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.4 x I6 a if X A f Ma -" ., , 0 'nt R 0.0 96 0 C Q 74646775 cS'7llJ7Zl 1707? 17? 67-IJ 6714 P71154 ffzcffffnif Bnafwfsa mnnnfcns Gvdzyw WJGA77 7A4uLfy npvfscf CD - 67 'IUOUDTFUZIX 7720WffUWKc'5E ff I' "-' jJuB,Qf was E iiaiy -T .ii - ,il- JN SP63cf4?'ccm +-4 - I 735- --r RADUA 73 "-4 wife , rf j 71729 f' CLAJJ oy' f 0716 , A a FL6xf17vD1?J Wfj 77' 66710 0,6 'UQLLXML X j f f 'ff f ff, 111' '1- fh , f,, f, X X Vx XQXXXX ff WCQ f Why, X X XRANKXXXQ X X xxxxxxx xxxxxx, Xxx NXXXXXX X FOQVWORD The class of 1035 has endeavored to preserve for you 1D thlS editlon of the Snectrum a record of 1tS Btt81Um8UtS along with the 1nsp1rat1on and pleasant has QIVBU to tnem As candle light softens the harsh llnes f a room and brinps out s lovliness mav memorv cast a shadow over unpleasant occurrences of school llfe and mellow to beauty the varied dCt1V1t1GS of the four years spent in Alexandrla High School , . . . . 1 . , i memories which Alexandria High School ' o ., it DPDICATIWN Iiss Hieett has proved herself a valuable frmend to us during our four out many a rough situation for us and helped us over some places too steep to travel alone We, the class of 1959, d6d1C8t6 this Spectrum to Miss Hieatt Although no doubt she has manv times thought otherwise, we have appreciated her Vears in High School. She has smoothed 2 6 AX QQ - EF' :W jf YW X!! H631 4 D- W QA-L E H 5 51 X W LQ '3 'F ,P L9 Frank O. Medsker Superintendent of Schools B. S. Marion Normal A. B. Indiana University Post Graduate, Indiana University Victor M. Evans Principal of High School Porter School of Commerce A. B. Oakland City College Indiana University Social Science, Health Faculty Adviser--Student Council Russel W. Ihne B. S. I. E. Purdue University Industrial Arts, Mathematics Faculty Adviser--H1-Y Mary Dunn B. S. Ball State Teachers College Commerce Special, Mathematics Commercial Subjects Central Treasurer Roxanna Frazier A. B. DePauw University University of Chicago Latin, Mathematics Faculty Adviser--Girl Reserves Marjorie French A. B. Ball State Teachers College Social Science Faculty Adviser--Juniors Evelyn Hieatt A. B. Ball State Teachers College Indiana University English Director of Dramatics Librarian Faculty Adviser--NSpectrum' F. H. Disque B. S. A. Purdue University Indiana University Vocational Agriculture, Science Coach--Vocational Basketball Faculty Adviser--Future Farmers Assistant Faculty Adviser--Juniors Mary Morton B. S. Indiana University Home Economics, English Faculty Adviser--H. E. Club Mary Noble A. B. Ball State Teachers College Physical Education Faculty Adviser--Girls Sports 'ii' X 2 'fs ,ugllll In R. Henry Orner B. S. Butler University Northwestern University Indiana University Valparaiso University Athletics, History Coach--Basketball, Track, Baseball Mrs. Katie C. Slone B. S. Earlham College University of Chicago Indiana University English, Mathematics Faculty Adviser--Seniors Robert Slone B. S. Purdue University Science, Social Science Faculty Adviser--Sophomoroe Ellen Stafford B. S. Ball State Teachers College Music, Art Glenn Stuckey A. B. Marion College Indiana University Physics, Geometry Faculty Adviser--Freshmen SE -xx Exe II . -lf nf-as U, B 1-RQ -X ' 5 .U sq, N . -gf Xxx LNXXF' i no A L X SOPHOW FL WGSM ai J f J V 'iii gi i X ww Jimi X KL!!! 011156301 I 2 W V xl SENIOR PIISTORY One nurdre thmrt a cared bows and rlrls entered the doors of Alexandria llph school for txe first time as freshmen In 1951 Nr Ihne was class sponsor the first year and carrxed on the af alrs of the class with the help of Vtrpinla Simmons as president Letty Hudlin v1ce president Leila Emmons sec etary, and eva Marie Blake as treasurer VlFVlhlA Nevils and Kenneth Stafford represented the class on t e Qtudent Pounczl After vivlnp the ophomores a duck nc in lpe Creek they exerted their enerpv in vxvlne oarties A Halloween party was given ln the Pvm and a Christmas partv ID fue Kappa ro me N Stuccef was :non of the aromp s ophomores and was assisted bv ert Hamm artr r e 14 t 4elene sm ecreterv ard Sue Braun, treasurer letcalf The reshmen were victorious in the Tug of Nar, and the Sophomores received some of their own medicine A blv event of the Tunlor vear was the Tunior play There Foes the Bride The leadlna characters were Town Petherford Vlrsinia Simrons Betty Blake, Rosemary Jontaomery and Robert Schleeter Probablv the most important function has the Junior senior Reception for which the gym was decorated as a ship Stuckey was avaln cle s sponsor and class officers were Sue Braun, president Robert Lvtle, vice nresident Ruth hlnv, secretary Raymond lorley treasurer tulent council members were Helene Smith, Varthena Placverd, and Uewey Hobbs For activitf period and fashion style show and mock wedding were elven Thev are new Genie Ilinf fonl farewell to the school which holds many nlea ant memorie for them The final et of officers are Albert Baumpartner, oresident Raymoni Vorlev vice president Robert Schleeter sec etary and John Iilhelm treasurer Woldinp seats in the Qtudent Council are Ruth Klnv Clara llen Iri ht, and 'alter Vopel or activity period, a musical program was given by class talent 12 Y ' . f' .' e n ' ' , , - - I I . ' , ' ' 2 . " ' ' Q a 2 N . , ' - . ' ' - ' . . v 1 , 4 , , ' , 'W , .r. . ' 1 ' . . cor . Y a 9 , . Alb . P .- , pr s' fn 3 K , , F ith, S 3 A Kenneth Stafford was avain elected to the ftudent Council alonp with Eva Ruth , 1 . " v " . ' - 1 . . 2 K I f l " -o . Mr. M ' f . , . g '. I ' A . " , - A ' ,. , old- , , , . . ., re bi f ' f s . . . e . - I ' ' . f- 1 5 I . " .Z " I ' ' "' ' I E T f W , . F Albert Baumasrtner Hi-Y l-2-5-4, President 4 Vice President 3 Basketball, varsitv 3-4, class 2-3-4 Baseball l-2-3-4 Track 3-A HThere Goes the Brideu 5 Class nresldent 2-4 Johnny Wilhelm Spectrum Staff 3-4 H1-Y 2-5-4 Band 1-2-5 Basketball, varsity l-2 Basketball, class l-2 Track l-2, Baseball 2 Class Secretary-treasurer 4 Bob Schleeter Spectrum Staff 3-4 11-Y l-2-3-4, Vice President 4 nThere Goes the Bride' 5 Wwhy the Chimes Rang' 4 Class Treasurer 4 Booster Club 3-4 HPenrodH 4 Rav Worley Hi-Y 1-2-5-4, Treasurer 4 Track A nThere Goes the Bride' 5 Debatinp Club 3 Class Vice President 4 Claes Treasurer 3 Robert Johnson Basketball F. F. A. Home Economics Club 5 Future Farmers Nadean McCorkh1ll Girl Reserves 3-4 Dramatic Club 5 Georve Miller Science Club 5 Kenneth Harvey Hi-Y 4 F. F. A. Basketball Future Farmers Charles Proctor H1-Y 3 Science Club 3 Booster Club 5 Mary Hellen Cone Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Home Economics Club 2 Booster Club 2-4 Travel Club 3 125 1' q'1Y Qin Mara Thurston Girl Reserv S l-2-3-4 Health W Photooraphy Club 3 Chorus 2 Home Economics l-2-3-4 Booster Club 3-4 John Retherford Basketball, varsity 3-4 Basketball, class 2-4 Track 2 UThere Goes the Brlden 3 Mixed Chorus 1 Baseball 2 Helene Smith Spectrum Staff 3-4, Editor-in-chief 4 Girl Reserves l-2-3-4, President 3-4 Health k Photography Club 3, President Student Council 3, Secretary 3 Class Secretarv 2 Robert Lytle Basketball, varsity 1-3-4 Basketball, class l-2-3-4 Baseball, varsity l-2-3-4 Baseball, class 1-2-3-4 Home Economics Club 3 Future Farmers 2 Class Vice President 3 Walter Vogel Basketball l-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Baseball l-2-3-4 Health k Photography Club 3 Student Council 4 Gracie Fern Cooper Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Hobbv Club 3 Robert Hieatt H1-Y 1-2-3-A Basketball, class 1-2-3-A Baseball, varsitv 2-3-4 Health A Photoqraphv Club 3 'Penrodn A Raymond Johnston Future Farmers 2-3-4 Vice President F. F. A. 3 MBFQQFBY. FFGESCODG Girl Reserves l-2-3-4 Health k Photography Club 3 Booster Club 3-4 Morrison Smith Hi-Y 1-2-3-4 Basketball, class 4 Track, varsit 3-4 Track, class l-2-3-4 Future Farmers 1-2-3-4 Secretary-treasurer 1-2-3 14 Home Wconomics Club 5 Student Council 5 Virginia Nevils Girl Reserves 1 Latin Club 5 Student Council Rosemarv Montgomery Summitville High School 1-2 Class Treasurer 1 Spectrum Staff 5-4 Girl Reserves 5-4 Girls' Sports Club 5 ooster Club 5 ' hers Goes the Bride' 5 Fedora Ray Girl Reserves 1 Dramatic Club 5 Home Economics Treasurer 4 Girl Reserves 1-2-5-4 Robby Club 5 Home Economics Club 2-5-4 Mary Margaret Ross Girl Reserves 1 'Oh, Doctor' 1 'Up In the Air' Home Economics Music Club 5 Chorus 1-2-5-4 High School Que Orchestra 4 Eileen Montgomery Girl Reserves 1-2-5-4 Girls' Basketball 1-2 Booster Club 5-4 Health E Photography Club 5 Home Economics Club 1-2-5-4 Marthena Plackerd Spectrum Staff -2-5-4 1 -2-3-4 Club 1-2-5 Girl Reserves l-2-5-4 Latin Club 5 Student Council Science Club 5 Arleva Kratzer Home Economics -2-5-4 2 Club 1-2-5 rtette 2-5 4 5 Club 1-2 16 I' A Mary Miller Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Girls' Basketball 1-2 HThere Goes the Briden 3 Girls' Sports Club 3 Booster Club 3 Glee Club 2-3-4 Class Secretary 1 Home Economics Club 1-2 Ruth King Joe Smith Hi-Y l-2-3 Spectrum Staff 4 Girl Reserves 3-4 Latin Club 3 Booster Club 3-A Class Secretary-treasurer 3 Stuient Council A Debating Club 3 Baseball 2-3-4 Dorothy Humphries Spectrum Staff 4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Girls' Sports Club 3 Home Economics Club 2-3-4 Lawrence Oliver Band 3 Track 9-3 Music Club 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Hizh School Quartette 3 Orchestra 2-3-4 Martha Prieshoff Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Travel Club 3 Chorus 1 Home Economics Club 1-2-3 Secretarv-treasurer 3 Elsie Dickerson Girl Reserves l-2-3-4 Natural History Club 3 Home Economics Club 2-3-4 Lucille Hartley Nixola Dickev Spectrum Staff 1 Girl Reserves 1 Music Club 3 Glea Club 4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Gaston Hizh School 1-2 Girl Reserves 3-4 Girls' Sports Club 3 Home Economics Club 3 Harry Johnson Home Economics Club 3 16 Geraldine Mobley Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Travel Club 3 Home Economics Club 1-2-3-4 Betty Snyder Spectrum Staff 3 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 'There Goes the Bride' 3 Debating Club 3 Booster Club 3-4 Girls' Glee Club 3 Home Economics Club 1-2-3 Sue Braun Muncie High School 1 Class Treasurer 2 Class President 3 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 'There Goes the Briden 3 H0h, Doctor' 1 'Why the Chimes Rang' 4 Debating Club 3 Booster Club 2-3-4 Home Economics Club l-2-3-4, President 4 Chorus l-2-3-A Marv Emmons Girl Reserves 3-4 Health Q Photography Club 3 Booster Club 4 Woodrow Montgomery Spectrum Staff 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 ' UThers Goes the Brlden 3 'Penrodn 4 Weunita Hinds Spectrum Staff 4 Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Hobby Club 3 Lucile Wood Girl Reserves 2-3-4 Hobbv Club 3 Booster Club 3 Home Economics Club 2-3-4 Clara Rllen Wright Spectrum Staff 4 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Health Q Photourephy Club 3 Booster Club 3-4 Mixed Chorus 3 Home Economics Club Z Student Council 4 'Penrod' 4 Jim Richardson Home Economics Club 3 Mildred Bell Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Home Economics Club 2-3-4, Pres. 4 1? 5... 4- 15 -.J sg '22 John Harmon Radio Club 3 Virginia Simmons Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Class Basketball 1-2 'There Goss the Bride' 3 Girls' Sports Club 3 Booster Club 3-4 Class President 1 Cless Secretary 2 Msrcille Bushong Girl Reserves 3-4 Dramatic Club 3 Home Economics Club 1-2-3 Vice President 3 Lucille Ellis Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Hobby Club 3 Leona Bradford Girl Reserves 1-3-4 Latin Club 3 Booster Club 3-4 Home Economics Club 3 Helen Roby Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4 Hobby Club 3 Home Economics Club 1-2-3-4 Eva Ruth Metcalf Spectrum Staff 3-4 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-A 'Up in the Air' 2 Latin Club 3 Student Council 2 Orchestra 1-2-3 Glee Club 4 Fern Colson Harold Allen H1-Y 1-2-3-4 Spectrum Staff 4 Home Economics Club 3 'Why the Chimes Rang' 4 Elwood High School 1-2-3 Girl Reserves 4 Booster Club 4 Home Economics Club 4 Iris Farrar Girl Reserves 3-4 Health 5 Photography Club 3 Booster Club 3-4 Home Economics Club 1-2-3 18 Helen Bassett Girl Reserves l-2-5-4 Travel Club 5 Booster Club 5-4 Alice Miller Girl Reserves 1-2-5-4 Hobby Club 5 Home Economics Club 2-5 Beatrice Tomlinson Anderson Hlmh School 1-2 Girl Reserves 5-4 Home Economics Club 5-4 Commercial Club l Travel Club 5 Johnny Vestal Bend l-2-5 'Oh, Doctor' 1 'Up in the Air' 2 Health A Photography Club Chorus l-2-5 High School Quertette 5 Everett Duffy Home Economics Club 5 Irene Downev Anderson High School 1 Girl Reserves 4 Dramatic Club 5 Inez Allen Girl Reserves 1-2-5-4 Girl Reserves Secretary 5 Health k Fhotogrnphv Club 5 Secreterv-treasurer 5 Booster Club 5-4 Opel Bestlne Girl Reserves 2-5-4 Health k Photography Club Home Economics Club 2-5 Jerry Smith H1-Y 1-2 Basketball, varsity l-2, class 1-2-5-4 Baseball 1-2 Track 1 Music Club 5 Home Economics Club 5 Norman Little Basketball, class 1-4 19 Cecil erauson Ruth lvsmnn rl Q eerves 1 P Albert Soutnwick ohn feed rles Rarth SMILVS AND CHUCKL' S Pies French after colllsionl inexst it was all mv faul r tuckef ml ear Piss rench it was all mv fault could tell IWUF c r wee beinp drl en bv a woman fort rods w Sue Eraan I don t want env of your crackers They tell me the mlce run all ver t1em Joe Smlln what 1sn't sc The cat sleeps in the barrel every nizht Clara Fllen t is a somnal co umn9' Narvaret freestone Bones running all over the body considered very danaerous Mr Evans 'You may give your oral renort, Jerry Jerry Smith It is locxed up in my locker L Slone The ants are the hardest workinr creatures in he world John Palnte They seem to have lentv of time to Po to all of the picnics anvwav Alfert PnJmvartner Have you 'orvotten that five cents you owe m Vood ow Nortcomerv 'Not yet vivo me time iome COWOm1C8 Plub 3 Gi .e. -,-3 4 .7 , H' . Cha ... - 4 41 . J - A -J I . : C , ' UHut I -' , .t.H M . f Y: "vow - d, 2' F , . I , 1 Q . . " V y a ay and I could easilv have driven over into a field and avoided th1s.H , 3 H . A . 1 , it 'U II . A , : H7hn ' ' 1 ' ' , : U . It is 1 . . N : ll ' 'N 'r. : U t .ll -. H A II l ' . : 'H , . D e. 'I r- 4 : I l .ll JUNIOR Bill Cartwright ---- --- Jane Ann Hocker ------- Glenn White ----------- Virginia Hinds ------- CLASS ----------President -----Vice President ----------Secretary ----------Treasurer Marjorie French ------ ----------- Sponsor F. H. Disque ------------ Assistant Sponsor Frank McC1ead--- --------- Student Council Priscilla Bell----- ---Student Council John Cook ------ ---- ---- Student Council Class Co1ors--- -------- --Black and White The Juniors are big in achievement as well as in numbers, for there are about one hundred Juniors. The Junior team captured the class championship in the annual inter-class basketball tournament. Early in February the Junior play, NTelling The World', proved quite an attraction to the public. The Juniors are eager to make their class known as one of the most successful in the history of Alexandria High School, Bill Cartwrloht Jane Ann Hooker Glenn White Virginia Hinds John Cook Priscilla Bell Frank McClead Theodore West John Smalley James Inglis Garland Ryall Vivian Kessler Howard Hartwell Robert Fuller A Willis Draper Judith Chapman 21 Johnnie Norris Zelpha lottweller Fancheon lorden Ralph Paynter Eugene Thurston Luther Durr Loran Warner Martha Montgomery Veaper Bandera Wayne Porter Martha Davis Roberta Bundy leradith Goodwin Francie lay B111 Windsor Elna Mae Castor B111 Brown Patricia Painter Guy Arnold Gracie Kirk Vera Carroll Hazel Williams Agnes Criet Maurice Lynch Wayne Kauffman Patricia Rothinghouse Lewis McKinley Roy lcConnaughy Henry Brown Clyde Chafin Joe Street Layton McKinley Harold Brandon Hazel Little Quentin Fox Herbert lcNeea Charles Arnott Annabelle Sexton Geraldine Hiller Alberta lilson 22 Mildred Miller Charles Sloan Marie Shrack Josephine Haddock Kathryn Rosenberger Mary Katherine Kahler Betty Fernung Robert Welborn Margaret Koplin Ruth Stahlhuth Charles Mehling John Alexander Elizabeth Armstrong John Buckner Marie Balser John Latchaw Deloris Marley Robert Wilson Charles Noble June Ferguson Doris Buttle Bruce Kelley Orville Tobin Carl Swindell Frank Jones Frances Benefiel Ruth Thurston Rosemary Griffin Evelyn Whntely Jimmy Stephenson Joseph Luetgenau Charles Pierce Christine Foley Ruth Quinn Vivian Ray Freda Gooding Marjorie Harman Claude Beck, Jr. Velma Smith Kenneth Derry Dorothy Comstock Robert Jones Carrie Sullivan 25 SOFHO. Malcolm Chapman ----- Harry Southwick ----- Billy Jim Slone ----- Arley Marley -------- Robert Slone -------- Margaret Willetts--- Robert Flanders ----- Class Colors -------- EORES -----------President ----Vice President ---------Secretary ---- ---Treasurer -------------Sponsor -----Student Council -----Student Council -----Green and White The sophomores are attaining a place of prominence in our high school. They showed their strength early in the year by pulling the Freshmen through the creek. No doubt Alexandria will be justly proud of this class of eighty-five students for we see in them some form- idable Tiger material as well as some who are outstanding in scholastic ability. Malcolm Chapman Harry Southwick Billy Jim Slone Robert Flanders Margaret Willets Ted Donahue Charles Magee Martha Miller Martha Diehl Alice Marie Smith Harriet Shirk Esther Harman Thelma Etchlson Esther Hurst Ruth Peet Wayne Gosnell 25 1 Juanita Boothe Nell Perry Mildred Nacoff Maxine Hiday Jack Mullen Wilma Fisher Leona Nacoff Doris Ruth Brown Robert Frewett Helen Brown Willis Gaither Jean Jollif Robert Stephenson Loretta Schott Donald Davis largorle Ellis Rebecca Jonee Teresa Btindell Mary Edna Thorn Robert Kuhn Louise Shrack Bill Worley Howard Disbennett Nina lee Purdue Helen Zettel Hester Clegg Edward Turner Keith Johnson Gene Weaver Helen lcNees Harold Johnson Julius Donof' Thurman Fuller Roland Ialicoat Keith Fraundorfer Deloris Ballard Robert Sehler Genevieve Kohler Charmion Craig James Summers 26 Lewis Johnson Robert Highbaugb Virginia Wilson James Swisher Mary Mae Cunningham Quentin Wilson waunitta Allen Louise Cox Billie Oliver Bob Randall Clarence Frlx Edward Schmidt Ainslee Hood Violet Frazier Barbara Balser Virginia 0'Bryant Lucille Weed Oren Jarrett Jeanette Stephenson Bill Vestal Joe Sullivan Charles Peters ' Ravmond Carney Isaac Devore Walter Kuhn Daniel tiller SM TILES AND CHUCKLES Jim Richardson: HThere's'the funny paper?' Norman Little: NFunny paper? Today is Wednesday. I told you not to take a bath last nivht.n Nadean FcCorkhill: NDO you know anything about sex?' Francis May: 'Sure--sex, septem, octem, novem, decem. Nr. Orner: NWhere was the Declaration of Independence s1gned?' Iris Farrar: nAt the bottom.n Helena Smith: HSee that fellow. He's so dumb he thinks a basketball coach has four wheels.' Mildred Bell: HHa, Ha, Ha, that's good. How many wheels doea it have?n Mr. Disque: WWhy is milk blue?' Raymond Johnston: 'Because it comes from discontented cows.' Mr. Ihne: 'Char1es, how many times have you talked in class to-day?' Charles Barth: 'Onct.H Mr. Ihne: 'What should he have said, John?' John Harmon: ieagerlvl 'Tw1ct.' 27 TRESHFEN Bill Alexander ------------ Bob Houk ------ Emaline H1nton--- Mildred Thurston ---- Glenn Stuckey -------- Bettv Sm1th--- ------President -Vice President ------Secretary ------Treasurer --------Sponsor Student Council B111 A1exgnder--- --Student Council Class Colors----- ---Blue and Gold About one hundred and twenty new students entered A. H. S. in the fall of 1934. Classes had to be arranved and schedules changed to provide room for this larne zroup. The abundance of husky boys promise to be a valuable addition to athletic activities, but they met disaster in the annual tug-o-war. Bill Alexander Bob Houk Betty Smith Emallne Hinton Mildred Thurston John Painter William Bradford Farv Louise Arnold Mildred Pete Edmund Beardsley Eugene Allen Martha Ledford Mary Goodwin LaFaun Kettery Pearl Thurston Everett Redding Dale Stewart Sherrll Fox Amelia Drake Virgil Durr Lloyd Loveless Mary Etchieon Oliver Hiatt Max Lawrence Roy Cleaver Ogden Maddox Ralph King Leo Scherer Irwin Latchaw Dorothy Richardson Delores Ray Bob Ford Warren Metcalf James Foley Sheldon Stamm Reba Dickerson Robert Oswald Harold Pierce El l swo rth Cunni ngham James Humphries Gearld Anderson Jack Allen Richard Cox Doris Wright Mae Peters Mary Aldridge Gladys Williams Weldon Metcalf Rosemary Collins Dale Blacklidge Genevieve Montgomery Junior Street Edward Foley Kathleen Montgomery Thurman Etchieon Truman Etchleon 30 Janice Hurst Georgia Chapman Norma Dickey Lucille Allen Dorothy Stahlhuth Juanita Chafin John McGinnis lartha Robinson Maxine Garner Kenneth Howell Clay Babcock George Smith Weir Walker Florence Lennie Anna Evelyn Draper lax Kauffman Loraine Miller Marston Bell Morris Adams John Miller Geraldine Little James Griffin Sinnett Hudlin Maxine Conner Charles Sayre Virginia Willis Dick Spangler Lloyd Farrar Bill Downs Harper Kessler Pauline Barth Bob Watkins Bruce Kildow Charlotte Downey Chester Johnson Edwand Porter Richard Shafer Wanda Brown Imogene Eubanks Robert Dyer 31 Waneta Garner Jane Ann Humphries Ross Retherford Betty Ann Laws Lucille Young William Wright Mary Scherer Elizabeth Washburn Jean Medsker Llovd Gaither Robert Cenup Naomi Castor Ralph Kane Ruth Ulmer George Morris Frances Hooker Paul Thurston Robert Allen Martha Ellen Ketchum Marlston Cook Arthur Hollingsworth Mary Auler Elsie Whaley Minnie Woods Betty Trimble Dale Kilgore Mary Harrison Maurice Kirk Margaret Weis Mary Davis Verlie Castor Junior Vollenhalls Robert Noble Grace Edwards Jewel Williams Jim Johnson Marie Ferguson Alberta Ferguson Mildred Alexander Martha Smith Warren Danforth Elmer Bowers E 1 M111 ellly 'ruegfre 32 X RW YUM fLSXXMf T4 XXYX 5 165 - L 4 if ,i i i1 ? flilQ g QE 3 ff ff 1 X C IRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves have a membereaip of about one hundred fiftyi This organization strives to influence each 5irl to live a useful, straightforward life. The activities of the year openeu with a Mother and Daughter banguet. Meetings are held in the gymnasium every two weeks, at which time yrograms are given. The officers of the club are: president, Helene Smithg vice-president, Marthena Plackardy secretary, Virginia Hindsg treasurer, Jane Ann Hooker. hiss Frazier is faculty adviser. Slogan--To face life sluarely Purpose--To find and give the best THE HI-Y The purpose of the H1-Y club is to cfeate, maintain, and ex- tend throughout the school end community hinh standards of christ ian character. Meetings are held every Tuesday. Twenty-one boys represented Alexandria at the older boys conference in Ft. Wayne. Officers of the club are Albert Beumgartner, presldentg Robert Schleeter, vice-president, Bill Windsor, secretary: Ray Worley, treasurer, and Mr. Ihne, Sponsor, FUTURE FARMER'S OF AMERICA The local chapter of this national organization for boys studying vocational agriculture has an active membership of twenty-five. The club sponsors many worth while activities of interest to farmers. Officers are: F. H. Disque, adviser, Carl Swindell, pree- identg Charles Noble, vice-president: Thurman Fuller, treasurer: Paul Thurston, secretary: Harold Sayre, reporter. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club, which has a membership of twenty-six, meets twice a week and has sung for many organizations. They assisted in the presentation of the spring recital Hmuelcal Moments' and took part in the State Music Contest at Ball State in May. Sue Braun is president, and Mary Edna Thorn is librarian. HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Hizh School Band, composed of thirty-five members, under the direction of Maurice Collins of Muncie, rehearses every Monday nivht. The band plays for basketball games, parades, and various organizations, and gives a concert at the end of the school year. Regular rehearsals and weekly concerts for public entertain- ment will be continued during the summer months. ORCHESTRA The Hihn School Orchestra is an important spoke in the wheel of scnool activities. It consists of twenty-two mem- bers, directed bv Viss Ellen Ttafford, and practises three days each week. On April 10 the orchestra assisted the Glee Club in a recital called HVusical Fomentsu. SPECTRUM STAFF Members of the staff are: Helene Smith, Editor-in-chief: Glenn White, Assistant: Rosemary Montgomery, Tyrlsfg R th King and Clara Ellen Wright, Assistants: Martha Davis, Jr. Assistantg Johnny Wilhelm, Sports Editorg Lewis McKinley and Layton McKinley, Asststantsg Bob Schleeter, Snapshot Editorg Jane Ann Hooker and Frank McClead, Assietantsg Marthena Flackard, Calendar Editor: Eva Ruth Metcalf, Pookkeeperg Rosemary Griffin, Assistant, June Mottweller, Art Editorg Waunita Hinds, Associate Editor, Patricia Rothinghouss, Assistantg Woodrow Montgomery, Business Managerg Bill Cartwright, Aesistantg Dorothy Humphries, Literary Editor: Harold Allen, Joke Editor: John Smalley, Assistant: Miss Hleatt, Sponsor. STUDENT COUNCIL Members of the Student Cogncil participate ln governmental affairs of the school. One of their duties is to plan activity programs for the year. They also develop new ideas to make the school better. The officers are: Ruth King, president, Walter Vogel, vice- presidentg Clara Ellen Wright, secretary-treasurer. Hr. Evans is faculty adviser. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Twenty-five members enrolled in the Home Economics Club at its first meetlna, and the following officers were elected: Sue Braun, president, Mildred Bell, vice-president: Fedora Ray, secre teryg Patricia Rothlnahouse, treasurer, Miss Mary Morton, sponsor Requirements for membership are: Each girl shall pass in three subjects, make a citizenship grade not below 'Bn, and show a good attitude toward her school, classmates, and teachers. 11' of TYPING ROWM Commercial Education not only acquaints the individual with general business principles but gives him an opportunity for the development of desirable character traits, such as neatness, alertness, accuracy, self-reliance, judgment. Typinn is a faster and neater method of writing, hence, it is valuable for personal as well as vocational use. MECHANICAL DRAWING Nechanical Drawina has always been offered as an Industrial Arts subject, but until this vear there were not enouah students interested to form a complete class. The drawing Ecard rests, seen in the picture, were constructed bv the class and will be used until revular drawino equipment can be furnished. The aim of the course is to develop the technical skill of the student and to train him to visualize and reproduce simple objects by drawings. ,m QSTDFGYYKQZZZZ September 7 Mrs Brereton, music teacher for 26 years here ln Alex andrla led the tulent body in singing September in THR of September salad and September He 8 Var father Pl The freshmen ot wet from being pulled throuvh the creek P6 How we would like to be takirg Public Speakinp fruit cake batter for lessons 98 Reverend Irwvn peak to the student bodv for the first October B Hurrah' The finls of the first six we ks are Pldl October October activity November Nobember November Oc'ober 17 At last ome ood news ie et a Vacation while teachers irc tudents for two days 24 Junior class colors decorate the inter class tourney cup 26 Sophomores Rave a bedroom sketch behind closed doors for period 2 Our first pep session snows signs of enthusiasm 3 Kissing between identical sexes kecoming popular' Sue 13 Presentation of official pins to H1 Y officers only not their female admirers November 26 Bob Lvnn, world champion hitch kicker not hiker performs for tudent body to work off a cold Dec mher December givin a Dec mber S Puppet show, sponsored by Spectrum Staff a biv success 1 Bob Schleeter and loodrow Montgomery share honors in resume of their visit to H1 Y conference 1 Visa Hieatt thinks we could play Shakespeare as well tne Nlsner 'layers December 19 Bob Schle ter seems quite worried about Betty January January January January January February 1 Santa Claus wa urely busy this Chrl tmas HLearn till it hurts', says Reverend Pullin No chance for the student body to lose their slnninz voice verybody is all a twitter Today is exams Another lies Blake embarks upon the NSea of Patrlmony our slnving February February February February March 1 March 8 lr Fvans complimented us on our yelllnr, but ith ruining Vho says there lsn't any ghost7 Ask rurdock Spectrums vo on sale today so vet your quarters ready uv your School Spirit Twins now ' We did and how oodv plays Toniaht we beat Several of Miss Lenlelature for activity March 19 March 1 larch 15 activity Mr Stuckev 1 Supvose wa wil Our stand bys perlod Mav 19 Baccalaureate May 95 Commencement Lay 24 No more school hero and saves his brother from a shiner or two Andgrq0n999999999997 Prench's nchlldren' Rave talks on State period n w Hproud papa' l crash the movies, or did we break the camera? Pauline and Charles entertained us for 40 I 1' o Q ' , 0 K -- , r , -- . ' e , s , . tl- P a . 4 " 3 - F . v F 4 '- - - 0 s . f 7--N as 1 , ' . ul . 2-- F C g . A" 0 l1-- . . 16--E - - -- . V 28-- T .' W, 12--K , J . l4-- . . -- . av--we - . . . 28--W V , . S--. . s o f . I-- 1 1 .-- - , , " o 1 " o STDFGJTWYZZ SYIL lUt Pl enreth larvef uDewev your ca is t twe door Haney fob s I hear lt xnocw np ise lleatt certalnl have lot of noor loves n t 5 issue Harold Allen Oh I don't know I nut a bunch of them in the Stove e inet roare Bus driver anne for erietta Do lo e 't now a n o hu I'l1 c dlme Kathrvn Thern no ie 18m1Pto LJC1lE ood Aren t vou nehamed of 'our ipnorarcev let me the Bible an t ll vou 'lee lean Helen Qob t know or I d take some rvself Wetty Snvier have vou ever been pinched for polng too faeton Bob ocnleeter o but I've often heen slapped hr Wrner 'On the wav to school I saw a rock with n sian it that sai4 Turn me over Johnnv Retherford elL did vou turn it over? Mr Orner Yeah After n couule of hour's work and then there we e sxrn on ' G bottom that sa d, Turn me beck over so I can fool ome other idiot herv Parvaret Qoe 4ow dad 'ou set the habit of enrinp e must che9H John Ve tel 1 11st orpw on me 7elpha Rottweiler I oraved for vou last nivht :alt Vovel ext tine tele hone N Nrs Slone ohnnie what is a short story9' John Iilhelm 'A babf novel Roeemary xontvomerv uhh, dear, someth1rp's wronp with this typewriter Wise Dunn what seems to be the metter'n Rosemarv ell the thmng just won't spell right H , ,1 ES Al-YD C? TC ES H ., 2 - 1 1 , r 2 1 . . " I ' E 1 1 HYes, ' 'i ,H I . 1 2 HNe v a A U . . 1 hi e T U . . . , en1 tue 'lr V , d.H : HCh V. , In , b 7 tr : HUon k '1, tue ,lrl ls, L hip in a 2 ary' h 1' 4 an 1 ' I 1 H ' . , ' . 1 . 4 I'll e .N Eva Ruta Netcal': Ninn vou tell we what made the tower of lb . 9" ' . T : HI don' , ' , n .H t Ml : NBob, , , A w 1 nN ' I b ' u 1 . t : ' . on ' I I, ll A Z ll " if n ll I . . . . . I , G ' ,. .m. 1 ' . Y ,. I. n e. : HOP, it f' . , ,.H . .. N W : HN . , ' . . . : NJ , .' vw . 1 , n - . 'I K: ,, , . , : Uwhy, . . n"' ' . - ' n - ' JUNIOR PLAY The Junior class presented a three act comedy, 'Telling the Worldu, on February 19. The play was directed by Miss Hieatt and Miss French. The cast was as follows: Florence Oakland, Ruth Thurstong Philip Wayne, John Smalley, Mr. Oakland, Bill Browng Louise, Fancheon Wordeng Smudge, Glenn White: Mrs. Larkin, Garland Ryallg Miss Roberts, Elizabeth Armstrongg Ed Peters, Ted Westg Mr. Smith, Wayne Kauffman, Helen Moody, Marie Shrack. HI-Y PLAY The first Thespian endeavor of the Hi-Y club was a four act comedy, 'Penrod', presented April 4. This play was adapted for the stage by Edward E. Rose from Booth Tarkington's famous boy stories. The club will produce a play annually, and the proceeds will be used to send delegates to the State Older Boy's Con- ference. Several members of the Girl Reserves assisted in the production. Xiyff N I 5 0 f I I EQQ if? fy , if W-- ... ? , S Ei? 0 EE WL 6- , 2 + Qi fx' fx X I I 1 -IBB STWGUYWYZZ THD VAFQITY Althounh the Alexandria Hiph School quintet 1954 55 met defeat more timee than victory, they were a finhtinc team who pave evervthxng the: had Con fronted Nlth a very hard echedule, and with eeven in experienced nlavere on the Crimson and Cold firet ten Coach mrner turned out a very CF8d1L8b1B team Our Tlners were de'eete1 in 'he firet rame of the wectioral tournament b the Anderson Indians who won h tate cnampionszip this year However, the year's fforts have oroduced some excellent plavers for next eason wmo will, it is doped, capture the sectional crown asain for Alexandria Back How John Cook, Robert Kuhn, Robert Highbaugh, Robert Flanders Center Row John Norris John Rather ford, Luther Durr, Meredith Goodwin Quentin Fox Oliver hiatt 'font Wow Walter Vogel Ccaptainl Alber' Baum gartner, Robert Lytle William Cartwrivht, Charles Arnott November 2 Summitvllle Here Narkleville Here Hartford City Here December O Januarv February Fairmount Vabash Yorktown Proebel Inv. Tournev Elwood Tipton Noblesville Vrankton Elwood windfall Wabash St. Marve Peru Marion Pendleton Tipton Washington Here There Here There Elwood Elwood Elwood Here There Here There Here There There There Here Here Here Kovertimeb f . A of ..e F ' , 1 K , v ' 50 27 9 1 27 58 16 55 25 25 Noblesville There 50 54 28 56 25 S 2 20 28 15 50 58 ,2 , 12 50 29 K 50 57 20 28 9 25 27 11 , 54 10 16 29 14 25 51 12 26 22 25 50 1 52 54 2 28 25 8 . 19 28 9 22 55 15 25 26 25 27 14 8T5c'G277'WYZZ SECTIONAT SEI ECTION Walter Vogel 'Walt' A husky senior guard, the second highest scorer in the Central Indiana Conference A capable captain with unusual ability to throw the ball through the iron hoop Robert Lvtle Toad A very speedy and tricky forward He dribbles the court lightning fast Praduatlon ends his basketball career this year John Hetherford Johnny' Our six foot two center who contributed his share of the olnts this year He made an excellent showing avainst Clutch Anderson center, in his last game for A H S Charles Arnott Chick' A guard who is another flashy little Junior who will do something about it for A H S next year His long shots were chiefly responsible for the downfall of Washington City champions of Indianapolis William Cartwright 'Carty A blond, left handed forward with plenty of shooting ability He led Central Indiana Conference scorers the first month of the season He is a Junior and promises to be one of the leading scoring threats next ear Albert Baumgartner Bummy A heavy set but speedy guard who makes his share of lone shots He Praduates this year Luther Durr Durr A towering six feet three inch forward who is very useful under the basket He will add to the power of the Crimson and Cold next year Quentin Fox Foxie A shifty long shooting guard who was promoted from the second team to the first squad late in the season He proved his worth, scorinv eleven points against Peru Meredith Foodwin 'Dude A Junior, one of Alexandrla's leading hopes lr the sectional Promoted from the second team, he played a fine game against Washinaton of Indianapolis 1 Oliver Hiatt 'Ollie' A freshman his place on the sectional ten bv add much to the Tiger strsnvth in November 2 December January February O 45 Sumnitvllle Hartford City Noblesville Fairmount Wabash Yorktown Noblesville Prankton Elwood and his the his first big game the second team center, who earned work late in the season He will future Here Here There Here There Here Here There Here Huntinvton CTourneyl Wlndfall Wabash St Marys Peru Marion Pendleton Tipton Nashinvton Huntington There Here There There There Here Here Here , . . L , I l If W . I! n vv , I Il - - - n n , , I n ' I 28 21 9 Markleville Here 22 20 16 Q 18 19 23 25 29 28 15 21 8 18 32 15 19 12 9 11 17 11 27 23 16 22 6 19 . ,. 17 22 25 30 7 26 27 25 30 . 37 20 2 20 8 8 16 33 9 22 24 15 2? 13 U3 ' 16 21 icgfbio Cff7'ffClH "UU!J.'h1NS'N I TRACK TEAM Back Row John Cook 880, Julius Donoff 440 and 880, Morrison Smith 880 and mile Irvin Latchaw 440 Ralph King 100, 220, and shot put, Verlle Castor 440 and B80 Front Row Woodrow Montvomery, student manager, Claude Beck 880 and mile, Lawrence Oliver, hurdles, broad jump, and 880 Malcolm Chapman 440, Walter Vogel 100,220, and 440, Marston Bell 100 220, and 440 R H Orner, coach Despite the loss of several veterans all indications point to a winninz track team this year Several underclas men are showin? up well in the dashes and the half mile Vogel avain will be the mainstay in the dashes Coach Orner hae alreadv scheduled four me ts with some f the be t teams of the state WALTER VOCEL Walter Vogel was the only Alexandria representative at the State relays at Butler last year There he set a new re cord in the North Central Conference for He had previously taken second place at Muncie in the 100 and the 290 and first at vagrmount in 100, ?OO, and 440 46 I I 1 I , , .. . . D o s the 440, being timed at 56.1. -5 . . I ' , , , 2 1 0 ' PL , J- 'i STDFGJWMZ THF BAQEBALI TE AW' Beck Row Luther Durr, Jack Mullen, Rav Worley, Walt Voael Joe Smith John Latchaw Front Row Howard Hartwell, Wayne Gosnell Guy Arnold, Charles Sloan Lewis VcK1nley, Robert Lytle Albert Baumn rtner The Alexandria High School baseball nine of 1954 35 com pleted a successful campaign last fall and has begun the spring schedule, three games of which are with Anderson, her ancient rival Ae there was an over supply of material, it was very difficult to pick the team Three experienced pitchers remaining from last year form an excellent hurling staff It remains for the team to prove its worth to Alexandria Hinh School THE TWINS Lewis and Lavton McKinley, after servinp an apprentice ship with Charles Reed in 1955 34 took charge of the yell inc 'or Alexandria this year They have been enthusiastic supporters of the teen and prove successful in maintaining an attitude of rood sportsmanship on the part of the student body 4? 4 ' .-. , , . : Kenneth Derry: Layton McKinley, Henry Orner, coach. Kneeling: Isp? QJRYZH PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Girls Physical Education classes include a variety of work which is chosen to of year In the f in such as soccer, baseball tumblinv Phvsical Education is optional in the suit the individual girl as well as the season all and spring out of door activities are engaued baseball and track ectlvlties and pyramid buildinz as well as is required in the freshman end 1unior and senior In the winter and other games sophomore years, and 48 during bad weather the girls engage in volleyball, basketball, indoor , .. .

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