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THE NA VOL. 1 PUBLISHED BY THE of ALEXANDER PARK Portsmouth, TIONAL 19 4 5 SENIOR CLASS HIGH SCHOOL Virginia WE PRESENT . . To the students and faculty of Alexander Park High School, the Annual Staff takes pride in presenting this First Edition of THE NATIONAL. We hope that in years to come it will bring back pleasant memories of cherished schoolmates and the unique experiences we have all shared together in establishing a new school in a new community under war-time conditions CONTENTS I. Administration and Faculty II Classes III. Activities IV. Features V. Athletics VI. Directory VII. Our Boosters and Advertisers MR. W. A. EARLY In Appreciation In appreciation of one whose generous assistance in all school activities has won the admiration and esteem of the students of Alexander Park, we wish to acknowledge to Mr. W. A. Early, Principal of the Alexander Park Schools, our deep debt of gratitude. We consider Mr. Early a great principal, not only for having done a wonder- ful job in organizing and establishing the schools of Alexander Park from infancy two years ago despite all the handicaps that surrounded him, but also for the fine personality that he is. That we have shared with hundreds of others in our school the opportunity of having had him as our principal, we are truly thankful. First Row: Lillian Wilson, Frankie Greer, Shirlej- Thurmond, Howard Sparks, Beulah Ross, Gene Clopton, Ethel Sumner Second Row : Elizabeth Bell, Eddie Boomhower, Billy ' ick, Clarice Aune, Allan Johnston, Maxine Collins, Bill Jones, Helen Singletory, Marsha Weiner, Dickie W ood, Marie Hamm, Mrs. Chittum ANNUAL STAFF HOWARD SPARKS BEU LAH ROSS SHIRLEY THURMOND.. GENE CLOPTON FRANKIE GREER LILLIAN WILSON CHRISTINE SHEPPARD ALLAN JOHNSTON ELIZABETH BELL BILL JONES MARIE HAMM BILLY TCK ETHEL SUMNER EDDIE BOOMHOWER. . . MARSHA WEINER DICKIE W OOD CLARICE AUNE MANINE COLLINS HELEN SINGLETORY... MRS. E. W. CHITTUM... Editor-iii-Cliief Assistant Editor Make-uf ' Editor Make-up Editor .. .Business Manager Club Editor 4rt Editor Feature Editor Feature Editor .Boys’ .Sports Editor .Girts’ Sports Editor .Cireulation Manager Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Feature Writer Photographer Typist Typist Typist Sponsor i MRS. E, W. CHITTUM Dedication To one whose fellowship and understanding have been ever present and generously offered — and whose sense of fairness, as a teacher and a friend, has encouraged us to carry on, The National Staff deems it an honor to dedicate this first issue of The National to Mrs. E. W. Chittum- In dedicating our annual to Mrs. Chittum, we are merely acknowledging — not repaying — our debt of gratitude and appreciation to a great friend and teacher, whom we shall long remember with love and respect. THE 1945 HISTORY OF ALEXANDER PARK Some people have referred to Alexander Park as the mushroom city. Indeed the erection of 4, (XX) housing units in a matter of a few weeks to accommodate 20,000 residents was a modern industrial miracle which caused even the staid residents of Portsmouth to open their mouths in astonishment. To build such a city in such short time and to erect stores, offices, and schools, install public utilities, build roads and pavements, and to provide transportation was no small undertaking. The beginning of a school system was, of course, one of the first problems tackled by the E ' ederal Housing Authority, and through Norfolk County Superintendent, H. I. W illett, no tiuie was lost in securing the services of a youthful and energetic principal. W. A. Early, then principal at Madison Heights School in Amherst County, was chosen because of his splendid record and varied experience. Thus it was that Mr. Early moved to the park in December 1942, barely two months after the first houses were occupied, to plan for the opening of schools in January. The growth of the school system has been phenomenal. From 342 pupils and 16 teachers the first day to 4,000 pupils and 116 teachers in less than two years is a record that probably no school in the United States, outside of Alexander Park, can boast. And the school enroll- ment has by no means yet reached its peak! Predictions a re that another year will see an enrollment of over 4,500 pupils. The first months of school in the park have been graphically described by the original pupils and teachers. At first, sixteen houses on Cavalier Boulevard were used, with one grade being assigned to one or two houses. There was no hard surfacing and mud was an eternal problem, especially during the first spring, the weather of which turned out to be one of record precipitation. Mr. Early and manj ' of the teachers wore boots and Sergeant Walter P. Thorne acted as a sort of conveyor belt to lift the smaller pupils across the street on rainy days. The nearest telephone was over a half mile distant. One of the three senior pupils that year. Watt Seawell, went up and down the street in front of the building to ring a big hand bell for change of classes. Janitorial service, too, was quite a problem, since fire had to be maintained in each separate building, but four colored men lent the schools by the housing office did a pretty good job keeping everyone warm. The head custodian, James Sheaffer, was a very lovable character whom teachers and pupils alike respected. He had a degree from a large Southern University and was quite a versatile person who frequently was asked to help with singing and even to pray in the house assemblies. There was no place large enough for all of the pupils to meet in a body and it was necessary at times to call all the j)upils together on the lawn just outside the school office. In those days, just as now to a lesser extent, the life of the communitj ' revolved around the schools. Sunday school and church were held regularly in the school houses. Later when a telephone was installed, citizens used it to order fuel, call a doctor, and to send personal messages. The schools, too, served as an information center, where people came to find directions from a big wall map which hung in the principal’s office, and often times citizens stopped by to pay personal calls to the teaching and office staff. Today the Alexander Park School System consists of a large permanent structure housing the high school and the six other buildings located conveniently throughout the Park, five of which are elementary schools and one a nursery. Nearly all the schools participate in a milk program and the high school has a large cafeteria. Health and attendance officers isit the schools frequently and various health clinics arc available to those who need them. The high school is offering courses in Electricity and Machines, Pre-flight, Distributive Education, Nursing, Commerce, and conducts a Summer School. The really remarkable feature of the school is that in two years and a half, a student body representing thirty-seven states has been unified and welded together into a smooth- functioning school set-up. The teachers represent eighteen states. F ' urthermore, the schools have acquired buildings, equipment, and supplies which it usually takes a generation to secure. That the pupils of the Park system have had many broadening experiences in their school relationships is not denied, and it certainly is no overstatement to say that these pupils have formed many worthwhile friendships which will last long after Alexander Park has been dismantled. NATIONAL i I I I I ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY THE 1945 MR. H. I. WILLETT SuperintoidcHt Norfolk County Schools SCHOOL BOARD I !R. E. H. WEST, Chainiuui Plea.sant Grove MR. J. V. CARNEY, Vice-Chairnum Western Branch MR. W. H. LOWRY Butts’ Road MR. W. L. MURPHY Tanner’s Creek MR. O. P. KOCH Deep Creek MR. B. M. WILLIAMS Washington MR. M. L. CARPER MR. E. W. CHITTUM Director of Instruction High School Supervisor OTHER MEMBERS OF STAFF MRS. Ll ' CILLE BANISH Elementary Supervisor •MISS ' ER.A M. KEECH EJementary Supervisor •MRS. ELEANOR .A. SCOTT Etenuoitarv Supervisor MRS. ELIZABETH DUKE McCOTTER Supervisor of Attendance MISS E. C. BROWN School Nurse Mrs! M. H. HOGGARD School Nurse NATIONAL MR. VV. A. EARLY Aladison Heights, Va. I’riiuilHil MR. L. W. ANDERSON R()l ersoii ille, N. C. Assistant Print it ' iil I MRS. VV. A. EARLY MRS. RALPH iVIARONEY MISS BEATRICE BELCHER Madison Heights, Va. Clerk Bluestone, W ' . VM. Clerk Salem. 111. Cafeteria ilanaycr THE 1945 FACULTY MRS. HILDA P. BUCHANAN Danielsville, Georgia English, History MRS. ARLENE MOORE Morgantown, West Virginia English, History, Biology MRS. MARIE R. OSTENKAMP New York City Distributive Education MISS FRANCES SCOTT FRAZER Richmond, Virginia English, History MRS. SUE K. CHITTUM New Hope, Virginia Commercial MR. WILLIAM HUNTER SEAWELL Glass, Virginia Science, Pre-Flight MISS LORENA PAYNE Danielsville, Georgia English, History, French MISS NANCY CARY DICKINSON Scottsville, Virginia Librarian MISS WAVERLY HUNDLEY Smithfield, Virginia English, History, Latin MRS. ELIZABETH C. GAMBILL Fedley, Virginia 1 Fome Economics NATIONAL FACULTY MRS. lANTHA O. BYRD Conyers, Georgia Physical Education MRS. GLADYS L. AMOS Cedar Rapids, Iowa Alechanical Drawing MISS MARJORIE HEIN Palmyra, N. J. English, History, Math, General Science MISS MIRIAM MILLER Brookfield, Mass. English, History MISS CORA MAE FITZGERALD Portsmouth, Va. English, History, .Math MRS. RACHEL GRIFFIN Clarkesville, Texas Biology, General Science, Physical Education MRS. W. C. MOON Greenville, S. C. General Science MISS ANNE GEMMELL Roanoke, Va. Music, Band, .Spanish MRS. ELOISE H. SMITH Latta, S. Carolina Math, Spanish MISS ANNE PAYNE Danielsville, Ga. Mathematics THE 1945 FACULTY MRS. ELIZABETH DONALD Lexington, Va. Home Economics MRS. MARJORIE NESBIT Evanston, 111. Physical Education MRS. DORCIE ARNOLD Denver, Colorado Seventh Grade MRS. NADENE R. HOLT Osceloa, Nebraska Seventh Grade MRS. THELMA B. KELLY Portsmouth, Va. Seventh Grade NOT SHOWN MISS r,ER. LI)INE ANTHONY Portsmouth, yir(jiJiia English, History MRS. AFASOX JOHNSTON Statesville, North Carolina Assistant Librarian MR. (lEORGE HYRI) Conyers, Georgia Athletic Coach MRS. ANN KILGORE Portsmouth, Va. English, History MR. W. H. LEWIS Portsmouth, Va. Physical Education MRS. THESTA W. CLARKE Philadelphia, Pa. .Seventh Grade MRS. DOLORES FLAGER Tulsa, Oklahoma Seventh Grade MRS. CHARLOTTE MOORE Roanoke, Virginia Seventh Grade NOT SHOWN MRS. JEAN BAROVICH Salt Lake City, Utah Rhy.sical Education MISS VIRGINI.A V,. TTS H ' yth cvilic, Viri in ia English, History MR. JOHN ZEBZENIAK West Virginia Athletic Coach 1 NATIONAL i I CLASSES THE 1945 SENIOR OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT Howard Hubbard Vicc-P resident Shirley Thurmond Secretary Lillian Wilson Treasurer W eaver Tanner President SPONSORS MR. W. H. SEAWELL MRS. HILDA BUCHAXAX NATIONAL SENIORS MILDRED VIRGINIA ABSHER Rogersville, Tennessee Beta Clul) ’45; Home Ec. Cluli ’45; Senior Hi-Y ’45; Latin Club ’45 ; Band ’44 OUIDA LUCILLE ALFORD Perry, Florida Latin Club ’44, ’45 ; Science Club ’44, ’45; Home Ec. Club ’44. ’45; Beta Club ’44, ’45 RUBY HELEN BAILEY Greensboro, North Carolina Glee Club ’45; Distributors Club ’45 HERBERT EDDIE BOOMHO’WER Wayzata, Minnesota Latin Club ’44, ’45; Science Club ’44, ’45 ; Band ’44, ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45; Newspaper Staff ’45 JAMES LEWIS CAMPBELL Burlington, North Carolina Hi-Y Club ’45; Basketball ’44, ’45 ; Baseball ' 44. ’45 EWART ALFONSO ALBRECHT, JR. Salisburg, North Carolina Beta Club ’45 ; 1 )ebating Club 45 CLARICE MAE AUNE Crookston, Minnesota Beta Club ’45 ; Senior Hi-Y Club ’45 ; Annual Staff ELIZABETH ANN BELL Jackson, North Carolina Home Ec. Club ’44, ’45 ; Basket Ball ’44, 45 ; Annual Staff PEGGY JUSTINE BROWN Greensboro, North Carolina Home Ec. Club ’44, ' 45 ; Glee Club ’44, ’45 ELIZABETH PETTIGREW CARPENTER Greensboro, North Carolina Glee Club ’44, 45 THE 1945 SENIORS GENE CARLTON CLOPTON Atlanta, Georgia Beta Club ’44, ’45 ; Distributors Club ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45 ANNIE MAE COOK Fayetteville, North Carolina Home Ec. Club ’44, ’45 ; Senior Hi-Y Club ’45 MARTHA LOUISE COX Logan, West Virginia Beta Club ’45 ; Latin Club ’45 ; Debating Club ’45 ; Senior Hi-Y ’45 MARSHALL MOODY ELLINGTON Winston Salem, N. C. Science Club ’44, ' 45; Hi-Y Club ’45 ; Glee Club ’44, ’45 ; Football ’44; Basketball ’44; ’45 ; Baseball ’44, ’45 OLIVE ELIZABETH GOODROAD Louisville, Kentucky :f % - ■ Jk OLGA MAXINE COLLINS Beckley, West Virginia I tistributors Club ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45 ; Newspaper Staff ’45 CATHERINE ELIZABETH COOKE Holland, Virginia Home Ec. Club ’44, ’45 ; Senior Hi-Y Club ’45 PAULINE DAMERON Burlington, North Carolina Senior Hi-Y Club ’45 ; Home Ec. Club ’44, ’45 ; Debating Club ’45 SARA ELIZABETH FAIL Goldsboro, North Carolina Distributors Club ’45 ; Hone Ec. Club ’41, 45 PHILIP FRANKLIN GREER Wichita Falls, Texas Baseball ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45 NATIONAL SENIORS ALICE MARIE HAMM Gauley Bridge, West Virginia I’cta Club ’44, ’45; Distribu ' ors Club ' 45; Animal Staff ' 45; Basketball ’44, ’45 VIRGINIA LEE HELTON Radford, Virginia I bstributors Club ’43 ; Newspaper Staff ’45 FRANCES ALEASE HUDDLESTON Roanoke, Virginia Library Club ’45 ; Home Ec. Club ’44, ’45 WILLIAM RILEY JACKSON Fayetteville, North Carolina ALLEN LOUIS JOHNSTON Roanoke, Virginia Annual Staff ’45 ; WILLIAM JAMES HILL JR. Holland, Virginia Baseball ’44, ’45 ; Manager Football Team ’44 HOWARD LEE HUBBARD, JR. Fieldale, Virginia Beta Club ’44, ’45 ; Science Club ’44, ’45 ; Student Council ’44, ’45; Hi-Y Club ’45; Treasurer, Senior Class RUBY FRANCES INGRAM Davis, North Carolina MARY LOU JACKSON High Point, North Carolina 1 )istributors Club ’45 ; Home Ec. Club ’44, ’45 BETSY RUTH JONES Raeford, North Carolina Latin Club ’44, ’45 ; Debating Club ’45 ; Basketball ’44, ’45 THE 194 5 " SENIORS WILLIAM TED JONES Muncie, Indiana Beta Club ' 44, ' 45 ; Science Club ' 44, ' 45 : ' ice-President Senior Class; Newspaper Staff ' 45; Annual Staff ' 45; Manager Football Team ' 44; Basketball ' 44, ' 45 ; Baseball ' 44, ' 45 LUCRETIA KEETER Weldon, North Carolina Home Ec. Club ' 44, ' 45 GWYNETH JAUDERA LITTLE Aberdeen, North Carolina Hi-Y Club ' 45 HERBERT FRANCIS JORDAN Lynchburg, ' Virginia Hi-Y Club ' 45 DOROTHY CHRISTINE LAMM Wilson, North Carolina Home Ec. Club ' 44, ' 45 SAMUEL ALAN McDonald South Miami, Florida Debating Club, ' 45 ; Beta Club ' 45 JESSE JAMES MESSICK JOHN OSCAR MESSICK Lowland, North Carolina Lowland, North Carolina LEVENE WESTCOTT MIDGETT, JR. Rodanthe, North Carolina Distributors Club ' 45 JOSEPH OTIS MINER, JR. Rogersville, Tennessee Science Club ' 44, ' 45 NATIONAL SENIORS VIRGINIA GRACE ODOM Jackson, North Carolina Senior Hi-Y ' 45 ; Home Ec. ’45 PEGGY RUTH QUEEN Sylva, North Carolina Glee Club ’44, ’45 ; Home Ec. Club ’45 NETTIE MAE ROGERS Baxley, Georgia Lil)rary Club ’45 ; Home Ec. Club ’45 CHRISTINE EMALENE SHEPPARD Salem, Virginia Home Ec. Club ’44 ; Annual Staff ’45 HOWARD LeROY SPARKS Summersville, West Virginia Distributors Club ’45 ; Debating Club ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45 ; Newspaper Staff ’45 JOSEPH FRANKLIN PAGE Newman, Georgia Science Club ’44, ’45 RALPH BOYD RALEY Mattoon, Illinois Football ’44; Baseball ’45 BEULAH IRENE ROSS Gaffney, South Carolina Beta Club ’45; Debating Club ’45 ; Senior Hi-Y Club ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45 ; Basketball ’45 HELEN FRANCES SINGLETORY Galax, Virginia Annual Staff ’45; Newspaper Staff ’45 ETHEL MAE SUMNER Christiansburg, Virginia Student Council ’45; Beta Club ’44, ’45 ; Science Club ’45 ; Home Ec. Club ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45; Newspaper Staff ’45; Basketball ’44, ’45 THE 1945 SENIORS VIRGINIA JEAN SUMNER Ahoskie, North Carolina Home Ec. Club ' 44, ' 45 ROONEY WEAVER TANNER Laurel, Mississippi President Senior Class Glee Club ’44, ' 45 : Band ‘43, ’44, ’45 ; Footbaall ’44 BILLY McGUIRE VICK Covington, Virginia Debating Club ’45 ; Beta Club ’44. ’45; Annual S;aff ’45; Football ’44 ; Baseball ’45 JAMES HENRY WEBSTER Leetonia, Ohio Football ’44 ROBERT-WITTEN WELCH JOSEPHUS DANIELS SMITH Jonesboro, North Carolina Debating Club ’45; Football ’44 ; Basketball ’45 ; Baseball ’44, ’45 SHIRLEY MARIE THURMOND Alderson, West Virginia Beta Club ’44, ’45; Debating Club ’45; Senior Hi-Y Club ’44, ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45 ; Secretary Senior Class MARSHA WEINER Brooklyn, New York Beta Club ’44, ’45 ; Annual Staff BESSIE AGNES WELCH Bedford, Virginia Library Club ’45 ; Glee Club ’44. ’45 EDWARD RAY WILDER Jonesville, Virginia 1 iistributors Club ’45 NATIONAL SENIORS RALPH BROWN WIL- LIAMS, JR. Roanoke, Va. Debating Club ’45 ; Football ’44 ; Basketball ’44, ’45 ; Base- ball ’44, ’45 CHARLOTTE LEE WILLIS Big Stone Gap, Va. Home Ec. Club ’-14, ’45; Glee Club ’45 LAURA IRENE WIN- STEAD Nashville, N. C. Beta Club ’44, ’45 ; Student Council ’44, ’45 ; Home Ec. Club ’44,45 REGINALD CARL AT- KINS Roanoke, Va. THOMAS EARL MICHAEL Morgantown, W. Va. Baseball ’-44 ; Basketball ’44, ’45 MONTRE WILLIAMSON Norfolk, Va. MINNIE LILLIAN WILSON Monticello, Ga. Beta Club ’44, ’45 ; Student Council ’44, ’45 ; Vice-President Senior Class; Home Ec. Club ’44, ’45; Hi-Y Club ’45; Glee Club ’45 ; Annual Staff ’45 ; Newspaper Staff ’45 RICHARD IGNATIUS WOOD, JR. Laurel, Md. Annual Staff ’45 ; Football ’44 THOMAS HALSTEAD Gaffney, South Carolina SHIRLEY LOUISE MER- RIWEATHER Cleveland, Ohio Beta Club ’44, ’45 ; •Science Club ’44, ’45 THE 1945 OUR SENIOR YEAR September 14 — School begins and here we are. W ' e meet our new Assistant Principal, Mr. L. W. Anderson, also several new teachers. September 15 — “Old Man Plurricane” moved in and gave us half day holiday from school. A never to be forgotten day — teachers and students wading home through water cars were unable to traverse — minus shoes and hose. September 18 — Cafeteria opens under management of Miss Beatrice Belcher. Pleased laces and satisfied stomachs ! October 6 — History is made. Meeting of the Student Council of A. P. H. S. for the first time. October 19 — A Marionette show — “Snow W hite " — presented to the entire school. October 23 — A.P.H.S. acted as host to the county S.C..A. mcc ing. Did we strut? October 3C — Latin Club sponsors Halloween party. Spooks and goblins scared those attending into donating $175.00. Everyone was there, even Hitler and Goering ! October 31 — Mrs. Gambill ' s Home Economics Class entertains faculty at tea. Xovember 10 — “North of Bagdad.” All students enjoyed this program on Oriental life. November 10 — Senior dance — everyone agreed we sh ould have more of these. November 15 — Eootball season ends — just as much fun to lose anywar ' , isn ' t it????? November 20 — Home Economics Prom — one of the most successful dances of the season. A real live band with floor show — imagine ! ! ! November23 — Magician and Illusionists — Tried to fool us with his tricks, but we’re November 27 — Hi-Y Club started — boys and girls. November 29 — Thanksgiving holidays — and were we happy — for a short time. December 14 — Seniors make merry at Christmas party and dance — amateur floor show — gifts exchanged, etc ... . December 15 — Christmas Holidays begin with a bang — A merry Christmas everyone . . . . January 2 — Happy New Year! Keep those resolutions. January 5 — Basketball officially starts — opening game with Suffolk — we lost, but still have hopes. January 8 — Everyone all dressed up — pictures were taken for the annual — watch the birdie .... January 15 — Beta Club takes in new members. Beautiful candle-light services January 31 — “Personality Portraits” presented by Jesse Ray Taylor. Do we like shows? Eebruary 3 — Mid-term exams — everyone cramming. Infantile Paralysis Drive — amount raised f ' 450.52. February 9 — S.C.A. sponsors dance — lots of fun. February 21 — Anna Lee Estep officially crowned ‘Aliss Alexander Park High School of 1945.” March 1 — First annual published by students of Alexander Park High School goes to I ress. iMarch 2 — Basketball season closes with A.P.H.S. winning. March 4 — S.C.A. district meeting in Suffolk. March 9 — Stunt Night sponsored by Beta Club. March 28 — H.M.S. Pinafore under direction of Mr. Anderson and Miss Gemmell a huge success. March 28 — Seniors get their rings. March 29 — Easter — corsages — candy ! ! ! ! ! April 3 — Many casualties from Spring Fever all readj ' . April 27 — Senior play. May 1 — Our last full month of High School. The Seniors are preparing to tell .■ .P.H..S. so-long .... May ‘1 — Junior-Senior Prom. June 10 — Baccalaureate Sermon. June 14 — Graduation e.xercises. NATIONAL AUGUST GRADUATES CLARENCE RAYMOND ABSHER Rogersville, Tenn. Student Council ' 45 ; Beta Club ’45 HELOISE FRANCES FISHER Durham, North Carolina Cheerleader ' 45 ; Home Economics Club ’45 WILLIAM MASON JOHNSON Statesville, N. C. Fotball ' 44; Basketball ’45 ROBERT DAVID DAMERON, JR. Burlington, North Carolina Cheerleader ’45 ; Glee t lub ’45 CURTIS MOIR HIATT Martinsville, Va. Football ’44 V7ILLIAM PEARSON LEONARD Salisbury, N. C. Football ’44 SENIORS NOT SHOWN DOROTHY BUCHANAN Wilmington, N. C. NANCY PETTIT Gaffney, S. C. TW-. 1945 JUNIORS Eula McNeely Ralph Newsome Jeanette W illiams Roy Anderson Gladys Jones Earl Poole Billy Crutchfield Wilbur Presson William Kelly Glennis Young Clifton Chambers Wilma Fisher Margaret Ferguson Bill Anderton Anne Wharan Jimmy Powers Sue Ballard Gene Costner Edward Crawford W. S. Clements Dale Sloan Nancy Wiggins George Nicholson Kay Spies Gertrude Spivey J. B. Wood Jackie Smawley Earl Martin Joanna High A. L. Jackson John Guthrie LaRue Goodwin Tommy Watkins Mae Barnes Gene lessee Anne Carter Nancy McDowell Gerald Hedge Elaine Eddy Emily Clements Juanita Hudgins Robert Walsh NATIONAL JUNIORS iGenevieve Murphy Bill Howell Lois Hall I Bernard Gribble ' Nancy Shumaker Howard Mabaney James Daniel Betty Gunsauley Raymond Salabeski ' Terry Stephens I Charles Good road 1 Alarilyn Hall Kathleen Pope Ralph Me Alexander iCarolyn Henderson Billy Pugh Mildred Dyer Charles Hill Fred W ' antland June Leary Melvin Hester Audrey Jones Bobby Sanford Gene Walker Ruby Hylton Charles Hagan Veronia Nance James Puckett Lucille Collins Alarvin Baily I Billy Sanford I Mary Ann Hazelton Branson Stone i Dottie Milam { Archie F’atton I Leeda Walker Catherine Williams Bobby Tohnson Elizabeth Wineherger Lester Frost Mary Holton Walter Nunley THE 1945 SOPHOMORES Jeanette Hedge Alfred Hall Frances Hall Bob Henderson Thelma Gentry James Hardee 1 )ana Sumner Frank Johnson Elease Howell Fred Harper Jewel Griffin George Johnson Juanita Gavin Billv Eason Sarah Hill 1 )onald Eurr Audrey Granger Allan Eeller Betty Henderson Bobby Evans Patsy Butler Harlan Gallimore Helen Griffin Eddie Hedge Edna Grimes Kenneth Hall E’atsy Spies Dennis Lyons Mildred Gainer I )ona Gullion Ruth Jayne Ereeman Carolyn Groce 1 )onald Moore Louise Horner Neva Carter Marjorie Raike Harold Mullins Marjorie Maxwell Russell Baker T. L. Lundy Raymond Myers Randolph Ramsey Betty Ramey Anna Lee Musick Meh in 1 )eyerle Joan Deal Ruth Eddins Arthur 1 )avidson Patsy Newsome 1 )avid 1 lavenport Jo Ann 1 leal Junior Latham Norma Mae Burgess Garland Collins Betty Jo Moore Doris Cooke Barbara Jean Ross W. O. Carter Betty Wheeler 1 rene Spivey Betty Leary Jewell Lowder Barbara Smith NATIONAL SOPHOMORES ' irgiiiia Brain Kay Rraccy Mary Aclier Ran(I()l])h Browder Nadine Carter Buddy Brannock Rebecca Early Tommy Brown Emma Bindcmann Thomas Buckwcll Mary Ann Beck Kenneth Brown Clara Ann Boyd Joyce Smith Janye Burgess Bol) Anthony Jean Bihli Tommy Blankenship Edith Bailey Jack Boalt Jacqueline Brown Gordon Norton Gloria Pettit Monty Kirby Peggy Lou Markham 1 )enny Moore Jackie ' alker Thelma Rice Mae Alilam Bernard Moltholl I Doris Young Vernon Woods Ernestine Ward Charles Lainard Miriam Poston J. B. Williams Marie Walsh Haward Crawson Agnes Bell Bobhy Ballcngee 1 torothv Costen Doris Dearmon Ruby Morris 1 Patsy Miller Ramona Estep Atina Lee Estep Virginia Stratton Elizabeth Lee Eunice Elliott Nanette Richards Lila Lee Milam , Alarilyn Turner Blanche Price Barbara Mayne Betty Jo Jackson Marjorie Aldrich Lillian Rigsly Dorothy Blackmon Shirley Brown Helen Lowder Edith Whaley Leona Stottlemire Lucille Corns THE 1945 SOPHOMORES Curtis Phelps I )avi(l Sparks Joan Reeves Sanford Stone Mickey Rosenbergei Stanley Shoafe Shirley W illis Bobby Rogers Margaret Ramsey W allace Pryor irginia Rej-nolds Larry Sweeney Teanelle Sloan ' Marshall Deal Betty Thurmond Harry W inslow Alleene Yeates I )al ' as W’hi ehurst Colene Pope Dan W ' ildman Eddie Wiggins Margaret Winslow Betty Tyler Aileen Winstead Clarine Wiggins Iris Tharrington Barbara Jean illiams Darrell Chester James Williams Martha W einberger Adrian Wj-nns Ella Upton Burton Winemiller Loraine White Crawford Joyce Kaps Jack Miller Louise Shrader Joe Jackson Annette Tanner Herbert Crane Xancy Coffee Maudae Hardin Marjorie Moore Dorothy Mahan Lorna Hafle Helen Erier .■ va Thompson Edward Drummond .•Man Bell Peggy Miles Billy Dyer Joan Barrett Ray Leinard Stella Dickins Bob Cochran Sally Xave Ruel Collins Anne Lou Davenport Jr. Xicholson Ramita Batchelor Robert Barnes ' irginia Little NATIONAL FRESHMEN James Hasty Phyllis Hendricks Shields Thornherg Billie Gilliam Larry Stephenson Sammy Ruth Warrincr Revus Jones Therese Scoblic Clarence Kigc ' r Joanne Hylton Richard Green Janie Biggs Lewis Godwin Elmaiavesne Howeston Bobby Webb Charlotte Handy Joe Welhon Lorraine Buller Calvin V ’illiams Joyce Lee Leonard Pugh Shirley Whitacrc Walter Stamper Frances Hubbard Bobby Goodwin Juanita Surles Thorne Wood Joanne Williamson Claude Philyan Cornith Whitley Hal Counts ■ Betty Lipford Harry Scarce, Jr. Blanche Hutto Ronald Goodnight Perdie Faircloth Geraldine Dameron Louis Young Joan Wyatt Bruce Foster Mary Harper Jimmy Byrdwell Blanche Fletcher George Hutchins Ina Mae Gilliam Kenneth Gillila ' id Sara Cox Charles GrcVe Violet Lurher Robert Prince Juanita Stone Carolyn Hill Wdlma Smith Shirley Wdndley Betty Ann Johnson Betty Hendricks Ruth Cooke Joyce Jones Ruby Shrader Billy Joe Livingston Margare.t Hester Edna Goghill Evelyn Sills THE 1945 FRESHMEN Xancy Drum Roy Lee Dameron Lillian W ilson Kirby Shrader Grace Carter Levon Cooke Frances Robinson Milton Early Beatrice Carr 1 )avid Rimmer Mary Jo Sanford Eugene Respess Mary Evans James Daniel 1 )orothy Sue Willis Bill Draper Rebecca Clark Billy Ratcliff Judith DeArmond Skippy Konnagan 1 )orothj- Hasty Lois Smith Harold Tompkins Teresa Tweedy J. A. Williams Claudette Price Wendell Johnson Margaret Warren Fred Hudgins 1 lelores Roscnherger limmy Spies Christine Russell Reuben Johnson Jean Raley Thomas Scawell Sarah Frances Tanner John Osborne Vivian Hatcher Bohby Fitzgerald Jean Wilson Eugene W allis Alma Reynolds James Tcttcrton Betty Howell Clyde Warner Ciertrude Phelps Floyd Clark Mable Sumner Car ton Windlcy Doi ' ald Poplin Phyllis Williams David Elliott Emma Jean Haga Mary Hill James Simpson Marvine Patrick Iris Hill Howard Hudson Carolyn Walkins Robert Meredith Jean Keubler Kenneth Rowe Betty Robinette FRESHMEN Sue Lachman Donald Shoaf Cecelia Atkins Boh MacAlexander Marie Barrett H. L. Moore F.lwood Sumner Dottie O’Lear}- Floyd Martin Mickie Kadutts John Compton Ann Martin Henry McDonald Ciladys Megginson Mildred Meazell Billy Jo Livingston do!et McNcely John McPharon Jean Kelly Ralph Lantion Wanda Cline Alton Brannock Katherine Musick John Nicholson Emily O’Quinn Charles 1 )avis J oyce Lee Jack Ervin Nedra Nave Donald Norris Margaret Meece Jack IMathena I lelores Lassiter Bernard Simpson Adele Odom Josephine Lassiter 1 lonald Evans 1 )oris Rimmer Limvood Crutchfield Betty Mac Nelson Charles Ellington June Aleachcr Betty Frit George Clements Carolyn Fink Bobby Cohn Katherine I )o ' ld Sherman Culler Betty I rion Connie Faucette Bobby Page Geraldine Rowe Gorman Stevens Mae Mills Roy Crawson Carol McManus Reese Barigham Betty Ellington Gene Pipkin Gloria Lenson Steve Little Irene Crutchfield Johnny Davis THE 1945 FRESHMEN Mary Burress Gene Nichols Janie Biggs Alton Benton Clothilde Burgess Stuart Broom Doris Benton Robert Briley Ernestine Bradford James Amos Catherine Banks Hobart Ramey Peggy Br ant Billy Saunders Mary Gentry H. A. Barton Elsie Looney Dan Teague Irene Baker Raymond Bryant Joyce Campbell Edward Glass Jule Burrus Harold Chester Minnie Browder Arlie Aune ' irginia Barnes Frederick Barefoot Faith Callicuth Ronald Cook lildred W ise Jimmie Blount Bettj- Bibb Frank Buckley Mary Crutchfield Doris Sullivan Cornelia Brown Kitty Blanks Robert Meredith Mildred W ' ainwright Frances Pett Grace Spencer STUDENTS NOT SHOWN Juniors Arnold Aultman, Zummie Bowman, Hoyt Bradshaw, Bobby Drum. Marlou Duncan, Betty Jean Gardner, Jack Goodwin, Rosalie Gordon, Mary Kiger, Erwin Poplin Delores Spangler, Joe Youngblood, Marie Osborne, Margaret Armentrout, Arnold Aultman, Glen Beaver, Bonnie Bell, Betty Graj ' , Kenneth McManus, Royston Overstreet Sophomores Jack Almond, Lorraine Batchelor, Lewis Baucom, Bob Cachren, Betty Chandler, James Coares, Mildred Crowder, Elline Deal, Roy Nelson Evans, Juanita Dickinson, Charles Gardner, largaret Keen, Patsy Leonard, Cleo Ward Sleeks, Willie Moore, Barbara Martin, Douglas .Scott, Frances Smith, Jean Soboleski, Leary Spencer, Cecil Stafford Freshman W illiam Aaron, Ruth Anderson, Beard Ross, Rosa Bryant, Robert Bernhardt, Dorothy Burchett, Marvin Byrdwell, Cliff Collus, Earnest Cook, Bill Fox, John Gilbert, X’enita Goodrich, Clifford Harris, Tommy Harvell, Harry Hatcher, Sharleen Horton, Leslie Jones, Hugh Lamm, Bertha Leary, Ralph Leinart, Carolyn Lipe, Lillian Little, Gloria Lindsay, Betty Moss, Charlotte Murphy, Garland Newsome, Betty Jo Odom, Walter Sullivan, Charles Tarett, Benny ' ears, Jean Walker, Marvin Byrdwell, Morris Fink, Annie Frazier, Jack Griffin, Barbara Cornwell, Carolyn Fink, Robert Kuebler, Frank Rigsby, Preston Seihe, Gertrude Phelps, Raymeta Batchellor, Lorraine Batchellor, Edward Eeanes, Ida Mae Gillikin, Helen Hall, Joseph Jackson, Eugene Jones, Hughland Lamm, Ralph Leinart, Gloria Lindsay. Ray McDowell, Fanny Mae Nelson, Garland Newsome, Betty Jo Odom, Cecil Peverall, Wilbur Pilgreen, Bobby Rogers, Charles Shotzberger, Margaret Warren, Cecil W iggins NATIONAL SEVENTH GRADE THE 1945 SEVENTH GRADE IDENTIFICATION For Pages 35 and 37 Lorine Callison, Robert Youngblood, Jane Kapps, Eugene Cooper, Marj- Agnes Hiatt, Jim Anthony, Barbara Jean Crawford, Richard Bryant James Wharan, 2 Iary Croom, Jakey James, Barbara Covert, John McClenney, Anna Hutchins, Ronnie W ilkie, Patricia Sheppard Freda Phipps, James Xicklos, Mary Hilton, Donald Lee, Peggy Furr, Wilber Aliff, I’atricia Boalt, Jerry McManus Allan Moore, Elizabeth McCormick, Wesley Simpson, Carolyn Lyons, Paul Williamson, Herbie Moore, Melvin Browder, Geneva Tutherow Jean Burchett, Charles Hinson, June Kestner, Bruce Bran, Rae Xell Xickard, Burdell Williamson, Barbara Lee, Jack Jackson Gilbert Ladd, Jeanette Tetterton, Reuben Xorton, Joj ' Ann Bryant, Earnest Price, Francis Adams, Ronnis Slaughter, Helen Cooper Betty Bradford, Bobb}- Hogwood, Mary Jo Justice, John Cook, Doris Fretwell, Kenneth Berry, Xatalie Stanfield, Wayne Puckett Bobby Deal, Jeanette Robinette, Jennings Benton, Marygold Monds, Carlton Hill, Ruby aBtchelor, Donald Williamson, Shirley Carlton Xaomi Townsly, Edward Brooks, Joann Adkins, Tillman Evans, JoAnne Bryant, Lincoln Wray, Shirlet ' Carlton, Joseph 2 IcLcndon Wilma Mikeal, Ronald Turner, Joan Bundy, Raymond Johnson, Lois Robinson, John Xewsome, Emogene Harding, Ra ’ Brooks Bobby Jones, Margaret Helton, Buster Stokes, Martha Goode, Hugh Smith, Janice Dearmon, Joseph McLendon, Jean Williams Genevieve Cook, Donald Guthrie, Patsy Abernathy, Reid Goodwin, Dorothy Xunley, Richard Bryant, Sonja Raike, Anna Dyer Bobb}- Sisk, Ruth Steigel, Willie b ' pton, Charlotte Compton, Bobby Johnston, Eunice Xeedham, Betty Culler, Mary Martin Laraine Myers, Sonny ftiegatano, Joanne Atkins, Bobby Sheppard, Geneva Meade, Earl Gaskin, Louise Bran, Lawrence Lane Melvin Browder, Charlotte Craft, Eddie Odumoaum, Dorothy Wagner, Edward Morton, Mary Prince, Harold Cook, Grace Osborne Elizabeth Paud, Leroy W hite, Katherine Roy, Xolan Wood, Pat Buckley, Robert Fisher, Margaret Hernsucher, Randolph Cox ’ernon Hundlej-, Ruth Griffin, Xed Martin, Sarah Cox, W aj-ne Murph}-, Helen Shaffer, Jimmy Gribble, Louise Furr Evelyn Hubbard, Jerry McMannus, Josephine Strickland, Elwood Barrett, Larma Barnard, Jane Webb, Paul Bahe, Mary Ann Baker SEVENTH GRADE THE 1945 SEVENTH GRADE ‘AT A T i 0 N ■ SEVENTH GRADE THE 1945 SEVENTH GRADE IDENTIFICATION For Pages 38 and 40 Betty Harris, Paul Bahe, Freda Phipps, Howard Buckner, Xorma Early, Edward Laxton, Jean Cunningham, Charles Deeds Donald Wilson, Mary Britten, Edward Brooks, Alberta Lawson, Tommy Parker, Jacksie W hitehurst, Donald Decker, Plora Blivcns Sallie Paircloth, Travis Belcher, Jolene Heffinger, W ilbur W right, Beryl Mullins, Billy IcCrickard, Mary Jane Senn, Colburn Spencer Curtis Crosier, ’irginia loss, Charles W iggs, Cora Singleton, John Lowe, lildred Tharrington, Xorman Hall, Martha Cioode Phyllis Boyen, Poster W arren, Joan Johnson, Xewassa Irvin, Xorma Jean Adkins, Richard Johnston, Francis W ampler, Or ille RodclilT Travis Belcher, Marie Gaskins, Ray W hite, Buerlj ' P le, Stanley Evans, Bettj- Rife, Billy Morrison, Xona Combs Doris Pretwell, James Mullican, Mary W ard, Richard Ramsej ' , Jean X’ewsome, Jim Anthony, Patt} ' Townsly, ’irgil Hundley Billy Williams, Marietta Kirby, Morris Wagner, Xancy Yokley, Alton Moor, lelissa Bettertop, John Godwin, Wilma Seeber Doris Seldomridge, Doris Houston, Ruth Osborne, Marion Osborne, Thelma Lovingood, Gene Stephenson, ’iola Perry, Harold Walker Xaomi Weston, Joe Teague, Peggy Roberts, Otis Hartsell, Dorothy Stanley, Charles Wantland, Dorene O ' Quinn, Edward Harmon Prederick Coffey, Patsj ' Abernathy, Belly Redmond, Sybil Crane, Raj- Stallings, Bettj- Jane Frith, George Graj-, Josephine Strickland Louise Walthall, Jerry IcManus, Fanny Buckwell, Richard Goodman, Dorothj- Davis, Donald X ' unlej-, Ruth Johnson, Edith IcLendon Sonnj- Beck, Katherine Miller, Charles Clark, Ruth Smith, Bill Tilton, Joj- Sloan, James Sheffield, Janej- Young Dorothj- Iclntrje, Douglas Storej-, Jean Shell, Robert Clark, Marj- Hagan, Perry Crosier, Bettj- Evans, Ray Patrick Ronnie Stephenson, Thelma IcDaniel, Kellj- Hobbs, Jo Connor, Eugene Patrick, Lunnette Wiggins, Linwood Adams, Elizabeth West Jenelle Arnold, James Sharp, Pollj- Hendricks, Charlie Burchett, Alice Liverman, Lincoln W ray, Bettie Lou Xance, Bobby Queen l oren White, Margie Eide, Tommy Kestner, Loraine Myers, Ray Brooks, Tune Wallace, Bobby Jones, Joann Jeffers Paige Cherrj-, Guj- Beard, Dora Gentrj-, ’irgil Peverall, Ruth Scoblic, Dean Thomas, Doris Xeedham, Billy Ic Iahan NATIONAL ACTIVITIES THE 1945 First Row; Dale Sloan, Roj’ Anderson, Agnes Bell, Ethel Sumner, Bill Jones, Bernard Gribble, Raymond Absher Second Row: Mrs. Buchanan, Claudette Price, Irene ’instead, Kitty Blanks, Junior Nicholson, largaret Winslow, Joyce Campbell, Barbara Cornwell, Jimmy Byrdwell, Mrs. Moore Third Row: Howard IMahanej ' , Fret! Hudgins, Howard Crawson, Howard Hubbard S. C. A. OFFICERS ETHEL SUMXER President ROY .ANDERSOX Vice-President -• GXES BELL Secretary BILL lOXES Treasurer MRS. HILDA BUCHAXAX Sponsor MRS. ARLEXE MOORE Sponsor The Student Cooperative Association was organized in our school during the 1943-44 school session under the auspices of the Senior Class. Our association has been very active this session, with most of its work being done through committees. The following objectives were adopted at the beginning of the session and are being carried out : 1. To provide better cooperation between school and community. 2. To improve the appearance of our school. 3. To encourage better attendance. 4. To imjjrove our school newspaper. 5. To encourage clubs and club membership. Regular meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of each month at which time problems of the school are discussed and solutions proposed. Also, the officers and two rep- resentatives from our school meet with the County S.C.A. each month in one of the Countv schools. Our school was host to the County-wide meeting in October. NATIONAL First Row: Lois Hall, Kay Sines, Elizabeth V ’ineberger, Roy Anderson, Bill Jones, Ethel Sumner, Howard Mahaney, Ouida Alford, iMildred Absher Second Row: Miss Hundley, Clarice Aune, Marilyn Hall, Shirley Thurmond, Marsha Weiner, Alarie Hamm, Louise Cox, Beulah Ross, Irene Winstead, Lillian Wnlson, Veronica Nance Third Row: Edward Crawford, Ered W ' antland, Archie Patton, Howard Hubbard, Billy Vick- Dale Sloan, Bernard Gribble, Branson Stone, Raymond Absher Fourth Row: Gerald Hedge, Walter Nunley, Erwin Poplin, Ewart Albrecht, James Puckett BETA CLUB OFFICERS BILL JONES President ETHEL SUMNER Vice-President HOW ' ARl) MAHANEY Secretary ROY ANDERSON Treasurer MISS WAVERLY HUNDLEY Sponsor The Beta Club is a national honor club based on leadership, scholarship, and character. The local chapter was organized in May, 1944 under the sponsorship of Miss Waverly Hundley and our principal, Mr. Wb A. Early, who is a member of the State Council for Beta Clubs. The twenty-five charter members were: Howard Mahaney, Shirley Thurmond, Roy Anderson, Howard Hubbard, Marilyn Hall, Marie Hamm, Ouida Alford, Ethel Sumner, Lillian Wilson, Erwin Poplin, Archie Patton, Ewart Albrecht, Walter Nunley, Shirley Aleriweather, Edward Crawford, Fred Watland, Irene Y ' instead, Billy Vick, Veronica Nance, Sue Ballard, Bill Jones, Alarsha W einer, Dale Sloan, Kay Spies and Elizabeth W’einberger. All of the charter members returned this year. Twelve new members were tapped at a candle-light service, giving a total of thirty-seven members. The first project the Beta Club undertook was the “Clothes for Russia” drive which took place in 1944. At Christmas the members of the club prepared boxes for servicemen in hospitals. The Club also sponsored a stunt night in March. The proceeds from this enter- tainment were used to buy a gift for the school. THE 1945 First Row: Betty Jo Moore, Betsy Ruth Jones, Marjorie Aldrich, Louise Cox, Margaret inslow, Maril yn Hall, Jean Bihh, Audrey Granger, Alildrcd W ' ainwrig’.it Second Row: Miss Hundlev, Frances Huhhard, Be;ty Tyler, Ouida Alford, Jeanette W illiams, Jewel Griffin, Shirley Brown, iMartha W ineherger, Elizahedt W ' ineherger, Jean Kuehler, Joyce Lee Third Row: Ruth Jane Freeman, Ella Upton, Carolyn Groyce, Gladys Jones, Kittic Blanks, Gloria Pettit, Leona Stottlemire, ' eronka Xance, Glennis Young Fourth Row: ' enit Goodrich, Jimmie Byrdwell, George Nicholson, Branson Stone, Walter Xunlej ' , Junior Nicholson, Billie Gilliam LATIN CLUB OFFICERS MARILYN HALL President MARGARET WINSLOW Vice-President MARJORIE ALDRICH Secretary LOUISE COX dssistant Secretary JEAN BIBB Treasurer AUDREY GRANGER Assistant Treasurer MISS W AVERLY HUNDLEY S(,onsor The Latin Club was organized in October of 1943 under the leadership of Miss Waverly Hundley and it has the unique distinction of being the oldest club in the school. W e sponsored a successful Hallowe’en party in October and the proceeds were used for general school improvements. The club gave seventy-fiv.e dollars toward shrubbery, a pair of flags for the auditorium, and twenty-five dollars worth of books for the library. The Cluh plans to enter the State Latin Tournament, which will be held the last of Ma ‘. W e will also hold ‘‘Open House” for our parents in Ma) ' . At this time the club will put on display an exhibit of arts and handicrafts made by members of the different Latin Classes. NATIONAL First Row: Betty Jo Moore, Betty Thurmond, Marjorie Aldrich, Howard Huhhard, Gladys Jones, Gloria Pettit, Nanette Richards, W ' illmr Presson Second Row: Arle Anne, Ethel Sumner, Barbara Jean Smith, Dana Sumner, Aileen Yeates, Marilyn iMiller, Fred Wantland, Joseph Page Third Row: Mr. Seawell, James Spies, Howard Crawson, Joseph IMincr, Bill Jones, Eddie Boomhower, Kenneth Brown SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS H O WAR 1 ) H UBB A R I ) Frcsideu t .MARSHALL ELLINGTON Vicc-Prcsidcnt MARJORIE ALDRICH Secretary GLADYS JONES Treasurer . H. SEAWELL Sponsor The Science Club is affiliated with the “Science Clubs of America” which is a national organization. It is also affiliated with the Virginia Junior Academy of Science. The club is sponsored by Mr. W. H. Seawell, and was first organized in January, 1944. The bi-weekly meetings are devoted to lectures, readings, experimental demonstrations, and movies related to the field of science. The members are chosen from the entire student body on the basis of high achievement in scientific study, or an intense interest in this field. Invitations are extended to the students who reach this attainment at the end of each semester. At the present time we have twenty-five active members- THE 1945 Seated : ’irginia Selton, Roy Anderson, Eddie Boomhower, Ethel Sumner, Howard Sparks, Margaret W inslow, Lillian W ilson Standing: Mrs. Chittum, Maxine Collins, Bill Jones, Helen Singletory NEWSPAPER STAFE ETHEL SUMNER VIRGINIA HELTON.... HOW ARD SPARKS ROY ANDERSON LILLIAN W ILSON BILL JONES EDDIE BOOMHOWER.. MARGARET WINSLOW MAXINE COLLINS HELEN SINGLETORY.. MRS. E. W. CHITTUM., Editor-iii-CIiief Makc-uf’ Editor Eeature Editor Art Editor Club Editor Sports Editor ...Busiiies Manager Circulation Manager Typist Typist Sponsor The National is published monthly by the Newspaper Stafif under the direc- tion of Mrs. E. L Chittum. Our paper has a circulation of about six hundred and fifty copies, and each issue is eagerly looked forward to by the students of Alexander Park High School. After securing a new and improved mimeograph machine, we hope to publish the paper at least every third week. NATIONAL Seated: Virginia Helton, Ray Wilder, Maxine Collins, Howard Sparks, Mary Lou Jackson, Gene Clopton Standing: Betty Gunsauley, Elizabeth Fail, Levene Midgett, Marie Hamm, Ruby Ingram, Helen Bailey, Mrs. Ostenkamp DISTRIBUTORS CLUB FIRST SEMESTER MAXINE COLLINS President RAY WILDER Vice-President MARY LOU JACKSON. ..SV Te (7n-rrea,r. VIRGINIA HILTON Retiorter MRS. MARIE R. OSTENKAMP. SECOND SEMESTER H O W A R I ) SPARKS Presiden t MARIE HAMM Vice-President iMAXINE COLLINS Secretary-Treas. GENE CLOPTON Publicity Director IRGINLA HILTON Ref ' orter Something new has been added! It’s the Distributors Club, students of Alexander Park’s first class in Retail Training, and Distributive Education. DC members are honored seniors, and possible future tycoons in the world of busi- ness. Distributors Club provided a means of promoting friendship and cooperation among the students, faculty and retail institutions. Because it is a member of Distributors Clubs of Virginia, it forms a link in the chain of clubs and sends a delegate to the State Convention each year. Social activities combine with con- structive work to make the club an asset to the department and the school. DC members play as hard as they work — believe in that old maxim about all work and no play making a dull boy. THE 1945 Seated; Dorothy Coston, piano; Sammy Warriner, Ramona Estep, Annette Tanner, Lois Hall, lelvin Hester, clarinets; John Guthrie, saxophone Standing: ' iolet McXeelej-, snare drum; Ralph Xewsome, bass drum; Miss Gemmell, Director; Larry Stephenson, Frances Tanner, Eddie Boomhower, Kenneth Hail, trumpets; Gene Costner, ' eaver Tanner, trombones ; Ralph McAlexander, bass ; Arley Aune, baritone BAND The Alexander Park High School Band is made up of twenty-four students. Two of these have been added recently after the school purchased two more new instruments, an E. flat and a baritone horn. Our band has demonstrated excellent school spirit by playing for the pep rallies and it attended almost without exception the home football games and even a few of the games played elsewhere- The band is making rapid progress as an organization of note on our campus. We have planned several socials during the )-ear. NATIONAL Seated: Jean Deal, }vliss Gemmell (Director), Doris Sullivan, Chari tte Willis, Marianne Beck, Colene Pope Standing, 1st Row: Janye Burgess, Jcanclle, Irene Spivey, Shirley Willis, Doris Cook, Cornelia Brown, Marie Walsh, Curt Phelps, Nancy Drum, Nadine Carter, Helen Bailey, Ruhy HyPon Second Row: Peggy Queen, Peggy Brown, Annie Frazier, Emma Bindamine, Geraldine Dameron, Joyce Campbell. Violet Tucker. Norma Burgess, Catherine Dodd GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB The Girls Glee Club is made up of a group of approximately thirty girls, under the direction of the school’s talented music instructor. Miss Anne Gemmell. They have as concert dress, navy blue skirts and white sweaters with lyric emblems. The girls formed the chorus of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta “H.M.S. Thnafore” which was presented March 28. Also they entertained at the Naval Hospital in Park View where they were accorded quite a welcome. The members of the club are a very congenial group of girls and they have lots of fun. They plan to add many new voices to their club next year and also hope to have a boys’ club as well as a mixed group. THE 1945 First Row: Bill}- Pugh, Frank Jordan, Edward Crawford, Howard Mahaney, Bernard Gribhle, Dale Sloan, Fred Harper, Ruel Collins Second Row: Marshall Ellington, Ralph ilcAlexander, Howard Hubbard, Wallace Prior, larshall Deal, Clifton Chambliss, Thomas Watkins, Howard Crawson, Mr. Bricker BOYS’ SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS HOWARD MAHAXEY President BERNARD CRIBBLE Viee-President MARSHALL 1 )EAI Secretary EDWARD CRAW FORD Treasurer DALE SLOAN Chaplain MR. BRICKER S ' lconsor The chief aim of the Boys’ Senior Hi-Y is to work toward the bettering ot our school and to make it a more enjoyable place for all of our students to work. Our basketball team has won all games played, except our first, and should win the Hi-Y Championship. The team is composed of the following boys : Marshall Ellington, Howard Mahaney, Rill Anderton, Bill Jones, Ralph Newsome, Ralph B. Williams and Bernard Gribble. NATIONAL Seated: Shirley Thurmond, Beulah Ross, Joan Reeves, Pauline Dameron, Betty Gunsauley, Aleene Yeates Standing: Lillian W ' ilson, Genevieve Muri)hy, Clarice Aunc, Miss Frazer, Marilyn Hall, Jaudera Little, Kay Spies, Peggy iMarkham GIRLS’ SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS ! PAULINE DAMERON President I JOAN REE ’ES Vice-President I BEL’LAH ROSS Treasurer || BETTY GUNSAULEY Secretary i SHIRLEY THURMOND Chaplain i MISS FRANCES FRAZER Sponsor I Our Hi-Y belongs to the national organization which aims to create, maintain || and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and i community. The Senior Girls’ Hi-Y, a new club in our school, was formed in January and is composed of girls from the sophomores, junior and senior classes. We have completed our membership drive and have inducted twenty-four new I members. I We plan to present a chapel program later in tb.e session and to have a I Mother-Daughter banquet in the spring. As the annual goes to press, plans are j being made to arrange for our Hi-Y to help a refugee child from one of the war- jj torn countries. THE 1945 First Row: Ruth Griffith, Betty Firth, Helen Cooper, Betty Rife, Marietta Kirby, ' enita Goodrich, Frances Robinson, Doris Rimmer, Barbara Cornwell, Chlotilda Burgess Second Row : Peggy Furr, Ann iMartin, Margaret Hester, Josephine Lassiter, Cornelia Brown, Kancy Drum, Theresa Scohlic, Gertrude Philips, Kitty Blanks, Mary Crutchfield Mary Sanford, Jean Raley Third Row: Delores Rosenherger, Ruth Scohlic, Natalie Stansfield, ilmer Seiher, Claudette Price, Phyllis Williams, Carolyn Lyons, Barbara Cranford, Doris Seldonridge, Joy Sloans, Joanne Bryant, Lorraine Myers, Mary Hill, Mrs. Kilgore Fourth Row: Polly Hendricks, Dorothy Davis, Margie Fide, Betty Culler. Lunette Wiggins, Norma Earlj-, Eunice Needham, Ereda Phipps, Marchline La Frage, Judy DeArmond, Mary Harper, Frances Hubbard Fifth Row: Christine Russell, Elmaverne Howerton, Dora Gentry, Juanita Surles, Sally Faircloth, Jane Kapps, Betty Ellington, Betty Robinette, Jonine Heffinger, Teresa Tweedy, Jeanell Arnold, Ina Mae Gilliam GIRLS’ JUNIOR HI-Y OFFICERS VENITA GOODRICH President FRANCES ROBINSON Vice-President DORIS RIMMER Seeretarv BARBARA CORNWELL Treasurer CHLOTIDE BURGESS Clwf lain MRS. E. C. KILGORE Sf ' onsor The Girls’ Junior Hi-Y was organized in December, 19+4 by Mrs. E. C. Kilgore. The I ' urpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the high school and community high standards of Christian character. The students who wish to become members of the girls Hi-Y must live up to the prin- ciples symbolized by our club pins, namely : Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Scholarship and Clean Living. In the short time our club has been in existence we have purchased our pins and our membership has increased from thirty to thirty-five. N ' e have made many plans for the remainder of the year including methods of raising money for the Hi-Y Jackets. NATIONAL First l-iow : James Blount, Loren W hite, Sonny Dogatoni, Kay iXIcDowell, Robert iUcAlexander, Roy Lee Dameron, Harry Scarce, Charles Wan, land Second Row: Mr. Bricker, Arley Anne, James Mulligan, Stanley Evans, James Grihhle. Harold Tompkins, lac Stafford, Milton Early, Jerry McManus, Travis Belcher, Bernard Grihhle BOYS ' JUNIOR HI-Y OFFICERS RO B E KT M c A L EX A N 1 ) EK Prcsid eiit KAY AIcDOW ' ELL Vice-President ROY LEE DAMERON Secretary LOREN WHITE Treasurer JAMES BLOUNT ChaHain BERNARD GKIBBLE Sponsor The Boys’ Junior Hi-Y was organized in the Alexander Park High School under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. by Mr. M. J. Bricker. “Whitey” Gribble of the Senior Hi-Y was elected sponsor for this session. Many interesting programs have been given, one of wdiich was a movie of the Army-Navy football game. THE 1945 First Row; Patsj ' Leonard, Irene Winstead, lUildred Ahsher, Agnes Bell, Ethel Sumner, Hilary Ann Beck Second Row: Rebecca Early, Elease Howell, Helen Griffin, Patsy Butler, Colene Pojie, Curtis Phelps, Grace Speucer, Juanita Gavin, Louise Shrader, Patsy Xewsome, Thelma Gentry, Faith Collicutt Third Row: Mrs. Donald, ' eronica Xance, Marie Walsh, Ruby Hilton, (Xiida Alford, Peggy Queen, Charlotte Willis, Xancy Shumaker, Annette Tanner, Lillian Wilson, Catherine Cooke, Annie Mac Cooke, Peggy Brown, Mary Jackson, Gladys Jones, Joan Reeves, Margie Aloore Fourth Row: Doris Sullivan, Mae Mila n, Betty Thurmond, Jean Sumner, Heloise Fisher, Bonnie Bell, Terry Stephens, Anne W haran, Kathleen Pope, Anna Davenjiart, Elizabeth Fail, Elizabeth Lee, Betty Henderson Fifth Row: Marill n Hall, Clarine Wiggins, Joy Barrett, Joyce Kapps, Jacqueline Brown, Doris Cooke, LaRue Goodwin, Mae Barnes, Leeda Walker, Ann Boyd, Eula McX’eeley, Jeannette Williams, irginia Odom, Mae Rogers, Eunice Elliott, Shirley Willis F. H. A. CLUB OFFICERS MILDRED ABSHER President AGXES BELL Vice-President MILDREl ) DYER Secretary DOXA AXX GUILLIAX Treasurer IREXE WIX ' STEAD Classroom Officer F:THEL SU.MXER Classroom Officer PATSY LEOXARD Classroom Officer M.ARY AXX BECK Classroom Officer MILDRED BOX Classroom Officer MARJORIE ALDRICH Classroom Officer PATSY SPIES Classroom Officer RUTH JAXE FREEMAX Classroom Officer MRS. ELIZABETH GA.MBILI Sponsor MRS. ELIZABETH DOXALD Sponsor NATIONAL l’ ' irst Row: Mildred Box, Marjorie Aldrich, Mildred Dyer, Donna Ann Gullion, Patsy Sjiies, Ruth Freeman Second Row: Betty Tyler, Carolyn Groce, Aileen Winstead, Joan Deal, Edith Bailey, Jayne Burgess, Doris 1 )earman, Elaine Deal, Earnestine Ward, Maudae Harding, ] orna Halle, Betty Leary Third Row: Barbara Ross, Thelma Rife, Mildred Rosenherger, Lorraine White, Virginia Brame, Helen Frier, Georgia Von-Richter, Ava Thom])son, Jo Ann Williamson, l.ucille Coons, Louise Horner, Mildred Gainer, Frances Smith, V ' irginia Stratton, Mrs. Gamhill Fourth Row: Dana Sumner, Pauline Dameron, Doris Young, Nancy Coffey, Virginia Little, Dorothy Coston, Neva Carter, Ramona Estep, Marjorie Maxwell, Shirley Brown, Afae Burgess, Peggy Miles, Dorothy Maham Fifth Row: Betty Wheeler, Juanita Dickerson, Ruth Eddins, Virginia Reynolds, Geneva Phipps, Flddie Wiggins, Jewel Griffin, Anna Musick, Irene Spivey, Ruby Morris, Nadine Carter, Emma Benderman, Marion Poston F. H. A. CLUB The Future Homemakers Club was organized in September, under the direction of Mrs. E. C. Donald and Mrs. E. B. Gamhill, with a total of one hundred and forty girls as active members. The main objective of the club is to teach its members how they can work and [)lay together haitpily. General meetings are held monthly on various themes, such as Organization, Manners, Christmas Parties in the Home and Nutrition. The Club sponsored an informal dance in November which was very successful. Their future plans for the remainder of the session call for a iMother-I laughter Banquet and two Assembly Programs. The Senior members are also making plans to visit the restoration at Williamsburg and other points of interest. Five outstanding members of the club will be chosen to represent the school at a convention to be held at Madison College in June THE 1945 First Row: Claudette Price, Juanita Dickerson, ' irginia Stratton, Joan Reeves, Barbara Cornwell, Alease Huddleston, IMary Crutchfield, Becky Clark Second Row: Hiss Dickinson, Mae Rogers, Frances Robinson, Cecelia Atkins, irginia Little Xot Shown : Bessie Welch, Shorty Brafford, Janie Biggs LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS BESSIE WELCH Fresident ALEASE HUDDLESTON Vice-President BARBARA CROMWELL Secretary JUANITA DICKERSON Reporter .MISS NANCY CARY DICKINSON Sponsor The Library Club, composed of sixteen volunteer student library assistants, was organized in November, 1944. Each student gives an hour a day to help in the library. They work at the circulation desk, put up books, keep the library neat and assist in the preparation of new books. NATIONAL i; ]; I ii‘. First Row: Shirley Thurmond, Ralph Raley, Jean Sumner, Billy Vick, Ouida Alford, Howard Sparks, Mrs. Buchanan, Spon sor Second Row: Gene Clopton, Beulah Ross, Dickie Wood, Ethel Sumner, Joe Smith, Helen Singletory, R. B. Williams, Louise Cox, James Hill, Pauline Uameron, Ewart Albright DEBATING CLUB OFFICERS BILLY VICK President R. B. WILLIAMS Vice-President OUIDA ALFORD Secretary JEAN SUMNER Treasurer MRS. HILDA BUCHANAN Sponsor The Debating Club was organized by the Senior Core Class in order that the students interested in discussing local, national and world problems could do so. Another purpose in organizing the club was to study and to learn more about public speaking and parliamentary procedure. ]| I THE 1945 BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE BETTY TYLER Chairman MESS CORA MAE FITZGERALD Sponsor The Bulletin Board Committee is composed of students from the entire student body. The original membership was selected by the Student Council, however, others who were interested in the work joined voluntarily. The purpose of this committee is to keep the large bulletin board in the center hall decorated. Ve felt that all the displays should be educational as well as decorative. Since displays more than a week old lose their attraction, we have tried to make a change every week. Navy Day, Hallowe’en, National Iflection, Thanksgiving, Red Cross Drive, T. B. Drive, Christmas, Infantile Paralysis Drive, X’alentine’s Day and Easter all afforded us ideas for our projects. Although we spent many lunirs of hard labor in decorating our board, when each was ffnished we knew it had been well worth our effort. Eor the pleasure and success of the year, we owe much to our chairman. Betty Tyler, whose guidance and faithfulness kept us all inspired. NATIONAL FEATURES THE 1945 AXXA LEE ESTEP NATIONAL BEAUTY SECTION GENEVIEVE MURPHY EDNA GRIMES JOANNA HIGH MILDRED DYER BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Shirley Thurmond Frankie Greer BEST SPORTS Elizabeth P)ell Bill Jones BEST LOOKING Helen Bailey Lewis Campbell MOST STUDIOUS Ouida Alford Allan McDonald NATIONAL WHO BEST ATHLETES Marie Hamm Tommy Michael OST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Shirley Thurmond Gene Cloi)ton BEST ALL ROUND Pauline Dameron Lewis Campbell WITTIEST Beulah Ross Billy Vick THE 1945 Kneeling: Jimmy Webster, Burton W ' inemiller Standing: Irene Spivey, Marshall Ellington, Cornelia Brown, Dale Sloan, Jeanelle Sloan, Marvin Byrdwell THE STOKY OF “H.M.S. PINAFORE” ACT I Her Majesty ' s Ship, Pinafore, is anchored in the liorhor at Portsmouth, England. The sailors are busy scrubbing the decks for the expected arrival of Sir Joseph Porter, “ruler of the Queen’s Navy.” Little Buttercup, a bumboat woman who is by no means as small as her name would imply, comes aboard with a stock of “snuff and tohaccy and excellent jackv,” not to mention “excellent peppermint drops.” It transpires that a handsome young sailor, Ralph, is in love with the Cai tain’s daughter, Josephine. She, however, is to be betrothed to Sir Joseph Porter, who duly arrives attended by “his sisters and his cousins and his aunts.” In the meantime, Ralph plans to elope with Josephine, the crew assisting. The plot is ox erheard by I tick I teadeye, a lugubrious member of the crew, who cannot keep a secret. ACT 11 .■ fter Captain Corcoran sings a serenade to the moon. Little Buttercup comes to him and reveals her affection. He tells her that beaiise of his rank he can onlv be her friend, luit she hints darkly that a change is in store for him, saying that “things arc seldom what they seem.” Sir Joseph returns, complaining that Josephine does not favor his suit, dhe Cai)tain comforts him by averring’ that she is awed by his lofty station and suggests that he plead his cause on the ground that love levels all rank. Still Josephine does not respond, for her heart is .set upon Ralph. Dick Deadeye reveals the cloi)cment jilan, and he and the Cai)tain lie in wait for the crew, “Carefully on tip-toe stealing.” The elopers are captured, and the Captain is so exasperated that he swears, using a “big, big D” which is overheard by Sir Joseph Porter. For this serious breach of morals, a horrible example of depravity before the whole crew, the Captain is ordered to his cabin. Ralph is ordered to the dungeon cell in chains. Atfairs are interrupted by Little Buttercup, who discloses her secret, telling how the Captain and Ralph had been accidentally exchanged while they were both babies. Whereupon, Sir Joseph sends for Raljih and makes him Captain, and at the same time reduced Corcoran to Ralph’s former humble grade of “able scamau.” Now, since it is out of the question for one of Sir Joseph’s exalted station to marry the daughter of a mere seaman, his Lordshi]) nobly consents to the marriage of Ralph and Josephine. The erstwhile Captain consoles himself with Little Buttercup. NATIONAL First Row: Raymond Absher, Joyce Campbell, Colene Pope, I )oris Sullivan, Agnes Rell, Ruby Hylton, Marianne Beck, Curtis Phelps, Annie Frazier, Emma Bindamine, Ruel Collins Second Row: Janye Burgess, Helen Bailey, Burton W’inemiller, Cornelia Brown, Dale Sloan, Jeanelle Sloan, Marvin Byrdwell, Jimmy Webster, Marshall Elington, Irene Spivey, Joan Deal Third Row: Geraldine Dameron, Bill Anderton, Catherine Dodd, Raymond Sabaliski, Marie Walsh, Weaver Tanner, Marshall Deal, Robert Barnes, Norma Burgess, John Guthrie, Ervin Poplin, Nancy Drum, Alan Johnston, Dickie, Wood Upper Deck: Alton Benton, William Kelley, Robert Welch, Ralph McAlexander, Harry Scarce, George Johnson H.M.S. PINAFORE BY GILBERT AND SULLIVAN PRESENTED BY STUDENTS OF ALEXANDER PARK HIGH SCHOOL March 28 and 29, 1945 DRAMATIS PERSONLE Josephine. Buttercup Hebe Boatswain ..Jeanelle Sloan Ralph Backstraw Marvin Byrdwell Cornelia Brown Dick Dead Eye Burton Weinmiller ...Ire ne Spivey Sir Joseph Porter IHarshall Ellington .James Webs ' er Captain Corcoran Dale Sloan Sir Joseph’s Sisters, Cousins, and Aunts: Helen Bailey, Ruby Hylton, Marie Walsh, Colene Pope, Emma Birdemann, Marianne Beck, Curtis Phelps, Agnes Bell, Jean Deal, Annie Frazier, Janye Burgess, Dot Sullivan, Norma Burgess, Nancy Drum, Katherine Dodd, Geraldine Dameron, Joyce Campbell. Sailors of the Pinafore : Bill Anderton, Dickie Wood, Ervin Poplin, Robert Welch, .-Mton Benton, George Johnson, Weaver Tanner, Raymond Absher, Raymond Saboleski, Harry Scarce, Marshall Deal, Ruel Collins, Allan Johnston, John Guthrie, Robert Barnes, Ralph McAle.xander, William Kelley. Musical Director Miss Anne Gemmell Dramatic Director Mr. L. W. Anderson THE 1945 CAN YOU IMAGINE? Howard Sparks staying in class all period? Joe Smith coming to school on time? Mr. Early not having a cheerful word for everyone? Anyone not having an overdue book from the library? Mr. Seawell not eating lunch at the cashier’s desk? Ethel Sumner not leaving class to attend a meeting? The Alexander Park boysivithout a G. I. haircut? The Seniors not being custodians for Laboratories 1 and 2 ? Mrs. Maroney giving you too much change? Frankie Greer and Lewis Campbell not being the neatest boys in school? Alexander High being a dull place? Mrs. Ostenkamp not being full of pep? Not having to wait in line in the Cafeteria? Shirley Thurmond not carrying a “torch” for Eddie? Our football team winning two consecutive games? Lillian Wilson running out of something to say? The Bookkeeping Class failing to take their books home? Miss Anthony actually enjoying teaching “noisy” children? James Hill not grumbling about his grades? Our Seventh Grade actually being quiet, attentive and well-behaved? Where Miss Fitzgerald and her committee get all those clever ideas for the Bulletin Board ? Actually getting a seat on an Alexander Park bus? Mr. Anderson not having anyone waiting to see him for a “conference”? Everyone dreading to see 3 o’clock come ? Carohn Henderson without those cute dimples? Beulah Ross not being able to “jitterbug”? R. B. Williams having his history notebook completed on time Mrs. P uchanan losing her temj)er? The Underclassmen thinking everything of the Seniors? 1. What again? 2. Athletes? 3. Coach Byrd. 4. Just loafing around. 5. Ditto! 6. Basketball player.s — sometimes! 7. What tooth paste are you advertising? 8. Majorette. 9. Our Dieticians. 10. Faculty. 11. What are you doing here, Heloise? 12. Tapeworm Joe. 13. Trailer Camp. THE 1945 A SENIOR REMINISCES On January 4, 1943, my mother received a handbill saying, “Send your child to school.” The next day I went down to 620 Cavalier Boulevard to register. This was the beginning of our great school in Alexander I’ark. At the end of the first week, the registration showed 342 pupils and 14 teachers. Our school was not in the present building you now see, it was. as some of you will remember, in a group of houses in the 600 block of Cavalier Boulevard. First there was no separation of grades. However, after a few weeks there was such an increase of lower grade students that they had to move the high school across the street. They say that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention,” and it surely is! You see, there was no way of installing an electric bell system, so we did the next best thing. At the end of every period. Watt Seawell walked up and down the street ringing a “Cow Bell” to let the teachers and students know that it was time to leave. Ah, yes, that was a joyful year! We were a hardy lot running through the snow, sleet, rain and mud to change classes. And woe was the pupil that came too early, for he was the unlucky one who went out in the rain and snow to get coal to warm the room for the rest of us. One morning, it was raining, and when it rains in Virginia — well, here we were, the merry three, on our grumbling way to school, when all of a sudden we saw a pitiful sight. There was a sch(X)lmate of ours stuck in the mud — and I mean STUCK!!! One foot was in up to the knee. Pull! Heave! Ho! Ah, it finally came out, but minus the shoe. Since shoes are rationed, down we went in the mud looking for it. Onward to school ! We arrived bright and early — 9 :30. Oh, yes, we got excused. For you see, dear students, those were the kind of excuses that were legitimate in those days. (Lucky us!) How well that first winter sticks in my mind ! To learn how to regulate those stoves took almost until Spring. At first, the house was always buried in soot. It got to such a condition, that we started calling it “Little Pittsburgh.” Then we passed through the time which my family called “The ice age.” The stove just refused to heat. How about the night when your father was on night shift? You lay curled up in bed and wondered what was going to happen next. You looked at the inky black mess outside I there were no street lights then). Then you turned and tried to penetrate the pitch blackness of your romn. All of a sudden, a sound ! You lie in bed and shiver a while, until you hear your mother’s shaky voice, “Go see who is in the kitchen !” You feel for the flashlight on the dresser and then creep into the living room and then the kitchen to find the cause of the noise. But it is nothing. In a daze, you fall on your pillow and go to sleep. Ah, yes, those were the days when Mounted Police roamed the wilds of the “Park.” Some of them guarded the entrance to the Park and also the entrance to the school block. Boy, they impressed me ! I wasn’t the only one impressed, though, they had a regular following. Small boys were tagging along everywhere. They were pretty smart also. A group of us found that out after a few futile attempts to play “hooky.” That winter, a group of students from the Senior and Juni or Homerooms organized the Victory Co-eds. This group sponsored many dances and parties to which the high school pupils were invited. (Continued on page 70) 1. School is out! 2. Is that so, W’hitie? 3. W’oikiiig goils? 4. Cioiiig our way? 5. ()r ille Wright II. (). 1 )ottie. 7. Please come down. S. Frcshies. 9. Our pride and joy, U). The Editor himself. 11. Just playing around. 12. Glamour Gals. 13. Sophomore pals. 14. Midget. 16. London Bridge. 17. Sisters. 18. Pals. THE 1945 The teachers had it pretty rough for awhile also. They had to hike to the school from the George Washington Highway in all the rain, snow and mud. Believe me, it was no fun ! However, most of them were young and had not been teaching very long. It was no picnic to have to learn the ropes in a newly organized school. Mr. Early, our efficient and likeable principal, had his worries too. He had the job of placing the new students where they belonged. Some who did not have their credits with them had to be placed temporarily and then he changed them around when their credits came. He had to stand the griping of some of the students who had to be put back because they came from a 12 grade system. That, my dear readers, is a complete picture of Alexander Park in its first winter. But the days were not to be dark forever. Oh, no ! Spring came and with it the “ice chewing.” How many teachers and pupils remember that year? During the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the burning of Rome, the ice chewing went on and on. It went on with increasing vivaciousness. Mrs. Buchanan remembers, so does Mrs. Amos and Mrs. Moore. Where did this ice come from — the frigidaires in the kitchen of the house “of learning”? All the comforts of home ! That year teachers kept coming and going and the school kept growing and growing. Then came graduation ! Three of Alexander Park’s students graduated (that’s all there were in the graduation class). They officially received their diplomas from their former high schools because our school was not old enough to be considered an accredited school. The exercises were held at Semmes Place. By this time the school had increased to 1300 pupils and 46 teachers. That spring was much better for the residents of the Park. The government built recreation centers for us. Civic Leagues were formed for the different sec- tions of the Park, and things started moving around the Park. The younger people had recreational facilities, and the older people had their clubs and gatherings to attend. Everyone was kept busy and happy. Early that spring exciting news got around. Little Star Stores were going to open soon. Almost over night, it seemed, that rumor came true. The opening day was a big event. People crowded into the store like a group of starving Armenians. The day was a typical Eastern ’irginia day. Hot and sticky! Imagine a store crowded to capacity with still more crowding in. People bought and some fainted ; still more folks came. The only fault found with the weather that spring was in the wind. You see, there was no grass and trees planted, the place looked like a miniature Sahara. So, when the wind blew, it blew dust. Nice dry dust to chew in your mouth or grind in your teeth. Before one went into another’s home, they shook themselves good. The stove was a minor detail in the spring and summer. To make a fire or not to make it ; that was the question. If you made it, you would suffocate for the rest of the day. If you didn’t make it, you would have to dive into a nice cold bath, or, what would be worse, go without one because you lacked the courage to do the latter. Or perhaps you enjoyed doing the dishes with ice cold water. That summer the government built us a beautiful school on McClean Street. It was beautiful I ! ! I still remember the first time I viewed the building. A couple of friends called for me and we all went down to have a look. “That’s all very nice,” I said, “but where is the rest of it, the other two stories, I mean?” Well, September came, and for the second time I went to register. Only this lime it was a little different from the other. (Continued on page 72) N A T I 0 N A 1. lUisiness Mgr. 2. Cute? 3. Posed — definitely! 4. Patrolman. 5. Bathing heaiity. 6. “Coach.” 7. Ciood-looking Juniors. 8. Dignified Seniors? 9. A swell guy. 10. Jitterbug. 11. Mom and Offspring 12. The Three Stooges. 13. Another cutie. 14. Energetic Juniors. 15. Miss Harrell. 16. Always busy. 17. Is that right? 18. Pretty flowers! THE 1945 The school opened that year with 2200 pupils and 46 teachers. The grade school was at one end of the building and the high school was at the other. Al- though the school was only one story high, it was very long. It housed the lower and upper grades quite comfortably. We had one senior class, two junior classes, three sophomore classes and four freshman classes. The days went by very nicely, but the only thing that some of us couldn’t get accustomed to was the electric bell. We really got going fast around here. Right at the beginning, we organized a football team, then came a girls’ and boys’ basket ball team, then baseball. We played many games, and for a newly organized team we did okay. Then came th.e newspaper. Boy, we were going places ! Then Miss Hundley organized a Latin Club. When our new orchestra played the school song, " Onward Nationals,” many of us felt a never to be forgotten thrill. Next the Glee Club, with Airs. Aloon at its helm, started to supply us with many entertaining chapel programs. Air. Seawall, who teaches science and mathematics, organized a Science Club. Everyone who had a good average and who was in any of his classes had the privilege of joining. They sponsored many parties and dances to which the student body was invited to attend. Then Air. Early and Aliss Hundley organized a branch of the Beta Club here. Besides having a high average, one had to have the personal approval from every one of his teachers. Some students just walked around and complained, because they simply wouldn ' t take part in any of the school activities. “In my school they would do it like this,” or “Why do we have to do this?” Those were the only words of en- couragement that the school leaders got from certain people. But on we marched ! Why, towards the end of the year, they were even talking of the possibility of having a lunch room. Imagine ! The enrollment of the school by this time had increased to 2,988 pupils and 83 teachers. That summer everyone got a big surprise — the United States Government planted grass. It was refreshing to the eyes after all the brown coloring all winter. They also sent large tractors to plow up the land behind the houses in crder that we could plant our Wctory gardens. That summer was not so bad, all one had to do was to hop a bus, then a ferr}-, then a trolley and zing ! ! ! They were at Ocean A’iew or A ' irginia Beach. September dawned again (as it will dawn for a thousand years hence) and back to school we went. But back to a school with many improvements. Back to a lunch room ! xA.lso, we had a new x ssistant Principal, Air. L. W. Anderson. Air. Anderson came to us from Robersonville, X. C., and has contributed much to the efficient organization of our school this session. Several new courses were taught. Distributive Education with Airs. Ostenkamp, in charge, opened a lot of new fields for her students. Commercial work consisting of Typing, Shorthand and Book- keeping was offered for the first time with Airs. Chittum as instructor. School began quietlv enough, but soon someone started to yell for an annual. Teachers told us to plug for what we wanted and plug we did, or rather Howard Sparks did the plugging. Airs. Chittum was put in charge and things began to buzz and buzz till you have what you now see before you — the first annual of Alexander Park High School. The year is over. For many of us it is to be our last year in high school, for many it is just the beginning. But for those of us who are leaving, we will never forget the many happy hours we spent here and the joy and satisfaction of seeing our school grow into one that we all can be proud to call our Alma Alater. —Marsha Weiner. NATIONAL ATHLETICS THE 1945 First Row: Mr. Zchzcniak, Coach; Crawsoii, End; Wood, End; Griblile, Halfback; Williams, Quarterback; Smith (Captain) Fullback; Merriweather, Halfback; Vick, Guard; Jones, Manager Second Row: Newsome, Halfback; Johnson, Tackle; Ellington, Halfback; Webster, Tackle; Jesse, Center; Kelly, Tackle; Hiatt, Guard; Sloan, Tackle; Hill, Assistant Manager Third Row: Mahaney, Halfback; Poplin, Halfback; Tanner, Tackle; Johnson, Bob, Guard; Costner, Guard ; Wood, J. B., End ; Raley, End Fourth Row: Welch, Halfback; Bradshaw, Center; Leonard, Halfback; Martin, Guard I FOOTBALL The 1944 Xationals were the first team to represent Alexander Park High on the gridiron. Our team, although they were under many handicaps in their first year of Class P Competition and lost many games, they were a hard hitting, determined bunch and never took a beating lying down. Our team took their wins and losses with equal pride for they had faith as we had faith, that when another season opens, Alexander Park will be more able to cope with their more experienced rivals. T are proud of the fine group of boys who played so hard for us this season. SCHEDULE Sept. 30 — -Alexander Park 0 — Cradock 20 Oct. 2 — Alexander Park 6 — Suffolk 40 Oct. 20 — -Alexander Park 0 — Broad Creek 25 Oct. 27 — -Alexander Park 0 — X orview 27 Xov. 3 — Alexander Park (5 — Churchland 24 Xov. 15 — Alexander Park 0 — South X orfolk 19 Xov. 22 — -Alexander Park 0 — Portlock 28 NATIONAL First Row: Ellington, Forward ; Crawson, Guard; Jones (Captain), Center ; W’illiams, Guard; Anderton, Forward Second Row: Mr. Zebzeniak, Coach; Newsome, Guard; Spies, Center; Gribble, Guard; Smith, Forward ; iMahaney, Forward ; Campbell, Manager BOYS’ BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Jan. 5— Alexander Park 24 — Suffolk 42 Jan. 9— Alexander Park 20 — Norview 31 Jan. 12 — Alexander Park 32 — Churchland 16 Jan. 16 — Alexander Park 30 — Cradock 18 Jan. 17 — Alexander Park 21 — Elizabeth City 17 Jan. 19 — Alexander Park 22 — Morrison 30 Jan. 23 — Alexander Park 41 — Broad Creek 23 Jan. 26 — Alexander Park 28 — Oceana 17 Jan. 30 — Alexander Park 27 Feb. 2 — Alexander Park 24 — South Norfolk 22 Feb. 6 — -Alexander Park 31 Feb. 9 — Ale.xander Park 21 — Norview 28 Feb. 12 — Alexander Park 30 — Oceana 19 Feb. 13 — -Alexander Park 26 Feb. 16 — -Alexander Park 30 — Broad Creek 14 Feb. 20— Alexander Park 17 Feb. 21 — Alexander Park 20 — St. Joseph 17 Feb. 23 — Alexander Park 35 Feb. 27 — Alexander Park 32 — Suffolk 36 Mar. 2 — Alexander Park 28 — Elizabeth City 17 I THE 1945 First Row: Davenport, Guard; Flamm, Guard; Granger (Captain), Forward; Butler, Guard; iggins. Forward ; Pope, Forward Second Row: Walker, Assistant Manager; Jones, Forward; Ross, Guard; Winslow, Guard; Mrs. Byrd, Coach; Bell, E., Forward; Bell, A., Forward; Murph}-, Guard; Sumner, Manager GIRLS’ BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Ian. 5 — Alexander Park 12— Suffolk 37 Jan. 9 — -Alexander Park Id — Xorview 17 Jan. 12 — Alexander Park 20 — Churchland 4 Jan. 16 — ’Alexander Park 16 — Cradock 16 Jan. 17 — Alexander Park 17 — Elizabeth Citv 21 Jan. 19 — Alexander Park 28 — Morrison 14 Tan. 23 — Alexander Park 20 — Broad Creek 17 Jan. 26 — Alexander Park 18 — Oceana 15 Jan. 30 — Alexander Park 2-1 — Morrison 20 Feb. 2 — Alexander Park 13 — South Xorfolk 34 Feb. 6 — Alexander Park 1 1— Portlock 23 Feb. 9 — Alexander Park 18 — Oceana 15 Feb. 12 — ’Alexander Park 2d — X ' orview 22 Feb. 13 — Alexander Park 28 — Churchland 8 Feb. 16 — Alexander Park 17 — Broad Creek 20 Feb. 20 — Alexander Park 18 — Cradock 21 Feb. 21 — Alexander Park 25 — St. Joseph 11 Feb. 23 — Ale.xander Park 23 — Portlock 23 Feb. 27 — Alexander Park 17 — Suffolk 33 Mar. 2 — Ale.xander Park 8 — Elizabeth Citv 15 NATIONAL First Row; Bob Johnson, Billy Vick, Junior Pilgreen, James Hill, Bill Anderton, Marshall Ellington, XIr. Zehzeniak (Coach) Second Row: Bill Leonard, R. B. Williams, Joe Smith, Bob W ' elch, Lewis Campbell, Bill Jones, Dale Sloan BASEBALL Baseball got under way the middle of March when about thirty boys reported to Coach Zehzeniak. We have a few- experienced veterans from last year’s out- standing team, also some very promising material from last year’s reserves. There are many on the squad for the first time from the lower classes which should make splendid material in several years. Those who saw service last year were James Hill, R. B. Williams, Bill Jones, Dale Sloan, Marshall Ellington, Joe Smith, and Lewis Campbell. There is much competition for the different positions and under the direction of Mr. Zehzeniak, our popular and efficient coach, we have hopes of a very suc- cessful season with opponents in Class B competition this season. THE 1945 NATIONAL STUDENT DIRECTORY Seniors Student Former Home Absher, Mildred Virginia Rogersville, Tcnn Albrecht, Ewart Alfonso, Jr Salisburg, N. C. Alford, Ouida Lucille Perry, Fla. Atkins, Reginald Roanoke, Va. Aline, Clarice Mae Crookston, Alinn. Bailey, Ruby Helen Greensboro, N. C. Bell, Elizabeth Ann Jackson, N. C. Boomhower, Herbert Eddie Wayzata, Minn. Brown, Peggie Justine Greensboro, N. C. Campbell, James Lewis Burlington, N. C. Carpenter, Elizabeth Pettigrew. .. .Greensboro, N. C. Clopton, Gene Carlton Atlanta, Ga. Collins, Alaxine Beckley, V ' . Va. Cook, Annie Mae Fayetteville, N. C. Cooke, Catherine Elizabeth Holland, Va. Cox, Martha Louise Logan, W. Va. Dameron, Pauline Burlington, N. C. Ellington, Marshall Moody ... Winston Salem, N. C. Fail, Sara Elizabeth Goldsboro, N. C. Goodroad, Olive Elizabeth Louisville, Ky. Greer, Philip Franklin Witchita Falls, Texas Hamm, Alarie Gauley Bridge, W. Va. Hill, William James, Jr Holland, ’a. Helton, urginia Lee Radford, Va. Hubbard, Howard Lee, Jr Fieldale, Va. Huddleston, Frances Alease Roanoke, Va. Ingram, Ruby Frances Davis, N. C. Jackson, W ' illiam Riley Fayetteville, N. C. Jackson, Alary Lou High Point, N. C. Johnston, Allen Louis Roanoke, Va. Jones, Betsy Ruth Radford, N. C. Jones, William Ted Aluncie, Indiana Jordan, Herbert Francis Lynchburg, Va. Keeter, Lucretia W ' eldon, N. C. Lamm, Dorothy W ilson, N. C. Student Former Home Little, Jaudera Aberdeen, N. C. AIcDonald, Samuel Allan South Aliami, Fla. Aleriweather, Shirley Cleveland, Ohio Alessick, Jesse James Lowland, N. C. Messick, John Oscar Lowland, N. C. Alichael, Tommy Alorgantown, W. Va. Alidgett, Levene, Jr Rodanthe, N. C. Aliner, Joseph Otis, Jr Rogersville, Tenn. Cdom, Virginia Grace Jackson, N. C. Page, Joseph Franklin Newman, Ga. Queen, Peggy Ruth Sylva, N. C. Raley, Ralph Boyd Alattoon, III. Rogers, Nettie Alae Baxley, Ga. Ross, Beulah Irene Gaffney, S. C. Sheppard, Christine Emalene Salem, Va. Singletory, Helen Frances Galax, Va. Smith, Josephus Daniels Jonesl oro, N. C. S[)arks, Howard LeRoy Summersville, W ' . Va. Sumner, Ethel Alae Christiansburg, Va. Sumner, Virginia Jean Ahoskie, N. C. Tanner, Rooney W ' eaver ;Laurel, Aliss. Thurmond, Shirley Alarie Alderson, W ' . A a. ’ick, Billy AlcGuire Covington, Va. Webster, James Henry Lectonia, Ohio Wilder, Edward Ray Jonesville, Va. Weiner, Alarsha Brooklyn, N. Y. Welch, Robert Whitter Bed ford, Va. Welch, Bessie Agnes Bedford, Va. Williams, Ralph Brown, Jr Roanoke, Va. Williamson, Alontre Norfolk, Va. Willis, Charlotte Lee East Stone Gap, Va. Wilson, Alinnie Lillian Alonticello, Ga. Winstead, Laura Irene Nashville, N. C. VA ' ood, Richard Ignatious Laurel, Aid. Juniors Absher, Raymond R(3gersville, Tenn. Bailey, Alarvin Anderson, Roy Pennington, A ’a. Ballard, Sue... Anderton, Bill Radford, A ' a. Barnes, Alae... Armentrout, Alargaret W aynesboro, A ' a. Beaver, Glenn. Aultman. Arnold Petersburg, Va. Bell, Bonnie... Ivor, Va. Cumberland, Aid. Winston .Salem, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Chester, S. C, THE 1945 STUDENT DIRECTORY Student Former Home Student Bowman, Zummie Bradshaw, Hoj’t Carter, ,Ann Chambers, Clifton Clements, Emily Clements, . S Collins, Lucille Costner, Gene Crawford, Edward Crutchfield, Billy Dameron, Robert David, Jr. Daniel, James E Drum, Bobby Duncan, iMarlou Dyer, Mildred Eddy, Elaine Eerguson, Margaret Eisher, Heloise Eisher, W ilma Erost, Lester Gardner, Bettj- Jean Goodroad, Charles Goodwin, Jack Goodwin, La Ruex Gordon, Rosalie Gray, Betty Gribble, Bernard Gunsauley, Betty Guthrie, John Hagan, Charles Hall, Lois Hall, Marillyn Hazelton, Mary Anne Hedge, Gerald Henderson, Carolyn Hester, Melvin Hiatt, Moir High, Joanna Hill, Charles W’ Howell, Bill Hudgins, Juanita Hylton, Ruby Jackson, A. L., Jr Jesse, Gene. . . Johnson, Bill. Johnson, Bob. Jones, Audrey Jones, Gladys. Rockwell, X. C. .....High Point, X. C. Raeford, X. C. Gaston, X. C. Durham, X’. C. Charlotte, X ' . C. Roanoke Rapids, X. C. Gastonia, X. C. Logan, W ' . ' a. Becklej-, W’. ' a. Graham, X. C. Oxford, X . C. . . . .Chattanooga, Tenn. Marion, X. C. Danville, ’a. Salem, W ' . Va. Camden, Tenn. Durham, X. C. Springfield, 111. Galax, Va. Staunton, ’a. Jamestown, X’. D. Roxboro, X. C. Atlanta, Ga. . . .Huntington, W ' . ' a. Atlanta, Ga. . . Morgantown, W ' . ’a. Midland, Penn. Pittsburgh, Penn. X’ewbern, X’. C. Lowell, Ela. Lake Worth, Ela. Winterville, X. C. . . . . Clarksburg, W. ' a. Greenville, S. C. Omar, W. Va. Martinsville, Ya.. Danville, Va. . . . .Charleston, W. ' a. Bluefield, W. ’a. Bassett, ’a. Roanoke, ’a. High Point, X. C. Bassett, ’a. Durham, X’. C. Wilson, X. C. Selma, X. C. Suffolk, ' a. Kelley, William Kiger, Mary Leary, June Leonard, Bill Mahane}-, Howard Martin, Earl Milam, Dottie lurphy, Genevieve McAlexander, Ralph McDowell, Xanc 3 ' McManus, Kenneth iMcX’ eely, Eula Catherine Xance, Vrona X’ewsome, Ralph Xicholson, George X ' unlej ' , Walter Overstreet, Royston.... Patton, -Archie R., Jr. . . . Poole, Earl Pope, Kathleen Poplin, Ervin Powers, Jimmie Presson, Wilbur Puckett, James E Pugh, Bill Saboleski, Raymond Sanford, Billy Sanford, Bobbj’ Shumaker, X’anc - Ellen. Sloan, Dale Smawley, Jacqueline Spies, Kay Spivey, Gertrude Stephens, Terr - Stone, Branson Walker, Leeda ' ' W alker, Gene Walsh, Robert Wantland, Ered Watkins, Tommj ' Weinberger, Elizabeth... Wharan, -Ann Elizabeth.. Wiggins, X " anc ’ Williams, Jeannette Williams, Katherine W ' ood, John Barney, Jr. . Young, Glennis Eormer Home Painter, Va. Pilot Alountain, X. C. Ke}’ser, W. Va. . . . . Kannapolis, X. C. ....Cumberland, Aid. Lynchburg, A’a. Roanoke, A ' a. Smithfield, X. C. Lj nchburg, A’a . . . South Boston, A ' a. Charlotte, X. C. . . . . Princeton, AA’. A ' a. Elkin, X. C. Hopewell, A’a. -Asheville, X. C. Kenova, A ' . A’a. Lynchburg, A’a. Hertford, X. C. ...High Point. X. C. ....Statesville, X. C. .... Statesville, X. C. Roanoke, A’a. Hopewell, A’a. ...Banner Elk, X. C. Winchester, A’a. .AA’ilkes Barre, Penn. AA’est Point, A’a. AA ' est Point, A’a. ....Bluefield, A ' . A’a. Bassett, A’a. Greenville, S. C. Blackwell, AA’is. Raeford, X. C. Erwin, X. C. Durham, X. C. Rock - Gap, A’ a. Richmond, A’a. Alountain Citj ' , Tenn. Alurryville, Mo. . . . .Birmingham, Ala. .Parkersburg, AAA A ' a. Ore Bank, A ' a. . . . . A’anceboro, X. C. Portsmouth, A ' a. Raleigh, X. C. . . . .High Point, X. C. Perry, Elorida NATIONAL Student Aldrich, Marjorie.... Almond, Jack Aker, Mary Anthony, Bob Bailey, Edith Baker, Russell Ballengee, Robert Barnes, Robert Barrett, Joy Ann Batchelor, Lorraitie. . . Batchelor, Raymita.... Baucom, Lewis Beck, Marianne Bell, Agnes Bell, Allen Box, Mildred Bibb, Jean Bindemann, Emma.... Blackman, Dorothy. . . . Blankenship, Talmage. Boalt, Kenneth Boyd, Clara Bracy, Ray Brame, Virginia Brannock, Buddie Brinkley, Dorothy Browder, Randolph . . . . Brown, Jacqueline Brown, Kenneth Brown, Shirley Brown, Thomas Buckwell, Thomas Burgess, Jayne Burgess, Norma Butler, Patsy Cochran, Bob Carter, Nadine Carter, Neva Carter, W. D Chandler, Betty Chester, Darrell Coates, James Coffey, Nancy Louise.. Collins, James Garland Collins, Ruel Cooke, Doris Coston, Dorothy Corns, Lucille STUDENT DIRECTORY Sophomores Eormer Home I ..Council Bluffs, Iowa Beckley, W. Va. M ' ythcville, Va. . . . . Washington, D, C. ....Greensboro, N. C. Crewe, Va. Beckley, W. Va. . . .Rocky Mount, N. C. Bluefield, W. Va. Wilson, N. C. ...Wilson, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Jackson, N. C. Bluefield, W. Va. Marion, Va. Madison Heights, Va. Cincinnati, Ohio Benson, N. C. Newport, Ark. Omar, W. Va. Bradford, Va. Ahoskie, N. C. Oxford, N. C. ...Mount Airy, N. C. Suffolk, Va. . . .Lawrenceville, Va. ...Greensboro, N. C. ..Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . .Bluefield, W. Va. . . . .Bluefield, W. Va. .... Wadesboro, N. C. Bluefield, W. Va. Bluefield, W. Va. Athens, Tenn. ..Charleston, W. Va. Roanoke, Va. ..Huntington, W. Va. Lynchburg, Va. ....Greensboro, N. C. W ' ayland, Ky. St. Louis, Mo. Lenoir, N. C. Beckley, W. Va. ..Huntington, ' . Va. Suffolk, Va. Phoebus, Va. Martinsville, Va. Student Crandall, Carl Crane, Herbert Crawford, James Crawson, Haward Crowder, Mildred Davenport, Anne Lou Davenport, David Frank.. Davidson, Arthur Lee.... Deal, Elline Deal, Joan Deal, Marshall Dearman, Doris Deyerle, Melvin Dickins, Stella Dickinson, Juanita Drummond, Edward Custis Dyer, Billy Early, Rebecca Eason, William Arthur, Jr. Eddins, Ruth Elliott, Eunice Estep, Anne Lee Estep, Ramona Lou Evans, Robert Martin Evans, Roy Nelson Feller, Allan Canar Freeman, Ruth Jayne Frier, Helen Furr, Donald Gainer, Mildred Louise. . . . Gallimore, Harlan Russell. Gardner, Charles L Gavin, Juanita Gentry, Thelma Granger, Audrey Carolyn.. Griffin, Gertrude Jewel Griffin, Helen Mayfield Groce, .Susan Carolyn Grimes, Edna J Gullion, Dona Ann Hafle, Lorna Jean Hall, Frances Lee Hall, Kenneth Farlin Hall, Alfred Tharpe Hardee, James Willoughby. Harding, Maudae Harper, Fred Jr Hedge, Edmond Leon Former Home . . . . Elizabethton, Tenn. Greensville, S. C. Olivehill, Ky. Chattahooche, Fla. Pulaski, Va. Battleboro, N. C. Battleboro, N. C. ....Montcalm, W. Va. ....Taylorsville, N. C. . . . .Taylorsville, N. C. ....Taylorsville, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Roanoke, Va. Harper, W. Va. . . .Huntington, W. Va. Craddockville, Va. Danville, Va. Bluefield, Mb Va. Tarboro, N. C. . . .Spring Hope, N. C. Portsmouth, Va. Gauley Bridge, W. Va. Gauley Bridge, W. Va. Bluefield, W. Va. Bluefield, W. Va. M ' inona, Alinn. Bassett, Va. Portsmouth, Va. Concord, N. C. ... .Haywood, W. Va. Richmond, Va. ..Elizabeth City, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Mullins, W. Va. . .Elizabeth City, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. ....Kannapolis, N. C. . . . Summerfield, N. C. Hamilton, N. C. Bluefield, W. Va. Ironton, Ohio . .Parkersburg, W. Va. Lowell, Fla. .Parkersburg, W. Va. . . . .Washington, D. C. Inez, Ky. Farmville, Va. . . .Clarksburg, W. Va. THE 1945 STUDENT DIRECTORY Student Former Home Student Former Home Hedge, Jeannette Jo Henderson, Betty Barbara.. Henderson, Robert Straiten Hill, Sara Frances Horner, Jessie Louise Howell, Helen Elease Jackson, Bett - Jo Johnson, W. M. George.... Johnson, Frank Kapps, Mar ' Joyce Keen, Margaret Kirby, !Monty Latham, Clarence, Jr Leinard. Roy Leonard, Arthur Charles. . . Leonard, Patsy Ruth Little, Lila ' irginia Lundy, T. L., Jr Lyons, Dennis Maham, Dorothy Markham, Peggy Lou Martin, Barbara [axwell, Marjorie layne, Bobbie Meeks, Cleo Ward Milam, Ina Mae Miles, Pegg - Ann Miller, Patsy Carolyn Miller, Jack Eugene Moore, Marjorie Rebecca.. Moore, Betty Jo Moore, Denny Morris, Rub ' Louise Musick, Anna Lee Myers, Raymond Newsome, Patsy Marie Nave, Sally Elaine Nicholson, C. W ' ., Jr Norton, Gordon O’Leary, Betty Pettit, Doris Gloria Phelps, Curtis Elizabeth. . . . Phipps, Edith Geneva Pope, Colene Poston, Miriam Dennie Price, Dorothy Blanche. . . . Prince, Blanch Pryor, Frank Wallace Raike, Marjorie Lynn . . . . Clarksburg, W. Va. Metoria, ' a. Abingdon, Va. Greensboro, N. C. Pinehurst, N. C. Selma, N. C. High Point, N. C. Tarboro, N. C. Mt. Airy, N. C. Portsmouth, Va. Erwin, N. C. Union, S. C. . . .Breckinridge, Texas Knoxville, Ky. Kannapolis, N. C. Briston, ' a. Tarboro, N. C. Galax, ’a. ...Huntington, . ' a. Powhatan, " a. Raleigh, N. C. Sylva, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Beckley, W. ' a. Tarboro, N.C. Roanoke, ' a. Durham, N. C. . . . .China Grove, N. C. Cantan, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Roanoke, ’a. ...South Norfolk, ’a. Palmyra, Ya. Clincheo, " a. .Winston Salem, N. C. Hopewell, Va. Painesville, Ohio Roanoke, Va. Milstead, Ga. Keyser, W. Va. Gaffney, S. C. Somerset, Ky. Goldsboro, N. C. Warsaw, N. C . Gastonia, N. C. .Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Taccoa, Ga. , . Cedar Grove, W. Va. Ramej-, Bettj ' Ramsey, Randolph Clyde Ramsey, Margaret Anne Reeves, Joan Reynolds, Mrginia Richards, Nanette Rife, Thelma Louise Riggsby, Lillian Louise Rogers, Russel Robert Rosenberger, Mildred Laverna Ross, Barbara Allen Royce, Ethel Ray Scholpf, Stanley Lee Roy Scott, Douglas Lee Shrader, Louise Sloane, Pina Jeanelle Smith, Barbara Jean Smith, Frances Jane Smith, Rosalind Joyce Smith, Russel Alson Soboleski, Jean Rose Sparks, David Lee Spencer, Leary Idyle ' .t Spivey, Irene Baker Stafford, Cecil, Jr Stone, Sanford Clarence Spies, Patricia Helen Stottlemire, Leona Mae Stratton, ’irginia Claire Strickland, Joyce Jeannette Sumner, Dana Raye Sweeny, Larry Mitchell Tharrington, Iris Tanner, Annette Thompson, Ava O Thurmond, Betty Anne Toothaker, Ivan Turner, Marilyn Tyler, Betty Upton, Ella Walker, Jackie Walsh, Marie Walthall, Bernard, Jr Ward, Ernestine Weinberger, Martha W haley, Edith Wheeler, Betty Whitehurst, Dallas Williams, Barbara Logan, W’. Va. Danville, Va. Danville, Va. . .Shady ’alley, Tenn. Stuart, ’a. Columbia, S. C. Jenkins, Ky. Logan, W. Va. Switzer, W. ' a. Kittanning, Pa. . . . . Fayettesville,N. C. . . . .Birmingham, Ala. Garrett, Indiana War, W. Va. . . . .Princeton, W’. ' a. Bassett, Va. Elizabeth City, N. C. . . . .High Point, N. C. Jonesboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. ..Wilkes Barre, Penn. Summersville, W. Va. ....Engelhard, N. C. Raeford, N. C. Pembroke, ' a. Davy, W. ’a. Blackwell, Wis. Fairmont, W.Va. Lynchburg, Va. Louisburg, N. C. Ahoskie, N. C. Houston, Texas . Rocky Mount, N. C. Laurel, Miss. Roanoke, Va. . . . . Alderson, W. ' a. Wetumka, Okla. Erwin, N. C. Roanoke, ' a. Elkins, W. Va. . . . .Greensboro, N. C. Akron, Ohio Rosboro, N. C. Kenova. W. " a. .Parkersburg, W. ' a. Kinston, N. C. ..Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Robersonville, N. C. Dalton. Ga. NATIONAL Student illis, Shirley V ' iggins, Clarine Wiggins, Eddie Ray W ' inslow, Margaret Winslow, Harry Edward Winemiller, Burton C. . . Winstead, Aileen Aaron, W ' illiam Anderson, Ruth Amos, James Atkins, Jacqueline Cecelia. Aune, Arley Baker, Irene Baugha, Qeise Banks, Catherine Barefoot, Fredrice Barton, H. A Barnes, Virginia Caroline Barrett, Cdoria Marie.... Beard, Ross Benton, Alton Benton, Doris Bernha rdt, Robert Bibb, Betty Lou Blanks, Kitty Biggs, Janie I)ar Blount, Jimmy Brafiford, Ernestine Brannock, James Briley, Robert Brown, Cornelia Broome, Elmer Bryant, Rosa Lee Browder, Minnie Buckley, Frank Burgess, Chlotilds Burchett, Dorothy Burrus, Jule Burrus, Mary Bryant, Raymond Byrdwell, Jimmie Byrdwell, Marvin Callicutt, Faith Campbell, Carol Carr, Beatrice Ethel Carter, Grace Chester. Harold STUDENT DIRECTORY Former Home Student Newport News, Va. Wynns, J. B. .. . . . Waynesville, N. C. . . . . Vanceboro, N. C. .Elizabeth City, N. C. .Elizabeth City, N. C. Adriam, W. Va. Nashville, N. C. Fresh Danville, Va. . . . .La Follette, Tenn. Richland, Va. Roanoke, Va. .... Crookston, Minn. Kingsport, Tenn. Mayokon, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Dunn, N. C. Miami, Fla. . . . . Greensboro, N. C. Coaldale, W ' . Va. Beckley, W.Va. ..Myrtle Beach, S. C. ..Myrtle Beach, S. C. Shelby, N. C. Madison Heights, Va. Lynchburg, Va. . . Robersonville, N. C. London, Tenn. Raleigh, N. C. Mt. Airy, N. C. Rocky Mt., N. C. Roanoke, Va. . . . Newport News, Va. .Selma, N. C. , . . .Lawrenceville, Va. . . . .Wilmington, N. C. Bluefield, W ' . Va. Belsy Lone, Ky. Mantes, N. C. Mantes, N. C. Lynchburg, Va. . . .Chattanooga, Tenn. ...Chattanooga, Tenn. High Point, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. . . . .Lewisburg, W. Va. Raeford, N. C. Wayland, Ky. Synns, Adrain Wildman, Dan Vicks, Johnny Yeates, Alleene Young, Doris men Clark, Mary Clark, Floyd Cline, Wanda Coghill, Edna Collus, Cliff Compton, John Cook, Earnest Cook, Ronald Cook, Ruth Cornwell, Barbara Counts, Hal, Jr Co.x, Sara Crawson, Clarence Crutchfield, Linwood... Crutchfield, Lillian Crutchfield, Mary Culler, Sherman I lameron, Geraldine .... Dameron, Roy Lee Daniel, James Davis, Charles Davis, Johnny Lee DeArmond, Judy Dodd, Katherine Draper, Wfilliam Drum, Nancy Lou Eanes, Edward Early, Milton Elliott, David Ellington, Charles Ellington, Betty Ann. . . Ervin, Jack Lee Evans, Donald Evans, Mary Faucette, Connie Faircloth, Perdie Fink, Carolyn Fink, Morris Fitzgerald, Robert Ray. Fletcher, Blanche Helen Former Home , . Ahoskie, N. C. . Ahoskie, N. C. . . Parmele, N. C. Nashville, N. C. . .Winfall, N. C. .Asheville, N. C. Greenwood, Miss. Portsmouth, Va. Hickory, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Atlanta, Ga. Point Pleasant, W. Va. Fayetteville, N. C. . .Morgantown, W. Va. ..Morgantown, W. Va. Asheville, N. C. Roanoke, Va. Logan, W. Va. . . . . Chattahoochee, Fla. South Hill, Va. Bcckley, J Va. South Hill, Va. High Point, N. C. Burlington, N. C. .... .Burlington, N. C. Hampton, Ga. . . .Rocky Mount, N. C. ...Rocky Mount, N. C. Athens, Tenn. Roanoke, Va. Martinsville, Va. Statesville, N. C. Lynchburg, Va. Bluefield, W. Va. ..Parkersburg, W. Va. Leaksville, N. C. .Winston Salem, N. C. ..Winston Salem, N. C. . . . W ' illiamson, W. Va. Bluefield, ' . Va. Chase City, Va. Fayetteville, N. C. Rupert, W. Va. Beckley, W. Va. Hermit, W. Va. Grundy, Ga. THE 1945 Student ’ oster, Bruce Fox, Bill Gentry, Mary Gilbert, John Gilliam, Billie Gilliam, Ina Mae Gilliking, Ila Mae Gilliland, Kenneth Glass, Edward Lee Goodrich, Venita Goodnight, Donald Goodwin, Bobby Griffin, Tack Groves, Clifford Haga, Emma Jean Hall, Helen Handy, Charlotte Harper, Mary Harris, Clifford Harvell, Tommy Hast} ' , Dorothy Hasty, James Hatcher, Harry Hatcher, Vivian Hendricks, Betty Hendricks, Phyllis Hester, Margaret Hill, Mary Hill, Carolyn Hill, Iris Howell, Betty Horton, Sharleen Howerton, Elva Laverne Hubbard, Frances Hudgins, Fred Hudson, Howard Hutchens, George Hutton, Blanche Hylfon, Jo Anne Jackson, Joseph Johnson, Betty Anne. . . . Johnson, Reuben Johnson, Wendell Lee... Jones, Joyce Jones, Leslie Jones, Shelton Kannagon, Richard Kelly, Jean Elizabeth.... Kiger, Clarence Rufus... Kluttz, Martha Mills.... STUDENT Former Home .Winston Salem, X. C. Marcon, ' a. Itmann, W. ’a. Covington, ' a. Wise, ’a. Wise, ' a. Beaufort, X. C. Farmville, A’a. Lynchburg, Ya.. Suffolk, ' a. Gruber, Texas Gauley Bridge, W. ’a. . . . Marlington, W. Va. Raleigh, W. Va. Richlands, ’a. Lewisburg, X. C. Martinsville, Va. Farmville, ' a. Pox, W. ' a. Broadway, X. C. Windsor, Va. Windsor, ' a. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Bluefield, W. Va. Bishop, Va. Omar, W. ' a. . . . . Charleston, W. ' a. Holland, Va. Demascus, Va. Bluefield, W. Va. Wayland, Ky. Richmond, ’a. Martinsville, ’a. Bassett, Va. Richmond, Ya. Kenova, W. Va. Danville, ' a. Roanoke, ' a. ....Fayetteville, X. C. Lexington, " a. , . .Rocky Mount, X. C. Statesville, X . C. Galax, ’a. Martinsville, Va. Selma, X’. C. Roanoke, ’a. Painter, Va. Rural Hall, X. C. Salisbur} ' , X ' . C. DIRECTORY Student Kuebler, Bobby Kuebler, Jean Lachman, Bonzie Sue.. Lamm, Hughland Lassiter, Carol Leary, Bertha Lee, Joyce Leinart, Ralph Lipe, Betty Carolyn Little, Lillian Mae Little, Steve Leo Lindsay, Gloria Rae Livingston, Billy Joe... Looney, Elsie Martin, Floyd Martin, Joyce Martin, Winifred Ann. Mathena, Jack Walter.. Mc. lexander, Bob McDonald, Henry McDowell, Ray McManus, Carol McX ' eely Xichols, Gene Meacher, June Meazeil, Mildred Jean.. Meece, Margaret Marie Megginson, Gladys Mae Melson, Fannie Mae.... Meredith, Robert Mills, Mary Moore, H. L Moss, Betty Leo Murphy, Charlotte Musick, Katherine Xave, Xedra Donna. . . . Xichols, Gene Xicholson, John H X’ewsome, Garland X ' orris, Donald Odom, .- dele Spivey. . . . Odom, Betty Jo O’Quinn, Emily Lee.... Osborn, John Paul Patrick, Marvine Page, Bobby Petts, Frances Peverall, Cecil Philam, Claude Phelps, Gertrude Former Home Roanoke, Va. Roanoke, ’a. Atlanta, Ga. Wilson, X’. C. Roanoke Rapids, X. C. Keyser, W’. Va. Cleveland, ’a. Clinton, Tenn. Statesville, X. C. Tarboro, X. C. . . . . Pricewick, W. ' a. Uniontown, Pa. Dryden, Ya. Grundy, ' irginia Arab, Ala. Clintwood, ’a. Rosedale, W. Va. Bluefield, " a. Lynchburg, ’a. South Miami, Fla. Berkley, ’a. Charlotte, X. C. ....Princeton, W. ' a. ..Montgomery, W ' . Ya. Baltimore, Md. Xashville, Tenn. Somerset, Ky. Danville, Va. Craddockville, ’a. Kenova. W. Va. Danville, Va. Roanoke, ’a. San Diego, Cal. . . . . Charleston, W. Va. Clincho, Va. Painesville, Ohio . . klontgomery, W. Va. .-Ksheville, X’. C. Atlanta, Ga. Deltaville, Va. Jackson, X. C. Sumter, S. C. ....Harrisonburg, Va. Shelby, Ky. Swedeboro, X’ . J. Xewman, Ga. Cass, W. Ya. Roanoke, Va. .Atlanta, Ga. Somerset. Ky. NATIONAL Student Pilgreen, Wilbur. . . . Pipkin, Gene Poplin, Donald Petts, Frances Price, Claudette Pugh, Leonard Raley, Jeanne Eloise. Ramey, Hobart Ratcliff, Billy Repess, ePte Reynolds, Alma Riggsby, Frank Rimmer, David Rimmer, Doris Robinette, Betty Joan Robinson, Frances. . . . Rogers, Bobby Rosenberger, Delores. Rowe, Ann Rowe, Geraldine Rowe, Kenneth Russell, Christine. . . . , Sanford, Alary Jo... Saunders, Billy Scarce, Harry Scoblic, Therese Seawell, Thomas Selbe, Preston Shrader, Ruby Shrader, Kirby Shoaf, Donald Glenn. Shotzberger, Charles Sills, Evelyn Simpson, James Simpson, Bernard.... Spencer, Grace Spies, James Phillip.. Smith, Lois Smith, Wilma Abernathy, Patricia... Adams, Francis Adams, Lin wood Adkins, Jo Ann Aliff, W ' ilbur Anthony, James Arnold, Jenelle Asheley, Norma Jean Atkins, Norma Jean.. STUDENT Former Home Birmingham, Ala. Portsmouth, Va. Statesville, N. C. ....Charleston, W. Va. ....Clarksburg, W. Va. Gulrach, N. C. Alattoon, 111. Yolyn, W. Va. Elliston, Va. Tarboro, N. C. Galax, Va, Logan, W. Va. Richlands, Va. Richlands, Va. Coeburn, Va. Greenville, N. C. Logan Co., W. Va. Kittanning, Pa. Yloucenter, Va. Wilson, N. C. Pikeville, Ky. La Grange, N. C. W ' est Point, Ga. Lewiston, N. C. Danville, Va. St. Joseph, Mo. Gloucester, Va. . . . . Charleston, W ' . Va. Princeton, W. Va. Prin ceton, W. Va. Salisbury, N. C. Wdiiteford, Aid. Goldsboro, N. C. Lynchburg, Va. Richmond, A ' a. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Blackwell, Wis. ...Huntington, W. Va. Kingsport, Tenn. Seventh Sylvia, N. C. Savannah, Ga. Altavista, Va. . . .Green Brier, W ' . Va. Roanoke, Va. . . . Alorgantown, N. C. . . . . Thomasville, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Roanoke, Va. DIRECTORY Student Stevens, Gorman Sumner, Elwood Bumner, Alable Sullivan, W ' alter Tanner, Sarah Tartt, Charles Tetterton, James Thaxton, Ralph Tompkins, Harold.... Tucker, Violet Tweedy, Teresa Vears, Benny Wainwright, Alildred Walker, Jean Wallace, Eugene Warren, Alargaret. . . . Warriver, Sammy.... W ' atkins, Carolyn Warner, Clyde Webb, Bobby Welbon, Joseph Wiggins, Cecil Whitacre, Shirley Whitacre, W ' illiam.... Whitley, Corinith W ' indley, Carlton W illiams, Calvin Williams, J. A Wilson, Robert VA’indley, Shirley W ' illiams, Phyllis Williamson, Joann. . . . Willis, Dorothy Sue... Wilson, Jean Wise, Alildred Wood, L. Thorne.... W ' yatt, Jo Ann Young, Louis Grade Bahe, Paul Baker, Alary Ann Barnes, Jack Barrett, Elwood.. Barnard, Larna.. Batchelor, Ruby.. Beard, Guy Beck, Sonny Belcher, Fravis... Former Home Spray, N. C. . . . . Christiansburg, Va. Ahoskie, N. C. Greenville, S. C. Laurel, Aliss. Erwin, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. Oxford, N. C. WYlch, WA Va. Fort Gay, WA Va. Lynchburg, Va. Radford, Va. Poquson, Va. Rocky Gap, Va. Bluefield, Va. Charleston, S. C. ....Society Hall, S. C. Birmingham, Ala. Jonesboro, N. C. Kermit, W ' . Va. Winston Salem, N. C. Robinsville, N. C. Ottawa, Kas. Ottawa, Kas. Chesapeake, Ohio Norfolk, Va. Rocky Alt., N. C. Alarion, N. C. Galax, Va. Norfolk, Va. Durham, N. C. Belharen, N. C. . . . .Big Stone Gap, Va. Granite City, 111. Goldsboro, N. C. . . . .High Point, N. C. Alullins, Wb Va. Exmore, Va. W ' aterloo, Iowa .Big Stone Gap, Va. ...Rocky Alt., N. C. . ..Coaldale, WA Va. Blue Ridge Alt., Va. Wilson, N. C. . . . . Beckley, W. Va. Raleigh, N. C. Louisville, Ky. THE 1945 STUDENT DIRECTORY Student Former Home Student Benton, Jennings Myrtle Beach, S. C. Craft, Charlotte Benfield, Talton Statesville, N. C. Crosier, Perry Berry, Kenneth Rocky Mt., N. C. Crosier, Curtis Betterton, Melissa Chatham, Va Covert, Barbara Jean Blevins, Flora Kingsport, Tenn. Davis, Dorothy Bolin, Phillis Beckley, ’. ' ' a. Dearmon, Janice Booth, Kenneth Rocky Mt., N. C. Deal, Bobby Bolin, Phyllis Beckley, W’. ’a. Decker, Donald Boyette, Billy Newport News, ’a. Deeds, Charles Bradford, Betty Gadsden, Ala. Diegatona, Sonnj-. . . . Brann, Bruce Greenfield, N. C. Dod, Cecile Brann, Louise Greenfield, N. C. Dyer, Anna Marie... Britton, Mary Ellen W aynesboro, Ga. Early, Norma Brleson, ' iolet Jean Asheville, N. C. Edwards, Jeanette... Brooks, Edward Baltimore, Md. Eide, Margie Brooks, Ray Ezel, Ky. Evans, Betty Browder, Melvin Lawrenceville, ' a. Evans, Stanley Bryant, Jo Ann Lynchburg, ’a Evans, Tillman Bryant, Richard Halifa.x County, N. C. Eaircloth, Sally Buckley, Pat Wilmington, N. C. Parmer, Bernice Buckner, Howard Selba City, N. C. Pisher, Robert Buckwell, Panny Wadesboro, N. C. Fret well, Doris Bundy, Jean Elizabeth City, N. C. Furr, Peggy Burchette, Charles Elizabeth, Tenn. Frith, Betty Jane.... Burchette, Jean Pikeville, Ky. Gaskins, Earle Burrus, Margaret Mantio, N. C. Gaskins, Marie Butler, Elizabeth Athens, Tenn. Gentry, Dora Callison, Lorine Charmco, W. ' a. Goodman, Richard... Carlton, Shirley Bristol, a. Goodwin, Ried Cherry, Paige Eure, N. C. Goodwin, John Coffey, Frederick Lenoir, N. C. Gilbert, Kenneth Cohn, Bobby Durham, N. C. Grove, Herman Cook, Harold Morgantown, W. a. Grove, Willie Cook, John Clear Fork, W. a. Grove, Phillip Cook, Genevieve Clear Fork, W. Va. Goode, Martha Combs, Mona Columbia, N. C. Gray, Georga Compton, Charlotte Bluefield, a. Grihble, Jimmie Cooper, Helen Mae inton, a. Griffin, Ruth Ann.... Comer, Jo Springhope, N. C. Guthrie, Donald Cooper, Eugene inton, a. Hagan, Mary Co.x, Sarah Logan, W. ’a. Halfhill, Zelda Cox, Randolph Washington, D. C. Hall, Norman Clark, Charles Portsmouth, Va. Harris, W. Prank Clark, Billy .Ashland, Ky. Harding, Emogene... Clark, Robert Bluefield, W. Va. Harris, Betty Crane, Sybil Greenville, S. C. Hartsell, Otis Croom, Mary Helen Euguay, N. C. Harmon, Edward.... Culler, Betty Jane High Point, N.C. Harbert, Bill Cunningham, Jean Morehead City, N. C. Hendrick, Polly Lou. Crawford, Barbara Jean High Point, N. C. Heffinger, Jolene Clements, George Macon, Ga. Hedge, Richard Former Home Pulaski, Va. Wakeville, W. Va. Wakefield, W. Va. New York, N. Y. ....Elizabeth City, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Sanford, N. C. ...Winston Salem, N. C. Winchester, ’a. Henderson, N. C. Roanoke, ’a. South Boston, ' a. McCamas, W. ’a. Rockingham, N. C. Portsmouth, Va. Portsmouth, ' a. Westmoreland, ’a. Danville, " a. Hopewell, A ' a. Wilson, N. C. Springfield, 111. Waynesboro, Va. Concord, N. C. Martinsville, Va. Little Washington, N. C. Little Washington, N. C. Halifax, N. C. Lynchburg, ’a. Rosberg, Va. Lake City, S. C. Bluefield, W. ’a. Charleston, W. ’a. Ronceverte, W. ' a. Ronceverte, W. ’a. .Asheville, N. C. Varney, W. Va. . . . .Morgantown, W . ’a. Kannapolis, N. C. . . . . Parkersburg, W. a. Nuburn, N. C. ....Parkersburg, W. Va. Bassetts, Va. Bennetsville, S. C. .Asheville, N. C. .Abingdon, Va. Kannapolis, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Salem, W. Va. Bluefield, Va. Leaksville, N. C. Clarksburg, W ' . A’a NATIONAL STUDENT DIRECTORY Student Former Home Student Helton, Mary Lou Asheville, N. C. McIMaliam, Billy Hiatt, Mary Agnes Martinsville, Va. McLendon, Edith.... Hilton, Margaret Oakland, Calif. McCormick, Betty... Hill, Carlton Boykin, Va. McClenny, John Hin son, Charles Charlotte, N. C. Markham, Marshall.. Hobbs, Kelly, Jr McDraws, Ky. Meade, Geneva Holton, Arnold Alexander, Va. Monds, Mary Gold... Hogwood, Bobby Washington, U. C. Morton, Edward Houston, Doris Charleston, S. C. Moore, Allan Hubbard, Evelyn AIcCormas, W. Va. Moore, Hervie Jean. Hundley, Vernon East Beckley, W. Va. Moore, Alice Hundley, Virgin East Beckley, W. Va. Moss, Virginia Hutchins, Anna Lee Huntington, W. Va. Mickeral, Wilma Hunsucker, Margaret Tarboro, N. C. Miller, Kathryn Irvan, Newassa Buena Vista, Va. Mullican, Jimmie Jackson, Jack Wolf Pein, W. Va. Mullins, Beryle James, Jakey Portsmouth, Va. Mullis, Joe Jeffers, Jo Ann Oakhue, W. Va. Murphy, Wayne Johnston, Bobby Atlantic City, Ala. Myers, Loraine Johnston, Richard Statesville, N. C. Newman, Donald ... . Jenkins, Nancy Greenville, N. C. Newsome, John Johnson, Raymond Duluth, Minn. Needham, Eunice.... Johnson, Ruth Mount Airy, N. C. Needham, Doris Johnson, Jo Ann Mount Airy, N. C. Newsome, Jean Justice, Mary Jo Louisa, Ky. Norton, Reuben Jones, Bobby Pikeville, Ky Nunley, Dorothy Lee Jonnas, Jack Taylorsville, N. C. Nichols, James Kapps, Jane Portsmouth, Ohio Nunley, Donald Kestner, June Bristol, Va. Nance, Bertie Lou... Kestner, Tommy Bristol, Va. Osborne, Grace Kinley, Marietta Union, S. C. Osborne, Ruth La Forge, Marcelina Abbotsburg, N. C. Odom, Eddie Ladd, Gilbert Durham, N. C. O’Quinn, Dorene Lane, Lawrence W ' inston Salem, N. C. Osborne, Marion Lawson, Alberta Devon, W. Va. I’atrick, Ray Laxton, Edward Mullens, W ' . Va. Patrick, Eugene Lee, Barbara Parker, Tommie Lee, Donald Smithfield, N. C. Parks, Vedie Liverman, Alice Bellhaven, N. C. Patterson, Brian Lowe, John Asheville, N. C. Paul, Elizabeth Lovinghood, Thelam Marion, N. C. I hipps, Ereda Lyons, Carolyn Seco, Ky. Price, Julean Layden, Earl Elizabeth City, N. C. Peverall, Virgin League, Joe Durham, N. C. Price, Ernest Martin, Ned Lynchburg, Va. Perry, Viola Martin, Mary Louise Martinsville, Va. Prince, Mary Louise. McDaniel, Thelma Glasgow, Va. Pyle, Beverly McCrickard, Billy Bassetts, Va. Puckett, W ' ayne Alclntyre, Dorothy Hamlet, Va. Queen, Bobby McLendon, Joseph Burlington, N. C. Queensberry, Lewis. . McAIanus, Jerry Charlotte, N. C. Ramsey, Richard.... Former Home Danville, Va. Burlington, N. C. Altoona, Pa. Chicago, 111. .Elizabeth City, N. C. .Seco, Ky. Edinton, N. C. Kingston, N. C. ...South Norfolk, Va. Lancaster, O. Smithfield, N. C. Weston, W ' . Va. . . . . Wilkesboro, N. C. Canton, N. C. W inston .Salem, N. C. ....Princeton, W. Va. Charlotte, N. C. Smithfield, N. C. Winston Salem, N. C. Bristol, Va. . . . .Greensboro, N. C. Shawboro, N. C. Shawboro, N. C. Hopewell, Va. Atlanta, Ga. Kenova, W ' . Va. Huntsville, Ala. Kenova, W. Va. Elkins, N. C. Mountain City, Tenn. .Mountain City, Tenn. Jackson, N. C. . . . .Harrisonburg, Va. Shelly Gap, Ky. ..Huntington, W. Va. Kenova, W. Va. Suffolk, Va. . . .China Grove, N. C. ...Springdale, W. Va. Plymouth, N. C. Bassisserain, Va. Renick, W. Va. Roanoke, Va. . . . . Lumberton, N. C. Ahoskie, N. C. ..China Grove, N. C. Yorkville, Ohio . . . .Banner Elk, N. C. Spindale, N. C. Roanoke, Va. Anville, Va. THE 1945 STUDENT DIRECTORY Student Former Home Student Redman, Billy Ashville, N. C. Rife, Betty Jenkins, Ky. Roberts, Peggy Abingdon, Va. Robinson, Lois i..St. Petersburg, Fla Radcliffe, Orville Ashville, N. C. Raike, Sonja Shrewsverry, ’. Va. Robiete, Jeanette Kingsport, Tenn. Richard, Rainell Thomasville, N. C. Secher, Wilma Jean Clinton, Tenn. Seldonridge, Uoris Plymouth, N. C. Scobic, Ruth Alice St. Joseph, Mo. Sheppard, Patricia Laconia, New Hampshire Singleton, Cora Lee. .North End, Newport News, V ' a. Sisk, Robert Greenville, S. C. Sloan, Joy Laquia Bassette, ' a. Smith, Hugh Franklin Jonesboro, N. C. Smith, Rex Scotland Neck, N. C. Smith, Bobby Emporia, Va. Smith, Luther Richard, . Va. Spencer, Galburn Engleboard, N. C. Stansfield, Natalie Ealls IMills, A ' a. Stanley, Dorothy Portsmouth, Va. Stephenson, Gene Ashville, N. C. Strickland, Josephine Nashville, N. C. Stokes, Bister Walney, a. Sharpe, James Sheppard, Bobby Salem, Va. Shell, Jesse Morgantown, N. C. Simpson, ' esley West Wood, Va. Soboliski, Thomas Wilkes Barre, Pa. Stephenson, Ronnie Burlington, N. C. Stafford, Mack Greenville, S. C. Slaughter, Ronnie New ' port, N. C. Sturgell, Ritj Oak Hill, W. Va. Tharrington, Mildred Lee Rocky Mount, S. C. Turner, Alice Janet.... Tilton, Billy Townsley, aPtty Townsley, Patty Turner, Ronald Tutherow’, Geneva Titterton, Jeanette Trollinger, Ed wain Wagner, Morris Wagner, Dorothy Jean. Wallace, June V alker, Harold Wampler, Frances Walthall, Louise Wantland, Charles Ward, Mary Jane Weston, Naomi Webb, Jane West, Elizabeth Woods, Nolan Wharem, James Wilson, Don Wiggs, Charles Donald Wiggins, Lunett White, Leroy White, Loren Williams, Jean Williamson, Don Williamson, Paul Williamson, Burdell... Wilkei, Ronnie Wright, Wilbur Yokeley, Nancy Youngblood, Robert... SUMMARY BY STATES Former Home Erwin, N. C. . . . .Winston Salem, N. C. Hinton, W. Va. Hinton, W ' . Va. Highpoint, N. C. Conover, N. C. Little Washington, N. C. Norfolk, Va. Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Bluefield, W ' . Va. Woodruff, S. C. Roanoke, Va. .... Rocksborough, N. C. Columbus, Kas. Charlotte, N. C. Hopewell, Va. Craddockville, Va. Rocky Mount, N. C. Ridgeland, S. C. Ore Bank, Va. Portsmouth, Va. . . . .W ' inston Salem, N. C. Vanceboro, N. C. Detroit, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind. Johnesville, Ind. Knoxville, Tenn. W ' andish, N. C. Youngstown, Ohio Shelby, N. C. Covington, Va. ....Winston Salem, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. North Carolina Virginia West ' irginia. Tennessee . . . . Kentucky .... Scjuth Carolina Georgia Ohio Florida Texas Missouri Oklahoma .... Alabama Illinois New York 319 North Dakota 5 211 Iowa 5 202 Pennsylvania 5 28 Kansas 4 24 Washington, D. C 4 23 Arkansas 4 21 Maryland 4 12 Indiana 4 9 Minnesota 4 8 Mississippi 4 7 New Jersey 4 6 Alichigan 6 Wisconsin 3 6 California 2 5 New Hampshire 2 PHONE 9 5 4 Gladstone Studio PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FINE PORTRAITS 305 High Street Portsmouth, Virginia Morris Plan Bank of Virginia 525 High Street Portsmouth Virginia . . . RESOURCES OVER $42,000,000,00 . . . MEMBER F. D. I. C. COMPLIMENTS Portsmouth’s 0 F LEADING men’s STORE STANDARD FOR OVER A QUARTER CENTURY HARDWARE • CORPORATION S TUDENT’S • CLOTHES HARDWARE • AND T H E BUILDING SUPPLIES QUALITY SHOP • • 603 Middle Street 309 High Street Portsmouth Portsmouth Virginia Virginia compliments ALL ONE ALTERATIONS 0 F PRICE FREE G 0 L D B E R G S • • ... DALEYS... WEARING APPAREL • FOR AMERICA’S Men, Women and Boys FINEST CLOTHES • • 632 High Street Portsmouth 502 High Street Virginia Portsmouth Virginia Liberal Terms Can Be Arranged LADERBERG S DEPARTMENT STORE LADERBERG S DEPARTMENT STORE • AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK • 709-17 High Street PORTSMOUTH • VIRGINIA Portsmouth’s • Large Cash Store ‘Portsmouth’s Largest and Only National Bank” W BUY HERE AND SAVE • • Member Federal Reserve System • Use Our Lay- Away Plan Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CENTRAL ESSO SERVICE MOTOR - — IN PORTSMOUTH H. G. McCREADY CO. • Xo. 2 Station • Lnndon Effingham Sts. Phone 6628 CHRYSLER— PLYMOUTH • • N o. 3 Station Port X orfolk Phone 9198 SALES AND SERVICE • No. 4 Station • High and Elm Phone 3443 • N o. 5 Station 926 High Street High and Godwin Phone 252 • • N o. 6 Station Phone 1566 High and Hamilton Phone 5427 Phone Ports. 1830 George Miller Schaubach INCORPORATED REAL ESTATE • Rentals, Fire Insurance • 400 Middle St. Portsmouth, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF H. B. WILKINS • Paints — COAL — Hardware m Phone 2118 1213 Washington St. “Blazing The Trail Since 1885” Phones 564-565 The SHOP for WOMEN COMPLIMENTS ...A. BERSON... 0 F • Six-Thirty High Street Merchants Farmers Portsmouth . . . Virginia Portsmouth Furniture Co. • COMPLIMENTS NEW AND USED FURNITURE 0 F • WE BUY AND SELL GREGORY BARBER SHOP • CORNER 827 High Street McLEAN AND ELLIOTT Portsmouth, Va. Sutton Appliance Company The B. F. Goodrich Company • • Complete Retail Division Home Furnishers • • 1020 High Street Phone 771 Portsmouth, Va. 835 High Street Portsmouth . . . Virginia . . HARD TO GET ITEMS . . Telephone Ports 3882 • Seat Covers Mats Auto Accessories ...TAU BMAN S... s 702 High Street 9 Telephone 4662 ..FLOWERS.. • HOWELL ' S FLORAL SHOP “5flv It W itii Flowers, But Say It If itii Ours” • Mrs. Ruby Howell, Prop. 520 Middle St. Portsmouth, A ' a. ...SNYDER ' S... COMPLIMENTS OF JEWELERS . . . G 0 R D 0 N ' S . . . • • JEWELER— CLOTHIER 710 High Street • Phone Ports. 281 Portsmouth, ’a. 0 638 High St. . . . Portsmouth, a. COMPLIMENTS “The Hardware Hustlers " OF Robertson W. T. GRANT CO. Hardware Company BUILDERS ' HARDWARE ETC. • Dupont paints MECHANICS ' TOOLS. FARM IMPLEMENTS PORTSMOUTH No. 700 Crawford Street. Corner County Telephone 21S4-2185-2186 IKtjlJNlA Portsmouth Virginia Automotive and Industrial COMlM.niKNTS of SUPPLIES V. J. RESTAURANT “Our Purpose To Serve and Serving Our Purpose” • Established 1919 Morse-Parker Motor Supply IN ' CORPORATED 809-815 High Street, Portsmouth, ' a. 219 County Street . . . Portsmouth. Va. M1 SKIll K KVKKVTHIX; FROM SVMlMK HK. ' i TO REtil L.VR MKALS — Open 114 Hours — Barbecue Specialty I’ort.s a. ' UIOM M. FRIKHMAX A J. M. .VTKIAS Manager.s COMPLIMENTS OF MORRIS MUSIC SHOP • Phone 1990-J . . . B A R N E Y S . . . • F urniture — Radio — Frigidaire Complete Home Furnishers • 206-204 High Street Portsmouth, Virginia BOYS’ AND YOUNG MEN’S SHOP 305 High Street Portsmouth, Va. COWDERY FLORIST, Inc. BARR BROS. 315 High Street . . Portsmouth, Va. Friendly Jewelers • Phones 638 and 639 303 High Street, Portsmouth, Va. • stores in • • Norfolk Nczuport News Say It W ith Flowers Say It JVith Ours Suffolk Cape Charles Phone 3684 JEROME GOODMAN BELMONT RESTAURANT 512 Crawford St. Portsmouth, Va. • “iUe Want Them Back” CRY RELATIVES 701 High Street, Corner Green • PLEASE AID RED CROSS Portsmouth Virginia “BUY BONDS” • G. G. Anagnostou, Proprietor S. LASTING BRO., Inc. • “LASTING” L. M. HARRELL SON • Sporting Goods Bicycle Supplies FURNITURE • • Since 1888 Boy Scout Equipment 725-727 High St. Portsmouth, Va. • 607 High St. . . . Portsmouth, Va. WAY S E. F. JOHNSTON SEA FOOD MARKET • ESSO PRODUCTS • • 528 Middle Street Portsmouth .... Virginia Elm and George Washington Hi-Way Phone 9195 Portsmouth Virginia COMPLIMENTS M. M. CROCKIN CO., Inc. 0 F • George Washington Hi-Woy FURNISHING HOMES Open Air Market IN PORTSMOUTH AND VICINITY FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY School and Laboratory Furniture THE SPORTSMAN ' S SHOP INCORPORATED Playground Equipment Craft and Art Supplies • • Flowers 112 West Freemason Street School Equipment Company Norfolk Virginia • 327 West Alain Street Richmond 20, Virginia COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS 0 F 0 F GEO. W. MAUPIN CO. WAYSIDE MARKET • • 92.3 High St. 213 Queen St. 625 Geo. Wash. Highway Portsmouth, Va. Portsmouth, Va. Si IRWIN S PHARMACY • Prescription Druggists • 200 High Street Portsmouth Virginia • For Quick Service • PHONE 5 17 Si Si si COMPLIMENTS O F • N 0 R V A AND GRANBY THEATERS • NORFOLK VIRGINIA Si Si SM si Si 5 Si si si COMPLIMENTS THE O F FRIENDLY STORE VICTORY • BARBER Your Confidence Is Our SHOP Greatest Asset • • LEGGETTS To Have Your Patronage DEPARTMENT STORE And Friendship Is Our • Greatest Aim 221 - 223 High Street • Portsmouth . . Virginia R. L. Sullivan, Manager si Si Corner Victory and Belmont si Si Si Si Si Si ■M THE LEVY PAGE • • • • TEMPLE OF MUSIC Commencement Invitations City Hall Avenue at Granby Visiting Cards Extends Greetings and Best W ishes to Students of Furnished Senior Class of 1945 Alexander Park High School By • JAMES L. DECK Consult Us For Your Musical Requirements • • 4004 Kensington Avenue The . . Steinivay . . House • Richmond 21 . . . Virginia Our 36th Year •M • • • • PHONE 3 9 69 • • • • • PARKERS COMPLIMENTS OPEN AIR MARKET 0 F • LU SADE SHOPPE . . . Our Specialty . . . • • ICE COLD WATERMELONS 226 High Street • Portsmouth ERESH FRUITS Va. AND VEGETABLES • • • • Telephones 718-719-739 M. J. MOSS SON Wholesale Government Contractors . . . POULTRY, FRUITS ond PRODUCE . . . • 804-806 Crawford Street Portsmouth . . Virginia • • • • COMPLIMENTS OF C. W. Service Station Elm Avenue and George Washington Highway On Your Way To The Navy Yard J. G. COLLIER E. T. WILLEY V 0 D P A C 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES DEPENDABLE Old Dominion Paper Co. Established 1884 On The Street That Leads To The Ferries Norfolk, Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F ROSE’S 5, 10, 25c STORE Alexander Park DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE AND FRIENDLY SERVICE HELL WIN THE WAR BUY . . WAR . . BONDS . . AND . . STAMPS ...BEST WISHES... TO THE CLASS OF 1945 FROM PILZER’S DEPARTMENT STORE 832-834 High Street Portsmouth Virginia • Catering to the Needs of the Entire Family for Over 27 Years • • . . . VISIT OUR BEAUTIFUL . . . CHILDRENS’ DEPARTMENT ... ON THE BALCONY . . . . . . COMPLETE CHILDREN ' S OUTFITTERS . . . Its Better Baked ELMFOOD STORE • . . . GROCERIES . . . AND . . . MEATS . . . TRY A LOAF • ATLAS BAKING COMPANY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 2814 Elm Avenue Portsmouth Va. SM COMPLIMENTS O F C LAR I B E L S BEAUTY SALON • Second Floor Sears, Betty and Bob • Phone Portsmouth 13 0 0 — AND— BON TON BEAUTY SALON • 518 Middle Street • • • • COMPLIMENTS O F THE FAMOUS • High And Court Portsmouth Va. PHONE 1546 NORMAN PACKING CORPORATION WHOLESALE MEATS, PROVISIONS and PRODUCE MANUFACTURERS NORMAN’S FAMOUS SAUSAGE 932-4-6 High St., and 931-35 Queen St. Phones: 768 and 769 Portsmouth, Virginia L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts • Class Rings and Pins, Commencement Invitations, Diplomas, Personal Cards Represented hy — E. B. ANDERSON 4111 Kensington Ave., Richmond 21, Virginia WELTON, DUKE HAWKINS, Inc. 407 Court Street • ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE EXCEPT LIFE • Fire, Burglary, Automobile Fire, Theft and Collision Automobile Public Liability and Property Damage • LET US INSURE YOUR FURNITURE AND AUTOMOBILE • Phone Portsmourh 2661 COMPLIMENTS O F ...RODMAN ' S... ...BARBECUE... • PORTSMOUTH VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS O F COMPLIMENTS O F NORFOLK COUNTY FERRIES o o Chas. U. Freund Superintendent COMPLIMENTS O F o o COMPLIMENTS O F T. 0. WILLIAMS SON 218 South Street 337 High Street Portsmouth Portsmouth Va. Va. Lumber .... Millwork .... Sash .... Doors Plaster Board .... Hardboard .... Plywood o o WINDOW AND DOOR SCREENS Portsmouth Lumber Corporation High Street and Belt Line R. R. Portsmouth • Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F Richardson Foster ...FUNERAL DIRECTORS... Ambulance Service o o HIGH STREET AT FIFTH AVENUE PORTSMOUTH VIRGINIA HAYNES FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS o o 0 F ' " ‘ ' Good People To Deal W itli” CITY OIL O O COMPANY Portsmouth Store 726 High St. o o Norfolk Store 416 Main St. South and Elm Avenue O O Credit Cheerfully Extended Portsmouth . . . Virginia COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F 0 F MONROE RESTAURANT o o o o Corner South St., and Elm Ave. Since 1918 Portsmouth • Virginia O O Phone 2950 COMPLIMENTS Quality Reliability Service O F OLD CENTRAL MARKET O O o o A. L. WRIGHT, JR. RESTAURANT SUPPLIES o o MEATS AND GROCERIES O O PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 2573 O O CONTRACTOR H. SOROKO O O 901 High St. . . , Portsmouth, Va. Telephone 1186 2510 High St. BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH’S sake FROM ROLLER SKATE SPENCERS COLLEGE MELODY MILL SHOP SKATING RINK o o 433 High Street 9th Ave., Just Off High St. Portsmouth . . . Virginia Portsmouth Va. CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF ALEXANDER PARK HIGH SCHOOL o o May Good Luck Always Follow You o o BLUMBERG’S Portsmouth ' s . . . Finest . . . Department . . . Store HIGH AT EFFINGHAM COMPLIMENTS O F THE PORTSMOUTH STAR COMPLIMENTS O F Ace Pharmacy 1500 Colley Avenue Norfolk . . . Virginia STORES IN ALEXANDER PARK LOCATED 321 ELLIOTT AVE.— VICTORY BLVD., and CAVALIER BLVD. For Quality Foods At Lowest Prices — lt " s LITTLE STAR In Alexander Park Three Convenient Locations 125 Victory Bvd. 319 Elliott Avenue 811 Cavalier Blvd. Keep On Buying, Keep On Keeping, WAR BONDS COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS 0 F O F PEERLESS CLEANERS MASTER DRY CLEANERS CAREFUL CLEANERS Phone 1000 2025 High Street 1034-36 High Street Portsmouth, irginia Portsmouth, irginia COMPLIMENTS George G. Lee Company, Inc. O F — WILDER WHOLESALE PORTSMOUTH THEATRES PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES VISIT A WILDER THEATRE — For The Best in Entertainment 2023 High St, Portsmouth, Ya COMPLIMENTS SHOES FOR THE FAMILY BRADY’S 0 F 622 High Street SUBURBAN MEN’S FURNISHINGS MARKET HOSIERY W here Good Merchandise Costs Less FOR ALL THE FAMILY COMPLIMENTS O F HOFHEIMER S SHOES COMMUNITY BAKERY 228 High Street Portsmouth Va. 3505 High Street Portsmouth Va. COMPLIMENTS 0 F ROSEN S FUR SHOP COMPLIMENTS O F MARTIN BROS. . . FURNITURE . . 401 Court Street Portsmouth, Va. 218 County Street Portsmouth, Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F MONROE BARBER SHOP Alex Polaevi COMPLIMENTS O F COMMUNITY MOTOR BUS CO. I ortsmouth, Virginia Portsmouth, Virginia THE RUTH SHOPPE WHERE STYLES are NEWER AND PRICES LOWER 628 High St. Portsmouth, Va. CLASS GIFTS our specialty WRITE FOR SUGGESTIONS National School Supply Co. INC. National Film Service Raleigh, N. C. Richmond, Va. ..SNELLINGS.. Compliments of JACK ZIMMERMAN, MANAGER Telephone 2114 Lucky Strike Bowling Alleys “BOWL FOR HEALTH” 1608 High Street Portsmouth, Virginia Best Wishes TO THE Senior Class of ’45 ooOoo Semmes Civic League Les Barnes DRY CLEANERS O O 1403 High Street Phone 5187 0-0 Suits And Plain Dresses 59c 0-0 CASH AND CARRY 0-0 Open 7 A. M. to 6 P. M. IT . . PAYS . . TO . . PLAY 0-0 FOR ALL SPORTS EQUIPMENT WRITE PHILLIP S BROTHERS INC. 0-0 Lynchburg, Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F CITY BOTTLING WORKS Manufacturers of MISSION BEVERAGES THE CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA Here ' s a Career for the High School Girl. Are you interested in work that offers an opportunity for Patriotic Service, Perma- nent Work, and Future Advancement? The Telephone Company offers the fol- lowing advantages — Clean Safe Work, Progressive Wage Policy, Ideal Working Conditions, Excellent Opportunities for Advancement, Pleasant Surroundings, Air Conditioned Building. We would like to tell you more about telephone work. Let ' s talk it over! Visit our Chief Operator at 528 Queen Street, Portsmouth, Virginia. THE CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA The Finest People in the World Pass Through Our Doors —OUR CUSTOMERS. The Management COMPLIMENTS OF Stokes Pharmacy Cor. Deep Creek Boulevard and Elliott Avenue Highland Trailer Park Phone 5704 Portsmouth Virginia . . . . A Registered Pharmacist Always In Charge . . . . OPEN KATALEEN DRESS SHOP CORNER CAVALIER AND LANGLEY AN ACCOUNT 0-0 HERE AND SAVE FOR LADIES’ AND CHILDRENS’ YOUR COLLEGE EDUCATION ready-to-wear 0-0 CITIZENS 0-0 Meet Your Friends Here TRUST 0-0 Telephone Portsmouth 6377 C 0. 0-0 COMPLIMENTS 225 High St. O F 0-0 MARIE ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE MEMBER 0-0 Phone 4094 rii.DE.KAL. DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 608 High Street Portsmouth . . . Virginia WHERE THE BETTER God Bless America May She Live for Ever and Ever COME FOR SEA FOOD AND TO KEEP OUR BLESSED AMERICA LIVING FOR EVER 0-0 AND EVER P E T E S GRILL Keep On Buying W ar Bonds and Stamps oea rood 0-0 CORNER OF ELM AND SOUTH HARRY LAND 3138 High St. Portsmouth, Va. . . . Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 45 . . . SEARS’ BETTY AND BOB High axd Dinwiddie Streets Portsmouth ’irginia WM WRIT fm HO Mi A 00jr ffiow f WiSH ifBl ' 60 DOWN JO TUB CORNiR FOR A CORF WtW THF GANG " " In his letter home, even a general in Africa recalled happy moments with ice-cold Coca-Cola. There’s something about Coca-Cola. Ever notice how you associate it with hap- py moments? There’s that delicious taste you don’t fmd this side of Coca-Cola, itself. It’s a chummy drink that people like right-out-of- the-bottle. Yes siree, the only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola, itself.” G ask IN " OH, FOR AN ICE-COLD COCA-COLA " BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY McClure Printing Company THE RUNNELS PRESS COLLEGE ANNUALS AND CATALOGS FINE ADVERTISING PRINTING 19 West Frederick St. Phone 605 Staunton, Virginia t ometimes it is the nature of a craft to create an unbreakable tie between itself and the worker in that field, a heart attachment equal to lifetime devotion. One familiar example is PRINTING. Once editor, once compositor, or press- man catches the spirit of the shop, the spell is seldom broken. Like the odor of a camp fire, or a whiff of salt air, the beloved tang of printer’s ink, symboli- cal of a great profession, gets into your heart and soul. School Annuals, INIagazines, Newspapers and Special Printing, all smack of it. It is an invisible link that binds all intelligence together. It is the stimulus for creation in business or romance. This craftsmanship, this devotion to service and alert- ness to business needs, has nourished and developed an enormous industrial vitality, and whichever way the course of the future runs, the printer will always find himself able to adapt his helpfulness to new opportunity. )’cars of experience have taught us! Printing Pays Us Only When It Pays You! PORTSMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY

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Alexander Park High School - The National Yearbook (Portsmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Alexander Park High School - The National Yearbook (Portsmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 42

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Alexander Park High School - The National Yearbook (Portsmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 9

1945, pg 9

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