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 - Class of 1953

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THE OCGA I 1953 CONIPILED BY THE 'VIOCCASIN STAFF -XLEXANDEP1 HIGH SCHUUL xmoosx NNIbCONSIN . 4 T v , v F. y Y . , , . . n S wie ,W 6 "'f::- -as 1438 ix. M, wg K 5, 2- iz -S- -no ff-M4 as as-.-Y., .. v vu Q .V- Ill ' lv! x ll! ll :E "i' : 'ir - 1iQ L.: lllllllllf ,, . Q? 'X 'A'Qt'-:PHSE xfk. T 'Q SQ WN, s slr. X 'hh- w 5, li S L 'u ,mf F' 5:34. ., S wi . N-5: .4. ag,-zhyk . Q ' 9 1 ,mfvvf " I,?- 1 'rains .1 -LF E 1. N an an U gr... XX F E li 'mn n i 'Q-3 -. bulldmg shown below ALEXANDER HIGH IN THE MAKING Alexander Hlgh School ln 1913 was a far cry from the school of today Whlle the school was bemg bullt that year students went to the Congregatlonal Church for assembly and study perlods Thelr recltatlons were held ln the rooms above the bulldlng whlch serves as a pr1nt1ng shop today Mr Stemfeldt was the pr1nc1pal Slx students graduated that year but the flrst class to recelve 1tS entxre hlgh school tralnmg at Alexander Hlgh grad uated ln 1917 As the years passed the en rollment grew and a new sectlon was of necessity added to the blllldlllg At a still later date a gymnaslum was added Three courses general commerc1al and college preparatory are offered Our fac1l ltles lnclude a large gymnasium a modern home economlcs kltchen and hlgh-quahty muslcal mstruments Extra-currlcular act1v1t1es are partlclpated nn by many students Among these are ath WY? letlcs forens1cs dramat1cs and varlous club act1v1t1es The class offlcers are chosen by fellow classmates each year and the Student Coun sen by fellow classmates Regular meetmgs of the Student Councll are held at whlch school problems are brought forth dlscus sed and solved In th1s year of 1952 1953 there are 350 boys and glrls 1n the publlc grade schools and 343 1n the hlgh school wh1ch lncludes grades 7 through 12 Our faculty IS composed of elghteen hlgh school teachers and twelve grade teachers several of whom have been w1th us many years To them we glve our slncere thanks for thelr understandlng and guldance We the students of Alexander Hlgh are proud of our school Alexander Hlgh School Today ' Hier-f.--1 , . . ' A 7' 4' Mg 53' ,, , I fg . . n .u 3. . , . , . , . . . . . , , v l ' . - n . l c1l 1S composed of representatlves also cho- ' . . . . 1 . ' . 'H . . . v - - - ' v . , - . . . ' ! , . . . . . . . . , , . 3 Y l 7 . - . , n 5 Q , a l 1 Q ,a n Q I . , . . . 0 . o u 0 Q s 7 . , 41-'A Thxs IS a plcture of the old school bulldmg wh1ch was taken down ln 1913 to make way for the new M1ss Mary Hale NIISS Hale, who has charge of the 5th grade 1n the Nekoosa Grade School, IS 1n her twenty slxth year of SCFVICG to the communlty, and has taught many members of the present semor class A bullder buxlded a temple I-Ie wrought It wlth grace and sk: All fashloned to work his w1ll 'Wen sand as they saw nts beauty It never shall know decay Great IS thy skull O bullder Thy fame shall endure for aye ' A teacher bullded a temple Wlth lovmg and mflmte care Plannmg each arch wlth patlence Laymg each stone wnth prayer None praised her unceaslng efforts None knew of her wondrous plan For the temple the teacher bullded Was unseen by the eyes of man Gone IS the bullder s temple Crumbled mto the dust low hes each stately pxllar Food for consuming rust But the temple the teacher buxlded Wlll last whll-e the ages roll For that beautiful unseen temple ls a chlld s immortal soul We ominate for Honors . . . The Moccasm Club feels that recogm t1on of the elementary department IS long over-due Wlthout the patlence, and kmdness of the elementary teacher, the proud Senlor of today would never have reached hlgh school We there fore, w1sh to honor two members of th1s department, M1ss Hale, and Mrs Potter Mx s Ruth Potter Vlrs Potter has taught twenty three years In thls communlty She has charge of the f1rst grade ln the Alexander Grade School bulld mg, and l1ke M1ss Hale, has also taught many of the present Se mors . , ' , I . ,man-W -urn,---+---L I. . I A . . , . . .nz Pillars and groins and arches A I . 45 . . , . : ! l . . ' 1 . - , . , , , , . . . 1 a 1 g L - . , ' i . , . OUR PEO I ,.,.A ijififil' 4593155 Y Tl-I.J-I 31ITaj?LA' I:i151LI. I..1..!jdL '1:f',T4.--C-Ili 'J"l"t '-X 'EZQLLVMIJ ITJTJ-I I,,.,-.I.- far? I ri :E S: 55 Lf!-"' X il mx ,WQ La I il-- QW awe-5-E"" ' 1,1 f ,.. s I 1 ,I-,L ' r LTI' ,FOI I 1 V ' ffm' -W ' f Q f IIki H+:f:f X ' Y' 'Y 9 . I , L 1 31 .I +- -. IZ , 4 , Ti .-L-T ' Y gr ' , f v L I l I I I I I I I I A -P ' I I If I I I I - I I I l I-,.. , " , Il 1 I I ,,,, , ' I J I I. I 4 I ' VIN --if: I4 -I Il fl II ' - I 3 1- 1, I I I I-I T 'TFL ij 5 I I I 1 iw, 111, in ll ll ll I ,I 1l'W1ff5 qpn. f , . ,ff J- I '2 I I I I A I , X ' T1 'rj if I 3 KJ w2'jhcfII I x l ' I , v l - ' I I i I I IL II I L I I --ff' T Q I I .wjri it I nmxn ' I i-L X I Q, S I Y I In,Vq, , If I,Iw, I X ' v' 'II . I. I "'I4'f,f2l ' K? X' X x-U2 X-X lil, x 'Q . K V I f W 1 .2:-.... ' gh 'I -T "T ., .L Ib '-"" " ..... "'-'-"1-, wx' :La f V v Y Y Y i 4 ---- IIIIII. - I 7 "A f ' .N-C15 III ,, ir, I It II xv! Ir Admlnl tratlon mad :ZW STANDING LAWRENCE GROVER SUPT A D WICKLUND SID BROOKS SEATED MARGARET BUCHANAN MOLLIE DUNHAM A C FREEMAN The Board of Educatlon IS a group of people selected from the communlty to represent the people 1n the runmng of the school The members of the Board have the respons1b1l1ty of maklng our school a worklng organ 1zat1on to see th t a we have competent personnel and adequate flnanclal and physlcal resources Each m ence oth 1n and out of school affalrs to take a leadmg hand 1n the management of the schools ember 1S thoroughly qual1f1ed by experl b MrA o e school has the duty of carrylng out the wlshes of the board and supervlslng the entlre school program. D Wlcklund the chlef executlve offlcer f th Rodney Johnson Principal of Alexander Grade School Prim-i Elemental' 2 'chool Favult 4 I ! , nur pal of Nekoosa Elementary School Fifth and sixth grades Sixth grade 'iy SQ.. Patricia Fox Phyllis Mayex Vhs Ruth Potter Mauanne bchuelke Kindergarten substitute Teacher First Grade Kindergarten Vlary Hale Fifth Grade bylvla Horn second Grade .2 5 'Q . X1 First Prade- Mmme Hentschel hudoxa Leverence Luella Leverance Third Grade Special Study Room Fourth grade March1ta Golla Ehzabeth Ph1ll1o Betty Rae Warner Kindergarten second and third grade First grade Re-signed 2nd Semester 'Q 'YS' 3 lv AB I :f 4 'rs' . h 4' G W' . l 1 . A . .-A .1 2 , V . I ,, . . . . . I I : n 1 X P I JN' ' 1 I ,. , 7 , .aw ,, I X '57 vw i ' 1 if e l i Hlgh School Facult FERN AABERG Qulet' Comes from Dodgevllle Wlsconsln-attended Plattevllle State College and University of Wlsconsln teaches English IS head llhranan FLOYD BRITTEN Just like I sald Lives n Nekoosa-attended Plattevllle State College and Stout Institute-teaches Industrlal Arts CAROLE BRUCE The machme doesnt work or IB lt you" Comes from Stevens Polnt attended Wlsconsm State College Stevens Polnt teaches Home Economxcs CHARLES FAGERLIN You bnrds Lxves m Nekoosa attended Wlsconsm State College Superior and the Unlversxty of Wlsconsln teaches Fnghsh mathematics dlrects the Orchestra RUBY FEMLING Get yourself un Iaxed Llves m Nekoosa attended the Unlverslty of WIBLOH sm teaches mathematlcs English history has the exghth grade home room THERON HOKE I thmk we have had enough confusion for today Lives ln Nekoosa attended Plattevllle State College and the Umverslty of Wlsconsm teaches mathematics IB adviser to the Moccasin ELIZABETH KRUEGER This reminds me of Comes from Red Lake Falls Mmnesota-attended the Umverslty of Minnesota teaches the buslness courses has charge of the school fmanclal records ADOLPH KOZLOVSKY How many tlmes do I have to tell you to be qu1et" Llves xn Nekoosa attended Corroll College and the Um VQYBIKY of Wlsconsm teaches chemistry physxcs and scxence-ms Junnor hxgh football and basketball coach '77 aff 4 I GEORGE NEGLLY lm so glad you volun teered Comes from Marquette Michigan attended Wxs consln State College Ste vens Pomt teaches brolo gy and sclence-is adviser to the Boy Scouts has Fonservatlon Club -3 ga 'K 'YA kg hr af if BETTY TUBESING Draw what you want to" Comes from Mnlwaukee attended Wlsconsm State College, Mxlwaukee. and the Unxverslty of Wlscon -m teaches art Q-J ,,,4-9 Hlffh School Facult NELDA DOPP NEWELL Count off Lnes m Nekoosa attended W1scons1n State College at Stevens Pomt teaches physical educatlon ls advlser to G AA and the cheerleaders has seventh grade home room JOHN OSTROM Whats your troubles kid' Lnves nn Nekoosa attended Superxor State College teaches Modern Problems and physlcal education head football coach and asslstant basketball coach Hows It go1ng" Lnes ln Nekoosa attended Supenor State College teaches clvlcs and physical educatnon IB head basket ball coach and assistant football coach HOWARD J SCHUREN 3 4 Lnes ln Nekoosa attended LaCrosse State College teaches mathematics and band IS Assistant Superln tendent BETTY STACK You got your pitch" Comes from Mllwaukee lege Mxlwaukee-teaches vocal muslc attended Wisconsin State Col IFW ELYN FITUS Just checkln l Comes from Mmocqua Wisconsin attended Superlor State College teaches Engllsh IS adviser to Fo rensncs and Dramatncs CLYDE WALLENFANG You got that' Lives m Nekoosa attended Oshkosh State College and Northwestern Unlversxty teaches geography and his tory IS aduser to the debate squad has seventh grade home room DELORES OWENS Yes Lwes m Iwekoosa I5 the Alexander Hlgh School Offxce Secretary v-4' L gf 'iff' L , V-,iifs ' .1:I,'1Ef K 9 b if u . J if j V ii ' -T l uf, X . .. - - U X ' V - - ' ' - - l X si! . , - D ' 1 is nw, J 41 V I Q, J EDWARD REHNSTRAND 'P ' -. ' 3 ,. A-12- . , 1.2-3-4-' J 'E xt. . 1 A y'no jf sheg ig' H . ,, 'P "ll of , ' . . b 12 ., - ' - ' .3 N -- , ....... 1" Donna Applebee The most manifest slfzn of vusdem IS contmual cheerfu ness MAJORS Soc1a.lStud1es English Lommerclal MINORS Mathematics Science ACTIVITIES Dramatic Club Pep Band 2 3 4 Moccasin Club 4 Pep Club 2 8 nd 1 2 3 Choir 1 G A A 4 Donald Bey Quiet? Yes ln school MAJORS Scxence Soclal Studnes English MINORS Mathematics Manual Arts Commerclal ACTIVITIES nd 1 2 Orchestra 1 2 8 4 Basketball 1 Cholr 2 Conservatwn Club 1 Shlrley Brandt Angels are perfect Im a lady MAIORS Home Economncs Commer cnal Soclal Studies MINORS: Mathematics. Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 8 Photo Club 1 Qllllll' Kay Alloway lEntered from Lmcoln Hugh School lh Jumor Year l The hardest tlme to put the baby to sleep xs when she I5 eighteen MAIORS Engllsh Social Stud 1es MINOR Sclence ACTIVITIES Cholr 1 2 m 1 2 Marlene Anderson Her haxr IB too dark to make a good angel MAJORS Commercxal Enghsh Socml Studxes Home Economics MINORS Mathematics Sclence Art 4CT'VIT1ES Pep Club 3 Class Play 8 Moccasin Club Phyllls Beppler Men are so bothersome-but I dont mmd being bothered MAJORS Commercial Science Home Economics Englxsh Social Studies ACTIVITIES olrl 2 3 Lxbrarlan 1 Moccasin Club 4 Photo Club 1 Class Play IStudent Director? 3 4 Rlchard Blount Our strong silent man MAJORS Science Manual Arts MINORS Mathematics Engllsh ACTIVITIES Band 1 F otball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 Conservatxon Club 2 Larry Carl Red halr but where IS the temper" MAJORS Manual Arts English Social Studies MINORS: Mathematics Science ACTIVITIES: p Band 1 2 3. Pep Club 3 Orchestra 3. 4 nd l 2 . Angeline Elsen Rings on her fingers whose" MAJORS Home Economics Science English Social Studies MINOR Commercial ACTIVITIES nd 2 3 Pep Band 2 3 Donna Lou Felice 'Boys, boys dont flirt with fate: try me. MAJORS: English Social Studies. Home Economics MINORS: Science. Commercial ACTIVITIES: oir 1, 2, . Glee Club 1 Girl Scouts 1. 2 . .A. 2. Pep Club 2. 3 Dramatics 3 Class Play 3, 4 Bernardine Gorectki "Friendly toward all with maners sweet. The kind of girl you'd like to meet." MAJORS: Commercial, English, Social Studies, Home Economics MINOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2. 3 Moccasin Club 4 Qllllll' Peter Cole fEntered from Pitts ville High School in Senior Year l As sincere as he is handsome MAJORS Mathematics Sci ence English Social Studies ACTIVITIES Baseball Basketball Class Play 3 LeRoy Coon Dont take life too serious you wont get out alive anyway MAJORS Manual Arts English Social Studies MINOR Science ACTIVITIES Forensics 3 Conservation Climb Photo Club 1 One Act Plav 3 4 Class Play 4 5? 4 9 Sara Falkner Every woman has her devil ish moments MAJORS English Social Studies MINORS Home Economics Mathe matics Science Commercial ACTIVITIES Dramatlcs 4 Forensics 4 One Act Play 4 Moccasin Club 4 our 1 2 3 Class Play 3 4 Pep Club 2 GAA 3 Photo Club 1 Norman Fuller "President of the Bored Education! MAJORS: English, Social Studies. Manual Arts MINORS: Science Commercial Sherryll Gray "The course of true love never did run smooth." MAJORS: English. Social Studies, Commercial MINORS: Home Economics. Science ACTIVITIES: G.A.A 2, 3, 4 Dramatics 3. 4 Pep Club 2, 3 Class Play 4 James Klelf gen He has a, mmd of hls own and It takes more than a tea cher to change lt MAJORS Englxsh Socxal Studles MINORS Mathematics Sclence A Manual Arts ACTIVITIES Baseball 1 2 3 our 1 2 Conservation Club Eugene Larson IEntered from Vxola Arkan Another day of dodging Zlrls I8 past MAJORS English Social Studies MINORS Mathematlcs Scxence Manual Arts ACTIVITIES Class Play 8 One Act Play 4 Barbara Mertes There IS nothing m the world so pleasant by half as a merry gurl with a pleasant laugh MAJORS Commercial Social Studies Engllsh Home Economics MINOR Scxence ACTIVITIES Pep Club 2 Little Moccasln 2 GAA 4 Moccasm 4 One Act PlaY 4 911 Barbara Gust Shes here I heard her gxggle MAJORS Science English Soclal Studles MINORS Commercial Mathe matics ACTIVITIES A 1 Cafeteria Dramatxcs 8 ior Kerry Hlnkle Leave for tomght what cannot be d t day MAJORS Enghsh Soc al Stud ICS Manual Arts MINOR Sclence ACTIVITIES Foo ball 4 Photo Club 1 Forensics 1 3 4 Basket!-qll 1 Pep Club 2 Class Play 3 r Sc uts 1 3 Lnbrarlan 4 dz H Mmm Thomas Lancour He IB wltty he IS vnse Hes a terror for hrs sxze MAJORS Engllsh Social Studles Manual Arts MINORS Sclence lCommerc1al ACTIVITIES Baseball 1 Basketball I George Mayer Where there IS lexsure there Ill e MAJORS Sclence English Socml Studxes MINORS Mathematxcs Art ACTIVITIES Dramatxcs 8 4 Conservation Club Z 3 Pep Club 8 Class Play 3 4 Forenslcs 3 4 Choir 1 2 Baseball 3 Lols Meyer If smiles were dollars she would be rlch MAJORS Engllsh Social Studles Commercxal MINORS Mathematxcs Art Sclence ACTIVITIES Pep Club 2 Conservatlon 8 . me t ' 2 G.A. . ', 2, s, 4 g 9 ' 3. 4 ' 1 .l ' 4 fe , f a' I Gi 1 If . . 4 . . , - , rt, . ', . ch' , ', sl, 4 ' 1, 2. 3 sas Junior year.l ,Q U - I 1 b .H ' 1 p ' ' -. . 4 ' l l sf A : : 5' 4 , I I x 4 T Eugene Murray Have fun whlle you re lwmg you re a long txme dead MAJORS Engllsh Soclal Studles Manual Arts MINOR Scxence ACTIVITIES Conservatxon Club Pen Club 3 Geraldine Oleson What mxschlef lurks behmd her eyes what fresh new pranks wall she devlse MAJORS Commerclal Soclal Studies Englnsh Home Economics MINOR Science ACTIVITIES Conservatlon Club Pep Club 1 Llttle Moccasm 1 Dramatlcs 3 A 2 Photo Club 1 Moccasxn Club 4 I oe Plsula I never let books interfere wlth my educatlon MAJORS Englxsh Social Studies Manual Arts MINORS Sclence Commerclal ACTIVITIES Conservation Club Pep Club 3 Photo Club 1 Qll Don Mllkey A gentleman student athlete too He s the star of our basketball crevs MAJORS Sclence Englnsh Social Studies Man ual Arts MINOR Commerclal ACTIVITIES Football 2 3 4 aseballl 2 3 Basketball I 2 3 4 Sk: Club 3 Conservataon Club 101' James Mllkey Tall men are dls tmguxshed and then there are tall boys MAJORS English Socnl Stud les Manual Arts MINORS 'ldathematxcs Scxence ACTIY ITIES olr I Football 3 T? T Ralph Newman One car for sale-first crash candltxon MAJORS Mathematics English Soclal Studies MINOR Sclence ACTIVITIES Debate 4 Basketball 1 Track 2 'Vlarveen Oleson Its nlce to be natural when you re naturally mce MAJORS Engllsh Social Studies Home Economics MINORS Mathematics Science ACTIVITIES Conservatlon Club 3 nd 2 3 Reno Plenge Better to wear t h ou t an to 'Z A rust MAJORS Mathematics FhKllSh Social Studies Manual Arts "'7 MINOR Sclence ACTIVITIES otball I 2 3 Dramatlcs 3 4 Forensics 3 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Ruby Ruder I chatter chatter as I and I go on forever MAJORS Commercial English Social Studies MINORS Mathematics Science Home Economics ACTIVITIES Dramatlcs 4 Forensics One Act Play 4 Moccasin Club Class Play 3 4 our 1 2 8 Esther Schmidt A little lass of a Jolly sort thats a real true friend and a dandy sport MA IORS Commercial English Social Studles MINORS Mathematics Science ACTTVITIFS Pep Club 2 3 Dramntlcs 4 D B nd 1 2 3 Moc asm Club 4 -:url 1 A 8 Class Play 4 Paul Schoff Hes one that youll like at a glance and how that boy loves to dance MAJORS Science English Social Studies Manual Arts MINORS Mathematics Commercial ACTIVITIES Photo Club 1 Track 2 3 Conservat on Club 1 2 3 enior Robert Polansky "Blessed are the hard workers, for they in- herit the high marks." MAJORS- Mathematics Sc: nee Social Studies Eng lsh MINOR Spanish ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 Photo Club 1 Debate 3 4 Forensics 3 Andrew Roberts "Didn't you hear me keeping still?" MAJORS: English Social Stud- ies Manual Arts MINORS Ma hematxcs Scierce ACTIVITIES Foatba l 3 -:rw Q-ni Y -1. i -5 Ot Devon Saeger You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can t fool all the peo ple all the time MAJORS English Social Studies Manual Arts MINORS Mathematics Science ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 seball 1 2 3 Conservation Club 1 2 Robert Schmidt An artist through and through MAJORS English Social Studies MINORS Mathematics Science A Suzanne Seebecker Always smiling never blue thats not all shes a good student too MAJORS Commercial English Social Studies MINORS Mathematics Science ACTIVITIES Pep Club 2 3 Moccasin Club 4 Pep Band 2 B 4 Class Play 3 A 2 Dramatics 3 4 Forensics 3 4 Band 1 2 Class Play 8 4 Natalle Stone She lives to eat not eats to live MAJORS Commercial English Social Studies MINORS Mathematics Science ACTIVITIES Class Play 3 Pep Club 2 3 Moccasin Club 3 4 Consirvatlon Club 8 2 sa. Roy Taylor Dont judge me by my height. MAJORS: Fnglish Social Studies Manual Arts MINORS: Mathematics. Science ACTIVITIES: Basketball I. 3 Baseball 1 QIIIOI' Vernon Slmmet Blessings on him who first invented sleep MAJORS English Social Stud les Manual Arts MINOR Science ACTIVITIES Conservation Club James Sparks Many his friend none his foe hes one boy were all proud to know MAJORS Mathematzcs Man ual Arts Soc al Stud es Engli h MINOR Commercial ACTIVITIES Conservation Club Frm b'-11 4 Basketball 3 Baseball 'G mm, .5 Lucille Thurber She is quiet pleasant and agreeable. MAJORS: Commercial English Sccial Studies. Mathematics MINOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2 Dramatics 8 Moccasin Club Class Play 3 if 'A 1 44' Robert Summerfelt I came I saw she con quered MAJORS Science English Social Studies Manual Arts MINOR Mathematics ACTIVITIES Football 1 2 Basketball 1 Track 2 3 Baseball 1 2 Forensics 4 Conservation Club 4 Class Play 4 Robert Thomas "Why teachers Bo crazy. MAJORS: English. Social Studies Manual Arts MINOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Photo Club 1 Football 2 3 LeRoy Van Meter "Country Gentleman. also "Ladies Home Comllanion. MAJORS: English. Social Studies Manual Arts MINOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Choir 3, 4 ack 2 3. Conservation Club . aft Robert Votava Witty as he is handsome handsome as he is worthy our president MAJORS Mathematics Science English Social Studies ACTIVITIES Football 1 2 3 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Track 2 3 Conservation Club 3 Forensics 3 QHIOI' Mary Zimmerman A girl both pleasant and 855' MAJORS Commercial English Social Studies Home Economics MINOR Science ACTIVITIES Moccasin Club 4 GAA 2 Thomas Wirth Love makes the world go around Help' Help' Im dizzy' VIAJORS Science English Social Studies Manual Arts MINOR Mathemat cs ACTIVITIES Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Baseball 1 Natalie Stone Winner of the D A R Award Robert Votava Winner of the American Legion Cit- izenship Award and the Athletic and Scholar Award v... 951' 5? sp-f Q ' ' 5 v ' M, ' . S A l .f..r 1 fn 1,31 11:2- V . if , :ff w, f . ww' I , .W ,W I A 4 , , I tvs!! V 7 W-if ,W 14 , 2253 N 1 V a 11, .4 Y:-3' . .1 enior Class Ufficer 3 ,.,,4., JS. -.f wr-uv T x ff- df v, Robert Votava Presldent Thomas Wxrth Vnce Presxdent Inot pxcturedl Phyllis Beppler Secretary Esther Schmidt Treasurer Ufflce Glrlq ,ah if ,f "fav Tan? 'X standing Marlene Anderson Geraldme Oleson Natahe Stone Donna Applebee Esther Schmldt Bernardxne Gorectkx Suzanne Seebecker heated Phyllis Beppler Sherryll Gray Lols Meyer Delores Owens f0fflC9 secretaryl Lucille Thurber Mlss Krueger Advlser li tr x 3 'Q 5.001 All A C77 'Q -nr-,I 95 wi' A cf -vga-5,4 g Shirley Anderson Paul Arendt Don Beck Betty Beyer Jullan Brost Byron Brown Mary Buchanan David Buchholz Ahce Coon Emll Bryan Gary Dlckey Wllllam Dlckey Patsy Eberlus Dallace Edwards Harold Lnerson Paul Fenger Gary Goddard 4 U John Goetz Arnold Guenther Gerald Hamel Floyd Hancock Alan Hendrlcksen Mlldred Hotchkxss Marlene Howden Marlon Hustedt Lorrame Jaecks Elsxe Johnson Roger Keepers JU IUP1 J ere Klrst George Kuhn Gayle Lewxs 9 3 Ted Lutz Q Harold Me-eteer Jacquelyn MlltlmOF6 Berkxe Moody 9' Iva Nelson We ar' Barbara NOW1Ckl Gary Oleson Wesley Oleson G- p Ronald Owens Ben Rottler Larry Ruesch Mary Sablovltch Sally Sanger LeRoy Sarver Harry Schmldt i 2 Charlotte Schoff Q., Danny Seebecker 'Mr 1 Eumce Smlth Loulse Smolarek Shlrley Sowatzke Jerry Thorstenson 9 'Vlaxy Von Emem Jon Wlpfh 'F nr- up T' -df HB' far Q' Q- Nancy Wlpfh ' 9 B111 Worth q-.-4 5 1 x ' H F' - L . - ' kb ,rn " Ali f A , ' Q f f r fr lg ' J l , xt' ' is lfw , , V5 . .' W G 5. Ls , , w l .""iT' or Q. I ' t rf- .. 3, l 2 l ' 'f 1 'll M l 1 A A , , f J g sa ,P CFD' l Wh: f' 5 w-:fy . f el , f 797 ,N - an " A 'I W If i f f . f . 7 In x. K h . x l. 7 ' ig ' ' r r ,-e l ?sAZ , , W x .wx g A E V - ' 9' 1 V 1' .3 og. l 11 A I I s . I ' ' ' A ' .. ', T' C .I sa is Q al 2 up-v UW '-M 6- 5 Q he 96 Jr if ?"' UPHU ORE 7 1: Levx Applebee Anna Arendt Dave Arnold Orvxlle Bauer "Xm- "' "' Henry Blanchard Ruth Blount Donald Bloyd Betty Bowman 4? Donald Brost Robert Bruley Larry Brunner Marlene Buehler 'Q ' Betty Buska Marlene Capek George Carlson "' Eugene Dmste fl 'H+ Marlan Edwards Roger Emerson Donna Engwall Norma Francls Patrlcla Skusevlch James Freeman Mary Frlsch Ronald Fuller Donna Glldenzopf Beverly Harris Kenneth Hendrlcksen "' " 'V 1 John Holden Donna Hutchxnson Sylvla Jaborek Robert Karbowskr I 'gf a Xe. TA A A- ' nga .L Lf. Y Q e M 1-A 1 W M . 1' . l kb W fd f v l gui" 'l.' , T 4, X A A I I., I .af le ' ' 4 f M ,xl Wx 4 7' Q ' V, 1 ' Xl? 5 ' Q , .Q X 4 I , v L3 K as , , V 5 M 1, N , Qi I w e 1 re , 'I .'- .5 v , , g M: " ' A eo, - l 4 ' ,ee r . . . f 7 . . 1- on I ' y , 4..' P' ' - . M 7 ' Gad! d H ,iff Xe. .1 i ze- ' li' 'Al if -. V -, o- .ll ' in 5 ltlr 1 I 'fi 5 ' . hi Q .M .,, V v l Q iff rl? 'I 2 f' h d Klem Ric ar Mary Kniprath Philllp Knlprath bol K1 atochvll UPHO URE 'U' Barbara Kor I Bette Lou ' Norma Kuhn Shnley Llebenstem ux A t Me-1 tes Kenneth Marco r Kenneth Mertes John Mllkey Mlke Moody Wllllam 1 y Byron Douglas NOWlCk1 Lorrame Obermeler k Colette Pazure Ste-ve Plsula Shlrley Sablovltch Lynette Schwaltz Dlantha Scovell h Strand Fvelyn Streeter Wayne Tafelskx ,, May Taylor Carol Troyanowskl Kennet Mlke Weaver Mary Wmters Art Wllke Jerry Zeulke Jean Beppler Patsy Bloyd if 4:-s 0" Q.. Vif I XS -.5-' fi -51.-"' C' 1 ,Q ,.- Q.: 5-. 4 5 lim 15 35339 f-. 00 17 X,-7 ,. 4-5 L .. - - a V -N U U at. Y 4 - ' .f ! W , M r' Q..- r BV , 1' I :V lt lil : If " ' . Q ' . as: 4 10 O xl A A , X - or A A rf . I, 4: . 7.4, i b gf: ' . . 'um 4 9 ' 7 gl 7 1' tv 'S' - fr. . . - 'C i . - ' v 7 -.5 I gg-ig " X Ak ff ' g a ' gy, Q - K, sl 4- 's 1 I A ' ' 2 fit: x . , . , ' " ' . VV l l fs, Q ,, - A 5, v- - I an - .- fl 7' W .V ' , ,. L - , .lf . K 5 A V f gl , , fff l rzf I A . 1 ,A , 1 . A f ,, L -r If . 1' ,X ., ., ,. , :' hh I J, 5 ' ::::m f A . ' . 4 Dj' - ' ' '-1' 75 V "' r 'I ' A 5- f .V A X - - ' l 'A -- C " ' ' ' 1 , K - 7 ' - . xv V rf ' 11 A 6 6 FRE HMEN 11" 902 4-0 I I 31" N.-A I .440 I I ei' qv 3 James Alexander is Robert Anderson v. Vernon Anderson Harold Arendt Carl Bandt 4' Phllllp Bandt 0 J' m John Beck Beatrlce Brown Gerald Bredl Darlene Buska alll? M Carol Chrlstensen Frank Cleveland Clarence Dlckey Jeannette Domke Vlfglnla Emerson Ioanne Esser Carol Francls ff Lester Fuller Eva Lynn Gallagher Rlta Garvm Maman Gerard Jean Glese Francxs Gctz Jerry Goetz Sharron Gray Clayton Hamel Davld Hemmmger Jewel Henschel Kay I-Imkle Donna Holden Dwight Howden Marlene Hurd .., ,,,, Ronald Hurd Patrxcla Jaecks Berme Jepson FIHIICIG Joslln A 5' sl Patucxa Keepers Wllham Kenny "" Rogel Kmprath 'KD FRE MEN James Kutella Charlene Larson Elalne Lewls Mmchael Marcoux v, X Patrlcla Margls Darlene McKeel 7 Vernell Meade Jerry Mllkey ,.. Fred Murray an Margret Pazurek Donald Pech Marshall Roberts Davld Ruder Gel aldlne Saylor 4 v Gwendolyn Newm A-1 Q J' l I 5- Mary Lou Schauer Q Gene Schmldt Fred Schoff Lucy Skayer Tony Skusevlch CllV6 Smlth Patrxcla Smolarek Larry Sowatzke Paul Staege Duane Stemert Mlldred Stensberg Lucllle Tlpton Patucla Truetel Emery Trlckle Judy Weaver Joan Wegner Gary Wlnker Larry VV1nker Richard Pflager Mary Wr rth 'ZR Richard Wilhorn 41 QS 9 '-v .la VW -ur C' .1 . . ' 5 nv a if l I . i K, xi . s 4 -I-" . N , ., Q - 1 Q g e., 0 L V I I 'I i , Q Q .V I A il 3 gg f as ' L .- Y .V 1. 4 lf , 3 " ' - , " f 2 A . I L Q , A 4211, V 9 fl! 'fn 1, l gl 'Q' LaVerne .Ostrum 3. ,Q n 'F 0 31? Q- 3 K ,, L- A .Q Q., X, .J . od- J' rf ' 4 1 fr 0 ff. Betty Saeger. ' e ' 3 gf , sb 5 ? 2 - ,. .A . K4 ' ' Y fl W 1 I xl 'mx f 6 'Hi V' . , W L fy Q, I l . 3 70 W.. I, 'Z X xd R. .0 N ,QI ,I . Q' Q: , r 0 :vs ' Xt. I , T' ff' fl X ir- , 'ff' D '51 4 " ' ' . ' . , A ' ,, , 'P A 'af' . . ' 'J 1- '-L-A Q' h -' ' - he .f e- X : if R A, .4 X it 5, ,ff ,' l G . ' Sr 4 C.. . :L A Q 3 4 . VA, V - A Q x -S rf 1 , Q I .- - C , 4: V, Q - f ,1 , A I y - ' 1 ' rl Mfg x s ,' f A A I 6 Q.. . - 2 x , , 1 le, ,... :sa , ' . ,f v .4 I , L f . - .. 1 , 4 Ei hth Grade 1 Scott Alllson Alberta Amundson Carol Boyles Gerald Cape-k U, Davld Coerper Doreen Coerper Paul Dolata Donna Droste Q A, Marllyn Ellls James Frelberg .44 1 K ....-Q 1 ,nv Larry Gaupp Heldl Gaylord Phyllls Goetz Donald Gruber Thomas Hardy Patsy Jesse Sharon Klem Judy Kopelke Donald Kuehl Harold Kuhn Ahce Martmson Barbara Nelson Jean Plschke Betty Powell Russel Rottler '-9' 'W Hal Savage Duane Schultz Isabelle Schwartz f bf Mlckey Sparks Davld Stensberg QA M, Leonard Thorstenson Ioyce Thurber Sharon Van Ruth Joseph Werderlts Sally Welderxts Mary Woodard Roger Zellmer -v 0- - 0 4, .V ,I 5 H J . -o rv- -L A lt, A 'r ' Q I f' , "7 ' , ' f. .L 1 4 may ' I I 1 gf rw ' , . V ' 7 ' A ,fa I IJ J K 'A ,L 4- G ' J- ,gig In ,e rl .M Q ,, . - X X . . 1 ' 7 1 I as S . A - M I fs it ,, ' ,, V 4: "" '9 1' , 5' . Q ' V -W ', " . . A-f ,U V "' . if J 1 vi- n J f' " fr A I .4 3' J- - , A Q 'ff S ' hz' J , -'ff' 5 S , f' I 1 ,, , 'l , Y, , V l lffffs - y "- 550' 2 52 J y l ' V " -. - A- , J- f - - 'I , of . .. ,,, J ,, 3 J A l X V4 y M X , , J ' ' I I , VM, , ' X ' , ? 1, J ,V , 7 , , fr " H 'D .N " A 4 f ,. Q ,X 'rl A 'f I L- S . . 5 'f A -- J' ' If " l , 'RY 'T ' , ' Y l ' I . ' , ,J l s r - ' 4 I ,. .. ' , ,:' L --W f - - ' A -4 A - rf , ' ' J 'J eil . 4 1 ' , 'Z l ' if l . ,gy A fr. , ' Lmda Alken Seventh Grade Sharon Alken Gary Anderson Barbara Applebee Davld Benchoff Dlck Blackbuln f I X V Rlchald Chrlstensen James Domke Sandra Emerson Earldeen Falkner June Femllng up Marlene Ferkey I Rlchand Ferkey Shxrley Frelberg Alxce Gaden Jo Ann Gaden Hemy Goetz Bonnle Glgstead Gall Gjersten Leland Gray Darlene Guenther Darlene Hobart Jean Jepson Herbert Hotchklss Roxanna Jackson Alfred Jlnkorson Shlrley K1t1 ush Kay Krueger Gordon Layton Jean Lee Robext Lytlkamen Darlene Marcoux Karla McCoog Robert Moody Eugene Newman Hllbert Oleson Carroll Peterson Judy Ploetz Beverly Powell Kenneth Ruder Maxine Ross James Ruder John Savage Bonme Sablovxtch Challene Saeger Karl Sanger Albert Schmldt Gerald Schmldt Judlth Sparks Delores Severm Darle-ne Stensberg Carl Vehrs Ronald Vlken Wllllam Weaver 4' Marlllyn Wlcklund X 1' Q J R! ZWX2 .rf 16 I -.. J' Q-fi -93' . l-1 , . l .7 7 X A J K 4 . . 1' ff , ,A - 5 .,, 1 A 1 ' U X ' -'O J fd - .57 3. rl " .V . in 4 f f ' ' ' Q X-, .w XI 1 -ll' V ' x xl l Nw K . J g It 4127? ' e , A we . Q V ,J . . 'yy a we 5, f"' dele G , S 4 -' 1 Af ,Q .Q rs i" v A ,, . Q ,585 lil ,E , Q' , -g f A' L :jg I I. . X L27 I jf 1, fit.. I Q--I ' " 1 1. s f I auf. 'A l ll "' gl v 1: , 4 A-'rf' G' ' N , mtg A , -A ax G I l I . , , - , - , "3 .X -vi I "4 1 5 J '5 . T! . if ' f ' , ,. f A l fl . ill A .l,,- .. fb , - .. S Q l ' A lg ' li j -gh A i t ' ,A 'I , 2 ' -' Y" - 1 ' it . lf 'fu lf' ' 1, La 4 ' . 'Y 4 K' Nflil' .7 J id ' 1 A . -'--bij . hx ' :, - Q lx ' ' ix! " ,qv W rr 4. - - . . 1 F f as av , p ,f Sonia Zellmer 1 'I 11 1' ,C lf- ' ' ' Custodlans Juhus Lutzer Merton Splce Don Stensberg Cooks fi Mrs. Carl Mrs. Stevens Bus Drlvers Elroy Miracle William Wolco W 5, H .r XIX.. 5 E ACT: I'i'lE 'gf 6 rs , I f 1 I U . 5 5 H X 1 X cl' - 1 v ' 1 .... X l 1 ly E 22- .. Z"S - s e. f 25: :I Q G - 15 za LEXANDER HIGH Standing: Phillip Bandt, Director H. J. Schuren Outer Row: Betty Saeger, Joan Reichert, Sally Werderitz, Patricia Smolairek, Donna Holden, Bernie Jepson, Kenneth Strand, Harold Enerson, Bill Weaver, William Dickey, Henry Blanchard Middle Row: Clifford Jenson, Sonia Zellmer, Marilyn VVicklund, Carl Bandt, Gary Dickey, Ruth Blount, Carol Francis, Patricia Jesse Yirst Row: Sally Sanger, .lere Kirst, Carol Boyles, Nancy Wipfli Band Receives High Acclaim... Alexander High School is always proud of the band in its snappy purple and white uniforms as it goes on parade, but it is just as proud of its musical performance at pep meetings, basketball, football games, and concerts. In the fall the Marching Band was made up of all first band members who were not on the foot- ball squad, and some of the more advanced second band members. The Marching Band paraded at the Cranboree in Wisconsin Rapids, for Home- coming and all football games. For the contest on May 2 the marching unit was made up of only first band members. During the first semester, the more advanced second band members were allowed to substitute or play last chair in the section in fourth period rehearsals. At the beginning of the second se- mester those in the last chairs of the coronet and French horn sections took first chairs in their sections in the second band. Working on grade level assignments has helped to improve the musicianship of the group more than any one factor this year. Challenging has created a desire to try to be able to play better than the others in the section, and members fre- quently move from a lower to a higher chair, or vice versa. The highlight of the year was the trip to Mil- waukee to play for the Music Sectional Meeting of the State Teachers' Convention, on November 6th, 1952. A varied program was presented to a large number of music teachers and supervisors. The enthusiastic applause and many compliments were an indication of the quality of the perfor- mance. Other concert events were the annual December Concert. two appearances before the student body, the annual Spring Concert, as well as the tournament competition at Antigo, on May find. Cl-IUUL BAN Standing: Roger Zellmer, Henry Goetz, Larry Carl Outer Row: Marveen Oleson. Paul Arendt, Art Wilkie, Jean Beppler. Angeline Elsen, Don Bey Middle Row: Clarence Dickey, Jewel Hentschel. Betty Bowman, Esther Schmidt, Marlene Capek, Mike Weaver, June Femling, Suzanne Seebecker First Row: Jean Jepson, Danna Applebee, Elsie Johnson, Barbara Korbol, Mary Buchanan . . . at Milwaukee Performance The Board of Education through its finan- cial support has made it possible for Mr. Schuren to place first quality instruments in the hands of students and are thus re- sponsible for the production of the better than average tone quality of the band. Our band's appearance is largely due to the very fine care and attention the Parents of School Musicians have given to the uni- forms which were nineteen years old this spring. In February, the Nepco Foundation grant- ed the Board of Education a generous sum of money to be used in purchasing new uni- forms and flags. The second band was given the old uniforms, and the two bands may be combined for marching or concert with good effect since the new uniforms are exactly like the old ones. We sincerely appreciate the excellent op- portunities given us. The fine cooperation between the Board of Education, Parents of School Musicians, and Mr. Schuren makes it possible to have a fine musical organization. SECOND BAND The second band is also an important mu- sical organization in school as it is the foun- dation for future instrumental music. Some of the first chair members were given an opportunity to play in the First Band at ath- letic contests. Uniforms will be added in- centive for the younger students to take up instrumental music, thus increasing the membership and quality of this group. Pep Band 3-ix 44. 4"ol l-xt Rw Bernxe Jepson Mary Buchanan Summne Seebecker Betty Saeger Sally Sanger Nancy Wlpfll Jere Klrst econd Row Esther Schmldt Donna Holden Harold Inner on Ruth Blount Gary Dlckey Carl Bandt Jean Beppler Don Bey 'lhxrd Row Larry Carl Phllhp Bandt Donna Applebee Henry Blanthard Bmll Du-key Paul Arendt eumd Band One of the greatest handlcaps of the Second Band IS the fact that xt IS 1mpOSSlb18 to prac tlce more than once a Week as a complete umt, due to lts membels belng ln grades flwe through twelve, and due to schedullng prob lems It is hoped that the Second Band can take a more lmportant part m the muslcal dCtlV1tl9S ot the school next year Second Band members whose progress on thelr IH strument IS of a h1gh quallty wlll take the place of those who graduate from the Flrst Band We congratulate Mr Schuren for hls fme work I I Q . x 4 1 - C' ., A 'is 0 : ' ' . , ' ' . . , A , ' S : ' , , ' S , , , , . I f , W. W V K ,W ,, H, , ,, 1 . 1 4 A . I . . 1 . . . L ' ' A - . 1 . . . v V 1 . ' - . . . . . w. V CHOIR 105 it Fourth Row Mlss Stack fD1rectorb Patsy Treutel Ruby Ruder Sara Falkner Donna Felice Joan Wegmr Roger Keeper-. Cary Oleson LeRoy Van Meter James Klelfgern Wesley Ole on Third Row lat Keeper-4 Phyllis Bepplcr Patty Jac-cks Pat Skusexlch Shlrley Sablovltch Lor raxnv. Jauks Barbara Novuckl Kay Allowxay Bill Worth John Beck Eugene Larson N ond Row Iatsy bmolarfk Mary Lou Schauer Bexerly Han-ms Ruth Blount Darlene Buska Norma Pranu-, Clayton Hamel Marshall Roberts laul Staege .lean Beppler lflrst Ron Marian Fmrard Yerncll Meade Lucy Qkaytr Marlene. Howden Fumce Smith Donna Hutchln on Donna Pnxzuall Juul Hmnsthcl Nanny Wlpfll Barbara Korbol Fach X931 the wocallsts of ou1 school tn out fo1 the school Chou The chon contrlbutes to mam of the school 3Ct1X1t19S One of the flrst actlx ltles of thls N931 s gloup was pa1t1c1pat1on 1n a meet1ng of the Palent Teachels Assoc1at1on The Chou also took palt m the annual Chrlstmas p10 glam The cholr membels who lecelved extla tralnlng ln solo vxolk p1esented a pre tournament 19Cltal m pxepal atlon fo1 then' solo tournament Aprll 11 ln Ant1go The cholr attended 1tS tournament Nlax 7, at ADt1gO The sprlng concert cllmaxed a busx teal All the act1v1t1es of the cho1r wele duected bv NI1ss Bettx Stack The Trlple Trio in in nc 7 1' Hack Ron Donna Engxxall Juul Hen schcl Barbara lxorbol Patrlcla keep mrs Nancy Wxpfll Front Rom Patrxcla bmolarfk Norma l'rz-mu Patrnla Jaerk Ruth lilount '67 v7 ' Q .. ' - 1 N, , , ,1 - .- ' r. 4. Ly a v C 4 , - - '3 " - 5 , 1 v e 1 ' ' '. - :. 1 . , ' . ' S ' 1. D ' , . . ,' ' ' - ' 'I 11 ll v ' v A v v 1 Sm. ,I w . - ,.v , . -5' , , ' ' .'. . x N - " ' 1 lx s 1 1 '. l v ' ' . . 1 . , . . . , , v 1 v I 1 w 1 v n l v 1 v -1 - n - I 1. R' s . . . . . ' v ' '- 1 . 1 1 ' 7 1, 1 7 Q L v B ' ' ' . v . . , . W . 0 o " I1 ' . M .- , ' 1' . 1' ' -s, s. , ,.,, LEXANDER HIGH IS Standing: Reno Plenge, Shirley Freiberg, James Alexander Middle Row: Patricia Keepers, Mildred Stensberg, Heidi Gaylord, Harold Kuhn. Jere Kirst Outer Row: Judy Weaver, Scott Allison, Judy Sparks, Jean Pischke, Earldeen Faflkner, Bernie Jepson, Donna Holden Front Row: Harry Schmidt, Donna. Hutchinson, Mary Buchanan Orchestra Wins First Division Rating at Antigo The orchestra activities are many and varied. Much of their time is spent in rehearsal and individual practice sessions. In its sixth year of exis- tence it has grown until this year it competed for the first time in Class B competition. The group participated in many of the school programs by playing at a PT A meeting, the Christmas program, the Junior Class Play, a student concert, and the PTA Play. The orchestra gives the students of our school an opportunity to share in some of the world's finest musical compositions. In the music festival at Antigo, May 2, the orchestra received first place in concert playing and sight reading, competing in Class B. CHUUL UHCHE THA Standing: Phillip Bandt, Larry Carl, Director Charles Fagerlin Outer Row: Don Bey, Carl Bandt, Gary Dickey, William Dickey, James Freiberg Middle Row: Carol Boyles, Patricia Jesse. David Coerper, Roger Keepers. Donna Enkwall First Row: Donna Applebee, David Ruder. Ronald Owens Grade School ftring Group , -.V+ D W 'il , ' ,L J-SA 'ff '3i"'if IU IDP. PHO Kmg Roger Keepers and hls Queen Nancy Wlpfh relgned at th1s year s Jumor Prom whlch was held 1n the large gymnaslum Students frlends and faculty members danced to the muslc of Ray Kraemer and h1s orchestra The theme of the Prom was Song of the Islands l I . . . . . . , . . 1 . . . - Q 7 . . . u n . Q Club 1 The Q Club, Alexander Hlh School s dramatic group consisting of for members, IS an organlzation to promote better appreciation of diamatics 1n our school Each year the club has for its major project the drama blZat10Il of three one act plays Miss Titus is the adviser Forensics Fw 'NG '1"4 '? . fs The primary objective of the forensic program is to provide training and experience in all branches of speech activity This program provides the opportunity for students to participate in the individual speech activities of oratory, declamation and extemporaneous reading and speaking. There are twen- ty-five members in the group. This group is under the supervision of Miss Titus Forensic inners The twelve students who re- ceived "A" ratings in the local contest held at Nekoosa par- ticipated in the league contest held at Stevens Point Bernie Jepson Gary Dickey and Bar bara NOW1Ck1 'were the three Nekoosa H1gh School students who rece1ved an A The n1ne other students rece1ved B rat ings The students who re- ce1ved A ratlngs partlclpated in the district contest at Ste vens Point In the d1str1ct con test at Stevens Point Barbara NOW1Ck1 rece1ved an A ratlng and the rlght to represent Alex ander High School ln the state contest at Madlson BUYS IUNSEPIVATIUN I LUB OFFICERS ta y T 5 hhhfs Q I I I ,sf Mr Maxwell The head of the hous?Gary Dickey Mrs Maxwell The head of the house-Sally Sanger Betty Lou Maxwell The younger daughter Alice Coon Bernadme Smith Betty Lous best friend Betty Beyer Wilbur Maxwell Thirteen year old atom bomb Bxll Worth Hercules Nelson Wilburs bosom pal--Jere Kxrst Connie MaxwellQeventeen year old daughter-Eunice Smith The lunior Class Presents 'lust Ducky' The Junior Class Play was given January 29, 1953 on the stage of the big gymnasium. It was a comedy-drama in three acts entitled "Just Ducky." The play was directed by Miss Aaberg. Two teen-age girls got the whole family involved in an awful mix-up by sending a let- ter to the lovelorn column of the daily newspaper Their idea didnt work out exactly as planned because the edltor of the column pald a visit to the Maxwell home and told Mother what her daughter had done The girls went so far as to plead 1nsan1ty and got the peo ple to believe that the whole family was nuts In the end Craig Moore-Conmes boy friend Dan Seebecker Mr Moore+Cra1gs father Wesley Oleson Del Marshall Newspaper reporter Paul Fenger Aunt Mary Mrs Maxwells aunt Nancy Wipfli Miss Blayne-Editor of the lovelorn column Barbara Nowicki Student Director Marian Hustedt everything turned out all right The play was a great success and was enJoyed by all The enlor Llass Play Seventeenth Summer is a tenderly beautif l play of the flrst summer after graduatlon, lt is the story of two young people and their ideas, their dreams, and their problems Angie knew her Seventeenth ,Summer would be different her first date, her flrst formal, her first serious quarrel w1th a fellow, and finally the heartwarming happ1ness and understand ing of their reun1on Our play caught ln 1tS humorous moments the fun of teen age llfe, and it held in 1tS serious scenes the moving problems of youth and first love Angie lack Mrs Morrow Kitty Lorraine Margaret Art lane Marine Martin Fitz Pony Donna Felice Bob Summerfelt Sara Falkner Suzanne Seebecker Esther Schmidt Ruby Ruder Eugene Larson Sherryll Gray Barbara Mertes LeRoy Coon Bob Votava Peter Cole o R ' . K x -at - n , o 1 1 L u . H ,, . . u . . . . H ,N U . . . . . . Mr. Morrow ............. . . . ..... . George Mayer tudent Councll H Q J? I inf!-f' The Student Councll IS an orgamzation which represents each class from the seventh to the twelfth grades Its main purpose IS to carry out the wishes of the student body ThekCounc1l meets on Wednesday of each Wee Its secondary purpose IS to help organize and keep runnmg different school events such as homecomlng These events must be organized and supervised by some organized group since the council represents the stu dent body it is the logical sponsor Debate The debate team participated in two tour nament at Stevens Point. Debaters who par- naments this year where they discussed "Re ticipated in these contests were Eunice solved: That the Atlantic Pact Nations Smith, Barbara Nowicki, Robert Polansky, should form a federal union." The first ses Ralph Newman, Dwight Howden, Bill Worth sion was a practice tournament at Merrill, and Henry Blanchard. Mr. Wallenfang was and the second was the district debate tour- the coach. The Man In The Bowler Hat Student Drama Club Presents THREE ONE ACT PLAYS THE MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT recelves A ratlng The Alexander Hlgh School Dramatlc Club selected three one act plays wh1ch were presented 1n a local contest Frlday No vember 14 at 8 30 p m 1n the h1gh school gymnas1um 9XClt1I1g affalr IH the humdrum l1fe of John and Mary when then' home becomes a center of actlon for the v1lla1n of the comedy The cast mcluded LeRoy Coon Shlrley Sablovltch George Mayer Donna HUtCh1HSOD Paul Arendt and Jere Klrst Student dlrector was Sherryll Gray The Valiant was an 1ntense drama of a prlsoner convlcted of murder and con demned to dle at mldnlght The cast ln eluded Reno Plenge B111 Worth Danny Seebecker Eugene Larson and Barbara Now1ck1 Student dxrector was Donna HUtCh1HSOD Rehearsal had an all g1rl cast The g1rls were rehearsmg for one of those very gloomy Ir1sh plays then' ant1cs turnmg the tearful tragedy into a super comedy. The cast included Ruby Ruder, Barbara Mertes, Sara Falkner, Donna Felice, Suz- anne Seebecker, and Sally Sanger. Stu- dent director was Barbara Gust. The winning play was presented in the d1str1ct drama contest at Stevens Po1nt November 22 where It recelved another A ratlng On December 6 the same play was agaln presented at Stevens Po1nt ln the sect1onal contest The Vallant Rehearsal ' ' if J F ' X , I x A I as 11 ' D Xe. s . . ...1 ,g L'r,,,1,,,,wmg,g l , 0 'g k , " .bf Tlvfl' N l A D 1 I ,-2 . . . K A., T I Y. . I . 'xx .. A ' vi l x ' - 6. 'C 1 Q - Q ,727 66 99 2 I - cc ra . l , - , I : . . ' ' "The Man In The Bowler Hat" was an 4 , . W G g i ' ,K , R t 3 Q I g , - T 3 .A Zz' 4 1 5 ' . . ' v Q L 3 l 9 a - . i ' , . Q ' - 1 . e 66 ' D ' in J . , ' , ' K iid l Y ' V . . br . U 97 ' 4 4 7 tudent Librarians 'Y' LY I'opR BttyB yl-1 hF HtdtClte Btt B a Pt RbyRd C' MyW I umor Hlffh Forensics Jumor Forenslcs Wh1Ch IS an act1v1ty for seventh and elghth grade students and IS dlrected by Mlss Aaberg was partlclpated 1n by several students th1S year Thls or ganlzatlon glves students an opportumty enter hlgh school Seven students part1c1 pated xn humorous declamatlons four 1n se r1ous declamatlons three ln extemporaneous leadlngs and one ln a four mmute orlglnal orat1on Those who went to Stevens Polnt were June Femhng Darlene Stensberg Earl deen Falkner Marllyn Wlcklund Shlrlev Frelberg Rlchard Hultberg Jean Jepson and Henry Goetz Marllyn Wlcklund and RlCh the first tune 1n the hlstory of our school that a Junlor H1gh School student has re celved an A ratmg I Tv-Y 9 Q 3 6 47- Q Q V v ,-X4 S ip , , tix J . Au I , ' ow: Carol Christensen, v owman. Ka inkle, Sara alkner, Marion us e , on Pazwrek, Eunice Smith 0 om Row: arb ra Gust, a Eh:-rius. u u er, Sherryll -ray. ar 'intern o o o I 1 F, s , . . , . . . . . I . 1 1 ' 7 Y l 4, - ' 9 1 for experience in speech work before they ard Hultberg received "A" ratings. This is . . , . - . . - . . . . U ,, . , . . 1 frf -D 'X f ""' as , I Q: I-A My ' g'. W 1 lc 'V L Q I' 1 ,Q l r 1 fi .- " Vs . f 'N 1 z ' z V 4 N . ,' 1 , KY 1 4 . et ' Glrls thletlc ssoclatlon -l A n rw n Q F1 The G11ls Athletlc ASSOC13tl0H lS an organ thele wele toulnaments ln volleyball and 1zat1on for g1rls whlch provldes wholesome basketball The off1ce1s are Esther Schrrudt Pres ldent Balbala Meltes Vlce Presldent Bea xecreatlon for h1gh school guls and pro moles mtelest and ablhty m Sports The t11ce BIOWH Secletalv Treasulel and Gel frlrls partlclpate ln vollevball basketball aldme Oleson Recoxdmg Secletaly Group badmmton and othel SDO1tS Th1s yeal adl1g91NM1S Newell I HEEHLEAIIERS L R lyH Sc l ,I MUCCASIN STAFF UF '53 The Moccasin Club is com- posed of nineteen members who have organized for the purpose of producing the 1952-53 yearbook, Mr. Hoke, Nowicki awp-, g . 5 Seebecker, Gorectki Schmidt, Falkner, Mertes N w gif .fm Li , .sf ' QF' Y' A' fi 'x fxkf 4 4' ' f' X Kee-pers, Zimmerman Beppler, Miltimore, Stone, Oleson A .. A ,I ,:, Applebee. Sowatzke, Edwards, Thurber The Moccasin. Officers of the club are Natalie Stone, Presidentg Mary Zimmerman, Vice President, and Phyllis Beppler, Sec- retary-Treasurer. Each person is responsible for a definite piece of work con- nected with the book. The literary work was done by Natalie Stone, Jacqueline Miltimore and Geraldine Oleson. Phyllis Beppler and Roger Keepers chronicled the athletic events. Dallace Ed- wards, Shirley Sowatzke, Lucille Thurber and Donna Applebee completed the lay-out work. Barbara Gust, Esther Schmidt and Ruby Ruder sold the advertising space. Typing was done by Bernardine Gorectki and Suzanne Seebecker. Sara Falkner and Barbara Mertes took care of the sales. Barbara Nowicki did the page-by-page planning of the book. The art work was done by Jim Sparks, Tom Lancour, Richard Blount, and Bill Milkey. Gust, Ruder, Schmidt ,. . Es, - 'Y' - 9 , ic- fm T 3 uni-I 'I Q I3 0 T xi C MQ ' N H N J L 1 X ,dw xr, K I I 2 5 B i, 4 f ,, Lx 5 , 54 A. W JF r I , 1 The Queen and Her Court Homecomin Festivities Homecoming is an exciting event and this vear's celebration, which was held October 17, was no exception. We began on the eve of Homecoming with a huge bonfire and a snake dance through Market Street. At 1:30 Homecoming Day, we held a pep skit in the main room. The coronation of the queen and king followed. Shirley Brandt received the crown from Tom Wirth. The Queen's Court consisted of Phyllis Beppler, Mary Zimmerman, Sally Sanger, Dallace Ed- wards, and Nancy Wipfli. Phyllis presented Bob Summerfelt with the traditional foot- ball, and Mary gave Bob Votava the key to the city. At 4:10 a parade formed at the school, proceeding to Market Street, down to the Legion Hall and back. The clowns enter- tained the people with their antics.. Many floats took part in the parade, with the Soph- omores taking first place, Seventh Grade, second, and Juniors, third place in awards. Victory was predicted by all Nekoosa back- ers, and Portage bowed low to Nekoosa that night with a score of 13 to 7. During the half-time intermission, the high school band performed on the field, forming the letters P and N in respect to the two schools. The game was followed by a dance in the big gymnasium. The Castillians furnished the music for the event, and many people showed their appreciation of the splendid music by taking part in the dancing. The Grand March was lead by Queen Shirley Brandt and King Tom Wirth, who were fol- lowed by Phyllis Beppler and Bob Summer- felt, Mary Zimmerman and Bob Votava, Sal- ly Sanger and Jim Milkey, Dallace Edwards and Kerry Hinkle, and Nancy Wipfli and Dick Blount. Yes, indeed. Homecoming was an excit- ing event, thrilling the people, making them proud of our team, and leaving them with a feeling of great anticipation of the Home- coming of 1953. V Sophomore Float i l ,bail ,!,i.-fbf fv-fue Seventh Grade Float Gridiron RQVIQ For WE Lack Third 'WB THE TEAM Row Wayne Tafelslu Don Mllkey Roy Sarver Roger Keepers Art Wllke Jim Mllkey Andrux Roberts Bob Ixarbovoskl Ronnie Fuller Row Coach John Ostrom John Mllkey D3Nld Ruder Larry Brunner Tony Skusevlch Clarence Dickcy Richard Wllhorn Henry Blanchard Jim lxutella Dick Blount Ast Coach Eduard Rchnstrand Second Ron Daxid Arnold larry Winlnr Allan Hendrik mn Leu Applzbec Georize Carlson ken Mertc 1 Dulrmw Miki Wcaur I'lrt Row Bob Votaxa Kerry Hlnkle Bob Summerf lt Tom Wirth Reno Plenze Jim Sparks Cary Coddard Papermakers Make Successful Debut ln South Central Conference MAUSTON N EKOOS A 'Nlekoosa began the season with a 131 triumph over Mauston, September 12 The first game in the newly formed South Central Conference was played on the home field Nekoosa xolled up 12 first downs to 5 for Mauston and outgained the southern team on the ground 179 yards to 56 yaids Coach John Ostrom had high praise for the defen sive performances of Co captains Bob Summerfelt and Bob Votaxa He also said the field general ship of Don Milkey was excellent and had praise for the running of Don Brost. MEDFORD - NEKOOSA Friday September 19 the Papermakers traveled to Medford. They battled the heaxily favored Med- ford Red Raiders on exe-n terms the first half but the Northerners pushed over a pair of touchdowns in the final half to win by a score of 27-13. Bob Summerfelt and Bob Yotava at the guard posts were a bulwark of defense as were Pat Ixopelke and Jim Sparks Medford made 212 yards while Nekoosa made 134, and 13 flrst downs while Ne koosa made 4 A 3 Ng? . ' . A W kv' '-5 'T ' f:,,,.1a ' L - T 1 sm, 5. 1 ,...f lil uni Roberts Kopelke E IUH IN ACTIO RICHLAND CENTER - NEKOOSA A hard driving Richland Center football team, described by Coach John Ostrom as "the best we've faced yet this year," scored three touchdowns in the first half and then protected the margin to de- feat the Papermakers in a game at Richland Cen- ter, Friday, September 26, by a score of 21-7. Besides being pleased with the work of Dick Blount and Al Hendriksen, Coach John Ostrom also said that Bob Summerfelt and Bob Votava, the Ne- koosa guards, played their usual strong game in the center line. Statistically, the Papermakers were not too bad- ly outplayed, giving 8 first downs to 6 and being outgained by only 38 yandsg but those first half touchdowns proved the difference. VIROQUA NEKOOSA The Nekoosa Papermakers bounced back into the win column Friday, October 3 by completely smothering Vlroqua s attack and picking up 3 touch downs themselves to take a 19 0 victory in a South Central Conference game The Papermakers outgained Viroqua by a total of 253 yards to 74 never letting the home club get beyond midfield in their attempts to advance the ball Standing out on the Nekoosa defensive pla toon were Bob Votava in the line and Jim Sparks in the defensive secondary Top ground gamers were Don Brost and Dick Blount There was one disturbing note in the game Don Brost suffered a leg 1nJury in the third quarter and was taken to the hospital for X rays, which fortunately showed no broken bones TOMAH NEKOOSA Coach John Ostrom s eleven which had now won three loop games against a single defeat and was leading the north half of the conference, stayed al most entirely on the ground against the air-minded Tomah team on the home field, on October 10, to defeat them 26-13. The Papermakers ran like de- mons from scrimmage, and looked especially im- pressive running back punts and interceptions. The statistics, which gave Nekoosa a slight edge, give a clear picture of the game. Nekoosa gained 2101 yards rushing, while they held their guests to 21 Sparks Milkey ,f' Votava Summerfelt Wirth Plense PORTAGE NEKOOSA Nekoosa made ltS homecomlng celebra tlon a happy one Frlday October 17 slam mlng Portage by a 13 7 score as the Pa permakers hung up thexr fourth vlctory a gamst one defeat ln the South Central Con ference- The Papers were outgamed on the ground by 23 yards but had better total yardage as they moved 56 yards through the alr whlle holdmg Portage to no aerxal galn The flrst downs were ln Nekoosas favor mne to e1ght Topplng the Nekoosa ground game was Roy Sarver who averaged nearly 10 yards every tlme he got his hands on the ball Roy pxcked up 89 yards m 9 carrles Dlck Blount scored both of the- touchdowns for Bob Summerfelt and Bob Votava SPARTA NEKOOSA Coach John Ostrom s Nekoosa Paper makers hung up thelr flfth vlctory agalnst one defeat ln the South Central Conference Frlday October 24 by poundmg out a vlc tory over Sparta 13 0 ln a game played at Sparta Thls was a very Important w1n for Nekosa as It gave the Papers an even tual tle for second place, m the newly formed conference Statlstlcally both sldes earned an even number of flrst downs 10 each but Ne- koosa gamed 236 yards to Sparta's 167 yards NEKOOSA MOSINEE Tlme ran out for the home town boys Frxday October 31 as they falled to break a 12 to 12 deadlock wlth thelr arch rxval Mosmee- ln the closlng seconds of a game played on the Alexander Hlgh School grid non Wlth 10 seconds left ln the fmal perlod Nekoosa had the ball on Mosmees 18 yard lme Jlm Sparks who spearhead cd the attack all evemng faded back and tossed a long pass to Don Brost on the goal couldnt hold lt and the ball dropped m the end zone as the game ende-d ln a txe lxekoosa made 7 flrst downs and Mosmee made 5 Nekoosa outrushed Mosmee- 174 yards to 147 but Mosmee had control of the alr wlth 106 yards to Nekoosas 49 Nekoosa trled 13 passes and completed 4 while Mosmee hurled 15 and connected for 7 eventh and Elgfhth Grade Football D Back Row Coach Kozlovsky Bxll Weaver, Roger Zellmer, Kenny Ruder, Ronald Hendrncks, Mike Llebenstem Kenneth Kukulka fn r '- 5 Kerry Hmkle First Row Karl Sanger Cerald Capek Henry Goetz, Davxd Benchoff, Hubert Olson, Kenny . W . y , - ' I - - 1 7 . ' l 7 Y . . T ' 1 Y ! 7 I . , . , . . J - ' Q ' .7 , Q , 1 n 3 . 1. C , - 1 a . . I ' ' , Nekoosa. Co-captains for the game were line- Brost Juggled the Pig Skin, but , ! Y - I ' u . . Y ' , . . Y , . . - . y K f O A A , lk 'I as- an Q5 f - l, Uur Ba kethall Be 19 of J, TT' ,za 3-ling Egg? e Mic filling 'll 3 Z 'lk' In Ya".-K egg, af., ll S if 7 ,iw -f ,fr J E ... v "' ffl' ,- :WY -4 H I x-gif Standing Don Milkey Cary Ole on Jame Sparks Larry Ruesch Don Brost Ted Lutr Manager Paul Staege Seated Roger keepers Arnold Guenther Cary Goddard Art Wilkie David Burhholz Jim Milk y Coach Ed Rehnstrand Win Ilver Stevens Point Hllfhllehts Season NEKOOSA 62 'VIOSINEE 48 A sharp Nekoosa team won their first game of the season, a nonconference tilt over Mosmee, 62 to 48 The game was played Friday, November 22, at Nekoosa Both teams had a tough time in the free throw circle Nekoosa hit the basket 16 times out of 39 tries Mosmee connected only 14 times in 46 at tempts Don Milkey and Jim Sparks played a brilliant game in guiding their team to the win column Coach Rehnstrand's boys set the pace throughout the game, allowing Mosmee to come within two points of tying up the game only once late ln the second period NEKOOSA 51, PORTAGE 37 On November 28, the Papermakers won their first conference game by defeating Portage 51-37 at Portage. Nekoosa lead at the end of the first quarter 12-7. In the second quarter, Portage picked up 10 points to the Papermakers' 8, leaving the score at half time 20-17, with Nekoosa in front. Portage was outscored the third quarter leaving them still behind by a score of 32 27 The final period brought all the excitement with Portage coming within 3 points of a tie with three mmutes remaining The-n Nekoosa rallled 14 points to Por tage's 2 which made the final score 51 37 MARSHFIELD 58, NEKOOSA 44 The Papermakers, unable to do anything at Marshfield the first half, left the floor with the half time score 30-11 In the second half Nekoosa made a real ball game by outscormg Marshfield 33 28 Dick Southworth scored 22 points for Marsh fie-ld while Keepers' 14 were high for the Paper makers The game was played on December 2 WISCONSIN DELLS 49, NEKOOSA 44 In a game played at Nekoosa, Friday, Decem- ber 6, the Papermakers lost their first South Cen- tral conference tilt of the season to Wisconsin Dells by a score of 49-44. It was a roughly contested game, which at times had the earmarks of a football game. Art Wilke was high man for the locals with 16 points. Percentage-wise Ne-koosa hit the hoop for .350 while the visitors' record was .270. VIROQLA 52 'NEKOOSA 41 The Vekoosa Papermakers ble-w a 19 to 5 lead the first quarter to lose their second c :ference game in a row at Viroqua December 12 In the second and third quarters the Papeimakers score-d only 8 pomts to Viroquas 40 pomts The Papermakers came back in the fourth quarter but were unable to overcome the margin set by Vlroqua Wilke was high! scorer foi Nekoosa with 14 points while RO1dtS 18 pomts paced the wmners The final score was 52 to 41 REEDSBLRG 58 NEKOOSA 45 It happened to Nekoosa again Saturday evening December 13 for the thlrd time in a row This time on their own floor after leading for three periods the Papermakers bowed in the foulth quarter to lose- to the Reedsburg Beavers 58 45 Jlm Sparks and Don Milkey led in the Papermakers scoring with 15 and 14 points respectively Litche was the big gun for Rec-dsburg with 20 pomts The final score was 58 45 NEKOOSA 59 MAUSTON 37 The Papers got their second conference wm by defeatlng Nfaust n D cember 15 heic They outscored Mauston 22 10 the first period and led at half time 38 16 The tl'11d quarter ended with Nekoosa still ahead 47 23 In the fourth quarter the B squad was sent 1n the game and downed 14 12 but the final score was 59 37 for Nekoosa SPARTA 60 WEKOOSA 51 Nekoosa dropped their fourth conference game- when they were defeated at Sparta January 9 Sparta led at the end of the f11 st quarter 20 12 The-n the Papermakers rallied 19 pomts to Sparta s 9 to put them ln front at half time 31 29 The third quartei Sparta scored 21 points while Nekoosa scored only 111 The Papei makers were unable to rally the fourth quarter leaving the final corc 60 51 Milkey s 17 pomts were high for Nekoosa while Ras mussen sparked the wmners with 21 gf Jim Sparks PORT EDVS ARDS 54 NEKOOSA 53 The Port Edwards Blackhawks defeated the Pa permakers January 12 by a last se ond field g al in a game played at Nekoosa At the end of the first quarter the score was deadlocked at 12 12 The. second quarter Nekoosa was outscored and Port led at half time 31 22 The Papermakers gained 4 pomts on Port the third periad With only a few seconds left in the fourth quarter Nekoosa led 53 52 Then came the unbelievable shot by Edwards and Port turned the score in their favor 54 53 Art Wllke led Nekoosas scoring with 21 pomts while Edwards had 19 for Port TOVIAH 64 NEKOOSA 51 The Nekoosa Papermakers made one of their best showings before bowing to a strong Tomah team 64 51 in a game played at Tomah Januaiy 16 The Papermakers were- in the lead at the end of the first quarter 19 17 and were tied 28 28 at half time The second half Tomah outscored Nekoosa in each quarter to give them a 64 51 victory Don Mllkey s 15 polnts were high for Nekoosa and Stoltz led Tomah with 19 pomts NEKOOSA 52 BARABO0 47 The Papermakers outshot Baraboo to defeat them January 23 here The game. was close all the way with Nekoosa leading 10 8 at the quarter and 22 20 at half tlme The third quartei the lead changed six time-s but the Papermakers still managed to hold an edge of 39-35. Baraboo was outscored one point in the final quarter to make the final score 52 - 47. Milkey Wilke and Keepers led the scor- ing for Nekoosa with 16 13 and 11 points respec- tively. NEKOOSA 53 MOSINEE 50 It was another victory for Nekoosa as they de feated M SINCE on their floor January 24 It was the- ioughest game of the season Nekoosa was tied 9 9 at the end of the first quarter and led 9 23 at the half The third period score was 46 31 in our favor Mosmee be-gan to edge up in the final quarter but the time ran out and It was our game 53 50 Milkey and Wilke shared 'Nekoosas sc ring with 15 pomts each NEKOOSA oo VIROQUA 49 Thc Papeimakers defeated VITOQUH Friday Jan uaiy 30 here Nekoosa led 11 to 10 at the quarter and put on the steam in the second quarter to make the- halftime score 34 25 The third quarter V1 roqua nari owed the lead to 4 points but the fourth quarter they were outsc red by 2 to make the final core 55 49 Jim Sparks had 13 points and Mllke-y and Wilke 12 followed by Keepers with 10 Ostrem led the scoimg for the losers with 13 pomts WISCONSIN RAPIDS 58 NEKOOSA 41 The Red Raiders defeated Nekoosa Monday Feb ruary 2 at the Rapids The game started out fairly close with Nekoosa trailing 13 11 at the end of the first quarter The- Papermakers scored only 6 points the second quarter while the Rapids made the half time score- 28 - 17. Nekoosa was also outscored the third quarter but made things even the last quarter to make. the final score 58-41. Rod Keepers and Goddard were high for Nokoosa with 11 points each. -C .2 J lm Mllkey RICHLAND CENTER 57 NEKOOSA 48 The Papermakers were defeated at Richland Center Friday, February 6 The score was tied 11 11 the first quarter, then Nekoosa scored only 9 points the second quarter to trail at half time 25 20 The third quarter Nlekoosa gained 3 points but was outscored the final period to make: the score 57 48 Wilkie led the Papermakers scoring with 18 points NEKOOSA 48 STEVENS POINT 47 In then greatest performance of the season, Saturday, February 7 the Papermakers defeated the Panthers 48 47 in a home game Nekoosa led at the quarter 12 11 The lead changed several tlmes the second quarter and the half ended in a 23 23 tie The third quarter went about the same way with Nekoosa getting the extra point to lead 35 34 The fourth quar ter was a real battle the lead changed hands for the seventeenth time As the horn blew the score was 47 47 but Wilke was fouled He missed his first free throw attempt but made the second to give the victory to Nekoosa Milkey Wilke and Keepers led the Papermakers scoring with 14 13 and 9 points respective-ly NEKOOSA 67 MAUSTON 59 Nekoosa defeated Mauston Friday, February 13, at Mauston The first quarter score was 16 16 then Mauston went into the lead and made the half time score 29 27 They mcreased their lead the third quarter to make the score 48 43 The Papermakers exploded the fourth quarter and out scored their opponent 24 11 which gave them a 67 59 victory Keepers and Wilke were high scorers for Nekoosa with 17 and 19 points PORT EDWARDS 55 NIEKOOSA 41 The Papermakers were defeated by Port Monday February 16 at Port Edwards Nekoosa was cold and trailed 17 8 at the quarter and 31 15 at half time The Papers were again outscored the third quarter but the last quarter Port was outscored to make the final score 55 41 High scorer for Ne koosa was Keepers with 9 points Hutkoske led Port with 15 SPARTA 53 NEKOOSA 46 The Papermakers lost their seventh conference game by losing to Sparta February 20 in a home game It was a low scoring first quarter with Sparta in front 10 5 At the half Sparta led 25 15 Sparta mcreased their lead the third quarter 39 27 Ne koosa ralhed the final quarter but time ran out and the final score was 53 46 Mllkey had 18 points for Nekoosa TOMAH 71 NEKOOSA 54 The Papermakers were defeated on their own court by Tomah February 27. Tomah took an early lead and led at the quarter 17 - 9. The visiting team was outscored the second quarter but still led 32 - 26 at the half. They came back with a strong third period to boost their lead to 55 - 36. Nekoosa outscored the Indians in the final quarter 18 - 16, but the damage had been done, and the game ended with Tomah on top, 71 - 54. Wilke led the scoring for Nekoosa with 12 points. fx Don Milkey WIOSIWEE 48 NEKOOSA 39 Nekoosa was defeated in the-1r first tournament game by Moslnee at the Rapids March 5 It was a low scoring first quarter with the score 4 4 The next quarter scoring increased with Nekoosa leading 19 14 at half' time Mosmee rallied in the thlfd quarter to go ahead 29 27 They kept up their pace the final quarter to win 48 39 Goddard with 13 points was high scorer for Nekoosa while Drake scored 15 for Moslnee The Papermakers won their second game in tournament play by defeating Adams Friendship at the Rapids March 6 Nekoosa led 17 12 at the end of the first quarter and led 31 23 at the half' ll ll In the third quarter Adams Friendship rallied and Nekoosa led by only one pomt 39 38 at the end of the period The Papermakers came back to wm easily 55 46 in the final period WISCONQIN RAPIDS 69 NEKOOSA 36 The Papermakers were defeated by the Rapids in the consolation game played March 7 at the Rapids The Rapids Raiders had a bhsterlng first quarter making eight of eleven shots to put them down but still led 42 22 at the half The scoring was more even the thlrd quarter with Rapids still ahead 52 30 Nekoosa was outscored 17 6 the final quarter to make the score 69 36 quad 'lop Row Manager Mike Marcoux Ronald Fuller Mar hall Roberts Wayne Tafelskl Dave Rurler Gary Wmker Jon Wlpfh Bottom Row Emil Bryan Mike Weaver Bernie Jepson Levi Applebee Larry Wmker Coach Ostrom Q ll l ur- ,1- X A , G. . - . . . , NEKOOSA 55, ADAMS-FRIENDSHIP 46 ahead 28 - 14. The second quarter they slowed lt S Baseball Tlme for Back Row Bob Summerfelt Tom Lancour Emll Bryan Mxks Weaver Jon Wipill Igrry Brunner Art Wlllne Front Row Don Mllkey Larry Ruesch Don Brost Wayne Tafelaki Roger! Kdepers Jim Kliefgen Our alle Ball Team Bob Summerfelt Jlm Kllefgen Front Row Emul Bryan Dave Buchholz Art W1lk1e Gary Goddard Jlm Sparks Jon Wipfli Dave Arnold Larry Wmker At the time the Moccasin went to press the baseball team had a schedule of eight games, five of them being scheduled with teams in the new conference The track team also had a schedule ol' meets in the newly formed conference Volleyball :wus introduced as a conference game In a meet held at Baraboo March 26 Nekoosa earned third place I 0 I Back Row: Roger Keepers, Mike Weaver, Arnold Guenther, Ted Lutz, Jim Milkey, Tom Wirth, Elementary Ba kethall Second Row Hllbert Oleson Gerald Capek Russel Rottler Donald Gruber Rlchard Hultberz Davxd Benchoff Jerry Schmldt Leland Gray Dlck Blackburn Front Row Mike Llebenstlen Kenneth Ruder Rxchard Mlsna Mr Kozlovsky Ronald Hendricks Roger Zellmer Henry Goetz D-QAJ9 '7 14 o 9 n ,., nog-"'q'20 10: n n 1'2- F fl' .R 0 it! D-Q45 ,nv ! abor Day no school iNo tears shed about thatl Flrst day of school only a half day QHalf a day IS enoughl Flrst full day of school, so many new freshmen most of them were lost between classes Mlke Wea ver gets hurt ln football practlce eheel Calendar 5-Frlday first week IS gone Only thxrty flve weeks left vmdual plctures taken of the en tlre student body Flrst football game We played Mauston here Score 13 7 We won Good game 15-Audlo Vlsual alds no school m the afternoon Vacatlon already Semors selected photographer today to take then' plctures for the Moccasm Played football at Medford We lost 27 13 Oh well someone had to lose 3 Maman Gerard and Darleen McKeel went swlmmmg by ac cldent Wasnt lt sorta cold girls" 25-Mr Jones had hls Gyroscopes here today Spmmng Wheels Is It fun Reno? 26-We played Rlchland Center there We lost 21 7 Iwot agam " tNf'NX 7Zjux 3 Vxroqua there We won 19 0 We won by golly we won' Don Brost got banged up a httle bxt 88z9 Semors and faculty are havmg thelr plctures taken Oh, what classy dressers these Semor boys are 0 Thus week begms the real work on homecommg 4 G :dw 3, H V 1 5 J , A I A A . - - :T nf- Tod: -: -' Ti'-N A - Tf'.'iffu-, " ai" A f ' - Q 11-Cheerleader tryouts today. Indi- Q -JY, . . I his P , ' . ' n X 12- ' . ll ff . . . 'V ' . - ' . X 5 17- 7 . . -e , . I . xx X - T . C 5. x . X X- 2 - ' , , l mm 2- ' ,. ' . ' ' ' I- l . - l , . . ? . . Q ,. ' ' . ' . l v ' ' 1 -' : . . l Electlon of Queen today Every one IS wondelmg who got lt ' Queen and her court had then' p1ctures taken today Whos the Queen? Suspense Decorat1ons on floats ln full swmg The pep meetmg was started wlth a real cute pep sklt then some cheers and finally the homecom 1ng queen was crowned Shlrley Brandt was Queen and Tom Worth was Kmg Played at Sparta We won 13 0 The1r homecomlng Tough luck Sparta Noth1ng much golng or now Oc tober 1S comlng to an end and so IS football season We play our last game Frlday nlght agamst MOSIUGG Good luck boys VVell our last game of the season was a thrlller that ended 1n a tle Wf- 491' A few Sen1or glrls spent the day at the Umverslty of WISCOHSIH 1n Mad1son Lots of steps but fun eh g1rls" 'V Only half a day of school today Teachers Convent1on starts Hur rah' The band played at te-achers con ventlon 1n Mllwaukee B 1 g Wheels Well we hope everyone enjoved thelr 2M days of vacatlon Its over now though, and back to work Today IS Arm1st1ce Day There was a program wh1ch was very n1ce Thank you Mr McLe-an All the gxrls fmost of them any wayj are after that new senlor boy Cute, eh What say Na tahe '7 " 'l The Dramatlcs Club presented the1r three one act plays tonlght They were all good GAA had a dance afterwards What happened Gaxy Goddard? Why the crutches? The Scotch TI'10 was here today Wasnt he a cute sallor " '7 'l " We Just can t beat Port Edwards Gary Goddards got company S meone else IS us1ng crutches What happened D1ckey'l Our first basketball game Mo s1nee here We won 62 48 Good game Another game tonlght at Port age We won agam 51 37 Keep It up, boys Today we only have half a day of school Thanksg1v1ng vacatlon be0'1ns at noon Hurrah CHRSST H -Ag-if ' n 19 ' I ll 'Eta' - 'l --2' II 1 Back to scho l aga1n Oh what a n1ce vacatlon The dear deer hunters are also back most of th m mmus what they went hunt 1ng f01 Nlce cheerlng sect1on The SCO16 58 44 they won Another game WISCOHSIH Dells here We lost aga1n 49 44 Hope th1s doesn t keep up all season A game tonlght at V1r qua They won 52 41 Game here tonlght Reedsburg We lost 58 45 Game here agaln tomght Maus ton We won 59 37 Hurrah' Everybody IS all 1n a flutter th1s week Chr1stmas vacatlon starts Frlday The Crlstmas Program IS to nlght No school for two whole weeks See you January 5 A Merry Chr1stmas and a Happy New Year 220021 4 ""f1'Z Q.-9 J ,, -01 'L 42 5 4 n,,9-fx If' 1 fn! "' 'l p Q,- n on N Sport1ng new clothes flashy eh'l Some students look rested others look t1red Teachers look calm agam Oh what good look1ng semors we have lf only ln plctures Say what are those rumors we hear about the sen1ors puttlng out a school paper Th1s aught to be good A game tonlght at Sparta We los 50 61 Anothere game- Port here We lost agam 53 54 but lt really was an excltmg game Hey looks llke the flu bug as b1tten qu1te a few students I wonder lf he IS scared of the teachers Hope not Oh semester exams do we have to haxe them'7"""7" Another day more tests Good th1ng they come Just before the weekend Jumor Class rmgs cam today Are they exc1ted' We lost to Tomah 64 51 Pres1dent elect E1senhower today became Pres1dent of the Unlted States Ton1ght we played Baraboo here we won 53 50 Another game tomght w1th Mo slnee there We won 52 48 Tumor Class Play Just Ducky Qulte a h1t Vnoqua here We won agaln f'Q P.""!Q The b1g game of the season WIS consln Rapxds there We dxdnt w1n but we put up a good flght 58 41 Our team and fans traveled to Rxchland Center for a conference game we lost We played Stevens Polnt here It was a thr1lle-r the blg game of the season we won 48 47 W1l ke was the hero Llncolns blrthday was nemem bered w1th a patrxotlc program and mov1e It IS good to remem be-r the great fCont1nuedJ 13- i' U . A - 19- j I . 5- ' , . 15- - , l 21- . - ' ' . . . M - ' 6- y .- . . t . 16" . ' ' 24- .' - - 7- , D . 18- ' a - ' ' . ' . ' ' T , n s . 9 I o . . - 15. ' . ! t - . . . D H Ye 12- 0 - , i . 24- I . . - . X I I U ' ' 1 r 13- I , . h 29' l . . ' ' ' M S .I . . . . ' . . 7 7 ' ' 1 - . 16- I - t. . 31- 1 r - . . g 7 l . . 12 - 12. ' I X H 7 2 - ' - I l J Lg l nl' 20- ' - 1 ' , ll 1 - 4, , 3 H 4 . Q 23- ' s A . 24- ' ' - 1 - . .' ' ' ' , . - . is ' ' , ml' I' . ' , fl If, ,A ' 5 -. - 30- '- . ' , V, 'B 2-We play Marshfield there tonight. f I 5- 'I .I U f5 f ' 1 , - 1 "' ' f 1 . v 1 D 12- . ' ' Q . , Q O 13- ' - , . . BM ' - wg . . A n if I 1- . ' ' V - - . . Q 5- ' l . . 18- n l ' ' - l ' - - 20- ' . 5 6W 1 I 4 - Q . , ' BMI- 10- 4 , ' ' . . . --, Q X . .- Q f N . L g -1 - - . H". -fun, -1- ' - - ui . . . 1 . 'fi -- if ,812 F7 I . . v . v .. , - . , . . f A L 4 :Isp -a f 13- ' I - 7 A A - -1 7 6 '. . , ' huh l ' 14' . ' ' . 7- . ' 17- . , ' - . ' . 12... ' 1 ' - ' .... . . ' - ' - 16- ' ' . ' . L 5 3 NVX x N94 UU ,x X X X N x xx :A x S N Y K N Q x S l ' I "' "' - ,. .- .1 ,. ,, , . g .- ,. 3- i ,.-3 1 i i .. .. t X 7. .- .- 1 f ,1 .-. .nn lb -s 3 Q 3 -' - -7 - "' ,J - 1- if C- ...1 - 5 Q 1 Q ,C 1 4f- ' 1 ,- Bill M1 Ke Here IS the new No 9 paper machxne whlch began opera tlon ln our Nekoosa M111 last December It IS one of our mvestments for the future as your educatlon IS a part of your mvestment for the future We are proud of you the youth of our commun1ty and have falth 1n the future we face together NEHUUSA EDWARDS PAPER COMPANY Y l , W - JOHNS COAL 8: FUEL OIL COAL FUEL OIL OIL BRIQUETS Furnaces Iron Flremen Stokers Oil Burners Phone 28 Nekoosa Wisconsin RELIABLE CLEANERS OF N EKOOSA We Clean With Care The Clothes You Wear One Day Service-Daily Pickup and Delivery Phone 55 I444444 rvvvvvj MLSNA ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING SHOP J J Mlsna Mgr 605 Market St Phone 89 H l E t ADDI Ra P Compliments f HIAWATHA MINK RANCH 144444444 A P HAESSLY CONCRETE BLOCK AND SAND Phone 238 Nekoosa Wisconsin RED OWL AGENCY Fred Korbol NEKOOSA WISCONSIN Compliments of WOOD COUNTY TELEPHONE COMPANY E J SCHMIDT JEWELRY DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Gifts for every occasion WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN NEKOOSA SHOE SERVICE Harry Chanos NEKOOSA WISCONSIN GRAND GRILL t Chk Phone 813R 1750i W Grand Ave WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN I-444444444 Nekoosa Foundry 81 Machlne Works, Inc PAPER MILL MACHINERY AND SUPPLIES N ekoosa Wisconsin Shell Products Goodyear Tires Sportmg Goods KORBOL S SERVICE Phone 108J NEKOOSA WISCONSIN .rv-vvvq, rvvwrvvvwrvvw Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank Member F. D I C. Nekoosa and Port Edwards, Wisconsin 4444 '-vvvw vvvv rvw v + v ! ! ' ' D 9 ' l A A S-t 4544444444-44.4 1 v?T1v?7TT'71v+vvvv+v I V v+v+vwv?TT'1v+vvv+v+v ' 0 . . , . . Viqiring, eating, P umbing, and Contract ng, A full line of ec ric iances, dios and arts. G. E. Electric Re- -. frigerators, Maytag Washers and Water Pumps. J' E' Gazeley Don Gazeley f A A A A A A 44 I - l I 1 vvvu v I I' 7 7 , , - I I F' Sandwiches. Dinners, Shox- Orders, ic en, French Fri Bar B'Q I 7 . . I Y .- AAAAAA 44444444.40 A 1-I A 4! A 'L-4444.4 I " I o 9 9 1 l - - - -- 5 FELDNER Funeral Servlce Hardware 8: Furniture Phones 18J 8z 4 Phone 4 403 Prospect Avenue 312 Market Street NEKOOSA WISCONSIN PULANSKY S Hudson w1scoNs1N RAPIDS WISCONSIN Shell Sales and Servlce Servxce Statlon Shell Products General Repalr 1640 W Grand Avenue 811 W Grand Avenue PELOT BUILDING AND FUEL Phone 123 or' 16F40 NEKOOSA WISCONSIN CLEVELAND INSURANCE AGENCY Ray J Cleveland 416 Market Street Nekoosa Wlsconsm NICK MICHELS 8: SONS C0 Johns Manvllle- Approved Contractors Asbestos Buxlt up Roofmg Asphalt Txle Floormg Phone 114 631 GHFTISOH Avenue Nekoosa POLZIN HARDWARE thRd S dQ dMytagW Dp GEEt H t H Wd 100 NEKOOSA WISCONSIN Compliments of ALFRED BUCK WITTENBERG INSURANCE ROGER S SUPER MARKET Roger Glgstead Where The Wlse Economlze Phone 31 Nekoosa WISCODSIH RAPIDS SPORTING GOODS 110 Second Street North Phone 17 WISCONSIN Rapids Wlsconsm Lormme Kmpple Prop Phone 283 Nekoosa Wlsconsm NEKOOSA BEAUTY SHOP I N ORMINGTON S INC Laundry Dry Cleaning Phone 387 for free plck up M W SCHROEDER S 5c to S1 00 Wlsconsln Raplds Nekoosa Wlsconsm F F Mengel Co Sand and Grawel Ready Mlxed Concrete Cranberries Pre cast Concrete Steps Marshfleld Stevens Pomt I I Central Wlsconsm Motor Transport Co Serung the Northwest through Heart of Wzsconsln Telephone 345 WISCONSIN Rapids Wlsconsln A"' "' A-' "M" 'I ' ' 'I ' I - I P i - I - 'I II 4 .4 4 ' I 3 I 4 . U . , I , I A 4 , 0 " . I 4 . I4 4 ' 4 . . 4 , . . N' ' I 4 1 . i 4. u 5 I . I . - I 4 ' . I 4 I I 4 I 4 o ' . 4 I . ' I I , I , P I I P P I I ' . Q P I E Ig- ----,4-,--- - A- I -Y I - I - Il- H Il4444. " " ' "Appr" 'W4' """ '4" " 1 '-' P I I M- I H C955 :"I-QI: :D-1.-. I-gi' . has - . nv 9 . I-vm f 'UI -'- E' c , ' 2 gap? 0 C . mono S Em In m0 0 ' 9 . 5 , I Sljg gm . . ' Q . l 0 . A ' ' ' mg . 0 . , . I 4 Q m- W 2, . ' . I . E ' . , fnifg .. - ru 5' 0 . 592-m . -. Q vi .- . . -1 fn . ' Mir 5 i ' . 5. . Q: OD Sea - I ' - ILLQAALAAA- L - I I ll4444.4.A.A+ 1 A I ,, REILAND PONTIAC SALES AIND SERVICE Dlsrtxbutor U S Royal Tires WISCONSIIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN DENIS PHARMACY Everything in Drug Store Merchandise Prescriptions Specialized NEKOOSA WISCONSIN NEKOOSA BAKERY Vlr 81 Mrs Harvey Steinberg Phone 159 NEKOOSA WISCONSIN w-vvvn: Pasteurlzed Milk Cream and Ice- Cream CURTS CREAM E WAY DAIRY CO DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 132 Nekoosa Wisconsin L44 Compliments of CATTANACH S GROCERY Phone 56 Nekoosa Wisconsin E D HELKE Attorney NEKOOSA WISCONSIN RIVERVIEW SERVICE STATION Firestone Store Phone 200 Nekoosa Wisconsin """""'1 POLZIN S RESTAURANT Magazines etc Phone 45 Nekoosa Wlsconsm COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND L NICKEL S GARAGE General Repairing and Welding 24 I-Iour Wrecker Service Phone 288W Nekoosa Wisconsin Warslnske Plymouth and Dodge Garage Established 1938 WISCOHSIH RdPldS Bulldlng and Loan Ass n Member ofF S L I C 162 172 2nd Street North 130 First Street North Phone 503 WISCODSID Raplds Wlsconsm WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN W A RADKE INSURANCE AGENCY Nekoosa, Port Edwards, Wisconsin An.: x44444 , , . v . . 1 1 vvvvvvv-vvrwvvvv-v-rv-vu,-vw-vvvv I I 1 1 U . . . ,, 1 - - . i 1 1 l . 1 -1.........-...-.,--A-.,.,..-...I,--- I ,- l o f f , . . , -Q i .. I ' vvrvv vvvv +vrv'v'v'wvvv I , Chas. Baierl Pr0D. Fine Foods, Fountain Service, Candies, Music, . , . , . . A , A--Ax4- l - - I :- 9 V - . l , . . - P AAx444-AAAx4444:A - I - 0 0 0 l 0 u 0 , C ' 1 Y. . . . . , 1 AxA.44.4.rA- - ll - . I . PEOPLE S MEAT MARKET WIS RAPIDS FURNITURE Co Mrs Maltm Brandt Prop 130 34 2nd Street North THE FLOOR SHOP Phone 12 Nekoosa Wlsconsm 210 West Grand Avenue PEARL S STYLE SHOP Compllments of Dresses Blouses, Sklrts Costume Jewelry Baby needs J C PENNEY C0 Phone 199 Nekoosa Wlsconsm Wxsconsm Raplds Wlsconsm GUERNSEY DAIRY RESHESKE S STANDARD SERVICE W P ' Y M STATION AND GROCERY Pasteunzed "You Can hi Our Cream, Bu ou Can't Beat Our ilk" I Corner of Point Basse and Wood Aves. Mrs. A. C. Freeman, Mgr. Te-1. 111 Nekoosa I Ph , ' ' Furniture and ardwarwblew and sed-Moving, C t' g ' i ' Storing-Plum in up lies u . one 173 Nekoosa Wlsconsm RIALTO THEATRE KELLOG BROS LUMBER CO Glen Schwartz Mgr Phone 20 Nekoosa Wlsconsm NEKOOSA WISCONSIN KREUTZER BROTHERS G A M B L E S H b K SUP Authorxzed Dealer The FrIendly Store WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN Nekoosa WISCONSIN Compllments of Crowns Crowns 8ICrowns ' ' WISCODSIH R3PldS Dally ATTORNEYS AT LAW Trlbune WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN Central Wlsconslns Home Newspaper E G. BARNET, M. D. DR. C. L. HARER DRS. A. W. ZELLMER 8z P. N. FLEMING HUBER S GROCERY rv-v1 'Vleats Grocerres Dry Goods General Merchandxse Phone 130 NEKOOSA WISCONSIN L L BENDER OIL COMPANY D X Fuel Orl Phone 1096 141 xth Avenue South WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN 'I L444 Compllments of GROSS BROTHERS WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN THOMAS W McLEAN LAWYER NIEKOOSA WISCONSIN WISCONSIN RAPIDS GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel 432 WISCONSIN RAPIDS BEPPLER 'VIILLING COMPANY Fc d Fertlllzer Seeds Chlcks Poultry and Dalry Equlpment Phone 1 534 Market Street LA: JOHNSON HILL S CEINTRAI WISCONSINS FINEST STORE Phone 396 7'- GRAY S GROCERY Phone 49R Hy 73 East of Nekoosa JOHNSON 81 SONS COMPANY Nash Phone 827 941 West Gland Avenue WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN ANDERSON SERVICE STATION T F dly Lttl sc gh y O11 Gasolme Groceries Meat Phone Nekoosa 110W Nekoosa WISCONSIN l4.44.r Comphments of ALL STATES PHOTO CO 3045 East 92nd Street Chlcago 11 Illmols Lompllments of Nepco Papermaker s Local N0 59 United We Stand DlYld8d We Fall Labor Temple Buxldlng 318 Market Street :. Nekoosa, WISCONSIN NEKOOSA I G A Compliments of H W Bushnell PNP MARVIN L JAF1-'EE M D EVERY DAY LOW PRICES FORBES 81 BUCHANAN BARBER SHOP Labor Temple Bulldmg Market Street Nekoosa Wlsconsm Compllments of PERRY S SPORT SHOP Phone- 372 WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN N EKOOSA FLORAL t P p Cut Flowers Potted Plants Veg Plants Urns Phone 262 Nekoosa WISCUHSIH Phon BETHKE CHEVROLET INC Central Wlsconslns Largest Auto Dealer e 660 40 Fourth Aven WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN ue 777'7Tm FELKER S SHELL SERVICE Felgas Dept and Servlce Statlon e 323 Corner 4th Kr W Grand Avenue WISCONSIN RAPIDS Phon I-44.41 Compllments of BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE MARSHFIELD WISCONSIN Grode Sz Nash Paper Company Nekoosa WISCODSIH and Iron Mountain Mlchlgan Comphments of DON N HOUGEN Registered Archltect Wlsconsm Raplds Wlsconsm Compllments of MORRISON STUDIO MILWAUKEE w1scoNs1N I I Complxments of The Nekoosa Press, Prmters and Statloners NEKOOSA w1sCoNs1N vrvvwv 'I H1 Graduates' Id l1ke to call everyone of you and w1sh you congratulatlons and the best of luck Now that school IS over, the days ahead mean a home and a Job Won t you call on me often? Reddy K1lowatt Your Electrlc Servant gufwcondm ower an zglzl Company rvvvvvvjl Comphments of LA SALLE COCA COLA G H Lagefqulsf Manager pm STEVENS POINT w1scoNs1N THE PAPER INN BOTTLING co Phone 3881 Port Edwards Phone 945 1460 Church Street L444444: Il.4A.: Internatlonal ASSOCldtl0H of M3ChlHlStS 318 Market Street NEPCO LODGE 1543 NEKOOSA WISCONSIN Labor Temple Bulldlng Our team traveled to Mauston and won The students and faculty gave great accla1m to the program of negro sp1r1tuals 20-Sparta defeated us on the home floor 27 Last conference game of the sea son aga1nst Tomah played on the home court 4 5 6-Regxonal basketball tourna ment draws many fans from Ne koosa QCALENDAR CONTINUED! The Goodman Players presented a program 13 The sectlonal tournament drew the 1nterest and attentlon of many fans Program presented by McFarl1n, concert tenor 20 21 State basketball tourna ment 11 ve' 1 12. 2 D1SmlSS6d for sprlng vacatlon Everybody gomg to have fun 13 School reconvenes for the f1nal stretch 16-Paul MIX another progxam 26, 28 29 J un1or Prom was held w1th Roger Keepers Kmg, and Nancy W1pfl1 Queen Pre reglstratxon for next year Sen1ors not mterested A concert by the muslc orgamza t1on of the school Sen1ors tak1ng semester exams Baccalaureate tomght Gettmg near the end k1ds' 27 Underclassmen havlng semes ter exams Commencement goodbye, semors School closes, 0h, what a beautl ful day' ' 1 N- . O U I ' vvvv rvvvrvw vvvvv vvvrw vvvv rvvwv vavwvvrvvwvvvv I I ' -n I -44.4.4.fA-44.4.4.gA--444,-+ AAAA- 5,--ti A-11-A1.4:-s444444.4J-L:-L444-A+-A-5444 vrvvvvvvrvwvvvrvvw-vrvlvvrvvvvrvvvrwvrw-vvvrvwv I I 0 0 Q I l P Il.L444.44.:AA1.:A-4.rAx4.cA4zAszAAs.:-xzAA1.rAAAn44.4--54:-s4.:As4.A.:AAAlfAAAAAA -- 17- 5- 19- ' 12, - 1 ' , ' 18- ' ' - ' ' - 19, , - ' - . ' ' ,m F 1 v K f' 'll D- I rl W ,. U. . N rz il , ax-I IT . - ' 4- i ' .' - 57. . . - BM- 21- ' " ' . 24-- h ' . ' gn ,-. . . . . - ' . - CLASS WILL I Kay Alloway, w1ll my ab1l1ty to leave Nekoosa boys alone to Kay Hmkle I Marlene Anderson, w1ll my nxghts at home to Mlllle Hotchklss I Donna Applebee, w1ll my ablllty to play the oboe to Jean Jepson I Phylhs Beppler, w1ll my ablllty to bluff my way throguh to Harry Schmldt We Don Bey and Larry Carl, w1ll our lnstruments to Mr Schuren I I Dlck Blount, w1ll my runmng ab1l1ty to Dav1d Arnold Shlrley Brandt w1ll my watermelon patches to Marlan Edwards Peter Cole, w1ll my almost new books to Art Mertes Leroy Coon, w1ll my ab1l1ty to dance to Ted Lutz Angle Elsen, w1ll my danclng at Hlllslde- to Ph1ll1p Bandt Sara Falkner, w1ll my sxze to Mary Von Exmen Donna Fellce w1ll my smallness to Gary Goddard Norman Fuller, w1ll my ab1l1ty to concentrate ' to Gary Dlckey Bernardme Gorectkl w1ll my typmg ab1l1ty to Mary Frlsch Sherryll Gray, w1ll my dancmg partner Sharon to Dave Bucholz Barbara Gust w1ll my Job of d1sh1ng out dessert to Mlke Weaver, who enJoys ea mg It Kerry Hlnkle w1ll my abllxty to get by on passes that say needed at home and headache" to Ben Rottler Jxm Klelfgen, w1ll my red ha1r to Betty Beyer who can t seem to get hers that color Tom Lancour w1ll my abxlxty to get along wlth the coaches to Art Wllke. Eugene Larson w1ll my cowboy boots to Barbara Nowxckx George Mayer, w1ll my le1sure tlme to Nancy Wxpflx who can use lt Barbara Mertes will my letter wrltxng to Shlrley Anderson LOIS Meyer w1ll my Job 1n the cafetema to B111 Worth Don Mllkey, Wlll my athletic ablllty to my brother, B111 Jlm Mllkey, w1ll my way Wlth the women to Jon Wlpflx Eugene Murray w1ll my car to anyone who llkes to walk Ralph Newman w1ll my ab1l1ty to wreck cars to anyone who cares to have 1 Gerry Oleson, w1ll my good txmes at Hxllslde to Beatrice Brown Marveen Oleson w1ll my qulet nlghts to Che-e Chee Henschel Joe Plsula w1ll my school sklppmg to Gerald Hamel Reno Plenge, refuse to w1ll anythlng I need everythmg Ive got Robert Polansky w1ll my sllde- rule to any person lnterested ll'l becommg a mathematlcal genlus Andrew Roberts w1ll quxet tongue to Harold Meeteer We Ruby Ruder and Esther Schmldt w1ll our frlendshlp of thirteen years to Lor ralne Obermeler and Marlene Buehler We Devon Saeger and Robert Thomas, w1ll our Jobs at the IGA and Hubers to I I I I anyone wlth muscles Robert Schmldt, w1ll my bashfulness to Ahce Coon Paul Schoff w1ll my danclng 1n gym class to Gayle LEWIS Suzanne Seebecker, will my semor text books to my brother, Dan Vernon Slmmet w1ll my knowledge to any Jumor Jlm Sparks, w1ll my trxps to Raplds to Roger Keepers Natalle Stone w1ll Jackle Mlltlmore to anyone who wants a good frlend Bob Summerfelt, w1ll my tnps across the rlver to Bob Karbowskl Roy Taylor, w1ll my report cards to anyone who wants them Lucllle Thurber w1ll my locker by the mlrror to Donna Engwall LeRoy Van Meter, w1ll my long trlps to Nekoosa for dates to any New Mmer boy Bob Votava, w1ll my good posxtlon inn footballj to Wayne Tafelskl Tom Wlrth, w1ll my helght to Duane Stemert Mary Zxmmerman w1ll my mght Job at Rogers to any glrl whose boy frlend IS overseas Y 1 , . I, . , . . u I, . .. . L . . . u 1, ' , ' . I, ' ' . I, .Y . . . . . . tu I, .. Y - . . H n I, , ' ' . I, y . . . . I, . . 3 . , . 1, , ' ' . , , 1, ' - ' . I, . . . . 0 I, . . . .u 1, ' . L . V . . . L . . . D

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