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,W I w, p i "We I 3. 1 ,x Q,-1 ,AI K . ,Q fx, ' Iurwfwmw g ,.., f .M ,. LA 3- .Y X ' Irgggl a A M .X ' , Q 'Sv'-'I 4? V 'lg I 5 ' 3 gs f .v -, ,W .I 4 -gmr' 7 AI . Q- i bf, . fqgvrlai 1' 2-. WA 5.1 gr, , N L A t 'nf 4' I .fri gif K i MAE, If Q Q I au ' 5 ' f ' j 4 - 4 i 3 4 . I y I 5. I Q 2 3 fl 'J '31 - 'fi 3 1 . -I fa 'I -I -' 311,11 Q, 1 5 'Q 'df ,, L. ' ' 1 Q 1. , U ,. ' x I 3 I! I A 5 ia, K Vu!L, L ,,.+ Q . A - 1 , , IJIff'1' f I , ,Q A If, f gy if 'Q yi 'V fi ,I : ' ffm g.,. , , - f , I ' - W' 'I -fl 2 .-1 I-QIIM. 5-3, 72 , W jf 'JI In-II girly? fy 3 x 'Hg ,bl kgfg4,,iL n1I,a3.:' L ' . I ,L ,, III, K , , , , I ,I , I I I I wt, I-uf' -Q 54 Q I I , 1 I I I+ - I I- , I , A .m,- W + f I ' ilgrvfi II , If ,ff 1 al riff VY I ' F , 1. 'fm 'n.? H 4, Q 'auf f I I I I ,X , A ,,'fIff:,,1 'lags QMS, If' ,gsm 1, liif' 2 A ffffq ' ,fl- Q, ,Ie g -5 Y If U, ,L - I A xM'4'll4,f WFFQ, ' T if if Q I K 1+ L "W QV M I N Ik r ff w3,?1d'gIfI. 1541. I, W -we Q 'I 2 f ri- 4, ,..,.w.II ' ggi ' . M , , . I+, ' I F if Q 1' 1lQ'fi?TiQ3 -W ' -I. .I ,, 'Q,fQev-' I- . 1, "fx A ii M W 0' Q, yu: fy? fy -' F' I gi . ,wh K FQ: Q . ,, . I I 7 4, A5233 , , 7iI.Ifi 2"ff' f kg ' Q- pg TQ Q kfw , L. , K W ws-. ZQF' ' n. w - 2 K V, Y Ab 4 ,kk .7 ,W A' 3 ' - . x I , ., I-3 - Q I .I 3 Isw A 'J I ' X I' 24- 1 , ' ' ' A i I 4 I fi, ewgif. 1 4 is ff, 4. I :ij ,F :SJIQAI X5 is A if K i , A Q a 4 -, if In f A ,M J ,.- Q ' A A Ml AI '- 1 ' K V A1- Y J KV?--'59, 4 ly ' 1. I -I T-If V - f1f-4l+aLfII-.'---QM - I - AI 4 -+ rl fi I 3 I - A , 4 w L if Qu , - I :L . Qi g g - ,J ,T 4.41. J 'af , -V 1 .I -f ' Av . ,gy NZM' i '-,fig 1. if 'Q , W S X , ' F 'ig ,. fi-FAI 5" 1 -5 I 45' Ie II , V I 'nw M. I '? M K 'a Q if ,' 1 , 'I' Nm , q , H E I . MI' gala- ,, ,yn , ,Jf,M., im , if x, :N Q ,, Viv, V I -N ,,'V .A 3173 1 - vs, .R I5 -9, -,,- , High 3,931 v fif -Is' xi 'n I ' ' ' C' v , Tar . ---...v"" , A J Q J . ,, - . 'A Q . ' 12 tk 45? , c , I ,J If -Q lu ' xi f .1 , If,- K ' in 1' V V' ' , Q. f ', an --We-w " ' M I , 5 :ft-nf X ' :.i af! ' K H XQVQ Ln- K M V 1 st e, ,f Q Q ,Q 3 A . 4 wi' If I' h"'2ai,3YQ,i , , V A , lg 'T , . ,V V . ' I - V il. ' W""" 5' M '3'f"hwT I-"x .- .YL I I, +4 wm,Ii,,, I I A a ,, 5.4101 - . .I 'f-I .X - ,, Q, in I X . '1 f . , iv , QL. '-we ! '55, , -9 I ' 4 2 9 fx yn fflilff. f"Q 6 ' .. .iii ' K - k I K Q . X ,L I , ffvj, 3, K 41 I , . I Q Q, . ' 5 , an Ig: V. 3, II , -1 I KI Q a , -ii 'F 1' mf 4.-FAQIZQQ ', A ff +31 I4 , cw 'HST' 2 II ' 3?,I,,p, 'fi "4 'YT' A ' 15 01 , 'MLS J' ' TQ I ' I .,S,gT'7I-was f ' L ,, ' I ' 44 O L. I 1, 1' 4, S .W I -. .g A I 1 .j-I ,.-' ,I 'ww V J Q I T in gg . g ., 'aj-' , w . ' ' X. .4 U V f I A. 4' Q N- I ' H L QA' a, - I ,Q . 4',. . t W ' ' Q 'Q' ' "'- , - ' M' . ,W A N, ,f , N."".' 1 4 4 ' " , an 7. fm, , Q, . Q H M Lum., , , 1 -M--H R S ,. . ,,,,K,2,, . , I , --.. x N-X 4: I K '-.U ,N i ' I . -M "'-Q Q V M' -X ."'r-, I ... W-Nmhbw N.-A f-,nn J fi I , - I W I '4'k Ji M Aff , ' vw lug, . 2 Mer f Q 'Nur I- . QI, I I .M 'I IIN K , 91 iw ' Us ,, w I 4 'Q ,Ag gs s It Q 'tu , , x . 'M-- I' -f '. ' -4 13 ,I ' x -.sam Q . Ja w ' a ' V "' 4 Q ' U u , Zfk, it ' 4' - 2 k W if ' ,Z 12 6 ky! ' I . .:' , ,5 , nf . 1 , my x In., nfl' 5 . I I r' .H I .+I A 1 lf we if ff-. 'Q-,.,, 'V Ar A ' knw. K5 oi ' f hx' 4? in A L i' i?11vf' 4' "YQ 3 f xii f I " -I v " IA Xifiw . I I sf 'Q'-I z". . :I ' 35' ', ',.3 I , I 'f P .I V if fl " ' 3 V li - -'1 L' YE AI .44 .I+ 1 1' M , 1753 1 x ,' . ' ,f x f .mu ' 1 , ',4- " ig ' 1 -I I X 1. . '1 X i 4- , v 4 ii A I 4 3483. I- " .1 ,5 kwin' I 'xy 32 ,W BV' ' +p1:"i f :- E' wi ' 'K' , I I' 'W QW ' ,un 2 ,, au ,IM J Alprcd . AImond gchool ALCEN '67 """"d"'Y Educafion goes beyond what is learned in The classroom. Much of it is a very personal Icind of learning - whaf each of us learns abouf himself as an individual. This year's Alcen is an affempi To depicf This school year and The meaning if has held for each of us. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. DEDICATION 6. ADMINISTRATION 9.FACULTY TO.SENIORS 38.UNDERCLASSMEN 52. ACTIVITIES 70. SPORTS 86. ELEMENTARY 96. PATRONS The Alcen Staff would like to Thank Mr. Gignac for h co-operation. E DEDICATE His personal experiences, his consideration for others, his honesty, his sense of humor-all of these he has shared with us. He has taught us so much more than technical skills and technical rules-he is so much more than an ordinary driving instructor. For your optimistic outlook on lite, thank-you Mr. Brace. 2: , MQW M Q2 5,34 6 Q5 547 1 f img mf. ,1 .,,,,V , ALCEN ST FF The sTaTT finds iT hard To believe Thar This year's Alcen is finally finished. There were Times when we Thought iT would never come off. None of us will ever TorgeT Those lasT few weeks before our dead line. Lafe nighTs, Tears, and loud discussions as To who had The hardesT iobs all wenT inTo The creafion of This yearbook. The book, we hope, is a good one, we all did our besT To make iT so. Editor-in-Chief: BeTsy Rulon Literary Editor: Lydia Poulin AssisTanT Art EdiTor: Terry Palmifer Arr Editor: Lois Tinklepaugh 4 LynneTTe Rossmcn Pcnron Ediforz Sales Editor: Jill Lawrence Absenf: Business Editor: John Patton Photography Editor: Aaron Rhodes Absent: Sports Editor: Lewis Butler Literary Advisor Mr. Shineborger Art Advisor: Mr. Pheion Chief Advisor: Mr. Kenneii Business Advisor: Mrs. Seaman ADMINISTRATION Mr. Kenneth Clicquennoi Supervising Principc1I BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Michael Tower Psychologist Mr. Hubert Wightmon, Mrs. Jean Schlick, Mrs. Robert Turner, Mr. PouI Powers, Mr. Fred Gertz, Mr. Richard Brcock. Other members: Mrs. Edith Place, Mr. C. C. Post GUIDANCE "7 Mrs. Jean Granger, Miss ShirIey Lane, Mrs. Arlene Roberts Mr. Robert Bake-mon. I 6 HEALTH Mrs. Thelma Post Absenf: Mrs. Eleanor Levengood. Dr. Robert Eisenhordt. MAIN OFFICE Boy Scout? Mrs. Marilyn Lockwood, Miss Virginia Wheeler, Mr. A. Prentice Stillman. 4 as K , 7 BUS DRIVERS Mr. Palmer, Mr. Cornelius, Mr. Cornelius, Mr. Lorrow, Mr. CLISTGDIANS Row 7: Mr. Heers, Mr. Brown, Mr. Sfudley, Mr. Von Ormon, Mr. Perry. Row 2: Mr. White. Mrs. Lorrow Mrs. Siudley. W'-M., Row lr Mrs. Dennison, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Dun gan, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Davis. Row 2: MVS Biehl, Mrs. Sick, Mr. Cornelius, Mrs. White 'f ' ' M Mrs. Carpenter. CAFETERIA STAFF Row 'lr Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Zir- kelbczch, Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Ausiin. Row 2: Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Dungon, Mrs. Rigby, Mrs. Guthrie, Miss Lilly. FACULTY O w 5 R l Mr. Dennis Suppa Mrs. Helen Phelan :E Mr. Lawrence Slwinebarger ENGLISH Mr. Gary Lloyd This page compliments of Turtle ana' Rockwell, Hornbeck Opticians, and Elsenheimer Chevrolef. SCIENCE Mrs. Mary Thocher .. 11 5 10 Mrs. Mary Hover Mr. Donald Gerace ' , l Mrs. Ann Halle? MATH l l l l l l Miss Mary Joseph Mr. Ronald Good l at Mr. A. Richard Kennell HISTORY Mr. Rober1Torrey Mrs. Luan Ellis Mr. Glen Patton ll Mrs. Harriet Deverell Mrs. Lois Morgenfeld HCJME EC Mr. James McEvoy Mr. Ernesf Moore PHYS. ED Mrs. Patricia McEvoy Mrs. Ruth Seaman Mrs. Rose Coleman TYPING 12 Miss Natalie White MUSC Mr. Glenn Sprague Miss Helen Thomas LANGUAGES if Mrs. Mary Ellen Westlake M ART r. Linn Phelan This page compliments of lde's Grocery, SCoTf's Gun Shop, Steuben Trust Co. 13 LIBRARY we iff Library Assistant Mrs. Elizabeth Stillman READING Mrs. Doris Paine Mr. Paul Gabriel DRIVER ED This page compliments of M and D Auto Supply, Lee A. Ryan, and Mason's Typewriter Exchange. AGRICULTURE ww I4 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. A. Prentice Stillman This page Complimenfs of Whecrfon Insurance Agency and Alfred University. I fw, ffkafz 1 4fiff-'ff ft!! f ,i7,f 12' zz 1 ffl 1 if I W SENIGRS 'Lf' ar"-ww 3 5 if . g V fl ik wrestling squad and is a member of if JOHN BARRON Usually seen with an adoring female tucked under his arm, John has startling blue eyes ond an engaging grin. He's been a terrific help to both the cross-country team and the - . WW the Athletic Council. DANA EARL BECKHORN Dana's the conscientious type even when cracking bones at wrestling matches. His sense of humor has been illustrated during those wild lunch periods of his, where he has been known to concoct some truly deleczgble Qt dishes, a lo Beck- horn style. MARGARET LYNN BENSON Peggy isn't quite as calm out of school as she is in it. She loves dancing, and cheerleading, and has suddenly developed o strong inter- est inthe guitar. She's taking lese sons, and has doubts if she'll ever learn, but, with o teacher like Daryl, she shouldn't have to worry. STEVEN LEE BRACKEN 'Bone-head' is widely respected, both for his great physical strength and his ability to make startling perceptive wisecracks. He's a tough opponent on the basketball and cross-country teams, and spends much time trapping furs in the wooded hills. LEWIS CLARK BUTLER Only at Alfred-Almond is the word 'Bug' synonymous with good-natured. In other words, Lew is a guy with a great personality. His sense of fair- ness and over all good humor makes him a popular member of the class whether he's settling minor scraps or iust being his usual funny self. RICHARD JOHN CAPPADONIA Ricky is our personality kid and and there is considerable doubt that anyone could stay mad at him for long, no matter how much he teases. He has owned more cars than we can count and is a real terror on the soccer field. I9 CRAIG RICHARD BRAACK Craig had a few harrowing ex- periences as a counselor at Camp S.T.A.R. last summer, but returned as cheerful as ever. He's still faith- fully blowing his trombone for Senior Band and we feel sorry for anyone sitting in front of him. . MILDRED ANN CARNES Milly braved the horrors of initiation into the Future Homemakers and is now serving as president of that organization. Known for her cheer- ful personality, a cure for any early morning grouch is a bus ride to school with Milly. LOUISE ANN CLARE Louise is even-tempered, easy going and she proves it wherever she goes. A member ofthe Honor Society and the Future Homemakers, she is often in the Drama Club pro- ductions and gave one performance as the back end of a cowl! 20 This page compliments of Wells: ville Sub Shop, Glidden Caller: ies, and State University College of Ceramics at Alfred University. GARY EUGENE CARPENTER Gary's blushing face and insane laugh have livened up several class- es. Although a compulsive giggler and rabble rouser, Gary has a serious side tooj he can talk for hours on the economic future of Almond and other equally sober topics. My veg--f SHELLY ANN CURRAN Shelly's kooky laugh is almost but not quite unbelievable. A born leader, she's a class officer, fire warden, Drama Club officer and an Alcen assistant. She's done all sorts of crazy things flike adding color to local park benchesl but somewhere in between all this she manages to find time to be serious enough to write poetry. CATHERINE CLARKE Cathy's gentle sensitive personality and open mind make her a beautiful person to know. She has devoted many hours of her time to the Future Teachers as an officer of that club, and other service clubs, such as Horizon Club and Youth Fellowship. DAVID HAROLD DAVIES Last year Dave tearfully said good- bye to his pet kangaroo in Sydney and moved to Alfred. He turned out to be quite an interesting guy to knowl flreminine intuition proven right againl. A well-liked member of our class, he's now Vice-Presi- dent, and is a member of the Honor Society. 21 DARYL KENT CORNELIUS Daryl constantly generates a warm friendliness for everyone. He has played guitar at everything from school dances to talent shows to the senior play fwith a few English classes in betweenl. Lynnette, Bil l's here! A, A4 4, , A WM? my 2 I , 2 GERALD DRAKE Jerry walks around with a glint in his eye and knows how to have a good time. A 'professional' Christ- mas tree pruner last summer, he is the typical freckle-,faced tease and spends a lot of his time riding around in his car. 22 WILLIAM MICHAEL DOBSON JR. Billy has been active in sports, particularly wrestling, cross-country and track. In addition he is our stu- dent council president. We'lI always remember him for being the only per- son to get in last year's class pictur three times and we sincerely hope you see only one of him here. GUY IRVING DRAKE A member of both the soccer and track teams, Guy is a great kid to have around. A friendly character, we would be sadly lacking without him. Always willing to ioin in the lun, he will be remembered fondly as one of the guys. ES LARRY FRANCIS DRUMM Larry would stand a good chance of getting our vote for the nicest tough guy we know. He spends a lat of time working in his fother's garage and his talent and knowledge of mechanics have earned for him the respect of other A.A. grease monkeys. CAROLYN RUTH FLINT Carolyn has a marvelous way of making an impression, not by any- thing she does but just by being there. Her willingness to help, dependability, and unruffled calm make her choice to be a teacher well-founded, and every student will want to be a"teacher's pet". The Thinker ROLAND GEORGE GARDNER Rolo's got the nicest smile and the cutest blush of any guy we know. When he's not working on cars, he's usually seen riding in them, particularly that classy little red Ford of his, complete with plushy interior and lots of willing passengers. 23 JUANITA EDDY Recognized by her quiet friendly smile, Juanita possesses a truly gentle and unobtrusive personality She has devoted much of her time to helping others as a member of the Red Cross and the Future Teachers, and has always been a top seller in the magazine sale. RANDY LEE HARWOOD A member of both the soccer and basketball teams, Randy has a deep laugh and an absolutely gorgeous grin. He spends a lot of time riding his brother's motorcycle, but Randy says at least the helmet belongs to him. BRENDA NADINE GOODWIN Brenda is probably best known for her ability as a goalie on the girls soccer team, and seldom does a ball slip past her. She has been active in Future Scientists, Future Nurses, Senior High Chorus, and in girls' sports. GAIL ANN HORTON Gail went to Panama last year and returned a surfer girl. She enjoys acting and has been in many Drama Club productions and the Senior Play. She can talk for hours and is a great person to go to when you've got a problem. Besides being sym- pathetic she's also pretty, some- thing a lot of boys seem to have noticed. DEBORAH JOLENE HITCHCOCK Class president for the lost two years, Debi's approach to life is truely individual, from the way she spells her name to the essays she writes. 'The Hidden Me' about her secret life as a Martianl. Crazy but lovable, who else ever raised 24 amoebas? JOHN HURNE John is a plague to homeroom teachers, and with him around, boredom is practically nonexistant. When he's not tormenting homeroom teachers, he uses some of his energy on the wrestling mat and is an invaluable member of the squad. SAMUEL JOHN KLINGENSMITH Sam has all kinds of intellectual interests. He has a zealous love of history and can name every king of England from William the Con- queror down to the present day. His ability to deze in French and still get 99's baffles all of us. 25 GARY WAYNE KELLOGG Gary is an athlete in the true sense ofthe word. He has broken several track and cross-country records and is continuing to do so fAnd we might add a few girls hearts too.l ALICE KNUDSEN A jolly disposition and the giggles might best describe Alice. An en- thusiastic member ot the girls bowl ing team, she is also a long time member of the Future Homemakers and has served on thousands of committees. ABIGAIL JOAN LINDEMAN Known for her kindness and love of animals, AI:-by's buoyant spirits and infectious laughter make her a won- derful friend to have and great fun to be with. An admirer of Bobby Dy- Ian, she beat the fad with her Iong hair. JOHN JOSEPH KNUDSON John's slow and deliberate manner characterize his attitude toward life. Specializing in agriculture and as a long time member ofthe Future Farmers, John has proven himself capable in his vocational choice. His massive frame contradicts his gentle nature. RICHARD E. LEWIS Dick is an out-of stater and a natural athlete who ioined our class this year. Behind his stolid face ' Iie interests ranging from boxing to . motorcycles and his determined manner leads one to believe that I his success is inherent. I 26 F I JILL LAWRENCE At first glance, Jill looks serious enough but it doesn't take long to realize that she can cause riots at wiII. Her gym class recognizes this fact, where she is the undisputed terror ofthe showerroom, possibly to Mrs. CoIeman's regret, but to every- one eIse's undisguised icy. I I This page compliments of Southern Tier Concrete Products Co., Alfred Mutual Loan Office, and Box of Books. ALAN LEON LOBDELL Alan has his own opinions on mat- ters of importance, and isn't afraid to let anyone know about them. A hard worker, he has traded pine sap ltrom pruning trees last summeri for stage paint in working on the senior play. We're glad he got it oft his hands in time for basketball season LINDA KAY MCGRAW Linda has the distinction of being the school's only female Projec- tionist. Her extracurricular activi-1 ties are largely athletic, but she also plays in the Senior Band. She is an active member ot the 4-H, where she has exhibited her skills as a seamstress and as a cook at the State Fair and at other demon- strations. DEBORAH AR LENE MORGENFELD Debbi iokes about the fact that she picked the college she's going to because it has a football teaml Besides football, she has many other interests and a long list of accomplishments that leave every- one but Debbi slightly breathless. 27 CHARLOTTE ADA MART IN Charlotte was barely recognizable last fall, when she returned to school with longer hair and fewer pounds than ever. Easily excited, she talks as regularly as other people breathe, is an enthusiastic person and above all a hard worker. ARTHUR JACK NEVILLE AJ, likes pool, cars, and girls. fWe're not sure in what orderll In- side sources reveal that he spends alot of his time at PaImer's, but he's also seen with his other two favorite subiects. fcars and girlsl KEVIN FRANCIS MURPHY Kevin is a terror with a BB gun and seems to have a talent for missing buses. He enioys English class, and was Mr. Preble in the Senior Play. CNot exactly type casting, we can't imagine Kevin ever wanting to murder an one.I Gb Y Yffwffor was MARY KATHERINE NEVILLE Mary's enthusiasm for and support of various FHA proiects Ilike trapping people in the hall and iam- ming candy down their throatsl is equalled only by her interest in ETA. Her range at moods is as wide as it is surprising: but most teachers would grade her as likable plus. , , Z,ZA4'If5Lw fm' CSL - ,, gf ilffifjfiifiw NMMA! WW fm at UQ J T fgfmgtfgzf DONA LD OLDS Donald is well known to a small circle of senior boys, but to the rest of us he will always remain something ofa mystery. Active in Future Farmers, he is one of those persons living in that infamous little metropolis of Thatcherville. PHILLIP C. ORMSBY Phil is iust naturally goodsnatured and cheerful. He can frequently be seen during hunting season with a dog by his side and a gun slung over his shoulder. He is a member of Future Farmers and serves as President in his senior year. l CAROLYN NEWMAN Carolyn's shorts suffered when she was initiated into FHA this year. She appears cool and calm, but this is not always the case. This is especially so in homemaking, where she often burst into song f?l at the slightest provocation. THOMAS ELWIN NISBET Tom Commutes' fifteen miles to school from Arkport, works as a proiectionist, and manages to keep ten girls happy at once. This only goes to show that we've got to be doing something right and what ever it is, we hope we keep it up because we wouldn't wont to lose him. W 1 'L 3' ROBERT PAUL ORMSBY Bob has been a solid member of FFA for many years, helping im- mensely with their banquet and seed selling proiects. An active partici- pant in class iwhen he's awakelj Bob usually feels free to express any opinion that might come to his mind. 2 TERRY LY LE PALMITER A sharp dresser, Terry wears paisley print shirts to school and bright yellow shirts to church. He is seen either on the tennis court or in the swimming pool, de- pending on the season. Now gradu- 3 I 3 .JOHN MARK PATTON John's history average is amazing, and it probably always will continue to astound the rest of us. A serious and dedicated worker, he has de- voted much time and effort to his job as Businessrlfditor of the ated to a car, he used to peel around Alcen. Alfred Station on that fast bike of hisl SHARILYN MARIE PERRY A welcome addition to our class from Hornell, Sherry spends most of her time fighting with Brian for the phone. She attends a cosmotol- ogy class at Hornell High, and her hair color varies from day to day as BRIAN HOWARD PERRY We remember when Brian used to wear that red hair of his in a brush cut. His reputation as a wolf ex- tends no farther than the stage of "'Thurber's Carnival' fwe thinkl. A member ofthe Honor Society and the Library Club, he is willing to take on all comers in an argument, even Betsy! l 30 a result! LYNNETTE ROSSMAN It Lynnette says her hair's brown and not red, then it's brownl Impul- sive, there is no one more complete- ly female in her thinking than Lyn- nette. Her moods vary from one moment to the next, but her friend- ship and loyality to those closest to her remains constant. i LYDIA MARIE POULIN Quiet waters are deep...dark flowing hair above thoughts that perceive the meanings in music, words, and human relations. Lydia can reach out to other people from strength and understanding. She is our lif- erary editor and a National Honor Society member. GREGORY ROUNDS Greg's enterprising nature has lead him to convert his front yard into a parking lot during football sea- son. His love of mischief is matched only by his seriously in- quisitive spirit, and it is this last quality which prevents him from driving certain teachers to dis- traction. 31 AARON ANTHONY RHODES Aaron's somber good looks betray the fact that he is an individual. He is a nonconformist, more so in his ideas than in any outward ap- pearance he might give. His sense of humor is unique, and it occasion ally tinged with sarcasm, he has the rare ability to laugh not only at others but also at himself. And then l'll .... ELIZABETH ELLEN RULON Betsy's first and foremost winning quality is the fact that she was Editor-in-chief and because of her there is an Alcen. Aside from that, Library Club, International Club, Drama Club and drives Mr. Gerace crazy in Physics with her own par- . A vtbiizxtktg PAUL JOHN SHANLEY writing one of his own. He spends ,A X, U00 OA OW U0 ticular way of doing things. WN Paul reads some weird books and is some of his spare time helping the grade school as a member of the Future Teachers, but is still serious about completing his 'Great American Novel"l 32 she is a member of the Honor Society, GEORGE MARK SEAMAN Mark seems to have a joke for every occasion and it is invariably accompanied by that weird laugh of his. Although he never appears to be at all serious, various sources assure us that he can be, especially if it concerns mechanics. Wx Elo CN laws cms ego? CQ, 'i 1 A SQJJJVTVW My cb Gm. bn 4-Soma-A Tas EZWX Ovq, mm -1 , WMM LEON SHERMAN Leon is a baseball player of long standing with the Alfred-Almond team. You can't miss him in the halls, when, hair flying he wrenches open his poor unsuspecting locker in his usual mad, but good natured rush to class. This page compliments of Russ Davis Ford, Alfred Ceramic Enterprises Inc. and Suburban Motors Inc., Volkswagen. Helen enioyed working in Rochester this summer fThe advantages of city lite are unbelievabIe.l ln school she is an active member ot FTA and has earned awards for working more hours than any other member in the history of the ROXANNE SMITH Roxanne is on the Red Cross Council and is an active participant in gifIS'sports. Her personality en- able her to get along easily with all kinds of people and she is a well-liked member of our class This page compliments of Alfred Agway, Benjamins Zenith Dealers, and Robert G. Eisenhardt M.D. HELEN ESTHER SMITH organization. SUSAN SMITH Blond hair dangling, Suzie is con- stantly changing, moving'-seldom still. She doesn't need to be, her personality carries along anyone who happens to be near her. She really cares about people and what happens to them. They in turn care about her. 33 SUSAN ELAINE SNYDER Well, Susan used to shop at the IGA, and one day an errant knight emerged from behind a Kool-Aid display, swept her off her feet and rode off into the sunset with her. Lately her activities have been mainly collegiate, although she has maintained an active membership in FHA and Library Club. ROBERT TORREY Robie's nickname 'Beanie' is not completely forgotten, but he's grown taller since those days. He divides his time equally among his car, the races, trapping, hunt- ing, fishing, basketball, pool, and history. fWe couldn't leave out his family connectionsll CHERYL LEE STUDLEY Chery is one ofthe busier ofthe busy seniors. Despite the fact that she participates in most ofthe ex- tracurricular athletic activities and acts as FHA historian, she still finds time to moan about boys and marks fin that orderl. LOIS TINKLEPAUGH Loey has a hard time introducing herself to strangers fTinkler-whaat You're kiddingll As Art Editor of the Alcen, Loey's taste is some- what unique. It asserts itself in everything she does, from this book to the bellbottoms she wears SANDRA MARIE WINTERS Our go-go girl, Sandie can really dance up a storm, and very often does it at the Patriot in Hornell. Her strong point is athletics and she enioys cheering at basketball games, also swimming in her back- yard pool. SANDRA YOUNG Sandy's personality and hysterical laugh have brought comic relief to many a dull situation. Her usual scramble for the back seat on the bus is token good-naturedly by the rest of us, who can't help laughing along with her. DARON JAMES WHITE Daron got not only second, but fourth and fifth looks when he grew a beard tor his part in the senior play. He did a great fob of playing the drunken Grant and he is an authority on most wars, being one of Mr. T'orrey's most active class participants. lit is SENIOR PLAY The Senior Play was posfponed unfil spring. Wiflw all The Time we've had To learn our Iines we're sure if wiII Turn our fine. SENIOR OFFICERS WT I D. Davies, D. Hitchcock, S. Curran, T. Polmifer. Z an Mari Q11 36 'F' 'is 'hangs A9 LINDERCLASSMEN E 39 Later! Kathy Curran-Secretary, Jim Brutsman-President, Jamie Eisenhardt-Vice-President, Con Tincher-Treasurer JU IORS The Juniors probably have more class spirit than any other class in the school. This is obvious whether they are selling magazines or win- ning Field Day events. lThey beat last year's seniors by l point. This resulted in a totally ineffective pe- tition by the embittered seniors. Despite the difference of ooinion. the sophomores stood their ground and remained winners.l Row 71.1. Beniamins, N. Bloomquist, M. Gorton, K. Curran. Row 2: D. Butts, D. Clark, C. Clarke, G. Clare, J. Brutsman, J. Eisenhardt, T. Wigent, M. Brown, N. Bertch. Row 3: M. Cone, M. Croston, C. Emerson, L. Gardner, M. Drumm, T. Ben-S son, L. Allen, L. Cornell. Absent: R. Buckmaster, J. Davis, P. Briggs, M. Cone, N. Dale, S. Hadse 40 X X W X1 gk xi x ff? Q Row 7: S. Wells, T. Wigent, J. Simpson, J. Smirh, C. Shaw, S. Sfockweafher, G. Zwiebel. Row 23 J. Woodruff, D. Schwartz, J. Sicker, J. Walter, D. Soule. Absen1,'S. Rawleigh, S. Reid, A. Sick, S. Thomas, J. Tucker, F. Tucker, D. Winters. 111 nan, A. Rough, D. Hardy, N. Jefferds, A. Mills, K. Frechefte. Row 2: C. Hanks, G. Gronskei,C. Hilsdorf, R. Place, S. Phelan, L. Lawrence, A. Leathersich, P. Hurne. Absent: C. Heers, A. Hurne, D. Lockwood, T. Mason, R. Nye, G. Ormsby. Row 7: J. Palmirer, P. Palmer, J. Ker- SGPHOMORES The Sophomores appreciate The fact That they are now part of the senior high. As Mr. Bal4eman's "guinea pigs", they were lucky enough To take the PSAT, normally given onl To juniors and seniors. f i - all filyvmjflni lbw fvl no li if ,lil , l li' L Q . ffl L i ' Lt , U Row 7: W. Cleveland, D. Freeland, J. Evans. Row 2: R. Carter, C. Burrow M J fy Flint, F. Gaynor. Row 3: M. Dungan, B. Dungan, C. Braack, B. Auer S Cappa ,VJ l donia. Standing: L. Curey, M. Cameron, C. Daniels, E. Coddington,.l Smith D iff , A f Gertz, T. Fraser, P. Eisenhardt, H. Drake, C. Friend, T. Gifford, N Bu nflq l Absern: L. Klingensmith, E. Lewis, G. Foster, G. Ormsby, M. Shanley M X , Af V Sherman. J jf J9 i f gli ' j 7 fl Ulf ll HW WL flat , Peter Eisenhardt Vice-President Gene McGraw CC"0lYn Treasurer McCormick . K Secretary if A Holly L F Horton President ff? Row 7: J. Ninos, G. Kernon. Row 2: M. Obu honich, G. McGraw, B. Love, D. Morgenfeld. Row 3: D. Gray, G. Marvin, H. Horton, M Polmifer. Standing.: C. McCormick, R. Neel ey, M. Lindemon, G. North, P. Powers, S Knuclsen, R. Kowalski, J. Graham, D. Olds E. Lewis, L. Kellogg. Abseni: D. Thompson C. Tincher, T. VonDuser, G. Young, G. Sch worfz. , 43 Row 7: R. Sfockweorher, S. Sharrerf, D. Orms by, J. Tobin. Row 23 B. Snyder, S. Tucker, M Phillipson.S1onding:K. Rounds, P. Palmifer, S. Randolph, L. White, D. Place, D. Mueller, i G. Elwell, B. Solfzer, P. Sfeorns. Absenf: M. Costello, K. Dungon, D. Brown, C. Gibbs, G. Griffin, W. Heller. Marjorie Johnston, Red Cross Represen- titiveg Betty Gardner, Vice-President. Row 1: J. Mills, B. Lewis, K. Lorrow, D. i.OrOW, B. Hanks. Row 2: S. Hurne, S. Grif- fin, M. Johnston, R. Palmiter, K. Nudd, P. Norton, K. Hamlin, J. Hardy, A. Lewis. Row 3: S. Jefferds, M. Mullen, J. Norton, B. Per- kins, S. Lobdell, D. Higgins, M. Knudsen, D. Jones. Absent.: S. Hardy. Stephanie Lobdell, President, Jean Brownell, Secretary-Treasurer. FRESHME The Freshmen haven't quite lost the wide- eyed innocent look ot their younger years, but they're learning! Their first real crack at high school this year will probably prove a challenge to them, but they have a lot of fun things to look forward to, like the iunior high plays. 44 Row 7: K. Pierce, D. Woodruff, D. Reid, T Smith, C. Stewart, B. Schwartz, B. Tuttle B. Reynolds, D. Stuart. Row 2: J. Phillip son, S. Smith, D. Sootheran, L. Watson, L Rough, C. VanHorn, M. Rulon, L. Soule, P Powers, L. Rawleigh, L. Turner. Absent K. Weitzel, R. Wells, A. Parry, S. Snyder. Row l: A. Butler, G. Dickinson, J. Funk, C. Bloomquist, K. Almeter, M. Cornelius, R. Cornell, G. Benson. Row 2: S. Drake, L. Her- bert, N. Cone, H. Coats, M. Adams, P. Cap- padonia, C, Drumm, D. Buckmaster, C. Davies Row 33 D. Allen, W. Brown, J. Eddy, D. Bur- zycki, J. Frechette, B. Gardner, J. Brownell, A. Briggs, B. Herbert. Absenti D. Chalker. l I J H if T' r J. Tucker. Row 7: G. Gronski, T. Mason. Row 2: T. Van Duser, T. Smith. Row 3: M. Cone, S. Hadsell, S. Reid. VOCATIONAL CLASS R.. 1. J. R. Gardner, S. The Vocational School in Hornell offers courses of training ranging from office practice and cosmotology to electrical appliance repair and engineering drafting. It instructs and pre- pares it's students for the jobs that keep our modern world functioning smoothly. 46 Row 2: A. Neville, M. Cone, G. Ormsby. JUNIOR HIGH PLAYS Despite the necessity of changing sets in total darkness Cwe didn't have curtains thenl the ninth grade's three plays were a success They presented "Monkey's Paw", "Quiet Please", and "Sorry Wrong Number". Mfg? W ,fe 12 Z7WT1'f?' JI , I W 4, EIGHTH GR DE The eighth grade's a spunky little class. The girls talk as much as they ever did in seventh, and maybe a little more. Meanwhile, eighth grade boys reign su- preme inthe iunior high hall, and nothing seems to stop them. Row if R. Davis, F. George, F. Burdick, M, Cqnqle, horn, S. Berliner, P. Carter, B. Brown, T. Croston, L. Freeland, L. Lee, D. Davison, G. Eddy. Row 3: M. Dungan, W. Cornelius, B. Barron, D. Brown, R. Aus- tin, M. Clark, R. Calkins, G. Dale, R. Elwell. Row 7: J. Giles, J. Ninos, W. Lockwood, K. lllerbrun J. Koegel. Row 2: L. George, J. Holland, D. Linde man,R. Neeley,D. Nudd, N. Moore. Row 3: F. Guthrie M. Gillette,M. Jones, B. Hanks, B. Kernan, C. Henry P. Lewis. Row 4: R. McGraw, C. Hilsdorf, W. Howard D. Nye, S. Mills, R. McCormick, J. Kull, A. Love. Kneeling: M. Speca, D. Rusinko. Row lr J. Rossman, D. WintefS,K. Watson, S. Schwab, D. VanDuser. Row 21 R. Torrey, D. Tucker, D. Kroutil, R. Perkins, A. Reid, P. Snitfen. Row 3: V. Sutton, R. Wakefield, G. Ordway, D. Studley, D. Smith, K. Ordway, M. Van-7 Duser. Row 11: A. Sloan, E.Williams, D. White, J. Tucker, T. Rawleigh. J. Burdick, P. Curran, L. Clare. Row 2: F. Beck- l Row 7: C. Myers, M. Moses, W. Johnsfon, M. Ninos, L. McGraw, R. Kowalski, S. HunTingTon, S. Kernon, K. Kuhne, G. Ells, D. Hurcl, B. Jef- ferds, J. Mullen. Row 2: B. lde, S. Lorow, M. Lewis, A. Folsom, R. Murphy, W. Jclcox, J. Lewis, R. MonTgomery, A. Rawady, M. Perry, L. Murray, D. Olds, K. PalmiTer. Absent D. HerberT. fi. SEVENTH GR DE By naw, well-accusTomed To conTending wiTh sTubborn lockers and six diTTerenT Teachers everyday, The sevenTh grade is ready To move on To new and beTTer Things. BeTore Them lies a warning To umove-up' quieTly aT our annual Moving-up Day exercises lwhich unknowingly, They will obey To The leTTerl and The presTige gained by noT being The youngesT class in The iunior high. Row T: D. Rulon, C. Snyder, C. Wheeler, D. Shepard, R. WalTer, J. Shaw, H. Holland, W. Smifh, S. Tucker, G. Snyder, M. Kay. Row 2: R. NorTh, N. Schobl, M. Tobin, S. Straight. Row 3: D. Pierce, S. Wiefgrefe, G. NorTon, R. SuTTon, J. Gardner, M. Parker, B. Palmer, M. WinTers, G. Veley. Absenf: C. Reynolds, M. STull. Row is S. Crandall, T. Calkins, B. Hardy, M Cushing, B. Beasley, M. Eddy. Row 2: K. Cos fello, L. Fraser, N. Giles, N. Cameron, E Bailey, S. Earl, K. Evans, J. George, K. Cap padonia. Row 3: C. BuTler, G. Burzycki, J. Her rick, M. Giedlin, J. Gardner, M. Adams, L Bloomquist, P. Harwood, C. Funk, M. Hanks G. Brown. Mrs. Sicker Row 7: C. Hall, J. Perkins, J. Schwartz, L Herrick, P. Harris, J. Burdick, R. Haskins Row 2: P. Sloan, B. Wightmon, K. Beckhorn D. Gifford, D. Petric, S. Schwartz, J. Hanks S. Dickinson, S. Tucker. Row 3: R. Stuart N. Gray, M. Gorton, P. Briggs, M. Wood, R Heller, S. Maurbe, K. Fasano, J. Speca. Ab sent: R. Hadsell, S. Monroe, S. Bullard. SIXTH GR DE X The sixth graders moved This year from The new building to The old. Along with this change came additional responsibility, and X The realization that the years They will spend at Alfred-Almond were more than half OVSY. Mrs. McAlee Row 7: P. Burdick, P. Decker, C. Barron, D. Watson, C. Love. Row 2: J. Ninos, M. Matison, R. Coddington, T.5harrett, K. Palmiter. Row 3: C. Dennison, J. Lorrow, C. Norton, S. Allen, P. Clark, G. Holland. Row 11: T. VanDuser, C. Howard, K. Harvey, V. Higgins, W. Perry, J. Stearns, D. McMichael. Absent: S. DuBrevil, C. Herrick. Row l: R. Henry, M. Wheeler, T. Dobson, B. Palmer, R. Friend, F. Rayner, 5. Cornell. Row 2, S. Sovey, E. Galle, V. Mills, S. MV- MCAlee Rough, N. Wakefield, 5. Drumm, C. Jefterds, D. Petric, W. Pulos. Row 3: R. Latham, G. Odell, M. Kay, L. Knudsen, A. Klingen-A Smith, B. Kull, T. Soule, B. Bailey, S. Patton. These classes study a wide variety ot subjects, as other classes do ln addition, they learn other skills spending much time working in various handcrafts. SPECIAL CLASS Seated, Row 1: R. Stevens, T. Gaynor, C. Densmore, R. Turner E Gay nor. Seated, Row 2: R. Hamlin, P. Clark, D. Bliss, M. Gaynor Standing L. Eshenbaugh, C. Shaw, A. Gaynor, M. Whitsell. Mr Allen Mrs Wilcox Row 7: M. Coughlin, J. Thomas, C. Gaynor. Row 2: S. Roberts M Gavin D. Jackson. Row 3: T. Mosher, D. Perry, R. Gadown. 51 ACTI ITIE X X 9 Nxxg -- ss Q -0 Nllill 52 I 53 Sym? Qi Wx? xl DC! L ee 56 N N X99 iv N iilviiei W ,Sq Cu X91 W5N7g fidgi X. bf K gm 'E' K. Curran, L.Lawrence, S. Phe an, ALCEN ASHSTANTS Being ossisTcznTs, These kids ineviTably wound up wiTh mosT of The Alcen's "dirTy', work. How- ever, some of Them will have The general misery, Tun and hard work of producing nexf year's Alcen Row 7: B. Cleveland, J. Beniamins. Row 2: L. Gardn Dale. Row 3: C. Emerson, L. Klingensmifh. Row MarTin, D. Morgenfeld. Row 5: G. Clare, P. Palmer. R C. Lobdell, G. HorTon, R. Cappadonia. 05,9 J s if SPECIAL ASSISTANTS This page complimenTs of The Campus Thea Ter, l. G. A. and The PaTrioT. 54 ISSthDSI LVERARY D SCLISSION GRCDUP ow 7: L. Klingensmith, D. Soule, L. Lawrence, Mr. Shinebarger, Advisor. Row 2: G. Clare, J. Sicker, D. Butts, D. Morgenfeld, S. Snyder. Row 3: B. Perry, S. Wells, A. Rough. 55 The Literary Discussion group, newly formed this year, replaces The older Library Club. Members meet every three or four weeks with Mr. Shinebarger to discuss and criticize selected novels. Non - members are also in- vited to attend these meetings. Row is D. Morgenfeld, D. Hardy, J. Simpson, A. Rough, S. Hardy M. Cushing. Row 2: C. Curran, P. Palmer, K. Lorrow, D. Hig gins, Mr. Sprague, D. Beckhorn R. Sfoclcweafher, C. Braack,R Carter, C. Lobdell, G. Clare SENIOR BAND The Senior Band, under The leadership of Mr. Sprague, is looking forward fo a suc- cessful year playing Mozart, J. P. Sousa and Henry Mancini. Clf we remember our rofafing lesson schedulelj Row 7: J. Funk, J. Hardy, M. Lindeman, M Palmirer, N. Bloomquisr, C. Braack,K. Nudd K. Pierce, C. Davies, S. Tucker. Row 2: L McGraw, L. Clare, N. Butler, S. Jefferds, S Srockweafher, D. Soule, D. Burzycki, D Morgenfeld, B. Sterns, B. Love, L. Soule, T Tobin, P. Palmifer. TRI-M'S Tri M's lModern Music Masrersl is an honor sociefy for musicians. Members are chosen for scholarship, char: acfer, leadership and service. lTs purpose is To fosfer good music in The school and The community. Row 7: C. Curran, L. Clare, Mr. Sprague.Row 25 J. Simpson G. Clare, D. Beclchorn. MAJORETTES These volunteers, eager and talented, stepped in to fill a huge gap left by our graduat- ing maiorettes. Since then, they have led the hand with high stepping precision and strict discipline. Row 7: S. Tucker, C. Davies. Row 2: L. Soule, D. Burzycki, J. Hardy. Row 3: S. Jefferds, S. Griffin. Row i: J. Burdick, M. Connaly, C. Hall, P. Burdick, L. Herrick. Row 2: J. Lor- row, D. Petric, C. Snyder, S. Tucker, N Moore, W. Smith. Row 3: P. Carter, D Nudd, M. Henshaw, C. Funk, A. Sloan, G. Burzycki, S. Straight, S. Lorrow, N Cameron, S. Patton. JUNIOR BAND The Junior Band, some of whose members are occasionally recruited into the Senior Band, ser- ves as sporting competition for its older counter- part. Row l: T. Burdick, T. Sharrett, S. Cornell, S. Wiet grefe, M. Ninos, C. Love. Row 2: W. Johnston, P Lewis, R. Haskins, V. Higgins, M. Cushing, D. Rulon Row 3: K. Beckhorn, M. Gorton, A. Love, B. Palmer R. North, G. Dole, D. Kroutil, A. Klingensmith. 1.1 Row I: K. Dungan, G. Zwiebel, S. Drake, M. Palmiter, L. Rough, D. Brutsman, S. Griffin. Row 2: K. Curran, M. Cornelius, J. Funk, D. Hitchcock, R. Neeley, Miss White, I... Clare, D. Freeland, K. Cappaclonia, C. Gibbs. Row 3: G. Marvin, S. Friend, S. Jetferds, P. Powers, D. Beckhorn, D. Higgins, G. Broack,Q. Coppo- donia, D. Clark, L. Klingensmith, P, Palmer, K, Pierce, SENIOR HIGH CHORUS The Chorus under the new leadership of Miss White, is better than ever. Although it has done few things publicly so far, what it has done has been enthusias- ticly received. 58 JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Row I: J. Tucker, B. Calkins, M Jones, B. Hanks, B. Barron, T. Cros ton, M. Parry. Row 2: B. Kernan, S Huntington, J. Snyder, C. Snyder, A Rawady, J. Rossman, W. Cornelius A. Reid, K. Palmiter, M. VanDuser. SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL From the recesses of fertile imaginations are ottered up such money raising ideas as JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL The CounciI's duties are nearly the same as those of its older counterpart. Here students get their first real try at seIf-govern- ment. a car wash in December. No one but coun- ciI members Icnow exactly what is discus- sed in the cavernous mechanicaI draw- ing room, but the resuIts are inevitabIy... novel! Dobson, S. Curran, T. Palmiter, K. Curran Row I: M. GiecIIin, J. MiIIs, J. Ninos, M. Cornelius, W. Johnston, M. Ninos, M. Jones, B. Barron, D. Jones, C. VanHorn, S. Snyder, K. Watson, C. Snyder. 59 Row It J. Eisenhardt, P. Eisenhardt, J. Bruts- man, C. McCormick, H. Horton, D. Davies, B. Seated: A. Rhodes. Raw 7: B. Rulon, C. Clarke, D. Davies, L. Paulin, L. Butler, D. Morgenteld, L. Clare, S. Klingensmith, Mrs. Thomas, Advisor. Row 2: B. Perry, T. Palmiter. DRAMA CLU B NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Nervous speculation may be heard resounding through our halls weeks before the tapping ceremony tor the National Honor Society. Membership in the organization, determined by scholastic ability, leadership qualities, and extracur- ricular participation, is highly coveted. The Drama Club presents at least two plays annually, one forthe elementary school and one tor the high school. Members try their hands at acting, directing, and various other backstage jobs, such as crew, make-up, and costumes. It is a very worthwhile organization, bringiing enjoyment not only to the members themselves, but to the whole school. Row 1: J. Beniamins, S. Stockweather, P. Palmer, G. Horton, S. Curran. Row 2: G. Marvin, B. Rulon, C. Cur- ran, D. Hitchcock, L. Clare. Row 3: S. Phelan, C. Mar- tin, B. Perry, C. Clarke, N. Bloomquist, L. Lawrence. On Stairs: K. Murphy, S. Klingensmith, D. Beckhorn. 60 Row T: B. Auer, A. Lewis, N. Butler. Row 2: S. Tucker, M. Johnston, J. Brownell, M. Palmiter, H. Horton, M. Rulon. Row 3: Mrs. Phelan, Advisor, S. Griffin, D. Jones, P. Powers, L. Kellogg, M. Lindeman, C. Friend, L. Rawleigh. Row 4: C. , Bloomquist, A. Rough, J. Sicker, S. Randolph, K. l Rounds. .S V EJ FIELD DAY! 2 NN X S S N Q 35 S i 5 xx 'rf S W X ! a Q: SOPHOMORES WON big deal. 61 FUTURE FARMERS This was the Fl:A's first year under Mr. Gabriel and it has been a very success- ful one. As usual, the FFA collaborated with the FHA on a teen dance and a banquet. Remaining projects include ex hibitions at the county fair this summer Mr. Gabriel. Row 7: L. Sherman, L. Cornell M. Drumm, K. Lorrow, B. Perkins, E. Gaynor. Row 2: C. Emerson, B. Dobson, M. Seaman, D. Olds, A. Gaynor. Row 3: G. Griffin, G. Drake, M. Sherman, M. Knudsen, R. Ormsby, N. Jefferds, P. Ormsby. Row l: G. Drake, G. Clare, R. Harwood, B. Dobson. Row 2: Mr. Moore, L. McGraw, L. Lawrence, M. Gorton, N. Bertch, G. Horton. Row 3: S. Phelan, J. Brutsman, T. Palmiter, J. Barron, R. Ormsby, D. Beckhorn, M. Carnes. 62 FIRE WARDENS When the alarm sounds, tire wardens dash to their posts, making sure doors and windows are closed and that everyone is safely out of the building. Mr. Moore's elect, these brave souls would be the last to leave the building if there ever should be a fire. PROJECTIONISTS Row 7: D. Lorow, G. Benson, L. Sherman, G. Kellogg, L. Allen. Row 2: R. Davis, J. Giles, S. Wells, L. McGraw, M. Phillipson, Mrs. Stillman. Row 3: P. Ormsby, P. Eisenhardt, S. Phelan, I.. White, T Nisbet, D. Place, T. Palmiter, B. Perry, D. White, J. Hurne, D. Beckhorn. A Something new has been added to the annual Red Cross fund drive- colorful Mexican badges. Besides imagination, members ot the Red Cross Council are instilled with a deep sense of civic responsibility. RED CRQSS WWW Whether for additional mechanical know-how or iust to get out of classes this group masters the techniques of sight and sound to become proiec- tionists. Though this is primarily a male institu-- tion, a few hardy girls, the calm, collected type, offer their services too. QM lffwi wif S QWQMQ . ,,,..i Row l: D. Kroutil, S. Tucker. Row 2: D. Shepard, N.Bertch. Row 3: D. Burzycki, D. Gertz, T. Fraser. Row 4: C. Myers, A. Folsom, B.Walcefield, W. Howard, Mrs, Deverell, A. Hurne, L. Freeland, B. Brown, C. Henry. 63 I .m.-h 2 P 1, iuisssmusi c FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Altred-Almond's Chapter of FHA has had exper- iences which are unforgetable. Consider, for in- stance, The time their punch bowl Cbrim full ot ice cream and ginger alei tell apart in the middle of a solemn initiation ceremony. Besides Tun and general pandemonium, these girls have put in years of service to our community. Yes, in these hands lie the Tuture ot American homes! Row T: P. Benson, J. Palmiter, L. Clare. Row 2: H. Coats, J. Phillipson, K. Hamlin, S. Hurne, S. Drake. Row 3: A. Briggs, P. Stearns, M. Carnes, L. Herbert, B. l FUTURE TEACHERS Row T: J. Graham, E. Codding- ton, J. Eddy, S. Winters, M. Neville, S. Griffin, B. Snyder. Row 22' S. Cappadonia, M. Shanley. Row 3: S. Snyder, S. Knudsen, D. Morgenteld, F. Tucker, P. Hurne, S. Studley, D. Olds, A. Knudsen. The Future Teachers ot America is an organization which was formed to give students an opportunity to learn the principles of Teaching and to gain experience inthe classroom. The club is set up with the idea that those interested in teaching as a profession can become members and 'cadet teach' in grades kindergarten through ninth. Through student teaching they have The opportunity to gain valuable know- ledge ofthe profession they may one day enter. Row T: C. Davies, J. Phil- lipson, K. Watson, C. Braack, B. Auer, K. Al- meter. Row 2: L. Allen, M. Mullen, C. VanHorn, A. Lewis, S. Wells, J. Pal- miter, S. Jetterds, M. Rulon. Row 3: M. Neville, N. Bloomquist, K. Nudd, D. Jones, C. Clarke, K. Rounds, S. Randolph, H. Smith, C. Clarke, C. Flint, D. Gertz, J. Sicker, P. Shanley, Mr. Kennell, Ad- visor, D. Mueller, J. Brown- ell, K. Pierce, D. Hitch- cock. INTERNATIONAL CLUB This group is a small buT dedicated one. Headed by Mrs. Deverell, They meeT once a monTh To discuss world problems or listen To speakers who have Traveled or lived in oTher lands. TALE T SHOW The pandemonium which accompanies each produc- Tion of The TolenT Show is as TradiTional aT A. A. as The show iTselT. Each year dancing shoes are dusTed and vocal chords are Tuned in anTicipaTion of The evenf. We are always amazed aT The enThusiasm and resourcefulness of iTs parTicipanTs. 1- Row 7: B. Rulon, Chairman, C. Davies, B. Galie, M. Rulon, Mrs. Deverell, Advisor. Row 2' R. Heller, D. BuTTs, S. Klingensmith, L. Lawrence, A. Rough. 65 ah ,......--1" CLEAN UP D Y This page complimenfs of Citizens Nofionc1lBank M gg ., 3 3? fa 1 4 '.' mga ,wx d KC a+FV'MDYf , K uv 1 Q m Q3 81 M0 ' x' MOQ54 SPORTS T l ATHLETIC COUNCIL CH Members of The council sell candy, hold dances afTer baskeTbaII games and ped- dle sweaTshirTs To raise money Tor Their annual banqueT. AT The banqueT, awards are given To Those who have shown ouT- sTanding abiIiTy and sporTsmanship in Track, cross counTry, soccer, baskeTbaII, swimming, baseball and wresTIing. EER LEADERS Row I: L. Cornell, G. Kernan, J Ninos, B. Dobson. Row 2: K Curran, L. Gardner, L. Kellogg M. Sherman, D. Lorow, D. Gray M. Neville, P. Hurne, H. HorTon Row 3: G. Kellogg, D. Jones, M Carnes, J. Barron, D. Cornelius T. NisbeT, D. Morgenfeld, P STerns, M. GorTon, P. Norton. spiriT aT A. A. Row I: K. Curran, N. Dale, S. WinTers. Row 2: N. Berfch, M, Unflagging Team spirif and a profusion of classic maneuvers characTerize This energeTic group. Headed by Their fearless leaders, Mrs. McEvoy and Mrs. Cole- man, The cheerleaders are Trying To revive school GorTon, S. STockweaTher, P. Palmer. VARSITY 70 ry r r A w O X-' U . " 5 - 1. K M .:.' ' 'f v ff Ln QV C ,MJ J. 3 U Q xg, I r IS ' Riff' Q I ff I, 'f .rf w ff, r r, 4. . 2 Q A f Q 1-,X X f 'N 'J' F' f ' ,' . if .1 1 RA' ' "- uk'-A' w ' .re . ly -' . - Y' ' X- UN, 4, K- 1 ,, . -1 .fs " lp 'f Q7 'P' r 1 , , , N , . 5' K. I, Y r KV' Jw X A -1 -. V KN" ffl: if X M ' Ii, .oxgf I . L fp qt 4' Q! n f-I ,Mm , , , Kneeling: C. Von Horn. Row 2: C. Friend, S Snyder. Row 3: D. Jones, M. Parry, J. Browne On 5-mge: P. Norton. 71 This one-Third page compliments of Rochesfer Business lnsTiTuTe. ,gg N: Wu Nm Awe. ,M W ' .EV ...M 1 ...,, 1. gf 4 917' CROSS CDU TRY Alfred-Almond's runners taced some pretty rough competition this year but they still produced a winning season. The McQuaid Invitational Meet at Rochester, which placed our tive runners against tour hundred other contestants, was one ot our teams toughest meets. With tour key sen- iors graduating this spring, Coach Moore will be working with new men and building a new team next season. We wish him luck and feel confident ot his success. Row 1: J. Barron, L. Cornell, D. Freeland. Row 2: W. Dobson, G. Mc- Graw, G. Kellogg, S. Bracken, G. Clare. 74 Row 1 L Sherman R STockweaTher B Hanks K Almeter M Drumm C Hilsdorf. Row 2: T. Nisbet, P. Eisenhardf L Allen R Harwood R CarTer R Buckmasfer C Tincher T Wigent, J. Sicker. Row 3: R. Place L Allen J Brutsman D Place R Cappadonia D STuarT L White T Fraser, G. North, Coach SOCCER Two powerful Teams from Fillmore and Friendship dominaTed The lec- gue This year, buT Coach McFvoy's squad provided iTs share of The ex- ciTmenT. A lucky break in The lasT minuTes of play was all ThaT saved TirsT place Fillmore from an upset aT The hands of Alfred-Almond. As iT was, They squeaked by wifh a Tie. The loss of several experienced seniors will noT go unnoTiced. How ever, The large number of TalenTed and enThusiasTic underclassmen replacing Them is encouraging. 'airy' l Row if B. Dobson, C. Burrow, D. Davies, L. Cornell, J. Ninos. Row 2: D. Butts, l J. Barron, J. Hurne, J. Woodruff, C. Hilsdorf, G. Clare, McAlee, Coach. l Kneeling: S. Smith. Row if R. Tuttle, J. Evans. Row 2: K. Weitzel, D. Beckhorn, M. Drumm, K. Evans. WRE TLING Alfred-Almond's "Metrecal for Lunch-Bunch' is trying for for its second consecutive year as Allegany County Wrestling Champions and it looks like they'll take it hands down. A-A has a largely Junior and Senior team, ln cluding five individual County champions remaining from last year. With well-iustified optimism, Coach McAlee scheduled add- itional matches with such schools as Comp- bell, Canisteo and Addison, along with two Christmas tournaments. The competition is tougher, but so is our team. 1 Row 7: P. Palmiter, G. Dale, R. Kowalski, A. Rough, T. Fraser, D. Gray. Row 2: Mr Patton, Coach, J. Eisenhardt, D. Place, T. Palmiter, D. Gertz, G. McGraw, J. Sicker WIMMING The newest addition to Alfred-Almond's competi- tive sports is still showing the symptoms of an in- experienced team, improving, but inexperienced nonetheless. However, with mostly Freshman and Sophomores making up the first line swimmers, this team holds the most promise for the future. At present, these young swimmers are the center of Coach Patton's training ettorts. Swimming as yet has not aroused a great deal of interest. This will be- come less of a problem as the team improves, and we don't doubt that it will. Cleveland, J. Funk, B. Schwartz, A. Butler. Row 3: R weather,.G. Young. 77 Row if B. Pulos, J. Specci, N. Gray. Row 2: B. Snyder, B. Buckmaster, L. Allen, B. Love, D. Morgenfeld, R. Stock- G. Kellogg. Row l: R. Torrey, R. Har- wood, C. Emerson. Row 2: S. Reid, D. Schwartz, R. Cappadonia. Row 33 T. Nisbet, S. Bracken, B. Perry, J. Bruts- man, Mr. Moore , Coach. AR ITY BA KETBALL E Although we lost a lot of senior talent due to graduation last spring, we were fortunate in having a large number of promising underclassmen to replace them. Thus far the team has shaped up well. Coach Moore's long experience with high school basketball assures us ot another good season. Steve Bracken's temper won't be with us after this year, but it will undoubtably contribute to the general excite- ment betore it leaves. 78 ffffff ffffff I f ffff JU IOR VARSITY Those players who go through Junior Varsity training with Coach McEvoy are well prepared for the stiff com- petition of Varsity basketball. We can always count on having someone who knows what he's doing to replace the seniors who graduated the year before. Needless to say, their efforts and energies are, or will be, greatly appreciated. Row 1: J. Kernan, B. Lewis, B. Hanks, M. Obuhanich, D. Lorrow. Row 2: K. Almeter, J. Norton, D. Higgins D. Stuart, D. Allen, G. Orrnsby, L. White, Mr. McEvoy, Coach. TRACK Alfred-Almond's Track Team, under Coach McEvoy, had anoTher successful year. AA Took five TirsT places and Two close seconds out of eight mulTiple meeTs and placed second To Bolivar in The CounTies. The Hornell lnviTaTional Meef piTTed AA againsT such larger schools as Corning EasT, Corning WesT, and Hornell. However, led by Gary Kellogg's vicTory in The Mile Run, The Team was able To make a respecTable showing. AlThough our Track obviously wasn'T builT by any Roman engineer, Alfred-Almond sTill managed To hold seven of ifs nine meeTs aT home. Regardless of The condiTion of The Track we are looking forward To still anoTher ouTsTanding performance by our Team nexT year. .59 80 Row 7: D. NorTh, D. Cor- nelius, C. Burrow, J. Wakefield, Beckhorn. G. North, D. Row 2: R. Raw- leigh, P. EisenhardT, C. Hilsdorf, G. Kellogg, A. Rhodes, B. Dobson. I Q T T I i Clock stopped- sorry abou? Thaf. Bo1Tom:G. Drake, C. Wilcox, T. WigenT, D. Coleman Top: J. Eisenhardr, R. Sfockweafher, R. Place. TENN S Tennis, not being a common sport with area schools, required Alfred-Almond's Team To spend as much Time on the road to and from matches as playing. Despite This year's somewhat discouraging re- cord ot Two wins and seven losses, the loss of only tour seniors from The Team make next year's prospects more prom- ising. Left Row: B. Parish, D. Davies, R. Vanhorn, A. Lobdell, D. Place, B. Randolph, Mr. Moore. Right Row: J. Evans, M. Wood, C. Birkmeyer, D. Mergenfeld, J. Butler, T. Palmiter. Row 7: M. Obuhanich, C. Tincher, S. Reid, R. Buckmaster. Row 2: A. Love, G. Rounds, R. Torrey, M. Sherman, G. Young, D. Rusinko. Row 3: M. Speca, M. Evans, C. Braaclc, J. Brutsman, D. Schwartz, R. Snyder, Mr. Kennell. 81 ASEBALL With it's new coach, the baseball Team, Though largely Freshmen and Sophomores finished with a tive win, six loss record. The pitching arm of Mitch Evans will be missed next season, but with Leon Sher- man ready to step in and take over the mound, Coach Kennell, along with the rest ot us, can be optimistic about next year's team. GIRLS' SPORT No? fo be outdone in The field of sporfs, The girls compefe successfully in baslcefball, soccer, hockey, volleyball and bowling. This year, girls' competitive swimming has also begun, and with pracfice and hard work They hope To have a winning Team. 82 'Uno 'lla an :- s -N 1- Q GRADE SCHOCDL gif X329 Time Qgqggonp ago Jlit 6 cas E E T1 Yl0J"'t2 J?-'mmLL. L-le wages 2915205 'CS"3?f3 -2"5.SG2'i1'f'LifWf's he he Lb one dn' hi Nffmfl: 2 gk r- gpak - 5 . - .Ly-fade, 3.38 gl-'a"Q, 25,-i'Q"ff Lane eleP8o.n+ dank -54.5 gf-A 4-men H2 90? baggy-..11 39 " Q-'bl Wo' c 3l'?,3f5'Z1u"E Vxigisibxggs J, Q. ekewho.-nf-5 awe 'o ig 'gow P 'U-se. E-.' ND by Jullb So.vQLL Sim-1. gf'o.cL.Q -the new school houses c world of its ow H W . 1 PRINCIPAL Q Mr. Stanley Banker r I ' ' P 1 N -QFFICE Mrs. Evelyn Thomas -H EA LT H Mrs. Paulo Stull -SPEECH -ART a t Y f Mrs. Koiherine Cook TH ERA PY YS Mr. Bob Slep ,,'N, 3 ' ,.: Q- :If 'gi -r:-: , K 87 Row 7: T. Giles, D. SmiTh, S. Canale. Row 2: C. Rossman, A, Tuttle, S. Snyder, l.. Smith. Row 3: E. Kowalski, S. Brooks, A. Clancy, C. Williams. Row 4: D Snyder, V. Classori, K. Fraser. Row 5: T. Giedlin, M. Hardy, J, Lewis, L. kins. Row 6: B. Williams, Mrs. Wighfman, Absent: E. Bufts, K. Cushing, J. Wighfman. Calf- epparcl, D. Rigby, M. Mullen. Wir ' mf 88 ELEMENTARY UBRARY The members of This club help Mrs. Paine in The li- brary. Their duties are fairly roufine-shelving books and checking Them ouT. However, working in The library gives These youngsTers The opporTu- niTy To see how The library Tuncfions. CLUB i lv X 2 Q -K 1 x X , V Q gszf n uf P 1 O 44 Q if A Y ,9 mfg. Mia w FIFTH GRADE W ' , ,W 1 Mrs. Carmocly ,f Mrs. Mens inger Mrs. Butler j 9 Mrs. Carmody's room: Row l: P. Jones, S. Watson, L. Smith, G. Herbert A 'i-ii, Schwab, W. Earl. Row 2: K. Fraser, J. Phillipson, S. Canale, C. Rossman ' V . McCormick, J. Wightman. Row 3: P. Fascano, R. Friend, S. Wheeler lv A A I Snyder, T. Mix, E. Smith. Row 4: T. Wakefield, M. Gillette, L. Higgins 5 Kfx . Righy, S. Brown, M. Henshaw, C. Shepard. Absent: P. Still, O. Bullard. N WA Mrs. Mensinger's room: Row l: A. Lewis, D. Smith, W. Brown, R. Davison, E. lde D. i Funk. Row 2: T. Giles, J. McMichael, E. Kowalski, A. Tuttle, D. Mullen, R. Eddy, M. Elwell, M. Hardy, G. Moore. Row 3: C. Williams, G. Brutsman, C. Veley, J. Patton L. Sheppard, J. White, R. lde, K. Cushing 1 1 L. Calkins, E. Gaynor, V. Trautlein. Absent: J. Davis, G. Moore, R. Baker. Mrs. Butler's room: Row 7: C. Lewis, S. Gee, T. George, W. Phillips, S. Snyder, N. Hanks, M. Har- vey, G. Reid, P. Henry. Row 2: A. Clancy,S. Brooks, J. Faughman, T. Anderson, V. Classon, C. Rossman, T. Turner, A. Washburn, J. Lewis. Row 3: B. Cone, T. Giedlin, E. Butts, J. Costello, A. Woodworth, J. Lemoine, P. Stull, L. Cornelius. Absent: E. Kemp. Al. 90 1 Snyder, S. Droppers, D. Brown, J. Coats, D. FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Callahan's room: Row l: W. Beasley, R. Clark, D. Petrie, D. Kernan, S. Hall. Row 2: C. Phillips, D. Wilcox, S. Hardy, J. Lemoine, C. Holland, C. Baker, L. Faughnan. Row 3: C. Mullen, S. Pendleton, D. Davison, D. Brown, M. Neville, P. , Mrs. Callahan Freeland, R. Cartwright, J. Coughlin, S. Shaw, R. Smith, R. Lorow, C. Pierce. Absent: K. Jay. Mrs. Torrey Mrs. Bey as 777 Mrs. Bey's room: Row l: D. Mueller, D Pierce, D. Trautlein, J. Herbert, J. Rulon R. North, J. Calkins, Row 2: L. Coleman, C Wagner, K. Jay. Row 3: P. Flint, B. Freeland l. Formosa, D. Gillette, C. Giedlin, M. Ban Croft, P. Sands, B. Gaynor, J. Kenerson, C Nudd, A. Knudsen, S. Lindeman, T. Turner, B Parker. Absent: R. Vaughn. Mrs. Torrey's room: Row 7: J. Turner, J. Gardner, R. Pulos, M. Crayton, P. Canale, M. Haskins, A. Cappadonia. Row 2: C. Johnson, J. Palmiter, C. Decker, A. Thompson, M. Dobson, M. Flint, B. Dungan, E. Dirldm, J. McKnight, D. Payne, E. Washburn, A. Beck- horn, S. Higgins, S. Ohara, C. Burzycki. 91 Mrs. Coleman V, . . Q I I L , - - W, ' , Z " A ' . i f f f Mr s . B ci ke r Mrs. Wirt Mrs. Coleman's room: Row 7: M. Brizzee, R Cone, C. Thurber, H. Herrick, T. Earl, P George. Row 2: A. Haskins, C. Stevens, D Huntington, E. Stopfel, C. Brown, J.Rase Row 3: E. Butler, L. Veley, J. Phillipson, J Mullen, M. Green. Row 4: T. Stuart, S. Smith D. Nye, P. Mills, S. Shepard, D. Harvey, J Comes. Absent: R. Briggs, R. Bullard, M Curran, J. Still, C. Brown. Mrs. Baker's room:Row 7:D. Henry, M. Cappa donia, D. Short, D. Watson. Row 2: J. Davies C. McKnight, B. Lanshe, R. Hitchcock, J Lawrence, S. Allen. Row 3: J. Rooney, L Grayton, T. Giedlin,M. Johnston, A. Rossing ton, J. Fisk, N. Koegel. Row 4: J. Mullen, V Cartwright, D. Clark, D. Mullen, J. Allen, K Perry. Absent: P. Harvey, M. Barney, K Trotta,Y. Monroe. THIRD GRADE Mrs. Wirt's room:Row 7:D. Smith, C. Rossman. Row 2: J. Saxton, C. Wagner, G. Sylvester, J. Harris. Row 3: D. Porter, G. Dennison, B. Eddy, J. Mensinger, C. Wilcox. Row 4: J. Kay, R. Gardner, C. McGraw, D. Hardy, D. Clarke, R. Murray, P. Mullen, E. Van Horn, M. Costello. Row 5: B. McAlee, M. Odell, M. Hale, R. Decker, T. Martinez, N. Cushing. Absent: M. Klingensmith. Mrs. Ulmer Mrs. Randolph Mrs. Coleman SECOND GRADE Mrs. Ulmer's room: Row 7: D. Watson, D. Kay, D. Barney, R. Freeman, D. Pendleton, P. Curran, S. Wilcox, K. Palmer. Row 2: V. Martinez, A. Winslow, S. Brown, R. Smith, S. Barrett. Row 3: T. Patton, P. Bloomquist, F. Stuart, M. McCormick, D, Burdick, M. Faughnan, B. Granger, M. Hall, J. McCormick, R. VanDuser, C. Latham, L. Brooks. Absent: T. Patton. Mrs. Randolph's room: At Desks: T. Rooney, T. Freeland, C. Rossington, J. Finlfly, W. Sutton. Row i: D. Funk, M. Bracken, J. Tuttle, D. Savey, J. Savell, W. Giles, D. Savey, G. Lewis, G. Thompson, D. Perry, R. Stevens, C. Love, J. Sheppard, R. Gallahorn, S. Porter, A. Hale. Row 2: T. Snyder, L. Palmer, V. Sands. Absent: P. Washburn. Mrs. Colemans room: Row 7: W. Olin, D Ohara, C. George, M. Hanks, D. Wilkins, G Lemoine. Row 2: N. Robinson, M. Hoover, P Snyder, M. Coleman, S. Smith, S. Priest, J Flint. Row 3: T. DuBreuil, N. Clark, S. Lorow D. Odell, L. Allen, S. Westlake, H. Hawes C. Payne, K. Trotta, S. Stewart, K. Classon. 93 ,ff Mrs. Patton's room: Row T: P. Gabriel, G. Fisk. Row 2: E. Whitney, M. Lawrence, E. McAlee, N. Schlick. Row 3: S. Odell, J. Falmiter, E. Coughlin, K. Plank, P. Washburn. Row 4: L. Fraser, R. Buckmaster, J. Mike, D. Jefferds, C. Jevremovie. Row 5: C. Smith, P. Wilkins, C. Woodworth, J. Gaisser, S. Funk. Row 63 D. Norton, S. Beasley, C. Clark, A. Hurd, C. Nesbit, E. Sutton. Absent: R. Champlin, D. Phillips, P. Savell. i Mrs. Patton TZ Mrs. Stockweather Mrs. Ehrig Mrs. Stockweather's room: Row 7: B. Burdick, L. Dungan, D Cameron, K. LeGro. Row 2: C. Gottleib, M. Kozlowski, R Gillette, C. Earl, J. Friend. Row 3: J. Anderson, R. Formosa, R. Shaw, S. Wagner, A. Billeci, J. Gardner. Row 4: M. Wenslow, S. Trautlein, T. Saxton, C. Mensinger, R. Veley. Row 5: D Walter, E. Cushing, T. Freeman, K. Pierce, M. Fierce, V Flint, D. Rye. Absent: T. Lindeman, T. Perkins. Mrs. Ehrig's room: Row lf A. Schlick, T. Finlay, D. Perry, S Monroe, M. Green. Row 2: C. Comes, S. Reitnauer, D. Spencer M. Woodworth, R. Eddy. Row 3: R. Harvey, S. Latham, J. Carroll L. Stopfel, P. Harris. Row 4: D. Clark, P. Stewart, R. Dungan D. Haskins, L. Patrick. Row 5: M. Webb, D. Parker, K. Snyder R. Flint, J. Smith. Absent: S. Larsen, A. Formoso, R. Jones. FIR T GRADE s 94 L, Mrs. Wietgrete Mrs. Dickens Mrs. Rawe's room: Row 7: P. Kozlowski, S Rossman, J. Lobdell, J. Ryan, B. Faughnan J. Sylvester, H. Park. Row 2: R. Dennison, H Wietgrete, D.Nesbit, L.Thompson, L. Burdick, J. Hitchcock, E. Dungan, N. Hoover, L. Sny der. Row 3: K. Perkins, C. Changose, L Hale, W. Bailey, R. Gallahorn, S. Fosegan C. Droppers, M. Hackett, K. Rose, G. John son. Absent: E. Davis, M. Matison, M. Paul. Mrs. Rowe KI DERG RTE Mrs. Wietgrefe's room: Row 7: L. McCormick J. George, S. Murray, C. Harwood, M. Holland J. Jimerson, B. Baldwin, M. Mike. Row 2: T Scofield, C. Cappadonia, M. Pendleton,J Reitnauer, T. Phillips, D. Cook, J. Baker L. Allen, L. Mullen, L. Norton, S. VanAuken V. Giles, M. Barrett, J. Jay, B. Whitney Absent: J. Brizzee, F. Taft, C. DeSain, K Lanshe, L. Palmer, C. Drumm. Mrs. Dicken's room: Row 7: C Patton, M. Doty, S. Speca, M. Cost ello, V. Herbert, B. Torrence, E Bergren, L. Pye, D, Watson, D Babcock. Row 2: D. Gaisser, J. Wilk ins, P. Shepard, D. Hecht, P. Wilson L. Smith, G. Porter. Row 3: A. Pal miter, G. Cartwright, B. Granger, R Moses, T. Beaton, A. Jevremovie M. Giedlin, L. McKinight, B. Burdick P. Wilson, G. Curry. , K P, S l P T R Q S ifgImEIYf.z figillsm HAMMOND FIRE SERVICE INC. IACOB'S BROTHERS DUNN'S DEPENDABLE DRUGS so BIG ELMS RESTAURANT MAC BRIDES wALDORPS JEWELERS SSSS A. MEHENRY AND CO. IEwLERS it MR. AND MRS. HAROLD B. CRANDALL JR. SPENCER'S STATIONERS AND PRINTERS ROSENBAUM'S BIG N HORNELL AGWAY IACICS SPORT SHOP f LA PIANA'S SHOE STORE ' FRANKLIN FURNITURE S MURRAY STEVENS X HITCHCOCK'S PHARMACY A ff OARDNER'S BODY SHOP COLLEGE MOBIL YOUR FRIENDLY VILLAGE STORE SUN PUBLISHING COMPANY KAMPUS KAVE BARBARA'S BEAUTY SHOP BOSTWlCK'S ALFRED SPORTS CENTER DR. MARTIN A. CAMERON PATTON'S SEPTIC TANK CO. wESTEND CLEANERS AND LAUNDERS ALAN L. POLSOM M.D. DECK'S FRIENDLY SERVICE MCINTOSH IMPLIMENT I PAUL'S BARBER SHOP RICE MUSIC HOUSE CANNON'S OF wELLSvILLE I Allen's Auto Wash Wilkins Gulf Service Harvey's Marion's Beauty Shop Sunset lnn Card's Drug Store Gerry's Beauty Shoppe The Knit Shop Mose Evans Body Shop De Gaetono Shoe Service Lawrence .lewe ler Store Kull's Diner Bathriclc's Florist Lester's Flowers White Insurance Agency Hover's Stationary Squirrel's Nest Motel Stern's Poultry Farm STeven's Garage King's Atlantic Service Allen Witter Canacadea Country Store Coats Drug Co. Kenneth Kerton Florist .SS mmf A W My if ffffo fic JLG 5' X ' WK ML X amp N M ' W fff MfWf1 f1

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