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ng Q' 1 1 i - Sw ' -: i F' F- u.. Y ...ffv ,. Av -Qi - 1 Aa ,Irf f' viii lg 'a ,Q 1-5 ,-Jai .3 4 1 -,bg x mf AV? L .MW W jf , f f M 4, ,f?X,i'f?, M fwwaifw fmykq, -1 .T'T-. ff!-fr 1 1apgw4p MUSE? 3 '? ' 1 1 q i'91 FHFW1 Y H V , f, ' -11.2 .2 1, - .1 - lu' T' V- -1 A vf' 1 . ... 'N' 1. 1 , 1 vw .. ' 1' as .f , .. - 1 1 1 ': - 11 311 1 1 1-,-1, A. .Vu h. N 1 1 1 , I ,,. I , i I . L , I . . M f A .1 ! . I . JW' ,J U f N ff ' - 1 2 ' IV.. y . 1 0 7 ,N B4 o ' ' '- V I .' ' . ff! Q V f ,' ,A .Q VE: . --.T .,. . V I. . 1 w N: I 11, ,, ,nv ' ...'1 . -w ' 11- ,. .s.' ., -51 -9. . -lb ' ., D .A ro , . .,,q.,1. , 5 , , .-gi. . , - A ' - az .. . , , Y J . - 5,4119-'s-N-if . .E ,,. , ,,., r ' . x ,Y F, 1 . .f:.,'1, ' . L-- D ' + ' 'r 1 5. 1 .. I ... .-.C - - I n 1 1. 1 A --.ff 1 1 551245. . Q 1 13.4, 1, . K 4 1 lr .. .. ,. -, .1 ' M... 1 ...i- . f 3- F 11' J Q, :LL 121. '1 4125514 351: N 1 s A 1 T is '1 -r-.75-',:5Lf111 'S FF J' 5 . 31.195 5,1 .I I,-3.5, .4 . A . ::-:1'- 1.422215 1 Q- v . , V A . fu . .1 'if-, .amp . 1 J . ,. . . . , --F --e.. .. 21 1: ' .., -. ' ' 1f4 L-.?'1 '1f- 2.3..f 1 .-.fy ,. ,-, 1, -fm, .r , 1 1 .. 3.4 m, ...! A-5 , arg: -,F L 1, ,J 1 .1 .4 -.-2.4 - A m I 5 ,. ..-A.i... To Noonangs Little Bit O, Heaven A garden is cz lovvsonzcf flying, Goa' wot! Rosc' plot, Fringml pool Fvru 'cl grof -- The vvrivsf school Of pc'ac'r'g and ye! fha' fool C0llft'IlC!S fha! God is Hof -- Not Goff! in garclcflzsl wbwz the ew' is fool? Nay, but l bam' zz sigug 'Tis very surf' God walks in miuv. Thomas Edward Brown glfnrefnurh gflnterfnnnen thruuglq the span nf life are tina great fadnrs--fnnrk ani! ping. what life is zz failure hxhinh hues nut emhnhg huthg iunrk in make life useful, ping in renher it enjugahle. 31121 us remember these fnnrilq Q ax nh struighifuriuarh prinriples learneh in hear nlh flex ggigh, zmh lei tl-gem he nur guih- ing siar as fue ruzzm ilqrnugh 1ife's un- certain rnurse- QBeiriwtinn me, the dass nf '37, pause at the ene nf nur high schnul :areer tn hehicate this Qslexian tn gif. 31. Nether, frienh amh ah- uisnr, in cumpensate in same small mea- sure fur the mxmernus things he has hnne fur us bnih in nur innrk :mir mu' plag- The place of pleasant memories. Where friends are made - - not for one day - - but forever. Work and Play -How significant a phrase. Here is a formula which leads to success. Every member of the Class of 1937 desires to be successful. It is well to renzenzber that in this life we get nothing save by ejort. The highest form of success comes only through toil and struggle and sacrifice. Though we should all realize the importance of work no one should over- look the importance of play. Both are essential to success. He who labors has earned the privilege of play. You have learned both. Practice both as you go through life-Wfork hard. Play hard and yours will be an abundant life. H. N. PETERSON Superintendent. High school life is not all work, but neither is it all play. Life outside of school is also made up of these two components, and we are apt to find more of the first than of the second. If the members of the Class of 1937 can find their life,s work so interesting and absorbing that solving its prob- lems and perplexities will prove to be a game to be played with zest and eag- erness, that spirit of play will go far to bring that high measure of success which I hope may be the portion of each and every member of the Class. F. J. HERDA Principal. Severi is K get-2fe. Faculty ' First Row--H. Arentsen, J. Eheman, F. Fabro, A. Glaser, E. G 1d, H. Hastings, JM ox F. J. Herda. wp YY Second Row--A. Hoag, A. Jarchow, E. K1tt1eson, H. Krauss, K. Mc- Cart G Melby B Nelson - Q Third Row--E. Nelson, K. Nordgaard, T. Ording, A. Peterson, A. f2jH. N. f k Peterson, R. Peterson, E. Pirkl. . Fourth Row--L. Reck, C. Rykken, P. Souers, G. Stieler, F. Willey, W. Williams, F. Zila. ' Eight .fer r'1f2fet.M ' 1 Student Council First Row--Lois Studllen, Luetta Knebel, June Hobart, Marjorie Thompson, Mary Preston, Genevieve Gustafson, Elsie Carlson. Second Row--Orley Tart, Karl Sturnick, Bud Dahlsten, Gerald Johnson, Earl Wun- derlich, Darwyn Olsen, Mr. Herda, Merlin Roth. As governing body of the high school, the student council un- der the supervision of F. Herda, has carried out its assigned duties very effectively. During the past year the council has been kept busy planning programs and executing and administering rules and regula- tions within the high school. Its duties include the controlling of the point system, and the planning of lyceum and auditorium programs. Business meetings were held regularly every Monday throughout the school year. Before Christmas vacation the council conducted its third annual Have A Heart campaign for the purpose of creating a com- munity fund for needy students. To obtain money to purchase a new curtain for the auditorium, they sponsored the Spring Revue , which was held in April. june Hobart and Marjorie Thompson represented Alexan- dria at the annual convention of the Northwest Federation of Student Councils of which the Alexandria council is a charter member. Ed- ward Dahlsten and Gerald johnson also attended this convention at St. Cloud as unofficial delegates. The officers of the student council for the past year have been Marjorie Thompson, president, Edward Dahlsten, vice-president, June Hobart, secretary, and Lois Studlien, treasurer. Other members are Earl Wunderlich and Luetta Knebel, seniors, Gerald Johnson, Darwyn Olsen, Merlin Roth, Phyllis Peterson and Karl Sturnick, juniors, Mary Preston, Orley Tart, Elsie Carlson, and Genevieve Gustafson, sopho- mores. Nine is K was Mears as Class Advisers W. Williams A. Jarchow L. Reck X To those members of the faculty who have struggled for three years to impart to us, some of their Wealth of knowledge, We wish to ex- tend our heartiest thanks and especially to those who have acted as our advisers do we Wish to show our appreciation. Lawrence Reck has been more than successful in his position as financial adviser of the senior class, but We will remember him chiefly for his amiable smile and continuous good nature. Enthusiastic co-operation in all the senior activites has been shown by Miss Adelle Jarchow, member of the faculty and senior class adviser. Miss Jarchow did much toward making the junior-senior prom a success. Although Bill Williams has been a member of the faculty for only two years he has won the hearts of all the seniors. Mr. Williams coached the basketball team which achieved such great success this year. He also took a prominent part in the planning of the prom. Tell se K ?'Qf SENIORS Class Officers E. Dahlsben L. Studllen E.Wunderl1ch J. Hobart L. Knebel M. Thompson' x Fellow Seniors: As the time of graduation draws near and we have come to the parting of the ways, it is well to remember that the plains are past and yonder lie the hills. May we never he satisfied until we have reached the summit. This can only he achieved hy putting forth our very best effort whether it he at work or at play. Let our aim he high and let us never he satisfied with anything hut the best. I f you have enjoyed our friendships as much as I have, these few years will never be forgotten. EDWARD DAHLSTEN Class President. Eleven :rr Wea Dir' ' Twelve Al-IO, AUNE- Cookie She labors in a simple and straight forward manner. G. A. A. 113 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Staff typistg Annual typist3 Honor student. ARCHER, LOLA- Skipping Can the world buy such a jewel? Start 123 Orchestra 103 Pirates of Penzance. BARR, PEARL- Pearliegates The mischief in her eyes, forbids sorrow, cares and sighs. Orchestra 11, 123 Band 10, 121 Drum Corps 10, 113 Drum Major 123 Pep Orchestra 123 Fly Away Home 12. BEHENG, MARCELLA- Tommy It's nice to be natural when you're natur- ally nicef' Stage force 12. BERGLIN, GLENN- Shorty He is a capable fellow. Growing Pains 113 Stage force 11, 12. BERGNER, LA VERNE- Vonnie She has what shorthand takes. BISEK, EDWIN- Speed It is not good for man to live alone. ff , BONDUS, MARYBELLE-ffreuhie' If a word be worth a shekel, Then silence is worth two. 'Q f, 1' BROSTROM, EDOR- Swede He knows what he knows when he knows it. Library Board 11, 123 Staff 123 Business Manager of the Alex.ian 123 National Hon- or Society 12, Business Manager of Fly Away Home 3 Honor Student. BROWN, EDITH-- Eddie She has an enviable laugh. Basketball, Glee Clubg Senior Class Playg Declam 10, 11: Glee Club 10, 11. BROWN, KATHRYN- Kattie Generous and free, she always will be. Debate 103 Stage force 10, 113 Co-Manager 123 N. H. S. 11, 123 -Honor student. BUHMAN, MARGARET- Muggs She's just the quiet kind whose good na- ture never changes. Times 123 Interclass debate 11. BURGESS, VERNON- Vex-nie All the world's a stage and he's a capable scene shifter. Stage force 113 Co-Manager 12: Band 103 12: Track 11, 12. CARLSON, EDWARD- Pei-chic I thought I saw him studying, but lo it was a dream. Baseball 123 Growing Pains 113 Glee Club 10, 11, 12, Pirates of Pen- zance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Normandy 3 Football 10, 123 B. B. 10, 11, 12. CARLSON, SIDNEY- Sid Like a boy before a holiday. Honor S. Band 10, 11 123 Orchestra 11, 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Quartet 10, 123 Brass Quartet 11, 123 Growing Pains 113 Alexian staff 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Normandy , 'Fly Away Home 3 CHRISTOPERSON, DORIS- Christie Although she's a little shaver, she's no stick! Girls' trio 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Growing Pains 11? Times 11, 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Sextet 11, 123 Mixed Octette 123 Alexian 123 G. A. A. 103 Beta 123 N. H. S. 123 Declam 11, 123 Pirates of Pen- zance , Naughty Marietta 3 Pianist for Chimes of Normandy 3 Honor Student. WK ?'.efa,a.Ex'sfgffm COYKENDALL, VERNON- Jack A cheerful grin will let us in, when all things fall. Stage force 10, 113 Interclass debate 12g Fly Away Home 12. DAHLSTEN, EDWARD- Bud I durst not smile on ladies, It would break too many hearts. Interclass Basketball 103 Football 11, 121 Track 111 Basketball 11, 123 Baseball 123 School Patrol 125 Glee Club 103 Pirates of Penzance 3 Class Presldentg 123 Student Council: Vice President 12. DORSIIER, VERONICA- Ronnie She has that certain way. FEDA, ISABELLE- Dlmples With her dimples begullin' She can kep us a smllin'. Orchestra 10, ll, 121 Growing Pains 11. FIKSDAL, LILLIAN- Lil A miss as good as her smiles. Bandg Or- chestra 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 10, 11. FLEMING, JUNE A woman who does her own thinking and needs but little advice. Orchestra 10, 12: Band 10, 123 Glee Club 123 Drum Corps 10, 123 Beta 121 G. A. A. 10, 123 Basketball 10,12. FLOODING, IDELLA- Daddy She doesn't say much, but she can back what she does say. Honor student. FROEMMING, FLORENCE- Kiewel Others have done lt so why can't I? Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 12. GERICKE, LEONA- Lonesome Quiet appearing, disclosing no clue of a merry nature known to few. Orchestra 10, 11. GODFREY, KEITH- Coclly Where there's a will there is a way, and he has hls way! Fly Away Home g Foot- ball 10, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Golf 103 N. H. S. 11, 123 Sports Editor of Times 123 A Club: Business Manager Jr. Class Play. GODING, ROBERT- Bobbie J oe Smiling, smart, daring but sure. Times 123 Alexlan 121 Baseball 10, 123 H. S. GRUBE, MARCELLA- Ella She puts all her troubles in a trunk and sits on the lid and laughs. Times 11, 123 Library 10, 11, 121 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Operetta 10, 11, 123 Trio 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Declam 11, 123 Interclass de- bate ll: Basketball 10, 11, 123 Fly Away Home 12g Orchestra 10. GULBRANSON, IVER- Brains There must be some hard work in him for none ever come out. Declam 105 Growing Pains 113 Football 123 Interclass Basketball 10, 11, 12. HAMM, aoLLANn--'mmyf' And when a lady's in the case - You know all other things give place! Band 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 123 Football 12. HANSEN, MARION- Ha.nsom Modest, bashful and demure - Friends ga- lore for her lnsure. Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Staff 10, 11, 123 Oper- etta 10, 11, 123 Beta 123 Growing Pains 113 Declam 11. 5 1 4 1 Thirteen is K ?'rzefa.Qrgfg fm I 1 -s FOUITCGXI HARRISON, JEAN- Beany Her loves are terrific. Beta 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 125 Library Board 10, 12. HAVENS, FLORENCE- Flossie She is a friend worth having, what more is there to say. Orchestra 11, 12. HEDSTROM, RUDY He's small but hopeful! Golf 105 Interclass Basketball 115 Pole Vaulting 11. HERZOG, FRANCIS He can prove to you, That black is white and green is blue! Interclass debate 125 School team 125 Honor student. HIBBARD, JEAN- Brown Eyes Her lingers fly with the greatest of ease over the typewriter keys. Times Typist 12. HINTZEN, CLAIRE- Butch I like the girls, I really think I do. Home Room Basketball 105 Orchestra 115 Stage force 125 School Patrol 10, 11, 12. HOBART, J UNE- Skippy When joy and duty clash Let duty go to smash. Beta 125 Orchestra 10, 125 G. A. A. 10, 12, president 12: Student Council 11, 12, Secretary 125 Band 10, 125 Drum Corps 10, 125 Alexian 125 Operetta 10, 11, 12. HOGAN, IRENE- Ike Life is full of contentment. JOHNSON, CARL- Johns Gaze longer and you will see a little imp! Interclass basketball 10. JOHNSON, DONALD- Sleepy I'd like to sit and think. Sometimes I just sit. Honor Studentg Alexian 12. JOHNSON, JUNE MARIE- Fanny Twinkle, twinkle go her eyes, Who we won- der is the guy? Fly Away Home. Glee Club 125 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta 5 Band 10, 11, 125 Or- chestra 10, 11, 125 Drum Corps 11, 125 Pep Orchestra 125 A1exian 125 G. A. A. 125 JOHNS ON, LEONARD- Brutus With talent to rhyme, he surely is blest, Give paper and pencil, and he'll do the rest! Class President 105 Student Council 105 Glee Club 10, 125 Times 11, 125 Alex- ian 125 Growing Pains 11, Fly Away Home 125 Pirates of Penzance , Chimes of Normandy 5 Honor student. JOHNSON, LUCILLE- Ginger She is a maid so very neat, that even her shoes refuse to squeak. KEIPE, ALMA- Pete If silence were gold, she'd be a millionaire. Orchesta 10, 11, 12. KNEBEL, LUETTA- Fey Bonny brown eyes are the eyes for me. G. A. A. 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Staff 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 125 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Normandy , Student Council 125 Beta 125 Associate Editor of Alexian 12. KNUTSON, CAROL- Kelly Is it love--or is it the Weather? Glee Club 10, 115 Sextet 10, 11, Beta 11, President 125 Operetta 10, 11, 125 Times 11, 125 Alexian 125 Library Board 115 Growing Pains 115 Honor student. lat ?'efa,Q1s'aQffm LAND, DWAYNE- Wayne Wayne doesn't say much but he delivers the goods. Trackg Alexlan 125 Honor student. LANDEEN, ARLETTE All who know her love her. G. A. A. 10, 115 Home room basketball 10. LANIGAN, LAURA- Irish And still the wonder grows That one small head can carry all she knows. LARSON, CORAL- Corky To be of service rather than to be con- splcuousf' Football 11, 125 Interclass Basketball 10, 11, 12. LARSON, DORIS-- Shorty I'm always laughing at jokes, and someone's always joking. Band 10, ll, 125 Orchestra 11, 125 Drum Corps 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Pl- rates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta Chimes of Normandy 5 Mixed Octet 125 Sextet 11, 125 Woodwind quintet 11, 125 Times 115 Associate editor 125 Beta 11, 125 Library Board 11, National Honor So- ciety ll, president 125 Basketball 10, 125 Pep Orchestra 12 5 Honor student. LABS ON, EVELYN- Eve She's cute from her lingers to the tips of her toes! LEHN, HILDEGARD- Touts She'll try everything. LEHTO, JULIA- Julie Marks not men have been her aim. LINDQUIST, LUCILLE- Giggles She laughs and the world laughs with her! LINDSTROM, GLADYS- Glade A girl with a dimple and smile Is a glrl that is always worth while. Honor student. LINDSTROM, VIOLA- Vi Deep brown eyes running over with glee. Honor student. LJ UNG, ALLEN-- Sammy The price of wisdom is above rubies. Times 125 Alexian 125 Honor student. LUND, ALTHA- Althy A serious face, a merry heart. McARDELL, BERNADINE- Bernie I can play my violin, Just as good as Rubinotl kin. G. A. A. 11, 125 Basketball 125 Orchestra 10, 11, 125 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Mar- ietta , Chimes of Normandy 5 Student Council 105 String quartet 10, ll, 125 Alex- lan 125 Drum Corps 10, 11, 12. MATHIASON, WOODROW- Spatch Some claim that he is bashful, others doubt lt! Fly Away Home 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Octette 125 Quartet 12. MATTSON, ELVERA- Elly A coy little lady is she, Thinks 1lfe's a perpetual spree! MAX, RALPH- Whitey Initiative ls the road to success. Basketball and football tralner5 Baseball 11, 125 Interclass basketball 10, 11, 125 Pill Doc 11, 12. Fifteen 'ff f Sf' fdgfm rrbeaigyagfm A blush is a sign of virtue. Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Norman- dy 3 Honor student. MILLER, ALFRED- Al Oh! there's nothing half so sweet in life As love's young dream! Growing Pains 113 Declam 12, Fly Away Home 123 School House President of Spoon- er's Hallg Dining Hall Officer 10. MITCHELL, RUBY- Vive A maiden who is mild and meek, Swift to hear and slow to speak. MYERS, ANITA- BS be Let's not do anything in a hurry! MYHR, LAWRENCE- The world loves to laugh, so I'm a clown. Growing Pains 11, Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , China s of Normandy 3 Football 12. Q EL- Nels d fail us, but not Muriel! 4,9115 Rams 11, Naughty Marietta , v'3V Fly 'AW9.y H0me 12. NEWHOLUSE, MYRTLE- Smlce We don't know why we like her, we never stopped to see, But we've come to the con- conclusion, It's just because she's she! Drum Corps 10, 11, 12, Naughty Marietta 3 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Girls' Basketball 10, 11, 12 . OLSON, LEONARD- Ole Fleet of foot. Track 10, 11, 12: Tumbling team 11, 123 Honor student. OLSON, LOUISE- Mein Some think the world was made for fun and frolic and so do I! Basketball 10. OTTER, J ANET- J an She doesn't say much, but we're glad she's here. Basketball 10. PATTON, ROBERT- Bob Like the powder puff, he's for the ladies. Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Normandy 3 Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Track 11, 123 A club3 Mixed Octette 11, Boys' Quartet 113 Brass Quartet 11, 123 Pep Or- chestra 123 Phi Alpha 11. PEDERSON, EMMA- Honey She is witty and clever and makes friends forever. Mixed Chorus 11, Naughty Marietta. PETERSON, CATHERINE- Pete I hope I have not kept you waiting long! Drum Corps 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Norma.ndy 3 Beta 123 Declam 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Girls trio 123 Growing Pains 11, Times 123 A1exian 3 Student Council 11, Vice President 113 Mixed Octet 123 Sextette 12. i REED, MELVIN- Sonny He wears an unruffled front. Stage Force 11, Interclass Basketball 10, 11. O Lffl K 5' E RENNER, FRANCES- Fran She sings the savageness out of a bear. Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marletta , leadg Chimes of Nor- mandy , lead3 G. A. A. 10, 113 Basketball 10, Declam 10, 123 Interclass debate 10, 11, 12, School team 103 Beta 123 Alexlan 123 Library Board 10, 113 Sextet 11, 123 Oc- tet 11, 12. ROBBINS, SARAH I love 8. youth. Ah! the bliss. BOTH, LOIS- Louie Why worry. The more we study the more of our ignorance we discover. 'Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Normandy 3 lead3 Growing Palns 3 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 123 Declam 10, 123 In- terclass debate 113 Orchestra 10: Octet 112 Times 11, 123 Beta 123 Sextet 12. ROTH, THELMA- Shorty Lively as a thrushf' G. A. A. 10. SCHNEIDERHAN, HELEN- Sis Her eyes are always smiling. SHERLIN, ELMER- Dummy In the ups and downs of life, I'm an up. Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 11, 123 Track 11. BHOGREN, VIOLA- Ole One may smile and smile and smile and yet be serious. Glee Club 11, 123 Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Normandy 3 Times typist,De- bate 10, 111 G. A. A. 10, 113 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Beta 123 Alexlan typlstg Honor stu- dent. SMITH, DELORIS- Do, Do We wish we knew her better. Times 101 G. A. A. 103 Honor student. SORENSON, ELAINE- Sunny Her eyes are of dazzlngly, heavenly blue. STUDLIEN, LOIS- Louie For men may come and men may go but I talk on forever. Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Norman- dy 3 Basketball 123 Student Council, treas- urer 123 Library Board 10, 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Interclass debate 103 National Honor Society 11, Vice President 121 Beta 11, 123 Honor studentg Times 10, 11, Editor 12. BWEET, BERNICE MARIE- Bernie You put the Siamese Twins to shame. SWEET, EUNICE- Elmie The Gods sometimes make two of a kind. THOMPSON, MARJORIE- Mari Worry never made its mark in the world, so why worry? Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 11: Drum Corps 10, 11, 123 Student Council 10, 11, Pres- ldent 122 Beta 123 Class President 113 Times 10, 11, 12, Business Manager 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12Q Basketball 10, 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 12, Secretary 12. Trattles, Clarence- Rublnoff ' Roses are red, violets are blue I got a Ford with room for two! Orchestra 123 Interclass Basketball 11: Fly Home 12. X . ' Seventeen rr ?':f.f'Qfe.,.Qrgfg f -m VAN AMBER, EDNA- Eddie She never troubles trouble till trouble troubles her. WAGNER, VIOLA- Vi Never let it be said she left an argument un1inished. Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Norman- dy 5 Band 10, 11, 125 Drum Corps 10, 11, 125 Student Council 11, Secretary and Treas- urer 115 Growing Pains 115 G. A. A. 10, 115 Basketball 10, 11,125 Beta 125 Alexian Editorg National Honor Society 125 Times 11, 125 Honor student. WARDELL, JACK He came a stranger But remains a friend. WATTERS, CLARE- Skinny Choose me girls I'm full of fun. Track 10, 115 Glee Club 105 Pirates of Pen- zancef' WEGENER, BETTY- Betts Talk about ginger she's a whole spice box. Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Pirates of Penzance , Naughty Marietta , Chimes of Norman- dy 5 Sextet 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 105 Grow- ing Pains 115 Fly Away Home 125 Beta 12. WHARTON, MARION- Wart0n Every jolly, ever happy Never giddy, never sappy. WILKEN, CLAUDIUS- Cloudy The night is young. WITTNEBEL, EVELYN- Evy Why do today what one can do tomorrow? WOOLLISCROFT, EUNICE A friendly heart has many friends. WOOLLISCROFT, WINFRED- Freddie Although his heart's in the junior class, he's a. loyal senior. Debate 10, 11, 12, School team 11, 125 Grow- ing Pains 115 Stage force 11, 12. WUNDERLICH, EARL- Wonde Faint heart never won fair lady. Glee Club 10, 125 Pirates of Penzance , Chimes of Normandy 5 Track 105 Inter- class basketball 125 Student Council 12, Secretary and Treasurer 125 Cheerleader 10. YANDA, AGNES- Pat 'iAccuracy ls her aim. Honor Student. YOUNGNER, CAROL- Caesar Some men are born for great things. Track 11. ZABEL, SELVIN- It's all so new to me. Basketball 11, 125 Football 11, 125 Interclass Basketball 105 A Club. N V . ,rw 4 I -4 own' ,J e7 . ,r f Maw. .+ ' ,lf , ' rt f his 5 5,g, VOM - , - x 5 ' x W X r , ,- ' ,, va: 5 ' . , 'J 1 I . , v V 'lr ' g t 1' l' 1,3 J' jf ,V ' r' t 'p J .' ,' if AW' rl. A' ff l I J' .l ' ' f - iw ,J , JUNIORS ,F - , f , . 1' YN' ' ' ' - ix I .ns I , v 1 , 4 ' fl , 4 ' .7 - . A , ff l 1 ' 5 4 I K Ml .IN ' ' ' ' 4 Y Y n , n A A 11,7-,,x'. ' 'I .DI43 . lf' ' JUNIOR cLAss orrrcans resident ............. ..l---Q ................ U, Gerald Johnson ' by-J Vice President ..... 1- .... --- Karl Sturnick ' X , Secretary-Treasurer -.5. .... --- Phyllis Peterson- Representative .......... ---.., Merlin Roth CLASS ROLL . Mildred Ahlbrecht, Winston Alm, Adola Anderson, Anne Anderson, Eunice Anderson, Janet Anderson, Ruth Bartz, Violetta Beheng, Arline Berg, Earl Bloom, Chester Braaten, ' P Lucille Brueske, Viola Burgess, John Carlquist, Arlene Carlson, Ruby Carlson, Walter , t' Christopherson, Evelyn Dahlberg, Mildred Dau, Ruth Dlnda, Lorraine Dlttberner, Alfred ' ' 1. Dobberpuhl, Virgil, Duneer, Florayne Elckman, Irene Erickson, Marvin Erickson, Lillian ' f' Erno, Eldo Falk, Edward Fiala, Loretta Fiala, Vincent Fiala, Fyllis Foslien, Dorothy N . Franklin, Jeanette Frederick, Roger Fredrlkson, Warren Froemming, Blake Godfrey, 5, :- s Gladys Granlund, Harry Halstead, Meryl Hansen, Howard Hanson, Melba Hanson, Doris f ,I VT-Iaugen, Florence H1rschey,bAvis Holmberg, Donald Holmquist, Yvonne Hustad, Margaret if M! Jfcobson, Bob Jensen, Arlene F. Johnson, Elinor L. Johnson, Florence Johnson, Gerald f if ohnson, Leona Johnson, Lloyd Johnson, Philip Johnson, Viola Johnson, Verner Josephs, 'x Eleanor Juntunen, Theome Kelly, Harold Kiehne, Ruth Klehne, Kathleen Kiger, Leighton - N 1 , k,Knudson, Freddie Krafthefer, Russell Krafthefer, Verylle Larsen, Viola Larson, Elaine V' l X. 1 Mathlason, Helen Mattila, Howard Max, Kenneth Melln, Dean Melton, Marian Melton, xf M' .. x ' Lund, Donald Lundgren, Howard McClellan, Pearl McKay, Norma Mathews, Virginia ,V 'p fl' ' Rosemary Miller, Elsa Monagle, Phyllis Morse, Lorraine Mounsdon, Rolland Nack, Dennis ,V Nelson, Margaret Nelson, Marguerite Nelson, Betty Nichols, Darwyn Olsen, Ellen Olson, ' ,X .' Elphin Olson, Nathalie Olson, Sophia Olson, Lloyd L. Peterson, Lyman Peterson, Phyllis - if f Peterson, Vivian Peterson, Isabelle Platto, Otis Prinkey, Markus Richter, Dawn Ripley, Merlin Roth, Betty Sather, Dorothy Seed, Geraldine Skoglund, William Slipper, Charles XW7' fur v ' Smith, Oscar Sorum, Leona Stedje, Harold Steinhorst, Marcelyn Stoppel, Verona Streu, ' Karl Sturnick, Ivan Swanson, Ruth Swanson, Ruth Swenson, Ralph Thornton, Marcella -' ,V Toft, Norman Tolifson, Loretta Trisko, Elna Tvedt, Margaret Tvrdik, Gayhard Urness, s - ' Milo Wahlstrom, Alyce Wald, Wesley Wesen, Kathryn Westerheld, Andrla Wick, Philip 5, Youngner, Warren Yunker, Ray Schultz, Herman Southward, James Dorsher, Elaine rf- - allstrom, Ruth Wardell, Vernetta Syvertson. e 5 .. .Y si C , 13 ry ,' XB J 1' k Ninteen X A v Y X ' rv J' . I , X I ff '11,-f l ff' J SQPHOMQRES .T 1 gg .J Aj. J I, . wi 4, J, y vii ff' r- I fi x X1 N I I v . 1 l N v Y CLASS OFFICERS Mary Preston ---------- Orley Tart President Vice Secretary Elsie Carlson Representative ..... ................ - - Genevieve Gustafson .' CLASS ROLL Eleanor Albertson, Alden Anderson, Eleanor Anderson, Herman Anderson, Lillian Ander- son, Muriel Angen, Wilma Arne, Helen Marie Backlin, Helen Baer, Arthur Barsness, Jeanette Beltz, Boyd Bergsten, Evelyn Bisek, Doris Mae Boerner, Robert Bondus, James Boyd, Al Brinkman, Hazel Brophy, Gladys Brown, George Caldis, Aldrich Carlson, Elsie Carlson, Jennie Carlson, Dennis Christy, Margaret Cooper, Doris Coykendall, Gladys Coykendall, Irene Coykendall, Golcline Davis, Maxwell Dicks, Muriel Dobberpuhl, Mary Jane Dougherty, Henry Drahos, Bernard Ekman, Mabel Engstran, Alpha Engstrom, Claudia Erickson, Elaine Erickson, Vernon Erno, Marjorie Evans, Jeanette Feda, Bernice Feigum, Lawrence Fiala, Margaret Griffith, Beatrice Groene, Bernice Gross, Genevieve Gustafson, Sylvia Haabala, Raymond Hamann, Wayne Hansen, Doris Hanson, Douglas Hanson, Harriet Hanson, Janice Hardy, Eleanor Hass, Hazel Havens, Quinton Hedstrom, Doris Henriksen, Gloria Hillmond, Richard Hintzen, Reuben Hogan, Gertrude Hove, Ambrose Illetschko, George Illetschko, Donovan Johnson, Edith Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Helen E. Johnson, Winton Johnson, Eleanor Johnsrud, Elvin Kalina, Clara Keipe, Viola Kleweno, Betty Knutson, Harold Lang, Howard Lang, Helen Larson, Leila Larson, Raphael Larson, Virgil Larson, Winnifred Larson, Alma Lehmkuhl, Vernon Lindquist, Byron Ljung, Frances Loch, Arlene Lommen, Ellsworth Love, Adeline Lund, Mable Lund, Violet Lundeen, Florine Lundgren, Thelma Lydeen, John McCabe, Robert McMahon, Harry Malm, Alden Mattocks, Adeline Max, James Mayer, Mable Moe, Lillie Monagle, James Leslie Mullin, Jerome Olson, Loren Olson, Mary Ellen Olson, Richard Olson, Donna Mae Osterberg, Ada Paulson, Sally Peart, Floriene Penney, Clyde Peterson, John C. Peterson, Anton Pilversack, Oliver Porter, Mary Preston, Arnold Radke, Doris Rambow, Elizabeth Renner, Margaret Renner, Glenn Reuter, Morrell Sanners, Eileen Sanstead, Soiie Schaffran, Pearl Schluter, Donald Schultz, Viola Sessions, Rudolph Siira, Luella Soberg, Donald Soderholm, Evelyn Spieker, Lillian Stahl, Eunice Stenson, Warren Stumm, Irene Sundberg, James Swenson, Orley Tart, Alma Trisko, John Unumb, Peter Unumb, Regina VanAmber, Rollance Verkennis, Genevieve Watters, William Weaver, Bob Wes- terberg, Frederic Wharton, Dorothy Wheeler, June White, Deloris Wilkes, Richard Williams, Teresa Lundgren, Marion Barber, Geraldine Dorsher, Sylvia Rose, Earl Ormseth, Harriet Johnson, Donald Feay. E Si my W sf Ml 5 j afar refraQ5ruarwn Li. ll ORGANIZATIONS National Honor Society N' ,J 'J f' 3 D Kg. 'xl .K - fit, ji , ,ia X-4 41 i 1 fm -1'J425 'wwziffff The highest goal toward which every student of this highs ' j school strives is to become a member of the National Honor Society. This is the highest honor bestowed on any student. The aim of the Na- 45 V' tional Honor Society is to develop scholarship, leadership, character, and- service. Fifteen per cent of the senior class are admitted to this society, five per cent being taken in at the end of the junior year, and the other ten per cent being taken in during the senior year. To be eligible for this society, a student must be in the upper one-third of his class and fulfill the four qualifications for membership: scholarship, leadership, charac- ter, and service. On April 3, 1936, the following became members of the Na- tional Honor Society: Doris Larson, who is now president, Lois Stud- lien, vice-president, Marjorie treasurer and Kathryn Brown. At the induction on senior class received this honor. topherson, and Edor Brostrom. At an impressive ceremony on May 18, 1937, the following were inducted into the National Honor Society: Sidney Carlson, Leon- ard johnson, Luctta Knebel, Ralph Max, Lois Roth, Viola Shogren, sen- iors and Harry Halstead, Gerald Johnson, Darwyn Olsen, Lyman Pe- terson, and Kathryn Westerneld, juniors. Thompson, secretary, Keith Godfrey, January 8, 1937, three members of the They were Viola Wagner, Doris Chris- Twenty-one If 5.5:-f yt. MV' md ' 1 lm - 1 N .J XX y.,, If 4 1 step X 41' ,-i ' Ns U . , , . f fa- 1'-:r illl sw 5. A X Declam ry P. Unumb H. Backlin Miss Gould G. Reuter - For the first time in the history of Alexandria, all three divi- sions in the local declamatory contest were won by sophomores. Helen Marie Backlin participated in the dramatic division, Peter Unumb in the humorous, and Glenn Reuter in the oratorical. These same people won the sub-district contest held in the local high school. In the district meet, Helen Marie Backlin's selec- tion, The Monkey's Paw , and Glenn Reuter's oration, Whither World placed second in their respective divisions. Peter Unumb, who gave the selection, Exit The Big Bad Wolf Won Hrst in the district and also in the regional. Winning in the regional contest held at Staples, gave Peter the privilege of going to the state contest. Miss Esther Gould, the dramatic instructor, efficiently coach- ed the contestants. Twenty-two K. Westerheld, W. Woolliscroft, Mr. Logan, L. Peterson, F. Herzog This year a different plan, that of extemporaneous speaking in debate was carried out in connection with the present day question, Resolved: That all electric utilities should be governmentally own- ed and operated. In the inter-class tournament held on January '27 the victor- ious Senior class was awarded the Kiwanis cup. Members of the sen- ior teams were Frances Renner, Winfred Vfoolliscroft, Vernon Coy- kendall, and Francis Herzog. Winfred Woolliscroft and Francis Herzog on the negative side and Kathryn Westerield and Lyman Peterson on the' affirmative side were chosen to constitute the high school team. Under the competent guidance of K. Otto Logan this year's team, which did not begin work until much later than in previous years, won the district title and entered the regional debate. Alexandria secured the district title by defeating the Kensing- ton and Cyrus teams both by 3 to 0 decisions. Later they lost the re- gional debate to the Moorhead State Teachers' College High School which had a very strong team. In preparation for the regional tournament, debates were held between the two sides of the local team and a practice debate was held with Morris. Twenty-three M 0 . f fy l,.f'i 'f reg ?'efm Lag! I V 1 X Y 1 w ',:!f R 14 I VQ yi ' N f, 4 jaw VY' V17 I L l 'L u if H J Z !l GM, I 4174-,lf ff L' Jr 'U uw if J iffy FLY AWAY HOME - CAST OF CHARACTERS - James Masters ------ Alfred Miller Nan Masters ----- Marian Hansen Linda Masters June Johnson Carey Masters - Jack Coykendall Harmen Masters Sidney Carlson Buff Masters - Betty Wegener Tinka Callengsby - Marcella Grube Johnny Heming - Woodrow Mathiason Armond Sloan - Keith Godfrey Marie - - - Pearl Barr Gabriel - - - Clarence Trattles Taxi Driver ------ Leonard Johnson This year's senior class production was Fly Away Home , a three- act comedy by Dorthy Bennett and Irving White. The basis of the plot is the struggle of the Masters children to prevent their mother from di- vorcing their father. This comedy was directed by Mr. Russell Peterson. GROWING PAINS . - CAST or CHARACTERS - Mrs. McIntyre Professor McIntyre Terry McIntyre George McIntyre Brian - - Prudence Darling Dutch - - Patty - - Mrs. Patterson Elsie Patterson Jane - - Marian - Vivian Omar Hal - Pete - - Speed Cop - - Lois Roth - Alfred Miller - Catherine Peterson - Winfred Woolliscroft - Edward Carlson - Carol Knutson Lawrence 'Myhr - Betty Wegener Doris Christopherson - Muriel Nelson Marian Hansen Elsie Friedland Viola Wagner Sidney Carlson Glenn Berglyn Leonard Johnson Iver Gulbranson Aurania Rouveral's Growing Pains was produced by last year's junior class under the direction of Miss Evangeline Helseth. This three- act comedy presented in a very humorous manner the growing pains of Terry McIntyre's gang. Twenty-four I K r'1faa, ii'giif '2 f- m Beta First Row--Catherine Peterson, Frances Renner, Lois Studllen, June Fleming, Carol Knutson, Doris Larson, Doris Christopherson, Viola Wagner, Irene Erickson. Second Row--Lois Roth, Dawn Ripley, June Hobart, Kathryn Westerfield, Marjorie Thompson, Bette Sather, Marcella Grube, Marion Hanson, Marcelyn Stoppel. Third Row--Miss Gould, Andrea Wick, Luetta Knebel, Jean Harrison, Viola Shogren. The Sigma Beta Phi is a social organization for junior and senior girls. Etiquette, dancing, picnics and a variety of social func- tions during the winter months comprise the activities of the Beta girls. In order to become a member a girl must have a total of at least seven points. This year the Sigma Beta Phi attained a membership of twenty-two girls. Carol Knutson was elected president, Lois Stud- lien, vice-president, and Doris Larson, SCCFCIHIY-treasurer. Other members were Viola Wagner, Marjorie Thompson, Vi- ola Shogren, Frances Kenner, Catherine Peterson, Luetta Knebel, June Hobart, Doris Christophcrson, Jean Harrison, Marian Hanson, June Fleming, Marcella Grube and Lois Roth, seniors, Marcelyn Stoppel, Bette Sather, Irene Erickson, Andrea Wick, and Kathryn Westerheld, yumors. Twenty-five ra K Ffffrs. Eirgra rf m I w I N I Y I H. W. Arentsen THE ORCHESTRA With an active membership of S7 students, the orchestra has had a very successful year. The orchestra played for the operetta, The Chimes of Normandy , for the junior and senior class plays, also partic- ipated in a concert in March. The 17 graduating members are: Pearl Barr, Sidney Carl- son, Doris Christopherson, Isabelle Feda, June Fleming, Lillian Fiksdal, Florence Froemming, Jean Harrison, Florence Havens, June Hobart, Marion Hanson, June Johnson, Doris Larson, Bernadine McArdell, Rob- ert Patton, and Clarence Trattles. , ,, ' l The orchestra has been under the direction iof'Harold Arent- sen. K ' '5, ' 1' I u ,l.. I ,, f Y 'Q ,off ri ai l v C yiflrgir Efreefis. M. Qlfigg if n t r X A. H. -S. BAND This year has been a most progressive and inspiring one for the band section of the Alexandria High School. It has become one of the greatest assets to the school. Under the capable direction of Mr. Arentsen the military and concert bands have provided entertainment not only at football games, but at basketball games as well. Regular concerts are played at the City Park during the summer months. The band is divided up into four different organizations: Be- ginner's Band, Second Band, Military Band, and che Concert Band. The senior members of the band are Pearl Barr, Vernon Bur- gess,'Sidney Carlson, june Fleming, Florence Froemming, Jean Harrison, June johnson, Doris Larson, Robert Patton, Marjorie Thompson and Viola Wagner. THE MUSIC CONTEST The music contest this year was held in Glenwood on April 23 and 24. This year's rating was determined on a much lower scale than previous years, as a consequence the marks of the various organizations were much lower. This does not mean that the groups this year were infe 'or to those of last, but simply that the judges were much stricter. ' 1 The ratings of the various groups were as follows: , - Senior High Girls' Glee Club ......................... A Junior High Girls' Glee Club .............. ............. A Senior High Boys' Glee Club .... .... B Senior,High Mixed Chorus --- ----B J ior High Mixed Chorus --- ----B G s' Sextet ............... ...... .B ,B ' Quartet ............. .... B Qu xed Octet .......... .... B A rass Quar et .......... .... B I Senior H' Orchestra ...... ..., B 3 Junior h Orchestra .,...... .... B Md Sen igh Band .......... ..-- ----C V i. Ju High Boys' Glee Club --- ----C My jj .W W wind Quintet ............ .... C W St g Quartet .............. .... C J!! Twenty-seven I 4 . pa CHAMBER MUSIC Some of the small organizations which have been growing dur- ing the past few years are: the girls' sextette, girls' trio, mixed octet, and the boys, quartet, string quartet, brass quartet, and woodwind quintet. These groups make up the chamber music of our department. Doris Christopherson, Catherine Peterson, and Marcella Grube compose the girls' trio. The boys' quartet is made up of Lyman Peterson, Leighton Knudson, Woodrow Mathiason, and Sidney Carl- son. In the girls, sextet are: Doris Christopherson, Doris Larson, Bet- ty Wegener, Lois Roth, Frances Renner, and Catherine Peterson. The mixed octet is composed of Earl Wunderlich, Clyde Peterson, Lyman Peterson, Leighton Knudson, Catherine Peterson, Frances Renner, Doris Christopherson, and Doris Larson. Present members of the string quartet are Bernadine McAr- dell, Ruth Bartz, June Fleming, and Dennis Nelson. Darwyn Olsen, Sidney Carlson, Bob Patton and Russell Krafthefer compose the brass quartet. In the woodwind quintet are Doris Larson, Dawn Ripley, Deloris Wilkes, Kathryn Westerfield, and Mary Preston. CHIMES OF NORMANDY The music department and stage force under the leadership of Harold W. Arentsen and Gordon B. Melby presented Robert Plan- quette,s comic opera, Chimes of Normandy , on December 3. The talented leads along with the skilled orchestra and well- trained choruses in colorful costumes all co-operated to make this pro- duction a success. Mr. Leland Wright as a simple country Hsherman called Gren- icheux and Miss Gretchen Stieler as Serpolette, a village peasant with fan- tastic ideas, added much hilarity to the opera. Other leads sung by Miss Eunice Ann McCart as Germaine, Clifford Rykken as Henri, Theodore Ording as the old miser, Gaspard, Karl Nordgaard as notary, and Karl Kolstad as the Bailli, were excellent. Students who took minor parts in the opera were Marcella Grube as Jeanne, Marion Hanson as Nanette, Lois Roth as Suzanne, Frances Renner as Gertrude, and Leighton Knudson as the Registrar. To Gordon Melby and his stage force, with Kathryn Brown and Vernon Burgess as managers, goes much credit for the beautiful lighting effects and artistic scenery. Twenty-eight 1?f'DK?f'161f ' ALEXANDRIA'S RAG TIME BAND First Row--Woodrow Mathiason, Sidney Carlson, Doris Chrlstopherson, Marcella Grube, Catherine Peterson, Lyman Peterson, Leighton Knudson. Second Row--Darwyn Olsen, Bernard Ekman, Dawn Ripley, Deloris Wilkes, Kathryn Westerfleld, Robert Elness. Third Row--Ralph Thornton, Robert Patton, June Hobart, Pearl Barr, Doris Larson, June Johnson. Alexandria's Rag Time Band, a very recently formed organiza- tion has gained much popularity throughout the school and community. Under the supervision of Mr. Arentsen, and with Ralph Thorn- ton at the baton, the twelve members all work together to produce snap- py, jazz music. The organization has played in public a number of times. The most important appearance was in the Student Council Spring Revue. They have also played in Glenwood, Osakis, Sauk Centre, and Parkers Prairie. The members of the group are: Pearl Barr, Bernard Ekman, Robert Elness, June Hobart, June Johnson, Doris Larson, Darwyn Olsen, Robert Patton, Dawn Ripley, and Kathryn Westerfield. THE GLEE CLUBS The glee clubs under the leadership of Miss Stieler have been very active this year. On December 3, both girls' and boys' glee clubs sang in the opera The Chimes of Normandyv. On March 1, both choruses again combined to sing in an all high school music concert. There are 70 pupils in the mixed chorus. The graduating members are: Edward Carlson, Sidney Carlson, Doris Christopherson, June Fleming, Marcella Grube, Marion Hansen, Leonard johnson, Lu- etta Knebel, Carol Knutson, Doris Larson, Woodrow Mathiason, Her- bert Meyer, Catherine Peterson, Robert Patton, Frances Renner, Lois Roth, Viola Shogren, Lois Studlien, Viola Wagner, Betty Wegener, Marion Wharton, and Earl Wunderlich. Twenty-nine re r 1 ' DRUM CORPS - Since its organization in 1929, the Drum Corps has become widely known in both Minnesota and surrounding states. Under the efficient leadership of Harold Arentsen, it has gained a widespread rep- utation for its skillful playing. The corps consists of twenty-nine girls: a drum major, twelve snare drummers, two base drummers, ten tenor buglers, two base bug- lers and the cymbal players. In addition to their street drills, the girls also have eleven other formations. Besides performing on many different occasions, the corps sponsored a moving picture, The Garden of Allah . They also had several food sales and in January gave their annual banquet and dance for alumni members. Members who graduated in the preceding spring were awarded medals as symbol of their work. Graduating members of this organization are: Pearl Barr, drum major, June Fleming, June Hobart, June Johnson, Doris Larson, Bernadine McArdell, Myrtle Newhouse, Catherine Peterson, Marjorie Thompson, and Viola Wagner. MUSIC POINT SYSTEM Last year the music department adopted a new system of com- parative rating whereby a student who takes part in musical activities is credited with a certain number of honor points. The total points earned at the end of the year, bestow upon the student an A, B, C, or D rating. These points are given for mem- bership, co-operation, attendance, and condition of instrument. Points are deducted for such things as poor attitude, slow progress, unexcused absence or tardiness, and untidy uniform. At the end of the individual's school years, he is given a spe- cial award if he has maintained an A rating. This new system has proven very satisfactory in that it has created a greater interest in music among the students. Thirty is r t':t2frs.M5ra ra if m 1. Betty Nichols, Vivian Peterson, Dawn Ripley, Marcella Beheng, Kathryn Brown, Bob Westerberg. Second Row--Vernon Burgess, Winfred Woolliscroft, Glenn Berglin, Boyd Bergsten, Mr. Melby. The stage force under the supervision of Gordon B. Melby, has been managed by Kathryn Brown and Vernon Burgess. Betty Nichols, Marcella Beheng, Vivian Peterson and Dawn Ripley are re- sponsible for all designing and decorating. The boys responsible for the construction and lighting effects are Winfred Woolliscroft, Glenn Berglin, Boyd Bergsten, and Robert Westerberg. The objective this year was obtained in the three complete scenes for the opera, The Chimes of Normandy . The stage force develops its scenes in the same manner as used by professional stage designers such as gathering historical data, and col- oring ideas for interiors and exteriors. From this data drawings and diagrams are made to fit our stage. The scene is then modeled in ex- act miniature of one inch to the foot. This model is tried on the mini- ature stage to overcome mechanical difficulties, to get correct dimensions, and to acquire correct lighting effects. After these various difficulties are overcome and corrected, the sections of the scene or jogs are construct- ed. These are then covered and painted. The scenes are made in three dimensions and therefore are heavy and diffcult to handle. When the scene is set up, all jogs are matched and lights are tested. Each color of the light produces a certain mood in the minds of the actors and audi- ence. Correct lighting effects are essential together with furniture and other properties which constitute the finishing of the scene. Thirty-one -I 4 rj K r'ef Library Board Peter Unumb, Edor Brostrom, Lois Studlien, Marcella Grube, Genevieve Gustafson, Margaret Renner, Winifred Larson. Second Row--Miss McCart, Jean Harrison, Helen Baer, Betty Knutson. Under the direction of Miss Eunice Ann McCart, the library board consisting of eight girls and two boys has carried on the work in the school library the past year. Duties have included routine work before school and during study periods. Each senior member together with his sophomore as- istant has had charge of the library one night each week. To create more interest in reading, the group has made attractive the bulletin board display. Bronze, silver and gold pins for one, two and three years ser- vice are awarded the students of this organization. Seniors on the board are Edor Brostrom, Marcella Grube, Jean Harrison, and Lois Studlien. Sophomores who have assisted this past year are Helen Baer, Genevieve Gustafson, Betty Knutson, Winnifred Larson, Margaret Renner, and Peter Unumb, School Patrol Safety First,', the slogan of the school patrol, has been effi- ciently carried out under the direction of Forrest Willey and patrol chief, Eldo Falk. Members of the patrol were stationed at the more dangerous crossings and intersections every day to protect the pupils as they walk- ed to and from school. Other members of this organization are: Ellsworth Love, Wes- ley Wesen, Oscar Sorum, Marvin Erickson, Richard Hintzen, Harold Peterson, Marvin Landeen, Richard Stevens, Douglas Oppel, Edward Dahlsten, and James Swenson. Thirty-two f l -9 , ,Qi l ,u . ' s . flxs. . 1- 2' l.istr'efrs. . ' f Alex Times First Row--Robert Goding, Catherine Peterson, Doris Larson, Keith Godfrey, Marjorie Thompson, Lois Studllen, Peter Unumb, Marcella Grube, Leila Larson, Ralph Thomton. Second Row--Kathryn Westeriield, June Fleming, Carol Knutson, Andrea Wick, Janet Anderson, Margaret Griffith, Lola Archer, Aune Aho, Edor Brostrom. Third Row--Dorothy Seed, Bette Sather, Kathleen Kiger, Marcelyn Stoppel, Helen Marie Backelin, Yvonne Hustad, Margaret Buhman, Jean Hibbard, Miss Jarchow, Marion Hanson. Fourth Riow--Mary Jane Dougherty, Gladys Coykendall, Allen Ljung, Lois Roth, Mr. Herda, Luetta Knebel. Yi Fifth Row--Dean Melton, Gerald Johnson, Loren Olson, Dennis Nelson, Leonard ' Johnson, Viola Shogren, Doris Christopherson, Viola Wagner. : Under the literary advisorship of F. J. Herda and the business advisorship of Miss Adelle Jarchow, the Alex High Timesi' staff of 42 l over thirty students has completed another successful year. 2, This is the fourteenth year that our school has published a : ewspaper. This year the Times was given a first class rating by the 2 'National Scholastic Press Association. .2 In November, Marjorie Thompson, Lois Studlien, Doris Lar- 'Q son, and Keith Godfrey attended the convention of the Minnesota High :C School Press Association at Mankato. Lois Studlien served as editor-in-chief with Doris Larson as associate editor. Keith Godfrey acted as sports editor, and Ralph Thorn- ton filled the position of assistant editor. The business department was managed by Marjorie Thompson with Kathryn Westerheld as assistant business-manager and Carol Knutson as circulation manager. Senior reporters on the staff were Margaret Buhman, Doris Christopherson, june Fleming, Robert Goding, Marcella Grube, Mar- ion Hanson, Leonard Johnson, Luetta Knebel, Allen Ljung , Lois Roth and Viola Wagner. Edor Brostrom acted as ad solicitor. Typists on this year's staff were Aune Aho, Lola Archer, Jean Hibbard, Cath- erine Peterson, and Viola Shogren. Thirty-three its r r'efa ATHLETICS H. Hastings B. Williams J. Eheman F. Fabro G. Melby rlqraclz With the abandonment of spring football this year many husky gridders turned to the cinder paths, swelling the ranks of Coach Has- tings' track squad with an abundance of fine prospects. Besides these muscle men, Hastings had five returning letter- men headed by Captain Leonard Olson, and some new men for a total squad of seventeen. The following boys were members of the team: Captain Leonard Olson, Reuben Hogan, Rollance Verkennis, Earl Wun- derlich, Eugene Johnson, Russell Krafthefer, Freddie Krafthefer, Vern- on Burgess, Donald Chase, Otis Prinkey, Eldo Falk, Alfred Dobberpuhl, Jack Wardell, Bob Patton, Carroll Youngner, William Slipper, and Verner Josephs. With daily workouts at the fairgrounds and at the athletic field the boys slowly rounded into shape. Alex played host to Osakis and Sauk Centre in a triple meet and proved to be far superior by scor- ing firsts in all but two or three events to win by an overwhelming mar- ln. g There has been only one running at the time of this writing, but Coach Hastings has a couple more lined up, including one with St. John's Prep. Thehdistrict meet will be held on Maw. Thirty-four rar rr-aa, Q.V?i1'agiffa ffm Football Alexandria Mechanic Arts Alexandria Sauk Centre S new Alexandria Little Falls - .W W 0 - Alexandria Glenwood - -rt 1 1- Alexandria Staples ee., Alexandria Brainerd S an ,,-.-13 Alexandria St. Cloud rara. -.-12 Alexandria Wadena ,. ,...... 0 Cforfeitj Coach Hastings had a nucleus of only four returning lcttermen around which to build the 1936 Red and Black powerhouse, but ninety other aspirants responded to che call for candi- dates to fill places left vacant by graduation. The lettermen, Keith Godfrey, Geyhard Urness, Eldo Falk, and Alfred Dobberpuhl, together with new material, worked into a mighty ma- g chine that swept through a heavy schedule with 1 a great record of seven victories against one loss, l finishing second in the big six conference. Much of the success of our team was due to the fine coaching of Harold Hastings, and to the inspiration provided by receiv- ing new red and black silk uniforms. In the opening game of the season played on the local field on September 18, the Red and Black emerged victorious over a powerful Mechanic Arts team from St. Paul when Bob Patton, quarterback, took the ball on fourth down and drove through from the three yard line for the only score of the game to give Alexandria a 6-0 victory. On September 25, the Alexians journeyed to Sauk Centre where they defeated the small but stubborn Main Streeters by a score of 15-0. Alfred Dobberpuhl was shifted to the fullback position in place of Godfrey, who was out with injuries, and made some nice gains, in- cluding a touchdown run. The strong Little Falls eleven was the next obstacle in the path of the onrushing Red and Black, but were vanquished in a furious game of give and take. Urness' great pass catching was too much for the Millers and they were forced to take the short end of a 13-0 count. Geyhard Urness Our arch rival, Glenwood, came over to play the locals on Oc- tober 9 and were administered a crushing 32-0 defeat as Alex collected its fourth consecutive victory. Godfrey and Falk ran wild in this en- counter, time and again they broke through the line and dashed past the bewildered Glenwood secondary for long gains. Alexandria kept possession of the famous bell trophy which they won last year. Thirty-Hve rr r'efaMx' , 5 I A . ,. 4 L! K M 'Q' First Row--Lloyd Peterson, Donald Schultz, Karl Sturnick, Otto Voight, Donald Chase, Robert Jensen, Alfred Dobberpuhl, Keith Godfrey, Selvin Zabel, Robert Patton, Eldo Falk, Geyhard Urness, Second Row--Lawrence Myhr, Otis Prinkey, Elmer Sherlin, Edward Dahlsten, Gordon Miller, Lyman Peterson, Darwyn Olsen, Roland Verkinnis, Walter Christopherson, Howard Max. Warren Yunker, Ray Schultz. Third Row--Donald Lundgren, Edward Carlson, Rudolph Siiro, Harold Kiehne, Coral Larson, Maxwell Dicks, Edward Carlson, Reuben Hogan, Iver Gulbranson, Ray- .mond Dobberpuhl, Bernard Ekman. The following Friday, the Red and Black annexed their fifth triumph in a 26-0 rout of Staples on their own held. Godfrey, Falk, Schultz and Sturnick ran all over the held as the powerful Alex line punched huge gaps in Staples' forward wall. Schultz made a sensational sixty-yard run, reversing his field and speeding to a touchdown which won him the block award as the best player in the game. Seeking its sixth victory, Alexandria was finally upset by a great Brainerd team in a heartbreaking game which ended 13-12 for the Northerners. Unable to gain through Alex,s stonewall line defense, Brainerd took to the air and paved its way to victory by completing nine passes in twelve attempts. Alex matched them in touchdowns, but was unable to convert either of its tries for extra point-hence the defeat. Hastings' men topped off Alex,s homecoming celebration with a thrilling victory over the formidable Tigers of St. Cloud in one of the greatest games ever witnessed in the local enclosure. It was the last game of Keith Godfrey's great four year football career at Alexandria High, and he made it a memorable one by breaking loose for two touchdowns in the last few minutes of the final quarter to pull Alex from behind and win 19-12. Urness, Falk, Peterson, and Patton were other Alexians who ended their playing days with this contest, and all gave a good account of themselves. It was Alex's first win over Tech in ten years. The Red and Black had two more games scheduled but Wadena for- feited and heavy snows prevented Aitkin from coming, so the locals wound up the season with a record of seven games won and one lost, shut- ting out six teams without a score. Alexandria's tricky forward and later- al passing brought much praise from local fans. Thirty-six as K Wea Lilwra ra rf at Bzlslzelhzlll ' J. Confronted with the seemingly impossible taslfof molding a winning basketball team out of nothing as the cage season rolled around, Coach Bill Wfilliams went earnestly to work with what he had and came up with the most amazing team in local history. Among the candidates at the initial drill the only returning regular was Captain Gayhard Urnessg although Karl Sturnick, Vince Ifiala, and Selvin Zabel had seen some action the previous year. The rest were new and inexperienced, and the outlook was very dark indeed. ln spite of it all, Wfilliams with his masterful coaching and the matehless lighting spirit which he instilled in the team, whipped into shape a quintet that rang up nine consecutive victories, and carried the Red and Black as far as it has ever gone in the basketball wars. Thirty-seven ia r r'efa While using mostly set plays on the offense, Coach Williams developed the famed, impregnable man for man defense that stopped the strongest quints in this area, and became a veritable legend as Alex defeated team after team of its opponents. In its regular season's record of 15 won and S lost the Alexians boast triumphs over the pick of twin city and upstate teams, which in- cludes Marshall of Minneapolis, Washington of St. Paul, Brainerd, Sta- ples, Little Falls, and St. Cloud Tech. Alexandria copped its fourth district title out of the last ive tournaments by outshooting Long Prairie and Sauk Centre in the pre- liminaries and then romping over Upsala 46-17 in the finals. Advanc- ing to the regional at Wadena they became the fourth Alex team ever to reach the region finals when they handed the formidable Benson Plow- boys their first defeat in 21 starts by a score of 26 to 23. Alex bowed to the speedy Crosby-lronton ballhawks in the finals, but were well sat- isiied with their record-breaking season of 19 wins to only 6 reverses. Alex cagers who will receive letters are Geyhard Urness, Vin- cent Fiala, Keith Godfrey, Selvin Zabel, Karl Sturnick, Lloyd Peterson, Elmer Sherlin, and Edward Carlson. SCORE BOARD Alexandria --- ..... 46 Osakis ........ --- - Alexandria - - - .,... 24 Parkers Prairie - - - - - - Alexandria - -- ..... 27 Brainerd .......... - -- - Alexandria - , , ...,. 21 Little Falls ........ - - - - Alexandria - -- ..... 17 Washington CSt. Paul? Alexandria - - - ,.... 25 Marshall CMinneapolisJ Alexandria .... ..... 3 2 St. Cloud ............. Alexandria - - - ...., 24 Glenwood ......... - - - - Alexandria - - - ..... 15 Parkers Prairie - - - - - Alexandria - - - ..... 43 Osakis ........ - - - - Alexandria - - - ..... 17 Staples ...... - - - - Alexandria , - - ..... 23 Sauk Centre - - - - - - Alexandria - - - ..... 18 Crosby-Ironton - - - - Alexandria --- ..... 15 Little Falls ----, - Alexandria --- ..... 28 St. Cloud ---- - Alexandria - - - ..... 22 Glenwood - - - Alexandria - - - ..... 30 Staples - - , - Alexandria ................ 36 Aitkin .......... - DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Alexandria ,.......,,...... 24 Long Prairie --- - Alexandria - - - ..... 40 Sauk Centre - - - - Alexandria ..-.......,,.... 46 Upsala ......... - REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Alexandria ................ 25 Benson ......... - Alexandria - - - ..... 24 Crosby-Ironton - - - - Thirty-eight I x s ,e X 3-il rrrefa 5, g Baseball is li :S in 3 Y' ' if i 1 -2 . 2 stirred the vanity of so many fellows that Coach Melby for the first timexgi-fl ' had his pick of all the high school athletes for diamond material. -' ' Out of this large group of husrling hopefuls Melby chose a squad of 19 to advance the Alex baseball standard. His task was made easier by the return of five lettermen--Captain Eldo Falk, Howard Max, Lloyd Peterson, Dean Melton and Geyhard Urness, and che fact that the entire battery, chief bulwark of last year's team, returned for another campaign. The initial encounter of a 14 game schedule was at Little Falls where the locals were blanked on three hits S-0. The purchasing of classy new baseball suits for this year's nine - 1 'X Q. The Cardinals showed a little improvement in the next set-to with Parkers Prairie, but lost 12-8. Howard Max blasted out a triple, single and double, but it wasn't enough to make up for the many field- ing miscues by his mates. Settling down behind Dean Melton's scintillating shut-out pitching, the locals belted three Benson flingers for eleven runs and bagged their first victory 11-0. Playing with greater confidence after breaking into the win column, Melby's men trounced Brandon 6-1. Urness, on the hill for Alex was greeted with a double and single by the first two batters, but clamped down to pitch no-hit ball the rest of the way. On the whole, this year's team seems to be well balanced. lt is strong in pitching and catching and has lots of spirit. Melby knows how to handle a ball club and it is a safe bet that he will pilot this one to the championship. The schedule, the longest ever lined up for an Alex team, calls for 10 games yet to be played. Thirty-nine W' rr r'efami' f Girls, Baslzetball Honors for the girls' interclass basketball were awarded to the Juniors who exhibited wonderful team Work in both their games. In the first round of play, the Seniors were defeated by the Juniors in a hard-fought game which ended with the score 33-25. The juniors continued their victory by swamping the Sophomores by a score of 25-16. The Seniors retaliated in the last game by winning over the Sophomores 25-22. In former years the Seniors have shown a record to be proud of, having won the championship title three times, and capturing sec- ond place once. Miss Josephine Olson coached the Juniors, Miss Bertha Carl- son the Seniors, and Mrs. Harold Hastings the Sophomores. Miss Joy Eheman, physical education instructor, directed the tournament, while Forrest Willey was referee. Forty me K rea. Qing ia ff' a THE HIGH SCHOOL AT NIGHT Though high school days have their delights, They can't compare with high school nights! Myrtle Newhouse says- The self made man wouldn't be so bad if he didn't worship his creator. K DRAMA - 4 ACTS Act I Their eyes met. Act II Their lips met. Act III Their souls met. Act IV Their lawyers met. x Q I 'r. 4 fr ' . 4 Q Carl Johnson: Put that foot where it be1ongs. -1 Leonard Johnson: Yeah, if I did you wouIdn't sit down for a J month! 0 .X Lawrence M.: Too bad Shakespeare wasn't born in London. Lois S.: Why so? Lawrence M.: I said he was in my exam. Pearl Barr: What is the liberty bell? Dummy Sherlin: The bell at 4 P. M. Zabe says- Arms are a round about way of expressing affection! Bill Williams: Why, man, you don't look like you get enough sleep. Keith Godfrey: Well, I go to bed between 9 and 10 every night. Bill Williams: Won't do, too many in one bed. Q f The dog sat, on the burning deck 0 The flames were leaping round his neck, NM 51023 Hot dog! Alfred M.: That's Urness jumping center, l1e's our best man. V x f V FTHn9,,3 :fi fi. ,, I- xx Q A 9--.. 1' , j Sarah: Oh, Alfred, this is so sudden! a X Forty-one 336 K t'refia.Er' Mr. Herda says- A pessimist is a man who wears both a pair of suspenders and a belt to keep his pants up. Edith Brown: Your neck reminds me of a typewriter. Rudy Hedstrom: How so? Edith B.: Underwood Pete Peterson: Let's take a look at the moon, dear. 4'Bud Dahlsten: Darn the luck! I forgot to bring it! Jean Hibbard: What is a buttressf' Kathryn Brown: A nanny goat. Asked in an English test: When was the Romantic Period? ' Emma Pederson: At the end of the last act. MISPLACED IFS If it Max no difference, Wil-ken do it? If Marybelle Bondus, would Clarence Trattle on her? If she would Yanda, would she feel Youngner? If Zabel rang, would Lois quit Studlien? If Grube were handy, Otter we go on a picnic? If Lois Roth a book would Robert Patton it? If Clare Watters his flower, would it Ber-nice and Sweet. was , Miss Gould: Have you read, 'To a Field Mouse'? ..... 'Q ' Francis Herzog: No, how do you get them to 1isten? .J Edna Van Amber would like to know If the moon had a sun Csonh Would the sky rocket? 1x PHONETIC LOVE gl, 0, MLE what XTC It I always feel when UIC, . ,,.. .-.-- . ,E I used to rave of Ln's I's 4LC I have countless sighs. 4 KT, 2 and LNR I was a keen competitor ,Q j , 1111, ,-.. luvu I i.:f:152:' ' But each now is a non NT Forty-two - 4U XL them all UC. Lately Spatch has been chanting this ditty, I stole so many kisses My lips began to sag, And then the doggone woman She hid the candy bag! llf9K?'E' QL ' ' MHAUNTED BUOKSHOPR NAME Lawrence Myhr Claudius Wilken Louise Olson Marjorie Thompson Carol Knutson Keith Godfrey Hildegarde Lehn Sarah Robbins Catherine Peterson Alfred Miller Edward Carlson Sidney Carlson Viola Shogren Selvin Zabel June Johnson Clare Watters Robert Patton Elmer Sherlin Lucille Lindquist Robert Goding Winf red Woolliscrof t Veronica Dorsher Jean Harrison Clare Hintzen Evelyn Larson Donald Johnson Thelma Roth Anita Myers Muriel Nelson Elvera Mattson Lola Archer Altha Lund Lucille Johnson Julia Lehto Irene Hogan LaVerne Bergner Deloris Smith Eunice Woolliscrift Helen Schneiderhan Doris Larson Carroll Youngner Frances Renner Edna Van Amber TITLE The Whitehouse Cookbook The Twelfth Night The Gorgeous H ussy Gone With the Wind Dear Diary Single Handed Sense and Sensibility The World is Too Much With Us Mortgage Your Heart We Are Not Alone It Can't Happen Here Giants In The Earth A Student Nurse Lost Horizon Fair As The Moon Innocence Abroad Ask Me Another Perennial Bachelor Maiden Voyage Green Timber The Bat Flies Low Sweet Danger Lo1fe's Labor Lost Come And Get It The Royal Road to Romance World History Today Thru the Looking Glass Wake Up and Live When Love is Young Das Ewig Werbliche The True Relation Let's Call It a Day The Thinking Reed Ready, Willing, and Able Three Smart Girls We Have Our Memories Black Beauty Great Laughter Microbe Hunters Bird's Christmas Carol Edna, His Wife Forty-three .,j , K' 1 D ll y JJf ' tv 4 l, , ,' L I 1 sxfywlx 1 '- u , rl If s xxx: , . V I X , f is K F ?f BLOQMIN G IDIOTS Wild Flowers ,,.. ........... ,,,,..,,,,..,,........ ...., ,... ....... S e n i o r Class Golden Rod --- Spring Beauty --- Steeplebush ....... Trailing Arbutus ,... Love in the Mist .... Yellow Flax .... Primrose ...... Moon Flower ........... Mistletoe .............. Snow-on-the Mountains Smart Weed ........... Queen Ann's Lace ..... Butter and Eggs Flower Venus' Looking Glass -- Pinks ................. Lady ,Slipper ,..... Trumpet Flower ,-- Violets ......... Bachelor Button -- Wind Flower .... Tulips ,............ Whispering Bells .... Wild Ginger ....... Touch-Me-Not - - - Forget-Me-Not .... Nodding Trillium --- Dutchman's Pipe .... Bouncing Bet .... Water -Lily .... Twin Flower --- Four-O'clock .... Monkey Flowers --- Rattlebox .......... Brown-eyed Susan .... Clinging Vine ....... Bridal Wreath ..... Pansy ............ Green Weeds --- Ladies' Tresses --- Buttercup ........ Bleeding Heart .... California Poppy .... Wild Lettuce ....... Bluebell ,,,,,-,... Wild Irish Rose --- Spinach ......... Forty-four -- Myrtle Newhouse ------ June Johnson --- Vernon Burgess -- Leonard Johnson --- Sarah Robbins and Alfred Miller Catherine Peterson and Bud Dahlsten - , - Elaine Sorenson - , - Idella Flooding - - - Clarence Trattles - - Evelyn Wittnebel -- -- , Ralph Max - - - - - - Allen Ljung - - - - Hildegard Lehn - - - - Jack Coykendall --------,- June Hobart - - -- - - - Edor Brostrom - - - Winfred Woolliscroft - - - - - , - - Sidney Carlson ------ Viola Shogren Viola Lindstrom Viola Wagner --- Jack Wardell ------i------ Bob Goding - - , - - - - , Earl Wunderlich Staff Room Gossip Club ---------- Betty Wegener ---- Marcella Grube --,, Alex High School ---- Lawrence Myhr --- Butch Hintzen ------------- Doris Larson ---------- June Fleming Bernice Sz Eunice Sweet .. .... ..... F lorence Froemming - - - - Dummy Sherlln Perch Carlson Skinny Watters - , , Marjorie Thompson Lois Studlien - - - Gladys Lindstrom - - - - - Carol Knutson --------- You Guess? - - - Doris Christopherson ---------- Sophomores - - - - Frances Rlenner - - - Marion Wharton - - , - Jean Harrison --------- Lois Roth - - - - - - Luetta Knebel - - l - Veronica Dorsher - - - Margaret Buhman -------- The Faculty , lf' My va, 1 If 1 if K i?5fI?'N.. Rf'Q an ff m K, UI 1. 5' UI, 7 C X' '.1 f I ff 4!l'f,f'f ' A ' , 66 0 n f' f -' , ,+, In 'A , Gl'llWlUg p8.lHS,, L Af! 'f'f f' 1 'lf 'I ,A llV A . 1 u' vflflllfbr If r' yd . .A 9 I . Forty-tive EQ K 5652. E554 'fa 71' M N ,,'. 3 ,S T Kirf ' 'WE ' 4 ii , , k fl .AL E .4 , Q ' Forty-six lI6K?'E' ' IF If Carl Loaned him an airplane, could Dwayne Land? If Laura were lonely, would she walk down the Lehn? If Marcella were to Beheng, would Edwin Bisek, If Iver anything is good it's Roll and Hamm. If the front Doris locked, would Arlette you out? If Glenn went out Berglin, would Pearl Barr the Doris? If Vernon broke his Coykendall, would Lillian Fiksdal? If Gericke were hungry, would Isabelle Feda? If Edor Brostrom were going to lock the door, would he say, Give me the Keith, Godfrey? If Robert Goding were a radio announcer, would he say, Idella World? If Irene wore her Coral Necklace, would she be Hansen? If the day is Claire, we'll go to Three-Havens. If Aune yelled Aho, could Edward her off? If a Carol is sung at Christmas, what do we sing in June? If Lucille loaned Leonard a nickel, would he Keipe it? If Francis and Rudy Went fishing, would they wear their Jeans? i I If Gladys can write, can Melvin Reed? If Ralph is a blacksmith, is Alfred a Miller? If Catherine can sing, can Robbins? If Louise gets married, will she live in a Newhouse? If Allen goes riding, will his Ford get stuck in the Meier? FEATH ERS There's the feather of the ostrich Which adorns the women's hats I There's the feather of the riding horse Which looks like frog fur mats. There's the feather of the hissing goose, Which has its uses too g In pillows and in writing quills I suppose it's pens to you. There's the feather of the turkey, too, Which is used hy little boys In making darts and other things Those harmless little toys. There's the feather of the peacock Raised for ornament in herds And a minor use of feathers too Is a covering for birds. LEONARD JOHNSON Forty-seven is K ttf-2fa. V. Wagner Editor ........... Associate Editor -- L. Knebel E. Bl'0StI'OII1 C. Knutson --- Viola Wagner --- Luetta Knebel Organizations .... ............................ .............. L o is Roth Art ..... Athletics , - - Senior .... Music --- Feature --- Typists --- Business Manager ....................... - ...- Assistant Business Manager --- Circulation Manager Literary and Business Leonard Johnson Doris Christopherson Catherine Peterson - - - - - Robert Goding --- Vernon Coykendall J une Hobart Frances Renner ----,, June Johnson Bernadine McArdell --- Donald Johnson Allen Ljung ------, Aune Aho Ruby Mitchell Viola Shogren -- Edor Brostrom -- Sidney Carlson -- Carol Knutson -- Blanche L. Nelson Forty eight 0 f ' I rkreai Name Rudy Hedstrom Francis Herzog June Hobart Leonard Johnson Carl Johnson Iver Gulbranson Donald Johnson Gladys Llndstrom Luetta Knebel Ralph Max Woodrow Mathiason Muriel Nelson Allen Ljung Leonard Olson CHEMICAL ANALYSIS Formula Rudle Skippy Brutus Brains Sleepy Glade Fey Whitle Spatch Nels Sammy Ole General Characteristics good humored frank lively prankster agreeable talkative good humored studious busiest taking his time likes to shadow box bashful ambitious modest, brilliant Usually Found golfing hunting and farming Arne's Cafe in the staff room here, there and everywhere Home Economics room at baseball games typing hard at work in the staff room in Hastings' offlce in the dough usually not found up to his neck in books on the track Easily Combined To Make a good friend politician an actress a poet O a real pal good cook a successful business man business woman a dependable aviatrlx P111 doctor baker double for Glenda Farrell machinist a second Cummham Forty-nine se K e'efm Fifty , is Ti e 'HE ,W EE 5 gil - if ---4425, FAREWELL TO DEAR OLD ALEX HIGH O Alex High, where we four pleasant years Of our young lives did spend, O Alex High where work and play we sought In harmony to hlend, O Alex High where we did strive so hard Great knowledge to acquire, Live on to serve in future years Those who great things desire. O Alex High, that wisely taught us all Good sportsmanShip in play, O Alex High, whose teachers have for long Endured our faults each day, O Alex High, we loath to hid farewell To thee a friend so true, And in our hearts we'll cherish long Dear memories of you. ALLEN LJUNG. .. gI , I II ,. . JZ ' . sf '+ ' :KA fl L' ff Q .' :T .uf -' 2 ' I Q m-fa,- .e . 1114- , ei J: II J: 2371! 1 , ,5 1 II ...5. I 1 1 Q I. -: ..,f- ' .II.III, '. ti . , 5 I ' 'H I I , II' igfgyx -. I neg? 4 'V' e Q 1 ' ww 'I Q' 5591 ,A . 4 Msg, .wi ' 5' 3,4 ,fbi ' H 'Q v 'ma . y : I 3 3 fu, H' H 1 XIJ L ' ll, . I' - 'C' fx? N ' I I, :KI ICI .,'.f.w.. '4 Il, EH '. . ' ,231 I Ju 'K' 1' Q Q 'Q ar ' I n 'L 'n HLI K 1 Iv 'w , . .fm . Q ,. 5' I fv 'R nip .s 4 ' if I ms 1 2 n 9 7 V. If I 1 1. E? 3X 1 LU If' if I.. 1 I '. VII I ,N '-l mr .mu ' ,741 L' ' v Lf.9' - , ilu, . I . if I , f .I .uf I .1-Q' ' V- Iv .,- J . I,. I I E-is r fl H- f UW . ,35 19. Y . r - Q I ' .Y I I7 .-3-1 . 5 14 as 1 'Q -w 1 2 i333 l, 1 4 J iff. 'EEF Qs- , 5 7157 VH- 12-. 1.-ff It Iwygw. , . ' pr' ,ps ,- f I Mug? gif 77 ,' ,VI : ,Qi Fai -ki ', 2-T,-Rr ff 1 'v-' N W., -1.1 1- A 'f 31432, .. 1i'f 'q:- f , ' 4, . PI II I I, , , ,g. -- 5 - wk' I w 6 ' I I Um ' II f ' s 7 'S if I 1 var Y' ' lf . :II . if I, MII? II ig. , I 1 .6 n N x n a I I A 4 1 9' , ' . .W Af x-16.230 Jyvfjy 2- 1 Kfeoffwwff iK 'SSM 1b'f'1,v X .5 fm fix ,Wah G51 MMM - f ,Aff N A WWW MVR J, mwiijgiiwyfwwffww 7 , r J fggj 0 aff J , 44 ., 3' ' v. 'Z .. -ll Q .' x za , . 5 U1 ...f .WV . .Ma ' g. .gf ,- Qi' H . ,ii . JF. P5 'lv .,J .L . 52142 ' Q 1 A. . , , -,,-, A N: - .e. Q.. Q .-, f .-,-dy. . any .1 -' -,fe -:L .nw .V '.-:-'- '10-:V zulu l? :f'l' 'H- .-1-. 13 F?- ilg1'.'E7:Z',w?4w --V: .,w,.Q ww .145 - -.1 ,U-5... gif, ' 5' V. fsi - . -.' flum- f ...ff . . N , .. ' Q'-'Ei'.,,'w ' . pm, - v , L'T l-W f -.g.f.U- ,. ' m ,--.1'KZ..,, ,, Y . .N -u -zz' ' H5611-1 ' .. Tiff x Ha .-v'i 'J' - 3 Q V A Y f X Q ,..1Hii:i'f. V X-N.: if - 1 .1 3 's. 5 . 4 v 4 1

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