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 - Class of 1951

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4' Q-no-gd! 1 I 1 4 A y P 5 v e :n 7 15, w- P21-1-1 1 "Ulla 5 14 x 1 M, 1' J X ov H-, , ' 1 H: ,a 1 . ff V ,,1,, af ' 1 f A V1 "' ' f- ff' - , N 1.4 V' THE I-M3550 1951 F LQ -Pi' - I ,L-?,-,,, .-f" I ' l -,.. "' I A Z ,f-7"'L'4 .l.. V V ggi K F 77 -f af f X W yxf PUQLISHQD SCWO? CLQSS QLEXMUDQVQ CHOOL uh W by X N ff X X CQATIQDQL X X X QLEXHHDQP2 NV B .J mum mmm Tw to as 30111 av- ey- 8 The sgm-5. .e LeHmH5Pfcs5s 0 j:j:jHLI 494414431 Szzai - t, 'Sz asf :ss 'oR."i.' ta. vWEC?H?PFH1cVn jjj Ljjig ggi 9 Ylflouife ,l'2.n'tfl' 1M.f 173 bw :PEN PLZ Voiozcmm T0 the boys who have learned the value of citizenship . . . to the boys who have cooperated with their fellow citizens in up- holding the lofty standards of our nation . . to the boys who courageously and bravely have aided in serving our country's defence . . . to the boys who in all places, at all times, reflect credit upon themselves and upon their school . . . to these typical Alexander Cen- tral School Alumni, we proudly dedicate TI-EE HAXSEED of 1951. 'I FOQEVORD Glancing through the annuals of our past years, the Senior Class has decided on this publication of school highlights. we cherish all our memories, whether they be joyous or distressing. we fully realize that it is the task of all instructors, not only to improve our minds, but to instill the vitals of good citizenship. Therefore, we compliment them on their unquestionable success in achieving their goal. You might compare our progress with that of the farmer. We, like hint have been striving ever forward, and despite setbacks and complications, have reaped our first harvest. The fruit of our labor is our well- molded character, which we are sure will improve with passing years. With this in mind, farming was selected as our theme. We, the Class of 1951, leave with you memories of our fruitful years, in hopes that your harvest may be as bountiful as ours. h 1 ,' I 51 J 1 Q ff? ' 1 ' I l X I I! A n ' ll 1 ' Ti , ,I ' Q i 'Y Nu A- 5- . XF 1, w 4' my ' I x A ' lk A I X i x 3 X N 1 V fl , 3' P , x 1 I , ix nil x ' f , 5 51 X 2 I2 5 n W Ill' N 5 I B N 2 ,,,.,f1'2'!2f-f-V? 1 2 11 -flif-N '-'f ' 'v 4 X A2 f7'fX ' ,. , I , , ,,' w:n:qQ A f Z affix i-2-Lf' 'f-'Tiff' Ll' "ilu ' 'Y 'A' Lfilffal L 2' Zi ' ,L--1i,,. 1 ' f ' ' ' ' Y iQ 5" 'f "-f::?1i?g,, Q , 'U I l N-E!!! I I 'Anil I viJI , Y - 452' J M ' AL' ii LE - , 5 -'KH , lx 1 nl ca 2 w:aL 3w -.-:'1'::iff' f- 25W f - 5' ,- - v --ff:-. , 4.5-Z-flm f -"'- s-?4'i2?i "' 'mx .. v wl- Qomnmusmnom CLARENCE JOH COX HEggg?gE::II Vice President WILLIAM EMBT Board of Education The graduating class of A. C. S. wishes to express its appreciation to the Board of Education for its recent achieve- ments: The new addition to our school and the purchase of four new buses. we commend Mr. Herbert Rapp on his service to the Board for the past ten years. ELLSWORTH WAITE E It is through the Board of Education DONALD GREFRATH that this school has an opportunity to maintain its high standards. UWSPCCTOQS we readily thank our secretary, N UFrannieN Parise, for the kind advice and generous assistance she gave when we found ourselves in need of a friend. A' we wish to take this opportunity to thank our Superintendent, Mr. Barber for the time and effort he so willing- ' ly devoted in our behalf. 3 . , Ak ow mmea iw ffl X , in 95+ x p X Fd he X 'mi' ' ' 'A 55?-'QJAAA i The ff A x A 1 Jx L' A I X P km pg:-3:5111 mile mtiism, mp. Dayton has aidea us in dev e10p1 ng j- ! 4 jg By showing us the importance of a higher education he inspired us F! f to persevere in our studies. In the years to come we will always appreciate the lessons we have learned through our competent principal. We hope by our achievement of success in life, to bring a light of pride and satisfaction to his eyes, like that of a prosperous farmer. K 7 Q, . -rp -, - , ef -is '- wr A Af ig? M X li dn' rl-,.-1 1 lyi... 11-14:-v-' A-4 CULTIVQTOIQS Mrs. Mary Eager Social Studies llr. Carl Hulshoff Music Mr. Robert Maloney , 1 1 77 , .. fr-1"ff'Ai' 3 suns ,V I "Ziff, , I ' .f ' X '- , ,.,,'f,., wg, f f ,mia lmsic Mrs. J aan Rudolph 1 '1 ig, Mr. Ralph Gardiner Agriculture Mr. Charles Collins Mathematics . Miss Patricia Kelly Home Economics Miss Alice Happ Mrs. Gladys Parker Science Comercial 8 CULTIUQTOQS Mr. 95 Miss Marion Adams Emglish Miss Leila Lester Guidance Hr. Jack Romaniuk Fine Art ln-. H-136116 Howard V Physical Education , Miss Janice Sackett Physical Education ure Industrial Arts Mr Robert Feltham Physical Education 9 Werner Rogers Driving - - ,Av yn. VI, 'Hunk 'iv , i Mrs. Margaret Davis A "L Librarian 5 5, X ' f3,g,:f , I Af? 3 'F X " "Q wa . I why- o X ,Hs ,, If '.X,3.fs.f xg 1 i AQN .1 fig Ga dp uv!! N 0:44 Q-ff? I A 7 Vg I .. 1 , s?1'zf2r"' 'iflismfina-3.5 CULTIVQTOQS A, Mrs. Norma Hillman 'E' Mr. Robert Watson X -mr.1efis."!k:n-1-FZ J X -Z 1 , J, .ff , Z X -21,2 ffl ' " " Back Row- Mrs Kennison, Mrs Wagner, Mrs Kahn, Mrs Roth, Mrs Dart Second Row- Mrs Pritts, Mrs Ford, Miss Judge grade coordinator, Mrs White, Mrs. Cacner, Mrs. Timm, Mrs. Norton First Row- Mrs Myers, Miss Laramy, Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Watson, Miss Hastings, Miss Argana 10 som QW ww,-mv ,,Q,.R.Q,.,,,f-.-w,+f- -41 - -. -V VV' A X wysgi x 'v"AZe.T,,-.931 ' ' 'Q' ik Q: ., A .. - x 1 W Ea- v- A IV: 'I-, ' . 5 uv -- 3 . 1 , W , ,frf .L Q , Y , Fi-I "IMI f , 2 Doris Myers, Clara Heindereich, Marge Wolfley, Dorothy Lewis VETEDIUQDWWS Mrs. Glor Nurse ff Miss Schramn Dental I-Ugienist l 3 11 f I GLU? JOHVJ DEC 68 ,- Back Row- Alton Schiller, Frank Keyser, Elmo Reding, Chester Smigielski, Laverne Griswald, Alan Meir Front How- Jesse Norton, Hobart Dart, Harvey Huling, Everett Alwardt, William Dailey X. ,X X x x ,A X X X , Q N -.4 l s ' 4 Q 1, .-f Alfred Bartz, Lewis Wight Absent- Everett Alwardt, Velm Schiller V 12 TNT f-ff' s:'Q 5, J., fffi -fqgg ii- f-f! ff ,A f ff' -JL W A9 53.251-H ' X f! X li msg: B J L3 JEVHIOQJ I 13 f f?f,yf2' A if ff XP ng! 'fi f f 41 K 7 if H-Sk' f M I J' ,f J X .-X' 4 X H!! L? mem or we CROP Q f MQ, f FOBEHT BALT2 AGRICULTURE N I Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 74 f Basketball 1, 2, 3, h chorus 1, 2, 3 f j b H 1, 2, 3, h F F . .A.1 2 3 h F. F. A. Basketbgllh , 6 X X Plays 3 Religion 1, 2, 3, 11 Soccer 2, 3, 11 Table Tennis 3, ll BESSIE ADAMS M COMMERCIAL Chorus ls 2: 3, ll G. G. A. 1, 2, 3,14 K Religion 1, 2 Special Chorus 3, 1, I f . 133-.M U X CHARLES GILL COMMERCIAL wi 4 ll' H 1 Religion 1 Rifle Club 3, h Shop 1 Track 3 .9.Off'49 A FMF ,V IF LX 1' - P . ' K , Y , 1 , , fRU'I'H ALMRDT X N1 V 1 f? COMMERCIAL ,U N 4 0 Chorus 1, 2, 3, lg , 0 Dancing 2, 3 . 1 -' ,-VH 11 Religion 1, 2 1 if RICHARD Goon 'NJ ocmzmn ENTRANCE NF' Boy Scouts 1, 2 ,V Chorus 2, 3 f K h-H 1, 2, 3 , Religion 1, 2 ' ff Rifle Club 3 , V ,Y I STOP 1: 2: 3 Q 'I ,I ' Soccer 2, 3 1 j Track 3, h f lrestling 2 K . 114 , 41' A . KENNETH GOOIMAN ' . AGRICULTURE Agriculture 'I V X X .F.A.1,23 X F. F. A. Officer 3, lg -H 1, 2, 3, ' Q nine Rifle DOLORFS BEE CHLER HOMEMAKING Archery Club 1 Art Club 2 Chorus 1, 3,14 Dancing 1 AAl, Library Club 2 New er Staff 1: 2: 35 I4 Club 2, 3 lg - Club Officer 3, IJ ,. ,, LL CRQQVX OF TUC C009 e X I I f lr' I K f 5 C2'f'x E: H: A: 32,3 ef x X X X X ' XF , ,h, , X 1 X 1 Ku 14 ' X ' 1, XX X BETTY BJWEN COLLHEE EN'1'RANCE All-State Band 3,u, Band l,2,3,h Chorus 1,2,3,h Dance Rnd 1,2,3,h Newspaper Staff 3 Plays 3:11 Religion 1,3 Year ook Staff 1, Special Chorus 3,14 Trio 3 X IXJROTHY EJWEN CDLLEBE ENTRANCE A11 state Band 3,14 Bend 142135,-L Chorus 1,2,,h Dance Band 2,3 Religion 3 Special Chorus 3,lg ai. . 1 , ' ' I 1 Rafi 5P3P 3 Yearbook Staff lx W I 3 I C S ' , I-LIL, RICHARD HARRIS ' X COLLEGE ENTRANCE X X - All State Chorus h X Badmitten 2,3 m7 Basketball 2,3,h K xx chorus 1,2,3,l4 E X Plays ls X X Q X Rifle Club 1,2,3,lL 5 N Soccer 1,2,3,h, Track l,2,3,14 x Volleyball 2,3,l. X -' . X XX X X 15 g 54 cam of me mov C535-QXQWZJ 'th' '- ' .A ,iw-nb 1Y'IT5f f. J 'A "1 G , 515,577 W , v A r 5 4"fl,e ,f, A J ' 'ff V' -fb:-21,2 .V 0 A ,.kv-fQ,',:,:: H - ' q flu: we gg ,. LY, ,gl,,,g, ay' I r ROBERT HOOVER COLLEEE ENTRANCE All-State Chorus Badmizten 1,2 Baseball 1,2 Basketbau 1,2,3 Chorus 1, 2,3,b Newspaper Staff 3 Bperetta 3 Plays 3,14 Soccer 1,2,3,b Yearbook Staff 14 A ' fl' X Q 2,3,h Q9 f ,K mmm Eyf f QM COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 1,2 Class Officer lt L-H 1,3 F. H. A. 2,3,h MU , F. H. A. Officer 3,11 G. A. A. 1,2,3,h Library Club 1,2, Newspaper staff 3 D JAJIES JUDKINS ACADENIC I All-State Chorus is End 1,2, 39,-I Boy Scouts 1 Chorus 1,2,3,lL DATICG Band 3,15 Magazine captain ll Newspaper Staff 3 Plays 3,lL Religion 1,3 X 1 fl! ALICE CARSJN ' COMMERCIAL A V X Chorus 16,355 ' G. A. A. ! , Religion 1:2 y .X W Yearbook St-aff 74 lr V H1 W A 2 11 X' f I EUGENE xmrrz AGRICULTURE f "fr X Agriculture l,2,3,h f, Baseball lg X., ' Basketball 3 1 Boy scouts 1,2 1 N F F A. 1,2,3,h F F A. Basketball 15 1 Fbotball 3,u 7 4 K 16 ,EgEiQZ?g,i,2,a,n Spealdrg Contest 1 2,3,1t W K -' CRQQV5 OF TMQ CROP M-, ,5.L W Y 5 X 7 1 SUE CHAVKL S COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 3,11 I Chorus Officer 3 4, 4 , F. H. A. h f G. A. A. 3,11 Newspaper Staff 3 Yearbook Edit0I' ll Synchronized Swimming 3,7-I X CHARLES ICEILLEY , AGRICULTURE V Agriculture l,2,3,h X I f X Basketball 1,2,3 H Chorus 1 2 3 ff? . X Chorus Ogflcer 2 A 6 X Class officer l,2,3 ,1,- l F. F. A. 1,2,3,h F.F.A. Basketball 1. M 1 , Newspaper Staff 3 , Soccer 1,2, 3 N X Track l,2,3 ' le i! 3 I ANNE cmmss ig 2 ACADEMIC M , Chorus 1 2 3 6 - h-H ofrilei- l,2,3,L, I ' 53 Ne aper Staff 3 Y A - 5112132 Shop h 'YZ . - ,'f"' Yearbook Staff ll A .fl ' K Photography Club h ,1 ' ' K X rife'-2 f' f' - ' ' xx... X X " xx... XX X X WILLIAM ICELSEY AGRICULTURE J x PATRICIA DONOLUICE COMMERCIAL Dancing 2, 3 G. A. A. 2, 3 Newspaper Staff 3 Plays 3 Religion l Glee Club 1,2,3 Orchestra 1,2,3 Intermurals 2,3 Tap Dancing 3 Agriculture 1,2 Band 1,2,3,h Boy Scouts 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3,h h'H 132933,-1 F.F.A l,2,3,h ,Bah F.F.A. Basketball 1,2, 3,15 Potato Club 2 Rifle Club 1,2, 3,14 Rifle Club Officer h Dance Orchestra 1,2,3 17 Q53 X X xx- X 'ix vs? X XX, X X f g3-. 'Q X N Q X N f C X K x sf' ,Xa CRQQV5 OF TLPQ CROP 1 L yi SUSAN GREEN ' COLLEGE ENTRANCE "' xl. Chorus 1,2 F. H. A. lt , G. A. A. 1,2,3,b G. A. A. Officer I4 ,L Newspaper Staff 3 Yearbook staff I4 rm- A N KENNETH LYON AGRICULTURE J" --x an Shop 1, 11 o f .. W 1 ,p y Y I lg . , X! f I X I 7 noesnfr MEISNER X , 1 fy VOCATION? A N Badmitt ' X Q ' "A H X Baseba1in1,2,lL X, X- 1 f Basketball 1,2,h ' K , if Fo tb 11 1,2 5 .X A if f P P1Z.ysa1,2 h L. f Shop 1,2,f4 Q ' , , Soccer h J - Table Tennis 1,2,h A 5 ,A Track 1,2,h , f. I Volleyball 1,2,l. A T fy , .J 4 , f 5 , I fl 18 ff X C S Agriculture 1, 2, 3, L I F. F. A. 3, h , F. F. A. Basketball 3, h I fry SYBIL HINCKLEY , COLLEGE ENTRANCE C A11- State Chorus 2,3,h Cheerleading 1,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h Trio 3,11 G. A. A. 1,2,3,h Yearbook staff h Operetta 3 Plays 3 Spealclng Contest 1,2 Special Chorus 3,14 IDRIS HOIBE COMMERCIAL Band 19 2I3lh Chorus 1,2,3,l4 Chorus Officer lg Class Officer 2,14 G. A. A. 1,2,3 Newspaper Staff 3 Plays 3 Religion 1,2 Special Chorus 3,14 Yearbook Staff lg ., CRQHVJ OF THC CROP HELEN KRAMER COMMERCIAL Chorus 1,2,3,h A -Q " Newspaper Staff 3 ' 13 e ' ' Plays 3 Yearbook Staff ls Special Chorus 14 ROBERT LAPP AGRICULTURE Agriculture 1,2,3,h .Q ' I-l'H 1,2,3 F. F. A. 1,2,3,h V: al I X1 I x I F. F. A. Basketball 2,3,u n N Potatoe Club 1 ' Q X Shop 1,2,h .Soccer 2 JEAN LABEN ACADEMIC All state Band h Band 2,3,b ,N Cheerleading 1,2,3,l8 Class Officer 3,7-L Magazine Manager la PlaY3 3.14 Religion 1,3 Q ' SALVAIIJRE PARIS! X . AGRICULTURE Q N AgI'iCU1'ff111'6 1,2,3:,-lx .' Badmitten 1,3,u ig 1 Baseball 1,2,3,h 1 V " Basketball 1,2,3,u I ' Chorus 1,2,3 - ff .hgv Chorus Officer 3 r , 1 Religion 1,2,3,h I Snccer l,2,3,ls . Q . Track 1,2.3.h X x ' ' ' Volleyball 1,2,h VERA MYERS COMMERCIAL N Chorus 1,2,3,l4 h-H 1 JN ln-H Officer 1 X , F. H. A. 1,2,3,lg n G. A. A. 1,2,3,u Newspaper Staff 3 Plays 3 JN 5 Religion 1,2,3 'Q Shop I4 Special Chorus 14 19 cam Orme CQOD 2 X Lfff Of J W .1 ilillfb.-1-. 1 H 5 sh.-I-112' WILLIAM MCCULLOUGH ' AnR1cUL1URE Agriculture 1,2,3,h ,., iN Chorus 1 "H C C1ass Officer 1 1 V MPH 1-s2:3s,-5 6 Wfrvx F. F. A. 1,2,3,l.L , Religion 1,2 A Shop 1,2,3 th Yearbook Staffh ,N,Hfpnvwxu: mmky , '1 f:::5iE" ':A-:ql-I-:-g.-.-.-1-'- ' 153 . 33 C Donomwz, KLOSSNER 1:fEa3Er5E1E2E1E:2EfE2E:. " , , COMMERCIAL Chorus 1,2,3,ln Class Officer 1 Dramatics Club 1 Shop h Yearbook Staffh Yearbook Staff , 1 ,,N ., .A kr N q 'EIT' r ,rj xf.' a-'W .1 1 Q L W 'Q .9 1 1 9 1 fl 2 ip, JOYCE KOESTER GOM ERCIAL X Band 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3,h Dancing 1 Newspaper Staff 3 Religion 1,3 X 2' Yearbook Staff L DONALD PFALZER x 1 AGRICULTURE Agriculture 1,2,3, F F A. 1,2,3,1, SMP 1,2,3 Yearbook Staff lg ff ff!! an ., JW N Q41 f of f 9 RICHARD NORTON AGRICULTURE Agriculture 1,2,3,h Basketball 1,2,3,h Chorus 1,2,3 h-H 1,2 F. F. A. 1,2,3,h Potatoe Club 1 Religion 1,2 Shop 15213 Soccer 2,3 Volleyball 1,2 , 1 Y .Z A JOYCE POPE COMMERCIAL Dancing 2,3 G Newspaper Staff 3 Plays 1,2,3 Religion l,2,3 Glee Club l,2,3 Senior Glee Club 3 IU F I 3 XM U bf-' . I G. X Intermurals 2 X X Tap Dancing 3 ' JEROME ROZHJRSKI AGRICULTURE Agriculture l,2,3,lL , Chorus 1 11-H 1,2,3,74 F. F. A. l,2,3,h F. F. A. Basketball 3,h Potatoe Club 2 Religion l,2,3,h Shop 3,11 Soccer 1,2 CQQKW OF TMQ CROP LAWRENCE POPE VOCAHONAL Badmitten 2, 3,14 Baseball l,2,3,h Basketball l A -, Chorus 1,2,3 -ve '- Football ll Religion l,2,3,Il ' Sh'-7P 293114 Soccer 1,2 '- T: Table Tennis l,2,3,h I Volleyball 2, 3,14 f , I F x . - ,Y . 'J la. 4 A A. A. l,2,3 A. A. Officer 3 Y, N XXX ALICE SANDERS 5 X X COLLHFE ENTRANCE ' Chorus 1,2,3 Q Trio 3,14 N Yearbook staff ll X Speaking Contest ll f Plays 3,11 KX f Newspaper Staff 3 f Magazine Bus. Mg. 24 f X f RICHARD SEBRA X AGRICULTURE N ' -V ' .A Agriculture l,2,3,h 'X S ' Baseball 1,11 X ., ' X, chorus 1,2 3,ls X x 7' 'If' h'H 1329335 - F. F. A. officer 2.3.14 G, l :si N Fa Fl Ao 1,2,31,-5 4, SHOP 2,3 .LE 'l A soccer 1:2:3.1,-5 'A .gl ' '1'rack1,2,3,lL on f 21 cam OF we mow swf? A LOIS SCHENCK , HOME EGJNOMICS Chorus 1,2 Special Chorus F. H. A Yearbook Staff lt 3 6. 'til Agrlculture 3,h Baseball l,2,3,h Football 2, 3,14 Basketball l,2,3,u F F A Officer L, Newspaper Editor 3 IBILL Ll . 3,u ' 6 Q9 Y ALBERT smm! I Md Q,A?37f55 is AGIZLICULTURE I B fl . . . X X 1 Plays 3,14 Religion 1,2,3 Table Tennis 1,2, '1'rack,l,2,3,h H nusslrr, vmcxsualm 5 AGRICULTURE sl. Y? EDITH SCHILLER COMMERCIAL Band 1,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h F. H- A. 3 G. A- A. 1,2 Newspaper Staff 3 Plays 3 Religion 1 Special Chorus la Yearbook Staff I4 , Agriculture 1,2,3,L, . X 'fl , All State Bam 1,2 A A Basketball 1 2 ' ' X p , ' Class offlcef- l,2,3 A - " I I F- F- A. Officer 3 A 1, ' A f F. F. A. Basketball 3,15 A for X f Football 2,14 3- Plays 3 , 2515. ' 'yr' 'f X Shop 1: 293:14 A NJ J, Table Tennis l,2,3,h " A K" ' ' ' X7 MARIE SHAFER Q, - commncml All State Chorus lt Band 1a2:3.o,-L If V K - Cheerleading 3,14 ' J Chorus l,2,3,lt f Class Officer 3 74 j A G. A. A. 1,2,3,il x Newspaper Staff 3 A Plays 3 MA Speaking Contest 2 I X X N N 22 CQQN1 OF THE CROP L h-H 1,2,3,L F. H. A. 1,2, . A. A. 1,2, IDNALD WARREN AGFICULTURE Agricultnme 1,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,14 h H 1,2,3,h " b H ofneer 3,11 F F A- 192: 9 F F A. Basketball 1,2 Football 2,3,14 Potatoe Club 2 i Plays 331-1 V Religion, 1, 2,3 ARLENE VAN BUHEN CXJMMERCIAL Band 1,2,3,11 ' Band Officer 3,14 Chorus 1.,2,3,14 Class Officer 2 nance Band l,2,3,1g G. A. A. l,2,3 Magazine Captain 14 Plays 3,14 Slxtette 1,2 Special Chorus 14 LOREN WIGHT oomnzacm. X Badndtten 1,2,3,14, Boy Scouts 1,2 Ch0I'uS 1325391-1 Rifle Club 11 Shop 14 Table Tennis l,2,3,1-1 Special Chorus 14 All State Gnome h MARILYN ZETTERBEBG OOLLIBE ENTRANCE Band 1,2,3,h NGWSPBPGT Staff 3 Plays 3,14 Religion 1,2, 3 Speaking Contest 3,14 Yearbook Staff 15 23 BARBARA SPRING HOME ECONOMICS Chorus 1,2 3,14 3,11 F. H. A. Play 2 3,11 New er Staff SPSP 3 Plays 3 Yearbook Staff 1. Special Chorus 14 A, I5 FII hd 5 I 5 ' i X I .ulilfe 1"" G 1 . , ,if N, I B . . 31. X 0 0 X x 1 1 X Q X Xqff xl XXXXJX 'xg 'O mmm owe CROP ff EDWARD BELLY ACADEMIC f,f-T' P f F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 ' I ,Y 4 H 1 2 3 4 A I 1uf1e'ciui 1,2 e 4' A - A - - aa riff If f AAV, :gf Qzgf go ' y a u f f f The sun rose Sept. 7, 1950 to find X that we the class of '51 were now' sen- X iors. t For the purpose of raising money , for our New York trip, we started the year with our annual round and square dance. le sponsered bake sales which nf proved to be very successful. We then , J continued with a Hallowen party, fish ff , supper, magazine campaign, and our sen- ior ban. K l I' D. Hodge - Secretary, M. Shafer - President, S. Brown - Vice President, J. Laben - Treasurer, Miss Happ and Mr. Howard - Advisors - i 214 ID memommm 44' 5 do .yi . , ,jf y .4 "ii 9 - 1 9 'in-H' c EZQQLQ. t 1 William J Cook In memory of you, Bill. Because of your smile, your cheeriul disposition, your sincere desire to learn, your refusal to stay discouraged, your love of sports though you cou1dn't participate-because of all these things--we remember you. May we say that you were very brave those last few years. Sovery young-yet so courageous. When we are tired and discouraged and afraid, may we remember you, and find the spirit to smile. 25 CLQSS LHSTURV c Twelve years ago, in 1939, twenty-eight small seeds were planted in the first grade of Alexander Central School. To start the crop sprouting were Mr. Flint as the farmer and MiSS Churchill 35 0111' first planter. These seeds were called: Norman Fleming, David Glor, Richard Good, Kenneth Goodman, Richard Harris, Paul Hartrick, James Judlcins, Eugene Kautz, William Kelsey, Larry Pgpe, Jerome Rozborski, Robert Tenney, Donald Pfalzer, Floyd Anderson, Betty Bowen, Shirley Brovm, Alice Carson, Anne Curtiss, Marilou Goetz, Dorothy Klossner, Vera Myers, Alice Sanders, June Schad, Edith Schiller, Arlene Van Buren, Lois Schenck, Shirley Kime, and Evelyn Zimmerman. In second grade new seedlings ,joined our ranks. They were Sybil Hinckley from Tuscon, Arizona: Robert Hoover, Arlene Greiner and Doris Hodge from Darieng George Cupica, from Bethanyg Ruth Goetz, from Elbag Leslie Mengs from Batavia: Ruth Alwardt from Corfu: and Robert Patterson, David Sprague, Alvin Schraxmn, Lawrence Watkins, Doris Kruetter, and Ruth Weber from schools unknown. Transplanted to other schools during the year were Paul Hartrick, Floyd Anderson, Arleen Griener, and Ruth Weber. The third grade welcomed these new pupils: Archie DeLude, Ralph Heiman, Kenneth Lyons, Leo DeLude, Glen Nelson, Donald Pestlin, Laverne Good, Donald Baker, Carl Cone, Betty Comstock and Junamae Kendall, from various schools, John Lavender, from Darien, with Willard Baker from Attica. As usual some of our pals had to change their location. 'Ihey were Shirley Kime, Evelyn Zimmerman, and David Sprague. Joiners in our fourth year were Marvin Coisman from Batavia and Francis Donahue, Charles Heintz, Robert Lapp, William McCullough, Jack Ruhlman, Loren Wight and Barbara Spring from unknmm schools. Those who transferred this year were Alvin Schramm, Glam Nelson and Carl Cone. After five years our class was enlarged by: Russell Wackenheimg who came from Buffalo, and Richard Ward, Ronald Yager, Arthur Dooley, Virginia Tillinghast, Betty Cratsenberg, Jean Laben, Charles Merritt. Sixth grade brought these friends: William Cook, Stephen Frazier, Larry Kittle, Donald Warren, Glenn Hall and Edith Frazier from various schools, Susan Green from Williamsville, Joyce Koester, from Batavia, and Martha Smykowslci, from Darien. Leaving were: Donald Baker, Betty Comstock, Junamae Kendall, Richard Ward, Betty Cratsenberg, Charles Merritt and Virginia Tillinghast. Again in the seventh grade there were many new students. Among these were, Charles Kelley, Chester Kittle, Richard Norton, Sam Parise, Richard Patterson, Raymond Hawker, Paul Ralyea, Janet Good, Beverly Shadbolt, Rose Zimmerman, Bessie Adams, Dorothy Bowen and Dolores Beechler, and Lorraine Armstrong from Buffalo. Setting out to meet other people in other places were June Schad, Ralph Heiman, Donald Pestlin, LaVerne Good, Stephen Frazier, Larry Kittle, Glenn Hall, Edith Frazier, and Lorraine Armstrong. During our last year in grade school, our new members were: Robert Baltz from Tonawandag Marie Shafer from Batavia: Helen Kramer from Covington, Pennsylvania: Albert Snyder from Tyrone, Pennsylvania: and Lloyd Higgins and John Gardner. Planted in new positions this year were: Robert Tenney, Johm Lavender, Charles Heintz, Arthur Dooley, Chester Kittle, Paul Ralyea, Janet Good, Rose Zimmerman, Lloyd Higgins, Naomi Parker, and Elizabeth Streeter. On our way down the path to maturity, we entered high school and elected the following officers: President, Russell Wackenheim: Vice President, John Gardner: Secretary, Dorothy Klossner: Treasurer, William McCullough:. Our new classmates were: Richard Sebera, formerly of Alden: George Murphy of Buffalo: and Virginia Lewandowski. Those who left the class this year were: John Haus and Ronald Yager. Death claimed the life of William Cook. The Sophmores elected Russell Wackenheim, President: Charles Kelley, Vice President: Doris Hodge, Secretary: and Arlene Van Buren, as Treasurer. Added to our class were: Charles Gill, Eleanor Folkereth and Catherine Keifer. Sophmores who left were: Norman Fleming, Jack Ruhlamn, Martha Smykowski, Raymond Hawker, George Murphy, and Virginia Lewandowslci.. We had grovm quite a bit when, in our Junior year, we elected Russell Wackenheim to Presidency and Charles Kelley as Vice President. Marie Shafer became our Secretary with Jean Laben taking over as Treasurer. The new faces in our class this year were Lyola Bayer from Michigan, Sue Chavel of Amherst and Marilyn Zetterberg of Buffalo. Armed forces attracted George Oupicha, who was called into active duty with the National Guard. Others who left were: Richard Patterson, Beverly Shadbolt, Eleanor Folkerth and Catherine Keifer. Millard Baker advanced to his Senior year and graduated. Now almost ready to blossom out into the world, and reveal the produce of Alexander Central School, the Senior class elected: Marie Shafer, President: Shirley Brown, Vice President: Doris Hodge, Secretary, and Jean Laben, Treasurer. Attica gave us two new personalities in September: Joyce Pope and Patricia Donaluke. Up from the lower classes came Robert Meisner and Edward Reilly. Our class then stopped growing. In search of adventure, Marvin Coisman left our school to join the Navy, John Gardner went to Batavia High and Lyola Bayer moved to Michigan, leaving our class with a total of fifty-two, eventual graduates. 26 R. QLM 4 45 gmggggsifiiffagifilffzELf222ff:ff2f' 5155555 A 27 0? NEXT WARS HQRUEST Ie fa-eifhse N af -Z So . dal-41:13. lz 0,256 In September we held a sock dance to give all students a chance to pract- ice their round dancing. Our annual round and square dance off early :Ln Oct,- ober. In March we presented three one- act plays that we received loud app- lause and generous praise. Our last undertaking of the year was the Junior Prom. This, like our , Ib other activities, proved successful Secmiass G both socially and financially. . Par. Delab usb 1,057 s1QJ Y Back Row- C. M. Third Rovlh S. S. Second Row-D. J. First Row- M. R. Johnson, L. Wright, J. Morse, D. Huber, W. Wolfley, R. Chaddock, R. Metcalf R. Charles I D Andrews, D. Tiede Glossner, G. Dembrowski, R. Heding, G. Morse, W. Dugan, A. Waite, R. I-lilken, D. Foster, Wiktorski, J. Berry, C. Morse - Wolf, J. Rechtor, S. Schmieder, J. Cochran, E. J. Grant, J. Glor, G. Griener, P. Geer, Zetterberg, E. Brovm, N. Roth, M. Allen, H. Kreutter Mallison, J. McNall, L. Parrish, J. Wirth, P. Hampton, J. Hoover, Mrs. Eager, Advisor, Jack, S. Andrews, C. Klossner, J. Myers, M. Wight, D. Buckenmeyer 28 BD VCQQUS SPQOUTS 1 HS' gi i X. A -..' Qmnwnit Back Row- A. lflossner, R. Dart, S. Kaminski, J. Braun, H. Alwardt, F. Kellner, J. Bayer, C. Rich, E. Williams, B. Quinn, R. Williams, T. Biggins Fourth Row- D. Seward, N. Pestlin, W. Kolberg, H. Alwardt, P. George, W. Hassett, G. Linsey, R. Parise, D. Kilby, G. Heiman, C. Brown, D. Townsend, R. Eiielcarek Third Row- D. Schiller, F. Luce, S. Meisner, D. Hinz, G. Skorniak, J. Glor, C. Hartle, E. Stumm, R. Wagner, A. Podwika, J. Pfalzer, B. Harding, N. Lewis, E. Bartz Second Row- S. Baker, N. Hodge, A. Good, A. Hawker, Mr. Collins, Mrs Davis, C. Golandki, D. Glor, M. Heiman, J. Williams, J. Spring, H. Spring First Rowe LI. Myers, A. Jewell, Cupicha, E. Geer, D. Schaffer. P. Vanderwalker, A. Pfalzer, B. Robbins Our officers guided us in our choice of MTS- Davis and Mr- Collins as our class advisors. On October 27, we all enjoyed a prof- itable round 84: Square dance. The entire class helped in trimming the christmas tree in the main entrance the week before our christmas vacation. In keeping with tradition, we enter- tained the seniors at Silver Lake for a skating party. V:l.ce-Pres.- P. George, Pres.-R. Dart, Sec.-E. Bartz Treas.- M. were lie VCQQS PLLWIUG Back Row- R. Spring, J. Rider, T. Lake, K. Balduf, J. Sodja, D. Brown, C. Koester, G. Wolff, R. Genter, C. Stockschoeder, R. Krich, R. Trifthauser Third Row- J. Jack, C. Hodge, M. Rosemark, L. Buckenmeyer, M. Strong, P. Kautz, J. Snyder, B. Balduf, J. Ruch, M. Bartz, S. Kreuszelnicld., B. Townsend, C. Burch Second Rowhhi. Biggins, F. Kolberg, L. Garigan, F. Welker, J. Curtiss, A. Quinn, P. Spaulding, J. Rider, A. Lincoln, C. Dart, Z. Worthington, S. Lewis, B. Trifthauser, P. Myers, R. Lyons First Row- G. Tiede, M. Kirch, L. Goodman, L. Schoenthal, R. Bowen, J. Allen, Mr. Feltham, Miss Kelly, R. Foster, R. Brinkman, R. Moore, G. Carter, G. Spring, J. Loranty The Freshmen elected these officers to start them off right in their high school venture: President - John Rider Vice President - Lester Schoenthal Secretary - Beverly Trifthauser Treasurer - Lucy Buckenmeyer Class Advisors - Miss Kelly and Coach Feltham , Ten boys from our class made up the Freshman Basketball Team. The Freshman Dance was held on April 27, 1951, and proved to be quite successful. Following tradition, we also entertained the Junior class at a skating party at Silver Lake. R. Rider, L. Schoenthal, B. Trifthauser, L. Buckenmeyer 30 X f 15 ?s I K J? N' 1 ik: 'rQ5---Q.a'f, r , is Jv,lEf"':- 4, XX v ff X '4 9. X If X HB1- .. W ' 1,0 -, 14 , - M Ni fat ' fQ 'f WW' f ,ff F' , IQ: I -ilf ',l :fu ee 7 f1f.g: -M, 1 . , - ff , I ',:x IA V I. i ' 'v . , ,f I 1, X 4931 ,K " u' f . 'XEWI5 N ' 1-,.,. H'91"iW ' 61 Q ,, V ' 'N - - ff '..vf,.'f2.ff':a2? 1 ' QWNXW iii! . ' ., A - 1' X 'H , ' E - if 'j' . - - 344' , I 5 f' 5 , " :i.S'i?-Y!f4g-i:"v,.5-aA1f- A f Q,' 4gH,1s ,-0. 2 -- -wi' .4 417-,ll2q"'Zl!i '-2'2'T: . ' , 4. -- --, '-., ' f, -.'-- ' r- - " '-1. - - l FH IV- 'L--f ,Z,.T7.-,Qgfn -? ' XYSNEA 'l ' f 4 f-Q ' M. 5 1,1 ,g-,fn ,-.f ff, , ,pn-Q X M .4!f!i',zz'f,f,f" gfjfug 1 Q,,L:'fQ4 Jun: 1 ' 5 -, 'Kg' f W 1' ,f4:f,', :pvgfhf-j 7 4 ,' 7 Nz. fm Qfzzyff.-5 :viii-.zfi :1m'QQ,g N., ,again- U., 1-ig. 'i"f-1s:"2g:5f?!Q-'7f:Q5f.4Qs:F2ffQ1'5. - w A - :-',f- frfga-f,.f -- -f Q- ---I iv:-.Q-:J - --.1 , "' i1'.,'gk.44,-2 'Z-"4 K 7 ?',l,r',41,--'fge 1-gp' "ei 7 y,a3ffjj92?5g4Z SQQOUUCS Back Row- Daniel Keene, Donald Werner, Harold Brown, Richard Boloski, Gerald George, Robert Diemoz, Robert Greiner, Ronald Werner, Bruce Klossner, Norman Synder Second Row- Betty Keene, Joanne Townsend, Mary Lou Woliley, Annette Roth, Katherine Howard, Carol Hirsch, Georgia Potter, Bernice Greiner, Marjorie mnring, Natalie Green, Clara Phillips First Row- Marlene Moltrup, Janet Perkins, Joyce Perkins, Patrica Geitner, Carl Golanslci., Mr. Watson, Dean Wright, Sharon Bowen, Sharon Werner, Gail Dailey, Sandra Morse Seated- Joyce Pestlin, Roger Waite, Howard Boloski, Paul Roberts, Paul Judkins, Nancy Steele 8+H Back Row - Irving Goodman, David Morse, David Pfalzer, Gordon Kelsey, Heenan Howard, Robert Kelsey, David Snell. ' Second Row- Eleanor Humel, Edmrd Kaminski, Calvin Seward, Ethel Kreutter, Jean Skrzycki, Laverne Johnson, Marvin Levins, Janette Stewart. First Row - Gordon Neubarth, Darrell Freeman, George Gilhooly, Rose Stefaniak, Mr. Jack Romaniuk, Teacher, Jean Kittle, Alice Hamel, Louis Perkins, and Robert Hahn. Absent - Charles Snell 32 , 'l , . L . .- N , r v I . If frlfnxg I as f ,fq,Lf Back Bow- James Spaulding, Ronald Fbeller, Paul Stockschlaeder, David Wood, Clarence Lathan, Wallace Wicldngs, Ronald Heed, Robert Czeladzinslcl, Joseph Huber Third Rome Patricia Uartrick, Judy Hampton, Dorothy Post, Ethel Kirch, Lois Wagner, Joyce Paulter, Susan Sk:-zycld., Joan Clendenon, Marie Buckenmsyer, Alrene Glor Second RowhCarol Duckworth, Patricia Hoover, Mary Jane Ownes, Mr. Zlotkus, Cadetg Miss Adams, Teacher, June Embt, Dolores Parrish, Dorothy Titus, Paul Balbick First Rmb Paul Llg, Patricia Lewis, Ronald Snyder, Darlene Mix, Gene Quinn, Absent- Clyde Bruggman, Dean Allen, Richard Meisner, Joan Smarlow, Susan Swartz 7+H Back Row- Robert Balduf, Gary Goetz, Gordon Kittle, David Snyder, Keith Alwardt, Robert Henry James Pfalzer Third Row- Lorraine Smith, Nancy Hilken, Marie Heiman, Marlene Porter, Marlene Backer, Patricia Pagels, Nina Bannister, Mary Snell, Sandra Luce Second Row-Donna Townsend, Nora Bagg, Gleen Wohlsclagel, Emily Goodman, Mrs. Hillman, Teacher, Sharon Patterson, Glenn Spencer, Maryjane Fisher, Frank Morse First Rmb Allen Garigen, Merrill Myers, Jerome Yoder Absent- Dora Begg, Ronald Edgerton 33 " ' , ' fp VV Fourth Row- Violet Walker, Marjorie Rogers, Judith Slumm, Clara Kreutter, Shirley Wight, Elaine Bruggman, Eevely Bolz. Third Row- Richard Hassett, John Pautler, John Glor, Laurence Moore, Patricia Bennett, Warren Hensel, Brent Harris, Everett Shafer, John Sanders. Second Bow- Barbara Russell, Maureen Krantz, Norman Pagels, Rita Mallison, Mrs. Dorothy Fritts, Rosalind Ilg, Ronald Roberts, Judith Fichthorn, Doris Boloski. First Row- William Waite, Steven Wiktorski, Wagne Greirath, David Hofert. 6+H Back ROW- Lee Garigen Robert Warner James Sewa d Will' Pf 1 will S d R Setterberg,,Cyri1 Johnson , r , lam a Zerf ia-U1 Pagels, Roger econ ow- orman Bartz, Gloria Baker Call Robbins David Robbi s Barb M 1 Humel, Dennis Bialkowslci., :Evelyn Luce, La Verne Pfalzgr, ara Dyer, Ernest First Row- Clifford Jewell, Jeanette Cionitti, Robert Geitner, Mrs. Dart, Teacher, Miss Kishlar Cadet- Larry Lyons Inice e c Th pre Seated- Paul Lersrins, Dennis Roberts, Sp n er, cms emu Absent- Amelia Parise, William Jenkins 3h ALQW Back Row- Sarah Dayton, Diane Smith, Louanne Roth, Jean Howard, Chandles Lloyd, Maude Stewart, Ruth Hayes, Darla Perkins, Norma Brown Third Rowe Wesley Wood, Richard Spring, Edward Snyder, Norman Greiner, Stanley Staba, William Bowen, Donald Lincoln, Daniel Gohlke, Alexander Cathie Second Row-Ronald Wiktorslcl, Loretta Welker, Loretta Werner, Carole Judd, Miss Alice Hastings, teacher, Marilyn Long, Rose Kruszelniclcl, Joann Tenney, Priscilla Gardner Front Row- Donald Schaub, Thomas Feltham Back Row- Larry Hinz, Edward Biggins, Joan Willard, I-sw Schunk, Donna Phillips, Harold Kirch, Bernie Buckenmeyer. Third Row- David Townsend, Dean Dowen, Dennis Wagner, Mary Dreutter, Shirley Humel, Thomas Meisner, Jerome Reilly, Richard Bartz, Raymond Statler Second Rowhl-Ienry Reilly, Betty Stephaniak, Duane Dowen, Stuart Johnson, Mrs. Kennison, Teacherg William Perkins, Glenn Myers, Beverly Hodge, Robert Krantz ' First Row- Gloria Geitner, Marian Van Buren, Celggte Waite, Sylvia Judkins I 5 f r, e 1 f ,- .,,,- A . AY ' A H , I , Z., - ,fl i N ,pu f,- AA gi X ' za A- . .. ,. - ,auf N," .J V y .V ' '. I. I M' 3 4 Back Row - Dorothy Lathan, Gary Grefrath, Zimri Putney, Justin Kahn, Esward Rickford, Richard Kowalczyk, Donald Scott, Gene Wright, Judith Foeller. Third Row- Geraldine Geitner, Marilyn Cook, Cynthia Levins, Nancy Balduf, Carol Balduf, Esteele Spencer, Kathleen Kellner, Carolyn Mix, Beverly Schaub. Second Row- Judith Bialowski, Margaret Shea, Marion Wylza, Madonna Ciffeli, Carol Reiner, M d 11 ' ' ' ' ar e e Gohlke, Sandra Tiede, Virginia Myers, Jacqueline Dugan June Yoder. First Row- Paul Glor, James Zak, Ralph Pope, Gerald Good, Kenneth Lowell, Elerald Burroughs. Edward Wylaz 4+H New x im N A r all' 9 2'7" rsxv,-sag, M 1' I Q 45 Back Row - Arnold Kirch, Douglas Goodell, Margaret Boundy, William Schunk, William Hirsch, Mrs. Mary Wagner. Third Row - Judy Martin, Donald Swanz, Herbert Alwardt, Bernice Sprague, Leonard Reilly, David Bartz, Rosemary Schunx. Second Row- Richard Majer-us, Thomas Pfalzer, Geraldine Luce, Diane Dixon, Barbara Biggins, Barbara Hellerman, Eugene Bontrager, William Biggins. Rlrst Row - Kenneth Jenkins, Richard Stefaniak, and Glenn Jewell. Absent - Jack Sharlow. 36 Pl U' W: VJ! '11 Back Row- Miss Lax-amy, Teachers Clifford Kellner, Donald Howard, Michael Weldon, Josepn Szynucowiax Donald Strong, Russlel Wickins, James Richert Third Rowe- Sandra Cook, Patricia Bowen, Jeanne Waite, Jeannette Palmer, Ellen Schiller, Cecl ia Martin, Charlotte Abrahamsen Second Row-Judy Freeman, Helen Moyer, Nancy Morse, Joan Spaulding, Ruth Hinz, Nancy Bruggman, Carolyn Bontrager First Row- Russell Johnson, Loren Clark, Carol Belmonte, William Bruggman, Bnuce Trifthauser 3m Back Row- Wayne Dugan, Ronald Knapp, Dennis Wolfley, Robert Pfalzer, Raymond Eall, Ryan Kahn, George Sgencer Third Rowe Douglas uller, Rita Post, Janet Glor, Elaine Spaulding, Doris Johnson, Janet Lloyd, Jacqueline Kingston, Sharon Dominick, Robert Gumaer Second Row-John Sheehan, Geraldine Merle, Karen Balduf, Dianne Swarts, Sharon Russell, Patty Loons, Patty Gentner, Sally Owens, Thomas Wiktorslci. First Row- Gerald Shea, David Wilkinson, Albert Punches Absent- Martin Sierk 37 x L ,J Back Row - Mrs. Waite, Jack Shepard, Merry Boundy, Carol Buckman, Roger Jones, Floyd norden, Donald Judd, Elaine Raymond, Martha Putney. Third Row - Mary Ann Roberts, Rosalie Wilkinson, Susan Scott, Helen Gilhooly, Donna Perkins, Kathleen Pope, Kareen Loveland, Ruby Lennon, Mary Zak, Warren Grefrath Second Row - Charles Dayton, Gary Taylor, Robert Wozniak, John Clendenon, Roger Glor, Peter Swanz, Arnold Parrish, David Schenck, Ronald Burroughs, Brien Tiede. First Row - Sharon Clark, Mary Moore, Maureen Waite, Sandra Pielow, Eileen Ward, Sally Rider, Betty Kilby. Absent - Linda Pautler, Jock Fichthorn. FTD af . J - I I -5 ,tx I A 'tif .ff Q Aux ,ay 'P7 6' QV Back Row- Mrs. Myers, Teacherg Gene Grefrath, Kathleen Snyder, Raymond Henry, Kenneth Henry, Lois Ann Caldwell, Frank Lennon - Third Row- James Yoder, Richard Barie, Nancy Gail Smith, Diane Catlin, Richard Kearney, Gerald Gei ner Second RowhDanie1 Wiktoz-ski, Donald Fbrd, Warren Wollschlaeger, Patricia Baker, James Johncox, Lester Kelsey Front Row- Gerald Burch, Linda Ann Glor, Ronald Hellerman, Mary Ann Smith, James Worthington Absent- Diann Abrahamsen, Albert Smith, John Spencer, Maxine Van de Bogart 38 S? .1 -.Z 4 Y, 5 yt' -QE 3 l I fi ,am A : A Q .. - ,. X - r" Back Row- Gary Leitsch, Lawrence Mix, Robert Britton, Paul Foeller, Kenneth Bouncbf, Myron Ki:-ch, James Mellenthein Third Rom- Gerald Schenck, Gary Merle, Charles Jenkins, Carl Reynolds, Leslie Smith, Vdlliam Freeman, Gerald Keene, Howard Loveland, Ralph Reed Second Ronbliargaret Dart, Kay Hunn, Norma Post, Lorna Morse, Laura Morse, Gloria Schoenthal, Barbara Kam, lata Wright Front Ron- Frank Shea, Walter Lewis, Thomas Jaroszek, Wallace Wight 15+ -Efgttlyzy L E .ie 5 ,Q y 2- iffrw.-f Back Rom- George Phillips, James Sharlow, Richard Hickox, Duane Green, John Goodell, David B-Brie, Todd Darch, Robert Imlton 'Fnird Rom- Sylvia Strong, Marilyn Goetz, Wanda Wolfley, Eaith Rickford, Sharon Wolfley, Mary Am Szymkowiak, Margaret Staba, Beverley mingle, Kathleen Hahn Second Row- Connie Williams, Nancy Willard, Donna Lewis, Nordne Diemoz, Lucia Slcryzcki, Collen Wood, Patricia Bartz, Eileen Pfalzer Seated- Gerald Mulcahy, Ralph Robbins, Frank Wickins, Lester Palmer, Bruce Pielow 39 5213 ' Q T59 J' 5 A 2 -I+ -A Back Row- Jack Sprague, Mary Ann Goodell, Mary Ostrander, John Kreuter, Mrs. Kahn Third Row- Dorothy Brown, John Pfalzer, Deane Foster, George Alband Herbert Goodman, Cathie De Muth Second Row- Thomas Berry, Wayne Walker, Duane Hunn, David Dart, Robert Lake, Raymond Post First Row- Joanne Zetterberg, Joan Perkins ' in y 0 A G t , ,, AA f' ,' ' f J" 'fi '--'A' 1 'f 2 ali' fl' ,V 'iwvz yi , 'X5 :5"f. ' e-if I.. Q- A , i t 1, ,E-34 Q I .Aria r A-J iv Back Row- Hrs. Hlizabeth Roth, James McNall, Glenn Smith, Kenneth Meier, Peter Hahn, Robert Jewell. 'n'1iI'd Row- Faith Sprague, Shirley Spring, Sharon Hellerman, Sharon Lindner, Nancy Caldwell, Sharon Schunk, Elaine Hodge. Second Row-Sandra Goodman, Rosemary Loranty, Virginia Perkins, Carl Earl, Mary Alband, Judith Gumaer, Susanne Dixon. First Row- Allen Goodman, Earl Sprague, and Dean Alwardt. Absent- Kenneth Humel and Robert Stafaniak bo HM -f U-'- X A l Back Row- Ronald Muchard, Stuart Kelsey, Helene Pagels, Randall Sierk, Grace Wiclclns, Paul Raymond, Third Row- Cheryl Fuller, Richard Austin , Gail Carter, John Kingston, Constance Syzmkoniak, Charles Sanders, Joanne Balduf Second Row- Sharon Sirong, Daniel Richert, Richard Janik, Frank Pfalzer, James Ahl, Gail Snanz First Row- David Robbins, Fred Kent, Lana Willard, Howard Wood, Georgia Punches VIUDGFQGQQDQU ' 4"-K" 4 ' 5 Back Row- Katherine Kausner, Kenneth Luce, Donald Greiner, Gregory Mazur, Mary Martin, Mrs. Cacner Third Row- Suzanne Kelley, Donald Plone, Leona Moore, Ronald Loveland, Nancy Reynolds second Roll- Paul Tenney, Alice Gardner, Sharllanne Walker, Elaine Dale, Judith Ann Green, James Hassett First Row- 'Bxomaa Zak, Patricia Schunk, Helen Kruszclnicld., Nancy Bari-Bn Gary B-Hrteau ul ' -- fn. ,-,me-., 'wh 4, ij .gag-,emi ,ag ss.. Cupid .ak :gs 1 me p :L t N ,rf K. Hot-Rod Bill V f Qqgfai A - Q Z ul ' ', . w 1 V --VV fx ' ' 4 x MT- lx ?::' I. .,-A y N Y V 5532 ' 'f ' 4+ iQ' I 1 Y , fd J f ' 1 ,Q 5 ' gs, .wr A ,hm X ffm ' 1 Monkeys Business ' ' ' C 'f1,22f.'L'Z2"'f12'4"'fPZT'E"?'C2 , .Q'f":':.:H- -F11F1i',J3'h'LiI , ,, ..l,f-.Wi 9,5 " ' fy ' ,' 5 V' ffvzff:,s?7,wz'2-i' qrj 1. "ci ! Qgf f . 3 41. ' , ,J fn f 94,5 ,V ,., V1 .fail M Hai GYM ' 039 44? A V if 741: 5 , 1 3 Ju" , T 4 1 :Iwi I , 'ff JV., ., ,Q ' 'H 'f.591r5y?22Z1,j?5Zz,.,,,,?2g Dot and Dick -may P h 5-g s., L' v 'ffm 1 -.4-by Zh: A A, ff 1.1 .. rx., , V . f j.a Q, N 1 5 AY H' fl , yr k - ,V , 1, .' 4 ' ' Q """ in , 1 ,f V f , Working hard?? ,, ""'sg?x' ' fo - A 2293,-Vi" What ' s thi s ? ? ? , r 1 if Wifi! ' ,Hg ., eff: gg: wi: , 1' 1 ' fw5iZ.7f, 1 4' Q ' v ' F' I , f W, f K Figure Exercises ??? y. -, . Hangover! I Hemories V f' . f. f f -Q . Vi , L " 'W '1?"' 4 1 , ,-,A baggy' 4 U 1 4 f ff v ggi 4 1 x 5 . 4, ,i I , Here' s How Kids "J oycie"' Y f R V ,Q . 5, .ll . z 5 Qui H-ff' .... f Allan 'Wimiii L ?i This is Tops .CVT lQ 3-I Vera ???? "Hi There" Cute Couple -v.-, K T If f ,.- 53 .,.., , e.- whols This l , - r an A .. fi H. . 4 is b 'T?,2"'N hz nu ov I Wx 1 -, T , 'S' M 1 ' : E 1 -' ' , x 1 A .AI an .mn ,V V. 5' . , Z. n 4 V ,. , , " l'2f?fln,- .,...-ffl ' J' ' 'L 'Sgr ,T'2g'e :ig-, T? HQ '. 5 LQ? TI-'f 2 QQ Vg rf' New Car Don ? Our Red Nosed Reindeers T0ff2111 Pole 142 Ilnoug ll gin www SPO RTS 11.3 65, Ahh? 91,4100 gb , W as-U .'N :- lf. K' , X , Z".InR'1'V-2 "' ii 'Va I ix 'Wo M' of -zz, 7 1 standing: Coach Feltham, Buzz Chaddock, Tony Diemoz, Gene Wolfley, Sam Parise, Bob Reding, Lloyd Gannnack. Kneeling: Bill Wolfley, Bob Meisner, Ken Dart, Larry Pope. BLNSQRQLL SHIPS Alexander got off to a very successful season by defeating Holley h to 2. with the assistance of Coach Feltham, our boys closed the season by 7 games out gf 1.14. Our jV's team started off their first year very successfully. There's no doubt by what they will make good comeetition for opposing teams in the future. ' H Qgnent E 'rhey 'Q ' -:Holley ---- h ome is 2 ,i Corfu - ---- h ome 8 1 ,- T N A ' X fs Batavia JV 's -home h 2 ,i Z 4' -11-Elba ---- -home 6 14, Z -X-Oakfield - - -away 1 S ' - f-x -11-Alden ---- away 2 6 " g 1 N -x -If-Holley ---- a way 11 2 ' f- -x-Corfu----away O h "' . N .X -N-Elba----away 6 9 f - AN f-X -X-Oakfield - - -home 2 10 ff 4 -x-Alden ---- h ome 6 114 - F' 'r' Attica ---- home 6 2 ff 5 " g -Q ' -5 Batavia JV ' s- away ll Z' M IJ ,- Attica - - - -away 7 3 f Q - fi -z+League games hh P -wi" 1 7 IP ff- ....,',:.,,w.'l Mr f'oll1ns First How - R. Patterson, A. Snyder, S Parlse, R Sebera D. Wolf xxx I Second Row - S. Kaminski D. Foster, R. Parise, C. Kelley, R. Patterson, C. Kaminski, C. Gill, CIHDQRWUW , With Mr. Collins coaching the Alexander team, they enjoyed a successful season vdrming 3 and losing only 2 trackmeets. S SECTIONAL STANDITBS Alexander 1425 Brockport 1435 14140 yard dash: First: Richard Patterson Alexander hh Albion 143 Elba 31 220 yard dash: Fourth: Robert Patterson Alexander 522 Oakfield 26 Elba 205 High Jump: Tie for second: Sam Parise Alexander 37.1 Medina 145. 8 Attica 3 5. 1 Alexander 511' Honey 335- mba 23 Count! Trackmeet corm Eh Elba 325 Alexander 37 L5 4 , Robert Chaddock Samm' Pari se Pat Quum Glen Dembrowski 116 Richard Heebner Robert Mei sner BaCK ROW- R. Heebner G- Dembrowski R. Ch dd k - Front mm- coach Feltiam ' a oc ' 5 Pause' R' Melsner Absent' P' Quinn, R' Redding: A- Syhder, R. Norton, R. Harris Z3 BQSVQ l QQRS The Alexander basketeers, under the direction of Coach Feltham, ended another season of basketball with 11 wins and 5 loses placing second in the Genesee-Orleans B league. The teams' average was 61 points per game, the opposition of 119.3 points per game, with a total of 977- Date Opponents -I-Nov. Alden ----- h ome Nov. Pavilion - - - away Dec. Holly ---- -away Dec. Attica ---- home -x-Dec. Corfu ----- away Dec. Warsaw ---- hom -u-Dec. Lyndonville - -home Wan. Elba ----- away Jan. Pavilion - - - home 4eJan. Alden ----- a way Jan. Warsaw ---- away -I-Jan. Holly ----- h ome Jan. Attica - - - - away 4:-Feb. Corin ----- h ome -l-Feb Lyndonville- away Th 62 39 28 56 39 67 57 Si.-1 'Yl 415- Qjmf., '?" ,J .1 UNL LLM --... 'W E Q . 16 - Bo S5 -x-Feb. 23 Elba ----- home 67 72 'T'- -as League Games - Q 147 Parise Heebner Chaddock Debrowski Harris Mei sner Norton Quinn Reding Snyder TP 3112 208 105 39 lb 66 146 105 3h 114 Back Row- S. Glossner, C. Brown, W. Wolfley, T. Biggins, R. Hilken, R. Parise, D. Seward, D Huber First Row-Mr. I-Iorward, Coachg E. Geer YU QQSIJUQQQS This years J. V. basketball team came through with 11 wins and 5 loses. The experience gained by this years team will undoubtedly prove valuable to next years varsity team. Date Opponents Nov. Alden - - - home Nov. Pavilion - -away Dec. Holley- - - away Dec. Attica - - -home Dec. Corfu - - - away Dec. Warsaw - - -Home Dec. Lyndomrille-home Dec. Elba ---- away J an. Pavilion - -home Jan. Alden - - - away Jan. Warsaw - - -away Jan. Holley- - - home Jan. Attica - - -away Feb. Lyndonville-away Feb Elba ---- h ome YE M6 32 29 1411 314 29 ls? 39 51 33 35 3h 138 55 h7 Ili' 13 2h 50 ze L11 ae 37 27 no 22 53 ho hh 33 36 'Z 3? ngfujyl -nf I hs 5 fx LP. Norton 68 Biggins 75 Luce 29 Pari se 192 Glossner 1 Brown 16 Huber ho Hilken 101 W01f1ey 91 Alexander vs. Holley QOQL KICKQIQS Under the direction of Mr. Collins, Alexander won 3 games and lost 5. After defeating Holley two times we were able to go to the sectionals where we lost to Nunda 11 to I' 2PP'l'.'E'. 24'-z 4 s W , Bergen home 5 V WZYOEQS amy ls Ken away 0 J -ll'Ho11ey home O 1 '47 H Bergen away 18 f f Wyoming home 0 Kendal home 5 -u-Holley away 3 i X 1 as-u-Nunda JJ. , I If -X-League games X 4 A -x-x-Sectionals I Hun, 'f In lyfr ' gnu -749 ,IV w'W"i mm 'Ihird Row - R. Schriner, D. Townsand, C. Brown, D. Warren, R. Judkins, H. Schilling, G. Dembowslci. , P. Quinn, N. Welker, J. Barry, Mr. Howard. Second Row- R. Chadaocx, B. Quinn, D. Snell, E. Kautz, A. Snyder, J. Braun, L. Pope, R. Dart, J. Bayer. First Row -"Water Boys"- E. Quinn, R. Trifthauser, S. Wiktorski. PICSKI D PUUTERS with a squad of 23 boys, Alexander started off their third year of football. Under the direction of Mr. Howard they won 1 game and lost 6. Opponents lrg . 36 me 2 8 f Oakfield 1 of ' Honey 25 gi K' X Corin 7 P 111 o 25 N 5 Aiden on 6 20 Q X Lyndonville 20 S3 X ,x x, ,.. , X ff, ja' w X K I - X . V " f X .1 f 7 50 f ,.,-asf! J. reefs' S' WW GY of " xiwcxbeq ' 8 Starting the second year of our football season, the carry- over cheerleaders brightened the field with flashing green Q gold uniforms. Although the color failed to bring football champ- ionship, the cheerleaders, assis- ted by the band had a successful season spirting the crowd into ex- citement through cheer partici- patlon. Our election of basketball cheerleaders resulted in the re- election of our five football cheerleaders and adding five more capable leaders to the squad. The annual clinic added to our already great repertoire of our cheers. T . kenmeyer, M, Shafer B. Harding E. Bartz, J. H00'VeTn D BUG J. Labemab Buckemesmr, S. Hinckley, J, Meyers, N. Lewis 51 Back Row - Eloise Bartz-, Jean Laben, Lucy Buckenmeyer, Marie Shafer, Phylis Geer, Miss Sackett, Pat Kautz, Gloria Griener, Eleanor Brown, Sue Chavel, Dorothy Buckenmeyer, Sxsan Green Front Row - Joan Meyers, Christine Klossner, Doris Glor,Bessie Adams, Ann Quinn, Nancy Lewis, Barbara Harding, Shirley Brown, Elaine Stumm, Rebecca Jack, Ann Padwika, Sybil Hinckley, Andrea Phalzer, Sara Lewis, Carol Hodge, Barbara Spring. 1 .7 V The following officers were elected f rr g , for the year: 1' , President- Shirley Brown il I K Vice President- Eloise Bartz f Sec. an Treas.- axsan Green Xxx Our soccer team was very successful N' - L. this year. Sports day was held at Elba s Q. , I where we mn all the games- that were - X ' played. No winner was chosen, however. r Basketball sports day was held in Medina- We beat Oakfield but were over- I taken by Akron. Again no winner was chosen. The G.A.A. also entered into tri- county participation in tennis and ar- V chery this year. ' 52 Z x N f NF9 N 1 , X X 1, f I I Mtuf W lx Q I UM 4' l fm A A Aff!! ,I I ' - '- H l I,,, -. 1. N 1 Q - I r xr I I w my ,. I -' ,Q -fy -X ' ,Q 'fi-A Y? -iw mf j if v' J' ly -- I 1 . . S-' W J X-Xi! 1- Q ik, C W 6, V U V V nf, V3 P V --A W ff ixt Y, ,l,,,.i1 , .l -+.....+, QCTIUWCS Back Row- J. Curtiss, R. Alwardt, J. Koester, J. Wirth, S. Lewis. V. Myers, C. Dart, H. Schilling, B. Adams, C. Hodge, J. Meyers, J. Jack, P. Hampton, S. Hinckley, N. Hodge Fourth Rove-G. Carter, E. Schiller, D. Bowen, L. Buckenmeyer, J. Glor, J. Cochran, M. Shafer, H. Kramer, S. Chavel, A. Carson, S. Schrieder, M. Bartz, L. Schenck, A. Curtiss, P. Vanderwarker, K. Koester Third Row- R. Hoover, D. Klossner, D. Buckenmeyer, N. Roth, J. Rechtor, E. Brown, J. Glor, G. Griener, E. Stumm, P. Geer, E. J. Grant, M. Strong, C. Golanski, R. Jack, Pauline Spaulding, B. Spring Second Row-G. Wolff, D. Warren, L. Wight, C. Rich, B. Bowen, J. Hoover, Urs. Rudolph, D. Hodge, A. Van Buren, J. Judlclns, W. Kelsey, R. Sebera, R. Moore First Row- R. Kirch, J. Rider, R. Spring, R. Trifthauser Back Row M. Rosemaz-ck, D. Shafer, N. Lewis, P. Kautz, B. Balduf, R. Wagner, G. Skorniak, A. Padwicka, A. Quinn Second Row-M. Myers, A. Hawker, F. Welker, S. Andrews, B. '1'rii't.hauser, S. Kruslenicki, S. Meisner, A. Lincoln, E. Cupicka, C. Burch First Row- F. Kolberg, L. A. Garigan, P. Myers, Joan Rider, B. Harding, E. Bartz, D. Glor, M. Biggins, A. Pfalzer, R. Lyons, Mrs. Rudolph 'sn f T 5 ff 4 1 'f V' X V 2 1 gy gifs' " H 1 g G 1 H .ap fff 5 U .LJH i 1' Q5 Back Row - Bill Kelsey, Vera Meyers, Edith Schiller, Lois Schenck, Dorothy Buckenmeyer, Dorothy Bowen, Doris Hodge, Bessie Adams, Loren Wight Second Row - Sybil Hinckley, Arlene Van Buren, Joyce Hoover, Marie Shafer, Helen Kramer, Phylis Geer, Joanne Glor, Pat Vanderwarker, Clarice Golanski, Betty Bowen, Barbara Spring Front Row - James Judlclns, Robert Hoover, Harold Schilling, Joan Meyers, Mrs. Rudolph, Richard Sebera, Richard Harris ef the an-semen of urs. Jean nm-1o1ph. A ky They cose for their officers: .. 4 W V Y The chorus started out this year with 100 members under - 'TK the direction of Mrs. Jean Rudolph. . They chose for their officers: X President - no:-is Hodge X vice President - Hisham name 1' Secretary - Joyce Hoover ,fx L Librarians - Betty Bowen yi- I r Arlene Van Buren I S, X ,gk The group is so large that it has been divided into two sec- I X X x tions, One practices Monday and Wednesdayg the other on Twestdey X and Thursday. ,ig A selected group of ten were honored to attend the all-State r X X' INK,-J Music Festival at Medina in November. 1' g, NN 5 J '.l'his year the Special Chorus participated in three radio pro- X g grams over W B T A. These were in November, January, and March. X We also presented a program of Christmas Music for the P. T. . ml A. program at its December meeting. aff Mrs. Jean M. Rudolph was again our personable director and N Miss Joan Meyers our accompanist. 55 Fourth Row- R. Charles, E.J. Grant, E. Stumm, M. Zetterberg, J. Judlclns, R. Dart, R. Hilken, G. Greiner, M. Strong, M. Bartz, W. Kelsy, R. Chaddoclc Third Row- Mr. Hulshoff, R. Trifthauser, A. Klossner, D. Bowen, D. Schiller, P. Spaulding, E. Schiller, J. Laben, D. Hodge, J. Curtiss, P. Geer, P. Griener, D. Post, B. Robbins, E. Geer, J. Hoover Second Row- J. Wirth, S. Lewis, C. Klossner, A. Jewel, M. Shafer, A. VanBuren, A. Waite, D. Buckenmeyer, C. Dart, B.Bowen, C. Hodge, J. Meyers First Row- P- Judlcins , J' 2' VW ,355 f X H4547 ' "Zn: V404 " ji 1 , .361 0 12 5934 .j,4',J:,3!?g W Y Y i i 1 u., iw al., .j:'11f' ,yn I' is 0241,- f v'."4'5y 4, sf fl ...ff 'WY n ', L4 5.16, .I ' 4 P J 1 J "' ' A 4 41 02 The Alexander Central Band has been very active this year. Members played at the State School for the Blind and also at the Chi1dren's Home in Batavia at Christmas time. Candy, nuts, and oranges were presented to the children from the members of the band. Between halves at the Basketball games, we could be heard loudly entertaining the mny spectators. Many band representatives were elected to attend the New York State Sectional Music Festival Ihichwas held at Medina this year. Officers chosen to lead this group in their various activities wereg President - Arlene Van Buren Vice President - Marie Shafer Secretary - Dorothy Buckenmeyer Treasurer - Arlen Waite Librarians - Phyliss Gear at Janet Wirth 56 MMT T Bums' QP- 9 'f -' " 4'6'1ALs'3' X74 . gain 'Ht' WL Back Row- N. Hilken, M. Heiman, G. Goetz, D. Wood, A. Good Third Row- J. Lloyd, D. Titus, D. Smith, S. Sharlow, J. Stumm, C. Hirsch, C. Lloyd, E. Bruggman, L. Roth, S. Dayton Second Row-N. Brovm, P. Hoover, M. Sierk, Mr. Hulshoff, B. Russell, P. Gardner First Row- R. Pope, F. Knapp, T. Feltham Back Rcmb R. Charles, E. Grant, G. Greiner, J. Judkins, M. Strong, A. Van Buren, Mr. Hulshoff Front Row- B. Bowen, J. Meyers, P. Geer, E. Geer, C. Klossner CW v 450 Q0 vWf6fb ., gv N ' - l K ' , 1 T 57 Back Row- E. R. Fburth Row-W. R. Third Row- H. J. CC. Second Row-G. K. First Row- E. Kautz, D. Kilby, J. Allen, J. Rozborsld, R. Judlclns, S. Parise, G. Lindsey 1 Parise, R. Redding, S. Witorski, D. Seward Kolberg, R. Alwardt, R. Brinkman, D. Warren, R. Bowen, H. Alwaz-dt, R. Luce, Lapp, D. Foster, R. Moore, D. Townsend, C. Rich, S, Kaminsld., D. Huber Kruder, G. Spring, L. Wright, M. Andrews, R. Williams, K. Lyons, W. Kelsey, Loranty G. Carter R. W k nh i . ' ' , , ac e e m, B Quinn, E. Riley, T. Biggins, J. Brown, - Brown, R. Riley Dembrowski, N. Pestlin, H. Snyder, C. Stockschoeder, A. Snyder, W. Wolfley, Goodman, Mr. Gardner, R. Sebera, D. Foster, D. Wolff, G. Tiede, J. Sodja, E. Williams, P. George, E. Lyons Geer, R. Spring, R., J. Wolff, M. Krich, D. Brown V This years officers were elected as follows: President - Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer - Sentinel - Reporter - Advisor - Kenneth Goodman William Wolfley Donald Foster Leon Wright Charles Kelley Albert Snyder Mr. Gardiner 'Q 4. FQ We sponsered two round and square dances this year, the first in the fall and the later :ln the spring. We also sold refreshments at the basketball games. We visited Alfred Uni- versity and Cornell for farm and home week and are planning a father and son banquet. W To finish up our activities for the year we are planning a skating party at ilver Lake 58 , -Jfqf X,-"f ' f. e -- .J ' 4 ,f :. 14, X f t , A ' Scot S t X 1 s n f 1 , Q - , 1 ,l J - ,J Q Ig . '- '. v , h W goth x Q9 5 ... We if E vW"5af msg- X GY- -9 tg 'fa Qpiiig- I I. . e -V e 5 e WW -a nz ,Q 5 tz D Foster R Sebera, R. Lapp, C. Rich, E. Williams Ba k Row- R. Wackenheim E. Kau - 1 - Frgnt Row-H. Alwardt, N: Pestlin,,J- Rozborsldn MT- Gardiner: D' Townsend' 5' Kaminsldv K- 107055 PM BQSVQTBFJLL With Eugene Kautz acting as captain and Richard Sebera as manager, the F. F. A. Basketball team enjoyed another successful season winning the title of Genesee County Champs. On their schedule were the following teams: Oakfield, Elba, Bergen, Pavillion, Corfu, F. F. A. Alumni, and the Young Farmers. The team was coached by Charles Kelley, a member of the Senior Agriculture Class. 59 Fourth Row- Third Row- Second Rowe First Row- 1 15, 1, f 'f ,K 'yy' I J, ,V Tiff ff "ff 3, ' 11 Wig' ff: I 'a f,,x'f,',c Q? 1 if 9 ,I .,.V I , ,,VJ,, f, 'Q f-ff 1, 1 0 . f A i ' 5 f 12 . 2, 2 1, " f W 4.3 ' .2 .4 V f' Z , 7 , I I ? , - W ,V , 2 ' .,,c 'fx 5 1 l ' f .',., 2 " 4' ' , r , : . -vi V. : -- T fl 1 3 if 2 f 0 Q QSQQRE H EMA K6-QS AMERICA Klossner, E. Bartz, R. Wagner, E. Brown, G. Greiner, D. Hinz, E- SWJMI, L- Schencks H d' . BZierTgA. Hawker, M. Heiman, S. Meisner, S. Chavel, C. Hartle, A. Podwika. N. Lewis, 5 :mg J. S ring. ' Gszr, K. Jewill, D. Beechler, B. Robbins, S. Brown, P. Kelly, Advisor, B- SPT5-UE: Andrews, C. Golanski, M. Rosemark, F. Welker- . Good, A. Pfalzer, S. Green, M. Bartz, F. Kolberg, H- Myers. E' CUPJ-Cha' Q I .I . wb: Cl O The officers elected for the Future Homemakers , of America are: f . President - Shirley Brown N Vice President - Barbara Spring " fu Secretary - Beverly Robbins Treasurer - Shirley Andrews Reporter - Clarice Golanslci. j Advisor - Miss Kelly J The F. H. A. started the year with an active member list of thirty-eight. X Q At Christmastime, we combined with the F. F. A. y Z L for our annual Christmas banquet. Santa Claus 1 X made his appearance and a jolly good time was had i by 1 TUJ 60 Back Row- C. Klossner, E. Bro-um, M. Wight J. -I1 . :,'.: wx gxxwt M .V i, Second Row-J. Wirth, J. McNa1l, D. Buckenmeyer, N. Roth, G. Dembrowski, J' G1-OF: P. Geer, M. Mallison, L. Parrish Seated- Mrs. Ehgar, R. Chaddock, J. Zetterberg, D. Tiede, D. Huber, R' H13-ken, S- Witorsld. J. Meyers QCDISPOHSORS The Newspaper staff is made up of the members of the Juni "Behind the limes", is published monthly and consists of Grade gossip, boyfs and gir1's sports, and other features. The members of the staff are as follows: Editor - Donald Tiede Ass't Editor - David Huber or Class. Our paper, and High School news, ..,,,, 4 1 v Bus. Q Ar. Magr. - Joyce Zetterberg L Assft. B. 5. A. Magr. - Richard Hilken -N Artist - Stanley mkwrsla. A Q. e- J - Typists - Lois Parrish 3 X Marian mgm . xx Janet McNa11 Q PN 1' 4' 5 Christene Idossner .X -y X' X Boy's sports - Robert chaddock M UO' MX Glen Dembrowski ' Girlls Sports - Eleanor Brovm X Reporters - Nellie Roth X """ " """ 'f' May Mallison Y if -"' - - Marilyn Frasier J- J.. Joyce Glor A .Af--"' Q2 M 'f Joan Meyers ' .eil - ' ' 1 ff DorothyBuckenmeyer X, ff' ' '- Phyliss Geer IZ!- Janet 'Wirth X Charles Morse X " Advisor - Mrs. Eager 61 an NY! i,3Mii 51 'W 7' 7 F" fm 1 f ff fog ff" ' M , , , . rf fn , g.'f my f'35 nw 1 M cv' V' , ar 5 4l.Jwi.?,pfQf 4 . he , M ,, I ,Yf1,,iw,Hq ,Q W H. , , ,M I - . 4 tk E-,QQ 42 if ' f' ' 1 A Van Buren A Sanders, D. Warren, J. Judld-HS, A- Snyder Standing - M. Meisncr, . a 0 Seated - R. Harris, M. Zetterberg, H. KTBIHGTQ J- Labenp B- BOWEN Kneeling - R. Hoover SQVHOQ FLW In N0vember 1950, our ovm talent went into action on the Alexander Central stage, when the Senior Class presented "Just Ducky", a three act play. Rehearsals for the comedy were held under the guidance of our directors, Miss Happ, Miss Adams, and Mr. Howard. After Mr Maxwells' appointment as head of the citizens committee, a fictitious letter from Betty Lou started the plot on it's way. mth Miss Blayne and Aunt Mary continually offering advice, Mrs. Maxwell had a difficult time coping with her problems. The antics of Wilbur and Hercules proved very funny, while Craig and Connie lent an air of romance to the story. Del Marshall and Mr. Moore were entertained by a theory Bernadine thought was sure to work. As the final curtain closed, the audience's respvnse assured us that the playyb en 3 SUCCESS: Mr. Maxwell - Donald Warren '-X A in Mrs. Maxwell - Helen Kramer fx Ln NISE, 9 Betty Lou - Alice Sanders L' I P QV Connie - Betty Bowen f Wilbur - Robert Hoover K j -J 1 Bernadine - Arlene Van Buren Hercules - Albert Snyder Mi N, Miss Blayne - Marilyn Zetterberg Craig Moore - James Judlclns X ANN X X D01 Marshall - Dick Harris Mr. Moore - Robert Meisner 'IIA be ,f fy 5 Aunt Mary - Jean Laben xy N' f 62 M W s JUUXUR DUNS "WHO MURDERED WHO" "It Always Works" Second Row - B. S. S. M. D. Front Row - E. R. Spring Hinckley Pari se Shafer Klossner Kautz Pa tter son Second Row Front Row - D. Hodge H. Yralmner R. Baltz LE. Zetterberg A. Van Buren R. Wackenhiem V. Myers D. Warren "TEE RISING FLOOD" Second Row Front Row - I - J . Judkins A - Snyder R. Hoover J. Laben L. Baver E. Schiller A. Sanders B. Bowen SGP!-WUOQQ PLQVS Standing: R Charles Wolff Wight Grant Frasier Glor Meisner Seated: Johnson Brovm Buckenmeyer Hampton Geer Standing: R. Chaddock Second Row: J. Wirth A. Armstrong N. Roth R. Foster Seated- J. Hoover "Initiation" "Peg of My Dreams" "Ghost of a Show" "Pair of Lunitics" Girls Boys First-M. Frasier First-L. Embt ' Second-M. Golansld. Second-J. Judlclns C O96 90 if ,fr t 195 I -A-'Y +"' I?-N X - X X 1 xx I X o S .. . ., V . Standing - Mr. Lazelere, R. Meisner, J. Judldns, R. Patterson ....,,- 4,-,, - .ffl- Second Row - L. Embt, J. Waite, G. Buckenmeyer, M. Golanski , f no , , l Seated - M. Zetterberg, M. Frasier, P. Geer I . - 614 by Z !, -33 ' .535 nt' Fi X -f 'fm'-4 Q 'ws L J W fl . A was ' d R - J. Braun c. Rich G. Lindsey K. Goodman, L. iight, B- Edgerton- geiznd gg-,v - J. Rider: D. Tiede, G. Springi C. Horse, G. Dembrowski, L. Goodman, C. Koester. First Row - W. Kelsey, D. Huber, G. Morse, Mr. Romaniuk, A. Waite, G. Carter, R. Fbster- RCFLE CLUB ff.. A .n- f x ,-4 W W Y Z' W President - George Morse T' T I Vice President - Arlon Waite I Sec. QT:-eas. - William Kelsey Statistical Off. - David Huber Instructor - Mr. Romaniuk The Rifle Club was very active again this x X year. We had more member's than in any previous 'NX K xxx yeafo I Q xx X Mr. Wagner, our former advisor, found it X ' impossible bo carry on this year and so arranged X X X X 3 to have Mr. Romaniuk take over. f ii r s -1 65 4? 7M ,.. 3- K? 2 x, XZ-,,.... -,,2" ,..i-- 4! ,-f J , -.:-J,f?- -4. i? XX l x,Ns IJ' IH b, D Q 5 K N1 IV ' l l -f '1 W A X I- I 1 1 I - EIOIE ES COMPLIMENTS RADIQEEQ ELECTRIC 0F LEJJISTON ROAD M, M SELF SERVICE COMPEIMENTS OF R2C1I'eoIfJI'II'tfQ THE wlgg PRESS mon sum ATTICA PENNY EAVER 19. EXCHANGE sr C O MPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF I.B. FRANCIS F ATTECTROPRAQEQR + SONS MAKERS OF UELICIOUS ICE CPIEAYI COMPLIMENTS OF I1 EXCHANGE ST.. ATTICA N.Y THE RED TOP WEST MAIN STREET "DEucuou5 HOTS AND HAMEsuRC1ERs" GENEDAL SEDVICI S SUPPLY EAST MAIN SI DD BATAVIA. NY mst- mam MACUINEDY mio- mums, sussfs SALES PHONE me sfnvncf COIVIPLIMENTS OF REDIRQWI-IITE STORE FRANK GAPINACK 'PHONE DPIRIEN H'-IIG DARIE N CENTER NEW YORK DEMUTI-I MARZOLF OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE msrmaumns MOBILG AS KEROSENE MOBIL I-IEAT MOBIL OILS '-I JE 552123 ISIS pI'Iar'mic.'aI Corp. SURGICAL ' MEDICAL AND I-IOSPIT A I. SUPPLIES I09.0 MAIN STREET BUFFALQ 9. NEW Yong Comments or S GUMPERT CO INC OZONE NEW YORK O O O 4-'Jun ,gy En A 2 PHONE DARIEN 'HG DPIRIEN CENTER NEXNYORK COMPLIMENTS OF JQEQD STAKEL. COMPLXMENTS OF VICTORS RESTAURANT CATERING TO BANQUETS SHOWERS AND PRIVATE PARTIES 1 'O PHONE 1781 CHASREDING HEYWOUD FUNERAL DIRECTOR SALES SENCE AMBULANCE SERVICE ATUCA NY- SEE US TODPY PHONE Fo'5e?MEfaf2' z NlS.TlONAL. WHIRL AWAY F000 STORE ROLLER RINK Q,mApQl4E5E LEWQSTQN my PRGPPJETCR Oh 321 3 BATAVSA N. Y. DAF a e a BATPNIA, NEW QORK E C0MPn.aMEN-rs OF ox5TmBu1oRS OF PYROFAK AND BOTTLED cms FINEST IN GAS P-PPLXANCES TROX EWEL RANGES l n Pv-xovle BAT PMA 1'B3'NW 143 2-'-N SEPNER PL. BATAvNA,N 5 1 V- COMPLIMENT5 Of COMPLIMENT5 0F VALLEY VIEW DADIEN HARDWARE DROADYNAY QD. DAPI EN, NM COMPLIMENTS Of COMPLIMENTS OF DEAN'S C55 tfmox onus aroma BA1'AVlA'N'Y BATAVIA, NX WIKTOITS GARAGE DD 3 - MASSEY-1-IA IS ALES SERVICE TDACTOQTDUCK 24 HOUR Towme Auto SEDVICE wmcu sfnvucf ALEXANDER, 5. ROUTE Z0 PHONE DAQIEN 708 For The Fmzsi Alwavs Ask For SC H U LE RS HAN35-?,':b?f0'2" TAT PR E PARSON DRUG CO PRETZEL 5' Us Hom mcnmono BLDG C EESE C R ST CKS 1 R FANNY FARMER CANDY . COMPLINENTS OF n Nl YI Po o cams erz L5 Paenen FRIED Porxvoes Nuuueuue STYLEJ s . I EXCLUSIVE EPRE ENT T R RN P F S 3 . rf. DCEPLQ3DlQG ceo. E. SMITH DAR, EN MCTORS CHRYSLER N. Y. M-D PLYMOUTH SALES fo SERVICE ELECT Ru2Ng.PPLnANcEs I5 C E NTER ST sTATuoNARY sions BATAVIA. NY. es'r::g.:!El?qgN limo. 4 sys MARKET S1. RTTXC. A P- S A NES Po 4 MAIN ST BATAWA, N CO MPLIMENTS CHAELES MEYEQS srummso GDIOCEQY ".1usT AROUND we comm IN DARIEN R J BEAVER SURGE PAT SMITI-I S TIPPERAIQY ATTICA MARLEY FUNERAL HOME EDDIES RESTAUI'-I ANT FISI-I FRY FRI. SAT CHICKEN IN BASKET-SAT, SUN BENNINGTON GENTNERS GRILL A07 WEST MAIN I-IARDIES GENERAL STORE xx COMPLIMENTS OF o v I SALES SERVICE my FARM EQUIPMEN MAIN S11 A1-nc nn. 316.11 NN- "YOUR ERIENI: IN NEEDS' ' AMBULANCE SERVICE ' + - ANY TIME - ANYWHERE + 1315 MAIN s-r an--r Ica NN, I GENERAL Msacm-IANDISE MEA1-5 AND Gv.ocEP.IES ' ' PHONE I-I vAvo4SBuw.e COMPLIMENTS OF I BATAVIA NY 8 SUCCESS conmmfnrs 'ro 'rue or C A55 0 '5 ruclmrrcz NEWS -U"-I-CREST 'NN A. M. FGDSTEQ INSUQANCE AGENCY 52 TDACY BATAVIA, NY CAi.i. BATAVIA 35 THE CQYSTAL PHAreMAcv g0MpLmgNr5 OF IN BUSINESS me PEQQQQY ATTICI-X,NV DH 197 Am 263 4 A Our Glamor Girls Remember, Helen ? Senior Play V KH True Love Betty :mf ,-. 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KILLIP - DISTRICT MANAGER L2 MGLOR SALE EVERYTHING FOR A MODERN BARN JAMESWAY BARN CLEANERS AND POULTRY Eouwwemr UNIVERSAL MILLALAS suom AND LONG TUB JAMESWAY ELECTR ERATORS AND IVIILIQCOOLERS ER SYSTEMS SI-IALLOXAI DEEPWELL JET SYSTEMS ELECTRIC WATER I-IEATERS AND MILK WASI-IERS MASTER LABEL SYSTEMS OF LICII-ITNING PROTECTION IVIILK CAN RACKS A CA H ISTS CONCRETE STEEL AND WOOD SILOS RED GREEN AND BLACK ROOF COATINGS E-Z GO BARN CLEANERS CALL A ff . ' ' SY , E TYPES IC BARN AND POULTRY VENITILATION UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC REFRIDG WAT , +- ND N o ND SEE TI-IEIVI moms zsw ATTICA,N.Y. B. RDEWITT, INC HAULING CONT RACTOR TRAILER SERVICE DUMPTRULKS I-IEAVY IIAULING EXCAVATING IJASI-IED SAND AND GRAVEL CRUSI-IED STONE READY MIX CONCRETE FOR ALL PURPOSES PLANTS AVON BATAXIIA MTMORRIS MEDINA phone or-cIers-IDS: IJaviIion A RED TRUCKS FOR BETTER SERVICE ENZO VITO TOWN Sggp RESTAURANT v: :l'olE'5 "E::?fRZN 101 BLmc1exLne AND Accessom LEN BROS. THE MgiCHEO2aU?s::af5 CAMERA SHOP Q5 MPIJ5TgwR'ggf'EVm EH2l:2EEAPHxc EXPPLIES COMPLMENTS or: COMPLMENTS OF MGONEYS CLOY2 BQOS. RESTAURANT STORE BATAVIA NN, Bm-AWA NN. BOTTONE SHOE SHOP - MAI-I-l50N'5 TE XACO TOWN RADIO LAB D'NEQ L I NDEN, NY COMDLIMENTS OF COMDLIMENT5 OF PHoNE aamvm zeoawl CAQL E Mvfusx xuowmzo Monsc SERVICE-ACCESSORIES GENERAL TIDES -TUBES IVIEIQC-I-IANDISE DADIEN, NY LINDENNY CUIVIIJSIIVIEIXITS I F . PEIPKINS "WY 3' CQ nmwsvonmnow LOCALAND Lone msrANcf EAST BETI-IANY uAuuNe....MovlN6 NM DAI2IEN,N.Y SURPRISE .STORE Bnmvuxs T-I-IRIFT CENTER OPEN EVENINGS 5:5 ELLICOTT sr mom: essw W Y MA NE Y mumame-ufAnNG SU DPLI ES 4-MAIN SI PI-IONE 680 uAmvaA,Nv WRK. WIIIIE GENERAL INSURANCE Z MAIN ST DATAVIA,NX IJOME DAIRY CQ BAKERY CAFETEI2 IA EXCELLENT FOOD I3ATAVlA,N.Y CONIPLIMENT5 OF DON CHARLES SERVICE ALE XANDE D, N56 BUYWQ524 SELL WANIL-ADS DAILY NEWS we Ana AS NEAR As voun mspuouf CALL 56 BATAVIA. 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WDIG1-IT 2523513 BN ST 'IND SON BATAvnA,N.v ' COMPLIMENTS OF I A FQANCISMDMEAD BILL I3IQD'S DIAMONDS MUSIC STOQE JEWELQY PHONE 688 4-2 VWXSI-IINGTON BATAVIA BATAVIAN-Y 5g-HNflpEp'5 COMPLIMENTS or 511055 EDLING ELECTRIC INC WHERE FASHIONAND FIT B45 JACKSON 51: I4JACKSgI3U NT BATAVIA BATAVIA, NY . . 89 BRENNER5 I24- MAIN comma BANK BATAVIA, N.Y REMEMBER lT'3 ALWAYS OKAY TO OWE I-IERB BRENNER I-I. E. SI-IEA PLUMBING -HEATING lI3 STATE SI PIIONE I597 BATAVIA,N.Y DI If GE LMAN3 LUBRICATION mfs-Accfssomrs MOTOROLA 'If V -AND RADIO 226 IM MAIN BATAVIA R4-I: l246 F UNKE XI-IAWLEY 506 WEST MAIN BATAVIA, NY DODGE - PLYMOUTH moron PARTS-ACCESSORIES MCALDINE-BARTON TUE CLOT-I-IIEPS DEPEND ON US FOR STYLE BATAVIA, Nx 'HE C. L. CARD C0 BATAVIANY WI-IERE WE CAN SUR- RLY EVERY NEED FROM BABYQS FIRST OUT FIT TO A WI-IOLE I-IOUSE FULL OF FURNITURE. EVERY ITEM CAN BE ocpsnoco on T0 BE or Flnsr QUALIN SUAQLOWS h commnmfmrs OF CDFFEE Sl-IOP BATAVIA LAUNDRY wusnf Au:xANocn's AND CLEANERS YOUNG FOLK MEET 249 WMAIN ntzo ALEXANDERNM W BATAVIANX pu. '45 main ISADELMAN .noun D. mom m.EvlsloN PMARMACIST ZOBDQDSLIN ST 224 ELLlco11 sr. BATAVIANM ' BATAVV-WY COMDLIMENTS ! COMDLIMENTS OF OF CI-IADMAN MOTORS Z6l-263W MAIN QUXUNEQ5 mv.A,Ny. vmm THOMAS ALE XANDE Q RUG5- Ll NOLEUM HJ N.Y zoe. E. MAIN st BATAVIANM snow AT I DICKS -ALEXANDEI25 rouwmm sfuvuct NEXT TO THE -ASTOQ BATAVIA, NY -ATTICA, NX DRYER-I-IADDISON SALWAY5 HARDWARE FLOWERS FOI? 'I-'HE BIG STORE -ALL OCCASIONS ON TTIE LITTLE STREET gA1qiVwlE, I3ATAVIA,N.Y Pu- I 7 7I MOPPALL STUDIO POPTPAIIUPE OI' OUALITY FOP SITTING APPOINTMENT PHONE STONE 5I69 I-IOTEL SENECA POCI-IESTEIZNY 92 comoumfms 0F GLOD5 umnuc fLfcrmcAL co 7MAPKET SI ATTICA NX IT PAYS TO SI-IOP AT COMDLIMENT5 OF BATAVIA FURNITURE STODE OPEN EVEDY EVENING CALL 540 226 VIL MAIN BATAVIA COMPLIMENTS OF WAYS JEWELEIIS ALE XANDED GADAGE '08 MA'N -ALLI5-C-I-IALMED3 BATAVIA, N-Y FAQNTEMXEEIEQIAE nv u3M'G5Ep I COMDLIMENT5 GENERAL DF MEDCHANDISE DAYMGADDNED F55-IIIIM LAW OFFICE TDUCKING FUEL BATAVIA N-Y l C MPLIM NTS QC 565:-:UTI AI DENTIST ILI MARKET ST ATTICA NY phone 250 UNIVERSAL Bom SERVICE COMMERCIAL STEEL BODY BUILDING 8'-I7 BLEECKER ST UTICA 9 W 831520 SLEGI-ITS BOOK STGR E TO THE CLASS OF 51 BEST WISI-IES SUCCESS HEALTH I-IAPPI NESS Qapp Bro Iwers DAQIEN , f . 6-I MAIN ST. BHTHVEA O For- Your E E AND COMPLETE PAINTING BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS ALL TYPES os vEmcm.a5 c"""""""'ENT5 QF . . i PHONE LI' 1I6 9I4 , marwwrorcou 'Q 3, ' """"""""'f5"""' 1 5 ' q COMDLIMENTS OF ll ' 'R 'nk1n.xQ I ' 'l luis ' ww, . Nfwms ..... . Ql D PASTEUDIZED "em" SP d TIOMOGENIZED jf' 5 Chlld ren '.7,Q',',ffli'llg,.,w MIL K- C DEAM ilk U . f,'ff2u'l1effL'l., PH 2 56 I- D l'-Q: '. ' palatable. NY u you ennn. v pmhm em. In yew nam. am---fm. U.-v.o. lon J. s., change won 'ig Sexton .luaihf .Wada TIL! l- 9 i'f emrxi, ,,, :T .,,,,. i .1451 ff' .,1Q, I TE ' . , , , . 1 1 ' mi lf' 4 , Q , 1 J 4-4 , any. , If e 'w ff Ken , ,7 54 ' f 4 , Q!! 41, V' , , , ' ,V dr f I , 'fr ' Semor Ball 2 , T f T ,A T ' 54 I ,ad 1 f if 3 w f 3 , Making Her Pretty ?? ,. , , V T "ff 1 ' 4 .Lf fl ' A ' 4 A- ' f T Tie 'ffm' " V, 4' ,,,, 26 I I A I r . v Q Wow, Those Slumber Partlesl A ,SL M-. ' ' , fi feA "5 -T ff Y 5? L A "IQ 1EQiyE,54l5" 12.51 . , u-L.n:Yt'4 Txv- , , 1 -:f,.,f., 5-fl 5 1. . HW J V - j, 'gi' F I .' -T , Q f5Wz5?'?f' l,,f414',31f 7-fQ!m ' , 5245, 4 . . gr "F ' ip" "" 9' "fri ' 'A N 'f "7 pl " ' - X , We A:f,g34miIj TT- 'J-'??"f"f'2' - '- ,357 4 ,, - DOT' - ' if f T . f -.,,,, , 1 ,L QM. . . . , .,,,.Af I,,,,l 92? E ,r , Q L 2 4' V V: 1 7 ' ,QW K, , W' ,,Ae A Q if Our New Bullding "L'M 1- ?f'gzf'i' ,Ulf ,G-qu :fx ' 'Q A ' ,W Where's Brownie SQfeQ ff 'brxf - . .fb N L! Il "' 1' 1 Q AV. 5: in Wy, 12 Cf V U l . 1441 V, ,A v .V 1? X W 1 ,V we Doris 1- ' I , A.. , 'Fi sackem 'Q ,- 1... G Q' . r JIU fy - sa Y ' X 5 .. T v i' - , v fe' ' -rfb..-. fe f f' - e. A ima-gags ,sys , A A 11 -- ' it :-pil A1 Lyr ,v1v,, ,NX 1 IS Q . , S ' ff qw' ' W i-V -Q W .Ge w - . . ' , A , 'za ,Y S 4 -I xg Lab P L, A 1 r bt x ' 1 X ,, , E jg xml g .,:fAf7?A lim. -A . f ' 4 The "Fresh" on Class Day :ffm-elaus ,1!5.'fz1-,QT-tus, eee T Aren't They Cute ,, ' -.ij .L,, ,N "N 1.73 ul a 1' f ' '- V , I ' QE v K 'M 153 ,K 4 ,,.,,- X Q 'Q - ' " . -. 1 ,-,"'ff. 4 ' f 1 5 ' .-ff . ' ye .4 fag W" ' A L "The Thingn A11 Feet r i ? i In The Dark Lois ? 2 5 At Smile Pretty skating Party? Fuss Caught In The Act N . Havin' fun?? , Bathing Beauty ex . True LUV6 if 1- ,H ff ' " lk 1- 0- ' ,A .. , ,A-at -- m "7 f.Jk+-"W a u a W e A4 r , t ,. I. '1 f'.,.i .fy f ,Qu ' ' .X . lg!-'F KA iff il V--4 tr- :A ' t, 1 ,Q My t 4s-1239. . P, 'IF I A 't 3 ,J , , 2 if V , X , .t 1 E'Eg.:gffff Q t ' -4 - ' Q 1 'wg ' ' t : f Fas , , we V5 ' "Al M as 15. V Eiga'-A23-Aki!" " :Ja 1 K Li ,ii unfnkfutqffufhgdi Jae lla. N G. if N f uma u . ' . " ,, ff -. ' 5 'zffl-.1 Old Times Ruthie "' f Q- '3 2-Q at E , - 1 ., she -- -LQ. N3 M5121 Ag: ' I" 1 1251 f f ff wjms Barb ff' N t ,Q aku- Q. . 1 s , - . ,iff-n ,. ' ,, ' .Y-5271 . Dolores f LZ, x tl. J.' ,H l , , , V W 1 .. , -. - at u 'r ,: N -. 1, 'vii -,.'f',.A , fam? ' . e T.-1165, X , Q -I 1 . , Y W, . 5 4 I -,- if A M' , W I 1, ' 5 'I a ' i 5' af' f ag +5 , ' -'f' "iff f, v- ' , ' f f .' it X 'gf' , . 4' VJ' ffm -- "f"'L. 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A Ayjw' 'wi Il., Lois ' x ZQPQ33? 9231201323 U , ,,,,. iff --J, .f .10 ' Our School in the making 0 Lonesome?? - 1 ' V l we-, ' , L, f-...., 1 .-a , - 1 a Arena t they beauties Si!! ---z Wmibbling 'Janiew Mg, "ff , ff , 2 ' 'R MMVI I Y "4" farm' 4 44 an L f 'A 4 fx r ' by 3 fu 1' 1 I fa :gg A 3 1' l ,1 ,I 1 finmmg gb fi' AM H Cave man style L01-ie Alumni ? 12152 Carole Bates Leota Blumn Dorothy Chaddock Arlene Cook Laverne Durkee Avis Embt Marie Glor Alberta Harris John Kaminski Shirley lCLossner Mary Kolberg Shirley Marquardt Wlnifred Mielcarek Rosie Mazur Irene Mulcahy Evelyn Norton Joseph Meyers Wilma O' Conner Marjorie Poppendick Paul Schmieder Ted Skotedis Edyth Tenney Bettyelna Waite Shirley Waite Agustus Warren Bessie Darbee 19149 Grace Acquard Eileen Amedick William Amedick Gordon Andrews Patrica Berryman Aletha Birch Stephanie Demski Patrica Edgerton Betty Roster Francis Gilhooly Elma Glor Bernard Graff Virginia Grant Henman Hensel Jean Hoover Louis Huber Frances Idzik Jolm Kielbasa Richard Koziarski Laura Laben John Meyers Frank Penksyzk Lucille Putnam Lorraine Rozborski Jean Sanders Joyce Tenny Jo Ame Ihomas Mary Warren Eugene Wolfley QLLWUI 19117 Phyllis Brown John Cichocki Helen Darbee Arthur Delmth Bernice Dembr01Y8ld- Dawn Dohse Elizabeth Folk Dorothy Foster Norris Geer Violet Glor Karl Gohlke Robert Golanski Gordon Harding Margaret Heintz Joan Hinckley June Hoover Herbert Howard Allan Jensen Edith Judlcins Richard Mawr Ann Meyers Glenda Schmidt Willard Schriner Janet Schroeder James Smith John Smith Y V K V - ' C3 xx' L " , . 5 I' , N ,f Paul Worthington W iw 'df ,fxkdf W A 19118 Richard Brown Francis Buckenmeyer Robert Carson Betty Cochrane Raymond Colantonio Louise Goodman Jack Green Duncan Hinckley Dorothy Howard Richard Howard Neil Huffsmith Robert Hulshoff Robert Hume Clara Johncox Richard Justinger Kermeth Klossner Gerald Marquardt Richard Meier Siirley Mellenthien Ethel Minton Joan Moore Joseph Meyers Rigina Myers Donald Norton John Price Mary Reilly Marion Richart Myron Schenck Erma Schmieder Sally .om Spaulding Beatrice Uptegrove Lucille Waite Leonard Warren Margureite Westermeier Rosemary Westermeier Theresa Wiktorsld. Carlton mlliams Dorothy Wolfley Ernest Wohlschlagel Lorraine Wohlschlagel Donald Woodruff Donald Worthington Edward Worthington Frances Zslenski 1215 W -Roy Adams Betty Balduf Norma Breckenridge Catherine Buckenmeyer Gerard Buckenmeyer Ruth Carson Charles Clark James Debo Edmnd Dorscheid Carlton Fritts William Gohlke Clarence Goodman Lsverna Hawker Howard Hayes Frank Idzik Grace Kreutter Lloyd Lathan Helen Majevrski Patrica Pfalzer Paul Raines Ernest Ridley Joseph Ritter Mildred Skotedis Donald Spring Eva Weber Alita Welker Anita Welker Carlton Wight Eleanor Wiktorsld. 1950 Lloyd Bachman Willard Baker Donald Balduff Peter Bartz Robert Bower George Buckenmeyer Rita Ann Blckenmeyer Kenneth Dart Anthony Diemoz Clara Duckworth Lyle Embt Lloyd Gammack Shirley Gardiner Mary Louise Gilhooly Mary Ann Golanski Audrey Harding Elizabeth KTUPPS Chester Kaminski Mary Ann Mazur Pat Quinn Ronald Rich Glenna Roberts' Catherine Sched Harold Schilling Jane Sodja Richard Vandernalker Joy Waite Gladys Wight Neil Welker Velma Willard John Wirth Miss Alice Ha A A gQ:?',5'F:e':?3.:' A , A - Xwsff- 21-' 53.5 XA'. 1 ' ' Eff Miss Audrey Harding Mr. Jack Romaniuk Mrs. Mary Eager PEW? OYWS LRQQRGOOI4 STAFF Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer Mr. and Urs. Earl Spring Mr. and Mrs. Herman Spring Mr. and Mrs .Vernon Chaddock Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meyers Mr. and Mrs Arlon Waite Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gardiner Mr. and Mrs Roy Adams Sr. Mr. and Mrs Alton Schiller Mr. and Mrs. Robert mtson Mr. Eugene Howard Mrs. Gladys Parker Mrs. Robert Maloney Miss Leila Lester Mrs. Myea Watson Miss Constance Argana Miss Mabel Laranv Mrs. Lois Norton Mr. Paul Randall Mr. Charles Collins Mrs. Essie Gidney PP Mrs. Norma Hillman Miss Marion Adams Mrs. Mex-tie Ford Mrs Mary 'Wagner Mrs Beverly Kennison Mrs Marian Kahn Miss Mary Judge Mrs. Florence Timm Miss Janice Sackett 1 R". . 37.13 I 1, E . 'Q Miss Miss Miss Mrso Miss Mrs. Janice Shramn Dances L. Parise Patricia Kelly Florence Glor Shirley Brown Mildred Chavel Mr. and Mrs. John Hoover Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bayer Mr. Harold Schilling Jr. Editor in Chief - Assistant Editors Business Manager Assistant Manager Art Committee -- - Advertising - - - Literary ------ - Photography - - - TYPil'l8 ""----- Sports -------- - Circulation - - - Sue Chavel Sybil Hinckley Dolores Beechler Edith Schillecrn Charles Kelley Betty Bowen Barbara Spring - -Arlene Van Buren Alice Sanders -Helen Kramer James J udlclns Marilyn Zetterberg 1 v ' , 'F P'r'?V X . N' f ,. fx . 1 1, , 1 p 'A .':'E ,. B fs 1. I ., Q. f' ' B? r i r 5 1951 Class Roll Baccalaureate Program ALEXANDER CENTRAL SCHOOL School Auditorium SUNDAY EVENING JUNE 24, 1951 Processional, "Pump and Circumstancen High School Orchestra Invocation Rev. AU'red Lawton "I-lark the Vesper Hymn is Stealing" - Chorus Choir Scripture Principal A. Warren Dayton "Faith of Our Fathers" Faith of our Fathers! Living still In spite of dungeon, fire and sword, 0 how our hearts beat high with joy When e'er we hear that glorious wo Faith of our Fathers, holy faith! We will be true to thee till death. - Elgar W. Howorth rd, Prayer Rev. Lawton "The Builder" - A c. W. cadman Chorus Choir Address Rev. Lawton "God Bless America" Benediction Recessional, "Tannhauser" - Wagner . High School Orchestra Bessie Adams - Ruth Alwardt Robert Baltz Dolores Beechler Betty Bowen Dorothy Bowen Shirley Brown Alice Carson Suzanne Chavel Ann Curtiss Patricia Donaluke Richard Good Kenneth Goodman Charles Gill Susan Green Richard Harris Sybil Hinckley Doris Hodge Robert Hoover james judkins Eugene Kautz Charles Kelley William Kelsey Dorothy Klossner Joyce Koester Helen Kramer Jean Laben Robert Lapp Kenneth Lyons William McCullough Robert Meisner Vera Myers Richard Norton Sam Parise Lawrence Pope Edward Reilly Jerome Rozborski Alice Sanders Lois Schenck Edith Schiller Richard Sebera Marie Shafer Albert Snyder Barbara Spring Arlene VanBuren Russell Wackenheim Donald Warren Loren Wight Nlarilyn Zetterberg

Suggestions in the Alexander High School - Record Yearbook (Alexander, NY) collection:

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