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 - Class of 1949

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':f ,.G1.. ,' -'-fifjgff -gel, A 'iffy - V ' 5 ' V ll 5 if ' i i' ,1 .QA 5 1 1 WP I . , ,M Ea 4 SF' x.' J M I a L J, 1 X x gk cd e .. .?kQ :'Qi'E'i?-- 'Q -'-- H,-:L "1' 5 'i J V --,-. ff: fm' fig? mvgw'f' FIV' "1 iq if till I r 3 I ' t wif Xa J? W U4 C I :xifj Q 'ff L , ml Q K, X !l fi 1 ' W v as f Lwlaifxf? V ' if 5-if E 2 'fr'3.a1?. 3 f ,f'-"U A H " nl J x f x"' Av 9 f ,xi 8 s ' ,Q ' We- W ' i ,YS -43 j 4 f :iqfx W ,, f Ia 'ff i ,ua x Yi I J, yr gyl, Lx 5 ,gn L. 1 11. X R Q ' Y 7' 1 SX xxx X by .-.. ,723 ,L.L 9. IL I t ' 1' . A 5, 3 A N 150 vgorl cl" FN A Q ., ,, , ,, a ' fi 7' Quji 1-wi Min X f 51: N , -v T ' IE j 45 xl ' 0 , ff I Z f. If x Qfpf If K fy Q Wm, 3 N. K l ' 'ff D ,M 53' ff G7 674,11 Vi ' ,L 4 A V4 Y , wr 1' v S jf -. A Q llflllllll HIC!! SCHOOL VllUlC Z8 FOREWORD You may find yourself entering the lobby of your favorite theater when you open your 1949 Spectrum. As the play goes forward we hope it will help to renew many old memories. WE HONOR Throughout the four years of her presence among us, she has devoted much of her time to the 'tcastf' She has helped to prepare us for the time when We shall step out on the stage of life. In appreciation of her cooperation with us and her noble spirit, we, the class of '49 dedicate this Spectrum to GERALDINE BAGBY Three FACULTY Four EARL L. WOOD JOHN HINDS FRED H. DISQUE VICTOR M. EVANS HELEN WASHBURN GEORGIA EDGELL DON C. DICK CARROLL OOPELAND EVE LYN HIEATT EDITH HULL KATIE C. SLONE MAXINE OBERHOLTZER HENRY OBERHOLTZER GERALDINE BAGBY MARY SHREVE ROXANA FRAZIER ERNEST BUCK HELEN BRANNON FACULTY Five FACULTY Six MARGARET ANNE KELLER MARY KIRKPATRICK BASIL HOLMES GLADYS MCCAMMON RUTH HARLAN j. LAWRENCE FRAZIER J. LYLE HARDING MARJORIE FRENCH PHYLLIS HEFFNER HHTHE l,JORiDa F1 STHGE, FIND HH THE MEN HND LJUIVIEN IVIEREIY PIFIYERS IN MEMORY Eight WILMA JOAN HICKS January 4, 1931-January 16, 1949 Come, let the burial rite be read-the funeral song be sung: A dirge for her the doubly dead in that she died so young. -Edgar Allen Poe. MARJORIE BENSON BERT THOMPSON MARGARET BENSON :kiwi MXL. SPr,,,3 'Q KE L I NR S S CARL MOSSON JANET ARNOLD CHARLES MOSSON T . 5 . X "X ' r ' F' xx- E -Q ,X I -IA 11 N X A X X X ' x X x X. X 1 xx xl ' Nfilll I 1 Ten f n+"' vt H ETHEL KEY NEUGENE .LITTLE PATRICIA HOLLER B L A I N E R I T T E N H O U S E JOAN SPENCER JAMES SPADE BETTY JOHNSON 1 :Q J!! 4' EW PATRICK DONAHUE EMILY FLEENOR ROBERT ANKRUM N ..., A N C N Y B R o Y L E S JAMES PIERCE ANNE BAKER JOSEPH GOLDEN S l A 1fl4'l'l'II 1 "f .3- f 'Z .1 VX ,ZMX 17, I ' C4 ,fk 1? KKK .JY fugc- HARRY POYNTIZR LOIS ANN KING KEITH ASHBY T wul zff' .I 1, A N B Ii N N I Ii NVILLIAM ROHN MARY ELIZABETH DUNHAM PHIL BLAKE PI-IILLIP YOUNG JEANETTE HURST WILLIAM KING A N N E T S L Ir R ga -1'-'-. , 'E K 3 - 2 I .s:e :1- 1 GALE WILLIAMS BETTIE HALL FRED BROTHERTON Tbirlcen WILLIS BLUNK CAROLYN KILGORE LAWRENCE PELFRY M Fourteen A R J I E L JACK STEVENS JEANEEN BEEMAN DONALD WARNER FRED OWEN MARTHELLA VEACH KENNETH FRAZIIZR B A R B A R A O H L E R DWIGHT MCSHURLEY PHYLLIS HURST EUGENE STREET Fifteen JACK HARTZ MARYLEE JOHNSTON JAMES JUDD Sixteen A N N W O R L In Y RONALD DAILEY JOAN BITNER JACK MARLOW I 'N , HUBERT PATZ JACQUELINE HARRISON FARIS BOSTON L O R E T T A Q U E A R FRED ALDRIDGE MILDRED ALLEN JAMES BRENNER Seventeen HAROLD HOSIER MARGIE JOHNSON ARMITTE GOSNFLL Ei gb teen HAROLD THOMPSON MAE MCCUNE GEORGE VVEASEI. CHARLES McKIiIi RUTH MCCONNAUGHEY FARRELI. PETTIGREXV R A T H I. 1: In N M ri H I. 1 N ' cs wfd' I -'LA-L MORRIS MAY VIRGINIA DAVIS LFNWIS CLEAR N inetecn JACK GARDNER BEVERLY KELLY LIAMICS OVIZRBY Twenty .I E A N N IL M U L V A N If Y WANDA WELBORN ELMER BEESON JOYCE WHITMAN HOWARD COMPTON ANNABELLE POSEY WILLIAM GRANGER C H A R L A F L S B 12 M 11 C T c U H L A L L O L U G 1-1 When we were only moonbeams . . . Jack, Bev, Gene, jeaneen, Charles, Ann. Lois, Phil. Bob, Ethel. Jim. Carl. Roberta Ann. Jeannie, Pat, Betty, Carolyn. Twenty-one OUR LEADERS As the curtain is drawn on our last days in A. H. S. we should like to express our appreciation to the very capable directors of our fourth and final act on the A. H. S. stage. Mrs. Maxine Oberholtzer, Mr. Henry Oberholtzer, Miss Geraldine Bagby, and Mr. Victor Evans have served as our sponsors. Mrs. Phyllis Heffner and Mr. Lyle Harding have served as assistant sponsors during our senior year. Our senior officers have been: Jeaneen Beeman, treasurerg Carolyn Kilgore, presidentg Fred Owen, vice-presidentg and Joan Bitner, secretary. Twenty-iwo REVIEW OF THE CAST FRED ALDRIDGE-better known as "Moose" . . . MILDRED ALLEN-We are proud of having a red-head without a temper . . . BOB ANKRUM-a clever operator . . . JANET ARNOLD-along with her Spade, she really digs for our class . . . KEITH ASHBY-keeps our windows painted pretty . . . ANNE BAKER-to her Nelson she has stuck tight . . . JEANEEN BEEMAN-"let's have another slumber party" . . . ELMER BEESON-photography ace . . . JEAN BENNIE- chauffeur from lst Street to Orestes . . . MARGARET BENSON- one of the cast who has a double . . . MARJORIE BENSON-another senior beauty who is no longer free . . . JOAN BITNER-likes those strange northern men . . . PHILLIP BLAKE-got a Model A that turns summersaults . . . WILLIS BLUNK-he's hiding behind those glasses again . . . FARIS BOSTON-the wandering Cassanova of the cast . . . JIM BRENWNER-a loyal Innisdalien . . . FRED BROTHERTON- wanta' buy a Model A? . . . NANCY BROYLES-Wilbur's blue-eyed girl . . . LEWIS CLEAR-a Kanteen Romeo . . . HOWARD COMP- TON-we will all remember his homespun Wit . . . RONALD DAILEY -changed his day of being absent from Tuesday to Friday . . . VIRGINIA DAVIS-returned to graduate with old friends . . . PAT DONAHUE-isn't seen on South Jackson in Anderson any l110l'C . . . MARY ELIZABETH' DUNHAM-will she go to Germany or will Germany come to her . . . ANN ETSLER-Georgia's right hand . . . EMILY FLEENOR-oh, how she loves her TEDDY bear! . . . KENNETH FRAZIER-art ability came in handy for the Tiger's Tale signs . . . JACK GARDNER-his home is in Orestes, but he lives on lst Street . . . JOE GOLDEN-if you want to know, ask Joe . . . ARMITTE GOSNELL-just think, girls murder for him . . . BILL GRANGER-curly head fwe wonderj . . . ALBERT HALL-don't get him started laughing again . . . BETTY HALL-Miss Keller's private secretary . . . JACQUELINE HARRISON-oh, to be that Cook's cook! . . . JACK HARTZ-a sober hard worker . . . PHYLLIS HESS- lost! one chum picture to Purdue campus . . . WILMA JOAN HICKS- the one who introduced levis Qoveralls, to usj . . . PATRICIA HOLLER -helps to teach the cooking class . . . HAROLD I-IOSIER-which is his greater love, his motorcycle or Ford? . . . JEANETTE HURST -a fan of the Marines . . . PHYLLIS HURST-got tired of that Terrell name . . . BETTY JOHNSON-as Mrs. Shreve's assistant she is tops . . . BEVERLY JOHNSON-has a hard time seeing what her dates look like . . . MARGIE JOHNSON-nothing like that Curb service . . . MARYLEE JOHNSTON--Iill send you a postcard from Tibet . . . JAMES JUDD-our farmer boy . . . BEVERLY KELLY-at least she won't be tardy next year. . . ETHEL KEY-somebody's key to happiness . . . CAROLYN KILGORE-they fly through the air with the greatest of ease . . . LOIS ANN KING-is really a queen instead of a king . . . BILL KING-he's just wild about the Yankees . . . EUGENE LITTLE-"have another cup of cider" . . . RUTH Mc- CONNAUGHEY--our mellow voiced starlet from California . . . CHARLES MCCULLOUGH-as a dramatics student he's a scream . . . MAE MCCUNE-a quiet member of our cast . . . CHARLES McKEE-his ambition is to be a jockey . . . DWIGHT MCSHURLEY -wavy hair and flashy sweaters . . . JACK MARLOW-gun in hand he trod the woods . . . MORRIS MAY-the milkman . . . KATHLEEN MEHLING-"your order please" . . . CARL MOSSON-commercial teacher is his goal . . . CHARLES MOSSON-we wonder, did Charles get his senior pictures taken free? . . . NORMA MULVANEY-one of the cast who has been captured by a Hand . . . BARBARA OHLER -will she land her Fo-LAND? . . . JIM OVERBY-just scoots along . . . FRED OWEN-star of the cornet . . . HUBERT PATZ-our great big tackle . . . LAWRENCE PELFREY-the maintenance man . . . FARRELL PETTIGREW-"need your auto repaired?" . . . JIM PIERCE-does he live in Alex or Anderson? . . . ANNABELLE POSEY -the flower of our cast . . . HARRY POYNTER-the miller's son . . . BLAINE RITTENHOUSE-keeps those church league nets warm . . . WILLIAM ROHN-"hold your hat and shut your eyes" . . . JIM SPADE-half of our only senior couple . . . JOAN SPENCER-quiet but capable . . . JACK STEVENS-a frequent attender of the theater . . . EUGENE STREET-lost and found . . . BERT THOMPSON- the boy with an overgrown saxaphone . . . HAROLD THOMPSON- chocolate boy with the sailor's legs . . . MARTHELLA VEACH--one of the cast who doesn't have to worry about those pin curls . . . DONALD WARNER-the quiet type . . . GEORGE WEASEL-a civics whiz . . . WANDA WELBORN-she made the Home Ec. caramel sales pay . . . JOYCE WHITMAN-our skating star . . . MARJORIE WILHELM-the kid who lives across the street . . . GALE WILLIAMS -the star of the football team who was elected honorary captain . . . ANN WORLEY-Bill Clock's permanent secretary is what she wants to be . . . PHILLIP YOUNG-one of the cast who because of his name will never grow old. Twenty-thru' Twenty-Four IXK, lylfx """ls 'I THEY HFIVE THEIR EXIT5 FIND TI-IEIE? ENTFTEINCES Tww f IUNIORS Twewfy-Six Freda Auler Alice Ault David Auth Anna Rose Azimow Edwin Baker Hobert Ball Carl Beemer Doris Beilhartz Rich-ard Benefiel jack Blockson Jack Bowers Barbara Brewer Marilyn Brobst William Clark Robert Cleaver Shirell Collis Phyllis Cunningham Phil Lea Davis Beverly Day Eugene Derstler Judith Dick Jean Ann Druelle Coleen Duffitt Betty Edwards David Ellis james Frees Judith Frye Garnet Fuller Marilyn jo Fuller Carolyn Gossett Fred Granger Donna Ruth Hall John Haron Julia High Joyce Holmes Loisann Hon Margaret Humphries Margery Humphries Jane Hurst Phyllis Hysong Robert lmler Myra Mae Kane Janet Kauffman Betty Kettery Darleen Lambertson Douglas Lee Patricia Lewis William Lewis Robert McMahan joseph Mack Betty Miller Sidney Millspaugh Ruth Montgomery Georgia Lou Morgan Harold Morton Teena Overpeck john Peck Bonnie Porter Phyllis Prentice Harold Rector Ranna Reehling Phyllis Reiley jay Ringer Carl Ryan Wreatha Scott Jane Shafer Joann Shaw Kenneth Sigler Robert Silvey Jack Stansberry -IUNIORS 2 T1uenfy-sfwrz JUNIORS Phyllis Starr Eleanor Stillwell Dale Stinefield Kenneth Stokes Merl Street Cophine Stubblefield Earl Svendsen Charles Swift James Tappan Nina Tappan 1 Bounty Joann Tharp Dennis Thompson Donald Ulery Jack Vollenhals Darrell Warner Doris Warren Claude Weaver jean Whipple Marylou Widener Sue Wilhelm Bill Williams james Williams Donna Woods Barbara Wright Wayne Wright No Picture Barbara O'Bryant ' ' . Charles Williams As we lower the curtains on scene two we leave the juniors. Although they have decreased from 126 to the present 91, their act is worth-y of the applause they receive. They sponsored two dances after basketball games, sold stationery, and brightened up the scenery at AHS with their maroon and white class sweaters and their shining rings. One reason for their success is their capable administration - president, jay Ringer, vice-president, William Lewis, secretary, Harold Morton, treasurer, Jack Bowers. Worthy members that were chosen for the Student-Teacher Co-op were Jack Blockson, Loisann Hon, James Tappan, and Nina Tappan. Mr. Ernest Buck, and Miss Roxana Frazier are their sponsors. Twenty-eight Maxine Adams Donald Almquist Janet Anderson Dewenia Andrews Esther Auler Helen Ault Lavon Ball Marylin Barrett David Barth Vincent Beardsley Judith Bitner Rosemary Blake Robert Breese Eugene Byrd Gladys Chaplin Jane Clevenger Franklin Closser Anita Colvill Doris Cox Jack Cummins George Davis Frances Dostcr Tommy Eaton Molly Eden Alice Elbert Paul Ellis, Jr. Jerrald Etchison Richard Etchison Esther Etsler Vivian Fish Barbara Fisher Mary Lou Flecker Gene Flook Iris Foland Charles Foster SOPHOMORES I r T1uf'nty-Him' SOPHOMORES Thirty Sara Nell Fox Jack Fuller Imogene Gaither Ralph Garner Richard Gorden Olive Granger Dick Hensley Barbara Heritage Frankie Horn Jack Horn David Howe Patricia Hurst James Jacobs Mary Jane Jarrett Doris Johnson John Johnson Marilyn Jones Mary Ann Kay Jerry Kilgore Howard King Robert King Jimmy Laws Edgar Leach Maxine Lightfoot Mary Ruth Lundy Jacqueline McCarty Shirley McCord Paul McCullough John McElfresh Patricia McFerran Ruth Manring Christena Martens Glenn Maynard Elizabeth Meeks Charlene Mehling Marilyn Miller james Mitchell Charles Mont omcry f 8 Gene Moorman Wayne Morton Miriam Mottweiler Gail Mull Cherita Mye1's Arlene Nelson Sharon Newcomb Billy Oldfield Donald Olsen Virgil Patz Barbara Pherson Larry Pierce Vanita Pierce Robert Poole Richard Potter Burt Reehling Phyllis Remington Donald Rice Theresa Roesler Mary Rohn Edward Ryan Jack Ryan Billy Sayre Ralph Sayre Pauline Shoemaker Carrol Smith Bobby Smock Catherine Street Jacqusie Summers Ruth Tanner Franklin Taylor Wanda Teague SOPHOMORES I Thirty-one SOPHOMORES l Alberta Thomas Dale Thurber Jack Tilley Wilma Tobey Phillip Tobin Patricia Toney Charles Townsend Ross Trice Lolita Tulowitzky Don Vermillion William Walker Ruby Warren Myrna Watson Berniece Whitman Velma Wilson Paul Wisehart Jimmie Wishon Neil Wisler Jack Wood Gilbert York N 0 Pictures Terrie Maddox Arthur Blockson Maurice Larkin Ruth Ann Reed John Welborn The sophomore understudies took another step up the ladder of education at the beginning of this year when they came into the senior high building. Donald Olsen took the lead with Gail Mull, Rosemary Blake, and Ruth Manring following as sup- porting actresses. Miss Edith Hull and Miss Marjorie French helped them plan a Wiener roast and hay ride at Beulah Park this fall, a party at Kanteen and a bake sale. Paul Ellis, Patty McFerran, Theresa Roesler, and Jimmie Wishon serve on the Student-Teacher Co-op and Jerry Kilgore and Wilma Tobey are their representatives on the executive board at Kid Kanteen. Thirty- two John Adams Ronald Alexander William Armstrong Richard Baker Susan Baker Betty Ball Jerry Beane George Beatson Barbara Barth Dora Beaty Phyllis Becman Sally Beigh Richard Benson Dale Blankenship Shirley Blankenship Janet Bradford Jerry Brauner Ralph Brewer Jerry Brobst Iva Brotherton Ronald Buckles Adrienne Burnett Russell Bushong Opal Clevenger Zella Jane Cook Bernadine Collis Charles Cooper Wayne Couch Glen Cox Dorothy Cummings Janet Curts Richard Davis Billie Dickey Margery Dickey Mary Disbennett ii FRESHMEN X Thirty-three FRESHMEN wiv .: Thirty-four Charles Donahue Donald Eaton Carlton Edwards Meria Elbert Bonnie Elsworth Carolyn Farrington Grace Frazee William Frazier Richard Fuller Maurice Gaither Phyllis Garner Claude Godwin Courtley Granger Mildred Gregory Gene Gross Barbara Henry Barbara Howe William Howell Sam Hughes William Hull James Hysong Jay Ice Donald Imler Frances Jarrett: Rex Jenkins Max Johnson Jerry Jones Martha Jones Beverly Kaser Elmer Key Paul Kirkpatrick Jacqueline King Nancy Ann Knopp Maxine Knotts Ann Ledford Howard Little George Locke Patricia Luyet Kelly McGill Donald Paul Mcclcad Ilene Mack Patricia Malicoat Wayne Marquand Edward Matthew joe Mesalam Audrey Miller Donald Miller Donald Montgomery Jim Morgan Jerry Morris Jack Musick Bill Muston Marlene Nash Jean Overby Robert Owen Charles Parnell Caroline Patz jerry Peck Delma Pierce Marilyn Plackard Joseph Rastctter Marvin Rector Jane Reed Susan Roberts David Robey Mary Jane Scott James Sigler Ranola Simpson Gerald Smock Sara Jane Stahlhuth FRESHMEN Thirty-five FRESHMEN ., Sherman Stanley C Y 'A Donald Starr ' jf Marilyn Starr --'..:., ., James Stevens ? " " Theodora Sturdevant Judith Swindell Delores Tanner jack Tillman Paul Tomlinson Russell Tomlinson Geraldine Treesh Phillip VanHorn Mara Jo Vollenhals Marvin Warner Herbert Williams Thomas Williams Wendell Wilson Barbara Wood Joyce Delayne Wood Roy Wood Patricia Ann Wright Carolyn Sue Wyatt The 129 freshmen have made their debut. They have been well represented in the cheer block, have two non-voting members in the Student-Teacher Co-op, and proved their ability as salesmen last fall when they netted 5494.04 on a magazine sales drive. Like most students at AHS they also had fun. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Part of the cast that hasn't yet made their premiere, the seventh and eighth grades, have been working hard this year trying to show the upperelassmen that they were around. For leadership the seventh grade's 74 members chose Barbara McCarty, Virginia DeaKyne, and Ann Grahame. The 56 students of the eighth grade chose Jack Friend, Lloyd Frix, Ona Kay Ferguson, and Frances Wright for their class officers. They have been busy this year having parties, packing boxes for overseas, and backing their basketball team. They chose Nancy McCaslin and Martha Overpeck as yell leaders. Thirty-six Patricia Alexander Billy Armstrong Dale Auler Richard Auler Sue Birkinbine Robert Brake jerry Chambers Annabelle Collis Jean Craig David Duffitt Betty Eubanks Ona Kay Ferguson Roger Fish Larry Fleenor Jack Friend Lloyd Frix Ileaine Gardner Kenneth Gardner Don Gipe Larry Goettcl Carol Golden Kay Gosnell Richard Grose William Haas Joyce Holler Betty Husc Deloris Ice Melvin King Linda Larkin Donald Lemon Gene Lemon Norman Leonard Patricia Little Arthur Knuckles janet McCarty EIGHTH GRADE ga Thirty-se Ven EIGHTH GRADE Thirty-right Nancy McCaslin Faye McClish Betty McKee Helen McKee Donald Maynard Jack Maynard Janice Maynard Patricia Miller Sue Morton Gus Oliver Martha Overpeck Joyce Pratt Sandra Reed Shirley Ann Riley Dorothy Sanqunetti Carolyn Saxton Hayse Shoemaker John Sizelove Mozelle Stelter Phyllis Stephens Barbara Terhune Helen Thurber James Tobey Gayle Toney Max Tulowitzky Norma Vanderbur Ralph Vaught Mary Weaver James Wfehsolek Carolyn VVhipple John Wogerman Max Wood Frances Wright No Pictures Charles Hall Ruth Studabaker Faye Utley Robert Armstrong Ronald Beard Jack Beasley Charles Bell Donna Bennett Geraldine Benson Rita Sue Branch Raymond Breese Judith Brewer Janis Bybee Priscilla Clark Carol Ann Clock Virginia DeaKyne Rex Disbennett John Elbert Jimmie Ferguson Ruth Flook Norman Fuller Gretchen Gallager George Glass Ann Grahame Carol Haines James Haskell Clyde Highbaugh Norma Jean Holler Jonnie Horn Myrna Ray Hughes John Humphries Mary Alice Jones Eugene Kean Joy Kean Shirley Ann Kerr Sandra Kilgore Jeanette Knuckles Carolyn Lawson SEVENTH GRADE Tliirfy-nim- SEVENTH GRADE Forly Shirley Ann Leach Joyce Leonard Barbara McCarty James Majors James Morgan Earl Morris Sherrill Jean Morris Danial Mudd Jack Newcomb Shirley Overby Cary Elizabeth Peck Carolyn Porter Bobby Poynter Rohn Rittenhouse Ray Roby Roy Roby John Roop Barbara Sayre Carl Sayre William Scantland Richard Scott Robert Semon Joyce Sizelove Joyce Surber James Taylor Thomas Thomas Florence Thompson Jack Thompson Beverly Toms Joan Warren Everett Williams Judith Williams Charles Wilson Jerry Wilson Dallas Wood N 0 Pictures Leatrice Hull Susan Rice 1 I ii' Y fm ,. f i ' N ,Q ' ,- 1 k I fjf f ' WN X ' X , X fm X X, L ' ! X 'V f YQ-N x V, Q x . ", X ix Q! If ,zebw "fl X , i ? M:j.,,,,,Zo..,l:-.,':, X 'W 41, , fa44,?S3'E,'eg,E,-g9,Z' , f, ,,gQ?,:::Z'v.,I X 147 . X11 25' ga 'Of hw. anil-,I.::f,,-J:fa'-gi,-rgviiiel,4. 01 X Q- 00 A ' 33 X 0, NN 'V Xgsf 3 ' 0, if A S Q Q Xi' 4 X Xxmiig 1 4? , . M, N ' Q xfjff-fx f X -W' 42257 in 4:3 X L X558 .K A 1 u N' iz- X X ' X Q42 X W' Q ,L i f H 1, QCII g , ONE MEN IN His 'TIME' PIHYS Mmm? PHRTSI Fmfly-nm' ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL BAND Curtain time! A few latecomers hasten to their seats as the house lights dim. The maestro ascends the podium, raises his baton, and another performance by the Alexandria High School Band has begun. The band, under the direction of Carroll H. Copeland, has been a very active organization this year. Tryouts for the Senior band were held on Friday the tenth, before school started and then marching was first on the program. Anne Baker played the lead, ably supported by the twirlers. During the football season, the band marched at every game except one, when the show was rained out at the Delphi-Alex game. With the coming of basketball season, the troop came inside to occupy the stage. The twirlers were an added attraction at the Plymouth and Elwood games. Three formal concerts were given during the year with outstanding soloists per- forming. February first, the band went on a concert tour to Noblesville and Pendleton. Paul Ellis, Edwin Baker, Dick Benefiel, and the mixed sextette performed special numbers on this trip. The District Band and Chorus contest was held in Alexandria on April second, with musical organizations from many surrounding cities attending. The big smash-hit of the year, produced in true Broadway tradition, was Crescendo Varieties of 1949. TWIRLERS Front Row - Shirley Riley, Patricia Little. Betty Miller. Barbara Wood. Back Row - Bettie Hall, Anne Baker, Marthellu Veach, Susan Roberts. Fortg two BAND Officers 3 Fred Owen, Student Conductorg Anne Baker, Drum Marjoretteg Douglas Lee, Assistant Drum Major, Eugene Little. First Sergeant. Ohoes + Anne Baker, Ann Grahame. Flutes - Sara jane Stahlhuth, Susan Baker, Geraldine Treesh. fflarinets rf' Richard Benefiel, Douglas Lee, Paul lfllis, Anna Rose Aziniow, Donald lniler, Richard Gorden, Kay Gosnell, Sara Nell Fox, Phyllis Remington, janet McCarty, Sue Morton, Sally Beigh, Nancy McCaslin, john Roop. Saxaphone - Bert Thompson, janet Arnold, Carl Mosson, Miriam Mottwciler, Marilyn jones. Cornets - Fred Owen, james Spade, Eugene Little, Ronald Dailey, Willi.1i11 Armstrong, jack W'ood, jerry Peck, johnny johnson, George Locke, jack Beasley, Richard Scott, Ronald Beard, Richard Hensley. Alto Clarinet - Martha Overpeclt. Bass Clarinet - Rex jenkins. Bassoon - Nina Tappan. French Horns 4 Howard Little, james Tobey, Donald lfaton, Maurice Gaither, Sandra Reed, john Sizelovc. Trornbones W lfdwin Baker, Donald Almquisr, Ralph Sayre, Robert Owen, Donald Starr, Carlton Fdwards, Donald Maynard, Faris Boston. Baritones - David Robey, Richard Auler. Drums - Fred Granger, Bill XVilliams, Tom Williams, Mary jane Scott. Basses - Sidney Millspaugh, Kelly McGill, Paul Tomlinson, Ralph Brewer. Students of the music department who received pins and emblems are: band emblems, three years service, Carl Mosson, Eugene Little, Ronald Dailey, and Faris Boston, pin, four years service, Ann Baker, janet Arnold, Bert Thompson, Fred Owen, and james Spade. Choir emblems, three years service, janet Arnold, Betty johnson, and Eugene Little, pins, four years service, Eugene Little. l"m'lwy-flnvc' ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR As the curtains open, the noise subsides to a restless, expectant silence which is finally broken by the soft tinkling of piano keys. A performance by the High School Robed Choir, under the direction of Carroll H. Copeland, has begun. The choir began with the Armistice Day program, sang at the three seasonal concerts, and at the community Christmas program. The group attended the annual County Choral festival and provided an Easter Cantata for the public. For Crescendo Varieties of 1949, the choir played an important part, providing background and soloists for the show. They then looked forward to the District Band and Chorus con- test held here on April second. Anne Baker finished her second year as accompanist, after doing a splendid job. Other Officers were Eugene Little, student director, Janet Arnold, secretary, and Charles Mosson, Robe manager. DANCE BAND Front Row - Kelly McGill, Douglas Lee, Rex jenkins, Paul lillis, janet Arnold, Richard Benefiel Back Row H- Ronald Dailey, James Spade, Fred Owen, Fred Granger, Donald Almquist Edwin Baker. Forty-four CHOIR Marily Brobst, N1.11'1Iy ,lanct Sumn Siglcr, Ifnton, Front Row 3 Audrey Miller, Jenn Ann Drucllc, Suu fftclnion, Mary l.ou Flcckur, lictty Miller, n Starr, Ann Imsdford, Judith Swilldcll, XY'1In1.1 Tobey, klnnvt Anderson, KIJIIC Clcx'c11gcr, M.11'iIy11 Anne Baker. Stcond Row 4 Pliyllii Hysong, Janet K.lLlfl11.ll1, An11.1bcHc Poxcy, Beverly K.lSL'l', Beverly 13.151 11 Miller, M.11ilyn'k.lI'kl, Vt-1111.1 XVilso11, l"1'1'd.1 AL1lur, 'l'l1rodo1'.1 SlllI'dk'Y.llll, .I.1uquiw S111n111c1s, Arnold. Third Row f Joyce Holmes, juli.: High, Mary Ann Kay, Ruth Montgomery, Cl1.11'lc11c Mchling. Roberts, Maxine Knotts, Sally Bcigh, Mary Alnnc Scott, Susan Baker, Sara ,lane St.1l1ll1ull1, .I.lI11L"9 Sherman Stanley, .Imncs Spade, Iiugcnc Little. luck Row - Richard Bcncficl, Flklllklill Closscr, wViIliJl11 A1'1nwt1'o11g, Rcx -lk'l!kil1X, lutllltllki Howard Little, XVYIIYIIC Mnrq11.1nd, Paul bI1UlT1liIl90I'l, Clmrlcs Mosson, Robert Hrccsc, Howard Compton, wYilli.ll11 Clark. STRING IQNSEMBLIQ Front Row -- Carol Hninci, Adriunnc Burnett. Myrna Ray Hugl1cQ. Buck Row - Donald Paul Mclilcnd, Shirley Ann Kerr, -Ioan w'.lFl'Cl1, S.ll1dI'.l Kilgore, Susan Rolw1'1s, joy Kcnn, Rex -Icnkins. 1'o fly-fi1'1' TIGER CLUB F. F. A. Standing - Marjorie Wilhelm, Phyllis Hess, Don C. Dick, Loisrinn Hon, Marylee Johnston Scared + Ann Vfimrlcy, -lorry Kilgore, Loretta Qncar. Standing f Bill Sayre, lfugcnc Dcrstlcr, Alncli lilockssm, klulin Ilaron, Bob King. Seated 4 klnc Mack, Vfaync Morton. l Forty-xix Y-TEENS Standing - Anna Ruse Azimow, lftlwl Key, M.1rjm'ic NX'ill1cln1. Scared - Nina Tappan. Standing - Llnmcs Tappan, jack Tilley, Dick Ilzcliison, Hub Ankrum. Scared f jay Ringer, Phillip Young. Hi-Y 1'iIlI'fj'-Xl'iJl'lI CO-OP Standing - Maxine Oherholtzer, Mary Shreve, Jack Blockson, john Hinds, Jerry Peck, Marjorie French, Iames Tappan. Seated - Patricia McFerran, Loisann Hun, Theresa Roesler, Nina Tappan, Harold Thompson, Joe Golden, Beverly johnson, Paul Iillis, Jimmie Nwishon. RED CROSS First Row - Betty Miller, Gail Mull, joan Bitner, Miss McCamm0n, Robert MeMahan, Robert Imler, Phyllis Beeman. ' X l Second Row - Barbara Henry, Donald Paul McLlead, Carl Mosson, james Spade, Donald O son, Colleen Duffitt, Sara Nell Fox, Iidward Parnell. Forty-eight PRINTING John Hinds, industrial arts teacher, has also taken on a new printing class this year. The class turned out new enrollment cards, and printed passes, and handbills for several events. Members of the class were: jack Stevens, Howard Compton, James Judd, Darrell Warner, Lewis Clear, Elmer Beeson, Bill Granger, William Clark, Jack Blockson, Tom Eaton, and Robert Cleaver. ART CLASS Seated - Charles W'illiams, Don Vermillion, XVanda Nvelborn, john Harun, jack Horn, Joann Shaw, .Iimmic Wfishon, Donald McClead, Charles Mosson. Standing - Miss Kirkpatrick. The advanced Art Class has produced several things this year, decorating the Junior High building for holidays, painting a church window to be used in the Christmas tableaus, and making many craft articles for personal use. Miss Mary Kirk- patrick is tcacher of the class. Forty-nine i . , if J ,- ,Q 4 '50 V? I '55 1 ww if ,Wir ...X ., WW V I s U Z, f 0 'QMS Nz Q FX' X , ysww ,pmgg EI STEIGE, WHERE EVERY VIESN F OOTBALL With only two weeks of extensive practice and tough workouts, Coach Don Dick and his assistants, Lyle Harding and Larry Frazier, whipped a veteran crew into condition for their opening game, September 17, with Plainfield Boy's School which AHS won 26 to 0. Then came a big Delphi squad who were set down 13 to 6. Two days later the Tigers traveled to Plymouth where they were dealt a 28 to 6 defeat. The Bengals then hit a victory string and bowled over five straight opponents before they were edged out by Winchester 7 to 6. On their next outing the Tigers walloped Tip- ton 40 to 6. In the last game of the season the Tigers traveled to Elwood to play the conference champs who eked out a 13 to 6 victory on what we would call the "mud bowlf' Coach Don Dick awarded letters to Fred Aldridge, Bob Ankrum, Elmer Beeson, Joe Golden, Armitte Gosnell, Kenneth Frazier, Bill Granger, Bill King, Hubert Patz, Jim Pierce, Bill Rohn, Jack Stevens, Eugene Street, Harold Thompson, Gale Williams, Phil Young, Bob Breese, David Howe, John Haron, Merl Street, and Faris Boston. Others who did not see enough action to win a letter were given numerals--Edwin Baker, Larry Pierce, Jim Laws, Don Olsen, Charles Townsend, and Bob King. Student managers were joe Mack, Jim Wchsollek, Tom Eaton, and Lloyd Frix. Front row - Hughes, Mack Cmanagerj, L. Pierce, Wehsollek, Eaton Cmanagcrj, Townsend, Laws. Second row - Williams, Beeson, Boston, Howe, Baker, Breese, Tomlinson. Third row - Young, Cleaver, Golden, Aldridge, Thompson, Haron, Frazier, J. Pierce, Coach Dick. Back row - Assistant Coach Frazier, Olsen, Gosnell, M. Street, King, Granger, Assistant Coach Harding, E. Street, Ankrum, Stevens, Rohn, Patz. Fzfty two 'wt 'V ,ii- FOOTBALL Top row - King, Young, Ankrum, Golden, Pierce. Second row - Aldridge, Stevens, Thompson, E. Street, Gosnell. Third row -- Frazier. Haron. M. Street, Williams. Boston. Bottom row - Beeson, Rohn, Breese, Howe, Patz, Granger. Fifly-three FOOTBALL VARSITY SCHEDULE We Opp. We Opp is Sept. 17 26 Plainfield 0 Oct. 13 25 Portland 6 ii Sept. 21 13 Delphi 6 :5Oct. 15 7 Hartford City 6 Sept. 24 6 Plymouth 2 8 Oct. 2 0 6 Winchester 7 :I Oct. 1 19 Noblesville 6 :P Oct. 29 40 Tipton 0 :P Oct. 8 39 Greenfield 0 Nov. 5 6 Elwood 13 'fHome Games SENIOR LETTERMEN FRED ALDRIDGE-won his letter at the left end position in his first year on the squad . . . BOB ANKRUM, QUARTERBACK-a regular for three years except for a few games he missed because of an operation in his Junior year . . . FARIS BOSTON, GUARD-always a hard man to move on defense or offense, all-conference third team . . . ELMER BEESON-heavy, left defense tackle, a boy who could really take it . . . KENNETH FRAZIER-speedy left guard, scored the first touchdown of the season . . . JOE GOLDEN-alternated at quarterback and left half, worked well Wherever he played. Injuries kept him out of the last two games . . . ARMITTE GOSNELL--a consistent ground gainer, one of the team's leading scorers. Made all- conference third team . . . BILL GRANGER-speedy left half, was always a good target for passers . . . BILL KING-big right end who saw more action than any other Tiger player . . . HUBERT PATZ-big rough tackle, placed on all-conference third team his Junior year . . . JIM PIERCE-handled the regular pivot spot for the Tigers for two years. Good pass defender . . . BILL ROHN-defensive tackle, opposing half- backs felt it when tackled by him . . . EUGENE STREET-offensive left guard and defensive line backer, always a thorn in the side of opposing players . . . JACK STEVENS-Jack won his letter in his first year out at right end . . . HAROLD THOMPSON-rugged left end, the spirit of the team . . .CAPT. GALE WILLIAMS -key defensive player but saw enough offensive action to be the team's leading scorer . . . PHIL YOUNG-rough and ready-to-go tackle, a regular for three years. Front row - Locke, Peck, Williams, Wehsollek Cmanagerj, Starr, Wood. Second row - Alexander, Musick, Baker, Morgan, Stevens, Sigler. Back row -- Buckles, Mack Cmanagerj, B. Frazier, Hughes, McGill, Mesalem, Coach Frazier, Couch, Tomlinson. Fifty-four BASKETBALL Standing - Tilley, Golden, Gosnell, Haron, Thompson, Aldridge, Young, Bowers, Street, Ringer, Sayre. Kneeling -- Davis Cmanagerj. The pressure was on Don Dick and his Tigers as they opened the season in defense of the con- ference championship, which they won last year. Only one member of last year's first five returned but four others who had been on the varsity two previous years were back. Even though they failed to re- peat as conference champs they made a good account of themselves wherever they played and no one defeated them without putting up a stiff battle. One of the most exciting games this year was the Huntington fracas when the Tigers made a great comeback in the last half only to be edged out in the last few seconds. The season was up and down with the Bengals not winning nor losing more than two games in a row. They finished with a record of 9 and 9 in scheduled play, 1 and 1 in an invitational tourna- ment at Bloomington, and lost the first game of the sectional to Summitville, the eventual champions. Coach Dick awarded letters to Seniors: Fred Aldridge, Joe Golden, Armitte Gosnell, Harold Thompson, and Phil Youngg Juniors: Jay Ringer, Merl Street, John Haron, and Jack Bowersg Sophomore: Jack Tilley. They We They Nov. Royerton 32 Jan. Monticello 43 42 Frankton 3 8 Dunkirk 41 49 Plymouth 37 Noblesville 43 33 Winchester 48 Burris of Muncie 40 5 3 Dec. Tipton 46 Summitville 44 41 Mississenewa 34 Fe Hartford City 40 41 Elwood 43 Fairmount 39 40 Huntington 46 Elwood 5 2 45 Hagerstown 2 5 Wabash 40 63 Tourney Sectional Lawrenceburg 47 Summitville 40 49 Seymour 36 I-'iffy-fin' BASKETBALL SENIOR LETTERMEN Aldridge . . . Big 6 ' 3" center could always be counted on for his share of the points. Golden . . . Football injuries kept him out of the greater part of the season, but his return strengthened the squad near the end of the year. Elected honorary captain by the team. Gosnell . . . Played regular for three years, was the team's leading scorer his Junior and Senior years. Thompson . . . Excellent ball handler and play maker, always a good re- bound man. Young . . . Reserve center, could always be depended upon when needed. FRESHMEN Front row - Baker, Marquand Cmanagerj, Warner. Second row - Musick, Sigler, Peck, Tomlinson, McGill, Locke, Hughes. Back row - B. Frazier, Gross, Wood, Fuller, Montgomery, Coach Frazier, Couch. Fifty-szx B TEAM BASKETBALL Front row - B. King, Townsend, Pierce. Second row - Horn, Olsen, Walker, Laws. Back row - H. King, Morton, Vermillion, Braun JUNIOR HIGH Front row - Fish Qmanagerj, King, Tulowiwky, fnmnagcrj. Second row - Maynard, Hall, Gross, Tobey, XVcl1sollck, Matncy, Guctlcl. Back row - Coach Holmes, Auler, Chambers, Frix, Oliver, Haas. X 3 s E S2-. Iiifly-.WI BASEBALL Front row - Clear, Sayre, Ringer, Ankrum, Golden, Ellis Back row - Huron, Pierce, King, Bowers, Stevens, Aldr dge K otts Baseball was resumed last year for the first time since 1941 Because of lack of experience, the schedule was light with only eight games played Most of the boys gained more experience by playing on the summer Junior Legion Team At the end of the season Coach Dick awarded letters to Duane Knotts, K Rayle Bob Clear Fred Aldridge, Bob Ankrum, Joe Golden, Bill King, Jim Pierce, Jack Stevens David Ellis John Haron, Joe Mack, Jay Ringer, Jack Tilley, and Bill Sayre Fifiy-cigbf Prospects for this year look good and a heavier schedule is anticipated BASEBALL SCHEDULE Summitville Anderson Pendleton Summitville St. Mary's Dunkirk Pendleton St. Mary's We They 1 l 1 5 1 7 18 2 18 6 7 4 O 3 6 11 5 16 TRACK When Coach Basil Holmes issued his call for track and cross country runners, the presence of so many underclassmen built hopes that future teams would be strong and experienced. This year is the first time in history that Alex has had a cross country team. Meets were run with Royerton, Peru, the conference meet at Burris, and the sectional at Anderson. Because no one earned enough points to qualify for a letter none were awarded. Even though track is one of the oldest sports known, it has not been empha- sized in our school for the past few years. The sport was dropped during the war, and last year was the second since it was resumed. The team participated in meets with Elwood, Noblesville, Dunkirk, Royerton, Hartford City, and also the confer- ence at Burris and the County meet at Anderson. At the close of the season letters were awarded to Charles McKee, Bob Clear, Merl Street. Front row - Fuller, Gross, Kilgore, Horn, Sayre, King. Back row - Ringer, Bowers, Blockson, Vermillion, Morton, Whlker. Fifty-nim' OUR CHEERLEADERS Sixfy Our yell leaders, Phyllis Hess and Marjorie Wilhelixm, have played gl major role on our stage of sports. They were unanimously reeleeted in November and have worked hand in hand with the newly organized cheerbloek. Although we haven,t always responded to their efforts nt pep sessions and at games, we will not soon forget how they worked to create spirit and enthusiasm. A. H. S. is proud that they have been our representatives to other schools. NEWLY GRGANIZED YELL LEADER'S CLUB Back row - .Iudith Dick, kloyce Holmes, Betty Kertery, Colleen Duffitt, Mary Rohn, 'Ilxeodoru Sturdevant, Audrey Miller. Front row 4 l5.1rbar.1 Henry, Phyllis Beemnn, Tommy linton, Marilyn Starr, Geraldine Treesh, linrhgim Wcnod. Not picturedfllennis Thompson. EVENTS 0F A. H. S Presented by the Students Under the Direction of the Faculty CAST: ACTS: Seniors Act I Fall Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Act II Winter' Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Act Ill Spring Place: Alexandria High School Time: September 18, 1948 . . . May 27, 1949 .3 V 'ri'. Sixty-om' 1 Sixty-two SETTING ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL SCENE ONE September SCENE TWO Octobcr SCENE THREE November SCENE ONE December 1948-49 ACT I FALL 13 The play begins 14 Our first printing class was organized 17 Night of the Plainfield game 22 FFA and Y-Teens meeting 5 School band concert . . Little Red Caboose 8 Our beauty was snapped . . smile now 9 Tiger Club reorganization meeting 13 Girl Scout election 22 We take a vacation from school 27 Gloom and happiness . . report card day 1 Election day at AHS . . Lightning rods' win 6 C. I. C. Banquet . . wish we could all go 6 Wilma Hicks leaves for the West 9 Boy, a program! Miss Lopez spoke 10 To Royerton for a basketball game 11 Armistice Day program 12 First Tiger's Tale - 13 Five boys go to Kansas City to FFA convention 13 Cheerleaders go to state conference at Bloomington 17 Warren Anthony sings for us 18 Juniors in maroon class sweaters took the school 22 Congratulations, freshmen, for topping all previous classes in magazine sales 24 Movie about our country 26 Turkey and vacation days ACT II WINTER 1 Smallpox immunization and Fall Concert 3 Four seniors attend General Assembly at Purdue 9 Seniors decide on Mammoth Cave for their trip 10 Cheer Block performs for the first time 15 Ethel Key chosen good citizen to participate in contest given by Daughters of American Revolution 23 Jack Wood, Pat Donahue, and Anna Rose Azimow, win J-M Contest awards, Jay Ringer wins Mystery Miss Ueanette Hurstj Contest 23 Christmas Vacation to January 3 SCENE TWO January SCENE THREE February SCENE ONE March SCENE TWO April SCENE THREE May 14- 13-14- P-lk! Oxwvxvl-Aw 19 24 28 3 5 9 16 17 19 26 5 9 11 31 1 2 8 13 15 1? 20 6 7 15 20 22 25 26 26 27 The play resumes Seniors measured for caps and gowns Seniors order announcements and cards Freshmen potluck supper at the Kanteen Juniors get class rings Our school was saddened by the death of Wilma Joan Hicks Wilma's funeral Second semester begins Oh! That senior dance after the Alexandria and Summitville game Encore! Encore! The Winter Concert Solo and ensemble contest at Ball State . . Seventeen first divisions Civics classes go to Indianapolis Oratorical contest at Alexandria Junior Sock-hop Remember? The Girl Scout "Sweetheart Dance" The long awaited sectional ACT III SPRING State solo contest Chin up everyone, report cards again Spring Concert County Choral Festival Annual Tiger Club dance and banquet District Band and Choral Contest Crescendo Varieties Seniors get announcements and name cards At last! Spring vacation Easter Cantata Can you imagine? Report cards again The seniors present their class play State Band and Choral Contest The long awaited senior trip Our caps and gowns come. We look so intellectual Baccalaureate Senior class day The juniors and underclassmen have a day off for picnics and tours Commencement . . Surely I don't hear someone crying School closes and everyone gives the seniors a big send-off with plenty of luck for the coming years. Sixty- three WT MADE THE BGOK Standing - CLeft to Righty Faris Boston, Jeanne Mulvaney, Joan Bitner, Marylee Johnston, Phyllis Hurst, Ethel Key, Phillis Hess, Ann Worley, Jacqueline Harrison, Ann Etsler. Seated - Charles Mosson, james Pierce, Bert Thompson, james Spade, Joseph Golden, Pat Donahue, Kenneth Frazier. Sixty-four K.. WM ,. .,,. r1,if:w-s..J''l!H-..L , -E 1- 1. .my 1 anew,-gwkvf... .Vx . xg .,H4,!m.,x,m.1:xm,e. ...f,a,:" JS- 'Z 'P

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