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E 5 E f I G :1 f 1 a fx Q, Q3 ff? si ,YV V H EQ 14 fs SPECTRUM 1951 ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, INDIANA VOLUME 30 You may find yourself driving along the road of life when you open your 1951 Spectrum. Looking back, We find our speed limit was too fast,' We reached the end of our journey too soon. We hope to leave with you a few memories of the spills, crashes, and also, the joy rides. So grab a bumper of our Model T as We turn the pages of our travelog through the eventful years of A.H.S. I -,ww , Q K 1 TO LYLE HARDING Overheard between a traffic cop and the '51 Sen- iors: Got your driver's license?-Yep, I sure have, thanks to Mr. Harding.-Can you drive?-Yep, thanks to Mr. Harding for having the patience to teach me.- Where are you driving to?-To a football game. Mr. Harding coached us through a number of victories you know.-Know anything about business?-Yep, I was in Mr. Harding's business classes.-Say, I'm going to have a talk with this Harding fellow. Got anything you want me to tell him?-Yep, tell him thanks for teaching us to drive, for signing passes in our Junior year, for having a winning football team, and for just being the swell guy he is. And if he wants to know who's saying thanks, tell him the Class of '51 is. r Q ,.f- . . KELRO WHITEMAN Superintendent HELEN WASHBURN Secretary VICTOR EVANS High School Principal Psychology GEORGIA EDGELL Secretary MAX BELL HELEN BRANNON ROY BROWN Basketball Coach Physical Education Business Education Mathematics English FRED DISQUE Junior High School Principal Agriculture ERNEST BUCK LEWIS BUHLER Science Spanish English ROXANA FRAZIER Latin English RROL COPELAND DON DICK LAWRENCE FRAZIER flusic Director U. S. History Biology Physical Education Assistant Coach MARJORIE FRENCH Social Science Guidance P is ff LYLE HARDING A 1 Football coach 3 Business Education Drivers' Training D ITH HULL MARGARET KELLER ocial Science Music JOHN HINDS Industrial Arts MARJORIE HOWARD Home Economics if X. , NW 1, 5 :.:.,.:.:.:.. Z . wr V. .:::::.:.:. : : ,.:.- - . ,.-H, v a ::::s2f5s?5:,:E2f' "'E:,:zj ': . 'fE 2.,1.-Q..: 'fl' e "" Ez. ' 11 S .2 5- 61. 'E 3"5fz2:s:.. 1".Z J GLADYS MCCAMMON English HENRY OBERHOLTZER Industrial Arts MAXINE OBERHOLTZER Business Education JOHN REIFSNIDER Speech and Hearing Therapy KATIE SLONE BASIL HOLMES ERMA GENE Mathematics Social Studies McVICKER English Library MAX RITTER Social Studies LOUISE GRANTHAM MARY ZOOK Physical Education Art ff Q x'X 1 5 ' Q' C ,gif N Eli Q- 'iw 7ffZ'5?f " . D ! H 1 . W -D , yfl -, 4' 'D if Q ' s'2 -A'A , VD ?, 'r X gl K " , Q ' 5 -1 ' '4 . ' ' 7. g 'W , ,, ' ii X ' x I. KX fri. 'ii 5 " ' ' 1 - 4 XX Q WE X W -5 . X f. -M . X X K x 5 1 A Tsx A j I4 N.. S 1 K' X Q ix 5 .11 .QI ,:,fQ3.u:Q:v 1 ,Q V , ' 55 W - 'i k info' 593195 1 , - X . I ,gggb gem '- Q N ,CA ,hzgx ' 1 :F F- 5 K1 s ,xg '. H2154 gggjsifffw -1 Q + 1 v 'A '- li! r -f, B 1 I I -5 f " lv YW F - Q 'H 'ixs ' ,,.,.....-""-""-T- 'f SENICRS JANICE ARLENE WOODRUFF CHARLES TOWNSEND RICHARD SARA NELL DICK LEON MARILYN LEE GORDEN FOX HENSLEY MILLER SEN MARYLIN PAUL EUGENE BYRD BARRETT WISEHART ARLENE NELSC HN JOHNSON BARBARA PAUL R. BETTY BANGLE DARLENE ELLIS, Jr. PHERSON CR 51 PAUL A. MARGERY WILLIAM DAVID MARY JANE VICCULLOUGH HUMPHRIES BARTH JARRETT i BARBARA FISHER NEIL EDWARD WISLER ESTHER L. AULER FRANKLIN H ORN WILLIAM LEE RAMONA JEAN ROBERT CHERITA WALKER WAYMIRE DWIGGINS MYERS SEN PHILLIP NEIL VINCENT PAUL ROSEMARY TOBIN MYRNA WATSON BEARDSLEY BLAKE iOBERT KING JANE JACK WOOTTON MARILYN ANNE CLEVENGER JONES OR CHARLES ELIZABETH IACK E. HORN GAIL MULL FOSTER MEEKS DEWENIA ENOLA ANDREWS GENE FLOOK OLIVE GRANGER JACK L. FULLER FRANKLIN J ACQUELINE GEORGE W. DORIS COX CLOSSER MCCARTY DAVIS SEN ALBERTA JAMES G. JACK CUMMINS THOMAS JACOBS WANDA TEAGU JOHN GLADYS FAUN TOMMY EATON SHARON MCELFRESH CHAPLIN NEWCOMB OR 51 J. TERRIE LOLITA JERRY MADDOX TULOWITZKY ETCHISON JUDITH BITNER LAVON BALL DON ALMQUIST RUTH ELAINE MANRING SHIRLY MCCORD JAMES H. LAWS PATRICIA ROBERT LEON RUTH TANNE' MCFERRAN BREESE LEAKEY SEIN 19 RICHARD BARBARA N. MARY RUTI5 ETCHISON HERITAGE HOWARD KING LUNDY EDGAR F. CATHERIN JERRY IRIS MAE LEACH STREET KILGORE FOLAND CR 51 RALPH T GARNER CHARLENE MEHLING GILBERT YORK ANITA COLVILL JACQUSIE Lou SUMMERS BERT REEHLING MIRIAM MOTTWEILER GENE MOORMAN JIM WISHON PHYLLIS DONALD OLSEN RUBY WARRE REMINGTON JAMES VIRGIL PATZ JOY BAKER MITCHELL MARY Rom ff RRY PIERCE ESTHER E. WILLIAM JANET ETSLER OLDFIELD ANDERSON CR 51 IMOGENE WILLIAM H. AVID HOWE GAITHER SAYRE MAXINE ADAMS PATRICIA HURST RALPH MERLE SAYRE SENIOR 1951 BOB POOLE FRANCES CHARLES WAYNE R. DOSTER MONTGOMERY MORTON CLASS HISTORY In 1948, one hundred and forty-three students came together from Alexandria Jun- ior High, Cunningham, Orestes, and St. Mary's to start driving together for our Freshman year. Mrs. Slone, Mrs. Harlan, and Mr. Armstrong started us on the long drive ahead. We elected Jerry Etchison as president, Rosemary Blake as vice-president: secetary, Jim Laws CRemember his campaign speech, "I promise a chicken in every pot and sodas in the drink- ing fountains."J and Velma Wilson became our treasurer. We started selling magazine subscriptions to make money and exceeded the sales of the classes in former years. For a semester party we decided to have a pot luck supper at the Kanteen. Then to finish off the year, we went to Shady Side in Anderson for our class picnic. CRemember when Jim Laws fell in the river?j In 1949 we had driven several miles and were now Sophomores. Don Olsen became president with Gail Mull, Rosemary Blake, and Ruth Manring to help him along the way. Miss Hull and Miss French drove along with us. We planned a bake sale to make money. For our party we again went to the Kan- teen for a pot luck supper. During this year, the second team in basketball was made up entirely of sophomores, and we had two of our boys playing on the first team. We were really proud of them. For our class picnic we went to the park at Marion. It seems whenever our class gets near water someone falls in. This year was no exception, for Theresa Roesler came up out of the water dripping Wet. Our representatives to the Student-Teacher Co-Op were Paul Ellis, Patti McFerran, Theresa Roesler, and Jim Wishon. In 1950 Mr. and Mrs. Harding started us driving through our Junior year. We elected Jim Wishon president, Paul Ellis, vice-president, Marilyn Jones, secretary: and Rosemary Blake, treasurer. Our repesentatives to the Co-Op were Jerry Etchison, Myrna Watson, Frank- lin Closser, and Sara Nell Fox. Our first order of business was to decide on the color for our sweaters. QRemember how someone wanted orange and black?J After much disagreement, we finally decided on silver- grey sweaters with green letters. Next we chose our rings. Everyone thought they were the best looking rings they had ever seen. To make money we had a pot luck supper at the Kanteen and called it a Sok-Hop. CRemember how jerry measured everyone's foot as they came in the door?J In February we had a scrap drive. We gathered up all the old papers and junk we could find. It was hard work, but we had a lot of fun. CRemember how some of us went together and bought some lunch meat and had a picnic in Sara Nell's back yard?J For our junior trip we went to Purdue. There wasn't any water, but we had trouble with one of the buses on the way down. Then we started on our senior year. There wasn't much time to stop along the road, but we managed to have a good time all along the way. Jim Wishon was re-elected president with Charles Montgomery, Rosemary Blake, and Marilyn Jones to help him. Our Co-Op representatives were Myrna Watson, Sara Nell Fox, and Dick and Jerry Etchison. Mr. Dick, Mrs. Slone, and Mrs. Grantham were our supervis- ors. We ordered our announcements, and traded our senior pictures and cards. We sold things at the football and basketball games. Everything was rush, rush, rush, getting ready for that trip to Detroit. Then suddenly the rush was over. We parked our cars at the door of A.H.S. and began that walk down the aisle in our grey caps and gowns. CLASS OFFICER Seated: Mrs. Grantham, Rosemary Blake, treasurer: Marilyn Jones, secretary: Mrs. Slone. Standing: Don Montgomery, vice-president: Mr. Dick, jim Wishon, president. vm ' A Q 'U fifffq. XX 4 o W 'ii i T W f'ixgg.f3 -,lj -J:-:ED K fi ,I x 2' - M -HUA ff ff UNDERCLASSMEN john Adams, Ronald Alexander, William Armstrong, Richard Baker, Susan Baker, Bet Ball, Barbara Barth. George Beatson, Dora Beaty, Sally Beigh, Richard Benson, Barbara Blake, Janet Bra ford, Jerry Brawner. Ralph Brewer, Gerald Brobst, Iva Mae Brotherton, Ronald Buckles, Adrienne Burne Opal Clevenger, Bernadine Collis. 1 1': Es, V W 'W r Q lv 'W' . ,.-:f " 'WW k 1 24, 'M' " 1 "i' 'E": A jf U X, ,ii-Kgvlx fb" if? W? ,sr Q In . K . .,,E I . ..:, E v..v X , , Q " t V Q A ,Nj 5,3 A. . .M A , P 'W' . Y M g W, l l as G We r r rli irtr ar t ,,.A' ,S I . 6 1. 1 , if rw' ,as it , 1 ',,." E ' Iilz V, , , 4 im wig I 2 E , '75 oorrlooo We A ,... ,ifi "'::' A :iv , M '-" 'V ' , A' liil ii"' : :si 1 W gp. E ' Z -Q J :.. ,vi ii A may H ! 8 ' awk ii ggi If c Q J f 'Q i- a',1 i FW fz- . ww 2 M13 "" is .AX 'zz' t K Q Q fr' f ' A ' , Zella Jane Cook, Glen Cox, Richard Croy, Janet Curts, Richard Davis, Margery Dic ey, Mary Lou Disbennett. Charles Donahue, Donald Eaton, Carlton Edwards, Meria Elbert, Bonnie Elswor Carolyn Farrington, Johnnie Fernung. cie Frazee, William Frazier, Richard Fuller, Maurice Gaither, Phyllis Garner, Court- ley Granger, Mildred Gregory. e Gross, Barbara Henry, Barbara Howe, William Howell, Sam Hughes, William Hull, james Hysong. Ice, Frances Jarrett, Rex Jenkins, Max Johnson, Jerry Jones, Beverly Kaser, Elmer Key. Q 9, if if W t K -.:: In-six, ,,1 x z Y stalks? , y , ,.,., ., ,:.'i 'f i zazf i i ' M L 2 r 5 U Sql icy Knopp, Maxine Knotts, Ann Ledford, Howard Little, Patricia Luyet, Donald McClead, Kelly McGill. rshall McGraw, Ilene Mack, Patricia Malicoat, Wayne Marquand, Edward Matthew, Joe Mesalam, Audrey Miller. Donald Miller, Don Montgomery, Jim Morgan, Jerry Morris, Marlene Nash, Rol Owen, Edward Parnell. Carolyn Patz, jerry Peck, Marilyn Plackard, joseph Rastetter, Marvin Rector, Su Roberts, Phyllis Robertson. David Robey, Mary jane Scott, james Sigler, Gerald Smock, james Snyder, Sa Stahlhuth, Sherman Stanley. S Donald Starr, Marilyn Starr, james Stevens, Judy Swin Deloris Tanner, Paul Tomlinson, Geraldine Treesh Phillip VanHorn, Mara Jo Vollenhals, Marvin Wa: Thomas Williams, Barbara Wood, Joyce Wood, Wood. Harry Workman, Patricia Wright. 5 e S' f fe ' JUNIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES As we look through the rear-view mirror we find, following bumper to bumper, the Junior Class. The class was led by Don Miller with Kelly McGill assist- ingg Jerry Peck was secretary and Susan Roberts, treasurer. Rep- resentatives to Student Teacher Co-Op were Charles Donahue, Marilyn Plackard, Sam Hughes, and Donald McClead. With 113 members to participate, they sponsored a scrap drive, held a Halloween Party at the Kanteen, and also had a skating party. They were very proud of their flashy gold and ruby rings. Mr. and Mrs. Henery Oberholtzer were their sponsors. SOPHOMORE CLASS ACTIVITIES Coming up the road are the 118 Sophomores who have dec- orated their car with green sweaters on which we see white let- ters, trimmed in gold. In the leading car are the supervisors, Miss Frazier and Mr. Buck. In the next car are the officials. Dallas Thomas is in the driver's seat with Noreen Beeman at his side. Jack King is the money taker, and Janet McCarty keeps the minutes. The co-op car comes next. It consists of Gail Willis, Jack Matney, Jane Bitner, and Lloyd F rix. This year the car was used to drive all Sophomores to the class party at the Kanteen. It was also used to drive everybody to the Square Dance that was sponsored by the Sophomores. Bob Aborn, Patricia Alexander, Betty Allen, John Armstrong, William Armstrong, Car olyn Ashby, Dale Auler. Richard Auler, Evelyn Ball, Noreen Beeman, Jane Bitner, Wayne Blake, Georgian: Board, Sally Boyer. Richard Carlisle, jerry Chambers, Blanche Clark, Annabelle Collis, Bill Comer, jeai Craig, Helen Dalton. 'Ya im 'N ,iiunl K ' 3, .,. , .-.,-- I, Ez' .. S - it fe fi ff ,.i,,,: 1, ,,,i f': I 1 'I 4-3 S9 in . ,. '33 w , . ..,.,, , If my - gl , Ai i -wi i ' .. ham . f W.. 'W' ' 'i .milk ww' f- ,Awww f 3 . f A ,,q ' ' ' f f? ,ia J. ,. ,,, ,,,,i' , , ,iii V ,vvl '-., A ',,, ,.. .,.,, V .A , if , ,,., ,M ,..a , A , 'WV 2,3 . , 3 Q. r i lllll ,r,,l a , Q? if' n aa", . - :-. ' .WLM .,., ... . i ,,.. ':-- .. L ' ' . 4 , . .ff 1-1- 3 "fi: , 2- I, -. .: -2' 5 H ' A, ' .EIIEIE E :- . a 1 Q '-iff :-: --1:" f 5 31? A0 N,g3:v"' .: A, Q X 1 4' iii., I ' A9 0 "W 1 .v,-: f ' i Q :,,:,,: : :'2 - F 1" 'fffz Ig TU ilu. 3 i , ' if i v,,. y ',:, i i.,v . ""- Z E " "'-- , 2 xsqgg Q. VI. , Z VA V- :wa ' C 'W ,.. 4 S MTW' i f 'zi' izlii I 'wa .,,,,,: Q , 'A 1 21 , 'IIE 3 l'i . ,gg "',, 1 , ,ig .5 , Patricia Davis, Theresa Diamond, Madonna Duffey, Charles Dwiggins, Betty Eubanks, Ona Kay Ferguson, Roger Fish. 2 Larry Fleenor, William Foster, Jack Friend, Lloyd Frix, ' Joseph Fuller, Donald Gipe, Larry Goettel. , Carol Golden, Marjorie Gooding, Kay Gosnell, Richard 'W 5 Grose, Mary Lou Hague, Charles Hall, Jack Hart- , ley. 2 ndra Haskett, Jay Hensley, Kay Hight, Sally Hight, Joyce Holler, Donald Horn, Shirley Hughes. n Hunter, Carolyn Hurst, Betty Huse, Leona Jarman, Naomi Jeffers, Janice John- son, Jack King. 2lvin King, Shirley Lambertson, Robert LaPierre, Linda Larkin, Donald Lemon, Gene Lemon, Barbara Likens. 'S ,,,: 9555! i:., ::A : 3 ""'1 1 Q W I H ,... :-' Q WL? 3-. g Q. -A 3 .. ,.:' J ,il " laiar ff of ,Law f f ffaec- fifat f J Qee 5 ,i-- , .' , . 1 Qr Se l ,ii,.',12 . A I? at V Q 2. ..,. , X X J .ce 1a'i. R YM . Q mi' Z' - ' ..,,,. iwi J Y X J .4 , W 7,55 ,:,, . .gi ,,+ 4 , :gs .,,, 225: ',,.' , . 3 x " 'M in .Q . . , .,:::. L .,,, 1 Q ':': 5 ,Q M' ' 5 ' :,., X',A ' X . W H A J . ,.,:1: W? if I P -:- ' A2.. V. f 5 J af' , 13' as f! ,..,. X .ag " ' Q-a s 51, , is -. , 5, , n A Jw ,g - . ,J ' N 1 A ,. ,.., :-.' ' ' '::'1 Er 53,3 ws? R . It X - Q ,., , : ..,, E if v ,N 1- va aa aw aaa s'e i aa a , Q, , ea, iiru da , ,. ,.., :.,, f . VV tx ..,,,.,.. .. ix A Tx x J im as -fe., . 5 ,. Y he H' i. Q f . W .s if -:" : r :HI .v,. ....., f .15 fi A. 'Wi K Bill Linsberg, Patricia Little, Janet McCarty, Nancy McCaslin, Faye McClish, Patricia McCord, Helen McKee. Charles Mack, Joseph Matney, Donald Maynard, Jack Maynard, Janice Maynard, Maurice Mehling, Pa- tricia Miller. Charles Montgomery, Sue Morton, Gus Oliver, Martha Overpeck, Birdie Pate, Donald Pratt, Joyce Pratt. c . KSN 6 5 I Sandra Reed, Cora Riall, Dorothy Sanqunetti, Carolyn Saxton, Gerald Scherer, D Seybert, John Sizelove. Mozelle Stelter, Phyllis Stephens, Carolyn Stevens, Paul Tanner, Robert Teague, Dor Jean Tharp, Dallas Thomas. 4 uf ' W Wi: if A' f i 2 W , ee Q53 " fr f if , ,,:::: ', ' '- -f M r ., l' ' Swami, . Ni. i f J? 1' .,,, , . H ,Q rr Sl ,., , i , ' we ' 4' i af a r a i i Ip sa Lx ,, Leon Thomas, Jim Tobey, Gayle Toney, Betty Trice, ll Warren Watson, Mary Weaver, jim Wehsollek, Carc Whipple, Cynthia Willis, Gail Willis, Richard Wil: Max Wood, Frances Wright. ,.,,, Q Tulowitzky, Norma Vanderbur, Bill Walker. ,IVIQ -,:.: 2 , amy- , , ..,, ':'t':' 5 j if liam Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Robert Armstrong, Emmaline Barth, Charles Bar ton, Ronald Beard, Jack Beasley. irles Bell, Donna Bell, Donna Bennett, Geraldine Benson, Rita Branch, Raymond Breese, Judith Brewer. Jert Brobst, Mary Ann Brotherton. Patricia Brotherton, Richard Buckles, Larry Campbell, Martha Chaffin, Priscilla Clark. 5' is Q 96 WW i I J . ., 3 ::,.,., ,,,.,, , .,,.:.,, I I Q A ,Q 9- if '.. X to :CZ I at I ,, fi r, Q ' . XB We 6 f xx 5 ,AZ A A ii 1 ' iv mi: , - . - , 9' Q. X I as x x 5:5:k u 3 N: sf X s,'. As. 5 'X 'III-ifijhf. , . 'I , ' - .. ,N 5 ,. . A. 2 ' "'. "'- Q. is R Q X if, gm .," , ., .,.,.,, '-.'s ,.. ' Q M , " - ',: : H 1 ' Mary Cleaver, Carol Ann Clock, Jerry Cranfield, R. Dalton, Marilyn Davis, Virginia DeaKyne, Sue Druelle. Malnee Eden, john Elbert, Ruth Evelyn Ellis, Patricia Etchison, Barbara Eubanks, Jimmie Ferguson, Rose Marie Fisher. Ralph Flecker, Ruth Elaine F look, Elmer Ford, Anna jane Frazier, George Glass, William Gaither, Don ald Gilliam. Marlene Gosnell, Mack Gosnell, Ann Grahame, Kenneth Gregory, Carol Haines, Q Hall, Beth Harrison. James Haskell, Charles Hight, Norma Holler, Jonnie Horn, Sharon Horn, Mryna Hug John Humphries. Ray Humphries, Sherman Hurst, Janet Ice, Rose Mary Jackson, James Janney, Milc Jarman, Mary Alice Jones. ,..,.,,.. ' 'ell M 411 A gg ei , ..,.. ., . ....., f,. ,iy . 1? Xi Q, M we fy, Eugene Kean, Joy Kean, Shirley Kerr, Sandra Kilgore, ' Velma King, Jeanette Kunckles, Frank Lambert- son. Carolyn Lawson, Shirley Leach, Joyce Leonard, Jim I- Livengood, Barbara McCarty, Forest McDaniel, Mary Ann Miller. James Morgan, Earl Morris, Sherrill Morris, Danial Mudd, Jack Newcomb, Shirley Overby, Cary Peck. an arolyn Porter, Bob Poynter, Joyce Rathel, William Riall, Susan Rice, Rohn Ritten- house, Lois Ann Roan. ay Roby, Roy Roby, George Ross, Deva Carol Ryan, Lyn Ryan, Barbara Sayre, Carl Sayre. ichard Scott. Theresa Scribner, Robert Semon, Joyce Sizelove, Carole Stevens, Rob- ert Stinefield, Richard Street. he W r K :.. 5 2 Q ..:.,:.:A Q 'reg if 3.55.1 1 J .55-3 . L :Eg -.,- : giwi: - 2:,,.'.:..,55 . X X s s ,, 9 an X ., X 1 X G v Qi ,. x -,S'--,, - ......- 1 i S1 :2. if-I ,. .51 ' "::'- K 2 ' .1.':::.. 519555, T: ..:: . .':' '-wi. :Q ig . ' if-I':'-'.,-:Ei"" N f' ,sw ft" ,. .t KE ,Y , , , SD, 5, ,-.,:,-.-q -Q 'Q Q X, S as S' if 3 gg, Q KI J S xi, vt- AO- 1 Q sf i 9 J Q Q, 6 ,Y X r A A .e if Q X ,g ff sf. W c f ,,,.,,. . ,S M. V , A Q ' 1 'QQ in 'S A W gb ,K rf ff it vw 5' 1 WW se ,i Shirley Street Joyce Surber James Taylor Rita Tempest Norma Thomas Thomas Thomas Flor- ence Thompson. Jack Thompson, Beverly Toms, at ..b , A at , ri r , ...r-e 'rrre W we ,,.a:. fi ,,..,. i , , J- I ,:,,.:q .55 f'r: 1 ..:. Q, NE pl' Duane Tulowitzky, Betty Un- derwood, Faye Utley, Janese Warner, Joan Warren. Betty Williams, Judith Williams, Jerry Wilson, Dallas Wood. The Freshman Class started out with 125 members in their class. They elected Sandra Kilgore, president, Sherman Hurst, vice-presidentg Joyce Surber, treasurer: and Patricia Brotherton, secretary. Freshman Co-Op representatives were Barbara Mc- Carty and Jerry Wilson. Yell leaders for the freshman basketball team were Betty Underwood, Barbara McCarty, and Judy Williams. They sold magazine subscriptions to boost their treasury. Mr. Fraizer, Mr. Buhler, and Mr. Disque were their sponsors. Pk Sk Pk The eighth grade had their ups and downs and are now ready to apply for their licenses to go further-to enter high school. , To lead them through the year the students chose Beverly Whaley, presidentg Billy Hunter, vice-president: Kathleen Light- foot, secretaryg and Richard Sizelove, treasurer. Mr. Holmes and Miss McCammon were their sponsors. To lead the fans in cheers they chose Alnita Ferguson and Carolyn Fraundorfer. 'lf SF wk The seventh grade started out on the long journey through junior and senior high school. The journey will go slowly, at first, but later on, it will go too fast. The 7A l class chose David Fox as president, Konrad Schroth, vice-presidentg Charles Pittman, secretary, and Phyllis Hanlin, treasurer. The 7A 2 class chose Donald Smith as presidentg Westly Savage, vice-president: Hoadly Flook, secretaryg and Judy Bran- don, treasurer. Their sponsors were Miss Brannon and Mrs. Zook. fnald Alexander, Merrill Almquist, Gerald Anderson, Ralph Anderson, Jack Armstrong, Marilyn Beeman, Mary Byrd. e Cartwright, Robert Collins, Ed Comer, Donald Cunningham, Dick Damm, Alnita Ferguson, Leonard Fish. rolyn Fraundorfer, Stephen Freeman, Betty Gordon, Ralph Grose, Juanita Gruver, Barbara Hammond, joan Howard. .,.. 1 ...:2 , 'db' at -wr - S .l-we -:-. ' "ac .. . . .. .K , .,,.,,,. :. "2 . 5165 ::-i f -:5e:55"" . " .. . :'2 ' 3 q Q , A ,ii N .... .. d:,,5,-3 425 Q' es i :R ss 3 Wm fi fig A x -, Qu, x 1545? fs ik r,i, .,i,, i H .t A if 1 ..:: .-:""3 ,.. ' ,..,,,. ,i.-. l ..,r i"'.,-- A Y i lar A ttAii ...,.,.,, it A a,, A to iiii rrltr 'I .."::' fr ' ,. ,sg , 'gith - ---'r , 3 ,. , "" ,,,, - ly Hunter, Jerry Ice, Richard Jacobs, Fredric James, Beverly Jones, Kay Jones, Pris- cilla jones. indra Kantner, janet Kerr. Billy Kilgore, Sandra King, Charles Langham, Kathleen Lightfoot, Doris McCarty. James McCaslin, Mary Lou McDermott, Barbara Mack, Evelyn Maynard, Patrick M2 nard, Rosemary Meltzer, Richard Mesalam. Marilyn Muller, Clyde New, Joann Nisley, Lela Mae Owen, Mary Jane Parnell, R Payton, Jr., Mary Porter. Karen Randall, Robert Rogers, Ruthann Sanqunetti, Wyvonne Shores, Richard Sizelo Donald Skaggs, Meredith Stanley. Ilzz s r:,:, . 2 zzz ,,.,-.. Q l , gif 5 v 52 A 5 ...ay A ,,.. .. I-me 'N' QQ 6 ., ,,,, E P QQKQ, Q I5 .35 ,i "'i . , " ff J 2:1 l. , :W at A if i f i " 'P' f f ' ' . .:A.-,.. .. . .::.. Q' Q Q QQ Q QQ QQQQ QQ Q H Q 3. W QW r -: ,rw ' Q . .:.12 . N - E X QQ ., , ,.., . 1. 4 , ..,- Q Q .. I e :lll .lll -III H :w il ..-,, : ..... ,, . Q N?gP"8'5,' ,. Q ,. Q Q QQQ 1 . ,Q ..,, .,.QQ f ' lz.. ' ' ff, ff A if '::l' . is , " ,. Hi 5 ik QV F ff V , Q, agp bg i ,.,, , ,:g5,5' ' ,. . . ,. 55' x fir id l i Q H' ,fa 2 l ,Q 'A E Q QQQQ QQQQ i n " we , 1 .r. is if W :MZ ,P ,. lv "':' 33, V, .E ,,.. 5':::E.ia?' is '.':"' lf ' ziz' .'.- :i" ..,..v.:.i.1: 5 .,.,,.. ,:.Q , I -,., - 1. ' iyfil M , . ' .. :J , al Fred Starr, Carol Ann Thompson, Lovina Tomlinson, Janet Tutorow, Billy Warren, F Wasson, Beverly Whaley. Evelyn Williams, Everett Williams, jimmy Williams, Myron Williams, Ruth Willia son, Charles Wilson. ry Ellen Alex, Jane Allebaugh, Carolyn Bell, Shirley Blake, Judy Ellen Brandon Diana Brattain, Janice Bushong. Nard Carroll, Letty Cotterman, Norma Jo Cunningham, Victor Davis, Harold Doutt Beverly Ellis, Robert Embry. 'lor Etchison, Robert Etchison, Barbara Eubanks, Rose Mary Everham, Blaine Fish Jeanette Flint, Hoadley Flook. i it i X ab I .W is gfinh-F 9 .v 9' I It , M x ,III " ' ' is , X tiff- " " ,sf , Q i S if 'id Fox, Loren Garner, Naomi Golden, Sharon Gooding, John Grose, Phyllis Hanlin, Loyus Harmon. my Hines, Marilyn Humphries, Sammy Kantner, James Kintner, Katheleen Knuckles, Woatheleen Knuckles, David Lamper. mamsmsa . X M H. , M. . Gary Lankford, Sue Lytle, Michael Maley, Janet McConnaughey, Alta McKissick, . len Miller, Lucille Miller. George Morgan, Morris Mottweiler, Jeannine Muston, Jane Narkvitich, Juanita Over' Larry Peck, Ione Peters. Charles Pittman, Beverly Redding, Richard Remington, Sandra Rice, Jerry Rogers, W ley Savage, Marvalee Sayre. ..., fe , ' f 'i7'3' X Q ., 2 , Q ti LJ if 5 .f 5 ' an It JN e X g if-ME: Q g K fl 9 Q, 3 ,A il lf' if J W 1 -',. :,: 5 3:,55EH ,5-"3,g- 9 5' ::. jg V.5. V ,. 1 Q , ,, L S R S P 1 '5 fzl ,,,i, .,.. V f :i:'l" ii?il?'if:??fi'5ff Konrad Schroth, Larry Scott, Ruth Ellen Shawhan, Janice Sizelove, Donald Smith, M ilyn Spreen, Charles Starr. Jerry Street, Gary Vestal, Patty Warren, Virginia Wogerman, Patricia Wyatt. 07, 15" ' 1-xiii' I 1 "X, 1 1 S 1 o G 4, xl Q, 4 X N., xx, ' r P gy ' 5 ' .ff lb- Q." ""v'. Q J, --. F J X ,041 ,flu -fi: zrvr rvlnrrrlll l . HJ X V Y' X V' Ula gf fm Hi ' M ' 'f""' X ' .X " K E xx 1 N X v,,.-.......-------"" "" 1 n .- I I Jislsfqxsu--..... A 5-3 0 - f 'N C405 "5 'U XM X B'NS'iEIEALk X X ' DX,-J' 6 umm W5 F QQ Q , Q25 S0 s 'fl ,. f'5 ES F 0 0 T BA L L Q -fx... Row I: Ralph Brewer, Richard Baker, Jack Hartley, Richard Auler, Ronald Alexander, Jim Wehsollek, La Goettel, Jerry Etchison, Charles Townsend, Thomas Eaton. Row 2: joseph Matney, Dale Seybert, Donald Gipe, Jerry Peck, Larry Pierce, Bob Breese, Lloyd Frix, S Hughes, David Howe. Row 3: Neil Wisler, Roy Wood, Virgil Patz, Larry Fleenor, Kelly McGill, Bill Armstrong, jack King, How King, Bill Foster, Coach Lyle Harding. Under the leadership of our new football coach, Mr. Harding, the Tigers won three games and tied one for the l950 season. There were twelve returning lettermen for this year's team. The following boys won varsity awards for the 1950 season: Bob Breese, Captain: Jerry Etchison, David Howe, Howard King, Virgil Patz, Larry Pierce, Charles Townsend, Neil Wisler, Bill Armstrong, Dick Baker, Sam Hughes, Kelly McGill, jerry Peck, Roy Wood, Bill Foster, Lloyd Frix, Jack Hartley, 2 P' 2 Jack King, and jack Matney. SCHEDULE Alexandria Royerton Alexandria Delphi Alexandria Plymouth Alexandria Winchester Alexandria Greenfield Alexandria Portland Alexandria Hartford City Alexandria Elwood Alexandria Tipton Alexandria Noblesville VARSITY Under the new leadership of Coach Max Bell, the Tigers won four games and lost sixteen. However, three :he games were lost by only two points. Fans will long remember the near-upset of Elwood, the conference mps. The following boys received letter awards for the 1950-1951 basketball season: Howard King, Bob King 'ry Pierce, Bill Sayre, Charles Townsend, Bill Armstrong, Dick Baker, Kelly McGill, Bill Foster, Jack King l Ralph Flecker. Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Elexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Royerton Plymouth Peru Tipton Winchester Elwood Huntington Noblesville Burris 43 Nov. 56 43 45 Dec. 62 64 46 49 56 Hartford City 55 SCHEDULE Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Monticello Markleville Dunkirk Burris Summitville St. Mary's Hartford City Elwood Frankton Wabash jan. Feb 5 9 12 19 26 30 2 9 14 16 znding: Bill Sayre, Charles Townsend, Bob King, Bill Armstrong, Dick Fuller, Kelly McGill, Ralph Flecker jack King, Howard King, Larry Pierce, Richard Baker. Try Goettel, Lyle Harding, Coach Max Bell, Richard Auler. RESERVES Standing-jack Hartley, Roy Wood, Jerry Peck, Bill Foster, Lloyd Frix. Kneeling-Jim Sigler, Warren Watson, Marvin Warner, jack Matney. Managers-Larry Goettel, Richard Auler. With a record of seven wins and eleven losses, Coach Lyle Harding's cubs lost several games by a of two or three points. Many of those players who displayed ability were moved up to the first team. Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria SCHEDULE Royerton Alexandria Plymouth Alexandria Peru Alexandria Tipton Alexandria Winchester Alexandria Elwood Alexandria Huntington Alexandria Noblesville Alexandria Monticello Alexandria Markleville Dunkirk Burris Summitville St. Mary's Hartford City Elwood Frankton Wabash marg EQ 'fi 'F ii, X waz Q 1.,,,s"""' X Nw Ag? W 'fa A S B 25442 w. ' ' '55 Y 1 T53 at 9. , 1:3 X x -Q xx Y X Front row: Larry Goettel, Richard Gross, jim Toben, Warren Watson, Marvin Warner, Morris Gaither. Back row: Richard Auler, Charles Townsend, Bill Sayre, Gene Gross, Howard King, Virgil Patz, Jim Steven During the spring of 1950, the Alexandria Track Team, coached by Lawrence Frazier, participated in sz meets, placed second five times and placed first once. They placed second in the county meet and eighth 1 the conference meet. . Varsity awards for the 1950 season were given to Howard King, Charles Townsend, Kelly McGill, Lloy Frix, Neil Wisler, Don Vermillion. TRACK - BASEBALL Under the coaching of Mr. Dic the 1950 baseball team won games and lost 3. The following boys received va: sity awards for the season: Robei King, Joseph Matney, Williai Sayre, joseph Mack, jack King Virgil Patz, John Haron, Jam: Laws, Jerry Peck, Jack Musicl Jack Hartley, David Howe, Davi Ellis, William Foster, Larry Pierc Front row: Bill Sayre, jack Har' ley, Richard Gross. Back row: Virgil Patz, Jack King jim Laws, Larry Pierce, Jac Matney. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Mary Jane Scott, Barbara Wood. Standing: Patricia McCord, Shirley Hughes, Carolyn Hurst. Stomp your feet, cl your hands, whistle, ai say ah, Tigers! This w the cry of our energe' yell leaders as they fc lowed the Tigers to defez as well as victories. On the A team was Be bara Wood and Mary Ja Scott. Shirley Hughes, P McCord, and C a r o l y Hurst made up the B teai CHEERLEADERS' CLUB Seated: Barbara McCarty, Shirley Hughes, Virginia DeaKyne. Standing: Mrs. Grantham. The Cheerleaders' Club was acti this year in presenting skits for p sessions. Shirley Hughes was elect president for the year with Barba McCarty as vice-president and Virgin DeaKyne as secretary-treasurer. M Grantham was the sponsor. Syst Xxx xxxx .. .-.- ,.:.:-.-.- ,,,- Q .-.. . zzz. . z3"3Eh"-Nt "7 X NNI-t II553' '. 555335521-I" 5 Seated: Zella Jane Cook, Mrs. Grantham, Mary Rohn. Standing: Pat Little, Shirley Hughes, Nancy McCas1in. The G.A.A. stimulates participation in girls' athletics and promotes ideals of health and sportsmanship. The program it sponsors is one of the outstanding extra-curriculuar physical education programs for girls found anywhere in the United States. The Alexandria G.A.A. elected Mary Rohn, president: Zella jane Cook, vice-president: Patty Little, secretary: Nancy McCaslin, treasurer: and Shirley Hughes, reporter for the year. The group is sponsored by Mrs. Grantham. The G.A.A. had a competitive basketball team this year which played many surrounding G.A.A. basketball teams. They also presented skits for school pep sessions. TIGER CLUB Under the new sponorship of Mr. Bell, the Tiger Club had an active year. The club sponsored a bake sale to raise funds. It also sponsored one of the year's outstanding dances at the Kanteen. The annual Tiger Club Banquet was held. Outstanding among the accomplishments of the Tiger Club for the year was the purchase of a moving picture camera and tripod for the Athletic Department. Members elected Jerry Kilgore, presidentg Mary Rohn, vice-presidentg and secretary-treasurer, Patti McFerran. The executive body consisted of Gene Moorman, Barbara Wood, Virginia DeaKyne, Ona Kay Ferguson, and Mary jane Scott. Seated: Mr. Bell, Mary Rohn, Patti McFerran, Jerry Kilgore. Standing: Mary Jane Scott, Barbara Wood, Gene Moorman, Virginia Dea- Kyne, Ona Kay Ferguson. TUDENT-TEACHER C0-UP Seated: Sam Hughes, Dick Etchison, Marilyn Plackard, Charles Donahue, Myrna Watson, Sara Nell Fox. Standing: Lloyd Frix, Jerry Etchison, Mrs. McVicker. Jane Bitner, Miss French, Barbara McCarty, Miss Hull, Jerry Wilson, Mr. Brown, Gail Willis, Don McClead, Jack Matney. Student-Teacher Co-Op, the student service organization, had a busy year. They helped the guidance department with Career Day, they supplied ushers for the concerts and other programs, and they put on a program in order to collect food for Christmas baskets, and also a program to collect funds for the National Heart Research Foundation. Because of a suggestion brought before the Co-Op, coat racks were made so that students can have a place to hang their coats. Officers for the year were Myrna Watson, chairman: Dick Etchison, assist- ant chairman, Marilyn Plackard, secretary: Charles Donahue, treasurer. Y-TEENS Seated: Olive Granger, Adrienne Burnett, Miss Frazier, Gail Mull, Jacqueline McCartey. Standing: Sara Nell Fox, Myrna Watson, Mary Rohn, Ruth Elaine Manring. The Y-Teens celebrated the 25th anniversary of their organization in A.H.S. this year. The yearly program was aided by the ability and experience of Roxana Frazier. The officers were as follows: president, Gail Mull, vice- president, Adrienne Burnett: secretary, Olive Granger, and treasurer, Jacque- line McCarty. The song leader was Mary Rohn. Sue Morton and Kay Gos- nell served as pianists. The program chairmen who furnished the entertainment at the meetings were Ruth Elaine Manring, Myrna Watson, and Sara Nell Fox. Among the speakers were Mrs. Paul Boyer, Marite Baker, Marjorie French, and Mrs. George Overpeck. Musical numbers were presented by Marjorie Howard and Margaret Keller, Mrs. Roy E. Brown accompanied by Mrs. Reanell Heritage, Gladys Chaplin, Rex Jenkins, Shirley Hughes, and Patricia Wright. A Comic Book Campaign, a drive for chocolate bars for Y-Teens in the Philippines, Christmas baskets for the needy, and decorating a Christmas tree for the town's DP family were some of the projects carried out by the club. HI-Y The Hi-Y added something new this year when the members purchased corduroy jackets with their name, Hi-Y, Alexandria, and the Hi-Y emblem on them. The officers were president, Don Almquistg vice-president, Dick Fullerg secretary, Jerry Peckg treasurer, Larry Pierceg chaplain, Don Miller, and sergeant-at-arms, Neil Wisler. The sponsor, Max Ritter, was succeeded by Basil Holmes. The club had a Chili Supper following the traditional "stiff,' initiation of new members. Later the members went to Neil Wisler's woods for a wiener roast. Collecting and repairing toys and then distributing them to needy children at Christmas was one project. Another was collecting funds for the annual Polio Drive. S Seated: Jerry Peck, Don Almquist, Dick Fuller, Neil Wisler. Standing: Don Miller, Mr. Ritter. MASQUE and GAVE The Alexandria chapter of Masque and Gavel, the national high school recognition society for the promotion of speech activi- ties, was granted a chapter in November, 1949. New members are chosen by a process of candidancy declaration, nomination by present members, and a final vote by the faculty. New members initiated in November were Jacqueline McCarty, Myrna Watson, joy Baker, Paul Ellis, Paul McCullough, Dick Etchison, and Jack Wootton. Masque and Gavel strives for the improvement of speech in the classroom, organization activities, and assemblies, and for better relationship between the school and the community through the promotion of speech and drama. This year they gave a speak- ing choir Thanksgiving skit as a school assembly program, and helped produce the Community Christmas Program. Mr. Brown was the sponsor. Seated: Mary Rohn, Rosemary Blake, Gail Mull, Marilyn jones, Sara Nell Fox, Myrna Watson, Joy Baker, Ruth Manring, Jacqueline McCarty Standing: Jerry Etchison, Don Olsen, Dick Etchison, Paul Ellis, Jim Wishon Franklin Closser, Paul McCullough, Mr. Brown. Seated: Don Olsen, Patti McFerran, Gail Mull, Sara Nell Fox, Ruth Man ring, Beverly Kaser, Miss Hull. Second row: Marilyn Jones, Jacqueline McCarty, Sondra Haskett, Adrienne Burnett, Joy Baker, Susan Roberts, Susan Baker, Pat Wright, Marjorie Gooding. Third row: Paul Ellis, janet Curts, Mary Rohn, Paul McCullough jm Wishon, Sarah Stahlhath, Dick Etchison. The International Relations Club was one of the new organi- zations this year. Its purpose is to help its members understand different countries, thus to promote friendly relations. During the year the club had many activities. In January they invited Myra King, a Chinese Ball State student, to speak to them about China. The club also represented China at the model United Nations General Assembly at Anderson College, March 16 and 17. The officers include Sara Nell Fox, president: Ruth Elaine Manring, secretary: and Beverly Kaser, treasurer. Edith Hull was the faculty advisor. JR. RED CROSS Seated: Sara Nell Fox, Carol Clock, Sue Morton, Miss McCammon, Virginia DeaKyne, Janet McCarty, Barbara Henry. Standing: Sally Hight, Jerry Etchison, Dallas Thomas, Don McClead, John Johnson, Jim Wehsollek, Dallas Wood, Max Tulowitzky, Kay Hight. Back row: jim Wishon, Jerry Brobst, Jerry Chambers. The local chapter of Junior Red Cross has now completed its third successful year of council Work with a membership of twenty. Members have made Thanksgiving and Easter nut cups for hospitals. They collected pencil stubs to be sent to disabled veterans. The group sponsored Sue Morton who attended Limber Lost Camp for student Red Cross training. President of the group is Sue Morton. Don McClead is sec- retary-treasurer. Miss McCammon is the adult sponsor of the group. F. F. A. Seated: Bill Sayre, treasurer: Bob King, president: Mr. Disque, sponsor: Paul Wisehart, reporter: Jerry Etchison, vice-pesidentg Gene Moorman, secretary. Standing: jim Laws, conductor: Elmer Key, watchdog. The F.F.A. had teams in poultry, eggs, crops, dairy, and livestock judg- ing. The group sponsored and provided leadership for the township 4-H Club activities. Mr. Buck, sponsor: Marilyn Plackard. secretary-treasurerg Don Olsen, presi- dent: jack Wootton, vice-president. The Test Tube Twirlers is the new science club in our school. Outstand- ing among their activities for the year was the field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. my rim ww. ,5 JW yn if , 45 'X W ul mag' C 5 , , -:.:. ,:,, is 8 'P 'W 'J Whig? i 2 ? ix Wx 3 Row I: Patricia Little, Ralph Sayre, Sue Morton, Sally Beigh, Paul Ellis, David Robey, Stephen Freeman, Howard Little, jol Johnson, Paul Tomlinson. Row 2: Joyce Wood, Max Tulowitzky, Phyllis Remington, Carolyn Porter, Richard Gorden, Rohn Rittenhouse, jim McCaslin, ja Beasley, jack Wootton, Billy jim Gaither. Row 3: Ona Kay Ferguson, Sue Cartwright, Priscilla jones, Karen Randall, janet McCarty, Patricia Wright. jack Tillman, Dua Tulowitzky, Charles Langham. Row 4: Susan Baker, Ann Graham, Carol Golden, Doris McCarty, Betty Underwood, Carol Thompson, Virginia DeaKyne, M Wood, Ralph Gross, Eugene Kean. Row 5: Susan Roberts, Noreen Beeman, Mary Lou McDermott, Barbara Likens, Nancy McCaslin, Miriam Mottweiler, Dall Wood, Jim Tobey, Richard Scott, Merrill Almquist. Row 6: Joyce Surber, Don Starr. Lela Mae Owen, Beverly Toms, Marilyn Beeman, Marilyn Jones, Nancy Knopp, Tom Thom Myron Williams, Jack Friend. Row 7: Rita Sue Branch, Bob Owen, Sarah jane Stahlhuth, Kay Gosnell, Maratha Overpeck, Rex jenkins. Ronald Beard, jo Sizelove, George Glass, Kelly McGill. HCIR I The Choir, under the direction of Mr. Copeland, started their year's activi- ties when several of the members took part in the State Choral Festival. The first performance of the year was at the Fall Concert when Mr. Earl Kunkle, a student teacher, directed. Mrs. Joanne Chaddock, another student teacher, directed at the Winter Concert. The choir took part in the community Christmas Program, the Spring Concert, attended the County Choral Festival, and provided an Easter Cantata for the public. The Choir also played an important part in Crescendo Varieties by pro- viding background music and soloists for the show. Ruth Elaine Manring was accompanist for the choir for the year. BAND The band, under Mr. Cope1and's guiding hand, has been as busy as any band could be. The band started off the season by winning first prize over 36 bands at the Indiana State Fair, a good beginning for a good year. Our state championship band won further recognition when they were featured in Baton Magazine. During the football season, the band marched at the games. With the coming of the basketball season, they came inside to provide the music. They presented three concerts during the year. In February they went on a concert tour to Cowan and Gaston High Schools. The band took part in the District Band and Choir Contest in April. Their final performance of the year was at Commencement. Row I: Mary Rohn, Audrey Miller, Ruth Manring, Janice Woodruff, Deloris Ice, Barbara Heritage, Marilyn Miller, Patty Alex- ander. Carolyn Hurst, Mary Lou Cleaver, Ona Kay Ferguson, Mary Jane Scott. Row 2: Patty Miller, Geraldine Treesh, Joyce Rathel, Gladys Chaplin, Donna Tharp, Donna Bell, Jacqueline McCarty, Shirley Hughes, Jane Clevenger, Olive Granger, Jacqusie Summers. Janet Anderson, Theresa Scribner, Marilyn Starr. Row 3: Vincent Beardsley, Jack Wootton, Jack Tillman, Larry Fleenor, Paul McCullough, Bill Gaither, Charles Dwiggins, Jerry Wilson, Don Maynard, Howard Little, Raymond Breese, Ralph Brewer, Neil Wisler, Franklin Closser, John Johnson. MEMORIES OUR JOURNEY THROUGH A.H.S. Here we go- September 11. School starts, and we're on our way. 15. First football game at Royerton-big tie. 18. Seniors have first class meeting. 19. First Hi-Y and Y-Teens meetings of the new year. Victory over Delphi. 22. Mr. Wood speaks to student body concerning his trip to Europe. On with our journey- October 3. A.H.S. wins over Greenfield 26-0. New football scoreboard presented to school by Lion's Club. Sperandeo concert for convo. 6. Victory over Portland 13-9. 13. Homecoming football game-lost to Hartford City. Ona Kay Ferguson chosen homecoming queen. First edition of Tiger's Tale, whew! Didn't think we would make it 15. Mr. Kelro Whiteman assumes duties of superintendent of schools. 20. Football game-lost to Elwood. 25. Report cards!-Try harder next time. 26-27. Vacation for State Teachers' Association. 27. Seniors have scrap drive. Has the fuel been checked? Here we go into- November 4. Cr.A.A. has playday. 6. Sophomores get their class sweaters--Very pretty in green, white, and gold. 8. Buddy Baker performs with I.U. Brass Choir for alma mater. 10. Fall Concert-Two more yet to come. 16. First basketball game-Better luck in the future, Tigers. 22. Thanksgiving program presented to student body by Masque 85 Gavel. 23-26. Thanksgiving vacation-Did you count your blessings? 29. Salesman here for junior class rings. Class party for seniors-swell turnout. Shift into second and right into- December 6. Career day-Many professions represented. 7. Report cards. 15. Rah! Rah! Tigers tromp the Huntington Vikings 54-46! Break 30-game losing streak. 21. Citywide Christmas program-gym packed to capacity. Dramatics and Music departments combine talents for show. 22. Christmas vacation begins-long anticipated rest. 30. New Year's Basketabll Tourney at Hartford City-Burris drops Alex. Push through the snow, and on we go- 1950-51 January 2. Back to school again-Santa was good to us. 9. Markleville upset by Tigers. 18. Winter Concert-Credit goes to the Band and Choir students. 19. End of first semester-Now, the scenery will change. Tigers lose to Burris at Muncie. Yes, you guessed it-report cards again. 22. Enrollment for second semester. 30. Third win for Tigers-St. Marys fall by wayside. Continuing into- February 2. School dismissed at noon for country students because of snow and wind. 9. Elwood basketball game here-near upset! 10. District Solo and Ensemble Contest at Ball State-Alex. takes many firsts. 12. Dramatics Class sees Macbeth at Ball State. 14. Victory over Frankton. 16. Student-faculty talent program-didn't know we had so much hidden talent, Last basketball game-lost to Wabash. 22-24. Sectional Tournament-Alex. draws Markleville. 23. Alex. loses to Mnrkleville-close game. Roll up the windows, for there are strong winds ahead- March 2. End of fourth six weeks. 9. Spring Concert-Seniors receive recognition. Report cards. 16. Model U.N. Assemble at Anderson College-Alex. sends repre- sentatives. 23-26. Easter vacation. 25. Easter Sunday Choir presents annual Easter Cantata. 30. Girl Scouts have formal dance. We're nearing the end of our journey- April 7. District Band and Choir Contest. 12-13. Dramatics students present Old Doc. 18. Report cards-one more time, kids. just a few miles to go- May 3-4. Crescendo Varieties-Big Show. ll. Home Economics style show-nice, huh? 20. Baccalaureate-won't be long now. 21-25. Senior week-lots of fun. 24. Underclassmen trips-something to remember. Commencement-that long-awaited moment arrives. 25. Last six weeks of school completed-report cards. School dismissed-'nuff said. We've reached our destination. It was a long journey, but we had lots of fun: so here's luck to the seniors of '5l. x gi62553?Eii .,, , : v-:E ,::5. , Q:-7"- -:,I:Q ,IIE,-:zifl z.: Limxidiil ,,,5L33Wgg1. ...., - ' , .Ii 1:-It 1 ' 5EfEf?I:..q: :QiQSggggEEggQEwggg nQlixvhaQEEESf?EEE3E3J KN yy. 2m,u ii SQK Q Q 0 I Zfm3qAX'w vw a , ' sf Q . ,fi g ,pfAs- 25253: ' My , 5 if . ,. V. M! 5 A ,,.,. fm ' s H, M 55333, 1 V ZQQ3? YYGW Q 'XN'-vwmwww. EL xfw .W .,.,A , 6 5x f, W .1.. ,.i 'az ,f ' 'Aff . .,., 9 gg -.wffzr-,, .' x r - " J fl" S+ .. ': t' - f xg X an w Q . N Q ..:, zz, , f , PECTRUM TAFF itting left to right: Lavon Ball, Mr. Hinds, joy Baker, Gail Mull, Mrs. McVicker, Don Olsen, Sara Nell Fox, Sharon Newcomb. tanding, second row: Miriam Mottweiler, Olive Granger, Rosemary Blake, Dewenia Andrews, Phyllis Rem- ington, Barbara Heritage, Ruth Manring, Pat Hurst, Arlene Nelson, Patti McFerran, Maxine Adams. tanding, third row: Lolita Tulowitzky, Doris Cox, Jacqusie Summers, Janet Anderson, Burt Reehling, jerry Kilgore, Judy Bitner, Cherita Myers, Ruth Reed. bsent from picture: Don Almquist. The Spectrum Staff walked into the journalism room that first day of school, and began work on the Tiger's Tale and the Spectrum. We decided to publish the biggest Tiger's Tale in history and we did too, for the first issue had eleven pages. We also put a banner head on our paper for the first time in the life of the Tiger's Tale. We can remember a great many things in that class-the heads, typing stencils, the time the mimeograph broke, how Don and Jerry always wanted the 'sports to be on the front page with their names in headlines, deciding on the dedication, agreeing on the theme, deciding between a hard back cover and a padded cover, the arguments Patti and Sara Nell had over the color. the baby pictures and the snap shots, the dummy, and many, many other things. But even with the troubles we had, when we look at this 1951 Spectrum we have a good feeling inside. You see, WE MADE THIS BOOK. L AUTOGRAPHS 3 , if. '34 V Xiu.-H av -sv-w .f ?f, '55, 'Q fl? ,iv- ,gf D 4? Sr: QV' N ww: 3. TN, , 53 -. S2'E'!: ' r.-,M ,.,, 2 1 in , V, 47..- J Q , ' 1 :T I-rl' . V? A 5,N gugdgiu LQ.-,-J.. . .nel Q V git'-.75 " '1 --1-. , , 4, , . ng ,Y .-" L ! X.: -,M '+ ,' :- . - ,J ,711 , 'sq- ,1 T :ag Ti ' , , -,rf . 1.7: V ' ilwi. ' 'Q- , .f. - A 19- I -, ' -:st 11-sg: ' ' ii .f.3,'i ,,4?:,.Qg , .vfivv. 11,5 ,gi K . rg :,.,, :fir -. :iff ,. .17 .i Q. , . V- QQ. . , , 4 5,-'Q X 1 u 1 'Q w. 1 5 n , K 11 , X f wi 12 9' ' , 3 2

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