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Alfred A Cunningham (DD 752) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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f V= b a Ike Kai catt K u ise U.S.S. ALFRED A. CUNNINGHAM (DD752) DEDICATION This book we dedicate to an everlasting faith in freedom and true democracy, and to those who travel the seas in its conquest to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and all posterity. FROM THE CAPTAIN: As essential to a fighting ship as her engines and guns Is the will and spirit of her crew that will not admit any day is long, any hardship great, or any task too large. The cruise of the CUNNINGHAM in Far Eastern waters during which she answered every muster with ready and never faltered in her tasks, bears ample witness to these essential qualities in her crew. Without the team work and cooperation of each one of you, we could not have reactivated so smoothly, shaken down so quickly, or operated so continuously and successfully. Each of you deserve and have earned the well done which I add to those of the fleet commanders under whom you have served. It is with pride that I shall remember you. LOUIS P. SPEAR, COMMANDER, U.S.N. Commanding Officer FROM THE EXEC : Although I have served in small ships since 1941, the Cunningham is my first Tin Can and naturally I am extremely proud of her. From my point of view, one of the outstanding advantages of destroyer duty over a ' heavy ' is that I have had the opportunity of knowing each man individually; of understanding his personal problems as well as rec- ognizing his professional abilities and accomplishments. I have never encountered a group of men so willing to undergo hardship and depriva- tion in the interest of accomplishing an assigned task. The officers and crew of the Cimningham have always carried more than their load when the pressure was on. I am proud to be a part of the ship ' s company of the Cunningham. BENJAMIN F. URAN, LT. COMMANDER, U.S.N. Executive Officer It }}it ,1 vs isViv ' The evening of the launching was clear, the party assembled at exactly 8:20 P.M. wartime. The crowd of 2,500 waited for the final moment. Then at 8:35 P.M. wartime on Thursday, the third of August 1944, the sponsor, as designated by the Secretary of the Navy, Mrs. Alfred A. Cunningham, launched the destroyer 752 at Staten Island New York, and gave to it the name of her late husband who gained wide fame and recognition as being the first pilot of the United States Marine Corps. He was one of the great leaders and organizers of early military aviation. A few months later, midst the celebration of Thanksgiving Day on 23 November 1944, the commission pennant was broken at the fore- truck and the 752 became part of the fleet under Commander Floyd B.T. Mhyre. Then came proper shakedown, training, and the finishing touches. Soon afterwards, by way of the Panama Canal, the U.S.S. Alfred A. Cunningham departed to join a carrier task force for a strike on Wake Island. After a successful attack on Wake, the Task Force proceded westward through Guam, Ulithe, and the Philippine Islands. The Cunningham was now ready for the test of real battle which soon came on a trip north to Okinawa where she was assigned station as a Radar Pickett. Near the closing of the war the white planes of peace carrying the Japanese Emissarys to General MacArthur were first detected and reported by the Alfred A. Cunningham. After the peace was signed, her duties were aiding in the occupation of China and the repatriation of prisoners-of-war. Through the Yellow Sea she made many journeys of peace and good will. Then on the glorious morning of 28 March 1946, the Alfred A. Cunningham proudly passed under the Golden Gate Bridge. Home again to rest and to become a part of the newly formed reserve fleet in San Francisco, later to be transferred to San Diego. Soon after the outbreak of the Korean situation, the Navy Depart- ment removed the Cunningham from a reserve status and hurriedly activated her into her former fighting condition. On the sunny after- noon of 5 October 1950 the Alfred A. Cunningham was recomissioned at San Diego, California, and again became an active part of the United States Navy under the command of Commander Louis P. Spear. Again a shakedown and training program was needed, and was quickly carried out in the warm waters off southern California. On the morning of 2 January 1951, a few hours after the celebration of the New Year, the Cunningham set her course for Pearl Harbor, the first step on the way to a troubled world. Soon after leaving Pearl Harbor she stopped briefly at the Island of Midway, while en route to Japan. Shortly afterwards the Cunningham became an integral part of the fast carrier Task Force 77, participated in the patroling of Formosa, and was later assigned to Task Force 95, where she saw much service and was most active on both the eastern and western coasts of Korea. While working under the United Nations Flag, she served in all phases of modern warfare as a front line fightir ship of the United States Navy. Eight months later, after having fired over 4,000 rounds of ammuni- tion from her main batteries, in the Korean area, the Cunningham re- turned to her port of departure San Diego, California, on 4 September 1951 for a much needed rest and periodic overhaxil. From those of us who have been with her we say, well done, Alfred A. Cunningham, DD 752. LT. COLONEL ALFRED A. CUNNINGHAM Alfred Austell Cunningham was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 8 March 1882. As a young man he was deeply interested in the balloon flights of that era, and in 1903 young Cunningham made two known balloon ascensions. On 25 January 1909, Alfred A. Cunningham accepted an appointment as 2nd Lt. in the United States Marine Corps. He served on the Battleship New Jersey in 1909, the Battleship North Dakota in 1910, and the Cruiser Lancaster in 1911. His interest in flying con- tinually grew, and in 1912 his ambition was attained when he became the first pilot in the Marine Corps. After a total instruction time of but 2 hours and 40 minutes he made his first solo flight. He then in turn instructed other pilots, and was in charge of Marine Corps avia- tion during the First World War. He was most active in the promotion of military aviation, and after 26 years in the United States Marine Corps, he retired from active duty in August 1935 with the rank of Major. While in retirement he was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel. He died on the 27th day of May 1939. In recognition of Lt. Colonel Cunningham ' s contribution to Marine Corps Aviation, the United States Navy honored his name with the launching of the U.S.S. Alfred A. Cunningham DD 752. The ship was officially launched by his widow on 3 August 1944. ll »t „ v It Ofit i ft i ans WILLIAM r. SEARS, LT., USNR Operations Officer ROBERT R. RHODES, LT. (JG) USNR 0 Division Officer RICHARD A. BURLISON, LT., USNR A.S.W. Officer CHARLES L. LABARGE, JR., LT. (JG) USNR Communications Officer CHARLES E. DENNIS, ENS., USNR Ass ' t Comunications Officer OPERATIONS DIVIS ION u OfiCialiCiis MAIN RADIO SHIP ' S OFFICE I . « POST OFFICE RADAR OPERATION TRANSMITTER ROOM il (legations AIRCRAFT PLOTTING CHART HOUSE ' COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER LANDING PARTY COMMUNICATION SHIP TO SHORE COMMUNICATION II Gii UtetUn ROBERT G. BURNETT, LT., USNR Engineering Officer LADDIE M. THOMKA, LT. (JG) USNR Main Propulsion Assistant HAROLD D. HOLBROOK. ENS., USNR Electronics Officer ENGINEERING DIVISION II feft Mteeiwr MAIN GENERATOR REPAIR BOILER TENDERS CHIEF LAYNE UNDERWAY STEAMING THE RAINMAKERS, FRESH WATER DISTILLATION u Gll UlCC Ut AFTER DIESEL ROOM I. C. ELECTRICIANS ■AFTER ENGINE ROOM CLEANING BOILERS ' WE REFUELED KOREAN CRAFT IN FORWARD AREAS II Ui st JAMES M. FADDIS, LT., USN Gunnery Officer DAN M. CHRISMAN, LT. (JG) USNR Division Officer First Lieutenant GLENN R. MURRAY, JR., ENS., USN Assistant First Lieutenant FIRST DIVISION li U ' C TORPEDO DECK STANDING BY TO LOWER BOAT MOTOR WHALEBOAT UNDERWAY PRAISE THE LORD AND — PASS THE AMMUNITION II fUst WASHING DOWN MAIN DECK SHORE BOMBARDMENT ' ' i FIRECONTROL GANG FIRST DIVISION DECK FORCE FIRST DIVISION GUNNERY ii SccGttd ' rvt FREDERICK F. PALMER, LT., USNR Gunnery Officer LEWIS E. DENNY, LT. (JG) USNR Division Officer ANDREW G. NELSON, LT. (JG) USN Plotting Room Officer JOHN P. LEAHY, ENS., USN Torpedo Officer •(. ' ■sW SECOND DIVISION Secaitd -■asiiiiiiiiiji ' iMMa TORPEDOMEN FIRING OF MAIN BATTERY HANDLING AMMUNITION t - -» ' LANDING PARTY — KOREA HAPPY WARRIORS il Sccaitd READY FOR ACTION MAIN DIRECTOR EMPTY POWDER CANS AFTER A LENGTHY FIRING RUN 5: «s- - » iM i» SECOND DIVISION DECK FORCE TORPEDO GANG u Slc l ROY L. ARNHOLT, LT. (JG) USNR Damage Control Officer REPAIR DIVISION II (Kcfial ' ' ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS MACHINIST MATES POWER DISTRIBUTION 1 mPT ELECTRICIANS SHIPFITTERS il Su ifdi DAVID A. GRAMMER. JR., LT. (JG) USNR Supply Officer NELSON G. TRICKEY, LT. (JG) USNR Supply Officer ' •tltM ..«,.S| ■M [1 1 SUPPLY DIVISION II Sumdy DISBURSING OFFICE CHOW HALL COOKS AND BAKERS SHIP ' S GALLEY SHIP ' S LAUNDRY niedud suu CHARLES A. WEITZ. HMC, USN SICK-CALL 11 nav l ailaii JAMES E. KINARD, LT., USNR Navigator NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT u Qiui itcimasic s at w a k SEMAPHORE SIGNAL LIGHT J SHOOTING THE SUN » ' ll jtt ' ' ' lft«K I to« n I • - Tta w U DIAMOND HEAD AS SEEN FROM WAIKIKI BEACH j l OVERLOOKING THE OCEAN FROM THE ROYAL HAWAIIAN HOTEL TROPICAL GARDENS NEAR MORMON TEMPLE ON OAHU -Ua I I W U- FELLOW VISITOR AT WAIKIKI CARMEN MIRANDA A SWELL TIME WAS HAD BY ALL I-PT- . r 1 ' I ' ■ -y 1 r . A . 1 . !■. 1 . -, . ' p . . R tA ' . ■• tf yy?- . .. -1 ifllfl i;-v. ' ,« RESTING PLACE OF ERNIE PYLE r §-■• -1 ' WARM SANDS OF WAIKIKI ' OPERATION DAYDREAM -Ua I • tttO W-- OUT WHERE THE TRADE WINDS BLOW PUNCH BOWL CEMETERY NEAR HONOLULU - itan Ken A TYPICAL SHOPPING DISTRICT IN HONG KONG MARY SOO ' S GIRLS PAINTING THE SHIP ' S SIDE THERE WERE MANY WAYS OF RETURNING TO THE SHIP, THIS IS ONE OF THEM -Hon Kattq — GENERAL STORE — CHINESE STYLE THE BOOTMAKERS THE MERCHANTS BROUGHT THEIR WARES OUT TO THE SHIP, EVERY DAY WAS BARGAIIN DAY ' «M i iWKKSli JS ' j B I flQ |iH[ i- i : Ik. s 1 1 4 I T TYPICAL ORIENTAL STREET SCENES WERE EVERYWHERE SHIP PAINTERS — FIRST CLASS HaiiQ Kan CHINESE BUDDHA NEAR HONG KONG THE MERCHANTS WAITING TO COME ABOARD HONG KONG WATERFRONT ■, »- ' ' if j ELABORATE TEMPLES WERE COMMON AND MOST INTERESTING BEAUTIFUL CHINESE GARDENS OFFERED MANY STRANGE SIGHTS — Jla asa .l — VISITING A SHINTO SHRINE ROAD MARKER — JAPANESE STYLE THE HOME OF MADAME BUTTERFLY -n a asa k TEA TIME IN JAPAN BURNED OUT FACTORY, A RESULT OF ATOMIC ENERGY CATHOLIC CHURCH DESTROYED BY ATOMIC BOMB - Jlaq asaki A LESSON IN CHOPSTICKS ATOMIC BOMB CENTER OUTlmF 01 OAHnGi « (WIS OF NABISAKI on VtU « 5l SWn (BIIN U« tlCUlTHUlHf HOffiB«I» cm SWWIl HAif wcrioin DC Eiaosivt vw C miABlE sow Wi STiM DESRVTION THE K rir XitlSOF FWH 10 UVCN KEK BURNT IkREt 73II6D0II -. DAM 6tO HOHS TUMirewtn II 5T niuwcMAiw i5 H u« OESimnm ssn ■ BUDDHIST TEMPLE ENTRANCE OUTLINE OF DAMAGE Il t ll ( ' Uof - Ka ea aimd — -. . OUR LAST LOOK AT THE UNITED STATES WAS POINT LOMA A FEW DAYS LATER WE ARRIVED AT PEARL HARBOR iiHHimm • 1 A ' K., tJ s 1 ' fSK WE STAYED BRIEFLY AT THE SUBMARINE BASE — tUidiv g %iand — f • RECEPTION COMMITTEE ' - jafuk it WE ARRIVED IN JAPAN NEAR THE SPOT WHERE COMMODORE PERRY FIRST LANDED HEAVY SEAS HAD LEFT THEIR MARK; THERE WAS WORK TO BE DONE WITH THE HELP OF THE JAPANESE OUR DAMAGE WAS QUICKLY REPAIRED — jafian — THIS IS A JAPANESE 3-MAN SUBMARINE A TYPICAL JAPANESE FAMILY THE MAIN GATE IN YOKOSUKA WAS A POPULAR PLACE DURING LIBERTY HOURS LIBERTY COMMENCING ON THE QUARTER DECK RICKSHAW BOY - J l ft- THE WEATHER WAS FINE, AND OUR SHIP WAS SOON IN EXCELLENT SHAPE SASABO BECAME A FAMILIAR SIGHT IN THE MONTHS THAT FOLLOWED THE TENDERS WERE OUR MOTHER OR BASE SHIPS task auc 77 WE BECAME A PART OF FAST CARRIER TASK FORCE SEVENTY-SEVEN OUR FIRST LOOK AT KOREA WAS A COLD ONE WE HAD HEAVY SEAS MUCH OF THE TIME L -ffts ' ftftce 77 - WE WERE IN THE NORTH COUNTRY , AND KNEW IT THE HELICOPTERS WERE OUR PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE SOME OF THE CREW LEFT THE SHIP THERE WERE OTHERS WHO CAME ABOARD - tasd a et 77- •I ' iJ • VSi ' Ti ' tx ! ' . m m Wlw m OUR FLAGSHIP: U.S.S. BLUE, OD744 Mi THE DECKS WERE SLIPPERY AND TRAFFIC WAS AT A MINIMUM OUR SOUTH KOREAN LAISON OFFICER, LIEUTENANT YU -tasi aut 95 - WE WORKED WITH THE U.S.S. SICILY IN TASK FORCE NINETY-FIVE THE DUTCH SHIP VON GALEN BECAME OUR GOOD FRIEND THE SIGNAL BRIDGE WAS A BUSY SPOT MUCH OF THE TIME -task laue 95 - THE BRITISH NAVY WAS WELL REPRESENTED KEELUNG WAS OUR PORT WHILE ON FORMOSAN PATROL IT WAS GOOD SAILING WEATHER AND SPIRITS WERE HIGH - - .V MOST OF THE PLANES TOOK OFF AND LANDED SAFELY THERE WERE SOME THAT DID NOT DO SO WELL itamema d aimd — A THANKSGIVING SERVICE WAS CONDUCTED ON TH. ' WAY HOME WE WERE WELCOMED TO HAWAII BY THE HULA GIRLS WE DID NOT STAY LONG, BUT ENJOYED OUR VISIT VERY MUCH San Ic a HamccamLtiQ- DESTROYER UNIT HOME FROM 7 MONTHS OF WAR Their gun barrels considerably the worse for wear, the four de- stroyers of Division 131 arrived in San Diego at 11 a.m. today after 7 months ' combat duty in Far Eastern waters. The destroyers Blue, Bradford. Cunningham and Evans brought bacl a record for having engaged July 17 in the longest ship-shore battery engagement of the Ko rean war — 4 ' -. hours in Wonsan Haibor, on the east coast of Korea. Sprayed With Shrapnel On that das- the hard-fighting destroyers were the targets of more than 500 rounds of enemy fire and fired thousands of rounds in return. The vessels suffered no hits and no casual- ties, though their decks were sprayed with shrapnel from near- misses. Crew members of the division were welcomed by scores of wives and children who were brought aboard by Navy boats soon after the destroyers tied up at buoys in the bay. Reactivated Last Year Recommissioned late last year Destroyer Squadron 13, of which the division is a part, was the first complete destroyer squad- ron from the Reserve Fleet to go into action in the Korean war. Of the division ' s 1200 men, nearly 60 percent are reseivists called to active duty after the wa r ' s outbreak. the entire east coast of Korea supporting United Nations ground forces with gimfire, bombarding other coastal targets and taking part in the seige of Songjin. On Formosa Patrol The Cunningham was the only ship of the division to serve on the Formosa patrol and did a short tour of duty at Hongkong. The division commander is Capt. William L. Anderson, of San Diego. The Blue is com rnanded by Comdr. Robert S. Burdick, of La Mesa; the Cun- ningham by Comdr. Louis P. Spear, of Coronado, the Bradford In addition to battering thejby Comdr. Francis D. Boyle, .of port of Wonsan during most of La Jolla, and the Evans by Comdr. July, the division ' s ships ranged Gerald L. Christie, of Coronado. Mi •Jf- »=.-«-sj? »t- ' t - ' rl A NAVY BAND CAME OUT TO MEET US LIBERTY IN THE STATES, A DREAM COME TRUE -Oft ta San aticlsca WE ENJOYED OUR STAY IN SAN DIEGO BUT SOON DEPARTED FOR FRISCO , THE LAST STOP OF OUR KOREAN CRUISE HERE WE REMOVED OUR LAST ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION OUR TORPEDOES WERE VERY CAREFULLY REMOVED f,ft« M ' ' ' i{ ianlMullans THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES ¥ ERNIE PYLE THEATER— TOKYO CANDY WAS VERY WELCOME IN JAPAN ii Caid ii ullaits yy THE CHIEF ■REQUEST TIME BIG BROTHERS ' : ' MM V- PO. CLUB, YOKOSUKA JAPAN DESTINATION BALLGAME u Canli iAu tlans ' SHOPPING IN SASABO IT ' S NOT MY FAULT YOU DIDN ' T GET ANY MAIL . FANTAIL NAVIGATION LOS ANGELES OR BUST II CanlU uilatts SHIPMATES THE TOURIST p ' t ! :o. pf:KX ' f ] r. r- J» il ' . i. 1 ■LIBERTY HOURS IN JAPAN [ • FANTAIL COMMANDOS THE ATHLETES ii CGnlui ulLans jy •THE BALLERINA THE JAMES BOYS CHOIR REHEARSAL THE SHIPFITTER GANG ENEMY ACTION AT WONSON a Catthiiutlatts n GETTING UNDER WAY FROSTY GUNS TIME OUT FOR LUNCH KAMAKURA SHRINE -iafdains Oitsfiediett ' - I ' REFUELING AT SEA COMMISSIONING CEREMONY EDITORIAL STAFF ♦ ♦ ♦ Henry Ledermann, ET2 EDITOR ASSISTED BY Bernard L. Hilleshlem, SH3 James R. Horner, ICFN Charles W. Lee, FTl Andrew R. Saez, RD3 Charles D. Shafer, MMLl Donald E. Wiley, TEM2 Robert G. Burnett, Lt BUSINESS MANAGER A few months ago we decided to print a cruise book depicting the Kor- ean Cruise of the Destroyer Cunningham. Since that time this book has developed from a few roughly written notes to the book you are now reading. From the many pictures available we have tried to select the ones most interesting to all concerned without breaking censor- ship rulings. We sincerely hope our efforts and many hours of work will meet with your satisfaction. THE STAFF am tkc tkaf laiH RAYMOND C. HOHENSTEIN. CDR., CMC, USN Force Chaplain, ComCruDesPac For many months I have followed with great interest the doings of the U.S.S. Cunningham (DD752), In November 1950, during the train- ing period I spent a week aboard at sea out of San Diego. It was my pleasure to board her again in August 1951 at Yokosuka, Honshu, Japan and to conduct divine services on the two Sundays at sea en route to San Diego. During your months in the combat area every one has done his part well in carrying out each task assigned. Though frequently under fire from enemy shore batteries, the ship sustained practically no damage, nor was there a single personnel casualty. Almighty God, too, did His part well. May He continue to ride in the U.S.S. Cunningham and with each member of her ship ' s company. Raymond C. Hohenstein CDR. CHC. UNS. Addles ses Spear, Louis P., CDR 724 First St., Coronado, California Uran, Benjamin F., LCDR 412 Wabash Ave., Mattoon, Illinois Burlison, Richard A., LT 117 Elmo Park, Hopkins, Minnesota Burnett, Robert G., LT 20 Coll. Apts., Bellevue, Nebraska Faddis, James M., LT U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland Kinard, James E., LT 601 S. West Ave., El Dorado, Arkansas Palmer, Frederick F., LT 82 Magnesium, Box 784, Henderson, Nevada Sears, William F., LT 5443 Brockwood, Long Beach, Callfornia Arnholt, Roy L., LTJG 324 Jones St., Columbus, Indiana Chrisman, Dan M., LTJG P.O. Box 163, Nocona, Texas Denny, Lewis E., LTJG P.O. Box 1364, Stockton, California Grammer, David A. Jr., LTJG 212 Mesa St., Albuquerque, New Mexico La Barge, Charles L., LTJG 7614 Forest View Dr., St. Louis, Missouri Nelson, Andrew G., LTJG 215 D Ave., Apt. 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Leroux, Prescott George, Prentis D., FN Box 281, Kingman Holby, John E., FA Box 691, Kingman Woods, Jack X., FA 5350 N. 27th Ave., Phoenix ARKANSAS Frye, Luther E., GMC 906 Clarkson St., LltUe Rock Glbbs, Fred F., SA Route 2, Van Buren McClain, Roy M., FN 520 McDonough St., Helena CALIFORNIA Bache, Ralph F., GM3 4561 Colfax Ave., Hollywood Blue, McCallister V., RD3 Rt 1, Box 380, Florin Burns, William E., BMl Apt. 128, Eniwetok Village, Concord Burroughs, William E., SOG2 P.O. Box 149, Monro Bay Buss, Carl P., RD3 2170 MuUinlx Drive, Coronado Carlln, John P., RDSN 298 Laine St., Monterey Chaney, Joe S., SA 215 Rlly Dr., Portervllle Channell, Esper E., BMC 3847 Mezzanine Way, Long Beach Cooper, Landon T., FN 3952 Bromley Ave,, Oakland Daniels, Willie H., SDG2 3106 Bernard St., San Diego Ellis, James D., S0G3 1158 Ash St., Arroyo Grande Ellis, Leland M., FN 185 Gardner St., Vallejo Farrell, Russell S., SN Star RT. Box 12, Grass Valley Fitzpatrick, James T. Jr. RM2 2824 Martha St., Torrance Fuller, Harold L., SN 69 S. 10th St., San Jose Greene, Tommy A., SN P.O. Box 748, Gridly Hallin, Arthur W., SN 306 3rd St., Sausalito Hibdon, Ivy L., Jr., SA 627 Walker St., Watsonville Holt, Dearl W., SA Rt. 1, Box 174, Dos Palos Holton, Ralph, SA 1649 48th St., Sacramento James, Floyd W. Jr., SA 1804 N. Broadway, Santa Anna James, Myles O., MMLFN Box 102, Canyon Jones, Kenneth A., SA Rt. 4, Box 3746 Elder Creek Road, Sacramento Kanallakan, Donald E., FN 12838 Harris Ave., Compton Katt, Donald R., SN 1209 Helena Ave., Sacramento Kiar, Stanley R., SA 6029 Grove St., Oakland Kilby, Lloyd N., RDl 425 W. Main St., Grass Valley McFarland, Robert E., EMI 1212 W. Amerigo, Fullerton Medina, Joseph D., SA 600 W. St., Woodland Mobley, Robert E., ETl 13013 Archwood, North Hollywood Monroe, George W. 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E. 85th St., Portland Schmidt, Clifford L., RD2 2595 S. 12th, Salem Rippey, Greeley F., GMl 1615 NE 138 Ave., Portland PENNSYLVANIA Allen, Joe, BTl 180b N. 8th St., Philadelphia Amadel, John, MML2 821 N. 8th St., Reading Balko, John, RMN2 768 Highland Ave., Johnstown Billett, James E., BTG3 216 Pike St., Bellefonte Dudley, Richard H., S0G3 Dorman Ave., Newtown Square Peiffer, Charles D., FCSN 6858 Dicks Ave., Philadelphia Fortini, Tom C, SN Seward Galetti, John J., FN 6900 Rodner St., Philadelphia Harner, Robert L., RD2 574 Pershing Ave., Lancaster Schoener, Jerry E., TMTl 536 Perry St., Reading Smith, Thomas J., MML3 Miquon P.O., Miquon Smith, William F., FN 1088 Berg St., Johnstown Rhoads, Stephen P., SKGC Rt. 3, Catawissa Yahner, Richard J., MML3 1523 22nd St., Altoona RHODE ISLAND Hohler, Walter H., Jr., FN 551 Pleasant Valley Pkwy., Providence Jose, William J., MML3 59 Dora St., Providence Peterson, John A., MML3 36 Grant Ave., Cranston Wheeler, Frederick E., MML2 84 Steele St., Conimicut SOUTH CAROLINA Holt, James C, SN Rt. 4, Conway Lott, Luther H., FN General Delivery, Langley Murphy, Wesley C, EMPFN 859 E, Russell St., Orangeburg Walker, Thomas L., FN Chesnee Widener, Johnnie N., FN Rt. 3, Box 12A, Aiken SOUTH DAKOTA Hawley, Raymond M., SN Box 337, Wolsey Keyser, Clifford D., FA Dowling TENNESSEE Anglea, Charles B., FN 115 Harris Ave., Madison Butler, William H., 0M02 917 VoUentine Ave., Memphis Lewis, Melvin R., SA 4136 E. 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Box 134, Ryderwood Dolstra, Edward H., MMC 1307 Park Ave., Bremerton Weber, Garland O., MM3 Rt. 5, Yakima Towles, James C, FN Rt. 2, Chewclab WEST VIRGINIA Chapman, Billy J., SA Box 751, Williamson Pierson, Willy E., SN Century 1 WISCONSIN Byrne, Donald M., SA 217 Lincoln St., Antigo Hilleshiem, Bernard L., SH3 826 Copeland Ave., La Crosse Kinart, Owen J., MML2 3149A S. Griffin Ave., Milwaukee Lura, Myhron E., ETSN 6345 8th Ave., Kenosha McGee, Donald J., SN 400 Otter St., Oshkosh Seloover, Donald G., BMGl MTD 42, La Crosse WYOMING Holden, Charles R., SN Rt. 1, Box 171, Laramie Knight, Thomas E., Jr., SN 314 E. Main, Rivertown Knapp, David A., SN Box 53, Buffalo Kuntz, Wllbert L., SA Torrington Masterson, Donald E., FA Glen Rock, Box 217 ALASKA McDonald, James T., MML3 Box 44, Fairbanks CANADA Hanson, Arthur J., HN Box 224, Olds, Alberta HAWAII Anderson, Jerry D., FN 1350 Kaloni Iki Lane, Hilo WASHINGTON, D. C. WeUs, Jimmy O., SHI 3202 E. Capitol A PARTING WORD As this far eastern cruise draws to a close, its memories become but pages in history. The day will come again when special sea detail is set, and the 752 undertakes a new venture. We who will be along shall carry on to the best of our ability, and those of us no longer aboard do most sincerely extend our best wishes and Godspeed to you who shall come after us. If the might of 752 again be needed, may her guns speak the voice of freedom for which her flag so proudly flies. ' •X ■5 ' m - 1 • 3 I ' i

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