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?952 Uexoztt Published by THE CLASS OF 1952 CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA72ecUccUia t We dedicate this annual In lasting remembrance Of our classmate Lawrence Anderson. Stricken by a dread disease, Persistent in his pursuit of knowledge Until his untimely death. 2When, in years to come We leaf through these pages Old memories and forgotten friends Will come to life. The little things we used to say and do Are all recorded here. The times we laughed The times we cried (sighed) The teachers, rooms and books All preserved here Never to be forgotten. TABLE OF CONTENTS F ac ulty . 5 Seniors . 11 Clas ses 29 Sports . 41 Activities 51 3 Features . . 79 Left: MR. GEORGE ANDERSON, Junior High Principal; "Like to ride horses? Come out to the Dude Ranch.” Center: MR. ARTHUR HAFDAL, Superintendent of Schools; "And that’s that . . . period." Right: MR. CLIFFORD RYKKEN, Senior High School Principal. "I should have stood in bed." SMISS DOROTHY MAGNUSON — Left: "Repondez en francais" — English 12, French 1; MISS LAURANE WOLD — Right: "Is there anything special for you?" — Librarian, Library Board. MISS VIRGINIA BERTRAND — Left: "The more you talk, the longer you'll stay after school" — English 8,9; MRS. DOROTHY SCHWANKE — Center: "And did you hear that joke . . . " -- Speech, English 10; MISS MARGARET WAAGE -- Right: "Open the windows; let's have a little air on the subject" -- English 9,10. MISS DOROTHY DILLON — Left: "Dillon the villian" — English 10, Art; MR. JOHN PHELPS -- Right: "Oh, that's delightful" -- English 12, College English 12, English 11. MISS ARDYS HALLDIN — Left: "Five cents every time you chew gum” -- English 7 8 MISS MABEL SKALBECK — Center: "I'm not strict; I'm just exact" -- English 11; MISS LILLIAN DAHL -- Right: "What sculpture is to marble, education is to the soul.” 6MR. DICK GREER — Left: "At least you look like the wheels in your head are turning" -- World History, Social 12; MR. CLAIRE MORRISON -- Right: "We'llhavea testtomorrow" --World History, U. S. History. MRS. VIOLA HALVORSON — Left: "x‘ + x can't equal x3t! i" — Algebra, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry; MISS JOSEPHINE HOKANSON — Center: "Get ready for the bell" — Senior Math, General Math 9; MR. JOHN ANGLIN -- Right; "Just work hard and you'll make the back seat" -- Senior Math, Plane Geo- metry. MISS VIRGINIA COMBS — Left: "... and so on and so forth" — Social 12, Jour- nalism; MISS DOROTHY FOSS — Centei: "Times have changed since Hannah died” -- U. S. History; MISS HAUGRUD -- Right: "Don’t laugh. I’m serious" -- Social 7,8. MR. DONALD HARSH -- Left: "You see . . . ?" — Math 7; MR. MORRIS BUTLER -- Right: "Eyes you have but see not" — Math 8. 7MISS MARY UBERA — "Why sure" -- Typing, Steno- graphy; MISS EMMA PIRKL -- "Ohdear, dear, dear!" —Book- keeping, Typing. MISS PATRICIA MANION — "Like so . . -- Home Eco- nomics; MISS EDITH PETERSON — "... and now you add the water" -- Home Economics. MR. THEODORE ORDING — MR. VERNON MAACK — MR. DON L OLSON — MR. C. T. AMUNDSON — MR. REUBEN HANSON — "'A' for effort" -- Senior Ad- visor, Guidance; " Alright now, let's settle down" — Retail Selling, Cooperative Training. "Don’t forget to put your tools away" — Smith Hughes Trade Class, Metal Shop 1; "Okay, let's outline" -- Indus- trial Arts 7,8,9; "Get to work boys" -- Advanc- ed woodwork. Industrial Arts 8,9. 8MISS MINNIE FILIPPONE -- "Aspirins aren'talwaysa cure- all" -- Nurse; MISS MAXINE LUDWIG -- "Oh, my soul and body" -- Girl’s Physical Education. STEVE SMILANICH — "Okay, a five pagereport from you . . ” — Assistant Coach, Health 9; TOM CONNOR -- "Okay boys, it's up to you" -- Coach, Boy's Physical Edu- cation. MR. TED LOHRMAN -- "Alrightyou guys, quiet down" — Science 7,8; MR. ROBERT JONES -- "More food" -- Elementary Physical Education, Health 9. MR. HOWARD MUNSON — "I bet” — Biology; MR. KENNETH TORGESON — "You'll hang from the nearest tree at sunrise” -- Science 9; MR. GORDON MELBY -- "On the ceiling are the remains of last years seniors" — Physics Chemistry, Audio Visual Su- pervisor. 9MR. RAY AHLFORS MR. CLARENCE HEMMING "Okay boys, let's set- tle down" -- Agri- culture. "Mr. Rykken, coffee time" -- Agriculture. MR. VINCENT DININO- MISS DOROTHY DALE- MISS LUKRIS BERGE- MR. AL HAPKE- "Feet on the floor!" Instru- mental lessons, band; "Good morning, boys and girls." Elementary music; "Okay, boys, settle down!" Junior High music, choir; "Don't be sharp, don't be flat, be natural. "-Instrumen- tal lessons, orchestra. MAXINE PLADSEN- BEATRICE MORRISON- ALICE VENDEL- FRANCES ENGSTROM- VERA SEVELAND- MABEL JOHNSON - Secretary for Junior High Principal; Assistant Secretary for Su- perintendent; Assistant secretary for Su- perintendent; Principal's secretary; Agriculture secretary; Superintendent's secretary, not pictured. Left to right: COOKS -- Mrs. William Jerome; Mrs. Elmer Timm; Mrs. Charles Neller. BUS DRIVERS -- Left to right: Back Row-- Mr. Arvid Ellis, Mr. Elder Olson, Mr. Cliff Norland, Mr. Lawrence Lee, Mr. Emil Erickson, Mr. Conrad Erickson, Mr. Arvid Melin, Mr. Henry Arvidson, Mr. Jesse Peacock, Mr. John Nelson; Front Row -- Mr. Clayton McFarlan, Mr. Wallace Smith, Mr. Clark Johnson, Mr. Joe Freedman. CUSTODIANS -- Left to right; Mr. Hubert Mullen, Mr. Hjalmer Peterson, Mr. M. A. Collins. Not pictured: Mr. John Kellogg, Mr. Roy Meyer, Mr. Fritz Salomonson. 10 SetUat "I'm a senior now!" How often we have proudly repeated these words during the last nine months! Only now, as we walk out the doors of our high school, as a student for the last time, do we realize how lucky we were to be able to say this. Our four years in high school have flown by and we have only memories left of our school days. As we look back now, the one- act play was a highlight in our freshman year. We got a funny but proud feeling to see our own friends and classmates on the stage before us, acting as we had seen it done in senior high. But our chance to be in senior high came fast, and it seems only a short time ago when we were hanging silver stars and blue crepe paper for the 1949 Christmas Dance. In our sophomore year our feeling of importance was great as we at- tended teen canteen, senior high auditoriums, and went to the school dances without a special invitation. The fall of 1950 again brought the Sadie Hawkins Dance. We used dogpatch characters in huge frames for the decorations, drawn and painted by the artists of the class. Taking part in Hilarities and assist- ing with the Alex High Times helped to make our junior year complete. "Neptune's Garden," does that remind you of an im- portant night in our lives as juniors? Of course, the Junior-Senior Prom and Spring Party are two events we'll never forget. Buying formals, wearing new suits and having the girls wearcorsages all made us feel older. "Our Miss Brooks" was the Junior Class Play which was pre- sented on May 10 and 11. Not un- til the class of '51 graduated in June did we begin to realize that we were now the class that reigned over Alex High. All last summer we beamed when we said, "We're seniors", and when September 3 rolled around, the mighty class of 1952 was able to yell S-S-SEN-I-I-IOR and have the feeling of leadership and im- portance. In September the class pictures were taken and we began to work on our '52 Alexian. Before long Thanksgiving and Christmas were in the past. Yes, September-- October-- November -- and December had passed by helplessly. Our SeniorC'.ass Play started the spring's activities followed closely by exchanging pictures and learning to keep the beat as we practiced marching for graduation. Honor Day and the Senior Banquet came and went and as the high school band played "Pomp and Circumstance", we marched up the aisle at our commencement ex- ercises. The stage was beautifully decorated and as Mr. Hafdal gave each one of us our diploma, we felt a bit sad, because now we were leaving dear old Alex High. SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT JIM FITZGERALD In addition to being president of the senior class, Jim also heads the 1951 Cardinal Band. Key club, "A" Club, Thespians and instrumental groups occupy most of his spare moments but he still finds time to work part time at Kolstads Clothing Store. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS -- Vice President, DWAYNE SODER- HOLM: Secretary-Treasurer, AUDREY TVRDIK. 11 JON FRANCES ABELS Ambition: Wouldn't you like to know! Activities: Debate 1; Basket- ball 1; Key Club 4. CLAIRE BARTHOLOMEW Ambition: Marriage and Hap- piness. Activities: Future Business Leaders Club4; Library Club 3; Library Board Play 3. MARLYS ANDERSON Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Activities: Band 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Glee Club 4; Alex High Times Staff 3; Christian Youth Fellowship 1,2,3,4; Officer 4; Class Play Pro- duction 3; Alexian 4. EVANGELINE J. BERG Ambition: To be a good book- keeper or nurse's aid. Activities: Library Board 3,4; Nurse's Office 3; Class Play Production 3,4. ARDELLA M. BAKER Ambition: To pass my driver's test and still be able to drive. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Class Play Production 3,4; Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Glee Club 4; Alexian 4; Rooter's Club 4; Spring Party Committee 3; Drum Corps 3. JOHN BERGSTROM Ambition: To remain a hill- billy. Activities: Bus Patrol 3,4; Alexian 4. ANITA J. BARSNESS Ambition: To go to California with Tootie. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Alex High Times Staff 3, 4; Alexian 4; Switchboard 4; G.A.A. 4; Nurse's Office 4. BETTE BJORKSTRAND Ambition: Marriage. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; G.A.A. 2,4; Tumbling 2; Switchboard 4; Nurse's Of- fice 4; Alexian 4. LOVERA BARTA Ambition: Teach ballroom dancing or be a teacher. Activities: Band 2,3,4; Library Board 2,3,4; Alex High Times Staff 3; Home Nursing 3; Baccalaureate Usher 3; Class Play Production 3; Alexian 4. BERNIE J. BOTNER Ambition: Join the Air Force. Activities: School Patrol 3,4; Intramural Basketball 3,4. 12RICHARD A. DANIELSON JACK P. BOTZET Ambition: Machinist. Activities: School Patrol 3,4; Noon-Hour Basketball 3,4; Baseball 3. Ambition: Engineer. Activities: Key Club 3,4; School Patrol 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Golf Team 3; Alexian 4; Spring Party Committee3; Radio Club 4. JANET M. BREDE Ambition: Own a horse ranch. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Audio Visual2,3,4; Cam- era Club 3; Choir 3; Glee Club 4. MYRON BREDE Ambition: To be a farmer. SHIRLEY ANN DROPIK Ambition: To be a success in whatever field I choose. Activities: Switchboard 2; Camera Club3; Audio Visual 2,3,4; Junior Class Play Ush- er 3. EUGENE LYLE CARLQUIST Ambition: To lead a success- ful life pleasing to God. Activities: F.F.A. 2,3,4; Presi- dent 3; Treasurer 4; School Patrol 2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Future Business Leader's Club 4. ALICE L. EBLEN Ambition: To be a farmer's wife someday. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Nurse's Office 2; Lunch Room 2,3,4. GLORIA ANN CARLSON Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: Alex High Times Staff 4; Glee Club 4; Class Play Production 3; Switch- board 3; Library Club 3; Christian Youth Fellowship 2,3. DOROTHY JO ENGELHARDT Ambition: To be a psychiatrist and fly-low to California with Barsie. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Switchboard 2,4; Alex High Times Staff3,4; Alex- ian 4; G.A.A. 4; Stamp and Camera Club 4; Nurse's Of- fice 4. 13HELEN E. ENGLUND Ambition: Nurse. Activities: Choir 4, Librarian 4; Glee Club 4; Sigma Beta Phi 4; National Honor Socie- ty 3,4; Youth Council (Ex- ecutive Board) 3,4; Alexian 4;Cheerleading 2,3,4; Class Play (Publicity Manager) 3; Bowling Team 4. JEAN A. FISHER Ambition: To do well in what- ever I do. Activities: Biology Club 3; CameraClub3; Future Busi- ness Leader's Club 4. ARM AND D. ERICKSON Ambition: Some field of sci- ence. Activities: Key Club 2,3,4; School Patrol 3,4; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Football 1,2; Alexian 4; Spring Party Committee 3; Youth Council 4. DONNA J. ERICKSON Ambition: To type faster than Dwayne Soderholm. Activities: Duarte, California 1; Band 3,4; Orchestra 4; G.A.A. 2; Radio Club 2,4; Alex High Times Staff 2,3, 4; Feature Editor 4; Alexian 4; SocraticClub3,4;Class Play Cast 3; Hilarities 4; Decla- mation 3,4; Sigma Beta Phi 3,4, Officer 4; National Hon- or Society 3,4; Youth Coun- cil 4; Rooter's Club 4; Prom Committee 3; Thespians 4; Harlequins 4; Bowling Team 4. LOWELL ERICKSON Ambition: Research Chemist. Activities: Choir 4; Tumbling 3. JAMES E. FITZGERALD Ambition: Successful architect or clothing salesman. Activities: Golf 2,3,4; Football 1,2; "A" Club 2,3,4; Band 2, 3,4, Officer 4; Freshman Play l;JuniorClassPlay 3; Hilar- ties3; Key Club 3,4; School Patrol 3,4; Thespians 4; Alexian 4; German Band 3; Rhythm Kings 3; Class Of- ficer 4; Speech 4; Prom Committee 3; Brass Quartet 4; Brass Sextet 4; Brass En- semble 3,4. CAROL J. FLAIG Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: G.A.A. 1,2; Alex High Times Staff 1,2,3,4; Rooter's Club 1; Class Of- fice ; Youth Council2,3,4; Student Council 2; Sigma Beta Phi 3,4; Future Teach- er's of America 3; Class Play 3; Band 3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Alexian 4. KATHRYN L. FOSLIEN Ambition: To be successful in whatever I try. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Alexian 4; Library Club 2,3,4; Usherette 3. MYRON D. FEZLER Ambition: To be a truck driver. NY LA F. FROEMMING Ambition: To outlaw liquor. Activities: Alex High Times Staff 3; Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Choir 3,4; Librarian 4; Class Play Cast 3; Mixed Octette 3; Christian Youth Fellowship 3. 14FRANK GADOW RUTH M. F. GYLSEN Ambition: Own a Cadilliac Convertible. Activities: Basketball 2; Junior Red Cross3; Noon-Hour Bas- ketball 3; Football 4. Ambition: As stated in the 1951 Alexian, I am listed as a "Future Farmer of America" and what could be better? Being a Farmer's wife is my ambition. SHIRLEY J. GEASE Ambition: A receptionist and later a housewife. Activities: Class Play Produc- tion 3,4; Glee Club 4; Alex- ian4;Drum Corps3;Rooter's Club 4. BETTE GERTH Ambition: To become an Air- line Stewardess. Activities: Osakis High School 1; G.A.A. 2; Future Business Leader’s Club 4. LOUISE HANSEN Ambition: To play the French Horn like Vince. Activities: Band 2,3.4; Orches- tra 3; Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Youth Council 3,4; Ex- cutive Board 4; Sigma Beta Phi 4; Student Council 4; Declamation 3; G.A.A. 1,2; Class Play Production 3; Alexian 4; Prom Committee 3; Radio Club2; Hilarities 3, 4; Rooter’sClub 1,4; Thespi- ans4; Harlequins 4; Bowling Team 4. ARLENE J. HANSON Ambition: Nursing. Activities: Future Business Lea- der's Club 4; Nurse's Office 2; Class Play Production 3. NAOMI GESKE Ambition: To become a suc- cessful bookkeeper or secre- tary in some big firm. Activities: Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Alexian 4; Class Play Production 3; Switch- board 4; G.A.A. 4; Glee Club 4; Christian Youth Fellow- ship 4; Nurse’s Assistant 4; Rooter’s Club 4. JANICE M. HANSON Ambition: Missionary. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Of- ficer 3; Orchestra 3,4; Rhythm Kings 3; Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Co. Ex- change Editor 4; Sax Quar- tette 2,3,4; Alexian 4; Roo- ter’s Club 4; Hilarities 2,3; Class Play Production 3; Speech 4. JOANN GRANLUND Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Activities: Class Play Produc- tion 3; Biology Club 2; Class Officer 3; Alex High Times 3; Sigma Beta Phi 4; Chris- tian Youth Fellowship 3,4; Glee Club 4; Alexian 4. 15RONALD HANSON Ambition: To become an ar- chitectual or civil engineer. Activities: KeyClub3,4;Cam- eraClub3; Biology Club2.3; Cheerleader 2,3; Student Council 4, Officer 4; Spring Party Committee3; Board of Directors 4. JOANN HENNINGSGAARD Ambition: To travel around the world in a Model-T-Ford. Activities: Choir 3,4; Glee Club4;G.A.A. 3; Class Play Production 3; Alex High Times Staff 4; Rooter’s Club 4; Drum Corps 3. VIRGENE HANSON Ambition: Secretary. ROSE MARY HOAGLUND Ambition: Secretary and travel all over the U. S. Activities: Glee Club 4; Alex High Times Staff4; Thespi- ans 4; Rooter's Club 4. WARREN L. HANSON Ambition: To someday be a J C. Penney Company Manag- er. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,Officer 3; F.F .A. Basketball 1,2,3; F.F.A. Octette 2; Parliamen- tary Procedure Team 3; Youth Council 3,4, Officer 4; Key Club 3,4; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Choir 2,3.4; Boy's Octette 2,3; Madrigal Group 3; Boy's Glee Club 4. VIOLETTA M. HAUER Ambition: To have lots of fun. EVANGELINE HOLTE Ambition: Teacher Activities: Future Teacher's of America 3,4; Sigma Beta Phi 4; Library Club 4, Of- ficer 4. HARLENE HAYER Ambition: To be waterboy for the Cardinals. Activities: Seattle, Washington 1,2; Future Business Leader’s Club4;Christian Youth Fel- lowship 3; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Attendant 3, Queen 4; Alexian 4; Class Play Production 3. FAYE ALICE HVEZDA Ambition: To be an old maid and have a club for Ex-GI’s. Activities: Audio Visual 2; Alexian 4; Future Business Leader's Club 4. 16IVA LENE HVESDA Ambition: To attend business college ERNEST JOHANSEN Ambition: See the world DARLENE J. JACOBSON Ambition: To be a sales clerk or bookkeeper. Activities: Elbow Lake, Minn- esota 2. CAROL JOHNSON Ambition: Head sales clerk at Engstrom's or get married. Activities: Future Business Leader’s Club 4; Hilarities 3; Class Play Production 3. DOUGLAS JACOBSON Ambition: To lead a successful life. Activities: Football 1,3,4; Mgr. 2; Basketball l,Mgr.2; Track 1, 3,4; Golf 2,3,4; Student Coun- cil 1, 2; "A" Club 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; School Patrol 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Stage Force 1. DONAVON JOHNSON Ambition: Join the Navy. Activities: Football 1; Bus Pat- rol 4. BARBARA JASPERSON Ambition: To get one "A" in Chemistry. Activities: Socratic Club 3, 4; Class Play Prod. 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Alex High Times Staff 3, 4; Choir 4; Glee Club 4; Bowling Team 4; Alexian 4; Rooter’s Club 4; Prom Committee 3; Hilarities 3, 4; Harlequins 4. E. DANA JOHNSON Ambition: To be a successful saleslady. Activities: G.A.A. 3; Future Business Leader's Club 4. ANSGAR JOHANSEN Ambition: To gain happiness. GLORIA MAE JOHNSON Ambition: Have a job I like in which I can succeed. 17RHODA JOHNSON Ambition: To make my life useful. Activities: G.A.A. 1,2; Biology Club 3;Socratic Club 3; Camera Club 3;ClassSec. 1;Sigma Beta Phi 4; Alex High Times 3; Alex- ian4;Class Play Prod.3, Chair- man; Bowling Team 4. MERLE E. JOHNSON Ambition: To be able to get in some part of the Air Force and later get a good job and make good money. Activities: Football 3; Intra- mural basketball 3. 4. ILENE JOHNSON Ambition: Teach Phyllis Seim how to cook. Activities: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Off,4; Alex High Times 3. 4; Ad Solicitor Ch. 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Radio Club 3; Off. 3; Bowling Team 4; Camera Club 3; Off. 3; Class Play Prod. 3; Glee Club 4; Off. 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Alexian 4; Hilarities 3, 4; Youth Council 3, 4; Rooter’s Club 1, 2, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Harlequins 4; Thespians 4. EILEEN JOHNSON Ambition: To play bassoon with the New York Philharmonic Symphony and be the best bio- logy teacher since Mr. Munson. Activities: Biology Club 2. 3; Radio Club 2, 3, 4; President 2; Youth Council 2. 3; Sigma Beta Phi 3, 4; Off. 4; Socratic Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; Nat'l. Honor Society 3, 4; Alexian 4, Off.; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Librarian; One Act Play 3; Class Play Prod. 3; Declam 3; Hilar- ities 3. LOIS M. JOHNSON Ambition: Airline hostess. Activities: G.A.A. 2.3,4; Band 2,3,4; Alexian 4; Rooter's Club 4; Clarinet Quintette 4. ROBERT D. JOHNSON Ambition: Join the Air Force and after I get out find a good job and get married to a nice girl. Activities: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Machine Shop 1, 4. GAYNOR M. JONES Ambition: Marriage. Activities: Nurse's Office 4; G.A.A. 4. LINDA M. JOSEPHSON Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: Library Board 3, 4; Switchboard 4. MANLEY JOHNSON Ambition: To hunt and fish the rest of my life. Activities: Intramural Basket- ball 3, 4. V ANDRINE E. KIEHNE Ambition: Interior decorator and housewife. Activities: Switchboard 2, 3; Library Board 2, 3,4; Glee Club 4; Speech 3; Class Play Produc- tion 3, 4; Home Nursing 3. 18JANET KRUEGER Ambition: To learn vibrato on the cello. Activities: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Class Play Prod.3; Switchboard 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Rooters Club 1, 4; Alex High Times Staff 1, 2. 3, 4; Student Council 3. 4; Off. 4; Tumbling 1, Socratic Club 3,4; Alexian4; Harlequins 4; Hilarities 3,4; Bowling Team 4; Prom Committee 3. RHETA A. LEISDON Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Eagle Bend, Minn- esota 1, 2, 3; Future Business Leaders' Club 4. MARGINE M. KRUEGER Ambition: Nurse or housewife. Activities: Library Board 3, 4; Class Play Prod.3, 4; Nurse’s Office 3. BARBARA ANN LEMKE Ambition: To write a lovelorn column in the Echo. Activities: Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Choir 3,4; Glee Club 4; G.A.A. 1, 3, 4; Rooters Club 4; Alexian 4; Class Play Prod. 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Drum Corps 3. KYLE KRUSEMARK Ambition: To practice medicine in Alexandria. Activities: Football 1,2,4; "A" Club 4; Key Club 4; Student Council 4; Youth Council 4; Class Play Prod.3; Choir 2,3,4; Mixed Octette 3; Jr. Quartette 3; Prom Committee 3; Radio Singers 3; Mixed Quartette 3; Mixed Ensemble 2; Declam, 3, 4; Boy's State 3. HARLAN D. LEMKE Ambition: To see the world. ARLENE MAE LARSON Ambition: To graduate. Activities: Class Play Produc- tion 3; Drum Corps 3; Rooters Club 4. WILLIAM H. LERBS Ambition: Be mayor of Carlos. Activities: Intramural Basket- ball 1, 3, 4; Audio-Visual 2, 3; 4; School Patrol 3,4; Captain 4; Bus Patrol 3; Football 4; Spring Party Committee 3. ELEANOR ANN LARSON Ambition: To become a good nurse and a nice girl. Activities: Glee Club 4; Alex High Times Staff 4; Class Play Pro. 3; Rooters Club 4; G.A.A. 3; Drum Corps 3. ROBERT LEWIS Ambition: To be a pharmacist. Activities: Choir 4; Class Play Production3; Biology club 2, 3; Camera Club 3; Alex High Times Photographed 4; Alexian Photographer 4; Key Club 4; Theaspians 4. 19FAYTHE E. LINDGREN Ambition: To Be Farley Granger's secretary. Activities: Hilarities Usher 2; 3; Christmas Concert 2; Class Play Production 3; Switchboard 4; Alex High Times Staff 4. STUART McCOY Ambition: To be a sports broad- caster. Activities: Intramural Basket- ball 3.4; Bus Patrol 3,4; School Patrol 4; Alex High Times Sports editor 4. DICK LINOW Ambition: Neuclear physicist. Activities: Youth Council 2,3. 4; Red Cross Council 3: School Patrol 3: Prom Committee 3; Alexian 4. DONNA McFARLANE Ambition: To be a secretary or a bookkeeper. Activities: G.A.A. 4; Class Play Production 3; Alex High Times Staff 4; Christian Youth Fellow- 3, 4; Choir 4; Glee Club 4; Alexian 4; Nurse s Assistant 4. DONALD R. LORSUNG Ambition: To be an airline pilot. Activities: Intramural Basket- ball 3, 4. JAMES MARQUETTE Ambition: be an advisor to President Truman. Activities: Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2; F.F.A. 2, 3. RONALD LORSUNG Ambition: To catch a certain woman. Activities: Football 1. FRANKLIN MARUSAK Ambition: To be a farmer and raise cane. Activities: F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. DAVID D. LOVSTAD Ambition: To be a success in whatever I may decide to do. Activities: Junior Red Cross3; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Intra- mural Volleyball 1; Bus Patrol 2 3; School Patrol 4; Audio- Visual 2, 3, 4. RODNEY W. MAX Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Class Officer 1; Football 2. 3: Student Manager 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4;Track 1, 2, 3, 4; "A" Club 3, 4; Officer 4; F.T.A. 3; Stage Force 3; Class Play Prod. 3: Choir 4; Alex High Times Staff 4; School Patrol 3, 4; Alexian 4; Speech 3. 20CHRISTINE MAYER Ambition: Missionary. Activities: G.A.A. 3.4; Class Play Prod. 3; Biology Club2,3; Nurse's Assistant 4; Christian Youth Fellowship 4; Glee Club 4; Alexian4; Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Rooter's Club 4; Switchboard 4. SHIRLEY MIX Ambition: To be happy and successful in whatever I do. Activities: Band 2, 3; Orchestra 3; Choir 3; Class Play Production 3; Future Business Leader's Club 4. DARLENE J. MAYER Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I undertake. Activities: Library Club 3. 4; Nurse's Office 3; Alexian 4. KAREN A. MICHAELSON Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: Rooter's Club 1, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3. 4; Orchestra 1, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Alexian 4; Glee Club 4; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Christian Youth Fellowship 2,3,4; Spring Party Comm. 3; Hilarities 3; Jr. Class Quartet; Bowling 4. RUTH A. MOEN Ambition: To get a cute guy. Activities: Christian Youth Fel- lowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Alex High Times Staff 4; Alexian4; Rooter'sClub 2. 4. BARBARA NEBY Ambition: Get a driver’s license. Activities: Rooter's Club 1, 4; Alex High Times Staff 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Student Coun- cil 2; Alexian 4; Class Play Cast 3; Radio Club 2; Band 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Bowling Team 4; Prom Committee 3; Hilarities 4. BERTHA A. MIKE Ambition: To be a super secre- tary. Activities: G.A.A. 1,4; Switch- board 3; Library Board 3,4, Off. 3, 4; Alex High Times Staff 4. BEVERLY NELSON Ambition: To learn how to bounce on roller skates. Activities: Alex High Times Staff 4; G.A.A. 1; Glee Club 4; Library Club 3, Officer 3; Class Play Production 3; Rooter's Club 4. ELIZABETH ANN MILLER Ambition: To attend the Col- lege of St. Teresa where I want to train to become a nurse. Activities: G.A.A. 1;Class Play Cast 3; Youth Council 3, 4; Jr. Red Cross 4; Choir 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Future Teacher's of America 3. DALLAS E. A. NELSON Ambition: Ask Dona!!! Activities: Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Or- chestra 4; Ragtime Band 3; Ger- man Band 3. 4; Choir 4; Key Club4; School Patrol 3,4; Alex- ian 4; Brass Quartet 4; Trumpet Trio 4; Brass Sextet 4. 21CHESTER L. NIGHTENGALE JR. Ambition: Navy, Aronautical Engineer, or an Architect. Activities: Spring Valley, Minnesota 1, 2;Football 4; Bas- ketball 3, 4; Alexian 4, Editor 4; Basketball 3, 4; Track 3, 4. HERBERT E. OLSON Ambition: To be a successful public accountant. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball2,3,4; Basketball Mgr. 2; Track Manager 2, School Patrol3,4; Alexian4; "A" Club 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3. DARLENE OBERG Ambition: To be a professor of Philosophy. Activities: Switchboard 3; Nurses Office 3; Alexian 4; Rooters Club 4. BILL O’BRIEN Ambition: To be ambitious. Activities: Intramural Basket- ball 1, 3, 4; School Patrol 3, 4; F.F.A. 3. RODNEY OSTERBERG Ambition: To be a partner in Her by's Brewery. Activities: Alexian 4; School Patrol 3, 4. DON PALMER Ambition: Architectural mech- anical engineer. Activities: Key Club 2,3,4; "A" Club 4; Golf 2,3,4; School Pa- trol 3,4; Sec. 3. MARLYS OGREN Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: Band 2, 3, 4; Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Co- exchange Editor4; Nurses Office 2; Alexian 4; Class Play Pro- duction 3; Rooters Club 4; Spring Party Committee 3. CYNTHIA ANN OLSON Ambition: To be a music teac- her and travel around the world. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Choir 3, 4; Orchestra 3,4; Woodwind Ensemble 3; String Ensemble 3; Clarinet Quintette 3, 4; Alex High Times Staff 3; Hilarities 3; Class Play Prod 3; Sigma Beta Phi 4. EUNICE PATRICK Ambition: To be a secretary or receptionist in a business firm. Activities: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Off. 3; Choir 3,4; Glee Club4; Lib- rarian4;Mixed Octette4; Alex High Times Staff 3,4; Alexian 4; Tumbling Team 1,2; Noon- Hour G.A.A. 1; Harlequins 4; Class Play Cast 3; Chearleader 3; Switchboard 3; Bowling Team 4; Rooters Club 1,4; Radio Club 3; Spring Party 3; Nurses Ass't. 4. HELEN PATRICK Ambition: To get Donna Erick- son's corsage of four roses. Activities: Choir 3, 4; Cheer- leader 3; Alex High Times Staff 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Off. 3; Alexian 4; Tumbling 1, 2; Rooter's Club 1, 4; Class Play Production 3; Glee Club 4; Radio Club 4; Bowling Team 4; Harlequins 4. 22DEWAYNE AUGUST PETERSON Ambition: Lawyer. Activities: Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Off. 4; Library Board 3,4; Class Play Cast 3; School Patrol 3, 4; Student Council 4; Alexian 4; Speech Contest (Panel Discus- sion) 3; Youth Council 3; Spring Party Comm. 3; Rooter’s Club 4. MARIAN PETERSON Ambition: To lead a happy and useful life. Activities: Nurse's Office 2.3; Future Business Leader's Club 4; Christian Youth Fellowship 3; Alexian 4; Class Play Prod. 3. MARY LOU ANN RAJDL Ambition: Nurse. Activities: Nurse's Office 2; Red Cross Council 3; Glee Club 4; Biology Club 2, 3. DOLORES M. RASSAT Ambition: To be a secretary Activities: Library Board 4; Glee Club 4. ARLENE M. PLEIN Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Activities: Socratic Club 3, 4; Library Board 3,4; Youth Coun- cil 4; Alex High Times Staff 4; Alexian 4. SHIRLEY REED Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Alex High Times Staff 4; Choir 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Class Play Production 3; Rooter's 4. LORRAINE J. PRCHAL Ambition: Rural School Teacher. Activities: Audio-Visual 2; Class Play Production 3; Future Business Leader's Club 4; Hi- larities 3. KENNY D. PROFFITT Ambition: To become a coach. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track I, 2, 3, 4; "A" Club 1.2, 3, 4; Officer 4; Choir 4; School Patrol 3, 4. JANICE A. REYNOLDS Ambition: To find everything Vince loses. Activities: Nat'l. Honor Society 3, 4; Jr. Class Play Cast 3; Class Off. 2; Youth Council 3, 4, Off. 3; Sigma Beta Phi 3, 4; Off. 4; Choir 4; Glee Club 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; String Ensemble3,4; Alex High Times Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Ed. 4; G.A.A. 2; Radio Club 2; Alexian 4, Ed.; Panel Discussion 3. 4; Hilarities 4; Prom Comm. 3; Bowling Team 4; Triple Trio 4. BARBARA LU RINEHART Ambition: Airline stewardess. Activities: Class Play Produc- tion 3; Usherette 3; Switchboard 4; Glee Club 4; Alexian 4; Alexian 4; Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1. 23MARY ROONEY Ambition: Stenographer. Activities: Orchestra 3,4; Di- versified Occupations Club 4; Class Play Production 3. WAYNE RUHL Ambition: To graduate from high school. Activities: Library Board 4; Student Manager (Football) 4. GORDON ROSENQUIST Ambition: To straighten The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Activities: Biology Club 2, 3; Camera Club 3; Stage Force 3; Band 3; School Patrol 3, 4. KAY F. RUTTEN Ambition: To be a bookkeeper. Activities: Devils Lake. N. D. 1; Library Board 4. HARLAN ROTH Ambition: Test driver for Ford Motor Company. Activities: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Off- icer 4; School Patrol 3. 4; Stu- dent Council 4; Youth Council 4. LORRAINE J. SCHOENECK Ambition: To be able to bowl a good score without closing my eyes. Activities: G. A. A. 1. 2, 3; Choir 3: Future Business Leader’s Club 4; Cheerleader 2, 3. 4; Madrigal 3; Alexian 4; Alex High Times Staff 3; Student Council 4; Switchboard 3: Rooter’s Club 4. MAYNARD ROTH Ambition: To be a machinist RONALD SHOENECK Ambition: Radio Technician. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2.3; Audio Visual 2. 3, 4; Officer 4; Stu- dent Council 4. DONALD B. RUHL Ambition: To build a football team with a line averaging 340 lbs., height 7' 6", a backfield, average weight 190 lbs., 6’ tall, running the 220 in 9 seconds. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Track 2; "A" Club 2,3,4; Alexian 4. DOROTHY C. SCHUNEMAN Ambition: To have a lot of fun. 24CHARLES SCOTT Ambition: Some form of med- icine. Activities: Marshal, Minnesota 1, 2; Noon-Hour Basketball 3, 4. DWAYNE SODERHOLM Ambition: To be healthy and happy. Activities: Football 2, 3. 4; Captain 4; Track 2,3,4; School Patrol 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3, 4; Class Off. 3, 4; Alexian 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Speech 3; Hilarities 3; "A" Club 3, 4; Key Club 3. 4; Pres. 4; Ybuth Council 3, 4; Class Play 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Pres. 4. PHYLLIS A. SEIM Ambition: To help Janice Rey- nolds remember how old she is. Activities: G.A.A. 1, 2; Alex High Times Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Bus. Mgr. 4; Radio Club 3; Band 2, 3. 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Choir 4; Rhythm Kings 3, 4; Sax Quintet 3; Sax Quartet 4; Glee Club 4; Triple Trio 4; Youth Council 3; Class Play 3; Alex- ian 4; Hilarities 3; Socratic Club 3; Librarian 3; Prom Committee 3. EVELYN SETTERLUND Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Hoffman Minnesota 3; Choir 4; Glee Club 4; Triple Trio 4. GENEVA R. SHOGREN Ambition: To be a midget. Activities: Choir 3, 4; Glee Club4; Spring Party Committee 3; Class Play Production Staff 3,4; Red Cross Council 4; Alex- ian 4; Harlequins 4; Rooter's Club 4. FLO RIAN SPRINZEL Ambition: Mechanic or farmer. Activities: Future Business Leaders' Club 4. P i JOYCE A.STEEN Ambition: Swim the English Channel. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Glee Club 4; G.A.A. 3,4; Tumbling Team 1,2; Christian Youth Fellowship 1,2,3,4; Alex- ian 4; Alex High Times Staff 3, 4; Nurses Office 1; Hilarities 3, 4; Declam. 1,2;Class Play Pro- duction 3; Spring Party Com- mittee 3; Rooter’s Club 4; Speech 4. ORLANO STEEN Ambition: Probably a Brick- layer and travel around. DARLEEN F. SODERHOLM Ambition: To become a suc- cessful elementary teacher. Activities: G.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Choir 3,4; Magdngal Singers 3; Girls Octette 3: Alexian 4: Glee Club 4; Quartet 4; Declam. 1; Alex High Times Staff 4; So- cratic Club 3, 4; Hilarities 3, 4; Speech 3; Spring Review 3; Rooter's Club 4; Dramatics Club 4. THERESA SUCHY Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: Library Board 3,4. 25ARLENE I. SWANSON DEANNA THOMPSON Ambition: Telephone Operator. Activities: Drum Corps 3. CAROL SWANSON Ambition: To own the largest ranch in Texas. Activities: G.A.A. 1,3; Glee Club 4; Alex High Times Staff 4; Class Play Production 3; Rooter’s Club 4. Ambition: To teach college drama. Activities: Band 2, 3, 4; Or- chestra 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Beta Phi 3, 4; Class Play Cast 3; Declam 2. 3; Hilarities 3; Choir 4; Glee Club 4; Alex High Times Staff 1, 2,3, 4, Fd. 4; Socratic Club 3, 4; Nat'l. Honor Society 3,4; Jr. Red Cross Council 3, Off. 3; Alexandria Youth Council 2,4; Alexian 4; Radio Club 2; Class Off. 2; Thespians 4, Off. 4; Harlequins 4. Off. 4. MARLENE R. THOMPSON Ambition: To become a suc- cessful Dental Technician. Activities: Library Club 3, 4; Future Business Leader's Club 4; Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Alex- ian 4. AUDREY M. SYVERSON Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Library Club 2, 3, 4; Alex- ian 4; Future Business Leader's Club 4. ROBERT L. THORSON Ambition: Printing. Activities: St. Cloud Tech. 1, 2, 3; Future Business Leader's Club 4. K. SOLVEIG TANGEN Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Activities: Radio Club 2; Class Play Cast 3; Orchestra 1, 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Kings 3, 4; String Quintet 1, 3; Hilar- ities 3; Choir 3, 4; Alexian 4; Socratic Club 3. DONNA L. TIBBETTS Ambition: To travel and to be and elementary teacher. Activities: Aitkin High School 1; Choir 3, 4, Officer 4; Socra- tic Club 3, 4; Class Play Cast 3; Youth Council 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Ragtime Vocalist 3; Dramatic Club 4; Thespians 4; Rooter's Club 4. DARLENE TERFEHR Ambition: To be a receptionist or a bookkeeper. Activities: G.A.A. 3,4; Switch- board 4; Alex High Times Staff 3, 4; Alexian 4; Homecoming Attendant 2, 4; Class Play Pro- duction 3; Spring Review 2; Nurse's Assistant 4. WILLA TITUS Ambition: Nurse. Activities: Nurse's Office 2; Orchestra 3,4; Biology Club 2, 3; Student Council 4; Alex- ian 4. 26MERLIN TOFT COREEN VAN STEENWYK Ambition: Farming. Activities: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Airline Hostess. Activities: Sheldon High. Iowa 1, 2, 3. JANET M. TONN Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: Alexian 4. HELEN A. WEISEL Ambition: Elementary teacher. Activities: Glenwood, Minn- esota 1, 2, 3. JEAN M. TREFEHREN Ambition: Typist. Activities: Library Board 4; Switch Board 4. JOHN WHELAN Ambition: Dentist. Activities: Ortonville, Minn- esota 1,2; Key Club 4;Intra- mural Basketball 3. ARLENE M. TVRDIK Ambition: Bookkeeper. Activities: Noon-Hour G.A.A. 1; Library Club 2,3; Class Play Production Staff 3; Future Bus- iness Leaders' Club 4. HOWARD L. WITTNEBEL Ambition: Invent a School without teachers. Activities: Intramural Bas- ketball 3. AUDREY FAY TVRDIK Ambition: Nursing. Activities: Biology Club 2, 3; Nurses Assistant 2; Choir 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Class Play Pro- duction 3; Class Officer 4. r DEAN G. YOHNKE Ambition: To be a success- ful farmhand. Activities: Band 2,3: School Patrol 3. 4; Intramural bas- k etball 3, 4. 27RUTH MARY ZEITHAMER Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Nurses O ffice 3; Future Business Leaders'Club 4; MARGIE ZIEGELMAN Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: Class Play Produc- tion 3; Alexian 4; Switchboard 4. I 28  Enjoying a tobaggen ride are junior class officers, Lee Crosenick, president; Larry Shear, vice president; and Marilyn Bauman, secretary-treasurer. In the annual elections last September, Lee Grosenick was elected the president of our junior class. Larry Shear and Marilyn Bauman were elected vice president and secretary-treasurer. On January 21 and 22 we presented our first class play, "Old Doc." Whoever thought we'd be able to act? We had watched the plays for years before and there we were, before the people of our town, representing the junior class of 1951-52. Our class was well represented in all sports this year. Bob Sieling was elected next fall's football captain and Merlin Ekman led our basket- ball team this past season. The Prom and Spring Party were, of course, our largest projects of the year. The Prom was held on May 2. We had a large crowd at both events so we were again successful. Now our junior year has flown by and next September we'll enroll in Alex High in grade 12. Just think, we'll be seniors, and we have only one more year with our friends in high school. 29ROW 1, L - R: ROW 2, L - R: Arvidson. ROW 3, L - R: ROW 4, L - R: K. Bergstrom, M, Hggert, B. Brosek, R. Dropik, R. Bruzek, J. Duenow, M. Darkow, M. Anderson. J, Froemming, B. Carlson, A. Froemming, M. Floding, E. Aldous, S. Dawson, M. Angledorf, H. J. Berglund, I. Carlquist, M. Bauman, A. Anderson, H. Bast, M. Chealer, E. Anderson, J. Anderson. B. Froemming, M. Ekman, W. Benson, M. Bruzek, J. Bradford, R. Dyke, L. Braaten. ROW 1, L - R ROW 2, L - R ROW 3, L - R ROW 4, L - R E. Myran, M. Peterson, K. Quast, D. Peterson, C. Lindstrom, N. Norman, M. Olson. L. Lee, D. Oberg, B. Patrick, ]. Lovgren, J. Menzel, C. Miller, B. Lewis, S. Neilson. J. Lundstrom, E. Lundgren, J. Menzel, W. Oglesby, D. Melzer, R. Monson, H. Moll, B. Nyberg. P. O'Brien, R. Peterson, M. Movold, H. Payne, R. Olson, B. Oberg, P. Polesak. 30ROW 1, L - R: M. Kuester, S. Hartman, M. Johnson, D. Ignowski, N. Landeen, R, Iverson, E, Kroupa, S, Krueger, ROW 2, L - R: R. Hammer, J. Gease, N. Johnson, E, Hiebel, D. Johnson, L. Gray, F. Haugen, D. Kluver, L. Hoppe. ROW 3, L - R: M. Johnson, M. Hanson, L. Larson, M. Hollingsworth, C. Lambertz, D. Iverson, C. Krueger, M. Kloehn. ROW 4, L - R: M. Goodrich, K. Guenther, D. Johnson, G, Gregg, R. Huhn, W. Herzog, M. Larson, W. Hardy, D. Lannes. ROW 1, L - R- ROW 2, L - R: ROW 3, L - R: Sather. ROW 4, L - R: L. Wendlant. G. Schulke, M. Steidel, Van Amber, J. Shoemaker, D, Roiland, J. Ritten, E. Wagner, L. Timm. L. Solberg, J. Steidel, A. Westlund, D, Walberg, P. Schlosser, E. Rooney, R. Weisel, D. Whiting. E. Urness, E. Tobaben, A. Urness, D. Simonson, L. Van Wie, B. Undlin, J. Taylor, E. Thornton, E. M. Svea, D. Schultz, W. Schulke, R. Wahlin, M. Schunamen, D. Vickerman, R. Sieling, L. Shear, 31 Relaxing after a hard school day are Conrad Muzik, Jeannie McKay, and Ramon Hill, sophomore class officers. "Mistletoe Magic" was the theme of the 1951 Christmas Dance which we sponsored on December 22. Our sophomore class also put on the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance on November 9. Both were very successful and our officers and committees were highly complimented. Conrad Muzik was our class president this last year with Ramon Hill and Jeannie McKay assisting as vice president and secretary-treasurer. Our first year in senior high was exciting. We thought it was wonder- ful to attend auditorium periods and dances without having a special in- vitation. Yes, this was our first year in senior high and it seems only yesterday that we were bragging because we were 7th graders, carrying our books from class to class. We only hope that our junior and senior years will hold a lot of mem- ories because, after all, they are all that we'll have when we leave Central High in 1954. 32Row 1, L-R: G. Groesnick, M. Hagstrom, C. Hanson, D. Hamm, R. Hanson, E. Hiebel. Row 2: T. Halvorson, R. Hanson, A. Hansen, E. Isackson, G. Grosz, R. Gease, R. Granlund. Row 3: V. Groesnick, V. Hanson, R. Hill, P. Hanson, L. Goodrich,P. Hanson, J. Geris. Row 4: B. Grosz, J. Hammer, D. Hogy, J. Hewett, M. Hotvedt, L. Iver- son, J. Hvezd'a. Row 1, L - R; A. Walsh, E. Snyder, C. Schram, D. Stoeckel, M. Steen, S. Schildt, R. Toft, J. Ziesemer. Row 2: B. Steinberg, J. Walters, G. Soberg, R. Walters, J. Schubert, L. Tibbetts, D. Tvirdik, J. Wagenius, S. Swanson. Row 3: A. Schlosser, I. Schultz, M. Sarvie, A. Wetternach, E. Sarvie, D. Sherman, W. Solberg, D. Timm, G. Van Steenwyk, P. Wahlin. Row 4: K. Terfehr, H. Tewes, W. Tobaben, D. Thompson, R. Seal, P. Star, G. Swanson, G. Steidl, R. Thornton, A. Setterlund, E. Torrey. 33Row 1, Left-Right: E. Carlson, J. Forsgren.M. Ekdahl, D. Feda, D. Fyten, J. Clarno, J. Forsgren. Row 2: B. Ekdahl, J. Engstrom, M. Dobberpuhl. C. Erickson, C. Erickson, M. Carlson, D. Decko, L. Chan. Row 3: D. Erickson, J. Chan, G. Fredrickson, R. Chan, R. Fisher, K. Chermak, M. Cassady. Row 4: S. Chan, D. Christopherson, V. Duenow, G. Erickson. H. Froemming, H. Campbell, M. Freier, G. Carlstrom. Row 1, Left-Right: U. Kakac, A. Johnson, R. Klimek, L. Johnson, L. Kloehn, B. Kalii, J. Johnson, G. Krueger. Row 2: J. Larson, M. Johnson, F. Kliewer, B. Lovstad, R. Jenson, D. Karger, J. Kietzmann, B. Johnson, S. Linder. Row 3: A Johnson, D. Johansen, J. Johnson, V. Johnson, R. Lindser, D. Lorenz, M. Keck, D. Lorenz. Row 4: P. Lusty , D. Johnson. R. Lemke, L. Knutson, D. Lusty, D. Keller, J. Krassas, S. Klug, J. Johnson. 34Row 1, Left-Right: L. Botzet, L. Walcott, J. Aldrich, W. Bjorkstrand, P. Bircher, R. Anderson, J. Aldrich. Row 2: L. Bush, P. Anderson, M. Bauman, D. Betterman, M. Botzet, R. Benesh, W. Brede, M. Anderson. Row 3: A. Affeldt, L. Behrens. M. Belohradsky, J. Bisek, J. Anderson, C. Auran, Z. Batesole. Row 4: D. Backman, J. Bundy, R. Allison, D. Borchert, W. Anderson, M. Bjoralt, E. Anderson. Row 1, Left-Right: C. Pearson, J. McKay, N. Patrick, E. Mike, M. Rambow, V. Nyberg, J. Navratil. Row 2: A. Peterson, D. Rosenquist, M. Marusak, C. Raap, G. Osterberg, M. Ruhl, C. Otteson, C. Muzik. Row 3: E. Pearson, M. Pronek, H. Hayer, R. Ofstedal, D. Peterson, T. Osterberg, G. Payne, C. McDonald. Row 4: J. Rose, G. Reynolds, R. Ogren, C. Neller, W. Rutten, T. Rassat. 35'pre Aniett Paul Ballard, Joan Ludke, Jane Hustad, and Bob Flaig led the junior high through a very successful school year. Our freshmen class has been chosen to represent the junior high in the Alexian of 1952. Paul Ballard has been the president of our student council this year assist- ed by Jane Hustad, and Joan Luke, and Bob Flaig. Our junior high paper, the Variety, has been published every month this year and was sold for 5£ a copy throughout the junior and senior high. Miss Bertrand was our adviser. Next year we'll be in senior high. We'll be proud, we know, but we only hope that the next three years will be full of fun and memories as our years in junior high have been. 36Row 1, L - R: B. Lee.D. Kluver.J. Lemke.R. Klippsrein, J. Klimek, M. Lindsey, L. Mohawk, M. Melzer, L. Kron- feldt, R. Norling. Row 2: M. Kniss, R. Kuehn, D. Noetzelman, M. Nymon, C. Miller, S. Muzik, A. Keck, N. Nordberg, C. Lewis, E. Keller. Row 3: L. Moll, M. Navratil, J. Ludke, S. Lambertz, R. Neisen, M. Kluver, S. Martin,M. Larson, A. Kakac. Row 4: M. Lehman, N. Linser, D. Linser, G. Nelson, M. Larson, V. Manuel, L. Lar- son, H. Karrow. Row 1, L - R: B. Flaig.L. Gerth.M. Hoppe, P. Graham, P. Hareid, B. Fluegel, J. Johnson, J. Halter, B. Jackson, J. Hedlund, A. Jensen. Row 2: M. Heldt, I. Johnson, C. Foslien, M. Englund, C. Helgeson, J. Zavadil, M. Guenther, J. Hustad.D. Eggert, J. Haskamp, R. Josephson. Row 3: D. Hauer, D. Johnson, L. Johnson, C. Johnson, M. Froem- ming, J. Helgeson, D. Johnson, D. Jacobson, R. Engstrom, J. Hanson, J. Herzog. Row 4: R. Hagstrom, C. Gerber, K. Grosz, J. Gawthrop, L. Fezler, D. Johnson, G. Jobe, H. Erickson, P. Flynn, G. Fairfield, V. Johnson. 37Row 1, Left-Right: E. Berger, L. Brundell, J. Bartholemew, D. Blaisdell, E. Bolstad, J. Dell, C. Danielson, R. Anderson, J. Barnack. Row 2: B. Bakke, P. Boerner, M. Benson, D. Barros, L. Bergstrom, J. Douglas, D. Anderson, L. Anderson, A. Botzet, M. Botzet. Row 3: E. Beulke, S. Berglin, M. Beheng, M. Busch, W. Cooper, L. Bratten, R. Bjoralt, A. Becker, P. Collins. Row 4; B. Archer, D. Carlquist, P. Ballard, R. Anderson, J. Dreger, J. Adams, M. Abels, J. Becker, R. Bailey. Row 1, Left-Right: D. Roiland, D. Soberg, M. Schultz, F. Pffeffer, P. Patrick, D. Peterson, R. Peterson, A. Peterson, P. Schultz, P. Smith, E. Pomerenke. Row 2: D. Porter, D. Soberg, R. Olson, G. Shoeneck, D. Riedel, D. Rud, D. Sjolund, M. Oberg, D. Olson, M. Severson. Row 3: M. Schmidt, U. Peterson, J. Pennar, M. O'Hotto, D. Peterson, J. Pennie, H. Oberg, D. Rinehart, R. Schuneman, C. Patrick. Row 4: G. Plagman, J. Searles, J. Schneiderhan, H. Roos, W. Pickett, D. Porter, L. Paulson, J. Peterson, C. Schumacher, C. Thornton, Lois Redeichs. 38Row 1, Left-Right: R. Vickerman, O. Thun, W. Whitehill, S. Tate, P. Svitak, V. Weber, B. Trones, S. Schramn. Row 2: P. Whelan, G. Squire, A. Walstad, D. Zavadil, J. Trisco, J. Timm, J. Wilcox, I. Titus. Row 3: V. Zins.C. Steen, R. Zorn, N. Wendtandt, W. Thompson, G. Susag, G. Stocker, A. Tesch, J. Zavadil. Row4:F. Tonn, M. Twait. L. Wilke, D. Yohnke, H. Zimmerman, R. Taylor, W. Trisco, 39Social Science "Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education; without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanent- ly maintained "- James Abram Garfield "If you accept art, it must be part of your daily lives, and the life of every man" William Morris Secviny "Genius is eternal pati- ence’’-Michaelangelo tfecntetitf "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill"- Johnson 40 33f n «I  Opp. Alex. Fergus Falls . . . . . . 0 12 Osakis . . . 0 22 Detroit Lakes . . . . . 14 7 Wadena . . . 0 20 Glenwood . . . 0 18 Staples . . . 7 20 Park Rapids . . . . . . 14 13 Melrose . . . 0 26 First Row, Left to Right: M. Ekman, R. Hill, C. Nightengale, K. Krusemark, G. Trisko, D. Soderholm, H. Olson, D. Ruhl, B. Herzog, K. Proffitt. B. Seiling, F. Gadow, J. Reese. Second Row: D. Jacabson, D. Johnson, L. Bratton, D. Seal, H. Payne, V. Duenow, R. Allison, D. Huhn, B. Tobaben, L. Shear, L. Grosenick, R. Thornton. Third Row: H. Cambell, L. Iverson, C. Neller, D. Erickson, T. Osterberg, H. Hayer, L. Goodrich, R. Granlund, D. Hogy, M. Schuneman, D. Borchert, J. Bundy, B. Lerbs. Fourth Row: W. Ruhl, D. Sherman, T. Conner, S. Smilanich, J. Lundstrom, E. Rooney. The Alex Cardinals began their 1951 season by conquering Fergus Falls by a score of 12-6 to avenge a previous loss to the Otters. After stopping Osakis by 22-0, the Cards went on to suffer a loss to Detroit Lakes by a score of 14-7. Alex won the next three games with Wadena, (Homecoming), Glenwood, and Staples by substantial margins. The Cards' winning streak was broken when Park Rapids took advantage of a fumble in the third quarter to tip the Cards 14-13. The Alex eleven made up for the loss of the week before by stopping Melrose 26-0 with the Cardinal defense as the key to the win.Captain Dwayne Soderholm Donald Ruhl Frank Gadow Chet Nightengale 'pO-athzU Bill Lerbs 42 Kyle KrusemarkPlunging through that red shirted line. Fergus Falls O-Alex 12 Proffitt applies a half-nelson. Detroit Lakes 14 - Alex 7 Somebody missed a block. Fergus Falls vs. Alex. Glory March. 43 i Squad Left to Right: Seated: James Lundstrom, Bill Tobaben, Frank Gadow, Merlin Ekman, Rodney Max, Dwayne Soder- hom, and Vernon Duenow. Standing: Coach, Tom Conner, Bill Martin, Leigh Grosenick, Charles Neller, Robert Seiling, Larry Shear, Mark Movold and Steve Smilanich, assistant coach. "3 Squad Left to Right: Seated: Dell Hogy, Ronald Anderson, Jack Bundy, Ramon Hill, and Tom Osterberg. Stand ing: Dick Huhn, Duane Borchert, Jim Hewitt, Dan Thompson and Steve Smilanich, coach. 44DWAYNE SODERHOLM ‘Saa et cilC The Alexandria High School Cardinals played a tough basketball schedule during the 1951-52 season. At the completion of the season the Cards had won 12 while losing 10. Alexandria opened its season on the night of December 1 by defeating the Morris Tigers 53 to 49. The following week the Cardinals went on to win their next 3 games defeating Osakis, Park Rapids and Detroit Lakes. The following 6 games were all played away from home with the exception of Fergus Falls whom Alex defeated 73 to 51 and probably had their hottest night of the season. Alexandria's cagers were then given a 10 day Christmas lay-off. The Cardinals resumed their playing on January 4 when they traveled to Glenwood and lost their first game to a Glenwood team since 1948. The following three weeks found the Cards falling into a bad mid-season slump, losing their next 3 games to Hutchinson, Melrose and Long Prairie. By defeating a strong Breckenridge team 48 to 38, the Alex five rose out of their slump. The next two weeks Alex went on to win four out of their next five games, losing only to Granite Falls' undefeated Kilowatts. On Friday night, February 8, Alex met the Melrose Dutchmen. After a very hard fought game, Melrose emerged the victor by a score of 51 to 44. Alexandria concluded their season by splitting the four remaining games, de- feating Sauk Centre and the St. Cloud Teachers College Freshmen while losing to Minneapolis Central and Fergus Falls. Alex then entered the District Tournament at Glenwood on March 4, by defeating Long Prairie 58 to 39. They advanced to the semi-finals where they met and defeated Sauk Centre, which saw the Cardinals rallying from a 10 point deficit. The final score was 45 to 43. The victory gave the Cardinals the right to meet the Mel- rose Dutchmen, the winner of the other bracket, in the finals. In the final tilt Melrose won by a score of 52 to42. This gave Melrose the right to enter the Regional tournament at Fargo. This concluded the Alexandria's Basketball season for 1951-52. Looking ahead to next year I think we can all agree that Alexandria will again be one of the tougher teams in this area of the state, having seven out of the ten returning for the 1952-53 season. 4546 Ekman scores. Osakis vs. Alex. Tense moment. Osakis vs. Alex.‘Scu et aCl Easy does it. Osakis vs. Alex. Futile attempt. Glenwood vs. Alex. Tobaben adds wo. Glenwood 46 -- Alex. 56The Alexandria Cardinals had a successful season, winning seven and losing two. The climax of the season came when the Cards won the Lake Region Conference title by defeating a strong Melrose nine. Due to the number of talented underclassmen on the team, future prospects for the Cardinals are very good. Lettermen for the 1951 season were: Dean Bircher, DennisGilbertson, HolgerHanson, Jerry Krohn- feldt, Robert Kendall, Rodney Max, Chet Nightengale, Herbert Olson, Leonard Bratton, Larry Shear, Robert Seiling, Jack Bundy, Bill Tobaben, and Tom Clifford. ROBERT KENDALL A special tribute is made to "Red " since he left our school during his senior year after actively participating in sports and other activities during the three years he lived here. Because of a ruling in the school "Red" is attending, he will return to Alexandria to graduate with his former classmates, Activities he participated in are: Key Club 2,3,4; "A" Club 1,2,3,4; Stub Club 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1, 2,3; Track 1,2,3; Football 2,3,4; Class President 3; Choir 4; Band 3,4. The Cardinal track men had a successful season taking second in both the Lake Region Conference Meets and District 22. Alex placed four men in the Regional Meet. Denny Gilbertson going on to the State Meet in the broad jump. Track lettermen for 1951 are: Dennis Gilbertson, Holger Hanson, Chet Nightengale, Robert Kendall, Dwayne Soderholm, Dean Bircher, Rodney Max, Merlin Ekman, and Romaine Thornton. 48tyCtCb' itkCetic i LEFT TO RIGHT: Row 1 -- McKay, J. Wilcox, D, Blaisdell, J. Keitzmann, J. Forsgren, D. Linser, L. Behrens, C. Raap, P. Smith, L. Bratton, J. Johnson. Row 2 -- D. Roiland, D. Peterson, G. Plagman, P. Schults, P. Graham, S. Lamberts, N. Wendlendt, J. Pennar, P. Hareid, J. Lemke, J. Hustad, J. Helgeson, C. Gerber, M. Abels, E. Mile, B. Peterson. Row 3 -- M. O'Hotto, M. Froemming, C. Terfehr, E. Sarvie, M. Sarvie, E. Anderson, C. Pearson, G. Grosz, B. Trones, S. Martin, G. Grosenick, J. Johnson. Row 4 -- A. Jenson, M. Lehman, N. Linser, B. Lovstead, D. Lorenz, S. Chan, E. Snyder, D. Rosenquist, J. Wagenius, J. Forsgren, P. Collins, C. Danielson, J. Ludke. Row 5 -- S. Tate, B. Bakke, R. Bjoralt, K. Grose, P. Waylund, M. Dobberpuhl, B. Johnson, V. Grosenick, M. Johnson, S. Muzik, and P. Patrick. The Girls Athletic Association is an organization which aids in the developement of physical and mental abilities. Two nights each week, Monday nights for the Seniors and Juniors and Tuesday night for the Sophomores and Freshmen, are set aside for the participation in the various G.A.A. activities. These activities include such sports as Softball, Volleyball, and Basketball. Officers for G.A.A. this year are President, Ilene Johnson; Vice President, LaDonna Larson; Secretary, Rae Iverson; and Treasurer, Marilyn Carlson. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ROW1: E. Aldous, C. Mayer, D. Terfehr, N. Geske, D. MacFarlan, Sec. R. Iverson, Pres. I. Johnson, Vice Pres. L. Larson, Treas. M. Carlson, H. Patrick, E. Patrick. D. Englehardt, A. Barsness, B. Bjorkstrand. ROW2; J. Johnson, S. Reed, A. Baker, B. Lemke, E. Lundgren, H. Noll, L. Johnson, J. Krueger. B. Jasperson, C. Erickson, N. Hagstrom, M. Hollingsworth, J. Taylor, B. Undlin. ROW 3; A. Schlosser, D. Simonson, P. Polesak, L. Van Wie, P. Bircher, B. Brozek, J. Menzel, M. Hanson, B.Carlson. H. Arvidson, E. Erickson, C. Otteson, A. Setterlund. ROW 4; N. Patrick, J. Schubert, J. Anderson, J. Geris, J. Anderson, J. Engstrom, M. Belohradsky, J. Menzel, C. Lamberts, M. Kuester, G. Osterberg. ROW 5: M. Peterson, K. Quasi, B. Patrick, L.Thornton and C. Miller.The Sophomore Volleyball champs are as follows from Reaching for the moon, left to right: M. Carlson, J. McKay, J. Kietzman, B. Lovstad, B. Johnson, V. Grosenick, C. Erickson, L. Behrens, M. Belohradsky and P. Bircher. 50 Will she make it? Undecided.Studeat fauacit Ronald Hanson, Student Council pres- ident, presided over the Student Coun- cil convention at Paynesville during the west central meeting. The Student Council is made up of representatives from the sophomore, junior and senior classes. This year they sponsored the Homecoming Dance and Hilari- ties. The two biggest projects, however, were to start the School Savings Pro- gram and act as an Ethics Committee in the high school. The officers are Presi- dent; DWayne SocTerholm, Secretary-Treasurer; Janet Krueger. ROW ONE -- Donald Ruhl, Ramon Hill, Gordon Trisko, Ronald Hanson, Richard Danielson, DuWayne Peterson, Dwayne Soderholm. ROW TWO -- Elaine Lundgren, Lorraine Schoeneck, Nadia Johnson, Margaret Rambow, Bernice Brozek, Pauline Bircher, Janet Krueger. ROW THREE -- Ronald Schoeneck, Kyle Krusemark, June Johnson, Louise Hansen, Duane Borchert, Ilene Johnson, Larry Shear, Dell Hogy. 51SevitcA aaict OfrenafatA STANDING: M. Peterson, N. Geske, J. Trefchren, F. Lindgren, L. Josephson. SITTING: J. Steidl, C. Mayer, A. Barsness, B. Bjorkstrand, D. Terfher, D. Englehardt, E. Patrick, J. Krueger, B. Rhinehart, B. Mike, E. Wagner. The singular purpose of the switchboard operators is to be of service to the school. Through answering and placing calls, these girls have the opportunity to learn the mechanism of the switchboard. @lcc6 ROW ONE: J. Froemming, A. Kiehne, M. Ekert, J. Anderson D. Mayer, L. Barta, E. Berg. ROW TWO: S. Schield, I. Schultz, D. Johnson, J. Wagenius, E. Holte, K. Foslein, Miss Wold, B. Mike, A. Plien,D. Peterson , M. Krueger, T. Sucky. ROW THREE: C. Pearson, M. Marusak, E. Kroupa, V. Nyberg, E. Hiebel, D. Tvrdik, J. Navatil, D. Rasset, E. Mike, S. Swanson, B Lovestad, D. Roiland, H. Moll, K. Rutten, D. Iverson, E. Myren , Ruhl, J. Van Amber, E. Persson, J. Trefehren. Those books you bought from the TEEN AGE BOOK CLUB were made possible by the efforts of Miss Wold and the members of the Library Club. Bertha Mike, vice-president of the Library Club, heads the TEEN AGE BOOK CLUB. The other officers for the first semester were Lenora Soberg, pres- ident; Evangeline Holte, secretary; and Kathryn Foslein, treasurer. 52future ea,ctei ROW ONE: M. Rooney, D. Johnson, C. Bartholomew, R. Thorson, F. Spinzel, A. Severson, M. Thompson. ROW TWO: A. Hanson, L. Schoeneck, M. Peterson. ROW THREE: L. Prachal, R. Leisdon, B. Gerth, J. Fisher, J. Incorporated into the school program several years ago was a part time training program whereby students could learn a job by working at it. Those students who participate in this plan have formed a club and elected as their officers president, Eugene Carlquist; vice-president, Betty Gerth; secretary, Mary Rooney; and treasurer, Marion Peterson. ROW ONE S. Dropik, M. Kloehn, R. Hammer, D. Timm, D. Oberg, R. Hanson. R. Geese, D. Johnson, R. Dropik, E. Rooney, Z. Batesole, J. Brede. ROW TWO: R. Lee, R. Fischer,R. Schoeneck,R. Linser, L. Lovstad, D. Backlund, H. Forrester, R. Granlund, G. Bisek. ROW THREE: H. Tewes, A. Beheng, D. Johnson, R. Schubert, G. Erickson, W. Lerbs, W. Schulke. The chief technician of Audio Visual is Ronald Schoeneck. Larrie Love- stad, Bill Lerbs, Dale Johnson, and Alan Beheng are the assistant technicians. Shieley Dropik is the booking clerk and Janet Brede is the mailing clerk. This organization runs all films for both Washington and Central Schools. They also operate the public address system and run the tape recordings. 53Siyata eta P6i The activities of this year's SigmaBeta Phi have included the forming of a Cheer Club, operating a check room at the basket- ball games, the Alumni Tea, a banquet and a formal dinner dance. ROW ONE -- R. Iverson, C. Flaig, E. Johnson, J. Reynolds, D. Erickson, B. Undlin, D. Thompson ROW TWO — R. Johnson, M. Hanson, C. Olson, E. Holte, B. Carlson, J. Granlund. 'Hutceo rfooictaato When you take your aches and pains to the nurse's office either Miss Fillipone or one of her assis- tants will be there to help you. These girls also help with the card filing and such projects as Dental Health Day. E. Patrick, N. Geske, D. Terfehr, C. Meyer, D. McFarlane, A. Barsness, G. Jones. TtatiotuzC Society As this is a honorary organiza- tion, its activities have been limited. Entertaining the Veterans at the St. Cloud Hospital and compiling the names of all past NHS members were the projects of this year's National Honor Society. ROW ONE -- H. Englund, R. Johnson, J. Reynolds, D. Erickson, E. Johnson ROW TWO -- A. Miller, D. Peterson, D. Tibbetts, R. Hanson, W. Hanson, D. Thompson, J. Granlund. 54Staye 'P nce ROW ONE — G. Rosenquist, D. Danielson, R. Allison, D. Ogren ROW TWO — B. Loseth, B. Botner, D. Nelson, R. Thornton ROW THREE -- G. Fredrickson, D. Soderholm.J. Fitzgerald, J. Reese, D. Jacobson ROW FOUR -- T. Rassat, R. Fisher, M. Cassidy, B. Herzog, H. Olson. Have you ever wondered how a bare stage could be transformed into a doc- tor's office or a living room in a couple of hours? This isn't the work of a troup of brownies but of the hard working stage force. Besides setting up the flats for a play it is also their job to take care of the lighting problems. ‘JRaeCto- (?(u ROW ONE -- D. Erickson, D. Thompson, J. Anderson, B. Brozek, F. Brozek, M. Eggert, V. Kakac, H. Patrick. ROW TWO -- C. Lambertz, D. Danielson, E. Johnson, D. Peterson, E. Anderson, J. Lovegren, D. Lorenz, S. Schield, E. Patrick, C. McDonald. Members of the Radio Club, guided by Mr. Dick Greer, have learned the fundamentals of radio work while putting on programs of their own which were heard over Alexandria School On The Air. The chairman of the group was Du- Wayne Peterson. 550?elC wv 6,ifi ROW ONE: M. Steen, M. Anderson, K. Michaelson, C. Morical, J. Steen. ROW TWO: C. Mayer, D. MacFarlane, M. Englund, M. Angledorf, N. Froemming, C. Nyberg. ROW THREE: R. Granlund, R. Moen, F. Lindgren, J. Lovegren, N. Geske. ROW FOUR: L. Lee, E. Anderson, D. Peterson, D. Johnson, I. Carlquist. Every Tuesday at 12;45 the music room has been the meeting place of the Christian Youth Fellowship. The members enjoyed their noon hours by singing, taking part in devotions, and listening to short messages. The purpose of this organization is to keep the students' activities Christ-centered and to provide fellowship. The leaders of this organization for the past year were president, Beverly Oberg; secretary-treasurer, Naomi Geske. ROW ONE: D. Roiland, G. Shogren, N. Hustad, M. Stubben, L. Larson, B. Carlson, C. Erickson, J. Johnson,C. McKay, T. Annis. ROW TWO: D. Shuman, D. Schultz, R. Allison, V. Manuels, J. Bradford, G. Susag, E. Rooney, R. Kuhne. ROW THREE: B. Rooney, J. Annis, D. Bundy, R. Iverson, A. Morse, S. Hollingsworth, M. Froemming, M.Abels, R. Peterson, Miss Fillipone. Under the leadership of Rae Iverson the Junior Red Cross Council began its second year in Alex High. The council took care of the annual Red Cross Drive, packed gift boxes, and made a scrapbook depicting the American way of life for a foreign school. Other officers of the council are vice-president, Barbara Carlson; secretary-treasurer, Marilyn Carlson. TRed (2'uhm, acmciC'Key ROW ONE: G. Trisko, D. Soderholm, ). Fitzgerald, L, Grosenick, R. Granlund. ROW TWO: R. Danielson, D. Borchert, R. Hanson, W. Hanson, D. Nelson, R. Hill, K. Krusemark, A. Erickson, J. Whelan. ROW THREE: G. Reynolds, R. Huhn, E. Carlquist, J. Abels, B. Martin, M. Eckman, L. Shear, D. Palmer. Taking over the school for a day was an annual affair that most Key Club members will long remember. Also under their direction were the Teen Canteens and the "Have A Heart" drive, one of the most successful drives of the year. Heading this organization is , assisted by vice-president and secretary-treasurer. ROW ONE: J. Fitzgerald, K. Krusemark, T. Clifford, R. Hill, J. Bundy, K. Proffitt, B. Tobaben, V. Deunow. ROW TWO: R. Seiling, L. Shear, L. Grosenick, C. Nightingale, R. Thornton, R. Max, J. Lundstrom, R. Hagstrom. ROW THREE: D. Ruhl, D. Palmer, M. Eckman, J. Reese, D. Soderholm, D. Jacobson, E. Rooney, F. Gadow, H. Olson. The A Club is an organization whose membership is limited to lettermen only. The officers are: President - Kenny Proffitt, Secretary-Treasurer, Rodney Max. They have worked hard to raise money to send next year's football team to a training camp. The A Club also sponsored a dance after the Glenwood basketball game. 57 Hexian Sta Janice Reynolds, editor of the 1952 Alexian Staff, has given much time and effort to the yearbook. Eileen Johnson, assistant editor of the 1952 Alexian Staff, has spent many hours on the yearbook production. Photographer -- Bob Lewis Typists -- Ardella Baker, Barbara Lemke. The members of the Alexian Staff are Editor-Janice Reynolds, Assistant Edi- tor-Eileen Johnson, Sports Editors-Ilene Johnson and Chester Nightengale Class Editor-Phyllis Seim, Activity Editor-Deanna Thompson, and Feature Editor- Donna Erickson. Because of the hard work put forth by these people the 1952 Alexian was possible. Alexian Editorial Staff -- Seated -- Eileen Johnson, Janice Reynolds. Standing -- Jo Ann Granlund, Phyllis Seim, Ilene Johnson, Chet Nightengale, Deanna Thompson, Donna Erickson. 58 Hexicat Sta ROW ONE -- J. Steen, J. Grandlund, M. Anderson, L. Barta, D. Moen, A. Plein, E. Patrick. ROW TWO -- M. Thompson, K. Foslein, H. England, S. Tangen, D. Terfher, N. Geske, C. Mayer, H. Patrick, D. McFarland. ROW THREE -- A. Erickson, D. Nelson, D. Peterson, J. Tonn, A. Barsness, D. Englehart. ROW FOUR -- H. Olson, D. Jacobson, D. Soderholm.R. Osterberg, C. Nightengale, D. Linow, J. Fitzgerald. ROW ONE -- D. Erickson, D. Soderholm, K. Michealson, B. Jasperson, J. Krueger, L. Schoeneck, A. Syverson, B. Lemke. ROW TWO -- B. Neby, R. Johnson, D. Thompson, J. Hansen, M. Johnson. I. Johnson, D. Oberg, A. Baker. ROW THREE -- E. Johnson, J. Reynolds, G. Schogren, B. Lewis, B. Dyke, P. Siem, L. Hansen, L. Johnson. 59Deanna Thompson, Alex High Times Editor,has contributed much time and effort to make the school newspaper possible. Hex 7inte Sta Editorial staff: Donna Erickson, Stuart McCoy, Janice Reynolds, Deanna Thompson. Presenting the news in an interesting manner has been the chief purpose of the Alex High Times staff. By featuring a different idea in each issue, the school paper has had a wider appeal. Such causes as TB prevention, school bond issue, and youth council expansion were brought to the attention of the student body through the paper. This year the paper was made available to all pupils through the activity fee paid at the beginning of the year. The editor, Deanna Thompson, was assisted by news editor, Janice Reynolds; feature editor, Donna Erickson; and sports editor, Stuart McCoy. The editors, accompanied by Miss Virginia Combs, paper advisor and journalism instructor, attended the annual Minnesota High School Press Association Convention which was held at Duluth on October 5 and 6. While there the delegates took part in various discussion groups which were of importance to their respective pages. At the typography clinic conducted by Mr. Barnhardt, University of Minnesota typography critic, the Alex High Times received very good criticisms and was complimented upon the improvements made in the last few years. 60 Hex 7inte Stt Taking care of the business and of the paper are Phyllis Seim, business manager, Marlys Ogren, exchange editor; Ilene Johnson, ad solicitor, chairman. ROW ONE D. Erickson, K. Quast, R. Iverson, M. Hollingsworth, B. Neby, N. Landeen. ROW TWO: C. Flaig, P. Seim, D, Soderholm, M. Hanson, B. Patrick, B. Undlin, M. Darkow, Miss Combs, ROW THREE: J. Taylor, J.Reynolds. D. Thompson, D. Simmonson. L. Van Wie, M. Ogren, J. Hanson. ROW FOUR: B. Dyke, M. Goodrich, P. Polesak, B. Lewis, K. Proffitt, R. Max. ROW FIVE: S. McCoy, B. Martin, R. Aga, B. Herzog. 61 Several Harlequin members practicing makeup -- D. Ignawski, S. Dawson, D. Iverson, D. Lorenz, B. Brozek, J. Lovegren. This newly organized dramatics club is made up of 74 students who are in- terested in promoting drama in the high school. The club was divided into groups which studied makeup, lighting, costuming, and fundamentals of acting. Each group then presented the result of their study at a club meeting. The members also assisted in the presentation of the plays. 'Hatiamzl 7So-ciety ROW ONE -- M. Peterson, R. Iverson, D. Erickson, B. Neby ROW TWO -- D. Peterson, D. Soderholm, I. Johnson, J. Fitzgerald, D. Thompson, B. Lewis ROW THREE -- D. Schwanke, D. Tibbetts, L. Hansen, A. Tvrdik, D. Simonson, K. Quast, J. Phelps. The Alexandria Thespian Troupe became affiliated with the National Society at the initiation and installiation ceremony held in January. The troupe is made up of those who have met certain requirements by participating in dramatic activities within the school. The troupe presented the three-act comedy, 'The Imaginary Invalid', and had a banquet honoring the new members. 627 ement en, ‘TttamcL "And I remember that Mr. Hyde used to read to us -- wonderful stories.” Both casts of the senior class play, "I Remember Mama Oui TttiM The cast of the junior class play, "Our Miss Brooks", 1951 63 putocie 0?aA nesi6 rfntenica ROW ONE: D. Anderson, D, Zavadil, M. Toft, D. Schultz, D. Hauer, J. Hascarnp, C. Patrick. ROW TWO: M. Botzet, D. Noetzelman, L. Paulson, W. Thompson, S. Berglin, R. Schuneman, R. Josephson. ROW THREE: A, Wal- stad, D, Johnson, M. Beheng, P. Flynn, D, Barros, G, Squier. ROW FOUR: D. Rinehart, R. Neisen, G. Nelson, H. Zimmerman, D, Peterson, D. Jacobson. ROW FIVE: E. Beulke, N. Twait, N. Anderson, C. Schuhmaker, L. Omland. ROW SIX: D. Stark, Mr. Ray Ahlfors. Among the many activities of the FFA during the past year was a Father and Son Banquet and a Parents' Night. In this way the members acquainted their parents with the aims of the FFA. The members became more eager to learn by competing in parliamentary procedure contests and a farm product and animal contest. Officers for this group are president, Harlan Roth; vice-president, Dagnie Schultz; secretaries, Dennis Johnson and Merlin Toft; treasurer, Eugene Carlquist; reporter, Harvey Forster. ROW ONE: D. Felda, E. Rooney, M. Toft, D. Schultz, E. Sather, L. Chan, L. Hoppe. ROW THREE: M. Botzet, J. Whelan, M. Cihlar, D. Melzer, P. Schlosser, D. Hanson, H. Bast. ROW THREE: K. Gunther, J. Hvezda.T. Rassat. R. Johnson, J. Hanson, D. Thompson, R. Ofstedahl. ROW FOUR: W. Benson, L. Bratten, G. Gregg, B. Oglesby, D. Borchert, D. Lusty. ROW FIVE: M. Schuneman, D. Johnson, R. Aflors, D. Ogren. 64School 'Patnol In the words of Bill Lerbs, captain of the School Patrol, "The purpose of the School Patrol is to safeguard the students." In this he is assisted by Bill Herzog, School Patrol lieutenant. Captain - Bill Lerbs On the job ROW ONE: G. Rosenquist, A. Erickson, E. Rooney, K. Proffit, D Jacobson. B. Herzog, J. Reese. L. Goodrich, B. Botner, D. Ruhl. ROW TWO: D. Danielson, D Soderholm, D. Nelson, R. Osterberg, R. Max, D. Lorenz, C. Muzik, H Roth ROW THREE: B. Obrien, D. Johnson, J. Hammer, H. Olson, J. Fitzgerald. ROW FOUR: L. Grosenick, J. Botzet, L. Bratten, G. Dickman, P. Colby. ROW FIVE: G. Steidl, L. Knutson, D. Johnson, S. McCoy. ROW SIX: D. Huhn, B. Martin, D. Yohnke, M. Schuemaun, C. Nightengale, B. Lerbs 65(fyoOl Two of the main choir projects of the year are the presentation of a Christmas Concert and a Spring Con- cert. The choir also took part in the Music Concert sponsored by the Kiwanis Club for the benefit of the underpriv- ileged children in the community. In the spring the choir participated in the annual Music Festival. The sixty choir members elected as their officers president and student director, Dick Peterson: vice-president, Kyle Kruse- mark; secretary-treasurer, Donna Tibbetts; Librarians, Nyla Froemming and Helen Englund. Director - L. Berge SOPRANOS: ROW ONE: J. Steen, K. Quast, D. Soderholm, E. Patrick, H. Patrick, M. Anderson. ROW TWO: B. Lemke.S. Reed.J. Henningsgaard, R. Moen, D. MacFarlan, J. Ritten. ROW THREE: H. Arvidson, E. Setterlund, N. Johnson, J. Taylor, H. Englund, B. Jasperson, J. Reynolds. ROW FOUR: P. Seim, L. Barta. A. Tvrdik. G. Shogren, D Tibbetts, C. Olson ALTOS: ROW ONE: D. Peterson, R. Iverson, L. Van Wie, J. Brede, C. Paulson. ROW TWO: L. Lee, H. Moll, D. Simonson, A. Miller. ROW THREE: E. Thornton, D. Thompson, B. Froemming, P. Polesak 66Accompanist - S. Tangen Student Director - D. Peterson TENORS: ROW ONE: B. Undlin, N. Froemming, K. Michaelson. ROW TWO: T. Clifford, L. Goodrich, M. Goodrich, J. Bisek. ROW THREE: R. Aga, L. Grosenick, D. Peterson ■ Librarians - N. Froemming, H. Englund Officers - D Peterson, D. Tibbetts. K. Krusemark BASSES: ROW ONE: D Nelson, R. Lewis, K. Proffitt, ROW TWO: E. Anderson, R. Dyke, R. Max, A. Kuhn ROW THREE: L. Erickson, K. Krusemark, W. Hanson, B. Herzog 67@lcc ROW ONE: M. Anderson, D. Roiland.D. Soderholm.B. Jasperson.H. Patrick,M. Johnson. ROW TWO: C. Mayer, E. Larson, J. Henningsgaard, J. Ritten, N. Johnson, E. Patrick ROW THREE: F. Haugren, A. Froemming.C. Lambertz.K. Quast.D. McFarlane.E. Lundgren. ROW FOUR: R. Hoglund, J. Tay- lor, A. Anderson, G. Shogren, A. Tvrdik, D. Walberg In order to give most of the girls who tried out for choir a chance to be in a singing group. Miss Lukris Berge or- ganized the Girl's Glee Club, which was in existence for the first time this year. The Glee Club sang during the Choir Christmas Concert and also during the Kiwanis Benefit Concert. Darlene Soder- holm is the student director and presi- dent and Uene Johnson is the secretary. Officers - D Soderholm, I. Johnson ROW ONE: S. Reed, B. Lemke, C. Swanson, M. Keister, J. Steen. ROW TWO: E. Setterlund, A. Keihne, N. Geske, E. Aldous, J. Duenow, R. Moen. ROW THREE: H. Arvidson, H. Englund, J. Gease, D. Tibbets, J. Reynolds, P. Seimtfafo tyCee (?lct ROW ONE: B. Lewis, J. Brede, I. Johnson, B. Rinehardt, I. Van Amber. ROW TWO: L. Lee, B. Larson, L. Timm, J. Gease, L. Van Wie, M. Radjl, ROW THREE: D. Ignowski, J. Menzel, H. Moll, D. Thompson, D. Simonson. B. Patrick Librarians - E. Patrick, K. Quast ROW ONE: R. Iverson, D. Peterson, A. Miller, K. Michaelson. ROW TWO: E. Thornton, D. Rassat, N. Froemming, C. Miller, G. Carlson. ROW THREE: B. Froemming, B Undlin, M. Goodrich, P. Polesak 69tfaCa' Octette ROW ONE: K. Quast, K. Michaelson, N. Froemming, D. Peterson. ROW TWO: H.Arvid- son, A. Tvrdik, D. Tibbetts, L. Van Wie ROW ONE: J. Steen, E. Setterlund, D. Simonson, A. Miller. ROW TWO: P. Seim, H. Englund, J. Rey- nolds, P. Polesak, J. Taylor SatfC Octette ROW ONE: D. Bisek.L. Grosenick.D. Peterson, A. Kuhn ROW TWO: L. Erickson, K. Krusemark, R. Aga, B. Herzog 70THtxect Octette L. Grosenick, D. Peterson, E. Thornton, J. Brede, E. Patrick, D. Sober- holm, D. Nelson, W. Hanson McUvittd 2ui ttette P. Hanson, M. O'Hotto, D. Peterson, C. Lindstrom, B. Dyke ROW ONE: L. Shear, B. Seiling. ROW TWO: B. Solberg, B. Dyke, M. Bruzek. ROW THREE: C. Muzik, D. Nelson. ROW FOUR: M. Movald 71 Under the direction of Vince DiNino, the Alexandria High School Band pre- sented both a Fall and Winter Concert. In addition, the band marched at the football games and a Pep Band played at all home basketball games. The band also took part in the annual Music Festival. Director - V. DiNino Librarians - C. Flaig, J. Reynolds President - J. Fitzgerald 72 ROW ONE: J. Johnson, M. Undlin, M. O'Hotto, M. Sarvie, K. Seimson. ROW TWO: D. Peterson, E. Sarvie, S. Mix, C. Lindstrom, J. Taylor, D. Thompson, E. Johnson ROW ONE: L. Johnson, B. Flaig, M. Darkow, M. Perreton, M. Carlson, M.Ogren, G.Osterberg, M. Steen. ROW TWO: S. Martin, J. Olson, L. Barta, R. Peterson, K. Buscher, J. Steen, K. Michaelson, M. Anderson. ROW THREE: P Bircher, M. Hanson, M. Hollingsworth, C. Olson, P. Polesak, L. Lee, S. Neilson, C. Paul- son. ROW FOUR: R. Selling, L. Shear, D. Soderholm 73 ROW ONE: S. Stemsrud, P. Boerner, B. Solberg. ROW TWO: L. Larson, R. Harsh, M. Movald, D. Johnson, J. Lovegren. ROW THREE: T. Halvorson, J. Fitzgerald, E. Thornton P. Ballard, R, Olson, D. Timm ROW ONE: M. Ekman, D. Nelson, J. Bradford, C. Muzik, R. Fjeirstad. ROW TWO: G. Fredrickson, J. Peterson, M. Anderson, A. Evju, P. Sherlin, J. Chan 74Saxafr fatten a, ict ROW ONE: J. Hanson, D. Pederson, M. Rainbow, P. Svitak. ROW TWO: P. Seim. D. Keller, B. Chan, M. Bruzek, B. Carlson, D. Erickson. ROW THREE; C. Erickson, E. Anderson, B. Dyke, R. Taylor, L. Hansen, M. Hagstrom 'P iccctetott ROW ONE: S. Tangen, E. Wagner, B. Neby, G. Gregg, D. Johnson, N. Froemming 75Gtc eatia Director - A. Hapke The Orchestra, the second year after its rebirth, again had as its very able director, Mr. A1 Hapke. The Spring Concert, which proved very successful, was the largest achievement of the group. It also presented concerts for the student bodies at Sauk Center and Willmar High Schools. The officers of the Orchestra are President, Dwayne Soderholm; Secretary- Treasurer, Dick Peterson. The librarians are Eileen Johnson and Caroline Erickson. 76 Officers - D. Peterson, D. Soderholm Librarians - C. Erickson, E. JohnsonROW ONE: C.McDonald, W.Titus, M. Rambow, C. Flaig, B. Lewis. ROW TWO: E.Thornton, B.Kalil. M.Rooney, C. Erickson, K. Michaelson, N. Patrick. ROW THREE: D. Peterson, M . Baumann, J. Krueger, J. Reynolds, J. Taylor, C. Olson TVittd ROW ONE: D. Soderholm, J. Bradford, D. Nelson, C.Muzik. ROW TWO: D Thompson, C. Lindstrom, E. Wagner, N. Froemming, G. Osterberg, M.Sarvie, M.O'Hotto, E. Johnson. ROW THREE: M.Hagstrom, C. Erick- son, B. Dyke, D. Erickson, P. Seim, J. Hanson, M. Movald, J. Lovegren, L. Larson 77TRaoten i 4 rTnl ■ » ir if?" sp f 'i9o q f jr u n oAo° n i ; ?» 7 o p o m| A» r ,3 try P n Under the leadership of the cheerleaders the Rooters Club had its rebirth. The officers are; President - Helen Englund, Vice President - Shirley Krueger, Secretary - Gayle Osterberg, Treasurer - Alice Anderson. The main aim of the Rooters Club is to promote school spirit. Besides boosting the school spirit they sponsored a soc-hop after the Osakis Basketball game. Sacra tic ROW ONE: R. Jensen, M. Kuester, E. Myrin, L. Larson, A. Plien, M. Johnson, G. Grosnick, J. Johnson. ROW TWO: J. Krueger, B. Osterberg, M. Rambow, C. Erickson, E. Johnson, I. Johnson, D. Erickson, J. Keitzman, P.Bircher, ROW THREE: J. Ritten, E. Thorton, V. Grosnick, M. Hollingsworth, M. Carlson, E. Torrey, D. Soderholm, B. Jas- person, M. Hanson, J. Garris. ROW FOUR: E. Holte, C. Lambertz, P. Polesak, B. Dyke, B. Herzog, D. Peterson, D. Tibbets, J. Johnson, B. Johnson, M. Johnson Planning on being a teacher? With this in mind several of the senior high students have taken active part in the Socratic Club. Officers of this organization are President-Eileen Johnson, Vice President-Ray Iverson, Secretary-Treasurer- LaDonna Larson. The purpose of the Socratic Club is to acquaint the student with the ways of teaching. 78o-ntecanUtty D. Roiland, C. Morical, H. Hayer, D. Terfher, E. Torrey. Queen for a day. Royalty reigns. Queens on parade. Dancing in the dark. 79Portrait, of pals. 80 Mammy Yokum’s proud of them gals. Still she insists she's never been kissed. No, no not again. bear facts of life. P Where's that handsome lifeguard? Oooh! what I found. Mama says I gotta. The Holy smoke. Yippee! it didn’t burn.4 We musta been beautiful babies, cause, baby, look at us Housewife in the making. now. ABC- Always be careful. 81Nature girl. Food for thought. Too deep for me. You're what we like about the West. Ij L Many long years ago. Skirts are getting shorter every year. I'm upset. Ike and Mike look just alike. Atom bum. Our hearts were young and gay. Time should have made some improvement. 82rfdverttdend and Sfraudar a Agnes Mildred Shop Alexandria Clinic Alexandria Grocery Alexandria Motor Company Alexandria Office Supply Alexandria Paint Glass Alexandria Telephone Company A. P. Hustad Blanchard Solberg Bob' s Clothing Boston Rexall Drug C. Al. Michaelson Carl Beltz Carl Knutson Central Meat Market Christopher son Bait Dr. Steen Dr. Van de Steeg Dutch Girl Dairy Engstroms Furniture First Farmers Bank Fluegels Motor Company Gambles Girards Gronberg Jewelry Halverson Standard Store Herberger Company Iversons Shoe Store Jensens Sheet Metal Kolstads Clothing Store Lake Region Co-op, Miltona Lewis Drug Store McCabes Camera Store Miltona Lumber Company Miltona State Bank Minnesota Motor Company Music Center Oman Supply Company Oppels Shoe Store Osterbergs Penner Electric Pennys Petersons Drug Store Roberts Shoe Store Rolling Roller Rinks Roy Strong Schaffers Seiling Oil Unique Cleaners Van's Motor Parts Walter Torrey Elevator Western Auto Association 83 84 man i.-hk si ixa

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