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Text from Pages 1 - 190 of the 1969 volume:

li s P I I r 1 l 4 Hy. .V ...r .. V. U 2-,:,,,. ' ,-. 'rx I A 1 X: n,v2,U,4 v K i 'L' - . I .I '4 .-,Q-f'. , ' '. 'NL ,,'i,.n ,iq fn' -5 Pd 2-1 , 5'-4 v , . g f-gif, . .I ' ef ,H ,I AQ' 1 1 LN .X V " If-5,7 . . 5-4 ,Amt r . 1, F F 1 sr I V AL . Aj- :xr .2 .vii I " ' 14, , .H A , ' - - - H H .N ' ' . T 'K F - .r f' . 54' -- J, fr., Q.. "W .1 - . , ' A- , -f f. .3- 'H : :A H . - - Q-, .,. 4.,,, -1 ,, .. ... 4 .J 1 A .- , M., -M11 5 ,A -- ,l .H ,5 A,-L, .11 ,A .' -b, x . X ' 7 -pg. gv ',. '. . N 1 .5 " ., ,- , . 5,2 ,vw . ,. - H 'M , -3- 'Y' ,' . ph 1 ' ,,, vi . " , 4 J. ' + 4 v..g.'4f :yn J 1 ' ' ' '- ' . .: mx, k 1. Qgfy ' -N, . V ,, A , , K 4 '1 P .',, .,f.K ,,,q- . , u I .., , - 7 1 if 1 'rx ' . . , lg .. , , . -Y . - ' X- -X Hall. "f ' A' ' . "' wwf' '-'M ' ..., - . ., , , .I I , 5, , Ax I . an. ,N "' r gn, QJ.-,,f'..iv'. . -.3,., ". - 1 V- .. ,,,4..q-..f-f 5.55, ,,m,L1., .4 .. J., : K 4 K 5 ' -. -. Y.:-Q. A-'f ,,. , -f 11 ' . . .- W A A 0, xr. In . fn 14. K . ff- Q Min A init' gf 4.1 K , + ' ':- .- f' am , 5-143 , , 'A 4' .. 5' , r' +V . 1 , , 3- L. - .,..-' '-df, , g . 1 - w 'fx ' . 1 , , -- n' 'c 1 , R, ,041 1 . ls: , X I l I in in 'ul V .AJ Ii , l Y 'IJ V KH 1, A . .L Q 1 . I. M .,. 1-' .-.. 1 ' ' m K . 1 A. , ' -QW. .V-. .wg x ' x . , ,iz 1 5 J' ' n I . , If 4, :V nl '- ,,. . - -4 , -J-1 lik- , ll ..Q,g-- 'Iv l .nf , J 4jV..U,, 'J 1 ' lk 1 'fu ' .v - A ,-.. I -2 , ,. 'T' lf' "-'-- A - . - -n a-.- ' .. - '- ' 1.'4-'ff 'A ...xfqf-h A ,... . ,, 'Q' ,: "-JW ' .,,,x X " -- fra' '- '- -ai-'FTBH .4 ' fs ,AAS--L1 .4-4. p X rf: Yfr I I '.f'! :Mya t.,!m.y.,. Q--f Q l +5 g"'- if '7' el u. 1.4, '59 A X 1. , -V I' st ,ymxf . -y' A 41 '24-j.1x6'S'gM ' v -, Dean Roger Rawe Mr Casper J Tnmper Mr Max M Farash - President, David H. Huntington, Mr. William B. Harrison - Chairman, Mr Richard Wiles Mr Sherman B Shults Mr Pat Lester Mr. Montgomery E. Mitchell, Mr. Herald Ford. ABSENT: Mr. Harold A. Shay, Mr Theodore M McClure Dr Sebastian Martorana S U N Y. ex officio. Mr. Sherman Shults was appointed to the College Council in 1963, passed away January 26, 1969. "Perhaps you have never encountered the name of Sherman Shults. As a member of the College Council, a group of citizens who have the final decision on many of our proposals, he held a very important position on this campus. A few of us were honored with being invited to a College Council meeting last fall. Mr. Shults, to me, was one of the finest, most liberal minded, older persons I had met in a long time. His pro-youth attitude was balanced by other members and I have always felt that we, as students, were represented on that board by Mr. Shults. From the viewpoint of a student, I can sincerely say he will be missed." A Student 2 1 To the Seniors: YOUR FINAL EXAM A - Can you effectively contribute to modern society with your acquired skills? - Can you assume responsibility within your community as an informed, concerned and contributing citizen? - Can you demonstrate a human concern for your fellow man in all your relationships? - Have you established a sense of values and developed the will to live by and defend your principles? - Will you extend your personal growth through the practical application of skills and continued education? It is obvious to any graduate as he faces new endeavors that his final exam is not completed until he has demonstrated his effectiveness as a productive member of society. Your response to the above questions will be a measure of your potential effectiveness, as well as a measure of the extent to which the college has fulfilled its objectives. I believe the members of this graduating class can and will pass the test. Best wishes in your future endeavors. ?1 " David I-I. I-Iun fr President 3 PROFESSOR WILLIAM W. STCPPER A' 1 . fu qw.. Y-.--M-Y c.T' ,--L.m.,.,...,-,,,,,,Q .-.n,:,,,E, M-mn Q- - The highest purpose is to impart knowledge, the ultimate achievement is to impart wisdom. To master both of these objectives is in itself a great accomplishment, but to be distinguished as a teacher of moral and intellectual integrity is an additional achievement which deserves due ad- miration. An outstanding teacher is one who willingly de- votes his time and energies for the welfare and benefit of his students. It is not the mere fact that he dedicates himself to the students, but that he does it with vigor and enthusiasm which penetrates the classroom. Besides inspiring each student to realize his full potential, he is eager to lend them assistance in every possible way. To us, this more than characterizes William W. Stopper. We are proud to dedicate this edition of the Statonian to William Stopper, who has repeatedly proved himself Worthy of such a recognition. At this time We Wish to express our sincere gratitude for your patience and understanding and for all that you have given to the students of Alfred State College. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Faculty Seniors Dorms Greeks Wellsville Division Grganizations Clubs Sports ADMINISTRATION M:-.:',." 1 ' ' 9' 'L 4. '-.23-'am N. my m , i ' is . ,- ,ve I ,.J""tQ"""""'1. -,zr 431 IV 1 st . . is ., ,XMZUV IVVIV , . U ,. .1 I Z W..i K ,. , V K 5 ,,,, fs " Qf f g f ff 1 5, f 5 f Z ?' x yi 1 ,W V it Y' 7 mf 47 W J is 1 L ' 1 fn . . Zami' " " Q' Wyfa , 'M ' wwf ff Y , wa ' ZW I 5 iii 1 DL George R. Morgenfeld Orville W. Johnston Y R Mi10 E- vanHaH Dean of Instruction Assistant to the President Dr. ROEC1' F- awe Director of Student Vicwpfcsidem of College Academc Service ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT l i - ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Hovorka, Mr. Cameron, Mr. G1bbS - D1r6Ct01' Of Admlsslons- Donald F. Joncs Harold D. Babcock Dr. Warren L. Bouck Rf-'bert L- Love . Professor and Chairman Associate Dean of Students Professor and Chairman Professor and Chalrmalf Wcllsvillc Vocational Division Wellsville ' ' ' Division of Arts and Science Health Technologies Dlvision 8 may -, .Uv K. f . vw. ' A Hemi Direct i i i William W- Stopper George S Whitney ShiI16Y E Wurz Vincent G tta ' - . Tro Professor and Chairman Pf0feSS0I 2-Hd Chaimlan Dea of Students Associate Dean of Students Agricultural Division Engineering Technologies Division Alfred Herman E. Sickef- George W. Herrick Donald H. Gibbs , Robert E. McEnroe Director of Financial Aid Director of Counseling Services DiIeC'f01' of AdmiSSi0I1S Director of Placement X 1 a STUDENT ACADEMIC SERVICES Mr, CianCi0si Mr McCartney Mr. Lowerey, Mr. Van Hall - Directorg Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Mc Enroe. ABSENT: Mr. Hovorka, Mr. Sicker. 9 x- . ski, .sw-qrnpsf-wsu--..,4 s . .1- --l COUNSELING SERVICE CENTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Montanye, MTS- f Francis P. Hogan Director of Conferences A 4 1 I S 5 N I 2 4 1 r I I 1 I I 4 2 1 Wilham H. Spelman 111 Coordinator of Student Activities Robert W. Grogan Assistant to the President for Community Relations John E. Gradoni Professor and Chairman ' Business Technologies Division Gerald L. McCartney George Quinn Schwert Mr. Blankenship, Mr. Herrick, Mr. McBride, Mrs. Lanshe, Mr. Meacham. Robert B. Granger Registrar Ed ard H. Jekel w Director of Alumni Affairs Manager of Information System Director of Faculty Student 10 Association islwmwi f"" "" V ' "2S'w1'4s'ZW' 7 14' W h E fr i W , . , ,Z ,Whiz gl 5 ,. ' . X . 4 WWW ' W fu m P ' ' .. ,' ' A- H .T gezswsmcmif:fmgs -5, V -ww, .... . vgmsef iw ., re?"':Q.j' "" 'mt ter rf. A 0 HZ ,. swfsasf it Wfvwffw, 'Q-V . 2 .f.ff.4::f F ..,,. Jeanne C. Mead Director Food Services FTCCTITC Hoffmann Llbranan Director of Business Affairs William B. Fischer Richard Giedlin Director of Athletics and Physical Education William S. Havens Co-ordinator Physical Education STUDENT PERSONNEL SERVICES LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. G. Herrick - Coordinator of Counseling Servicesg Mr. H. Babcock - Associate Dean of Students Wellsvilleg Mr. P. Moore - Coordinator of Housingg Mr. W. Horton - Coordinator of Student Affairsg Miss S. Wurz - Dean of Studentsg Mr. V. Trotta - Associate Dean A ' 't' M H Sicker Coordinator of Student Financial Ards' Mr. N of Students Alfredg Mr. W. Spelman III - Coordinator of Campus ct1v1 resg r. . - , Obuhanich - Campus Security. 11 - -. ...,..,-A - - - .LZ g -- . : g..r,.i." .- . V "AL: .L . AGRICULTURAL DIVISION f AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ROW ONE: Instructor Myers, Asst. Professor Doerschug, Pro- fessor Kroutil, Dept. Head, Instructor Krumwiede. HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT ROW ONE: Tech. Asst. Combs, Professor Smith, Dept. Head, In- structor Yelle, Jr., Asst. Professor Winslow, Jr., Asst. Professor Car- , ter, Tech. Asst. Mead. ABSENT: Instructor Evans. AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT ROW ONE: Asst. Professor Granger, Professor Boyce, Dept. Head, Asst. Professor Mac Donald, Asso. Professor Parish. ROW TWO: Asst. Professor Covert, Asst. Professor Gary, Asst. Professor Thomas, Asst. Professor Stanley, Mr. Merritt, Farm Superintendent, Asst. Professor Brown, Asso. Pro- fessor Wietgrefe, Asst. Professor Friend, Asst. Pro- fessor Bartell. HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES DEPARTMENT ROW ONE: Asst. Professor McMurray, Tech. Asst. Bowker, Tech. Asst. Griswald, Tech. Asst. Fuller. ROW TWO: Asso. Professor Sco- field, Acting Dept. Head, Asst. Professor Streett, Asso. Professor Fairchild, Asst. Professor Schwert, Asst. Professor Boyd, Asso. Pro- fessor Putnam, Asst. Professor Andolina, Asst. Professor Gaisser. V. X F1 ad , Z... 24 'S NURSING DEPARTMENT ROW ONE: Instructor Herrick, Instructor Crayton, Asst. Pro- fessor Kenerson. ROW TWO: Asst. Professor Daniels, Asst. Professor Brady, Dept. Head, Asst. Professor Savering, In- structor Smith. .--f--ff 'Y' .....,, -..Lg-A. :auf - :.,,fA 1 is Qs. t BUSINESS DIVISION x1:.,'7 -4. 7+ fx Qgkq BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROW ONE: Asst. Professor Beckerink, Asst. Professor Keyes, Asst. Professor Rusinko. ROW TWO: Asst. Professor Cushman, Asst. Professor Hannan, Asst. Professor Sands, Professor Frick, Dept. Head, Professor Davis, Professor Crandall, Asst. Professor Hogan. ABSENT: Asso. Professor Beaton, Asst. Professor Smith. ,rs rfvlf' EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Y ROW ONE: Instructor Wheat I L - , Willard' Professor Lcathcrsichv l'SZ:IigrL?StfUCt?f VOSIJUISIL Asst. Professor Urdahl. ROW TWO: Instructor Griffiths, Instructor Ssof Fosesan, Asst. Professor Lew1s. ABSENT: Instructor Wagner. 1 4 1 hs 0 ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES DIVISION CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY ROW ONE: Professor Nudd, Dept. Head. ROW TWO: Asst. Professor Herrick, Asst. Professor Joyce, Tech. Asst. Barber, Asso. Professor Sylvester, Asst. Professor Ehrig. MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY T. Hungerford, L. Lobdell, P. Judson, E. Winterhalte I6 I, W. Meacham, R. Stahhnan, D. Smith, P. Alesso, F. Baran. L I DIVISION of ARTS and SCIENCE SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Asst. Professor Hardy, Asst. Professor Diemoz, Asst. Professor Price, Professor Potter, Department Head. ABSENT: Instructor Barrett, Asst. Professor Berliner, Asso. Professor Jones, Instructor Marlatt, Professor Rohver. W 1 18 ENGLISH Sc HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT ROW ONE: Professor Dirlan, Asst. Professor Flynn, Asst. Professor McCamy, Instructor Albrecht, Professor Wood, Dept, Head, Asst. Professor Owen, Asst. Professor Benson, Asst. Professor Rooney, Asso. Professor Clarke. ABSENT: Instructor Daniel, Asso. Professor Dille, Asst. Professor Gillespie, Instructor Lash, Instructor Love, Asst. Professor McCarty, Asst. Professor Nye. MATH DEPARTMENT - ROW ONE Professor Soule De t Head' Asso Professor Harris Asst Professor Streeter Asso Professor Hackett Asst Professor Dav1s 2 1 p ' 7 - 1 ' 5 '. 7 ' l . Asst. Professor Schmidt, Asst. Professor Wenslow, Asso. Professor Malick, Asst. Professor Pntchard, Asst. Professor Phrlhpson, Asso Professor Schon. 19 ., .v...1t- 1 :L-. LZ..--F .',.:.:::.-13 -ffgmggggg, , 5-4 , V--3, ,,4.g: LL . H Vg , -1 ARTS and SCIENCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT . . ABS ROW ONE: Asst. Professor Patton, Mr. Giedlin, Director of Athletlcsg Instructor Trotta, Asst. Professor Hav6nS Instructor Babcock. 20 B ' , l Q CAMPUS SECURITY Ponce .V-hhs-a+'i" 2 U I 1 M4 5 ! 1 R Y 1 i Row ONE: w. Rounds, Chicfg M. obuhanick. Row TWO: w. Tfeahy, J. AQ-1ams,w. Muse, H. Everriu, C. Burdick, A. Kem, K. Kean R' Cfamef' ABSENT: E. Burch. D. Wing. 22 VOCATICNAL DIVISION ' ,J 4' V V If uh A FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT InstructorK Engelder Assoc InstructorD Slocum Asst Professor? VanK1eek 23 4 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E 1 1 I 1 I 1 i 1 I 1 1 1 E . 1 1 1 I 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J Y NW? ' V , x if Ag . K gay- X :gg-Y ' MI , 5ih'.Q7'V - . A 'f f f, xx ' f V 4 . 1 f Q io 7, . Z 50 Sara May Abbey Conewango Valley, N- Y- Food Service Gilbert M. Alday, Jr. Sherman, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Nancy E. Allison Corning, N. Y. Retail Business Management Stephen Ambrozik Elmira, N. Y. Design and Drafting l l Q F '4Z.'f7 Maria F. Abenante Seaford, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science . , John R. Anderson Oyster Bay, N. Y. lfood Distribution l E f"' is f K . X E ,- K A ..' . g se s... . X. . 4 - 5.5. - - - -- .vs-"N-Cir' .-: 3:--'.g-C-1:.- .1 -A,1,:j,..::g:-LN-g,?Q.,:J Q :R 3-,E-55 -.55.ai4.Q-,XX ' S 'f -S Ja'-': a-.alfa-1'2fP11+ 3, .115:::.r1s.53,,3' , .-:.rer:- .ref-. M..-4-. , ..., 'rf--nf .-55-S113-2? Q '35-'.,. - 4 4 .-fZ:.:.z:5f:.w::WEK3 A-. :-.EQ-, 4- - ' - ' 1 .153--'sg----::q:,fs-gg 1,1'.:-.-.v,',,..g,, ff. ' A-Z"M'1f'lf51i:'P . 1 '-'-"-":..-74'-it 'bug--Wa. -1gff1:::5,-:qf:g:::: ,-:g-:g2:,-:pk-tg-if-L.g.':,f,.4P19g,q,',,,:g5'.a-., .pg-..:--1 .1-431' 51:35 3:1521 '',,':,fQ:,gy,4g-1:1-3m John R. Adams Richard T. Adams Cuba, N. Y. Olean, N. Y. Food Service Business Administration Margaret M. Allen Beam' Kenmore, N. Y. Gena Medical Lab. Technology Rel Celestine Alphonso Sabarmati Gujindi Rat Air Conditioning D 4? s 'AX x"1T'T"l?' Margaret Anderson Robbie L. Anderson bum Nunda, N, Y. Pavilion, N. Y. llhin, Medical Secretarial Science Nursing Muir Margaret I. Anibal Ransomville, N. Y. Data Processing Beatrice Armstrong Geneva, N. Y. Retail Business Management Robert F. Avens Water Mill, N. Y. Agriculture Business Richard J- Anthony Sharon R. Ardell Kenmore, N. Y. Vestal, N. Y. Food Service Nursing Roger B. Arliss Clyde, N. Y. General Agriculture agile -A '56 Peter A ttardo Livonia, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Thomas E. Ayers Castile, N. Y. Agriculture Engineering P 84 M , H I ,M f,,'W..5- n V A 'X , :- Laurene H, Babcock Paulette Baccile Christopher Backshall Robert N.. Bader Albion N Y Burdett N Y. New Vernon, N. J. Stony Point, N. Y. . l ' ' . . - , ' - - - Landscape Development Animal Husbandry Medical Secretarial Science Business Administration 29 1 I William M. Badolato Rye, N. Y. Food Service l 4 1 l i 3 I 1 ll i 4 l i l i il' in i 5 I li 5, ll ,r i l ll Dorothy B. Bailey . Dansville, N. Y. Nursing 1 l l l Jonathan Baker i East Aurora, N. Y. Electrical Service Elizabeth V. Balet Pelham. N. Y. Design and Drafting 5... William Bailey, Jr. Limestone, N. Y. Food Distribution K... Lynda L. Baker Rochester, N. Y. Lanscape Development is 'CK Janice M. Baird East Norwich, N. Y. Nursing Robert J. Baker Andover, N. Y. Building Construction l i , I l E "Wi l Philip G. Baideme Westfield, N. Y. General Agriculture Eric J. Baker Mumford, N. Y. Agriculture Business 7 David Balcom Syracuse, N.Y. Industrial Technology Charles Bannister Salamanca, N. Y. Marketing Riymond B. S.XewBerli llefuicalSe lilriniig llillonu lllilllivl A-F'-,,,..,-------H' " """""" David E. Bannister Brockport, N. Y. Data Processing Raymond B. Barber S. New Berlin, N. Y. Electrical Service f Patricia A. Barthel East Concord, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Henry W. Bauman Hilton, N. Y. Production and Machines Becky C. Barnes Falconer, N. Y. Floriculture Merchandising Terry L. Bartlett Mexico, N. Y. Automotive Specialist w J i Edwin J . Baran Tonawanda, N. Y. Building Construction Donna M. Barone Richard G. Barry N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Westfield, N. Y. Nursing Landscape Development Eugenio Basualdo Kenneth W- Bates Quilpue, Chile Bath, N- Y- Production and Machines Business Administration William G. Baxter Webster, N. Y. Industrial Technology Martin E. Beckwith Gerry, N. Y, Data Processing Dale W. Beebee Venice Center, N. Y. Engineering Science Lawrence Belanger Rochester, N. Y. Internal Cumbustion Engines Thomas J. Bement Almond, N. Y. Production and MaChin6S lndwmal Shi Bei Me VT , . i lqhn R Enditc Pmduc xY,,,.,-f-- -M-fm' A' . 67? Colon E, Bendiburg Boyd D. Bennett Lois I. Bennett Mary M. Bentley Clymer, N. Y. Ludlowville, N- Y- Delevan, N. Y. S0103 N, Y, IndustrialC6I1'fI2ll Drafting Medical Secretarial Science Medical Records Technology Sharon L. Bentley Belmont, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Judith M. Bernat Niagara Falls, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Lynda L. Berry 'Q Elmont, N. Y. L Nursing Lohll R' Beftoni Deborah J. Beyea V ndlcotfr N' Y- Canandaigua, N. Y. Productlon and M2lChiI10S Executive Secretarial Science 4 33 Christine A. Berti Schenectady, N. Y. Medical Records Technology wrt favs. Beryl F. Bird . Gregory V. Black Andover, N. Y. Fulton, N. Y.. - ' Data Processing Building Construction William S. Blandillg Canandaigua, N-'Y- Measurement SCICUCB Richard C. Blowers Canandaigua, N. Y. Agriculture Engineering P 8t M 5 Kathleen J. Bolton Ithaca, N. Y. Data Processing Susan M. Boron Hicksville, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science George W. Blum Rochester, N. Y. Engineering Science Harold R. Bonisteel Webster, N. Y. Drafting Rhona J. Bodine Pavilion, N. Y. Food Service Gary R. Boorman Orchard Park, N, Y, Design and Drafting 1 Gloria J. Blesy Boston, N. Y, Executive Secretarial Science Linda R. Boesel Rochester, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Thomas W. Booth Hornell, N. Y. Marketing Linda L. Bossard Groton, N. Y- Medical Lab. Technology Adel? M' Niall Lveflule Bflhll. Bowers stnn11e,N. Nursing llidigal ludy A Univ, Elilllliv lence 1 0 Adele M. Bosso Niagara Falls, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science if Beth M. Bowers St. Johnsville, N. Y. Nursing Jeannine B. Brenzo Elmira Heigh, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Judy Ann Brol Great Valley, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science David W. Bowers Rexford, N. Y. Marketing Kathleen A. Breunig Rochester, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science 7,5 , W5f:,,2f,,? aZ,,Ef,fk 13,3 -7,5-,-5 ref' r igsw. . -va... .. ii' X X .. V .wi N f 1 3. any .mx-gary Rs, . -Q .. .. X Q wa Q . wwf X Q 1 fx X. S - an A 5 i ' N' 955' Q gi , Azz: . I N X T .W rapt' , 3 - -'Y . f'-'L' X-sf Q 'S x .L ri 1, N- I v ,fs 0,5 . . 1. W- N Z 1, ' sf? . 'Q X . a 4,5 'leaf QTY . E'5s1:-.M 2 - 'if 1' s ': -X - . 'SVT .'7 -"E'.f5"f?'.- .7 '.'4' ii B .F f,-121. 1 Q :I ,.ff"- ' ' fur- . ' ' f- :N ' . Q.: m .f -f-rv .. wg 1,'s's:.a. .L ...f ' ,. f ,1 Q -. 4f',rfv1, if ...,zg:.......,.,.- .... ,,.aa.1..,...afa.r..,,,.,aa: -V I 1 is X X at X14 Ss xi ,Q W .Mama fl' ?fV ff! """l"SV 1 Wx f 6 , Q as ' . ,G -4 5, -. 4 ,.,, ,, .. Melissa A. Bremner Hilton, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Joan Brewer Q.: :.- ., ..1-A - Dennis G. Boucher Binghamton, N. Y. Drafting James I. Brennan Machias, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Susan L. Broecker North Tonawanda, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Rose Mary Bromley South Dayton, N. Y. Business Administration Alva A. Brooks Elmira, N. Y- Medical Records Technology Albion, N. Arthur C. Brooks, Jr. Y. Engineering Science Thomas R. Bryant Olean, N. Y. Industrial Technology William Buchalter Monsey, N. Y. Business Administration Q ,f- Florence E Buckley A1 ' B Wellsville, N. Y. Edenuglflnlifagen, JI. Medical Lab Technology Anim,al Hugbandry TTT!! Terry W. Brown Margaret Brzostowski Horseheads, N. Y. Ithaca, N, Y, . Accounting Executive Secretarial Science I Paul J. Brzozowski Hornell, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Gerald Buchnowski I Kenmore, N. Y. Electrical Service Stanley B. Bunk Paul Stuart Bunker Belfast, N. Y. Wellsville, N- I Electrical Service Business Adm1mstra'f1011 C Bufgei rin xs'lr0fII1N'Y' IIIYUUIESGCW I I I II T 0'UHII,1gUsh Mia N Wdgenige Y, Ann C. Burger Walworth, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Rebecca E. Burns Canisteo, N. Y. Nursing Francis A. Burton Utica, N. Y. Food Distribution Thomas W. Bush ,f W , l Tonawanda, N Y. Food Service Mary C. Burke Rochester, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Wende E. Bush Rochester, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Milton Burlingame Cuba, N. Y. Electrical Service Dorinda M. Bushnell Camillus, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Karla A. Burnham Cortland, N. Y. Data Processing Betty A. Burt Canandaigua N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Thomas J. Burton Athens, Pa. Animal Husbandry Ronald D. Button Jasper, N. Y. Agricultural Business Carolyn M. Bzdak Great Valley, N- Y- , Medical Secretarial Science Diane D. Caldwell Michael D. Campbell Groveland, N. Y Ballston Spa., N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Dafa PIOCCSSUIS Louis J. Carclinale Patrick M- Carey Ffedmlia, N. Y. Sandy Creek, N. Y. Production and Machines Electrical Service Marcia M. Carney Leroy, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Carol Helen Cantor Fairlawn, N. J. Nursing Kathleen M. Carlin Wellsville, N. Y. Drafting Saralee Calabrese Kenmore, N. Y. Retail Business Management John R. Cappadonai Alfred, N. Y. Retail Business Management William E. Carlin Lockport, N. Y. Production and Machines George D. Carter Columbus, Ohio Food Service CduinCederql1iSl Jamestown, N. Y. liConditiunlI1g llliml 0Hl11io, N,y Dllilmgming Wipe Di Ph Ar Richard G. Case, Jr. mm Rochester, N. Y. Design and Drafting Calvin Cederquist Jamestown, N. Y. mm Air Conditioning William L Chappel Ontario, N. Y. Data Processing 165 Donald J. Chimera Phelps, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Susan Chambers Rochester, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Robert N. Chase Cuba, N. Y. Drafting 1: . i John E. Champlin Holcomb, N. Y. Agronomy Norene Lee Chest Avon, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science James R. Cavallaro Rochester, N. Y. Business Administration Karen J. Chapman Middlesex, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Ross Childs Thomas C. Christy Central Isli , N Y. Electrical Service Z! Raymond Cieslica Hamburg, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology X--, 'S -' Salary' 1 fiat Gary R. Ciszak Springville, N. Y. Food Service Louise Ann Clare Alfred Station, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science David W. Clark Arkport, N. Y. Construction Technology :OS Theresa E. Clement Honeoye, N. Y. Retail Business Management Indus David W Cleveland Horseheads, N. Y. trial Technology Nelson C. Claeysen Marion, N. Y. Survey Technology Eldyn G. Coats Wellsville, N Y. Building Construction Karen D. Clar Rochester, N. Y, Executive Secretarial Science Estelle M. Clark Alma, N. Y. Nursing Stephen J. Clark Madison, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Gary J. Cochran Yonkers, N. Y- Agronomy Sllhe Html Donald J. Colby West Falls, N Y. Measurement Science Donald H. Comden Holley, N. Y. Business Administration Patrick J. Connelly Orchard Park, N. Y. Drafting Stephen W. Cooper Bolivar, N. Y. Business Administration Cynthia Lee Cole Hilton, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Diana L. Copeland Arcade, N. Y. Retail Business Management Gerald W. Coleman Wellsville, N. Y. Building Construction John F. Collins, Jr. Jamestown, N Y. Animal Husbandry John Condon Genesee, Pa. Industrial Technology Jane D. Conroy Niagara Falls, N. Y. Business Administration Richard J. Coppings East Otto, N. Y. Agricultural Science l Loren C. Corbin West Edmesto, N. Y. Data Processing I 1 Kevin F. Corcoran Valley sfrea, N- Y- Agricultural Science f f' Edward A. Crater Michael P. Crawford Salamanca, N. Y. Buff210', N- Y- Industrial Technology Industrial Technology i S 9 I James R- Cfofoot James R. Cromie, Jr. Westfield, N. Y. Fmt plain, N- Y. Design and Drafting Data Processing Donna Grace Cross Brookfield, N. Y, Data Processing 'VN Kathleen M. Crayton n Rochester, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science 1 Margaret H. Crosby Hornell, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Mark W. Covert Romulus, N. Y, Building Construction Valerie Crevelling Penn Yan, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Frederick Croscut Sherman, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Claude F. Crossman Herkimer, N. Y. Drafting Shuunlet 1lexic0,N' lledicalll WNY firing: ui I 1 I William J. Culhane Rochester, N. Y. Electrical Service Sharon Lee Curry Mexico, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Karl H. Dahlberg Marion, N. Y. Engineering Science Dominic A. Daniels Hornell, N Y. Industrial Technology Carl W. Cutting Portland, Maine Landscape Development Charles H. Dahlhaus Elmira, N Y. Industrial Technology Domenick J. Cutugno Fulton, N. Y. Business Administration Donna M. Daigler Olcott, N. Y. Business Administration Lyman P. Curran Interlaken, N. Y. Business Administration r I 3 lg Ii : Randall A. Czerenda Candro, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Mary C. Dailey Horseheads, N Y. Executive Secretarial Science James J. D'Arduini Shortsville, N. Y. Electrical Service .- M- .-,.a--.. -1-Q a ' Q . S , . John William Dash Karen L. Darrow Rochester, N. Y. Devewl N' Y' I , Medical Lab. Technology Internal Combustion Engines David M. Davis Salamanca, N. Y. Agricultural Science Lee F. De Ruyter Phelps, N. Y. Industrial Central l l s Gary Alan Decker W Palmyra N Y David A. DeGear Constructi ' ' McDonough, N' Y' ' on Technology Constru ction Technology wgneezxf' William L. Davidson Friendship, N. Y Drafting David Alan Demler Hamburg, N. Y. Industrial Technology William S. Davidson SP1'iI1g Valle, N. Y, Drafting Grace G. Davis Hornell, N Y, Nursing Jacqueline De Witt Scottsville, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Duane J. Demus- Elba, N. Y. Drafting ,ff ner lull' IGN' ww MD lo E1 li re- lgzi " ' 5 . u LQ l . lr sms Dr um N Y Mah James L. Denzel Kenmore, N. Y. Design and Drafting John R. Dilorio Endwell, N. Y. Landscape Development Diane L. Dimino Rochester, N. Y. Agricultural Science Lucinda S. Dodge Sodus, N. Y Medical Lab. Technology Robert V. Devitt Linda Mae Dibble Robert Fay Dibble E1ITl1Ia, N Y. Linwood, N. Y. Montour Fall, N, Y, Design and Drafting Executive Secretarial Science Agriculture S 8a E Janet M. Dillon Tonawanda, N. Y. Retail Business Management fx Nancy M. Dobranski Gales Ferry, Conn. Medical Lab. Technology Kathie J. Donaghue - D. D 1 k- Steve G. Dollerd . Sbdlialliianca ONecY1 Coxsackie, N Y. Caledonia' N' Y' . . Business Almfinigtration Survey Technology Executive Secretarial Science ,Y ,ua ,I E- ' . . 'Wi Patricia A. Donald Locke, N. Y. U 1 Floriculture Merchandising Douglas Dowling Robert P. Drach St. James, N. Y. Lackawanna, N. Y. Survey Technology Internal Combustion Engines Patrick W. Driscoll Daniel Drobinski Spnngville, N. Y. N. Y. Mills N. Y. Construction Technology Accounting James John Dunn Chestertown, N, Y, Industrial Central Rodney A. Drake Falconer, N. Y. Survey Technology Jeanne Dumuhosky Leroy, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science MSIY E. Doroshuk Bedminister, N. J, Executive Secretarial Science Catherine S. Drees Rochester, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Dianne R. Dunn Scottsville, N. Y. I Executive Secretarial SCICHCC John G. Dupont Hornell, N. Y- Electrical ServiCS Vleielnn MN-Y he:utireS4 i K 7 s Swlnnld lndorer,N. I 5-iirallec 46 Ernest B. Dusett Brockport, N. Y. Data Processing Valerie Ann Eade Olean, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Star Ann Edwards Andover, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Ronald E. Ellsworth Wellsville, N. Y. Electrical Service Geraldine M. Eberle Almond, N. Y. Nursing Thomas Edwards Avoca, N. Y. Accounting J ack Lee Eckdahl Lakewood, N Y. Marketing Rose Mary Ekstrom Frewsburg, N. Y. Nursing Paul T Dziedzic Arcade, N. Y. Agriculture Engineering P Kc M Thomas Lynn Eddy Ithaca, N. Y. Agricultural Science Eston E. Ellsworth Allegany, N. Y. Business Administration William T. Emrick Scio, N. Y. Drafting . ,. .,, X 1 'H Si V' Sandra J. England Sandborn, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Leonard R. Ewing Buffalo, N Y. Floriculture Merchandising June Ida Fanton Wellsville, N. Y. Engineering Science Q -4 Linda A Feasley Orchard Park N Y Executive Secretarial Science Sue E. English Gowanda, N. Y- Executive Secretarial ScienCC Douglas Fernandez Cobleskill N Y Engmeerlng Science Charlotte K. Erdei Buffalo, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science ,W .... V... .ff W .4 ,. . V , um N afyyksg 5 , S . 6 . .,,. ts"-Avia. mi- -' 1' -. '- ' fif 4 f ff ? X N N 1 ff 9 a 4 X 1 f 7 X Q QS ff mg S f XX 0 Q X f X X X Xxx exif f a x Q72 NVQ? ' 1 '71 5 + X X 5 Q X ef W fx 1 K rm V t Mg X 1 X . w .M , V, X , -,4ffft.s 7 D Q .fmrsrr g -be-.ze f , NZ fa ' 'N ,.no.f.+-1- ,C 4 535333 nik, X X fy M .xxtgy +1 if ' X xg t Xiu-3 3-it xt ri' . f xtvvgtn wk X i lgatats 5-va S I C15 Ks.: Q2 gf X 5 H f W X X x 1 X " . . ...- i a I i Donald H. Evans Deposit, N Y. Business Administration William P. Faery Ransomville, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Gene Thomas F asso Mount Morris, N. Y. Design and Drafting Randa11S Ferraro Rochester N Y Industrial Technology Barbara Ferrent1I10 Amherst, N Y nt Retail Business Manageme midl- new M6113 Comic Hamel Execul f. . SG.. I if is N 3 , . ' if f-2. w.. ' ff My .... .. . 0 . 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Business Administration Lauren E Flint Nancy Joan Flint Cathy A. Flitcroft Limotlrcygl. gollette Rochester, N- Y- Batavia, N Y' Marceups' N' Y' - 1 S ' Elewtzical Communications Executive Secretarial Science Medical Records Technology Executive Secretana C1cI1C6 GC 1 fn 49 l I Brenda Kay Folmar Sanborn, N. Y- Medical Lab. Technology James Martin Ford John Kevin Forkell Bolivar, N. Y Lake Carmel, N. Y. Data Processing Measurement Science David William Fox Diane Carol Fox Oleanv N- Y- Duke Center Pa. C ' . i . onstructlon Technology Executive Secretarial Science Harry Fredenburg Rome, N. Y. Agricultural Science m'M' Gary Lee Forslin Rochester, N. Y Design and Drafting k l Marshall Francis North Rose, N Y. Data Processing John JHY Foote Bliss, N Y, Internal Combustion Engines .V Donald E. Fowler Sennett, N. Y Food Distribution I If Thomas N. Fraser Sanborn. N. Y. Construction Technology David Allan Ffey Akron, N. Y. g Business Administration fl r .l w 'Y NtvJiLl mlalley lutomotiw llzvieen A Sellers! Num Gary M. Fronczak Orchard Park, N. Y. Building Construction Nelson L. Fuller West Valley, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Maureen A. Galligan Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Nursing Ronnie R. Gary Brockport, N. Y. Electrical Service 'Nw 4622 Robert A. Funnell Greene, N. Y. Drafting Gretchen Galliher Penn Yan, N. Y. Marketing gr Arthur G. Gabrielse Lyons, N. Y. Animal Husbandry David M. Galton Nunda, N. Y. Animal Husbandry V Lawrence J. Fudella Kenmore, N. Y. Data Processing Michael P. Gaffney Attica, N. Y. Engineering Science James M. Gardner Bolivar, N . Y. Drafting John A. Gay Churchville, N. Y. Building Construction 'TF Stanley S. Gay Martha L. Gear Canisteo, N. Y. Bataviaf N' Y' Construction Technology Medical Lab- T0ChH010gY Dianne E. George Java Center, N. Y Executive Secretarial Science l , Margaret A. Gibson Wellsville, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science GUS. Anthony S. Giordan o Rochester, N. Y. 232 2165638011 I d . , . . I1 l1Sf.r1al Technology Electrical Service Jay W. Geasling 575' Stephen Gennarino 3ag21P01121Ck, N Y- Oneonta, N. Y Agricultural Science Automotive Specialist l David A. Glenar Jerome B. George Arcade, N. Y. Agriculture Engineering P 84 M Thomas H. Gilfus Aurora, N. Y. Electrical Service Phillip D. Glosick Hudson, N. Y. Bath, N. Y. Air Conditioning Data Processing N., I . S l -- . r I Robert A. Glover Stephen F. Gobel Mary E. Godfroy Janet V. Golon Belmont, N. Y. Groton, N. Y. Lebanon, N. Y. Oyster Bay, N. Y. Measurement Science Business Administration Nursing Executive Secretarial Science Linda M, Golubgki Michael A. Gomola Dunkirk, N, Y, Wellsville, N. Y. Accounting Accounting I Anita Gonzalez North Collins, N. Y. Marketing Paula J. Goodness Palmyra, N. Y. Nursing Ed d D. G , Jr- Sturgis R. Goodrich Robert W. Gordon Sue Carol Gordon S Warp Ofman Walton N Y Roxbury N Y Canaseragfli N- Y- ayre' agxd . . t t. 1 ' ' ," - -- ' B' nisralon Automotive Specialist Automotive Specialist Business Administration USIHCSS ml 53 , . . . .. ,.... - - -- --.-..-A. -'-:ff- " -- 1 4 1 1:4:: " 12E?:5..- -'. :D-ff -ZZ!-iii--i " - .....-.--.,,...,...,-.L..a4,.......- 1,-. ., .....1.T..4.T...., Y VV V v V g . ,Wy W . .. .. . Patricia S. Grabar Buffalo, N. Y- Nursing f. ,cf A . f ' Z William G. Graff Batavia, N. Y. Data Processing i David W. Graham Rita Jane Graham George Graves, III Pawling, N. Y. Belfast, N. Y. Schenevus, N. Y. Electrical Service Business Administration Automotive Specialist Thomas Grealish Patsy D- Green Paul L. Greene Jgesfburyi N- l New Berlin, N. Y. Center Bening N. Y usmess Admmlstfatlon Executive Secretarial Science Animal Husbandry Judith Greenstein Rochester, N. Y, Nursing r... .. John T. Gray Waltexll Leroy, N. Y. little Automotive Specialist Commit Douglas Greenfield JUHCSK, Rochester, N. Y. Ifllllln Building Construction fhlalml Bruce S. Greig Lockport, N. Y. D Business Administration 54 Russell W. Gridley Big Flats, N. Y. Landscape Development Walter W. Griswold Little Genesee, N. Y. Construction Technology James K. Haberstro Tonawanda, N. Y. Data Processing David L. Halsey New Haven N Y Automotive Specialist James H. Gross Dansville, N. Y. Electrical Communications Franklin E. Grimes Knapp Creek, N. Y. Electrical Service 4 L. Herbert J. Guck, Jr. Marcia E. Haag West Webster, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Floriculture Merchandising Medical Lab. Technology QS Stanley B, Hadley Ronald L. Hadsell Margaret B. Halecki Hancock, N, Y, Almond, N. Y. Akron, N. Y. Autgmgtjve Specialist Building Construction Floriculture Merchandising Richard T. Halsey Horseheads N Y Automotive Specialist 55 ,.,.F..-...1- 'Ji I . Rodney J. Hand Linda Hamxlm Addison, N- Y. D Weuswlkli Technology Internal Combustion Eng1f16S Medica H - Dawn E. Harter Hannibal, N. Y. Food Service i Judith Ann Harvey Mattituck, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Elizabeth B. Hayes Mary Agnes Hayes Eyeqflf-, M Homell, N. Y. em usmess anagement Executive Secretarial Science av- Beverly L. Hardy Richard H. Harris gllenllf North Tonawanda, N. Y. Pittsford, N. Y. lnrerllkl Nursing Agricultural Science suildiill Joanne M. Hartway J ohnsonburg, N, Y, Floiiculture Merchandising s Linda Joan Havens Ca Hornell, N. Y. Ba Medical Secretarial Science Ex il Timothy L. Heckman Glenn W. Heinrich Smiling Woodhull, N. Y. Allegany, N- Y- . mlm. IIHU Electrical Service Illfefflal Combustion Engines A .... .... - E. l- Allen Hemenway, Jr. Interlaken, N. Y. Building Construction Mary E. Hickey Syracuse, N. Y. Nursing Carol M. Hilken Batavia, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Constance Hinkley Great Valley, N, Y Animal Husbandry Linda A. Hepworth Rochester, N. Y. Food Service Debora J. Hinton West Seneca, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science m Debera Herrington John Hevel-on Argyle, N.Y. Medina, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Food Service Susan L. Hignett Westbury, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Marvin D. Hill Clyde, N . Y. Agricultural Science Deborah Lee Hock Richard E. Hodder Hamburg, N. Y. Schoharie, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Design and Drafting 1 I Duane G. Hodge Li Internal Combustion EngiHCS dang. dike vingston, N. Y. Robert Dunca Hogan Donald M. Holdridge Oswego, N, Y, New Berlin, N. Y. Drafting Drafting George D. Hood William T. Hopkins Rochester, N. Y. Kennedy, N. Y. Marketing Electrical Communications John L. Hotchkiss Wellsburg, N. Y. Construction Technology David P. Hollinger Albion, N. Y. Engineering Science Kenneth R. Horner West Seneca, N. Y. Production and Machines F Gail N. Hofferbert Rochester, N. Y, Executive Secretarial Science Thomas C. Holmes Grand Island, N. Y. Building Construction Dorothy I. Horton Stanley, N. Y. Food Service Daniel Houghtaling Dunkirk, N. Y. Survey Technology gg ,X . N Harold L. Howard ugden Olean, N- Y- if Electrical Communications Thomas Lee Howell Horseheads, N. Y. Design and Drafting .YL , a. i , 1 ' A l 5 . If P. i ,f'li Sharon A. Hunt East Aurora, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science David R. Isaacson Rochester, N. Y. Industrial Technology Frederick W. Howe F reeville, N. Y. Data Processing Carol Jean Huber Syracuse, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Dale H. Hutchison Angelica, N. Y. Electrical Service Joan M. Hughes David L. Hullihen Caledonia, N. Y. Radford, Pa. Executive Secretarial Science Building Construction l l Robert Immacolato Gordon W- Ingfaham Patchogue, N. Y. Greene, N. Y. Air Conditioning Automotive Specialist Karen E. Ivison Byron, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science 59 l' l i 3 1 i l l Thomas J. Ivory Dunkirk, N. Y. Data Processing Marsha R. Jayne North Tonawanda, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Bulah P. Jefferson Niagara Falls, N. Y. Nursing Francis P. Jaquay Kathleen Anne Ja R b t J Y OSWZQ0 Hamilton, N. Y. Mauydaie, N. Y, Food Distribution Internal Combustion Engines ' Executive Secretarial Science Mervin C. Jeffers , Little Genesee, N. Y. Drafting Bruce D. Jennings Brookfield, N. Y. Industrial Technology 'ui .Q Cynthia A. J Waterloo N essen ESISEEEHA' Lenin Carol Ann Johnson Dana M. Johnson - ' ' ' ' ' ' Olean N. Y. S31 N Y, Medical Lab. T h 1 N ' . ' amancaf ' ec no ogy ursmg Medical Records Technology Production and Machines ' 60 asm., Jane E. Johnson Batavia, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science John C. Johnston Geneseo, N. Y. Drafting Barry D. J ones Rome, N. Y. Floriculture Merchandising Darryl L. J ones Kenmore, N. Y, Landscape Development Joan F. J Batavia, N. Y. Lowman N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Electrical Service ohnson Jonathan W. Johnson Keith R. Johnson West Falls, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Allen James Jones Hamilton, N. Y. Agronomy Bonnie Jean Jones Hilton, N. Y. Business Administration 'QW Lawrence W. J ones Emil F- J Oseph George W. Jones Cheektowaga, N' Y. Olean, N. Y. QSS'mTlg, N' Y: Industrial Technology Industrial Technology Electrical Service 61 William H. Judd West Seneca, N. Y- Animal Husbandry James P. Kahn Clifton Springs, N. Y. Food Distribution Patricia A. Keith Waterville, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Steven C. Kenyon Montour Falls, N. Y. Building Construction Susan Kantor Rochester, N. Y. Retail Business Management Kenneth Kellerman Kingston, N. Y. Building Construction 1 6 2 Kathy Ann Kaesser Rochester, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology David E. Kauppinen Deborah A. Keech Trumansburg, N. Y. Oxford, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Accounting Joan A. Kelly Linda M. Kennedy Locke, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Data Processing Nursing Valerie A. KGHYOU Syracuse, N. Y. . Executive Secretarial Science l Shuynl lirrensb Dm PM I l l l X 1 Y lohnlq llfffyr Hlliding Rodney E. Keppel Dunkirk, N. Y. Landscape Development Sharyn A. Kerrigan Warrensburg, N. Y. Data Processing John K. Kingsbury Cherry Creek, N. Y. Building Construction Violet Kisielajtis Worcester, Mass. Medical Lab. Technology Nancy L. Keyser Orchard Park, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Glenn A. Kinkade Holmdel, N. J. Agronomy Larry L. Kilian Attica, N. Y. Air Conditioning Mark Dennis Kio Port Allegany, Pa. Animal Husbandry Nancy Jane Kerr Hornell, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Susan A. Kilpatrick Windsor, N. Y. Marketing Robert E. Kirkland West Seneca, N. Y. Automotive Specialist David C. Kleeh Rush, N. Y. Construction Technology Karen E. Klingbeil Seaford, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Gregory L. Kowalski Niagara Falls, N. Y. Design and Drafting Marlene M. Kramer Arkport, N. Y. Business Administration S1 'l 3 Michael Krolikowski Batavia, N. Y. Business Administration Edward C. Koemer Andrew P. Kowalow gift T' flap? Snyder, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. e mfm , ' ' Internal Combustion Engines Automotive Specialist Drafting W?-3' John J. Kowalski Cohoes, N. Y. Marketing Gary E. Krocke Marion, N. Y. Design and Drafting Kim Hall Kuhn D Robert H. Kuhs Michael D. Kulba Bolivar' Y- . ' Gowanda, N. Y. Baldwinsville, N. Y. Automotlve SpeC12l.l1St Industrial Technology Food Service 64 W Vijaya K. Kumar Bernadette Kuwik Rebecca D. La Forge William A, Lahl . Pathanamthi, India Dunkirk, N. Y. Wellsville, N. Y. Port Ewen, N, yn in Air Conditioning Executive Secretarial Science Retail Business Management Air Conditioning Carole A. Lamb Elnora, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Frederick S. Larham Pen Yan, N. Y. Production and Machines Rosemary Langevin Endicott, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Allen L. Larsen Geneva, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Jerry D. Lawton . L Kenneth C. Larsen Frednck E. Larson Peter H awregcey Little Genesee, N. Y. Blauvelt, N. Y. Ol n N Y S0uthampt0I1, - - Food Service Drafting ez? ' f ' . Industrial Central Engineering Science 65 I William M. Leach Utica, N. Y. Design and Drafting Michael D. Leary Binghamton, N. Y. Industrial Central Terry L. Lengel Hamburg, N. Y. Landscape Development John P. Leathersich Almond, N. Y Richard J Lee Delhi, N. Y Business Administration Agricultural Business Jeanne Ann Leo Rochester, N. Y. Retail Business Management Dean W. Lewis Whitesville, N. Y. Automotive Specialist James P. Lessard Mattituck, N. Y. Engineering Science 1. , Irene W. Leahy Ridgway, Pa. Medical Lab. Technology Peggy Ann Leitner Will' West Seneca, N. Y. Nicol. Marketing flllllfll Carol E. Lewis 'll1nR,l Wellsville, N. Y. ' 0lean,N, Executive Secretarial Science Drafting Mary Ellen Lewis Ilion, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science i ' 66 1 1 I I .3 mlm Brooktondale, N. Y. envt Accounting ice lx James W. Liddington ' Electrical Service David R. Lilga David B. Lilleck East Concord, N. Y. Alden, N. Y. Engineering Science Food Distribution ?, . 13: Alan R- Little Robert A. Loder 016311, N- Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Drafting Landscape Development Daniel Mark Long Sandusky, N. Y. Clifford W. Lincoln Cherry Creek, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Barbara A. Loeber Scotia, N. Y. Data Processing .. Aus ,X Mary S. Lidie Redwood, N. Y. Medical Labl Technology Patricia M. Lippold Oakfield, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Sandra E. Loftis Ilion, N. Y. Landscape Development Robert M. Loomis Eden, N. Y. Drafting Robert R. Loomis Rochester, N. Y. Drafting William M. Ludden Hornell, N. Y. Business Administration Robert J. Lyon Elmira, N. Y. Industrial Technology '1""1 Lindal Lytle Lyons, N. Y. Floriculture Merchandising Jerry Louis Loss Lima, N. Y. Agronomy as Ronald C. Machuga Oswego, N. Y. Air Conditioning Edward R. Love Walworth, N. Y. Drafting David W. Mack Hume, N. Y. Drafting Peter John Love Rochester, N. Y. Production and Machines Nancy Sue Lupold Palmyra, N. Y. Nursing Terry D. Lyon Avoca, N. Y Executive Secretarial Science """s.-, James L. Mack Cato, N. Y. Automotive SpeCia1iSf Ivdllw' vial: Jil mtl Uliiqm itll mwjml Judy Jean Mack Sandra R. Mac Laren Vestal, N. Y. Hamburg, N. Y. Data Processing Medical Lab. Technology 'WHQK Peter P. Markowski Florence, Ver. Survey Technology Peter E. Marks Brockport, N. Y. Marketing RHYITIOIN1 D- Main, JI- David J. Maliszesky Westerly, R. I. Elmira, N. Y. Production and Machines Landscape Development Frederick E. Marks Brockport, N. Y. Marketing Donna M. Ma.rsa Shortsville, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science David E. Marsh Chloe E Mason Keith E. Mathews Clifford Mawson Jamesville, N. Y. D21r1SVillt3 N Y Cattaraugus, N. Y. Alma, N..Y. l 1. Agficulture B ' , I Internal Combustion Engines Automotive Specla lst USIHSSS Data Processing Penelope Ann MHY Livonia, N. Y. ' Executive Secretarial SCICIICC -..,. -.:...-.,.,........c.-.....,... .. ...M ... .V H Mark Bernard Mazza Allegany, N. Y. Data Processing John P. McCaffrey Rexville, N. Y. Special F. T. Thomas H. McElheny Rushford, N. Y. Engineering Science Richard' McAndrew Hamburg, N. Y. Agricultural Science Donald F. McCoy Philadelphia, N. Y. Electrical Service Elizabeth McAteer Lake Grove, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science 1 l Rodney C. McCrea Rochester, N. Y. Industrial Technology Paulette Mazur Blasdell, N. Y. Accounting John P. McCabe Katonah, N. Y. Food Distribution John R. McCutcheon Ripley, N. Y. Agriculture Business Shelley McGovern Owego, N. Y Marketing f,' A giiqllclnlo Szlemlfl prmmdlln .4 A fs L . plfllrllu WN. mililisp Linda Kay McGraw Alfred Station, N. Y. Business Administration , inn? Shirley Mclntosh Lynn C. McIntyre Suffern, N. Y Linwood, N. Y. Design and Drafting Executive Secretarial Science Philip C- MCMl1l1en Warren McPhail, Jr. sodas Point, N- Y- Oneonta, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Drafting Diana M. Merlino Hamburg, N. Y. Nursing Merrilou McKeever Frewsburg, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Robert T. Mehalick Elmira, N. Y. Data Processing Peggy Ann McGraw Mansfield, Pa. Retail Business Management Donna McLaughlin Phelps, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Christine Merlino Derby, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Karen Eve Merritt Binghamton, N. Y. Retail Business Management l 1 l I f:-.AQ -46 ,fr J David G. Messinger , Holland, N. Y. l i f I l f Industrial Technologl' l l l i Robert C Meyers l Geneva, N. Y. Data Processing I 1 l l a l lr ll l L Sandra C. Michel Honeoye Falls, N. Y. Business Administration l l rf? l Richard L. Miles Medina N. Y. Design and Drafting f , Wff ku 1' hm , , If .4-14 ,S r A kr 1" f -if 1 i 9 ' jg 4 . . A M if E. 1 5 W ri N' E .1 H , l . Q11 ,. , J? . W w . X ax , 3 .gb . t , ,. "f '. 'TW' Nt., RE ft 4 .. ' 4 N. xljs X' 12' ,ae 1, ' . . .g in 5 lf ,. - f is Mal-ilynn S. Metz Buffalo, N. Y- Medical Lab. Technology John R. Miller Perry N. Y. Construction Technology 'UW Caroline R. Meyer Hamburg, N. Y- Food Service Frederick P. Meyers Salamanca, N. Y, Industrial Technology Marianne Meyn Andover, N Y. Medical Secretarial Science Linda S. Middaugh Belmont, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Nancy E. Miller Bolivar N. Y. Data Processing ! 1 .2 Barry Lamarr Mills Fillmore N. Y. Industrial Central glint Elliwlll Eielulr V? U I Stephen Millspaugh John W. Milunich Gerard Mirabito JI G ' ' ail E M' Trumansburg, N. Y. Elmira, N. Y. Auburn, N. Y. N th.T isner Building Construction Engineering Science Industrial Techn 010 of Onawanda, N- Y. gy Medical Secretarial Science Elaine A. Mitchell Ellicottville, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Frederick Mitchell Bolivar, N. Y. Building Construction Virginia Mitchell Moravia, N. Y. 1 Floriculture Production 'S Judy Kay Monico Lakewood, N. Y. Data Processing xflfydean Montague Cheryl A. Montalbo Kathleen J, Moran Suzanne M. Morgan d 95 Center, N. Y, L ,k t N Y Angola, N. Y. Freedom, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Scic - OL .por i ' ' , N Sin Executive Secretarial Science nec Medical Records Fechnology uf 3 73 Fred L. Morris, JI. Hornell, N- Y- Marketing JUN. Bruce H. Morse Randall C. Morse Canisteo, N. Y. Canisteo, N- Y- Building Construction Building Construction Michael E. Moyer Douglas Mulholland Rixford, Pa. Andover, N. Y. Industrial Central Business Administration Linda D. Murphy Nanuet, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science mais is-Sl' Judith L. Mosher Hornell, N. Y. Nursing Edward C. Munson Binghamton, N . Y. Marketing Kenneth Morris, J r. Cooperstown, N. Y, Building Construction Thomas L. Mount Cherry Creek, N. Y. Building Construction Stephen D. Mura Rochester, N. Y. Building Construction Suzan F. Murphy Geneva, N. Y. Data Processing William H. Murray Camiuusv N' Y' . I Internal Combustion Eng1n6S , Aki if Michael D. Neanng South New Berlin, N. Y. Business Administration Charlene Nicholson Buffalo, N. Y, Executive Secretarial Science Peter James Nixon Strykersville, N. Y, Landscape Development Eric J. Nathe Pleasantville, N. Y. Drafting Dennis J. Neenan Lima, N. Y. Agriculture Engineering P 8: M Carl Edward N611 Philip John Newby WaY1aI1d, N. Y. Penn Yan, N. Y. Business Administration Medical Lab. Technology Linda I. Nielsen Hall, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Jgyaf . f ,vw . .gzip . A. M Richard M. Nigro Charlotte D. Nisbet Tonawanda, N. Y. AIKPOTT, N- Y- Data processing Medical Lab. Technology Wayne Keith Noble Bliss, N. Y. Industrial Technology 5 1 1 i 1 I 1-L Diane Marie Noel Batavia, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Kenneth E. Nuwer East Auror, N. Y. Floriculture Production Clayton R. Ogden Newfane, N. Y. Design and Drafting Stanley Oleszek, Jr. Depew, N. Y. Drafting Carol P. Norris Monticello, N. Y- Medical Records Technology l - 4 Peggy Lou Olin Woodhull, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Gail Mary Norton Blasdell, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Sandra J. Nothnagle Rochester, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Lyle Jesse Nye Andover, N. Y. Nursing Ronald W. Oles Walton, N. Y. Electrical Service Kathleen L. Orth Cynthia L. Oswald Honesdale, Pa. Penn Yan, N. Y. 1 Floriculture Merchandising Executive Secretarial Science Ste hen D. Owens Barbara Ann Page Judy A. Palmer P Cortland, N. Y. I Conesus, N. Y. Hannibal, N. Y, Floriculture Merchandising Medical Records Technology Food Service Gayleen Parmenter King Ferry, N. Y. Design and Drafting Linda M. Parr Clarence, N, Y, Executive Secretarial Science Allison G. Parker Olean, N. Y. Retail Business Management Thomas D. Parmenter Fillmore, N. Y. General Agriculture Pheobe Jane Parr Slaterville, N. Y. Floricul ture Production 'a Thomas R P , ' Kathleen A. Patrick Elmira, N 'Yaffl' Dale M. Parsons gfinkll' Pasgarilla Geneva, N. Y. Engineeriil . BUFUCU, N- Y- cl dlnmdcai. 'I ' I Executive Secretarial Science g Glance Electrical Communications Industrial ec rno ogy 77 ........g I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V. iI ll I I I II ,I I I. I . I IE I I ,. I r I I 1 . I I I I Robert W. Patterson Holley, N. Y. Drafting Kathleen L. Pavlick Addison, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science fu- Q y. Ronald J. Pesta Buffalo, N. Y. Drafting Kenneth R. Pickwell Niagara Falls, N. Y. Construction Technology Saw 'UN Roger E. Patterson Angelica, N. Y. ' Drafting Ann Marie Pedano Barbara A. Pembroke Philip A. Pericak Rochester, N. Y. Walworth, N. Y. Eden, N. Y. Accounting Executive Secretarial Science Food Service Gflil E- PCYCISOH Rosemary Petrangelo David J. Pettit Nlaga-Nl F-2118, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Cuba, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Executive Secretarial Science Medical Lab. Technology Richard L. Pierce Marion, N. Y. Agronomy 78 1I Iztifil C. M01 N' Y' Itintii III I I I I I x i, I I IFIIIII PI Ilttdtlog IIIIUCIIUII X . I Lawrence Podszebka Syracuse, N. Y. Building Construction w 1 le' M 5. .1 rl 2 n l. 5 1 Patricia C. Porter Scio, N. Y. Business Administration DFUUY R. Pozzouli Trconderoga, N, Y, Production and Machines MYron R. Prosser Corning, N, Y, Building Construction V,-...idk ABQ? Frank A. Porter Rushville, N. Y. Measurement Science Bruce Jay Potter Sandra G. Potter James K. Powers Gasport, N. Y. Clifton Springs, N. Y. Troy, N. Y. Internal Combustion Engines Accounting Accounting Douglas L. Proctor Jerome L. Preston Linda Pfesutg Springville N Y B 1 I, N. . ' ' ' ggggizads, N. Y' SZeIgZl1P. T. Industrial Technology , ' "rv-'P 79 .-.mug ,,,...,Ni Joyce M. Pruner Newark, N. Y. Agricultural Science 'W .. 3 Si? Leroy A. Pryor Hornell, N. Y. Construction Technology Clifford H. Quick Newfane, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Thomas E. Rathbone Vestal, N. Y. Drafting Kathleen A. Reed Syracuse, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Linda A. Pschirrer Rochester, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science ai!! Byron Qualey Gary G. Purpura Caledonia, N. Y. Elmira, N. Y. Business Administration Data Processing Randall L. Quick Ludlowville, N. Y. Electrical Service John F. Rathbun Buffalo, N. Y. Automotive Specialist . 'fs' NA l ,ii-' !'5'Vf1 . ' i- ryfffrffyrf. ...,.,.., .5 ....-fag, 3.""-.rfb "' 'mm-1' ' '51, . "lvl-:A-h. 7 ' " "" lm.:- Donald E. Reeves Rochester, N. Y. Construction Technology M. '. -..g .::':,, . - 1 -.-. f."-rr-5'::-gf:-fxxrr Shirley A. Reich David w. Reynolds Orchard Park, N. Y. King Ferry, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Building Construction M135 C. lioflllmfi Hiillifzl S I W f, I l 1 6 9 Y 1 nltnm . Rm :Ember h hc., Douglas C. R6YH01dS Montour Fall, N. Y. Electrical Service Michael J. Rhode Kirkville, N. Y. Marketing Frederick Richards Buffalo, N. Y. Marketing Thfbmas Riston, 111 lzjeflssclfler, N. Y. lllldlllg Construction f , .. ,,.... .,,.,, V ..,. . ,. Larry W. Reynolds Lynn D' Reynolds Odessa, N. Y. Ilion, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Drafting Jeffrey Rheinwald Brockport, N. Y. Marketing ,.,,., ,,... A Q' af. - Mfr.. Robert L. Ribbeck Akron, N. Y. . Industrial Technology 3 Thomas Richardson - Rochester, N. Y. Data Processing :bib 'U' Patricia Robinson Alan F. Robinson Holland, N' Y. johnstown' N' ' Marketing Drafting Danita R. Ritccz Akron, N. Y. liloriculturc Merchandising 81 James Alan Root Cheektowaga, N. Y. Business Administration Linda Frances Rugg Franklinville, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Stephanie Romance Painted Post, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Ronald C. Rose Olean, N. Y. Electrical Communications David C. Rundell South Dayton, N. Y. Data Processing Steven J. Sabshin Amherst, N. Y. Marketing .J Deborah J. Sage Lyons, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Paul E. Sandburg Allegany, N. Y. Food Distribution Thomas J. Savage North Creek, N. Y, Engineering Science Linda A. Scardetta Rochester, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Linda Lee Sampson Endwell, N. Y. Nursing 7 A, I - . J I f V . -A 4-. 'z gy? i sg' t s . 1 , , . N . ,... f . Wi ffg-3-. "IF" vs-Ijjjg.-' " ...fiif i 1 ' - Qiiiztsiff' . i , . -, ,tif by W5NnM,,, 5:52523 pi-. ff W 1 :f:":?"'5'M Sling! r 'ffffffr-ff ,wc . . '4 Marcia Santangelo George P. Sarkisian Pamela Sartori Lockport, N. Y. Latham, N. Y. Hudson, N. Y. Food Service Electrical Service Medical Secretarial Science Daniel Saving John E. Sawdye Joseph M. Scalisi Penn Yan, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. A Accounting Design and Draftmg 83 Sarah E. Schofield Marcellus, N. Y. Nursing . 2 ' f f , .Ati ' I , fm, V' 5 ' V M f . Jn" f "Tk IGM dnwwff "'!T'.iIf Paul H. Schroeder West Seneca, N. Y Business Administration Wayne H. Schultz Walworth, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Sharon Ann Scioli Cheektowaga, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology ..?,i,,i Beverly J. Schultz Diana Sghfgtz Gail H' Schultz Rmddl Medina, N. Y. Weusv ef. ' ' Akf0n,.N- Y- Bmgha Executive Secretarial Science Food Service Executive Secretarial Science Aulolll James W. Schwab Friendship, N. Y. Data Processing l Thomas E. Scofield ga Jamesville, N. Y. F, Drafting M, ge I Bruce J. Semmler X . Holcomb. N. Y. Sian Lgsiflecal Dennis Serizmni Thomas J. Sexton Kfilenguel Dnlfiins D fun! ' ' Niagara Falls. Y. BOHVHI, N- Y- mililleh ra na Industrial Technology Dfaillnil Milling S4 Randall L. Shank Binghamton, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Wallace Sheffer, Jr. Hoosick Fall, N. Y. Electrical Service Sandra L. Sherwood Friendship, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Karen Sue Shine Wellsville, N. Y. Marketing Paul John Shanley Scio, N. Y. Business Administration Larry C. Sharpsteen Groton, N. Y. Construction Technology We 7 . - Thomas A. Shuart Edlth,I',fhQpley Central Bridge, N. Y. yom, ' ' Internal Combustion Engines Medical Secretarial Science 85 Jennifer Ann Shaw Hammondsport, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Virginia E. Sheflin Dansville, N. Y. Nursing Marilyn R. Shields Tonawanda, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Edward J. Shultis Kelly Corner, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Elizabeth A. Shults Rochester, N. Y. . Executive Secretarial SC16HCe John Philip Sick Cohocton, N. Y. Agriculture Business Barbara J. Sillato Lancaster, N. Y. Retail Business Management Charles Slebas -I X? Geraldine F. Sickau Blasdell, N. Y. Esecutive Secretarial Science Marsha Lee Sims White Plains, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Mary L. Shurtleff Lafayette, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Avria J. Siegel Mary B. Sierzega Glfmll Rochester, N. Y. Owasco, N. Y. , UW Nursing Nursing Eisvw in , George B. Slack Leslie J. Slate I shfffll Whitesville, N. Y. Lockport, N. Y. 'Will Industrial Central Medical Lab. Technology Nursing Charles Smajl Alfred, N. Y. Marketing I 86 Ann Smist North Tonawanda, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Glenn F. Smith Linda Anne Smith Linda M. Smith Oswego, N. Y. Eggertsville, N. Y. Ithaca, N. Y. Engineering Science Executive Secretarial Science Medical Lab. TGCh11010gy it 'r A it A .. J M ,f ,X Sigwj fx X N A Q f ww es l X, 2 f X s, X XDA? sz M Ng. X .ghd A 5 .15 5 QNX A520 X - ' .Sf'Q.N'P3sw:l-A H. .wsswaw EQYMW f i K A xx sv A + me X iff 4 Q S Z 3' s N E VKX, x, Q, W f f X s X 5 XX X b s . .. A f- . Lf. , me a x ' f s. . .iffiwag . 3.M5l'Z1fFrg'vS'if Y ' . .VWKSQSZS ' A ' . ATS s 4:55 iff!-Ex sr- Si' ZS . y . .. . f Sherry Lee Smith Terry E, Smith Wayne K. Smith Attica, N. Y. Holland, N. Y. Avoca, N. Y. Nursing Internal Combustion English Fl0fiCU1fUIe Merchandising Gary Paul Snider Great Valley, N. Y. Agriculture Business 87 Brenda Jane Smith Vestal, N. Y. Data Processing Ronald L. Smith Hamburg, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Wayne R. Smith Rushville, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Susan E. Snyder Alfred, N. Y. I Executive Secretarial Science 1 I f i J 4 l 1 5 i z I i . .' if Laurene T. Spallone Elmira, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Ellen C. Sporysz Buffalo, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Gerald A. St. Pierre Prattsburg, N. Y. Building Construction Robert S- Spaulding Gerald Spencer, Jr. Richard M. Sperling LW Owego, N. Y. Sanborn, N. Y. Tonawanda, N. Y. RW Industrial Technology Construction T6ChI1010gY Business Administration Animal i Marceil A. Sprung Lockport, N. Y. Medical Records Technology . Donald E. Stalica l :gf Pavilion, N. Y. I It Industrial Technology 1 4 J n n . l ,f ' w ' 1 ' ' 1 ' , 1, . , 7 ' 1 . ff l .QM I 4, I 'If' f u we 1 I , '. 1 .wma .51 " 1 f gzfefigastfjnglppy J?hn Stapleton Bonnie J. Steele Bonnie J. Stenshorn gamul Medical Lali. Technology Seivice Owegoi N- Y. Lockport, N. Y. . D lllterlnill Executive Secretarial Science Executive Secretarial Science Eminem, A 4 88 Leonard C. Stenzel Rochester, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Dennis W. Stevenson Ransomville, N. Y. Retail Business Management Gloria J. Stone Ellicottville, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Samuel R. Strally Waterloo, N. Y, Business Administration Barbara R. Stephens Cheektowaga, N. Y. Agricultural Science its t. ., . I Ei Gordon L. Stringer Rochester, N. Y. Agricultural Science l 1" , '4 if ,Z I X M J W 449 if ' Wit 6 yffdgga y i 1 " fr . at .tw Mn. . gf li., ' f f ..,, .5 'we' the s . . e. f 4 , 1 ,. fl ,fad 'f .f . 'W n.::.Z7' 'l15:! , ' f -'-' ,:."' qffjiyzy ff 4 'M ,fy,f,,fZZ,.. , .wr Xf KW fy M ar AA M f I ff, A fsf fa - ,.f. I 1 ,,,, . ,,,, ,,., Peter A. Stephens Tonawanda, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Susan E. Stevens Averill Park, N. Y. Design and Drafting Harold Stewart Interlaken, N. Y. Agriculture S 84 E Craig L. Stowell Port Chautauqu, N. Y. Data Processing i P 1' 1 A i l Douglas Strong, Jr. t b 1 Euerli Etesrtrlgei Wainscott, N. Y. Roc e , - - - Medical Secretarial Science Food Service Kristina M. Sturm Webster, N. Y. Data Processing Donald H. Swanson Clyde, N. Y. Agriculture Engineering P 8L M Susan Ann Tassone Liverpool, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Gerald P. Thompson Olean, N. Y. Business Administration f W l : -K l l l Lynne E. Swanson Kenmore, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Lee F. Tauriello Buffalo, N. Y. Marketing Stanley E. Swan Jasper, N. Y. Agriculture Business Ray A. Swarthout Robert B. Sweeney Un Belmont, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. My Automotive Specialist Design and Drafting Me! V. E , l F Thomas M. Taylor Susan Thayer Max Clifton Springs, N. Y. Otego, N. Y. Elmi Data Processing Executive Secretarial Science Com Linda K. Thompson Baldwinsville, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Donald C. Thornberg Linda A. Tierney Jeanne E. Tolhurst Marcellus, N. Y. Greenwood, N. Y. Medical Secretarial Science Executive Secretarial Science ? IgI1ax,E' Toumouf Robert E. Traphagen C mmf N3 Y- Walden, N. Y. Onstructlon TeChH010gY Floriculture Production Alice C. Trinder Elmira, N. Y. Nursing Renzo A. Tiburzi Williamsville, N. Y Accounting Patricia A. Toomey Carmen V. Tosto Victor, N. Y. Batavia, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Data Processing Brian Dunkirk, N. Y. Accounting R. Trill Tinnell Trimble Samuel Trubia, Jr. Avon, N. Y. Food Distribution Terry R. T1-uvef Donald A. Tubman Lakewood, N, Y, Scottsville, N. Y. Air Conditioning Animal HuSbHI1dIY Jo Ann Tuttle Downsville, N. Y. Retail Business Management Clair F. Updyke Andover, N. Y. Drafting sQk. 461 Frances C. Usiak Daniel J. Vauone Blasdell, N. Y. Medical Records Technology Drafting Livonia, N. Y. , 92 46 Susan E, Tuppgf Sharon L. Turner Clarence Center, N. Y. T0I1aW21Hd21, N- Y. Nursing Medical Secretarial Science Anthony L. Uliano North Pelham, N. Y. Design and Drafting William P. Urtz West Leyden, N. Y. Drafting Franklin T. Valone Richard Van Benschoten F orestville, N. Y. Interlaken, N. Y. F loriculture Production Drafting Gary Van Derlinden Cuba, N. Y- Data Processing James Van Dermeer Alfred, N. Y. Accounting Carol J. Vesneski Salamanca, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science F Tank P. Viverito Lockport, N. Y, Food Distribution Ronald Van Duinen James H. Van Skiver Clfampaigllf ul- Prattsburg, N. Y. Alf Condlflomng Agriculture Engineering P 62 M C nthiaL VoninSki Christine A. Volk y ' N Y Oxford N. Y. East Syracusfei ' ' Executive Secretarial Science Data Processing 93 Marsha L. Van Vliet Little Valley, N. Y. Floriculture Merchandising Larry E. Verstraete Williamson, N. Y. Automotive Specialist Dennis Virzi Brooklyn, N. Y. Industrial Central Timothy L. Vonneida Elmira, N. Y. Construction Technology Diane J. Wackford Oxford, N. Y. I Q Executive Secretanal SCICHCC James H. Walker Linda J- Wall Peter M' Wauen Cheektowaga, N. Y. Birlghamwna N- Y- Olean, N. Y.. Measurement Science Medical Records Technology Data Processmg Sus QQ? David E.Wa.lther Raymond L. Wangelin Wallace K, Ward Stephefnown' N' Y' SPfiI'1SVi11e, N- Y- South Dayton, N. Y. Marketing Building Construction Electrical Scrvjcc Carol M. Warriner Greenwood, N. Y. Nursing 94 Carol L. Walker Horseheads, N. Y. Medical Lab. Technology Robert Waltersdorf Rochester, N. Y. Construction Technology Thomas A. Warner Springville, N- Y- Data Processing John W. WatkinS Elmira, N. Y. Food Service Margie E. Watts Medina, N. Y. Accounting Thomas H. Wegman Rochester, N. Y. Accounting Richard H. Widger Oneida, N, Y, Food Distribution Lawrence N. Wilcox Oxford, N, Y, Agriculture Business George E. Weed Webster, N. Y. Air Conditioning 1 Marjorie Wentworth Margaret S. Wheeler Friendship, N. Y. Schenectady, N. Y. Executive Secretarial Science Executive Secretarial Science Ronald N. wighrman David J- Wilbeft Wellsville, N. Y. PenHe1d,N' Y- , , Engineering Science Internal Combustion Engines l gf. 95 Kenneth P. White West Seneca, N. Y. Electrical Communications Douglas A. Wilcox Jacksonville, N. Y. Construction Technology Virginia A. Wilcox Elmira, N. Y. Business Administration Raymond A. Willett Bever1Y K- Williams E123 Exkwiuiams K2-fl R' Williams Canaseraga, N. Y. 016211, N- Y- U I ff ' ' Rodmafla N' Y- Business Administration Medical Secretarial Science DI21 THIS Marketing Bruce D. Wilson Elizabeth K. Wilson Palmyra, N. Y. North Tonawanda, N. Y. Production and Machines Medical Records Technology John A. Wilson , Phelps, N. Y. Donald J. Wing Construction Technology Phelps- Nj . Air Conditioning 1 . H - I Lawrence M. Winner Den ' L W- - W Clifton Springs, N. yn Wellrsslleeiqg glshlp Ronald W. Winsor Gary M. Wolfanger Design and Drafting Data Processing g1ianIQN' Y' Waylanil Ygral a a rocessing Industri en 96 Eva M. Wong Whitestone, N. Y- Data Processing I Sherman Wood III NY- Coxsackie, N. Y. fhlllltl Agricultural Science Charles W. Woodard Gillett, Pa. Survey Technology i f.t re r ff Stanley E. Woolever Gfofon, N. Y. F006 Service Alinda E. Wood Hurleyville, N. Y. Food Service Lorren G. Worden Swain, N. Y. Accounting John R. Wood Leroy, N. Y. Construction Technology Arthur L. Wright Elmira, N- Y- , Business Administration Sandra L. Wood Elmira Heights, N. Y. Nursing Thomas E. Wood DeRuyter, N. Y. Drafting James R. Woodhull Cutchogue, N. Y. Agriculture Engineering P 8a M IQ' Charles M. Wright Arcade, N. Y- Electrical Service I ,.,,,,,,, r"' """ ""' . Gordeon A. Wuethrich Olean, N. Y. Animal Husbandry Richard A. Young Wendy W. Young Robert R. Yull Angelica, N. Y. Harrison, N. Y. Geneseo, N. Y. Agriculture Business Food Service Air Conditioning lu? William M. Zicaw Gary W. Zinsmeyer Lawrence Ziolokowski Castile, N. Y. Cicero, N. Y. Alden N Y Automotive Specialist Floriculture Merchandising Accolfnting William R. Zweck Liberty, N. Y. - ' ' Industrial Central to gl 1 t . 98 Gary L. Yanni Wayland, N. Y. Measurement Science Alan W. Yunkes Hamburg, N. Y. Floriculture Production g .x . 5. I 95 .5 A f g -.ff u f fy-391, f l ' .cw 'Y '1' v Stanley Zoltanski Trenton, N. J. Building Construction Joseph Zwolski, Jr. Buffalo, N. Y. Floriculture Production I Aff Ullli I- Y. MSCICIIQE I.. . .,q E ' E - I s duction 38 1 I I SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL U RQW ONE: B. Stephens, A. Brooks, M. Campbell, H. Howard, G. Zmsmeyer, Gndley, B. shuus. Row TWO: M. Cramer, C. Drees, M. E. Lewis, c. Dodge- T. Grealish, A. Bosso, T. TaY10f, R- Young, MB' Sierzega 99 Dom A FIRST and SECOND FLOOR5 ROW ONE: S. Ralph, N. Dobranski, E. Balet, J. Kester, R. Mar- sham, L. Phillips, S. Tylock, S. Mullie, R. Thompsett. ROW TWO R. Graham, C. Salvagni, K. Schwald, F. Swihart, B. Bush, S. McCar- thy, T. Schmit, L. Smith, E. Almeter, J. Vogel. ROW THREE: C Renfrew, M. Sager, B. Richie, S. Higley, K. Gaston, M. Farnham, M Kemp, S. Kilbury, M. Zupko, C. Schultz, M. Bergin. ROW FOUR: R. Skeels, N. Scott, L. Ganzaliz, C. Kianka, R. Morgan, J. Miller, J Neri, J. Verstraete, J. Weissegger, G. Koubek. ROW FIVE: P. Rader ROW ONE: J. Fanton, K. Rowan, N. Mikolajczyk, M. Salomon, B. Streeter, L. Rugg, D. Ryel, E. Wong. ROW TWO: P. Goodness Moses F Garrigan D Bove A Sarcinelli R Tesar D Wackfor J - , - , - , . , . d, D. Pine, M. Cordosi. ROW THREE: J. Dalton, K. Jay, C. Erdman, D. Dum, S. Kantor, D. Copeland, S. Loftis, G. Galliher, S. Trum Slate. ROW FOUR: M. Callahan, P. Smith, D. Mclam, M. Godfroy, M. Kramer, M. Caccamise, B. Fohnar, K. , L. S. Cromp, L. Belanger, ,C. YW S. Maahs, M. Knight, C. Kohn, S. Kahle, M. Skellen, C. Loomis, D Grant, K. Hennessy, N. Dolan, D. Palen, C. Lang. STANDING: D Wood, N. Yokum, D. Steiner, M. Goodman, P. Gormley, M. Pokor- ski, S. Neylan, L. Palidar, R. Gartner, A. Leathersich, B. Simpson, J Schaaff, S. Schofield, M. Lerch, S. Hammerick, K. Darrow, M Hawks, J. Newman, K. Kent, E. Hassler, C. Hilliker, J. Hardenbrook P. Harrington, L. Kostuk, P. Graves, E. Williams, K. Weakland, D Hougland, K. Kolb. McMullen, M. Watts, C. Huber, P. Carter, S. Davis. ROW FIVE: D. Williams, P. Battaglia, J. Dumuhosky, C. Coleman, B. Berg, S. Straight, S. Faber, C. Repko, K. Wagner, C. Bower, A. Bowen, B- Dewey, L. Drankhan, J. Hume, J. Lillie, D. Finch, V. Gaddy, D. Bedgar, E. Testaverde, K. Dibble, P. Carney, J. Aldridge, S. Snyder, M. Shelgreen. OR THIRD FLOOR nom D Fmsr FLOOR .f 5 1,5 . mmis, D. NG: D. . Pokor- pson, 1. row, M. nbrook, land, D. NE. D. Biifgi S' Wens ddl, D Snydtils ROW ONE: C. Freeman, E. Noa, B. VanValkenburg, G. Kibbe, S. Alexyn, R. George, M. McArdle, L. Cottle. ROW TWO: V. Middle- ton, D. Kubiak, D. Rice, K. Nolan, G. Frear, B. Rudd, J. Savovic, K. Tauffener, J. Rueger, D. Walzer, C. Dumuhosky, S. Sowney. ROW THREE: D. Rice, J. Reeland, K. Barrett, K. Delaney, K. Orth, C. ROW ONE: L. Stevens, B. Bacon, S. Swan, B. Germain, D. Wester- velt, T. Ledgerwood, F. Balus, R. Morsch, D. Ferris, K. Landseadel. ROW ATWO: J. Woodhull, T. Allen, D. Miller, D. Maliszesky, J. EPP0h'f0, H. Klein R. Cenname B. Ho kins K. Jacobs T. Covelli 7 9 p 7 9 ' ROW THREE: P. Anderson, B. Chase, J. Avery, G. Whek, M. Nus- baum, T- Farmer, W. Lyons, R. Aikens, J. Grosstephan, R. Plyter. ROW FOUR: S. Blanchard, D. Hey, J. Halecky, B. Cook, C. Thees- Moore, E. Paradise, M. Walling, C. Hyde, R. Portnoy, J. Lefkowitz. ROW FOUR: B. White, L. Wasserman, T. Polley, J. Myers, B. Gooding, J. Zubriski, M. Diehl, N. Behrndt, M. Zeller, G. Norton, C. Browne, C. Walker, C. Saunders, C. Anderson, R. Gaeta, P. Walker, D. Palladino, S. Johnson, A. Schaffner, R. Casson, L. Ippoliti. feld, S. Hurlburt, R. Alderman, M. Phillips, R. Acanfora, E. Baker, R. Agett, A. Bugenhagen, D. Malatin, P. Markowski, P. Perot. ROW FIVE: T. Garner, J. Lessaxd, E. Conley, M. Kio, G. Carr, M. Bunce, D. Loothmen, D. Cornwell, E. Wainwright, I. Aizkalns, J. Denzel, R. Davis, D. Seeley, A. Clark, R. Bonk, W. Ripp, M. Buck, F. Bruce, D. Youngren, R. Sager, K. Daalberg, M. Besant, P. D'Andrea. 1 lOl ' D and THIRD FL Dom D sEcoN oons ROW ONE: K. Burroughs, R. Rodriguez, J. Rogers, F. Banilla, A. Chapin, E. Schlierman, P. Glosich, B. Weatherell, D. Grinnell, M. Huron. ROW TWO: L. Weidemann, D. Shulters, B. Voeglin, R. Kolb, M. Goodfuss, R. Reid, E. Falb, B. Morehouse, D. Decker, D. Wunsch. ROW THREE: K. Osgood, M. Priore, J. Flick, D. Elden, B Lewis, W. Hungerford, W. Hall, J. Blazey, R. Hass. ROW FOUR: M Cyganovich, M. Doherty, R. Roome, B. Ludden, A. Yunkes, A. ROW ONE: T. Delaney, G. Cutilla, R. Mack, D. Tufts, B. Gonyo, P Newby, S. Smith, M. Welles, M. Falise, B. Jones, K. Henderson ROW TWO: V. Masci, J. Cromie, C. Dahlaus, J. Durkish, J. Kowall ski, T. Valis, J. Stack, F. Valone. ROW THREE: B. Jennings, M Nearing, T. Van Horn, R. Mrugala, B. Potter, W. Smith, J. Wood, D Paternostro, R. Bertini, J. Devine, D. Essison, S. Lewandowski, D. Phillips, B. Olender, D. Long. ROW FOUR: R. Grandusky, F. Clark, M. Hart, P. Ferry, K. Osterman, I. Merritt, R. More, G. Pontello, M. Tierney, L. Taylor, P. McAlinn, A. Valenze, D. DeNure, S. Weiss, E Rinaldi. ROW FIVE: D. Bean, T. Kotz, R. Herendeen, R. Chipchak D. Hennig, G. Daniels, M. Dunn, D. Vonneida, A. Hoke, E. Goff, R Hinckley, K. Muro, R. Bauman, R. Van Duinen, D. Decker, J. Mc Caffery, R. Buckhout, D. Kuligowski, R. Thompson, D. Reif, R Traphagen, G. Graves. Sullivan, J. Wekenmann, J. White, R. Mager. ROW FIVE: L. Corbin, J. Coe, G. Glasgow, R. Sperling, S. Durnin, M. Leary, M. Schwartz, J. Norman, W. Dennis, D. Schweickert, G. Schnurle, G. Zinsmeyer. ROW SIX: A. Martusewicz, B. Broughton, R. Kuret, V. Kawski, J. Smith, A. Northrup, D. Fernandez, G. Wallace, J. Oliver, S. Severn, S. Wood, L. Knapp, D. Cutugno, M. Jensen, L. Brayman, B. Armen- dinger, R. Mead, R. Knight, W. Zweck, D. Turner, K. Roof, D. Moynihan, D. Fox, H. Bauman, J. Klix, J. Brennan. x A 5 X. Y ,Lug S-, -s ,.qa..m-f...s-.s.4........--Y BROOKSIDE ROW ONE: D. Johnson, T. Coleman, D. Gessner, W. Laney, D. THREE: D. Keech, J. Merla, B. Burns, L. Gridley, K. Burnham, D. Sahle, T. Donovan. ROW TWO: M. Jensen, P. Halecki, B. Steele, K. Baehre, C. Palmer, B. Trill, J. Powers, J . Hubertus, M. Weber, C. Patrick, S. Fullagar, B. Williams, R. Bromley, S. Nothnagle, S. Hinkley, D. George, C. Montalbo, M. Stevenson, D. Noel. Chambers, S. Rice, G. Schultz, C. Oswald, C. Johnson. ROW l . . 1 , H , P. PZII, K CENTER: T' Field, E- HOIVHUL M- MZIOHGY, R- PiekHISki, J- Bes- Smith, J. HarfwaylaRI32lZhTPlI'IRI3i1nXI?liet?J.1IWHson, R. Larkin, L han. ROW ONE: M. Obstein, F. Doxbeck, E. Young, T. Carls, R. Clar, R. Schafeg, 1 . B Haldy. S- Karl, B. Pembroke, K. Davis, M Qdams, J' Wright, D- Piatek, R. Augfim. Row TWO: J. stone, N- S1?aFPSteen' C' 5 ijoninski ' hest, B. Smith, P. Grabar, S. Gordon, S. Romance, Mrs. F. Nettle- Lldler S' Potter' ' t0n'H0l1Se Mother, D. Hock, V. Wilcox, C. Sykes, D. Snyder, L. 1 l IO3 BRADDON FIRST and SECOND ROW ONE: B. Loeber, M. Montague, L. Bremner, B. Jones, S. Hunt, E. Schaefer. ROW TWO: K. Chapman, J. Brol, P. DeLancey, N. Flint, D. DiMino, J. Lawrence, L. Bailey, B. Hickey, C. Vesneski, M. Sierzega, L. Wall, L. Havens, L. Dibble. ROW THREE: C. Wetmore CENTER: C. Atherton, W. Adams, V. Wilson, R. Langevin, K. Bay- less, J. Dillon. ROW ONE: L. Scardetta, C. Bzdak, M. Morrissey, L. Felmlee, S. Williams, B. Sillato, M. Yaeger, B. LaForge, M. Doro- shuk, E. Stroebel. ROW TWO: J. Cavallaro, J. Searle, E. Caple, A Burt, A. Warnock, C. Blewett, P. Wurtz, S. Broecker, G. Misner, M Shurtleff, L. Smith, N. Allison, M. Banker, C. Taggert, L. Correll 3 ... L. McIntyre, S. Wood, J. Tolhurst, C. Cochran, B. Luce, P. Gorick P. Winner, J. Woodruff, C. Kubis, C. Wilson, C. Anderson, J. Auble S. Marshall, W. Bush, M. Dailey, B. Allen. ROW THREE: M. Carney, D. Anderson, P. Yehle, R. Webster, L. Thompson, V. Crouch, T. Daniels, T. Clement, L. Bennett, K. Aikin, B. Page, K. Donaghue, C. Oliver, P. May, P. Banko, K. Sturm, J. Hughes, G. Stone, E. Mitchell, M. Allen, B. Stenshorn, K. Crayton, L. Murphy, K. Wilson, F. Volk, C. Walker, A. Gonzalez. THIRD and Foukn-I N . CENTER: J. Dorsey, S. Fuller, S. Tunkey, D. Lewis, L. Sampson, J Monico, L. Golubski, M. Brzostowski. ROW ONE: P. Parker, P Schrader, N. Gallese, P. Donald, K. Merlino, M. Princiotto, C. Pal- mer, M. Seeley, P. Barthel, K. Breunig, C. Creasey. ROW TWO: K Kozlowski, C. Campbell, M. Coulter, J. Gemmer, J. Brusso, J. Carr B. Smudzin, K. Rose, D. Morgan, J. Lyons, L. Lankin, P. Robinson CENTER: K. Bolton, S. Weinstein, G. Russell, S. Covert, F. Petran- 8e10, D. Cross, W. Ellman, L. Hennessy, C. Doolittle, J. Busselle, D Dolecki. ROW ONE: L. Dillenbeck, D. Herrington, S. Kerrigan, L. Berry, J- Mosher, M- Meyn, L. Swanson, S. McIntosh, R. Ekstrom D. H111 K. Pu h h i HC , S. Knitter. ROW TWO: J. Kruger, N. Swantak, N. Mitchell, J. Conroy, M. Kahler. S. Romick. B. Skiba. S. Reich, D. 3 S. Maciejewski, S. Dick, L. Baker. ROW THREE: B. Cohen, S. Brown, D. Swart, S. Lenhard, C. Schultz, K. Harris, J. Palermo, J. Siegel, M. Longthon, M. Sims, P. Smallwood, B. Stalnaker, P. Bac- cile, S. England, S. Dickinson, L. Maus, C. De Torio, S. Mead, C. Krna, L. Hanks, E. Hutchinson, S. English, M. Gear, P. Mazur, B. Schneider, P. Williams, B. Bencal. Haight, P. Anibal, R. Paytash, D. Feil, V. Eade, T . Lilla. ROW THREE: S. Lasier, E. Sporysz, S. Sherwood, J. Taylor, L. Babcock, C Mason P. Overturf, P. Maume, D. Frank, C. Flitcroft, E. Foy, E. ' ' ' Hint S Duquette, B. BanRy, I. Leahy, S- Haflby, B- Wilson, D- OH, Schoen C. De Witte, C. Nicholson, L. Boesel, L. Kennedy, C- Norris, L. Kercher, L. Kluth, D. McDonald, A- Fenga- ............-.-..-- PEET FIRST and SECOND ROW ONE: J. Francesconi, T. Taylor, G. Harrington, D. Serianni, T. Richardson, D. Schmeck, P. Attardo, R. Main, A. Akulis, F. Vive- rito, P. Stevenson, J. VanSkiver, D. LaPietra, J. Kelley, D. Russell ROW TWO: R. Carpino, T. Bertuch, J. Speth, J. Wilson, Gertie, J ROW ONE: E. Koerner, P. Sampson, R. Drake, L. Perry, K. Reich- man, D. Marsh, R. Matteson, R. Burke, M. Keim, P. Gilberg, H. Minns, B. Mackenzie, S. Van Dorn, C. Tosto, J. Tomaka. ROW TWO: J. Quattrone, J. Wood, E. Crater, D. Wojtowicz, M. Duggan, B. Lefeve, T. Von Neida, M. Fitzpatrick, H. Zeh, S. Prisco, D. Avery. ROW THREE: L. Jones, G. Mummert, D. Demler, H. Fre- denburgh, Jr., G. Kinkade, T. Grealish, K. Porter, A. Cimini, A. , , Eckdahl, J. Collins, G. Kowalski, F. Jaquay, G. Stipanovich, G, Guck, D. Herrick, W. Burdick, B. Hozempa, B. Tubman, R. Smith, H. Ralston, C. Cederquist, D. Mustang, D. Bree, J. Neenan, A. Unger, D. Evans, A. Parker, M. Campbell, J. McGuire. Levien, G. Hayes, B. Sturgeon, R. Lyon, C. James, J. George, Macera, C. Newman. ROW FOUR: T. Giordano, J. Parker, Mathens, D. Grochocki, D. Walther, R. Maier, L. Ziolkowski, Magee, R. Malter, H. Jensen, J. Metz, R. Pierce, D. De Fevre, Voncina, J. Dash, T. Bryant, C. Quick, D. Lilga, H. Stewart, Stowell, K. Beglinger, D. Wallace, R. Ostrander, R. Wolfanger, Lindahl, G. Greig, B. Baxter, F. Welcher, D. Bannister, G. Leney. R K A J C R THIRD and FOURTH ROW ONE: G. Cochran, E. Baker, C. Maine, J. Kahn, D. Wager, C. Montanye, E. Basualdo. ROW TWO: J. Bencal, T. Patmenter, R. Robertson, R. Manzi, W. Miller, G. Lockwood, L. B. Ross, C. T. Yanni, E. Blank, H. Haerle, J. Schmidbauer, E. Vecchio. ROW THREE: R. Button, J. Gross, G. Bryer, S. McKerrow, R. Carsel, C. Sundlof, P. Greene, W. Miller Jr., G. Gahry, G. Knighton, T. Glaser, ROW ONE: B. Willson, J. Scalisi, P. Wallen, G. Wvethrich, L. Sten- zel, J. Salvaterra, J. Van Rensselaer, J. Gerhardt, J. Veazey, J. Pat- rick, G. Miller, F. Stevens, Jr., S. Sabshin. ROW TWO: D. Flemming, T. Lyons, D. Winship, R. Laney, S. Mazzoli, M. Calhoun, A. Todten- hagen, R. smith, R. McAndiew, R. widgei, L. Belangei, B. Fisher. ROW THREE: J. Laspada, T. Noble, J. Stewart, J. Cavallaro, T. Kmfon, D. Taft, C. campbeu, s. Ghosh, F. Howe, L. Ewing, T. G. Pease, D. Deschler, D. Feuchter. ROW FOUR: G. Snider, B. Nowicki, G. Harman, B. Rushnov, J. Linn, L. Worden, G. Green, F. Larson, D. Daniels, G. Jahreis, W.Mu1'ray, F. Latham, S. Dollerd, R. , Drach, C. Sumner, R. Friend, J. Cooper, T. Howard, B. Kirk, B. Lang, R. Ostrander, R. Yull, R. Doehler, C. Root, T. Hubbard, R. Titsworth, L. Hunt. ner J Schwab D Fowler J Merithew D Borini R Nelson D Wal' , . a - i ' 9 ' 7 ' ' . Nicosia, B. Ribbeck. ROW FOUR: R. Charles, R- MHIKS, R- Mains' calco E. Gorman, R. Machuga, D. Sheppard, J- Mccufcheoflf D Rooker G. Sharp L. W. Steele, T. Porter, B. Morse, R. Harris, K. ' . i J. Simpson, M. Hill, C. Barmister, J. White, M. Babyak, V- SPGHCCI, Metzger, P. Bednarek, P. Nixon, B. Dorman, L. Miller, C' TGTLUGSSCC, 1 I L. King, R. Starr, B. James. . -.-. 1 11 . 1 1 i -1 1 ,1 1 K, 1 li, ., 1. 11. .,, 11 11 3111 5 ll IU, li 11 E. 'll 'il 1555 li 5? 11 I 1 'I 1 1 1 113 1 , ,. 1 1 1 li 1 V R: 1 11 11 1. 1 1 1 1 li 1 I H I 1 F 5 ,1 Mm-JAH.- . . 1-az. ! l l 1 1 l i ' 1 I i ? il 15 il 11 12 li ll ,l ROBINSON FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS ROW ONE: R. Laport, V. Herman, J. Edmond, K. Davis, F. Wheeler, M. Appleby, J. K. Forkell. ROW TWO: P. Fuhrmann, J Wallace, A. Cantehno, T. Stetz, G. Rauch, R. Loder, Mr. and Mrs. James O'Rei11y - Head Resident, J. Connor, W. Geise, G. Cort right, M. Maksymik. ROW THREE: R. Halsey, D. Crandell, P ROW ONE: T. Lafferty, J. Walsh, P. Trowbridge, D. Ring, M. Concis, Wang Mo-Yeh, G Lemaire T. Donald. ROW T . , WO: C. Grande, R. Kolstee, G. Weed, J. Edgreen, J. Barhite, A. Norman, J. Drexler, R. Janoski, T. Valent, R. Long. ROW THREE: C. Smith, D. Kleeh, S. Swanson, K. Impson, B. Walker, D. Williams, J. Sick, B. Blazeyk, J. Thompson, R. Luce, M. Johnson, T. Latt, B. f-- Stong, J. Gembar, M. Miller, G. Yerman, L. Ainslie, T. Dolan, D Magde, D. Carpenter, M. Adams, P. Bacel, D. Christensen, J Dengler, J. Brehm, T. Paulmeier, L. Allen, R. Brown, T. Cortright B. Coley, K. Foote, D. Geiser, B. Zeman, J. Vandermeid. Mehalick, A. Finocchario. ROW FOUR: R. Maher, R. Goodwin 1 D. Bayer, R. Battistelli, D. Chimera, B. Graff, T. Bailey, R. Beach, E. Knott, S. Smith, J. Ketterl, F. Porter, G. Flood, R. Lee, J. Lindsay, D. Brady, T. Lengel, P. O'Griftin, B. Hultberg, J. Sawdye, L. Barker, D. Smith, W. Cutting, G. Boorman, A. Woodworth. 108 THIRD FLOOR GETMAN FIRST FLOOR ROW ONE: O. Wright, K. Leaderer, W. Shumaker, G. Mclntyre, B. Qualey. ROW TWO: R. Cieslica, B. Wilcox, T. Shay, B. Allen, R. Williamson, R. Frank, D. Zakmierczak, T. Smith, K. Ross, R. Nigro, D. Percy, B. Carlin, ROW THREE: J. Seely, K. Corcoran, T. Rapp, J. Truax, B. DeWaters, A. Perkins, R. Menz, A. Williams, B. Java, T. McDermott, P. Dziedzic, T. Howell, B. Letkiewicz. ROW FOUR: N. Thompson, D. Teitsworth, A. Westervelt, G. Sedore, D. Hoodle, L. Suplicki, B. Mims, A. Hauf, J. Durkee, M. Farmer, W. ROW ONE: A. DeCook, D. Clark, D. Lysyczyn, J. Greene, D. Smith, K. Johnson, E. Kern. ROW TWO: T. Burton, K. Stein- hilber, B. Baumann, J. Wallace, Jr., D. Rich, B. Lahl, D. Arnold, M- Murphy. Row THREE: J. Root, L. Dyke, R. Semple, T. Judd, J. Crofoot, R. B. Schutt, K. Tyler, T. Truver. ROW FIVE G. Newhouse, J. Laker, D. Corrigan, H. Weidman, J. Parker, J Martin, L. Severance, L. Cardinale, J. Howe, R. Sweeney, D Stinson, D. Drcutt, B. Folts, G. Richardson, G. Fasso, D. Edwards L. Palmer, J. Walburg, F. Croscut, P. Tolejko, D. Davis, D. Hey- men, K. Roberts, L. Harris, J. Boyce Sr., J. Kulik, R. Tarabori, D Stead, D. Hicks. Burrows, W. Schultz, D. Randell, R. Frame, J. Montesano, D Kleine A. Degenaars, R. Jones, D. Marriott, J. Rausch, R. Meer- dink, E. Stark, T. Lloyd. ll WW . , - f ' ' GETMAN SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS ROW ONE: T. Follette, B. Bracikowski, J. Zwolski, D. Jones, G. B. Siebert, P. Haugh, C. Kruppner. ROW THREE: A. Lamphier, J. Shattuck, C. Mullen, P. Baideme, J. Hyman. ROW TWO: D. Miller, S. Rafferty, N. Carter, D. Galton, R. Myles, T. Raulli, E. Lilleck, L. Rosencranse Jr., M. Beckwith, M. Gaffney, D. Degear, Kime, E. Schurman, M. State, L. Lamphier, J. Palmer. ROW ONE: G. Buck, T. Bretherton, R. Jablonski, D. Proctor, R. Brooks, J, Hebberecht, D, Gfefrath, D, Beatty, S, Steally, R, AHSICY, J- CUISOH, R- Blallvelf, P- LCVCIGHZ- ROW TW02 A- Young, R. Rowe, R. Dibble, Mr. M. Geffen - Head Resident. 110 ROSEBUSH ROW ONE' ' . Forslin, D glckweua J- Rhemwald, J. Finkle, R. Arliss, G. Bendibury, G. Slack, P. Love. ROW THREE: B. Harris, M. Ford, J - ' 3 tal-mg. ROW TWO: T. Schubauer, W. S. Bland- Davenport, E. Munson, F. Richards, R. Pesta, K. White. mg, S. - Mahay' M' Rhode, B- Beckef, P- Wybron, M. Fogg, G. 111 coMMuTERs and oFF-CAMPUS 112 AHX GREEK INDEPENDENTS 'Mil ROW ONE: D. Marrano, P. Lane. ROW TWO: A. Logan, J. Lee, S. Kapuza, S. Hewitt, C. Berti. ROW THREE: ROW ONE: D. Krenzer, L. Spencer, J . Lord, P. Morgan B. Nelson, A. Gilfus. ROW TWO: C. Drake, B. Ball, J Hayes, D. Bilodeau, T. Maugiri, J . Hall. ROW THREE: L Underwood, S. Mauer, C. Hand, W. Crowell, W. Van Wie, T. Roberts, D. Flint. ROW FOUR: S. Kuczma, D. Fenton, B. Heeter, T. Cushing, L. Costello, J. Hennessy, J C. Merlino, S. Kilpatrick, P. Lincoln, J. Klopp, E. Manktelow, S. Kelley, C. Ingersoll, P. lvett, R. Howes. Mitchell, W. Kristie, J. Parker. ROW FIVE: R. Gordon, M. Schuner, W. Payn, T. Leenhouts, D. Olyouski, R. Sundlof, B. Bergstresser, T. Zorn G. Gorden, J. Gibbons, R. Jasiniski, E. Murray, D. McBride - House Father, B. Dineen, J . Kellogg. ....,,.....,,,M4 .Wy mn.. ... ,,.. . ,. ,f . .. AXQ GREEK INDEPENDENTS ROW ONE: S. Brown, L. Begy, C. Bollin, P. McGraw. S.A11en, M. Carlson, S. Drake, D. Bates. ROW TWO: J. Boland, M. Bonady, A. Butchko, D. Cook, ROW ONE: T. Alderman, J. Brightman, T. Testa, A. Hatchkiss, P. Brehse, D. La Marche, T. Farley, D. Barber Brown. ROW TWO: C. Lauffer, R. Bailey, D. Luke, S. - Head Resident, K. Duncan, R. Bentley. nm lla 114 GREEK INDEPENDENTS 1' C9 Row ONE: C. Graham, L.4Fahy, R. Feather, s. Parker. ROW TWO: L. Graves, L. Eddy, V. Garrison, S. Hahn. ROW THREE: M. Bickford, M. Weykman, C. Arthurton, ROW ONE: J. Fisher, M. Johnson, J. Bogumil, G. Bullard, B. Tastle. ROW TWO: D. Kuhs, G. Dean, M. McNulty, D Mrs. Kinsella, House Mother, K. Boynton, B. George, S. ale. Hayward, J. Dietrick, D. Sack, A. Hillman, P. Cascanet, B. Sheffner, J. Eyre. I' W Y Qi 'Vi my f ,.,,, ,-Z. K . N.1,Y '1 I ' 1 uk - i ee Q. py ,'U4 ff f , :K ' N 'fff G! T, f , 79 X 1"' lf ,x PA ., T K Q v 4 "AAf. 1"'Q QQLTA CHI ' Xxufff 1-1.f"x l mu OMEGA f f iff wif N J Li-...-1, cooocno if l , ,?SiQ0 j f " Www ww M 2221 I ef 75' Y W , f X 'P 5? , f , f W W if M9 A 'fo -.: , , fi ' Q4 I ', ,1 5 , f ff 'L V - Z ,f ' ' L A ff M W . W. ., W WA ,Q . A :,. ' ,. 5 ' b V 0" MQ741 - Y ,, ,., I ,I .Q ' N 'ffl ' lg x " 151372 17 " ' 6 f -:.,..'-Z: 2' gf Q '. ng M-ff?-' 42?-Er ' , ' ,fl 1' ,ff A, D ' It ,, S! Q if QI, , ff 11 if " 'A t 15 1 .NX f W X., 3 y , V i , ly ' ' f 1 .7Mn"W-.M .,.. ..,,,,,v,, ..ffff""'l Ze, ""?"" " " "' ' svn N--.. ,, -.po-v.,- .p'......-u,.-.- ff-4'-A Y , as . , , , . f The Greeks on the Alfred Tech campus offer a social life which is an integral part of college life, The main purpose of fraternities and sororities is to cultivate a true spirit of friendship, maintain a high scholastic standing, and to instill in its mem- bers the qualities of a well-rounded person. Most of all, the Greeks learn to develop atrue meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood. Each of the fraternities holds a brother-sister re- lationship with one of the three sororitiesg Alpha Beta Chi is sister to Psi Delta Omega, Delta Chi Omega is sister to Kappa Sigma Epsilon, and Pi Nu Epsilon is sister to Gamma Theta Gamma. Throughout the year, the Greeks hold such social activities as beer blasts, slave auctions, shipwreck parties, Homecomings, and Formal Weekends. Whether working as a separate house or together, the Greeks put much effort and enthusiasm into making their activities a success for all involved. ll8 ISC-IFC FRONT ROW: M. Warchoki, S. Smith. BACK ROW: K. Klingbeil, S. Benedict, Vice-Presidentg L. Feasley, Secretaryg A. Bosso Presidentg D. Beyea, Treasurerg D. Barone. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Devitt, M. Yaeger, T. Eddy, J. Geasling, R. Waltersdorf, P- Moore, B- Gilles-Pie, W- Reed, L- Wilcox- 119 ALPHA BETA CHI ROW TWO: M. Crosby, C. Jensen, Treasuererg J. Johnson Recroding Secretaryg V Crevelling, Presidentg L. Spallone Vice-Presidentg Mrs. H. Graves, House Motherg J. Pru flel' ROW ONE: B. Shults, P. Green, K. Stampp, B. Stephens. Corresponding Secretary. ROW THREE: C. Volk, B Schultz, P. Lippold, L. Parr, S. Benedict, D. Beyea, J- Johnson. 1 v X 25:31 .xxx xxx. tx Snr Q 121 , v PSI DELTA OMEGA , W... ...M . ,L .. ...M .....r.--m 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 I ! ! I Q xl V 1 8 i x 1 f i i il ? if I! ! , fl 5 1 r Q 1 N ROW ONE: D. Hodge, W. Leach - Social Chairman, M. Moyer. Button, J. Dunn, L. Wilcox, K. DeLong - Sgt. of ArrnS5 R. Gridley ROW TWO: G. DeLong, T. Ayers - Treasurer, G. Blum - Vice - Corresponding Secretary, G. Snider, D. McBr1de - House ,' President, W. Reed - President, R. Hodder - Recording Secretary, Father. D. Hedden - House Manager, Row THREE: E. Dewey, R. S J 1 .Q W w 4 w i 122 A I I I I 4 N 1 1 I v I :Spf 1 '- N Z ,W I 'ww ' :f:NQ,1:N x:,5 x Ns X 12 .......m..-...-.M,............,.. 7..-...,,,,.7..,,, W. bum.-vu--u-4 L...h...X.-..-.... 8 ,,m.'rA 123 DELTA CHI OMEGA J: CENTER: S. Calabrese - President, Dodo - Mascot. ROW ONE: ROW THREE: M. Shields, B. Kuwik, S. Hrgnett, S. Morian, B. Barnes - Corresponding Secretary, N. Keyser - Recording Findeisen, G. Peterson, L. Pschirrer, C. H1lk1n, D. Dalg era - I Secretary, L. Tierney, L. Feasley, S. Thayer, M. Jayne, L. Flint, S. McAteer, F. Buckley, P. Van Buskirk, J. Leo, C. Lmb, C. D0 ge, Turner, P. Gibson, S. Smith, P. Leitner, J. Golon - Vice President, M, Wheeler, D. Sage, C. Voninski. Absent: Mrs. G. Callaghan - S. Curry - Treasurer.-ROW TWO: M. Abenante, C. Kawesinski, K. House Mother. Ivison, D. Barone, M. Metz, S. Boron, G. Blesy, J. Baird, C. Drees. 124 Y I-2 I ag. rf V.- I ai--' ,,,. L4- 1 5.,., YHA C111 i 1 zu..-M ,Man .A : ew :L ' 1 4 f "WWW KAPPA SIGMA EPSILON if ,X 1" ' E' f . X f X ff! 'I.""4l'3::37t -SX 'WW' ROW ONE: D. Balcom, F. Meyers, K. Van Sickle, Cubbie - Mascot, C. Ogden - Corresponding Secretary, J. Bellis. ROW TWO: M. Crawford, D. Tolman, T. Ostrander, B. Harris, R. Hale, R. Kuhs, G. Decker, J. Miller. ROW THREE: R. Miles, B. Walker, J. Lippincott, B. Immacolato, M. Mazza, J. Robinson, G. Krocke - House Manager. ROW FOUR: R. Rowland, T. Smith - Sgt. of Arms, J. Williams - Recording Secretary, J. Geasling - President, T. Eddy - Vice President, L. Groves - Treasurer, P. Rase. ROW FIVE: B. Abbott, K. Van Ness, M. Krolikowski, R. Wangelin, N. Claeysen, C. Gleba, D. Messinger, T. Bailey, R. Waltersdorf, D. Frey, G. Klopp, D. Barber - Head Resident. 1 . , , 'iff-fm,-if ff 4 , -ygqffw' 11, ,Z 4 5 ,f-4-,fav 4-' f jwfawz.-M A Ay PI NU EPSILON , . - , ' ' t ROW ONE: A. Bosso, J. Brenzo, N. Miller, C. Lewis, A. Trinder, Mlddaugh - Recording Secretary, M. Gaillgall Vice PTCTSICTUJ M. Haag. ROW TWO: K. Shine, C. Lamb, L. Bossard, F. Usiak, K. Mrs. Kinsella - House Mother, L. Cassevaugih - Presi en, Moran, T. Parkhurst. ROW THREE: A. Pedano - Treasurer, L. Greenstein, G, Hofferbert, M. Lewis, K.Kl1Il8be11- 128 x I I I I I I, I II I ,I ' II I II I III II I I I I Ig I IQ' I I III I I I! I 'I I II I II I II 1,5 III II I I I I I IA I :I II II II II I I I I I II EI I I! II I II I II II I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 l I 3"'4'- '- ,. ,, I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I Z I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I Il I.- I I If 129 I I ,-, I 4 1 GAMMA THETA GAMMA 1 1 1 I I J 1 ROW ONE: T. Parry, R. Wightman, R. Colacino, Yogi - Mascot, T. Schubauer, N. Leye. ROW TWO: J. Speicher, T. Savage, A Agrasto, S. Ambrozik, E. Dusett, M. Parker. ROW THREE: J Evans, J. Keenan, D. Pozzouli - Sgt. of Arms, W. Urtz - Treas- urer, B. Devitt - President, D. Sardina - Vice President, H Howard - Sgt. of Arms, R. Keppel, G- Snyder. ROW FOUR:.K Horner, J. Milunich, T. Fraser, W. Buchalter, M. Gomola, W. Helm M. suuski, G. Heinrich, K. Geer, P. Poleskj, M. Lopez, M- John son, D. Spencer. gains! . V E . 5 wap Q Q 2 1, ,L w-WSW'-'am 1 1 Q 3 T Y xx XM ---M-M 5 Q ,,. and 11" L, L 4 N. A ,yank . -I-Dumas' 4 H 9. M' Q suv v ll! -.- '4 as if an. g rf ' S- y gr BROOKLINE DORM WELLSVILLE ROW ONE: D. Horton, J. Sprague, A. Wood, J. Graham. ROW TWO: D. Harter, W. Young, S. Confer, S. Abbey, C. M6YefSv B' Ho Hepworth, K. Schrenk, D. Chasey, R. Bodine. '132 1eL DRAFTING DEPARTMENT PICTURED: D. Bnll, K. Cook, M. Egan, T. Enderton, R. Ferry, D. Kellogg, D. King, C. Knopf, R. Stojeck, D. Teeter, R. Wemer, D. Wightman J' Wmdus, P- W0lf9-SZCZyk, L. Boren, D. Blaser, J. Bukowski, -R. Fitch, W. Harder, C. Hartman, S. Hazzard, R. Hill, R. Lloyd, D. Marsh, T Medal, D- NUHI1, J. Stephens, D. Tremblay, K. Turski, J. Wyckoff, G. Zwierzchowski, J. Abraham, W. Braun, R. Callahan, R. Class, D. Desso, R. Greenfield, D. Harris, R. Kulik, G. Lillie, T. Niver, D. Post, R. Stark, J. Valvo, K. Van Kouwenberg, R. Weaver, D. Wyant. NE- D- MUZZY, J. Palmrter T Osborne B. wlmams s. confer. Row TX n Hole, C Baker ROW THREE G Bouton L E er J. Koon, T. Bearnes, T. Dikeman, W. Brown, V. Rrckrckr, C. Hare, G. Mames, C. War ' ' I . , . gg , Young, B. Chalkef, N. cam, l33 ROW O - ' ' ' VO: T. Blamire, A. Short, R. Kelley, D. Chasey, K. Schrenk, B. d, R. ELECTRICAL SERVICE ELECTRICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT ROW ONE: J. Terpoljlli, B. Borra, L. Pearsall, T. Sobczak, J. Button. SEATEII 'M.-Butler, A. Benedek, B. Bienkowski, T. Hamron, M. Hornick STANDING: J. Ford, B. Zimmerman, E. Enser, A. Gotowka, J. Poppenberg, T. Butler, L. Pratt, D. Wiedemann, F. Seegert, R. Day, B. Lester M. Russell, P. Hatalla, J. Chludzinski, N. Chaffee, H. Van Ness, J. Strobl, J. Trisket. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 1 Row ONE: J. C D, p BUILDING CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT ww, ragel, D. DuP t, M, W n Bullock, K. B100 dough, D. Thacher, R, Sllgshbu eg., M. Kuhal, L. Hess, F. Edwards, J. Ma.rtIn, J. Kernan, S. Mielki. ROW TWO: K. N1cho1S, G In' Tones, D' Mluspaugh, R. Mltchell, L. Wlepert, B. Krotz, A. Hammond. I 34 AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIST . ' J. S . ROW TWO. W. M1l1er AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIST DEPARTMENT ' ' ROW ONE: B. Bessie, T. Pendell, A. Deutch, J. Kinney, B. Lawrence, L1coBI1'fMI1't ,A. Bgsflglsid, J. Sievers, N. Jeffers, F galmes, P. Giamichael, J. Emerick, J. Lydell, G. Rice, R. Snyder, M. R'S1Sdl'i-lify erlian T Piace T, Guiffreda, D. Spic 01 ah ROW FOUR: D' Risley ebmann M Glass R Bun T Taber S Ken D Raffef T Szymaskl? C' ap , - a French, C. Miller, R. Maday, R. McClive 1 - , . , . , . , - Q - , - - , P. Pagett, R. Chase, B. Hogan, D. Pengelly, B. Yages, T. Trezpacz, M. Martm, A. Wxlhams, George, R' MYCIS, R. Burns. I , 136 -., 1 l ,,.-'13 S i uw 11 1 Ulf 5 , and , u1gulgmlInll 1 ' Uiiifiidi ' uwlmawmlf rid ill iw-11 :iii 1 5 ff 1 H Q .gl i n 15:11 u1maul 1111 ami: am: ul - in nr . ,. X . ' -. "qw f'f,zx-'i"'H'R',, W1 ,aihff M, V, H 4 - ,,fyww 1 WWW mf' ' I ,wr Kr ,V I ,Q , fl A I ' ' 'f 'f hw fm, 'QW U'7gV.TV I , , fury, R , ,f M fn ,f ' I . I Wi, , ,, "T ' ' ' f -, , ' ' ,M-..M...-.,,,,.,,M1,,.,QLf,5A-...,.,.' fr' -. , ' , . ' .. ' " A gr-. A ., 137 STUDENT SENATE ROW ONE: T. Kowal Oliver, M. Shields, R. Moran, B. Pembroke Wood, C. Loomis. ski, C. Stowell - Vice-President, B. Kuwik - President, F. Wheeler - Treasurer, C. Lamb - Secretary. ROW TWO: C Testia, R. Morgen, A. Deutsh, L. Dyke, D. LePetra. ROW THREE: T. Grealish, R. Gaeta, L. Kennedy, D. Brady, K , R. Marriscalo. ROW FOUR: M. Abenante, J. Segal, R. Jablonski, T. Bailey, J. White, M. Brewer, Mr. Horton - Advisor, S 138 WOMEN'S COUNCIL ' ROW ONE: C. Volk, A. Trinder, J. Baird, B. Sierzega, D. McLaughlin. ROW TWO: M. Annibal, M. Sims, J. Johnson - Secretaryg P Robinson - Vice-President, P. Delancy - President, S. England - Treasurer, B. Jefferson, P. Battaglia. ROW THREE: L. Fahy, K. Pavlick M. Walling, J. Stone, C. Schultz, R. M. Bromley, S. O'Grady, K. Klop, S. Morgan, F. Buckley, M. Kemp, C. NOITJS, S. Scioli. A.S.C.U.S. 'TE ROW ONE: M. Bryzostowski, M. Godfroy, J. Geasling, D. Wilcox, W- James, S- Woody K' Titus' M' Holdridge' G' Zmsmeyer' H' Guck' 139 J . CONCERT BAND on TOUR ROW ONE: D. Beebee L Babcock D Bove C Kohn J Kester M James G Koub k D R' D , . , . , . , . , . , . e , . 1ce, . Lassell. ROW TWO: L. Perry, T. VanHorn A. Garner, G. Daniels, R. Drake, R. Fort, G. Glasgow, P. Dreher, E. Falb, L. Lytle, S. O'Grady. ROW THREE: P. Sweet, B. Kirk, V. Kawski, J Preston, C. Atherton, J. Simpson, D. Ring, J. Nicolazzo, A. Todtenhagen, K. Mathews. ROW FOUR CStandingJ: M. Cowper, K. Kolb, L. Stevens, G. Szymanoski, Mr. Canale CDirectorJ. ROW FOUR tSeatedJ: C. James, G. Thompson. ABSENT: L. Botsford, D. Harter, J. Glucks- man, A. Hemenway, G. Harman. Another successful year was experienced by the Instrumental Music De artment in P 1968-69. In addition to presenting Fall and Spring concerts on campus, the Alfred State' College Wind Ensemble entertained over 4,000 High School students during its three quarterly tours. In October the Band played at Lyons Central School and North Rose-Walcott Central School. In April several schools were visited in the Rochester area. The highlight of the year was the three-day tour to the New York City area in Februa TY, when both the Ensemble and the Statemen dance band presented assembly programs at Dundee Central School, Amityville Long Island High School and Point Pl t N , easan , ew Jersey High School, Band members will always remember: . . . the trip around Long Island looking for Amityville . . . the search for the lost Van which had most of the instruments and equipment. . . . wonderful performances by the concert band, dance band and soloists: Charles James and Mr. Chase. . . . The Piccadilly Hotel Cwe picked a dillyj . . . New York's twenty-four inch snowfall the day after Alfred departed. l42 win. .8 i , V 1 . A 'B K I "1 uma y I 5 1 w ' Q A Y A I . i 1 i 4 - ri- , my EE .31-i, 35' .KQTE 4 1 STAT ROW ONE: R. Fort R. Drake T. Yan Mr. Canale. ROW TWO: P. wee , ESM EN ON TOUR S t Mr. Chase, J. Preston, J. Nicolazzo, K. Math A. Todtenhagen. Drums: L. Stevens. Organ: L. Taylor. Piano: fI10t Sh0WI1J L- LYde- 143 1 1 I 4 ? W ROW ONE: K. Burroughs, T. Ledgerwood. ROW TWO: R. York, L. Kilian, K. LeBar. ROW THREE: Mr. Cappadonia. ROW FOUR: M. Lopez, G. Stringer, G. Pease, G. Newhouse, J. Linn, D. Glenar. . - . ROW TWO: ROW ONE: M. Mc Keever, A. Burt, C- Flint, G. h1!gtClLi1lier1? tT-Tvcfwjle, D. Schaal, MI. Cappadonia, D. Palen, D. VanBenschoten, S. ac T, Bertram, Bass: Bm C. Schultz. Row THREE: M. Blakley, G- Newhouse, ' Talboys, Guitar: D. Glenal. 1 45 DRAMA . ' B ROW ONE: S. Kahle, S. Hazzard, B. Richie, S. Kjlbury, C. Johnson, M. Kemp. ROW TWO: J. Palnuter, B. IW'1g13xZi,J Haags, J. Affrunti, M. Martin, E. Rogacki. ROW THREE: T. Trzepacz, R. Greenfield, J. Gay, C. Nrcnolson, Amrector Main, A. Hemenway. ROW FOUR: D. Comes, K. Kellerman, M. Moroz, P. Perot, Mrs. Larsen - Welfsvlue Dram President Mr. Larsen - Alfred Drama Director, M. Holdridge - President, D. Hogan - Vice-President, R. Willlams - Vlce' P. May - Secretary, P. Bellovia, M. Brody, J. Rogers. 146 WVAT ,S ROW ONE: P. Kinvsle B. Bacon - Chief Announcer, S. Lewandowski. ROW TWO: A. Giordano, G. Mammert, B. a Y, R0bC1'tS, J- Hall B. Lyon, D. Halsey. ROW THREE: P. Lawrence, W. Dennis, R. Tennenbaum, D. VLIZI, W. Shumaker. ROW FOUR: J. Wood, R. Palmer, K. Clar - Executive Secretary, C. Graham, L. Smith, S. Chambers, R. Avens - Business Managefl S. Swan - General Manager. 147 I SIGMA TAU EPSILON sh D MEMBERS: A. Akuljs - Vice-President, M. Anibal - Secretary, P. Attardo, L. Babcock, E. Basualdo, R. Blowers, T. Bl11'1?n,JWC3agun Butynski, J. Cavalaro,sE. Clark, P. Clikeman, R. Coppings, C. Dahlhaus, D. Demler, L. Dibble, W. Dobson, S. England, J- Fm e' Johnson President, S. Gobel, J. Gooch, P. Greene, L. Hamlin, L. Havens, D. Hinton, D. Hock, D. Hollinger, F. Howe, C. Huber, D. Isaacson,S -Potter L B. Jones, E. Koerner, D. Kosier, B. Kuwik, R. Landman, R. McCrea, D. Merlino, F. Meyers, R. Minemier, S. Neu, L. Nielsen, S- Wood 1 Presutti, J. Pruner, D. Rodkey, C. Root, P. Sartori, S. Schofield, C. Smail, G. Vanderlinden, C. Walker, J. White, B. Wlllsons - Yunkes. I 148 l i i L 2 1 3 . 1. . 's i 4 ,Y . J 4 , I 5 , A 4 E i f Q 1 V 1 1 i i 5 1 4 3 1 Q , 2 1 I J 1 l Z i 3 9 z 4 N X 1 , i 4 4 Chris Schultz - Secretary-Treasurerg Dan Brady - Presidentg Mr. Robert Brown - Advisory Tim Howard - Vice President 150 FRESHMAN CLASS STEERING CCMMITTEE 151 1 V I 1 i H k 5 V I 7 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROW ONE: S. Gordon - Secretary, A. Wright - President, Mr. Beckerink - Advisor, Mr. Hogan - Advisor, G. Hood - Vice-President, J. Barhite - Treasurer. ROW TWO: R. M. Bromley, A. Biggar, J. Abbott, J. Roish, G. Lemar, L. Barker, L. Allen, D. Wilson, M. Kemp, S. Kilbury, D. Dolecki. 'ul """'H"---Q.-g .B . Q ' fe-. f .Y y . A ,. Qgdlax 'R ' , ' ' ' 1' ' -AAU' SR- N .... - - ,. ,MN ,. M . an ,. . M of M' M q J' ...S - -W ' W ' ' ., . Q, .. , , .. X 4--- ' A.. Llwvff QS new ' KA F- ,X ., M.. - DATA PROCESSING ROW ONE' J Salerno L Fudella Mr Speca Ad ISO J Momco SECRETARIAL ASSOCIATION ROW ONE: B. Shultz, S. Snyder, C. Huber M s Lewis Ad iso RO AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOClATl0N . - ding SCCIC Small - PfeSideHfS S- Kilpatrick - Treasurerg L. Tauriello - Corrs. Secretary? S- MCGOVGIH Recor 1 56 tary W ONE: Mr. Harman - Advisorg C. NURSING CLUB QIEOW ONPL: C. Palmer, B. Smridzin, M. Princiotto, B. Burns - Secretary, J. Mosher - President, M. Longthon - Vice-President, D. Sweet WFHSUIBI, L. Sampson. ROW TWO: M. Jensen, J. Lyons, L. Kennedy, S. Maciejewski, S. Schofield, P. Smallwood, B. Stalnaker, P. Williams, S 0041, D. Ahearn, K. Rose, J. Miller, M. Godfroy, P. Grabar. i 1.L.1 447 . - f' P Lf fs-3 'iv'-' ' 157 Holm and HooF - Advisori M . . . - 'd ts MI- Covert ROW ONE: D. Da.nn, D. Decker, L. Stenzel. ROW TWO: F. Croscut B Judd - Vrce-Presldent C Root PICS1 611 s - , I D. Chimera, M' Banker 1 Maloney - Secretary T Ryan Treasurer A T d , . - g . o tenhagen. ROW THREE: P. Green, T. Ly0nS,-C- Quick, L' Ainsho, A. Gabrielse, R. Smith, M. Calhoun, M. Capalupo. G. Wuethrick. ABSENT: Mr. MacDonald - AdV1S0I- 158 Junemg TEAM nf I' F4 'MY M ROW C0ach ONE: G, W . uethnck, E. Blank, T. Wheeles. ROW TWO: M. Maloney, A. 159 Gabrielse, B. Bader, C. Root, D. Chim era, B. Judd, MJ. .,,4 me B 'L 7. f i, ,M ROW ONE: K. Klingbeil, E. Shults, L. Caple. ROW TWO: L. Tierney, D. Wllliams, B. Luce, S. Maahs. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SEATED: P. L ove, S. Stevens. STANDING: J. Scalisi - Presiden 161 t VETERANS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT SITTING: S. Lewandowski, T. Bailey. ROW ONE: R. Tarabori, R. Smith, W. Welrich, N. Brightman, R Howard, W. Scheiderich, E. Horvath, G. Walburg, A. Lamphier, J. Slone, J. McGuire. ROW TWO: S. Tuttle, T. Smith, R Adams, R. Hakes, R. Parker, D. Wurttenburg, T. Bailey, D. Smith, W. Scout, R. Bond, R. Chipchack, E. Goff, T. Lloyd, E Webb, M. Murphy, J. Fiegal, T. Donovan, J. J ones. '11?.?2'5W W5?'?' ? V234 ' 2 . ff . ,gg ' 4: .ll ' . f27V2vw7i?2'mf , f' I . . wg, he , fa fh7f,1,A,'.I 1. -fe-wfwj f 'Q' , vf 51. , In 4+ m f.: 7 V ,J"5m,,4'?yfjEE,,,W , J. if - Qual' . X, .15 sy!!-41" . 4 - 11,41 Q, 1 Q' ' .f'1'Fe'.'.5-iz , 162 I . ASET ONE: R. D h Iac ' K- Mathews - Treasurerg D. Wilbert - Vice-Presidentg J. Foote - Presidentg T. Shuar 1 b her, T. Smith. L- Bela-n . . gel G- Hemnch, D. Edwards, D. Toothman, J. Dash, F. Jaquay, K. Meh e ac 1 63 t - Secretaryg M. Falise. ROW E li ? 12 .viii K yn, 's i f I, i. E? f S u I 1 , W I l 1 4 ! , v I S l I ' 1 I 165 BASKETBALL ROW ONE: G. Losee, B. Mims, S. Trubia, L. Edwards, A. Westervelt, D. Schwartz, G. J ohreis. ROW TWO: Coach G1ed11n B Qumlan S Zoltanski - Captaing T. Danylak, D. Bentley, J. Brutsman, S. Smith. THE PIONEERS Name Donald Bentley James Brutsman Lynn Edwards Dwight Howard Gerald Jahreis, Mgr. Gerlad Losee William Quinlan Robert Mims Donald Schwartz Samuel Trubia James Van DerMeid Arnie WEstervelt Stanley Zoltanski, Capt. Curriculum Drafting-Wells. Eng. Science Design 84 Draft. Data Processing Agronomy Design 8L Draft. Bus. Admin. Food Dist. Bus. Admin. Food Dist. Data Processing Bus. Admin. Bldg. Const. Wells. 166 Class Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Sr. 1968-69 Season Alfred Score Opponent Score igreg 79 Jamestown CC - A 5 Alflgd Canton Tech - H 83 Alfred 64 Paul Smiths CCH- H so Broome Tech - H fliluffeg 65 Auburn cc - H Alfiid Niagara CC - A 61 Alfred 73 Johnson SL Wales - A 75 Hudson Valley CC - A 77 igreg 77 Corning CC - A 71 Alfigd Canton Tech - A 104 Jefferson CC - A 67 1 Alfred 83 Monroe CC - A 66 1 :greg 67 Niagara CC - H 64 1 Alfiid 95 Jefferson CC - H 55 Alfred Bryant Sc Stratton B. I. - A 79 Hudson Valley CC 73 Alfred 93 Delhi Tech - A 85 Q Alfred 75 Erie Tech - H 58 1 Alfred 89 Corning CC - H 65 1 Alfred 96 Williamsport Pa. CC - H 58 Alfred 80 Jamestown CC - H 65 ' Alfred 70 Erie Tech - A 55 Alfred 70 Mansfield STC Fr. - A 61 A Alfred 91 Williamsport Pa. CC - A 83 Alfred 71 Broome Tech - A 77 Won 20 Lost 6 After two consecutive losing seasons, the Alfred Tech Pioneers of 1 1968-69 once more became one of the most highly-rated quintets in New 1 York State. A slow and unimpressive start, which showed a 6-5 record early in January, changed to high-charged powerhouse that clicked off 15 games in a row, a 21-5 record, and earned a Region 3 NJCAA Tourney bid. Captain Stan Zoltanski, a 20-point scorer, big 6'4" Don Bentley, and lt steady Sam Trubia, all seniors, combined with Freshmen Arnie Westerve fthe leading scorerj and jumping-jack Bob Mins, to form a well-knit team that excelled in every part of the game. Lynn Edwards, Don Schwartz, Jim ' ess Brutsman, Jim Van DerMeid and Dwight Howard added to the succ with their steady play as much-needed reserves. The Pioneers were ' l t half of the consistantly ranked the 4th best team in Region 3 the as ' ' f ence season. Four of the five losses came against Emprre State Con er teams, as the team earned a third place finish after finishing in the cellar Pl ' Bill Quinlan at year ago. The team was saddened by the loss of Senior ' Christmas. Bill was struck with a paralysis that out short his athletic career. - All Re ion, and Stan Honors went to Arnie Westervelt for 1st team 8 Zoltanski, 2nd team All Region. Both also made the Conference All-Star Team. 1 l 1 I Coach Dick Giedlin 167 WRESTLING 11521, 101' mgltlmb Gefhgidlf Bums U6 fetllm flext build. ln wflft. 0bir,N121'f Tibvfdiw ROW ONE: J. Gerhardt, P. Obit, J. Davis, C. Mullen, R. Bentley, B. Nagel - Co-Captain. ROW TWO: Coach Babcock, R. Arliss, G. Hall, G. Carter, R. Goodwin, L. DeRuyter - Co-Captain, J. Overhoff - Co-Captain, J. Beaumont, T. Raelli, R. Burns, D. Bogart, R. Gridley - Manager. A lfied Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Varsity Wrestling 1968-1969 DUAL MEET SUMMARY Score Opponent Score 24 WCanton Tech 11 41 "'a"Paul Smiths O 14 Corning Community 16 27 Geneseo State 10 32 Auburn 5 24 Williamsport CC CPa.j 17 29 ""tBroome Tech 10 36 MErie Tech 3 21 M'Hudson Valley CC 12 26 Delhi Tech 9 19 R.I.T. Frosh 14 34 'WErie Tech 3 Overall Record: 11 wins I loss MConference Record: 6 wins 0 losses """Alfred Tech won the Empire State Conference Championship Dual meet point summary: Alfred 32 7 points vs Opponent 110 points 168 This yea1',S Pioneer grapplers compiled an impressive record of ' in 12 dual meets. After a heartbreaking 2 point loss early 1 1 wms son the Alfred Tech matmen roared back to finish the In the Sigh 9 straight victories. In the process of crushing nearly 32:39 foe, the wrestlers brought "home" the Empire State Conference Championship in this, -the first year of conference competition. In dual meet competition the team was spearheaded by Pete Obit C1231 and Burt Nagel fl45j, both completing undefeated Seasons with 12-0 records. Renzo Triburzi 11305, Lee DeRuyter 0523, John Overhoff Cl77j, and George Carter CUNLJ supplied the team balance so essential to a winning season. Freshmen John Gerhardt fl15l, Tom Raulli fl6Oj, Russ Bentley 61375, and Ron Bums C1671 finished the season with winning records. Their return next season will give Alfred a solid foundation on which to build. In conferences matches, the Pioneers won 43 of 54 bouts. Obit, Nagel, and DeRuyter were undefeated While Raulli, Carter, Triburzi, and Bentley suffered only one defeat. I am Very proud of th . 6 Y0UI1g men who made this ve t' - fylng Season possible The ry S9 ls I . - y Worked hard from st t t F 'sh build an Image and ere t . 1 ar. 0 1n1 to a e a sense of pride in wrestling at Alf d Tech- They HIC El dedicated group of athletes who put TEXIV1 I kqow will miss the 5f'311i0fS, but Alfred's loss will surely be eone S S9-IIL I must mention Russ Gridley, who for 2 years has been the best manager a coach could ask for. Those on the team who - . never wrestled a match were just as responsible for our success as the undefeated wrestler. On behalf of the wrestlers, I would like to thank everyone who SaVe.1lS 'fhelr Support and encouragement. In the future we will continue to strive for excellance in athletics, which has long been a part of Alfred's traditions. Stephen L. Babcock Varsity Wrestling Coach Varsity Wrestling 1968-1969 TEAM ROSTER Name Curriculum C70-YS Anderson, Schenley Automotive Specialist 1970 Arliss, Roger Agriculture 1969 'tBeaumont, John Automotive Specialist 1970 'FBentley, Russell Agriculture 1970 Besse, Robert Automotive Specialist 1970 'tBogart, David Measurement Science 1970 i'Burns, Ronald Automotive Specialist 1970 "'Carter, George Food Service - 1969 ' Davis, John Design SL Drafting 1970 "tDeRuyter, Lee Engineering 1969 "'Gerhardt, John Agriculture 1970 Goodwin, Richard Land Development 1923 "'Gridley, Russell Land Development 1370 Hall, Clarence George Engineering I t 1969 t"Nagel, Bertram Al1tOm0tiVe Speclallst 1969 aobit, peter Building Construction i'Overhoff, John Design 84 Drafting 1 t'tRaulli, Thomas Construction Techno Ogy 1969 Tiburzi, Renzo t"Lettermen Tri-Captains: Lee DeRuyter, Bert Nagel: and Team Manager: Russ Gridley Coach: Stephen L. Babcock Accounting John Overhoff CROSS COUNTRY ROW ONE V Herman, D. Bogard, J. Qualtrone. ROW TWO: Mr. Diemoz - Coachg R. Goodwrn P Haugh A Unger L Rosencranse A lfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Opponent Auburn C. C. Jefferson C. C. Niagara C. C. Erie Tech Broome Tech C. C. Genessee C. C. Monroe C. C. Hudson Valley C. C Jamestown C. C. Canton Tech 170 ROSTER Bogart, David FI Goodwin, Richard Fr Haugh, Paul Fr Herman, Vince Fr Koltz, Thomas Fr Quattrone, Joseph Sf, Rosencranse, Loren Sr, Unger, Allen Fr . The 1968 Cross Country team ended its season with a third place finish at the Empire State Conference meet held in conjunction with the Region III meet at Cobleskill. At this meet the harriers avenged regular season defeats at Broome Technical and Hudson Valley Community Colleges. With all but two meets on away courses, the team got off to a slow start, posting a two win eight lost regular season record. The team's main strength was its balance. This especially was demonstrated at the Broome Tech meet. Although defeated by one point, Alfred had eight runners across the finish line before Broome's fifth man. Senior captain Joe Quattrone paced the team by coming across the finish line ahead of his teammates on tive occasions. He also was the second Alfred runner at three meets and was third at one other. Joe was the only Alfred Tech harrier to win individual meet honors during the season. Running in a snowstorm Quattrone outdistanced everyone in the Canton Tech meet winning in the excellent time of 18:47. Running close on the heels of Quattrone were Freshmen Dave Bogart, Allen Unger and Vince Herman. Bogart took team honors at four meets, was second once and third three times. Unger came in before his teammates at one meet while finishing second six times and third at three meets. Vince Herman consistently was the fourth Alfred runner across the line. Paul Haugh and Loren Rosencrance unually vied for the fifth pos1t10n with Freshmen Dick Goodwin and Tom Koltz coming on strong tO challenge the front runners. Barring unforseen circumstances Alfred Tech's cross country team should have a good nucleus back for the 1969 season and will be lookmg to improve on its 1968 season record. Ca.. .l Q . 9 171 SOCCER N 'NL ROW ONE T Walker B Harris D. Wilson, D. Schmeck, D. Ferris, A. Telarico. ROW TWO L Cox L Costello L Allen J Schwab A Thomas E Basualdo ROW THREE: Coach Winterhalter, J. Lessard, D. King, R. Smith D Tubman S Smith J McCaffery L Worden A I fred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Alfred Opponent Houghton, Varsity Alfred U, Varsity Geneseo, Freshmen Erie C. C. Broome Tech Auburn C. C. Corning C. C. Monroe C. C. Hudson Valley C. C Canton Tech Alfred 5 wins - 4 losses - 1 tie 172 Name High School Year ' Allen, Larry Alfred-Almond, N .Y. Fr. Co1?sLfl7dZflgl1mT h Basualdo, Gene Quilpe, Valparaiso Sr. Mechanical T lic Costello, Larry Manlius, N.Y. Fr. Horticulture ec Cox, Larry Nunda, N .Y. Fr. Business Ferris, Dennis Amherst, N .Y. Fr. Mechanical Tech Harris, Brain Tonawanda, N.Y. Sr. Air Conditicnjn lwanicki, Robert Buffalo, N .Y. Fr. Auto Specialist g King, David Boiceville, N .Y. Fr. Agronomy Lessard, James Mattitack, N .Y. Sr. Engineering Science McCaffery, John Greenwood, N.Y. Sf, Special pl T Smith- Ron Catskill, N-Y- SI. Animal Husbandr Smith, Steven Pittsford, N.Y. Fr. Land Developmenll Schmeck, Dick Irondequoit, N.Y. Fr. Measurement Science Schwab, Jim Friendship, N .Y, Sr. Data Processing Telarico, Andy Lima, N.Y. Fr. Food Service Tubmali, D011 Scottsville, N .Y. Sr. Animal Husbandry Thomas, Alphonso N. Rose, N .Y. Fr. Food Service Wfllkefi Ted Wayland, N-Y- Sr. Engineering Science Wilson, Dennis Liberia Fr. Business Administration Worden, Lorren Canaseraga, N .Y. Sr. Accounting Soccer is synonymous with Autumn. By the close of next season, Soccer could well be synonymous with Alfred State Tech. Under the guidance of Coach Winterhalter, the team played its second season under very adverse conditions, at times, very heavy rain and wet fields. They emerged with 5-4-1 record. This record compared with the 1967 record of 2-5, indicated that Alfred Tech's soccer team, with practice, determination and cooperation could well qualify to rank with soccer powers such as Monroe Community College and Canton Tech. Two early games of the season against four-year varsity squads, saw Alfred Tech stop Alfred University 5-3 and hold a strong Houghton College team to a 4-4 tie. By mid-October the tech bootershad compiled a 4-1 record. In one of the finest games of the season, Alfred suffered its frst defeat by the Region III champs of 1967, Monroe Community College. Monroe found Alfred Tech's boys a near equal on the field. In six previous games opposing teams managed to 'cdent the net" only twice. With five minutes Of playing time remaining, the score was Monroe 5, Alfred 4. Monroe, however scored two quick- goals to place an Alfred win out-of-reach. The game ended with one winnerg but there was actually no loser. ' This yearls squad had good balance between Freshman and Senior boys. Gene Basualdo, was chosen for the second team on the Region III NJ All-Regional Soccer team, with Andy Telarico and Steve Sn1ith.IeC61V1H3 honorable mention. To list the names of all the men who confrlbufed to the success of the season would necessitate listing the name, of every man On the team. May it be enough to say, c'Great work, fell0WS- ggwygpmf-we SWIMMING ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Hart, J. Grosstephan, D. Jones, D. Marriott, D. Smith. ROW TWO: J. Rausch, B. Myles, M. McNulty, D. Piatek L Palmer L Doel, G. Patton - Coach. ROW THREE: S. Vierling, B. Kellogg, D. Oates, B. Bonk, B. Burdick, J. Lindsay. Name Bonk, Bob Burdick, Bill Doel, Larry Grostephan, Jim Hart, Mike Jones, Dick Lindsay, Jeff Marriott, Dan Oates, Dave Palmer, Lee Rausch, Jeff Smith, Doug Vierling, Steve Bob Fogarty Coach: Glen S. Patton, Class 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 SWIMMING ROSTER Age Event 18 Breast 1 8 Crawl 1 8 F ly 1 8 I.M. 19 Dive 19 Back, I.M. 1 8 Dive 1 8 Dive 18 Crawl 1 8 Crawl 19 Crawl 1 8 Crawl 1 8 Breast 18 Manager: Bob Fogarty 174 Hometown Cheektowaga, New York Elmira Heights, New York North Tonawanda, New York Kenmore East, New York Hamden, Connecticut Glens Falls, New York Irondequoit, New York Herkimer, New York Vestal, New York Vestal, New York Amherst, New York Williamsville, New York Cranston, Rhode Island Rochester, New York Springfield College, 1964 f0m,11Un My 13 fmfll me . W1 sw: hon of WW haltMmdIa fue team I - miult cv sm fdedl M115 U W5 audi!! V mg Niue scl wmpeilon, iillfyedletlll' 1811 Rlllwhv by was inaugurated on the Alfred P - ' 'n the meet ' . lnteriigrigmj oEg of the new Student Activities Building. American figdldiseEsrlgiigigiifitgmng Jeff Rausch gain A11- carl1PXifred mermen compiled an rrrrpressrve 7-2.1 record While record time of 22.7 Seconds Jeffal yard freestylerevent in a 1 The - a aingt such teams as Syracuse, Cornell, and St. Bona- in the 100 yard freestyle event 'tlio gained AH American honors . competrrggejunen as well as the varsity squads of Niagara Univer- of 50.6 seconds, only two-tenth? f his 2nd Place hnish in a time RIT. The only team to defeat the Pioneers was the Jeff also swam a fantastic 49.8 clega dfCf111ed4b010uf1d tllge Winner. Cornell University Freshmen team. r which finished second behind Miami Dade Junior Sdfleyf Slay All 13 Swimmers on the squad are freshmen thrs year, so Oates also swam well in the freestyle Sprints placin ingtil gigs .1 41 Coach Glenn Patton feels this season 1S only the beginning of a 100 and 200. Dave established a new school recordgin thee20Cl successful Swimming program at Alfred. Next year, with the addi- with a time of 1:56.2. Dave also swam an excellent leg of the free tion of several outstanding high school seniors, Patton hopes to relay with a split of 50.1 seconds. Doug Smith, the third Alfred have Alfred rated as the number one swim team in the NJ CAA. swimmer to score in four events, set school records in the 500 The team trip to rvnami, Florida forthe National Champion- 5:28.6, and in the gr-oollrog 1650, 19:47.2, finishing third hi Ships certainly was a wonderful climax to the season. The many both. Doug also finished fourth in the 200 freestyle and swam in is hours of dedicated swimming practice in the morning before the freestyle relay. .1 classes and in the afternoon after classes paid off with a 4th place D Coach Patton was pleased with the showing of his team, par- 1 11 f1nish.Nine school records were broken and after the first day of t1CU13I'1Y Since all of his swimmers are freshmen and were com. competition, the typical comment around the pool was, "Where peting in National competition for the first time. "The valuable 1-rl iSA1fredTeeh?,' experience we gained at the Nationals should make us much 1 I Jeff Rausch, Doug Smith and Dave Oates led the Alfred team S1I011geI next season," he commented in fevjevving the reamws by scoring points in four events each. Probably the highlight of PCff0fmHHC6- 1 1968-1969 Result ' 7-2-1 Alfred Tech 74 Oswego Frosh 35 Alfred Tech 60 Syracuse Frosh 44 1 Alfred Tech 27 Cornell Frosh 77 A Alfred Tech 70 St. Bonas Frosh 34 Alfred Tech 73 Cortland Frosh 29 Alfred Tech 42 Cornell Frosh 61 Alfred Tech 71 St. Bonas Frosh 40 Alfred Tech 64 R.I.T. Varsity - 35 Alfred Tech 51 Buffalo State Frosh 51 rr Alfred Tech 73 Niagara Univ. Varsity 29 400 Medley Relay Dick J ones 1202.6 Steve Vierling 1206-5 Larry Doel 59.6 4:00.8 SYIHCUSC Jeff Rausch 52-0 1000 Freestyle Doug Smith 11131-5 Stl' B911 as 200 Freestyle David Oates 1156-2 50 Freestyle Jeff Rausch 22.7 Mt21m1 200 I.M. Dick Jones 2: 16.0 Mlaml 1 Meter Dive Dan Marriott 216.55pts. Alfred 200 Butterfly Larry Doel 2118-8 100 Freestyle Jeff Rausch 50.6 M1221 State 200 Backstroke Dick J ones 2:21 .1 llillgamio 500 Freestyle Doug Smith Z Syracuse 200 Breaststroke Steve Vrerhng wouzoptsr Buffalo Stare 3 Meter Dive Dan Marriott 7 3 Miami 400 Freestyle Relay Jim Grosstephan 55.5 3.2 . Doug smith 51-9 David Oates 50? Jeff Rausch 49. 4.58.1 Miami 400 I.B. Larry Doel 19.472 Miami 1650 Freestyle Doug Smith ' 175 RIFLE M.2,,, T7 QS' xi? DTN . by fvkff 'X ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Grange - Advisorg T. Atwell, L. Swanson, L. Rosencranse, F. Viverito - Captain. ROW TWO M Besent C Quick J Flansberg C Walburg, D. Rundell - Most Valuable Player, G. Kinkade. RIFLE TEAM Roster of Squad Members Name Atwell, Tom Besant, Martin Clark, David Quick, Clifford Rosencranse, Loren Rundell, David Severn, Stephen Swanson, Lynne Viverito, Frank Walburg, Gerald Hometown Vernon, N.Y. Cheektowaga, N.Y. Arkport, N .Y. Newfane, N.Yf White Sulphur, N.Y. South Dayton, N.Y. District Hts., MD Kenmore, N .Y. Lockport, N .Y. Ashville, N.Y. 176 Year Fr. Fr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Curriculum Prod 8a Mach Prod 8a Mach Const. Tech Animal Hus. Agronomy Data Pro. In Comb Eng. Exec. Sec. Sci. Food Dist. Bus. Admin. The two words that can best describe the 1968-69 Rifle team season are inexperience and improvement. Inexperience because only one shooter returned from last yeafs championship squad. Improvement because the team started with a score of 1284 against Erie Tech and finished with 1384 against Alliance College of Pennsylvania. Frank Viverito, team captain, fired a 98 standing and 290 total against Alliance. Both of these are new school records. The team broke in a new coach this yearg Mr. George Granger. Jim Flansburg, from Hornell, was a very capable student assistant coach. Frank Viverito and Dave Rundell were the leading scorers this season. Frank averaged 275 points per meet and Dave averaged 274 points per meet. Lynne Swanson was the only female competitor this season. She placed in the top 5 against Farmingdale and in the Region III and National Tourneys. Every shooter on the squad placed in the top 5 shooters in one or more meets during the season. Dave Rundell and Frank Viverito placed in the top 5 in every meet. This team seemed to gain momentum and spirit as the season progressed. The team was beaten by a four year school by only 16 points in the last meet. J RIFLE TEAM Alfred Score Opponent Score Alfred 1284 Erie Tech 1302 Alfred 1309 ceb1eek111 5 Alfred 1339 Delhi 1366 Alfred 1336 Paul Smiths 1342 Alfred 13 24 Morrisville 1 254 Alfred 1346 Farmingdale 1400 Alfred 1384 Alliance College Alfred 1352 Region III TOUIHGY , Won by Alfred fResults National T ournel' Pendmgb Record Shoulder to Shoulder 0-2 1251 Alfred 1177 Alfred U. J.V. 1250 Alfred 1211 Cornell J .V. 177 CHEERLEADERS ROW ONE: D. Wood, S. Maahs, L. Gonzalez. ROW TWO: S. Durisek, S. Neylan, E. Hutchinson, B. Jefferson - Captain. ROW THRE Skellan, M. K. Dailey - Co-Captain: D. Dolecki. 178 THREE! M- SKI TEAM . - J W ONE: D. Schmeck, K. Osgood, J. Van Rensselaer, D. B1lodeau, D- FCFUS, 179 .Par ker ' '1.,5a'i- ff, -t , -QQ , xxx w if 180 N 4 v I . r 5 '5 Vlgli ' 4 153 V L 4- W E255 fig I V I x VN ,. ,D x 6 ' 1 -.9 . F . 1, L' A . U I 4 U. XL Aa., ,. "X-5 QW, 2, ' .f '15 A, g xi, ' X. I ZW? ,.s,.r..g ' .1-1 Qua- ' 'u', Q , - ug sl-o, ' Y "' .uf 'Y ., , . h H..-5. V rug: 'uf M 'R , W N' 4 H . af xr- 4 .. ""' "5 'F 'S .-- ' 446.5 -Q15 'Y 4-'vii - N. my - 7-0. ,V-1 .-4. 1.1, V -. 4 - V, 3 . N. - ,-.. -.- -. AA 4 ' - x W . QI-iQ' N,-.u,'. GY ir X 4. Q - , H vm- N fb-in ' - -N . . -P -'me , xxx x sh at U V EXW ,..,,h,,,qL H , A .. Y N ' A, Q X Aix, an , ., " I K . 1 ., V ' w "' X ' 1- . vm, 1 W- , -N -M - 4,5 - W . ,A :xy 1, - . ,N 'S A. M .N 'Mmm ,..x4 I - A . R r g Y xxx A X 5455. Q My V X , ui 1 i -"s Ag -x - x x , ' v- ' - X, N' 1 , ww ' ,, was V - ' ' G "' ' "- J' XFN" ' xr , ' , 5' -L' -4- --L., Q lg- A, - ,xx , Y ,.. 181 4 , I I Nmswwmk 'FZ ..-4-1-9 ff' X-' gaps .. .. aff' . ,- -Q M. ' -4 ..-Q. - A lx .A- Q, .-3 " .ru-,...... , .-,. - vs -4-ss... , Q 'Nl-.un 4- N 5.13357 5 . QF? .M.. -: ..'4-f ' -. f 'Jn .L w 4 .L-.- al THE CLASS OF 69 WISHES YOU iw i . X 2 4 Q MQ 4. xx ,,,.-- vw, J ' Q . , My X. N '- Aa H Ami' 'L f 1 'H 5' " ff- , ,, M w V .V W ' f l,S,,g'4 ., K Liv . -X f ,,, 'vm - 1 'M' K 4' - ,gm f --NK . W' ' M A. XX . wa. in X1 M1 1 Q A , , n --4 , Q I Na 'WM V. M - 3 X W 3 w - ' . "v,"","'4km5K A. Q. N .XA V V - E " Q 1? -' .A . -JH-505' .. V' My A -Q ff A " H -, V Q vu' W ' m f' : "M , . X. Q QQQ' 'W' ' - - S - X J' -'N W f ' I ' f' "" - Us Q- ,- SN- Mx., f f , yi N, -- ..,, 559. Aix mfg, X N Q., X X mx, E,.-QNX A V W , . Q 184 i l i 1 4 Q ? E 4 1 s I z - ! I 1 4 1 1 f I 1 il Q V , 1 2 5 11 i F 4 3 n x 1 w i . 4 -1 I 1 Q 1 . 1 r I I l J i 1 X V .4 n-'J 14 - 4. '1 , v k ln! 11 'A qw 4: Y ' .vi 1,-Au. L f",, ., , I ' ' x ' .' . , 'Sf 'jx '. ' I l.l.K""' ,' I ' . I in ' -n - ' I' ' Q "H f- 31 fb .A . q Y, in , mp. 4 . U ' -4' 5 , 1 4, ' 4, -N 3 I My ',-e-. .b 'A , 4,.,- '. .,-ugws. H--x,,,,w-ru v . Q A s ' 1, , ,4' N." ff yy..-4. Sf 1- ., . Q- . . . .1 , , Q.. . - 5 ' I J--'z 'sz' ul' 'Q-' u,. ' . , . ' , H ', " ff! 'L-'T ""1f'l" 61 4 - . .f . , ,, ,f 31. 1 U, , s le' , , T , v Ae . ' '- ' .vm A, .1 VH ,VL1 , rf. 4 ' fy, W, ' nr' 'M ' A ' '. 'ga , .1 . 5,0111 L . ,. ,Q ' 1 f -1' " fi g 'fr' ., 1 ' jx, ' A ' , , 1 1 , 'fl 4 ., X Q A n V's W f . r . . 1 'I 4 ,. '. K fr A Q' " V ' - 1' R r-, .v. . .V ' f if +. ' JL-1 "UQ ' . 4 ' ' ' L. I '.. r. ' ' I "-I' V ' - v 1 W . -l , ,. f Q - , ,, , . -' ' 4. 'Q T EA, , 4 ' .J-.21 M . " X- ' 1 , , f, ----. 1 H' s- . , - Q V , b 1 , 3 -. 1: 4 fn ,,, gf , , f Q H . -.- NM .., 1- - "' .. 4 . 5-.. . , . .-' ,, 2' ,-' AQ , ,K .-A, f - .-,- Q ' ' , .defy ,-Q 1 f3,. ' My ,Q J f . . it A-, z,,,. ,..-,url ,iv lr,,,-. -Ax.-wK..Nx V - ,., i ,y 4,-.f-5 ri-qlwl-,, ,ful .f-'rap , L53 gp ,, 4 . ' 9 , Nl., "' A 'V 4-! fx"-' N' lk 'f.'jJ"5s. "' 335 -ndfffhf if vzvvfz 1. .iff A .,-, ,. 'PJ ff 1 '- . "JL" - 'm.s"in'w V -' 'L-1 .i " ' A "., .--.,nJ,' -- ' 1 -. r 4 u 'J . . s. X Y Ana. '. :Y x-,r'.ix5vu- W , N ...C L, ,J 1- L.. wi 1 l.,V' B 1, ,1-If-.,,,' ..-, ,.,,4x i' vw' - - .la V, L.-1

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