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'is-ra fi mp f- Q sv 1 M am., : Rs, mg, -pri-5-1:1 ff15V'jjf'y5w '1"xY?'e.'i'1'5y vrv-.':"vvw Q- -- . -:1 ----. - f. -' b N---,, , ., . , ' ' ' s 1 " - . ' .Q-, ..."-w,....-fx-7-", f 'y .V .31 Q ', M, -w 7 -'V r,X,a', .gb Y-.W nn." L 1. :Mac , , -L"?gT,:AJ.-3 . .- ' , 1 1' , ,Q g if ,ZA wi - ri-Ji in 'Liv LMQ-Q-..m.-1i1f1f,ff:y:,f4f . H.-.f,Qgf,r2:H V - -, - 1 g , ww ' JWYW Mm ,MA .1 'Y'--1 MW: 4' ' W, ""'+ 1 ll bor fi' ' w iw 1"?. Wf- 5, vs 'H wax -. 4 s v a v-'vi 3 V. - 4. ,. K j' ...Af I 3 T" f,.' ,, D o '- 1 5' wxf'f,'ff?'.,q.v v -, 'b I .,' 1' NAM, " ,fl sg, ' 1 2 C ' 6 jXAi55f D A vig ,WIJL4JJjffTJ ,,!JiijLn Jffwf W Mfiww' g 'hu 13,0 ' "A MLK LWB 1:5919 W9 1 . V ,'13il,. V1Ai,1f'3c1V kc: I f'f'-- ff' QM "s jj-Qlifyr ,fin XAPKJ-ff 'Amd' N ff 4 N - z-, 'X R' ""' 5 X 3.12.1 Q N ,Q x , 1 , V -Q- , X. ,fr-, ' . ,V is., .A H. a, 0... ...Aux W .r '- . x ., -, KQ, . Oni. ' h 1 I' N x , , . 4.4.1 , 'S 'suv W' ,L ,-IAQ. Q, ',. , 01-4--lfUi OL, 44,1 ML' f 'D ' M V 7761 o ,Q,0,,'yi4g1,,j A 7, V , H Qt "V-dove, jvuqr UQ KLM? VM- AA wig LQCDUL. .N X l"""'f"L'-" 4' ,-J 'J Gmuk Lu LU T my., Q K- 27' ' Q pL4vMaJ Li 05 Nlkgrhk ,J ,, ' Lfy,-L ml- 'I 1 he .1171 5 ,1 uf" 5 64 V- Lf 1 'QQ'-1 L' K f wdvmiif 7L62,eKL L., I F Lf? 2 QLQVLZ HL .JJ lfwffb 7 1' L LL- ,ful 1 JL V S1 Qu., 'if V 4 A4 M up ,.,,4g4 Y -bv J Q - I 1 I 1 , ,f !Y P V 'f .4 DL' , OP . ,fu-J ', ' 5 Vi A Ay V! I :A V,-.1 f CL 7 AL ' W M fxx L , ' ,LU 1 'QI-fl ' A V N, V w L If j K ' l V ' xv - JJ 1 -f '-ff ' L2 ,T g - y 1 1 , ' , AAI Cf I 71 I V 'U . bflf Ax -""" M 4 ,1 I f yl A -1' V R fif N 4' 1 1' C ,L 'l' 'f V! 'F I VP. , U A' , ,, , ,j N' 150' !K"i V X4 NV We WL: ,rxf-,0,Z, JJ I , ' I f 1', , 1 f 1 ' if' '1 ' , f A 1 ,f'f'fl1 V K' 'xf 9' ' . . f!4 1 1 ' ' ffl I , if J ' " . , , . f ff , I I Z 5 h A I 3 - 'I ' 'f ' ,f ll 1 4, . 'I ' -D I Y 1 3' K .1 D 1 f , f 1 I' f ,A . . , I. - I Q 8 , l l . . . f A J' xl i,..,,f,Yf V- Q, ' -.4 VA, 4 .H---0'7 Q 0 " - ' " ' 4 ,f , -V117 "4 ' f W-If A, -,,,,,,,, ..--1 --'- -f-' A ..s.f1 ' A f - f' 1 ' J.N , ,..', J., ' I ij Qffg- f-fr., 1 " I ,- I ..f,,f-Q, 1- ,i, - 5 , 2 L If ., I V I . f ,.g-:mln 4 J J f,'4-fzzvf If 'VN ' V .1 - - - 'Q I . I ,V ,, 7 " .f ,. jllxjrv fl 'jul ,,4'.', f ,L 1 C i IA -'---jfuf j I 1: , - G tj Q ,LQ ,--JJ 'ff-gf ., .ff ,gi , I I J My V, I ,ff L 3 h V- J! bv-AK 'lfqfaf-1-all ,',,,,-4,13 Af", li ,fag 3'-,4 , 5-74,4 ff fri, .v I, f , -1 40' 'D . 'U 'I-"f' "J 4.1. . fy' F: f " 1 .2 , j'ff"'f'7 ,V ff- I RIAA w if -' VV S fuka-sv X C14 u Tr MJ-QI 53 'num J A Q cf' ,Q-u.. ,. k"'.l.iL. Y '- '-'AS Sl ,f L. ,MSA-fff fv' Q- "1" c"'."4j -71. 1,117 T . We Present Wilseniele f 1953 T? Edifor-in-Chief CAMILLA ISLEY Business Manager JERRY DOSS Published by I "EnTer Here" If The Turning of These pages brings To your memory Treasured visions and The sound of happy voices of school maTes and Teachers, The pleasanT shar- ing of experiences, The spiriT of good sporTs, The creaTion of ideals and in- spiraTions - We shall feel The eTTorTs puT forTh by The STafT amply rewarded. The Students of ALEXANDER WILSON HIGH SCHOOL GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Volume IV Dedication GEORGE BRANSON ROBBINS As an expression of our love and gratitude to one whose friendly interest, sympathetic understanding, lofty ideals, loyal service, and helpful guidance, have inspired boys and girls to higher goals in lite, we, the seniors of Alexander Wilson High School, sincerely dedicate the 1953 WILSONIAN to our Principal, Mr. George Branson Robbins. dministration HENRY A. SCOTT Chairman County Board ot Education DR. MARVlN E. YOUNT Superintendent Alamance County Schools Our Sclm I 150 rd ,..wmf.wMm, J. 3 15s.vwfw..M,,,1 Seated, left to right: Theodore R. Crawford, Ernest P, Webster, Sr., Woodrow W. Lam- beth, Chairman, Arthur W. Holmes, Sr., James Alfred Crabtree. Our Siam! y GEORGE B. ROBBINS HE SAFETY RANKEM I-v , XV. . x F' ., r I As They Plan Principal RUFUS H. ABERNATHY MRS. SEAWELL W. BURKE SAMUEL A- COGPER, SR- MISS ELOISE DAVIS A,B, AB. B.S. A B Science Social Studies, French AQVICUIIUVC' EHQIISIW l-'bfafY MISS ELIZABETH HOFFMAN MRS. JAMES M. RICH MRS. GEORGE B. ROBBINS A.B. B.S. A.B. Music Home Economics Mafhemafics, Health MRS. ROBERT W. SCOTT THOMAS M. WILLIAMS B.S.S.A. A-B. Commercial Social Studies, English N . BA y ,.: gff- :Meg 1g.5.j.xy, .,. ., '5' fi xfvgn-',, v ws-sa. . ' " V1 iv- pw , , " --V V 3 , Yr. ,X K.. 'VS' In lisa? - . may HENRY A. SCOTT Chairman County Board of Education DR. MARVIN E. YOUNT Superintendent Alamance County Schools Our Selma! 1671 rd Seated, left to right: Theodore R. Crawford, Ernest P. Webster, Sr., Woodrow W. Lam- beth, Chairman, Arthur W. Holmes, Sr., James Alfred Crabtree. Our gllfllf HE SAFETY RANKSM -I- if 5. I- -I- -I- V.- . . I wmv P rf As They Plan Principal - RuFus H. ABERNATHY MRS. SEAWELL W. BURKE SAMUEL A. COOPER, SR. MISS ELOISE DAVIS A.B. A.B. BAS. A I3 Science Social Studies, French AQVICUITUVG MISS ELIZABETH HOFFMAN MRS. JAMES M. RICH MRS, GEORGE B. ROBBINS A.B. B.S. A.B. Music Home Economics Mafhemafics, He-Blfh MRS. ROBERT W. SCOTT THOMAS M- WILLIAMS B.S.S.A. A.B. Commercial Social Studies, English Q ...'. is . IA I A,. 5 I I - -I . ..... . 1, 2 Gain is -X f 44? 11" ffm.. ws' 1. ff 1 S 1 iff" .r A H , .s 1- - ' X 3 Wxi. -: ,Egfr .y 1 V, rf, , um.. . ak if-., ' K QT ' , xx, , A ffigar f , " ' ' f .U ix. AW. . , - ' '. 'x , 1 , ' " , 2.5 ' 'i- ' 7 I X I . . . PY. f V E if ef ,x, CISS , 12.5, ,w,"v:, Ve arg' gf fi . I " , ig., , 4. .4 L I .J '59-652 3 , f W fe S -. -- Q . ,EK - Q -I- Q , bw- .. 2 ,A A gg? Q :- S ,,.. 1 -: ,- .4-1. ..:,1:f .gif ,i ci vu-new HOLT, LOY, LAWRENCE, THOM PSON MASCOTS-John Doss 6111 5 Off 7 1 . if L . Y' .4 y, A C, if ie if iq. ,Ji 676' CARROLL BURKE LOY ,,,,,,,.,,,,,.......A,.,... ..,,.. P residenf BOBBY JAMES LAWRENCE L,...., ..,, V ice Presidenf PATSY MARIE HOLT .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, S ecrerary BOBBY HUNTER THOMPSON ......,..,v,.,,,,...L,.. Treasurer Motto-"Happiness our aimf Success our goal." COLORS-Blue and Silver FLOWER Jacqueline Bailey -White Carnation qi'-A if 851' PEGGY CAROLYN ABERNATHY "Abbey" "Sweet, efficient, sincere, she's a- good sport too, we hear." Dramatics l, Glee Club 3, Basketball 3, 4, Co-Captain, Cheer- leader 2, FHA Club 1, 2, 3, Historian 4, Parliarnentarian, State President, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, Marshal 2, "Miss Alexander Wilson" 3: Wilsonian Staff 3, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Most Athletic, Winner Elon College Scholarship. CLARA JANE ALBRIGHT "Susie" "She looks as clean as morning roses, newly washed in dew." Glee Club 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4-H Club 2, Softball 1, 2, 4, FHA Queen 4, Best Dressed. REBA HAYES ATKINSON "Munk" "lt doesn't pay to worry, things are bound to happen anyway." Basketball 4, Manager, Glee Club 4, Wilsonian Staff 4, Sports Editor. RUTH ELIZABETH CAPPS "Ruthie" "Thou who has the fatal gift of beauty." FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Dramatics l, Cheerleader 3, 4, Chief, Monogram Club 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3. JANET NAOMI CAPPS Popularity IS power Class Treasurer 1 Class Secretary 2 Council Representative b 4H Cl b l Monogr u DramatIcs 2 Hootin Owl Staff 4 WIlsonIan Staff 4 Marshal 3 Giftorian Most Popular SHIRLEY BLANCHE CARDEN Smutty Whose heart IS like 6 mountain whose thoughts like merry rivers sing 4H Clubl 2 3 Softball l 2 3 Glee Club 3 4 JAMES GREENE CARSON Hot Rod Music as charms to soothe the savag breast Most Talented BILLIE JUNE COBLE I I chatter chatter as l go Class Secretary l 2 Dramatucs 2 Cheerleader 3 4 Mono gram Club 3 4 WIlS0nIBn Staff 3 Hootnn Owl Staff 4 Class Testator Cutest A-sf' PATSY OINEIL COBLE "Pat" "Silent, but none the less effective." Glee Club 3, 4. MARGARET ANN COVlNGTON ttpeggyfi "Talking is more or less a consumption of energy!! FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, Glee Club 3, Wilsonian Staff 4, Snap Shot Editor. NANCY GAIL DIXON ,,DaIe,t "Work is honorable, perseverance wins." Elementary Librarian 3, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Wilsonian Staff 4, Most Intellectual. NANCY CHRISTINE DODSON "Chatter Box" "A merry heart goes all the day." 4-H Club l, 2, Glee Club 3. JERRY DELANO Doss "Jerry" "He's a mean, love-makin', heart breakin' man." Basketball l,. 4-H Club l, 2, Council Representative 4, Vice President, Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Bus Drivers' Club 2, 3, 4, FFA Club l, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentary Procedure Team l, 2, 3, 4, President, County FFA Federation 2, Vice President, 3, Secretary, 4, President, Wilsonian Staff 4, County Council Representative 4, Vice President, Most Popular, Best Looking. MARY JANET FRAZIER "Baby Doll" "The best things come in small packages." 4-H Club l, 2, Glee Club 3, 4. JERRY CECIL l'lOLT "Snowman" "Athletic, witty, and full of fun, he's made a friend of everyone." Class President l, Dramatics l, Monogram Club 'l, 2, Vice President 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, Cop-Captain, 4, Captain, Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Wilsonian Staff 3, 4, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Most Outstanding Athlete 3, Class Prophet, Most Athletic, Best All-Round. PATSY MARIE l"lOLT "Pat" "The one worthwhile is the one who fan smile when every- thing seems to go wrong." FHA Club l, Class Vice President 2, Class Secretary 3, 4, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Historian, Best All'Round, Most Friendly, "Miss Alexander Wilson" l953. 9, T? GL. V-an PATSY JOSEPHINE HUNTER rrpatu "A loyal companion, an excellent friend, an earnest worker, and loyal to the end." FHA Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Marshal 3, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Wilsonian Staff 4, Statistician, Most Likely to Succeed. MARY CAMILLA IsLEY "Camilla" "To know her is to love her, to name her is to praise her." Dramatics 3, Marshal 2, 3, Chief, Wilsonian Staff 3, 4, Class Poet, Most Talented. NANCY GWEN lSLEY "Freckles" "How can I study with love affairs on my mind?" 4-H Club l, FHA Club 1, Cheerleader 2, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Softball 3, 4. SHIRLEY JEAN JOHNSON "Shirley" "Modest, simple, and true." Glee Club 3, FHA Club l. BETTY JEAN JONES "Bruno" "Play well the game and know the limit, and still get all the fun tl'1ere's in it," FHA Club 1, 2, 4-H Club 1, 2, Class Treasurer 2, Softball 2, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, Glee Club 3, Vice President, 4, President. BOBBY JAMES LAWRENCE nBoobYu "His duties well prepared, his days well spent." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Marshal 2, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 2, 3, Class Vice President 4, FFA Club 4, Football 4, Baseball 3, 4, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Wilsonian Staff 4, Cutest, Most Friendly. CARROLL BURKE LOY "Burkie" "Give me a coin and I will show you wonders." Council Representative 1, 2, Cheerleader 2, Monogram Club 2, Class President 3, 4, Dramatics 3, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Bus Drivers' Club 3, 4, Most Dignified, Best Dressed. JOSEPHINE JEANETTE MANGUM "Shorty" ffimie, but Oh My!" sofibau 1, FHA Club 1, 2, 4-H club 1, 2, Glee Club 3, 4. 'Hb' 'W gl T:-2.-. ff Mb BEN JEROME MARTIN, JR. ncobbn "Yep, l'm a Senior this year." A-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, Basketball 2, 3, FFA Club l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, Bus Drivers' Club 2, 3, 4. DONALD HuGH MARTIN HDOH., "Not too serious, not too gay, but altogether a folly, good fellow." 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, FFA Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Parlia- mentary Procedure Team 3, 4, Secretary, Bus Drivers' Club 3, 4. LUCILLE MAXINE MARTIN nMaCk,, "l'll be merry and free, l'll be sad for nobody." Hootin' Owl Staff A. PEGGY TINGEN MASSEY nl-OU., f'Rare compound of quality, noble and true, plenty of wit and good sense, too," Class Secretary l, FHA Club T, Marshal 3. JANE AVA MCPHERSON "Dumpy" "I love to live, whether I smile or grieve." FHA Club l, 2, 3, Softball 3, Glee Club 3, 4. JULIA FRESHWATER MCVEY "Julie" "l say what l mean, and I know what I think." Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Most Mischievous, JU-B Cs BASCOM WALKER MooRE "Luke" "I believe in taking life easy." -Clubl,,, nt, b,,,4,Pa mentary Procedure Team 3, 4, Reporter, Basketball 2, 3 ELIZABETH OGRETA MULLINS Z Divinely tall, and most divinely fair. Council Representative l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Most Dignified. PATRTCIA JO ANNE OWEN A smile is the same rn all languages. AH Club l, Glee Club 3, 4. CAROLYNE LORETTA PARRISH Carol Quiet, reserved and demure, a friend upon whom you are always sure? Class Vice President i, Glee Club 3, Wilsonian Staff 4. GORDON SCOTT PENDERORAPH "Zero" "Take life too seriously, and what is it worth?" FFA Club i, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President, Football i, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, CO- Captain, Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, Treasurer, 4, Vice President. HERMAN FRANKLIN PENDERGRAPH "Herman" "Happy I am, from care l'm free, why aren't all contented like me?" FFA Club l, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football 4, Monogram Club 4, Most Mischievous. PEGGY JEAN RAY ,fpegu "She needs no eulogy: she speaks for herself." FHA Club 1, 2, Songleader 3, Secretary, 4, Historian, Class President 2, Cheerleader 3, Glee Club 3, Council Representa- tive 3, 4, President, County Council Representative 4, Miss Football of 1950, 2, Monogram Club 3, 4, Hootin' Owl Staff 4. SARAH FRANCES SMlTH "Flossie" "The bright idea struck him-to get married." Glee Club 3, 4. BOBBY HUNTER THOMPSON Negro Bob The worlds no better if we worry, lifes no longer If we hurry." Class Treasurer 4, Class Vice President 1, 2, Council Repre- sentative 3, Most Intellectual, Most Likely to Succeed. GLENN EDWARD THOMPSON "Glenn" "True to his word, his work, and his friends." FFA Club i, 2, 3, Vice President, Hootin' Owl Staff 4, Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. WMP JEAN ROGERS THOMPSON PEGGY VIRGINIA WAGONER CAROLYN KOVVINA WEBSTER "Jeanie" "Peg" "Cathy" "Fair and gentle, good and true, "Not married, but willing to be." Hwllef' lleafls are truer few Words dignified and dependable too." Glee Club 1' will do." FHA Club l, 2, 37 Softball 3, Glee Glee Club 35 FHA Club T. Club 3, 4, Wilsonian Staff 4, Typist, Hootjn' Owl Staff A, Proofreader. SENIOR CLASS POEM Our last four years at Wilson High have been highways of time. Each year has been a different road, each task a hill to climb. The freshman road was very new and paved with bewilderment, We laughed and sang, and suddenly, the first year had been spent. Next, we traveled the sophomore road, where the flowers of knowledge grew, Sometimes we left our merry way to look and pick a few. As down the junior road we went, so carefree, happy and gay, We studied some, played much more, and left work for another day. Now we're seniors on the roads once long, but now so short instead, We've passed the half-way mark, and look, the road is forked ahead. There we see the highway signs pointing like fingers of fate, And each must ask himself this question, which road shall l take? Day by day and step by step, our high school roads are ending, And as we leave these treasured streets, this mes- sage we are sending: Dear School, "There's none can take your place, For you leave a memory that time cannot erase." CAMILLA ISLEY Poet V , i Benin ffisfzfry lt was a crisp, September morning in T949 when we sixty-seven wide-awake freshmen entered the portals of Alexander Wilson High School to begin another mile of our journey. Since our class was very large, the group was divided into two sections, section I, which was under Mr. Abernathy and section A, under Miss Teague. The first thing of importance was the election of officers. Mr. Abernathy's group chose the follow- ing: Jerry Holt, president, Carolyne Parrish, vice president, Billie June Coble, secretary, and Vernell Ashley, treasurer. Miss Teague's group chose these members to lead their class: Bill King, president, Bobby Thompson, vice president, Peggy Tingen, secretary, and Janet Capps, treasurer. During our first year in high school, we, as freshmen, enioyed many interesting and exciting activities, but vacation time soon rolled around and our summer months were filled with various events. As September rushed upon us, we found our- selves beneath the portals of our beloved school. Again this year, however, Mrs. Fisher was adviser of section l, while Mr. Abernathy had section A. Mr. Abernathy's section elected the following as their class officers: Peggy Ray, president, Patsy Holt, vice president, Billie June Coble, secretary, and Bobby Lawrence, treasurer. Mrs. Fisher's section elected these as their leaders: Charlotte Leonard, president, Bobby Thompson, vice president, Janet Capps, secretary, and Betty Jones, treasurer. It became necessary for Mrs. Fisher to join her husband in Asheville, so Colonel Edwards succeeded her as adviser to section l. By the time we were sophomores, we had learn- ed the schedule of our daily work and were kept very busy, we thought. We finished the year, but lost a few classmates. In IE Our iunior year began with a total of forty-eight members who were united as one group with Mrs. Robbins as adviser. The first big job was the selec- tion of leaders. After much thought, these were our choice: Burke Loy, president, Charlotte Leonard, vice president, Patsy Holt, secretary, and Bobby Lawrence, treasurer. The iunior year was a very important one for us, because we were allowed to participate in more activities. This really pleased us and fed our ego. Next we had the duty of selecting our marshals, who were Camilla Isley, chief, Patsy Jo Hunter, Peggy Tingen, and Janet Capps. Soon came the time for us to select our class rings, this occasion was one of our happiest high school experiences. Before we knew it, we were faced with the preparation of the Junior-Senior Banquet, the theme of which was "Singing in the Rain." This gala event was held at Alamance Hotel where we had a wonderful time. Vacation time soon rolled around, and again we were happy and carefree boys and girls. Our senior year began with a "bang," and everyone was eager and willing to work hard, for our goal was well in sight. The following officers were chosen: Burke Loy, president, Bobby Law- rence, vice president, Patsy Holt, secretary, and Bob- by Thompson, treasurer. Peggy Ray was elected by the student body to serve as president of the Good Citizenship Council. During our senior year there were many import- ant offices to be filled. In October we elected the Hootin' Owl Staff. Next was the selection of our superlatives, then we chose our mascots, Jacque- line Bailey and John Doss. Soon our annual staff was chosen. As the last lap of our iourney draws nearer, we rejoice that obstacles have been overcome and our goal-graduation-is no longer a dream. PATSY HOLT Historian Z7 cfplzccy After a hard day's practice with the New York Yankees, I went to my apartment, which I shared with my two teammates. I had been home only a few minutes, when I had a surprise visit from Burke Loy, a classmate of mine, now a famous Hollywood celebrity. After getting comfortably seated, we started our conversation. One by one we talked about our classmates. We recalled that Julia Freshwater, Jean Rogers, and Peggy Tingen, who married before they grad- uated, are now rearing their families. Soon after graduation Clara Albright and Walker Moore married, and now own a big dairy farm near Graham, which in addition to their young son, Walker, Jr. keeps them busy. Carolyne Parish and Glenn Thompson married soon after graduation and moved to Texas, where they fell heirs to an oil well, thus making them very wealthy. Ruth Capps, a private secretary for a big busi- ness man, who recently became wealthy, is now her boss's wife. After a year of beauty culture, Peggy Ray, owner and operator of "Queen's Beauty Shoppe," married Bill Turner, who now manages the A8rP Store in Graham. Frances Smith, Carolyn Webster, and Shirley Carden, married soon after graduation, are very successful housewives. Jimmy Carson, the most talented boy in the class of '53, has become a famous band leader, and his wife, the former Peggy Wagoner, probably has plenty of headaches caused by her husband's practice. From the class of '53 have come a few outstand- ing businesswomen, who are Reba Atkinson, the first woman to become a manager of a Roses' 5, IO, and 25c Store, Jane McPherson, owner of Jane's Smart Shoppe, in Burlington, Peggy Covington, a well-known dress designer. All of these have been very successful in their fields. Camilla Isley, who finally worked her way to success as an actress, is now the leading lady on a television show, Billie June Coble is a struggling I x I"I , ' Y J... cornedienne on television, Nancy Isley is one of the most popular Powell Models in New York, and the singing rage of the year is Jeanette Mangum. Three of the best typing students of our class,' Shirley Johnson, Nancy Dodson, and Patsy Coble,l are now successful secretaries. Patsy Jo Hunter is a medical secretary, at Ala- mance County Hospital, in Burlington. Ben and Don Martin, who now own Martin Brothers' Dairy in Alamance County, are the leading' dairymen of North Carolina. I Herman Pendergraph operates a garage ini Graham, where he has a booming business, while- his cousin, Scott Pendergraph, is one of the mostl popular news commentators in the United States.l. The teaching profession has not been ignored byr the class of '53, because Jerry Doss is the agriculture? teacher at Alexander Wilson, Patsy Holt teaches their first grade at the Methodist Orphanage in Thomas-- ville, Maxine Martin is the typing teacher at Burling- ton Business College, and Gail Dixon, who in her' spare time writes books, is head of the English De-- partment at Elon College. Jo Anne Owen and Janet Frazier, partners in at children's nursery, have one of the largest andl most modern nurseries in North Carolina. Bobby Thompson is rapidly becoming one of the' biggest politicians in the South. Many people think he'll be president some day. After a long hard struggle, Bobby Lawrence ist now head of the Advertising Department off Burlington Mills, Inc. Several members of the class entering the fieldl of medicine are: Elizabeth Mullins, now a prominent? doctor, Janet Capps, head nurse at Watts Hospitall in Durham, Betty Jones, one of the .best surgical nurses in North Carolina, and Carolyn Abernathy, an. X-ray technician at Memorial Hospital in Charlotte. My classmate and I had talked and talked untill we were really weary, so we decided to get some I, rest and finish our discussion at a later date- probably in l963. JERRY HOLT Prophet l f I ' 1 I I I I I g Graham, North Carolina, Alamance County: , Nancy Isley . . . my talkativeness to Linda Long. ,Ca I Will mmf ZZ' mmm! We the Senior Closs of I953, of Alexander Wil- son High School, in the above said State and County,- being of sound mind and having a high standard of character, do hereby make and ordain this our last will and testament. Article I: To our beloved principal we wish to ex- press our deepest gratitude for the innumerable things that he has done for us. Article II: To the Faculty we leave our sincere thanks for the help and understanding that they have given us. Article Ill: To the juniors we leave all the fun that goes with being a senior. Article IV: To the sophomores we leave our hopes that before long they will occupy the positions that we now hold. Article V: To the freshmen we leave our poise and dignity. Article VI: Certain individuals do bequeath as follows. I, Carolyn Abernathy . . . my position of Co- Captain of the basketball team to Barbara Mills. I, Clara Albright . . . my good luck to have a car of my own to Emily Tapp. I, Reba Atkinson . . . my iob at "Roses' " to Mabel- ene Riddle. I, Janet Capps . . . my popularity to Dorcus Wood. I, Ruth Capps . . . my good looks to be divided among the freshmen. I, Shirley Carden . . . my dimples to Doug Sawyer. I, Jimmy Carson . . . my ability to play the drums to John Tingen. I, Bille June Coble . . . my peroxided hair to my little sister, Dianna. I, Patsy Coble . . . my quiet manner to Herman Crawford. I, Peggy Covington . . . my French book to anyone crazy enough to take it. I, Gail Dixon . . . my position as Editor of the Hootin' Owl to Martha Sue Roberson. I, Nancy Dodson . . . my worries and troubles over bookkeeping to Mary Cates. I, Jerry Doss . . . my ability to make all the girls fall for me to Larry Joe Isley. I, Janet Frazier . . . my smallness to Judy Lipscomb. I, Jerry Holt . . . my athletic ability to Jimmy Clark. I, Patsy Holt . . . my friendliness to Virginia Williams. I, Patsy Jo Hunter . . . my ability to make good grades to Mack Davis. I, Camilla Isley . . . my artistic ability to Nancy Dillard. , Shirley Johnson . . . my laugh to Billy Petty. I, Betty Jones . . . my ability to have a good time to Carl Church. I, Bobby Lawrence . . . my cuteness to Kenneth Dilks. I, Burke Loy . . . my dancing ability to Ben Farmer. I, Jeanette Mangum . . . my shortness to Dina Crenshaw. I, Maxine Martin . . . my job as typist for the school paper to Vernell Ashley. I, Don Martin . . . my farming ability to Jerry Foster. I, Ben Martin . . . leave! he hopes. I, Peggy Massey . . . my ability to catch a man to Kay Jones. I, Jane McPherson . . . my ability to blush to Shirley Williams. I, Julia McVey . . . my old boy friends to O'Dean Riley. I, Walker Moore . . . leave, and if I leave anything worthwhile, it is to be divided among the juniors. I, Elizabeth Mullins . . . my dignified ways to Janet Gray. I, Jo Ann Owen . . . my sweet disposition to Glenda Lee Scott. I, Carolyne Parrish . . . my sweet voice to George Bason. I, Herman 'Pendergraph . . . my mischievous ways to Louise Cooper. I, Scott Pendergraph . . . my football suit to Bobby Teer. I, Peggy Ray . . . my position as President of the Good Citizenship Council to Mary Jane Fenton. I, Frances Smith . . . my ability to laugh at nothing to Kent Mann. I, Glenn Thompson . . . my ability to get to school on time to Mack Payne. I, Jean Thompson . . . my ability to get married to Nellie Tingen. I, Bobby Thompson . . '. my ability to take life easy to Bill Guthrie. I, Peggy Wagoner . . . my 'natural curly hair to Virginia Carden. I, Carolyn Webster . . . my desire to get out of high school to Buddy Isley. We do hereby subscribe our names and affix our seal this the eighteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty three. Witnesses: Carolyne Parrish Class of '53 Glenn Thompson Billie June Coble Camilla Isley Testator .A . ,"',: .,'. ' ,fl .ET QNSJ '.""""""---...QA-Q. N Most Studlous GAIL DIXON BOBBY THOMPSON Best All round PATSY HOLT q,b b C011 Kzmk ing Best Looking RUTH CAPPS JERRY Doss R l qi. Cutest BOBBY LAWRENCE BILLIE JUNE COBLE Tw Most Athletic J CAROLYN ABERNATHY JERRY Hou Most Dignitied ELIZABETH MULLINS BURKE LOY JERRY HO'-T Besf Dressed CLARA ALBRIGHT BURKE LOY cnivrs HERMAN PENDERGRAPH Most Mlschlevous. V JULIA McVEY Most Popular JERRY DOSS Most Talented JANET CAPPS ,li ,V -Y- Most Friendly PATSY HOLT BOBBY LAWRENC Most Lrkely To Succeed CAMILLA ISLEY WY PATSY JO HUNTER JIMMY CARSON BOBBY THOMPSON E Not An Jolliiy l 2 X? S, I J, 9 1 Farmer Dillard CLASS OFFICERS BEN DAVIS FARMER ....,,,,,,...................,,..... NANCY ALVA DILLARD ..... A...... V ice MARY JANE FENTON .....,..,., .....,... HAROLD PICKETT CURTIS ....... ...... President President Secretary Treasurer 0 Curtis Fenton Charles Colon Albright Vernell Vestal Ashley Betty Jean Bishop Harry William Brady Jerry Ronald Brooks Rebecca Ann Brown Shirley Faye Brown Elsie Jean Church Ronald Talmadge Clapp Austine Cook Barbara Jean Crawford Dina Lee Crenshaw Thomas Glenn Crutchfield Harold Pickett Curtis Mack Dean Davis Nancy Alva Dillard Ronald Wilkins Dixon Billy Reid Dodson Ben David Farmer Mary Jane Fenton SARA Q we S X W 69 A-, ' ' , - " . .11:fj1-" WR . jk'-Q.. 9' PK' l vZ3' . , 551,- 535 -,,. - :sf , N- , .Q .. . we :K 9-ki-.,g P- -I 3 5 ' ' 'Q 55' I ,aa-van... .munlgw as 10" 7195 "!L" Betty Jean Hedgepeth Kenneth Lee lsley Jimmy Pascall Justice Sally Frances Long Robert Kent Mann Katie Odell Mary Ann Paris James Mack Payne Patricia Ann Pearson William Rickard Petty Betty Jo Ray William Leonard Scarlette Emily Jane Tapp Bobby Teer Maude Evelyn Tingen Nellie Mae Tingen Lois Jeanette Wagoner Virginia Ann Williams Not pictured: Naomi Sarah Blackwell Bobby Hunter Bolden Faye Dean Roney Peggy Jean Wood if N 2 aats 'K , ,ei lafv l' img . . 9 , 'i VN" at ,- N-' f w Q J., iislfifff Q ' Sf'-f f MS aff R '. :ISE avi? 1 DtrJ'NT HAVE A 1-mu -r NNEAQ i ' : ' Y JS P55 tltlm Ztll Q rw? U, pf? wwf! ftzlzyadli' N N, www. Kxxx x N wwewgN e.m.,x,N Nga wmmwmmgwwx A .mm-xwmwmmmwmmwww NN. Q: ,X - A1555 .. i " XXI ins- v fm X I Guthrie, Whittemore, Holt, Loy, Dilks Cheek, Mora, Clark SECTION I MARCO MANOLO MORA .....,. .. , v . ... THOMAS CLENDELL HOLT ...,. , ... V ice KENNETH ROWLAND DILKS . .. .....w BILLY MAYNARD CHEEK ..... ....... Seeking Wisdom l ZW 1 . Wi. CLASS OFFICERS President President Secretary ,Treasurer SECTION A JIMMY FRANKLIN CLARK ...,,,.,.......,..,.,A..,,.. WILLIAM GILLMORE GUTHRIE .,,,,A .....,. President Vice President SANDRA JANE WHITTEMORE ,,.,e, ......,e S ecrefary JUDY ELIZABETH LOY ..,......... ----- Treasurer Billie Ann Atkinson George Stanford Bason Judy Starr Bowman Nancy Jeanette Bradshaw Carolyn Marie Burke Gloria Ann Carden Mary Evan Cates Grady Lindo Caviness Billy Maynard Cheek Jimmy Franklin Clark Louise Scott Cooper Loranda Gall Cox Charles Milton Crawford Herman Theodore Crawford Margaret Anne Crawford Robert Holt Davis Kenneth Rowland Dilks Carrie Lucille Draughn Hugh Julius Dutter William Ramsey Euliss Robert Minter Farmer Lois Janet Gray William Gillmore Guthrie Bettie June Hanford Carolyn Rebecca Hedgepeth Barbara Ann Henderson Thomas Clendell Holt, Jr. Larry Joe lsley ' ffigrlwifffris: s:x1r,4r.w-2: - 5,lzffiiffmir-:-ffiliilcii' , :1':.1'E':a:1s,sfir'erf :fi I l 6 A A L x 5 wi 3 QQ as I is Lg,-M mmm , 1 0 - , :vw A fi? -ew ' , -. X Q' A l V! X Q9 R l .,,. . i ia- 4 'Q' sew " "wa,- 1' ff ?E?w 534 f YET'f" , 51239 2 2 , V T. V Y -15. , . : Ee B 22? I ,. 1.55. JIU" 7 ,. ff-1' ll 'FLW' . I' ..- Mi s ,W SQ asf. , .,-55,-R .5 i 'N 'Fx .pug ps ,fx -.s s 'T""'?" Q -.ff " .4 Es. 5 , bg NIM- Q if N S? ff? R NN ans .syn .W , , -Y ,SY fs'-"if X' . WS' W..-f 5 A f fx S Wfggfiiq 1 :Ms , QW, .Q.. . . +6 f Milf X :Q If .R " , V , M sr, -,f 5 X f KX ' ffm: .-Maxx. X... Y" -s. NY s V.l ye X. C4, ,Q .. . , 3 f M gd' sl ,' ' Sz HDTO NOX' AVAILABLE Jarvis Eugene Johnson Barbara June Justice Al Winslow Kelly Judy Arlene Lipscomb Judy Elizabeth Loy Sara Fenton Mann Margaret Ann Marshall Patricia Ann Martin Barbara Ann Mills Norman Eugene Mize Marco Manolo Mora Carrie Lula Odell Coleman Perry Owen Robert Woodrow Phillips Bennie Harold Quakenbush Mabeline Riddle Martha Sue Roberson Barbara Jean Rowland Joanne Scott Alma Eudell Sharpe Rita Soniia Steele John Ruffin Tingen Sara Lane Wells Sandra Jean Whittemore Shirley Christine Williams Nor pictured: Eston Eugene Dalton Billy Ross Haithcock Thomas Price 'War 53' HW R 'ix tai... hw.. ' 'wx 'NSE' il.l: ,B f -lv..' ,.-, .YM ' ima vi, ,v -ef" A N 4 ti . , , l,,.vwv4., ,go X W. a M .251-ig ' if K" .Zi Qtr f .1 ,ei 2? ' ,,, W ., f ',, .1 i s . ., . . .. , ,--.,,.,,f.,W,, ,ms Q:- -: , if 'V x Q 1 1 E X t as Sy l. RQ' s'a- J' .. . .ii ,lf ,No E. PHOTO AVMLABLE l g 1.21, ,I , jfffi 'ig vw-. .W ,E ? J , 1 A Zff""" an s 2 .V-15 5 W .Wx 49' 4 mf M, Q.- ,1-Hgros ,sv Nur an an f - i alll 33 rw- .,V iw u k 'Nu ' JU l, I, W ,X ,'...J1 I -. fix ""'?"' W . A Good Beginnlng GATES, COOK, HUNTER, COBLE, LOY GUTHRIE, WEBSTER CLASS OFFICERS SECTION I SECTION A JOHN ALVIS WEBSTER ,,.,,,.,,.,.EE,,.. E,,,, P resident THOMAS GILES HUNTER ............,.. .......... WALLACE CLAYTON SNIPES EELE,,, ,,,EE,E,,,, s ecrefary ORvLLLE MAX GUTHRIE ,,.. .... vice FORREST DORLTON LOY ,...,,,. ,,..,,. v ice President JEAN CAROLYN CATES ...... ....,... GALE MADELLNE COOK ,.,,.. ,,,,,,., T mesure, DOLLY DEANNA COBLE ....., ..... President President Secrerary Treasurer S55 . Q.. Q - -s X iff Nm sex " ,- , I , nf-35 ' no ' -- ' -- x X -- sw' -. ,NX 'W' Li-ii HQ' MN -X - X , QQ x..,,,... 'tx 'ls-sm we 'fi , -,vm , gigs'--J-f 'S X N , iq-f Z9 ' 1.9 ,fi Ge' ENV Nam-,. X 'XIX ,aww- X 0. X - - - V , M 2: 4, ' f :E.-fa'-'fi-" , 3-.-:.:if.:.,.4 --i 4 Hz: , A Q , , - ix AQ, K ,-5:5-er. Y. N. ' . F, N-'S-jj-3 ,. ,g s f gx Q- 'ii Fred Ernest Abercrombie Evelyn Mae Allen Fay Dean Ashe Jack Kenneth Barnes Donald Edward Dikon Douglas Ray Brown Vivian Carolyn Burke Patsy Grey Carden Virginia Lou Carden Jean Carolyn Cates Gratha Mae Caviness Carl Winfred Church Milton Lee Clapp Robert Lee Clark Dolly Deanna Coble Patricia Ann Coggins Gale Madeline Cook Ronnie James Crutchfield Robert Warren Dilks Jeanette Marie Farrell Marcia Patterson Farrell Shelby Jean Farrell Freddie O'Neal Foster Jerry Woods Foster Paula Dean Gillespie Orville Max Guthrie Peggy Esther Holt Thomas Giles Hunter Buddy Lee lsley Patricia Ann Johnson Shirley Jean Johnson Barbara Kay Jones Jimmy Allen Jones Ella Rae Justice Roger Dean Justice John Dixon Kimrey Carol Anne Lashley Janis Liepnieks Linda Crawford Long Forrest Dorlton Loy 94 .1- .N 3 3 r 3y by 93' ',j i .- - - Aceh' - QQ 4 , F: 'sr -X- Y i :V san ,..,. v- ' 'R-wwf. g 5 as . J- " 2 ::, - '- - . - , . ., N ...v W., ' '4-""' , -3-,jg 2:-, f, 1 N,.s.,:' ? up ,, 4:-ff: . F as ANI- 1 "" ' ' ' EQ . . -- ' . 5. ' Q: , ' 37" " 9 h -' . I X l Y N--N' iff X--L. X i r--as as-cxx 'z' -- ,I wwf- .31 , ei . A l ax fm xx X i..-as -' .M - 1 ,f nb- X: fx Q Qi fs my XQX af' 5 X 3 x ii ' V, , it -':,: .Am - 8 X. - gif N, 55 W 2:51, ' N X 0 'Nb . , Q1,f'L WR 'sw ww .wwf Mary Ruth Marr Delmar Warren McAdams Raymond Ronald McPherson Robert Hewitt Merritt Joseph McShera Moize Judith Andrea Needham Marilyn Elaine Norris Christine Moore Pass Betty Jo Payne Barbara Ann Ray Odean Riley Johnnie Lea Roberson Bennie Rowland Ray Douglas Sawyer Glenda Lee Scott Raymond Franklin Smith Wallace Clayton Snipes Rosa Ann Stanley Patsy Elizabeth Stone Thomas Edison Strickland John Alvis Webster Nancy Carol Webster Connie Lou Williams Carolis Omar Wood Carolyn Mae Wood Dorcus Urania Wood Larry David Wood Myrtle Rebecca Workman Velta Valintina Vecziedinsh Not pictured: Everett Ca rden fi' 5.71 ' i If fe.-3442 William Linwood Carden Jack Farrell Roney SNAPSHOTS 0 r Honor 761111 PEGGY WEBSTER ALICE TINGEN Mosf Afhlefic Girl 1952 3es1All-Around Girl 1952 WILLIAM PHILLIPS Sfafe winner of Cooperative Essay Contesf JERRY LOY Best All Around Boy 1952 JERRY HOLT MosfAfhie1ic Boy 1952 CAROLYN ABERNATHY Stare President of F. H. A. Winner of Elon College Scholarship The four people pidured Together were honored as follows: DR. M. E. YOUNT 25 years as Superinienden1ofAlamance Counfy Schools MRS. BESSIE H. ROBBINS, MRS. AUDREY W, GARRETT, and G. B. ROBBINS 25 years in Alexander Wilson School Q IN me mn .41 ctiuities 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t - 7 '55, W ffm., COUNCIL Seated left to rnght Janet Capps Freddue Foster Margaret Marshall, Jerry Doss Vlce President Peggy Ray Presldent Rebecca Brown Secretary Emuly Tapp George Bason, Treasurer Ronnle 'bf r ' I STAFF Seated left to right Blllle June Coble Julla McVey Glenn Thompson Gaul Dlxon Editor Patsy Jo Hunter Associate Edutor Maxtne Martm Jean Thompson Janet Capps Standang Miss Davis F U 1 4 a l 4 fs'-:N eff: 'Qgs GLEE CLUB First row, Patsy Barbara Crawford, Faye Dean Roney, Mary Jane Fenton, Mary Ann Paris, Jeanette Mangum. Second row: Betty Jones, President, Jane McPherson, Naomi Blackwell, Shirley Brown, Reba Atkinson, Lois Wagoner, Janet Frazier. Third row: Patricia Pearson, Clara Al- bright, Jean Thompson, Shirley Carden, Dina Crenshaw, Rebecca Brown, Betty Hedgepeth, Virginia Wlliams, Frances Smith. Fourth row: Ben Farmer, Al Kelly, Vernell Ashley, Treasurer, Billy Petty, Mack Payne, Ronald Clapp, Miss Hoffman Director. ,rv 33? .,., : . ,E :PJ Nl' , , Q 1532235 . it 'P A Q Su 5 5 R' it ,. X5 fs- . , , K . 5. Vs .. x t . , LN MARSHALS wb- Lef to right Mary Jane Fenton Margaret Marshall Harry Brady Kent Mann Chief Rebecca Brown Mary Cates Not pictured Billy Cheek P IN 4 5 .... 1, ?1 Watch that girl CAROLYN ABERNATHY Co-Captain BESSIE H. ROBBINS Coach DINA CRENSHAW Captain i l First row, left to right: Jean Carolyn Cates, Janet Capps, Carolyn Abernathy, Dina Crenshaw, Rebecca Brown, Judy Bowman. Second row: Mabeline Riddle, Faye Dean Roney, Sarah Mann, Shelby Farrell, Eliza- Girlsf Basketball '1- x-1, aa ZX gf? Q lla! YG? fmt beth Mullins, Jean Rowland, Gail Cox, Nancy Isley. Third row: Reba Atkinson, Manager, Virginia Carden, Jeanette Farrell, Louise Cooper, Nancy Webster, Odean Riley, Mrs. Robbins. Bays' Kaskcfball Q A Sure Shot VERNELL ASHLEY Captain R. H, ABERNATHY Coach SCOTT PENDERGRAPH Co-Captain 'sd . f First row, left to right: Buddy Phillips, Scott Pender- graph, Mack Payne, Vernell Ashley, Al Kelly, Jerry Holt, Bobby Lawrence. Second row: Freddie Foster, Ronald Clapp, Billy Cheek, Billy Petty, Ben Farmer, Herman Pendergraph, Alvis Webster. .'. Q 1:1 Jack Barnes, Douglas Brown, Ronald Third rovv: Brooks, Delmar McAdams, Wallace Snipes, Leonard Scarlett. Fourth row: Mr. Abernathy, Robert Merritt, Clendall Holt, Bobby Dilks, Max Guthrie, Carl Church, Tommy Hunter. H .wi dv haf ff' ,gl l 3 . X' , 'Eikijbfl IfE?:5.55:11f3.'.3.2. ' 2 I sf. . . Y ' A 'i ' ,, -::.-EI M- 5.313-'i ' I Q l 5.1 'gg I 1 I wr- . Y ,' ,, 1 ,,--A Mi Q! ,A ALAMANCE COUNTY CHAMPIONS-1952 fi" :ffm if ' 2 new . if 1.11 First row, left to right: Harold Curtis, Bobby Lawrence, Leonard Scarlette, Ben Farmer, Kenneth Dilks, Grady Caviness. Second row: Herman Pendergraph, Herman Crawford, Mack Payne, Paschall Justice, Jerry Brooks, 1545661111 5 ,,,,,, ,,.,,., A lexander 9 ,,.v,,, ......, A lexander 4 ,A...,, ,,,.,,, A Iexander O ,,,,,-, ,,..... A lexander 4 ..,.,,. ...,... A lexander 8 ,,,,,A, ,...,, , Alexander 1 I .......... .....,, A lexander 2 ,,..,,,,,..,,.,,,.,, Alexander IO ,,.., - ............. Alexander 9 ,...... ....... A lexander T .A Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Haw River .,,,. Elon ,,............ Graham ....... Eli Whitney ..,., E. M. Holt ..,.. ,-- Nfebane ..,...,,.,,A,,,.,,. .- Pleasant Grove .......,......,. Altamahaw Ossippee .,.. Mebane ....,..,......,..,,,,... Graham .,......,.......... -- .' , , - ,- . .1 9 Mr. Abernathy, Coach. Third row: Al Kelly Jerry Holt, Vernell Ashley, Scott Pendergraph Larry Joe Isley, Ronald Clapp 4 8 O 3 2 5 2 l 8 7 COACH ABERNATHY E 5. F: ,P ! ' aff:-V X J my f fa' xi. x xy! duertisers CAROLINA DRUG COMPANY Rendering a Broader HeaI'rh Service Io Ihe Communiiy for Eighieen Years PHONE 269I MEBANE, N. C Complimenfs of CHARLES V. SHARPE WRIKE DRUG COMPANY TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE Main S+ree+ Graham, N C 8: H MOTOR SALES, 155.6 SALES SERVICE Mebane, NorI'h Carolina Telephone 'Z07I . 6 F. . ' ' 1 400 WesI Cenier S+. , Inc. GRAHAM SODA SHOP On Square, Graham KODAKS-FILM-DEVELOPING FLASH BULBS aiu? HousEHoLo APPLIANCES Home Appliance Store BeI"I'er Producfs for Happier Living SERVICE BEYOND THE SALE CECIL E. MOSER TELEPHONE 6 9074 W. Elm S+ree+ Graham, N C IAMBULANCE PATE- DAWSON COMPANY FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES I ' BE 1- NITE MCCLU RE FUNERAL HOMES I4I S. Main S+ree+ GRAHAM, N. C. Dial 27I I 605 Webb Avenue BURLINGTON, N. C. Dial 7488 WHOLESALE HEALTHY BE HAPPY Burlingfon, N. C. and GoIdsboro, N. C. PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF BURLINGTON I423 Church Sfreef Burlingfon, N. C. Phone 6-I273 - R. A. Moore GROCERIES MEATS FRESH MEATS, FRESH VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS "SERVICE THAT SATlSEIES" Phcne 6-3292 Graham, Norfh Carolina TI'IOMPSON'S SUPER MARKET GENERAL MERCHANDISE SwepSonviIIe, N. C. Phone 3307 JACK'S SODA SHOP CURB SERVICE-FOUNTAIN SERVICE PIT BAR-B-QUE Graham Norfh Carolina Leath HOSIERY MILL, Inc. Manufacfurers of Ladies' FuII Fashioned Hosiery Nu-Vogue HOSIERY MILL, INC. Manufacrurers of 45-SI-60 Gauge FuII Fashioned Hosiery GRAHAM NORTH CAROLINA GRAHAM NORTH CAROLINA W. G. KING SR., Manager ?eZtez Valued X CompIimen'rs CRACK and JOE, Inc. of DRY eoons and A FRIEND READY-TO-WEAR Main S+. Graham, N. C. WOODY HARDWARE CO. General Hardware AVOLITE PAINTS-FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 6-3754 Eas'I' EIm S'I'reeI' Graham, Norfh Carolina WORTH L. THOMPSON AGENCY For all Your Insurance Needs Phone 6-0969 Box 89 GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA MELVILLE CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES and SERVICE Dial 285I Mebane, N. C. HoI's Store MEATS and GROCERIES FLOUR and FEED GAS, and OIL ou+e I Mebane. N. C. LLOYD'S DINER FOUNTAIN SERVICE SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS REGULAR MEALS Dial 3928 Swepsonville, N. C. FRANK'S JEWELRY Wafches and Diamonds Wedding and Graduafion Gviffs EASY PAYMENT PLAN WHITE'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for all occasions CORSAGES and SPRAYS IOII S0uI'I'l Main S'I'. N. Main STFEGT I N. C. Graham, N. C. I RICH 8: THOMPSON FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES DIAL 6-4202 GRAHAM, N. C. 1 . Mg 'A' 0 2I0 W. FRONT STREET HOOD SPORTING GOODS "PLAY MORE, LIVE LONGER" A+hIe+ic Equipmenf Special Price for Schools and S+ucIen+s BURLINGTON, N. C. MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT AND SPORTING GOODS P "H' Pays To PIay" Coble Sporting Goods Co. I I9 Norfh Greene SI'ree+ Greensboro, N. C. GRAHAM TRACTOR CO. INC I BARKLEYOXFORD Graham' N- C- EQUIPMENT CO. .I AI.I.IS-CHAI.MERS ,IKEA 'I S ' SALES SERVICE 'lf ,A Webb Avenue FORD TRACTOR DEARBORN FARM EQUIPMENT I Phone 6-2,272 . BURLINGTON, N. C. Phone 6-7725 I PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BY CATHERINE-5 WILLIAM LYNCH STUDIOS I BEAUTY SHOP Dial 452I Mebane, Nor+h Carolina SWEPSONVILLE, N. C. Phone 3307 DRINK I -1. .I-.H-,H nn mann unuouvv on vu :ou-:nu to-uuv uv Mc Pherson's FARM STORE OuaIiI'y MeaI's, Produce Groceries DEALERS IN PURINA FEEDS Mebane. N. C. CENTRAL GROCERY COMPANY, INC GRAHAM HARDWARE CO., INC. Wholesale SERVICE THAT SATISFIES WI1oIesaIe Groceries, Nofions, Since I903 and Confecfioneries Phone 6-4409 GRAHAM, N. C. I22 N. Main S+. BURLINGTON, N. C. FOI? . ' J C5 e mans aa ,f ILS xxx DO DROP INN f CURB SERVICE FOUNTAIN SERVICE SANDWICHES f' "A Popular Place 'I'o Meef and Ear" Highway 54 I Mile Easi of Graham I Zxgaiedte few-ebay H adIey's Es+abIishecI I898 THE JEWELERS GRAHAM, N. c. - mjbmenfs af JAROSZ HOSIERY MILL GRAHAM SHOE SHOP Specializing in Sfylish Made-+0-Measure Clofhes for High School Boys J. A. DOLLAR, Proprieior . Call for and Delivery 'YOU DESIGN IT-WE MAKE IT' Phone 6-593I I T. N. Boone TAILORS Burlingfon, N. C. GRAHAM. N. C. HUGHES MOTOR COMPANY Complimen+s of Complimen+s of HAL'S MEN'S SHO-P "Things +o wear for men who Care MCADAM S, Propriefor Phone 6-I I33 Graham, N. C. - -6 l 7ZaZ'z6z'o'aa4 M 3. l 1 1 F -' w 'f55-2 ,.. v E DAIRY PRODUCTS YQ. ....... ,Q L X MELVILLE DAIRY "ALAMANCE- COUNTY'S ONLY LOCAL, INDEPENDENT DAIRY'- Complimen+s of WARD BAKING COMPANY Q:XwmiIr3n'rs of A MHQM ourt 6' Co. XTQF f T ,fi xx E xx ,fb BAKERS FJ - F JEWELERS STATIONERS 0 ENGRAVERS f TIP-TOP BREAQXNNWEAKEFX T - ET A , xx Yff ' V " LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY fl ENE' , :v f " Q nr A TWT RW C A "Q's'k , f A 1 'I C0NGR'jgLAT'0NS GRAHAM MOTOR SALES, BEST WISHES GREENE FUEL, GAS COMPANY of NORTH CAROLINA, Inc. Graham, Norfh Carolina Inc. P. O. Box 526 GRAHAM. N. C. Phone 6-3692 Complimenfs of A FRIEND Complimen+s of GRAHAM DRY CLEANERS and HOLT'S GROCERY STORE and SERVICE STATION X544 f4,ca' 7ff 'A'-ff ff 14,41-fJ S44 'ff-" ,M ,1 ,,,,.4yC. ,f'kf,,.4,?,-J ,f .1f.,9C., ' 4 ',,L.ff.J.,Q5Q4fZD Qw..:J"f .J '-Z-' 924-J-J Zia..-1... . fl '9346' 'jx--fp,-1414-41, ,Y K7 4 , ,., yyzffl . ',QLiL'YVN4l f 1 m36'UiLVX.AA-"Q, - gk ,lLVO'U"LlrL!QLiJX I 'lj 'ABQ crm JMX ,' f ' ' I 1 1 A wg M5 - "ri-Aijsk L LIZ1, fr: I .L!'!f I- ff' if VDC 'IXUS' . i ri, ,lv 'T ,J ,X 2,7 ,J N 1 ,lf P4 .' -. .,':Lj,'b,fp1m I J I J 4 ,lf I I ,,Z72ff'fWd' I W7 fide? f A' J 9" f f ' I ff fbfpai ' fair! !QJ4,1,! . 1 QJS fm. K," ' 4 dw? iffy!! Af! U . fl f" My A f , V '25, , ,,, ., N 54, , , , A LITHOGRAPHED , YEARBOOK DALLAS v TEXAS 1 1 ill' 5 A n , , , , , - .Y i l,'..r . ' I- ', ' p n i .-xg. +": V- ffm ldv. -F A ' .a ' ,g F. ,-JP?-sf-' 4 -.19 Q 11-fm. , M518 .v ,qv 1' fell A,

Suggestions in the Alexander Wilson High School - Wilsonian Yearbook (Graham, NC) collection:

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1953, pg 21

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