Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN)

 - Class of 1957

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PRESENTING EQ 1 T T Editor-in-Chief Betsy A Q X Business Manager X Art Editor FUIIFWIIIRII Y' 'J Q1 3 -ffl if ' nan? 1514! B 3 Q I' ' E51 13" 9, 4 X ns. lifgfmf As we leave A l-I A there IS much that we wrll remember Thrs rs a book of memorres of classeQ of the enjoyment we found workrn together rn extra enrrrcular actrvttres of the efforts plll forth by our Trger athletes lt rs the wrbh of the staff that rn the years to come thrs Nur spectrum wtll recall events of these happy years 2 Y" 'V A r A I Y -EK .. ,, eff " 1 V I as 10. -4 , t , 3: ii ,nur "' Sn " 2 l 4. 1 Y ' :H ". ups , ., " Y . mf ' ., L '- , Q ' wg. 1 V , .mf gf -- ,lt 1-H ...Q 'Q ,. " r' , :A ' k .. np: W' 1 .,,.: -, 4: ' , , , ,. , ...ta. . Q ,D A . I ' , -' e lu' F l . -F M oe L f ,- .,I'..: 1 'lt . gm. rv, 1522 X , . X I 4 4 , . , I ' ., L ng.. y X 'N 0 0 O! b I U D 4 . , Y . . - ... .... ... . . 3 .H . . ,,. . . , , .f , , . IIEIIIHTIIIN Q 4 0 J Q 'I on lu gratoful appruratrou for your rmerest Ill all our school actruues, and for your uutlrrug Lffortb ab dmma roach to make our semor Clase play a bugcms wud for the ourrrhuuou of your turn and talrut ur helpmg UQ rn the aragopraft for 111 our othnr srhool programs, WL the suuor glass of 195 dcdrcalp thu Qpcctrum to you, Xlr Roy Ellrs Brown 3 , . 4 .1 x. Q A 1 'f .. , f . y my I 'N EW: , ,. 'J L., Y . . ,D . In 1, 5 , ' ' N, x . L , , ' 5 V . . 5-S, L C ' ' r ' x E ' ' N ' . ,. L , . 3, V H ' . 5 jj IIITHII THIS IIIIIIII fs IdnlinislqraIIion ............. F Seniors ...... ...... h Fndcrvlassnlvn ............. 21. Faoulty and Flassvs Activities and Ilrganlzatlons Yportv I I J ........ 6 ' ' ....... ..... Ii ll . ....... - ..... YI: ,Q iw Af J'TxP"" Mr Fred Dtsque pr1nc1pal of the Alexandrta Juruor Hlgh School 4? .ff .41 Members of the Alexandrra School Board are Dr Everett Gaunt Cllfford Sheley Albert Baumgartner and Supermtendent of Alexandrla Sehools Kelro lwhtteman AIIMI I 'l'llA'I'lll ,if "" f' Mr Vtctor Exans prmctpal of the Alexandrta Semor Htgh School Seated at her desk IS Mlss Georgta Edgell Htgh School secretary Standmg behmd her IS Mtss Helen Washburn Ctty School secretary 5 -15 , , sk ff X i , 1 , 'fx 5 x I , t , iv KJ 5 . 'wx v-o f 4 Q., ,J---+ A ,rl-1 I ' A . I . in Q , I I , Y FQ, I l ' P fr 4 , -fr r 'I . ii is ' g V C ' Q 9 5 , q ' K . 3 NRE 1 xx qw .if . U 47' ,I l 4 y w. f u 1 Q l N-N ll i ,. 1 ' . . 1 " NIUE Vx II it J f -61 , , -Q' 47 g l 'pg ' -ff 4 V? 43 mf X 'E' BEVERLY ADDISON Busincssg Y-Teens ig Tiger Club l, 2,I3gCl1oir3,-lg 'I'iger's Tale -Ig E.H,A, ig Dancing Class Ig Jr, Red Cross lg Drama lg G,A.A. lg Modern Dance l, IDA ANDERSON Academicg Entered from Zion, Ill. 3g Y-Teens 3,-lg Drama 3gA1- cbemist Club 23,-1. MIRIAM IOANNA AUTH Business 'I Teens 2 8 4 T1 cr Club 1234 Cbo1r234 I, 'od i' '27, QC' PATRICIA SUE ALDERIDGE Home Economicsg Y-Teens l,2g Tiger Club Iig Choir 33,-ig lf.H,A, 2,3, G,A.A, 1, 1 JOYCE ALEXANDER Businessg Y-Teens 2,3g Tiger Club l,2,I3g Cheerleaders Club l,3g Co-op, 'Treasurer 2g Band 1,2g Twirling Corps lg Twirlcr '2,3,4g Drama lg Kanleen Board 1,2, L-:I lil' ' 'W ' 'Q M - :E ' ' I l l- ,, ,g lx. . - .Y ,,,T1?g'iT'4?Q :tw i g ' - ' 3' .. b-'lx ' ' LARRY LEE BASS-ETT Academic- Hi-Y 3 4- F T,A, 1- I R C 2 Band l 2 3 4 Aleliemist Club 3 4 MARVIN E . ASHBY Industrial Arisg AQ' Choir 2,3,4g' Z7 Noon League 2,3, REBECCA BEA TSON Business Course, Wwe' -X 1, BILL BENIJER Academicg Varsity "A" Club 2,3,45 Basketball 1,45 Football 45 Golf 1,3,45 Choir 25 Office i3,4. Noon League 2,235 l,R,C, 2,45 Spectrum Staff 35 Alchemist Club f3,4. 'F-lp GLORIA ANN BERRY Businessg YfTeens 1,25 Tiger Club 1,25 HILTON BRONNER Industrial Arts5 Hi-Y 8,45 Noon League 33,45 Drama l. 431- Q. s 1 g1s.s'2m,fa.f CAROL LEE BROTHERTON Business5 Y-Teens 2,35 Tiger Club 1 2,35 Choir 3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3. LARRY LYN CADE Academicp Hi-Y 2,3,45 Basketball 225 Baseball 25 Track 3,45 Noon League 1 3,45 Varsity "A" Club 45 Tiger Club 2, 35 Alchemist Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Class Vice-President 1. -nr-y General Course. PAULA JEAN CARVER Business5 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Tiger Club 1, 2,3,4, Secretary 45 Spectrum Staff 45 FRED CASTOF Choir 3,45 Co-op 45 Cheerleaders Club AC3d9m1C: HI-Y 3.4: TIHCR lg Football Queen 35 Dancing Class 15 lg F.T,A, 2,3,45 Alchemist Tigers Tale 4. Club 3'4- CHARLES BURTON 45' JIM COLLINS DALE COLLIS GEORGE CUNNINGHAM Acadcmicg Hi-Y 1l,3,45JI. Red Cross 15 Agriculture5 I-li-Y 3,45 Choir 45 Noon Industrial Artsg Hi-Y 35 Football 1,25 Alchemist Club 3,-4. League 2. Baseball l,2,3. DAVID CUSTER Industrial Arts5 Noon League 1. FRED DICK Academicg Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football l,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Varsity "A" Club 1,2,3,45 Tiger Club l,2,3,4g LINDA DAVIS Choir l,2,3,4g Drama lg Spectrum Staff Home Economicsg Y-Teens 2,35 45 Tigers Tale 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Co-op F.H.A, l,2,3. 25 Boys' State 3. ALFRED E , CUSTER, Industrial Artsg Hi-Y 3,45 Cross' Country 35 Football 1,25 Modern fu' Q, M Dance l,3. - .. 5 f 1 SHIRLEY KAY DISBENNETT Home Economicsg Y-Teens lg Tiger Club 45 F.H.A . 35 Choir 45 Cheerleader's Club 1. f-at . Gf' 4-- 'TJ' DONALD DISQUE adn,r111L H Y 34 V ru 1 e111 4 A1ChCII11Sl Club 3 4 Basketbil 3 4 Basebill 5 4 Cross Couuuy 1 fblly A Clubl Honor bouuy 3 4 CYNTHIA ANIN EVANS Busuuss Y hens 3 4 beerelary 3 Pres1de11t 4 Co op becretary 3 Spectrum Staff 2 5 4 Art I:d1tor 4 T1ger s 'lalc Eduor 111 Cl11cf4 Nauoual Houor bouely 3 4 G1r1s state 3 Il"ldl1SI1'131 Arts Track 1 AILIILIIHSI Bll5lllCSS Y Teens 3 T1ger Club 3 HOADLEY PLOOK Club 4 Cl1o1r 3 4 Daucmg Class 1 1I1dllSlI'l31 Arts Cho1r 1 O Jr Red Cross 1 -635754 gnu!!- - 19+ J O 1 Ax an 4' - A . Al A R4 ' 111. lit. '-'75 A 1-IL if AC 1 "Q 1-'3, , ice-P fsd' 5 ' I , 3 ' 1 1 1,2 V3 ' " " ' -gI5.F.A.l,2,IS, Vice-PresidentJ3g1,R,C,4g Nalioual JAMES W. FETZ LAURA RObALIE FINK 5. ,.,.. l il . 1, 1:- 1'4" ,gf .1 5 . K I r , 34" X f f JANET SUE FREES LONlTA FRIEND RAYMOND GARINIER Horne Econoniiifs5 Y-Teens 353,45 Businessg Y-Teens 2,255 l,R,C , 25 Acadeinity Entered from Glenwood, Ark lf.'l'.A . 3,4, President 45 l3,ll.A . 3,-1, Tiger Club l,Q,fS,-lgOfl-lceli,-1, L35 lli-Y 45 Alelieniist Club 45 Boys' YicefPresident 45 Band l,3,13,-45 State Alternate 3. Drania l. HAROLD H. LARRY WILLIAM GRANGER GROSS Industrial Arts: Acadernic5 Hi-Y 3, Clwif 3.3.49 K Q 45 Alchemist Club Noon League 12,235 .. 3,45 Band 1,25 roorba112,3.45 5 rrgt-is rare 4. Varsity "A" Club 4 CHARLES HENRY LYLA JEAN HAlNES GEORGE HARRISON Busincssg Hi-Y 3,45 Co-op 2,3,4, Business5 Y-Teens 13,45 Tiger Club 1, Academic5 Hi-Y 45 F.T.A . 25 Al- Chairman 45 Tigers Tale 45 Track lg 12,3,45 Choir 3,45 Twirler 45 Drania lg chemist Club 3,45 Drama lg Noon Basketball 25 Choir 1,2,3,45 Drama 35 Dancing Class 1. Leagues 2,I3,4, Jr. Red Cross 3. ,iv , Q X '!!"l'T'7 OMA LOU IIENSLEY Busiucssg Y-Tccus 2g Tiger Club l,!g Baud 2,Ii,4g Choir 4 Q-1 DAVE lIUlxlPllRll5S ludustrial Artsg 'ligt-r's Tale 4. ROSALIE IIYSONG liusiucssg Y-Tccus 2,3,-lg Tiger Club l,2g Dancing Class lg Drama lg Choir 1Z,Z3,4g Cheerleaders Club l. 0 Vi I. ARTHUR JACKSON Academicg Cross Country lg Basketball Sl. Mgr. l,2,3,-lg Track St. Mgr. lg Football St. Mgr. 2g Hi-Y 2,3,-1, Treas- urer 4g Varsity "A" Club 3,4g l,R.C, 2Z,3,4g Alchemist Club 3,4g Tiger Club lg Co-op, Treasurer 3g Rifle Club lg Drama lg Industrial Arts Award I. PATRICIA RUTH JACKSON Academicg Y-Teens 2.3,-lg Tiger Club l,i,8g l.R.C, 2,3,4g Alchemist Club Q3,4g F.H.A. l,2. E-J Sl -1-:f"9 -- I . VERNON HUSE Industrial Artsg Noon League 2,f5,AI. NANCY C . ISIQLIEY Home Ecouomitrsg Ijutcred from Gaston 4. JOHN W. JANNEY Acadcmicg Hi-Y :3,4, Secretary 4g Basketball l,2,I5g F.F.A. l,:2,3,-1, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4g Alchemist Club 3,4g Vice-President of Class 3. b 'Q' if 4-54' 5'-.1 Blll IOHINSOB lx-XY ANIN JOIINSOIN 105111511 L11 101111 5 X1111111 lL LIIILILLI t1o111 A11dL15o11 1 5111155 H 111 1 1 1 111111 H1 5 4 l'11.s1d111 Q 4 812111.11111 15 P11511l1111 1 C1o11 Nfl A Chl? 5 4 V100 PFLS1 Cm 4 football l B1 limba l Z Basp 1 S4 P1es1d1, Al1l11111151Cl11b 3 4 Np1L1t111111bta 3 Cla 5 Off1cC1 l 7 5 V116 P1es1dc111 4 D1a1111 l S Nauonil Ho11o1 So111ty 15 4 11 11 1111 1 L 1 12111111 5 4 D 111111L C lus BL PSY ANY lxlDDER A 'illbllllt I:11tc,1c1l from lxokomo Z Qem 11121511111 3 T1g11 Club 5 4 Al1l1L1111st N L1-UM Cl11b 3 4 be1r1.ta1y AL KICUHC COUFSLV- 4 516111111111 l:d11or- i'-" 111-Cl11cf4-Co-op 5' 53 4 Ass1sta111 C . 4- Tigers T Q 4- Choir 4- Girl . Stare 23. 4915. DANNY LLL JERRY LEDFORD ll 'al Arts- Varsltx "A" 1'b I, - LINDA JOANJNI3 XICBRIDIE JAMES DANIEL AICCARTY JR P1c511le1114- Footlnll l L I 4 Cao! ' '1si11css- Y-"v ' 3 4- Tigc1C " 1 1'adc1111C- H1-Y L I -- ' I -- 4- Bagkuball 1 "- Yoon League 'S 4- L 3 4- Co-op l- Sp1ctr11111B11:1 es: lcl.e1111st Cl11b 33 4- jr. Red Cross 1 L T' r s 'l'a Q 4. Mmagcr 4- Clags Secretary 4. 3 4 Pr1:s1d1,11t L. , if 0'-"1" Kl3NNIi'l'll R, MCPIIEARSON JOHN W, MAIER DAVID MASON Busiuessg lfootball 1,233 'I'iger's Tale 4. Agricullureg Hi-Y 555 I:.lf,A, 1,253,413 Busiuessg Alchemist Club Il,-lg Tiger's Alelicluist Club 35 Track l,!. 'l'a1e 45 Drama lg Football l. MARY JO MlLLSPAUGiI Home Ecouomicsg Y-Teens 253, lg Tiger Club 1, 2, Hl-Y 4g NOON Q. I: I' A 1 n 'r n in Q 1 -I 3,-1, President 4g l:.'l',A . -lg Ir. Red Cross S. C HARLES MEEKS ludustrial Artsg League 2,3,4. SONDRA SUE MOHLER MAX GENE MILLSPAUGII Busiuessg Y-Teens 2,39 Tiger Club 2,35 Busiuessg Baud l,2,1l,4lg Clioir 33,-lg ROl3lll2'l' MOHLER Twirler 2,f3,-lg G,A .A . lg Dancing Alchemists Club 4. ludustrial Artsg Noou League l,. Class l. H6 nf? L DEAN MORGAN Agricultnreg Alchemist Club 13. PHILIP MYERS Academicg Track lg Baseball l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Noon Lea ue 3,3,4g Varsity Club l, !,3,4g I-Ii-Y 2,3, 45 Alchemist Club 35 Drama lg Choir i,2,3,4, Tigcr's Tale 4. SHIRLEY L, PEPPERS Businessg Football l,2g Noon League l,2,f3,4g Drama 1. T? 'ur' in ci 'wb wi 'I'IMO'I'IIY LEE MOORE TOMMY KARL MORRIS Gcncralg Entered from Anderson 4. Academicg Alchemist Club 15,45 Jr. Red Cross l,C3g Tiger's Tale 4. ,vis ""'?' IULIET POWLESS Academicg Y-Teens 2,35 Tiger Club 45 i,R,C, 2,3g Band l,2,3,4g Choir 43 Dancing Class lg Alchemist Club 8,45 Spectrum Staff 4g Tigers Tale 4. CC' JIM RATHEL MARGARET LOUISE OLSEN Bnsinessg Y-Teens 2,3,4g Tiger Club 2,3,4g Drama lg Band l,2,3,4g 1.R.C . 2.35 Spectrum Staff 1Z,3,4g Ti er's Tale 4g CEass Treasurer 2,3, 4g National Honor Society 3,4. Academicg Football lg Basketball lg Track l , 2g Vars my '-A" Club 2,35 F.F.A, l,2,3g Alchemist Club 3g Tiger's Tale 4, K 1 RON RICHARDS STEVE RICHARDS Industrial Arts5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Agriculture, Industrial Arrs5 Football Football 1,35 Track 1,25 Varsity "A" 1,2,l3,45 Track 1,25 Basketball St, Club 3,4. Manager 1,2,3,45 Varsity "A" Club LOUIE F. ROSS Academic5 Alchemist Club 3,45 Tiger's Tale 4. CHARLES SANQUNE TTI fin T is , 'ff', E .nm ' , . 4 .- 5 ',GEQfnEL 5 EH , m y wa A 7 ':5'fg1gI. 'bfi .gi DAVID RICHARDSON Academicg Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Choir 1, 2,3,45 Alchemist Club 3,45 Golf 25 Noon League 45 Jr. Red Cross 15 Tigers Tale 45 Weatlierbird Club 1 W "QW Industrial Arts5 Football5 Varsity BARBARA JEAN SAVAGE "A" Club 3,4, Secretary, Treas- Business5 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Tiger urer 45 Alchemist Club 3,45 Club 3,45 Choir 3,45 G.A,A, 15 Weatherbird Club 1. Tigers Tale 4. MARGARET JEAN RUSSEL Business5 Y-Teens 2,35 Tiger Club 3,45 Cheerleader' Club 35 Jr. Red Cross 1,2,35 Wy G.A.A.1,2,3,4, ff' Vice-President 45 ,Q Drama 15 F.H,A. 35 Choir 3, 45 Dancing Class 15 Athletic Office 45 Tiger's Tale 4. NORMAN S, SCHULTZ Academic5 Football 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Tiger Club 15 Jr. Red Cross 15 l-li-Y 2,3,45 Vice-President 35 l.R.C. 2,3,45 Co-op 15 Alchemist Club 3, 45 Class President 3,45 Spectrum Staff 2,3,45 Drama 35 National Honor Society 3,4. S Modern Dance 2,3 JOANN SCHUMACHER DEANHSMITH Bnsinessg Entered from Tacoma, Wash. Tiger Clnb 45 Tigers Tale 4. Bnsinessg Entered from Albany, Ky. 3: ' i am, LARRY LEE SUMMERS Agricnltureg F.F.A. l,2,3,4. WILLIAM EDWARD BEVERLY TERRELL TULOWITZKY lndnstrial Arts Businessg Choir Course. Q -I COLLEEN VOLLENHALS MCCORKLE CLYDE TULOWITZKY BL1Sll'1CSSg Y-Teens 2,35 Tiger Club 2,43 CURTIS WARREN Industrial Arts- Noon Lea ue l- Choir F .H.A . l,2g Choir 3,49 Cheerleaders Academicg Hi-Y 2,3,4g Alchemist Club , g . 2,3. Club 1. 3,45 Choir 3,4g Noon League 4. wi l"l'5 DEANNE WEAVER Businessg Y-Teens 2,3,45 Tiger Club 1, 2,3,45 Cheerleaders Club 1, 2,3,45 "B Team Cheerleader 2,35 Varsity 45 Twirler 2,35 Homecoming Queen 25 Class Secretary 25 Choir 213,45 Varsity "A" Club 45 G.A.A. 1,25 Drama 15 Tiger's Tale 4. MARGARET WILLIAMSON Business5 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Tiger Club 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3, President 35 Twirler 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 35 Dancing Class 1. Q X ,tif DANNY 1. WELBORN JACKIE WHALEY Acadeniic5 Hi-Y 3,45 Alchemist Club Home Economics5 Y-Teens 25,45 Tiger 3,4, Vice-President 45 Football 1,2,3, Club 1,2,35 Choir 1,2,3,4. -15Val'SiIy "A" Club 1,2,3,45 l,R,C, 2, 25,45 Boys' State 3, SHEILA JOAN ZAPF Businessg Y-Teens 2,3,45 Vice-President 45 Tiger Club 1,2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 25 Choir 3,45 Spectrum Staff 3. ROGER ZIGLER Industrial Artsg I-Ii-Y 45 Alchemist Club 4, Football 4, Rifle Club 1, SUE WRIGHT Academic5 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Tiger Club 1, 2,3, 45 Cheerleaders Club 1,2,3,4, President 35 "B" Team Cheerleader 25 Varsity 3,45 Varsity "A" Club 45 Marching Corps lg Twirler -5 Co-op 25 Alchemist Club 3,4, President 45 President Kanteen Board 35 Tiger's Tale, Assistant Editor 45 Spectrum Staff 45 Drama lg Girl's State 3. 4 '::" Leadership, scholar- ship, and character helped elect Don Disque, Joe Jones, Norm Schultz, Cynthia Evans, and Margaret Olsen to the National Honor Society. Senior class officers are: Margaret Olsen treasurer- Norm Linda McBride FT'-'7'Y secretaryg and Joe Jones, vice - president, L -7 Schultz, president, I -,'1':."'-.-f Joe Jones, Dan Welborn, Fred Dick, Larry Bassett, Betsy Kidder, Linda McBride, Cynthia Evans, and Sue Wright were chosen by local organizations to represent Alexandria at Boys and Girls' State held at Indiana University during June of last year, Jerry Ledford was absent when the picture was taken 5? ----'vt' .nur ' V - .mY2Yf! W' Z ,Q SENIORS OF "57" As we turn back the pages to our Freshman year we find l35 new, and some old familiar faces. The students came from Cunningham, Orestes, St. Mary's and our own Alexandria Junior High. We worked hard selling magazines and had a carry in at the Kanteen at Christ- mas time. We chose for our class officers Danny Kellum, President, Larry Cade, Vice-President, Frances Nelson, Secretar , and Joe Jones, Treasurer. Our sponsors were Mr. Buhller, Mr. Frazier, and Mr. Buck. Our Sophomore year we received our beautiful baby blue sweaters with the white numbers "57" . We wore them everyday for a week but finally decided it best to save them for our future years as well. During this year we sold Christmas cards, all-occasion cards, gift wrappings, and stationery to help assure us of our Senior trip. We had a Sophomore Scramble at the Kanteen in December which featured a pitch-in supper and a talent show. Our Sophomore Co-op Represen- tatives were Joyce Alexander, Sue Wright, Charles Henry, and Fred Dick. Our class officers were Laveda Horton, President, Joe Jones, Vice-President, Margaret Olsen, Treasurer, and Deanne Weaver, Secretary. The sponsors were Miss Hull, Miss Frazier and Mr. Oberholtzer. In the Junior class our officers were Norm Schultz, President, John Janney, Vice-President, Joe Jones, Secretary, and Margaret Olsen, Treasurer. This is the year we received our beautiful new class rings, The next day many rings were found around necks on chains and on fingers with tape added. Our goal was to get 45 of our 60 points by the end of the year. Our projects con- sisted solely of scrap drives. The Co-op Representatives were Charles Henry, Arthur Jackson, Cynthia Evans, and Betsy Kidder. Mr. Oberholtzer, Miss Frazier and Miss Hull were our class sponsors. For the final year at Alex we re-elected Norm Schultz, President, Joe Jones, Vice-President, Margaret Olsen, Treasurer, and Linda McBride, Secretary. This year was filled with fun and excitement for everyone. Our Homecoming Dance, "Fall Fantasy" was very successful and featured "Bouncin' Bill Baker" and his records. Our own Senior girl, Ginger Eubanks was chosen Homecoming Queen. We then celebrated Christmas with a dance entitled "The Yule Tide Frolic.' The money making projects included the concessions at both football and basketball games, selling taffy and we sponsored movies for a week at the Town Theater. Our Co-op Representatives were Charles Henry, Paula Carver, Kay Johnson and Betsy Kidder. The sponsors who helped us through our last year are Mr. and Mrs. Oberholtzer and Miss Hull. Our biggest and greatest thrill was when we walked clown the aisle in OUI' CUPS Gnd QOWUS and had that diploma placed in our hand. This was a time of sadness for man Of US beCGUSe we began to realize that now we were leaving our school world to face a very different world ahead. There was some fears but we-can always look back to the wonderful memories of Our year at Alex High . - UF X15 Vim and - , . it Fw 3 is Z X Ywwx S J S WNW CHOSEN TO LEAD THE JUNIOR CLASS WERE: President , , . Vice-President , Secretary . . Treasurer , , The class colo Sue Alex Ermal Allen Jr. Larry Allen Reta Allen Nadine Atchison John Barton Maureen Bryan Elaine Buckles John Carroll Rodney Chesser Jimmie Clarkson Linda Cleaver Barbara Collins Bobbie Collins Donald Cooper Kay Cox Donnie Cranfield Yvonne Crist Gloria Croy Jerry Croy Russell Cummings Larry Dailey Roger Davis Twila Davis Judith Deines are . . . David Telfer ' . Vada Snapp , , , Nora Farmer . . . . Kay Cox J mint green and white, fX Mrs. Howell, Mr. Dick, and Mr. Champion are the Junior class sponsors. OS J VJ at 2 N-.Nt L X Wear i ' -:sr 'L -2 J- Q2 , A -za X ', 0 A-4 1 ' 4,0 Q K ,Il pq u. C 5"'VNo vuoro rx x 5 J + + Q ff Y 4, f '7 K . 33" 7 -. luv I 7' ' , X ' ilu!! N J .:1' U- x f ' ,F ! A ' 1 Mt 1,0 aw is 5 eg Qu.. .- M? I uv lt fy 'I' 11 9' , I Q J , lj 5 , -.4 1 'N I vs ,r 1 X '1 Q X Q x a'n.-:YI ' 'B la I 1 is-J is 'U 1 F if 4 1 ' I -V- J I 1 ': ea .MJ .N Ps X' v hy Q my f. , j l fi.: I J ,,, " K' 1 1 1' '! I Herman Doster Gary Ellingwood Dawn Etsler Nora Farmer Mark Fetz Margaret Foster Patty Foster James Gee Jeannette Golden Roger Gross Jean Gustin Fred Hass Norma Hayes Sylvia Hedrick Linda Helton Elaine Hight Sandra l-light Danny Hobbs June Hocker Bonnie Hueston Nelta Huggigs Judy Hull Doris Humphries Mike Humphrey Jan Idlewine James King Annetta King Miriam King Donald Kintner Charlene Kirby Dennis Knapp Georgianna Knotts Marvin Lanswig David Libler Patsy Mack Brlly Maddox Samuel Malrcoat Rlchard Mevzek Jack Mrllspaugh Ted Montgomery Jrm Moore Shelva Overby Anna Mar1e Pate Annetta Pherson Dennls Pratt Lourse Ragle Ann Reeves Darlene Reeves Jeneane Rrce Roderxc Rrser Jerry Schacht Glenn Sheley Llnda Shrake hm Slmrson Steve Slone Joyce Smrth Steve Smrth Vada Snapp Kay Spell Larry Spooner Nrck Spreen Walt Stamper David Starr James Stinefield Judy Stubbs Bruce Summa Davis Telfer John Thompson Bob Toms David Tulowitzky -5 'J W rt 'iffsr 7 HDTO NOT AVAILABLE 4-4- .N r'N ,Q rg X PHOTO AVAILABLE ' Q yl si xxAn'N1' .11 ' X 1' -5 3 vs , ..' I A 5 r 4 1,-'gf .' fs gi. K. rx -X fr ,, 6 , r , f . 'ri . p I S ' pm 4 -st J O 7,1 - r . , A v ' pefs 0 ' J N 2 5 The class sponsors are: Mr. Bridwell, Mrs. Andrews, and Mr. Brown. -4 'x vt '- If A 'f ri: Eleanor Tulowitzky Laura Vaught Jan Walker Phillip Warren Karen Waymire Arthur Webb Ruth Whipple Mary Lou Willey Judy Wilson Janice Zigler UPHUMURE' THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ARE: President ......... David Steele Vice -President , , , Joyce Blake Secretary ........ Anita Muller Treasurer . . .A . . . Ella Jane Millspaugh The sophomores chose black and white as their class colors. m08u5y Jerry Anderson up 5, L Kay Antle " ix A D David Bailey , ' x wb "' Bobby Baledge M DX' Nancy Baumgartner , 703' 56011112 A - ,JM Karen Beard N 3: Hobart Beatty Q 1 ' J Narcella Bennett 1 MN 1 Donna Binder 9 ff I - ' Joyce Blake I X., 'ff' fb 'G Linda Blankinship John Bragg Kip Brandon Johanna Bryan Gwen Bufzbv Phyllis Burnett Cheri Cade Roger Campbell Elaine Cassell Darlene Closser Larry Collins Alan Cummings Arthur Cummings Ellis Cunningham Karen Cunningham Roger Davis Sally Deines James DeVore John Dockrey Gloria Etchison Larry Farmer Janice Flook Kenneth Flowers Janet Foust Martha Frazier Stephen Fulk Lena Garner Mike Gipe Darrell Gooding Rosetta Gooding Larry Granger Nancy Haines Kenneth Hamilton Geraldine Harris Bettie Harrison Tom Hartwell Sharon Hayes Jackie Henderson James I-light Jerry Hines 5 ., ,4 C5 Q a s Ar A .5 1 H A xc' Mgt .Q 9 r fr -f , , 4 f s f x 1 1 Jllii US 1 ng fc 5 ,--. f ,,,. vu pg 11 K , ,, A 1? T ,H lx wx 1 ' x As R ,i 1' v, xt "1 fs 5 y 4 g -4 v, -3 fr I' - 1 f i aus 1 sv his ef' 'C T' xx a fl' 1, i 2 1 l CQ , Y :Ni N N. wx I Y fl a 3' X C , it Wm I .AJ -fr X L l M 2 X K4 'T fr 'll' wif 'Z' 71' 4 1 U Sue Hlnes Judy Hocker Max Homler Judrth Hoppes Davrs Huston Pamela Hover Doylene Jackson Lmda Jackson Bob Janney Martha Jarman Robert Johnson Frank Jones Paul Jones Rose Kent Rtchard Kern Nancy Kerr Marvrn Laycock Warren LeVeque Phrlrp Lrneberry Jean Lowther Ronald Lynch Donald McBr1de Jerry McFerran Ronald McPhearson Barbara Mack Juanita Malston Frances Meador Ella Jane Millspaugh Darlene Modlin Robert Morphew Anita Muller Beverly Myers Barbara Odom Jennie Odom Patsy O'Neal I Paula Overby Jimmy Owens Nancy Partington Wanda Payton Marie Peck Gretchen Pierce Bill Pierce Virginia Pirtle Helen Pittenger Robert Porter David Pratt John Prough Elsie Ragle Anita Ray Patty Reeves Jerry Reynolds Karen Rice Larry Richards Stephen Roach Danny Rush Bill Schacht Susie Schleeter Judy Scott Bill Scribner Anita Semon Linda Spooner David Steele Juanita Stillwell Joe Street Marcella Swift Max Swift Linda Swindell Bill Switzer Jack Tankersley Keith Tharp if, S, , . 'S S, 4 as , vw 9. Psa' 'Zi -ve Q x . . f I X x 4 .V if 4 EX , 1 ' N X ,F a- 15-' "' .-Q av- , I N7 rf' K ixxxc V ' PM xiii D d 3-7 an ' A' .155 W , W W F qt H: -nv Av v ' L1 , 1 ' R SWA ' ' I ls Lx Si . A 3 M , X Q 1. 1 -.t-:V i af! X X1 fw4'4l 2' 13 ' 1 5 f an Jane Ellen Woelferr Pegby Wood no 5 Sponsors for the class are Mr Frazrer Mr Buck and Mr George 2- , -'P s f 1 A 'X 1 1 X 1 Stanley Utley Paul VanHorn Ronald Vestal Judy Vollenhals Tommy Walker B111 Wallxck Darlene Waymrre B111 Waymlre Barbara Weaver Davrd Welcome Joe wells Harry W1111ams Prlscrlla Wrllrams Tom Wrllrs B111 Wrlson FRE HME LEADING THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ARE Presldent Edwm Janney Vrce Presrdem Dan Steele Secretary R1ta McCarty Treasurer Sandra Latchaw Stephen Abemarhy Mary Abom 4 4 B111 Allen Barbara Aldrrdge John Aldndge gl fe Kay Allen June Allen Betty Jo Armstrong Jane Barrett Jerry Bassett Harry Barton Mlke Beaman Lots Be11hartz B111 Bennett B111 Blake Warren Blanktnshlp Warren Blockson Joseph Boerner Bruce Boston Tonya Boyer Pat Brady Donna Brattarn Mary Breese Car1 Brotherton Mark Broyles Kenneth Bryan Mary Lou Bugby Mary K Butler Karen Caldwell Margaret Cartwrrght Karhaleen Castor Larry Chaplm Jonetta Cleaver Anna Clevenger Judy Cole Nancy Collms Garland Colhs Laura Couch Patty Croy B111 Cunnrngham 4' 4-5 qi? as 'U' 5 pr N '7 'M KSN-'Q xN X l is K.. ,vo J 'T x Q -.-.Auf 1' if iff 99' I f . YA 1 N r . 1 '. . .? . VXA, '1 I f X 5. k x acl!! 1,0 nn :NN this Dannre Dans Larry Davls Wrllram Dxsque 11m Ducheteau Stephen Dwlgglns Kenneth Eagle Wllllam Eastman Shlrley Eden Jlmmy Edwards Edd1e Etcluson Nancy Etchlson Karen Ferguson Francls Flecker Gary Foster Jane Ann Foster Lxnda Galther Peggte Galther Sylvxa Gall Marrlyn Gardner Russell Gee Bernard Goen Davtd Gorden Judy Gross Raymond Gusun Phlllrp Hahn Thomas Hall Martln Hamrlton Joyce Harmon Shetla Harmon Karen Sue Hartwell Manlyn Hatton Jerry Hayes Dons Heartbarger Susan Hlnes Chen Jo Hmton -A g Q , Li, Norinan Holding Carolyn Howard John Hughes Ronnie Hull Linda Humphries Velniar Humphries Judy Hysong Diana Ice Melvin Jackson Sharon Jackson Edwin Janney Donna Johnson Connie Jones Sue Jones Mike Keesling Phillip Keniple Nancy Kettery Stephen King John Knapp Howard Knopp Sandra Krischak Larry Lambertson Sandra Latchaw Anna Lee Leach Deriell Logan Rebecca Lorson Zolinda Love Patty Ludlow Donald Lynch Rita Sue McCarty Virginia McCarty Christine McDaniel John McFe1'ran Revecca McGinnis Willa Mabbitt 5 ll ' ' , ,r ll? 'Z J i 5.11 .. S qu ni- -. .7 D Lk 'A' w as 2 4 , , N 7 . ' mi: ' A X! V 5 x A A 1 .T . its I. 4 - 1 R 9 A A .W x ' 1 " X JN It '31 i bl fr 4- 5.47 ' xx I 4 Q. 4 KV fi A, T' X. 5 X J ' WX A 'Cx 1 I it B 1 J ' ' , 11 ,, J J , 1 I3 13. , . 18 . 'ww 3? X- ' I .K 4 X l ,, s ! 1: v T' . K -5 X we .P b K Q? A .-"- ll-to ' "'s , X 'I-VE' it WN Y-ilbfi ' -,Q X . Q L , Ui 'A , r .ng SI . -7? 'U' F1 . , Nm Joe Mack John Madden Terry Malicoat Mary JO Magee Ronald Martin Raymond Mason Emilie Matney John Matthew George Mevzek Tim Meyer Sammy Miller Linda Mitchell David Moody Max Morgan Ronald Morgan Bobby Myers David Myers David Nash Lynda Neff Linda Odom Phyllis Ohler Joyce O'Neal' Robert Overman Richard Owens Glen Pate Marilyn Peters Charles Porter George Powless Ernest Rector Helen Reeves Sondra Reeves Dick Reiley Larry Riley Yolonda Robbins 'lnhn Dnrlnou Joyce Rogers Charlotte Russell Thomas Ryan Grace Sanders Donald Sanqunetti Jim Sayte Raymond Schier Karin Schroth Janet Schweitzer Larry Semon 1 X? 1 Gayle Shaw Stephen Shepard Jerry Simison ,,. Errol Simpson - 1 ' QU ., Lemard Skaggs X' 'B A I. ,V l B- .mlm if Shelby Smith Karen Snyder Dan Steele 8 ' ' I rar Bobby Stevens ff Pamela Stone S Q ' r I'-8 X v X 'x'n..... Bill Street Mildred Street George Stubbs Sandy Summers Carol Tedder J i 1 . X . Q X Marcia Tharp Estle Thomas -F Tom Thompson 1: ' Q . jf , I Von Tomlinson H' Carmen Tulowitzky ' ,ku l 1 N, X , 5 X MHA: Bennie Turner Lennie Turner I Inez VanHorn " " 'Q -as Jerry Vollenhals i I , ., J . I Forest Wallace Y Q ' ' ' 3 N I 4 .L it 11' , A x TQ' I .4 "- 4 'I y . 'Af X35 XX , mga, X' v .N 4:- ' .5 , -.:, N "V 7 T s SX- Q x ?-f. 7 C! N 7 exe Z s , ' -' ' 'N Richard Woosnam Terry Wright A Eighth grade sponsors are: Miss McCammon, Mr. Punzelt, and Mrs. Millican. ua If Y-I7 G ,, 'V' .., 'v- v 1 If 4. xxx X h lf' I fi" Q 3 1 Hx" K if w ei' :A r 'WI Betty Wallick Linda Warner Joe Weaver Emily White Velara Widener Kay Willey Karron Williams Linda Williams John Wilson Christena Wood EIGIITH llllllllli CLASS OFFICERS FOR THE EIGHTH GRADE ARE' President. . . Vice-President , Secretary , Treasurer , President , , Vice-President . Secretary , Treasurer , President . . Vice-President Secretary , Treasurer , I 8 'P , ,, fax Q, . Ronnie Summers . . . Sharon Berry , , , Steven Ray Deedie Baumgartner . , , Tom Leach . Louis Harrison . . Jo Ann Lamb . Ronald Garner Johnathan Telfer Donald Lineberry . Elmer Williams . . Eugene Pate Arlene Allen Pamela Allen Donna Bales Deedie Baumgartner Sharon Berry Emerson Blake Larry Brandon Nancy Carver Darlene Cooper Harold Cox Pam Cox Dorleen Davis Patricia Dockrey Wesley Duling Sally Etchison Sue Etchison Sandra Ferguson Teena Flook Dennis Follis Terry Fox Timmy Frye Cecil Garner Ronnie Garner Clyde Goodman Tommy Haas George Haines Vivian Hall Dennis Harmon Louis Harrison Marsha Hayes Nancy Henderson Vickie Hinton Jim Hooker Bobbie Hunter Catherine Hysong Mary Jarrett Danny Johnson David Johnson Jerry Johnson David Jones Janet Kantner Karen Kelly JoAnn Lamb Jerry Lambertson Nick Lahee 1 1,-I .S 4. .ff I I W I ' l Q 5 x ph .V .l it 3 x ,ww an X :P J A' 4 'I A , "L S I A - f r tx lg ftii-txt-3'-My ' t,2I"i I Q .. -"' ,. '-v .fr f f -I 1 S1 I xl fi' J. 'S -- r - 'P x ' x Wx l A t - 'z A 1 . - .1 Xxx v 'i 1 -h X' 'I 1 '-,xx ' Y, et ,Q ! ' X - 3 xl l gil ll v ' 1 I 4 ov - .Xt X gh '-213 5 llllllll V1 lx N , I wr 4 1 J lf rl ' l 'J ? "' I .5 .fr K x -IA 1 ,r I. we 'xo . i ' x5 - I 5- ' 5' A . 34-JJ.-1 . A?k'1-'ff-'Q Tommy Leach Donald Lineberry Larry Lowther Marsha Majors Ray Meador Peggy Metcalf Sharon Miller Sharon Mitchell Sammy Modlin Faith Mohler Sandra Morgan Bill Morris Linda Morrison Vicki Mottweiler Patty Odom Sue O'Neal Loretta Overby Judy Owens Eugene Pate Jerry Payton Carolyn Peters Robert Phillips Roger Poole Teddy Pritchett Steven Ray Don Semon Ronnie Semon Danny Shelton Jack Sigler Sherl Silvey Betty Snodgrass Jewel Snyder Fay Spears Pam Summers Ronnie Summers Johnathan Telfer Rita Thias Lewis Wallace Tommy Walsh Tony Ward Elmer Willia ms Charles Woelfe Sponsors are: Mr. Cosby, Mrs. Mrs Howell, Mary Sue Adams Sheliah Atchison Oliver Baker Judy Bales Danny Ballard Larry Beeman Sue Beilhartz Myrtle Bicknell Melvin Brown Charles Bugby Carol Sue Carroll Naomi Castor William Chafin Nancy Clarkson ViYona Collier f-v S I f E X 1 4 6- fx A- Wright, and l 'b 1. ,fi X X V rw! i XF, X G3- X q , I K - s 1 K xx MW lEVE 'Nl GRADE OFFICERS OF THE SEVENTH GRADE ARE President . . , Todd Davis Vice-President , Jeff Latchaw Secretary . Mary Ann Hocker Treasurer - - Larry Beeman President , , . Sue Alex Vice-President , David Roach Secretary , , ,Shirl Phipps Treasurer , Jeannette Mack President. . . Steve Simison Vice -President , Errol Moore Secret-3rY - Patricia Maddox Treasurer , , Paul Savage Reporter , , Donald Lineberry V. ' ! Hhjqh 4 I N I5 N' '1 ' w U- Q -xl f - z fx fv-av, 1 X "lg F ,- ao- 10' ,u Q , H, V . X K X A "gs i . .yrs A x XB, I x 5 E W- r . N-- r X - xx 7 -J x ' U d , 1 V .PE it ' V . If xx' ax gy -J' Q gy' ft v X 1 K 1 'Y f oc '1' .- -."xX X 4 st F4 5 - . . 'yi , ,, l l , A' . .2 K 'W ,Qt sf! X 1 is 33,51 - -izlzzt'-'-Iiilr... .axif X 'Y 'Q-it . 2 Q5 A. , , . 1 N X XB ix Wayne Collins Billy Cox Judy Cox Todd Davis Susan Disbennett Saundra Dockery Cynthia Dockrey Jane Dodd Betty Etcliison Jeanne Fraundorfer Sheiia Frost Bobby Goen Carl Gross Charles Gustin Mary Haas Glenda Hartness Loretta Hedrick Bing Hiatt Robert Hieatt Mary Ann Hocker Georgia Hollies Mary Sue Hollis David Holsinger Kay Hooker Paulette Hoppes Jerry Huggins Steve Humphries George Jackley Barbara Jones Linda Jones Marilyn Jones Sam Jones Jill Lahee Jeff Latchaw Marilyn Lawson Sheryl LeVeque janet Levi Nancy Lugenbeal Stephen Lynch John McPhearson Jeanette Mack Brenda Maddox Patty Maddox Larry Maynard Mike Miller Thomas Millican Kathy Moody Dianne Moore Errol Moore Norman Morris Carol O'Bryant Donald Odom Donna Odom Mike Oliver Kenneth Overby Donald Parker Shirl Phipps Mike Porter Linda Raines Shirley Redding Frankie Rhorer David Roach Sheri Robbins Jim Rodney Duane Rogers Larry Ryan Paul Savage Dick Sigler Robert Sigler Anita Silvey ,, vo 5, . , 4 ' c , 1 R R if J A X .X . L L A in I ' " 'Q 4 y ' A nip: Q in I 4 I Q X 'M Q 7 ' 4 x X. Thx '25 ' -v fg h ' Y ' 5 5 . 'Q . ' , 1 2 ' ,LMC ' Mi X L I ,. 5- + Q 1 A 7 ' ,A-.9 J' . . - Q - ' ff-MW - .' V l. R' ,V 'f s ' h 'X K' I WX ll ' A f. 't . , is 9 ,. 'V' 5 4 , N Q l if ., ' b I I 'N ', X X' X I -'vsp A I X .K ' x , - 1 V' f A X 1 b ff' m px Av - A 5 , " A 4 4, A f w V , 1' . r L, , , BW :At , x X t ' , J L . L W 1 . A 1 , - if ,, , . ' I . 1 - .. , 7 -. N.. - - 1. f"f .Q if 49- T37 4' J ei Y Jill 1 If-109 X J' .Qi 'J -Q 'iii ' f 'Jig iff, XX V : Stephen Simison Larry Simpson Jim Skaggs Sheron Spears Sherrie Spencer Linda Stansberry Janet Steele Frances Stelter Lonie Tankersley Judy Tedder Phyllis Vaught Pain Vollenhals Danny Walker Jerry Ward Garry Waymire Gean Shelva Wilson Larry Wyatt it df E Z 2 2 Z D0 F3 X MCB X 4 f - I I.-...-f J. X X1 1, XJ Q XJ E553 Q! Z xx ,,w r 'Aa 4 VM. ,.1r ' "- A 'a., f KELRO WHITEMAN B,S, , Ball State Teachers College: M,S, , Indiana University: Alexandria Superinten- dent of Schools. MARIORIE ANDREW B,S, , Ball State Teachers College: Home Economics: Business Education: F, H,A,: 4-H Club: Sophomore Class. JAMES BALLINGER B, S, , M, A,, Ball State Teachers College: Math: Co-op, F,T,A, JAMES BOWERS B,M,E, , Butler University: Instrumental Music: Band. GILBERT BRIDWELL B,M,E, , Indiana University: Music: Choral Director: Hi-Y: Sophomore Class. FRED DISQUE B,S,A, , Purdue University: M,S, Ed. , Indiana University: Junior High School Principal: Vocational Agriculture: F,F,A, ROY ELLIS BROWN B,S, , Purdue University: English: Speech: Drama: Drama Department: Sophomore Class, ERNEST BUCK A,B, , Indiana State Teachers College: Science: Alchemist Club: Freshman Class, ERLENE BURDSALL B,S, , Butler University: English: Freshman Class. VICTOR EVANS A,B, , L,L,B, , Oakland City College: M,S,, Indiana University: Psychology: Senior High School Principal. ORVIS BURDSALL B,S, , Butler University: Physical Education Health and Safety: Tiger Club: Varsity Basketball Coach. ROBERT CHAMPION B,S, , Indiana State Teachers College: Machine Shop: Printing: Applied Math: Spectrum: Junior Class. MILLARD COSBY B, S, , Ball State Teachers College: Math: 7th Grade. DON DICK B,S,. Ball State Teachers College: M,S,, Indiana University: Social Science: Safety: Physical Education: Driver Education: Junior Class. I. LAWRENCE FRAZIER B. S.. M. S., Indiana University, Science, Freshman Class. ROXANA FRAZIER A. B.. DePauw, Graduate Work, University of Chicago,Latin,English, Math, Y-Teens. MARIORIE FRENCH A. B., M. A., Ball State Teachers College, Social Science, Math, Guidance Director, F. T. A., Co-op. RUSSELL GEORGE A. B.. Ball State Teachers College, English, Journalism, Co-op, Tiger's Tale, Freshman Class. JOHN GREEN B. S., Indiana State Teachers College, Business Educatior., Social Science, Freshman Basketball Coach. JEANNE HOWELL B. S., Ball State Teachers College, Physical Education, Health and Safety, G. A. A., Cheer- leaders Club, Junior Class. EDITH HULL B. S., M. A., Ball State Teachers College, Social Science, I. R. C., Senior Class. KEITH KING B. S., Ball State Teachers College, Art. ELEANOR LOY A. B., DePauw, M. S., Indiana University, Library, Biology, Spectrum. GLADYS MCCAMMON A. B., Franklin, English, Jr. Red Cross, Bth Grade. MART HA MILLICAN B. S., M. A., Ohio State University, Home Economics, Health and Safety, 8th Grade. HENRY K. OBERHOLTZER B. A., Manchester College, M. A., Ball State Teachers College, Mechanical Drawing, Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Senior Class. MAXINE OBERHOLTZER B. S., M. A., Ball State Teachers College, Business Education, Senior Class. GEORGE PUNZELT B. P.E., Purdue University, Social Science, Football Coach, Varsity "A" Club, Junior High Basketball Coach. MARIANNE WRIGHT B.S. , Ball State Teachers College, English, Typing, 7th Grade. 1 We -ci A section of the Freshman English I class taught by Mr. George. F XN- xt... X? N Lp- if- f' Enghsh The English department is responsible for many things, These responsibilities inculde sponsoring the Spectrum, the Tiger's Tale, and Dramatics, Teachers in the English department are Mr. Brown, Mr, George, Mrs, Burdsall, Mrs, Wright, Mrs. Loy, Miss McCammon and Miss Frazier. A section of Junior English taught by Mr. Brown. The speaker pictur- ed here is Walt Collins. 50 " DY I ,4 'Wt 1 sw M The purpose of the Guidance Department is to help individuals with courses, problems, and future vocations. Pictured here is Miss French giving advice to Linda McBride on her future college plans. 5' In Guidance' and Library Every period of the day you will find Mrs Loy and her librarians on hand to serve both students and faculty mem bers by providing sources of material to use for daily lessons and assignments SEATED ARE Mrs Loy Rebecca Beatson and Anita Featherston STANDING ARE Miriam King Rosalie Hysong Nancy Baumgartner Ann Reeyes Betsy kidder Nora Farmer Elaine Hight Twila Davis and Judi Wilson If A- J "'L'mf . f, 0 t E Q H 1 4 6 O C , 1 W I ll L. ll Q i if Q 'xiii P A - .4 U . . L ' ' ' ' ' 3 . I . . J 1 ' v ' W , ,I n v 1 . I 1 , -"f..i1T"'A"'i ' H ' ' - .Mx ', nf' In sms: ." .1 head of the department. M59 37' 5.-W . . ,e Fi l ,. ' x 1 J., 4 t A 1 - rl The object of those who go into the science classes is to learn the facts. The Science Department includes biology, chemistry, physics, and general science for the junior high, These classes are taught by Mr. Buck, Mr. Frazier, and Mrs. Loy. ,Arif-fav 5:2 t T , , .. , if 5 if HE W -4 t-H i 'pi' it 1 1 Ml lv 'Sf iv wl: if W. :I.,tWgt 4-' ,, In-'f ,V -,,, 1' ' Mr. Buck's Scientists at work! These boys, ab- sorbed with interest while striving to solve an important experiment, seem to know what they are doing. wi' iii , 1 ' , ffl ' ff we gk, 1 will K wx, ., VJ. Triangles, circles, equations, radicals---all these terms become familiar to anyone who takes mathematics, Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, general Q ,af if J math, and junior high math are the courses offered in this department. Teachers , . . " A ,sg s g of these subjects are Miss Frazier, Miss French, Mr. Cosby, and Mr. Ballinger, ga 3 ' ,, ,,. .N 1 35 7 f was 1",,sf . 4 me K A ' -fe Y if ,tw . The students at me blackboard QE' if ' seem very capable of solving these problems in geome- 5, try, as Mr. Ballinger looks on with a , 3 pleased smile . 'gif Ffh in , ,, 4 In Gy' 4' Z' 'Q 2' J 'li' r V?fI.F4 L, "XIV x.. A ua- ,vu 1 1. ,. ll' gff v ..,...-.... ...- ,......-.. , ,yi , " ., :. - I K A gg . ' x ' af if 4 . , . ow. . Em, Q E .QR you 4 1551. . -, Q.. 'RQ 1. 3 -we ,af lag. as W 2 45+-ug qhilunuuagm Physical Education Physical Education is required of all iunior high, freshman, and sophomore students. Subiects included in the depart- CUSS i lffi E- Mr. Burdsall's Sophomore boys gym l . ment are gym, health, safety, and driver training. Teachers in this department are Mr. Burdsall, Mrs. Howell, and Mr. Dick. Mr. Dick's driver training class ready to take a driving lesson in the new Ford Mrs. Howell's junior 49 high girls' gym class. F I X x x s' 'r' it ' Co x 50 I ga. r One of Mrs. Andrew's sew- ing classes Home Economics The Home Economics Department is under the leadership of Mrs. Mariorie Andrew and Mrs. Martha Millican. The subjects taught are food, clothing, family relations, consumer education, time management, home nursing, home furnishings and child care. The subiects help pre- pare the girls for future home and Family life. Mrs. Millican's Junior High cooking classes l Mr . Disque's agriculture class . Agriculture is a four year course for boys interested in farming. They learn to evaluate their crops and livestock. Proiects this year were swine 'udging, cattle iudging, land iudging, and poultry iudging. The boys have won the count land judging contest for the past four years. Some students built hog houses ancllfeeders as their proiects. Mr. Disque is teacher and sponsor of the Agricultural activities. Mr. King's art class. QE l' l 2' ls it at ,T Art is a three year course taught by Mr. King. The students enrolled in art class learn to understand and appreciate art. They do sculpture work, paintings, and drawings. Mr. Ade taught t e art classes the first semester, and Mr. King the second . i n 1 'TQ .f 'nh 1 '-r1----- : ,,,4. The preparation of students for office work and general mformatnon are the obiectives of the business department Teachers In the department are Mrs Maxme Oberholtzer, Mr John Green and Mrs Mary Ann Wright Sublects taught are general business, business law, shorthand and typmg -ext, V , fu V '- T yr egg A -.N is it 1 ' 1if1ffffQE5'qt'.mif.if:if -...f Z5 3155 - :5 , r P rggg he 1 mit? 6:15, " , f3"'r?1 .., '45tII2.q1." 2, if-'I :Q-Q33 .gig I One of Mrs . Oberholtzer's typing classes Industrial llrts The Industrial Arts Depart- ment offers beginning and advanced machine sho , rinl' P P ' ing, wood work, general metals blue print reading, applied math, and mechanical drawing. These courses are taught by Mr. Champion and Mr. Oberholfzer ur- , Y 'S ,Z fi Z R I M2 i xd X MU IU MU IC The cholr under Mr Brldwell s dlrectlon performnng at the Fall Concert The 4 Teens slnglng at the Pop Concert S57 e concert band and cholr presented Fall Winter, and Pop Concerts this year The concert band and cholr resented the Fall Concert Vocalists and ensembles made up the program for the annual Pop Concert ln January Amta Muller The Four Teens Charles Henry Fred Castor Ron Lynch George Powless and Dave Rrchardson gave vocal numbers A combo conslstmg of Dave Rlchardson, Dave Starr Jerry Hines Warren Le Veque, Raymond Schrer and Dave Barley gave their rendrtuon of Night Traun M MIC The Alexandrla Hugh School band Pop Concert vocalist, Dave The Jazz Combo was an added atfrachon af the Pop Concert Richardson IIRE lift The club took their annual trip to Chicago on October 31 where they spent the day at the Museum of Science and lndustry. The officers were Sue Wright, President, Dan Welborn, Vice-President, Betsy Kidder, Secretary, and Larry Cade, Treasurer. Mr. Buck is their sponsor. This year the installation of officers was held at the home of Doris Humphries, the secretary. The other officers were Janet Frees, President, Do lene Jackson, Secretary, Joyce Blake, Treasurer, and Davicl,Steele, Historian- Librarian. They have observed teaching in the Elementary schools on several occasions. Also, three Sunday afternoon Teas were held featuring discussions led by guest speakers. The sponsors are Miss French and Mr. Ballinger. if ' ll. .A ' Q.. 11176 X M "To create, maintain, G , G and extend throughout the home, school, and com- Fl - Q munity, high standards of Christian character" is the purpose of the Hi-Y. The Hi-Y boys under the leadership of president Joe Jones have successfully carried our three proiects this year. These were col- lecting money for the March of Dimes, giving a Christmas basket to a needy family, and giving clothing to needy children. The other officers were Don Disque, Vice- President, Bob Toms, Chaplain, Arthur Jackson, Treasurer, Secretary, John Janey, Sergeant-at-Arms, Glenn Sheley. Tl imf?l Y-TEENS Y-Teens is an organization open to all sophomore, junior, and senior girls. This year nine girls attended the Mid-Winter Conference at Marion, Indiana. Their projects this year were send- ing food to the Salvation Army, collecting money for the polio and heart funds, sending comic books and games to Riley Hospital. They donated money to the Hungarian Relief Fund, and also put up the Christmas tree in the senior high assembly. The class officers were: Cynthia Evans, President, Sheila Zaph, Vice-President, June Hocker, Secretary, Vada Snapp, Treasurer, Sponsor, Miss Frazier. lay 1,3 5 04,37- i n The Future Homemakers of America repaired toys at Christmas f time for the Eplleptlc Village at New Castle CFFICSFS ofthe club are President, Mary Jo Mlllspaugh Vice President, Janet Frees Secretary, Jane Ellen Woelfert Treasurer, Sue Alex Reporter, Ginny Plrtle, Song Leader, Linda Shrake, and Historian, Joyce Smith. The Future Farmers of America set up the pens and show ring for the American Landrace Swine Show and Sale at the 4-H Fairgrounds in October The officers were: John Janney, President, Phil Warren, Vice- President, John Maier, Secretary, David Dockrey, Treasurer, and Ted -SFX F II A 'i 1 0 -if !1. I QQ! s fl' X otmolv o -'q -Q SX Togx 4,7 Cup! Montgomery, Reporter. Mr. Disque was the faculty advisor. Through Student-Teacher Co-op, students have a voice in the governing of Alexandria High School. Officers of the organization are Charles Henry, Chairman, Betsy Kidder, Assistant Chairman, Sue Alex, Secretary, and Cheri Cade, Treasurer. Senior representatives are Paula Carver and Kay Johnson. Juniors are Jim King, Glen Sheley, and Philip Warren. Soph omores are David Baile , Robert Janney, and Warren LeVeque. Representing the freshman class are Joe Weaver and John Rodney. Faculty members are Mr. George, Mr. Ballinger, and Mr. Champion. Miss French is sponsor of Co-op. Members of the International Relations Club analize and study problems that confront the United Nations. ln the spring, members travel to Anderson to participate in the Model U. N. Officers of the club are Rodney Chesser, President, Steve Slone Vice-President, Nancy Baumgartner, Secretary, and Bob Toms, Treasurer. Miss Hull is sponsor of the organization. Q ? P5 " ' 4 . ' . 1 J I . .r 'I ' I - 1 I 1, U Cheerleaders Club was sponsored by Mrs. Howell, Physical Educa- tion teacher. The club president was Judy Hull. This year's club proiect was the Sock Hop held after the Frankton Basketball Game. C-gl lg-C 4x . The Junior Red Cross made up of Junior High pupils and sponsored by Miss Gladys McCammon is busy making Christmas gifts for needy fam- ilies. The Junior High choir appeared in the annual Christmas program, the Eighth Grade Graduation and the Civic Easter Cantata. The choir was directed by Mr. Gilbert Bridwell . -7 f J NSEDI1 1, -fd sm y l fy g, ,S ns A X ff,- ,lb CRQSG, Georgia Edgell heads the Junior and Senior High office staff which consists of Lonita Friend, Kay Antle, Gloria Berry, Linda McBride, Twila Davis, Doris Humphries and Vada Snapp. NN f 2 . . . . C f Doris Humphries is busily X carr ing out her duties as one of J the office girls ,X Help Keep Our School Clean! This is the motto of the ianitors--Ray Wasson, Junior High, Herman Harris and Lloyd Stewart, Senior High. ,mg -ru .. '-O' x I lr I s A X i P , l elk ft e . l .l , 5 The Girl's Athletic Association meets every Wednesday and Friday Q noons. During this time they participate in such games as volleyball, basketball, and ring tennis. , Officers of the group were Sue Alex, President, Margaret Russell, Vice-President, Joyce Smith, Secretary, and Priscilla Williams, Treasurer. Mrs. Howell was sponsor of the group. Membership in the Varsity "A" Club is open to anyone who has been awarded a var- sity letter in any major sport. This year the club held a party for its members at the Kid Kanteen on November 9. Officers this year were Jerry Ledford, President, Joe Jones, Vice-President, and Charles Sanquenetti, Secretary-Treasurer. The club's sponsors are Mr. Punzelt and Mr. Bu rdsal I . Y tl ll X I ... 1. Y ,K In UIIEEII Iiltllfli '1-T511 This year's Cheerblock took on a new and sharper look with uniforms consisting of bright red sweaters with white collars and white gloves. The block has a membership of T20 and still occupies the middle section of the bleachers. Cheerblock is open to girls in grades starting at seven through twelve. This year any member of Tiger Club must belong to the Cheerblock. As a result the club is much bigger and better. The Tiger Club sponsors the Basketball Banquet, which is held every year, and they also provide the money for the "Cheers" uniforms. For the first time this year the Cheerblock traveled to the Holiday Tourney in order to support and back our Tigers. Officers were: Kay Johnson, President, Nancy Baumgartner, Vice-President, Paula Carver, Secretary, and Lonita Friend, Treasurer. Mr. Burdsall sponsored the club. I is S 0 v is . so fri . 5 The choir under the direction of Mr Bridwell gave two concerts this year They also participated in the County Choral Festival the Thanksgiving Program, the Christmas Program Baccalaureate, and Commencement The accompanxsts were Joyce Blake and Darlene Closser Ulllllli Sweaters were awarded David Richardson, Phil Meyers, Fred Dick and Charles Henry for their four years in choir. 4 'x-Lo,.v .PECTR Business Manager, Linda McBride and Editor, Betsy Kidder with Faculty Advisors, Mr. Champion and Mrs. Loy. Staff members working to meet deadline . M TAFF Editor-in-chief . . . Business Manager . . Ass't Business Manager . Photographers . . . Sports Editor .... Ass't Sports Editor . . Art Editor .... Ass't Art Editor .... Advertising Manager . . Ass't Advertising Manager Publicit Manager . . . Ass't Puhlicity Manager . Senior Writers .... Junior Writers . Sophomore Writer . Freshman Writer. . Faculty Advisors . . Betsy Ann Kidder . . Linda McBride . . Nora Farmer . .Harry Williams Danny McCarty . . Fred Dick . . . Sue Wright . . Cynthia Evans . . .Judi Wilson . Norman Schultz Nancy Baumgartner . Margaret Olsen . . . Bob Toms . . Juliet Powless Paula Carver . June Hocker Janice Zigler . Donna Binder . Karin Schroth . Mrs. Loy Mr. Champion X 3 TIGERH TALE Published By the Journalism Class of Alexandria High School Editorial Staff Editor-in-Chief. . ..... . . Cynthia Evans Assistant Editor ............ Sue Wright News Editor ............ Charles Henry Reporters: Juliet Powless, Barbara Savage, Dave Richardson, Tom Morris, Beverly Addison, Dave Humphries, and Jim Rathel. Feature Editor ........... Paula Carver Feature Writers: Margaret Olsen, Bill Gross, Mary Jo Millspaugh, Dean Smith, Dave Mason, and Ken McPhearson. Sports Editor ............. Fred Dick Sports Writers: Phil Myers, Jerry Ledford, and Margret Russell. Business Staff Business Manager ....... . . Betsy Kidder Circulation Manager . . . Deanne Weaver Advertising Manager . . . . . Louie Ross Faculty Advisor ........... Mr. George The Tiger's Tale is published once a month throughout the school year. Pictured below are the editors and business staff . .r--ll l W Q N 'GOO Jx-1,80 C S ff 7 X Wg if 1 IJQ 'Q O In ,' .Staff 70 f W C Q 5 5 ll .lv U5 K K 2- fir V 19 i g0 l Vw AP" lb ,I-'A' 'E gin 4522, 15169 121 ' tqli, 'QI4 X 4 se!- 15 1? a gf ' H- 'S' 4 "A f 1 - : if ' i 6 I A- 1 Q W 13,1 li 'l Q N 'ifksxn ' NK 1v.' ""'x M ' ICM Q? . , Z, .W . X '-1 "':-" N 'Y K N w N' ' v ',n-..g - X s"'lQv 5 X: . ' r V7 .. f 5 '2g,"2AQ'2,1 ,3 , ' f f ' QQQ 1,-Av' 'f ,.,,. ,., 5. L ,J 1- OUR VARSITY TEAM Fred Drck Dave Dockrey Charles Sanquenettr Steve Sloan Harold Granger Danny Welborn Rod Chesser Phrl Myers Dare Telfer G1e11She1ey Jerry Ledford and Coach Punzelt x., if 2 The T1 ers gave the fans somethrng to shout about durrng the 1 D6 football year brmgrng a vrctorrous season back to Alefx The Trgers under the gurdance of new coach Geor e Punzelt and a new offense garned respect of qurte a few oes and ended the season wrth a 4 4 1 record y K COACH PUNZELT and CAPTAIN LEDFORD , x Wi' A ,br C . 0 , I' rf' A '1' - L s ' . I , k X xg j c 1,-Lp X- - ' Q qxllxfjjg Z x A s 1' ' If ' I x . . ' , . . . A N I liz A A 4 55' Q ., A H H- .ff Z A 'J A ff 1 ' , f 'ii 15 U .0 1 .. " -r .A an 0. ,L N ' Q -A 4 1' A3 X 2 W ,- I' A 'exv .v A r S-ix . , x X ax a 3 f . Q L. ' 'rx QL! rf' e Jerry Ledford Danny Wclboru Fred Dick Phil Myers sg j'!w.,- IrIu1s.:'r 'Fllllll' " -f ' A 1. , q?-f?nwt: I f 1 J 9- ' -fx x-b J I F 0,3 , ' u nf F in w WH I A ir ff f ll , 1 k Y! Lf, i Steve Richards 'libs 4' 5- 001 Roger Zigler D D k . X XP S - 44 . A , Charles S anquenetti I l ave oc rey Harold Granger Bill Bender 79 3 5 3' .,f...r-fi' " ,,"'j 'A . af -.vas 11'-is!" f""-def" "af , , , Graf'-?"if -5,.4, Ls-..sQ'L" 'fa'-.j h s . ,..':,. g., sq- 47 was .Q-x, iq r 99" x- ". , 15, I -ffs-.f :Q -L u.. x,r' -r' D' 7:3 -QS, 53.1 ' V N T '. ' 1-,T 1- --.'. .,f"? ' '- '.. -y 7 +,L.,,,,,,, I, J-.sf ra. Ti' H. - VAR ITY FRONT ROW, CLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Richards, Bender, Zigler, Sanqnenetti, Granger, Dockery, Welborn, Dick, Ledford, Myers. SECOND ROW: Manager, R. Cummings, Cranfield, Haas, King, Croy, Chesser, Sheley, Slone, Telfer, Coach Pnnzelt. THIRD ROW: Manager Etchison, Vestal, Welcome, A. Cummings, Gipe, Stevens, Weaver, Pierce, Prongh, Fulk, Boston. FOURTH ROW: Manager Lambertson Hnll, Porter, Blake, Gnstin, Goen, Coach Green, Coach Bnrdsall, and Manager Simison. I i. JH. IIIGII KNEELING: Captain Leach. STANDING, QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Brandon, Payton, T. Ward Wallace, Lahee, Ilarrison, Ray. SECOND ROW: Telfer, Woelfert, Lineberry, David, Rodney, Ballard, Boston. THIRD ROW: D. johnson, Williams, Latchaw, Beeman, Garner, D, johnson, R. Semon. FOURTH ROW: Portor, Cox, jacklcy, Huggins, Morris, uw' I. Ward, Miller, Boston. FIFTH ROW: Oliver, Gnstin, Lynch, Skaggs, McPhearson, Sirnison Manager Garner, Joe Weaver, and Coach Bnrdsall. NOT PICTURED: Moore, Managers Binder and Snnnncrs. .,t.,sw, f 5, The Tiger's varsity cheerleaders are Deanne Weaver, Senior, Jan Walker, Junior, Judy Hull, Junior, and Sue Wright, Senior. The Cheers lead the school in football and in basketball sea son. Their uniforms were of gold and red plaid slacks, battle- iackets and white gloves for emphasis. 'N "B" team cheer- leaders were Tom Walker, Sophomore, Jeannette Golden, Junior, and Gloria Croy, Junior. These Cheers yelled for basketball only. Their unifom1s were gold and red plaid skirts and white "A" sweaters with a Tiger head on the back representing the school mascot. W "CIIEEIlS" -I ' TIGERS ' 0' K Haggerstown Warsaw Elwood Huntington Noblesville Royerton Tipton Tipton Crawfordsville Pendleton Burris Summitville Mississinewa Hartford City Elwood Frankton Wabash Middleton Rochester Peru AUTIO We They 58 39 49 -L2 49 50 46 53 55 67 61 51 59 39 53 Holiday Tourney 45 58 Holiday Tourney 63 60 49 45 49 51 55 -10 50 33 41 54 -43 56 60 61 71 72 48 64 62 65 63 Y I0 - ..,,..,h I' fs , in ff 4- sf' .hui VW , Q., if gg . x V-' rwwm in 1. tam," rv 1 tit U , , fl J fm? Fred Dick Bill Bender K ff fl! I X ifx Xg v 'iii' 5 "I gill- air I' " 11-QQ.. 2555? 'G ! swans Don Ron Richards Fw k. gg, .ALEX !'54b J VX KNEELING: Dave Telfer, Torn Willis, Don Disque, Coach Burdsall, Larry Allen, Fred Haas Phil Warren. TOP ROW: Steve Richards, Rod Chesser, Steve Sloan, Ron Richards, Glenn Sheley. Fred Dick, Bill Bender, and Art Jackson. KNEELING: Max l-Iolrner, Tom Hartwell, Ronnie Lynch, Gary Foster, John Prougli, Phil Lineberry. TOP ROW: Phil Warren, Daxe Telfer, Steve Faulk, Patil Jones, Joe Wells, and Bill Wilson and Shorty Burdsall. 3 fi if M H miata Li rf. l 2 J I J. F5 Yr iff ,- . Q- igg i ii ii ,X f E X p T KJ! 7X X I . If 1- f X Q - f I 1, 764 vvv 'J V. I' FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Matthew, Richard Woosnam, Raymond Gustin. Bob Stexens, Bill Blake, Von Tomlinson, and Coach John Green. SECOND ROW: Linda Warner, Margaret Cartwright, Jim Sayre, Bill Disque, Danny Davis, Phil Hahn, Joe Mack, John Rodney, Joe Weaver, Sharon Jackson and Sandy Latchaw. Freshman and Junior High Uagers FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Todd Davis, Jim Rodney, Jerry Huggins, John McPherson Larry Ryan, and Steve Lynch. SECOND ROW: Rita Thias, Bobbie Hunter, Vicki Hinton, Danny Johnson, Wesly Duling, Jeff Latchaw, Larry Beeman, Mary Ann Hooker, and Jeanie Fraundofer. THIRD ROW: Jerry Payton, Don Lineberry, Louis Harrison, Tom Leach, Charles Guston, Sandy Jones, Nick Lahee, Ronnie Garner, and Coach Punzelt. KNEELING: Tommy Punzelt. i '7 4 C J! sf SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 86 SEPTEMBER 4 School started One more year for the sensors Fasrmount and Alex played football Score 20 I3 our fsrst wsn sn 20 games Another wsn for Alex over Msssssssnewa Score 20 I3 Played Elwood sn football and Alex ended on bottom of score I2 I9 Smsle pretty was password for taksng a good Sensor pscture Convocatson wsth Rev Steele Bumblebees Can t Fly But They Do Underclassmen trade psctures End of fsrst ssx weeks Grades passed out Sensor proofs arrsve and orders placed Homecomsng game wsth Tspton Tse 26 all Homecomsng Dance at Armory wsth Bouncsn Bsll Baker as d s Osnger Eubanks crowned queen by A Club Pressdent Jerry Ledford Students get two days rest whsle teachers go to school at Teachers Inststute Last football game for sensors Played Wabash Nsne representatsves from Alexandrsa Chosr went to State Choral Festsval Museum of Scsence and Industry was the destsnatson of the Scsence Club Wonder how many telephones were sn there? Sensors trade name cards wsth frsends Band and Chosr team up for Fall Concert Thanksgsvsng program wsth Mr Bowers dsrectsng both band and chosr Another two days rest Thanksgsvsng thss tsme Fsrst basketball game We beat Hagerstown 58 39 Sophomores sport new black and whste sweaters Won second ball game over Warsaw 49 42 That soy overruled end of second ssx weeks That long awasted moment when Alex Tsgers and Elwood Panthers clashed Elwood ended on top 50 49 Better luck next tsme Sensor psctures fsnally arrsve Great fun tradsng them Of course no one ordered enough What do I want to be? That was a questson many asked themselves on Career Day Psychology class goes to Medscal Center at Indsanapolss Junsors flash new rsngs Tsgers beat Tspton sn a CIC tangle 59 49 School closed for two weeks of Chrsstmas vacatson Many came back that nsght for the Sensor sponsored Yuletsde Frolsc ss ' . s - , ' ' ' . I4 ' ' ' ' . 1 - . 2I ' . - . 25-26 ' ' ' ' . ss ' . I2 ' ' . . ' ' . I9 ' ' ' . ' . 20 . . ., . . . 25-26 ' I ' ' ' ' . 26 ' . . ' ' A 0 O .D D . 6 O U I . . 9 ' . 21 . . . . . . . 0 22-23 . " ' ' . 23 ' . ' - . so ' , - . ' s ' ' ' . 4 I O 0 O .. O . . I 5 ' . ' . so ' ' ' . I7 ' ' . I9 ' ' ' . - . 22 0 I . O JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY Tume now for Holuday Tourney Alex beat Tupton but couldn t quute match Crawfordsvu I le Start of New Year Lot s of resolutuons made how many kept'-9 Furst basketball game of 57 Alex wuns 60 45 over Pendleton Summutvulle upsets Tugers 55 5l Second semester ended One more semester for the senuors Band presents Pop Concert Several new vocalusts appeared along wuth Anuta Dave and Chuck Tume agaun for the Alex Elwood game Thus tume Alex comes out on top 54 43 Bad news' Tugers are beaten by Frankton Eagels 60 56 Anuta gets left un lnduanapolus when senuors go to State Leguslature Band members go to Muncue for Solo and Ensemb e Contest Junuor Hugh has Vocatuon s Day Tugers travel to Rochester to wun un an overtume game, 64 63 Last basketball game of season for Ron Fred Bull and Don Beat Peru 65 63 Record IO lO Bug pep rally for sectuonal One casualty Twula huts car Sectuonal starts Alex gets stopped un furst game by Anderson but Elwood Elwood wuns Sectuonal Goes on to Reguonal College Day for lunuors and senuors Fourth sux weeks ends Won t be long now I R C members represent Unuted States un Model U N at Anderson Band and chour team up agaun for Wunter Concert Senuor Drama class presents Papa ls All End of fufth sux weeks Only fuve weeks for senuors OHl Happy Day Fuve gloruous days of Easter vacatuon Easter Sunruse Servuce Early hours but lot of fun Furst performance of Crescendo Varutues The fun we had at those rehearsals' Last tume for C V of 57 Alex Hugh usn t the same wuthout the senuors Nuce tume they had at Washungton Baccalaureate Rev Albertson from the Chrustuan Church gave an unspurung message At last Commencement Many tears as we look back on four years at A H Wonderful party afterwards School closes for three months of long wauted for vacatuon 87 28 ' ' . ' ' ' I ' . ' ' , . 4 ' ' . ' - . I8 . . . - . 25 . ' . 29 . ' ' ' . I . . - D . . I - . ' 2 . ' - . 9 ' l . l3 ' ' ' ' . I6 . . . . - . 22 I I . I . ' ' 26 ' ' . -- ' ' . 27 . . . . stopped Anderson in evening game. 2 ' ' . ' . 5 . . . . 8 ' . ' . 22 . . . ' ' . . . ll-l2 ' " . " I7 ' ' . ' ' . . l8-22 ' ' ' . 2l ' ' . . 2 ' ' ' . . 3 ' . . ' . 9-I2 . . , . . . . . . D.C. I9 . . . . . . . 23 ---- . . .S. 29 - ' ' . Betsy and Norm ALEXANDRIA l'flllll'l' 81 SUPPLY 4l6 E. Washington Ph. 4-3528 City News Stand Riteway Plumbing Gipe, Williams 8. Kyle Berry Heating 8. Plumbing McNeese Appliances Inc . Hunt's Radio 8x T.V. P.N. Hirsh Co. Joseph Urban Leewin's Floral Co. Brobst Photo Supplys Neal Johnson Self Service Laundry Alexandria Clinic Dr. Lower Dr. Trimble Dr. Moore Dr. Gaunt Dr. Rohn Carver's Dairy Bar Western Auto WeII's Boiler Works Bus Station Beauty Shop Bus Station Hanlin Hatchery Holmes Shell Service IIIIIIFII .IIIIIIIS IIII. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Designers and Manufacturers of Distinctive Class Jewelry -- Graduation Announcements Medals -- Trophies -- Scholastic Awards J.R. McVay, Representative Holds tudlo I808 UNIVERSITY MUNCIE INDIANA Your Senior Photographer i!l u' : radii Huw-'sf FTFHIXIH S MEN? WIN Qual fywllekd DAIRY PRODUCTS Q'Zazam.c0u,af HOM E OWN ED I HOME OPERATED nnolms JEWELERS 'm""1TS Sporting Goods IHHIYLES HOME FURNISHINGS Uarvers Dairy Bar 206 W. Washington Established 1904 THE PLACE TO EAT In -' V L.- s. -,-,yggg N Ph. ' ' V i ' - ... V www' ?.,,,,,, 4- I X 15' 3-it l v 3 l, mu -A ,fx Eff 'D Vi N - 2 Pwu.'7wlff Gm , , ' .jg - f-4' MQ, P 2 T. 0 If! ' D rg U"""" if MM' f 1 fa 9 J lp J J L 1 l f lo S I D 1 7 IIIIMIILIIS IIIlIMG,III'I'IElI'S 224 N. Harrison MEN'S WEAR Paints -- Appliances -- Bicycles 108 S. Harrison Hardware -- Sporting Goods Alexandria FUFA FULA I G C0 ELWOOD INDIANA EW' I ww .awaw MIIIIEIIY JOHNSON MOTORS For Long Life and Dependabllnty Boats and Marnne Accessories IIIITIIEIIY IIIlI'l' HIIIISII 1823 No AStreet Elwood J I ' I RUTTL IIC O, l 1r'r', ., fl, ll., in M533 -r'I Ph. . .. ii A- an "ig 4- .53,-" -16, 'fi 2 - - .. ,... l,-J J fp Q I 'cg "if I ' " I 9 l 4' -rf 1? ' 1 1 II 1 9 J J I ' 1111111 81111101 11111111 111 111111g R1111111 111 1 K.1rka111N 111 Sl,111k 11a1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 UL 1 1111111111 11111111111 111111115 11111 ab 1111 111 1 1 11111 11 1111 11111111 11111111111 1111 1 f0TThHM11 FURNITURE COMPANY 111 115W Wc111ng1on Alexondrm P11 4 3457 H111 01 M0103 10 YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER 219 E Berry A1.EXANDR1A INDIANA Phone 4 2731 EPSl'm 0 1 f Q " 1 f " . . . 1i1' ' 4' g111a11111111' ' : 5 ' I' 111 '1l1A' 21111111111 1f111c11 11v11 1v11cr1' "L' " g" 1 ?g1115 - 11" 1111-41111 111111 111k,111 f111 11c11' HTL' 1110 11111L1f 111 1W11'11C1'1-11111111110 g11111511111gs 111a1 11131111 FOI' 1111111c111 111111 N31 ' I'-' 1 ' . Xs 'A' 11 111 111- 1111 -51 1111. 'I' 1 1 '1 15-- 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 ll K A 1 4 Q W1 S A L ... ,,.. , M- A rf I ' A , , I uulll. I a Y' ,X """ if ' A ' T I -E1 ,lf M.. , I 4 vm ww' A V Qvzvudl S LEW MERRELL V ll Gig.. . -, iTf""9" 'UF ' ""' BERG'S FLOWER SHOP Compl :ments of Compl lmenfs of THE OTTO BENDER AGENCY ALEXANDRIA LUMBER CO Insurance Of All Klnds 307 W Broadway Alexandria Indiana Ph 44I32 Ph 4 4481 ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS LOVELESS Flshmg Tackle Go f LUMBER 8. BUILDING MATERIAL Guns Tennis Doors MII work Moldings Tennis Football Basketball 812 W Adams IO28 Mann Anderson Induana Alexandria Indaana 2 BAILEY DRUG STORE DOROTHYS BEAUTY SALON ' ' - I - Ph. - - 5 - .I - . ' - 8 2 . 8 8 , III.I I I Ph. Q- I I Ph TW I 4' 23,1 ' A 4' PM ' A 2 so ,, 2 2 I , I 2 COIHp11lUl.lll5 Pr W' La-25 r""fr' -mgrs Q M IiMl0llll IHILI' 'PURE 5 ...J Pens Dgsks Il'I'lII' lll'I'l'Il FIFHFII lg HLNN HW' his 'old' QOIIIPIIIHCIILS of :gang Il 0 IIMBEH 0 402 W XV3Sll1I1glOll CHEVROLLI OLDbNiOBILL GM Partb Agccssorles Whoksaln, R4.ta11 Saks bCI'VlLt, IIAVI and TR PIER Ph. ' P11 ' N Q 4- 4 1 -1 4. 5 4- of 2 -' VY is X? s V 5 , b. F i,Jg,'Q. 2 1 ,W 1 2 l! IJ P 11 O 'Z 2 . , ' 2 Jflll . A VILLE 1 T ll H4 . 1 ph. 5 ml, A Ph. - 4- N 4 2 D 4 Q E O f-ff " W u 1 R 4 QM A., f 3 5 AJ.WMw A O X I " ' A N . . .X 1 Y W 7 f Y Y , 'H MIIIF IU H 1 1 ' 111 4, ll 1 . 353 ' 4 A ikxwiui A., W-,m... N b 7:,M'gf Q K"fgwb -Lww-bb4 l- N URIN y I F . A ---A Ak IJ f J 0 ' of l Ill ' 'A ' 3 9'-f ,,.. V ', ' ' -A v Y U A. .O , nj XE- . 1? +1 Am. if ff it AW --,,. , ' . Y ,f I ' I I 4 1 .-up " . A l, so I M. na.. NMMM, A '- - 4 4 1 , x 1 4 I T 5 'f A ' 'XS W. H. MAY HARDWARE ' FERMEN'S Compl imenfs of TH ATIU AL GH' UM C0 Manufactures GOLD BOND INSULATION PRODUCTS A O ., B D .W ' R X' SV X V 1 ' xi? XV' sexy' K '+ 99-if M, xx 00X PER MARKET WHERE PRICE TELLS AND PRICE SELLS ALEXANDRIA L' ' 57. 'FI' g I . xv wg: W1 Q ,A iw R 'R 'Q :ff Q. -'Qi -- 1' x ' A kk-Wx 'V' V' . ' n q I. ,. 'stu B D t 'RA Aa' X52 ' A . 'X . K X R R A4 egg, ,v E by . ., iff, , 7, favs' - .-We ,AQEL K QS YEARBOOKS 119.4 BASEBALL TEAM THIRD ROW: Coach Burdsall, Myers, Dick, Jones, Sheley, Richards, Fulk, Sloone, Broyles, and Coach Ballinger. SECOND ROW: Man- ager Brady, Allen, -44 TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: Welcome, Telfer, Lynch, Knapp, King, Lineberry and Coach Frazier. SECOND ROW: Shepard, Harrison, Roach, Hahn, Wilson, Cunningham. THIRD ROW: Mathew, Stevens, Blake, Gowens, Myers. FOURTH ROW: Welborn, I Toms, Sheley. "We can jump - we can run -- Oh Boy! This is fun!" F 'Qi e "' 5 " S 6 'izg L ,4 ., , 5 I 1 K i V I I ' M ff ef ff 5 if 4 4 , fmgjk grip, Qsiw, VHJJQQHJ if IQQJ J, "' , 'D 1 X f' l ,- I 1 '-' 1 I 'rj 25,1 ,Y l wff " ' an a ' 'if,f"' M' ,R il' .Z .. -I - I N f J - Pl Q ,1 c f 5 XJ? l L' I li!! X ' N. X X Zigler, Disque, Powless, Chesser, Hass, Schultz, and Manager Mack. FIRST ROW: Manager Lambertson, Lynch, Weaver, Montgomery, Foster, Hartwell, Gooding, Woosnam, Manager Cunningham. if-5 SV f , ts, Q "We run from base to base - Oh, what a merry chase." GOLF TEAM Members of this year's golf team were Bill Bender, David Libler, Jim Moore, Tim Moore, and Ronnie Martin. Coach of the team was Don Dick. A picture of the golf team was not available. ,V -1 PAPA I ALL Mama . . Jake . . State Trooper Brendle . . Emma . . Mrs. Yoder . Papa . . PRODUCTION Construction. . Lighting . . Properties . Costumes . . Make-up . . House . . . Box Office Publicity . Director's assistant Bookholder . Producer and Director .... 0 c 9 4 0 a 4 o 0 0 s o 0 'H . Janet Frees . . Bill Bender . Norman Schultz . . Sue Wright . Betsy Kidder . Dan Welborn . Arthur Jackson . . . Louie Ross . . . Cynthia Evans . . . .Sue Mohler .Margaret Williamson . . . Dan McCarty . . Jackie Whaley . . Joyce Alexander . . Pat Jackson . Roy Ellis Brown . ' ,a- P3 Pwr 'J elf fb -nh ,'f'x E. . 'J 'Q 1 t K R3 L gs' "Well, Jake -- l'm afraid you're a law- No, Mama: it don't mean strike like in the face. breaker. You committed assault, wrecked You just don't work no more than what you get any our father's car and told a arn that had mone for Y - Y Y - the railroad company and the police running around in circles. If ever you touch again Now you could tell me, maybe, how it Could l sit maybe on the Mama, I'l kill you with gives crock pieces in'the Jersey-cow bin? behind, where the little seat is? my own hands dead! Mrs. Yoder--you wou1dn't I tell you: why don't you get Sol A foreigner you take: speak nothin' about it to Papa? Jake to make you a telephone? worse as a gypsy, even. Get me the Ford car out! The award winners with :Xl Y X -.E Mr. Brown and other members sv of the drama class. 'Q' ".fV1'u Nr? vial We were given a little insight on what the future artny life of Elvis would be like. sf' 1 , fyf Uwstzttndo "Four little children" enter- tained us with the "Little White Duck. " Although this was the first year for the stage choir, it proved to be very successful x .,j . XI lil 'yi .Y Q I 'N The "Harmonettes" singing their version of "Blue Indigo. " r l Eyes grew misty as Dave sang "Oh My Papa. " 4 -., W Varieties The "Calypso Cuties" proved they had really been around with their "Jane College" routine. One of the highlights of the evening was George and Dave doing their version ofthe popular "Banana Boat Song. " b f? The Four Teens told us all about "Mr, Wonderful. A romantic mood was set by Fred and Judy as they sang "True Love." Miss Rosalie l-Iysong and her salute to radio. -4 2 l 5 S , ! l , 2 3 I 2 l g X ffl lk i r cuss s A IMY X is was t L N 5 X. , J i . 'E " I 7 v N i r i ' DONALD DISQUE, Valedictorian Senior class president and secretary, Norm Schultz and Linda McBride, present the senior sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Oberholtzer and Miss Hull, with gifts from the graduating class. if' 1 ' - 1 I1 1 3,7 x. l Q nil ' far, K 2 I f : l x , f fi " N, i ,,,,,, ll , l IP 5 1 i it v v P '. Q 1 a .J v rl, r l .x . 1 H X A .+ .1 r 'i-f-7 . X 'x 5 . 1 1 ll ' nl 1 4 l il CYNTHIA EVANS, Salutatorian F.. 'E' as " hu tv - T is y , 11 S 1 S i ul X C 'L i s s' '2' In , 1 I ' f"' Jlfyk l Xa Next year's senior class president, Rodney Chesser, accepts the traditional lantern and shovel from this year's senior class president, Norman Schultz. 1 I CLASS DAY AWARD Valeductoruan Donald Dusque Salufatoruan Cynthua Evans Natuonal Honor Socuety Senuors: Donald Dusque Cynthua Evans, Marqaret Olsen Joe Jones, Norman Schultz, Juluet Powless Patrucua Jackson, Betsy Kudder, Arthur Jackson Carol Brotherton, Sue Wrught, Fred Duck Sheula Zapt, Paula Carver Larry Bassett Danny Welbourn, Lunda McBrude, Mary Jo Mullspaugh Deanne Weaver, and Max Mullspaugh Junuors Rodney Chesser Ted Montgomery, Nora Farmer Davud Telfer and Vada Snapp Kuwanus K B F Pun Cynthua Evans Bausch Lomb Medal for Profucuency un Scuence Donald Dusque Tru Kappa Awards Cynthua Evans, Senuor- June Hocker, Junuor Nancy Baumgartner, Sophomore' and Sylvua Gall Freshman Luons Club Athletuc Blanket Fred Duck Luon s Gold Musuc Key Max Mullspaugh Drama Awards lnter-Sororuty Councul Sue Wrught Ruley Club Janet Frees Drama Department Norman Schultz, Betsy Kudder, Bull Bender and Cynthua Evans Musuc Awards Band Senuors, Larry Bassett Janet Frees, Danny McCarty, Max Mullspaugh Juluet Powless Chour Senuors, Charles Henry Davud Ruchardson, Fred Duck, Phul Myers, Muruam Auth, Rosalue Hysong, Gunger Eubanks Kay Ann Johnson Deanne Weaver, Laura Funk Lyla Haunes, Barbara Savage, Jackue Whaley Sheula Zapf, Beverly Adduson, Patrucua Aldrudge, Carol Brotherton, Paula Carver, Margaret Russell Beverly Tulowutzky Twurlung Awards Joyce Alexander, Sue Mohler Natuonal Athletuc Honor Socuety Puns Don Dus ue, Fred Duck Bull Bender, Larry Cade Char es Sanqunettu, Phul Myers, Joe Jones, Danny Welborn, Jerry Ledford Davud Dockery and Norman Schultz Betty Crocker Homemaker Award Janet Frees Busuness Educatuon Certutucates Glorua Berry, Paula Carver, Lonuta Fruend, Lunda McBrude, and Sheula Zapt Yell Leaders Sweaters Sue Wrught and Deanne Weaver Medals Judy Hull Jan Walker, and Tom Walker . ' I I I I O I I I . . I s I I . . I I lo ' I I. ' 5 I I I . . . . . . I . I I I . , . . Methodist Men . . . . . . . . .Dan Welborn . I . , I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I . . I E I I I I . ' I I I I I I I I I . I I I , I l 8 1 ,

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