Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN)

 - Class of 1948

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NWUWKULQC1' . X - , .NL ',' ' : ' C ,bf 1 X ' . X 5 Q T v i xl CQ J D C D5 A WLC Waffwg M6 I - 2 ,K QQ'.U"J'l'lLiJ l . bi J l fw , R 0 wb PM Qx ix v O 4 222145 ' 3-ff? be L+! QS ,f M W A X 4 4 9 5' " K . QW my Qgx mb VXUN - QQ xi WMU 1 XA . X 5 QD ,N X x .fb 4 0 W0 - , Rag of Zyrmfg S f W! Q Q ig M A iq ' Q 00 wif W my X I yy-wil ,yn 1 X, M 'g12j,.,w4 S 6.01.11 2 we' 'f Wg - Www Q ' "o'0fg4""-L' I up-QU: ' Q51 P, Win " ' mmf M Z E 6' ' F i: L +4 xw, 5, 0 .. ,O -b P. -j J LS! X- Ei 52. H ' QEWJHQ X WFP M J QW FF Q??5Mg sf By Xa Q M ,SW 'I X iM ffM X S 7- . Qi? sed?- Q i sul Edilors Lois Yclvington Bob Montgomery Business Editor Bruce Mottweiler Literary Edilor Joanne Tuerffs Art Editor Barbara Savage Ediiorial Adviser Evelyn Hieatt Buxinvss Advisvr John Hinds One Two Foreword We wanted to offer something quite differ- ent for you to remember us by in the years to come, so don't be surprised to find our Spectrum turned into a comic book. Dedication Since our book is a comic theme we do hereby dedicate it to our biggest comic BASIL HOLMES His informal classes and little jokes and pranks have made him a character to our gang. We will remember Mr. Holmes and his unpredictable recitations and outlinesg they will help equip us on our long hard road to success. Three FACULTY I fl f V ,gl ,fail 4 C , t 1 f'v'f,' MV' I I xl Four EARL WOOD VICTOR EVANS FRED DISQUE JOHN HINDS JEANNE HOWELL GLADYS MCCAMMON HELEN BRANNON EDITH HULL ummm "6'5:33 t SPQGQQ 0 6 if' V Q 'Q ' 'U Q44 V BASIL HOLMES MARGARET ANN KELLER MARJORIE FRENCH MARY KIRKPATRICK BETTY LUTES CARROLL COPELAND ROXANA FRAZIER ERNEST BUCK DUII1' YOU A Sl-ll:LL I f' K r y,-1 X flfif 77 ' if! x ',. " ! 'WY If . f - U ,f C1751 1,1 I.- X EVELYN HIEATT GERALDINE BAGBY KATIE C. SLONE MAXINE ALLEN SCOTT ARMSTRONG RUTH HARLAN DON DICK HENRY OBERHOLTZER Q SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE .E A -Q,-.. 1 Y Q .QI Seven Eiglof OUR OFFICERS JOHN CARVER DUANE KNOTTS VIANNA W N "Goofy" "Phantom" "Ale: om ou SAY -mu M A ur M SOME Jo was ru c VK Pg aeswe NT ffflffk, sou 5, -xl. 1 Y ADVENTURES OF THE 1948 SENIORS In years to come, we'l1 turn the pages of our comic book, look over our gang, and remember our happy days together in A. H. S. As Freshmen beginning the first chapter in September 1944, we sold magazines and were quite proud of this first deposit in our treasury. This year we also had an old-fashioned box supper and a picnic at Shadyside Park. Mrs. Slone, Miss Young, and Mr. Graham started our group of characters on the path to graduation. The next year found us in the senior high edition feeling very important. The class treasury swelled with money from a skating party and a dance. We had a Hallowe'en party too. Did you ever see so many ghosts? There was a picnic at Matter's Park. Re- member Joe Songer's long walk home. Miss French, Miss Hull, and Mrs. Buck were the guiding influence that kept the characters in line. Our Junior year began and we eagerly awaited the arrival of our green and white sweaters. Our rings came, too, but they were soon swapped with that special someone. Lots of Christmas cards were sent and letters written, due to our sales of cards and stationery. We spon- sored two dances after basketball games and sold ice cream for the last six weeks of school. The most memorable event of this year was our all-day trip to Purdue. Girls, you aren't allowed in the boys' dorm! At last the final installment of our comic book began. Vianna Wilson was kept busy deposit- ing money earned by selling pop, potato chips, hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream at the games. We sponsored dances, too, and sold Tiger pins. Remember the Michigan vocabulary test? Did you ever see such big words? Our class sponsored three programs during the year. A Negro tenor, Emmanuel Mansfield was the first one. Next came the magician. Say, he surely could ride a bicycle. Last but not least was the Deep River Quartett. We all had "Soooup" on the brain for weeks. John Carver was on hand to lead us through the year and was ably assisted by Duane Knotts. We were surely proud of those grey caps and gowns. Didn't they look super on com- mencement day? Thank you, Miss French, Miss Hull, and Mr. Evans for your help in making our senior year such a big success. Your guiding forces were invaluable to us. i With these memories in our hearts, we say farewell to our days in A. H. S. N inc T011 K R A YI.Ii "Prince Valiant" MADONNA HIQARTBARGER uNanCy,, V ' ' J ffyl,-C! 1 MX, a ,,-2 f 'JOYUZUTCHBON "Myrtle , EDXVIN PIERCE Hjughcadn BILL AULT "Kerry Draken JOAN BENNETT "Mary Jancn NAIDA GORDEN "Boots" HM ARNOLD usluggon WAYNE MORGAN "Sampson,' PAULINE STUBBLEFIELD "Millie the Model" will LEATRICE FOLAND 5 "Mary Marvel' "Pluto', DON FOLAND ROLAND LITTLE "Mac" LOIS RECTOR "Frirzi Ritz" DORIS LEE HON "Scarlet O'Ncil ' LAWRIZNCF VANNATTA Q'SupCrmnn" l Elz'1'r'11 Q BARBARA SAVAGE "The Blue Fairy" RUTH ANN BAKER Y L1f'.VK.! - 4 Twelve "Little Orphan Annieu '-K1 1. I Ik." IiDWIN ETCHISON "joe Palookaf' MARGARET BROWN "Daisy Mae" 1 , buf ,L dfyazrj .ffflrii-Z SHARLENE ADAMS "Brenda Starr', BRUCE MOTTWEILER "Roscoe Sweeney' HAM, Pvwggwgg BARBARA PORTER "Miss Tweedle' CHARLES CULLIYN "Flush Gordon" J BOB MONTGOMERY "Whimpy" ojfiu MARGE BEARDSLIEY fb-ff? MARY BREWER "Raggedy Annl' CARROLLEE STARR "Fritz" BOB CLEAR "Tim Tyler" JUANITA HUGHES "Tillie thc Toilcrn BETTY JEAN McKEE "Hans" ROBERT RINKICR "Huey" 955554 Tlmirlm Von rlvz' I1 OIOANNF TUIQRFFS "blanc Ardcnn KIIM CLlfVIfNGER "Henry Hawku CAROLYN POTTER "Snookums" DOROTHY WOLFIZ "Lowizie" JOAN FARQUER 'ljudy Wi11g" DON TOBIN "Mutt' BERNIECIZ BUSHONG "Bonnie Bee' BEVERLY O'BRYANT "Toms" HELEN RAMSEY "Healy Wolfe" ED TEAGUE ujiggs., BRUCE JOHNSON Nile ETHITL BRAKE Upennyu HELEN BUCKLES "Lois Lane" JOE SONGIZR "Kny0 Kirby" MAX ELSWORTH ULUCYU ILIQICN HURST "Little Annie Rummy" Fiffm E SiXff'l'll DOROTHY MOORM AN "Frm Kerr" JIM KIOHNSON BILL CLOCK "Salome" "Little King" MARGARET ELLIS "Oswald Rabbit" v BETTY SHIRK "Wc1ndcr NWum:m" BIRCHARD DUFFITT "Mickey Mouse" REX -IONIQS "Elmer Fudd" JOAN GIRTING "Tcssic the Typist' 5265 LOIS YELVINGTON "Bugs Bunnyu DON JOHNSON "Little Hiawatha" NORMA LUNDY "Olive Oil" SYBIL SWINDELL "Cookie" 1 ff 1,7 f ff J W . , f x f MARTHA YORK "Petunia Pig" BOB JONES "Henry" CAROLYN LEE "Maggie" FRED MII,I.1fR usnuffy Smith" O ii gg? Sf' 1 'mlrvfz .1- 55 5 Ei gblcen DIXIANA GROSS "Veronica Lodge" PATTY LATCHAXV "Daisy Duckw Gm, IfILIfIfN LEMON "Wcmcxdy W'oodpcckcr" REBECCA CLARK "Blondie" LLUNICIE PORTICR "M rs. Katzcnjammnr KIOANNH FRAZIZIQ "Little lcmdinun 0 6942111 ILLENE NVFAVER "Little Lulu" NINA CUNNINGH AM "Minnie Mouscu V. my ,A BILL BEAMAN "Homer Pigeon" BETTY TEMPEST "Winnie Wink1e', KATHRYN SCHROTH "Ann Howe" BILL KAY "Archie" BETTY THOMPSON "Mammy Yokum" X N53 S-kj: 4 six "ll, Students whose pictures do not appear are Dorothy Stuard and Larry Clegg. N inetcen Twenty JUNIORS Amidst the funny and serious pages of our comic book, we find the Juniors. P Leaders of the noble crowd were Bob Ankrum, presi- dentg Phyllis Hess, vice-presidentg Phil Blake, secretaryg Jeaneen Beeman, treasurer. They started the year by having a hayride. How could anyone have so much fun? Profit from two dances after basketball games, selling of Christmas cards and stationery and fountain pen and pencil sets swelled their pride and treasury. They received their class rings and sweaters this year. Gray and royal blue took the school by storm! The combined efforts of Miss Allen, Miss Bagby, and Mr. Oberholtzer made the year a successful one. Tweniy-om' Twenty-two Aldridge, Fred Allen, Mildred Ankrum, Bob Arnold, Janet Ashby, Keith Auler, Pete Baker, Anne Beeman, Jeaneen Beeson, Elmer Bennie, Jean Benson, Margaret Benson, Marjorie Bitner, Joan Blake, Philip Blunk, Willis Boston, Faris Brenner, jim Brotherton, Fred Broylcs, Nancy Clear, Lewis Clegg, Patricia Collis, Ernest Compton, Howard Dailey, Ronald Donahue, Pat Dwiggins, Francis Elbert, Arthur Ellingwood, John Etherington, Keith Etsler, Ann Fleenor, Emily Frazier, Kenneth Gardner, Jack Golden, Joe Gosnell, Armitte O l X , Q s wx? -ow' E, ,. ,Y J W6 , 5 Aw f . 'Ex sin in :F s www-dv 0 I 1 ... 2 , A. . , .M Hall, Albert Hall, Betty Harrison, Jacqueline Hartz, Jack Hess, Phyllis Hicks, Wilma Holler, Patricia Hosier, Harold Hurst, Jeanette Hussong, Joyce Johnson, Betty Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Margie Johnston, Mary Lee Judd, James Kelly, Beverly Kendrick, Norman Key, Ethel Kilgore, Carolyn King, Lois Ann King, Bill Little, Eugene McConnaughey, Ruth McCullough, Charles McCune, Mae McKee, Charles McShurley, Dwight Marlow, Jack May, Morris Mehling, Kathleen Miller, Phyllis Mosson, Carl Mosson, Charles Mulvaney, Norma Jean Ohler, Barbara T'lL'f'lIfj flint Twenty-f01n' Overby, Jim Owen, Fred Patz, Hubert Pelfrey, Lawrence Pettigrew, Farrell Pierce, Jim Posey, Annabelle Poynter, ,Harry Rittenhouse, Blaine Rohn, Bill Spade, Jim Spencer, Joann Stevens, Jack Street, Eugene Terrell, Phyllis Thompson, Bert Thompson, Harold Tulowitzky, Barbara Veach, Marthella Warner, Donald Weasel, George Welborn, Wanda Wheeldon, Arthur Whitman, Joyce Wilhelm, Marjorie Williams, Gale Worley, Ann Young, Phil Auler, Freda Ault, Alice Auth, David Azimow, Anna Rose Baker, Edwin Ball, Hobart Beemer, Carl Beilhartz, Doris Benefiel, Richard Blockson, Jack SOPHOMORES The Sophomores are a very peppy group in A. H. S. They came into senior high and were immediately in com- mand of the situation. Their main event of the year was the pitch-in supper held at the Kid Kanteen complete with a fortune teller. All activities were led by capable Robert Imler as presi- dent, Betty Jean Edwards as vice-president, and Loisann Hon as secretary-treasurer. At sectional time, red and white pennants sold by these ambitious Sophomores were waving in the breeze. Miss Lutes, Miss Frazier, and Mr. Buck are their sponsros. Twenty-five ,S Nw bi' Mgmt Twenty-six Bowers, Jackie Brewer, Barbara Brobst, Marilyn Cleaver, Bob Collis, Shirell Cunningham, Phyllis Davis, Marvin Davis, Phil Lee Day, Beverly Derstler, Eugene Dick, Judith Druelle, Jean Ann Duffitt, Colleen Edwards, Betty Jean Ellis, David Emmons, Barbara Featherston, Richard Fisher, Bill Frees, Jim Frye, Judith Fuller, Garnet Fuller, Marilyn Gossett, Carolyn Granger, Fred Hague, Bill Hall, Donna Haron, John High, Julia Hill, Marshall Holmes, Joyce Hon, Loisann Howell, Jerry Humphries, Margaret Humphries, Margery Hurst, Jane 1 x Q-m ':E- Iiiasggf Hysong, Phyllis Imler, Robert Jones, Naomi Kane, Myra Mae Kauffman, janet Kettery, Betty Lambertson, Darleen Lee, Douglas Lewis, Patricia Lewis, William McKown, Marion McMahan, Bobby Mack, Joseph Malston, Louise Miller, Betty Millspaugh, Sidney Montgomery, Ruth Morgan, Georgia Morton, Harold O'Bryant, Barbara Overpeck, Teena Pate, Bill Peck, John Porter, Bonnie Prentice, Phyllis Rector, Harold Reehling, Ranna Reiley, Phyllis Ringer, jay Robertson, James Ryan, Carl Scott, Wreaths Semon, Beverly Shafer, Jane Shaw, Joann Twenty sez en Twenty-eight Sigler, Kenneth Silvey, Robert Stansberry, Jack Starr, Phyyis Srelcer, If ttyl 4 Xp? J Stillwell, flak? Srinefield,1Dale 'W' Stokes, Kenneth 1 Street, Merl Stubblefield, Cophin Suits, Beverly Svendsen, Earl Swift, Chagales ' W fir l L 2 u l x I Tappaiiiijames If ' l Tappan, Nina Tharp, Joann Thompson, Dennis Trice, Marvin ' Ulery, Donald VanHorn, Marilyn Vollenhals, Jackie Warner, Darrell Warren, Doris Weaver, Claude Whipple, Jean Wicker, Martha Widner, Marylou Wilhelm, Sue Williams, Billy Williams, Charles X N rl 4 FRESHMEN The Freshmen came to Alexandria Junior High from Cunningham, Orestes, St. Mary's, and Innisdale. One hundred fo-rthy-three students were united to begin their , jyears togethfflinfy. H. S. f' ' f' To lead their class the chose resident, err Etchisong , , Y P Y ,A fir ' vice-president, Rosemary Blakeg secretary, Jimmie Lawsg N JS 1 N 6 vf 1 rl 1 5 and Velma Wilson to take their money. 7 They inherited the task of selling magazine subscrip- tions and exceeded the sales of the classes of former years. Their treasury began to swell and they held a party at the Kid Kanteen to celebrate the success of their sales. Mrs. Slone, Mrs. Harlan, and Mr. Armstrong were on hand to advise these funny-book beginners. u-Nev vovse GIGS I TINK IDS UN DE -riff" Twenty-nim' Thirty ,rf V., ,Xa -A 5 Z., 5-E I -, A .g ig V ,.g .::Ei:.v: , Ei... -1 ,. mi : 9 E 3 my '.1'. .- . : Fi.. I" ,:::a1a. . ::: .::- ..., I . V - if 'H ' ' - 5 ' v we i' ' ' 555:-. ' 7 -:I A 7"5'::iil:':- ' '?1 :- W .- .-53' " , 'I :2,I:IEEIEIEIEIEIEQEEEEEEEE '. W .' ' :,.. .,- ' ' .5 ,:jiI:E:i' ' ' wi 5,-.21 -2',':':2'Sai:ig:1f1:11fS2: -f'- ' . i r --,::.".:: ...., 1 :js iii' . ' 5- ,. ,-.,- wwf 'wif' 1 at ti, I , 'Q""""'w , , f 3 if " ' : - 1- :If if ,1,,g5,g" wizfrfm ma Wg A ,.,. -ii, :f Y gk .. -gg. f s , W A , ,ffl ,. .- . " if' 5 5 . . '- . . - "Mi "' P'-Y .1 -' 1:2 ii:-gy! K V -f gs. i- ' Sftsjvrf r -If lr ' ' 1' - - " ""-vn........ ,,,,A,,A,,A,AA,A, o f' . I - W5 f I 13,650 Adams, Maxine Almquist, Donald Anderson, Albert Andrews, Dewenia Auler, Esther Ault, Helen Ball, Lavon Barth, David Beardsley, Vincent Bitner, Judith Blake, Rosemary Blockson, Arthur Boone, Virginia Breese, Robert Chaplin, Gladys Clevenger, Jane Clevenger, Ida Bell Closser, Franklin Colvill, Anita Couch, Eugene Cox, Doris Cummins, Jack Davis, George DeVine, Patricia Doster, Frances Dwiggins, Robert Eaton, Thomas Eden, Molly Elbert, Alice Ellis, Paul Etchison, Jcrr-y Etchison, Richard Etsler, Esther Fish, Vivian Fisher, Barbara va i ,r"'x SFRA .rt "!"! ,X w, is ,.. We ,Ji 2 Q W -M Q sv Q .. --.. X . .. , IS V' xfivf' Q .,.,., Q' X ::. Q., ,,,, f , - 'f"!. 5, ., .vi ' Vf',. mm if " - J Flecker, Mary Lou Flook, Gene Foland, Iris Mae Foster, Charles Fox, Sara Nell Fuller, Jack Gaither, Imogene Garner, Ralph Gorden, Richard Granger, Olive Hensley, Dick Heritage, Barbara Horn, Jack Horn, Franklin Howe, David Hurst, Patty Ice, William Jackson, Wanda Jacobs, James Jarrett, Mary Jane Johnson, Doris Johnson, Johnny Jones, Marilyn Kilgore, Jerry King, Bobby King, Howard Larkin, Maurice Laws, Jimmie Lawson, Billy Leach, Edgar Lightfoot, Maxine Lundy, Mary Ruth McCarty, Jacquelin McConnell, Darrell McCord, Shirley Thirty one . . I w -- in , 5 4 his - f' ,,.:'.,..,.,-1 5 - s A ,. ,. ,...,.,,-.4 .... '. , , . , if 1 3, .4 , -N, R 1 , ,,, , Q Plss a, , a p iw t of-ata E Ee . S Ig zl, ,E -"' -::. ii A'b. ii , in 'iiv i" - A,1. A A "':' :': A A""' 1-- P zb, , ' Q.. -. ie W , be "a' : -- 4 ZA' I V': ' "q" A i ' - QT? 'W .,..,.. 1 1 2'l1? 1ef m PW ,, V3 .qqbl if SY.- 1, .. 2 V' vi 'i w 4 , , , V R s ,.,. ig?" 3i'2:3:' 3' P i .,, f r Tbirty-two McCullough, Paul McElfresh, Johnnie McFerran, Patricia Maddox, Terrie Malston, Virginia Manring, Ruth Elaine Martens, Christena Matthews, Evelyn Maynard, Glenn Meeks, Elizabeth Mehling, Charlene Miller, Marilyn Mitchell, james Montgomery, Charles Morton, Wayne Mottweiler, Miriam Mull, Gail Mullins, Betty Lou Myers, Cherica Mae Nelson, Arlene Newcomb, Sharon Oldfield, Billy Olsen, Donald Pherson, Barbara Pierce, Larrey Pierce, Vanita Poole, Robert Potter, Richard Reed, Ruth Ann Reehling, Burt C. Remington, Phyllis Rice, Donald Riley, Irma Roesler, Theresa Rohn, Mary ve-AY Q., :. , b i il ,gr Y' - qs . l -aa? fs' -2 ,gf Q3 Wulf if' ,f i ii " ::':5 'E - 4 ff 1: C. ,,,,, -P C if ,,-, -ev Mfg, . fi, .Q 1. i 3 CJQ VY ., XI: . ,Nts W 1, . 'mms vf x ff? Q C X, -is ,ml gl H if :fi . V a MV: ' "x' -5 ..,- : . E i 3 s, 1 K ' S -, - ':' - "E: .:,-' ' .:'-T T? , X . ' Fei . Q gi Ryan, Edward Ryan, Jack Sayre, Billy Sayre, Ralph Shoemaker, Pauline Smith, Carroll Smock, Robert Street, Catherine Summers, Jacqusie Tanner, Ruth Taylor, Franklin Teague, Wanda Thomas, Alberta Tilley, Jack Thurber, Dale Tobey Wilma Tobin, Phillip Townsend, Charles Trice, Ross Tulowitzky, Lolita Vermillion, Don Vollenhals, Jeanann Walker, Billie Warren, Ruby Watson, Myrna Welborn, john Whitman, Berniece Williams, Jennie Wishon, Jimmie Wilson, Velma Wisehart, Paul Wisler, Neil Wood, Jack York, Gilbert Tankersley, Peggy Students whose pictures do not appear: Bertrlm R1 monag Byrd, Eugene P1tL Virgil. Tlulii lfulr Thirty- four SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Alexander, Ronald Armstrong, Billy Baker, Susan Beeman, Phyllis Beigh, Sally Benson, Dick Brewer, Ralph Brobst, Jerry Burnett, Adrienne Bushong, Russell Cox, Joe Cummings, Dorothy Curts, Janet Davis, Richard Dickey, Billie Dickey, Marjery Disbennet, Mary Lou Eaton, Donnie Edwards, Carlton Elbert, Maria Gaither, Maurice Garner, Phyllis Henry, Barbara Hull, Wfilliam Hysong, james lmler, Donald Jarrett, Frances Jenkins, Rex Jones, Jerry Lee Jones, Martha Knopp, Nancy Langdon, Anna Bell Little, Howard Luyet, Patricia Marquand, Wayne McClead, Donald McGill, Kelly Mesalam, Joe Miller, Donald Montgomery, Donald Morgan, Beverly Morris, Jerry Muston, Billy Nash, Marlene Overby, Jean Owen, Bob Parnell, Edward Patterson, Patty Peck, Jerry Pierce, Delma Plackard, Marilyn Roberts, Susan Robey, David Russell, Betty Scott, Mary Jane Sigler, James Siler, Charlotte Simpson, Ranola Stahlhuth, Sarah Jane Stanley, Sherman Starr, Donald Starr, Marilyn Stevens, Jimmy Street, Betty Studabaker, Ruth Tomlinson, Paul Tomlinson, Russell Treesh, Geraldine Trueblood, Lena Van Horn, Phillip Vaught, Ralph Vollenhals, Maryjo Williams, Herbert Williams, Tommy Wood, Barbara Wood, Joyce Wood, Roy Wyatt, Carolyn Sue Students whose pictures do not appear: Beane, Jerry, Brake, Robert, Crist, Jacqueline, Farrington, Carolyn, Foley, Eugene, Hamilton, Ruby, Thomas, Barbara. Thirty fn e Thirty-six Alexander, Patty Allen, Betty Allen, Bobby Armstrong, Billy Auler, Dale Auler, Richard Birkinbine, Sue Boyer, Sally Brake, Robert Chambers, jerry Cochran, Phillip Cochran, Richard Collis, Annabelle Craig, Jean Duffitt, David Eubanks, Betty Fish, Roger Fleenor, Larry Frix, Lloyd Gardner, Ileaine Gardner, Kenneth Gipe, Don Goettel, Larry Golden, Carol Gosnell, Kay Grose, Richard Holler, Joyce Huse, Betty Ice, Deloris King, Melvin Larkin, Linda Lemon, Donald Lemon, Gene Licrle, Patty Maynard, Donald Maynard, Janice Maynard, jack McCarty, janet McCaslin, Nancy McClish, Faye McKee, Betty McKee, Helen Miller, Patty Morgan, James Morton, Sue Oliver, Gus Overpeck, Martha Pratt, Joyce Reed, Sandra Riley, Shirley Ann Sanqunecti, Dorothy Saxton, Carolyn Shoemaker, Hayse Sizelove, John Stelter, Mozelle Stephens, Phyllis Terhune, Barbara Thurber, Helen Tobey, Jimmie Tulowitzky, Max Weaver, Mary Wehsollek, James Whipple, Carolyn Wogerman, John Wood, Max Wright, Frances Students whose pictures do not appear: Bryant, Kathryn, Davis, Patty, Haskett, Sandra, Disbennett, Rex, Toney, Gayle. It was a common thing last September to find a seventh grader in Math class when he was supposed to be in Health class. This "Junior High Lifeu was puzzling for the newcomers but with the help of their sponsors, Miss Brannon and Mrs. Howell, who was replaced during the year by Miss Pitkin, they learned where they were supposed to be at the right time. The Eighth grade feel "right at home" for they have learned the customs and traditions of Junior High School. Their spon- sors are Mr. Holmes and Miss McCammon. Their project for the year was decorating the Junior High hall during the Christmas season. Thirty-sewn Thirty-riglzt ,ws Tf I3 Ifrarfy OUR SECRETARIES These efficent sec- retaries play an impor- tant part in our school. Their work and co- operation have helped many undecided stu- dents in solving their problems. Miss Georgia Edgell assists Mr. Evans, and Miss Helen Washburn is secretary for Mr. Wfood. OUR LIBRARY Here in our library we can find the neces- sary materials for ref- erence work and books to read for enjoyment. Miss Evelyn Hieatt. assisted by student li- brarians, is on hand to help us find just what we want. OUR JANITORS Hats off to our janitors, Herman Harris and Willis Blunk, for their unceasing work in picking up that paper which didn't go into the waste-basket and for keeping our school clean and neat. it R, ART Wliether working with metal or plastics, or making Christmas decorations and funny faces, the art class seems to enjoy it. They have produced several lovely displays under the leadership of Miss Kirkpatrick. WOOD SHOP The wood shop class, directed by Mr. Oberholtzer, has displayed excellent crafts- manship in the making of lamps, tables, bookcases, etc. Forly-om Forty-Iwo Y-TEENS Left to right: Joan Bennett, Ann Baker, Miss Roxana Frazier, Lois Yelvington, Phyllis Hess. This year proved an eventful one for the Y-Teens. Several music programs were given. Mr. Oberholtzer showed a moving picture about Chinese shadow plays and Miss Keller led group singing and presented her string ensemble. The girls enjoyed and profited by Miss Lutes' program on etiquette. It seemed like home to see the annual Christmas tree in the assembly. We appreciated Miss Erench's talk on guidance and counseling and enjoyed Mrs. Overpeck's book review given toward the end of the year. The group was led by Lois Yelvington as president, Joan Bennett, vice-presidentg Anne Baker, secretaryg and Phyllis Hess in charge of the money. Margaret Brown had charge of the programs for the year. HI-Y Standing: Phil Young, Mr. Ernest Buck. Seated: Merl Street, Jim Spade, Jim Arnold, Charles Cullen, Edwin Baker. As president of the Hi-Y Jim Arnold has done a fine job this year. The club is under the supervision of Mr. Ernest Buck. They have had several swimming parties and an ice-skating party. Some of the boys attended the Hi-Y conference at Marion. The Hi-Y boys helped a great deal in collecting money for the March of Dimes. Other officers are: Vice-president, Phil Youngg treasurer, Charles Cullen, secretary, Edwin Bakerg chaplain, Jim Spade, and sergeant-at-arms, Merl Street. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Standing: Elmer Beeson, Mr. Fred Disque. Ernest Collis. Seated: Armitte Gosnell, jim Brenner, Phil Young, Phil Blake, Bill King. From the vocational agriculture class, we find an organized club called the "Future Farmers of America." made up of boys who plan to be farmers. These boys learn new and better ways of farming. Officers are elected in January and serve one year. For the year of 1948 the officers are: President, Phil Youngg vice-president, Bill Kingg secretary, Phil Blakeg treasurer, Elmer Beesong reporter. Armitte Gosnellg watchdog, Ernie Collisg con- ductor, Jim Brenner. They planned a trip to Spring Mill Park as their activity for the year. STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: Merl Street, Teena Overpeck, jim Spade. Seated: Marjorie Wilhelnm, Ethel Key, Betty Shirk, Bill Clock, Wilyfne Morgan. This link between the faculty and the student body has been an active group this year. With Betty Shirk as president, the council sponsored a talent program, a dance, and a musical variety program. Bill Clock was vice-presidentg Ethel Key, secretaryg and Wayne Morgan, treasurer. Forly-fbrvc' Forty- four SHOP DRAWIN'G CLASS If you should happen to need a semi-expert draftsman, just drop around to Mr. Oberholtzer's drawing class. He can furnish plenty of them. FLYING Duane Knotts is one of the bo s in Aeronautics Class who has re- - I n . y - . w o ceived actual flx ht ractice in connection with his studies. g p 1 a n a He has completed over fifteen hours in the air and has earned his pilot's license. Duanc's comment was: "The first time u it was uite a thrill.', P q HISTORY The members of Miss French's history classes have been arranging Various displays in connection with their subject. A log cabin, flatboat, covered wagon, salt map, and other attractive things were displayed in Roo-m 12. HOME ECONOMICS The Home Economies Department led by Miss Betty Lutes, made an interesting display on tailoring. They designed a book showing styles of suits and important points in buying them. Other classes studied purchasing and preparation of meats. Weav- ing projects were on display too, while one class made posters in con- nection with their study of buying foods. FLYING Harold Hosier is another Aeronautics student who has several hours of flying to his credit. He is looking forward to his first solo flight. SHOP HOUSES The pride of the shop department is this pair of miniature houses. They were constructed by Bob Jones and Edwin Baker and are made in exactly the same way as a full size house, complete in every detail, even to the shingles and siding. Lumber and plans for these expensive projects was donated by the Alexandria Lumber Company. Forty-fire Foriy-six TRIO We may not have the Andrews Sisters but we do have our own trio with Nancy Broyles as first sopranog Anne Baker, second soprano, and Emily Fleenor, alto. These musiemaids have sung for several programs throughout the year. QUARTETTE Memories of the days of the barber shop quartettes are revised here with our own musical four who have sung for numerous programs during the year. They are Bill Beaman, Eugene Little, Edwin Etchison, and Rex Jones. NEWSPAPER STAFF Seated: Margaret Brown, Doris Lee Hon, Helen Buckles, Ilcen Hurst, Carrollec Starr, Standing, first row: Lois Yelvington, Rebecca Clark, joan Bennett, Kathryn Schroth, Ethel Brake, Barbara Savage. Standing, second row: Robert Montgomery, Bruce Mottweiler, Joyce Etchison, Joanne Tuerffs, K Rayle, Vianna Wilstbn, John Carver. Mo-st everyone enjoyed the Tiger,s Tale published by the newspaper staff. Re- member their campaign to raise money for the Shades and the essay contest which they sponsored? STRING ENSEMBLE Front row: jerry Brobst, Donald MeCIc.1d, Marilyn Starr, Adrienne Burnett. Back row: Kelly McGill, Miss Margaret Anne Keller, Rebecca Clark. This ensemble directed by Miss Keller has done a splendid job of furnishing string music for the band concerts this year. STRING ORCHESTRA First row: Ruth Ellen Shawhrin, joy Kean, Marilyn Starr. Second row: Jerry Brobst, Sandra Kilgore, Donald McCloud, Dorothy Sanqunetti, Nancy Knapp, Adrienne Burnett, Third row: Miss Margaret Anne Keller, Kelly McGill, Marilyn Brobst. Our orchestra with Miss Keller's help has devoted much time to the study of string music. They practiced after school and presented n semester recital in january. If -1 oi y-M K . CORNIQT TRIO: Fred Owen, john Carver, jim Arnold. BAND TNVIRLIQRS: Beverly O'Bryant, Sybil Swindell, kluanita Hughes, Marjorie Vlilhelm, joan liarquer, Marthella Veach, Dixiana Gross, Anne Baker, Band Mascot. CORNET TRIO "Blow your horn" might be the slogan for these three boys. John Carver, jim Arnold, and Fred Owen have played their cornets for several civic gatherings and par ticipated in Crescendo Varieties. They also took first division honors in the state contest. TWIRLERS These twirlers added color to the marching performances of our band this year. Their gay costumes and twirling barons lent a note of grandeur at the football games and parades. Forty-eight First row: Anne Baker, janet Arnold, Richard Benefiel, Bert Thompson, Paul Fllis, Naida Gorden. Second row: Carrollee Starr, Fred Granger, james Spade, Fred Owen, james Arnold, Rex jones, lfdwin Baker. - A Rex Jenkins, Jean Mulvaney, Naida Garden, Paul Iillis, janet Arnold, Judy Dick, Bert Thompson, Richard Benefiel. SAXAPHONE BAND The Saxaphone Band is a new organization this year. Composed of several types of saxs, it has performed at the Fall Concert and hopes to popularize this new addition to the music department. SWING BAND Our swing band was capably managed by Buddy Baker this year and made several publiec appearances. They played for the New Year,s Eve dance at the Kanteen and for a dance in February with proceeds donated to the Uniform Drive. Naida Gorden was treasurer and Dick Benefiel, librarian. Forfy-nine Fifty First row: Naida Gorden, Richard Benefiel, Carrollee Starr, Paul Ellis, Howard Little, Donnie Hcartbarger, Carl Mosson, Morris Gaither, Geraldine Treesh, Susan Baker, Sarah Jane Stahlhuth. Second row: Douglas Lee, Don Imler, Richard Gorden, Teena Ovcrpick, Barbara Savage, Anna Rose Azimow, Betty Jean McKee, Bill Lewis, Fred Owen, john Carver, Bob Cleaver, Jack Wood, Jim Spade, Ronald Dailey, Billy Armstrong, Jerry Peck, Donnie Faton, Jim Arnold. Third row: Sally Beigh, Betty jean Edwards, Phyllis Remington, Sara Nell Fox, Jean Mulvaney, Miriam Mottweiler, Marilyn Jones, Rex Jenkins, Paul Tomlinson, Kelly McGill, Sidney Millspaugh, Phil Lea Davis, Faris Boston, Carlton Edwards, Don Starr, Bob Owen, Ralph Sayre, Buddy Baker, Paul Mc- Cullough, David Robey, Joyce Etchison. Fourth row: Judy Dick, Janet Arnold, Bert Thompson, Dixiana Gross, Juanita Hughes, Marthella Veach, Sybil Swindell, Marjorie Wilhelm, Beverly O,Bryant, Joan Farquer, Anne Baker, Tommy Wil- liams, Fred Granger, Melvin King, Jimmie Williams. BAND The band has been a busy organization this year. Under Mr. Cope- land's guiding hand, they have performed at the basketball and football games, and given three concerts. They assisted in the presentation of the Christmas program and Crescendo Varieties in the spring. Officers this year were: President and student director, Jim Arnold, Fred Owen, secretary-treasurer, Kay Schrothg librarians, Faris Boston, Bert Thomp- song uniform clerks, Betty McKee, Carollee Starrg equipment managers, Jim Spade, Carl Mosson. First row: Betty Miller, Judy Frye, Phyllis Miller, Beverly O'Bryant, Joan Girting, Janet Kauffman, Betty McKee, Emily Fleenor, Marjorie Benson, Madonna Heartbarger, Jane Shafer, Donna Hall, Wilnaii Tobey. Second row: Sybil Swindell, Beverly Kelly, Colleen Duffitt, Carolyn Lee, Martha York, Patricia Clegg, Margaret Beardslcy, Phyllis Hysong, Norma Lundy, Betty Johnson, Marjorie Wfilhelm, Anne Baker, Janet Arnold, Phyllis Cunningham. Third row: Rebecca Clark, Illene Weaver, Barbara Heritage, Joyce Holmes, Norma Mulvancy, Juanita Hughes, Joan Bennett, Mary Lou Fleckcr, Dixiana Gross, Joyce Etchison, Jean Ann Vollenhals, Jacqusie Summers, Ruth McConnaughey, Marthella Veach, Margaret Benson, Nancy Broyles. Fourth row: Franklin Closser, Rex Jones, Bert Thompson, Harold Morton, Fdwin Ftehison, Roland Little, Jim Spade, Eugene Little, Bill Beaman, Charles McCullough, Fred Owen, Ronald Dailey, Eugene Street, Larry Clegg, Edwin Baker. CHOIR "You're flat" and "wrong key" are common expressions heard com- ing from room 8C where Mr. Copeland meets each day with his choir of sixty boys and girls. This group has sung for the three concerts, the Christmas program and Crescendo Varieties. Serving as officers for this year were: president and student director, Bill Beamang assistant, Marge Beardsleyg librarian, Joan Girtingg secretary- treasurer, Sybil Swindellg robe clerk, Harold Morton, assistant, Betty Johnson, equipment manager, Ed Etchison. Fifty-one Fifty-two -u-4, liiffy-four COACHES Left to right: Scott Armstrong, Don Dick, Basil Holmes. YELL LEADERS Left to right: Donald Ulery, Dennis Thompson. Bottom row: Phyllis Hess, Dixiana Gross, Joan Bennett, Marjorie Wilhelm. Tiger: Phyllis Terrell. FOOTBALL First row: John Haron, Tommy Eaton, student managers. Second row: Harold Thompson, Larry Clegg, John Carver, Edwin Etchison, K. Rayle, Kennetl: Frazier, Bill King, Faris Boston, Joe Songer, Joe Golden, Bob Clear, Hubert Patz. Third row: Billy Williams, Coach Don Dick, Eugene Street, Bob Breese, jim Overby, Merl Street, Bill Rohn, Elmer Beeson, Armitte Gosnell, Jim Pierce, Gale Williams, David Howe, Assistant Coach Scott Armstrong, Bob Ankrum. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE We They We They Sept. 8 Elwood 6 37 Oct. 10 Portland 0 25 Sept. 12 Columbia City 7 13 Oct. 15 Greenfield 25 6 Sept. 19 Plymouth 0 32 Oct. 17 Winchester 32 14 Sept. 26 Hartford City 6 14 Oct. 22 Tipton 18 12 Oct. 3 Noblesville 0 6 Oct. 31 Elwood 0 25 The football season started off slow when Alexandria was beaten by Elwood 37-6. The Tigers made a much better showing but were beaten five straight games before trouncing Greenfield 25-6. The Tigers continued winning by beating Winchester and Tipton but were again beaten by the highly regarded Elwood Panthers. Although Alex didn't win so many games their spirit proved that "Alex Always Fights." Our student managers for football this year were Duane Knotts, Tommy Eaton, and John Haron who gave a lot of hard Work during the season. Coaches Don Dick and Scott Armstrong awarded letters to the following players: Kenneth Frazier, Robert Ankrum, Joe Golden, James Pierce, Larry Clegg, John Carver, Bill King, Eugene Street, K Rayle, Harold Thompson, Faris Boston, Joe Songer, Edwin Etchison, Hubert Patz, Phillip Young, Robert Clear, Armitte Gosnell. Fifty-five Fifty-six Top row: Duane Knotts, Jim Arnold, K. Rayle. Fourth row: Phillip Young, Fred Aldridge Second row: joe Golden, Edwin litchison, Armitte Gosnell. Fifth row: Jim Spade, Robert Clear. Third row: Harold Thompson, jim Pierce, Robert Ankrum. BASKETBALL Back row: Fred Aldridge, Harold Thompson, Duane Knotts, K. Rayle, Edwin Etchison, Phillip Young, Jim Spade. Seated: Armitte Gosnell, jim Arnold, Joe Golden, Robert Clear, Robert Ankrum, jim Pierce. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AHS OP Nov. 12 Royerton ,.,.,, 49-43 Nov. 21 Plymouth ,-L,,,-35-39 Nov. 26 Winchester ,. ,,,, 46-43 Dec. 5 Tipton L,,..,,. 42-37 Dec. 11 Gas City LLLLLL 28-32 Dec. Dec. Jan. 16 Elwood fLf.,,, 3.43-34 19 Huntington .,,, 42-39 3 Hartford City Tourney Wabash ,..,..,. 37-29 Auburn ....,.., 5 1-3 3 Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Away Jan. 9 Jan Jan . 16 Jan. 21 Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb . 10 . 13 . 20 AHS OP Monticello ,,,.,,45 43 Dunkirk ,,,,,,,, 28 25 Frankton ,,,,-,,. ,40-15 Noblesville ,L LL,L 45 Burris L, .,,,,7, Summitville , Hartford City ,,,,33 -L53 Fairmount ..L.. 4 8 Elwood ,.,.LL,, Wabash ..,,..L, 41 47- -29 42-29 47 -34 35 34 29 Home Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Away Home Letters this year were awarded to Fred Aldridge, Jim Arnold, Edwin Etchison, Joe Golden, Armitte Gosnell, Duane Knotts, Jim Pierce, K. Rayle, Harold Thompson. Four- inch numerals indicating the player,s graduating year were awarded to the boys who had not played in enough games to receive letters. Numerals were awarded to Bob Clear, Jim Spade, and Phil Young. Fifty-seven Fifty-eight BASKETBALL This was a great year for basketball in A. H. S. The rampaging Tigers were vic- torious in fields of sportsmanship, team work, and the game itself, winning sixteen games and losing three. The return of eight lettermen helped spur the team on to action. The Tigers started the season by conquering the Royerton boys 49-43 on Novem- ber 12. Now they were in the swing of things. However on November 23 when the team traveled to Plymouth, the Pilgrims edged out the Tigers in a fast moving 35-39 game. After two games won over Winchester and Tipton, the Tigers lost to Gas City by 4 points. Elwood descended upon the Alexandria lair on December 16 but the Bengals were ready for them. The score was 43-34 in our favor. January the 3rd meant a lot to the Tigers. They went to Hartford City for the Annual New Year's Tournament. In the first game the Tigers beat Wabash in a hard fought game. In the finals Alex swamped Auburn 51-33 and the tournament was ours. We're really proud of our gold trophy. January 30 proved to be a ba-a-a-d day for the Tigers. The Summitville Goblins were ready to pounce upon the Bengals. They defeated the fighting Tigers 33-47. Friday, February 13, was a very lucky day for our team. They whipped Elwood for the second time this year. The score was 47-34. But the game with Wabash, February 20, was the deciding match in the Tiger records. This would determine whether or not we would be C. I. C. Champions for '48 and also challenge the Tigers perfect home-game record ..... Now everyone is proud of the Tigers. They defeated the Wabash Apaches to be the first Alexandria team ever to win the C. I. C., the county standings, and all our home games. This was the final year for five players. The boys that have played their last game for Alex are Duane Knotts, K Rayle, Jim Arnold, Ed Etchison, and Bob Clear. ' We can't leave out the boys who do a lot of work for the team. It's the student managers who are never heard about but who contribute much toward all Alexandria victories. We had two this year, Bruce Mottweiler and Don Miller who very capably helped the team at all the games. SECOND TEAM Front row: Bob Breese, John Haron, Billy Williams, Kenneth Stokes, jack Bowers, Jay Ringer. Back row: Bob Silvey, jack Tilley, Bill Lewis, Merl Street, Jack Blockson, Carl Ryan, Coach Scott Armstrong. FRESHMEN Front row: jerry Kilgore, Billy Walker, Charles Townsend, Bill Sayre, Larrey Pierce, Bob King. Back row: Bob Brcese, Don Olsen, Vfayne Morton, Ralph Garner, Howard King. JR. HIGH First row: Max Wood, jim Tobey, Gus Oliver, jim Wehsollek, Howard Little, Richard Cochran, Robert Brake. Second row: Phillip Van Horn, Bob Allen, Bill Armstrong, Joe Mesalam, Roland Alexander, jim Stevens. Third row: Russell Tomlinson, Larry Geotcl, Jerry Peck, Coach Basil Holmes-, jerry Chambers, Don Montgomery, Kelly McGill. Fifty-nine YS' W 5 4 Q we Q x 3 XX -M-Q ,- -1 -3 ?g :ga 55: 55 Q ws Q we 4 CFILEWDFH? p 4 , , Sk. cuss F Xgm-D vf117Sf5"'k 41" SMDE5 'Mg - 5 , 'P E H . ,yoga Q6-5f'Zff'L1PE,2 tl-1725 JE Zgwg ' ,9,vJ Q 'ge 77ff27" Ulfsfrgive Lv THE flffff? fQ'0HfQ? Mfdfyy MZE7? FMD MZEESETVFEIQE EKOSE Sffffi E5 Am HJ! MZQYM R Q56 Lzjlfvf' WWW 4514 - 2 iff-fs IHTEZMUOJ fav Escfff M f f sg LIVZDLA S QHNDQX , , 06 7L ...- mffr mfs DWF - Evfkyonfs SRV 4 , , wwf O Af ik mm " My Q 6H'n!'A4u SE .'---f-f--- v4 LJf75fff7W:7?f1f SRM Ewvnblz "' Q . + 0 5 X99 C , m c6 A y-72 nfs' TEM- ii!-L fylfzgafcfhnf NQ5 -E CECNVCEJQ7- ghaoyfs i 0 77lAN.5517'W6' F 7Z?4'LL.CH972 W FN fi Q nk, win! 7LgE,g:B,:v3uL57" sdMW vw1ZEAfmE 3 i ' .s wma Q-.fa 00-f"'0'41 Wi? Leif! s if fftifuf R':f""eTmED5 gf'fY?'0 cAffs77w M H'Fvf'f Vw mf? T-53.164614 Cf1:!771Z'f+ wi.0fgEf 77'ffWY 'Eb L' Sdwvl "" 75a RIJEQ' .Ds spffvsm EMfnLLfr1Ef1f7' QV NTER- O I' '?weF77f fefamwgfig 2"-Y'-"'lE57M' Omgfa' 13 cr -XY 1781- of Cffwfmfzf pg nffQiD5ff.f75fS.f ,Walt be HK ff Ltnfffzffvls r f-E ll X BH D 5757? 5010 c.77W'L , ,gl-Ex fL0f5 PEf:fJl.E7t3-fl! QOQMESTAT 1 'umfff M! ,7,,fdE,?5on! S'E077m'fZ 7296165 ff41u7? YEA HU-:X Q s9swda ,, K WML . ,QE ie,-Z' Giips 556,650 7?-iz'VEf mn fa-1.. DMV' FEEL7L. YMEYYES 1 j7'I,,,D,jy,j,,f4Zx:g i So Gaab M25 Jab,CE!f0LL . o 595752. 0 ' gng SMWG HPKJL, , 7791! Foo L S ZROGSWL 4 o W 0 X - -DH! swag 1 Wviinusfc . AM 07 0 4 . gags 55512555 "f-'ff - 5"fST""2 H507-ML 'V' Saws QPQEIDJ 9 isa ET' ,O ' Q, 11,1 55,vmeS EBAccnlf2Lu?Ef1 E 1 EDAMEE S'EnJfoR. 772710 6 4? - jjwbe ig wvdffclfsfg Jin rsjyg wY,77'V 7LWQ5'AWHW A Gsmizcfmief MTM GOQD-BYE sfwiws -QGAODL ?ZoS'EO! WE M DE THIS BUCK Seated: Robert Montgomery, Lois Yelvington, Joanne Tuerffs, Bruce Motcweiler. Standing, first row: Doris Lee Hon, Barbara Savage, Leatrice Foland, Rebecca Clark, Ethel Brake, Kathryn Schrorh, Carrollee Starr, Helen Buckles, Margaret Brown. Second row: Vianna Wilson, K Rayle, Joan Bennett, Joyce Etclmison, John Carver, Ileen Hurst. Sixty-three , e n Q xf' fu.. RK Wm ,.-. .T -,..1,-.Q L.. .-T 3 Q fl WM ww 1 gm, by ix -ok ,Q p Qfgigjfa R xx NX X4 is M K A 5+ X WW? 4 ix' ww, 6 SL 2 ,IX u ' wx A E6 A V '21 9 if pf G XE weigh ixim ily? ZW 23

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