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S 5, ss 5 'f x r 1 1 2 xx A i, nr r 'nu' ' he sf Q L4 N ' ,sz ' I :lg V ' P1 'Y 9 PS Q sf. rl X ks 74 ll ffl rg 3'-to, ,4 gf JJ E 'E Q ' ' ' Q V f' u Q 0 er if EUIZPQ ERI ' QKJEQ ,, ' 58' 0102 Jn x' . F1-1022 BT-5l'Zo,Ji ' 3 , 331H-me-Jmcmtgg ig ' D I ,U T0 BE-' 3 ' A 1 5 APP4fZ.A3Tl-IS fb - w ' r aux my-6. A 'T' s sq! zrsmvrseume ' 'X' .9 ,C ' 9, ' IQ U I 'Q S X LT soaonx 1 kv: 502 O u M Q Towil- f' 58 4 R pg! L H N . zur 542311 , ' I. Q """"" ' ' ""'-'NA'-'64 0 1 l'A'A'A.1.5AYb.V'? A". .' ' '-' ' -' 7 2. ' V1 ' f . - - 25-0" ... 'WZ isle" P1 1. Yfff . -' ' "' ,' I . gg 5, .1 , 4 - . ' S 1:2 It E C V11 A, ol . I ox I ' 4 .xsg , . .4 , - c name names , . E - M B994 ET s q I bg ' Amr Tu-cf - .Q ' LQ Clif X 5 A .7 ' 1 v ' Fw f' 'U 'I "i W ' 3 ,I ly! 0' '- fl 4 'V ' """x ""' ' ' " '!'2'ta '.-'wffl 1, vv rv, v--fy., V . 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'?' ,A 31,2 4 1 1 :wwf 1" rl ' , 1 ,1 . Ka ,w I-' .- 76 I 1 Ei , 1, gi 11 ,Ai . 1.,.1 M, Al ,gt .1 F 1-1 ic. --:1 ft-1 . W 11 pg: 'K a 1 , ,f ,ff 11 , 251 11' CW ,31 1 1 ,' 4 '1.f L' 1 Ha, '1 gy.. 1, A K 5,41 1, K., 4 Tw-1 '1 'M' f-Y . ,fi 1' ,gf ., 151 i' 5.23 . 1515 2 H ' wr: K -Ad . 1 ' - 1: .1 u, K f 12, 1 '-FE -. 1' :i "2 as .5- nel" ' Eb -,ei R11 ,JV tl 4.- ,I4-A ' 1 15,41 4. ,1 ,wi ' AY -if ' WL11' ' 5 4- 1-,- 'I iw 4-' -.1 I M' F x1:'1i . --1 P- 'Sw , 14 A . K 1141, 113' 5,1 ,f1,.1,L 1. .. Jr 4 .sag .1 5: -an 1.1. 214 1,. ici ,. . av ,, 5, .-, K.,, ' if-1 ,. - my-K 1 3 ,ff 2' 1 3.111, "1',- 11' nf , - 1 1 - .1 1 11, . , -1. ,1 .,-..1:x- 1 1. --1 , Q-,,---.,-1211, 11 ,g , 1,1 ,1, .. . .,, A ' -3, .1-QW xzTf"?1l4'Y"" fi!! " ,f ,1Q3f'v,rw-'5f.'z1--N '114"'1'i1g::"s " , 1' ' WV' 1155? fgw 11. 11 . 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M wk 2 H . , H ,, - , .1 -H f. -: ,4 11, ' ,, 1.4, 5, v.-1- ryw- ,Q .1 7.11.4 '1 - ., ,. ,, 1 ., 1 -4,,,- - L ... 1 ,- . 4 1, 1 -f . .K im g.. , . 1 U1. if lu 41 1 1 .51 , 'Q 1 1 . - . 1 .. 1 1 . 1. ' 1- 1 1 ,- f- 11 - 1-.1 - - -. - '1."f1 - - -1, -, 1: 11 1-,:. ..11--1 ---i?'...,' W K 1 Q 1- -' A 'H aag 1 :g b iK111sz,,,--14 ?-, 1 ,. '11 '. ' 1 Q'T",-'H,?f,. .r - m ' 1 K- ., 1, , 5 1 11, 1" - ' 112 1:33 1 1.1 -' 'L -1 ' Wfjufy-1., 'K 4 X ALCEN 6' The Class of 1965 is the twenty- fifth class to graduate from Alfred- Almond. Although we decided not to tie this year's book to a particular theme, We feel that it is fitting to denote the schoolls growth and expansion in the past quarter of a century. The owls above the main doorway have been a familiar sign to many of us since kinder- garteng but last year strange plans were being made behind their backs, and now the children disappear into a bright new building. As the number of students grows, and the school building itself grows, so should the breadth of learning in school be expanded. This is up to the school and the studentsg the next twenty-five years are yours. E pfwgwzxwmmw gmwwaw- -11103, N M-asf-wiawm x. rw mmm E WE DED! CA TE A ,:., , x,, . ,L,, , . I A , J 5' l 3 7, fy f ,, bk V 'Y 'When you kids do badly in my course, I worry about you. I don't know why, but I do." Who else gave us as much? For scowling For laughing For shouting For making it live And especially for caring, Thank you, Mr. Gerace. TABLE OE CONTENTS 2 DEDICA TION 5 ADMINISTRA TION 73 SENIORS 37 UNDERCLASSMEN 40 GRADES 49 ACTIVITIES 67 SPORTS 7.9 PA TRONS A Nm, X. 1 i 4 -: X XX ig, XX W x TR XXX , N Qi' xx X X X sw N XX figs xg Egg lf? s is Q5 R Q Sz K f S x X N Q N S xx U, ADMINISTRA 77 ON BOARD OF EDUCATION PRINCIPALS Mr. Powers CV. Presidentj, Mr. Wightman, Mr. Gertz, Mr. Lorrow, Mrs. Turner Cpres- identb, Mr. Braaek CClcrkD. Ofber members Miss Lincoln Kiollectorb, Mr. Post CTreas urerl. Mr. Banker, Elementary Principal. Mr. Clicquennoi, Supervising Principal. 6 OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Lockwood, Mr. Stillman f Mrs. Thomas, Miss Wheeler. HEAL TH GWDANCE STAFF lfligfiiixffliil55325I Mr. Tower, Mrs. Schlick, Mr. Bakeman. GUIDANCE SR: -K f? Z 5 E 5 Mr, Bakcman, Guidance Counselor Mrs . Seaman Mr. Phelan BUSINESS ART Mrs . Phelan ENGLISH MIS . Thacher Mrs. Randolph Mrs. Van Hall Mr. lorrcy M11 SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Dirlam Mrs . Baksman MA TH Miss joscph i f Mrs . Dcverell Mrs . Hallett 9 Ei HOMEMAKING Mrs . Morgenfeld MUSIC Mrs . Pulos READING LA NGUA GES Mrs. Westlake ' 3 at A GRIC UL TURE SCIENCE DRIVER EDUCA TION Mr. DiCamil1o M I Parkeg Mr LIBRARY INDUSTRIAL ARTS 11 First Row: Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Biehl, Mrs. Car- penter, Mrs. Dennison, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Davis. Scrond Row: Mrs. Clarke, Mr. Cornelius, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Classon. Mrs. Dobson, Mrs. Zirkclbach, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Schwartz, Mr. White, Miss Lilly, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Rigby, Mrs. Gifford, Mrs. Guthrie. Mr. Pierce, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Nye, Mr. Lorrow, Mr, V210 ,M,H1',M.H,,M.T , CUSTODMNS AND BUS DRIVERS, lC1r.Ci2irSie11,rMr.Ogii1rT-6 ellus. Absenl: Mrs. Lorrow, Mrs. Studley. SEN! S J. Bordeaux, Secretary, D. Davis, Treasurer, E. Phelan, President, G. Smith, V. President. LORRAINE BAKER Lorraine enjoys art and bus- iness courses and has been for a long time a hard-work- ing member ofthe Red Cross, She is serious about her schoolwork and always willing to help out a class- mate. ij5 . isis . gt, ' E S5555 'S ,ii, JOYCE AUSTIN Joyce is a real sports en- thusiast, actively partici- pating in girls' soccer and basketballg and she es-1 pecially enjoys horseback riding. Added to her activ- ities in F.H.A. and service on the athletic council, these interests make her our first Choice for the All-American girl. DALE BAKER Dale's contributed his talent in sports to basketball and soc- cer and his dramatic ability to our junior and senior high plays. He is known thoughout the class for his quick sense of humor, balanced by a courteous manner. IANIQ BORDFAUX Jane has done more than her share for the school as a talented art student, an Afeen assistant, and a mem- ber of the Drama Club. Iler clemure manner belies the fact that she is a hard work- er with plenty of drive. MARGARET BENNETT Maggie is a wonderful per- son. ller Candid remarks and dry sense of humor mark her as a real individualist. She has a great deal of talent in art and enjoys horses and teasing Mr. Phelan. CICCII. BRIGGS Almost all of Cecil's spare time is occupied with vari- ous out-of-school jobs. In fact, we predict that he will he able to retire before he's twenty. Whatever he does, his honest and serious na- ture will help him to suc- eeed. RITA BROWNE LL Rita is the 'blonde that has more fun." She has served as a spirited Cheerleader and an oboe player in the band, and was one of the first girls in our class to get her driving license. Al- though she has been a con- stant plague to Mr. Geraee and vice versa, we know they both really enjoy it. DIANIC BROWN We will remember Diane for her varied talent, as an actress in all of our dramatic productions, as literary editor of the fllren and especially for her interest in folk music and guitar. But more than these, for her open- minded frankness and authentic desire to find the truth, which have added an outstanding per- sonality to our class. JAMES BUCKMASTER lim has a modest and quiet manner which doesn't hide the fact that he has added much to our cross-C ountry and track teams. He has also served on the Athletic Council, bravely selling those inevitable pen- cils and combs. ARTHUR BURDICK Art claims that his favorite subjects are math, science and lunchg needless to say, his in- terests are diversified. In Arsenic and Old Lace he portrayed a roaring Teddy Roosevelt which would even have satisfied Mr. Torrey. 16 ELIZABETH CLANCY Betty has been an efficient helper to Mrs. Stillman in the library, and is also one of the schoolys few lady projection- ists. She always seems to be busy with something, and it is certain that this industrious nature will continue to help her in coming years. IjI.IZABIITII CLARE Beth's serious attitude about her schoolwork is supplemented by an active extracurricular schedule. On top of this, she actually manages to work in a dairy bar without gaining weight! Her good-humored out- look makes her a warm and sympathetic friend. JANE c1,1cQUicNNo1 Jane practically Weill crazy this year as the Alrerfs edi- tor, but without her conscien- tiousness and hard work the book would never have made it. KNDO you realize you have ex- actly twelve days to finish those write-ups?"j The combin- ation of her sense of humor and qualities of leadership is hard to duplicate. DENNIS CROSTON Dennis is one of those in- tellectuals in the class who actually enjoys math and science courses. He is also one of the few courageous males to join the Future Nurses9 Club and has probably been seen giving moral support to his trembling time for s comrades when the hots comes around. DONNA DAVIS One ofthe Alfred Station gang, Donna is a go-getter with plenty of spirit. She has excelled in math, with hopes of teaching it someday, and is an llonor Society member. We hear that she especially en- joys her summers of water skiing, etc., at Loon Lake. JOAN DAVIS Joan never seems to stand stillg she has channeled her boundless energies into cheer leading and majorettes all through high school. With a wicked gleam in her eye and a flashing smile, she's been breaking hearts since she wore a ponytail in the fifth grade. SALLY EDDY Sally enjoys Future Nurses and 4-ll Club, and sold a huge amount of magazines in her junior and senior years. Be- neath her quietness is a fun- loving and intelligent person aliry. MICHAEL DECKER Mike's favorite subjects are history and science. His out- of-school interests include cars and playing pool Cwhen not working at his father's gas stationl. Ile will be long re- membered for his characteris- tic dry laugh and sleek white convertible. JOHN E MO A longtime member of E.E.A., CHRISTOPHER I"RECIIET'I'Ii Chris might be called a strong silent type, but he has a rare sense of humor and a twinkle .lack is also another of our class's numerous car bugs. He has flexed his muscles oblig- ingly for A.A.'s grapplers all through high school, and is famous for his freckles and cheerful disposition. in his eye which has probably set many a girlish heart a- flutter. Ile is an invaluable soccer player and has also shone on the track team and in the band. GENE GIFFURD Gene enjoys history, physics chemistry, water fights in chemistry and hiding poor Mr- Parker's chalk in chemistry. C"Mr. Parker, would I do that to you?"j He has served as a fire warden and has certainly been helpful in every fire We've had at A. A. BARBA RA GOODWIN Barb has been in cohorts with Cindy since they changed 'lfrom bobby-sox to stockings." She has has our Alt' been active in li.N,A. and held up the business end of class, particularly on the en. Barb can be counted on to keep her sense of humor on any occas ion. PICTA GRAY Peta's beautiful long hair and proud bearing suggest something of the true aristo- crat. She hopes to study dancing in college and is also an accomplished actress, as was shown by her portrayal of a 'ldelightful old rnurderess in the senior play. ROY GR EIZNSPAN Roy came to us from Long Island last year and we've never since been the same. His offbeat sense of humor and easy friendliness are guaranteed to get him out of even the WOISI serapesg but if these should fail, he has only to wink his eye at Lady Luck for any other girlj. 97 SALLY JOIIANSSON Sally is an accomplished musi- cian having taken piano for a long time and, more recently, voice lessons. She will espe- cially be remembered for her wacky and needless diets. C"Well, I had ice cream for breakfast, but I'm not having any lunehlwy SH A R ON K E L L Y Among other things, Sharon has served as vice-president of the Future Teachers' Association and has been in the school's band and chorus. She loves animals, and it is rumored that she has dozens of kittens at home. A bouncy optimist, Sharon seems to enjoy every- thing she does. JOHN KENYON John has been a hard-working member .of the senior classg he helped to make our fair booth a success and sold magazines like mad. He has also been in- valuable as manager of the basketball team and will be remembered for his avid interest in math. CANDIC E H E NRY Candy's good looks and sunny personality plus her ability in homemaking are sure to make someone very happy some day. She is active in all sports, and especially likes skiing and archery. PATRICIA I.INI5IfMAN Patty's giggle is too much to - 4 believe. However, she has man- aged to control her zany sense of humor long enough to enjoy math class, be an Alcen assistant, and chew gum in chorus. lietween them, she and Ioan have managed to make gym a horror for Mrs. Melfvoy. CHRISTINIC LOIEDIC I.l. A calm individualism marks Christine's personality. Also, although she refuses to believe it, she is perhaps the class's best studentg not necessarily for her good grades, but be- eause of her attitude toward learning. A sympathetic and sincere listener, she will al- ways know more of other peo- pleis problems than she will have problems of her own. wi? CHRIS KUI.I. A real outdoorsman, Chris looks forward to the hunting and fishing seasons. His fa- vorite subject is history and, like other local historians, he has been known to take some days off 'Ito hunt." Ilis ma- turity and good sense have helped him to make many friends. CLYD Ii LICWIS Clyde has been a star on A.A.'s soccer team throughout high school, and has also partici- pated in basketball and track. Always dependable and likea able, he has been an asset to our class and the school. PIIILIP LOCKWOOD Famous for his fantastic marks in history, I'hil is a conscien tious student who still finds time to participate in many out side activities. He enjoys bas ketball and also has been a member of the Cross-Country team. GARY MEARS Gary, an all-around sports en- thusiast, especially enjoys tennis and baseball. He also graces several of Mrs. Seaman's business classes Ca combina- tion of interests which leads us to believe he'll be one of those rich businessmen addicted to Sunday golfing.j KENNETH MARVEL Kenny joins the ranks of the car fanatics. He talks about stock car racing, but his inter- ests also include mechanical drawing, Ag mechanics, and charming Mrs. VanHall. A so- ciable fellow, he has often been seen skimming around at skat- ing-parties. L 1, an g Qu, Ai JAMES MULL EN jim enjoys hunting and trap- ping with the Almond boys, and his favorite class is indus- trial arts. He has been an asset to our soccer and track teams since the ninth grade, and he is famous for having been able to highjump an inch over his head. LINDA MULLEN As a faithful member of the Future Nurses' Club, Linda pounds the boards at Bethesda. We're sure her perky smile brightens things at the hospital as much as it does at basket- ball games, where she is often very much in evidence. BARTH OLOMEW N EVIL LE An enthusiastic and invaluable baseball player, Bart has also lent his athletic talents to the soccer team. In the classroom his interests in math and sci- ence give rise to endless ques- tions, and his avid curiosity makes him a pleasure to teach. jANIC E MULLIKIN anice s serene manner is not quite capable of repressing that kooky laugh of hers Despite this she contributes her ef forts to such sober institutions as the Future Nurses Club and has tootled a mean clarinet for Mr Sprague LAROI YN NFVIN9 The days when Carolyn was a tomboy always falling out of a tree are hardly mirrored in this tranquil girl who likes to read poetry and play the flute. How- ever, she has retained a wacky and delightful sense of humor which pops out at every unex- pected moment. EMANUE I. NINOS Mickey is a generous person, always pleasant and willing to help. He lives in the huge me- tropolis of Thacherville, where he is famous for a beautiful swimming pool which he hides in his back yard. 23 CHERYL oL1N A Cheryl's artistic talent has been well developed at Alfred- Almond. Not only has she stu- died mechanical drawingg she even forced Mr. Phelan to cre- ate a new art course for her. Cheryl has been a hardworking member of F.'l'.A. and Drama Club. MARY KAY ORMS BY Mary Kay s steady dependabil ity and animation make her a valued member of the Future Nurses. She even managed to survive the dreadful initiation ceremonies inflicted on all as pirants to F.H.A. and is now safely ensconced as a senior member. CYN TH IA ORDWAY Cindy has been a capable Fu- ture Nurse all through high school, and served as vice- president of this vast and com- plex organization last year. She also headed the AIcen's adver- tising committee, and her drive and good salesmanship won over many a reluctant sponsor. ALLEN ORMSBY Allen's interests center around sports, and his natural ability in this field has made him out- standing at Alfred-Almond on the baseball and basketball teams. He is especially well- liked for his casual friendliness and easy-going but sensible nature. ST Ii PII IQN PA TTON Steve's favorite class is Ag. mechanics and with Mr. Lind- ermanls help he will probably become a deft mechanic of ag- riculture, whatever that is. He likes to play basketball and baseball, and his pep and drive are a help to him in all sports. ELIZABETH PHE LAN Betsyls almond eyes and state- ly carriage make her an out- standingly attractive person, and these qualities are matched by the natural charm of her per- sonality. She has been a soar- ing addition to the cheerleading squad, and shows much talent as the Alcerfs art editor. PET1-1 R RANDO Ll5H Pete's lazy smile and spon- taneous good humor have made him one of our most popular boys. His main interest scho- lastically is math, and his spectacular accomplishments on the basketball court are ad- mired by everyone. 'M' MlCfllAlfl. PLANK llornell hasn't been quite so 'swell' since Mike left it last year to come to Alfred-Almond, but it was a welcome change for us. Mike's two main inter- ests are cars and girls, prob- ably in that order. DAVID RYAN As president ofthe Student Council, Dave's "Attention, pleasel' wakes us every morn- ing. A good willed fellow, he has also served as class pres- ident, and is probably the only left-handed basketball player ever to gain points for the Golden Eagles . WILLIAM SIEPHTON Bill is one of the intelligentsia who belong to a little World un- fathomable to the rest of us -- the Radio Club. When not spout ing jargon about woofers and tweeters, he has managed to be a valuable member of the track team. JOHN SHARRETT john will often be remembered as a sturdy blond figure streak- ing down the soccer field in one of those lovely striped shirts. He has presented conservation studies in the 4-ll Club and is a member of F.F.A. ANDREW STEVENS The last of the three Stevenses to graduate from Alfred-Almond Andy brought up the rear with honor. His earnest singing Con key, evenlj has been a delight to Mrs. Pulos and the Chorus for several years. GR EG ORY SMITH Greg may seem to be more the studious type than an actor, but he blossomed out as a per- fectly oily lfinstein in our sen ior p1ay.He is nn amazing mathematieian, and studied math at Brown University last summer Ca glutton for punish- ment, this boyj. An extremely dependable person, Greg is well-liked for his openminded honesty. RONA LD TUCKER Ronnie Tucker, alias 'fthe corpse," is the Class joker with the proverbial ear-to-car grin. As a projectionist, he is responsible for showing us some of those spectacular ed- ucational movies CWell, would you rather have a test?D ROGE R THOMAS Roger and cars are practically Synonymous. llc draws them excellently, talks about them knowingly, and drives them Cfinallyll. With all that axle grease its amazing how he stays so polished and deb- onairl A quick-witted fellow, he can often he found playing pool or howling. ALAN VANDERHOFF Alan is envied for his million and one beautiful sweaters and ability in sports, notably in basketball and soccer. He can be as nutty as a fruitcake one minute and dead serious the next, but his indiscriminating friendliness is constant. LINDA WALTER With a radiant smile and cheer- ful disposition, Linda has won her way through two years of chorus and numerous soccer matches fa combination which takes great fortitude--believe usll She also enjoys French and business, and can some- times be seen adorning the student store, SANDR A WI I IT FO RD Sandy has survived the rigors of four years of F.T.A. with barely a scratch, not to men- tion chorus and a large dose of Mr. PheIan's philosophy. She is frequently seen at basket- ball games Cmost often with a boy and a sweaterl, and has been a definite asset to the girls' bowling team. RICHARD WIIITFORD I7ick's speed has earned him a starring place on the track team, and he has also helped A.A. to victory on the basket- ball court. An impish grin and a fantastic ability to tease the female population make this Iithe, blonde athletic boy a popular one. JOHN WOODRUF F 'Exceeding tall and most ex- ceeding fair,"' Iohn's good looks plus his athletic abil- ity make him appear the Ideal American Male. His competence on the mats has made his op- ponents tremble at the sound of his name, and he has also contributed his athletic capac- ity to the track team. 29 ARSENIC AND OLD LA CE UNO, Edmundg when Peta flicks the switch, all the lights go, let's try that once more..." "Ronnie, you're supposed to be dead. Shut up...." For a while we thought the play would never come offg but somehow, with Mrs. Phelan's help and a lot of work, it didg and it was Worth it. Of the many memorable events in our senior year, the play was one of the most exciting and worthwhile. 30 V W UNDERCLASSMEN Wu... 4 'rf mzX Q Firsf Row: C. Levine, D. Davison, D. Decker, M. Evans, C. Wilcox, J. George, S. Kell eher, C. Burdick, V. Reynolds, L. Stearns, D. Coleman. Seriond Row: D. Bordeaux, K Clarke, D. Bertch, Butler, B. Mills, Shutt, G. Chittenden, W. Parish, L. Rossman P. Almerer. Third Row: D, Edwards, B. Erskine, L. Rawleigh, K. Lindeman, N. Cornell R. Hadsell, W. Marvin, T. Montgomery, P. Scofield, D. Ordway, J. Tinklepaugh, J Wakefield. JUN! ORS 32 -W, ,...,. N Y ,,, - B. Judson, Treasurerg D. North, Presidentg W. Parry Vice President, S. Smith, Secretary. The juniors, having been inducted into the mysteries of eleventh year his- tory and English, are now completely confused. They have been subjected, not without dire results, to shorter study halls C"But l haven't finished my his- tory yet!"j and chemistry labs taught in Greek. However, there's still hope, with that last step finally in reach, and the-n...! Ftrs! Row: S. Smith, K. Carter, G. Benjamins, P. Washburn, B. jefferds, R. Van Horn, S. Meeks, M. Rodriquez, Wheaton. Scronn' Row: C. Kellogg, M. Rhodes, S. Griffin, C. Hardy, R. Smith, R. Budde, W. Sephton, D. North, C. Smith, P. Ormsby. Third Row: Scholes, S. Plank, K. Ninos, R. Randolph, F. Burzycki, R. Ruwleigh, N. Olson, Stop- per, W. Parry, Nl. Cameron. li. Judson. Alw5ez1!.'N. Graham, li, Butts, D. Harris, A. Young I.. Wells. 53 5 , r S. Winters, President, President, MICK. Secretary, D. White C. Clarke, Vice L. Poulin, Treas- X Sealed, First Row: L. Sherman, R. Harwood, A. Rhodes, G. Rounds, D. Cornelius, G. Kellogg. Second Row: G. Burdick, P. Benson, B. Perry, S. Curran, R. Gardner, G. Horton, L. Butler. Third Row: C. Braack, A. Linde- man, S. Smith, L. Rossman, T. Palmiter. Standing: S. Winters, R. Makeley, J. Eddy, M. Carnes, A. Knudsen, H. Smith, Hume, K. Frechette, D. White, D. Morgenfeld, 1-J. Hitchcock, Palmiter, B. Goodwin. V. The sophomores seem to hold their own in many ways, and are particularly proud of holding the championship for writer's cramp in biology. They are gen- erally a handsome groupg but in some, a peculiar walk may be detected, said to be caused by carrying 'heaps of books all day. CNO lockerslb Firsf Rout G. Drake, R. Torrey, B. Dobson. Seronrf Row: Davis, L Tinklepaugh, E. Rulon, D. Olds, Barron. Third Row: L. Clare, K. Stuart P. Shanley, P. Ormbsy. Fourfla Row: l.. Poulin, G. Zweibel, S. Young, C Newman, A. Neville. Fifth Rout R. Smith, A. Knudsen, C. Flint, S. Klingen smith, G. Drake. Sixllgz Row: C. Clarke, D. Beckhorn, C. Studley, C. Martin J. Lawrence, R. Cappadonia, 1. Patton. Sezfenllv Row: S. Bracken, J Smith, A. Lobdell. Alzsenft G. Carpenter, D. Kirkendale, K. Murphy, L McGraw, M. Neville, M. Plank, S. Snyder, C. Stuclley. S OPH OM ORES FRESHMEN Seated, First Row: M. Dungan, C. Tincher, D. Winters, M. Seaman, R. Buck- master, L. Allen. Second Row: C. Shaw, R. Nye, Smith, B. Shutt, A. Rough, G. Clare. Third Row: L. Gardner, R. Davison, P. Palmer, S. Hadsell, T. Van Duser. Standing, Firs! Row: K. Curran, T. Benson, S. Wells, D. Soule, N. jefferds, li. Frith, M. Croston, M. Drumm. Sefond Row: A. Sick, R. Snyder, C. Hanks, Kernan, D. Reid, A. Hurne, Benjamins. Third Row: S. Stockweather, S. Phelan, T. Wigent, Woodruff, B. Dungan. Fourth Row: S. Rawleigh, D. Burrington, C. Schwartz, P. Hurne. Absent: M. Brown, W. Heller, R. Ormhsy, C. Heers, Tucker, F. Tucker, Walter. 36 l.. Gardner, Treasurer, C. Clarke, Secretary, S. Phelan, Vice President, M. Gorton, President. The typical freshman views the world without that dark and smudgy look which haunts the rest of us. Their effervescent spirits have brightened the sports scene and have added much to our numerous clubs and projects. The freshman play also dis- played much enthusiasm as well as dramatic talent. l l Firsf Row: B. Devens, C. Emerson, S. Henry, T. Mason, N. Bertch, D Lockwood, N. Dale, S. Kelleher, D. Thompson, P. Briggs. Second Row: M Gorton, Simpson, G. Ormsby, G. Marvin, R. Place, A. Leathersich, I Eisenhardt, L. Cornell, N. Bloomquist. Third Row: A. Mills, D. Butts, D llardy, I.. Lawrence, C. Clarke, Brutsman, D. Clark, R. Turner, C. Hils dorf, S. Thomas, D. Schwartz. 37 First Row: D. Gray, S. Cappadonia, M. Cameron, M. Wood Second Row: R. Love, P. Eisenhardt, T. Fraser, M. Sher man. Third Row: L. Kellogg, S. Tucker, M. Costello, H Horton. Fourzh Row! M. Obuhanich, D. Morgenfeld, R Carter, G. North. EIGH7-H 704 Seed Jael! C-Oe?4!,F Qcbu , v 49,227 vo fblfwo, Llh4fNO1Vx First Row: W. Cleveland, R. Neeley, P. Palmiter, M. Poulin, C. Braack, B. Auer, N. But- ler, C. Friend, B. Snyder, D. Freeland, S. Kelleher. Second Row: E. McGraw, G. Kernan, M. Phillipson, C. Birlcmeyer, Graham, E. Coddington, B. Saltzer, B. Goodwin, D. Brown, Ninos, Evans, R. Stoekweather. Third Row: F. Gaynor, P. Stearns, M. Flint, T. Gifford, C. Burrow, C. McCormick, S. Sharrett, M. Palmirer, Tobin, M. Shanley, G. Smith. Fourth Row: H. Drake, G. Griffin, D. Olds, P. Van Dyke, S. Knudsen, F. Bayless, P. Powers, L. White, S. Randolph, D. Gertz, K. Rounds, D. Place, L. Klingensmith, E. Olson, D. Ormbsy. Ahsenz: M. Davison, 1. Brown, G. Young, C. Gibbs. B. Snyder, Student Council and Red Cross Representative, M. Costello, President, L. Kellogg, Vice President, H. Horton, Secre- tary, J. Evans, Treasurer. 381 Frontt Bennett, President. Second Row: tary. Third Row: Mills, Student Council Representative, K. Nudd, Treasurer, A. Parry, Red Cross Representative. Firs! Rona' S. Smith, B. Edwards, Bennett, li. Schwartz, S l- Mills, S. Hurne. Secmzd Row: C. Van Horn, P. Powers, E R. Palmiter, S. Griffin, C. Drumm, A. Lewis. Third Row! D. Allen, Norton, S. Hardy, ll. Young, L. Rawleigh. Fourlb Row: D. Lorow, D. jones, Hardy. Fifth Row: S. Snyder, L. Turner, B. Tuttle, Frechette, R. Stuart. Sixlh Row: George, M. Knudsen, A. Parry, K. Weitzel, D. Higgins, Brownell. Seifenlb Row: S. Lobdell, S. Jef- ferds, L. Rath, D. Plank. Absent: M. Adams, C. Bloom- quist, R. Wells. Fins! Roux' P. Cappadonia, A. Butler, D. Sootheran, K. Almeter, Phillip- son. Second Row: lf. Gaynor, li. Reynolds, Eddy, G. Dickinson, R. Cor- nell, K. Lorrow, R. Lewis. 'I'b1'rd Row: S. Drake, P. Norton, D. Buckmaster, Nl. Rulon, A. Briggs, ll. Coats, B. Coletti. Fourlb Row: L. Watson, T. Smith, G. Benson, L. Soule, lf. Gardner, L. Rough, D. Reid, R. Woodruff. Fzfflw Rout Xl. Cornelius, A. ffaynor, W. Hanks, K. Hamlin, M. Mullen, D. Burzycki, K. Nudd, K. Pierce, R. Perkins, Funk. 39 L. Watson, Vice President, P. Norton, Secre- Q-0--Q6 f-'Aga GRADES " VT' ff Mr. McAlee Firsl Rolo: F. George, I-. Clare, R. Davis, W. Lockwood, K. Kuhne. .S'r'c'or1dRrmw.' R. McGraw, K. Watson, IJ. Sniffen, A. Yalcinkaya, P. Carter, R. Wheaton. Tljirzf Roux R. Coletti, K. lllerbrun, W. Howard, M. Clark, T. Rawleigh, S. Mills, M. jones, R. Wakefield, A. Love, C. llilsdorf, B. Hanks, D. Rusinko, Koegel. Ahsefnz: R. Davison, T, Edwards. Mrs. Sieket Ffrsl Rozy: P. Lewis, D. Reid, li. Beekhorn, M. Speca, Ninos, R. McCormick. Sierontf Row: D. Lindeman, Tucker, B. Brown, A. Reid, D. Nudd, C. Henry, G. Ord- way. Third Row: Burrington, M. VanDuser, F. Guthrie, C. Shaw, D. Nye, E. Williams, D. Smith, R. Calkins, B. Barron, G. Dale, N. Moore, R. Neeley. Mrs. McAlee Firsf Row: R. Torrey, Poulin, D. Tucker, P. Curran, K. Ordway. Second Roux: R. Perkins, F. Burdick, D. Van- Duser, T. Croston, I.. George, G. lfddy, W. Ackley. Third Row: M. Dungan, I.. Freeland, D. Brown, V. Sutton, R. Austin, D. Thompson, D. Studley, D. White, M. Gillette, W. Cornelius, J. Rossman, B. Kerman. Firsl Roux' Cf. Reynolds, G. Snyder, M. Ninos, M. Eddy, S. Huntington. .S't1c'oml Rolf: W. Smith, Ci. Wheeler, C. Snyder, MTS- CHfm0dY P. Harwood, S. Dulireuil, D. Olds, S. Tucker. Third Roux' C. Butler, IJ. McMichael, F. liuiley, A. Rawady, R. jef- ferds, l.. Fraser, B. Palmer, G. liurzycki, D. Smith, IU. Weitzel, P. Montgomery, W. llardy, M. Moses. Al15enf.' V. Higgins. Firsi Rout T. Calkins, M. Cushing, C. Myers, L. McGraw. Mrs. Butler Sefoncf Roux' N. Schohl, M. Hanks, S. Kernan, M. lirith, S. Earl, R. Mupp, I.. liiloomquist. 'I'lwm! Row: D. Pierce, S. Tucker, R. Rulon, D. Hurd, N. Giles, C. Churchill, M. Stull, M. Tohin, M. Adams, M. Perry, M. Giedlin, G. Brown, Mullen, G. Norton. FIFTH Mfg, Nicngingm- liirxl Row: S. Lorow, M. Winters, R. Murphy, S. Wit-tgrefe, D. Pc-tric. Sr'c'omf Roni: K. Palmitcr, D. Shepard, li. lde, f Rauf: ll. Walter, C. Funk, ll. North, K. Costello, l.. Mur- K. lfvuns, N. Cameron, George, K. Cappudoniu. Tlrfrz ray, S. Straight, llerrick, M. Milnni, A. liirkmeyer, W jacox, -I. Shaw, K. Young, li. Sutton. Alm5w1l.' W. lin-nslcy 43 Mrs. Callahan Firsl Rozy: C. Barron, S. Cornell, C. Jefferds, W. Pulos. .Slcwrnvzl Row: C. Herrick, K. Beckhorn, S. Savoy, R. Haskins, A. Mallery, C. Norton. Thin Row: M. Matison, M. Uawkins, R. Latham, M. Lincleman, W. Perry, R. lleller S. Monroe, E. Galle, Stearns, 9. Schwartz, Schwartz, M. Wheeler Alwsenl: Speca. Mrs. Hey l71'r.s'l Row: C. Love, P. Decker, lf. Raynor, Perkins, P. Burdick. SC'K'O7If1, Rf114'.'l3. Petric, T. Vanliuser, V. Mills, C. Dennison, A. Wheaton, li. Bailey, l N. Wakefield, S. Dickinson. 'I'lv1'rzl Rozr: R. Turner, D. Watson, llanks, CS. Odell, Burdick, C. llall, lj. Briggs, l.. Knudsen, lj. Clark, llownt, R. Qtuart, M. Gorton, P. Clark, T. Dobson, lj. llarris. K Tl y Mrs. Torrey Firm Row: R. Friend, R. Coddington, D. Neubauer, T. Sharrett, K. ljnlmiter. ,S'ec'omf Roux' D. Edwards, S. Rough, l.orrow, D. Gifford, S. Drumm, ll. Wightrnan, S. Patton. Third Row: li. Palmer, K. Fasano, K. llarvey, S. Allen, R. Hadsell, A. Klingensrnith, N. Gray, C. lloward, T. Soule, R. llenry, l.. llerrick, Ninos. 44 I 1 l'1r.s'l Rrmp' It. Idc Razr: S. Snyder, C Mullen. Third lfnu' I.. C.orneI1us, 'I .C IJ. Ifasuno. Alvswzl MIS' Lolcmlm mms Q un Q m1 1 Nny cr Icrnomc l"1'rS! Row: W. Iirovxn 0 as I Q cr Larson Ik Still!! N 5 II1IxL Run: A. Tuttlc II IJI'l1 1 s rs 1110 cor I ID fiushing, 'lllvirrl lxozz 1 s rox 101' Ntu R. Ido, R. II11111 as L Q IHS I 111 A IXoodwor11 Shepard, Ii. Iiur M. Seffzled, Firsl Row: S. Lindeman, R. Decker, R. North, . 7 l Palmiter. Seeond Rozy: D. Edwards, Frith, P. Sands, Milani, Rulon. Tbim' Row: D. Davison, R. Clark, R. Mrs. Wlghtman Smith, S. Pendleton, A. Cappadonia, C. lfien. Slanding: R Cartwright, D. Wilcox, S. Shaw, B. lloskyns, T. Turner, R. W' Pulos, M. Flint, L. Neubauer, M. Coughlin. Absent' Beasley, C. Burzyeki, McKnight. SECOND Miss Sanford Seafed, Firsl Row: D. Harvey, Washburn, C. Mullen, C. Wagner, M. Snyder. Sermm' Row: S.'Tyldesley, D, Haskins, J. Coats, L. Coleman, D. Kernan. Third Row: M. Dobson, S. Hall, M. llowat. Slflmling: G. Jevrem, D. Pierce, Phillipson, P. Flint, B. Hulse, S. Higgins, R. Lorow, A. Beckhorn, O. Karlson-lfkdahl, M. Neville, T. Stuart. Absenl: l.. Perry, D. Petrie. J Seated, Frrs! Row: S. Ohara, P. Mills, S. Hardy, M. Odell. Serond Row: C. Decker, C. Giedlin, C. Phillips, M. Cray- Mrs. Coleman ton, C. Baker. Third Row: D. Gillette, Calkins, C. Pierce, S. Droppers, If. Dirlam, Turner. SIanc1'jng.' A. Knudsen, W. Goodwin, li. Gaynor, D. Payne, C. Nudd, Coughlin, C. Johnson, A. Thompson, M. Brizzee, Lemoine, R. Burke. Sealed, lfirsl Row: H. Herrick, Still, M. Klingensinitii, P. Murray. Serrmff Row: Tuttle, C. Stevens, M. llale, D. Clarke. 'I'lv1'rzf Row: R. Briggs, D. Fien, W. lfcltly, R. Mrs- gmckweather Hitchcock. Fourlb Roux' N. Koegel, A. Rossington. Sfmzcfing: R. Cory, P. Harvey, D. Perry, Mullen, D. Ablon, M. Cappadonia, S. Allen, N, Clark, li. Stuart, M. Costello, li. Vanllorn, C. Wagner, R. MeAlee. Xlfnsenl: Rooney. Seated, I"l'7Sl Row: C. Thurber, D. Watson, D. Pendleton, C. Gaynor, D. odeu. sf.-W1 Raw: P. Mullen, ic. Clark, L. WSS Mullffl Palmer, A. Haskins, Burke, S. Shepard. Third Roux' M. Curran, Y. Monroe, R. Decker, Lawrence. S'fmzzf1'ng: D. Smith, K. Trotta, R. Weitzel, D. Nye, V. Cartwright, G. Dennison, lf. Butler, C. Brown, M. Barney, D. llardy. A12- senfi Rooney. FIRST M,-5, Iihfig Cirayton, l.. Mallery. .Slcwrwzd Roux' R. Gardner, C. lXlcC3ruvv D. lfien, D. Clary, D. Porter, Saxton. Tlvirrf Row: M Green, Allen, K. liessel, T. lfnrl, D. llenry. Smmfiug 'l'.Ciedlin, D. Mullen, P. lfrskine, D. lidwurtls, B. Lunshe N. Cushing, If. Stopfel, Mullen, P. George. fllzsenl: J Comes, C. McKnight, Rase. .Slf'Uf!'If, Fl'fSf Row: Ki. Wilcox, Harris, D. Huntington, I. Mrs. Rawe Firsl Rolla' M. Coleman, B. Granger, McCormick, W. Olin, W. Giles Sefmm' Row: T. Freeland, Finlay, Ci. Latham, T. Snyder, R. Vanliuser Third Row: M. Hanks, M. McCormick, T. l3ul3rcuil, S, Westlake, D. Burdick C. Rossington, G. Lemoine. AbSe11i:W. Bessel, C, Payne, S. Porter. l . . W P lfirsl Roux' D. O'Hara, P. Curran, K. Edwards, C. George, G. Thompson. MYS- DiCliCIIS .SlC'C'UIIff Row: P. Washburn, CQ. Love, R. Dungan, N. Robinson, M. Zope. 'l'b1'rtl Roux' C. Barney, M. Hall, M. Bracken, Sheppard, T. Patton, B. Clark, K, Classon, llowut, D. Savey. Alasenf: K. lfdwurds, D. Gayhart, U. Wilkins KINDERGAR TEN Mrs . Burdick Firsl Roux' R. llnrvey, S. Brown, K. Palmer, L. Dungan. Second Roux' D 'Y Poulin, W. Sutton, D. Perry, K. Clark, P. Snyder, S. Wilcox. Third Rozw: D Watson, A. Milani, S. Lorow, A. llale, l.. Allen, V. Sands, P. Bloomquist D. Funk, R. Stevens. flbsenlf T. Rooney, S. Stewart. 48 5 . .3-:M 'GSW 1' ACTIVITIES lor. ALCEN STAFF AND AD VISERS I. Mullikin, Business Edilcjrf Mrs. Seaman, Business Aofzzisen' C. Ordway, Advertising Edilory B. Goodwin, Assl. Aiizferlising Edi- J. Clicquennoi, Edilor-in-Chief. Mr. Bakeman, Adviser. 5 We've been told several times that we'd learn the meaning of deadlines in doing the Alben, and it's the awful truth. However, if you are reading this now, things can't have turned out as disas- trously as they might haveg there is an Aicen, to our surpriseg and that alone makes the work and MIS- V50 Hall, Lifemfy Adlffwff' D' BIOWH, Worry Worthwhile. Literary Eciilorg G. Smith, Sporzs Edilor, Mr. Phelan, fm Adviser: E. Pheian, Ari Eimm,- P. Randolph, J- Davis, Cifmlffffon Edifor. Photography Editor. 50 Firsl Ron: ff. Henry, Nl. Ormbsy, l.. Clare, Bordeaux, l.. Tinklepaugh D Ordway, D. Hitchcock, l.. Stearns, lf. Clare. .S'c'c'ond Roux' Tinklepau S. Johansson, F. Judson, C. Lobdell, C. Nevins, Scholes, P.Scofic1d Butts, M. Rhodes, P. Almeter. 'l'h1nI' Row: K. Ninos, C. Kellogg, L. Rlw leigh, W. Parry, R. Randolph, Kenyon, 5. lfddy, T. Montgomery R Thomas, S. Whitford, M. lfvans. Alnscfnl: P. Lindt-man. AL CEN ASSISTANTS The Alcen assistants have two important func- tions. One is, of course, helping the staff to put out a yearbook, the other is learning how to do the job so they can take over next year. When this happens Cchucklel, all the worry and frustration will be theirs We leave them with a grin and this final advice: "Be happy in your workln x mnn.....q, SENIOR HIGH COUNCIL l Seafmf, W-mmf! IEII7IF.' W. Parry, D. Davis, V. Elected by popular vote ofthe student body, the council is an lJ'?Sfdf7'f"' li' Judson, 5f"'i"'f"5"' D' Ryani example of democracy at work in Alfred-Almond. Most of the Presicfenl' G. Smith Tren.s1u'c11" D. North , . - - 1 1 - r 7 d f Bordeaux. Slmldmg: D. whim, S, Smith, S. school s dances Cnot to mention the wild aban.on o skating par Winters' K. Clark, Mr. Stillnmnv ,m,,iSC,,.y. In tiesj are made possible through the efforts of this group. Poulin, lf. Phelan. JUNIOR HIGH COUNCIL The Junior High Council introduces students to the privileges and responsibilities of self-government. This important group in- stills the social graces into junior high students through its Well- known "sock hops" and other social functions. Seflfeff, nmzznzI lr1IvIe: S. Phelan, D. jones P. Stearns, Cl. llilsdorf, I7I'C'SliI!C'I1I,' D. Bur- rington, V. l7resz'cIen1,' l.. Lawrence, Treasur- erg C. Mcfformick. SlanfIIz1g.' Mills, J Bennett, li. Snyder, lirutsmnn, Mr, Di Camillo, !ld1'1'ser. 52 A THLETIC COUNCIL Many of the members of this group are famous for their salesmanship C"Why, it's only ten cents! And see, it has the whole baskcfflmff scbeclufr' on it! No? Well, how about a comb?"Q. Due to their persuasive energies, it seems that A-A must have more money behind its athletics than any school this side of the Hwang Ho. RED CROSS COUNCIL Firsf Rout D. North, V. I,VGSilIIE'7If,' Mr. Moore, Arlz'iser,' M. Evans, D. Baker, S. Smith, R. Nye, L. Rossman, M. Rhodes, D. Davis, P. Ormsby, Miss Colebert, Adviser. .S'er'ond Row: Mr. Mclfvoy, Ad1fz'ser,' W. Parish, R. VanHorn, Ci. Smith, Davis, D. Schwartz, lf. Phelan. Tr'Jir1fRoz4.'.' P. Randolph, Scfcrelzlryf Barron, S. Bracken, liuckmaster, P. Lockwood, Co-Trrf11s11rer,' A. Vanderhoef, Co-'lircfzlsurerg D. White, Woodruff, Presidenf. The Red Cross Council is, in respect to its ser- vice for others, perhaps one of the most worthy or- ganizations in the school. Its biggest activity is its yearly membership drive, when contributions are col- lected from the students in order to help the Red Cross do its work. Scf1len'.' Cf. Martin, D. Gertz, N. Cornell, V. l71'r'sifI'e1zf,' ll, liutts, Presi- rfenfj B. Snyder, jr. l'rras'jden1,' V. Reynolds, Xf'r'rr'!nry,' T. Montgomery, R. Tucker. Sfllllffl-VZQI lf. McGraw, li. Cfoletti, C. Tincher, Mrs. Dcverell, Arl- zfiserg ff. Gibbs, jr. 'lircrzsurmy' CQ. llenry, A. Parry. Af7,S'6'7Iff l.. Baker v Treasurvr,' D. Cornelius, R. Carter, jr. V. Prc'xizfenl.' P. Palmer, jr. Ser'- reffzry. 53 The members of this esteemed group are chosen in solemn tapping ceremonies each year. Selected because of their merit as students and citizens, they are honored as the cream of the Alfred-Almond crop. IN TERNA 77 ONAL CL UB liirsl Row: IJ. Randolph, Presz fferzlg P. Lockwood, V. Presi- ffenlg G. Smith. Sivrozzcf Roux' Clicquennoi, C. Lobdell, Serve'- lzzryf Miss lhomaS, fllfI'ZlSf'I',' If. Clare, D. Davis, Trerrsurcfr. NA TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The International Club held an historic election debate this year for an assembly. They were also re- sponsible for the schoolls mock election using a real voting machine. C'lOh, no! I think I Voted for barb of themlnl Firsf Row: 'l'. Montgomery, A, Rough, D. Gertz, V. lJ7'FSl.fl?77f,' I.. Gardner, D. Butts. Serum! Row: B. Butts, S'eCfeffI7'y-TrecIS- urer: T. Iiraser, Mrs. Deverell, Adviser: If. Rulon, pfC'SflfC'7If,' M. Wood, M. Cameron. !IlvSc'nf.' C. Martin, K. Clark, M. Rodri- quez. 54 I liirsl Row: li. Soule, M. Poulin, N. Butler, M. Drumm, M. Obuhnnich, R. Qtoekwenther, K. Almeier, Tobin, Nl. Wood, P. Norton, C. Vnnllorn, M. Rulon. .SNKNTJIIIX Ron: Xl. Adams. K. Nudd, l.. Rough, Cf. Klcliormiek, G. Smith, K. Rounds, G, North, P. Pnlmiter, A. l.ewis, bl. llardy, Mrs. Dirlam, flzlzfiser. 'lfvinf Row: K. Pierce, lf. Gardner, Ci Gibbs, M. Costello, D. CL Gray, l.. Allen, A. Parry, Brownell, S. Snyder, S. Stoclcweather, .S'c'r'rf'- lnry. Fourlfv leOll'f l.. Kellogg. ff. Clark, l'. l7rcf.s'1'rfc'r1l.' ll. Jones. S. Ran- dolph, l., Klingensmith, ll. Gerlz, D. Soulcx Presizfc'r1l,' S. Lobdell, P. Stearns, S. -lefferds. fllwsr'ul.' ll. llorton, 'l'rz'11s11rw. Attic haunters all, members of the Yorker Club have struck terror into the heart of every available antique in the Southern Tier. These young historians, under Mrs. Dirlam's supervision, are learning all there is to know about New York's history and back- ground. RADIO CLUB The Radio Club is a small but active group which trains students to become amateur radio or, to to use the native language, uhamu operators. There is even a rumor that they have their own radio sta- tion hidden somewhere in the depths of Mr. GeraCe's mysterious little back room. lfjz-.SI Ron: A. Rough, lf. Burzy l'liSF2',' W. Sephton, ll. lieckhorn Qzuzrlerzmfsler. Sec'oml Roux' Ci Clare, Ci. lienjamins. Simp son, S'r'r'r1'!zI2'y. rlfzswlli ll lliggins. 55 cki, Pr-c'sif!r'11l,' Mr. Cleruce, zlcf FUTURE HOMEMAKEHS Firsl Row: S. Rawleigh, li. Erskine, I-. Rossman, M. Nev- ille, R. Nye, G. Marvin. Serona' Row: M. Ormsby, Hislori- any M. Carnes, Trerlszzrcn' D. Morgenfeld, V. Presz'de11l,' 9. Griffin, Presizferzl: S. Snyder, S?C'l'Pf!7l'y,' Mrs. Morgenfeld Azfifi5e'r. 'liliirff Rout C. Burdick, S. lladsell, R. Smith, A Knudsen, P. llurne, Wheaton, Lzlwrtnce, C. Smith, lf Tucker. !l!wSe12f.'l3.Shutt. These boys hope to be raising the prize live- stock and Crops of the Allegany frontier someday. They prepare for this by exhibiting at county fairs and studying modern farm methods. v This organization of tomorrow's wives and mothers gives the girls preparation in the art of keeping house. A hard-working group Ca Future Homemaker's work is never donelj, they also hold wild initiation ceremonies each year. FU TUHE FARMERS Firsl Row: Emo, Presidenlf W. Dobson, R. lladsell, Serremryp Sharrett, V. Presidenfg D. Ryan, N. Graham, Treasurer. Second Row: D. Olds, D. Harris, li. Shutt, George. Third Row: I.. Cornell, S. Kelleher, M. Seaman, R. Budde, C. Lewis, P. Ormsby, G. Chit- tenden, R. Ormsby. Fourlb Row: Mt. Linderman, Adzfiserg S. Kelleher, D. Washburn, C. Briggs, Smith, Knudsen, Hurne. flhsenl: Brutsman, C. Kull, A. Neville, R. Smith, Woodruff, A. Young. Firsf Row: R. Vanllorn, V. llrcfsideizlg Ii. Judson, l'rcsirlenI,' S. Smith Secrclzlryf H. Butts, 'I'rez1sz1rt'r,7 IJ. Almeter, I.. Tinklepaugh, D. Coleman Second Rouf: I.. Stearns, A. Rhodes, C. Wilcox, M. Cameron, M. Rhodes K. Ninos, E. Iiurzycki, R. Turner, D. Soule, C. Martin, B. Goodwin, K Clark, Mr. Gerace, Affziiser. Tlwirtl Rout I.. Butler, G. lienjamins, But let, Il. Mills, R. Randolph, Stopper, 'I'. Montgomery, M. Evans, D Butts, Simpson, A. Rough, Tinklepaugh, S. Stockweather. FUTURE SCIENTISTS With Mr. Gerace as adviser, one I would expect the Future Scientists to be i wildly energetic and they are. They go ' on fascinating field trips, do lab work, and often win prizes for their Science I Fair projects. FUTURE NURSES Fits! Rom: M. Neville, K. Stuart, B. Clancy, Ci. Newman, The most important function of F.N.A. is the long hours of work the girls Cand courageous boyslj ' , , , . . . R put in at the hospital: delivering mail, making beds, Xlull and ushering visitors. Another of their jobs, which V. they perform with never a gloating smile, is helping out at the "shot" clinics. ak:-ley, Wheaton, Palmiter. SFFUHIX Roux' S. Win ou.: K. Cilark, Il. Goodwin, IU. Ordway, I.. Mullen, ikin, I.. Rossman, TfEfl.9IlVC'f,' Cf. Ordway, N. Cornell, Presizlcfnl: C. Smith, M. Ormhsy, Prrfsizfc'nl,' S. Eddy, S'eCrelt1ry,' C. Heers, Ii. Goodwin, C. Studley, M. Benson, Absenl: I.. Rossman. E 57 R. M ters, D Croston, S. Griffin, I.. Rawleigh, A. Knudsen. 'llliirzf C. Studley, llis'!ormn,' C. Martin, Mrs. Post, Adz'isc'r,' Ftrs! Row: M. Rhodes, E. Clare, Presidentg S. Kelly, V. Presidenlg M. Rodriguez, Sc'cremry,' Tinklepaugh, Treasurer: K. Clark. Second Rozy' Mrs. Mensinger, flcfziserg P. Almeter, S. Whitford, K. Carter, P. Shanley K. Ninos, C. Hardy, D. Butts, C. Hanks, S. Young, P. Gray. Third Row: B Goodwin, D. Davis, D. Clark, H. Smith, E. Judson, A. Lindeman, R. Tur- ner, C. Clarke, Scholes. Absenl: D. Bertch, N. liertch, R. Cappadonia G. Clare, I. Eddy, C. Flint, C. Olin. FUTURE TEACHEPS Teaching is said to be one of the noblest pro- fessions. Particularly through actual experience in aiding teachers, the members of F.T.A. receive help STUDENT STORE Prices havenlt risen in the store since the coun- ter was bigger than we were, and it is still run by those unselfish individuals who give up their pre- cious activity periods to sell pencils and sign pass- es. Onward for small business! and encouragement toward living up to this standard in the future. Firsl Row: l.. Walter, S. Smith. Seromz' Row: A. Ormbsy, D. Cornelius, V. Reynolds, D. Hitchcock, S. Curran, l.. Rossman, W. Sephton. 58 PROJE C TIONIS TS These hardy souls are taught by Mrs. Stillman to operate those machines Which, when not in use, lurk in the dim corners of the back room of the library- The Movie Projectors. The projection- ists probably get to see more of those lovely movies Canything from tennis to amoebasj than anyone else in the school. LIBRARY ASSIS TAN TS The Library Assistants undertake the horrendous task of keeping sanity and order Within the walls of the library. Anyone who has ever been lost in a maze Firsf Rom: F. Clancy, L. McGraw, Mrs. Stillman, Afliiiscfrp D. Place, G Chittenden. Second Rozy: G. Kellogg, C. Briggs, E. llurzycki, R. Rawleigh D. White, T. Wigent, A. Neville, A. Burdick, R. Carter. Thin! Ron: D Beckhorn, H. Perry, Hurne, W. Sephton, Sicker, Kenyon, Wood ruff, S. Phelan. nn,-f .- ' ' of catalogue numbers has reason to thank Mrs. Clark, C' Vtmnom' D' JODCS' P' Norton Mrs. Stillmanls chief helper. .siflllfplfl lf. Clancy, Mrs. Stillman, I,iImrf1r1'rm: l.. Stearns, I.. Baker. Slrimlirzg: N. Moore, Mrs. Clark. Assl. l.iIwr11rim1,' llurne, G. Chittenden, R. Calkins. 59 First Row: S. Patton, P. Lockwood, Chief: D. North, A. Vanderhoef, R. Whitford. Second Row: P. Randolph, D. liiertch, l.. Stearns, Clicquennoi, C. Kellogg, P. Ormsby, Bordeaux, Mr. Moore, Acfviser. flhsenf: D. liar- ris, Asst. Chief: D. Baker, R. Perry, K. Carter, J. Mullen, S. Kelly, D. Coleman, G. Gifford. The four H's stand for heart, hand, head, and The event of a fire seems quite unlikely at A-A, health, for those of us who have always wondered. but hearts and hopes leap every time the old fire bell The Alfred-Almond chapter of this nationwide agri- rings for a practice drill. The Fire Wardens make cultural and homemaking organization is a large and sure everyone gets out of the building and risk their active group. lives in each blazing fire by being the last to leave. Firsl Row: R. Davison, R. lladsell, R. Henry, R. Turner, D. Watson, P. Decker, T. Dobson, M. liddy. Scfcmzrf Row: D. Thompson, lfddy, W. Dobson, R. Davison, K. lllerbrun, li. George, G. lfddy, P. llurris. Third Row: R. Lewis, 12. George, 7'mf.f1.fpf, 1., Herrick, R. Davis, 12. Gaynor, 4,11-I' F. Burdick, D. McMichael, S. Cornell, G. Odell. lirmrlb Row: D. Coleman, D. Allen, D. Harris, V. Prcsidmzf, R. lladsell, D. Nye, D. Davison, K. Lorow, R. Wakefield. Fifllw Row: Mr. Linderman, fldwiser, A. Gaynor, M. Knudsen, N. Graham, Presiflcfnf, A. Young, Sclcrvfrlry, R. Ormsby, li. Gaynor. 60 IfYf Row: G. Horton, A. Burdick, D. Brown, Presidenfg Bordeaux, P. Almeicr. Serum! Row: P. Lockwood, li. Phelan, A. Vanderhocf, S. Smith, D llitchcoclc, Cf. llardy, P. Gray, V. Prr'si1lr'r1t. Third Rfllll' T. Montgom- A. Nlills, S. Stockweuther,W.l1arry,N.Olson. lfirsl Row: l.. Gardner, Y. Reynolds, S. Klingensmith, Ci. Clare, C. Klar- tin, S. Phelan, Benjamins. Sf'f'U71l,lqfJIl': K. Ninos, S. Cfurrun, B. Butts, D. Morgenfeld, l.. Poulin, M. Rhodes, K. Curran, D. Bertch, N. Bloom- quist, li. Frith. Tfiirfl Row: L. Clare, 'l'n'1l.s'11refr,: l.. Tinklepaugh. Abserzl: lf. Rulon, P. Scofield, ,S'ecrela1y,' R. Vunllorn. MAJORETTES This is the highstepping group of girls which adds a great deal of sparkle to the bandls marches. Their fortitude in the Halloween parade was amazing, never a chatter of teeth nor a knock of knees was heard. IU. Davis, P. Orrnshy, Davis li. Ninos, V. Reynolds. DRAMA CL UB These aspiring actors and actresses form an enthusiastic group which pre- sents two full scale productions each year. They also managed a delightful Christmas pantomine this year, along with numerous discussions, lectures, and smaller productions. SENIOR BAND 1:I'7'.S'f Ron: K. Curran, CQ. Clare, A. Rough. ,S'1-pmyd Ron: G. Smith, l". Prf'sizfe1zI,' P. Palmer, Cliequennoi, l7fl'Sfl!K'IIfj L. Stearns, R. Snyder. 'l'lv1'nl Rout A. Rhodes, Mr. Sprague, Di:-mrzorg R. Ciappadonia, A. Lobdell, CI. Hraaek, Ci. lfrecln-ite-, D. Hardy, Cf. Hardy, S. Lobdell, Simpson. Firsl lefllll' Ci. Lobdell, .SiE'f'7'C'- mry. .Siecrnzil Rout S. Wells. A. Burdick, Tinklepaugh. Firsf Row: S. Klingensmith, D. Beekhorn. Second Rozu T. Pulmiter, G. Kellogg, li. Perry. Firsl Row: C. Hanks, l.. Tinklepaugh, S. Curran. Xerorzd Row: L. McGraw, M. Cameron, D. Morgenfeld, ll- Cl21fC, S- Stoekweather. 'I'lwir1l Row: Mullikin, S. Johansson, K. Carter, K. Lindemun, D. Soule, R. Turner. 62 Mr. Sprague is to be congratulated on the success of his bands this year. At their school assembly program, the Senior Band showed its usual spirit and determination, and Mr. Gerace proved his possibilities as the future Leonard Bern- stein by showing up as guest conductor. Ifirsf Rout l.. Clare. A. Love, D, Sootheran, P. Lewis, VI. Mills, T. Burdick, Poulin. Second Rolla' R. Carter, D. lNlorg,enfeld, S. l.obdell, Cf. Gibbs, K. l.orow, D. Place. 7i17I.7'I!RO1U.' S. Hardy, T. Fraser, D. Higgins, R. Austin, R. Cfoletti, J. Bennett. BE GINNEHS ' BAND The seed bed of A-A's future mae- stros, the elementary band has inaugu- rated countless Sousas and MacNamaras into its ranks. Where else could one learn the intricacies of anything from an E-flat flute to a bassoon? JUNIOR BAND The junior Band offers formidable competition to its colleague in the Sen- ior High. These ambitious musicians look forward to assemblies, practicing with a zeal which is Very much apparent, if not inescapable. R. Stockweather, R. Davis. fi OO U CI' OUFL IU Oli. . Cf, .t Lf. . IES r .. -OLIC ,tt Palmiter. lfirsf Row: l.. McGraw, S. Lorow, Ci. Snyder, M. Ninos, D. Pierce, S. Tucker, S. Tucker. Srwomf Row: R. Rulon, V. Higgins, R. Sutton, C. Churchill, C. Wheeler, S. Straight, N. Cameron, M. Cushing. Third Rim: G. Snyder, W. lacox, R. North, B. Palmer, Shaw, Herrick, G. Burzycki, C. Funk. 63 relnryg K. Pierce, K. Nudd, CQ. liraack. 'lfwircl Rolf: Mr. Sprague, llireclorg Tobin, Hardy, M. Cameron, S. Tucker, N. Butler, R. l.ove, 'l'nfns'ure'r, lfourlh Rolf: 13. liurzycki, P. Stearns, S. jefferds, M. Mullen, li. Rath, M. SENIOR HIGH CHORUS Goodwin, D. Ordway, I3 N. Cornell, I.. Rawleigh, Fourlh Row: 13. Clark, D R. Cappadonia, S. Snyder. Unfortunately, because of complications with the new school building program it was impossible to have an elementary chorus this year. However, our junior and Senior High choruses have been very active, singing at the Spring Concert, in ensembles at commu- nity functions and in county competition. TI9z'rcI Rom: C. Studley, C.. F5751 Row: C. Zweibel, P. Palmer, E. Frith, M. Drumm, P. Hurne, S. Young, R. Smith. Second Row: K. Clark, B. Goodwin, C. Ordwny, C. Shaw. Studley, M. Dungun, M. Carnes, C. Burdick, Mrs. Pulos, Arizfiser. . lieckhorn, A. Lobdell, D. North, AI1senf.' C. Schwartz, S. Winters. 5 P5 if is Ifirsl Row: Bennett, R. Stockweather, R. Lewis. Second Roux: S. Drake, A. Lewis, M. Cornelius, H. Tuttle, R. Perkins, C. Drumm, Norton, Mills, D. Allen, I.. Rough, S. Griffin. Third Row: C. Friend, D. Huckmaster, N. Butler, K. Pierce, M. Palmiter, M. Costello, l.. Kellogg K. Hamlin, Brownell, Hardy, S. Snyder, P. Palmiter, Mrs. Pulos, 1 !irI1'z'Sc'r. Fourllv Rout D. JOHCS, D. liurzycki, G. North, D. Higgins, lf. Olsen, K. Rounds, A. Parry, S. jefferds. fllzsenl: Funk, lf. George, S. Lobdell, W. Schwartz, S. Sharrett, lf. Coddington, S. Knudsen, H. Horton JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS :rg f JUNIOR HIGH PLA YS uvvlfi QL TALENT SHOW SPORTS i 5 2 5 X xx ,A-f+" i Q PHYSICAL Mr Mvorc Mrs. MC SOCCER A-A's soccer team continued its winning spirit with a fine 5-2-2 record this season. After a slow start they finished with four straight victories. jim Mullen, a senior, led the scoring with seven goals. Dale Baker, Chris Frechette, Bart Neville, and Bob Perry are other seniors the team will have to do without next year. However, with a new field and adept players like Arthur Neville, Dan North, and John Wakefield returning, Coach McEvoy should again have a fine team to work with. First Row: D. Reid, M. Drumm, G. Chittenden, R. Buckmaster, G. Ormsby, Second Row: IE, McGraw, Managerp C. Tincher, C. Hilsdorf, R. Harwood, L. Sherman, Wakefield, A. Neville, D. Schwartz, l.. Allen, Mullen, P. Ifisenhardt, Manager. Third Row: D. Olds, liisenhardt, S. Phelan, Brutsman, llurne, P. Randolph, R. Perry, D. North, B. Neville, D. Baker, R. Cappadonia, T. Wigent, Coach Mclfvoy. Absent: C. lfrechette, L. Drumm, G. Drake. 69 Firsl Row: G. Kellogg, W. Dobson, T. Benson, R. Snyder, D. Coleman. Second Row: S. Bracken, Buckmaster, D. Burrington, G. Smith, Barron, C. Wilcox, Coach Moore. Absent: T. Montgomery. CROSS COUNTRY Junior High cross-country furnishes valuable training to boys aspiring to join the varsity squad and gives any youth a taste of real competition before high- school. The junior High squad again won its sole annual meet with Portsville, an event which has never been lost by Alfred-Almond. Stuart Sharrett and Bruce Tuttle finished l-2 and appear good prospects for the Senior High team. Alfred-Almond's cross-country team didn't lose a regular season meet this year, stretching their record to an amaz- ing l9 consecutive wins. The team had to settle for second out of 22 schools in the sectionals after winning them for the last two years. One consolation was Gary Kellogg's fine effort that Won him first place in the competition. Ffrsl Row: R. Stockweather, M. Cornelius, D. Freeland, B. Reynolds, Bennett, S. Smith. Second Row: lf. White, S. Sharrett, D. Stuart, D. Allen, G. North, D. Lorow, Funk, B. Tuttle, Coach Moore. liirsl Rr1zz'.'G. Chittenden, l,. Cornell, A. Young, R. Vanllorn. Second' Roux' B. Neville, D..l3urrington, llurne, Woodruff, Barron, Woodruff, oach Nlt'Alee. fllzsenf: limo. WRESTLING A winning season seems certain for Coach McAlee's grapplers, despite the youth of the team. The Eagles have two league victories behind them and a very talented squad could carry them all the way to the county championship. john Woodruff, a Senior, has proved himself an outstanding wrestler through- out highschool. John Barron and Carrol Wilcox along with a promising freshman, Larry Cornell, have also shown excep- tional skill. Expert coaching is likely to produce many more winners from this year's team. lfjrsl Ron: N. luffcrtls, ,llIYHI!'lQ6'I',' VI, Davis, D. llnrris, li. Nlills, G. Clare, l .llzzzzzzgrm .S'c'c'om! Ron: l.. Butler. R. Snyder. R. Hndsell, D. lic-cl-chorn. D. liutts. Cf. Wilcox, Cfonch Nlcrllee. ,-lfvxwzl: l.. Drumm. lfisenhnrt. vl. Sickt-r. uh Nloort l R ndolph R l rry, R. Whitford, A. Van- dcrhotf l lonlxwood Alumni R Greenspan. VARSITY BASKETBALL With 3 straight victories behind them, the Eagle Cagers are on their way to another successful Cper- haps undefeatedj season. Under Coach Moore the two 'lbig boys," Roy Greenspan and Pete Randolph, are doing a great job under the baskets while Phil Lock- wood and Alan Vanderhoef "chuck ,em inn from the outside. Bob Perry and Dick Whitford switch as fifth man and both can have a hot night. Dale Baker and Dave Ryan provide good speed when needed. These eight Seniors will certainly be missed next year. However, the four Juniors on this year's squad are ready and willing to take over. C ouh 'Xloort I Montgomery, D. North, D. Ryan, R. Ran- ph M x ins. fl!1Sf'77f.' D. Baker. 72 J. V BASKETBALL Firsl Row: l.. Allen, W. Dobson, Cf. Emerson, I.. Sherman C. Tincher, A. Neville, R. Harwood, R. Buckmnstcr, ,llzm tiger. Svfmlrf Row: Coach Mclfvoy, Kenyon, .lllHl!1gE'l', G Kellogg, D. Reid, S. Phelan, R. Cfappadonia, lirutsman G. Drakc,A. Lobdell, S. Bracken, D. Schwartz, G. Ormsby D. Lockwood, Manager. ixxlx Coach McEvoy is fielding a larger-than-usual J-V squad this year to give more boys a chance to play. His five holdovers from last year - Steve Brac- ken, Gerry Drake, Randy Harwood, Gary Kellogg, and Allen Lobdell - along with a newcomer, Don Sch- wartz, seem to be shaping into a fine ballclub. The team should pull off more than a couple of upsets. Welll be looking for several of these boys on next year's varsity club. 73 lfirsl Rolo: l.. Rawleigh, R. Brownell, V. Reynolds, C. Lobdell. Serum! Roux' Davis, lf. Phelan, K. Ninos. Cheerleading, in addition to being a demanding physical sport, also requires creativity, poise, and tremendous School spirit. Our Cheerleaders, having won the Hammondsport trophy last year, can boast of being one of the best groups around. The four seniors on the varsity team, Rita Brownell, Joan Davis, Christine Lobdell and Betsy Phelan, have shown exceptional talent in cheering all through highschool. VARSITY AND J. V CHEERLEA DEHS Firsf Row: N. Bertch, S. Winters. Sf'!'UlIt! Row: S. Stockweather, P. Palmer, M. Benson, M. Gorton. !l!1Senf.' S. Curran IO! First Row: I.. linker, Austin, S. Griffin, V. Reynolds, I.. Rossman, D. Davison, P. Ormsby. Second Row: I.. Stearns, E. Iudson, K. Ninos, S. Smith, P. Almeter, D. Bertch, D. Edwards, KI. Rhodes. GIRLS ' SPORTS Firsf Roux' lienjamins, N. Iiertch, R. Nye, G. Marvin, K. Curran, N. Dale, D. Thompson, N. llloomquist. Scfrorztl Row: P. Palmer, S. Stockweather, S. Rawleigh, B. Devens, A. Sick, I.. Lawrence, NI. Gorton, A. Mills. rs! Row: C. Ileers, M. Neville, M. Benson, S. Winters, S. Young, I.. Mc- alw, NI. Carnes, Ci. Newman. Second Ron: I.. Rossman, S. Smith, G. llor- 1. S. Cfurran, C. Studley, D. Nlorgenfeld, I.. Poulin, C. Martin, I5. Goodwin. 75 The female sports contingent at A-A is almost as active as the male. They participate in hockey, soccer, bowling, volleyball, softball, gymnas- tics, track, archery, basketball, and tennis. By competing intramurally and with other schools in these sports, the girls are able to earn points toward their letters. A letter requires 40 points, and subsequently a shield and sweater can be won by continued participation. THA CK lfirsl Row: G. Drake, M. lfvans. Second Row: Coach Mc- lfvoy, G. Smith, A. Burdick, G. Kellogg, L. Kellogg, J Wakefield, S. Kelleher. Third Row: W. Sephton, G. Drake, D. Gibbs, R. Rawleigh, A. Neville, D. Whitford, D. North. Fourfb Row: Barron, Raschiatore, C. Frechette, R. Perry, S. Bracken, Mullen, Buckmaster, D. North, D. Frechette, fllrzrzrlger. The A-A track team of '64 experienced a fruitful and unusually exciting season. CNo one will forget that 880-relay at Dansvillelj The Eagles' record, 3-4-1, was not indicative of their strength, for they lost only once in our county and placed third in the county fi- nals. In this meet we produced three winners: Gary Kellogg in the mile Qrecordj, John Raschiatore in the shot put, and Greg Smith in the 2-mile Crecordj. All three boys took places in the Sectionals, Kellogg winning the mile, Talented holdovers from last year like Chris Frechette, Bob Perry, Dick Whitford, John Wakefield and others should provide Coach McEvoy with an outstanding team to go with our new track this year. 76 TENNIS Firsl Row: R. Randolph, A. Ormsby, D. Brutsman, W. Parish, B. Mills. Second Row: Coach Moore, T. Montgo- mery, Woodruff, P. Lockwood, A. Vanderhoef, R. Green- span, P. Randolph. Partly as a replacement for the missing baseball team last spring A-A acquired a new sport - tennis. The players, an easy-going lot, didn't have courts to practice on and generally took the whole thing pretty nonchalantly. However, they staged a big surprise when both the doubles team of Alan Vanderhoef and Bill Parish, and the singles representative, Roy Greenspan, won the counties. Roy then went on to the semi-finals in Rochester. This year A-A has three new tennis courts. Coach Moore is anticipating a large turnout for this demanding yet enjoyable sport. 77 Www PA TRONS Alfred Ceramic Enterprises, Inc. Alfred Floral Service Alfred G. L. F. Alfred Mutual Savings and Loan Association X Alfred T.V. Cable System ZW Compliments of Alfred University Arkport Motors, Inc. , gli L. G. Balfour co. 2 ' Ol Bathrick's Florist Shop Big Elms Restaurant W 1 40 Bob's Market lb M Bostwick's S Box of Books A Broadway Electric Shop N Buffalo Slag Co., Inc. - ' 1 Cameo Shop Dr. Martin Cameron Campus Theater-Alumni Hall Cannon Clothing Co. College Mobil Service Station Collegiate Restaurant Compliments of a Friend Charles H. Conner Connors Pharmacy E.W. Crandall and Son College Book Store Mr. and Mrs. Harold Crandall, jr. Davidson's Furniture Davies Russ Davis Motor Sales Dawkins Atlantic Service Station Deck's Friendly Service Deluxe Bowling Lanes B. R. Dewitt, Inc. Dodge Sports and Marine Service Dunn's Dependable Drugs Eleanor Young Knit Shop Elmhurst Dairy, Inc. Elsenheimer Chevrolet, Inc. S. M. Flickinger Co. Franklin Furniture Galbo's Skateland Gerryls Beauty Shoppe Paul A. Gignac CCONTINUEDD 79 Glenwood Milk Bar Glidden Galleries Glover Grocery Goodwin's Trucking T.H. Green Electric Co., Inc. Hammond Tire Service Harvey's Grocery Heckel Pontiac-Cadillac Corp. Hickey's Music Store Hitchcockls Pharmacy Dr. and Mrs. R.O. Hitchcock Hollands Lumber Company Hornbeck Opticians Hornell Auto Supply Hornell G. L. F. Hornell Penn-E-Saver Hornell Trailer Sales, Inc. Iroquois Telephone Corp. Isaman Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc. jackls Sport Shop Jacobs Bros. jacox Food Mart johansson's Texaco Service Kampus Kave Kellogg's Country Store Kenn Hair Fashions--Albertols Kullls Diner J. LaPiana Shoe Store Lester's Flowers Loohnls Cleaners and Launderers, Lore's Beauty Shop--Almond Lore's Beauty Shop--Hornell MacBride's Maple City Cleaners Mason's Typewriter Exchange Mattyys Barber Shop A. McHenry 8: Company Jewelers P. A. Mclntosh M. 81 D. Auto Supply Mose Evan's Body Shop Murphy Moving and Storage Murray Stevens Nate's Barber Shop Inc Nationwide Insurance--Lee Ryan, Jr. Patton Septic Tank Co. Paulls Barber Shop Paul's Wholesale Rice Music House Rochester Business Institute Rosenbaum's Rossman Apache Trailer Service Scottys Gun Shop Sealtest Ice Cream Seneca Electric Motors Seneca Rambler Simon Aldrich Southern Tier Concrete Products Co. Spencer's Stationers and Printers Spiro's Teen Center Squirrelys Nest Motel Stearns Poultry Farm Steuben Motors, Inc. Steuben Trust Co. Stevens' Garage Style Shop Suburban Motors, Inc. Dr. James Sullivan Sun Publishing Co. Tech Lanes Texas Cafe The Menls Shop Tom Kinney Tracy and jones, Inc. Tuttle and Rockwell Co. Waldorfls jewelers Wellsville Auto Dealers Wilkins Gulf Service Your Friendly Village Store The patrons listed are largely responsible for there being an Alceng their generosity made the yearbook possible, and for this we give them our fullest thanks . 4 m,MM D if Sfby' . Qlijf 1 X W l N flhpfyivfy , l FQ? ,Xml W F , X D Q7 v"k get M vfjityjlilli rtfbcwi of , i S oi? Tools jjJiP2CU Q gif afar l Xt -dw rr for or 5 0 Qi? Sf Xkogkx-qn'r 56 X9 QE, ji V wwe T .3 ,D jj? gl ,,. WCG if lliiiirl N 'Y so X' ,. Y? O43-hoggrflgj l W wmv A wwfggwjwm Mfplw J W ww M, ,W 1 W0 Affbwwvmw Q GMX frf Vw Jwxgfgm LASW Alfmffg vM lwfg fjyvrmi 'LC mf' 'QVC M39 WW' will OW NM Qjdym OW M N xdfgy X - Ngga 22: 2,6569 M FQ lid 2 2, fi N Wwid V A 059 W Yvf Z Zi 5 Mx R519 +9 W GN W9 N divx gi F Exxwfey NVQFHTQWSD Taxi, N74 cf ffowi af fem' C xy

Suggestions in the Alfred Almond High School - Alcen Yearbook (Almond, NY) collection:

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