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5 IGM , Jun. .N XI. X K PRIESEli1'FI NG -rn-II-: W 1953NENOIRS ALEXIS CONMUNITY UNIT HIGH SCHOOL ALEXIS, ILLINOIS ' X, J I B99 I III - II n I 1 3 Edt St lyTy ll Ad B Cl H y ' 11 B ffffp Q D 'E Q ll M F1 1 g 'Q a 4 M 'V V AA llDlIE5lIlDM3rMlIflIllDlINll The Senior class -of Alexis High School proudly dedicates the 1953 Memoirs to the alumni members of the armed forces now serving their country. We feel that these members are making great sacri- fices for us and other countries in an attempt to secure World peace. To them We are eternally grateful. "True patriots allg for be it understood We left our country for our country's good.' ' . Barrington ..2.. f . I Q vw-J LAL 9 1 HUB: af 4 ,... jf If Y Ahh. A M ,hi .ra yr 4 J , V.-. F --..-:-.-,-:-ws- --ww -1-,l-v-r- t X - ,.-.-.----v---v-- 1-m-v.-... . .,., v , 1. -. W.. 1.,w7sK-r-X-'vu-T . - i f , - - V . . Q , , DQCDUCEQS Mr. John Rogers, President ' Mr. Wesley Holmes, ,Secretary Mr. Eugene Morris Mr. Dale Laughead Mr. Vernon Edwards Mr. Harold Andrews S We, the Stars of ACHS, wish to -express our gratitude to you, the Board of Education, for the successful way you have backed the production in which we have starred. It has also been under your capable direction that the Unit System has been formed. This step, we feel, represents progress and opportunities. Mr. John P. Floyd, Superintendent B. Ed. Eastern Illinois State College M. S. M. A. University of Illinois Mr. Floyd has many jobs in one. Through the doors of his of- fice pass issues which necessitate much deliberation and 'discus- sion. As co-ordinator of activities associated with students, faculty, board of education, and the public, Mr. Floyd is kept well occupied. "Tis education forms the common mind Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined." Pope ...4.. Pd. BOARD OF DIRECTORS F 15' ' af Gene Morris qi ugh 5. fa ,M ff? ,,,.,,,wN, ,....,,f., M Television portrays life through different phases in a variety of telecasts. The 1953 Memoirs sh-ovvs life at Alexis Community High School in a variety of pictures and feature writings. Your editorial staff in comparing the contents of this annual to television has entitl-ed the divisions as Producers, Directors, Performers, and Pro- grams. TABLE OF CONTENTS Producers -.-,....... Page 3 Direct-ors .... .... P age 8 Performers .... .... P age 11 Programs .... .... P age 37 "All the World's a stage And all the men and Women merely players." Shakespeare -7- 8 D 1 ff' cs 5 Q Al 'al 1 'Q Pl 4 g X v FY.g?u ,.,. - J :fb V' f ff Q4 A fs Q o hi vi' it it , Q IL-, .. Gun Directors ROY A. STAGGS, Principal - B. S. Culver-Stockton Collegeg M. S. University of Illinois, University of Iowa, University of Chicago. MARTHA BOLEY - Vocational Home Economics - B. S. Western Illinois State Collegeg Graduate work, Colorado A. and M. College. RAYMOND B. CLARK, Assistant Coach - Economics, Sociology World History, U. S. History - B. S. Illinois State Normal University: Graduate workg University of Illinois. BESS COLLIER HUSSEY - English III, IV, Latin, Geography, Current Events - B. A. Western Kentucky State Collegeg University of Kentuckyg Transylvania Uni- versity. RALPH W. MANLEY - Band, Chorus, Music Theory - B. A. Knox College. LOUIS B. SPARROW - Typing, Office Practice, Shorthand, Bookkeeping -- B. S. Western Illinois State College. WAYNE STURM, Coach - Physical Education, Science, Biology - B. S. Bradley Universityg Graduate workg Northern Teachers' College: Western Illinois State College. ELDON E. WITT - Agriculture - B. S. University of Illinoisg Graduate workg Western Illinois State College. . CEOLA E. YEAGER - Mathematics, Library, Physical Education - B. A. Carthage College, University of Missouri, Graduate workg Western Illinois State College. JOSEPH ZIMMERMAN - English I, II, Chemistry - B. S. Education: M. S. Educationg M. A. Englishg University of Illinoisg Graduate workg University of Wis- consin. ELIZABETH KELLY, Secretary to Mr. Staggs - Western Illinois State College. MARY JEAN LITCHFIELD, Secretary to Mr. Floyd - Illinois State Normal University. ...3- CEU- 9' X 4 X x 4 ' x " I if A 7 A4 Staggs Elizabeth Kell 7 y LO'-Use 1 Witt Q 4 MwrmBly 1 i ff 5 6 It f 1 35 .Y , , ' ' f f:,i 5 X xr ,. . qg 1 Hl -f xA . . x 1 VVAYVLG ,Sturm Ceola E, Ycag v .A L., M , . 3 - , 5-, . 4 f ,, '52 J 1. H fx. 2 '41 F, L 2 1 'mr 1 'J' rr ii zi- M, Q, it 7, as S 'e:, af .A qv ' :R 5, 5 5, . 1 1 Qf : 1.4 2. 5 Q. Lik- 3. EA ' Ar 'QV In n , vc 1. :wn--- - - -- -4- .H CLASSES r " f f VSV, W Iv H I I WVWYY' w w f ',vr yfHvy 1w vv,f! Jw 'pw 1- 1, W ,I M . f , w '- - ,I x 5 if X X -W bl ' HN ffl' 4 A , 1, S , i::SY lr' fl: WA fwlf "i..! ,z ,- nhl vl 5- , ,, un .i- , -. I0 W ' .. f - . . 3 nl ly V , , , 5 9. if L V 3 Q fl 'QQ 4 W -fn--, .-+1-w ----r STA QS DOROTHY ANDERSON -- F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 33 District Music Contest 1, 33 Girls' Sextet 23 Cheerleader 23 Pep Club 2, 3, Treas. 33 Honor Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 43 District Speech Contest 23 Li- brarian 2, 33 Library Club 2, 33 Beat Staff 3, 43 Annual Staff 4. DONNA ARMSTRONG - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Camp Delegate 33 G.A.A. 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 33 District Band Contest 2, 3, 43 State Band Contest 23 Solo Contest 43 Pep Band 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,3 Latin Club 23 Honor Club 43 Librarian 3, 43 Li- brary Club 3, 43 Beat Staff 3, 43 Class Sec'y 33 Carnival Queen 4. VIRGINIA ARMSTRONG - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 33 District Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 43 State Band Contest 23 District Chorus Contest 33 Solo Contest 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Cheerleader 3, 43 Beat 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Li- brarian 43 Library Club 43 Honor Club 43 Class Vice-Pres. 33 Class Treas. 23 Carnival Queen Attendant 2, 3. SHIRLEY BLOOMFIELD - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 District Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 43 State Band Contest 23 Chorus 1, 2g District Speech Contest 23 Honor Club 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 33 'Class Play 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Beat Staff 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2g Library Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, 33 Student Library Chairman 4. BARBARA BROWN - F.H.A. 1, 23 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Band 2, 3, 43 District Band Contest 2, 3, 43 State Band Contest 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 43 District Chorus Contest 3, 43 Honor Club 1, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Beat Staff 2, 3, 43 Class Play 33 Librarian 33 Annual Staff 4. MARGARET BRUINGTON - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Degree Chairman 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 District Solo Contest 3, 43 District Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 43 State Band Contest 23 Clarinet Quartet 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Sextet 2, 3, 43 Li- brarian 43 Library Club 43 Honor Club 1, 2, 3, 43 District Speech Contest 23 Latin Club 23 Class Pres. 33 Pep Club 2, 33 Class Play 3, 43 Beat Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 4. ALICE CONN - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 3, Recreation Chr. 23 G.A.A. 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Conductor 43 District Band Contest 2, 3, 43 State Band Contest 23 Brass Choir 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 33 Pep Club 23 Speech Contest 23 Class Pres. 23 Librarian 33 Beat Staff 2, 3, 4. CAROLE CORBIN - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Camp Delegate 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 District Speech Contest 23 Latin Club 23 Librarian 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Class Sec'y. 23 F.F.A. Sweetheart 23 Carnival Queen Attendant 13 Honor Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Class Play 33 F.H.A. 13 Beat Staff 43 Annual Staff 43 D.A.R. 4. MARLENE ELLIOTT - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 43 Mixed Chorus 33 Pep Club 2, 3. -12- X , 'sf 4' X1 7 X Xt X f Dorothy Anderson Donna Armstrong Vifgmm Armsffong y Bloom-Field S E NIOR Barbara. Br-awn Margaret Bmlngt-on STA R S Alice Conn X X X ff 4 4 f' 1' Elliott 10' v n w s .1 I . v F SENICDVQ CLASS Cl-l-ICLQS President ....... ....... D udley Punlee Vice-President ........ Marilyn Lundeen Secretary ....... ........ G ene Osborn Treasurer ..... ..,.. M arilyn Reynolds Sponsor .... .......... M r. Clark CLASS MOTTO "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." CLASS COLORS Red and White CLASS FLOWER Red Rose GRADUATION DATE May 29, 1953 1151 2 C3 R 55 Q ll M 2 A 'Q Pl ' 4 bw i LA 1 rf fl i f H, v. STAIQS VERNITA HAYWOOD FHA 1 GAA 1 2 3 G1rls Chorus 1 2 3' M1xed Chorus 1 2 3 L1brar1an3 4 Honor Club 1 2 3 4 Latin Club 2 3 Class Play 3 4' Beat Staff 3 4 Ass t Editor 4 Annual Staff 4 HOWARD HINDERLITER FFA 1 2 3 4 Reporter 3 AClub 3 4' Boys Chorus 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Beat Staff 3 Cross Country 2 3 Class Play 3 4. ELAINEHURSA FHA 1 2 3 4 V1cePres 3 GAA 1 2 3 4 Band2 3 4' District Band Contest 2 3 4 State Band Contest 2 Piano Quartet 4 Chorus 1 2 3' District Chorus Contest 3 B1 County Music Festival 1 2 3 4 District Speech Contest 2 Pep Club 2 3 Librarian 3 4 Library Club 3 4 Latln Club 2 Honor Club 1 2 3 4' Class Play 3 4 Beat Staff 2 3 4 Editor 4 Annual Staff 4 ERIC JOHNSON FFA 1 2 3 4 CAROLE ANDERSON LAFFERTY FHA 1 2 3 4 Recreation Chr. 3' G.A.A 1 2 3 Class Play 3 4 Baton Twirler 2 Annual Staff 4 DICK LAFFERTY FFA 1 2 3 4 Sent1nel3 Vice Pres 4 A-Club Sec 4 Class Pres 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4' Carnival Attendant 3 Class Play 3 All Star 3 4 Little All Star Football Team 4 JERRY LAIR FFA 1 2 4 JIMMY LEE Football 1 2 4 WINFORD LEGAQE FFA 1 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3. MARILYN LUNDEEN FHA 1 2 3 4 Parliarnentarlan 2 Public Relations r 4 GAA 1 2 3 4 Vice Pres 2 Camp Delegate 2 Band 2 3 4 District Band Contest 2 3 4 State Band Contest 2 District Solo Contest 3 4 State Solo Contest 39 Piano Quartet 4 G1rls Chorus 1 2 M1xed Chorus 1 2 Saxophone Quartet 2, 4g Pep Band 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 Latin Club 2 D1StTlCf. Speech Contest 2 Class Play 3, 4' Cheerleader 2 4 Beat Staff 3 4 Class Editor 4 Honor Club 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4' Class Vice Pres 4 GEORGE MCCONNELL FFA 1 2 3 4 Reporter 3 Sentinel 4' A-Club 1, 2 3 4 Beat Staff3 L1brary4 Track 1 2 Basketball2 3 4' Football 1 2 3 49 Football Captain 4 Little SIX All Star 3 4 fi NW Bl s ' , "' -'-vvvs 3' rv , X ,:' : 9 - ,z . V bg -' 5:1 1 .JW ,: ' : . . ,y -...,,,, , . 4 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 23 Beat Staff 2, 3. 45 Pep Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 2g Librarian 2, 33 Chorus 'Y 119 11 v '. , ' 2,3,4. pls .5 -: I '1 ...,,. Ch': "'vvvs .-.:',i,, 2 sz: 16 Vefnita Haywood Eric Johnson 4 Jerry Lair' 1 E VXI? ' 51664 Legdfe X Carole Ldfvperfty Dick Ldrpfer-ty 5 E N I Q RS 4 f 4 Mdfllyn L Lmdeen Elaine HuY'5d, E5 J'2n-my Lee urge, Mgffonne 1 ' a suntan vgultlilul rom Aiexis To Times Square About five o'clock on a June morning the senior class of '53 boarded the bus for our trip to New York. The first stop was at Peoria to change bus drivers. At the end of the first day we stayed all night in Columbus, Ohio. The next day we left the hotel at about 7:30, saw the Ohio University, and con tinued traveling until we reached Gettysburg, where we retired for the night after a tour of the famous battle site. On Wednesday and Thursday we toured Washington, D. C. and Mount Vernon seeing the Congressional Library, Congress in Session, The White House, The Su preme Court Building, Ford Theater, Smithsonian Ins.titute, Lincoln Memorial and Arlington. Going on our way, we arrived in Annapolis after lunch Thursday. We got off the bus and saw the chapel, museum, gym, and Bancroft Hall at the Naval Academy We were also in time to see the Dress Parade. ln Philadelphia we saw Constitution Hall and the Liberty Bell. We arrived in New York via New Jersey Turnpike through Lincoln Tunnel. We stayed at the well located Hotel Chesterfield. Many points of interest were near us. 'I'he next day we took a tour of the city, and ended by going on top of the N. B. C building to see the city by night. The following day being Sunday, some of us went to church. Our group left the city about 1:30 in the afternoon and drove out to West Point. We stayed all night at Poughkeepsie where we saw famous Vassar College. We left early in the morning and took a route where we could see Hyde Park We arrived in Niagara Falls, N. Y. in the evening and had reservations at Hotel Niagara, a very nice hotel. The falls were surely beautiful at night when the colored lights were on. On Tuesday we left Hotel Niagara and drove to Goat Island. At the end of this day we stayed all night in Detroit. The last day of the trip we left Detroit and drove all day arriving home about 9 in the evening. That was a nice dream, wasn't it? I guess I'm thinking too much about gradua tion and the trip. Oh well, this is going to happen to us this June. ...19- gi W lfff A f Q 1 M - ,Vai .D ,Z . A yi W ffl j A STARS PATRICIA MCCORMICK - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Sec'y. and Treas. 15 Class Play 35 Honor Club 3, 45 Beat Staff 45 Annual Staff 4. IRVIN McLEAN - A-Club 45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 25 Football Manager 35 Cross-Country 1, 2. INEZ MEAD - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 45 Librarian 25 Majorette 2, 3, 4. 5 DORIS MOORE - F.H.A. 1, 25 G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 25 Latin Club 25 Librarian 45 Library Club 45 Pep Club 2, 3. BOB O'BRIEN - F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 45 A-Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Boys' Chorus 15 Track 15 Class Play 35 Class Treas. 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Little Six All-Star 4. GENE OSBORN - F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 45 A-Club 3, 45 Track 15 Football 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Class Play 35 Class Sec'y. 45 Annual Staff 4. DUDLEY PURLEE - F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Stntinel 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 45 District Speech Contest 25 Librarian 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 A-Club 3, 45 F.F.A. Convention 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Pres. 45 Annual Staff 4. MARILYN REYNOLDS - F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Historian 3, Degree Chr. 45 G.A.A. 15 Band 2, 3, 45 District Band Contest 2, 3, 45 State Band Contest 25 Chorus 15 Piano Quartet 45 Saxophone Quartet 2, 3, 45 District Solo Contest 45 Librarian 35 Beat Staff 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Class Treas. 45 Annual Staff 4. DICK STAGGS - A-Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track , 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Class Vice-Pres. 25 Beat Staff 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. DEAN STALEY - A-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track , 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Carnival King Candidate 2. 'STANLEY TYRRELL - F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, 3, 45 A-Club 2, 3, 45 Football , 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1 2 3' Librarian 3 4' Class Play 3 4' B t St ff , , , , , y , 93 3 , 4, Sports Editor 45 Annual Editor 45 Carnival King 4. DAVID WAIGHT - F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 A-Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 45 Chorus 25 Honor Club 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, Cross-Country 35 Beat Staff 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. . 1 , im M P4 1f1',?2' 5 H 'Q 1 7 til 5 1 1 5 1 I -20- Pa Doris Moore Q Mdfi '73 'F dn Si-M97 I , Q 5 ' V 'J' 4 Qijgki ' -5 ' ' i IN I .D Qvl d Wd Z g hi XGQ5 QQN 1+ 1' -u Q D orothy arling D0.nna evastating V irginia ery Shirley imply Barbara usy M argaret any Always C3216 M arlene ost 't Ven? a GI' H oward andy Elaine ver E ric 1'I'3tlC C arole asual D gjsllaing J ii? lnfroguci ng -Uwe Siam' A nderson ngel A rmstrong ttendant A rmstrong mbiti-ous B loomfield ecoming B rown eaver B ruington oys C -onn oncerned C orbin hlck Elliot f f icient H aywood eartsick H inderliter elper H ursa HPPY J ohnson oker L af f erty ass L afferty over air . L ooney .-.23- 5 Q lf'f fa LA Y ll fl r 4 5 3 us W inford indy arilyn erry 1 edrge av ,ant ersistent rvin le f f nez LT-ogical oris aring b rainy ene Peat iey angerous arilyn ostly ic ancing D earl ashing ganley D avid ebonair D 5 . W QW M P ld 1 pi BO G I Dua 1 M 'V D k v , Sm nlcvoduci ng -I-he Siam' L 66 fmking' Legate unatic L undeen ady M cConnell 1- an 'W cC0rmick - iss SVI cLean H an Fvlead - aid 'Woore - aiden O9 brien h yeah! O sborn ddity P urlee ers-on R eynolds omantic S taggs ensation S taley enior T yrrell ot W ai ght arbler -24 From Stand-Ins To Stars On August 27, 1949, thirty-five newly-hired Stand-Ins entered the maze of the ACHS-TV station to gain experience and, therefore, become Stars. All was well ln the first three weeksg then came the initiation of the new members of the cast. How at- tractive we were in our outlandish costumes and somewhat smeared faces! To lead us in this first year of training we chose Dick Lafferty as president, Dean Staley as vice- president, Pat McCormick as secretary and treasurer, and Mrs. McKie as advisor. During the remainder of the year, we often found ourselves lost in the intricacies of algebra and English, but were sufficiently recovered to attend a banquet given in our honor by the Feature Players. Vacation being over, thirty-four Feature Players flocked to the doors of ACHS-TV. To guide us in this second training period we chose the following leaders: Alice Conn, Dick Staggs, Carole Corbin, Virginia Armstrong, and Mr. Mills. The year was a busy one involving various parties and money-making schemes to finance the annual Fresh- man-Sophomore Banquet. Having safely passed through this year, we were now-ready to accept the responsibilities of being Understudies. At the beginning of our third year in training, there were thirty-two Understudies striving for the role of Stars. Officers were Margaret Bruington, Virginia Armstrong, Donna Armstrong, Bob O'Brien, and Mr. Sturm. Most of the major activities were planned for the purpose of making money to finance the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. During April the cast of "Strictly Formal" could be found practicing frequently. The play was successfully staged on April 16 and 17. On May 24, the Understudies were hosts to the Stars at the Prom and banquet. Now, at last, we had achieved the esteemed positions of Stars. To guide us through Sponsor, Mr. Clark. The first event of the year was the initiation of the new Stand-Ins. dent, Marilyn Lundeeng Secretary, Gene Osborn, Treasurer, Marilyn Reynoldsg our final year, we chose these capable leaders: President, Dudley Purleeg Vice-PI'esi- guests of the Understudies at a banquet and prom. 7 the building was highly decorated for the Senior Carnival. In May we were the Next, we presented the play, "The Mad Hatters," directed by Mrs. Hussey. On March ' On a day at the close of May, the Stars presented their grand finale, "Gradua- t1OIl.,, The curtain was drawn! Thirty-two Stars now making their exits from ACHS-TV station were ready for their entrance on the world's stage. -25- 7 5 x S 5 X K ff If' 4 Al L44 bi if S A vi' 1 V2 7 Fil Qi 4 1 LA 0 D 5 Q ti M y ja rw J 4 , r y 1 - f V Y ------W'-,ww-H THE U N DEIQSTLJ DH-TS We proudly present to you the,Unders-tudies, who next year will step into the spotlight and become Stars. Welcoming the title of upper classm-en, the Juniors have worked diligently to become honor students and to acquire skill and leadership in extra-curricular activities. All year was spent in making money and plans for both the Junior - Senior Prom and, of course, the Senior trip. , Special recognition was given to these outstanding Under- studies: Roxie Olson and Pat Moore, Ch-eerlleadersg Rose Ann Bjorkman, Irene Fell, John Axcell, Gloria Milner, and Daryll Johnson, District music contest participantsg and John Axcell and Roxi-e Olson, candidates for carnival royalty. Class Officers President .................. John Axcell Vice-Presid-ent .... ......... I rene Fell Secretary ,.... --- Barbara Matteson Treasurer --- .... Patricia Moore SDOHSOI' --- ..... ,. ..... M r. Manley . -26... Betty Agan auline Dile E 5 1 Lorraine ' Gustafson Gaor-id Milner Joh V iahillips L sy V . i . .F . ', i' .f ' . 1 Q .fm A 'Z Lum o 053 vm I I N J hnAxceH Don Barry BJ ofkvv-M Brown 4 1 Y , P In . ,J H ii- ,A. , l M ' rent , dry Dowd ' I Duncan Fen -rank gm-'SBU if If 4 - Q- -331 1 'I N7 - 1 L E ,V-4 .Q ,f In , .gi-f,Q?g A I 1 .L ,gk .J Dam 1 Jeannine Mary JO. Barham' golmson. Loiuist l"la.v"!Im. f'1d.2'I.'eS07l IM,-, d l- ,4 ,Q Y 4' ' F! . I- ' an I P I 5 J-oh P T ' ' ' dtrgaiuore Wconneff Q frxgrbiive Roxlzlson 'F' " ' -r - . 2 f as , , N "L ' if I ini ' Js Phfcgcsoti: Robgmpion 0 gttaley Erml2ilIf::5 I r I i is 4 2. . ,g . is ul pw A wx 4 +I 5 23512 in 41, , 'PA r F E K 'Qin - W.-.p.,.ig . .. -.-,-v,..,n.. -I-bis Is Your Lite As I sit here in front of my television set, the year 1963 flashes across the scre-en and the master of ceremonies comes out and announces the program "This Is Your Life." In this show the Seniors are still starring. I'll just sit back and relax and watch what my old "cronies" are doing. In New York I see Dorothy Anders-on as ileading soloist of Gene "Ozzie" Osborn's all girl orch-estra, the Ozzatonies. Donna and Virginia of course had a double wedding and Don- na now has a "Rhoring" household of three little sailors and Virginia, who married Coach Dick Lafferty of Alexis, is raising little "All Stars." Shirley Bloomfield always interested in libraries, opened up a new one-guess where --in Kirkwood! Next time I need groceries, I'll have t-0 go and seo Barbara Jean Brown, who now 'IS proprietor of Cash's Store. In Chicago We find that Margaret owns the "Maggy-Jane" Boxing Arena which features "Big Al" Conn as the IIe:1vy Weight Champion of the world. Carole Corbin Purlee, a traveling salesvvoman, does all her business in a little blue Ford while Dudley stays at home mak- ing blueberry muffins. Not too far from here in Rio, Marlene Elliott runs the Rio Ball Room and gives David Waight, who is still a frequent at- tender, lessons. On another channel 'is Vernita Haywood who to-ok over Ann Southern's position as "Private Secretary" on TV. -Please turn to page 65- ...29- ..-A-i-,44..A-4 -W , ,.g.nxL..,.. , ..,,, ,, ., Wwwr, D C5 1 fff' j0 i 'E S A P424 Pl 4 'V 1:,,Li,-:,,.,,V .. 1 --1 . --- - - W , f - EUC!! rf-v-in-Y'1 E .V . . 'ia ei 1 ll B " "' fi , Al liE!XTUVQ'E Dramas W :lx 'fi The new Featur-e Players' schedule was planned for a big N 3 year. They are proud of their future star football and basketball ' ,l play-ers. The two social highlights of their year were the all- ? ' school Valentine Dance and the Freshman Sophomore Banquet ' at which they played hosts to t-he Stand-Ins. Several of the Fea- f ture Players performed Well on the athletic field. Congratula- 'Z tion to Dean Hennenfent, who received a number on-e rating in ' ' '7 trumpet solo at District Music Cont-est! T v 2 YQ P ' t President ...... .... J anet Patterson if I Vice President ,,., --- Gary Loquist - 4 Secretary M--- .... Judy Tyrrell Q 'Treasurer ---Q .... Dick Pitman gl A Sponsor ,..., .... ll liss Boley V' K a -30- ii... R .Al H I 3 6 X 2 1' X Q I wt I 3 1 1. - Y , 4 ' . w n i ' ' f 1 .viz n 2 f ' " Ls- lg J .. 'J W Mar An Dean ff' 71 Alan Anderson Sdifbfderson Mary AXCCH f 1- ' V f 7 .4 W N' . rl f ' ', ' ow' Conn 547 - ' egg G' JOM Ph I ' Corbin Vm Ehfer f '50 d T1 X -5 W t Q I G 1 I L- ,- .-- .g 1 K' K xx Dean ' Alan' - D I N. . Hennelent Hggggng johnson 'J.3'1:lson J, w-Jones . ,a 6 S, .xx ' , Jim 1 Liggeif ' ' a xy R X i 5 I ,f X , Y' T ' 'I r J' M Bill - ' eggeynkzer O Rlichols 0'Br'ien Jlgsbofn Jpigiirscn 3 L 4 'g n Q 'C is i I , ' ' Ak' I .Q X X LDQ x Q 1551- 1. F phi ' I . IC nr e 4 D S Pitman Pr-,Gee yauflee dngxgch tdfigllelsejj 5 1 P K N 1 W -X .rf ' ' W v Joh' Jdck B fr Ca I ' Shafer Sharp :Still givzrrson J-uflrygrren 3 Q . F", . 'M' 1 'D -SKA ic Bird J I Bdrgaiison 'r Q .bill Ldffery I I G ar7Lo1ui5f Q1 Bs H Pdfterson NSY' L Hg Juanita Wdixlf ' 'S 4 Give And Take Before us is a group of articles which the seniors wish to give away. We decided to have a quiz program making Dudley Purlee master of ceremonies, teachers and students as contestants, and using the senior gifts as prizes. After answering all questions incorrectly, Dudley awarded to Jim Stevens, as a consolation prize, Dorothy Anderson's scholastic ability, which he thought Jim could use. Rose Ann Bjorkman immediately chose as her prize Donna Armstrong's ability to write letters in government class without being caught. For correct pronouncing practice, Roxie Olson won Virginia Armstrong's tech- nique in cheerleading to aid her in leading next year's cheers. Erma Jean Williams thought she had better take Barbara J. Brown's left hand jewelry just in case Tom doesn't give her one. For answering a series of difficult questions, Virginia Frank was presented Margaret Bruington's ability to make new friends, which she could use to increase her already long list. Mary Dowd took Alice Conn's aggressiveness because some people think she can use more . So she could use it in the next three years, Dariel Milner took Carole Corbin's ability to get along with boys. Answering several tough mathematics questions, Mrs. Yeager chose Marlene Elliott's green gym suit as her prize. Phyllis Scott got Vernita Haywood's black eyelashes and eyebrows so she could save on the expense of mascara. After careful consideration, Dick Bird chose Howard Hinderliter's happy-go-lucky attitude. Dave Lafferty walked off with his brother Dick's athletic ability to help him follow in the traditional Lafferty footsteps. Stanley Russell decided on Carole Lafferty's ability to influence teachers, be- cause he has shown talent in that field. George McConnell's innocent countenance while telling little 'twhite lies" went to Shirley Price who has probably heard quite a number. Maestro Don Haywood won Pat McCormick's gum chewing and popping to aid him in leading the band. Darlene Roach was awarded Inez Mead's long fingernails to help her hold John McConnell. Don Barry received Doris Moore's collection of make-up slips to add to his steadily increasing number. Bill O'Brien took Bob's prize of Mary Axcell with the promise that he would take care of her. Miss Boley got just what she wanted -- Gene Osborn's artistic ability. Judy Purlee all but Jumped for Joy when she won Dudley's little blue ford. Now she can take trips to Gladstone and Oquawka. t Sallie Anderson chose Dick Stagg's "accidental" mishaps in case she should run ou . -Continued to page 41- K 'V ,XV 14 5 5 Q ll ,Pff I t 32' , M . .ff LA B D i f ' A Q i I 1 1 4 H..AL.....L-, 1 , I STAND-I NS Thirty-two new finds in the television profes- sion started their careers as freshman Stand -ins under th-e able direction of Mr. Witt. The boys were active in football and basketball. Many Stand- ins started their rnusical careers in band and chor- us. Everyone participated in various clubs around station ACHS-TV. For the Stars' Carnival the can- didates chosen Were David Lafferty and Carol Frank. PRESIDENT DAVE LAFFERTY v1oE PRESIDENT CAROL FRANK SECRETARY KAREN MINTER TREASURER MELVIN STALEY SPONSOR MR. WITT -34- if I w ' - vii! ef ' 7 5 , g Q 1 . -0 ' ' i Q"'4?fL' C., Y ' -- f - :ELL ff Ch. 2 J el K W U iveifnndu- O Alstedf agennderson Frdnc?ohax. A Mgeek ,, F- i . H- Y 5 ' I ' -' 1 f ofe B. dl' R 11 'v 't ' P I 1. ff c W ut an1,SaviS en ?l7e.VliY'- an DHS Dowell 0 Frank D ev A ' Y Q fa ' , .Z 1 ' fx V A . .fl :V A ipmgla Jack H st, DOYISIQ Q' Dave 1z.a,.., A Gustaacsen Q 'ng Ha.yvlooJ Laffertf 1-11" AE fr , :ni Navy Al 'tie Lynch 8 Y - v. ' ' an 41' ' U 1 l 1 ' DL gd I -I J' -I K Difielh Ktiren Carffstteson av M'Cy-ery elrtzkeynolk M1 Inu' Minteer ? . . f V I , I A . w J 1 I 14,2 B .-n M 7.11011 b . J- J . es u vd,zj5o,x Navy Olin. qfile-:arson ?herfaeer Yfigrlze A, 'i ,- X 1 'I xf-lm! . ff' L 535 J Nelvin A-Tim Mar Linn Janet Sha' 9 " 5eale.7 Sggrhuns gum san Thevqrsol ,gi-PQ -3 - ? -fff 7 725 Li. '7 c wi 0 4' o c fro C1 J - V 1 1. vw, . Q is LATIN4 S-I K 50cm TAS Q 3 of-A770 0 0 C'0LTu3ff 000' ,Mfg V- 4.........,. :HF :lu 5 X W 'Q . .'-1 gf- . .fl ' td... h V ,., V ""W'V?' Ill 1110135 With Stanley Tyrrell acting as editor and Mrs. Hussey serving as advisor the ACHSTV yearbook started on its way toward success. Mrs. Husseys selected staff worked faithfully and diligently to produce a superlative annual. The Cast of Stars wish As you view the programs of the Memoirs we want you to relax in your TV chair and enjoy the activities at our TV station. The antenna of knowledge will direct you to the various programs. ACHS TV Staff Echtoy ,-,,,,n,.-,-,-,,.,,,, .,.,-., S tanley Tyrrell Copy Department lnlalne Hursa, luditor ' Marllyn Lunde-en Vernita Haywood Shlrley Bloomfield Art Department Marilyn Reynolds, Editor Gene 'Osborn Margaret Brulngton Advertising Photography Editorg ........................ Caro-le Lafferty bports Editor ,............................... David, Waight Business Manager ........................ Dorothy Anderson Subscription Manager ..................... Barbara J. Br-own Dudley Purlee Dick Staggs Typists Patricia McCormick Carole Corbin Advisor .-.................................. Mrs. Hussey J Video Beat ' In order to show the community what ACHS is doing, a "TV Guide" is produced in the weekly Alexis Argus through the courtesy of the publisher. The news consists of social. class-room and athletic activities. With Mr. Zimmerman as advisor, and Elaine Hursa as editor, the all-school staff produced a weekly review of ACHS-TV. Other staff members are: Marilyn Lundeen, Donna Armstrong, Marilyn Reynolds, Rose Ann Bjorkman, Peggy Mentzer, Vernita Haywood, Carole Lafferty, Pat Mc- Cormick, Carole Corbin, Dorothy Anderson, Virginia Armstrong, Pat Moore, Shirley Bloomfield, Stanley Tyrrell, Dick Staggs, David Waight, John McConnell, Erma Jean Williams, Gloria Milner, Irene Fell, Roxie Olson, Ann Higgins, Margaret Bruington, Mary Dowd, Barbara J. Brown, and Barbara Matteson. n'f-t"3'fi "'1'f"2" 'P-P liirffdlfta' f wr ' "r "' e"""""'f'f"" . e I . V w . B F t t -I Q to thank the teachers, patrons and all who helped them accomplish their goal. Y . . ' ' Qi - wx i ---- "-- . W mv 1 ' 4 1 , ' , - 1 ' M ', .4 . 'f I J ' 1 'I 'a i -4 v ' N . A r ai? n ,,, 1. f a. 4 . Y-I , " -'fff"g+' " -33-T - fr-fTT"4. ' so 1 . ' 'Mfg ' . . W-T-Y:."A 7 'Jett' , lffsbz "'.. ., I.. I -:Q ...I .'. l 'RE .. .1 u NGK x- ,,,. Vi Q 4 Give And Take -Continued from page 33- When this portion was over, Dudley found he still had quite a number of un- claimed prizes. Elaine Hursa's continuous giggle was given to anyone who will enjoy it as much as she did. With a glance at Mrs. Sparrow, Dudley announced that Eric J ohnson's ability to disrupt the whole bookkeeping class was available to anyone who would keep up the custom. Jerry Lair's position of only man on the jury went to the victim of next year's government class. Any boy who thinks he can excell Winford Legate in playing Romeo with any leading lady was asked to step up and take Winford's ability. Another prize offered that no one chose was Marilyn Lundeen's nickname of "Lucy" which was given to anyone "fortunate" enough to have the name of Lucille. Irvin Ray's title of "Derby" was offered to anyone who wanted it. Next year's senior girls won Marilyn Reynold's mischievous antics in home ec. Dean Staley's interest in Moline went to anyone who thinks he can get it. To anyone who can afford to buy the gas, Stanley Tyrrell will gladly give his job of chauffeuring the sophomore girls. Dave Waight's temper will be awarded to anyone who thinks he can control it. Then came the time for the teachers to come forward. In this section of the pro- gram the questions were, of course, more difficult. The teachers didn't choose their prizes. The seniors decided on them. To Mr. Staggs we gave our frequent trips to the office after we have "left" class. Mr. Clark was given our sincere thanks for being such a helpful friend and class sponsor. We awarded Mrs. Yeager our white gym suits and "good" sportsmanship. Mrs. Hussey won all of our vocabulary books, since we have the words clearly imprinted on our minds. Miss Boley smilingly accepted our "dear suits" and our messes in the kitchen in girls' and boys' home ec. To Mr. Zimmerman we gave our noise in first . period study hall. Maybe it will be quieter next year without us. Mr. Manley smiled as we gave him our undiscovered musical talents and our thirty minutes a day practice. Mr. Sturm accepted our athletic abilities to strengthen next year's team. Our tamperings with the office equipment went to Mary Jean Mrs. Sparrow was given our commercial "understandings" and a few chicken scratches from the "large" shorthand class. To Mr. Bair and Mr. McLean we gave our thanks for helping us so much especially after games. ' To dear old ACHS we gave our love. -41- L v"'f5 E Q gt bl 1,51 IA T "'f"""" -'frm-u-!""'!"" j R-p-:qv s ff . X Q You Com t Sung, Whistle T The title of this article is the name of a new song that Mr. Manley has for the Ax girls' chorus. It is a cute little novelty that they sing along with other old-time favorites. ,, d Under the direction of Mr. Manley and the student conductor, Alice Conn, the fx chorus has sung at the Christmas concert, the spring concert, and the district music "Q contest, Geneseo. wi ' '- get Ann Higgins, their accompanist, is a very valuable asset to this organization. ' Singing is always enjoyed by the general public. In signing off from station AQ ACHS, the seniors wish to say "Good Luck" tp the chorus of the future. . n ' ' 1' . his If M" , Lv 'I y e -r- QZ cared I o Death iv' , The soloists and ensembles traveled to Geneseo to participate in. the district V contest on March 14. As they were playing before the judge and a small audience, most of the contestants were "Scared to Death." However, there really was not any- , thing to be nervous about, unless you should happen to forget the memorization of your solo. ' I I Ann Higgins played the accompaniment for twelve of the entries, Gloria Milner, for two, and Marilyn Lundeen, one. I fx Perhaps you would like to know the participants and their ratings. Baritone Saxophone Solo, Gloria Milner 1 S, Alto Saxophone Solo, Marilyn Lundeeng Clarinet Solo, Margaret Bruington lg Trumpet Solo, Dean Hennenfent 13 i Trumpet Duet, John Axcell, Dean Hennenfent lg Alto Saxophone Solo, Marilyn Reynolds 2g Trombone Solo, Irene Fell 25 Flute Solo, Faye Purlee 2g Baritone Horn Solo, Daryl Q Johnson 23 Trumpet Solo, John Axcell 25 Clarinet Trio, Janet Thompson, Stanley Russell, Margaret Bruington 25 Saxophone Quartet, Marilyn Lundeen, Marilyn Reyn- olds, Karen Minteer, Gloria Milner 23 Tenor Saxophone Solo, Karen Minteer 33 Vocal Solo, Phyllis Scott 3, Trombone Duet, Irene Fell, Rose Ann Bjorkman 35 Vocal Solo, v Dick Staggs 33 Flute Duet, Faye Purlee, Denita Devlin 3. Congratulations! We wish that more of the students could have gone to State, X but "ham off" to Gloria Milner who is the only one that succeeded. F .42- 2 V' ' Q g ea u - IX -v. J, vf, .Q -ri--vn"", " 4. SG-JQCDI. SONG On Alexis, On Alexis, Fight right through that line. Take the ball right down the field, boys, Touchdown sure this time. Rah! Rah! Rah! On Alexis, On Alexis, Fight on for your fame. Fight, fellows, fight, fighti, fight, We'll Win this game. .-45... W .r LA 1 Q ll M 1 Wig vw F ff I . l V ' I usic, usic, uslc. Every day during seventh period you can hear strains of music coming from the auditorium. The contest band is practicing for the district contest which will be held in Geneseo. All of the students are working hard so they can win a first rating at district. If they win the band will travel to Charleston for the state contest Under the able direction of Mr. Manley the band has entered into many other activities this year. They presented a Christmas and a spring concert and participated in the Bi-County music festival. The band members are also looking forwaqd to the music festival which will be held at Knox College la-ter in the spring The members of the band are: Margaret Bruington Donna Armstrong Phyllis Scott Mary Axcell Denita Devlin Faye Purlee Stanley Russell Shirley Bloomfield, Price Marilyn Reynolds Marilyn Lundeen Janet Thompson Judy Tyrrell Mary Allen Janet Patterson Virginia Frank Dean Hennenfent John Axcell Peggy Mentzer Rose Ann Bjorkman Irene Fell Daryl Johnson Jack Sharp Pauline 'Dile Lillian Brown Phyllis Floyd Alice Conn Barbara Jean Brown and Delane Johnson The stars of station ACHS would like to leave their good wishes for a bigger and better band in the future. -Y.. are ing omg oget er Oh, my aching feet! Gee I'm so tired! These are some of the expressions that could be heard on the football fie.d last fall. line marching band was practicing for programs which were given at the football games. Mr. Manley worked hard with the band to give some of the best half-time shows ever presented The marching band was unable to attend the Western Homecoming parade but it is planning to participate in the program which will be held in Galesburg at the Knox College festival in the spring. The members of the marching band are: Irene Fell, Peggy Mentzer, Donald Haywood, Darlene Roach, Rose Ann Bjorkman Marilyn Lundeen Marilyn Reynolds, Karen Minteer, Shirley Price, Gloria Milner, Donna Gustafson Virginia Frank Robert Simpson, Dean Hennenfent, John Axcell Daryl Johnson, Elaine Hursa Ann Higgins Faye Purlee, Denita Devlin, Vernita Haywood, Lillian Brown Phyllis Floyd Frances Bohan, Pauline Dile, Jack Sharp, Margart Bruington Donna Armstrong Shirley Bloomfield Janet Thompson, Stanley Russell, Judy Tyrrell, Juanita Waight Mary Allen, Janet Patterson, Barbara Gordon, Alan Johnson, Mary Axcell, Dick Lynch, John Phieffer, Phyllis Scott, Barbara Jean Brown, Jerry McReynolds, and Deland Johnson. The baton twirlers are Inez Mead, Mary Jo Martin, Sallie Anderson, and Geraldine Reynolds. ..45.. .sup Q'-1-v' rv p gnu .Vw .-Wim. J- ...,..........-, .,, I . . ' r" i Q ' . WW ' El, ' ' 'i Juanita waigm, Ann Higgins, Eniine Hursa, Gioria Milner, Kaien Minteer, Shirley 59 f' . 56 5 IVI it AI I It 'P r is A . I x lv Kenw- O 'g ,, X .V E.. 6 ii Eg if r. ',- lf ,fl aff 'V :L 9 mv N. ass aus The Mad Hatters The Hatters! What a family! Mad as March hares! Crazy as loons! Dippier than the Big Dipper! And nuttier than a fruit cake! In fact, they are all nuts! Margaret Hatter, the mother, is nuts about drarnatics. Joe Hatter, the father, is nuts about fish- ing. Gigi, their daughter, is nuts about athletics. Bunny, their son, is nuts about photography and Angelica, the housekeeper, is just plain nuts. ' Grandma Hatter supported them for years and suddenly decides it's time to quit. She gave them all three months to prove they can make their own living. And from then on, things happen fast when they decide to commercialize their hobbies. At the end of the three months all failed but Joe, who brings home the bacon. Backtwoods Romeo Can you imagine a young man, over twenty-one, who has never seen or talked to a girl? Well, Romeo Montague was in that predicament. His parents died when he was a child and his uncle, a scientist, took him into the wilds of Canada, where he reared and educated the boy. Larry McNeil and Rex Simonds, two Americans, ran across Romeo and asked him to visit them in the States. Romeo arrived at the McNeil estab- lishment, by airplane, still unacquainted with women. But, in this household were Larry's sisters, two young ladies who were anything but shrinking violets. There also were the Spanish maid, La Reina, and Orpha, Larry's fiancee, to say nothing of young and vivacious Aunt Rachel. Romeo was young, handsome, and unspoiled, and all the women fell for him and how! Larry and his inheritance problem - Rex and his smashed auto - all these problems piled together kept the McNeil home in an uproar, but Romeo adjusted them. ff If' f 45 v Cl DI 'Q 1? F it v -4Q.. 'W-:quu--' -- -' R rf W LA 8 5 Q ri J v l Senior' Dlau Cast Gigi Hatter ............... Elaine Hursa Angelica ....-.. ---H Carol Lafferty Bunny Hatter ....... Howard Hinderliter Joe Hatter ................. Dick Staggs Margaret Hatter ..... Sh'irley Bloomfield Grandma Hatter .... -- Vernita Haywood Diana Hatter ,.... --- Marilyn Reynolds Nancy Hayward ...... Dorothy Anderson Mugzie Muller --- ------ Dudley Purlee Henry Harrison ,........ Stanley Tyrrell Clara Shelton .... J U ri I or Larry McNeil .... Rex Sim-onds ....,,. --- Margaret Bruington Dlau Cast ----,- Daryl Johnson ---- Bill Duncan Romeo Montague .... ..... J ohn Axeell Connie McNeil --- Billie McNeil --- Orpha Finley .... Rachel McNeil --- La Reina ..... Sue .......... -- ..... Roxie Olson --- Jerrie Reynolds ------------ Pat Moore --- Rose Ann Bjorkman --------- Mary Dowd -------- Gloria Milner Forewoman ...,,... Erma Jean Williams 15 0... ' Q90 Q I ,sf 1 waamvvewmssii ""?4'L?l . . 'fiiwf 'VAN if W :aw Q A gwzfwfbtvi. av , hx.. 35-fgrwefvf J-NWN , "WL'i'k421' ' - 3-W ---A -. Your l-l it llaraole Graduation: "Oh Happy Day" Them-e of all students: "And So To Sleep Again" The late busses: "Slow Poke" Thoughts of all teachers: "In The Good Old Summertime" Steady couples: "No Two People" Annual: "Memories" Girls' shower: "Cool Water" Copying in class: "Keep lt A Secret" Speed Demons: "A Mile A Minute" Girls by Mr. Witt's door: "Outside Of Heaven" . 3:30 P. M.: "Don't Fence Me ln" Football Squad: "Miz Touchdown U. S. A." ,fff f 1 Marching Band: "Marching Along Together" ' Miss Boley: "She's A Lady" Students cramming for exams: "Give Me Five Minutes More" The flu: "You'll Never Get Away" Algebra students trying to solve a problem: "There Must Be A Way" Donna's song: "My Baby's Coming Home" Students kicked out of class: "Forgive Me" Gossip: "A Little Bird Told Me" Those late pap-ers: "Someday" Marilyn Lundeen: "Trying" Answers students give in class: "Just Because" What everyone is thinking of the Seniors: "I Hate To Lose You" Shorthand students reading their own notes: "It's Magic" School-Skippers: "I'll Make Up For Everything" A Time of semester exams: "N ow Is Th-e Hour" D 15 Q ll M as .T g '49 Pl 4 p X K l ..53- QR T ffl! nuff A V ,, W, guture omemaiqers ot America In order to meet successfully life's situations, the Future Homemakers decided to profit by working with a small budget and a big aim. Monthly meetings were held for discussing problems and hearing speakers. An all-school Christmas party was held after a basketball game. The group also went Christmas caroling. Many members attended Rally Day at Gladstone-Oquawka. A Come-As-You-Are-Breakfast helped make a profit, but the highlight of the year was the annual tea and style show given for the members of the Woman's Club. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Song Leader Historian Parliamentarian Chapter Mother and Father Advisor Rose Ann Bjorkman Gloria Milner Beverly Totten Lorraine Gustafson Mary Axoell Roxie Olson Shirley Bloomfield Mr. and Mrs. Gunnard Lundeen Miss Boley 1-Kappa ermits The second semester Miss Boley successfully taught a new subject, Boys' Home Economics. During the seventh and eighth periods, all A.C.H.S. could smell the de- licious food which the Happy Hermits were cooking. The boys also studied etiquette, family relations, and sewing. Although they realize they are not like Betty Furness, on television, they know that they have accomplished many of their aims. All of the girls feel confident now that there will not be many hermits left in the club after a few years-Reason? The race is on! Who does not covet a man that can stir a potent brew? .54- K' Q ..,, 1 WWE H EMAKHPS AM E R I EA 47' I .Ax ' - -,. . " Av. ,.,, .. ' f ,.. , .A x 7 -44:1 X w 1. ' v g we A .-W, u n a n , s . sf i s V . Q, .J . , .. Q-4. , 3139 - . . 5541 ?5,31."ff.' ' 'W ' I 1 ,-, fvaifzf-P ,. .4 1 .-El. .E LEC. .:...L.g1,ma.i5.. 1 ef I Television Eorecast Boys' Home Economics: Shorthand: Study Hall: Chemistry: Girls' Gym Classes: Freshman English: Latin: Junior and Senior English Classes: Social Studies Classes: Biology: Typing Classes: Bookkeeping: Agricultural, Classes: Girls' Chorus: Sophomore English: Current Events: General Science: Home Economics: Band: Algebra 'and Math Classes: ..57- -7-v Y -H . D i 'E You Asked For It ' What's My Line? Q Man Against Crime lm Danger ya Wrestling From Merrygold r QQ Super Circus l've Got A Secret 'Hal1Of Fame Who Said That? This Is Your Life Spac-e Patrol Th-e Web Rural Roundup Fred Waring Program Beat The Clock See It Now Fireside Theater Doorway To Fashion The Unexpected Mr. Wizard xx T if if LA ll t , ff i'l v f Y all li. A The Future Farmers of America started this year with a new sponsor Mr Eldon Witt During the year they have had several intel estmg experlences, such as the one this summer when Howard Hinderliter and Dudley Purlee went as delegates to a convention and John Axcell Dean Anderson, and Winford Legate accompanied them as Judges. In the fall they sponsored a donkey basketball game to earn money. Not long afterwards they entered Dick Pitman in the Speech Contest. An annual af- fan the Parent Son Banquet-was enjoyed, by the families and faculty An interesting and educational assembly program on driving was sponsored by the F F A. The Future Farmers is an educational club preparing the members for a career of happi- ness and usefulness Let us all salute the F. F. A. OFFICERS Dick Lafferty -- Vice-President Stanley Tyrrell ....... Secretary Gene Osborn .,... Treasurer Bob O Brien .... Reporter George McConnell .... Sentinel Mr Witt .... Advisor Q oivlsoru Council Scott Maloney President Floyd Patterson Vice-President Melvin Simpson Secretary Charles Sims Ed'Axcell Neil McCrery Joe Legate A Eugene Fassett Oran Swope fNot in picturej -ss- l . 4 . , .4 5 -A Q l ' . , . Pl ' . . . 4 .rg - vt .A - . M Q I Dudley Purlee ................ President Q iii: "1 pg . f ' rfiiiiii 4 A A F V -:T 3,-Q 4? , r s S 5 r E l w i ' g 1 i . , ! E sv 1 u an ' 2: .25 iv Sz 2. f 'I . ff i 3 1 Q1 1 xi g, ,aw -K 1 5 5.3, , - 3, ' I . E L? ,Qi f W fr 1 - 4 Q .' A Z., ' I g . , Ei' 7 fi, S 3 U, 6 s A ,G I 1 I gg-uuvau-1-u,. , Abela, Seniors On the evening of May 16, the juniors were hosts to the seniors at a banquet and prom. The old hall of ACHS-TV had been transformed into a mini- ature Hawaii. The Stars of the evening were wel- comed in true Hawaiian style with her colorful Leis and her gay "Aloha" Against a background of soft music and moon- light the festivities began. The banquet, served by a group of sophomore girls, dressed appropriately for the occasion, was prepared by the E. U. B. church. Groups of four, seated around small tables on the balcony, enjoyed a delicious four course din- ner. In addition to the honored guests, the board of education, faculty, and friends were present to participate in an evening pf gaiety. The Hawaiians entertained them with characteristic songs and toasts. In return the seniors read their will and prophecy, which produced much fun and laughter. After dinner the guests assembled in the gym, which had for the evening been converted into a dance pavilion. The dreamy music of Brad Wil- liams' orchestra was surely suggestive of faraway Hawaii. At intormission fruit punch and Hawaiian cookies were served. At the stroke of twelve thanks were given the juniors for a festive eve- ning and good luck and Aloha were extended to the seniors. -.61-. LA 8 D 5 Q li E1 Pi 4 . v T 'Q 5 Q ll Q' . 'Q Q 7 ,ra A N,---vu ---v-- . W -. V-, .-... . .- H '. G. A. A. The G.A.A. group has been a busy one this yearg this you have seen televised from time to time. Our group of 61 girls is affiliated with the state which promotes different types of sports and play days. We have been guests of Aledo and Abingdon this year. Six girls were guests each time. We have been busy trying to earn awardsg about 75 per cent have done so. Our point system will change next term, since the state felt a need for this. We enjoy several social activities through our secret pill palsg we have a Christmas party gift exchange and then reveal our pals at a slumber party near the end of the term. Our two main projects are skating party in Monmouth and our father-daughter banquet. An account of the latter appears on page 77. Officers , President ............. Barbara J. Brown Vice-President ............... Pat Mo-ore Secretary ............,.....,. Irene Fell Treasurer ......,.... Rose Ann Bjorkman Sponsor -T .................. Mrs. Yeager Librarians In the bustle of our TV station, one can always find a quiet place, our library. Mrs. Yeager sponsors it with the help of the president of the librarians 5 Shirley Bloomfield is the chairman of library information. There are two librarians working each periodg one issuing magazinesg another, the books. Some librarians assist in binding magazines for our "Reader's Guide." Our magazine list is quite large. Each year we buy our State Reading Circle books and borrow 100 books from the state library. Wie have bulletin boards of important informa- tion, and purchase new books, such as, "Sandburg's Lincoln" series, "Information Please," and "the Almanac," biographical reference books, and any book which seems in demand. We have started a clipping file for future use. students. Stanley Russell is the We sponsor a library Christmas party each year. Our Christmas gift to the school was the purchase-of the "Quick" magazine. Our library has the "Wilson Library Bulletin" as its very own. v -52.. 'Q Mi! , 1 n 14- ' Q L: -I-bis Is Your Life -Continued from page 29- Back in ACHS is Howard Hinderliter teaching vocational ag to his all girls' ag class. In North Henderson we find Elaine Hursa helping Stan?ey Tyrrell sack feed in Olson and Swanson's Feed Store of which he is proprietor. Way across the sea working in a Japanese restaurant is Carole Lafferty, who is there to be near George who has made the army a career. Eric the "Red" Johnson is running the ferry across Shang hai Creek. Oh, there's Jim Lee giving voice l-ess.ons at ACHS and Mari- Zi lyn Lundeen teaching pupils how to play the saxophone at .IU Leaf R1v-er. i Say, he use.s high "Prices" too. In that same "big City" we see X Pat McCormick manufacturing Crack'e Gum Inez Mead is slaving away trying to get her B. O. Y. degree at Harvard where Dick Staggs is head coach Doris Moore now owns the restaurant where she worked in Rock Island. ' And here comes a famous author, Bob "Buckshot" O'Brien who has just finished his newest book in English theory Sti'l in Alexis is Marilyn Reynolds designing "French Clothes. Dean Staley finally decided to be a doctor at Moline Public Hospital. Irvin "Derby" McLean has gone into the watch repair busi- I , ness with Pauline's father. ' The flashes fade from the screen. What a show Mr. Master of Ceremonies! Thanks for making possib'-e the reunion of th Class of '53 of ACHS on "This is Your Life ' -55., A Nl D 4 yi Q . lil 31:6 Q 1 c M ,P . I 1 it Running the Maid-Rite in Violapwe find George McConnell. . 'Q u 4 v I I Q 1 . f If'f j , ff... , H.-- Labor Qmma melt From the title you can probably guess that this IS the motto of the Latin Clubs Translated it means Labor Conquers Everything Latma Societas was orgamzed early in the school year for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with Roman civilization through the study of Roman lives relics and llterature A comparison of Roman days with those of our t1mes has been a fascinating experience for the students. At Christmas the Roman Saturnalia was appropriately observed by contrasting it to our Christmas Season A bulletin board depicting Roman romances was arranged at Valentine In April Latin Week was observed by making exhibits Several parties fea- turing a Latin theme were enJoyed during the year The Latin students drop a sug- gestion to you Be Wise Latimze Vice President Mary Olin Secretai y Peggy Mentzer Freasurer Jun Osborn 'Sponsor Mrs Hussey Q ,Alexia You have often heard of the famous Hormel All Girl Orchestra Well we have something like this on station ACHS an all girl Pep Band The group play at pep meetings basketball games and has participated 1n a program at the Mercer County S011 Conservation Meeting It lives up to its name - Pep Band Y QA Y WL'fe! If you should enter the high school some afternoon before a game, you will see and hear the cheerleaders leading cheers at the pep meeting. A cheerleader has a job cut out for her. She must have pep and enthusiasm. If the team gets behind in scores, she must keep the fans yelling to encourage the team to fight onward to victory. This year the students elected Carole Corbin, Virginia Armstrong, and Patty Moore to lead cheers for the varsity games, and Mary Axcell, Marilyn Lundeen, and Roxie Olson to cheer for the reserve team. Because of illness, Virginia Armstrong was unable to be in the picture. ' ...66q r'4 - Q at , 1 aanr 3 f ' 51, President Irene Fell I! , Q y 'ai f . ,I A 47 . .j Ix ,, rl . xx A A . . . . H- . ' U - ' V 90 S , G0 I vs 5 vu 0 Q A N13 ov- 4 + I1 i, ,rall- Carole Lafferty Dorothy Anderson Donna Armstrong Virginia Armstrong Shirley Bloomfield Barbara Jean Brown Margaret Bruington Alice Conn Carole Corbin Vernita Haywood Davidl Waight Marilyn Lundeen Eric Johnson Dick Lafferty Jerry Lair Jim Lee Winford Legate Elaine Hursa Howard Hinderliter George McConnell Pat McCormick Irvin McLean Inez Mead Doris Moore Marlene Elliot Bob O'Brien Gene Osborn Dudley Purlee Marilyn Reynolds Dick Staggs Stanley Tyrrell Dean Staleyv V -.W.v. vv.-. ...,-..,,-.V D. . a lvacaoie of: Stars' -69 Mama Goldberg Dorothy Kilgallen My Little Margie -Mrs. Odetts Sarah Churchill Lucille Ball Holi Loki Imogene Cocoa Arlene Francis Marion Marlowe John Cameron Swayze Max, Milton Berle's Secretary Mr. Peepers Milton Berle Clarabelle Pinky Lee Gabby Hayes Judy Foster Ooggie Pringle Jackie Gleason Kate Smith Lone Ranger My Friend Irma Eve Arden Ann Southern Bufilalo Bob Julius Larosa canadian Angel ' Jane Stacey Dean Mlartin Jerry Lefwis Henry Aldrich S X N fo 177' rf' Y tl M if 'ff if FA A qi T ff W LA as D 5 Q ll ll M vt Pl 2 . 4 11 v bl . -. -,,,5. .M . . Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis Alexis 14 0 os 13" 21' 13 01- 20" 13 Eooicbal l Reynolds D R. M . A. 0 Abingdon 13 Knoxville 0 Aledo 26 Stronghurst 0 Roseville 13 R. O. V. A. 6 Corpus Christi 0 U Little sixy VARSITY SQUAD I Centers-D. Johnson, Duncan Guards-G. McConnell, Waight, G. Osborn Tackles-D. Staley, Purlee, B. Staley Ends-Staggs, Tyrrell, Lee Quarterbacks-O'Brien, Elder Halfbacks-J. McConnell, Axcell, B. Lafferty Fullbacks-D. Lafferty STANDINGS LITTLE SIX FOOTBALL lst. Tie Aledo Abingdon Znd. Roseville 3rd. Alexis 4th, R. O. V. 5th. Knoxville W 4 4 3 2 A. 1 0 L T T.P. OPP 0 1 131 42 0 1 116 26 2 0 80 41 3 0 35 69 4 0 45 113 5 0 6 123 4 y 5 2 i J i I n .jp ' , 4 Q 1 -.. Y U x TV Sports 'Qs-View FOOTBALL The 1952 football season started with 10 returning-lettermen all seniors except 1. The lettermen were mostly linemen and when game time came the coaches made a few changes. The boys were of fair size and had plenty of scrap. The season went well until lack of size and fresh players caused a loss. The season highlight game was with R.O.V.A. as the Cardinals really played good clean ball and racked up a 20-6 thriller. We were the under-dogs and pulled an upset that gave the Cardinals third place in the Little Six which is the highest we have had in years. Alexis began the season with Reynolds and ran off an easy win 14-0. Then we encountered R.M.A. and our defense and offense just couldn't click and we ended in a seldom-found 0-0 tie. Before the Cardinals could get out of the slump, Abingdon slipped over a 13-0 win. ' Knoxville stirred the gridders up as they got rolling for a sweet revengeful 13-0 Wlll. A loss to Aledo hurt and only Stronghurst's win could satisfy the Cardinals. Rose- ville pulled another upset as they really played good ball to the tune of 13-0, which caused the Cardinals a bad loss in the Little Six Standing. The Cards went on to win the rest of the games defeating R.O.V.A. and beating for the first and only time a Corpus Christi outfit, which could really pass the pigskin. BASKETBALL This year's hardwood team had a shortage of players but they were fairly tall and had plenty of fight. The Cardinals really got hot as they ran up a season high score of 88-54 decision over Stronghurst. The highlight of the year was with the Aledo boys as we worked hard and long for a very sweet victory to the tune of 57-52. This is the first time in many years that Alexis has defeated an Aledo basketball team. Dick Lafferty was top point winner for the Cards with plenty of help from Tyrell and Staggs. TRACK Track has just started but the returning lettermen are making the season look bright already. Lettermen are Dick Lafferty, Dave Waight, Dick Staggs, Jim Jones, Larry Anderson, Bill Lafferty. ALL STARS George McConnell received first team honors in All Star ratings and Stanley Tyrrell, Dudley Purlee, and Bob O'Brien received honorable mention These boys earned the honor given them by working together and by working hard. I Alexis has a new trophy as a result of last year's efforts. The Little Six Cross Country team won the last meet to be held in the Little Six and also the only one Alexis has won for a long time. These boys won it and here is how they finished: CROSS COUNTRY U G 1 Dave Powell, 2 Dave Waight, 4 Dick Lafferty, 5 Bill Lafferty, 6 Howard Hinderliter. X M N ff 15 Q ll he "' Q 1 V2 viii 4 T 4 -73- I 1 --H-f--f-.JlL...+- '..,,.M,-,,- " "'-' '-' ' ifx"l'lvr'f---..--1 5 D Qeserve 1CootbaH ' The Alexis res-erve football team had an undefeated season, "4 winning 6 games and losing none. The reserves had a tough line and a fast backfield. Aledo d l in the N i J S was the game of the year as they went into the lea ear y MX game. .Maxis finally came back to win with 20-6. K Mr. Clark has high hopes for these boys on th-e varsity in mf' kia N v years to COIYIC. N v 0 5 I-Qe serve Qasketbal i ff, 57 ? Lack -of passing and experience gave the reserve players a Yr poor, but educational, season. They Won only 4 game.s but the 42 experience will prove valuable. Next year will be different! The Alexis freshman - sophomore annual tournament origi-x nated this year a nd the reserves copped fourth place. The A Club is c-ompgsed of varsityiletiternWinners. Monthly t' s were held to discuss athletic rulings and qualifica- meecing 1 tions. This club organized and managed the freshman - sopho- more tournament. Membership Roster: Jim Jones, Larry Anderson, Daryl dl P rlee Dick Johnson, Stanley Tyrrell, John Axcell, Du ey u T, Staggs, Dick Bird, Bob Staley, Bill Lafferty, George McConnell, John Elder, Howard Hinderliter, G-ene Osborn, John McConnell, Mr. Clark, Dick Lafferty, Bob O'Brien, Dean Stal-ey,"Dave Waight, and Mr. Sturm. -74-.. dy wx gi A Qu, 'V i 'Y .in L K 1 1 1 , fx. .. , k I 1 w f ,, , gather- Daughter Qanquet On February 24, all the G. A. A. girls invited their fathers to be their guests for dinner and an evening of fun. The girls di- vided into groups and decorated the tables into 8 sports respec- tively: shooting for baskets, darts, pitch, bowling, ping pong, badminton, checkers, and shuffleboard. After the dinner, the men played all 8 sports competitively. A box of candy was given the group winning the highest score. To complete the evening, a king, Bernard McGuire, and 2 attendants, Lyle Tyrrell and Os- car Tournouist, were chosen by means of lucky numbers. A tie pin with "Dad" initialed on it was given the king, the attend- ants received boxes of candy. They reigned during a small en- tertainment put on by classes: freshmen, pyramid building, sophom-ores and juniors, basketball quarter, seniors, 2 square dances. The fathers left proclaiming the "Welcome Dads" greeting on th-e wall really rang sincerely in their hearts. Guia Supporters As we climbed the ladder of success from Stand-Ins to Stars, we have had many hardships to overcome. These hardships would not have been overcome with-out the help of our teachers and our parents. They have played a great part in all of -our lives. It would take pages and pages to te'l you all the things you probably know - how these people, OUR SUPPORTERS, helped us through our trials and tribulations. In a few words we are trying to thank them for everything - little and big. It's very hard to do, but Mother, Dad, teachers, and friends, thank you! K .-77... lf'f .-f 0 cs 5 Q il Pe! Pl 4 gf N 'V v . 1 ff lf' f LA D 5 Q 4 ll M 'fi or . 4 f 1 5 aslqetbal 1 Varsitu Alexis 58 Bigssvillq Alexis 48 Little York Alexis 62 Media Alexis 35" Knoxville Alexis 54" Colchester Alexis 44" R. O. V. A. Alexis 88 Stronghurst Alexis 75 Biggsville Alexis 47 Avon Alexis 60 Kirkwood Alexis 45" Abingdon Alexis 54' Roseville Alexis 57" Aledo Alexis 40 Sherrard Alexis 53" Knoxville Alexis 54" Kirkwood Alexis 47" R. O. V. A. Alexis 71 Avon Alexis 47' Abingdon 88 Alexis 70 Reynolds 53 Alexis 48" Roseville 62 Alexis 6141 Aledo 67 Alexis 62 A Reynolds 48 Alexis 61 Aledo 69 ft' Tournamentl PLAYERS Guards-AG. McConnell, Waighti, Elder, B. Staley, D. Johnson Centers-Staggs, Axcell Forwards-D. Lafferty, Tyrrell, J. McConnell FOOTBALL ALL STARS George McConnell and Dick Lafferty made Little Six All Star first team for the second straight year. George Was a hard boy to move in the line and a dependable man to get the tackles. Dick Lafferty played at fullback and sometimes at end. He cou'd play Well at either position. He was a very good open field runner. -- Stanley Tyrrell, Dudley Purlee, and Bob O'Brien received honorable mention and these boys really made the team click. They encouraged teamwork and had the spirit that gave us a successful season. -7s- ' ALL 0 1 . . 9 Y T I 5 1 r Q 5 J f i 4 , ,IV , ., ., f Q 1 , , RQ' 1 ' . ,I 1 4 T 1 if f fm Q1 " , :J Q ' I E M- Q H T Y Wm ,l ,7.pu1uun,..- E 4-'ow Much Do we I-ove Thee? With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the members of the senior class of 1953 express their feelings for the high school. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love thee to the depth and breadth and height of the gym. We love thee to the routine of everyday's most quiet classes. We love thy students, teachers, and all others. We love thee for thy centurydold shades in Mr. CVl,ark's room. Q We love thee with a passion stirred by thy band practicing in the gym. ff We love thee for thy "little, cluttered" annual. We love thee for thy candlelight in the commercial room. We love thee for thy failing and low lists fwhen we are not on itj. We love thee for thy brightly-colored walls. We love thee for thy "empty" halls between classes. We love thee for thy clocks that all have the same time. We love thee for thy adding machine in the outer office. We love thee for thy three big mirrors in the girls' locker room. We love thee for thy intelligent students that roam the halls. We love thee for thy romances budding in the halls. We love thee for thy custom-made seats in the auditorium. We love thee for thy places to study in the morning and at noon. We love thee for thy boiler room where all the men teachers "hang out." We love thee for thy drinking fountains with "cold', water. We love thee for thy desks in study hall. i We love thee for thy people who attempt to understand and help us. And if the teachers are willing, We shall. but love thee better after Graduation. .31- ii W 54 rel I 'i T 1 f WE SALUTE The Valedictorlan of the Class of 1953 Marilyn Reynolds Vernita Haywood D A R Citizenship Award Winner Carole Corbln 42. The Argus Trophy Wlnner CPlease lnsert namel HONOR CLUB Meet the intelhgentsia of the ACHS TV These performers have successfully met the high scholastic standard of the grade range of B and A Dorothy Anderson Marilyn Reynolds Shirley Bloomfield Barbara Jean Brown, Margaret Bxuington Carole Corbin Vernita Haywood Howard Hinderliter, Elaine Hursa Wmford Legate Marilyn Lundeen Patricia McCormick Rose Ann Bjorkman, Daryl Johnson Gloria Milner Patr1c1a Moore Phyllis Floyd Ann Higgins, Beverly Totten Stanley Russell Mary Ann Allen Peggy Mentzer Janet Patterson, Beth Ryner, Judy Tyrrell Frances Bohan Carol Frank Jim Stephens Mary Ol1n, Marlene Patter- son Lois Sharer Mary Alice Lee ACHS JUBILEE Under the gay streamers the happy go lucky crowds swarmed around various entertainment stands which consisted of dart throws ball toss basketball free throws, telegram stations the Cardinal Cafe ring-a-duck stands and the added attractions of boxing and stage shows. After all of the confetti had been thrown and the canes and whistles were sold the climax of the jubilee came. Stanley Tyrrell and Donna Arm- strong we.e crowned King and Queen of the 1953 Carnival. The attendants were Roxie Olson and John'Axcell' Janet Patterson and John Sharer' Carol Frank and David Laf- ferty. The Carnival resulted in a happy and profitable evening for the seniors. -82... - I I s 1 'vt Q fi: A QCA The Salutatorian of the Class of 1953 .4 , 1 4 nv' if J 42 .r.,r.,,.rrr T ,..,....,rr.... ' - - v X IQ P QQQQ 5-:fn x . . v Z 1 a . I x i i . . , . . 712-4 f- -' 1 1 , ' 1 1 ,- is .y 1" fb' 'J 'ng wi .5 .g 'L 'A . .Va .. ' -sv 31763 - -.4 .9-if-' Absence Make QUT' earts grow 1:-onoier il Mr. Clark's unique imitations of people The "quiet, deserted" library during study hall The frequent visits to the office from class Mr. Ma.nil,'ey and all of his troubles The "modern, attractive" lunchroom downstairs Our trials and tribulations in Home Ec. Mr'.'Witt and his teasing The couples on the "Swooning Rail" Band in general Our title of "Almighty Senior" The noisy freshmen girls The "hot water" showers of the girls All basketball and football games Those "quiet" busses The sophomore girls' songs Our vocabulary words every Friday That "large" shorthand class and Mrs. Sparrow Those long discussions in government class Clean-up detail after games All of the kids and teachers Our 30 minutes a day band practice All of the FHA-FFA night meetings Phyiliis Scott and her i'Char1eston" The juniors pestering us for help on English Q First period study hall and Mr. Zimmer-man The explosions in chemistry class "Tuck" Elder! and his nicknames for everybody Those "darling desksn in study halh Things we had to write for the Beat Our Annual meetings Ann Higgins and her piano playing Meeting new kids from different schools Mr Sturm's red tie and socks All of our library fines Noise and running in the halls The "casual" sayings of the sophomores Running up town at noon in the street All of the special assemblies The halls of dear old ACHS-our alma mater -85.- ff lf' f Q bi 'fl ,gy 1 V iii 54 F' 1 R W 1f'Z ""U" ' We See Cari Sandburg One of the highlights of the year for the junior and senior English students was the day they greeted Carl Sandburg, the noted novelist and poet, at the Galesburg depot, January Sth. his life and literary works. The bulletin board was arranged attractively for Sandburg's birthday. The board was headlined in black letters. "We Proudly Present Carl Sand- burg." Below the headlines were pictures, magazine and newspaper clippings. A re- view of his new book, "Always The Young Strangers," was also given. In order 120 complete the study, the classes toured his birthplace on East Third Street. In 1947, the cottage was bought and refinished in honor of the poet. The so-called Lincoln room was added for the purpose of keeping Lincoln relics, which Sandburg had collected. This 19th century decorated room holds items such as powder horns, several Lincoln portraits, famous letters and speeches, and a replica of a covered wagon. On the bookshelves between a fireplace, which is made of historical bricks, are placed Sand- burg's books as "Remembrance Rockf' a volume of Lincoln's "War Years," "Ameri- can Songbag," and his latest book called "Always The Young Strangers." In the original three rooms where the Sandburgs lived were old-fashioned dishes, irons, and a coffee grinder. The quilts of the trundle bed were hand dyed and woven. One can read his literature, study his biography, and visit his bir-thplace, but still can't really appreciate this extraordinary man until one can talk to him and watch his kind face as he calmly speaks in his friendly voice. The students can now really appreciate Carl Sandburg and his works, because they talked to him when he arrived unexpectedly at Galesburg from Chicago. The students were photographed with the poet for the "Life" Magazine and "The Galesburg Register Mail." This, indeed, was a highlight of the year. -86- fi ak E':. 'A fi M P11 - 11, To help celebrate Sandburg's 75th birthday, Mrs.-Hussey's English classes studied 7' Q3 . . 'Z .4 I H I ' 53.5.1 Q, i'i3t."'? ,Q-V s ' . . -:ft :Fir -ff., ...- ., 4. . A -1, 'e . .a -F 41 1 .al 5: .' Q-, W..-' ' 4' n" " 4-.V r. fii , ,. fy .Mr '- --' A I l v?Hf'., , F -1355.-"' if cw? "Q . Q' A" ...Vi-:,.jl H 9? "fini 31 nw?-...- n 1, ,,. it A mg u g.: ,Y .,.,..f' xt . 'iv-Lil . . .,, , r, 4 ,. Vs' .Jiff y -:Q f' 5-fqgni 1-32 ml.. , . ,ifff 'Q :wi-'."f-r., ' 1' ,. .,,. Q, - 3 -1- ' --. " aw, iizfiyj. , 'L' 1361 Li-MT' tt L, , A W ""'. , -'L' l ? . aj: , Y D .- 'ta' ajft ,f,k""' i x , "- fuss ' f'12?g2'9H', ..t . -,. , ' ' Y "QQ, Af ,t . V+, - if jg -.. ,fx 4' K ,. ' 'rf ,af ? 1- -b -,. nf-. 1. -'iii ,L f'f.,.1l. 1 ggi' '. f- 4F".x ' , 13.2. .f fs ' -3,5 Q-12' :rg 5:44. A vs' '.-- , . -.., ,rig ' gg. H- M 4' 3 ', L" ff' 2-'J 'K '.., -flex., 'U 2 145- I-5-Y ,fa -in . ...H x . Q BE H IND THE SCENES 1 ,ZLMM Zak? 1 3264.41 fyfs Q7Ld,yrv I fa H! I i A I x 1 2 r 5 i E n He ' 'X J . 1 - n , , A 'L I ., fl .V l zi 3 QAM, ?"" Nw An.. 1, Q , AA ,,.,. M , , , i ' 1- 9 1 is Ala . 'ln :A is. 1541 ' 'I 'v . 7592 H , vii .Q L b ff MQ, 5 : NH' -U, . . , ' 1 .lf-I f-v ,A as . ,ii 'li -1 T ,,. A .4 f , 1' .1 , . , L ,Mn .,1-.,.a,,.. -QA an 7,1 3 , .-fi? ll III V Bvfi W A Q' H . Q X ' xi' X r ,ff 5- K5 - I v , Lf + -5+ X J' 4 ff 'YP'-1,12 +3 fs- K' l 'V 011. ge. Tl 5 ' ' K V J ' D, ,d i I ' l vmifm -- K YY! Nov'-' "l-- X -ffrdbx, 1 51 5' 5 V' D ' W -Q27-'Hle -' AH.-5 L-uf . .f ,., ff 'ggduugqsfanf a AL .kk', ..1.. ,,. .V ,,,-. '- 31 ,. f . . I s 'H K i - K 4' VT. ,..5, 4' ff Q? Q 533 W S 3 9, V ' I v 5 - in - f ak JL? - 3: 'fs , fi Qi Ps 95' ' SYS .., ff! fe is iw A 33 fi 75? :Hi Qi fi? -xf' ' P3 A Av Q1 li L " . u ' .u "f , .. . -1 " " ' - ' J . . vs' ' ' X .g ,z' fs Q, ' , ,,., -,. yu ' M" fy3'. f' , B I f lg A ' f 1 ' . ' if -'.pg.1' ,, .fmfi '31 3? 37 Aff, ,A-.4 -b ,, C OMMERCIA LS -P f ffe 5933! .M 37 J.. .lei-ul ...K 4.4 I ' I 4 , -sl ,. I mf 11-no 'amp-wqf.v 1 W6'llIilIHll1LMINIllllQ CMGDUIIW We, the Senior Class of 1953, wish to express our sincere thanks to all of you who have made the publishing of this year's Memoirs possible. 4 l F A M n Pl 4 r v LA ' M , ..-4Q.13MiA.n...f ,in X ,.....,.,.1. .,.................:f.....L ,i-.h..x. -M in . ,.,- .-L-.....l. ...l,, ,. n .... -r::Y-:Y Y-e: hlvfblflvvslvvvvvvq ., ::::rwre:::e::: :Y-:YY-::vvsr:::w-ovw-ae:Y-:::+::e::4vsr::4-ree:Y-:::Y-::::: ::+Y-e:Y-:Y1vvsIvvw-:Y 0vvvvvvvv-r::4sblv-ovvvYr:::-:-r:::::4wvsrf-:::4-a:-o-4e:: -r-lv-:vw-4-:::YrvvvY-Y::ea-o-::::Y-:av-asm.-:::e::v3v:eYr::::Y-Y ,- .---1-wrf:?r l,', . V ' . ECONOMY SHOE STORE -- " Your Slhoe Store " -- Men's Phone 5258-9 Good gYl3r51f3n?'S Main and Prairie Street S1335 S Shoes Galesburg, Illinois Less ! WHEN IN GALESBURG . . . FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE SHOP AT Kellogg -s- Drake BENEDICT MUSIC COMPANY . Mr. and Mrs. Gail Flesher, Owners The Music Store Where It's Fun To "Browse" -- We Like Kids! WIIRLITZER PIANOS AND ORGANS -- Everything Musical -- 64 S. CHERRY GALESBURG, ILL. Y- e:Y+slslvvsr::Y-Y- re ::Y- e+::: :e:: e: ee :Y :Y-: Y-:awww-rYrYY YY YY YY YYYYY: -Yi4:YYeYY-.-:YY-f!lQY!3YY522YYQYY-'NYY-eYS!iY!3YYi1S1?S:eS::AZiYY:YY-:Y:Y-:S:Y i4YYN:Y MCFALL MONUMENTS n City Limits - West Main Street GALESIBURG ILLINOS , , AY,,,.L.4.,.... M.. .- -,,,,.iH,... ,Ar , ' hlvslvv-I lvslvslvvvqqq., :e4slvsr::Y-:Y-Y-:Ivslvsl-eeY'-tslvvvv-Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -lvvvvvvYrr:Y-::::4sr::-lvvvsr::Yrvsr::r::e:::::4sre:::r:::4vvvvsr:::+::4vsl-re:-lvvsre: 'r JA Nqq RICHARD HILL FEEDS AND FARM SUPPLIES General Trucking iALEXIS, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE 19 - - - - :-r::.-:e:::::Nr:N:4vw:::.-.7-r:::.-Y-: e :.-:::.-:.-xA:: e:wflsbl-tw--e Standard Service Station U ii BAILEY 81 BIRD, PROPRIETORS 15: Alexis, Illinois 51, if - DEALERS IN -- gig Nr is STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS 14' 14: 4'4r 14 4'4' 34' p V mv 'V 4 4 rl: O 51: CONGRATULATIONS -- to the - SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 1387 The Bank of Alexis ma . 5 A wk Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Z at Deposits Insured Up To SB10,0'00.00. if 'r 'r 'r 4r jr ' I 4r 4r r::+A.-.--wvvwvvvv-: +:::: ee-:A eeeeeee ww- e.-::::: ee: -:ee-:::1 ::'A::: ::i:: vggnr .rebar h rr Q-:www r Awww wavvvs. -waN+ Kar: xi , . an-r---W-. V v , 1 , . :::v-Q rr---:-err: rJ::Y-re:av-rr-:Nev-::::--::-4-r::-Y-J-4-A::-::-4-:vvvsre::::vwxr CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 PEOPLE'S FUEL 8z COKE COMPANY Telephone 4531 --- Galesburg, Illinois SERVING THIS AREA FOR OVER 50 YEARS vvvvzvvvvvxr lvvvvxravvv N -lv-t+:::+rr:e L vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvv+hhAN CONKY'S CONFECTION COMPANY 390 South Seminary St. - Galesburg, Illinois --Phone 1973-3 or 2737-4? POPCORN WARMERS FOR RENT CHIPS - CANDY KURLS - POPCORN --24-Hour Service-- N+Nvwnwr Nwwveexeeeexvv-e:-N:-e.- COMPLIMENTS ...of... 4 4r 'V 4r 'r 4r ALEXIS POST OFFICE 5 Ruby - Martha - George e:.vwNN:::::2TnNv:::v-QTN.-:-ei::::?Ei.-r:- """" ' """ ' ' ' """" 5 C O M P L I M E N T S . . . of . . . 1: JACKIE'S BEAUTY SHOP Alexis, Illinois 1 ffee QW JOHN E. BOHAN - M. D. - Alexis, uunois S?4V+S?Ei?SSSSiiQ S SS9SSRNNwwwNWNM"'Q'"x""i""'R""s"i'i'i'i'S'S'N'W,,,,e.,. ,., ,. ,N'fNSf, , ,, , ,iq ALEXIS MOTOR COMPANY --FORD-- Sales and Service CARS -- TRUCKS ' ALLIS-CHALMERS TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS 5 -:eeeewvrrreQrereerrv-Ae+::: -:4Nr::+:::::::4v-rr-relvxre-Jsr:-::rlvsr-e:-4-e.-e:vvvx Nnlvvvvv-4 EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE ! ROADIFERS' Ready-To-Wear ' 5 Sizes - Regular - Juniors 232 E. Main-Gales-burg WMSMWWWWVW vvenav-avvvvvvvvslvslsl-I-ls JACK'S Supply Store North Side Sq.-Galesburg 0 Nationally Advertised- 'Work Clothes Shoes Hardware Tools Courteous Service Always ! :v--ann-:rarm--Awrwr:- :+:-: -:Nww-.-elvvw--.-Nr:::::QvsanA:v+:::wvshN vw-lslvvv COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDING -- CLASS PORTRAITS -4 BANQUETS FERM MUSTARD --Distinctive Portraits-- 106 East Main Street - Phone 6523-6 - Galesburg, Illinois r-. -::- -ee -:+::::-e- -ee Y--e Nwsav-AN NlvN'v1'.5::lfN'i'v"4w'v?::f5::4vvvvvif:'ww-:f:f35::-i'rN'+ :wvvvslvw -:-0-lvslslsr-::-Q: :::--ear.-:N:::-:srl:::s:-A:.-.-s:.--.-Arasrlsrlsb lr ir ir in 'r Arthur J. Nyman and Sons ---JEWELERS--- Parker "Sl" Pens Elgin Watches Keepsake Diamond Rings 56 N. Prairie-Galesburg +npph N+nnN+N+rrN IIOSPITALITY I DRINK coop. - COLA In Bottles Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by Galesburg E Coca-Cola Bottling Co L N+Nq+r E- ------- NWFN .-:.'vvv-re-.-.-::v-reev-wN::.--.-::4sNv:: 4 z iii li fi Viola Locker Service COMPLIMENTS lr We Retail and Wholesale 'of' BEEF and PORK Z -: Smoking and Curing :- DR' it 'r 'r 'r LIBBY9S --Optometrist- flgi F F 'r - v t bl . . . Ea: Q roliirgnerggivioffela es Medical Arts Building ii sg, ' ' Monmouth, Illinois i if ELLIS g --GALESBURG'S QUALITY JEWELERS- li 219 East Main Street - Galesburg, Illinois- 35 ii . . . . . '. E fig, I Fine Diamonds -- Famous Watches -- Distinctive Gifts Ip, iii Z., is EEE 1' -lsr - A -Ar - -rlvvsree--rv-eeivvsrr-:wvsreee-:sr-eilzlir-lvvsrJvvv- nr:.-wvvvvsre-:vere-N:e-:freeelsre-Jvsree:rralvv-.lvsreevvw 1:6 ::?:l-::??J+t:++i-Arrlvvsr-A++Jxbbrrvl-lefrilsr ---- :W 'iii 353 THE JEWEL sHoP if ig: --Features Elgin-- iii, 1,jP "' Beautiful Styles -- Dependable Movements 9 Up 'r 1:17 1:4 . . ti' Economically Priced BLUEBIRD FLAWLESS DIAMONDS 111 E. Main Street Galesburg, Illinois i "t't"N't"'s""t'r"""'t's'a'S-""'-'++'sf+'++ 'fff 1'-'-'+'s""aNs"'eN'+NNfN'+'N+++N-'-'+NWWN--vwwef-fww-ew 7 5555 Peters Jewelry Co. C O M P L I M E N T S 5 sis 2 -Kepesake Diamonds- z "0f- gi Watches - Silverware f 4 Jewelry WESTERN AUTO 200 S. Main St.-Monmouth Monmouth, Illinois may 9 I ?-w-v-'------ -- lalsrlsl-rl-lflvv COMPLIMENTS ..-of... ROBERTS -- gl -- LITCHFIELD GRAIN - COAL 4vv+wAN+N g 4 4 FRED M. CASH ALEXIS, ILLINOIS GROCERY and :E LOCKER PLANT 4 'V lr FEED EE 5 "The Home of Good Foods" Rio, ILL. 2 Q 'Ar-NI-I-4 rqqsaavvw-'vw -::::x -1vv:: ::-::-:::::.-v-:vvs:::: :-e+avsr::: Bailey 8: Rohr Standard Oil Company Bulk Plant Phone 186 or 64 Alexis, Illinois PROMPT, COURTEOUS, DEPENDABLE SERVICE Domestic and Rural ivuvvvsl-rv--:.-.-::--e::::::ee:s::v-+A:-r::v-.1-:-Abba: J-vllyv naw?-:.-Y-:fiitfysa-:lilly-:.'s4v ra?-wr.-: v1ii::-eryq-Qaf r-4-ra-:vw-tr-:::.-::+:e:+::xr::.--Ne::::-.-:::br::.-:. - +:::. .-s::.-s:- - a - - - - - -sri - - www-axrzw - - :vw-A. v - - - - - Y - - -r MCKNIGHT MEMORIAL HOME Alexis, Illinois -f-:: 82 YEARS OF SERVICE IN THIS COMMUNITY ::-- Phone 3 - 45 gs:-r-l-:vw-rr:-rr r--lN:::-:v-:-x:::4 A.--::vsrl -A.-e::s:vs:vvw-:-N:-: :+rra-0-4s::v-.-.-was-rr.-:::v4vv -A:-:-vw-rweeravvw-r - --- - - - - --vvv-.---- -:sr - - -1- --r:-:vw A - -v ---- - -::N::::.-:.-:.-4-r4wvvvvv+4vvv-nr4vvwvsrr:sr04vuulw vvvvvvvvvvw-fvvvsrIvvvvvsn:vv vvvvvvvvvvvv ' lvvNvsN1 .-4vkr::Jsr::J-rrerrr-Y-:+:: :vw-av.-::flsr-:rev-:4vvsr::ls4vv-::lsrrw-re:::rr-:Are-A:e:::.--erarervrblv-rr-v-r-:r NNwNvvN www:- hlvv-aww BEST w1sHEs ' - to the - SEN IOR CLASS OF 1953 f r o m LAUNDERETTE .... in Monmouth WWMWM WNM'N'NW"MW RECORDS: All Speeds--78, 45,1 33. All the Very Best Music When It's Tops. Th.e Biggest and Most Complete Collection 797 To Choose From in this part of the State- WIRTZ CORNER MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS Z 4 45 9 +Phone and Mail Orders Shipped Immediatelyi :gg gsi 711' HOME LOCKER INC. jg GRUCERY 5 -and- fir ZZ LOCKER 1E., 46: Rio, Ilhnols fig 4,17 iii 154 slvvv- -Ivvvvvvsre-Y-rr:-iv-av::r:vsr::4sre:::::4v:+ I r .3 in 4,2 4, r tk it 4:4 4 4y '4 4,4r 4,4r fn' SWOPE FUEL sl FEED if tr 4r Alexis, Illinois KENT AND SWIFT FEEDS 'r Z ir lr vvvvvvvvvv -rvvvvvvv . rvvvvv rvvvvv- :www :vw 'WN whNN Nvv+NvvN' NNvv4v+bN CGNGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 fX Olson and Swanson GRAIN COMPANY --- North Henderson, Ill gQNwhvN+nnNN+rvnN-N N+NwN+ -Nvwwmwxwv +1v-4-fqsfarnlwwvvv-:www rasrav-lv-fl-f:::.+N::-X:::c :ra--N.-: awe- awww :::.-:-.-:.-Na+: N+,qqX W ,-Yv..--vv---...Y.,.,t..,,, Y-:eY-Y-Anr:ee::Y-Y-:4vsrreY-:ral lvvslsA4wr::Y-:4vsrY-Y-:-Are::vw-e:e:4-Y-e:Y-Y-Y'-r:::::Y-:+Y-::rY-Y-YNl-l-lvvsr+Y-4vwlvsl-lvsr 1NNMNvL lvvvsr::Y-Y-4slvvvsaree:::JvvsrY-Y-Y-1slvvvsre::1vsAr Y-e:Y-4vvvvvvY Y Y Y Y Y Y Y lslvvvvvvvv-:vw-lvvslvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwJvvvvv-re:::4srY-:Y-:Y:www::Y-Y-NY-:Y-:Y-ernavv::f3f1vvvs:sr:Y-::vvs4sr4!ie:X:Y JOHN W. HEBERLING --Attorney-At-Lawl 209 First National Bank Bldg. ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS CONNER'S .IEWELERS Featuring' America's Finest Lines of Quality Merchandise STERLING '- CHINA - CRYSTAL 1719 2nd Avenue ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS ee: :ee:::Y- e:Yk:sre:Y-:wav-Y-e::::vvvvsrY-:::::: Y-:4vvvvvvsr::Y-Y-::::sr -fe:::::+:+Yvv-r::::::-lvf:::::4v'-?:::4vwvvsrY-:::::Nv:::Y-: N :+-NNY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATION CLASS - OF 1953 -- FARMERS' STATE BANK OF VIOLA Small Enough To Know You--Large Enough To Serve Yo MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. VIOLA - ILLINOIS fwvvvvvvsrvvvJvvvvslvvvvsr:Y-1vvvsr:Y-:vw-ovsrY-Y-:4vsre:::+lvsre:Y-:Y-Y e:Y-elvvvv-Y Y Y Y IvvsIshIslvvvvvvvvvs:qvY4x,Y,Y4Y, vvvvvw-:vvvvvvvve::Y-::::rY-:Y-:::vvvvv-r::Y-4sr::Y Y-:4vvsr:::f::::fl::Y-Y-::::-:vw-av-:Y-4sreY-Y-Y-:wwvvsrr::Y-Y-::+ U LOTS OF LUCK- TO ALL 1953 GRADUATES! TED GROTHE -- CUSTOM FITTED SHOES -- 140 East Main St. - Galesburg, Illinois Y1:AN:Y-:avx Ye:-:Y-:qu Y-Y- ave::Y-Y-:::+N::Y-N::Y-Y-:wnrrrrnwmawwaavvwn :::::Y Y Yv-re:Y Y Y Y Y +:Y :Y AN-NNYY :4vv:::Y : NNXNQY XY-r+r:::+:::::::::e::::::::vw-Ar::::::::Y-Y . . S . Tr-'Y rf-: . . "N'.M...'awsssx,Nw.waN.NMM r-N'NN'r-'+N We-N--M--+W MO0RE'S GROCERY MEATS AND GRocER1Es ICE CREAM "BUSS" "CURLY" 5 Alexis, Illinois Z 'r 'r FENDER OIL CGMPANY --SERVICE STATION- L. R. Fender, Bulk Distributor r E I 4 I Frank Caldwell, Station Manager 15 ir 'r TELEPHONE 2-27 ALEXIS, ILL. I ii THE ALEXIS ARGUS if 'r James S. Brown and Jennie C. Brown, Editors and Publishers .3 'k Always the Baest In Job Printing and Advertising. 315 All Type Pages in this Annual printed in our Job Printing Dept. iii f-THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PRINTERS' INK-- 4 4 ig! 4,4 71' y P 'v'v 'iv vxv 'w'w '?w '3::?:? '??:?:v 1 4,7 7 4 4 11: fi' COMPLIMENTS 111: ' 4:4 15 -of- in tr 44' 4:0 BE -LOV -LEE BEAUTY sHoP gg 4? I "Micky" Johnson I . it Telephone 210 Alexis, Illinois Z ,.,,.,.,., . ,,,,,.,,,,,.,e,x,.4q .,.,., NM,N.MMMN+ WAN-fv"5+:1r444 N+Nsw: N:-ovvvvv: ravvvvv .blscllasrlsrrr V V r iv.. -ff 'Z Alvxrre-r-:Jw-fre:-::e::e:::v-4vvv-eev--:-:ver+::er:-Nr::.-r-::::xre:::e:e-:::e-.v::4-:: Ray Anderson -- CLEANERS -- Phone 4325 380 E. Fremont St. - Galesburg, Illinois O Free Pick-Up and Delivery Tuesday and Friday APPROVED SANITONE SERVICE wN::NNv:::N:::Nw+w::vN:-e Nvvnw arson urniture Mart 27 YEARS FURNISHING HOMES Five Trucks Delivering -- COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS --M GALESBURG - MONMOUTH T r y U s N e x t ee-Y-4vxr:i+4 ee::::-rnrerv-4er:::: .-.A4vvvvxr- Y N. - raver. - Jvwvvavvxr. - lvvvvvvvv- lvvvverlvvvvvvvvvx. Nasroxrofr.-::.n +:::: :ereeee-:ef-::fl-e -reewvv-e.-ee-reeeee .-:ee :e:.-v- eeeeee-Nzvwfifi rv ::v-NN:::v-:aw 0-lslsr:::Y-elslsr---Jw-rl-hr:e:sl-0-lsl-r-v-e-.r+- bN'N, GLEN E. WILSON -f-JEWELER-- MONMOUTH ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS ...0f... WHITE FURNITURE COMPANY 209 South Main Street Monmouth, Illinois -e.-.-:-xr:e::.-:.-:arw-:.-.-:wv-:-:s.-:- -::.x:w-:.-.-.-Qqvvvvvvs.-.-. -:+.-.-::e. -ee.-:e. -:e::.'sre::v -::e:::v-Y +-e :-:-:v-:-lvvv-hr-----4+r----------------T-Qvvv---we---wvwavwvvssil'--w----vvsir-Rn:--5'-------A:x:'l'v-.ste--Ti--4? BE VALUE WISEe-ECONOMIZE at S H A P I R O ' S THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS 87 North Side of Square Monmouth, Illinois READ THE MONMOUTH REVIEW-ATLAS For Alexis News Every Day 5 I -.-:N-::.-:: -::+ lqqvvvv-lvslvvsl-If .4-4-4-0-lv-0-lvsr::1e:::::::::++.-:.-:lr::f::s:.-e.-:::.-sr-:srrrowsr--433:::.-.-::.-Qx:e:.-::::::::::51ww-:v-lslvv-0-+s:wvvvq.4., ..l........1........-..-T- . . wA'NV' lv-lsrev-vvvvvvvv-:+lsbAAf:e+lvv+e::-hhnlvrevrv-:Nvwre.- Z 1 MOOSES SPORT SHOP -- Wholesale School Prices - It's WILSON Today in Sports Equipment , 45 Z 4 gf V 4,5 'r 4r ii 'V 'r ii 'r :V r 4h ir 4r 'r 'r 4r 'r 5? 4r 4 4 4 4 ir 1,4 24 4 4 V 4r 4 4 4 if 1:1 'r 4,4 5 'r 'r lr jr r fr 5 4r 5. 4a 44 4,4 4' -Z 4:4 4,4 4,2 'I 4,4 'r 4,2 fr, Phone 264 111 West Broadway Monmouth, Illinois RILEY 81 OLSON -AEARTH MOVERS? 5 W. A. RILEY L. OLSON E 220 East 2nd Avenue 421 South 5th Street 9, Phone 1887 P. O. Box 575 Phone 2620 - Monmouth, Ill. f GARDNER FARM SUPPLY COMPANY --,-- ALLIS-CHALMERS - Sales and Service S-mith-Douglas Fertilizer -- Maytag Appliances AMANA FREEZERS 1314 South Main Street Monmouth, Illinois NN ' wwnvsewweewwnnNNssf.-Q.-.-:,,s,.-ssNv,ssf:sss: sae ,sss VULCANIZING RECAPPING , 6049 EAW KEISTER'S SERVICE 116 East Archer-Monmouth, Illinois G. OLEN KEISTER TELEPHONE 123 YYY V Z: if: 4 34 4 4 ? 4 ,4 V gi Z 4 4 4,7 4 4 4 4 4 4,4 4 g. 4 . 4K4 E,S ERBE I WETH WNWWMWWWNNWMWN ww 4 5 IONS ATULAT CONGR to the r 'V 'r 4 ASS N CL GRADUATKD 5 i r 4r 'P 4r 'r 'r 0f1953 if ip' :vi 4"V 4 I P 4 15 ii 4 :pr r 4? l v 4 if rl r gg 1'4I 'r is mpany Sporting Ggods C0 r 4:17 4,4 'r 4+ 'r fr 'r ri' 4 r 4:0 'r 'r 4 r 4:9 4,4r 151 It 4v Galesburg lllinols - ' St h PI-alfle 39 NON ,,,,,,,,4,X,4,N,x1Nf-Nsvwvxlfr 0 .f"'N""""' ,,,,N4,q-ANQNN A9GfwN'f"' NNANV wvvvvvvx'-' ,A,A,A,l,,,MMMN+Nv +NNvN"rN MM 4'x'N" ,.,,,x,qvv-:sbrvv-'SFF' 4-'x'N'N" '+A' Q-lvvvvvvvvw-:earl--::1vvvvsr-: r:.-.rreaaq Jvvvv-er wi -:r::+::r:-lvvsreeerree:+4s0-:vsr:slsasr+.--55-55 A 'slsr4vsr:-Jsrrer:-:ee--:::+ e-lv-lslslsr:-eeblvslslsrerv-:Jsrv-:f -7-rv :::+4vsr: :::::: v-4 Nvv:SNv+.-::-r:: ee.-:.-::r::: ::+:::::-:J-r::wv-r::4-mosh. Y Y - - H. A. Williams - TRUCKING SERVICE -+ ALEXIS, ILL. - NORTH HENDERSON, ILL. PHONE 15 - 75 wNw rvvfvvvvvvvv- avsrlvvvvvvvvvvvv- wwN+rwwN+Nwwr :r.-:::4vsr.--:4vvv:+. wsavvvvv-e. avr.-ww-r:.-:NS ::4v-Aavvs4v-lvvslvvsovvvvv+r-::r::r:sur4v:: :sr::1vvvvvv+: f PAT's BODY SHOP Kenneth Patterson, Prop. 9 5 -of- Z PAINTING A N D ACETYLEN E WELDING PHONE 39 ALEXIS, ILLINOIS l , ll Hursa's General Store Alexis, Illinois Phone 8 H COMPLIMENTS 'A' Ball Band Rubbers if Peters Shoes i' Clothing 'A' Furniture hAre:1vvve:-Anr.hAIsnANvshnr-rNvsAnfmnrrrrhAAlvsrArfrhNvvsNvmA. vslvvvvvvxl-ovvvv ,rvsr:::4v-:4vvvv-r-:wsls:sAr:::4slvvsre:::-:4wNrAr ii -- Service -- 115 North ist sf. 4 4 tr 4 lr -W,--sv..-..,....,,.-.,... . , Russ Waddell's Monmouth V 4r Complete Garage And Wrecker Service Abbadusky Cafe Sandwiches -and- Cold Drinks 931 South Main Monmouth, Illinois SoTcsSc E 'r 4r JOHNSON'S WALL PAPER -- GLASS -- MIRRORS -- DESK TOPS Du Pont Paint -- Dutch Boy Paint -- Jewel Colorizor Paints ff --DECORATING CONTRACTOR- Northwest Corner of Square - Monmouth, Illinois srsr S r 4 -+ASK FOR-M COMPLIMENTS STRAND'S 4 ..,f.. A BETTER BREAD McBride Implement 5, is :Q s ir Company Ford - Dearborn L E E gg New Holland FRESH ii: if 5535 AT YOUR GROCERY "-Q'-'N::":"'f?""'QfFi S SO. MAIN - MONMOUTH Zan, .r-I-are-N: :::::-rr:::::- :-:::-. - NN- - - :w - - . - lvvv-lvvvvvvvlvvvvvvvsr-er.-::ev-:ee:lvvvvv-ee:r::::-r:w-::Jvvvsr.--e::::--L:::ev-re:r-:Nrr::5q-ifeev-:re-4wr:v-er: Nvlnwrw4 A - ' ' ' ' A ' A ' 111. 1115115115 1111115551115 W- AGENT + 4 " Insure To Be Sure " 5 41 FIRE - AUTO - INLAND MAINE - HAIL ON GROWING CROPS EE 'I 4: 4 4? 'r fr -r 4 4a 'I Phone 161 - Alexis, Illinois Z WAWWNMNWM, , ,, ,, ,. M, 1, ,.N.w1N,w,MNNmNWvW.NNMf.a'x1v,NMM'NN.,Wwm WWWWMWWmfxw 5 I ii COMPLIMENTS Hawthorne Drug Co. ie -of- The Rexall Store VERNONS E. F. Wilson -- W. Wilson 15 E. Main St. 5512 SERVICE STATION G51555...g, 111. - 151. 4357 if U. S. Highway 67 RELIABLE 3? ALEXIS, ILLINOIS PRESCRIPTION SERVICE N""'MNW"'N"'NSivNwwMxsa-1WN"'MMmNNWwN"i'MfNwN,',WS'M,aNWsMMMfNW,...,wmv,xWvWW+MN,,.,,,,.N.1ms? is COMPLIMENTS 541 "E -Ofh 11 5 I McFarland s Store E 2 Alexis, Illinois 7 'r 41 4 'r 'r lf N+Nw6QNw,NvMNwNN,- "N"N,.,,,,i'x'E"'1Ns.,,,,.,f3 W 4 fi lr 2 1, 6 1r 1r 4 fl iv 'r 1r 2 1r 4 45 ir in 'r in 'r Z 4 43 4 Nw,N+NwN+N 4 2 E Heart's Jewelers 1 81 E All Nationally Advertised 5 Hom.e of Kuppenheimer 1 a n d stals - Clocks - Silver - Pens Galesburg, Illinois -No Charge for Credit 1 316 E. Main-Galesburg r--:Y A-.-sis.-: :-:Nvvv--.-Nwbwfearhrv--rr-A-Aawvvvv 4 4 r 'V Z 4 4? COMPLIMENTS 1 .- L. B. BELL COMPANY 1 53 North Seminary Street-Galesburg, Illinois 4 4 4 41 -e-.-Y-www wr-.--+-: ::.-.N f ,vwvvvvv 1 4 COMPLIMENTS 4 -r 'r 4 4 4 4 COMPLIMENTS ' 4 4 ag ""0f"' 4 -0f- li 2 1 1 Z 1 S. S. KRESGE CO. ' Ford Hopkins CO. Sc Zllld IOC St0I'9 4' Your Rexall Drug Store Galesburg, Illinois- 1 P11030 1232-6 A Main it Prairie-Galesburg 'r 'V 4, , 'r 1' Z 'Z.,.,.,.,+N+N+N.N+Novw 5fN -::-A:+rrN:: :eN+Nvv:+:Nv+N::wNv- ,vvvvvvv-I N V I r 1 Botany 500 Clothing qu 1 ' Cameras' 4, Open An Account- i V 4 4 'r FURS -- SUEDES -- SPORTSWEAR 1' 4 4 4 1 2 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 l COMPLIMENTS -gf.. Lawrence Reynolds and Wayne McDowell Lime - Phosphate - Fertilizer - Road Rock - Sand - Gravel -:lv-:sr::::e+: -e ee-:eerreewvscvv-A A A ++Nii A A NnN+. - - Svvvv- - re. err- v - :Y - Y :- e::- Jvvvverv -. Jvvvvvvv::4vvvvv-re CONGRATULATIONS -- to the i SENIOR CLASS OF '53 PITTSBURG PLATE GLASS COMPANY GALESBURG 247 E. MAIN 1LL1No1s r 4+ r iv ' Ar r '-Ar 1- :sr :sr -::: ee: re :::.-ee: -::--::::::: :ee ::r:r+::e:.-::- e:::e: ee ee::-r eelvvvvslsre ee er.-+:: ::.-: :r ::::::4-lslvvvvsrlvvvvvvv GAMBLE'S CORONADO APPLIANCES Radios -- Refrigerators -- Washers 64 Public Square Phone 163 Monmouth, Illinois :::J-lvslvsr:-Qvlsrr-Q-:Jvsr:::::e::-lvvvxii?::4-Ariiie::::f::Sr:::+4s5S+lvsl-3-:i3::+++55i3.-Q BARNES BROS. --- Super Market - 200 N. MAIN Free Parking MONMOUTH -- A---.,.-.,---.,,-.,,,x,-.,w.,,,,,.v.w.v.,,,w. wNNNwvvsw A A A A A A A A A A i A A 52331-457:51-li-:3Z:vsr:21-::4-aseev-ewsvv-r++4vsr::wvv-avsr.-:ee upalslv-lfrhlel-I +rNvv N... vw., V7 V Y, Y K - K! H V gl - ...... . -'b' ' . , Z5 , I 5: 7, iHYBRID5 2 NEWCCMER HYBRID CORN COMPANY For Genuine Pfister Hybrids Field Seeds of All Kinds Recleaning and Treating Field Seeds North Henderson, Ill. Telephone 2032 wbhlvrwlalwlvwrev-::e:v-:eevvvv-lv:Ne::-.-Y-NAM--arwwrn-: N,,hbbr ::wvvvvv-r -,..., .,-auuugnsvL.,., Country Kitchen Good Food Good Service --: Stop at South Main Monmouth, Illinois 5 -eevvvvvsf-ee: ::: ev- :v- -: -: ee e:-Y-wr: :++::r-:::::vsr::::-wvvvvsr:::w'Iv3sr::fr: fwvsvsi' NIA' 'ANI' +0-are:-:.-:-Nr::::4-:v:.--:::::wvv-e.-.-Qe.-1-.-.-:::::-r:.-.-sr-+:4s:sas:s.-e.-:e-r:::Nw-:e::r:: +wNvwNnN wNwN McCrery Drug Store David R. McCrery, R. Ph. -Phone 62- Monmouth, Illinois The Prescription Store COMPLIMENTS .. of -- SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS rvvvvvvvuvvvvs - - ENJOY MAPLE CITY DAIRY MILK -- ICE CREAM -- BUTTER MONMOUTH Phone 60 ILLINOIS NwNmr -srvsAl-:vvsrrvvvvvvvv.'vvvvvvvsfJvvvvvvvvv -lvvw-:ver Ivvvvvvvvv vvvvwvv Q' NORRIS orrlciz EQUIPMENT Everything for the Office Monmouth, Illinois 3E 25: Zi Cable Pianos - Martin Musi- cal Instruments - Musical Accessories - Guitars - Uke- leles - Piano Accordions Electric Organs- WHEN YOU THINK OF MUSIC, THINK OF- L E V I N Ei S Monmouth-S. W. Cor. 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BILL FINDLAY Jos'ten's Agent STERLING, 1LL1No1s COMPLIMENTS L Z, of " 4 LUGG MEMORIAL CHAPEL -- Sincere Service - PHoNE 730 MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS 75 'r 4Nl'??-f???-55lX'Nl'!?w'lv'J-IQ'ilNf!v' ?? w'9 ?:v'?v'? ????? ::::Y-+:+4 ee::::::::Y-:Yr:.-4v3::5vv3vYf::e:f+:::: ::+:::::::r:Y-Y-:Y-+::YY YAYIQI-reevvvw f:::Y-e+hAbrwY-Y-NrwNe: , WW NWW Fleharty Food Market i GROCERIES FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES AND FROZEN FOODS Woodhull and Alpha ------- ----wwe:---www-wvvvvv:. :-:vw -.-.- - +A.- - - - v - - H -.4.4qvv-:vvv- +4-lv-rv-egvvsre: :.-+4q-:w-:-i- :4s:: :.-vel-lwsavshlw Burgess Garage Usan cARs -and- PARTS GMC Trucks R. G. Brown, Prop.-Viola WELCH'S Standard Service Tires -- Batteries Accessories Washing and Greasing Rt. 17 and 67-Viola, Ill L Bud Welch, Prop. -: ::.-:-:ev-:-.--4-:vvslw-:N-Jw-l-br:.-: :N CARDINAL FOOD STORE C. E. Swanson, Prop. Phone E6 North Henderson, Illinois 'surre- v--v---:vvs.v-:v4s.-:vvsrr-:s4vvs-v- SMITH . . . i Implement Service Kirkwood, Illinois CASE AND WISCONSIN ENGINES Sales and Service ,pgqv-rnbrPavshAlv':-av-bl-0-rr'-'44-rl' I-'vw - - - -w4-avvsr.-:v:-:Jvv:.-::4-:sr4w-f-:.-:::::f::.-wee Seb' "AED: "S'33i' 'S' : ::::r,qve:-hav-I-lv',.4q.4vv-:sl-hlffn i r 4: 4 ,r '4 4: 4: 4: 4 4 1: iiiibbbrii-bbbblxti?r?9??4SINl'-'??!63lNlNI'???9!Q?!JJ?!I!J?J '?f'!!?+ONIVN6l-!!J?J-bl?4'v'v?6Iif?i-A? 4 4 1: 41 41 4, 4, Phone 48 or 49 - AICXIS, Ill1no1s 4' Eli: r jg, -.- DEALERS IN -- 4 4,4: 1:" . . 11' i' Ollver Farm Equlpment 4:4 4,0 4, 4,1: if Genuine Oliver Parts and Repairs 4:6 P N u n ' 'A' Dodge and Plymouth Automoblles - Sales and Servlce 15' 4,4, 14 . . . 'lr Amana Food Freezers- and F r1g1da1re Refrlgerators 1:9 4, 451: V k- LIVESTOCK TRUCKING -- 451: 151: 15" 1: 1: 4: .: Z 41: ,1: 4: 44: 1 COMPLIMEN TS 155 EEE 51: 4, 4'4y fe: iii ji 43 .. of .- E: 4:45 15: 1"' 4,jr 4, 1:5 EL, 41: 51: Zo 4: 1,2 1: 4,4: 4,17 ri rl :S Il: rg 'J rl r' F 553, 151' I' 1 ,P 4,4 5:25 gg ALEXIS, ILLINOIS 3 4,17 4, 1:15 1 if 3 1 'r 24 - - -- -- - - A -:::::e:vvvfr:::wv.q.4wslfl+l-l-I- ' ,- - - - . - - - - - - - .,,,.w. -,-:.-erre-afq: '-3y+wx::::::+wNv:. - - - :Q-aww' - :N- '.,.',.',.',.',.",.,."',,.',',1,7fp'l- nr,-'i'n.-: ::4-:wi - v 4? C 3 4, 158 NORTH 4, .22S?3:-,53g1Qgggg:gv,a,:smsa',tz1.w4iQfSSSmf:2'ww-Q?-'f'+N"N'N''H if co GR TULATIO s f r 0 m M NANCY GRAHAM'S WOMEN'S WEAR . 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GRAIN AND SUPPLY COMPANY Grain -- Seed -- Fertilizer -- Agricultural Chemicals Galesburg, Illinois wNwN+nrw-A-.-has--. -- :::N:-A.--:.-4-rw-Y-:ev-ra , :::::4ww-0--.-::avvvsrv-::vwvwvv---:.1vNrl-Atv-:.av-rrbre:v-+rhr::4vvw-::-vw---f'4JS'vwvw-+ :::-:.-Y-:.-Q 9-4-avvwxr 4' 'r 5 4 COMPLIMENTS -up Bear Wheel Alignment 5 CRUMMY Ei HENDERSON'S Z FUNERAL HOME ,g if A ie --Ambulance Service-- :FZ Phone n ALEDO - ILLINOIS Viola 86 Reynolds 35 ' 4 P 151: 3 'r -nn-+5-.-::.A.-::.-N.-Jxmwwv ::::.-:-+ eraeee Nvx4v:+:.-.-:::+::::.-Q.-:+::::.-::::::o+:::-.-:eanfvy-:www Ne.- --::::::4s:sr:v-awbarrr.-annlvvlv-ewvsrvsr.--Jvvv lvsrr:-rv--rev-r-ee ,,N, Jvvvvslslvvvvvvivvvvvlvvvvvsavvvtvvwvwv -::::4vvv--:vvvvvvsr-:4sr:-av--:J f:-Jvvvvsre-:vw SAN wNv AN vrwNNNwvrN --: Ivvv-lvsr:-4vvslsr.-e:1f4v+lvvvvvvvvsr:-+:4-.-::e::-rvvsrv-::-:::-:eelv-:::e:4vvslsr:-.-Jw-r::::4sAlslvsr Engdahl Implement Store Inc. ...--Ar... S PHONE 139 MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS -of-+ v SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF MONMOUTH MONMOUTH TRUST 8z SAVINGS BANK THE NATIONAL BANK OF MONMOUTH 0 Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. whIwwhw4 4vvxwN0N NI-lvvvvv-I-Ahlvfl-4 Central Standard Lile -- INSURANCE, COMPANY 125 West First Avenue - Monmouth, Illinois Represented Locally by: LEO D. LEARY JAY R. REZNER Monmouth Biggsville The Rainbow Roller Rink We Wish To Extend Our Appreciation for the Fine Patronage And Good Will of Those Who Enjoy the Sport and Fine Art of Skating. -ALGREN BROTHERS. .pq-:vw-rlflfl :siv- dvvvvvvvvvvq vvvvvvvvvvvvvwvw vvv-4-lvvvvvvvvvvvvv :: e: ees :::-: :::rlvsre::-::: :.-::::.-4vsr:e:::-: -::.-Y-:4vsr::fr::4sIslv-rv-::--fvslsrrr::-:ere-NAA:-A+! Uentrel Feed end Preduee Ce. 'r 'r fr I 'r 'r " Feed From the Checkerboard Bag " if 1 " GET IT AT THE MILL "- Kirkwood, Illinois - Phone 3531 sie 9 1:2 :wslvvvvy-e-4sr::-:lv-:www-:wvvvsrv-::+.-Jvvvsrw-+r:-+Nr.-v-:w-: wwlwwnwN4- NNvv+nm r Z THE STORE OF QUALITY 45? We Carry a Complete Line of MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 255 N Ip, 4,4 4 4 STRUMGREN 81 THOUREEN 323 E. Main St. - Galesburg, Illinois- .gf lQOlVVVVihb0 +I' I V' 1l'::-lslst::?J1l-:e::::4l-leelsrlslslshl-A-+v'+-I-lst-'v':V +5 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS Modern Beauty Shop ie OF 1953 2 Junior Miss Shop Monmouth Illinois Z-, . . IEE Monmouth, Illinois 1: I i 4,0 4,jp 9 - Z4 4,0 4,0 :: vA:wA: iv'v' ??!iIVNfI'-fiibDbl?w'flNINl'??w'v'-lN'flNlNlNlNl'??J-blNlNfw'f'JNI?NIN':?-INfw'??Z? Nvv aavvvvvsr fvvvvvvv NNN+ wNNvNNA wNrw4N "!l0bb0f"bN+l?"JVNNl+""' ,.'r'.'.'., " " " """ fvvvslflvvfl THE MODEL CLOTHING COMPANY -f- A Good Place To Trade - MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS bANv+lNN qqvvv-lvvvflslvv N rN -AhwN+ MURDOCK SHOE STORE Women's Style Shoes-852.95 - 553.95 L Men's Oxfords-55.95 - 86.50 57 So. Side Sq. - Monmouth, Illinois -.-.-N.-N:.v.--. -:+::-4-rw-:Y -::. -:.-:+.-- --.-vwvvvvv-ls.-:.--.-. -+.-:::- -:.-was-:-ev-:.-:J :v -e. -ees:-u --:A Q-avqvv-lvvvsllv-:vw nrelveer--wv:X-rel: :::.-ba4v+Afvs:vsh?4sn:v::le.-:::w-:xe - - - - - -:- -::::lv:- TORLEY HARDWARE CO. --PLUMBING - HEATING- Stokers and Oil Burners TELEPHONE 336 MONMOUTH, ILL. READ THE MONMOUTH REVIEW-ATLAS For Alexis News Every Day .,.4.,-4-:vw-:five -.-+.-:.++:vvsr:: -Q. -+ -:-e.--. +N:::::NuNvv:.-.- re .,.4vw-4-0-Are.-.-.-fl-s::: ::::-i-el -flee.-.-:l- -.-+A: :rr4 N:-.- :::: ::vv-:vw-:.-:s.-:4e::::4vv-rnr-l-r::4s.Nl+lv-cvvv, avvvslvvvsr JW Worth Side of Square Monmouth, Illinois Icon, 2 33555392 QQHNUQQD1' sf'2D"'UQ'-s Z2 m fbgmcnz 'E 9:5 1 We J NMWWWZ Q? g C Ie if C3 cami? QGTHE 5 fig- E IQ Z 5 '-5 VJ nrvvvqxr North Henderson, Illinois li -New Nsr vvvvvsxvwvwxp- AN rvvvvv. vvvvsrvvvvvvvvvvx.vvvvv+wvvvs rvsfhlvsnavv.Afvvvvv4slvvvvvvvvq.vvvwvsranh4o wvvv-vu :S-7wvvvvvsAr:vvsan:vJvvvvvvqvqw4:frsA1v4srnr4vxrvwvvv -rm: -av lm- 1 vvvvvvv GEO. C. EDGAR -R-,M GENE RAL ELECTRIC -Q- APPLIANCES -- HARDWARE -- PAINTS North Henderson, Illinois harm MwN1NVyfNi+NA AfN vw -4 C fzsrtfv-Stbtgf f rlvvv Awww, ARR! , MeNE WYNDON- V. HURLOCK Minneapolis-Moline Sales and Service North Henderson, Illinois Congratulations to The Class of 53 Happy and Scosh Harold Pars-ons Dorothy's Gift Shop, N. Henderson John S. Patterson Ann Johnson Al. and Jerry, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Anderson Dr. Paul Hodierne, Galesburg Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Kenney Karmelkorn Kande Shop, Galesburg Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Patterson Ed Vance Poultry House, Aledo Parolee Fashions, Galesburg Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dahl Mr.. and Mrs. Erskine Dew Viola Post 'Office Kenney Motor Sales, Viola Brown's Texaco Station, Viola PFC George D. Lafferty Virginia Ryner The Corner, Monmouth Rev. Delbert lcenogle Hayes Bake Shop, Monmouth Don Zielke Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Tyrrell Mr. and Mrs. Gunard Lundeen Harrison Produce Sz Hdw., Viola J. H. Erickson, Viola N. Henderson Telephone Company Mr. and Mrs. George Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Kunz Mr. and Mrs. Fred McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Albert McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Neil Chapman, Viola Singer Sewing Machine Co., Galesburg Eary Sz Sul'ivan Spec. Shop, Galesburg Mr. and Mrs. Luther T. Shanks Mr. and Mrs. Irvin McLean James Hussey Mr. and Mrs. George B. Lafferty Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dublo Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bailey Af2c Cletus R. Swanson W. A. Jordan Co., Galesburg Mr. and Mrs. Guy Adcock Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Meeker Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Beegle, Knoxville John Deere Store, Monmouth Victor Black, Galesburg Newell Johnson, Monmouth Marvin Clark, Monmouth Mrs. Olive Fell E. R. Moore 14610-?06f2A4 5 'Ei ,+

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