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Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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1 J 9 3 1 1 V Qgcf xigifw 1 MIZXJMX. .. m 8 ., W190 , . ..X. 'V . A' V. lg Av J A174-1, ,H 355192 WLM E' ' PJ WV ' ' Xxx, x , 505 91 .f' ' x. If 6558! w X M- n Y ,jf on Q ,wg ' A 5 ' by ,uf I r - e ffm my bi W M MQW aw M ri, rg '7 W 05 , KWEFW MW " -A ,ws , J.. 4 myN'i'5?WJf1vj5M W, Yisxgwpm W M515 N637 C52 I ' diff wff MMWMV Wff 0,yffM,L,-pilxwy fflw 1: My W fi 4 QM W Qf XF' X L WW' My 10? 91? "M 0 3517 X QS l NN fx X9 The Alexis 1958 X Q ry 'Q Q L Q, fi, U' f nv, Alexis du Pont eee High Sdhool Wijlmington, Delaware Mu., This is you, Alexis I., the new school of 1894 in your first form and on the opposite page is you, the school of today. Every year we are growing, and in the coming months you too will, once again, grow and change your appearance, thus adding to your usefulness. In a way we the seniors of 1958 or any other senior class anywhere can be com- pared to you. For we, like you, will now begin to change into our third and prob- ably final form. Like you, we too have grown in three stages. The first stage was when we were born, and the second stage has been all that we have gained while at A. I. Now in our third form we will take our knowledge acquired at Alexis I. and add to it what we learn through the years as we take our place in the world. Therefore, we the 1958 senior class of Alexis 1. present our yearbook to you, the Alexis 1. duPont High School as our past, present, and future. TT' 1 PFA Xu gl .4 A 4 'A .3 'f, .,g fn'i E2 9 ffPf A Q I . I Best wishes to the class if co-operation throughout nas been most gratifying. In the words from C eentb Century Spain, I say levelop yourself in your lntil perfectii ' ion of your thinking, udgment, in the control wstiiwfr 0 :Jie 21 if new ref sz? :rg Your fine spirit school years Manual-Seven in your calling fullness of Strive daily to W1 of your ,J 42...:0L-11 ADMINISTRATION physical sciences has much merit in order to supply our country's needs in the missile and space fields. This must be tempered by added emphasis on the social sciences and humanities. Men must under- stand how to live peaceably with each other through human understanding and not fear of man-made destruction, regardless of their political differences. Today, the Golden Rule is more applicable than ever beforf?Let us not be unmindful of this fact. Superintendent of Schools W FACULTY INIISS DOROTHY ALLEN History and Civics ' INIISS CYNTHIA BENZING Guidance MR. LORAINE BOYER Biology MRS. BARBARA BEYER Core Curriculum MR' JOIYIN BUSHMAN Mathematics and Pre-flight J., N I , ,- R E MRS. ViRGINIA CONLON MR. HENRY COWELL MR. ROBERT DILWORTH Business Education D ' ' ' ' ' river Education Matbematicx and Audio-Visual Aids R4 Faculty - va-...M .f X 3 MRS. NELLIE DOUGHERTY Home Living MRS. LORENE FIELD Instrumental Music MRS. RUTH GOODING Nurse MR. DONALD HEILMAN Mr, J. WILSON HOOPES Civics and Mathematics Matbematirs MR. MILOW HOWARD Business Education i i 5 km K I Q 'W . L 4 i .L MR. EDWARD KEATING M155 JOANNE KUHN Arg Physical Education Faculty MR. JAMES LOVALL Core Curriculum .41 , I f I MRS. HELEN MURPHY 7 Librarian 'I MR. EDWQRD MAG1LL ft, ' , Spanish and ,English K A U ,f ff 'X A J hx f' I , af fi' W , N.,,,. V' MR. HARPER PEARCE MR. VINCENT REILLY DR. CHARLES NASH Industrial Arts Vife-Principal English A Physical Educatzon MR. GEORGE SCHAEFER MR- CARI- SCHMIDT Advanced Mathematics Redding Study and Core Faculty MRS. BEATRICE SHIFFERT Cboir and Vocal Music MR. JOSEPH SIMMONS Speech and English MR. SAMUEL SIMMONS ---W 1 MISS MAUD WEBSTER Agricullure French and Lalm English -,. . :emi i MR. RUSSELL WILLIAMS MR. WALTER J. YINGST Band and Instrumental Music Physics and Chemistry 6 ,M -..., mfg s fy q5g3Ag5,'5s,31,,,. Q, .V Q f W. f- -L1 , WJVT, , .. 55 my gsczyg -, - - w :iii my N? 519. , K .gf-my , Www , - W.-,, ,Www IWW-w . X g I 1 I I I E2 why: ,TfQ5Qg4gi5,53fg:Q?1gNIQSAEQS W ta, . f f A - 1:2 fair - 'H' .mf .mfg i, - iv, fu.-, zgissi - fx ' LX'jl1'A5581k?JQk:2?S'7 WHQLLQ. N254 ,wi .1 ..55fi.fiff?- 'i , 3: -:El L 'L' - , ..gW -qnznsf q k , g i E' , ' ' im --ff' ylezksfaf,-Q' ' H'f'H1-QWIQQQ 1 115' f, 'Kiwi .amz Nw: sk Q ' ,.,,, I GV 'V "mdk L-' 'W' A " 073 451, - .f L Q :-.,,: ,f-:"': :'::f'.:.f::Q2"'Nn,i'l'f " Lwf, SJ- x . .7 . .g ,A-,V Ms, Q .V ,..,,. .,-, ,Mizz ,MM . .L wwf--. --H' Wifsi .. , .-,:-:a,::,-:N --mx.-,.,:,.,- ,kf..,. v: 'The SENIOR CLASS of 1958 WILL OFFICERS QRS IVITIES Class Will We, the members of the Senior Class of 1958, of the Alexis I. duPont High School, being of unsound minds and many physical disabilities, do hereby revoke all previous statements, false or otherwise, and other nonsense of a testa- mentary nature, said to be said by us: . I, gamona Ashby, leave. to my sister, Maureen, all my old ames. L L L L L Herbert Barnes, leave to Mr. Pearce, by boat building ability. John Bastian, leave to Lee Armington, all my Spanish grades Jayne Blevins, leave my long hair to Mr. Boyer. Cliff Breeding, leave to Dr. Nash, my ability to chase girls. Janice Brittingham, leave to Margaret Riggin, my quiet ways. I, Norma Buchanan, leave to Sidney Smith, my rabbit nose. I, llriaubra Bundick, leave to A. I.'s NO. I violinist, my long air. I, Molly Bushong, lave to anyone who wants it, my driving L skill. Mary Byington, leave to anyone that needs it, my parking place at school. I, Ronnie Caldwell, leave and take Barbara with me. I, Paul Carkin, leave to a junior, the job of selling next year's "Alexis" in Miss Stewart's homeroom. I, Bud Cartwright, leave to an incoming track man, my L spiked shoes with the holes in the sole. Steve Chapman, leave to Ronald Jack, ten feet of rubber to scrape off the highway. I, Joanne Cheffins, leave to anyone who needs it, my clear complexion. I, Judy Creedon, leave to Merle Comer, my freckles. I, Wilson Davis, leave to Paul Riggs, my ability to get to school on time. I, James DeLaney, leave to any junior, my handwriting so he can torture Dr. Nash. I, Pat Dobrick, leave to Bill Pruitt, the tassels from my boots for his car. I, Marilyn Dorn, leave my front row seat in Chemistry class to any lucky junior. I, Brenda Dougherty, leave to Jenny Lee Weldin, my natural wavy hair. I, Doc Dougherty, leave my job to anyone who wants it. I, Martha Ellis, leave my height to Patsy Cota. I, Roger Emerson, leave to a 130-lb. monster-one tackle posi- tion. I, Sheila Enright, leave to Alan Forster, my tweezers to take with him. I, Margie Evans, leave to anyone brave enough to read them, L L I II my chemistry notes. Evelyn Faw, leave to some deserving junior, my honorable seat in Choir and place on Choir Counsel. Herb Fletcher, leave to Mr. Boyer, my biology books. Alan Forster, leave my left foot to Terry Martine. Anita Francis, leave my ability to get along with Mr. How- ard to anyone who needs it. I, Judith Anne Frederick, leave my curly hair to Carol John- son. I, Mary Anne Garver, leave to Tommy Thomas, my broken L L L L L L L chemistry equipment. Evelyn Garvine, leave my disposition. William Gass, leave to Mr. Keating, one empty stage. Judith Ann Geiger, leave to my sister, Eileen, my nickname, "Tic." Cathy Graham, leave to Laurie Perry my 5'. Dora Greer, leave to any 7th grader, in Homeliving, my ability to sew. Dick Grove, leave to all the junior girls, the memory of me. Bud Gwaltney, leave to any incoming senior a diddy bag full of Dr. Nash's stale jokes. I, John Hahn, leave to my sister, Joan, all of the teachers. I, Pat Hahn, leave my golf clubs to Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Howard. I, David Haldeman, leave to Bobby Keating, the freshman, a L L pair of barber scissors. Judy Hall, leave! Shirley Halverson, leave to any incoming Senior, my job at Greenville. I, Robert Harding, leave my size 13 shoes to anyone who can wear them. I, Dotty Harris, leave to Dieter Korden, my New York accent. I, Mary Lea Haye, just leave. I, Richard Herold, leave in a hurry. I, Ronnie Hickman, leave my baseball uniform to Tim Tansley. L Sandra Hoffman, leave to anyone who wants them, my silk stockings from the Senior Play. I, Howard Johnson, leave to Michael Wistar, 31.25 to get a hair cut. I, Robert Keating, leave to Sid Smith, my big egg plant. L Becky Knowles, leave to Suzanne Hills, a bobby pin. Gloria Kunitsky, leave to anyone who is an only child, my twin, Sonya. Sonya Kunitsky, leave to my twin sister, Gloria, my inno- cence. Stephen Lindell, leave to some worthy junior, my post as chairman of the Clean-up Committee of the Senior Ball. Marshall Lloyd, leave to Mr. Heilman, my absentee excuses to figure out. I, John Long, leave to Archie Hahn, my William Tell Bow Tie. Ann Mahoney, leave to Ann Ganter, my straight hair. Bea Magill, leave to my father, three years of peace before my sister comes to A. I. Gary Marine, leave Dr. Nash and his jokes to the incoming Senior Class. Peggy Marvel, leave to Carol Lucha, my dimples. Michal Messersmith, leave Harry. 4She was wild about him.J Margo McCloskey, leave to who ever can catch it, a green, two-headed, seven-legged rock-eater. Joan McCoy, leave to Winfield Barlow, my curly hair. Virginia McCue, leave to Rita Ventura, both my appetite and my blonde hair. John McGinley, leave to Paul Riggs, my sour jokes. Tod Mighton, leave locker number 365 to anyone who can open it. Phyllis Morse, leave my ghost to march behind the band. Al Mousley, leave to the incoming senior boys, all my girls. Donald Munro, leave to a late junior, my parking space on the bridge. Pat O'Bryan, leave to Leo Rowe, all my empt egg crates. Bobo Olsen, leave to Bill Eichbaum, my ability to bag Cross-country practice without being caught. Helen Price, leave to Dalene King, my long hair. Tony Quintano, leave to all the girls, my love. Also Ramer, leave my little black book to anyone who needs a ate. David Ramsey, leave my good grades to Ralph Davis. Grace Reilly, leave to Marilyn Cumnick, my naturally curly hair. Peggy Rice, leave to some lucky junior, a terrific trip. Dave Riggin, leave to someone who likes money, the office of Treasurer of' the Sports Club. Aija Ripa, leave to someone who is smart, my bad physics grades. Jerr Roberts, leave nothing. I want everything for myself. Sand,y Robertson, leave to Rita Ventura, my ability to stick to a diet. Beverly Sachs, leave to Martha Baird, my naturally blonde hair. Ency Schick, leave, and I hope far behind, my ability for sticking my foot in my mouth, when the other one is already there. Jeffery Schevitz, leave to Mr. Joseph Simmons my twelve children. Patty Seal, leave my letter writing ability to any girl who needs it. Marty Shannon, leave to next year's classes, 180 more days of school. Mary Sheldrick, leave my weight to Ethel Dougherty. Eleanor Sisk, leave my walk to Lillian Thomas. Jane Smith, leave to Susan Hoopes, my one and only dimple. Pat Smullen, leave my English seat to an incoming Senior who wants to hear Macbeth. Charles Springer, leave to Coach Heilman, my bow ties. Lois Stike, leave to Mr. Cowell, my Hot Rod ways. Bob Suhr, leave to any lucky person, my place on the Honor Society. Ronnie Sutton, leave in a heck of a hurry. Barbara Talley, leave my corner in the hall, to anyone who can make good use of it. Jackie Thomas, leave to Barbara Weir, my quiet disposition. Bill Trench, leave to Tony Donehower, all of my classes with Mr. Reilly. Bob Veasey, leave, for good, my front seat in Chemistry. Phil Wagner, leave to any fortunate junior, the class presi- denc . TomyWard, leave to anyone on the Hamburger Squad, my football jersey No. 43. Dave Warner, leave quickly. Susan Washburn, leave to Debbie Walker, my movie maga- zines. Nancy Weldin, leave my best wishes to everyone. Van Wells, leave to Dennis Reilly, my dirty football jersey. Ann Whitman, leave to a future Chemistry student, some burn salve. Pat Yergey, leave to the football team, a pair of slightly used crutches. They'll need them! Carol York, leave to Martha McCallister, my great ability in all sports. Linda Zacovic, leave to any unlucky future senior, my seat in first lunch. BOB KEATING Vice-President CLASS CFFICERS BOB SUHR 'r.,.,,.....-.. NORMA BUCHANAN Secretary JOHN PANCOAST BASTIAN ujackn Enrolled in the Scientific Course. . .has a wonderful personality. . .member of the Dra- matics Club.. .Rifle Club.. .notice that ac- cent?, . .plans to enter the field of business management. THERESA JANE BLEVINS ujayneu A member of the Commercial Course. . .active on co-op. . .is the girl with the beautiful eyes . . .May Court. . .Y-Teens. . .Yearbook . .Ta- ble Tennis. . .Square Dancing. . .Travel Club . . .Dramatics. . .California here we come. RAMONA ASHBY "Mona" Enrolled in the Commercial Course. . .acti on co-op. . .good things come in small pai ages. . .Dramatics. . .Twirling . . . May Col . . .Y-Teens. . .Rifle Club. . .Driver Traini ...has anybody seen Smitty?. . .a future sl retary. HERBERT BARNES, JR. "Herb" A member of the General Course.. .came us in his junior year. . .active in Rifle Cl ...always has a wisecrack. . .really kno how to run those machines up in the Off Practice Room. . .wants to be a boat navi, tor. CLIFFORD JAMES BREEDING, JR. "Rabbits" Enrolled in the Agriculture Course.. .di a hot blue '55 Ford. . .member of the Sp Club. . .Rifle Club. . .and Auto Club. . .T. ble is his middle name. . .plans to join service. JANICE P. BRITTINGHAM fllanll A member of the Commercial Course. . .au on co-op. , .watch those quiet ways. . .n ber of Table Tennis. . .Square Dancing Glee Club. . .ever been down to Milcreekl would like to become a secretary. NORMA BUCHANAN "Rabbit" member of the Scientific Course.. .one of e perky cheerleaders since tenth grade... 'tive in Choir. . .Rifle Club. . .basketball am. . .Senior Class secretary. . .secretary of e Student Council.. .In Harvest and May ourts. . .Girls' State Representative. . .she is nnsidering college. MAUBRA JANE BUNDICK "Moulin" arolled in the Scientific Course. . .has a rrific sense of humor. . .great actress in ramatics Club. . .Y-Teens. . .active member Press Club. . .ever notice last year's Driver raining Car?. . .plans to be a college stu- rnt. RONALD EDWARD CALDWELL ffRonl! mber of the General Course. . .active on Work Experience program. . .played bas- ball. . .active member in Choir. . .Driver mining. . .he is never alone in the halls.. . .ns to work in the field of architecture. PAUL ELMER CARKIN ffpauzf' rolled in the Academic Course. . .a member Band for several years. . .travel club. .. Iver Training. . .look at that Ford go. . .an ve member in Choir. . .Ouchl Don't pull pony tail. . .plans to go to college. MOLLY LOUISE BUSHONG "Molly-o" Enrolled in the Commercial. . .some calendar girl. . .Science Club. . .Stagecraft. . .Dramatics . . .Yearbook . .Driver training. . .look out, here comes that Dodge with the Pennsylvania tags. . .wants to be an airline stewardess. MARY RUTH BYINGTON frM4ry:: A member of the Scientific Course. . .always has a friendly smile. . .came to us in her junior year from Eudora, Kansas. . .worked on Senior Play. . .member of Press Club. . .Year- book. . .plans to attend college where she will probably be a math major. JOANNE CHEFFINS ff-ION A quiet Commercial Student. . .active on co-op ...member of the Y-Teens Club.. .partici- pated in Driver Training. . .where's jimmy? . . . plans to be a housewife and secretary. JUDITH CREEDON rrludyu Member of the Scientific Course. . ,anything for a good time. . .member of Y-Teens. . , Choir. . .Yearbook. . .Hockey and Softball. . . Driver Training. . .Is that a car?. . .Dig that crazy starter. . .move over nurses, here I come. WALTER CARSON CARTWRIGHT ffBud!I Enrolled in the Scientific Course. . .speedste in track. . .senior play. . .always the romanti interest. . .active in Choir. , .Sports Club. . where's the blue Buick?. . .wants to be a sm cessful businessman. STEPHEN ARNOLD CHAPMAN "Steven" Member of the General Course. . .oh, tha blonde hair. . .was a sharpshooter in Rif Club.. .active in Auto Club for three yea . . .was treasurer of the club in his sophomoi year, and Vice-President of the Club in 11 senior year. . .he has an undecided future. WILSON DAVIS "Wilsie" Enrolled in the Agriculture Course. . .lc that wavy blonde hair. . .active in Rifle Cl . . .Auto Club. . .really hot rods it in that Chevy.. .always the first one in Homeroi . . .he has an undecided future. JAMES F. DeLANEY Hjimll A member of the Scientific Course. . .one the most quiet guys in the class. . .played N sity Football. . .Band. . .Rifle Club. . .Dri Training. . .is college bound. . .wants to Physical Education Teacher. BRENDA JOYCE DOUGHERTY "Brennie" cute little Commercial student with the y laugh. . .has been a cheerleader for years. . .Twir1ing. . .Driver Training. . . out, Brennie, don't hit that carl. .. Jr Class Secretary. . .another future sec- y graduating in '58, WILLIAM G. DOIIGHERTY, JR. "Doc lled in the General Course. . .likes sports n the football team for three years... on the Baseball team.. ."Where's Doc? stage, of course". . .a terrific stage hand 'as a sophomore class officer. PATRICIA ANN DOBRICK "Do Do" Enrolled in the Commercial Course.. .active on co-op. . .Captain of the Twirlers for three years. . .Rifle Club. . .Twirling Club. . .Ex- change Club. . .Yearbook. . .Press Club. . . Driver Training. . .look out cars, here she comesl. . .has been in such sports as Hockey and Softball. . .wants to travel through the U.S. and see the world. MARILYN E. DORN "Marilyn" Enrolled in the Scientific Course.. .always a friendly smile. . .member of Y-Teens. . .secre- tary of the club in the eleventh grade. . .Year- book. . .one of the quiet type.. .participated in Driver Training. . .plans to be a secretary. MARTHA ELLIS "Martha" Member of the Academic Course. . .another quiet girl. . .was the Hockey and Basketball Manager.. .assistant editor of the Press Club ...Operetta lead and was in all-state Choir . . .Yearbook. . .Dramatics. . .a terrific help with the senior play.. .was on the U.N. Panel. . .is college bound. ROGER LEE EMERSON fPEmN Enrolled in the Academic Course. . .one of the athletic type . . . football . . . track . . . Student Council. . .Honor Society. . .Choir. . .was ter- rific in the Senior Play. . .wants to be a chem- ist or a chemical engineer. EVELYN KAY EAW PPEUIJ Enrolled in the General Course. . .member of the Glee Club. . .Twirling Club. . .Choir. . . Choir council. . .Yearbook . .likes that blue convertible. . .plans to crash the business world or get married. HERBERT W. FLETCHER UHerb!l A member of the General Course. . .came to us in his senior year. . .seems like one of the quiet type. . .active in Auto Club. . .here comes that Mercl. . .would really like to become a landscaper. SHEILA EILEEN ENRIGHT "Sh eila" Enrolled in the Academic Course.. .the gr with the million dollar disposition. . .Yea book. . .Exchange Club and Rifle Club sec1 tary. . .Dramatics. . .Career Club. . .Choir. future lies in college. MARGARET EVANS "Margie" A member of the Scientilic course. . . guys lo out for those big brown eyes!. . .terrific Ernestine in the Senior Play. . .great artist Sketch Club . . . Dramatics . . . Yearbook . . prospective college student in the future. ALAN MOIR FORSTER "Nipper" Member of the Academic Course. . .a sv personality . . . :football . . . baseball. . .Stud Council treasurer. . basketball. . .Sports C . . .Vice-President of Sophomore and Sei Class. . .Boys' State. . .College bound. ANITA LOUISE FRANCIS "Anita" Another Commercial student. . .came to u her senior year.. .always bumping into sc thing. . .Glee Club. . .Yearbook Club. . . ver Training.. .a future housewife and l secretary. JUDITH ANN FREDERICK frjudyu Enrolled in the Scientific Course.. .an enthu- iastic gym student, . .member of the Choir. . . ictive band member. . .a great artist. . .Year- xook. . .Driver Training. . .can't decide whe- her to be. a teacher or a secretary. MARY ANN GARVER ffGigA.u viember of the Scientific Course. . .terrific as viiss Brill in the senior play.. .Dramatics. . . Ihoir . . . Yearbook . . . Exchange Club . . . dig hose crazy kneesocks. . .wants to enter the nursing field. JUDITH ANN GEIGER rrjudyu 'ember of the General Course.. .Choir. . , earbook. . .Dramatics. . .Square Dancing. . . river Training. . ,Basketball and Hockey amsl . .co-captain of the Cheerleaders. . . ans to attend Goldey Beacom. CATHERINE S. GRAHAM rfcatbyu member of the Commercial Course. . ,active 1 co-op. . .so short and oh so quiet?. . .Table znnis. . .Square Dancing. . .Driver Training .look, Cathy, it's snowing. . .Glee Club.. . ere comes another secretary. EVELYN GARVINE PIEVU A short slim member of the Commercial Course. . .active in co-op. . .long-standing member of Y-Teens. . .can really talk up a storm. . .worked on Press Club Staff. . .bosses look out! Here comes a cute secretary. WILLIAM ROBERT GASS "Bill" Member of the General Course. . ."Oh, Mr. Keatinglu. . . Dramatics . , . stagecraft . . . what would Mr, Keating do without him?. . .Rifle Club, . .-wants to join the Air Force. EDWARD L. GWALTNEY HBudU I member of the Scientific Course. . .who said good things come in small packages?. . .faith- ul tackle on the football team. . .Sports Club . .Road Angels. . .loves cars. . .is college mound. JOHN ROBBINS HAHN ff-Iobnil Enrolled in the Scientific Course. . .another me of the quiet type boys.. .came to us in :is sophomore year. . .member of the Drama- ics Club.. .Rifle Club.. .here's another fel- ow that is college bound. DORO S. GREER lfDordlJ A member of the commercial course. . .Twirl- ing Club. . .Yearbook Club. . .Press Club. . . Hockey and Basketball Teams. . .An excellent seamstress. . .Ambition is to be a good wife and mother. RICHARD EUGENE GROVE ffDickH Another future farmer. . .enrolled in the Agri- culture Course. . .can really cut a rug. . .a member of Rifle Club.. .Table Tennis... Driver Training. . .what a line he's got. . . might join the Navy. ml PATSY HAHN flpdtil A member of the Commercial Course. . .activ on co-op. . .holder of many golf trophies.. member of Y-Teens. . .Basketball captain.. Here's a girl who likes real short hair. . .want to be a professional golfer. DAVID JAMES HALDEMAN "Big Dave" Enrolled in the Scientific Course. . .always ha a nice word for everybody. . .member 0 Model Club L . .a staunch member of the Roai Angels. . ."Big Dave??". . .his future is unde cided. JUDITH ANN HALL Hludyll Member of the Scientific Course. . .one of the nice quiet girls. . .Y-Teens. . .Exchange Club . . .Driver Training. . .Yearbook. . .look out nurses, here I come. SHIRLEY ANN HALVERSON "Skid" A cute Commercial student. . .active on co-op . . .wonderful shooter. . .member of the Rifle Club. . .president of the Club in her senior year. . .belonged to Y-Teens. . .plans to be a dental assistant secretary. MARY LEA HAYE "Mary Lea" lumber of the Scientific Course .was a xeerleatler Driver Training Rifle Club Yearbook what a driver ..cute but iiet . will make a good nurse. RONALD LEROY HICKMAN PPROHH ember of the Scientific Course . .Sophomore ass President what a basketball player. . tskethall . Baseball . Football . . . Sports ub Dramatics .Rifle has an undecid- future. ROBERT THEODORE HARDING "Shorty" A member of the Scientific Course.. .basket- ball whiz. . .in the National Honor Society. . . Rifle Club. . .Sports Club. . .Student Council . . .How's the weather up there?. . .future elec- tronic engineer. DOROTHY ANN HARRIS nljottyn Perky Commercial student. . .real talented in art. . .Yearbook. . .came to us in her senior year. . .catch that New York accent?, . .bas- ketball. . .art club. . .May Day. . .school maga- zine. . .brilliant future in Commercial Art. ROBERT GERALD KEATING fPBobH General student. , .four years in football back- field. . .made a terrific captain this year. . three years in basketball and baseball. . Sports Club. . .Road Angels. . .Choir. . ,in- tends to be a future Cadet. REBECCA KNOWLES uBeckyn Member of the Commercial Course.. .can be seen marching in front of the Band with the Color Guard. . .member of Choir. .Y-Teens ...long beautiful hair.. wants to be a suc- cessful secretary. SANDRA HOFFMAN "Sandi" Member of the Academic Course. . .Pretty Har vest Queen Lead in Senior Play. . .Drama tics , . Hockey . . . Basketball . . .Yearbook . . future lies college. HOWARD BEVAN JOHNSON rfRed-'Il Enrolled in the Scientific Course. . .what was Hazelton's loss became our gain. . .Rifle Clul: . Collector's Club.. .One of the quiet type . future lies in college. GLORIA ANNE KUNITSKY fPKitII In the Commercial Course. . .active in co-t . .take a close look at her eyes.. .Y-Tee . . .Driver Training. . .Choir. . .Junior Cla President. . .member of May Court in ten grade. . .a future executive secretary. SONYA MARY KUNITSKY Hsonll A tall slender Commercial student. . .active co-op. .came to us in the tenth grade. Choir. . .Driver Training. . ,May Court Harvest Queen Attendant. . .would like to a model or do designing. STEPHEN TRIMBLE LINDELL "Steve" mrolled in the Academic Course. . .one who ces to study.. .has been a member of the and for several years. . .track . .cross-coun- y, . .Rifle Club. , .participated in Science mir. . .Yearbook. . .was chairman of the local nited Nations Committee. MARSHALL LLOYD "Butch" member of the General Course. . .he may quiet, but he's always there. . .likes to ive that green Chevy to school. . .his future :ibigon is to become a member of the Coast uar . 4 A K RX-J' X, K ANN LANING MAHONEY "Ann" nember of the Commercial Course. . .active co-op, . .one of the quiet girls.. .was a mber of the Glee Club for two years... s a member of Driver Training. . .likes to t Maryland...would like to get a job h plenty of money. GARY G. MARINE rIGaryU entific Course. . .always has an answer. . . mber of Travel Club.. .Rifle Club... arts Club. . .Driver Training, . .was on the itball and baseball teams.. .plans to join Marines. sf.. JOHN ROGER LONG fPIohnny!l Enrolled in the Scientific Course. . .always talking. . .likes sports. . .football all four years . .track . .basketball Sports Club. . .Rifle . . .Yearbook. . .Dramatics. . .hilarious in the Senior Play. . .the future lies in college. BERNICE A. MAGILL rfBeall A member of the Academic Course. . .so small you can hardly see her. . .member of Year- book. . .Choir. . .Dramatics. . .terrific part in the Senior Play. . .Y-Teens. . .Twirling. , . Driver Training. . ,would like to go to college to be a secretary. MARGO MCCLOSKEY ffMnrg0r1 Pony-tail girl. , .taking the Scientific Course . .student announcer great actress in Dra- matics Club. . member of Future Teachers of America . .Press Club. . .Driver Training. . . will she be a secretary or a wife? JOAN CATHERINE MCCOY frloanu The Commercial student with the curly hair . . .active on co-op. .Glee Club.. Red Cross . . ,Senior Y-Teens. , .Driver Training. . .Fash- ion Show directorijvants to' Fe'a private I MARGARET E. MARVEL ffpeggyll Cute Commercial student. . .Oh, those I brown eyes. . .active in co-op. . .member Choir. . .Driver Training. . .Y-Teens. . .sec tary of the club in her senior year.. .bop to be an executive secretary. 'N MICHAL LOREE MESSERSMITH "Mike" In Scientific Course. . .Exchange Club. . .Sw dent Council. . .Yearbook . ,Driver Traini . Choir. .National Honor Society. . .Bask ball co-captain. .Hockey. . .will go into . railing and merchandising. secretary. . A Q R !j' - L .Y-9 . H11 ' . I if -1 I . iw -Perri' I' V' --4' l - - - , -.. - lx ci' - jab I SQL' ' -I . 5 .qv -Z: , 54514 expiry. - .. 5 J f' -f 0 X l 4-X t ss 4 K f E 9' 'rv 1-:V s pit' 'LJ 9, Jn EJ . "N-f 5:,,'-ff Sq 1 WJ' tv RQ-' IE ik' was fi VIRGINIA SANTEE MCCUE HGigiH An Academic student. . .peppy blonde ch. leader. . .imported from California. . .Stud Council. . .Dramatics . .Junior Class Secret , . .Hockey. . .Yearbook . .Future lies in Il matics. WILLIAM MCGINLEY ffjohnnyl! Member of the' General Course. . .has a sh eye for rifles in Rifle Club. . .Square Dam . . .what a dancer. . .Table Tennis. . .a ful lies with the Navy. ALEX LLOYD MIGHTON fPTodU A member of the Scientific Course.. .one of the short ones. . .member of Press Club. . Radio Electronics. . .Photography Club .. Projectionist Club. . .Music Appreciation Club .. . played a good part in the Senior Play. . . on the United Nations Council. . .He is col- lege bound. PHYLLIS MORSE rfMyrall Boy! can she twirl. . .student in Scientific... the Band Drum Majorette. . .an active member of choir. , .Honor Society. . .great as Mrs. Fitzgerald in the Senior Play. . .Dramatics. . . Yearbook.. .Forward on the basketball team . . ,softball . .a future in college. PATRICK O'BRYAN repay! member of the Agriculture Course. . ,really nderstands the art 'of farming. . .excellent sultry judge. . .always has a friendly smile . .active in auto club. . .Model Club. . .would ke to raise poultry. NORBERTH LEONARD OLSEN "Bobo" lobo" is enrolled in the Scientific Course. . . as captain of the cross-country team... layed basketball and baseball.. .was a mem- zr of the student council.. .belonged to the vorts club and the Photo club. . .worked on e Yearbook...His ambition is to own a Jrvette. PRINCE ALBERT MOUSLEY HAI!! Another future farmer. . .enrolled in the Agri- culture Course. . .always ready for fun. .. member of square dancing. . .stagecraft . . sports club. . .football and baseball teams. . . you can't miss that devilish grin, . .wants to join the Army. DONALD MacVICAR MUNRO flD0nJl A member of the Scientific Course. . .on the quiet side, but not too much.. .member of Rifle Club . . . choir . . . Radio Club . . . Cross- Country.. .One of A. I.'s best high jumpers . . .is college bound. ALAN RUTLEEDGE RAMER HA ll Enrolled in the scientific course.. .active on the cross-country team. . .the track team.. . was a member of the golf team. . .was basket- ball mana er. . .belonged to the Radio-Elec- tronics Clui. . .played clarinet in the band. . . worked on the Yearbook. . .His ambition is to become an electrical or chemical engineer. DAVID RAMSEY ffDaveU A member of the agricultural course. . .The quiet one with the shy smile . .A member of drivers training. . .Never drives over forty miles per hour...His ambition is to be a great farmer someday. HELEN ELIZABETH PRICE "Helen" A member of the Commercial Course. . .quie but oh!, so nice. . .A member of the yearbool . . .Y-Teens. . .Press Club. . .active in the co operative program. . .Did you see her dia mond yet?. . .Helen wants to be a successfu housewife. JUAN ANTONIO QUINTANO HEILPERD 'Tony" A member of the Scientific Course. . .a rea nice import from Spain.. .Exchange studen from Spain. . .active in drivers training. . .stu dent council. . .sports club. . .football an track. . .Homework? What is that?. . .Will b a diplomatic lawyer in Foreign Service. GRACE M. REILLY "Gracie" A member of the commercial course. . .a active participant of the cooperative mov ment . . . Yearbook . . . choir . . . Y-Teens . table tennis. . .driver's training ..she wi make some lucky executive a terrific secretar . MARGARET MARY RICE efpeggyn In the Scientific Course. . .exchange studem to Germany. . .personality plus. . .terrific . Senior play. . .dramatics . .Exchange club. . . . basketball . . . hockey . . . softball . . . pre club . . . cheerleader . . . yearbook . . . colleg bound. DAVID RIGGIN "Admiral" is .enrolled in the Scientific Course. .. tive in football. . basketball. . .track . . orts club. . .rifle club. . .Yearbook . .Choir .played a good part in the Senior Play. . . ans to enroll in college. AIJA RIPA ufiiiau .ose big blue eyes. , .candidate for a Scien- c D1ploma...came to us from Illinois. . trpshooter in rifle club. . .Yearbook. . .Dra- tics Club. . .Driver Training. . .well travel- girl. . .college will see a lot of her in the rt four years. X , . Qgvwv, of . ll' .X VN JI, BEVERLY JANE SACHS ffBeUU nber of the Commercial Course. . .active co-op program.. .always on a diet.. .Y- ns club. . .Yearbook Club. . .Press Club. . . e Club. . .Square Dancing Club. . .a future .l secretary. JEFFREY MORIISIE SCHEVITZ Nile IJ nber of the Academic Course.. .president flonor Society. . .played trumpet in both lol and county band. . .Exchange Club. . . ed terrific part as "Dad" in the Senior '. . ,has entered projects in the Science . . .played Jr. High football. . .wants to be :h scientist or engineer. JERALD B ROBERTS Jerry Enrolled in the General Course active on the football and track teams stage craft club sports club Choir wants to be seen 1n a blue uniform belonging to the Air Force SANDRA ANN ROBERTSON Sandy Scientific student blonde southern belle Harvest Queen Attendant, . .the cheerleader with the sparkling smile. . .Girls State... Choir. . .basketball forward. . .Yearbook. . . off to college and then an airline hostess. MARTIN F. SHANNON reMarty1f Enrolled in the Scientific Course ..always a cut-up. . .he took the Driver Training Course ...a member in good standing of the Road Angels for the past two years. . .one of the short guys of the class, . .his future ambition is to become an architectural draftsman. MARY FRANCIS SHELDRICK reMdryll Member of the Scientific Course. .always smartly dressed . .active choir member. . Glee Club. . .great hockey and basketball player. . star pupil in Driver training ..Dramatics. .. French Club. , .Home Nursing Club. . .what would the Senior Play have been without her? ENCY JEAN SCHICK rfEnceu A member of the Scientific Course. . ,our p Hockey Captain. . .doing a terrific job as Ye book Editor. .co-editor of Press Club. . .E ketball . .Dramatics . .swell job in Sen Play. . .snappy twirler. . .College bound Chairman of writing Senior Commencemer PATRICIA LOUISE SEAL Hpatil Enrolled in the Commercial Course, . .act on co-op. .friendly to everyone.. .was me ber of Travel Club, , .Press Club. . .Y-Tee Treasurer-Secretary of her homeroom. where's Cliff?. . .wants to be a secretary a wife. ibn W"""'lv ELEANCZRE SISK A member of the Commercial Course, . .at on Co-op. . .always ready for a good time member of the Choir. , .Dramatics . .a active cheerleader. . .softball . .basketbal look at that pink Ford. . ,wants to be an lines Hostess. JANE SMITH rrlanieu Another Commercial and Co-op. . .has a si ready for everybody. . .active in rifle clul: tennis club. . .Y-Teens and Yearbook Club move over, Jaynie, I'm coming with 1 California, here we come. PATRICIA ANN SMULLEN lrpatn nember of the Scientific Course.. ,can be 1 in Choir and marching in the band at tball games. . .active on the softball, hock- and basketball teams. . .Oh, those blue, 2 eyes. . .a future nurse. CHARLES HALCOMB SPRINGER "Chas" aber of the Academic Course. . .our Ivy gue Student Council President. . .Honor ety. . ,Junior class treasurer. . .active in ball, Basketball, and Baseball since a iman. . .Choir. . .Sports Club. . .wants to . teacher. RONNAL SUTTON "Ronnie" that Agriculture student with the pretty :le hair.. .always ready with a wisecrack e wants to 1om the Navy or become a uber. BARBARA ELAINE TALLEY "Barb" ammercial student. . .active in co-ops. . . a member of the Y-Teens and was vice- :lent of the club in her senior year. .. zr Training. . .where's Ronnie? . .wants - a happy, successful housewife. LOIS MARIE STIKE ULU!! Member of the Commercial Course. active on the Co-ops. . on hockey and softball teams for several years. found time for Y-Teens .. .Travel Club.. Yearbook.. Driver Train- ing ..Look out for that Chevy wants to really make a success in business school. ROBERT WILLIAM SUHR rrBobu Enrolled in the Scientific Course. . .Honor So- ciety. . .basketball . .Student Council. . .golf and cross-country. . .Senior Class treasurer. . . Boys' State. . ,Plans to go to college. ROBERT OSCAR VEASEY ffaobf' Enrolled in scientific course. . .Basketball cap- tain. . .football. , .choir. . .sports club. . .cross- country. , .golf team. . .future lies in college. PHILIP VINCENT WAGNER "Phil" A member of the Academic Course. . .a quiet serious guy. . .was a member of the basketball team. . .active member in choir. , .cross-coun- try manager. . .Yearbook. , .Senior Class pres- ident. . .wants to become a doctor. JACQUELINE THOMAS "jackie" Enrolled in the Commercial Course ..Acti on co-op. . .can always have a good laux with her active in dramatics theaw workshop, president of Y-Teens. . .wl pretty blonde hair. . a future secretary. . .c you see her ring? WILLIAM ROBERT TRENCH "Gopher" Scientific minded student, . .football . .ba ball, . basketball. , .choir and the operetta. can usually be seen at a local drugstore. . . ture ambition to be a doctor. THOMAS MICHAEL WARD "Wardie" Scientific Course. . .a way with the girl: football. , .Sports Club. . .choir. . .track. . but not least he was a member of the team, . .Future is in college. RALPH DAVID WARNER "Dave" Dave's course is scientific. . .basketball . .1 ball. . choir. . ,president of Sports Clul drivers training. . .track. . .yearbook staf Plans to go to college. SUSAN WASHBURN "Susan" 'eaches and cream complexion . .enrolled in cientific Course. . .active member of Drama- cs Club. . .Hockey. .Color Guard. . .Ex- hange Club. . .Honor Society. . .Press Club . .Yearbook . .the diplomatic service is call- mg. NANCY WELDIN ffNancyJl Iember of the Scientific Course.. activities :clude the French Club.. .Rifle Club . Dri- er Training. . .Photography Club. . .member f the Varsity Hockey Team.. .wants to en- Jll in a Junior College. PATRICIA ELIZABETH YERGEY Hpatll ' rolled in the Commercial Course. . .crazy xed up kid. . .Y-Teens. . .Press Club. . . -arbook Staff. . .Driver Training. . .wants to an I.B.M. operator. CAROL YORK "Carol" ways cheerful. . .Scientific Course. . .in May urt for two years.. .member of Choir. .. s in Harvest Queen's Court. . .active in Lrbook Club. . .ever notice last year's Driver lining car?. . .member of Dramatics Club .a future in home economics. VAN DEENE WELLS ffVanU Enrolled in the General Course. . .Driver Training . Road Angels.. A terrific rackle on the football squad. . .Oh, those blue eyes . . .Future undecided. ANN WHITMAN PfAnn!I Easy going personality. . .taking Academic Course. . .great as Mrs. Gilbreth in Senior Play . . .member of choir. . .Honor Society. . .Color Guard. . .played on J.V. Hockey Team. . .Dra- matics. . .Exchange Club . .Won the Betty Crocker award.. .Press Club. . .a future in medicine. RICHARD A. HEROLD "Texas" A member of the General Course.. .Partici pated in Driver Training. . .Came to us in his Senior year. . .Plans to be an undertaker. LINDA JEAN ZACOVIC "Linda" A member of the Scientific Course. . .Y-Teens Rifle Club, Stagecraft, Driver Trainin and Photography Club, . .Would like to stugy art. HARVEST GUEE SANDI HOFFMAN The highlight of football season was the annual Harvest Ball, sponsored by the Future Farmers of America. Early in September five attractive senior girls were chosen by the Senior Class to reign as the Harvest Court and compete for the title of Harvest Queen. The five girls were Norma Buchanan, Sandi Hoffman, Sonya Kunitsky, Sandy Robertson and Carol York. Campaigning started with posters in the cafeteria and spread all over the school with students wearing but- tons and cards for their candidates. Following an as- sembly for the presentation of the girls, the student body cast their votes. As traditional, the name of the winner was kept secret until intermission of the Har- vest Ball, when last year's Queen, Irene Hooten Talley, crowned Sandi Hoffman. SENIOR PLAY "Cheaper by the Dozen," a domestic comedy, was presented by the Senior Class on November twenty-second and twenty-third in the high school auditorium. Directed by Mr. joseph Simmons, with the help of student director Susan Washburn, the produc- tion featured jeffrey Schevitz and Ann Whitman as head of the Gilbreth family. Sandra Hoffman, Roger Emerson, Margie Evans, Tod Mighton, Peggy Rice, Ency Schick and Bernice Magill were seniors who took roles as the children. Others in the cast included two recruited seventh graders, Phil Dowds and Ricky Farwell as more of the Gilbreth children. Phyllis Morse took the role of Mrs. Fitzgeraldg Mary Ann Garver as Miss Brillg David Riggin as Dr. Burtong John Long as joe Scalesg Bud Cartwright as Larryg and Maggie from Endolane. ' , i Y I UNDERCLASSM EN , . X V v" . MHJIGKQ - .VL 'N:vl'5 'I-Wk'-11x .f 7 lsxgzwffi- -"ya -,gay ,I up-i . 51-7fJ'Q TQfL52?:.Zf1'?f? .. K 1 ' 4- WLWLNL. Y R L1v"23?'F?2721if?7im2?f?7f','--M A , 1 . 2 ,, 1 ef21ff" L- 7 bw " 1 A W, we ,Ss ,pep -' g , 1 21?-.V .. rw ,Wxf'1'- "i.x5fAg fb F,-,W , , S QFFICER VI ER Li'f':.: 951-'asgj,::j--5:..-:,.s::, wg :s:gffQ,wi:: V,.,b 1 ' s -1 , 5 'i ' 1 . fuz .fm::.1E.. 3? LEE ARMSTRONG -4-:ie-. '- :!2 " ' ' ' 6::,,. :.,, , .,,,.., :,, A , ,Z b E 4m cgi? 0 N 4 Q, : 3 3. .sf J: W 1, x ' Y'-1. 3 -'L BILL BIEHN 295531 "F" ' -65533 I, ,Iv J! :S K if Jon ' CARBONELL :y-Q., 'j:'Em3j,:Q2:1::2: 32 :: ff, ' if I .,,,, ,, .,,. ,.A, 1 ' Y ,gf 4: ' .. .sf DAVE COOK ,-ygizlllse 3525 SHARON FARMER 'V " if -:f -v 'V' 'C' .Q r W W A 15, 4, I Y T, E V' "4 L5 af. DENNIS GOSLINE SUZANNE HILLS RONALD J ACK ' -5 .fa ' 'ff 5 Q ni .. T35:.'II2, s5i'F:E':' Ylff f- "N siiiilfw f J :fi -i' ii fl f . '::!:2f:wS?. ,Quia ARMSTRONG ' " 'ilfmff i"1T'T1'iTFILW7 -- L- ' ' wwe12:::f:z4sf?: iii, 1,zf::2i1a2fi:l fu :JV 5 Eiga," ,, 127: '12 , , ais- f i ..,,. .gi BARBARA BILLINGSLEY '75-fs ., s , qi ' CHANDLER CAROLINE +3 :J 2: Jr 93 . as ...M Lf: 4 S K8 Q if 4 , f: .: . , PATSY COTA . : :E ' ?1ii1fQE,E5'm ' 'lk'5Vf: . ' , sf , LETA FLOOD E gl I I li fi... 5f:fs:4.::a dawg 'IF E gs ,ma I JIM HAGUE' :fix x ,' H Qliiii a 7- .fa . ..f- .,.. : 1. . .,.. f..k , q ,.:, NANCY HITCHCOCK .,., Q ,,l25' , JIM JACKSON 5 M 4 X ,P wi, we F652 E , L 41. Q eP,LL 'ff f4:::!. ' A QQ iii . , : P331 , : T ' A ' " m f v - 2 fy 453 2 ii : fi: ' I4 s f ' -SN: , M: ,V I I - ,, BAIRD me 'V s i--1 :H ,. gi-:aiu f , V 1 Q H fi?i ? f , PHIL BONNER f F1 s xi:- ,K , Kvgy ' 'ff if-25 3 Sh i! BEVERLY CHARAMELLA X55 ,wsxggx --:::g.wzis-.41m,leRf?f:fi,:xgg U1,f.-1 .,, .yzl L,,, , iii ' -:al i iifj'-' A' A ' ,. :Wl:.-., zz 3M ,In 2Q.a:2'.::,. Q25 TFT , JUDY CUDNICK 7 :a, 'gZg-1' ,, ',:gE:qgi" '- an --a::ia.::,... : K Wu '- -: , . ' ,5:54:::,,,, .,,, F SEN SE . - : 'ii igeiffg fisi NORMAN FORD . : ilslviiei isziai +2 ,V :ygsrwggg Q' wi, 3, M1 nj r - zszrfgffwg -W ., mf ks? im rzfgek ARCHIE HAHN III f asf :, A., S we Jef M, 1 :gg , fy X., f 5 S xg 4. 15' :f. , , ' IRV HOLLINGSWORTH V' eff, v JJ.: ' 1 , JOHN JOHNSON BANKS . J gsgnil g h an : PEGGY BRIGGS , L5,1l .,V,,v . ,Q,, .,,, ff,55,? :i4":'sZ5 4 ' ,:I-,, 11fif335 ' . ,fill-112 -' ":.::'1?ki. 1--'wk : .5 :s E- .4s2f5,,::- , wi ,., ' ,L gg.. 3 9, 5 u 2 Q WALTER CH ECHILA ,nf : , ,, :i1s:,,,:sf1 :fn f: ' 13251522 fix, f . f seg: ,-3 K fs' XX Halifiix, -as lsfrilgm RALPH DAVIS JANET FOSSUM A 'f:,,, 9 JAN HEERMANS 73591: 5 as was: f : 1 : : fa :K2x?i'2 . M E SUE HOOPES ,iw I CAROLYN KILDAY s.,::.:,,:.: - . :f,:.1, me hlflisz- slsiiig , , ' ,: ,,-. f,,' af , fwhiilli-: ' zs ,. : ---' ,e,.s,,:. .Mgr if J LZ W 4,5 : 1 s : 2 f . -las? . 2 ld" Q' I' ,.: FW f' I' 1 Vg : 1 ,S I : 'WZ :Q :Xa A ,,,.:. :: . ,., WINFIELD BARLOW a J J :, . 9 r 4 Us lxxf JOHN CAIRNS .N , :Mr ., ..,. , ., 'Mui nw V Q-7sw:g, cng:g::..' ' .sfsvfwgg -XL-xiii: I ':::: If ,.' : f ,,, :QM 2 S 'J , Jig K as' 5 '- giiefiif L3 :il 2 , Q a BILL CI-IERNISH f K :.:I:':4:: , 1 -tfgf: -V 1, g TONY DONNELLY ,,j:.45, ,J 2 L g.,f,Lg.g!: , ::::ff:xs4:gw1s:fL3,: Ql2zglizE,zggg:3T:, 'S ,, 'f J ' :s,. s1 ::. as CAROLE FRANK BILL HICKMAN Jzrg, E :,f.,, 5 . 121 J ' ,TS-I, ::' an ,fm .- Ui, ,,j-'15, " as: ..a:.: zzf' -f 1,5-us. V- 1' aw:-r,,i:..,., k?'YXfMi,5ffK ifK.i Lfsiime.ws5gigl:effi.afF3si?::w CATHY HULL l ., 1 6' WJ if ,, . . AI' 5 I V56 g g 1: 124 1, DALENE KING JU IOR TOMMY THOMAS JIMMY CARPENTI President Vice-President RITA VENTURA S ecrehsry X .. sl, "" ' ' V J, ,Q GENE CHURCH f , rg . , ., :,-.W :Kg za, -w, ins.,- JA, 'll wi? 431 fx we swim A L5 ' s wine. W ETHEL DOUGHERTY ff ,f .,: r , Q: -,,. ,: 5, ,mm f :J - :.efQ,:,1ssa :-Q iwwiiyibillli .: , , I: -swiii .si s: A .mai fsvbk EYE 517 :f.,:,. -.....: ...L, . ,::5ggf:,:.- VICKI FROMMER I 1 :a-, sau 1 I 51 fx, .: eg as + : : , .lm 352 5? '4 ,.,,.,,,,,Y,,., :.. .,, S? 3 we :.. gf js: i Sl ii: : , , M Es? is "' me : : s ff' L E55 ' JACKIE comm f wi? ,. ' ,:-. fgiifyi iw . ,s,w1ff, --,5:d::f- ,,::., , 2 Q Q: Q4 if Y.: 5 ' ,sg :ss . we x fi 1-Qi: 3. : gf: fi' ANN GANT ER , ..,:.,.. DAVE COOK Treasurer 3 :fi-at gf Ls :QE " Q .5 as 253 ' .. BILI. EICHBA BARB GLANI These future seniors with the help of . Webster, Mr. Boyer and Mr. Samuel Simm their advisers, started their year with a m zine campaign which credited to them thousand dollars. These proceeds were use help finance their annual class prom. The entire Junior Class, numbering a' 100 students, will be the leaders of Alex for the coming school year. In the past have proven their ability as leaders and continue to do so throughout their last of high school. ,LASS of 1959 ? ff . 3 ,I LAURIE PERRY az - , A -. . - 2 ' if - JALE BINSON I I if . pf' M4 , ,,h,, I, 3 . , Y A .Qi X yr, was JZ is SANDY ROBERTS .,., ,. ' 1 zg, I 1' -. zfgiiiff . Aiyyi, , .,,, .. PEGGY SEAL NOT PRESENT JOHN BRYNTESON RICHARD BERNARD JAMES CARPENTER SUE FARWELL IRMA JANE HARKINS GEORGE JONES MARGARET RIGGIN BARBARA SPACKMAN ELVA STROUD BARRY WOLF BILL PRITCHARD DIETER KORDEN My 127 37 ,::?3I:" . .:,v:'-.1:4 3?'if5?F7A ' 'Z-33 VIEL A z. g 1. ,, lj PEGGY MARTIN -'ff F591-fi: I a Q 13 'irifggl E 2 22 . as Hx Y .. .,. 2' gd, 2 'I BILL PRUITT BOB RONALD RODGERS KRQSS BOB SHANNON W: ga V ----- ef -'-' BARBARA SIMPSON N4 If 1a. X? 1 1 K P uf.. gg A 4 N. is if fu BOB STEVENS " xr fwgvb wm fiqg . .555 A H .Em-, 5.4 ef , I ,.,, x 'fe X , , A :QI W f : uf ,Q JEAN TODD MARILYN KUMNICK lg ly: -I ...1,. ,L 'Q-,Er ...QL ,.., . I gil, S X 2 S if 5 5 s 1 . .gf 2,5 TERRY MARTINE f 5'51i5i'5f1 55 1 , " Qif 'g1,i5Zs? ' ' LAN A PURCELL , if , in . . M ' if V I -. I ki 'FEIS I I 3, 251 '? IPO kr: : 5 - I , 1- 5 J 2 ,1 Ei LEO ROWE V K 239' x I 4 f Q 3' E M I my Q iw, Y' s . if SUE SKILES " " Q, F: E mtg: ev . 51? .'sF'.'?' A f - RUTH TALLEY ' QL " ' :SIM ,g:,,,,, 2 ., H PAY TRIMBLE . 'EER 'iw ,, .... , 2,5 Las:-,x ,- . , V ' ' Q5's'fj',pY"7:flt1 Q Q JENNY LEE WELDIN JEAN WHISLER ., ::, . ,gf ,,,. A . m v, - . ,,,.L,M. W i if UWM 4 ,," :'. " 1, M- asv- 'fr BROOKS LAYTON Z XP I ikm k' ,za lf? uf 55 ,Q J OANN MATHEWSON 7 4 , , , li' gif E 1 2:15954 " , it '- ' ., . I , , .,.. RUTH ANN PYLE L13-Z - ' 'I I -, Ei 5 A-' gg ' f 35 P Q ,ik gggzfufn 'M fi ANN MARIE RYAN ' -, .... ,, A. fa-1 H +- sq I KAREN SMITH Lx' efiiw f ,- - . ,. ,-ga LQ:-Q 3, s W ' ' Q WX ' " eww XP' 0 '2- N ROGER THOMAS f1sfg,:,5:iw , ff' ' -' 4. J,- -.Lf -.pq I , I 4 qi 9 W 4 W 1, 'I I S ' swzm m as -e, .G Lf., N w - . pn fs ' 5 RITA VENTURA 1 vw my :f:,.,,, . .. M, X keg? H 'I Y X T 3 gy Za I --'- ' 'S ii I J 5 ev wi fx ,. 5 LINDA WILDER .::: 5 , ,.,. . 'gang' z su-LQ, .. I- f, iff. FR Y? T 1 :gf -gffyg-rn: MARY LI BBY MARTH A MCCALLIS TER ROBBIE RADCLIF F E Wlkfsz5?1i.4r?f'f,w,.vs4? U,f51fg:f4f1Kmf.:am:a',.,:f1 ' :f1'f1ff' ,ff,::L' f," IFE. K 9'i'f5f"5:'ff,,'N1515 'Yi :+'?3":!1Ef': T I f - Y EQ? I NORMA SCHULTE ' SID SMI'I'H FWS gfiSV2 552 me A Ng ,zu V 95s??fl 1-fin: xr - ' m y DIANE THOMPSON agxwzzlagw--I..-zz',W-Q-,,:,., ' kwgg. Ei 'if' W . "H, 'a f HARRY WAITE H,'1':i,,1f:::af-'f'- . X' V . ' .- ffm . I 1 If Q. R I1 W,,.3? fs M, 4 my Q BILL WILKINSON 323 I Q Q MARION OLIPHAN T 2 Is , K 2 I ri W 'P 1 41 4' I ,, I f ' I 5 Q ' 5 PAUL RIGGS BECKY SCHUYLER TOM SMITH I , :GSB ws! 'I 24- f - Q Q Q 1 age -- n '1 Q , MARY LOU TIMS BARBARA WEIR ELLEN ZOELLN ER DZQ255 'if RW JIM ANDERSON RONALD BLOOD Eeweeee 9 uf '39- I 1' 3 K .1 . ..f s P fi K5 U 'WL BOB BURTON f" -255' -.1.f2.'14-Mgt M..-L 1 'Y 4:-i., L s ,, .A-44'Si.Z1w,zsm: " 5i W,s?iags-fgezgg ws 91 5 535 gl S ggi if Q I 3 fi 3 ,Rai -V U, mbs f 5 .. in ' I ls: w N' K f 55' Xgqqw "'- si CHARLES COLLIER 5-fig. , P Z. - V s . H . I 11 Q aaa J :bij VIRGINIA EVANS wg V l X X .. -L xll . :,5. fA,f:b Q 2, S... 4 .. .. 3' WILSON GARRETT 6:5 Vslsfig v .,., . ..., Z, A, . 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' I mi gi 2 'if ,.. . 5 DAVID CRAWFORD -052,113-: ' egg? - 2.5-5::,,E.iL5:5 x f'A:?'.1."W i giiiilut- ' gg,-w.y1,,:3E ,W -..,,,. , ,.3 , .,,- . . 'luv 9 sf 3 .. L3 s n? A C .. 5Eil?2:EE"5: ,fl 1, CAROL FITZSIMMONS ,x v -:v"'-'v::"':" A - sap . x 3 'I W " S, 1 A ... x 5:14152 SALLY GRAY sf ' . ,ti K ff. -, 5 s +1 I i I JOAN HAHN 4 l ll I I 4 :S YE., W 'K V, 1 DAN HENNESSY s ml , CONNIE BARNES I 'f-a e smliz w ...,:K ii:'1.gjgj 11 .Z U I 3 x f ' ' Q2 s r .3 1 , 2 3 M EVELYN BLEVINS ' :f t E -2 , . .,, My I 1- .ow T? ix 1 'iii ag, CAROL CHERNISH f, ,,.w-Mm . -Q fu -ffk ,Ji .,::- V i ugzr l .V , . EJMEQE. wM,7WK f BOB CRUMP V an X sf, -uf-ei W .. filf222f . ,- I , .-me 'aff f X, SANDI - FORD , Kr X2 Kk'53 'mm 64" s.. LESTER GRAY ,mg f . Wiz . , ,V ,E L. . sz . . . . I - , fa : 5:43:55 + .fi ff CHRISTY HALE if Ifiiiii :V :L VE ' E1 ,.:pf.i aff! . ., 1 feff swf N522 t"r,:f1"i, " " " F, Q1 11 gf as' Qfif i w' 1 --Wi. SY . . . if i gf 93 . . ,.R,RA, 5833 it I STEVE HILDRETH J CACf C C C QpHQy Q R 1: 5, .F . xg. A GL f .R MK 4. ., ,ggi . 1:--:se .51-. me 'S . ,A t fi" . fs-'I , V, f '4- . ,W 5"EWflis5W'5'?5L1s2PE fH sr. v,.. gay. ,SL 1 X, 52? , at N 1 vb s K ra K z ALAN BOB CRUMP CORINNE HAGER M. 2, BERRY Pretident Vice-President X .V Grp DICK TERRY WHITE TERRY WHITE BRUNER Secretary Treasurer Y',h ' . JOHN CHIFFONS PEGGY COLE , , 9 , x '.5,1gg3ft VVVI V wig! ,Ik , L1zA 1-1 N I Ii rigging DAVIS DUNLAP ELLSWORTH 3: 'Eff' 'L' gt.-353' - gi ,PIM V--.S M7 35 ifiwfli JEFF FOWLER ED FULTON The Sophomore Class got off to a good start by nominating their officers that were to carry them through the year. Under the Presidency of Bob Crump and with the help of their advisers, Miss Stewart and Mr. Magill, they established a class treas- ury and began setting important dates such as their class dance and Sophomore Odd Day. This is a class that is looking well toward the title of juniors. n LASS of 1960 , Eu U.: ,.,:- - v' -.-- va '- Vw' Iv, my 'N as J' I? 65354: Q gg? 'sg' if z 532 534 I .aff If fs A f as Q M 2 .. 1990, BOB RALSTON ED N OONAN Ms' gigs' 1 1,-WQVMQ an ,.,,e,L1,, ' ' vfzmfg- ' f ' f- . I . X zmm. Q -, PAUL RAMER .,. --Ea ..., , N 595m Y ugh Q' I e Q . . V in . I 'Q E! ig, wk ff I 2 , ' 3 m 55- NOT PRESENT JAMES ALEXANDER SUZANNE BAKER THOMAS DUNN DOUGLASS LOVETT AUDREY MILLER DEBBIE WALKER SALLY WEBBER BOB SMITH E: A ,,,.. .. ,, , II ., A. , .,,, 5 .7 L 4,,A , ff ... . 2, I Q, ,L f rl, , -Jay . w,:g,, jg 4 Q , 4' -wi F 'K CAROL JOHNSON - 1 uf, E I uf R313 J? L ? 1 X wg wi I I Ui , BOB MADDOCK MQ. Wifi 5 I A HM I Ei 4 53 R, BILL NORTH I A A- ny? Q: . A BILL RATCLIFFE I A kiwi!! ' 3 'I EI 2 92-Q" .1 u EEA? I SANDY SCHOY an EEI A '- '- Effie IILE Q, - ,'.-" EMMY Lou JOHN KELLER KELLEY LfI'1"Ig,E W .. I f:2.Eg:- E? - f .: E iw 5 ,,:,. .. , gifs? -' R E f 2, A ALBERT MIN NE , 'r rxgvgsmywrzf ffglfgw-ffS,L2' - 5?WlL,Q'?'ifE at ' 1' Y' YA-- . QW I sa! A - ROSE PALONI fu 4 W js? I Y 21 I 19 3 1 E MARTHA REID , I 7' 'gem W 4 Q53 ., ,T E g, 12, 'J ln 2 W I BEM Nw I In 56. 1 BARBARA SPEAR ,. ERNIE THOMPSON my al X 9 40 4. L ,iw 2 if ggi IR "P 4,3581 saw E555 , Q41 'MV ff ' My . I . H, 1 . , ,,mfL.V1...w.-WWI FRED WHITE 1 S! ,J L jk? N. v I :::,:.f5-,.- I if .?Ef:1rlm.1-I 5' ,L 'Z E gigs' g V Y E 55 ANDY MOORE x m l :QH .:: .,.v: L , I LQ I , . 5412 1, . sa, 5 'ev' , in ,E DENNIS PANDELAKIS V IAI 71 ' :::f. ' V' - DENNIS REILLY f I Umm QE -2 F? . ,1 - l '-11 'i'a.:3' A BILL SPRINGER I S Q 'fffz I., ka f :L UQ 1 2 . - vm, Ads.. L35 fat hm 5.5 wx 'E J, L f I E BUZZY TROT H ' i if I 236 52 we mf N ia-kg, h I 3 ,,.:, A w..m ,.AD.,WW....y.,,.Ew,w. TERRY WHITE I an yn 4 2 1 A 2.5 ,, . ',i,'?E,g,::-1 E . Ei 4: FRED WINTZER ' NELSON MURRAY 2 wif, : H . .ww 'Y I I we gm 'lb - ' W.. .. 1 .-L'- f 2 ""'1i.Q- LINDA I PAUL BOB REYNOLDS fy gg .wwgswzwz ,Kgs-' ALLAN STEPHAN .mi .,i,ig,E ' I ,, 3' I- Q I E f 8 A u, 4 I I If 5 e' G ' 'f'fw-wi :. . H Q I 3: ., TERRY VAN GORDER . .,.,. 5 v f . MARY ANN WIMER Off! H5523 ..E'2ii2!21:.,:3i2 A "fx fi if , 11 A.I.A MIKE WISTAR f ..,..... ,fs E,..,,. 'M emi' I. 1-. ,kg MARGARET LLOYD 'i f '- -f ,f.:-E:.2i:a:s1:x:Ef:-.fa :f.g'f:Eff,-SEQ::sip-" A - H S 'I' K . M wp 353 DAN N EWLON uw 27 Q F: PEE Z We ei? ' A X gm BETTY PIGUERON -mf K flfff-vzf -ES ' if gag,-131553, 55 ww ,ww f . ,. , 91'-' - Q ga: E-E.::e1f,- -: SHERRY SIMPSON BOB TAN SLEY GINNY WALKER GORDON WI NEY .V ,-1, -- 55: E Y, ms- H .. ' .. ' ' mm A?1 We I -L ,rx I E W, mf? .SSE ru' REGGIE WOLF gg, My Q .5 , 1 : Af. J l 1 N, X ' 25 5, 342 H it ' W' XX X5 .XXX ' mfw A ': BONNIE ALEXANDER DICK BECK ,es ,J , r, -Q5 Ag., X 1 ig X, Q :sz - if -:.' .-:Q gg..g,s, PEGGY CAIRNS X 1,-M . .. ..,, 123 5 25. MIX' ,X.-f:- X ...HX . ,-,.. - iff.,-2 -ts, si PH 'lk ein A . X 'Xt L X is fi it my we f x 1 "' LINUS ELLIS J X -Q.: w if U R .'..X1,.f. 5 1 PAUL FREDERIC X -'f . .awww EILEEN GEIGER DON I-IENDRICKSON F K BAKER X. X. " gmemmimw mf ' g l " was ,, i 5 fggai. we 3,3 .te DAVE BIEHN Q ,I 45521 ': ,:E : Ez lhifiii .55 szgjfgw , f. 1- S -.1 3 'X 1. . gifs: ' 1 , .. ...I Eiiilfhee .,,l2 i'S2 CAROLYN CASH X Im-' ,':-EL'-1-EzE1.,,:gQ ft ,...::!i' 1' 22-1 , . 'ii Ef..Xa., :E . Ea, -, .:. .Z ,335 DAVE EMORY 1213. : " .. :.Z' hy-5 ' -f!i:':fj' -" :- ee QQQEE? ff' . S 'JD - ie -7-' :, AUX r.,....,,. A-' 3551653143 '-, X, 'lff"lf4! X , -: X.- 2 ., BOB FRIEDMAN Ji?" ..A. I J ERRY GREENWALD ge awe X BOB HEDREEN Q-'V lG3'lii?9f7b??Eie'Gf"wffSisX1 :' f X1,17wgX 'zaym ,- - ,. 2,,LL,L, ., Q J 5-L,g1,X,,fi e he X Xe A gli ,X . l l lxalgf., , AX, H S 'QZXQF 2 as Y . ' w X I , 3 'I' xl 5 t ' -A is X X JANE BARBER "2,51,Q-1e3gW2,fgg.s'ajjfjis . . :VEXILHY7 Lifes? ,fri-'f'::,'::.?::.33 ,..e.5.d,,,, , . 455.7 . .. --A. 'azz fe .. .V,L . -. X.. X eg ,X YKXQXYNQIXEQXXVE2 'if X .Lh. XX. .,., ..Wgg.., ..,, ,. I. Xu K X581 of N A X X., X5 XX 2535+ ,X XX1 ia! 4 wf-fx , 1 -A ., JOAN BRACKE X,-X - ' .,..- .,.. .. ,.. ..::ee:iX. ima., ., .. E. sw-.XX X XL. A W., .X ,.:,2.. X H A ,.., 5 . 5 . XX YE '31 it 123 uf l. 'fl lv 2 X X as DONALD COHN KwsefH X in ,yi 14 a' , ff I X . Sk fi? - A- X,.Q, gm 'f gn 3 .11 l E 935 xg , . 3 3 . MARY LO DONATH " ::fl.X.e:..-:-G.-Q:-. RICHARD ESKRIDGE Qiiszgaggmgs l 1 ess as my M21 X' ,QX H ?, 1? el gn -X -, CAROL FRIES me f'gX:fgQ,g-QQ-7542 52 :rr ..,.f ,XX '52-2:-..:g,,, 55.5 7' ...t... ..,.. X .3523 X P X 'T A E 5,1 1 ,:: ,f::- . wl,- BETTY HAI-IN , L . 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'W JACKIE BURROWS ' wife ff,-X Y,-Xq--Xrlgxigpo 1?.35:'Sf?E5f',,fI5, ' MX' ' ' ' vw:-sfdziwsfl ,:?": "w, .41--...a:1: ':' ' flffy :S CAROLYN CONLY J IM DUNLAP .,. -,: X ,,. if ef X 4 A -'V - -A-. ..., . , ..,. Y gag -.- ,:,, GEORGIA F EIST n,.'fQliz1,5?z, 5 2 A S252 H !"'?:': Milf: Til , Xt- w s, ' MARY GALLAGHER A X gs sig a ff, 2 ' Xwfff, i 1 gl 1 JOHN I-IATCHER I FRESHME TONY ,DONEHOWER JACK SMITH Vice-President President RONNIE KEATING JANET HOOPES ' Secretary Treasurer M I " f Siliff 53 'zz X XA , X AEE 2 Y ,. ., E ,gt :'l,Z--.,,..5:cs.a-Mg 2 X. 4 LOUISE DAN NER - , .5 if - . Efws .7 lil XJ- I ig Ne X E1 Xe , ,Z Xlqx Iv, .. ' 5. XX 'au , G Q R E 5. l :fi K X N J? ,X .X MARGUERITE PETE DUNLAP EBERLIN GENE FOSS The freshman class has just spent its l year as a member of the high school. M of them played in varsity competition for first time on the sports scene. Now as tl look ahead to their sophomore year, they r feel more as if they belong, for soon they 1 be singing,with the choir and planning Sop more Odd Day. Freshman year has been but sophomore year holds even more. LASS OF 1961 1, ,, Sify , Eg f I ? A " I 5? ff' . LINDA LEATHEM I I- .. A..' JEAN JANET MCVAUGH OGLE I 5 3 -" V lf!" in , CAROLE PHIL PUTNAM RAGAZZO NOT PRESENT ROBERT BIRD ERON DAVIS TONY DONEHOWER WILLIAM ELLSWORTH .IACOB ELLSWORTH ROBERT FOX TONY GEIS .ION GOVATOS ROBERT KEATING ORLANDO MATTHEWS CAROLYN McDERMOTT ELAINE MILLER ROBIN MILLER DELLA OSBORNE JACK SMITH R I . I.,:. "if ASAA KEN 1-xopxms GEORGE HUNTER J W A f.: lf' 'e , 'H" ' ififS-'iliif A . M :f:f:,n-:ev , . BILL MacDONALD I A fy I , PHIL PALMATARY 555 :J-. 519532 3- .uiii af ,'f?il fm a- yggffgg ' i' ' - . ,I ,M A Qiirifx. MARSHA RICHARDS W -A : -- 1:-swf! 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W, ..,, ,,,,. 5 JEAN HULL EIGHTH GRADl is , A V i A we ggi ff if Riff ii - S s JACK CHANDLER f 'V ' K ' if ,I ' ' A ',- Q , 573 ' S ' mn-cfwxyl Ks JOHN ARLENE DRYSDALE EAST BURN .,,1 ,mi I N 2 b ,N im- 1 Q T. sl Sl' F Q .f , - V- ,K - -4. 8,0 5 'sf S Jxt I 9 X .5 BOB FOSTER The eighth grade is looking forward t September when they will at last be a part 1 the high school. No longer will they be 1 iunior high dances but will be dancing wil the senior high. This is iust one of the stej that they will take next year towards becomir a part of the Senior high school. LASS OF 1962 1 , ' fymf BUTCH PIERSON NOT PRESENT ELVIEN BROOK JOHN BOWEDON BARBARA BAULAN RICHARD KEATING ROGER RE VIRGINIA SPACKMAN DIANE SLAMPER RONALD TI-IORPE ELMER WELCH I . MARGARET MOORE EARL PRYOR CASWELL ROBERTSON ,.,, 1: , .... Y 1 4' 1 ROBERTA MCCLOSKEY M Y gi. W R 44 H -A 95 mx ,K M 4, 5 I 6 sqgii I L3-525 RAY MORTENSON I ,,., A,,4 ",. . 41. 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FARMER wwfsls f r za- A2-:a 5' gg.. 1, K1 I Egg L 3 S5 ww Q U M, Y , A f L ':...2g'Q. E' Q. Slam 1 JOHNNY ooonwm 3 ,, ww 13512513 '!:...'i, ..:5fif1' 22:42 K, ,IWK .V L9 Josu HUMPHEYS ANN LIBBY S V GRAD LINDA CARAHER Sims . M ya-- . : 2259. wx " '- .A : ., . ,, ..f-iE. . ..,, . JUNE DENNIS RICKY FARWELL ANNE HALDEMAN HANK INGERSOLL h I S ' M Q Sm 5 A Fi gsm I s ug? . ., .iiffiaisffi me z ,im NN: C sw HQ P12 Q Y Q-1" JI BOB CRAWFO PAUL DENNIS' STEV1 FICKA This year has one of many ne periences for th enth grade. Tlu elementary schot met a new pr -"Gore." This ly the first of new things they will meet e climb the lad: graduation. Nov are looking fc to September, they will be able to be big bt and sisters to the confused, inc seventh grade. ILASS OF 1963 f7?EIf7E7wfiYi'W mek, Y M ' S I1 I 32 W f JAM I E PAR SON 1ssfsz' V f VW? M ,, .... - ,M P' r' W V + Qi' , Q 43 S .Sf L W f eif ,MF X f V ,, V V ,- ARBARA REID BARBARA SMITH JT PRESENT AN ANDERSON EPI-IEN BECK LL HAZEN RRY LAKE VERLY LLOYD ITHY MADDOCK sa. 'QS 1 , Pg? :ra-,fl V ,ff 2, SS ' .., -Vggf HELEN PETERSON fr V.. W ' E ff I if V ., is A VIRGINIA REID STEVE SPRINGER A l I C ,IEE k , L , ,ri , i CARTER TAYLOR :.. -13221 .HE :'3If52 5'5 :ff 16 .-V-:V 'I , V iv 'I 2' J 4,55 Af QR Lg ' I E ,Q M Q , V VE JOHN ' LLOYD R Vw-,,.,2 J.. f -3 ?f .zggggfw f V 'G 1 'Vi W? ,,,5i.: : DELORES MILLER .1,1 - ' KENNY POTTS BRUCE ROBINSON Ab, JK 1 .fs . Lf X4 'WI' EV E' ",i",se9" -' W X G. f,f,,9w ff .. 1 :V- BILL SPRUANCE JOSEPH THOMAS RODNEY LOVETT Him Nw A gf my mg, ' ns. 19242 Hb ELMER MILLER .,1,,,,..,L .. . f . sit : , . 5? ggkg 45 . , -Q.-1-'M :2,.,:q,s ,zulu- 4 . wil N 1 W ?1 .J , 5 L-,V nm .www Q, I uk, ig l ANITA PRICHARD 5 am 5 I :ga-:'5f x V- if' 5 -ff 'Q-5111: JOHN ROGERS MILLARD STARLING H . DONALD TIBBITT 5f'i5iff7'?'1- V 3.1 I,.1. ,E V 32 TRACY WAGNER RRIC asain' , RENO KRGARET REPMAN .RBARA TOMLIIESON ' 5 JDIE SAGERS GARRY WIMER I fgliglgv' ' 1 V-'rw-4 ,E ,q' .c-- V ,V M .. , , .. . I t amd 5 7 , E HV 4 aj mu ,ww - ax W e nf PEYTON WALKER L- " f In bg 'Q 4.4 4 K WV v ' . mag Vt Hi- ,. -V min Ei. .:3i':' JERRY WIMER LAURA WHITMAN f Yagi' - i V V. P 5 M Q, Z' V ,zffi , ': x .'f: . Hi'-EV NANCY WINDE . as .. . . i .. 'J I-a g: S149 MQ I K5 I I ' BONNIE MARTIN .77 , V 'l5Lsil?5Ji-:V ,RERV I,:E- ,Q AS, SQ x 925 8' 3 K JP Wu- K C1 V ' bu' ,M--, f.Z!Y."'-355 'U 1 1: .'f ,z .. 1 M 9 'S V' I I' Mg.. x ilfgn Q 3 In Leg , af 1 .Vim MIRIAM MOSLEY PRISCILLA PROFFITT GENE SAUNDERS wg .. QV 49' V5 I XA x I4 Y I . gm gin A 4 J' S SL My I 22 4 PAUL STORM HARRY TROIANI 8 WALTER MCEVELLI JUSTINE - NEFF A V Am y , v I L 5 Z ' '2 , , V QQ V 22 21511 ' . 2 .. 'Q 'K JACKIE PUGH 5515 5 P Lia, Say If Q fy? 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A -. .V 25222: 32 5' ' HARRY WILLIS V, J5f5V,fVmf...fV - 'W V V -.x,,,- VV VV2,fIV.W,-.M Sf 505.268 ' 2 f VV 915 15 ,mv , 35215152 'R V kv V 'Sk' 9 ' H. 194 1: sw H 4 "ff w e W SL V 1 2 V, W E ,,,,,yi.VV.,,.M:,5k, BARBARA ZIEGLER JOHN WILLIS KAY ZUMBRO SPORTS FOOTBALL HOCKEY KETBALL COUNTRY SOFTBALL BASEBALL nfl in 5 g IBN gri? fb pg 'R l'5g SZFQ Q' O wiv" 9535 Emi' ggmg Qing 1 W' M2120 Q93 'fu Z! UQ vs. HP my gs Q5 SW v-uhm ,IT o :EO ' 2.-no I-Ich. TB Q HN "' F9 A rn '1 X Q '15 r'4? aww 58" :fig 901' PEFY wiga asm? ?'m5 S'-12 D chin 25:5 Bn5H vm -.SQ Q5 g 3252 3252, rgno N. . ITQ1 fog-as O ..- DTN :DD ro, , :Og 'df' ug 'akin H-aj'-Vf gn ,rgt D5 5511 :.-gn FQ? zgaQ ,.,, kz:L P fb aww O B F Z, 353 .,, 'WHL gwn ,mo 522 1' T 9: mw Gs' Q gwsapz 'an emqs uamms ug mg WH W ng 1 ex 51 95 if ' - fa P o 35 28 LS ,fi n is 2' , Q U' , B Y: Wt x , Y Q My 5 s ,..m 3 A' W mah, BUD GWALTNEY ROBERT KEATING ALBERT MOUSLEY Tackle Quarterback Halfback Captain ROGER EMERSON Tackle JIM DeLANEY Tackle Hard work, team spirit and desire were the factors behi. the success of the 1957 edition of the A. I. football team. Led by Captain Robert Keating, who was chosen to t Second All-State team and who represented our school on t All-Star Squad, this group of boys achieved one of the best w and lost records in the past ten years. The highlights of the season, which showed a record oi wins and 3 losses, were the loss to Mt. Pleasant and the win o' a previously undefeated Louis I.. Redding. Trailing at Mt. Ple ant by as much as 20 points, the Tigers roared back to domin the second half, only to have time run out. Again in the Redding game this group found themsel behind at half-time, but came back to win in a brilliant te effort. From the loss at Mt. Pleasant, the team led by Al Mousl Tom Ward, and Junior Sid Smith in the backfield, and A Forster, John Long, and Roger Emerson on the line, won next three games achieving the distinction of shutting out tl opponents. From every point of view it was a successful season- boys have much to be proud of. M 9 W R iyilgi gr , F 4? W 1 f F A ,RY . j- 4, , 'R 1,1 IZ' iff: . ff 'E-f,Qff'12-55' M. 1 L ,af ,, Z Q- 'Rf 55 zlfaffgf' uf TONY QUINTANO DAVE RIGGIN JERRY ROBERTS CHARLIE SPRINGER Halfback End Hfflffwk End We They Conrad ....... 33 6 Smyrna ......,... , , Mount Pleasant . , . , , 27 Archmere .... 0 Middletown ...,. 0 Delaware City I.. L. Redding Claymont ..... 6 26 20 .. 16 33 34 - . - 20 6 A, 14 ., 47 VAN WELLS D AVE WARNER TOM WARD BILL TRENCH Guard Emi H alfback Hvlfbavk 5 . 0 K .VW 2 I , lg 3 2 V, -' f awww R g f A "R :R 4 -Lx JU ICR H E 5 E Fin! Raw: Paul Fredrick, Ronnie Blevins, Ellis Pierson, Carl R'egel K H pk' h S h l G Shanks, Harry White, Bill McClary. Swund Row: Bill Gorden, jerrinlgIreei?wal3fyl!i?arily MacDonald, Tony Donehower, Captain, Van Donnan, and Josh Humphrey. i Mr. Lovall and Captains Left to right: Steve Hayes, Tony Donehower, Coach Lo vall, Bill Marsey. Fifty-five boys, comprising three carried the banner of the Junior Tiger battle twelve times. For the first time a ninth grade tear resented A. I. as Well as the regular 100 l 150 lbs. teams. An unimpressive record failed to di squad's spirit. Coaches Lovall and Sc predict bright futures for many of the 1 as they move up the ladder toward competition. LFUKI' ' First Row: Tommy Hale, Kenny Faw, Sam Cupp, Les Riler, ja'k C 1 B bb C , f d H - - . Douglas Bray, Donqld Cohn. Setond Row: Edward Cronin, John Coodoxilllj jel',f Fli'ie1.lil1vz:n?rjohnogl1sleLl1 Sflllcicirlrtlilyormlaixsiisll Steve Hayes, Captain. ' y OO LB Team First Row: Roy Schuyler, Charlie Wintzer, Toby Eichbaum, Bob Spergti, Steve Springer,. Bob Fosters Bill Spruance, T. G. Joslin, John Rogers. Second Row: Gene Pierson, Richard Chatfield, James Clark, Bill Tansley, Bill Marsey, Cap- zaing Paul Storm, Buzzy Donehower, David james Dunlap, Jerry Wolfe. Vars Front: Ency Schick, Captain. Slanding: Mike Messe-rsmith, Janet Hoopes, Marsha Richards, Kathy Hager, Martha McCallister Peggy Cairns, Diane Staley, Ronnie Keating, Becky Schuyler, Nancy Weldon, Lillian Thomas. ' The Girls' Varsity Hockey Team, coached by Miss Kuhn, ended the year with a record of five wins and three loses. The j.V. Hockey Team was undefeated. Prior to this exciting hockey season, many of the girls attended Hockey Camp at Friends School, which did a great deal toward con- ditioning them for the games ahead. The graduating seniors are Ency Schick, Cap- tain, Mike Messersmith, fullbackg Nancy Weldin, Junior Varsity halfback, Sandy Hoffman, center-halfbackg and Judy Creedon, versatile. Although the squad will lose the valuable assistance of these seniors, there will be nine returning varsity players. As a climax of their winning season, the girls defeated Claymont and won the trophy donated to the winning team by Mr. Harvey E. Stahl, ex- superintendent of Claymont High School. "6 Firsl Row, Lefl to Rigbl: Joan Brackin, Joann Hall, Judy Creedon, Susan Gaino, Jackie Burrows, Rosemary Sorrell, Glo Mes- sina, Ann Joslin, Betsy Walker, Second 'Rouw Ginny Walker, Bonnie Alexander, Jane Davis, Suzanne Boyer, Roberta McCloskey, Helen Brooks, Myra Campbell, Carol Harris, Joan Hahn, Linda Wilder, Rinny Hager, Sandi Hoffman, Anne Copeland. HOCKEY r , TEAM MISS KUHN Coach ENCY SCHICK-Captain JUDY CREEDON SANDI HOFFMAN X, F ki EX YT W! ll Sv , wvkx' . 55 - ' .af - K, if to E13 H rv 'fix 'V L hy prescintgd . x ., ,,-- W N E i-.75 ls o t e ' ' MIKE MESSERSMITH 305081 5 ""'.Xin Y Same- L 3 NANCY WELDIN Yfarsity 5181510 no Q Q Qgmwb Q? if P84, 'P Q33 FS' 4 'ii A m l 3-.3 wwf, v,'g .VG 1 'P f E Q6., , Q 1' ..,, - I x" Q ."" Q. v , E. f,.a, Q ,2 lm , h : :1 : , laws , , ? .f? igaigffw A Q y Em a Q31 :gf .mA'A v.:: E nik ,M if I V 5-E gf M i F ? 5 V R E M' Q 1-f' ' 5 A , A L' ,,. Q K W . . -L Si ,Y H 'jlgf r ': J -s ANNE? 77 :Q V pri 4,rrrV V V V E, 'f,. M r 5 -:I: I I ,. ,V f b , ,-,,,,: I ': K ,K ' I If ,. , , riinii , ,, 4 5 ' B l 3 . ' 1 ,Lm- .:-' sp Z H . Y , , or B ' B A "r' . , B B - :P -' rl'-'Ls X 5 - k':L . 4 . esiel ,,.' e in Q so B RONNIB HICKMAN ei I B il 4 9 , Ay Q V V NIPPER FORSTER wit ' V 'gig 'A, 'ii fl it f L 5 1 f r ,wx Ak BQBO OLSEN BOY ' BASKETBALL This year's varsity squad did not have the success which last year-'s did, however, no one can say they weren'r giving their best throughout the season. Captain Bob Veasey kept the team spirit at a high level at all times. Other members of the squad who will not be around next year are Nipper Forster, Bob Harding, Ron- nie Hickman, Bob Keating, Bobo Olsen, Charlie Springer, Bob Suhr, Bill Trench, and Dave Warner. The addition of coach John Bushman, who did a great job with his junior varsity squad, is a step towards preparing the boys for varsity competition under Coach Wilson Hoopes. 3 BOB KEATIN G E is ,, if B 5 if A is ,f I as ft 53 sk so is bs -ff ,, swim iii! an Iell Io rzgbl: Ronnie Keating. Mike Messersmith, and Par Hahn, Co-Captains: janet Hoopes. Second Rau: Peggy Cairns Kathy Hager, Miss Kuhn, Coach: Sandi Hoffman, Put Smullcn. The varsity squad had a successful season, being undefeated until their seventh game, with Claymont. The team elected Pat Hahn and Mike Messersmith co-captains. Other seniors on the team were Sandi Hoffman and Pat Smullen. Along with their own enthusiasm, the girls were cheered on by the interest of the student body. Since the senior loss is only four, the team ought to have as good a season next year because of the experience of varsity players and the girls who will move up from the also successful junior varsity squad. BASKETB LL A -fr v JFNIOR VARSITY---Fifi! Roux Lefl to Righlc Glo Messina, Mary Ann NIL'C0!'II1il'k, farol Johnson, linda Wilder Q ll , I . , .11 y Gray, Sandy Snhoy, Virginia Wagner. .Seroml Row: Miss Kuhn, jzmc Davis, joAnn Strickland, jo Ann Hull, Nancy Tea- garden, joan Hahn, Marsha Richards, Sumnnu Boyer, Christy HMC. Bully' Hilhll. 1-illilili TNOIIIRIS- af 2 X-, L L Q57 'fa 1 i fi i 1 x 5 -ga, f f' 3 S, XX i SANDI HOFFMAN MIKE MESSERSMITH PAT SMULLEN Co-Captain PAT HAHN C o-C aptain CROSS COUNTRY-First Row. Left to Right: Bill Eichbaum, Tommy Thomas, Bobo Olsen, Captain: Bob Stevens, Jay Little. Second Row MF- HOOPCS- Gordon Buffisf Manager: Don Munro, Bob Suhr, Alan Ramer, Bob Veasey, Phil Wagner, Manager. The Cross-country team was led by captain Bobo Olsen, the only returning letterman from last year. The new members of the squad were: Bill Eichbaum, Don Munro, Bob Veasey, Bob Suhr, Alan Ramer, Roger Thomas and Bob Stevens. The managers were Phil Wagner and Gordon Bur- ris. The team ended their season with a one and four record. Although the team record is not too impressive, Bobo Olsen set a new school record of 11:49 while leading his team to a six place finish in the state meet. TRACK-First Row Left to Right- Charlie Wintzer, Robert Ficke, Dick Chatfield, Bill Gordon, Buzzy Donehower, Paul Storm Steve Ficca, Tony Donehower. Second Ifow: Mr. Schmidt, Steve Lindell, Bob Reynolds, Bud Cartwright, Keith Eurenius, Dave Riggm Alan Berry, Phil Bonner, Archie Hahn III, Gordon Winey, Mr. Hoopes. Noi Prerenl: Tony Quintano, Richard Bernard, Bill Pruitt Roger Emerson, Bill Eichbaum, Dave Crawford, Nelson Murray, Don Munro, Jerry Roberts, Jack Smith. Three returning letter winners back from last year were: seniors-Bud Cartwright, hurdles- Dave Riggin, 880 and mile and junior--Bill Pruitt, 440. Also back this yere were: seniors-Don Munro, high jumps-jerry Roberts, 100 and broad jumps-Roger Emerson, middle distance run- ner-underclassmen-Alan Berry, pole valut and 100-and Dave Crawford, javelin. Additions to the group include: Tony Quintano, a senior and exchange student, sprinter and shot put--Steve Lindell, senior, mile-underclassmen include: Archie Hahn III, mile-Richard Bernard, shot put and discus-Nelson Murray, shot put and discus-Bill Eichbaum, mile-Keith Eurenius, shot put ...J ru.-- --.1 nan u,.-...,.i,1.. -LM ..... 'rwmm Lmm mifh fl-ta ani.-if nf mm-uv iuninr hiQh's gave Softball "'1""'hsg SOFTBALL-First Row, Left In Right: Mary Lou Donath, Glo Messina, Gay Cannon, Rosemary Sorrell, Diane Staley, Betty Hahn. Second Rauf: Jane Davis, Jo Anne Strickland, Joann Hall, Evelyn Farmer, Joanne Cohen, Lillian Thomas, Ginny Walker, Janet Hoopes, judy Creedon, Ronnie Keating, Co-Captaing Joan Hahn, Miss Kuhn. Noi Presenl: Linda Wilder, Co-Captain, Peggy Cairns. Once again with the first sign of spring, Miss Kuhn had the girls out on the softball field and began loosening up muscles. Many girls came out for the team, but in the opening game with Friends only twenty girls remained. The girls' victorious score was 45-8. The team was comprised of underclassmen with the sole senior, Judy Creedon. Along with the enthusiasm of the school, the spirit of the girls, which carried them through a good season, was led by Linda Wilder and Ronnie Keating, co-captains. Besides the captains, other returning letter winners were: Janet Hoopes, Joann Hall, Peggy Cairns, Lillian Thomas and joan Hahn. Baseball Q Q9 , w,,.,'7K t""i I BASEBALL-First Row, Left to Rigbl: Bob Ralston, Bill Biehn, Bob Burton, Bill Trench, "Doc" Dougherty, Norman Ford, Bill Chernish, Bobo Olsen, Bob Smith, Charlie Springer, Fred Wintzer. Second Rauf: Charles Collier, Nipper Forester, Irv Hollingsworth, Terry Martine, John Cairns, Ronnie Ross, Joe Carbonell, Paul Riggs, Ronnie Hickman, Captain, Al Mousley, Bill North, Bill Springer, Paul Frederic, john Gelin. Despite having to begin practice in the gym because of bad weather, the baseball team, com- prised of seniors Ronnie Hickman, Charlie Springer, Bobo Olsen, and underclassmen Terry Mar- tine, and john Cairns letter winners-and other seniors-Nipper Forster, Bill Trench and "Doc,' Dougherty, got a busy season off to a good start by defeating Delaware City 7-6 and Middletown 6-2. Coach Magill had the very good assistance and spirit of Ronnie Hickman, captain, in leading the team to a well remembered season. The team also met Archmere, Claymont, Mt. Pleasant, Dover, Newark, Wfilmington and Conrad: all games that helped to make an outstanding season. SPORT I ACTION 'Z 4... ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL CLUBS FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA I would like to thank sincerely the Alexis I. DuPont High School student body, faculty, and ad- ministration for the fine co-operation and support they have given the student council and myself this past year. I would also like to offer any assistance that I can give the new student body officers and I hope that they have as successful a year as this has been. Sincerely, Charles Springer President of the Student Council OUNCIL Qy W 3 1 rf MMM ...MM f ? 1 ll" 4 L l 1' 1 Q-I -Sw I K lin from Left to Right: Carolyn Kilday, Sandy Schoy,-Janet Hoooes, nee g Pat Dobrick, Head Twirler: Phyllis Morse, Drum Maloretteg Liluan h' k R ' K t'n . Standing, Left Thomas, Mary Lou Donath, Ency Sc xc , onnie ear g to Right: Steve Springer, Jimmy Clarke, Archie Hahrr, Donald Tibbett, Robert Spear, Judy Frederick, Alan Ramer, Donald Munro, Steve Lindell, Bob Burton, Dave Vannoy, Robert Sperati, Terry White. Third "low: Nancy Teagarden, Bruce Gelin, Tommy Clarke, Rinny Hager, Sue Skiles. Fourth Row: Steve Ficca, David Harmon, Sam Cupp, jeff Schevitz, Remember the rock and roll session on the football field during thee Thanksgiving Day Football ga e7 That was only one of the activihf s undertaken by this year's 56 p'fe,1 band under the direction of Mr. il- liarns. Forty-two students make u the playing organization. The remainder is comprised of seven twirlers and their captain, Pat Dobrickg the color guard consisting of four members in- cluding their captain, Pat Smulleng and the Drum Majorette, Phyllis Morse. Besides participating in the final football pep rally and marching in three parades, the band presented their annual band concert on March 21. V V Q if 4 it if 1, Sa 1' A PHYLLIS MORE ,ky Tommy Thomas, Bill Radcliff, John Johnson, Jim DeI.aney, Ginny ker, Bob Smith, James Parsons, James Whittaker, Dalene King, Cairns, Mr. Williams. Filth Row: Joe Carbonnell, Keith Eureinus, Ramer, George Shanks, Carolyn Fitzsimmons, Pat Smullen, Ann Wh: Becky Knowles, Edgar DeLaney, Bob Foster, Mary Libby, Kathy l Richard Bernard, John Cairns, Sid Smith. Absenteerz Henry Im Harry Danner. Q K s PAT DOBRICI2 ' Head Twirler .. .Y-Wy CAROLYN KILDA xg Drum Majorette BAD IH ,e. A ' an fliw ltvlgglxgl 'i -...lf ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Fix Knowles. Alternaxes-Carole Pu zsimmons. Par Smullen-caprgxin, Ann Whirman, Becky mam, Sue Farwell, Carol Fnes, jean Todd. l 1 -+I 5... . 5 lx , 'S .4 1 ,. , RONNIE KEATING 1,,g,,4 M. l 1' , lf' SANDY scHoY V43 LILLIAN THOMAS .aff A ,Q kih, E JANET HOOPES 'A P' ,. ..2-- ff. FT-IKWTR First Raw, Left to Rigbt: Evelyn Faw. Judy Geiger, Martha McCallister, Patsy Cota, Nancy Hitchcock, Becky Knowles, Phyllis Morse, Martha Ellis, Carol York, Diane Thompson, Suzanne Hills, Gloria Kunitsky, Sandy Robertson, Judy Creedon. Second Row: Judy Frederick, Martha Baird, Mike Messersmith, Nancy Weldin, Pat Smullen, Joann Matthew- son, Terry White, Debby Walker, Mrs. Shiffert, Gigi McCue, Sheila Enright, Jean Whisler, Elva Stroud, Sonya Kunitsky, Arm Whitman, Mary Ann Garver. Third lKow: Bill Ratcliffe, Bud Cartwright, Charlie Springer, Bobo Olsen, Donald Munro, Richard Bernard, Joe Carbonell, Dave R gin, Paul Carkin, Johnny McGinley, Paul Riggs, Gerry Roberts. Fou: ' H Ron Row: Dave Warner, Bill Trench, Tom Ward, Jan eermans, : Jack, Steve Chapman, Nipper Forster, Roger Emerson, Bob Veasey. I' P1-exert: Norma Buchanan, Ronald Caldwell, Janet Fossum, Bernice li gill, Peggy Marvel, Peggy Marvel, Grace Reilly, Mary Sheldrick, Elem Slsk, Terry White. The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Beatrice Shiffert, can look back over a busy and successful year. In October, the choir sang for the student serenaded the Parent Teachers Association. body and also a representative group December brought the usual Christmas rush. The annual Christmas play was ac- companied by seasonal music from the choir. Several churches invited them to present both the gay and inspirational songs. Barely had Christmas passed when n the near future. Leads in the "Pirates of Penzance" the operetta loomed ahead i included: Richard Bernard, Mary Ann Garver, Bud Cartwright, Terry White, Nipper Forster, Charlie Springer, jan Heermans, Roger Emerson, Mary Sheldrick, rtha Baird. Also in February the choir visited the Delaware received the Dunbar Choir from Washington, D. C. By their Phyllis Morse and Ma State Hospital and busy calendar the choir has proved that hard work pays off. ears Mrs. Shiffert has been assisted in the management of the choir by the choir council and this year has been no exception. Members of this efficient group who keep attendance and are called on to vote in all matters con- ' choir members are' Mike Messersmith, Evelyn Faw, Judy Geiger, Mary cerning . Sheldrick, Martha Ellis, Ann Whitman, Mary Ann Garver, Charlie Springer, Dave Warner, Paul Carkin, and Nipper Forster. In previous y EMR HIGH PORTS CL B First Row, Left to Right: lrv Hollingsworth, Bud Cartwright, Dave Rig- Springer, Nipper Forster, Tom Ward, Gary Marine, Gerry Roberts, Tony gin, Treasuer: Bob Veasey, Bob Suhr, Bob Harding. Second Row: Terry Quiniano, Bill Trench, Norman Ford. Not Presenl: Dave Warner, Presi- Martine, -John Cairns, Sid Smith, Secretary: Ronnie Hickman Bobo denf- Olsen, Vice-Presidentg Bob Keating, Mr. Heilman. Third Row: ,Charlie One of the biggest projects carried out by the Sports Club was the selling of candy after school. With the money received the boys bought photographic equipment for the football games. Along with good citizenship, the club also sponsored several dances throughout the year. fTT1T"Yl'S11 -r-'-r,-x--,-.l-4-- irst Row, Left to IRigbt: Leonard Shannon, Paul Frederic, Harry Wilkin rn, George Shanks, John Schuyler, Bill MacDonald, Secretary-Treasurer an Donnan, Presidentg Gorgon Burris. Second Row: Kenny Hopkins, mon, Bob Foster, Tommy Mousley, Leroy Elder. Not Present: Ellis Pier- ice-Presidentg Jack Chandler, jim Feldman, Carl Riegel, Mr. Lovall son. - Harry White, Peter Burrows, jeff Friedman, Bill Marsey. Third Row: 3 Steve Hayes, Bill Gordon, Ronnie Sill, Les Rigler, Kenny Faw, David Har- Contrary to their name this is not an organization concerning sports alone but one which also aids the community. Throughout the year the boys raise money by sponsoring dances, dues and other extra-curricular activities. With this money they have given gifts to needy people at Christ- mas time and the rest of it has gone to various funds such as pupil aid. However, these letter win- ners do think of themselves sometimes by taking trips to some sporting events. YEAR BOOK First Row, Left to Right: Mary Ann Garver, Dottie Harris, Mike Messer- smith, Sheila Enright, Dave Warner, Ency Schick, Phyllis Morse, Pat Yer- ey, Sandi Hoffman, Mary Byington. Second Row: Bob Keating, Helen Srice, Martha Ellis, Maubra Bundick, Dora Greer, Judy Geiger, Molly Bushong, Evelyn Faw, .Beverly Sachs, Pat Dobrick, Carol York, Mary Lea When this club was scheduled, a maiority of the Senior students were anxious to ioin it to have a hand in the product of the 1958 "Alexis," When the dust clearned, there were ap- proximately forty students remaining to dig into the iob that lay ahead. Headed by Ency Schick, editor, Dave Warner, as- sistant editorg Phyllis Morse, business manager, Mike Messer- AL Haye, Alan Forster. Third Row: Donald Munro, Bud Cartwright, Alan Ramer, Phil Wagner, Aiia Ripa, Pat Smullen, Margie Evans, Susan Wash- burn, Judy Fredericks, Marilyn Dorn, Judy Hall, Gigi McCue, Sandy sobertson, Judy Creedon, Steve Lindell, Paul Carkin, Bobo Olsen, Dave lgglll. smith, snorts editor: and other odds-and-ends editors who work ed equally as hard, the staff worked over-time, fighting such elements as forgetful students, poor pictures, slow-moving photo processors, and layout arguments, until this yearbook was safely on its way to be printed. Sitting, Left to Right: Jim Jackson, Richard Bernard, Bonnie Alexander, Archie Hahn III, Carol Lucha, Sandi Hoffman, Frank Baker, Carolyn Conly, Jon Govatos, Robert Hull. Second Row: Marilyn Kumnick, Sandy Schoy, Sue Farwell, Jean Todd, Robin Miller, Maubra Bundick, Martha McCallister, Karen Smith, Betty Pigueron, Peggy Martin, Barbara Gland- ing. Third Row: Ernest Thompson, Dennis Reilly, Robert Bird, Aija Ripa, Martha Baird, JoAnn Mathewson, Margie Evans, Mary Ann Garver, Members of a popular club in school, these theatre aspi- rants spend long hours rehearsing and discussing their pro- ductions. Their activities include extemporaneous and planned .. . 1 Ld-- ..... IA... ft.. U..-inn: nl-vicnc nf flxp Sue Skiles, Leta Flood, Dick Beck, Billy McClary, Mr. Simmons. Four! Row: Lee Armington, Charles Dilks, Vickie Frommer, Marsha Richard Suzane Hills, Molly Bushong, Martha Reid, Janet Fossum, Louise, Danne: Colleen Parnell, Beverly Charamella, Harriet Pelletier, Ricky Farwel Richard Hollingsworth, Dennis Pandelakis. Not Prexeniz Ida Banks, Susa Washburn, Ann Whitman. theatre, and who can forget those pantomimes in the dramatii assembly? Topping off the year with a presentation of "Ant gone" at the Delaware Play Festival and a night of one or an nlavs. we mav someday see these names up in lights. RESS to W IWUIIIII y 30 lil? 2 W: i bo' Oni y eleven men thug: S ' ll c t '. 'can pu, n the foot' the epic, Dru . S recent matic? bfxcxpqo , at one time. takf The Senior Cgrilidggsfs PrePClre Play gl-1182 .CZIWGSQQO - men can the iS presentingncheaper Roger Emerg l-lam Bl? nvxi ,lf wuchdown si1 by the Dozen" in the Frank Gilllif V ltr? Jqxo eip key Sai school auditorium on S'2ra Hogra C Cx , . - f at as S3-L5 00 GX , no it the two evenings, NOW, 9 0 'lylld , Helen 10 Q0 'fe 'P Q QPOVGS 22 and 2 'O f' 4' 0 rex- we ef new 0 Q, 3- aww, 'emo gb 3 o Q G A ,. thi filsed on f' 6 4:9 as '53, s ,7t?0w'11ie: 'fr O Q '5' A Q OD . Q 0 . Q tgflfe' Q? QQ is K9 of ww O, Gllbreth ge OA CQ, 499 C., '?9"'l5 me 12,919 ceded, 'Ig 93342152 CE 0655 C 'gf for the which there-O Gas 54g 9 Q sfa"QQ9f B r, '5f.6'9f.Qe:?,69et .JA Ot",,Q'7.4-iw 6 ,oo hfbw Ve- Children, ME-so ance AGJQC-3 1-.wfplnd First Row. Left to Rigbl: T. G, Joslin, Roh Maddock, john Gelin, Sports Iiditor: jay Little, Photographer, Ellen Zoellner. Secretary: Martha Ellis, Assistant Editor: Tod Mighton, Fditor-in-Chief: Becky Schuyler, Business Manager, Linda Paul, Mary Byington, Merle Comer, Linda Learhem, Second Razr: Linus Ellis, Bob Ralston, This year as in previous years the student body has been kept informed of activities and honors earned around school. The group bringing us this information is our hard working Press Club with the leadership of Tod Mighton and the sponsorship of Miss Webster. The XVind- up comes out five times a year and plus all the hard work asm for its H The Eighth Grade Katharine Zumbro, Ellen Stephens, Emmy Lou Keller, Christy Hale, Diane Staley, Carolyn Cash, Carolyn McDermott, Miss Webster, Suzanne Baker, Judy Cudnick, Ann Marie Ryan, Mary Libby, Rob- bie Radcliff, Bill Prichard, jim Carpenter, Tommy Thomas, Bill Eichbaum. involved in putting it out, the club also slaves to give us an excellent school magazine, the DuPont Echo, which for the past several years has taken top awards at the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference. One other task of this club is the compiling of the school news to be sent in to the W-DEL news broadcast. E wp --vu. ws: 'tm U3 gd -"1ocn'aSgO xv-5 sun crm y--lm!-' P'0QQ om uw o'aw'-10" tx 'Q'-:mmm 'ew' Q Egan' "" eos THSSHEQV 00,2 0 iv nm 4, ,o -Q .... 90' 'vii-fmt-fmtzf Message vmmyx Ajfmmfgfm 1.20 S+-QU' 1:-'?,.:f'-Q O 'frm 'sax-fsr..v3 -S G30- ogmdg' ymme-1 is Q cu ,4 'mu " Q 4, W 'f Qggi gms li-E Wgiilfov. --4 'Q 13" 5, Q ,Q L.,-3' -I 3 fog, ,Q7 ' Q ,if Q Q 51' 3,1-4. AN, 421":7'ig5 -11 0 ,iz -X Q' S' wb' P 4 'is 8 'Q ' M' " Q27 H f"bI3'Oa-4 :JN Or-'-DCD fa :mum J Q ,Vqf-761' n-Q as R- ,umm :f N Q, D-rrwr-1-arm N ,n'Z3"4I 5' 6 Em' Q-4' -o .3 N p"gdgpWi:x 'D Ak wr-not-+:,sg"q B 'fs M--.s ,mm , ,lofi Am Q P-3 Q 'W 0 +5 U UH' .am D F95 o 1:1 rt"lr+Q-"3 C. 'Q "f'4P'Q5 5 ' 9-fa-033: new 3 ' H mlepoeai of-so P' re aQ?,q3-00, bw D an., esatgol. nv- 42 n 9 lgo 3 SGS' 3 'i H 0 ,gg loqos Q y D ...sfi-Er. E' 5? 003,5l""Q S :hes - 42?-sl .64 6:-, 251 , devil-1- of g'5'11e,..'f'f-iris. 5, func, ff., ' '2?"'e 'P' mul ithgg CHEE. Center: Rita Ventura, Captain. Starling from Left: Carol Ann Brackin, Lana Purcell, Eleanore Sisk, Norma Buchanan, Sandy Robertson, Judy Geiger, Co-Captaing Brenda Dougherty. Allernates: Gigi McCue, Connie Barnes. Boosting pep and school spirit for our teams arf the goals of our cheerleaders. Remember the skits, pos ter parties, pep rallies and cartwheel marathon cheer which the cheerleaders conducted? Sponsor Mrs. Con lon, and co-captains Judy Geiger and Rita Ventura led this year's squad through its various activities which included a get-acquainted dance in September a special pep-rally dedicated to seniors, purchasing new uniforms for basketball season, home-made baked goods sales, and finally, the traditional cheerleading dance in the spring, where the 1958 Sports King an- Queen were crowned. .EADER lRMA BUCHANAN BRENDA DOUGHERTY M' JUDY GEIGER ELEANORE SISK GIGI MCCUE SANDY ROBERTSON Junior High Cheerleaders R SKETCH CLUB The collectors are iust what their name implies. These boys and girls are ones who collect objects such as stamps, matchbook covers and butterflies as a hobby. Sitting, Left to Right: John Hatcher, Anne Haldeman, Susan Jones, Bonnie Martin, Ann Libby, Joe Carbonell. Standing: DeForest Johnson, Phyllis Palmatary, Teddy Powl, Jeff Taylor, Harry Danner, Terry Lake. Not Pres- ent: Howard Johnson. FUN IN SCIENCE Those sets for the Senior Play and Oper- Etta were designed by members of this club who assisted Mr. Keating, the advisor. Pos- ters for social affairs are drawn by these talented students, who also do quick sket- ches of live models, and some still-life work. Sitting, Left ta Right: Bill North, Abby Chap- man, Debby Walker, Barbara Ziegler, Ginny Spackman, Roy Schuyler. Second Raw: H. L. Farmer, Susan Gaine, Lorraine Brinkley, Mary Reynolds, Cathy Huth, Margaret Moore, Peyton Walker, Kathryn Van Gorder, Carol Sharp, Mr. Keating. Third Row: Steve Beck, Polly Repman, Anita Prichard, Judy Walker, Laura Whitman, Eleanor Graham, Ray Mortensen, Carol Ann Do- nath, Shirley Rabouin, Donna Street, Carol Cher- nish, Bill Welch. Not Present: Ernest Baylor, Ronnie Caldwell, Peggy DeLaney, Dick Eskridge, Robert Fox, Lee Hoehn, John Ripa, Jimmy Schmidt, Barbara Spear, Barry Spigner, Nancy Thomas, Brian Trench, Robert Radcliff. These boys, sponsored by Mr. Samuel Simmons, explore the realms of the world of science finding new and inter- esting things in this field, proving sci- ence can be fun. ' Sitting, Left to Right: Doug Bray, Tom Flood, Kenny Potts, Jamie Parsons, Jerry Wolf, Gene Peirson. Standing: Jerry Feist, Bruce' Gelin, Kent Collier, Millard Starling, Garry Quisen- bery, Peter Coons, George Stike. A service organization, this group works for the benefit of our community. Their achievements include favors for a mental hospital and scrapbooks constructed as gifts for a deserving children's ward. Fitting, Left to Right: Mrs. Beyer, Helen Brookg iecretary-Treasurer: Suzanne Boyer, President: viyra Campbell, Vice-President: Arlene Eastburn, Karen Carpenter. Second Row: Barbara Wood- vard, Beverly Lloyd, JoAnn Leahey, Shirley Bu- ah, Jane Alexander, Pat Ellsworth, Robbie Mc- Iloskey, Jane Davis. Third Row: Suzi Conta, Bonnie Ayers, Barbara Smith, Linda Caraher, Mar- garet Woodbury, Judy Kusheloff, Sandy Sylvester Virginia Wagner, Shirley Forester. UNIOR I-ll GLEE CLUB It is because of the projectionists that the student body is able to see all of the film that they do. For there is no other group in the school specially trained to run the audio-visual machines which in- clude sound equipment as well as film projectors. The boys must pass certain requirements before they are considered projectionists and then are available to all classes for running visual-aid equip- ment. First Row, Left to Right: josh Humphrey, Ronnie Savidge, John Drysdale, Bobby Rey- nolds, Fred White, Nelson Murray, Jimmy Anderson, Gordon Whiney. Second lRow: John Burrows, Peter Coons, Ralph Kruger, Charlie Wintzer, Linus Ellis, Dave Vannoy, Barry Spigener, Tom Hale, Mr. Dilworth. Third Row: Edward Saegers, Charles Bickey, Keith Blosser, Bill Spruance, Clarence Church, Billy Tansley, Walter Mclivilly, Bob Radcliff, Bobby Sperati. Nat Present: Harry Troiani. JU IOR HIGH Y TEENS This choral group blends in two, three, or four part harmony, as well as singing in unison. They participated in the annual Christ- mas Program, as well as several assemblies with the Choir. The Glee Club presents pro- grams for any organization who wishes music, such as the Governor Bacon Health Center. Sitting, Left to Right: Buzzy Donehower, Susan Sou- thard, Pam Casella, Lynn Bonner, Sue Alexander, Pamela Mendolia, ,Ioan Matlusky, Susan Johnson, Su- san Behling, James Clark. Second lRow: Carter Tay- lor, Peyton Bird, Barbara Reid, Joyce Barnes, Chris- sie Johnson, Nancy Winde, Janet Ogle, Sevilla Hed- rick, Paula Thayer, Dianne Wilkinson, Virginia Reid. lbrrd Row: jerry Wimer, Jacqueline Pugh, Sylvia Roberts, Peggy DeLaney, Olivia Baughman, Michelle Lewis, Cisela Hoyer, Mrs. Shiffert, Advisor: Joan Brackin, Diane Stamper, Joann Strickland, jean Hull, Sam Cupp. Fourth Row: Harry Willis, Fredrick Ayers, Robert Crawford, John Conley, Earl Pryor, John Turk, Alice Newlin, Stephen Ficca, Eugene Saunders, Rooney Lovett, Phil Dowds, Charles Brack- in. Not Present: Justine Neff, Betsy Fowler, jean Anderson. PROJECTIONISTS FUTURE in W.. Q.. , i.. K! ' Sei ' ff. ,zQe"svs,v11z,f.igfw if M31 2 ' .7 :iiffssfsm . 51 , ,Q ,..,fsew.g531 5 , .lz.i,,W,,,,1s Q, - 'iiiQf?4s?2.i?i:? if 0 0 Wit 2 - S: ?wg2 ' i' 1 'lSi 5Z . -, , ' Z i-72 f ,ky N L-' I "" . 'wilt ., Q ,i ii . ' F Z .' 55 .Of X V-1,5':f2,ig1,.?::.f'2'.,:. . ' l'53il5i ?i2f5?fEfWiEai f . q2t2fQgggf.el1 'fx f 1 : 5,35 , .nm l's..fMr 7 v w K s ' f s T23 tl W Nts' A ' f 2- 9? J ii ':. 37LfF Vfiiff S lim The Storytellers bring entertainment to shut-ins and nursery children through- out the community. They do this by taking trips to nearby schools, institu- tions and hospitals and telling their audiences interesting and usually amus- ing stories. Sitting: Nancy Hunt, Nancy Teagarden, Mary Alice Harrell. Standing: Carole Putnam, Jean- ette Lang, jackie Burrows, Randi Miller, :Kathy Maddock. Not Present: Miriam Mose- ey. . ,Qui all if, . TORY TELLER When first aid is needed these are the girls to call on, for under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Gooding they have learned all about first aid along with the benefits of a nursing career. In Bed: Claire Ellsworth. Standing, Starling at Left: Mrs. Gooding, Rosa Paloni, Sandy Ford, Elizabeth Davis, Sally Webber, Susan Corbish, Louise Danner. FUTURE TEACHERS GP AMERICA CLUB The Future Teachers Club at A. I. is a small group whose aim is to learn how to become well informed and cap- able teachers of tomorrow. A member in good standing with the National As- sociation of Future Teachers of America, the club carries out a program of study and field trips to learn first hand the problems of the teaching profession, and how to meet them. Lefl to Right: Barbara Simpson, Cathy Hull, Margo McCloskey. The photography club, though small, should be one of increasing interest to its members. They are able to learn the tricks of the camera and how to develop pictures. It is where students may learn skills to be used after high school. Sitting, Left to Rigbl: Nancy Weldin, Mr. Yingst, Linda Zacovic. Standing: Terry Van Gorder, Jimmy Anderson, Bob Sperati. LECTRONICS PHOTOGRAPHY The library council acts as Mrs. Mur- mhy's right hand. During library periods hey take attendance, sign books out nd keep the shelves in order. Any one if these students can explain the entire ibrary setup. ilting, Left to Right: Myra Campbell, Sue lehling, Robin Miller. Standing: Van Don- ian, Nancy Winde, Anita Prichard, Laura Vhitman, Pam Casella, Lynn Bonner, Mary Iarrell, Cathy Maddock, Ann Haldeman, hirley Rabouin, Frankie Wagner. By looking at the picture it would seem as though the electronics club worked with intricate confusing instru- ments. This may be so, but by now, after a year's study, this equipment does not seem as intricate and confusing and the boys are getting enjoyment from what they have learned. Ex to Right: Mr. Bushman, jimmy Schmidt Jimmy Hunt, Dan Newlon, Richard Sullivan: John Troth. LIBRARY COUNCIL HONOR SOCIETY SENIOR HI Y TEENS Sxttmg Bobnliarding, Jeff Schevitz, President: Mike Messersmith, Bob Suhr Standzng: Roger Emerson, Ann Whitman, Norma Buchanan, Charlie Springer, Susan Washburn, Phyllis Morse, Nipper Forster. The Honor Society at Alexis I. is a newly chartered branch of the National Honor Society. Their aim is to honor students of merit, on the points of Scholarship, Services, Leadership and Citizenship. The main activity of this year's group was to raise money in order to grant a scholarship to some lucky senior. AUTO CLUB Sitting: Barbara Bramble, jackie Thomas, Linda Wilder, Presid Standing: Evelyn Garvine, Miss Benzing, Becky Knowles, Secret Carol Harris, Faye Trimble, Treasurer: Pat Hahn, Vice-President: . McVaugh. Community work is the main interest of this club. The girls strive to do good for others less fortunate. They try to carry out their aims by cheering up the sick, making favors for those in hospitals and raising money through drives. SMALL BOATS CLUB Sitting: Leo Rowe, Steve Chapman, Cliff Breeding, Wilson Davis. Sec- ond Row: Van Wells, Bud Gwaltney, Pat O'Bryan, Marty Shannon, Herb Fletcher, Mr. Schaefer, Third Row: Dave Cook, Lester Gray, Bob Rodgers, Franny Armstrong, Ronald Jack. The main purpose of the Auto Club is iust what is impliede-the members devote their time to their cars. To prove their skill the club par- ticipates in endurance tests with their cars. The three main requirements of the club are that members must have a Delaware driver's license, access to a car and they must be safe, good drivers. S'tl'n Richard Chatfield Robert Reno, John Olsen, Mr. 1 g: , Standing: Steve Springer, john Goodwin, John Lloyd, Edward 1 Not Present: Tom Hale, Ronnie Blevins, George Hunter, John D1 A cruise is in the offering for these luck boys but right now they are sticking to land work. They follow the coast guard, practice boating safety and work on small inboards. TAGECRAFT NEEDLEWORK reeling, Left lo. Rigbt: Doc Doughtery, Jerry Roberts, Johnny McGin '. Slandmg: Bill Gass, Paul Riggs, Josh Humphrey, Herbie Barnes, Mousley. Not Prexent: Bob Keating. The stagecraft crew works along with the art department and the dramatics club in prepar- ing the sets for dramatic presentations. They are the people who see to it that the sets are up, safe and sound, for assemblies. Sitling, Left to Right: Carolyn Biddle, June Dennis, Christine Berry Standing: Effie Hall, Tracy Wagner, Mary Ellen Emory, Marie Wagner Not Prexent: Margaret Panero. These girls combine talent with fun as they work on their needle-work, knitting and sewing. Their fingers are constantly busy and they have gotten many fine pieces of work as a result. RTISTIC TYPING LEATHERCRAFT ug, Left to Rigbl: .Maureen Ashby, Jennie Lee Weldon, Elva Stroud V , L R'b:B M'h ,D1 M'll,P"ll Pff',M, y Roberts. Slandmg: Mr. Howard, Marion Oliphant, Ruth Ann Bifyfefiol-lefgntpegfggn, lc ner cores I er Hsu a ro In r No typing skill is required in this club, how- ever, creative ideas are necessary. With the aid of the typewriter these girls make designs on paper. These designs vary from Christmas trees to complete scenes. The members of this club pride themselves in the fine workmanship they display in their finished products. By making bookmarkers, belts, andhkey holders, the club learns how to tool 1--. ,.- TABLE TENNIS Firrt Row, Left to Right: Bob Hollingsworth, Alan Stephans, Dave Biehn, Bob Hedreen. Second Row: Keith Eurenius, Jeff Schevitz, Virginia Walker, Margaret Riggin, Ronnie Keating, Margie Dunlop, Dennis Goslin, Jan Heermans. Third Ro-uf: Dave Crawford, Phil Ragazzo, Norma Schulty, Myra Perry, Sharon Farmer, Joan Hahn, JoAnn Hall, Ruth Talley, Miss Kuhn. Fourth Row: Paul Ramer, Bill Biehn, Mary Lou Tims, Peggy Cairns, Margery Hallett, Georgia Feist, Bob Burton, Phil Bonner. RIFLE CLUB Anyone who walked into the gym, during club period, this year, would have found a very busy group. In the beginning of the year the members learn the fundamentals of table tennis and then throughout the year they strive to improve their playing. Left to Right: Jerry Greenwald, Peter Eberlin, Frankie Wagner, Jack Barnhart, H. I.. Farmer, Fred Wintzer. Second Row: Bill Radcliffe, Bob Tansley, Anne Copeland, Mary Lou Do- nath, Rosemary Sorrell, Gloria Messina, Bob Smith, Bill Springer. Third 1Raw: Carolyn Walls, Lillian Thomas, Nora Sice, Margaret Panaro, Margie Swann, Barbara Woods, Betty Hahn, Mary Theresa Gallagher, Mr. Hoopes. Fourth Row: john Bourdon, Andy Moore, Janet Hoopes, JoAnne Cohen, Betsy Walker, Mary Passmore, Earl Johnson, Howard Kleitz. TABLE TENNIS The Rifle Club, one of our lz clubs, teaches its members the funda tals of good marksmanship. The 1 bers of the club learn the propei of the sling, as well as the tr squeeze, different positions of firin, rifle and other such fundamentals. First Row, Left to Right: Brooks Laytor DeLaney, Barbara Billingsley, Barbara Dick Grove, Tom Smith, Second Row: liam Chernish, Laura Perry, Carolyn l Jean Whisler, Nancy Hitchcock, Ethel I erty, Treasurerg Diane Thompson, I King, Mr. Magill. Third Raw: Harry Bill Pruitt, Eugene Church, John Bastian Hahn, Robert Stevens, Bill Gass, Paul Vice-President, Deiter Korden. Not P 1 Shirley Halverson, Presidentg Harry Will UTURE F RMER OF AMERICA Kneeling, Left ta Right: Bill Hickman, Jimmy Hall, Ronnie Sutton, Al Mousley, Captaing Bill Pruitt, Dick Grove, Bill Standing: Mr. Simmons, Tony Donnelly, Dennis Pandelakis, Pat O'Bryan, Leo Rowe, Alan Berry, Wilson Garrett. Perhaps the best known activity of the Future Farmers of America is the annual Har- vest Ball which they sponsor in the fall. However, there are equally important trips, proj- ects and other activities in which they participate. Alexis I. is proud of their outstanding basketball record, for they are leading the New Castle County F.F.A. Basketball League this year and were county champions in 1956 and 1957. The agriculture students have participated in state, regional and national judging contests. F.F.A. trips include visits to Hershey hockey games, the Pennsylvania Farm Show, and the Walker Gordon Farms. In February their greenhouse project was begun-raising flowers and vegetables. On February 25, the annual Broiler Raising Project started. The boys dressed, packed and sold finished birds. Alexis l.'s fine agricultural program is evidenced by the fact that, last fall, one member was in a re- gional contest, and five members were in national contests, certainly no easy feat. A at Work Officers Biehn. Left to Right: Mr. Simmons, Adviser: Leo Rowe President' Bill Biehn Secretaryg Bill Pruitt Treasurer Irv Hollingsworth, Repor- . . ' . ,ff ,L . ' ' I . , .. 3 -' "5'l'!:': . n . -at -1 it Vice President ter Ronnal Sutton, FRIENDS OF THE ALEXIS THERESA M. GEORGE C. J. SCHMIDT PAT DeSTAFNEY VIRGINIA CONLON JOANNE KUHN GIGI and SANDI TED and ANN JOSLIN CHARLIE SPRINGER BILL TRENCH MICHELLE DOC and HERBIE RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH BOB CRAWFORD MR. and MRS. PHILIP WAGNER RONNIE HICKMAN FRANK BAKER MR. and MRS. PAUL J. HAHN GEORGE and TIGER KEN and JIM BUZZY and NANCY MR. and MRS. HOWARD GEIGER JERK and ROWDY MR. and MRS. CORNELIUS J. MURPHY MR. and MRS. CARKIN and PAUL MRS. ERNEST SHIFFERT MR. and MRS. JAMES ASHBY BUTCH VILLERMAUX MR. and MRS. HENRY E. COWELL DR. THOMAS W. HOWIE JANE and JAYNE JOHN CAIRNS MISS MARGARET STEWART GIGGS TONY and MARSHA BILL and NANCE MR. and MRS. D. J. HAYE LOIS and JUDY MR. and MRS. A. H. MESSERSMITH MR. and MRS GEORGE A. PAUL SHORTY MR. and MRS. RIGGIN and LITTLE DAVE MR. and MRS CARTWRIGHT and BUD DICK and SPUTNIK RONNIE and BARBARA DOROTHY S. ALLEN SHEILA and DUKE MR. and MRS. J. WILSON HOOPES JUDY CREEDON DADDY and DUMPLINS JOHNNY and ROCK HOWARD JOHNSON - TIMMEY MOLLY BUSHONG MR. and MRS. CHARLES E. GREER MR. and MRS. S. A. LANDRY MR. and MRS. ELMER G. YERGEY MRS. MARGUERITE BENTHALL AL MINNE CHAMP MRS. MYRA KOONS MR. and MRS. PHILIP C. MORSE JOANN and MIKE STEPHEN and JUSTINE SAM LOVES PAM SID SMITH SUSAN JOHNSON BETTY PIGUERON KEITH EURENIUS STEVE LINDELL RICHARD N. BERNARD ELEANORE SISK LITTLE OSCAR "THE EARTH ANGELS" DANNY PUGH CUCA-ATILA-BULLY-ZORRA MR. and MRS. L. H. SCHICK "BUT ENCE" MR. ELMER KOONS E. JANE HAMMELL DREAMER and BABY DOLL MR. qua MRS. E. L. RAMER CARL MCCALLISTER JERRY LUCHA MARY ELLEN ZOLPHER KARL EURENIUS CARL ROBERTS JAY ALDERSON LYNCH KAY LITTLE ANN SHELDRICK PAT DOBRICK MR. and MRS. HENRY DOBRICK MR. and MRS. E. J. CREEDON ANNE, WENDY and DAVID McCUE MR. and MRS. CARL SISK, SR. CARL SISK, JR. PEGGY RICE AIJA RIPA MR. and MRS. WALLACE EVANS ANONYMOUS and FRIEND ALFRED E. NEWMAN SPOOK and INNOCENT ARCHIE HAHN III MRS. MARY FRANCIS WALKER E. RUSSELL WILLIAMS, JR. and SANDY ENIORS - LONG AGO Compliments of the SENIOR HIGH SPORTS CLUB Compliments of the JUNIOR CLASS Take a letter, Miss Lucha ADN 11555 AN L Nipper gets Gigi. . . You should have been there! Gigi gets Nipper . . . Recognize any of these seniors? ltLMUK1hQ ' Do I have to twirl? Who's the fellow in the back? Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z . . . Tony doing homework? 'Twas a wet night... Shutterbug. .. I n Sophisticated singers from operetta . . . Frustrated cheerleader . . . WILMINGTON CCJUNTRY STORE SWEATERS GIFTS Greenville, Del. Ruxton, Md. OLympia 6-4409 3-I245 i' :,U V555 I: I Compliments of l' coNcono Esso I' y Complimenfs of I 2902 concord Pike 'I ,' A FRIEND Wilmington, Delaware I .1 ll :J L-::::- xx? lx ':fxx:::x::x'C:TIA 1: '- THE BAKERY II I I Cakes, Pies, Donuts, Cookies I CONGRATULATIONS FRED WILSON Pastries, Ice Cream Phone SY 8-1080 Naaman's and Foulk Roads JAS. SWEENEY Owner, Baker FOLKE'S SUPERTESSEN Naamans and Foulk Road Shopping Center TOP QUALITY MEATS Grocery - Poultry Stocks Submarines Open 9 to 9 - 7 Days a Week I 4 if :::-:: ::::: A-J-'v'-':v'-J:-' ff NAAMAN'S PHARMACY Prescription Specialists Corner Naaman's and Foulk Roads Hallmark Cards Ice Cream JANE LOGAN Phone SY 8-OIO8 CONCORD DINER 8- DINING ROOM Air Conditioned "The Sign of Good Eating" 2904 Concord Pike Open 24 Hrs. Phone OL 8-2586 MANSURE AND PRETTYMAN, INC. MEN'S CLOTHING HABERDASHERY HATS DuPont Building and Augustine Cut-Off Wilmington, Delaware Compliments of McALLISTER BROS. CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS Jewelry Silverware MILLARD F. DAVIS Eight Thirty-One Market Street Wilmington, Delaware Crystal China ECKERD DRUG STORES Now Six Locations To Save You More And Serve You Better 513 Market Street Fairfax, Concord Pike GALVIN'S ATLANTIC SERVICE CENTER 3816 Kennett Pike Auto Repairs H. CLIFFORD GALVIN Phone OL 6-9373 ----A-----A-------A--A------::.q CLARK and TATMAN Floor Polishers and Sanders For Rent Housewares - Glass - Hardware FELTON-SIBLEY PAINTS 2901 Lancaster Ave. Wilmington, Delaware Phone WYman 4-2624 BARLEY MILL ESSO 3601 Kennett Pike Wilmington, Delaware Oil - Accessories - Batteries Lubrication WARREN G. SAUNDERS OL 2-9739 Remember? mg 0, '-...Fe, 1 FACULTY CANDIDS Our immortal English prof... One of our best rooters! Why aren't: they scoring? Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet . . v new f.,i, WQ esew fi WOIICJBI' Wh0Se marks fI1Pv're Hier-nccinn7 --' ' ' ' ' ' The Class ot 1958 and the Stalt of the Alexis Wish to Thank their Advertisers for their Support Q- ::: - 7 NEWPORT GAP ESSO Newport Gap Pike and Washington Avenue Newport, Delaware Phone WY 4-1212 Compliments of A FRIEND ----1:--I HALL'S TIRES and APPLIANCES 802 French Street Wilmington, Delaware Phone OL 8-4528 JOHNSON'S PHARMACY Phone OLympia 8-5226 Greenville, Delaware Compliments of TALLEY'S GARAGE 1209 Faulk Road Auto Repairing Tydol Gas OL 2-0463 Compliments of HENRY'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Elsmere, Delaware l I 1 l C0mPllme"1fS of 'I 1' Compliments of l l LUCILLE'S J. JoE's BARBER SHCP PEMININE APPAREL ' ' , 1' 2505 concord Pike 4 OL 5-9937 l 620 King Street Wilmington, Del0WOfe Wilmington, Delaware l l 4, ff: 4 1 P 4 I 1 l Autographs fy When? in 6 4' 'W-.7 gi? 'E 5 J- L' V --V ff' 35" .1554 V. 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Suggestions in the Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) collection:

Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 95

1958, pg 95

Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 81

1958, pg 81

Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

1958, pg 7

Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 94

1958, pg 94

Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 46

1958, pg 46

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