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1 1 I 1 I O SPONSORED B9 THE CLHSS Of '47 Of THE HLEXHODEH CUWTRHL SCHOOL , HLEXHODER, Uflll QORH .J . M9- li-xx wp LT!! ,wr-Lfi v,-Fd -, f..-....x i,, f ,O Z J .,,-- --it-V .-+ 5 I -57 -' "-"""""i'g i- -4 ,.-O,..,H f 5 'ii 'W f, " - 5 -f-5.3. un MO --A--- f- -f!-",,,,- . 5 . .Q - i' Q f f- - .5 , - 4-52 2 'XM - dar, Q fi imxmmh ,i ' f , fi l ,,!,,-.A -if-, R .-5. 3 . ff!--P2 ci: 1 - L.. -1-s an " 2 -1-L-. --- ...N "4 , ?5-:P ' ' -Il ,tl ii M' A"O ' A f--N-Q? ' E f-2-E' H .. , "-' - TT-3' - L'iL Q if O ?-3.17 - 1 S PHTRUHS , Frances Putnam EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE S. Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Ann, Mr. GBTB FUHEUJHHD In publishing The Wake, we, the Class of 'L7, have endeavored to bring the annals of A.C.S. up to dateg and to preserve the memories of our final years on board the 'Mighty A' UEHHBUUH STHFF EDITOR IN CHIEF- - and and and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs W. Dayton Jensen Green Dembowski Dembowski Waite Dart Wagner Fritts Halbert Ford Choppe M. Rider H. Brown ASSISTANT EDITORS ------- BUSINESS MANAGERS ------- ADVERTISING- - - Ann Meyers Janet Schroeder Karl Gohlke Allan.Jensen Joan Hinckley Dawn Dohse Glenda Schmidt Bob Golanski Norris Geer Arthur De Muth Daryl Schramm CIRCULATION ------- - - -Willard Sohriner . L. Lloyd Cacner Verna Kneller Frances Parise Marie Danheiser Mary Judge Ethel Osborne Mabel Laramy Alice Hastings Leila Lester Elverta Turk Constance Argana Janice Sackett Betty Kinney Louise L. Tribe June, and Janet illiam Clark W Mr. J. D. Weidert rd Buckenmeyer Norris Geer ' Kinner and Gohlke 0 LITERARY ----- PHOTGRAPHY ---- TYPING ------ SPORTS EDITORS- - GRADE EDITOR- - - 'PATRON COMMITTEE- ART COMMITTEE- - - 2 John Cichocki Helen Darbee Ann Rider Joan Hinckley Violet Glor Margaret Heintz June Hoover Dorothy Foster Edith Judkins June Hoover James Smith John'Smith Gloria Myers Betty Folk Dawn Dohse Ann Rider Gordon Harding Richard Mazur Phyllis Brown Irene Dembrowski Herbert Howard - - - - - -Karl Gohlke Dick Kinner Willard Sohriner Dorothy Foster Edith Judkins ll -'l -L ala Haw. if M ,, X I ' 4e5k,j ,f xx ,' fi X X , . X , XX x hf .Aff X -. ,., ,I .1t ' , ' -'Q I X -. f - ,f If f?X ..- f ff X Jas :I ff s XX 'xx 5 XX s fy JPXNX Q RX 1' Rf 1 K f NX, f6'7v MH- XX l Y d'3 ' W F 'x WX FQ I in X X ,R -t xt if K1 xx lil, 1 X Y . , f Xing: I , 3 f Rv? E ,rpm . I ,JP vi g fflyj 2 f 1 xv fr f l V . x . R ' . , I Xi! Xf m 7 1 Dr. John A. Kneller IH IHEIHURIHIH The Senior Class respectfully dedicates the l9L7 annual to Dr. John Kneller, former school physician, who succumbed in the early fall of the current school year. A leader in his profession in this area, Dr. Kneller had devoted years of service to Attica and Batavia and surrounding smaller com unities. Those whom he served in a professional cap- acity as well as those who numbered among his many friends real- ized a poignant loss in his passing. Dr. Kneller's professional service to the school, as well as his medical work in the area, made his passing seem a personal loss to the Alexander Central student body and personnel who had many occasions to note his professional skill and generosity. Working with Mrs. Kneller, our incomparable school nurse, Dr. Kneller and his contact with the school gave students and parents the firm assurance that at all times school health problems were being competently checked. As with all men whose lives are dedicated to the service of others, Dr. Kneller will live in the minds of those whom he so capably served. 'The great business of life is to be, to do--- and to depart.' -Q 0 Hmm mama wil-5Jj9t'J:?Er' X?-max Na ter, Haul' To thee, Tor- to us njoxfll ev - ev be' The I Lif Hw' FF f1 FEP 1 igzimf i ' 1 JJJJI 51:55 - t, Ez asf 5:3 2 A t -94 0fF FimWlF1fF aim:-mfg? I fi gifs ill M Y in M I I i B 11 OLCTB 'WE Sf, 00 we eve he :Sf 5 I ms usmfmon , wg I V X K"- R ' X1 54 S ' XX MX1 FS Q x 5 'ml xx mx ,, f a f 'X J ' Fx X f ""E-.2-.1 l X F j ' . .1 1- "'.T:"'- --5. 6:-1-gr... v e ... . QQBQQQOU O JQ ! ' f Li? I ra-J-ff ' if ' if-, Q ' x X XXX XX X . I 5 VN., ,,,. , ,. , ,, , . R. Q, .........-.............-..-......i...g , V ,J 2 112 L ,, i- , fx, b ' f W 1 .N .W , - -...4...m41.umz1...1.1. Y H- EE-EIEFS UF STHFF Pres. Herbert A. RHPP X - i V.P1'6S. C.E.Johncox Clerk, Edward F. Glor William Embt Though few of us are con- scious of it, our Board of Education is constant- ly behind us endeavoring to ease our paths through school. Their careful planning and arranging of school activities cannot pass unappreciated. The class of '47 wishes to sincerely thank the Board members for their volun- tary donation of time and effort for the benefit of Alc CSC Ellsworth Waite 1'-15 IT' t-...Si .- V. . f ' ' i fr-,i1":?i'5.iif,f2523f'- . ,lid ..,:::V:Qj4Hg:j:i.i5?-P . 1. . -'g-?'3fw1,,,-r .1'2:1a. 6 . fm,4wmmvWMN - h r '1.f','2,gLae35f'4 ' :- V- . Q-1':.1t,fX. -1'-prw-':Y"f-f" ' N N 4- ,- 1- ' - 'P' ju' 4, H AQ4"?f1?' " in V Y U N4 A ' . ,',Jd:,j,"-V '14-.X V . 4 P -M-A,-,ns 1... X Eidksfsh " A , ,, ' ,Ll . xx-mt, A. Warren Dayton UUH CHPIHIH Many of us have been under the guidance of WProf' throughout our entire high school life and have found his advice and counsel to be of soundness and value. His know- ledge of all subjects so difficult for beginning Freshman, learned Sophomores,hardworking Juniors, and harassed, worried and suddenly am- bitious Seniors is exceptional and very welcome. In times of tria1,no matter how trivial or how important he has shown concern and encourage- ment so necessary to the making of a good principal. We, as Seniors, express our gratitude to Mr. Dayton for his unfailing help and under- standing. un, Verna Knellsr Sparkling humor accompanies Mrs. Kne11er's efficient concern for the welfare of the students of 1.6.3. The flow of students' to the clinic for advice reflects her gens ulne interest in each student. Again this year the fortunate girls assisting her in the clinic can look back on many generous parties sponsored by our Nurse Kneller, y e.. ,. ..,,AV,..v .. . . .. Miss Frances Parise Always efficient, and always able to smile at the students whims and notions, and no matter how busy doing 100 and 1 favors for l other people, Frances still has time to ask if there is 'anything I can do for you.' With her remarkable patience and effort she has become a part of all the things in school life that students remember. A ., .. vw- -' 'lf-'zg'1'f-:fw-ffv, --L V X V .T . . ' -- -LN' "::'--51 ,., '-.32-V ' ' f. ' ' ' N "A 'AL Li.,ll.Llr:.'I.....L1..lJ 'Q - , , """4" 4 l 35" V r " L 10, 1 Mrs. Gladys M. Parker f 'w1'fy1'y'vf7p7zffv1u17741?111771 , ,, Wge, . . 1 4, vi ,551f,wjfM7',ifv!37' ,W ,ZKWf44Q,- ,,-,fl-f,j'1f.,74, mn 4. ,. 'ya 1, 5, I f L, ' 'feng Llhigj u:.M'f':vjZ.,:1' Aff' 'lf','4Mf V. J 432 :L v 11-I ,, Mai film 5. Qjyi P' 4 A11 fm 1 " ,im ffm 611, Neff 1 f' - ' Cv V 1.19445-3' ,,,, 5 ,N L.. ,V z-,:,f:L.3Qnf,1.: V, .gl iw, fy X., 7, 1 , f,j4'f,gffgf,,,.A V, : vgq, - fu, ii Lpffiw- VL ' V 7 g6fv,,1f2!!a,1z: if Ln " f 1 gin' 7 MMEQH1 1 . ,, . of-'41 W" , ' v"Zu6Q7! ff - - 34:!f,w Wig ,, 7,'i'ff 1, , 54- W'ffJ'Wf - '-g mfw, ,, I ' fififfiif ' A wx ', 2 1 'f-1715: 1 MP , 7425- 1 :g.e-,f ,Qifwdf . , wif, ww 93 ab! mi- 52,5 !jV4,,Wf, ,ff A. I rf fi 4, 1 e'f,yv.,f,-.,. M 7,-My V- 'M '421?:4wf fwsv' 'kvyf 1 Jw 714,64 fn- 5, fy f ' f ' 9 -1 1 if j 1 rf 5 ' , fx? 1 ,f V 4 f INN, :,1 f,f,,741 -,, JW' slag-'-"Q, -uf,'J'fQ -Mn' 4' 5.,,-' "ww" 1'1" iff. ,zfw'5fr'E1,,'f""f,f' 5,1- ,f -'uf f'ZwJ,,w1-- -'s v"f,-M 1: 3'5" My 719 r'l'f,' fw,f,wH.fx'f',' 1 ' f ug, Q .'?-'..1,f5f5f 5,144-fn ff f , , :y9.',,':f'fj'1f:f:Cf , A, qcfn"' ' 1 f f pm '-f f , W f,:",,ff:- gf ,1 1 , f f ' ,. V1 ' f , , , , lf! ,f ff 4, 65-71.11 V YG I 4 1 Z, f fn 4 fx, ,ff , , In 9 9' va, ' if , ,f ff f , ,1 f 5 Q 'ff ' 1, 1 111 y 5 lfw- 12 U f r.-k"Cf,1, -'Z Qfw,m,i wi, ,ff wgiifihf' 5 1,,1,f:f:,V , f -zfzfwfffzzwwzffw J' 'A '7 ff5,,,.y,4n' ff .- f Vw57,"' 1 finifflyf 1 f ,ff ' Zffz J' QVQH4 fri f ,uf .j-my' :pi:'?2f " , ff fag' 'gf .V 1, 5,i2,qgg,,-.f5l,' , f 1 f 1 ' ,mf ,., , 'Af I , f,H,14E,Pf- wp mf, "fm ,Zf.A4AflfL...w:af L f Miss Elverta H. Turk I 0 YZ gg 51 W? .Lili f 2 gsm-Q,XfA.3H.. wi 'M-5.51 4 K I Ill Miss Leila V. Lester Q, 9 3 +A. Miss Ethel M. Osborne 0. Mrs. Helen M. Miner .El :L . 8 lf e A4 W- ,, , , I , 'Eli , V ' Mies Marie F. Danheiser Y 1 Coach Feltham, Miss Sackett SHlP'S SPEUIHUSTS Standing: Miss L. Tribe, Mrs. IQ Ghoppe, Mrs. M. Nonnengard , Miss I. Scott Sitting: Mr. C. Hulshoff, Miss N. Marshall, Mrs. V. Kneller Mr. R. Gardiner A S Q 9 ' A - ,....u,,..N.u4- . ff: L. M M f wx - :2,L .W Q SMH 1 ' ' 1 f '- .'.uwiL,1imf.kl.....1.11r 1' 1- 'ff ' -, 1 - -- ---... - A.,- Mr. C. Halbert, Miss B- Kinney, M155 E- Kenyon' Mr' 'I' Weidert Standing: Mrs. W. Dart, Mrs. M. Ford, Miss M.' Judge, Mrs. E. Waite, Mrs. M. Wagner, Miss M. Laramy Seated: Mrs. D. Fritts, Mrs. L. Norton, Miss A. Hastings, ' Mrs. A. Weeks, Miss C. Argana, Mrs. M. Cacner 10 .....s.f--g,g.,.j,:, , r K - -,-:.,.,,,.,-:,i,Y:,-vi., K ,....nuu.u.n.:j:-fre ,if-Six-I if 'T -:Aims-lffffifi' '44 ' , -L RW-' ,,r,., ,,,:A '.',g:ZzL4".'d'.."f.'5Qi'"" ' W W. Merle, JJ. Norton, A, Schiller, H. Dart A. Meier, F. Keizer, C. Smiegelski, E. Netzen, W. Judkins L. to R. H. Corning, L. Wight ' A. Bartz 11 ...nv YH-, .Q v-4. M- . .,-.i.-.1....4 X54 -A. V V+ R ., ,..,a.dd 9wa:5 ' L, to R. D. Lewis, C. Heinder- sich LJ LS Q I U w 1' ..a,w..1.uu:....-A1..m "' -I " M .. LQ ,.,,e,,e.,4eeF,,A,.m eve e e , , ,- J' J of MJ" vi 1..1f:fahq,1:1-:wtf- 'Phu . khan. A -at t p -r Rf A THE LOG T As a good omen for twelve years of smooth sailing, bright fall sunshine fell across the bow of the 'Mighty A', as she weighed anchor in the fall of 1935 with Ann Rider, Helen Wilcox, and Norris Geer in the original crew. Early in March, Violet Glor boarded the ship from Dist.9, Attica. Twins James and John Smith added new interest as they were initiated into the realm of Neptune in the third year of the voyage. The fourth sojourn from home port added four new shipmatesg Edith Judkins from Dist. lL, Ray, Irene Dembowski from Dist. 8, Town Line Roadg Phyllis Brown of District 8, and Robert Golanski who was transferred to another ship at the end of the same year. Upon leaving port in 1939. the ship's crew was substantially increased by six new recruits raising the total number of tars to 15. Donning the blues that year were Ann Meyers with boot training at St. Joseph's School in Bataviag Gordon Harding, a recruit from Bethany, together with following apprenticesg Gloria Myers from Dist. 10, Janet Schroeder from Dist. ll, John Cichocki from Dist. 5 and Margaret Heintz from Dist. 5. The Sixth year of the voyage began with the addition of but three to a crew already well acclimated to the rigors of sea life, June Hoover of Dist. 12, Herbert Howard, Paviliong and Joan Hinckley from distant Tusoon, Arizona. James and John Smith temporarily left the 'Mighty A' when they were transferred to another ship. Three promising young seamen joined forces in the memorable year of l9L1: Karl Gohlke with basic training in Cleveland, Ohio, Allan Jensen and Richard Mazur, young boots from Linden District School. ' Judy Debo became one of the crew in the eventful eighth year of the vo age when 20 loyal crewmen received the coveted title of 'AB'iable-bodied seameng. By this time the 'Mighty A' had proved herself a sea-worthy craft with a promising future. .The crew assumed serious duties and responsibilities with the help of five new hopeful seamen: Two would-be-sailors from Buffalo, Richard Kinner and Robert Golanski, the latter a former shipmateg Jean Reimer, from Batavia, Willard Schriner, a young boot from Attica, and Florence Piontkowski from Lancaster. Miss Esther Healy, now Mrs. Whitney, was chosen as special counselor, guiding the activities of the crew under the leadership of Gordon Harding, President: Judy Debo, Vice-presidentg Jean Reimer, Secretary, and Ann Rider, Treasurer. The crew elevated into the new rank of high school life, sponsored the traditional dance and and entertained the Juniors with a sports program, followed by refreshments. The Journey's tenth year was directed by Richard Kinner as President, aided 1 by Vice-president, June Hoover, Secretary, Norris Geer, and Treasurer, Ann Rider. 3 Miss Maney, now Mrs. Minor, assumed the task of advisor to a busy crew who sponsored a class dance, decorated the Christmas tree on the upper deck and entertained the Seniors with a movie, 'Beau Geste', followed by refreshments ln the Galley. Adding to the successes of the year came two new recruits, Dawn Dohse from South Byron, and Dorothy Foster from Batavia. Helen Wilcox was forced to take sick-leave in the middle of the voyage and was unable to remain an active crewman. - The eleventh venture into unchartered waters was directed by Richard Kinner, re-elected president, Vice-presedent, Joan Hinckley, Secretary, Norris Geer, and Treasurer, Ann Rider. Mrs. Minor as crew advisor, piloted the crew through a round and square dance, three one-act plays and the first.finanoially successful Junior Prom since 1941. The crew enjoyed a skating party sponsored for them by the crew of the ship of"L9. By this time the 'Mighty A' was manned by a crew of twenty-four, boosted to twenty-six with the apprearance of Helen Darbee from East Aurora and Arthur DeMuth from Buffalo. The latter boot was transferred to a more official ship in the spring of the year but upon discharge from the U.S.N., he once more resumed training on board the 'Mighty AW, - As the ship set sail in September of 1946, the tars looked enthusiastically toward the final vouage of the faithful 'A', A more mature better-trained crew combined regular duty with two dances, a one-act play, a log of the 12 year v journey, and a five day shore-leave in New York City. The orginal crew welcomed the return of the Smith Brothers, James and John, along with Frances Putnam and Betty Folk, all recruits from Putnam Settlement. We've seen too, the familar face A of Carlton Wight who returned to finish the voyage he was unable to complete last A year. As the log of the 'Mighty A' draws to a close, thirty ancient mariners regret- filly face the forthcoming discarges from services. The devotion of the 'A's' A personnel to the mother ship will remain unchanged though the future holds the disbanding of the orginal crew. A iii? A " -: Ass: f Q?--Q-gigil Q- 7 f--- l ...h ,, - Y , A -is r is - A,-1--b as-9:2 ess--asf--. .l A 9 e isis:-s 333. as X A -Y V I ,ms fl - ffw,-Nh V r , g 5-L-1 ' ..:, sv- he L """" .4 V, 12 V A , 1 34.-.V v l- Z2Q??Q?wf+1ff "H 'W?f7 fifsruegs W w '- mx , fll -X ,f . f' ff ' I f I 1 xxx- Xxx fi' M f- . X N 1 X .f . I . ' .145 fb 1 X Q 2 Xxx ,if M X I 1 xx f N ,f x Q ,- A ,I N , ,-gg u 4 X XX ffl I X In I i , ' 1,17 ,f ' ' I fr x igi . W 'J Ml f ff '-"' K XX Jil uf, x-,,, , XXX -f- f ff" - NK l 'L'- X .1 6 F il' s uh' f 1? ' -f-'X 1- X- if +1 If KI, ri !Z.f- f :Q A f N gm! up I ,A . H 1,1-fx? K t x . nl 4, 'N If - ,. X -'fx-f -f f' x J I f-1. .mx 9, VLA- gd- f- x XXXXX 0 v ff .if-,fs-1 f 9 x x I iQ ' gh X Y l r FN , ' V X. ,.--fJ1'i -Z .N Q xxx-XX X t -in 7 X :xx , + 'JA' Q .,Xx XX X --Wf X - "-A-XMNXS fi Q X ?-"'i- i KXMN-. xx ' xxx" . ,i,.f Q Stk-v 1-12. t Q NM 8- n H -'AN R g - Q., Y, --- Q . J., ,,,, Y.- , , . g . ' QN- ' " S '. 13 . . W , ' L' ' ' w an 1 , . ' . Mlm.-A.nll - 'V ' ' , ,f Wu, f - Q . -3 Academic Diploma Chorus-3,4 B5-nd"1-92,311+ Operetta-3,4 Religionf2,3 Dancing-3 PJ-ay"39lr Library-2 Sextette-3,4 Academic Diploma Chorus-l,2,3,4 F. F. A.-3,L Dramatics-1,2 Track-3,4 Soccer-L Play-3 Operetta-3 F.F.A. Basketball- 3,4 Homemnking Diplo e Chorus-3,4 Play-3 ' Operette-L Phyllis C. Brown Arthur W. Deuuth John L. cichocki Bernice I. Dembowski Helen C. Darbee Dawn H. Dohgg f X Academic Diploma Rel1g1on43,4 Play-4 DancinS'394 Homemaking Diploma Play-3 Dancing-3,4 Library-2 Chorus-1 Com ercial Diploma Religion-2,3 Library Club-2 Play-3 .G.A.A.-2 - 4 C .. ,,...-A-QI1, -...X ,M . - ' ,rib 'J' V , 'l' .. T-'fem 511-' 'Vi- , V , Mk' -.3':.fy-,,.4,' u 5 ,Lvyi5QMW - .,..b.,, ,.e .V 14 , , .x,LxwM'mmHf9 N ' ' , V ' ,i'4"4:1.'i1.-T. , ' ' , W .5'aLfc:gj,'3.",.,5f.: , , ' p. dmv, 4 D p, fc 5gpgg?g35wfy53ggg , V V . x -M, X, Mr. 7' 5 T Commercial Diploma Chorus-1 Patrol-l- Homemaking Diploma Religion-3 Chorus-1 G.A.A.-2 Plays-3,4 Dancing-3,L Dramatics-3 Speaking-L ' Elizabeth J. ron: vi.-get E, Glor Academic Diploma Chorus-2,3,L Art Club-L Glee Club-1 Dramatics Club-l Play-3 Operetta-l,L College Entrance Diploma Chorus-1,4 F.F.A.-l,2,3,L Religion-3 Dramatics-1,2 Operetta-L Rifle Club-L Play-3 Dorothy B. roster ' Karl R. Gohlke Academic Diploma Agriculture Diploma Ch -1 BaggEi,2:3:Z'4 ghoru:I1,2i3,L geliiion-1,2,3,1, Ffgflj..-if5,5?L lpgaa 25 Contest- Basketball-2,3 F:F:A:-1'2,3,4 F.F.A. BBSK6tbBl1-L Dance Band-3 . 5132238 3 L 0 tt - ' ' Dggggtigsgik volley Ball-L Secretary-2,3 0Pergtia'L F.1P.A. Secretary-2 Base B 14' F.F.A. Basketball-L Norris L. Geer Robert G. Golanski .lil of- ,,l, A looo A - ' ' 1' H M -' - .u1ls1L.1:"im.,-1..:. "" 11' A gm ig lg w -1 Local Diploma Chorus-1,L Play-2,3,L Basketball-2,3,L Baseball-2,3,L Track-3,4 President-1 Operetta-L Homemaking Diploma Religion-3 Library Club-1,2 Dancing-L Chorus-1 GOAOAO-2 College Entrance Diploma Chorus-2,4 Dancing-1,2 P1By'3n4 Dramatics-1,2,3 Library-1,2 Operetta-2,4 Newspaper-2 Vice-Pres.-3 Gordon R. Harding June L. Hoover uargaret c. Heintz Herbert w. Howard JOSH S- HiD0kl0! Allan C. Jensen 16 H College Entrance-1 Diploma Cheerleader-2,3,4 Dancing-1,2,3,4 G.A.A.-2,3,4 Chorus-l,2,3,4 Band-l,2,3,4 Dance Band-l,2,3,L Sextette-l,2,3,L Library Club-1,2 Dramatics Club-l Operetta-3,4 Religion-1,3 Vice President-2 Plays-3,4 Agriculture Diploma rare-As'1l2l gilv F.F.A. Basketball- L 'College Entrance Diploma Band-l,2,3,4 Chorus-1,2,3,L Plays-3,4 0perettafl,3,L Dramatics-l,2 ' President-4 F.!.A.-1 College Entrance Diploma Chorus-l,2,3,L Band-l,2,3,L , Sextette-l,2,3,L Religion-1,2,L Operetta-1,2,3,L G.A.A.-2,3 Dramatios-1,2,3 Art Club-L Colleie Entrance D ploma rereAe'1p 2.3.1. Rifle Club-L Chorus-L Operetta-L F.F.A. Basketball- 3 L ciaes Officer-2, 3,4 P1878-3,L Agriculture Diploma. , College Entrance Diploma "' Chorus-1,2,3,L Band-1,2,3,L Dramatics-3 C Library Club-l A Operetta-3 Sextette-l,2,3,L Treasurer-L Newsoaper-3 A V Speaking Contest-1,3 , nance Band-l,2,3,L A , -I 1 D, 1, 5. ,Religion-1 2 3 1, W" ' Play-3,1. ' ' ' 1 . V.. -v r ,, , - , H r ,, .J Edith M. Judkins Ann L. Meyers Commercial Diploma Chorus-4 Library Club-2,3 Art Club-4 Play-3 Operetta-4 Religion-l Dancing-3,4 Richard E. Kinner Glgria J. Myers l Commercial Diploma Basketball-3 L , Baseball-L ' 353925 2 Traok'L Library Club-2,3 gliyla 1 2 3 4 Nwnsmpaa H""'2 0 O 0' 0 I I - Chorus-L D t as Boy Scouts-1 l Richard lhzur Florence Piontkowski Q .lf ,1 " . A 17 Safe? Q LJD-F44-HQff1f2:?:?'?Y?7 Y 'Y "'A K Y vryr A 'NAM'-N ' 1' X X H """ ...:4hu.x,1.'1..1.,.,,1.,1,1 'il 34 - 'I' 3-' v" '1 ' f'-- " '5f 1'L,,,, Academic Diploma Chorus-L Religion-4 Operetta-L College Entrance Diploma Cheerleader-3,4 Chorus-1,2,3,L GoAcAe"1p3,L Dramatics-2 Library Club-2 Operetta-3,L Treasurer-1,2,3 Speaking Contest-1 P15-ys"3llv Sextette-1,2,3,L Homemaking Diploma' Chorus-l,2,3,L Dancing-1,3 Operetta-l,3,L Play-3 Frances D, Putnam Ann E. Rider Glenda A. Schmidt Q qw-' J f'wfyg'fff'zzifgqwg in Fig r " me M w , ' ,,YWQUW, ,wgqpqwwyq 'N', ffm WUUWNrH4bvW!WfWM ig ! :Vid a 7'z29Q2f.1 :RWM W 'i w ' 'zfhwff f.f07h." ,iffaawwl f f.NZLfgv!fgwyml 'uqwwwg if ,ff , AW,-.3 My' ,f 1 1',j '4,',, 99' f4 7V,,,14, A ,QSM 1 3, 1 . " 1 ,-W ' - , ' "q,g11gv,J, E f f lw ' D ' Wa? ?',M?1y4MWf,MW1f GPU: ffkfmgdwfwwy Www f V agig fgili w ,L ,qu-kg , ,: W Wff?Z?Qgf?6?QWi-N gZgCQw ff'ff9HVfMXwwwT -21M ww gf .ff,fMZ','.zf, -f2f2f""" 5 KW f 5 If if f V f ff .1 f.. c,...,f ,1 f ff IWW My 4,.L ,f,, ffw J ff, -, ,Gy WZ A WT1fZfuQWa?m ' 4 ff my -ip ,..,, 1 ,-:,,--im' Q-'M ,f N 1 ff 1. f . ,H , ,,,, ., , . Willard N. Schriner Janet M. Schroeder James R. smith College Entrance Diploma ' Chorus-l,2,3,L Speaking Contest- 2.3,L Basketball-1,2,3 Qperetta-2,3,L Dramatics-2,3 Art Club-4 Track-2,3 Play-3 rereAe"1 Religion-3 Baseball-3 Newspaper-3 College Entrance Diploma Cheerleader-1,4 Chorus-1,2,3,L Band-l,2,3,4 Religion-l,2,3,L Play-3 Secretary-L GQAQAQ '1 , 2 Dramatics-1,2 Operetta-1,3,L Dancing-l,2,3 Library Club-1,2 Academic Diploma P1aya4 V Operetta-4 Ghorus-4 rOreA0'L John R. Smith Academic Diploma Chorus-L Opsretta-L Foro-Ao 'lf Art Club-L SENIOR UFHCERS Standing: Sitting: Allan Jensen-Pres., Richard Kinner-V. Pres. Janet Schroeder-Secy., Miss Turk-Advisor, Ann Meyers-Trees. sq 19 s ...M n , uk X -ws . , , 1 H 1 Y-"m'A"w P ' ' H """',a1nm..,.,.:,. ii' 'ummn 51 ' 42" NAME Phyllis Brown John Cichocki Helen Darbee Irene Dembowski Arthur DeMuth Dawn Dohse Dorothy Foster Betty Folk Norris Geer Violet Glor Karl Gohlke Robert Golanski Gordon Harding Margaret Heintz Joan Hinckley June Hoover Herbert Howard Allan Jensen Edith Judkins Richard Kinner Richard Mazur Ann Meyers Gloria Myers Florence Piontkowski Frances Putnam Ann Rider Glenda Schmidt Janet Schroeder James Smith John Smith Willard Schriner -.H ' . SCUTTLEBUTT FAVORITE EXPRESSION FAVORS Ah, Shucks! Late Hours Oh, Heck! Horse races Doe Head! Chevrolet Omigosh! Soldiers Huba, Huba! Hunting 0h,Heavens,No! Clarence Silly Boy! Hawaii No,Not That! Movies Oh, Nertz! Basketball Ye-Gads! Irving Drop Daid! Hunting Hiya, Honey! Sleep Bonehead! Literature Oh,that Kid! No homework Donft be funny! Curly Hair More Fun! Sleeping Get Lost! Fast Cars who dat? Driving car Sad! Music Wind 'em up! Hunting What? Flying It's wicked! Chem.Class Not that Again! Lux Theater Can you Tell? Blue Eyes Ah-Men! Milk Shakes Big Time Stuff! Sleep Jeepers! Letters 0h,Fine! Music How're governor? .Sweet Women Why? Fords Baby! Basketball 20 WILL BE Housewife Loafer Old Maid Cowgirl Mechanic Married HHPPY Old Maid Storekeeper Housewife Truck driver Farmer Butcher Farmerswife Lady Married Truck driver Guy Missionary Truck driver Phys. Inst. D.Hygienist Secretary Secretary Hm.Ec.Teacher Fortune Teller Hm.Eo.Teacher Housewife Attorney Radar Man Engineer ADMIRES Danny Horses Gentlemen W. Music Mary Ann Glenda Boldness Horses Age of 18 Age of 18 Kinner Pussy-Willow Millionaire Good books Sleep Men-mostly Just girls Buz Sawyer Ing.Bergman Gohlke Woma- Greg.Peck A.J,Cron1n Les E B.B.Players The Gang Dawn Smart People Quiet Women One Petunia CLHSSES n 'A . l Ill ,gm Aki. ll ,1 if ..,,rwlt1 A 1 WQQYI' . I X 4 1 K fix: .i - +2-f 'f L-git' "1 A 2 J ,gT 4'--' " Yr. mf I A tl ----'fi 7 -fs... H "l4 x --g.'2i....X' --'ZZ N19 sg -5...-'19 X fx L ,Z Q-fffws-f :ff NP' A ax-l .Tp'.j1... X - 7 1,.71L..,Yy 4:5-' '- 1 ,M ff-4 "tr 'J-!ZV "'4, 1 X .7 X..-' mf' "Q Y 21 - ' -------4--'HM' " ' 1. 1 , -'I' pug If -vim, r 11' "-- 1 1 771":F?f'i ' Back Row: Second Row: Third ROW: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Absent: J. cicnocki W. scnriner. N- Gear STQESZ A. DeMuth, 5. Golanskiv D- Schram v R' Mazur' J' Smith Foster, B. Folk, P. Brg:n,kE. Pugnagahgidzarding, H. Howar , . nc e . g?ggi?s5.GdogZgg?,J? Schroeder: R. Kinner, Miss Turk-advisor, Jensen, A. Meyers, D- DOHSS, M- Heintz Dsmbowski, 7. Glor, H- Dafbee Piontkowski, K. Gohlke CLHSS UF 1947 The officers who have guided us through our last year at Alexander Central school were elected by the class as follows: President-Allan Jensen Vice President-Richard Kinner Secretary-Janet Schroeder Treasurer-Ann Meyers Faculty Advisor-Miss Elverta Turk We look back on our last year and to th ose that have preceded it with 8 feeling of pride in a job well done. Consulting the record, we find that our Senior year has been the most active for us by far and away. Our first event was our dance on October ll which proved to have the largest attendance of any this season. To bolster our treasury, we sold magazines in early November. Our second dance was held on January 31, which was a success in spite of the poor weather. The class went to New York City on April 17 for a four day stay. This had been our goal for four years, and was the biggest of our activities. Our graduation on June 23rd was the crowning event of our year's labor and activ- ities c 22 3, '..,, .?....-.7 r--.-9 V.-3,6 , ,. ,...a..,g.,-:- A 4 V -- ..1'-f-"v'....,h' M,,l.5,,. an .,., .,. 'V 'X f"?'Gj.w.- Lug: ,-Sf-,Q . ..,.,. , - Q1 " " Back Row: SGCOIJI1 ROW! Third Row: Front Row: Absent: The follows: The from the The was very close co- J. Green, K. Klossner, E. Wohlschlegel L. Warren, D. Norton, R. Col- antonio, D. Worthington R. Brown, R. Carson, E. Worthington, R. Hume, R. Hulshoff, R. Howard, C. Williams, R. Meier, F. Buckenmeyer, G. Marquardt L. Goodman, S. Mellenthein, C. Johncox, M, Westermeier, S. Spaulding, J. Moore, In Wohlschlagel, B. Cochran, D. Howard, M. Reilly, T. Wik- torski, E. Minton, F. Zalenski J. Price, L. Lyons, L. Waite, R. Westermeier, D. Woodruff, Miss Les- ter, M. Richert, R. Myers, E. Schmieder, D. Wolfley, D. Hinckley, Junior Class began the school year with the election of officers as M. Schenck President---Donald Woodruff Vice President---Rosemary Westermeier Secretary--Regina Myers Treasurer---Marion Richert class selected Mrs. Miner as class advisor but due to her resignation faculty, Miss Lester was chosen. first activity of the year was a Thanksgiving dance November 27 which successful. On March 28, three one-act plays were presented, and the operation of every member of the class and the coaching by faculty members insured its success. The Junior Prom was held May 16 with many attend- ing and all having an enjoyable time. Due to the tradition we were entertained by the Freshmen class, and enjoyed it very much. Many of our class members have taken part in activities during the year. Three of our girls are active cheerleaders, and many of outstanding basketball players 'hailn from the Junior class. Also some of our members have participated in the speaking contest. The class members are proudly wearing their class rings and are looking forward to their Senior year. 23 k T 'W' M. mmnnln ' mmmmmmmmmnn 'Il mmmmuwmwnna ,. ., ,Ml in ' Y ,X ' ' 1' H '.m.a:1..'+..1,..Q ' ' T ' " K " 'Mews' 53EgfLf:H:.5L,'.FQ:z::zL f all d Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Front Row: Andrews, J. Meyers, R. Koziarski, H. Hensel Burch, E. Wolfley, L. Huber, H. Kautz, Gilhooly, J. Kielbasa, N. Keicher, B. Graff Trybnekiewicz, L. Laben,E. Humel, V. Grant, Rozborski, J. Hoover, G. Acquard, M. Warren Tenney, B. Foster Hensel, P. Berryman, F.Penkszyk, Mr. Weidert, Idzik, J. Sanders, E. Glor, L. Putnam De pski, M. Parise class or 1949 At our first meeting in September the officers were chosen b lows: President-Frank Penkszyk Vice President-Francis Idzik Secretary-Jean Sanders Treasurer-Patricia Berryman Mr. John Weidert was chosen as advisor. The Sophmore boys have been active in basketball and other sports and closed a very successful season. y the class as fol As is the custom, the class set up and trimmed the tree inside the main en- trance at Christmas time. Because of a full schedule of the school, the class dance could not be held at Christmas timeg however it was held on May 2, the music being furnished by the Wyoming Woodohoppers. In the latter part of May, theSophomoresgeve the Seniors the traditional treat. We now look for- ward to our year as Juniors. 24 ermfwwf-H-r-?- X ' ilk' is-f' 1, Top Row: L Second Row: D. Balduf, R. Vanderwarker, P. R. Bower, G. Buckenmeyer, R. Ri Third Row: G. S . Gammack, W. Gardner, J. Wirth, W. Alwardt, K. Dart, N, Hopkins Bartz, L. Backman, P. Worthington, ch Ferry, B. Warner, C. Duckworth, M. Gilhooly, V. Willard, J. Waite, . Gardiner, A. Harding, M. Mazur, M. Golanski, A. Warner A. Diemoz, Mr. Feltham, G. Roberts, Fourth Row: E. Kruppa, G. Wight, N. Welker, L. Embt, M. Coisman, W. Worthington Front Row: C. Sched, D. Punches, A. Burch, Ll . Sojda, C. Khminski The Freshman Class started the year with the Absent: President-Lyle Vice President- Secretary-Neil R. Buckenmeyer 1950 following officers: Embt Anthony Diemoz Welker Treasurer-Glenna Roberts Coach Feltham was elected class advisor. Several of our boys were active in sports during the year and two of our girls, Audrey Harding and Jane Sojda, were on the cheering squad. In March we made a donation to the Red Cross but our first real activity in high school was our Spring Dance which was held on April 18th. We also upheld the long-established tradition of entertaining the Juniors. The occasion was a siating party at Silver Lake. X 25 W ..,,. , . sighs rA5QQ!!!!I!l!!!!!!!!!!!!!llli I. A f r, 1 , vii. 11' W.. A: ilu- bA..umu:n..1l1h.xa..,,s,,:, ' A ka ' gg, 11, V. ,, , ,.,...,.. .: w,+nfvp ,Q f, ,, ,!f,..,,.,,+ M2315 ,XM I pffa..,p4.J5:, -a,',,3g.1. ,-,1t..1qjL-lp , 'f'5.ff1'q,fgz:gf:Sa'ug .1 Top Row: J. Judkins, W. Kelsey, D. Pfalzer, R. Weckenheim, K. Goodman, W. Bak- er, R. Harris, J. Ruhlman, N. Fleming Second Row: D, Warren, C. Kittle, R. Lapp, G. Cupicha, C. Kelley, R, Hawker, S.Phr- ise, R. Patterson, R. Norton, R. Heiman, K. Lyons. Third Row: S. Hinckley, M. Smykowski, D. Hodge, J. Laben, S. Carson, D. Beechler ' H. Kramer, L. Sohenok, D. Bowen, A. Curtiss, S. Brown, B. Adams, A. Van Buren Fourth Row: E. Kautz, W, Cook, J. Koester, MrS-Parker, J. Gardner, Mr. Halbert, L. Pope, Miss Kenyon, B. Bowen, J. Sanders, P. Ralyea, F. Baltz Fifth Row: R. Good, W. McCullough, D. Glor, R. Alwardt, B. Spring, S. Green, E. Schiller, J. Good, R. Hoover Absent: A. Snyder, A. Tooley, L. Higgins, D. Klossner, L. Shafer, H. Kramer, V. Myers, B. Shadbolt, L. Good 'S 'tr 'I me ,Bk " J Ja ll ref .n....,R A EE.-.1 The outgoing class wishes to welcome 'b rd hi t iome day weigh anchor on a longer cruise aboggd tie ghggoogeiigiagz 32132 :ggi minggggiagggitgathg members of the Class of '51 for the perserverance and deter- s rought them this far lo th . seas ahead will not discourage them or bgeaggtheesgggit wiiggpg that the heavy for a healthy, happy and efficient crew. Class of '51, We1come?A:ga?g?esSary 26 ' V rf First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: AbSSI1t2 SEVENTH GHHDE P S. Wiktorski, C. Heintz, R. Charles, L. Wright f L. Higgins, S. Andrews, J. Cochran, J. Morse V. Trybuskiewicz, S. Schmieder, P. Volino, J. Lavender W. Wolfley, J, Kendall, E. Brown, J. Schad D. Foster, D. Tharnish, R. Patterson, D. Huber P. James, K. Kruetter, H. Kruetter G. Linsey, A. Armstrong, S. Austin C. Klossner, M. Andrews, R. Hilkin, D. Pestlen, L. Rennicks, G. Lake SDLP I-' -v SEVEHEH GHHD E 1 f-gl - X - First Row: Third Row: Fifth Row: Absent: E Q' is, E' 1 E s9 fQ'?, Qgggfff Second Row: Fourth Raw: D. Morse, J. Glor, R. Chaddock, E. Reilly, E. Grant 2. Buokenmeyer, M. Wight, B. Kingston, M. Fraz er M. Mallison, J. Reenter, P. Hampton, J. Wirth, A. Waite P. Gear, J. Hoover, J. Meyers, R. Jack G. Morse, G. Greiner L. Parrish, R. Esterbrook .Q3dH l Q!!liEnumg Ln, - W - 'L'------4II...IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'hlllllllllllllIllllllllllllII2IIME!MMMALllIliQIlimHMMMWMH5MIIIIIIEHMIHMEMMHQIIEQII First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row Absent: SIXTH BRHDE R. Parise, B. Harding, A. Jewell, J. Greiner, B. Robbins D. Townsend, A. Good, A. Hawker, E. Bartz, C. Brown D. Schiller, T. Kendall, L. Garigen, R. Yager, N. Boltz : N. Pestlen, P. George, E. Cupicha, P. Vander- walker, E. Joslin, W. Kolberg W. Greiner, R. Foster, M. Myers Wil. EBHUE pal JW W f v pfl U , j i P' ! 1 ' ' .yhnl nl Q lMre. Dart! SFPDWEYX - Illlllfwg, t fn flifm..-. ZJYIIIII -s ux-snug 'IK 1 First Row: Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Absent: R. Bowen, R. Alwardt, R. Norton, S. Baker, C. Rich, E. Geer . F. Kellner, H. Spring, D. Glor, H. Alwardt, R. Mielcerek, A. Klossner Williams, R. Tenney, M. Heiman, N. Lewii f4WClJWCPZt11 Hodge . T Z Gardner, J. Glor, B. Beechler, J. Spring, Dart ' Thernish, J. Robutka, G. Heiman, -R. WHSDGI' J udkine ' Pralzer, A. Duckworth, J. Williams , f. -,-- .,,....,,..,.,,,,,..,.,,.gh , -ea!!! 253' C-nn' First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Absent: lMiss ml FIFTH GHFIUF J. Regan, P. Kautz, C. Burch, J. Warner, S . Snring FMiss Hastings! . Lake, J. Curtiss, Z. Worthington, R. Kelsey, . Loranty . Perkins, M. Kirsch, C. Hodge, M. Higgans, . Snell . Howard, K. Balduf, R. Wagner, M. Rosemark . Rindgr, J. Snyder, B. Kruetter, C. Snell T J L D E. Lyons, L. Goodman, F. Kolberg, K. Urban H F D . Abendschein, J. Sodja, R. Kirsch, P. Myers Arganaj FIFTH GHHDF 5 L X x so X I 'six First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row Fifth Row: Sixth Row: J. Rider, R. Triftshauser, J. Jack R. Adams, B. Triftshauser, A. Lincoln, C. Dart, S. Lewis R. Moore, S. Kruszelnioki, P. Green, M. Bartz E. ?erkins, L. Buckenmeyer, P. Greiner, P. Spaulding, M. Strong D. Baker, R. Harris, B. Balduf, G. Carter, D. Brown' G. Tlede , , .. F. .F-. J. , Fm, F, lmli-1ual.k..i.dg.A:.xL....n.:ln MMiMh First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: S6V6l1th ROW! Absent: FUURILQQFQBHDE Waite, M. Wardwell, G. Neubarth, G. Gilhooly, Morse ' steel, w. wiekings, P. Juakins, K. Alwardn, Wood Volino, G. Dailey, M. Wolfley, N. Green . Morse, J. Perkins, B. Greiner, B. Klossner Perkins, S. Werner, B. Diemoz, C. Hirsch Bowen, J. Townsend, A. Roth, C. Lathan George, J. Hayman, E. Kruetter. Greiner, C. Howard FOURTH GHHUE lMrs . Wagner! C-Nfb First Row: Second Row tba Z Third Row: J-are 'fevsq,.A Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Absent: QNMUFFHQP Brown, D. Freeman, G. Kittle, J. Pestlen, Pestlen Goodman, P. Geitner, D. Kendall, D. Snyder, Moltrup V gnyier, J. Skrzygki, H. Wyman, D. Wright' os Brown, E. Lyons, R, Ysger, W. Peck Werner, D. Werner, D. Harkness, G. Kelsey Blowers, J. Stewart , ' . Wf,-'.2."".f,:'1 7 5 1-.".L.n.g.....L.' ' fWF?F First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Absent: FUbC0:d THUED. 55.305 Gab Q' uh-u Lewis, M. Baker, E. Goodman, A. Glor . Skrzycki, C. Bruggman, J. Huber, D. Begg, Mellenthein Foeller, S. Bowen, P. Ilg, N. Bang, C. Duck- worth ' N. Mellenthein, C. Kruetter, A. Garigen, M. Buck- enmeyer, J. Embt E. Kirsch, J. Pfelzer, M. Heiman, J. Hampton, R. Henry P. Hoover, S. Swarts, D. Townsend, W. Shea THIQQ --,,.a-ll-. 1 xl! 1 gl f x ? 11 2 ,IQ ...LLMB First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row Fifth Row: Absent: Balbick, J. Yoder, A. Ralyea, F. Morse Goetz, R. Balduf, R. Reilly, C. Hopkins Snyder, G. Wohlschlaael, S. Patterson, Snyder Soeulding, M. Snell, L. Wagner Parise, F. Reilly, G. Kittle Fisher, D. Parrish, C. Elwell, N. Bartz Myers, M. Hilkin First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Absent: EFF U Q H5 OF "QI-' "il-F UQ CPO FP FUN . . F-I HE UQUQ " UQ F" 'db ' U EQ 5-1. I'-' S? E55 CD!-' l-"I-' P.. H ,ge . ei' HO OI! Crm SECUQUILQEHDE 24'-ipgli . Sanders, J. Bower, B. Bolz, S. Wiktorski Robbins, E. Bruggman, M. Rogers, E. Shaffer Hofert, L. Pfalzer, W. Hensel, G. Baker . Sched, R. Werner, J. Rehm, L. Garigen . Glor, V. Walker, J, Kelsey, L. Moore, D. Ruhlman, S. Wight, P. Bennett SECUHIJ GHHDE lMiss .Tudgel ,.f r-'- L I: 1 - , 3: First Row: T. Felthem, D. Bowen, D. Beechler Second Row: R. Higgins, D, Gohlke, D. Bowen 145, Third Row: B. Werner, D. Wagner, L. Werner X! Fourth Row: N. Brown, B, Perkins, B. Bowen 'f" Fifth Row: L. Roth, S. Dayton, M. Austin Sixth Row: R. Kruszelnioki, J. Howard, E. Synder ' Seventh Row: C. Lloyd, N. Greiner, J. Willard Absent: L. Schunk, H. Kirsch, G. Hodge, R. Post, K. Bowen, G. Ahl . w 32 'v" QL yy .wr 1mmmwwvh First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Absent: N131 .QB,HUf l ' HS Iullr K. Lowell, J. Barrett, J. Kreutter, J. Rindge, D. Strong, R, Pope, E. Bontrager, J. Zak J. Fouller, S. Tiede G. Grefrath, G. Geitner, G. Burroughs g. c-. wright, N. Baldur, A. Kirsch 'Sb C., Belduf, B. E1we11, T. Pfalzer ,9 - M. Gonlke, G. Jewell, M. shea, R. scnunk, L. Wright, V. Myers, R. Bowen H551 25905 J 1 1 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: S6V6Dth Row: 33 Tenny, G. Geitner, B. Buckenmeyer, Statler Cook, A. Cathie, G. Dugan, D. Lincoln Smith, M. Kreutter, P. Gardner, P, Lyons James, R. Shea, R. Bartz, F. Lake Judkins, R. Witorski, K. Klossner Sillaway, B. Hodge, S. Staba VanBuren, B. Sprague, W. Wood 3 - ,e.. . he S , E i 1 i Jwwofv Eff' lf Q flu, V Ali I 55:1 1 21,2 l': 2 L 4 f . 1 ' 'A 'A YZ? r :,., 5 3 ,fx 2 F 3 an 1 r ,.5,, n ,' Z 4 4 ' """fI"'1 W Af M ,Sq "SL-gnu-mr Dlcx 7711s rs the way we wffl laesi be remembereillfq Ifrslvf' " Hens " Jourwws ch ' , wx mx? D4 gl l Q X K l s 5 0 IDI C x ,A 'R X .Ea i ' 44 X x XX i JE K' 1:2,4f E Z!!! R II ' 1 I I A A ' Lx -J g h xY,1 , 4 , , .,,A ,,,, . A, I X K -'ff L ------------is 'r R w: A. De Mutn A. Jensen Miss Turk G. Harding, R- Kilmel' Sggong Row: A. Meyers,'J. Hinckley, P- BTOWD: J- HOOVST, A- RideT,V- Glor Third Row: N. Geer, J. Smith SEHIUH PLHU Anne Purcell ------- --------- - Ann Rider Vivian George ---- ------- -----PhY1liS Brown Vic Lewis ------ --------------Allan Jensen Ed Burns ...... .....-- ----- ---Gordon Harding Lou Heron--------------------June noover Howard Brant ----------- ------ Mr. Purcell --------- ---- Mrs. Purcell ------ Aunt Maude ------ Richard Kinner James Smith -----------Ann Meyers Joan Hinckley President Dixon ------------- -Arthur DeMuth Professor Bean- --------------Norris Geer Despite the efforts of the weatherman to the contrary, the Seniors look back with pride upon the November 22 production of the annual senior play. The genuine fun and merriment in rehearsals compensated for the blinding blizzard whose howls harmonized with the equally vigorous response of a hilarious aud- ience. A repeat performance on December 3 once again put Brookfield College student Howard Brant through his last minute preparation of a term paper in Zoology, for several minutes firmly refused by a stubborn Professor Bean ----- that is, until Howard's Aunt Maude, disguised as a well-known scientist, charms him into believing the paper is worthy of acceptance. An ingenious Anne Pur- cell, aided by her cooperative friends succeeds in abating the antagonism be- tween President Dixon and Mr. Purcell to the point where all ends happily with Brookfield College the benefactor of a new science building, thanks to Mr. Pur- oe11's generosity. Thanks to the help and patience of Miss Turk, our director, the play IHS a great success. 36 . A sf u Top Row: J. Green, R. Carson, C. Williams, R. Hume, E. Wohlschlagel, D. Hinc- kley Second Row: J. Price, R. Brown, R. Howard, Miss Osborne, Miss Turk, Miss Kenyon, D. Woodruff, R. Hulshoff, L. Warren Third Row: D. Howard, L. Waite, B. Cochran, S. Spaulding, M. Richert, J. Moore, M. Reilly, C. Johnccx, Fourth Row: L. GOOGMBH. E. Schmieder, T. Wiktorski, D. Wclfley JUHIUH PLHU A 5, 4- I ox O , ,K Cib- The Junior Plays were a great success this yesr. The three plays-'A Date For Bobby Sox' 'Tea at Four', and 'The Pampered Derling', were directed by Miss ' d b d Kenyon, Miss Turk, and Miss Osborne, respectively. Despite colds, flu, an a weather, the plays progressed steadily and the finished product was presented on March 28. - A L V' h d a 'art either in the play or as stage 'hands', prompt- Hesrly every one a p , A ented at Corfu Grange Hall on April 18, 1947 ers, or ushers. The Plays were pres and were a great success. .We are all looking forward to our Senior Play, which we hope will be bigger and better. H 37 .r.....,...- -.K H -,. . rw... IEIIiIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiIEIIIiii HAM .. .A , E ' 'N -n,-'fr-gr..." W.?5?1?f2f?a r2'f::.w,+g'x1 f 5 x1'7g,wx's.g'sl ,, ll " - A First Row: W. Alwardt, D. Hinckley, R. Rich, B. Graff, K. Burch, J. Smith H. Hansel, D. Balduf, L. Gammack Second Row: L. Embt, R. Bower, E. Worthington, A. Diemoz, R. Carson, H. Howard, H. Kautz, F. Buckenmeyer, F. Gilhooly, R. Golanski, L. Warren Third Row: D. Worthington, R. Colantonio, R. Meier, G. Buckenmeyer, K. Klossner, R. Vanderwarker, E. Wolfley, J. Kielbasa, N. Keicher D. Norton, J. Smith Fourth Row: G. Andrews, K. Dart, R. Koziarski, R. Hume, R. Kinner, N. Geer Mr. Gardiner, D. Woodruff, R. Howard, J. Price, J. Cichocki. Absent: K. Gohlke, C. Kaminski I r:l I:l flu F. F. A. Officers: President ------------ ----- Norris Geer Vice President ------------ Donald Woodruff Secretary ----------------- Rich rd Kinner Treasurer ----------------- John Price Reporter -------------- ---- Richard Howard Sentinel--- --------------- Robert Hume Regular business and recreation meetings were held once a month throughout the year. In cooperation with the Home Economics Class we had a Halloween Party. At Christmas the girls prepared and served a Turkey Dinner which was enjoyed by all who attended. The F. F. A. held their annual dance on January 17, and this was one of the most successful dances ever conducted by the club. During the winter, the club bouaht a radio-nhonograph combination T to be used in the classroom for educational purposes and at other times for entertainment of F. F. A. members. At the annual Father and Son Banquet in April, awards were made to the Basketball players who had participated in the majority of the F.F.A. games. We closed our social activities for the year with a skating party at Silver Lake with the Home Economics Girls. as V ""E2...f' First Row: C. Snell, F. Kellner, E. Reilly, J. Meyers, D. Warren, J. Judkins, W. Alwardt, C. Kittle, J. Price, D. Worthington, J. Smith, R. Pat- terson, K. Dart, R. Koziarski, J. Smith, H. Hensel, W. Wolfley, C. Rich, R. Parise, B. Klossner Second Row: R. Bowen J. Kreutter, E. Kautz, N. Fleming, A. Diemoz, P. Worth- ington, C. Kelley, E. Worthington, R. Hume, D. Woodruff, R. Hul- shoff, S. Parise, R. Hawker, R. Norton, R. Patterson, D. Tharnish, A. Waite, C. Morse, P. George Third Row: L. Goodman, W. Kolberg, L. Gsmmack, R. Baltz, R. Lapp, R. Brown, 5 F. Gilholly, K. Klossner, F. Buckenmeyer, H. Kautz, R. Meier, L. Warren, R. Golanski, L. Huber, R. Judkins, G. Andrews, R. Chad- dock, R. Good, E. Perkins Fourth Row: W. Baker, W. Kelsey, J. Lavender, B. Graff, G. Marquardt, K. Burch P. Bartz, Mr. Gardiner, L. Embt, G. Morse, F. Penszyk, E. Wolfley, R. Rich, R. Tenney, S. Wlktorski, P. Judkins Fifth Row: E. Geer, R. Wagner, G. Spring, E. Williams, L. Pope, D. Pestlen, C Brown, R. Hager, R. Kelsey, H. Alwardt, R. Hoover, D. Townsend, R. Alwardt, R. Charles, E. Lyons, J. Morse, R. Dart, A. Klossner, H. Q Adams The LH work is becoming increasingly popular with the young people of the school area. Our county agent is Mr. M. J. Merton and this year he has been assisted by Mr. John Barney, club agent at large. This organization promotes interest and participation in farm and homemaking projects. There is a wide variety of projects from which to choose. Garden, Pot- atoes and Forestry are projects that are the easiest for the first year member because they require little skill to complete. Other projects or in- terest are sheep, cattle, swine and poultry. During the last two years, new opportunities have been given to poultry members. The state offered thirty- five pheasant chicks to any LH'ers free of charge. They paid ninety cents for every pheasant that was given back at the age of eight weeks. The L-H Farm Shop Club, led by Mr. Gardiner, is composed entirely of eighth grade boys. In this club the boys learn to splice rope, solder, tie knots, lace belts and make rope'halters. The best work is exhibited at the County Fair in competition with other schools in the County. Any LH'er may compete at the Batavia Fair in the exhibits and the judging contests. V 3 9 'Hman - ' ww ,y , , x ii-'Yi :,riQa,Yim1,yg'1 M.-all 1 ,N M ,I jj. :Q-xr-.g4J'x1x. fl- V, 1 V " qii dnl: :lil ,gl :Q i 2 Flute '.5E'iIis Geer Saxo hone Rlta Buckenmeyer Virginia Grant Gloria Greiner June Hoover Robert Hulshoff Joan Meyers Nellie Roth Arlene Van Buren Russell Wackenheim Joy Waite French Horn Betty Bowen Edith Judkins Sybil Hinckley Janet Schroeder John Gardner Clarlnets Norris Gear Don Woodruff Phyllis Brown Sally Spaulding William Kelsey Dorothy Bowen Cristina Klossner John Wirth-Alto Clarinet Oboe Janet Wirth Baritones Pat Berryman Jean Hoover Ann Meyers Basses Kenneth Dart Marian Rioherts simon Banu The Officers of the band were elected as follows: President-Ann Meyers ' Vice President-Janet Schroeder Secretary-June Hoover Treasurer-Marion Richerts Librarian-Norris Geer Q Trombone Joan Moore Lucille Waite Percussion Eileen Imedlck Joyce Hoover John Meyers Shirley Mellenthein Rosemary Westermeier Cornets V Peter Bartz Gerard Buckenmeyer Richard Brown Robert Chaddock Emma Jean Grant Pauline Hensel Allan Jensen Earl Geer Nell Welker Carlton Wight Alson Klossner The largest Senior Band in several years, organized under supervision of 'Pop' Hulshoff, has had a very successful year with several outstanding appearances. On October 25th we were invited to march at the Akron-LeRoy football game but A- we were rained out. Janet Schroeder Phyllis Brown Marion Rich t Ann M er ey- ers and Norris Gear participated in the All State Band-at Jamestown: November- st and on November Sth all Senior band members attended the Marine Band Con- ' cert in Buffalo. Beginning November 15th we played for all home basketball games and for the semi-finals at the Armory. On December 13th we sponsored a' concert-dance which was very successfulg A V ' Currently the band is preparing several selection for a group of.records!t0, 2 be made soon by Bill Birdf V -- LO Soprano race Acquard Phyllis Brown Rita Ann Buckenmeyer Marilyn Coisman Helen Darbee Stephanie Dempski Clara Duckworth Thelma Esterbrook Genevieve Ferry Betty Foster Dorothy Foster Shirley Gardiner Mary Louise Gilhooly Elma Glor Mary Ahn Golanski Louise Goodman Audrey Harding Raquel Harrington June Hoover Dorothy Howard Elfrieda Humel Frances Idzik Clara Johncox Edith Judkins Elizabeth Kruppa Laura Laben Lorraine Lyons Mary Ann Mazur Shirley Mellenthein Joan Moore Gloria Myers Jean Myers Frances Putnam Lucille Putnam Diane Punches Marion Richert Mary Reilly Lorraine Rozborski Jean Sanders Catherine Sched Erma Schmieder Janet Schroeder Jane Sojda Sally Ann Spaulding Joyce Tenney Virginia Trybuskiewicz Lucille Waite Joy Waite Betty Warner Mary Warner Marguerite Westermeier Rosie Westermeier Gladys Wight Theresa Wiktorski Velma Willard Lorraine Wohlschlagel Winifred Worthington Frances Zalenski Alto Eileen Amedick Patricia Berryman Aletha Burch Virginia Grant Joan Hinckley Jean Hoover Ann Meyers Mary Parise Ann Rider Glenna Roberts . Glenda Schmidt Alice Warner SEHIUH CHORUS Tenor Ro5ert Carson Lyle Embt Norris Geer Duncan Hinckley Richard Howard Allan Jensen Norbert Keicher John Kielbasa Kenneth Klossner Richard Koziarski Frank Penkszyk Willard Schriner John Smith Bass Rfchard Brown Kenneth Burch John Cichocki William Gardner Robert Golanski Gordon Harding Robert Hulshoff Robert Hume Richard Kinner Richard Mazur James Smith Donald Woodruff ' Donald Worthington Paul Worthington Under the direction of Miss Louise Tribe, the mixed chorus of approximately one nunarea members has completed a successful program. .In November, they pre- sented the operetta, WH. M. S. Pinafore' for the benefit of buying chorus robes. They also, participated in the Christmas program as an angelic choir. Now they are making arrangements for the spring festival. AIlllllilliililliiiiiiiihh L1 F steam YNVY. H' 5 t , he ,v , -1-f 'cf ' -.: . '-,.. I I ., '1,,,. ,-,I x' .sly , -33-,lp f- v."f.,J'J'f1 rvwv- 1-eww-ku -' 9-3 Ulii 5 53 Q4 FU 2 gn EFDSDC-lQf" Q :UQ 2523 34504 DQDE QHHW 5' fm? New Q QCII 5522 Dldmm P-5' D0 D ml-' WWE' e4w' w ET: DHWW DJ' QC? d' '10 P HF 4:4 EH l .DU U1 H O ESD 2 'S CD OD '1 0 H P' 2 'S 5' S m Q M E D 0 C . Pi' 3 CD W CY N 5' 5 0 QF Q0 UI 2? I-'if' . 13? gs CDI '10 '1 0 P40 CDU' 00 d' Fu?" 50 U99 D: :+G l3"'S as Hal OU H I I-'O 291 55:2 m Q U 3.2 'SE-:Z 0 I Cf Ze . Spaulding, c. Jonncox, R. Buckenmeyer. M- Gilhvoly Fourth Row: Warren, S. Dempski, A. Meyers, M. Parise, G- Wight started off a very suc- President-June Hoover Vice President-Ann Meyers E Secretary k Treasurer-Sally Ann Spaulding On October 15 we invited the Attica girls to a soccer play day. Fun was had by allg and in November, Attica invited us up to a basketball play day. We enjoyed the swimming at the beginning of the year. On M ch l ar ten girls went for a basketball play day. Relay races were enjoyed and, then came the games. We were very proud that night, for we had won the Ch 1 amp onship of all the Genesee County schools represented. On March lL the honor team was not as successful in their game. We've all found pleasure this year in working together. Let's hope that next year will prove to be as prosperous as this one has been. Here's a word of thanks to Miss Saokett for pulling us through some 'mighty tough spots' when we were slowly parting. 42 ,..,!':"L 'twifl , .- g5':'..:q:,a.,1' 'N ef L .0 .A . ,1- -flnamn Flute Jane Curtis Lois Wagner Dorothy Post Trombone Helen Spring Audrey Hawker Mary Lou Wolfley Marie Shafer French Horn Re5ecca Jack Marilyn Frasier Cornet Roger Dart Douglas Brown Alson Klossner Walter Kolberg Arlan Waite Dolores Schiller Baritone Carol Hodge Percussion Doris Hodge Joyce Koester Richard Hilkin Clarinet Suzanne Austin Bruce Klossner Roger Norton Saxo hone Eloise Bartz Mary Ann Bartz Marilyn Strong Colin Koester Monty Andrews Gordon Neubarth Ronald Charles JUHIUH BHHU Directed by Mr. Hulshotf, the Junior Band practices every Monday and Wednesday first period. They are very capable young students who are unable to join the -Senior Band because of its already large number of members. These industrious musicians are valuable to the Senior organization because they insure perfect- ibn through their early training. Besides playing with the Senior Band at home basketball games, these up and coming students are planning to play in the Spring Festival program. 43 'x ,, ,L,4vHw gfwy, hx , j -' .D Q.,-.kzffzil-X7-31: yi -.5 , -. . Y. ,. Aw.: A V QM M ul! W M ,M M H 'i uf 'W Instructor-Mr. Forest Wagner lf' President-John Price 'pf Vice President-Karl Gohlke NWQ Secretary-Richard Kinner Treasurer-Bob Hulshoff , , ,,.,,,. .x .ev fn..-, ,afvl,s.1..' Top Row: R. Hulshoff, R. Hume, E. Worthington, E. Wohl- schlagel, L. Huber, B. Graff, K. Burch, R. Col- ontonio, G. Andrews Bottom Row: J. Price, R. Brown, R. Kinner In September a group of Senior and Junior boys started a rifle club. By working a night a week in the school base- ment, they constructed a range suitable for use with.22 caliber rifles. Under the instruction of Hr. Forrest Wagner, practice was held one niqht a week. The boys joined the N. R. A. under which ammunition can be purchased at a re- duced cost. 1 The boys are planning additions to their range and the pru- f chasing of more equipment. In the future they hope to shoot in matches with other schools in the area. , 1 N l t n v N R l X l N E f X i Standing' A Meyers A Rider E J QM ,I ' 5 ' ' ' . 0 I . dki J. H ' 4 . D. .W01f1e9, P. BTOWE1 u ns' Qover p of df T Seated: n 'Miss Tribe ' ll? R ,SI , ' lj With scheduled rehearsals every Monday afternoon, these I h S11 Girls end their school career with pleasant memories of n the past four years of music. This year the girls sang at the R001tHl of APTil 3rd, and at present are planning for the ji coming Spring Concert. EV iw H Iflw A I, 'V W W W wg! LL f'fgu:Uir3fw' vi.,,Hy, 'A ff WaEWk5ws3fmw4MPi f- 2- DHHCE BHHD I cfqilsftff Standing: Mr. Hulshoff, R. Hulshoff, N. Gear, L.'Waite, Igjzxw J. Moore, R. Brown, A. Meyers Seated: S. Spaulding, J. Hoover, J. Meyers, V. Grant, 1 R. Buckenmeyer, R. Westermeier, P. Bartz, R. Chaddock With some popular new music, several practices, and the capable guidance of WPop' Hulshoff, the dance band has had a very successful year. We made our first appearance at the Senior Play and returned for its repeat performance. Later in the year, we played for the presentation of the Junior Plays here and also at their presentation at Corfu. HRT CLUB 'S f mf ff-H45 N A'?+44?P's 462-Qv f "f':1'f9 fi-:YQ I I A W'-4 vi :!!!,X S-lf' X Standing: my C. Duckworth, G. Wight, B. Warner, V. Willard .j C. Schad, J. Smith, E. Glor, G. Myers, G. Ferry 1 . E. Humel, WL. Wohlschlagel Seated: 'f P. Worthington, D. Worthington, D. Foster, V. . .F Trybuskiewicz, M. Reilly, R. Harrington, Mrs. Choppe One of the new groups to be found this year is the Art Club, which was started by Mrs. Choppe. A new organization must make a strong effort to arouse interest in the club, and in selecting its number. This way no exception! Every month a school calendar is made and placed in the foyer of the soh- ool. In April, the first issue of the 'Crossroads of A.C.S.' appeared, a bi-monthly newspaper published by the Club. We are now looking forward to bigger and better future. L5 '1 1, ' ,' 'EPI 'Ls ,. ,N U , J ff 1 AR, yf IV- , 5 f - 7 7 1 Z" , 0011145 g, ,fff Q . 0 O R ' ' Cv KNTO A .D WWAND F, RUN '5ffF0,-P ,. , ' ' A7'7fVc,:' Q , ' - f '1"' ' ' ,- A "' H W 'J' 1 fi '-b , 12252 5' ffl . n 'V V"A l ' V' A f - ' ' Wh ' 11 b lv H. Made nl! EXC 1-wavmgn-13 odor-5, +'f Dasifjs ,,, Z ' xl B ij I 1'-fe + la Tl'13+1S our 'f'eaw,. XAfa+cl'r aff-'-Foy ' f OLD Jew 7E"'Je'J' FA ITH Fur,! 155,11 Y YI . I 737 . I . I l QUCH' Oewv Gwf. .H,jA aymj dyj-VV E uc: A. 1 , W V V' X ff fx. f X .row .,. .X K v I I Y sin: , V XJ .5-J.-7 512 I 4 Q Q 'IN H : 'W I . MXN ix J BHSHETBHLL C Oach. Feltham V V . , V . - 1 v, vpgpggn - -L-,,,:,,4,, H-,X 5. V , N YmWgmq1nm.Qwhmyw.N,, A, W Q- g1,,,,,,,. - L...',gf, ',n.,::q,- -' - U ' ,w - T x,,,,w N, . .I 1 4 .A.L.4..A.A.n..4 2 1?1fifik1i'.::1c::g,il,::,:7:' -' S :gf I I ' '1 L Standing: D. Hinckley, R. Mazur, H. Kautz, G. Harding, D. Woodruff, M. Schenck Kneeling: R. Marquardt, F. Buckenmeyer, D. Schramm, R. Brown, Coach Feltham Undefeated League champions for the second consecutive year, our team contrasted eighteen wins with two losses, once being subdued by Attica in an overtime period and again by I Pittsford in the semi-finals. Under the guiding hand of Ooach Feltham the team accu- mulated a 4 year record of 67 wins and 11 losses. Only seven of these losses were in the regular seasons of play, the other four being in the Sectional Play-Offs. We now have thirty- two straight league wins, dating from January 19, 1945. This record means that we have won more than we have lost with ' every team we have played in four years. 4 The peak of scoring was reached in the game with Wyoming when our team amassed 74 points. The low ebb of scoring was attained in the Attica game with a disannointing tally of 27 pointsl Name G. F.G. F. Tot. Avg. Nov. 15 Alexander Kautz 20 93 39 225 11.25 Nov. 19 Alexander BUCKSHHGYST 20 97 29 223 11.15 Nov. 26 Alexander Marquardt 20 86 27 199 9.95 Dec. 6 Alexander Harding 20 57 39 153 7.66 Dec. 10 Alexander Schramm 17 16 8 40 2.35 Dec. 13 Alexander Hinckley 16 13 7 33 2.1 Dec. 20 Alexander Brown 18 6 8 20 1.1 Jan. 3 Alexander Woodruff 14 5 0 10 .71 Jan. 10 Alexander Mazur 13 1 2 4 -3 Jan. 14 Alexander gums 3 1 0 2 .66 Jan. 17 Alexander atterson 2 1 0 2 1.0 Jan. 24 Alexander Welker l 1 0 2 2.0 Jan. 28 Alexander SCUSHOK 1 0 1 1 1.0 gag. 5 Alexander V e . 7 lexander Totals 20 377 160 91L Feb. 14 Alexander Feb. 18 Alexander Feb. 21 Alexander 3 Mar. 7 Alexander ii Mar. 12 Alexander Y' Semi-final 1 Quarter-final 1 Non-league 48 K , 5 39,iOakfield 25 27, Attica 28 52,lWarsaw 16 41, Corfu 23 35, Kendall 29 29, Wyoming 19 36, Elba 14 52, Pavilion 28 60, Bergen 20 43, S. Byron 17 44, Corfu 27 40, Kendall 30 74.1Wy0mina 39 39, Attica 25 57, Elba 23 55, Bergen 40 67, Pavilion 29 39, S. Byron 34 36, Port Byron 50, 32 Pittsford 56 1 1 H Fran Buckenmeyer Red Marquardt Gub Harding Hank Kautz Daryl Scnramm Dick Brown I JUHIUR VHHSITU Coach Weidert Player Meyers Gilhooly Hulshoff ,Penkszyk Welker Schenck Wblfley Diemoz Gammack ,Carson F.G. F. 57 19 51 lL 26 6 21 8 12 2 9 5 10 3 7 5 6 O 3 3 Tot 133 6 ll 58 50 26 23 23 19 12 9 m,?fJ5+ymQf4yA,fgHW ,W ' 'p1wR2',.hqHu2' 1'wa?1p,fe . ,." "3 3Qygn gui 1i'VQm ,w 1 , , 1 Y . ld Q .-N, M J Yi4F33P1bW1F'i1lkf!1Qm' M.-ln.--xmlll..lln. r Standing: R. Hawker, A. Diemoz, J. Meyers, F. Gilh00ly, R. Hulshoff, F. Penkszyk, N. Welker, E. Wolfley, G. Buckenmeyer Kneeling: L. Gammack, K. Dart, H. HenSel, Coach Weidert, R, Garson, C. Kittle A very unique tribute can be paid to the defensive record of the 1946-47 Junior Varsity team. Through 19 ball games the opponents scored more often from the foul line than they did from the field. The team played truly great defensive ball throughout the season. Probably one of the biggest thrills of the year was the very narrow 13-11 victory over Elba, which came after Jack Meyers dropped in a bucket with 5 seconds to play. The season was highly successful as the teams record of 17 wins 115 in a row! against 2 losses shows. More sat- isfaction can be realized from the fact that several of this year's team members will be battling hard for varsity posi- tions next year. Nov. Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan SVS' Jan 6.4 J-an 3'A Jan 2'8 Jan 1.6 Feb 1'5 Feb 1'3 Feb 1'1 Feb 2' Feb ' Mar .6 Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexan er Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Total points Average points 50 34 Oakfield 17 23 Attica 19 26 Warsaw 15 29 Corfu 22 20 Kendall 12 25 Wyoming 13 13 Elba 11 29 Pavilion 20 19 Bergen 8 26 South Byron 10 22 Corfu 14 23 Kendall 20 21 Wyoming 14 42 Attica 20 27 Elba 14 20 Bergen 22 30 South Byron 18 25 Pavilion 13 28 Batavia 34 482 316 25.4 16.6 19 ffQmn ,4.,. Airffvnf' -1.-. - 1 , 't' -Y " 1- 'Q rf-frfrut' "-' 1 ' ' 1 ,fm-'i:'?:',.,f - ' . 1 - ' ' f ' ' L. to R.: J. Schroeder, J. Myers, A. Rider, L. Waite, J- Hoover, B. Cochran SEHIUH CHEEH LEHDERS Gr-r-r-r-r fight say our ten penpy cheerleaders, as they end another successful basketball season of cheering for the glory of A.C.S. All year the squad has encouraged the team lOOM with earnest and enthusiastic back- ing, never failing in its spirit. This year the girls donned kelly green sweaters and yellow cotton skirts which displayed a brilliant background for our winning team. New cheers accompanied by a will to win and an unfailing spirit, will make this past season one of the brightest in the school history. ' X Jumon cnffn Lsnnfns l L. to R.: A. Harding, M. Parise, S. Dempski Absent: J. Sojda 51 LBA,-Q, ,, . ,. . ,Al . . ., ' ,-,-.a.a...-... ,......,..-..,..........-..--.K ' . f',.-iaf'3.?P--Lszsg f 1, it 1,11 X 1 r H4wvw- ls3hLalh.fa Top Row: H. J. Second Row: D J. Third Row: R Hensel, D. Woodruff, G. Harding, F. Buckenmeyer, R. Hume I V Meyers, L. Gammack ' Schramm, Coach Feltham, F. Penkszyk, N. Welker, R. Brown, Cichocki, D. Hinckley .M arqu G. KSHCCEH With the loss of but three of these boys thru graduation, our prospects for next year appear quite promising and we hope to field another strong team, which will provide plenty of rugged opposition for our League opponents, as well as for any other teams we may play. Off to a slow start through lack of playhexper- ience, we dropped our first game, a non-league affair, at York by a O-7 count, but played them a much improv- ed game a few days later at home, when they managed to score in the last few minutes of the game on a free kick which gave them a narrow 2-O margin of win. Greatly encouraged by our improved play, we then beat Attica lalso in non-league contest! twice and were off in the right direction. We continued play- ing better Soccer and so won six straight league con- tests to complete an undefeated League Season. We draw bye in quarter final completion and lost a semi-final contest at Brighton High School by a 0-L score to Wolcott, who went on to win the championship of section five. All in all, we feel we had a very successful sea- son and enjoyed a good League schedule,the first rea- lly organized, play during the last five years. 52 Sept. 24 Sept. 27 Sept. 30 Oct. 3 Oct. 8 Oct. 11 Oct. 15 Oct. 21 Oct. 22 Oct. 28 Semi-fina 1 Alexander 0 York 7 Alexander 0 York 2 Alexander 4 Attica lO Alexander 3 Attica 1 Alexander 8 Kendall 1' Alexander- lO Bergen of Alexander 8 Pavilion 1' Alexander lO Pavilion 2' Alexander 9 Bergen 1' Alexander Kendall 0' 3 Alexander O Wolcott 4 t-League games Final Standings: , Won Lost Tie Total Points Alexander 6 0 0 12 Kendall 3 3 0 6 Bergen 1 . L 1 3 Pavilion 1 L l 3' ll f6?FfTff'-f-W--44-effIf Q ,'f.i'f' a RXCA 3 I Xi.-'gal K! Standing: R. Patterson, R. Golanski, R. Hawker, J. Meyers, R. Brown, G. Harding, F. Buckenmeyer, G. Marquardt, D. Hinckley, R. Hulshoff, R. Mazur, A. Deimoz, N. Welker, K, Dart Seated: D. Woodruff, L. Gammack, C. Kittle, N. Kiecher, Coach Fel- tham, F. Gilhooly, E. Wolfley, L. Warren, J. Price BHSEBHLL Alexander lost a chance to compete in Section- al play by dropping its only contest with Corfu, early in the schedule as it was decided later to have separate play-offs for 'B' and WC' divisions. However, we did complete a successful season as far as games won and lost are concerned, winning 9 of the 13 games played and 5 of 7 League Contests. Future Prognostications: With the return of 6 lettermen for this years squad we will have a sound nucleus around which to build and should be a strong contender in our League The addition of but a few of the many hopefuls who have been just waiting their chance to break into the starting line-up should ably fill those spots left vacant by graduation, etc. 'Redn Marquardt should be due for a great year of pitching and with the help of extra coaching added to last years ex- perience, should have a great year for himself. How- ever, we shall need hitting also, to help him along and should find this needed support from last years big Wstickersng Dick Brown, Francis Buckenmeyer and Gordon Harding whose timely blows aided materially through last season. Red himself belongs in the good-hitters division and aids his own cause often, We look for a good year also from Fuzzy Meyers and Duncan Hinckley who saw quite a lot of action last year as well as from the hopeful group which schould make competition keen enough to produce a good, well balanced ball club. 53 Apr. 16 Apr. 18 Apr. 29 May 3 May 6 May 13 May lL May 17 May 22 May 24 May 27 Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander 7 June L Alexander 8 June 7 11 Alexander League Games-' Batavia Javees 5 Corfu 10' Attica 1, S. Byron 4' Attica 12 Alden 5 Kendall 51 Bergen 4' Alden 2L Pavilion 3' Elba 8' Attica ll Batavia Fresh. 1 Best Hitters-League Games Players Games A.B. H. Per Cent Marquardt 6 24 13 .5L2 Buckenmeyer 6 25 12 .L80 Brown 6 20 7 .350 Harding 6 20 5 .250 1 1' ' uf. ."'ff52: U ,ljilli . 4' Vf53Wf?HV3Wi9':Klw1Ji'f', ' '71-Q"1..15?i:,rf,Q-, ,k4'1af4'A:,,-M -1" i ' P 1 r av, -A 4, f A . 181 ' JT - 1..:.uxlL44.L4..f-l.l-",.,.f THHCH Top Row: N, Welker, D. Hinckley, D. Mazur, C. Kittle Second Row: H. Hensel, L. Huber, D. Woodruff, G. Harding, R Brown, E. Wohlschlegel, L. Warren, F. Penkszyk Front ROW! J, Meyers, F, Buckenmeyer, G. Marquardt, Coach Feltham, J. Cichocki, R. Colontonio, L. Gammack The Alexander cause was hampered by the disqualification of three of the squad for scholastic difficulties on the day of the m eet. However, the remainder succeeded in at- taining a satisfactory showing in the County meet. The mile run was added this year to the usual list of events,the final tally of which read as follows: Corfu 58 points, Alexander 33 points, and Elba 13 points. Z I Top Row: R. Kinner, R. Howard, H. Howard, R. Hum , anski, J. Price Front Row: F. Buckenmeyer, N. Geer, L. Warren, R. Colontonio, D. Norton, J. Cichocki e R. Gol- The F. F. A. team completed another successful season with a still undefeated record. Twelve men made up the squad who played ten games against such organization as the Corfu F. F. A. Team, Junior Jayvees, Alumni, Young Farmers and the Eighth Grade Team. High scoring man was Norris Geer with nine- ty-six points in ten games and Robert Hume was runnerup with sixty-four points in nine games. 5h '.,, 5 -W ' ,siQvf1 F. F4 H. BHSHETBHLL Captain-Norris Gear Coach-Francis Buckenmeyer Manager-John Price, - - gl .', A :J k -s.. .e I XX LV Y f 45 ,H :X 'Q-'fwui .XXX mx X75 -X x ov ...X ,gxgef Mr- "' ,'1?'IfE' N .ff Q -'gg ,s1..,. v sififiga ' n ef -J VIZ X1 if -ru .mx R1 5141 5' 4 Hlfxx V. I ,f my , f7g,,X M .ffm r:M,'?f ,.,f 0 HHUUHD THF SCHUUL lf' W X 52' db :gr 41' , uff , 1 ,X ff' wx 4m 4 ,W hd' -. 1 f---" ' A P17 +4 ,XX 4 4 df., 4,44 1 A N fb ' tra'- -1,- ,4 x 1 x n 1 'f 111 , nu vff ef 477, ,Xf V, f I of fi Y 1 'Yi J 'J' wff 55 Y HYYYVWW V 1 , f -XX ,:X5'.. ,V x ,4V,35XX,5gX-., ff - '1mca1r11VI,j 'L X if X- V V .- X- 'X -, X X ...MXX1-.-v.X 1: ' X .1 i 1 XX Nj Q' 1-5 X 1 gif! 'LL -1-1,',,Vm .4 ,, , 1 . - x , X f: "A-g.X'-Xfffwiiq' ' .1,'.XjX:X3"'I: Q ' 1, ' 45 ,, - ' 1 X 2'1"IT-E5.'fiP'iXz' 511 ' '.- W 1 " ' -' . ' .X':.3XX1f.i'nX5a:X, FW. zfh X f 1 X. H j' X 'Xi'.'g.J.5X.X.Q-,MX QKXTX- X V ' , -Qj 1 1 X XM:-'XAEJX H1125 , gg-.5 ,X X 41345: 1' ,Ln IQ: QI V XV.: V V V figs. "l V P1 , 3 T. I " N" ,X 1,7-,X'::.Xx-.u-'Eff ,1' ' Q XXL' ng X -if f-X-XQ-'-1: 1,1 XXXVP ' 'Sl ' A A , ,X P. f , X- X ,.XX,'XgX.XQX4z. X Q X ' may ,Xwr X' X X, V X'--'lg-,-'Q jQ.LL',IXr.Qg' ' jg' I , V f 1-4 ' Q ' . 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Suggestions in the Alexander High School - Record Yearbook (Alexander, NY) collection:

Alexander High School - Record Yearbook (Alexander, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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