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11 lfl5"R',3l mm S l 1 A Q . 4' ' ' v . . A In . ' A W- f -. ...,..4,,,5-'vw-1 . r, 1 . i i lecbca fion J' '41 If 'XJ A .Jr ' ff To you who have wullungly guxen your tnme fred Almond and who have shown your slncere Interest In student actlvltles and the students them selves to you to whom the senuors are greatly IH debted for guidance as their adviser tor three years to you Roger D Norton everyone s trnend the graduatang class of l95l gratefully dedecates t as yearbook ,A fl af- f patience, and understanding to the students of Al- . , H 2 S W "M" MWWP' -,-,-1-Il2 ' at of .glyuw 'kiwi 'NWATBIHK W - nun.--I vm Mdmwis- I fx, .,..,w,.,...-Q V, . ,. , 3'1r's'f Standing Victor Cornelius, James Evans, Clerk, Harold Reid. Sealed: John Reynolds, Zgnarff O! KSIIAIFUHOH Charles Whiteman, President, Mrs. Ruth Russell, ,Q . qfl S ,gf , f Sealed: Miss Virginia Wheeler, Secretary, ,,i,H.iPafJ Ofht-U Mr. John Gilmore, Principal. Standing: Mrs. Janet Friend, Secretary. 4 qv- ::f-EE! Standing: Mrs. Ruth Glover, Kdg. Monitor, Mrs. Sarah Park, lst Grade, Mrs. Ethel Dexter, 2nd Grade, Mrs. Bette Gram, 2nd Grade Monitor, Miss Caroline Church, lst Grade Mon- 1 itor, Miss Pauline Sanford, 2nd Grade. Seated: Miss Harriet jvafgifgq ,sfg l Bailey, 2nd Grade Monitor, Mrs. Luella Straight, Kdg., Miss ' Florence Mullen, lst Grade. Mrs. Doris Paine 5th Grade' Mrs. Helen Calahan 4th Grade Mrs. Lucille Hildebrand, 6th Grade, Mrs. Frances Coleman, 3rcl Grade, Mrs. Sarah Ells, 4th Grade, Mrs. Helen Wirt, 3rd jfactinq Cgfa K Grade, Miss Mary Reilly, 5th Grade. Absent: Mrs. Winifred Mensinger, 6th Grade. 5 MR ROGER NORTON Scuence That s a good question MR STANLEY RUGER Senuor Hugh Mathematics We ll go back to that later MISS BEATRICE CROOKER Senior Hugh Englush Now let s get thus straight MR ROBERT TORREY Senuor Hugh Socual Studies O K get out a sheet of paper QQC 2 Q! MR, IGNATIUS SCOTT Junior High Mathematics "What punishment shall we give? MRS. MARGARET SCHUHLE Junior High English "Aw--come on fellas?" MISS HELEN THOMAS Language "Prenez le papier et le crayon," MR. ELMER WILLARD Junior High Social Studies "My opinion is-" 6 MR. VERLEE LINDERMAN Agriculture "lOl-Y-3, please." MR. A. PRENTICE STILLMAN Industrial Arts "Let's show our good sportsman- ship." MRS. DOROTHY CRUSEN l-lomemaking "Get your aprons on." MRS LEONA WHITEMAN Commercial O K get ready for a speed test G YW MP LYNN PHELAN r Its probably hidden un thing MRS JUANITA PULOS Grade Music Quiet down MR W PHILIP AUSTIN Hugh School Music Lets start over again 4i der some DR. ELLEN SUTTON School Physician "Say 'ah', please." MISS EMMA EMENS Gurls Physncal Educatuon lf the shoe fats put ut on MR PAUL POWERS Boys Physucal Educatnon Love and basketball dont rnux MRS ELEANOR SWEENEY School Nurse Let me take your temperature Y' ,wif Ck LY! o"U 8 MR RODNEY SHEFFlELD lAbsentl Driver s Training Push rn the clutch QUICK" MRS MAE PETTENGILL lAbsent7 Library Monitor Only three on the couch MlSS KATHERINE KARL Guudance Are you planning on gonng to col lege? MR JACOB SCHUHLE Labrary Lets have ut quiet In here f-CJ hs. My ale. Crafofbana Kenneth Wrrt Clinton Hamlin Raymond Studley William VanOr man Mrs Pearl Whitaker Ernest Bird Absent Donald Pierce gud .Driven STANDING: Eugene Carpen- ter, Ernest Bird, Leo Dickin- son, Paul Conderman, Wil- Iiam VanOrman, KNEELING: C I e o n Goodwin, Clinton Hamlin, Raymond Studley, Kenneth Wirt. ABSENT: Donald Pierce. I1 0f0l'll'l STANDING Mrs Ada Fr-rry Mrs Estlncr Bmhl Mrs Lena Schwartz Mr Erwin Dexter Mrs Gmac Perry SEATED is Melrose Lily M1n1qcr AB ENT Mrs .lcwsrr Colburn OPERA ,1 'N Q We Arrive P 2 uw W' 'ix Nap Tune -:Milam Work!! Homeroom Alf .SZAOJ W Le I W Y' 'SJ ac! -4 as W! 'Y . . rs is l x , f ' if 3 ,A i . 'Q 1 23" " Axim A W '1-4 Q , , . 'Aiwa ' - s 'ju -1 0 .ti S! '- " .,..g. YJ? H i. i. Fw X Bias sv J -wi " . W L Yi, ' FSS' " r xy 1 Q ! ' . ' M an A fi gm' .J " 2'-I as if -1-un ks I' !' , ilflmali jk, Macbetlfs Hecate Chilly Girls? Wow! don't slip!! Wl1at's cookin? Glamor Girls!! Cozy! Surprise! Rugged! Out Late? Whatcha doin? What a game!!! More fun!! Who's dog? Memories!! lt'II come! The Thing! I M! if if DONALD BURDETT Sudney tall blond blue eyes blushes easalyll ways neat one of our qureter fellows member of the F FA that Ilpstuck un nmtnatnonll lrves on Bald Hull Inkes farmmg It s LUCY COOK Maxme long brown haur would make a good model cute frgurelll hard workmg gurl after school hours In school tool' typing her biggest worryll a whuz In gym C BSS 3CfIV6 MISS BEATRICE CROOKER ADVISER The Senior class IS grateful to their advlser Mlss Crooker who has been a constant help In guvmg us new and unsplrnng Ideas for our actuvltues She us always wnlllng to help us when we need guidance In stralghtenlng out our problems WILLIAM BAKER Buddy always cheerful helps make thmgs Invelyl following In Yogi Berra s footsteps rugged prefers to eat an the library' lakes to cllmb out of wrndows Ives up on Jeruco good sport G66 1951 MR. ROGER NORTON-ADVISER During our three years in high school Mr. Norton has been our class adviser. We can always depend on him to advise and help us with anything we undertake. We are thankful for the patience with which he has endured our blunders and unpre- paredness. JOSEPH COTTON "Joe" . . . blond blue-eyed, bashtul . . . editor of this master- piece!! . . drives l?l around in a l93l Chrysler . . . it leaks!! . . . just ask the Almond Youth Group . . . president of the Student Council . . . pet peeve, solid geometry . . . busy. 1951 NOREEN DAVISON Noreen what goes on at the Drive ln? has a million nieces and nephews squeaks in Band and giggles in chorus 2 OO in the morning at Austin s!! loves Pl West Al mond square dances bug hater impish CAROLYN GILMORE Pudgy goes everywhere with her oboe has interests in a certain boys school collects ads for the Alcen on the go 15 C ,Y -ss C 676154 C y r'fl4 S 0 ll ll ' ' ' V has charge of the Senior treasury . . . pounds piano for Chorus i , 'S M515 s. i, ROBERTA GLOVER "Berta" . . . toots the French Horn . . . keeps tabs on the first trombonel . . . good soprano . . . always on the refreshment committee , . . the punch at our proms . . . senior class chauf- feur . . . dependable. DUANE GREEN "Duane" . , . one of our tall seniors . . . likes track . . . enthus- iastic basketball player . . . a baseball fan, too . . . brown eyes and wavy hair . . . a terrific hunter . lof what??l . . . appears to be quiet, but appearances are deceivingll . . . gets along. VIRGINIA HARGRAVES in one of our Future Homemakers often seen at square dances with Dick has very blue eyes likes wavy red hair special interest in the Ag Tech77 or rather someone in it' makes a good ref in gym class seen in a green Chevy industrious JAMES HARRIS im minister s son angelic97 likes blue eyes a cer tain pair lah but love and basketball don t mix"I one of coach s MEN tinkers with watches Gopher boyll Danger' drives a Studebakerll regular trips to the beauty parlor779 likeable aaa I 951 I6 MARY HILSDORF Marr always found out studlesl7I often borrows cars' Otue s better half Bev s other self' lnkes to laugh also enjoys eatlngl even the thmgs an Homemak mg class sews all the tnme muschnevous ARDIS HINKLE Hunk ardent sports fan of A A C S lcould be a pIayer7l llkes certain curly head class secretary sunflower transplanted from Kansas kruts wnth a drop stltch' class oet' Iufe of a party lnterary edutor of this P creatnon ambntnous arid 191 WILLIAM IDE class presudent gets buck fever every year seems to have lost hrs class rung where ns nt? must luke spmach look at has muscles' makes a good wrestler drlves a man powered car' good natured SARA JACOB Jake Piccolo Pete pupes the flute pretzel eater lfor shamell kntten on the keys Student Council Rep specnalnzes an messes an lab actnve IH anythmg mu slca one of dem bums Dodger fan of course adventurous 17 se ROGER JOHNSON og regular sports tuend' soccer basketball baseball mann Interests always found ln Al s an airplane desngner some day? ask Mnss Crooker gets along well wnth Mr Stillman another bachelor jumps tlcRlnsh7 wise ROBERT LAWRENCE o busy bwsketball man spoke ' specual nn terests at Ag Tech educ tion? prefers sleep to first period class trwxels un style Ford man' plans to be a bachelor? lnkes to dance nncely dressed sharp 47' add in-1' 791 ssgwk Er vm his Q CORI NNE MACINTOSI-l Cornre oh that smile helps create excitement at lunch b lslne s man ger ul Alccn dynamite In gym class r I w hud l e1dwches ot school store speed demon ln draver s trannnng loves horn solos friendly JAMES MCANDREWS lm goes wro Jnrl with hus head ln the clouds literally too he s 6 grv s Mr Stillman a rough time ln metals class nexer will get has degree un Bachelors' stock Car trend wears bwngs wound up I8 IIR Il . . . . . . , . , , , . . I . , , . 4 H H H H . . Bb... f - . Q A I - x 'gl W . . , . . . .... . . . . , Q 'yu'-T' 'W . r n 9 f g is A ,K N , .,, -- 12 , ,ff - ' S -ri if: 'lflirit eff-K '--- - C-1 . Air' .2 'Li .. -, sees, j.ez,1,f I f'-'rg l,," ,.:, -',3k,2f Sf? ig 1 3' E tea -:Q H . H . . I . , .U JN . If . H I . . . L ,m f 1 ' . . . I - -F u - . .,.. tu.l4l,l,... H - 1, V . - - J . . . R C L . f , . . . , l.., ','3"...'e '. ' ' C . . , l I . I . , . . . Y , A V an wp ,L RICHARD McLANE Duck football mwterual at AAC S uts soccer and basketball beware of h s twunklung brown eyes says hus tory usn t so bud after all lately seen un company wuth tall brunette' typung tan' lugs trombone around so nd MARY JANE PARISH prefers college lute to hugh school especually Junuors pretty haur red? funds ut rather nousy to study un Lub practuces track on way to school bus w make a cute school marrn a swell friend an 191 CAROL PAYNE Carol prettv blue e actuve un F H A BEVERLEY PLANK aur su y I9 es another homernakung major and 4 H the tea leaves say her future has a certaun Paul un ut known as cutue at Green wood F H A money worries quuet ev varsuty cheerleader majorung un homemakung we wonder whyf9l knows about Ag Tech NOW cross country fan Marx up everythung Mary s other self unto everythung lukes ba k row at movues long black ll ' ll ' ' I 4 R I . . . . . , . . . , . g A I , . . 1. h . . . V - C . Q . . , . . . . ' .... . . . l' , ,, AA 3 "M.J." . . . A ' . . . ' , , ' ' . . . ' . . . ill A f. l R Q 11 11 A ,A' . P417 A . V .fifuj in pf y Ng", lilufg uc,,'r'f,:lf? ,u N + ll ll I ' IA Y y . ' . ' ' . . . . '. .... r 4 ' , . . Il . II .- HB H - - - ' A h ' , , , 'll . SHIRLEY PLANK Shook answers the telephone to the name Wee but who s calling? secretary of F H A our tlnnest senior' takes mght classes In excavatung photography edntor of the Alcen a brann In art cla s energetnc MERTON PRESTON Mert Glmpy won has Incense on a punch board takes driver s trannnnq' likes SHORT people favorite song I Never See Aqgle Alone enloys stock car races' Wanna go to Home-ll? Go ahead' ast aaa fm ., l9l LOUIS ROBERTS Loule globe trotter' carrues has locker around wuth hum' absent minded? musnclan fuddles at Crosby Creek souare dances loves to walk cross country home fruqhtens the chemrstry class an lab' creates laughter genius un solnd geometry' a e RALPH ROSSMAN Klonduke lukes hunting at night wsth Pat Flash' now Joanne' favorite saylncl ls that right .lames7 presndent ofthe F F A uses has head In soccer brown eyes and long black lashes Blrdseye Snyder' rare 20 KENNETH SCHNAUTZ "Kenny" . . . gets a lot of college lite . . . loves to do dishes QD likes Youth Rallies . . . or is it the fun afterwards? . . . Harry James, ll . . . Alfred-Almond's JV cheering section lplays var sityl . . . plays soccer and baseball, too . . . the great lover . . . rascal. NORMA SHORT Norma short and sweet tootles the clarinet witty has transportation troubles frequently visits near Arkport takes hornemaking planning for the future maybe? even has a hope chest' member of F H A neat 111- '4 'US l 616.4 191 PAUL STILLMAN our class jokester disrupts band those mutes' here and there with the camera THE tenor section of Chorus digs up our sports news for the Alcen has trouble with his hair disk gockey' persistent MARION SUTTON Murng Yong oh those yearbook sketches noise from the sax section went to All State three years scribbles for the chorus lsecretaryl Mrs Seidlin s prodigy' digs up the darndest men' likes history clever 21 MARGARET TERWILLIGER "Margaret" . . . always popping popcorn for F. H. A ..4. barged in Homemaking room at wrong..time' . . . remember-IPD-. A . basketball fan . . , likes Alfred . . . wants to be a secretary' . . gets practice by working in the dairy . . . takes gym with little kids' hard worker IRVING WAKEFIELD rv belongs to F F A hey what s so nlce at Andover? huh? likes green pickups' why? usually seen walking to school likes English when we read' helps Coach with the little kids' easy going LAWRENCE WATSON Larry six foot three sky scraper' some whiz in history class what a memory' an avid Tiger fan helps the class out on Field Day with his high pumps bespangled with freckles good basketball player' bashful Pl RICHARD WIRT Dick causes a rumpus in band' brush cut boy' Roger s pal' CMiss Crocker s too9l walked around In a cast for a while baseball lefty trades class ring with a certain alumna' looks Just Ducky in black wig and dress lknock kneedl wo f aaa 79 I 24 was awggay ST? " 'Q' ,j5.."- 1 A65-J Saab IM AZT 4 QQ,-. ,rf-Lf' Y W lslilfliuu! QI'll0l" C4154 elhifor Yupee We ve made the grade' We re Sen uors at last" All our work Pl hasn t been un vaun Yet as we look back over the years we realuze that along wuth the work weve had our share of fun whule munglung wuth the students of Alfred Almond Our socual lufe and our furst actuvutues as a class began un seventh grade We learned how to dance Pl un gym class and attended the May Froluc to show off our newly acquured skull Durung our year un eughth grade we gave a hularuous one act comedy for assembly called Bobby Sox ln the play Bobby Sox trued to steal her older suster s boy fruend That year the Junuor Hugh Student Councul was set up We were proud to have two representatuves from our class on the councul As Freshmen we were actually sensors lsenuors un Junuor Hugh School? Thus year our class really dud thungs un a bug way' We started off by send ung a box of clothung to a poor famuly un Kentucky and receuved un return some mustletoe whuch pepped up the Chrustmas actuvutues un school We gave the play Just Ducky under the able durectuon of Mr Wullard Remember how sully we got at tumes7 Partucularly when Roger Johnson trued to say Well shoot a mule' and when Duck Wurt appeared on the stage un a punk organdy dress and black wug The cast consusted of Jum Harrus Carolyn Gulmore Joe Cotton Mert Preston Noreen Davuson Sara Jocob Roger Johnson Duck Wurt Paul Stullman Marlon Sutton and Ardus Hunkle After the play we began gettung ready for the May Froluc um Harrus and Ardus Hunkle reugned over the dance as Duke and Duchess Wuth the leadershup of Vur ounua Hargraves as presudent assusted by vuce presu dent Mert Preston secretary Joe Cotton and stu dent councul representatuve Joyce Kame we had a very successful Freshman year Fueld Day we racked up hughest score for both Junuor and Senuor Hugh School At last as Sophomores we were un Senuor Hugh My we were proud of ourselves" Durung our Sophomore year we had very luttle class actuv uty We were however actuve un extra currucular actuvutues such as soccer baseball basketball wrest lung and cheerleadung Our advusers were Mass Emens and Mr Norton The class offucers were Roger Johnson presudent Mert Preston vuce presu dent Mary Jane Parush secretary and Jum Harrus student councul representatuve Then we were Junuors and really upperclass men" We got rught underway led by presudent Jum Harrus arud vuce presudent Roberta Glover auded by secretary Maruon Sutton treasurer Joe Cotton and student councul representatuve Sara Jacob Our class rungs were pucked out the second day of school Poor Joe Cotton our treasurer had a busy turne keepung all the records straughtll Then our rungs came and luke all the other classes before us and those to come we thought OUR rungs were the best yet Soon however our rungs appeared on hands other than they were orugunally meant for wuth wads of adhesuve tape wound around them or restung upon some masculune luttle funger We decided to have our dance at Clarustm tnme for a change and on S37 too Rememl er all those tangled snowflakesv We ll never know where Louue Roberts found the patuence to untangle theml' Mr Norton our advuser was always there helpung us even though we must have druven hum near to unsanuty At las the cnt es hours o decoratung were over Bob Lewus and Carunne Mac lntosh ruled over our dance as Prunce and Pruncess ln June under the durectuon of Mrs Baxter our other advuser we decorated for graduutuon The year was comurug to a end d t was la l for us to belueve that un another ycar we would the graduatung class Last September as we marched to assembly the furst day of school we realuzed we were honest to goodness SENlORS'l There wasnt much change though and ut s stull hard for us r our last year un Hugh School Mo 1 of us are mak ung plans for the future Some of us are go ng on to college or plannung to get rnarrued but un fortunately many of our boys wull be uounung thc armed forces soon after graduatuon T us year our offucers ere prc dent B ll lde vuce presudent Corunnc Maclntosh rrt Ardus Hunkle treasurer Carolyn Gulrnorr tl t dent councul representatuve Sara lacub Rrmcm ber those uproaruous class rneetuags tl at lat l longer than they were supposed M37 J e C tt held top honors thus year as presudent of the S'uu dent Councul urung Aprul we began gettung r ly f o ur Senuor play After many lours ol fun and wr lf on our part and patuence on r d uert r we gaxe our play on the evenung rf Muy litl Some of our members also took leads un th enuor Hugh Productuon guven M rrh lfltl Tar nuors also partucupated un the Sunuar Huga or mal whuch was held the nught of May ?9th ow the d y of graduatuon has come ant as we march down the ausle gurls un wlaute gown and boys un blue gowns mcmorucs pas before us of skuppung class of basketball games of hustr y assugnments of study C75 halls cf gym classes and of many other thungs As a funal end to actuvutues of the class of Sl we are takung a Senuor trup soon after graduatuon Thus has been made possuble for the furst lu c by the newly organuzed Senuor Hugh Assocuatuon So wuth our share of wonderful memorues we eavung A A C S for the last fume We are gratefully undebted to the faculty and students who have made our years un school so worthwhule . f . ' rv I A 37.1, ' 1 .Q - 'Q f 5' , cf-' U FD , 0 , ' gal ' ' 1-'-' -rv - - , " Pr' 4 " ,' , ,L ul u ' ' ' 0, , , :TL-. f ' "rib al" ' - 5 A .' , - r Q .f L f' o ' , lv, ., N .1 9 '4 31, - , ,, '- -- 'A N- S , y , - 4 - f . ,ff . . - r L lx RJ f t- If .la K A W 15... r- af -- -- - A . ,, ,W af A51 y -P-J, -- I -Ly, I C . . H 1 1 - - p L. . . , , . L . 1 . . - ,. . . L , , I L L I , , . . . . , . ' L ' L os- . . . . . . . ,, N L L , L . , . A Il ' ll 1 L . .. . , L , L, L L . . . L , Y - L I . L t 1 ll s ' f , , . , ll ll ' . g 4, t " . l U , . . . V - L L . , L , C. I A L Q A ', aL Ln an u L, Lara I I x - - . L L L I ' uu - - A - be L L . - L L L , L . . 1 . I I I J V ' L' 4 , , . . . . . , , F K , . ,L L L to ealuze taus us ll ll 4 ' ' ' Y,v . I L ' . . , . L L 1 I . . ,, . . I I V L I - . ,, . . . . . L C X . , L L L . ' ' f , I h w . asu , u ' J A s J Q f , 1 L ' , sec f Luuv, C ' ' , , ' ' , , ' f , L , L I r, Lan s ut' l , ' ,,' , ,, J, ' . L ' , L L ,L f 3 X - C C , ' ' , - f , , L rg aL L s et c I L . , , S ru ll on . . T V I T I 3 1 1 ,T . . I I - T l I I - . . ' ' D L r:.ut f ur Lt I . ' ' L c 'T , L' UT, ' ' u . , K ' ' ' , L L ou u ua s rmrt, ' 1 K ' 5 1 f u I 1 . L Y u 1 U - I f- S I "W .1 ,. a l 1 - ' Se c L 'E V T I' l li ' r r ' ' v L , I I I - , ' L V V - - - - N a , L L , L a L l , . . . - C L L , s A , - - -- c I u N' T' L S V ' V I , , , - - . - , - - . L ,, L L L , ar I C I I I ' ' ' , L I J t L. 4 - . . . . , 4 - L L L . .. , . , . . ' ' . ' ' , C K K . , K L m , I , -. 4 - - . . L L ma , , , , . . . . - - L . , u C , ' u 'K 'I . , , are I , . . L ' . a 1 .. L c , c V u I 23 1905666 an IQ' 60466 N MESA, , ,V,2,:fansm C9 in Z FUNKSH j SC HOOL 50,1 X HER Mare reeeu LAWRENCE WHKEFaEL0 ff J o-.Jo bf, PILOT MGL:-N ZPEDDLER ' PIRATE O " SOHNAUTZ JAILB n Ros BAKE gun- J'oHNso UCS wArSoN ON SLIRIGEF? N AND WIRT GLOVER E a -Z FULLER ' K CKQCEER no f fn UW gi E v uRusHMANNpROFX ROQERTS p E Houstwwe RQSSMAN LLZTEAEQQ XQ ACH-4m.sooF2F L com. MINER Pflmsfn PRESTON cr A H ' XAOMI Y' McLANE E Q X BABYSITTER PAYNE gEL,LH OP fx Q SNAKE 5 JACOB ,223-90 CHARMER 0 'T'lGl-WR AK 0 DRWER 3 g,jMAClNT05H 0 GI L-M O R E X WALKEQ D P DAVISON esp SEXKEJ! ,, owes? BURDETTA Q7 Mona. 1 C COOK HEMIST HlNk I DIED FROM LE Z' 40 Ld, A EXPLO "uEsDANCER saouj X- VW 9 A.A.C.S. 91 QM HARGRAVES AOCIAL No RTIC IAN HARRIS BUTTERFLY DET EC T WE S H ORT , 1 0 'rsRvJfLL'GER 55 Q L0 SEC6ETARY 7 , XP pl-ANK f X usmsss gs 2 f"-1' Z 392 wg ff' 'khmo 0 E 1 ' Q Q wt A 6 5 5 xx 1 S mm A 3. R5 X 'M' my X A j I s - vc: Yi- .fly -'Ik' .7 -Q ix T: ck Nl 2' fl" Paco 1 qi? 1 ' .': 2, 5 N N' . A Z' 5 L:"kp C' 6 I G goss C.O1'x'oy4 SA EW 4? Comemnw 'DQS STSLLMAN 8 A- 1 9. 'DLQNK aa sa P eieee meg? Wellelwfll Bill: bv ll 5-5-" gaze E?lftQClfAllflg We the Senaors of Alfred Almond Central School beang of sound mands whach as quate un usual bequeath to our underclassmen our most prazcd possessaons May they use them to the best of thear abalaty Wallaam Baker wallangly gaves up has allergy to Davad Payne who doesnt lake to work eather Donald Burdette leaves has talkataveness Janet Bushnell who needs at to help her out taght squeezes Johnny Albaston who as a deval l To Gene Johnson who wants a car to drave Wellsvalle lwe wonder what s over there? Joe Cotton walls has Dad s Chevae IE Alfred Almonds taxa Noreen Davason who would rather be Insade than out gaves up her job at the drave an to Sue DeLavergne who as past that stage Carolyn Galmore bequeaths her cheers for Lakemont to someone else Hers are reserved for Alfred next year Roberta Glover walls Dack McLane Whoops' Last manute flash she thanks she can put up wath ham for a whale longer To Charles Paerce the brush cut boy Duane Green walls has wavy locks Varganaa Harqraves walls her Interest In the Ag Tech to Anne Mclntosh who lakes the Greene surroundang there To Everett has brother James Harras be queaths has clothes whach he can add to the collec taon of Stanleys Mary Halsdorf gaves her assurance of not be ang an oll maad to Kathleen Walkanson who as tryang' ' To Alberta Ormsby who as already an ardent fan Ardas Hankle leaves her Interest an the A A C S basketball team Wallaarn lde bequeaths has abalaty to catch a deer lor dear? to Pae Ormsby who has has troubles To Camalle Crofoot who has the abalaty Sara Jacob gladly leaves her place as flutast Roger Johnson walls the hole that he wall leave on the varsaty to Bob Baker who can fall It Robert Lawrence bestows has abalaty to mass farst peraod class lEraglashJ to Dack Lawrence has brother lat must run an the famalyl To Daan Norton Coranrae Maclntosh walls her foolashness Now we can lave an peace' James McAndrews walls has haar style to Bob Jefferds who has the same troublell To Arlang Perry who lakes UD has seat on the bench Dack McLane walls has posataon on the varsaty Mary Jane Parash w lls her abalaty to ska to Eloase Phallaps tfrom experaence dont forget to take a pallow J To Alberta Bander who as usually seen but not Beverly Plank walls her horse laugh to Dorothy McCrea who can put at to good use To Dack Brown who as 6 3 Sharley Plank walls her shortness so he can come out of the clouds Mert Preston walls has bulgang muscles and heaght to Nelson Snyder we stall have hope To Mr Norton who traes Louae Roberts walls has attempts to blow up the chemastry lab Ralph Rossman doesnt leave anythang h prefers to keep at hamself To Alyce Lebohner who as aust the opposate Kenny Schnautz walls has boasterousness Norma Short walls her sewang abalaty to Joan Burdack who can use It an F H A To Ralph Wheeler who as always crackang corny aokes Paul Stallman leaves has supply Maraon Sutton bequeaths her hastory marks to James Pendleton lucky guy Margaret Terwallager gaves he r abalaty to cook good meals to Audrey Decker Pass the Tumsll To Arthur Chandler who needs t lrvang Wakefaeld walls has cow charmang abalaty Larry Watson walls has freckles so Margaret Mullagan can add them to her collectaon Dack Wart walls has way wath the women to Ball Shaw as af he needs atl' Any other assets C73 we bequeath tothe faculty whach can probably admanaster themll Therefore we the Senaors beang of weak mand and strong body do declare thas to be our last wall and testament sagned In the presence of Mr John E Galmore prancapal and Mr Erwan Dexter Ianator on the 15th of January an the year of our Lord naneteen hundred and fafty one Sagned THE SENIOR CLASS OF l95l K . - , f ra -we 3a af--P .ef-A-f I P ,I f I I ff, I cgxk .L .Qi I L , -A 7A .4-aaa. ' lv Y' ' 4-I I , A K A Xxf N- 7 X Q fa - , P l V . -A '-gl L 'A 4' gg ' 'S 'CQ , 'T' f ,J ag lah, 5 , , if A ' A V V M a a-- -li-'. " I df l I I - I I' . . . I I " . . . . . I I I I .V ' ' A I - C I ' ' I - 4 C to . . . . -Q , I ' of - aa LUCY Cook leave? her angelle expresslon to heard, Carol Payne wills her loudness CPD. I 1-P " l ' to - I ' 'I ' ' 1 I - , C . . ' - . , . Q e . . - , -. . I - P ' Il Il . . . l I I ' , . , aa I I l I ' l H E V L I . . . . . . A . l l . . I I I ' . I I . . . I t . ' I l ' I . ' 1 1 . . . . I I . 25 n. """- A ::fgMj5,' K. .Q SENIOR SNAPS 1. Huddle! 2. Caught Short? 3. Field Day! 4. Missed! 5. Soooooo!! 6. In the bathroom? 7. Hip Hep! 8. Hurry!! 9. Petty Girl?? 10. Discussing Girls?? 11. Hangover?? 12. Up and Over! 13. Camping!! 14. The Champ! 15. What? form? CALM I9 2 .1 MM-.4 . N r x . x ii 6 I 5 V P' ,W 'nth ww. . .,, X TOP ROW: D. Brown, A. Perry, A. Chandler, J. Pendleton, C. Stevens, W. Shaw, P. Ormsby. THIRD ROW: J. Bushnell, C. Pierce, K. Wilkinson, D. McCrea, M. Mulligan, E, Johnson, E. Phillips. SECOND ROW: Miss Emens, adviser, J. Burdick, S. DeLavergne, D. Payne, A. Binder, Mr. Phelan, adviser. FIRST ROW: A. Mclntosh, A. Decker, E. Harris, A. Ormsby, A. Lebohner. ABSENT: V. Wheaton, D. Norton, R. Wheeler. President ..,.. -. ..,.............. Anne Mclntosh Vice-President .................... Everett Harris Secretary ....................... Alyce Lebohner Treasurer ....................... Audrey Decker Student Council Representative ..... Alberta Orrnsby Since it is our third year in High School the Junior class has a lot to talk about. Our class has provided several athletes for soc- cer, baseball, track, junior varsity and varsity basket- ball. These athletes have contributed much for each respective team. The high light this year was the purchasing of our class rings to which we had all looked forward with great expectation. We also inherited the pub- lishing of our school paper from our upperclassrnen. We as Juniors would like to express our appreci- ation to Miss Crooker who so willingly helped us in the publishing of our paper and to Miss Ernens and Mr. Phelan who have helped to make our Junior year a successful one. l X ilu VFW? CAM I9 3 S 5 ir Q 'Il s'9'?'l of . gi' 'sr . We 5 'iii -J' 'W A-. . . .. T S, K. 'H . ' i -,.,. g KAN .R . hw . vw , TOP ROW: F. Tucker, L. Wagner, R. Lawrence, R. Baker, F. Rice, R. Schwartz, R. Jefferds. FOURTH ROW: L. Hargraves, J. lde, J. Albiston, M. Drake, M. Mullen, C. Bird, R. Burdick, G. Odell. THIRD ROW: N. Snyder, M. Hurd, E. Thomas, V. Simons, R, Thomas, R. Emerson, B. Weaver, D. Doty, D. Dodge. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ruger, adviser, R. Snyder, J. Gillette, E. Harmon, E. Schnautz, E. Armstrong, J. Paine, J. Sick, Mrs. Whiteman, adviser. FIRST ROW: M. Bailey, L. Getz, D. Bird, S. Baker, C. Witter, S. Macintosh, P. Spaine, J. Tucker. ABSENT: C. Phillips, W. French, L. French. President ........................ Shirley Baker Vice-President ...,...,.,...,..,...e., Doris Bird Secretary ..L.,.. . ..,....,......... Patty Spaine Treasurer-- - ,.,.................. Carroll Witter Student Council Representative .... Shirley Maclntosh ln the Junior High, the Sophomore class was ac- tive with various plays, dances, parties, and sports activities. We surprised everyone by having the high- est score on field day in both our 8th and 9th years. ln our 9th year we produced the riotous three act comedy, "Desperate Ambrose." Finally, we were in High School. We didn't do much this year as a class because of Senior High Association rules, but we did take our share ot re- sponsibilities by acting on committees, by providing able basketball, baseball, and soccer players, wrestlers, and cheerleaders. Besides these activities other mem- bers have represented us in FFA., F.H.A., 4-H, and in band and chorus. unior The "big news" in the Junior High at the be- ginning of school this year was the addition of two new teachers: Mr. Scott to the mathematics depart- ment, and Mrs. Schuhle to the English department. The class of '54 chose as their adviser Mr. Wil- lard. Then classes of '55 and '56 held their meet- ings and elected Mrs. Schuhle and Mr. Scott respec- tively, for advisers. The ninth grade elected Bob New- man for their president, Russell Allen, vice president, Philip Baker, secretary-treasurer, and Norman Payne as representative on the Student Council. The eighth grade chose Beverly Decker for president, Barbara Allen, vice-president, Roberta Armstrong, secretary- treasurer, with Brian Rogers representing them on the Student Council. The seventh grade chose Tommy Johnson for president, Clifford Patrick, vice president, Wanda Plank, secretary, Mary Green, treasurer, and Larry Hunt as representative on the Student Council. The Junior High held its annual Christmas party in the cafeteria. lt also performed its annual play, and with the money taken in from the play paid for their "May Frolic". Cymru I9 4 TOP ROW: E. Pierce, B. Nye, R. Brundage, P. Baker, R. Harrison, S. Clair, E. Palmer, S. Pierce, D. Lewis, R. Wasson, R. Jones, R. Burdick. THIRD ROW: Mr. Willard, adviser, R. Newman, K. Stebbins, D. Brundage, J. Stockweather, P. Spencer, N. Payne, C. DeLavergne, F. VanOrman, R. Allen, W. Cook, J. Harvey. SECOND ROW: B. Faisst, D. VanDuser, E. Stu- art, M. Hargraves, D. Atkins, M, Barnes, V. Allen, D. Ormsby, J. Mulligan, G. Pierce, C. Crofoot, J. Fenner, R. Broughton. FIRST ROW: M. Patton, E. Briggs, D. VanDuser, M. Dunn, J, Drake, R. Carnes, P. lde, R. Watson, T. Wheaton, L. Heers. ABSENT: B. Burdette, J. Erskine. r 5 1 :W f ff '-as J-" 44' wr, t 1 . 05, .1 . 5 : .. .333 gg' TOP ROW: Mrs. Schuhle, adviser, V. Champlin, B. Straight, E. Drew, A. Barnes, S. Roberts, L. Carnes, A. Hurd, R. Zimmerman, C. Faisst, C. Grantier, H. Pendleton, S Aldrich, E. Cart- Q wright. SECOND ROW: L. Driscoll, D. Moraitis, L. Sutton, M. Campbell, P. Clancy, S. Mc- Lane, B. Decker, S. Thomas, R. Atkins, K. Mensinger, W. Mills, K. Parker, D. Palmer. FIRST ROW: D. Farley, J. Gilmore, B. Allen, V. Buchanan, R. Armstrong, R. Mullen, J. Bushnell, R. Atken, S, Easton, B. Rogers, R. Post. ABSENT: A. Clancy, S. Bird, A. Parish, N. Williams. I95 TOP ROW: Mr. Scott, adviser, E Flint, S. Weinland, B. Hitchcock, F. Farley, B. Nye, W. Page, 0 D. Gregory, W. Harvey, M. Meeks, E. Wagner, O. Young, D. Page, R. Hoffman. THIRD ROW: G. Metzger, W. Rice, W. Plank, S. Taylor, M. Green, V. Rice, M. Shaw, A. Hutchinson, M, Dickinson, D. Wells, C. Chandler, Z. Pierce, B. Rigby, B. Rigby, J. Jefferds, J. Wilkins. SEC OND ROW: D. Coleman, B. Porter, J. Lemon, P. Johnson, C. Patrick, W. Ormsby, S. Cook, N. VanDuser, J. Wilcox, C. Wilkinson, R. Hoffman, P. Leathersich, R. Myers, R. Terwilliger. 6 FIRST ROW: N. Cartwright, P. Washburn, V. Broughton, J. Greene, D. Maclntosh, N. Neeley, J. Phillips, R. Greene, S. Eggar, O. Mitchell, J. Sick, C. Williams, M. Tucker. ABSENT: D. Coombs, R. Champlin, L. Tucker, L. Hunt, F. Cook. x It I lr 6lA Qmfle TOP ROW: E. Baker, B, Pendleton, S. Smith, S. Mason, J. Burdick, D. Mott. THIRD ROW: D. Habern, R. McDan- iel, M. Tucker, B. Reynolds, A Mitch- ell, D. Burdick, O. Saltzer. SECOND ROW: K. Snyder, I.. Smith A. Simons, K. Mclntosh, P. Mensinqer, M Kamc. FIRST ROW: B. Pierce, E Shaw, D. VanDuser, D. Patton, B. Jacox, P. Wightman. ABSENT: R. Sherman, S, Nye, K. Doty. 614 grade TOP ROW: G. Phillips, J. Mays, B. Hoffman, G. Wallace, H. Sherman, R. Wilson. THIRD ROW: N. Miller, H Hurd, R. Campbell, J. Dunn, J. Thomas, J. Thacher, N. Moraitis. SECOND ROW: A. Chandler, T. Door ley, M. Clancy, S. VanGorder, J. Bev W. Spaine, E. Ormsby. FIRST ROW: V. Gillette, K. Porter, F. Clancy, R. Stockweather, S. Easton, D, Farley, J. Clair. ABSENT: I.. Crooks. ' 5fA gracle M. Pierce Goodridge, H. McCrea, E. Chandler TOP ROW: , W. Rice, R. Baker, R THIRD ROW: E. Allen, R Taylor, D. Buchanan, R. Post, M. Mc lntosh, T. Hale. SECOND ROW: J Tucker, J. Borton, M. Spaine, D. Bur dette, J. Lewis, J. Doorley. FIRST ROW: E. Schneider, A. Oqden, F Phillips, D. Harwood, J. Patchen. AB SENT: R. Sherman. 5fA Qimle TOP ROW: G, Langer, P. Brown, S Weinland, S. Green, R. VanOrman, S. Watson. THIRD ROW: S, Emerson, C, Baker, R. Dunn, J. Glover, A. Pearcy, A. Champlin. SECOND ROW: R. Wilkins, B. Davison, D. McKibben, J. James, B, Allen, D. Wright, C. Woodworth. FIRST ROW: F. Olin, S. Pierce, R. Tucker, G. Harvey, E. Gor- don. ABSENT: A. Doty, H. Williams. 4fA Q-...Je TOP ROW: E. Pendleton, J. Smith, M. Sherman, R. Washburn, W. Cook, A. Gregory, R. Goodwin. THIRD ROW: M. McMahon, W. Nevins, G. Moraitis, K. Cornelius, M. Welton, S. Lemen, C. Meeks. SECOND ROW: D. Cornell, L. Davis, V. Dickinson, G. Flint, D. Lebohner, L. Sutton, L. Campbell. FIRST ROW: J. Marvel, P, Wheaton, C. Smith, R, Hutchinson, G. Ormsby. 4M grade TOP ROW: R. Cornell, J. Reynolds, C M. Wells, S. Smith, L. Chandler, Thacher, J. Nye. THIRD ROW: B. Samuelson, U. Warren, W. Neeley, G. Arnold, R. Dickens, L. Wigent, K Rogers. SECOND ROW: E. Hale, S, Harwood, G. Olin, K. VanDuser, D. McMahon, B. Allen, L. Biehl, D. Mc- Crea. FIRST ROW: T. Coleman, M. Bird, A. Stebbins, M. Zirkelbach, D. Jefferds, P. Wasson. ABSENT: R Baker. , 5+ . 1 . L ..- ,. Sify .. is '12, fig' 'P 451 . , If i , ,jf1QQjf?? U . , 7 .ia ' pL2i'Tl"fff - "' 9 I 5, , 3 3 2 1 J , 3 i FW iii a we M 3 Q , W2 -lr, ,, ,, A r. , giiirxfw . ,Q - A' . xiii J: xi A " " ' W' I 4 o if x Pr X Y 4 5 5 I 'V list? Q' HQ 5 'Z 5: EX 5' Q as 4. . .. -A,x' .K , , ,4A -f 01 , 'gf W if v As, ra'-,-4 ma: if Q . , .l 1 . .,.. J. . - W .f S. 5 X , Ir kvs U Di " -GX ', . 1 'ffrf ll , Wg2 1'g 5 a J, ' r 4' 2 " ' w K, A - s 3 1 . . all B .J Y 'ff' "1 ? .i .W ff . , , k , ax . .- S-I . ,QL NU L ws q . 1 Q. V 'W f-4 sis? Q .5 25' IS 5 5 . L W . ., P , s is V , . A ,Y si-gfq me Q '3 aw qv 1' 'S ,.f1gaJA A "'-Q M -I ax Xb if f ff, 145' 5 If if gf 5- ? 5 ' get D 'E Q T. - - ' 1 Y W 51 5 ,Q ' 5 ai E M La F P1 W 'U .41 1- ' U 3, is J , 5 gp ' f'!:4f I ' ' V3 "' ' s f f Q Sv Q 3, , ... sw .D V 4w!"l" "7 'ff I - N ' -- ' in " fa 'J iii Fr, 'S 4 R' f, fs, K ,ir H x H9 K V if Q S ' 'b 1.1 ' 4 " ' 'N s 7 0, ly' A3 s 3 ' uf iii? ' 4, 31-lui, ....-mv -1.-.-121. 129 5 QYHVW5 if ' m Cell 5? JOSEPH COTTON Editor in chief STANDING: Mrs. Crusen, Mrs. Whiteman, Miss Wheeler, Mr. Gilmore, Miss Crooker, Mr. Powers, Mr. Phelan. SEATED: M. Hilsdorf, C. Gilmore, C. Maclntosh, J. Cotton, A. Hinkle, P. Stillman, S. Plank, M. Sutton. Under the leadership of Joe Cotton, editor, the Alcen staff got off to a fast start and stayed that wayll Ardis Hinkle, literary editor, attempted to get everything written up by Christmas??l Sports editor Paul Stillman and his camera became a familiar sight around school. Carolyn Gilmore had fun wrangling ads out of the local merchants. Corinne Maclntosh, business man- ager, was always trying to get out of chemistry class to deposit money. Lucky Shirley Plank, photography editor, got out of all her classes when the pictures were taken. Mary Hilsdorf, as sales manager, carried "gobs" of money around. Marion Sutton found a constructive use for her doodling as art editor. ae i is .rff jp, STANDING: B, Rogers, N. Payne, L. Hunt, SEATED: A. Ormsby, S. Macintosh, J. Cotton, S, Jacob, Miss Thomas v 113' STANDING: B, Rogers, N. Payne, F. VanOrman, L. Hunt. SEATED: R. Carnes, G. Pierce, B, Burdett, D. Ormsby, Mr, Willard. M Sutton S Jlcob M J Parish E Phillips A Lebohner A Mc lntosh M Mulligan C Macintosh R Glover S DeLavergne 40 .gzulenf counci The l95O-5l council has sponsored full length movies, the Junior Red Cross, the Halloween parade, the student store, school crests, and helped in getting the Senior High Association started, The council reg- ulated all money making and other activ- ities of various school organizations and was a member of the National Association of Student Councils. The officers this year are president Joe Cotton, Senior, vice-president Sara Jacob, Senior, secretary Alberta Ormsby, Junior, treasurer Shirley Macintosh, Sophomore. The adviser is Miss Thomas. unior .szulenf Councif Last spring the president of Junior High Student Council was elected by the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students. The honor went to Betsey Burdett. A council representative was elected by and from each of the Junior High home- rooms. Gladys Pierce, who is council vice-presi- dent, was sent by room 213. Dorothy Ormsby, secretary-treasurer, represents room 2lO. Fred VanOrman is from room 216. and Ruth Carnes was elected by room 2ll. Larry Hunt, Brian Rogers and Norman Payne are class representatives from the seventh, eighth and ninth grades respec- tively, and Mr. Willard is the council's ad- viser. .szldellf SOP? Would you like a pencil, some paper, or another school supply? Well, just travel to the north end of the hall where you will find the student store, open every morning until nine. Five juniors and five seniors make up the staff, and two of them will be there to wait on you. This year, for the first time, the store is on its own and being managed by Cor- inne Maclntosh. Up until this year it has had the backing of the Student Council, but now it is able to support itself. fl JJJ4. TOP ROW: B Weaver, C. Bird, R Snyder, J Bushnell, A. Binder, J Nyc, N. Short, V Wheaton, L French, D Bird D Doty, THIRD ROW: Ad viser, Mrs. Crusen, S. Baker, M. Drake, D. McCrae, K Wilkinson, A. Leboh- ner, M. Hilsdorf, J. Burdick, D. Nor- ton, L. Cook, J. Gillette, SECOND ROW: A Mclntosh, M. Terwilliger, C, Payne, R. Glover, B. Plank, S. Plank, V. Hargraves, J. Sick. FIRST ROW: A Decker, V. Simons, E. Arm- strong, J Tucker. 33,4 TOP ROW: R Jefferds, R Burdick, M. Preston, R. Burdick, F Rice, D. Burdette, A. Perry, D. Green. THIRD ROW: Adviser, Mr. Linderman, G. Odell, J. lde, R. Schwartz, L. Har- graves, J. Pendleton, W Cook, W. Shaw, I. Wakefield. SECOND ROW: D. Payne, W. Baker, R, Lawrence, R. Rossman, A, Chandler, C Stevens, R. Thomas. FIRST ROW: C. Pierce, F. Tucker, C. Phillips, J. Mulligan. 4-SU TOP: R Jefferds, B. Nye, J. Pendle- ton, F. Van Orman, C. DeLavergne, W. Nye, B. Mays, J. Mulligan, B. Hoffman, P. Spencer, W. Cook, R. Burdick. THIRD ROW: Adviser, Mr Linderman, D. Burdick, M, Kame, K. Doty, R. Goodrich, R. Taylor, T. Door- Iey, R. Dunn, K. Mclntosh, M. Meeks R. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: S. Clair V. Champlin, R. Champlin, D. Cole- man, G. Odell, R. Thomas, L. Har- graves, J. Lemon, F. Farley, D, Fen- ner. FIRST ROW: J. Dunn, W. Rice R Wilkins, D. Wright, J. DOOrley, E. Shaw, F. Olin, T, Hale, R. Stock-- weather, J. Patchen, E. Stewart. i s., '- 4-9 v-Y T7 av' 'Q gr. VV enior .fduocia llion TOP ROW: Mr. Lynn Phelan, Everett Harris, William lde, Mr. Roger Norton. SECOND ROW: Miss Beatrice Crooker, Doris Bird, Anne Macintosh, Ardis Hinkle, Corinne Macintosh, Carolyn Gilmore, Mrs. Leona Whiteman. FIRST ROW: Alice Lebohner, Shirley Baker, Audrey Decker, Patty Spaine. ABSENT: Carroll Witter, Mr. Stanley Ruger, and Miss Emma Emens. This year a new system was set up under the name of the Senior High Association, The purpose of this organization is to co-ordinate the efforts of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes to make possible more and better activities. The Senior High presented a variety of events in- cluding a square dance, the Cole Brothers' Circus, the Basket "Ball," the Hollv Festival, the "Gilbert and Sullivan Revue," a roller skating party, a Senior High Ball and a Senior trip. The three classes are represented on the coun- cil by their class officers. The council elected as its officers this year, chairman Ardis Hinkle, Senior, vice Chairman Doris Bird, Sophomore, secretary Cor- inne Maclntosh, Senior, Anne Mclntosh, treasurer and finance committee chairman, Junior, and Carolyn Gilmore, program committee chairman, Senior. Other members of the council include Senior, Bill lde, Juniors, Everett Harris, Audrey Decker, Alyce Lebohner, Sophomores, Shirley Baker, Patty Spaine and Carroll Witter. The advisers on the Council include: Miss Be- atrice CrookerJMr. Roger Norton for the Seniors,Miss Emma Emens and Mr. Lynn Phelan for the Juniors, and Mrs. Leona Whiteman and Mr. Stanley Ruger for the Sophomores. .Q -3 Q 3 E QS Q x Q an Q gi . ig Q Q, gm JT Fix tg qx M N if H ,, 5 15' L f an 1 it x, 0 S O TF, uf 4 if wkx gxgxk tx T. Q s, '31 f 2 1 X. ,5 3. -sg A, 4 Q '. is ji 912 I I 1 L X Q . ' 'gms K Av as 5 H- if 1 S " 5 5 ? XR 5 si , E5 33 3 6- 'IEP ' 1 M 47 11h -6 WS- , I,!!! 'F IQ 'EQ v K Yay W 3,5 y, ,, , 1 3' 5 , ' 4 W, mg -A kg Q 'W' 5 ra 5 , 5-3 " r 3' . 5 Q 1,2 Y 5:1 Q 'Qt W '1 S A 1 A A iii 21 ' V ' J 1 ' , .-,,. 1 f' N' -Q S Q 1 Q -Q 1 4 -1 Q Q if ai Q Q , .H Mx X ay, :'E,Q,r..L?izp Q' "" f X ' , ' 5 asf Q rf, 9 f5'xfi 3 'g if WQ,:fG- . ' Q is sf Q, - f Q ,W xg: 'f' M Drake, R. Thomas, R. Lawrence, C. McManus, C. Witter, L. Easton, P. Spaine, R. Baker, S. Maclntosh, J, Sick, J. Paine, R. Emerson, D. Dodge, R. Jeffcrds. unior Ffa, The '50 Freshman class presented the annual Freshman play, "Desperate Ambrose," by Donald Pay- ton, under the direction of Elmer A. Willard. lt all started when Ambrose Grover, played by Leon Easton, and Bert Miller, portrayed by Carroll Witter, a couple of would-be comedians, were cross- ing the desert headin' Californy way. Then right out in the middle of the desert they were booted off the train and onto their own. After trudging across the desert for several days, they blew into Dead Man's Gulch, the wildest and wooliest spot in the whole west. Now it so happened that Homer the Kid and his pal, Gun Smoke Carter, the West's most fearless cow- punchers, were expected to breeze into town at any moment, and when Ambrose and Bert hobbled in, they were mistaken for these cow-pokes. Ambrose was taken for the hero, Homer the Kid, and got everything in a terrible state. He didn't catch the ill , afdsolrecfor crooked sheriff, Carlton McManus, was completely beaten by Hoot Owl Pete, acted by Dick Lawrence, and practically hung by Stinkweed, played by Richard Thomas. Ambrose didn't get the heroine Nancy, por- trayed by .loAnne Sick, either, but he did get things into the most devastating ot messes. Dan'l, played by Bob Baker, and Posie, played by Patty Spaine, the colored servants, added much to the rollicking fun of the play, as did the gossip, Mrs. Sprool, acted by Rose Marie Emerson, and her daugh- ter, Lena, portrayed by Jackie Paine. Beth, played by Meredith Drake, a native of the West, took Nancy and her sister, Anne, portrayed by Shirley Macintosh, under her wing in this Western town. Duane Dodge, a taxi driver, and Bob Jefterds, a judge, added to the comedy. All in all, this play was the rootin'est, tootin'est, funniest play to ever gallop across our stage. Zsifelaf l95O seemed to be a poor year for the Al fred Almond baseball team In that they only won two of theur games We lost the mayor part of our l949 team and the boys were mostly green We started off wnth hugh hopes but Cuba peeled us down quickly followed by a gained our hopes for a llttle whale when we beat Fnllmore by a slum margm The rest of the year was a flop partly due to the next loss to Boluvar 9 2 The team at last saved the name of Alfred Almond by a wan over Bolnvar 6 5 The base ball team thus year should have good results rf the putchmg staff holds up Cuba Hornell Fullmore Bolrvar Andover Wellsvnlle Cuba Hornell Fullmore Bolivar Opp A-A - ' 4 5 ' , ' I l8 ' 4 3 " ." ' ' ' 2 9 ' , O l3 terrific loss at the hands of Hornell. We re- Wellsville 2 6 . . . . 4 9 ' ' ' . T 5 ll , ' , 5 6 - . - ' l 3 ' ' , - . - ' 6 5 48 Standing Coach Paul Sender Kneelmg R Schwartz C Puerce D Green R BIoomqulstD Buehl W Ide R McLane W-ealgng Semlclrcle R Newman J Bushnell R Broughton W Nye S Plerce Asslstant to the coach W Ide Coach Scott L Hargraves R Wasson W Cook Referees posmon C Stevens J Ide 49 . , . . . , . , . , , , . , . , . . a 1 ' - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . 1 - - 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . . , . . OCC QI' TOP ROW P Stullrmn E Johnson D Fenner R VanDuser J Alblston R Wrrt R johnson E Stunt J Stockweather R Harruson F VanOrman P Spencer THIRD ROW Mr Stnllman Faculty Manager S Aldrrch E Palmer W Shaw D Lewrs R Bnwn S Clarr S Prerce L Wagner R Wasson R McLane Coach Powers SECOND ROW Mwnwocr R Mullen L Sutton T Johnson FIRST ROW F Tucker C Stevens vey l-larrns W Bake E Prerce R Baker C Del.avergne R Rossrnan Ormsby won one moral victory In that they won thenr fnnal game beatnng the team which later went on to wan the class A champronshup In A e gany and Steuben countnes namely Wellsvrlle Even though In the begunnlng thungs looked bad the team steadaly showed Improvement and seemed to show up better against each new team they met It may have been the Irghts whrch they played under at Wellsvulle b t at as more lnkely that the experlence gaaned throughout the year paud oft Even though thus year s results weren t so good rt rs thought that a more expernenced team wrll brung A A suc cess next season Andover Wayland Frllmore Nunda Fnllmore l-lornell Wayland Nunda l-lornell Wellsvllle ODD lawful' , r , ' yr! . , . , A-A . Despute therr record, thus year s soccer team . . . 3 4 A f ' ' 4 6 - H rf ' ' - - r l ' 0 8 , . . I . A 1 ll ' ' ' 2 7 ' 6 12 . A . . 2 3 , U - A A A 2 6 ' . ' 6 I0 , , I . . I A 2 so unior cardiff, 61,540,611 K TOP ROW W Harvey B Hutchcock R Wasson P Baker J Stockweather SECOND ROW E Stuart E Palmer P Spencer F VanOrman S Clar E Paerce N Snyder FIRST ROW Coach Ruger R Schwartz E Johnson R Allen D Lewus J Harvey R Jefferds R Baker P Ormsby C DeLavergne The J V s thus year won several thrullung games one of whnch was wuth Arkport They finally came through to wm by three points They ended the season with a record of nnne wms an nrne losses whnch placed them m a tue wnth Bol :var for furst place an the county The experience of the J V s wall add much to next year s var Slf Andover Painted Post Edison Tech Canasteo Fillmore Parnted Post Bolivar Cuba Wayland Canlsteo Wellsvllle Andover Fnllmore Bolrvar Cuba Arkport Wayland Wellsvllle Total Opp A.A. . .' ' ' ' 34 49 ' 36 37 , ' ' - ' . 38 54 . . . . . ' 26 41 were tranlung by sixteen points at half-fume and - 60 35 . . . ' 24 34 ' ' 27 41 - ' - d 39 25 28 52 . . . . . - . 31 33 , A A l ' 30 38 - 49 47 , . , ' 47 43 ' ' ' ' 34 28 ' Y 50 42 ' 50 47 43 40 ' 47 44 693 726 51 u---- Inf- C w., Dick lob J ws A x -QW gi I Ps Stillman, Norton, Ev Gu , "'A"'lmsg Dick 'V ff! .avert M.. fs V M Of! Joh o X C3 4 9 , or V 4 Q. ww,-' M. Q . , .. We - - ,..,.-. ,.. .. Y w. Q 'Q N lx fn x if X. sg v nf Q 3' 5 df' I: S, F, 4,1 . Q' A' Q EA'q . A 4" ,A x. E? an M 'Q' .., .Ny 3 3 AT I flf State Universlty nf New Ynrl-i AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL INSTITUTE ALFRED, NEW YORK S ' it I ,. .- - C2 , 1 Lg, I ES '- X " , A v Q . 4,- !uo , El K QX, f 4, Eight of the thirteen alumni from AIfrcdAAImor1d now attendmg Ag-Tech. C pr f 9- +1 ' I'1 I3 ' I1 h 9 d f AI -d-Al d f 8 SUCCQSS U UIUVG I swf? compliments ALFRED UNIVERSITY akers General Store General Merchandise Almond New York Phone 34 Complete Food Service SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS Compluments of P R CONDERMAN Alfred Statnon N Y Complnments of LOOHNS CLEANERS 81 LAUNDERERS 450 Canlsteo Street Hornell N Y Compluments of P K RESTAURANT Cannsteo New York Where the gang meets Compluments of E A WITTER S Feed Store Almond New York Alfred Co op G L F Grlndrng and Mrxmg Feed Seed and Ferhlrzer Farm Supplres Alfred Stahon N Y B I , . . ll ' ll I , . . Verne E. Paine, Proprietor I - C D I ll ll - A 1 . . . . I . . I . . . I , , , Compliments of MASON'S "Complete Office Outfitters" Almond . Y. T . 9 Compliments of WHITEMAN 81 WHITEMAN Attorneys-at-law Hornell, N. Y, Compliments of DECKS FRIENDLY SERVICE Almond N Y R E E LIS Pharmacrst Alfred New York ampus 8Ve Neath the Post Offuce Alfred N Y Hornell Wholesale Grocery Co , Inc The Home of ee zlng Qualuty Products Phone 7l8 l8O 200 Canusteo N Y Hornell New York Empire Gas Appl ance Corp display room ln rear cashner wmdows and busmess offnce 'R YOUR GAS OFFICE lN HORNELL N Y Emplre Gas 8- Fuel Company, Llmlted You are lnvlted to vusut us when nn Hornell pr' Serving our Senool S E A L T E S T Compliments of Almond Hardware Plumbing 81 Heahng Qualuty Appluances 9 Ma n Sl cet M M WILSON Almond Nc Yok P E MKMICHAEL Ill I' THEBUX BCD 'fl Hummmmmmw JOHANSSON S ATLANTIC SERVICE Expert Lubrlcahon T es Banc es Acccssornes Plfvc 05263 A cd N Y Complrmenls of GOODWIN S GARAGE STAN LEE HARDWARE Compluments of CAMPUS THEATRE Alfred New York Comoluments of P A MclNTOSH GARAGE John Deere Farm Implements Dealer Almond New York THE TERRA COTTA SHOP Alfred N Y Gifts RAY HANKS AND SONS Excavatmg 8- Bulldozrng Sewer Work Poe3F2 Almod Sand Hull Farm C W Wlgnfman Almond New York Plwone 20 F l2I Murray Stevens l-lornell 5 Largest Cloflfuers Phone I2 Broadway Est l92O i r , w r m,,,.,. , Y ww I Q E 3' 2' r if,w: :I -1--i- 14 C .1 13533 ,lg ---.we , . F Z un -r . ' llgj any u gl . fl X ra lm . . " glfifl rn lfr . I Vlwnf' lf I ll l Almonll N Y , . , . h H , . ' n ' ' 38 GOOD FOOD FOI PLEASED GUESTS JUHNSBXYUII sf cu CIKAOO llll lillll CITY HHIAIILPIII DALLAS-ITLAITA-PITTSIUIBI-DHIOIT-IOSTOI Cornplnrnents of Glidden Pottery Inc Alfred N Y Compliments of ALFRED BAKERY Alfred New York The HUDDLE Alfred New York FRED M PALMER All krnds of INSURANCE Alfred Statnon N Y Compliments of JAMES FLORISTS Dependable Servnce for over 3l years Phone 591 or 2568 Hornell New York BUTTON S T e GARAGE CORNER General Automobile BARBERSHOP Repa""l9 Alfred New York Phone 5l5l Compliments of DANA C PECK Alfred New York Complsments of J A C O X Food Mart Alfred New York Portrants and group pictures made by MOSER STUDIO 27 Clanton Ave N Rochester N Y W Portrauts Candnds Coples ""'--f 4..,,,Ls.-. G oqe Flatz la oo ELMHURST , . , . . I I ' h f f F23 l 'S , . , I1 Q! ll ' l I if -.. It M K 037 Y 11 RV ' . , e rl i un o ding milk at sch I , . . ALMOND UPHOLSTERY Company Inc CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY Almond N Y FRANKLIN'S FURNITURE Makers of Happy Homes l2O Mann Street Hornell New Yor Compllments of WHEATON S STORE Alfred Station New York - SEARS Your one stop shoppmg center LESTERS ee FLOWERS D s Bukolck l62 Mann Street In u n We Dehver Alfred N Y KOSKIE MUSIC CO Pianos Musical Instruments Radvos Records Sheet Musnc Greeting Cards and Sportung Goods l27 Mann St Phone l3l Complnments of HORNELL GENERAL TIRE SERVICE 46 Broad St Federal Buuldung Hornell New York Compliments of STEARNS POULTRY FARM Alfred Statson New York Lumber 8. Bulldmg Supplies S Hollands' Sons Hornell New York ll ll , I , , . , . , S s ra ce I-lornell, N. Y, . , . . O I O I . l , I f Allegany Telephone Co , Inc Busmess Offuces Alfred New York U if if Complnments of WETTLIN FLORAL CO Hornell New York Compluments of TERWILLIGER S DAIRY 28 Church Street Alfred New York Complnmenfs of KELLOGG S STORE Almond New York THE MEN 5 Compliments Your Fruendly Jewelers SHOP Men s and Boys Outfntters XANTHOS l77 Mann Street POOLROOM Hornell New York Alfred New York Complnments of E W Crandall 8- Son Alfred New York 3 X Cornpllments of DR A JAMESSON Alfred N Y Phone 421 SIMON ALDRICH Contractor and Builder 3 Alfred Statlon N Y STEUBEN TRUST COMPANY Hornell New York Member of F D I C COMPLETE BANKING SERVlCE We are proud that Alfred Almond Central School as selected two Monobnlt School Coaches to trwnsport their school chlldren !.Z",,A,,,! 51 'Im MONOBILT FEATURES 0 SAFETY O COMFORT I ECONOMY Tomorrow s School Coach for Today s Chrldren COACH AND EQUIPMENT SALES CORP Penn Yan N Y The New York State School of Ceramrcs ALFRED UNIVERSITY Alfred New York FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES or SCHOOL DINING ROOMS AND CAFETERIAS a so INSTITUTIONS RESTAURANTS HOTELS CLUBS THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY CO., INC. Rochesfer's Leading Supply House 283-29l Central Ave. Baker 2400 Rochester 5, N. Y. FREE PARKING IN REAR Unlverslty Bank Alfred New York M rnber F D l C Compliments from The Collegnate The Dlner The Ag Tech Cafeteria Make Bull and John Alfred New York , Q Alfred Atlas Gravel 81 Sand Corp Washed and Screened Gravel and Sand Alfred New York Wmeburg 81 Gleason, Inc IOO Mann St Hornell N Ladues and Children s Ready to Wear Telephone Hornell l54O Congratulatuons Hornell Automobile Davie Radlo Servlce Dealers Raytheon Bonded Electronic Technicians Bonded by Western National lndemnvty Co. 50 Fulton Street Hornell N. Y. Phone l834 llllf IIUIIIEHS MISS ELAINE BISEO Commercial Teacher All right lets have It qule Quan: GERRY LUIS Likes a certain secretary with dark eyesl' Bug business man In Venezuela gets two letters every day lbusmess re port779l Tries to take two years work In a halt year speedyl' Dont let history get you downl' Brown eyes and long lashes blushes when he smuleslll Makes friends fastl' a dashing Caballero COMPLIMENTS E L Gayvert 81 Co , lnc Dlstrnbutors Kendall Polly Power Gasoline Kendall, The 2000 Mile Oil Southern Tier Concrete Products Concrete pipe block and drain tile Alfred New York L. G. Balfour Company Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques Representatuve Mr RobertT Turnbull I4 Waldemere Way Lakewood, New York Tel 3771 Crandall Supply Co., Inc. 77 State St Bmghamton, N Y Q- 'QM . ' . . ' -fr-4--I I 5' ' 4 ' wx ' ' ' ' fll . , . , . g ' ' ll ll . . . . . I I diiwk Ju 'fl Q. Q- .if f , wh N, .M 1. L Lg E37 G2 . , 551 ikfl 4 L22 1 Wi ,L Z is R 3

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