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 - Class of 1948

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I 9 .721 SEM orzf ,af A54 nf' Yzfffa xv' f fyfiff Qgjnua nf if, hznffg X of of 0 Q7 6 ii? f fzac f ff his ff 5 AJJJ7 X Nix ff' vm ,4!ma 77fc15e'z jggiljfivwli 1fhQiNLlJJJll4J3 SYTQ. To gow our ova and to 'lj csv -s tg So H? An thu- ftp C. 'N if Q Through oufr he fu r gms s SG 00 w V he E' P718 S O E3 2 Q afzewafwl The title 'Magnus,' meaning 'the great,' seems a fitting symbol of the Alexander Central School and of the splendid opportunities students have found here for social and scholastic development The year 1948 marks the end of the school's first decade of service to the towns incorporated in the centralized districts. A school of this type serves a dual purpose in communities like Alexander, for not only does it provide social and educational opportunities for its enrollment, but lt also provides a link between the communities which are several miles removed from one another. During these years a unity has grown among the people of the area ln planning a pro gressive pattern of education for its young people These educational activities in turn have contributed to the social and cultural life of the people This inter action of ser vice represents education at its best. 'Magnus' has been prepared in the hope that a retrospect of A C S activities will renew pleasant memories and stimulate a keener appreciation of the tremendous scope of service included in the Alexander Central School system. 3 1 1 O I - D , . - - - A , 0 0 0 .- A a77Z cam everyone at the Alexander Central School experienced a great shock at the death of the school nurse, Mrs Kneller. Friendly with old and young alike she found a special favor with the high school students, who re garded her as a friend as well as To pay tribute to this kind 'Lady in Wh1te,' the senior class of 1948 wish to leave this book in memorium of her, whom they had grown to love The purpose of a dedication is to give special recognition to one who has served the school especially well In dedicating the yearbook to Miss Frances Parlse, the school secretar the senior class is expressing the gratitude of everyone whom Frances helps so much Her kindness in offering her services to the senior class of 1948 in matters pertaining to their extra curricular activities has been much appreciated. U-"Q i O yr C one v Nr . ith? 7 4 o K a nurse. yr ,r' Ak L Q r ' k I S 5 .. A I Ji. sl 1f3',iJ 4 Donald Grefrath William Embt Herbert A. Rapp, Pres Little does the student body realize the time and thought freely donated to our school by the Board of Education, in order that the students may have the best education T accomplish this, these men have seen fit to equip the sl facilities as possible The policy of allowing recreation al and community use of the school in the evenings has in creased the service that the school is able to offer the community The student body again express es its gratitude to the Board for their hours of work in ad minlstratlng the school system and for their liberal interpre tation ot what education means 6 Q -. A ft-. 1 5 K 4 - 5 Ellsworth Waite Zdumfww Clarence E Johncox, V Pres o O o. - Me7m 1 '1""'lt ' 0 - , school with as many education- I it of , . A, Viigi 'Vlwwe The school wishes to express their gratitude and sincere appreciation to Mrs Glor, who has so capably taken over the duties of school nurse ing the problems that come her way, has already encouraged the confidence of the students and has won the respect and admira tion of her fellow teachers Mr. Dayton's worth as a community leader is evident in the demands upon his time over and above his duties as school ad minlstrator Alexander is fortunate in having a prin cipal whose intent for the school is aim ed at providing each student with dem ocrstic opportunities for learning and working together High school students continue to find his advice practical and helpful both in matters pertaining to school life and in the vocational choices which each one must make QT' 'Sli O O O A 'fggggsikggf Her efficient and cheerful manner in handl- A egggggpgpaf , ph, 1 wttg, W E W2 fl r af . fy 3.3. r 'Q , RF I , ,i R I .- 4 . . x ,-is fig, lytl r , q 3 ' . .P 'L vi? S -, "' ' for - 7 Miss Elverta Turk Miss Alice Hanp faix Mrs Gladys Parker lies Ethel Osborne ' W94W HOME ECONOMICS Mr Robert Feltham Miss Janice Sackett Nw Miss Celestine Kaczmarek Mr Carl Hulehoff M195 Jean Dabb A T L U R A E R T S Mr. Werner Rogers 9 Mr. Ralph Gardiner , , S P 3 2 I 0 S 1QQ ' C I n A A if 1-' , L L . , A E E U 3 C C A A T T ' 3 , .eA. ee n . 1 A Qg5Ji:Q X-'A ,' 1 V. O 1 A I N iQ? .frf M N f S nf ' ,' - L K r O . 1 O 3 z V R , ' o -. H 4 2 E L S R M A km g L 5 1 2 1 u c U . S I C ,, ,551 f fx 3 r15 I D lgzfz O U R fr 1' r 3 2 . V R U I L 1515: 3 i 2' Hrs Hillman, Mr Olson, Vlss Finney, Mr Watson 74,94 7czcw5f4f KO Qeated Mies Argana, Hrq Cacner, Mrs Yeexs, Miss Haetlngs, Mrs Norton, Miss Laramy Standing Ara Dart Mrs Wagner, Mrs Waite, Mieq Judae, Mrs Ford Mrs Fritts 744445561 1' 7' wh . , ,I 1 . Q -,, by ' , 'Q f L V fb ? nj, E FA I , - 64 4.. 4 r 4 i " L 1 11 f 4 o ' x 1 , , Y , A ' I . . ,O , b Q .R , , 1 by -A X ffnynp ifjg 1 7 l E 'x Ala g . . . L x a I I 9" K Q3 ' Q - , ' 3 3 , 5 , 4 f 3 'f 4 A 2-, Q ' ff fi 15 . 'U 0' .. X r ', , , Y. . , 0 ! ,, . , . .. . . . , . . , . : I . , A . . . , . . First Row A Barteau, J Norton, H Dart, E Netzen Back Row G Smigielski, F Keizer, E Harding, M A Schiller, J Judkins, A Meir z 4 cwcfafw ,N D, Myers, C Heindereich, D Lewis L Wight, A Bartz, H Corning 11 The nMagnus' class began its career in the stone building across from the present cen tral school - Nostra Castra'--MCMXXXVI with only VI members' Betty Cochrane, Erma Schmieder Richard Brown, Joan Moore, Donald Woodruff, and Louise Goodman In year II the same members remained In year III the class moved into the new Nostra Castra ' During this year the class membership was increased to XIV with the addition of the following members Lorraine Lyons, Shirley Mellenthien from District 66, and Richard Meier, Kenneth Klossner and Gerald Sojda from District 65, Theresa Wiktorski from District 54, Donald Norton from District 47, and Lucille Waite from District W6 In grade IV, the enrollment grew to XIX These included Frances Zalenski and Edward Loranty from District 96, Robert Carson from District 65, Myron Schenck from District ill and Frances Buckenmeyer from District 410 In grade V, the class grew to XXVII. new enrolles were Marion Richert from District 12, Thomas and Herbert Jones from Buffalo, Duncan Hinckley from Arizona, Leonard Parker from Alden, Richard and Dorothy Howard from Pavilion, and Mildred Alwardt from Corfu Joining the class of MCMXLVIII in grade VI were Henry Kautz from Attica, Alice Kretter from District 53, Gerald Marquardt from Groveland, and Charles Mann from Batavia The class met many new members upon entering junior high school, which raised the total number to XXXIII Robert Hulshoff from Lockport, Carlton Williams from Batavia, Leonard Warren, John Price from 412, Mabel Mielcarek and Leon Kilby from District i6 Grade VIII saw Donald Woodruff elected as president XI new students joined the class Raymond Duckworth from Batavia, Nicholas Zimmernan from Rochester, Clara Johncox and Jovanna Parise from District 514, Floyd Tillinghast from Buffalo, and Sally Ann Spaulding from South Byron Raymond Colantonio also joined us from Batavia High school found the class members much surer of themselves, anticipating more serious responsibilities The elected officers were president, Donald Woodruff, vice president Francis Buckenmeyer, secretary, Regina Myers, treasurer, Marion Richert The first really significant activity of the class was a dance, the proceeds of which marked the beginning of the class treasury The traditional party for the juniors was held at a skating party at Silver Lake. The new members that entered this year were Jack Green from Williamsville, Robert Hume from Batavia, Marguerite and Rosemary Westermeier and Regina Myers from Our Lady of Good Counsel School in Darien Center Directing sophomore activities were president, Donald Woodruff, vice president, Francis The class held the traditional Christmas dance and trimmed the tree for the downstairs hall The sophomore senior party was held at the Silver Lake Skating Rink The second year of high school saw only one new member, Ethel Minton from Depew At the beginning of year XI, the students began to realize the true importance of their school career. An ever cherished event was the receiving of the class rings This year's program included a dance that was held early in the season which substanti ally increased the treasury Three one act plays held in March were such a success at the school that they were re presented at Corfu, upon request of the Corfu Grange The Junior Prom proved to be one of the best dances of its kind ever to be held in this school. Joining the class from Putnam Settlement were Lorraine and Ernest Wohlsclagel, and Edward and Donald Worthington Dorothy Wolfley also joined our ranks as a result of illness which prevented the completion of her school work. Entertaining the seniors at a movie and a party at school concluded the year's activit 93s Class officers for the year were Donald Woodruff, president, vice president, Rosie Westermeier, secretary, Jean Myers, and treasurer, Marion Richert. The officers elected for the senior year were president, Donald Woodruff, vice pres ident, Richard B own, secretary, Lucille Waite, and treasurer, Marion Richert. The first social event was a Hallowe'en dance held October 51 At this time, the sale of pencils with the basketball schedule printed on them and the sale of the magazines were undertaken. A Senior Ball was held at Christmas, which proved a success despite the fact that it was the first affair of this type that had been held in the school for many a year. A second round and square dance was held in January, following a basketball game. The class grew to its final number of XLVII with Gerald Hopkins, from Burgard Voc ational School, Nell Huffsmith from Pennsylvania, Richard Justinger from Honeoye and Bea trice Uptegrove from Batavia. Joseph Meyers, who left the class of MCMKLV returned to join the class of MCMXLVIII Now as we stand on the treshold of a new life, we realize the important part that Alexander Central has played in all our lives, a part of our lives which the yearbook purposes to preserve 645 ,ov 1 - ' I . . If I O if 0 e : ' " , Buckenmeyerg secretary, Regina Myers, treasurer, Marion Richert. 1 O 12 5,,5Qw X SEN!!! Clase Officers Pres Donald Woodruff V Pres Richard Brown Sec Lucille Waite Treas Marion Richert QLLJ- CS JAA. 45 Betty L Cochrane A rw 'Zaecf Q- 4.-fxuay 3 qgwnxfmw Lua xii-9' M57 6LLAf Richard D Brown College Entrance Track 1,2,3,4 Soccer l,2,3,4 Social Studies 4 H Club 1,2,3 Cheering 2,3,4 Art Club 3 Newspaper 1,2,4 Library Club l Dramatics 1,2 nf Fw '0""'W'K Agriculture Track 3,4 F F A Basketball 3 Raymond B Colantonio Basketball l,2,3 nine Club 3 4-H Club 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2, 3, Rifle Club 4 H Club 1,2 3,4 chorus 2 3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Operetta 2 Class Officer 4 A Liz ,Alf Dance Band 1 2 3 4 All scare Bm3d'4' fl Plays 3,4 WJ Aw -7 igzw- Religlon 2 F F A 1,2,3,4 java WWE 'M Francis M Buckenmeyer Social Studies Track 2,3,4 Soccer 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1,2,3, 4-H Club l Religion 1,2 F F A 1, ,3 Louise H odman College Entrance Chorus 1 2,3,4 Operetta 2,3 G A A l,2,3,4 Play 3 Robert D. Carson Agriculture Basketball 2,3 ,wwiff Commercial Soccer 2 Jack R. Green F.F.A. Basketball 4 Plays 3,4 SSH 0111? 5,2 A ,MMM as OPUB . -. - ' cpe:-Xzta'2f3'4 ifjvw J HA4 ,Z-.MN Play 3 'Q' , I 'Lk' ff' F.F..1 3- f, ' 15CKg',jLU'ejQjk Ind ' 46i:?2jP Us ANC' 503 57" new Cfpmj Jfcf f 3 X14--coca.-, ' f C VD 14 . ,- Z' 'Aff-C M! 4 f 7 M I Duncan P. Hinckley Science Track 3,4 Soccer 2,3,4 Basketball l,2 3,4 Baseball 2,3 Chorus 3,4 F F A 3 Play 3 Gerald A Hopkins Vocational Track 1,2 Football 1,2 Basketball 1, Baseball 1,2, Religion 1,2 A Raju in LW tmc .JAQLALL ,kd kbfxkvl' R xfWN flbvi Dorothy E Howard Commercial Newspaper 2,4 Chorus 2, 3,4 Operetta 2,3 Neil I Huffsmlth Social Studies Soccer Volley Ball 1 Baseball l Religion 1,2 Chorus 1 WWW We VL! Mfjfw f xymyyifujf Robert L Hulshoff College Entrance Track 4 Soccer 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Volley Ball 3 Rifle Club 3,4 4 H Club 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Operetta 2,3 Dance Band l,2,3,4 All State Chorus 4 Plays 3,4 Robert L Hume Agriculture Soccer 2,3 Basketball 1,2 F F A. Basketball 3,4 A ,Z-H Club 1,2,:s Library Cl b Chorus 3,4 P1335 3,4 F F A 1,2,3,4 to W bw aQ5i,,,.a. Richard E Howard Clara Ll Johncox 061 Agricul ture Soc ial Studie s F F A Basketball 3 Newspaper 2 4-H Club 1,2 Music Contest 2,3,4 Newspaper 2,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 Opg gttg 2,3 Operetta 3 1,2,3,4 F F A l,2,3,4 State Chorus 4 Plays 3,4 P1 ys 3,4 WMUMJZM W M,1fv'iZ' I ,- f 'fLw"vwff!" 'L W il! 55 XY ,,,.- Richard M Justinger Commercial Soccer Mgr 4 Basketball 2,3 volley Ball l,2,3 Baseball l,2,3,4 Boy Scouts 1,2 Newspaper 2,3 Religion l,2,3,4 Chorus l,2,3 Class Officer 1,2 Play 4 2 3 Football Z"J4 Gerald R larqusrdt Commercial Track 2 3,4 Soccer 2,3, Basketball 2, volley Ball 3 Baseball l 2,3 f MP 6155 MQ! Kenneth E Klossner Agriculture Basketball Mgr 3,4 4-H Club l,2,3 Boy Scouts l Newspaper 2 Religion 1 Chorus 2,3 Operetta 3 MM Qfwrwf cf LA a Edward R Loranty Agriculture Rifle Club 3 4-H Club 1,2 F F A l,2,3 QW? Richard F Meier Agriculture 4-H Club l,2,3 F F A ,3, Shirley R Mellenthien Science Religion l,2,3,4 Chorus l,2,3 4 Band 2,3,4 Operetta 2, G A A 1 Library Club l "9' my L,4,afL- QZPODJ 6'A'4'F18y 3 -JD lkn, Af ffllfbk Lorraine E Lyons Commercial Chorus l,2,3,4 Operetta 3 16 Ethel Gt Minton Commercial 4-H Club 1 Religion 1,4 ,lx- V Q -19 Joan H. Moore Commercial 4-H Club 1 Newspaper 4 Religion l Chorus l,2,3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Operetta 3 Library Club 1,2 Dance Band 1,2Q3,4 Plays ,,' 1 f A: ff- f lluslo nteaj ugh" I J .rv ' A K ,Lf ' C 'R' ' 0 V 1 J ' WL , Joe E.leyerQpuI ,- Agriculture Lv F F A Basketball Basketball 4 F F A l 2-3-4 Religion l 2 3-4 Plays 3-4 Regina I Myers Commercial Cheering 2,3 Newspaper 2,4 Religion l,2,3 Chorus 3,4 G A A 1 Clakpxzggfper 1 X flfruf lculture QS.. 2 Basketball l , F F A Basketball 4-H Club l,2,3,4 Rell on 1,2 l,2,3, 'wwf John E. Price College Entrance Rifle Club 3,4 4-H Club l,2,3,4 Religion l,2,3,4 F.F. . l,2,3,4 Class Officer 2 Plays 3,4 F.F.A. B.B. Mgr. Speaki Cont .4 ILL! f 5. neil? Romemaklng Art Club 3 Newspaper 3 Religion l,2,3,4 Chorus l,3,4 Operetta 3Cf V, 4 2125199 if ,L B' .Ml jf!-1 A M L ' .M J! mf' 1 ,roA'0'ur""'l Marlon A Riohert College e 1 Music Religion 1, Chorus 2,3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Operetta 2,3 G A l Library Club 1 Speaking Contes Class Officer l All State Band 1, Play 3,4 Commercial Track 4 Soccer 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 3,4 ,D sans 1 IL? QW! 37 we mf my Wifi I O l J u -4 aft' e, ' . A ,Lf-f I 1.2 'I' V 'Am Q I -7 X x. A O 0 N 2 t4 ' . . 1 ,S U ,W P1 ' eAe e , ' 1 X .r W' 5 j! 4- 1 ,I . 1 U Donald L. Norton Myron N. Schenok 2 e e 0 34 r.r.if 4 P1 3 ij bw ff UU N .E V lf , 7, ff' 17 'll , K A if in-it 5' K l fall aff?-4 .1-fy R as 2 Erma R. Schmieder Social Studies Cheering 1,2,4 Art Club 3 Newspaper 2,3,4 Religion 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2,3 G.A.A. 1 JPlay 3 V74 Sally Ann Spaulding Commercial 4-H Club l,2,3 Newspaper l,3,4 Music Contest l,2,3, Religion 1,2,3,4 Chorus l,2,3,4 Band 3,4 Operetta 2,3 G A A 1,2,3 Dance Band 3 4 Plays 3,4 A Beatrice I Uptegrove Commercial Newspaper 4 Chorus 1,4 G A A 1,2, Girl Scouts Lucille C Waite Commercial Music Contest 1 Chorus 3 Band 1,2,3, Operetta 3 G A A 1,2 Class Officer 4 Dance Band 2,3 Plays 3 Play Leonard G. WBPPGD Agriculture Track 2,3,4 F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Religion 1,2,3,4 Chorus 4 Play 3 F.F.A. Basketball 3,4 1 44p f lfsfkizuwwf Marguerite B Westermeler Commercial Religion 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 Operetta 2 MSW fn Rosemary M 'BBUQTIOICP Commercial Religion l,2,3 Chorus 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Operetta 2,3 Class Officer 3 Dance Band 3,4 Th6P6B8 M l1kt0PBk1 Commercial Chorus l,2,3,4 Operetta 2 3 My QJNJ 4 e e 0 I 4 9 4' ' sun. . 4 KW ,4 O 0 O 3 l Cheerlng l,2,3,4 Religion 1,2,3,4 4 GeAe e 2 O O O Y 1 ,4 f C ,4 L4r,JjJ 18 fad' of Carleton S. Williams Science Play 3 Dorothy H Wolfley Social Studies Cheerlng 3 Newspaper 2, Chorus l,2,3,4 Operetta 2,3 A Library Club li Sextet l,2,3 Play 3 J Ernest A Wohlsclagel Science Track 1,3 Volley Ball 1 Rifle Club 3 Art Club 1 Play 3,4 Lorraine G Wohlsclagel Social Studies Art Club 3 Religion l NEP if Donald M. Woodruff , Col e Entrance 4 er . f ' B b ,fg0:s,4 2. ,4 is Co st 132, ,4 Cho ' 2,3 ing nJgfA!Dl, 1 I I P ay,i5Pg9B5gQFdi94ff7 Donald R Worthington Social Studies 4 H Club 3 Art Club 3 Newspaper 2,3,4 Religion 3 Chorus 3,4 Ooeretta 3 M Edward C Worthington Industrial Rifle Club 3 4-H Club l,2,3,4 A Play 3 617 Frances R Zalengkj Commercial Religion l,2,3,4 Chorus l,2,3,4 Operetta 2,3 OW? haf Wgfjxf ? 19 DESIRED FUTURE FAVORITE SONG EXPRESSIONS FOR N0 NICKN NAME ayer P1 gi sketb 11 B8 U Z' 'IOC-0 h 0 -r-I rl H UB H 0 f B6 A1 H-Le ed Doggon m h d 0w4 g1j: +3 O'U'Ul4 NLD 43 w.N 8 5 H14 6 U3 B iver U00 W Q-l'I'4-u-4,2 L 0 O L Slilig SU 'U wig Ser Nea How Head 18 n EDQ4 CD34 O4-3 P c 1 F E h I D o de W1 M I at Th 1 6 gl! Dea ol' L So nio to An O no '0hl H 'No K1 'Hi K1 'Darn NI 11 Y1-1 nKn c WW a 'D o 'O I lness F4 hr4Q Q-U HU mono mags? QQ? mmsmeemgmaa 43 antonio Goo 0 O 0 CJ CJ ND Rho 0-9 Esi D-9 5 0 I O MlDlZrJ 0 0 C5 0 VB .S O E Q I f r4 O 94 GP ch Tea Ec BP Farme Publi h F H Rose 0 r4 P104 Pa 4315 M d'Ul49494 054 0 O '4rJrJ 5EE+e OP Play S 11 a 1 eb Agriculture m 0 53 2:3 Sm M M B 11s B8 6 th of the Bells P4 0 UD NTU 0 U-H m'U Staind 9 Pvd M 0 C of 4r4 CJ r4 Sernade S 8 goes! it e way r Columbusln ue : 0-0 0 4343 iver P m G H r4 G F Leaf Clov on ABUOQF '8uQo g N00 dig! .5 g Bl4'H 5 'U.! 5, 0'H'U 'Gif 1 E4EIB14I:!2!3lD'2C7CY S 0 r4r4w4 GP T ach M F OD D6 Star M0 L0 6 th st S a D er W S C M Hadnnmnu S P 5 G HJ 094 HTH EJEW4 +3r4 O 14 wi H 014 .H rib: M 0 C M-P,M'H.Q O O Q'U'g-Hzs G no oooogauaouaoag o momuwnhnwz mmQMMBmm mhhwQ uuvn C A a m A M I I 9.0 O m oh1mi4 W4 ungm P443 d C 0.5 F4 R H O14 'rl CDEEBSZ 44 O A F2 4343 1319 Ori len 1 nth rdt 0 m n-D Q m o o 6 PuCfv4zg Sass C U M 544315-41D'2 0 il U r4 G r4r4 G A 5.2 H 0 P R H O'4 14 0 01d mmommgqomamn 20 Meyers sph O FD 43 O 25 d'U C rd O -4 G P544 U0 C.C 0 O G 6 CIQ'15EE C3252 is 432 S C -ov4 2 3 si OP E g ne 8 9 ? ??? 1 ??? Mech ri 0 32 B12 A Hom Eyes UP In YD G S Hour 6 Th Is QBN 1 Q e M 0 PI r4 43 r4 O LJ N 044 W Q 0 mul QF 0 if 0 L R12 2 d'U R digg: -4 P N90 -U 0 UMD Pu .D 11 le St B Mu Big Cork Slim S 1 B To Le 1 ld SP pt 1 U 8 C O ofeo o caan av4m o van mt.a A436 H m o ua : Ululpl on I Dem C Myro v4 0 Q4 0 O v4 DI 43 A Be Soo How ate Sak o 0 ' 1 t ul ts I 1 at Y I e I 1 I it 11 Ca 0 vii! 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D E N ly 1 ? 2 'f' S I n n L U ss 1 H '. .1 f tL"Y xi' , ,4 f gi E A . . '.l7 . 'MW QEEM , 1 b TQ - 4 1 , ,V -X X UB tf ,4'ufQgQ jffiifw. Mtg H F?'Q2 'fig' Ann "' rfvia fxah if r if A , kr gl I , . If f I l 3 , n . 1 xi." '-"fi i ' ' 7 F 'gr Q . r A y, ' ' i Neg? S., 'K NW 35 Qi.. -x ff ff J! ff W LOSSES X hy' A fl'i Mx A Fx " xl. 1. I! Id ' " ii- ij ' , , X ' I '7 1 ' . 4 I fl I ' . 1 . ll H 1. W ' 5 :P . l ' l hi ' i 4 Q3 X. 72, ' A ,V , S Q, V ., x 1 ,f ,ig , 4 - N A W , 1 ' 1, T A I Ax x .X , i J X' hx x X , ,. N v , ' Y , ,f Qcl ,V .N x ' , I 1 45 , 5 lv 1 , fn M VJ L .t E V 5 1,1 r M , , -. , , 1 -f I ,i ,M ru ' I 3" VJ -1 , Y 4 V - is f ' , , 1. f V7 2 S hh f .Q M , X4 fi- Q sw -e , A T , L ' 7- -,K K " L C N X 5 4 X is fff , ' f, . .K ,K ' ' Q N K ' , I K ,f f QA Q - XY? ' I ,x ir .s ' lplfffl ,n . A ,f i , . -W 2: I ,, V . X. xx X 1 X ff ! Q Xxx First Row S Mellenthein, M Westermeier, E Minton, B Cochran, L Waite, R Brown Miss Lester, Miss Turk, D Woodruff, M Hichert, M Reilly, B Untegrove Green Second Row Lyons, E Schmieder, R Colontonlo, D Hinckley, R Westermeier, Goodman, L Wohlsclagel, T Wiktorskl, R Myers, R Zalenski, D Wolfley Worthington Third Row Marquardt, M Schenck, R Meier, R Justinger, K Klossner, G Hoskins Carson, E Wohlsclagel, L Warren, D Norton Price Back Row Howard, C Johncox, F Buckenmeyer, R Hume, R Howard, R Hulshoff Worthington, J Meyers, J Moore, S Snaulding kwa all MCMXLVIII and advisors to serve throughout the year President Donald Woodruff Vice president Richard Brown Secretary Lucille Waite Treasurer Marlon Richert Advisors Piss Turk and Miss Lester As the class looks back through their first year, they see many accomnlishments in the tasks they have undertaken The first activity of the class was the senior dance on October 10 Being the first square dance of the season, it was a comolete success harly in the same month, they undertook the selling of subscrintions to magazines, which increased he treasury to a great extent On December 19, during the Christmas vacation, the seniors held the first Senior Ball to be held in the school for some years The time and effort set forth were well T6WRPQ6d The senior olay, called NShoot the Works,' was nresented on October 24, and was heralded as a complete success 4:suQx-5:5 24 J. : Ll O O O D L0 C I l 1 0 0 D. : Gs 0 0 0 e 0 - Rl O O O , JI : DJ I O l 0 I Ee - n u Q A At the beginning of the school year, the senior class elected the following officers 'X ,fify KING'-al." First Row Laben, G Acquard, E Glor, P Berryman, F Penkszyk, Miss Happ, Meyers, J Sanders, B Foster, F Idzik, J Tenney Second Row Andrews, H Hansel, E Wolfley, W Amedick, F Gilhooly, L Huber Kielbasa, B Graff, Koziarski Back Row Warren, J Hoover L Rozborskl, P Edgerton, E Amedick, V Grant Parise, P Hensel, T Dempski MC The junior class elected class officers at its first meeting early in September President John Meyers Vice president Frank Penkszyk Secretary Jean Sanders Treasurer Patricia Berryman Advisor Miss Rapp A Junior sponsored Ha11owe'en dance held on October 31, initiated this c1ass's part icapation in school functions Three one act plays enacted a capable Thespians from the class of '49, headed the whirl of spring activities Distinction for sponsoring the most festive dance of the second semester goes to the Juniors whose prom lived up to the fine standards set by Juniors in years past With these milestones behind them, the Juniors, complete with elegant class rings are nearly ready to enter that 'mysterious realm' where all Juniors become seniors if4liila'!! 1 X : .. I . Q , : 0 e 3 0 e o e , ' 1 H ' , 9 J 'A" 'Vx 1 I J '9 - w ' t ' ,N of 9 .R S- 5.2 f , 1 ,fy ' .1 X 1 , 'A,-r:'iL- I 12 N 25 fr ' K X r ,,..'- V X Q wfftigdu 1 X First Row: N Hgpkins, C. Schad, T. Estrabrook, L. Gammack, A. Dlemoz, Mr. Olson, G Buckenmeyer, G. Roberts, E. Kruppa, A. Burch, C. Kaminskl, K. Dart Second Row: W Gardner, G. Wight, A. Harding, S. Gardiner, R. Buckenmeyer, V. Willard J Waite, M. Mazur, M. Gilhooly, B. Warner, J. Sojda, M. Golanski, W Worthington, W. Alwardt Back Row: . NJ. Wirth, N. Welker, L. Bachman, L, Embt, P. Worthington, R. Bower, P. Bartz ,hX,'R. Rich, R. Vanderwarker, D. Balduf J :rpg 53 We 1' f x ' if 1 v, X' 'XL Y- K f li J- 'L l- N tr :Y K xy XJ' 53 ,X 'K 1 X l xx 3 XL H 1 Y , The sophomore class had a very successful year under the able supervision of Anthony 4 oz as president. His assistants were elected as follows: an ,VX . ,RV ' R Vice-president-George Buckenmeyer Secretary-Glenna Roberts Treasurer-Lloyd Gammack r. Olson, acting as faculty advisor, guided sophomore activities during the year. Following an established custom, the class decorated a christmas tree for the down- stairs hall, which helped to brighten the Yuletide season at A. C. S. With the ending of the holidays and semester examinations, the sophomores sponsored an eagerly awaited dance on January 30. The competition of several other school dances failed to greatly hinder the success of this major activity of the year. The sophomores now confident in their well established high school role, look forward to a senior-sophomore party to be held in the spring. T X ' -xl f 1 are .N - --ggigsas-aa mi? X91 26 u , . ' vl .h 'J , , x, , V' LQiQf cy'Qi5'ipf LH? 3rP X ' U ' ' , I X f Br' SV' , J' U' X ky' Baker, R Alwardt, B Adams, S. Hinckley, D Hodge W Cook, D Klossner Gardner, Miss Dabb, R Wackenheim, W McCullough, M Smykowski, V Myers Schiller, B Spring, W Kelsey Van Buren, V Lewandowskl, A Curtiss, D Beechler, D Warren, A Snyder Norton, R Harris, K Goodman, D Balduf, R Sebera, J Ruhlman, S Brown Laben Green, B Bowen, R Hoover, L Pope, D Glor, J Rozborski, J Judkins Baltz, R Good, L Wight, A Sanders, J Koester, E Folkerth Bowen, M Shafer, G Cupicha, R Lapo, R Hawker, C Kelley, S Parise, First Row Second Row Third Row Back Row 4 CMLI The initial move of the freshmen beginning their first year of high school was election of Russel Wackenhelm as class president with other officers chosen as Vice president John Gardner Secretary Alice Sanders Treasurer William McCullough Advisor Miss Dabb A high point of the year for its class was their annual round and square dance December 12 the follows held on Following a school tradition, the freshman entertained the junior class in the spring This freshman group has the reputation for being the largest single class yet to have emanted from the centralized system The large number freshmen groups, It is hoped that and spirit as it has resulted in unprecendented zeal for class projects has shown in its first year. . 27 of students in the class, plus the enthusiasm characteristic of all this class will continue its nigh school days with as much ambition :wo o 0 e 3 0 n Jo I I O O Ee O 0 :AC O I C I O Ro O 0 O O 0 O J. :SO I C I O O O , Bo O O O O l 1 De 0 0 Q . e 0 9 R. Patterson, R. Murphy, A. Carson, L. Schenck Xxx M VIII Q 0 .3451 ai First Row J Wirth, J Hoover, D Buckenmeyer, R Hewson, R Chaddock, R Reding, W Wolfley, D Tiede J Meyers P Hampton, L Parrish Second Row C Morse, A Waite, R Estabrook, W Dugan, G Morse Mrs Gladys Parker, E Kautz, N Fleming, E Reilly R Jack Back Row M Frasier, M Wight, B Kingston, P Geer, G Griener N Roth, J G1or,J Richter, E Grant 7-eq 'UC aa- XNX 1 as First Row Second Row Back Row I' Morse, L Wright, M Andrews, H Kreutter, Watson, R. Higgins, H Charles, D Huber, Andrews, C Klossner Tharnish, P. Volino, J Bohad, V Trybuekiewioz, Brown, A. Armstrong, J Cochran, B Schmieder Kreutter, J Murphy Foster, 8 Wiktorski R. Patterson, B. Hilken Hina, G. Linsey, J avender, D. Wolff 28 W I ff ff ,l' 972 5 1 "1 67, . I , ' I .Kiwi 1 I ,fi HX JQ - '47 ,-L - ,A 6,99 , ,Y,Y,i. 2 e 0 0 0 s e e s o O 0 : l l Q I C U I O . I e 1 c o s e e 0 s , 0 " QL :gg L II' gf II, , V 'X 1 W X. I I Jo 1 0 e M . . Q S. u 2 De e 0 Ee 6 e , ge e : 0 O ' wi Q fl VII 'Q-A First Row Second Row Back Row Baker, J Williams, N Hodge, S Gardner, J Snrlng Geer, Miss Betty Kinney, J Pfalzer, G Gasz, Spring, D Glor Klossner, R Dart, E Williams, H Alwardt, Kellner, G Heiman, R Norton, C Rich, N Pestlin Milcarek Wagner, J Glor, I Duckworth, A Duckworth, Tharnish, J Robutka, N Lewis, I Heiman E Stumm First Row Second Row Back Row Absent 5311130 no .. -XTX, AX".- ,HI V 5.9 , 0, I lm N., ' . 'IIT ' ,I Q ' 0 0 0 0 , Q , " Nr, 1 . , . f 0 c . ' 0 J W . -' " s 0 ' CD:U:U'!lP3IP1UJ . o o o o o o a o l I 0 PW' . I Q . . 0 e Q O . Q l ! Q . o N o g AA . . I U Y-EENTTT-f V, f VX 5' , D 4 9 av of 5 , , ,te D? tx' -- X, - Alia , . e-w-range, mx A ,i X!! xt! U . A X M ' X - K Q 2 ,il f 0 Nix ' f xg'f?,,, MR t . hx E f wmv WIPIIW ? Hawker A. Good, W Greiner, C Brown, Mrs Hillman, Townsend, R Alwsrdt, B Robbins, D Schiller, Parise, S Kaminski, R Judkins F Anderson, Coral, R Tenney, R Bowen, W olberg, P George, Myers, N Baltz, J Greiner, E Cupicha, D Gomz, Bartz, B Harding, A Jewell Yager 29 First Row Second Row Absent X 1 f I Lake, D Abendaohein, P Greiner, L Perkins Snyder, llrs Dart, D Brown, J Reagan, P. Klreh Sojda Balduf, J Curtiss, P Kautz, F Urban, H Rosemark Welker, E Lyons, P Myers, L Goodman Kirsh, D Snell, G Spring, E Anderson, H Howard Folkerth, J Loranty Baker, M Higgins, E Perkins First Row Second Row Third Row: Back Row: Absent' Worthington, J Rider R Tr-ifthauser, A Lincoln Jack, J Rider, C Ioester G Wolff B Trifthauser Ire Fritte, Dart, G Tiede, D Fazio S. Lewis, C. Burch. Hodge, P. Spaulding, L. uckenmeyer, B. Balduf, I. Strong, J. Reed Kruszelnicki, L. Garigen, L. Bowen, F. Kolberg, R. Caral Adams, R. Wagner, R. Brinkman, R. Foster, F. Rindge, R. lloore, Green, G. Garter Bartz 30 ff' yi l ff 'Et N 'dw : To 0 0 ' Je 0 l 0 ' J. I Kg Q 0 e 0 Jq 0 O 0 Back ROW: my e e O 0 G. . 2 Dg 0 e 0 : Z. . , . . I Je a 9 n n e , 4 Ce e 3 ' c 15 S H P . I S Morse, S Werner, J. Perkins, N Steele M Dailey, M Wolfley, C Howard, B Greiner, Miss Argana, E Kreutter, J Townsend, S Bowen, Green Neubarth B Klossner R Kelsey, C Snell, Wood P Judklns, R aite Gilhooly, R Greiner, R Diemoz, D Pfalzer George, W Wickens Stockschlaeder, M Volino, A Roth, G. D83-19? First How Second Row Third Row Back Row Absent First Row Second Row Back Row fhf ix YL gf-1' 1.11- Pestlin, J Pestlin, A. Brown, J Kittle, Harkness, J B rzycki, B Dailey, Miss Hastings, Hirsch, I Wardwell, J Stewart, P Geitner Moltrup, J Perkins Goodman, D Wright, R Anderson, E Kaminski Kelse Snyder, Yager Freeman R. K Alwardt, P Boloskl, H Bolosk H Brown, C Lyons, W Peck, D Werner Werner, D Morse 31 R TXQX XX X ., XXX D XX xx N. ' ' I Ge o I 9 D. , .' . We 2 G0 0 0 9 I G. . 1 CQ e 0 lffytl Q W - 'Y' J A' M . .H f P5922 W Au ,Z- Z J. . . De O C gl O Q is Q , z If I ' . . , ge yy 0 ve e 1, : N: . . . . H. , . ' -E57 First Row D Parrish, S Patterson, M Snell, A Parise, J Schramm, Mrs Wagner, M Heiman, M Foster M Fisher, N Mellenthien, Second Row J Yoder, N Bartz, M Myers, F fleilly G Kittle, D Snyder, R Edgerton, c Hopkins, R f2.111y, L mu-1ne111, Back Row C Elwell, G Spencer, R Balduf, G Goetz, H Snyder, J Wilcox, G Wohlsclagel First Row: Second Row: Back Row: Absent: FFP? me-4:-U:-UTDZ 0 Q o Kumpf, P. Balbick, W. Shea, S. Swartz., N. Bagg, D, llix Goodman, llrs. Ford, J. Embt C. Duckworth, D. Bagg Lewis, F. Morse, P.I1g, P. Borowiak Foeller, D. Post, A. Glor, E. Kirsch, Il. Buckenmeyer, Hilken, G. Kreutter, L. Wagner, ll. Baker, S. Skrzycki, Bowen, P. Hoover, J. Hampton, D. Townsend Czeladzinski, R. Snyder, P. Perkins, J. Pfalzer, Henry, C. Bruggman, A. Bontrager, R. Reed, J. Spaulding Huber, A. Garigen Spencer 52 .uk ' fi A q -. L' f--1 fi AW,, ., .1- -14 ,M 1 'X -...,,,,,f '1,' , 'J--Lvlfl Lgk-! Kev, P 'ffl l- XWI - lr.- . 0 D O O O O O I O O O : I I O I I I l O O I . I I O O I I I I III First Row Pfalzer, T Freeman, C Jewell S Wlktorski, Geitner, Hrs Norton, Miss Laramy, L Garigen, Lyons, P Marinelli, W Grefrath, M Bontrager, Biwer Hofert, M Robbins, G Reilly, J Sanders, D Ruhlman Glor, R Warner, J Sched, W Pfalzer, L Moore Hensel, E Shafer, E Estabrook, J Higgins Schramm, M Schramm, B Baltz, E Bruggman, S Wight Rogers, G Baker, V Walker, P Bennett, R Ilg Spencer, H Thomas, D Luce, J Stumm HZl.'11G4U'Lel"U7 Second Row Back Row Absent First Row Second Row Third Row Back Row U702U'dl'l!Ulf-c S'' 'N-..-'li' Ar' L Welker, Shoo, R Post, D Eozobroo 5 Cathie w Wood, F Lake, Wiktorski Belmonte, B Perkins, T F ltham, D Bowen, G Geitner, R Van Buren, P Fazio, B Buckenmeyer, M Cook, M Kruetter flrkman, R Kruszelnicki Beechler, Miss Judge, Mrs Waite, B Hodge, D Smith J Reilly, J Wolff, D Bowen, L Werner Gardner, R Statler, N Brown, P Bontrager, R Hayes M Sewart, Por-nos, u Austin, c Lloyd, J Howard, L Roth, J Willard, S Dayton Perkins, S Spencer, D Lincoln, J Tenney Dugan, G Myers, A Kaminski, L Hinz, K Bowen, B Schunck, H Kirch Bowen, N Greene, D Wagner, E Snyder, R Bartz, G Ahl 35 .. 1, 0 0 O 0. U 0 0. F O O C - l e oe 1 O . .O . .. ll . o. O O F' , eooeoaqoog n e o 0 . QJW . o 0 , 0 0 ' 0 . 0 0 e Q f O Q 0 s 0 9 Q Q e . u 1 0 O I 0 , , 0 e 0 O l 0 0 C I . U I 9 . l e 0 e . ' e Q , e 0 U . I e . l' ' ' W? Ww" 'w ". 'll NUI Z A IV L 0 wl.l.1"1 f-12:3 ' XBK' W XS- Lfw W 5' IIJ cn '11 U' SD Q 0 P- rn 0 he 0 '1 Cb Pi' '1 O m IJ Q- Z3 :+ et gl p. . sf 3, aj 1 8 1 ZQQQUKOME :S EI '1 lI7p'Nt5't:lmZl"m EERE P l-N423' 'Q NSMOQ QI C OQ"!JlD E'P1efL'lJIJQ cn'- gf www! l Q m Q. P'4"5g1C-4' CJ mf-'s fa? M P-4 E27 CD F'G li :il CJ IDB UP P D1 'UQ "'1I.UOn-Cb "!'1"J gi-N' d'1 Sv'-00 0 IJ" LE m mt-flum I."d DH 'lie Q 0Q"O " ' -HSEZBUQ mi? H --U E-5' 22118 0 KN SDSU"'KI1g P-JI! c+'4 C-1 HPVUP MH' 33"H2.'2 Sf.. 0' B'O""3U1C N OOM f-40 Cetrll'-1I3"U1 La '12-Q mefmr- UQ ul-552' Najiggl-Jmdbf ms. :si 2 UQS3' I-"v' mm KD F-F CD I-5 P1 PT :U"'1!U"!E'C-'Ol-H :ng nb. gs 2 F2022 " UN D' -EJ COPE? U3 Er' iff? B BN'-0 '1 '1 OH' '1'U" Q -2'?.'i"'8E.Q S+' WB' BD " uumsg 'CI '4 urmo-S1 Q E- U3 1 P550-w ' '1 lb ID l-' ig. F' nv-:J mm rg' IJ"-'UQD-B gl-"C d '4 H4-fl'.1 " "M: ,. E E 0 HEP H ll'4m H I." mom '- 0 3 3 b-I r-' Q First Row Second Row Back Row Absent 2155250 Fladie, Lennon, Weldon, Caoner D D Fulier, Barrett, T Wlktorski, R Post, C Abrabameen, G Shea, C Kellner, Goodman , W Walker, R Hinz, C Belmonte, B Trifthaueer D Abendechein P Blrnie, D Hunn, W Dugan, P Bowen, D Dart, A Punches, D Wilkinson, J Kumpf, G Spencer, F Webber, J Glor G Perkins, R Knapp, R Witter, J Kingston, E Schiller, Ure Geez, J Lloyd, D Wolfley, M Sierk, G Davis, R Lake J Sprague, P Bowen, R Reynolds 54 1 .. .. .. Q. ., .- .. .. .- e e o o a e 1 0 0 0 I 4 e I o e a o e e e O I . O . o e o e Q I e e e 1 e e e n e e Q 0 ., 1 o X . e 0 o , I N e u e Q e e e e e I 0 O O e , n I e 0 ' e e 9 e e C e e 0 e I 0 O s I e e 0 ' 0 e s Q 0 O I Q C e e f xx .S S A n 'lf lx, 1 X ' f ,L W Tl XRKP-gf - 'Qi X Q7 7' aff! f Sea ed J Moore, Spaulding, M Richert, J Myers, L Waite, C Johncox, D Howard Standing R Brown Wohlsclagel, R Justinger, Miss Turk, Mis Lester, J Green J Price Howard R Hulshoff The three act play 'Shoot the Works,' presented by the Senior Class on October 24, 1947, roused many a hearty laugh from the audience The members of the audience were not the only ones that found pleasure in this amusing comedy, for the cast en Joyed working on the play for several weeks under the direction of Miss Turk and Miss Lester, to whose direction much credit is due for the success of the play Grateful recognition is given to 'Pop' Hulshoff and the Dance numbers between acts The plot of the play centered around a 'Restful Home for doors banging open and shut,the owner trying to sell the home old maid chasing every man that comes there to stay, mistaken Band, who played several Restless People ' With to a deaf man, a wealthy 1dent1t1es,snoop1ng reporters and occupants who have phobias turned the Restful H o a gran cen r station ome int ' d t al When the final curtain went down a relieved cast gave a sigh of happiness The cast was as follows Kate Ashworth Joan Moore Laura Ashworth Harion Richert Lucinda Livermore Sally Spaulding Q Lou Undine Clara Johncox Ruth Bright Lucille Waite Max Neal Richard Howard e.,- Homer Boylston John Price Guy Priest Richard Justinger Jake Moore Robert Hulshoff Sally Hunt Jean Myers Dex Newall Richard Brown Joshau Perkins Jack Green Bessie Perkins Dorothy Howard 36 T' : e Se V e e e e e - : . , E. . - M P . C - 1 Rl , I L 4 M T ' ?7Zmf f 'i . .H s : I Jud Claredon-Ernest Wohlsclagel I IIE ' '- gifs 'Mcmwrw rf T 2 I 2 " LQ, 1 - , A -I fi 5.2 ,T ' - . fad., f I . First R w Fleming G Andrews K Dart J Rozborskl O Vanaerwalksr C Kaminskl, R' Rich, H Hensel, R Howard, D Woodruff, r Gardiner J, Price E Wolfley, R Hume, D Norton, H C010YW0n3-0 Second Row wWQmgw IP . V P' ' 0 V CO 1 E 4 . pl I 0 rs .- ll S- --....z?'? v SD ' 'U , Cf CD . fl '1 O . '15 I d, Q tj' 0 ' O 1 o n O I . y '21 an f C , ' Cf 1 - C 0 I, L 9-3 ' Q . us "J ann - EZ, ', n S I ' s 0 - - 2 I J xO 0 Q '1 0 . E ' xi TDCD . V1 e r P P O. . . ga - o S U . , ' 5 0 .ac 5 - U ll I m in u . U' 0 l ' I 0 0 v O 5 UQ 0 ' ' cr 'J' o 0 - I E 0 O gg o ' C+ I ll 9 Q Third Row , Ruhlman D Warren, R Sebera, B Kelsey, R Baltz Fourth Row Graff, 6 Hopkins, J Mvers, R Lapp, R Meier, K Klossner, B Amedick Cuplcha, J Klelbasa, L Warren Back Row Gllhooly, R Norton, R Bower, R Hawker, C Kelley, S Parise, B Carson Balduf, P Bartz active of school organizations, has continued it yearly wrogram of study and of social activities With a membershln of forty five, the club has continued its customary schedule lnclud ing the Judging of contests, the conducting of meetings to correct rules of narllment ary procedure and the exhibiting of projects in county competition at the Batavia fair Especially noteworthy are the organizatlon's contributions of two hundred dollars giv en to the New York State camp fund and fifteen dollars given to the Genesee County Farm Center In addition the F F A has sent boxes of seeds to France These worthwhile projects have been suonorted by the profits from fall and spring dance the sale of refreshments at home basketball games, and the sale of seeds in the spring Other purely social activities sponsored by the boys have included Hallowe'en and Christmas parties in co operation with the Home Economics and F H A girls The Father and Son Banouet held at the school on March 17, 1948, climaxed the year's pro gram A final party at Silver Lake Roller Skating Rink closed the activities of the year The 1947 48 officers of the organization included the following President Donald Woodruff Vice president Herman Hensel Secretary John Price Treasurer Eugene Wolfley Reporter Richard Howard Sentinel Robert Hume The local president was this year's leader of the county group and attended the nat- ional convention at Kansas City, Kansas 37 Kozlarski, W McCoullough, R Wackenhelm, D Pfalzer, B Alwardt, K Goodman First Row Morse, P George, G Burroughs, D Townsend, B Hoover, R Kelsey, R Yager Snell R Bowen, L Pope, D Huber, G Gilhooly, N Pestlin, D Tiede, Kolberg, C Brown, E Williams Second Row Chaddock, G Spring, R Koziarski, R Hilken, W Baker, R Tenney B Reding Warren, Mr Gardner, B Graff, R Patterson, S Wiktorskl, W McCullough Warren, J Lavender, E Kautz, F Kellner, D Snyder, E Geer Third Row Snyder, F Reilly, H Adams, P Judkins, F Morse, J Reilly, R Edgerton Moore, R Dart, R Charles, M Andrews, R Brinkman, A Klosener Alwardt B Klossner, B Wagner, R Werner, D Abendschein, B Perkins, Goodman R Waite Fourth Row Kreutter C Rich, R Hewson, B Alwardt, G Reilly A Waite, R Estebrook, Tharnish D Foster, K Dart, J Judkins, B Kelsey, R Baltz, B Dugan, Fleming, G Andrews, C Morse, D Good, R Parise, B Wolfley Lyons Fifth Row Goodman, H Hensel, B Alwardt, A Snyder, R Rich, R Laop K Klossner, Meier, E Wolfley, D Norton, G Morse, R Vanderwarker, C Kaminski, Colontonio, J Price, D Balduf, G Kelsey Back Row Brown, F Gilhoolv, L Huber, R Hume, J Kielbasa, R Hawker, S Pariee, Kelley, D Woodruff, R Howard, L Embt, R Norton R Golanski G Cuplcha, Z" ik X L4 la The 4-H Club work in Alexander is steadily on the increase Phis year the member ship is larger than that of any year in the past. The purpose of the organization is to promote interest in ownership and participation in farm and homemaking projects Our county agent, Melvin J Merton, is back with us again after a six month's vacation in Florida There is a wide variety of projects from which the members may choose The pro jects requiring the greatest skill are the raising of cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry The younger members usually choose from the garden, pottery or forestry divisions. Th school has had a good representation at the county fair during the past summers with young and older members who are showing outstanding project work in county competition The 4-H Club Shop, composed of eighth grade boys, is again led by Mr Gardiner In the club, the boys learn to make rope halters, tie knots, splice knots, lace belts, solder and figure pulley sizes for motors These projects were likewise exhibited and judged at the Genesee bounty fair 38 : J. . . . . . . , D. , . . . . . . W. . . ' :B. . . . . . . , L ...... , D ...... : H ...... . , R. . . . . . H. , . . . . . L. , . DH. 1 0 . . . , . . - D. , . . . . . . f N .... . . , C. I K. . .... . , , . R ..... . R. . . . , : R. . , . , . . . A . A R. Carson, P. Bartz - -V. ,,?1fg' J Xxx , ,yi I 4 32 53 ,, e I Green 'Penney During the first period of Monday and Wednesday mornings throughout the school year, the greater share of the high school was to be found on the bleachers in the gymnasium enthusiastically singing under the caoable direction of Miss Jean Dabb, vocal music suoervisor An increased enrollment and enlightened interest in this choral organization were evident in the whole hearted supnort given to the vrenaration of the mlnstrel show wh1ch the chorus presented in March The snrlng concert, a more serious musical undertaking, gave the chorus an oonortun ity to show the qu.l1ty of their accomnllshments for tre year Sonrano Burch Zalenski flwardt Adams Schenck Carson Myers Folkerth Brown Edgerton Waite Moore Rlchert Snauldlng Wohlsclagel Hoover Gardiner Beechler Howard Boring Laben Bowen Cgrtiss Berryman Hoover Grant Parlse Amedick Shafer Tenor J Gardner Bass U Wirth UZUIUC731m'UE'3131m Gardiner Brown Patterson Embt Worthington Parlse Hulshoff Woodruff Carson Hinckley Lyons VanBuren Wight Foster Schroeder Wlktorski Demoski Idzik Laben Westermeier Estabrook Shadbolt Sanders Acquard Westermeier Gllhooly Rozborski Lewandowskl Sanders Worthington Glor Kruppa Golanski Mazur Buckenmeyer Johncox Willard Mellenthien Sodja Warner Wolfley Myers Reilly Warren Roberts Alto E Bchillsr B Bowen D Hodge S Hinckley J Koester Baltz Koziarskl Sebera McCou1lough Judkins Kelsey Rozborski wiaht Warren Kelley Norton Murnhy Keilbasa Harris Pone Hoover Worthington Warren O Pi '1 P O CD "S 0 '51 0 D M N 0 D-4 I-' O 1 Q Penszyk President Richard Brown V President Donald Woodruff Treasure Marion Ricrert Director Miss Dabb I B. - A. "- gf J. . F. J. Do I f S- - M. Q- - - L. . E: ' J. . S. . J. V. . V. 3, M. . Ea D Ee 0 so his I 0 M. Smykowski L. Goodman . Howard S0 J. 9 ' Lg E. 0 l M. B' - M. R- B. 5 Rl ' C. Bl v. J- . s. . , B- J. A J. B. L- - - D. D- 0 " R. C- M. R. -. . M. H- e -- G. A J. D. L. . L . R' , D. , L. . - 59 Each year the A C S band has so extended its scope of activities that the organ ization has justly earned a reputation not only for excellence of per ormance but also for the willingness of its personnel to give their time for the enjoyment of others The band, furnishing snappy music between the halves of home basketball games was greatly appreci ed by the spectators Several special numbers worked up by band mem bers gained favor with these audiences Voluntary musical efforts included programs at the Countv Home, the Veteran's Hosp ital in Batavia, and the Mt Morris Tuberculosis sanitorium After a special Christmas program at the Ch1ldren's Home in Batavia, each child at the home was presented with a plastic music 1 instrument In November, the organization sponsored a band concert and dance There was a large audience at the concert, with most of the people staying for the round and square dance which followed The band partlcipa ed in the annual Spring Concert as a group, and through several soloists who arf band members There were also band representatives at the New York State sectional music festival, held at Medina this year. An important contribution of the band toward an improved musical department in the school was the purchase of a wire recorder with money raised from various band activ ities As the new apparatus comes to use in other departments of the school, the stu dent body will realize mo e keenly the value of this generous gift of the bend Officers chosen to lead the group in their various activities were Flute and Piccolo U e Curtiss Phyllis Geer Oboe U net Wirth Clarinet Joan Cook Dorothy Bowen William Kelsey Christine Klossner Sally Ann Spaulding Donald Woodruff Alto Clarinet J EE Wirth Saxo hone irginia Grant Gloria Griener Rita Buckenmeyer Robert Hulshoff June Hoover Joan Mevers President Richard Brown Vice president Robert Hulshoff Secretary Treasurer Librarian Maiorette Rosemary Westermeler and Marlon Richert Donald Woodruff Rosemary Westermeier Director, Carl J Hulshoff Joy Waite Nellie Roth Arlene Van Buren Russell Wackenheim Percussion E een Amedick Doris Hodge John Meyers Jean Mvers Slirley Mellenthien Rosemary Westermelr Cornet and Trump H Hard-Eown Peter Bartz Robert Chaddock Earl Geer Pauline Hensel Emma Jean Grant Alson Klossner Neil Welker 40 French Horn B tty Bowen John Gardner Janet Schroeder Trombone U n Moore Lucille Waite Marie Shafer Baritone F ricls Berryman Jean Hoover Bass K nneth Dart William Gardner Marion Rlchert T mpai and Glockensoiel oyce Hoover V M G l all f 1 ole 1. :Q " A . . a , N N :it . . V , . . , t . l . . ' I . , ,, .. E, X ' 0 v . K Bn --.. B 8. ' jf ll 09 I U 1 A' - . at . L , et Q ic 6 W xiii? . The intere t of Alexander Central School students in music was again evident in the Junior Band whose 1947 48 membership was greater than that of several previous years Although their public performances were limited to performing at home basketball games, the group diligently rehearsed every Monday and Wednesday throughout the school year Their reward will come in the numerous oromotions to the Senior Band due to come in the next school term Full public recognition of the group as a whole came with the band's nerformance in the Spring music Festival The caliber of their work promises a fine Senior Band to come and Flute E is Wagner Clarinet E ce Klossner Elaine Stumm Roger Norton Elaine Bruggman Horn E rnlce Grlener Katherine Howard E. daze Saxo hone ary artz Ronald Charles Gordon Neubarth Marilyn Strong Drums R chard Hllkins John Sanders William Dugan Wayne Grefrath Garry Goetz Gordon Kelsey 41 Trombone drey Hawker Baritone C ole Hodge Cornet and Trumpet D glasirown Roger Dart Arlen Waite Marilyn Frazier Walter Kolberg Clvde Bruggman Robert Griener Robert Trifthauser David Wood her ,fm Ngergjiff pier - S - I 0 I ' T - 1 4 O I ' O Au ru HI' ' 1 OU 6 A If "- 1 'V ,e ,f 1 , A AY gl- W -'lv First Row A Harding, E Schiller, B Foster, A Van Buren, P Hensel, C Johncox Miss Sackett, J Waite, M Smykowekl, B Spring, S Hinckley, B Adams Folkerth Second Row Green, D Bowen, S Brown, T Dempski, J Laben, J Sojda, M Golanski Shafer, J Tenney, G Acquard A Carson, D Hodge Back Row Roberts, R Buckenmeyer, M Warren, P Berryman, S Gardiner M Gllhooly Hoover M Parlle, M Mazur, L Goodman CIKUIPI ,WY W, ,414 gf The G A A under the leadership of Miss Janice Sackett has had one of its most cuccess ful years At the first meeting the following officers were elected to carry on through the ye r President Clara Jobncox Secretary Joan Cook Treasurer Joy Waite The girls ln the G A A have been very active Having participated ln everv snortsday or clay day in the area Eight invitation games in every m1Jor Q ort, soccer, baseball, basketball, and tri county soortsdays and play days were scheduled for the year The girls are now looking forward to the camping trip which is planned for June The G A A would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Sackett for all the help she has given them in making their year a successful one 42 G I I I I C . Q C O I C O : O O C O 0 I I I 0 0 3 0 0 : 0 o o 0 0 , o JI ' O I O .f , ,jf JI' 1" I dr xv 4 f .f, fy U Y! 5 f'Z W ' f 0 A IV, V, . J I I . pf! ,:, 'iff fl!! ll. ' Q2'fJZ?1 J .: ?f a c 0 ' ' ' ' Y I 5? Q 1 0 0 0 0 - , K A Q A . f . 'W . .. ' A . 1 1 4 a 0 a l , A F K I Seated E Glor, E Schiller V Myers, C Schad, A Burch, E Krupoa, A Van Buren E Folkerth, M Smykowski, B Spring First Row T Estrabrook, W Worthington, G Roberts, P Hensel, F Idzlk, T Demoski Miss Kaczmarek B Foster, L Laben, J Tenney, J Sanders, V Lewandowski, Second Row B Shadbolt, J Sojda, M Golanski, A Harding, M Mazur, M Warren, Edgerton Wohlschlagel, B Beechler, P Berryman, L Goodman, G Wight Parise Reilly, L Rozborskl, S Gardner, R Buckenmeyer J Hoover W The Future Homemakers of America was organized this year for the first time in this school, under Miss Kaozmarek The aim of this national grouo is the imorovement of the g1rl's homes through better family relatlonshiws, the assumotion of responsibility, and through the clan of mak ing their surroundings more attractive The club also includes in its puroose, the improvement of the members though better health includes grooming, and thourgh dev elonment of leadership abilities and nersonallty Social activities of the members included entertaining the Future Farmers of America at a Halloween party and later at a Christmas banquet and oarty During the year, the members sold felt shields with 'Alexandern printed on them and also attractive name stationery Part of the money from these projects goes to a summer camo, which is similar to the F F A sponsored camo It is expected that some members will attend the F H A Camo this summer and others will attend a state F H A Convention One of the club's first large scale money making orojects was a 'girl ask boyu round and square dance held on April 30 Social activities for the year were concluded with a skating party at qilver Lake At an early meeting the F H A elected the following leaders for the year President Betty Foster Vice Dresident Steohani Dempskl Secretary Frances Idzlk Treasurer Laura Laben Reporter Pauline Hensel 43 : 0 0 , c 0 o o A u , , , l I I O C - 0 , L. l 0 ' 5 . 0 . Q . M. Back Row: M. Gilhooly, C. Johncox, S. Mellenthien, J. Waite, J. Moore, S. Spaulding M. . . . , . ' a 3, I 3. V' w.' . N- , V 1 I, 1' ... x ,.l K4 . ,xgjiy ge' N Lk9j if L -X J A Y O74f xyx ' 1 P JY I f -' ' 'X 1 -, r ,r, , ' ,M 1. ' x i x, ' .AJ ' , sl ' ' 'w ,s V, 4 , f Mr' . . ., 1. .1 4. L ,, 1 , ' X - , 'V 1 l f Y . i?! g' fffw H 1 ' f YJ 1 ,I 'J J N I I LX I IL 1, 1 ' X - J. I . Zend With the guidance of 'Pop' Hulshoff and some new popular music, the dance band has had a successful year The organization meets Tuesday eighth period The group made their first appearance at the Senior play Later in the year they played for the pre sentation of the Junior plays The members are as follows Saxa hone Plano Baritone can eyers EBIT? Spaulding 5 an Hoover Rita Ann Buckenmeyer Clarinet Patricia Berryman Arlene Van Buren 5 othy Bowen Cornet and Trum et Virginia Grant Joan Cook H55ert Uhaddoci Joy Waite Trombone Robert Hulshoff L 1IIe Waite June Hoover Joan Moore Newly organized this year from saxophone playing band members is a new instrumental undertaking, the Saxtette Making its first appearance at the Kiwanis Club dinner in Batavia, the group has since performed at the Rural Letter Carr1er's banquet, the Vet eran's Hospital, Parent Teachers and assembly program Vocalist, Edith Judkins, left in the middle of the year to accept a position in Rochester L to R Robert Hulshoff, June Hoover, Mr Hulshoff, Virginia Grant Arlene Van Buren, Joan Meyers axfezife 8 OI' UC . I 0 , e l lk,wfnkJ , v . , I V I .f ' , " I I ' W 3 q l i! l Wewpa First Row R Howard, J Gardner, D Worthington, W Gardner, P Worthington, Second Row J Hoover, M Warren, D Wolfley, J Myers, Miss Happ, J Sojda, M lazur, E Schmieder B Cochrane, Back Bo' G Wight D Beechler, J Hoover, P Edgerton, S Spaulding, S Paul, J Moore, B Uptegrove D Howard, W Worthington E Folkerth In spite of a late start this year, the newspaper club successfully organized under the supervision of Miss Happ The first issue of the Alexander Star was received before the Thanksgiving recess Many praised it as being the best newspaper ever put out by the reporters of A C S This so encouraged a rather small, but enthusiastic staff that they planned five more issues for the school year The work was divided among the several members of the staff and their endeavors seem to have been appreciated by the whole school The staff members have enjoyed their experience and feel that they have profited from their work in writing and printing the news of A C S The Library Club was re organized this year under the supervision of Mies Daley The purpose of our club is to help bring better library service to the school and to act as student representatives During the Yuletide season, the Library Club helped to solve our Christmas gift problem by holding a book sale for several days in the library A book quiz contest and a poll for the best liked books in 1947 sponsored by the club, centered interest on the library Besides the regular weekly duties as assistants, the members undertook a scrap The officers of the year were President V Grant, Secretary D Wolfley Seated D Wolfley, V Grant, Miss Daley, S Brown, J Sanders, J Judkins Standing B Cochran, J Hoover, M Warren, P Edgerton, D Beechler, G Wight, B Uptegrove E Schmieder eww aiila 45 e I e g I ' ' ' e e n 1 0 ' ' ' ' I O O I ' e O book project of school activities, 0 W :Z I I X 'tl l S 1, if, First Row Second Row Third Row Fourth Row Back Row ".Il"SUUb1UJl"-J'l.I!4LeZIIll"E'J2l1 Colontonlo, J Wirth, R. Harris, J Judkins, J Gardner, R Good, Kautz, D Warren, R Sebera, R. Wackenhiem, B. Baltz, J Rozborski, Pope, R Hoover, A Snyder, B Graff Vanderwarker, R Buckenmeyer, E Kruppa, B Warner, L Rozborski, Sojda, P Berryman, P Edgerton, B Gardiner, S S aulding, M Richert, Grant, M Gilhooly M Westermeier, M Warren, M illy, M Shafer, Mazur, J Tenney, Warren Zalenski, J Myers, A, Van Buren, R Westermeler, D Bowen, E Amedick, Idzik, G Acquard, M Parise, E Schmieder, J Laben, S Dempski, Golanskl, L Laben, 'I' Wiktorskl, P Hansel, S Carson, V Levendowskl, Shadbolt Kelsey, J Meyers, W Gardiner, R. Alwardt, M Smykowski, J Koester Sanders J Sanders, S Hinckley, E Folkerth, J Schroeder, B Bowen Adams, Schiller, J Price, K Dart W HcCoullough, C Kaninski Murphy G, Cuplcha, W Amedick L Huher G Buckenmeyer A Diemoz, mba, Woodruff, s Pax-ue, Barn, F Gllhooly, lr buokenmeyer Penkszyk, J Meyers, R Norton clogcocw 5 can Rev Campbell Fr Gu1DBP1Ch afzchng The twelve girls who made up the new ly organized marching group are deserving of recognition for their sincere efforts Attractively costumed in white dresses topped with school band capes, the girls drilled between halves of hole basketball games It is hoped that this group will stin ulate added interest in this type of act ivity and that the girls can continue their work next year. First Row M Smykowskl, V Myers, J Tenney E Schiller, H Alwardt, E Folkerth Second Row M Gilhooly, L Goodman, C Johncox M Mazur, L. Bchenck, M Schafer 46 I : L' O O I I 2 I . . . . . : gg . Q. O . O . 0 . ' ' I 6. .' 5. ' . ' . ' , 0 o c ? E 6 'Z ' ' I J First Row Kellner, R. Hinz, D Barrett, R Post, T Wlktorski, F Lennon, Punches, H Goodman, B Trlfthauser, G Belmonte, G Shea, Abendschein, P Birnie Second Row Spaulding, J Yoder, J Kumpf, C Mix, M Shea, E Bontraggr,uid1Pfalze Putney, D Bartz, V Meyers, W Dubun, W Walker, W irsch Third Row Lake, D Spencer, D Dart, J Glor, E Schiller, M Weldon, J Lloyd, Dixon, J Kirkman, I Wylaz, M Sierk, D Wolfley, R Witter, Gasz, R Fladie, C Abrahamsen, J Kingston Back Row Hr Hulshoff, D Wilkenson, S Perkins, R Knapp, J Kruetter, D Foster, Falzer, A Kirsh, L Reilly, K Kellner, L Tharnlsh, J Rings, Kowalcqyk, D Lathan, F Webber, G Davis, G Spencer, D Hunn and With instruments banging and enthusiasm bubbling over in every one of their eyes, the rhythm band started their year Made up of Mrs Cacner's kindergarden and Mrs Week'e first grade, the rhythm band meets every Friday afternoon from 1 50 to 2 20 Sally Ann Spaulding played the piano for them and Mr Hulshoff keeping time for th m with an eye open for expected good players If any one ever received a thrill, these children did when they were choosen to play the gigantic base drum, or to lead them. Such pieces as 'Jingle Bells," 'Jack and J111,' and 'Mary Had a Little Lamb! were playing during the year The efforts of these tiny tots should be remembered for it is out of this small band that our future band members come to carry on 'R e, Rifle club officers included John Price president, Louis Huber, vice-president Richard Brown, secretary and executive officer and Gordon Andrews, treasurer. The club was forced to move to Attica for its range activities because of al- terations of its own range. Army issue of a case of ammunition and of five new Winchester target rifles and has provided the club with much needed equa ipment. A special vote of thanks goes to Mr. Fzrest Wagner who has served as instru- c or. "1"'t Fw J- Price. G mm:-ees R Ham-1 O . B second Roma' BMW: L. Huber, R. Hulshoff kd,h I F. Pestlin, J. Wirth, W. Kelsey 47 Q :AMW H shim ski X :I 1 ' " 54' d '31 ,W . . a I C. Q 0 0 e Ae C C I O Do O 2 so 0 0 0 o o e S. Pfalzer, A. Good, J. Barrett, G. Burroughs, R. Schunkh F. pa ng Zo O 0 0 o e : Rg V ' 5 0 0 0 o 0 DQ K' Q 0 0 e e Do I C ' 0 R.O 0 0 . 0 . e . 0 . e R. Q C U I I I I e . l ,.....:3v- "H1 Shorty el' Sietern 'What LGSS' ranny' funn! F8003 'Mr Jones' 'The Kiddiee' 'A1n't Love Grand? Waitresses Sam and Don' 'She Can Cook Too Mr Claus 'N-A and NX A That canst Be Toot'8 Fau1t3. 'The Woodchoppers' 48 Z Z j I 8 Aff ' K? ALkL, K 'f, Q1 7 ,5 'iffy' ff ' , IX, - ,Q 4 , ' X I . e . 5 . 4 i 'r- l -3 A A ' -F- , , 5 V 7 , U H H ll Fl Wg n 4 It Z - 1-Z . k KI , 0' h ' v L V S , u,:.. . ,Q I f. Q vi F A A ,. I WY I I 'V 4 6 A I I I ' n . E !bz7? A 2f?iiag f , 5 J I I I 'I n . I gggwj .."3 q 2373, SFURT8 J M44 ,M vip- WMM ,W-1'6" Jf44ff"ffn,,f 1 4 at wa IN I ,-'N jgfyw ga! in za af-f . ..c., ,vw-L Seated G Buckenmeyer, L Gammack N Welker P Bartz K Dart E L 1f1 Standing L Bachman, A Diemoz, S, Parise, C' Kelly, R' Patterson, R ONCPign Ny Olson Coach Olson dfbdbf Our Jay vee's 1947 48 season got well under way in early November under the watchful eye of their new mentor Mr Olson We opened the season against Oakfield and looked good with a lot oi scoring punch When the season closed in late February we had compiled a record of 18 victories and no defeats As the season probressed some fine ball players were developed amonb these Neil Welker who marked for 117 points in ten games before going to be promoted to the varsity. The top scorer was Sammy Parise who threw in 254 points in 18 games for an average of 14 points a game. We take pride in this fine Jay vee Squad where Nr. Olson developed some fine players for our varsity teams in future years. Place Date Nov. 18 Nov. 25 Dec. 3 Deco 5 Dec. 10 Dec. 12 Dec. 18 Jan. 9 Jan. 15 Jan. 16 Jan. 20 Jan. 23 Feb. 5 Febe 6 Feb. 10 Fabo Feb. 20 Feb. 27 Oakfield- Warsaw - Oakfield Kendall- Warsaw-- Elba ---- Pavilion- Bergen-- Attica S. Byron Corfu-- Kendall- Attica - Elba - Pavilion Bergen-- S. Byron Corfu - Away Away Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Home Home Home Away Away Home they 37 17 13 14 20 20 15 13 25 12 24 11 17 13 13 22 20 18 G Parise 18 Welker 10 Gammack 18 Wolfley 16 Dienoz 13 Norton 17 Kelly 15 Patterson 15 Bartz 13 Dart 15 Buckenmeyer 12 Total points 665 Fuse 119 46 30 21 18 15 12 10 7 2 2 Average points 36.9 50 14 19 2 F. 15 25 117 74 61 38 7 37 8 32 5 25 1 15 2 7 3 6 T.B 253 AVQQ 14.0 12.0 4.0 4.0 3.0 2.2 2.2 11.6 1.0 0.5 0.48 ' . x . ff' f A 0' 1, 1 9Q?Q"hgiVvA ' If df r 1 1 . ' N X . ffxpv ' t 'J 1' .N . E, A 1, '. . H -4 H fe LW, xt ,y J , Q. .4 , ' A -f u . - A i I 7 v Y -.5 0 ' if 1 if I 4 f' . Ad 3, 1' ' ' P s ' ' v 'lf 'W 2 Qty 4 1 , U 7 ,off i ,i ss.: JH' . A- ' -A " A ,f 1,5 ' . K ix ,A 2 .Q . , . . I ' ,t. . I 0 e , . . , . . der W? ' 0 1 1 , I I X O O r or ' A WW W do f H, oy ff. WF' ,gi Seated R Brown, F Bucken eyer, Coach Feltham, R Marquardt, D Hinckley, R Hulshoff First Row F Meyers, F Penkszyk, F Gilhooly, D Woodruff, M Schenck, N Welker Mana ers L Bachman, K Klossner nfs-If WWW WW 2 A gtg' P MMM wwf: Wauofq Alexander wins 'Bn Trophy for fifth consecutive season, while tying S Byron for combined B C Leadership, for third consecutive B-C trophy Alexander Central's Cagers again won the WBH Title of the Genesee-Orleans League and tied S. Byron for the combined championship, by compiling a record of ten wins against two losses in league play. Due to both teams' participation in sectional play offs, no time was convenient for settling our tie finish and co champions were declared. the season brought us fourteen wins against five losses, this in Sectional play. In two practice sessions with Alden we out- margins. a new school scoring record with 314 points lor one season ile also capturing League scoring honors with a new record of 207 points for twelve games, an average of 17.25. Franny also set a new single game scoring record lat least for Alex- ander! in League play with a total of 33 points, against Corfu on Feb. 27. In the past five years, under Mr. Fe1tham's guidance, we have won a total of 81 games while dropping only 16 for a winning percentage of .835 over this period. This includes League, non-league, and sectional play. F.G. 131 90 Our over-all play for including our loss to Ovid scored them by comfortable Fran. Buckenmeyer set , wh- G.P T.P 19 314 213 67 52 Avg. 16.52 12.52 Buckenmeyer Narquardt Gilhooly Hinckley B own Hulshoff Woodruff Welker Meyers Schenck Penkszyk Total points 830 Average points 45.6 F. 52 33 5 72 73 57 3. 2. 2. 14 11 49 9 39 5 35 . 17 18 19 19 19 O5 17 O5 13 25 8 84 31 19 19 15 2 15 2 10 6 26 3 7 10 24 1 5 1 11 1.22 2 6 60 9 10 4 . 51 ,Q . A 3 , ,,,l3 3,i,l FL' , A L ,-f if Af Q y 2 9 g . 'Q ? . A ,fii A ' " Q1 Q Y by L5 lg 3 :V . f ,ff , L If' 'XV - ' 'L F ' ' 5 L. L 'W T4 ff"-4 - V L 4 I t,. Q I ,,5 M F! I 1 3 ' 1 ' I 0 1 0 Q 'J 5 nu bl- if K ' ' gf . .,, V V o 7, Qezgvf hw Zfvvfjwww vw MMM' W XJ Z' :ie-CI rquwr-c ff ,f,,,4,0lf fwprdd' f bran Bur-kenneyer pick Drmr Bob ulqbo f Don foodruf ranny ff'1A0Oly 52 Duncan hinckley 1 , 5, I ..7 , k ' ' x A ! X Q N fffdfjw . ja s H - ff j ' U. ,I " 1 .f J ' . W A . ' " X " J ,fr f V v 4 3 5 ' V V ' ,VJ gf' ' ITA ' x ,7 N ' ' I 'im . in ,f " 'A 4,41 ', , .,, Q f f W ,, ii fi , K, lv 4 " - ' A1 .,. t' W T1 b 0 Betty Cochran 'Dolly' Gilhooly Jean Hoover MASCOT Erma Schmieder 53 Mary Para-ee o Lucille Waite 5 ' Tesaie Demoaki hee B Cochrane, E Schmieder, L Waite, D Gilhooly, J Hoover, T Demoski, M Parlse Rah' Rah' Rah' Shouts of our six varsity cheerleaders have echoed into the past with the ending of another successful year of cheering the team through victory and defeat The cheerleaders, donning their green and gold outfits early in November, combined to make a very oeppy and attractive group with Lucille Waite as captain of the squad The adoption of Dolly Gllhooly as mascot for the cheerleaders oroved to be very acceotable to both the cheerleaders and the spectators Dolly certainly desgrves oral e for the fine job she has done The cheerleaders are chosen for the puroose of 1 Q the ssh atop! tmkihowigfd their loyalty to the team, and we feel that qhlp ybar sjggoup hast as fog A lly 6 ectlve in doing that J F n ,J fj YWL 1 ,XIML A ' N' dem .feadew M Golanski, J Laben, D Gilhooly, S Hinckley, A Harding The Jay Vee Cheerleaders with Audrey Harding, captain, have enthusistlcally led well deserved supoort for the undefeated Junior varsity basketball team With Audrey Harding the only veteran of last year's cheering, are Jean Laben, Mary Ann Golanski, and Sybil Hinckley, who have worked diligently together during the past year, to dev elon a better cheering squad Their performance in combined cheers with the varsity has proved their ability in leading whole hearted school and community su port of the Alexander Central School sport s nrogram xxx' xl X' I I g g Q I l 0 , 0 1 A .4 . . , Q D - . rf T ,T' 'LAQ V fEADf? ti 'wt s?' f- I 5 I' .UI . .fly 3 ur gif A 5 U 1 QV: J , ff' g ,D 3- 3 I gs! J, , P' ,jf . I A , X d 'J . r M 'I J ly' X " Inf- rl 'T I xx 'lx U 1 fu F1,Ns,J1!'j ,fl'v?9llvlgj .Q jp," fl 'ff' f ,f I gy! V' f" ' -J 7"Te,lj'kA1'J Af if Lx , ,JMX I V W alll V -A 58+ f O C I ' . I Q . E XX ,T 7 XX Y N, X ll! I ld .1 xl' A T " . gf 1, Q 3 'fx f x A 'J XJ P Alexander S fy' W First Row Colantonio, F Gilhooly, R Brown, J Meyers, F Penkszyk, R Wackenheim Marquardt, F Buckenmeyer Qecond Row Buckenmeyer, H Hensel, N Welker, D Hinckley, K Dart, R Rich, Alwardt, A Snyder Third Row r Feltham, R Vanderwarker, R Norton, R Patterson, S Parise, C Kelley, Woodruff, G Hopkins, R Carson, M Schenck, C KBMIDSK1 Due to the condition of the track, training was delayed for all schools which prevented the showing of their best form Alexander nlaced second in the total number of points with a score of 31 Results of B-C Track and Field Events held at Alexander May 28, 1947, are as follows 100 220 40 880 W 9' 80 yard yard yard yard mile yard high high dash dash run run run relay JUHD Jump broad jump ru broad jump lst lst lst 2nd 3rd 4th 3rd 4th nd 4th CoQ!'U".l'lJ WZUZZUQ Buckenmeyer Buckenmeyer Brown Buckenmeyer Meyers Mazur Welker Mazur Brown "" Zawkefiali Seated R Vanderwarker, H Hensel, W Kelsey, R Koziarski, R Colantonio, W, Alwardt, R Wackenheim, W Mc Cullou Standing D Woodruff, W Amedick, R Carson, J eyers, R Hume, G Hopkins, L Warren, J Kielbasa, R Rich, J Price The F F A Team completed another successful season with only one defeat With Caotain Robert Hume, Coach Donald Woodruff, and Manager John Pr1ce,s1xteen men made up the squad which played twelve games against s1ch organizations as the Corfu F F A Seam, F F A Alumni, Genesee County Young Farmers, and South Byron and Elba F F A eams 55 LW M A . y ' 1 A 1 rf 'X N T, V 0 " 'K fa .. ,,,,, 7 W L, l W ., '- nv Mb J , . F A ' 2 Re o e e n o , GI I L I G. o o n a e W. . I M g e n 5 e e DI Q I l I 41 ,xt ""' """"""" " I e f bf" 4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I rf 1 R571 V 8 """"""' "" Z ' 1 If u,V g,' ' pole Vault ----------------- 2nd, . Marquardt . vt ....-..-......... - AJ '- . l 1 ' 1 ------------- .--. .. : : 1 , 1 -'YI Q I """"""""' 2 e e ff LLJ, ,jyfsxk UJQXJJB ---------------- - , , v ol Y- -'- ' ' A ' ,JJ Vt H v H fy . , 6 "' - E241 1 J , . A V' ' 1 ' lz'n, I La... sectional Play with Avon at LeRoy 7" , 4 , , In 1947, Alexander had a very successful year by winning eight games and dropping only three A league game to Kendall, a non league game to Alden, and the last to Avon in sectional play With good prospects for next year's team it looks like Alexander will have another good year SCORES April Alexander 12 Attica South Byron Alden Elba Allen Corfu Kendall Pavillon Bergen Corfu June Avon ' r rgff Front Row Back Row BATTING AVERAGES Red Karquardt Richard Brown Lloyd Gammack Fuzzy Meyers Cub Harding Fran Buckenmeyer Neil Welker Myron Bchenck Duncan Hinckley Eugene lolfley . 64446 44 45 145 40 192 Dart, J Meyers, N Welker, Schenck, G Wolfley, Marquardt, F Buckenmeyer Diemoz, D Woodruff, Kittle, R Patterson, Harding I gg n 8 3 . 5 u 6 ' 9 a -390 BY 9 I 19 2 .280 l 12 I 1 5 .250 ' 15 ' 3 1 '250 ' 16 ' 3 5 ' ' 23 ' 5 2 ' 26 ' 3 1 ' ' 31 ' 1 O .1 3 ' 3 4 'A I f , , lg? fksxwk! if X A, I I yuf' Mfg I g r " A . V A M X' ii 'X :K' 0 Q ff 1 2' - lj V : A: . D Y C. . E G. f' 56 I I Seated J Weyers D Hlnc ley, F Harquardt, F Buckenmeyer H Brown, N elker E olfley, L Gsmmack R Hoover Standing Coach Feltham, F Penkszyk, M Schenck, R Patterson, R Hawker, S Parise D Woodruff, C Kelley, H Hulshoff, J Patterson, A Diemoz, R Juatlnger Sum Alexander Soccer players brought home the school year's first athletic achievement by takin the league championship for the second consecutive year of our recently K2 years organized league competition set up Off to a good start September 23 in a non league encounter at Attica, we won 5 straight games until 'bumped' by Kendall on the Orleans County field where a last quarter 5 point scoring splurge fell 1 point short of toping the final count Our next two games resulted in wins and ended our regular season. However, on October 20th., we lost a semi-final play-off game Khaving drawn a quarter-final bye? to fine Churchville outfit which capitalized on the 'breaks' which seemed to elude . Although scoring even with them from the field and dominating second-half play, wet field conditions and a drlzzllng rain were the causeof two penalties being inflicted upon us, which Churchville converted into one point scores and so the point margin by which we lost. Letters were awarded to the following players: Dick Brown, Fran Buckenmeyer Lloyd Gammack Herman Hensel, Duncan Hinckley, Robert Hulshoff, Gerald Marquardt Jack Meyers, Sammy Parise, Jack Patterson, Richard Patterson, Frank Penkszyk, Myron Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. 23 Schenck, Neil Welker, and Donald Woodruff A summarizatlon of the season's clay follows! SCHEDULE at Attica with KendalllHomel with Att1cafHomeD At Bergen at Pavilion at Kendall with with With FINAL LEAGUE BergenfHomeJ Pav1l1onfHomeD Chruchvilleiat Pavilionl S1ANDINGS won lost - THEY tie Points Alexander Kendall Bergen Pavillon 57 - - . . ,,,,,, I N 7 ' ' ' 4' ff ' 7 ' f' A fwmqfw 7 ' f 1' I I I f ' f V, ,144 . w , A , , A' ' ' ' I ' ' ' D: I . . . . . 1 , v , 5 h 8 118 , 2 9 ! wr: 9 4 3 4 o 3 3 2 o 10 9 2 17 7 8 20 w 9 2 22 4 o 50 2 4 5 1 o 10 3 1 2 s 2 2 2 6 o 4 2 2 EDITOR IN CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS- BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANT MANAGER ART COMMITTEE- ADVERTISING- LITERARY PHOTOGRAPHY TYPING- SPORTS CIRCULATION SM Bob Hulshoff Marion Richert Richard Brown John Price Donald Woodruff Dorothy Howard Chairman E a Sohmieder Dorothy Wolfley Myron Schenck Bea Uptegrove Chairman M on Richert Richard Brown Lucille Waite Richard Justinger Richard Howard John Price Bob Hulehoff Betty Cochran Clara Johncox Ed Worthington Dorothy Wolfley Leonard Warren Duncan Hinckley Chairman R le Westermeler Dorothy Howard Joan Moore Jean Myers Marlon Rlchert Louise Goodman Donald Woodruff Bea Uptegrove Chairman R E y Cochran Joe Myers Lorraine Lyons Chairman J an Moore Sally Spaulding Chairman F an Buckenmeyer Red Marquardt Richard Meier Kenneth Klossner Ray Colontonlo Chairman Jean Myers sit J. Myers, L, Waite, E. Schmieder 58 KB 5555555EEEEEEEEEEEE.-955555555 ODD QUCIGDDUIDQQOQGQOIDQ 0 ' ' U 0 0 QQQIIIDQIIUUQNDQUIGQ ,4.L, ?-'Denham B11 811 811 8.1" an 8.11 811 BD 811 Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs A D Greco Arlen Waite Roy Wagner A W Dayton Werner Rogers H Donald Brown Ellsworth Waite C E Johncox Harold Goodman Jean Dabb Catherine Daley Betty Kinney Constance Argana Mabel Norton Mabel Laramy Celestine Kaczmarek June Hoover Ann Rider Lelia Lester Alice Happ Frances Parise Ethel Osborne Janice Sackett Mary Judge Nancy Marshall Winifred Dart Dorothy Frltts Lois Norton Mertie Ford Glor Mr. Orville Olson Mr. Raloh Gardiner Mr. Robert Watson Dr. T. Murray Steele Dr. Biagio Mansueto Smart Shop, Batsvn, N. Y. ------- m -AM ,Y,,,,,,.,- ari 1 Erma Schmieder , . -W -' an J. , t.,NEtl,., M s,s.1,,,. - - - - - - - - Q - os Mrs d OOC d . . d . Q Ad. OIC -------- 0 d O ' ' . d . . e t . d O O d 000 ----------- O d 0 o - - r !1 B -1 1942 V'Fg1nie Bates Vivian Bower Dorothy Bratcrell Mary Bugajski Olg Bugajski Corrine Dorschied marilyn Frltts Marian Getman 'abel Johncox iillie Kilby Jennie Koran Ann Lamne Bessie Mielcarek Beatrice Obertean Barbara Rapp Norma Reinhardt Jean Rogers Shirley Ryan Ruth Schuman Marjorie Stroh Jane Urbaneki Phyllis Welker Norban Bachman Robert Beal Loren Beckwith Donald Bower Harvey Hoover Kenneth Jolles Clifford Lyons Arnold Schmieder Leon Smlgielskl Richard Sodja Earl Spring Willis Teachen Leon Wight 1943 N rma Bates Mary Buckenmeyer Dorothy Bauer Mary Burg Genevieve Fisher Geraldine Fisher Isabelle Fuller Reva Glor Jeanette Hickox Marion Hyde Joyce McCullough Betty Morse Doris Mulcahf Catherine Meyers Vera Naylor Jean Patterson Mary Popoendick Mary Pyce Mary Jane Rider Gladys Spring Lauretta Stuart Loretta Sullivan Helen Tadys Rita Westermier Mary Wilcox Ruth Zeller Georginana Zwetsch Jennie Wylas James Blslg Teddy Kaminski Earl Laop Sally Meyers Walter Meyers Blain Nonnengarde f4Z6l444-vtb David Orr Joseph Orr Richard Pfalzer Robert Rogers Robert Swanke Weetley Zwetsch 1944 Sybil Adams Catherine Bartz Bernice Bates Janet Comstock Helen De Muth Marie De Muth Eleanor Embt La Verne Fisher Mmakw Mildred Getman Dorothy Gohlke Ruth Goodman Norma Harding Ann Hyde Annabelle Jones Bernice Kelley Daniel Kelsey Helen Mazur Harold Norban Barbar Parrish Irene Raines Amy Gelgle Thomas Rider Anna K Roth Shirley Rosemark George Schmleder Merlvn Waite Pheobe Ann Weeks Wallace Welker Robert Westermier Sonhie Wlktorski 1945 Carole Bates Leota Bluman Dorothy Chaddock Arlene Cook Laverne Durkee Avis Embt Male Glor Alberta Harris John Kaminski Shirley Klossner Mary Kolberg Shirley Marquardt Wlnifred Mielcarek Rosle Mazur Irene Mulcahy Evelyn Norton Josenh Meyers Wilma O'Conner Marjorie Ponnendick Paul Schmleder Ted Skotedis Edith Tenney Bettelna Waite Shirley Waite Augustus Warren Bessie Darbee 1946 Roy Adams Betty Budur 59 Norma Breckenridge Catherine Buckenmeyer Gerard Buckenmeyer Ruth Carson Charles Clark James Debo Edmund Dorscheld Carlton Frltts William Gohlke Clarence Goodman Laverna Hawker Howard Hayes Frank Idzik Grace Kreutter Lloyd Lathan Helen Majewski Paul Raines Ernest Ridley Josenh Ritter Mildred Roth Gertrude Sched Herbert Schmieder Mildred Skotedis Donald Soring Eva Weber Allta Welker Anita Welker Carleton Wight Eleanor Wiktorski 1947 Phyllis Brown John Cichocki Helen Darbee Arthur De Muth Bernice Dembowski Dawn Dohse Elizabeth Folk Dorothy Foster Norris Geer Violet Glor Karl Gohlke Robert Golanskl Gordan Harding Margaret Heintz Joan Hinckley June Hoover Herbert Howard Allan Jensen Edith Judkins Richard Kinner Richard Hazur Ann Meyers Gloria Meyers Florence Piontkowski Frances Putnam Ann Rider Glenda Schmidt Willard Schriner Janet Schroeder James Smith John Smith 0 . 1 , 1 E. ll I Leona Fuest Patricia Pfalzer 0 o ' 1 Y 1 gi?,s! A,. 15 9'1? fs, ' 5524933 I Y 'Our 18UHlflC9Dt Tee 'Our Fditor in 'hlel " 49 'NI 'Jlamour Joys oi l96U yn HNore Deviltry 1 loa' -nu 'N Connien , 'Scouts I lllll Rickey Hlder Please WJeck 'Sally if wg. . Q 'P' 9 2 Gnfuff- ,Vid-'Ili' 4 av 4 ' f' 'v f. -1 , 1 ' ' nv ' , . -4 Q. i l e,'e i M U11-an-P"-1 fm L I l if g' 2- r d Q W r 'Flare and Louise ' orld QTIGSH NHigb and ' oft Slttlng' Drv MOTISS' lyplst, g... qw 1 A 1, ' lg Messn Hmmm N' P e ee P 1 U , hat a os r ze elves 60 V 1. ' 0 7' ' ' I ,WV K' e W' 7, ' vi .D m. ' 7,..E' - Q ' -H ,, ,. - 1 ' 1 J A' lil - A". af 'VU' .3 vv l , NJ 45, Neg . ' y fx 1 1 1, ' - vl L! , . A, , T, H HE 1 v I 'U , A " .5 .2 A VJ? Q , ' w . l K ll M .c -If S ' - f I " 'if T' . " w 1 - I f ' ' V1 I NGuQ 5 , ,rj , JA X , ,' .F 'H ' , vv pf n . ' -H, - A ' , I . ' ' ny' . L X 5 'Ve ' nn I - , .?f Cs' .lm K , k V I K , I - , 1. - M ,, ,4 I . ' ll A 1: P 45' 'V N 10 -' 1 Tl I -2: ' ri. -. , we , 1 ,iv 1 s 'U n if gli-N3 Nfl, ,,,,. D v .44 Q A 'I , V j. k f .5 , It 1 s 1 V . .V G: J-..qS:- ' l Q P 1- "V ' 5 , -I ,- , V' 1, ' 1 .4 1. --7 1 1 ' . v: iq: . . V fn, w -.. . hw .' A 1 - . , 5441 Af: Z .,.- . N I B N u ,v 11 I1 Il n 1 Av L',,..--sb X lg-Hi" 1 .1 i+ Z 9 ., 'rv fy .. q fl , s-LN If I if' Sf ff Z! f ARTEIRTIER3 ET RE PRESIDENT OIEEORD STANP VICE PRESIDENT DONALD CHARLES TREASURER RAYNOND NONNENOARD SECRETARY DONALD OREERATEI EIRE CIIIEE OEOROE BOWEN ASSISTANT CIIIEE DONALD OREERATH TRUSTEES HERBERT HLINT LOREN QQQDRAR RALPH 5RRuLnIRQ HARVEY DALIER ROY WIOI-IT! DE PT. QEDASS. CHIEE EARL DRUOOIIAN AAA UITERNATIO L THIS EIVIBLEIVI IDIENTITIES GREAT TRUCKS YES SIQI Wins snwcfnfw GRATIETUL TO OUR CUNOMIEIIS AND TIRIENDS Demand for International trucks has been greater than supply Our customers and friends know that And our customers and But a few people seem to think that what is called a seller's market is a bed of roses for the seller Believe us that just 1sn't so Our business is in this community, and when things pile up so we can't take care of our customers and our friend! as fast as they'd like to be taken care of, we're not in a spot that we enjoy at all But there are two things we're proud of One is the service malntenance we've been able to furnish to keep International and other trucks on the Job and to hold oper ating costs down The other is the fine cooperation we've had from customers and friends Our oust olers and friends have been mighty un- right now, that we deeply appreciate the fine spirit they've shown We urge truck operators now to do two things! 1 To continue to use our truck malnten ance service for trucks now in operation That way they'1l get best results until new trucks are delivered 2 To place with us promptly the spedlfi cations for the new trucks they need That way they'l1 help us make the earl lest deliveries possible BABCGCK5 IIOTGD SALES INC WEST MAIN STREET ROAD PHQNE BATAVIA, New vomx 86 Xl V , . . V I I friends have been patient and cooperative. derstanding and we want to say, publicly, IP 63 1 . + L, x : 1 5 f ' I W K 515 V ' . . g .U r. V Q . . ' I A' 3 at . " ,Qi X 'h V V! I s ,, 1 25' ?iigQi,gZ5 r f L' ' J 55- I 5 Q, l ' If r Y'-1 ' A f ' E 9 ' . ' , , fi' fi, . .. A 4 m N I " xl , fl m 'f I 5 1 , fs I , L: Q ' Us f 'Q ff , , if , Jigs X is L 43 X A K .agi - ' 'K -E, 2 ' u i Q 5 1 ' in f ' X Qwyyg 3, if 3 . gk ' gif .,, . 1 rx, L x IV! . ,Q-. 'JE ? .xu 35 5 A' L 131,12 1' Q 4 uf ifignyg ' . ' b ' 4 We-T55 ' . f 7 -.5 , 2 ' ' .x ' .7 Q ' K '-,sf"5' Z A H V ggtgj ,:1 Q T' 'Q .f . I 'Q' -0-. -"' 1 ' .' A 11 + 5, 4 - Q , 1 I wx , wg Q E , " ' , ,K 'V A , 1 ,tg ,- ' h' IS N 1 ' LN in , x - 39 .5 ., x 1.9- 1 Q- 1 'L i 1.1- 111. i 1.7-- i -wi' ' ! V1 'XJ lwfbbfw , . 'x U.. 93 -, qu. gg if 'vu 4' --' x M. 1. r f- 5 3 .nga A I J I Rag? fxivaf Q K 710, 59 f ,JYVM . Q1 ' -Kia-5 552' -,' 1 ,I . Kr f gl , , fa ALEXANDER PHONES NEW YORK DATAVTA IQSTN-I lQ57N5 CONRLTNENT5 OE CJ DLTCTLTNNEYER T NC EOR CONRLE TE SATISFACTION RURCHXTSE YOUR DAIRY COW5 THAT ARE CARETULLY SELECTED LARGE NUMBER SPRINGERS, ERESH COWS AND HETEERS Y ON HAND ALWA5 LIBERAL CREDIT TERMS I W 'X , 1 gl!! ' " ef-f ' 12 J' A ' A 1 g . O 4 ' I O 0 ' QN COMPLIMENTS OF' IBOWE IXI BROS EGGS LIVE PDIINRY AETECXI CIIIZEN5 BEINIK 77 L4 IVIEIVIBER EEDERAI DEPIEIT INSURANCE CORPORATION QR CIMA? SE Rvrcf CIIIIEIIES CIII ICOII IIEN5 E IIRNISIIINE SHOES NI III IIIIIIDING SAIEAVIA SIIIONS W Nw ff I-INRDNARI OEI IIIDDEE? GARAGE AIII5 CHALIVIER5 MACHINERY O MEMBER DEALERS IN I FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BATAVIA 1900 J2 ATTIDA 1llF31 A COMPLIMENTS or COMPLIMENTS OF N , D , 1 0 YI D fy I N D ATTICA, NEW YORK ALEXANDER, NEW EDRK fl- E CDEPLINENTS OF snap FOR THE BEST QUALITY IN MEATS, GRDDERIEE, ICE CREAM, VEGETABLES, CANDY I AND TDILT ss ATTICA, NEW YORK ATTICA ALEXANDER, NEW Yonx STQOUP E550 WW-HON PC EES: SONS PNNN5 40 WX W DCYOUNC F LOMR5 H M GEN? GENE RAL M Cl-ANDISE R ILZ R FED HOUR Tl-if BEST WSHES TO THE c A53 or 48 HERMAN R WINS GENERAL HNISURANCE COMPLIMENTS os' COHPLIMENTS or . , T A v N O r CONFECTIONERY SERVICE PHONE 55 ATTICA NEW Yom-: " ATTICA, NEW rom: COMPLIMENTS or CE E COMPLIMENTS or K WHOLESALE RETAIL EXCHANGE STREET ' ' ATTICA NEW :coax , ATTICA NEW yoax PHONE 261 DARIEN NEW Yom: 4 u A N D , N L I C OA' L- '1- V' LIFE RETIREMENT INCOME HEALTH AND ACCIDENT DARIEN 2710 U I ALEXANDER, NEW Yom: COMPLIMENTS OF ATTICA COOP. G LE SE RVICE TNC OONPLIIVIENT5 OE VICTORQS RESTAURANT BATAVIA NEW YORII ATT CA IIOIIE DANE RY THE HOVIE OE BETTER DAIKED GOODS SEARLS DRUG STORE CLARII W I IECTITIC ATTICA NEWS APPLIANCES 25 YEAR SELLING IIOVIE EOUIPIIENI , . FEEDS SEEDS EARN SUPPLIES FERTILIZER I VICE PHONE 71 ATTICA, N.Y. L SUCCESS TO THE cLAss or '48 RUDY KOEHNER, PEOP. ATTICA NEW YORK ESTABLISHED IN 1912 COMPLIMENTS OF . COHPLIMENTS OF JUST AROUND THE CORNER I , WHICHEVER WAY you so 5 an A N 0 . 4 MARKET v MAIN PHONE 193 v MARKET STREET ATTIOA NEW YORK ATTIOA, NEW YORK ATTICA, NEW YORK WXNCUSO SW? DRY CLEANERS AND TAILOQ5 NNUN2 U H!-NWS QHQ EEUQ PJATAVIA PHOTO 5 U PPLY MULLEN BROS AN P D Q SALES SERVICE AUTHORIZED WILLYS JE E P5 STATICN WAGON-5 TUUCK5 E av uno A sv EnCINn W mvswm mo SUPERIOR CLEANING SERVICE XBOX 12 MAIN sr. C: AVIA NEW yo IEEELS Lunoo , PHONE 1558 VRCLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC fx NC BATAVIA NEW yonx HOME APPLIANCE PHONE 486 2-4 MAIN STREET ATTIGA NEW YORK no SLNHWITJNOO I EVERYTHING IN PHOTOGRAPHY 12 MAIN STREET BATAVIA NEW yoax PHONE 20 DEALER I N C mans 'Z I 'SE s E ICE CHCCL o E e q e SUPPLIES E UIPMENT A 9 45 MAIN sm. DARIEN, NEW yoax WWW! W 1" Rich ,da 'Could that be Lou1ss?' !In the Wagony 'Looking for something' 'iw-H4 'UNM N v""S. Muscles rgtudious '-s Cornered' 'Tail' Miss Tribe iv, 'Cute kid' ,if 'rrannie and her Dog' Guess Who 'So Soon?' U 'Ro 1 ' 'Chums S 0 70 I Sparky ' e Penkszyks' 'Xu- 'Shorty 'Love Birds' Jin 'Tessie Nice Legs Ch111y?' Jn W. 'Need Company Lanki - if v- 5 o ' o 'Wy 1. :E5l2fYMUQii L K ., -, ,Ml 1, . , 'I N I n-' A JA. , 'll 4 .s. 1,- fs s 2 4 Q' f'. is foqs- i o Q 3 ,. 45 . I .fl A" fgf , " f x U , x' 5 ' m4,.,.-o fs V o ,sf - s , I Q' Th -'L 5 7 ' 1 - o o ,, - so ' f, 3, Q7 ' ' Fx f -f 1 ' -. X fr' 4 Q 4 f ' ' L - ffhsvf W' 42 so H' f iss s il? , Vi '- . 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WE MANUFACTURE PHONE 670 X ANYTHING Eaom STEEL you MAY REQUIRE MARKET STREET 75 MARKET ST- ATTICA NEW YORK ATTICA NEW YORK I PHONE 196 TELEPHONE 196 COMPLIMENTS or 1 COMPLIMENTS or A THE D ev MAIN ST. ' ' BATAVIA, N.I. PHONE soe Axis COMPLIMENTS OF E, CJ COMPLIMENTS or - T CJ vs MAIN ST. A BATAVIA NEW yonx PHONE 311-W 71 fWfXAN9W VETERINARIAN B W A 39 NORTH STREET A N D ATTICA NEW yoax WUNJES EHR L QUOR Efffagigfm LUNCHE5 L OPEN D GENTNER PROPER C LU-NN Q05 will 5 BATAVIA LQEYOUSEQ GA Q UNE D NEW Yom W BATAVI A New YORK GOMPLINENTS or E.J. BEARDSLEY E co. BATAVIA, N.y. , I ITOR THE COMPLIMENTS or J. . D44 'Y INC. N D GENESEE COUNTY'S LARGEST my MOST Q O OMPLETE DEP NT INC S RE ' To LINCOLN NEECUEI SALES SERVICE ' se-5 w. MAIN ST. TAVIA, NEW Yoax PHONE lO35 MAKES FRIENDS' 2 I CLARAS DRESS SI-IORPE LADIES CHILDREN IVIARIIN DRY CLEANERS D If R ALEXANDER DEIIER ELIRS ELI EIARDINL2 LI QUDR STORE WWE EUR CO LIQLIOR WINES WYLLIE DRY QIEANINQ EMBL NESIER5 LLINBER some ATI I C A BUILDING SUPPLIES PLANNING NI LL INRIA WHILE GENERAL I NSLIRANCE CDIVIRLIVIENIS OE RAN II RIIILLIRS SIIN WHOLESALE GASOLINE EURNACE DIL KEROSENE RANGE 7 SEE K' II COMPLETE LINES SPECIALIZING IN A., 0 - IN 5 E CHA E . APPARELL 3 X NG ST ATTICA NEW yoax ATTICA NEW you A N o A I -. PICK UP H., uwesrzy DQ. O ' I WEDNESDAY an EATURDAX 1 CENTER ST- I 36 EXCHANGE ST. BATAVIA ATTICA NEW Tom: NEW YORK A N D 2 MAIN STREET NQIIIIIE OIISI IIIR BROS ROCIIESEER NEW YORII PRODUCE RS DESIGNERS EEIIEROXIOEEIERIII ded CW Na Cd d BMA A GEORGE D KIELIP New Y RK CJQOIOSIEIII HND EIIEN5 NIII5 wp NIINQIISQ MIISONICTEIVIPEE VENICE IWW BUILDING BLDG BATAVIFI NEW YORK COMPLINENTS OF U 228 w. MAIN ST. BATAVIA, N.y. ' PHONE 504 I QUALITY FURIIITUEIE OPEN EVERY EVENING J CONPLINENTS OF ' AND os' Engr v o e CZIIIEHE lInNounceme12T5 THQ T S VI A 0 DISTRICT MANAGER COMPLIMENTS OF CONPLIMENTS OF al Wm I FARM SUPPLY STORE MENS A YOUNG MEN'S EATAVIA'S ONLY N CLOTHING D ACCESSORIES EXCLUSIVE FURRIEN BATAVIA- N-Y' SPAGHETTI - ALL LEGAL BEVEHAGES 122 MAIN sr. UP STAIRS BATAVIA , , El Yom: em WISHES COOPERATIVE w mf SENIOR CLASS INW3URANCt MR MRSJMAOQVTR HIAPP S GROCE RY MEREYAT VOODRUTT CQTTAATTAR TR END MORRAEE S OOO HOTEL SENECA ROCHESTER NEW YORK AUTHORIZED PHOTOGRAPHER FOR MAQAAT5 5 CHARTE5 REDTATO TUNERAL DIRECTOR CHARLES REDTNO EU RNITURE STORE vzmysnuao an ATTICA, N. Y PHONE ve A OE ,., N D . . WE INSURE RURAL BUILDINGS, COMPLIMENTS OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL la PROPERTY AT SAVINGS THAT ARE WORTH WHILE. 48 WASHINGTON AVE. ALEXANDER BATAVIA NEW YORK NEW YORK H T COMPLIMENTS OF T T -1- I AMBULANCE PHONE 143 ATTICA, N.Y. PORTRAITURE OF QUALITY FOR SETTING APPOINTMEN PHONE STONE 5169 COMPLIMENTS OF 1 7 A , U - 1- '-M-r' . I 1 "The Big Blow "Ah Food' -L. Future W1V8 S 'Oh' That Physics Class "Miss Lesters Studyhall " a Boys Yummm " 75 H ans--s 5'- t . WV ' N J n I 0 ll ' If ,N f V 3' T A X fe, ' - . Q ,ks ' S W4 , Z + N 'M a " VELLN THDNILS RUC55 LINOLEUN DAGWDDD DLSPENSA CNNDNXRN NDEDDS DELUXE DRY CLE ANE DS EQLEND LC.SEDDH BEST WLSHES TO THE CLASS 48 LEON HDDVEN TEEN TLNEDS CLOTHES CPDLLLLON BILL ESIRDS MUST STONE DADNN CBDNL muon WINES F COMPLIMENTS OF L HOME op QUALITY FOOTWARE THE Cf P4 5 U 118 MAIN ST. BATAVIA, N.H. 206 E' MAIN ST' UNDER NEW MANGEMENT BATAVIA NEW Tonx PROPRIETORS 102 MAIN ST AND ' BATAVIA NEW Yong COMPLIMENTS or COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF L 261 w. MAIN ST. 12 CENTER ST. BATAVIA, N.I. BATAVIA, N.Y. PHONE 2352 H PHONE 1531 FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION suop AT 9 a ' f Y OF D N555 FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING - BATAVIA, N.Y. ATTIUA, N.Y. PHONE Qoo coNPLINENTs or THANKS Fon THE PLEASURE ov SERVING you THIS YEAH. 5 I 42 WASQEEETOE DARIEN CENTER CO . JE SO NE' OR! PE. eae V7 BATAVIA,l.Y Y WOIRIZIVIAN L5 I-IOIIL INSULATION CO BAIAVIA NL W YORK GILLIATI IIOLISENGIIR CHEVROLET OLDSMOB ILE CIIILDIIIN IVIISSIS SPECIAL Y SI-IOP OAIIIIN DAIIIEN CINILII NEW YORK CLA55 45 OLD SIAGE IIOLISL I IIAINJCLS NLAO H IROILLII SIIAIING SILVER LAKE New YORK TLICIIIA 21 IIOYT OONPLINENI-s OF 8 VE L A N D GROCERE5 TICA NEW YORK ATTICA 117 PHONE 43 ATTIOA, NEW YORK I ' ' ' -' COMPLIMENTS or 0 o A N O ' -I- 16 ELLICOTT STREET BATAVIA, N.Y. 5 I PHONE 2233 ROOFING SIDING , A INSULATION N0 BATAVIA, NEW YORK RA! PAINTING I COMPLIMENTS OF 'CONGRADULATIONS' COMPLIMENTS OF f or T If I- H IE Tl-I If I: I ATTICA NEW YORK Q I D-E I AL-o DIAMONDS mvmzax PROPHIETORS NATOHES 96 MAIN STREET PHONE 494-W B - A 78 NEW I WT TTTOR QRRAQT TRUCK, TRAODOE AUTO SERVICE MASSEY HARRIS SALES SERVICE STTVT WTTTTOR PRORRIETOR 24 HOUR TOWING WINCH SERVICE ALEXANDER, N E U s ROUTE 20 OODTRTY MTTTTNC5 COAL FEED BUILDING SUPPLIES PHONE 202 WTTTQJROTRCTT WHOLESALE SHIPPING BEANS 8 GRAIN PHONE ATT 120 R CONTRACTORS ALEXANDER, NEW YORK PHONE BATAVIA 1900 T 3 ALEXANDER, NEW YORK TRTTTRTTY FUNERAL DIRECTOR ATTICA YORK FARMS HOMES BUSINESS BTRTHA B DAUBT R LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER 20 PROSPECT sw ATTIOA, N Y PHONE JE SELL YOUNG TO SELL YOUNG CLOTHING S ART CLOTHING TO THE WHO ARE TRYING AN IDEA TO E WOMEN AND THE HAS TO BE AS AS THE YOUNG LADY DEPEND ON US FOR STYLE EVEN THOUGH WE SPEND MOST OE OUR TIME TALKING VALUE TVTCATRT NT OA RTON COMDANY THE CLOTHIERS BATAVIA NE YORK 79 COUPLIMENTS OF ROBTRT SOTUTT COMPLIMENTS OF TTA OTBSTT ' TO BRO N A N CO. 0 'T SOR 0 NN PHONE DAR. voe V J E TH ' NEW . .. T A N . . I D . T 75 W GEORQE5 TTRIIY MILK CREAM PASTUMZED TRY OLIR5 AND TA ST TI E DIFEERENCF E NICHOLS I1QuoR STORE WINES LIOIIOP C IIYSTAL PIIARIVIACY IIII LEP5 CLEANERS BEST WISIIES TO THE SENIOR CLII55 ERED If VOLIK C LIIRII EIORIST ELOWE R5 EOR AL OCCASION I PHOTOGRAPHY TIII CNIERII SHOP THE COIIPLETE PHOTO STORE N3 BENNION AGENCY C IVIOPITH 5 I I GOOD QUALITY OF GRADE A AN 0 X AN O ATTICA NEW YORK IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH 'I CRYSTAL COLE STURROCK, PH.G. THE STORE PHON 33 CENTER ST. BATAVIA N Y XATTICA, N.Y. PH. 197 . THE COMPLIMENTS Y OF IN ' I . I , VISIT NALL FORMS OF ATTICA NEW YQRK INSURANCE AND BONDS' PHONE 556 ATTIGA NEW yoax fr XY NEXT TO THE FAMILY THEATER 6, THE INSURANCE MAN ' REAL ESTATE INSURANCE N PHONE 145 L ATTICA N. Y. 80 ATTICXI DUPONT DRY CIEIINER BEST WISHES EOR YOUR SUCCESS HEIIETH HAPPINESS RIIPP BROS I B ERHNCIS T V ICIIE RY IRE RECAPING NEO DH RY PASTURIZED IYIILK CREAM WISE PRESS PENNY EAVER CS HIEBE ESSOVIEIE SERVICE STATION TRUCK STOP TIRE SERVICE RESTAIIRIINT I OIYIE COOHEO NEALS LESLIE COMULIMENTS OF TO TEE cLAss coMPLmENTs or '48 OF D I R CHIROPRACTOR eo MAIN sr. TTICA NEW :coax ATTICA N. Y. cosI1PL1MENTs OF A S no PHONE 241 DARIEN CENTER ATTICA, NEW Yom: ATTIGA NEW rom: NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF T ' 24 Holm SERVICE , AN D Q J I ' I 12 EXCHANGE ST. YVJEIZS. 'O' ATTICA, NEW YORK I COMPLIMENTS OF' I - o - - E E 0 as EB U IB ALEXANDER, N.Y. TTICA NEW Yom: TTICA NEW yo PHONE BAT. 1927 ua EUNYX HAM EE Y SALES A SERV! DODGE D PLY NO FOR THE BEST CHARCOAL HOTS IN THE COUNTY IXIQENIXS TH HATINBY COMPLIMENTS OF Us MUEH5 HED5 SEEDS EERTILIZER LUMBER A DADIEN CENTER NEW YORK xwou 1 TE E M5 CJZIEGLER D50 CHA5 WXNEUSO DUMD5 LQEHNQIRAIOQS WASHING MACHINES HEATINGA' PLUMBING -SUPPLIES JIUQA NCES SOCKETTS T QREENMOOD A com: 'ro ND I DEALERS IN MAIN smmzfr nom: BATAVIA Nz-:w yoax sos wasw MAIN sfr. LIFE INSUMCE AND BATAVIA ANNUII-Iss NEW YUM DARIEN CENTER ' NEW Iomc PHONE 1214 I E AND GONIQLININTS or SERVICE STATION DAIRY PRODUCTS I ICE CREAM GENERAL Avro MAIN sr. Rn. 322'324'526 BAT-'W NEW YO ELLICCTT sm-:ET IRING 'EL BATAVIA, NEW :coax - PHONE 584 COMPLIMENTS or FASTER NILNING I CLEANER MILK mam Fnszznns 4 u N I mar MAIN sfr. an. ATTICA NEW Ioan aa COMPLIMENTS OF QHOVL H5 IQIZSILIDANI H I LLC ILLSI COMPLIMENTS OF CI-IPL IIILIIS SL ILVICL ACCESSOQIES TUBES TI RLS COMPLIMENTS OF JL NHY5 BEAUTY SHOPPE C H LICII5 IRIENDLY .SERVICE ADDHOVLD HLLIH!-ILISLIL CHICII H HIC HL RY CV OILTNLH ON AIHCA WELDING MACHINE CO LALJIHC1 PHOIOGRADIIL R5 BATAVIA NEW YORK A.LEx.mnEn, N.y. ATTICA NEW YORK PHONE ATTICA Ser-21 coMpL1uENTS or f DAHIEN NEW YURK TIRES A BATTERIES GAS N on. umon REPAIES Us 50 , , N A 5 0 nn. SALISBURG'S EEMEDIES uccomucx DEERING WAYNE FEEDS 3 N , AND FARM Tmxcmons T D ' 0 DOUBLE nrmown MAGHINERE WHITE on P1-1oNE DARIEN CENTER, N. Y. couPLmENTS or A N 0 I 405 WEST MA 4 If v1NcE MOUITON BATAVIA, N.x. PHONE OPEN 15 WATER STREET 2150 EVENINGS ATTICA 83 NEW rome WG III-INIY PLUMBING IINNING HEATING CR IIINNIY SHOE SIGRE I KIRIRII IIN INGRIIIIIIII PJATAVIA N W YORK NEWSPAPER IU IIXIIISIIIIII I DDUNQ5 IEIICTRIC INC MAGAZINE HIN3 DRUG STORE UIUNAS N AIIIEA DWYI B AI 8 I I 14 MAIN ST. ' ' BATAVIA, N. Y. PHONE Seo UNIVERSAL MILKERS S ORT AND LONG TUBE JAMES MAY BARN AND POULTRY EQUIPMENT, S - - HTNING coNDUcToBs COMPLWENTS OF UAS EM WI MILK COOLERS an HOME EHEEZERS E SYSTEM SHALLUW B DEEP WELL pun s CONCRETE, WOOD E STEEL sILoS . . GREEN, BLACK Boop coATI VERTHING FOR A MODERN DAIRY ARN BATAVIA, NEW YORK PHONE S54-w ATTIUA, NEW YORK GOUPLINENTS or I O ll ll U YOUR JEWELEE SINCE 1922 ' 11 JACKSON ST. BATAVIA, N.Y. I COMPLIMENTS OF U 62 Iztzpiia ! Q DISTRIBUTOR or AIRSTEP ROBLEE n.G. DUNSoN EELICE BUSTER Baown BAT!-WIA NEW YORK MAIN AT 99 7 N BATAVI AVIA 4 NEW YO ALBERTY 5552W2EN BEEN DDUG C0 QUARTER VUUNWUPE Housfs BROECNR MOTOR SMS JOHN D QUOUX REO JACK HOU COMPLIMENTS or EXQUISITE TOILETRIES Coma-IMENT5 OF BETTER names ff I Af 122 MAIN BATAVIA couP1.1MENTs or IT PAYS TO snor AT 0 NX ' 0 BATAVIA NEW yonx ' 108 'EST MAIN ST. . nn. BA AVIA . . ELLICOTT ST LOOK FOR THE T , N Y BATAVIA, N.Y. GLASS BRICK WATCPEB SILVER PHONE 1765-W FRONT DIAMONDS I PHAEMACIST D1sTn1sUTon 242 ELLIGOTT ST. BATAVIA, N.Y. COACHES COACHES COMPLIMENTS or 1114 MAIN STREET EUFFALo e, N.Y. USED CARE e BATAVIA NEI yon COMPLIMENTS OF EAIAV IA Q IF SE CIVICE IIINIEIQS RADIO AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SIX COURT ST BATAVIA NE YORK OAIAVIA SPORTING GOODS EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN 113 W MAIN ST BATAVIA N Y PHONE 1446 CBNNCIRS SE RVICE STATION GAS GRIFASE CII ACCISSORIES ALDEN NEW YORK PHONE 3923 COMPLIMENTS OF CIIIIAX COIQDS BATAVIA NE YORK CO1 TI ENTS TO THE CLASS OF 48 IIAX PIIS AIFXANDER S FAVORITE FURNITURE STORE IFASI WOOD 7354 BROADWAY PHONE 2212 COMPLIJENTS OF AIISI I N INSURANCE PHONE ATTICA N Y IINONIIIS RELIABLE RADIO SALES 6 SERVICE COM LETF LINES IN RADIO REFRIGERATOR WASHERS AN RANGERS SMALL APPLIANCES 1452 JFFFERSON ST BUFFALO N Y PHONE GP 1416 MEN YOUR DESIRES ARL MUSICAL CONE TO HOME OF ALL THIIGS LUS CAL 8 JACKSON ST BATAVIA N W YORK COMPLIIFNTS OF DAY PIIIIIINS BA AVIA LEROY PHOJF 263 86 C0-IPL IMENTS OF JIISIINGIIIS SIIADY DIST DAR N CITY NFW YORK W , . . A fy LP, M X . T O 'Uk ua-Q 'Q 'I 9 JA A I ' W ' I X 1EEE,l::N?Ni3D P A ' D ALDEQI, N.Y. f ' I 101 ' ' ' - 'L , o 0 I- -o A 2' - I D A ' I E. , I T- R I I .I . IE - . ' E ' I. HO TTOTTST GENE DAL MERCHANDISE STOTTTT5 QTTOCETTTY HUDOON BATES STTTVTCE TTOOSTTTNTCHT TVTOTOT25 HAZET5 BEAUTY SHOT? Zag? AAS ATTICA GARAGE INC EOOO LOCTTE TTS EOT2 RENT PTX TTY CO INC CHEVDOLET NJ A TTLOBSNTO SCHNTEOED CAT HOON ATTTTANO3 OAT TTY COMPLIMENTS OF ' COMPLIMEHTS or ' ' xJ S. LINDEN N Y FRONT END ALICNMENT 7 u o FRAMES STRAIGHTENING ALEXANDER NEW yoan U JU U 24 ER. TowINC SERVICE ST AEC ND THE 41-45 STATE ST. 15 WEST AVE- CORNER IN DAEIEN N W ORK ATTICA, N.Y. PHONE Dm-. 400 BATAVIA E Y PHONE 158 HFOLLOW THE LEADERn CCMPLINENTS OF 10 CU. FT. T T 24 noun SERVICE CUTTING WRAFFINC ' - AGING SMOKING DAFIEN CURING NEw Yom: SERVICE OFFERED CCMFLIMENTS OF AND .2 . ALDEN, N. Y. EAST BETHANY SHOES NEW YORK HWHEN FASHION AND FIT COUNTSH NE 90-91 14 JACKSON 87 BATAVIA, N.yL 7 HOHE OAIPY HE LENS DAHLING SHOP EXCELLEN1' EOOD PHEHEHNS SHOE STORE WHAOP HQLME5 SEAHEPS DAPIEN CENTER HOTEL MAPEHAES SWAP SHOP PXJOOPSSLINQQODYEAP SHOE REPAIR S AWAY S sooo HAPOWAPE TRADING POST PW PETZEEBAWIA MOTOR 96 C O. BAKERY om-:TERIA TREADEASY SHOES EXCLUSIVELY FOR BABIES BATAVIA, N.I. 94 IAIN ST 42 MAIN sr. ' BATAVIA NEW Ion: BATAVIA, N.Y. COHPLIMENTS or RECONDITIOH CLOTHING A ron ENTIRE run.: FURNITURE E APPLIANCES sei JAcxson sr. JACKSON ST. BATAVIA NEW Ion! b PHONE 2298-W BATAYIA NEW yonx DARIEN NEW Ionx I 445--W A X A tv 0 u RooFINo, WATER PBOOFING 17 JACKSON ST. INSULATION BRAVIA' N'Y' :EE BIG STORE on A LITTLE WAREHOUQE AND QFFICE PHONE 1839-I STREET -49 ELLICOTT sw. SPECIALIZING IN BATAVIA, N.I. BA AVI N . T A' 'Y INVIBIBLE HALF SOLING PHONE 1771 PHONE 752 a 1830-N THE BUICK PONTIAC o.u.c. rnucxs f , . SPORTING GOODS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE GUNS AHMUNITION W. Il BT. FIS ING TAUKLEB 528 MA 229 Wzsr una sr. Rn. ' ' 233, RAIN BATAVIA, N.I. REL

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