Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN)

 - Class of 1950

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Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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SPECTRUM 1950 K w 110 Time IS rzme was tzme IQ past the sand 112 the hourgldss flows on We have re zched 1950 the mzddle of a century now zt IS our turn to grad uate and go on Iefzvmg you these memorzes of tlme m A H S . X . . . . . . k THANKS MISS FRENCH Through txme we won t forget you say1ng H1 1n the halls spendmg your t1me on fmdmg a Ford ln your future guldmg us g1v1r1g your test on the pres1der1ts and last but not least keepmg up w1th the t1mes Three . , . ,G . . . senior sales . . . laughing at jokes on yourself 7 D HELEN ROY BRANNON BROWN '00 ERNEST BUCK LEWIS BUHLER .A CARROLL DON FRED GEORGIA VICTOR COPELAND DICK DISQUE EDGELL EVANS Four Mxss Brannon a whlz at math Mr Brown who loves hxs maroon Jacket was the founder of Masque and Gavel what lt that? just some sulphur burnlng ln Mr Bucks chemxstry class even the freshmen say S1 senor to Mr Buhler Mr Copeland the downbeat man e coach of our team Mr Dxck farm problem? Ask Mr Dxsque report to Georgla when you are absent Mr Evans the psychologxcally mmded man behmd the desk yww J LAWRENCE ROXANA FRAZIER FRAZIER MARJORIE FRENCH JEAN HARDING I 1? J LYLE EVELYN JOHN MARJORIE EDITH HARDING HIEATT HINDS HOWARD HULL Mr Frazxer hkes to cut up worms and msects Latm IS no dead language to Mlss Frazler Mlss French keeps up to date on thmgs Mrs Hardmg has hlgh school chlldren ln the day t1me and kmdergarten xn the evenmg watch out for that black Chevrolet xt mlght be one of Mr Hardmgs drlvmg students Mmss I-Ileatt not only keeps the hbrary gomg but the Spectrum staff too Mr Hmds keeps our school lokmg nxce Wlth new pamt Jobs Mlss Howard says a stxtch ln t1me IS her motto each year Mxss Hull makes t1me fly from 1300 B C to 1950 A D 1n n1ne months of school I'1l I J J , 3 it Ea x X A A A .,":'E" A 'Q 5 A2 f sa aa 3 e 0 x V - Y ff! I A X 4 MARGARET ANNE GLADYS KELLER MCCAMMON 'Nbr Six HENRY OBERHOLTZER MAXINE OBERHOLTZER MAX KATIE HELEN EARL MARY RITTER SLONE WASHBURN WOOD ZOOK Hear that v1ol1n mus1c9 It must be Mlss Keller Mlss McCammon started teachmg dancmg lessons after school Mr Oberholtzer our mechan 1cal drawmg teacher f d s a you can hear Mrs Oberholtzer say at the f1rst of the school year Mr Rltter our home town boy who teaches soclal studles 2X x 3X 9 Ask Mrs Slone she knows Helen keeps all the school records Stfalght Mr Wood was lucky enough to get to Europe thls year Mrs Zook not only has her hands m pamt but also 1n the kltchen of her new home lil' SQ fm 3, ' 'lffiw' SENIORS I. - 4 ' X ' f x " N 0 nf 6 W N ' hi ' 4" . x 3 l'15,l1t TEENA OVERPECK ANNA ROSE AZIMOW IOE MACK JANE SHAFER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS We had plenty of t1me untll graduatlon So we thought when we were freshmen ln 46 Bud Baker as presldent conducted class meet1ngs and urged us on 1n our magazme selhng campaxgn Our treasury had a fme start so we celebrated by holdmg a party 1n the Jumor hlgh halls A p1cn1c at Shadys1de Park ended the year and we advanced to Sophomores w1th Bob Imler as presxdent To ralse money we sold con fettl and Alex pennants On the enterta1nment s1de we had a potluck supper at Kanteen and a p1cn1c at Noblesv1lle Tlme moved were on and 1n 48 we Hop or that lmportant feelmg of be1ng able to sponsor two dances after games? And of course, our maroon and wh1te sweaters and shlny class rmgs were the h1gh polnts of the year Wlth that fur away trxp to Purdue our year ended and we at last became Senlors M1d century semors Now began our hard thmkmg of plans to ra1se money The dec1s1on of where to go on the tr1p was decxded Ch1cago here we come' We we marched up the 1n AHS was gone exchanged cards and ordered announcements And as alsle m maroon caps and gowns we reallzed our t1me juniors who elected Jay Ringer for president. Can we forget the Sock- R ANNA ROSE JOSEPH MACK JANE SI-IAFER AZIMOW WGA Q5 veg Fir TEENA OVERPECK JACK BOWERS JANE TEETERS JAMES TAPPAN Our able presldent ANNA ROSE found txme to work for the Model Un1ted Natmons class treasurer JOE also guxded FFA as presldent a representat1ve to the annual leglslatlve assembly was our veep JANE not only senlor secretary TEENA dld her turn plannmg programs for Y Teens early to bed and early to rlse made JACKIE a basketball letterman JANE found the road back to Alex for her semor year and pmtched r1ght 1n to make the Chrlstmas party a success pay the rent boy JIM served as H1 Y chaplam Ame S F Y I O C' - ' I , I 5 1 9 3 0 H s A '-1-5' - A 1 1 ' C - .-.-...X,v,, I . 1 ' 'f'-- Q V A A gl: ' . 1 '+I I ' X,-. ' 'Vefq f Q -. ,A, f,?'4 .,- ff.-17:-',:4',. 1 , Q-P W ,.,. I ' -1'-S -Mun f ' ' ' . Z ' rc n ,. JAY RINGER JUDITH JOANN WAYNE WRIGHT DICK RANNA REEHLING DAVID ELLIS BOUNTY JOANN JULIA ANN HIGH THARP Basketball guard JAY watched H1 Y meet1ngs as sergeant at arms JUDY led cheers and G A A a red head w1thout a temper IS WAYNE one of the quletest 1n the class RANNA spoke up on Euthanas1a d1scus s1on group hot rod f1end DAVID slowed down to announce at games and debate JOANN our Ghost of Chnstmas Past soon came back to l1fe to f1n1sh school JULIA after four years can st1ll sm11e at H1 H1gh I ,K . 45 shmflr kv I 3 5 sr . . l CK ' Tl . . . , . . . . . ,, . . . . , , , ' YY Ten IOR CHARLES SWIFT JEAN WHIPPLE HAROLD RECTOR DENNIS PATRICIA LEWIS THOMPSON JONES RICHARD J BENEFIEL gl 1 JANET KAUFFMAN CHARLES w1ll sw1ftly mend your shoes and mf you cant walk JEAN may g1ve you a free t3X1 rxde HAROLD was on the crop Judgmg team our Rlp Van Wmkle ahas DENNIS loves hlS sleep but PATTY was wlde awake to get a marrlage llcense before her dlploma DICK the man wxth the clarlnet JANET IS our bld for the ldeal secretary for the ramlroad company Eleven 242 vi NX fl IS ,If I 5 J ge. xy, K I I A N, , , ap, I Q3 ' zif, . . . , N ,, . . . . .. . SI-IIRELL COLLIS NINA MAE TAPPAN ROBERT J CLEAVER MARYLOU WILLIAM CLARK BARBARA DARLEEN WIDENER WRIGHT LAMBERTSON Whlstle wh1le I work IS SHIRELLS motto as he sweeps the halls our heavenly angel NINA came back to earth to preside at Y Teens just opposxte IS BOB a pr1nters dev1l the art of homemakmg IS no puzzle to MARYLOU a home ec major look up and see BILL gosh over 6 feet wrlght m there sellmg was BARBARA a gal w1th a sense of humor our DARLEEN Tuelze IOR DOUGLAS A LEE CAROLYN BILL WILLIAMS GOSSETT ROBERT MARILYN JO JOHN HARON LOISANN HON MCMAHAN FULLER Musxc IS h1s major but DOUG mmors m a number of 3Ct1VltlCS CAROLYN saw blue when she typed Tlger s Tale stenclls look for BILL d he ou all BOB IS for the South MARILYN behmd the bass rum y y JO was m a hurry to get to Ball State JOHN IS our all around good sports man and presldent of the orgamzatlon backmg sports IS LOISANN Thx rteen I J JAMES E RUTH JACK E WILLIAMS MONTGOMERY VOLLENHALS IP' as 4 222 M WREATHA SCOTT JAMES W FREES MARLYN JOYCE DORIS WARREN HOLMES Absolutely the only boy ln offlce pract1ce and 1ts JIM RUTH orgamzed the orgamzatlon pxctures for the Spectrum youll fmd JACK just a talkm and a typm 1n class horses are WREATHAS hobby weve found that behlnd JIMs shy smxle IS a talent for rnakmg Chr1stmas decoratlons JOYCE brlngs applause w1th her readlngs and cheers as a cheerleader DORIS has found her m1ss1on ln the future Fourteen , 6 "": I nv' Q Z ztlvv ,I , ,... .:,,., ,.... V I V N I L ',.q Jvvnz, A I' I H X X lv A '.:- , 2 i. L ' I i . ' I- I.. . . . . , . . . . , ' 2 ' . f , 1 , . I . l y , ' , . . .g . 1 I . . . MARILYN BROBST ROBERT M GARNET L SILVEY FULLER JEAN ANN EDWIN D BAKER PHYLLIS HYSONG BONNIE JEAN DRUELLE PORTER You could generally f1nd MARILYN 1n the off1ce for work of course BOB 1S an outstandmg shop student GARNET was pretty speedy 1n shelvmg books JEAN ANN IS a prlze baby s1tter whxch IS practlce for the future presldent of H1 Y cha1rman of senlor 8Ct1Vltl6S BUD also plays a mlghty flne trombone PHYLLIS IS a readlng enthusxast BONNIE IS so qulet she can hear weddmg bells rrngmg F1 fteen PHYLLIS ANN STARR EUGENE DERSTLER MYRA MAE KANE Sim' WQW JUDITH J FRYE FRED GRANGER KENNETH SIGLER PHYLLIS Our only starr PHYLLIS EUGENE served as reporter of FFA we pred1ct MYRA MAE wxll fmd art as her future JUDY watched the money matters of G AA FRED IS our compet1t1on for Gene Krupa KENNY knows the m and outlets of electrxclty PHYLLIS the Daxly News paper glrl gllfllfl JOANN SHAW MERL STREET MARTHA SUE WILHELM ww JACK L BETTY JEAN KENNETH E JANE HURST BLOCKSON EDWARDS STOKES Calendar gxrl JOANN flxed dates for the Spectrum calendar MERL our answer to the questlon can a street play football? SUE IS the bashful blonde from across the street see h1m commg round the track and rts JACK past sophomore v1ce presxdent BJ IS present Y Teens treasurer youll fmnd KENNY just around managmg Journahsm money gave JANE pract1ce for managmg future home fmances bm vrzlvvrz 'Q' J JJJJJJuu Q 3 ' Jr Y T1 'E 1 4. 5 CARL J RYAN DALE STINEFIELD PHYLLIS ANN REILEY 'sf PHYLLIS BARBARA ERNEST CHARLES GEORGIA LOU PRENTICE BREWER COLLIS MORGAN CARL tackled r1ght m to earn a football letter we couldnt read the funmes mf DALE dxdnt brmg the Star every morrung we have to look tWlC6 for PHYLLIS who 1S a shorty another swell semor salesg1rl IS PHYLLIS sports really chck wlth BARBARA who plays on the gxrls baseball and basketball teams ERNIE self starts h1s car from the outslde we are always sure of a frlendly word from GEORGIA LOU f IglIfI'l'll IOR COPHINE HAROLD E ALICE LUCILLE STUBBLEFIELD MORTON HIGHT ia JOHN PECK FREDA MAE SIDNEY DONNA MARIE AULER MILLSPAUGH WOODS COPHINE helped boost our semor sales at games bemg presldent of both Co Op and Masque and Gavel was qu1te a Job for HAROLD Franktons lost artlst IS LUCILLE just a mam hall meanderer IS JOHN Wllllng salesg1r1 FREDA also worked 1n the hbrary look under the tuba and fmd SIDNEY exe-rcxse lS no problem for DONNA who walks a paper route every day A zneteen PHIL LEA DAVIS I MARGARET ANNE HUMPHRIES DARRELL WARNER lufnfj mx BETTY MAE CLAUDE E BEVERLY A DAY DAVID G AUTH MILLER WEAVER is 5 PHIL IS our one and only Coon hunter we may not have two twms but wrth MARGARET we have one DARRELL may sleep m assembly but never at the wheel of the blue truck BETTY worked to the sound of muslc as Copeland s secretary a member of the mamtenance crew CLAUDE worked hard BEVERLY IS our assurance of a happy day DAVID has answered to the same mckname Fudd for four years S If N I O I S - 1 9 5 O my L? I I UNDERCLASSES X? Q WV BUD "' MX JUNIORS MAKING Adams Donald Almqulst janet Anderson Dcwcnla Andrews Esther Auler Lavon Ball Betty Bangle Marylm Barrett Dav1d Balth Vlncent Bnardsley judxth Bltner Rosemary Blake Wayne Brandon Robert Bxccsc Eugene B5 rd Gladys Chaplm jane Clcvcnger Franklln Closscr Anxta Colvxll Dorls Cox jack Cummms Sim will '1' 3,54 ff' fi George Davls Frances Doster Robert Dwxggms Tommy Eaton Paul Elhs Jr Jerrald Etchlson Rlchard Etchlson Fsther Etsler V1v1an F1sh Barbara Flsher Mary Lou Flecker Gene Flook Ir1s Foland Charles Foster Sara Nell Fox, Jack Fuller. Imogene Ga1ther, Ralph Garner, R1chard Gorden, Ollve Granger, D1ck Hensley N 1 A-. , r N s I ' 1 x B y 1 . - v l ' ' Vee- X f'-i 1 G K Z: ,. " 'F' ' C: .5252 ' Q :QS l S -- "' .gh 1 I , .V ' 14' - -Q ' f A as N egwhf' -ff . ' Si f , G: V1 ,,. , QW , , ,1 ,ig f :. ,M ,.,. 1:-' K?" .w-.. , . Q 1 1 1 Y 'Y 4 1 ! 3 1 ! . Tzufrzty-tzru Barbara Heritage. Franklin Horn, jack Horn, David Howe, Margery Hum- phries, Patricia Hurst, james Jacobs Mary jane Jarrett, Doris Johnson, john johnson, Marilyn Jones, Jerry Kilgore, Howard King, Robert King jimmy Laws, Edgar Leach, Maxine Lightfoot, Mary Ruth Lundy, Jacqueline McCarty, Paul McCullough, John McElfresh .46 Patricia McFerran Terrle Maddox Ruth Manring Chrxstena Martens Glenn Maynard Elizabeth Meeks Charlene Mehling Marilyn Miller james Mitchell Charles Montgomery Gene Moorman Wayne Morton Miriam Mottwe1ler Gail Mull Cherita Myers Arlene Nelson Sharon Newcomb William Oldfield Donald Olsen Virgil Patz Barbara Pherson lumix lllrf ' ,X I X wg ,T a' . i . . . V . 1 v V Vi -r ', 41 Larry Pxerce Robert Poole Ruth Ann Reed Burt C Reehlmg Phyllxs Rem mgton Donald Rlce Theresa Roesler Mary Rohn B1ll Sayre Ralph Sayre Robert Smock Cather1ne Street JSCQUSIG Summers Ruth E Tanner Frankl1n Taylor Wanda Teague Alberta Thomas W1lma Tobey Phllllp Tobm Patrxcxa Toney Charles Townsend Ross Trxce Lollta TU1OW1tZky Don Verm1ll1on W1l11am Walker Ruby Warren Myrna Watson Ramona Waym1re Bermece Whltman Velma Wllson Paul W1sehart j1mm1e Wxshon Ne11 Wlsler jack Wood Jamce Woodruff Gxlbert York Twenty four V Q 1 ' . 1 . - . . ' V ' 3 Y Y -My -'45-., O-ww , 12 . 3 fr t A , f 'l l .4-A J J Q41 ff ' H "ws-'V 'l x fn ' 1 f v , , . , . . Y V 7 ' U 1 I , . , , , , Y Y IUNIORS sand p1ss4s t111oug,11 1114 11ou1 g,11ss 14 17188 111 ftV1 C w 41 411sp11x 1tI111lX 1 1 T1t1l SLHX V S 9 1 SO 143 11414 1 1114 g14411 sw 14 111111 f11Q11x 1111 C,ILl1C11I1g 11118 g1OL113 W It 1111 W1s114111 p14s1t14nt P1111 E111s Llltl 111101 14p14s4nt1t1v4x 111 S1UL1CU1TLll11tI Co O1 11114 LIIX Et4111so11 MXIHI W21tQon F11nk11n C1OSSl1 1nd S2111 NL11 Fox lt SLIIMIVISIOI1 of M 1 'I1s 1 1g s 11t4c gIOL1I7 111 t114 11g11t 411r4ct1o11 to Quccwx SOPHOMORES T114 S11'3l1OXK of thc Sun 411'11 IS non 4 1st upon t114 Qop11o111o1c QS 111411 18 noxx 1 s4n1or 111g11 COII1I71tfC1y 1gnor ng t114 Qhadow t114x sponsored El C1'1SQ party '1 4 spo1t441 111t11 1111611 11141 W1111C C11ss sw41t4rQ SUSIE B211-441 Q4rv4d prcmdcnt K411y MCG111 VICC pr4S1 nt S 115 B41g11 Q4C14 II M 11x 'IUC Scott tic isurcl Rcprc i4nt1ng t114 C1aQs of 191' 1n Stuc14nt T42-1C11c1 Co Op 114 C115 P4614 Don M111CI S 1111 Hughm 11141 S112111 J 1n4 St'111111ut11 T11c1r supcrv1sors are M1 'md Mm O1J4r11o1tz41 1 As 2 r ' 1 ' 1 2 1' 2 A A iw t114 c'121ss of 1 9.'1. A 1 t of fun 211141 1111111 work was 2 Q4-41 W1 1 W' spc 1154114 41 21 sock-11op for 1114 11' 4'121ss 112 1'ty. 1 " t1'4'21: 121: 1I1C1't'?l.ZC'C1 by 21 s4'1'21p 4111iv4- 21: . T1 E' f ' v41'y p1'41u41 of t114111A s11v41'-1,1'4y 2 1 ' 3 '42t rs 211141 A ' 2 , L' 'A gs. vim-p1'4s1c14211t: Marilyn ,Io114s, S4014-t211'y: Rosnmary B121k4'. tr421sA ' 2 sl 1 " 1' 2 ' Z1 A - 1 ' ' J T1 5 ' 11 21114 1N H21'4111 1121s 912 ' 1 t114' C121..'. w " ' p21 't of 3 ' ' ' . 2n1: '1 " 2 :2 ' :"2 .2 ' ' ' .1 21s .' ' I ' b' A . ' "- -.Y c14- 1 21 ' ' . . ' 1Zl1'y1 2 1d 2 K2 . '12 3 '. , L , ' . L in ' .2 .Q - Z V, '. V ' 4. c A, . ' 'Q- SOPHOMORES John Adams Ronald Alexander Wxllxam Armstrong Rlehard Baku Susan Baker Betty Ball Barbara Barth George L Bcatson Dora Beaty Phyllls Beeman Sally Belgh Rlchard Benson janet Bradford jerry Brawner Ralph Brewer Gerald Brobst Iva M Brothelton Ronald Buckles Adr1enne Burnett Russell Bushong Opal Clevenger XX is ,ig A his ik 'uf' ,ar Bernadme Colhs, Zella Jane Cook, Wayne Couch, Glen Cox, Janet Curts, Rxchard Dav1s, Bzllxe D1ckey Margery Dlckey, Mary L D1sbennett, Charles Donahue, Donald Eaton, Carlton Edwards, Merxa Elbert, Bonnle Elsworth Sue Etchlson, Carolyn Farrmgton, Grace Frazee, W1ll1am Fraz1er, Rxchard Fuller, Maurlce Galther, Phyllxs Garner Tu vnty sz r KN x . I I x ' r . A . - . . . . ' X 1 1 V V 1 V u 1 E Q v V . . , . I , 1 ' fl: ' f .2 -fi ,X--. .J I 21 I 5. 1 - R' px :E X9 ' in -E Q mr ,li N - I L Q . .: , fl X ' 'vi f Q ' --' : s I 1 ,xx , ws . b. V-1 ' -. "" 4 ' - . Q , ,Q V- . . .,,.,. E A M, f ,, " , 7 . .,.,.. M X I . : .gl It ' . "- ' W ,ff v 'f C l 1 a -- ,af - y . , , Courtley Granger Mrldred Gregory Gene Gross Barbara Henry Barbara Howe W1ll1am Howell Sam Hughes W1ll1am Hull james Hysong Herbert jay Ice Leonard Ice- Frances Jarrett Rex jenkms Raymond Max johnson Jerry Jones Beverly Kasel Elmer D Key Nancy Ann Knopp Maxme Knotts Ann Ledford Howard Llttle f' F f Patrxcla Luyet Donald P McClead Kelly McG1ll Marshall W McGraw Ilene Mack Patr1c1a Mal1coat Wayne Marquand Edward Matthew joe Mesalam Audrey M1ller Donald E M1ller Donald Montgomery j1m Morgan jerry Morrrs Jackle Muslck Bxll Muston Marlene Nash Robert Owen Edward Parnell Carolyn Patz jerry Peck Tzunty nun . ' E : ' an fl' V 15 -V Q ., 3 al X Z, 1 , , gf Lf K '. Ts? Z ' A e ,Q sl to 5 . E Q l . 13 V '- , Y 'A l W J, :-. .. A' el , R ., . I . Y . V 5 ' 7 1 Delma Plerce Marllyn Plackard Joseph Rastetter Marvm Rector Susan Roberts Dav1d Robey Mary Jane Scott James Slgler Ranola Sxmpson Gerald Smock James Snyder Sara Jane Stahlhuth Sherman Stanley Donald Starr MMM! Marllyn Starr James Stevens Jud1th Swlndell Delores J Tanner Jack T111 man Paul Tomlmson Russell Tomlmson Geraldlne Treesh Ph1ll1p A VanHorn Mara Jo Vollenhals Marvm Warner Thomas Wxllzams Wendell Wllson Barbara J Wood Joyce Wood Roy Wood Patrxcla Ann Wr1ght Tu enty ugh! v v 1 1 v v v v v v - v ' l '-J . '3' ' 'I Q . 3 'g vu 1 . J y 5 a v y - y ' y v 1 - y y 1 v v - 1 1 . .- , FRESHMEN P3tF1Cl3 Alexander Betty Allen W1ll1am Armstrong Carolyn Ashby Dale Auler Rxchaxd Auler Fvelyn Ball Noreen Beeman ane Bltner Wayne Blake Georglana Board Davxd Boston Sally Boyer Jerry Chambers Blanche Clark Annabelle Colhs Charles Cooper Jean Cra1g Helen Dalton Theresx Dxamond Mzelonnx Duffey .A ..,,..:- lf 'xg 4'-Q rw T Charles DW1gg1HS Betty Eubanks Ona Kay Ferguson Roger F1sh Larry Flee nor W1111am Foster jack Frzend Lloyd Fr1x Joseph Fuller Ilea1ne Gardner Kenneth Gardner Donald Glpe Larry Goettel Carol Golden MarJor1e Goodmg Kay Gosnell R1chard Grose Wrllnam Haas Mary Lou Hague Charles Hall Jack Hartley Tufnh nmf I , 4 A my Lf, - 'f A 4 L ,J f I ye 'I 6 2 Q: 45 -3 . If . J -S fin f xv , 1 if Q - ,A I ,..'. Q .nfl "f"3. . X f B J . .11 A fr- ' I k 1 -4 , A A A A .Z fl , A si ' 3 la n V A Q V A .. , R 'uv I e ' f... xx , ff 1 . - x - as f' se, 0, G y - ll? A X A A 4 ,L If A --I A - J '17 tt , 3 , Q " . I, ee lfi Q K . 1 sf sz tj ' fl L W 'Z ww 1. ' ,.:. , QL 'i f, .A . W , x A ' ,,. Lou Edlth Henderson jay Hensley Kay H1ght Sally Hlght Joyce Holler Leroy Horn Shirley Hughcs Carolyn Hurst Betty Husc Leona May Jarman Janlec johnson Jack Kmg Melvxn Klng Shlrley Ann Lamhertson Llnda Lfnkm Donald Lemon Gene Lcmon Barbarx Lmkcns B111 Lmshcrg Patr1C1a Llttle janet McCarty Thirty K '5 S. Nancy McCasl1n Faye McCl1sh Patr1c1a McCord Betty McKee Helen McKee Charles Mack joseph Matney Donald Maynard Jack Maynard jamce Maynard Dualne Meador MBUTICC Mehlxng Patr1c1a Mrller Charles Montgomery Sue Morton Gene Muslck Gus Ohver Martha Overpeck Bzrche Pate Rachel Perry Shxrley Plttman I is N u r . u I c ' . ' ' . ' . 2 ' ' - 1 V ' , ef es' 1 5 " "- . Q Q Q5 z ,..-. -, I , . I ff... if 1 A A : . My 5. ' 'W 'gs G0 .43 t 1, .3 Ji IQ .R QPF- 3 - s wiss , :ji , m , ,, A ' - . K . 55 .19. H - ,Q 1 - -af" , ' -' 4, - , 2 . 3 y in I , E , f A ,I its f ' ff I' Z 6 K , . , . , . , , . . , , Y 3 Y V Y , Donald Pratt, Joyce Pratt, Sandra Reed, Cora Ann Riall, Charles Robertson, Dorothy Sanqunetti, Carolyn Saxton Gerald Scherer Dale Seybert Betty Stearns, Cleta Stelter Mozelle Stelter Phyllls Stephens Carolyn Stevens S .J 5 Paul Tanner Robert Teague Barbara Terhune Donna J Tharp Dallas Thomas Leon Thomas Harold Tlllman James Tobey Gayle Toney Betty Trxce Max Tulowltzky Norma Vanderbur B111 Walker Warren W Watson Mary Weaver James Wehsollek Sue Whlpple Cynthla W11l1s R1tch1e Wxlson john Wogerman Max Wood Frances Wrxght Thirty one llllffl fun FRESHIVIEN okang into the 1 vtn of athta fafty y Q thc fra mcn of AHS Followarav th old tl afhtaon of sellmg anagazanc s Ntrlptaons thnx nntttca moat than anx fornacr Class A t s party at the hui Itantccn and tht annual p1Cr1aC at Shfadyeadc Park vurt outstantiant, tvtnte of thc Bt ar C1325 offatcrs Wert jam Wfhsolltk prviadt nt Ratthlc Walgon vat Q pre 'iultnt C arolx n Hurst st trtt ary and Shnlt y Hughts tra asurcr J ack Kmg and Martha Ovcrptck were non votang rep Thur SDOHYOIS 'art Mr Frazacr Mr Buhler and Mrs Slonf QEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Houm of good tnnts orc auet lxgannmg for thc Qcvtnth and ughth gradci Claw paatacs vxcrc thc1r Spccaalty The caghth gl ada thosc Rohtat Brtwcm for prwadtnt John Roop vacc prmadcnt jog, kcan Qccrctfary 'and joytc Surbcx tu asurtr Cham sponeoas were Mass MCCa1n1non and M1 Ratttr Close offarcm for the scventh gr adc are Myron W1ll1 ams prm acicnt Cqrolyn Frfaundorfcx vxct plcmdcnt and Alnatfa Puguson s Crctfarx trcfaiurcr Thur sponsors were Macs Brannon and Mrs Hfardmg Lo ' ' ' c za ' 21111 ' ' K' jtzar, 2arc- A sh- ' . . . ' D 1 '2 t ' ' A 4 2 ' - :ul , - ' - K, -' ' 2 2 h' ' A 2 al2as.' 1 - v , 7' ,rl . I , 1 r D . r I v I , 2 2 2 2 2 . 2" '- :2 'A' -, - 'a.- .k' , : 2- b. B v h-,-2,2-2: I '- ,hv k.. 2. 2- . 2 .' A 2 2 A a ' ' ' - ' a - rtsrntativts from thc frcshanan CIZISS in Stuck-nt Tn-2at'hn r Co-Op. 'I . 1.1 C V . - ' . . Q 1 -1. V. - Q, - .4 C 4 - . I A V . V V ' ,. 2., '-" , -A '. . ' - .' 2 ' " ' . , ' 2 ': 2 " A 1 2.. ' '2 ' " "2 ,. 1- '- 2 2 ' ' '-- - I2 " "' . ' ,'- -' . A . ' . , A 'V 2 . EIGHTH GRADE Robert Armstrong Ronald Beard jack Beasley Charles Bell Donna Bennett Geraldme Benson Rmta Sue Branch Raymond Breese Judith Brcwcr Robert Brewer jams Bylbee Prlscllla Clark Carol Ann Clock janet Cochran Vxrgxnla DeaKyne John Elbert Jzmmxe Ferguson Ruth Flook George Glass Ann Grahame Carol Halnes James Haskell Norma jean Holler Jonme Horn Myrna Ray Hughes john Humphrles Mary Ahce Jones Eugene Kean joy Kean Shlrley Ann Kerr Sandra Krlgore Jeanette Knuckles Norman LaRue Carolyn Lawson Shlrley Ann Leach Tlzzrty th rc Q V v y v V 1 . . X X . . . 1 1 v Q f . 1 u ' V 1 J ff. , fr , X 'liz e. - y w y v S v v Q Q v n u v v - 3 9 ' -, w 1 Joyce Leonard Barbxra McCarty Beverly Morgan James Morgan Earl MOTTIS Slllfflll jc in Morrxs Danlcl Mudd jack Ncwcomb Slnrlq janet Overby Cary Ellzabcth Peck Carolyn Porter Bobby Poxntcr Susan Rmcc Rohn Rlttcnhousc Wx Wfw 'W 'QU A612133 ., . E' ,bm 5,-jsgvd ixwnwg r Ray Roby Roy Roby John Roop Barbara Sayre Carl Sayre W1l11am Scant land Rrchard Scott Robert Semon Joyce Srzelove joyce Surber james Taylor Thomas Thomas Florence Thompson Jack Thompson Beverly Toms Betty Underwood Faye Utley joan Warren Judlth W1lll3mS Jerry Wxlson Dallas Wood I furfy four r . . x v T V . u wo? B Q Q ,W ' ... ,mp .Q P ,M ,x si' ' iw " .eg Q V, f -ff 2 wt .5 T N ' 'S Q - , --r lf W "' H mv 5 if .J lfi :,. . , ' 1' .512-.if ,g 5 if 3 ' N" ' c -af ,T ' -nv-14 , if , . . ,Q , Q: A a, pm K - 31 - N' . ' ,Q s' 1 T ef- l 1' f f : T or f, gf " in X . B l Q D f , aff , X ' l 'ff X fl his vga' S53 . A 'si V A 2 mv , 4 1,5 VX ' ' X 4, il . , , d A , , . ., m "'1? ' Q -, 'Wig 35,4 . P' K r N. H L5 9 is 'EQ Q .gage 5 ,. ' : , , . ' 1. 'J ' A "" , ' ar... 9 , - x i V Q cn, g 1 ' Effv , . 9', V vi' xl f "m s , . . , , . . . , , SEVENTH GRADE Donald Alexander Merr1llAlmqu1st Gerald Anderson jack Armstrong Robert Auler Harold Barentme Martha Barentme Marllyn Beeman Mary LOUISE Byrd Sue Cartwr1ght Robert Colhns Donald Cunnmgham Dlck Damm Rosemary Everham f J Alnlta Ferguson Leonard Flsh Carolyn Fraundorfer Stephen Freeman Betty Gordon Ralph Grose Barbara Hammond Sondra Helny, joan Howard, jerry Ice, Rlchard Jacobs, Fredrlc james, Beverly jones, Kay Jones Prlscrlla Jones, Saundra Kantner, janet Kerr, Brlly Kllgore. Sandra Kxng, Charles Langham, Dor1s McCarty, james McCasl1n Tlurty f Y I 1 1 , , y V . y y y ,,.,. L ,'5 f'5f" i ..:::: , F H i an , ' 25. -. ,. A V My , , ' , ff.-ff"-1 IJ.. -f f- "' or ,, ,E y - . . , . Mary Lou McDermott Evelyn Maynard Patrlck Maynard Rosemary Meltzer Rxchard Mesalam Mar1lyn Muller jeanmne Muston Clyde New Joann Nlsley Lela Mae Owen Mary jane Parnell Ray M Pay ton jr Merrmll Peters Mary E Porter fl EQWQAQ Karen Randall Thomas Rxchards Robert Rogers Ruthann Sanqunett1 Max Schrader Suanne Semon Wyvonne Shores Rlchard Sxzelove Meredlth Stanley Fred Starr Carol Ann Thompson Lovma Tomlxnson Janet Tutorow Brlly Warren Ray Wasson Beverly Whaley judxth Whxpple Robert Whlpple Evelyn W11 hams Jlmmy Wxlllams Myron W1ll1ams Ruth W11l1amson Thirty SLI . . . . . . I v 1 v v - SET? ' ' X ,S ..1 5 I Q 1 -53433 1: , I E JA lf ' . -5 N? x X 424 , ,, X e 'Sf kfr Y v v v , 7 V y v , y , V v v v v ' V I 9 ?,' ASP aw 'E-N, GD if 'EU A QL E-5 "' Front row: Student manager Brewer, Alexander, Horn, King, Couch, Townsend, E. Baker, R. Baker, Musick Buckles, Stevens, Hughes, Peck, Pierce, Walker, Howe, Etchison, Sigler, Mesalam King, Breese, Patz, Haron, Morton, Tomlinson, Blockson, Ryan, Street, Hens- ley, Taylor, Wood 1949 - 50 SCHEDULE WE THEY Sept. 16 Royerton 6 12 20 Delphi 14 13 23 Plymouth 0 39 30 Noblesville 14 33 Oct. 4 Greenfield 19 13 7 Portland 0 19 14 Hartford City 12 38 21 Winchester 7 21 26 Tipton O 33 Nov. 4 Elwood 0 S3 VARSITY With only three lettermen from last year's team, Coach Dick began rebuilding the football team for future years, The Tigers won two games, one from Delphi 14-13, and one from Greenfield 19-13. Several sophomores and juniors played regularly this year, and gained experience that will be valuable in years to come. Prospects look good as Coach Dick loses only five members from this year's team. The Tigers, although the record might not show it, proved that "ALEX ALWAYS FIGHTSX' Tlxirly-eight FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Playing five games this season the Alex Freshmen tied three and lost two. The team seemed unable to break the '4tie" jinx. They had two games with St. joseph of Elwood end in ties one on September 22 13-13 and one on the 29th of October 12-12. They also had a game on October 20 with Elwood end in a 6-6 tie. The freshmen made a good showing against a strong Tipton B team but lost 35-6. Their other loss was a 13-0 defeat at Elwood on October 13. Lawrence Frazier coached this years team. Q .l Front row Thomas Hall Oliver Maynard Grose Hartley Frix Matney Foster Wehsollek Tillman Gardner DURING THE SPRING OF 1949 the Alexandria Track team coached by Lawrence Frazier participated in nine meets They placed second twice and third four times Letter winners were jack Blockson Merl Street Kenneth Stokes John Haron Jack Tilley Kelly McGill Howard King Carl Ryan and Ralph Brewer student manager KG Y! Y E I y v . 1 1 u v . v v Boston, Seybert, Gipe. Goettel, Chambers, Coach Frazier, Fleenor, Hass, King, 1 , , ,,., , . Tlurly mm " -' x W X- :lui N' 1-481 as WT S" X. 9 If-5 1X E ' X fy ,mf P X . X we XX . ,X A X X X1 t + 5' 'XA W X X, XX X , E fi 'Q QSXXXQ 5 X 5 X x Q sl X X vs., -53 uv Q 5 'ln .XQ - . x S x if ,Vi 1 x ' x R vx Xx - K V' fini X ' W I ' 4 ,X ' k -an-L , 5 X. r X, 'Q if X X x f - QXJQK ef Q X e X , , an 1 1 , S A ra as Sw Iffiwgl U c 'KB SQ 1. w. .5 M nntkw B' A . w MERL STREET . . . Merl was always in on the rebounding. This stocky forward was one of the best foul shooters on the team. He never got excited, and always got his share of the points. JACK BOWERS . . . Jack held down a for- ward post all season and always played his heart out for the Tigers. JOHN HARON . . . This jack-of-all trades played both forward and guard throughout the year and did a good job of it. He scored more points than any other player on the team. JAY RINGER . . . Jay, a guard on the Tiger squad had the highest average points per game of any other player on the team. forty-om Townsend, Pierce, King, Street, Ringer, Bowers, McGill, Morton, Garner, Tomlinson, Haron, Sayre, student manager Brewer Nov. Dec. 8 ll 18 19 23 2 9 13 15 20 1949 - 50 SCHEDULE We They We They Royerton 36 40 Dec. 20 TOURNEY Frankton 42 52 Burris 41 60 Plymouth 32 38 Hartford City 27 38 Adams S. B. 38 58 Jan. 6 Monticello 38 51 Peru 28 56 13 Dunkirk 25 36 Tipton 39 42 17 Noblesville 33 35 Winchester 33 45 20 Burris 2 5 62 Elwood 34 41 2 7 Summitville 39 55 Huntington 36 38 Feb. 3 Hartford City 34 59 Hagerstown 45 50 10 Elwood 36 46 17 Wabash 35 48 Though defeated continually, our varsity played fine ball through the season of 20 games. VARSITY BASKETBALL Called the 'tFang1ess Tigers" they were within sight of victory several timesg once with the powerful Huntington Vikings and once with Noblesville. Both were lost in the last seconds of play. The Tigers participated in the tourney at Elwood on the 30th of December. In a hard fought battle, Burris of Muncie defeated the Tigers during the second game of the afternoon. In the first game of the evening the Tigers were defeated by the Hartford City Airdales. Let us say the Tigers were down but never out, for we are sure they will spring back in the near future with a bigger, stronger team that will surpass many of our rivals. F orly-two SECOND TEAM Closmg w1th an overtime vlctory over Wabash the Tlglf Cubs f1f11Sl16d thexr season record at 7 w1ns and 11 losses The Cubs w1l1 provlele plenty of good materxal for next years varslty team They galned valuable evzperlence when playlng such teams as Adams of South Bend and Peru Small but stmll a sharp shooter Rlchard Baker was a hlgh scorer Baker was followed closely m the scorlng by Wayne Couch a fellow sophomore Coach Don Drck also led th1s team Nv 8 Dec Royerton Frankton Adams S B Peru Txpton Wmchester Elwood Huntmgton 1949 50 SCHEDULE WE THEY W THEY Dec Jan Fe Hagerstown MOHt1C6llO Noblesvllle Burns Summltvllle Hartford Clty Elwood Wabash 22 ot S1gler, MUS1Ck, Peck, Wood, Gross, Locke, Fuller, Montgomery. Couch, Hughes, Baker, student manager Donahue Forly Ill ree E O . 26 28 . 20 28 30 11 26 19 . 6 ' 39 34 18 Plymouth 20 29 13 Dunkirk 23 22 19 . . 23 26 17 ' 33 25 23 28 40 20 ' 34 25 . 2 ' 38 27 27 ' ' 29 30 9 ' 27 29 b. 3 ' 38 41 o.t. 13 37 39 10 31 37 o.t. 15 ' 19 26 17 25 . , FRESHMEN Playing 12 regular games and 3 tourney games the freshman team had a record of 7 wins and 8 losses. The team participated in two tournaments this season. The first at Frankton where they were defeated by Frankton 26-10. The second was at Markleville, where the freshmen beat Pendleton 26-25 in the first game. and lost to Markleville 32-33 in the championship game. The team was strengthened by material from Cunningham and Orestes along with Alexandria junior High boys. Bill Foster with 86 points and Jack King with 49 points led the scoring attack. Lyle Harding was the coach of this yearls team. Nov Dec an Frankton Markleville Pendleton Elwood Pendleton F rankton Marlon 1949-50 SCHEDULE WE THEY WE THEY jan 19 Fe 2 Summitville TOURNEY Frankton TOURNEY Pendle ton Markle ville Elwood Summitville Front row Manager Goettel Watson Hartley Wehsollek Tobey Grose May nard Oliver Foster Tillman Haas King Fr1x Matney Chambers IN THE SPRING OF 1949 the following boys that are still in school won letters in baseball joe Mack David Ellis Jay Ringer john Haron Dale Stmefield Bill Sayre Virgil Patz jim Laws and Jack Musick During the season the team won three games and lost seven f urly jour . 15 19 22 . ' ' 21 ' 16 26 21 29 19 18 . 6 24 22 28 20 37 27 1 J . 3 28 23 f - 10 Markleville 36 38 31 Lapel 16 ' 20 24 b. ' 14 ' ' Starr Ferguson Stanley Humphrmes Barentlne Thompson Ice Coach Frazmer Manager Krlgore Rlttenhouse Wllson Warren Wxlllams Grose Glass Morrls JUNIOR HIGH SCHEDULE 1949 50 e They e They N V Cunnmgham an Lapel Frankton Cunnmgham Marklevllle Lapel Pendleton Fe Elwood Dec Elwood Orestes Pendleton TOURNEY an Marklev1lle Frankton Marlon Cunnmgham Summltvllle After only two mghts pract1ce Coach Lawrence Fraz1er sent hrs Jumor Hlgh team 1nto actlon agamst a strong Cunnmgham team Although they lost the boys showed promxse Just two and one half months later they defeated thrs same Cunnmgharn team 28 26 The Jumor H1gh Cubs played therr annual tourney February 18 1950 at Cunnmgham In thelr flrst game they defeated Frankton 35 30 but were defeated m the champ1onsh1p by Cunnxngham 29 14 Coach Frazxer has helped these boys greatly as they began therr chmb up the ladder of basketball Forty fllt W W O . 9 ' 14 46 J . 21 23 28 15 28 23 23 ' 28 26 21 ' 7 20 31 19 38 29 23 29 b. 2 20 33 . 6 21 17 7 19 32 12 Orestes 24 18 14 Summitville 16 28 20 19 42 18 J .10 ' 20 15 35 30 16 ' 23 34 ' 14 29 19 ' ' 25 27 YEA RAH TTGERS fnrly wx CHEERLEADERS Joyce Holmes Judy D1ck Tlme doesnt affect our 'l'1ger Crouched m the m1ddle of the gym floor year after year he shows absolutely no sxgns of old age But t1me has changed our yells and pep sess1ons L11 Abner and Grr Rah are only two of the new yells mtroduced by our cheerleaders Pep sessxons were perked up by SkltS produced by dxfferent school organlzatlons and pep talks by faculty members Mr Brown kept us yelllng at games even though we were beh1nd The team was trymg and we backed them t1me after tlme Cheer Leaders Club trams future cheer leaders who are chosen from this club by a vote of the students Started two years ago Cheer Leaders Club lS supervxsed by Mrs Hardmg CHEERLEADERS CLUB Seated Joyce Holmes Judy D1ck Kneelmg Secretary and Treas urer Janet McCarty Pres1dent Nexl W1sler V1ce Presxdent Sh1rley Hughes . , . . . , . ' , ' an ' an u vw - ' v v - v Y L y 1 1 - 1 . F B A I ACTIVITIES f Ai ,Vg ' e- b g' K 55 I 5. I X I 52? Y TEENS iv -in New 99" W9 Seated Vlce Pres1dent Gall Mull Sponsor Roxana Frazxer Presldent Nma Tappan Standing Anna Rose Azlmow Teena Overpeck Secretary Ruth Elalne Man rmg Treasurer Betty jean Edwards Darleen Lambertson As usual M1ss Fraz1er our Y Teens sponsor and two members were on duty at all home basketball games checkmg coats for patrons The group had many mterestmg speakers They were Lt Elxzabeth Zettel Mr Brown Mrs LeRoy M1ss Howard Mrs Overpeck and Mrs W1l hams Joyce Holmes and Betty Mlller presented several monologues Y Teens purchased and decorated the Chrlstmas tree that was dlsplayed ln the assembly, then gave the tree and a basket of food to a needy famxly I arty eight This year seemed to be a year of "firsts" for the Hi-Y. For the first time in the history of the Alexandria Hi-Y, they have been host to a district conference, held March 13. Twenty-two high schools from ten counties were represented. Four different schools led discussion groups about race, religion, the nation, and boy and girl relationships. Rev. Paul Boyer from the Christian Church, led the boys in a song fest. An evening banquet was served with Rev. Edgar Williams of the Church of God as speaker. A mixer dance was held at the Kanteen in which Y-Teen members participated. The first constitution of the local Hi-Y was drawn up this year. Pro- visions for initiation were included. April Fool's day was celebrated by holding a square dance. Mr. J. B. Duff, state Hi-Y secretary and an authority on square dancing, was the caller. Hi-Y also sponsored a yo-yo contest last fall as well as a "Guess the winner of the Sectional" contest in February. HIY Seated Secretary Don Olsen President Buddy Baker Vice President Jerry Kilgore Standmg Sponsor Ernest Buck, Jay Ringer Treasurer Jack Bowers Larry Pierce Forty mm - x x ' - s v ,. i TIGER CLUB 'F Sewted Joyce Holmes Mary Rohn Loisann Hon Jane Hurst Judy Dick The first social event of the year for Tiger Club our booster organi zatlon was the Sports Dance held March 17 at the Kid Kanteen Merl Street was crowned King of Sports by our sponsor Mr Dick Joann Shaw was crowned Queen of Sports by Merl Street Next came the annual Tiger Club Banquet held in the Methodist Church in honor of all athletic boys with a dance following at Kanteen GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The GAA was reorgan ized at the beginnlng of this year Officers are Judy Dick president Mary Rohn vice president Janet Curts secre tary Judy Frye treasurer Zella Jane Cook reporter G A A held two parties this year presented a skit at pep ses sion and organized an all girl basketball team Who can ever forget those girls with pig tails bowing to all the officers That was initiation of course Kneeling Zella Jane Cook, Mary Rohn, Jean Ann Harding Seated Judy Frye, Janet Curts, Judy Dick Fifty 1 Q, t,e. g Standing: Don Dick, Adrienne Burnett. Sue Wilhelm. Don Almquist JUNIOR RED CROSS W1th a membershlp of fourteen our local chapter of the jumor Red Cross has completed 1ts second successful year of counc1l work As the1r major wmtcr project they sent an exchange album to the students of Ak8Shl I-I1gh School IU Tokyo Japan They helped prepare a school chest of school sup pl1es and athletlc equ1pment to send to a fore1gn country They made valen tme nut cups for the patlents of Blllmgs General Hospltal gf' Standmg J11'I'1 Wehsollek Janet McCarty Sue Morton j1m W1ShOH Don McClead Jerry Brobst Bob McMahan Seated Barbara Henry Gaxl Mull Gladys McCammon Darleen Lambertson Sara Nell Fox Zella jane Cook Thls organ1zat1on IS respons1ble for Alexandr1as part1c1pat1on 1n the safety program sponsored by jumor Red Cross A green flag of cons1derable sxze fl1es above the sen1or h1gh school bu1ld1ng If a teen age dr1ver enrolled 1n the school has an acc1dent wlth damages amountmg to more than S50 a red str1pe 1S put on the flag If an acc1dent IS fatal a black Stflpe IS put on At the t1me we go to press the flag IS stxll unmarked MISS McCammon sponsor of the group was presented wlth a sponsor s p1n for dependablhty by the Mad1son County chapter of the Junlor Red Cross There were only two of these pms presented 1n the county fl ty om DURING THE TIME OF MR BROWN speech aCtlV1tl6S have ln creased 1n AHS Students have part1c1pated 1n the followmg AlT1Lf1C8f1 Leglon Oratorlcal Contest debatlng Purdue radlo panel Llon s club program Thanksgrvrng skxt Chrrstmas Tableau and Scrooge sk1t In 1950 A H S offered a full year of speech courses made up of dramatlcs and public speakmg both taught by Mr Brown MASQUE AND GAVEL We 17 Standmg Davxd Elhs Rosemary Blake Anna Rose Az1mow Darleen Lambert son Douglas Lee Judy D1ck Bob Breese Seated Roy Brown Gall Mull Harold Morton jrm W1shon jack Wood The Alexandrla chapter of Masque and Gavel the natlonal hxgh school recogn1t1on soclety for the promotlon of speech act1v1t1es was granted a charter on November 15 1949 and the above charter members 1n1t1ated These members were chosen by the faculty and have a l1fe membershxp ln the soclety New members mrtrated 1n February were Jane Shafer Teena Overpeck Jack Bowers Dorls Warren and Jxm Tappan These were selected by the faculty from nommatxons by the charter members Masque and Gavel str1ves for the lmprovement of speech 1n the classroom orgam zatxon act1v1t1es and assembl1es and for better re1at1onsh1p between school and commun1ty through the promot1ons of speech and drama Th1s year they produced the Chrlstmas tableaus and a Thanksglvxng skxt Sponsors of Masque and Gavel are Mr Brown, Mr R1tter, and Mr Buhler Fzfly tuo . y ' , i . . . X . , I . . . . - - v , . , v . . . . U ,, - - 1 - , '.-:2,,L'i if E , Q, I ,., a , A .A es - wi ij . kv X ,M 'Av X, fg. 'Q ' . ,951 sf . 5 I .. s .u - X' I vm 79 I t I K f w , , x Af, An A. ,us f N we 1 I 5 ' . r .ll 1 ' 1 I V - v v v - V 1 w 1 v - - 1 1 v - , . Y - 3 Q Standmg jerry Etchlson J Lyle Hardmg jack Kmg Franklm Closser Bob McMahan Harold Morton jerry Peck Sam Hughes Don Mlller Seated Evelyn Hxeatt Joan Shaw Myrna Watson Sara Nell Fox Darleen Lambertson Martha Overpeck Marjorle Howard Marjorxe French Student Teacher Co Op the student govern1ng orgamzatxon had a busy t1me th1s year They sponsored three mterestmg lecturers for convos collected money for Chrlstmas rellef 1n Austrla and held an all school dance D1d you not1ce that announcements dont straggle up h1ll on the assembly blackboard? It was Co Ops xdea to l1ne the boards FFA Standmg Gene Moorman Fred Dlsque Seated D1ck Fuller Elmer Key Bob Kmg jerry Etchlson Paul Wlsehart The Future Farmers of Amer1ca IS a natxonal orgamzatlon for farm boys mterested 1n develop1ng agrxcultural leadershlp character and thrxft The local group has 32 members selected from boys enrolled 1n vocat1onal agrlcul ture These boys are encouraged to work for a letter award based on a polnt system w1th poxnts glven for scholarsh1p superv1sed farmmg projects part1c1pat1on m 4 H Judgmg con tests earnmgs and savmgs fljlj Ihru 'A WA .- 43 vfr 'U 9 - , - v - v Y U 3 V - - , 1 v Q - , - - 1 I - 1 . . . . . , , ' . . , . . ' I - y 1 v 1 v ' - v - - - 9 1 ' 1 ' , . 1.. -, , . STRING ENSEMBLE Front row Sandra Kxlgore Joan Warren Slurley Kerr jerry Brobet joy Kean Douglm Lee Myrn1Ra3 Hughes kelly lVIcG1ll Carol Hamm DANCE BAND Fflffy-J' Front row Douglas Lee john Roop Rxcharel Gorden DlClx Bencfxel, Paul Ellls. Rex Jenkms jerry Peck, Ronme Beard, Bxlly Armetrong, Fred Granger Kelly McG1l1 Edwm Baker, Ralph Sayre, Bob Owen Ullf MAJ OR AND MAJORETTES Barbara Wood Patr1c1a L1tt1e Susan Roberts Douglas Lee Ona Kay Fergu son Joyce Surber R1ta Sue Branch Strut1n the1r stuff' At the front of the band our major and majorettes get applause for the1r performances Cold or warm weather they tw1rled at every football game Dur1ng the half of the Elwood basketball game the grrls gave an exh1b1t1on of thC1I' twxrlmg sk1ll as an ensemble Two groups mxghty popular muslcally around AHS are the dance band and the strmg ensemble The all male dance band played for Crescendo Var1et1es and the senlor play Under the d1rect1on of Mxss Keller the strxng ensemble has performed before many orgamzatxons IH town They won a flrst at the d1str1ct solo and ensemble contest Fzfyff Y ' l I Y 1 1 - , , . , . . . :ic ac wk as :lf Y ' iz' Front row: hlaxine Knotts, Joyce Holmes, Mary Clements, Nlarilyn Starr, Betty Miller Marilyn Miller Patriua Altxandir Carolyn Hurst, Barbara Henry, Judy Swindell, Barbara Barth. Bonnie Elsworth. Second: Jean Ann Druelle, Jane Teeters, Joyce Wood, lvlyra Mae Kane, Janet Kauffman Barbara Henry Betty It in Edwards, Shirley Hughes, Nlarilyn Brobst, Blanche Clark, Phyllis Hysong. Third: Sue Etehison. Cveorgiana Board, Janice Woodruff, Geraldine Treesh, Tom Eaton Paul McCullough Howard Littlc Nlauriee Gaither. Sherman Stanley, Wayne Nlarquand, Paul Tomlinson. Fourth: Bill Clark, Douglas Lee, Larry Fleenor, Sidney Nlillspaugh, Dick Benefiel Edwin Baker lack Tillman lim Sigler. Roy Wood. Bob Cleaver, Bob Breese. BAND Busy as any band can be. From the first strains of a football march till the last notes of the commencement recessional, Mr. Copeland and the band are working. Out went the field nights, on went the cap lights, and we saw the letters U S A. That was only one of the maneu- vers performed during football halves. "Hucklebuck" and "Ain't She Sweet" were just two of the popular band numbers played at basketball games. K'Fight On" acquired more pep and spirit played in our own A.H.S. Way. Popular, classical. marches, and even be-bop numbers don't stump our band, They play them all at just the right time. We really mean it when we say "There's Something About a Home Town Band That Makes You Want to Shout"! f"1'fly-.vim CHOIR "Let's harmonize" could well be the theme song of the A.H.S. choir. The harmonizing started early last fall when several members took part in the State Choral Festival at Indianapolis. Their first puhlic performance of the year at the Fall Concert, when Miss Francis Fowl. a student teacher, directed the choir. Let's have some fun! After caroling, the choir held a Christmas party in the choir room. They played games, drank hot cocoa, and naturally, harmonized. Another Copeland! Director for the group during the Winter Concert was Miss Phyllis Copeland. And so during the year, the choir performed at the Christmas program, the County Choral Festival, Crescendo Varieties and the Easter Cantata. Front row: Virginia DeaKyne, Rex Jenkins, Marilyn Jones, Miriam Mottweiler. Ann Grahame, Sarah Stahlhuth, Susan Baker, Carroll H. Copeland, director: Geraldine Treesh, Carol Golden. Edwin Baker, Ralph Sayre, Bob Owen, Carlton Edwards, Donald Starr, Phyllis Stevens. Se-cond: John Roop, Sally Beigh, Kay Gosnell, Sue Morton, janet McCarty, Anna Rose Azimow. Richard Gorden. Douglas Lee, Paul Ellis, Dick Benefiel, Billy Armstrong, Ronnie Beard, Jack Beasley, john johnson, Richard Scott. George Glass. Eugene Kean. Third: Martha Overpeck, Nancy McCaslin, Beverly Toms, Sara Nell Fox. Phyllis Remington, john Sizelove. Sandra Reed. Don Eaton, Maurice Gaither, Howard Little, Rohn Rittenhouse, Nancy Knopp, Pat Wright. Tommy Thomas. Fourth: Larry Goettel, jack Friend, Jack Tillman, Bill Williams, Mary jane Scott, Paul Tomlinson. Sidney Millspaugh. Fliffy-S01'VI1 TIME FOR OTHERS W I Would the students of A H S help? That quest1on was asked by Colonel H E Hopplng U S Army Headquarters 1n Austrla ln a letter sent to Mr Evans on Oct 31 It explamed the program of the Amerlcan commumty ln Vxenna and told how they sponsored Chrxstmas partles for AUStf13n chlldren crlppled and orphaned by the war An appeal was bemg made to hlgh schools to a1d 1n thxs program Mr Evans turned the letter over to the Co Op who reallzed how mm portant lt could be for Alex students to g1ve some Austrlan chlldren happ1ness at Chrxstmas tlme The money donated by our student body was sent to Austrla Twenty one chlldren of St Raphacls Chlldrens Home ln Vlenna were glven thelr Chrlstmas party wxth thxs money Toys candy and decoratlons were bought also Look at the express1on on the faces of the boy and glrl dressed for the1r Chrlstmas sk1t What more proof could we want for our effort? A H S students gave our answer to the questxon We were glad to help to fmd txme for others --,,,,,.. 'th-...,, TIME FOR WORK ls All play and no work makes for dull students 1n AH S G1rls f1rst and It s a home ec class They dxscuss everythmng from home flnances to how to make a smooth custard Fashlon wxse these g1rls sewed thexr own clothes and kept up to date on the latest styles No doubt about xt our home ec g1rls w1ll make fme wxves See that new ce1l1ng 1n the shop p1cture9 Look profess1onal9 It was done completely by shop students at very httle cost but a lot of hard labor Another add1t1on that rmproved the looks of the shop was the buxldmg of new wlre tool cages You won t fmd any tools lymg around nor boys bexng careless 1n our shop So we re certamly not dull because we work' Fifty nzne . -If Q . I , ' Q3 we ' p , A ., is kg 4 4 wx , . lf l l, 191 ' ' -il 1 er Q5 ,., lm I Agar, W Kay and Carolyn what's so funny? . . . the pause that refreshes . . . Doug, the homemaker . . . yes?? . . . Bill and Doug at their tender age . . . Bud . . . David and Dick, weren't they sweet? . . . Ruth, the great pianist . . . Anna Rose and Janet on junior trip . . . Mary the thinker . . . Bob and Terrie . . . Marilyn, the beauty of '34 . . . freshmen Ruth, Garnet, Wreatha . . . Jane . . . Sarah jane . . . Shirley is behind you Jerry . . . Nina and Bev . . . whose feet Jerry? . . . Mary jane getting her education . . . Bob can't smile. Sixly WHEN TIME MEANT NOTHING Joann Johnny B1 Ruth Dons Beverly Judy ...Darleen. . .Marilyn. . .Bonnie. . .Nina . . . Joyce . . .Bob Teena Bud B J Kenny Phylhs I oxsann Myra Mae J an1e Davxd Qnlw one PAST SEPTEMBER 6-10 School tlme school txme H1 glad to see you back 12 17 Royerton came to Alex for the f1rst football game just g1ve our team t1me 19 24 V I C T O R Y Alex 14-Delphl 13 VVhat did we tell you? OCTOBER 103 172 24-29 Nllkanth Chavre made Indxa more than a blob on the map for us And d1dnt he look dlstmguxshed m his turban9 Anderson Packers gave an exh1b1t1on game 1n the gym Golly aren t they tall? Busy week for the band all school program and fall concert john Dallavus certamly got hxs pomt across on Manners That txme report cards Extra' Fxrst Txger s Tale came out Band played for Teachers Instxtute and cholr members Jomed ln an 800 vo1ce choir Renewed our energy over th1s vacatlon NOVEMBER 14-19 21 6 28 30 Tourmg tlme home ec and phys ed g1rls xnspected Kraft Cheese Co at Summltvxlle Another group went to Muncle to see Hamlet Wasn t Lawrence O1ver wonderful? To be or not to be Sxgh Donn1e Eaton procla1med yo yo champ after excxtmg contest Royer ton back agam th1s tlme for a basketball game Cheerleaders get hep on the latest yells at convent1on m Lafayette Our closest acquamtance wlth vlctory Huntlngton 38 Alex 36 just a Carmval t1rr'e sponsored by Clark and Tomlmson Debut f1rst actlv 1ty of Masque and Gavel was Thanksgxvmg program We g1ve thanks for many thmgs mcludmg th1s vacatxon Career Day helped g1ve us the answer to What shall I do? Lucky us to have such help DECEMBER 5 0 1 7 19 24 26-30 Our very own senators and representatxves off to Model State Leglsla ture at Lafayette For the fxrst t1me we sent two students to Debaters Conference A wave of grey and green swept the school what else but Jumor class sweaters? Sophomore party at K1d Kanteen and dxd they have fun' Doomsday report cards Santa brought a present for every semor at our Chrlstmas party Thanks Mr Buck' St Nxcks Ball at Kld Kanteen was the f1rst formal dance Gee a other vacatxon We re st1ll loafmg Off to Elwood for New Years Tourney JANUARY l 4 9 14 16-21 23 28 30 31 51 My lu u Back to the grmd but kmd of glad to be here Forgot resolut1ons oh well Semors choose maroon caps and gowns Well carry out our colors till the end B1g day Spectrums went on sale Lme forms to the r1ght please Oh no not agam report cards' How tlme fl1es 18 weeks gone and end of semester Cotton candy and clowns meant Spar Brothers Clrcus and money to empty band treasury Semors took Iowa Sllent Readlng Test and began to wonder Can we read? I have come to speak before you not behmd you jack Wood won Amerlcan Legxon Oratorxcal Contest w1th topxc of The Const1tut1on 1n a Changing World 'I ' ' Il ' D! 3- 8 ' ' . -1- X . . . . . , , -2 - . ' ' ' li Y! ' . . , , . 1- 5 . . - . . ' ' LL YY ' 7-12 ' ' - ' ' . - measly two points! -2 . . A - . - . . - 1 ' LK I! 1- 3 ' ' - -1 . . G 2-1 ' ' . - ' . , . . I y n- 1 - ' 1 1 ' KC 1 ' Y! gi . . . , 1 9 1 ' -1 Ki I JY , . . . . v . . . hu' . . ' ' YJ TIME FEBRUARY Thar she flies green safety flag presented to school Alex got more firsts at solo and ensemble contest than any other school 32' Successful Winter concert Eight seniors took scholarship tests and kept fingers crossed Last basketball game against Wabash Gee whiz we tried Sectional Golly its cold outside MARCH 3 27 31 APRIL 10 5 17 2 24-29 MAY 813 15 20 21 27 Class tourney Upset' Freshmen beat sophomores The grand winner SENIORS Oops they re here again report cards Invasion Spring H1 Y Conference here Nice dance We re stuffed from eating and weary from dancing Tiger Club banquet and dance Overture U S and 7 other countries represented by us at Model U N Assembly Pretty important people we are Cecil Leeson played sax for convo Didnt squeak once District band choral and orchestra contest at Elwood All that march in Feel light as spring cause its spring vacation State band choral and orchestra contest No more worrying about what to play Report cards only one more time to go makes a happy thought Mother Is a Freshman is an Alex hit Senior Girl Scout Maypole Dance in gym The old place just didn t look the same With a hasty So long 77 seniors were off to the big city of Chicago Theres no place like home Author Whittaker almost made us hear the angels sing Kanteen gave the seniors a Send off A busy busy Week Underclass trips 8th grade program Senior class day Report cards Baccalaureate Commencement Time has run out Nitty llzru 1- 4 , ' - f A r - . A 6-11 A ' ' V ' ' 1, V 13-18 ' ' . . A 1 ' . ' . 20-25 ' . . . . ' ' .' '. 1- -1 . , . . ' 6-ll .. ' A - ' . le-18 .' . . . ' '- ' ' . ' ' ' ' 20-25 Spring Concert Hi Ho Silver acquired another name-William Tell 1- 8 ' ' , , . - ' g 3- 8 . . , i . , . . -1 ' . H 7. -2 - ' 1- 6 . H ,, . . . . Q SPECTRUM STAI F XF 'TNA Overpeck Jack Bowers Anna Rose Azxmow Dav1d E1l1s jane Shafer Jay Rmger Judy Dlck Evelyn Hleatt Darleen Lambertson Seated Betty Edwards Carolyn Gossett Lo1sann Hon Joann Shaw Phyllls Cunnmgham Mar11yn Brobst REMEMBER THE TIME WHEN WE learned all the proof read 1ng marks declded we would put out the best Txger s Tale ever publlshed kept our flngers crossed when the f1rst lssue went on sale saw our names 1n the staff block for the f1rst tlme would hear Dav1d protestmg about the sports page left a S10 b1ll on the table would always come out one penny over or under rushed around gettxng ads gxrls always wanted to lntervxew student teachers had an all glrl staff f1rst began to talk about the Specrum all for once agreed on the theme cont1n ually kept thmklng we had more t1me than there was thought the senxor pages would never get done had to do the proof readmg m some of the strangest places were scared to see Mlss Hleatt because our work wasn t done gave that b1g Slgh of rel1ef and waved the last thlrty two pages good bye saw the f1rst completed Spectrum gl xly four 1 4 I 'M' P , 1' 3 . N l 'H . I , Q ,- x -" 4. , ' ' Standing: jane Hurst, john Hinds, Ruth Montgomery, Bob McMahan, Teena

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