Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI)

 - Class of 1958

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Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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MOCCASIN 1953 ,- I 5' X Alexander High School df Nekoosa WISCODSIH S. r. 1 1 2 X X - il F'fi'f1'l I I ,pl V ll f I Y , RX 'N as x fx, 4 .f" ii' n.1"i. 'I ' ' - EEN' Q-'T.:ixx, 1 X Fw ,jr qi? S ll X ' 'Qi Wye Mffeyzdnce ' ' i . I, 1 ' 'L 4 1' , , . X L. . ,J f I X ?. 2 Table of Contents FACULTY .... - - SENIORS ............ UNDERCLASSMEN -- ATHLETICS ......... ACTIVITES .... - - ADVERTISING --- -- Board of Educatlon JEMG thHlk AmldB t Superlntendent LeRoy J Secretary Bernice Jenson HEL! LTY 9 Q 1 Elmer Bathke Joseph Boettcher Floyd Brltten 'N7 "' 'fif Gene Cardmal Calvm Grosshuesch Patncla Hegge U in L f fy? Them!! Hoke Irvln Hutter LeRoy Jenson Q-:Q Marlon Kmdshey dolph Kozlovsky Eleanor Metcalf A f- Nelda Newell Theodore Schadeberg Howard J Schuren Y 8681 oooo 0 06 wvfwi 'A' -'G ,4 4 5? xxK XX l x W ii , .-f' X Madelme Taylor Clyde Wallenfang Gordon Zahn 3 .5 I 7 I ., l M f T f l , ,ppm Q. 4 al f fi gy K. , I x f 3 i s l I b H ' . . . ,ff f' . QL L ' df i be l "l 1 PE g r '?r To ' 2.1 Eff 1 3 N ftjlv . I Q U EX. N X ni .- - .xl lr, , . Y Lfji " L L r Elementary Faculty Bernice Fletcher Minnie Henschel ,Q-nk 6.15, 'Q' I Agnes Howard Dorothy Coggen Florence Painter Mary Alt Hazel Michaelson Mary Hale Prin. Harold Humke Janet Hutter Beverly Bennyhoff Margaret Fehl Dorothy Binkowski Emily Kernkamp Phyllis Mayer BARBARA APPLEBEE "Men may come and men may S0 bill- il- dowff bother me." HAJORS: English, Home Economics. Social Science LOUISE ARENDT "Education is what remains after we have forgot- ten all we have been taught." MAJORS: Science, English, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Band 1-2-8-4. Choir 1-4. Pe!! Band 8-4, Class Secretary 8 'SSR .fgsgf ',. '29 tp e . --.-. s 'Si x I I i I Q.' L...- !V . 'Y -Q UQ H- RICHARD CHRISTENSEN "He loves his fun as well as anyone." HAJORS: English. Industrial Arts, Social Science. Mathematics ACTIVITIES: Football I-8-4, Track 8. Intramural Basketball 8-4 JUDITH B. COLE "Our imagination is the only limit to what we can h0De 00 have in the future." HAJORS: Science, latbematics, English, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Forensics 1-2-8, Dramatics 1-2-I. G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Moccasin Club 4 l --ago .1 I 5 . Li. off' V' - IM an i' if I "nf l ,Q . ,Q 2 . A f I 2 2 DAVID A. BENCHOFF "He's always turning out the lights to see how dark it is." MAJORS: Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science. Industrial Arts ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2-3-4. Basketball 1-2-8-4. Baseball I-2-8-4. Track 1-2. Varsity Club 2-8-4. Moccasin Club 4 DICK BLACKBURN "I've always had love in my veins sometimes I wish I had blood." MAJORS: English, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Basketball I-2-4, Baseball 2-4. Track 2. Band 1-2-8-4. Orchestra 2-8-4, Pep Band 2-8-4 RONALD BLOYD "I have the right aim in life, but I just never pulled the trigger." MAJORS: English, Manual Arts, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Football 1-8-4. Track 8-4. Conser- vation Club 2-8: Intramural Basketball 8-4 WILLIAM R. BOEYE "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow who knows." MAJORS: Science. English, Mathematics. Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Pep Band 8-4, Band I-2-8-4, Orches- tr! D .WA ,Y X'-.M W 3 '5 fi - 'if We 4 EARLDEEN FALKNER "Arguing with her is like trying to blow out an electric light bulb." MAJORS: English, History ACTIVITIES: Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Fo- rensics 4 JUNE FEMLING "Every one can say she certainly has a winning way." MAJORS: Commercial, Social Science, English ACTIVITIES: Pep Band 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-8-4, G.A.A. 1-8-4, Moccasin Club 8-4 SHIRLEY J. FREIBERG "When the work is done. that's the time for fun." MAJORS: Social Science, English, Commercial ACTIVITIES: G.A.A. 1-2-8-4, Orchestra 1-2-8-4. Choir I-2-3-4, Cheerleading 1-2-8-4. Dramatics 8 ALICE GADEN "Who ever gave out sleep sure forgot me." MAJORS: English, Social Science, Home Economics, Science ACTIVITIES: G.A.A. 4, Librarian I-2. F.I'I.A. 4. loccasin Club 4, Dramatics 8 , M kj b 1 Y' ' 3 QF -Q V, ? 4-3" 'P . Y -vc '94 sn' -149' fig ffk X.. SANDRA EMERSON "I don't talk to strangers unless they're men." MA-701152 EH8liBh. Social Science. Home Economics ACTIVITIES: Band 1, G.A.A 1-2-3-4, Librarian 1-2-8, F.H.A. 4, Moccasin Club 4, Pep Club 8, DELOS FAIVRE "I fell on my head but it didn't affect me. didn't affect me. didn't affect mc." XISLTORS: English, Science, Social Science. lanual ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2-8. Basketball 1-2, Track 8, Varsity Club 8-4, Conservation Club 1-2-8 wr -'S ft ...H g -N12 ni x 2 JOANNE GADEN "Beware of the quiet ones. they sometimes catch you unaware." IAJORS: English. History, Commercial, Latin ACTIVITIES: Band l. Librarian Club 1-8-4, G.A.A. 1-4, Moccasin Club 4, F.H.A. 4 S ' BONNIE GIGSTEAD q .' "I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided ,ff , xx and that is the lamp of experience." ' MAJORS: Science, English, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Librarians Club 2-4, Moccasin Club 4 GAIL GJERTSEN "I don't care how they pronounce my name. I'll change it some day anyway." MAJORS: Science, English, Mathematics, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Moccasin Club 4, G.A.A. 1-2, Choir 1-3, Girls Intramural Basketball 3 LELAND GRAY "School! Don't use profanity around me." MAJORS: English, Industrial Arts, Art. Social Science ACTIVITIES: Conservation Club 1-2 5.8 .1 '.." Hyf ,4 ROXANNA JACKSON "I gave up thinking because it only gets me in trouble, thats why I relax my brain." HAJORS: History, English ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 3. Forensics 2-8-4, Choir I-2-8-4,Student Council 8, G.A.A. 8-4, Class Treasurer 4, One Act Play 8 JEAN J EPSON "There's only one rule for being a good talker: learn how to listen." MAJORS: English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science ACTIVITIES! Band 1-2-8-4, Pep Bind 1-2-8-4. Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Forensics I-2-8-4, Debate 2. One-Act Play 2-3, Class Play 8, Dramatics l-2-8 Science pf X ,.. ,vf' M I so X.,.... .Q -qs if --9' .05 Q 'v-' DARLENE GUENTHER "The best way to make a dream come true is to wake up." MAJORS: Science, Mathematics, English, Svcill Science, Commercial ACTIVITIES: Choir 1-2-3. Dramatics 3 GLORIA G. GULMIRE "Workl Only saps do that." MAJORS: English, Home Economics, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Moccasin 1-4 KAY HOLMES "If hot air rises, what's holding me down." MAJORS: English, History, Mathematics, Home Economics ACTIVITIES: Choir 2-3. Band 8-4, Class Play 8. G.A.A. 1-2, Cheerleader 2-3-4, Debate 2, For- ensics 1-2-4, Dramatics 1-2-8 RICHARD HULTBERG "The only bad part of being a good sport is that you have to lose to prove it." MAJORS: Science. Mathematics, Social Studies, English ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1-2-3-4, Football 2-8-4. Track 1-2, Varsity Club 8-4, Moccasin Club 4, Fo- rensics 1-2, Choir 1. Class Pres. 1 fv- ff- QP 'sc , Hinos f ALFRED JINKERSON "Everytime you graduate in the school of exper- ff ience, someone thinks up a new course." J' MAJORS: Manual Arts, English, Social Science snr, 4. . 'T A if: X 2 X 1 Q - A g BEATRICE M. KEEN "A live wire never gets stepped on." MAJORS: English, Science, Mathmatics, Social Science, Home Economics ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading I-2-3, F.H.A. 4, G.A.A 1, Dramatics 2-3, Moccasin Club 3-4, Class Play 8-4 SHIRLEY KITRUSH "Owner of a terrific smile, with a twinkle in her eye." MAJORS: English, Commercial. Social Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Band 2-8-4,' Band 1-2-8-4, Choir 1-2, Orchestra 2-3-4, Class Play 8 JUDY KLAPPA "She shifts her brain into neutral and lets her tongue idle on." MAJORS: Social Science, Home Economics, Latin ACTIVITIES: Choir 1. F.H.A. 4. G.A.A. 4 KAY KRUEGER "Love is like a radiator. it keeps you warm even if it is 901: hot air." MAJORS: English, Commercial, Social Science ACTIVITIES: G.A.A. 2, Choir 1-2, Dramatic: 8, Librarian I-2-8 -fi f i ACTIVITIES: Conservation 1-2 JUDY KARBOWSKI "In her eyes the mystery lies." MAJORS: English, Art, Social Science .qv VU! iifiy 0 -'5- gp--' vw' I , hr e x 'ZIP 'fx 5 ,U N f of' l c W F.. n 9 gf if "f, in uf,,1-3 I n nl K 4 ' 4 1 .K Hit, lin' AN K' g II! X l571'H H. KUKULKA I' " e's eligible alright, but only for basketball." MAJORS: Science, Mathematics, Social Science. English ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2-3-4. Basketball 1-2-4. Baseball I-2, Track 1-3-4. Varsity Club 2-8-4, Moccasin Club 4, Conservation Club 2 ul -1' 1 GORDON LAYTON "A chip on the shoulder indicates there is wood higher up." MAJORS: Manual Arts, English, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Conservation Club 1, Band 1-2-I-4, Track 2, Baseball 2 JEAN LEE "Love-the fire for which there is no insurance." HAJORS: Home Economics, English ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 2 BEVERLY LEWIS "They laughed at Lincoln too." MAJORS: Science, Mathematics, Social Science. English ACTIVITIES: Moccasin Club 4, G.A.A. 4. Pep Club 8, Band 8-4, Choir 3, Forensics 1-2-8-4. Dflllllficl 2-I-4, Class Play 8-4 3 su' '1--9 fr iq Q , X , I xx Ya 2 -if KEN MILKEY "It's a great deal easier studying history than making it." IAJORS: English, Social Studies, Science ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2-8-4, Basketball 1-2-8-4. grasball 1-2-I-4, Varsity Club 2-8-4, Moccasin u RONALD MOODY "It is almost the ddinition of a man to say that he la one who never infllcta pain." HAJORS: Social Science, English, Science lanual Arts, Mathematics -i l x.. Q57 SHIRLEY ANN LEWIS "I may be cool, but I'm nobody's fool." KAJORS: English, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Band 1-2-8, Choir 8, Forensics 2 DARYL LOSEY "His good nights with the girls are like a hydraulic hand shake-no clutch." MAJORS: English, Science, Mathematics, Industrial Arts ACTIVITIES: Track 2-8 KARLA McCOOG "Don't expect me to bear your troubles I have my own." MAJORS: Home Economics. Social Science, English SFEIYLITIES: Band l-2-8-4. Orchestra 4, Pep u DARLENE MARCOUX "You know you're in love when the only cloud in your life is the one your walking on." HAJORS: Social Science, English, Home Economics ACTIVITIES: Library Club 1-2-4, G.A.A. 1-2-8, I-'.H.A, 4, Dramatics 2-8, Moccasin Club 8-4, Choir l-2-4, Pep Club 8. Class Play 8-4 4? 4"' , X ff I CARROLL PETERSON "Why cagft I be smart, I sleep on my books. " MAJORS: Manual Arts, Social Science. English JUDITH PLOETZ "Beware of that shy little flicker in her eye." MAJORS: History, English, Mathematics. Science ACTIVITIES: Choir 1-2-8. Dramtics 8 BEVERLY J. POWELL "After man came woman and she has been after him ever since." MAJORS: Home Economics, English, Social Science ACTIVITIES: F.H.A. 2-3, Pep Club 8, Dramatics 8 JAMES RUDER "We are hear- to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it." MAJORS: Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English ACTIVITIES: Orchestra I-2-8-4. Choir 1-2-8. Boys State 119573, Class President I HILBERT OLESON "When the ,older generation were kids, they UIOUEQIY nothing of zoinz to bed at 9 o'ocloek. I dont think much of it myself." MAJORS: Social Science, English, Science ACTIVITIES: Footh ll 1-2-4, 13 lc tb ll -2-8-4, Baseball 2-8-4. Glas: Play 8 M e . I EILEEN OSTRUM "The common denominator of friendship il a smile." MAJORS: Social Science, English, Home Economies ACTIVITIES: G.A.A. I .af 'ww Vi. 'fi' 5 e if H KENNETH J. RUDER "Rules weren't made to be broken, but nobody said anything about bending them." HAJORS: Industrial Arts, History, English ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2, Basketball 2-8-4 JEAN RUSSELL "Quiet but fun: a friend to everyone." MAJORS: English. Social Studies. Commercial ACTIVITIES: Choir 8, G.A.A. 4, Class Play 8, Moccasin Club 4. BONNIE SABLOVITCH "Always there, a smile on ber face 'Do you want to buy a ticketl' The Rialto is the place." MAJORS: Science, Mathematics. Social Science, English ACTIVITIES: Moccasin Club 8, G.A.A. 1-2-8-4, Librarian 1, Dramatics 1-2-3, Forensics 1-2-3, Choir 1, Class Play 4, B-team Cheerleader 2 CHARLENE SAEGER "Here'a to the girl with eyes of blue. who's heart is kind and love is true." MAJORS: Social Science, English. Commercial ACTIVITIES: Band 1-2, Class Secretary 1-4, Dramatics 1-3, Choir I-2-3-4. G.A.A. 2-8-4. Student Council 1-2 "R:"' "ii ,X L J 'N-..,-- x six aj' 9 ,Jo ar. ' fn. -3 ff F ix WL as - I3 KARL SANGER "Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.' MAJORS: Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English ACTIVITIES: Band 1-2-3-4, Conservation Club 1-2-3, Dramatics 1-2-3, Football 1-8-4, Baseball 1-2-4, Pep Band 3-4, Pep Club 3, Class Plays 3-4 Intramural Basketball 1-2 EDWARD SCHAUER "Man's bimzest mistake is to believe that he is working only for someone else.' MAJORS: English, Social Science, Science ACTIVITIES: Conservation Club I-2, Track I, Dramatics 2, Football 3, Baseball 1-2-8-4, Class Play 3, Intramural Basketball 1-2-8-4 Yau! sfv L... ALBERT SCHMIDT "His hair is to dark for him to be an angel." MA.LORS: Industrial Arts, English, History GERALD J. SCHMIDT "No man becomes a fool until he stops asking Questions." mf. Wfgfw Industrial Arts, Science, English, ACTIVITIES: Class Vice President 8 UNLCZM JAMES G. SCHMIDT "Worry and I never met." MAJORS: English, Science, Social Science. Industrial Arts ACTIVITIES: Baseball 2-8-4, Football 2-8-4, Track 2. Varsity Club 8-4, Student Council 1-2-8, Class President 2, Class Play 4 JANICE CAROL SCHULTZ "If you are to busy to laugh you are to busy." MAJORS: English, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Choir 2 -i K Y vkk AAA: 'akv' .sk " f-f,x BEN SMART "What was that they asked me? I was sleeping." MAJORS: Social Science, Science, Mathematics, English ACTIVITIES: Football 3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4. Conservation Club 2-8, JUDITH ANN SPARKS "At least four giggles a sentence." MAJORS: Social Science, English, Commercial ACTIVITIES:Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Cheerleading 1-2-3, G.AlA. 1. Moccasin Club 3-4. Dramatics 3, Pep Club 3, Class Play 3, Class Treasurer 2 RUTH SPARKS "Are you helping with the solution. or are you part of the problem 7" MAJORS: English, Home Ecomonics, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Librarian 2, Cafeteria 2-3-4, DARLENE J. STENSBERG "I'm not stubborn, you don't have to agree with me, but you must admit I'm right." MAJORS: English, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Orchestra 1-2-3-4, G.A.A. 2, For- ensics 1-4, Dramatics 3-4. Class Play 3. Moc- casin Club 4 l W l -psf I 4 -I ai ..,f ff Q "9T"x, MAX SCOVELL "What makes a genius." MAJQRS: Science, Mathematics, Social Science. English ACTIVITIES: Band 1, Baseball 2-3: Class Play l JOAN SKIBBA TA possible future president of the United States if we ever get the good sense to elect a woman." MAJORS: Commercial, English, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Choir 1. Dramatics 3 9 J W 70? J I ' 4A-,.-4 I lc-af' . We BILL VEHRS "Very quiet and demure a friend to everyone I'm sure. MAJORS: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English ACTIVITIES: Choir 1-2-3 RON VIKEN "Hard work is an accumulation of easy things you didn't do when you should have." MAJORS: English, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Conservation Club 2-8 RUTH VON EINEM "Life is what you make it, and I prefer to make mine interesting." MAJORS: English, Commercial, Art, Social Science ACTIVITIES: Choir 3. Glee Club 3 WILLIAM WEAVER "A swelled head never hurt anyone." MAJORS: Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English ACTIVITIES: Band l-2-3-4, Orchestra 8, Football 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2. Baseball 1-2-3-4. Basketball 1-2-4, Varsity Club 2-3-4. Class Play 8-4, Dramatics 1-2-3, Pep Band 2-8, One-Act Play 1-2 'V 9 7 ', A 'Q' ' ',i , ,Qy 4 if . -f - W -f , ., 'f ' , A '?- .7" 'C :Ky 1 1 K LM 4 , . E 1 1. r f ,I 2 Y X vg' 1 '-K , il A SONIA ZELLMER "Why waste a college education on high school Rraduates. who know everything anyway." MAJQRS: Science, Mathematics. Social Science. English Alu ACTIVITIES: G.A.A. I-2-8-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 3. Moccasin Club 8-4, Pep Band 1-2-8-4, Dramatxcs 8 K 'J Qvvli 'ef ,-u -. 'bl' f-1,1 1 E f!,e Ii" X s...--7' lr 'S' '-lg-5,5 X ill 'ki K JOE WERDERITS "I-Ie's a genius for compressing a minimun of thought into a maxium of words." MAJORS: English, History, Industrial Arts ACTIVITIES: Track 2-8 EDWARD J. WILKIE "I never plan for more than thirty years in advance MAJORS: Science, English, History ACTIVITIES: Track 2-8 EUGENE WINKER "The idea of drinking water excites me more than anything else," English, Mathematics, Social Studies, ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 2-8-4, Track I-2, Basketball 1, Varsity Club Z-8-4, KEN WINTERS "The man who masters his time can master nearly everything." MAJORS: Industrial Arts, Social Science, English ACTIVITIES: Baseball 2-8-4. Conservation Club 2 In and Around the School MATHEMATICS These glrls are makmg geometrmc de SlgnS for Geometry They seem to flnd It an lnterestmg way to learn Geometry The deslgn at the upper left on the bulletm board was made by J1m Kuehl who was absent the day the pxcture was taken From left to rlght Judy Me1er Marlllyn Alloway Donna Graf Edna Von Emem and Joanne Pamter SCIENCE These glrls gam valuable experlence by 8SSlStlYlg Mr Kozlovsky wlth hls Sclence papers and experxments When time permxts they study durmg thls Hultberg Jean Jepson and Kxtty Gust Front row Judy Cole Bonme Sablo vxtch Soma Zellmer and Gall Ggertsen ENGLISH These students who seem to be m deep thought are learnmg to mcrease thelr readmg rate The school has recently purchased a speed readmg machme whlch lS bemg operated by Mr Bathke From left to rxght Jean Ploetz Don Brandt Sandra Lehner and Donna Karbowskl . : . , . U y h 7 7 period. Back row: Donna Graf, Janice ! Y . ' - .Z Y I I - 1 1 ' 7 I . 2 I , ! . Y N EAL HILBORN the Class of 1958 Z0 In illllemnriam Class of 59 Rd' '35 w-4 fr? 'QC Qi, 5 'X UG! mf fi J MJ' V ff ff' H5 ,351 2 'mf 'ire-:"' A 3545: 'C' Eleanor Arendt Herman Arendt Jamce Bauer Barbara Bloyd Janet Bowes Edward Brandt Darlene Bredl Steve Britten Betty Bushnell Sally Capek Denms Christensen Carol Coon Joel Curt Ron Dlckey Frank Drews Sharon Engwall Davld Frelberg Spencer Gaylord Louis Gerard Roger Gilman Edward Gotz Donna Graf Kathleen Gust Leonard Hamel Judy Hancock Merle Hass Clifford Hass Jamce Hultberg Harvey Hurd Rolanda Jackson Jlm Jensen John Jones Jack Joslm David Kmprath C F 1 ,L "4" 'A' E 0' L I' ,4 x A l ,' ul- .l::'. 1- llnv- xxx Q -.' ...'-.,-. , "fx ," '14 A , ef' N ' A fhllflll '- M A YW J 1: X 'O ' lr, .,. 5? 7 . . t':'e,,' . in 'Q ,QT I 'W Af.--V A .Jil ',g Q Q... . 1J:::.:gj1,.qi : -gi" , M 2' ' r 'L IQ:-QQgyfAf. Ei QAWM I 3 . . fi: .sA- V--le ' I .E we ,3 :ey V.r,,. A333-M W , J :- YI 13 , A nm 4s,y fa fa Don Esser 51" if ' ' .L J . v A as ' 'J - , so 'C5 .fs y a "" V. 1 nl ., . . 'A-iw? 'Y AL 'f ff- 'G' ff- ff' --wk, A 7 A A , V r M C ik fx: I X x X Y xy, "f-ffm . x X K .AC , '. lu ' l rv 4' A 1 , yr P ' rl 4 f A S 5 Q 2 1- HA, - - .. F-T A l- " - F: - ' " " l' ' A . A N . N 6 -.21 E .if j '47 4 ,fa f -I I 1' ' ,vi - r 1 f 1, J - ' v: fr ' ' , , . 1:4 , , -,I a I l . .J , 4 '99 ' li f K JV Q X .. gif L . ' -N ls l. J 1 -I K A x EX'f'4"l F1 h , Ll Z2 Llnda Knlprath Judy Koester .hm Kuehl Judy Kutella Ken Lee Tom Lee Kathleen Leslxe Glorla Mlsna Gene Nelson Denna1ean Oleson Don Reichert Fred Reichert Karen Salter Kay Salter Davld Sarver Roger Schauer Patncla Schoff Wllham Space Bernice Styka Joan Thurber Ron Thurber Don Tuttle Patrlcla Vavrma Mary Vehrs Jlm Walrath Phyllis Weber Joye Wegner John Wllhorn Joyce Wllhorn Larry Winters Fred Wirth Roger Worth Duane Zahn Elmer Zuelke Conme Wagner Tom Mans .len Relchert H2334 34- 'Wa ff x WW fm J ,aw an-AN aging 'kay .J , if! Af' -.74 Cf? .14 Q xl X if Q3 J flfiix X 23 J , fi",-:BA E ff f . -Q4 4 4 ,a ' s V , af y , Q! A- V N9 f' J-S ' ' 'X -K bf H ,R I , ,L 5 K, it f Q. F ff ' 4 FY 2: '95, an ' - at "' L, . t .try f - 'ff , ,I In W in Vx ab eaa' f L . XV ah- E, I' , ' ul, 24 fl -.- I :Lf LC 46' , . . A asf V J .g2.J5?- 212,441 V ' 13 ' Tv JZ' 3 1- ' 'B 1 'Q I -L .. 1 :L Q ' V l qw-fy j J lax fx ff F' - f . -.1 -4- 'lg l ng, -' 7. '5 ' cv ap- -5 K t 40 4 ' . . Q ., -f I I , 9 X 2, ' - 310 ,M . - 'lighl If fgtffl .'.-. :.j.g7f'7'l Q 4 - may . L5 ig 7'-5' 17-F' ' gel lv , 'A' lg. - 'I :' K Q V elif, , ' ' a reee ---52-3 . Q3 V' - 'N .fi Q . -- -- W , " a . Lai gg, Ugjxfff- -Y-- 7 - ' 5' ff S11 -2' Y Class of 60 O G, ,,..l"' wwf '7 1 ,V 'r ?, 'S' ,N ga "7 1. J -J 4 fli .QP ef llfmmf WWW 28. -Q! Joan Alexander Marilyn Alloway Llnda Arendt Gene Aron Karen Boyles Donald Brandt Dennxs Brunner Roberta Burnett Juanita Crowns Merlm Davld Vlrglnla Felch Larry Felrce Linnea Fltzgerald Robert Francis Wllllam Frazier Wllllam Gaden Jean Glldenzopf Judy Gotz Kay Gotz Carolyn Gray Gregory Grezllk Sandra Grezllk Elame Grnffm Mavis Grover Nancy Gruber Kay Hamel Terry Hardy Shirley Harrls Carl Hass Leon Holden Vlrglma Karbowskl Donna Karbowskl Dellean Kmprath Barbara Lageunesse Prlscllla Lamb C ,V Vg.. V- 2 If "" 'ee ' 3, Y. -A , 1, C- K - 'I i .1 I ' I H 4-7 , , qi, Swv, X B 4 .I il ,. .- 4 . , v. - W' K 1 K vp- , A ef' .F Ll, 14, ' f.. ' .M m' -7 JJ! hifvik. I fr 'I 3 I? Q 1 B 1 g I Q' w 6 Il I fm' rrfd 'Q .sh v . . . B' 12 45 ix M 3 ' 'f ' , ' ' ' Z , If . 'r I fl ,f if . . . 5 lf rf El.. 1,11 I .1 -F-, ,-.T +V 2' 'V B, 1-PX f 3, 'ir' T" . . A R X ' . I I, 7,Y ef, K 4 A u Lfla T' I P fl Wk ' A, gf- iff - V do 2 B' ' . -B 4- 4 gp , ' Y I 1 . 3 . Q ' f'- I ' 1 . al 4 , - F' " -G' D 5 5? Q .3 .- -J' U, .,,.,- ,Q 'Z . V'-. -,1' 'Z r , r x ' - 4 I-'Q .,- 1 we an "rl arf! on - ... . -- V V- " r -,. - 1 i' ' - B as I , - 5 14 3, . . 2 Sandra Lehner Kenneth Lewns Sharon Lewls Rlchard Long Sandra Long Delmar Losey Sylvla McDowell George Marcoux Judy Meler Judy Musch Joanne Painter Barbara Pavllcek Gene Pflager Larry Pflager Donald Plenge Jean Ploetz Sharon Powell Julle Reichert Llnda Ruder Susan Slgourney Carol Spree Robert Stratton Barbara Thurber laverne Trlckle Richard Truchlnokl Kenneth Tuttle Edna Von Elnem Davld W erderlts Edward Whetstone Dale Wnlhorn Daud Vhlkle Bruce Wmters Susan Wlpfll Rae Woodard Janet Zurfluh 'r Df' 'QP al f' 'F' 5-JL QNX-1 A ,661 ,X 'JF' I Z5 A'-are , 'bk' 84 sv A 1 3 F5 J "r K fi 'S N - I C: FI Q 7: , " V 141, r K ,J -1 N, V ic ' f ' r ' . 1' ,- ., nk' 45. S.. 'F '3 7' 5 'vi ST X " -Q 4 5 R .4 . -.X 5. T! . 'J ,- ,-1-2-iw.. . 1 M S, gl -, ?::f'1 ' ' V - 516111: -' e ge -ff'C'A' "" ' . V' fi- 1 .., .. - ' 44' LT. Q- 4 , . ,a , V sy NJ I S V , '. ,S ,X RX X fr as A 1 g , ' J 7 I I 'YU 'H 'K Y' 4 ,., W I A J - 1 ' . A ' X "T -FJ , , - if ' ' V ' a A ., "' -f J -gd ' 1 " 4' "TE .,.. ' . Q, D L, ' ff WA ..355'.Q!fQ R J gr -' or X. -EE- :55f'-Q-vi: - f , ' . ' 1 lull ,see----:l1':M ' S If I I ,ln 4- A 'I . '4 ' 'V fr 6 H1 ' " 4 RT is , -, N .. J I RJ J! JL . , . ' 11 5 ' ,gig ,,G'?." . x f s, nl "f5jflf:',.l' """:" A ' ' 4' ' , , "' ', 'R 2 ' ' ' -5 A la., .4 ' A - . 4-f ' " 'W' "' V. U Q ' - I . ! Y l -N S - 6e:f2f:.e " ' 1 ,FPLLL 411.14 , , . rfb . I , , w-I vc. Class of 61 -fl WW W we H-.J 5 Jn mls ru IMI' I Robert Anderson Donna Applebee Eunice Applebee Shlrley Bloyd Carol Baneck Sharon Bowes James Boyles Joy Brunner Roger Buchholz Charles Cam LeRoy Charles Lester Chonos Duane Christensen Larry Clapper Karen Davld Q 53 43: f' ' I ' - - ,, I 3 4. Q. gg Q I , . , J I ' X N " 1' , , ,R 5 1 's i ,. 1 , e .. 'L y an 'U I if ' Nfl' by I I ' .J .I ,914 " 4, 4 ' ,, .. . 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'JAN og.. 1-Q-V '7 f',x.-N MVA Z xf h 2 6 ...X Georgene DeW1tt Marge Esser James Glese Barbara Gotz Kathleen Grezhk Elwln Gfulmlre Donald Hass Beverly Johnson Henry Kruprath Sally Knlprath Richard Kuehl Roger Lamb Glen Leach Linda Lewls Vlvlann Lewis Ron Llebensteln Carol McDowell Tom McLean Cathy Mans Kathy Mllkey John Bachll Anthony Hardy Althea Muller Marilyn Mlsna Belva Moody Rose Nelson Roger Oleson Allen Oleson Edward Ostrum Ellen Ostrum John Painter lone Pataska James Patterson Gaylord Rous Richard Schmidt Patrlcla Shymanskl Richard Sklbba Mary Smart Frances Soergel Charlotte Spice Patrlcla Strand Richard Sturgeon Carol Styka Edward Suchy Judy Sutherland Donna Sweet Glen Vehrs Rlchard Vehrs Mlchael Washburn Nancy Weaver Jenny Wegner P8tl'lCl8 Wllhorn Betty Wmegarden Gene Winters James Zellmer 4.1 vfvi Q65 H ,"'f I JM 27 L QI W. ' fo -w g gi T. T. . -- 'IL 44 ee- -4- G Q f if 1 -7 am ,. - - G G '-Q lff'f"' r .aw if-Q 5 J' 4- j I i V. :Eb L :G vi' H., 5 - of do G ry , 3 . E pg q ' 71 ,Q E gs ti ,1 'K 3 'Vi' " A A 6 Q IJ fr V! ff V uf ' P MJ , N svlxwfl l "E: wwf f Ml 5 " , A F f "' " f- ' 2 .1 . - 1- 'P I 1 131' 451, Ja: IJ, 4 I xi if y Pi? 'Mfr' I A 1 li' . 51, T , 5 M, A G 4, G ,-n Q., l , A , ' G. . fe - 1 afq -, G h 1 , I ' f S a A . Q Q , -fs sd ' Q r was ' , . 4- 5 11, Nl, Y , Q' -' J v X X . x,- D., ' 1 . I. 1 ' if '- " " . fe- ? 5 L- 45 'X Q1 sf 5 4 J -xv Q- J 8th Grade 3 J m I Q I fxfgl MF N' 045, QP' ul In Wnllxam Blystone Kenneth Boyles Alan Curt Kathleen Damiche Cathrme Elhs Duane Felch Donald Ferkey James F usher Donald Flsher David Frazier Beverly Gaupp Robert Gerard Thomas G1 gstead D r ID, 5 -X fe' Pkg- .1 in 2 . 5 5. V4 v . . 1 ' K we .HD -rf i X? lf' D 5 3 gf Q , . fe ,f J A this D2 1 D . , V - 0 lit D if' fo if ' ' la ' - 5 z 'Z G . Q " ? , ' f ' N! fl mllllivf ' 3 L: sv ,eff J . l Q Q ,gfffggfil ,fy X difffj .i?'fflf. G' D f A A K1 . I sa f'-ll ,'ffh'U5'll?J?Nl,1lli z llfElk'-'?'f:"11549317 I 1-8.7 1 ft - ' , I, fl . A -Dr es. 8 -- J fa is-Q e h ' - - DV- .78i'f'i e big ' Dy' . f Vnaw ED fwQ'e z QR , P ,- i4,,.,:.- 6 Alf: K ,Z Z- x A . gg. Lg wg W " ' ' D ' I , J- ' ' ' ' X 'AD j , v Sun v N , N 2 1' D Q T D at . if :S '1 xl -' A :- far L J V 4 , j N iff, -'Q , e We . fp 11112212 J R 7 . .D - D, D 2211 - f De - - 4: 4 q 1 'Z :T '4 " ' - is Z A , .fl U ,., , 1 I 1 I y KT: i 5 J rf . V 165 V if - f I lv , ' ' A , .13 lr- eil, ' 2' D,. D c,- . D , , , T' Q , V 4 I 3, -1. ,n ,L A Y V ."ff'D-D D I.-, ' 7. -J! "I Jiri., .X K idx? 1 Q! an-'K TL A1 2 Qf- vc .A-X Z8 +4r iffl' Vlrgll Gray Lela Grlffm Darlene Hultberg Dorothy Hutchmso Larry Jackson Robert Jmkerson 'Vllchael Kangas Wllllam Koester Geraldine Krueger Lewis Layton Sandra Lee Terry Lewns Nancy McKee Mary Naylor James Ostrum Dlanne Peterson Alan Relchert Rlchard Schoff Kenneth Skerven DeAnn Smith James Smolarek Robert Spree Jean Stlckney Dlanne Trlckle Tanya Verweyst Nancy Werdents Gary Wolfe Charles Worth Eugene Zuelke 7th Grade Harold Alexander James Berg Nancy Bowes LeRoy Cam Robert Chonos Roxme Chonos Duane Coon Gaylord DeWitt Joanne Ellis Dennls Enerson James Engwall Elizabeth Felch Sheryle Fluno Jerome Forcey Don Gifford Donna Gilman Jamce Hancock Karen Isaacson Dale Jensen James Jesse Charles Keepers Eddle Krcmar Carol Kulmke Gerald Mueller Carol Nelson Vem Nelson Lloyd Olson Cathrme Pflager John Powell Rlchard Rowe Jeanette Truchmskn Davnd Vehrs Gary Walbruck Don Weber ,z annul fl Ji 15 lg 9'9" J law 2 I I .1 if I x-We S xx, fi ,4-lv. rv' Nufl WJ' .-f If ,ffm :W ff? 'Q As 140 AD iw 43' J in .Jpf fav' 4 4' y . I 4 1 VN V, Q -- L... ! TQ," 1 vv ' Q 1 . -1 I I ix V 5 s e A " f f- 1' 'fx ,, J , " e 23- af .V f Q aff' if J J of If 1 ' h I of ' h . J, X .. ' x " " A -.. ' -gs ! 1 I t :, h , A R! 'J V1 J f A H 1 5 if ag: 'f..1v U an nm f'-Q -'Q 1' Mia 1, . :TM MZM -K A V J aavaa, 1 'fs 'Ls' ' L ' rf ' 5 Harold Francis fi I f J l e . aw L o, 1, k I 1 x . J ,4, I , " -4. I Q., K ff K 1, . A-fx I J M 1 , ' 4 Q ff? ,- 'P ' -, X X - I ki ff . V ya' Z' V s 1 56" I .ff in f , g.L 1 , u 4, . -f 1 .,ifj::, 'V -.. J 1 X 7 K W .s ,v It - y j !"I':::::::::gI-' P ' .1 -1' I . f:,.5????f?i!135. - 's yt ti K tx K 71 x 41 I an J , 5' 3, -I , ' Ls N 2, - X N l ' X 5 5,4 ' "".' i 11,1 J 'IA 1, ' ' . QL .Lv r 1 Nl D 1 5 't" '- .., ' '-7' i ' 1 .f I I I i ix Q ! ,f X Q92 J . ' X -l HOME ECONOMICS These gxrls are demonstratmg a ble settmg and method of servmg From left to rlght Beatrlce Keen Darlene Marcoux Alxce Gaden and Sandra Emerson Sec- 'r LIBRARIANS These students have charge of the llbrary durmg the perlods that Mxss Metcalf IS teachmg From left to nght Carol Splce Susan Slgourney Nancy Gruber Carol Baneck Jo Ann Gaden Joyce Wllhorn Sandra Lehner seated Darlene Marcoux Student Council NJ NEKOOSA CLIPS VIROQUA 49 - 0 fAt Nekoosa-October 4, 19571 The Papermakers, being watched by a partisan home crowd, rolled merrily over Viroqua. Viroqua put on the field a much stronger team than the score would indicate. The teams were on somewhat even terms the first half with Nekoosa taking a 14 - 0 lead to the dressing room. In the second half the P ' ' ' ' ' D apeis ran wild scoring five quick touchdowns and coasting to victory. NEKOOSA STOMPS TOMAH 27 - 0 fAt Tomah-October 11, 19571 The Papermakers, out to win their 18 in a row, were all set to stomp Tomah and stomp them they did, as the Nekoosa forward line completely destroyed the Tomah offense, by holding them to 100 yards rushing. The score of this game does not even indicate the kind of a game it was, as Nekoosa was in complete control from the opening kickoff. The first two times they had their hands on the ball the Papermakers scored. Coach Gene Cardinal, wanting to play everyone, substituted freely throughout the game to give all the boys a chance as Nekoosa's next two games were to be tough ones. Leon Holden, Nekoosa's right halfback, broke his collar bone in the first half. NEKOOSA VICTORIOUS OVER SPARTA IN HOMECOMING 28 - 14 fAt Nekoosa-October 25, 19571 The Papermakers, primed after a week's layoff with the flu, showed very little weakness in rolling up 200 yards and four touchdowns in the first half. Sparta was completely baffled by the Papers strong defense. The Papermakers provided much excitment for a large Nekoosa Homecoming crowd. NEKOOSA ROMPS PAST MAUSTON 28 - 6 fAt Mauston-November 1, 19571 d h i I ' K M'lk y accounted for all 28 points: The Papers exten t eir winning stilelak to 6321. The fullback tallied once in each of the four quarters tcillgeelp his teammates out of trouble all evening., Operi-IUHZ fI'0m Phe fuh ist position, following a first half shoulder injury to halfback J1m.Sc ml 6 end Ken Kukulka blasted his way down to the Mauston 19 Yard 1109 to Se up Milkey's third scoring jaunt. Db, k 'ar gc... ' R PORTAGE SNAPS NEKOOSA WIN-STREAK 14 - 7 CAt Portage-November 5, 19571 The Nekoosa Papermakers, out to win their 22nd game in a row, met defeat by a stubborn Portage eleven who would not see defeat. All the scoring was done in the first half. The Papermakers scored their touchdown in the first quarter, after an exchange of punts. Nekoosa with a hard charging line led by Gene Winker and full- back, Ken Kukulka, moved the ball down to the seven where Ken Milkey took it over. Portage came right back with a score, when the quarterback ran 33 yards after being trapped behind the line of scrimmage attempting to pass. Their second touch- down came on a pass to the Portage left halfback after a series of penalties moved them down the fied. At the half Portage took a 14 - 7 lead to the shower room. Nekoosa received the second half kickoff and marched down the field, led by the hard-running fullback: but the Portage defense was equal to Nekoosa's offense as they stopped them on the two-yaxd line. This was the last serious threat of the evening with Nekoosa losing this game, which put them in a tie with Portage for the title. Lleven seniors played their last football game for the Papermakers, who in the last th.-ce yeais ran up a win-streak of 21 triumphs. f N N ,-"bv ' 'Q X S' Q Q l 53 ii' 51 EEF- JR. HIGH FOOTBALL Twenty-five boys reported for junior high football in September with eighteen of the g.oup ffnishing the season. The first game was played against the more experienced Sacred Heart team and we lost 20 - 0. After two weeks of hard practice we played the Saint Lawrence team of Wisconsin Rapids. We won the game by a score of 62 - 6. Two other games were scheduled but with the outbreak of the flu and limited practice, the games had to be cancelled. Several promising football players were uncovered and they should be fighting for positions on the high school team in the next few years. -'fi l 2 'IF' -4 34 On October twenty-fifth, Judy Ploetz was crowned queen in a colorful festivity which took place at the Pep Assembly at two o'clock. Judy Ploetz, Gail Gjertsen and Joan Skibba were the three senior candidates: Sally Capek, Joye Wegner and Pat Vavrina were the three Junior candidates. All six girls were nominated by the vote of their respective class, and the queen, was elected by the vote of the student body as a whole, which consisted of grades 7 through 12. The queen's ballerina length dress was fashioned of aqua nylon net over taffeta. The neatly pleated net bodice was cinched at the waist with a taffeta cummerbund accented by a large bow and sash in back. Dainty net ruffles fell softely off the shoul- ders. The billowing triple tiered net skirt fell gently to ruffled points over a full taffeta skirt. Her wrist corsage was composed of red roses and white carnations. The Court's corsages were composed of contrasting flowers. The queen accompanied by Gail Gjers- ten and Joan Skibba rode in the parade in an open convertible. Riding in another open convertible following the queen's car were Pat Vavrina, Joye Wegner and Sally Capek. We were very fortunate to have Mr. John Jonnes, our school photographer niake a special trip from his Studio in Milwaukee to take pictures of our Home-Coming festiv- ities. Home Coming Queen's Attendants 3 L H Q l 1 I c 5 CP G Q 5. ': cm S' cn CD '15 II II 'P I s O ' ,ii-: - .143 .,-, y y, 'V 35.41, 7 gy: .- K use f f ' , P l .VL 35 Jud Ploetz L 5 A ' 3 X 3 X Z' N fi A 6.1, SKU E XX HOMELOMING -X colorful ind excltlng day was ex pcrlentcd hx all of Alercmder Hlgh School on October 25 as Homecom lng was celebrated wlth a bon flre nlkedance pep rally palade and game all playmg majol parts 1n the gala aftalr Actually the whole affau started qu1te some tlme before wlth the planmng and prepalatxon of the mr 1ous exents by all the o1gan1z1t1ons m the school Homecomlng got off to 1 blg start on Thursday evenlng October 24 w1th the annual bon fmre, pep rally at the ICG pond and the snake dance down Nllrket Stleet Evervone got lnto the spxrlt of HOm6COmlHg' at these ex ents The blg day ltself stirted wxth a pep xssembly 1n the Maln Room ludy Plotez was clowned as the relgmng monarch of the 1957 Home COnllUg and the Sen1o1s presented a h1l1r1ous pep Sklt The fact that the flrst snowfall of the year occurred Just a half hour before the parade d1d not dampen the sp1r1ts of anyone The parade went on as usual bemg led by the school band The floats were judged as they pissed along the parade route mth the ophmores Pullmg For Xlctory bemg awarded flrst prlze Second prmze went to the elghth grade wlth Well Stop Them as thelr slo gan and the semors wlth the solgan We ye Blossommg To Vlctory , mer lted the thlrd awald Cllmaxmg the affalr was the tra dltlonal football game wlth Sparta as our opponents The Queen and her court were presented to the Large crowd at half tlme Although we were unable to have a homecommg dance because of the con stxuctlon work at the school, the thr1ll and spult of Homecomlng was Just as great as ID othex years Basketball WESTFIELD TRIMS NEKOOSA 56-50 fAt Westfield November 22, 19571 Well balanced scoring and rebound control demonstrated by Westfield's Pioneers dealt Nekoosa its first basketball defeat of the season in a non-conference opener. Weak spots in the Papermaker's game according to Grosshuesch, included a lack of rebounding on fast oreak situations, and mental lapses on defense which allowed Westfield several easy layups at crucial times. In a B-squad game Westfield trounced Nekoosa 38-13. TRI COUNTY TAGS NEKOOSA 47-38 fAt Nekoosa November 23, 19575 Ragged passing and ball handling tagged the Papermakers of Alexander High School with their second non-conference basketball defeat, this time at the hands of Plainfield's Penguins. Reeling from a loss to Westfield, Nekoosa again failed to cope with a 7-C league outfit whose strength is measured in rebounding ability. Plainfield, never behind or in real trouble, held leads ranging up to 15 points. In a B-squad game Nekoosa edged Plainfield 33-32 in overtime. NEKOOSA LOSES TO PORTAGE 70-60 tAt Nekoosa November 26, 1957l The amazing jump-shooting of Portage guard Ken Gravatt, who garnered 41 points in a demonstration of accuracy from the field, swept the Warriors past a scrappy but out- manned Nekoosa squad in a South Central Conference opener. The Warriors earned their first lead at 20-18 in the half. Portage never lost the lead after that. Nekoosa's B-team defeated the Warrior Bees 24-19 in a preliminary match. X W' X 6- -me be-fr 1 ie 'TE' S irf NEKOOSA PAPERS BUMP PORT EDWARDS 64-58 CAt Nekoosa December 3, 19571 The Papermakers captured their first cage victory of the season against arch-rival Port Edwards in a hard-fought non-conference match, but the Nekoosans had to overcome a 12-point, third period deficit and stave off a closing Blackhawk rally to do it. Nekoosa led 20-16 at the quarterstop. Port earned a 42-36 halftime lead. Nekoosa's B-squad bombarded the Blackhawk Bees 49-13 in a preliminary match. NEKOOSA NIPPED BY DELLS 57-48 fAt Nekoosa December 6, 19571 The Papermakers lost their second South Central Confer- ence game to fast Wisconsin Dells squad. Papermaker forward Bill Weaver had his best night of the season, collecting 17 rebounds and 16 points to lead the Nekoosa quintet in both divisions. Dick Blackburn, filling in for Nekoosa's injured center, Ken Kukulka, garnered 12 points. In a B-squad game Nekoosa lost to Wisconsin Dells Bees 29-23. VIROQUA DEFEATS NEKOOSA 75-61 iAt Nekoosa December 13, 19571 A rangy Viroqua cage outfit crushed the Papermakers on the strength of a lopsided second quarter but the bat- teied Nekoosans didnt give up without a fight. The Papermakers were trailing 45-25 at halftime. Viroqua led 24 19 at the quarter In a B squad game Viroqua beat Nekoosa 40-36. XJ 2 L' P3 i1U'AlQb5U2 431374 g3D ry! V REEDSBURG TOPS NEKOOSA 66-56 lAt Reedsburg December 17, 19571 Nekoosa's Papermaker cagers stumbled to their fourth straight South Central Conference defeat as the Reedsburg Beavers registed in their initial victory in play on their new court. The Papermakers scored as many points in the final quarter as they did in the first three stanzas, but a 21 point Reedsburg bulge at the end of three periods was too much to overcome. NEKOOSA MAULED BY MAUSTON 75-54 fAt Mauston December 20, 19571 The Golden Eagles of Mauston High romped away with their first South Central Conference victory at the expense of the haples Nekoosa Papermakers who suffered their fifth straight loop defeat. Nekoosa was unable to hit its shots from the field to open the game as the Eagles mov- ed into a 13-7 first quarter lead. Nekoosa's B-squad lost to the Mauston B-squad 33-26. PAPERS NIP A-F DEVILS 64-55 lAt Nekoosa January 7, 19581 The Green Devil cagers of Adams-Freindship High School managed to outfumble a blundering Nekoosa quintet in a raggedly played tilt and the Paper City five chalked up its second non-conference victory of the season. The game had little luster as both teams booted the ball away time after time with bad passes and violations. NEKOOSA STUNS SPARTA 65-61 fAt Nekoosa January 10, 19581 Bill Weaver, Papermaker scoring wizard, stole almost the entire show in leading his teamates to a victory over the Spartans in a hotly contested battle that saw the score tied no less than 15 times. Ken Milkey netted 14 markers in playing little more than three quarters. Ken Kukukla with 10 markers was the only other Nekoosan to register double figures. TOMAH PUTS PAPERS IN CELLAR 75-72 fAt Nekoosa January 17, 19581 A last quarter rash of Nekoosa fouls sent four key men to the bench and Papermaker reserves were unable to cope with Tomah scoring power as the Indians came from behind to earn a hard fought South Central Conference victory. Struggling to gain possession of the ball, Papermakers Weaver, Kukulka, Oleson and Milkey all left the game with five fouls. BARABOO BUMPS NEKOOSA 58-41 lAt Baraboo January 24, 19581 An outstanding Baraboo defense held down Ne- koosa's cagers for three quarters and allowed a medicore scoring power to set the pace in thwart- ing a Papermaker bid for an upset South Central Conference win. NEKOOSA TRIMS MOSINEE 69-47 fAt Nekoosa January 28, 19581 Pounding out a non-conference win over Mosinee the Nekoosa Papermakers gained their third vic- tory in five starts since the Christmas holiday break. VIROQUA SMASHES PAPERS 64-44 QAt Viroqua January 31, 19581 Four players, including two from each team, were thrown out of the game for scuffling on the floor in the hotly contested battle. At the end of the first quarter Viroqua led 21-8. Viroqua left the court with a 34-20 halftime advantage. A nip- and-tuck third quarter put Viroqua ahead 49-33. NEKOOSA STUNS RICHLAND CENTER 78-T7 fAt Nekoosa Febrauary 7, 19581 A great team effort by a Nekoosa basketball team which showed a hungry desire to win defeated their second South Central Conference opponent of the year. In overtime, the Purple outlasted Richland Center. Well balance Nekoosa scoring was led by forward Bill Weaver who potted 27 markers. Dick Hultberg netted 18 points all in the last half. Kukulka's layup, Weaver's brace of free throws and Blackburn's jump shots were all Nekoosa needed in the overtime period. , 2 D 21 -. 'X 'L f f i ' I . , E. 5 . Q 5 V 5 , , 3 1 j 3. ' 'ff' f M E' .4 ' NEKOOSA 72 MAUSTON 63 at Nekoosa February 14 The Papermakers were never behind in earning their third South Central Conference victory of the season. Eight seniors playing their last home game for Nekoosa were intro- duced before the contest including Hultberg, Weaver. Kukulka, Milkey, Blackburn, Oleson, Benchoff and Ruder. SPARTA 74 NEKOOSA 61 at Sparta Febraury 22 1 Unable to match Sparta's powerful rebounding and scoring abilities, Nekoosa's Papermaker cagers floundered to a 24- point deficit early in the fourth quarter and couldn't catch up with a closing spurt in blowing their ninth South Central Conference game of the season. TOMAH 84 NEKOOSA 64 at Tomah Febraury 28 After an entire half-game of the best brand of basketball they've played all year, Nekoosa's Papermakers suddenly collapsed under a barrage of jump shots by a Tomah guard and tumbled to their 12th defeat of the season. e 8 S -, .W-' Y: J, f saw MHS, 9 sk ' an 1.5.nb"4' CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders are chosen by the student body The group IS com posed of two squads The A team and the B ' team The A team gxrls are as follows Kay Holmes Shlrley Frelberg Rolanda Jackson Judy Musch Juanita Crowns Joan Alexander The A ' team umforms consxst of purple sklrts whrte sweaters pur ple shoes and whlte socks The B ' team umforms consrst of pur ple sklrts whlte sweaters purple socks and whxte shoes Thls year we had a new attractlon wrth Robble Enerson as our mascot The "B ' team gurls are as follows J amce Hultberg J oye Wegner Joanne Paxnter buff G A A This orgamzatlon rs the Gxrls Ath letlc Assoclatlon wlth Mrs Newell as the advlsor They meet every Monday nlght after school There are 55 members and the offxcers are the followmg Presxdent Roxanne Jackson Vlce Pres Charlene Saeger Sec dz Treas Rolanda Jackson Rec Sec June Femlmg The dues are 50 cents per semester The gnrls recerve points for varlous actxvltles The award the glrl re cerves depends on the pomts she earns They play basketball deck tenms, etc ..,.- . N , 1 4' . 1 L si Planning committee: standing: David Benchoff, Sonia Zellmer, sit- ting' left to ri ht June Femlin Ka Holmes Darlen M r x , 8 1 8, Y , e a cou , Janet Bowes, and Judy Cole. Layout committeeg standing: Karen Salter, Roger Worth, Clifford Haas, Dick Hultberg, sitting: left to right: Beverly Lewis, Gloria gulmire, Jo Ann Gaden, Gail Gjertsen, Sonia Zellmer, and Beatrice een. The oeeasin Club Along with Mr. Hoke, the advisor, students from the junior and senior classes worked to make our 1958 Moccasin. The Moccasin Club is made up of students from the junior and senior classes. The club worked hard to make our annual a success. The members must plan, write, and type up a dummy copy along with cropping and pasting. They must also make certain the copy gets to the printers on time. Much credit goes to the members and the advisor for the wonderful book that they published this year. Typing committeeg left to Salter, and Earldeen Falkner. :mf A - 3 ,4- i LAT?-xx- ,J' -F, x Senior write-up committee, left to right: Barbara Bloyd, Janice Bauer, Rolanda Jackson, Janice Hultberg, Darlene Bredl, Sandra Emerson fstandingl and Alice Gaden. Write up committee, left to right: Joyce Wilhorn, Darlene Stensberg, Bushnell, Jean Russell, Kay Judy Sparks, Ken Milkey, and Ken Kukulka. X I I K K I hav.. K , A wwmagegnnts Alexander High School Orchestra The Alexander High School Orchestra IS composed of thirty two players The string section whlch consists of seventeen members rehearses one period four days a week The full orchestra meets one period per week during the school day In addition to this the full orchestra has practiced each Thursday night for a period of one to one and one half hours The orchestra has presented two formal public concerts this year as well as music for several school functions It partlcxpated ln the District Music Festival at Merrill on May third playing ln Class B A number of members also took part ln the annual Solo Ensemble Contest at Merrlll on April nineteenth Music studied by the orchestra lS largely of classic and standard nature representing works of the old masters as well as of contemporary composers Much credit and appreclatlon IS given to Mr Schadeberg for the great amount of work and time that he has given to the orchestra. We feel that he has done a good job in conducting and improving our orchestra. MEMBERS OF THE ALEXANDER HIGH SCHOOI ORCHESTRA Judy Sparks David Freiberg Priscilla Lamb Earldeen Falkner Carol Coon Sharon Lewis Linda Ruder Dorothy Hutchinson Darlene Hultberg James Ruder Bill Boeye Mavis Grover Nancy Weaver Cathy Milkey Glenn Leach Shirley Kitrush Judy Meier Steve Britten Donald Ferkey Dick Blackburn Jim Smolarek 44 Sally Capek Spencer Gaylord Frank Drews Richard Schoff Shirley Freiberg Darlene Stensberg Diane Peterson Susan Wipfli Donna Graf Jean Jepson Karla McCoog Alexander High School Chorus The Alexander Hlgh School mxxed Chorus has thxrty s1x members whlch conslsts of twenty elght glrls and elght boys The students have varlous practxce hours besides the days they meet m class Two pubhc concerts were gxven m conjunction with the hlgh school orchestra The chorus partlcxpated ln the Dxstrxct Musxc Festmval m class B It also took part m the annual Chrlstmas Smg at Wlsconsm Raplds Another event ln whlch members preformed was the Dlstrlct Solo Ensemble Festlval at Merrlll We would like to congratulate Mr Schadeberg for the fme work he has contrxbuted MEMBERS OF THE HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Eleanor Arendt Lmda Arendt Loulse Arendt Earldeen Falkner Vlfglnla Felch Llnnea Fxtzgerald Davld Frelberg Shlrley Frelberg Elame Grlffm Kay Hamel Judy Hancock Carl Haas Chfford Haas Jamce Hultberg Harvey Hurd Roxle Jackson Barbara Lageunesse Sharon Lewls Cathy Mans Darlene Marcoux Marllyn Mlsna John Pamter Sharon Powell Lmda Ruder Charlene Saeger Pat Shymanskx Susan Sxgourney Judy Sparks Carol Styka Donna Sweet Joan Thurber Don Tuttle Rlchard Vehrs Nancy Weaver Rae Woodard 45 f-4-nf 44 4 U . Y-f Alexander High School Band The Alexander High School Concert Band under the direction of Mr., Howard J. Schuren, has had another of their busy years. In Novem- ber, they went to Oskosh, Wisconsin to hear the United States Air Force Band. There they heard a lot of good music, both instrumental and vocal. Although the Air Force Band wasn't as large as they expected it to be, it played a very good concert. The next trip took, which was also in November, was to Wisconsin Rapids. There, along with bands from Wisconsin Rapids and Schofield, they were divided into two bands, for a band workshop. The bands were under the dir- ection of two college music teachers. They were Mr. Schraeder from Lawrence College and Mr. Sarig from the University of Wisconsin Extension Division Music Department. The bands practiced two hours and a half in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. Then they gave a concert for the high school in the late afternoon and another concert for the public that night. Although they did a lot of work, they had fun doing it. All three bands get together once a year for this band workshop. Next year Mr. Sarig will be one of the directors, but Mr. Schraeder will be replaced by another college music teacher. They change one band director each year. Then the next event for the band was in May. This was the solo and ensemble contest at Merrill. We are proud to say that there were a large number of students who either took solos or ensembles or both. Then later that month, the music tournament was held also at Merrill. The ratings of the band last year were, first in concert, second in sight reading, first in marching and first in inspection. The band also held its spring concert that month. Also in May, 65 students, some from Lincoln and some from Alexander, were picked to play in a concert. Each piece the band played, they had a different director. There were twenty dirctors in all. Ale 1 i .,.-.-at The students picked, were not picked because they could play their parts, but also because of their attitude toward the whole idea. This was a convention of band directors. It started on Saturday and ended on Sunday. The concert ended at four thirty. Karl Sanger a member of the band was absent the day the band picture was taken. The Pep Band also did well this year. The student director was Dick Blackburn, when Dick was not able to direct, Louise Arent took over. They both did a very good job. The students who took over the bands when Mr. Schuren was not there were June Femling, Sonia Zellmer, Dick Blackburn, and Jean Jepson. These are all seniors and are to be congratulated on the fine job they did for Mr. Schuren. The Cadet Band also did a very fine job this year. They went to Merrill also, being entered as a class D band. There are some promis- ing players in this band. Mr. Schuren is to be complimented on the fine job he is doing on the Alexander High Concert and Cadets Bands. He always said a band is only as good as its poorest player. Mr. Schuren spends most of his free time doing something to help the bands. He also listens to other bands. Although some: students don't care to spend as much time on their band practice as they should, if it weren't for Mr. Schuren, we wouldn't have as good a band as we do now. This year has proved to be a good year for Mr. Schuren. He was voted president of the Wisconsin School Music Association. We are very proud to have him as our band director here at Alexander High School. 47 Cast Louxse Arendt Jxm Schmidt Bonme Sablovltch B111 Weaver Darlene Guenther Gall GJertsen Judy Cole Davxd Benehof! Max Schovell Ken Mllkey Jxm Ruder Beatrlce Keen Soma Zellmer Charlene Saezer Ron Moody IMS If , um qefmm Semor Class Pla Dxck Blackburn Ken Kukulka Karl Sanger Shxrley Frexberz Duck Hultberg Mr Boettcher Jenn Jepson Judy Klappa. Dorothy Hutchmson Geraldme Krueger Mr Bathke Darlene Hultberg Roxme Chonos Donna Gllman Carol Kuhnke Dxck Schoff Jxm Berg Jumor Forensics N- 5.-4 49 Q.- as T3 Junlor Y '51 gun 'I-A. '37 AAI. 1 is Class Play 50 L Cast Spencer Gaylord Jamce Hultberg Jack Joslm Rollle Jackson Roger Gllman Clxfford Haas Harvey Hurd Kltty Gust Carol Coon Roger Worth Stephen Brltten Joyce Wxlhorn Joye Wegner fD1rectorJ Mlss Bmkowskl ! Carol Coon Donna Graf Kltty Gust Q , Q lv as .fr 4. 1 1 X 50.- 7 'xii' ,.ffic",.f-g O - c f ' 5 F s G . ' 'fa 5.7 e VV g 2 Q A 2? . G 3 iw u xc if 'A . -W ' E: 5,11 .Y A ' I . .fr -' Ax up Ax y if -VL . G M' Ns L f Q J ' ' F Q1 Hip Donna Graf NNY - ,. ' - - f ll' - . , ' - gg U ' ' l Af Q ,f , ,,,Ql.'f1 HM' 4. . 6: F .7 I 1 3: -by Senlor I-Ilgh School Forenslcs ' The semor hlgh school forenslc season started rlght after Chrxstmas vacatlon wxth people partlcxpatmg ln seven dlfferent fxelds All had thelr eyes set on the state tournament at Madxson but flrst they were requxred to sur v1ve a serxes of contests on the way Ten people recleved A xatmgs m the local contest held on February 24 and partlclpated m the league contest at Marshfleld on March 13 along wxth students from Marshfleld Stevens Pomt Wlsconsm Raplds and DC Everest of Schofleld Three People Juantxa Crowns JoAnne Pamter and Roxle Jackson emerged vlc torlous from that meet and proceeded to the Dlstrlct Contest at Stevens Pomts the last obstacle m thexr path to the state tournament at Madlson The contestents at the local contest and thelr selectlon, Humorous Declamatxon Juanlta Crowns The Waltz Darelene Stensbexg The New Brxde Goes Shoppxng Susan Wlpflx At the Lace Counter Barbara Bloyd Hack Fmn Goes Respectable Kay Holmes Makmg an Oratmn Serlous Declamatlon Roxle Jackson Peter Pan John Pamter Death of a Salesman Judy Musch Andante Interpertatne Readmg Janice Hultbexg The Double Headed Penny Roberta Burnett The Dog that Blt People Earldeen Falknex The Man who Stole God Barbara Laganusse The Hlghwayman Sandra Lehner The Horrlble Fate of Malpomenous Jones Mavxs Grover No Tlme for Sergeants Non Orlgmal Oratory Prlscllla Lamb You, The Jury Joan Thurber Why Elvls Presley" Extemporaneous Reading Nancy Weaver Jean Jepson Non Orlgmal Oratory JoAnne Pamter Teen Agers Behmd the Wheel Four Mmute Speech Judy Meier Gomg Steady 0 o 5 , . .aA..,,.,., ,,,,,, ., A.. ,W 77-6, . V W WV Ay'---'f'r""'V' H . .. , J I " J S , . Af 1' ,, , N 6 3 I, A , I-5. ,T Q '7 4 , K ' ' x X K ' 1' X-' b x U' U ., Q, ,S ,' f- 'se Q 'x Q , 4 W - bw v 'l 6 J , ..- , V My Kg Y s ,, ' J w At, I NV X i . ' " 4 I , X N .- N X S t L f 1 - 1 S C . . . . . , . . - A . U ,, ' . I . . . . Y I Y n T - , . , a . ' ' ' ' . . y . Y. . - Q DA FHA This organization is the Future Home- makers of America, with Miss Kindschy as the advisor. You must take Home Eco- nomics at least one year to be in this club. There are 23 members belonging to this club The followmg are the officers President Bermce Styka Vice President Rolanda Jackson Secretary Barbara Lageunesse Treasurer Sharon Engwall Parllamentarlan Pat Vavrma Historian Barbara Bloyd Editor Kitty Gust The dues consist of 50 cents a year In the spring they take a trip in which they go and eat, then see plays, concerts, etc -1' Nags fi 4 V X S XXX, 'agp ,gig-gi4?5 vb, Q-gf K N Y N CONSERVATION CLUB This club is for the boys and their advisor is Mr Hutter There are 23 members m thls club This club helps to promote the study of wildlife and nature A few of their activities mclude having a Homecom mg Float concerning our Nekoosa team and wildlife and Nature They also plant trees and have a Maple Syrup proJect in the spring of the year Pulp cutting Forest thinning, sale of lumber also goes in with their activities In the sprmg some of the boys and the advisor goes to Eagle River for a 3 day conservation workshop If the boys have enough credits at the end of the year for doing these various activities they receive a conservation pm The officers for this year were the followxng President Jack Joslin Vice President Fred Riechert Secretary Glenn Leach Treasurer Frank Drews .J ZX .0 ' Q., I ,'-1' 35 Baseball Track mm "' N90 it I 53 Hlghllghts of 1957 53 SEPTEMBER School opens First full day As usual the upper classmen found they had new class mates for the Freshmen got lost and Jomed new classes All the klds look sleepy What s the matter hard weekend' Football game wlth Waupaca agaln we won Ken played a swell game The glrls are all hopmg for somethmg to happen for by now they have all recexved the1r flrst a1d cards and are ready for action Dld It agam beat Wxsconsm Dells m our football game The halls are buzzmg today wlth the Jumors talkmg class rmgs and the Semors aglow over plctures Another game another wm' That s the way to keep thlngs gomg boys Dayllght savmg tlme ended today Good' One more hour of sleep OCTOBER Duck huntmg IS the subject for thls week s conversatlon Well the Jumors fmally got lt settled or at least we hope they dld for they ordered thelr class rlngs today The world serles was on today and thanks to Mlsna Electrlc and Plumbmg Shop the mam room had a T V set The Semors had thelr pictures taken and belxeve me, you never saw so many good lookmg klds ln your llfe The team traveled to Tomah to defeat them 49 0 The school looks klnd of empty today for there are about 150 kxds out wlth the flu Take care of yourself and hurry back for Mlss Taylor xsn t sure Just what to do with the few kldS she does have left nn Bookkeepmg Class The football game wxth Portage was not played because of the flu School IS back ln full force Most of the klds have beaten the flu and are hack worklng harder than ever to get ready for homecommg Homecommg has come at last Judy Ploetz was chosen Queen Congrat ulatlons Judy, sorry there wlll be no dance but I guess we will not care We hear our Engllsh teacher IS Daddyl' Congratulatlons, we all hope the nightly feedmg hours w1ll not do too much harm Thmgs are going along about the same Just about everybody 1S waltmg for teacher s conventlon even the teachers There was a dance held wlth two dance bands tomght Sure xs nice of the Llon s Club NOVEMBER Played Mauston and won All talk IS on our game wlth Portage and lf we wm thls one we w1ll be undefeated for the year Played our game and lost Well boys, you dld your best and lt was a good game School closed at noon for teachers conventxon School opened again after teachers conventlon The band traveled to Wlsconsm Rapids today to attend the band work shop Congratulatmons we now have a new cheerleader and our Coach IS the proud Daddy Many of the boys are deer huntmg today sure do wlsh them luck Semor Class took tests today to fmd out what Jobs they were best suited for' Not much luck ln most cases Klds are all actlng up today for at noon vacatlon begms DECEMBER Back from vacation many are havmg trouble with their clothes Guess next time they will be careful about eatmg so much Played Port Edwards and beat them ln basketball Everyone IS feelmg better about that Both the orchestra and band are worklng over tlme getting ready for thelr concerts whlch will be held thls month Basketball game wnth the Dells, we lost Oh' well guess someone has to ose, The band gave then' concert tomght It was enjoyed by all The Semors are all standlng around the halls exchangmg pictures They have mce plctures Class Rmgs are here makes the Jumors happy The orchestra and cholr gave thelr concert tonlght they did a swell Job A real busy day, for today Chnstmas vacatlon starts and the boys also travel to Mauston for a basketball game. 54 0 O Q 3 . 4 l l . . - 9 ' . ' , . 13 ' - ' . . 17 . 1 1 a ' l . , 1 20 1 s 4 Y Q a Q . . 25 . . . . . . . 27 , ' l. ' ' ' . 29 ' ' ' . . . 1 . . . . , . . 3 , . l . Q . , . Q 4 Y I u 1 10 , . . .. i. . . . l 7 l 11 . - . 14 n . u D u 18 ' . 23 . ' . . . i 24 i ' . . - to much when they start playing games in ,the new gym. 25 ' ' .. ' 28 . Q ' . I Q Q I ' , . 31 . . ' . . . , I 1 . 3 . . . . . . 5 U . . 6 ' ' . 11 ' ' ' . 13 ' ' ' . 15 . , . 18 ' , ' . 20 . . . . . 27 . I . , . . I 2 . .Q , . U . . . 3 . . . . 5 n 1 n 1 ' - . 6 ' . . 10 ' ' . ' . 16 U . . . . . t 18 ' 1 3 ' . 19 . . . , . . 0 20 ' ' JANUARY School opened after Chrxstmas vacatlon everybody IS sportmg new clothes Hope they all had a mce Chrlstmas Second day back and we have a basketball game Thmgs are gomg along Just about the same wlth the kxds spendmg thelr extra tlme over at the 1ce pond The mld wmter Clmlc at Madison IS on Well as usual many of the Jumors no longer have thelr class rmgs Just what happened to them anyway" Bet we know a few glrls who could tell us the answers Tonlght the boys got another workout for they played Tomah 'V " " " We are wlthout much free txme agam for everyone IS startmg to cram for exams whlch are commg up agam FEBRUARY Basketball game wxth Rlchland Center Lmcolns Blrthday Many of the Freshmen are stlll trymg to fmd out who he was Two home games ln a row Tomght we hosted Mauston and of course there was a dance afterwards Game at Sparta Many of the gxrls enJoyed the bus tnp more than the game MARCH Junlors are workmg hard on their class play Forenslc contest IS gettmg near all are trymg to remember thelr declamatlons Jumors gave thelr play In Case of Murder It was a well done Job State Basketball Tournaments Antlcs APRIL Aprll fools day and the students are all makmg the best of xt Jumors are all workmg hard gettmg thelr prom ln order All talk IS on prom and whos gomg wlth who Prom here at last a great mght for all Solo Ensemble Contest and as always many of us have not yet been to bed Band Concert MAY Semors are countmg the days untll graduatlon Baccalaureate practxce Ken Ruder IS havmg trouble tellmg rlght from e t Baccalaureate Sermon Two days before graduatlon Class mght IS over and so IS most of the fun Graduation' Beef gave her falr share of the tears School over and so IS another year Good bv Semors you all wxll be mxssed 4 U ,X fl NX 55 6 . . .. , . , 7 . 9 .. 1 . . . , . . . 11 v - 1 u 1 . . . I 15 , ' ' a ' . . e l 17 ' . . . . . 23 . U ' . ' . . . 7 ' ' . 12 . , . . . . . 14 I ' . ' 21 ' . s e 9 4 . . . 0 5 . . . . y . . 11 ' . ' u ni ' . 27 Teachers all made fools of themselves for they took part in the Frantic 1 . . . . 10 . . . . . . 15 ' ' ' ' . 18 , ' . 19 - 24 l . 5 . . . . I 13 . . . . . . l f . 18 . 21 ' . ' ' ' 23 l' . ' . 24 ' . - , ' , ' V .- ' .f C Q X. ll l' 2 I 3 E. 7 1 5 L ll Pro hecy As we look lnto the future we see the class of 1958 has progressed far ln the age of rockets and sputnlks Come wlth us as we VlSlt them ln the year 1988 Our flrst stop lS at Dlck s Grocery Store run by Dlck Hultberg HIS head check out glrls are Judy Ploetz and Darlene Guenther They are stlll dlscusslng the chemlstry they couldn t get back ln 1958 Davld Benchoff now runs an auto Wrecklllg shop He makes money as others wreck cars One of hls most valuable customers IS Delos Favlre SIDCG hls car IS always needlng new parts Our next stop IS Judys Beauty Shop She can put Sparks ln your halr Rlght next door we see she has some competltlon because Earldeen Falkner has a Beauty Shop also Both of them are almost out of buslness because of the Halr Styllst Blll Boeye The women really go for hlS halr styles and for hlm too etcR We come to the bank next WhlCh IS under the mangement of Schmldt Schmldt and Schmldt Al Jerry and Jlm that IS Now what wlll they do wlth all that money" Jean Russell now runs the theatre ln Nekoosa Her best popcorn pusher and tlcket taker IS Karl Sanger He pushes most of the popcorn down hlmself Two stars who appear ln the movles at thlS theatre are Blll Weaver and Bonnle Sablovltch We flnd a few of the students from the class of 1958 teachlng school ln Nekoosa now Judy Karbowskl teaches art, Max Scovell teaches bookkeeplng and Ron Bloyd IS teachlng blology wlth Shlrley Kltrush as hlS asslstant Eugene Wlnker IS Prlnclpal of the school Classes now start at ten oclock so he has plenty of tlme to get there Gall Gjertsen owns the Style Shop ln Nekoosa She faShl0hS clothes for the Nekoosa Beautles Shlrlev Frelberg lS her model Wow watch out for the curves' Joanne Gaden IS her best customer We flnd that Ken Mllkey IS presldent of the Mlll now He has lots of buslness and hlS prlvate secretary Charlene Saeger helps handle It Ken Kukulka IS postmaster now One of hlS best workers IS Bev Lewls N wonder the mall IS always late ln Nekoosa Gorden Layton runs a bus between Nekoosa and Port Edwards Dlck Blackburn IS one of hls most frequent passengers because he stlll can't make up hls mlnd whlch of the two towns has the best prospects When we go lnto Holmes Restaurant we flnd that Beatllce Keen IS stlll washlng dlSh6S she hasnt advanced yet Joan Sklbba has taken over her slsters Job as the Doctor's secretary As the Doctor of Nekoosa we see Ken Ruder he puts vou ln stltches Standlng on the street corner IS the clty pollcemen Ron Moody We flnd that Beverly Powell and Jean Lee own Jones Restaurant lthey stlll enforce the no smokmg law"J Ruth Sparks and Elleen Ostrum have found Jobs ln the mlll and are happy We have some workers ln Mllwaukee from the class of 1958 They are Sandra Emerson, Judy Klappa Barbara Applebee, and Allce Gaden Remember glrls, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy Of course, thls class has also some art talent Janlce Schultz Ruth Von Elnem, and Shlrley LEWIS have an artlsts shop ln Nekoosa LOUISE Arendt now runs HlllSld9 One of the bands that appears out there belongs to Daryl Losey Hls top vocallst IS Roxle Jackson Soma Zellmer IS the flrst woman lawyer ln Nekoosa June Femllng IS her secretary Rlchard Chrlstensen runs the Sport Shop ln Nekoo a now Look out for low flylng game Leland Gray IS the local game warden I wonder what he does out ln the woods all of the tlme We really have a celebrlty from the class of 1958, for Judy Cole IS the flrst woman d t presl en Kay Holmes runs the Ranger Statlon ln Nekoosa It IS Just somethlng for her to do whlle she Waltlhg for Hllbert Oleson to get out of the servlce Jean Jepson and Jlm Ruder have found that two heads are better than one so they have taken over the Insurance Agency ln Nekoosa Alfred Jlnkerson has opened a motor cycle and motor scooter shop ln Nekoosa HIS lnterest ln these thlngs has pald off for hlm Carrol Peterson IS hls mechanlc Karla McCoog IS stlll worklng at Lake Geneva Her nlghts aren't as lonely as you may thlnk Ed Schauer IS now settled down wlth hlS wlfe on the farm Some of the boys stlll havent found out there IS such a thlng as glrls, so they have Jomed the SETVICC Under thlS group we flnd Ben Smart, Carl Vehrs, and Ken Wlnters They should learn all they need to know there Ed Wllkle has taken over the dalry ln Nekoosa HIS chlef pullers are Joe Werderlts and Ron Vlken Of course we have the happlly marrled glrls from the class of 1958 Darlene Marcoux Glorla Gulmlre Bonnle GlgSt98d Darlene Stensberg, and Kay Kruger are ID thls bunch You should Just see the klds' They each have flV8 Thathls what we see and we hope each ones special plans work out the way they want t em 56 s . - , I I ' . I - x - ' ' 7 1 n 1 . n Q a I . , , I . 1 1 r 1 J - , . , . r . A . ' ' . , - ' r - u , , ' 0 n . . 0 . . x . . . . - , , . . . , . . . , , . . , . , . ' l . . . , . S . . . . . . . , . . . , , . , 1 . . , . 1 Then the walls of the new buildingnwere erected. Workmen are here shown building the inner walls. fm p Q ,O A New Addition Goes Up The new addition for Alexander H-igh School was begun in October 1957. The photo shows the beginning, as the footings are being placed. x-a..- ' ... . V ,V ,V rum qs ,, ,413 ,,- . 5 ., , W U,- ., .-. The walls and sub-floors are nearly com- pleted. Snow and cold weather did not stop the workmen. In the fall of 1958 the new addition will be completed and awaiting the arrival of students. Superintendent LeRoy Jensen and Joe Grode the building inspector, discuss the blue prints. , ,ri w, , ,X X QQ L ' N rxgjlxy A X ,. - .. A 1 -,.,., .Vs-. Ti I' 41N Y-qi ,Q---'fi iff Jumor Prom Kung Don Esser and Queen Sally Capek relgned supreme over the 1958 Jumor Prom on Frlday evenmg April 18 The gym was transformed mto a sea of many colors to carry out the theme Red Saxls In The Sunset Varymg shade of red yellow and gold were hlghlxghted xn portraying the sun slowly smkmg m the west and a harbor motlf was earned out for the rest of the gym Musxc for the gala affalr was provided by Jerry Stueber and hls Squlres, wlth dancmg from 8 30 untll 12 00 mldmght 58 A Q N, X- ,, Q, as -V355 , ff" WJ, .yi Q . .. . 'Uv ,iw - Q ' 1 . r A 3 1, Mg, I . h Q . A ' 'Q , D 8 N - ef 'rsy- L 4 . V , . f 1 ' gif? Ax, Q f '- . U7""-lIDl"1iC7 l"'l 3 Zl"'I -I Congratulations to the 1958 Graduates on the successful completlon of th1s part of your prep arat1on for your future Whlle you have been bulldmg your 3.b1lltl8S we have been expandmg our fac1l1t1es to create a better communlty for all of us Nekoosa Edwards Paper Company NEKOOSA WISCONSIN 60 O ... . ... f u 1 I 1 NEKOOSA FOUNDRY 81 MACHINE YVORKS, Inc. PAPER MILL MACHINERY AND SUPPLIES Nekoosa, wisconsin Insure your future today- The Vletropolitan way' G R O D E 8L N A S H FREDL RUMSEY AGENT PAPER COMPANY Metropolitan Llfe Insurance C0 Nekoosa wlsconsm Nekoosa Wlsconsm W A R A D K E INSURANCE AGENCY LUCILLE I YEAGER LEON F YEAGER Agents for Your Complete Insurance Needs Fare Lzfe Auto Bonds Lzabzlzty Phon' 5 1 5 Market Street SPELTZ 'VIUSIC CU WPANY 753 West Grand Telephone 7073 Wisconsin Rapids Wls H1F1 Records Tape PQCOIGEIS Band Instruments Planos and Organs Complete Pepan QQIXICG 61 - l '. 0 I U O - - ' u 1 . , , , , '. .. I X as . I f Compliments 1 i ' '1 . .- N . .T . . -M ' L .ik AUER 8: SONS Lne Fnst Class L A B t Work G neral Contractors and Cemen Lse e C I T Y G A S Ixo Job too small or too large WISCONSIN Rap: ds Gas 81 Electrlc Co Phone 360 Nekoosa Wlsconsm Nekoosa Papermakers Local No Complxments of '39 United We Stand Dlvlded We Fall Labor Temple Buxldmg Nekoosa WISCOHSIH 318 Market Street Q0 LIVE BETTER... ... Electrically 'wg t of your hfe ahead of you its a great ldea to LIVE With mos ELECTRICALLY Youll fmd hfe easler happier BETTER more fun Whatever you do whenever you go best wxshes from all of us wascorum Owef' Ann ZlgA7"COM PAIIY 62 gg 17 fx S qjx x If N 'O ' if E x 0 ' 'vi 0 I I , The shortest dlstance between wantlng and havlng IS a Savmgs 1 MW? Account Save before you spend and get 1nto that good Payday Savmgs hablt Nekoosa Port Edwards Bu1ld1ng and Loan Ass n OFFICES AT NEKOOSA PORT EDWARDS STATE BANK PORT EDWARDS WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN .IONNES FEY PUBLISHING COMPANY Photographer WISCONSIN RAPIDS WIS Speclallst ln School Photography CONSIN 602 North 114th St Mllwaukee 13 WIS COMPLIMENTS OF WISCONSIN RAPIDS DAILY TRIBUNE "Central Wxsconsln's Home Newspaper" and WFHR - AM and FM Mutual and Wxsconsln Network Central W1scons1n's No 1 Sports Station INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MACHINISTS NEPCO LODGE 1543, Nekoosa, Wisconsin 318 Market Street Labor Temple Buildmg 63 , . , ' . 7: 4 f Q E A , f 5 If 9 Zv ZA . , . . . . f-2.7, ' Q 9 f . " T "W It W 575 Q51 ' , " 1 "H , , , ,X I X 1, . . , , , S 5 , . , , - . I 1 . . 5 1 Y n Q u I . , . 905129 College Q SAVING IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF AN EDUCATION START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW .Ne oo.4a fort ccfwarcfa State Hank MEMBER F D I C Dsrosrrs lusunso UP 'ro 310 000 oo NEKOOSA PORT EDWARDS T0 SERVE YOU BETTER' The New Medical Buzldzng now the headquarters for Nekoosa s Medzcal and Dental professzons l8 a well planned and well constructed addltzon to our czty It E8 the latest of a chmn of zndustrzal and cwzc zmprove ments whlch are fast followmg one another to make Nekoosa one of the BIG CLITTLEJ cztzes of our State We are proud of our part ln servmg the people of this commumty e ooaa fuuneu 52 fro euwnal en A aldaoczalcon 64 0 x frjffffawfm ,. Q . W , . AT ' 1 o 3 ' M , V rf' I A, ' A I 29 5 's'iJff af I . . . , . 0 I , C I , - - Ji ' ' ' f'Wyf',f!i3Kw M MJ in ifWfN42ffiffW5Wl??f b .WV aj! K b3iLZ9,,fyil ws ff WM My QW V OK M"gf1diifMfQVV'Wf'gV0bf , My fkff QW? W Pj F Moffwjbf www K-'Q,,Jf QAM MW WW N412 WW W

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