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M ,i f f -, ,, . f ix 'A Q'Q -Q " ' 1:1- Q " U' eral A W M . X A X , Rf- X f -43. fa, xx ' 1 L V153 QW gyxi 09' . J' f ikvfggff wisfmi 'Biff nf W fffaf A ff 1 ?W"" W X . ! P X Q1 -If ' x. fy, MMG JL LQp7,W?f15wZ fam, ' , .W ,.-f- , . 7 40 be M6W79M 4 L fi V 4 'I R T f X D5 ,A J V.- W 5, :iw 461 Binge j MQ L W f c5W X ll W Fvf -XCUQXEXXA 'K ' M "-- 0-, .f .45 CL Owxxwvw W ' AA 43, ff f X S 3'yi,f. wwf Sm x ' Qi X fy X ' -VX Ab J f '71, ' ji, Vw f Q. x yr 'T ' J 'i M277 QW 7 ?59 .Simffum f4!ez4nd-zen Scion! riflexand-uia, Vndcdna K ,ff 3 V . if if-iff W 4 f - if it QZLLSS? Q35'254,f.si9 A i ':-ggifwfmfbf Q' 1.-1 . .V'2 1 . ,.A: -:1' f A sf?-Je, NV. s I-'Et' Qvgaz., by 1 gin 1 it . z 2 ':,, X . P+ "' ,L sy u N ..,. if ' hd in .y I 1 . f' f f 1. b mn f I 1 P ' f 1 k 4 Q 3 il Every day at Alexandria High School proved to be very different and extremely exciting. When the doors were opened for the new school year, there was an air of excitement in every cor- ridor and classroom. Meeting new acquaintances and reviving old friendships were first on the agenda for the new year. Then serious plans for a successful academic year were made. Soon things settled down and the A. H. S.'ers were acquiring important knowledge which would help them lead better lives in their schools, homes, and communities. Academic life was only one of the important phases of our life at Alex High. There were sports, social activities, and extra -curricular activities which rounded out our well -balanced school pro- gram. 74.44, of People ...... . . . 22-23 Organizations . . . . . 62-63 Sports ...... . . . 82-83 Advertising . . . . . . 96-97 ea fo 3 Aoof, Mr. DON DICK 705 D . . The Class of 1959 is proud to dedicate this yearbook to an outstanding educator. During his years at Alexandria High School, he has gained the admiration and respect of the entire student body. In all matters he is firm, yet fair, and his professional approach to teaching has inspired his classes. It is through the efforts of teachers like this man that the American school system has remained at a traditionally high level. It is with great pleasure that we dedicate this book to Mr. Dick. 4 These U. S. History students in Mr. Dick's class find the story of their country's background a thrilling one. I . Q if , Q' TTY ' V' 4 -a. awk . , CZ 4 r X Miss French and a most graceful volunteer, Dave periment in balancing for Psychology class. Miss I-lull looks over some projects for World History with Sue Disque and Tom Leach. Students are responsible for several projects portraying customs or special events of a historical period. Welcome, perform an ex- Extending a helping hand to a sightless boy in Scotland, these Eighth graders are taping stories to send him. , , 2' .,., , L A 5 .Wm "Wi These Journalism students are laboring over what news to put where in an issue of the school paper, "Tiger's Tale." LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Antle, Dave Welcome, Nancy Baum- gartner, Mrs. Laws, Sue Weaver, Tom Walker. To speak easily and confidently to an audience, as John Bragg is doing, is part of the training received in a Speech class. No, 1t's not Va1ent1ne's Day. Mr. Wehsollek is showing his Health class a model of the human heart and its various parts. You can never be too sure. Drivers' Training students examine the in- terior of the training car as they embark on a trial run. Miss French is discussing the teaching profession with her student assistant, Ella Jane Millspaugh. She is showing her some new material which might help Ella Jane in her future vocation. ' mvdl' Deedie Baumgartner and Rose Ann Mack are trying to establish order on the library shelves, under the able supervision of the librarian, Mrs. Loy. Miss French, Guidance Director, and Mrs. Loy, Librarian, discuss a school problem. ame ' Nancy Haines and Doris Heartbarger should be proud of the delicious looking pie they are taking out of an oven in the Home Economics department. Mrs. Andrew thinks the gingerbread looks goodl too. Child care is an important part in every homemaker's training. Mrs. Millican makes an assignment to her class. Students of a Junior High math class are reviewing fundamentals and learning new material from Mr. Moore. A geometry class watches with approval as Deedie Baumgartner proves a geometry problem at the board. This is Mr. Shock's answer to "Line Up." It is really his Advanced Algebra class. 10 Mr. Crosley's Eighth Grade music class enjoys a tape recording. The alto section of the choir rehearses for the Winter Concert. "One and two and three and." Mr. Bow directs the Senior High Band. ffm These boys are busy at work in the machine shop. The excellent training they re- ceive and the fine quality of work they do reflect the mark of a CHAMPION. Jim Sayre is operating the printing press, turn- ing out some of the numerous printed items al- ways needed at Alexandria High School. Q The absence of any bandaged fingers proves the skill these eighth graders have developed in the metal shop. Tonya Lockwood, Steve Gaunt, Nancy Walker, and Dickie Trissel, members of the eighth grade General Science class, are engrossed in the study of the human ear. Mr. Baxter is demonstra- ting electrolysis of water to one of his chemistry classes. Biology students--Jeanne Fraundorfer, Cathy Hy- song, Kenneth Cleaver, and Harold Wilson--are discussing mysteries of the chest cavity while Mr. Frazier supervises. W? 'js ' 11-an 1 ' -1 This class seems to be enjoying Tim Meyer's dissertation on corn. In fact they seem to be "all ears." The land judging class is proudly eyeing their latest trophy, only one of many accumulated in the past few years. Mr. Disque and a rooster are giving each other a close inspection much to the amusement of the poultry judging group. '21 Mr. Bullock looks over the work of his art students, Helen Pittenger and Tom Hartwell. 'LZ Mrs. Clendenin tests the hearing of one of the Junior High Students I5 ff' Mr. Green holds the attention of his Busi ness Law class as he reads an interesting case from the text. Richard Woosnam and Bd Janney are learning book- keeping fundamentals which will assist them in f.. keeping future home budgets and business records. After the excellent training available in our business department, a student suddenly discovers that typing can be done neatly and quickly, as evidenced here by Louis Harrison. -ss A To be a part ofa model Indiana General Assembly was a wonderful experience for these students who were selected to represent Alexan- dria High School at the Purdue Stu- dent Legislative Assembly in December. Both in the House and the Senate, they followed the process of lawmaking from the preparation of bills to the final vote. LEFT TO RIGHT: John Prough, Nancy Baumgartner, Ed Janney, Jane Millspaugh, Mr. Green. ei' ck I 3 A , gm Q2 'u""he-'ww ,, 5 fre: , W t .i,V . KKV: I lvglit -. , , ,A r,, A f 17 These students were chosen as representatives to Girls' State and Boys' State held each summer at Indiana University under the auspices of the American Legion Auxiliary and the American Legion, respectively. From a week packed with practical political experience, they will be prepared to participate more intelligently in elections when they reach voting age. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Baum- gartner, Jennie Odom, Donna Binder. STANDING: Steve Fulk, Ron Lynch, Dave Steele, Dave Bailey. f4W4u2tgaf77 f4ddS' Harmony was the keynote when this talented group won the approval of the audience at the Pop Concert. The audience was really interested as David It was a grand night for singing, and Anita Mul Bailey and the Debate Team gave a practice ler performed in her inimitable way. debate before the tournament at Ball State Teachers College. 18 71' 'made ' 'C'ow0d' f'-s! 9' . K V A, 5 L83 ,. ' W" . x1 ,J-in ' ' I Z - l V 1 ' I I 3 ,,, i e ' " """""' I .Lx Q. ,.- Vk y VL ii "Now boys, the idea of this game is to . . ." Man, what a real gone pep session this turned out to be. A real pepper-upper! i .WN 1 KX, , From the happy faces in the cheering section, it looks as if the Tigers are on the move. 19 I. .N Lg fl E Q Q, ws F, K ff .f we Ji W .,--WL ' Q ,-'New J' .. rss?-5 v w: ' Vw? 1' ff Vw, ,. S ff. UA: - ,Mm , if ,gay 0 'K 1? Ju M rf", , - A., vw 'N-M IP . 5523? " Q, ,f , if ff- 1 Ke! XXX wx fff ' x ,B ' iii A' 3 Q fr 'Q My A 'MW E 5 xv it Gig i 4 .wg t 4 i . A . 'l fx If ' '53 f 1 " E33 X' 1 1+ N ' 'TS W P U 5 '1 ,, 'I b f x""' rf f Q in E '55 A N 6 N WU' W, Q f Q ,qv iii, -Q QP 1 2. Sid' DQX ff X ,-Z! if-.....,, , 'N- J 'ix ' Q 1.17 I h Q -19 K f . fx in sf' x I gy, 5 'N I . x . 1 Ott fi Q an W , I K . K ,,.., ' . MN 1 ix-7 ,, f, , W ' V 11' , X 1' Q. " N" - ' W is f U V1 K4 J 'ni xy " W if gg i' gm. 3 ' .1 M 3 .5 a 5 Ax 'U Pukxtssa' I 2 1 wx xl' 5 .S , Y- Aff fm? 1 a ,MS 64' , .... .,,,L 3 Alexandria High School is a friendly place. Faculty members, students, parents, and the whole community share in its many activities. There is a spirit of "together- ness" surrounding this building where Young Alexandria goes to school. 544406014 fg The Alexandria Board of Education meeting in a regular session. LEFT TO RIGHT are: Everett Gaunt, Treasurerg Clifford Sheley, Secretaryg A. H Baumgartner, Presidentg and Kelro Whiteman, Superintendent of Schools. STANDING is Joseph Urban, City Attorney. X Y, ,Y Mr. Evans looks over his reference library in his Mr. Disque working in his Junior High School office. Qffice, 24 14. 21. S. KELRO WI-IITEMAN B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg M.S., Indiana Universityg Alexandria Superintendent of Schools. VICTOR EVANS A.B., Oakland City Collegeg M.S. Indiana Univer- sityg Senior High Principal. FRED DISQUE B.S.A., Purdue Universityg M.S. Ed. Indiana Universityg Junior High Principalg Vocational Ag- riculture. MARJORIE ANDREW B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Home Economicsg Business Education. DONALD BAXTER , 1' A.B., Indiana Universityg Sciencegf' , f , X . ." THOMAS BIESTER 'ff V 1 5, fv B.S., Indiana State Teachers Collegeg Englishkg f. , k ll,-. if fi JAMES BOWERS M.S., Butler Universityg Instrumental Musicg Band. FRANCES BROCKMAN B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg English. RAY BULLOCK B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Art. ORVIS BURDSALL B.S., Butler Universityg Physical Ed.5 Mathematicsg Basketball Coach. ROBERT CHAMPION B.S., Indiana State Teachers Collegeg Industrial Arts. MEKLE CLENDENIN B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Speech-Hearing Therapy. DARRELL CROSLEY B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Music. DON DICK B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg M.S., Indiana Universityg Social Scienceg Physical Ed.5 Safety. RUTH ELWELL B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Englishg Speech. I 74wff'f f4. 71. S. ass 1 '74vf4f'f J. LAWRENCE FRAZIER B.S., M.S., Indiana Universityg Science. ROXANA F RAZIER A.B., DePauw Universityg Lating English. MARJORIE FRENCH M.A., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Guidance. JOHN GREEN B.S. Indiana State Teachers Collegeg Business Ed- ucation. JEANNE HOWELL B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Girls' Physical Educationg Safety. EDITH HULL M.A., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Social Studies. MARTHA LAWS B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Englishg Journ- alism. ELEANOR LOY A.B., DePauw Universityg M.S., Indiana Universityg Library. GLADYS MCCAMMON A.B., Franklin Collegeg English. MARTHA MILLICAN M.A., Ohio State Universityg Home Economics. RICHARD MOORE B.S., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Physicsg Mathe- matics. HENRY OBERHOLTZER M.A., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Industrial Arts. MAXINE OBERHOLTZER M.A., Ball State Teachers Collegeg Business Edu- cation. RICHARD SHOCK B.S., Manchester Collegeg Mathematics. JAMES WEHSOLLEK B.S., Anderson Collegeg Driver Trainingg Physical Educationg Football Coach. JOHN WILSON K B.S., Ball State Teachers ' ' College5 Social Studiesg 1 . Science. Om long ,4a-ada! Seann Zum 3941 Leaders during our senior year were: Anita Muller, Secretaryg Mrs. Andrew, Mr. Wehsollek, Miss French, Dave Steele, President, Jim Owens, Treasurerg and Dave Bailey, Vice President. Our first big event was the Homecoming celebration with a football game on Friday night, October 3, and the "Club '59" dance on Saturday evening. Linda Swindell was crowned queen and with her escort, Tom Willis, reigned over the dance. It mattered not that the temperature was below zero, the atmosphere was warm with exercise, fun, and good fel- lowship at our Christmas party. The concessions were real work but helped us earn our trip to Washington. Four days filled with fun on the train and the always to be remembered sights in our country's greatest city will be meaningful to us always. Just one other event, Commencement, and the year was gone. The diplomas meant our school life together ended but newer and greater vistas were opened to us. 27 an aio SJ wb if 59, , Q ffl .Lg tl J KAY ANTLE Office 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Treasurer 25 IRC, 45 FTA 2,35 Jr. RC, 45 Tiger's Tale, 45 Cheer- block, 25 Dance Class, 1 DAVID BAILEY Alchemist, 3,45 Hi-Y, 2,3,45 Spectrum, 45 Boys' State, 35 Debate, 45 Math Club, 45 Co-op, 1,2,35 Dance Class, 15 Band, 1,2,3,45 Class VP, 4 DONNA BINDER Tiger Club, 15 Y-Teens, 2,35 IRC, 2,3,45 FHA, 45 Jr. RC, 35 Spectrum, 2,3,45 Girls' State, 35 Band, 1,25 Library, 35 Tiger's Tale, 45 Modern Dance, 1,2 KAREN BEARD Alchemist, 3,4, Treas., 45 Y-Teens, Alchemist 3 4 H1 Y 4 FTA 4 2,35 FTA, 3,45 Fl-IA, 15 Jr. RC, 3, Debate 4 Noon League 3 V.P., 35 Tiger's Tale, 35 Cheer- block, 1,45 Twirler, 2,3,45 Band, 1,2,3,45 Mascot, 1,2 NANCY BAUMGARTNER Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,45 IRC, 2,3,4, Sec'y 2,35 FTA, 2,3,4, Sec'y 35 Spectrum 1,2,3,4, Ed. 45 Tiger's Tale, 45 Girls' State, 35 Cheerblock, 1,2,3,4, VP, 2, Sec'y 45 Honor Society, 3,45 Purdue Legislature, 3,45 Debate, 45 C0-op, 3, Pres., 35 Dance Class, 15 Library 2,3 JOYCE BLAKE Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,45 FTA, 2,3,4, Treas. 25 IRC, 35 Spectrum 3,45 Tiger's Tale, Ed. 45 Cheerblock, 15 Honor Society, 3,45 Co-op, 1,45 Choir, 1,2,3,4, Pres., 45 Class VP, 25 Class Pres., 3 28 H., 6? Q JOHANNA BRYAN GWEN BUGBY Y-Teens, 2.3.4, Cheerblock, 1,25 Choir, 3,4 PHYLLIS BURNETT Y-Teens 2,3,-45 Cheerblock, l,2,3g Dance Class, lg Band, 1, Choir 2,3,4 MARY CHATTERSON Y-Teens, 3, FHA, 3,49 Jr. Rc, 3,43 GAA, 1,25 choir 1,2 LOUIS.. CHAPMAN Y-Teens, 2, FHA, lg Jr. RC, 1,25 Tiger's Tale, 4 ELAINE CASSEL Y-Teens, 1,23 Tiger's Tale, 4, Cheerblock, 1, Dance Class, 1 29 RICHARD CLEAVER ARTHUR CUMMINGS Football, 1,23 Basketball, 1, Track, 1,25 Noon League, 1, Choir 1,2 ROGER DAVIS Football 2,35 Baseball, 3,45 Stage Crew, 3 DARLENE CLOSSER LARRY COLLINS Choir, 2,3,4 Tiger's Tale, 15 Football, 1 KAREN CUNNINGHAM Office, 45 Y-Teens, 2,35 Tiger's Tale, 4, Cheerblock, 1,2,33 Twirler, 1,2,3,4g Choir, 2,3,4g Cheerleader, 3, Cheer- leader's Club, 1,2,3 JOHN DOCKREY Alchemist, 3,45 FFA, 1,2,3,4, VP, 45 Sec'y, 3, Dance Class 1 30 GLORIA ETCHISON FHA, 1,3,4g Cheerblock, 1,45 Choir, 4 JANICE FLOOK Y-Teens, 2,3,4, FHA, 1,2,3,4, Jr. RC, 1,35 Tiger's Tale, 4, Cheer- block, 1,2,3,4g GAA, 1,2,3,4, Treas, 3, Pres. 4, Dance Class 1, Choir, 4 STEPHEN FULK Alchemist, 3,43 Hi-Y, 2,3,4, VP, 4, Boys' State, 3, Football, l,2,3,4g Basketball, l,2,3,4g Track, 15 Baseball, 2,3,4, Noon League, 1,2,3,4, Band, 1,2,3,4 DARRELL GOODING Alchemist, 3,45 FFA, 2,3,4, Treas., 3,43 Baseball, 1,2,3,4, Cross Country, 3, Noon League, 3 31 JANET FOUST Office, 4, Y-Teens, 2,3,4, Sec'y 3, IRC, 3,45 Jr. RC, 4, Tiger's Tale, 4, Cheerblock, 1,25 Choir 2,3 MIKE GIPE Football, l,2,3,4, Noon League, l,2,3,4 LARRY GRANGER IENA GARNER BETTY HARRISON Office, 3,45 Choir, 2. TOM HARTWELL Basketball, 1,2,3,4, Football, 1,2, 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4, Spectrum, 3. ROSETTA GOODING NANCY HAINES Y-Teens, 2,33 FTA, 4, FHA, 1,2, Y-Teens, Z,3,45 FHA, 1,2,3, 3,4, Pres., 4, Cheerblock, 2,3,45 Tiger's Tale, 4, Cheerblock, 1,2 GAA, 1,2,3,4, Choir, 4. 3,43 Choir, 4. SHARON HAYES Y-Teens, 2,3,4g FHA, 1, Cheerblock, 15 Dance Class, 1, Band, 1,2,3,45 Majorette, 2,3,4. JAMES HIGHT 32 f 'N JACQUELINE HENDERSON JERRY LEE HINES SUE HINES Y-Teens, 2,3,45 FTA, 45 Tiger's Hi-Y, 45 Jr. RC, 45 Band, 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,45 Tiger's Tale, 45 Tale, 45 Cheerblock, 25 Choir, Choir, 1,4. Cheerblock, 15 Homecoming 2,4. Court, 25 Twirler, 2,3,45 Choir, I KENNETH GREGORY DOYLENE JACKSON FTA, 2,a,4, sec'y, 2, FHA, block, l,2,3,4, Pres., 45 Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 253,45 Jr. RC, 1,3,4, Sec'y s,4. 33 Dance Class, 15 Tiger's Tal 123,45 IRC 2,3,45 Cheer- 35 ex 2,45 Cheerleader, 15 Cheerleaders Club 1. JUDITH HOPPES Y-Teens, 2,3,45 Tiger's Tale, 45 Cheerblock, 15 Twirler, 2,3,4. PAMELA HOVER Choir, 2,3,45 Tiger's Tale, 45 Y-Teens, 35 FTA, 45 Library, 4. LINDA JACKSON MARTHA JARMAN PAUL JONES Y-Teen5, 1,2,3,43 Chee,-block, 1, Y-Teens, 2,3,4, Fl-lA, l,2,3,4, VP, Alchemist, 3,45 Hi-Y, 2,3,4, Sgt Dance Class, 1, Band, l,2,3,4 , 3, Jr. RC, 3, Tiger's Tale, 4, at-Arms. 3, Football, 2, Mgr., Cheerblock, 1,2,3,4g CAA, 1,2,3,4, 3,45 Basketball, 1,2,3,4, Track, Pres., 3, Dance Class, 1, Band 1,25 l,2,45 Cross Country, 4 Choir, 4 FRANK JONES ROBERT JANNEY I-li-Y, 2,3,4, Treas., 3,49 IRC, 2,3,4g FFA, 23 Math Club, 3,45 Alchemist, 3,45 Co-op, 2, Choir, 4 CARMELLA KELLUM Tiger's Tale, 4 RICHARD KERN 34 MARCELLA LITTLE MARVIN LAYCOCK FHA, 23 Band, 33 Choir, 1 Alchemist, 33 FFA, 43 Noon League, 1,2,3 JEAN LOWTHER Alchemist, 3,43 Y-Teens, 3,43 IRC, 2,3,43 FHA, 1,43 Jr. RC, 13 Cheerblock, 1,2,3,43 Dance Class, 13 Band, l RONALD LYNCH Hi-Y, 2,3,4, Chaplain, 43 FTA, 2,3,4, Jr. RC, 3,4, Pres., 3,43 Tiger's Tale, 43 Boys' State, 33 Debate, 43 Basketball, 1,23 Track, I,2,3,4Q Cross Country, l,2,33 Noon League, 3g Dance Class, 13 Band, 1,2,3,43 Choir, 4 35 PHILIP LINEBERRY Hi-Y, 2,3,43 JI. RC. 33 FTA, 2,33 Alchemist, 3,43 Choir, 2,3,4, VP, 43 Football, l,3,43 Basketball Mgr., 2,3,43 Track, 1,2,3, Cross Country, 2 WARREN LE VEQUE Alchemist, 3,4, Pres., 43 Hi-Y, 3,43 IRC, 3,43 Spectrum, 43 Math Club, 3,4, VP, 3, Pres., 43 Co-op 23 Dance Class, 13 Band, 2.3,-43 Class, VP, 3 NANCY KERR Alchemist, 3,43 Y-Teens, 2,3,4, FTA, 2,3,43 FHA, l,2,3,43 Cheer- block, 1,2,3,43 Choir, 4 L. DONALD MCBRIDE FRANCES MEADOR FHA, 15 CAA, 15 Choir, 25 Library, 4 BEVERLY MYERS COLLINS Y-Teens, 2,3,45 Jr. RC, 1,25 Tiger's Tale, 45 Cheerblock, 1,25 Dance Class, 15 Choir, 2,45 FHA, 4 RONALD McPHEARSON JERRY MCFERRAN Football, 15 NOOU League, 1,2,4 Cross Country, 15 Noon League, 4 . . I ELLA JANE MILLSPAUGH Office, 45 Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,4, Pres., 35 IRC, 2,3,45 Treas., 3,45 FTA, 2,3,4, Pres., 45 Jr. RC, 15 Cheer- block, 15 Honor Society, 3,45 Purdue Legislature, 45 Co-op, 4, Treas., 45 Dance Class, 15 Choir, 35 Class Treas., 25 Library, 2 ROBERT MORPHEW Noon League, 45 Stage Crew, 3,4 36 PAULA OVERBY Y-Teens, 2,3,-45 FHA, 1,2,3,4, Historian, 3,45 Jr. RC, 1,45 Cheer- block, 1,2,3,45 CAA, 1,2,3,4g Dance Class, lg Choir, 2,3,4 BARBARA ODOM J ENN IE ODOM FHA, 1, Jr. RC, lg Cheerblock, 1 Y-Teens, 45 Jr. RC, 3,45 Tiger's ANITA MULLER Office, 45 Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,45 IRC, 3,45 Cheerblock, 1,25 Honor Society, 3,45 Choir, 1,2 ,45 Class Sec'y, 2,3,4 WANDA PAYTON Office, 3,45 Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,-45 Sec'y, 45 1Rc,2,a,4,FTA, 3,45 Jr. Rc, 15 Spectrum, 45 Cheerblock, 1,25 Dance Class, 1 37 Tale, 45 Girls' State, 35 Cheer- block, 1 JAMES OWENS Alchemist, 45 Hi -Y, 45 Co-op, 45 Class Treas., 3,4 NANCY PARTINGTON Office, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,45 Cheer block, 2 I 1 V, J! .5 Q 71V AV fyfl r vl R ,g'- 1 .fu all 'il X if A J fff' ' L f 'ff MARIE PECK WILLIAM PIERCE DAVID PPATT Choir, 2,3.-I Alchemist, 3.4, Hi-Y, 2,3,4, FFA GRETCHEN PIERCE Alchemist, 3,4, Sec'y, 4, Y-Teens, 2.3.4, FTA, 2,3,4, Jr. RC, 1,2, Tiger's Tale, 4, Cheerblock, 1,2, Choir, 1,2,4, FHA, 4 VIRGINIA PIRTLE Alchemist, 3,4, Y-Teens, 2,3,-1, IRC, 4, FTA, 4, FHA, 1,2,3,4, Reporter, Jr. RC, 4, GAA, I,2,3,-1, Debate, 4, Band, 2,3,4, Tiger's Tale. -I 4, Football, l,2,3,4, Dance Class 1, Choir, 2 HE E TENGER IRC, ,4, Y-Teens, 2,3,4, Pres., FTA, 2,3,-1, Treas. 3, Alchemist, 3,4, Tiger's Tale, 4, Spectrum, 4, Honor Society. 3,-1, Library, 3,4, Jr. RC, 4, Co-op, 4, Band, 1 JOHN PROUGH Alchemist, 3,-1, VP, 4, Hi -Y, 2,3,4, IRC, 2,3,-L, VP, 3, Pres., 4, Spectrum, 4, Honor Society, 3,4, Purdue Legisla- ture, 4, Math Club, 3,4, Foot- ball, I,2,3,4, Basketball, 1,2 38 ELSIE RAGLE WILLIAM SCHACHT Jr. RC, 1, Tiger's Tale, 4, Cheer- Jr. RC, 1, Alchemist, 3, Noon block, 1, Choir, 3 League, 1,25 Dance Class, 1, Choir, 1,2 JERRY REYNOLDS LARRY RICHARDS Alchemist, 3,45 FFA. 1,2,3,4, Pres 4, Baseball, 2, Dance Class, 1 STEPHEN ROACI-I Alchemist, 3,49 I-li-Y, 45 Tiger's Tale, 45 Track, 12,45 Noon League, 3,4, Choir, 3,4 ANITA RAY Y-Teens, 2,3,-1, Cholr, 2,3,4, Twirler, 2,3,4, Cheerblock, 1,2,3, Tiger's Tale, 4, FTA, 4' Chee-rleader's Club 1 'W WILLIAM SC RIBNER Tiger's Tale, 3, Cross Country, 1 39 SUZANNAH SCHLEETER Office,-1, Y-Teens, 2.3, Tiger's Tale. 4, Cheerblock, lg Choir, 2,3,4 LINDA SPOONER FI-IA, lg Cheerblock, 2, Choir, 2 BILL SWITZER Noon League, 2,35 Stage Crew, 3, Maintenance , 4 ANITA SEMON JUANITA STILLWELL I-IESS Tiger's Tale, 3, Cheerblock. 1, Y-Teens, 2, FHA, 1,2,3g Jr. RC, Choir, l,2,3,4 1, Cheerblock, 1,2g Dance Class, 1 D E A , A S 3 , 1 , , , IRC 3 F , 2 , storian, 2, Pres., 3, S tr l,2,3, I 2 3 4' Boys State, 9 ath Club, 3,49 Co-op, 35 Track, - ce Class, lg Band, 2.3, lass Pres., 1,2,-4 LINDA SWINDELL Y-Teens, 2,3,-45 FHA, 1,3,4, Jr. RC, 1, Cheerblock, 1, Homecoming Queen, 4, Choir, 2,35 Cheerleader's Club, 2 40 ROWLENA TRISSEL KEITH THARP RONALD VESTAL Tiger's Tale,-1 Noon League, 2.45 Stage Crew, 3,4 Hi-Y, 2, Football, 1,2,3, Track, 1,25 Noon League, 1,2,3g Choir, 2,3,4 PAUL VAN HORN Football, 1,3,45 Baseball, l,2.4g Noon League, 1,2,3, Choir, I,3.4 J UDI TH VOLLENHALS Office, 45 Y-Teens, 2,3,45 FHA, 4, Cheerblock, 1,2,4, Twirler, 2,3,4g Choir, 2,3,4, Cheerleader 2, Cheerleader's Club, 1,2 CAROLE TAYLOR Alchemist, 3,49 IRC. 3,43 FHA, 3.4, VP, 45 Cl1Olr, 3,43 Treas.,-1,Y-Teens, 3,43 VP, 4 , WILLIAM WILSON Alchemist, 3,43 Hi-Y, 3,43 FTA, 4, Spectrum, 4, Basket- ball, 2,Track,2,4, Baseball, 1, Cross Country, 1,2,3,-19 Choir, 3,4 41 HARRY WILLIAMS Spectrum, 2 THOMAS WALKER Class VP, 15 Jr. RC, 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader's Club, 1,25 Cheer- leader, 25 Debate, 45 Alchemist, 3,45 FTA, 45 Tiger's Tale, 45 Choir, 3,45 Track, 1 JOE WELLS Alchemist, 3,45 Hi-Y, 2,3,45 Foot- ball, 45 Basketball, 1,2,3,45 Base- ball, 1,2,3,45 Cross Country, 2,35 Choir, 4 JANE ELLEN WOELFERT Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,35 FTA, 35 IRC, 2,3,45 FHA, 1,2,35 Sec'y, 2,35 Jr. RC, 1,35 Cheer- block, 1,35 Math Club, 3,45 Dance Class, 1 TOM WILLIS Football, 3,45 Basketball, 1,253,415 Baseball, 1,2,3,4 DARLENE WAYMIRE Office, 45 Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 45 FTA, 3,45 Cheer- block, 15 GAA, 15 Choir, 1,2,3,4, Sec'y, 45 Cheer- leader's Club, 1,2 PEGGY WOOD FI-IA, 1,2,3,-45 Cheerblock, 42 SUE WEAVER DAVID WELCOME Alchemist, 3,45 Y-Teens, 2,3,4, Alchemist, 3,45 Hi-Y, 2,3,4, Sec'y, IRC, 2,35 FTA, 45 Spectrum, 4, 3, Pres., 4, FTA, 3,4, Historian, 3, Tiger's Tale, 4, Ass't Ed., Cheer- Treas., 4, Jr. RC, 1,2,3,4g Track, block, 15 Co-op, 3, Dance Class, 1,2,3,45 Tiger's Tale, 3,43 Foot- 15 Choir, 1,2,3,4 ball, 1,2,3,4, Captain, 4, All Conference Team, 4'5 Basketball 1,2,4, Noon League, 1,2,3,4g 3and, 1,2,3,4, Choir, 4s Class Treas., 1 74a ' As we remember our class activities and the enjoyment we shared as a group, we are sobered by the realization that two of our classmates' lives were taken by tragic accidents. Kip Brandon, April 25, 1957 Ellis Cunningham, October 26, 1958 The loss of these two young men has brought grief to their families and sadness to their classmates. 43 I I ydltdbftfg f4dd?cazd4to7 Making plans for a Sock Hop are Richard Woosnam, Ed Janney, Mrs. Laws, Mr. Green, Pam Stone, Mrs. Loy, and Phil Hahn. Abemathy, Stephen Abom, Mary Margaret Adams, Norma Aldridge, Barbara Aldridge, John Allen, Kay Armstrong, Betty Jo Barrett, Jane Ann Barton, Harry Bassett, Jerry Beaman, Mike Blake, William L. Boston, Bruce B. Boyer, Tonya Lea Brady, Patrick Breese, Mary Broyles, Mark Bryan, Kenneth C. Butler, Mary K. Caldwell, Karen M. Cartwright, Margaret Chatterson, Mike Cleaver, Jonetta Clevenger, Anita J. X7 WX 4? 5 ' wi! N , . .3 Edwin Janney was re-elected Junior Class Presi- dent. The other officers were: Phil Hahn, Vice Pres- identg Pam Stone, Secretaryg and Richard Woosnam, Treasurer. f Co-op representatives were Steve King, Bill Blake Sylvia Gall, and Sandy Latchaw. Mrs. Loy, Mrs. Laws, and Mr. Green served as class sponsors. For the first time, the Juniors selected their ring style in the Spring of their Sophomore year and re- ceived the rings in September of their Junior year. Sock Hops and selling Christmas trees were their projects for adding money to the class treasury. V I v'-hn-N ful "i- rv J .. P 1 i "" gl Q 5' A X93 Y 44- pwmww Q J .5 2 Q y J 'Su L L 'L Q ? . I -239 Sa 5, jf' h M 7 L y L ' K ix ii A .Rs X ' ,fix Mm. ' L J f" X I I f ...V i s K, , J . r 2- 4 ..i' . 1 ful' an D355 has- ' S 1" -W -fs J fi J 4-A 1: 5 S K .Jr - f . L-.. A s :Km -3- "T 'E .- wa-lnl' , an -:rf X ii bll. J" 'uf A.. Q5 'B E I . g ,. ..1,x , ,, " fi , , Q .w. X-. " Vwi, li L iw 1 l 1' npr ir'--r Nr-'M I' XTTXKJJ AXW in fin Z7 !" L If-IK 'Q--7 'W fm 5. 'liiiy ' Fw-Q-, l' ' r -.r ,gl 'W'-tiff ! , NW? x , 1960 Cole, Judith Collis, Garland Couch, Laura Jane Croy, Patricia Davis, Danny Davis, Larry Disque, William Eagle, Kenneth Eden, Shirley Fay Edwards, Jimmy Etchison, Edgar Etchison, Nancy Ferguson, Karen L. Foster, Gary Foster, Jane Ann Gaither, Linda Gaither, Peggie Gall, Sylvia Coen, Bernard Gorden, David Green, Geraldine Gross, Judith Ann Gustin, Raymond Hahn, Phillip Hall, Thomas E. Harmon, Joyce Ann Hartwell, Karen Sue Hatton, Marilyn Heartbarger, Doris Hines, Susan Hinton, Cheri Jo Holding, Norman Hysong, Judith Ice, Diana Ice, Jack Jackson, Melvin A, Jackson, Sharon Janney, Edwin L. Johnson, Linda Jones, Connie Jones, Sue Keesling, Michael Kemple, Phillip King, Stephen Knapp, John Krischak, Sandra L. Lambertson, Larry Latchaw, Sandra Kay Qmmna Leach, Anna Lee Lorson, Rebecca Love, Zolinda Lustig, Kenneth Lynch, Donald McCarty, Rita Sue McCarty, Virginia McFerran, John McGinnis, Rebecca Mack, Joe Madden, John Magee, Mary Jo Malicoat, Terry Martin, Ronald Matney, Emilie Matthew, John Meyer, Tim Miller, Sam Mitchell, Linda Moody, David Morgan, Ronald Myers, David Myers, Robert Nash, David Neff, Lynda Odom, Linda Ohler, Phyllis Overman, Robert Pate, Glenn Peters, Marilyn Porter, Charles Powless, George Reeves, Helen Reeves, Sondra Riser, Rod Rodney, John Rogers, Joyce Russell, Charlotte Sanqunetti, Donald Sayre, Jim Schroth, Karin Schweitzer, Janet Shepard, Stephen Simison, Jerry Smith, Shelby Steele, Dan Stevens, Bob Stone, Pam 7960 -.-We-3 - 3- P 1 n m U ! in Q.. ,- --xi" 125 f is tts, 1' .. , : . . . If . . 'Amd - ' it if r X M ... W, i g y ri - , ,V g H , 6 In J to ' . , s a' . ,X J , M gg g A W 3 as ,A .G f ca few it 'QX 4 yi r qv ...1,!,i,W M ' I 4. s J I, XX 4 ,Q , - . . , f , . .. 5 ,L ,I :V , ' A 'Y , 46 A is' w , .A,,, pwmww 1960 Stubbs, George Tharp, Marcia Jr x . .. as 'r if his A - 4 Q be ,Q ..,., - K Tomlinson, Von Utley, Stanley Van Horn, Inez Wallace, Forrest Wallick, Betty Wamer, Linda Weaver, Joe White, Emily Widener, Velera Willey, Kay Williams, Linda Wood, Christena Woosnam, Richard Wright, Terry gems m,w,as m Sophomores planning for the big year ahead are: Judy Owens, Tom Leach, Sharon Wells, and Peggy Cassell, and their spon- sors: Mr. Shock, Mrs. Millican, and Mr. Frazier. 47 Tom Leach again led the Class of '6l. Other officers elected were: Peggy Cassell, Vice Presi- dent, Judy Owens, Secretaryg and Sharon Wells, Treasurer. Sharon Berry, Teena Flook, Richard Prough, and Steve Ray represented the class on the Stu- dent-Teacher Co-op. A Winter Party was held at the Kid Kanteen. In December, new colors appeared in the hallways and classrooms at A.H.S. The long awaited sweaters of charcoal and white had at last arrived. Class rings were ordered in the Spring for Fall delivery. Mr. Shock, Mrs. Millican, and Mr. Frazier served as sponsors for the group. S Adams, Barbara Addison, Ronnie Allen, Arlene Allen, Donald Allen, June Allen, Pamela Azimow, Beth Bangle, Linda Baumgartner, Deedie Bell, David Bennett, Charles Berry, Sharon Binder, Tom Boston, Robert Bronner, Edmund Brown, Mary K. Bugby, Marilou Burden, Thomas Canaday, Sharon Carver, Nancy Cassell, Peggy Chaplin, Jimmie Chaplin, Larry Cleaver, Diana Cooper, Darlene Cox, Pamela Cox, Phillip Custer, Danny Custer, Nancy Davis, Dorleen DeVine, Fred Disque, Sue Ellen Dockrey, Patricia Douglas, Ray Ellsworth, Jean Engle, Dennis Etchison, Sandra Etsler, Jimmie Ferguson, Sandra Fisher, Anthony Flook, Teena Follis, Dennis Fox, Terry Frye, Tim Fuller, Carol Garner, Cecil Garner, Ronald Gregory, Dovie av , Cl. ., JJ K .,: -v. V t VQE, A-fi is-4. i Q if -1 - ,... " H 7967 x ,.., g 1" 1 3 M f i ii T15 'gg E m ,,' I was A ,Tl , ' Q- , ' VV .V are A we . " E 5 'ri vraeir, 5??d VYPQA Yr i,Jf- .T., . ,,k fr- I-:- ' ' 'sr 0 -,' .s,r A ff . Qi L Q .WP 1 Sq B"'4'Q" V, lig lg s Lg 'B A A : :,i.,E ., I I 2, 1'-T47 g , .SW 5 , g U A '+f A sr s E ii - - X , T ss wg? ,ghmmng HW Zgiy rr ik, haf W ga a s if e T 3- 2 1 , :,,., V, 'V 48 S 4 R 'll 'H . , K 4 ,, K, we 1 5 1-f-ar v "'. ,, , , sa , , B ., , I J U , ' a aa , , i : J L if L 4 1 ' . .. 1 4 A:,A . . nm .rm rx - J tx n ' '4' J, f J J r .:2,, :.- 3 t ,K , 1 ff, 5 i f F .. 1 in 'sd' H ,,,, I M mx? " Q 5 K ., ' D gd- 11,1 .-3, 1 V, ,X , , X . ,dj iwhxhf v I K WG W 4 J ' 3 'J' 3 k Y'.A 5 A 4 , ",,".' QgaL.'-va Jff 'jf fqif A A X rs, ' J 3, Anil V, X 49 7767 Greenlee, Andrew Haas, Tommy Haines, George Harmon, Dennis Harris, Georgia Harrison, John Harrison, Louis Hayes, Judith Hayes, Marsha Henderson, Nancy Hight, Marion Hight, Nola Hinton, Vickie Hooker, Jim Horlander, Robert Huddleston, Jerry Humphries, Connie Hysong, Catherine Idlewine, Larry Jobe, Everett Johnson, Danny Johnson, David Johnson, Donna Johnson, Jerry Johnston, Loreeta Jones, David Kantner, Janet Kelly Karen Kennedy, Kenneth Kerr, James Kettery, Paula Knotts, Loretta Krischak, Carolyn Lahee, Nick Lamb, JoAnn Lambertson, Jerry Lanswig, Marilyn Leach, Tom Leer, Ted Libler, Linda Lineberry, Donald Long, Sammy Kay Lowther, Larry Lustig, James Mack, Rose Ann Manring, Camilla Marshall, Mary Meador, Ray Ehmbmmwd Meeks, Patty Metcalf, Peggy Mercer, Louis Miller, Sharon Millspaugh, Nancy Mohler, Becky Mohler, Faith Montgomery, Terry Morgan, Sandra Morlock, Thomas Mottweiler, Tommy Mottweiler, Vicki Musick, Mary Nacoff, Diana Nash, Karan Nelson, Larry Odom, Patricia Olsen, Richard Overby, Loretta Overman, Eugene Owens, Judy Owens, Richard Paddock, Sue Payton. Jerry Peters, Carolyn Phillips, Robert Pierce, Ronald Poole, Roger Pratt, Judith Prough, Richard Ray, Steven Riser, Michael Ryan, Rita Sayre, Larry Semon, Don Semon, Ronnie Shelton, Dannie Sigler, Jack Silvey, Sherl Smith, Landon Snodgrass, Betty Snyder, Jewel Spooner, Marilyn Stelter, Vera Summers, Ronald Sutton, Joyce Telfer, Johnathan Thias, Rita Sue .5 4 R ,,,, , amy? r , ,WWW M , - rr, 2 , , - ,I K N -I ng. I .K H 7 4 2 F, ar: f' :pv- s, . J i wud ' nv. I, rf A J ,i'l V na A ,W 1-. -, 4 mv, Har . ., fwsvxu. ' if - Kffiwiaf, I 1 .ff ' W, ., , ,V ,,,, may ,ky '--' ks , Q f, rm., 1 -. ,.,., f . S t 1 4 ua Ax ' . .1 1 . R N A A LL K Q fr 'A Ww1lltl.n rrreri H ally' ,Qu Q.. 1- 'AA BA ' 50 1967 ,ft 'Q L '17 ,, f 7 ' 1 ' fini-,fr 16, in j -,, ,. - . W ' ' vi 57 'rf rr E S 5 Lfa 'iv ,S ,Q Q E! it 'N .5 r , 5 Nw ,r at fr i:'iQ,1 57 1967 ,U Thurston, Phillip Urban, Ceorgianne 4 ' A 3 Vaughan, Jean ., bww- r 40 f 5, , A .V,..- Ll A Vollenhals, Jerry ' ig f Wallace, Lewis as Thompson, Thomas Wells, Sharon Williams, Elmer Willis, Gay Woelfert, Charles Workman, Mary Jo iq?-l Zehrung, Carolyn . n w -Z 7 ?af4 794 564446 7-are-Marana, Ewan, 1 I . v r 1 Students from Alexandria Junior High, Cunning- ham, Orestes, and St. Mary's began their first year of high school by electing Don Hanlin, Presidentg Sheryl LeVeque, Vice Presidentg Carol Sue Deaton, Secretaryg and Roger Warner, Treasurer. Savings funds for the Senior Trip were begun by paying dues each semester. The usual class parties were held during the year. Co-op representatives were: Nancy Ice, Jeff Latchaw, Sandy Schacht, and Jim Rodney. Sponsors for the group were: Miss Frazier, Mr. Biester, and Miss Elwell. Shown with their sponsors, Mr. Biester, Miss Elwell, and Miss Frazier, are Freshmen Officers: Don I-Ianlin, Carol De aton, Sheryl LeVeque, and Roger Warner. Adams, Mary Sue g I Anderson, Dale lj, A . Ashley, James ig T Atchison Sheliah 9: 1 - fasts, Baker, Oliver , " Beeman, Larry , X , mx . 51 7 Bicknell, Myrtle Blake, Robert Blake, Roberta Bowyer, Carolyn Brenner, Marsha Brown, Melvin Bryant, Sharon Burden, Tim Cade, Ronnie Carroll, Carol Sue Clark, Kenneth Clarkson, Nancy Cleaver, Kenneth Clymer, Kenneth Collier, ViYona Collins, Wayne Couch, Linda Davis, Charles Davis, Todd Deaton, Carol Sue Deaton, Mary Deines, Richy Disbennett, Susan Dockery, Saundra Dockrey, Cynthia Dodd, Jane Edgell, Thomas Etchison, Betty Fisher, Michael Fix, Gunter Fix, Renate Flecker, Donald Foster, Eddie Fraundorfer, Jeanne Frost, Shelia Fuqua, Sandra Coen, Robert Gooding, Marlin Goodman, Barbara Goodman, Clyde Greer, Mary Gross, Carl Gustin, Charles Haas, Mary Ann Hall, Vivian I-lanlin, Donald Harmon, Bill Harmon, Calvin fr: '- Q 1962 fi' I' A ' if M -eff T 'fx ,va M53-I Y 5 JJ 3 I . may - Ykzk E 5 M'1,,gV,.J f jf' uf 'K Q21 , 10' ' me fi -I? . N" . B - I fi 5' M CMM, 1:-v' 4 - lc, t I " L' ' "" , X, B' A wt ' Y , fs., fi gz , L 9, A F,4,, 5 Y 'ni V hm Z , .ge ,V 2 l, , r E ii' MQ 'fi ,., Y' ,... ff f 3 i f WRX v,w, ' ,,s-,fir :EQ . f - i M HF K if in . as w T If , a gf , le',e f as ,., ,,, , if 5 ,- - : ,Z 7 5 , V' sz - . ' , 4 . md V, , ., vb A Q -Q,-,gr 'Sw , 52 7 I ' w 'L ' ,. Q 76 -vll I f, z z K 1 wk : i Z- M ,,,, pl nlbn J . H ,J fat I N L fy W jr A XXL V ,f Aw' - U ' .',1 'as y S M- sa 'L 'Q J S I W' L " ' T' W A lk me aa. - 2 ' ,oy rv nnan 5 L A K 1... is ' if - L .. .'V: 1 E 1 If fl , if f l , A E3 -'B' 1 6 , ,:L:." ' ' 0 , 2' L f mf -fi i .., - 3 n W ,VX-is ...q' .V "4 va, . Jw ,w A .A ,know ' 'f,::9?2.e we . 1962 Harmon, Sharon Hartness, Glenda Hartwell, Judith Hartwell, Mike Hiatt, Bing Hieatt, Robert Hocker, Mary Ann Hollies, Georgia Hollis, Mary Sue Holsinger, David Hooker, Kay Hoppes, Paulette Huggins, James Huggins, Jerry Humphries, Stephen- Ice, Nancy Jackley, George Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Tom Jones, Barbara Jones, Linda Jones, Sam Kerr, Harold Kettery, Doris Jean Kettery, Fred Knapp, Mary Alice Lahee, Jill LaRue, Ruth Latchaw, Jeff Lawson, Marilyn Laycock, Carlos Maxie Leach, Sharon LeVeque, Sheryl Linsberg, Linda Loveless, Sherry Ludlow, Kathy Lundy, Barbara Lustig, John Lynch, Stephen McClead, Dianne McPhearson, John Maddox, Brenda Maddox, Patty Mason, Marietta Maynard, Larry Meeks, Phyllis Miller, Robert Miller, Mike 7 Millican, Tom Millspaugh, Barbara Mitchell, Sharon Moody, Kathy Moore, Dianne Morlock, Mary Ann Morris, Norman O'Bryant, Carol Odom, Donald Odom, Donna Oliver, Michael Overby, Kenneth Paddock, Gary Pelfrey, Sue Phipps, Shirl Porter, Mike Raines, Linda Redding, Shirley Rhorer, Frank Richards, Ronald Roach, David Robbins, Sheri Rodney, Jim Rogers, Duane Ryan, Jimmie Ryan, Larry Savage, Dorthy Savage, Paul Schacht, Maurice Schacht, Sandra Schleeter, Dianna Shields, Karen Sigler, Dick Sigler, Robert Silvey, Anita Simison, Stephen Simpson, Larry Skaggs, Jimmy Smith, Roger Spears, Sheron Spell, Joe Spencer, Sherrie Stansberry, Bruce Stansberry, Linda Steele, Janet Stelter, Frances Tankersley, Lonie Tedder, Judy Ann ,,, kj W, . W, K .,. ., yi, 4 V , .,rP:f',3i,Lf ' Llfniffi ' ' .V J 'V x , . j A x A hiv, F X P' 2 J A :- ldggl rKfQl SIIEP if 'il , I ik A, s X 2 t Wh ,SH ' , P t. M. ' is ,M in ' bn- fr lf I-sv S. lr- X 1962 5' at rr GLW J 5 S J I 'X " '--' , J li ,f I 'Ei , E if ' as L r ' I .'I. VW, 2 f f' :.f" .,,, Q e 5 I Q ,l m Q. I' , f I ",, 'fi' o", Ti" f ,vt g I E A .W . -Q1 . V- h Y ww "li, ,I s, ' .f' ' .4,- ., ij Q ? F , , s elf' X , S Ati it L S a w i s 1962 Trissel, Donna Van Horn, June Vaught, Phyllis Vollenhals, Pam Walker, Danny Ward, Jerry Ward, Tony Warner, Roger White, Melvin Willis, Kenneth Wilson, Harold Wilson, Shelva Wood, Franklin Wyatt, Larry 8:4 1-he Wd! Seated an 92. 74'-'e Ewan ela Talking with their homeroom sponsor, Miss McCammon, What's funny now? Mr. Baxter's homeroom officers are: are: David Stahl, Treasurer, Kathy Ellis, Secretary, Don Hughes, Treasurer, Tim McCord, Vice President, Susan Lower, Vice President, and Jeff Lockwood, Presi- and Steve Hueston, President. dent. 55 Sagdzkgude SEATED, Left to Right are: Don Engle, Treasurer, Rickie Myers, Vice President, Dottie Hines, Secretary. STANDING are: Steve I-lines, President, and Mr. Wil- son, Homeroom Sponsor. 1963 The Eighth Grade enjoyed a skating party early in the school year. Some projects carried on in the homerooms were: picture contests, lost and found department, and keep- ing rooms decorated appropriately to the seasons. Miss McCammon's homeroom decorated the Junior High Christmas tree and enjoyed a party afterwards. Officers elected in Miss McCammon's homeroom were: Jeff Lockwood, President, Susan Lower, Vice President, Kathy Ellis, Secretary, and David Stahl, Treasurer. Mr. Baxter's homeroom officers were: Steve Hueston, President, Tim McCord, Vice President, and Don Hughes, Treasurer. Mr. Wilson's class elected Steve Hines, President, Rickie Myers, Vice President, Dottie Hines, Secretary, and Don Engle, Treasurer. Adams, Karen Aldridge, Thomas g I V Allen, Lynda r i up ,, f" Lfffb Ault, Jerry 1? -"' , A ,jwg .V E ,H ,,, . ' S ' Vi-N .5 . Balesy Ted , . v V. k Barentine, Stephen :" - .,,l ts - -V Q loi at amz. .. , 1, iisio Barton, Donald I - E, ' L Beilhartz, Linda gl ., j Brobst, Don 5, ltr , M A me :. ' A ' . Bugby, Charles t c . ' A f 7 ' '- se., , L Q Campbell, Becky ai- 4 I-, L' , 2 - Cartwright, Charles - - ' , MQ Collier, Ralph , cox, Billy ,V 'K ' Cox, Judy ff f? , 2 Crume Carvil i 1 I " , Daileyi Sharon , Qs A Davis, Donald "I Qffx A f , .. l 4 fa . A . W , .,...,. X . , Doutt, Eddie Edwards, Danny Ellis, Kathy Engle, Don Etchison, Judy Ewing, Jerry V-9 .. if sz' M , f' ,,.., A ? H' Eeyrdqmda fa. af , " fry.. A It J 4 as 5 V' 1. , it in Y ? - 1' sf ,A , ,. , 5 'P , st, is 'U-. t. -an L-if K ,, , r in ,Z Y , S f l kata 7 , 4.,,,a Y, Q V .W 2 .- i, ' -- X, R Xe 3 Ek.. 'r 0 S iztq Wm V 43 Q fa-.. 1 T df J x a ... 1 Q, is ,, -wr ie' ' JEL si: -I , 1 4 I, ,Z- 4. A te x 1 hi I 963 Fields, Gerald Caimt, Steven Gooding, Lynda Gosnell, Eddy Greer, Alice Gross, Tim Harmon, Victor Harrison, Larry Henderson, Stephen Hines, Dottie Hines, Stephen Hobbs, David Hueston, Stephen Hughes, Don Hull, Arthur Humphrey, Tom Humphries, Jay Ice, Dola James, John Jobe, Alvin Johnson, Dennis Jones, Bonnie Jones, Marilyn Kantner, Jay Kennedy, Susan Lahee, Nancy Lambertson, Linda Lazenby, John Levi, Janet Lewis, Linda Lineberry, Steven Little, Roger Lockwood, Jeff Lockwood, Tanya Lower, Susan McBride, Tim McCord, Tim McDermott, Elizabeth Maddox, Reese Malicoat, Charles Moore, Errol Mason, Mike Meyers, Richard Phillips, Betty Poole, Joyce Reynolds, Don Schmidt, Eric Scott, Donna Zagdzd Silvey, Ross Smith, Ronald Smith, Tom Snyder, Bennie Stahl, David Steele, Rae Trissel, Dickie Vandergrifft, Don Vaught, Patsy Walker, Nancy Weaver, Linda Welcome, Judy Wood, Dianna Wood, Mike Woosnam, Virginia 7965 ' .. .1 A In 3 -L! P il: ,m y-gi in - :l -:.,. -I ni. ln- e V ffm" iw Ek ' I 4 ' - ii 15. ' i ' K i ' y sg , U M I Q ,. .. . A - A my , A A ,. ez 4 ' 'ff' se 'H' Jinx . N 'ia' y b ,Qian .I " W-55 5 .5 - 11' , ' if, fl F25 1 SfAlfQfE5 91 1,1 -- ::" Q.,-u ., I 52 , " if 14 ' ' ,-4ze 7Zaa and Wanaka! foe 784 dentg Dennis Plackard, Vice Presidentg Cynthia Jackley, Secretaryg and Terry Muey, Treasurer. The class enjoyed their party held at the Kid Kanteen and their two skating parties. Each homeroom chose committees for keeping their rooms decorated. Mr. Moore, Miss Brockman, and Mr. Crosley ' were the class sponsors. Officers elected for the incoming Seventhqade Class were: Elaine Miller, President, Cynthia Jackley, Secretary, Terry Muey, Treasurer, and Dennis Plackard, Vice President. Sponsors were: Mr. Moore, Mr. Crosley, and Miss Brockman. 58 The Seventh Grade elected Elaine Miller, Presi- Shen! ,X 'gz' l', "l' :A' ' Ti mm, . f- ' 1. W J ii fi ll z "', 1, -'k'.' M 'W A Y H4 A ,,. - , l H . , , ,.. -VVV V Vk 1,M,,,, ,. :-V ' " ' , Q We L aww W: l awe' QW? ' iA NM. , A AZ5A1:E2 ' -- V 'A, A J nil? 5 .,f ' i ,Lf aigei fiofiiirfg gwn, g '.-': , - A, . , 5 5 I 2 , I ,V V, A r ILV, , - if if ii ' f A Ezv L ' A i f ':': 'E 12 ll l A.A' A A it 5 A 'A" 'I a n 'Af' -' L f V - -'asia' fsfzf Pt A V lm!5!nM1m L D , . o ,J L A i E, 5 ,sis H , E.. ,sf , 7 :Al was Sq? JQUK l,Q, ,g ,,, 41l,g,Q 'QEEW ?fg figi Q35 rig ' wr. 1 ' sw .jr 1 ,:. A x , Q . g-'T' Q , .., : qv, , x QL , . ,,,k ., -b . 1 7964 Ables, Charles Aldridge, Michael Allen, Carol Allen, Terry Baker, Karen Brown, Larry Bowyer, James Buzan, Pamla Chafin, Ronald Clarkson, Terry Cox, Barbara Douglas, Rex Elbert, Thomas Embry, Richard Engle, Bill Etchison, Phyllys Fox, Marsha Golden, Darlene Goodman, Ronald Grubb, Billy Hannah, Melody Harmon, Connie Harrison, Candice Heartbarger, Nina Hiatt, Ruth Ann High, Charles Hodge, Robert Hollis, Doris Hollingsworth, Leyte Huffman, Mary Hughes, Butch Humphries, Jerry Jackley, Cynthia Johnson, Danny Johnson, Nancy Jolliff, Lee Legg, Marv Lemon, Linda Lewis, David Lewis, Judy McClish, Sue McClung, Phyllis McCune, Sammy McMillen, Diana McPhearson, Stephen Maddox, Dennis Mason, Jack Miller, David Miller, Elaine Moore, Eddie Morgan, Patricia Morgan, Susan Muey, Terry Nolan, Mike Owens, John Patz, Conrad Phipps, James Plackard, Dennis Plake, Sandra Poole, Penny Porter, Luella Quear, June Raines, Janice Ray, Don Ray, Stanley Rhorer, David Riggs, Steven Savage, Janet Schacht, Vicki Sheldon, Carol Shields, Bert Sigler, Sherry Smock, Flora Staley, Charon Steele, Chuckie Summers, Dennis Summers, Patty Switzer, Diana Thurber, Deloris Trueblood, Rebeccah VanBuskirk, Barbar Walker, Terry Warren, Joyce Wilson, Wanda Wood, Mildred Wright, Gloria ,ma,l ,t,n yqen , W' 1. , ,g in rkrri : Es , , wr .wg ' .5935 ' f 0' J J ' , ' 'K ' 71 K ,, ,,i,,, A 1 , , J E. gif i we eyn, , .ss .. 3, 5 il 7964 ,J.. :,.f ,,-" ,EMWM Sak ,wma ,::' , S. , f i' ,,,.. I Q- A ,y,, e, , . . Vt 'QW in ri :if f - -me : , 2 J ,A . 'S Q Elzz Ti' V ,gl J A ' " J HJ 'J . if l ' - Q "i ,, . " , it " ":- , ..',,.' I glg - , ' , rl' .,,, A ' Jim! in I -. - - -..f K :E .t 'ig Ezzl V :,E l n ij, E ' H 3 60 'Mace too, fine f4fl0dq4 Wdkwg Wedpeu 6 v- V ,,,f"""Al? Miss Georgia Edgell is secretary to the high Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools is Miss school principal. Helen Washburn. 5:3921 Gaining practical secretarial experience while as- Bob Morphew, Bill Switzer, Bill Eastman, and Keith sisting in the school offices are: W. Payton, B. Tharp comprise the stage crew. Harrison, D. Waymire, S. Gall, K. Antle, E. Matney, N. Partington. in Custodians Ray Wasson, Lloyd Steward, and Herman Harris have kept our school neat and orderly this year. 61 fNfX rganizafionfi An important part of Alexandria High School is the "organizations." The clubs are often connected with various school de- parrments, and every student can find a club that is particularly interesting to him. Par- ticipating in organizations is helpful to students in learning correct parliamentary procedure, in being responsible for program planning, and in sharing the good fellowship of schoolmates. Wd Wo, 7476 Wo, '7z!'4 Off to Pau We Qo! Editor-in -Chief. . Associate Editor . . . Sports Editor .... Sports Reporter .... Girls' Sports Editor . Business Manager . . Advertising Manager Advertising Staff . . Feature Editor . . . Ass't Feature Ed . . . Feature Writers . . TIGER'S TALE STAFF . Sue Weaver . . . . Tom Walker , , , David Welcome . . . Steve Roach , , Jackie Henderson . . . . Donna Binder ,,,,,,,,,PamHover . . ..... Karen Cunningham, Martha Jarman, Jan Flook . . . . Nancy Baumgartner . . . . .Gretchen Pierce . . . . . Elsie Fuller,Jody Odom, Louise Chapman, Beverly Collins Columnists . . Society Editor ..... Ass't Society Editor . . Art Editor ....... Copy -Readers . . . Exchange Editor ...... Circulation 8L Publicity Jr, Hi Reporters ..... Mrs. Martha Laws . . . . . . Anita Ray, Susie Schleeter, Doylene Jackson, Judy Hoppes KayAntle . . . . . Ronnie Lynch , , . , , Helen Pittenget Mrs. Kellum, Rowlena Trissel, Sue Hines, Elaine O'Bryant . . Janet Foust , , , Nancy Haines . . . Jeff Lockwood, Linda Weaver, Lee Jolliff, Darlene Golden ...........Adviser We Dad Om 2644 fully We Dad! 0,0 ROW 1, L to R: Mrs. Loy, N. Baumgartner, C. Baumgartner, S. King, I-I. Pittenger, D. Steele, Mr. Champion. ROW 2: W. Payton, S.Weaver, B. Blake, E. White, T. Binder, D. Moore, R. Woosnam, T. Davis, J. Knapp, D. Binder, B. Wilson, D. Bailey, W. LeVeque. SPECTRUM ST AFF Editor-in-Chief. . . Associate Editor . . . Business Manager . . . . . Advertising Manager Sports Editor ..... Ass't Sports Editor . . Art Editor ...... Ass't Art Editor . . Photographer ..... Ass't Photographer . . Senior Writers .... Junior Writers . . . Sophomore Writer . . Freshman Writers . . Mrs. Eleanor Loy . . . Mr. Robert Champion . Nancy Baumgartner ... . . Pam Stone . . . . . . Steve King Deedie Baumgartner . . . . . Bill Wilson . . Richard Woosnam . . Helen Pittenger . . Wanda Payton , , Dave Steele . ...... John Knapp . Dave Bailey, Donna Binder, Warren LeVeque, Sue Weaver . . . . Bill Blake, Emily White, Jean VanHorn . . . . . .Tom Binder . . Dianne Moore, Todd Davis , , , Faculty Adviser . . , Faculty Adviser 65 Sorting through pictures to be used for the page are: Emily White, Bill Wilson. STANDING are Bill Blake and Dick Woosnam. 0 7527 Zee, 74646 ,4ee ,466 of Seeenee glad The Ernest R, Buck Science Club is a member of Science Clubs of America. The general purpose of the club is to further understanding in sciences, physics, and chemistry, in addition to that gained in the classroom. A special program was held by the members in honor of Mr. Buck, founder of the high school club. Entertainment was provided by hypnotist, James Fetz. The group made the annual trip to Chicago in the Spring and visited the Museum of Science and Industry. Officers this year were: Warren LeVeque, Presidentg John Prough, Vice President, Karen Beard. Treasurer, and Gretchen Pierce, Secretary. Mr. Baxter sponsored the group. xl! x f "' v -3 .a .J fb X '36 -f I ROW l, Left to Right: Magee, Tharp, Hines, Krischak, Stone, Butler, Mamey, McGinnis, N. Baum- gartner, Latchaw, Gall, Schroth. ROW 2: LeVeque, Muller, Payton, D. Jackson, J. Lowther, Pitten- ger, Hahn, Millspaugh, Miss Hull, S. Jackson, Prough, Antle, Foust, Taylor, White, Brady, D. Steele. ROW 3: B. Janney, King, E. Janney, Meyer, Lambertson, Woosnam, Coen, B. Disque, Keesling, Nash, Moody, D. Steele, Holding, M. Jackson, Powless. ROW 4: Mohler, Workman, Dockrey, Manring, Cassell, Urban, Willis, Allen, Owens, S. Disque, D. Baumgartner. ROW 5: Binder, Summers, Frye, Fisher, L. Lowther, Leach, Ray, Fox, Olsen, Sayre, Harmon, Burden, Hooker. 9 Hffame www 7. 2. 3. tion to promote a better understanding of the re- lations between countries and to create an interest and a knowledge of the United Nations. The main activities of the club this year in- cluded a banquet for the induction of new members held in October. Mr. Jack King, guest speaker, showed slides of his trip to the Orient. The club also participated in the Model United Nations General Assembly held at Anderson College in January. Delegates represented Guatamala, Greece, Iceland, and the United Arab Republic. Officers this year were: John Prough, President, Phil Hahn, Vice President, Sharon Jackson, Sec- retary, and Ella Jane Millspaugh, Treasurer. Miss Hull was group sponsor. Model UN Delegates, L. to R.: Donna Binder, Dave Steele, Ass't Sec.-Cen., Warren LeVeque, Bill Disque, Phil Hahn, John Prough, George Pow- less, Ed Janney, and Jane Millspaugh. 67 The International Relations Club is an organiza- "naps ,-my - swan up M4 mezaf ROW 1, L. to R.: Steele, Anderson, Miss E1we11, LeVeque, Prough. ROW 2 Barley Morphew, Owens, Richards. ROW 3: Lineberry, Roach, Davis, Walker ROW 4 Tharp, Schacht, Pierce, Dockrey, Janney. ROW 5: Jones, Bragg, Fulk, Welcome Eli ' The Senior Boys' Cheerblock was created in an effort to increase enthusiasm at pep sessions and to aid and supplement the girls' cheerblock in an organized manner. Their uniforms were white collarless T -shirts. David Steele was president of the group and the four cheerleaders were: Dave Steele, Warren Leveque, Elmer An- derson, and John Prough. Miss Elwell was sponsor of the club. ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Elwell, Coach, Virginia Pirtle, Sandra Krischak, Susan Hines, George Powless, Dave Bailey, Ron Lynch, Nancy Baumgartner, Elmer Anderson, Tom Walker. 5 Saftlqaad 4-f4'C96W'20i?6z6. XXX il -xl i This year marked the beginning of a new club at Alexandria, with the inauguration of debate and forensics. The debate team joined the Indiana High School Forensic Association and participated in several state -wide meets including ones held at Howe Military Academy, New Castle, Purdue Uni- versity, Indiana State Teachers College, Ball State Teachers College, Peru, and Kokomo. The varsity debate team was composed of four seniors--David Bailey, Ron Lynch, Nancy Baum- gartner, and Tom Walker. B-Team members were Elmer Anderson, Susan l-lines, Karin Schroth, and George Powless. Sandra Krischak and Virginia Pirtle served as alternates. Under the able coaching of Miss Ruth Elwell, the debate team enjoyed a successful year. ROW 1, L. to R.: N. Baumgartner, Weaver, Waymire, Anderson, Ray, Wilson, Walker, Gooding, Pirtle, Pittenger, Jackson, Beard. ROW 2: Miss French, Miss Elwell, Nash, Sayre, Payton, Huddleston, Welcome, Stone, Millspaugh, Tharp, Mamey, Carver, Disque, D. Baumgartner. ROW 3: Harrison, Janney, Jones, Burden, Cassell, Fox, Workman, Willis, S. Jackson, Magee, Love. ,4 Della, 4 Dalian - Wake Ogio Ze 4 Scdolafzf + o .- LEE cha t x.. jc, LJ The Katie C. Slone Chapter of Future Teachers of America was founded for the purpose of helping students gain a better knowledge of the teaching profession. The club held its initiation for new members and installation of officers in the Fall. During sec- ond semester, the group participated in the observa- tion program at the Elementary School. Practical experience was gained by helping teachers and taking over classes when needed. Officers this year were: Ella Jane Millspaugh, Presidentg Marcia Tharp, Vice President, Pam Stone, Secretaryg Dave Welcome, Treasurerg and Emilie Matney, Historian-Librarian. Miss French and Miss Elwell were group sponsors 70 LEFT TO RIGHT: Etsler, Bailey, Owens, Pierce, Huddleston, Rodney. ROW 4: Thurston, Ray, Fox, Prough, B. Pierce. ROW 5: Mr. Shock, Lineberry, Gordon, Mack, Johnson, Montgomery, Myers, Welcome. ROW 6: Hahn, Roach, Wright, Pay- ton, Nash, Frye, Shepard, Steele, Weaver, Brady, LeVeque. ROW 7: Gamer, Telfer, Woelfert, Disque, Blake, Janney, Woosnam, Matthew, Leach. ROW 8: Wells, Bur- den, Goen, D. Myers, B. Janney, Wilson, Harrison, Hines, Anderson, Lynch. ROW 9: King, Powless, R. Prough, Jones, Abernathy, D. Steele, Fulk. 'ea 14' 'vsvaawqvmqfwqp The Hi -Y Club, under the leadership of its of- P-5 ficers, has a busy and successful year, Several pro- C' n jects were undertaken as the Hi -Y began the year by putting up and taking down the football bleachers. Their next big project was a Clean Speech Campaign. Caroling at Christmas with the Y-Teens and providing a basket for a needy family were highlights during the winter months. Officers of the club included: Dave Welcome, President, Steve Fulk, Vice President, Bill Disque, Secretary, Bob Ianney, Treasurer, and Bill Blake, Sergeant-at-Arms, Mr. Shock was sponsor, ,I BLFlNl46 dang 70omae "To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life, those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians" is the purpose of the Y-Teens. This year the Y-Teens chose as their projects: collecting money for polio and heart funds, collect ing food for a deserving family at Christmas, being in charge of the coat check room at home basket- ball games, and decorating the high school Christmas tree. Many officers and members at- tended a Spring Conference. Several parties were held during the year, one of which was a joint caroling party with the Hi -Y at Christmas time. Officers this year were: Helen Pittenger, Presi- dentg Carole Taylor, Vice President, Deedie Baum- gartner, Treasurerg Wanda Payton, Secretaryg and Council Members, Nancy Baumgartner, Chairman, Gay Willis, Georgianne Urban, Nancy Partington, and Dianne Moore. 72 ROW 1, L. to R.: Dockrey, Deaton, Schacht, Greer, Hartwell, Mack, Atchison, Hollis, Stansberry, F. Stelter. ROW 2: Ohler, Wood, Collier, Gross, Vollenhals, Krischak, Flook, I-light, Fuller, Gregory, Millspaugh, Etchison Rogers. ROW 3: Meador, Pirtle, Stelter, Brenner, Leach, Kantner, Jackson, Pittenger, Nash, Overby, Manring, Gooding, Taylor, Wells, Disque, Cox, Binder, Jarman, J. Flook, Chatterson. ROW 4: Mrs. Millican, Canaday, Clarkson, Leach, Etchison, Miller, Love, Mohler, Johnson, Nacoff, Cassell, Stone, Hysong, P. Dockrey,Mohler, Thias, Workman, Davis. .lead ta Zum Zamele, Danna Wana! The Future Homemakers of America strive to -e.-r equip those girls, primarily interested in home- making, for the future, and to help promote inter- national peace. The main goal is to be an honor chapter, and to do this, the club must meet certain requirements. Each requirement is a project in itself. The club acted as hostess for Career Day and sponsored a bake sale to boost the treasury. F.H.A. Week was held for the girls and their parents in April to promote togetherness. Officers of the club this year were: Rosetta Gooding, Presidentg Carole Taylor, Vice Presidentg Sharon Wells, Secretary, and Sue Ellen Disque, Treasurer. Mrs. Millican sponsored the group. ROW 1, Left to Right: Dockrey, Gooding, Montgomery, Meyer, Richards, Thurston. ROW 2: Edgell, Smith, M. Gooding, Etsler, Paddock, Cox, Chaplain, Mr. Disque. ROW 3: Spell, Stansberry, Bryan, Owens, R. Richards, Williams, J. Chaplin, Wood. ROW 4: Stubbs, Wells, Hanlin, Pierce, Roach, Douglas. 'Mae 2344 Known Quay '74ov?14!w4q4a Future Farmers of America is a National or- ganization of farm boys enrolled in vocational j ,-, agriculture. The local organization sponsors land, crop, poultry, dairy, and livestock judging teams. Many honors were won by the group this year in judging competition. Scholarship, citizenship, and improved project work is also stressed by the club. Local officers this year were: Q no 5 U President ..... . . . Larry Richards Vice President . . . . . John Dockrey sr 65 4 '7 Secretary ..... ..... T im Meyer Treasurer . . . . .Darrell Gooding Sentinel . . ....... Terry Montgomery Reporter . . ........... Phil Thurston Mr. Disque was club sponsor. 74 ,ms -mf These students are selected by the faculty for leadership, character, scholarship, and service for member- ship in the National Honor Society. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Baumgartner, Ella Jane Millspaugh, John Prough, Anita Muller, and Helen Pittenger. ?acaZtq4ndS 70afu67 on77ul!em4 ROW l, L. to R.: Schacht, Ice, Latchaw, Rodney, Flook, Berry, Ray. ROW 2: Mr. Burdsall, Mrs. Oberholtzer, Pittenger, Owens, Millspaugh, King, S. Latchaw, Gall, Blake, Prough, Mrs. Laws, Mr. Wehsollek. The Student -Teacher Co -op is an organization in which students may participate in the school adminis- tration. Any student may make suggestions through his class representatives or the suggestion box. The group sponsored the orientation program for the freshman class and also installed a pay telephone booth. The class representatives attended a Student Council Conference early in November at which they formed the Eastern Central Indiana Regional Student Council Association. Officers were: Steve King, Chairman, Sandy Latchaw, Vice Chairman, Sylvia Gall, Secretary, Jane Mills paugh, Treasurer. 75 ,. 7 ge '75 Swan ofa , 'Mew fade 71-:we Vt! The band was an outstanding example of versatility. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Bowers, They performed at several concerts during the school year and participated in Crescendo Varrties They also won honors in state band contests This year in addition to the many hours of practice they took on an additional chore of earning money for new uniforms Seniors receiving jackets and sweaters for four years in band were: Virginia Pirtle, Linda Jack- son, Sharon Hayes, Karen Beard, Dave Bailey, Jerry Hines, Dave Steele, Steve Fulk, Dave Wel- come, Ron Lynch, and Warren LeVeque. 'Q re' f a . 6,5 'QQ- if "'4-fir . if-P Qc i Lyyix they were equally proficient in marches, classical or "Pop" music. 4 1 V ' 5 If ' IS. 76 ' fu ' 740ze2zaSon9ckZ4ef4rJz,. Q And it's a lovely song if it's sung by the high school choir. This group of talented students brings enjoyment to the whole community as well as the student body. They participate in the annual Pop Concert, Crescendo Varities, and various school and civic programs. Their very successful director is Mr. Crosley. ,..,-at Mr. Crosley interprets a passage for his accompa- nist, Darlene Closser. 77 D Dewtedto Dewey Decimal The librarians, under Mrs. Loy, help students become familiar with searching for needed materials and how to use the library to their best advantage. LEFT TO RIGHT: Emily White, Frances Meador, Deedie Baumgartner, Norma Adams, Mary Breeze, Pam Hover, Mrs. Loy. STANDING: Jean Van Horn, Helen Pittenger, Mary Jo Workman, Cathy Hysong, Judy Hysong 74646 5 Lfouelcee 24454 Four new members have been added to the regular two rows of twirlers to make a sixteen piece twirling corps, known as the PACERS. The corps performs at home bas- ketball games. Left to Right: ROW 1: Karen Beard, Judy Hoppes, Sue Hines, Judy Vollenhals, Anita Ray, Karen Cunningham. ROW 2: Arlene Allen, Emilie Matney, Jonetta Cleaver, Mary Ann Hooker, Pam Cox, Karen Kell NOT SHOWN Susie Thias y. : Faith Mohler, Sheri Robbins, Diana ' Schle eter. aw M 0.40491 'ma yazzwmzw. ROW 1, Left to Right: Canaday, Urban, Vaught, Hollis, Love,Barrett, Carroll, Schleeter, Leach, Overby, Fuqua, Millspaugh, Haas, LeVeque. ROW 2: Cleaver, Mason, Knapp, Flook, I-light, Paddock, Leach, Lawson, Fraundorfer, Carver, Krischak, Mohler, Dodd, Loveless. ROW 3: Latchaw, Roach, Miller, Warner, Davis, Lib ler, Cooper, Jackson, Hooker, Henderson, Pittenger, Willis, Lynch, Miss McCammon, Workman, Antle, Foust, Pirtle, Vollenhals, Maddox, Lynch, Rhorer, Sigler. ROW 4: Cleaver, Hanlin, Spell, Knapp, Ray, Fox, Schacht, Olsen, Oliver, Burden, King, Summers, Brady, Chatterson, Wells, Welcome, Mohler, Odom, Matney, Stone, Thias, Clarkson. "lt is our task to better the things that we be- lieve in." This is what the Junior Red Cross has tried to do in the past by sharing, learning, caring, and serving. The J. R. C. has tried to make our school a better place by carrying out many projects to support their platform. This year's activities included: a candlelight initiation service, cleaning the blacktop, holding a tea for teachers, sponsoring a sock hop, and a Sweetheart Ball, Leading the club this year was President Ron Lynch. Other officers were: Gay Willis, Vice President, Beth Azimow, Secretary, and Nancy Henderson, Treasurer. Miss McCammon was spon- sor of the group. 'Mae S Jun? Sgaazec - 7449 Deg Sga-me Zoot LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Janney, Dave Steele, Jane Ellen Doster, John Prough, Warren LeVeque. ROW 2: Joe Mack, Pat Brady, Sylvia Gall, Sandra Krischak, Ed Mattew, Ed Janney, George Powless. ROW 3: Larry Lam- bertson, Mr. Shock, Dan Steele, Phil Hahn, Tim Meyer, Terry Wright, Richard Woosnam, Bill Disque. Mu Alpha Theta is a national honorary mathe- matics fraternity for high school and junior college students. To be selected for membership in this honorary organization, a student must obtain high scholastic standing in the field of mathematics and a "B" average in other solid subjects. The student must be of high moral character and a good citizen red CVT --V705 may in his or her school and community. Prerequisite 2 to membership is first year algebra, plane geometry, 431 and current enrollment in third year advanced math- - ' ll ematics. 'S Q O The purpose of Mu Alpha Theta is to stimulate r X further interest in the field of mathematics. Y Seventeen members were initiated into the X if Alexandria chapter this year. Warren LeVeque was -' president. - X Mr. Shock, sponsor, organized this chapter last Q X year, fr x A a as ggii---. ,z I , -3- f ' ..,,,,,, AQ-2 Y- A - .-1-' --Yee - 1,,s,.a:L-l. ?e5!teaz6deoufomt4e 'ken 7emn! ROW 1, Left to Right: Overby, Kerr, D. Jackson, N. Baumgartner, Flook, Jarman, Lowther, Haines, Beard. ROW 2: Widener, Wood, Long, Heartbarger, Stone, Jones, Butler, Krischak, Magee. ROW 3: D. Baumgart- ner, Musick, Peters, Krischak, Cleaver, Ferguson, McGinnis, Barrett, Reeves. ROW 4: Harris, Azimow, Hin- ton, Owens, Disque, Urban, Cassell, Kantner, Johnson. ROW 5: Clarkson, Fuller, Davis, Libler, Gregory, Canady, Tankersly, Bowyer, Hollis. ROW 6: Lundy, Haas, LeVeque, Fuqua, Ice, Maddox, Schacht, Hoppes, N. Heartbarger. ROW 7: Steele, Knapp, Moody, Morlock, Porter, Wright, Mason, Lawson, McClead. ROWS: Hannah, Golden, Jones, McC1ung, Fox. Cheerblock met every Wednesday evening with the cheerleaders to practice motions, yells, and to take care of any order of business. They traveled to the Sectional and decorated the gym for the annual football and basketball ban- quets. A pot-luck supper was given in honor of the basketball teams in February. Cheerblock uniforms were white chemise blouses with red ties and red gloves. Officers for the year were: President, Doylene Jackson: Vice President, Emilie Matneyg Secretary, Nancy Baumgartnerg and Treasurer, Carolyn Baum- gartner. Mr. Burdsall was sponsor for the group. 81 An integral part of any school is the athletic program, and Alexandria High School offers a variety of sports including basketball, football, track, baseball, and cross -country. As a member of the Central Indiana Conference, Alexandria plays keen com- petition and matches that competition with skill and good sportsmanship. '7t7a6e42maw4nd?umw, fgotlaatlezdgltplaced ROW 1, L. to R.: Latchaw, McFerran, Boston, Huddleston, Chaplin, Davis, Gipe, Lahee, Hahn, Mack. ROW 2: P. Lineberry, Montgomery, Leach, Beeman, Goen, Foster, Payton, Prough, Telfer, Johnson, Stevens. ROW 3: Coach Wehsollek, Broyles, Harrison, Wells, Welcome, Pierce, Woosnam, D. Lineberry, Woelfert, VanHorn, Gustin, Dockrey, Assistant Coach Green. Sept. Oct. SCHEDULE 5 Royerton 9 Fairmount 12 Mississinewa 19 Elwood 26 Warsaw 3 Hartford City 11 Highland 17 Tipton 21 Madison Heights 24 Wabash THEY '7 13 26 24 24 26 '7 20 12 37 With only eight lettermen returning from last year's squad, a great challenge faced Head Coach Wehsollek and Assistant Coaches Green and Wilson. Although the Tigers defeated only Highland and tied Royerton, the outcome ofthe other games was al- ways in doubt because of the Tigers' fighting spirit and desire to win. Senior tackle Dave Welcome was chosen to the ALL CONFERENCE team at the annual C.I.C. Ban- quet at the close of football season. Seniors on the 1958 squad were: STEVE FULK, MIKE GIPE, JOHN PROUGI-I, PHIL LINEBERRY . JOE WELLS, DAVE WELCOME, BILL PIERCE, PAUL VAN HORN, JOHN DOCKREY, TOM WILLIS, and TOM HARTWELL. Stevens crashes in for the "ki11." An alert defender about to break up pass play. "Three yards and a cloud of dust." 85 -L cazdvzgfcyd gang ROW 1, Left to Right: Humphries, Myers, Hines, Plackard, Henderson, Moore, Reynolds, Gaunt, Gosnell, Carroll, Ewing. ROW 2: Muey, Lockwood, Rhorer, Crume, Jolliff, Hughes, Barrentine, Bugby, Lewis, Lazen- by, J. Lockwood. ROW 3: Mr. Wilson, Cartwright, Lewis, McCord, Lowe, Hahn, Engle, Slone, Nolan, Mr. Diclson. Junior High had a successful 1958 season. The boys learned basic fundamentals that will equip them to make the grade in the future years. IN P5 'Q' SCHEDULE We They Highland 13 7 Mississinewa 21 6 Madison Heights 6 25 Tipton 6 30 Highland 13 20 H1466 Me Wag, 7cya 7eam, 1466 Me 704.y! " Linda Warner, Margaret Cartwright., Sharon Jackson, and Becky Mohler led cheers for the Varsity football and basketball teams. The girls wore red corduroy skirts and jack- ets . The "B" Team Cheerleaders, Vicki Hinton, Carolyn Krischak, Mary Jo Magee, and Pam Stone wore white corduroy skirts and jackets with red trim. Red gloves added color to their out- fits. ndra Reeves served as the "Tiger Mascot." 3 ' 1 lja-fi, U6 d 74eyQafaqt4e 7490: gamzadnta 254314 ROW 1, Left to Right: Joe Wells, Steve Fulk, Paul Jones, Richard Prough, David Welcome, Tom Willis. ROW 2: John Matthew, Managerg Tom Hartwell, Ron Gamer, Bill Disque, Coach Burdsall, Richard Woosnam, Joe Weaver, Gary Foster, Manager, Phil Lineberry. VARSITY SCHEDULE We They The Alexandria Tigers, under the able coaching of Hagerstown 52 42 "Shorty" Burdsall, compiled a season record of. twelve Warsaw 1 58 43 wins and eight defeats. Huntington 46 49 The Bengals, with six lettermen returning, had a Noblesville 55 42 conference record of five wins and four defeats. New Castle 38 44 The Tigers took possession of the silver horseshoe Tipton 55 57 after defeating Rochester in an overtime, and by Royerton COvertimej 44 46 winning over Peru, kept possession of it. Until the HIGHLAND TOURNEY Tigers are defeated in conference play, the horseshoe Highland 57 41 will remain property of Alexandria High School. Madison Heights 61 71 Seniors on this year's team were: TOM HART- Pendleton 59 49 WELL, TOM WILLIS, JOE WELLS, STEVE FULK, PAUL Muncie Burris 51 54 JONES, DAVE WELCOME, Summitville 60 58 Mississinewa 53 76 Hartford City 67 51 Elwood 47 51 Frankton 62 55 Wabash QOvertimeJ 44 42 Middletown 75 54 Rochester fOvertimeJ 52 49 Peru i 59 43 740 Zavzh Q. 7Zext Zane Suu. ROW 1, Left to Right: Joe Mack, Terry Montgomery, Landon Smith, Tom Binder, Phil Thurston. ROW 2: Coach Burdsall, Steve Simison, Managerg Danny Johnson, Ray Gustin, Fred DeVine, Tom Leach, Bob Stevens, Louis Harrison, Manager. Coach "Shorty" Burdsall's B-Team compiled a season's record of twelve wins and six losses. After defeating Tipton in the first game of the Elwood Tourney, they lost to Elwood in the final game at night. In conference play, the Reserves won five and lost four. Next year's Varsity, which will be composed of many of this year's Reserves, should be a very strong team. Hagerstown Warsaw Huntington Noblesville New Castle Tipton Royerton Pendleton Muncie Burris Summitville Mississinewa Hartford City Tipton Elwood Elwood Frankton Wabash Middletown Rochester Peru B -TEAM SCHEDULE W e They 41 19 44 31 30 42 3 1 19 24 27 43 19 42 41 41 27 43 23 61 34 34 38 38 25 Elwood Tourney 45 41 28 36 34 38 41 21 46 17 45 22 42 53 28 29 Fulk, 40, and Prough, 34, fight for a rebound as Garner, 53, looks on. Wells, 43, gets the ball ahead of Garner, 53. Willis, 33, dribbles around Madison Heights Pirates. ,xrn 7 Same Oat 7690114 ROW 1, Left to Right: Roger Wamer, Eddie Foster, Jim Rodney, Gary Paddock, Manager, Stephen Lynch. ROW 2: Mascot, Brent Green, Frank Wood, Ron Richards, Larry Ryan, Larry Beeman, Jeff Latchaw. ROW 3: Coach John Green, Shirl Phipps, Mike Oliver, Charles Gustin, Don Hanlin, Sam Jones, Bob Blake, Manager, Kenneth Overby. NOV. 17 20 24 Dec. 1 3 11 15 18 Jan. 7 Fe 13 20 24 26 29 b.2 9 FRESHMAN SCHEDULE Highland Elwood Noblesville Mississinewa Royerton Hancock Lapel Pendleton Anderson South S. Tipton Pendleton Elwood Tourney Elwood Hartford City Madison Heights Noblesville Won Lost Won Won Won Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost Won Won Won Freshmen cheerleaders--Jean Fraundorfer, Diann McC1ead, Mary Ann Haas, and Mary l-Iocker-- wore green corduroy skirts and white corduroy over-blouses. ROW 1, Left to Right: Bert Shields, Jerry Humphries, Danny Edwards, Charles Cartwright, Chuck Steele, Terry Muey, Lee Jolliff, Stephen Hueston, Manager, Eric Schmidt. ROW 2: Manager, Larry Harrison, James Bowyer Jay Humphries, Eddie Gosnell, Mike Mason, Dennis Plackard, Don Hughes, Don Reynolds, Steve Hines, Tim McCord, Jeff Lockwood, Coach John Wilson. Junior High cheerleaders--Darlene Golden, Nina Heartbarger, Dianna Wood, and Nancy Walker-- wore red corduroy skirts and white sweaters. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. 92 JUNIOR HIGH SCHEDULE Cunningham Highland Elwood Mississinewa Royerton Taylor Tournament Lapel Anderson South S. Tipton Elwood Hartford City Leach Tournament Madison Heights Orestes Ingalls Won Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Qfcwe .lang pawn, 7041! 7fuweZ Cheerleaders' Club is open to anyone from the ninth to twelfth grades who wants to know more about cheerleading. Varsity cheer- leaders are sent by the club to cheerleading camp during the summer. A sock hop after the Summit- ville-Alex basketball game earned money for the treasury. Officers were: Margaret Cart- wright, President, Sharon Jackson, Vice President, Nancy Custer, Secretary-Treasurer. Mrs. Howell was sponsor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Magee, Heart- barger, Golden, Wood, Walker, Hinton. ROW 2: Stone, Haas, McClead, Hocker, Krischak. ROW 3: Custer, Fuqua, Cart- wright, Mohler, Jackson, War- ner, Fraundorfer, Disbennett. ROW 4: Urban, LeVeque, Ice, Mrs. Howell, Carroll. 'MW pm, 'raw ga, - 'raw , , r , , . sr I ' 'rw IH i ,,r, 93 tie Q.,-ff.,-ff. The Girls' Athletic Associa- tion is for girls in the ninth through twelfth grades. They met during noon hour every Friday and played volley- ball, ring tennis, and basketball Officers were: Jenny Pirtle, President, Peggy Cassell, Vice President, Gay Willis, Secre- tary, Pat Dockrey, Treasurer. Mrs. Howell was sponsor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Overby, Etchison, Lahee, Hight, Dis- que, Flook, Urban. ROW 2: Love, Metcalf, Bryant, Bow- yer, Raines, Wilson, Gooding, Mrs. Howell, Willis, Cassell, Dockrey. 71400-.4'e49ue ffetdadtcze Enjoyed ly View These boys are the noon-league basketball champs. RIGHT TO LEF T: Larry Richards,with ball, Art Cummings, Darrell Gooding, Bill Wilson, Phil Lineberry, Steve Roach. T x V Richard Prough and Tom Binder, surrounded by other chess fans, are deeply envolved in a noon- league game. Don Lynch and Wayne Collins are enjoying a game of ping pong during the lunch hour. Another school year has drawn to a close. The resounding voices the clatter of feet, and the ener l g a noisiness of Young Alexandria are still until next term. Our year was a busy, well rounded one, full of learning, activities and fellowship. We are grateful for the kind of education we re- ceived at Alexandria High School. The curriculum, the interest of the f 1 ' ' acu ty in our problems, and the extra curricular activities ave S us advantages that will benefit us all through our lives. As each graduating class says good-bye to Alexandria High S h l ' c oo , there is always a new, larger class to step into the breach. And each Fall business c ontinues as usual when "Young Alexandria Goes to School." 74a End 95 Deedle Baumgarmer and John Prough are giving a boost when it is really needed This 15 what our Boosters did for the Spectrum. THANK YOU! aaa fem G. A. Moore, D. C. Little Dutch Cleaners Benefiel's Market Hanlin's Hatchery Town Theater Bob Miller's Sinclair Rite-Way Plumbing Walker Transfer Anthony Fisher, D. D. S. Dan Rohn, D.D. S. Scott S. Trimble, D.D.S. Freestone Drugs Dari-Delight General Engineering Corp. George Morgan, Real Estate Alexandria Clinic Harry N, McClelland, M.D Self Service Laundry McNees Appliance, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Copher Earl Harrison, Real Estate Daniel's Newsstand Donald P. Jones, Attorney Everett Gaunt, M.D. Chesley Thomas, Insurance Agency Leewin Floral Co. Auto License Branch May Brothers Plumbing Fisher Gravel Co. White Spot 96 7wv!fic 'hge-w 740 '7aw-may 'EX AX 9 f' OJ ! qc- glfi , 1 lg 1 rf 't 1 x f , fl, X55 A ' 9 1 . xg" 4. WI X wg Q V x + 3 , 49 .ix in 3 f . ,, . 1, f if ' if Upsey-daisy, ind its wf got lt 4 ,WM WMM, - ,Y Q eludes -2 13'-R if EQ ,sf .J ' f.v4..,...,,:V4 ,Q ,, wk I I 'I ASQ-1,0 cf ,Q :sw to V ',o 5,.'p ' 0 ff. 'A' .-K I 2 '1?:'o 4 . Q I 1 sf fe e ,E 4 ,, ' A fpiwf' . f A :U .1-" 1' 5 , -1-""",f ,W Q My ' . 5,- If 41' mi f- 15:55 'fa Another rebound by , . Oh, please 4 qi ' "Q, , .N 'L xN THE BAC Happy coach cuts nets. 1 M Local merchants back Tigers. ' L 5 Lai 'T' ,- nni'n,,L..W,,. 3 fi YL 3 Q.: nk. The celebratlon was really a BALL! 'f A 1 2 55: ' 2' " 'Z' ' 1 Willa: im f Q . fix' , f 56 eww" r A ,ss a!1'MT'f'? 92,5 Wd if ' Dave Bailey, Dianne Moore, and Todd Davis have been on a shopping spree in the wonderful Alexandria stores. They found a wide selection of famous name-brand goods by pleasant, co-operative merchants. .xdcluerfiding FERMEN'S DRESS SHOP KARL M. KYLE Funeral Home Oxygen Equipped Ambulance 4-4411 412 N. Harrison BEATSON MOTOR C0. Your Friendly Ford Dealer INDIANA 8. MICHIGAN ELECTRIC CO. Alexandria Indiana BAlLEY'S DRUG STORE FLEENORS AUTO PARTS Alexandria Anderson The New Shoe Styles MULLEN'S SHOE STORE Alexandria ECONOMY SERVICE STATION 211 S. 'Harrison Alexandria STARR REFR lGERATION Alexandria, Indiana 504 Lincoln Ave. 4-2600 Compliments Of JOHNS-MANVILLE WESTERN AUTO STORE Tires Paints Bicycles Auto Accessories Radios 222 N. Harrison-4-2702 EARL D. RHODES JEWELRY Diamonds Silverware Billfolds Fine China Watches Crystal Alexandria Elwood-Tipton Indiana F. RAY HULL AND SON, INC. Compliments of, Massey-Ferguson Sales and Sewice ALEXANDRIA LUMBER COMPANY St. Rd. 28 4-3167 TASTEE-FREEZ North Harrison Street Alexandria Indiana COX SUPER MARKET Where price tells and price sells Alex dia Compliments of CARVER5 DNRY BAR ALEXANDRIA PuRE MILK 206 W. Washington distributor of M393 Quality checked dairy products SKATELAND BERG'S FLOWER SHOP Complete Wedding 8: Reception Service "We Have Everything to Serve Yo 929 W. W ashington Alexan dria "World's Largest Roller Rink Pipe Organ" ALLEN'S SHOE STORE and REPAIR SHOP 206 N. Harrison Compliments of NEAL JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY Alexandria Indiana THE BBIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Automatic Headlight Control AUTRONIC-EYE and T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAIIIPS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. ANDERSON, INDIANA ALEXANDRIA BANKING CO. Alexandria, Indiana Bank of Friendly Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. YOUNG AGES ARMSTRONG HARDWARE 8. ELECTRIC ,Iunction 9 81 28 Alexandria, Indiana 4-3477 RYBOLT'S SPORTING GGODS 116 W. Church Alexandria Indiana Home-Owned Established-1894 THE DAILY NEWS 120 W. Washington St. 4-3791 Commercial Printing Compliments Of GUY C. LEWIS Real Estate BROYLES Home of Furnishings Compliments Of DAVIS 8- STRICLER Funeral Directors ALEXANDRIA BAKERY 122 N. Harrison Alexandria Indiana Compliments Of .lEwEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Fancy Hair Styles Compliments Of C 8, D GROCERY RECCRD a FLOWER SHOP Compliments DANNER'S 54-104 to 51.00 STORE Alexandria Indiana SlZELOVE'S ROOT BEER STAN D CORNER cuPBoARo GIL MILLER'S SINCLAIR Distribution for Mohawk Tires A Step in the Right Direction Is a Step Toward Johnson Seashore Motors Boats-Trailers Marine Accessories LEATHERS' BOAT HGUSE Elwood Ind COTTERMAN'S Home of Furniture You Can Live With Let Us Help You Start Your Home 1823 North A. St. 111-115 W. Washington FE 2-5162 4-34-57 Compliments Compliments of Of CHARLES H. STARR AG 212 N. Canal Alexandria Indiana Insurance of all Kinds Alexandria Indiana 4-4032 Your Clothes Are 9027 of Your Appearance For Prompt Service Satisfaction Guaranteed Call FRANKTON CLEANERS 2275-Frankton BAUMGARTNER'S distinctive men's wear 108 S. 'Harrison GULF STATION 124 S. Harrison Alexandria Ind. THE HALL AGENCY Alexandria Indiana Insuran Richard R. Hall Q w ROBINSON TlGER K BRAND 5521 'ffl YQ LLIMBER " ' COMPANY, LAWRENCE INC. Everything Best in Paint S Varnish Alexandria Indiana ALEXANDRIA PAINT and SUPPLY CO 416 E. Washington St. 4-3528 Compliments NATIONAL GYPSUM CO. ALEXANDRIA PLANT MANUFACTURERS Gold Bond Insulation Products illfllfllil COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST co A Home of Savings Alexandria India V - V . Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. THE CARPET HOUSE Carpet Blinds Compliments 0 Tile Drapes BERT'S CAFE Linoleum Shades 112 W. Church 4-2567 1 16 N. Harrison fffff ROBERT E. BROBST Pho to Supply and Finishings Tape Recorders 107-111 N. Canal St. Ph. 4-3740 Alexandria, Ind. . Q-F-U . ':.-,,,- 'N K -.-',.,,,......-4 W. H. MAY HARDWARE Y J, figs' 0 if W J SUMMERS T. V. SALES AND SERVICE 115 W. Garfield 4--4256 "Your Philco Dealer" Serving All Makes and Models Compliments Of Lyle and Iack MILLER MoToRs JU 2E.Wht UW 19 .' as ing V117 f Alexandria Ind, OZA PARKER 123 W. Washington Alexandria Indiana RECORD REXALL DRUGS Prescriptions-A-Specialty Al . . HlATT'S POULTRY MARKET exandria, Indiana 4-2122 Harrison K John Alexandria Indiana Compliments Of AZIMOW AND CULBERTSON 206 S. Curve 4-3447 LOVELESS LUMBER CO. 812 W. Adams Alexandria Indiana 4-4284 a A aassd A, .. Ei: Compliments A 1 M Of YATES' GROCERY Alexandria, Ind. 518 N. Harrison 4-7346 TOP HAT DRIVE-IN St. Road 28 West COCKERHAM MOTORS St. Rd. 9 North Alexandria Indiana pin 1 HINTON 8. KILGORE STANDARD SERVICE St. Hd. '9 North DAVID STEELE . . . Photographer Alexandria "Yearbook Photographer" GREEN'S FLOWERS 112 West Monroe Funeral Designs Cut Flowers Potted Plants Corsages 4-24-64- ALEX THEATRE 407 N. Harrison Alexandria Indiana GERTRUDE'S BEAUTY SHOP "For Fine Beauty Care" Manicures-Scalp Treatments Soft Water Shampoos Alexandria, Indiana 110 W. Church 4-3331 CENTRAL INDIANA GAS CO. Compliments Of HUESTON DRY GOODS H 8- H SANDWICH SHOP Alexandria 207 N. Harrison St. Indiana -Q GM'S FIREBIRD III LEADS THE WAY, STARTING J wnn nsico-REMV .nd Now inquiring minds have turned space-age tools-electronics, transistors, computers-to ground-level motoring. ' ' ' ' ' ' l ' ' ' ation in motion, From tapering mouth to towering dorsal fin, the experimental Firebird ll is imagin bristling with new ideas from many General Motors divisions. The vital "heart"-the electrical system-of this new concept in transportation for the future was designed and built by Delco-Remy engineers. From the compact, transistorized voltage regulator to the 110-volt auxiliary a.c. generator- h t erate home power systems in emergencies or run appliances on camping trips-Delco-Remy's contributions to powerful enoug o op , Firebird lll engineering point out the shape of things to come in the automotive -electrical equipment industry. ments in the field of automotive electrical systems Experimental? Yes. Exceptional? No-for working to develop improve is ax permanent task here. Rather than wait for the future, we like to step forward and meet it. Delcoi-Remy A . Y, f DELCO-REMY n DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS 0 ANDERSON. INDIANA f -fi74-ffVQ5Qf1Q?, AL,f,J?fz.. ' ML, Zifvc-vaC4TJC'ff1"6. M? 1 Y Q- ' C2 I 3 Q as 77 7 'M Xa S-i r P t 3 Q Y -mr- Y Y O V6 ,J KK WM jg- ZQTXGM Wvbz Sym SL lyk? ZR YR Y 1:5 QQ? 'Q ter iff if 1 1 ,rw l - 1 fI0W1M AQ? X W I I J , do icy? V iii as lf W'VlW wiijf Me w J W fe "Ha, dijavl W W M QQQ5! 9565! iii E my atm? , N N N K A is f I K 14 K , ,, . g A , K H g72w'fQ - dwfii WWE 2-wi' X4 4 at wvfffwsfgaojkf f Ki Qi X9 wr ' JB , 1 K5 f A 16, vi -32" I 4 ,JD ' 135235, My wfiffw sQ fggfjj - V ' aww. G Z XJ Q- . . X ' a yr- 'if fm NX N 22512 A 9 +-f .5 3 R 55,5 Xx : J - 5

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