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Q .,.11,1,L Lic. . Yfxaivfi'-.. f ,.,,.,-,fe-w I Wim,-55 V , a ,Mfg i i ' ' 1 . gf 4x . -v My , . 5- 'ff ' Y ' FQ. J 'L ' , X M we-f .nfs-,.,. . ., ' 1' - J 1' .1 '. - V , ' f 4 y .sfi Q 1-W - - K . 3 1 - ' W . 1- ,, V.: , +wga:.g1:LQ 1 , - W, N gf,-M.,31.,.1:.13 1 q V .- BV 1, " 'w 1. ' . .mglf , ,- I WC' 1 3. g' V-S-J' .. , . . :I Y, sw- ' . . -if-3 5 ix, A f-. ... M . '- ' ' .W 1' 1.- ,,, K My mi' Qt, f :lg ' 4 f ,, X , .f 1 ,. ' 1 ,IA I M ,Q v , I' , ,y TF, ' .. fl-ix. Rf" 1 vw" Sr. , 1? A , . A A. A ' A ' x ' '1-ffl, Q 1 W ,gfgwfgnf ,Q 555,-Ava. A ' - , 115 152 1f:z'w.esjw--.air vii. ' ' M N v.. ' ,- 1 X W , ., . - ,, ss, S sa Q' Lzziggl Eflgn U THE E If? E Q A Q I' s SPECTRUM OF 1947 IS PRESENTED B Y EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANT ..... LITERARY EDITOR - ART EDITOR ,..S SPORTS EDITOR - - BUSINESS ADVISOR L EDITORIAL ADVISOR BOB BIENEFIEL CHARLES ALMQUIST HELEN LEROY - - - LOUISE OWEN - - JUDY MOELEY GENE SWINDELL JOHN HINDS EVELYN HIEATT 'NH FGREWORD The singing has already begun, so join us in our hit parade of 1947. Sometimes our rhythm was wrong, perhaps our notes, but the music continued and has come to successful harmony. Music has brought many hours of relaxation and brightened for us our years in AHS. We hope our songs will always head your list of pleasant memories. Q THANKS TO YOU, CARROLL COPELAND for the memories of our years in AHS. You gave us the music we longed for and encouraged us with the strong faith you had in us. Thanks too, for the memories of your ragtime music, broken batons, and open band room windows. Even these have helped to make this year well worth singing about and your sunny disposition has made you truly "a jolly good fellowf' WE ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE MADE THIS SPECTRUM FOR YOU - WE WORKED ON IT TWO SEMESTERS Sianding, left to right: Bob Benefiel, Helen LeRoy, John Reehling, Gene Swindell Jean Ann Hendryx, Charles Almquist. i Sealed: Jane Frye, Sue Carpenter, Shirlee Wells, Joan DeaKyne, Lou Owen, Lynn Russell, Judy Mobley. WE WORKED ON IT ONE SEMESTER Standing, left to riglaf: Carolyn Huebner, Blanche Kelley, Gilbert Closser, Bob Montgomery, Barbara Evans. Seated: Max Jones, Joan Gossett, Anita Gross, Elizabeth Lewis, Anita Gaither, Gwendolyn Etsler. ADMINISTRATION Our metronome which has set the tempo through past years . . . advised us, helped us, urged us on when the beat seemed too fast. DONNA FOSTER GEORGIA EDGELL EARL L. WOOD VICTOR M. EVANS FRED H. DISQUE I I ' IMI N ' 'I EVELYN HIEATT ERNEST BUCK iiiiimx f NL gnama uafea M012 f' aff MARGARET ANNE KELLER A X E of 'X' E 2a Z :D rv 9-4 O E RTI 'T1 rv U1 Z 0 III CARROLL COPELAND ROXANNA FRAZIER Eplunbus Uwnum DON C. DICK I I of E LUCILLE LUTES M 9 5 ff , :EI A l+l:'LT 0 ffff EAW 0 fm gn W PI I ' Q10-P aff HfacDiQBK,57- '7 Si C 9- , cl.. 5 HENRY OBERHOLTZER HELEN BRANNON GERALDINE BAGBY MAXINE ALLEN RONALD TREESH JEAN YARGAR JEANNE INGLIS GENE WELBORN JOHN HINDS GLADYS MCCAMMO1 KATIE c. SLONE J "BEYOND THE - BLUE HCRIZCDN ff A 4' ... C3 C123 A cf:-'3 VERLE WRIGHT "I Got A Gal I Love" JUDITH MOBLEY "Holiday for Strings" BETTY HARRISON "Somebody Loves Me" CLYDE MARQUAND "They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me" ROBERT BENEFIEL "Devil in Disguise" JOAN GOSSETT "The Lass With the 'Delicate Air'L Some take the high road and some take the low road, but whatever our destinations may be, we seniors will remember the Pleasant path of AHS. RICHARD WYATT "Lazybones" EILEEN BEEMAN "Skater's Waltz" SHIRLEE WELLS "Mad About Him Blues" CHARLES ALMQUIST "I Love Life" GENE FARQUER "The Shield' CAROLYN HUEBNER "Ain't Misbehavin' " Our class started singing together for the first time in September, 1943 under the direction of Mrs. Slone, Mr. Foster, and Mr Nall, who smrted us toward harmony. LOREN SIZELOVE "I'll Be Down to Get You in a Taxi, Honey" EDYTHE MORGAN "I Don't Care Who Knows It" JEAN ANN HENDRYX "I Love to Whistle" HARRY COOK "I Wish I had a Girl" LLOYD CUNNINGIIAVI "I Got Plenty O' Nothiv' " INA ELLINGWOOD .."I'm Afraid to Go Home in the Dark' ' Our student director was Bus Sizelove with Lou Owen, Bill Beaman, and Verle Wright assisting. To make money fast was our theme song. We began by selling magazine subscriptions. GILBERT CLOSSER "I'm Sitting on Top of the World" BETTY INGRAM "Million Dollar Baby" JOAN DEAKYNE "You'rc Easy to Dance With" RALPH PATTERSON "I Wuv-a-Wabbit" MAX JONES "Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer" AMANDA REED "Mandy, Let Yo' Andy In" Later we had a dance, a skating patty, and a Halloween party. We held our class day picnic at Shadyside Park. EDWIN FERGUSON "Tired" GWEN ETSLER A "With a Song in My Heart" CHARLOTTE CHAMBERS "Happiness Is Z1 Thing Called joe" WILLIAM CHENOWETI-I '-I'1I Get By" GENE SWINDELL "I Got Rhythm" PATRICIA BENNETT "If I Were a Millionaire" I Dance and skating parties were in the spotlight during the next year but students were kept busy with geometry and world history. Our new conductors were Miss Frazier, Mr. Buck, and Mr. Cripe. WALLACE KELLY "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? GEORGIA RICE "My Guy's Come Back" ELIZAZBETH PATZ "There Can Only Be One for Me , LEROY LINSBERG "It's My Lazy Day" WILLIAM COOPER "Billy Boy" KATHRYN MASON "He's My Guy" Our' class had its picnie at Mounds State Park Remember when Betty Harrison got lost? As juniors, members of our cl1ss were robecl ln purple and white sweaters. BARBARA EVANS "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" ORPHA HANNAH "I now a Little Bic About a Lot of Th gs" jANE ANN FRYE "Open the Door, Richard" CHARLES LEDFORD "Careless" JUANITA WILLIAMS "Dark Eyes" VVILMA FISH "I'm Beginning to See the Light" ' We were strutting our stuff for a couple of weeks even though purple did clash with last year's blue sweaters. Gold rings marked our progress. We sometimes wonder who has whose ring now. JOYCE TEAGUE "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" VIOLET HAAG "Save Me a Dream" LOREN WELBORN "Take It Easy" BLANCHE KELLEY "Take Me Out to the Ball Game ELIZABETH LEWIS My Beloved Is Rugged MADONNA POYNTER "Crazy Over Horses" "Strictly Formal", our class play, was a big event of the year Miss Frazier and Mr. Buck were recalled as our sponsors 'md Mrs Butler joined them. I ,, ELIZABETH AULER I H "Put That Ring on My Finger HOWARD HOSIER "How You Gonna Keep 'em Down OD the Farm" V RICHARD HUGHES "The Farmer in the Dell' . CHRISTINE JOHNSTON , "Personality" BARBARA STARR "Always" ROYCE BEESON "In My Merry Oldsmobile" . Three years as class president had giyen Bus experience and we were able to add force to our themesong. V Our class went to Purdue University and Columbia Park in LaFayette for its trip. fm fs 5 ,yt HELEN LEROY "Ready to G0 Steady" HAROLD SCHOTT "I I-Iaven't Got a Worry in the Woddl NELSON SEMON "Gambler's Blues" JOAN PRENTICE "A Heart That's Free" PATRICIA HOPPES "Out of This W'orld" WILLIAM RASTETTER "Nobody's Sweetheart" Then comes the big year . . . the grand finale to 1 fine pcrformmct Max Jones, Pat Hoppes, Orpha Hannah, and Anita Guthcr lcd tht yur to a mighty climax under the direction of Miss Fruitr, Mr Buck, md Mr. Evans. HELEN TOWNSEND "I'm in the Mood for Love" IMOGENE LATCHAW "Sleepy Time Gal" FRANCIS HARRISON "California, Here I Come" ROLLAND ALLEN "I.inger in My Arms a Little Longer, Baby" BARBARA VVILHELM "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" MARY LATCHAW "Oh What a Pal Was Mary" We have worked hard to earn our trip -through AHS and to become a part of it. We remember those who sold ice cream bars each noon and hot dogs and Pepsis at games. or PHYLLIS WHITMAN "Star Eyes" ANITA GAITHER "Here I Go Again" HARRY BUCKLES "Happy Go Lucky" JOHN REEHLING "A Hunting We Will Go" BETTY FENIMORE 'I've Got Rings on My Fingers" SUE CARPENTER "Come Dance With Me" Our senior play, "A Date With Judy" will serve' as a milestone on our road through AHS. May 16 and 17 were spent in Detroit. Seniors realized this was one of the last times they would be together. LYNN RUSSELL "Don't Fence Me In" LOUISE OWEN "I'm just a Sentimental F0017 IXNITA cnoss '-Hubba-Hubba" JERRY LITTLE "Fight On" MARGARET MIEHLING "I Wish I Knew" CARRIE REESE "The Dreamer" 4 I V 1 I Others who are graduating with our class but have not stayed to hear the finishing applause are: Paul Reed, George Clear, Lloyd Tobin, Ronald Ferguson, and Harold Jarrett. JUNICRS F5 X it 'X Snphumnr-G5 Sooner or Later X ,A cmurs S i K' X Freshman K !! The juniors introduced the year by electing reserved but capable John Carver as presi- dent and Barbara Savage as vice president. Competent Vianna Wilson served as secre- tary and treasurer. , The juniors, because they are so independ- ent and because they felt they could earn money in other ways, decided to save Vianna ai lot of trouble and not have class dues. They made money by sponsoring a skating party and dances after games. Few students at AHS were left at Christmas time without cards to send because the juniors were always there, urging them to buy cards from them. December was spring when they blossomed out in green and white sweaters. They also got their class rings this year. They were directed very successfully by Sponsors Miss French, Miss Bagby, and Miss Hull. V X Floyd Abernathy Sharlene Adams Jimmy Arnold Ruth Ann Baker Margaret Beardsley ,Ioan Bennett Ethel Brake Mary Brewer Margaret Brown Helen Buckles Bernice Bushong John Carver Rebecca Clark Robert Clear Larry Clegg jimmy Clevenger Charles Cochran Charles Cullen Nina Cunningham Frank Davis Margaret Ellis Max Elsworth Edwin Etchison Joyce Etcihison Joan Farqucr Carol Fish Donald Poland Leatrice Foland Joanne Frnzce Joan Girting Naida Gorden Dixiana Gross Madonna Heartbargtr Doris Lee Hon Marilyn Hoppes Juanita Hughes Ileen Hurst Bruce Johnson Donald Johnson james Johnson Agnes Jones Rex Jones Robert Jones Donald King Duane Knotts Patty Latcbaw Carolyn Lee Mary Eileen Lemon Roland Little Norma Lundy Marion McCord Betty McKee Jo Ann Maines Freddie Miller Robert Montgomery Dorothy Moorman Wayne Morgan Bruce Mottweiler Beverly OBrynnt Edwin Pierce Barbara Porter Eunice Porter Carolyn Potter Helen Ramsey K. Norbert Rayle Lois Rector Robert Rinker Barbara Savage Ruth Scantland Kathryn Schroth Eileen Semon Betty Shirk Joe Songer Carrollee Starr Dorothy Stuard Pauline Stubblefield Sybil Swindell Edward Teague Betty Tempest Betty Thompson Donald Tobin Joanne Tuerffs Lawrence Vannatta Illene Weaver Arthur Wheeldon Vianna Wilson Dorothy Wolfe Lois Yelvington Martha J. York 'i V f SCPHCDMCDRES "O, What a Beautiful Morning" X JN f-N --... i .i if ii' "ty M' 4 i ' I Oh, they're big kids now . . . these sophomores. They,re in senior high. f They've no time to squander on petty freshmen. They started out with a bang by electing go-getting Pat Donahue as president and jovial Mary Lee Johnston as vice-president. Philip Blake kept the minutes and Phyllis Hess took charge of the money. Unlike most sophomores, these became immediately acquainted with senior high, and some became very well acquainted with senior high girls. This was a money making year. With the help of Miss Yargar, Miss Allen, and Mr. Oberholtzer they sold popcorn at games, sponsored a skating party and a super magician show. They showed their originality by having the first hayride of the year. We are proud of these sophomores who fear nothing . . . not even the newness of senior high. i Fred Aldridge Mildred Allen Robert Ankrum Janet Arnold Keith ASl'1l3y Pete Auler Anne Baker Jeaneen Beeman Elmer Beeson Jean Bennie Margaret J. Benson Marjorie A. Benson Joan Bitner Philip Blake Willis Blunk Faris Boston James Brenner Freddie Brotherton Nancy Ann Broyles Margaret Chafin Lewis Clear Patricia Clegg Bill Clock Ernest Collis Howard Compton Judith Cummings Ronald Dailey Patrick Donahue Francis Dwiggins Arthur Elbert John Ellingwood Keith Etherington Ann Etsler Emily Fleenor Kenneth Frazier Jack Gardner Joe Golden Armitte Gosnell Albert Hall Betty Hall Jacqueline Harrison Jackie Hartz Phyllis Hess Wilma Hicks Patricia Holler Harold Hosier Jeanette Hurst Betty Lou Johnson Beverly Johnson Margie Johnson Mary Lee Johnston James E. Judd Beverly Kelly Norman Kendrick Ethel Key Carolyn Kilgore Lois Ann King William King Eugene Little Charles McCullough Kathleen Mae MeCune Charles McKee Jack Marlow Morris May Kathleen Mehling Betty Louise Miller Phyllis Miller William Montgomery Valetta Morgan Carl Mosson Norma Jean Mulvaney Marjorie Maxine Nash Barbara Ohler Fred Owen Hubert Patz Lawrence Pelfrey Ferrell Pettigrew James Pierce Harry Poynter Blaine Rittenhouse 'William Rohn James Spade Joann Spencer Billy Starr Jack Stevens Eugene Street Phyllis Terrell Bert Thompson Harold Thompson Barbara Tulowitzky Barbara Vaught Marthella Veach Donald J. Warner George Weasel Wandri Welborn Joyce Wliitnian Marjorie Wilhelm Gale Willianis Ann Worley Philip Young FRESHMEN "It's a Good Day" Freshmen are portrayed as the babies of high school. They sup- posedly have very little thinking ability and even less poise. They are, we might say, 'green". Now, let's look at this year's freshman class, the seniors of 1950. Edwin Baker, Buddy to us, proves that freshmen do not possess these qualities- Upon Buddy has been bestowed the oflice of president. Patty Lewis, who disproves the theory that freshmen have no poise, serves as vice-president. Marilyn Jo Fuller is secretary of the class and Robert Imler takes his place as treasurer. This class went further to defend their true nature by selling magazine subscriptions and they did very well . . . so well that they had a party which was open to all freshmen. They danced and played games. Of course, the ones who sold the most subscriptions had one slight advantage over the rest . . . they paid no admission. Freshmen do not take all the credit for their success. Their spon- sors-Mrs. Slone, Mrs. Harlan, and Mr. Welborn -went a long way in proving that our seniors of 1950 are not the babies of AHS but are willing to accept responsibility and take their deserved place in AHS. f 4 ?' 45 i f- ,- 'N or 4' Fm' ., - Z it . -l Freda Auler Keith Auler David Auth Edwin Baker Hobert Ball Inita Beaty Doris Beilhartz Richard Benefie .Tack Blockson Mary Bogue jackie Bowers Barbara Brewer Paul Brewer Marilyn Brobst Robert Cleaver Shirell Collis Duane Cox Arlene Cummings Jerry Cummins Phyllis Cunningham Marvin Davis Phil Lea Davis Beverly A. Day Eugene Derstler Franklin Dickerson jean Ann Druelle Bettie J. Edwards David Ellis Barbara Emmons Sue Etchison Richard Featherston Williani Fisher Judith Frye Garnet Fuller Marilyn Jo Fuller Jim Freese Joann Glass Mary Griffey Carolyn Gossett Fred Granger William Hague John Haron Julia High Joyce Holmes loisann Hon Jerry Howell Margaret Ann Humphries Margery Jeanne Humphries Jane Hurst Phyllis Hysong Robert lmler Naomi Louise Jones Myra Mae Kane Janet Kauffman Betty Kettery l Darlene Lamberston Douglas Lee Patricia Lewis 'William Lewis Joseph Mack Marion McKown Bob McMahan Louise Malston Harold Marsh Earline Meador Betty Miller Sidney Millspaugh Ruth Montgomery Georgia Morgan Harold Morton Minnie Mullins Barbara Ann Norton Barbara O'Bryant Jim Overby Teena Overpeek William F. Pate, Jr. Josephine Patz John Peck Bonnie Jean Porter Phyllis Prentice Hugh Rapier Harold Rector Ranna Reehling Phyllis Riley Jay Ringer jim Robertson Carl Ryan Wreatha Scott Beverly Semon Jane Shafer Joann Shaw Kenneth Sigler Robert Silvey Janet Staggenburg Jack Stansberry Phyllis Starr Betty Stelter Eleanor Stillwell Dale Stinefield Kenneth Stokes Merl Street, Jr. Cophine Stubblefield Max Studabaker Earl Svendsen Charles Swift james Tappan Nina Tappan Frieda Teague Joann Tharp Freda Thomas Dennis Thompson Marvin Trice Donald Ulery Marilyn VanHorn jack Vollenhals Darrell Warner Doris W'arren Claud Weaver Jean Whipple Martha Wicker Sue Wilhelm Billy Williams james Williams Donna Woods Barbara Lou Wright Wayne Wright ww QKVW E vw xx was I C I' K :Q 42.0 'E 1 . v.', fe ,. Wag, ,A ,M 1 Mfg? , QQCW Qi, X Q J ' 1 . 'M' J e . 1 ,g,,'4' 1- We ,O Q 55435225 yy. KY x g ,f 1334! 5 . , ik. R , iw. gg Y SEVENTH AND EIGHTH "Let all my Life be Mu ' " ' 1 41 T History, literature, physical educa- tion . . . all these hold a strange mean- ing to seventh grade students. New faces and customs make everything seem different. Cheer up, kids. Look at the eighth graders. They have ac- quired confidenee. They know these buildings from top to bottom and these faces mean friendship. Sponsors who have started junior high students on their way are Miss Brannon and Miss Inglis for the sev- enth grade and Miss MeCammon and Mr. Holmes for the eighth grade. Presidents of the seventh grade are Donald Miller and Jimmy Stevens. Donald Almquist is the eighth grade president. - Maxine Ann Adams Donald Almquist Esther L. Auler Virginia Boone Robert Breese Eugene Byrd Bob Creek George Davis Thomas Eaton Paul Ellis Alice Corrinne Elbert Richard Etchison Vivian Fish Gene Flook Sara Nell Fox Imogene Gaither Ralph Garner Richard Gorden Loren Grahm Barbara Nelle Heritage William Ice James Jacobs Mary Jane Jarrett Doris Louise Johnson Marilyn Jones jerry Kilgore Howard King Paul McCullough Glenn Maynard Marilyn Miller Miriam Mottweiler Betty Lou Mullins Cherita Mae Myers Arlene Nelson Sharon Newcomb Billy Oldfield Vanita Pierce Ruth Ann Reed Burt C. Reehling Phyllis Remington Irma Jean Riley Mary Rohn Ralph Sayre jaequsie Summers Franklin Taylor Dale Thurber Wilma Tobey Clmrles Townsend Don Vermillion ,Iennann Vollenhals Billie Walker Ruby Warren jack Wood Ronald Alexander Billy Armstrong Susan Baker Phyllis Beeman Sally Beigh Robert Brake Ralph Brewer jerry Brobst Adrienne Burnett .Ioe Cox Jacqueline Crist Janet Curts Dorothy Cummings Richard Davis Pierre DeMoss Billie Dickey Marjery Dickey Mary Lou Disbenne Donnie Eaton parlton Edwards Maria Elbert Carolyn Farrington Maurice Gaither Robert Gardner Phyllis Garner Barbara Henry William Hull Donald Imler Frances Jarrett Rex -Irnkins jerry Lee Jones Howard Little Patricia Luyet Wayn-e Marquand Donald MeClead Joe Mesalam Donald Miller Nancy Morgan Jerry Morris Donald Montgomery Billy Muston Marlene Nash Gardenia Nielander Jean Overby Bob Owen Patty Patterson Edward Parnell Jerry Peck Marilyn Plackard David Robey Mary Jane Scott James Sigler Ranola Simpson Sarah Jane Stahlhuth Donald Starr Marilyn Starr Jimmie Stevens Berry Street Roy Stringer Ruth Studabaker Paul Tomlinson Russell Tomlinson Geraldine Treesh Lena Trueblood Philip VanHorn Ralph Vaught Maryjo Vollenhals Tommy Williams Orza Wogerman Barbara Wood Joyce Wood Roy Wood Fourth row, sfandingz Marie Weaver, Carroll Copeland, Bert Tomlinson, Anne Baker, joan Farquer, Dixiana Gross, Fourth row, .Yl'dfl'll': Loren Graham, Bill Lewis, Donald Imler, Douglas Lee. Third row: Barbara Ohler, Betty Lou Johnson, Teena Overpeck, Richard Gorden, jimmy Arnold, Fred Owen, K. Rayle, Duane Knotts, Eugene Little. Seroml row: Carrollee Starr, Nancy Broyles, Emily Fleenor, Betty jean McKee, Jean Ann Hendryx, Howard Little. Firxf row: Lou Owen, Richard Wyatt, Naida Gorden, Dick Benefiel. BAND "Sweet Music Fills the Airn each third period when the band rehearses. This organiza- tion, which seems at its peak now, has been kept busy giving concerts, marching at football games, and playing at basketball games- The twirlers play an important part at the games. This is the first year for some time that the band has entered the annual band contest. Some of its members also enteredi the solo and ensemble contest. Mr. Copeland has kept the band a democratic organization as much as possible. Officers elected by the band were Judy Mobley, librarian, Shirlee Wells, student directorg Jim Arnold, set-up manager, and Lou Owen, concert mistress. Iionrlb mug xlumliug: Juanita Hughes, Sybil Swindcll, Bcvcrly O'Bryant, ,Ioan Dcnliync, Shirlce Wfclls jimmy XVillinms, Fred Granger, blanc Frye, Filly W,illlJll1S, Charles Almquist. Ifourflv row, suufawf: Phil Lea Davis, Sidney Millspnugh. Tbinl rout jimmy Spade, Ronald Daily, jack XVond, Billy Armstrong, Paul McCullough, D.ivid Robey ,Ioycc Iirchison, Donald Almquist, Charles Mosson, Aludy Moblcy, Budclic Baker, Rex -loncs. Sl't'0I11l row: Mary Rohn, Carl Mosson, lVl1lLl0l1I1Ll Hcnrtlmrgcr., Paul Iillis, Pat Hoppcs, ,Inner Arnold Bert Thompson. Firxf rout Carolyn Huebner, Wfilma Hicks, Kathryn Schrorh, Marilyn Hoppcs, Barbara Savage. TWIRLERS PERFORM AT BASKETBALL GAMES Bark row, Ivft fo rigbl: Carl Mosson, Clyde Marquand, Dick Benefiel, Gilbert Closser, Gene Swindell, Bob Benefiel, Joe Songer, Faris Boston, Fred Owen, Jeanette Hurst, Marjorie Benson, Lloyd Cunningham, Roland Little, Eugene Little, Eugene Street, Carroll Copeland, director. Middle row: Orpha Hannah, Marjorie Nash, Myr-a Mae Kane, Betty Kettery, Margaret Beardsley, Beverly Kelly, Norma Mulvaney, Barbara Evans, Leatrice Foland, Edythe Morgan, Lynn Russell, Lou Owen, Betty Lou Johnson, Gwen Etsler, Norma Lundy, Joyce Etchison, Christine Johnston, Janet Arnold, Marthella Veach. From' row: Illene Weaver, Joyce Teague, Joan Girting, Carolyn Lee, Phyllis Miller, Margaret Benson, Patty Clegg, Barbara Norton, Margaret Mehling, Juanita Hughes, Eileen Lemon, Anita Gaither, Ina Ellingwood, Betty Harrison, Anne Baker, Shirlee W'ells. CHOIR We "hear those angel voices calling" when our sixty-five voice choir sings. These people, who love to sing, have performed at concerts, minstrels, Crescendo Varieties -- actually in every musical performance of the year. Outstanding in this year's music was the Easter performances of Dubois "Seven Last Words of Christf' The Cantata was made doubly impressive by new robes, worn by the choir. Joan Girting and Lou Owen were librarians. Shirlee Wells and Anne Baker were accompanists for the fifth period choir and Rebecca Clark and Carolyn Huebner played for the fourth period group. The new spinet piano, bought this year, makes their playing especially enjoyable. E j GIRL'S TRIO That's not T. Dorsey you hear . . . It's the AHS Dance Band. It is made up of twelve students who are strictly solid- senders. They have played for dances, minstrels, Crescendo Varieties, and even for dinner music. Miss Bagby has started something new this year by supervising the girls' swing Q Urio. They stick -strictly to popular jive tunes and, with her as arranger and ac- companist, have acquired a fine reputation. DANCE BAND Burk rouf, left fo riglmlz Carroll Copeland, Gene Sv 'ndell, Carollee Starr. Miififlr' rout Anne Baker, Bob Benefiel, jim Arnold, Fred Owen, Rex jones, Bud Baker. Front row: Dick Benefiel, Shirlee XVells, Lou Owen, Dick Wyatt. Sfdlltlfllg, lrfi lo Vigbl: Miss Margaret Anne Keller, Kelley McGill, Carrollee Starr. Burk ruin: joy Kean, Richard Gorden, Paul Ellis, Carlton lfdwards, Phyllis Cunningham, Sl'l'07lt1 Voir: Marilyn Starr, Miriam Mottweiller, Marilyn jones, jack Wioricl, Billy Armstrong. Front mir: kludy Mnblcy, Donald Paul NlcCflead, klerr' B be , Ci-'al line il' '-al 'i l Xdrienne Burnett. y ro st tx t rttsi, Simi -lane Stahlhuth. Nof 11ir'f1i1'i'if: Mary Qlohnston, Sandra Kilgore QRCHESTRA A group of strings, Hrst organized the second semester last year, was the beginning of our orchestra. Miss Keller has added to the orchestra, and it made its Hrst appearances this year in a Christmas Cantata, a semester recital, and the eighth grade commencement. The orchestra consists of seventh and eighth grade students with the exception of one person from each of the four upper classes. iq' Land 0 Cotton -Sianding, left io right: Lynn Russell, Wayne Morgan, Dixiana Gross, Joanne Tuerffs, joan. Bennett, Gene Swindell, Gene Farquer. Sf'alc'rl': Jean Ann Hendryx, Don Dick, Clyde Marquand. TIGER CLUB "Fight 'em, team, fight 'emf' The purpose of the Tiger Club is to help the team by backing them with yells and promoting good sportsmanship. We see the club at each game in its own section, cheering the Tigers on to victory. Although the Tiger Club is not an organization which makes a profit on its activities, it must have money to carry it through the year and to Hnance the banquet at the end of the year. Many girls in AHS were sporting large white bandanas which had the name of the school written in large letters. C- I. C. books were also sold. The Tiger Club originated the new sectional seating plan, which was first used this year. The work was successfully carried out under the leadership of President jean Ann Hendryx, Vice-President Gene Farquerg and Secretary-Treasurer Lynn Russell. The executive committee was composed of Joan Bennett, Wayne Morgan, and Joanne Tuerffs. Sfanding, left fo right: Bruce Mottweiler, Lois Yelvington, Carolyn Kilgore, Ina Ellingwood, Robert Ankrum, Edward Teague. Srafeif: Christine Johnston. V. M. Evans, Verle Wright. STUDENT COUNCIL "Clean ,em Out" was the slogan when Student Council members made posters to remind students to keep their lockers clean- One needed only to turn a corner in the hall or pass a waste basket to be confronted by one of these bright posters. Instead of looking at the clock in front of the assembly, students were distracted one day by a huge tiger skin. This was part of the display of a speaker from India who was presented by the Student Council. The council, with the help of Mr. Evans, also presented a musical program which fea- tured part of the dance band. Committees were appointed to communicate with all absentees, and to make scholarships available. The Student Council is composed of eight members, some chosen by students and some by the faculty. According to custom a senior always serves as president. Verle Wright held the position this year. Eddie Teague is vice-president. Ina Ellingwood was elected secretary, and the treasurer is Christine Johnston. Slamfiug, Ivfl lo rigbl: Patrick Donahue, Philip Young, jimmy Arnold, Charles Almquist. Sealed: Max Jones, E. R. Buck, John Carver. HI-Y "The more they get together," the merrier they are! These sixty-six members of the Hi-Y come from each class in high school and with the help of Mr. Buck, have formed probably the merriest club in AHS. They began their year by electing Max Jones as president, John Carver as vice- president, Pat Donahue as secretary, and Charles Almquist as treasurer. Phil Young was Sergeant-at-arms, and Jim Arnold served as chaplain. They have had a year filled with activities. A supper followed formal initiation. fPerhaps the rough initiation last year was just too roughly They also had a semi-formal dance. y .ygThere was simply no excuse for a student's not having a pencil. Pencil machines were installed in both buildings by the Hi-Y. Incidentally, this was one of the methods of making money. The club also had dues. t S0 ends a year of fun, fun, and more fun for the Hi-Y of AHS. S1a1m'i11g, 'left fo rigbf: Joan Bennett, Vianna Wilson, Helen LeRoy, Orpha Hannah. Srafed: Jean Ann Hendryx, Roxanna Frazier, Barbara Evans. Y-TEENS There have been some changes made' this year- The all-girl organization of AHS is no longer called the Girl Reserves. The reason for this change, according to National Headquarters of Y. W. C. A., is that Y-Teens shows more of a relationship between this group and the Y. W. C. A. This seemed the year for speakers at Y-Teens. Two war brides, one: from England and one from Belgium, and a U. S. Army Hostess spoke before the group. Y-Teens pins, bracelets, and buttons were made available to the club. Those who led the girls through this year of changes are Jean Ann Hendryx, presidentg Barbara Evans, vice-presidentg Joan Bennett, sccretaryg and Vianna Wilson, treasurer. Miss Frazier was adviser of the group. Sfamfirlg, Ivff fo rigbl: Joan Prentice, Duane Knotts, Philip Young, James Judd. Sealed: Charlotte Chambers. Mariorie French, Madonna Heartbarger. JUNIGR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross - . . our "Angels of Mercy" in AHS. Needy children in fKorea were made' happier when our Junior Red Cross sent clothes to them. The organization also sent gift boxes to children in Europe and gifts to the Yanks. ' i ' ' Amid cheers and applause the high school band played at the Veterans' Hospital in Marion. The trip was financed by the Junior Red Cross. Tomlinson, Clarke, and Junior High scho-ols were permitted to carry on projects, and the Junior Red Cross paid for them. Marjorie French is Junior Red Cross supervisor and Joan Prentice is chairman of the council. The only other officer is Charlotte Chambers, who serves as secretary and treasurer. Standing, Irff to rigbi: Philip Blake, Norman Kendrick, Philip Young, Marion McCord, William King. Sealed: Charles Cullen, F. H. Disque, Edward Teague. FUTURE FARMERS QF AMERICA "A farmer's in the dell! A farmer's in the dell!" There will be a few more farmers when the Future Farmers of America complete their agricultural training and follow the occupation of their fathers. One wav of distinguishing 11 Future Farmer from an ordinary AHS fellow is by his white T shirt with blue emblem and chapter insignia printed on the front. The club has forty members and Charles Cullen serves as president. Philip Blake is secretary and Phil Young, treasurer. Reporter is Bill Kingg Norman Kendrick is sergeant-at-arms, and Marion McCord is conductor. YEA! TIGERS! FIGHT ON! September FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 9 ..... Elwood .,wL.... September 13 LL... Columbia City September 2 0 .,L. ,- September 27 ..... Hartford City October 4 October 1 1 October 18 October 23 November --,,--Noblesville ,s,,c,- ,--L..-Portland L,----- -.- .... Tipton ....,.-. ------PeruL,L------- ls- .... Elwood LL.LcL W- Plymouth L, LCLLL ,, Here There There Here Here There Here There There AHS 0 14 13 14 19 6 26 7 12 OPP 31 34 27 6 0 6 6 27 39 First row, left fn rigbiz Assistant Coach Basil Holmes, Head Coach Ronald Treesh,, Eugene Street, John Haron, Bill Granger, Bill Rohn, Max Jones, Bill King, Hubert Patz, joe Songer, Assistant Coach Gene Welborn. Second row: Armitte Gosnell, Harold Thompson, Jerry Little, Bob Clear, Bob Montgomery, Royce Beeson, john Carver, Dick Hughes, Joe Golden. Third row: Charles Cullen, Kenneth Frazier, Verle Wright, Bus Sizelove, Larry Clegg, Faris Boston, Bob Ankrum, Jim Pierce, Gale Williams. Fourlh row: Student Manager Howard Compton, Douglas Lee, Howard King, Billy Willianas, Bill Lewis, Team Mascot Ronnie Treesh, Student Man- ager Bill Clock. Our football team was beaten the first game by a heavy and experi- enced Elwood eleven. The next two games were defeats, but the team made a much better showing when they defeated the Hartford City team. The Tigers were not beaten for three more games, including a tie with Portland, and victories over Noblesville and Tipton. In the last two games the boys were beaten by the overwhelming weight of the Peru Tigers, and were out-scored by the Elwood Panthers. In some of the games the Tigers may have been out-tackled, but they were never out-fought. The team next season will miss the seven seniors on the squad but will have fifteen lettermen returning. Boys who completed their football career this year are: Captain Bus Sizelove, Jerry Little, Verle Wright, Rolland Allen, Max Jones, Royce Beeson, and Dick Hughes. Other lettermen are: Etchison, Bob Montgomery, joe Songer, Robert Clear, Larry Clegg, John Carver, Bob Ankrum, Bill King, Phil Young, Faris Boston, Armitte Gosnell, Eugene Street, Hubert Patz, and Joe Golden. Sta1z'di1zg, left to righl: Armitte Gosnell, Harold Thompson, K. Rayle, Fred Aldridge, Edwin Etchison, Duane Knotts. Klieeliiigz Rex Jones, Joe Golden, Jerry Little, Jimmy Arnold. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. 20 Gaston ,.dw.t L 72 32 22 Frankton L 30 Plymouth 6 Albion LLL 11 Elwood LLL 13 Gas City ...2w 33 47 20 Huntington 10 Monticello 11 Peru ..... BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AHS oP. AHS OP Home Jan LLLL 35 43 Home Jan LLLL 35 36 Home Jan LLLL 47 34 Home Feb L 41 52 Away Feb Home Feb LLL 39 , 45 Home Feb L 30 34 'Away Feb L40 56 Away Feb 17 Tipton LLLLLLL 2 2 Noblesville LL 24 Burris LLLLLLLL 1Elwood LLLLLLL 7 Hartford City 14 Summitville -LL 18 Fairmount LLLL 21 Wabash LLLLLL L 27 Markleville LLLL Away Away Away Home Away Home Home Away Sec. Our Tigers started their season with a bang by trouncing the Gaston Bulldogs 72 to 32. After two hard fought defeats the Tigers whipped the Albion five 47 to 34. They suffered several straight defeats, but made good showings against such highly-rated teams as Elwood, Gas City, Huntington, and Tipton. In a thrilling overtime the team was back on victory road by out-pointing the Noblesville Millers 43 to 40, but they lost to Burris of Muncie. After leading most of the way in the second Elwood game, the Tigers were beaten out in the last few minutes 43 to 39. After winning three games in a row, the team was defeated in the final game at Wabash. In mid-season Head Coach Ronald Treesh resigned and school officials chose Don Dick, who has capably filled the position. In the sectional at Anderson, Alexandria drew Markleville, the team that led the county standings, and was eliminated by a slim margin, 43 to 42. Basketball prospects for next year are good, as only one player is lost by graduation. Cf course basketball fans will miss Jerry Little, redheaded guard. This 5 foot 9 inch senior was team captain, leading individual scorer and a very good defensive player. Returning lettermen expected to start next season are: Duane Knotts, K. Rayle, Jimmy Arnold, and Edwin Etchison, all juniors. Sophomore veterans are: Armitte Gosnell, Joe Golden, Harold Thompson, and Fred Aldridge. J W L. aQam..rl1E-zeaiaifzfff bi'!'SyD1xl'.9IiK 'Y ff5A6tYQ :WEST K I swf' .- ef f W as fzwf-Qlf wx' f rf Bm 9 10 17 23 24 5 8 11 14 18 20 22 28 6 13 20 21 JN: U' Q 1 2 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Now we "Begin the Beguinef' Say, he looks lost-he must be a Freshie. First football game of season. It's Elwood, here. The Good Neighbor!!! Classes begin-Now we can sit and talk all day. "Sounds of the Air", a senior program-on school time-so a large audience attended. OCTOBER Oh! Oh! Report cards today. What did you get? Face the music! Two whole days of heaven. State Teachers, Association at Indian- apolis -- all teachers attended. Here we rest. All-State chorus of 1946 met in Indianapolis - fourteen from Alex- andria sang. NOVEMBER Hi-Y went to Richmond. Only for a meeting folks! Your first Tiger's Tale - How did you like it? Armistice Day . . . Quiet kids! Can't you quit talking for just one minute? Ah, Mah! Copeland done gone 'nd done it agin, 'way down char in the "Land O' Cotton." "The Green Years" started-the juniors got their sweaters. The net boys are at it again-first basketball game of the season with Gaston. Keep clean the game. Senior dance after Frankton game. Don't feel much like dancing, huh? Thanksgiving-Which was stuffed the most, you or the turkey? Two swell days of vacation. DECEMBER Junior dance after Albion game- What was the matter with everyone? junior dance after Gas City game. Loved it!!! Huntington game. Afterwards, a senior dance'--nice, huh? Christmas vacation and New Year's Eve--Oh what a time!!! JANUARY Blind Tourney at Hartford City. The fellows played swell ball. A one-point lead doesn't prove much. Back to school from that lovely vacation. Oh! how we hated to get up this morning. Watchful waiting - see how many seniors get their glossy prints in by this time. No school - too much ice and snow. We never thought we would be so glad to see snow. Senior Box Social - Where were the seniors? Reverend William Master of the Nazarene Church spoke today. A great day for all seniors-measured for caps and gowns. Why were their chests so big today? Sophomores sponsor a magician show with Marvin Crouse. Do something. If that doesn't work, do something else. Spectrum Sales-aren't you glad you got yours? Reverend Ralph Grile of the Friends Church spoke today. "Dixie Four" sponsored by the seniors- Winter Concert - New robes, and Il nifty looking piano. Oh, yes, the music was swell, too. Another win - Our second team tourney was really a success. The Student Council presented Mr. Willet in "Bazaar in India." Hurrah! No class. FEBRUARY Senior dance - Elwood game - Go West Young Men!!! The Jo-ett Club raffled off six pairs of nylons-an increase in capital for the Senior Class. Lincoln's Birthday. Summitville game - Senior dance - Swing your partner. Seniors sponsor a program on Alaska. Sectional Tourney-Fifty-four forty or Fight!!!! MARCH Class Tourney. Spring Concert -Music Divine! Melville, the glass blower, a Senior program. "Blow, Blow, Blow the Man Down." Y-Teen members held a party today sixth period. E APRIL Spring vacation -I Won't Work!!! Hi-Y April Fool party. What a party! Easter! Did the Easter Bunny come to see you? A three-act comedy "A Date With Judyv was presented by the Senior Class. Crescendo Varieties- MAY F. F. A. traveled to Spring Mill State Park. Senior Trip-Off to Detroit we will go! Baccalaureate-Every Man a King. Commencement-We will carry on. School closes and again we repeat-Report cards-Who is that crying? Are you glad school is out? Ask me no questions and I'lI tell you no iibs . . . POSTSCRIPT Page four gives names and pictures of all members of the journalism classes responsible for this book. The title page lists the usual editors. As adviser I'd like to add a last word. Usually a Spectrum represents the ideas of the editor, more or less modihed by suggestions from the staff. Though Bob Benefiel acted as editor during the last vital weeks, and did it well, others had shared the responsibilities usual to the job. Such is true of most of the other work. Illl be a long time forgetting by what difhcult process We decided on song titles for seniors-how often Sue shuf- fled the lay-out--how everyone loved the S of snaps fWhose idea was that anyhow?j -how patiently Gilbert mounted pictures, and John read proof--how Bob Mont- gomery, our lone junior, saved the day for the sports section---how often Janie got everyone's opinion about an idea, and joan offered to type-how jean Ann drew and redrew our picture language for teachers. I'l1 recall, too, how interrupted much of our work was by Tiger's Tale, essays, minstrels and vacations. Most of all I'11 recall a successful project in group action, on-e of my happy experiences- Y PRESS OF Scorr PRINTING COMPAN Muncie, Indiana - -- ' ' ' 'z - n ,,-.. M, ,,. , , R' KA

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