Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI)

 - Class of 1951

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Alexander High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Nekoosa, WI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1951 volume:

J N 1 11 WE THE SENIORS OF ALEXANDER HIGH SCHOOL PRESENT TO YOU THE 'I951 MOCCASIN IN APPRECIATION We the Senior Class of 1951 IH appreciation for the help and tume he has given us do deducate Adolph Kozlovsky our science nn structor Junior Class advisor assistant coach 81 Scoutmaster this issue of the Moccasin to Mr. The Album of Students and Faculty Write Teachers and Students as they are . . . H ARNOLD D WICKLUND H J SCHUREN Superintendent of Schools Assistant Supernntendent Long ours many pro ems BOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs Glen Buchanan A C Freeman Chester Korbol Sud Brooks Mrs Mollle Dunham Arnold D Wncklund The Grade School of many years ago, whlch was torn down In 1913 to make way for our present building Our New Grade School Opened for use February 6 l95l GEORGIA GIESE MARY HALE MINNIE HENTSCHEL HAROLD HUMKE 2nd Grade Kundergarten 5th Grade 3rd Grade 5th 8K 6Ih Grades New School New School New School New School Old School LUELLA LEVERANCE RAYMOND OLSON ELIZABETH PHILLEO ROTH POTTER SUE WILLIAMS 4Ih Grade oth Grade Prm 3rd SL 4Ih Grades Isl 8. 2nd Grades Ist Grade New School New School Old School Old School New School MARJORIE ENGEL -Ju 'Hi' 3 1 I f S . me 4 fs Q Gi ,, 4 g ' Q ,, Kr fwy rg NF 4 I PM fe ey 1 or TX Z I ar,errdLdl ,,,r.., W . 'Qi FERN AABERG "Teacher and friend." 66 FLOYD BRITTEN "Manual dexterity." CHARLES FAGERLIN "Has a love for fine music." EUGENE HOFF "Experience is the best teacher." NELDA DOPP "A smile for everyone." ELSIE DRAEGER ,.,4-11.5.-.., HIGH SCHCOL They wish everyday , , RUBY FEMLING "A thorough Biology teacher." GERTRUDE HOFFMAN "A musical Miss from Milwaukee "Always carefree and always gay." EDWARD REHNSTRAND "A swell fellow and a good coach." FACULTY . . . w F ' " ere Uday afternoon' MARION SAARI "Happy all of the time." THERON HOKE ROSEMARY .IONAS Patient and helpful." "A wonderful person to know." S 3 ,rms g wa u-can-f i""A W Q sas- fin ,uv ADOLPH KOZLOVSKY JOHN OSTROM "Science is his line." "Our senior advisor." BETTY TUBESING "A wonderful art teacher." CLYDE WALLENFANG "A man with a smile." .W .s.... 2 W.. .L if JAMES VOTAVA GENE KRCMAR MAXINE GUST Hnghesl ranking student Wmner Wlnner of Amerlcan Legion Wlnner of DAR award of VFW clhzenshlp award Scholarship And Athletlc award Nancy Cleveland Bonme Wrcklund Gertrude Francns Don Tracy Doris Krubsack Charles Von Elnem Mary Lou Amundson Eugene Koehn John Foley James Merles Gerald Krlrush Robert Tuttle Margarel Fahl Joyce Fuller Murlel Weaver Rrchard Goddard HONCR STUDENTS '1""'?' MARY LOU AMUNDSON Mary Lou PETER ARENDT e e A lrttle nonsense now and then rs relished by the best J y drsposutron and of men loyal an frnendshrp Malors Sacnal Studres ng lush Home EC Cornmercral Malors Socral Studnes Eng rs Man Arts Scrence n r Commercral Mu o Mme' smence E urr Bas etball 1 3 Ex urr Pep Club 4 Band 2 We JA BEY m Dont take Irfe too serraus youll never e out rt alrve anyway Malors Socral Studres Eng lush Scrence Math Band Manor Man Arts E urr Baseball 2 3 4 Bas etball 1 2 Pep Band 1 2 3 Conservatuon Club 3 4 Band 23 Student Council 2 JERRY CAFEK Jerry Every man for hrmself Mayors Socral Stuclres Eng lrs Man Arts Minor rt urr Baseball 1 Basketball 1 Conservatron Club rife Wcqls m7?47 President James Votava Vrce Presrdent Gene Krcmqr Secretary Muriel Weaver Treasurer Maxine Gust ROBERT BUCHANAN Bob laughing rs a healthful er non look at me Malors Socual Studres Eng rs Band Manor: Math Charr Ex urr Basketball 1 2 3 and 1 Foot a cauts 2 3 4 Photo C ub Class Play 3 One Act Play A C our 3 4 EW on 3 H - 11? t .1 MES - nji .1 - 1. .1 ,, ,, .1 . .. . , . I .. . . ex- .. l . D ' ' ly, ' g t af t' , ." oll rn ' - - - , - - I . , ' f ' 1 ' ' , . ' 1 ' ' , - rn, . ' 1 . 1 -1 - ' 1 ' . ' 1 . . . C . - , , 2 - 11. C . - k ,. X. C . - B ,2,3,4. b ll 3,4 ' C - - ' . k 1 - 1 1 5 1 1 - 1 1 1Q,. "',3,4. h' ' 1. 1. '--.- I, ' 'E . 2 . . ' ' Y . 211- ,I J ' h, . . ' 1 A . V Ex. C . - . - , l1Ja A , I -7 ,ff r L1A, 1 5 ' 6 0 a NANCY CLEVELAND Nance Thought IS the property of those only who can enter t n t Magors Social Studies Eng as Commercnal Band Mrnors Language Scuence Math Ex Curr Bnd1234 p Band 1 2 3 4 Debate 3 Foren ss34 GAA124 Pep b ass a One c Play 4 Moccasin Club 4 Stu d nt C unclI134 ELIZABETH CROWNS Mackey She s tree from sorrow and free from care wnth laugh mg eyes and raven harr Mayors SocralStud1es Eng lush Home Ec Minors om mercral Ex Curr Cheerleadrng 1 2 u C our 3 4 Chorus 1 2 Prom Queen 3 Ll e Moccasin 2 GAA I 2 3 Forensics 1 2 Class P Student Councrl 4 Dramatlcs 1 RALPH EMERSON Ralph me say hes quiet others know htm Motors Soclal Studres Eng lash Mmors Science om mercral Art Ex Curr Moccasin Staff 4 MARGARET FAIIL Mu s 9 e worlds all right or Margaret sho makes It so Motors Socral Studies Eng rs Minors Commercral Scuence Math Home Ex urr Pep Club 4 WILLIAM EGLAND B II at c re for war worry ar trouble? Malar Social Studles Man Arts Englrsh Science Math E urr Bo s Chorus 1 Conseryatuon Club 34 Track 2 3 Basketball 1 2 Foot a Baseball RITA ELSEN ee Worry and I ave never met Malors Soclal Studnes Eng lush Home Ec Commercnal Mmor Scnence E urr Forensics 24 our 34 Cass P y 3 e Clu 4 e Zalczkeaeca ARDEAN FERKEY A e gurl wth e s the gurl worth whale Mayors Social Studues Eng rs Home E Minors cu ence Commercral Ex urr C orus 1 2 p Club 1 4 Dramahcs 3 4 GAA 1 2 4 Girls Basketball 3 C ass Play 3 Mnxed Chorus 4 Lrttle Moccasrn 4 One Act Play 2 CHARLOTTE FITZ The place to be happy ns here e me to happy as now Malors Socnal Studues Home E nglrsh Commercnal E urr G A 1 2 3 4 Ca eterra 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 1 Grl Scouts 3 Moccasin Club Z IOII FOLEY Rd Great men are dynng every day do t feel v r well myself Malors Soclal Studies EnQ lush Sclence Math E urr Football 1 2 4 Basketball 1 2 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Student Councul 34 on servatlon Club 3 4 GERTRUDE FRANCIS Ge Of surpassing beauty and an the bloom ot youth Ma urs En lash Socual Stu dues Home Ec Commerclal E urr Fo ensrcs 1 2 4 So as and Ensembles 2 3 4 Student Llbrartan 4 GAA 12 Pep Cub 4 Class a Chorr 3 4 Chorus 2 3 Ln Moccasln S a f 4 Moccasin Staf 3 4 Cafeterla 4 WAYNE FREEMAN N p Now grave now ay bu never dull Motors Socual Studles Eng us Math Minors r Science Ex urr Football 1 2 3 4 Bas etball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Chorr 3 4 Student Coun cll 1 2 3 Conservation Club 3 new ecmdmadeneea LEON GILDENZOPH eon Happy go lucky I am free nothing there ls that bothers m M ors Englnsh Socrol tu les Sclence Man Arts Minor Math E Curr Club Conxervatlon Club 3 4 RICHARD GODDARD Press Work ls work and must be one b while w r have my fun Malors Soclal Studles Eng rs Scuence Math Mnnor Man Arts Ex Curr Moccasin Club 2 Lrttle Moccasin 23 on vatlon Club 34 Pep Club ser Photo Club 23 Basket al 12 Baseball LEONARD GOODNESS n He would rather shoot at o basket than atm at a star Malors Soclal Studnes Eng ls Man Arts Minor rt E urr Football I 2 3 Bas etball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Conservotlon Club 3 4 MAXINE GUST Maggie Be thlne own sell always and thou art lovable Malors Social Studles Eng lrsh Sclence Mnnors Home E Math Ex Curr Dramatic Club 1 Forensics 1 2 Chorus 1 Sennor Grrl Scouts 23 One Act Play 24 Class Play 3 Moccasnn ub 4 Llbranan JOYCE FULLER Joyce e s lr times Mayors Social Studies Eng Ilsh Scnence Minors Math Commerclal urr Forensncs 24 Cafeteria I 2 3 4 Cheerleading 4 GAA 1234 Pep Cu Little Moccasin Sta Moccosun Club 4 Gnrl Scouts 3 our 34 Cass Pay3 e PI y Malors Social Studies Eng RICHARD HURD Kelford Quiet and bashtul unless you know him Motors Social Studies ng s Mat Minors an Arts Art Commercial Ex urr Track 1 4 t a Base al 2 3 4 C ass Play 3 Conservation u 3 Pep Club D LOUIS HAMEL - "Louie" "Still water runs deep." Maiors: Social Studies En 1 9' Iish, Man. Arts. Minor: Science. Ex. Curr. - Photo Club 3. Conservation Club 3,4. Class Play 3. Pep Club 4. LESTER HENNE a ladies Moors English Social Stu ICS In!!! s Man rts Art C ANGELINE HERMS - "Angie" "A quiet and pleasant man- ner wins many friends." Maiors: English, Social Stu- dies, Home Ec., Commercial. Minor: Math. Ex. Curr, - Little Moccasin 4. Pep Club 4. VIVIAN HOLDEN merry the day ong if ommercral E C x urr Dramatic Club 2 Student Librarian 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Moccasin Club 4 DNALD HUSTEDT Don B gone dull care Tou a I hl s al never agree Mayors Social Studies Eng is Man Arts Math cl ENC? is Commercial Minors Science Music E urr Chorus 1 Choir 3 4 Student Librarian 4 Little Moccasin 4 GAA 3 4 e D u 1 C oss Pla CHARLES KING Churlle Handsome ls as handsome does Malors Social Studie E s ng i Mon Ats Minor r E urr Football 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Conservation Club GERALD KITRUSH er VY In athletics did this youth excel Motors Social Studies Eng is Man Arts Science Math urr C our 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Student Coun Clas Pla One Act Play 4 Conservation Club 34 R cs -sm t g,.-seg use S l' ir, ,mt SSL 50211 5 ,E in iss iw T 414 M mf Blix T me ii Am WSE .se eiss ws eww SL sm. :sw 13? .ws 1 Y' We 6 'K ex EN isis ZSCSCQY .. .. tt - H - Les - Viv "l am loved by ll the "As as is d . M 1 . A , I' h, ' . ' . . . - . x. C . - . . . , , . P , ' Cl b ,4. I y 3. f 'H . . yn.. 5 Q' E M 1 ' I -H 6 , we W . l Ll tt H l tl H ' 11 HJ H . nd A : , E - : ' ' , - : , '- I : ,. - In h, h. . M . Vh, . . ., sr l'sh, . r , : Ao. I h, . , , , , ' . . x. C . - , , . . .C.- ,.Foo- ,. ' Ex.C.-1 h ,. bll 2,3,4. bl 3,-4. . l . ' , . f - ' Cl b . 4. cil 4. s y 3. L ' -" '-A-fY:N"+':1 :: H"1: .5 H V ietiiliiifkiiii i4'rfif94Sf3LS?SP?i'5l4'3 .l , 'Q - . i4sgE1i?iseW ?'ff5zs 5 21 '--'Y-t1.sQf75,1?.,, EZ. f it -lss . .s a - We .sit r3.1WQQ'F .'tA,S9:'iQ:itF5f 1- Q LH. -1- 4' - - ,- f f' - DORIS KRUBSACK - Krub "A companion that is cheer- u is worth gold." Maiors: Social Studies Eng- 's , Home c. Minor: ci- ence. Ex. urr. - Choir 34. afee teria 1,2,3,4. little Moccasin 4. Pe Club 4. f . ez 54 29 , , 1 F 5 1 CAROIE KLAPPA Carole rrety spice r i d I like vane Maiors Social Studies Eng is Commercial Minors Home E Chorus Band E urr Forensics 1 2 4 e ate 1 O e Act Play 1 GAA 1 2 3 4 Student Librarian p u Ban ass Play 3 Moccasin u ir s Bas e a 2 Dramatic Club 1 2 4 Choir 3 4 Vocal Ensembles 2 EUGENE KOEHN ene A good fellow as well as a good student Malors Science Social Stu ies En Iish Math Minor Commercial Ex Curr Conservation Club ARLENE KUIIN - Tools "T ere ' no 'e but cheer- Maiors: Social Studies Eng- is ome c. Minor: c'- ence. E . urr. - Choir 4. Chorus . AA 2, . u . . AUDREY KONIECZKA e ave no slept one wink Malors Social Studies Eng Home c Minors ci ence Music Transferred from Milwaukee E urr Cheerleading GAA 34 C ir GENE KRCMAR Gene I m glad I was born hand some instead of rich Maiors Math Social Studies Science English urr Football 14 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 ass a 3 One c Play 2 Debate 3 Conservation ub 3 Moccasin Cub if va s' L0 MARTH - lo'e "From little spark ma burst a mighty flame." Maiors: Social Studies, Eng Iish, Home Ec., Commercial Minor: Math. E rr. - Pep Club 4. ELEANOR MANS - Eleunor " eek, a ient s 'I s e takes her way - Still water runs deep they say." Moiors: Social Studies, ng- lish, Home Ec., Commercial. Minor: Math. Ex. Curr. - Choir 3, U Q A MERTES AI e ns a seruous pro os: tuon felows Mayors Sacual Studues Eng M n Arts Mlnors cl ence Commercial E urr Football 4 Con servatuon Club 3 Pep Club 4 JAME MERTES J m Dont lose your baggage from your troln of thought Mayors Social Studues Eng s Man Arts Minors rt Commercial Science E urr Bo s Chorus 2 Choir 3 denawe WAYNE NOWlCKl Wnyne Quuet you sayml Have you eard rm a e cardnan'9 Ma ors Social Studies Eng s Commerclal Minors Science Ar Man Arts Ex Curr Conservatlon Club JANET OLESON Tush The easnest way out rs the best Malors Socnal Studres Eng llsh Home Ec Manor Muslc E urr Club 'I C our 3 4 little Maccasun 4 Moccasnn Club 4 Student Ln broruan 4 GAA 3 GERALD MURRAY Jerry let the world sllde Malors Saclal Studies Eng lush Man Arts Minor om merclal urr Club Basketball 1 2 3 Football 3 4 Baseball 'l 2 3 4 Photo Club 3 Conservatlon C ub C ass MARLENE OLESON Mur l fnnd nonsense singularly refreshlng Malors Social Studles Eng lush Home E: Mlnar Muslc E Curr Club C our 34 Cafeterna 4 oc c sun Club 4 Lnttle Moccosnn 34 Student llbrarsan 4 VERLA PIPER Ver u A dandy Qood friend f you re lucky enough to know er Motors Soclal Studnes Eng lush Home EC Commerclal Ex Curr Chorusl Student lnbraruan 34 Lnttle Moccasun JAMES NOBLE J m ha e nobody charity wlth he world Malors Social Studles Eng lrsh an Arts Minors Art Math Ex Curr Conservatnon Club Football 2 3 4 Bas a Base a l Pep Club 4 Student Councul 3 5 3 L - lt tt S - ni -1 - tt -1 - ni tt "Lil ' I ' D '- " ' " ' "I t , I am in f 'H ' ,ll ' : J 4 , - I A I .H ' 2 4 ' , - A I ' ' , - ' , . . ' :C - ' 1 ' ' t ' llsh,a. .':s'- nh, . ,' lA, '. ',M, .':, , ' . ' , ' . Ex. C . - Pep 4. . x, C . - . - x. C . - y' . , , , , , , . - ' ' , . ' . , , , . . 3,4. 1, , , . ket- ' I 4. I b ll 'l,2,3. b I 'l,2,3. Play 3. . ' . g a , 4 cmd lt H h I h' pllyh th ac- i Q ' ' , . .. H li h, ' . ' t - ' 4.' ' D ' : l ' l ' , .- x. I . - Rep J l,4: h ' , . ' . M - U . V . . lt tt 'J 1 ' ' V I lr I n f x. C . - l'ep l ,Al U , I l li ' . - ' ' . 4. ' ' VERNON ROBERTS ern He says lrttle but he thnnks a whole ot Ma ors Man Arts English Socnal Studnes Mrnor Math Transferred from Lrncoln Hugh School at Wlsconsln Rapxds E urr Football 4 P Club 4 Baseball 4 MARY ANN SCI-IMIDT Mary .IAMS ROSS m I have ganned by expert Nature made her w at t should not too bad and not 9nCe Malcrs an Arts Soma too good l h In Malors Home E Socral Studles En ls Math tu les English u s b 4 Manor Scrence 4500! MARGIE SOWARD Murgle ere rs n thang lute pleasant by half as a pleas an lr wr merry laugh Mayors Social Studres ng lush Home Ec Commercial Band Manor Math E urr Band T 2 3 4 GAA 1 Pep Band 24 ORIN STRAND "Orin" A Iron among the Iadnes rs a most dreadful thrng Malors Social Studies Eng lush Man Arts Minors Sci ence Commercnal Ex Curr Football T 2 3 4 Baseball 134 Bachelors Club 1 Photo Club 2 3 Forensics 1 4 One Act Play 12 Basket ball 2 Debate 23 Class Play 3 Conservatlon Club 3 4 Moc casrn Club 4 Pe Clu Ex Curr Chonr 3 Pep Club C rus DON TRACY oof am a strong srlent m from the open spaces where men are men and cactus rs cactus Mayors Socral Studres Eng Ish Man Arts Minors cr ence Art Ex urr Basketball 1 3 4 Baseball 34 Class President Student Councrl Bac elor s Club 1 ROBERT TUTTLE "Bob" Hrs being tall dark, and handsome rs what gets em C Molors Soual Studxes Eng lush Man Arts Mnnors Math Art Ex Curr Basketball 3 4 Baseball 4 Conservatnon Club 3,4 ,uf V gs. es? RICHARD SMITH IC He has a nice personality full of rascalrty alors Man Arts Socla Studres Englrsh Moth Ex urr Basketball l 2 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball eweiiigtw ,f P 41. t as 14 S Q4 51 se ,, ,mepif Q ents BONDUELL WICKLUND Bonnle K1nd and true and never blue Malors Soclal Studles ng lnsh Scrence Band Comme! c1a Munors Mus1c Math Ex urr One Act Play 1 4 e u 4 oc c sun Club 4 Llttle Moccasrn 4 Class Play 3 Gnrl Scouts 3 hour Glr Choru 2 Student Chorus Dnrector 2 Solos and Ensembles 1 2 3 4 D amatlc Club 1 2 3 Stu ent uncxl 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Band 234 GAA 2 Forensics 2 A 1 4-11 2 W J 3 ia CHARLES VON EINEM Churlle contented mnnd contmual teast Molors Soc1alStud1es Eng lush Man Arts Math Mlnor Scuence CHARLES VOTAVA Chuck Good natured wuthout e ceptuon Ma1ors Soctol Studles Eng s Sclence Man Arts Band Math Curr and 2 Band 1 Pep C u JAMES VOTAVA .I m Tops In everythlng Mayors Socnal Studnes Eng lush Sctence Math Mlnor Mon Arts urr Basketball 3 4 Baseball 34 Football A MURIEL WEAVER Munel Not w at she does ut how she does t Mayors Socuol Studies Eng Ish Science Must: Mmors Math Language Ex Curr Student Councul 1 Class Secretary Treasurer Class Secretary 4 Cholr 1r s orus GA orensucs 2 Dramatic ub 2 3 P p b A 4 Pe Band 2 3 4 C ss Play 3 One Act Play 3 oc casm Club 4 Semor Glrl Scouts 3 Student Chorus Dlrector 2 Wana? Za STANLEY WILCZYNSKI Stutz I never trouble trouble tll trouble troubles me Mayors Soc1aI Studnes Eng 1 Mnnor Man r PHIL P ZIEMAN Ph I Ready for anythlng work o play he ls a good sc ut 1n every way Motors Social Studies Eng 1s Man Arts Math Munors Sclence Art Ex Curr Conservatuon Club 3 4 Photo Club 1 M111 0-605 LAWRENCE ZURFLUH Fudge Theres always room for m Malors Saclal Studtes Eng lush Man Arts Minor om merclal E urr Basketball 1 I 'll's I A 252: 1 :2 A . ni H K - ,.,.,, 14' ,A V, . Z . . 1 , I EW ' 'A ' is G ' I ' I , ' 1 v,.,, 1 As 11 H h ' b - a Ii h, I ' , ,' . '. - ' ' . , , - 3. Ex. , - a 1, ,s,4. V V . ' 3,4- pe, 3,3144 , b cs 1 .Ch 1,2. A 1,4. 1,4. F 1, .3,-4. ' Cl , . e Clu 1, . sand 2,3, . p , , . Ia . . M - ' ' 1 f n I 0 I I . ' : . . ' E - - ni - 1 . c . - , 2,3,. Pp cub 1,, M . .. ,, I .. .. ,. G . ' . . - I 4. c ' a,4. '14 5 1, . H vf , ' o ez" 1 A ' l'sh,.': .ML ': " ', - .'fc- f ' , , . d I' h, . , 4 ' . Co',. ,,,.Pep '1',1 X-C-- . 1, ,3,4.' " ' A . 'T -w- "Alexander High Schoolls Next Yearls Seniorsu President ........... Keith Buchanan Vice President ............ Rita Brost Secretary ............... Betty Heeg Treasurer Kathleen Gazeley Rawl Grezltt Alnes C Arendt M Arendt Baldwin Berg G Blackburn T Blackburn Row 2 Bloyd Brost Buchanan Buehler Capek Coerper Davnd Drews Edwards Elsen Row 3 Erickson Ferkey Friday Frisch Garvin Gaylord Gazeley Gildenzoph Gorectku Grunewald Row 4 Haas Heeg Htnkle Hoffman Hotchkiss Howden Hurd Hutchinson Jackson Kung Row 5 Koehn Korbol Losey Marth Martinsan McLean Meyer Owens Pisula Roth Row 6 Schcuer Schroepfer Schwartz Slmek Sternert Stensberg Van Meter Walrath Ward Weaver at QF., f' Q-1' ,awkw- 'Pix it -5 'TT Y' G. 4' ,pfv- N4 ,mu fn 'ma 'Za 11' N' F7 'G' f-' in ds W Q1 'SV 'Q -to Q., - , "f . 5' an 2 , V, if fi .I " . X 2 ' f - B ss- - fs v G "' A ' K , is 4 My 'ki g h W .swf sh' wg' KZ A ,N ' 5 Q T V I A , K .,.s .f Q5 '-5 ,. A I V 'iw ll 2: 'L fre A " W ' 1:2 . its ' V I ' if -we 'g 1 A 3 s , X ' , s . M , - 1 v , ' I " 5 5 A- f- V ""-, ':-l f w' si' ma- x":'f' "" tr r , W .- 3' kv x 3 basin 4 . 1 13 N , V- As. l at ,M r V Y 4 Q -Ami t K A 'Q MEM l 1 ,, .. :-ff " . . I t M , ,M d Q., its 'A' 1 , 1 - - . Q J 1 1 A fl : s Q , ,V as . t is kk t V, N A v N ,, ' 8 sf 5 -F . V ' - fl - pf M' -ff 1 et Q 5 A it f ft ., B " 'Y V . ' 1, , 1 -5 L 4 Q W g 'J I ss f .F v , - -- - - 4 ' ok L. , . A xx it Q B' Nt fd!! , . ' ' ' l M, . sm v 4, 1-'Q cu' fy -vt T9 1 l zz -:Y ', ' 3' at Mi' 2 A Q '1 M gi B .s as :tk-if Q ss is is, Q 4 5 I ' ,I I B L 'M '. ' C N s V - s ' if Row l- Allen. Row 2: Allison, Anderson Applebee, Winker Bauer Benner Be ler Be Blount Bran t - . , , . PP . Y. . d Bruley, Carl, Coon, Elsen, Falkner, Felice, Femling, Fuller, Giese, Gorectki. Row 4: Gray, Gust, Hamel, Hinkle Kleifgen, Klein, Kopelke, Lancour, Leach. Row 5: Mayer, McKee, Mertes, Meyer, D. Milkey, J. Milkey, E W. Murray, Newman, G. Oleson. Row 6: M. Oleson, D. Philippi, J. Philippi, Pisula, Plenge, Palansky, Rice Ruder, Saeger. Row 7: E. Schmidt, R. Schmidt, Stichauf, Schoff, Seebecker, Simmet, E. Skayer, P. Skayer Stone. Row 8: Summerfelt, Taylor, Thomas, Thurber, Tracy, Van Veter, Votava, Winters, Wirth, Zimmerman .Qi e W c ' - can , ,c J , ' :if T J ' ' 1' e- .. ci' 'X 'il M1 W 'L 'T me ar, Q il- ooec J T ff f Q J J if were fx in lf El 4 in .... ... f L4 -Q.. ,M 5793" is 'Q A . 'L .1 v'- Q 'ii f it A Q ii i .. I . -.. .gf an Q, .K . .,.. ci' QM . A A M T R 2 xx, 3 1 k , maxi, XX . ,. , as More A z , .. ' 9 . . 5 . ' 34' :E ., K, f' .am . - ' k J J J: , I 5 it L, V I Us . 4 . W... ,E me .. .X 1, -- . ,, . .4 . , S 'QP' 5, "GE" 9 f-qq.,i w K gn 'B W ' WV . .ik I A I W 1. K- A A i K. .. - : ,.,. ..,, l Q K , tw I x ' if I 5 -3 , Wx 'K' ' -f :V i i fe-ii 'saga' ..,. rc J A - . ' ili- em ,i-' 2 T J ' .. - K K 'M , Q2-il ls Affqi dz, . my 'M 5 U , K . A . w, f .124 MJ- 1 - A I lil' -igw W A V V f . 3.1 ' "ml l ' f' 5 T, we 41116 'W W 1 -, . 1 'K J we l ' .Q , Q Q qi X 4 4, Vw Q . y t - inf, . K gg ME vs vi me y 'W ,,....- 'J' ' W .2 fri ' , S ,Y 1 ' A i a 4 la il all l HAn Anxious Group Waiting For Class Rings and The IUHIOT Prom President .... . . Bob Votczvca Vice-President . . . . . James Mllkey X Secretary-Treasurer . . Kerry Hlnkle 1 Hstarry Eyed and GTQGI1 With Three More Years To God, President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . , JKT v--5 K-XR, W- N, 6 .. Leroy Sarver .. John Wipfli . Millie Hotchkiss .. Emil Bryan Row I: Amundson, Anderson. Row 2: Arendt, Beck, Beyer, Brost, Bryan, Buchanan, Coon, G. Dickey, W. Dickey, Eberius. Row 3: Edwards, Enerson, Fenger, Goddard, Goetz, Guenther, Hamel, Hancock, Hoker, Holden. Row 4: Hotchkiss, Howden, Hustedt, Jaecks, Johnson, Keepers, Kirst, Konopacki, Kuhn, Lewis. Row 5: Lutz, McCoog, Meeteer, Miltimore, Moody, Murray, Noble, Nowicki, G. Oleson, W. Oleson. Row 6: Owens, Philippi, Powell, Rottler, Reusch, Sablovitch, Sanger, Sarver, Schmidt, Schoff. Row 7: Seebecker, D. Smith, E. Smith, Smolarek, Sowatzke, Thorstenson, Von Einem, J. Wipfli, N. Wipfli, Worth. fr 1- - ., , . 4' QB . J fy P 2 H il . 1 Q' "2-'41 -is ' is ' .N J' 'W . . A J N. i Q, . is ' "" XM' E if S it x 1 5 sl 5 5 in i j ' anim 2 s 5 'X iii. , Q-st f . ,., I 1 A K . In E Qi rip? :R ' if V973 'rx ,N K :J inns? J as gs 'J 'ai W L, t we sc. fe S . Q .fa " as . J wr .t 1 , 1 g 1-fa . -' 155, , S7'.1m'sk. are W fi.. 1 6 Q . i Q Tif f in ,W : fi 'B' f I ig? -f iisml 5' Y ,A LN .A ,QM Q... I. QW L ,Qi W 1 K qw W K H' S .4 W. G Q 5 i ' J Q J He, Q x .fs A Q .wg "S-K A ,. A im' M 1. "'. ,o 'N ' 7 I at "" ' wr A , if W ., - ,V Q., 5. in, , -T' l i V ' ,A ... K s"si v3"r1p f , K 8' . FEW .s- .Q K . G. K ' W ' of S ififv- 4' . ir f 'I' 1' 5 S g, w3Q 'sf , f . ky 'L 1 we - ' - if J z e" Q. -f s .ni 'K v Y Wi? . , f if A . .nj-M., R ,V 'J ii ,QAM M Q , ,", " we v ,fn -"" 'Rf tl y ,,.. we . 'T nn 'ki' , I 5. Q i v',. ' . y 'G Q. -- V X., A I gm i if in A kkkk 'LM Z: Q A ,-,, ', Elkl yi' YV i ."'F, bwxe. J - ee .. we if X I , . V .. - r ,Pg A , ,V V3 . M f rls.. y. D iff: we x , 2 X al ff' EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE Row I: Applebee, Beppler, Blanchard, Blount, Droste, Emerson, Engwall, Ferkey, Francis, Freeman. Row 2: Fuller, Gallagher, Harris, Holden, Hurd, Hutchinson, Jenson, Kuhn, Marcoux, McCoog. Row 3: Moody, Noble, Pierce, Sablovitch, Schwartz, Strand, Tafelski, Weaver, Wilke, Zuelke. bf. ,c V ii I fc, fx- :J 44 .jx I M V A it as S K . k eel-,, 5 :XF 'li .Q as' r x Q it ,, 320' y ,V - .'3'i2:3 A P- rr : ' s la: so as - " J S' 1 W ,,,, , , my K, S 4 rx? ,,. , , K EE, ls g, I - Qifvwehy' fl y d J , . tm X . 'f : ve s - X s 4 Q . L' ills, 1.4 it A 1 , .,., 3 L 51,1 J M, vii 3, UM s il ll f ' ' .. f 'W 2 H I if i . . A A ,X I 12 I ,V f 'i' l VG. llxxlb uw . ew -1 9 . .: ff. .QZMQ ... V fl 'S 61 ' Xl' 5"1..e, .-. 4 i wwf if i we 5 "TI :X : er ,J 'SS L J Mil Row 'l: Alexander, C. Bandt, P. Bandt, Christenson, Cleveland, Dickey, Emerson, Francis, Fuller. Row 2: Giese, Goetz, Goodwin, Gray, Hinkle, Holden, Hurd, Jaecks, Jepson, Johnson. Row 3: Keepers, Moore, Murray, Noble, Pierce, Roberts, Ruder, Saeger, Savage, Schmidt. Row 4: Schoff, Smith, Smolarek, Steinert, Stensberg, Tipton, Trickle, Weaver, Wegner, Zurfluh X J ' '- '-W3 F L 24 yyvl B A15 M0 5 ' W d. 553. QQ z 1, .,- . .W nk M Arli- -'N -Q . r W. 'W ' 5. i V is my A K: dk ,N 'C ,N li - 6 A sr- Ell y. . E ,. ' I if., I, l 15 if ,.., M rr sn. 7 ,H . . :Q A -:l 7,5 k"' J y , Q jf? J X. QA. may Pmiakrts X wl-i F -, : . i f. n Vi.- QL ' sk .. r V mr, . gi, W 6' , ,Q V is 315 as" ' gy 4' L 'F 'J 5 J i ei' , .ir-save-:rx Y I :X X , X llbn X K ,. Jig 5 Q ,R 5 xxx ,B Wx' :F X 4 AA lil f...."' s ' lr J ,fr ,ec A if if fs S 1 :-fr, f -i S ., Q 'LQ , ev- I A 8 -1 il Sl ik, . if 1 Q " . 1 :,' i L SW V ll ' f X ' W Z S A .f .,' l SCHOCL WCRK HLest we forget the old familiar scenesf, Mn. w5w me s eff .Mfwf LM Welcome to Alexander High School. You're just in time for a visit to some of the classrooms, where we shall see iust how some of the students are spending their time, I believe we will first go to room B, from which there have been coming some very strange sounds Well what do you know its Richard Goddard and Bonnie Wncklund working with the tape recorder What are you doing kids? Bonnie and l are recording some scenes from Macbeth for our English Prolect What are those erne sounds coming from here? Oh that was Bonnie practicing the moan Lady Mac beth has in the Sleep Walking scene Well good luck with your proiect We have a lot of places to visit yet so we have to move along Was that an explosion in the Chemistry room'-' Lets have a look Its Jim Votava probably working with some very powerful acids Lets talk to him a while H Jim Do you mind if we watch you for a few minutes? Not at all lm finishing an experiment Are experiments very dangerous? Not it you know what you re doing or if you re care U el thanks for taking time to t lk to us .lim long and dont blow anything up Now that we are down at this end of the hall lets visit the Biology room Sh Barbara Gust seems to b examining a worm or something She must be concen trating on how she is going to disect it so wed better run along Lets stop in at room F to see what is going on there Rita Brost and Dick Alnes are pondering on a problem in Geometry Thats the class where we learn that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points Say have you noticed that delicious smell? Lets go down to the Home Ec room and see whats cooking M1 is Well Margaret Fahl and Verla Puper are the gurls be hund that aroma What are you makung gurls? We are bakung pues Would you luke to stay and help eat them? Thanks for the unvutatuon gurls but we have a lot of thungs to see yet and tume wauts for no one So long Here we are un room E where the Bandt twuns and Marshall Roberts are workung hard on theur seventh grade geography Oh to be un the seventh grade agaun Tume sure flues' Now well move on to room B another one of our Englush rooms Paul Schoff and Joyce Phuluppu are workung on the structure of sentences They are un one of the sophomore Englush classes Thus us room C and some of the boys and gurls from an eughth grade Englush class The protects you see are for the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow whuch they are now studyung W ule w are un the upper hall belueve we should vusut the typung room Kathleen Gazely us practucung for hugher ypung speed She us a fa typus now l guess she wants to get even better Lets vusut the Manual Arts room down on the bottom floor Ive heard ofa specual protect goung on down there Here are Jum Ross and Bob Tuttle workung on ut n w They are makung a small scale repluca of what the Man Arts room us to be p well We dont have much tume left so let s move on to the next page and meet some more people Lets take a fast glance at the gurls and boys ym classes These are lust small sectuons of course but youll ge the udea They seem to be getting a work out dont they? And now to our school offuce secretary Muckey Muchoel kdamp We usually keep her busy buyung paper penculs and many other thungs Thanks a lot Muckey for puttung up wuth us untill rf ' 4 AWN We also want to thank the cooks Mrs Stevens and Ms Carl for the aood meals they h ve aiven us all year You people sh I oud taste those meals they are really scrumplous. I dan't know what we would do without our ianitors. Come over here and meet them. They are Julius Lutzer head janitor Don Slensberg janitor and bus driver and Mr. Brost who is comparatively new. The next man ' Merton Spice who is the lucky man to be janitor over at our new grade school, Well l guess lhal ends our little tour of school work, Come back again next year won't you. B ye. vr c an YS-nh 'Q RM I x .QP 5. Q., ,A fl, fi 4 X l X ff lf' ll ,,.z f if lt. '63 4 ,f V in-1... ACTIVITIES Emoyment ancl expelence as , , as , I' NQNCY Wwklund Bev BOl1nle 3 Hollmdf' d Row eQkS roVlf'0 Clevelon Pol5Y Saeed nt Num ryt Gfcv cores ' N Roberts kh 5100 X Sher G jm ,d Ruder Marg: HUKh,nsor:Nelf1':er Dwk Srosfkoehn hm Volav LurrY Rusch Dover! Frar1C'S Hijleson thi Artvlrlkle Eng n n e n Harold Enerso MGYY Buchoncchard Gerald: Kerlh Buchcno Kneellngmrcrev C'0""se, HWY Blfn, JerrY K""'S WI ll' nov SW John foe lkeY Row Don M' d TOP Wrcklun SUPl h .lack Frlsr' Bob vowvf' STUDENT The government of Alexander Hugh School Stu dent Body rs carrred on by the Student Councrl whrch rs composed of thrrty one members, nlne from the Senior Class, seven from the Junlor Class, five Sophomores, frve Freshmen three Erghth Graders and three Seventh Graders The offrcers chosen by thus group were John Foley, Presrdent, Ellrs Weaver, Vlce Presrdent, Nancy Cleveland, Secretary, and Gert Francrs, Treasurer We want to complrment John on the flne 'ob he dld presldlng over regular meetings COUNCH which were held every Wednesday, and for the rob he drd presrdmg over student body assemblres Various protects were carried on by the group thus year Specral commrttees were selected and they were grven special protects to complete A constltutron was made by the constrtutron com mrttee We wlsh to express our gratitude to Mr lund for the wonde f Wlck r ul super thus vlslon he h group The as shown y have do th ne some frne work May rs group carry on thus good work rn the future S 1 I I . , , . ' ' I . I I I 1 I :G I I v. ' . .p" I 4 . , , . , . ,-1 Joyce Fuller 1 Maxine Gust ww' C D. ,fy 4' k ,Q n Hfffz Y Bonnie Wicklund Layout Editor Layout Editor Literary Editor MOCCASIN CLUB Back Row Ardean Ferkey Orin Strand Gene Krcmar Richard Goddard Maxine Gust Middle Row Nancy Cleveland Muriel Weaver Carole Klappa Marlene Oleson Lester Henne Charlotte Fitz Front Row Gertrude Francis Joyce Ful er Bonnie Wicklund Arlene Ku n Mary Ann Schmidt Y' gk Carole Klappa and Gertrude FYCIHCIS Richard Goddard Charlotte Fitz I-'fe"0fY Ed'T0f Photographer Advertising S f-nf ,xw,.."i"ewwa-ui' we ' 'i I : I F I I . I . . : , U I I I I ' ' :b A A , - I , , h , it W U I 1 5? 2 . i 1 if . ,l ...- A 5 . K if V 1 1 ,dm f H V K ' N ii ' 'V L , E.. I A M ..,, A 2 . 4.-Q. ' " 'A , s,, - Sensor Play Cast On May lO the Sensor Class Play was glven to a packed gymnasium The play was a comedy Dear Ruth and It was enloyed by all who attended The part of Ruth was played by Muriel Weaver whlle Bonnle Wlcklund and Bob Buchanan played the parts ofthe mother and father, and Nancy Cleveland played Ruths kld sister, Mlrlam, Ruths France, Albert, was played by Lester Henne and the Lieutenant Seawrlght whom Ruth later married, was played by Jerry Kltrush Other cast members were Marlene Oleson, Gertrude Francis, and Gene Krcmar The one act play The Old Lady Wms Her Medals was also very well presented lt was directed by Mlss Jonas Tue Lust was Mrs Dowey Bonnie Wlcklund Pruvate K Dowey of the Black Watch Bob Buchanan Mrs Haggerty Sally Sanger Mrs Tully Nancy Cleveland Mrs Mrckleham Dawn Berg The Rev Mr Wilkenson Duck Alnes ss Ttus dud a splendtd 'ob of dl rectmg the Sensor Class Play She came to teach at Alexander Hugh after Mlss Jonas mlury We the sensor play cast hope that she enloyed drrectung the play as much as we engoyed havnng her The Junuor Class Play dlrected by Mlss Betty Tubeslng was guven on January 25 lt was the comedy lnner Wllly lnner Wally was played by Ellts Weaver and the poor boy whose consclence lnner Wally was was Carl Arendt as Wlllaugh by Adams The play was a bng hat and the cast as well as the dlrector recerved many congratulations 3 A 1 ., fl 43 r M I ,V 11' if - Mi I ' ' ' - , . . . . . I I ' ll I . U ,, . . ' ' . , . t tt - - tt - - 1 - I III, , 1 tt - tt I I n-,.. . r . . . Z P I .. . .. , . t I . 1 , 51616115011 Ou Goal' A group of thrrteen came ut for forensucs thls year to e part the local c est Mass Jonas our forenslc trector was lnlured qurte e ously n a car acc: ent nd therefore could not be u Mass Tutus took M s onus place as our torensuc oach We apprecuate her help ery much i J- Q? -3-0-vs-of-5' gm? JSF? A 3 BONNIE WICKLUND MURIEL WEAVER NANCY CLEVELAND RITA ELSEN local and A an local con est A rn local contest A rn local con est League contests a B nn Lea e an B nn Lea ue a B un Lea e ,As sv. CAROLE KLAPPA A rn local and League contests GERT FRANCIS A rn local a d League contests mr Lf' ,jx Junior Hugh Forensics DUANE FERKEY A rn local contest a B In Lea e My an .nf 'le we QW fi' Llttle Moccasin Staff Edrtor Joyce Fuller Boys Sports Copy Edltor Bonnie Wncklund H Circulation Bob Buchanan umor Gert Franc: r Ardean Ferkey s Birthdays Calenday Janet Oleson Jrm Mertes Alumm Marlene Oleson Lulu Belle Van Meter Reporters Vrvlan Holden Charlotte Ward An Typms Irene Fnda gelme Elsen Roger Keepers Actlvltles Shlrley W y Delores Owens Angeline Herms alrath Barbara Mertes Peggy Buehler Sylvla Edward Oleso S Gemldme Mlmeographers n Dons Krubsa k c Verla Plper Advisor Miss Draeger Our Fa Mackey Cro nthful Cheerleaders wns Mildred Holch luss Vlrgmua Schroepher Au drey Konleczka J oyce Fuller -' -,,? t 1 i' 4 ,Q "yHM',i 4 ,l 5 , B fl r-gs' ll, . , I x . O l l .................... , ............ Al .......................... ' .. , D - ' ' - T l 1 1 l , . ' u. i . I I . . . I I .... , I ll I CONSERVATION CLUB BOY SCOUTS STUDENT LIBRARIANS ,, ,Ws,meff"f' 5 - . ,, M.,1w3Mffs- M - PEP A cheering crowd who followed our team and boosted their morale with their many terrific yells. They traveled to all of the out-of-town games and had loads of fun. Much credit is due to the chaperones of these trips whom include Miss Dopp, Miss Jonas, Miss CLUB Tubesing, Miss Saari, Miss Engel, and Miss Wil- liams. The director of this group was Miss Dopp, With her patience and understanding she did a very wonderful iob. lf' S C H 0 O L L I F E "A glimpse of our sclwolk socml llfe. " School lite, school lite, dear old golden rule life ----- The homecoming bonfire is one to be remem- bered. lt, as well as the "snake dance", is held the night before homecoming game during foot- ball season. There are many "rousing good" songs and, of course, cheers led by various teach- ers. After the bonfire, it is on to the "snake dance." Well, well, look who's here. We kind of sur- prised you, didn't we, girls? This is one corner of the girls' locker room. lWhere the girls spend most of their time ???l Another surprise, eh kids? l'II bet you're waiting for the "7 B's" to start playing again Dancing is such fun :sn t9 Painting is one of the things Bob Schmidt ukes He is doing a pretty good 'ob too Keep at it Bob You never can tell you might someday be a greclt artist Another surprise picture' We sure have plenty of them Cary and Jackie dont seem to m nd It though Have fun and dont wear the floor out Mlss Aaberg IS patlently waltlng for a taste of that 'food that some of the Freshman gurls have ma e lf It tastes as good as rt looks lm sure shell have no trouble eating It Mm good' More food only now three of our football players and one of our cheerleaders are sampling It Barbecues at that' They look happy so we must have won the game Three of the athletlc Mothers are rlght on the 'ob selling can dy gum and many other things to the students at games They are all un such a good mood Are we wnnnlng the game9 The donkey basketball game Pull Shar ey pull' Now you know what people mean when they say Stubborn as Cl mule Meet three of the cutest couples In our school Naomi Newell Peggy Buehler Shrrley Walrath an their donkeys Cute huh"P' Ill bet those gurls will be stuff and sore tomorrow I hope you luke our school lnfe as much as we enloyed showmg you around Well see you agaln next year even though some of us sensors wont be here nn school So Long "--1 Y 1' 2.----' We Q 5 Tsx Y Can t.en Goodness rump very hugh? e s so short you woutdnt thtnk so but took at thts prcture He ts reatty up tn the wortd The bteac ers be md the team are empty because we are ptaytng a team that hves qurte a dtstance away and therr student cheertng sectton coutdnt come wtth them Here are the 7 s tn tut sessron Have you ever heard them p ay" They re a wetcome het atter havtng phonog no record att year arent t ey those drums an hot hps Keth s one of the cornet ptayers He ts atso dtrector ot the dance band t can hear those vtohns very ptatnty Fagerhn has them practrctng very drhgen y Who knows some day they mrght be grea mustctans Keep on practtcrng kr s and you tt be rewarded some day t hope you have gotten a sattstactory ghmpse ot our schoot hte We have shown you the tun part ot schoot as wett as some of the work and we hope you have entoy tt Unttt next year then so tong . . I H . , . ' . . . ' " ' h h' ' .. B. .t - X K 'L . 1 re' ' "-:-,h s , ' h kids? George can reatty beat d .. i- .. 't 3 ' ' ' . Mr. , . . . .. N I I ' t . . . . . .d I , ' ed Te or e -fx , mfr 1 7 I umor Prom Kmg Kelth Buchanan and h S ueen Mary Korbol. lt was on the evening of May 4 that the Junior Prom was held. There were sparkling life-size ballet girls surrounding the gym dan- cing on clouds of angel hair. Revolving stars hung from the ceiling as the dancers glided across the floor. Golden stairs and pearly gates led to the stage through which the court of honor passed to the beautiful strains of Stardust played by Larry Woodbury and' his orchestra. From the center of the ceiling hung a large silver dipper with sparkling and twinkling stars cascading out of it. lt was a very lovely prom and was enioyed by all who attended. A Short Hsstory of the School Year September lt ss September 5 and school opens wsth several new teachers and many new students fsll our ranks The Freshmen seem lost and the Sensors are wondersng sf thats the way they looked when they were Freshmen Mr Jones presented hrs scsence program Beyond the Rasn bow That black lsght does thsngs for you Frank Kesth Buchanan was chosen Junsor class pressdent and everyone ss wondersng who the prom queen wsll be May the best gsrl wsnl We already msss the sensors of 50 especsally the couples who used to be seen sn the Masn Room October October ss here and we start the month wsth a lyceum program by the Ambassador uartet The gsrls se the soo ens ed wsldered Homecomsng ss here and Marge So ward sure makes a pretty queen Our football season draws to a close wsth many congratula tsons to the team Kosy thsnks hss chemsstry class could do more than they are dosng At least we arent the dumbest class he has had sn 23 years Thank goodness' The one act play cast was chosen and the play gsven Bob Buchanan looked good sn kslts dsdnt e? November What a nsce way to start Novem er wsth a vacatson' The teachers attended a conventson sn Mslwaukee The basketball season started wsth a thrsllsng game wsth Port Edwards Thss ss the month for vacatsons l guess We had a week or snanksgsvsng vacatson whsch was wel comed by everyone December Chrsstmas ss approachsng and everyone ss hurrysng around buysng gsfts Carl wonders what he should gsve Helen lf anyone could gsve hsm a few hsnts lm sure he would apprecsate them John Cress and hss lovely helper gave us a program on acrobatscs Gary got a lsttle expersence too dsdnt you Gary? The An nual December Band Concert went off very well The Chrsstmas spsrst ss affectsng both students and teachers and school closes for the Chrsstmas re cess wsth a bsg party and treat by the teachers January Back to school and work once more One seat ss notsceably empty Proxse has answered the call of Uncle Sam When Coach Ostrom was asked what he got for Chrsstmas he sasd Bslls and I dsdnt ensoy them' Everyone ss lossng sleep over semester exams Does cram msng help? Ben Ferrser and hss wsfe were here to gsve us a program on Alaska Those rapsds sure looked rough The Junsors dsd a fsne sob on thesr class play You looked swell sn that unson sust and football pads Ellss February Thss month was especsally dotted wsth basketball games among whsch was a game wsth Wssconssn Rapsds We had a Lsncolns Day Program whsch was very nsce Gene Koehn sur prssed us all by some pretty good readsng Where have you been keepsng yourself Gene? A psano concert by Fredersc Ssobsarn was ensoyed by all Remember the Cat and the Mouse ksds? Talk about smagsnatson that was wonderful We fsnd that we have several expert roller skaters sn school Isnt Unc graceful? Washsngton s bsrth day ss here and we had a program sn the Masn Room Msss Dopp showed us some slsdes from Washsngton March Our team played sn the Regsonal Bas ketball Tournament and was beaten by Waupaca for the consolatson champsonshsp Too bad boys better luck next year The League Forenssc Con test was held and those gosng on to Stevens Posnt are Carole Klappa Gert Francss and Bon nse Wscklund Congrats ksds' Our sprsng recess ss here already and st sure ss welcome Some people came back to school wsth sparklsng eyes How about st Bonnse? We see John wsth Mursel sn the halls now and also Bob Tuttle and Nancy Cleveland ls everyone subsect to sprsng fever? School reopens agasn and we had a vsolsn concert really ensoyed st dsdnt you boys? Aprsl A sprsng concert by the chosr and or chestra was ensoyed by many The cast for the Sensor Class Play was chosen and after many nsghts of drsllsng they put on thesr play Dear Ruth You dsd a splendsd sob ksds congratula tsons' May The solos and ensembles from our muss cal organszatsons traveled to Merrsll for the mussc tournament The Junsor Prom was really a success The decoratsons were beautsful and the orchestra was grand Kesth Buchanan chose Mary Korbol as hss queen and they were crowned by John Foley and Mursel Weaver The band orchestra and chosr traveled to Merrsll for the mussc tourna ment Commencement has rolled around al together too swsftly and the Sensors wonder what has happened to the years They graduate some wsth tears but all wsth a shade of regret There wsll be no more chemsstry or Englssh or modern problems for the malossty of them But some wsll go on to college to better develop themselves for lsfe ahead They scatter to the far ends of the world but they wsll always carry sn thesr hearts a vsvsd pscture of Alexander Hsgh They leave thesr underclassmen wsth the task of carrysng on the school work and actsvstses Good luck Sensors of 5l sn whatever you do I T I r ' I . . . . I . . . I i . . ' , D. C. q . ' l'k l t'tl "Be- , . I . , h 1 I b " , , , ' by Joseph Harding. Herb Simek and Roy Sarver . . . . -H ' I ' I . 1 ' I ' A . ' I I Q - . , I . ' SCHOOL SPORTS HVVithoutSports,XvllatwoulcIscl1ooHJ0.H Row I: G. Blackburn, C. Arendt, H. Simek, K. Buchanan, G. Giese, G. Krcmar, J. Votava, A. Mertes, J. Foley, J. Drews, T. Blackburn. Row 2: W, Freeman, Coach Ostrom, E. Weaver, V. Roberts, C. King L. Goodness, J. Noble, B. Votava, J. Kitrush, D. Blount, Coach Rehnstrand. Row 3: F. Stensberg, P. Kopelke, R. Plenge, O. Strand, D. Milkey, D. Femling, G. Goddard, G. Bloyd, T. Wirth. Top Row: G. Stichauf, A. Roberts, R. Sarver, J. Murray, R. Hurd, D. Ferkey, K. Hinkle, B. Thomas, B. Summer- felt, W. Murray, Dick Smith, Manager. Coach John Ostrom The story of the 1950 Hpapermaleersu football squad Coach Ostrom walked on the practice field last fall to build his football team for 1950. There were but three returning veterans around which to build the Papermakers. They were Len Goodness, Herb Simek, and Charles King. However, a large turnout greeted Coach Ostrom. The boys were green and in' experienced, but they were eager and willing to learn. Only one iniury occurred during the practice drills, that being Bob Buchanan, who iniured his knee. The team ended the season with a four-win-four loss record, a real tribute to the team and their coach. NEKOOSA 33: WESTFIELD 19: Nekoosa met a team which showed plenty of determination. After defeating them last year, Westfield had a score to settle. Nekoosa had a hard time finding themselves in the first quarter, but proved otherwise in the second. The team was quite green, with but a few regulars back from the previous year. We trailed i3-6 at half time, and came back to make three touchdowns in the third quarter, which gave us the victory. NEKOOSA 7: PARK FALLS 22: We opened our conference play, hampered with iniuries, when we traveled to Park Falls to lose a game which broke our ten-game winning streak. A word should be said for the wonderful lighting system this field had. The team met with some very tough opposition in the line as well as the backfield. With seventy five per cent of the team iniured, Nekoosa put up a very good game, fought with all their determination, and did not give up until the final whistle which proved what CI team we had. Park Falls was one of the few un- beaten teams in the state last year, and was the champion of our conference. NEKOOSA 32: PHILLIPS 13: Nekoosa played its second conference game when they met the inexperienced Phillips team Leonard Goodness stood out in this game He ran with all the speed and shiftiness of his size He also tackled and blocked many of the opposing teams players Another outstanding point was the run back of a kickoff for nearly fifty yards by sophomore fullback Dick Blount Ellis Weaver stopped two sure touchdowns by superb tackles The Nekoosa s shock troop lreservesl again played and showed very much improvement NEKOOSA 0 MOSINEE 'I9 The hard fighting Nekoosa team was overcome by Mosinee s power plus the accurate passing of Keith Clark to have our homecoming spoiled Mo sinee s first score came as a gift when they inter cepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown The half ended six to nothing Mosrnee then scored twice in the final penod Outstanding for Nekoosa were Len Goodness and Frank Stens berg whose all around play was the marvel of the fans -6 I A 1 F - xi' ' -Q. sf gr. ' f - 3' Bob Buchanan Al Mertes Offensive Tackle Defensive Tackle Outstanding Tackles Charles King End Len Goodness Left Half Jim Votava Right Half Tough Luck Charlie Played Out Unanimous All Conference Choice A Left Handed Right Half Back standing Ball Against Mosinee Xi, X I f iam '59 Y SP3 tv, 5 v4" Orin Strand - Wayne Freeman Quarterback - Halfback "A Pair of Pony Backs" NEKOOSA 0: MEDFORD 21: Nekoosa ran into a highly keyed Medford eleven and one of the best backs in the Lumber lack conference A game featured with fine de fensive play by both teams finally found the Papermakers on the short end of a twenty one to nothing score Medford scored in the first sec ond and fourth periods It was to Nekoosas credit they held them to one touchdown the last half Bob Votava and Frank Stensberg played their usual bang up game This was Medfords eighteenth Homecoming win NEKOOSA 0: TOMAH 14: This was one of the most thrilling games played during the season. lt was a tough battle up to the very last minute. Nekoosa had the tough Tomah team down on their own two foot line, but could not stop them. Herb Simek, proving to be the "lack of all trades" did a bang-up iob fighting like a real Papermaker. ln the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, our team could not hold the Tomah line which gave them their first touchdown. Nekoosa, refusing to be licked, ran up to Tomah's territory only to fumble and have it recovered by Tomah. Tomah worked its way into our side ofthe field, passed a long one to their end for another touchdown as the whistle blew. NEKOOSA 24: TOMAHAWK 6: After loosing to Tomah, Nekoosa showed they were still not beaten and traveled to Tomahawk with plenty of vigor. They were still hampered by injuries including Coach Ostrom who was walking on crutches. Nekoosa started to roll and stopped only at quarters. We fought our way up and down the field and really outplayed the Tomahawk team Although Nekoosas squad was composed of some very fine athletes battling hard luck and superior opponents it did not have a particularly successful season No matter how great the odds they played their best to the final horn Win or lose they upheld the Nekoosa spirit that has al ways been a characteristic of all teams in the Alexander High School John Foley Gene Krcmar Vern ROb9l'lS Tackle Our Quarterback ots of Yards on Tackle Around Our Heaviest Man on the Team tiff W a if WWW A M-29 l i.. if me -ff liwilsaitisiesifss ' I . . . , I ' 1 ' I - v I - - 1 . , ' . , , . . . . U H ,, HL uv in ' 11 s . . ' K V- ' , ff ,wut , . ,' 5 ' H-1 rs A uf - sf , - K A A , . -Q- agp ' A 4 . .. sf- if Q., , , .. V - it , ra, , . ,, I. .r fl i V "" W - sf' '12 .. ' -, l , 1 - f M 3' 'M -an 1, ' , . K , 2 its I 'sf , , ' 2 i fc A iw, N iii - V - , f F 'nw 'f he hw- ,- .M 1 , 'A 1 np. .. tg U- f ,V f' f QW j ja sm " , ' J ,, , '7wi?"?l:a21 'f.'f.5.:, f A T ' 4 fuss- ff'sfsefg,, F, A Q A ff?-filfflll, , s ,, ,cf Y xv ,wg V- . Qiffj-ff' -13,'..M,, ,. , nfs ,, ' J u,av,,w 'fr H. 'I ,. ww.,-' " tl, Ng :- raizrk. 3" i ' I A H. "1 f :"s?S ' ,- "Mraz, 6 26353 'F ,Q-Q ss, J L, Af., Y K, L, K, ks 5- fig . L, Elf, W iw ' Seated Wayne Freeman Tom Blackburn Kenth Buchanan Bob Tuttle Jerry Krtrush Gene Krcmar Standrng Coach Rehnstrand George Blackburn Frank Stensberg John Drews Jlm Votova Len Goodness Manager Duck Smith Our 1050 51 Basleelfml Team NEKOOSA 33 PORT EDWARDS 36 The Port Edwards Blackhawks made good on 24 free throws 20 of them In a row to edge the Nekoosa Papermakers 36 to 33 The underdog Nekoosa fave commltted 28 fouls In their open mg engagement of the season The game was close all the way as Ports free tosses matched the Paper s fneld goals Port was held to sux field goals and Nekoosa had twelve Jerry Kltrush garnered 9 pomts to lead the Nekoosa scoring NEKOOSA 40 ANTIGO 41 Nekoosa invaded Antlgo In their flrst conference game and came away the vlctlm of a 41 to 40 defeat After leadlng throughout the game the Papermakers gave way to guard Jack Steber of Antlgo who p ced his team th ll pomts Jlm Votava turned In a sparklnng game for Nekoosa netting I3 polnts and also dld a good 'ob on rebounds NEKOOSA 44 RIPON 33 After dropping their first two starts the Nekoosa Papermakers led all the way to defeat Ripon Hugh 44 to 33 for their flrst vlctory With Frankle Stensberg setting the pace Nekoosa lumped off to a T6 to 8 quarter lead and thereafter were never headed Stensberg shared scoring honors for the mght with Troudt of Rrpon as each managed ll pomts The Papermakers displayed excellent shooting and fme floor work for the vlctory Coach Edward Rehnstrand NEKOOSA 29 RHINELANDER 44 Rhlnelanders big center Duck Gul ley came off the bench to lead has team to a 44 to 29 victory over Nek oosa The Papers led through the frrst two and a half periods .lm Votava was hugh scorer for Nekoosa Nekoosa agam showed fme shootrng and a tight defensc IH the flrst half of play I 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 , ,,,. . , - A l u ' i a wr . I . , . , , . I Jam Votava Forward The tlreless work horse that every team should have Dad a courageous lab thus year desptte numerous mlurnes A flne competltor Len Goodness Guard The spark plug of thus years team and wnth out a doubt one of the greatest competltors to play on the Nekoosa court NEKOOSA 55 TRI COUNTY 30 Outclassmg their opponents nn all fields Nek oosa ran past Tru County at the Nekoosa gym By showing their sharpest shooting of the season the Papers rang up their second wln both tn non conference games Nekoosa led at the half 28 to 14 The lineup sprinkled with reserves the Paper makers slowly pulled away Dolng the malorlty of the scoring for Nekoosa were Jerry Kltrush and Gene Krcmar with ll and IO points respec tlvely NEKOOSA 54, MERRILL 57 Merrlll s Bluelays rallied tn the last half to hand Nekoosa their third straight valley loss The game was a hotly contested affalr wrth nenther team leadlng by more than ftve points Kltrush and Dan Tracy Guard O e of he best pressmg defense men ln the conference Krcmar again paced Nekoosa th I7 and I4 points respectively The Papers were hampered by loss of Jlm Votava due to Illness and Len Good ness vta the five foul route NEKOOSA 38 WISCONSIN RAPIDS 78 Nekoosa fell vlctrm to the hugh scoring Rapids Red Raiders because they couldnt conslstently match the shots of Jim Rltchay the height of Charley Gurtler and the floorwork of Doug Gull Coach Ed Rehnstrand s crew worked like a ma chlne In the flrst quarter but appeared to wear out under the grnndlng of the Manders Machine Rltchay had ll polnts tor the nlgnt to pace rne Red Raiders Nekoosa offered Len Goodness and Gene Krcmar with mne points each Coach John Ostrom and the Nekoosa B team f ' , - - , - H I , - wt , - . , . I . I . , " I I .. t. NEKOOSA 50 PORT EDWARDS 51 Port Edwards was forced to come from behmd three tnmes nn the last two mmutes to eke out a one pomt vlctory Ed wards proved the hero as he sank a desperatlon shot lust be fore the fmal horn sounded The fmal score 51 to 50 Kneth Buchanan tallled 14 to lead the Nekoosa team nn thelr loslng effort NEKOOSA 44 TOMAHAWK 56 Nekoosa failed to stop Les Tompson lanky center of the Hatchets thus receuvung theur flfth stranght conference setback The Papers pressed the Hatchets for three perlods but Toma hawk fmally pulled to the 56 44 margin at the flnal buzzer len Goodness tallied 11 pomts and Keuth Buchanan followed closely wnth 10 to carry the scoring burden for the Paper makers Nekoosa lost .llm Votava wlth o severe ankle sprann In the flrst af NEKOOSA 52 STEVENS POINT 92 Duck Cable and John Kardach Pomts scormg twlns com blned for 57 pomts to defeat a scrappy Nekoosa qumtet 92 to 52 at Stevens Pomt Two cagers also paced the Nek oosa fnve Len Goodness and Gene Krcmar each scored 15 pomts The bug dnfference was un the shootung percentage as and the Papers at a 333 mark The Nekoosa fans were cheenng as the purple clad lads lumped off to a 8 to 0 lead but Pomt came back to wm gomg away however NEKOOSA 51 STEVENS POINT 74 Nekoosa was defeated by Stevens Pomt for the second time In a week 74 to 51 The Papermakers lost three regulars vla the foul route Nekoosas balanced scorvng had Good ness wnth 8 pomts Kntrush had 9 Buchanan 10 and Krcmar 11 pomts nt hut at a 548 c NEKOOSA 62 RIPON 51 The Nekoosa Papermakers scored theur second wn of the season over Rlpon and thevr thnrd vnctory of the season with a 61 to 51 output on the Rupon court Coach Ed Reh nstrand s fave ran up a 16 to 10 furst pernod score and re manned an the lead all the way through Gene Krcmar had another good nnght at Rupon and was the leadmg scorer wlth 18 pomts He had able help from Kenth Buchanan wnth 14 Jerry Kntrush with 12 and Len Goodness added seven pomts and a good floor game NEKOOSA 53 MARSHFIELD 67 After playmg Marshfleld to a tue ln the fnrst half of play the Nekoosa Papermakers bowed out ln the second half 67 to 53 Once agam the outmanned Nekoosa fuve gave a terrufnc battle the furst half only to walt under the wenght of the powerful Tngers A balanced Nekoosa sconng attack was led by Kntrush who had 13 pomts followed by Good ness wnth 12 NEKOOSA 61 SPARTA 48 Our Nekoosa Papermakers enloyung themselves m non conference play thus season made lt four wms un sax starts by dumpnng Sparta 61 to 48 The purple and white cagers had too much power for Bob Maders green Sparta team Wlth Coach Ed Rehnstrand usmg vanous combmatuons on the floor Nekoosa malntanned the lead throughout the ball game For Nekoosa Gene Krcmar hooked In 18 pomts t pace the Papers but gave up scornng honors to Spartas Dan Saynor who scored 20 pomts NEKOOSA 37 WAUSAU 42 Nekoosa entertamed Wausau for thenr nmth conference start Nekoosas mabnlnty to hut from out plus the Wausau zone gave the lumbergacks a 42 to 37 wan .lerry Kutrush tallned 14 pomts and Gene Krcmar 10 to lead the Paper makers NEKOOSA 47 MOSINEE 53 Unable to hut from the free throw lane cost the Nekoosa Papermakers a vactory at Mosmee as the northern paper makers made their count for 53 47 wm Weakened by the loss of sparklmg lenGoodness and further so by Ioslng four starters by fouls didnt help the cause At the start of the fourth quarter Nekoosa rallled to score 10 pomts nn one mmute but the effort came too late Jerry Katrush canned 13 pomts and Gene Krcmar 12 to lead Nekoosa Broth had 16 pomts for Mosmee ICONTINUED ON PAGE 641 Jerry Kltrush Forward and Guard The second best pomt maker of the team wnth 237 pomts One of the outstanding set shot ar trsts In the Wlsconsln Val ley Conference Receuved honorable rnentlon on the Wus Valley All Conference team Wayne Freeman Guard A valuable reserve on any ball club A fune shot and good all around floor man Bob Tuttle Center At 5 Bob was the ta est boy on the squad Despute hrs lack of experlence h d a fine 'ob when re boundmg was needed In a game Gene Krcmar Center One of the leading scorers In the hustory of the school wnth 254 pomts an one year Thus was accom plnshed by Gene despute that most of hns opponents were 5 to 6 mches taller than he Recenved honor able mentlon on the Wls Valley All Conference team , I . I ' - , . , . I . ' ' h I. . I Q , I . I I ' , . . . . . . ' . Poi ' . lip . . I , , . I I . I . I I I f ' i , I - . 1 . s n . ' - f 11" ll . ' ' e . I 1 . l - I I ' . , . , . I . . - - , . . 0 - , , I ' . . . , , . . ll ' ll I . . , ' - I ' ' -L... t-U0 fi' 6 if-00,28 UDV! DU s Junior High Track Back Row: Henry Blanchard, Ronald Hurd, Levi Applebee, Byron Moody. Front Row: Clifford Jen- sen, Roger Emerson, Art Wilke, Jim Freeman. Baseball Back Row Don Milkey Len Goodness Don Tracy Don Femling John Foley Jack Frisch Vern Roberts Wayne Freeman Front Row Roger Keepers George Blackburn Gene Krcmar Jim Votava Jerry Kit rush Tom Blackburn Jim Kleifgen High School Track Back Row Dick Blount Hubert Elsen Roy Sarver Bob Summer felt Ray Martinson Paul Schott Front Row Leroy Van Meter Bob Votava Ralph Neuman Charles Votava Frank Stens berg Hallie Hopkins Junior Hugh Basketball Back Row Michael Weaver Eugene Droste Art Wilke Ron me Hurd Davld Arnold Middle Row Duane Steunert David Ruder Bob Karbowski Kenneth Marcoux Wayne Tafelski Mr Kozlovsky Coach Front Row Carl Bandt Jim Freeman Lester Fuller Kenneth Strand Marshall Roberts Ronnie Fuller Girls Athletic Association Back Row L Smolarek S Sanger D Edwards S Gray S Sowatski J Mnltimore L Jaecks M Zim merman B Tracy C Klappa A Ferkey M Koehn C Fitz Middle Row S Edwards S Bauer B Gust Crowns G Fancls N Wlpfll G Olesan Weaver N Cleveland M Sablovltch L Hoffman V Holden A Konueczka Front Row M Hotchkiss Walrath ue er L Gaylor Haas L Coerper A Coon P Eberlus B Murray D Felice J Fu r I J , , , . I I . I I . : , I I D I I - , , . : . , I 1 . ,, , I . , . : I , I I . , . I . , 1 l I ' . I . ' , Z . I . , .I I .I . , . :' , ' , , , , . : . , . , . , . I . ', . l I , . , . ' - , . , . , . , . , . ' . ' : . , . , . , M. , . r ' , . ' ', . , M. I - , . I , . , . , . I . : . ' , S. , P. B hl , R. Brosl, . d, E. , . , . , . . , . , . ' , . lle . 1 im dm ' 1. Bl hs A P01455 Snort x 4-mm ill Q 1 s Lagaah . gall 4 vw nr , F? 115:- 313 ..- m wx 3: iff! 7,32 C -N f nun Mlhrkvn 's 'Fa , H 1' v,., +-I Q A rn 17 L4 Q' I u s isa ull'3 "EE f 50:22 ' W. , .4- ndNnA hr' :..4n,,'?Z' IJ: , '31 mm. " :S can " 4 i' -.f .ap sm il mmf. .du 'nemes- NN1 33 1' .af Fo n' 4 ,gif 12 n Q. r . ...M 1 4 . ' ...x Ka ,415 ' 1 al 'U a,r v., , I ,w', LZ :""'B ,14'41 wx IQ Mfrs 'N F 1 ,LJ chu' 4' QI rl ll 4 14 W3 JJ 'd' k.-4 Fflf 'L.i-:sa II! 1 bfi: , ,.., Ks!! -, I -div 477 "SKF", . ,iii I ,"'l ti,.7. 2114 f J'3 lg fav' --il al: -,1':,, A Y 'l 4 v I 1 x W ,Ji MUSIC Life is brzglltened y song. THE SENIOR BAND The Senior Band was made up of forty sux members which Included students from the upper seven grades of our school One member of last year s band was lost by graduatnon an June l95O so the task of breakmg In new members was easy and there were a number of seasoned muslclans rn the group The Band has been busy appearing at all Ath letlc Events as well as leading the Homecoming parade and partrclpatrng rn the Annual Natlonal Cranboree at Wlsconsnn Rapids It has also played between acts at the Jr Class Play Earlier In the year we were Invited to play a short concert at Central State Teachers College the occaslon being a Clmlc sponsored by the Wlsconsln School Muslc Assoclatlon On thus occaslon Dr Chas O'Nerll nationally known adludlcator and composer crm clsed the performance as part of the cllnlc Our annual December concert was attended by the Another unterestlng part of the Band program was the trnp to Marshfield on March l3 to play a mormng concert for the hugh school students Thus was part of the exchange concert program by the Wisconsin Valley Music Conference The Wlsconsm Raplds Orchestra and Band played a concert for our students on the 20th of December ' ' usual groups interested in this type of program. -era' Kelth Buchanan Nancy Cleveland Cornet Bass Clarinet Charles Votava Kathle Bass en Gazel Oboe Story o Outs tanclmg unlors and Seniors The Juniors and Seniors pictured here have done outstanding work In the Sr Band as well as In their Solo performances This required many hours of consclentlous study and we believe they ha developed habits which will help all throu h d Alnes Bassoon PEP BP-ND DnckeY B0""'e b n GarY Charles Volava Geor9e Block ur Dlck P-lnes Don B9Y Bob Buchanan Bo-ik Row el Schmid' Mlm Kin' Eslhef Buehler Eumce Haas .lere n PegQY Mary Buchdfla Fronl R W Wrcklund Seebecker Harold Energon land Suzanne Nancy Cleve Weaver gr Y 6 -Q7 vi r' K- -ss f I is . . . . ve ' ' ' g life. Richar ' 1 I . ' , . I I I I 1 ' ' 0 : 1 6 I . L ,Ing .f K ' . l t the present time nr odwtnd, Brass or ren. One of Mr Schuren s arms has been to have two bands rn our schoot Thxs has been rmpossr e trctpattng tn the Wo mstruments and tack of su groups t m nstru Three years ago Mr Schuren organized a grou de chrtdren tn a Ftutophone Ctass very satrsfactory of too few With rnteres t he because frcrent student rnterest a new hugh partty due o d more tnstru men ctass of pre band tnstru the coo eratnon of the o d second Band ts due to wett batance ared for men Educana- we have a of thtrty frve members Htl: arnuo appe the fnrst tame at the Sprung Concert on May 0 verat numbers atone as wett as ptay the Senror Band P resented se mbrned group wrth of fourth gra He contmued thus practtce wtth resu ts The Ftutophone ts a ptastrc pre band rn are abte to tearn he funda as note read strume mentats of mstrumenta d frngertng on these tnstr regutar tnstru mg rhythm an e easnty transferred on and tnen ffth grade ments rn the 1 . ' ' A ' we . , . . .bx . . . . . uh-V ' f- . . . . Q . . . 1 n h . l P tat music at ' , t ' ' . - . ments, on . - . . . . . , p ' B ard of t . ' ' - ' - "-1, .., - nt. Chitdren t - ' -' . "' " g., D ' t music, such - ' ' ' 0. tt ' , ' ' , ' uments Beginning String Classes "Alexander High School Orchestras, The chief reason for the existence of the or- chestra, aside from educational considerations, is as a service group, adding to the life of the school. With this concept in mind, the orchestra has made a practice of helping the grade school in the presentation of the annual Christmas pro- gram, we have aided the various dramatic groups in the presentation of plays, we have aided in open house programs, and in commencement ex- ercises. At the time this is being written, we are planning a concert appearance in our school, and one in Port Edwards. Definitely it is our aim to en- rich the life of our school. Back Row: Ellis Weaver, Duane Ferkey, Betty Heeg, Bob Buchanan, Duane Baldwin, Muriel Weaver. Front Row: Gertrude Fran cis, Lucetta Coerper, Charlotte Ward, Betty Tracy, Bonnie Wicklund, Virginia Schroepfer. SOLCISTS ef - Duet Our Ba resort ist tenor, Ellli lotte Ward, SOPf0"'o' accompanist, Gary Ohms, 'Bob Bucharwflf accomPQniSi' Choa Miss Hoffman' Duane Fe'keY' Miss Hoitman, Beny Heeg, a to. r, . Weaver, 7-nd ieno baritone- l n Hutc ln nd soprano tlllzrgnnla SchroePle' sew m Alexander Hugh School Cholr Thus years cholr was composed of about flfty people some being from each hugh school class lt was directed by Mass Gertrude Hoffmann They sang at the hugh school Christmas and Easter programs, and partlcupated In two evening con certs The first concert was on Aprll 5 with the orchestra The second was the annual Sprung Concert given alone by the choir They entered o Bonme Wuckltlnd sopmn ll h son acc0mP0n'S' Murnel Weave' U into the tournament at Merrill Wlsconsm on May 5 Eight members were chosen to represent the group In the All Star chonr Approxnmately twelve people partlcupated In the Solo and Ensemble tournament on April 21 also at Merrill All of these people sang solos and some of the same people partnclpated nn the two trlos five duets and one quartet Lucettd trude FrartC'5 one er n accompamst G T CY soprano n YU M155 Hoglbnexler second Soprano Be Y THE CLASS PROPHECY As we step off the traun unto the metropolus of Nekoosa we see our guude Lester Henne wautrng to usher us through the cuty Our furst vusut wull be to the Kutrush Foley Paper Mull ln walkung down the halls we fund Marlene Oleson and Vuvuan Holden pluggung rolls and talkung of theur dates wuth Louus Hamel and Jerry Murray lt seems that Leon Guldenzoph enloys hus uob as uanutor usung the new floor sweeper unvented by Charlue Kung As we leave the mull we see Chuck Votava shovelung coal un the Whute Spot coal yards He seems to take great unterest un hus work A luttle farther on Ralph Emerson us parkung cars un the new streamluned parkung lot whuch extends a mule and a half operated by Orun Strand Our next stop wull be to the new Dume Store owned by Arlene Kuhn where Dorus Krubsack and Mary Lou Amundson are sellung home permanents and cos metucs respectuvely Across from Koneuczka s Dan cung School stands the Freeman Krcmar Daury where Gert Francus and Muckey Crowns are busy washung bottles ln the cuty park a bathung beauty contest us takung place Glancung at the beautuful gurls we are proud to add that one of our gradu ated classmates Margaret Fahl was chosen as Becomung hungry we stop un at Janet Oleson s Cafe where we are served by Lous Marth the head wautress Whule eatung thus appetuzung meal we engoy lustenung to the croonung vouce of Bob Buchanan who us accompanued by Jum Bey and hus eughteen B s After dunner horse racung us our maun unterest Walking to our reserved seats we notuce uockey Jum Mertes leadung hus horse Le Ander up to the startung lune Due to the hot sun Eleanor Mans has a sun stroke and us taken to Weavers hospital by Jum Ross druvung the new Pontuac Ambulance After a long turesome day we take un a good movue at the Herm s theater where Bonnue Wucklund us co starrung wuth Gene Koehn un Lassue Come Home Its gettung late and everyone looks rather sleepy so we take a bus to the Cleveland Hotel The bell boy Duck Smuth takes our luggage to our rooms whule we reguster wuth the clerk Charles Von Eunem We spend a peaceful nught un the hotel and are up brught and early the next mornung We decude on cu druve un the country and as we admure the hugh corn un the fuelds we see Len Goodness druvung a tractor wuth Marge Soward suttung next to hum A luttle farther on we come across Wayne Nowucku the hured man mulkung cows on the Bob Jaborek farm He unvutes us un for a bute to eat whuch the cook Verla Puper has prepared Startung on our way once more we see an accudent It seems that Bull Egland has sude swuped Charlotte Futzs car and us charged wuth reckless druvung by traffuc offucer Vern Roberts As we start back for Nekoosa we notuce the new aurport whuch everyone has been talkung about Don Hustedt has uust receuved hus pulots lucense and us wautung for hus mechanuc Phll Zueman to get hus plane ready for a take off Whats more refreshung than a cool swum on a hot day? We ask a passerby Ruchard Hurd how to get to Jum Nobles pruvate swummung beach Funally we fund ut and are pleased to vuew such an unvutung spot There are a few surf board ruders out on the water one of them beung Maxune Gust a very graceful fugure as she gludes across the waters Don Tracy the lufe guard seems to be havung a but of trouble teachung Carole Klappa how to swum A photographer rushes up to snap her pucture and as he comes closer we fund ut us Schmudt us loaded down wuth flash bulbs and fulm Stutz Wulczynskr us celebratung hus brrthday wuth two of hus fruends Jerry Capek and Lawrence Zur fluh They seem to be havung the tume of theur luves What would a trup to Nekoosa be wuthout stop pung un at Alexander Hugh'-7 Thungs have changed quute a but sunce we were last here Al Mertes lS the pruncupal and us doung cu wonderful uob Hus offuce gurl Ruta Elsen us also very effucrent Bob Tuttle the head coach has a very successful foot ball team thus year wuth seven straught wuns Next to the school stands Fullers Dress Shop Joyce has more customers than she can take care of Our last stop takes us to the Youth Buuldung where Ardean Ferkey us Recreatuon Durector Ardean has- been the Recreatuon Dar ector there sunce her graduatuon and us very unterested un ut As we leave thus faur cuty Peter Arendt the Mayor buds us farewell We are pleased to know that we were once part of thus thruvung communuty I I I I ' . . , ' I I l I I ' I , , ' . I ' 1 I , . 1 I , . ' I I I ' I I ' I ' I I I ' q I I I , the wunner, beung judged by Jim Votava. Richard Goddard. His assistant, Mary Ann , , 5 . . , . I ' ' - . , . I I ' . . , . . . ' ' - ' I v I ' I I . I - , ' . l I I ' . . . . . , I I ' I I . . . , , , . . 1 I Q ' I I ' ' A I I I T Students Parents please read these advertisements carefully ADVERTISING CONGRATULATIONS and EVERY BEST WISH to the 'I95'I GRADUATES of ALEXANDER HIGH SCHOOL This photo shows the crchitect's conception of the new machine room now being added to the Nekoosa mill. We wont the student body, the graduates, d the whole community to grow and progress with us. NEKOOSA-EDWARDS PAPER COMPANY Nekoosa-Port Edwards State Bank M MBER FDIC RIA!-T0 THEATRE RAPIDS SPORTING GOODS GI S h M Ken Walker Prop en C warn gr IIO Second Street North NGIYOOSU WISCONSIN Wlsconsln Raplds Wlsconsm Mwwesugges' LA SALLE cocA coLA Bommo co RoYAL cnssr srenunc M 3,9 Mmon Sm, A I0VeIY gm for 'hal gmduole EQ Stevens Point WISCONSIN Call 244 W or 88 M Nekoosa Wnsconsm Patronlze Our Advertisers RIVERSIDE HATCHERY and Feed Store Chucks Feed Equipment Custom Grinding and Mlxlng 934 Pomt Basse Avenue Nekoosa Wlsconsln NEKOOSA SHOE SERVICE Harry Chonos GUERNSEY DAIRY You Can Whip Our Cream But You Can t Beat Our Mllk Mr and Mrs A C Freeman Telephone Ill CLEVELAND INSURANCE AGENCY RayJ Cleveland 416 Market Street Nekoosa Wlsconsm RESHESKE S STANDARD SERVICE STATION AND GROCERY Corners of Pount Basse and Wood Avenues Phone I73 Nekoosa Wlsconsln NEKOOSA CITIES SERVICE J S Wolfe Phone I42 Nekoosa Wlsconsln LOOP TAVERN Ed and Audrey Komeczka Phone 205 Nekoosa Wlsconsln NEKOOSA FLORAL Walter Mans Prop Cut Flowers Potted Plants Vegetable Plants Phone 262 Nekoosa Wlsconsm Urns NEKOOSA BEAUTY SHOP Lorraine Knlpple Prop Phone 283 Nekoosa Wlsconsm PELTIER ELECTRIC 8: PLUMBING J E Peltier Prop Fixtures Wlrlng Repairing Supplies Frlgldalre Appliances Nekoosa Wlsconsm Phone 237 , . , . ' I ll 5, I . . I ' ' ' I O O . I I . I . . .. I I I Pasteurlzed ' I I . F . . . . , 7 . . , I . I ' I , . . . . , . I , . - .. - .. - . , - JOHNS COAL 8: FUEL OIL COMPANY Coa Fuel Oll Brlquets Furnaces Iron Fireman Stokers Oil Burners Phone 28 Nekoosa Wisconsin RIVERVIEW SERVICE STATION Chas Balerl Prop Fnrestone Store Phone 200 Nekoosa Wisconsin KELLOGG BROS LUMBER COMPANY Phone 20 Nekoosa Wusconsrn GEORGE S BAR George and Arlene Glersten Phone 97 Nekoosa Wisconsin A P HAESSLY CONCRETE BLOCK AND SAND Phone 238 Pasteurlzed M lk Cream and Ice Cream CURT S CREAM E WAY DAIRY COMPANY DAIRY PRODUCTS Nekoosa Wisconsin Phone l32 Compliments of HUDSON SALES 8. SERVICE TESKE GARAGE Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin Phone 563 NEKOOSA BAKERY and Mrs Harvey Steinberg ANDERSON SERVICE STATION The Friendly Little Store Oil Gasoline Groceries and Meat On Highway 73 Nekoosa Wls Phone Nekoosa IIOW POLZIN HARDWARE I1 Dealer In Ze nth Radios Kelvunators Speed Queen and Maytag Washers Phone IOO Nekoosa Wisconsin Rellancl Pontiac Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin SALES AND SERVICE Distributor U S Royal Tires Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune Central Wisconsin s Home Newspaper Compliments of E. G. Barnet, M.D. Dr. C. L. Harer, Dentist W. A Werner, M.D. Dr C. H. Wilkorn, Dentist Drs. Zellmer Fleming Compliments of Beauty Nook Beppler Milling Company Braun Barber Shop LiIl's Restaurant Millside Barber Shop Pharo's Grocery Jack Whetstone I- . - . , . , . I , I 1 , . . ' I - ' 1 I Nekoosa, Wisconsin . , , : : : . . . I . . Mr. . , .I . I . I I , , I ., . . I O O I I C O O , HUBER S GROCERY Meats Groceries Dry Goods an General Merchandise Phone 130 Nekoosa Wisconsin GAMBLES Authorized Dealer The Friendly Store Nekoosa Wisconsin FORBES 8: BUCHANAN BARBER SHOP Labor Temple Building Market Street Nekoosa Wisconsin POLZIN S RESTAURANT Fine Foods Fountain Service Candles Musc Magazines Nekoosa Wisconsin DIESBURG S TAVERN Shuffleboard Lunches Served Phone 34 W 616 Market Street Nekoosa Wisconsin DENIS PHARMACY Everything in Drug Store Merchandise Prescriptions Specialized MLSNA ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING SHOP .I J Mlsna Mgr 605 Market Street Phone 89 A Full Line of Electric Appliances Radios and Parts General Electric Refrigerators Maytag Washers and Water Pumps FELDNER FUNERAL SERVICE 40 Prospect Avenue Nekoosa Wisconsin RELIABLE CLEANERS of Nekoosa Phone 55 One Day Service Daily Pick Up and Delivery RED OWL AGENCY Nekoosa Wisconsin Wolcott's Garage and Auto Wrecking New and Used Parts Glass 421 431 Daly Avenue Telephone 978 Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin Nekoosa Foundry ancl Machine Works, Inc Paper Mill Machinery and Supplies Nekoosa Wisconsin Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of 51 Nekoosa Press PRINTERS 81 STATIONERS Warsmske Motors Established 1938 162 172 2nd Street No , Telephone 503 Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 1 I 1 I d D . . . , I 1 . . . I . . I . I i I - , , . I . . 1 I I . . , . ' ' ' Wiring, Heating, Plumbing and Contracting v ' , 3 1 I . . H . ,, i . . . I ' ' O I O I " I I I . . 0 L1 I WISCONSIN RAPIDS GAS 8. ELECTRIC NEKOOSA IGA COMPANY EVeVYdUY l-OW PHC95 Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin WISCONSIN RAPIDS MQTQR CQ Central Wisconsin s Complete Shopping Center Under One Roof JOHNSON 8: HILL CO 320 Flrst Street No Telephone 439 Phone 396 WISCONSIN R0P'd5 W'5C0n5'n WISCONSIN Rapids Wlsconsln Buick G M C Trucks NICKEL S GARAGE JOHN E DALY DRUG 8. JEWELRY CO 24 Hour Wrecker Service A Treasure House of Gifts General Repmrmg and Weldlng lOl So Second Street Telephone 334 Pl'IONe 288 W NEIKOOSG WISCONSIN Wisconsin Rgpldg Wiggongln FELDNER HARDWARE 8. FURNITURE Phone 4 Compliments of Nekooso Wisconsin EA-l-MORE PRODUCTS Comp,,me,,,s of CATTANACH s GRocERlEs Fine Assortment of Groceries Fruits Vegetab es Meats GROSS BRQS Ice Cream and Miscellaneous Phone 56 We Deliver WISCONSIN RGpIClS WISCONSIN Nekoosq Wisconsin FEY STUDIOS PORTRAITS CAMERAS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Telephone 543 Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin Compliments of Nepco Papermaker's Local No 59 United We Stand . . . Divided We Fall Labor Temple Building 318 Market Street : : : Nekoosa, Wisconsin . . . I I, . . , . - vu 0 ' I 7 . . . It - 11 - - , , r 1 1 1 l 1 f I 0 Q . Q - I . O ROGERS SUPER MARKET Roger Grgstead Where The Wise Economrze Nekoosa Wisconsin Phone 31 SCHROEDER STORES Nekoosa and Wisconsin Rapids Compliments of GERMANN S JEWELRY SHOP Something from Germann s is Always Something Special Phone 548 Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin Compliments of WOOD COUNTY TELEPHONE CO Compliments of ALFRED Buck WITTENBERG lt s a Pleasure to Shop at FRANK ABELS CLOTHES SHOP 240 Mead Witter Block D HELKE Attorney Nekooso Wisconsin WISCONSIN VALLEY CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY 311 Fifth Avenue North Phone 505 Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin PELOT BUILDING 8. FUEL Phone 123 or 16F40 Nekoosa Wisconsin PEOPLE S MEAT MARKET Mrs Martin Brandt Prop Phone 12 Nekoosa Wisconsin Bethke Chevrolet Inc Central Wisconsin s Largest Auto Dealer Quality Used Cars Fourth Avenue North Phone 660 Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin Grode 8g Nash Paper Co Nekooso Wisconsin and Iron Mountain Michigan Fey Publishing Company Printing, Lithography Direct Mail Advertising Wisconsin Ropids, Wisconsin Shell Products Goodyear Tires Sporting Goods Korlool Service Nekoosa, Wisconsin . . . Phone 108 J , . 1 . 5 ll 17 INSURANCE Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin E. . - 1 O C . . , I . I . . . . . I . . W. A. RADKE Insurance Agency Donn Hougen REGISTERED ARCHITECT WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN Compliments of Wlsconsln Rapids Furnlture Company WISCONSIN RAPIDS WISCONSIN Co pllments of WISCONSIN MOTOR TRANSPORT COMPANY CFNTRAL Compliments of CROWNS CROWNS 8. CROWNS Attorneys at Law Wisconsin Rapids Wlsconsln THE PAPER INN Port Edwards Wlsconsrn F ne Food Through the Year G H Lage qu st Manager Phone 3881 JOHNSON 81 SONS COMPANY lash 4 West Grand Avenue Phone 827 Wlsconsun Rapids Wlsconsln Co pl ments of RIVERSIDE ROOT BEER STAND Mrs Frank Clbula Prop Nekoosa Wlsconsn NICK MICHELS AND SONS CO Johns Manvulle Appro ed Contractors Asbestos Bu lt up Roofing Asphalt Tlle Flooring Phone IIA 631 Garrlson Avenue Nekoosa Wrsconsm WE THANK OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of NEPCO LODGE NO I5 International Assoclatlon of Machlnlsts e o o o I I m. I I I ..- ,- I QI . .- ri, - . . .,. . ml - - ' v . I- - ' . , . I' i , , . Q Q O .O CLASS We the senuor class of 1951 of Nekoosa Wus consun beung of sound and dusposung mund and memory do make publush and declare thus our last Wull and Testament made un Alexander Hugh School We belueve that un the future scholarshups wull be receuved by more students un thus school uf they wull take and pay heed to these work habuts we have made Mary Lou Amundson bequeaths her bookkeepung to anyone who us brave enough to take ut Funally decudung that she no longer needs her volley ball abuluty Charlotte Futz leaves hers to Sylvua Edwards John Foley wants Ellus Weaver to have hus brulluance un Chemustry Gert Francus thunks Marlene Koehn us deservung of her commercual abuluty Gene Krcmar wulls hus quuck l'7l wut to Le Roy Coon Beung tured of the nuck name Press Ruchard Goddard us handung ut down to Bob Polansky Ruchard Hurd unsusts that hus carpentry skull be granted to Harry Hamel Al Mertes us guvung George Stuchauf hus abuluty to play football A new way has been found by Ruchard Smuth to develop muscles so he us lettung Tom Wurth have hus uob as water boy Don Tracy says practuce makes perfect so he s applyung thus to John Drews un basketball Bonnue Wucklund leaves her dramatuc abuluty and experuence for Helen Hutchunson Chuck Votava wants Reno Plenge to have hus chewung gum whuch us to be found under a seat un Room C Jerry Capek us leavung all hus make up work to Jum Sparks Hus uob at Curt s us beung wulled by Jerry Kutrush to a very worthy lad Frank Konapacku Cheerleadung us so well luked by Joyce Fuller that she doesnt want to guve ut up Eleanor Mans has such a skull for makung cor sages shed luke Bernadune Gorectku to share ut lt us the hope of the Senuor Class that these stu dents grow to apprecuate these helpful skulls we have left them Most of our senuors have pleasung appearances whuch we hope wull not be forgotten so we are leavung them here The fashuon of danglung ear rungs us to be left by Audrey Koneuczka to Donna Feluce Louus Hammel thunks Betty Heeg could make good use of hus tremendous heught Colored specks are left by Janet Oleson to anyone who us bland un the Junuor Class Ralph Emerson wants Emul Bryan to have hus curly haur sunce Emul has hus cut off Plumpness us beung wulled to Dawn Berg WILL who needs ut by Marlene Oleson Eunuce Haas us the lucky one to receuve Lester Henne s adams ap ple Beung tured of long haur Muckey Crowns thunks Julue Hunkle us deservung of hers Eugene Murray has asked Bob Jaborek for hus broad shoulders To people who dont luke to comb theur haur Ver non Roberts us leavung hus crew cut In case Jum Mulkey s shoes wear out Eugene Koehn us leavung hus suze 12 s For the gurls who have to set theur haur every nught Marge Soward leaves her natu rally curly haur Muruel Weaver bequeaths her last bottle of haur dye to Charlotte Ward Bull Egland wants Delores Johnson to have hus al ways neat haur A band unuform us beung sacru fuced by Nancy Cleveland to Mary Buchanan And so we leave our outstandung vurtues un personal appearance to the underclassmen who are deser vung as well as un need of them These habuts wull not become extunct because they are beung left by the senuors who made them well known Vuvuan Holden has charmed Roy Taylor wuth her yodelung so she says he can have ut A hearty laugh us wulled by Ruta Elsen to Elea nor Wunters Maxune Gust donates her back seat un the maun room to George Mayer who admures them Phul Zueman has made Bull Worth heur to hus deep manly vouce School wull not be the same wuthout these so wull the underclassmen please carry them on Personaluty us one thung that wull always re maun but here are a few hunts that may make your lufe worth whule Jerry Murray says he doesnt need hus fruendly dusposutuon any longer so he leaves ut to Paul Arendt Anyone who wants Mary Ann Schmudt s muschuevousness can have ut Mr Brutten us deservung of Lawrence Zurfluh s wun nung ways Ken Benner us runnung out of tall tales so Orun Strand leaves hum hus Romeo tendencues are beung left by Charles Kung to Glen Bloyd las uf he needed them l Jum Mertes doesnt thunk Carl Arendt smules enough so he wulls hus pleas ant smule to hum Quuetness us left by Peter Arendt to Roy Sarver lNone could be un greater need of ut l Dorus Krubsack guves her defectuve hearung to Mr Schuren Margaret Fahl leaves her knack for gettung along well wuth the teachers to Ron nue Owens Letter wrutung has been wulled to Bar bara Mertes by Verla Puper Ardean Ferkey be queathes the wonderful memorues of hugh school I I ' I - . . . . . . , I - 1 1 1 - 1 s l - . 1 ' ' ' I 1 I . I ' . , . . 1 . . , . . I . I . . 1 F Ai . ,, . . . . uu un - - - - A ' . 1 I ' - . , - ua - uu u - ' ' ' ' , . ' I . . . , . I I . . . , . . . . . , . . . - . , . . . , . . . . . . . . , . ' ' - - - ru - u . . . . , . , . I - ' I to her brother, Duane. Donna Felice lives so close to school that Leon Gildenzoph wants her to have his rides on the bus. To Dick Bruley, Jim Ross leaves his new Pontiac. The winning personalities of these seniors are left behind. May you make use of them in the future. Outside work or social life is also very impor- tant. These seniors would like their friends to have the following: Bob Tuttle wants to give Du- ane Steinert his set of drums so Duane won't have to pound kettles Anyone interested In rab bits is to see Charles Von Elmen He s giving them away Sonny Gruenwald admires Don Hustedts accordlan playing so Don wants him to have It If you want a good time, Ill give you all of the fun I had at Skyway, says Lois Marth Jim Bey feels that his brother Don would like hls rob at the theater Don Milkey has asked Angeline Herms for her high report cards Everybody ad mlres Stanley Wllczynskl s Model A but he has given Pat Kapelke the honor of having it Bob Buchanan leaves his vocal cords to the school The new Miner dances have been granted by Wayne Nowickl to Don Klein who likes to dance Carole Klappa is tired of seeing Dallace Edwards walk so she gives Dallace her car Glen Mclean is to take over Leonard Goodness s trips to New Miner Feeling sorry for Herb Simek who has to go to school every morning, Nlp Freeman gives him his lob on the milk route mornings Jim Noble ICONTINUED FROM PAGE 451 Nekoosa came within seconds of winning their first valley games but a last second bucket by Tomahawk s Dennis Kuntz sent the game into overtime and Tomahawk won 50 to 47 Half way through the fourth period the Papers had a 41 to 31 lead but the sharp shooting Hatchets quickly narrowed the gap and won The game was close all the way Gene Krcmar and Art Theiler paced their teams with 19 points each NEKOOSA 55 SPARTA 41 Nekoosa finished their non conference schedule with sound 55 to 41 triumph over Sparta The Papermakers on some fine floor play by Tracy and good shooting of Good ness pulled to a 31 to 11 first half lead With reserves play ing the malor part of the second half Sparta closed the gap Nine of the ten players who saw action got into the scoring column Len Goodness led with 14 points closely followed by Keith Buchanan with 12 leaves Coach Ostrom to anyone who is lucky enough to have him. Anyone wanting Arlene Kuhn's iob at Schroeder's is welcome to it. Jim Votava wants to give his intelligence away, don't everyone grab at once. As these students will be seeking new iobs after graduation, they thought it would be nice if the underclassmen would take over. We, the Senior Class, appoint Keith Buchan- an sole executor of this will and require that he furnish bond to the amount of S50 in qualifying as executor In Testimony whereof, we set our hand to our Last Will and Testament written In the year One thousand nine hundred and fifty one me? The foregoing Instrument was signed for the class in our presence as their Last Will and Testa ment at their request We therefore subscribe our names as Witnesses at Nekoosa Wls 1951 NEKOOSA 46 WISCONSIN RAPIDS 56 downed Nekoosa 56 to 46 The Red Raiders opened with a 23 to 13 first quarter lead and 34 to 16 lead at the half Rapids still maintained a comfortable lead 49 to 26 at the three quarter mark Nekoosa finished strong with 20 points to the Raiders 7 and made the final score 56 to 46 Kitrush scored 11 points in the final period and ended as the games high scorer with 19 points Gill had 16 to pace the Rapids NEKOOSA 38 MARSHFIELD 46 The Marshfield Tigers made an early lead stick to defeat the Nekoosa Papermakers 46 to 38 Both teams were off form as the slow motion scoring indicates Nekoosa made but 3 field goals the first half and yet managed to stay within six points of the Tigers The scoring picked up in the final half for each team Nekoosa played without Len Good ness Keith Buchanan paced the Nekoosa scoring with 16 points Larson and Buckman led the Tigers with 10 and 9 points respectively i I ' C . NEKOOSA 47, TOMAHAWK 50 With both teams having an off night, Wisconsin Rapids . . . Q . C .

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