Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Glass Liberal Arts . Design Glass Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts IPPOLITO, ANDREW V., Brooklyn .... JOHNSON, ROBERT F., Niagara Falls ..... KEARNEY, JAMES M., Ossining KERNAN, CARL THOMAS, Canisteo . . . KINSMAN, BRADLEY Q., .Amsterdam KOSTER, JOSEPHINE M., Greenwich, Conn. . LACEY, VVILLIAM B., Friendship LARISCH. HERBERT W., Hewlett . LEONDAR, JUDITH C., Boston, Mass. LESTER, DONALD B., Wellsville . LEVY, CAROL J., Brooklyn LITCHFIELD, NANCY ANN, Mayville LOHMEYER, RUDOLPH C., Elizabeth .. LORD, GWENDOLYN MAE, Little Valley McCLURG, WILLIAM B., Painted Post MCGRAW, JEAN LOIS, Kenmore McKENNA, JOHN F., Bellerose . MCMAHON. WILLIAM B., Alfred MABEL, SANFORD, Brooklyn . MANGELS, ROBERT K., Floral Park MARCUS, LEON, Brooklyn . . . MARSHALL. JANE T., Veedersburg, Ind. MARTIN, NED BROOKS, Hornell . .. . MENDEZ, LOUIS E., Goshen . MIKKELSEN, JOHN H., Marlboro MILLER, ROBERT ALLAN, Broeton MOCKUS, ALDONA, Amsterdam MOORE, MARY LOUISE, Stamford, Conn. . MORGAN, JOHN M., Schenectady .. . MORLEY, EDWIN J., Genesee, Pa. MOSKOF, MARTIN S., Bronx .. . NERENSTONE, MARC A., New York NETZKE, MILDRED R.. Thornwood NEWTON, JACQUELYN, Hornell .. NIENART, LOUISE F.. Elizabeth NIES. ALEXANDER, Passaic, N.J. . NOLAN, VVILLIAM F., Deposit . NORTON, GEORGE R., Sauquoit . , . OGDEN, ELIZABETH L., Horseheads OWEN, PAUL E., Elmira . . OWENS, ROBERT K., Elmira . .. PALMER, JOAN D., Scio PALMISANO, DONALD J., Buffalo PEDERSEN, JOHN R., Wlilkinsburg, Pa. .. PEDRICK, FRANCIS C., Niagara Falls . . PETTENGILL, EDWIN R., Boston .... PFISTER, EDWARD C., East Paterson, N.J. . PHELPS, RICHARD EARL, Cuba . . . PHILLIPS, LEIGH F., East Quogue . . PIXLEY, DAVID M., New Hartford .. POLANSKI, HAROLD L., .Auburn . POTRAFKE, EARL M., I'Vellsville POTTER, FRANCIS M.. Alfred PRIOR. ALLEN IV., Stepney, Conn. PULLANO, JOHN, East Rochester . QUACKENBUSH, JAMES E., Wyckoff, N.J. . REUNING. CHARLES R.. Wlellsville ,. . RICHMOND, GENEVIEVE, Whitesville RIDGEWAY, THOMAS J., Niagara Falls RIKER. LEON WAYLAND, Spencer . RODMAN, STUART E., Binghamton . .. .. .. ROSEN, LOUIS E.. Elmhurst, Ill. . SAUNDERS, STEPHEN C., Wakefield, Mass. . ALTER OXN RUTH Williston Park SA ' , .I -' , ' - -A SCHRADER, DAVID MOORE, Massillon, Ohio SCHRODER. BARBARA A., New York . SCHUG, WILLIAM E., Syracuse . SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM L., Briarcliff Manor ,. SEELEY, CLARENCE E., Galeton, Pa. . . . SEELY, JANET S., Bergen , .. SHACKSON. BARBARA E., Cleveland Heights, O. SHEEHAN, ROBERT W., Yonkers . .. .. SHINDLER, HERBERT R., East Aurora , SHIPPY, GORDON DEAN, Niagara Falls .. SILFEN, ELAINE I., Forest Hills .. . .. SILKEN, ALEXIS, New York .... , .. SMALL, CARLTON F., New London, Conn. . SMITH, GEORGIA E., Williamsville ..,... SMITH, GILBERT R., Kingston .. SOMMER, ALFRED, Hornell . SPRAGUE, WARNER K., Roscoe .. STAPLETON, ROBERT E., Floral Park 166 Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering .. .. Glass Liberal Arts .. Glass Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering .....Design Liberal Arts . Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts . .. Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering .. Glass Engineering Design Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering ST. CLAIR, JOHN H., West Valley STEARNS, MILES R., Naples STEARNS, NANCY, Springville STUBBS, JOHN M., Ridgewood, N.J. STULL, JOHN L., Hornell . . STURTZ, ENID ANN, Brooklyn . . STYHR, KARSTEN H., Huntington . SUTTON, WILLARD H., Alfred SWANSON, PAUL A., Nyack SWINDELLS, JOEL WV., Prospect Plains, N.J. TAO, YUNG, Kunming, China . . TAYLOR, GARY C., Loekport THOMAS, CHARLES S., Jackson Heights TOSTEVIN, EDGAR R., Purdys USCHOLD, THOMAS M., Silver Creek VERNEY, ARTHUR S., Hilton . VINCENT, FRANKLIN D., Salamanca WAKELY, WILBUR T., Glens Falls WALLACE, LEE ARTHUR, Cuba IYDOWKA, JOHN, Niagara Falls . WEBB, CHARLES STREET, Belfast WEST, RAYMOND G., East Aurora XVINGERT, GEORGE H., Elmira Heights WOOD, JOHNSON, Babylon, N.Y. .. WOODIN, HARRISON D., New Paltz WORTH, EMILY HALL, Tenaflv, N.J. WRIGHT, HAROLD D., Mineral Ridge, O. WYNDHAM-QUIN, FRANCIS, Oradell, N.J. ZITO, LENORE R., Utica ZUCCARO, ANGELO J., Mt. Kisco ZUCKERNICK, S. JOHN, Hornell CLASS OF 1951 ALEXANDER, JOHN M., Bellmore ALLIEGRO, RICHARD A., Malverne ANDRENNS, PHYLLIS LEE, Savannah ARNOLD, MARY J., Hornell ARNSTEIN, ROBERT P., Flushing BAKER, GERALD P., Franklinville BECK, BEVERLY A., Lakewood BEEBE, MAURICE R., Jamestown BERGER, DONALD F., Buenos Aires, .Argentina BETTE, JANE M., New York . . BLOM, FREDERICK J., Rushford BOESSNECK, ELIZABETH J., Hornell BOW'EN, ROBERT A., N. Tonawanda BRADLEY, ROY M., Jamestown . BRION, DOROTHY L., Walworth . BRISON, YVILLIAM S., Ridgewood, BRUNDAGE, FREDERICK WV., Hornell BRYANT, CYRUS A., Almond . . . BURDICK, JOHN G., Corning . BUSBY, GEORGE C., Tuskegee, Ala. CARL, JOHN E., Hammondsport CLAFLIN, MALCOLM L., Bolivar CLARK, .ALBERT YV., Rutherford, CLARK, HOWIARD H., Wlellsville CLUTE, CHARLES V., Bellerose . CORRIE, CRISTOPHER C., Miami, Fla. CRETEKOS, KATHERINE G., W'ellsville. . CROUCHLEY, GEORGE E., YVestbury . DAHODA, PETER, Cohoes , . DeCEU, ROBERT E., Buffalo . .. .. DELLOSTROLOGO, SERGIO R., New York DENNERLEIN, JOHN R., Valhalla . . . DISTLER, ROBERT R., Floral Park . .. DRISCOLL, BERNARD E., VVellsyille . DUNGAN, ROBERT H., Hornell . EHRICH, DAVID S., North Bergen, N.J. .. . ELDRED, OREN J., Oneonta , EVANS, GEORGE G., Buffalo FAHNERT, CURTIS E., Lineoln, Ill. FINNEY, EDWIN L., Peekskill . .. . FISGHER, BARBARA C., Brooklyn . FLURSCHUTZ, PAUL L., Wellsville FREEMAN, MAX E., Sherman GALLOW, WILLIAM M., VanEtten ,. GARDNER, HELEN M., Canisteo .. GARR, STANTON R., Beaufort, N.C. Glass Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Glass Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Design Engineering Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Design Liberal .Arts . Design Glass Design Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering . . Design Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal .Arts Iiiberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts GENTSCH, ROGER XY., Oaktield GEORGE, IVILLIAM R., Bridgr-ville, Pa GERACI, ANTHONY A., Roehester I GIESS, EDIVARO A. AN00'lllZlX'l'Tl GOLFER, BEVERLY R., Rochester GOODRICH. RUTH A., White Plains GOURLEY, ROBERT E., Jamestown GRANT, JOHN F., Pifliard GREENE, JANICE L., Adams GRUBER, ELAINE C., Brooklyn HALE, STANLEY F., Greenwood HARDING, RUTH S., Fayetteville HARING, WILLIAM J., Paterson, HARRIS, DANIEL C., INR-llsville HESSINGER, PHILIP S., Kenmore IIIBBARD, THEODORE J., Alfred HINDS, HOWARD C., VVilliamsport, Pa. HITCHCOCK, ROBERT O., Alfred HITCHCOCK NY. ALLAN. Alfred HOLLY, YYILLIAM F., Rorhester HUI, KA-KWONG, Hong Kong, China HULTQUIST, ROBERT A., Jamestown HURLBURT, BARBARA J., lN'hitesx'ille HUSTED, YYAYNE D., Poughkeepsie JONES, ROGER D., Buffalo Jt JSEPHSON, RICHARD C., Falconer KASSEL, EUGENE R., Bronx KATZ, JOSEPH L., Brooklyn KINCAID, CARROLL YV., Alfred KNAPP, ROBERT C., Hornell KORMAN, ARNOLD J., N. Attleboro, Mass. KOSOFSKY, IRWYIN L., Spring Valley KRAUSS, LOUISE J., New York KREPSKI, VIRGINIA E., New York LaVAN, BARBARA YY., Ransolnville LAX, MICHAEL S., New York LESTER, PAUL, lN'ellsx'ille LOCKHARDT ELEANOR C Plainfield N A 1 A 4, , -J. MeMAHON, JOHN F., Alfred MNVILLIAIVIS, ROBERT Brooklyn INIACK, EDXYARD XY., lfindsor, Conn. MAGUIRE. SAMUEL G., Trenton, N.J. MARTZ, GORDON L., .Arlington Heights, Ill. MELKC D, MATTHEW' F., Perth Amboy, MILLER, NORMA B., Elmira Heights MIX, ERVING R.. Buffalo . MONROE, JAMES E., Hamburg . . MORRISON, PHILLIPS L., Bolivar MYERS, THOMAS J., N'Yappingers Falls NEWVILLE, MARILYN L., Niagara Falls NOHLE, RICHARD C.. Aliddletown NORTON, JAMES M., Great Valley . O'DONNELL, JOHN YV., Binghamton OLENCHUK, DANIEL L., Bayonne, OUSLEY, FORREST B., Jones, Ala. PARSON, JAMES ALBERT, Angelica PETERSK JN, MARVIN L.. Jamestown PETERSON, RALPH G., Faleoner PETTEYS, DAVID F., Hornell PIERCE, FRED INI., Hyannis, Mass. PIKE, ALAN, Huntington PIXLEY, FRANCIS V., New Hartford PLATT, ELLEN L., Brooklyn . POWYELL, RICHARD H., Jamestown PRUSIK, STEPHEN A., Franklin Square RIESS, AUDREY MAE, Roehester RIZZUTO, FRANK D., Flushing . ROACH, VVILFRED H., Faleoner . ROSENTHAL, MARVIN B., Brooklyn ROSSER, DONALD S., Brooklyn ROTHMER, ILSE, New York .. SAYER, ETHEL D., Middletown . SCHAA, FERDINAND A., Bay Shore SCHAEFER, YVILLIAIVI H., Addison - SCHOENFELD, NORMAN, Hewlett SGHUENZEL, ERNEST C., lklahopae . SGHULMEISTER, ALICE M., Niagara Falls SCHULZ, EUGENE G., Bronx . SECOR, RICHMOND J., WN'ayland .. . SELIGMAN, DIANE C., VVoodmere SHEETS, HERBERT D., Middletown SHEFKOYVITZ, GWVENDOLYN, lNoonsoCket, 167 R.I. Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Enginr ering Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Lib:-ral Arts Design Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Design Liberal Arts Design Glass Engineering Engineering Engineering Design Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Glass Design Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Design Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts SIMPSON, FLORENCE ST. CLAIR, Yonkers SIMPSON, ROBERT C., Hornell .. SLY, RUTH JANE, East Aurora . . . . , , , U SPAULDING, RALPH G., Randolph SPILLANE, GERALD B.. Great Barrington, Mass. SPRATT, BARTON W., Rochester STANTON, ADRIAN B., Canisteo STEILEN, ROBERT, Flushing STERMER, ELAINE J., Wellsville . SYYAIN, JANICE A.. Cleveland Heights, O. SWARTZ, DAVID, Sherman TARNY, EUGENE G., Astoria THOMPSON, DALE A., Cyclone, Pa. TIMKO, MARVIN T., Trenton, N.J. TRONYBRIDGE, LYLE N., Hornell UGOL, LOUIS, Rochester UTTER, MARY LOU F., Bolivar YALYO, BURTON J., Forestville WAECHTER, LOIS ANN, Buffalo YVAGNER, ZANE G., Fort Plain . WALOYNICK, IRYING, New York XVARN, DeFOREST H., Frewsburg YVARSHANV, ISRAEL, Greenbelt, Md. XYHALLEY, ROGER E., Buffalo YVHEAT, CLAYTON J., Naples WHITING, BYRON W., Delevan YVOODWARD, ROGER YV., Elmira WORTMAN, LOUISE C., New York IVRAY, KURT, Yonkers YOUNGS, ROBERT A., Olean ZAGORSKI, WALTER L., Huntington . ZNEIMER, JOEL E., Rockville Centre ZYWOTOWV, MARVIN, No. Bergen, CLASS OF 1950 ANDERSON, FLORENCE, Manhasset ANTOUN, PAUL R., Meadville, Pa. BAGNALL, AL, Sidney BAKER. EDMOND M., Corning . BARLOWV, EARLE B., North Abington, Mass. BARONE, CHARLES, LeRoy . BELLIOTTI, JOHN, Hornell BENTLEY, JULIETT, Bolivar BEST, EDISON F., Corning BLISS, HUBERT, Wellsville BLOOR, JOAN, Nyack BOUSSER, JOHN, Hornell BOVVDEN, JOSEPH, Pittsburgh, Pa. BRADLEY, JOHN R., Hornell BRAUNSCHWEIGER, CHRISTIAN, Wellsville BROOKS, ROBERT, Jamestown Ceramic BROWVN, DWIGHT, Walton Ceramic BROWN, JOAN HATFIELD, Patchogue BRYANT, CHARLES, Hudson BUDNOWV, SEAMAN, Alfred BULLOCK, RICHARD, Norwich . BUSTEED. DONALD, Hornell Ceramic CALA, JOSEPH A., Jamestown CANTWELL, THOMAS, Hartsdale Ceramic CARLSON, FREDERICK, Jamestown CARLSON, PHYLLIS TARBRAKE, Arcade CARLSON, RICHARD M., Jamestown CARLSON, WV. GEORGE, Center Moriches Ceramic Ceramic CHAMPLIN. SHIRLEY, Alfred CHASE, CHARLES R., Hornell . . CHENEY, ROBERT, Bath . CHORNEY, JOSEPH, .Auburn CHRISTMAN, JOAN. Wellsville COFFIN, VVILLIAM, Bolivar Ceramic COLE, JAMES P., Hornell V CONKLIN, LAVERNE JAY, Avoca . COTTON, ROBERT A., Canisteo Ceramic CRUMP. DAVID. .Alfred - CURRAN, CHARLES, Hornell CUSIMANO, LOUIS, Jamestown DANIELSON. HARRIET, Jamestown . D4-PROSSE, VICTOR, Hastings-on-Hudson DICKINSON, A. LITCHARD, Wellsville Liberal Arts Liberal Arts .Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Nursing Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Nursing Glass Liberal Arts Nursing Liberal Arts Design Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Ceramic Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Glass Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Ceramic Engineering Liberal Arts DiGENNARO, ADAM, Rochester... DIXON, NEYSA JEAN, Niagara Falls DOSTER. DONALD, Hornell DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM, Andover DUCEY, JOANNE, Olean DURO, TERRY C., Jamestown . EIWEN, GEORGE, Alfred .. ENGLISH, FLOYD, Corning FARGO, JARVIS J., Ashville . FARNI-IAM, ROBERTA, Frankfort FARR, KNOVVLTON W., Wyoming FLAMMER. DAVID, Wellsville FOSTER, DANIEL E., Jamestown . FRANTZ, THOMAS, Hornell . FULLER. BURDETTE C., Belmont . GARDNER, JOHN F., Wellsville . GARRISON, DONALD, Addison GEGNER, EDWARD, Bronxville GILKES, JOHN, Oceanside . .. GOSS, JACK, Jamestown . GOURLEY, ROBERT E., Jamestown GREENBERG, BURTON A., Flushing Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic GRIFFITH, LAWRENCE, Pan Allegany, Pa., HALL, JAMES, New York City . HALLBERG, RICHARD. Jamestown . Ceramic HARDENBURG, JEANNE, Bunnvale, N.J. ...... .. HARDER, GAYLE, Alfred . .. HARRIS, GEORGE M., Bergenfield, N.J. HARRIS, ROBERT C., Unadllla HATCH, ROBERT M., Portville .. I-IAVENS. IRVIN F., Belfast . HAWKINS, ROBERT J., Kenmore HELMER, HOWARD P., Herkimer HILDEBRAND, DAVID, Alfred . HOFFMAN, DONALD, Spring Valley . Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic HOLMSTROM, JOSEPH, Bensonville, Ill. . HURLEY, JOHN P., Jamestown . IMMEDIATO, ROBERT, Yonkers JOHNSON, ALTON E., Jamestown JOHNSON, RICHARD, Hornell . .. JOHNSTON, IRENE A., Rye . JOVA, JUAN A., Newburgh . . JOVA, MARIE V., Newburgh . .. KAPUR, MADAN M., Armitsar, India KATZ, EDITH C.. Alfred . . KELLY, NANCY L., Olean .. .. KENNEDY, PATRICIA, Canisteo . KENNEDY. RICHARD, Canisteo KENNEDY, ROBERT, Ganisteo . KESPERT, HAROLD P., Youngsville . KIESOW, PAUL F., Jr., Bellmore .. KLIMAJESKI, JEANNETTE, Riverhead KLUSKY, RICHARD V., Utica . . .. LARSON, SENES, Jamestown . . .. LAWSON, DONALD J., Brocton . LEE, CHESTER E., Wellsville ...... . . . Lf-FEBER, WILLIAM H., Caledonia . LESTER, GWENDOLYN C., Wellsville LICHT SAUNDRA B. Stamford Conn. Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic LINDENTHAL, JOHN W., Freeport Ceramic LIPP, CLAIRE, Flushing .. ..... LOBAUGH, FRANK E., Jr., Plainfield, N.J. .. . LONGFRITZ, ROBERT K., Alfred .. LOSCH, LUCILLE, Niagara Falls . LOWE, EARL C., Whitewater, Wisc. .. LOWE, MARGARET Z., Randolph.. LUNNEY, JAMES, New York City LYONS, JEROME, Forest Hills . . . MacDONELL, HERBERT L., Bolivar . MCALLISTER, CHRISTOPHER, Avoca MCENROE, JACK A., Wellsville . . . MCKINSTRY, RICHARD, Avoca .. .. MCNAMARA, RICHARD. Buffalo .. MACAULEY. MADELINE O., Alfred . MALONEY, WILLIAM, Hornell .... MARSHALL, DARWIN, Buffalo . . MARTIN, JAMES, Newark .... . .,.,, ,,,,,,,,, , MEEK, RAY, Cuba .. .... . ..,.. ....... , .. H MEISSNER, ELEANOR, New York City . MILLER, ELDON, Buffalo .. . ...,, MILLER, IRWIN, Brooklyn . . ......... 168 Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts .. Glass Liberal Arts Engineering .. Design Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts .. . Glass . . Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Ceramic Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering .. Design Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts . . .. Design . Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering ...Nursing Liberal Arts Engineering Technology Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts .. Design Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts MITCHELL, JOHN P., Hornell . . MITCHELL, THOMAS, Jamestown . .. MONTGOMERY, ROLAND, Hornell MOULD, MARJORIE G., Tenafly, N.J. MUSTICO, FRANK, Amsterdam , .,,,.,,, . MYERS, FREDERICK C., Saugerties .. NIDA, MELVIN, Alfred . . ,,,, NOBLES, EUGENE L., Forestville ,,,, . O'CONNOR, GEORGE L., Wellsville . O'CONNOR, JEANNE K., Farmingdale O'CONNOR, WILLIAM C., Port Jervis OLSON, LAVERN, Jamestown .. .. . O'NEIL, MARGARET, Carmel . .. . O'NEIL, RICHARD, Hornell . .. . . PALAMARA, LOUIS, Batavia . .. . PARKER, THEODORE R., Jamestown PASQUALE. AUGUST, Wellsville .. PATERNITI, JOSEPH P., Jamestown . . PATERNITI, SAM C., Jamestown .. .. PAUSEWANG MARGARET Huntin ton -A , , E PERROTTA, MARIE, Elmira . ..,, PETERSON, JACK, Glendale, Cal. PETERSON, LUCILE, Corning. . . PETERSON ROGER Foloonof.. . . PIXLEY, GEORGE W., New Hartford . f Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic POOLE, E. FRANKLIN, west Englewood, N.J. PRIGGE, ROBERT P., Niagara Falls PROKOPEC, ROBERT, Elmira ,,,,, .. QUINCY, WILLIAM R., Norwich .. QUIRK, JOHN M., Watkins Glen . RASE, DANIEL E., Alfred .. .. . REED. LOUEMMA, Penn Yan RICHESON, CLARE, Alfred .. .. RIGGS, JOHN E., Wellsville RIGOULOT, ALBERT VV., Freeport. . . ROBINSON, RICHARD C., Canisteo. ROBORDS, LEWIS, Arkport . . ROEHLER, LAWRENCE A., Wellsville ROMANO, THOMAS J., Plainfield, N.J. ROOT, H. DEAN, Asheville, N.C. . . ROSSER, DONALD S., Brooklyn .. SALTMAN, DONALD, Mount Vernon . SAUNDERS, JOHN W., Andover ...,. SAUNDERS, STEPHEN B., Alfred . SCHEB. ARTHUR L., Corning . . .. SCHMIDT, WILLIAM G., Flushing. SCHROEDER, FRANK, Great Valley.. SCOTT, IGNATIUS L., LeRoy ......... SEAMAN, DONALD E., Hornell .. .. SECREST, PHILIP J., Muncie, Ind. SELEWACH, LAWRENCE Z., Elmira ,. SHAPIRO, HOWARD, New York City . SHERIDAN, GEORGE W., Hornell . SHERSHOFF, LESLIE, Alfred .... .. Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic SIEBERT, HARVEY, Lancaster . . ..... Ceramic SIEDEL, JOSEPH, Baltimore, Md. . SILER, EARL R., Watervliet .... . SIMMS, ROBERT L., Hornell . ........ . SKILLMAN, NORMAN, Bemus Point .. SKIR, EUGENE D., Brooklyn . . ......... SMITH, M. JERRY, Greene . . .......... .. SPRING, KENNETH L., spring Valley Ceramic STERMER, GORDON, Corning ................. V f STERN. ALICE, New York City ................., . . STEVENS, RICHARD H., Greenwood ...... . . . . STRANG, WILLIAM C., Youngstown, Ohio .. . STRONG, ROBERT, Buffalo . ............ ..... C eramic STUCKER, JOHN, Savona ...... .............. ........... TARQUINO, BRUCE, Lackawanna ..... .... C eramic TAYLOR, HOWARD L., Westbury ........, Ceramic TAYLOR, HOWARD U., Bradford, Pa. .. Ceramic THAYER, JAMES E., Brocton .......................... . . THEURER, BARBARA, Johnstown ........,. ...... TOURNAUD, JOHN, Manchester, Conn. ..Ceramic TRAX, ALAN, Hornell . ............... ..... . A .. TROMPETER, BERNARD J., Rochester .Ceramic TROST, FRANK, Hollis . ...... ........ . . Ceramic TRZASKOS, STANLEY, Amsterdam ,..... Ceramic TURNER, ROBERT, Bellmore ...... ,........ C eramic UPHAM, JOHN F., Canisteo .......... .,.. . .. . . VAN ALSTEN, ROY L., Sherrill ,.... . . Ceramic Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Nursing Liberal Arts Engineering Theology Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . Glass Liberal Arts Nursing Liberal Arts ......Ceramic Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Design Engineering Glass Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering VANDERHOVEN, ROBERT, Paterson, VAN WIGGEREN, CHARLES G., Ilion WAGNER, ZANE, St. Johnsville WETHERBY, PHYLLIS, Forest Hills, Pa. WETTER, DORIS, Jamestown WHITEFORD, JOHN R., Buffalo WICKWIRE, DONALD J., Corning WIDGER, TOM, Ellicottyille I WIGHTMAN, D. ADELLE, Almond WIGHTON, ROGER J., Mount Vernon WILLIAMS. ROBERT M., Brooklyn WINSHIP, LEE C., Salamanca WOODWORTH, READ, Delevan ZANNIERI, LOUIS, Hornell N.J. Ceramic Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Ceramic Engineering . Liberal Arts Ceramic Engineering Ceramic Engineering Ceramic Engineering Ceramic Engineering Liberal Arts AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL INSTITUTE FRESHMEN ADAMS, CARL D., South lNales ADAMS, SARAH E., Brewster AINI, JOHN M., Hornell ALLEN, DAVID C., Hornell Agricultural Business . Secretarial Mechanical Technology . . . Radio ALLEN, EDWARD E., Akron , Bugingss ANDERSON, CLARENCE D., Olean Refrigeration ANDERSON, LOIS M., Hempstead Secretarial ANDREWS, GEORGE RIN., Hornell Dairy ANGELINE, PASQUALE F., Manchester Refrigeration ANGELL, WILLIAM F., Three Mile Bay . Power ARMIN, MARYSE M., Amagansett ARNOLD, FRANK L., Jr., Rushville ASCHERL, JOHN L., Flushing . . ASH, CALVIN, Bedford, Pa. AUCKLAND, HAROLD C., Andover AUGUSTINI, JOHN N., Olean AYERS, ANDREW A., New York City BABCOCK, JAMES W., Belmont BAKER, FRANCES C. lMrs.J, Addison BAKER, RICHARD M., Almond BAKER, VELDA, Hornell BAKER. VVILLIAIVI H., Addison BALL, DAVID R., Forestville BARBER, KEITH M., Castile BARDEEN, ROBERT J., Hornell BARNES, PHILIP W., Angelica BASSO, ERNEST D., Harrison BATTY, NORMAN C., Utica BAUER, DONALD E., Hamburg . BEATON, ROBERT R., Fairport BECKER, ARTHUR WV., Manhasset Laboratory Technology . .General Agriculture . Rural Engineering General .Agriculture . ., Power .. . Frozen Foods . Animal Husbandry .. . Diesel .. . Secretarial Rural Engineering Laboratory Technology . Frozen Foods .. Rural Engineering Diesel Rural Engineering . Power General Agriculture Mechanical Technology .. ,. Dairy Mechanical Technology Business Administration BELL, GILBERT E., Jr., Maplewood, N.J. Animal Husbandry BEMENT, LYLE W., East Aurora BENNETT, RONALD R., Ionia . . . Diesel .. . General Agriculture BERRY, CHARLES F., Corning . . .. Diesel BIERCE, ARTHUR J., Ithaca . . .Business Administration BILLINGS, LaVERNE H,, Bath . . . . . .. . Diesel BLAIR, TIMOTHY N., Nunda Poultry BLOVV, LOIS ELAINE, Barker Laboratory Technology Special BOBZIEN, L. HERBERT, Gasport BOGUCKI, ANTHONY, Brooklyn . . BOLDT, MARJORIE A., Auburn Rural Engineering . .. . Agronomy Laboratory Technology BOSTWICK, CHARLES R., Corning . . Refrigeration BOTTI, JOHN G., Great Neck . . Diesel BOYLE, WILLIAM T., Hornell . . ..... . Diesel BRINKERHOFF, LESLIE A., Interlaken Rural Engineering BRISBANE, JEAN A., Livonia BROWN, EVARD L., Niagara Falls BROWN, GRACE D., Ellenville . BROWN, WILLIAM R., Geneseo . BUCKLEY, NANCY A., Olean . BUNTING, ANNE E., Barker BURCHFIELD, C. LEE, Morton BURDICK, ELIZABETH M., Newark BURNS, CORRINE T., Beacon BURPEE, BEN P., Manchester BURY, CARL F., Hamburg 169 Medical Secretarial . . ............ Radio Laboratory Technology . .. Floriculture Special Laboratory Technology Laboratory Technology General Agriculture Laboratory Technology Laboratory Technology .. .. . .Floriculture Business Administration BUTKIEWICZ, YICTOR F., Buffalo BUZAK, CARL R.. Buffalo CAPPER. JOHN J., New York City CARL, JANET A., Hammondsport CARLSON, JOHN S., Norwich CARRIER. RICHARD H., Horseheads Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Air Conditioning .Agronomy Secretarial Business Administration Poultry CASAGRANDE, NORINIAN, IVeehawken, Mechanical CASSORT, IYAYNE M., Shortsville CASTIGLIA, JOHN L., Harrison .. CHALIN, MANUEL L., Brooklyn . CHAPPELL, MARTIN L., Cayuga CHARD, DOLORES E., Frankfort CHASE. BARBARA Bath Technology Rural Engineering . . . Refrigeration . .. Poultry General Agriculture Laboratory Technology . Secretarial CIOTOLI, ELIA E., Schenectady .. ..... Construction Service c:LARE, JOHN M., Porrrorro, Cal. LILXRK. DONALD L.. Lockport CL XRK, KENNETH L., Syracuse Rural Engineering . Refrigeration Rural Engineering COATS, HECTOR A., Elma . . .Animal Husbandry COLE, HA RYEY D., Corning Radio COLLINGXYOOD, JAMES R., Hornell . . . . Diesel CONGELLI, FRANCIS A., Hornell . Diesel CONRAD, JOYCE I., Trumansburg Secretarial CONTE, BARTOLO B., Ballston Spa Business Administration CONTI, PETER T., Rochester .. . Refrigeration COOPER. RALPH M., Cayuga General .Agriculture COPELAND ALICE E.. Nanuet . Floriculture CORBIT. THOMAS J., Rochester .. Agronomy CORNELIUS, NORNIAN F., Elni Yalley .Animal Husbandry Special COSTELLC J, GENE Y., Elmira COX, WILLIAM B., Syracuse Frozen Foods Rural Engineering CROXYE, FRANCIS YY., Hornell . . .. . Power CUMMINGS. THOMAS L., Buffalo .... .. . Refrigeration CURRAN, RICHARD J.. Harrison Business Administration CURREN, DORIS A., Elmira . Secretarial CURTIS. DONALD F., Rochester . . Animal Husbandry DALRYMPLE, DONALD G., lVestHeld .... Radio DAMR.ATH. EDWARD L., Hornell Power DARBEE, PHILIP D.. Holland . DAVIS. RICHARD H., Albany Rural Engineering . Frozen Foods DEAN, MARY M., .Andover .... .. . Secretarial DeBALSKI, PAUL Salamanca . . .... .. .Diesel DeBRINE, FRANCES S., Sodus Laboratory Technology DeFAZIO, JANE M.. Utica . Medical Secretarial DEINIPSEY, GEORGE M., Troupsburg Mechanical Technology DENNEN. CHARLES C., New York City . Floriculture DI-PUY, GLORIA B., Newburgh . . . Secretarial DEXTER, BARBARA D., Narrowsburg Floriculture DIETZ, JACQUES L., Rochester DILL, BEVERLY A., Brockport Business Administration Laboratory Technology DILLON, EDWIN C., Bath Dif'S0l DODGE, LEE E., Angelica Refrigeration DORE, FRANKLYN, Huntington Station Mechanical Technology DOUGLASS, HAROLD J., White Plains Refrigeration DRURY, EMMA-JANE E., Hornell DRYER, G. ELAINE, Canandaigua DUBOIS. INIARY M., Oneida DUDEK, XYALTER G...Utica DUFFY, EDWARD XV., Rochester DUGUID, ELLSWORTH J., Stafiford DUNN. GEORGE iv., Jr., Olean . DLNTZ, JOHN L.. cziorrrorir . I DURNI, TED E.. Loirr- virw DYREMAN, WILLIAM L., Pawling EARL, RALPH L., Middletown ELLIOTT, CARL w., Kenmore . ELLIS, ROBERT R., Eirrrarrr ELWOOD, JAY P., Delhi FAIRWETHER, ROBERT H., Windsor, FARMAN, LAWRENCE J., Medina FAULKNER, WAYNE W., Corning FENZEL, JOHN P., Red Creek FERGUSON. ROBERT C., Caywood FIGURA, TED S., Niagara Falls . Laboratory Technology Medical Secretarial Medical Secretarial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Animal Husbandry Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration Rural Engineering Floriculture .. Dairy Power Rural Engineering Business Administration Rural Engineering Conn. General Agriculture . Floriculture General .Agriculture . . Diesel . . . Power ...Refrigeration and Air Conditioning FISCHER, ROBERT U., BufTalo .. .. Business Administration FISK, CHARLES D., Unadilla .. ., . Power FITZGERALD, YERNON R., Rochester .. .. Refrigeration FITZPATRICK, JOHANNE S., Hamburg .. . . . . Laboratory Technology FLAGG, XVILLIAM, Quaker Bridge .. . .Animal Husbandry FOLLETT, RONALD S., AVellsville . ..... .. ..... Power FONTAINE, RICHARD R., Kenmore Refrigeration FOSTER. BETTE M., Geneva . .Laboratory Technology FOIVLER, ROBERT F., Peekskill . . . . Rural Engineering FOX, GEORGE A., Clyde . General .Agriculture FOX, CEORGE C., Bath . . Refrigeration FRASER, HAROLD D., Fraser . Refrigeration and Air Conditioning FREELAND, CLIFTON E., Almond Rural Engineering FUGE, WVILLIAM J., Freeport . . . . . .Agronomy FULLER, EDWARD S., Derby . Business Administration G.ARDNER, CHARLES K., Jr., Stottville . . Dairy GARDNER, DAYID C., Eggertsville General Agriculture GARDNER, RICHARD L., Rochester . . . . Agronomy GEIHS, KURT, Rochester . . Floriculture GER.ARDI, FR.ANK, Tupper Lake . . .. Radio GIARDINO, MICHAEL M., Rochester . . . . Dairy GILBRIDE, JOHN WV., Mt. Morris . . .Agricultural Business GILDERSLEEVE. LEO A.. Maybrook . .Agronomy GILLERT, ALFRED P., White Plains .... .. Construction Service GILLIS, YVALTER .A., W'ellsville . . .. Diesel GIVEN, RCIBERT J., SOutl'1 Byron . ,.,.. H . . , Buginesg GIZZI, ANTHONY L., Elmira .. Business Administration GLEASON, DORMAN G., Hammondsport .Animal Husbandry GLOVER, EYELYN L., Andover ....... . ....... A Secretarial GOETSCHIUS, GEORGE K., VVellsville General .Agriculture GOL.ATA, JULI.AN A., Buffalo .. ........ .. Rural Engineering GOLDEN, GEORGE H., Massapequa . ..... Floriculture GOLDEN, RICHARD A., Rochester .. . .. Refrigeration GOLDSMITH, B.ARB.AR.A J., Mechanicville ..... Business Administration GOODRIDGE, FRANCIS L., Corning GOORIAN, PHILIP, Brooklyn . . ..... I . GOTZMER, RICHARD C., Baldwin . GOVE, .ALBERT L., Flushing ........ . GR.AHM, IRVING M., Elba .... . . General Agriculture General .Agriculture Business . . .. Rural Engineering . .. Rural Engineering GRANER, MARTHA F., Hempstead ......... .... ...... F l oriculture GRAY, CARL J., No. Cohocton . GRAY, FRED C., Hornell . .. . GREEN CHARLES R. Sinclairville. . GRUNWCALD, HARRY,H., Jr., Hornellw GUTHMAN. J.AMES A., Rochester . . .. GUY. KENNETH H., Jr., E. Amherst . HAAG. RICHARD C., Rochester . . HACKETT, HENRY P., Friendship HAENSLY, J.AMES F., Buffalo . .. HALE, RALPH E., Buffalo ....... . . HALL, CAROLYN M., Rock Stream ..... HALL, ELEANOR J., Bolivar . I H.ALL, RUSSELL H., Pleasantville . .. HARMAN, BARBARA .A., Almond .. ....... .. HARRISON. IRYING D., Hornell . ,. HARVEY, MARGARET R., Naples . .. .. .. Animal Husbandry .. . .Business Special Animal Husbandry . .Poultry General Agriculture Rural Engineering Business .Administration General .Agriculture .Animal Husbandry . Refrigeration and Air Conditioning .. ..... . Secretarial Secretarial .. . Business ..... Secretarial . Business Special Laboratory Technology Special HAYERTY, CH.ARLES F., New York City . .... . .. .Agronomy HECKART, JAMES B., Canisteo .. .......................... ........ D iesel HEFFERNAN, ROY H., Syracuse ........ ................. . ....... P Owcr HELMS, MARJORIE E.. Riverhead .... ..... . ........ F l0riCu1IUrC HENRY, GEORGE W., Canandaigua .......... Rural Engineering HENRY, SHIRLEY E., Rochester ...... ...................... F loriculture HERRON, FOREST R., Allegany. ...... ........ Agronomy HESS, CARL W., Fairport .. .. .... Mechanical Technology HILL, HARRY, Scarsdale ................... ................ . . Business HILLMAN, .ARCHIE L., Belfast . ........ Business Administration .Floriculture HISE, ELIZABETH A., East Aurora ......................... HOAG, ROBERT H., Cuddebackville ............ Rural Engineering HOFFMAN, JOHN F., Jr., Rochester ...... .. Refrigeration HOKE. ALAN J., Jordanville ...... . ..... .. Rural Engineering HOLMES, FREDRICK G., Geneva ..... . ........ . ...Power HOLMES. ROBERT G., East Aurora .. .... .... R ural Engineering HOLT, ST.ANLEY M., Greenwood HOUGH. SHERWOOD C., Faust ..... fBrrrirrorQ'Administration HOWELL, CHARLES L., Slate Hill ....... . . HOXIE, GEORGE R., Canandaigua Diesel .. Radio . ....... Floriculture HUBERT, CONSTANCE A., Tuckahoe . .. Secretarial 170 MURPHY, DANIEL J., Elmira HUMPHREY, PAUL D., Webster Refrigeration and Air Conditioning HUMPHREYS, RAYMOND A., .Alfred Radio HUSSON, CLAUDE R., Industry . Agronomy HYLAND. DANA M.. Buffalo Floriculture JOHNSON. RALPH G., Jamestown JONES, CHRISTINE A.. Mahopac JONES, NORM.AN D.. Kenmore K.AGELS, JAMES F., Newfane . KEEFE, HARRY J., West Hartford, Co KEELEY, LAWVRENCE, Troy KEERS, WILLIAM T., Suffern . KELLY. WILLIAM P., Carmel . KEMPLE, RUSSELL N., Bath . . KIEVAL, MORTON R.. Brooklyn KILBURY, DAN.A P., Arkport . . KIN. WALTER. Lancaster . . . KINDEL, JAMES C.. Orchard Park KING. EDWARD P., Hamburg . General .Agriculture .. Secretarial Floriculture . Rural Engineering nn. Refrigeration Animal Husbandry Floriculture Mechanical Technology Business Administration . Dairy . Dairy .. .. Diesel Mechanical Technology Animal Husbandry KINGDON, YVILLIAM W., Pavilion Refrigeration KIPP, PHILIP R., Ovid , .. . Radio KLOTZBACH, BRUCE IN., Basom Business Administration KLOTZBACH, KEITH M., Basom , Agronomy KREYMER, ALICE C.. W'arwick . Floriculture KRONENBERG, HAROLD. Wfoodridge Radio KLTSTER. JAMES C.. Baldwin KRYWANCZYH. JOSEPH R., Massena LADD, KENNETH P., Lockport LANG, KENNETH V., Attica . Animal Husbandry Business Administration General .Agriculture .Animal Husbandry LEAVENS, DONALD VV., Jr., Rushford . Business LEYNIS, STUART C., Rochester .. .. Floriculturc LITTELL, CLAIR E., Campbell . . Powel LLANES, ALFONSO, Managua, Nicaragua General Agriculture LOCKWOOD, FRANCIS E., New Brunswick, MUNYAN, ROBERT W., Gbbstown, N.J. MURRAY. LAWRENCE D.. Addison . MYERS, MELVIN J., White Plains NAGLE, WILL.ARD F., Elmira NA GY, WILLIAM, Hornell NEILL, SEVVARD J., Canajoharie NEILSON, RAYMOND A., Corning NEVVCOMB, BURTON E., Bergen NEYNHARD, ROY J., Orchard Park NEWKERK, JAMES W., DcLancey NOBIS. DAVID E., XVestHeld NOYAK, RAYMOND .A., Yalatie . OCHS, RIED A., Cohocton Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Business Business Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration Diesel Mechanical Technology Diesel Radio Rural Engineering Refrigeration Dairy . Business Frozen Foods OPENHYM, ALEXANDER T., Hartsdale General .Agriculture OYVENS, JAMES E., Niagara Falls . Radio PALMITER, N. KEITH, Alfred Station Mechanical Technology PASCENTE, LOUIS J., Rochester Refrigeration PAYNTER, DOUGL.AS E., Franklinville Agronomy PE.ARSON, WALTER A., Huntington Sta. Business Administration PECK, CAROL E., Cohocton Secretarial PECK, SAMUEL B.. Unadilla Diesel PEEHLER, GEORGE A.. Kenmore Agronomy PETERS, ALLEN C., Collins . Business PETRIC, VINCENT F., BuHalo PETTIT, JOANNE R., .Allegany Business Administration Medical Secretarial Refrigeration LONG, ELIZABETH B., Oneonta Secretarial LOOMIS, HENRY M., Camillus Business.Administration LOPER, LEO G., Hornell , Refrigeration LOVELAND, ELIZABETH A., Wlayland Secretarial LOZIER. PAUL G., Poughkeepsie Mechanical Technology LYKE. ROBERT E., Hornell .Anilnal Husbandry LYNCH, CHARLES E., Hamlin Refrigeration and .Air Conditioning MCANDREVVS. RICHARD B., .Andover Dairy McCAFFERY, LYLE S.. Canisteo Business Administration MCCARTHY, CHARLES, .Allegany . . . .Animal Husbandry MCCONNELL, VVARD., Prattsburg Poultry MCDANIELS. RITA A., Hornell . Laboratory Technology MCGLYNN. GERALD F., Kenmore . . . Animal Husbandry MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS J., Jr., Harrison General .Agriculture MCINIAHON. LEONARD H.. Pelham Animal Husbandry MCMULLEN, JOHN F., lVhite Plains .Business .Administration MCRAE. JOSEPH D.. Allegany . . Agronomy MacINTOSH. ARTHUR L., Alnlond Rural Engineering MQICWHORTER, ROBERT F., Union Springs Constguction PFVICD MADISON. VERNON C.. Canisteo Power MAISCH, DONALD W., Williamsville . . Refrigeration MALICK, ROBERT J., Olean .... . . .. . Refri2Cf?1fi011 MARTINO, ALPHONSE, Bronx .. . Power MATHER, MARLIN S., Andover. . Business Administration MATTHEWS, C. EDWARD, Cayuga . Business Administration M.AY, HERMAN F.. Livonia . . . FlOI'lCU1iU1'C MEAD, JERIE T., Fairport . Mechanical Technology ME.AD, ROSEMA RY. .Andover .. . SCCYPIHFIHI MEADOWVS, DARVVIN R., Dunkirk . . Diesel MEADOVVS, NELSON R., Fredonia , .. Diesel MEE, RUTH E., Fredonia .. . .. .. Laboratory Technology MENIA. GENE, Schenectady ....,, . ...,,, , Radio MIDDLETON, RICHARD A., Kenmore Soil Conservation MILES, F. DWIGHT, Rochester ,, .. . .... Dairy MILLER, HAROLD O., Valatie . ,. . . Power MILLER, HELEN E., TuCkal'1OC .... . . , Secretarial MILLER, JOSEPH J., Jr., Angola . . . Radio MILLER, KENNETH G., Montclair, . ,,Diesel MONTEROSSO, VINCENT R., Yonkers ., Business MONTESANTI, DOMONIC, N. Tonawanda .... . . .. Power MOORE, MARY E., Endicott . .. ...,..,,,.,. ..., , ,, ,, Secretarial MORRISON, JOHN H., Mt. Morris .. .. .Agronomy MORRISON, PHILLIP N.. Corning .... .Agricultural Business MOSTOLLER, EMERSON F., Lancaster Pa .... .. Floriculture PFUNTNER, WALTER A., Wellsville , Business PINELLI, RICHARD A., Elmira . Power PITTS. ARTHUR H., Jr., Elmira Power PLANK, LYLE E., Hornell . Refrigeration PL.ANO, MARIE T., Frankfort .. Laboratory Technology PODLUCKY, FRANCIS A., Tonawanda Mechanical Technology PRESTON, LOWYELL, Fillmore PRESTON OTIS Y.. Arkport PURDY, ROBERT E., Canandaigua . QUINN, RICHARD G., Rochester RAJSKI. WVALTER M., Olean . RXNDAZZO, CHARLES P.. Fredonia R-XNSLEY, DAVID VV., Buffalo R.ATHBURN, PAUL R., Cazenovia RATHBURN, WVILLIAM D., Addison REED, ERIC E., Sinclairville REED, HARPER J., Hayt Corners REID, VVILLIANI A., Alfred RENNIE, WILLIAM N., Elmira REYNOLDS. GEORGE M., Avoca .Agricultural Business Rural Engineering Animal Husbandry Refrigeration Refrigeration . Business . Power Rural Engineering Poultry .Animal Husbandry Refrigeration and Air Conditioning . Diesel . . Business Refrigeration RICHARDSON, DONALD G., Geneseo Mechanical Technology ROBBINS, MERLE L., Addison . Frozen Foods ROBERTS, JESSE Y., Centerville Power ROSE, JACK E., Canisteo Business Administration ROSENBERG, FREDERICK S., East Aurora Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ROSS. EDWVARD F.. Manchester Refrigeration ROTHSCHILD, PETER E., Quito, Ecuador Nfechanical Technology ROXNLEY. RONALD M., W'ellsville Business RUFF, ROBERT E., Union Grove Radio SALMON, RICHARD V., Slaterville Springs Radio SALZMANN. MICHEL J., New York City Dairy SANDER, JOHN E., Newfane SANGER, GLENN J., Ransomville . SANGER. PHILIP E., YW-st Chazy S.ANTUCCI, FRANK, Rochester SAVILLE. EUGENE M., Orchard Park SCHMIGEL. RICHARD S., Akron SCHULTZ, PAUL E., Naples SCHUSTER, GEORGE J., Livonia SCHUYLER, GENE L., Pittsford SEYMOUR, SALLY A., Castile SHANK, JERE R., Syracuse . SHANKS. JOSEPH L., Lima SHEAI-IAN, JOHN V., Olean SHEEHAN, PAUL, Jr., Canisteo SHERWOOD, WAYNE E., .Andover SHICK. INILLIAM D., Kenmore SIMONS, BASIL C., Osceola, Pa. SITER, PATRICIA A., Ghent La 171 Power General Agriculture Rural Engineering Rural Engineering General Agriculture General Agriculture Frozen Foods Rural Engineering General .Agriculture Floriculture Rural Engineering General Agriculture Agriculture Rural Engineering . Business .Animal Husbandry Refrigeration boratory Technology SMALLEY, JOHN R., Prattsburg SMITH, JOAN A., Corning' SMITH, JOHN R., Pleasantville SMITH, STEIVART C., Ransomville SOPER, ARTHUR B., Elmira . . SPRING, JOSEPH F., Allegany . . . . . Agronomy Secretarial . Refrigeration . . . Radio Frozen Foods Animal Husbandry STAFFORD, GEORGE IV., Horseheads . Power STAFFORD, THEODORE L., Jordan . . Diesel STAGG, UBERTO K., Jr., Castleton-on-Hudson Power STAHL, EDWVARD C., Chappaqua . Rural Engineering STALKER, ALAN R., Lyndonville .Floriculture STANGROVER, JOHN B., Cowlesville Diesel STEIN, FREDERIC T., Dansville Mechanical Technology STEINBRECHER, JEAN M., Hornell Mechanical Technology STELIANOU. ERNEST A., Lydonville . Refrigeration STENBERG, LEONARD J., Elmira . . Radio STEIVART, DOROTHY L., Canisteo Laboratory Technology EARL H., Scarsdale . .. , EDWARD C., Hornell . STEWART, HENRY J., St. Albans srxawmzr, STEWART STEWART, LARRY J., Addison STONE, CARLTON W., Buffalo STRATTON, IVARD E., Akron Dairy Rural Engineering . Refrigeration and Air Conditioning .. Frozen Foods General Agriculture General .Agriculture STRICKLAND, WILLIAM A., Canisteo Business Administration SUTTON, PETER R., Buffalo . Dairy SVILOKOS, JOHN, Buffalo Business Administration SIVAGEL, STEPHEN G., Buffalo .. . . .. . Business TEMPLE, JOHN IV., Marlboro, Mass. . . Refrigeration TENNIES, EUGENE H., Little Valley.. .. . . Dairy TETTEH, CHARLES P., Winneba, Gold Coast . General Agriculture THAXTON, WILEY B., Katonah Mechanical Technology THOMAS, EDWARD C., Hamburg . Gouverneur THOIVIPSON, BETTY A., THOMPSON, RALPH E., Nunda . L., Pulteney TILLMAN, LAWRENCE TOBIN, EDININ G., Narrowsburg TOVVNER, IVARREN J., Fairport TREIBER, UDO, White Plains TRESCH, WESLEY M., Buffalo TRt'DEAL', JOHN I., Dryden TURDO, CHESTER H., Pequannock . ...... . . UTTER CHARLES R., Pawling Animal Husbandry Medical Secretarial Radio Rural Engineering Agronomy Agronomy . Dairy Animal Husbandry Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Radio Animal Husbandry VAN BEUSICHEM, EDWARD C.. Castleton Rural Engineering VANDERLIP, WILLIAM F., Elmira Dairy VAN DUZER. MARCIA L., Auburn Floriculture VAN SON, DONALD, Attica . Business VELZY, RICHARD J., Batavia . Business Administration VISKER, WILLIAM H., Randolph Poultry VOLKSTADT, CAROL A., Lockport Medical Secretarial VOSBURGH, FRANK F., Jr., Lockport Mechanical Technology WAINMAN, ROBERT L., Little Genesee Refrigeration WALKER, JAMES W., Gasport Diesel IVALLACE, SHERMAN C., Appleton Frozen Foods WALSH, TOM D., ATTICA . Refrigeration WARD, CHARLES H., Sufifern Animal Husbandry WARNSHUIS, VIRGINIA M., Sherman Secretarial WASSERLOOS, AGATHA A., Wellsville Laboratory Technology WEAVER, JAMES F., Cuba . Diesel 3 WEEKS, JOHN L., Kenmore .. .. Construction Service WEIGHT, HAROLD N., Niagara Falls Floriculture WEIDMAN, RICHARD G., Worcester Refrigeration WEINBERGER, RICHARD A., Rochester Radio WEISSNER, BARBARA A., Yonkers Secretarial WELSH, GEORGE H., Union City, N.J. WESCOTT, STANLEY W., Kenmore WEST, JAMES M., Jr., East Jewett WHEATON, DONNA F., Cohocton WHITE, GEORGE T., Middleport WHITE, WILLIAM J., Conesus WHITING, EDWARD J., Elmira WIGHTMAN, WILLARD M., Bolivar WILLIAMS, GORDON C., Rushford WILLIAMS, RAY E., West Valley WISNIEWSKI, JOHN S., Olean WITTENBURG, FRED G., Olean . WIXSON, ROSCOE S., Dundee Rural Engineering Frozen Foods Refrigeration Medical Secretarial Business Administration Animal Husbandry Business Administration Diesel Rural Engineering Business Administration Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration Business Administration WOLFANGER, FRANK, Hornell WOOD, HUGH C., Jr., Panama . . . WOODRUFF, JOAN F., Andover .... WRIGHT, BRUCE K., Chester .. YACOS, JOSEPH, Buffalo .. Floriculture Animal Husbandry WOOD, RICHARD H., Rochester .. .. ' .. .. .. . Radio . .. Secretarial . Mechanical Technology .. ........ .. ....... . ...Business YEAGER, DONALD R., Westfield, Pa. .. .. Floriculture YOUNG, JAMES C., Buffalo .... .. . General Agriculture YOUNG, LOIS J., Arkport. . ..... .Laboratory Technology YOUNG, ROBERT C., Riverhead ..... . .... Rural Engineering ZEH, ELMER H., Calverton . ..... .. . . Rural Engineering ZEH, ROGER J., Calverton .. . . Agronomy ZERCHER, FRITZ W., Syracuse .. . Rural Engineering ,IUNIORS B-Plan Students ARTHURTON, LESLIE A., Rochester . .. .. . . .... .Poultry BAKER, DONALD C-, WHlW0rih . ......... ....... R ural Engineering BARNES, JOHN B., New York City ..... . BESCH, CLAYTON L., Jr., Albany ..... .. BLACKMER, RAYMOND F., Honeoye BLAKELOCK, GEORGE, Catskill BROOKS, FRANK A., Geneva .... BROVVN, PAUL R., Rochester .. . .. BURGESSON, CLAIR D., Jamestown BYINGTON, BRUCE I., Rochester . CASS, WILLIAM F., Glenbrook, Nev. CLARK, KENNETH C., Rochester CLARK, NEIL H., Malverne . CLOVERDALE, THOMAS E., Leicester DAVIS, BOOTHE C., III, Plainfield, N.J. DOBBINS, LANGFORD W., Kendall . DROPKIN, LARRY, Nyack .. . ENBLIDGE, FRANK P., Jr., Eggertsville FINKELSTEIN, BERNARD, Bronx . GARRETT, LARRY C., Kent, O. . .. GATES, GEORGE H., Croton Falls GOLDMAN, GEORGE E., Jersey City GRUENDIKE, REUEL W., Churchville HORTON, LOREN G., Elba . . HUMPHREY, WILLIAM E., Springwater HUTCHINSON, CHARLES R., Geneva .. KEIL, KARL E., North Tonawanda . . KESTER, JOHN N., Ravenna, O. LAWTON, LYLE L., Belfast LIGHT, ROBERT G., Chatham Center LISSFELT, J. PETER, Rochester . . MARTUCIO, JOHN R., Rochester MILLER, RAYMOND M., Webster MITSCHER, JAMES R., Hamburg . MORLEY, WILLIAM D., Nichols MOTT, FRED T., Nyack .... . . MOYER, JAMES H., Buialo ....... .. PELCHER, ROBERT L., Manhasset PERRY, CHARLES A., Jr., Kenmore PHILLIPS, EGBERT W., Jr., Alfred . QUIGLEY, JAMES M., Rochester . ZKIEWICZ LEO S Lockport RAC , ., . . . RICHARDSON, PHILIP 1-L., Genesee . .. .. ROSSI, JEROME T., White Plains . SCHMIDT, GEORGE N., Roscoe . SHAPIRO, MARTIN, Brooklyn SPATZ, JACK M., New York City STAM, PAUL S., Floral Park . STANLEY, WAYNE F., Salamanca . . STEWART, AUDLEY D., Rochester . . STOLTMAN, GEORGE T., Conesus WARING, RAYMOND J., Derby . WILLIAMS, DON L., Delevan .. ...Agronomy Agricultural Business .. .Animal Husbandry Poultry .. Rural Engineering . ..... Floriculture Animal Husbandry General Agriculture .... Animal Husbandry . . . Floriculture Animal Husbandry General Agriculture Rural Engineering General Agriculture General Agriculture .Floriculture General Agriculture .. Animal Husbandry Agronomy . . . Agronomy Rural Engineering Rural Engineering General Agriculture Rural Engineering Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry General Agriculture Rural Engineering Animal Husbandry Agronomy Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Agronomy Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Rural Engineering . . .. Poultry Rural Engineering Animal Husbandry . Animal Husbandry Rural Engineering Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry ii.mGeneral Agriculture Animal Husbandry . . .. ...... Poultry Animal Husbandry WIRES, WILLIAM S., Wellesley Hills, Mass. Rural Engineering SENIORS ABBOTT, MERVYN A., Retsof. . .. . .Refrigeration ADSIT, MARY L.. Williamstown . . .. Laboratory Technology ADSITT, MARY JEAN, Phelps . . . Laboratory Technology ALLEN, M.ARVIN, Bronx ., ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, E , I Powel- ANDOLSEK, CHARLES L., Gowanda .Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ANNEXSTEIN, HAROLD, Brooklyn , ,,,, ,,,, , H ,,,,,,, ,Radio APPELT. HERBERT E., Rochester .. .. .General Agriculture 172 ARRINGTON, sAMUEL M., Ji-. LeRoy ARTHUR, JAMES, Gorham . BACKUS, FRED L., Wilmington, No. BAILEY, GAYLORD J., Jr., Lakewood BAIsLEY, ARTHUR A., Pooksiaii . BALL, ROGER D., Forestville ,,,,,, . ,,,L,, , Rural Engineering . Rural Engineering Refrigeration Refrigeration . . Refrigeration ...Rural Engineering BARBER, EARL F., Geneseo . Floriculture BARLEY, JACK L., Carlisle, Pa. Refrigeration BARTON, STEVEN, Hudson ..... .......... . . F. Power BEACH. ORVILLE F., Elmira Florieulture BEAM, JOHN B., Elmira General Agriculture BE XUMONT, CHARLES B., Pleasantyille . Diesel BECHDEL, MYRON R., State College, Pa. Refrigeration BECKER, GERALD, Rochester Refrigeration and Air Conditioning BENJAMIN. EUGENE K., Middletown Refrigeration BENJAMINSON, VERNON B., Duluth, Minn. Dairy BENTLEY, ARNOLD F., Elmira Radio BENTLEY, RUBY M., Hudson Falls Medical Secretarial BENZONI, JOSEPH E., Phillipsburg, N.J. Refrigeration and BERG. NICOLAI T.. Brooklyn BERGHASH, LEONARD E., Rochester BLY. FRANK, Elmira BORTLE, JAMES R., Pine City . BOTTI, CHARLES F., Great Neck Air Conditioning Frozen Foods Refrigeration and Air Conditioning General Agriculture Rural Engineering Business Administration BREITPECK, FREDERICK K., Pittsford Rural Engineering BRENNING, CHARLES R., Canisteo BROOKER, DONALD I., Amsterdam BROVVNSON, BARBARA L., Batavia BURDAY, SEYMOLIR, New York City BURR, H. MURIEL, .Alexandria Bay CALDWELL, LAYVRENCE A., Clevelan CAMPBELL, STEWART D., Unadilla CASAL, MANUEL, Elmhurst CATALL. ANTHONY E., Clyde CEDRULY, EUGENE E., Orchard Park CHAMBERLAIN, HUGH D., Caneadea CHAMPAGNE, KENNETH E., Prescott, CHASE, VIRGINIA M., Hudson Falls CHURCH, HAZEL L., Gouyerneur Business Administration Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory Technology Animal Husbandry Laboratory Technology d Animal Husbandry Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration Power . .Agronomy Refrigeration Refrigeration Laboratory Technology Laboratory Technology Ont. CICCONI, ALFRED P., Elmira , Radio CLUTE, PALMA J., Bellerose Secretarial COHN, LOREN R., Rochester Business Administration COLE, HAROLD P., Cuba Animal Husbandry Diesel COLEMAN, JAMES F., Home-11 . COLLEY, SHIRLEY, Dover, COMINSKY, EMANUEL M., Rochester CONSTABLE, GEORGE E.. Vlesttown CORDES, WILLIAM C., White Plains CORNWELL. JACK R., Moriah CORONA, VINA A., Cohoes CORWIN. RICHARD E., Eagle Harbor. . . COTTRELL, MARIAN E., Castile CRABTREE, JOHN VV., Syracuse . CREEDEN, HERBERT, Ridgeway . CROWELL, ROBERT B., Rushford . CLIRREY, DORIS A., Newburgh . DAMON, EVERETT D., Fredonia D'AVANZO, ARTHUR A., Sloatsburg DAVIS, DAVID C., Woodhull . . DeBOOVER, VINCENT P., Geneva .. DeFAZIO, LUCILLE M., Utica . De-JOIE, LOUIS, New York City . DENNINGTON, JAMES M., Geneva DEPEW, NEIL M., Wellsville DERZANOVICH, PAUL, Binghamton DEVINE, HUGH A., Binghamton . DICK, DEVANNA H., Amonate, Va. . DOBBINS, LANGFORD, Kendall DOLENGO, JOHN J., Sennett Medical Secretarial Frozen Foods Animal Husbandry Business Administration Rural Engineering Laboratory Technology . Radio Medical Secretarial Refrigeration . Refrigeration Rural Engineering Laboratory Technology Refrigeration Business Administration Agricultural Business Rural Engineering Medical Secretarial . Agronomy Rural Engineering Refrigeration Business . Agronomy Floriculture Agriculture Refrigeration and Air Conditioning DOLITTLE. DANA C., Elmira Diesel DOTY, MARILYN J., Newark .. . . . Laboratory Technology DOVE, AUSTIN, Skaneateles . .. .. . .. Refrigeration DRAIN, BEVERLY E., Livonia . . .. . . , F101-ieultul-Q DREW, NORMAN C., Andover . . . . Refrigeration EASTMAN, ELLWOOD J., Armonk . .. Refrigeration EMBURY, PHILIP W., wofoow .. . iPoo1tfy ERICKSON, EINARD D., Jamestown EVANS, KENNETH G., Wallace . . FAHEY, GORDON E., Port Leyden FAKE. ALONZO, V., Ilion . FANTON, JEANETTE L., Wellsyille FOSS, MARLENE B., Amsterdam FRANKEL, EDMUND, Paterson, N.J. FRASER, DANIEL F., Painted Post FRIEND ROBERT, Butler, N.J. Refrigeration . Radio Refrigeration Floriculture Medical Secretarial Laboratory Technology General Agriculture Animal Husbandry Construction Service FLYNKE, Bli1SClt'll . ,-Xgrgnglnv GARDINER, ELAINE M., Cohocton Business Secretarial I:31'IIllI1QClL'tl4' Ag1'0r10JJ1y GATES G. HOIVARD, Croton Falls Agronomy GAUVREAIQ, DAVID L., Kendall Refrigeration GEUTHER. DARYYIN L., Hlaymart, Pa. Dairy GOLDSTEIN, JOHN A., Middletown GOODRICH. GRACE A., Wlhite Plains Refrigeration Secretarial GOTTSHALL, BARBARA IVI., Binghamton Laboratory Technology GREEN, BERNARD E., Salamanca Refrigeration GREENHALGH, FREDRICK E., Niagara Falls Dairy GRIFFITH, MARK A., Pearl River GRIFFO, JOSEPH F., Geneseo Business Administration Business Administration GRILLO. CHRISTOPHER F., Syracuse Radio GULDEN, GEORGE J., Great Neck HALL, CHARLOTTE M., Riverside, C HALL, JAMES T., Westheld HARPER, WILLIAM F., Hlellsville HART, GERALD C., W'ellsyille HART, LOI.'IS H., Cohocton HARVEY, GEORGE C., Flushing HARVEY, ROBERT C., Lockport HARVEY. WILLIAM J.. Buffalo HENDERSON. HENRY F., Little Falls, HERRINGTON, ROBERT C., Osceola, HESSE, ELMER N., Roscoe HOEHN, LAYVRENCE H., ROIIIC .. HOLLISTER. IOHN M., Newark HOPSON, TOM N., Westfield .. . . HORAN, JOHN E., Andover HORVATH, EMMA E., N. Tonawanda HOYVDEN, INENDELL A., Fillmore HIGGINS, JOHN I., Argyle HLIMM. .ADELADE C., East Hampton HYSON, EDWARD A., Brodbecks, Pa. JACOBS, MURRAY, Poughkeepsie JENKEL, ROBERT L., Ellicottville . JOHNSON, ELDON L., Hlellsville JOHNSON, ROBERT L., Hinsdale JOHNSTON, RAYMOND S., London, Ont. JORDAN, WALTER J., sr., Blasdell KAIFLER, ALBERT R., Qu.-ooo Village KASAMESAN. RosooM. Washington, Do KEACH, JOHN C., Painted Post KELLY, ERNEST G., Pine City KENYON, ERWIN P., Penn Yan KESTER, JOHN Ravenna, Ohio KINNER, ROBERT L., Elmira Business Administration , . .onn. Florieulture Business Administration Radio Agricultural Business Business Aclministration Business Aclministration Rural Engineering Florieiiltiire Power Pa. Animal Husbandry . Diesel Floriculture Refrigeration Business Administration Business Agriculture Laboratory Technology Construction Service Rural Engineering Floriciilture Power Refrigeration Agronomy Refrigeration Construction Service Refrigeration Refrigeration Agronomy Refrigeration Power Business Administration General Agriculture Animal Husbandry Business Administration KIRKMAN, FRANKLYN L., Little Neck Power KNAPP, ALLEN A., Wlatertown KNOX, VIRGINIA, Elmira . KOCUR, NICHOLAS, Yonkers KOHBERGER, CARL, Elmira KOLTON, STAN L., Rome KRAFT, MERTON C., Sandusky KREUTZIGER, JOHN YV., lvferrick KRISCH, JOHN L., Jr., Flv Creek . Animal Husbandry Laboratory Technology Power Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Rural Engineering . . Radio Animal Husbandry .. . Refrigeration KRUGER. THOMAS F., Hamburg . . Power KIQHN, THOINIAS M., Upper Montclair, N.J. Rural Engineering Refrigeration LACENERE, JOSEPH, Middletown LAHR RAYMOND V., Geneva Rural Engineering LAMOREAIQX, CLIFFORD M., Jr., Orchard Park General Agriculture LANG, RICHARD F., Rochester .. Construction Service LEAVENS. JAMES R., Rushford LEISTMAN, FRANK, Franklin Square LEMEN, ANITA R., Dansville LEWIS, FRANK H., Lockport Floriculture Business Administration Laboratory Technology Floriculture LINGENFELTER, BERNARD, Niagara Falls . Floriculture LIssFELT, ERIR, Pittsburgh, Po. 173 . Agronomy LOCKHART, MARTIN A., Highland LOCKHART, MARY ANN, Highland LONERO. HELEN NI., Utica LOOPE, DALE R., Point Pleasant LOYELESS, HOXVARD D., Ithaca LOZZI, NICK, Ransomville LUKE, PAUL R., Rochester LYONS, NATHAN, Forest Hills . LYONS, ROBERT E., Rochester MCCANN, FDXYARD J., Brooklyn MCCONNELL, CHARLES E., Addison McGROSSO, EDGAR L., Hornell . MLLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM J., Rochester MLILEAN, XYILLIAM M., Binghamton MCMULLFN, JOHN L., Sandy Lake, Pa. McMURTRY, ELIZABETH A., Wellsville MACAULEY, DONALD IVI., Rochester MaDAN, LEWIS F., Union Springs Power Laboratory Technology Medical Secretarial Animal Husbandry Refrigeration . Animal Husbandry Refrigeration Business Administration . . Power . Animal Husbandry General Agriculture Refrigeration Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry . Floriculture Laboratory Technology . Refrigeration . ,..., .. . Power MAGGS, CHARLES F., Pulteney . ......,.,,,,,,.., ,,,. ,.,...,..,..,,.., D a Iry MARKHAM, PAUL R., Bergen ,,,,,,,,,.,, Business Administration AIARKS, ARNO, Brockport .Agricultural Business ISIARONEY, JOHN D., Jr., Averill Park Animal Husbandry BIARYIN, MAXWELL H., Almond . Refrigeration KIARX, IYILLIAKI C., New York City Refrigeration MASSAD. ROBERT R., Syracuse Refrigeration MAXSON, CARL R., Andover Refrigeration Special MAZUR, JOSEPH S., Gowanda . Power MEAD, CARL D., Bntlt-f, NJ. MEADE, ROGER E., Canton MEISSNER, PAUL E., Wellsville MEYJES, FRANS H., Calverton Construction Service Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Business Administration Rural Engineering MICKIEWICZ, ADAM P., Cambridge, Mass. Refrigeration and MILLER, FREDERICK A., Rochester MILLER, LESTER H., Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. MONACHELLI, FRANK G., Yonkers MOORE, LYLE D., Carthage MUZYKA, NICHOLAS N., New York City NEU, INIARY K , XVellsville NEYYTON, EARL H., Friendship NIENIYER, PRUDY L., LlZlIlZ1JOl'1Zll'lt' NORTHCOTE, RODNEY L., Otisville NORTON, FRED XY., Wellsville ODELL, RICHARD C., Akron O'GRADY, RICHARD F., Rochester OLES, JACK D., Kenmore O'NEIL, CLARENCE E., Yails Gatl- ORIMENKO, ALEC P., Cortland ORINIENKO, HARRY P., Cortland OSTERHOUDT, ALVIN L., Oneonta OTTAXYAY, HARRY E., Ripley PALAMARO, PETER Norwich PALCZYNSKI, RICHARD F.. Buffalo Air Conditioning Radio Refrigeration Dairy Refrigeration Radio Medical Secretarial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory Technology Business Administration Diesel Rural Engineering Refrigeration Agronomy Floriculture Radio Radio Construction Service General Agriculture Refrigeration Refrigeration and Air Conditioning PAYNE. ARTHUR D., Dansyille POWYCI' PEARSON, JOHN M., Gasport R1'fl'iHf'l'21U0n PELCHER, ROBERT. Manhasset Animal Husbandry PERRYINIAN, RICHARD B., North Tonawancla Dairy PESTLIN, FRANK, Batavia PETER, FRED B., Yonkers PETTICREXY, VAROLYN B., Elmira Business Administration Animal Husbandry Laboratory Technology PETZOLDT, EDWARD M., Beaver Falls ' POWPI' PFITZENNIAIER, ERNEST A., Hornell Rural Engineering PHILLIPS, BARBARA J., Wellsville PHILLIPS, HANFORD B., Hulberton PHILLIPS, NEWTON M., WU-llsville PLANK, LYLE E., Hornell Medical Secretarial General Agriculture Dairy Agronomy PLESSNER, ROBF RT F., Kew Gardens Business Administration PLOETZ, LEONARD A., Ellicottville Agronomy POTTER, YALE, Rot-ht-stt-r General .AEfiCUlU1l'6 POIVELL, ROSEMARY E., Niagara Falls Laboratory Technology PRAGEL, WILLIAM E., Wayland Frozen Foods PUTZIG, ROGER J., Oneida FlOI'1f'UlILl1'l' QUIGLEY, JAMES M., Rochester Poultry RADEFF, LEYVIS J., Lackawanna General Agriculture RAMBERT, YVILLIAM E., Rochester Refrigeration RAUBER, DONALD E., Wayland Business REITZ, JAMES A., Rochester Refrigeration REITZ, MARTIN J., Rochester . Refrigeration RENNER, BRUCE A., Mayville . .. .. . Refrigeration REX, CARL G-, Hornell . Business Administration REYNOLDS, DYYIGHT R., Gzlnisteo . . ...Floriculture RICH, ALYIL F., Buffalo . . , ,,,, V V ,,,, VYH, ,,,,--, D a iry RICOTTA, EDWARD C., North Collins Refrigeration RIEMER, MARTIN H., Middleport .General Agriculture RIZZO, SAM. Jamestown . Reffigel-ation ROBINSON, FREDERICK J., Buffalo . . Refrigeration RODDEN, NEIL J., Springheld Gardens .. Refrigeration ROGERS, ALFRED R., Richburg . .... . Refrigeration ROGERS, ROBERT W., Darien Center ROHRING. DONALD W., Wilson .. ROLL, JAMES X., Alden . .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, V ROSS, JERRY, Seneca Falls . . . . Refrigeration and Air Conditioning .. . .. Poultry Construction Service ..........Refrigeration E., I,OCkpO1't V VVVVVV V V, Bugingsg Administration RYCRAFT, CLARENCE A., Tulley .. .. . Business RYMAL, JUNE E., Hornell Business Administration SABBARESE, ALBERT I., Syracuse . ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, F r Ozen Foods SAI-ISBURY. ORISON, Loudonville , , A . . Radio SALMI, CLIFFORD E., Van Etten SANFORD, HAROLD VV., Jamestown .. .. SANTUCCI, FRANK, Rochester . . . . Business .........Refrigeration ...Business SAYILLE, DONALD, Orchard Park Rural Engineering sc:IIILLER, FRED Ic.,wIt1to Plains . SCHLOSSER, ARTHUR J., Rochester . scnNAI'rz, LESLIE cz., Alfred Station SCHNECKENBURGER, RALPH, Xfarsaw ............Frozen Foods .. . . .. Radio . ..... .. Business General Agriculture SCHULTZ, JACQUELINE A., Elmira Laboratory Technology SCHUYLER, ROBERT H., Naples ... SCHIVAN, JOHN M., Y'Vestburv SCORSONE, THOMAS M., Mt. lVIorris SEDOTA, GEORGE, Fredonia SEGLIN, LESTER L., Brooklyn . SEYMOUR, HAROLD E., Castile SHELDON, JOHN E., Hudson SHERWOOD, DAVID YV., Rochester SHIESLEY, VERN L., Tonawanda SILSBEE, LEWYIS, Cohocton SIMEK, CHARLES F.. Newburgh SIMPSON, ARTHUR K., Buffalo SIPP, DONALD P., Brooklyn . . SMITH, W'ILLIAM E., Moorestown, SNEIDER, MILDRED S., Pearl River SNYDER, JOHN, East Aurora SOPER. ROBERT T., Elmira . SPATEHOLTS, LAROY, Hudson SPAULDING, YAUGHN, Hornell STABLER, GARED C., Glen Rock, Pa. STANLEY, WAYNE, Salamanca S FEYENS, JOSEPH A., Gloversville STOLL, FRED, Port Jervis STOTTLE, LESLIE J., Elmira STOYY. ALAN. Elmira STRAUSS, FRED, Johnson City . Dairy Floriculture Refrigeration . Frozen Foods Agronomy Refrigeration Refrigeration .Agronomy Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Frozen Foods Frozen Foods Refrigeration Animal Husbandry . Dairy Floriculture . Floriculture . . .Power , Power Engineering Floriculture Animal Husbandry Radio Animal Husbandry General Agriculture . Radio Construction Service Rural sL'MsIEltnAvEs, DONALD w., no-Ho-Ros, NJ. .. .Diesel SUTPHEN. THOMAS, Binghamton .. TARR, BERNARD B., Waterloo TAYLOR, HERMAN G., Cuba TAYLOR, MAHLON B., Massena TAYLOR WARREN F. Gainesville . TEvELoiA'ITz, DANIEL, South Follobtn-g .. if P TEZANOS, FRED, Nlngnfn Falls Rural Engineering Refrigeration Radio Refrigeration Refrigeration Frozen Foods Refrigeration and Air Conditioning THOMAS, RODERICK G., Bronx Business Administration TIERNEY, JEANNE, Bath . Medical Secretarial TINSLEY, JACK M., Salem, O. . . . . Refrigeration TITUS, RICHARD G., Endwell Business Administration TOMLJENOVICH, GEORGE V., Lackawanna Refrigeration TOVVSLEY, WVILLARD J., Wiooclhull .. TULETT, PAUL E., Geneva TYMCZYSZYN, EDMOND, Buffalo UNTERBORN, WALTER F., Hilton Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration Rural Engineering UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM T., Little York Animal Husbandry UTT, WILLIAM W., Jr., Hornell ........................... Refrigcratiml VALENTINE, GLENN M., Delhi .. .. .. . Refrigeration VALVO, JOSEPH F., Forestville ....... 174 .................Power VANGELLOYV, PAUL S., Rochester Refrigeration VAN VVORMER, GEORGE D.. Schenectady Dairy VIRION. FRANCIS X., lNest Nyack , . .. Florieulture VOSSLE-R, DON.ALD A., Alfred ,.,, ,.,,,, . .. , , H Refrigeration WAGNER, CLARENCE D., Almond . Refrigeration VVALKER, GLORIA J., Elmira . Floriculture WALTERS, KENNETH W., Bath . Business YYARING, RAYMOND J., Derby .. Poultry WATSON, ROBERT D., Wellsville . . .. Refrigeration VVATT, VVILLIAM I., Rochester . ., Refrigeration NVAYTENA, VVILLIAM L., Elmira Power VVEBER, MORGAN J., East Aurora .. .. .. . .. . Power YVEBSTER, HUGH F., Elmira . ., . . .. Power WELD, CORRINE L., Arkport . Laboratory Technology AVELLS, VERNON F., Jr.. Riverhead Rural Engineering IVESTLAKE, JOHN E., Hornell . .. . . .. . . . Diesel YVHEATON, GROVER, Endwell . . Refrigeration VVHITE, NANCY M., Buffalo . .. ,,,, Seeretarial YVHITE, ROBERT L., Conesus ,,,, . Refrigeration YVILCOX, MORRIS L., Port Allegany, Pa. Business Administration IVILCOX, ROBERT A., Cohocton Business Administration lVILCOX, INILLARD E., Manlius .Rural Engineering 'WILDER, DONALD R., New York City Agronomy AVILEY, ROY J., Antwerp . . . . Power YVILLIAMIS, DEAN G., lVest Valley .. Poultry YVILSON, ROBERT J., Canandaigua Refrigeration IVING, JOHN E., Batavia . . . . .. Refrigeration XVISE, HENRY C., Elmira .. . WVITTER, JAMES S., Andoyer . . . AVOODIVORTH, GORDON G.. Deleyan . . IVOOLSTON, CLARE D., Pittsford . IVRIGHT, GORDON H., Clarkson .. .. IVYANT, RUSSELL A., New York City Dairy Construction Service Radio Rural Engineering General Agriculture A Diesel SCHOOL FOR AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN ABRAHAINIS, ELIZABETH, Newton Center, Nfass. Pottery AITCHISON, PETER C., lVichita, Kan, BATES, RANDOLPH H., Ocean City, BAYER. HENRY New York BEBARFALD, ELAINE, Baldwin BEYER, OLIVER J., Buffalo BOSLEY, JEAN T., Baltimore, Mel. BRODHEAD, JEANNE Kingston BUDREYVICZ, JOSEPH A.. Englishtown, CHAPAIAN, ROBERT R., Cambridge, lVIass. CLARK, RUTH, VVinnetka, Ill. CLYMER, DAVID B., Drexel Hill, Pa. DeMARIA, DOLORES C., Peekskill . DUNN, FLORENCE V., Los Angeles, Calif. DUNN. VIRGINIA, Hiichita, Kan. FELDMAN, CAROL S., YVhite Plains FISHER, CHARLES E., lN'est Stewartstown, N.H. FUSARO, LUCA A., Brooklyn GARGEL, EDWIN BOOTH, Ridgewood GEMMILL, JAMES W., Troy GOETZE. GABRIELE I., New Hayen, Conn. GREELEY, WILLIAM A., Albany HALE, PETER B., Saratoga Springs HAMMOND, RUSSELL W., Marion HEMANS, JOSEPH A., .Auburn HIRONIMUS, HELEN C.. Mt. Vernon, JOHNSTON, HUGH R., Midland Park, N.J. KAISER, SUSAN, Pelham Manor Ind. KENT, PRISCILLA M., Ithaca . . . . KILTON, RICHARD W., Sullivan, Ill. KNIGHT, JOHN R., Yvorcester, Mass. LAURELL, KARL E., Pawtucket, R.I. LEININGER, ROBERT L., Lexington, Ky. .. LOBENSKY, HANNAH. Staatsburg MALCOLM, MARGARET, Hamburg MANB1-:oK. LOREN WARD, Valley City, N.D. MEINHARDT, ROBERT H., Chicago, Ill. . .. O'LEARY, JOHN J., Detroit, Mich. ....... .. ....... PARKER. CHARLOTTE, Grosse Pointe, Mich. PATTISON, JAMES R., Needham, Mass. Afetalsinithing lVoodworking YVoodworking Metalstnithing Woodworking lVoodworking Nfetalstnithing lVoodworking Textiles Metalsniithing Metalsinithing Textiles Nletalsinithing Aff-tal Metalsmithing XVoodworking Vioodworking lN'Ietalsniithing lvoodworking Pottery Pottery Pottery Textiles lVoodworking Textiles Wioodworking Nletalsmithing Textiles IVoodworking Woodworking Textiles YN'oodworking Pottery Pottery IN oodworking . Pottery 7 .. .. Pottery Pottery Metalsmithint RAFFARD, GERALD A., Canisteo ROLFE, NYARD A., Rochester SAM, PAULINE H., Bentley, Okla. SANFORD, ALMA C., Johnstown SCOTT, JOAN E., Garden City SIVERS, CORA J., Wt-llsyille SOMERS, ANNE A., Rochester . STARKWEATHER, HERMAN R., Bedford Hills SVAHN, JUNE IRENE, Valley Cottage TenEYCK, SUSAN C., Schenectady THOMAS, MARY ONA, Narberth, Pa. TOCKMAN, JOSEPH M., Denver, Colo. TRAVIS, BETTY A., Brooklyn VAN DEUSEN, THOMAS, Ionia, Mieh. IVEINTROB. META, Brooklyn WELLS, JEAN E., Almond VVOLF, MATTHEW' XV., Ellenyille WVOODXVARD, MARY L., Ridgewood YOUNG, SARA B., Clinton, Tenn. ZIELINSKI, LOUIS S., Phoenixville, Pa. Woodworking Nietalsmithing Pottery Pottery Textiles Textiles Textiles Pottery Textiles Metalsmithing Pottery VVoodworking Pottery Pottery Pottery Metalsmithing lVoodworking Textiles Pottery ltioodworking SPECIAL STUDENTS ANDRESEN, PER BJORN, Norway ARGYROS, ARTHUR JANIES, Hornell Liberal Arts Liberal Arts ASQUITH, RUSSELL MAYNARD Jr., Little Valley BARRUS, RUSSELL HUNT, Penn Yan BASSO, TERESA ANN, Hornell BLATT, HARRY AARON. Monticello BOHLE, ANN STRATTON BROXVN, HAROLD LLOYD, XV:irren, Pa. BROXVNWELL, WAYNE ERNEST, llorns-ll BURDAY, SEYNIOUR. New York BURDICK, ROBERT BAAR, Alfred CHIU, HUNC VVEN. Shanghai. China COLE, DOROTHY M.. Aft-llsyille CRANDALL. YYILLIATVI B.. Alfred DICKENS. DONALD A.. Alfred DOMENICALI, MAKINE, Alfred FARNHANI, RETA C., Frankfort FAUST, ERNEST H., Highland GRUNOIY, ROBERT IV.. Bath HALLET, RICHARD D., Orchard Park HARRISON, IRVING D.. Horn:-ll IIERROLD, LFAR. C.. lVilliamsport, Pa. HURLEY, ANN D.. Tulsa, Okln. INDYK, ITKA. Sydney, Australia JONES, ROBERT FARINIER, Blythe, Ga. KIRKENDALE, DORIS AI., Toronto, Canada PHILIP P.. Hornell THEODORE S., Hornell LARNARD, LARNARD, LOMBARD, FRANCINA H., Bedford, S. Africa LONDONO, LUIS H.. Meclellin, Colombia M"INTYRE, WILLIANI E., Manehester, Conn. MILDRED G. NIANBECK. AIERIAAI, PHILIP AV., South Lincoln, ltlass. MILLER, ELXVIN L., Addison NULLER, FRANK L.. Priendshin NIILLER, JONATHAN S., Jamaica INIILLS, COR-X E.. Rexyille MILNE, JAIVIES N.. lvlalyern, England IVIORSCH, NIARY A.. Dansyille IVIOTT, MERTON A.. Oneida I O'CONNOR, PHYLLIS R., Allred OELYVANG. ROBERT C., Hornell PATTERSON. CLARE B., Niagara Falls PETERS, BURGESS G., Calliroon . PIERCE, JOHN T.. Alfred Station POEDSFIH. NIATHIAS P.. Schenertady RACINE, FRITZ E.. Haiti, BANLI. RAYMOND, ROSEINIARY, Chiraio, Ill. REID. MARY J.. Almond ' RUGGLES, ROBERT AV.. Elmlfll RUHLMANN, RAYINIOND E., Lockport TULLAR, BAYARD C., W'ellsyille . TURNBULL. ROBERT C., Alfred VAN HENNICK, RAY. Almond VVASHBURN, LUCIUS H., lvfayfield . WECKNER, COREENE C., Genesee, Pa. 175 A rts Liberal Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Arts Arts Liberal Libr-ral Engineering Liberal Engineering Glass Arts A rt s Liberal Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Design Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Lib'-ral Arts Liberal Arts Lib:-rail .A rts Design Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Design Liberal Arts Engine-erin! Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts . Engineering Design GRADUATE STUDENTS ACHIQFF, JAMES T., Milwaukee, Wis. ALYERSON, DONALD R., Gulfport, Miss. BRADY. JUSTIN M., Alton, Ill. . BRASTED, HOWARD S., Hornell . BIQLLOCK, RICHARD D., Norwich CLARK, GEORGE B., Allentown . CLEEYES, HENRY W., Newburgh CONKLIN, GORDON C., Geneseo DELMASTRO, ANGELO, Newark DenBRAYEN, RICHARD, Clifton, DREYER, DONALD H., Alfred . FLANDERS. CAROLYN J., Hornell FOSTER, ROBERT P., Lanoka Harbor, N.J. Desig I1 . Liberal Arts Desig I1 Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glass Liberal Arts GILBERTSON, XVARREN A., Grown Point, Ind. GONZALES, JACK, New York GRIPPEN, PHYLLIS J., Hannibal, NIO. GRIFFITH. RALPH A., YYintield HARNLY, SUSAN A., New York HARRIS, BERNICE G., Staten Island HEASLEY, JAMES H., Patehogue . HOLMAN. EUGENE XY., Alfred l'IL'Fl"CL"l', HAROLD XY., Andover INDYK. ALBERT D., Sydney, Australia JOHNSON. JOHN P., Yiborg, S.D. JONES, GEORGE A., Sherrill KANE. DANIEL F., Dunkirk KANE, JOHN L., Dunkirk KARKHANAYALA, MINOCHER D., Bombay, KE.-xRNEx', PETER w., Olyplmm, Pa. KINNERNEY, MARY 1., Hornell . Desig H Design Liberal Arts Design Liberal Arts Lib: Eng Desig H -ral Arts lI1t'Cl'lI'l cr 5 cr Engineerin Engineering A Engineering Design Engineering Engineering Engineering India Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts KIRSCH, ALPHONSE J., Hornell ,.,. Engineering KNUDSEN, FRIEDRICH P., New York ...... Engineering LOREY, GEORGE EDWIN, Freeport . ..................,r,.,..,,,,,,, Glass MLYRTHY, M. KRISHNA, Bangalore, India ,,,, ',,, ..,,....,.,,,,.,, G l 355 NEGORO, MINNIE, Montebello, Calif. . .. . Design NIGHOLL, EMILY J., Carthage ...., .. ..... .... ..., . . .Liberal Arts PADGETT, EDXVARD D., East Orange . Engineering PARIKH, NIRANJAN M., Baroda, India . .,.. . Glass PARKER, HARRY S., Irving ................ ..... E ngineering PARKER, NORA U., Brooklyn ...... Engineering PASQUALE, AUGUST C., Wellsville . Liberal Arts PITNEY, YVILLIAM E., Eastport . . Design PRINDLE, ERWIN W., Bolivar E . . RASCH, ANTHONY A., Ansonia, Conn. REED, JOHN L., Bath E . ROMANO, THOMAS J., Plainfield, SASLOYV, HERBERT B. . . . SECREST, JAMES D., Muncie, Ind. SEPHTON, HOWARD I., Alfred . . SLLSARSKI, PETER A., Syracuse . TEETER, YVILLIAM F., Hornell .. . . . TINKLEPAUGH, JAMES R., Hornell . .... . TIYVARY, R. PRASAD, Jubbulpore, India VHUNORMAN, MARY E., Ole-an . .. .... ..... . .. VAUTHIER, SIMONE G., Soigny, France WEGKEL, YVILLIAM NNilkes Barre, Pa. WHEELER, M. XVALTER, Elkland, Pa. .. .. WHITTAKER, JOHN D., Buffalo . . WHITNEY, JOHN R., wesraeld, Pa. WILSON, ROGER E., Lockport .. .... . ...... WORTH, HARRY MALCOM, Wilkes Barre, Pa. WRIGHT, JACK E., Wfatsontown, Pa. . Printed and Bound by F. A. Owen Publishing Company at Dansville, N.Y. 176 Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Design Engineering Design Liberal Arts Engineering Glass Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts . . Design ry. 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Suggestions in the Alfred University - Kanakadea Yearbook (Alfred, NY) collection:

Alfred University - Kanakadea Yearbook (Alfred, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Alfred University - Kanakadea Yearbook (Alfred, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Alfred University - Kanakadea Yearbook (Alfred, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Alfred University - Kanakadea Yearbook (Alfred, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Alfred University - Kanakadea Yearbook (Alfred, NY) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Alfred University - Kanakadea Yearbook (Alfred, NY) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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