Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN)

 - Class of 1927

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19 as 4 u T X 8 EE ONE I K l , , V.. .IU .IQ f 1 A """ 1 9 ,fb ' fff1 EifS2l bz. Q. ' .' "' e 1,, ',. Ag! ' " 1" M" ' A 1 Ffflfiffx 55 Ccfrurn -Q Q WV, H41 1- X55 , 2 IN . 'A ,iff i q. ga' A 1 I 'F ' 4 1.35 Nga ' ll Ubi ' Er 1 :N -MS sH"w"'.q , ' A' H C, ii ,K 5 i, I "-- -.' 'A 1 A59 " will " ., A ff X if-ba ,-Wu W .94 ' ' 1 W , vgiiift-4 Ng, Q 'Q M A M Q. W '.:11..: "Fm" , Mr X x 1' zflofifu' fr 1 2,1 in 2 xii? 'WT 'hh 4 G 1 , Ve fu if r' vw N .w., J. if. ilu ' : 1' ,, , . A ,ww e I Et1 5 w 1 w D , I ' i ,, T ...MZ 5 X-4 T,-X,-4 1, ,n - ." L31 , 2. .V gg' . 'ra Ln 17' F ffm, Ax.. Ai ka 4 I 1 I N A v i s '. 1 " f W V. "Q lx . ' 4 L I v 2 rv-il' N 14' I ui I. 'ft-ls' Q'i"ni ,ff V . em., . up rx 6,' , ..,, 54 F91 UW ,lr , .sign wi: " "' 'J 4 'u " fgafgx U ,gf 95-r -r ff 2'1" Y U , - mn Q Xlsjw 5 I? .H . Q , 'gf' " QQ'-fl' Q - ff L ::' :N . , 's ' " -:-.4 .w.. . I 5 A M Q ,?,,glw,u .,. , ,QJMZL ,Q,, E ..AEi :w,, 1,i.it4:q . T- -K M 4 1 T, 1 ,."vf'2f 4-.M -A ri -V hh I V , t-3 l 1. , "MQ ' r 'L "' ' 'Q " E C39 DQQfZ75'ZM!7272Z, I E , 1 '1 F ,M B- 4.....-,,.,,,, F 31. Xiu, f , published by the 5, '- -1, Qtudenis of ihe ..- W .. Q - ' ' W .J-...X W1 F 'M' H ku fr' --Y Alexandr1a Hlgh Sbchool me ' , -2, 'QA Alexandria, Ind. ',.,,. 5. ,QE K t N V um' Q 1- Em -'12 ,am Ej Ao. IQQ7 N :Q wmv , LV! 6' Tir'-A M -..3.-,..J4 L'-ri, ,Q if , ,.,. , ,. .--W . ,.-., ,M --.W -..W ,, E -4 Q Z-'Z "' ' 2 5 ,,,,,.x.,.,,,M f --ff f lam ,gs MGE THREE L f uf 5' VN iv'-4 ,ff 2' ' ff-is , eww V. 5 5, . s-,bi 'Q Q'-SSC .fi et. :. V 2 34 . i s i . . l ' . A ,W c N W L.."1uiil 'A """' 'e:u' , 'folio' , A f . nr 1 .1ss:....,W, . , U. , Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1927, do dedicate this Spectrum to our Mothers and Fathers whose many sacrifices and devoted care have made possible our high school career. ,jr li 'Q 5 , i r i + 9 l . 4. 1 ,,. fi. ,g 1 Vim?" 1 ' Q r'-"W ..iQ..fQ 2 - ' Ma, 1 . 1 W. . , ...M ew ...Wg V. 5 Y 4 N. 5-' Lf ,i M, it i -A 'fl I PAGE1. ou Q . t J' .LJ ' " '1'vslH1fv'1wmfv-'v'-'nw-y.r.1v--- - -- , A .3144 Q"fNIAl 5 if' M. 13 . Nu g 'vw-1-'nm-1 f ' ww xx 'Y' 3 S-Z 2 , , . 'ls . f E ' 4 l f E V. .-H' e-4 as - I Foreword If this volume, made up of bits of nonsense, fragments of daily life and images of familiar faces, serves to recall some memories of your happy high school days, we shall indeed be satisfied. Y' ,fv- Q., .bk -Q PABQ FIVE W.....h....,....-.....M .,..,......,.W. , h..,W,... .. .W M., , . M , ,V ,,,, ,n,,,,,,m, Wm , 4 I 'G 5 I , I F G i 5 I , 3 I I I ' I I 2 I I I I D I I I 5 ? if If YE FIRST HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING - N I-1' JM, -music may Qfnu-wwf W PAGE Six ..,.,.,q.-...,,I- M.,. E.-I,,, . ..A. , .,aL, . . , I E. In E E -U ,..-.,I.,-,e,bI I Y-,:....E v. E - , , gp I O I I at f"'W' I Q " I i . K wr 5155. Nm' ., , .gk NEW HIGH SCHOQL BUILDING I A I I ,.W,.iY3pQrih,- T.:...T...I.I.,,M...T v .... -.--,,..-m,,,.,-,::-.,T.--m,.E,..hM V - I K ..-J '7"f ' ', ' , ' ' ' 23 ,. -IQf'7f .ix ' Y ' ' ' ,mfs - I W. , I, .-.-1-B '..f WI'--"'wI,In4w4 Mg, 3 - 3,9 . K . I- g f .-.n MW. . 'H' ' I -M., ., - Q-jf' v-M:..,g.':,:. mo- L ' Q fa II 2, -l an f H- K, ,..r , , ,gf. .,.. , 5 -rg, wwf --.... , -H-W 'H ., 4, - ,b if ' nfl-L.-1.4 2' ' .. 1 ff' ' .- , -. , ' I 'HQ' W, -o-6-qqtv-' K M 1" . . If ' , i - itil If I I .lj - ' Q 1' .. ',' A E' AN' N' ,-mfffwgxf, M. ' ,' W M 1 f "' A Pr If pfmL3:tf,f.1 . ,-,,- ., , I . -,,.,a.-A ., if-gf ,M , as ' I . -E .....3,.? me I 5556, A-,.'w. , ' , ..,,,, 'Q' Q mmgg V41 . . A M Q A, my 1 4, A . A -, V A l, ' + 1.-H5773 - . Q ' ". ... W 'ff'-A:-N 1 ,fum 'vnu I .. 5 6 F' '- Q I .I If-1 'O ,I i , Ti" -11.117 I . A kg Y ' , .A,, 9 V , . ...L-gg -UA +1 A H " , ' ,- , w.. ,, ,I . Q-, . I - H-.'6A"""f"'N . .-'A' af ' I - -1, , . . '.T ff- ' M -' "' ,:., . , - J' f V 'J,f5." Hi.. -rf, A . M . ' -' , ,1. 'xnwrfuvfffh ff' ,, 'a ' I' .. E' 11,"""- I . " W, '. ' 'V wr ' 5 f E- v , ,-. X . PAGE SEVEN . ".A' ui, 1 S' - , v ,,' LH ' J In :gh-v, ui '- 4 ,T + -1.1 2 X A ' Q!-ll 1 +4 H w ,, 1, l- Y ' -.X ' x . CONTENTS OPENING PAGES EX Libris Title Page Dedication Foreword Contents FACULTY Superintendent Teachers School Board CLASSES Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ACTIVITIES Athletics Clubs FEATURE Jokes Calendar Alumni ADVERTISEMENTS .. l.l. lp! . f wil 4 1"iH'-- sf .ff-V-'I-'."2e'51', lb il' ' if ' T-1: ,. . , . ., .---..f .. . --' .Q E. 1, g f 531 ' 'Miiv ,L :Nut :.1,:,fg,,',, Q, lg, - M, ., : :.., , J 5 M . , V ' , X I- .. -V ,,...-All Q 42? we PAGE EIGHT FfxCU LTY M. ,lx ,fi K 4. . Y l I ai. 4? r' - 1 l . 2 ,J 5, K! .A f ,e-'H' Q54 A m Q v ,g .+ af ' W. 'Ji 1 ! O I . gg.. , 1' . ,VL 54 ' 3' , P! , WT' . 12? V 2' -1 'i 1-.QQ H I' if dr . I if . H wi 1 4 v 'I ' ' F ':l',9','f? ' 4 A , 5 "A rg- 45 ,M , fi: 4 -5. , Ah - ' f 4 ' ' . ' . ,L .qifg---:V , " 5 PEM' W. Sl. FORNEY, Superintendent E. H. McCLEARY, Principal Indiana University, A. B. Valparaiso University, B. S.. Columbia University, A. M. Winona College DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN, Clerk. Mr. Forney has given our school his most loyal support and has inspired us by his own personality. His work in the administration of school affairs has been very efficient, but his greatest service has been very efficient in giving us a love for the best things in life. It is our sincere A desire that Mr. Forney may be with us for many years to come. Mrs. Zimmerman or "Dorothy" is the person Who manages the office. It would be difficult to see how the school could get along 'without Mr. Forney's splendid office girl. Mr. McCleary has been our principal for three years and We have al- ways found him fair and square in every way. He has the task of "making little suggestions" that will help us to improve our conduct. When not attending to this duty, he teaches commercial law, Bible and vocational guidance. Mr. McCleary is also the manager of our basket- ball team and has done much in promoting athletics. , 'g-lg-.,-. "fin, xl' ' fu , , -' x ., j, 5.53 ,f 'fig-'-"' 1 j , ,. , ,c,, ,.,,.,.,.:Y.. LGQXIQQ-vitnw---,g..' agk,k ,M '-"-""""" -'IS PAGE ELEVEN MARY BRERETON Music and Art Whitewater Normal School Art Institute of Chicago New England Conservatory Music "One, two, three, four, five, My Heart"- RALPH TI-IURSTON Science Franklin College, A. B. Indiana State Normal "Come in contact with." VERDA DU VAL English University of Chicago, Ph. B. Butler University DePauw University "Be specific" FRED ADAMS Coach, Manual Training Wabash College, A. B. "An' another thing, now-" VIRGINIA BLAKE Commercial Indiana State Normal "Put in paper for a speed test." LOLA MARTIN Home Economics Indiana State Normal, B. S. "An' so on like that." PAGE TWELVE I - ef, ' f- "" f---lager.. uh 1, ' ' ,Q -H g..,,i ,MA mai!-3',u.5Q,g:.--,:"' . ll! ,541 , LJ ' ,f wie- 12- ll 1 f l .zz 4. I 4-4-,...,..4 ,ff ,,-fu, 5- -al. ,- V .V -- .,- I ww' A ll' g ,-. .-. 1-, rf 5 v 1 ,Ja I W 1 N. . it 1 ,, .raAa B MARTHA PARKER linyzlish, History Indiana State Normal, A. B. ' And things of that type." WILLIAM COAHRAN X ocational Agriculture "Now, we'll all hc good Americans." M ERCEDA COVALT If ranch, English Ohio Wesleyan University Indiana University, A. B. "l think that's about enough of that, now." Il AROLD SILVERTHORN History, Civics Indiana University Indiana State Normal. A. B. 'Wm-ll, so much for that." ROXANA FRAZIER Latin, Geometry DePauw University, A. B. University of Chicago ' In that clear?" EDITH GOINGS Mathematics, English DePauw University Indiana University, A. B. "Now you people must get quiet and ' busy." li" --an , lj-ig.,-. -'g'7Z,"'. 1"T'2' ."'T'H'1, l.-Q-A.: --li E: ' A I 0 I . x ,Q .,.- ,, ,M af' I - ---"HW - GE THIRTEEN -we YP!" is QW- " is ll C 1? A? 1 - ,N " 31 1 M, N.-qi." g. , -1-,gil ' ,T"-.kai " .' i ' . ... . ' " ' . - 5 -- 5'-12:9 " , , , 2 -?'f -L". uf- 'SU . '- Y 4- izffhwi-1 UP' .. '- -'ff'42"'1E4' Y" f ' . 1 r 'I' . -li. Y , I . i -.!v.gg4:f- i ' -' - 23:-33 - '.-' is - .Fc 5 -, -" -,y ' ,- --.- . "AL-V:-:FJ V-F, f -:-:LA 414 g-- 1 fr'-1j,'Eqw Q I Q-i-',.j. Y""-f . ' ':f'f1:,, - . ' ..,' .21 F-Q ig, Q- J-- . "-jg " A - -344 'mfs e- --A is. -iw , H, -,L I ., , ,. 8 ,.,.- Mfg. ..,- ,V , , A . 'r5'?"""f't" 3 , -if'-5 5 7: W I 'f qi . . 5' W A , .i5"j' . .., P. ., , '- '4 5 ' ' Riff: 'Eta , :-if Qsf'-"tar: Q-,ag - 'gf his he Sme rumatafaii THE SCHOOL BOARD The school board consists of three prominent citizens of Alexandria and is appointed by the clty council, one member taking office each August. The duties of the board are to provide the budget for the school year, to employ teachers, and to advise the superintendent in formulat- ing school policies. The present school board meets on the last Monday of each month. During the past few years the school board has provided for the introduction of new courses in the high school curriculum and for the erection of our high school building. The Vocational Courses were added only a short time ago. It is an interesting fact that in 1926 a commission was obtained for our Junior High School which is one of the twenty-eight commissioned high schools in Indiana. The school board is very much interested in the future of Alexan- dria's Public Schools and will gladly provide for any betterment or extension which seems sound and reasonable. A' PAGE FOURTEEN 1...,.-,-VT.--f.. : - , . 1.3 ,,., r LW . ' 'Jim xft " -,F Jig? .T-, ' .r',:a'F. if- 5 'Fifi' . 1 X , , I 4 ,IZ 3 1 7 9154, ,jp Q ., , film... n 'S""'-,N - , 4 li' 5 Q5 5 10,52- ' , . .. - 3 ,Tfig V --1 K. x ' L- .fwifi 1 . - " 154' . 1 - , . -' 1 ff.: nL',,: , f H hifi. we V Jw. -' . ' ,. 52, If , .ig . . -' ,fwrj - .w-ff, ,Q -I . Nw,1MV I - - ,K .1 in V. ff 53,7 ist - '-2.3: -".,:' 'P ' ' Mr ,"'?r ',A 0 LQ' j,u . 'Qu 1 - '-Q15 F71 If y f' 1' e.1'4. . " ' . ,4. ' V Q ' ' f' .:,'4,.r .. ' '--','.l f zvc., v ff 1 ii .I U , , ' uf .- Q., g ' ' n Q ,Y ,it t af' -' 1 . - ,. ' -if ' 'Q-:L 4 wg -r-' i Q 1 ,iv .,,,, fu. ,.1. , w. 4 4 mia , is ' it 'P . FF V . UVA CASSELL . Q HELEN FRAZIER L1'C91'HI'y, C0mI21QFC121l Club, Girl Literary, Chorus, Class Secretary Reserves, Hiking Club Presi- T ,27 A t A1 dent, '27, Class Vice-President, reasuier' ' ,fs ' umm '27, Asst. Snap Editor USpeC- Editor Spectrum, "Come Out trumf' of the Kitchen." JAMES MCCARTY . Class President, '27, Commercial Club, Hi-Y, Basketball, Cice- ronians, Asst. Athletic Editor "Spectrum." "Come Out of the Kitchen." , MILDRED FRAZIER ALDAH CRAIG Commercial Club, Chorus, Liter- Chorus, Commercial Club Presi- ary, French Club Secretary, dent, '27, Literary, Ciceron- Joke Editor "Spectrum," ians. C WARD CULBERTSON ommercial Club Treasurer, Vo- cational Club, Scientific Asso- ciation, Asst. Business Man- ager 1926 "Spectrum," Busi- ness Manager '27 "Spectrum," Basketball, H -Y. Chorus, Crimson and Gold Staff. .ggi kg., Q .if Q , K if r ' QA713.,f."fhj-:1- ff:'w:',-."?25q', lp' il' " ' , .. . ' ' 1' , ., ,,....: fl 2. .2 .. .. .Q ggjzg' ff-.q, fr-LX? iw V- . . ...-.. ...:-... , Qllyfhuh--z-1:.L QL' ,Ig E SEVENT' EN 1 no . . . if 2 - 'r L... . fifl. ' if ifl if fl"'..':2" ., -- A .. 'Ui Nil'-sw . s . ' - sf . at u 2' fy 1.5 A ' - , - ' f - A - ll 2 i ---Q i- -i I Q 3 23 .I T i.i ' ADA BESS CRIPE FOSTENE BROWN Literary, Secretary, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council President, Class Secre- tary-Treasurer, '26, Scientific Association, Asst. Alumni Edi- tor "Spectrum," Summitville H. S., '23, '24. FREDERICK DETTLOFF Commercial Club, Hi-Y Club President, '27, Literary Editor t'Spectrum,', "Come Out of the Kitchen," Ciceronians, Scienti- fic Association Secretary- Treasurer, Orchestra. THELMA THOMPSON GENEVIEVE BODNER Chorus, Crimson and Gold Staff, Literary Class President, '26, L-t A t C I d Ed-t Editor "Spectrum," "Come Out p H ' , , ' of the Kitchen," Hiking Club, French Club, Hlkmg Club- Commercial Club. CLYDE GRANGER Chorus, Basketball, Ciceronians, "Come Out of the Kitchen," Asst. Art Editor "Spectrum" il" 'A - "': A N . PAGE EIGHTEEI 'ivfyu Vgg.:a7.',. - .I ,- T, M 4 I. 0 A, .I :W A . ' I - -- 1 f I ,L 1.245 J A J 'QC 1 u .,. ',' " ' I " """e L 2 n Q ., k I ELOSA ALLEN JUANITA MILLSPAUGH Literary, Commercial Club Vice- Literary, Commercial Club President, '26, "Come Out of the Kitchen." WILLIAM KELLER Orchestra, Track, Basketball, Hi-Y, "Come Out of the Kitch- en " MARTHA PECK LUCILLE HALL I-iter.1ry, Girl Reserves. Commercial Club, French Club E NINETEEN Chorus, Literary, Girl R serves, Hiking Club. OLIVER CUSTER Class Basketball. Q5 . A-:a,if:w ft?f!!::rR 1 u- Q. Q35 ,VIIA :EET 5 -if ,-,. -,,- vjbfcxg ,I . -. MILDRED PECK MARY KATHERINE HALL Class President, '25, Literary, - . - Orchestra, Asst. Snap Editor L1ESg?',ry',fg0mn2erC12EEfgub, Jglii "Spectrum," Girl Reserves, hor pee WT' Ome 'A "Come out of the Kitchen." Of thc Klfchen- MERLE ZEDEKAR Class Vice-President, '26, Liter- ary, Hi-Y, Booster Club Vice- President, Scientific Associa- tion, Art Editor "Spectrum," "Come Out of the Kitchen." BEULAH PHERSON ZELPHA KANE French Club, Vocational Club. Chorus. JOHN MCFARREN Scfentific Association, Track, Class Basketball, Chorus, Vo- cational Club, Hi-Y. PAGE TWENI' NAOMI FINCH ELIZABETH STEWART Chorus, Literary Secretary-Treas- urcr, Literary Editor "Spec- trum," Commercial Club, Cice- Literary, Girl Reserves. ronians, Scientific Association, Girl Reserves President. DONALD FARRINGTON Chorus, Scientific Association, Class Basketball, French Club, Ciceronians. LUCIA JOHNSON MARY NOBLE l.iterary, Commercial Club, Hik- Chorus, 1926 "Spectrum" Staff, ing Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Literary, Girl Reserves, Hiking '26, Scientific Association Pres- Club, Scientific Association, ident, Asst. Editor-in-Chief Ciceronians, Editor-in-Chief "Spectrum." "Spectrum," EDWIN BITNER Class President, '26, Scientific Association, Ciceronians Pres- ident, French Club, Calendar Editor "Spectrum," Crimson and Gold Staff, Student Coun- cil, Class Basketball, "Come Out of the Kitchen." ,Qu 24:5-.41 7' .' 'T H-1. If xl' 2 1- . . .. 'QL 1 "'r "" " "' - 'f -' .fav L. '- .xr ' 'A ' AGE TWENTY'ONE ,mivv-.'1 up 21, ,nu ,. 3 , - iii "" - 1,1iigij-,E2.--.---- lf-1 rf- 4 I I '-51 23 A C ' ' 1 I no "' : 1 U Qs 4, 'C 1 +L. . ir -'w gr -"' L f 'Y ' "' ll vi . '13 -t f' - q 1 ' .. I e I i ar , IRENE WATCHER h MAE TILLMAN Girl Reserves, Orchestra, Hiking Chorus, Cflmmerclal Club, Liter' Club, Booster Club, French ary' Hlkmg Club, Gull RC' Club Chorus. serves, French Club, Asst. Cal- , ' endar Editor "Spectrum" RUDOLPH BOWERS. Basketball, Class Vice-President, Hi-Y, Student Council Vice- President, Athletic Editor "Spectrum," MARY MAGEE MARY MCFARREN Literary, French Club, Booster -, Club, Hiking Club, Commer- Ccmmercml Club' cial Club, Asst. Calendar Edi- tor "Spectrum." iii' , tiz- -V -'r:'Zj- :YF 1"--"2'!51', V" ,Z-1' . , .- f . V ,QQ "-1-1-,J::'N",' T-.Z Nix . - ---'- - - --. 1- - Y Quin, ,, n-34-, 4' V ' ' 'A N 'f"'-...s"'.:....----wx, PAGE TWENTY'TVvC l Presldcnt ,.,......, Vice-President CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary-Treasurer ....... Flower Forget-me-not Colors Purple and Gold Motto To the stars through bolts and bars. James McCarty Uva Cassell ...Helen Frazier - swim -L in.. ,Ta-,:..,.?.H,.' V- Ll. ' ,1. . '4 ls, ff r 1- ,g 4 a.. .v ' 'A ' PAGE TWENTY'TH REE if '-."".:....---fn, THE SONGBIRD Through sunny skies O'er Woodland flies The songbird's melody. It drops its joys To barefoot boys 'Neath shady canopy. To children tell Of elfin dell And hidden fairyland. Where dancing feet And moonbeams meet Or seas of starlit sand. Or oft he sings Celestial things That soothe the fevered brow. And chants the love Of Him above And life's eternal vow. He asks no alms To sing his psalms Nor begs for charity. But gives his cheer To who might hear His gay hilarity. 'Tis often told By sages old That smiles we give today Will shine again Through bloom's dark den And drive our cares away. -Merle Zedekar. EN ., .Jn Ili" 1 F112 i:M 'il' " , ' Y 171 1 V ' 1 -' " 'll if-1-iifs'-, . ..Y "T ELT' TT 4: W -' - 'W-Q be '-In .. mils- V QPR" A7 ' ' il 'B' ' H PAGE TWENTY'FOUR JUNIOR CLASS. FIRST ROW: William Compton, Ralph Young, Vlon Hocker, Virgil Meyers, Arthur Swindell, Suel Castor, John Humphry, Maurice Matthews, Leroy Bassett. SECONR ROW: Kenneth Hull, Orma Fuller, Anne Galloway, Emmaline Kilgore, Mae Brown, Madge Dick, Lois Slone, Helen Noble, Mar- garet Hall, Mary Allen, William Bradley. THIRD ROW: Lucy Graebe, Elizabeth Jarrett, Ethel Watcher, Mau- vella Hennefent, Roberta Stahl, Ruth King, Ellen Stafford, Jean- nette Koplin, Helen Kahler, Ruth Lilly, Daisy Brown. FOURTH ROW: Miss DuVal, Valara Malston, Elizabeth Laidle, Dorothy Hughes, Bernice Cripe, Dorothy Sexson, Mildred Greenlee, Esther Mulvaney, Lucile Mason. FIFTH ROW: Elizabeth Shawhan, Otto Bender, Edna Hendryx, Merlin Fuller, Vera Johnson, Herman Durr, Geraldine Hupp, Wayne Harris, Margaret Wolfgang. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President-Lois Slone. Vice-'President-Roberta Stahl. Secretary-Treasurer--Arthur Swindell. Ei AGE TWENTY'FlVE SOPHOMORE CLASS. FIRST ROW: Roy Garner, Raymond Jarrett, Fred Harrison, Roy Etchison, Charles Kapp, Paul Carver, George Pyle, Ernest Brow, Walter Schmidt, Robert Ayre, John Balser, Chester Swindell. SECOND ROW: Melvin Retherford, David McGarry, Buren Dunn, Hu- bert Johnson, Roy Garner, Paul Eckert, Gilbert Miller, Clinton Worley, James Lynch, Fred Wadsworth, Clarence Tharp, John Woosnam, Robert Miller, Violet O'Bryant, Velma Collis, Opal Zell. THIRD ROW: Vera Thornburg, Helen Ayres, Freda Carver, Alice Sny- der, Doris Tobey, Jane Nicoson, Georgia Ruth Norris, Alice Bender, Helen Marshall, Fern Thomas, Lucille Poignon, Ruth Little. FOURTH ROW: Edna Chapman, Josepha Kessler, Opal Beemer, Opal Levi, Georgia Edgell, Elizabeth Jane Beatson, Vivian Fox, June Ulmer, Katherine Ladd, Audia Cook, Margaret Telfer, Hazel Mc- Carty, Ruby Greenlee. FIFTH ROW: Thelma Day, Mabel Marsh, Priscllla Mounsey, Cather- ine Beigh, Dorothy Franks, Mary McCleary, Katherine Helton, Miss Goings, Vera Johnson, Marjorie Foster, Escaline Gough, Agnes Peck, Bernice Walker. SOPHO MORE CLASS OFFICERS. President-Alice Snyder. Secretary-Treasurer-Doris Tobey. ' J il :Aft,7 ..., 'I' -I. :L - . 1- 444 H 14- ji,-H ,. '-Qt. vu. ,f, -I A ,KFV ,uv Mig, F Q Q .V ' - " 171 ' Q ' M' nikk- PAGE TWENTY'SlX FR FIRST ROW: Henry Dru Coiner, Mary Thomas, Basil Holmes, Floyd E SECOND ROW: Pauline Brown Alice Edwards Scott Paul Forney Ro Hughes Samuel Clem THIRD ROW: Irlene Pyle, ton, Agnes Eggleson, Woosnam, Marcella ESHMAN CLASS. elle, Emma Tulowitsky, Fern Bitner, Opal Ellen Bradley, Mae Hughes, Violet Ryall, tchison, Joe Scherer, Clarence Banta, Paul Hall, Alta Huston, Lois Goodman, Hilda Mary Carver, Catherine McCleary, Beulah bert Jenkins, George Sherman, Raymond , George Sfhott. Esther Sanders, Clara Reed, Margaret Hat- Ruth Vollenhals, Marion Long, Mildred Richardson. 9 . ! 7 X D ., m K 'Evelyn Painter, Basil FOURTH ROW: Helen Fol Kelsay, Beulah Street, Thelma Carver, Franc Frazee, Sophia Baker. FIFTH ROW: Victor Mott Freestone, Herman H John Cooper, James H Anderson, Hugh Carve SIXTH ROW: Orville Byrd, son, John Jones, Evere tt Frazier, John Heritage, Harold Noble, Mr. Thurston, Orville Bab .Bouse, William Miller FRESH M President-Earl Mitchell. Vice:Presfdcnt-Orville Ba Secretary-Mildred Woosn Walker, Martha Hughes, Martha Noble, ilgore, Albert Crist, Orville Porter. ey, Mary Pherson, Ruth McElfrcsh, Dorothy Ruby Brown, Delta Summers, Edith Cooper, is Fuller, Agnes Mcese, Mary Dunn, Mary weiler, Robert Hines, Casper Haas, William ughes, Edward Ketch, Harrison Granger, ughes, Harold Maddox, Carl Walker, Doyle r, Robert Kilgore. John Schroth, Earl Mitchell, Frank John- cock, Harold Warner, Paul Oliver, Ralph AN CLASS OFFICERS bcock. am. Treasurer-Frank Johnson. -1. h f-' . I M ' u ""'fl?1, l. lr I , I .V . . V QL.. AGE TWENTY'SEVEN win - H- . uiail'-Q 1 -,r """i'M ' 5 1 f-1 , " l A4 .l . ., N, , '. .,- ,n.."-'Hy , - J . Il, J. 1.4:-1. , Q vggqi-7-J!!-I E-,1Ti..t..5,Q. :rfb I- 3.'vlFy, 5312!-gl' .. ' L . 1- 2. I. Q . ' . - au 1 V -' .P ' ' 1 - , J Q , Q x , N ik 'Y JUNIOR HIGH FIRST ROW: Edgar Wells, Herschel Carroll, Vernon Welcome, Howard Fink, Richard Rosenberger, John Ritter, Robert Cunningham, George Whaley, Carl Edgell, Carleton Carey, Howard Johnson, Herschel Richardson. SIECOND ROW: Earl Lewis, Ralph Marsh, Alfred Wood, Voris McFall, Leon Etchison, Keith Fuller, Daniel Richardson, Edmund Little, Wayne Oliver, Herman Childs, Paul Jurt, James Hughes. THIRD ROW: Marie Heath, Carol Mason, Elinor Annis Sherman, Mar- guerite Smith, Eva Anderson, Mary Wadsworth, Harvey High- baugh, Marshall Vasbinder, Delbert Slmpson. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Tharp, Mary Ellen Morris, Irene Drake, Helen Woods, Mary Frances Peters, Lonella Williams, Ruby Jones, Vera Hall, Mary Belle Mottweiler, Lena Vestal, Thelma Penning- ton, Bessie Drake, Delmar Kuse. FIFTH ROW: Katherine Jones, Margaret Emmons, Mildred Guerton, Caroline Hiatt, Louise Bernard, Mary Cowgill, Miss Parker, Miss Brannon, Goldie Latta, Emma Durr, Helen Huddleston, Margaret Davis. Q 4H W , 7 H fir: S 'Y-1:2 r-Lv-,f--:':"?'4'11. 'I' Y gg.,-1: , , , ,, A, : . -, .: 1 .,. 55- Si,-J f --.,Qw,.:.-W-4,7 I 7 -SN... -,.. iw ,FE '-H-I -A-f . LM, ,. : 1.-. Y .YQ 5, it - - va , .- . 1, - - - Q , J ' - W' : ,F PAGE TWENTY'EIGHT JUNIOR HIGH FIRST ROW: Fred Wells, William Ulmer, Ben Roop, Wendell Woosnam, Zenethan Sanders, Russell Cassell, Roy Vasbinder, Arthur Millspaugh, Kenneth Byrd, George Tolle. SECOND ROW: Gordon Richman, Ebal Aldridge, Oral King, Fred Haas, Melvin Kane, Gordon Fuller, Herbert Hardcastle, Edgar Highbaugh, Jack Morgan, Lindel Stansberry. THIRD ROW: Orville Hendryx, Perry Mahoney, Bobby Beigh, Garnet Dunn, Ralph Cripe, Phillip Davis, Arlie Ray, Leonard Johnson, Leland Roe, Basil Etchison, George McFerran. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Blake, Myrtle Lewis, Eleanore Grose, Helen Man- ring, Opal Greenlee, Viola Little, Alice Mrthert, Helen Esarey, Elizabeth Castor, Maxine Fraundorfer, Dorothy Crist, Pauline Childs. FIFTH ROW: Anna Mulvaney, Lottie Little, Gertrude Robertson, Mabel Etchison, Hazel Maddox, Lena Leach, Idabelle Miller, Martha Alexander, Manola Gibbs, Mary Frances Byrd, Mary Mason. SIXTH ROW: Dorothy McFerran, Juanita Custer, Ruby Thomas, Eileen Kelley, Margaret Culbertson, Lollie Wright, Lauvan Perry, Laviena Hook, Miss Reavis, Imogene Franks, Georgia Collins, Lois Thurs- ton, Mary Devore. ""' I ss TwEN'rY-NINE , I s' , 5ff'f" IW." -"" ' in ,, v Q l Q 5 , I 2' . P+: ,7".:5 "W, , 1 . vb" f Y ' IUNIOR HIGH TEACHERS Shirley Blake, Science, Physical Training. Indiana State Normal Bradley Polytechnic Institute Helen Brannon, Mathematics, English Indiana University University of Chicago Omer Springer, History, Geography. Indiana State Normal Ball Teachers' College Indiana University Gertrude Reavis, Domestic Science. English Indiana State Normal Martha Parker, English Indiana State Normal, A. B. I , , I 3 2" v-'if -1- 'T-f -if-' fu fm ? ANAXH 'f"N', - MI- ' "ict I -,1...., 4:'....:g.,.'.,,-.,, ,.,,.,- as ,: S , 'FRE x x M- V1 . . . f. -49 Q' :E...s--wegwg PAGE THIRTY :wr vvlrm vfpr.-Hws1'11x--ugiu, gn-v - lr-' ' W ' 1' "f'1g?1-1 I v v-pn , nu- -1- - , , Q . f 'I 6 y Wag is-5.g,y?., 1 K n Q, Iii, e F ,gg A 1 -I AWA 1 4 f s',f, w 1 U x 1' '4' L 3-. .., , 1 ' A- 5 ,.. if , 1 1 ..! re. 1--L ' UW I "V ' "' ' a Q' I ' " 'E ,.,- , 4 in , ' 1 ' ' 96? l . I g V Q Q- I, ,. A 4 3- X J' " ,si 'K x' 'xfaj' , r- : ' ' .Y I III, Hg . 11 , l 5 I ' it .3 -4- .E , I 'SQ' .' 9 I ,NII H 1 4 ' 1 35 H . 'I I is I. 1 ' 'X " vv ,f A 5: 4 ' 'i .FQ ' A 'l . Y 1 I . ,I H.. Y va I as 3 5 . -- -T It Y' r ' I :I l 1 Y , Fi ., 4 r I , . I V I -.jf-.61 L -"" .ai f , 451 ' 1 , f II ' In Ay 1' Q . I - F I ' ' N ' wk, , 1 5 .. If IQ Q I Ifl Beg' W 1 . ' V' v n l V I , ' Ae 1' v '- M x A - :T : ff, I r , I "4 ' 3- 4 ,,, I Q' 5 J I, 5' 'Lv-nf ' f x J P' ' ' ': ..- ' ' . ' I :IV I .. . -H --'. ,V I II 1 '5' E 'R' w:II I 5 A ' ' ' ' , s if M':i",4 LI - 1 1 - wr- 1 V F 'I' g " if-1 I ."- ' -,Q V '- isa , , 4 M III .,I 5 ..- Q "' - J , .-1 1 "1'f'f,.g'-' 4: -rc, ,. , ml ,., ,. A , at rm. 'A ' 4 Q . ,.. r. i 31 r ' A , 4- Q A 4. N... f-J' 1, Y PU ' -M. g A 393128122 g.:' ,'giv4-: ' 4 , f.':v.g,. W' L A L.. ,,A -21-'7 b,'- uqtv Q " :Fi 1: 1 A I f-' f..,LDlu ' b- zip.-VT E 1926-1927 SCHEDULE. Nov. 12 A. H. S. Walnut Grove 19 A. H. S. Lapel 24 A. H. S. Summitville 26 A. H. S. Hartford City Dec. 10 A. H. S. Elwood 17 A. H. S. Fairmount Z3 A. H. S. Froebel iGaryJ 30 A. H. S. Elkhart 31 A. H. S Mishawaka Jan. 7 A. H. S. Frankton 14 A. H. S. Tipton 15 A. H. S. Frankton 21 A. H. S. Lapel 28 A. H. S. Peoria, Ill. Feb. 4 A. H. S. Fairmount 5 A. H. S East Chicago 11 A. H. S Hartford City 18 A. H. S Elwood X19 A. H. S. Pendleton. 25 A. H. S. Lebanon ttlvertime. 'itat '4"' YZ.-'1 "'A -'-':'.' lei'-M." F L ' A - .V .L. " '--. V L-,:5::""'r ' .f -- .affixi- XGE THIF1TY"l-HREE ll' 2 .. . - 1' 31 ' -H: T., . ff 6, fan q:l'.pf.L'.' ,- " 1 . .1 ,flgy -ii 3 V' Q-:f' .. QW I x ws' " n S ' li 4 off. '. " ' - L L 1 l. In I , 2, he qS ? pf 1,e1 c:1 r' u s gif' wi Erlxaii- -TIZQ- '1"f-'t':' fail' - V if--sy , . . 1 4,-1+--H - . - uxf, '-Hrmrf ,' V .Y -1 - ,. Ag. 'hln:u- ,ggi V A PAGE THIRTY-F0 T - . - -- im., ,, In-A., nu, ill A . . ' 1 P' 'stem f If ,Arab sf- nz L me 1 4 I, - if r if I E. , U I -if H A .,., ' ' ' ' I .Qi-"'1.IH,f' ,ir--.:'ff3:1f 2.1-I ' . if ' at 'f'.Q2i'f:53fq' ..3f'i5?f"-f-A'-i'Q'.."". 'f""'f'-r"1:- ."19T?'F..-'.f'- -Y-1 ..--be . 1 :": -f ...1f"". ff 1 ,. - ' - x ' " I ' " OUR COACH h school teams. as remained with him ey 61 since. Qlam, who has been our coach this year, was one ol' ng basket-ball players during the four years he play- 1 High School and the four years which followed at on the basket-ball floor won for him the sobriquet h - ' v' ' V , . ' 1 luated from the Lebanon High School in 1919 after school team there tor four years. He was a member 'on the state high school championshp in 1917 and n in 1918 and 1919. He was three times chosen all E' On his graduation from Lebanon, Mr. Adam entered VVabash Col- lege from which he was graduated in 1923 with an A. H. degree. He played on the college varsity basketball team tour years and was cap- tain in 1922 and 19233. He was a forward on the team which won the National lnterscholastic Basketball Championship at Indianapolis in 1922. Mr. Adam was well-liked this year by students and fans alike. NVith his return and with almost all thi svear's team back again, Alex- andria should have a winning team next year. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1927-28. Nov 4 VValnut Grove Here Nov 11 VVindtall Here Nov 23 North Manchester Here Dec. 2 Summitville There Dec. 9 Elwood There Dec 16 Peru Here Dec 23 Lapel Here Jan. 6 Hartford City There Jan. 13 Tipton There Jan, 20 Lapel There Jan. 27 Summityille Here Jan. 28 Pendleton There Feb 4 Jonesboro Here Feb 10 Hartford City Here Feb. 18 Elwood Here ,-.,.. .. '-,,.f .-,. 1y,,.af'4.f fury ""' ---Q VL-11+-4--'-rv-f---ev' '- 1 - PAGE THIRTY-Sl v-- rw' ,- """' CLASS TOURNA MENT FIRST ROW: Ralph Young, Herman Durr, Mr. Thurston, Suel Castor, Merlin Fuller. SECOND ROW: Arthur Swindell, Clyde Granger. INTER-CLASS TOURNA MENT The first game of the inter-class tournament was played between Adam's Freshmen and McCleary's Seniors. The freshmen showed lots of scrap, displaying a bit of Adam's style of basketball. The seniors finally won. The next game was between Thurston's Juniors and Silverthorn's squad of Sophomores. The juniors came through for a hard fought vic- tory over the sophomores. The final game of the inter-class tournament was played between the Thurstonites and Mac's fighting five. The seniors led until the last ten minutes when Bowers and McCarty were put out on personals. The juniors won the silver cup by a score of 29 to 22. The lineup for the final game was-Seniors: McCarty, Keller, forwards, Bowers, center: Culbertson and Custer, guards. Juniors: Young, Compton, forwardsg Durr, centerg Granger, Swindell, guards. if-R 1 '5-its --jg- 1'.-":',"f'fir1, in il' Y - ' F a - g Q I 1, -i all -V-if A--f A- , , Y Q7,g..,.a-sm-L.ff..' A5gL 'AGE THlRTY'SEVEN " DHI i . STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Hugh Carver, Edwin Bitner, Rudolph Bowers, George Pyle, Arthur Swindell. ..... SECOND ROW: Alice Edwards, Vivian Fox, Ada Bess Cripe, Mae Brown, Emmaline Kilgore. The Student Council is one of the newest organizations of our school. The purpose of this organization is to give the students more power in settling student problems. Not very much was done this year, but the future of this organization is very promising. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President-Ada Bess Cripe. Vice-President-Rudolph Bowers. Secretary-Treasurer-Ernmaline Kilgore. if '-"'..f:.....---f'- . wel 5-:mg '-." V147 "T ' if - - PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT CICERONIANS FIRST ROW: Dorthca H.1pp, Clyde Granger, Madge Dick, Oliver Custer, Mae Brown, James McCarty, Aldah Craig, William Bradley. SECOND ROW: Helen Kahler, 'Ellen Stafford, Frederick Dettloff, Miss Duval, Edwin Bitner, Ruth King, Jeanette Koplin. The Ciceronian debating society was the sponser of the Discussion League contest. As training for the contest a challenge was accepted from the Elwood high school and a dual debate was held on the question Resolved: That There Should Be a Federal Department of Education with a Secretary in the President's Cabinet. Our Affirmative team which went to Elwood was composed of El- len Stafford, Madge Dick, and Naomi Finchg they were defeated by two votes. Our Negative team, composed of Lois Slone, Frederick Dettloff, and Edwin Bitner won from the Elwood Affirmative team. The winner of the Discussion League Contest was Edwin Bitner. OFFICERS President-Edwin Bitner. Vice-President-Ellen Stafford. Q AGE THIRTY-NINE l ll - ,QA , -, ,.,. . mfg," ' uf Ji, VJ, j!g..::?:9y.,'w ,- A g -mif-,J i . ':' .. 7275. . -'1'f'f'- -fire , ' .f 1-.,, 11 :Ins ga ae, .m,,, , , H , , ,. , In-,, Bl Y , e X 1 - fetl V HIKING CLUB FIRST ROW: Marian Long, Mary McFerran, Pauline Norrfs, Alice Snyder, Lois Slone, Helen Noble, Edith Cooper, Thelma Carver, Emmaline Kilgore, Irene Watcher. SECOND ROW: Mary K. Hall, Thelma Thompson, Vivian Fox, Dorothy Franks, Fern Thomas, Helen Marshall, Doris Tobey, Georgia Ruth Norris, Catherine McCleary, Margaret Wolfgang. THIRD ROW: Lucille Hall, Buelah Pherson, Zelpha Kane, Josepha Kessler, Opal Beemer, Elizabeth Beatson, Jane Nicoson, Katherine Beigh, Lucille Poignon, Orma Fuller, Anne Galloway. FOURTH ROW: Mabel Marsh, Freda Carver, Dorothea Hupp, Roberta Stahl, Velma Collins, Helen Kahler, Jeanette Koplin, Madge Dick, Mae Brown, Mauvella Hennefent, Bernice Cripe, Dorothy Sexson. FIFTH ROW: Esther Mulvaney, Escaline Gough, Helen Ayres, Ruth King, Ellen Stafford, Marcella Walker, Evelyn Painter, Margaret Hatton, Genevieve Bodmer, Vera Thornburg, Mae Tillman. SIXTH ROW: Beulah Mae Scott, Mary Thomas, Martha Hughes, Martha Noble, Miss Blake, Lucia Johnson, Mary Buckner, Uva Cassell, Priscilla Mounsey, Mary Noble, Alice Edwards. HIKING CLUB The Girls' Hiking Club was first organized in 1926. It has been a very popular organization and many good times have been enjoyed by its members. In the fall the girls hiked to the home of Uva Cassell in the country. All the girls declared they had a most pleasant time. The sponsor is Miss Blake, who plans to chaperon the girls on,many more hikes in the future. OFFICERS President-Uva Cassell. Vice-President-Helen Noble. In , - 'iw il lf' rI" , 4- , .. Q i2....---- M PAGE FORT GIRL RESERVES FIRST ROW: Orma Fuller. Emmaline Kilgore, Anne Galloway, Mary Carver, Hazel Banta, Ellen Bradley, Agnes Peck, Thelma Carver, 'Beulah Scott. SECOND ROW: Mary Frazee, Alta Huston, Geraldine Hupp, Mauvella Hennefent, Naomi Finch, Dorothy Sexson, Zelpha Kane, Beulah Pherson, Margaret Hall, Helen Noble, Mildred Greenlee, Mary Allen. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Stcwart, Margaret Hatton, Mary McCleary, Catherine Beigh. Mary Noble, Elizabeth Beatson, Dorothy Franks, Alice Snyder, Helen Marshall, Lucile Poignon, Bernice Cripe, Ellen Stafford, Mildred Woosnam. FOURTH ROW: Aldah Cralg, Elizabeth Jarrett, Vera Johnson, Mary Buckner, Ada Bess Cripe. Vivian Fox, Mae Tillman, Edna Chap- man, Genevieve Bodmer, Elizabeth Laidle, Priscilla Mounsey, Ro- berta Stahl, Ruth King, Dorothy Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Mary Magee, Catherine McCleary, Audia Cook, Sophia Baker, Marjorie Foster, Thelma Day, Vera Thornburg, Margaret Telfer, Ruth Little, Hazel McCarty, Velma Collis, Uva Cassell, Lu- cile Hall. SIXTH ROW: Elosa Allen, Irene Watcher, Ethel Watcher, Francis Full- er, Alice Edwards, Miss Parker, Miss Reavis, Elizabeth Shawhan, Martha Noble, Martha Hughes, Lois Slone, Mary McFerran, Thel- ma Thompson. The Girl Reserve Club was organized in 1926 with a membership of seventeen. This number has increased to nearly sixty. The purpose of the club is to foster Christian ideals and to help girls to become well- rounded spiritually, mentally and physically. GIRL RESERVE OFFICERS President-Naomi Finch. Vice-President-Orma Fuller. Secretary-Treasurer-Vera Thornburg. PAGE FORTY'ONE HI-Y BOYS FIRST ROW: Mr. Thurston, John McFerran, VVard Culbertson, Merle Zedekar, Brucn Dunn, Ernest Brow, Paul Forney. SECOND ROW: Rudolph Bowers, Herman Durr, Frederick Dettloff, George Pyle, James McCarty, Raymond Jarrett. THIRD ROW: Walter Schmidt, Arthur Swindell, William Keller, John Humphrey. The Hi-Y Club is organized for the purpose of raising the standards of Christian character in the school. Such topics as Leadership, Service, Boosting versus Knocking, are thoughtfully discussed during the meet- ings. The Hi-Y is the high school branch of the Y. M. C. A. By learning why the other fellow thinks as he does all the members are given the opportunity to form their own ideals. The important activity engaged in by the H1-Y Club was a Father and Sons' Banquet given November 10, 1926, at the high school with an attendance of ninety-three. HI-Y BOYS OFFICERS President-Frederick Dettloff. Vice-President-James McCarty. Secretary-Merle Zedekar. Treasurer-George Pyle. I-ll' , .. .A L 11:15 .':::l-'N-'1r"': "." Ill- . Q' N A W ' ' ' ' A, i I. ....-.i ,,.. Q ' PAGE FORTY Twc SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: John McFarren, Dorothy Sexson, Arthur Swindell, Naomi Finch, Virgil Meyers, Ward Culbertson. SECOND ROW: Audrey Bernice Cripe, Merle Zedekar, Elizabeth Shawhan, John Humphrey, Ada Bess Cripe, Maurice Matthews, Mauvella Hennefent. THIRD ROW: Frederick Dettloff, Lucia Johnson, Mr. Thurston, Mary Noble, Edwin Bitner, Mary Buckner, Donald Farrington. THE SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION The Scientific Association is one of the newly organized clubs of the high school. Its members are those who have shown their interest in scientific subjects by taking two or more sciences. At the meetings lat- est scientific discoveries are discussed. Biographies of famous scientists are reviewed. Through experiment and demonstration the workings of such devices as the internal combustion engine become familiar to each member of The Scientific Association. SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President-Lucia Johnson. Vice-President-Edwin Bitner. Secretary-Treausrer-Frederick Dettloff. . eil," ll' yd' , -, M - .. ,Qi '-'1sL,.1fN- -f---- .. .1 V. e ., ' --nrr , ' ' Q'4QL-Uvailwmr----,. JQGQK .lf N 'AV RGE FORTY'THREE l. Y 'ng-TA CHORUS FIRST ROW: Joseph Finch, Clyde Granger, William Compton, Ernest Brow, Roy Etchison, 'Edward Kitch, Floyd Etchison. SECOND ROW: Ward Culbertson, James McCarty, Don Farrington, Robert Miller, Ellen Stafford, Ruth King, Roberta Stahl, Margaret Hall, Herman Hughes. THIRD ROW: Catherine McCleary, Katherine Ladd, Agnes Peck, Alice Snyder, Katheryn Beigh, Mary Buckner, Ruth Little, Imogene Roe, Vivian Fox. THIRD ROW: Naomi Finch, Lucille Hall, Margaret Telfer, Mary Noble, Miss Brereton, Aldah Craig, Mae Hughes, Elizabeth Jane Beatson. BOYS' AND GIRLS' CHORUS The Boys' and Girls' Chorus is composed of those students Who are interested in music or who need extra credits. Under the splendid train- ing of Miss Brereton, their singing has been much improved. It is an established custom for the Boys' and Girls' Chorus to sing at Commencement. The chorus has also appeared on programs given by the P. T. A. and the high school. In October three members of the chor- us sang in the All-state Chorus at the State Teacher's Association. At Christmas time carols were sung from house to house. iii? . , il. .fyzgx-r .-ww-.--2-re-f, lift- 1: . , , H, ' I ,.', . .. -5- -t.-jzvll 5.4 -...' V, R . in L. -W 'A :Z-A-Q 'VK M12 X, " '- ,,m. Q '4""..J:.",,,, PAGE FORTY Foul Uawqlem s, nu I. e . . ,4 I 1' . .5 - -5 . 1 .1-- Q . . -,P . 1 I, ,l ,V , - A . ,- , ,1 .ex .. I ,iff 1 1 , 5 1 Q, l , fx, ,L , - I 5 Q ,- , 1, .M-,lg f 1 - - 'Il' ' 5'-'F -' ' ' ' ' ""- I 5 , . . 5 -.5 , . ' " ' -,QF ' ' ' ' f : ' "!"f , -' -f-' 5' ' ' ' - ' .' 'S " . f"". ,. ' ' - - i - -- The Spectrum ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: Irene Watcher, Otto Bender, George K. Sherman, Ellen Stafford, Martha Noble, John Jones, John Woosnam, Vivian Fox. SECOND ROWS Wayne Harris, Lois Slone, Ethel Watcher, Mildred Woosnam, William Keller, Everett Frazier, Alice Edwards, Miss Brereton. ORCHESTRA Under the splendid leadership of Miss Brereton our orchestra has become an excellent preparation for greater musical advancement. A number of time musicials in our city have been trained by Miss Brereton. Our orchestra plays at all school entertainments, such as the Senior play and Commencement. Two members of the orchestra played in the All-state Orchestra at the State Teacher's Association in Indianapolis this year. B E GE FQRTY-FIVE . im. - ., V ' l 4 il - ,gl V- - W h, I, '., wg: , I. gg.. In is , A , 'U . . 5 45' eff--1-P!!! 5? 9,2-1??QiQ"1f.'. 1 2'f"?'f.'1J"'i!ig A- ' . . .1 ll Q- fi ' .f 'TFP 1 0. .J ,,,f,. , , V, .. . , ,fl I. E , l, I ' r -1 " N , alibi irs: T usgmiaisi V ir ' COMMERCIAL CLUB ' FIRST ROW: Naomi Finch, Frederick Dettloff, Mildred Frazier, James McCarty, Juanita Millspaugh, William Bradley, Lucille Hall. SECOND ROW: Edna Chapman, Vivian Fox, Alice Snyder, Mary Jane Nicoson, Dorothy Franks, Lucille P-oignon, Fern Thomas, Aldah Craig, Ada Bess Cripe, Mary Buckner. THIRD ROW: Lucy Graebe, Elizabeth Jarrett, Ethel Watcher, Mauvel- la Hennefent, Roberta Stahl, Jeanette Koplin, Uva Cassell, Helen Noble, Margaret Hall, Helen Marshall. FOURTH ROW: Mae Tillman, Velara Malstrom, Thelma Thompson, Miss Blake, Genevieve Bodmer, Mary McFarren, LucIa Johnson, Mary Allen. FIFTH ROW: Esther Mulvaney, Elosa Allen, Mary K. Hall. Elizabeth Laidle, Edna Hendryx, Emmaline Kilgore, Anne Galloway, Orma Fuller, Lucille Mason. The Commercial Club began its existence under the auspices of the students of the Commercial department. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in business, civic, economic, political, and special prob- lems connected with commercial subjects. Six teams composed of three students each entered the Commercial Contest at Elwood, Indiana, April 23. Last year Alexandria took second place in the Commercial Contest held at Muncie. OFFICERS ' President-Aldah Craig. Vice-President-Elosa Allen. Secretary-Lucy Graebe. . I ..- mhmao Ji? .If ' , -'-:2l"1"'-"V::"":.Hn'. if-A-'I C 1--uv V , . . - f--41+---M " .-- . ,,,, . nik- ' . ' " 1' v PAGE FORTY SI 1 W ummm-www, x W f -ffwsvqn-wwf.-A-MQW , nwwfmwrnmgy. ,. ..1,,-ff -ww:T'a,..., - ,. u--vu' ..,, ,:.'.-V -fx.. . Y --'H - . 'Q 'g :sn N ':':.'::-1-'ra 2-rss: z.v:9e'v.e:E.'!m!e:a'a:w:seme!s5!3m':':s:F's2ef:s 5'- EiaaiiilimlSliiiilititilii52515SMSiIiIHIIKIIIIIEHHllilllllllllllillllllllllllilBllllirxiIII if A A ,- VOCATIONAL CLUB FIRST ROW: Violet O'Bryant, Helen Roberts, Doris Tobey, Katherine Helton, Katherine Ladd, Marian Long, Zelpha Kane, Mildred Greenlee. Geraldine Hupp, Beulah Pherson, Lois Richardson, Mar- garet Wolfgang, Vera Johnson. SECOND ROW: Audia Cook, Velma Collis, June Ulmer, Miss Martin, Georgia Ruth Norris, Elizabeth Jane Beatson, Elizabeth Shawhan, Marjorie Foster, Helen Kahler, Escaline Gough, Agnes Meese, Hel- on Ayers, Freda Carver. THIRD ROW! Mr. Coahran, Ward Culbertson, Hubert Johnson, Er- nest Brow, Walter Schmidt, Opal Beemer, Ruth Vollenhals, Jo- sepha Kessler. FOURTH ROW: Hersclvel Hiatt, Victor Mottweiler, Mr. Plackard, Cas- per Haas, Oscar McDermitt, Wade Bell, Paul Carver, Basil Kilgore, Harrison Granger, Harold Painter, John McFerran, Carl Walker. FIFTH ROW: Raymond Jarrett. Kenneth Hull, Orville Byrd, Robert Hines, Virgil Eader, James Hughes, Harold Maddox, Arthur Swin- dell, Harold Cunningham, John Parker. 4-H CLUB OFFICERS President-Arthur Swindell. Vice-President-Helen Kahler. Secretary-Treasurer-Beulah Pherson. Yell Leaders-Paul Carver, Ruth Vollenhals. ' 1'5- Lrfr - '-'25 1: ' J' " Qs' f: A , ,. I ' -' . " -5 " "QW ' 2"'mT'x "" ' J I H-. A . .. .,. , QQ!-syfiliw---fL'1",.' awk V "---0-I- """ ., ,A XGE FORTY'SEVEN -Q-uf Q ' .-A 11 I I 1-zz . ' X ' -., . .,., -, I ..,.. M04 A - Xl 'Ai i- PAGE FORTY-Elsa VOCATIONAL CLUB A good old house-wife watched her husband get on the merry-go- round. Around and around he went until he had spent one and a half dollars. When he got off she said: "Whur hev ye bin, Reuben, and what did ye git?" Her question was perfectly proper. Her only mistake was, the question should have been asked and the answer thought out before he got on. Some get on the high school course and whirl around four years, and like "Reuben" have been nowhere and have got but little usable for their time and expense. Vocational boys must do some worth-while projects and get usable knowledge in farm-life affairs. They also get English, arithmetic, his- tory, biology and other sciences that are used in common affairs as well as to admit to higher educational institutions. All visit farm-houses, compare farm-layouts, livestock and gener- al progress. All have part in local and county fairs. Our Club Camp says, "Come, learn, play, be happy and strong." Purdue Round-Up invites high-class achievements in production, judging, and demonstration to compete for state honors. Our 4-H Club members are pledged "To make the best better." Vocational training gives usable ability to the individual and gen- eral good to the community. Vocational girls learn worth-while facts concerning house-making. They have an understanding of the woman's place in the home and community. Through their summer club work they gain practice in sew- ing, baking and canning. On March 16, twenty-seven new members were initiated into the 4-H Club. Several parents were present at this meeting. The initiation was held at the high school and was given by Mrs. George Winfrey, Mr. and Mrs. VV. S. Forney and Mrs. Kahler. After the initiation, short talks were given by Mr. W. S. Forney, Mr. McC1eary, Mr. Coahran, Mr. John Swindell, Mrs. W. S. Forney and Helen Kahler. Following the initiation refreshments were served to about sixty persons. The 4-H Club is growing in membership and it is hoped that many more new members may be taken in at the next initiation. D M lf' .A I .. .. , . ,sgiihbgvwfwifll ahh? A. . . ,xv '3" ' 'Av E FORTY'NINE v - , , 3 , i- gjlfff'-'5??gfjfiff:-"kv4, 1 M- 2 , Jaxx. .tnhli :Ju 1 , vu V. 9 L, Egg: . ' 'e':i?:'iif,X.fYf,7' 21, ' LLL . 53 , Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor .. Junior Editor ...... Business Manager Assistant Business 1927 SPECTRUM STAFF. ......Mary Noble .,,,,.Lucia Johnson ......Roberta Stahl Ward Culbertson Manager ,..,., ........ W illiam Keller Arthur Swindell Junior Assistant .,.,,...,,......,.,. .............................. Literary Editors... Snap Editor ..,., Assistants ....,. Art Editor ....... Assistant Editor . Junior Assistant . Joke Editor ......... Naomi Finch, Frederick Dettloff Assistant Editor ,.... Thelma Thompson Uva Cassell, Mildred Peck ......................Merle Zedekar .,.....,Clyde Granger ........Margaret Hall .......Mary K. Hall ......Mildred Frazier Calendar Editor ..........................,,..........................,............. Edwin Bitner Assistants ................,... Athletic Editor .. Assistant Editor . Alumni Editor ..... Mae Tillman, Mary McFarren, Genevieve Bodmer Rudolph Bowers ,.....James McCarty ...,...Ada Bess Cripe Assistant Editor .,,.. ,,,,..,,.,....,,,,,,.... .,..... H e len Frazier SPONSORS Roxana Frazier Merceda Covalt Harold Silverthorn is sill' , .Qi iris '::Z,--:K-iff"-1' Tiff!-1, lf' QI' C S i ' ni- . . .4 - F. An -, . g:Q..E.:',Q.j lj.-if T--Z A' If j,- '- ,.,- . -- its A-freer PAGE FIF , 3' -L.V 'x- ' - ws .,., A .1 A . n A "WY-Y" sfffs-9' ' ',""'A"7"'fu : ll 2 'The Specivum AGE FIFTY-ONE PAGE FIFTY-Tv ,F .K eil" Q, J' X in sf V I .7 M. '4 w na 'J . .5 Pl V, -r ' 9 f 1 I JOKES Mary Noble-Did you bring your machine today? Ward C.-I drove this morning but walked this afternoon. I wanted to get here in a hurry. Mr. Silverthorn: "Can any one 'tell me what a volcano is?" George K. Sherman: "A high mountain that keeps on interrupting." Elfzabeth Laidle frecently suspended from High Schooll : "Hello, Mr. McCleary. I'm back." McCleary2 "I see your are. For what reason?" Elizabeth Laidle: "I read in that letter that I was expelled, but on the envelope it said, 'After five days return to Mr. McCleary."' Mary Carver: "Do you really 'think sardines are healthy?" Chester S.: "Well, madam, I never heard one complain." Mr. Harris: "What did you do last night, son?" Wayne: "Oh, just rode around town with the fellows." Mr. Harris: "Well, the next time, tell the boys not to leave their vanity cases in the car." Mr. Silverthorn. Ito his wifej : "Don't make any more of those biscuits, dear." Mrs. Silverthorn: "Why not?" Mr. Silverthorn: "You are too light for such heavy work." John Balser: "I'Ve added those figures up ten times." Miss Blake: "Good, And here are the ten answers." Miss Covalt: "Will you please give the next sentence, Clinton?" Clinton Worley: "Someone swiped my book." Miss Covalt: "Well, I don't know where it is but give the next sentence." Clinton Worley: "Well, I know where it is it's up there in front of the room." lClinton then borrows a book and reads the following sentencej "I found the book where I had left it." Shop Owner: "Yes, we repair and recover umbrellas." Zelpha Kane: "That's just what I came to see you about, someone took mine, and I wish you'd recover it." Miss Frazier: You are too literal. Translate more between the lines." Virgil Meyers: "I can't. It is rubbed out." Ellis Weaver: "Did the play have a joyous ending?" Ferrel McNett: "Sure. Everybody was glad when it was over." Miss Duval: "Fred, what is a short story?" Fred Harrison: "A baby novel." Miss Goings: "Ralph, you misspelled most of the words in your com- position." Ralph Young: "Yes'm, I'm going to be a dialect writer." Willfam Miller: "Mother, may I go out to play?" Mrs. Miller: "What! With those holes in your stockings?" William: "No, with the boys on the street." .iii .ILA Lf:-W .-'fri-1 i'f. sv :-J f." tl' -" 2: , . , .. ,,,- A-- -'-f Q . 5.y.i.Q ',": ,,g7Xi?- -'N - Y jg., 4 I , W ,,,,L,, IQEL-sffiluwa---pil' AGE Fl FTY'FlVE Miss Goings: "If a farmer raised 400 bushels of potatoes and sold them for 25c what would he get?" Basil Holmes: "Get mad and give up potato growing, I guess." Miss Duval: "Now, Don, if you get 60 in your English test and I gave you 40 more, what would you have?" Don Farrington: "Hysterics." Mr. McCleary: "Mary, have you ever taken a course in Economics?" Mary McFarren: "No, and I don't kno'w how to cook either." Lucille Hall left in charge of her tiny brother called out: 4 "Mother, won't you please speak to baby? He's sitting on thc fly- paper, and there's lot of flies waiting to get on." Alice Synder: "I'm so sorry I couldn't come to your party." Lois Slone: "Oh, weren't you there?" Mr. Silverthorn: "Pauline, what will take the place of oil when it runs out?" Pauline Norris: " Why, they'll begin to raise petroleum, then." Gene Bodmer: "I wish you to understand thatI do not stand on triflesf' Helen Roberts: lglancing at her feetl "No, I see you don't." Merlin Fuller: "Sorry not to have heard your talk last night, everyone says it was splendid." Frederick Dettloff: "I wonder how they found out, as the lecture was postponed." Naomi Finch Ito clerklz "I want a peck of apples." Clerk: "Do you want Baldwins?" Naomi Finch: "Sure, did you think I wanted them with hair on?" Mr. Thurston: "Name the five senses." Bill Keller: "Nickels.'l Everett Frazier: "A man learns most who begins at the bottom." Edwin Bitner: "How about the fellow who is learning to swim?" A Plea For Information Oh, chemist, please investigate And drop me just a line. I'd like to know what carbonate? And where did iodine? Miss Frazier: "Does marcel have one I?" Miss Covalt: Iabsent mindedlyl Who?" Miss Parker: "You're the slowest boy we've ever had. Aren't you quick at anything?" Robert Meyer: "Yes, sir. Nobody can get tired as quick as I can." A blind fell down in the assembly striking a small girl. Miss Duval: "Did it hurt you?" Little girl: "No." Miss Duval: 'Tm so sorry." Miss Goings: "What are the two ways to 'work a problem?" Jimmie Lynch: "The right way and the wrong way." 1, . QQ' .1 35:14 -'-:Fil-"1"V"7-.1 I' Elk,-ll I 2 ' L i ' ' N . t -1 . .... 'Ivy . up--rg .. 4 - -.xr ' ' ' f ' Q l,'h."F"'J""""""""'4 'iai- PAGE FlF'TY'SI E I I 5 1 U l 5 1 N i CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1927, being of sound minds and generous dispositions do will a few of our most prized possessions to "THOSE WHO REMAIN TO MOURN OUR LOSS" in the hope that our school may be great in the future as it was when we were here. I, Mary Noble, do will my size 215 shoes to Ferrel McNett. I, Ward Culbertson, do will my ability to get Senior class meetings turned over to me to Arthur Swindell. I, Aldah Craig, do will my old auto accessories to Mr. S.lverthorn in order that hereafter he may be saved so many trips to the junk yard. I, Zelpha Kane, do will my quiet, lady-like ways to Agnes Peck. I, Beulah Pherson, do will and bequeath to Mr. Forney, my dimples thinking that he would be even more beautiful with two sets. I, Martha Peck, do will my curly U1 hair to Ethel Watcher in or- der that hereafter she may sleep with no bad dreams from wearing hair curlers. I, Mildred Peck, do 'will my stand-in with the faculty to Margaret Wolfgang. I, Fostene Brown, do will my quietness to Bill Bradley. I, Donald Farrington, do will my mastery of the English language to Violet O'Bryant. I, Lucille Hall, do will and bequeath my love for study to Marjorie Foster. I, Uva Cassell, do will my success in skipping afternoons to Helen Noble. I, Mary McFerran, do will one of my six feet to Roy fDutchj Etch- ison. I, Edwin Bitner, do will and bequeath by prowess as an orator to Samuel Klem. I, Frederick Dettloff, do will my extra credits to Wayne Harris. I, Clyde Granger, do 'will my nickname "Red" to John Heritage. I, Irene Watcher, do will my childish and innocent appearance to Dora Hall. . H PAGE FIFTY'ElGl I, Mary Magee, do will my neatness to those students who persist in papering the assembly. I, Mary Katherine Hall, do will and bequeath my marcel to any boy who thinks it would help him to make a hit with the girls. I, Mildred Frazier, do will my pleasant disposition to the faculty. I, William Keller, do wlll my musical ability to George K. Sherman. I, Elosa Allen, will my good luck in not having to take a foreign language to Virgil Myers. I, Oliver Custer, do will my skill as a janitor to Paul Gorden. I, Lucia Johnson, do wlll my habit of blushing bewitchingly to Paul Forney. I, Merle Zedekar, do will my captivating ways with the girls to John Humphrey. I, Jaunita Millspaugh, do will my wonderful brilliancy in geometry to William Compton. I, Lois Richardson, do will and bequeath my desire to become a college graduate to Harold Noble. I, John McFarren, do will my fondness for chewing gum to Miss Goings, hoping that she may become more lenient with inveterate gum chewers. - I, James McCarty, do will my office of Senior Class President to the next person who takes that office. I, Rudolph Bowers, do will my love for basketball to Joseph Finch. I, Thelma Thompson, do will my sophistication to Sophia Baker. IFreshmen, you will find two dictionaries in the rear of the assemblyj I, Elizabeth Stewart, do will and bequeath to Madge Dick my voice to be used by her in making more noise at the basekball games. I, Ada Bess Cripe, will my love for Sunday School to John Balser. I, Genevieve Bodmer, do will my yellow slicker to any girl who can prove that she wants it more than I do. I, Naomi Finch, do will my good standing with Miss Brereton to Martha Noble. XGE FIFTY'NlNE A JOKES Mildred Woosnam: Martha, I'm going to give you this violin. Martha Noble: An out-and-out gift? Mildred W.: Absolutely! No strings to it! John Woosnam: "Where's the funny paper?" Ferrell McNett: "Funny paper? Today is Wednesday. I told you not to take a bath last night. Alice Snyder: Have you taken to wearing glasses, George? George Pyle: Yes, I worked so many cross-word puzzles one eye got to seeing vertical and the other horizontal. Ralph Young: "A bulletin uptown says the world's coming to an end tonight." Vlon Hocker: My cow! Just when I've worked by tomorrow's geometry. Mr. Silverthorn: "And now I wonder if anyone can tell me the dying words of Lord Chesterfield?" Ellis Weaver: "They satisfy!" Emmaline Kilgore: How kind of you to bring me these fresh, lovely flowers. I believe there's some dew on them yet. Ernest Brow: Yes, butI intended to pay it off tomorrow. Mrs. Adam: "Oh, Fred. you deceived me. We're not legally married. Mr. Adam: But, Mary! What makes you think that? Mrs. Adam: I took our marriage certificate to the bank today and they wouldn't lend me a cent on it! Mrs. Forney: What on earth are you doing, Paul? Paul: Feeding the baby yeast. Mrs. Forney: For heaven sakes, why? Paul: The baby swallowed my penny and I'm trying to raise the dough. ' APPROPRIATE STATIONERY. For banker-Note paper. For aviator--Fly paper. For financier-Bond. For brides-Linen. For bashful Lover-Sand paper. For sailor-Tar paper. For henpecked husbands-Ruled paper. Virgil Meyer: "Say, didza know a fellow over at the battery post got electrocuted?" John McFarren: "Honest?" V. M.: "Yeah, he picked up a cookie with a currant in it." Mr. McCleary: "Give some quotations you've learned from the Bible." Edwin Bltner: "And so Jacob went out and killed himself." Mr. McCleary: "Good, give another." Edwin: "Go thou and do likewise." Miss Covalt: "What is etiquette?" Clyde Granger: "It is saying thank you when you want to say gimme." l1 A XGE SIXTY-ONE "Yes," said Miss Martin to the auto salesman, "I understand about the carburetor and all those other parts. Now please show me the de- preciation. I've been told that it gives more trouble than anything else." Miss DuVal had written on the back of Helen Marshall's paper: "Please write more legiblyf' The next day Helen came to her desk and asked: "What is that you wrote on the back of my theme?" Mr. McCleary: Un Bible Classl What are the epistles? John McFerran: "Wives of the Apostles." "If I cut a beefsteak in two," asked Miss Goings, "and then cut the halves in two, what do I get, Walter?" Walter Schmidt: "Quarters," "Good, and then again?" "Eighths." "Correct, and again?" "Sixteenths." "Exactly. And what then?" "Thirty-seconds." "And once more?" "Hamburger," answered Walt impatiently. A Freshman had been asked to write the story of Elisha in Bible Class. Here it is: Elisha had a bear and the children mocked him, and he said: "If you mock me, I will set my bear on you and it will eat you up !" And they did, and he did, and it did. Sophia Baker: "Who is the smartest man living?' Evelyn Painter: "Thomas Edison." Sophia: "Why?" Evelyn: "He invented the phonograph and the radio so people would stay up all night and use his electric light bulbs." Mary Noble: "Did you hear what Lois said about you?" Alice Snyder: "No, I was in the other group talking about her." Miss DuVal: "I have went. That's wrong, isn't it?" William Compton: "Yes, Ma'm." Miss DuVal: "Why is it wrong?,' Wm. C.: "Because you ain't went yet." He was telling her about the members of the track team. "Now, there's Johnson," said he, "in a few weeks he will be our best man? And then she lisped: "Oh, Jack, thish ith tho thuddenf' It was the year 2024. The United States had just elected its first woman president. "Don't you feel that your home life will be ruined?" inquired the re- porter of her husband. I "My only regret," he said with a sigh, "is that I have but one wife to give to my country." 1 PAGE Slxrv-T W, u i v 4 S F I I I V l v X PAGE SlXTY'FOl CALENDAR, 1927 September. Tuesday, Sept. 7-The longed-for day at last arrives. Wednesday, Sept. 8.-Miss DuVal searches in vain for Allen Rounder, whose name some wise Sophomore had handed in. Thursday, Sept. 9.-Alice Snyder pushes Mr. Silverthorn's desk over on him. Friday, Sept. 10.-Seniors gasp at the announcement of another Eng- lish theme. Miss DuVal evidently believes that a theme a day make us feel gay. Monday, Sept. 13.-Directory cards are filled out. Mr. McCleary warns Miss DuVal to be careful. There might be another Allen Rounder in the class. Tuesday. Sept. 14.-Miss Brereton is 'testing voices. Wednesday, Sept. 15.-A fine gain in enrollment over last year. Thursday, Sept. 16.-Mosquitoe bites and more mosquitoe bites. Friday, Sept. 17.-Mr. Silverthorn's last day of single blessedness. Monday, Sept. 20-Seniors plan for "Brown of Harvard." Tuesday, Sept. 21-"Tubby" Leach enters school. Wednesday, Sept. 22.-Frederick Dettloff advertises "Brown of Har- vard." Thursday, Sept. 23.-Umbrellas again! Again umbrellas! Friday, Sept. 24-Much discussion of Dempsey's defeat. Monday, Sept. 27.-Rev. Townsend addresses the assembly. Tuesday, Sept. 28.-Will the sun ever shine again? Wednesday, Sept. 29.-Everyone goes to the senior benefit. Thursday, Sept. 30.-Students discuss the new grading system. October. Friday, Oct. 1.-Season tickets for basketball on sale. Monday, Oct. 4.-Martha Noble comes to the assembly with her dress on wrong-side-out. Tuesday, Oct. 5.-Mr. Silverthorn 'tells his class to find out about the Cabinet members and their wives. Wednesday, Oct. 6.-Plans made for a Student Council. Thursday, Oct. 7.-Class tournament to be held tonight. Friday, Oct. 8.-Finals tonight: Juniors and Seniors. Monday, Oct. 11-Percy Abbott. the great mystifier, here tonight. Tuesday, Oct. 12.--Students seem to be enjoying their work. Wednesday, Oct. 13.-The irregular ringing of the bell causes much confusion. Thursday, Oct. 14.-Hot lunch served every day by Home Economics Class. Friday, Oct. 15.-Virgil Myers rehearses his queer noises. Monday, Oct. 18.-Dr. Herbert Thurston makes a very instructive talk on foods and their 'value to the body. Tuesday, Oct. 19.-Group pictures taken today. Wednesday, Oct. 20.-Mr. Forney explains the new grading system. Monday, Oct. 25.-Science Club organized. Tuesday, Oct. 26.-School dismissed at 2 o'clock today in honor of Mayor Brattain. Wednesday, Oct. 27.-Mr. Silverthorn says: "I have a head to absorb written facts." He thinks we have one like his. Thursday, Oct. 28.-Spectrum Staff has a business meeting. Friday, Oct. 29.-Mary Noble is burned with nitric acid in Lab. today. AGE SIXTV-FIVE . . 1 22 ' Q . ' ,rev-rgql-,V il' V Q . V, - . E,,L,.l-1. s.:k,-V: V -H' I 'i1i1?""'-'-"' -i f ' ' 111 1 1 i i 1 November. Monday, Nov. 1.-Genevieve B. strays into the fifth period assembly with a book agent. Tuesday, Nov. 2.-Mr. Silverthorn says: "Alaska has an enormous size, but it is rather small." Wednesday, Nov. 3.--James McCarty makes a speech for the Hi-Y this morning about "Father and Son Banquet? Thursday, Nov. 4.--Judge Brown makes a very interesting talk before the assembly. Friday, Nov. 5.-Yea, Tigers! Monday, Nov. 8.-The Girl Reserves are sponsoring "Hello Week." Tuesday, Nov. 9.-Did you see Mr. Forney in "Ye Village Skwele of Long Ago?" Wednesday, Nov. 10.-First snow. Thursday, Nov. 11.-Armistice Day. Friday, Nov. 12.-Oswald Ryan speaks on Immigration. Monday, Nov. 15.-Fred Dettloff caught blowing bubbles in the Lab- ratory-Love sick? Tuesday, Nov. 16.-Virgil Meyers must have the lock-jaw today. Wednesday, Nov. 17.-School dismissed at 1 :30 o'clock in honor of Mr. Merker. Thursday, Nov. 18.-Seniors begin their first "Spectrum drive." Friday, Nov. 19.-Lapel beats us. Score 59-11. Monday, Nov. 22-Merlin Fuller goes to sleep in Mr. McCleary's assem- bly, 4th period, and wakes up at 11:55. Tuesday, Nov. 23.-Big "pep'f meeting in the gym. Wednesday, Nov. 24.-Thanksgiving vacation! Monday, Nov. 29.-"That's a point in my favor," said Johnny Walker, as he sat on a tack. Tuesday, Nov. 30.-Sophomore benefit given. "Ransom's Folly." December. Wednesday, Dec. 1.-Two girls seen bringing their mothers to school with 'em? ? ? Thursday, Dec. 2.-Ralph Young: "What place does a shroud have at a funeral?" Friday, Dec. 3.-There is much happiness and also much grief today: the report cards were given out. Monday, Dec. 6.-This is a slicker, Ice! There were many slips between home and school. Tuesday, Dec. 7.-Helen Noble and Mary McFarren are both victims of an icy sidewalk. Wednesday, Dec. 8.--Genevieve Bodmer and Elizabeth Laidle surely are industrious nowadays. You can see them in the assembly 'till 5 p. m. every evening. Thursday, D-ec. 9.-Mr. McCleary said: "Most of our E's come from too much ease." Friday, Dec. 10.-Pep session today-Elwood here tonight! McCleary got hurt last night, while practicing. He won't be able to play. Well, We almost beat Elwood-36 to 30 in their favor. In her excitement last Friday night at the Elwood game, Ada Bess Cripe hugged a freshman lad 'whom she thought was her brother.. It was Harold Maddox. Tuesday, Dec. 14.-The biology classes strolled out to the Paper Mill today. They said it seemed to them that the weather was about 30 below. PAGE SIXTY S Wednesday, Dec. 15.-Miss Covalt Ito Virgil Meyers, who had his head laying on his deskj "Virgil, don't you know you can't sleep in here?" Virgil-"Yes, this desk is so hard I know it now." Thursday, Dec. 16.-There must have been some shocking conversation in Mr. Silverthorn's room this A. M.-the plaster fell off the ceil- ing today. Friday, Dec. 17.-Bob Meyer fell down stairs today. Monday, Dec. 20.-In assembly, Miss DuVal looked around and said: "John, stop whispering and get to work." John Schroth, John Jones and John McFarren, who were all sitting in a row, turned around with a guilty look on their faces. Tuesday, Dec. 21.-Miss Martin was giving directions to fry doughnuts in deep fat when she was interrupted by Ellen Bradley, who said: "What kind of a meadow cat did you say that was?" Wednesday, Dec. 22.-Lost-Mr. McCleary. Return to the Christmas Carolers. January. U Monday, Jan. 3.-Harold Maddox carries a compact now. Vain creat- ure! Tuesday, Jan. 4.-Uva Cassel lost her heel today-a step and a half. Wednesday, Jan. 5.-Oh, those old crabs in biology classes! Thursday, Jan. 6.-No excitement today! Friday, Jan. 7-Sid Silverthorn took too high a step and fell downstairs this P. M. Monday, Jan. 10- Hush little Senior Don't be so bold You're only a Freshman Four years old. Tuesday, Jan. 11-We should see an improvement in the conduct of some of the students-Mr. Silverthorn is giving his classes a lec- ture on "Etiquette" Wednesday, Jan. 12-The assembly was more quiet than usual for a while this morning-all the freshmen were attending a class meet- ing in the gym. Thursday, Jan. 13-Emma T. in arithmetic class "The fourteenth prob- lem, has it got any "cents?" Friday, Jan. 14-Everyone in Miss Frazier' assembly was frightened at the sudden noise of falling wood-"Rudy" Bowers' desk fell to pieces. Monday, Jan. 18-"Heavy" Jarrett must have been out late last night. He took a nice nap in the assembly today. Tuesday, Jan. 18-Mr. Thurston: "Late as usual?" John Woosnam: "No, later." Wednesday, Jan. 19-Lois Slone, who was absent from school yester- day on account of a headache, has come back today with her head all tied up with a white ribbon. Thursday, Jan. 20-Calendar editor takes a vacation. Friday, Jan. 21-Assembly teacher looks for Tom Mix in the third row of the assemblv. Ask John W. for particulars. Monday, Jan. 24-Miss Goings: "Let's think hard now." Jimmie Lynch: "Naw lets do something that you can do, too." Tuesday, Jan. 25-Ask Miss Parker if her father has a board shrinker. Wednesday, Jan. 27-My head is in a whirl! Thursday, Jan .27-Exams! Exams. HF A . 'WI "!' 5 ' '7 '- :Y ' J f'i'3, tl' I" ". -il .. , -4- - 5. '-11,5-iN-. !.-- fs- ---- 1. , U.- , N -ig .rr .- ., ,- ' Qs" ' - KGE SIXTY'SEVEN . . -, r ' V1 . A , j ,rw f5"?f!-!'M , f Y" ?"!'n- 'f ' I le' V!,, ll t T uk, 'fx L W A P L 5 Q :- vi . A he S Q I U lf" I :wif-1v:2L-f1,'f-"i-i'r'- WEP" V- "'- . , Y n . " 1 A Qty. , - udgiq , PAGE SlXTY'EIGH Friday, Jan. 28--All over! Monday, Jan. 31-Mr. Forney speaks to the student body. FEBRUARY Tuesday, Feb. 1-A new phase of work was introduced into Biology to- day: each member was given an earth worm to work upon. Wednesday, Feb. 2-The ground hog sees his shadow. Thursday, Feb. 3-Debating Club has an important meeting. Friday, Feb. 4-We play Fairmount tonight. Yea! Tigers. Monday, Feb. 8--East Chicago Wallops us again. Tuesday, Feb. 8-Mr. Forney speaks to the Debating Society. Wednesday, Feb. 9-Carl Walker tells us in Biology class that a crab Fish has cat whiskers. Thursday, Feb. 10-Mary Noble, Naomi Finch and Lois Slone joins the Debating Club. Friday, Feb. 11-Lincoln Day Program was given by History Class. Monday, Feb. 14-John McFarren and John Balser stayed in after school for one hundred minutes today. They disturbed the as- sembly for one minute and there were one hundred in the assem- bly. Tuesday, Feb. 15-Today in history class, Mr. Silverthorn said: "I'll tell you a little bit about the reformatory at Pendleton. Who else besides myself has been there? Wednesday, Feb. 16-Robert Kilgore asked Mr. Thurston if a cocoanut crab lived an a cocoanut tree. Thursday, Feb. 17--If some one would invent a silencer for squeaky shoes, we are sure James Lynch would consider it a wise invest- ment. Friday, Feb. 18-Today the town is the best yet. All the teachers have gone elsewhere to visit schools. Monday, Feb. 21-Can't say so much for the game at Elwood Friday night, but that Pendleton game here Saturday night was plenty keen-even though Tigers did not get the long end of the score. Tuesday, Feb. 22-Program in honor of George Washington was given in the gym today. Ferrell McNett took the part of honest George. Wednesday, Feb. 23-Our Faculty team got beaten so badly at Tipton last night, they forgot what the score was. Thursday, Feb. 24-Faculty team beat Elwood here tonight 27 to 22. Blake was high-point man. Friday, Feb. 25-Say boy, it sure did rain this morning about 8:15. Wet feet! Monday, Feb. 28--New grading period. MARCH Tuesday, Mar. 1-Cast for Senior play is published. Wednesday, Mar.2-First and second basketball teams entertained student body this morning with a one-sided game. Thursday. Mar. 3-Spectrum Staff Meeting. Friday, Mar. 4+Big pep session this morning. Monday, Mar. 7.--Everything is dripping today. i AGE Slx'rv-NINE Tuesday, Mar. 8-Debating team goes to Elwood. Wednesday, Mar. 9.-Rehearsals for Senior class play are now in progress. Thursday, Mar.. 10-Harrison Granger disjointed his neck while trying to sleep in the assembly. Monday, Mar. 14-"Burly" Durr almost hanged himself today on the window cord. Tuesday, Mar. 15-In economics class-Mr. Silverthorn: "What city does the "F" on this dime stand for? Ellis Weaver: "Philadelphia" Wednesday, Mar. 16-Rev. Jessup makes an interesting talk. Thursday, Mar. 17-Most of the "Freshies" are in style today, St. Pat- rick's Day. The census for "Who's Who in 1950" was taken for the Spectrum. Friday, Mar. 18-Mr. Silverthorn 'while looking through some 951 bills said: "My wife never allows me to carry so much money except on special occasions. I lost a dime once." The Tigers were entertained with a party by the "Gold-Diggers" last night. Rather sleeping looking bunch today. "Cat" and "Mac" have gone to the Cow Barn today. Monday, Mar. 21-Thus saith Mr. McCleary: "I'd like to make an an- nouncementf' Tuesday, Mar. 22-Biology classes operated on frogs. Wednesday, Mar. 23-Bernice Cripe's father has promised her a posi- tion for this summer in the local post office-licking stamps. Thursday, Mar. 24-Thelma Thompson has such a cold she can scarce- ly talk. Ask her why. Friday, Mar. 25.-Mr. Thurston, in Physics class, "What do you get by by multiplying volts time amperes?" Aldah Craig: "What lWattj. Mr. Thurston: "That's right." Monday, Mar. 28-When asked Why Akron, Ohio, was noted for the manufacture of rubber, Don Farrington said: "They raise rubber treets there." Tuesday,Mar. 29-Ralph Bouse paraded to the waste basket with his chewing gum. On his return he opened his mouth to prove to Miss Goings that he had obeyed her orders. APRIL Monday, Apr. 4-Annual goes to press. Thursday, Apr. 7-County Parent-Teacher Banquet. Friday, Apr. 8-Go-getters entertain the Hustlers at a Chili Supper. Edwin Bitner goes to Winchester to take part in District Discussion League contest. Mary McFerran: "What's the difference between the north pol'e and the south pole?" Uva Cassell: "Don't know. Why?" Mary McFerran: "All the difference in the world." PAGE SEVENTY l Thursday and Friday, April 21 and 22, Senior Class Play, "Come Out of the Kitchen." All Star Cast. Olivia Dangerfield, Alias Jane Ellen ..... Elizabeth Dangerfield, Alias Araminta ,,,. . Mrs. Falkner, Tucker's sister .i.... Cora Falkner, Her daughter ....... Amanda, Olivia's black mammy .,.... Burton Crane, From the north ......, Thomas Lefferts, Statisical poet ............,.. Solon Tucker, Crane's attorney and guest ...... Paul Dangerfield, Alias Smithfield ...,.,.. Charles Dangerfield, Alias Brindlebury ......... Randolph Weeks, Agent of the Dangerfield's ...... Saturday, April 23-Commercial Contest. Monday, April 25-City Beautiful Parade. MAY Mary K. Hall Thelma Thompson Helen Frazier Mildred Peck Juanita Millspaugh William Keller Merle Zedekar Frederick Dettloff James .McCarty Clyde Granger Edwin Bitner Thursday, May 5-"The House that Jack built," given by the grades under the direction of Miss Brereton. Miss DuVal: "Ralph, what is a citizen." Ralph Bouse: "A citizen is one who sits." Friday, May 20-Junior-Senior Banquet. Miss Frazier: "Joe, give the meaning of transparent." Joe Finch: "Trans means cross, therefore transparent means cross par- ent." Sunday, May 22-Baccalaureate. Monday, May 23-Beginning of Senior Week. James McCarty: "Why do sailors know there is a man in the moon?" Mary Magee: "Don't know. Why?" James McCarty: "They've been to sea." Tues-day, May 24-Senior Theatre Party. Mrs. Frazier: 'iWhat are you doing, Mildred?" Mildred: "I am knitting, mother. I heard Everett say the other day that .he was afraid he'd have to get a new muffler for his car and I thought I'd surprise him." Wednesday, May 25-Class Day. Thursday, May 26-Commencement. AGE SEVENTYAONE Policeman ,...... Aviator - ....... B. B. Coach ....... Preacher ......... U. S. Senator Mayor .,.....,.,. Fire Chief ,..... WHO'S WHO IN 1950 Street Cleaner ................. R. R. Crossing Watchman ..... Supt. of Schools ............... Nurse ............,... School Teacher ...... Best Cook ,..,... Scrub Woman ...... Janitor .................. Radio Announcer ...... Soloist ......................... Bobber and Marceller ..... Best Wife ffor boys onlyj .......... Best Husband lfor girls onlyl ..,.... Interior Decorator ..... Prize Fighter Dressmaker ,.,................ Champion Hog Caller .......... Mr. McCleary Virgil Eader James Lynch Frederick Dettloff Edwin Bitner John Heritage John Balser Harold Silverthorn Robert Jenkins Paul Forney Madge Dick Naomi Finch Miss Martin Miss DuVal Paul Gorden Mr. Thurston Alice Synder .......Mary Jane Nicoson Mary K. Hall Clinton Worley Merle Zedekar Ferrell McNett Elizabeth Jane Beatson Virgil Myers ,QW . lxfizha, 4-41, --,f :-1.-":' 2' "'ff'i1'. lfuuil' V i i ' 1 - ' ' tml. ,W J ' ' I .. ,B . I J9 PAGE SEVENTY-TWO v 1 ls W w AFYQPQD osf fia is, 4 1 .If Sink 'Y S ff- .fi Mimi. 4 - , , ,.,, 6 iillv Lp, -, :jf .Q ll V :ful I -A .Ek 'L 1 1 + M 1 " ' , f : U ::,d L ' 'L 'G ., -1' I " 1 r J .. . V' - - - - , W' 1 'YA' 12 iff' l' "W . ' .. ' A I -- - ' Sei. C V "fn , ..v , x . , : 'qs -1 ul U L' ':'1--'.-wx'-'ar' L7"",l- " if - ' gs-:Lf .,,,, Ap..-..,,..v Jw, 1!Z '1'.l' 4 ' -1 :N Lf- "FY-L-' II.'fX'1f A' in 1 P 5.-f:--.-,-.-,4... -,W-qi:-+1--. . x . ,..... ,' . . X - , AGE SEVENTY-THREE ALUMNI NUGGETS Ashel Cunningham, a mem- ber of the class of 1906, was formerly coach of the Red- lands University football team. He is now teaching law in the Riverside, California, Boy's High School. Miss Rose Lorch, who grad- uated from the high school in 1900, is a primary teacher in the schools of Seattle, Wash- ington. Mrs. George Hopkins, form- erly Miss Icey Pugh, who grad- uated in 1907, is an rgculist in Hammond, Ind. ' Mr. Edward Payson is as- sistant bandmaster and teach- er of English at Culver Mili- tary Academy, Culver, Ind. Mr. Raymond Milburn, a graduate of 1909, is now con- nected with the "Denver Post" in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Carl Milburn, '07, is at present foreman of a large construction plant in Indianap- olis, Ind. Miss Wilkie Hughes is sup- ervisor of nursing in one of the largest hopitals in Boston, Mass. Miss Hughes was a mem- ber of the class of 1913. Walter Krider, '12, is now a Methodist missionary in Japan. Mrs. Harley Kelly, formerly Miss Ida Richardson, who graduated in 1906, is now Supt. of Schools in Benzine, Mont. Roland Manring is at the present time salesman for the Steel and Pipe Co., of Oak- land, Cal. He graduated in 1909. Russell Phillips, '13, is now pastor of the First M. E. church in Princeton, Ind. Miss. Bertha Baxter, a mem- ber of the class of 1903, is now an artist spending her sum- mers in Gloucester, Mass., painting sketches. She has had several beautiful sketches ac- cepted by nationally known magazines. Miss Ethel Baxter is now a librarian for the First Nation- al Bank of New York City. She was a member of the class of 1904. Miss Bessie Baxter is now connected with the American Bankers Association in New York. Ogden Etchison, '22, is trav- eling salesman for the Mc- Dougall Kitchen Cabinet Co., of Frankfort, Ind. Perry Hall, '19, is now a traveling salesman for Comp- tometer at Fort Wayne, Ind. Miss Marguerite Hall, '14, is news reporter for the "Den- ver Post," Denver, Colorado. Milby Lynch, a graduate of the class of 1926, is emplbyed at the Glen Parks Furniture Co., at Gary, Ind. I iff" . 2"::','i-"':!l' ".-' fc-sf. lf ." "' - - - -' ., . .,.1.. . Q. 51121:-rr 1' .- ,.., -iai s . lQ:f2aYvX9wl-wr--. Q-4551? PAGE SEVENTY FoL , ,,,,, R,,,,- ALUMNI NUGGETS Miss Eugenia Walker is teaching in the public schools of Denver, Colorado. Miss Marie Thurston, a grad- uate of the class of 1916, is a mathematics teacher in the Elwood High School. Chesley Thomas -has gone to Cincinnati, Ohio, to take a position with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Mr. Thomas graduated from the local High School in 1921. Miss Martha McEwen, who graduated in '25, is winning distinction among the music circles of Indiana University through her talent as a violin- ist. She recently took part in the Musical Revue given at the university and in other parts of the state. Miss Helen Hughes is em- ployed at the Prudential Loan Co.. at Anderson. She is a bookkceper in this firm. Miss Hughes graduated in 1910. Troy Fox, who graduated in 1913, is teaching in the high school at Rossville, Ind. Emer Slone, a member of the class of 1909, is an engi- neer in Florida and managing two companies of his own which are engaged in the clearing of land. Misses Marjorie French, Geneva and Uva Janney, Mar- garet Merker and Mary Louise Tillman are teaching in the Anderson Schools. Joseph Waymire is in school at Indiana University. Miss Emma Phillips is taking graduate work at Indiana Uni- versity. Alfred Winfrey, John Ec- kert, Richard Edwards, Robert Slone, James Wales, George Boase, Charles Shinabarger and Wayne Sheley are attend- ing Purdue University. Mrs. Edward Schuman, for- merly Miss Mary Adams, is living in Los Angeles, Cal. Misses Elsie Foster, Jeanette Cary, -Dorothy Fuller, Eliza- beth Roop, Esther O'Bryant and Gibson Bell are attending Ball Teachers' College. Miss Ruth Walker is in school in Terre Haute. Miss Eva Freeman is ad- vance agent for a Chautaqua company with headquarters at St. Louis. Misses Olive King and Freda Shaw are taking work at An- derson Business College. Arthur Peck, '07, is insur- ance agent for a prominent in- surance company in Columbus, Miss. Mrs. Fred Raine, '12, form- erly Miss Grace Clauve, holds a responsible position in a large department store in Orange, Cal. Miss Mary Merker, a grad- uate of the class of 1913, is often heard over the radio from station WOR Newark, N. J. AG SEVENTY-FIVE . , 4 ' Y- ' 'A!'.'f!Qv '1'f4-iv' ' Mm 1 0 - ua. an u 4 s-.W f' . K - . , . , 3 1 I 'f , "i . V ' ' , ,, ' ' I. e gn 'L I . ,W ...N Y ' I- I 4. ax 9 4 ,ei c1i-r u 1 M ' 'BN ,' 4' 1' ,wi x' IMT ' ' N 5 , 'N Q T PA .. 'Q r -' K N' 0 G. . V" f . 1, kr! I f N- 'H . :P , V91 r '.-T1 r N' I + L , Forget - Mc: Not 3 LB M .Li .11 x, 1 -It N 1 ,J x JJ Y kr. J Y , il .A ' k 'J-11' -,:, .gu-f:- "HH-w, VV." F L N swf ' - - - b . Q51-V-'.""'..."'.":,',:.g..a-n:i'q , . . ' -'-" ,-, - PAGE SEVENTY-E -. . Qijswg. 1 n ax, 'f 'ful nam' ,Q 4 q 5 P , iT he Ip-,e ' 5 K 3 . W ' 1 ' L .fi f. ,gg AEN ff, T 1- . s . f 1 1- , 1 f X 1 ' y ' Q I PM . X a X A g ff . ' tl :N x X J f A . , ,Q I J V I J L M , X sd XXX , Forget - Me - Not Mm one I ! XX x fy x X X . .. X . 'Mlm A. I M , ' ---'f--1-':w-- ' f 1, in ur , . . " --Y -w-.-' ,X .xr - 'Av ' Q 1 4SW A RGE SEVENTY-SEVEN xl S. XX ' M 'Nil as Q ., ' "uv U n ., 5. M F vu- 5:71 A VJ F N A A , .Z '- . ff- .1 1' 1 M - " ' ' b JA ' .I 4-Y --'A . y ,,y , k ,fl q I. E' 1 J :l,, . .Q , . .', 1 Q , V Q V..L.,-h" , . ' ' e Spectrum w , PAGE SEVENTY-Elc ?' Y? - ADVERTISEMENTS is A 317117 IXIC annuals, like lwrilliant vietories, are lwrought about by the eo-or- elination ol' slxilllul generalsliip and trained effort. The Jann 82 Ollier llngraving Co. is Ameriea's foremost sehool annual designing anel engraving specialist, because in its organization are mobilized Americas leading ere- alive minds anel meehanieal eraftsmen. THE jAllN 82 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Phutoqr'-'1phe1'.9, Artists and fllakcrs J Fine Printing Plates-for Black and Colors 817 W. WAsmNo'roN ISIND., Ci lictixco L-1-I-.I-lui. AS a man thinks, F0 is he. Some people are never. GE EIGHTY-ONE COMPLIMENTS OF The Alexandria Daily News M,,3gQQg4.,,,. fdeiiebi-X If Columbus had been a advertising man he would have said: More miles on the galleon. PAGE EIGHTY-T Miller-Thurston DISTRIBUTORS OF STAR CARS H NI cure DQWQI EXCLUSIVE GOODYEAR TIRE SERVICE AUTHORIZED ALEMITE SERVICE STATION ACCESSORIES, RADIO SUPPLIES, OILS, GREASES AND GENUINE FORD PARTS. W 9 9 Manufacturers of INDIANA BATTERIES 107-109 East Washington Street. PHONE 22 FRESHMAN A green little boy, in a green little way, A green little apple devoured one day. And the green little grasses no'w tenderly wave, O'er the green little apple boy's green little grave. QUALITY ABOVE ALL erffgfiones Company DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY Indianapolis OFFICIAL JEWELERS TO ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL. Persons passing along the road to success are often hampered by too many blowouts. GE EIGHTY-THREE The First Thing You Want to Know About Milk is: IS IT DU RE? Our Milk is Pure because it is Clarified and nasteurized. It is rich in Cream. It is Safe, because from its source to you it is Safeguarded by Extraordinary Scientific Resources. There is no better Milk sold than that sold by the ALEXANDRIA PURE MHILK CO. If there could be, it would still be ours. Visit our plant and be convinced. Alexandria Pure Milk Companu CHESTER L. CARVER CLARENCE E. PAINTER A. H. S. 1902 A. H. S. 1910 Phone 27-F 12 414 E. Washington St. Uva Cassell-Fred Dettloff is the most modest boy I know. Helen Frazier-Why do you think so? Uva Cassell-When his girl called him on the phone this morning, he refused to answer because he was garbed only in pajamas. COMPLIMENTS OF Baile y-Edwards Drug Company A brain is only as strong as its weakest think. PAGE EIGHTY-FOI R. T. HUMPHREY l A U S E i Zlnifruit Bananas I . Auto Tops 1 THE BEST Upholstering I H They Are Nationally Goon woRKMANs1-uP , Advertised- FAIR PRICES , 1 Moulton 8z Smith 205 W. Washington St. .jobbersn Phone 419' Anderson, Indiana "In your opinion," queried Miss Parker, a member of the investigating committee, "What is the cause of the unrest among the Indians?" Apache Pete, the noted scout, blew a cloud of smoke into the air, then slowly removed his pipe from his month. "Fleas," he answered. i T H E , 1 Q W . H. MAY Peoples Garage , '? Phone 380. Alexandria, Ind Dealer in One Day Battery Charging. STORAGE, REPAIRS, PARTS, SERVICE GASOLINE AND OILS Agents for the Oldsmobile ' Light six. f I'l0lI36'Illl'lll3lllllU8, Fdflll SUDDIIGS, 650. A 107-111 N. Harrison Street. Phone 224. Alexandria At each athletic contest two victories are won. One team wins the real victory and the other team wins the moral victory. RGE EIGHTY-FIVE O. H. FIELD FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS. QUALITY Our Motto We Specialize on Fresh Dress- ed Poultry at All Times. Phone 49. 310 N. Harrison W. R. HIDY Wholesale and Retail Dealer in i TOBACCO AND CIGARS I HEADQUARTERS FOR FINE CIGARS. Phone 157. Mr. Thurston-I love the good, the true, the beautiful, the innocent. Miss "?": This is so sudden, butl think father will consent. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS FROM -THE-- LEE COAL .sr FEED Kroger Grocer QQMPANY 81 Baking Co. Dugan Schaefer HIGHEST QUALITY LOWEST PRICES B A R B E R Sharon Bell' Mgr' 715 W. Washington St. 5 "Time flies." This rule does not apply to the electric clock in the as- sembly. PAGE EIGHTY-Sl IF IT IS IN A LUMBER OR BUILDING MATERIAL YARD YOU WILL FIND IT AT Brannum Lumber Co. BETTER LUMBER AND MILL WORK. Lucia Johnson-Could you give me a discription of a modern girl that I might use in a story? Ward Culbertson-Sure: "Painted in front, shingled in back and empty in the attic." NABER MILLING COMPANY MILL FEEDS OF ALL KINDS BALED STRAW AND HAY Delivered To All Parts of the City Telephone 197. STAR SHOE REPAIR CO. The Finest of Shoes Deserve the Kind of Repairing We Do. 102 East Church Street. SAYITWITH FLOWERS H. .H Bale All Kinds of Cut Flowers and Plants in Season. Funeral Work a Specialty. 109 E. VanBuren St. Phone 370 I'll be C'ing you," said the teach er at the end of the term. GE EIGHTY-SEVEN Quality Meats and Groceries ..AT.-. Lunon 8 GUSLBI' Mtidli MHFKCL 202 West Washington St. FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 11 "SERVICE" Our Motto. C. G. Zllorlep Dealer In .STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES. TEAS, COFFEES AND SMOKED MEATS . New Phone 195 910 North Harrison Street. L. R. Lepird 8: Co. Inc. SHOE STORE FROM FACTORY TO YOU. JUST ONE SMALL PROFIT. Located at 222 N. Harrison St. Bill Keller, applying for position as office boy: "I hope, sir, that you will take the fact that all my grandparents are positively dead to be in my favor." Liberty Gif Company Wholesale and Retail HIGH GRADE GASOLINE AND MOTOR OILS Alexandria, Indiana Phone 137 221 E. Berry Street J. E. MCDANIEL Might it not be said that hunting the North Pole is going to the extremes. PAGE EIGHTY-EIGP ROCK WOOL BAN R UG nRUDU CTS HOD!!! llSULAY'Iol HOME OF BAN ROC PRODUCTS PLANT AND QUARRIES OF Banner Rock Products Company ORIGINATORS OF ROCK WOOL PRODUCTS ALEXANDRIA, INDIANA ROCK WOOL NR G BARUDUCTQ HOD!!! IIISULATIOP4 me fellows leave school because they can't take it with them. E A Distinguished List of Men's Haberdashery. ADLERS COLLEGIAN CLOTHES MUNSINGWEAR ENRO SHIRTS MALLORY HATS INTERWOVEN SOX STAG TROUSERS KAHN TAILORING CO. J. E. Carter 8: Company Thurston-The gas in this cylinder is a deadly poison. What steps would you take if it Were to escape. Oliver Custer-"LONG ONES." COMPLIMENTS OF A exandria Paper Company Manufacturers of NEWSPRINT PAPER Collegianism: A form of satorial perversion practiced by high school students. PAGE NINETY -A-S THE CONVENIENT WAY Central Indiana Gas Company Mr. Zedekar-"How on earth did you manage to tear your coat like that? Was it done at school today? ' Merle-Ye-es. I-I think it happened when I Wes-er-tearing myself away from my-er-studies. GENUINE PARTS THE UNIVERSAL CAR. LINCOLN CARS FORDSON TRACTORS 355.00 Down Starts You in the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan. Ask us about it. The Easiest Way to Buy a Ford. Alexandria Car 8: Tractor Co. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS DAY PHONE 129. NIGHT PHONE 342 Wf N. BEATSON, W. L. GARY, A. H. S., class of 1905. A. H. S, class of 1917 I Dora Hall-"Gee, but I'm tired of the same old grind." Donald Farrington-Better get a new set of teeth then. IGENINETY-ONE COMPLIMENTS JAMES MAY LAWYER. D COMPLIMENTS OF Gray 81 McKinle HARDWARE I l l Q Rothinghouse Bros. fl ll Drug Store l 1 Alexandria - Jonesboro Gas City. l UNUSUAL 'Twas midnight in the parlor, 'Twas darkness everywhereg The silence was unbroken, 'Cause there was no one in there. The Madden Grocery Co. - HIGH GRADE GROCERIES PROMPT DELIVERY We Arie As Near As Your Phone CALL 82 for Q QUALITY AND SERVICF B We never yet heard of an absent-minded professor who forgot to flunk anyone. PAGE NINETY'TW LX. J. E. H COMPLIMENTS or LAWYER Rooms 1 and 2 y DOXEY BLOCK if Little Place 'Round J ii The Corner .Hines 81 Lytle U Ladies and Children y Hair Bobbing Our Specialty T Hours: 8:00 Until 5:30 Except Wednesday M 8:00 Until 7:00 p. m. M SCHIER BROS- Saturday 8:00 Until 9:00 p. m. M Miss Covalt--What's Greek for boiled water? Lucile Hall-"Soup," Elosa Allen-What does the sentence "I sent him to the office" express? A. B. Cripe-"Trouble," - Sheaffer Lifetime Pens - Others Look Like Them. None Write Like Them They Are Known by the WHITE DOT on the Cap. LOOK FOR THE WHITE DOT. CRIPE BROS. Phone 64. 104 N. Harrison Street. Junior Ito graduating seniorj-Well, so long, Jimg have a good voca tion PAGE NINETY-TH REE Nxt V A ' U THE CLASS OF 1927 HAS Our Best Wishes. Che R. L. Leeson Co. LADIES' WEAR FURNITURE MENS' CLOTHING DRY GOODS GROCERIES MAKE IT A POLICY, "TRADE AT HOME." Beulah Pherson-Who are those boys sitting on that truck? Zelpha Kane-They look like a couple of cross country hikers. Moreland 8: Wales Insurance The Old and Reliable Insurance Companies. ALL STOCK COMPANIES. No Reciprocals. Phone 126. 111 N. Harrison I I 11 V COMPLIMENTS or Q C. Brattain 8: Son We Help Protect the Health of ll ll . I the Nation. I FIumDlnuanuHcm.inu ,I Phone 95. 115 N. Canal I I I E COMPLIMENTS or ll OZA PARKER II! When two girls use a box of powder together, do you call it a partner- ship or a compact. PAGE NlNETY'FOUR -V ggsrgglq, Tic, .TTS ,i 4. . Q. V' .I A' 3 ' 'gre 1: iillff 'fix-'I'---1'3" !?-4331 "Again Chosen" As Official Photographer:-H Of this Annual, we wish to thank the faculty and students for their co-operation in making these photographs a success. IF THEY HAVE PLEASED YOU REMEMBER US FOR FUTURE PHOTOGRAPHS THE FORKN ER STUDIO West Side Square Anderson, Indiana Mr. Coahran-John, what have you been doing this morning? John McFerran-I've been helping Ward. Mr. Coahran-Ward, what did you do? Ward Culbertson-Nothing. Shawhan Barber Shop 108 N. HARRISON Dee R. Jones Attorney-at-Law Phone 2. Late to bed and early to ri AGE NINETY-FIVE I A COMPLIMENTS OF l l l Anderson Oil Q Company l l Y ' CORNER JOHN AND HARRISON J J STREETS. l y l se makes a school boy sleepy, but wise. BASTIAN BRGS. CO. JEWELERS and STATIONERS High Schools and Colleges N 135GB t Bldg R h t N Y When lo d 1 th made, h gh h lb y ll th YNERCI- L oe '74 -K OOM PP? We once saw a student so bored that he looked as if he had bought the world for a nickel, and wanted his money back. N S VEN I . PRODU CTSI TRADE MAPK --the student of today. -the builder of tomorrow. -the solid rocks of future prosperity. E know them to be one and the same-and when we express our faith in the success of these young people we express faith in the success of America . ,md its Institutions! .alalaal General Insulating 85 Manufacturing Company Makers of INSULATING BRICK, FLEXFELT, CEMENT, PIPE COVERING, ETC. Alexandria, Indiana "ROCK WOOL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD" He spoke with his mind, but I think his voice was cracked. PAGE NlNETY'ElGH U II OUR HEARTIEST WISHES ' FOR SUCCESS TO EACH MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF D97 BAKER INK 8: PASTE ALK-OVER CXECRDS COMPANY ILS N ROS. DRESS EOCKS FOR FAIRMOUNT INDIANA MEN. . CCMPLIMENTS GORDON SILK HOSIIERY -OF- BEAUTIFUL FOOTWEAR Little Dutch FOR GIRLS Cleaners I Mr. Bowers-My boy, your studies are costing me a lot of money. "Rudy"-I know it, dad, and I don't study very hard either. COMPLIMENTS OF The Alexandria Metal Products Co. I S I1 I I1 Some teachers have no favorites: they flunk everybody 'with equal grace GE NINETY'NlNE WATCHES , , 1 I Z x t? , ,.... faczlxi it Clip Drug Store up fl' -All will 'W gn lsl'i"l'l,l ll wi ll Epi QAIQQ 'film I ll' Q V 1 -2 4 ll l l YOUR DRUG sToRE l D V t" S l I RINGS, PINS AND Ig A We Appreciate Your Trade M JEWELRY RDI Two Stores sf! l D Elwood - Alexandria A Alexandria Indiana l S R y E :Q LEO E. GARRINGER, Mgr. Y A Alexandria Store. l l Wayne Harris-I saw two sophs chasing a freshman up town. Clyde Granger-Did they get him? W.H.-Naw, he stepped on a pair of scales and got a "weigh," 1 A I l W. S. Heritage 8z l Wm. Duke 8: Son Son X GROCERY '! FRESH FRUITS Deputy County Coroner A a d l n in TANT LADY ASSIS , VEGETABLES l SUN-KIST UNDERTAKING 1 l -and- -and- y PHOENIX FURNITURE l A CANNED GOODS Virginia Sweet Products Phone 318' 73 or 180' 3 216 N. Harrison Street., Kiss her lrst--then J argue about it. PAGE ONE HUNDRE SANITARY MEAT MARKET A CLEAN STOCK PROMPT SERVICE A SQUARE DEAL Sells Government Inspected MEATS HUGHES--CURRY PACKING CO. DR. C. I. DANIELS THE OPTOMETRIST 110 E. Church St. Alexandria, Ind. Graduated at Northern Illinois College in 1900, has also attended Post Graduate work put on by A. O. A. with instructors from leading colleges and universities during the past twelve years. Solicitor-"Won't you please give something to the old ladies home? Mr. Silverthorn-"Sure! You can have my mother-in-law." BEN AZIMOW JUNK DEALER. We sell all kinds of New Elec- tric Wiring at the Lowest Prices. Alexandria - Indiana I I I The mark of a Good Advertis- ing Medium is the fact that it keeps getting better. THE TIMES-TRIBUNE To make each sale a Stepping Stone Towards Your Perfect . Confidence Is Our Desire and Constant Endeavor. Curry Clothing Pehoss Arnold, Publisher. I C "Post Office Next To Us." 116 W. Church. Phone 385 I A kiss in time saves nine efforts. AGE ONE HUNDRED ONE COMPLIMENTS TO A. H. S. Q COMPLIMENTS OF CITY GARAGE Blue Ribbon Coal to A. H. S. Bootblack-Light or dark, sir? Mr. Forney--I'm not particular, but please don't give me the neck. COMPLIMENTS OF i Quality Economy Q I Groceries Prices THE TI , V A ' l.9lb9l'iY Ffllyealre ll -A f ani a ' ll' Y '. in ,, Q. , i CLJYEJNQXTI :Lil E - WE TRY T0 SHOW THE BEST IN MOTION WHERE ECONOMY RULES 'PHE GREAT ATLANTIC sz PACIFIC TEA Co. l I PICTURES' I1 Established 1859. l 4 We know a teacher who never calls anyone down because she's not that low. PAGE ONE HUNDRED Tw4 COMPLIMENTS OF ALEXANDRIA BANK OLDEST AND STRONGEST Start a Savings Account and Watch it Grow Y 1 About the wettest job on record is being a street sprinkler in Venice R O HUNDRED THREE filo The Qlass o Q7 We extend our congratulations on your having reached another rung in the ladder of success. May your future reflect honor and credit upon the City of Alexandria, and be a stimulus to those who are to follow. To The Qiligens of ebfllexa-mdria We take this occasion to publicly express our apprecia- tion of the Warm welcome which has marked our advent into your city. It shall be our aim to merit your confidence and to exercise such judgment in the administration of our business as will contribute to the general good and prosper- ity of Alexandria. ALADDIN INDUSTRIES, Inc., Branches in the Principal Cities of the World. Manufacturers and distributors throughout the world of the ALADDIN Kerosene Mantle Lamp and Accessories, Aladdin Thermalware Jars. ' E I V l PAGE ONE HUNDRED FO

Suggestions in the Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) collection:

Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Alexandria Monroe High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Alexandria, IN) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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