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.f mzconns 0? 1 fn NX fffgngx Y W 2 5-X ZS X Q85 0 DD N 0 iz li 6 Q17 Published by 5 5 Senior Class OF '55 Alexander Central School Alexander N.Y. Yearbook Sfaff Sittings R Diemoz, R Werner, A Brown, B Keene, C Golanski, S Werner, B Greiner, D Anderson, C Phillips, H Brown, B Klossner, Mrs Whalen, J Gerould Standings Mrs Austin, Mr Kaminske, G Miller, P Judkins, N Green, J Kryman, R Greiner, J Fichthorn, J Kittle, G Ahl, H Crater, M wlolfley, D Wright, K Howard, D Sawyer, N Hilken, J Huber, G Kelsey, P Ilg, G lfyers, Q Waite The "Records of 'SS " is an attempt to bring you a com- pact fonn of yearbook, acknowledging every phase of school life which should interest and inform the public about school activities It is our belief that music in its modest manner supplies the strength we need to succeed and the comfort to relax We felt the effects of music as youngsters, humming nursery rhymes, and continued the relation ship as we progressed into high school activities Music became increasingly important as many of us joined senior band and chorus or gust listened to the band on snowy football fields Now, as seniors, though these phases are still important, we turn also to the patriotic and standard songs whose lyrics hold the truths which are so near to us now as we realize the strength which inspired so marry former A C S. seniors and has served as an encouragement for us, OUI' Alma Mater The yearbook staff, encouraged by an inspiring theme, has worked long and untirirgly to produce this yearboolf of which we are 1ndeed proud Editor Layout Editor BHS I-51' Typing Editors- Sports- Photography Subscription rt- 2 Carl Golanski Betty Keene Bernice Greiner Katherine Howard Bernice Greiner Robert Greiner Robert Diemoz Bruce Klossner Doris Anderson Mary Lou lblfley Jean Kittle D and comfort they have afforded us. To the list of inspiring songs we would like to add another, YE ' -'lu-vii-11 I , 1 ,-...........-. ' ' Mgr---- A ---.--.-....-- Q ELS 2 KV QNTENTS edlev sv' at v of' 9' vg1K 5-' Dedicaiion Miss TV? We, the class of 1955 of Alexander Central School, dedlcate our yearbook, WRecords of 'SSW to Mary Judge and Mr Dean Kaminske, both of whom have done much for our class From the tlme we first started in grade school until we entered high school, we were under the careful gu1 dance of Miss Mary Judge We had her as our second grade teacher, and inthe later years she acted as gradeco-ordi nator Miss Judge 15 such a k1nd, un- derstand1ng and sympathetic personthat ing hand and worthwh1le advicewhenever we need her Her work, forts, plans dreams have ways been of an an Mr Kaminske has been the head of our sclence department for three years and durlng that tlme has proved to be a great asset to the school as ell as a competent advisor to his students He has devoted his t1me and energy to the development of their abilities 1n both academlc and athletic fields His help have made hlm a favorite among all who know hlm for her school and the boys and girls who have come under her tut11age and in- fluence For pupllsand teachersalike,1t 1S a joy to work 41th one who has such enthusiasm and co-operative sp1rit we are indeed sorry to learn that Mr Yaminske is leaving our school at theend of this year we shall certainly miss h1m but we wish hlm thekest of luck 1n his new position and all his under- +akings lH the future I a M r fe. Q . she has always been ready with a help- sparkling personality and readiness to ef- al-? A d 1 ' ' Z , I . f I,?, M In emoriam Mlss Leila 'ester Miss Leila Lester w1ll always r main in the hearts and m1nds of those who knew her She was ever helpful, ever ready to listen and to g1ve a w1se suggestlon when a student was physlcally or emot1onally dlsturbed, M1ss Lester was the teacher to whom one went for ass1stance She either solved the student's problem lmmediately secured the aid of one better qual 1fied to do erning the affairs of an indivldual or class, lt was she who remained late aft r scnool to help In her qulet, efficient way, Miss Lester was the person who managed to accompl1sh the seem1ngly impossible If there was any quest1on con- resolve it Miss Lester sacrificed herself for her stu dents,those young people who were her fr1ends. we wonder if anyone can fully appreciate her incess ant w1ll to help those who needed aid Mr, Fred Wells Although Alexander Central bchool was not built as a memorial, it stands as a tribute to Mr Fred Hells, whose devoted public spirit made lt possible As President of the Board of Educatlon of the old Alexander Central School, Mr Hells was among the first to see the value of the new cen- tral program, and it was he who inaugurated the f1rst action in behalf of the present central school by organizing other forward looking c1ti zens of the commun1ty As President of the first Board of Educatlon, he devoted hlmself to formu lat1ng and setting 1nto mot1on the nucleus of our successful school program The passing of Mr Hells has left a vo1d in community leadership that shall be d1fficult to fill His memory'shall well serve as an inspira tion to the students of the school he was so 1n- strumental in making posslble We, the Class of 1955, W1Sh to publish 'Records of 'SSU in memory of Miss Le11a Lester, our fonner guidance counsellor, and Mr Fred Wells, former President of the Board of Education, our friends, whose efforts on behalf of us and our school have not been forgotten 1, . 5 . QA . .. . . v . C L . . . . . . . .. A . . . .. ' Ol' ' so. ' ' C , . - . I. 9 A . 0 . . v . . - - - 0 U 1 . V, " U - , - c . ' I O I I 'W HU V Mffifl TM fi f 'w1 'f" '1 f Q Mm 1, V' ' I IQ V35 fi -fv m 1 Mlffxgxf ! Qi: E .1 AHL I I . A H ' 1' 'mf f ff" K- , -4 X Q Q11 Y X w 1, Q0 4 I ,i , A , i , T if , ' ,,f4"' I 31- Ad mlmSt ratio I1 1 9 ,AI--pe ml ll 512220, llllillf llilfll und! I ll n :fain lon in diiiassgsiiissszzszgz....,. 0 I 4 1 '.a.g::g:,g:g::,:g:.::ggg.s:s..,,. f ll f I 74,9 iff! I ,lflflff "55iF5175ini5iiS51I2"i 5"H"" funn 4 nurlh' 1' I uf' ' illnnnlhnfvnffffhfnaplgp f'::'s'2::::se1:::s.c:q5:amass. aflfnsnlalgllnn ann nn "'!n5iii3v-FFHSSIIFQF' 2555? unnuqgnmyoannuplyvm' '25:5i5nhnnlfi!15!!!!..I!!!-1. 'iilflnf' "5'55315S"'Ff'v nfinzbnef hpnulfinfn ng-nun noanannsssaisq zqgfnuulipnlalai ' re:E::z::::s::a:::::'. ..'fl'l,lll!lllllll"j. punlmllllllnunn gmggpnunnnn an nllvllwslnu lllfllllhlf IIIIF 'nldliliiiiiipif "525959!1!'!p "::gg::En,,. nfs, , "fda: ISL. Ill 4 I llllll .siififiiiie-'z rrfs' , tl I ssiiainllilmziunn .:e::::s'::s1::::!'::'::: iff!!!lfgllfllllllgllxllfzglf llllllflllllllfllIlllllllllllly' .!!!!!!!!!!!!!521S!'5 """"""5a5 mnnnnnmnmn lll!g!ll!lvJ,n nnau-fnwuuuvs nn ,v 1 pon !!!!!!!5!!!!!"!"!",!!"l"Q""'i,45'!:!' nunvan9unoipI5nlinpn'5IF?-Fiffrfipn:lisa :assessesse:sssees::':::::5::i:'.ia94sss:::mai.. .gg:emgg5ggg:'gg""::::e:g:1gz'9.'4gg5i!ggg.'s's. lniiffnfnani!pn'snf'I5'55fl5?J!fI!i,lp ifnlvgffii. 2 'gilivgnnnnnunnvnfn aunmnno I fn pnfuup .5 .Q s nlllunpnilplnlllnlpspanflllllilll,lnplnun sgiggiwissszistsa22225522,g.2!g2:g:egfeg2gg:1g.:e.s .am '- iii-, ,,2aaag:::5:::,, Wlnlflylllllii llllllyhf' '-:funn '4:::..:::gg1:::ss--"' ef., , 'fiiffinnfifif -'er 4 "1E3!7',R. 'tg ' '. " no n 1 ,,+'.,.vf, Esau --' ix y,'.!!!!.. '51 ' 'Q' x Inunn. 'V :QQ " ' 'ISHBSISZZBL f , '-1-F5 ' N Ylliiilllllilihf 'fs 1:::s:--::::::::::.. A ' ll. Qlfllislllllllilllill -- ' " 35"?"'151i5q5i55F5l35na 'h-Q 5 grill- .n,Qj,lannnnnanp ' x 3 :Hearss:::':::-wzszsgiiszls 'V fx nsuhauulaululmaytu 5 .X -, anivnpnwunpass pn 'n Y X WI' ug, 'fslllll nam an . Q !!!I!,..,2'! "!!!"!5!'gj1t' . -.nunaipliilnfinpi. -I 2 g nnpunnf.nnlllllili f f 9' , 1 'iiiiSiiifiiiiiiiiiiimm Q X Y'-4. 4 GFEEE!eeP'!z::::::::'FW5'E X X QQY f '-fssesiizvsssszssiiiiiisi X wp ":,3ge:i::::::g::::::ae f Z Q ' -sn . "1:::z:::::s: f , XS ":zz51::5I:l:S:::. 1 , X0 ll 'qmezazzgm Q X ' 9555355541515 X 0 qnnunn A Q3 flililfiglf T 'gk 132529522 - si:--Q -eeeseege 1 PQ-,: X '::::::. . XA sw- t I W nun , f srxgr-:.-.', '. cgx 0555, ' ,, If Aw Z 'w "'nufQ.,, f- A H5523 . nnnfiii I Ll If-fwlj X annular 1 ' nfnfnf5J!!5!5iGiufp ...f ,c jf,- "'f.esa:!l:'Qa:ge,emzasa2'asasaasfje!.fawgefg1aa,g. 'diss 'siszzzagf:seemms-:::s:'::g:e:eg:2::::':s::ss air, is insulinnpgiillsalavsg::::::n::5sl:ng,gsll 'safes.s!QiL5!'Q!"!!...gssiga-zsgi,-2:15sssiaisisafff, nun auvsiaaninngu ul 4 - inn, lsgsll Hu. Ill!!! l I lllsb :null i ul I n I an ng. us gunna. mmm adnmgr n nm an u, f ,llfllllll!lIIlllIllll ,ilk lllllllllll Iliff!! ls lglillllslaslsllllllf lflll Illlllllfllllfsil 6n.aiiui'a In mann. plpllupnfganusssl I I I ll Ill III lfll flllfllllfl llll I I nnupnunp lun an-n.nufna5fnn '':ss::::::a::z:"f"""""""' -- nunn -issvnllltllnnnpn .4,57!!2a::EEEE!5EES5!S!'1' ll I F .. 'll' 'Ensign lllf an 'ein ll, I 7 Supermfendenf Y xxx 1-..Yn'5 Mr George A Barber has been the District Superlntendent of Schools for the past twenty four years Although few members of our class know him personally, we are certalnly aware of his fine ,J record both as an educator anda.civ1c minded c1t1zen To him we would like to extend our s1ncere thanks for the help and support he has 'fa' always glven our school program. Bw -. "'-3? 1' N Board of E ducahon Hr Smith, Mr Grefrath, Mr Breckenridge, Mr Bnbt, Mr 'ohncvx W1ll1am Brnbt, the Presldent of the Board, :Ls now servlng his twelfth year. Mr. Donald Grefrath has served on the Board for seven years and is th1s year's V1CE Presldent Mr. Clarence E. Johncox has been on the Board for thlrteen, and Mr. William BI'6C1"6"lI'1dgS for four years. Mr. J. Walter Sznth, the newest member of this organ1zat1on, was elected to Off1C8 this past smnmer, replaclng Mr. Ellsworth Waite, who served so falthfully for ten years. Our feeling toward the Board of Education can be summed up 1n the phrase, "Thanks for the Memory." The Class of 1955 nshes to express apprec1at1on to these men who have given so unselfishly of their time ln order to constantly improve our school and the many advantages which it offers to 1tS students. 8 our answer would certainly be 'Prof N has offered us, not only in school sports and other special activities as Under Mr Dayton's able direction we feel we have en- riched our twelve years with more than facts We believe by his examples thus the prac tical application of our knowledge will be easier because advises very strongly but with wise caution The teaching he offers doesn't consist solely of lec tures or questions but rather of example His lovely wife and family reflect his ideals of family unity and respect For the encouragement, inspiration, understanding and faith which you have given us, we would l1ke to say thank you Hr Dayton 9 If we were critics and were asked who is thegreat- est teacher we have ever met dur1ng our twelve years For Mr Dayton has been more than a principal to us, his understanding of our personal problems and his widely respected philosophy have made him an inspira- tion and personal friend to our entire class we are earnestly grateful for the friendly, helpful advice studies but in well . i he ' ' f of our achievements in extra-curricular activities which he " V Miss Parise Secrefary Somewhere a special meloqr must be written which, can express much better than these words, the feelings of friendship and gratitude which the members of the Class of 1955 hold for "Frannie." le shall always remember her for the helpful assistance she has given our class and her spark- ling personality which is reflected in everything she does. Nurse Denial Hyglenlsf Her friendly smile and dependable know- ledge through the years have won a spot for "Nursie" in the hearts of all In addition to her regular duties, she is always willing to give professional advice to any student who may consider nursing as a career We are pleased indeed to have Hrs Glor on our Health Staff Along with her abilities as a competent dental hygienist, "Jeanie" will modestly add the fact that she is an A C S alumna and a happy bride In our opinion these achievements con- stitute success, and we are greatly pleased to have her with us again this year 'Avi' ffl ff NFS G101' Gammack I I '11 f . ' ' Mrs e 10 Seated: L Norton, L Edwards, M Cacner, F Timm, C Argana, T Good an, R Capwell, M watson, M Henning, M Jaster Standings M Laramy, F Klossner, M West, A Hastings, A weeks, F Crocker, B Chamberlain, M Ford, E Roth, M Wagner lhen we are remlnded of our nSchool Daysu, we remember fondly our grade teachers who were so under standing and patient For the personal lnterest and falth which they have g1ven to each of us we will be ever 1ndebted to them le remember the extra adventures we enjoyed through their efforts The most excitlng were the Easter egg hunts, Chrlstmas parties and the plays whlch we proudly presented A1so,we remember the dut1es which were so lmportant to us and we d1d so eagerly le reallze now they helped to 1nst1ll in us a sense of responsibility and neatness The exc1ting bulletin board dlsplays are also another memory which we shall long hold dear These pictures and storles encouraged an eagerness for books and travel which we have been developing ever since This collection of many llttle sacr1fices made by our grade teachers in order that our learning mdgrt be more enjoyable and interesting is the basis of the respect and apprec1at1on wh1ch we so proudly hold for th emo Grade Coordlnafor How fortunate tha+ such a g1fted, patient teach- er and loyal friend as Miss Mary Judge should be our grade coordinator Her many sterling qualities, tire less efforts and sense of humor have always been a source of encouragement to all pup1ls under her juris diction To you, Miss Judge, we wish to express our appreciation and gratitude ll o e e s o 5 e o .o o e e e o e o a o . e o e e ' Q o o Q o o e a o A o . Q . , 0 High School F c I 'Wi C Lmdsay, S Pirro, G Chxrtis, J Sulllvan, V Lloyd R Gardiner I E Howard, D Kaminske xx F Dayton F D F,-13,5 n emshaw 'IR llgigmgbzr, N Hiilman M Austin: J Klotzbaoh -v J ff . ,N x 1 X , . 1 A J. gidget, M' Ford, J. Pileri, C. Hulshoff, E. Feltham, R. Daugherty. W' Rogers' M' Lathrop' 12 C cr fe ferfa Sfaff 4F"'l Left to Rlght Mrs L6l1S, Mrs He1denr1ch, Mrs 'QCh8hhS1m, Mrs lblfley, Mrs Kelsey If K K K Katy 15 stlll waitlng at the k k k kitchen door, it is probably the one leadlng to our cafeteria, for C1ara's menus and the cooks' d61lC1OUS T9C1p8S are good reasons for anyone to walt le are fortunate, lndeed, to have kitchen help who realize the sizeable appetites of our entlre student body Bus Drivers Left to Right E Roding, n Bower, H Harzor, c Huling, J Norton, H Ruling, A uoior, L Grislold, H Dart, L night, E Alwardt, c Smigielski, F xoizor. Cusfo dlans Left to Rlght lr light, lr Bartz, Mr kluardt, M Sch111er The sparkllng brass of our school i only one achievement of our cheerful and busy custodlans lhen v1s1tors commend us for the wonder ful COHd1tiOh of our school, we realize it would not be poss1b1e without the efforts of our custodlans 13 0 P N V' 4 Y. lx ' 1 1 I , I f I 1 ! I D i 5 .L I l ,Q ' ' Y, X M Xa 3 -. "fe, Y' . 4" 54,51-1 If X ! 7, S niors ,SQ-, '.'-.N.'- 'x RW f 15 Senror Advisors This year we have leaned heav ily on the support of our advisors, Mrs Austin and Mr Keminske We are deeply indebted to both for the long hours which they have devoted to the class Without their advice and guidance, this yearbook might never have been published Their guidance also played aleading role i our senior ball, our play and in ur class meetings We wish to extend our appreciation to them .o.,...+-" Senior Officers We elected the follownng officers for our senior year President Clara Phillips V President Robert Diemoz Secretary Berruce Greiner Treasurer Carl Golanskn. The initiative and capability of our officers have been a great. relief to the class during this year of rushing and decisions Our Senior Class wishes to pay tr1bute to our late classmate, David Morse David was with us for nine years, and will be remembered by all. 16 . - 0 if SIA 'ff ,ff ' GX , ' , Abfiwwwi uv f f J M ffl Thomas Anedick 1 Doris Anderson Academic G. A. A. P' In N7 U MDM! bu NTP' F. T. A. Rifle Club Operetta x..,A,.QQU .kj W -.X Ny XY, AAN XA rj aw Academic Transferred from Notre Chorus Band Religion County Chorus lf'U'C'5T' IT' Richard Beal Agriculture F F A. Football Leaders Club Track 2 Yearbook Staff h Minstrel Show 1 Fe To Ae 0ffiCSI' ll Senior Play All-County Chorus Chorus PP' as ION! OU NJNUUJ ares F"G'C'lT' Band if 3,111 WJ eq a iff' F F A. Basketball Religion 2 ,3,h Cty Ann B Agricult -A , JU Baseball ff 4 Football Leaders Club Track , Religion 1,2,3,h suwvggy ,Q Commercial H 1a2a3n,-l Drmatice Club : Religion Yearbook Staff W A Girl Scouts 1a2:3 H115 17 F"4 . . 5 zu. E' Xl 7 gf 5. R ve' ' E tk :Lg 2 - l C 6, . .-',.:. e E:-o ' -,3:f-V' H ' A . w , .W XI, V ,C J- j .SH Q A' 2 , 1 1 4 7' F ' fzx ' x A X Q- , J H h -A rf F'I-'YV Harold Broun Agriculture Y 19293915 Tractor Maintenance 2,3,h Ba eball 2,3,h Soccer Rifle Club Varsity Basketball , Yearbook Staff J V Basketball F F A Officer , County Driving Champion Seniors Joanne Geroulu Industrial Arts A YN YY! QQ 'NX9 Robert Dieses Agriculture F I' A. Class Officer Yearbook Staff J V Basketball rt lscav S F F A Basketball 1s2a3s!l a J' Jvw, W Joan Fouchie Homenaking A H 1:2s3 Dramatics Club operezza Chorus 11233 Religion l, Minstrel Show Class Officer Bowling Cheerleading Intramurals Yearbook Staff Newspaper Student Council Council Officer Senior Play 1,2,3 9 I 3 X.. 18 Carl Golanski Academic Class Officer Baseball SOCOOI' Leaders Club Track Varsity Basketball Chorus All-County Chorus Religion Yearbook Staff Minstrel Show n2s3sh I ,3,h D 1, 2,3 ,2, 12293113 233328 1,3 e 1 , xr 1 ic. F. . A. 3'u h V 0 e O 0 3 fl ' ' In li e o e ,.1'H 3 2 ls KA Q O 2 L "" , X' -W i H e e o 3 I. V7 it i ia ! , , ' f . G. . A. 1 2 L A '3 5 2 3 A 1 2 h 1 l 2 . 2 14 G. . A. 3 A , ' Fe . Ao 2 2 B, 1,3 . xv V 4- 1 ' 3 Aofetr .. . h 52 1 1 3 h 2 3 M 1 3 l The -f-gent :mm be fi uhhh mvsw.. Irving Goodman Agriculture F. F. A. h-H Football Chorus Rifle Club HMA 1,2,3nh 19213955 2,14 1n2s3sh Natalie Green Commercial w--P" w ejQ QH5ff?2 5 , G. A. A. Operetta Chorus Intramurals Yearbook Staff Minstrel Show 1.o2s3:h 2 1,2,3,h 1921333 1,3 Robert Gneiner Academic Class Officer Varsity Basketball Table Tennis Band Yearbook Staff J V Basketball Bernice Gx-einer Commercial A I-I Class Officer Table Tennis Chorus Ban Bowling Intramurals Yeaziaook Staff 1,2,3nh 1,2,3,h 1 1,2,3:U 1,3,3aU 112,315 1,2,3,h 1 1" i .U Robert Hahn Industrial Arts Boy Scouts Operetta Chorus Minstrel Show v2 13 Q21 -Q I Magazine Captain ,ff 1 Senior Play ff' f'4A 19 ff ff I Seniors fix Carol Hirsch Holenaking I-I T Openetta Chorus 2,331 Religion Yearbook Staff Minstrel Show Alice Hunel fblllkiflg Operetta Chorus 1, 2 ,3,l4 Intramurals Religion Minstrel Show , Carl Huling Academic Gnome 1, 2,3, ls Band 9 5' Q! 1 'f 'WS bffhl f-0445 of fMN Mvolvg 701.20 Q5 Q Pdssefvgp, QM u5w,, 'Lisat us eulcl QYQ. vm a v-a.vv.1' Katherine Howard Commercial Rifle Club Operetta Choms Intramurals Yearbook Staff Girl Scouts Minstrel Show Swimming Religion LaVe me J ohneo Agriculturrgb F F A. Football Rifle Cl b-H 1,2,3,lb 1,2j3,h 1,2,3,l4 ,la A 22 1,2,3,h . -JZ 5513! A .lf ir 4 - MM , .q L' :N-1,55 2 K ' ff .A . L!! 714' I'-L , 'xl lj fjf JW Iogcvwjw. utvvt N, M , C . F. . A. 2 Fe 0 Ae 3,11 2 1, .I h Band 1,2,3,h fo 2 G. A. A. 1,2,3, 1,14 3 by 2 lg 2 I 2 , o h We l' f , 1 3 A l A l 2 1 h . ls . 1 3 1 2 G'oVzrvw.A New tk. 5K-F110 of vnuske. Paul Judkins Academic Dance Club Dramatics Club Football Rifle Club Basketball Manager Wrestling Projection Club Band Speaking Contest Football Manager Elizabeth Keene Academic A H Class Officer Chorus Intramurals Religlon Speaking Contest Yearbook Staff Senior Play F T A Officer 1,2,3,b 1,2,1. 1.2,3,U 11213 1,2,3,b 13293111 1,2,3,h 2,3,h 1,2,3:h I 192231,-1 2,3,h l,2,3 Gordon Kelsey Agriculture F Tractor Maintenance Football Soccer Varsity Basketball Cnorus All-State Chorus All-County Chorus F F. A Officer County F F A Hmstrel Show favx 112,315 1,2,3,U D 9 1,2.3,h 2,3,h I n., sam-d KN ' bl ki Y I Agricul l A B, '1 I 'B O 3' O K, oy '-4 h Football Leaders Cl Track X , XV Wx-estl mangioizmf l,2,3,h 1,2,3,U I I 2,3,h Jean Kittle Homemaking G A 1,2,3nh Dance Club I Rifle Club , Chorus , , Cheerleading Intramurals 1,2 ,h Religion " f f 4 NIWQC3 C I O Q v-1 C O C O A P'P'P' I 0 f f 4, N 0 C'FT F' H Q w N F' 5'F7 F'N3VJ . 1 . . , F e ' I ' ' . ' YK' . 2. . J.: 1 - -f 0 . Vviyl ,,,,,, gggjvuqfi? fq:.A , ' F4 ,,'f.' Y f 5 e I All X VV A w 1 Q I- 1 f ,45v,,1,, F' , . J 1, .. tau. - fi?" C , , H "FV ' N ' h , . V 13'iN'V' M? A ' ' " +1 as tuna A -- bacrcr no cruac- if C 7 ?'?'. 1 A i 3 -nm e e e , A A - 'C W re-r A - EM '1 g y at ,. 'C' 9512- rd f C ,J to v , . v A wi-l us Nw Band Officer , ff 2' fdiffffff' I " Seniors i I 1 iv'-Alfie'-6 ,fave '6444 Bruce Klosaner 'mc' AcaMmiC ,Z , mx M N-av Svlvu- Suv cuss orricefff Chorus Z PZ:-'Ck Band g Yearbook Staff Minstrel Show All-County Chorus Marvin Lovins Agriculture F Football Leaders Club Rifle Club Boy Scouts Wrestling Projection Club Swine Club 23,14 2,3,h 1,2n3 D I 1,2,3J4 Se 22 Marlene Moltrup Homemaking H 1,2,3,h T 2 31,-5 operates Chorus 1,2,3 Religion Yearbook Staff Girl Scouts Minstrel Show , 13.3.14 is H Joyce Kryman Homemaking H Dance Club Operetta Chorus Intramurals Religion Yearbook Staff Minstrel Show State F H A 2,3,l4 1 2 3 15 '213fh Sandra Horse Academic la-H Religion Yearbook Staff Newspaper 1,2,3 13,3111 1 1 ' ' 'K ,f ' "1 e I 1 L I "' ' V 5 - ,. I - Z . ' I M ' M - ' 'e wa. .Q 3 A 3 lx 313: chorus officer gl A Q 2- 4- 2' 294' 11 2 " s 1 2 I4 1 3 . 0 O I 3 f F. . A. x ' ,o o Ao D 2 ' 1 ls 1 1 3 ls-H F. .A. 1, QQ mg 1,2 3 2 3 1 2,3,h is Bova mo5 c. Awe-U5 ,wiwfy ,9 J Q ,M fy iii? x""""""'oN Academic Gordon Neubarbh Agriculmre Boy Scouts Annette Roth Academic A H Chorus All-County Chorus Yearbook Staff wimming F H A Officer thorns Officer Minstrel Show Senlor Play State F H A U2!3,h 13,395 1,-2,3911 1,2,3 I A n 2:-31h 9 1,2,3 grvfffwii 13.3.14 Intramurals , Yearbook Staff Senior Play Clase Officer IX Marjorie Spring 1.2,3,l1 rojec n club Commercial Religion , , 23 H n Dance Club Dramatics Club Intruurals 1,2,3,h Speaking Contest I Yearbook Staff , yi. YM sum 1-' H A :ffl V 55 055 MMT V' Gu :Ae E. .A. 2 -H FQFQAQ 1, ,' In ANN J r xy ' ' S S S 4 0 GSM! Q 4, c J I O V 4 , 1 . 12,313 , A G.A.A. 1,2,3,l5 F. .A. 12 2 2 ' S 3 I- M! 3h V, . . . 2 . 'C Q ' '-" .lv I-xv M4 - . 'H 42 f 3112: 1 W' f Q GW!! , y h , h '. . . la 3 13 ' 2 O I C I Nancy Steele Academic A Rifle Club Chorus Bowling Intramurals Speaking Contest Girl Scouts Yinatrel Show Yearbook Staff 12213915 1,2,3:l1 2,3,h 1:21315 Seniors Roger Waite i 293911 1,2,3,U dera le C1 '4 , Qc.:-wi tone, xS ww6xc.5 own Janette Stewart Homsmaking Joann Townsend Commercial A Homemaking 9 St! S 9 A H l,2,3 Yea. ok V 7 eyball , Dramatics Club Operetta Chorus Religion Swimming Girl Scouts Minstrel Show 3 I I i 9 I 'Ili 2h Ronald Werner Agriculture F Class Officer Baseball Football Leaders Club Wrestling Yearbook Staff Magazine Captain Senior Play F F A Officer F F A Basketball 1,2.a.h 1,2.afu 1,2.3,u 2,3,h 2,3314 C G. . A. r EL F. H. A. 1 2 - y h-H ' 2 . 1 ' 4 i Fo To A0 h 1 1 3 43 I , tu L' . I : 1 " I-1 sz 5 0 . Q' v 2 ' 1': " 39h . li . . . .: nl. u' X gqrf -J' 8 x 3,h B 3 If Go 0 Ao 2 ,I " L 3 R Fo a Ao h-H 1 2 , . 1 2 V 2 1 2 1 2 7 Q 1 2 4 ' , 1,2 3 , 1 Fo o Ao 6 2 3 3,h h h h V . . . 3 Sharon Werner Dean Wright C0llB!'Cil1 Ag'1q111',urg A 1,2,3,b F 1,2,3,n H 1s2,3 Tractor Maintenance 1,2,3 gigggtgizbclub Dance Club , Soccer Bowling a Chorus Cheerleading Yearbook Staff 39115233 n Senior Play 93 Rifle Club , State K4 VU Religion , Swine Club 1, 2 ,3 112,315 L nw kg u Wolfley rcial 57!AL, A 1,2,3,h 1,2,3,h Rifle Club Operetta Chorus 1,2,3,h Intramurals l,2,3,h Yearbook Staff Girl Scouts l,2,3 Minstrel Show , The first practice for our final symphony was held 1n September 1951 At that t1me we elected the fol lowing officers President, Bernice Gzgeiner, Vice-Presldent, Daniel Keene, Secretary, Betty Keene, 'Ireasur er, Robert Greiner We had a dance and sold Jello to make money for our comng performance Our adv1sors for that year were Mrs Parker and Mr Laird Those who Joined us that year were Doris Anderson from Vermont, Joan Fouchie from Darien, and Joyce Kryman from Batavia The second rehearsal in our steps toward our final symphony found Danlel Keene as President, Ronald Werner, Vice-President, Betty Keene, Secretary, and Donald Werner, Treasurer Our activitles for thls year consisted of a dance and a spaghetti supper At Christmastlme we decorated the Christmas tree 1n the front hall Our advisors this year were Hrs Dayton and Hr Howard Dress rehearsal began with our selectlon of Ronald Werner as Pres1dent, Bruce Klossner, Vice-President, Joanne Gerould, Secretary, and Betty Keene, Treasurer To make money we had two Sk8t1Yg parties, a dance, a spaghetti supper, and sold Chnstms cards During this year we obtalned our class r1ngs and had our Junior Prom Our adv1sors for the dress rehearsal were Miss Sxllivan and lr Baran Our final symphony began with Clara Ph1llips as conductor and Robert Dlemoz, Bern1ce Gre1ner, and Carl Golanski as assistant conductors Our final attempts to make money were very successful We had two dances, a skating party, a magazine sale, a box social, a carnival, a play, and sold refreshments at football games Our Senior Ball, "Winter Wonderland," was held in December Bern1ce Gre1ner and Harold Brown were crowned queen and king Those who increased our orchestra this year were 'Ihomas Amedick from Batavia, and Carl Huling who came as a veteran to complete high school Of course the best is yet to come-Senior 'I'r1p, Class Night, and Graduation but we face the last of these with a joy tempered nth regret 25 Ge e Ae F, , A, rl I Ae 2 1 2 2 3 2 3 ,V e,4 3 7 1 2 h h, . 1 2 2 1 2 WLM M I 5 if A W. ' X T, 4 K VT' nh, y 1 4 OW!! . . A. .A a ' i ,f F0 Ho A0 19 2,3 V fivv L ' M41 5 osyff J A 2 2 h 1 3 M fi V KL? N, ..- 3 ::.,. 5 4""il QI X f gg, 4 , ' if 'W K-il fxqunf NN. Jrj, 2:45 51 X '3' rr, 'J 1 f,Lw4ef Q, A " . .iz !:.' Q. B. 'WA I X' sg.-.nt Clclsse 5- ...r- M X Yes 'T!.':- ff I NN 5 f 10 X Q qi-L h.-. f ,f .gi 27 -.K Class of 7956 r-xr? A-4 1st Rom N H1144 J hmm, swans, P Lewis, E Ku-ooh, D Sawyer, G Robinson, J or-f, M Yhior 35-4 J Rautle Hx 2nd Rows A Glor, arloxf, D Post, M Owens, D Townsend, G Gruka, D T1tus, J Clendennon, EL dman, Snell, L Wagner 3 MH mr, D Anon, G Quinn, F Moz-oo, P ngxya Myers, J Huber, D Wood, J Waldron z R Stalker, J Fpaulding, R Reed, D Daughert , G Kittle, C Bruggman, R Ertel, Latiian, yx La Eder the i nce of our advisors, Mr Dems ndsay, we Y tarted the year with the e Xect e foll rg fffcers President V President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer fd . K9 Paul Balblck Paul Ilg June Embt Joan Clendennon Joseph Huber IN QQ We began the year with a Christmas Card Sale which proved very profitable. Also 1n the fall we had our Junior Dance, Skating Party and Spaghetti Sapper. In the spring we had two movies, another supper, a jukebox dance and the Junior Plays. Last, but not least, was the all important Junior Prom. In February, we received our class rings which everyone had worked so hard to ob- tain ' Z, Q fa-rd 28 f NG06i4J1j yy. ' K Y 'ff 'I A .LJ X H I x,, l If X Q I P 1 7 VIA - I V4 CW xr. K 4 X I if no 'y f ' K , f. 'I - ' "of , - f Q Q J ,J 1 1' - 't , ' 1' ,, Q 2 6 J f , e p o . 4 , -, X rw f ' If if X . y F Q- Q . . -W V' ' 1" f J 'J ' .D ' ,. J ' u l I . ' Q L ' .ff f I L' j N -' . io ' M I I V . g Vi 5 X if . Q f Ek iff' ' - 1 " 1 , V L 5 J M 'nf , KV' do A" .bl ' ' ! U D ' ' 'W f X. L V1 2 I , . 2' . x Q Xbfx , 6 , ,V 1' J . I X 'L C lst. if 31 f , X A L 3 X ' 1 ' 'DA , . '-oof -Q N, AL M 1 Af' -A 3 r7f , 4 ' is F . ,f m. " ' 5 I 'so . ... . 1 I 1? ' v " -- ., V J , o ' 1 V C1 'I t., .1 . . N 3 pf 1 , N' Q, J . J ' ' 1 A 5' D ,bf , A E A. is i Q 1' I Y v1 A v Y . ' N - , 4 Q "" V , 5, ' , 1.45 nv. H g A A W " . xt L' ' z ' X ' fo , A 1 ' ' 2 ' f f . , , I ' Y I H . f 'A' fi llbr 03- ., X3 0 4 e o - A' ,K 'o 0 0 9 Q W Q g ' , 3 ,Ja r i 'T 1, . ,V ' ' iv 77 Q 15 K I 0 0 0 0 o bv X Q if I 1 . . j X- t ,ga x r X o o 0 s Q o Q a Q ,K F- 7 o ' .o A o o o , ' V. 4 1- X15 ,YV ' U L KK ' l 'xv git I jih N 4 1 .. I U S., .XY I V g V A., .,'. xx Q., Q L1 J 'J' y X -f J, I -. x , " 'QP' , ,R J in . q mg? 'ja ,Y fx . N, . :f , 3' M Vx ' e R K j J elf K -X VX 1 Y ft og - . J .iv -X gf ' ' 1 r , , .. . J P K - L - ' YN .J , ' - , gli, 1.-A XJ , ' 0' o 0" D XY x H 1 ,fy 11 L V ' j' A 'V L 1 "' 1 , Q 'I ' in , ' Q Q f 0' st nd h U Roux Rows Row Waite, P Bennett, G Phelps, S Wigut, B Bolz, C Rhodes, R Malhson, J Wysko Rowcliffe, P Orr, R Ilg, V Walker, E Bruggman, G Goetz Grefrath, D Beal, M Rogers, C Edq, S Glover, J Fichthorn, B Quade, E Washburn Parise, J Stumm, K Drew Hofert, S Wiktorskn., A Crater, P Lev1ns, E Humel, L Lyons, C Jewell, L Garigen Pautler, J Glor, R Hassett, L Glover Harris, A Garigen, L Pfalzer, W Pfalzer, H Henry, J Seward, G Logan, M Wazniak, Bialkowski, R Fouchie, J Sanders, L Moore, E Shafer To raise money for our Senior trip, we have va With the beginning of the fall semester, 19511, we found ourselves more at home, but more or less a confused group of Sophomores We elected the following officers thls year President John Glor V President 'Robert Fouchie Judy Stumm John Pautler Mrs Dayton and Mr H w rd Secretary Treasurer Advisors ious projects They are a Skating Party this sprin our annual Sophomore Dance and the sale of stationery Our Christmas event was the decoration of the large Yuletide tree inside the main entrance Je are very happy that everyone enjoyed it 29 Class of 1958 lst w nd w Gardner, b Dayton, L Welker, G Geitner, B Hu el, A Fouchie, R Skorniak, N Brown, F Smith, L Roth, M Stewart, R Kruszelnicki, Hodge, C Lloyd, J h1llard, R Hayes, Lake, G Lichti, T Cr ce, C wa1te, o Judkin . J Tenney, D Perkins, D Phlllips, Howard, L Werner, H Crater 3rd Rows Stevens, Geitner, Staba, W Robbins, Biggins, hth Row: N Bartz, J Kryman, T Meisner, J G Miller, W Perkins, H Riley, R Bowen, J Wolf, G Myers T Feltham, R Spr1ng, G Ahl, E Snyder, G Dugan, D Lincoln, D Wagner, N Greiner, H Zetterberg, J Micel D Gohlke Wlld, R Nowatka, R Statler, K Klossner, Wiktorsk1, A Cathie, D Townsend, Under the guidance of our advisors, Niss Sullivan and Pileri, we elected the following officers for the school year: President Gilbert Ahl V President Ronald Wiktorski Secretary Loretta Werner Treasurer Beverly Hodge As always, the Freshman Class started out with confus- ion and bewilderment, but the class of '58 has now become well organized, and is already thfnking of various ways to begin making money for the senior trip. These plans revolve around a Freshman Dance, a skating party, and a supper. We are going to sell pizza at our dance and conduct another vig- orous sales campa1gn to sell sweatshirts. 30 fri . 2 tg kv W L I l 'i K 3 ' Y ' I , . lg, iiii f 55 ' K B-O 2 Po in 0 in o o 0 1' , Se o o o o 9 :Q o U I he ' 5 2 Ro 3 D. . . 1 . . . ' J. . . . J. U I I . . Q C O Ro . 0 A Q ' . O . S. . . . 0 C. l I I f f O Q . Ee Q 0 0 i, e o I . Hrs ' I i E ighfh Grade 'Zhu sf il x""n 'N st rd Roi lliss Klotzbach, S Tiede, C Re1ner, D Fancher, J Sharlow, J Zak, W Smith, P Glor, G Wright, M Buyers, J Dugan Row Foeller, D Scott, J Kahn Row Lev1ns, M Gohlke, G Grefrath, T Rlckford, Z Putney, K Lowell, G Jewell, W Biggins Row Alwardt, A Klrsch, W Hirsch, K Helng, R McClellan, R Kowalcyzk, C Balduf, N Balduf, Latham st D 1' th Row z Rows Row: Rows Bartz, R Pope, J Yoder, J Bialkowski, Myers, Hr Pirro Kaminski, D Bartz, U Wood, P Best, Reilly, L Yoder, D Goodall, R Schunk, Johnson, T Pfalzer Hinz, D Schaffer, H Kirsch, W Schunk, 31 G Burroughs, H Ellis, V Phelps, B Biggins, E Bontrager D Dixon, '4 Wylaz, A Beechler, D Heals, N Humel, M Bounty, R Schattuck, B Jaster Sevenfh Grade lst Row 2nd Row: 3rd Row: hth Row: J Quade, Flagg, P Heale C Abrahamsen, A Punches, R Johnson, A Baker, B Trifthauser, Anslow, Mrs Hillman J Pfalzer, J Fancher, W Bruggman, Wiktorski, P Helwig, Lloyd, J Kingston, Cook, D Roberts, J Rlchards, Eddy, P Gentner R Uptegrove, M Capwell, W Dugan, R Passage, J Szymkowiak, J Spink, D Wolfley, M Ost ander, M Miller, G Merle lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Mrs Frltts Post Deluth Perklns Goodell Hinz Campbell VanBuren Beechler Yoder Dart Loder Rhodes Rhodes Howard Foster Pfalzer Goodman Lake Johnson Q4-. 5'u 32 X N lst Row J Spauldi , 2nd Row 3rd Row B Bauer, S. Owen, M Hatch IL Ball, P Lyons, C Bontrager Balduf, Miss L Frledhaber E Spauldlng, S Domlnlck, D Swarts, J lute, Schlller, N Bruggman R Post, D li1k1nson, R Gumaer, H Weldon, R lickins, Sierk, R Kahn, J Multer, J Richert, A Russell, L Clark . H. H ' J. ' M. ' R. S. R. ' W. X R. , : D. ep u I x - ' H. 5 Ii A 3 D0 Y , , D. D. X ' , D. R. I ' L Ho A J H. 2 0 l Sn D, ' 2 , B. R . 0 0 6 R ' J :V T. , f had . J. . , G x-:-:- Sheehan. ' t 5 W K . J. i' ' . Q So Z " 5 ' . ' . M. ' o D . -I L l V v I . ' . . , L fl. ' . n Y' . 0 : ' ng J . , .L 5 di 5'f.,., X 5 2 Q , Ko A .I a I . s J . ' E.. : .Q' . I ' I. Q ' 1' ' s ' . Y I O Q U A-nl st nd rd Row: Row: Row! lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Roux rdf!!! , 4 ll 3400, 904 ' WWW har! Rider, S Ackerman, L Glor, B Passage, P Smith, R Lennon, P Baker, M Waite Roberts, W Wollschlaeger, J Worthington Best, D Ford, G Grefrath, R Barie, A Benzing, D Schenck, C Dayton, R Wozniak, Wiktorski, C Church, J Fichthorn Scott, E Raymond, K Pope, L Pautler, K Snyder, H Washburn, M Putney Zetterberg, b Merr1ll, R Willunson, D Abrahamson, J Covert, o Clark, C Schuster Clendennon, L Ellis, J Yoder, B Tiede, C Baker Lennon, W Walker, G Buyers, J JOhncox, W Grefrath, 11 Jones, Geitner Bouncy, N Smith, D Perkins, -' Gilhooly, D Catlin, K Loveland, L Stamp, J Shepard Burroughs xi 1 3 We Y-7 lst Row J lelland, 2nd Row d Row F iHh Grade lst Row: K. E. N. G. D. L. R. McClellan Keene Doktor light Alvardt Lewis Hahn Pfalzer Post Schoenthal Helvrig Horse G. 2nd Row Jaroszek Capwell Kirch licklna Meier llingle Staba Wolfley Diemoz Fulton R Wright, J Miller, V Perklns, Williams, S Murphy, M Dart, P Hahn C Reynolds D. Beechler D Lewis, S lolfley, Stewart, Bigler, ll Goetz, C Wood K Henry, T Ihrch, R Britton 'D Kohl, J Gohlke, R Hickox, K Bounch, G Merle, L Smith, R Best, C Barie, R Robbins 'Q YQ? lst ws P Ellis, M Church, E Hodge, L Morse, A Goodman, H Stefaniak, R Reed, Straub, S Dixon, Neth, H Alband, Gumaer Wilson, G Burch, Loveland, D White, G Phillips, R Uptegrove, S Spring, S Glover B Kahn, N Willard J Shar-low, D Flagg, R Foeller R Henry, D Greene, J Goodall, H Ssymkowiak, F Rickford, C Talbot 2nd Row: 3rd Rows 314 1 A. f I. D. U. . 2 Aa A I , Ko , A u. . - F. . .T K. X B. M. I. N. : . ' R' I O 9 f ' , . V1 n , 5 . 44 A of, , ' Q' H J i , ' ' - ., - f e A '. 1 . o Q I" 5- ' try, .' , , v' . A t A , . . . 3 ' I . I 2 0 Q 3 ll. 1 D. . . f 0 Z l in ' s 0 0 by H Q y C ' ,V V . ,, A Q, 5 31' 2 o o I' L 9 . . , C . I . I Q I . fi 1 15' ' mi ig fl , . -,I -Tina . f ' W ' , , 045: 35 1 4, V . QW' , I, A A. . - It -, , 25 Go o I A ' ' A' f 7 Jo a L A , , D. . 1 H. . Q C ' ' ' , . . ' if 5 V ' s 0 I Q ' L A 0 1 , ' . if M ' s f ' W I " 1, , . , U- V E . il ? 2 , 0 ., F . - O I E-' 6 4 1 Fourfh Grade lst n rd st n rd Rot Row or w Row w 06:4 lysko, S Baker, K Kausner, H Kruszelnickl, L Moore, S King, N Reynolds, B McCumber, Barie, G Punches, S. Kelley Szymkowiak, C Fuller, D. Richert, J Ahl, ll Palmer, D Ellis H lood, J Hassett, Tenney Heale, R Jaeger, R luchard, A lliceli, R Sierk, K Humel, J Vandelalker, J llcNal Kingston, J Orr, P Raymond Benton, L Eddy, K Rose, E Mingle, R Jewell, C Sanders, 1. Glover, D Greene, Jones, T Zak Palmer, J Merrill, G vlickins, R Pfalzer, D Plowe, J Balduf, N Nowatka, Schunk, B. Loveland, G Schenck, D Greiner, G Hazur Robbins, J Orr, R Austin, J Wilson, S Strong, B Heale, S Hartrick, L Willard, McCumber, C Jasinski, G Barteau 1, IV! 35 lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row hth new Standing Gardner VanDeBogart Warner Hickox Johncox Biggins Lloyd Hideout Skrzycki Huchard Winters Grice Pope Ca Domlnick Dayton Geiger Miss Laramy Ellis Cathie Kane Beats Ford erk Geitner wiktorski bchunk Dugan Crater Kendall Perkins Knausdorf Kreuger Temple Hrs Jaster Standing: Walsh Benzing Clendenno Feltham Humel Grefrath Yoder Walker Lennon Krantz Wolfley Grinnell H ers Doktor Rugs . Koester Hrs. Norton Johncox M. McMahon S. Mdienzie Mo S. Lewis A. Kowalczyk E. Meir G. Williams J. Henry C. Jaroszek P. Bauer G. Dart L. Hampton H. Loder lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Standing lst Row: 2nd Row: Bow: Row: Standing: Second Grade lst Row R Gorecki, D Beal, R Felski, E Walker 2nd Row V Szymkonak, C Lapp, V Catlin Standing F King, Mrs Goodman, L Per-man, C Tydelskl, T Henry, M Wiktorskl lst Row J Schmidt, J VanBuren, G Britton, F Snell, C W11son 2nd Row K Welker, B Ellis, ll Johnson, S Garrett, B Talbot 3rd Row: J Angel, R Rembas, H Bromley, S. Talbot, J Townsend, L Goodell, D Goodman hth Row Mrs Timm, D Green, I Post, 'D Ford, L Lewis, B hgner 38 g . . Q 0 o I n o 0 0 2 g Q s A 0 0 9 9 2 0 s o e s o 2 0 o o Q 1 o o a o o o o 4 0 O O O Q C I O lst Row: nd ow 3rd Row: Standing A Straub, L lerkle, D Schmidt, L Abrahamsen T Fisher, G Wolcott, G Yaeger, K Johncox D lllkinson, C llingle, I Spring, C Smlth Mrs Weeks, P Sprirg, B Snlth, A Kava, J Loveland, T Gangen, J Levins st Rows Bow: Rows Standings Bruggman, D Angel, D Schoenemann, C Temple Pauelski, S Allison, P Antonucci, R. Clerk Yoder, T Davies, A Benton, B Moons Reynolds, L Mazur, J Rhodes, R Edcb Jones, S Taylor, C Waite, Hrs Chamberlain, A Walsh, T Konieczka 39 F lrsf Grade I h O .1 paw-f""'N dl '15 M as 1 'CA-...f-' f""""' lst Row S Weglarski, R Goodman, P Stroh 2nd Row E Zak, C Rogers, D Kendall, J Schmdt, J Glor, M M1118I' 3rd Row Mrs Hennlng, D Schmeder, L Smth, J Lennon, J Darch, M Bounqr, T Matie, J King Kwan!- st nd rd th th ov ow Row Row ow aD4,..6" Ford, V Chapln, C Harnngton Green, J Bromley, N Deleo, N Hideout Prescott, V Sprlng, F Slrineford, R Fulton Tllllm, C VanBuskirk, D Welles, B Morgan urs Roth, B Kopper, J Lanka, P Best, s williams, J Mu:-pw, M Yoder no K mdergar en lst Row R Merrill, J Wilson, A Russell, E Rosborough, C Acomb, D Plone, J Goodell, R F1sher 2nd How C Merkle, K Lewis, K Lew1s, C Bartz, K Kausner, L Breckenrldge, D Grinnell, M lhrren, J Walsh, M Conrad, Hrs Cacner lst Roux L Good, K Kelley, B Hahn, R Talbot, S Johnson 2nd Rows D. Str1ngham, C. Schuster, R. Cramer, D. Hebell, G. Wells, P. Lewis, R. Hargraves, J. Colantonio. 3rd Rows C. Maliszewski, D. Hinz, B. Ball, B. Spring, R. Moore, D. Kelsey. bl K mdergarfen Grefrath, P Davies, D Angel Standing: D Burnell, W Meyer, S Garigen, D Hahn, L Stamp, Mrs Watson lst Row: P. Flick, R. Hampton, D. Perkins, D. Allison, N. Rosowski, B. Cramer. 2nd Row: S. Ilg, B. Ortner, D. McKenzie, J. Rogers, B. Hideout. 3rd Row: H. Bouton, K. Garrett, J. Kruszelnicki, K. Stryker, B. Wayne, J. Fichthorn, B. Goodman, G King, S. Cornelius, K. Kohl, Mrs. Cacner. h O Seated: J. Garrett, E. Ruge, R. Ryan, B. Colton, M. Glor, L. Strong, W. Rogers, F. Johnson, M. 2 If 'I' Working hard? Typical? Handsome, ain't he" Class Day Sk atingm wenx 'After the Ball' Rose Jerry 81 Bernie utie Seniors I dl LL! Typical faculty meeting Night Clubber-3 Savlng 65, 113 K! in WI! - D 1 , N? ,V-, . pn pq 1' 'Xe gg fs 'sv ig l' 1, 4-1 K 1,-'ini 'nu ? fm 9 ps fx I ' V, fx, ."" Y f Qi ls .Q ' ' Q , Q? P' P F Q . 4 ' k. I , . N f ' . . .Q ' ' , , .1447 gwf' 4 ' ix Q1 u V, I f Y 1 " z Q rw' - ' 17 ' N Y f X k I ' I . 1 X Y N, 43 . I, 4- - ' ' 1 .L ' " -w Q' - . "f , . A , .41 f vi-f ' . ,., "7'- 'Riff N ' ' M . , I 'Aff 1- m 1 Q5 -A W-fi! " 'L '-9 M , 'X' 49-OU , V, aan ,r .f'v.fA"-'gY""'fi?? .,,, Q w, " 3 ,Y --1 awk. 1,2 " ,,y+" QP T rn vwm ,:f fm ,W ,ff ..,',Y,V. 7 sg z W. 3 i ll .-J J,.,, 12 x-5- , 'vlflw Jil' , A , , A K , , 2 , , I , V ' M", -f-, aff. P A .H A A, X - I . V.. wujfu, ,, J A M4 Y 'dy xr. . Zdav , A . F ,V V ,jzvwl-O-2 I ,!:v ang. 'L f N , ,,- .. ,AAU .nal ' , QT.. . l A H 2 Y i I bk, H. v ' I W' , I , WX 'A VV, 4 ilk ,' H Ay , 5 1 V Q. ' F 4 , M 4 4 , ld, hw Q V qv .,, 0 ., 1 4 A. a ,,W 4 W T , .gvy wtf, N' ' 4 1, , ' 2-f' 6 '.ff',,,1.a r,- f -. .i .. U T K , ,,,, , . ,f-. . I x .,,,' , , 'F I W , 1 W v ' D f-V ,' v I , Q' v Wag. ,An 1 M ,J , . I 4 ' 1 ," . in ' Z y ,A 'C-an ,ff gf' -1' My 13' , , , f, - ... 1 , 33, , 1 ., M! . , ' Q' f " N 'X 'H o , iff n 0, M . A , f . - I - - M 5 'fl-' ? ff' rf- x - 2-:ff M .' ' ' 'W -' 45- 1' 1: -' 5 .., . .. , - , , ,gf ,. f ,. . A , . h E ,xg ,V .. If -. . r I 1 ,ir I ..,.-.,,V 4 vtatlmlfg 2 V , . ' s H' " 4' , x 515, 'Q , "-v - 4 , - " ,L .5 Af ', - ' ,' 5.18 N, '11, . 91 f , 1 A ...Y , 3 1 it " , ' " '1 ' - -' " .,,.. ,Q ., ' cr s u ' 1 Q - H 'UA' 14 - - . ' M - "svn I Q , .' 1 1 H' .f ' ' 4 ., hs, , s U' 1 0 sl s " ' K ' ' 5 - , A , , -,T A 0 -4- . ...I-5 " ' li . . - 0 N ,. Q., v "' ., , 1 , , , , fr rf - f . f ., ' ' git, A Sportf 2 EB xX X Z X f F oofball lst Row: Coach mugherty, D. Gohlke, D Tomnsend, Coach Kaminske 2nd Row Quinn, E Humel, G Kelsey, L. Iyons, D. Daugherty, R Reed 3rd Row Fouchie, D Wagner, T lleisner, P Judlclns, R Werner, E Smaeffer, E Biggins, Kittle hth Row Miller, P Levins, R Hassett, R Stalker, S Staba, Seward, B Harris The prospects for this year's team looked good with five lettermen returning, but they failed to live up to expectations After being beaten by Corfu 38 to 6, they made tremendous im- provement and only lost the last game by one touchdown One accomplishment which our team achieved this year was scoring the first touchdown in every game We wish next year's team better luck '22 Center Werner, G Kelsey, J eward, G lfittle Half Humel, E Biggins, L Lyons Half Daugherty, R Reed, P Judkins "9-l-Q End Beal, E Shaffer, 'I' Meisner, R Fouchi Miller En Beal, B Harris, S Staba, R Hassett Quarterback Quinn, R Stalker, P Levins, D Wagner M6 2 Go o o o 3 Ro n 0 o o e 0 Go S G0 0 9 0 0 'TY' JO g bf I ' 'Q 4236 if 'ffl ' K .lf 9'-"L---L ' Ro 0 e S o . o ' A, Y A' "ft , 4, .Z , Lo ' Ee o , , W 'J M 'Ad -b - 4' Lx- .-AW: Ro ' Do e a e :.,,e-gn ' . L. - R. . . . 9, Lil '-fr 5' -E. 1- V11 Ga e ff" - H. a - H. . . . . ' Go o n 0 9 x 5 j I ' . affix ifw' Q if The varsity basketball team under the capable coaching of Hr. Feltham had a fair season this year, winning 3 while losing 13. With only three veterans returning from last year's squad the team looked ahead with but little encouragement to a success- ful seasong thereby losing our first encounter to Elba. We bounced back the following week to defeat Warsaw in another non-league tilt. As the season wore on, we continuously outscored our oppo- nents in field goals but our inability to sink our shots from the charity line cost us the victories. The most glaring example of this occurred in our return tilt with Corfu :Ln which we outscored 3. them by 7 field goals but nevertheless lost the game by 3 points. L 'y Our team average for percentage of foul shots made during the A, A M, season was a mere h2Z. In Genesee-Orleans B league competition we placed fourth with a win-loss record of 2-6, better- ing .last year's mark by escaping the cellar position. Three of our league losses were by only 3 points each. Although losing our rebounding power, the experience gain- ed by the returnees to next year's squad will prove invaluable to a more prosperous season for seven players will be returning to the team. Leading Scorers Games Points Av. Games Kelsey 16 152 9.5 Greiner 13 109 8.h Reed 16 102 6.14 Quinn 15 88 5.8 Glor 15 85 5.6 Golanski 15 77 5.1 Left to Right: W. Grefrath, G. Quinn, R. Reed, R. Stalker, G. Kelsey, R. Greiner, Hr. F 1 ham, c. Golanski, c. Bmggman, E. Higgins, L. Lyons, J. Yoder. ,DP 1 I . an 1 ' x 1 V. il L 7 'P M I x J V Baskefball X . Left to Right: W Grefrath, H Robbins, W Bowen, D Wagner, J Pautler, E Shaffer, Hr Howard, G Goetz, R Hassett, N Greiner, T Meisner, S Wiktorska., J Wolf, T Feltham, J Yoder Losing his starting five to the varsity, Mr Howard was faced with the task of finding new material to fill his veter- ans' shoes Handicapped by the lack of experience they won 2 games while losing lb Everett Shaffer was the leading scorer with a total of 176 points As the season wore on the JV 's began to develop :Lnto a better ball club For proof of this, one need only recall our first game with Pavilion in which we were trouncedby 3Spo:Lnts, but in our return engagement we lost by only 2 points Even though the boys had a bad year, they retained their high spir- its throughout the season with this year's veterans mving on to the varsity, new material will once again have to be uncov ered for next year's squad Leading Scorers Wiktorski Pautler Hassett Ore iner Goetz 148 Games Points Av game Shaffer 13 175 13. 5 15 100 6.7 16 1oo 6.3 16 S6 3.5 1h 148 3.h 13 h0 3.1 B 0 x MO 0 :J In its third year of competition our wrestling squad ad a highly successful campaign, with 10 wins and Slosses. Under the able coaching of Mr. Daugherty, the squad worked hard night after night, with the result that they remained undefeated in league competition for the second year in a row. This year we won h league matches. The champions will be crowned in the county playoffs soon. We wish each team member the best of luck he becomes a county champion, he is eligible to the sectionals. Bartz Beal Crater Fouchie Garigen Heale Humel Judkins Ilg Jensen Levins Seward Shaffer Staba Roberts Townsend Waite, R. Waite, W. 1 0 lb Werner individual to be held because if wrestle in W L T 216 1 O O 0 l O 572 hhu 7 1 O 950 2 9 O 12 1 1 1h0 570 851 O 1 O 1 h 0 1 1 O 10 h O h O O O O 0 0.48 JPMAOR f7C o Cb Depew Letchworth Perry Warsaw Wayne Spencerport Middleport Attica Warsaw Medina NYSSB Perry Alden Attica Albion , E nm 27 ll ll 27 18 25 28 l5 13 29 21 18 51 0 12 22 28 ll bl O 33 8 29 11 26 16 13 26 29 13 lst ROW! P' 118, H- Waite. Hr- Daugherty, R. Werner, E. Humel, J. Seward, R. Fouchie. 2nd Row: P. Balbick, W. Waite, W. Jensen, D. Heale, D. Roberts, P. Levine, S. Staba, L. Garigen, P. Judkins, D. Townsend, D. Allen. ff x 4 15" L' -A XXXXX gfT5 -an gal? " s' Au . me-""f. ...f ' 4 1L4't1:1f J u9 U .. - Q41 5'7Yt:L4f L 7, XT' . , Xf 'Z7'i'Tx V. .1 1 ,X f fffl ,mf , , Q, y' 'Vn2.f2h+O1 Baseball lst Row lr Feltham, D Keene, R Gentner, R Fancher, R Bowen, H Adams 2nd Row J Rider, C Golanski, L Schoenthal, H Brown, R Trifthaueer, R Reed, G Quinn The baseball team, under the dutiful coaching of Mr Feltham had a rather mediocre season, winnlng lg games, losing 9 and t1e1ng 1 Our first game turned out to be a heartbreaker as we lost to Alden, 3 to 11, We gained our first victory over Attica as we tnpped them 6 to h Most of the games were fairly close, as you can see by the scores Not many veterans will be returning to next year's squad but the experience gained by those that will return will prove vital in stabalizing next year's team. Elba Alden Batavia J Corfu COPD-1 Oakfield Batavia J V ll Elba Attica Oakfield 5 They Leading H:1.tters Lake Reed Schoenthal Gentner Rider le - 6 s 1 6 f .v. 1 7 Br .368 - 6 Hvlley 7 10 A6222 .306 1 13 .300 5 3 .277 2 3 .273 - - 3 .263 13 10 ,255 5 9 2 s O 'Ihe 19514 Track team did very well this season winnixg all of the meets except the meet with Holley Carl Golsnski set a new school record for the Broad Jump which is 18' ll", while Dick Gartner set a new school record for the half-mile which is 2 19 In the Section S Track and Field Championship held at the University of Rochester, Doug Brown placed 3rd in the 180-yard hurdles Under the flne coaching of Hr lhugherty, assisted by Ir Kaminske, the school hopes the boys will win the G O meet and send more boys to the sectional meet in Rochester next year Alex Opponents JS lf2 Holley 6h lf2 Batavia 75 112 19 2 Quadrangular meet Alex Elba 37 Alden 1.13 Akron 20 R Fancher, R Bowen, R Trifthauser, C Stockschlaeder G Quinn, lr Kaminske rd Roy R Henry, G Goetz, J Seward E. Kaminsld., R. Beal, D. Allen G O Place Winners 180-yard hurdles Doug Brown lst Time 22 9 a new Discus Dick Foster lst Distance 110' 5 lst Row D. Keene, C Koester, J Rider, L Schoenthal, R Gentner, bl Q J so - so - . oo Ao Co so ' lf 2 A ' . - 75 - - . - .. 2 n 2nd Row: Mr. Daugherty, J. Pautler, R. Fouchie, Biggins, L. Iyons, R. Hassett, C. Golansld., E. Pmmel, Leaders Club L is eases? vm, Lklltps. x1l1l"7S 031173 Ea W I R5 ,my mm O-MPS X 'JJ' 50533 EKNS Q J lst Row Kaminski, M Robbins T Feltham, E Humel, C Golanski, R Waite, M Myers, P Ilg, D Daugherty, R lerner 2nd Row r Howard, Mr Daugherty, Mr Kaminske, H Beal, D Gohlke, G M ers, W Bowen, D Wagner, Bigglns, R Reed, R Beal, G Qulnn, Mr Dayton, Mr Feltham 3rd Row Ah , D Townsend, S Staba, N Greiner, H Broun, Shaffer, J Seward, L Lyons, R Fbuchie, R Stalker The Leaders' Club 13 a boys' club wh1ch was organized last year by Mr Daugherty The two main purposes of this group are as follows: the club members actually become an integral part of the school physical education program by teaching skills to the younger or slower students of the regular gym classes The development of qualities of lead ership and sportsmanship is brought about by the practical experience of acting as umpires, referees, scorers, and tlmerss the second purpose is to g1ve students w1th ex ceptlonal athletic abillty a chance to develop these abil ities to a fuller extent. The Club members have worked hard under the guidance of our staff of coaches for the past two years and have really developed a fine organization which is certainly a great credit to our school. The boys held a spectacu- lar gymnastic exhibition on March ll in which they dis- played their various gymnastic skills, perfected by long hours of hard work. The show was a big success and we grant our hardiest congratulations to you boys. S2 The Senior girls added an extra bit of excitement to the G.A.A. by winning the annual 'Iri-County G.A.A. Basketball sports- day. Congratulations, girls! Early in the year Alexander played host to a 'lri County co-ed Dance playday Bren though we were rather cramped for space in the downstairs playroom, everyone had loads of fun A big 'thank you' to the boys who helped In addition to the interschool activities, we have had a busy year at home basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, softball One other highlight of the season was the appearance of sev eral of our girls in the annual gm show our marching unit, the girls with the club snnging group and those in the balancing act Thanks, Leaders, and we hope to be invited again next year lst How D Post, R Hallison, J Flchthorn, M Krantz, S Glover, Miss Dldget, P Gardner, R Ilg, N Steele, S Werner, P Orr nd Row R KI'l1SZ81I'l1Ck1, B Hodge, S Dayton, L Werner, J Clendennon, D Beal 3rd Row B Keene, J Kittle D Anderson, ll Wolfley, C Waite, N Brown. hth Row K Howard, L Roth, C Lloyd J Stum, L Wagner, J Kryman, B Greiner, N Green, C Ph1ll1ps we 53 ' , a Q, ' A X I O O O e - a seo c I 2 0 o 1 . s Q ' o o o o n o 2 2 o Y I o o o 0 u 0 2 o 0 , 0 o 0 0 : 0 o e , 0 9 a 0 o 9 D I Q . ' 8 V .4 b J .g 1 x ' li re Q, , 5 53: 4 sf- C .ag - 'L I 4 'By A Q - 5 .54 . . Q ,M ,- '3 2 .I . 1 ' a N 5' -' , , I .Q " y ' V 1 l 1 f 5 . 'I 2 A Ez .VF V .V ,L . V . ' 4, , . A. X .B + ff. 1. . . - . -,-.-.HSN -.a 1 SQWSQWS ,-4 'Y717 Cheerleaders x t 53552 ' PM , X Ear s. lst Rows S ight P nnQtt,Tb Fodge, R Kruszelnicki, L Werner, J Clendenon 2nd Row: J fx ue, 5 Par-isa, J smm, L wagner, G or-uka JN 9 The nippyiiillaijather oncd aga1n saw several hope ful, eager girls beginning to practice for cheerlead1ng try outs This group was something of a novelty in Alexander because every girl was new to cheerlng with the elections in November, the girls began to practice in earnest for that all important first ge e Definite ly not the most experienced g p t girls and had a good season any G W as N sngfiisb is 63239 ch Thursday afternoon the downstairs playroom was fgy ne of shouting, jumping and wild-looking gyra t of all this, Miss Didget and the girls worked toward he finished product that spectators saw at each game There were disappointing moments but each girl finished the season with regrets that it was over and hopes for a place on the squad next year Sh I l , '4 "R If-Lx' 'ac fv h . Cgnk oct I 1 . la ' - h s 1 Ar- l - V Q 7 C25 F . gk' fi.a.,,LJ,: ' , g .' 'L' 'w dw 2 'I r V.- f -'-s N .W 'Ll 'V ,C k X f fr-we o 7 ' . U . 0 Iac! ' "' , . . D- 2 u n U l 0 -4 e I I , -, . . A L uv U 'm v- rwmlwy L 7l 1 A L L Nfl L4 5 Mm MW-W We are very proud to have Mr Robert Feltham as head of our fine coaching staff Bet- ter known as WCoach,' to the students, Mr Feltham attend- ed E Stroudsburg Teachers College and the University of Buffalo He has been athlet- ic director for 13 years at our school Truly an inspir- ed worker, he has worked hard in giving the students a fine physical education program in the gym classes and producing highly competitive teams in basketball, baseball, track and soccer The boys on his teams regard him as a true friend as well as an inspir- coach lith the valuable addit- ion of lr. Raymond Daugherty to our physical education de- partnent in 1952-53, wrest- ling was introduced to our school. lr. Daugherty has done a fine job in building up this sport in the three years that he has been here. lr. Daugherty, who attended B ockport State Teachers College, has helped coach our football teams in the past and he was head football coach this year. He also teaches gym classes and in- troduced weight-lifting and the Leaders' Club program. All the students have faith in H . Daugherty which makes for better co-operation. Our coaches are truly an un- heralded group of workers Toil ing long hours after school to whip the boys into shape is only half of the work that they must accomplish They must be an in- spirational force to the boys at all t1mes for only a well train- ed and inspired team can have a successful season A coach i only acclaimed when his teams' efforts can be accounted for in the winning column but let's face facts, every team cannot be a winner for all boys do nothave the same capabilities. There- fore, let's all take our hats off and pay a fine tribute to our ambitious coaching staff. 55 M Kamdnske, who attend ed the University of Buffalo for a major in science, has also been with us for three years M Kamdnske has work ed faithfully in the field of sports ever since he first came here He has had two successful seasons coaching the soccer team and has also coached the track team addition, he helps out in every sport, football, wrest- ling, baseball, and basket- bal Ksminske also teaches academic classes and is kept very busy Truly M Kamdnske is an invaluable member of our coaching staff Mr. Eugene Howard attend- ed Brockport State Teachers College and the Un1vers1ty of Rochester. He has been a sturdy member of our coachlng staff for many years, coach- ing football, J .V. basketball, and J.V. baseball. He has worked hard with the boys, try1ng to lmprove the1r ath letic ab1lit1es to their greatest peak. Mr. Howard alm umdwsawdmnccwrws which proves that his sched ule is very full. Ir. Howard has produced many fine teams in the past and we are look ing forward to even better teams in the future. ,fn 'V l V i. , f ?4 -7,1 ,f 2 U 1 5, any N Af' L 57 V 1' . ' I 4, 5 tl' fit Q' M 7 5 I WEZATK bl x rv V , K 192' " ' 1 ' ' . "As ! fb l . 1 QA va ' I e A I ' -r ' . . O Q . In . A 75 lo IT. . " n e ing e . . Ax , . . - g 5 X l ' r 0 8 . LX. 4 ,A W. we iii f in QW 0 3 , ay .sa Qty., K , 7 Y' L? M, ,, ,fr . 'l g ' f . . 3 4 W, , 4- J' ff! 1 HA , A ,, .,v , ,, M . H.. , 1-1. I ,,,,, 19" sul V, Qi 41 J I fi wx . H" 1' if 4' 'ff it f 10 -f , 4, ' ff , , ,. .342 -gm-wg . 4 -'S' NST!! wmv-nw 'fig 4-0.4. . Vg , I N' , . 1. - '5 3. 5 hi A L .A MQ, J .' 4, " I l f.6,jgg?, , SLI' N, x, .N- vgam . w . - x..-x ,, ... E I r,, 3' XM.: Vi! -'fv ' inf? D 2 , S A Y 3 5 5 Y 4 2 7? Z il v 4 'Z ... 'WTR ww 73,fa11.7-3 - 19511 W' 1" 33-an femfvif-Q62 ff J-, ' : M' 'EWU' I , ' ,f 5 It 'fag' 1 1.5 r ' wggg, l -l ' ga va. 02' Senior Play lst Row: 2nd Row: I Both E1a1ne somewhere on the Phillips, A Roth, D Anderson, J Gerould, B Greiner, Miss Klotzbach, Mr Pirro Judkins, D Wright, H Brown, G Kelsey, R Werner, Betty Keene The dramatic talent of our class was brought out when we pres ented the three act mystery comedy, WThe Skeleton Nalks,W on the evenings of October 21 and 22 The plot is laid ln a lonely old house situated on a small is land, connected to the mainland by only one bridge To this desert- ed place come Elaine Bla1r, acted by Bernice Grelner, her lawyer- fiance, Gordon Kelsey, and her mother, Annette Roth, to look over the property which Elalne had 1nherited To their surprise they found the house in possession of a mysterious physican, played by Ronald Werner, his sinister housekeeper, Dean Wright, and her deaf mute son, Doris Anderson and Dr Fersig knew that some money was hidden premises Because of unforeseen circumstances, the family spent the night in the house Things began to happen A skeleton walked 1nto the house and carried Elaine off But, thanks to Bobby and Kinks Embrey, Paul Judkins and Joanne Gerould, the mystery was solved Anne Rowell, acted by Elizabeth Keene, greatly amused the audience when she brought h1bs, the dog, onto the stage Mrs Donahue, the mentally unbalanced nelghbor, was slayed by Clara Phillips We must remember that th1s play could never have been produced without the help of Miss Klotzbach, Mr Dirro, Mrs Whelan, and the many others who worked on lights, scenery, and makeup To these people go the thanks of our whole class S1 S8 The Alexander Rhea Junior Historical Club was again organized for 19514-1955. This year it is our club's turn to publish "The Genesee Valley Yorker." Our State-wide motto for all such clubs, 'History Can Be Pun, we have proven to be true by gaining first-hand knowledge of local and state history We have taken bus trips this year to Letchworth State Park and to the Corning Glass Center We are planning addltional trips to Kodak Park, the George Eastman House, and the Science Museum in Rochester, and to Old Fort Niagara Our club elected the follovnng officers for this year st nd rd th Row Row Row Row Presldent Chandlee Lloyd V President Paul Glor Secretary Loretta Werner 'lreasurer Sandra Tiede L Clark, J Burroughs, B Tmfthauser, M Capwell, D Wilkinson, Mrs Hlllman, P Glor, V' Lloyd, L Werner, S Tlede, R Kahn, A Punches, R Post, S. Owens, W Bruggman, J Sharlow Johnson, M Gohlke, G Merle, C Abrahamsen, M Eddy Dayton, P Gardner, B Bauer, C Bontrager, M Hatch, Sheehan, W Snith Reiner, M Buyers, C Levlns, G Grefrath, M Wylaz, D Dixon, J Kahn, T Rickford, Putney, W Dugan Lloyd, S Dominick, M Weldon, M Sierk, S Cathie, D Townsend, R Kowalczyk, Gohlke, L Roth, D Perkins, K Balduf, E Schiller Gmc? Pqq Tm 59 was HUMEMA AMERICA lst Row: C Waite, C Eddy, S Glover, E Bruggman, A Parise, Mrs Lloyd, S Dayton, M Welker J Wysko, V Walker, E Washburn, A Brown 2nd Row: B- Greiner, D Titus, B Bolz, J Clendennon, J Embt, S Swarts, L Roth, P Bennett J Kittle B Q 3rd Row: G Cruka, H Rogers, E Stumm, L Wagner, C Lloyd, J Kryman, J Pautler, D Townsend, D Beal Annette Roth and Joyce Kryman attended the district meeting in Morrisville last June Bernice Grelner was chosen Chapter Sweetheart and was present- ed with a Sweetheart Jacket at the annual F H A and F F A Christmas Banquet For service projects, the girls assembled baskets for need families in the district at Christmastime Publishing the District Newsletter and a skating party with the boys of F F A are some of the future plans The Future Honemakers of America was organized so that irls mi ht 8 E appreciate the sat1sfactions of homemaklng and become leaders in their communities The Future Homemakers elected the following officers: President Ann tte Roth V President Amelia Parise Secretary Sall Da on Y Y?- Treasurer - Elaine Bruggman Mrs. Lloyd is our advisor. 60 st nd rd th t ow Row Row Row Row nLearning to d Dolng to learn Earning to live Living to serve W As our motto implies we learn to do by doing This applies to our regular work 1n lass whlch is supplemented by our expe- riences on the farm In addltion to th1s we ga1n experience in leadership activities in our F F A organization This involves cooperative activity in planning and conducting meetings, dinners, parties, field trips and other 6GDC3t10h3l and recreational ac tivities Two of our members, Gordon Kelsey and Harold Brown, have com- pleted application for the Empire Farmer Award which is the high- est award in the State F F A One of the principal aims of Vocational Agriculture is topre- pare a boy for competent, useful citizenship in the community in which he lives Under the guldance of Mr Ralph Gardner, we elected the fol lowing officers for the school year President Harold Brown V President Clarence Lathan Secretary Gordon Kelsey Reporter Merrill H ers Treasurer James Spauld1ng Sentinel Ronald Werner J Spaulding, M H ers, C Lathan, lr Gardner, H Brown, G Kelsey, R Werner W Wa1te, D. Hofert, J Sanders, R Fouch1e, G Kittle, W Grefrath, M Robbins, R Spring, R Zetterberg, R Geltner, E Snyder, J Kryman H Reilly, D Gohlke, T Meisner, G Spring A Crater, N Bartz, J Yoder, W Pfalzer, R Stalker, L Pfalzer, J Waldron, C Bruggman, F lorse, A Garlgen, L Glover, J Miceli, J lblf, G Myers B1ggins, G Qulnn, P Levine, C Jewell, L Lyons, B Harris, W Jensen, D Wood, R laite Wiktorski Good en, M Levins, D lright, N Snyder, R Dmemoz, G Neubarth, L Johnson, H Ertel, Kam1nsk1 61 Chorus at nd rd t Row: Row: Row: Rows Crater, P Orr, S Judkins, C Waite, N Brown, P Gardner, S Humel, S Dayton, Werner, B Greiner, Mrs Lathrop Grice, G Phelps, B Hodge, D Smith, J Fichthorn, M Stewart, D Phillips, J Tenney, Howard, E Bruggman Beal, A Fouchie, J Kittle, C Lloyd, J Stu m, D Perkins, L Roth, C Hlrsch, Willard, s wight Wolf, J Waldron, K Drew, B Klossner, T Amedick, H Brown, G Kelsey, I Goodman, Wrlght, T Melsner, D Lincoln, A Cathie 1st now: Mrs Lathrop, P Bennett, D Titus, E Kirsch, P Lens, J Hubt, D Sawyer. G Robinson, J Clende non 2nd Row D Post, E Goodman, M Snell, R Mallison, S Swarts, N Hilken, N Green, B Keene 3,-d gow, K Howard, A Glor, G Gruka, D Townsend, M Rogers, L Wagner, J Kryman, M V01-fl-BY 62 ,dan lst. Row: 2nd Rows 3rd Row lst Row: R 2nd Row: ll B 3rd Row: B hth Row: B Sierk, P Hodge, M Bartz, J Loveland riahn, W W1ght, G Grefrath, J Sharlow, M Capweil, J Kahn, P bmith, Szymkoviak, M Staba, Mr Hulshoff Spink, E Raymond, S Scott, R Fulton, D White, J Szymkoviak, R Burroughs, D Catlin Burroughs, D Fancher, J Fancher, G Widcens, D Ford, R Kahn, A Smith, B Kahn, Plowe, G Barteau . Pope, T. Feltham, D. Wolfley, M. Sierk, G. Goetz, M. Hatch, C. Dayton, S. Dayton, T. Amedick. r. Hulshoff, W. Snith, R. Barie, D. Schenck, N. Brown, W. Grefrath, B. Jaster, D. Anderson, . G1-einer. . Hodge, G. Ahl, E. Bruggman, E. Schiller, J. Lloyd, L. Werner, P. Gardner. . Klossner, C. Hirsch, A. Cathie, J. Stumm, C. Lloyd, L. Roth, K. Drew, D. Scott. 63 R:fle Club DUHCG Bfmd lst Row D Lincoln, G Jewell, Mr Wagner lst Row Mr Hulshoff, N Brown, C Lloyd, 2nd Row E Goodman, G Dugan, J Yoder, R 3 DHYWU Henry, J Huber, J Spaulding, C ,xx 2nd w A Cathie, P Gardner, L Roth, J Jewell Lloyd, L Werner, M Ha ch A M1 'W AVClb fflfff If If u lst Row: M Krantz, J Fichthorn, B Keene lst Row: R Passage, D Wagner, D Gohlke, T Titus Rickford, D Scott, A Cathie, J Wolf 2nd Row: B Bolz, J Tenney, M Moltrup, D 2nd Rows P Glor, P Judkins, Mrs Fritts Anderson, D Allen 3rd Row: J Huber, H Hassett, R Foeller 3rd Row: J Stewart C Hirsch, Mrs Curtiss, Goetz, E Shaffer, J Dugan, W Jensen, G or-aka N Humel, P ng, M Sierk 6h GHIOI' Our Senior Ball was held on December 23 large crowd turned out in anticipation of one of the nicest soc1al events of the entlre school year The students came dressed formally, experlenclng a very cordlal social even1ng The Ball was a huge success Bernice Grelner and Harold Brown were chosen Queen and King In order to earn imney to help defray the ex penses of our Senior Class Trip to New York City, we held a magazine sale in the first semester, which turned out to be a thriving success. Bes1des making a profit on the magazines sold, we gained sxpenence in salesmnship. The Seniors really appreciate the financial support the public gave us when subscrib- ing for magazines. chvlhes Combining our collective efforts, the Senior Class is once again pub1ish1ng an annual yearbook. 'I'he yearbook staff has worked very hard under the diligent leadership of our yearbook editor, Carl Golanski, and we hope that our yearbook will meet the hlgh standards that preceding yearbooks have set in the past at Alexander Central School This year the Senior Class held two round and square dances, with big turnouts at each one. In addition to being a flnancial success for our class, the dances also provided a social outlet for all the students with fun for all. I . A i . In , X1 65 4 I. .,-v -v 1 1. , . if .V 1 fi yn, fx - ? sjjl ' "A p- nn'- nsqnv , X'-T114 ,Q S ui-14,1 vs, Q. I 5 .:?""9 ' N M. ! C ,, 1. . . ," 7 ' - V. - . .1 , QM h ,.:.,e,.,,- 4, V. ,W-,I ,, , ,Q A A. . ff. K -if ,s W A, .Q F., 'Ll' ' :uv . f .,., .A .- -I'f ,V if O 0 1 4 D an 1.--i yu' 5,'fQ,,' .-"wg . fjfx.. N. .nk 'I 'Q p A, Y' ".'. 'ff .fmvu '35, ALL P'1 ' C4 N ,gc ' J Q2 'if' . T. 'L QE ,eff . N, .vt , t m IA, eu 2 if K " 7-ag ' :av . 1 , '-Q! - , U m. 'ak f'1sl?"- ,'-55, ,:'., 3'-J, -.vpn x..':..,-Yr. 1, 1 rg.x, .' . ' ., .- ., is If . ,A ..' i . 11 f fl x .tl medley GX U! 5 7 Classrooms Biology taught by Mr Kaminske Q14 WW ,nd Agriculture course under guldance of George Spring gvn-nh. Shop Class conducted by Mr Pileri Ph fo... f taught b 'H PhYSics tau ght by Miss Sullivan Q- and C'70v!!,Zq4Z,m ZPRQAK Q fs ' fb! L Igbgyjfx 68 Lf! l 'X 'qs' o f 0 ,, O U k r s , H. mr gi fins 5, V A I s sv, I F g W .55 ,.a-HW" . V A u . . . . V ' I i , ' . 'sf - :5 4 . - x l lg 5 A . em 1" K " " . Ja , , 1 ' L . A KN pf' . J lg I A Jn - o v xx I ' f I I X , , jf. R x br I I 1 Y - iv:-K . : T I x X '1- J' ' .1 '- A ' "Y nl- ' I X IN . QM QM wil? Nfyfm ffwgw' i' N , 'A Dnver 'IEra1n1ng taught by Mr Rogers taught 'DY W Gar Agrlculture dim er Typing taught by mn S Agstin .atv N Tx. Q f' l1flpf1 Qfgfw Sth Grade Social Studies- Mr Pirro 7th Grade Science Class-lr Kgmnsk, Classrooms she Math taught by lr Howard M Senior Class Meeting Voting for Cheerleaders H. 70 Demsha, Camera 2 X px X in Specla Our Barber Mr Whltney Mrs Gammaflk Dental Hygemst P ,LSL X . 'Ir J 4 T A Off1C6I'5 7 I . rf' 1 Doctor Cathie giving Phys1cal Examlnatlons Doctor Hansueto - School Doctor F manclal Sfafemem' This year, as in every year, the production on students and future c1t1zens cost a tremendous a mount of money Because we are seniors, we real1ze due money was well spent le 3PPT6C13t6 that our com unlty did so well 1n the advancement of our education, and as a result, lt is only proper that we should list the costs of running our school The list of expenditures is long and varied Beginning with the largest sum, that of salaries, we find S266,765 went to the teachers, bus driv rs, health staff, cooks, Janitors, and administrative personnel The indebtedness, which fortunately has become smaller, was S28,2bO Othe fees and f1xed charges, including the ever important lnsurance, total approxi mately 88,275 each year The cost of instructional supplies was 815,050 These supplies, such as v1sual aids and textbooks, are very essential 1n the The bus serv1ce, which conveniently transports ch1ldren to and from school, quires 816,825 for its operation In.order to maintain the school and keep it in the best possible condition it is nec essary to put forth 827,h00 annually Th total recelpts for the year amounted to 832l,805 The greatest part of this ex pense 18 handled by the state, from wh1ch S2l8,5OO was obta1nable The origins of other money, to complete the cost, comes from local taxes wh1ch amount to 873,731 and other WISCSIIEUBOUS 1ncome such as Federal A1d, Non-resident tu1tion, Transportat1on of non-res1dent puplls, etc with an average of 880 students in school every day, the expense per student for one year is 8365 69 This cost r1ses from year to year, just as the student populatlon rxses This year lh5 more puplls were en- new students cost the school 357,025 O5 extra 1n order to operate In ddltion to the twelve years of hard work contributed by the student, a high school d1ploma costs 6h,388 28 contrlbuted by the school, state and community expenses reccmpt SQ. lftls -0 221. 'ras trvvlaiiimefvzss 'V 2a 240 hstruckxovs S QQXNCS 5 15 csc mqxhkm nun: G ,214-00 Fees + Charts "s,zv5 SG.!'YlC.9. 'le ezs Srliw ca 4216 50a lsxrd lqfes 'va 751 Teo.c.N-mfs 'Tlaj,traxnav3 '20 boa F Q-VOA A A 14,014- hvx- Incowsm 2 o o O . . e n 7 clagsrgoms. rolled over last years' total of 735. These . J re- I , . a O K ' A aa , , . 2 , I v . I ' I 3 LA 1 I Ft! A I 'bl Ot Bus - 7 NAMES Amedick, Thomas Anderson, Doris Beal, Howard Beal, Richard Brown, Alice Brown, Harold Diemoz, Robert Fouchie, Joan Gerould, Joanne Golanski, Carl Goodman, Irving Green, Natalie Greiner, Bernice Greiner, Robert Hahn, Robert Hirsch, Carol Howard, Katherine Huling, Carl Hunel, Alice Johnson, Laverne Judkins, Paul Kaminsni, Edward Keene, Elizabeth Kelsey, Gordon Kittle, Jean Klossner, Bruce Kryman, Joyce Levins, Marvin Moltrup, Marlene Morse, Sandra Neubarth, Gordon Phillips, Clara Roth, Annette Snyder, Norman Spring, Marjorie Steele, Nancy Stewart, Janette Townsend, Joann Waite, Roger Werner, Ronald Werner, Sharon Woliley, Mary Lou wright, Dean 1. QR ,R 3557! mi' A' 4? 2' Q B g'xl"gJ'Yi5 5, -1-4 f't 4 -v 5' 'M 96? '-A 'br F' -Hr FAVORITE PASTIM Playing bass fiddle Don't know do ya?l Everything Following baseball Talking in study hall Being late for school Photography Riding in a Chevie Arguing Sports Sleeping Making hook rugs Writing letters Basketball Pretty girls Rubbing patients Dancing Taking pictures Dancing Hunting Playing chess Fixing cars Skating Prowling Attica Going to the show Telephone office work Flirting Sleeping, eating Baby sitting Amusing small children watching TV with Nan Keeping Harold company Tumbling, Talking to Clara Being with Johnny watching TV with Gordie Writing letters Complaining Eating ice cream Wrestling Parked in a 'Sh Chevie Fooling around Dancing backs s c P ai 1' s wjgii,-2 'L i ,fb-42-,2,, 32.5 Y' . i' 1 1:3 '-'ex' LN f' 5 T':-"T'+ lf '34 ,Egg .QSQV 417 X :.YlUi' lf I 4' , 15131, tif! 5 V it :nu .ftififfeif 1 fer- tw v1?sg,Z.1i,H,?'L',.x X F? a 1? Qgal vw 4 5 'I ' A , . . - S 1. -. . A , . 1. :C J' 'Es' "ffm 1 . Ci.: t fir. . ff' .- " Ji. c." '.' ,, J -J ,bm A: .irq-1, :vb 'km-'A'.', 4, sa'-rf.:-. H", 15 14, P. l .5 ",, .a.,' 1- pp . '-li. fd- .-Q1g5..ll 3',:'iv.':1i-3 '.- 40- . .- gg: ..,.. -, 1, . - - , 1 -11. ,,-.4-. ,R f. .r 'lf' kv-P1515-K 4 " :oi 'kwa .N " r. x-'fi'-mf ,V .l , . .Jn Lx Q. -. V . fu. L- -'. -2,1 .- 1.-av gi-'E' ' ,I U:-, .514-.r' 41: Vg. i- iff .v --.n4.. '. "'-'X In Z1 L. l"' a-"3"-"-fl' rf-va . .. nt: I'-.ff':-'i'.Z.:' 44"-. .,9F'waa'.t ., : . ajfr. ,,-"'-:K -sl -, H. A s gl. 3.-. gc' -,y,.:.',"5-F.. ,,-3. -. I ,7.,.-.- gh, 7 .J .91 alt ,,.:.',,2.5'.,,, .rw 'Q '-Af a a-,o -. fa ,+L 112 ," - was-vu d.tfz,g, ,A -1, -: ,I-,, 1 , 5,1 .-4. ,HSI 5.1. L- -191 vu.. .f'-sz .vrj ' fn-.. 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Assemble Chevrolet Nurse Secretary 999 Jerry's wife Auto Mechanic A Marine Airplane mechanic Teaching Barb's devoted husband Dancer Auto business Typist Millionaire Nursery school Kindergarten teacher Truck driver Milking cows Clara's valet Farmer Vetr1narian's wife Successful housewife Housewife Bookkeeper Subway engineer Mason Far-rrer's wife Teacher Master mechanic Autos 4 UH 9 x .3 ff iw! 1 -3'-'5 Q- K8 fi 5 'Y' 'Hd' 1 ES1 ,gt 3 x.. ,CF Q'-1. 15574 1. 1- 4 A 1 hx , as 1 T4 aa' 'K' 6 7 1494 5 :asf ' 'f'v"if+'aw N A 1 'fi Q' Q IV nz , awgr- ,ff,-VST' SI" 'fi ff' 1 'gif A wif mf A L wit k , . 1 X Q Q fs E .WHY L' ' W A" Q ff ,21- - - ,M-" yi, 'G 15? Q . 1 E 2 i A Q fl .Y AA1 A 31' ,AA ..-f-- 2 pFA0'T?Ki? p 1 eg 4: R: 4 Q . - f A I he .A A x 1 5 Q n V A4 ? 1w,ffi.q,-fr N Vg 5 , 'V 5. v-' ::f eAH.fa.l'f-F" E A A--T-gr.: 2' A A. ' -' A -A A . .ef-2 'V V . '- V . ""r'7"' ---".." V. ', 'A K ' '. A' A ,,,.w,: 5"7ff'4i3'Ce3,!.l ,. y.?'fg?2'.:1f. 5-""' - A :, " ',- ' . 4 QA yn,-15-A ".-5, . 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M " 5124 'x near- ing. -l sto - ry. -l 'll 1 Q B ! l 4 Yll .1 I-22 lf fl C l lmlle l ant you do Stuck wxth me ro l l 'i'-1 I - -I1-1-I Sl - lli li A i1 l l.wQ.l1-Q 1- Uy xng by home cooked meals i - I 13 ll I BYQTIZQH - 1il 1l1 1H.4 ll1 Chorus Good bye East li 11 I ill B Hill lL1Q ' lY 'HN- Sli 1 I lib l lm-I IU!- 11 763 3 Gold Page Alexander Volunteer Fire Department Klossner Chevrolet Silver Land Skating Rink Ke1ly's Old Timers Ladies Auxiliary of the Alexander FD Gammack's Red and White Demuth Marzolf Company Rapp Brothers Fritts-Insurance Mrs. Fred Wells Al's Darien Grill Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Golanski Statler's-Darien Center Hotel The Greenwoods Restaurant The Broken Prop Inn Mr Carl Meyers W P K Wh1te Gen ral Insurance Robert Burnett Building Construction Victor's Restaurant Boyl 's Motor bales, Inc. Attlca Garage, Inc Att1ca Lumber Company Glor's Heatlng and Electr1c Falrfield Dairy Judd and Stakel,Attorneys at Law uentner's Gr1ll G L r Service and Farm Store Mancuso Hardware Batav1a Motors, Inc H M Geer and Sons Feed, Coal and Fertilizer Goodridge Farm Supply Mr and Mrs Charles Buckenmeyer Shadbolt's Essovllle Mr and Mrs Malt r Trifthauser Alexander, Darien, Perry, Perry, Alexander, Darien, Darien, Darien, Darien, Alexander, Darien, Alexander, Darien, Darien, Darien, Darien, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Attica, Attica, Attica, Batavia, Batavla, Batavia, Batavla, Batavia, Batavia, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Tin 's Hardware Attica, Hard1rg's Super Market Fax P1es Furniture Store Glor's Red and Whltc Lawlng Studio-Official Yearbook Photographer Yourg's Restaurart E J Beardsley Fen's and Boy's Clothing C L Carr Co Cllmax Corporation Newhouse Ch1ck Hatchery Chap1n and Owen Corporation Emery Utz T1re Service, Inc G orge's Dalry Ken's Friendly DeFVlC6 F F Pauley Insurance Agency F C Brei and Sons Chmielcwiec and Sons Mr and Mrs Lawrence werner Deigelman' Marchese dest Ma1n Yarket 43 ,JJ 45, 23.1 as K-any 76 Attica, Batavia, Batavla, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Batavia, Alexander, Attica, Attica, Batavia, Bethany, Batavla, Batav1a, Fast New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New ew New New New ew New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New 'ew New New New New New New New New New York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York ione, Wel-come home your crese --::::ZI - um-- UILQQ- il lixs er X l --ll-AQ 1' i l2.7i2n ll I1 Y .l lg 111 1-'VIII ml - Cbnihmtor, I have n ll1 Q2-nj-' rr' qu i Q j ml FIIIH If ml 1- - - e t111 I can hol ler, Y Q -ll--'SUQ -'L Q - I 7-' -ll-41.4-.1 Q lifl l QIYBJQ --1 Yll gg N N Oh, ' -f . c ' be I ' F 1 3 f ' ' N ' .: i Y 0 .F-. 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' N Special Menfion One could never realize the time and ef fort that Hr Demshaw and George Spring have contributed towards making our yearbook a Sue ess Their willingness to take photographs on short notice and their patience with our inac curacies will always be appreciated by the year- book staff Their skill in snappingphotographs can really be evaluated by examining their work in this yearbook 'rue senior class is truly indebted to Hrs. Whalen and the art staff which worked under her guidance. Besides providing the "know-how" for the beautiful artistry and printing whichappear in our yearbook, Mrs. Whalen was a bulwark for supplying information and help in laying out the plans for the yearbook. She was also very gen- erous in letting us use the art room and sup- plies freely. It is doubtful whether the year- book would have ever reached the press if it were not for the services given by Mrs. Whalen. The senior class will be forever grateful to her. ' ihmwdwfgfif M M Frances aris has been of great help o ou taff in handling the various financial quest ons which are always involved in editing a yearbook She has been very gracious about collecting yearbook orders and issuing receipts and checks Her willingness to lend a helping hand or give us good advice will be long remem- bered time and energy 1n putting out this yearbook I am also deeply grateful to those who spent long hours typing, pasting and editing I believe it 18 through their diligent efforts that we have been able to attain our goal in publishing the yearbook 79 I I EDITOR'S NOTE: I wish to express nw appreciation to all those who have in any way contributed their Snapshofs Trouble, Deet? -Y Who' s the sweetheart? 'W MI' kllrs Harms Harry Girlsow nhl- lee . FFA Officer Wow Sell tho se magazl nes! Fight at Night uf--'P' ,l The pause that refreshes 'High ty Mary' soxin -Y Our editor' BUS Manager' ' - Future stars Thu book pnnted by Velvatone a special proceu of hthopmphxc printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc. BuB'alo N. Y. No ther printing firm in luthorized to use the Velvatone method. ALMA MATER Alma Mater, hail to thee. Your praise our voices sing, To you our love and loyalty Through future years shall ring. For to us you'll ever be, The symbol of sincerety. So hail and cheer for A.C.S. .Q You're the school we love the best. 1.-'f' 11.3 'AHB 1 ' 1 - ' ' .. ' '-'a ,, , ... v ' nf:-' .. g I ' V 4 0 V A, . ,.. f f l . " ppif, , -f,.,- li,f,." -""' 'F ff- ,,, " . ' "'uv., A vw. -- """ , .-,,, -. ,' ,V . 4 ,aidgnri-fl' xi? '?"7'- , .J -"' , 31- , ' .q2. f, Q '14 -:gf-IN" .J .,--'-f' 5 u ""'v':-ngpd-'-""""' ' " .. - ,'g4g,,,g. A 3 A' V v. 1' ' I 1' , '., if . " 5:42. ,,:gu53gpw-mama ', . s . .L . an ,4'vli ,, ' ' . - - rialfieaf 'f""'t"'7'7fZi-1ir'?ff-I 47" A .-fff' ' H V ..- f, I-1,157-47-'-K? ., '. '- ' ' . 1 'f,Q-'-sv-'ll-vi ,AAI ,Lu ' l A . ""' -v-w ' fJ'T'f?B' - - ' .. JKiifrt'Hfm9f:.J ' - , 4,1 I . , - ,Q LLL.: ,QQ -L AM, ,. 1 tn- ,.,,.. M ' ',' - 4 ,, .4 "" . 1 A ' ,Q-47" . . s-1 " Y, --' -lv 1 x L RR. "Aim K ' ,,-ww., - ,YM , '15, M 1 . L -W an E' " N ...A ,. Mani' Q. Q...

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