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 - Class of 1950

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Ay 1, i e 4 I ,f M , 1, fm f ' H . Z' f A 4 I' 33:31. U .ffl .4 ,.u ffl' 3-2: 4.4 1 fag? 2 f f 7 wg. fJ-it 4 ,,, if , Y s fy af y Qing arf f f , ffp' ,J4 ' X 1 ' MQ ,f , Y4, rf 1' ' 1 f W ,f 'Wai '13 '5' f'5'Zx ' fi' s f 'L Y 'f ' , fa nf f 1 aaghf X f ff W ,fa 1.212935 wg, ,, ' --J , ,Am Herbert Rapp , President Clarence J ohne ox , Vice President William Embt Ellsworth Waite Donald Grefrath p NAVlQATOQf The Students of A.C.S. wish to thank the members of the Board for their donated time and unceas- ing effort, out of which has grown an educational program of which we are grateful and proud. Because we do appreciate the guidance of our administrators, we take this opportunity to thank them, not only for the educational program they have given us, but for the many activities which have miie our school life more enjoy- a e, COIQLQVXIOIQ This year the Senior Class has chosen for 1t's theme, the Airplane. We feel that the present day supremacy of the alr- plane snd modes of air travel merit this rank. Going hand in hand with our these, our motto, n3a11 On,' illustrates the coinciding effect of those two ideas. In combining these two topics we have tried to make our yearbook as interoutinq as possible. This being the twelfth yenr the school has been in opera- tion, The Class of 1050 is the first class to complete their Oducstlon in A.C.S. Because we do appreciate the educational ornortunlties this school has offered usa we are dedicating this years year- book, the 'Sk7llner', to All The People Who Made This School Poss1b1e'. In doing this, we hope, at least in part, to pre- serve some of the pleasant memories I0 knew throughout our school years. 5 Mr. A. Warren Dayton How often have we as students realized that we can attain no de- gree of success without ihe willing and able guidance ofour Principal? We can all remember the time when we have gone to WProfn with our troubles. Always Mr. Dayton is willing to help us, no matter how busy he may be, V We are sure the whole student body joins us in thanking Mr. Day- ton for his unfailing work, which down through the years has made this school what it is today. 6 DILOT ..,.., 1, .4 ':w-am-- George A. hrbnr Princes Yurine in, in our estimation, -me wr' the most important tmiivmuuln in GNU' achovl nntupglhe in always cheurfulnnd wllling to he1p,no mutter how Xuny lhe may be. It in truly u fortun- ate orguntzutton whisk. 2.1.3 auch A ooczpntnnt :sf-cx-uL:.x'j.' nat!-Tunonn. 'Ito ua .'er:1o:':s know how nmol: she Lum Ah-ue to help un during our :my at A. C. S. For thin, wo wish to thank hor. Hr. Barber has shown us that hola a fine auper- intendent. Ho gets along well with students nn well as grown-ups. We therefore take pleasure in honoring him. OD vhs htnoiu L. Turin CO-IDILOT ? ,..n-new W..- 8.63 .fff... W 'I Mr. Carl Hulshiff X Instrumental Music Miss Lena Lester Miss Jean Dabb Guidance I Vocal Music .. fogcnzx TEC!-INICIAN Mr. Ralph Gardiner Mi-SB Patricia Kelly Mr. Paul Randall Agriculture Home Economics Industrial A,-1,3 8 Zzzrsfnzurfg, .Q-:uamgmnninugg hw Bohr! ?01t.!'.Az: Pwiioal 'lduootieu pgclm. ln. David Za-rin Grade Art "'5,5sc,f."'. -x. -N -. Ulu Janice Snokott Ftqwicxl Education N 74 Er . 2.013036 ffornu-'fi 'hy'ul4:a.1 Iducatk an ,-l.-.l.-.- TECMNICIANI Ltr. 'Korner Fiogoru Driving 1-dm 201-in Eucnu Fino ,arts w i . -ik, 5 , . IQ? WA, 1 1!,V Y' V!-sw .1 ' aw, yv 9 I. r . uf ve- I W E-' 5' - Mrs. Gladys Parker Science Hr. Charles Collins Mr. Robert Mglgney Mathematics Engligh Mies Elizabeth vvhitney Mr- James I-B-rzelere Miss Anne Happ Social Studies Librailln Comercial 10 N nfl! Rm. lluu ,hh-u..n, !'xn. k.11l:.4n. Second Ruin Hr. !iamrl!, r. Th.'.4:.N1. JUNIO TECL-IN CIAN 44:47 Apieulwro 8, Junior Boys 11 ,,,,i,.i1-l..l--l-- F Miss Georgiana Zwetsch Mr F1 Dental Hygienist sgchogegiisglor C-ZQADE TECHNICIAN First Row: Miss, Mrs. Dart, Mrs. Lincoln, L-Irs. Roth, Mrs. Westermeier, Miss Hastings, Miss Argana Second Row: Mrs. Witter, Mrs. Ford, Miss Judge, Grade Coordinator, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Timm, Mrs. Myers Third Row: Iirs. Weeks, Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Cacner, Mrs. Fritts Absent: lbs. Ethel Waite 12 ,.......- . . ..e-........ ........'k::e:3La:l Eilaon .'.:n1ic1:, iliac Holly In ,dn Dorodq huh, Hallie Naylor, lingo Wolflay, "us Tolaoy, Clara Hoindoroinh 15 First Row: Second Row: QQOUND Donald Bower, William Daily, Jesse Norton, Hobart Djs.:-t, Harney Huling, Julius Gaeger Elmo Reding, Frank Keizer, B111 Judkins, Alton Schiller, .Allen Meir Chester Smigielski CDEW QV: cg MEN Harry Corning, Alfred Bartz, Im-:is Wight Yi' 14 - -.- in - -u nail x, 9 4 U 2 ' 4 1 . A 1: , nmvsm Q '. LASS UF' 52 4-Q ,X I "M sf r .Q F. ' 13,4 HY. .Kv- 1- L, ,.,t, 1+ . Q 1 ,Tl vi ,F 71, M, ,N ,:. - 4 10058135 4 ,JA --gf - 'P w . wfmw 4 arf- mqipx 11 sazm.gP.i15.4.y.g1. If ' NAVIGATION Cl-IAQT On a. bright fall morning early in September in the year Nineteen Hundred and Thirty Eight, a large streamline Slqyliner swooped down from the blue and came to rest before the Alexander Highschool to start ns on one of the biggest adventures of our young lives. Waiting for lt, nervously, all in a smll huddle were 'melve very frightened First Graders 3 Edvrlna Bowen, Shirley Gardiner, Arlene Scott, :Early Snell, Audrey lhrding, Jane Sojda, Joy Waite, Velma. Willard, Glenna Roberts, Mary Ann Golanski, P6t6I' B8'l"bls ' As we climbed aboard we met our pilot and hostess for our first flight. The pilot was a very amiable fellow by the name of Clarence Flint and our hostess was Miss Churchill. This, our first flight was non-stop and we had many good times before we returned to our hdne basain June. Then we learned that during our flight our home base had been moved to the new Alexander Central School. Om- second flight began on schedule Ln the following September with a. new hostess, Miss Judge. As we boarded the plane -we found Beverly Snell and Mary Ann Golanski missing. However these new passengers took their place 5 Catherine Sched, Mary Gilhooly, George Bucksnmeyer, Lyle Embt, Donald Starlmeather, and Rita Ann Buckenmeyer. During our third and fourth flights, we had a new hostess for each. They 'were Miss Woodruff and Mrs. Perry respectively. The passenger list also contained new names. They were: Gladys Wight, Betty Comstock, Mary Weber, Shirley Inman, Howard Mengs, Richard Parker, Neil Welker, Leona Moore, and h'a.nk Kaminski. As we started our fifth flight our Slqrliner had a new hostess and a new pilot. Our hostess was Miss Hastings and our pilot for this flight and our remaining flights was Hr. Dayton. Um' passenger list increased with the coming of Marilyn Coisman, Anthony Diemoz, and John Wirth, but Arlene Scott was missing. . With the beginning of our sixth flight we realized that our grade school days would soon be at an end. As had been the custom so far in our flights, we had a new hostess, Mrs. Rrltts. We also had some new passengers. They warez Clara Duckworth, Elizabeth Kruppe., Robert Bower, Chester Ksmlnsld., Lloyd Gammck and Mary .Ann Golanski. '.l'he passinger list for seventh flight was altered somewhat. Missing were, Shirley llnsan, Donald -Starkweather, and Betty Comstock. Added were Mary Ann Mazur, Genevieve Ferry, Ronnie Rich, Kenny Dart, and Don Balduf. Miss Kenyon acted as hostess and Mr. Weidert helped flth the task. ' Our eighth flight was delayed a few weeks because of a. 1rlde spread polio epidemic. This flight would mark the turning point of our trip. Our hostess for this flight was Miss Kerman and the only new passenger was Betty Warner. However Howard lisngs and Leona Moore were absent. Our ninth flight brought about many new schedules and orientations of nes' territory upon which 'se had never embarked. For us this flight was something new and exciting, an experience which we would long remember. Supplementing our already posing number of passengers were the following: Paul Worthington., Winifred. Worthington, William Gardner, Alatha Burch, Richard Vandsrwarlssr, als! Norris Hopkins. Edurlna Bowen, Mary Weber, Richard Parker, and Frank Kaminsld. left our 'passenger list. hzroughout the flight we were guided by the able leadership of our advisor, Mr. Felthm. As our tenth flight commenced we found ourselves slowly conquering our new objectives. Through- eut our flight schedule -we found ourselves growing not only physically, but mentally. Our new addition of this flight was Lloyd Baohnan, and Marilyn Coisman left. Our many problem were settled peacefully by our advisor, Mr. Olson. Setting out on our second from the last flight, we found ourselves rapidly approaching the dw when ie would become seniors. Throughout our many missions we had waited with much anticipation this fruitful day. -Our now passenger joining the list was Harold Schilling. -Advancing to the ship ahead were Bill Gardner and Paul Worthington. Miss Duff, our new hostess, took over the advisorship of our Ohsls M sgptembar, Ninteen Hundred and Forty Nine, arrived, 'we found ourselves on the last flight of our long schedule. Abroad our Skyliner on our last trip, the climax of twelve years- navigation was facing us with thrills and adventures. Throughout our last trip we engoyed many activities which added seasoning to our already balanced program. Our new PHSWHZGPB SOI' this flight were Willard Baker and Pat Quinn. Acting as an advisory board were Miss Happ and Mr. Maloney. d d Fifa our Skyliner landed gracefully for the last time. long dr fllghtntgggzheilimegngzll. eNo:n we would each embark on our own individual flights. 16 J Lloyd Backman College Entrance Basketball Manager 2,3,4 Soccer 4 Track 5,4 Baseball 3,4 Plays Peter Bartz Agriculture Diploma Agriculture l,2,5,4 Band l,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Religion l,2,5,4 f 4-H 1,2,5,4 Shop 4 Willard Baker College Entrance Chorus 1,2,4 4-H l,2,4 Play 4 Wrestling 2 Potato Club l Shop 1 Donald Balduff Agriculture Diploma Agriculture l,2,5,4 shop 4 4-H 1,2,s,4 l 18 Robert BOW61' Agriculture Diploma Agriculture l,2,5 Shop l Potato Club 4-H Club l,2,5 - ,.,.11.1-1---- George Buokeumoyor Regents Dlplona Chorus Officer 5 Religion l,2,5,4 Class Cfflcer 5,4 Basketball l,S,3,4 Playa 3 P.?.A. l Track l,2,5 Football 3,4 All-State Chorus 4 Duet 4 Aletha Burch Art Diploma Chorus 1,2 ?.E.A. 2,3,4 ?.E.A. Play 5 ?.E.A. Officer 4 Plnys 4 Art Editor 4 KODDO th RPC Agriculture Diploma P.F.A. l,2,3,4 P.P.A. Officer 3 County P.F.A. Offic P.?.A. State Band 3 Claes Officer 4 Chorus 3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Band Officer 4 Soccer l Foot all 5,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,4 Religion l 19 Ol' Y XB C ' "' ' ". . , Zyl' , will .au 4 ' 5.,'.2'., ,Q , 0 , ,W .Y A . , Rita A. Buckenneyor College Zntrnnce Chorus l,3,4 Fand l,2,3,4 Cheerleading 3,4 Clase Cfficer 3 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 Dance Band l,2,5,4 Plays 3,4 Speaking Contact 3 Religion l,2,3,4 P.H.A. 3,4 All-State Band 5 Anthony Dlemoz College Entrance Eellgion l,2,5,4 Phyabj Baseball l,2,3,4 Track 5 Soccer 2,3 Basketball l,2,6,4 Volleyball l,2,5,4 Eadmitten l,2,3,4 Clara Duckworth Home Economics Chorus 1,2 F.H.A. 2,5,4 F.H.A. Officer 4 G.A.A. 1 Art Club l Newspaper 2 Religion 1,2 Shirley Gardiner College Entrance Chorus 1 2 5 4 I!! Religion l G.A.A. l,2,5,4 F.H.A. 5,4 F.H.A. Officer 4 Plays 5,4 Archery Club 2 -q-1.....-.-1 q- - Lyle Embt Regents Diploma Agriculture l,2,5,4 F.F.A. Officer 5,4 F.F.A. Speaking Contest Speaking Contest 5,4 Class Officer l Plays 5,4 Chorus 1,2 Religion 1,2 Yearbook Editor 1 Lloyd Gammack Commercial Diploma Agriculture l Basketball l,2,5,4 Baseball l,2,5,4 Soccer l,2,4 Football 5 Volleyball 5 Class Officer Track 5 Badmitten 2 5,4 Mary L. Gilhooly College Entrance Chorus l,2,5,4 Religion l,2,5,4 G.A.A. l,2,5,4 F.H.A. 5,4 Plays 5,4 Cheerleading 5,4 Archery Club 2 20 .AEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBL lnry Ann llazur College Entrance Rall on l 2 3 4 Q l I I , Speaking cones.: 2,s,4 3 I, 4 G.A.A. 1,2,5,4 Chorus l,2,3,4 Cheerleading 3,4 Plays 3,4 Bevepeper 2 C1388 Officer 4 ?.B.A. 2 Duet 4 wa' Mary Ann Golennki Regents Diplonm Chorus 1,2,3,4 Chorus vfficnr 5 O.A.A. l,C,5,4 P.H.A. Q,3,4 4-H Officer 3,4 Art Club l Playa 3,4 Cheerleading C,5,4 Rel1"on l T 1 4 5' u':'l Speaking Content 3,4 ?.K.A. Officer 5 Eli znbe th Kruppa Commercial Diploma Chorus 1,2,3 P.E.A. 2,4 Religion l,2,3,4 . zu, ',..: ' 21 Audrey Hnrding College Entrance Chorus l,2,3,4 Playa 3,4 Newspaper 2 F.H.A. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Cheerleading l,2,3 G.A.A. Officer 5 Chester Eamineki Agriculture Diploma Agriculture l,2,5,4 4-H l,2,5 4 Religion l,2,5,4 Soccer 5,4 Track 2,3,4 F.F.A. Basketball 4 ,wT4,gw'n fwlnwmwwqi 1 -, JCEEZEI- 5,f5i:f,f,,gEL,,x',M 'L JJ' iff-45? if 5' f -f 5, - I+ Vf 4' 7? ith? gif ,K Mf7 "wif ' V, V f. E!?5?sq il3EZy 5 1 1 I 1 3' X 5 1 1 , 4' I Wvnllal , ..v.,. Q. 2 , E M ' 1 1,416 iv f .HY 'rv 4 f .1 ta Q54 iw. it 1 7' f ' ,,,,f,,,a,4 I-f 'KH 1, 2 4?MmV I L f ,j"'1,:44J' f1,f7q-2 Egg- f 6' wfsff N Pat Quinn Industrial Arts Religion l,2,5,4 Football l,2,5,4 Basketball 1,4 Catherine Schad Home Economics Chorus l Art Club l Newspaper 2 F.H.A. 5,4 F.H.A. Play 5 ' fa 3 Ronald Rich Agriculture Diploma Agriculture l,2,5,4 F.F.A. Basketball 5,4 F.F.A. Officer 5,4 Shop 5 Track 2 Play 5 Chorus 5,4 Glenna Roberts College Entrance Chorus l,2,5,4 Plays 5,4 G.A.A. 2,5,4 F.H.A. 2,5,4 Class Officer 1,2,5,4 Harold Schilling Agriculture Diploma riculture 1 2 5 4 As 1 I n F.F.A. Basketball 5,4 Football 5,4 4-H Club 1,2,5,4 Chorus 4 22 Jay lei te College Emtrance Band 1,2,5,4 Chorus l,2,5,4 Dance Band l,2,3, G.A.A. l,2,25,4 ?.E.A. 2,3,4 Play! 5,4 Band Officer 4 lajorette 8,4 Archery Club 5 leil lelker College Rztrance Basketball l,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Soccer 1,2 Football 8,4 'back 1 2 mn 1 5 a,4 Pup 5,1 In-ities 1 2 Volleyball 2,5 ,4 Jane fojda Commercial Diploma Rellr1un1,f!,3,-Z I-'.H.A. 2,5 Chorus l,2,3,-A Cheerleading 1,4 Newspaper 2 Archery 2,3 , -M1 N i . :J .. o -- Richard 'innderwnrkor Agriculture Liplona Agriculture l,2,3,4 Religion l,2,3,4 Chorus 4 F.F.A. Cfflcer 4 F.F.A. Basketball 2,3 Football 3 Playa 3,4 '11-ack 2,5 Gladys W1 gbt Home Economics Chorus 1,2 F.H.A. 3,4 G.A.A. 1 Art Club 1 Newspaper 2 Library Club 2 a 1-- Velma wlllara John Wirth Commercial Diploma College Entrance Art Club 2 Chorus 1,2,5,4 Opperetta 1 Religion 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Plays 5,4 4-H Club 1 Rifle Club 2,5,4 Soccer 4 Band 1,2 CLA! OFFICEQI George Buokenmeyer, Mary Ann Mazur, Glenna Roberts, Kenneth Dart 24 522251-'aivewfaeaffefwfisvfefwf+ae1 Env amos Ba-1asug--1-V1-33235213-1nfH7Q?3i.'-1 . rad ws.5x0, QQ Q: . VfM2UYqHi' I-'ti Ca:-'LO V-' KP S41 EN'-!1Hl,1dfv'E1 1711 iw-1 'ii-'r!'rv L- IDT! .J 'r1. rfnf .vu,1'r1gr'b'v b swf-ko-zngtggol-Q GWB' GL! nvilfhf ni.-'1'!"'L'i' re., 5, srmsszzr-..5.1a'a' u:..,zsw:1.e:m 4ff an HHN EN! -v'-:wx-0 ollfvnazfu gn 5 ug-.: -a,,as.g'::'Q' zz: zu . a in E 2 W an 24 I 3' o Sq 'I '1 sggrevggfgfggggn-gmgsgfggnzgwqrg E fi?2amsfEs:sfE525512J525gs2222 gaaga 25:20 5522 P1 :Easing H 1 32-+3 59:35 -n mis o gf:-"Ogo R 8 or- 7: w mga an sv :sig as 5 2 as E gi 2 go. 2 as E H E E g 3 qlllillld IIIIIIIIQIIII IIIIII I :Sa Seaegi222Qsse:aae2e9sses229e 1 P135-Oda O- P I .SRSIPGYK-vzig QEE-ian-u -mn 3 evdtaf 5-Z - c Q 5-4 .g Poo.-vga 20 . 4 0-uogg. gd 32, EY5sg9o1,EE'3gggg5 HQ' Egagf g,EEEE:uEQf ,:. im ..5 2 E E? as 2232 ? 'ei 253 E 55 'E Q' in-ug 5 E un. -ga E -5: EE Q H. E5 E il ' gg 552555525-?Ei5Q2E?,E25EEE5?SEEETZ 2S's2g'zl again? Hifi? gg agsgii a a - 2 H ff E eo E 2? E' 2 E 3 s 53 3 wi 3 3 a if e ' 5 3 2 E 3- fesggggs"sggs5asfgggggaagJggggg giE4.g2EEgZ's?EE2Eg'5af5505a1QgS 1 2.1311 -za'-'ig 'aging '-5' 5' E 2' E22 5 - E 'S 2 'S H . g 9 2 14 I3 a get I 1-- 1' Y- ' 'w.14.-..w W K N A D Q PS "l"" First ROWS Elizabeth KTUPPB. Mary Gilhooly, Mary Ann Mazur, Kenneth Dart, Mr. Maloney, m1ss uapp, George Buckenmeyer, Glenna Roberts, Mary Ann Golanski, Jane Sodja SGGOM RW: Gladys Wight. Shirley Gardiner, cms Duckworth, Joyce wane, Neil Welker, John Wirth, chester , Kaminikie V91mH'Wi11ard, Rita Ann Buokenmsyer, Andrey Harding, Catherine Schad, Aletha Burch Third Row: Lloyd Gammack, Donald Balduff, Patrick Quinn, Anthony Diemoa, Willard Baker, Lyle Embt, Lloyd Baohman, Peter Bartz, Harold Schilling, Ronald Rich Absent: Richard Vanderwarker cnorrrf Q.: so We entered our final year with the following class officers: President -- George Buckenmeyer Vice Pres -- Mary Ann Mazur Secretary -- Glenna Roberts Treasurer -- Kenneth Dart Advisors -- Mr. Maloney and Miss Happ We held the first round and square dance of the year on October 21, 1949. The Wyoming Wood- choppers played for this dance. On November 10, 1949 our Senior Play, nDear Papan was very successfully presented to a very large appreciative audience. Our annual Senior Ball was held on December 21, 1949. Danny Martino and his orchestra played for the first formal dance of the year. In the spring we journeyed to New York City for our long awaited class trip. This made up our four years of effort. 28 Pirtt lon Second Ren Zh-Ltd Rt: Yourzh Ira Yifll III! Abeelh Barbara Spring, Alloc Sanders, IA-Ierenoe Pope, Robert Hoover, Susan Sreon, Pfuth .mln-mrit Bessie Adam, Arlene 'lan Buren, Susanne Chnvel, Charles ilelly, Russel Yaoizenheln, lu-. Elonrd, Brie Shafer, Joan lates, Sybil Hinckley, Batq' Bowen Dorotw Iloasner, Lyela Bayer, Anne Curtin, Lois Sohenck, Harllyn Zetzorburg, Elelon F.:-anor, Alice Carsm, Doroth B-ann, 'Edith Schiller, Doris Eodge, Joyce Rooster, Richard Good, lenmth Gocdlm, Robert hlts, Richard Sebora, Richard Horton, Salvndoro Parlse Eiohrd Brrls, Jeri Rosborsti, Robert Iapp, Eugene Lautz, Albert Srqder lanmd I4-uns, Illllan Kelsey, lllllan tio Culleugh, George Cuplcha, Je.-aes Judkins, Donald Pfalsef, Donald Iarren, Loren iight, John Gardner lrlae Gill, Vera lqers, Delores Baeohler, Shirley Brown, David Glor- CADQTX oc: El llth the beginning of the fall semester 1949 ee of the Class of 51, found ourselves oonmsed but responsible Juniors. Our election of officers resulted in the re- election of our President and Vice Presldent,also adding tio more capable names to our executive cami ttee as follows: -- Russell lackenhelm -- Charles Kelly -- larle Shafer -- Jean laben -- Kr. Haeard President Vice Pres Secretary 'lreasurer Advisor lith our sock dance and our annual squarecr round dance behind ns and our class plays and the Pros: out of the eay, ee of the Junior Class con- sider tml year as one of the most sucoessml in our high school career. - First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Rom Fifth Row: Absent: Lois Parrish, Joan myers, Patrioa Hampton, Clarence Johnson, Janet'Wirth, Kristine Klossner, Shirley Andrews Joyce Hoover, Doris Kruetter, Marilyn Frazier, Donald Tiede, Arlen Waite, Miss Whitney, Dorothy Buokenmeyer, Ann Armstrong, Emogene Grant, Marian Wight, Rebecca Jack Jean Cochrane, Jean Reenter, Beverly Kingston, Joyce Zetterburg, Nellie Roth, Gloria Greiner, Joyce Glor, Mae Mallison, Phylis Geer, Eleanor Brown, Shirley Sch eider, Pearl Volino Willard Wolfley, Robert Meisner, Donald Foster, George Morse, Robert Reding, David Hilken, William Dugan, Stanley Wiktorski, Robert Patterson, Marvin Coisman, Jack Berry, Robert Chaddook Robert Metcalf, David Huber, Donald Wolff, Charles Morse, Glen Dembcwski, Henry Kruetter, Montague Andrews, Ronald Charles, leon Wright, John Morse Eugene Kautz, Kenneth Lyons, Edward Reilly, Leland Rennioks CADE T our E2 The Sophomore class started the year with the following officers: President -- Donald Tiede Vice Pres -- Arlon Waite Secretary -- Ann Armstrong Treasurer -- Dorothy Buckenmeyer Advisor -- Miss Whitney The Class set up and trimmed the tree inside the main entrance at Christmas time. On March 4th we presented four one-act plays. Later we held our annual class dance with music being furnished by Ken's Western Ramblers. 50 I R tlin Robert 5.1-zuvdt Andrea Ptmlur, Dough.: Soru-d, Roger Dart, 2:-. Collins, Bn: lon Bama e , , hrilqu !.h1!rl, Andrfy Gardner, Beverly Robbins, Shirley Baker, Ronald liielou-ek, Seed! Ron um Podlikl, Jem Spring, Marion ihiznn, Audrey Ihvbr, Jenn Ptelger, Suxmm Auntin, Dcrottxy Bm, Eloise kts, Arlene Duolcrorth, lx-one Uoobrorth, Haney Hodge, hid Rm: bald found, lllhr lolborg, Jmy mynr, Gecrge Heian, Gordon Lindsey, 111111: Hunt! Chnme Rich, Ronald Inger, Eldon 111.111, 517011 haimti, Absent: krold Lhudt, Roy Jmikim, P:-ed:-tok Kellner, Donald Kilby, Bally Hohner, Petr-ion c:ADr:rfQ.-: 5 Q Early in the fell we elected the following officers! President -- Roger Dart Vice Pres -- Douglas Seward Secretary -- Audrey Gardner 'lreeeurer -- linrilyn Lfyera lr. Collins and lin Helly were chosen for our clan advieorl. 81 i ,J . lgg' First Row: William Gre1ner, Bruce Quinn, Anita Good, Eleanor Cupioha, Jo Ann Williams, Miss Kelly, Doris 33, Glor, Andrey Jewell, Delores Schiller, Alson Klossner, Earg Geer, Qtr Second Row: Delores Schaffer, Clarico Golanski, Barbara Harding, Elaine Stunnn Gloria Skorniak, Ca olyn QQ Bhrtle, Jo Ann Glor, Rita Wagner, Darlene Hottois, Helen Spring, Nancy lewis, ' ', Third Rowz Joseph B aun, Charles Brown, Francis Binder, Ralph Parise, Roger Horton, Paul George, if Tmm s Bigpns Ya CAD!-Il.Tf 0: EQ This year our freshmen basketball team proved very successful. We elected six cheerleaders from our class to cheer for the games throughout the season. They were: Eloise Bartz, Doris Glor, Clarioe Golanski, 1 Barbara Harding, Andrea Pfalzer and Jean Pfalzer. 1 f On May 5, we held our round and square dance ' which proved a success. The proceeds from the many activities will build up our treasury so when we become Seniors we may have the opportunity to take our long awaited Class Trip to some great metrop- olis, such as New York City. sz it ZW H V -,. .... ell.. " : " ,X 4 , ff' ,ZQJI 7 -ft lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllulllIlIlllIll!lllllllllllllIllllllll.llIlllllllllllllllllllllll Z 2' " "fa mf.--f 1 e ' First Rovrg T. Lake, H. Adams, C. Stocksohaeder, G. Wolff, M. Bartz, Mr. Watson, M. Strong, F. Trace, M. Kirch, K. Balduf, R. Spring, Second Row: R. Gentner, E. Lyons, L. Garigen, B. Townsend, M. Rosemark, J. Snyder, J. Curtiss, F. Welker A.. Quinn, P. Myers, Z. Worthington, J. Sodja. Third Row: R. Kiroh, G. Spring, D. Snell, R. Kauffman, R. Bowen, J. Allen, R. Foster, R. Moore, J. Fhwt RUN: Second Row: Third Row: Loranty, L. Goodman, G. Tiede One of our most interesting activities this year was the publishing of our paper UThe Shamrockn on St. Patricks day. We have elected the following officers: President -- Dick Gentner Vice Pres -- Margaret Biggins Secretary -- Beverly Irifthauser Treasurer -- Sarah Lewis J. Rider, C. Burch, J. Rider, B. Trifthauser, Eiss Thomas, A. Lincoln, M. Biggins, J. Jack, R Trifthauser D: Brown, C. Hodge, C. Dart, C. Koester, L. Buokenmeyer, G. Carter, F. Kolberg, S. Lewis B. Balduf, P. Kautz, J. Reed, P. Spaulding, S. Kreuszelnickl 'l'H 54 .f,'ES'?f'23's'ZIl1 1 ee-.- ..-Pf"-" ' U - V Yin! Sion J. Sorkin, Ei. Steele, 5. Ziorne Sooaai Sion Ll. Holt:-up, D. h-scan, G. Ziavbertlz, D. Wright, B. Elounor, Iliu Adn.::.s, Ki. Zrriru, EZ. Soloeki, P. Jmzdkiu, R. Unite, J. Peltlin Z!-.Lrd Bal: G. hilly, S. Hefner, ll. Volino, ll. Sprnzg, Ll. Nolfley, I. Howard, E. Grlener, A. Roth, K. Green , S. Basin, J. Perkins, Y. Geitner Fourth Hon R. Eoloeki, E. Erofm, R. Sie:-.ox, El. Howard, C. Allen, H. vrirmmn, G. George, 3. Jriennr, C. Seunrd, Fl. Sander Absent: L. ?irt1:.n, J. Eugen Bae Seventh Graders enjoyed the new ten reel: block :system whereby they became Kami liar early in their Junior High 'learn vid: shop, ngriculmre, and homemnking. s 11 Mu 14115.-x G. leluoifv U- Wvrmr. 2- LION- ?1:-lt Hal: 3. Karla. R- E07-"3'1 D- ?f'11'fv C' 9' ' ' " ' sum aa. 3:2011 am. L. mmm. C- G01-mki. U- hom- 5- Lwmki- 1' Gemma' 3 w"a"' . , . . J. hstlu, J. lniuoh T C mrmh E. hom' T. Inman' J. mm na, J. urns. J- fwwnd- J- SU"J"'fi- -- 'L"""""" ' ' Swear! Augagi 11, 151-09011, TI. IIOKLDCI, G. SOUU1-tl g -ru 85 -. .'i7?'l'I'w. , ,. .yr-' First Row: Bgeond Rm: Third Row: Absent a First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Absent: M, Fisher, D. Foster, R. Henry. Mrs. Dart, P. Pagels, G. Spencer. M. Myers, D. Begg A.. Garigen, J. Pfalzer, R. Balduf, G..Woh1so1e.ge1, S. Bowen, M. Baker, M. Hiemann, Goetz, D. Spencer, D. Allan, G. Quinn Tl-I G. R. Metz, R. Edgerton, F. Reilly, D. Snyder, G. Kittle, R. Reilly, H. Snyder, A. Liellenthien N. Begg, M. Porter 'Ihe highlights of '49 and '50 was a trip to Buffalo. The tours were taken through the Buffalo Museum Of Science and the zoo which were most inspiring. Later we took a trip to the Buffalo Historical building S. Smarts, F. Morse, J. Yoder, W. Hofhneister, P. Ilg, W. Shea, P. Leurls C. Duelmorth, D. Townsend, J. Sha:-low, P. Hoover, J. Embt, Mrs. Pritts, Mr. Dispenza., P. Balbick, A. Glor, E. Goodman, P. Ha..-in-ik, D. Mix D. Parrish, D. Titus, D. Post, M. Buokenmeyer, N. Hilken, E. Kiroh, L. Wagner, B. Allen, S. S141-zycki, J. Clendenon M. Snell, J. Hampton, M. Owens Spaulding, R. Snyder, 5. Foeller, P. Slupiansky, D. Wood, C. Iathan, K. Alwerb, C. J Bruggnan, P. Slockschlaeder, R. Reed, R. Czelsdzinski, J. Huber J. Pautler 1-H 56 -,Mh-.Q d TN Yi!!! HQ x Becca! Bax fhird RG: Polvtb its Pint Eoin Snood Ecu: YYLLT4 EI: 'PH H. Bartz, R. Elnott, J. slibfl, D. Hofort 5. Iiktumii, ll. Lrtntx, 5. Russell, V. Wnllor, E. 115, 5. Sola, D. Bolonkzi, Z'. lallhon, N. Gribrsth H 3. 3-uggnn, M. Dnunl, J. Glor, E. Shafer, P. Bnzmott, 11. Rogers, B. Kurtis, J. hutlor, mu. 3.ltL:zgs Ei. nrnlr, L. Moon, J. Stun, C. F.:-cutter, A. uludu, S. Night, Il. Hamel The Fifth Grade has taken an Sr'-aglz'-.nrjr trip arc-und Norm and South America. Ie also presented a radio program anti tled, 'Tho Slooy-im: Beaut"r." J I. Spnnnwr, C. JUIDII, L. lyuna, Y. lnvinn, YT. Zagcln, N. Traits, T. PYoo:'n.:., I. f'o11A.nt?'.cLn Bl. Lhlhnthnin M. Robbins, lf. Pl!l1'LiOkl, E. Coitnor, D. Eialkowukzi, G. Inkor, L. Carigon, 1. Pfnlzor, P. Euhlmn E. Zottorwrg, J. Smmrd, Ti. Ffnlzor, YI. Pngolo, C. Johnson 87 1---..W .- .,.. ,. V -' 1 1 . , i 'tri do or First Row: J. Reilly, H. Reilly, R. Krantz, D. Leitsch, S. Judkina, C. Waite, H. Van Buren, R. Shea, D. Bowen, G. Myers Second Rom W. Perkins, S. Johnson, G. Dugan, M. Kreutter, J. Willard, J. Lieisner, D. Townsend, R. Statler, Hrs. Wagner Third Row: L. Hinz, E. Biggins, L. Schunk, H. Kireh, D. Bowen, B. Buokenmeyer The Fourth Grades spent a rather pleasant year in an imaginary trip around the world. They enjoyed learning about both the "Old" and "New" ways of living of peoples in many different lands. This work was culminated by presenting a legendary play of one of the countries studied. First Row: K. Klossner W. Wood, T. Feltham second Rom R. Wiktorski, G. Geitner, J. Belmonte, 3. Tenny, L. Welker, L. 'Hex-ner, B. Hodge, G. Greenman F. Lake P. Gardner Ds- Schau Third Ron D. Gohlke, G. A1111 R. Kreszelnicki, L. Roth, D. Lincoln, E. Snyder, S. Lteba. D- Smith. S. Dayton, R. Spring, A. Cathie Fourth Row: D. Perkins, R. Hayen, B. Bowen, K. Bowen, M. Austin, C. Lloyd, D. Wagner, N. Greiner, J. Howard, N. Greiner, Hrs. Ford 'PH 38 i L l Ll ..,. . .. ' 7 Y S'-Arlo: EI Alumrd' E. Synulding, P. Pont, B. Higgins, G. Jo-nil, Yirit Sal: P. Lyunl, J. Spencer, .. . , . ., 'l. 515521, D. Dua.: Steen! Sol: ll!!! Luiz, ?. Phhor, J. k!nrtLn, L. Reilly, P. Sffflgtl, A. KL:-ch, D. Strong, D. Johnncr., D. hrtl, B. Boat:-ngor !h.L.'1! Bw: H. Pftlxor, I. Eirioh, P.. Sohunk, B. Sohunk, E. Bundy, L. Yoder, A. In.-.innlzi me third Ernie: have enjoyed finding, out :fwm nb 'nt peffl-a who work for us hero at homo and far away. The modiuss of cr-ngroz-.a, and cut paper have helped the ctxildr-er: to exp:-can t3zo:1ao1ve:s. Io had A net Cadet 'Ibachor which was nn inte:-outing experience for us. ?1l'IC ia: J. ink, R. Pupl, G. Jcod, E. Lounll, G. Burroughs Samnd ion E. Schaub, J. Dogma, T. Warn, Ll. Shan, 11. Trylos, S. Tiedo, G. Soitnor, B. Hollorsnn, J. Binlkonki, J. Yoder Yhird lvl: 5. Trlgt, J. Tuollor, C. 31.11, D. hthln, li. Cook, C. lnvim, L. Foster, M. Sohllzo, Soczt ?o:u-'thivn Z. Eulnlrj, T. Rickford, Z. Sponsor, H. Balduff, D. Goo-doll, I. Ealduff, K. Kalmar, Ecumlozyk G. lnksth, Rn. Icrtoa W , 89 F"'''''""'''""''""'''IllIll-lIllllllllllnIIIInIn-I----gg-"llllllllllllll'l,--- ND First Row: Mrs. Westermeier, F. Knapp, M. Weldon, M. Sierk, M. Ostrander, D. Wolfley, R. Witter, D. Foster, J. Lloyd, J. Kingston Second Row: C. Martin, H. Goodman, P. Birnie, E. Schiller, R. Gumaer, J. Pfalzer, J. Glor, J. Deuel, Do EW.'l119I' Third Row: P. Gentner, J. Lennon, C. Del-fluth, R. Hinz, D. Svratrs, S. Dominick, G. Merle, J. Spaulding, K. Balduf, C. Abrahamsen Fourth Row: J. Sheehan, A. Punches, C. Belmonte, S. Owens, W. Dugan, T. Wiktorski, B. Trifthauser Along with strengthening the child's interest and reading skills, furthering member concept, enlarging their scientific experiences, and changing from manuscript to cursive writing, we aim to guide language expression of young children. This can be accomplished by a variety of activities--games, exercises, stories, and ohoric speaking. First Row: T. Berry, R. Hohnson, L. Clark, R. Post, D. Campbell, W. Rr-uggxmn Second Row: J. Perkins, R. Lake, J. Freeman, N. Bruggman, R. Yoder, G. Shea, N. Morse, C. Bontrager, J. Richert, J. Zetterberg Third Row: D. Dart, D. Wilkinson, D. Carter, R. Brown, J. Waite, M. Goodell, P. Bowen, C. Kellner, S. Cook, W. Walker Fourth Row: G. Alband, D. Howard, R. Wiokens, J. Pagels, J. Szymkowiak, R. Bowen, J. Sprague, J. Kruetter, D. Hunn, Mrs. Myers ND 40 fm - fn... -,....,.-3.7D2'1" " 'V Pint Emu Seann! Han bird HQ: Yiih Htl Pint Har Sonar! Ran hid its PQYQ gil 3. Chrk, 5. Willard, J. 'l'urt!pLngtCn, B. Anhoiur, S. Bolzontn, C. Somuxtor li. iaith, J. lnllantbnm, ld. Waits, D. Lbrahnzmon, W. Hollnohlnogor, C. PITDOIAI, 3. Put, B. lard, D. Niktm-ati, 8. Rider J. Spinner, J. Yoder, J. Clondonon, R. lnnnou, 8. Scott, K. Pop, K. lpvalurd, P. Baht, G. Goltnnr, D. Ford, U. Linh M. Vu: Da Bogart, A. Plrrilh, J. Goodall, I. Grofrath, Y. Holden, K. lbnry, J. Shppnrd, G. Gnh-oth, L. Pnutler, Ibn. Tun 'me First Irudos learned this poem this yenr. lTe':-o busy little boon ihirty books we road wi th ease, Ehglish, Zinth, Scionco, Sr-nga and Gym Koay- us working with n vim. R. Iilkiuoa, G. Burch, B. Moda, B. Pnornn, C. Dqfton, H. Hnllorrnn, R. Hood, K. Sm-der S. Helm, Y. Goetz, J. Bolino, H. HUTUULYU, D. Sohonok, J. Johnoouz, G. Tmylor, U. 1, ll. Roberta, ll. llocro L. ll'.Lx, D. Catlin, P. Ipnnaa, R. Jonas, D. Qnon, R. Glor, li. Bnith, R. kitten Wi. leeb, R. litter, D. Perkins, B. Hnyxannd, C. lhmkmn, ll. Boundy, 15. Putuuy, L. Cnldloll, 8. Gilhooly, Era. Rath fr 1 D' D W 41 X First Rom Second Row: Third Row: Absent : i P. Foeller, G. Sohenok, T. Zaboszek, R. Hickoz, C., G. Keene, G. Phillips, R. Robbins, R. Jewell, K. Baudy L. Skryzcki, S. Linder, S. Strong, C. Wood, M. Stewart, K. Halin, N. Diemoz, K. Bunn R. Wright B. Mingle, N. Staba, F. Ricldord, S. Walflay, W. Wolfley, M. Szymkovrlak, Mrs. Witter De B8.l'i6 'Ihe Kindergarteners have been very busy this year. In October we visited the Arlon Waite farm to conclude our farm unit. Next we stud- ied trains and took a trip on a train from Warsaw to Attica. . We joined together for our Halloween and Christmas parties. In the spring we went to the zoo in Buffalo as we were studying about the circus. We enjoyed Kindergarten this year and are looking forward to First Grade with much enthusiasm. First Rom Second Row: Hmird Rm: B. Shaffer, A. Goodman, B. Perkins, Vf. Wight, S. D'Antonio, D. lewis, W. Lewis, M. Soheister, B. Pielow, S. Shunk F. Sprague, H. Loveland, F. Shea, T. Da.:-eh, E. Pfalzer, S. Bellenmn, N. Caldwell. P. Bartz, J. Sharlovr, J. McNe11, R. Halton w1111ams, P. Hahn, F. wiemm, L. smith, G. uitssn, K. Meir, G. Smith, M. nan, C . Mrs . Cacner 42 4 -A - Maw... , sg. -Q. ' 'H ' Z Z 2 M, A19 V 0 0 First ROW: Robert Chaddock, Lloyd Gammack, larry Pope, Willard Wolfley Back Row: Russell wackenheim, Eugene Wolfley, Anthony Diemoz, Salvador Parise, Neil Welker, Robert Reding, Robert Hoover, Coach Feltham QAIQQ Ln. BATTING AVERAGES All Games League Jack Meyers ,441 Skip Diemoz ,420 Neil Welker ,401 Bob Melsner ,400 Lloyd Gammack ,358 Gene Wolfley ,295 Bob Reding ,192 Larry Pope ,182 Sam Parise ,118 .345 ,500 .581 .335 ,269 .275 .200 .255 .053 Alexander, after getting off to a slow start, proceeded to go on and tie for the league lead with SCORES Alexander 14 Kendall 12 U 5 Alden 10 W 5 Batavia 10 U 6 Pavilion 4 U 2 Corfu Sw W 10 Oakfield 7a W 16 Attica 15 W 18 Holley: Ge W 6 Alden 8 U 6 Oakfield Zr U 4 Attica 9 W 2 Holley 64 " 6 Corfu 545 V 15 Corfu 7ee U 16 Kendall 5 W 10 Bat. J. V. 1 U 5 Nunda 4 4 League Games Play Off at Batavia new Quarter Final Game at Batavia Jil'- n n All Games Won lO Lost 7 League Games Won 5 Lost 5 seas Corfu. A play off game was then played at Batavia wlth Alexander coming through victorlously. We then went on to section play. In the quar ter final game we played Nunda. After going into extra innings we were defeated by a strong teana that eventually were champions of section five of class B teams 44 Uhdil' tl! diriubion of Conch Polhhruu tho A1n:.'ux!nx' ein-lunnnn onjoryod A very ouooouml aonon by vxmnnpg 4 and lnfmyg only :I XKOYXQCI. Our greatest victory ourm vlan no won um P--X: lnumm county Bflclmdat ll Ulltlvin. AI: this :mot A1,oJr.ulvjor plnoml F11-nt, in 6 out of 11 events. 'Bm fix-at and second pluoo winners umm ocnnpqcfm in Um nm:- tionala at Rochester. lloxjo, Aloxundor atlmlnten malloc md 254111. of 55 points oollootod by Uoneaoe-Orlonna county x-np:-onfantnhivnn. SC!3nU,L5: ., .Z',"1"'!I.'.I, .f'l'A?I IIC . 1"Y " 1 I I 1 '1 111 Pri ?' ,li .' " A1-I-:nf--f gg gqgggn gg U ' Trias, I L , Q f -., , . Y -, N N , 64 cuknom 36 Honey 10 2.70 fum ,,-nah: :iii-iw: :X-m.,r1P:l.?L:?2x.r:?,, : gg 440 Yard Push: Hocfvml Tick inthe:-:mn 3111111 Jump: Nourtkx linm Fur! no Cc-untl Truolzmoot Results Alexander 472, Corm 45Q, Zlba 33, Holley 1-1 canola ez, Kendall '15, Pavilion ef, ay,-on 5 CK Yin! lan Connh Pildnl, Richard PICYOFIOII, Salvador Purina, Gocrgo haokannoyor, Chu-In Holly, Prlmil Gilhooly, Richard Ihrrh. Prlmois Buohnnoyer .-1..l- - v 1-pr , 4 k-.H ,. ,,. XX 45 . HL g'irstdR0w: Kenneth Dart, Robert Chaddock econ Row: Glen Dembovrski Eugene Kautz hir. Howard Frank Penks k Mr. Mill R be -Lg 1 Thi Donald wnrren,'A1bert snyaer' ' ay ' er' 0 r Mb sner' rd Rom Douglas Seward, Neil Welker Robert Reding Harold Schillin Ge Bu kenme E Wolfley, Patrick Quinn, John Berry , 5, ox-Ee c yer' ugene Back Field Ro5eriTUEEddock Robert Meisner Albert Snyder Douglas Seward Neil Welker Harold Schilling George Buckenmeyer Eugene Wolfley Patrick Quinn .Tack Berry FOOT QALI. 'Ihe Alexander football forces started the second year of competition with a victory over Oak:t'ie1d.'1hey then proceeded on to post a season total of 2 wins,4 loses and l tie. 'lhis years team was under the direction of Mr. Howard with the assistance of Mr. Miller, a cadet. Sept . 25 Alexander 52 Oakfield 8 Sept. so H 21 Holley sv Oc t . '7 "' 19 C orfu 51 Oct . 14 l' 14 Pavi 11 on 22 Oc 1: . 20 'Y 50 Alden 50 Oc t . 28 " 18 Lydonvi lle 14 Nov. 4 " ,21 Elba 43 K 46 f Line Kenneth Dart Donald Warren Frank Penkszyk Eugene Kautz Glen Dembowski Robert Reding eAlllllllH!IIIIlIllllli. Although finiohlmg in A tio rm- second plum wx all 2 B-C League Alexnrder went on to win the EF di-:taxon Ur' :lm , I Holley. After dx-suing A bye in me qunrtnz' flnnln w 1 0 11 In M ill Runde in semi-final play. Plnjfima in me mrmln wtnmp-.n. L 11 f coloh Io 'BPO defeated by ISOGLIS, 'ilxrarqhout the jrnuz- un -mn and tied one gem, scoring n combined total or ntxny uno 101 .Ln Q. 0.1, ents tienq ei gmt. Sept. SY? Sept. SO Oct. -I GCC. 5 Oct. l-8 Oct. 15 Oct. S4 Cct. LT5 Dot. 26 Cot. 31 Qliov. 5 Nliov. 12 oSe::1-Plnnl Sion by n 1'mh-ll at Alexnnder Lloxxnder Alexander Aloxundor Alexander Alexander llexnndor Alexander Alexander Alexnnder Alexnnder Alexnuder at Genesee vennlty kick Brockport I .x !'n!'Ljr17x ll n' 110111 ng lf! :l1Vf1'f'!z 2 lem Eu Tl O !Mr5e:1 U ffl? Ori Ile' '7 Tolloy 2 Kendall O Yiollojr 8 Fnvilion 4 Yiunda 2 llodue play off 'A 'card Bilton liorznn Puvlin, Yoger Dart, anon Juclliu Fifi! EGU: Udlld Foltnr, . c. ' " .. Saeed Ran Jesu Zlcxbcflki, Steven Tiiktcxrnx, Robert. .alzru-dt, Coach elthn.-., Chu-los Bram, omld Iolh, Lloyd Gick, Ralph Purina Baird Eau: Dtvid. habit, Eobrrt hits, Cnorp Cuficlm, Charles Lelly, Salvador Y-urine, 'ic ard Beborn, Jo!-.xx Wirth, Robert Hoover, Lloyd kclxnn 47 First Row: Russel Waokenheim, William Kelsey, Mr. Gardiner, Kenneth Dart, Stanley Wiktorski Second Row: Chester Kaminski, Donald Foster, Harold Schilling, Richard Sebera, Jerome Rozborski, Donald Wolff, George Cupicha FPA. QAJKETQALL With Kenny Dart acting as Captain and Billy Kelsey taking over the managers position the F. F. A. basketball team enjoyed another successful season. On their schedule were such teams as Oakfield, Elba, Bergen, Pavilion, Corfu, F.F.A Alumni, and the Young Farmers. 48 '- S 31:52 Ecu: Soocad Eat: '3'.L."i Er: -f W " 'U ff' wHw.1'lw 4'1b f 1 ' 1. Av, .. .. .,-.--.. Mg,,,,- . Jensrle Tfilliuu, I?-:latino lilocanor, Lola Parrish, Torn Lycra, fnleccn Jn-zl., .711-r.:.n You-rts, Ihacy Irwin, Sonia .'..'in:.l, invicta iiwzpton, Joan IQ.-orc, Salam lruonc, Lu-b1.rn firing A:.:: Euzhikx, Sclcrez Schiller, Shirlo-' Etrcwm, Amir:-' Eiucisz.,-, llxzur Silx-lo-: Em-ii:'.cr J J . . I . I ' - u to ., 1.. .. . Q V, -'-.v '1 ,. - A .ay Waite, Azria Grlmr, 11.111 Sacket., .ao-nr., I1r.b:.-cn, .im ..'x.. .m. l.LI.,z0.-LF, ...onncr ,rum'., 301022-J Euckznrzmyar, Audrey' in .l.:1o:.n Tu: I-furor., Jon: Efnlzor, Ju-.11 Int-on, barbara iinrdigfj, iloizc Extrtn, Guo Cho-ml, Dorziy Sol:-as, Boris Ijodgo, Chxrlco Golnnskzi, Andrea ITIIZUY, .Zum Jcsldn Tho freshmen and sophomore toons participated in A bankotball sportadny at !-fodlnn whore they won all the gums they played, 'Bw synchronized awirrninr group put on n vary lovaly bnllat pvartormnnco, 'Bm Girls Athletic hascfciftlon :utr-rtcf! tw- yor-r with soccer and apoodbnll ganna. In tho winter we plnyod basketball. The acorns are as follows: Soccer wo they Basketball un they UBFTE' 4 0 T123EET"" 21 cm Antica 2 6 Attlcn zo 22 Corfu O 2 Corfu 12 15 Attica O O Corfu 10 30 Herron 35 29 49 Neil Welker f:.Nuof2 Sammy Parise E Gene Wolfley VAIMTV Pete Bartz 50 N , . mn' V--up M -MNA . V1 ,Q V ,-,, sg Jorge: Imoru:v:mg.1r jCNICI2 Dick Horton Chnrlny' Rally 81 1.111 j."i Etc: :ml vA12fTv Put Quinn W F' A Dick Patterson 4.53442 ,,-' ' 654 Zyl' ,XJ i f ' ' 599,555 ' Z6Qq??f45 ,ate ,aa, ,fffiigri HJff??4 27Wyf44fM'2f2Qw?4v 9 '--' ' afuw wawwwrwzfwmvva Vyafgyhf Vawvffvyen' awwaaaz 59535356 ow4gww,gZQW, .z2aZ?Za Zayiixfyggm '1':fafp, if' f ,I -- ' 12'-:V ,ff -fx ge ,f -44, ff '- fr , , Qg?2gEL 14-f f af .- '11,-'wffh . 'iffy , Wxff w -, i14QZ!A'jfW 41 Ia, fa, ,f L A f, 5, -4576! W fn n ,Vi , 552 if?'f4,'7 "7 n 4. 4,351 J - 35 Avawyamg if . f:,f4viW2f2g,,:5- Lafwm ff. 1 ,awp 5 ., ,411 , wi- ,',g,f, A A -- Meiiit, , ,:f1f'f'f :,4,,:Qm,V, 01, :Q wg: . ' 1- "2pZ1'7f'f2'7'i 1, ' eff 1 A. . 1'-:iffwf-, 42 , ,Pg-'f'11j' ff C 1 f ,5,f'1f55'g5'fzi5Y'.':-V-4534 C 1' 'ta .A J Ugg , prng A,-,j "xg-,j3.,VI1. 1 ,l l. , fa C: 43:1 ff In lML,?f'3iJ -7 . 5- L, 151.4-xg? I- ff ,. ,111 he Q ' A. ' , rw :v1J".fj"f,-ff. -4 - It ,JE . H5523 1-' w mums, a fit . aeoanag91w:vH ff: 14:1-,fe-,f-,5 - fl.-5,3 5' 43.3, -5,1-g4.,'.p,, ,.,, ,MLN - -'4"'fz'1:n r , -,r 1 ...ez 41' --1-- fl, Of- .tiiiif ?t,:i,,'!,,,-1 Cf fat' 4.-'V-.ff-'zfff rf. ,.fs:7f .I ap .A 56124 L fijvl'-f.5"' " 4111? .?:1fi-- Coach Fe ltham Up to the time of printing, the Alexander basketeers, under the dir- ection Coach Feltham, posted a record of 18 wins against only 2 loses with the final game against the Livingston County champion Livonia, yet to play. By compiling a league record of ll wins and 1 loss, Alexander came out on top of the Genesee-Orleans B league. The team went on to the quarter-finals at Rochesterg after a hard fought game with Pittsford, Alexander came out victoriously. Alexander then proceeded on to the Semi-finals. After a very rough game with-Sodus, Alexander emerged as the victor. Due to previous com itments with the publisher we were unable tocom- plete the records of sectional play. Date Opponents 'Nov. 22' Warsaw ------- Away 4Nov. 29 Oakfield ----- Away 'aefDe'c . 2 Hel le y- ------ Home -Dec. 6 Warsaw ------- Home aDec. 9 Corfu -------- Home Deo. 15 Pavilion ----- Home aDec. 16 Lyndonville--Away Jan. 4 Attica ---- ---Away -aJan. 6 Elba --------- Home aJan. 13 Alden -------- Away wJan. 17 Oakfield ----- Home nJan. 20 Holley ----- --Away ,Jan. 25 Attica ------- Home aEeb. 5 Corfu ------ --Away Feb. 7 Pavilion ----- Away '4Feb. 101 Lyndonville--Home aFbb. 17 Elba --------- Away AEbb, fifrizar n 24 ' Alden -------- Home 51 Pittsford ---- Away 8 Sodus- ...... -Away Games A Final Game at Rochester W e 65 56 56 58 50 45 54 59 51 62 68 62 44 45 47 62 46 70 45 48 Final Game at Rochester They 46 26 28 26 46 44 28 40 28 40 44 51 41 59 52 52 51 49 59 58 GP V FG FT' .TP AVE. Sam Parise -20 - 159 41 519 1650 Neil Welker 18 4 ,67 51' 165 9.1 Lloyd Gammack 20' A 68 15' 149 7. Charlie Kelly zo 48 49. 1 145 11. Gene Wolfley 19 ' 50 28 128 6.7 Skip Diemoz 12' ' 10 4 24' ,,2.Q Pat Quinn 19 9 ,6-- 24 1.2 Dick Norton 10' '. 9 54- 21 -2,1 Pete Bartz '15 ' 9 2- . 20 lg5 George Buclcenmeyer 11 5 4 ,114 145 52 . ,. J. ... e I .-cv---:f , N,, N,,1mmmWMvfMfV .aw , 1 , I ,wg "' 5"-W" - - F W ,lawawfi-fehvef " .N-..- -., rw-P ?1rl: Tw: -.:......c ....,... 1 Second Tm: 2:24:71 failing, fi:?'.n:-d EL.lZ,cn, !Ic:'.nci!. Fart, 7'r. cnsn.-1', '..'!.111r.:' Tm. mn, Im- -' 'c'r.:,cr, Thi:-i Tar: Invil i1'..'.cr, To':u:r"E "fwfr, .112-vrt 3:-.yi-r, '-L-on 1.241-1' , 'Ulu--L -'11vZ":-' Fourih Tm: ?l:?,r.:'d flnrril, EI'.:50:'.o Zinutx. Clan T'm:11mr'u3i DAT. CFECZITITZ 52 'MPII 'Jain years J. '-'. brxnlwtbnll C0111 C0210 "' """"" - """' Qu-gujlh with 10 wins nnd 8 10309. 1210 '21- Kov. 22 .'Inz':nw ---- -Array 30 2-Z fvorionco gained by this yours tour. will Fov. 25 Caf-::'1c1:.'--- 'vrng' '26 29 undoubtedly prove vnlunblfa to next years Zac. 2 Efolloj' ---- Home 26 255 varsity team. loc. 'E Jinracw ----- Efofzo 52 30 Sec. 9 '3o1'Z'u------ Here 27 49 Dec. 15 L7TLd9R'f1118---:".'l1fJ.:' -1.3 42 Dec. 13 Pavilicn-H Home 50 S56 P, ,,,,, Jan. 4 itticc ----- .'.':1r1y S55 50 ai Jan. 6 Elba ---------- iiorpo 40 28 ,, N ,W ., Jan. 13 ,xlafm --....... ,-.vmy 49 28 3301120 Jan. 17 onzzfzfna ---- --:zone 40 3:5 gn"-,U ,, lg ,., san. so rzoney --.-- , sv so JH" SC" Q if Jan. 25 .ittica -------- Zim-ze 37 50 Lcnyln. In CO Feb. :5 cox-ru ---- ----- , '.vmg,- :51 sv ,gediff 19, .lg Feb. 10 Lyndonvillo :nom sv 54 'IWW 1-- 3, nb. 7 Favilion ------ Amy 45 52 5111131 .11 Qlrj Feb. 17 gum --.------- Away 19 20 iQ'fQ.,""9' U in Peb 24 16 ' '-0" Alden --------- Soto 23 85 --nn-I-IIIlllq.l-l-l--'-'-I-I'r--- First Row: Joan Meyers , Sybil Hinckley, Audrey Ga.:-d.ner, Mary Gilhooly, Mary Ann Golanski Second Row: Marie Shafer, Mary Ann Mazur, Jean Laben, Jane Sojda, Dorothy Buckemneyer Cl-ESQ LEADE Cheerleaders are everything their name implies. They lead the spectators in cheering the team on to victoryg they concentrate on group cheers to avoid individual booing. This years cheerleaders did a splendid job in fulfilling their aimsQ Elected at the start of the basketball season by the student body, ten agile, well-poised girls encouraged us to Ushoutn. Their rotating captains planned and executed new and old cheers which climaxed a very successful SSHSOH. Good-looking green and gold uniforms added to their grace and buoyancy. The cheerleading clinic at Holley accepted with enthusiasm our girls' unison cheers with the oppos- ing schools cheerleaders. 54 n X'c '27 nr" h A- . First Row: Joy Waite, Aletha Burch, Thu Lazelere, Miss Happ, Willard Baker, Glenna Roberts Second Row: Lyle Embt, Shirley Gardiner, John Wirth, Mary Ann lhzur, Anthony Diemoz Third Row: Audrey Harding, Rita Ann Buclcenmeyer, Neil Welker, Liary Gilhooly, Hary Ann Golanski 'lhe Senior Play was presented on November 10, 1949. 'Ihe play titled "Dear Pape." was a very delightful comedy produced under the direction of Mr. James Larzelere and Miss Alim Happ. The play gave the audience many hearty laughs, The play opened with Aunt Lucinda Carr coming to the Carr family residence for a visit She inherits 350,000 but come to find out she has made a mistake and it is not her inherit ence at all. The plot gets more complicated when she can not give back the money as it E spent. The matter is soon settled wh n the various couples get together in the closecfthe Play' The cast was as follows: IVITQ Carr oo ncaaoooooooooonooo John wirdirth. Mrs. Carr .... .. Shirley Gardiner George Carr .... .. Willard Baker Laine Carr ...... .. Joy Waite CaI'01 Carr 0 U 0 o o n u o c 1 0 o Aletlla. B1lI'Ch Lucinda C9I'I' lococooooooooo so Ann Ma-Zul' Elvira Dusenberry McDuffie .... Glenna Roberts Dickie Turner a o c o s o o n oo o n o o a .Al'lthOl'l'y D1emOZ Don Drennen anonnaoaoo on ' J. Caswell Drennen ... . .. Neil Welker Mr. Yeates .,....... .. Richard Vanderwarker Janet Rhoden ...... . . .., Audrey Harding Liz Estes ...... .. .. Rita Ann Buckenmeyer Ivficlfey Strong no a I 0 0 0 0 Ann Gglanski Prompter ....... ........... Mary Louise Gilhooly 56 f . 3 .-- -fx.. 'A I.,-,, . 'IIOCAIPLLY' Pint Ron lhry Ann Goluuki lkry Gilhooly Olonnn Roberta Joy Ik! ta Second Ron 1,710 mm John 'rrirth Ablontg Rickard Yuufc-nnxrlvr 'LQ !"lQ 'l'E! EZf First Ran B17 .um Lhurr Rita Buckenzrynr Second Rm: Boil Twlkar Shirlay Gsrdinnr Audrey Ending Goorgo Bockarmy-or Rennie Rich 'BLACK VALISZ' Pint Han bnrq Dart John Wirth Boil lolhr Jms Sojda Anthem Mano: QQIVG Q QV F ,,,, HMP N 0 Cf!-' ZS 5041? 00 aw mo? Sim 035 B 52,0 MS 3 P-'32 EEZ 00 HHS IAUID UI 33:1 3"'f2- ugh: ga E-E fr..- fu: gm od' Q SE 'ELI'-" -'5 . 1 n Yin. i Girls ...L First-Lyle Ennbt Second-Marvin Coisman Third-James Judkins First-Mary Ann Mazur Second-Mary Ann Golanski Elhird-Marilyn Frasier William Gardner, last years winner, presided as Student Chairman, and made the awards. 'Jl'1ewinner's in both departments were entered in the County Contestat Corfu. At this Program Mary Ann Mazur took Second infhe Girls diyie ion. First Ron: Q Second Row: 58 James Judkins William Gardner Marilyn Frasier Marie Shafer Mary Ann GOIBJIBH. Mary Ann Mnzur Rita Ann Buolmnmeyer Sybil Hinckley Marvin Coisnnn. Pnl Worthington Iyle Baht First Row: Second Row: Third Row: 'fnrgnlalme com TQT Earl Geer, Alson Klossner, Arlene Van Buren, Christine Klossner, Phylis Geer, Joan Meyers Betty Bowen, Emma. Jean Grant, Rite. Ann Buolaenmeyer, Gloria. Griener, Joy Waite, Ltr. Hulshoff, John Gardner e- ,e:wT.fffm ?1rst Eoin Sa.-ba.-a Spring, Tera Byers, Alb-art S:-Q-der, ' IA' Doris Hodge, Soomd Rau: Arlene Ya: .?ure::, .ean sen, 1 'roam "lox-on Lmccllnr Shir oy' Q ., .o .. . lnrie Shnfor, Suzanne Fhnvel, .k.'1e snr iss Ec'.it.h 5o':111er, Alice Sanders X 1 Janos Julkim, Robert ocrvcr, 1 ' c y fhird Row: 'jetty Bowen, John 5a.rd.ner, Salvador .ar se, NEVNIVDADEQ fTAr:: 'me class paper consists of Grade News, High School News, Gossip, Sports Special and any news which night be of interest to the students. 'me Staff is as HMtor......... Asst. Editor... Bus. lsneger... Prod. lhnager.. Dis. lhnsger... Asst. D1st...., Art1st....... . Reporters . . . . . Orade Reporters 00ll1P....f.-.... 'l'ypist.... .... use follows: Albert Snyder Dick Patterson Vera leyers Sue Chavel Arlene Van Buren Doris Hodge John Gardner Barb Spring Sybil Hinckley lsrie Shafer . . .Shirley Brown Doro thy Bowen . Bob Hoover Dolores Beeohler Sam Parise Helen Kramer with Schiller Ann Curtiss Mvisomn... Howard -1-1 First Row: Joy Waite, Janet Wirth, Christine Klossner, Roger Dart, Arlene Van Buren, Mary Ann Bartz , Mr. Hulshoff, Darlene Mix, Edith Schiller, Betty Bowen, Ronald Charles, Do- lores Schiller, Audrey Jewell Earl Geer, Alson Klossner, Joan Meyers, Rita Ann Buolcenmeyer, Phyllis Geer, Doris Hodge, Gloria Griener, Marie Shafer, Marilyn Strong, Jane Curtiss, Carol Dart, Roger Waite, Joyce Hoover Third Row: Sarah Lewis, Marilyn Zetterberg, Neil Welker, Richard Hilken, ,James Judkins, Richard Patterson, Arlon Waite, William Kelsey, John Gardner, Elaine Stumm Carol Hodge, Robert Chaddock, Roger Norton, Emma Jean Grant, Kenneth Dart, Dorothy Buokenmeyer, Jean Laben, Dorothy Bowen, Pauline Spaulding n farxuorz QAND Second Row: Fourth Row: Clarinet Dprothy Bowen Carol Dart William Kelsey Christine Klossner Jean Laben Sarah Lewis Darlene Mix Roger Norton Pauline Spaulding Elaine Stumm Marilyn Zetterberg Oboe Janet Wirth C or one t Peter Bartz Roger Dart Robert Chaddock Earl Geer Emogene Grant Aleon Klossner Arlon Waite Neil Welker Flute 8: Piccolo Jane Curtiss Plwlis Geer Edith Schiller Saxaghone Mary Ann Bartz Rita Ann Buckenmeyer Ronald Charles Gloria Griener Joan Meyers Marilyn Strong Arlene Van Buren Joy Waite French Horn Betty Bowen John Gardner Dolores Schiller Percussion Richard Hilken Doris Hodge Joyce Hoover John Sanders Roger Waite Trombone Dorothy Buckenmeyer James Judkins Marie Shafer Richard Patterson Bass Horn Kenneth Dart 'I Hg W, W, or ll-. 'A Phrouuion buoy Buoksnnayvr hrgu-ot Biggim Joanna Jack Gordon Knlaoy Su olvhw: Sally Ekyton Chlndloo 1.10311 Ihtrioln llovvvr Zkxrgsu-ot lfuokangnynr Clnrhwt. Elaine M-ug,-gmn iT11l1Am llanunll 'Jillian llofiknt Ju-1y :lun-x Jomux kuuxy nl Gary Goat: Haney ELXIL-ann Gary Gl'Qh'lf.h Nonloy Wiki lkxrlfarn Ifuuwoll Flutu !'nx:boan lun-1 mum Pfiaoilh Gsntnor Carol Surah mano Sn-.nh Pltrtcin lovin Dorctrg' Foot Pint 3ol'x Janna Tlzxngy, T-'osloy loo-1, Gary' Jrofrnth, Bnrbaru Russell, Ynul Ynlbiclz, 'iiillinrz Eioffhnistor, Tcrxv ?u1t.'-nc, htrioia Lmria, Priaoilln Gardner, Ralph Yopo Soacnd Ran Timm Szzith, Shim Zruggnn, Cfmndloo Lloyd, Lmrgarot 1-.zcbmzu-ng,-or, Lucy Puckuxrnycr, Jordon Lolsoy, Jury Scots, Roger Ihriftbnunor, Dorotlg' Yost, '5'r.L1y Jooizrm, Sally Dayton Y!-.Lrd lar: Joanna Jack, Xiu-gn.-ot Bi5g,Ln.s, Judy Stusn, Walter Ziolbox-5, Tiillinz Emmett, Enrol ilirah, Eabort lriaacr, Cnvid Wood, Ihncy Eillkona, Tntrlcn lloo-:rr 61 F' First Row: Second Row: Third Row' : Fourth Rovr: We started our school year by electing new officers. 'Ihe chorus is divided into two groups and the officers of tha groups are below: President--Jane Sojda Salvadore Parise Vice Pres--Sue Chavel Nancy Lewis Secretary--Mary Gilhooly Eloise Bartz Treasurer--Sybil Hinckley Jean Pfalzer Librarian--Betty Bowen Doris Glor put on several programs over the radio. WBTA has The chorus has allowed the schools in Genesee County a fifteen minute program twice a week. We sang several selections and one of the students announced the activities of the surrounding schools. Before Christmas we sang for the Parent Teachers Association meeting, We also went caroling one night around Alexander. Afteri- wards we gathered in the cafeteria for refreshments. We sang for the Bopecas in February when they had their meeting here. In February we started work on an operetta. 'Jhe name is Kentuc Sue and it is about hillbilly life in the south. It was produce r. Wand was a great success. In the spring the band and the chorus had a festival which went off very well cuonuf Alice Sanders, Nancy Hodge, Bessie Adams, Doris Glor, Haney Lewis, Salvadore Parise, Miss Dsbb Jean Pfalzer, Eloise Bartz, Patrioa Hampton, Joan Myers, Janet Wirth, Andrea Pfalzer, Ruth Als.-rardt Barbara Spring, Edith Schiller, Roger Norton, Clarence Rich, Glenna Roberts , Doris Hodge , Mary Ann Golanski, Dorothy Buckenmeyer, Dorothy Bowen, Charles Brovrn, Robert Hoover, Rebecca Jack, Ann Podivika Joyce Hoover, Jean Rechter, Audrey Harding, Beverly Kingston, Iiary Ann ldazur, Suzanne Austin, Joyce Glor, Delores Beechler, Phylis Gear, Alice Carson, Jean Cochrane, Cla:-ice Golanski Donald Warren, Richard Sebera, Richard Harris , Richard Horton, John Wirth, Loren Wight, Albert Snyder 62 l c First Four: Colors: 3:?.i11or, Lois Parrish, Toro T5-ora, Emu-1 'ic-11:-.c, ,intro-.' Lmhor, Zo'.'.j,' Iowan, Sytil , , V . ,. IiL:.c1:1a3', Suzanne Charol, Mis: Dabb, Jano Sojclu, ling' Zihpooly, phrbaru nrllinj, ,oro.:.y Kloaanor, llnrilgm lqpors, .K.:.-riroy Gardner Second Slat: E1oLzor Capt?-.A, Tim "Fn3.':4-r, Cu:-Liu, S'1r1oy Inxor, Ent: 5oE,or.fv7 , 2:-qgf-no Zruf., .krlcno Ta: ?uro:, Sally oisnor, Elxu-inn 'T1CE.t, Jo.Lmo Llqr, Zilnizzo Lftur:-., .Joyce Ziooausr, bird Tcl: ?1c:.not!'. Cn:t, Joi: 3:x:'i:.or, Joy 'Tnitc-, Shirley Gsxr'li:-mr, 2'no Lkxllloon, liollio Toth, lie Sl'A!er, Shirley Scnncidor, Fits ,'.n.n Euclzoxuol.-or, Iiolen Eirmnr, Lnrvin Toiaznn ?o'.:rth Ear: Ficim..-'i Fnttoracz, 3-orrgo Euzkornog E' ld Sc?:i11Lr.5, tklfxrfi Ivor, Jn.-ann Jkilfill, 2641111 fich, 7111 SC ??.'..'IC basic .mars Rfb .Lhnrtt Dorothy Boron Dorothy Euckozmoyar Rib Amr. Bucksszyor Aan Curtin Shirlly' Jnrdmer llry Louise G1 lhooly Janna Glor hry Ann Gohnmki 1 Jour. Grant Put hampton Sybil Hinckley Dorothgf Illosanor Ellen Lrnnnr lb! Enllllon Vit! lbyorl Joan Buyers Inu Pu-rub Glenna Roberts Lois Sohonek Jul Sojds Pit Vanderulrlcnr Joy Tinto Brian Wight Janet Wirth Dolores Booohlsr ia: Eielaoy SO??.K3'TC .Elica Sandor: Sue ,Eustis Shirley Zmkor Jeux Cochran Eleanor Cupicha Dori: Jlor Clnrico Solmmskti Audrey Einsknr Haney Hodge Ehnoy Und: Sally' lhhnor Joan Halzor Shirley Sohnoidor Pita Wagner ALTO Batty Baron Alice Carson Sul Chavo! Andrey Gardner Phyllis Goor Joyce Glor ALT Audrey md ing Doris Zlodgo Joyce Elocrvur Robooca Jael: Joyce Elonubor llmry .'.:m Lnzur Joan fc-:Lthr Iiollko Roth llnrio Shafer Dolores Schiller Edith Schiller Elnino Stir: Arlono 'mn Luron Zlloino Bartz Barbara Ilnrdinxg Bovorly Kingston Vnrllyn Boynru Iuvlron Pfnlzur Ann Pod:-Aka Barbara Spring Tuul 'folino cn-song! T'.LZ2C'?I Charles Ero-vn C-oorgc Euclgonroyor Jc'!'.n Enrdnfr Jn:-cs Jucilzinxs iogor lic-rto: Clnroncn flc!. BASS Blxrvin Coin:-an Zonzxdd. Dart PAc!1nrd Harris Robert Eocvur Chnrlon Lolly Tfillins ilolsoy Xonnlfi Fish E'ioE1n.rd Soborn Harold Schilling Donald Tim-ron John 'iirth fichnrd Phttoruon vrillnrwi Dakar Robert init: Riohnrd Good Richard 'lorton Sun Purina Albert Sxqdor Loren Wight Inrry Popo - First RCW: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row Fifth Rom Bruce Quinn, Robert Alwardt, William Greiner, leon Wright, Francis Binder, Earl C-eer, Montague Andrews , Elton Williams, Joseph Braun, Clarence Rich, Kenneth Dart, Richard Sebra Mr. Gardiner, Lyle Ebmt, Kenneth Goodman, Walter Kolberg, Roger Norton, Ronald Yager Norman Pestlin, Willard Tiolfley Charles Brown, Glen Dembowski, George Hieman, Donald Wolff, Robert Reding, Donald Balduf Robert Lapp, Ronald Rich, Stanley Wiktorski, Donald Foster, Chester Kaminski, Albert Snyder, Henry Kruetter, Paul George, George Cupicha, Donald Kilby, Donald Pfalzer, Robert Baltz, Richard Norton, Salvadore Parise, Charles Kelly, Peter Bartz, Harold Schilling, Gordon Lindsey, Jerome Rozborski, Eugene Kautz, Donald Townsend, ' Thomas Biggens, Steven Kaminski, William McCullough, Frederick Kellner, Ralph Parise, Donald Warren, Douglas Seward, William Kelsey, David Huber, Kenneth Lyons As is the usual custom of the Future Farmers, we held our election last spring. The officers 'elected are as fol- lows: President --Lyle mbt Vice-Pres --Russell Wackenheim Secretary --Richard Sebera Treasurer --Kenneth Goodman County Treasurer --Kenneth Dart Reporter --Richard Vanderwarker Sentinal --Ronald Rich Advisor --Mr. Gardiner We started the year by taking several prizes at the county fair in Batavia. The County winner was sent tg the State Fair in Syracuse. He was Lyle Eknbt from Alex- andere Y We sponsored a round and square dance in the fall and ' one in the winter, We have also sold refreshments at the basketball games throughout the season. 'Ihe proceeds from these things will be used to pay for the many activities - of the F.F.A. 'lhe speaking contest was held in the spring. 64 a r nift BG: Seed!! BW: nifd Rvws Clara Duck-wort' lflss Helly, Shirley Shirley Andrews, Catherine So?-nd, Shirley Bronx, .., Gardiner, Lletba Burch, Glenna Roberts, Beverly Robblu hrbara Sp-Lag, Andrea Pfnlser, Eleanor Cuyloa, Shirley Baker, Pita Wagner, Do:-otrq Elm, Clarloe Golanstl, Edith Schiller, Vere lgyers, Ann Porlka ' Golanald lhry Gllhooly, Joy Waite, his Sohenok, .hry Ann , B:-ding, Elisabeth lnxppa, Jean Pttlxor F3 . The officers of the Future lianemnkgrg en last spring. 'Huey are an follows: President Vice Pres Secretary 'lreasurer Advisor Shirley Gardiner Aletha Burch Clara Duckworth Shirley Brown Misa Kelly Rita Ann Lkackenznyer, Audrey were chos- 'Ne had our meetings every two weeks on 'hxeaday nightl. At Chrletlrls tim we had I big banquet with the P. P. A. A good time was had by everyone. In February we sponsored a banquet for the Bcry Scouts of America. We did this in order to make some tl: club 'mis money is used for the msny W' for e activities ot the P. H. A. In the spring we went on a skating party with the P. P. A. Boys. i 4.5-I. Each year the 4-H Club has had the largest membership of any club in school. Because they do have a large group their activi- ties range very widely. . Last spring, several area farm machinery dealers sponsored a tractor school, designed to familiarize 4-H students with modern farm power. Several members from our school entered and received their share of the prizes. The County winner was William Kelsey from Alexander. In the fall our club took several top prizes at theFair held in Batavia. The County winner there, also from Alexander, went to the State Fair in Syracuse, where we took sixth place. p Each year a fire prevention contest is sponsored by local fire insurance companies to promote rural safety on the farm.Our boys also took several firsts in this department. During the winter the Batavia Rotary Club held a program on the raising and marketing of Poultry. This contest proved a good source of income for several of our boys. As has been usual for the past few years, a large shipment of seedlings to replace present evergreen plantations or to start new ones, were obtained from the New York State Departmentof For- ests. This proved a worthwhile project for our rural youth. 66 hmm, ,. ,Ep .fr ,.'- f 4 ' 31, -- --..4 ., lv - First ima Dtvld Euber, Zeorge Horse, John Firth, Kenneth COX!!-D Sae ed Har: laatagus Andrews, Henry Erueter, Ralph Farina, Richard Harris, Gordon Lindsey, Marvin Cois an, Willis: Kelsey, Slchard Good with the beginning of school the Rifle Club resuxed 1t's zeetlngs. Cfficers were elected ns follows: President -- Kenneth Goodman Vice Eros -- George Morse Secretory -- David Huber Treasurer -- John Wirth Forest Wagner was the instructor again this year. He has held this position since the club was started. This year Yr. Wagner made arrange- ments with Mr. Watson to take charge of the club ihen he was absent. There are several new members in the club this year. We installed new lights this last year and also cleared the dirt from one side of the range to install s new tiring position. 67 1' hmmm: 1944 Sybil Adams Catherine Bartz Bernice Bates Janet Comstock Helen Deliuth marie Deliuth Elenor Embt Ls. Verne Fisher Leona Fuest Norma Geer Mildred Getman Dorothy Gohlke Ruth Goodman Stela Goodman Norns Harding Ann Hyde Annabelle Jones Bernice Kelley Daniel Kelsey 'Helen Mazur 'Harold Norton 'Barbara Parrish Irene Raines Amy Reigle Thomas Rider Anna K. Roth George Sohmieder Merlyn Waite Pheobe Ann Weeks Wallace Welker Robert Westermeier Sophie Wiktorski 1945 . Carole Bates Leota Bluman Dorothy Chaddock Arlene Cook Laverne Durkee Avis Embt Marie Glcr .Alberta Harris John Kaminslci Shirley Klossner Mary Kolberg Shirley Marquardt Winifred Mielcarek Rosie Lfazur Irene Mulcahy Evelyn Norton Joseph Meyers Wilma 0' Conner Marjorie Poppendick Paul Schmieder Ted Skotedis Edyth Tenney Bctiarelns Waite Shirley Waite Agustus Warren Bessie Darbee 1946 Roy Adams Betty Balduf Norma Breckenridge Catherine Buckemneyer Gerard Buokenmeyer Ruth Carson Charles Clark James Debo Edmund Dcrscheid Carlton Eritts William Gohlke Clarence Goodman Laverna Hz.-rker Howard Hayes Frank Idzik Grace Kreutter Lloyd Lathan Helen Majewski Patrice. Pfalzer Paul Raines Ernest Ridley Joseph Ritter Mildred Skotedis Donald Spring Eva Weber Alita Welker Anita Welker Carlton Wight Eleanor Wiktorski 1947 Phyllis Brown John Cichocki Helen Darbee Arthur DcI.Iuth A Bernice Dembrosvski Damn Dohse Elizabeth Folk Dorothy Foster Norris Geer Violet Glor Karl Gohlke Robert Golanski Gordon Harding Margaret Heintz Joan Hinckley June Hoover Herbert Howard Allan Jensen Edith Judkins Richard Kinnsr Richard Mazur Ann Meyers Glenda Schmidt Willard Schriner Janet Schroeder James Smith John Smith 68 1948 Richard Brown Francis Buokenmeyer Robert Carson Betty Cochrane Raymond Colantonio Louise Goodman Jack Green Duncan Hinckley Gerald Marquardt Richard Meier Shirley Mellenthien Ethel Minton Joan Moore Joseph Meyers Rigina Myers Donald Norton John Price Mary Reilly Marion Richert Myron Schenok Erma Schmieder Sally Ann Spaulding Beatrice Uptegrove Lucille Waite Leonard Warren Margureite Westeimeier Theresa Wilctorski Rosemary Westermeier Carlton Williams Dorothy Wolfley Ernestwohlschlagel Lorraine Wohlschlagel Donald Woodruff Donald Worthington Edward Worthington Frances Zalenski 1949 Grace Acqua:-a Eileen Amediok William Amediok Gordon Andrews Patrioa Berryman Stephanie Demski Patrice. 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W. Dayton Mr. and Mrs Arlon Waite Mr. and mrs Ray wither Mr. and Mrs Ira Parker Mr. and Mrs James Norton Mr. and Mrs Harry Hillman Mr. and Mrs Glen Roberts Mr. and Mrs Charles Burch Mr. and Mrs Frank Golanski Mrs. Elizabeth Roth Mrs. Florence Glor Mrs. Dorothy Fritts Mrs. Mertie Ford Mrs. Mary Wagner Mrs. Shirley Westermeier Mrs. Florence Tim Mrs. Irene Davis Miss Frances Parise Miss Jean Dabb Miss Georgiana Zwetsch Miss Eileen Amedick Miss Janice Sackett Miss Mabel Laram Miss Alice Hastings Miss Mary Judge Miss Patricia Kelly Miss Barbara Spring Miss Constance Argana Miss Marian Adams Miss Mary Whitney Mis Mis Mis Mis Mis Mr s Leila Lester s Zelda Thomas s Alice Happ s Bettyelna Waite s Sue Chavel Robert Watson Mr. Werner Rogers Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. MT. Mr. MTL Mr. Mr. Mr. Charles Collins James Larzelere Gerard Buckenmeyer Eugene Howard Robert Herget Robert Golanski Merle Williams Willard Schriner Gordon Harding Paul Randall Glor Heating and Electric Co exand r-Soda I MEXANUIH UIIIIIIS M SHHIUNAI HIIM5 UUWNINIJ XUUUI JH Q53 il W V3 HEIIEN U". f-I.II1v IV' ',1 If., YIIL vII.' vllvw' I. I Ly--g ' TIER TIIII MII Vplh Inf V411- . 52 -. - KLEYANDEF- Wil L FACE 'ta rt Semifinals ALIKIWDUI U. l-'DRI Il LL.l.Xx'-TY! r t . n 1 I 1 a 4 z I SAL PARISH. HIGH SCORER lcv Alaxzmdn lmtniahxcomnupwuhbuillnncrcmblobo lov. 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Suggestions in the Alexander High School - Record Yearbook (Alexander, NY) collection:

Alexander High School - Record Yearbook (Alexander, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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