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LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA GIFT OF DIVISION OF EXTENSION .i CTKe Jllecko Nineteen Rundre i and TKirlij- ' Jiue Uolume Sixteen Published bxj the Class o| 1935 Jilexandria High School Jllexandria, Uirqinia tilM SEP 24 35 L 75o: !f 1 — J L ' ■■ .7 i A [T r Virginiana 195076 . - 1 Forevuora On June 1 1 , we, the Class of 1 935, are going through the doors of Alexandria High School, never to return. We shall each open a new door, leading to new highways, and we may never meet again. If, in the future years, when we are scattered over the world, this book can turn back the years for us and let us relive, in memory, our High School days, if, as v ' e turn its pages we can see again the old familiar corridors, master the principles of geometry, and proudly pass in review with fellow cadets, then this book will have served its purpose — a reminder of something never to be forgotten. ‘ ' Page Tieo Propej Cj: 0 The Ubiwyof Virgfn, , 3JL ...M, ' = ' -4 We, the Class of 1935, dedicate this, our edition of the Alecko, to our teacher, helper, and friend. Miss Nora Hossley, in appreciation of her kindness and guidance during our High School years. Tage Three 1 ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL Seniors " Page Five CLASS OFFICERS VALEDICTORIAN Celeste Gorham SALUTATORIAN Margaret Brinckman MOTTO COLORS Blue and Silver FLOWER Rose MASCOT David Harrison HONORARY MEMBER Coach Given President Vice-President Secretary - ' Treasurer Parliamentarian .-Walter Cornnell Mary Lewis . Robert Gooding ..Lottie Dove “Live and Learn’’ Pi7ge Six • WILLIAM ADAM History Club. ' 33: Last Lap Staff, ' 33; Latin Club, ' 34: Latin Newspaper Staff, ' 34: Library Club, ' 34. ' 35: Public Speaking Club, ' 35: De- bating Team, ' 35. MARY KATHLEEN ADAMS " MACKIE” Spanish Club, ' 32: Pep Club, ' 32: Glee Club, ' 32: Kodak Club. ' 32. KATE WALLER BARRETT ALFRIEND Cadets. ' 3 2: Last Lap Literary Staff, ' 34: Spanish Club. ' 34, ' 35: Library Club, ' 35: Public Speaking Club, ' 35: Business Manager, Last Lap, ' 3 5. MARION ANGEL BENTLEY APPERSON Cadets, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33: Spanish Club, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33: Athletic Club, ' 31, ' 32: Baseball, ' 32, ' 33: Basketball Varsity Team, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: French Club, ' 3 3, ' 34: Football Varsity Team, ' 33, ' 34. DOROTHY FRANCES APPERSON " Dottie " Kodak Club, ' 32: Etiquette Club, ' 32: Cadets, Platoon Sergeant, ' 32, Lieutenant, ' 33, Captain, ' 34, ' 35: Soccer Team, ' 32: Spanish Club, ' 32, ' 33. ' 34, ' 35: Pep Club. ' 32, ' 33: Vice-Presi- dent, ' 34, ' 35: Girls ' Military Club. Secretary, ' 34, Treasurer, ' 35: Student Council, ' 33, ' 34: Glee Club, ' 33. ' 34: Basketball, ' 33, ' 34, Man- ager, ' 35: T. F. L. S., ' 33, ' 34, Secretary- Treasurer. ' 35: Public Speaking Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35: Reading Contest, ' 34: Last Lap Staff, ' 35; ALECKO Staff, ' 35. ‘Page Sez ' en Ili-J %L 0,M f EDNA ARGENE APPERSON " Eddie " Kodak Club, ’32: Glee Club, ’32, ’33; Pep Club, ’32, ’33; T. F. L. S„ ’35. HARRIET RAMEY BAGGETT " SKEEDY " Stamp Club, ’32; Dramatic Society, ’32; Spanish Club, ’32, President, ’33: Pep Club, ' 32, ' 33, ’34, ’35: Glee Club, ’32 ’33, ’34, ’35; Cadets, ’32, ’33, Lieutenant, ’34, ’35; T. F. L. S., ' 33, ’34, President, ’35; Public Speaking Club, ’33, ’34, ' 35; Spanish Wat Veterans Essay Contest, ’34; State Latin Contest, ’34; Debating Team, ' 34; ’35; Conrad Johnson Mili- tary Club, ’34, ’35; Student Council, ’35, EARL VINCENT BARNETT ‘DICK’’ Football, ’33, ’34, ’35; D. B. Society, Vice- President, ’33, ’34, ’35: Baseball, ’35. EDWARD Leroy Joseph beach " Joe” Football Varsity Team, ’33, ’34, ’35; D. B. Society, ’33, ’34, Treasurer, ’35: Track. ’34; T. F. L. S„ ’35. ROSEMARY BERNHARDT " HUCKLE” T. F. L. S., ’32; Skit Club, ’32; Kodak Club, ’32: Pep Club. ’32, ’33, ’34. ’35; Cadets, Corporal. ’34, Company Sergeant, ’35. BEVERLY TOPPING BRADLEY “Brad " Track Team, ’32: Radio Club, ’32: Cadets, ’32, ’33; Dramatic Club. ’33; Student Council, ’34: " Nothing But the Truth, " ' 34; " Girl Shy, " ’35. ‘Page eight ' 4 MARGARET LOUISE BRINCKMAN " Brinky” Etiquette Club, ’32: Sewing Club, ' 32; Latin Club, ’32, Secretary. ’33, ’34: Thrift Club. ' 32. ’33. Vice-President, ’34: Pep Club, ’32, ’3 3, Secretary. ' 34: President, Sophomore Class, ’33: Student Council, ’33, ' 34. Vice-Chairman, Parliamentarian, ' 35: Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class, ’34: Last Laff Staff, ’34. ’35: ALECKO Staff. ’34, ’35: " Girl Shy. " ' 35: University Play, ’35: Vice-President, Student Body, ’35. GERALDINE CARLTON " Jerrie” Cadets. ’3 2: Glee Club. ’3 2: Barrymore Dramatic Club. ’32. ’33: Pep Club, ’32. ’33. ’34: Secretary-Treasurer, ' 3 5: Attendant to May Queen, ’33: Captain, Soccer Team, ’33: Maid of Honor, ’34: Last Lap Staff, ’3 5. PAUL THOMAS CATON Spanish Club, ’3 3. VIRGINIA MAE COFFMAN " Coffee’’ Etiquette Club, ’32: Sewing Club. ' 32: Dramatic Club, ’32: Spanish Club, ’32, ’33: Cadets, ’32, ' 33: Pep Club, ' 32. ’33. ’34, ' 35: Last Lap Reporter, ’33, ’34: Cadet Club, ’34: Dancing Club. ’34. JAMES MARVIN COLLINS Spanish Club, ’32, ’33: Athletic Club, ’32, ’33: T. F. L. S., ’33: Baseball, ’34. WALTER FRANCIS CORNNELL " Legs " Etiquette Club, ’32: Student Council. ’32, ’33: Thrift Club. ’32, ’33: Latin Club, ’32. ’33, ’34: Cadets. ’32. ’33, First Sergeant, ’34, Captain-Adjutant, ’35: Basketball, ’33: Last Lap Staff, ’33, ’34: Track Varsity Team, ’33, ’34, ’35: Vice-President, Junior Class, ’34: De- bating Team, ’34: Public Speaking Club, ’34: Football, ’34: Chevrons Club. ’34: ALECKO Staff, ’34, ’35: Sabre Club, ' 34, ’35: Vice- President, Senior Class, ’35: " Girl Shy,” ’35. T ' age Nine PAUL DONALD COTTER “Bing” JACK EDWARD COWLING Radio Club, ’32; History Club, ’32; Public Speaking Club, ’35; Debating Team, ’35, LAURA VIRGINIA COX “John” Secretary, Spanish Club, ’32; Thrift Club, ' 32, ’33; Dramatic Club, ’32, ’33; Glee Club, ' 32, ’33; Spanish Club, ’32, ’33; Pep Club, ’32, ’33, ’34, ’35; Dancing Club, ' 33; T. F, L. S„ ’33; “Girl Shy,” ’35, ROBERT ELLINGTON CRADDOCK “Bobby” Etiquette Club, ’32; Spanish Club, ’32; Cadets, ’32, ’33, Lieutenant, ’34, ' 35; Chevrons Club, ’34; Sabre Club, ’35, FAITH CECELIA DE WALT “SLEEPY” Cadets, Corporal, ’32, ’33, Sergeant, ’34, Sergeant-Major, ’35; Spanish Club, ’33; Cadet Club. ' 35. LOTTIE MAE DOVE “Dove” History Club, ’32; Etiquette Club, ' 32; Spanish Club. ’32; Kodak Club, ' 32; Hiking Club. ’32; Sewing Club, ’32; Glee Club, ' 32, ' 33 ; Last Lap Staff, ' 32. ’33, ’34, ’35 ; ALECKO Staff. ’34, ’35; Tattle Tale Staff, ’34; Manager, Girls’ Basket Ball Team, ’34; Public Speaking Club, ’34; Cadets, Corporal ’34; T. F. L. S., ’34; “Sally Cuts a Caper,” ’34; Cheer Leader, ’34, ’35; President, Senior Class, ’35; “Girl Shy,” ’35. Tage Ten MARY WILSON EMBREY " Billie” Etiquette Club, ’32; Spanish Club, ' 32, ’33; T. F, L. S., ’33, ’34; Library Club Hounds’ Haven, ’34. MARJORIE ANN GARVEY Etiquette Club, ’32; Pep Club, ’32; Latin Club, ' 3 2; ALECKO Staff. ' 32; Student Council, ' 33 ; Last Lap Staff, ’34, Editor-in-Chief, ’35. WOODROW WILSON GODFREY " Woody” Quill and Palm. ’30, ’31; Cadets, ’30, ’31, ’32; Baseball, ’30, ’31, ’33, Captain, ' 35; Span- ish Club. ’31, ’32; Manager, Football, ' 32; Assistant Manager, Basketball, ’32. ROBERT CARPENTER GOODING " Bobby ” Stamp Club. ’33; Thrift Club, ’33, ’35; Tattle Tale Staff, ’34; Chevrons Club; ’34; Cadets, ’34, ’35; Last Lap Staff, ’34, ’35; Pub- lic Speaking Club, President, ’35; Student Coun- cil, ’35; Parliamentarian, Senior Class, ’35; De- bating Team, ’35, CELESTE ELIZABETH GORHAM " LES” Etiquette Club, ’32; Athletic Club, ’32; Latin Club, ’32; Thrift Club, ’32; Student Council, ’32, ’33, ’34; Pep Club, ’32, ’33, ’34, ’35; Ca- dets, First Sergeant, ’33. Captain, ’34, Major, ’3 5; Basketball Varsity Team, ’3 3; Captain, ’34, ’35; Soccer Team, Captain, ’33, ’34; Last Lap Staff, ’34; Public Speaking Contest, ’34; Hiking Club, ’34; Winner Spanish War Veterans’ Essay Contest, ’34; Conrad Johnson Military Club, President, ’34, Commander, ’35; Rifle Team. ’34, ’35; T. F. L. S., 35; Editor-in-Chief, ALECKO, ’35. MARY JEANETTE GREENWOOD " Mae” Spanish Club, ’32, ’33; Pep Club, ’32, ’33, ’34; Kodak Club, ’33; Etiquette Club, ’33; Art Club, ’33; Cadets, ’33, ’34; T. F. L. S„ ’34; Glee Club, ’34; D. B. Society, ’35. eleven ALYS VIRGINIA HERRING Art Club, ' 32; Thrift Club, ' 32, ' 33; Glee Club, ' 32, ' 33; Etiquette Club, ' 32, ' 33; Span- ish Club, ' 32, ' 33; Pep Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Kodak Club, ' 33, ' 34; D. B. Society, ' 35. ALBERT JOSEPH JACOBSON " Albie " Basketball Varsity Team, ' 35; Art Club ' 35; Baseball. ' 35; Track, ' 35; Swimming Club, ' 35. ■WILLIAM IMLER JEFFERIES ■ " Winnie " Cadets, Corporal, ' 33, Sergeant, ' 34, Major, ' 35; Latin Club, ' 34; Chevrons Club, ' 34; Tattle Tale Staff, ' 34; Stage Manager, " Sally Cuts a Caper, " ' 34; T. F. L. S., ' 34, ' 35; Last Lap Staff, ' 35; Photograph Editor. ALECKO, ' 35; Football Varsity Team, ' 35; Sabre Club, ' 35; Treasurer, Library Club, ' 35; Stage Man- ager, " Girl Shy,” ' 35. FREIDA KEZIAH " Billie” Dancing Club, ' 34; Library Club, ' 35: T. F. L. S.. ' 35; D. B. Society, ' 35. ROBERT KINZY Cadets, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, First Sergeant, ' 35; Public Speaking Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Chevrons Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35. GLADYS ELIZABETH LEE " Pat” President, Freshman Class, ' 32; Student Coun- cil, ' 3 2: President. Etiquette Club. ' 32; History Club, ' 32: Kodak Club, ' 32: Dramatic Club, ' 32. ' 33; Spanish Club, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Last Lap Staff, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34. ' 35; Pep Club, ' 32. ’33, ' 34. ' 35; T. F. L. S.. ' 33; Glee Club, ' 33, ’34; ALECKO Staff, ’33, ' 34. Tage Twelve MARY MEREDITH LEWIS " EiTs AND Jerks” Glee Club, ’32. ' 33: Last Lap Staff, ’33, ’34, ' 35: ’’Nothing But the Truth,” ’34; Tattle Tale Staff, ’34; Student Council, ’34; Secretary- Treasurer, Senior Cla ss, ’35; ALECKO Staff, ' 35. ROBERT F. LITAKER, JR. “Bobby” Stamp Club, ’32, ' 33; Thrift Club, ’32, ’33 Spanish Club, ’32, ’33; Cadets, ' 33, ' 34 Guidon Bearer, ’35; Chevrons Club, ' 34, ' 35 Rifle Team, ’34, ’35; Last Lap Typist, ’35. VIVIAN LITCHFORD “Bibie,” " Jim” Needle Craft Club, ’3 2; Dancing Club, ’34; D. B. Society, ’35; T. F. L. S., ’35; Library Club, ’35. PEYTON NORMON LUCKETT ’’SUCK’’ Cadets. ’31; Athletic Club, ’31; Quill and Palm, ’32; Football, ’32. ’33, ’34, Co-Captain, ’35 ; Hall Monitor, ’33 ; Last Lap Staff, ’34. SHELLIE CLYDE MAJOR Pep Club, ’32; Kodak Club, ’33. THOMAS MARCUS “Tom” Art Club, ’35. Tage Thirteen Vy ' ' vx 0 • ' ••» .i GEORGE EVANS MARTIN " Bing " Spanish Club, ' 3 2: Athletic Club, ' 3 2; Eti- quette Club. ' 32; Stamp Club, ' 33. BERNARD McGAHEY " BERNIE” French Club. ’33; Cadets. ' 33, ’34, ’35. EVELYNE MENDELSON " Toots” Spanish Club, ' 32; Etiquette Club, ’32; Kodak Club, ’32; Pep Club, ’32, ' 33, 34, ’35; Soccer Team, ’33; Glee Club, ’34; T. F. L. S., ’35. THOMAS FRANKLIN MILLER ■‘Frank” Stamp Club, ' 32. HELEN IRVING MITCHELL Pep Club, ’3 2; Glee Club, ’3 2; Kodak Club, ' 32; T. F. L. S„ ’34. ANNE MONROE " CHERUB” Latin Club, ’32, ’33, ’34; T. F. L. S„ ’33; Etiquette Club, ' 33; Thrift Club, ' 33, ’34; French Club. ’34; Public Speaking Club, ' 34, ' 35; President, Library Club, ' 35. ‘Page Jourteen ELIZABETH LAMBERT MOSS “Betty” Pep Club. ’32; Latin Club, ’32, ’33, ' 34; Glee Club. ' 34; Public Speaking Club, ’34, ’35; Last Lap Staff, ’34, ’35; Thrift Club, ’34, ’35. JEANNE LOUISE NALLS " JEANNIE” Etiquette Club. ’32; Sewing Club, ’32; His- tory Club, ’32; Glee Club, ’32, ' 33, ’34.; Span- ish Club, ’3 3; School Pianist. LA’WSON NORFORD Stamp Club, ’31; Latin Club, ’31, ’32; Me- chanical Drawing Club, ’31; Sabre Club, ’33, ' 34, ’35; Chevrons Club, ' 33; Cadets, Sergeant, ’33, Lieutenant, ’34, Captain, ’35. LILLIAN RAE OLINGER " Lie” Cadets, ’32; Rifle Team, ’32; Kodak Club. ' 32; Dramatic Club, ’32; Etiquette Club. ’32; Latin Club, ’32; History Club, ’32; Glee Club, ’32, ’33, ’34; Pep Club, ’32. ’33, ’34, ’35; Last Lap Staff, ’33. JANET CORBIN OTLEY Etiquette Club, ’3 2; Dramatic Club, ’32; Pep Club ' 32, ’33, ’34; Secretary-Treasurer, Sopho- more Class, ’33; Latin Club. ’33, ’34; Last Lap Staff, ’33, ’34; Student Council, ’33, ’34, ’35; Secretary. Junior Red Cross Council, ’34; Sec- retary, Thrift Club, ’34; ALECKO Staff, ’35. ISABELL PARKER “IKEY” Spanish Club, ’32; Pep Club, ' 32; Glee Club, ’32; Cadets, ’32, ’33. ‘Page Fifteen 1 ELISABETH WARNER PEABODY " Betty " Pep Club, ' 32; Stamp Club, ' 32; Dramatic Club, ’32: Spanish Club, ’32, ' 33; T. F. L. S. ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ’35; Public Speaking Club, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Secretary. Swimming Club ' 34. ' 35; Hiking Club, ' 34, ' 35; Library Club, ' 35. MARY LOUISE POLKINHORN " POLKIE” Etiquette Club. ' 3 2; Latin Club, ' 3 2; Kodak Club, ' 32; History Club, ' 32; Last Lap Staff, ' 32; Dramatic Club, ' 32; Thrift Club, ' 32; T. F. L. S„ ' 32, ' 33; Pep Club, ' 32. ' 33. ' 34; Glee Club, ' 33, ' 34; Public Speaking Club, ' 35. LILLIAN WHITTINGTON PULLMAN Latin Club, ' 30; Pep Club, ' 30, ' 31; Secre- tary, D. B. Society, ' 34. FRANCIS LELAND PULMAN Quill and Palm, ' 32; Athletic Club, ' 32; Football, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34. MARIAN PAUL PULZONE " Battler” Radio Club, ' 32; Science Club, ' 32; Football, ' 32, ' 33; Cadets. ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, Lieutenant, ' 35; Athletic Club, ' 33; Track, ' 33; Sabre Club, ' 33, ' 34; Baseball, ' 34; Boxing Team, ' 34. ISABELLE VIRGINIA RAINEY " ISSY " Athletic Club, ' 32; Etiquette Club, ' 32; Glee Club, ' 32; Spanish Club. ' 32, ' 33; Library Club, ' 33 ; Glee Club, ' 33. Vage Sixteen V ' VIRGINIA STATHAM RASBACH “VIRGIE” Latin Club. ’32. ' 33, ’34; Public Speaking Club, ’32, ’33, ’34, ’35; Pep Club, ’33, ’34; Last Lap Staff, ’34, ’35; Library Club, ’35. LUCIE REYNOLDS " Sally” Etiquett e Club. ’32; History Club, ’32; Kodak Club. ’32; Glee Club. ’32; Pep Club. ’32, ’33; Reading Contest, ’32, ’33; Dramatics, ’33; Last Lap Staff. ’33. ’34, ’35; Student Council, ’35; Public Speaking Club, ’35. GERALDINE ESTELLE RHODES ■’Gerry” History Club, ’32; Etiquette Club, ’32; Kodak Club. ’32; French Club. ’32; Dramatic Club. ’32; Pep Club. ’32, ’33; Glee Club, ’33; T. F. L. S., ’33; Last Lap Staff, ’33. ■WILLIAM M. RIDDICK, JR. Last Lap Staff. ’33, ’34; French Club, ’34; ALECKO Staff. ’34, Art Editor, ’35; Student Council. ’34. Chairman. ’35; President, Stu- dent Body, ’35. ELMER GUY RIDGELY " Bill” O. D. L. S.. ’29. ’31; Vice-President. Fresh- man Class. ’31 ; Vice-President. Sophomore Class, ' 32; Radio Club, ’32, ’33; Cadets, ’32, ’33; Last Lap Staff, ’33, ’34, ’35; Tattle Tale Staff. ’34. EARL " WOODROW ROLAND " Sonny” Spanish Club, ’32; Tattle Tale Staff, 34; Manager, Basketball Team, ’35; " Girl Shy,” ' 35; Cadets, First Sergeant, ’35. Tage Seventeen GEORGE RUTLEDGE Dramatic Club. ’32; Cadets, ’32, ’33, ’34, Lieutenant, ' 35; T. F. L. S., ’33; Track Var- sity Team, ’34, ’35; Director of Traffic, ’35; Rifle Team, ’35. CHARLES T. SAMPSON " Charlie, " " Bro " Spanish Club, ’31; Athletic Club, ' 31; Pres- ident, D. B, Society, ’34; T. F. L. S., ’35. LESLIE SAUNDERS Assembly Committee, ’33; Hall Monitor, ’33, ’34; Football, ’33, ’34; Track Manager, ’34; Basketball, ’34. HELEN JANETTE SEYMOUR " Chump” Athletic Club. ’32; Latin Club, ’32; Etiquette Club, ’32: Cadets, ' 32, ’33, ’34, ’35: Public Speaking Club, ’34, ’35; Conrad Johnson Mili- tary Club, ’34, ’35; Library Club, ' 34, ’35. ANNIE SHAPIRO ’’ANNITH” Dramatic Club, ’32; Pep Club, ’32, ’33, ’34, ' 35: Cadets, Corporal, ’32, Company Sergeant, ' 34, Lieutenant, ’35: Spanish Club, ’33: Kodak Club, ’33; Cheerleader, ’33, ’34; Basketball Var- sity Team, ’33, ’34, ’35; Glee Club, ’34; T. F. L. S„ ’34; Cadet Club, ’34, ’35: " Girl Shy,” ‘35. ROSE SHAPIRO " Rosie” Dramatic Club, ’32; Pep Club, ’32, ’33, ’34, ’35; Cadets, Corporal, ’33, Company Sergeant, ’34, Lieutenant, ’35; Spanish Club, ’33; Kodak Club, ’33: Cheerleader, ’33, ’34; Basketball Varsity Team. ’33, ’34, ’35; Glee Club, ’34; T. F. L. S., ’34; Cadet Club, ’34, ’35. I age Eighteen f f 0 1 1 EDNA VIRGINIA SHELTON " BUTTAH” Reading Club, ’32; Spanish Club, ’32: Eti- quette Club, ’32; Thrift Club, ’32, ’33, ’34, EMBREY EICON SIMPSON " Jimmy” Spanish Club, ’32, ’33; Last Lap Staff, ’35, MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON " SlMPIE " Etiquette Club, ’32; Secretary-Treasurer, Spanish Club. ' 32, ’33; Student Council, ’32, ' 35: Thrift Club. ' 32, ’33, ’34; Glee Club. ' 32. ' 33, ' 34: Pep Club. ' 32, ’33, 34, ’35; Cadets. ’32, Sergeant, ’33, Company Sergeant. ’34; Lieutenant-Adjutant. ' 35: Last Lap Staff. ' 32, ' 33. ' 34, ' 35: T. F. L. S.. ' 33. ' 34, Vice-Presi- dent. ' 35; Cadet Club, Treasurer, ' 34, ’35; Public Speaking Club, ’35; Typist, ALECKO. ' 35. DOROTHY SMITH " Dottie” Girl Reserves, ’32, ’33: Glee Club, ’32, ’33; Cadets, ’34. JAMES K. SMITH " Jay Bird " Football. ' 33: Athletic Club, ' 33: Basketball, ' 33. ' 34. ' 35; Track. ' 33. ’34, ’35. DOUGLAS WORTH STANTON, JR. " Buddy” Skit Club, ’32; Cadets, ’32, ’33. First Ser- geant. ' 34, Captain. ' 35; Thrift Club. ’33: ALECKO Staff, ’34, Business Manager. ’35; Chief-of-Staff. Chevrons Club, ’34; Commander, Sabre Club. ’35. “Page Nineteen ,XJ ' LEWIS TESH " Doodles” French Club, ’33; Cadets, ' 33, ' 34; Public Speaking, ’35. WILLIAM GWEN TOTHILL Spanish Club, ’32: Calets, ’32, ’33, ' 34, ’35; Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club, ’34; Sabre Club, ’35. FLORENCE VIRGINIA TURNER " Jack” Kodak Club, ’32: Needlecraft Club, ’32; Etiquette Club. ’32; Spanish Club, ’32, ’33; Cadets, ' 32, ’33, ’34, ’35; Pep Club, ’32, ’33, ' 34, ’35: Cadet Club, ’34, ’35; D. B. Society, ’34, ’35. MARY JOYCE WALLER Latin Club, ’32, ’33: Thrift Club, ’32, ’33; Pep Club. ’32, ’33, ’34: Glee Club. ’34: Public Speaking Club. ’34, ’35: Last hap Staff, ’34, ’35: " Sally Cuts a Caper,” ’35: Parliamenta- rian, Public Speaking Club, ’35: ALECKO Staff, ’35; T. F. L. S., ’35: Vice-President, Library Club, ’35. FAYE WATKINS Etiquette Club, ’32; Dancing Club, ’34. EDNA WEINER " WEINIE” Kodak Club, ’32; Sewing Club, ’32: Eti- quette Club, ’32: Cadets, ’32, Guidon Bearer, ’3 3, Supply Sergeant, ’34, Lieutenant. ’35; Pep Club. ’33, ’34, President, ’35; " Sally Cuts a Caper,” ’34: Cadet Club, ’34, ’35: Basketball Varsity Team. ’34, ’35; " Girl Shy,” ’35; Last Lap Staff, ’35. ‘Page Twenty HOWARD LEE WILLIAMSON Mechanical Drawing Club, ’32: Hall Moni- tor, ' 35. ELIZABETH HELEN WILSON “ ' Willie” Pep Club, ’32, ’33; Vice-President, Spanish Club. ’33: Library Club, ’35; Public Speaking Club. ’35. ‘Page Twenty one Herita 1 e Here ’s to you, Senior, With your heritage of youth. Youth to seek honor. Youth to find truth. Youth to make dreams. Your boy and girl days are over, But your Heritage is with you. And this time hangs, a Tapestried background for the future. Thank God for this, your heritage. This strength for fighting battles. This feeling of vantage. This spirit urging you forward. With these happy days your memories, God your leader, and youth your banner. To you success is promised. Oh Senior, with your heritage of youth. Elisabeth Peabody, ’35. ’T age Twenty-two Most Populais PeeTTie:sT handsomest ; ' X y flWARP-BEAgH FPNA VCINER y EWJftCOap Most An ETiC CUTErST .fgGORHMjk nilt ICK CEUi5T£ GORHAflj E DWARD BE hCM ;M0ST iNTElXeCTuAL r Best All. Acound Tage Twenty-three Class Pro “The world moves on” — come day; go day — and life begins at 8:40 — — - Funny how a period of five years can contain such numerous experiences and changes. This time five years ago, the Senior Class of ’35 was looking eagerly toward the future, to graduation day, to the prom, to last minutes of “farewells” and “so-longs” — to the beginning of real “Life” with a capital “K.” I pick up my evening paper, purchased from an old, feeble, and very un- fortunate man on the street corner of this busy city, Richmond. Here is an article of great interest to me. And no wonder; it is headed “Washington, D. C.” and above the article, gracing the page with its simple and sweet beauty, is Margaret — Miss Margaret Brinckman (“Brinky” to you, chump). She makes her debut, her bow to Society this week. She’ll fit in all right; that young lady has class. And, oh! Speaking of class, the ever alert and spry Mary Lewis has a dancing class of promising amateurs out on the West Coast. Received this news from Topping Bradley who is the top in radio. He went west and came back almost famous. Who is this Morton Downey person? How I enjoyed reading the letter I received from Celeste Gorham — still residing in old Alexandria. She keeps me “posted” on all the progress made by the pals of my high school days. Celeste is still winning “intellectual” contests. She seems to be winning a contest of love also. She saw Edna Weiner; employed she was by a grade- A dentist in D. C. ; she does everything but restore fallen hair; with Edna we connect the other two, Rosie and Annie; what rascals! But they have gone places, too; Rosie is the nurse she longed to be; don’t be surprised if she owns the darned hospital one of these days. Annie is now a Mrs. — good ole Annie — still trying to look out for “Sis.” She is happy, and that counts. Did you see where she won a cup for record swimming this past year? Guess who blew the roof off the house the other day — Sonny Roland. He will invent a toothless chicken if he doesn’t let up — Heh! Heh! Drop over to Chesapeake Bay some summer day and see who’s slapping hot dogs in rolls. Why, Paul Caton! Is that what Mr. Lindsey taught you? Moxley Irvin owns all the battleships down in Augusta, Georgia. Did you ever see a battleship in Augusta? Gosh, did all the young men who graduated from A. H. S. turn out to be newspaper men in one way or the other. Tom Marcus and Albie Jacobson ‘Page Pmnty-four •Si fairly rule the old black and white sheet nowadays, and Kate Alfriend — what a woman! — can really go to town when writing up her bit on America’s star fullback, Eddie Beach. Why, Kate knows every ball player from Maine to Florida. Lottie Dove and Jeanne Nalls happen to be sunning together on the beach at Miami. Lottie is still looking for her ideal. Marvin Collins’ new picture, “Life in a Mining Camp Town,’’ comes to our theater next month; as a boxer Marvin makes a dandy lover, but a real boxer is Marion Pulzone; Baer shrinks when he hears the name of the great Pulzone. Guess who is working on Wall Street? Yes, you ar e right. Once with a good start you can win; Mary Simpson, Evelyn Mendelson, Dorothy Apperson, and Edna Apperson are receiving nice little salaries; Miss King has taught those 40 fingers to go places on a typewriter. Walter Cornnell and Winnie Jefferies have graduated with honors from West Point. That’s the old spirit! Anne Monroe, Marjorie Garvey, Janet Otley, Lynde Crocker, Katherine Dunn, and Margaret Brinckman have surely stuck together; their vacation this season is to be spent abroad. Boy, that’s lasting friendship. Jerry Rhodes and Gladys Lee are sailing happily on the matrimonial seas. • Florence Turner is still flitting around like a butterfly, but this time she is fluttering around Hubby. Alice Herring, Harriet Baggett, and Mary Greenwood put work before pleasure. Keep those chins up, girls. Isabelle Rainey isn’t a bit taller. She teaches Kindergarten up in the big city of Chicago and loves school, doesn’t she? The owner of a haberdashery store, Norman Cary is the pride of his family. We “figure” that Lucie Reynolds will be shipped to Paris one of these days. Well, she can wear clothes. Wonder why Billy Ridgeley decided that business would be better out West? Don’t let her escape. Bill. Earl Barnett is salesman at the Blue Ridge Coal Company, a man’s job if there ever was one. But does that coal get under your skin! Turn your dial to station WJZ on Thursday night and hear Mary Adams go south on all popular numbers. You can’t keep a song out of that gal’s throat. That little cottage with rose bushes and honey suckle has become a reality. Jerrie Carlton is the queen of her own little realm. So, I have scanned the pages of letter, note, and newspaper, and my heart is at ease to know all those used-to-be pals are traveling Life’s road happily and prosperously. ‘T ' age Twenty-five l age Twenty-six J Last lUill and Teslamenl We, the Senior Class of Alexandria High School, being of sound mind and under no undue pressure, do therefore make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last WILL and TESTAMENT. I, Kate Alfriend, will my ability to sports writing to no one, for I have no equal. I, Eddie Beach, leave my dimples to Betty Worsham who is in need of them. I, Margaret Brinckman, bequeath to Lois Brown my art of being beautiful but not dumb. I, Marvin Collins, leave my looks to A1 Stewart. I, Walter Cornnell, will my brains to Charles Henry Smith, Jr. I, Lynde Crocker, leave my sophistication to Virginia Nichols. I, Marjorie Garvey, leave to Miss Kiracofe my walk, which is very different. I, Celeste Gorham, give to Jane Purvis my Public Speaking Trophy. I, Edna Weiner, bequeath my versatility to little Grace Mosher. I, Albert Jacobson, bequeath my cuteness to Grayson Grant. I, William Jefferies, leave my way with women to Robert Rutledge. I, Gladys Lee, leave my good disposition to Coleman Armitage. I, Mary Lewis, leave my ability to write notes to Virginia Coffman. I, Peyton Luckett, will my name at football playing to my little brother, Richard. I, Bernard McGahey, give my smile and winning ways to David Harrison. I, Anne Monroe, will my frankness to Miss Reardon (with her per- mission.) I, Betty Moss, leave my beauty to Barbara Hudnutt. I, Jeanne Nalls, leave my ability to play the piano to Irene Dodge. I, Lillian Olinger, bequeath my braid to Pearl Harrison. I, Janet Otley, will my calm repose to Evelyn Darnell. I, Virginia Rasbach, leave my many clothes to my sister, Elizabeth. I, Lucie Reynolds, bequeath my acting ability to Rachel Shelton, who is so shy on a stage. I, Geraldine Rhodes, leave my cuteness to Anne Caton. I, William Riddick, will my intelligence to Milford Cowling. I, Elmer Ridgeley, bequeath my ability to complete a four-year course in six years to Leslie Arnold. We, Annie and Rose Shapiro, leave our athletic ability to the next set of twins that comes to High School. I, Jimmy Simpson, will my success as a study hall monitor to Courtland Davis, in the hope that he will be as good as I was. I, Lewis Tesh, leave my great capacity for learning to Edward Einnegan. I, Joyce Waller, leave my dancing propensities to Shirley Major. Tage Twenty-seven lUire Tappin This is station A. H. S. of the Maroon and Gold Broadcasting System, presenting Wanchill Wilter through the courtesy of the Seniors of “’35,” broadcasting other people’s business! Mr. Wanchill Wilter. “Flash! Miss Lottie has been reported flirting again. Our correspondents report her seen in the company of such popular males as Billy Birrell, Larry Noell, Topping Bradley, and others. Be careful, Miss Dove. “Flash! Another historical fact has been established. Mary Lewis and Bill Ridgeley are still ‘arm-in-arming’ it and me thinks this is a ‘till-death-do- them-part’ compact. “Flash! Cassanova Winnie Jefferies has conscientiously and scrupulously divided his time among Virginia Nichols, Marjorie Garvey, and Celeste Gorham. Can he settle down to one, or is he just a philanderer? “Flash! Carleton Coakley and Celeste Gorham are at it again. Whoa! They have had a fight. Slips! They made up again. Nope! Another quarrel. Friends again ! Enemies! Friends! Enemies! Friends! “Flash! Flowers and full dress! “Shorty Howard gave Jerrie Carlton a ‘sparkling rock’ for Christmas. “Isabell Rainey and Russell Cook are putting on the Mr. and Mrs. act in June. The popularity of the ball and chain increases. “Flash! Jack Cowling, who thinks femmes are unapproachable, and Bobby Gooding, another Don Juan, seem to have made excellent use of the moon in Fredericksburg with their opposing debating team, incidentally, com- posed of two good looking girls. More power to you, boys. “Flash! William Riddick smiled very broadly when Jane Purvis won the girls’ public speaking prize. Jimmy Simpson, the Argus-eyed neighbor, reports that Bill visits in the vicinity of Harvard Street now ’n then. “And now I see my time is up, and I must say cheerio — -till next year.” ‘Page Twenty-eight A ! Juniors ‘Page T-wenty-nine ‘Page Thirty JUNIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS Officers President Robert Rutledge Vice-President ARCHIE NORFORD Secretary-Treasurer COLEMAN Armitage Celebrities Most Intellectual Jane Dunn Robert Rutledge Best Looking Barbara Hudnutt A. L. Stewart Most Athletic Grace Mosher John Nugent Wittiest Rebecca Miller Thomas Milan Cutest Ann Caton Edward Hammersley Most Popular Shirley Major Edward Hammersley Best All ’Round Grace Mosher Edward Hammersley Page Thirty-one THE JUNIOR CLASS We, the Junior Class, hope this year will remain in our minds as one of our happiest. It will be our last year in dear old A. H. S. For three years we have worked together and have had many happy experiences. Next year we shall enter the new George Washington High School. The school will bear an honorable name. We think of this with great pride. Alexandria was the hometown of Washington — naturally a contributory factor in the naming of the school. Washington was the first man to donate money for public schools in the United States. Our class will be the first graduating class. Many of the ensuing customs of the new school will depend upon us for their installation. If we wish to start new methods, our willingness and cooperation will count. We shall try to make our Student Council what it should be, and we shall attempt to make the school feel that the Council is an integral part of its development. We want the school paper to be bigger and better. We want more school spirit. The status of our school depends in large measure upon the accomplish- ment of these things. The following are some comments on the new school by members of the class: Barbara Hudnutt remarked that the building will be “very beautiful.” Virginia Nichols thinks that a new school will be “elegant.” Bobby Roberts says that the new school will be a “great improvement.” Jane Dunn says she has always looked forward to having a new high school in Alexandria and she is “quite proud” to be numbered among the first graduates of George Washington High School. T’age Thirty-fwo Soph omores " Page Thirty-three ' Page Thirtyfour SOPHOMORE CLASS ,f SOPHOMORE CLASS Officers President EveLYN KEMPEER Vice-President DORIS Penn Secrctary-T ' reasurer GERTRUDE AmoRKY Popularity Contest Winners Lucille Curtis Most Popular John Pullman Most Intellectual Gertrude Amorky Courtland Davis, Jr. Best Looking Geraldine Jackson John Pullman Betty Miller Most Athletic John Pullman Most Attractive Evelyn Kempfer Howard Harvey Best Dressed Geraldine Jackson Walter Dornin Page Thirty- five SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomores have participated in various school activities: they have tried to accomplish something of lasting value in school work; they have re- membered that, though as lower classmen they have not always been able to engineer as many of their policies as they would perhaps have preferred, they are building a strong foundation of capable leadership for their Senior days. The roster of the Sophomore Class includes a group of which we feel very proud. Aaron, M. Donaldson, M. Adams, J. Dornin, W. Ale, V. Duffey, E. Alfriend C. Dove, J. Allen, J. Dunn, A. Allyn, R. Edwards, W. Alpervitz, M. Embrey, E. Amorky, G. English, F. Arnold, W. English, R. Bagot, L. Enoch, G. Baker, V. Evans, E. Barnett, E. Fagan, H. Bayliss, L. Fagelson, H. Birrell, W. Fields, J. Bitzer, A. Finegan, J. Bontz, D. Fisher, G. Bradfield, M. Garvey, R. Brooks, G. Gorham, L. Burton, D. Hall, M. Callahan, A. Hammersley, E Campbell, J. Harvey, H. Chadekel, K. Hawes, A. Clift, V. Hayden, M. Coppa, W. Heflin, C. Corbin, C. Hicks, E. Costa, S. Hutchison, H. Cowling, A. Irby, P. Cox, F. Irvin, B. Craig, M. Jackson, R. Craig, R. Jefferies, J. Crocker, P. Jones, A. Crump, F. Keefer, C. Cumming, M. Kempfer, E. Curtin, J. Kendrick, R. Curtiss, L. Keziah, F. Davis, C. Kinzy, H. Davis, M. Langford, E. DeCoss, L. Leachman, E. DeMoll, L. Lipps, P. Denitto, L. Luckett, R. Dodd, V. Madaris, V. Marinoff, A. Roberts, N. McAnally, F. Roache, J. Macfarlane, A. Robinson, F. McKenny, R. Robinson, W. Meeks, W. Scott, C. Miller, B. Shanks, L. Mills, R. Shelton, G. Monroe, J. Shepherd, A. Moriarty, W. Shiflett, A. Morris, L. Shullo, G. Morrison, M. Simpson, E. Murchison, C. Simpson, T. Nalls, G. Siegel, R. Nalls, J. Siegel, R. S. Newton, F. Small, O. Nightingale, R. Smith, E. O’Neil, W. Smith, Eve. Owens, C. Smith, W. Papiroski, M. Snyder, H. Parizek, M. Snyder, J. Parker, H. Stephenson, P. Pettit, C. Stomback, C. Penn, D. Strobel, M. Pettey, F. Stuart, J. Peyton, W. Swann, M. Pilkerton, M. Ticer, J. Porter, R. Toombs, C. Powell, H. Topping, W. Prisaznick, L. Updegrove, L. Pugh, E. Walker, E. Pullman, E. Walker, H. Pullman, J. Welch, J. Pullman, R. Wheatly, M. Ramey, J. Williamson, L. Rawlett, I. Wolford, B. Recker, R. Wolford, H. Reed, C. Wood, G. Reese, M. Worden, J. Reeves, L. Worsham, B. Rheeche, R. Yancy, J. Ridgely, M. Vage Thirty-six ' ' - 5 . Freshmen L T’age Thirty-seven ‘Page Thirty-eight FRESHMAN CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Officers President HUBERT HUFFMAN Vice-President ELIZABETH RaSBACH Secretary-Treasurer . BoYD Myers Who’S Who Among the Ereshmen Most Intellectual Marvin Angel Millicent de Butts Most Popular James Kelly Eleanor King Best Looking Boyd Myers Ellen Rammel Best All ’Round Sam Meeks Elizabeth Rasbach Most Talented Gordon Herrell Elizabeth Rasbach Cutest David Harrison Janice Meredith Page Thirty-nine FRESHMAN CLASS PROPHECY I have been appointed as a committee of one to tell you, dear classmates, what will have happened to you in ten years. That is a big order, isn ' t it? Anyway, I’ll try to fill it. We don’t want any crystal gazers: personally, I think they are a lot of bunk. Well, gather round, put on your thinking caps, and start imagining. Gee whiz! this oughtn’t to be hard. I don’t know about you, but I have my future all planned (a lot you care about that!). Nevertheless, it’s gonna’ be a grand one! Now considering that, next year, we are all going to pass (I said you’d have to use your imaginations) , we should be Sophomores. Since you are Sophomores, dear classmates, don’t begin to put your dear little empty heads in the air and snoot everyone. ’Member you have two more years to go. Let’s see, another year has passed and you with it. (I hope I’m not pun- ning.) You are now Juniors. (I never have liked that word; sounds like a two-year old.) “Time flies and we with time,’’ therefore we are Seniors. Yipee! Let’s celebrate. Are you with me? I was told that I was to take you for a trp of ten years (into the future) , but, my slill dear readers, I really am not able to take the whole bunch of you, and I can’t take you one by one {that is against the rules and regulations) . How on this earth I am to do it is beyond an inferior mental machine like mine. Back to the flight — it surely would be a mean trick to leave you in midair. couldn’t do a thing like that, so here we go; hold on tight; this is gonna be a fast trip. College — zip — you have graduated. Business school — zip — you have a job! I hope you all like your futures as much as I do, and I bet you wish they would come true. By Little Miss Muffett. (Miss Elizabeth Rasbach to you!) ‘Page Jorty sn Jlclipities T age Jorty-one lecko Staff Editor-in-Chief Celeste Gorham T ypist Mary Simpson Art Editor William Riddick Business Manager Douglas Stanton Senior, MARGARET BRINCKMAN Junior, LOIS BROWN Literary Adviser Miss Kiracoee Athletic Editor WALTER CORNNELL Art Adviser Mrs. Forshee Photograph Editor William Jefferies Financial Adviser Miss Reardon Assistant Business Manager Lottie Dove Reporters Sophomore, HORTENSE COHEN Freshman, CHARLES HENRY SMITH Society, MARY LEWIS T age Jorty-two Last Lap Staff Editor-in-Chief MARJORIE GARVEY Associate Editor MARY LEWIS Neius Editor KATE ALFRIEND Sports Editors FRANK BREWER, EDNA WEINER Social Editors GLADYS LEE, LYNDE CROCKER Alumni Editor ELMER RiDGELY Assistant Editor BETTY MOSS Literary Editor JANE DUNN Feature Editor LUCIE REYNOLDS Exchange Editor ANN MONROE Club Editor KATHERINE DUNN Business Manager KATE ALFRIEND Distribution Managers LOTTIE DOVE. PEARL HARRISON Secretary DOROTHY APPERSON MISS HILL GERTRUDE AMORKY COLEMAN ARMITAGE HARRIET BAGGETT LOIS BROWN WILLIAM RIDDICK ROBERT ROBERTS COURTLAND DAVIS EDWARD DOVE ROBERT GOODING MARGARET BRINCKMAN BARBARA HUDNUTT MARY JANE MORRISON JANET OTLEY LUCIE REYNOLDS MISS FLORANCE PAUL LIPPS GEORGE RUTLEDGE MARY SIMPSON MARGARET WEIL Jorty four wCxx v!tx ' d; ' f CThe Student Council The Student Council of 1935 has made a splendid record for efficient work. Under the able leadership of our President, William Riddick, and under the guidance of Misses Hill and Florance much work has been accomplished. The Council is divided up into committees which handle any situations which may arise. There is the honor committee which handles cases involving any dishonesty which may occur; the citizenship committee selects the students eligible for the citizenship award; the scholarship committee chooses outstanding students eligible for the scholarship award for the year, and the ways and means committee handles finances of the council; the committee on courtesy sponsored what we believe was a most successful courtesy campaign. Although the Council has the welfare of the students at heart, it works under the disadvantages of a great prejudice because some of the students do not fully realize the purposes and responsibilities of a student government. Surely students should be proud of the fact that they are considered trustworthy and intelligent enough to cope with problems entrusted to their representatives. We hope that next year the students will come to recognize the real merits of a council and will cooperate to their utmost in helping to make their govern- ment truly a government of, for, and by themselves. T age Jorty-five THEODORE H. FICKLIN LITERARY SOCIETY President HARRIET BAGGETT Vice-President MARY SiMPSON Secretary -Treasurer DOROTHY APPERSON Sponsor MISS KROES FICKLIN The Theodore H. Ficklin Literary Society, a veteran of the school societies, has taken an active part in promoting an appreciation of good literature. The club has presented skits for the assembly programs and for Stunt Night. Tage ' Jorty-six SPANISH CLUB President MARGARET WEIL Vice-President KATE ALFRIEND Secretary -Treasurer ELSIE SMITH The Spanish Club, as one of the activities of the Spanish department, was organized in 1927 by Miss Andujar. Since then it has been one of the most active clubs of this school. Gradually each year its standards and principles have been promoted so that today we have one of the most successful organiza- tions in the Alexandria High School. The present membership in the club is sixty, a number which surpasses that of all other clubs. During the year we have had several successful and interesting affairs which have enabled us to further our ambitions. One of our activities is the writing of letters to our friends in Spanish-speaking countries, in order to obtain a better understanding of this language and learn something of the customs and habits of those people. This also benefits those with whom we correspond. One of the outstanding reasons for the success of this organization is the cooperation of all those concerned in our club. The motives of the Spanish Club are to promote friendship among the members and to get a better knowledge of the language. Tage " Jorty-seven GREGG WRITERS Erom among these Gregg Writers Alexandria and Washington will soon be choosing stenographers and secretaries. A more enthusiastic and energetic group of shorthand writers is not found in any school. Eor their participation in the Annual Order of Gregg Artist Contest, they have been awarded Honorable Mention, the school has been pre- sented with a suitably engrossed gold-seal certificate, and several students have been awarded gold pins as individual prizes. This contest is participated in annually by over 20,000 students and stenographers from all parts of the globe. The accompanying picture of Gregg Writers has won a place in a photo- graphic album of meritorious O. G. A. Contest teams that is used by the Gregg Company for exhibit purposes at the various commercial conventions that are held throughout the country. T age Jorty-eight ffy ' «v, CONRAD JOHNSON MILITARY CLUB Commandant CELESTE GORHAM Vice -Commandant LiLLIE AZEMA Scribe DOROTHY APPERSON Auditor Elizabeth Shaw The girls’ military c lub was reorganized this year under the name, Conrad Johnson Military Club,” in honor of the man who organized th cadet corps in Alexandria. The club is composed entirely of members o Girl Cadet Corps, and is under the leadership of Miss Margaret Yates boasts one of the largest memberships of any club in the high school. The purpose of the organization is to promote good feelings among the “cadettes” and to give instruction in military science and tactics. In March the club presented Cabaret Night, which was one of the out- standing social and financial successes of the year. The money taken in was used to finance the annual trip to Winchester. ‘Page Jorty-tiine COLONEL DEEMS SABRE CLUB Commander DOUGLAS STANTON Vice-Commander WILLIAM KLEYSTEUBER Adjutant WALTER CORNNELL Finance Officer STANLEY KEYES This is the second year of the Colonel Deems Sabre Club. The club is now composed of cadet officers from both Alexandria High and George Mason High. Meetings are held twice a month at the homes of the members. Here problems concerning cadet drill are discussed. Speakers are frequently secured to address the club on various matters of military interest. A dance, given in the spring, was very successful. Jifty CIIEVRONS CLUB President EDWARD HAMMERSLEY Vice-President PAUL SHU Secretary NORMAN CARY Treasurer CARLTON COAKLEY The Chevrons Cluh was organized last year for the purpose of promoting good-will among the non-commissioned officers of the Cadet Corps and of studying problems arising in cadet work. This work has gone forward very well. The membership is made up of non-commissioned officers who will in a year or two take over the leadership of the Cadet Corps from graduating officers. Arnold, L. Birrell, W. Carlton, W. Cary, N. Coakley, C. Cowling, M Giedd, R. Grant, G. Hammersley, E. Hoffman, B. Howard, N. Kinzy, R. Klienman, I. Litaker, R. Milan, T. Noell, L. Recker, W. Ross, W. Rowley, M. Rutledge, R. Wayland, W, " Page Jifty-one LITERARY CONTEST The Literary Contests, to determine winners to represent A. H. S. in the State Contest at the University of Virginia, May 10th and 11th, have been sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Public Speaking Club of which Miss Mary Waller Dickinson is the Eaculty Adviser. The interest in this phase of our school work showed a marked improvement over last year, both from the standpoint of numbers who entered the preliminary contest and the willingness to work for improvement. Judges of the various contests determined upon the following as winners: Spelling — AnN Barr Girl Reader — Mary Lewis Boy Reader — WALTER CORNNELL Girl Speaker — Jane Purvis Boy Speaker — ROBERT RUTLEDGE Debate Affirmative Negative Jack Cowling William Adam Robert Gooding Harriet Baggett Players — MARGARET BRINCKMAN Lucie Reynolds Jared Rolston Page Jifty-tivo THE ANNUAL SENIOR PLAY “JUST SUPPOSE” A Comedy in Three Acts By A. E. Thomas CAST Kingsley Stafford Hannah Mrs. Carter Stafford Montgomery Warren Linda Lee Stafford The Hon. Sir Calverton Shipley George The Marquis of Karnoby The High School was very fortunate in obtaining the services of Mr. Marshall Baggett, a dramatic director, who is associated with the Little Theatre of Alexandria. He was assisted in his work by Mrs. Mary Parker and Miss Euneta Pratt. Miss Louise Dinwiddie was Advertising Manager, and Wellington Wayland was Stage Manager. Robert Craddock Shirley Major Lottie Dove Topping Bradley Margaret Brinckman Erancis Payne Jared Rolston Lewis Tesh ‘T’age Jifty-three Club Nexus The Pep Club this year had as its president Edna Weiner, with Dorothy Apperson as vice-president. The members were hostesses at the annual football supper, one of the school year’s greatest successes. Candy was sold at several of the football games by various members. The French Club was organized in April this year. Mary Lewis was elected president, Jane Dunn, vice-president, and Rachel Shelton, secretary- treasurer. The club is a comparatively new organization, but a play and picnic were planned at an early meeting. The Library Club has a staff of capable officers. Anne Monroe was presi- dent, Joyce Waller, vice-president, and Jane Purvis, secretary-treasurer. The club was organized in October and has presented many books to the library. Candy was sold by some of the members at “Girl Shy.” The Art Club has completed several projects this year. Mary Strobel was president and Virginia Rasbach secretary-treasurer of the organization. Once-a- month-program meetings were held to study the works of great artists. At other meetings free-hand drawing was the objective. A large party was given by the club at Christmas time. The Woodrow Wilson Public Speaking Club is one of the older clubs of the school. It is under the direction of Miss Mary Waller Dickinson, who is ably assisted by the following officers: Robert Gooding, president: Helen Pitts, vice-president; Thomas Moncure, secretary-treasurer ; Joyce Waller, parliamentarian. The object of the club is to promote literary activitie s in the school; namely, public speaking, debating, reading, story writing, and spelling. The local contests for the selection of representatves in the Virginia Athletic- Literary Association are under the direction of this club. Jifty-four FOOTBALL The football team this year was considered the strongest in years, winning eight out of ten games. Prospects looked none too bright at the beginning of the season because of heavy losses from graduation. However, Coach Given received such capable replacements from last year’s “Suicide Squad” that gloom soon turned to sunshine. Eastern defeated us in the first game of the season, 7-6. Then Central fell to the “Maroon and Orange,” 12-0. The second and last reverse of the season came at the hands of Western. The “Twins,” outweighed, went down fighting with a score of 6-0. From then on, one victory followed another — Southern, National Training School, Roosevelt, Washington and Lee, Hopewell, Fredericksburg, and Gonzaga. The Southern game was played at night in Baltimore. This was the first night game to be played by A. H. S. The defeat of Washington and Lee, 12-7, and of Fredericksburg, 20-0, made us Champions of Northern Virginia and holder of the mythical District “B” title. Gonzaga was played as a post-season game, the climax to Home-Coming Week. The “Twins” slid and skidded through a sea of mud and water to win, 19-0. At the annual Football Supper, given by the Pep Club, the following received letters: Co-captains, Luckett and Fritter, Captain-elect for 1935, Shu; Varney, Fones, Ewald, Nugent, Beach, Robinson, Pulman, Stewart, Apperson, Saunders, McCuen, Jefferies, Hammersley, Burroughs, Kirchner, Davis, O’Neil, Worden, and Manager Brewer. BASKET BALL The “Twins” had a fairly good season this year. Several new schools were added to the schedule, among them, Manassas, Occoquan, and Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Mt. Rainier, National Training School, Roosevelt, Mt. St. Joseph, Nokes- ville, and Lredericksburg were defeated early in the year. Then followed a mixture of defeats and victories. The team played in the Star Tournament at the close of the season, but was defeated by Bethesda-Chevy Chase in perhaps the most hotly contested game of the year, the winning basket being scored in the last few seconds of play. We entered the state finals at Charlottesville but were defeated. This closed the season. The team was composed of Captain McMenamin, Nugent, Wood, Lynch, Ennis, Apperson, B. Burrell, R. Burrell, Jacobson, Smith, Brewer, and Manager Roland. Jifty-six THE BALLAD OF THE BASKETEERS The practice is started with the new and the old, And Miss Bowers is beginning the schedule to unfold. On December 15, the St. Ritas we beat. The score was 3 1 to 3 — a great defeat! The Buddies were the next to go down. With a score of 33 to 9. Fredericksburg, our most famous foe. Lost to us with a score of 14 to twenty-fo’. Herndon was our next victim, 22 to 16, we gained with great good vim. Our winning stroke was broken, I don’t say, “Alas!” With close scores to Mt. Rainier, Herndon, and Manas-sas. But at this bad luck we cried to heaven. And defeated Occoquan, 36 to 11. Our games, oh, my! are not now on a winning streak. From Fredericksburg and Mt. Rainier we took it, not on the chin, but on the cheek. Our A and B teams are both seen in action. When they defeat St. Agnes, A and B, in style of satisfaction. The season does not end as we will : We go down to Lee-Jackson, Occoquan and Nokesville. The players who made this season, as everyone knows. Are the sisters Shapiro, Annie and Rose, With Gorham, Weiner, Caton, and Shu, And Smith, Rose, Mosher and Shaw. “Adew.” ' Jifty-seven TRACK The track team this year is composed mostly of veterans. As this is written, the “Twins” have won both meets in which they have participated. The first, with Episcopal “B,” was taken by an overwhelming score. The second was a quadrangular meet with Washington and Lee, Fredericks- burg and Silver Springs. Again, A. H. S. v ' as on the very large end of the score. On May 1 1 , a team will be sent to Charlottesvill e to compete in the State Contests there. Several other meets are on schedule as this goes to press; it is hoped that the “Twins” will come out on top in these engagements. The team: Captain Shu, Nugent, Burrell, Smith, Kirchner, Harrington, Stearman, Fones, McMenamim, Ennis, Cornnell, G. Rutledge, Moriarity, Pulzone, Burroughs, Dove, Ticer, Craig, Roberts, Robinson, Caton, Cook, R. Rutledge, and Manager Wolford. BASEBALL Baseball season has started with a bang. At this writing, the “Twins” have been defeated but once and that at the hands of Roosevelt, 12-11. Central succumbed to the wily curves of “Butch” Woods, 6-5, in the first game of the year. Eddie Hammersley, alternate hurler, shut out Eastern in a no-hit, no-run game. National Training School and Mt. Rainier were defeated, and immediately following, Chester, Lee Jackson, and Nokesville were slaughtered with what were seemingly football scores, 16-0, 22-2, 16-0, respectively. This comprises the games played at this time, but there are many left on the schedule. The team; Captain Godfrey, Woods, Hammersley, Armstrong, P. Heflin, Varney, McMenamin, Brewer, Shu, Fones, Nugent, Cowling, Mitchell, J. Heflin, Barnett, Entwisle, and Manager Norford. Jifty-nine COMPANY A COMPANY B T ' age Sixty 00 5 CADETS ON PARADE We formed early in September this year. Temporary officers were named who took over the reins of the cadet corps until permanent officers could be appointed. There were about three platoons of old cadets coming back and two platoons of recruits. We formed two companies, a third to be formed later. We who hoped to become officers were instructed by Lieutenant Liwski in military science and tactics. When the officers were chosen, there were a few dark horses, most promotions occurring, however, as had been expected. The cadets now go on parade. Our first efforts of ma jor importance were in the Dairy Festival Parade at Manassas. We made a good showing here, considering the short time allowed for training and the inexperience of the cadet officers. We next participated in a squad competition in which we lost to our brothers-in-arms, George Mason. The cadet corps planned a tree planting exercise for Arbor Day, but this failed to materialize because of inclement weather which lasted for fifteen days. Eyes, Right! The reviewing stand! Next came our much-looked-forward-to Winchester trip. Here we made a good showing even if it was in the usual Apple Blossom Festival weather — rain. We are now approaching the competitive drill. Our platoon is drilling unceasingly. This year we compete against George Mason and Washington and Lee. The latter are competing with us for the first time in two years. We are placing much hope on winning. The end of the parade draws near. June is now at hand, the time when many of the officers have a feeling creeping over them, a feeling of losing something dear to them. Many officers are leaving the cadet corps, never to lead it in parades or on the drill field again. We, the officers, salute the cadet corps and turn over our commands to the next cadets to fall in line. William Jefferies, Major, Cadet Corps, ' 35. N. B. — As this goes to press, news comes to us that Lieutenant Liwski is leaving immediately to assume official duties in the United States Army. We should like to take this opportunity of expressing to Lieutenant Liwski our appreciation for his splendid work and cooperation here with us and our gratitude for his friendship. In him we found a strong leader, a staunch friend, and an officer who has served our needs and established behind him firm ideals that should make of our boys such men for the future. T age Sixty-one COMPANY E COMPANY F T age Sixty-two 3 } BATTALION. ATTENTION! The fair assemblage of young ladies on the drill field every day at twelve is none other than the Girl Cadet Corps. This organization was started four years ago as one platoon, and now is a battalion, commanded by Major Celeste Gorham. Company A is commanded by Captain Dorothy Apperson, and Company B is commanded by Captain Florence Turner. At the beginning there were about twenty enlisted. Now there arc one hundred and two enlisted — a growth from one platoon to six platoons. Many members of the corps are now busy on the rifle range every evening, preparing for the selection of the team to compete against the George Mason team later this semester. The recruits of February boast a larger number than has ever before enlisted at mid-year. They are eighteen in number and are forming a new platoon for Company B. Major Celeste Gorham Lieutenant- Adjutant Mary Simpson Sergeant-Major Faith DeWalt COMPANY E Captain Dorothy Apperson Lieutenant Edna Weiner, Company Sergeant Rosemary Bernhardt, Guidon Bearer Marguerite Seymour. First Platoon: Lieutenant Harriet Baggett; Platoon Sergeant Lillie Azema; Guide Sergeants Virginia Greenwood, Betty Miller, Catherine Gibson; Corporals Thelma Simpson, Anne Caton. Second Platoon; Lieutenant Dorothy Catrow; Platoon Sergeant Mildred Gillum; Guide Sergeants Marion Hicks, Anne Knight; Corporals Dorothy Embrey, Shirley Major. Third Platoon; Lieutenant Helen Seymour; Platoon Sergeant Grace Mosher; Guide Sergeant Florence Miller; Corporals Fay Wakeman, Neva Copperthite. COMPANY F Captain Florence Turner First Platoon; Lieutenant Annie Shapiro; Platoon Sergeant Elizabeth Shaw; Guide Sergeants Jean Brown, Virginia Tomlin; Corporals Irene Dodge, Shirley Sartin. Second Platoon; Lieutenant Rose Shapiro; Guide Sergeants Irma Tothill, Norma Knight. ‘T‘age Sixty-three BOYS OFFICER PERSONNEL GIRLS OFFICER PERSONNEL “Page Sixty-four BOYS OFFICER PERSONNEL Lieutenant Colonel Major First Battalion Captain Regimental Ad jutant Captain Regimental Supply Officer Captain Company A Captain Company B Captain ( unattached ) Lieutenant Battalion Adjutant Lieutenant Battalion Adjutant Lieutenant First Platoon, Company A Lieutenant Second Platoon, Company Lieutenant First Platoon, Company B Regimental Sergeant Major Battalion Sergeant Major Regimental Supply Sergeant Erederick Kirchner .William Jefeeries Walter Cornnell Douglas Stanton Mitchell Burroughs Lawson Norford Howard Mendelson James Power (Eebruary graduate) George Rutledge Robert Craddock Gwen Tothill .Marion Pulzone Edward Hammersley Leslie Arnold Nelson Howard A GIRLS OEFICER PERSONNEL Major Second Battalion Captain Company E Captain Company F Lieutenant Battalion Adjutant Lieutenant First Platoon, Company E Lieutenant Second Platoon, Company E Lieutanant Third Platoon, Company Lieutenant (unattached) , Company Lieutenant First Platoon, Company F ... Lieutenant Second Platoon, Company F Sergeant Major —..Celeste Gorham Dorothy Apperson -.Elorence Turner Mary Simpson ... Harriet Baggett — Dorothy Catrow Helen Seymour Edna Weiner Annie Shapiro Rosie Shapiro Eaith DeWalt .M zAutograph s ‘Page Sixt;-six JIDUERTISEMEUTS ALEX AN DRIA STUDIO ‘Developing : Drmting : Enlargmg Qopymg : Jraming 418 King Street Portrait Work a Specialty Photographic work itt this book dotte by Loeb NEWELL-COLE COMPANY Incorporated = 5 Drmtmg £?ig? ' (ivi7ig ‘ ookbmdmg Phone Alex. 1 62 212 King Street Alexandria, Va. BANNER LAUNDRY , AieXANORIA " Service ‘That Satisfies ' ' Phone Alexandria 203 Page Sixty-eight ALBERT WEIL Pharmacist N. W. CORNER KIING AND PEYTON STS. Phones Alex. 1319 and 1322 Alexandria, Va. Refrigerators Water Coolers Bottle Coolers Comfort Cooling Equipment MUTUAL ICE CO. Alexandria, Virginia MICO ICE Phone Alex. 5 1 FRANK B. HOWARD CO. Jancy groceries, Fruits OF Vegetables Fresh Meats Pork Products, Agts. Winchester Butter Phone Alex. 1477 706 King Street (gompliments of TEMPEE PHARMACY M. C. Lynch, Prop. 1624 King Street (Compliments of R. C. SULLIVAN Qompliments of JAMES REECE DUNCAN : ' " 0 ' We Sell Something of VhCost Everything” R.E. KNIGHT SONS Phone Alex. 41 621-625 King Street (Compliments of Mrs. S. Silk DONIPHAN BEAUTY SHOP (Compliments of DR. CARL T. DREIFUS Helen K. Humphrey Robert L. Kane R. L. KANE, INC. BUILDER.S — RENTS AND INSURANCE 108 S. Washington St. Phone Alex. 2400 W. A. Moore, Jr. MOORE BUILDING 1 10 North Saint Asaph Street Phone Alex, a 10 Jire Life GF Automobile Insurance (Compliments of HENRY P. THOMAS T’age Sixty-nine Servings your (Community SILENTL y AITHFULLY " Day and T ight ALEXANDRIA CAS COMPANY 613 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA (Compliments of GEO. H. ROBINSON’S SONS (Compliments of R. L. RUFFNER (Compliments of J. B. PHILLIPS (Compliments of STANLEY KING (Compliments of CHARLES HENRY SMITH 5D: (Compliments of The Business 8c Professional Women’s Club of Alexandria, Virginia (Compliments of OSSIE AND ODESSA 1125 King Street Phone Alex. 1350 White Cross Dry Cleaners, Inc. ality Cleaners Phone Alex. 2600 1 1 6 So. Peyton St. J. V. MULLIGAN COLLEGE : SCHOOL FRATERNITY JEWELRY (C ups, ‘Plaques and Medals I loi F Street Washington, D- C. Page Sevent ' t Q Use Your Local Bus Company for Chartered Trips special ' Thrice s to Schools A. B. W. Rapid Transit Phone Alex. 1053 LEVINSON CLOTHING CO. Outfitters for the Sntire family 424 King Street — Alexandria, Va. C. PAGE WALLER furniture — ytCusical Instruments 7 1 5 King Street — Alexandria, Va. WARNER Elecdrical Supply Co. 1 1 29 King St. — Alexandria, Va. 34 Wilson Blvd. — Clarendon, Va. C=5 CleSlric Refrigeration SP zA ppliances fompliments of REXALL DRUG STORE EARL WILEY Rlumbing and Heating “H.ive ]t Done Right” 112 N. St. Asaph St. Phone Alex. 1 86 (fomptiments of REMSCHEL’S SERVICE 1414 King Street “VIRGINIA MAID” Ice Cream ' een of Air Alexandria, Va. W. A. BARNETT SONS C=5 C=5 WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS Crackers, Cakes, Paper Bags, Stationery Cigars, Toilet Soap, Extracts Fireworks 115 King St. Alexandria, ' a. k ' Rage Seventy-one COURTESY OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF ALEXANDRIA J ' - '

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