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Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1955 volume:

765 H55 Published by the Senior Class ALEXIS I. du PCNT HIGH SCHOOL Wilmington, Delaware FQREWORD We The Yearbook STaTT, have Taken greaT pride in publishing The H1955 Alexis' This is your book. NoT The Yearbook STaTT alone, buT each person aT Alexis I, duPonT has helped To make The publicaTion possible. This book is presenTed Tor your enioymenT and Tor pleasanT memories in TuTure years. We sincerely hope ThaT you enioy iT, Tor our success depends on how you, The sTudenT body, accepT our eTTorTs. The EdiTor X ll' X . lf Y, , Ak T I ..- DR. THOMAS W. HOWIE PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Today more than ever, the world needs men and women of stature and convictions. The complexities of modern every- day living demand all of our Talents developed to their fullest extent. ln the words of Thomas Wolfe, "lf a man has a talent and cannot use it he has failed. lf he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partially failed. lf he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know." Here in your school life we have endeavored to teach you and help you to develop your abilities to the fullest possible degree. The measure to which you reach success will never be fully known until The tests of time and use have been met. We hope you have learned to use the maximum of your talents. THOMAS W. HOWIE Superintendent of Schools ln today's world the demand for ease and security is so great that we are in danger of losing our spirit of daring and the vision of high accomplishment. lf this happens we are lost, for America was built on courageous faith in God and on man's ability to greatly dare and nobly live. Therefore, l challenge the class of T955 to recapture this spirit of daring-daring that will lead you to high high adventure and noble endeavor! First, I dare you to develop a strong body! Many have been unable to fulfill ambitions simply because their bodies were frail. Secondly, I dare you to develop a creative mind! We so saturate our minds with cheap stories and second-rate movies, that we find little time for biographies thinkers and leaders, stories of achievement, great sym- phonies and oratorios. Thirdly, I dare you to develop an unselfish personality! No time in our national history have complexes been more a national habit. lt is Time to concentrate on qualities that make up a normal, happy personality. We must begin by getting the center of our attention and interest away from ourselves. Jesus said, "Find your life by losing it in service for others." Develop a genuine interest in other people. Accept these dares and life will be more worthwhile and youth will accomplish the great things for our day as they have done through the centuries. MARGUERITE S. BENTHALL MRS. MARGUERITE S. BENTHALL purpose' Principal of great MR. LORAINE BOYEQ , BIOIOQY In Mr... -' f 's MR. HENRY BRUNN A, Q' if Pre-flight J Af Wi lv' I f 4 XY KAL N' A .ii ' 1 1 . , X 'I , f' . gm I 5 , . Rf, IL... FACU LTY MISS DOROTHY ALLEN Social Sfudies MRS. BARBARA BEYER Core Curricuium NI. MRS. VIRGINIA CONLON Business Education MRS. EDWINA DOUD Health Educahori FACU LTY MRS. NELLIE DOUGHERTY Home Living MR. DONALD HEILMAN Social Studies Y 3 iw ' ,ff-.amp Q M makes 2150792 1 mi I O we 'fl X MR. EDWARD MAGILL Spanish and English MR. PHILLIP MOORE Business Education and Audio-Visual Department 5-.I My 4- .A 'tj .4.d4.,1, -1 f MR. CHARLES PERKINS English and Social Studies MR. VINCENT REILLY Health Education A i, 5 Z s fel' in AWP .L fl FACU LTY MISS HARRIET OSBURN Librarian MR. HARPER PEARCE lndusTrialAr1s A MRS, BEATRICE SHlFFERT Vocal Music MR. SAMUEL SlMMONS Agriculiure French and Latin f?V.fiQZ4lfr'7f di, lf 'QAA7 ,Z ,r M 1 U U in FAc u LTY 47 4 ,' 5,41 LL ,f!fc.,.vvr DR. HELEN GORDGN STERN Guidance Director Mxss MARGARET STEWART pdf' U1 I4 4 41 A ' 1 'T fn 3, ---4 MRS. MARY SULLIVAN Nurse MISS MAUDE WEBSTER English 1' K I hw. AL:x1SLW"'DuP ifhi ., I N xx MR. RUSSELL WILLIAMS MRS. LEE WRIGHT MR. WALTER YINGST Insfrumenfal Music Fine Arts Science g--f 'Q MISS MAE BEATTIE MRS. ANNE FORD Ciefk Secretary CLERICAL STAFF 41. in MR. EDWARD CALDWELL Building Superintendent CUSTCDIAL STAFF MR. CASPER SHOWELL MR. WILLIAM CASSON Custodian Custodian SENIORS 5 J Yo f "'7g. K-.12 s W! Qfeiflyi il.-5' Q' ninety' QA R New ,iii ' ff n' 3 if ,aw-gm' ' A A W 5 A -4 M , ,KM- SN on Q..- , I -Q- Lu. . Hi- 1 I B A H .,-1 ,av RICHARD ALSENTZER "Sense" Can'r fight city hall Faithful member of Projection Club . . . never at a loss for words . . . Sports Club fan . , , Treasurer of Sophomore Class . . . an excellent radio announcer. HARRY ALTEMUS "Alty" Sunshine Quite a hot rod in Auto Club . . . Travel Club . . . Stagecraft member . . . never a dull moment , . . ambition is to pass history and ioin the U. S. Coast Guards. 'D' , CHARLOTTE BRACKIN "Char" Gee Coop girl . . . Yearbook . . . Exchange Club . . . twirls a baton like a trouper . . . loves that red convertible . . . wants to be a good secretary and live happily. RICHARD BRITTON "Buddy" How you doing friend? Wonderful football and basketball player . . . Interscholastic Sports 'an . . . quiet, but lots of fun . . . Track team member . . . wants to pass chemistry and go to college. RICHARD CLAY BARKER ,.MUd., How's your mother? Took part in Stagecraft . . . keeps you in stitches . . . Square Dancing . . . Rifle Club . . . class cut up . . . tumbler . . . future 6, uncertain. DANIEL BARTOLI . "Dan" C Who dat? Sports enthusiast . . . Travel Club . . . good . bass in Choir . . . handsome . . . swell all around guy , . . ambition is to go to college or to ioin the Navy. A f Civ- "' 13 Livi- , tr? A if in 3'- ' Picture MARY BUTLER "California" You kill me Halls from California , . . alto in the Choir . . . member of Spanish Club . . . Dramatics . . Mary in Senior Play , . . quite a talker . 4 . would like to be an Occupational therae pist. HILLARY Ci-iERRix "Hill" Hear Dem Duals Vice President of Auto Club . . . wonderful drummer . . . Student Director of the Senior Play . . . loves the gals . . . Yearbook staff member. . , wants to live. Not Available l, llfrl PEAR L BROWN "Pearlie" Really Softball and basketball captain . . . Yearbook assistant . , . Y-Teens . . . sweet'n'neat . . . May Queen court , , . Twirlrng Club . . Student Council , . . wants to live happily. ROBERT BRYNES "Bobo" A real speed ball in Auto Club . , , never misses a thing , , . hard-working member of stage crew . . , woman killer . . . U, S. Army, here he comes. MN f I X l K X rx l' GORDON CLARK "Dutch" Gee, Dad Sharp shooter in Ritle Club . . , loves air- planes , . . Hi-Y , . . Travel Club . . . Tumbling . . . Cross Country runner . . plans to join the Air Force. JOHN COLE "Johnnie" Get outa here Member of Dramatrcs . . easy going guy . . . lots Of fun . , . good tumbler . . , smooth dancer . . , future still undecided. BERNARD COLL "Bernie" Neighbor Student Council representative . . . tumbler . . . Stagecraft helper . , . on the quiet side . . . member of Travel Club . . . Fencing .. . Metal Club . . . hopes to pass chemistry and ioin the Air Force. ALMA COVINGTON ,,Alma,. I ain't afraid to tell Social dancing . . . Dramatics . . . Yearbook member . . . where's Joan . fun . . . loves that Mercury to be someone's secretary. f- MGM Quin R1 JOHN Domus "Beans" How you doing? likes to have . would like l Handy in Stagecraft . . . fond of sports . . . the bashtul type . . . Travel Club member . . . anxious to get out of school . . . look out Navy. ANN DOUGHERTY "Little Dougherty" Who's got the car tonight? Square dancer . . . dramatics fan . . . hot rod in that Liodge . . . peppy cheerleader , , . plans to go to college and live a happy life . . . lovely at the harvest ball. L,-1' W if ROBERT CRAFT ,,BOb,, Rifle Club . . . hard worker down on the farm , . . check the wavy hair . . . can really cut a rug . , . member of Auto Club Fu- ture Farmers of America . . . Will make a career of farming. JAMES DICKINSON ,.Jimmy,. What's happenin? Active Sports Club member . . . Stagecraft . . . President of homeroom . . . a wheel at football , . . always tired . . . future ambition is undecided. 'Q' RosER'r DUMAS "Bob" That's the way it goes in sports Really makes that sax talk . . . bass in choir . . . great sports enthusiast . . . Exchange Club member . . . what would the dance band do without him . . . onward to college . . . Agricultural engineer. JAMES M. EVANS Hum., Thaf's the way the ball bounces Cross Country and Track man . . . holds the trombonesection together . . . Yearbook business manager . . . sharpshooter in Rifle Club . . . Boys' State Representative . . . Exchange Club . . . future engineer, is- i' JANE DOUGHERTY "Janie' Are the doors locked? One of Dramatics Club's top actresses . . . do you know the latest . . . was a Driver training student , , . member of the Hockey team , . . ambition is to make a lot of money, JEAN DOUGHERTY iqoioti l'm hungry Terrific twirler . . , boy, can she strut . . . member of Y-Teens . . . drives a blue Pone tiac . 4 . Yearbook helper . . . she's going to be the wife of someone special. 1 J WiLL:AM EVANS "Ollie" How you doing? Quite a shot with that rifle . , . member of football team . , . Sports Club fan . . . hopes to get to college someday, ROSE MARIE EYSALDT "Rosie" You know Soprano choir member for three years . . . terrific goalie for Hockey team , . . watch out when she's behind that wheel . . , bus- iness career ahead. DIANE FIELD ,,D,,, Will you open my locker, please? Ever notice the fenders on the driver training car? . . . Dramatics . . . Hockey . . .Y-Teens . , , will she ever learn to work those corn- binations? WILLIAM FINKLEY "CIinkle" What time is it? Dramatics member . . . Stagecratt . . . Auto Club . . , good tumbler . . . Social Dancing fan . . . drives a hot Buick , . . future xn- ,Mi decided. JAMES GAINES "Jam" How ya doin? Baseball, football and basketball player . . . member of Sports Club . 4 . future barber . . . a swell all-around guy. JOSEPI-I GANNON "Joe" You whale Member of Dramatics Club . . . stagemanager of Senior Play , . . "got any gum' '... a real cool dancer . . , future ambition is to have lots of money. , lm H' A jr ' . 'lf 'V . ,fjf X ,IM W af! f' ff I I 1 1 zz V' f 1' ' IX ,f ffl' .ff fllyfr !'5 ll N fylfxi f' -j J 1 ji". .-i2,b'g1ETjlIEs X H I ,1 J' Hello- Zo mber of Auto Club . . . loafer , . . likes a good time . . , chief ambition right now is to graduate. EDWARD K. FUJII "Eddie" Moshi Moshi Anone Comes to us from Japan . . . did you ever hear him speak Japanese? . . . friendly and quiet . . , Driver's Training . . . likes Photog- raphy and Dancing . . . ambition is to go to a university. 'VN i Q JAMES GOLDEN uhm., How you doin? Varsity football . . . fast runner . . . speedy in Auto Club . . . Sports and Model Club member . . . wonderful partner in Social Dancing . . . a whiz in woodwork . . . man of many ambitions. MARY CABELL GRAMMER "Cab" How bout that? Social Dancing fan . . . Press Club . . . Dra4 matics . , . sense of humor . . . the kid with the food . . . going to college to be- come a kindergarten teacher. ti 'll r' MILDRED GARDY "Shorty" You dog, you Quite a cheerleader . , . Choir . , . what a driver in Driver's Training . , . Craft Club . . . Social and Square Dancing . . . Girl's Glee Club . . . wants to be a secretary. ANNE GAST "Blondie" Thsfs the greatest .N 1 Member of Dramatics . . . can really hot rod . ' that Chevy . . . Choir . . . loyal cheerleader ' . . . look out college, here she comes. X . I i sf '-91" fuk "Barb" Honest I did fl.. ' X N-gals -x in.g,P,fD,Qk xx-kb-L NL-q BARBARA A. GREGG Good assistant in Yearbook Club . . . Y-Teens . , . Dramatics member . . . snappy dancer . . co-op girl . . , dig that pretty diamond . . . expects to be a housewife. THERESA ANN GRUTE ,,TeHy,, Do you mean it? Yearbook assistant . . . co-ops at Laird's . . . she knows how to drive, we hope . . , Dra- matics . . . likes history . , . she wants to get married, RICHARD QUENTIN HAMORY "Dick" Golly, gee whiz Sharp shooter in Rifle Club . . . loves to play football . . 4 partial to girls . . . wants to be a dentist. Doiziais I-IAN BY HDOVYH You dud Choir member for three years . . . Glee club . . . Craft Club . . . Square Dancing . . . Social Dancing , , . quiet , . , future recep- tionist. JACK HOLLOWAY ".lBCliH Get out of here All around Football, Basketball, and Baseball player . . . hot chevy . . . bass singer in Choir . . . Sports Club . . . Rifle Club . . . college bound. SAMUEL FRANCIS l'lOLVECK "Sammy Boy" What do you say fellow Tumbling . . . member of Library Club . . , Driver training student . . . a whiz with his magic. . . ambition is to be a magician. ,f i ROBERT HiLD "Hildie" How boot it Varsity football player , . . has a hearty lau h , . . holds the bass section of the Cho ther . , . member of Sports Club . . .F.A. student . . . ambition is to be an griculturist, Leo B. HOGAN of those things Toots terrific trumpet , . . Yearbook staff . . . Exchange Club . . . drives a brakeless '37 Ford . . . watch out , . . hopes to gradu- ate from medical school. ELEANOR KUEPPER "Ellie" Active alto in Choir for three years . . . played clarinet in school band . . . President of Exchange Club . . . portrayed "Charlotte" in Senior Play . . . helps out in Yearbook Club . . . played hockey and basketball. FREDERICK LINCH "Fred" So there you are School half-mile record holder . . . amateur astronomist . . , Sports Club . . . Ardent chemist , , . cross-country star . . . ambition is to be a beachcomber and biochemist. yt, Liz!! ,SGUACE Misklvm oHNsoN ie Allen" I' by ' tty Gund' N I l Dtanptidfor t elfearf . . ,I rbook helper k.!1.'. handy wit 'a ryfdletf. . crazy about I stock-car drivers , . . fo-dp gal . . . wants to make some male say7"'l do." Fneoenicic KELLNER Ill "Freddie" Football, basketball, and baseball star . . . a good tenor voice . . . track . . . tall, dark and handsome . . . anchors away. -. 1,441 0' VC 4' Jo-AN E MADELINE LITCHFIELD 'V 11:-"Y "Jod ' You k w what I mean Lydi i Senior Pl . . . State Band , . , ent Council rn ber . , . Choir . . .plays t e flue and pic in the band . . . cute ittle squirt 4 ,Kflkes to talk . . , her plans are to ie o cert musician. LILIQIAE LLAR ww' l You C m T rrifi a tr s c n really tak rea ato in c olr Elizabeth P ay bright llghts of Broadway MARIAN LUCERNONI "Luchie" Where's the fire? Yearbook . , 4 Stagecratt helper . . 4 Faithful Press Club member . . . Y-Teens , , . co-op gal . , . a whiz at the wheel in Driver's Training . . . Just wants to live a happy life. STANLEY T. Lurzkovirz "Stan" You Creep Quite handy with model airplanes . . . Pro- iectionist . . , Photography Club . . , plans to enter a business school after graduating. JOAN MCALLISTER .,Jo,, I mean to tell ya Snazzy dancer . . . watch out pedestrians . . . takes part in dramatics . . . Yearbook helper . , . where's Alma? . . . secretary to be. DONALD MCLucAs .,Don,, Go, Go, Go Member of FFA . . . Quiet . . . Fencing . . ardent tumbler . . . future farmer. MARGUERITE MASSENA ,,Mimi., Quel Gachis Alto in choir . , . Y-Teens . . . Dramatics member . . . always has something witty to say . . . look out-she's learning to drive . . . she's going to college and may be a nurse. E. GEORGE MAURER "Emil" I Swear AL .Mr. Collins in Senior Play . . . Dramatics . . football manager , , . loves to show 6 ojfvthose horses . . . sax in the band . . . Year- I book assistant . , art editor . . . Exchange W Club . . . college . . . professional horsemen. A s,,,..A it of " l AJ 61' wr- it 65 . JOAN MCLUCAS "Joan" Gee Dad Member of Home Nursing Club . . .Travel Club , , . Glee Club . . . wants to make someone a good housewife, PAUL McKNiGHT "Paul" Ah, go on What would stagecraft do without him? . . . member of Auto Club . . . future ambition, commercial artist. JANET MILLAR "Turtle" Get out of here Craft Club . . . Hockey captain . . . a whiz in basketball and softball . . . loads of fun . . . participates in dramatics . . likes to tumble . . . future business woman. BARBARA MILLS "Barbe" Who's gonna drive tonight? Good softball player . . . active in dramatics and choir . . . Lady Catherine in "Pride and Preiudice" . . . check those knee socks . . . ambition is to become a stenographer. V. ,qam.1,,W 403' THOMAS MOFFAT uTOmn Thafs about the size of it Can really handle that rifle . . . Auto Club . . . Sports Club . . , excellent drummer . . . has a hot Plymouth . . , sharpie . . . ambiv tion is to be a Wildlife Conservationist or a Forest Ranger. MARY ANN NAGY UNBQYH Oh heck Member of Dramatics Club and Yearbook . . . swell basketball player . . . handicrafts . , . Driver Training . , . leader corps 4 , . future secretary, RICI-IARD NORTH "Dick" P ett Good ' Y .19-UD Good in football , . . oh, that yellow convert- ible . . . basketball . . 4 Sports Club fan . . . tenor in Choir . , . hopes someday to be a dentist. ALICE OLIPHANT "Ollie" Active in hockey, basketball and softball . . . a real good sport . . . likes to dance . , . good assistant in Yearbook Club . . . Y-Teens . . . future secretary at DuPont Com- pany, ,gy JULIAN PLAISTED "Lefty" Hi, Ugly Yearbook art editor . . . Dramatics . . . Press Club reporter . . . Mr. Bingley in Senior Play , , . watch out for that red Studie . . . head- ing for a New England college. VIRGINIA PREss "Ginny" Heavens Yearbook editor . . . Harvest Queen attendant . . . Secretary-Treasurer of Dramatics . . . Homeroom Secretary . . . real neat gal . . . ambition is to be a nurse at the Memorial Hospital. VS-"N"'f' ELAINE PALMATARY "Lainie" Oh, you're kidding President of Student Council . . . a real snazzy twirler . . . Jane in Senior Play . . . Choir alto . . . Junior Class President . . . nice personality . . . Harvest Queen and May Queen attendant . . . would Ike to be hap- pily married. JUNE A. PIERSON "Junie" Oh Buddy Ex-member of Leader Corps . , . Booster Club . . . likes to dance . . . quiet, but nice . . . good helper in Yearbook Club . . . plans to work in an office. PA'rRiciA Roaeirrs "Patsy" Oh, for crying out loud Member of Social Dancing good Yearbook helper . . short 'n sweet . , . will good secretary. DONALD ROLPH "Tiny Tim" Get outa here Dramatics Club . . . what do without him? , . . Road an student , . . if he can' and Y-Teens . . . Dramatics . . . make someone a would Stagecraft Angel . . . good t be a man he'll be a mouse . . . Serviceebound. SHHQLEY RAMONE "Shorty" Choir member . . . ex-treasurer and vice pres- ident of Student Council . . . May Queen Court . . . snazzy cheerleader . . . stertog- rapher to be. SusAN RiEoAL Ususieu He flipped Square dancing . , . Y-Teens . . . Driver Triinfng . . . Exchange Student . , , knows all tlwoiiwslyarsfn Solid Geometry , . , future "1 dj-'sr mojhrte . . . has an affinity for Scran- Djon, . fy 4- of K. Q,-ry' will ' 'W I . 0' if fL'y,s Y b, f' fl ,'Y JAMES Rowe "Jim" What do you say? Always has a friendly hello , . . Stagecralt hand . . . quiet and easy going , . . boy, can be blush , , . future plumber. FREDERICK Sci-iivxior "5Chr'nidty" Thats nifty Ace southpaw . , . Press Club . . . crazy about sports , . .especially baseball . . . would like to be manager of the Dodgers. JAMES SCHNElDER "Jimbo" Likes to travel . . , can really shoot that rifle . , . men-ber of Dramatlcs , . . future arvbiron is tc :york on oi' bwners, GEORGE SEYMOUR "B1tnky"' Fraid FC? Stagecraft hand . . . Rifle Club . , . the bashful type, but very nice . . , his fJture is undecided so far. K' ROBERT SMITH "Butch" Member of Travel Club . . . good hand at the wheel in Auto Club . . . football player . . . future ambition is to work on television sets. KATHLEEN J. SPINGLER "Kathy" Isn't he cute Quite a hockey player . . . Catherine in Senior Play . . . Harvest Queen attendant . . . anybody got a comb , . . Secretary of Junior Class . . . Yearbook Club . . . What a driver. . . lust wants to have loads of fun. ,ax , D, 3 S, I FRANK SISK "Sisco" Puriy Nifty Likes to play football . . . Sports Club . . , " quite handy in Leather Club . . , rather ' quiet.. , nice . . .future mechanic. KENNETH SMITH "Smitty" What am it The silent type . . . tumbler . . . likes to tinker with cars . . . ex-member of Fencing Club . . . Auto Club . . . hopes to be a F wild life conservationist. ' cf. U. N 'Qu .. ,X X1 ,.Hal,. ceton. HAROLD L. SPRiNcER Oh fiddlestix Assistant editor of Press Club . . . dancer dee luxe . . . Yearbook staff . . . Choir . . . Sen- ior Class Treasurer . . . Exchang Stud t ' J' , . . neat dresser . . , expects to r ate f 4' . Q I U 1 ROBERT STAFFORD usobu Wanna Drag He's really an automobile enthusiast . , . shortie . . . got car troubles . . . see Bob . . . member of Auto Club . . . Driver's Training . . . his one aim is to own a speed shop. STUART STALEY "Stu" Way to fight gang Track and cross-country star . . . Sports Edi- tor of Press Club . . . great chemist . . . Yearbook Club . . . Mr. Bennett in Senior Play . . . Exchange Club . . . Homeroom President . . . hopes to be a research chemist. 52' JAY STRAUSBAUGH "lard" More fun than eatin' worms Member of Travel and Sports Club . . . slow in putting out fires . . . quite a star in basketball and football . . . teaser . . . ambition is to be a draftsman. LAWRENCE SWANSON "Larry" Tumbler . . . Fencing Club Stagecraft Crew . . . quite Army bound. . . . member of a character . . . ELAINE Svveeoe "Sweedie" ,f JD' Just look at that, would you If Xlr I A X I Soprano in Choir . . . Drum Majorette . . . 'Z " I f 4 9, can really twirl that baton . , , Basketball Ll fa-J! . . , May Queen Attendant , . . Harvest ff . " Q fi. mamma i is fl I , , uee ..a o so ea agpoe ff ' y 1 f' sitter. . . 'X y fm , 1 i . J I l V X ,f.f I f JOHN TAYLOR "John" E-mc2 Student Council Representative . . . Press Club member . , . well-informed about :heme istry , . . Astronomy Club . . . Photography . . . tall and lean but never mean . . . - '-t' i R ,4,,fi-- l My Joi-4 N WAR D ,,LoU,, Hi Ugly Stagecraft . . . what a basketball player . . . baseball team couldn't do without him . . . quite a character , . . wants to be a mixed- up cop. Juom-i WARNER ,,JUdy,, Holy Cow" Dramatics member in tenth grade . . crazy driver . . . alto in Choir . . really march with those color guards plans to marry and live happily. . B CBD future chemist. M R N' , . ,T i s o 0! f' ific act ess ' ' lay . . , Vice Pres- i n m . . . has that Texas wl ads of fun . . . hard worker r yf xis" . . . going to Texas Univer- iyffo become Longhorn. u ,fy . A L r Q . Q, za GRACE WEBB HELENA DE HAAS WELLS "Gracie" "Bunny" Why Oh, I didn'1 get a letter Square Dancing . . , Press Club . . . EX- Good hockey player. , . Exchange Club Sec- change Club member . . . Secretary-Treasurer yerary I , , Yearbook Club , , , DramafiC5 ,, of Dramatics Club . . . Miss Bingley in Sen- great interest in Canadian opportunities . . ior Play , , . President of Y-Teens . . . off hopes fo live happily, to college and nursing. THE SENIOR BALL I 1 K PATnic:A WHITE "Miss-Q" Crumb Member of Y-Teens . , . JV Hockey . . . crack shot with rifle . . . one of our top cheerleaders . . . slick dresser . , . ambition, receptionist or an airline hostess. . 7 if l fa V 5 ,l'Nl 5 -l v..- THE SENIOR PLAY The class of 1955 proudly presented "Pride and Preiudice" as their Senior play It was an adaptation of Jane Austin's novel of the same name, centered around a middle class English family, the Bennets. The cast was as follows: Mr. Bennet ,,,, Jane Elizabeth ,,,A7, Mary ,,,,7,77, Catherine ,. .. Lydia ,-,.,,,,,,,. Mr. Collins ssoso Mr. Bingley oA,,, Mr. Darcy ,e,,,. Lady Catherine Lady Lucas , .. Charlotte L.,.,,,u, ,7L,,7 Mr. Wickham . Hill Lc,c,,,,L,,s ,,,, Mrs. Bennet L,L, , c,,,,,,,,,, Stuart Staley .Elaine Palmatary ,..Lillian Lollar ...,.,...Mary Butler ....,Cathy Spingler ...Jody Litchfield ...George Maurer . ...Julian Plaisted ........Harold Springer ....,,.Barbara Mills ......,,.,Helena Wells .Eleanor Kuepper Richard Alsentzer ,Jane Dougherty ,..Molly Trantham Although the director, Mr. Perkins, was new to our school, he took on the long and difficult iob of making the play a success. The cast owed a lot to him to Hillary Cherrix, the student director, and to Mrs. Wright and all the members of the stage crew. The Candidates THE HARVEST BALL Elaine Sweede is crowned by last year's AMK, queen, Shirley O'Neal. The Queen and her courlg Kathleen Spingler, Elaine Svveede, Elaine Palmalary and Virginia Press. Ann Dougherly not present. .-. I ai 5.15-Wfrw-an .gi :ffl Y DERCLASSMEN QS JU IDRS Seated: Robert MacDonald, President, Mrs. Conlon, Advisor, Miss Stewart, Advisor, David Robson, Vice President, James Talley, Secretary. Standing: Mr. Wil- liams, Advisor, Mr. Simmons, Advisor, Richard Frey, Treasurer, .B qv Y 3 QA!! vm th' lil " M. Cartwright W. Cartvv 'ight i ,,::H 4 un .QAM- 5 s .-U f. iv, + J 1 4 ll' 5 l"fuNu'n::'i 'ta i v , Its' 3 D. Alternus H. Ash A. Beideman J. Bell J. Best A. Bieringer M. Bogia J. Bowdle M. Brzozowski C. Cammock F. Carlson M. Carroll J. Church S. Church H. Coleman, I. Conley J. Cookenrnaster, M Cooper, C. Cumpston, C Davis, W. Davis. B. Dobrick, E. Dodson J. Donovan, W. Dorris A. Dougherty, F. Dur nan, J. Edler. W JLI IORS First row: S. Eastburn, B. Edwards, P. Eskridge, K. Euranius, H. Fenimore, H. Fletcher R. Ford, N. Frederick. Second row: R. Frey, H, Fulmer, I. Fulmer, W. Gamble 3 Y'-f UP? ,s,' 41-X T 1 to-'Q V vcr f lm' , ,.. 1 1 . bu -. A. Is: M. fn-In as Q f N-.,,, -... L tw,-v 1 ' Q .. xzb . , 'Sf Ama. nn. 'Gr 'N-.... , Sixth row: Jervis . Johnson Jordan Kehnast Kendall we 'tr' Q'-Q with 19' r""Qf-695 Thxrd row J George J Gordon E Graesser B Graham Fourth row W Gregg W Haldeman o Hall W Hamblelon Hammell Haug Heckman Herold Flfth row 1-x Hlgglns Hlnchllffe Hrnnchs Hooton Hopklns Hunter Hyatt A Janus Seventh row: R. Kendall S. Kendall C. Kershaw h ,, . K'pp. E'ghth row: S. Kine J. Kunitsky l wb- . Lachno T. Lattomus. Ninth row: W. Law D l Lawrence R. Leverage S. Linch 6 .li Q.: 'W 5' wifi 'fb 'sill' Kll 15515 Q M39 'fc wee' Y, 'X 34' .Oxy l '40 fl 'tt fly! ll ff -.fl Y 9 I IH L wx, ,T KJ ,N , Ju loks Fnrst row W Llndsay J Lucha B Lyons R MacDonald C Mahr W Martin E Matlusky B McCann Second row K McDade F McHugh D Muner G Mlnne G Peterson J Poole D Rnchmond C Roberts Thnrd row D Robson L Rosenberger C Smuth G Sublett J Talley J Tessman M Thornton P Turner Fourth row E Tyler C Vandegrlft A Vlckers R Wagner N Walton D Warren J Wensul T Welch Fnfth row E White L Wullnams Not present A Bower F Bul C Cllne C Clough Eas burn D Eppard J Gar e B Jones H Jones Rogers J Sanders R Shanks E Ward W Way Y-1 C l 3. I J." J Q U JJ.: x0 T l alas vt J Q v- J' me 'T vx 1 , i , ' I ' k X: ' .E . . 4 - 7 " ' .Y A ,t V dui" l L5-'5' 5 'ix 7 ' 5 fr, 5 T A 'N A y ' C 5 t f v lf fl' xp P llfx N - , . I, . . 1' f 7, , 'G 7 'I Us . h . . N .4 -,y V bi 7 V P .g f ' ' " . v . Y Y 'L , - - ,. .. X Sv ff T e-eee -we F1-. . . N ' "- is P 9 A . 51. . . . - . X ff M .Q 4 l lil . , ' l . s , - - at -"' 4 P 'S . 20. sv, . . 1 , -- C. L at wt, S vw .alt rw, N all bl 9 ll fl 5' 'I' J X ' 9 la 4 h E. ' Cf 5 L ff ' '7 X' U H51 Lil f'r ll , ,T N . i 'Q Q T -L +.. . N , ., Q 0 , . -A J ' . A '-" ,4,,-' I-Q N ' v 'f ' 1 ' ' ' 9 52 ' If ll 9? ' .. - , ri- 3, I 4 'I X, 5 .. ., 5' " gf f X- W rf 1 s of 'S re D -vw -tif T - ,N ' M an A- . -.-- . if I Q ni fi 4,4 fnqt 'I . - xl. V , 1 I C ' y S F' : xc! .1 .v C Jw, 01,5 New 1 wx 'FY ,el 'Dv -M vw R 'Q- 'xii 'W i Q. 'NG 5+ BV' lflie wogjfwlo ? Di -,. I C107 9 L atv RY 0' ' Nr J ' '1 'Q pw! N' six' SOPHQMORES Furs? row W Adams M Andrews H Barnes D Barfsch B Beeson R Bell Second row R Bell B Benson M Bowden J Brackln F Bunch C Carkm Thrrd row W Carmean J Carroll T Cleveland H Conway Founh row B Dorst J Dawson Fnfth row P Day J Donahue J Don ovan W Duffy C Duncan H duPont Sexth row A Emerson A Fndance .I Fnsher L Gallo way E Gamble P Goff Seventh row E Golden Gregg Enghth row P Guthrie L Hamory D Harruson Nnnth row C Hawke R Herold H Hood I Hooton D Humphrey D Lowery Tenth row K Lmle W Lewis D Landry W Knauer R Jones J Johnson ' N X ' f-Q55 SOPHCMORES First row: E. Jarrell, J. Lynch, T. Marley, R. Marsh, Second row: C. McAllis1er, A. McCue, W. McKinney, D. McLucas. Third row: G. McLucas, L. Miller, J. Mooney, J. Nash. Fourth row: J. Newton, S. Nylen, L. O'Neal, V. Powers, D. Pugh, M. Ramsey, C. Remcho, B. Rolph, Fifth row: D. Ross, J. Schofield, D. Shanks, A. Sheldrick, R. Shelton, C. Sisk, E. Slavin, W. Spencer. ,J 5 , if K-..- .rims G - 1, .. ' .. ft - .T K . 'Z r " X ' 8 f M' -fi N. -1 .I 1- xsy 9 JN s . -, - 2 ,, s Fx Z " Ms. ':-ylf . , .5 . 'Q 0 S3- -3' nancy? 0:13, 301-Q 3' S-3' am- -. .EO :oS.f rr-215:- sew . 3950 03 2 'T' m gif? 3 5530 3501 P335 Q, -. -nPf'3' O . 3:1551 " 3 N -4 -E93 -533 3-3L..U1 :11"' 2 M gn-SS N'OI" gl' 3556 3 2 :2P1.. 2245- o.FL-Y . I-, ,,-. 2-U' ?o3QT -gg 51J?',. 2-E - 2135: 0:23 0:3--' 0- :T . US, i' SF' m".., 23212 3's3 :apm7' fb 'Um 236' Flmrg XJQPUT 12'- ml O Pegg 1950 -Pg: 'L - c "' y . J ii. V .- .. ' " 57 I V A it ' l ' H, K 9 :D ik Seal, J. Todd. 19 .. , L -ffl' gl '31 ' . ' RS v N xxilscj ' l Ki s. :fl-J , -5 f D if ' ' e s ii l A E A 4, f. 2 .5 5 L4 eCi ,Q ll: QP asa' Q 1 A' ' 6. E , Yam l 'R iff' " br Q .. '-. 1 A 1 W 2 . JT , f -- 4.. sg-A ' .., ' ' ' ' X 'fre . .. , , Q . F if A. " . , Q "33'.p'. A A 'X J 6 42, 5, fi 9 ,v ' Na . '-N , g-W. sl ,se ,f X'-' H . I A cie . , , VL .. .. ll ll .. ' l ill? FM FRESHME L., M9 tg,- 'V - - ,. 78 4 'tr 5 , 5 Q ' 1 i :fi ' . h M , X ' I i - nl W l ls. l ., My M , 'ffm J , v , ' ' -v fy 2. ' ., vt sy. r -.. "5 gy N I Y X il . I l .f X ii . W Q 'V Z y XA Pew 43 - , Q. ii S. First row: R, Alexander, R. Ashby, C. Bacon, J. Blevins, J. Brittingharn, D. Brown, M. Bundick, R. Caldwell P, Carlcin. Second row: W. Cartwright, S. Chapman, J. Delaney, P. Dobriclc, W, Dougherty, R. Dyson, M. Ellis, R. Emerson, R. Engle. Third row: E, Favv, C. Forrnisano, A. Forster, W. Gass, G. Geiger, J Geiger, A. Graham, C. Graham. Fourth row: R. Hickman, S. Hoffman. Fifth row: R. Keating, S. Lindell Sixth row: J. Long, B. Nlagill. Seventh row: G. Marine, Nl. McCloskey, V. McCue, T. Mighton, R. Mousley, D, Munor, P. O'Bryan, L, Palmer. Eighth row: C. Pierce, D. Press, D. Riggin, J. Schevitz, E. Schick L. Schurter, P. Seal, Nl. Sheldrick, E. Sislc. Ninth row: L, Stilceii R. Suhr, R. Sutton, M. Swanson, L Toliver, W, Walls, T. Ward, S. Washburn, C. Webb, Not Present: B. Dougherty, R. Johnson, A. Mahoney R, Martines, A. Mazzio, C. Mitchell, J. Sanders, C. Springer, T. Tansley, A. Whitman . 29139 Qi R 'J ' ' 'J c W . ' . ..' . 5 3' Q K L. .QM I 2273i b' x 1 - la- ' '5it'T.?P'?""" ' 'U' 111' 4 V ACTIVITI E S Sf? K6 S QQ U20 First row: J. Heermans, R. Burton, R. MacDonald, J. Litchfield, A. Vickers, E. Palmatary, R. Jervis, W. Carmean, L. Wilder, C. Sisk, R. Jones, R. Emerson. Second row: A. Beideman, F. Bunch, E. Graesser, Mrs. Benthall, D. Warren, J. Taylor. THE STUDENT CCUNCIL The Student Council of T954-55 began its active program by re-open- ing the Canteen and sponsoring dancing at noon-time in the recreation room. ln the early fall, they entertained the Philadelphia Suburban Stu- dent Council Association, an organization of forty-one schools. Judging from the many compliments, it was very successful. ln the annual Christmas Parade, they entered our Japanese exchange student, providing a decorated float upon which Edward Fujii rode. The student body and faculty generously contributed to the Christmas baskets which the council packed and distributed to the needy families before Christmas. They held the annual Community Fund Drive to aid the agencies that are helped by national compaigns. As this was being written, along with the many other duties of the council, the members are planning a Blue and Gold Day, Student Day, and the May Festival. With the wonderful cooperation of the student body, the council is succeeding in its attempts to build a better school. President: Elaine Palmatary Vice President: Robert Jervis Secretary: Alyce Vickers Treasurer: Wayne Carmean The Christmas Float Q7 .1 ""x7 K Drum Majorerre Captain of Twirlers Elalne Sweede Elaine Palmafary Wal BAN Starring aw tcp cf "ci" J Poole E. Graesser, D Shams, D, Munro C. Hager, L. Miller, F. Wllliarns, S. Lindell, R. Dwlwarn, L, Tlnclall, S. Srnnlw, R. Burton, B. Hogan, N. Puerce, R, Bernard, K. Hag er, N. mn, E. KJepper K, Ewanlus, M. Libby, C. Unwlv, J. Llfclafiefd, E. Tyler, R. Ford, J, Scnevitz, R. Thomas, G. Maurer, J. Talley. C. Pierce, J. Delaney, H, Barnes, J. Evans, L. Hogan, B. Dumas, R. Turner, M, Carroll, K. Euranlus, D. Engle, J, Bell. -'infra' -nr-r .,,.,,, . Q1':'d.zffQ i - .,,, fi., 3 5 .N4 SL,-1.s'.. L , .env +,f.v. '--' +.,1 :-' ff.r,vf --. .' .f . ,'1.'-i. if ' . 1. ,ij ,... X T, 23:1--gl -.-."a- - 'fl 'f'7 " - N-fr" ...QA ae- ,Q rf' if -' , -.5 wry, f v,x,'F'.kya,.u.-r.. , ,fi -'wa ,QQ-RQ .Z,' are Q3 '1f'E'H'f5g?F'-.P .e-:'fL.4A.,-.,:y9.f- --fi. f-,,.,- L-A,e Zvwfx. .W -fzw,.,. 'Q . Q' .1-ff, iv' ,el -.f 1 -,J-sed. P mix: P . ',,,'-, 40 ,s.. 3' 4 ..' 4-.' .v-....' A 14-.ii If J. iv., Y-bi. ' ' ,J J. Dougherty, B. Hall, E. Sweede, J. Garvine, C. Brackin. TWIRLERS SUBSTITUTE TWIRLERS 'Y J. Weisel, B. Hall COLOR GUARD B. Herold, J. Warner, N. Frederick, C. Cumpsfqn. , I . L Q 4DJ9J.Jj, L QW First row, left to right: M. Gardy, P. O'Neal, B. Dobrick, J. Hammell, C. Cammock, J. Cookenmaster, B. Herold, E. Kuepper, A. Vickers, A. Gast, M. Massena, C. Cumpston, L. Lollar. Second row: M. Butler D. Lawrence, l. Conley, S. Church, N. Walton, E. Sweede, Mrs. Shiffert, lsponsorj, M. Day, D. Hanby E. Palmatary, R. Ford, E. Tyler, J. Litchfield, S. Kline. Third row: T. Maney, D. Humphrey, M. Andrews D. Bartoli, R. Turner, R. Jervis. Fourth row: R. North, H. Springer, A, Beideman, J. Kunitsky, B. Law R. Dumas, P. Wagner, R. Britton, R. Hild, J. Bowdle, A. Turner, J. Talley, D. Eppard. Fifth row. P Lindsay, J. Strausbaugh, F. Kellner, J. Holloway, F. Bunch, J. Gordon. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Getting ready i aw 'T MRS. SHlFFERT Director DRAMATICS CLUBS First ron. T. Grje. G. Johnson, M. LiJce'ncr'i, B Gregg, J. Dougherty, K. Sping er. Second ron: J. Dougherty, M. Grammar, A. Covington, E. Sfveede, P. Whi'e, D. Ncmcas, D. Ross. Third row: W. Finkley, D. Rolph, J. Dorris, G. Seymour, J. Rowe, J. Gannon, B. Coll, D. McLocas. First row: V. Press, P. Roberts, A. Dough- erty, B, Mills, M. Grammar, J. Millar, M. Nagy, R. Schuyler, Second row: D. Mc- Lucas, H. duPont, S. Hoffman, C. Lucha, R. Ashby, B. Magill, R. Hickman, Third row: Mr. Perkins, W, Finkley, J. Rowe, G. Seymour, J. Dorris. J. Cole, R. White- side. 1 First row: O. Swift, Grammar Wells, G J. Long, Whitman, M. Swanson, K. Little, J. Nash W, Hambleton, J. VanStan, M B. Deinken, A. Dougherty, H Minne. Second row: W. Duffy J. Schneider, B, Benson, B B. Tabor, B. Hogan. DRI ER TRAINING Furs? rox.: Mr, CowelI, J Igehnast B Dobrwck, J, I-Iammn-II, S KID , J Nash S Lmclw K, LIMIQ, M Mes' en-'Wa J KCv1T5Ic, D HU'vwpIwrc. Src:-MI rcs. C, Varvck-rgmfv, . Tgssmaw C Camvvxcqk H Hood, T '.Iave,. TIwf:I ron: J Ladmo, D 'Jvwf C KQ'sImr., R. 'NIwIIe- swue A' 'Aan vw FOMIII row: D. FIQICI G. SUEICYI D Icnry, E. SIaY vw FIIW rouv, M Trarwtham, . I,'xUX B, 'NImfmar1, A EIHCVSOV1, W Vamdover, DRI ER TRAINING Fw J H ' ' . Cen: B F., f.. ' f'-,Q , ' 5-1 -.. I. V, . W1 , .. .4 . Def: " C 'f :ir ," Cc.-.L SQ: :fs - L . m 'I ci: T" 'J ':.-. S Ees':,'f F L,.f,-' age C C ag" G ',':L.:as If Ba"s:'1 Fcgv- vcr., '.' B'z9zc,-.SV B James L J. aws D. Cowan FwI1Iw for, C S SP C Carkm E UA' ,5Ic,, Saw fox., N. Aa, R Hwold, H Ash T Johfson V' I-dawg TUMBLI G CLUB I 'A " J ' HOBBY CLUB First row: C. Hitch, S. Cramer, C. Daniels, A. Helfrick, M. Dressler, J. Cann, B. Bramble, L. Flood, S. Farmer,-Mr, Moore, J. Forster, Sec- ond row: S. Hoopes, R. Tansley, D. Generaux, W, Manoocl, R. Reynolds, N. Garrett, B. Strange, B. Deinkin, D. duPont. FUN IN SCIENCE CLUB First row: S. I-Ioopes, M.'Dressler, C. Hitch, I. Banks, C. Daniel, S. Farmer. Second row. D. Reilly, C, Pechin, L. Sclwurter, R. Sutton, R Stevens, D. Mount, Mr. Simmons. ASTRONOMY CLUB Mr. Boyer, D, Betz, J. Blackwell, F Linch, B. Lockwood, G, Peterson. , . Sf' 'Q F' 'y ggflllmwv-I"""" 4 N ,A ' fl! ig aid' QV- . " ,gg .V . ' "?""'Mw-ww, X W 'ma N if C 1 I '-I 4' -1 I any x ' ,w Vg' t row A Vnckers M Rley e La He Kue er We s J Warner Palmatary J Hammell N Walton B Hall Miss Allen S Lunch Second row J Kehnast H Springer S Staley T Johnson K Euranius R MacDonald J Gordon C Brackin R Jervis Thi row L Hogan R Dumas G Maurer J Evans J Kunitsky G Sublett E Ward J Lucha EXCHANGE CLUB A new and very active organization this year is the Exchange Club Thirty stu dents from our student body were selected to participate in this program by a committee of faculty and students. The purpose of the Exchange Club is to promote a better understanding of people in different communities in our country. During the year the students with the cooperation of the Parents-Teachers As- sociation have conducted various campaigns to raise the needed funds to pay for the group s program. One of the preliminary projects was the ri ,lking of a portfolio of pictures and printed material depicting our community. This portfolio was sent to Newton and a similar project was sent to us introducing their community. ln the early spring, the students are looking forward to a trip to Massachusetts where they will be guests of the Newton High School. Toward the end of the year they will in turn play host to our Newton friends. Q4 ' dr 5 . F I x l . I I I I .4 -fam- ff-lff Q, A as I I I I I I I I I I on QE .qw-ny K Wi, J , W- A , rf fig 3 Q L i 3 .a-H54 F?" ...all i Q I e I ww , Yvrrr ,ylg A M 4 Q N ,M 4 . H .. ..,. Mtg-L1........4. -,, ,, , . . H- .- ' 'S if , 1 M xl if if TWIRLING CLUB First row: D. DuPont, A. Gamer, A. Helf rick, R. Ashby, B. Dougherty, B. Magill Second row: P. Dobrick, B. Rolph, E. Faw J. Tessman, D. Miner. Third row: C. Kil day, B, Hall, B. Hooton, J, Garvine, J Weisel. .............4 GLEE CLUB First row: J. Carpenter, D. Crawford, D. Lovett, R. Williamson, R. North. Second row: L, North, W. Walls, G. Church, J. Carbonell, J. l-leermans, J. Hall, D, Hill. Third row: K. McDade, A. Mahoney, K. Graham, J. Geiger, C. Formisano, J. Brit- tingham, E. Faw, S. White. Fourth row: l. Conley, M. Brzozowski, M. Sheldrick, O. Swift, V. Powers, J. Schofield, D. l-lanby, J. McLucas, Mrs. Shiffert. OUT OF-THE-BOX CLUB First row: D. duPont, C. Brackin, S, Hoopes, A. Chapman, S. Baker, D. Dudley, L. Lee, Mrs. Beyer. Second row: C. Kilday, K. Kay, B. Spockman, A. Helfrick, F. Trim- ble, L, Flood, I. Banks. Third row: M. Rig- gin, R. Talley, M. Clough, D. Walker, P. Flait, C. Fitzsimmons. 4 if K -0 PHOTOGRAPHY CLU B J. Taylor, C. Unruh, H. Barnes, A. Mc Cue, L. Lee, L. Paul, R. Durham, W. Halde man, E. Fujii, Mr. Yingst. l.,.L bb S P0 RTS! S M Ml Ebb me 3 5 , 'x v' I First row R Kendall R Frey R North R Hild H Coleman F Sisk W Carmean C Roberts lcaptainj F Kellner P Eskndge R Britton D Robson C Mahr A Emerson W Davis Second row A Forster R MacDonald W Martin J Brackin M Andrews J Golden J Holloway J Lynch T Johnson W McKinney C Smith T Lattomus G Sublett R Keating E Ward Third row J Long D Pugh F Carlson B Whitman C Bacon R Turner J Kunitsky J Lucha B Hamory H Ash J Gaines T Higgins A Hearn FOOTBALL TEAM This years football team showed great spirit and sportsmanship Coaches Hellman and Magill were quite pleased when seventy six enthusiastic candidates reported for the early practices. For many of them this was their first year of playing, but in spite of inexperience and the warm weather they continued the strenuous workouts that brought results in the first game. The season opened with a win over Elkton, and although no more victories came our way, the games were hard-fought and exciting. Enthusiasm and support of the student body remained high. It is hoped that the experience gained by the underclassmen on the team will make next year's season a winning one. Seniors on this year's team were Bill Evans, Jim Gaines, Jim Golden, Bob Hild, Jack Holloway, Fred Kellner, Richard Britton, Dick North, Frank Sisk, and Jay Strausbaugh. PLAYE RS JAY STRAUSBAUGH SENIOR BILL EVANS JIM GAINES fs Q51 BUDDY BRITTON JIM GOLDEN JACK HOLLOWAY FRED KELLNER . rf,-- 1-if r L DICK NORTH BOB HILD FRANK SISK 5j?gi,if B. Hall, C. Vandergrift, M. Thornton, M. Brzozowski, P. Day, K. McDade, J. Warner. Second eazey, J. Kehnast, P. DuPont, K. Spingler, D. Altemus, C. Haug, S. Linch, A. McCue. Not Jan Millar, Captain. yy . in ,if JVM' .t PJ A5 , . 9' ff WDW VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM With a strong defense backing up a fast forward line, the girls on the hockey team played the best and enjoyed every minute of this year's season. The first game, played in 85 degrees heat was a heart breaker. They lost I to O. Marge Brozozowski played a good game as goalie, keeping Claymont from scor- ing more than once. Middletown defeated them 2 to l, but they had a high scor- ing game against Conrad and came out on top. With goals by Judy Warner, Mary Jane Thornton and two by Jan Millar, they won by a score of A to 3. At the away game with Mt. Pleasant, the score was A to l with Mt. Pleasant victorious. Jan Millar made our one goal. The Newark game was a scoreless tie. The William Penn game was the exact opposite of the first one played. It was played on a very wet field in near freezing weather. They were really glad when the game came to an end although they lost 3 to l. Carol Vandergrift made the only goal. The last game at West Chester brought the season to a close on a good note. lt ended in a tie score, but it was a well-played game. Jan Millar, as captain, had seniors Eysaldt, Spingler, Warner, and Wells as co-players. lt. gi, ,, g V 'Xxx' . f It L-- JX 'A 4, V, , as 1. ,fs 'Q M:-fiijfb P N' 1-.ff-110 - . C A ' ? xi .. ,-f ' I y I Q, .. Q '- a . Q X WX .. My i N -.7-. A5 6 .l . flf Q - -- 'E 3 l , L 10 15 I A Firsi row: T. Maney, C. Roberts, L. Tomi-er, M. Andrews, J. Strausbaugh, M. Britton, R. Jones, C. Sisk. Second row: J. Bowdle, H. Seal, Gaines, F. Kellner, J. Lynch, B. Baird, R. North, J. Holloway, Mr. Hoopes. , , x' K, , X - 1 . . -'Q -X A xl il .X VARSITY BASKETBALL .a A , NORTH GAINES P , el Drk I HOLLOWAY BRITTON STRAUSBAUGH KELLNER 03.'v X 'c It X First row: R. Era, R. MacDonald, W. Knauer, R. Whiteside, J. Johnson, P. Wagner, D. Humphrey. Second row: R. Turner, D. Shanks, W. Carmean, C. McCallister, W. Gamble, C. Bacon, A. Emerson, Mr. Brunn. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM This year, A.I.'s varsity basketball team provided exciting games for its spectators. Without a doubt, win or lose, the team has been fighting together. As of the middle of February, Jay Strausbaugh, captain of the team, admitted only five wins against seven losses. However, he hoped that the second half of the season would prove a more victorious one. This has been the last season for six seniors, Jay Strausbaugh, Jack Holloway, Bud Britton, Richard North, Jim Gaines and Fred Kellner. Mr. Hoopes coached the varsity team. Mr. Brunn, coach of Junior Varsity basketball, had a fairly successful season, considering the inexperience of his team. By the end of the season, they showed great improvement, and should make up a good varsity next season. 'l'- vw ,V -rf f"7 'v 9- 4 X First row: M. Butler, P. Guthrie, B. Tabor, C. Haug, B. Dorst, J. Nash, B. Hall. Second row: A. McCue, M. Brzozowski, C. Vandergrift, M. Thornton, N. Fredrick, D. Alternus, J. Donahue, P. Day, W. Hambleton, v l J. Geiger, S. Kline. Not present: J. Millar, M. Nagy, Co-Captains P, Brown, J. Warner. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM The girls' basketball squad with co-captains Judy Warner and Pearl Brown and the able coaching of Mrs. Doud, had a fairly successful season in l955. The games that were lost were hard-fought ones, lost only by a small margin. Seniors Janet Millar, Mary Ann Nagy, Mary Butler, Judy Warner, and Pearl Brown represented their class on the varsity team. Managers as well as team members were always on hand to give the encouraging word, The girls started the season with the Mount Pleasant game, losing 47 to 49, then Friends AO-116. The two following games were victories over Claymont, 27 to 22 and Conrad, 45 to 34. Two more losses completed the p'cture up to the time the Alexis goes to press, but the team is confident of finishing the season with a winning streak. BO The two squads pictured here are made up of members of the 1954 baseball and softball teams who were eligible for the T955 teams. Their experience and enthusiasm made them a valuable nucleus for the 1955 squads, under the skilled coaching of Mr. Maglll and Mrs. Doud. S' BASEBALL TEAM First row: J. Kehnast, B. Hall, C. Haug, M. Brzozowski, P. Brown, H. duPont, P. Dobrick. Second row: Q First row: D. Robson, W, Lindsay, - if- M. Andrews, R. Jones. Second Lynch, C. Roberts. row: R, Emerson, J. Holloway, J. Qgl Y 'iw fi.: -if iii-iiffiiia.Q'5? . -N GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM C. Cline, E. Tyler, L. Hyatt, D. Altemus, M. J. Thornton, C. Vandea grift, J. Millar. "ffl 0 " 'W oo 'TB .... ,, 'Tar Fi' l ' 1 1 l ,,,,,,..f-- First row: T. Moffatt, D. Bartoli, D. Eppard, W. Law, R. Turner, R. Whiteside. Second row: M. Carroll, A Kg K. Euranius, S. Staley, R. Jervis, F. Linch, J. Evans. Coach: Mr. Hoopes. .Tx lll- - t jx l A J, NA, J lx Q, J tm Q CROSS couNTRY TEAM f'X l WN R J 1. V J X, .XVI TRACK TEAM x'! Q First row: D. Eppard, R. MacDonald, M Carroll, E. Ward, E. Slavin, D. Munro, J Evans. Second row: L. Heckman, H. Cole man, A. Bower, F. Durnan, S. Staley, R Adams, D. Harrison. Third row: T. Hig gins, J. Strausbaugh, R. Britton, C. Carkin Mr. Hoopes. JUNIOR HIGH VARSITY ft -:S gg BASKETBALL TEAM First row: W. Mahood, J. Gelin, T. Ward, G. Marine, C. Springer, W. Trench, J. Long, F. Carlsten D Generaux. Mr. LovaII. Second row R Hickman, A. Forster, R Emerson J Longenecker, W. Walls, R, Suhr R Caldwell D Riggin. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM First row: D. HiII, W. Mahood, M. Wistar T. Martine, C. Springer, D. Crawford, R North, B. Keebie, F. Wintzer, J. Carbonell Second row: J. Gelin, J. Miller, N. Murray R. Reynolds, F. Carlsten, R. Emerson, D ReiIIy, D. Munro, T. Ward. Third row: C Webb, R. Hickman, G. Marine, J Schevitz K. Euranius, D Riggin, J. Little J Spru ance, Mr. Lovall nI'If'c, JUNIOR HIGH JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First row: W. Eichbaum, W. Krewatch, W Springer, R. North, R. Maddock, D. Craw ford, N. Murray. Second row: W. Mahood J. Little, S. Smith, R. Bernard, K. Euranius J. Carbonell T. Martine, R. Burton, Mr Lovall. nc. Ci, ff d 'L 1 1 A9 O 0 I fm L' -Q fl -1 L , 6 ' , i , A A 1 ---'---- and .o1"' 'ali . -1-5, f . -'fix '5 I . , .U 1 . in J - -. . f ,..A. if t' ' -A 1 Q. 4 I , fn . ,. ., , I -L ,. ,gl r ' ' . 1' "gif 1 QA . Q v M., .., lf "' . ,g, ,. V v 1 Y ' 3, ,. Q V an AD ERTISERS f '21 Palms Qonja 'v153e.C4..L.,Y pen! EL New feed MM FOLEYS S' CLUB 50 gwulqa 'di mu. -..V -21917 J' L? 1: Qi.... 1 21 'riff "-T:'-:6- ".I..'.T W .-,. fe'if::::ff-ff A+. Nifsf- iz - lx Y'ir-N ?vr Y ' g ' xl Q 5 ga:2i i 5i 45g iwth 2Qf: fqg - '+ gG ffbM -U ' fflfh j1 2 Eff Q 1 E 5 . t4 fi?- ,, ,,f fii gf: Viv- -i.qf :+'f1fHi11f:: -ffu p ai I ff fi , up 45 9- 71 ' jg- ,Wiz if-ix?-? Lili, jf' -. . . 2 , ,+- M4-1 -1--"?"1"11 ......' ,--' YH' - 2 . Asif g ---. - ...4.1f'j F- '-.. ' - ,Y - li: Q ' f - -'f'T' -- f 4 if ' JL - l- j if 75' 1! ' 5 ' 'lie Y Y Qi! iv 1 AY Vi- - iff fi f 1 H iff Vi F'--l w 1 f, Q a- F 9 if Q-Li-'j"?"qli1f 211' 5 f 'Alf ' Y EW "ii-T-1,-t-nj if it - if -Li-E+' ri ' 7 Y fgll f-Q: fig-: -:---" S 1 A- ?4,-g' 4 T'- - ' -:fr-if-f.i I T !1 4 fit!! ! iK-'w fi' if-gf i QA?-Ziilfg ,Elm f j -'ii iQ -6- 25-: A -N-Q 71 fl if "-f- M - 11 - L5 if Q f -- L 1-ff: Ji FWN Where Quality and Service Are Yours at No Extra Cost Du Pont PAINTS vAnNlsHEs AND ENAMELS Lumber BUILDING MATERIAL AND MILLWORK Famous RUTHOHUHHD IlElxDu"c5 ER ANTHRACITE m-:m.r:n ron 4-SQUARE LUMBER M I GREENVILLE DELAWARE Phone 6 2541 S I O COPLC vip! Lu r CompIumenI's of UNION AUTO GLASS SHOP 6I6 N Unlon S+ GROVER C GREC-BG General Merchandlse YorIcIyn DeIa are PHONE HOCKESSIN 369 Nor'I'I1 or SOLIIII Easf or Wesi' CHEVROLET Is Always Besf' FRANK W DIVER INC Com pInmen+s of STYLE SHOP 832 Markef Sfreef JIILLILIHRD F DHDIS EIGI-IT TIIIRT ONE MARKET UFREEI' WILNIINGTUN DELAWARE JEWELRY SILVERWARE CHINA GLASSWARE GIVE US YOUR BREAKS" MANSURE 81 PRETTYMAN INC. Mens CIoIIung Haberdashery Hais DUPONT BUILDING WlImmgI'on 4I Delaware CompIeI'e Insurance Servlce J A MONTGOMERY INC 88 Years of Dependable Service WILMINGTON 8 647I Ground Floor of DuPon+ Bunldlng IOII1 and Orange Sfreefs MAGNETO 81 AUTO ELECTRIC CO J c sc:-IWIND a sous S COOPER GREGG YORKLYN DELAWARE Modern CI1arI'ered Buses 607 I3 French Shed Club Ouhngs School WILMINGTON DELAWARE Specuallsfs In FuIIy Insured Es+lmaI'es Glven S+ar+erS GREENVILLE ATLANTIC SERVICE Towmg Tlres Tubes BaI'I'erles Brakes Relmed Spray Glazed Manor Repairing Greenwue Del Reverse FIusI'1mg PHONE 2 55.7 Sclenhflc Mo'ror Tune Up Slmomzlng Washing 38I6 KENNETT PIKE Wlmmgfon 6 DeI O O l 0 HOCKESSIN 340 OR 369 Generafors and CarbureI'ors PLUMBING HEATING WM. D. SHELLADY, INC. WIImlngI'on Delaware DIAL 6 8584 INDUSTRIAL PIPING Speed Shop AUTOMOTIVE IMPROVEMENT INC 32OI 05 Concord Pike WILMINGTON DELAWARE All Famous Makes HEADS MANIFOLDS CAMS MUFFLERS Sam DuPon+ Amp Orfh PHONE 3 3487 WE DELIVER Compllmenfs of DUPONT PAINTS HARDWARE KEIL S EIec+rIcaI Appluances X I 3 II 1 Snr and Housewares ,702 Ne Road Ilfh and Tafnall S+reeI's ELSMERE DELAWARE WILMINGTON DELAWARE I 0 H. H. Ulmer PQ' X' N fb? vi-E I 7 . . 1 L "Ja .l nl 5 W I I CLARK 84 TATMAN 290I Lancas+er Avenue Wilmmgion 4 2624 HOUSEWARES GLASS-HARDWARE DuPonI' and FeI+on S bIey Pa nis Delivery Service Open Friday Evening Herman C Lane TfA LAMBERT S ESSO SERVICENTER Newark Road and Newpori' Gap Pike CRANSTON HEIGHTS DELAWARE ESSO STATION Phone 2 9739 TIRES-BATTERIES ACCESSORIES BR KES R LIN D A E E TOWING LUBRICATION BATTERY RECHARGING GreenviIIe Delaware vm, My ewffm aff CompIlmenI's of SPORTS CLUB thx! O NEAL S Personalized Bus Service CHARTERED BUSES for Every Occasion Phone WIImIhgI0n 2 2343 O muah SECUII Ill Gllilllllll IVE IILIIIIYUII MMIII! Golden Guernsey Milk and AII Dairy Producis For Every Ofher Day Service Phone 4 7743 SAUNDERS' "Q I - A. I. E- .f FN' It N It WILMINGTON COUNTRY STORE Greenville Delaware COUNTRY CLOTHES SWEATERS GIFTS G S+evenson Smu+h Phone Wllmnngron 6 7370 Compl menrs of DUPONT CHAPTER S A Wm FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Learn To Be A Model or Look Luke One by AH'endlng fhe CHARM AND MODELING SCHOOL 90I Wash ngI'on SI'reeI' Phone 5 0083 BUTLER S INC S+a'honers Booksellers 4I5 MARKET STREET Concord Avenue Wash ngion SI' G F Me'I'aI Office FurnlI'ure 30I DELAWARE AVENUE Phone 8 7545 llelamore Dairy, Inc. MILK CREAM ICE CREAM BUTTER EGGS I802 20 LancasI'er A enue W Imlng+on Delaware Phone 2 7224 Planmng and Busldung MORE POWER To Assure Fuiure Progress and Grow'I'h of Delmarva Penmsula s Communlhes DELAWARE POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY WARRANT'S ESSO SERVICE Lancas+er and Cleveland Avenues WILMINGTON DELAWARE Tlre Service and Washing E . "-g.'22.f QJ-lA1-,s n -."4 77. If fx wana MARIE BRYNES ,gof ' K' 'vo '41 L1 I I I 0 I . - . . ' ' - v I ' , RUPERT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 3400 L WILMINGTON DELAWARE T I ph 3887I I Avenue Add ess Mal 'I B I I89 HUBER BAKIN6 CONCORD E550 COMPANY 2902 C d Pk SUNBEAM BREAD wa. M2 JNSANWQ Wm Qs, RAMCNE S Compllmen+s of BARBER SHOP A FR'END 9 WI + K X The Class of I955 and 'rhe S+aff of +l1e Alexls Wlsh 'ro Thank Thelr Adverhsers for Thelr Supporbqg -25-7 1 11 4-- n - l we xl Complimenls Complimen'I's of of oncor I e Bakers of Wilmingion, Delaware Complimen+s of 0 I 00 iming on Ave. , Wy, M 9 Elsmere, Delaware 'kuficvz weak YEAR BOO K DALLAS TEXAS X A UTHOGRAPHED l' X Q P I O 54,1 ,Ld Jfffw- VW X ,Z-AMMLL Q.,6Wzc,6.lL.,1f5 J7j!l7,A N NQVM Wg YJ Wk wfqm mafntwwqb Ngffi We W ,, W MMJSWM f ' 7 rf! Wx fflfalff Ll 1 bij .wil if "fff"'2JT " 7f " X .2 1 -fd 4: - . . 1' " ' . F .x ,NRL - T Y ff 9,3 rp-I 'Y a New 'Nl V A, R953 'V 1 N Vg, . Y M LU Og . N I 0 09.1 QX , -1 -ff' '

Suggestions in the Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) collection:

Alexis I DuPont High School - Alexis Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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